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A Hillary Clinton presidency

Whether it matters to anyone or not, I feel it's the polite thing to do, for me to say:

Whether it matters to anyone or not, I feel it's the polite thing to do, for me to say:

Six South Dakota Tribal Leaders Tell Why They Endorse Obama

Am I bitter? Damn right I am.

Its the McCain/Clinton tag team! McCain Echoes Clinton's Attacks

Funny: Obama is confused for Osama

Is it just me or...

Can someone explain to me what Barack said and the events after?

NAFTA isn't the only thing to cost US jobs...maybe not even the biggest factor.

I really don't know if I'm bitter or just pissed off ??

I really don't know if I'm bitter or just pissed off ??

I don't recall the outrage when "What's the Matter with Kansas" was published.

From a faithful DUer: Can we end the drama? Can we elect OBAMA already?

Lieberman: Good Question to Ask if Obama is a Marxist

Lieberman: Good Question to Ask if Obama is a Marxist

Obama Plagiarized His "Bitter" Argument!!!!

Hillary supporter's thoughts on the latest primary dramas.....

Bill telling whoppers again...

An interesting statistic.



*****ONLY CLINTON SUPPORTERS*******Any die-hard Clinton supporters need a star?

Again I ask - What happens to the Clinton Campaign in the GE?

Gotta say, Obama does "shame on you" a helluva lot better than Hillary does

Jeez, the kids are saying Hillary is sending a bad example...

Rethug state convention in Washington

The Real Lunch Bucket Democrats

What a phoney CNN's Lou Dobbs is over Obama.

What are you more bitter about?

Results of my two-week long observation of GD:P... tallied statistics on Pro/Anti Obama posts...

All that noise just for this: Pa. voters divided over Obama remarks

All that noise just for this: Pa. voters divided over Obama remarks

Obama does better against McCain than Clinton in Michigan poll

So since the new Big Media/RW meme is that Obama is a Marxist, it's time to call them fascists

$ Value of Clinton's attack ads being run for free?

when is penn primary and what/when are others coming up, soon? thanks

the proverbial ham sandwich (D) could win in November

Hillary At Martha's Vineyard: On Clinton, Guns, Elitism, And John Kerry

Morning Joe...

Carl Bernstein's view: A Hillary Clinton Presidency

Carl Bernstein's view: A Hillary Clinton Presidency

Carl Bernstein's view: A Hillary Clinton Presidency

Latest 'tin foil hat' theorey: No one wants to win the election

Not everyone is bold enough to publicly discover beer, whiskey, guns, and God in the same weekend.

TPM - Hillary made cold calculating comments about the electorate. She continues with hypocrisy!

Chatty Crowd Forces Clinton to Cut Speech Short

RECIPE-GATE: Stick a fork in it, McCain is done!

5 years on DU and for the first time I have an ignore list

Beginning of the end? Rendell "describes himself as 'the last of the Mohicans'"

The communication's act of the ninities is why bittergate is still such a big deal

Clinton's Delegate Pickup Predicted to be Slim (in PA)

Washington Post editorial: "What happened to Barack Obama's promise to rely on public financing?"

Okay, so which is it? Yesterday, I saw a lot of flack about Hillary doing shots ...

More than anything, the Democratic Party needs a fighter...

Time for the Party to settle this?

Time for the Party to settle this?

Time for the Party to settle this?

Did Obama really vote AGAINST keeping pedophiles in jail?

More than anything, the Democratic Party needs a lighter...

You're a liar. No YOU'RE a liar. NO! YOU'RE a liar.

What type of voter would you classify yourself?

Obama says that Clinton thinks she's doing him a favor.

Clinton pressing "Bitter" with superdelegates

With all the flashbacks from Hillary's life...guns, religion, snipers...

McCain Economic Speech: Actually funny. CNN Live ***

So Why is HRC Buying rounds of beer, when she can't pay her bills?

'Annie Oakley' changes her tune

If you are pro-choice, somewhat friendly toward gays, not sure about civil rights for people of

I need a photo

For Obama and McCain, the Bitter and the Sweet

New ARG Poll Hillary ahead in Pennsylvania 57-37

Richard Belzer is one of the BIGGEST losers on the planet

Bill Press show - who are these Hillary apologists?

Bill Press show - who are these Hillary apologists?

MSNBClinton's latest desperate attempt to prop up Hillary: 49% ABOVE 50%

3 Major PA Newspapers endorse Obama

Call to Obama: Appear on Colbert this week

'Clinton/McCain 08' fiddle while America falls apart (burns)

John McCain can save some money by just rerunning Clinton's "bitter" ad

Obama Slams McCain On Supporting Bush Tax Cuts!!!

Topsy-Turvy Party

How many more CLINTON MISTAKES can this country take?

Why is Obama challenged to win PA, but Hillary isn't challenged to win NC???

So I guess it's OK for the Fox News/hate radio/Clinton crowd to court the "angry white (male) vote",

Obama on CNN live stream now...talking to labor

Arianna Huffington: "John McCain Should Go on Vacation, Hillary Clinton is Doing His Job for Him"

Is there a group of posters signed up here specifically to push Hillary

Rasmussen (Tu, Apr 15th) Obama 50% - HC 41% (Bittergate = FAIL)

Some Perspective on ‘Bitter’

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Obama's Flaws Multiply

Unaffiliated Voters Could Swing N.C. Primaries

White Male Voters needed to win the GE

White Male Voters needed to win the GE

White Male Voters needed to win the GE

New SUSA poll out for PA

New SUSA poll out for PA

Hillary, the most BITTER one of them all...

Hillary, the most BITTER one of them all...

Are Carter and Gore putting pressurer on Hillary to end her campaign for the nomination?

Who Wants to be My Buddy?

Hillary's Chief Talent

Beneath Obama's Rebuke of Jeremiah Wright: Is A New Global Consciousness Afoot?

The fact that McCain surrogate Hillary Clinton is a "nominee" gives credibility she doesn't deserve.

Clinton Leads in Pennsylvania by at Least 6% and as Much as 20%

If you haven't seen this: Swiftkids "cookies"

Matthew Rothschild: Lying Is OK, Truth is Verboten in Presidential Campaign

Obama says Gore won in 2000, will hire Gore, will investigate Bush

If you missed The Daily Show last night - One of the best openings.

Any Hilliary supporters out there not willing to destroy the party to win the nomination?

Obama: We Need Someone Who Won’t “Choke” on the Word “Union”

Clinton Rates Slim Edge Over Obama in PA District Delegate Race

Why Obama shouldn't quit

Obama: Clinton using the GOP playbook

Obama: Clinton using the GOP playbook

Umm...Barack...About Indiana....You are going to be Soooo bitter.

Reminder: Bitterness is where we start its not where we end

While we talk about bitter - Iraq Casualty Website gets MALICIOUSLY attacked.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner To Endorse Barack Obama At 1: 00 PM Today

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner To Endorse Barack Obama At 1: 00 PM Today


I'd like to be the first to start a bitter fight over Obama's choice for VP

The HRC campaign needs to stop trying to put activists and workers in opposite camps.

Hillary, the crazy Aunt in the attic.

Johnson cites race in Obama's surge

Obama's 'Gaffe' and His Critics

Obama's 'Gaffe' and His Critics

Obama's 'Gaffe' and His Critics

Rendell: Obama Has A Real Good Chance To Carry Pennsylvania In The GE

Clinging to religion when times get tough: Its a worldwide phenomenon

Take Heart

From what I can tell, this line of attack by Hillary has comeback and.....

Former (or current) Edwards supporters: what do you think about Obama's "bitter" comment?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

"Bitter-gate": Where Do We Go Now?

Hillary's ad: It's called an election, folks.

MSNBC: Philly DJ said undecideds moving away from Obama due to "bitter" remarks

Reagan Democrats

Obama says "I misspoke; I didn't lie" Saw that at the bottom of an MSNBC screen on TV

3 New PA polls today - one Clinton +2; one Obama +2; one no change

THE GOOD NEWS FOR OBAMA: Maybe this bit from the

THE GOOD NEWS FOR OBAMA: Maybe this bit from the

Hillary's Biggest Mistake with Bittergate was focusing on the Bitter part First

Karl Rove: "This is one of the first good attacks that she's made on him in a while."

OBAMA SUPPORTER: Another horrible weak for Obama. What is he planning to hit back?

The lesson we learn from bittergate

100 Mayors. Wow!

Ignore the spin folks, Obama's campaign will be just fine if we stay positive.

Ignore the spin folks, Obama's campaign will be just fine if we stay positive.

I don't understand Hillary's motivations. She has ran on lies, a false 35 years of experience

Clinton Leads PENNSYLVANIA Polls By As Much As 20% BREAKING NEWS

Upcoming Indiana latimes/Bloomberg poll will have Obama up 5 per Ben Smith

Why does the M$M allow Hillary's lies about her support for NAFTA to go unchallenged?


100 Mayors To Endorse Clinton Today in PA

Remember when y'all had hernias over Hillary "insulting" Mississippi?

What I learned today on GD:P.

Pennsylvania: Clinton 50% Obama 41%. Last week she led by %5- Rasmussen

Penn race unchanged by Obama remark ~~ Hilly still only leads by 6 pts.

US crime rates correlate directly with unemployment....(Obama was RIGHT)

While the Hillary machine pulls stunts, McCain tries to look like Santa Claus

Poll: Who will you vote for, the woman or the Elitist Secret Muslim?

