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Alert cali - from barb162 (General Discussion: Primaries)

Poll: Americans view McCain as getting mostly positive coverage; Clinton mostly negative

Obama and Hillary throw Carter under the bus thanks to pressure by the right

On a lighter note - Both candidates having fun tonight on Colbert

First Post Debate Poll ...... Zogby 47-43.... Clinton gets very slight bump

Hillary Clinton is NOT a Good Leader

This is a duplicate post!!! Ignore!!!!

Obama put Distractions ON NOTICE

Just when you thought actual issues were moving to the foreground,

Rumble,Young Man,Rumble

First Post Debate Poll ...... Zogby 47-43.... Clinton gets very slight bump

This race has gone long enough.

Nash McCabe, you idiot, YOU are the reason we have Bush.

No Quarter: Barack Flipped Off Hillary!

An honest question, with no ill will, from an Obama supporter to HRC backers

Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama on Cluster Bombs

Well, ABC has done the impossible:

Biatches! Distractions officially on Notice!

My husband just produced his first political video - pro-Obama!

We are getting down to the wire now DU denizens. If you think it was nasty around here before,

Baracke voted for Dick's Energy Bill and Class Action Fairness Act. What's so liberal?

Bill Clinton: Hillary Doesn’t ‘Whine’ When Attacked

Does Hillary understand why what she is doing is wrong?

So, uh, when did Charlie Gibson turn into a supply-side nut job?

Hey, you know that woman who asked the flag pin question during the ABC debate debacle Wed night?

Subtitled Version of the 4/16 Debate

Subtitled Version of the 4/16 Debate

AP/Yahoo!: Ongoing nomination fight hurting Clinton more than Obama

TOON: Big Love

Sorry, dupe or I'm a dope...

Pittsburgh Steelers holding rally tonight for Sen. Obama...

Obama Scratches Face. Paranoids attack.

"As leaders we have a choice who we associate with"

Blowback: Not just for Rev. Wright anymore.


Breaking: Ramirez Leads Red Sox Over Yankees

morning joe, Obama speaks for me and the majority of americans

morning joe, Obama speaks for me and the majority of americans

Across the universe of cable news

CBS Poll: Obama Dominant At Pa. Colleges

Quick question. If so many of the polls/and it seems like most, favor

"screw'em" moving to the top at Digg - check it and digg it.

A Ghandi quote, relevant to Ayers:

Flashback: Stephanopoulos Criticized Tactics He Used In Debate (see video!)

the audacity of truth

Philadelphia Inquirer: ABC gets an earful after debate

Obama leads Clinton 71% to 28% among PA College Students

Some Fun Obama Pics

Democrats - stop acting like battered spouses!

The Right-Wing Cult of Contrived Masculinity

PA POLL: Hillary 47 (-3), Obama 44 (+3)

As race goes on Clinton is considered brash and a liar ...Obama gains

Obama has won!

What I would like to see when the nominee is FINALLY picked...

What I would like to see when the nominee is FINALLY picked...

Post Debate Front Pages in Pennsylvania

Like I predicted... Pens playoff game outdrew debate in Pittsburgh market... (link)

I wonder who Stephanopoulis has as guests this Sunday

Obama really did it this time.

A Clinton nomination cannot unify the Democratic party in the GE


Remember this video: New Rules - Flag Lapel Pins - Bill Maher

Breaking former Clinton labour secretary endorses ...

How many people have endorsed Obama who were in the Clinton Administration?

I'm sorry folks, but the video does show Obama flipping Hilary off...

Let's Recap...

In the end Hillary will have only ruined one thing, Her Future.

Which of these debates would get the highest ratings?

Hillary Supporters: Check in this thread if you think the lapel pin questions are relevant

Hillary Supporters: Check in this thread if you think the lapel pin questions are relevant

THIS, is what it looks like when you flip someone off...

THIS, is what it looks like when you flip someone off...

9 pics from last night's The Colbert Report

I think we all need a little break for some patriotism.

Soon to be seen on the front lawn of the White House!!!

Hillary Hammers China Trade, While Bill takes $1.25M from Chinese Business

a short post on a trivial subject-the flag pin "controversy" in the general election

"YES, YES, YES," Obama can win the election! (HIllary Clinton, 4/16/08)

compare youtube debate questions with ''professional'' newscasters

Hillary shamelessly won't let it go

I'm sick of "swiftboating"

Clintons complain for months of inane media coverage, then slam obama for saying the same thing.

Obama discusses "manufactured distractions" with Colbert

McCain opens up lead on Obama and Clinton

Does anyone know how to correct Wiki facts??

What Makes Obama Run?

Robert Reich to endorse Obama...

Proof - OBAMA Is NO "Elitist" $20.00 Haircut

Obama seemed the happiest I've seen him yet

Joe Klein says Dem insiders think : Hillary running Republican style campaign

Based on Magnequench, can we trust Clinton?

Having a rough day of nicotine withdrawal and I'm cranky. Who wants a piece of me!!!

****** OFFICIAL Straw Poll! ******

Are you wearing your flag pin today?

It's all pretty simple ....


It'll be sooo funny

Fact check: Obama, Clinton and the Weather Underground - Clinton wrong per Yahoo News Link........

Ed Kilgore pwns Stephanopoulos

Ed Kilgore pwns Stephanopoulos

They should just let the BBC do Presidential Debates from now on

'Guilt by association' as defined by Stephen Colbert...

Former Senators Sam Nunn and David L. Boren Endorse Barack Obama for President

A way for Obama to prove his patriotism.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Votes to Secede from the Union.

Rasmussen PA Poll: Clinton 47% Obama 44%

MonkeyFunk just flipped me off. (Satire alert, geez.)

Newsweek's Hirsh: Obama like Kerry in 04 (Questions about patriotism, thanks in part to Clinton)

Robert Parry: Are the Clintons Playing Joe McCarthy?

Obama is a marxist

Tell ABC News to fire Stephanopoulos, and that other guy


A Small GDP Suggestion...

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/18/08 - Obama down 2 (46), Clinton unchanged (41)




Reality. They both threatened Iran. From the actual transcript.

So....Hillary's Pennsylvania backer Ed Rendell wants to Privatize the Penn Turnpike?

Hillary has learned the wrong lessons while using the right wing attack handbook.

***Robert Reich (Bill Clinton's First Secretary of Labor/Friend) to Endorse Obama Today! 1pm EST***

Hill, Bill, The Bushes, McCain, are all playing for the same team

4 Days And Counting in Philly!!--Report from the ground!

Would A Dem Say This?

Obama nation's power

Hillary on Wheel of fortune

Obama gives Hillary the "fuck you," crowd of his supporters goes wild cheering.

Chicago Tribune editorial: Guilt by association

Chicago Tribune editorial: Guilt by association

Disney puts money on Obama (information more recent than 1 1/2 months ago)

ABC didn't screw Obama last night, they screwed the American People

The root causes of this latest Obama dust up. Please bear with me.

Michigan Democrats To Pick Delegates Despite DNC Punishment

Take a look at the pics of John McCain, and tell me what you notice:

My editorial and a bewildering response:

GDP After Dark: The "I can't believe John Edwards is 54!" Thread.

I can channel surf more quickly now that I've programmed my TIVO that I don't receive ABC

Chicago Mayor Daley: Does Clinton think she’s helping the party by raising the Ayers talking points?

Ayers = Tim McVeigh - there is no difference

Did Hillary lie about Bosnia?


Barack Obama: Right Now! Video: Thank You DU for all the images

I'm posting the link where the Obama Campaign took out a lot of Ayers material on Wiki

AP-Yahoo Poll: Obama overtaking Clinton despite bruises

ReJoice, My Fellow Hillary Supporters: "Yes Yes YES!" is NOT a problem..

Has anyone here actually fallen for ABC's "The Smear Obama Show"?

Voters say Obama has a better chance of defeating McSame than Clinton

Anyone know where I can buy a lapel pin of a burning US flag?

The Corp. Media has Hillary pretty well whipped so now they soften up Obama for McCain in the GE.

The Corp. Media has Hillary pretty well whipped so now they soften up Obama for McCain in the GE.

Obama needs volunteers in Montomery County

In my humble opinion, 90% of BO supporters on DU are just...

When people are broke

Republican smear machine has trained MSM and Hillary Clinton to do their bidding.

Dear Clinton Camp: I'd appreciate a list of Clinton appointees that are turncoats and Judases

Now THIS is a bitter political battle

ABCDebate: "It triggered the most furious outrage I've seen" Ben Smith

ugh...Don't resort fo quoting Mayor Daley

Carville and Stephanopoulos: For Hope and Change (The War Room, 1992)

Another TOON that sums up the "debate"

The Original Sin: Who Really Used The Race Card First in Obama v. Clinton?

Irrelevant distraction

Video Forum Link: Barack Obama on Real Sports Talking & Playing Basketball

There's some real science behind these PA poll results.

Hidden Desperation ?

Hillary Clinton likes it when the press asks trivial pointless questions

SIGN the Petition: Enough Distractions

Donation limits for party, primaries, GE, candidates?

Clinton's Secretary of Labor Robert Reich Endorses Obama

Hey Hillary! I Am Not Afraid. Not Now. Not Ever Again!

AP-Yahoo Poll: Democrats now see Obama as best candidate against McCain

Hillary's "Screw Southern Whites" comment recalled by only woman scholar present

Shocking photo of George Stephanopoulos discovered!

