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Nobody said it was going to be easy

A Highlight from the ABC Sponsored Debates

I hope Nancy Pelosi gets some Supers

Why be mad at ABC when the people see through the bullshit?

Texas inmate cons way onto Idaho ballot

Make a donation Obama in the hopes he runs ABC out of town when he's elected.

Why I am happy the way the debate worked out

Don't cut benefits on CURRENT BENEFICIARIES

Photos of Bill And Hillary with Members of the Weather Underground. . .

This is probably the best possible outcome for both candidates...

Fox News Got Their Democratic Debate Tonight

This debate is exactly why someone needs to concede

The take-home items from tonight's debate.

Obama is the only human on Earth that can pass the modern "President" test

So does Good Morning America have a window in it's studio?

Looks like the HRC drones on ABC didn't count on Obama bein' a badass!!

As an Obama supporter - Hillary won the debate - Obama will win the nomination...

OMFG Barack got asked hard questions!!!!!

ABC, Capital Gains Gibson and George Hannity will be the story tomorrow

I am glad that I support a candidate who's behavior is honorable and admirable.

Hurry! Let's flood the NY Times with phone calls regarding Maureen Dowd's choice of trivial topics!

A resolution I will be voting on Saturday at my county Democratic convention

Charles Gibson was clearly worried about his capitol gains, being taxed at a higher rate

Who spoke these words?

Tom Shales of the Washington Post: "In Pa. Debate, Clear Loser is ABC"

If I Owned Stock in Disney, I would be Selling it as Soon as the NYSE Opened Tomorrow Morning!

ABC corporate does not care. Your local affilliate does, link below.

NYTimes on the "former friends" of HRC moderating the debate

Anyone watch the Fox debate tonight?

Two quck observations on the debate tonight

Actually, the moderators are to blame.

Blog Round-Up Of The Debates....

If Clinton's Impeachment had succeeded, we'd be better off today

Peter Jennings is rolling in his grave after tonight's performance. The Foxification of ABC.

i didnt watch debates. so really, who won. objectively, no bias

My first OP and my last DU post...

Obama picks up a former Clinton super-del

Important information on Ayres

Gibson and Stephanopoulos would have never never done this to McCain. Never. And an intelligent

Gibson and Stephanopoulos would have never never done this to McCain. Never. And an intelligent

what if some guy who use to work for Obama was running the debate

This debate was purely for the benefit of the undecided superdelegates.

I think I've figured out The Clinton's campaign purposes - and The Clintons

Keeping Score at the ABC Democratic Debate/Prize Fight: The Referee Lost

In the wake of the "debate", a video we all need to see again...

Best line of the debate: "VP Cheney, who is apparently a separate branch of government unto himself"

DU this Poll: MSNBC Poll on Debate...Running Mates? NO WAY

Please mail Charles Gibson copies of whatever tabloids you assume he would be interested in



MSN election page...Who Won? BO 45%...HRC 34%

Did Charlie or George ask Obama to apologize for

How far can you go saying the facts don't support what you said ...

The best post-"debate" analysis I have seen today. Precise and cogent.

Has anyone got the clip of Sen. Clinton saying Obama is electable.

Obama didn't have a good night, but Hillary got backed into a corner.

A short and sweet open letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos.

Gun group not bitter, backs Obama

You know what last night's debate reminded me of?

The 2008 presidential campaign against the election of Obama has begun.

We all "turn" to those things that comfort us and are familiar when we feel disenfranchised

The Hillarious effect.

Hahaha, ABC just sent me a thank you e-mail for my comments...LOL


Bob Dylan was right.

FDR. Harry S. Truman. Dwight D. Eisenhower. JFK.

It's different this time. Look at your feet

Philadelphia Daily News this AM:

Proving Obama’s Point

YouTube--Hillary won the undecideds 2:1

The polls today will show that Obama survived his trial by fire last night

It's not going to matter that much.

How Hillary *could* win, why she probably won't and why it won't go to the convention.

Obama picks up another SuperD (OK) & Philly Daily News Endorsement

I missed the debate. How did it go? N/T

Obama undercut his "half the country doesn't like her" argument

OSU Election Law: PA SUFFERS FROM VULNERABILITIES THAT COULD MAKE RESULTS LESS CLEAR's poll about who won the debate has Obama winning 3 to 1

You know the problem with tonight's debate? It was GDP on TV.

Why is Barack not the nominee yet?

[Guardian] Clinton and Obama battle it out on economic front

Brooks on tonight's debate: "No Whining About the Media"

Obama wants change so much, but, he wants America to remember the cookies

I will laugh my ass off if Obama's numbers go UP

ABC, the RW sinkhole that gave us "Path to 9/11":

"Debate" Bias Poll


how many pukes will continue to wear a flag pin when Obama's

The thing that Obama said last night that probably upset me

The DC mafia

What's left For Hillary When She Loses?

Did Ronald Reagan wear a flag pin?

ABC's Camera's showed CHELSEA Clinton in CLOSE-UP 8 TIMES!

I'll be Goddamned if I'll vote for a candidate

RELAX FOLKS: What Last Night's Debate Proved

Why wasn't Hillary asked if she wanted a rebuttal on the flag pin question?

It was all about Gibsons own personal views

A Drudge "poll" - not sure what this means, just passing it along

Desperate Obama seeks non-PA voters to help bail him out in PA

You gotta love politics

for Matthews misogyny pays

Hillary Clinton on Iran: Nuke 'em


There was NOTHING about ABC's dredging of the SHIT POND DEBATE that will help HRC win votes...

Obama won

Nobody said it was going to be easy

anyone else here dislike hill's voice? ack. those less than dulcet sounds.

"mccain has attracted some moderate Democrats"... BULLSHIT!!!

Trivial venality...

Zogby Poll: Deadlocked in Pennsylvania!

A Letter to ABC

Hillary's unusual and disconcerting media alliances.

It's safe to say ABC won't be getting any Obama/McCain Debates

FROM NOW ON, ABC=Anybody But Charlie...

Obama was a class act in last nights debate. Gibson and Stephanopoulos showed what entrenched old

The only thing new I heard in the debate was Willy or William Ayers

Tomorrow is my birthday and I got my first present in the mail

My overanalysis of the debates last night - Obama rocked - Hillary, not so much.

Last night proved one thing

How many times did HRC talk about the 90's AND 9/11

A couple great LTTEs re: BitterGate

We had a chance, and we blew it.

Was Hillary asked last night about Mark Penn & Colombia?

List One Word That Best Describes Barack Obama?

Fascinating. I see dissertation fodder in abundance.

The only surprise from the debate last night: Clinton endorsing Reagan's Social Security Commission

What If ABC Held A Debate & Forgot To Show Up

Transcript of debate questions, in all their glory

Fucking Fox News Setting the Agenda

!!!!!11 !!!!1 !!!!!!!!!

What's the story with this Ben Smith guy on Politico?

Boycott ABC/Disney. Give up my iPod? Oh, uh wait.

I totally missed the debate. Did anything interesting happen?

I would like to thank all my Democratic comrades for President John McCain

I would like to thank all my Democratic comrades for President John McCain

Philadelphia Daily News Endorses Obama


Philadelphia Weekly Endorses Obama!

Quelle surprise! David Brooks gives ABC an "A" for last night

Gov. Rendell Dissapointed in ABC for first 45-60 min of the debate

Aw shucks. Bush lost every single debate, 2000 AND 2004. Still won.

Aren't you tired of the "gotcha" politics? If not, then you need to grow up ...

But on October 30th, Obama supporters stared into space as the mods savaged Hillary

But on October 30th, Obama supporters stared into space as the mods savaged Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton said emphatically Wednesday night that Barack Obama can win the White House .

Question for ABC producers: Why did the Clinton cheerleaders get "Special" lighting.

Oklahoma Superdelegate Endorses Obama Today

Getting Justice

Obama's poll numbers/popularity impervious to slimy attacks by Hillary & VRWC

Obama made a huge misstatement about Rev. Wright last night.

This is NOT good news for Clinton:

Thanks ABC Media - Prime example of why Obama CANNOT accept public financing.

Overheard...Ed Rendell after the debate...being candid.

If the media is so Pro Obama

Hillary & Bill On Committee of Group That Sponsored Debate Last Night


For Chris Matthews, misogyny pays

Most outrageous question at the debate last night:

How many super delegates has Obama picked up since FEB 5th...

ABC should have disclosed Stephanopoulos was big operative in Clinton administration & campaign?

Official ABC Thank You Thread!

Links for ABC local affiliates. In case you feel like expressing yourself.

"But, but, but Obama's just as bad! He brought up "Baking Cookies'!" =- Dishonest Idiocy.


Polling the hell out of Pennsylvania. The latest:

Clinton's license to do harm

Did anyone else think the debate last night was rather boring?

Outrage as ex-Clinton staffer runs debate

So kill me for disagreeing with most of you. I think they both won.


Franklin D. Roosevelt from the elite

Clinton missed some real chances last night to raise the level of the "debate"

Obama should never consider the VP slot

on Morning joe: "Democrats need to love USA as is"

The real math behind Clinton's continued campaign

I didn't watch the debate. But the impression I get from GDP is that it was a Karl Rove smear job?

Position on social security system on Hillary's website?

How is that SHAM of the Debate Being Spun by MSNBC and CNN?

Complaining about ABC is NOT hypocritical - DU is NOT a major "NEWS" network who moderates debates

Is it ever Clinton's fault?

People who care most deeply about a subject endeavor to use every available character in the subject

Obam, McCain, or Hillary. In the end, Does it REALLY make a difference?

Too funny: FOX NEWS (!) slams ABC debate moderators

Gallup today, Obama 49 (-1), Clinton 42 (same)

Hillary Clinton is unprincipled and foolish.



Obama, McCain, or Hillary, in the end does it REALLY make a difference?

Why was Obama the one asked about The Weatherman instead of Clinton?

Financial Times: Clinton finds an ally in McCain

Blogoshere buzzing with criticism of ABC news debate.

