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Clinton - NAFTA

Maybe Edwards doesn't need to endorse anyone.

Does anyone know anything about Jesse Ventura?

Can we start bringing the troops home from Tuzla now that Hillary

New Poll shows North Carolina lead for Obama drops down to 5 points: O 43 - C 38 with 19 undecided

Hillary Clinton's 3AM Call of Duty - IN STORES NOW!!

Obama raises more than $30 million dollars for March, Clinton under $20 million

Is Lanny Davis a republican?

Sniper fire over North Carolina

Obama needs to do more to show his support of the gay community.

Back room politics regarding the Super Delegates.

Well, so much for the relative calm in GDP.

Just like validating an alcoholic... Hillary supporters are enablers to her reckless behavior

Mike Gravel vs. the Rolling Stones (really)

Obama: Where's he stand on...

NYT: Obama Wants to Move Nation "Beyond 9/11"

Too early to start betting on PA?

How is the primary going so far?

Would An Obama/Edwards Ticket Carry Both Of The Carolinas?

For my 1000th post; I’d like to say:

The Only Lies That Should Be On Our Lips Are BUSH-CHENEY Lies!

Obama to Get Endorsement of Lee Hamilton

Those poor Florida Democrats

Is all this about women's rights?

If you DO support Obama because you don't want a woman in the White House...GO CHENEY YOURSELF!

Rachel Maddow thinks Hillary has a big speech in her waiting to be told

I think Obama will be the nominee and Hillary the VP.

Funny story: Former Clinton campaign worker detained after verbally harassing students.

Clinton Backer(Rep. Cleaver): Obama Will Win

Did Hillary just challenge Barack to a "Ball-off"

Hillary Clinton must put beliefs before ambition - UK Telegraph

OMG! an interview on who will pick who for vice!

Follow the Money

ATTENTION BARACK AND HILLARY - as to education reform, this says it all

Mit the GIt Romney up next on MSGOP

It's time to toss the FOX, Scaife, Limbaugh, and Drudge supporters off the board.

deus ex machina

Not trying to start a flame the New Black Panther thing back up on Obama's website?

Jeremiah Wright moving to new mansion in 93% white neighborhood

Obama rally on CNN livestream now

Can all DUers that pick their candidate based on the worst of their supporters check in here....

NEW Quinnipiac PENN. POLL NUMBERS Clinton 50, Obama 41.

Story about Obama's meeting w/ the Edwards is debunked

HRC Beats McSame In OH 48-39 And Edges Him In FL 44-42 After Worst Week In Political History

Candidates education plans?

That grating, clanking sound is from wrenches. That's right. It's time to move the goalposts again!

Hillary and Obama agree on a way to decide who gets the nomination

Obama Readies Plan to Reshape Electorate

mccains charlie black "senator obama will-have to revise his-stump speech

Rocky Balboa?


Is Clinton more electable than Obama

Report: Obama Raised More Than $30 Million In March

Top 10 Myths keeping Hillary in the race

"Barack Obama is a winner" - Latino activist Luis Valdez

With the Pennsylvania polls getting closer, would it be stupid to assume Hillary plans a Wright ad

Am I the only one who can't stand John Edwards but loves Elizabeth Edwards?


WaPo: Bill Richardson Op Ed - Support Mary Matalin too?

PPP poll has Obama ahead in PA 45- 43

McCain's Lingering FEC Problem - GREAT INFO HERE

April 1, PA -- Hillary-43% Obama-45% Unsure-13% "Obama overtakes Clinton in PA "

I believe this captures the "Exclude MI and FL" danger perfectly.

Let's win this election for those we love

Karl Rove again admiring Hillary Clinton

Heads Up: Obama Campaigns In Wallingford, PA Now Live On CNN

CNN: Florida Dems meeting with Dean

Elizabeth Edwards on NBC right now dumping on McCains health care plan

Dean commits to seat Florida delegates

What can we do as Americans to rein in the power of pollsters?

Pennsylvania health care union backs Obama

*NEW* PPP PA Poll - Obama Ahead of Clinton in PA 45-43!!!!

It's time to say it. He'd never consider it for a moment. But I will.

About John McCain's willingness to stay in Iraq another 95 years.....

The number of delegates needed to secure the nomination goes up

Clinton Proposes $7 Billion Program to Spur U.S. Job Creation

How will the Hillary-Haters defend Barry's position if he chooses her as Veep?

Best. Economic. Speech. Ever. Obama at the AFL-CIO: "Ready To Play Offense" "Just Imagine It"

Dean: Super-delegates don't have to follow the voters

Hot Damn! Obama Overtakes Clinton in PPP Poll of Pennsylvania!

Breaking: Wyoming Governor Davdid Freudenthal Endorses Obama

Dems can and should use McCain's cancer history

Why Hillary Clinton Should not Quit

Elizabeth Edwards takes aim at McCain health care plan

Wyoming Governor Freudenthal endorses Obama

Obama v. McCain in the General Election

Remember, Obama is a liar too (NAFTA and JFK/Obama's father)

When should we give up?

You're the salt in my coffee, I'd be undefined without you.

Latest polls from RCP do not look good for Obama!

Beware the "inevitable" candidate.

OT -Police: Man Had Sex With Picnic Table

Elizabeth Edwards says New York Magazine article is FALSE

Peace breaks out? - - A joint statement from the DNC and Florida Democrats

Loyalites aside, what states MUST WE FLIP to win '08.....

Would McCain win New York, California and Massachusetts over Obama?

So, ummm, why shouldn't Clinton stay in the race? This...

What I think is going to happen....

More useless Logobama Generator icons

Please explain Meeks-gate & Baby-gate; been out of the loop

"Weinerschnitzel" chain restaurants do not actually serve wienerschnitzel.

Sorry Obarry, Al Gore is not interested

How many of you thought that Obama's "lama problem" had something to do with Tibet?

Murdoch's daughter hosts fundraiser for Obama (The Guardian)

Clinton backers urge superdelegates to push Mich., Fla. elections

GD: P Lately More Resembles the Message Board I Quit Going to When I Found Democratic Underground

Let's analyze why Hillary LIES!

Let's analyze why Hillary LIES!

Obama coming on the Ed Shultz show now!!!!!

Reuters: Clinton leads Obama, McCain in key matchups: poll

A 1st grade perception of primary election

Not as bad as you think

4/2/08 Barack Obama to be on 3rd hour of Ed Schultz show.

Caught my nephew telling lies,he blames HIlLIARy Clinton

Will Hillary run as an independent when Obama wins the nomination?

What's with this "Barry" business? Are Hillary's supporters seriously


What radio shows has Barack Obama been on...

Anyone else dissapointed in the performace of Obama "surrogates"?

Would Hillary be circulating a Florida and Michigan petition if she were winning?

Mercer supporters! Don't you see what you're doing?!

So McCain says that Americans are cynical and we are only interested in coffee

Clinton leads Obama, McCain in key matchups: poll

BREAKING: Clinton Making Plans to Drop Out After PA!!!!! Holy CRAP!!!

How to win at the convention

If Hillary Clinton wins PA by 12%...

I don't care if your 16yo nephew blamed Obama for smoking pot.

Does Bill Clinton's behavior in front of superdelegates improve or worsen your opinion of him?

SDs should nominate Hillary

Obama 'flooding' Pennsylvania with TV ads

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal Endorses Obama

Michelle live in Pittsburgh NOW

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/2/08 - Obama down 2 (44), Clinton unchanged (45)

A quick note on endorsements

Obama "whites down" his speech for white Pennsylvania workers

This should chum the waters. (Unless its old.) Anyone seen Jeffrey Zeifman's hit on HRC?

***** Rocky-Gate....Is Hillary Endorsing McCain? Video!


"Apollo Creed" is Philadelphian for "Barack Obama"

Who believes Dean is doing his job, by staying out of the way?

Really cheesy photo of Obama

Clinton Unveils New Ad Against McCain on Economy

Look at this beautiful family, not at all scared of the Ghost standing next to them!

Too much democracy : Jon Stewart

If Hillary sees herself as Rocky Balboa, with Obama as Apollo Creed, shouldn't Bill be playing

If Clinton Wins by Getting SDs to Flip With "Wright Controversy", What Will You Do?

A Quick Note to *ALL* the "Haters" of Clinton & Obama

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate (

Obama said today that he will offer Gore a cabinet position if elected

Who are you behind?

Obama share price at Rasmussen Markets reaches highest point....

Now what's going on?