Well... bitter-gate is officially dead

I, for one, am sick of these obscence gestures on the campaign trail.

Breaking: Obama went to Starbucks

Self-delete (thought better of it)

Hey Obama breathren

Let's play "Guess the Friday News Dump". My guess is:

Survey USA: Obama leading Hillary in Indiana by 50-45

doesn't that send a very bad message about gender roles?

The Weather Underground were assholes. Narcissistic, ineffective assholes.

Dean: I need a decision 'now'

Dean: I need a decision 'now'

Colbert on the ABC debate: Stephanopoulos "was objective, in the sense that everyone knew his bias"

After watching the Colbert Report last night, I think Edwards may need his own show!

Does anyone have a quote of Obama accusing the Clintons of using racist tactics?

Does anyone have a quote of Obama accusing the Clintons of using racist tactics?

A little family story about politics, Clinton and Obama.

Instead of a flag pin, could someone make a miniature version of the Constitution?

Idiot Krugman was a cheerleader for "free" trade.

Senator Obama to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11:00 p.m. on April 21.

Please tell me Obama lied...

Firedog Lake Checks Out the Right Wing Blogs So We Don't Have To!

Firedog Lake Checks Out the Right Wing Blogs So We Don't Have To!

We should start some sort of flag pin donation drive for Obama.

LOL. "The Fight of My Life" -- The Democratic Primary (parody song)

I am sick and tire of the "swiftboating" of Obama

Bitter gate, Weather gate, Wright gate,

"Screw 'Em" Gate...this thing is getting legs folks...

Obamas lead has an asterisk.

Remember this Seinfeld episode?

Bumper stickers, buttons, yard signs in Pittsburgh (East side, Oakland, Strip):

Glenn Greenwald said two important things this morning on Democracy Now.



Barack should wear this lapel flag pin >>

More lies: Ayers comment had no relationship to the 9/11 attacks

*** FOR MY 1,000th POST HERE ON DU ***

Obama and Clinton have it out over fingergate.

Can anyone name all of the things that Obama could...

Can anyone name all of the things that Obama could...

**Sam Nunn and David Boren endorse Barack Obama!**

George Stephie defends Bill Clinton circa 1992 against bimbo distractions etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Whining Liar!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Whining Liar!

The Claims Against Letting Florida and Michigan Vote Are from Soviet Russia

FINGERWATER® - who was fingerwatered® here:

Breaking!!!Obama Holds Now A Town Hall Meeting In Williamsport, PA

Well well well April 18th-look what word just popped into the discourse

Obama's Fundraising Embarrassment

Hey, CORPORATE MEDIA! Can you hear this?

A "bitter" Misstep.....WSJ

So we got David Brooks and Paul Krugman piling on Obama today in the NYT.

Clinton complains about Obama's complaining after complaining about media throughout her campaign

Endless War? nah

*** OBAMA to appear on The Daily Show *** Monday, April 21

One thing I will say the Hillary campaign has done a great job with this election....

Michigan and Florida - has it been figured out?

Undercover reporters go in as Clinton & Obama volunteers:

Finger-gate is AWESOME......

Hillary Clinton: No Wimps in the White House

A Women's Questionnaire for Democratic Candidates

One of the undeclared Supers had something interesting to say on NPR today re: brokered convention

Purple Pennsylvania shifts blue - WSJ

The stupidity reaches new heights.

Clinton, Obama chase elusive gun votes

Clinton, Obama chase elusive gun votes

How to end the flag controversy.

What do you think the Mccain/Obama debates will be like?

Obama’s remarks feed class resentment .Gene Lyons,

About Ayers from conservative Chicago Tribune

Superdelegates Unswayed

How Obama Fell to Earth : An Excellent article by David Brooks.

Here is BILL AYERS in his own words. Lets see the man for who he IS!!!

Another Example of How Low the Press Has Sunk

Obama Hating

How Obama Fell to Earth

How Obama Fell to Earth

****************Ohio delegate update ********************

Former Clinton cabinet member, 2 ex-senators endorse Obama

*** BIG AP Story: "Analysis: Time, delegate math working against Clinton" ***

Obama and his "friends" a problem?


What did Hillary do right before the NH primary?

University of Pennsylvania --Our Primary endorsement: Clinton

Robert Reich endorses Obama

Robert Reich endorses Obama

Did Hillary get a heads up on last night's debate?? Crib sheet??


McCain's Tax Returns

AP: Time, Delegate Math Working Against Clinton

I have this funny feeling...

Fox News Gets Owned by Pro-Wright Priest

So Reich attacks HRC for bringing up issues that Obama himself is

So Hillary is blamed once again for what the media does when it doesn't give

***Breaking: Hillary Picks Up Another Superdelegate***

WAR ON FLAG PINS! I am so outraged at you elite, limousine liberals who HATE AMERICA!

Obama: a little Gipper would help

Gallop: Clinton Moves Within 3 Points of Obama, Debate may have hurt Obama

Gallup Daily: Clinton Moves Within 3 Points of Obama

Friday Primary TOONS- Love him or hate him, Mr. Fish always lays it out...

OMFG!!! Obama giving the finger!

If Hillary loses nomination will she finish her Senate term?

Most overlooked comment in debate?

As a rural independent, I'm still thinking of the ramifications of this finger incident

***Hillary Slams Obama Supporters AGAIN. When will Dem Leadership Stand Up For Us and Our Votes?***

What does McCain think of Jesus winning praise from the Prez of Iran?

So This Is What General Discussion Primaries Has Become

Make up your Mind, Indecisive HILLARY! Angry Black Radical OR Elite Whiner Wimp?

Obama live in Erie, PA ----------- NOW

Naftagate Part Deux: Hillary Clinton Co-Chair/Fundraiser Downplays Candidate's NAFTA Rhetoric

I have one thing to say about Ayers: I really respect and admire

One More Week

one of Obama's biggest fans

Mainstream Media approval rating --> 10%

Obama Hamas Ties Pushed In McCain Letter: So Much For "Respectful" Campaign

Recent Dirty Tricks in Pennsylvania (from ABCnews)

Live stream of Hillary with Maya Angelou on

OK, I concede. Olbermann is totally biased towards Clinton.

Obama Whistle Stop Tour of PA Tomorrow

Will Clinton show she was against the pardoning of Susan Rosenberg

It's Not About Obama

Who was more responsible for NAFTA

Chickens coming home to roost... Hillary's dwindling support tied to years of inflicted abuse...

Corzine: PA loss would be a "door closer" for Clinton

Does anyone think that we will see ...

Clinton's Experience: Fact and Fancy, Barbara Koeppel is a Washington-based investigative reporter

Move.Org 'Activists' and Your Gusher of Money Check In Here

I don't think Obama intentionally flipped off Hillary , but if he did it was brilliant

I'm sick of it!

Damn, I'm going to have to split my weekly Friday night donation - 1/2 to Barack & 1/2 to

Developing: Clinton Slams Democratic Activists

I often flip Hillary the bird when I see her on the TV screen.

Obama has been lying?

Obama needs 211 more pledged delegates to get a majority of PDs, so ...

Poor George! Debate analysis from daily howler

When that "economic stimulus" check comes - Obama gets a chunk

Sign up here if you want to be a DLC Activist!

########## 5 ##########

Our Nominee...

My Silly, Yet Honest Post: This Is One Good Looking Dude!

How Obama fell to earth

They are so scared of Obama becoming President

Difference between Hillary and Obama in my area

Barry is a name issued to Obama by the racist extreme Right in this country

Dear Negative Campaigners (be you Republican or Democrat)

Ayers, Wright, Rezko, and Khalidi are not mainstream folks. Their politics are radical

This primary has made me proud, both proud to be black, and also proud to be a woman.

Favorite campaign advertisements? Past or present, post the link here and tell us why you like them!


MSNBC is on the turn

When will the Right-Wing Race Nuts attack the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus?

Hillary slams democratic activists

Attack on George and Charlie

Olbermann is suggesting questions for Stephanopoulos to ask McCain

Clinton supporters wont be able to back Obama in the fall.

Keith Olberman is ripping McCain a new one now. LOL

I am entrusting my relatively short future to Obama.

LOL had a thought about flag pins...

KO nailing Clinton on who's "really whining"

Keith Olberma's 8 questions McCain! Did you guys just see that wow! George will you have the balls

One of the most recent hits on Google News (4 minutes ago) is from a RW site

Shouldn't we look at any "breaking news" with a critical eye?

It is clear from Hillary's statement that she believes in an Oligarchy

Clinton dismisses Obama’s critique of this week’s debate questions.

MSNBC reporting "fingergate" in a few minutes.....

Last weekend in PA

A Happy Thought I Just Had


LOL! Hagee endorsed McCain standing in front of a gray backdrop

Land of the Student Activists

Flag Pins...

Barack Rally in Philadelphia -----Starting soon Live

Obama did not "flub" his answer to the flag pin question.

US News: Many Women Don't Feel Obligated to Vote for Clinton

If Hillary wins PA, what do the Super Delegates do then?

Why the Clintons will stay married, win or lose.

Did all of you see Colbert's Interview with John Edwards? It's Great ..he pokes fun at self!

Thank you, Senator Clinton, for the validation.

LIVE STREAMING Obama outdoor rally in Philly--getting ready to start--8:40pm est

Fellow Obama supporters. Please cool it.

Dean to Super Delegates: "Decide now"

LA Times: Hillary Clinton dissed party activists and

Whats with Harold Ford Jr..... is he really a Democrats?