ABC Hosts Heckled After Debate: "The Crowd Is Turning On Me"

Russian geopolitical guru Bazhanov: "Russia Favors Democrat Obama in US Presidential Race"

Is Hillary alright?

Howard Jones supporters should be incensed over the debate

Just when you thought the media whores and ClintonInc couldn't sink any lower...

Time Mag review of the Debate: The Dems Play Trivial Pursuit (focus is on horribleness of media)

Who wants anchovy paste on their toast?

Did anyone pay attention to the candidates answers on Iraq?

Zogby - Statistical Tie in PA Post-Bittergate!

William Ayers - Fact and Fantasy

Ok new rule, it isn't a ----gate unless there is a crime and a cover up, this is getting silly.

Who would you rather have host a fundraiser for you? Bill Ayers or Rupert Murdoch?

"I said some things I knew not to be the case."

Hillary has botched the two biggest responsibilities she has had in her public life.

OK I don't get it.

Gallup Daily: Obama 49% (-1), Clinton 42% (Same)

Reporter To Wolfson: What Does Hillary Think Of Bill's Pardons Of Weather Underground Members?

ABC proved it truly is the Mickey Mouse network

California: Obama 50 McCain 43, Hillary does worse!

Hillary says Obama is electable. That doesn't mean she believes he will win.

Philadelhia Inquirer Poll: How would you rate ABC's debate questions?

OK I don't get it.

Obama Conveniently 'Forgets' Writing on Gun Questionnaire

I missed the debates last night - in a nutshell what did ABC do

Something tells me the good people of Pa. didn't appreciate the ABC mugging last night.

Hate the Debates? Don't blame the media, blame the Dems and the GOP

Bitter By The Numbers

So what were the strings of biased questions or behavior towards Clinton in the previous debates?

Dick Cheney doing his best Hillary Clinton. Somehow he pulls off a more likable version of Hillary!

Dick Cheney doing his best Hillary Clinton. Somehow he pulls off a more likable version of Hillary!

Hillary concedes, says Obama COULD lead Dems to victory.

Ten million viewers watched the ABC Debate - debate topped the “reality” fare on other channels

Hey Gibson, you fuck, you forgot a question...

Did anyone pay attention to the candidates answers on Iraq?

If you thought the debate was anything other than a ratings game for ABC, I ask you to consider

Clinton and her supporters who play the Wright, "bittergate," flag pin game give power to the GOP

When will a candidate say that much of our law is grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition?

10 million people watched the debate last night. Whoever won, it's good for the democrats

Fact check: Obama and William Ayers(AP and a Fox link)

The drip continues: Obama recieves fourth superdelegate within 24 hours.

After an hour of watching that crap, I turned to American Idol

The biggest mistake the Clintons have made is

I'm considering having people sign something at my Obama table this Saturday

Why PA Polls are Unreliable: Only Landlines Included in Polling

Another Obama Endorsement

Hillary paints the Super Delegates into a corner

Because it doesn't matter!

I'm on the floor in a fetal position today...

Thank you Senator Obama, and thank you Hillary, for going through all this for us.

Clinton Not Winning Over Undecided Superdelegates With Obama bashing

An open letter to Charles Gibson

Please help my campaign for Indiana State Senate "The Fighting 44's"

Please help my campaign for Indiana State Senate "The Fighting 44's"

Stephanopoulos DEFENDS debate! "appropriate questions" what a fool

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Media Shit Storms and Heartland Reality (Joe Bageant)

Why didn't Gibson ask about Ashlee Simpson?

Chicken or egg? Do the Republicans decide everything or are we PRE-acting to the Republicans?

ABC Debate: High Ratings, Critics Give Broadcast A Poor Review

What's the diff between "State Delegates" and individual vote cast

Here's a simple question for you.......

Breaking News: Barak Obama Kills Kittens for Amusement. Hillary confirms it.

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention.

SEIU goes up with pro-Obama ad in Pennsylvania

The Media Giveth and the Media Taketh Away

Clinton SuperDelegate SWITCHES to Obama (D.C.)

Gallup April 17, 2008: Obama: 49, Clinton: 42 (buh-bye Hillary)

Hillary Deathwatch at

"Bitch gets the job done"

Drama in PA: Zogby shows statistical dead heat

Randi's Ripping ABC A New One (link provided)

Obama: Clinton PA Supporters Switching Sides Today


Things we have to do different this fall if we want to win and if we want the win to matter.

Gotcha Politics

ABC site included Fl & Mi totals in their vote count


Both candidates blew it last night by going along with the farce. Why won't

Superdelegate gap closing

She was against the pandering before she was for it.

Philadelphia Daily News-Open letter to Charlie and George

Hillary supporters exposing themselves

Hillary Clinton supporters should be incensed over the debate.

Honest, Hillary supporters... don't you agree the moderators skewed the debate against Obama?

Hillay4uandme is back better but still pretty bad

WaPo poll: Pluraltiy of (leaned) Democrats think SuperDelegates should decide on popular vote

On June 15 2005 Obama paid $1.65 million CASH for his mansion.

Obama' s late surges in the polls

CNN: Clinton campaign gets Weather Underground questions

Hillary Hannity will be really lonely once her New Best Friends on the right wing turn on her.

Debate - On the Precipice of Global Conflict, Depression, Famine, Eco-Disaster & Tyranny

Tonight shows why Obama should not be the nominee.

**** Official Superdelegate Thread, Thursday, April 17th *****

I think Hillary will slash and burn the Democratic party to get nominated

More proof Gibson is a Dolt

Don't you dare label me a flag!!!!!

Daley releases statement on Ayers.

ANY candidate NOT dragged through the mud

ABC "News" May Address The Growing Criticism Over Their "Debate" Tonight on World News

Bye bye

Still don't think HRC should drop out? Read this.

Here's the difference between the personalities of our two candidates

Which NETWORK provides more democratically "fair and balanced" political commentary?

A Look Into the Future...

ABC's Pseudo-Debate (TPM)

ABC's Pseudo-Debate (TPM)

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Deadlocked in Pennsylvania!

Zogby: Clinton by 1 in PA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

What are flap labels?

I'm unemployed.

He disrupted poorly....

Will you watch ABC nightly news ever again?

APRIL 17th Zogby poll for PA: Clinton 45% Obama 44%

ABC assaulted BOTH of our candidates last night

What I wish Obama had said about using Dubya

Obama Talking points for today - FOR HILLARY SUPPORTERS ONLY!!!

Poll: How many times will Stephenapolos ask McCain about his guilt by association on This Week?

Obama Wins an unusual Wednesday night Debate

Obama Wins an unusual Wednesday night Debate

Im Worried for Hillary. She has completly Disgraced herself...


Complaining about ABC on DU is hypocritical

Which one is more important to you?

Unsurprisingly, the conservative hacks thought Gibson and George did an "excellent" job

Elitist Charles Gibson deliberately lied to the American public about the capital gains tax:

Big win for Clinton last night. Obama might collapse....

**** Post Debate Straw Poll ****

Hamas endorses Barack Obama.

for Clinton supporters who are celebrating

blow up your teevees.....this punditry bullshit is just that.

Why would neither candidate come right out and say, at the "debate," that there's no way in Hell

Candidates differed on Class Action Act, Energy Bill of 2005

Will you be supporting the Democratic nominee?

A Canadian weighs in.

I Can't Hear You.

Alternet: "ABC sez 2 top issues facing Americans are Flag pins and 60's radicals"

Somerby: The Cult of the Offhand Comment

Let's Tally Obama's Lies in the Debate!

US network faces backlash after Democratic debate - Guardian

Get a clue; If you use RIGHT WING sources against ANY Dem candidate... you might just be a SH$THEAD.

we believe Barack Obama is more likely to be "ready on Day One" - Because of his experience

Just out of curiousity, when did Obama tell a whopper comparable

Obama; NEVER Do Stephanopoulos' Show When You're The Nominee

"Latest Presidential Debate, Worst Ever?" is now running on the front page

Streaming LIVE NOW 6:37pm est: Obama in Greenville, NC. Just starting.

Hillary hits Home Run with debate closing statement!

Does anyone have a list of ABC sponsors during last night's

Obama Conveniently 'Forgets' Writing on Gun Questionnaire

If Sen Obama can't handle Charlie Gibson . . .

Bombarded in Philly by Obama and Hillary.

If you want your media to cover the issues, then shut up about the non-issues.

Does anyone really believe the posters that say Stephanopoulos dislikes the Clintons?

WaPo: Debate Moderators Were "Shoddy" "Despicable" and "Slanted Against Obama"

What just happened on Race to the White House?

Why doesn't Hillary wear a lapel pin?

Letter to Hillary: Remember When John McCain Slimed Your Daughter?

The GDP shower thread.

Thank you Everyone! Our voices were heard in unison in our disgust of ABC and their shoddy journalis

There's a heck of a lot of Obama bumper stickers and lawn signs in Northern NH

This hypocrisy shouldn't have to be pointed out, but just to be sure we're all on the same page here

Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches Sleaze Attack on Barack Obama and Two Dedicated Child Advocates

Questions Charlie & Georgie really wanted to ask Obama.

Theda Skocpol: He Said, She Said

According to Charlie Gibson ... John Kerry should have been Vice President

Hillary Joins the Vast, Rightwing Financial Conspiracy

The Daily Pennsylvanian Endorsed Hillary !

My first OP in GDP, and probably my last

My first OP in GDP, and probably my last

Obama town hall NOW in Raleigh, NC

A Prediction - Pennsylvania Goes To Obama

That weird Wednesday debate: Katie Couric, anyone?

"There is nothing 'elitist' about 1,349,400 people domating to" Obama's campaign

I predict more Superdelegate endorsements for Obama after this debate.

An experiment: Do you hate me because I support Hillary Clinton?