Obama cannot win the nomination or Presidency

Hillary's tearing Obama supporters apart



*****Breaking News!Senator Majority leader Harry Reid is an elitist!******

!!!!!!!!!!!7 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

McCain "Family Recipes" Lifted from the Food Network (tsk tsk Cindy)

Obama is way more electable!

RE:Obama, "That boy's finger does not need to be on the button"

Bitter and Elitist

Saved by the Pope ( & the nutty polygamists)

Hillary's warm reception in Philadelphia last night

White-haired Ladies for Obama!

Obama's an elitist and Hillary's a regular gal you wanna have a beer with?

Braking News!

It's The Con Job, Stupid!

Clinton mayoral rally gets small turnout in Pa.

Now that some O supporters are planning to revive their "let it sink" campaign...

What is Hillary doing?

New comments from BET Founder: Obama Camp has "a hair-trigger on anything racial."

Hilliary has crossed a line with most democrats and progressives.

AMERICAblog: New Polls from Pennsylvania 4-15-08

Thank you, Mods!

two must read articles on Bitter-gate

Humor: Terrorist precaution signs

Today's foreshadowing: from CBS News' Dante Higgins:

Today's foreshadowing: from CBS News' Dante Higgins:

Election Playlist (Something Positive for ALL Dems)

Question: What would A President Clinton do re: accountability?

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: What is he planning to hit back just before PA?

Bill Bennet utilized liberal "truth to power" to characterize the pope.

Why do we do this?

Heads Up: Barack will be interviewed on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight.

Coming up at 4pm EST, Mark Hosenball from Newsweek joins TYT to talk about The Clinton Campaign

So has the media shown Hillary talking about people not being bitter today?

Gallup: Obama 46% - McCain 44%. Gallup: Clinton 46% - McCain 44%

An article written by Obama's father in 1965 Kenya


Let's hear the Bitterness, Hillary

You know what you don't hear anymore?

Breaking: Obama Takes The Lead In New Bloomberg/LA Times Indiana Poll

Spot quiz: Name one Republican policy in the past 8 years that's made your life better

ABC Debate Tomorrow -- Not Live on West Coast

Just voted in the Indiana primary!

My opponent

Michelle Obama will be on Colbert Report tonight...

Michelle Obama will be on Colbert Report tonight...

Why Obama? Because the Man has Integrity...

I don't usually like Ed Schultz (for one he sounds too much like Lush Limbau) But he just made a

Last States Primary Predictions Thread

This is the thoughtful essay that started the whole "bitter" controversy.

Clinton mayoral rally gets small turnout in Pa.(19 of 100)

Circle Jerk Poll #2 - Tax Day


A simple test of strength.

The Genie's out of the bottle: "Michelle wants to fix our souls"

Clinton supporter Barney Frank says Hillary should drop out by June 3rd if she is trailing

Mclame for the hour on Tweety now


A "silly season" question for Clinton I wish they'd ask at the debate

The Counterattack - Obama: Candidates who don't see bitterness 'out of touch'

Is "elitist," then, a bad word?

To my friends in Pennsylvania and Indiana,

First thing out of Scarbourgh's mouth this morning is bashing Obama. Also,

Aren't we supposed to have "Elite" Presidents....

Why I can never vote for HRC

anybody notice McCain didn't look like he could walk

****** IT'S INTERESTING ******

Clinton touted "Not Bitter" endorsement in Montana; unconnected to Obama "Bitter"

Clinton supporters, please explain why I should fear the 'elite' more than the 'powerful elite'

HOT Press Release: 4/15/08 New Book Says Barack Obama's Secret Guru Brzezinski Seeks Global Showdo

Harry Reid quotes du jour

So what's the real deal with Carter and Gore? Will they endorse Obama?

Assertion that Fox news wants Clinton to be nominee

Obama Supporters-Need help, please. Where can I find the transcript

"Mr. President, I Love You"

Reid jokes Dem race making him 'bitter'

Reid jokes Dem race making him 'bitter'

When an outrageous comment is attributed to Hillary

Multiple choice question

NAFTA appears to be irrelevant

If Obama supporters want to continually blame HRC for the Iraq War and the unnecessary deaths,

A warning to my fellow Obama supporters that seem to have become lazy

Will Obama meet with the Pope?

Anyone catch Tweety on Colbert's show last night? Do you think he's serious about

Nothing could motivate the Republican electorate more

Nothing keeps you more "in touch" with the people than 16 yrs of Secret Service protection

Obama 'Gets It' on Trade

Wow, 2 days before the Nov. election, the (arguably) best NFL match-up

Can I get a big shut the fuck up for Lou Dobbs?

Can I get a big shut the fuck up for Lou Dobbs?

Mayoral Rally did not yield the true prize

Why the republicans need Hillary for President.

Lou is such a lying idiot. He DEPENDS on BITTER viewers to watch his show

What Does Hillary's Campaign Inspire in You?

Clinton Camp: We're going to continue talking about Obama's 'bitter' remark

Mayhill Fowler: Obama camp response has been "classy"

Elitist? The Clintons Have Two Mansions & $109M. The Obamas Lived in a Condo Until 2005

Obama is a "Corporatist" - where does this come from???

Bob Herbert: "Some Perspective on Bitter."

The stupidity of Hillary's campaign

The Problem With The Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton uses the OJ defense

Newly formed, J Street looks to Obama to advance progressive cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace

Poll: Obama Takes Indiana Lead!!!!!!!

Hillary the Hun destroying the Democratic Party

THREE more weeks, and we are done with the Clintons!

Obama Would "Immediately Review" Potential Of Crimes In Bush White House

Hillary will get 53 delegates, Obama will get 50 in PA. Even if she wins.

Long lost essay from Obama's father surfaces.

"She's Going to be the Next President" says Hailey


It's the HillMac attack!

Sullivan: Would Clinton Prefer McCain To Obama In November? (WOW)

If the Polls Hold...

If the Polls Hold...

Just wondering, If the Great One should win the Presidency, who and what

Dem Candidates fail to Confront Bush on: Torture, Lies, Corruption, Economy, Wrecking Constitution!

Clinton will NEVER be President...

PA and Indiana poll numbers

A question for the DU Admins..

Chelsea Clinton Makes A Local Stop

Obama Would "Immediately Review" Potential Of Crimes In Bush WH

To person who wanted to send the Charlie Rose Video to Obama....

No offense -- But what makes Pennsylvania so damn special?

The media and McCain need Hillary, for now.

Clinton leads Obama 49-40 in SV PA poll (+4), loses to McSame by 3 while Obama loses by 10

I wonder how the Pope will feel, face to face with someone who's infallible.

Did Tweety Ask McLame Anything About the Economy?


If you Hillary Supporters want the Iraq War to be stopped, switch to Obama now!

McCain on Obama and his "typical white grandmother" from Harball

PHOTOS; Barack Obama today on the campaign trail at a townhall with veterans in PA

Biden ahead on MSNBC's Olbermann program

Obama supporters - where are you setting the bar in PA?

Judicial Watch is going to beat Clinton again?

Coming up next on Countdown - BIDEN!!! Going to talk about McCain & Iraq.

What Goes into a Hope Bong?

What Goes into a Hope Bong?

Is Obama showing a Bill Clinton-like ability to dodge a political "crisis"?

Is Obama showing a Bill Clinton-like ability to dodge a political "crisis"?

Is there a 'Bitter' generator out there?

Hillary slams stay-at-home parents.

Clinton's no "elitist"...

If campaign contributions in PA are an indicator, data shows

At least 3389 Indiana mayors (99.6%) ignore calls to attack Obama

I am fucking SICK of people referring to Obama as 'Obigot'

Rasmussen PA poll-4/14: HRC +9!!!!!!SUSA PA poll-4/14: HRC +14!!!!

LAT Poll: Rev. Wright flap might have helped Barack Obama in Pa.

Gun Totin' Annie, Why are you such a Liar and Hypocrite?

Should Barack Obama accept public financing?

Kiki McLane... shameless.

Clinton "bitter" about her gender.

Kid who asked Question of McCain about Hillary "hitting the Sauce" Is the Son of Steve Douchey.

I find this very encouraging.

Offensive Bumper Sticker of the Day

HEADS UP: Michelle Obama on with Colbert Tonight!

**screech, rrr, screech, rrr, screech** - THIS Is A Test Of The Emergency DU System !!!

So Bill was out there LYING again. Whats new?

I haven't been here much and have a burning question. Has

I haven't been here much and have a burning question. Has

Congratulations Dear Hillary! - 100 Pa. mayors back Hillary Clinton

If GD:P were the DU caucus, would both candidates be VIABLE?

Why hasn't Hillary been attacking George Bush with the same ferocity for the past 7 years?

Newsflash: My mayor was one of the "100 mayors for Hillary"..... You should get to know him...haha


Bad news for the Clinton Campaign. The DLC is hedging its bets.

Should the Capital Gains Tax be raised?

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Tuesday April 15, 2008

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/15/08 - Obama up 2 (50), Clinton down 3 (41)

I "heard" something this morning

Wait for it - 100 Pennsylvania Mayors Endorse Hillary today

"Some people call you the elites; I call you my base."

"People get smart when they are hurting"

I could see Michelle Obama's bra through her blouse on TV...

From KOS: Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Endorses Obama (letter)

I have one thing to say about our party and its members

Pennsylvanians won't cling to stupidity

Hillary and Obama - BITE ME!