As a former ABC News employee, I have to say...


What finger-gate is really about...

Jay Leno "McCain doesn't use secret security, those 6 guys around him, they're Pallbearers"

Hillary caught whining about MoveOn and caucuses...not very presidential. (audio)

Hillary caught whining about MoveOn and caucuses...not very presidential. (audio)

ABC donations to Clinton's campaign for March

I miss John Edwards

I'm Sorry... Wasn't Hillary Clinton An Actvist At Some Point In Her Life ???


I know EXACTLY what this campaign season needs

What are the two man-made objects that can be seen from outer space?

Hillary and Bill BOTH lying (as usual). Obama did NOT whine about getting hard questions.

Hillary and Bill BOTH lying (as usual). Obama did NOT whine about getting hard questions.

Yet HRC "refused to condemn for its attack ad" in 2007

I'm Thinking of Giving My Tax Rebate to Obama.

Who cares what people on are doing?

Is it important for candidates to release their tax returns?

HRC would have a lock on the nomination AND the election, if only she had:

Hillary Is A Great Democrat...If you know what that means?

Hillary = Nader

Bronx Students Say "Yes We Can"

Newt Gingrich " The liberal side of the democratic party admires terrorist"

ABC news tracks down Obama hater to be questioner at debacle of a debate.

Rolling Stone quote of the day...

Last 3 PA polls: Rasmussen = Hillary +3%; Zogby = Hillary +4%; PPP = Obama +3%. Can we agree that

Clinton gains three superdelegates, including two former governors

I own, getting questions from all over the country. This one cracked me up:

AP-Yahoo Poll: Obama overtaking Clinton despite bruises

PA vcould do something interesting

Bottom line: If the Democratic Party cannot beat McCain with either Clinton or Obama,

~~~DU's official Pennsylvania prediction~~~

~~~DU's official Pennsylvania prediction~~~

Check yer watch. The Clinton Camp's last-ditch dirty smear should be arriving within 24 hours.

For my 1,000th post, I'd just like to say...

Do you know what I'm going to say to angry Hillary supporters at my Obama table tomorrow?

"I thought it represented the nadir of mean-spirited, negative politics."

PA slipping away!!

Dan Abrams covers MoveOnGate on MSNBC. Full YouTube video.

Dan Abrams covers MoveOnGate on MSNBC. Full YouTube video.

If you don't want me, Hillary, I don't want you!

ABC "flag pin" voter discussed same issue in NYT on April 4th

ABC "flag pin" voter discussed same issue in NYT on April 4th

Colbert Show: Hillary, Edwards, Obama

Huffpo: David Boren, Sam Nunn Endorse Barack Obama

Should there be any more democratic debates?

Hey Hillary, the White House was rough, because you guys made it that way!

Hey Hillary, the White House was rough, because you guys made it that way!

What's all the fuss about the ABC debate?

"SCREW EM"??? Screw the common man, eh Hillary?

Ongoing nomination fight hurting Clinton more than Obama

The ABC Debate wasn't biased toward one candidate or another.

News poll shows 73 percent of Penn students

News poll shows 73 percent of Penn students

Anyone laying odds on who John Edwards is going to endorse?

"If you are a REAL feminist, then you must be supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton "

I had a good ole boy say to me today

MSNBC has "Fingergate" on their webpage!!!!!

Stephen Colbert is fearless and his writers are genius

Obama Opens up 19 POINT lead according to Newsweek?!

Radio Lady: I called my first cousin in Philadelphia and what he said made my blood run cold:

Hillary Macbeth?

We need to completely revamp our "proportional representation" system for delegates

PHOTOS: Barack Obama addresses a rally in front of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

I was just thinking... Won't it be cool to have a real President again?

I was just thinking... Won't it be cool to have a real President again?

MoveOn Petition has over 200,000 signatures

Please sign petition below regarding Democratic debate and ABC's hit job on Obama


I cannot wait until the nomination is over and done.

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick

***THAT'S IT!*** A reporter's breaking point in covering the Democratic Primary

How Soon Should Obama Challenge McCain to a Debate?

Hey Barry

The two BIG mistakes Hillary made with MoveOnGate.

Okay, okay, I'm going to confess: I miss white male presidential candidates.

OH THE IRONY! Flag pin lady has a husband on disability, tons of medical debt. . .

Do you remember 2002, 2003, 2004?

Why I won't vote for Hillary.

Obama leads Hillary by 20 in latest Newsweek national poll

LOL....I wonder if this is what Nazi Germany started off doing.......

The Obama Magic 8 Ball to attend all future debates?

The Two Faces of Hillary, Moveon Mashup Edition

Hillary Clinton - "I'm very comfortable in the kitchen."

Ayers-Obama link a "bogus story."

Gallup today Obama 47 (-2) Clinton 44 (+2)

Does Obama agree with Robert Reich who praised the CEOs compensations

In Canada, Clinton Co-Chair/Fundraiser Downplays Candidate's NAFTA Rhetoric


"Does John McCain require his mistress to wear a flag pin?" and other questions for McCain on Sunday

"I'll be glad to wear a flag pin if it leads to peace in the Middle East."


American Hunters and Shooters Association, Obama, and some second thoughts

53 (and counting) journalists circulate letter condemning ABC over debate


After watching Edwards on Colbert......

BREAKING!!!!MSNBC cuts away from various Democratic party talking heads

HILLARY using MOVE-ON.ORG as her SISTER SOULJAH wink wink to MODERATE DEMS IN PA? Do not help!

I'm just wondering. What will happen if Hillary wins the primaries?

"ActivistGate" is going to bite Hillary in the ass BIGTIME !

Wolfson Hopes Obama Isn't Afraid to Debate Now. Goads for Indiana Debate.

Proof Positive that Too Many Americans Are Ignorant

Question for women and women only.

So, I'm a black woman who happens to support Hillary Clinton who

In an alternate universe, Obama would've said these things in the debate (language alert)

Clinton Women in Haverford

BREAKING: Newsweek Poll - Obama leads Clinton by 20 points

Why do some refer to Barack Obama as Barry?

Are there any pics out there of Carol Shepp. The wife McCain abandoned?

If you could hold a debate...

The Weather Underground did not murder anybody.

Clinton says she disagrees with MoveOn regarding foreign policy

Clinton says she disagrees with MoveOn regarding foreign policy

Poll: McCain on ABC's "This Week with George S." What's the toughest question Georgie will ask?

Enough with the big rallies Obama!

Any Clinton supporters need a star?

Clinton Slams Democratic Activists At Private Fundraiser (FULL ARTICLE)

Obama will be the bitter one at the end of this campaign

Obama's got the nomination, so shut the fuck up, already. Try being other than sore winners.

Robert Reich endorses Obama; Hillary represents "mean-spirited, negative politics"

Noonan: Gone will be the "pantsuits that made her look like a small blond man with breasts"

Philly Ignites For Obama - Spontaneous demonstration of support when it ended

Adam Green from Joins TYT To Discuss The Awful Dem Debate

The most puzzling thing about the Clinton's exit


Breaking!! Obama uses both his index and his middle finger when he flips people off!!!!

I wasn't an Obama supporter or a Hillary supporter

Hillary to the GrassRoots.....SCREW YOU!

Barack Obama in Philly: "We Can Declare Our Independence"

Obama could help bust the wheels off the GOP's little red wagon.

Obama could help bust the wheels off the GOP's little red wagon.

Krugman took Obama to school. Wow!




Killer Video of the Moment: O'Reilly's Fox 'News' Reporter Gets Pwned by Pro-Wright Priest

Why Isn't the Media Asking Hillary about the Clintons' Fraud Trial Next Week?

***Breaking!: Sam Nunn & David Boren Endorse Barack Obama***

Imagine the whining if Obama were treated like that for six months

Another Coup By HRC; She Loses BOTH MoveOn AND FDL In One Fell Swoop

Shocking photo of George Stephanopoulos discovered!

4/18 Breaking Latest State by state polls Clearly show in PA, IN, OR, KY, PR, WV, that

Let's all stop this fighting and SANG!!!!

Barack Obama Tells Erie: "We like beer."

Obama greeted by largest crowd of his campaign - 35,000!

Obama greeted by largest crowd of his campaign - 35,000!

Obama greeted by largest crowd of his campaign - 35,000!

Obama greeted by largest crowd of his campaign - 35,000!

BREAKING! Obama Meets with Lapel Pin Lady!

Obama Refused to Let Two Stooges from ABC Define him

Hillary blames "activist base of the Democratic Party" for losing

Clinton and surrogates will likely use FL and MI to declare Obama not legit.

So much for 'Fingergate'

Criticsm of George Stephanopoulos are not valid

Stephanopoulos: "You have a very cool style . . . How much of that is tied to your race?"

Have you been Obamboozled?

ObamaNation’s power - Debate blowback an illustration of things-to-come

At Wake Forest, Hillary Clinton and Maya Angelou Talk About Bringing the Country Together

The Party's Over...

Stupidest "Gate" of the Season

CBS News just did a piece on the "Screw 'em" White people Hillary Comments

I'm nervous about the PA polls.

Did Hillary supporters kill a ground hog?

Yesterday Barack Obama called an elderly woman "sweetie"-

The Counter-Puncher

How can Hillary Clinton win a General Election without the Dem base/grassroots behind her?

How can Hillary Clinton win a General Election without the Dem base/grassroots behind her?

Obama's relationship with a former terrorist -- how is that NOT a relevant issue?