Wyoming governor endorses Obama

McCain = Doddering Old Fool

So female Clinton supporters - how many abortions have you had (Limbaugh says 2-3)


The common thread

Dyed in the Wool

An IQ Test Problem: If "bitch is the new black..."

Politico/Drudge trying to push straw-grasping anti Obama story (Obama refuses picture with harasser)

Per MSNBC: New Gallup Poll - Obama 49% Clinton 46%

Did I just see Hillary telling a Reagan joke?

Barack Obama to appear on Ed Schultz today

Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, Clinton 46%

Who threw that swiftboat under the bus?

It's either Clinton or Obama/not both

Karl Rove: "Mark Penn is a very smart guy regardless of whether or not she pulls it out."

will (and when) Biden endorse?

It's Obama day!

Murdoch is supporting Obama.

Which candidate has come across most presidential?

oops. It duped itself--self delete this second post.

The Tales Hillary Tells

Must See Replay of The Daily Show coming up at 1:00am! MORE BOWLING!!!

What words are you the MOST tired of hearing lately?

Rasmussen Daily: Clinton back on top. Quinnipiac polls have Clinton beating Mac in PA, FL & OH too!

At what point did you really turn on Senator Clinton?

#10 Hillary Clinton Donor and #4 McCain Donor Indicted; Are HRC and the GOP joined at hip?

Obama: I'd hire Gore

Sen. Durbin: "I think Mr. Ickes is not going to get very far...The momentum" is on Obama's side

Obama: I'd hire Al Gore

1 renewed SD, 1 new SD...!!

Clinton Rationale for Electibility Doesn't Hold Water - yet another hole in the Clinton rhetoric

**Sign the Petition - Speak Up for MI and FL Dem voters **

Drop out Now Hillary - There is way too much democracy

We're all a bunch of animals. Throughout this campaign,

"Hanoi Jane"? I can no longer distinguish Hill supporters from republicans

Business Donors Bypass McCain

Is Team Clinton (Bill and Hillary) acting a bit erratic, strange, explosive, and desperate?

It's Not Cool To Make Jokes About Transgendered People On DU

Would Barbara Boxer be interested in being VP? Any ideas?

Wait a minute! Didn't Rocky lose to a black man on his first attempt?

I want to move abroad if McCain is elected...

Hillary Supporters! Don't You Understand What You've Done!!

Obama brings out huge crowds everywhere. How come his votes aren't proportional

New word: "Poutrage"

A problem for several Clinton supporters: Obama was not supposed to run now, 08 is Hillary's time.

After seeing the "Frontline" on the Voodoo squad in Iraq, I just want to make one thing clear.

I am so "over the top" done with the whiners on DU! Grow the Eff up or leave DU!

REPOST: Hillary Clinton's Campaign and the Esau Complex

Hillary & Obama both need to let go of their egos & team up.

Palpitation time! - Fox reports Gore endorsed Obama

Hillary identifies path to the nomination at campaign stop today

E-mail I just received on FL delegates.

Lee Hamilton to endorse Obama

So...Not One Clinton Supporter Here Can Say ONE Good Thing

Hillary says she is "Rocky". You think she knows Rocky lost to the black guy in a split decision?

College graduates and blacks not "regular people" implies Chris Matthews

Media Matters: Obama WAS A Professor

Another Super D for Barack!!

gotta admit, I'm impressed that the fake outrages are over nothing

If your candidate was an ice cream cone, what flavor would (s)he be?

Pennsylvania please meet Wisconsin by those crazy guys at PPP

80% of the Super Delegates are the same people you depended on to impeach *, why do you believe

AC 360 talking about McCains cancer... crossed the line.

Carville and Russert went to the Nationals opening day game together.

Hillary supporters.... doesn't it give you pause....

How classy: Olbermann said John McCain could help the economy by "buying more depends"

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

Obama is CHEESY!!!

The First Nightly GD:P Wall of Shame, 4-2-08. Drumroll please...

Hillary v. Obama on the Economy

Democrats; say something good about a Republican.

Obama Supporters; Say Something Good About A Clinton Super Delegate

Obama's Lama Problem

Clinton Beats McCain in Key Swing States - OH, FL, PA

Progressives: why our work STARTS when Obama takes the oath of office

Obama: I'd Hire Gore

Barack Obama Opens the Hardball College Tour

Obama : "I'd hit Gore"

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday April 02-2008

Technically, doesn't an extended Democratic Primary actually help the Democratic Party....

Survey USA: Hillary Defeats Obama in Kentucky 58% to 29%

Wow, Hanoi Jane has everybody up in arms around here...

Obama trims Clinton's lead in Pa.

I have it how and why an Obama/Gore ticket could happen.

Obama endorsed by Lee Hamilton

The media has OVERPLAYED this Reverend Wright issue

Admirals and Generals endorse Hillary - great video

Need Help: Can someone post a link to the Clinton Iran Vote?

Something a friend said to me last night...need help on this one.

Barack Obama on Hardball with Tweety, NOW

Are there going to be more debates?

Graphing Delegate Totals - Obama vs Clinton

Tweety suggests African-Americans aren’t ‘regular people.’

Caught my nephew eating a Big Mac on the side of the garage. He used Big Dog as a defense.

For the children here - Hillary was offered to be on Hardball too.

Hillary’s Wrong Numbers: Obama Polls Up, Clinton Funds Down

Htler bowled 243 average ,Hill had 3 300 games ,Obama? Not.

Caught my nephew dropping bombs on peasants, he blames McCain...

Obama: Civil Unions for GLBT couples should be given all the federal rights

...Wait a minute.

I'll admit, it feels good to be able to be a loyalty enforcer now

Sexist crap is hurting Obama, and the party

The more likely the call at 3 am is 'Senator, you just lost another superdelegate.'

Is this for real?

Thug Life

Rule #1 about American Presidential elections

Has Bill's wife been wasting her money/time in PA?

Bill Clinton's Tirade Stunned Some Delegates

Caught my nephew eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon, he blames John McCain

Hillary supporters: Do you watch Hardball and see Obama? or?

Ok,lets face it,if Obama's full of shit,we're royally screwed.

Do Ya Get The Feeing That Pretty Soon, The Hillary Supporters Are Gonna Run Outta Busses ???

Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates

Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates

What does a smile reveal?

HILLARY Will Be on CNBC 6PM Tonight, w/ Jim Kramer.

Do you like Hillary's supporters calling Hillary "Goddess of Peace"

Do you like Hillary's supporters calling Hillary "Goddess of Peace"

Elizabeth Edwards: "Obama was charming." (disputes rumors of spat)

Hillary is right, Obama can't win the general election, he's being propped up by blacks block voting

Colbert Challenge Update - PA Schools

I am suspicious of McCain

I am suspicious of McCain

A gallon of milk.

Hillary to Richardson prior to Obama endorsement: "He cannot win, Bill. He cannot win."

Caught my niece coming home late from a party. She said she dodged sniper fire like Hillary

The only way Hillary can make herself a national hero in her life is for her to.........

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary is a cannibal !!!

You May be Rocky Balboa....

Could we stop talking about race and gender constantly? WTF?

Don't you see what you Clintobomatrons are doing ?

TED TURNER for the hour on Charlie Rose tonight - keywords suggest this is gonna be good!

Google battle

Obama: I'd hire Gore

Gallup Poll: Clinton vs. McCain & Obama vs. McCain as seen by Reps & Dems

Gallup Poll: Clinton vs. McCain & Obama vs. McCain as seen by Reps & Dems

Poutrage over Obama's Gore comments analyzed. (Updated)

Fuck! This photo was taken today outside the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

Anyone see these Obama posters?

So will Hillary Clinton's claim that Obama can't be elected help or hurt her in upcoming primaries?

Hillary's big lead in Kentucky should surprise nobody. Just look at her base.

McCafferty just said the funniest thing, I almost peed in my pants!

Have there been any "NEW' endorsements for Hillary? Seems like Obamas been getting all lately?

ANOTHER Super for Obama, from Montana

Hey!!!!! Hey, DU, WTF is going on???

Hillarious Predictions -- 5 second clip confirming her omniscience.

oh my god.... she is being such an A-HOLE.... somebody please tell her to stop!

Prediction: Within the next 10 days, The Clinton Camp will plant a New Obama controversy

Obamaniacs: Have you fueled the Obama rocket lately?

An elderly friend: 20 hours in the corridor of the emergency room

An alternate take on Democratic coat tails in '08 election.

Looney lefty Fonda endorses Obama. DLC RINO Lee Hamilton endorses Obama

’03 U.S. Memo Approved Harsh Interrogations

Going on record: Letterman (Late Show) is going to crucify McCain tonight

Obama's trash made me look twice

I'm Ashamed of David Letterman

oh my god.... he is being such an A-HOLE.... somebody please tell him to stop!