Lapelpin-Gate is Coming !!! Man The Battle Stations, Obama supporters !!

Hillary Clinton - the poster girl of

Why do I feel like I am taking my life into my own hands when I bring Barack up to women?

Obama's Latest Blunders Proves He is Change we CAN'T Believe In

How much spinning, re-framing, apologizing and excusing are KO

A shout out to Hillary supporters

Bill Clinton: Older Voters Too Savvy To Fall For Obama - BostonGlobe

Link to an excellent post in GD from Skinner

Clinton puts Louisana in play (-7), Obama loses by 16. Clinton has "surprising" strength in LA

all this fuss for probably netting 3 pledged delegates. wake me up when its over

Hoosier State Mayors Decry Senator Obama's Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

Hillary Clinton

Andy Sullivan asks: Is Obama Faking His Faith?

Obama's new ad on lobbyists hit's hard

MSNBC JUST REPORTED that the 100 mayors for Hillary event only drew

Obama Outraises Clinton Among Small Town Pennsylvanians

You might be an elitist if

Campaign Ad: Obama hits back at Clinton, Lobbyists

I just saw Joe Biden on Countdown...I'm glad he's on my side...

New Daily News poll shows Obama closing in on Clinton in PA 46-40


Tears and Booze Driving Hillary's Morally Bankrupt Campaign

Tomorrow's Debate: Which Hillary will dominate?

Gallup: Obama has an 11 point national lead over Clinton - biggest of the year.

Hillary has not been vetted yet, because Obama isn't going there with her

McCain to troops.. FUCK YOU!

Holy Mary Susa Kentucky Clinton 62% Obama 26%

Is "Dead-Eye" Hillary One Too Many Shots-And-A-Beer Chasers Over The Line?

I'm sick of this elitist crap.

Hoosier State Mayors Decry Senator Obama's Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

Official Daily Show/Colbert Report---- Michelle Obama thread!!

Can we all agree on something

We just had a Barack Fundraiser

ABC NEWS: Clinton and Obama Appear at Religious College that Categorizes Homosexuality with Stealing

Calvin & Hobbes 3/13/1992

As I sit here drooling, I ask myself...

He started off roundly dissing Democrats

Liar! Whore! Bitter! Bitch! Bigot! Racist! Asshole! Snob!

11 Indiana Mayors wrote a letter criticizing Obama's Bitter-Gate remarks

Harry Reid: the Democratic nomination "is all going to be over very soon,"

Belzer just spoke what MOST Dems think Hillary is disgusting

Michelle Obama on 'The Colbert Report' Tonight!--details from the taping

Obama's "Annie Oakley" comments just sound bitter to me

Post your favorite/funniest McCain nickname....I need some cheering up

***BREAKING*** 4% of PA Mayors endorse Clinton!

I Now Support Sen. Obama

"The "bitter" flap fails to ignite."..Slate Magazine

A Quick Comment To The Clinton Supporters Trying To Scare People Into Supporting Clinton...

I never thought I would say this but unless Obama quits, I'll never vote for Hillary!!!

Something to make the naysayers smile - from Centre County, PA

Obama: "I am amused about this notion of elitist"

Hillary has already said small towns don't matter. Remember?

Obama Pledges to Keep Sacred Trust with our Veterans

Bitter as hell in Pennsylvania - - Chimpy voter / Limpballs listener says..."It's fucking true"

Let's get down to brass tacks: "elitist" is RW codespeak for "uppity".

Obama puts foot in his mouth and HRC gets blamed for it.

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention

Hillary forced to cut speech short, because no one paid attention

Gallup Daily: Obama 51%, Clinton 40%

Using The Word "Elitist" Is Elitist

About elitism and the candidates.

Hillary wins!

ATTN: Help stop Air America from hiring Taylor Marsh.

I'm making a contribution to Obama's campaign every time Clinton launches a new Rovian attack.

Have Clintons been NeoCons in Dem's clothing all along, and we just didn't notice?

**********Inside the polls: interesting numbers suggest a pro-Obama shift coming in PA*********

How does YOUR candidate stand up to these standards of electability?...


Indiana: Clinton 55% Obama 39%

"Obama's numbers have plummet--oh, never mind."

100 Mayors Endorse Clinton Today

Hill supporters please keep repeating the Sniper fire was not a lie

Hill supporters please keep repeating the Sniper fire was not a lie

I give up. Count me among those who can no longer vote for Hillary in the general election because

The Subject No One Wants To Talk About

After the success of the Compassion Forum CNN announces the Fire and Brimstone Forum

Obama Supporters from Everywhere - Can You Please Help out in Pennsylvania?

Mayhill Fowler: Obama campaign is "classy"

She's the Hilldozer, dude!!! 2008! (PIC)

She's the Hilldozer, dude!!! 2008! (PIC)

Why are Pennsylvanians bitter? Pie chart

Hillary: Voted for the IWR - Obama: Voted to continue funding the war - Explanation below.

DU tonights Lou Dobbs poll...

I wanted EDWARDS. All the way to the CONVENTION.

Obama raises money using his 'bitter' remarks, but leaves out the controversial 'cling to' part

The one reason I will never vote for HRC (pictures).

Just a reminder: Hillary's chances of pulling off this nomination are still SLIM TO NONE.

"I Was There: What Obama Really Said About Pennsylvania"

TYT: It's Impossible to be Proud of the Way Hillary Has Run This Campaign

Randi Rhodes comments don't seem so off-base anymore...

Obama's name in Rezko trial

List One Word That Best Describes Barack Hussein Obama?

Has Obama written his political epi-gaffe?

Poll: By 2 To 1, Dems Not Offended By Obama's Comments

Obama misspoke! Hillary is not Annie Oakley: she is Calamity Jane, whose only friend


Revealing responses to CNN ticker on “Bitter” Democratic fight

Obama wasn't just calling small-town people gun or religious nuts...he said they were racists.

RE: Electability.......Clinton and the Chinese donations

About Snipers in Bosnia. Either Clinton Lied here, or She's Unfit for Office Due to Stupidity

Caption the twins

Oprah's popularity declining because she backed Obama???

Obama is a snob - a BIG snob!

There was a time when I thought Hillary Clinton would be…

There was a time when I thought Hillary Clinton would be…

Reality BITES: Only 19 mayors show up for Hillary.

When people write "Obama will NEVER win the general election"

OK Hillary supporters. here's another $100. whose gonna match me?

Important!!! Poll Excited and Math Challenged Hillary Supporters Read This!

I Got Flyers Today From Both Hillary & Obama Today (large pics)

I Got Flyers Today From Both Hillary & Obama Today (large pics)

Poll after poll prove it: Hillary has turned it around

But aren't we ALL elitists in some way?

Are these eyes photoshopped?

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Obama was just given a flag pin by a War Veteran while being endorsed and put it on

Nativism in the 2008 Election

Nativism in the 2008 Election

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama on The Colbert Report

People Mag 1996, Hillary's Trip Into Bosnia "War Zone" & How Obama Broke the "Final Rule" First

So in reality the media is telling us that,,,

Some thoughts on Bitterness, and the disbelief I've seen here.

If Obama's middle name is brought up again, here's what ALL Democrats must say:

HuffPost: Clinton Downs A Beer And A Bump To Impress The Cool Kids, And This Dad's Not OK With That

Obama Bests Clinton in Swing States

The best ad for Obama in rural PA - just play this!

Holy Moly! Blogger Who Broke Bitter-Gate Receiving Death Threats

New LA Times/Bloomberg polls of PA, Indiana and NC--Obama lookin' Good (results here)

Clinging to Christianity

Clinging to Christianity

If you can't vote for HRC because of her war vote, then you sure as fuck can't vote for Obama either

To Small Town Pennsylvania from A San Francisco Liberal.

Nobody cares what you think....

BREAKING: Obama's up with new ad in PA... Direct response to Hillary on "bitter"

Bill insults young people, explains why tired, down-on-her-luck Hillary should be our next president

Hillary is Joan of Arc.

Hillary is Joan of Arc.

Michelle Obama - the poster girl of bitter

A very small idea about how we may begin to make baby steps towards reconciliation in GDP:

Michelle Obama is breathtakingly beautiful!

SO I hear Republicans Think Lapel Pin Gate will fly STRONG REBUTTAL HERE

Call me a cultist but, here is 1 BADASS picture of the next President of the United States

To all of the HRC supporters calling Obama 'an elitist'...please explain something to me.

Clinton ignores flap; Obama raises it

Hey MSM! Manufacturing job losses cripple growth in Pennsylvania thanks to the Clintons!

List One Word That Best Describes Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Obama loses PA and OH but BEATS McCain. Hillary wins them and LOSES to McCain.

Obama supporters - will you vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee?

PA POLL: Hillary 50, Obama 44. No change. "Bittergate" bombs...

Saudi arms investigation reinstated by UK High Court

The $3 Trillion Shopping Spree

Sad/Funny(?) Slideshow of a doomed masterplanned resort "community" (kinda) near Las Vegas

My first piece of jewelry was a kicking donkey and given to me by Edith Green.

Charlie Rose tonight. He's also talking about the election.

Wet Winter in West Eases Raft of Problems


Pneumonia 'linked' to pollution

Tom Tomorrow on the Great 2000's Real Estate Speculation Frenzy & Aftermath

Keep in mind that Florida has a gay marriage initiative on the ballot this November.

(SF) Bay Area food stamp enrollment skyrockets

When Will We Start Burning Books at Democratic Underground?