Enough with the conspiracy bullshit. Hillary did not release the tapes, and I'll tell you why.

Clinton's top fundraisers ripping into Howard Dean again today. Whiny attitudes.

What Should Matter More? Popular Vote or Pledged Delegates?

the WINNER ..... and the WHINER...

12% and 72 hours

Post liberalism

Yo! West Coast. Central. Best Colbert Report ever!

McCain Adviser: McCain ‘Supports Private Accounts’ For Reforming Social Security

It's like he's a rock only dumber...

A short video tour of our $700 million and counting super embassy in Iraq

Since the idiots who managed Katrina manage the war on terror, this shouldn't come as a surprise


Chuck Schumer protests benefit denials to Iraq's 'Pvt. Ryans'

Bloomberg: "At least we'll have an adult in office who can lead and accomplish something"

Pentagon Institute: Iraq War 'A MAJOR DEBACLE - With Outcome - In Doubt'

Right Wingers Swoon For Pope

Jawbone George and the Princes of Persia

Have we turned into cruel citizens of the world? Not just this most

Bush: "So long as I'm the president, my measure of success is victory - and success"

I won't spoil but one Big surprise at the end of Colbert

NY Times: Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn

Friday morning with Mika & 'Petulant Joe' - here we go again

EXCLUSIVE: Pope meets with Boston abuse victims

Documents Obtained By ACLU Describe Charges Of Murder And Torture Of Prisoners In U.S. Custody

Company of Iraqi troops abandons position after attack

McsameasBush-Opportunism gone mad

Iraq Green Zone Shelled During Michaud Visit

Rep Sue Myrick (R-NC): Revoke Carter's passport, sever Carter Center taxpayer funds for Hamas visits

America is being marginalized, politically, foreign and domestic.

Could you imagine the outrage?

CSpan is really out of touch

Blast Walls

Professional whiners Bill and Hillary cry no fair at Obama calling out ABC over the debate

Report Finds Air Force Officers Steered $50M Contract To Pals

Amateur diagnosis of the Day: Joe Scarborough

McCain and age...

"Younger than McCain",

Japanese temple refuses to host Olympic torch

Minor Quake felt here in Indiana...

GAO-Next Attack will come from Pakistan and Admin has done nothing (LIHOP)?

I'd just like to say that I think Charlie Gibson & George Stephanopoulos

How far have we really come?

The rising impact of high oil prices

To quote V (of V for Vendetta): "There's something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?"

Betrayal on an Epic scale: Returning Vets w/brain injuries and mental health problems get no care

University Waits For Colbert To Leave Before Opening Evolution Exhibit!

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

**Breaking** Patriotic American Gets Poisoned by Chinese-Made Flag Pin

George Stenogropoulus graphic for your amusement

McCain Adviser: McCain ‘Supports Private Accounts’ For Reforming Social Security

U.S. Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City

U.S. Justice Department investigating torture memo

So, Mr Putin, what do you see in this nubile 24-year-old rhythmic gymnast?

U.S. Dollar Euthanasia while Finns Legislate Days-Off for Shagging

Apple Mac Sales Soar, Dell Growing Faster Than HP

== Wal-Mart cross-dressers in Hell = By Mark Morford

Glenn Greenwald: David Brooks' fictitious defense of his industry's behavior

worst sand storm in yrs. stops all flights in Baghdad area

Suicide Bombers In America?

"He's been a clown for 8 years"-Luntz focus group member on Fox about Cheney

Congressional candidate asks for papal exorcism of Bush, Cheney

Did I just see Rob Riggle in a Budweiser commercial? McWar beer!

luckily the grapes were all picked - cropland not so lucky

Why do Democrats always have to pander to rural America?

Citigroup to slash 9,000 more jobs

Illinois, Missouri and Indiana

Barney Frank is Smokin' - Pass it Around

AT&T to cut about 4,600 jobs, sees $374 million 1Q charge

Rove’s Lawyer Backtracks On Testimony Promise, Hints Rove Will Hide Behind Executive Privilege

Glenn Greenwald slays the MSM on Democracy Now! Today! A must hear!!!!

Check out this pic of Rachael Maddow with Joe "I don't cross fire type debates" Scarborough.

The End of the World as You Know It…and the Rise of the New Energy World Order

Ya think?

School coach violated religion ban in prayer ritual: US court

McCain Even With Obama, Leads Clinton: Reuters Poll

National Guard helicopter crashes in search for marijuana

Faux News: Did Obama Give a ‘Flip’ Response to Clinton Attacks?

Massive retaliation against Iran if the government of Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons...

Massive retaliation against Iran if the government of Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons...

much to read this wk. on The Black Commentator site

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down LSD-Infused Eucharists ...

How do democrats reframe the meaning of patriotism?

Americans talk a good fight.

11.6 billion gallon lake drains away in 90 min.!

Justice asked to investigate Young (R. Alaska) earmark

After Shock at 10:15 4.5 Walbash fault

Archbishop Burke Says No Communion for Pro-abortion Kerry Even If He Becomes President - 2/2/04

Obama Tackles High Prescription Drug Co-Payments

What a shocker! McCain To Do Stephanopoulos This Weekend

online eye glasses

Okay, here's your chance to THANK George Bush

Did the USA boycott the Olympics to support Osama Bin Laden,

US to televise Guantanamo trials to 9-11 families

We Got Tickets - Can't Wait

So, if McCain is going to do Stephanoctopus this week-end,

Any fool could have seen that invading Iraq would make oil prices skyrocket-Today’s Headlnes 4/18/08

What happened 25 years ago today?

delete - offensive to Ann Coulter fans

$3.20 a gallon. And I swear yesterday it was $3.10. Maybe 2 days ago.

Letter to the President

If the terrorists are smart, they will give up on trying to attack us and just sit back and wait,

Amy Goodman Interviews Glenn Greenwald

Should the USA have paid reparations to Japan for their bombing of Pearl Harbor?

ABC Protest - Today in L.A.

John Bolton: "The war in Iraq lasted three weeks... We were completely victorious."

is Huffinton Post one of the slowest connections on the internet or...

Controversial Radio Spot Breaks Out In San Francisco, Listen For Yourself

A poll for DU beer drinkers.

Zimbabwe party 'was offered deal'

AFL-CIO Forms Partnership with U.S.-Mexico Workers’ Rights Network

KO - Sole Surviving Brother Loses Military Aid

What election? Hot DAMN! We got ourselves a CAR CHASE

women as peers in council of nations--susan b anthony

Interesting prospect: Chinese hackers plotting DDoS against CNN?

No means no at any time (women can sue for rape halfway into intercourse).

Hot Surfer Babes

1 in 5 veterans found with mental disorder

earthquick or explosion in Il

about ratzo's visit to the US. a friend told me she heard on the news today (and believe me,

So the price of oil is really only up 21% since Jan 20, 2001?

Hartmann: Midwest earthquake conspiracy theory

I am glad the pope said he was sorry about the pedophilia in the church

Investigator: Sect girls pregnant as young as 13

Don Young (R-AK) in heaps of trouble; why a $10M earmark for highway in FL?

Peggy Noonan: First Lady Should Seem “Slightly Drugged”

Its Friday Ya Bastads!!!!

Its Friday Ya Bastads!!!!

Paul Rieckhoff: Landmark Study: Iraq Vets Face Healthcare Crisis

Scheduling Wind Power, Better wind forecasts could prevent blackouts and reduce pollution.

Dick Cheney is a laff riot

DEBACLE . Where is coverage of "debacle-gate"?

LIMBOsevic loves Nazi pageantry - Battle Hymn of the Republic

Specter: ‘Retroactive immunity is exactly wrong.’ (FISA) »

U.S. Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City

Why was John Edwards in Philly? Seriously now...

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher

In response to my call for Bush/Cheney impeachment

Real shock of the debate: US discovers network MSM is viciously Right Wing

Maupin death suspects to be executed

California unemployment - 'huge increase' to 6.2% in March, worse than Ohio & PA


27 are hanged at Abu Ghraib in first mass execution since Saddam's fall - 09/09/2006, al, criminals!

"Motivational Waterboarding"

Here are the current MSNBC Business Headlines...

SC- Bill on abortion goes to governor - (women's rights slowly being eroded)

Markos On Real Time With Bill Maher Tonight

Bernie Sanders to be on Colbert on Monday

OK, I have effing had it with robo-faxes...

US army develops robotic suits

Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance to US Troops in Basra

National Association of Manufacturers and Campaign Donations

A Truism From A Long Time Ago...JFK

Men in Black III: Campaign '08

Unexpected headlines-- AP--The new side of Russia's Vladimir Putin: a lady's man?

What is DU's collective opinion on the Weather Underground?

What is DU's collective opinion on the Weather Underground?

FYI: original affidavit in Texas FLDS abuse case

Twenty-eight people have been executed in Iraq this week - These are POWs

"An Open Letter to ABC about the Presidential Debate" (41 signatories)

The Olympics: let the spying begin

Heinz von Jaegermann, War Hero, Political Candidate

Banished by Jeffs, ex-FLDS father hopes to get custody of his YFZ ranch kids.

What - no Joe Scabrous on "Race to the White House"?

McClatchy: GIs in Sadr City under fire from friends and foes

Should I Go Outside and Look at the Pope?

Anyone "covering their tracks" these days? ...

Have you ever seen McCain wear a lapel pin? In many pictures

Women More Likely Than Men To Give Passwords To Strangers For Chocolate

Freeper History 101 -- Iraq Is Just Like The Philippines!