Michelle Obama & Teresa Heinz-Kerry STREAMING LIVE NOW--2:34pm est on

The Fallacy of Conservative Economic Dogma

I called it months ago: Dean: Dems will seat Fla. delegates

Pike County, PA Clinton office opened. They have my refrigerator and coffee pot.

John Nichols: Endorsements and Focus Aid Obama in Pennsylvania

I missed celebrating the first of April and I regret it.....

Hillary can't win the general election, she's being propped up by white female Democrat block voting

Some observations about our wonderful retail sector and clothes made in Asia

It is 2 AM, I turn the TV to watch Countdown

Going to Jail for Being a Democrat: How Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Got Roved

So let's have an honest discussion of racism and sexism on DU like Obama wants, is that possible?

Does Detroit really have a 25% graduation rate? No.

David Bronner on Don Siegelman:

Fox News .... Is giving the public news on Obama v Clinton?

Are you listening to Hillary discuss the economics with Cramer?

CNN AM poll: Is Howard Dean strong enough to bring peace to the Democrats?

Former Pentagon official pleads guilty in China spy case

A very cool video of Dolphins surfing - for fun....Sir David Attenborough narrates..

NBC "puff piece" on McCain coming up. . (Brian Williams)

Effete Obama courting the women of PA

Administration bypasses laws to build border fence.»

Dealing with dropouts

Looks like those angry villagers finally caught up with him.

Hillary is too good at Bowling.. something is wrong here.

NRC takes 32 years to answer petition

Elizabeth Edwards and Clinton Health Plan

America's Second Harvest: Fresh Food Urgently Needed

UhOh Barry the drug king pin McCaffrey is on WJ - IRAQ

High Level Source confirms Obama to drop out of race by July 2008

DNC convention stance surprises campaigns (Will seat FL & MI)!!!!!!!!

Obama office opening monday Apr 7 Lexington Ky at

I'm sick of hearing that Obama only wins because of African American votes, because it's fucking BS

I'm sick of hearing that Obama only wins because of African American votes, because it's fucking BS

== A hooker for every senator = By Mark Morford

Muqtada's fight puts US to flight

Senior Army Officials: US Readiness Dangerously Low

Hillary Clintons' Donnie McClurkins

Bless his heart

Basra battle raises questions, with Petraeus, Crocker on Iraq ramp

There are tasteful ways to discuss racial and gender democraphics in this election....

"Fusion Centers" Created After 9/11

The Death of a Good Democrat.


Hillary Supporters: I know where you got your latest talking point

Will Obama become McCain's running mate when Clinton wins the election?

I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker

Does Hillary genuinly think Barack can't win because he's black? Or is it another excuse?

New Obama campaign slogan: "You're wearing me out."

Schoolyard Bully, Bush, and his Buddies...

How long will it take to purge the Justice Department of the religiously insane crusaders that were

SF Chronicle: B. Clinton Had “Meltdown” in Private Meeting With Superdelegates

It would be so wrong...

Is this the type of voters the Clinton Campaign is counting on

Running to be "Commander in Chief" = a guaranteed loss for any Dem

We're Doomed...

mccain on letterman last night

this is a great source of reality... david russels "World Clock'

New videos further roil S.C. patrol (Police misbehaving)

You want me to make a pro Obama topic? Okay, I don't think Clinton can win.

Rev. Wright: Big Oil Attacked Because It's Black

You currently support or lean to which candidate?

Warrior Couple Readjustment Retreat.

Hillary has had only one high profile endorsement since super Tuesday

Ha Ha, Anchorage Assembly Now Leans Left

Attacks on U.S. Forces Soared at End of March

Rabid Hillarite Response to Obama's PA Upswing, 'Operation Send in the Clown'

Effete Obama owes Clinton a debt of gratitude

Why Clinton threads amount to little more than trolling at this point

Breaking!!!: Hillary Launches Negative TV Ad......Againt McCain

Do you Approve of the Job that Howard Dean is doing as Chairman of the DNC?

Do you Approve of the Job that Howard Dean is doing as Chairman of the DNC?

Obama Introduces Grassroots Organizing Fellowships for Young People

So imagine - a President tells you "Iran has a nuke"

Bush.. "Live from Romania" (at 2am Eastern? Whaaaa!?)

Krugman is to Obama supporters as Olbermann is to Clinton supporters

More Flight Fright.....

90% of GDP are Obama supporters

One of McCain's chief economic advisers (Phil Gramm) helped create this mess..

I'm an Obama supporter BUT...please spare me your "concern"


Corzine moves to avoid employer tax hike

Watch your back!

Caught my nephew smoking a joint on the side of the garage with a buddy. He used Obama as a defense.

Caught my nephew smoking a joint on the side of the garage with a buddy. He used Obama as a defense.

Caught my nephew smoking a joint on the side of the garage with a buddy. He used Obama as a defense.

Texas wind generation creates power-market turmoil

Botox May Move From Face to Brain

Howard Zinn: Empire or Humanity?

lied to again....u.s special ops were in basra all along

Barack Obama pushes campaign into Clinton family turf

I watched about 30 seconds of that crazy person, McSame, on Letterman .....

"Million Fag March": Anti-Gay Hate Church Gets Taste of Its Own Medicine (VIDEO)

US Embassy moving?

An Appropriate Memorial For George W. Bush

"Criminals whose day of reckoning is drawing closer on the horizon" (Scott Horton)

High Level Sources confirms Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT of Presidential race on April 14th

“I know she’ll stand with us, just like Cesar Chavez did.”

Elizabeth Edwards is on The Today Show now talking about McSame's health care plan!!!

Massive NASA job cuts likely

If there is a God or Goddess...

Does Hillary Clinton support gay MARRIAGE? Simple question. It seems like there are those who

Digby's Article on McCain's Iraqi recent blunders is Right On

CBS Moves Ahead With Layoffs in News

4....Four U.S Airlines Gone In 30 Days....

Has anyone seen these Obama posters?

Think Get-Off-My-Lawn-You-Kids is going to get hammered by the press...

Politico updates the "Clinton Fails to Pay Bills" article

Wasting and Wanting at the Pentagon

Obama supporters: If Hillary "lost" your support how could she gaine it back?

And yet another email from Hillary: Florida/Michigan votes

Miami Herald: Why Rubio's equity loan is our business

Neutral thread: Who would you like to see nominate your candidate at the convention?

A reminder of why Obama supporters may not be loving toward Clinton.

Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail: 'Handed Over' to a Government Called Sadr

lobby guy J. David Hoppe used to work for Trent Lott for years

I hope 'skylarking' doesn't mean spinning his pistol on his finger like a wild west gunfighter

All Democrats should be shouting this to the rooftops, just like

Does Denver Chamber of Commerce Back Corporate Crime?

US using Israeli jews as refugees in order to confuse issue of Palestinian Right of Return


Pssst. Hey Clinton Supporters.... Come Here. (PIC HEAVY)

Why was it OK for the "Angry White Male" to be upset with the country but

our military and our children's toys - oh yes

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing


Wake Me Up When It's Over

Q about the Lehman Brothers / Bear Sterns deal:

Obama readies plan to reshape the electorate

Students at McCain's $38,000 a year private high school forced to attend McCain speech

I am just getting so tired of the bad news every day

McFreaked: American Family Association up in arms over McDonalds' support of "the gay agenda"

Hillary is on Cramer right now CNBC

***Breaking New Super Delegate for Obama and **Delegate Update**

From Dmitri Orlov: "Two-Step to Empire"

Anybody have a transcript to the Wright sermon?

What's The Real March $$$ For Obama?

HOLY CRAP! New Pennsylvania numbers

Gathering of Eagles, or Chicken Little’s Lament?

Josh Marshall's Blooper Reel

Really, really strange bed-fellows . . .

Md. Boy, 12, Kills Man Attacking Mother

Why the LGBT Community Should Embrace Obama

Hillary's new base: The low information voter

Obama Supporters, Don't you understand what you've done?

Obama's Statement in Support of World Autism Awareness Day

IMF Lowers World Economic Growth Forecast on Worst Crisis Since Depression

Lieberman and his $81 billion Al-Quida Navy fighting Submarine

Overheard in a restaurant tonight

Evidence in: Conservatism Kills

DOJ Memo "Blueprint That Led to Abu Ghraib"

Oops wrong forum

Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco Formed to Honor George W. Bush

A clueless guesser on who-to-replace SCHIEFFER for Face the Nation

HBO Preps Drama on 2000 Presidential Election

On which talk show did Hillary back up the WH lies about Iraq being a threat?