McCain speaking today on Health Care, will support Bush policy that raises drug costs

SF: Woman dies after being struck by a falling tree limb

I got laid off

Caption this pic of Joe Lieberman

"One Woman Army" for children's health care......

Any other heartbroken Golden State Warrior fans out there?

The bride's parents will whip the groom on his chest 30 times to test how brave

Nancy Pelosi stops Colombian trade bill!

If you read this or post a reply, you should be fined and/or Jailed

So one minute you're cleaning your pool, the next, a truck crashes into it and kills you

Being a John Edwards Democrat (great speech by a supporter in Idaho)

King wants to leave some oil for Saudi children

Who benefits from US wars? US lawmakers!

U.S. Govt. to Use Advanced Spy Technology Against Americans.

Dirtiest Air in the World..will soon be cleaner, for a while..It is all about money, of course.

Democrats Sue Over John McCain Campaign Financing

So does DU not want Canadians on the Board?

My ... oh my... Stephen Colbert can SING the National Anthem!

Berlusconi Is Back..(Ick!)

Spies in Wikipedia ?

How the GOP Hijacked the Justice Department !

AlterNet: Wall Street and Washington Are Failing Spectacularly -- Where Do We Go?

GOP's Pet Project: Privatized collection costs IRS more than it raises

“In the beginning, there was Alan Greenspan…”

A Fuller Excerpt from that YearlyKos Panel (featured in Obama's latest ad)

has TV news said anything about "Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S."

Deadly bombings hit Iraqi cities

Has anyone had any problems downloading

6.9% year to year wholesale inflation rate

List one word that best describes Barack Obama.

Sinking housing market maroons homeowners

surge update - More Than 50 Killed by Car Bombs in Iraq

McCain wants to cut out the middle man, give big oil even bigger profits

What do you think of the Texas cult's clunky "temple"?

McCain's temper really is an issue.

Today is National WTF Day: War Tax Fund.

Ten things you should know about John McCain,

U.S. Foreclosures Jump 57% as Homeowners Walk Away

The "core inflation" number... is there any more worthless stat?

Greg Palast

McCain calls for "alternative tax system"...uses the term "Fair Tax"...goodbye, middle class

Did I just hear NPR say that the Pope is going to tell * to stay the course in Iraq?

Iraq Casuality website 'MALICIOUSLY ATTACKED'

A Rundown Of Our Economic Woes

$200 million in food aid. What the hell is that going to do for food riots in about

Obama's Economic Policy

How Republicans Quietly Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections

How Republicans Quietly Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections

Drop In Seal Hunters Is Significant

My diabetes meds just went up...

Be Careful what you wish for

AlterNet: The Bush Admin's How-to Guide for Using Religious Warfare to Destroy Iraq

OH: Youngstown bulldozes 1,000-plus buildings

Right Wing Radio = Legalized Brain Washing....has taken its toll...28%

EU ready to propose ban on imports of ‘inhumane’ seal products

Mclame is on cnn - tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts

Pope is going to visit Ground Zero. Maybe he could visit this one while he was here too?

McLame makes another Gaffe and the Army Times find it this time

McCain didn't look well today at his economic speech: (pic)

It's April 15: Do you know where John McCain's tax returns are?

"...nahm er der Breze und sagte Dank, brach es, reichte es seinen Jüngern und sprach:

The Coming War with Iran: It's About the Oil, Stupid

Virgin Media CEO Vows to Slow Websites that Don't Pay for Premium Service


N.Y. Assembly Passes Online Sex Predators Bill

Obama will raise the capital gains tax

Status of Syria strike hearing unclear (House Reps Thursday)

Here's your daily "Oil Rises to a Record" story for Tuesday:

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Fighting for the Franchise

Oil Companies in Iraq: A Century of Rivalry and War- 7 Oil Wars to Control Iraq

AUDIO of racist pig Geoff Davis

John McCain's weird superstitions

The Revolution that will not be televised, Iraq through the eyes of one madokie

Hillary's campaign has yet again struck fools' gold instead of

Tweety (aka Chris Matthews) running for Senate in 2010. Which party will he claim?

Why need an Elite President - We have Hee-Haw right now

Grandpa McCain makes ANOTHER gaffe... (where was Whispering-Joe?)

Dems and GOPers Agree: FBI Has Too Much Info

USA TODAY: Does tax code send U.S. jobs offshore?

US military claims at least 596 rockets and mortars rounds were fired into the Green Zone recently

4034 dead - two more added to the list

Oil breaks $113 - new trading record

What do you think: True or False

Der Iron Pope "ashamed" of the clergy sex scandal.

March 14, 2005: CNN's article on house flippers: "Even a small downturn could wipe you out"

What "elitist" means to me.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

In 2004, RWers and their scumsucking ilk had their panties in a bunch over Kerry's "5" houses

MLB gets best grade for hiring diversity; # of black players drops

Dean Baker: The Washington Post Wants YOU to Stop Saving

Deadly day in Iraq - at least 75 killed (*graphic pic*)

Deadly day in Iraq - at least 75 killed (*graphic pic*)

Diabetes May Be Disorder of Upper Intestine

It's never over with Jeb Bush. Failed school voucher vote magically up for revote next week.

Delete, posting bug error

Conservative bias at the Newseum?

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Can you help?!

If all the young girls are married off at 15/16 years old what do all the 15/16 year old boys do?

So with huge deficets, McCain wants to suspend the federal gas tax.

hail a foot deep still there after 12 hrs. - a hail of a storm

Unusual Earthquake Swarm Off Oregon Coast Puzzles Scientists

Unusual Earthquake Swarm Off Oregon Coast Puzzles Scientists

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995

Guilty Before Proven Innocent

Analogy of the day-MARXian MARXist. Kristol Rove and Krauthammer

Canadian Police raid Conservative Party headquarters...

Bill Scher: One Year After Filibuster, Drug Costs Soaring

Does the collection of income tax violate the Thirteenth Amendment?

Let’s settle all disagreements with pingpong! - Today’s Headlines 4/15/08

sad news for the republicans --alan keyes has "resigned"

"‘red’ means you're lying"

BBC Gives a good graphic explanation of the Subprime Debacle

McCain’s tax plan would double the size of the Bush tax cuts...

I hold my nose to post this, but did you see O'Reilly's latest? Unbelievable.

Time to contact your senators over FISA (thought I would pass this along)

So, I was talking to some HMOs today about how to get insurance

The Guardian publishes a map of food riots

Does anybody here subscribe to 'Ode' magazine? I got an offer in the mail today and it

Does anybody here subscribe to 'Ode' magazine? I got an offer in the mail today and it

InterPress: Global Hot Spots of Hunger Set to Explode

Colbert- Michelle Obama tonight. Hillary thursday.

McCain indicates he will NOT support GI Bill.»

The quiet force in McCain's campaign (~ violin music~)

A Brief for Whitey by Pat Buchanan!

Olbermann Tops O'Reilly

Olbermann Tops O'Reilly

Our Liberal Media....

McCain campaign blames recipe ‘debacle’ on ‘low-level unpaid’ staffer.»

John Conyers: Another Reason for Universal Health Care - Out of Control Prescription Drug Costs

Can George Stephanopoulos Be A Fair Moderator of A Debate Between Clinton & Obama?

Gas Gang Uses 'Never-Before-Seen' Device To Hack, Steal From Pumps

Any Windows/PC users here tried the new Safari for Windows v3.1 web browser? I have a few questions.

Seriously, why does God allow suffering?

Bill toughens law on visual sexual aggression against children in Maine

I thought we had a computer forum here at DU but I cant find it

Probe Puts Spotlight on Earmarks


China tops world in executions - Amnesty International...

Bankruptcy filings surged in '07, up 38%

Friends of the Earth to McCain: stop pushing for pork for corporate polluters

Where can I find an online source for my state's laws?

Hey, John "my friends" McCain, listen up, don't call me your friend.

"Yankee taxes"? Global warming denier predicts another civil war-over coal

A request for the Pope

Dan Froomkin: Not to Be Trusted

Grover Norquist is on with Thom Hartmann right now......I can't listen.....

Stealing copper from a munitions plant??

John Murtha, HuffPo: After Five Years: the Iraqi Government No Where Near in Control

Comcast wants 'bill of rights' for file-sharers and ISPs

Image In Hospital Brings Some To Tears, Prompts E-Mails. What do you see?

FM: China Strongly Denounces CNN Host's Insulting Words

Digby: Rand To The Rescue (Ayn Rand indoctrination in schools)

Laura Bush Gets an Hour as Guest Host on "Today" Show

With the economy the way it is, where is the first place you will/have cut?

Iraq qualifies 35 companies for oil deals - US gets Lion's Share...

Getcha souvenirs right here! The Pope has landed!

Hallmark card yanked from shelves after woman claims it promotes teen sex

We need to learn a few damn things from some piss ants!

Randi: "I can build anything. And I'm gonna."

The POWERFUL ELITE cover up for each other. Clintons have long protected BushInc. Obama WON'T.

What Would YOU Do With $3 Trillion???

Lieberman: "And I wouldn’t...I’d hesitate to say he’s a Marxist"

Idea for new Government Agency to help the People

The Pope's visit reminds of how much I miss John Paul THE FIRST

Update on the Yoo email effort from the American Freedom Campaign

Contact your congressman and senator about farm bill

Bill Bennet utilized liberal "truth to power" to characterize the pope.

I have lost the capacity to respect, let alone admire, those in positions of power.