Obama 54 Hillary 35 - Newsweek poll

Just finished watching Frontline : sick around the world (another must see)

The Internets have lost their mind. We need to chill out a little

So-Called "SURVEYS" from the Dem Party -- Anyone Else ANNOYED?

Bush Tax Breaks for Rich = US Debt to Communist China

PEACE TAKES COURAGE. ........We must Impeach

Gas tax holiday a non-starter. Why not a payroll tax holiday?

Alan Keyes leaves the GOP because the 'border issue is a threat to the

Harry Reid tells it like it is about the McSame "maverick" myth

How the mighty have fallen (* and Brown)

Senate Votes To End Mariana's "Guest Worker"

From Bartcop; for Hillary supporters

Please note: the age of consent in Texas is SEVENTEEN

How Many On Your Ignore List Have Been Tombstoned?

Richardson group: Polygamists' children are OK

Pentagon paid $1.7 million to firms of polygamy bosses

Space Worker Finds Bahamian Girl's Message In Bottle Near Launch Pads

EPA defies subpoena to turn over documents.»

What impact will an Obama win have on DLC influence within the Democratic Party?

have any of you read Iacocca's"Where have All The leaders Gone?"

Stress hooding noise nudity dogs(Torture Team: Deception,Cruelty &The Compromise Of Law)

Can someone explain to me about the Pope and bodyguards.

Headline at Huffington Post now: "Developing: Hillary Slams Democratic Activists"

did you see the "King Korn" movie on PBS last night? verrry interesting....

Is this what over 4,000 of our troops have died for?

Coping with high food prices

Texas - Last Word...

Asking for your prayers or good Karma for this boy

Seriously... ask McCain voters

Has anyone read "The three trillion dollar war"?

Oil hits $117.00 after I left my gas cap at the station

France says Sarkozy isn't stuck up enough.

Like B*sh, the Pope needs a whole NY neighborhood locked down while he's there.

Report: NYC Confidential Freedom Tower plans found in trash

WTF Hillary is now working class?

The Gift Of 20/20 Hindsight

NBA approves Sonics move to Oklahoma City

An empowered Democratic party has taken command of U.S. policy toward...

So why is the media saying the economy is good but also bad?

So why is the media saying the economy is good but also bad?

"HOODWINKED" Over Agressive Interrogation-Top US General Names Names

Torture and the Law Experts Weigh in on Top Officials Talking Torture With Bush's Approval

the lying columnists you'll find on Huffington Post

McSame's $3.3 Trillion Tax Cut, Budget Pledge at Odds--would break the bank

"an attack on Israel would trigger massive retaliation"

McCain, Military Oppose Expanding GI Bill

Reading all the posts about oil prices, I just realized: Hurricane season is coming up soon

Video tape of Gonzales beating a detainee....

The McCain Way.. memo from the Romney folks..Fun !

Americans and Facts Disagree With McCain

It's true! "Calvin & Hobbes" is really all about George F. Bush!!

The $3 Trillion Shopping Spree

about ratzo's visit to the US. a friend told me she heard on the news today (and believe me,

Nephew of polygamist leader says that boys are sexually abused, too.

CAPTION THIS = Election 2008 'Toon In = Anyone into a humor contest?

Grandpa voted for Eisenhower 'cause Lincoln won the War...

Introducing: White House Life Insurance!

How many on your Corrupt Bastards list have resigned? Naming names. I'll start with

Compassion or forgiveness for abusive parents, here's one person's take.

my 133rd letter published today...on vets mental health

Alfonso Jackson is leaving HUD under accusations that he used the agency to

Dan Abrams just screwed up...I think...

Just heard a report where Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was whining about how Iraq needs to pay for..

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight: Leila Fadel:News From Sadr City

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Keith Olbermann I love you

Psychiatrist testimony in polygamist case: underdeveloped brains

Psychiatrist testimony in polygamist case: underdeveloped brains

Jet stream, America's storm maker, moving slowly northward

Florida Senate passes amendment to impose $60 fine for "Truck Nutz" Trailer hitch adornment.

Non Sequitur--brilliant again!

George Carlin: "America Is Tyranny"

Danny Federici, E Street Band organist and keyboard player, dies . . .

Is this the finger thing everyone has been raving about?? I have

Student Backs Teacher In Fight To Keep Bible On Desk

Hubbard Act introduced in Congress (who supports the troops?)

Television, The Drug of the Nation

Frank Raines (Fannie Mae ex-chief) to pay nearly $40M in fines to the feds

Who knew? There actually IS a genetic flaw in some Mormon families

Anybody know anything about election machine storage and security (particularly in Pennsylvania)?

$4/Gallon Gas Is Here

Anybody feel the earthquake this morning?

McCain: ‘There’s Been Great Progress Economically’ Since Bush Took Office»

Hey Keith .... just a suggestion, buddy ........

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove Says Needs White House Permission To Testify (Lie) In Siegelman Inquiry

Bush picks former pest-control exec as new Housing Head

McCain, Military Oppose Expanding GI Bill

Truck Nutz BANNED!!!

Help make WINTER SOLDIER a film - keep this kicked please

Air Experts: Trees Pollute More Than Cars

"Just as the Wall is Called a Fence, So are the Mercenaries Called Contractors"

Shame on ABC: Enough Distractions! - Please sign the petition!

FYI: Bill Moyers' guest next week will be Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

How is it our candidates get so much scrutiny and yet the media lets Bush lie about

The Underserving rich.;

DUzy Awards tomorrow

Filling my fucking LAWN MOWER will exceed what any of us used to pay for a tank full in the car.

Paul Krugman is out of touch with small town America

$116.04 nt

Book Banning.....are you for or against?

Can I bum a cigarette off someone?

Real Time/Bill Maher's guests, on now:

Real Time/Bill Maher's guests, on now:

Newt Gingrich the ANTI-Ben Franklin

PLEASE LET IT BE SO! Legal experts predict war crimes prosecutions for the cabal

Impeachment is the Only Way They Don’t Get Away With Torture

Interview with Mariela Castro

AAR has turned into a real SUCK-a-thon. Belzer, the show biz name-dropper is HORRID...

Cool! There is a DU group in Facebook...!!

Should The Ownership Of Pit Bulls Be Banned?

But Liberals are Elitists

YES, Beach Impeach 5 is ON, Bigger Than Ever In Nancy's District

YES, Beach Impeach 5 is ON, Bigger Than Ever In Nancy's District

ALASKA SENATE: Stevens' campaign cash grows, Begich, Stevens in dead heat

Understanding the U in DU

Don Young & CREW: That Coconut Road Investigation Is Going Nowhere

CREW Releases: Record Chaos: The Deplorable State of Electronic Record Keeping in the Federal Gov't.

The Weather Underground??

I support n/t

WE DID IT!!! Humane Farming Act on the California Ballot in November!!!!

Kerry at FDL: Heads up on Net Neutrality hearing on Tuesday - FUTURE OF THE INTERNET.

The reviews are in for "Expelled"!

Why do we have to look at those pigs

why I have despised McCain since the eighties:

so chris matthews really is an asshole, isn't he? n/t

Is raising children in a closed, very authoritarian community inherently abusive?

Nude sunbathing leads to attempted murder charges in Littleton, Mass.

Get Ready ! Rachel Maddow will speak about Joe Scarborough NOW!

THAT'S IT!!! I'm Voting Republican!! I MEAN IT!

$10,000 for child's birthday party?

The Pope meets The Rabbi in NYC, and it's on the eve of the celebration of Passover...

An Open Letter to ABC signed by about 40 real journalists!!

Should Carter have met with Hamas

Hi, I'm having a display adapter problem and would like some advice. Thanks.

The War On Immigrants: United States Is Turning Into A War Zone

Any recommendations for Auto Insurance Companies?

John McDrain's $.18 per gal frivolous federal gas tax cut folly...

Damn damn damn fucking damn

You're not supposed to see this... {Greg Palast}

Miscarriage or art project?

In one day, 4/18/08..Friday, 13,600, Jobs were eliminated by 2 companies.

I can't believe what just happened, my mini rant for today....

Rape, impregnation, racism, assault, medical experimentation, murder in CPS Foster Care

TYT: Why Aren't We Talking About McCain's Offensive Words?

At least ONE business is booming these days - Locksmithing

Welfare Caliphs

Condi Must Go! - Watch the Smoking Gun Video and please sign the petition!

On my way to the store: Gas $3.38/gal. On my way home: $3.45 gal. Clayton, NC.

Can we come to an agreement about who deserves to suffer due to rising gas prices?

Bulgarian Idol...WTF? LMAO it was on Olberman..I was dying laughing

Watch out! Michelle Malkin is IRATE at "trivializing" Iwo Jima!!!!1111

DESPERATELY SEEKING SIGNATURES! Mayor Rocky Anderson to meet with Conyers Tuesday Morning ALERT >>>>

Important Questions For George Stephanopoulos To Ask John McCain This Weekend

Friday evening TOONs: Pope and friends

Federal Bill Introduced to End Invasive Research on Chimpanzees

Bushco's Torturers: "You Could Almost See Their Dicks Getting Hard As They Got New Ideas"

the meme is in-they are going to blame the collapse of our economy on US

Gingrich Says Americans ‘Will Give Up All Their Liberties’ For Safety

Book TV Schedule: April 19th - 21st

Night all. I'm going to bed. The virus insists.