Felipe Sixto using federal funds for domestic propaganda? (Laura Rozen)

Logos offer a guide to secret military research

The Good News! (warning: graphic)

Speaking of anarchy: why is corporate anarchy GOOD and social anarchy BAD?

WAR is a racket.......

Will your kid attend Thomas Jefferson-Microsoft High School?

Midweek Mainstream Media Mahem-mania !!1!!1!!

Biden: Basra conflict may not be ‘defining moment’

Why do we keep helping the opposition in Iraq? - Today’s Headlines 4/2/08

Bremer to Kurd president Barzani: "The word 'invasion' is ugly, but it is a fact"

Manhattan Condo, Co-op Sales Decline Most in 18 Years

world views US more positively (except Canada)

On "All Things Considered", Donna Brazille says...

"Keep your seatbelt fastened during the flight....and ignore the smoke coming from the cargo hold"

Will `Ace' McCain Flame Out Again?

LIEberman Rewrites History While Defending McCain, Claims U.S. Leaves Residual Troops In ‘Every Conf

Who has the worst reputation? ... Renters or Landlords

Professor John Yoo & Pvt. Lyndie England.

MAD Magazine Fold-in from -1964 - to the future - a must see.

GOP gaming the message boards

Hillary and Obama supporters in Kentucky. Important, keep kicked.

GQ interviews Karl Rove ... LOTS more quotes to piss you off!

Vanity Fair LTE response

Caption Bernanke with new headress

Burglar nabbed playing dead at funeral parlor

McCain to Campaign @ Burning Man

McCain agrees with Obama on right-wing idea for teachers

I Just Got Back From My Weekly Obama Volunteer Region Meeting...

Jessie Ventura on Larry King poll. Should Jessie run for pres.

Over the last 15yrs, who has had more power and control over the social/cultural debate

Prevent an Attack on Iran

Obama readies plan to reshape the electorate

My Gayest Look: Leno "Joke," Apology & Website

Administration bypasses laws to build border fence

"I won't be smiling because you're wearing me out"

Quote by Karl Rove that will piss you off to no end.

Bush Sets Out To Salvage Legacy On World Stage

10,000 pound bet - who will come out best in our financial crisis

10,000 pound bet - who will come out best in our financial crisis

Two Kinds of Americans: Us Versus Them

What does it say if Hillary can't out-raise Obama even in a month where she "won big" on mini-Tuesda

IF Rove were running campaign against McCain....

Hillary to Richardson: "He cannot win Bill. He Cannot win." does she know something we don't?

Oregon boasts a record and bounty of snowpack

Even though Barack Obama is beating Hillary Clinton right now, I have this unshakable gut feeling...

Soldier's Letter: "impossible to find a purpose in what we do"

Can't decide which disingenuous attack to throw at Obama today?

Boxer: Explanation Needed on Polar Bears -Interior Secretary Kempthorne fails to appear before panel

***** Official BEST April Fools on DU THREADS ***** Nominations Please *****

Condoleezza Rice Iraq "lifetime" comment

Chairman Bernanke's head observed away from the comfort of his ass ......

"If Obama's so uniting, then how come the party's so divided?"

Homophobic, Totally Insane Candidate Tests Utah’s Libertarians

I just had an email read on David Gregory's new show...

McCain bows to right wing, keeps GOP platform on same-sex marriage untouched

Sammy is in for Randi and it was not planned!

Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates

For those who watch Discovery Channel..and know Animal Behavior..A STORY!.

Clinton edits Texas ad for Pennsylvania (3 am "economic crisis" phone call)

Free: Dave Matthews Concert for Obama at Indiana University

Free: Dave Matthews Concert for Obama at Indiana University

Free: Dave Matthews Concert for Obama at Indiana University

The Hypocrisy Gospel: Get Rich for Jesus?

If I am making the argument that Republicans keep the poor people working

Great line about Michelle Bachman (Minn lunatic member of Congress)'s Bizarro World

Amusing take on the "halo" picture.

Michele Bachmann Watch - 4-2-08

Boxer is up on the SFRC Iraq hearings!

Will Wing-Nuts target "Pure Love Studies" Major?

C-Span's website sucks.

Glen Beck gets my vote as worst person in the world

Her chances against Obama OR what Bill looks like when the lights are on?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Time to Break the Silence (about war, like MLK)

Labor Communications Site Offers McCain Toolkit (NEW)

The real McCain commercial: John McCain and his "Friends"

Clinton Bowls Over Media

Outsiders shift Wisconsin's Supreme Court to the right

This Is A Cover-Up: Illegal Spying To Get Buried DEEP In The Pentagon

ALASKANS - Just saw your Senator on the Iraq SFRC committee

Despite Huge Media Campaign, Facts Show Massive Failure In Iraq

Michelle just recommended a visualization of Barack taking his oath of office on the Capital Steps

Obama to Clinton: 'Rocky' a movie

Please! Danish DUer's I need help.

My favorite Hugo "MickeyMouse" Chavez picture .....EVER

Political statement on last night's Jeopardy.

Need help locating new video on Iraq war

Post your "gayest" look on

How long is long enough?

Thieves Stealing Metal For Money At Cemeteries

Fla. Teens Believe Drinking Bleach Will Prevent HIV/Mt Dew stops pregnancy

WOW..First 3rd graders now 5th graders plotting against a teacher?

McClatchy: Paltry result of Iraqi offensive quiets U.S. withdrawal talk

Iraq=Somalia, Journalist Nir Rosen on Democracy Now 4/1 (also testified at SFRC on Iraq today)

Why is there so much hate in the world.

Clinton supporters! Don't you see what you're doing?!

A Legacy? Georgie? Are you proud?

How am I able to surf the web since my computer is not connected to the internet?

PHOTOS: Day Six of Barack Obama's Pennsylvania Bus Tour.

HEY! who pee'd on the CAPTION?

How will the Chimp handle pardons for all of the people who have yet to be indicted?


A Wal-Mart PR Issue Brews Anew

UT OH!!!

Was an attorney fired for being a lesbian?

Oil execs to America....Don't expect us to lower our profits..


Mugabe's Zanu-PF loses majority

Quiz: Which rightwing pundits are better informed and less obvious than Tony Blankley (WshTimes)?

A former Republican business partner of mine told me today that Obama is the only hope this country

SFRC Iraq hearings continue at 2:30 on C-Span 3

Clinton Unveils Proposal To Spur Growth In Economy Driven By Science

Clinton Unveils Proposal To Spur Growth In Economy Driven By Science

How many people on DU actually read the link/ article?

Funny Money (Paulson a reverse Robin Hood)

Experts Dubious of Ga. 3rd-Grader Plot (AP)

Military feels fuel-cost gouge in Iraq (AP)

Obama doing great on Hardball!

Straight Talk on McCain’s Health Care Record from Elizabeth Edwards

Is there life on Mars?

Bush backing down in FISA fight?

I was just trying to get on the Air America website

Tobacco Regulation by U.S. FDA Clears House Energy Committee

Tobacco Regulation by U.S. FDA Clears House Energy Committee

Party For Olbermann Doubles As Taunt To CNN

"Families are where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream." GWB 9 months to go!

I was just on The Stephanie Miller Show!

Can't quit smoking? Blame your genes

BBC Poll: Iran Only Country Viewed More Negatively Than Israel

One in Five Iraqis Displaced! Almost 5 million Iraqis!

In God We Trust posters going up

The Day.,... The Subprime.... Died.

Deathwatch: DAY 2

What fresh hell is this? "DUscoveryChannel"?

Bill Clinton loses it before superdelegates. MSNBC is covering it.

"Superdelegates" what is that the new "Soccer Mom" or something? Did Frank Luntz come up with that?

Oil Industry starts pre-emptive bullshit barrage to justify summer price gouging....

I was told this wasn't sofisticated enough for the Lounge, but Obama/Nader!

I stood up to my church group and I FEEL GOOD!

OK, can someone please explain how this "economic stimulus" works?

War on hunting in Kansas? More ridiculous legislation

Tibetans to Bush: Don't Go to Beijing Olympics -- Rally in DC

Report shows HB 1804 may cost $1.8 billion to state's economy (Hate hurts)

George W Bush: from drunk to world leader

ACLU Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Probe Department of Homeland Security

Only "Assholes" Fret about Torture

Truthdig: Torture’s Poet Laureate

General Barry McCaffrey (Ret) - pretty impressive!