'Want to be for Obama but 'afraid that he will pull an "Edwards" in debating

O supporters expect Hillary supporters to agree the debate was one sided.. HELL NO

Katie Couric on CBS News tonight just talked about the Hillary quote..."just screw 'em" in the '90's

I apologize to everyone I offended here for calling Hillary a Bitch.

THE SMALLNESS of our Politics

For those of you that missed it... The Transcript.

Have the Clinton's released their March

I didn't watch the debate last night

A Simple Question for Obama Supporters

In defense of ABC's approach to hosting last night's debate....

And since "lapel pins" is such a hot topic, this reference needs to be shared again:

Uh Oh.. We are being overrun by Hillary's right wing posse again

Does anyone have a still of Obama brushing 'dirt' off of his shoulder? I think we could use that in

"ABC's Pseudo-Debate---It was a travesty"--TPM

I'm not mad at ABC at all.. What do you think we are going to deal with by the RW machine?

Slate: The Hillary Deathwatch

Why aren't Obamans pushing Hillary on media consolidation issue?

From Working Assets: What ABC could have asked about.

The World reacts to the WORST DEBATE EVER

* You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the Wind blows *

Can ABC be sued for malpractice?

"I do not understand your post." Do you??

Hillary's First Lady "Day Calender" was released since the last debate. Why no questions about NAFTA

Obama superdelegates find their 'sisterhood' questioned


Obama rally Greenville NC Stream - Heads up!!

For all Obama supporters who wish Barack would get down in the gutter with Hillary...

Is it true that Hamas has endorsed Obama?

You WILL start cheering for our nominee, even if you think you currently hate Clinton or Obama

Lou Dobbs is so full of it...

ABC Sponsor Hit List

Complaints to ABC over debate running 8 to 1 negative


One good thing that (hopefully) will come out of the debate last night

D.C. Superdelegate switches

Can ABC be sued for child abuse?

Hillary Supporters only please

Freepress Petition to ABC & Video clips of the debate lowlights.

The mistake is having the moderators ask any questions at all.

Judging by the posts today.....



Uh, folks - they DON'T want Hillary - they want McCain.

The Democratic nominee must insist the League of Women Voters host the Presidential debates

Obama supporters....

Obama: "it took us 45 minutes before we even started talking about a single issue"

In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

"Obama inspires"-Bucks County Courier Times

I donated to the Obama campaign for the first time today.

Were the debates a set up for a theft?

Obama chides Carter on Hamas meeting, yet he had to "reach out" to homophobes to have a "dialog"

DU admins: I post pubically to play with you...

The debates show the attitude of the media that help GET us into Iraq hasn't changed.

Another ROOKIE mistake:

What Pittsburghers (and others) think of the debate

PHOTOS: Barack Obama today meeting with Gordon Brown and at a townhall in Raleigh, NC

Okay, so WTF is *this*?

Obama already has new ads up regarding the debate last night

Super!: Another Super for Obama

Super!: Another Super for Obama

You know this "Hate" stuff amongst us..........only feeds into Freeper Mentality..

“Prominent PA supporters” will switch their support from Clinton to Obama due to her negativity.


***** OFFICIAL!!! Pennsylavina Debate Hillary-Supporter THREAD OF ENGLOATENMENT ! ******

An open letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos

I have an announcement to make: until GD:P stops being so ri-goddamn-diculous...

The debates show the attitude of the media that GOT us into Iraq hasn't changed.

Chicago Mayor Daley re. Ayers: Too many challenges to keep re-fighting 40-year-old battles

ABC announces new debate panelists

Something Unchanged About the PA Polls.

Lieberman might address GOP convention

An Open Letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos

Here's how to contact "This Week" with George Hannityphanopoulos

Ha Ha Rachel Maddow just tore in to Joe 'mouthmouth' Scarborough

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday April 17, 2008

'We Must All Hang Together, Or Assuredly We Shall All Hang Separately'

I donated to Barack Obama today

What should you drink to prove you're a "Lunch Bucket Dem" kind of candidate?

The Super Duper Delegate Test and the Debates

Watch Hannity tonight 9 pm ET

Democrats switching to McCain is over-rated

This coming Wednesday, Hillary will blame ABC's 4/16 debate for handing PA to Obama

Cool Dems look the best in a good pair of shades. Not just Barack. Bring it, McCain.

Clinton MUCH more electable than Obama in new 14 state poll

These 2 Cartoons sum up last night's ABC debate

Has anyone done the basic math thing here lately? SD numbers have changed since TX and OH

Political Videos: "Obama reacts to last nights debate"

DU admins: I post publically to plead with you....

Debating Electability.....Ed Kilgore via TPM...interesting read....

What if Ron Paul wins PA

Stop the insanity! Why are the Dems getting themselves dragged into this shit created by the MM!!

PA democratic joke debate in 1 minute. Hilarious video

Pissed about the shitty debate? Tell the DNC it's time to give debates back to non-partisan

After some thought today, my conclusion

After some thought today, my conclusion

Obama Endorsement Update...

Wiliam Ruckelshaus endorses Obama Thursday.

140 lead with 566 left

VIDEO: Bob Johnson, Fucktard.

Guardian UK: Dem nomination contest has turned innocent conversation into a political minefield

HEY!!! Hillary's "Security Umbrella" is the issue

Hillary's swan song---no more distractions about meltdowns, honeymoon's end and whining---it's over

(Pittsburgh) SteelersVote For Change Blitz - throughout SW PA - all invited.

Dem's ongoing brawl drives undecideds toward McCain

Did Sen Obama Hold His Own In Last Night's (So Called) Debate?

I hope McCain wins

Eugene Debs and Barack Obama: Conspiracy theory

McCain website poll... WTF???

Thanks Hillary

Hillary really did use Hannitiy's Ayers guilt by association argument. Join me in vomitting...

Ode to Charlie Gibson: Flag Decal

Hillary sharpens the knife for baby boomers on Social Security

I Gotta Say... No Matter What, Hillary Will Always Make Herself Useful !!!

"I expected this out of McCain, but...I'm a little disappointed

The world agrees: ABC = Pravda

It's time for Obama to begin ignoring Clinton

Obama Has Passed The Comander in Chief Threshold

MSNBC has story and poll up on the ABC's Gotcha Debate

So, SLICK HILLY fans, what do you have do say about her saying "screw you" to Southern Whites?

John Baer: We're still on the lapel thing? Seriously?

Did Hillary say she would commit troops in any middle east situation?

DU Debate.

T-3 days til HRC's new IOU list is available

File a complaint about the ABC debate with the FCC

I worked at a news station in 1993 and saw George Stephanopoulos fucking around all goofy.

What I got from the "debate" was that Senator Clinton is better at

Some thoughts regarding melodrama ...

Washington Post: In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

Washington Post: In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President

Can someone please tell me why Obama's performance was so terrible?

No wonder Fla is so screwed up - Truck Nutz (image fixed)

To go to Taos, or not to go to Taos...that is the question. This

The Ayers letter talked about in debate was published on the morning of 9/11/01 (before the attacks)

Any Idea on who will be VP

More Stupid Media Tricks: LA Times asks if Obama gave Clinton the finger today

Who will join me in an Oath to Never Again visit DisneyLand or purchase anything Herr Maus related?

Wow. Obama really lost his temper last night!!! It was great when he walked off stage in tears

My inner Nancy Drew asks: How did he (Stephanopoulos) know she didn't want to talk about it?

Let's be honest, anything less than a 10 point win in PA for Hillary is a loss....

"Why do liberals complain when their candidates are asked real questions?"

"Why do liberals complain when their candidates are asked real questions?"

Howard Dean

PROTEST: Courage Campaign Calling for Protest at ABC Burbank 4:00PM-7:00PM FRI

Politico: McCain readies unorthodox campaign

ABC Poll Online Now shows 81% (so far) think moderators were horrible!

Obama after losing last night's debate--badly: no more debates because I suck at them

I Just Realized...It's Still Over

Did Obama give Hillary "the finger"?

Obama and Bosnia

Obama Bests Clinton in Swing States...

Maddow: Pat takes a right turn so hard that he hits me as I take my left turn.

Edwards is great on Colbert!!!

Another brick in the wall: my letter to ABC News

Thank You ABC for killing the GOP smear plan for this fall.

Dana Milbank on Olbermann...WTF?

I Just Received a Hillary "Push Poll" in PA

***John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, And Barack Obama, On The Colbert Report Tonight***

Electoral Map shows why Obama has a MUCH better chance against McCain.

After 24 hours of letting the debate sink in

Hillary and the drinking

the good guys don't always win

Simply put the testing of Senator Obama is over;

ABC is not the problem.

I love Howard Dean, he gave me hope during 2003 and he didn't take any crap.

Obama and Edwards to join Clinton on Colbert tonigh?!!!

hillary called obama a racist

Hillary at the bar, drinking

C'mon Hillfans, get on the ball - you just got 2 new supers!

"Why didn't Obama rip Hillary apart?? Is he weak?!?!?"

E&P - Charles Gibson Booed as he left arena

Imus: Obama "Almost A Bigger P***y" Than Hillary Clinton

HRC won the debate because she is the best person for the job. Go HRC!

"I have never said that I don't wear flag pins or refuse to wear flag pins." is a lie.

Edwards on Colbert!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Obama should not appear on any network that is not in the tank for him

Does this quote bother any Obama supporters?

If John Edwards endorses Hillary Clinton.......

Self Delete...

I Am Fully Convinced After Last Night....This Election Is About Corporations Vs. The People.

Will we see a "Sen. Clinton, did you kill Vince Foster?" question at the next debate?

Just donated again to Obama.. and will continue to do so

Screw-em-gate is starting to get legs as a story

Guys, please salute DUer Lugnut - she and I made Huffington Post!

Comments on ABC website- vast majority are ANGRY. Add yours.

Charlie Gibson is a dick.

Pittsburgh Steelers are holding a rally for Sen. Obama....

Why I think the Debate Sealed Obama's PA Victory

Mike Malloy to ABC's Gibson and George S. ...