MAN!!!!.... sucky!!

Holy Crap...Lulu singing "To Sir With Love" in 2007


I don't know what it is about it, but I've taken a likin' to the new Discovery Channel promo

Belief in evolution leads to birth control and genocide!

101 amazing earth facts quiz

I'm depressed...


"Love Vibration"- Josh Rouse

That's too damn cold, dontcha know?

I'm at the airport..

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (First Comeback Edition)

Military's new stealth cat flying below radar

Ain't that great?

All three candidates on Colbert tonight

A surreal moose

Shopping the perfect dress is such a pain

I feel like Ava's rubber chicken

My ardoring fan

What type of automobile is this?

Is it me, or is the Lounge much slower than usual lately?


To love the person...

Village primary's witch logo scares students

The stress finally caught up with's a nasty head cold

no more pics, just - thanks for your indulgence

Lounge good thoughts requested

I have to learn Excel.

Matcom News Alert: Truck spills load of human poo on roadway.

"Party Like ______________________" -- complete.

Wal-Mart Recalls Chinese-Made Lead Toys

Funny thing happened on the way to work today

ENOUGH...of the address labels, calenders and phone calls

Nicole Kidman "wants her kids out of" Church of Scientology

i have to share this with y'all part II

Public figures that need to die.....Lets start a list.

do you want to get off

(kinda') Funny incident at the Grocery Store......Oh Me...

Husband hires a hit man

It's a beautiful day outside so why am I so blue?

Ok. Just saw a Pelosi/Gingrich commercial

Does anyone else need directions to my place tomorrow for the picnic

ode to my friend hassan

My brood (incl ferals) past & present. CAPTIONS? 2 of 3 (pic heavy)

My brood (incl ferals) past & present. CAPTIONS? 3 of 3 (pic heavy)

Stork Theory

We just had an aftershock

the bumpnoxious rumpofsteelskin

9/11 as envisioned by Uwe Boll (opening of "Postal")

Wife hires a hit man.

Color me suspicious/paranoid


Ruby and Max in pictures (warning: kitty pix)

My brood (incl ferals) past & present. CAPTIONS? 1 of 3 (pic heavy)

I pulled my muscle

It's National High Five day!

Now why did I think of temeah after I overheard this conversation?

COMEDY TONIGHT! Avenue Q at the Wharton

Do You Have Annoying Co-Workers

Do You Have Annoying Co-Workers

"Take it easy, and if you can't take it as you can"

YouTube: SCTV, Schmenge Brothers: New Wave Shcmenge ("Power to the Punk People Polka")

We're getting Dofgish Head out in NorCal

So, I have stated that I lean towards agnostic...

Gizmo, the Boxing Cat.

The South Will Rise Again!

A Suffusion of Yellow

A poll for DU beer drinkers.

Florida: 24,000 elderly and disabled people below $9,152 yearly may lose Medicaid.

Pseudo Chicken Noodle Soup! With a pic!

Freethinker Pride!

Can't get enough of the Big Shredder.

Every mans dream

Alladin rubbed the lamp and the kitty appeared

Los Angeles car chase on MSNBC

Public Figures who were reported dead before their death

I'm off to check out time shares in Tahoe!

lost-in-nj is a flip-flopper...pass it on...

Kalup Linzy is so great


It's 80 here and I'm wearing capris, flip flops

Have You Ever Been In Lust?

I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of California Stars

Do you remember the video ballerina and the fat man?

It's39 here and I'm wearing nothing

I got a clear CT scan

I cant believe I did not post this yesterday, but...

"Oh My Nose"

Help, I can't post here

Can you put raw garlic into a salad?

Atheists should be called...

Time Once Again For The 'Who Has Who On Ignore'

Dam It

A person who has access to secret, reliable inside information about political reality...

Okay, Lounge. Listen Up. StopTheMorans is back.

If I could SNAP my fingers and turn you into a MONKEY, what would be your FIRST simian act?

For those of you who have me on ignore....

I really, really loathe Ashlee Simpson...talentless, lying hack...

What's the proper contraction for "who are"?

Post Your Pic Time This Is A Recent One Of philboy

PSA: Saline Nasal Gel rawks!!

You can tell a really prescient music review by how well it stands the test of time

So I, a traditional and prudish gentleman watched Superbad last night....

moved n/t

I've reached the point where I hate my knob (rant)

Holy Shit!!!!


Public Figures That Died Far Too Young While Putting Raw Garlic Into A Salad?

Comfort Food Suggestions...

Has anyone ever seen the shit hit the fan?

I had a glass of 30-year old whisky tonight, and a glass of 25 year old, and two glasses 12 year old

My Favorite Show Of All Time

Chicago is turning into San Francisco

***It's my BFF's birthday!***

I've tried twice now to put myself on Ignore

I hate Passover.

Have You Ever Been To A Buddhist Beach?

Heinz von Jaegermann, War Hero, Political Candidate

The Nashville Kats have an eye and ear infection.

Friday Rash Blogging

Did you feel that?

"Nice talk for a giiiiirrrrllll!"

"Nice talk for a giiiiirrrrllll!"

John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Toll Booth

I Just Heard That It Is Going To Snow/Rain/Sleet Hurricane, Typhoon In Delaware Tomorrow

Hot chick on Texas coast, with monkey, circa 1949

This is somewhat of a

Is Tom Cruise a Moran?

It Finally Happened

I'm a supervisor!

Who else felt that earthquake last night?

i can haz Passover Coke?

OMG!! This is HUGH!!!!!1 I'm series!

I have an 'invisible' splinter... it's driving me crazy!!

I have an 'invisible' sphincter... it's driving me crazy!!

REVEALED: What was reflected in Cheney's sunglasses?

DU Science peeps

Anybody seen the alternate ending from "I Am Legend" (spoilers)

Pets, like Wine, go great with aged cheese.

Who Likes Tom Cruise?


Good evening (youtube link)

Help me out: What should I buy for my cold when I go to the store?

I'm having DUzy withdrawals....

Why am I awake at 4 a.m.?

Trichotillomania - your thoughts?

I have finally decided to do my taxes...

It's warm enough to dance outside with my Ipod BUT

F*ck it! I'm having a cockatiel. Join me?


88 Minutes of Pure Shit

why can't we all just get along?

Uh-oh! The sports forum is talking about the Boston Mara-thong!!1!!

I got my ears pierced! At last! Randomly!

no more drama

"Pump" those lyrics!

Could a Minister be our building slob?

"Handlebars": best anti-war song in years.


F*ck it! I'm having a cocktail. Join me?


If I'm going to be sick, I'd at least like to have a fever! And, GO SOX!

Unicode is a commie character set!

Comfort Nude Suggestions...

I Am Now A Pink Lady


Parche has something on the brain...

Goodnight DU

I'd love to spend a little money, but

BSG hate frak!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/18/2008)


Since a conversation with a charming Jehovite who was slamming double martinis last night

Can't believe I did this.

Spider-Man is not the best driver in the world.

Enuff Please

Has anyone else lost a friend because

I'm hungry. What's in the fridge?

Question: How Can I Get A Portable Internet Connection?

If you believe in love

I love listening to Cornell West

I've reached the point where I hate my job (rant)

Rockies defeat Padres 2-1... In 22 innings!!!

"My Old Man's The Dustman"

How do I make a good impression?

Have You Ever Had A Threesome?

why can't I change my sig line?????

Have You Ever Been In An YouthQuake?

If you like short films, here is a darling one

Take your hat off when you're talking to me

"Mine looks like a turd now" -- movie quote help

Rest in Peace -- Dan Federici

Ok, this is cool :)

I am Flea, Now I am a bassist

I just bought a new car

"He's hot!Joe Lieberman hot!"

Sorry but Khash is losing it, Help.

Sorry but Khash is losing it, Help.

Anyone experienced w/ Lyme disease?

Even the Muppets are Rick Rolling now

Well, my first full week at new job, and I got a letter in the mail today from my company

OH NOES - I got a speeding ticket in Oklahoma!

After all my moaning and groaning...Spring has finally arrived.

Has Parche ever been in a PubeQuake?

Heartwarming movie trailer

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Interviews Don Siegelman

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/18/08

Do You Like Fourplay?

Let's go meet at the Taco Tiki Hut!

Shit, I just felt my first Earthquake, ever...

I gots me a Piggly Wiggly t-shirt!!!

Does anyone know why colds/flus generally feel much worse in the morning


I need TAX advice... son keeps ignoring his taxes!! Argh!

Tonight I had the great privilege of seeing Arlo Guthrie perform

Have You Ever Been To A Nudist Beach?

Skinner, How do I make a post?

Is Jamie Lee Curtis the youngest professional old lady amongst actresses?

Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter killed herself in 1996

What have we learned from our experience with Chimpocracy?

I'm recovering from a severe case of food poisoning. Ask me anything!

I Feel free, Now I am an Atheist


It's Extra Innings Night

I'm not a huge Beatles fan. I don't really like musicals -

Request for help. Bring Bruce Home Where He Belongs

My hometown is the epicenter of today's earthquake - ask me anything!

What is the meaning of life, anyway?

My Kaghime is sick!

It's time to retire some internet phrases. My nominee: "You owe me a new keyboard."

ULTIMATE Summer of Love Guitarist: active on or before 1967 ONLY

What Are Your Friday Plans?

wOrd AsSOcIAtiON ThREad

I Wish I Felt Nothing....

McClatchy: Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

Earthquake in Indiana?