Poor nations demand climate money

Last week, on my way to the Emergency Room due to a crazy EKG and chest pain,

Baghdad's Mahdi Army Stronghold Brimming With Confidence After Fight

Some Asians in US using sex selection

Why doesn't Obama reply to the most liberal RW talking point thusly

‘Nonlethal’ Stun Gun Claims Another Life

This is going to piss lots of folks off but...what is the attraction to Bill Clinton?

Independent UK: Mortgage approvals fall to near decade low as two more banks suspend lending

Happy Fifth Anniversary KO

Amy Goodman: Where Do We Go From Here?

NATO allies turn down Bush request

Ewww! Caption?

Enron slimebucket Skilling seeks to reverse verdict

A little reminder of why I'll do everything possible to get a Dem in the WH this year

Bernake warns of possible recession... and the IMF raises the stakes for a

I jI ust heard something remarkable come out of Barack Obama's mouth

They wanted Bush? Let them live with their choice.

Military feels pain of rising gas rates (Iraqis pay only about $1.36 a gallon)

Centers Tap Into Personal Databases

$153 million a month goes to filling up jets, tankers, cargo in Iraq

$153 million a month goes to filling up jets, tankers, cargo in Iraq

TYT: Iraqi Refugees Turn to Prostitution to Survive

I like General Discussion so much better than GD:P

There go those gays again with their "agenda"....The AFA targets McDonalds

Huffington Post: Why Is Torture Lawyer John Yoo Still Teaching At Berkeley?

My trip to a clinic today

Bernanke and the Republicans only????

Post here if you do work for NASA!

Good News! Homosexuality NOT considered a physical disability!

Cornerstone loses its bid to join the UIL (John Hagee's Church)

Do you agree with Obama that art and music should be back in schools?

Hanoi Jane Drops Barack Bomb

The Creekside Declaration...

Pledge Allegiance To The Flag- Whatever Flag They Offer

Its up to 4,012 now.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I just received this racist email from my Dad....

Fuel price increases for truckers?

Dan Foomkin: Call It The Abu Ghraib Memo

Anyone remember this ad by the Republican Party?

I think this has bad idea written all over it

U.S. Marine from Vermont Tosses Medals, Calls for End of War

Faster computers may use light instead of electricity

I am still really confused on this whole war thing

Mukasey Hints: USA-guilty of malfeasant complicity in the 9/11 attacks,"

Mukasey Hints: USA-guilty of malfeasant complicity in the 9/11 attacks,"

John Stewart et al are tearing MCSameasBush

Anyone see the round carousel of Christian books by the deli counter at

So, I just got home from work

Why I think the Iran strike is imminent.

Sheriff Joe, Michael Manning, Joel Robbin, Kyrsten Sinema debating arrests for driving while brown

5th-grader finds mistake at Smithsonian

OK, if Bernanke says a recession is "possible," what does that really mean? ....

The Disparity Gap - Please spread this powerful message

"Hills" airhead Montag Endorses McCain for President

I just donated to Hillary Clinton :)

Why do people complain about NASA's budget?

Sirota: "Events Prove Obama-Clinton Race Chasm Article...Correct!

That Orlando pipe bomb passenger

CNN claims it got WalMart to drop the suit against the Shanks...

My brother shook Bill Clinton's hand yesterday....

Why SO worried about McCain?

Cops seize snakes, owner having bitten fingers amputated

The Nixon bowling thread.....

what the hell is wrong with David Gregory?

Hillary Clinton Announces "Insourcing" Agenda At 21st Century Jobs Summit

Hillary Clinton Announces "Insourcing" Agenda At 21st Century Jobs Summit

Hillary Clinton Announces "Insourcing" Agenda At 21st Century Jobs Summit

Got some real "anti-war=unpatriotic" Kool-Aid drinkers here:

The war is over, we have "run out of military options"

Experts dubious of Ga. 3rd-grader plot

Hillary has GAMBARU!

World view U.S. 'more positively'

I hate all conservative jerks they can all kiss my ass


Obama Supporters, Don't you understand what you've done?

The Many Interests of Conservopedia

Code Pink thanks Biden for holding hearings on how to get us out of Iraq.

Dean on CNN tonight: "we are not going to bend the rules for either side."

My 60th B-Day party in ATL on Saturday. Too cool .. too much!

Historians rate Shrub as bad. Really, really, bad...

So what is the best response to those who won't vote for Obama in the General Election?

Hillary is losing PA rapidly, She will Lose. The End is NEAR!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Edwards: only Clinton's health care plan is universal

Yes, Obama apologized for Swiftboating the Clintons, but only after being caught.

No Shame, No Blame -- Media Refuse to Face Up to Role in Iraq Disaster

Email from a software co. in Sweden that we do business with...

Israeli Citizens Will Be Given New Gas Masks

Whatever happened to the "50 superdelegates" who were supposed to endorse Obama like a month ago?

Is this country ready for gay marriage?

8 Wild Dogs Thought To Be Rescued Now Face Death

About Olbermann

Idiot demands apology to "the troops" from baseball fans booing George Bush..

Reporter breaks silence and recalls night with MLK wife and children after assassination

Pentagon Is Expected to Close Intelligence Unit

Where is Michelle Obama?

Telecom immunity is up again - get on the phone

OMG, Obama OVERTAKES Clinton In PA Poll - 45-43

Obama the 'judo candidate' and the 'dewonkification' of the Clinton Brand

Today I was going 80 mph in the left lane Interstate 80 westbound

oh NO! Thirty-Six U.S. States to Face Water Shortages in the Next Five Years

Oregon Democrats see jump in voter rolls

Report Finds Mine Safety Agency ‘Negligent’ in Approving Crandall Canyon Plan

Packer outsources Northwest pickles (Nalley) "great taste of the Northwest" "product of India"

Head of Exxon told Congress yesterday if they don't get their tax incentives

A Season of Song, Dance and Autism

THEY'RE KILLING US ALL- Pentagon's Weapon Spending Surges to $1.6 Trillion in 2007

Some excellent local news to share.

Debunking Obama Florida Spin: "Hillary's co-chair stopped the revote"

Debunking Obama Florida Spin: "Hillary's co-chair stopped the revote"

Hillary blamed Obama while it was her own co-chair opposing the revote. Not honest of her.

There's a very simple way to stop the problem of illegal immigration...

IFAW Hunt Watch 2008 - Graphic Video and Accounts of the Hunt

Feith: Only "Assholes" Fret about Torture

Elizabeth Edwards chooses Clinton's healthcare plan over Obama's and McCain's

Daniel Ellsberg calls President Bush a war criminal

Back in '04 at DU, I remember a lot more debate about the candidates on issues...

Did DU get a new font format or is it my computer?

I am sick of the of the god damn Box factory


Kentucky residents! Important, keep kicked.

Starz drops $25 million on new logo, marketing initiative (CONGRATULATIONS RYAN)

Republicans Against McSame (sign displayed during McCain's campaign tour) - pic

Sibel Edmonds just claimed that four 9/11 suspects were never interrogated


Have you ever paid or been paid for sex?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove Caught In His Own Worst Nightmare...

Buyers' Revenge: Trash the house after foreclosure.

Caption this * pic

My friend's neighbor was foreclosed on yesterday

Clinton Supporters; Say Something Good About An Obama Super Delegate

What is "REALLY" wrong with the auto industry

If McCain's father had not been an Admiral, What would John be doing today?

Jesse Ventura is talking to Thom Hartman right now

In Bush’s Justice Dept, Being Gay Is "Even Worse Than Being a Democrat"

'Hannah Montana' Star: I Do Everything for Jesus

Does your water come from a well or a municipal water supply?

Male rock fans likely to vote Republican: survey

I finally understand why many of Hillary's naysayers bash her relentlessly 24/7

I finally understand why many of Hillary's naysayers bash her relentlessly 24/7

Massive Set of Endorsements from Oregon for Obama

Sam Seder in for Randi today

Fuck Ted Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama.


I feel drained

I want to be sedated

Has anyone been on youtube lately?

I'm listening Imaging...

This should be a cinch.

"Coast to Coast AM" has gone totally off the deep end.

Odd trivial observation


Paper or plastic? Either bag would cost you 20 cents extra under Nickels' plan

What is your fashion?

Before anyone else says anything...

How can schools teach "critical-thinking skills?"

All women have cycles - mine . . .


Ok, you guys win, I guess I'll go back to being a liberal

Yea! Morrissey is beating up Sunny for a change!

* Rachel Maddow * deserves her own DU group! Who agrees with me?