TYT: The ABC debate last night...They were a parody of themselves. It was embarrassing to watch.

Wow... I mean wow... I just put five (5) on my new "ignore" list

MSM presents countless Catholics/experts on Catholic Church to assist in coverage of Pope's visit

Repost and update of my Pennsylvania county by county projections

I Got A Fifth Flyer From Obama In Central PA Today (large pics)

I have a sick feeling in my stomach...

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/17/08 - Obama unchanged (48), Clinton unchanged (41)

Obama Shaken, Rattled and Rolled.

cafferty writes: Clinton & McCain find common enemy


What's a Dutch Harbor Duck Fart?

Obama's honeymoon over, and it shows

Hillary on Colbert!! YES!

Sometimes a little time/distance helps one get some objectivity

Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton’s Attacks -- Uncommitted SDs tired of focus on gaffes (NYT)

Key to debate: Hillary admits Obama can win

Unbelievable response I just received from ABC affiliate

***National and PA Media is NOT taking the debate seriously*** Headlines and Links....

Has any presidential candidate ever been asked if he loves the flag?

At one point, Obama "disowned" Jeramiah Wright. Then Steph gave

Dean wants a decision from superdelegates "Now"

Great Article: The Party's Over, Why Clinton Has To Pack It In After This Debate.

Clinton "But there are more progressive ways of doing it"

Clinton "But there are more progressive ways of doing it"

Is it ever Obama's fault?

Comment on Washington Post that moved me to tears

Hillary failed last night.

Does anybody blame Obama for his answers rather than ABC for its questions?

"...pick yourself up...dust yourself off..and get back in the game."

There's nothing elitist about 1,352,000 people donating for change

ABC News was mean to Prince Obama last night.

Damn, it's gonna rock when DU...

Obama should wear a constitution lapel pin.

obama wins the debate, as far as im concerned ,with this answer

What people don't seem to understand is that last night's debate

Howard Dean is calling the Superdelegates out, NOW!!!

Why Is Hillary Exempt on the Very Pressing Flag Pin Issue?

Chris Matthews spluttering that Obama loses PA 57-44...

chucky todd & tweety are pissed that barack wasn't an asshole

chucky todd & tweety are pissed that barack wasn't an asshole

How not to play Rove style politics

When One plus One Adds up to ZERO:

Update: The spin to cover for ABC's ambush and Hillary's bizarre performance vs. reality

Update: The spin to cover for ABC's ambush and Hillary's bizarre performance vs. reality

She really shouldn't even be a senator from NY (or anywhere else)

California Turns RED

With Obama wounded, Clinton digs deeper in debate

So all of you who insisted that Hillary was not lying about Bosnia...

ABC co-sponsored the so-called debate with The National Constitutional Center - Who is that you say?

DEM WOMEN SPEAKING OUT / HILLARY Would be Ahead if FL & MI count, Dean is Undermining her

Disney puts money on Dems, Clinton (Article from MONTH AND A HALF AGO)

Show Hillary some Love - DONATE !

Aside from good sense, straight talk, and insight into the issues, what's missing from these pics?

Barack Obama And Former Weatherman William Ayers: The Facts

Barack Obama And Former Weatherman William Ayers: The Facts

See You All Later

I simply don't understand why she's losing to him.

In Memorium - George Stephanopoulos, Political Hack

"You disgraced my profession of journalism, and, by association, me"

I think Obama will slash and burn the Democratic party to get nominated

ABC, Clinton Play 9/11 Card Against Obama (New Low For Hillary As She Channels Guiliani)

Obama strikes out. DU followers blame the pitcher.

For those who didn't see, the debate in a nutshell

Breaking: PA Voters Reject Clinton’s Old-Politics Attacks, Switch to Obama

If the Obama people won't hit the gun-lie issue, we should hammer it

If the Obama people won't hit the gun-lie issue, we should hammer it

Lost in debate discussion: "I said some things I knew not to be the case." HRC admits lying.

Lost in debate discussion: "I said some things I knew not to be the case." HRC admits lying.

You Hillary Supporters Just Don't Get How Many People Dislike Hillary.....

Looks like Obama is simply not tough enough.....

Obama was given a flag pin by disabled Veteran Philip Fiumara, Jr.

Obama was dreadful in the debate

OMG--I missed the debate! Any good discussion of science & technology policy?

anger and hatred towards Obama

Pittsburgh PA's Reaction to the Debate Last Night

The Problem With Super Delegates

ABC's debacle is one great reason why we need to support PBS

Let's take another look at those photos of Hillary Clinton at the Lorraine Hotel.

ABC says -- "Debate talk of the town. Not good for Obama"

I want the Constitutional Law Professor and Civil Rights Attorney speaking for me.

Letter sent to the idiots at ABC:

If your black, you have to do more to prove how loyal you are to america.

"Is Rev Wright as much of a patriot as you"?

Obama Picks Up New Ohio Delegate (thanks to absentee and provisional ballots in Hamilton County)

The Reviews are IN!

The Reviews are IN!

An 82 year old's reaction to the debate & why Obama doesn't "go for the kill" w/ Clinton

I'm Going To See Obama Again This Week (large pic)

Stephanopoulos to Obama- Stop your crying.


Did Hillary call the media out on their BS last night?

MSNBC just reported a new poll: Barack is honest and trustworthy 58%. HRC only 30%.

MSNBC just reported a new poll: Barack is honest and trustworthy 58%. HRC only 30%.

*** LET IT SINK ***

Obama picks up a former Clinton super-del

Excerpts from Greenwald's book

NY Times: Retailers Get Stingy With Data

Can you imagine?

Is anyone watching ABC on the west coast and what do you think? nt

Is this pic real? ....

How hard WAS it???

No Internet voting for military this year and maybe no paper ballots!!

Obama. A nice, young, SMART man. Man, I'm very happy with that.

'What is your name and who is your mother?'

'What is your name and who is your mother?'

Michele Bachmann Watch.....4/17/08

Latest Coalition Fataliites As Of 4/16/08

Richard Belzer On AAR Has Been A Real Treat

Excuse Me. Alert. "Massive Retaliation" US protectorate of the ME

"the coolest subliminal cultural reference in the history of American politics"

Pentagon Records Detail Prisoner Abuse By U.S. Military

AWESOME Obama cartoon...

AWESOME Obama cartoon...

ABC phone numbers, email -- you know what to do!

Steelers for Obama - Tailgate Party Friday(18th), 7 p.m. - Heinz Field

Delete, posting bug error

45 dead 50 injured in Iraq

Water torture project draws attention at annual expo

From Edward R. Murrow to the MSM!

Merrill Posts Third-Straight Loss on $6.5 Billion of Writedowns

Seriously, have to ask about this Ayres fellow and here's why...

This is what Ike warned about.....

OK, this does it

McCain Promises to Give Everyone a Plastic Card For Their Health Care

The Baghdad cab ride from hell - Watch it

Lieberman on talking about al Qaeda in IraN

ABC to replace Gibson with Couric in a move to improve the quality of news coverage

Bob Barr isn't part black?

Fiore Flashtoon: White House Life retirement plan

The "comedic" stylings of Dick Cheney..

Post Debate Frayed Thread

those Mormon women on Larry King seem like they are from the old days

McCain as Media President

Tell them! . . . there are only four REAL issues in this campaign . . .

****************** OBAMA 44 ******************

What Line Must Undocumented Immigrants Get In?

Farm Bill Update: Taxing Matters

surge update - Bomb Kills Dozens at Iraqi Funeral

Get Arrested - Give DNA - Samples would be taken from anyone arrested

mccain being interviewed on Bloomberg now, same old shit

What do you mean I can't carry my dagger with me to meet the Pope?

Anyone else sick of CNN trying to push the economy as the top issue in the campaign

Anyone else sick of CNN trying to push the economy as the top issue in the campaign

Patriotic Americans, Get you Flag Pin made in Taiwan HERE:

Girl, 8, granted divorce in Yemen

What is Dick Cheney looking at?

China snubs CNN apology over Cafferty remarks

Iraq's biggest aid agency? Muqtada al-Sadr

bu$h* to pope 'awesome speech'

NYT review of the debate

Was Anyone Here REALLY Surprised By the ABC Debate? I Have Been Predicting This For 3 Months.

One of Obama's lines last night

I liked the debate.

The White House disagrees with His Popeness on Iraq, but agrees on gay marriage & stemcell.

Bush's plan for dealing with climate change (Tom Toles)

Did Obama LIE?

Florida Senator Deutch to DNC Chair Howard Dean: ''You Risk a Political Tragedy''

Why the FLDS men will NEVER go public in a plea for their families:

Boston Globe: Credit crisis hits student borrowers

Does anyone remember the details of ABC's "Pathway to 9-11"?

Again with the wall-to-wall church service? Where's my

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

Ezra Klein: If You Watch Only One You Tube on Health Care Today....

Not. This. Time.

Primary Colors, the movie, and primary own. Trying to analyze them.

You know what this Pope-apolooza needs?

10,000 comments on the ABC News blog - still haven't seen a positive response

Bush Winning War On Congress

My crazy tax idea idea -- which could work

Proof that Ben Stein is a conspiracy!

After The Debate: The Case For Obama (the Marine Corps) and a Culture of Brotherhood

Sunday News Show Lineup-4/20/08

TPM: Clinton Goes 100% Negative in Most Pennsylvania Markets

OBAMA: I'm trying to show some restraint

Pentagon Records Detail Afghan Prisoner Abuse

I have a message for all so-called Democrats who are favoring McCain...

300,000 vets have mental problem, 320,000 had brain injuries (served in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Today's 'The View': Lotsa hot topics (debate, Pope, Texas child abuse, RC church child abuse, ...)

The path of the righteous man is beset by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

Cable News Networks........AKA.....The Catholic Channel's

Gingrich compares McCain to Abraham Lincoln

Merrill Lynch to cut 3,000 jobs

Congressional Dems Propose Funding Occupation Well into 2009

Ex-marshal: Air marshal training 'a national disgrace' (CNN)

Top Ten Questions President Bush Asked The Pope

Did you know that we DID secure the ammo dumps in Iraq?? Did you?