Michelle Obama

My son received a letter from West Point.

For FLDS the year 2000 wasn’t supposed to happen

Cindy McCain's "Family Recipes" Stolen from the Food Network

Bitter stuff


Is Il Papum still planning to stiff Boy George on his dinner invite to the White House?

Joltin' Joe weighs in again...

I am SO relieved that horrible threat to our nation will be off the streets (Deborah Jeane Palfrey)

Rethug dreams of taking Dem senate seat in LA apparently just that, a dream

Listen GEM$NBC shut the fuck up re Jimmy Carter

Patriotic or Unpatriotic, you make the choice!

Vietnam veteran holds up a sign in protest of the Iraq war after McCain speech - pic

FBI: No Need For More Restrictions on Our Spying

Happy Tax Day, y'all!

Muqtada al-Sadr Leads Largest "Humanitarian" Group in Iraq, Says Report

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. VII

Pioneering physicist John A. Wheeler dies - quantum theory, black hole , nuclear fission

Arlen Specter's cancer returns

CJR: Bush a 'conspirator' on torture, not an accessory after the fact.

Iraq army rescues CBS British journalist - Missing For More than Two Months

Resistance: How a Portland Couple Have Refused to Pay Taxes for 30+ yrs to Protest Military Funding

Latest Coalition Fatalities in Iraq - Total = 4,036

Under McCain, Every Day Would Be Tax Day

Lindsey Graham, comedian.....

State Department warns diplomats of compulsory Iraq duty

Economic Report: Home repossessions up 129 percent

Tweety won't ask McCain how many al-Qaeda does he think there are in Iraq

Putin To Bring Arms Contracts Worth $3 Billion To Libya

Latest American death count in Iraq - 4036

Are Catholics who respect their Pope

Check out the American Family Association's Poll of the Day:

$113.93/barrel for oil. $3.386 national average for gas.

Found: Recipe from Cindy McCain

PHOTO: "That's interesting."

Conservative Answer to MoveOn Tanking

So I was watching Tweety on Gregory

Man Charged For Eating Vote

help me with this [these] headline[s].....Car Bombs Kill More Than 50 In Iraq

Russ Feingold: On the FBI's Misuse of Its National Security Letter Authority

Fred Kagan claims Democrats want to ‘profit on this war.’

NYT: Retailer bankruptcies set to prompt thousands of store closings

Did it ever occur to anyone else that the news stories about your candidate that you cheer about ...

Did you know rates for Priority Mail & express mail go up May 12???

McCain just got my vote.....

Tax Cuts for the Rich = The Amount of Debt China holds on US

U.S. And Britain Shift The Blame For High Oil Prices

Frontline will discuss Health Care tonight

Eight Years Summed Up In One Picture

Food Inflation at a 17 Year High

For many victims of clergy abuse, the scars are now burning

For many victims of clergy abuse, the scars are now burning

For many victims of clergy abuse, the scars are now burning

Did anyone just hear Keith? Said Bill-o was more responsible for the death

The Expectation Bone-yard

U.S. Foreclosures Jump 57% as Homeowners Walk Away

I would have been a nullifying juror if I had been on the DC Madam jury

On Limbaugh's deafness.

Hoping that COLBERT creamed Tweety last night. Re-run coming up at 8:30

Biden coming up on KO n/t

Let’s Not Facilitate Corporate Crime - Hand Count the Paper Ballots

We need another Theodore Roosevelt!!!

Some gay couples are having trouble obtaining divorces

BWHaha I love KO Cindy McCain todays worst person in the world

John Nichols: Phil Donahue's War

***DU this Lou Dobbs Poll***

The G(as) O(il) P(etroleum) party

Caption time...I'll start...

Howard Dean: $120 Million and the FEC (Suit Against McCain)

Too much Rice is bad for your health: Condi goes off the deep end....

Michele Bachmann.....Bringing teh crazy

The Politics of Distraction in an Age of Gotcha Capitalism

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 4,034

Foreclosures in Kentucky jump 45.2% in March

Jonathan Alter, stop saying we can't be bitter. Don't say we need to be careful what we say.

Guardian UK: (British) Retail sales fall for first time in two years despite heavy discounts

We thought we won but then we didn't


McSameasBush's recipe for the election

McSameasBush's recipe for the election

Tax Relief for the Republicans is no cure for the economic hardship coming

On the Economy, 70% Disapprove of Bush

Dallas VA closes psychiatric wing after 4th patient kills himself

Medicare Nightmare

I really appreciate Frontline's "Health Care Around the World" special tonight....

Oil Prices Surge to a New High $114 per barrel / $28 when bu$h* took office

VCR/DVR ALERT: PBS' Frontline sounds like a sequel to Michael Moore's "Sicko." -- airing tonight 9pm

(FAVORITE) "Retailing Chains Caught in Wave of Bankruptcies, NYT

Court Terminates 8-Year-Old Girl's Marriage

"Got Foodstamps?"

Taking the kids away from those Texas Polygamists is wrong.

Taking the kids away from those Texas Polygamists is wrong.

Democracy Interactive Radio - Paul Waldman

Anyone watching the Detainees/Deportees on PBS

George Stephanopoulos Taking Notes From Sean Hannity for Tomorrow Night's Debates

1 out of 10 Americans predicted to be on food stamps next year, but maybe

MSNBC Coverage of Pope's arrival:

So, our priorities are petty religious/moral/political shit rather than domestic/foreign policies,..

Why do I always get a sinking feeling in my gut when I file my taxes?

Here Comes the Next Mortgage Crisis

The Daily Show - it's torture time

stepping ever backward, Fl. wants a cross on license plates

JAMA: "Drastic action" needed to prevent drug companies from withholding data.

No one is a greater elitist than a neo-conservative

Pope lands in US, vows to fight clergy sex abuse

Jenna Bush Talks About Her Wedding Plans

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!!

Polygamy: A most telling comment from a mother in the Texas Cult

"Maoists" ahead in Nepal's election

N.J. High School Football Coach Has No Right To Encourage Student Prayers, Federal Appeals Court Say

You're damn right I am bitter... Great Toon>>>>check it out

What's this 'Iraq War Charge' on my bill?

Did anybody see this article?

Tax Day Toon

Tax Day Toon

Is Lieberman considered a "Super Delegate" at Dem convention?

Bill Banning Spanking Moves Forward - Bill Prohibits Spanking With Wooden Spoon, Switch

AZ bigots voting this Sheriff Joe poll. Can you assist with a DU vote?

On FRONTLINE Tonight "Sick around the World" About how other countries have Universal Health Care

There's Only One SwampRat, And I'm Glad He's On Our Side !!!

There's Only One SwampRat, And I'm Glad He's On Our Side !!!

There's Only One SwampRat, And I'm Glad He's On Our Side !!!

"There is no room for centrists and moderates in the Democratic Party."

"There is no room for centrists and moderates in the Democratic Party."

Moronic-looking "Crocs" shoe company in freefall...

TEDTalk Tuesday: A New Application for the Wiimote

TEDTalk Tuesday: A New Application for the Wiimote

Is finding more oil a bad thing?

More on the Rev. Moon/Bush Connection

Must-View: New Errol Morris Doc On Abu Ghraib Photos - "Standard Operating Procedure" TRAILER

Cross-dresser, rejected for job at lingerie store, rams store 7 times with Geo Tracker.

Cross-dresser, rejected for job at lingerie store, rams store 7 times with Geo Tracker.

Oh here we go.... Study: Single parents cost taxpayers $112 billion

We owed the Irs this year, i mailed my check 3 days ago---they cashed it already.

Sammy Seder: Seder On Sunday contract ends on May 14th

Dead Cat At Jail May Have Been Tasered

TYPICAL bush - he's having Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) land at government/military base!

SEIU Union Officials Organize Violent Assault On Union Conference!

What is it with parents, who actually encourage their kids to join the military?

A veterans newsletter debunks Vietnam myths with SOME "facts" that might be disputed here

Teenage Skeptic Takes on Climate Scientists

Biden On John McCain, Election And National Security

Family's Sole Surviving Son Denied GI Benefits

HUFFPO: The Coming War with Iran: It's About the Oil, Stupid

McCain indicates he will not support GI Bill. (updated)

FBI Email Says Bush Signed Exec Order Authorizing Harsh Interrogation Methods


Pope Joey’s rap sheet (for those who don't already know)

Bitter-gate (or desperation-gate) flops: Hillary still can't win

Loud Dobbs Audience is BITTER!

Arlen Specter's cancer has returned.

So the Pope doesn't want us to pull out of Iraq

If you can forget about your narcism for a minute, some numbers:

The Emperor Has No Clothes or Brains or Compassion - pictures

Tim Robbins Apologizes To Right-Wing Radio

some facts about Fundie Polygamist cults- for those defending that lifestyle

Plane crash in Congo .. 78 dead. CNN.COM Breaking

Teen Suspended After Accepting Call From Father In Iraq

"certifiable, insane" Zubaydah, Bush and the Bureaucracy of Torture

Where's your next meal coming from?

Is anyone else here kind of relieved that this whole

Bad Rivets doom the Titanic?

How BAD do you think this is going to get...?

Is the Chinese government still communist?

I'm doing ok back on the job

Report: Connecticut poor pay more of income on taxes, than rich

France takes up body image law

House-flippers in financial hell: "Many areas are becoming ghost towns as families foreclose"


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/15/08 (warning: graphic language)

Jenna Bush dishes on her May 10 wedding

Cognitive dissonance Part 1: Tiger on the periphery

What you need, is 2,000 calories a day and shelter from the

Tim Robbins Tells Assoc. of Broadcasters Where to Stick the Trash They Broadcast

Creeped out by those cult moms in Texas!