Oh Danny Boy the pipes the pipes are calling

Philboy has never put a useful post in here

Big party here on campus on Monday... should I come to work?

Hey LynneSin my cat pulled an "Evita" on me this morning..

I understand DuStrange wants to change his screenname

I want to go to Wawa.

This is an actually funny email I just got!

TM leaves for Disney this afternoon.

What should I have for lunch?

Man, hug your kin

I forgot to tell you guys the best part of the IRS visit yesterday.

City of SF is considering renaming it's wastewater plant to 'George W Bush Sewage Plant,'

Just blistered some pendejo.

If I started a thread about sex would you stop ignoring my threads?

There's a kudzu thread in the UCC forums!!

Inspired by madinmaryland: I think Queen is the greatest rock band ever

My wife is outside my office window. Gotta go...

Cross-posted from photo group - what camera should I buy?

Elect Mike Hunt!!!!

So.. What's the meaty dish, LeftyVegan?

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: "Oh. My. God. 4th Amend. Doesn't Apply To Military In U.S.?"

Driving to work today I found PROOF that Midlodemocrat drinks boxed wine!!!

I sometimes think I'm a golden god.

Gravel v Mercer...

CONTEXT? there is no context that makes this post okay LOL

Hey, LynneSin! Look what I found!!!

SIGN THE PETITION - Help get Rush in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I am planning *the Ultimate* 30th bday party for MrLaraMN.

Wouldn't it be nice if all service people were like this?

Oh, come on. Fred Phelps has really gone too far with this

The Nine Manliest Names in the World

Anyone work(ed) an admin asst/secretarial position as EXEMPT?

"Night Shift" movie trivia questions...

You fricking village pevs need to get over this whole sex thingie.

A thread for Temeah while he was away...

Don't you love receiving an email that is completely

SIGN THE PETITION - Keep Rush out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

question for the DUers with Tattoo....

Since LynneSin has come out supporting John McCain, the location

RUSH Is One Of The WORST Bands Out There

"Workaholic" is a personality disorder and ought to be in the

"The Oasis threads were a big joke." - DU Lounge thread from April 2nd, 2005

It's been 48 hours since a Rush thread was started - Favorite Rush song

Now why would Fred Phelps have a Church Sign about our MidloDemocrat

The Best DUer Of The Lounge


meet belle, the newest member of my household

Who Says They Don't Make Video Games for Females?

I love Pasta.... Came up with a great dish, with an assist from Emeril...

I love Paste.... Came up with a great dish, with an assist from Elmers...

It's pick on Parche Day in DU today!!1!!

Feel the Hate.

This Friday Oprah investigates Haley Mills

Screw Oasis - RUSH is bigger than the Beatles

HAHA!!! Delaware KICKS New Jersey's ass - WOOHOO!!!

Yesterday's weather

An old band, but new to me

You know who has the best girlfriend ever? I do.

I'm officially an Uncle for the third time...

Poetry at the open mic...tonight, I learned something...

Oh CRAP!!! Now I'm done.

Serious question about disabilities and job interviews

BBC documentary about penguins...

Ok, I've gone and done it again in GD:P -->

What is the punchline to the joke that no one told?

What Kind of Cat Is This?

Weather Meteorologists Forcast Hurricane For Delaware On 19th April

I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker

Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/2/08

I wish I had a Euro for every time I've seen John Kerry wear that damn pink tie

Just got new speakers for my computer...

So frustrated. Yahoo, Excite, and Myspace won't work for me. Help!

Fill in the blank: Reading GDP makes me want to...

I understand that the Monty Hall Problem makes an appearance in the film "21"

I was able to snap this picture just before a cougar attacked me!!!

You fricking village idiots need to get over this whole 70's music thingie.

Onion: Blood...Blood Everywhere

Can you help me come up w/ my weakest point for my interview?

Turtleandsue Is One Of My Favorite DU'rs

David Swimmer

ALL of them?

Question about uploading videos to youtube and google video


sexy deutsche disco tanzen

If the phone rang at home or at work

New Kids on the Block REUNION Tour Publicity Picture...

I have a e-mail question--regarding Ccc vs. Bcc.

Second Furturama movie coming June 24th

Battlestar Galactica vs. Alien/Predator: In which universe stand your best chances for survival?

Golfs Worst Foursome

I almost had to kill some people today

Why everything you know about the Social Security Crisis is wrong.

Um Yeah, we need to talk about your TPS report...

It's been four hours since a Rush thread was started - favorite Deep Purple song

The Worst Groups In Their 60's/70's

Cool... "Muppets" outtakes, including Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!

Oh, my

Ellen Page from Juno's new movie

I just watched "Xanadu" or...

question for the DUers with tattoos....

i'm fuckin with the chronic

post your favorite KISS song


A really good day for me, finally.

This is why fundamentalist religion is just WRONG

I just made an awesome chili...

I just got done hosting a Brownie meeting - Ask me anything.

I hope this container growing is magic as people say

I hope this container growing is magic as people say

Bloody 'ell, I feel old. Long live 1993... to be 21 and complete again...

A job quandary - what would you do?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/2/2008)

Don Giovanni Rocks

repurposed holy holy

holy fucking shit!

6 Music Industry Tricks That Must Die - #1 is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!

The boat that I row? It's a Lulu!


Which is of greater interest to Tango on Ghost Hunters

Is there a new Top Chef tonight? Are there spoilers?

Look at this super neato-dorito doo-dad I just found!

How the smirking idiot George W Bush got very, very rich off the Texas Rangers.

Cats Rule , Dogs drool..

Poem For Oldsters.....

Your Favorite Bodily Function

I'm only going to say it once: Obama/Nader!

Post why you should never be allowed to be a mod on DU.

GDP has gone overboard. BAT SHIT!!

I'm desperate to find a way to pill Hillary successfully without terrifying her

We’re all the “Good Germans” now


Lounge vibes (and $) needed

Quantum of Solace

Sophie/Smokie in 2008!

KLF Appreciation Thread!

Has anyone seen mycritters2 lately?

Please don't say that I never put a useful post in here.

Do you like your co-workers?

A friend just messaged me to say I HAVE to watch Idol tonight...

Alison and me have found our retirement house, we just don't know where we will put it.

What does it take to get some frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads around here?

Didelphis virginiana!!!

Shamen Appreciation Thread!!

Unnecessary Censorship - Jimmy Kimmel style!

I jsut made an awesome chili...

You might think I'm weird but I ordered this Picture today. I Love it !

tell me what your ailment is and i will heal you in the name of jesus christ of nazareth

Ok, 10.5 hours of Statistics...

If it were possible to see any of these rock bands in concert whom would you choose?

Ramen Appreciation Thread!!

do you deserve god's grace?

An observation about "Matrix: Reloaded"

Viggo Mortensen Explains Why We Must Demand Accountability

TOP CHEF TIME!! **Spoilers contained herein**

I don't need no Wawa

My cat has one of those "idiot helmets" on... and he's pissed

Anyone else ever gotten this error message before?

I challenge you to a duel

A funny confession re: Trek geekdom

My cat is walking across my laptop keyboard again!

Is American Idol a way to actually find stars?

C H A L L E N G E! man or fish?

An Amazement!

Anyone ever done Mandarin immersion in China or know someone who has?

I just watched a pathetic romantic comedy...and enjoyed it anyway.


Gawd DAMN, I'm bored

The Beach Boys

F*ck It! I want to GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

OK, since I'm not part of the clique, I'm outtie

Oh battery operated friend is dying on me....

It's a beautiful world we live in...

How many of you are talking to your boss while you post.

Cats v. Dogs

anyone feel like going into mos eisley

Is anyone following the new Weight Watchers program?

Today is my 50th birthday and I feel fabulous!

What did you do when you had your 'Hey Joe' moment?

"The World according to Monsanto" MUST WATCH documentary

I think "Office Space" is the funniest movie of all time....

I challenge you to not smile:

I've had it.

Willkommen from Germany!!

Need a hug.

I just won the Congress-Bundestag German exchange student scholarship!

Who got kicked off American Idol tonight?

Am I an Asshole?

The Worst DUer Of The Lounge

Would any of you order/eat this? (aside from philboy, that is) . . .

Say Something Good About Another DU'r

Play a song about you

Can you name all 102 famous people in this picture?

Can you tell from my posts that I'm totally high right now?

If you are ever driving in the DFW - Euless area... PSA...

You must go read this thread.

Dean offered an olive branch to Florida. Delegate apportionment not settled.

My Nephew Is Coming Home From Afghanistan 8April!!!!!!!!(Army)

"Maybe It's a Guy Thing"

Any songs you love which are sung by bands/artists you don't care about?