Question about SEIU and CNA

OK, what is wrong with this photo of Bush?

Japan Court Rules Sending Troops to Iraq Illegal, Kyodo Says

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry - Ratzinger ordered bishops to keep allegations secret

Angry Wife Lashes Out in 'YouTube Divorce' Video [POPCORN POPCORN]

Cindy McCain will co-host the View-for a day

The Big Picture is as ugly as the details.

Dear Senator Clinton: You've LOST.

Dear Senator Clinton: You've LOST.

It doesn't matter what you throw at us or him, YES WE CAN !! Kick and Rec this if you agree!!!!

It doesn't matter what you throw at us or him, YES WE CAN !! Kick and Rec this if you agree!!!!

Clinton On Working Class White Folks: "Screw 'em" - Story Corroboration...

Bush Administration, More Isolated in Latin America, Cries "Terrorism"

ABC's Gibson and Stephanopoulos give America "Juicy," claims they're weighing electability (updated)

The only thing i want to hear from a "progressive republican"

A Response Back From KOMOTV (DEBATE)

Bill Scher: Living Up To Lame Duck Status

Why is Ben Stein relevant?

"I Am So Opposed"

Polygamy and politics mix in (Utah) 3rd District debate

Newt Gingrich doing an ad with Nancy Pelosi about Climate change? What in the hell?

CBS' crack at Cheney

Bush: The enemy in Iraq - "“They are the ones who attacked us and we have to defeat them overseas"

McCain "code words" of the Day ...refreshing. .adult supervision

Astute investor makes 3.7 BILLION on foreclosure crisis...

Senate seeks inquiry into road earmark - Don Young (R,Alaska)

The Next Obama Attack Will Be: Obama at the Million Man March

Rep. Berman Criticizes McCain’s Possible Elimination Of Aid To Israel.

CIA: Destroyed Torture Tapes Not Likely Covered By Court Order

From an email I just got: Michele Obama

Abramoff scandal-UPDATE. Some disturbing news

Pope Resolution Passes After "Life" Language Removed is your thoughts

** Pope Benedict is only 9 1/2 years older than John McCain!


Dang, the big hero, is kind of a prick....

Scientist: Ben Stein's 'Expelled' should really be 'Flunked Out'

Pictures from the inside of the "white FLDS temple in Texas".

Is the Pope still an "honorary Republican" today?

AUDIO-Stephanopoulos taking orders

A post from the Seattle PI, response to column by David Brooks

Muslims with their promised 72 virgins look pretty tame when compared to some of our own

My letter of the failure of the "Surge" makes it to print

Bad Money: The Global Crisis of American Capitalism by Kevin Phillips

How do you feel about the odds of us winning the Presidency at this point?

Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest

self delete.

Washington Post: Mr. Zahar and Mr. Carter

20% of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans have depression or PTSD, study finds

Why Are Fuel Prices Not Regulated

Spend, spend, spend, America, or you’re with the terrorists! - Today’s Headlines 4/17/08

Question about mandatory health coverage

what is a barrell of oil running today?

A Big Thankee to those Folks at ABC!!!


Is anyone watching how Brown is looking at Bush

Protests call for Switzerland to end the Occupation of the Vatican Nation

Romney shares Top 10 reasons why he lost, forgets to include "I'm an asshole"

GAO: Bush Still Has No Strategy For Dealing With Bin Laden

Pootie Poot!!! You ole dawg, you!!!!!

How do you think John McCain would have held up in last nights debate.

I just found out about this. Denver has a curfew for teens???

What does the Pope do if the Popemobile breaks down?

Wars Begin in High School Cafeterias

Its nice to see Wes Clark on teevee again .....

We as a nation spend money on what is important,... think about that for a moment!

Cancer Awareness T-Shirt and Newspaper Banned by Middle School...

okay, where can I find the guy who does those cool "bitter" Obama stickers?

A Boycott Is Called For (ABC) from KOS

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count server attacked

Sen. Biden wants to monitor all P2P files for illegal activity

Tax "credits" instead of real relief

Big surprise, Perry tells Dallas Morning News he'll seek reelection in '10

A sign of our times.

Pre-Revision Consumer Price Index: 9%

Expats - what are your reasons for moving overseas?

What is missing from this candidate's lapel?

The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs

I've had it!!! Who pegged Bill Clinton as "Bubba?" Talk about fucking elitism!!!

Japanese reenactment of "We Are the World."

Mikulski Slams WH: ‘Since You’re Pugnacious, Guess What? I’m Going To Be Pretty Pugnacious, Too’»

BBC: US economic outlook 'worsening'

Ooh! Ooh! I have an AMAZING idea for a radio show! "Randi & Randi" !!!

Hey! What's Cheney Up To?!!

Post your comments to ABC here

Cafferty's questions for Thursday: Check out the 5pm and 6pm beauties.

tell Charlie Gibson what you thought about the debate.......

Pelosi press Conference on CSpan now n/t

I Just Watched A Special On Paint......

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council caught making 'misleading' comments

No 2007 deaths on scheduled U.S. airlines (AP/CNN)

Documents Obtained By ACLU Describe Charges Of Murder And Torture Of Prisoners In U.S. Custody


Man, you Obama supporters wouldn't last two seconds in our position.

NPR's ATC going overboard on the Pope.

Okay a question for the DU science genius' out there...

Holy crap I just saw a (get this) Anti-McCain ad

Bush Beats Truman

ISPs Meddled With Their Customers' Web Traffic, Study Finds

FACT: The RICHEST people and families in the 1930's, wouldn't make the Top 100 Today!

Iranians killing Americans, now why would they do such a thing ?

Network tv is giving the FLDS too much publicity

Olbermann challenges Rice to prove devotion to country, job and Iraq mission

sorry, thought i was in another forum - self delete

Richard Belzer is on AAR talking to Jim Marrs.

What was your path to "success"?

Britain's Brown looks past Bush presidency

Question: If the presidency ages someone 2 years for 1 what will happen to McCain in short order?

Anti-Immigrant Ordinance causes blowback, residents leave and businesses collapse

My congressman attacks the Pope.

Study says 300,000 U.S. troops suffer mental problems

Checkmate "Charlie"Gibson: "We appreciate all points of view..."

Step Right Up, folks.. Git-cher-flag pins right here.. price is negotiable

LOL Clever email from truthout

Southwest Airlines Reports 1st Quarter Profit

Imported Flag Pins should be tested for lead!

The public's response to ABC's pathetic debate moderation is encouraging

Ahh Jon Stewart, Patron Saint of Satire



Thursday is NPR listener letters day. Any response to Tuesday's teenage Global Warming "expert"?

Oil hits another record high as dollar tumbles to record low

Oil hits another record high as dollar tumbles to record low

Habitat for Humanity and Lowe's

Why THIS recession is BAD news. (compared to the others)

Study: High chemical levels found in dogs and cats

EU Commissioner Dimas criticizes Canada for blocking seal hunt observers

Don't just stand there like a dick, CAPTION

A fifth of soldiers at PTSD risk

A fifth of soldiers at PTSD risk

Ummmmm, Did Anybody Watch Rachel and Joe Scarborough go at it again?

Backlash Building..Boycott Stores...Boycott Everything...but in a Service Economy...

Bush said ... (warning: you may experience disdain or disgust or revulsion)

Anybody watching Oprah right now? Can you tell me why people insist on

Gas prices surge past $3.40 a gallon, expected to rise

When the Dems increase the majority in the senate in Nov--Lieberman will go bye bye.

The Farm Bill and You

Is it just me, or is this really funny?

Parents... Please Please..don't leave your kids in the car while "you just run into the store"

A line in the yard: The battle over the right to dry outside

any North texas DUers in the path of bad weather?Be careful!

High school students design vehicle that gets 2,843.4 miles per gallon

"For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse" at Yale

OTHER humanizing nicknames for Dick Cheney

All right DFW/North Texas, here we go again. Grapefruit size hail and tornado warning for Parker

I urge everyone to watch the 'Meet Your Meet' documentary on DU's frontpage

The End OF Liberal Elites

scary headline:Bu$h* and Brown Share Impatience on Iran

The Collateral Damage Is Central

Slumping economy reins in teen spending-thrift stores are cool

Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock: "man, why do Democrats have all the good celebrities."

Dave Lindorff: Notes from the "Bitter and Frustrated" Heartland

Dear MSNBC, here is a suggestion for a sure-fire hit show: "Support the Troops?"

Lieberman (I-Israel) attended correspondents dinner as guest of Fox News.

Rep. (Assclown-NC) Wants Pres. Carter's Passport Revoked

House committee asks Rove to testify about ex-Ala. governor

Democrats Debate?

Got this in my spy inbox - This has to be one of the most ghoulish things that I have EVER read

Today, I saw the following bumper stickers on a pickup truck: "Ron Paul For President,"

Rove's five page letter to Dan Abrams re Siegelman

Upset over welfare for 'cult' members? consider for a moment..

My liberal confession .... I am part of the Weather Underground.

I think we can blame this whole current mess on Edward Lorenz.

Brigantine councilman arrested on child pornography charges steps down

Brigantine councilman arrested on child pornography charges steps down

"Do you think Reverend Wright loves America as much as you do?"

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Declared Ready, With Nudge by Rockets

Hey, I just saw a TV ad for the new Honda fuel cell car!

28 governors who won't be in the veepstakes

St Patrick's 4: Anti-War Program

Bush Defense Secretary Admits 9/11 Was Blowback

Do You Let It All Hang Out?

Organist Danny Federici of The E Street Band Died of Cancer Today

Send a message to Pelosi: Refuse to vote on the Colombian Free Trade Agreement

The view of the Dems wrt the Iraq War will look a lot like the view of the Dems after theVietnam War

I'm straight. I love men to death.