I am calling for an all-out war on the mainstream media.

Cold dead hands clinging to their guns in Pennsylvania:

FLDS owned company was awarded $1.2 million in federal government contracts (includes Defense Dept)

New Progressive Israel Lobby to counter far right AIPAC

Why "Recipe-gate" matters.

If something happened to your SO, could you survive financially?

PC WORLD: U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked

Know Your DLC: Mark Penn

Just finished my taxes on this new form. Very easy, took me 2 minutes.

Anyone ever smoked saliva (divinorum)?

SUMMER is coming and I LOVE MY FLAG

Russia Hits Peak Oil

I have this song stuck in my head.

Anyone else find the 'Meet Your Meat' ad Disturbing?

I've never had to do my taxes before.

heroic chimps yearn for freedom

Get me back on time, engine number 9!


John McCain and the Myth of the “Activist Liberal Judge”


Tomorrow is the first round of court for my Dad. No thanks to that ex-sister!

Post a Pic Of Your "War Room" Here's Mine:

I would like to wish everyone a happy...

I've got to get this off of my chest

Who wouldn't want to smell like a pair of shoes? I ask you.

This might be more appropriate here

Does Hillary buy her guns at Wal Mart?

How did YOU spend one of your 3 daily allotted posts at GD:P?

NO! OH, Dear GOD, NO, "The Hills" star Heidi Montag's free-form "rap" performance on MTV's TRL

I reformatted a hard drive for my cousin's friend

I found a new online toy to play with!

Sorry, Romney fans...Mitt is NOT included in the 2009 "Mormons Exposed" Calendar

Well, I am posting from my back deck enjoying the last blast of cool spring weather before summer.

I'm about to click on the button that will change my life (love story warning)

The gnod maps--they're fun.

Has anyone used PDFCreator?

Dear God.. I contributed to GDP... what have I done?

What local foodstuffs are adbundant within two parsecs' journey from your residence?

Perfect Chinese lunch!

Tips to improve your fuel economy

An easy film class is a joy to take.

Okay, why the fuck am I constantly sick?

"You have to climb to the top of Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls"


Has anyone ever visited/lived in Argentina?

I have a new apartment...check it out!

Hi Lounge folk!

Can somebody help this poster out please?

how can I sneak out of here 30 minutes early?

Broadband internet usage limits

I just ordered $100 worth of sushi for tomorrow's teaching group meeting

The Forces are too strong

Ladies and Gentlemen! My new band!

YouTube: "G.I. Jane" Actor & Scientologist Jason Beghe: "Where's the fucking CLEAR?"

I just registered for my LAST semester of college!

What's the name of the Highway Patrolling law enforcement agency in Connecticut?

Humor: Sarcasma, Sarcasm Relief Capsules.

Special Report: McCain TWIT in Pennsylvania

How do you cure a crush on Kip Winger?

"What in the name of sweet breakfast meats are you doing...?"

Looking for a good place to eat in or very near to Maplewood, NJ.

Dupe of Earl....

I wonder how many buzzes and/or BJ/VJ moments Pink Floyd destroyed with the opening of Time on DSofM

Does anyone like Goldie Lookin Chain?

There's nothing more fun than damning with faint praise

If Oprah has really started a church, then good for her!

I know CPS has to do their job and I know these FLDS folks are messed up but...

Today I saw the only McCain sign I've seen so far

Mr. Debi is offically a Senior Citizen today!

Anyone else here have a wall clock, that's a giveaway?

Tim Robbins Chastises TV Execs For Elevating Britney Over Iraq

Robin Leach pole-dancing in West Palm Beach. Through the magic of photography, you are there.

OMG...WORST cell phone ad yet...

LynneSins BBQ is in 4 days

Wow, I am digging the CBC hockey coverage in Mandarin

Regarding the Pope's visit

Cheney: "So?"

16 second ad that makes me laugh every time...

Emeril's blender.

Kitchen Gadgets

Help me bring Writer home

Jenny Maria Herman wants to give me $2,500,000

1969 Republican cookbook. What sort of recipes do you think

**Biggest Loser** finale tonight - anyone watch this show?

Food Site of the Day

Oh crap he's here!!

Looking for a bottom to the housing market? (and no, it's not in 2008 or 2009)

I just did our taxes

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/15/2008)

If I don't find a data set for my f'n paper soon, I'm going to cry...

Hello from ..... my boudoir!

I may have to go to Montana this summer!! Ask me anything!!

This a test. Would you LMK if you are able to see all three of the pics I've posted here? TIA

Need a laugh? Thanks to stahbrett, I have been laughing so hard I cried.

I think I just peed a little.

Lick Me.

DuStrange--I thought of some other titles for your emoticon movie

OMG Pat Robertson

Dumb joke list....

Leona Lewis, bleeding love

Anybody else watching the Asia concert webcast?

WTF? Freeze warning? Crazy weather

BTW - Home ownership SUCKS!!!

Blaaaaah, company coming over at 9:30 pm....

Speaking of taxes.. this hillbilly went into the drug store for contraception

stupid tax question - I had over 10K withheld for SS and Medicare.

My son's first DU post:

Who is bringing me coffee in bed tomorrow?

19 recommendations. Non-inflammatory. Calm and reasonable. Sank like a stone.

Iron Man (movie preview pic)

Iron Man (movie preview pic)

I had along day, but It wasnt because I was working...

Question about the Mali Uromastyx we bought a while back


Radio Lady: Help! I'm trying to make a beef stew and I'm totally lost.

Hold me, Kitch! We've got a 3 run lead!!!

I have never deleted mail in my inbox....


Time for a... POPE JOKE!!!

Holy crap, look how fast this RC Car gets

A little bit of fire over in GD

Cardinals in 1st in NL central...hmmmm

A New Story by the wonderful author, ME. posted on line at the local college...


anyone recommend a good website that supports Tibetan independence?

Feel the Love!

Vatican introduces new bath products line with "Pope on a Rope"

My hand hurts.

So, I'm taking a playwriting class

I have to leave for a few minutes to phone in my vote

Ladies - I have a wedding etiquette question.

What's for dinner?

Hey everyone!! Found out yesterday that I am a GIRL!!!!

Michael Bolton and Barry Manilow

Well, I am still losing weight

Hey, DU, you awake?

I'm installing Ubuntu on an old PIII machine

Ah, back in the day -

Did you know that it costs more to make a penny than a penny is worth?

Job title help. What would you call a person who did this stuff?

Well, we no longer have a wall clock...thanks kitteh...

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

I hit the love button

I saw Lil Bush for the first time

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/15/08 (warning: graphic language)

In the Simpsons, which state is Cletus from originally?

A dating question for the men of DU:

HELL'S KITCHEN fans: Do you think FOX is paying Chef Gordon Ramsay to turn up the heat on that show?

Can anybody explain to me why everybody falls over themselves whenever the pope shows up

Just TRY to stop me. I'm burning BOOKS!

Does anyone else think of the Grinch

how about a meet-up, pack-up, fix-up at my place!

turtlensue: Guess what the first game of the 2008-2009 NFL season is?

I just put two posters I've known since forever on "Ignore" and I feel like shit.

Wondering how many threads there are in the sewing forum.

Shit!! Who knows the amount of torque needed to properly seat...

The American Economy is in BAD Shape

what local foodstuffs are adbundant within two days' walk from your residence?

How Popey are you?

I'm in such a bitchy mood today.... help.

OMG! There is a bird outside my window singing SO LOUD that there's no way I can sleep.

Uh, oh. He's at it again.

Favorite way (or person) to eat chocolate with?

things that bring you joy

Famous Wolf Among First Casualties

Read any good books lately?

First Love found on facebook. Help? Friends?

I want to thank everyone who helped me with my Dad's dying.

Hey everyone!! Found out yesterday that I am having a GIRL!!!!

My kittehs thought 3am was the ideal time to play today

Radio Lady: Where does this quote come from. "Whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens

Where's Parche????

Any Catholics in here that can give me advice?

Any Catholics in here that can give me advice?

guys, have u ever had a girl not want to leave u alone

Iraq: "rubbish from right wing think tanks where bird-brained war-mongers huddle together"

Those nasty Chicago Police KILLED the cougar!!!!!

Never, never, never, never, never, never start using tobacco

Everyone... Please say hello to DaydreaminHippie68

One of my favorite poems. I've been thinking of sharing it with


My towhees are back

Law and Order: SVU was intense tonight!

Greatest FAKE Rock & Roll Band of ALL TIME

Hey Pittsburgh loungers

I just had an interesting cat encounter...

Does this forum allow stupid questions? Please allow me one??

Let's have some fun: What's YOUR stripper name?? Post it here.

Here's what we need to hear, FDR, 1936: "I welcome their hatred"

Infanticide, rape, physical abuse, child abandonment, incest, genetic deformities

Kitties in the laundry room (Warning: Pics)

It's well overdue

WARNING to dog & cat owners about Promeris for fleas & tics

The Gay Agenda - it's time to start recruiting again!

Re-live your rick roll crushes here.

Cheese it guys, the Pope's coming!