BSG Tonight... No spoilers!!!!!!!!

John Wilkes Tollhouse Cookie Booth

Have You Ever Been In An EarthQuake?

I can haz birfday cake? OK thx lol bai

Great BSG Episode *spoilers inside if you want them*

WTF!!!!! Unanimous Support For Election Reform Turns Defeat On White House Statement?

The TurtlenSutra: Kali, destroyer of twins.

Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves

Judge: "God" (license) plates OK without fee

Iran's mission rejects US allegations of role in Iraq

Report reveals Iran seized British sailors in disputed waters

British Government promises to discuss new death threats in Colombia

Witness describes taking bribe in return for Kuwaiti contracts

Pentagon Says Contract Was Tainted

2 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan

FDA fees eyed to boost food, drug safety

House Democrats report suspicions (Siegelman)

Terror suspect's request for information denied (would harm national security)

Al-Qaida No. 2 al-Zawahri says US options in Iraq all bad

March the warmest on record over world land surfaces

Patients get a victory as state restores insurance for some, orders reviews for thousands

Pope to champion human rights in UN address

AP-Yahoo Poll: Democrats now see Obama as best candidate against McCain

Esquire story curtails Fallon's storied career

Missionary To Be Sentenced For Role In Scam

Public's View of Economy Takes Fast Turn Downward.., 90 percent Give Economy Poor Rating

Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton’s Attacks

Since 2001, a huge increase in suicide bombings(last yr 542 of 658 were in US occupied countries)

CBS Poll: Obama Dominant At Pa. Colleges

India's Infosys wins 5-yr Conseco outsourcing deal

Former '60s Radical Is Now Considered Mainstream in Chicago

Senator Barack Obama to Appear as a Guest on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' Monday, April 21

Local sailors accused of conspiracy, marriage fraud and false claims

Ongoing Nomination Fight Hurting Clinton More Than Obama

U.S. to televise Guantanamo trials to 9-11 families

Bill would boost U.S. power to prosecute war fraud

Uribe invites US Speaker Pelosi to Colombia over trade row

South Korea Lifts U.S. Beef Ban

Former Clinton labor secretary Reich backs Obama

Pentagon paid $1.7 million to firms of polygamy bosses

Chao ‘Crony’ Using Diplomatic Cover to Avoid Criminal Probe

John Edwards (Finally) Gets a Star Turn, Courtesy Stephen Colbert

An empowered Democratic party has taken command of U.S. policy toward...

Obama Hamas Ties Pushed In McCain Letter: So Much For "Respectful" Campaign

Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn

McCain, Military Oppose Expanding GI Bill

A Jump in Doctor Visits and Deaths in Flu Season

Top Bush aides pushed for Guantánamo torture(Sr officials bypassed Myers ...)

Nunn And Boren Back Obama

U.S. warns of wave of bombings in Baghdad

John McCain Releases Tax Returns

Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger

Study spotlights bleak effects of poverty

AT&T to cut about 4,600 jobs, sees $374 million 1Q charge

Report: NYC Freedom Tower plans found in trash (Homeless man)

After a 32-year journey, Justice Stevens renounces capital punishment

CNN Reporter Faces Drug Charge (Richard Quest)

Georgia lobbies NATO on "dangerous" Russian move

DNC pores over agencies’ records for dirt on McCain

Public's View of Economy Takes Fast Turn Downward

U.S. Begins Freeing Thousands of Captives in Iraq

Son of Dutch military chief killed in Afghanistan

Iraqi troops, Sadrists in Basra standoff

False reports thrust Springs woman into polygamist case

Ongoing nomination fight hurting Clinton more than Obama

Company of Iraqi troops abandons position after attack

S.F. on verge of $4-per-gallon gas

In Canada, Clinton Co-Chair/Fundraiser Downplays Candidate's NAFTA Rhetoric

Clinton Slams Democratic Activists At Private Fundraiser

5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois; felt 350 miles away

Protestors in Burbank criticize ABC's debate questions ("Restore the Fourth Estate")

Citigroup posts $5.11 bln loss, to cut 9,000 jobs

Bush’s SCHIP policy violates law, report says

S.Africa union blocks arms headed for Zimbabwe

Pro-immigrant message draws fire from Tancredo

Air Force One Guidance Systems Allegedly Sent to Russia

Top US general (Richard Myers) 'hoodwinked' over aggressive interrogation

PA Voter Registration Hits Record High for Primary

Hillary Drops Back - A new Newsweek poll shows Obama pulling away

Dean urges McCain to rebuke Tancredo

Cuban travel tide could inundate U.S.

U.S. Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City

GOP Rep.: Revoke Jimmy Carter's Passport For Hamas Visits

Pope criticises US for ignoring diplomacy before Iraq war


New Jersey Weighs Building Another Nuclear Plant, First Since 1973

Judge rules to leave sect children in state custody

Oil hits $117 after Nigerian pipeline attack

White House defends NAFTA: 'There's nothing broken'

Countdown: Keith Asks Greg Mitchell 'Was this Worst Debate in History?' - 4/17

Countdown: Bushed! - Despicable... Disabled Vet Sent Back, Soldiers Healthcare Cancelled


"If I Had a Banner"

Pressure mounts for talks with Hamas (


Work to Do (Obama remix feat. Kidz in the Hall, Talib Kweli and Bun B)

Is Hillary laying the groundwork to withdraw if needed?

Stephanie was one of the first volunteers in the Pittsburgh area

Fort Hood soliders breaking the silence in war in Iraq

How would YOU use the money that funds the Iraq war?

Barack Obama on McCain's assessment of the economy

Dean tells superdelegates enough is enough: Decide now

Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Expelled parody)

TYT: McCain Getting More Compliments From The Media

Lieberman's Republican Address

Joe Scarborough Behaving Badly: Did He Leave the Set?

Let's All Join Hands & Sang!

Obama on The Colbert Report - Puts Political Distractions on Notice

John Edwards on The Colbert Report-4.16.08: Hilarious!

Mad As Hell At ABC's Debate

Barack Obama: Right Now

The ABC Dem Debate Was Awesome!

TYT: Is The Iraqi Army Ready To Fight? (& McCain & The Media)

Hillary Praises then Trashes MoveOn

Barack Obama on Real Sports Talking & Playing Basketball

RFK, Jr. interview w/ Gov. Don Siegelman - Part 2

Scarborough Walks Off MSNBC Show After Exchange With Rachel

Colombian VP says AFL-CIO chief is lying.

Obama Dirt Off Your Shoulder Remix

Rove Sends Dan Abrams Angry Letter on Siegelman - Abrams Calls Him Out

Barack Obama song - jackwalkermusic (produced by my husband!)

Obama meets Jay-Z in YouTube mashup slamming Clinton's debate performances

Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich Commercial on Climate Change

I Apologize for My Comments re: ABC Debate...

RFK, Jr. interview w/ Gov. Don Siegelman - Part 1

Hillary Clinton's Two-Faced Attack On MoveOn

Group of Gibraltar's Barbary Apes To Be Killed

McCain riding tattered coattails (Robert Scheer)

Time to draw down troop levels in Iraq (US Rep Jim Cooper D-TN)

A sorry legacy (Rutland VT Herald re: Bush on climate)

Whose Privilege? (NYT editorial)

Administration needlessly puts troops at risk in Iraq (Tennessean editorial)

How "Small Town" Voters really break on social issues.

Hillary Clinton's Free Trade Flip Flop

Sexual Intercourse: Let’s All Be Brief and Average

Forgetting Colombia in Debate Over Free Trade Pact

Two Speeches on Race (Gary Wills, NYRB)

Contracts survey says US recession good for Indian IT

Finding Bottom

Petraeus hid Maliki's resistance to US troops

Targeted U.S. Attorney Brownlee resigns

Eric Alterman: Motzira-Making on the Right

Is 2008 our DLC moment like 2000 was the Republicans' Neo-Con moment?

Clinton is SO negative ... former Clinton Labor Sec, Robert Reich ... is going to ENDORSE ...

Beyond Herself, Who Does Hillary Clinton Really Want to See Win?

Trying to Hold Together Iraq's Army

Call Girls at Nursing Home Fuel Debate in Denmark By Christian Wienberg

Michigan GOP finds itself in debt/$240,000.00 deficit

Obama fails the patriotism test

NY Times: Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn

Heinz von Jaegermann, War Hero, Political Candidate

The Green Light: Attorney Philippe Sands Follows the Bush Administration Torture Trail

America's allies in Iraq under pressure as civil war breaks out among Sunni

Former '60s Radical Is Now Considered Mainstream in Chicago

You've got 3 seconds to make a point before I shoot you in the face

Esquire story curtails Fallon's storied career

Opening soon in Baghdad: Largest U.S. embassy in the world

"And Al Gore Helps John McCain into the White House" (Matt Stoller)

Another post about FLDS

Why I Am A Bitter Man

Weather underground? Didn't Hillary defend Black Panthers in 1969?

Why Democrats Rule the Web

Mukasey dishonesty update

Dogs of War: No justice on contractor rape

Joe Conason: Obama, get ready for the "Clinton rules"

David Sirota: Colorado Still Sneers at Labor

Stem Cell Surgery for Vets Gets Federal Backing

Stem Cell Surgery for Vets Gets Federal Backing

Pentagon records detail 2003 prisoner abuse

Airline settles USERRA class action suit

Tissue regeneration: Hope for injured vets?