Which country's free elections are giving Maoist's a majority, pro-capitalists a far second,

This little piggy went to the market. Sickened pork workers have new nerve disorder

Sick around the world.

Jon Stewart: "The 16th question asked was about the economy."

Jon Stewart: "The 16th question asked was about the economy."

Trivia...what indicates that Congress is in session?

ABC's Debate Debacle (FAIR Action Alert)

Bush: "Failure in Iraq will send a message to Iran"

My short answer to Senator Cornyn's email to me:

Let's get real. Soldiers in Iraq are not defending America.

Howard Dean on CNN - SUPERDELEGATES: “I need them to say who they’re for starting now.”

EPA defies subpoena to turn over documents


Mystery Meat Macrophotography: An Up-Close Look Processed Meat

Could this be Bush's end game?

Strange thought today about Princess Di and Mother Theresa

Leno: you want to be proud of your President...

What is that inside John McCain's cheek that makes him talk so funny?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fair warning: you may want to hide the thread - I'm back, I'm pissed, and I'm posting

Hey George: How's That Plan to Lower Gas Prices by Sucking Up to Oil Producers Working?

Does the Pope have a creepy

McClatchy: Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

McClatchy: Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

Cindy McCain

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

After the barrage of ads, I check out Divided We Fail

ACLU Sues Pentagon To Uncover Records Of Deaths At Guantánamo

The Fat Lady is Clearing Her Throat

Andrew Jackson was a piss poor Democrat....

Europeans had $4.00 a gallon while we enjoyed $1.50 (or so)

John McCain's medical records should be public.

Joe Scarborough will forever be Rachel's bitch.n/t

Who Lost the Debate? Moderators, Many Say

HIllary Clinton just walked onto The Colbert Report!!!

Will Bunch on last night's ABC Debate- An open letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos

You Can't Count Your Change

A student died yesterday 12 years old of a brain Aneurysm

What is Joe Scarborough's problem?

Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know...

The Perils of Deregulation

The Perils of Deregulation

Bush Plan to Unclog Airways Includes Auction of La Guardia Landing Spots

Praying passenger removed from flight.

A few pics to lighten your day (dialup warning)

McCain is not getting any traction

US Airways to charge for window, aisle seats

What is up with all these copper thefts?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/17/08

ATC's Wade Goodwyn outraged about treatment of polygamist families.

Did Joe Scarborough just walk off MSNBC Race for the White House?

14 minute of Colbert has been infinitely more informative and entertaining

Mittens: "I would rather get fat, grow a beard, and try for the Nobel prize."

I just saw a "meet Amish women" ad in *this* forum

Caption wannabe tough guy David Horowitz

Philly Inquirer Poll - How Would You Rate ABC's Debate Questions?

How High Is Your Defensiveness Meter These days?

GAO: United States Lacks Comprehensive Plan to Destroy Terrorist Threat (In Pakistan)

Secret Lives of Women: Polygamy

Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger

Mental health injuries scar 300,000 U.S. troops ~ MSNBC

If the police came and took my kids for no good reason I would be in front of a camera raising hell

Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves

I'm a big boy, but what is coming of DU?!?!?

New Zealand has a cosmic mystery

NAFTA was not and is not the first and only trade agreement the US

Comcast: Worst. Company. Ever.

Don Siegelman on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 'Ring of Fire' program.

....Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger. unacceptable

Important election in Paraguay this Sunday--another Leftist set to win!

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! What a pic!

16K+ comments on ABC's news site telling them how bad they fucked up last night

Popular Christian TV host comes out

A point about the Texas sect that many people are overlooking.

New children's book takes on mommy's plastic surgery ("My Beautiful Mommy" )

Bush: "So long as I’m the president, my measure of success is victory – and success"

Scoop on the Colbert report from someone at the endorsement - post here

The new 'scuppies' wear a mantle of green

DU'rs that have ever "Punched the Clock" at a job, have you ever been asked to punch anothers card?

Which city was Tweety calling the most beautiful city in the world,

Which city was Tweety calling the most beautiful city in the world,

Look what welfare and food stamps can buy

How did we miss this? Pentagon funds polygamous sect...

Hi,everyone-sorry I've been gone-got a pacemaker yesterday

Scarborough Walks Off MSNBC Show After Exchange With Rachel Maddow

Autism myth lives on

John Edwards on the Colbert Report..

OFFICIAL "I'm not satisfied with Clinton OR Obama Thread" - Check In Here

Anyone else struck by the eerie voicelessness

Do You Save?

Praying passenger is removed from plane (WABC)

Pope laments U.S. 'injustices' to blacks, Indians, reads the headline on But what has the


Suggest a show for Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

*Post # 53, 501*

So what's up with Cindy Sheehan lately?

Dude, this is totally cool...I just got almost all of the Simpsons DVDs for $20


8am this saturday Walmart to give away 1 million reusable bags

I have a severe dilemma. Please help me decide what to do.

I want my ignore back!

A flower for The Lounge this evening...

Bad Kitty

Yankees Bury Bernie Williams Under New Stadium For Good Luck

"Sleuth" being remade - with Michael Caine

Um. I have a foot of snow outside.

Kitteh Life is Good

How many others of you out there NAILED your taxes on 4/15?

Yankees Burn Barry Williams Under New Stadium For Good Luck

Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry Is Medicating a Nation

Hey puppet people! I need input...

My brother lost his job as a valet yesterday

Anyone have any experience with selling Web Domain Names?

Who else would love their job to be a member of Jeopardy's "Clue Crew"?

I need some help with a response to weird e-mail factoids on the economy, taxes and immigration

Which kid in high school does David Brooks remind you of?

Animal Control Officer's 3 rescue dogs and ex-husband all hit by vehicles in chain reaction

I just sent out my Internship application materials...

Who was that cherubic child who was singing so lovely..

The Wikipedia Game.

I drank 24 fl oz of coffee

Daniel Craig says that James Bond should become bisexual

OMG check out ebay today! They have these great cell phones...CHEAP!!!!

So why is it that Howard Jones never got the love that Rick Astley did?

Please recommend this page about Andrew Johnson

I'm going to ask all of you for a favor: E-mail a former teacher.

I Just Watched A Special On Paint......

Nancy Pelosi "Running Scared"

She lost her best friend...celebrity dog dies!

Playboy is looking for Olive Garden waitresses...... for a special pictorial

Ultimate moments--the feeling when you are in the middle of something great and extraordinary

"Grilled Cheese Invitational (to do in L.A., April 19)"

I was just over at GD:P, and I realized something.

Crunch time sucks. I've been up for 26 hours.

Should tobacco be made illegal?

Create an "Alvin & The Chipmunks" song by changing "Girl" to "Squirrel" in the title.

apparently, you had to be a Dick to play Darrin

Dick Thread!!!!!

Anyone going to the New York Comic Con this weekend?

Anybody with aggressive horney experience?

How did YOU spend one of your three daily allotted posts at GD:P today? Episode 2

Anyone with impressive Brown Hornet experience?

Anyone with full-court press New Orleans Hornet experience?

My kitties are just like me....

Happy 44th birthday (sorta) to the Ford Mustang

Which of these do you prefer?

School team hit for 66 runs in two innings - Japan

I hate aspx

check out this website

Is this what happened to XNASA?

Wow. A GD:P post I actually enjoyed (and didn't start myself as a joke, either)

I Think Dick Sargent Made The Best 'Darrin'


My internet was out Tuesday

computer help please

Paris Hilton: It was silly of me to call Kardashian's ass "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag"

I was a guinea pig at the dentists office

OH FUK uoka

Yay! Wendy's baked potato with a side salad for dinner....AGAIN!

Anybody with aggressive dentist experience?

WANTED: For Hire

Praying Jewish Man Removed From Plane

You know how most cuttlefish are so straight-edge?

You know how most cuttlefish are so straight-edge?

I just saw the movie "21."

Microsoft has too much damn money! This video proves it

Anyone Been To The Dentist Lately?

If you spot a cougar don't run whatever you do. Yea, sure. I don't think my legs would cooperate

Maryland woman gives birth to rare quadruplets, 3 identical

Maryland woman gives birth to rare quadruplets, 3 identical


The only composer I seem unable to appreciate is Berlioz

So Ms. I've got twenty something initials behind my name....

Any Agnostics At DU

Larisa Alexandrovna: Annual Radio Television Correspondents Association Dinner - Another Disgrace...

Stephen Colbert in Philly is some of the best nightly comedy I've seen

Matcom news alert: Man in Drag Crashes Into Lingerie Store

Anybody have an agressivley horney experiance???

Gasp! I was this 2001 movie for the first time last night !!

... And there was great rejoicing.

I just got a bill from my mortgage company.

Update on my friend who had the stroke

Young @ Heart

Joe Simpson tries to auction off pregnant daughter Ashlee's baby pics to tabloids, no takers!

"Skunk Your Goose in Georgia"

A question on pronounciations

Hey graywarrior! I just was thinking about you on the internet

@&%^*(($^#%@! I either have a cold or allergies...

My Favorite Quotes

Here is your Thursday afternoon earworm

Sometimes when I try to be funny..

Tim Conway is on 30 Rock!

Hey YA!!!!!!!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/17/2008)

How many photos of airplanes does Parche have?

DU is hosting the next Democratic debate. Submit questions for the candidates here.

This thread is dead

Here are some inspirational posters.

Did anyone watch Ghost Hunters last night

Shit! Here we go again!

I desperately need DU help.

GPS questions

Is anyone here famillar with Wordpress?

It's still 70 degrees and clear here, and I still hab da flu.


Don't you hate it when...

What's for dinner?

Scorpio Full Moon, April 20, 2008 question

Convince me.

Oh my...Friendly's Reeses Pieces Sundae-to-Go cups...

Linda Eastman McCartney passed away 10 years ago today.

hey all

Excitement at the Orrex house this evening!

Ok. An idiot parked their car under a freeway overpass....

What's with all the "deleted messages" lately?