Seven Freakin' Days!

This is why I don't think I could EVER vote for Hillary

List the most unintentionally funny movies of all time.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I am so unbelievably pissed off right now.

How do we find out who attended the coronation of Rev. Moon?

Check out the Mount Washington webcams...

The best season-ending cliffhanger ever... What is it?

Nominate yourself for Universe's Greatest DUer

The sad irony of my back pain....

I've discovered the world's greatest litter box.

My brain is fried...5.5 hour Econometrics study group today...

How would you pronounce "Buitrago?"

I just finished my first painting in years. What d'ya think?

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool. Post your DU Doggies here

RCP Polling Aggregates Show Dramatic Obama Surge in PA

Who's in your lineup for the ultimate band?

Match Game: "Jack the Jackass shot an arrow in the sky. It hit a ____ passing by".

Is there a chance Wright is right? (By David Sirota)

My 40th birthday has been cancelled.

What Sci-Fi/Fantasy Universe would you like to join?

My friend of 30 years has cancer and a brain tumor, so what does he do? What a hoot this guy is!!

Wooo Hoooo! I'll be in Portland for at least a month!

I am embarrassed to even post this (racism in PA)

This Friday, Oprah investigates Puppy Mills

The Worst Groups Of The 60's/70's

The Political Obituary of Hillary Clinton

The Political Obituary of Hillary Clinton

Sweet Home Alabama like never before

Red-faced (Bill) Clinton Tirade Stuns Superdelegates Behind Closed Doors

The problem isn't Obama or his supporters, it's "the Clinton moment"

Where I've been.

I'm F***ing Obama

Extreme Awww Factor

Hillary's limbo: how low can she go?

w00t! we got our Obama shirts today, finally!!1!

I need to build a seriously jacked-up PC. Help!

I'm in Switzerland, ask me anything!

Autism, vaccines, recovery from autism, lies of the media

Have you heard any of the "multitrack masters" that are floating around on the internets?

Intelligence Director McConnell is cast as a lobbyist

FBI: Parachute Isn't Hijacker Cooper's

Aloha Airlines ends six decades as ‘the people's airline’

In Argentina, thousands rally in support of president


Pentagon Releases Memo on Harsh Torture Tactics

Muqtada's fight puts US to flight

BREAKING NEWS: Wal-Mart backs off Shank family

Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates

Children Find Woman's Head On Beach

Factory Orders in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast as Companies Limit Spending

Bernanke warns of possible U.S. recession

Military Report: Secretly 'Recruit or Hire Bloggers'

McCain, Letterman Spar on 'Late Show'

Russia moves to limit foreign investment

Pentagon Is Expected to Close Intelligence Unit

Vets pay tribute to fallen comrades at virtual Vietnam wall

U.S. military officials accuse Iran of training groups attacking servicemen

Obama: I'd hire Gore

IMF Cuts Global Forecast on Worst Crisis Since 1930s

Study: Home Defibrillators Save Lives (But...)

Pentagon's Weapon Spending Surges To $1.6 Trillion In 2007

"Lake disappears suddenly in Chile' (Or why the BFEE bought land over water aquifer in Paraguay)

Sex Therapists: A Few Minutes Is Best

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 2, 2008

Wilkes could be out on bail by weekend

8 Plead to Election Fraud in St. Louis

UPDATE:Chevron Should Pay At Least $8.3 Billion In Suit-Ecuador Expert

Inaction on Polar Bear Criticized; Senate Dems Blame Interior for Delay in Addressing Climate Change

U.S. sending troops to Kandahar

Obama Trims Clinton's Lead in Pa.

Memo on administration position on illegal serches comes to light

Pentagon Papers Leaker Decries Iraq War

South Floridian will resign as head of FEMA

18 states sue EPA over greenhouse gas pollution

Colombian president slams Ecuador for herbicide prosecution at Hague court

Documents show Pentagon now using FBI to spy on Americans

Pilots: Cockpit dangers being ignored

Canadian officials, sealers appeal to EU not to impose ban on seal products

Bomb explodes near top Iraq generals in Basra

Republicans lead "pork" spending lists: report

Ares I Thrust Oscillation mitigation - the current state of play

Man freed from death row after 15 years

Bush ends news conference a bit early (Romanian President says no so fast)

U.S. military in Iraq feels gouge of fuel costs

Mugabe's Zanu-PF loses majority

Stadium Visitor Told To Hit Delete Button (by Secrect Service)

United grounds Boeing 777 fleet

1,000 rally for anti-gay politician at Oklahoma capitol

Jailed Enron boss claims 24-year sentence resulted from unfair trial

McDermott must pay $1 million in leak case

Dean: Dems Will Seat Fla. Delegates

Taoiseach will leave office on 6 May (Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern)

George W. Bush Sewage Plant proposed in SF

Massive job cuts in space program likely

Senate Leaders Agree on Housing Relief

Iraqi deaths spike in March

Ecuador Illegalizes Foreign Bases

Supreme Court to consider Ten Commandments vs. "Seven Aphorisms"

Bush rebuffed at NATO on Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia

Sen. Stabenow's husband tells police he had sex with prostitute

Dennis Kucinich on Tibet and Human Rights

Lies - Lies and MORE Lies!!!

MSNBC: Clinton camp still defending Bosnia Sniper Fire story

Barack Obama in Scranton, PA

Rep. Bruce Braley: The Cost of War in Iraq on Our Economy

April Fool's Day, Norm Coleman Style

Clinton Surrogate Uses FOX News To Attack Obama Over His Pastor

Faces of the Fallen - January 2008

Clinton will use the "uppity black" argument against Obama for super delegates

01-APR - Obama tours Garment Factory, PA

Harp Seal Pups Canada - Nigel Barker narrates before the Seal Hunt

The Disparity Gap - Attention Policymakers!

Hillary Meets With The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Ed Begley, Jr. on the Adam Carolla Show

MONTEL!!!! does it again (02:56)

Girl from the Raggs TV series sings Obama song - 'Outtake'

John Edwards: "Put a Democrat Back in the White House!"

U.S. expats fight their soaring tax burden

Durbin wants info on use of visa programs

Hard to celebrate all these lost jobs

WSJ, pg1: Business Donors Bypass McCain; Democrats Rake In Cash from Industry

Maddow Schools Joe "The Interrupter" Scarborough (EXTENDED)

Hardball: College Tour With Sen. Barack Obama


Another Bad Sign in Iraq: Top-Rated Progam is 'Welcome Back Sadr'

Gene Lyons - Iran Wins Again

The Republican War on Voting

On the Ice Saving Seals - First Officer Crew Blog Sea Shepherd March 30

9 Reasons Your Taxes Are Going Up

Elizabeth Edwards on McCain's Health Care Plan (4/2/08)

Hillary Killing Democracy?

Bill Clinton berates CA Super-Delegates at meeting.

TYT: Jesse Ventura Calls Out Dick Cheney

Maureen Dowd on Hillary Clinton

Lieberman attacks Obama on Fox News

Vanity Fair: The Green Light

8 reasons no Wall Street reforms in '08

Barack Obama: Speech to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Foes target McCain's 100-year war remark

Bill Clinton’s Ultimate Pitch to the Superdelegates

Robert Parry: All Power to the President

Barbarossa Revisited: Bush Goes Bear-Baiting in the East

Top Bush Administration officials pressured underlings to use torture tactics at Guantanamo

Interest in election goes viral, as primary rivets people

TYT: A Controversial New Way To Battle Rapists

A People's Histore of American Empire by Howard Zinn

WP, pg1: Economic Slump Underlines Concerns About McCain ("dog-eat-dog capitalist") Advisers

Guardian UK: Jailed boss (Skilling) seeks to reverse Enron verdict

The Nation: The Ailing Health Insurance Markets

Angry Journalists vent their frustrations at the world

To Placate the Right, and Neutralize Age Issue, McCain to Pick Fetus as Running Mate

Howard Zinn: Empire or Humanity?

Philip Morris International Commences New Plans to Spread Death and Disease

The Bricklayer's Sons: The Family That Spawned 9/11

In Economic Drama, Bush Is Largely Offstage

TYT: DMX's Thoughts On Obama (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Will Bush's New Nukes Program Bomb?

Elizabeth Edwards Smacks Down McCain's HealthCare Plan on Morning Joe: 4.2.08

Ex-Envoy (April Glaspie) Details Hussein Meeting (1990)

Helter Skelter X (Gravelter Skelter)

It's not a Recession or even a Depression that is coming, it is a Stagflationary Abyssal

Bill to fund (passenger) rail extension on track (Maine)

MMA Renewable Ventures Finances 14 Macy's Stores PV Systems (Calif.)