Superhero Night at Central Station (sexy pic warning)

Gay couples face higher tax bills

Iraqi Militias Offering Aid To Displaced

Foreclosures jump 57 percent in last 12 months

Lawmakers Want FBI Access to Data Curbed By Carrie Johnson

Collectors Cost IRS More Than They Raise

Car bombs kill nearly 60 in Iraq

Oil Rises to Trading Record Above $112

Putin Strengthens Grip on Power, Becomes Party Leader

Davis sorry for 'boy' remark

Britain awards Iraqi two million pounds compensation

Colmbian Volcano Erupts, Thousands Flee

Obama says he 'mangled' Pa. remark

Laura Bush Gets an Hour as Guest Host on "Today" Show

2 aides to top Iraqi Shi'ite cleric (al-Sistani) escape assassination attempts

Bush admin. reverses course, strips loophole from contract fraud crackdown

Delta, Northwest Agree to Combine

Car bomb kills 30 in Iraq

Paraguay police break up protest over housing

Suit against ex-Bolivian leader moved to Miami

RCMP raid Tory headquarters

China demands CNN apology for "goons" comment

Democrats blast Mukasey for 9/11 call remarks

Melting mountains a water 'time bomb'

Colombia volcano erupts, prompting thousands to leave homes

US Foreclosure Filings Jump in March

Woman convicted of running Washington prostitution service

Quinn criticizes governor, pushes for recall measure

Candidate laughs off gaffe about 'Obama bin Laden'

Continental, United mulling own courses of action

Early Recurrence Of Hodgkin's Found In Sen Specter (R-PA)

McCain calls for tax cuts, corporate responsibility

U.S. bankruptcies soared 38 percent in 2007: government

Clinton sketches her first 100 days agenda

Clinton calls for limited talks with Iran

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 15

Group Finds 6 Million Pounds of Trash on World's Beaches

Farley Mowat bails out crew and namesake ship after N.S. arrest

Pak-based militants may attack US: Bush

Abramoff firm settles; Case against Greenberg Traurig dropped

At Least 36 U.S. States Face Water Shortage

UNR whistleblower professor fired

Hoyer "hopeful" FISA Can Pass Before Memorial Day

Canada first to label bisphenol A as officially dangerous

Brazil and Russia to build jet fighter and satellite launch vehicles

No Internet voting for military this year

No Internet voting for military this year

Long-lost article by Obama's dad surfaces

Forecast for big sea level rise

Clinton losing traction over Obama in Pennsylvania, Indiana

Food Prices Rising at Fastest Rate in 17 Years

China 'now top carbon polluter'

Two face federal sabotage charges in Lake City case

Lawmaker lobbies for bill to impeach Bush

Pentagon seeks authority over training foreign militaries(and 750 mil )

China, U.S. in top 5 for executions, report says

Carter, defying Israel, meets Hamas ex-minister

("DC Madam") Palfrey Convicted on Prostitution-Related Charges

Tehran police chief caught nude with 6 women in underground brothel

Violence Marks Paraguay Elections

McCain calls for a summer 'gas-tax holiday'

Crude oil at new high just under $114; gas also at a record

Broward dealer's guns linked to Guatemalan shootout (South Florida)

FBI says problems with letters fixed (NSLs)

McCain Plea to Hispanics Dismays Anti-Immigration Republicans

McCain opposes Webb's GI bill

Venezuela Approves $9 Billion Oil Windfall Profit Law

Obama calls elitism attack "political silly season"

Bush Defeats Truman (hasn't received majority approval since 3 years and 3 months ago)

Military hearing opens for contractor charged in Iraq

McCain reveals confusion over Petraeus role

Bush to give speech on climate change strategy

Plastic Bottle Chemical May Be Harmful -US Agency

Iraqi unit flees post, despite American's plea

Bankruptcy filings surged in '07 (up 38%)

Alleged NASA Cancer Problem May Have Existed For Years

Big Tax Breaks for Businesses in Housing Bill

State Department warns diplomats of compulsory Iraq duty

Dallas VA closes psych unit after 4th suicide of year

Clinton sketches first 100 days, Obama vows to help workers

Clinton sketches first 100 days, Obama vows to help workers

Pope ’ashamed’ of sex abuse scandal

BREAKING: Senator Arlen Specter Diagnosed With Early Recurrence of Hodgkin's Disease

Ghostwriters Used in Vioxx Studies, Article Says

Gore, Kerry Strategists Take Strong Exception to Clinton's 'Elitist' Remark

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention

Supporters, Protesters Welcome Cheney ("He is a War Criminal")

An angry China is lashing out at its foreign critics

Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur

McCain & Miss Teen South Carolina

TPMtv: Sunday Roundup on Bittergate

Obama @ Associated Press Luncheon - 04/14/2008

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich Privatizing Iraq's Oil is Theft

Clinton ad featuring a real agent of change/reformer, Philadelphia mayor Nutter

Barack Obama in Philadelphia, PA

Barack Obama in Indiana

Cliff SchecterThrows Punches With McCain

Another McCain Foreign Policy Error

TYT: Breaking Down Hillary's Thoughts on Guns

Obama push-back robocall from Mayor of York, PA

Rupert Murdoch Gets Caught & Freaks -This Guy REALLY is a Jerk!

"Old School" - The John McCain Rap

Belzer on "Morning Joe"

Barack Obama: Building Trades Legislative Conference

TYT: Should Prostitution Be Legal? Former Escort/Author Veronica Monet Says Yes

crystal dawn Endorses Hillary Clinton as her drinking buddy

Rep. Murtha Explains Why He's For Hillary

Obama - 'Represent' TV Ad

OBAMAFIED - Barack Obama Music Video

TYT: Clinton supporters may destroy country

The Big Question

CNN: Abu Ghraib Docu: 'Standard Operating Procedure' (Errol Morris)

MSNBC 4/15: Analysts Make Predictions

Rachel Maddow: Puts Bitter-Gate in Perspective

Barack Obama, in Washington, PA, defends himself against "elitist" attacks

Stephen Colbert on Obama's "Hope Bong", on Larry King

Pt. 2 --Being a John Edwards Democrat- Feb 5, 2008 Boise ID

She is really starting to sound like the female version of Bush.

Stephen Colbert Larry King [1 of 4] 4/14/08

Barack sporting new flag pin at veterans town hall meeting in Washington, PA on April 15, 2008

The church of Oprah exposed!!

Torture: Impeachment or Complicity?

TYT: Can You Be Proud of the Way Hillary Has Run This Campaign?

White Haired Women for Obama

Countdown: Bitterness 4/15 - Maddow: 1 in 10 Americans on Food Stamps

What Does Torture Look Like?

Countdown: Sen. Biden Interview 'Dems Stronger on National Security' - 4/15

Obama campaign video on Hillary ties to lobbyist

A Small Voice

Biden on 2008 and the Stakes for America's Security

Pt. 1 --Being a John Edwards Democrat- Feb 5, 2008 Boise ID

Rachel Maddow: Media talk of Bitter-gate is a caricature!

Obama takes money from Big Oil & voted for Cheney's energy bill

Hillary Makes A Fool Of Herself, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, April 14

Does Bush Evil paradoxically imply that God is real?

How Republicans Quietly Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections

What We Really Learned From the NYT Magazine Piece on Chris Matthews

The Scarlet Letter

Cavett-Try talking English, General. You mean more soldiers.

Who Says John McCain’s Tone-Deaf on the Economy?

Immigrant Crackdowns Are Building the National Security State

Newspaper Carries Word of Another Mysterious U.S. Soldier Death in Iraq

Of tribes and governments

Friend or foe?

Dems charge Bush broke law bypassing DoJ confirmation

American Hegemony Is Not Guaranteed

Barack' s Words of Reasonable Origin in a Topsy-Turvy Party

Political Log Rolling in Clinton Country

Friend or Foe? (Iran in Iraq)

Frankly, It's Shameful by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Justice Inquiry Centers on Dismissal, Gay Rumors

Hillary Clinton's Strategically Delayed Gratification

FBI over-reaching; Lawmakers Want FBI Access to Data Curbed

WP, Froomkin on Iraq and Iran: "Nothing these people say should be taken at face value."

Eugene Robinson: Shot and a Chablis

Bitterzens of the mall, unite!

'This is a Class War' -- Auto Workers Fight 50 Percent Pay Cut Demand

Tax Day Gifts for the Rich

Venezuela Guarantees Job Security in Nationalized Cement Companies

Chavez Emboldens Venezuelan Workers with Takeover Precedent

How Blue Is Your Collar?

Confessions of an Elitist

McCain-Rice Match a Gift to Dems

Chris Matthews in the Senate? Now That’s Where We'll REALLY See Some Old-Time 'Hardball'


Amid mounting food crisis, governments fear revolution of the hungry

Cindy McCain DOES Have a Unique Chicken Recipe: Cook for 100 Years!

Al-Sadr Tightens the Screws

"If You're Not Angry and Bitter, You're Not Paying Attention" (Mary Lyon, aka: Calimary)

Credit crunch? The real crisis is global hunger. And if you care, eat less meat

The world's rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan

Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'The Harvest of Shame'

Study: Boomers to Flood Medical System

Uri Avnery congratulates Carter for decision to meet with Hamas leaders

"The Rubes and the Elites" (Bitter Small Town America) Salon..

Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine": Corporatism in Extremis

The Real Feminist Thing To Do is Acknowledge Hillary's Failures as a Candidate and Move On

"Tax Gifts for the Rich" add up to nearly same amount as US Debt Held by China!