Bill offers better GI Bill for Guard, reserve

Senators: VA should do more to help vets vote

Soldier gets 28 months in platoon sgt. death

Care program misses badly wounded troops

Soldier dies in training accident in Germany

N.J. Guard deployment worries state lawmaker

Ex-Army depot worker pleads guilty in scheme

Study: 300,000 vets have depression or PTSD

Editorial: VA overhaul overdue

Senator: Put family housing on VA land

Weapons funding being squeezed, group says

Bill would ensure benefits for sole survivors

2 dead, 2 injured after bomb hits 24th MEU

S.C. reservists preparing for Iraq

Trainers predict shaky times for Iraqi navy

Al-Qaida No. 2: U.S. options in Iraq all bad

Coast Guardsman charged with taking bribes

Ex-sailor admits killing girlfriend, daughter

Navy asserts LCS set for summer delivery

Editorial: Call girl set women back

Report: Pilot error did not cause Italy crash

Maj. gen. tied to improper contract, punished

Air Force nears 1 million sorties since 9/11

Group: Missile defense system won’t work

250 Iowa Air Guardsmen headed to Iraq

Soldier who lost both brothers in Iraq denied benefits after separation

2 Iraqi commanders in charge of Basra mission recalled to Baghdad

AAFES gas prices hit more record highs

Airman to stand trial on May 19 for beating death in ’05

More avian flu outbreaks reported in South Korea

ID theft linked to gambling addiction lands soldier in jail

U.S. Embassy asked to review arrests by MPs

Soldier's drunken slashing nets jail sentence

5.4 magnituge earthquake in the Midwest, did you feel it?

Bangladesh could not buy any rice at all this week

South Africa: Thousands march over food, power

Environ. Sci. Tech Article Discusses Climate Change Life Cycle Analysis of Food Transport.

Area Of China's Arable Land Continues To Decline - Just Above 120 MH "Critical" Threshold

Interior Department Wants At Least 10 More Weeks To Decide On Polar Bear Listing - AP

University Researcher Who Recommended Tanning Beds For Vitamin D Issues Funded By Tanning Industry

South Australia To Ban Plastic Bags Beginning In 2009 - AFP

Thousands flee as typhoon takes aim on China

Nicholas Stern, Economist Who Penned Climate Impact Survey, Says He "Underestimated" Warming Risks

Jet stream, America's storm maker, moving slowly northward

National Sustainable Design Expo in D.C. 4/20-22

Exelon Nuclear reports no damage in today's 5.2 Illinois earthquake

The latest Anti-Gore Movement from the creationists!!!

Jet Stream Slowly Moving North Over N. America, Increasing Odds Of SW Drought, Atlantic Hurricanes

US Ag. Secretary - "We Have Never Been Less Secure About The Near-Term Future Of Wheat" - Forbes

David Attenborough Closes Books On Nature Documentaries, Finds Earth's Prospects "Deeply Depressing"

On Climate, Bush Has "Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing" - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Dongtan China, new sustainable city ??

George Monbiot: Face It, We All Aren't Going to Become Vegetarians

"Extinct" Soft-Shell Turtle Found in Vietnam (AP/Nat'g Geo; NPR)

UK: Scientists agree placing wind farms on peatland is 'disastrous'

Russian Scientists Find Arctic Seas "Oversaturated With Solute Methane" - Ocean Floor Near Melting

Soldier punished for adultery, assault

South Koreans debate need for U.S. presence

Airman charged along with teens in cabbie robbery

Army convicts agent who disobeyed order to work

Hearing begins in contractor stabbing case

DoD Institute: Iraq 'a Major Debacle'

Militia Forces Iraqi Company's Retreat

Army renews incentive program to improve retention or captains

Rice touts discipline in press club speech

Disabled Vet Recalled for Iraq Duty

Pentagon to OK F-35 Production

Sailor testifies he was having a nervous breakdown when he stabbed 2 women on

AP Article: "Nearly 1 in 5 troops has mental problems after war service"

my 133rd ltte published Re: Vet mental health

Study Suggests Mental-Health Crisis Looming

Deep Antarctic Waters Freshening, Losing Density, CSIRO Survey Finds - Reuters

I spent the week in California. I looked and I looked and couldn't find the brazillion solar roofs

A proposal/challenge for everyone on Earth Day.

Today in Labor History April 18

Airline settles USERRA class action suit (xpost from Veterans)

Merrill Lynch Posts $1.96B Loss; Announces 4,000 Job Cuts

Lilly to cut up to 500 jobs

Layoffs hit Austin's high tech industry

Volvo Trucks to lay off up to 1,100 workers from southwest Virginia plant, reduce production

GM Canada plans to slash labor costs

Coca-Cola: Classic Union Buster..... still

Colorado Union Members Get the Word Out on McCain

This didn't get any response in GDP! So I'm putting it here...

Unions and the Public Interest By David Brody

Union workers rally to keep University of Michigan's Labor Studies Center

Aloha pilots threaten strike on cargo work

Boeing labor negotiator wants pension-plan change for new hires

Labor Dept's OSHA fines 11 contractors (totaling $135,700)

Union files action against Woodman's

Influenced, OSHA bends (Boyd is a major contributor to Gibbons election campaigns)

MSHA Finalizes Mine Seals Rule (takes effect immediately)

We tax payers support those Bush Texas religious nuts

Letters: The reality? I'm very, very bitter . . .

Harley to cut 730 jobs

Union made materials for candidates

Murder charges against Marine widow dropped

"Press 1 for English ..."

Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn

Attorney general sues foreclosure firms

Wal-Mart Recalls More Chinese-Made Lead Toys

Class Warfare, Taxes Style

U.S. Dollar Euthanasia while Finns Legislate Days-Off for Shagging

Economy: Found it...

Does "capital" refer to machines and equipment used in manufacturing?

Federal Reserve Notes Backed by Worthless Mortgage Bonds- Who Will Bail Out the Fed?

Venezuela, France engage in joint military training in helicopters

Sovereignty and Justice in Haiti: Interview of Haitian Human Rights Activist

Nicaragua headed for General Assembly presidency; US, Colombia miffed

Mr. Zahar and Mr. Carter

Israel sets plans for more homes in West Bank settlements

Carter: Gaza residents 'starving to death'

A journalist and a soldier

Testimonies from Hebron: Soldiers choke, beat Palestinians

Are you getting the Biden Bulletin?

Prince Fielder waited a long time for this one -- 54 at-bats, in fact.

Gotta love the ESPN-Minutemen catching those scary brown terrorist Dominicans!

US women's olympic qualifier is Sunday-day before Boston Marathong

Knicks fire Isiah as coach after 2 rocky seasons

NBA approves Sonics' move to Oklahoma City

This would be a wildly fun NBA Championship:

The Stars This Week: "Seek Support" - April 21 - April 27, 2008

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/18/08

Wickfordbard's 1st Scorpio Full Moon 2008 Newsletter


I was wondering when the involvement of the family in

Bottle Maker to Stop Using Plastic Linked to Health Concerns

Saffron may ease PMS symptoms

Frozen sangria or sangria slush

Abuse of Codex Alimentarius Cartel and the Berlin Tribunal.... Can we stop it?

Pseudo Chicken Noodle Soup! With a pic!


Well, shoot (bad photography pun). I realize now what I should



have you heard anything about Sugar Balance supplement?

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

On Eve of Passover, Bread Stirs Deep Thoughts in Israel

Is it trendy to hate Scientology?

Atheists should be called...

I just got to see Barbara Forrest give a lecture on "Creationism's Trojan Horse".

My brother and I went squirrel hunting last fall.

Second Family of High-Temperature Superconductors Discovered

Gingrich Says Americans ‘Will Give Up All Their Liberties’ For Safety

Pro-RKBA Democrats sound off over Clinton, Obama in CHICAGO TRIBUNE blog

Abuse of Codex Alimentarius Cartel and the Berlin Tribunal.... Can we stop it?

First in-flight cell calls now possible... so how were calls made from hijacked planes?


I told FBI about ringleader before 7/7 bombings, says al-Qaeda man

FDL Welcomes Sen. John Kerry: On Net Neutrality

Question for the historical Kerry peeps?

The Hollow Man--Norm Coleman--is on MPR Midday right now

Video: "If I had a Banner" With Coleen Rowley

Your Tax Dollars Promoting Rep. Mark Olson and Michele Bachmann's PRT Pod Boondoggle

Corporate Birth Control - don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Marty Seifert compares Republicans to Cheetohs

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 4/18/2008

Kucinich Statement on HR 5036 Vote

Come rec some Holt Defeat Outrage in GD.....

I'm having a display adapter problem and would like some advice. Thanks.

Hey! I'm so proud of myself tonight!

Linux: OpenSUSE 10.3, Fedora 8, or Ubuntu?

"will surely be polls showing the race tightening, perhaps even suggesting that Obama could win it."

Just thought y'all would like to see this stuff from the local fishwrapper there in the hinterlands

I need help.

Some opinions and suggestions please.

E Street Band member Danny Federici dies at 58

YES, Beach Impeach 5 is ON, Bigger Than Ever

Uber asshat Chad Fradette to run against Dave Hansen.

Harley will idle plants, lay off 730

OK, who felt the earthquake this AM?

I'll be joining you late tonight -- Nancy is on O'Liely

My world moved a minute ago...

Labour tax revolt gathering pace

If a Martian taxman landed now, he'd never guess Labour was in power

Hello, everyone. Help needed.

KOEB Meeting 4/18/08 No More Poll Dancing, Please Edition