I have 637 different versions of Gene Pitney's "Town Without Pity" on my iPod.

Everytime I enter a room...

Last thread about the storm... promise! (Pics)



I'm so tired of buttcracks everywhere.

Tennis ball size hail and 80 mph winds in Weatherford TX...

Job hunting sucks

?Kitteh Question?

Those without storm warnings - please tell us what happened on Survivor!


JEFF CARLISI..not great but fun to listen to

Horse Corn

Dallas cops are now using "surveyor" speed traps

bittersweet sucks

What are you doing tonight?

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Please remove your horse-fucking porn before taking your computer in for repair

To Give SPK some chuckles and smiles! In English, Please!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/17/08

How old are DUers?

Whatever happend to phrase-of-the-day threads? I think the phrase of the day should be

Why do Orthopedic Surgeons have less personality than your average flea?

I just took a test about being a vampire!

For the first time in years, I had a hamburger from Wendy's tonight. And boy did it suck!

Which of these football franchises would you rather see move to LA?

US Air To Charge For Seat Assignments

US Air To Charge For Seat Assignments

It's warm enough to wear shorts here today, and that is a very bad thing

Ant problem! Help!

"In the instruction manual for the supercharger, the last page says traction will be a problem,"

I am so fucked

I think they've started watering the milk down.

Marry a Jersey girl....

Anybody with aggressive hornet experience?

You know what we need? Sith names.

i just popped my arm out of place by hitting a rubber chicken with a miniature baseball bat

Springsteen band member dies....Danny Federici......

My belly feels silly....

How To Create a Baby-Headed Dancing Frog

I triple-dog dare you to watch this with a straight face

It's my birthday

Do you like Dr. Joy Browne?

I think Skinner needs to enter Romeo in this contest.

Six million people , dissapeared just like that

How Many DU'rs Have You Talked With On The Phone?

What Is Your Religion

Yale student's senior art project: abortion

Pets, Like Wine, Often Age Well But Have Issues

I have proof. I AM the diety.

OTC supplements and employment drug test

Any farkers wanna help another farker in the farktography contest?

Why do kids shove things up their noses?

The Nashville Cat has an eye and ear infection.

OUr school lost a student last night. He was only 12. had an Aneurysm

It's not normal for me...but tonight, I am down...

I just got door knockers from the Church of Christ.

Happy 35th Birthday Federal Express and

Kinsey Scale for Cat Lovers/Dog Lovers

Is it just me?

Public figures that died far to young.....Lets start a list.

No Country For Old Men

Nurses Union Gets Restraining Order Against Stern's SEIU Union

Pics from our zoo field trip yesterday...

Torturers In The White House: Why Is This Story Being Ignored?

Russia Hits Peak Oil

U.S. Proposes Auctioning Runway Slots to Curb Delays at La Guardia

PREVIEW: Paraguay gets closer to historic leadership change

U.S. Proposes Auctioning Runway Slots to Curb Delays at La Guardia

Wipro-Microsoft announces expansion of tie-up

Clinton emphatically says Obama can win White House

Iraqi PM seeks more training and equipment from NATO

Lawyer: Military Only Produced 2 Witnesses Against AP Photog

Bush announces greenhouse gas strategy. Surprise It's bad.

EU ready to give U.S some access to police data

Suicide bomber kills 49 at Iraq funeral

Pope arrives at Mass

Death toll from Iraq suicide strike 49 -police

Native chief seeks help of Venezuela's Chavez

Zimbabwe accuses opposition leader Tsvangirai of treason

UAW Local Members Strike At GM Lansing Plant (some 3,300 hourly workers)

Suicide bomb kills at least 17 in Afghanistan

U.S. could drop N.Korea sanctions before verification

Pakistan has effective nuclear command: PM

In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

Rice to shun Iran at meeting of Iraq's neighbors

(UK)Six found guilty in terror trial

Unemployment remains at 7.2% in Michigan

US April Philly Fed Manufacturing Index Falls To -24.9, Lowest In 7 Yrs

Warning on Storage of Health Records

GOP recruits show lagging fundraising

Retailers To Offer Extra Gift Card For Stimulus Checks

CIA: Destroyed videos likely not covered by court order

Survey says Democrats have edge in swing states

Britain's Brown looks past Bush presidency

Carter meets Hamas leaders from Gaza in Egypt

Afghan parliament committee drafts Taliban-style moral law

By winning back unhappy GOP voters, McCain makes it a race

Retailers Get Stingy With Data

Plan targets anti-Western lessons

US network faces backlash after Democratic debate

Study says 300,000 U.S. troops suffer mental problems

Study says 300,000 U.S. troops suffer mental problems

Congressional Candidate Asks for Papal Exorcism of Bush, Cheney

Other FLDS enclaves are feeling scrutiny

Obama wants voters to remember Clinton's past

Sandstorm blankets Iraqi capital, forcing airport closure (Green Zone is shelled)

Iraqi troops find 51 bodies in Baghdad suburb

Stalking, burglary charges filed against Congressional candidate

NATO force in Afghanistan drops ammo into wrong hands: statement (private helicopter company)

Breaking News: (Super Delegate)Thomas Backs Obama

Stephanopoulos defends debate performance: ‘We asked tough but appropriate questions'

Hostile Crowd Turns on Democratic Debate Moderators

Merck Wrote Drug Studies for Doctors

Debate Moderators Under Fire For 'Gossipy Trivia' Questions

Colombia arrests 7 soldiers on alleged links to drug-trafficking militia

NORAD Releases Mother Lode of 9/11 Tapes

Iraq fraud case focuses on interpreting spreadsheet

Merrill Posts a Loss and Plans to Cut 2,900 More Jobs

Democrats seek to avoid Iraq funding vote this fall(by combining 2 requests into the spring bill)

New bid, same result: KBR shares big Army contract

Sole surviving son denied health benefits post-Iraq

Union president calls for American Airlines resignations over bonuses

Chrysler opens engineering office in China

18.5% of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans have depression or PTSD, study finds

Blunt spent $17,762 in legal fees in 1st quarter

Texas custody hearings under way

Nearly 1 in 5 Troops has Mental Problems after War Service

Care program misses badly wounded troops

Document: Canada asked US not to send teenage detainee to Guantanamo

Web site says new Al-Zawahri statement on Iraq expected

Bush, British PM push tough approach on Iran

Pentagon, FBI Probing Air Force Contracts (Commonwealth Research Institute)

Sallie Mae Lost $104 Million in Quarter

Judge blocks Philadelphia from enforcing new gun laws

Ex-CIA agent (Plame/Wilson) claims outing act of treason

Dean: I need a decision 'now'

Warning on Food Dependence in Jamaica

Ex-marshal: Air marshal training 'a national disgrace'

Obama Says Debate Focused on 'Gotcha,' Not Policy Issues

Obama superdelegates find their 'sisterhood' questioned

Lawmakers criticize Bush's Iran policy

Former USF students face new federal charges

Lawmakers want probe of college football bowl system

Former US diplomat admits possessing child pornography

GAO: Terrorists operating freely on Pakistan border

EU official criticizes Canada for blocking seal hunt observers

Russia writes off $4.5B in Libyan debt, signs business deals

Fed auctions nearly $25 billion in Treasury securities

Judge rejects request to stop Oregon, Washington from killing sea lions to protect salmon

Justice Department investigating torture memo

Denver won't 'cage protesters' at DNC

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

Air Force leaders under fire for $50 million contract

300,000 vets have mental problem, 320,000 had brain injuries

Stephanopoulos defends debate blasts from Obama supporters

US Airways pilots oust union over seniority issues

Bush under fire at Paris climate meeting (Germany mocking it as "Neanderthal')

Judge upholds warrants against war protesters

1 Man, 1 Year: $3.7 Billion Payout (Hedge Fund Manager Won Big by Betting Mortgages Would Fail)

Group: Pilot whose gun went off will be fired

Dean: I need a decision 'now'

ABC Hosts Heckled after Debate: 'The Crowd is Turning on Me'

Third vessel abandoned in seal hunt

Democrats propose country of origin rule for food, drugs

Woman convicted of killing Marine husband gets new trial, but no bail

Bush to Pope: 'Awesome speech'

Union head claims USDA tried to intimidate employees

Cops: Officer fatally shoots Calif. high schooler with bat

E Street Band's Danny Federici Dies

Gas prices pass $3.40 a gallon, are expected to rise higher

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 17

House committee asks Rove to testify about Alabama governor

Congress acts on bill to decriminalize marijuana

Olbermann Post-Sucky ABC Debate: Tabloid; Defense of Israel

At Philly Debate, Hillary Wins Over Undecided Voters

Cheney Acknowledges Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann

Charles Gibson's Debate Performance

Even Soulja Boy Hated Last Night's Debate

TPMtv: Wall to Wall Ugly (debate)

Bonnie from Waynesburg, PA

Obama TV Ad Airing in Pennsylvania - "Dime"

Ready For Change - Former Hillary Supporter Does the Right Thing...

TYT: Clinton Busted - Screw The Working Class (and HRC fan impressions LOL)

SEIU's Anti Big Oil, Pro Obama Ad

Obama/Clinton Debate in 30 Seconds

Cenk on Bush and Global Warming

Boston Legal Rant

St. Obama flip-flops on immigration

Friends of Earth - Anti McCain Ad

St. Obama flip-flops on trade

ABC's Dumbass Debate Debacle

Rep Kaptur: Why Colombia? Why Now? One Word OIL!

TYT: Rep. Woolsey Says Dems Are Taking No Action On Purpose


Yes, Yes, Yes (another version) by Jed Report

Juicy (ABC Debate Debacle)

Barack Obama: Town Hall in Raleigh, NC -- "...respond sharply and crisply and then pivot..."

Young Turks: McCain claims Iraq history is "academic"

NCMR 2008: Media reform starts here

MoveOn: Shame on ABC: Enough distractions! Sign The Petition!

Red State Update on the Debate...