"In the beginning, there was Alan Greenspan"

Adieu, Randi Rhodes

Fascism Is Creepy

Movie About Gary Webb, 'Dark Alliance' Reporter Who Died, Planned

15 soldiers injured in Kuwait road accident

Roadside bombs kill 2 soldiers in Iraq

Gov. rejects report, backs La. Guard leader

U.S. to release photographer held for 2 years

Roadside bomb hits convoy, sets market ablaze

New Orleans battalion begins return from Iraq

Army wants to add $252M to FCS

Missing Marine couple turn themselves in

819th Red Horse Squadron returns to Malmstrom

Struggling country where bread means life (Egypt)

4/15 14:50 GMT - Eight Of Eleven Global Oil Benchmarks Over $110 - Tapis At $118.72

Rock Port, Mo., first in country to run 100% on wind power

Soaring prices may hit oil firms` expansion plans

Bush & Brown Combine Forces To Blame OPEC For High Energy Prices - Reuters

F-16 fires on SUV while training at Hill AFB

Disbarred JAG arraigned on 13 charges

Iraqi master trainers graduate

Marines to cut forces in stable Anbar province

U.S.–S. Korea relationship weakened, official says

Investors back 271 homes in Spangdahlem

First rotation into Romania set for June

Army fights STDs with free condoms

Patriot Express to resume flights

Border Patrol recruits overseas

Japan asks to be kept in the loop on desertions

U.S. civilian faces Japanese judge on possession charge

Rumsfeld writing memoir

General Defends 15-Month Tours

Lobby Worries About Saudi F-35s

CSAR Contract Delayed Again

US Takes Over New Iraq Embassy

Vets’ groups push for better GI Bill

McCain reveals confusion over Petraeus role

Ecuadorian Activists To Receive Goldman Prize - Chevron Spokesman Calls Them "Con Men" - MSNBC

UK - Annualized Increase In Transport Costs 7% - Food Prices Rising At Fastest Rate In 17 Years

Thermodynamic limitations to nuclear energy deployment as a greenhouse gas mitigation technology

In Ten Years, S. China Sea Has Lost 16% Of Reefs & Mangroves, 30% Of Seagrass - AFP

Bandar Abbas Ayatollah To Iran's Energy Minister - Pray For Rain - AFP

If Lethal Salmon Parasite Reaches Scottish Rivers, All Fish In Them May Have To Be Killed

Dana Perino - Bush Climate "Plan" Leak Just Before Earth Day Just A Coincidence - Grist

State ethanol industry ready to go without corn, experts say (FL)

German utilities, wind power industry dismiss govt's 2020 wind power target

Boston Globe: One less burger, one safer planet

Lukoil VP - Russian Production Has Peaked - Spiegel

New and improved ecological footprint calculator from Redefining Progress

Fight over border fence environmental waivers could reach Supreme Court

The Coming War with Iran: It's About the Oil, Stupid (HuffPo)

Forecast for big sea level rise - BBC

Seattle P-I: Climate Change: Last gasp for autos

Increasingly Early, Rapid Melting Of Snowpack & Glaciers A Problem When Summer Arrives In Force

What A Relief! Senior EPA Staffer Says Bush Decision to Regulate GHGs "Unlikely"

University Of California Study - China Has Already Overtaken US As Top Global Polluter - BBC

Of fools, $18 billion oil subsidies and the nation’s energy future (OpEd VT)

It's Ba-ack! Toxic Blue-Green Algae Bloom Returns To China's 3rd-Largest Lake - AFP

Japan Ups CO2 Offset Buying As Nuclear Power Slows

John McCain (R - Pandering) Wants To Suspend All Federal Gas Taxes During Summer Of 2008

Spain's gain from wind power is plain to see

Heartland VP: ‘Yankee taxes’ on global warming will lead to ‘another Civil War.’

The historical destruction of the "Solar One" solar thermal plant by a toxic fire.

Wisdom rather than mere intelligence

Rapid Transition to Sustainable Urban Transport

Dick Cheney and Nuclear Energy

Can we change the world ? Yes we can!

'Sonics'?/Reverse 'Sono-Luminescence'

Today in labor history April 15

SEIU Union Officials Organize Violent Assault On Union Conference!

No Issue ‘Touches Us More Than Health Care’

AFL-CIO urges workers to vote their wallets

Can U.S. autoworkers turn the industry’s labor concessions trend around and make real progress again

Investors rudely greet Delta-Northwest merger deal

Unions give blacks a wage boost - study

Reuters in W Post: Obama and Clinton vow to get tough with China

Witnesses Say Congress Must Act to End Slavery in Tomato Fields

W Post: Bush Concedes Defeat On Colombia Trade Pact

Los Angeles-Area Workers Begin March for Good Jobs

On Tax Day


Labor quote for the week f April 14, 2008

Steward tip for the week of April 14, 2008

W Post: On the Economy, 70% Disapprove of Bush

American Airlines Pilots to Picket in 9 cities Tuesday

An insult to those who fight for unions

Who's who of the Dirivatives Association in annual meeting

Bankruptcies Rise as Credit Runs Out for Firms `That Should Have Failed'

US credit rating under threat

'Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism'

Obama's Economic Policy

McCain says that we should help the consumers by abating the $.18 a gallon

What´s happening to the pound (GBP)? Please help.

Want to really cut into the oil companies profits?

'Great Depression' Solution/Climate

A local character, hero, friend, and artist.

Gay Rights To Suffer With Berlusconi Victory

How gay do we have to be before the Myspace women will leave us alone

Debating Cuba and Colombia across an American breakfast table (or: Its all Cuba's fault)

Some 300,000 People Marked Ven Coup Anniversary in Caracas

HAITI Debt Cancellation: Rep. Waters Press Rel, JubileeUSA, Rep. Hastings Amend.

Dissecting the Politics of Paraguay's Next President

Israel's Shin Bet security launches Arabic, English websites to soften image

Hizbullah: We'll take fight to Israel's backyard

New Home-Buying Plan May Bolster Abbas

Kremlin: Putin, Abbas To Meet In Moscow

Israel to resume fuel shipments to Gaza

Study Estimates Assets of Arab Lands’ Jews

Area C strikes fear into the heart of Palestinians as homes are destroyed

Jimmy Carter embraces Hamas leader

Our debt to Jimmy Carter

Biden on John McCain, Election And National Security

Hey -- does this forum look DIFFERENT to you?

Biden ALERT!!!! Biden ALERT!!!!

There were other threads IN ADDITION to Pirhana's about Joe on Olbermann --

I am on pins and needles waiting to hear what Biden says on Olbermann.

Wonderful post about Joe --

CHECK THIS OUT....Joe's acting like a Veep candidate for someone....surrogate on the campaign

VIdeo of Joe's talk today....

JIIOU posted the link to Olbermann/Biden if you need it -- here:

Buffalo Regular Season Game in Toronto - It's the Fish!

Pluto in Capricorn - by Rick DiClemente with Cheryl Crise


PBS had a health care program tonight.

More fleurs...

SF, 250 Sutter St shots...

Not quite ready for the ducks...

Cambria, from the Castle Compliance...

Fish Creek winds its way to the open water.

Will someone in the photogroup PLEASE....

A church sign I saw today that didn't offend me

Yay For The Separation of Church & State: Bible Park Plan Rejected

Jason Beghe: Scientology Is Destructive And a Rip-off

To what degree is the Old Testament anti-semitic?

duplicate removed

Seriously, why does God allow suffering?

Enormous solar 'belches' rip the tail off a passing comet

Cross reference Late Breaking News:

Democrats have shied away from gun control since 2000

Obama trails Clinton among surveyed PA households with guns.

Family and friends of a Virginia Tech victim

Terror at high school Down Under

Wal*Mart toughens gun policies

Who are THEY?

Actual, legitimate evidence OBL is responsible for 9/11---Does it exist?

It seems that this election cycle will be nasty in MA

BLM -- corruption and prosecuting crimes comes up!!!

Oh, for crying out loud, I wish somebody could snap their fingers and make these people go away!

The Hill: Gore, Kerry strategists take strong exception to Clinton’s ‘elitist’ remark

Pike bay ?

The Hill: "Rep. Bachmann’s office has high turnover rate"

Avoid Corporate Crime - Hand Count The Paper Ballots

Voter purging conference call

PC WORLD: U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked (X)

Reminder:Meet up on Monday,April 21st

How Republicans Quietly Hijacked Justice Dept. to Swing Elections

OPEN THREAD Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 04/15/08

GOP Objections Derail Paper Ballot Bill for Now

Jury sides with trooper accusing DPS of retaliation and discrimination

Vista Deployment

It doesn't stop with bitterness

Change the focus - from elite to the POWERFUL ELITE protected by Clintons throughout

Obama fans would you favor him releasing an ad attacking Hill on her Bosnia lies?

Three new polls out today (not so bad for Obama) from PA

I think we should renew the effort to Let It Sink

New job-finding site for Canadians

RCMP search Tory headquarters on behalf of Elections Canada

Hillier stepping down

Jocelyn Couture-Nowak, Virginia Tech victim

dupe it out

Just when everyone had given up hope, here comes Steph

KOEB Meeting: 04/15/08 -- Polka Dots and Stripes Edition


Two Wisconsin Marines killed in Iraq

I love Johnny Depp and all but...

(TOON) Rowson on Paisley stepping down

I'm not quitting, says Brown

Oh these fundi bastards...

So how can there be independent sources agreeing with each other...

Do we really have to talk about Ben Stein's movie?