PG&E & Brightsource Sign 900-MW Solar Thermal Deal (Calif.)

SeaGen Tidal Unit Installed (world's first commercial tidal turbine, Ireland)

Food price hikes changing U.S. eating habits

Bush Administration to reverse it's position on clean cars

Ethanol blends help stretch gasoline supply

17 states sue EPA over global warming.»

Norway to use forests to double bioenergy output

Groundfishing's future looks 'scary' (Maine)

Brazil biodiesel sputters on social, green goals - Reuters

Carnegie Study: Climate Requires Near-zero Emissions

Peterbilt developing environmentally-friendly hybrid

'No Sun link' to climate change - BBC

Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increases Greenhouse Gases Through Emissions from Land-Use Change

Homeland Security waives (environmental) laws to finish fence

McClatchy: Interior secretary refuses to testify at polar-bear hearing

New captain retention bonuses rolled out

Deliberations to begin in Ranger murder trial

No ban for Idaho troops’ keepsake knives

Colonel seeks to move paternity trial

Phishing scam turns out to be an inside job

Backtalk: A military for everyone

U.S. airstrike kills 6 in Sadr City

Wars strain supply of Predator pilots

U.S.: No plans for AF base in Uzbekistan

Roof work starts on Kaiserslautern Military Community Center

ACLU: DoD Skirting Law to Spy in US

Widow: Try Terror Suspect in US Court

Pentagon Releases DOJ Torture Memo

Airman gets 11 months in prison for biting woman

Net scam turns out to be an Army-run security test

US Wants More UN Troops in Darfur

Land Grab on a Global Scale

Athletes safe in Beijing air for up to an hour: IOC - Reuters

Killing Season: Photographer Captures Seal Hunt In Canada

Pumping up hydrogen cars, GM exec to push for more filling stations

Prius was 100% subsidized by Japanese Government

Nobody Rules! 100th Monkey


Rep. Baca's Congressional resolution for Chavez holiday has 60 supporters

Hillary to unions: I'm with you

Clinton Proposes Plan to Keep Jobs in US

McCain Revealed in Mississippi (union members standing their watch)

NLRB elections: Neither Free Nor Fair

Starbucks Barista attorney talks about the case

Still Time to Win a Hunting or Fishing Trip

AFL-CIO Urges Congress to Make César Chávez’s Birthday a National Holiday

Engineers Union Wants To Know How Many Visa Workers Boeing Is Using

High Health Care Costs Eat into Union Bargaining

Hollywood Sets The Stage For Labor Confrontation Take Two

Burger King Rallies Kick Off Student Labor Week of Action

AFL-CIO Invites McCain To Its Roundtables

Flight Attendants Union Standing By Aloha Air Workers

Aerospace industry migrating to Mexico in greater numbers

Layoffs force local workers to seek food relief

Unions: Cintas case proves need for tougher safety laws

Inspection lapse is latest case of a federal failure to serve

Civil war in labor’s presidential front

Nike strike ends in Vietnam

AFL-CIO Endorses Scott Kleeb for NE (US) Senate

"Good Help" Could Be Hard To Find On Cape Cod This Summer

Clinton's Remarks to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

American Axle Supplies Toyota Amid Strike, Union Says (Update1)

Airline mechanics union switches to Teamsters

OSHA cites Winter’s Roofing in employee death ($224,000)

Judge erred in tossing discrimination suit against Union Pacific Railroad, appeals court rules

Union Contractual Question

Kongsberg vote could lead to lockout tonight

Paulson’s Fixit Plan for the Financial Markets: Less Regulation, More Power to the Fed

Agflation will change the course of history

Who owns you Americans?

I'm a very conservative person when it comes to money matters and need some advice

well now we know that the "free market" is an unsustainable lie

Why everything you think you know about the Social Security Crisis is wrong.

Arizona Grants DP Benefits To State Workers

Justice Probes Lawyer's Dismissal Amid Gay Rumor

LGBT community job listings

I am watching Latter Days again

Anyone with who thinks the rank and file supports your rights, look here.

What does everyone think of this video?

Should we gays be celibate?

Elderly Women will Turn Lesbian, according to Barbara Walters special

Hillary on the Ellen Show Talking about Civil Unions/Gay Rights

Furries, Love them or hate them?

bemildred's post from "editorials:" "Cocaine, Colombia and the Cartels"

In Argentina, thousands rally in support of president

Ecuador assembly OKs ban on foreign military bases

Paraguay backs Venezuela's bid for full membership of Mercosur

The senator, his pastor and the Israel lobby

Qaida no. 2: Jihad to move toward J'lem after U.S. exit from Iraq

Short, not sweet angry Israeli PM snubs lawmakers

U.S. Congress recognizes Jewish refugees from Arab countries for first time

Security forces clear two West Bank outposts, plan for more

Here, guys....

Biden web page / press release on this week's hearings

Dodd on Lehrer report

Biden on torture - press release 4/2

C-Span 2 replaying it NOW!!

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

near post, Zach. Always cover the near post

Obama on sports talk radio in Philly today.......

OK Francona, you've had your fun. Now sit Crisp

Hillary will massacre Obama in PA.

Derby Hopefuls Face Do or Die Weekend

holey freaking mackerel, I feel like I'm living some kind of faerie tale

Wickford's Aries New Moon Newsletter

FDA warns King Pharmaceuticals on Avinza promo

Rhubarb reduction: too much?

Tired of the same old tuna salad?

Please help me with my website...

What do you think of this?

Digestive Enzymes

Check this neato KitchenAid attachment!!

Your thoughts - I want to spend 1K on a camera.

Faith-Healing Parents Charged In Baby's Death

Watch AU’s Barry Lynn Debate Religion And Politics!

Evangelical Church in Germany knocks creationism, ID in school

'Artificial cell' can make its own genes

Baby planet found around star HL Tau

Doubt Cast on 2 Drugs Used to Lower Cholesterol

the truth about meds

Secret 'dino bugs' revealed (BBC)

What would happen if?

Can we make anti-Blackwater H&K the unofficial armed and dangerous liberal firearm of choice?

if the D.C. Gun ban is struck down- could Assault Weapon Bans be next?

Neighborhood argument turns deadly

Gun control research assistance

Jesse Ventura on 911...

I find this statement to be sooooo charmingly Teresa-like:

Teresa Meets Michelle

Iraq hearings on SFRC web site now

Culver signs into law $5 million voting system upgrade

Princeton's Felten explains Sequoia screw-ups: machines disagreed with themselves.

Norm Coleman: April Fool, and May, and June, and July, and...

Jason Lewis advocates terrorizing Vets who speak out

Democrats To Embed Bloggers at Convention

cross post from GD

University of North Texas Student Walkout Monday April 7th 9:11AM

Stop the TransTexas Corridor Rally this Saturday, April 5

Dems seek seat held by elder Bush

Printing digital photos

I think it's a Dell conspiracy....

Obama Headquarters Opened in Asheville, NC Today!!!

Another Major Endorsement: Lee Hamilton Backs Obama

Teresa Meets Michelle

I got the "Obama is a Muslim" email today

First Poll Out Showing Obama With Lead in Pennsylvania

Until you see it, it is impossible to imagine...

Damn, I thought Obama could win Indiana.

Obama Scores Under Pressure--Shows He Has Skills

CAITI via Harper Index: Mulroney's causes have done well under Harper government

The Disparity Gap - powerful video from the Educator Roundtable

High school student sues over ban on religious imagery in artwork

Aren't there enough cable channels to put grades one through twelve on TV?

Teacher turnover

'The Bold and the Bad and the Bumpy Nights' .....Happy B'Day Bette Davis

Jay Leno Sorry for "Gayest Look" Joke

Oh well, looks like Keith tonight!

KOEB - 4-2-08 - What? Wasn't KO invited to his own party edition?

CNN is trying to steal Keith's thunder on the Wal-Mart story.

If you want a scary window into how Hillary supporters feel about Keith

California native and KGO fill-in host Christine Craft's 92 year old father passed away..

Is there some trick to getting Yosem reservations?

Help or information needed with home insurance question

Butler Campaign: Statement by Justice Butler on Supreme Court election

Assembly Democrats' website

Where are we supposed to take fluorescent bulbs when they burn out?

Yard Signs

My take on the Gableman-Butler race...

Cor who would have thought it? And certainly not planted.

Hitchens vs Hitchens: On God, War, Politics, and Culture

Here's what I find very depressing.

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