In Memoriam--George Stephanopoulos: Political Hack (1992-2008)

Clinton ad, "Closed"

Younger Than McCain

Keith, Rachel Maddow, Pat Buchanan-Post Debate Analysis-Pt1

ABCNews Pres David Westin Answers Questions - "Character Matters..."Intention to be even-handed"

Best Young Turks clip in months: provides context for Obama's bitter remarks

Hillary: "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Debate in 30 Seconds

Obama reacts to last nights debate

Stephanopoulos Colludes with Hannity and Malzberg on Obama Ambush (MediaMatters)

TYT: ABC Coverage Of Democratic Debate Was A Disaster


Obama Gives Hillary The Finger

Fox News Gets Owned by Pro-Wright Priest

St. Obama's positive new kind of politics in action. 11/15/07

God’s Profits: How The Religious Right Uses The ‘Prosperity Gospel’ To Win Foot Soldiers

Bush Defense Secretary Admits 9/11 Was Blowback By Don Williams

Notes from the "Bitter and Frustrated" Heartland By Dave Lindorff

Freedom? Maybe Not: By Mike Folkerth

Obama's Error--and What It Would Really Take to Rectify It By Rabbi Michael Lerner

The Rise and Fall of the Punditocracy

Wipro Microsoft alliance is a shame for all Indians – alliance or slavery?

Pentagon records detail prisoner abuse by US military

Official says fraud loophole was a mistake(foreign contracts in Iraq)

Ex-Pentagon arms tester belittles missile defense(despite spending upto $150 billion)

Is Obama Teflon? Picks Up Ground Even with the 'Klingons'

Failed policy sapping strength of U.S. military

The 21st Primary Debate aka The Final Super Duper Delegate Test

Guardian: The dumbest debate in America?

The Democrats Play Trivial Pursuit

Philadelphia Daily News endorses Obama

John Baer (Phila Daily News): We're still on the lapel thing? Seriously?

In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

David Brooks Praises ABC, Debate, Because He Lacks The Good Sense God Gave A Box Of Tulip Bulbs

"You Have to Have Power In Order to Change It.” Five Hours with Chávez

Richardson man becomes 16th Dallas County inmate cleared by DNA since 2001

WP-No Peace Without Hamas- a surprising editorial

Message to George W: Contact Earth if your spaceship ever comes near our planet.

Enemy No. 3 in Iraq by Harold Meyerson. Good, simple explanation of what's up in Iraq.

Center for Constitutional Rights Supports National Lawyers Guild Call for Dismissal and Prosecution


Spitzer and Vitter: Equal Hypocrisy, Unequal Punishment

The done deal: Can Obama shatter the tacit covenant of American politics?

The End of the World as You Know It

FBI's Mueller Says Subprime Fraud Probe May Lead to Hedge Funds

Interview with Robert Fisk

Guardian UK: Berlusconi's beauty pageant (Italy has fewer women in parliament than Afghanistan)

Marshalls In Showdown With U.S. Over Kwajalein ("Star Wars" test site)

What right does Congress have to make Iraqis pay for their own occupation?

Shame on ABC or All the News That’s Fit to Miss

The Village Voice is running a "Guide to the Right Wing Blogsphere" this week

Stephanopoulos defends debate performance

A Pathetic Round of ‘Gotcha’ Questioning

Joe Conason: Whose Elitism Is Worse?

Endesa nuclear leak plant gets new head

Unwelcome face of ag-inflation (UK)

The Nation: When BushCo sets environmental goals, environmentalists better be worried.

Student environmental awards from EPA - some inspiring stories

Scientist (Hansen) wants (Gov.) Gibbons to nix support of coal (NV)

Canada First to Label ‘Bisphenol A’ As Officially Dangerous

recent workshop on methane hydrates

The Coming Baseload Power Crisis - outstanding article

please delete

China agrees to pay triple for potash fertilizer

Two factors mean the end of air travel as we know it

Many of China's 'resource' towns are dying

How pro-nukes destroy the credibility of websites

One of the world’s largest collections of prehistoric rock art threatened! (oil and gas development)

NOAA: The second warmest March on record

MMS Takes Major Step Forward on Offshore Alternative Energy

The Big Question: Why is the world so slow to produce environmentally-friendly cars?

ronnykmarshall . . . . thread #3


Unionized Atlantic City casino dealers still lack contracts

Today in labor history April 17

UAW and Axle could have a deal by weekend

Nurses Union Gets Restraining Order Against Stern's SEIU Union

SAG Gets the Indie Spirit

Mohegan, trade unions sign no-strike agreement

NLRB Orders New Union Election at O'Connor Woods


United Healthcare West continues its struggle with SEIU

Equal Pay Day to Spotlight Pay Equity Legislation

Unemployment Benefits Extension Advances

Cheers for Clinton, Obama; Boos for McCain at Building Trades Meeting

SEIU Is the Nation’s Fastest Growing Union — But at What Cost?

Business, labor bring familiar fight over union rights to campaign trail

'Right-to-work' impact in question

Committee approves 4 weeks’ paid parental leave

Governor vetoes bill on union recognition

Airline pilots union steered $220,000 to 1Q lobbying

Union helps Obama with gas price ad

30 Gold Coast Airport jobs lost: union

A Hiring Binge in Detroit?

Steel giants begin labour talks April 28 (14,000 members)

More auto labor woes

SEIU to File Motion to Dismiss CNA Restraining Order

Good Jobs Are Getting Scarce

Sears Offers 10% Bonus To People Who Convert Stimulus Checks Into Gift Cards

Auction-rate securities under heightened scrutiny

Wilbur L. Ross Jr. aims to buy struggling small banks

Merrill Lynch to cut 4,000 jobs in bid to save $800 Million

Google announces earnings at 4:01 PM, price shoots up in aftermarket trading.

Sally Kern apology coming soon? Anti-Gay Remarks Could Cost Oklahoma Major Corporation

Republican Heads Explode! Reagan Assistant Defense Chief Calls For End To Military Gay Ban

Doctors Investigated After Video Surfaces Of Treatment Of Gay Man In Operating Room

Argentines protest against closing of free cultural workshops

Latin America Toward True Independence or Regional Hegemony? - Eduardo Dimas

PARAGUAY: State Accused of Violating Rights of Rural Poor

Ecuador's Correa backs large-scale mining freeze

(Florida) House backs trade pact with Colombia

Deputy FM Whbee: Israel racially discriminates against its citizens

Israel closes off West Bank, Gaza Strip for weeklong holiday after infiltration attempt

Rights group: IDF must ban shell that killed cameraman in Gaza

Yishai to Carter: Tell Meshal that I want to discuss prisoner swap

Palestinians fire at trucks transporting fuel to Gaza

Final footage of Reuters journalist killed in Gaza

Shooting back.

Israel's Netanyahu says he would not honour peace deal

Hanegbi: In light of recent violence IDF must retake Gaza

Settlers curse German lawmakers touring Hebron

Need some nice environmental news?

Hi Biden Supporters

A couple of happy - but small-Biden moments---

Yanks give Buried Ortiz Jersey to Jimmy Fund for charity auction

BREAKING NEWS: Steve "Air" McNair retires.

Boxing: Hopkins vs Calzaghe


Tintern Abbey

My take on "stuff"

JAMA: Merck's Vioxx Fraud is a Big Pharma Case Study

The Repubs stealth privatization of Medicare: Medicare Advantage

Baby Formula Bottles Often Toxic

Maryland woman gives birth to rare quadruplets, 3 identical

Take this employer-based health coverage and shove it

Pentagon-funded research into regrowing limbs lost in war

Sickened Pork Workers Have New Nerve Disorder

King Arthur Flours has free shipping through the end of April

National Health Care for America

...neither frost...nor politics...

First Photos with the new camera. (Canon EOS Rebel XSi)

CDC: Flu season worst in 4 years; vaccine didn't work well

A question about your view of Costco

Does Justice exist?

Would you miss a day of work to see the pope?

Which do you prefer?

So, I have stated that I lean towards agnostic...

Kudos to the Pope for his visit.

Ben Stein's Expelled (Scientific American)

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Gravity 'ripples' hunt upgraded (BBC)

Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden = growing for 9,550 years

Great article in eSkeptic newsletter re: Ben Stein's movie

Mysterious "Swarm" of Quakes Strikes Oregon Waters = Yachats

Nano switch hints at future chips (BBC)

Why do we believe what we do? (+ An apology)

(BREAKING) NORAD Releases Mother Lode of 9/11 Tapes

Kerry did better than Kennedy with working-class voters1

While the Boston media muse, the London Times notes Kerry's effort to help students

Senator Kerry's comments on the Pope's visit to America.

NORAD Releases Mother Lode of 9/11 Tapes

The War on Public Education in Minnesota

Wonkette: "Is Lusty Congresslady Michele Bachmann Being Naughty?"

Norm Coleman womanizing anecdote posted in blog comments

Now it's Michele Bachmann's turn on the infidelity rumor mill

HURRY! sfexpat2000 is Serving Ice Cream in the Election Reform Forum!


Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday 04/17/08

No such thing as a conspiracy

Perry quoted saying he’s in the race for 2010

Wolvie, thinking of you today -- are you in San Angelo in all that mess?


How does one delete one's own "User Account" in Windows XP?

Prediction: The next few days are going to be great fun

Women voters turn away from Tories, give Liberals slight lead

What we are fighting for in Afghanistan

CP: Afghan war spending may lead to ships being tied up: documents

Globe and Mail: Latest Canadian Forces ads omit Afghan mission

Link to Conrad Black indictment (80 page document, pdf format)

Gap programs

`Scream queen' Hazel Court dies at 82 in California

I'm cuckoo for KeithO Puffs - part II

I know Keith may be at the Bosox game tonight, and I can't blame him if he is, but...


Climate Change

If you EDV's and the men who love them did not watch the

Just saw Gordon on the TV, licking Bushs arse

MP Gwyneth Dunwoody dies aged 77

Innocent photographer or terrorist?