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CALIFORNIAN'S-tomorrorow is elect your primary caucus delegate day

Candidates scrambling to find the new Democratic base.

whenever I have big news I want to leak...I always tell Scotland first.

"Annie Get Your Gun" Clinton calls for Renewal of Assault Weapon Ban

WRAL News Poll: Obama Leads Clinton in Tar Heel Stat

VOTE STUPID! It's the American way!

Anyone who isn't bitter or fustrated is most likely an elitist. Hillary nor McSame have to work ....

Standing by His Woman

We may end up with a War with Iran!

People are being so disingenuous about this bitter thing

Sunday News Show Lineup-4/13/08

Oh for criminy sake. Gore and Carter are NOT gonna "Throw her out of the race."

SNL: "Obama is doing very well against Hillary in one important demographic: voters"

I think we have a winner: How to tell if Hillary's about to drop out

Mayhill Fowler, 'concerned Obama Supporter' OR Clinton/GOP plant?

What can anybody tell me about William Ayers and his relationship to Obama?

Bitter voters speak out.

Gore and Carter can endorse Obama whenever they please

How elitist is John Kerry?

I was so excited about our PA primary. Now I cannot WAIT for it to be effing OVER!

The Clinton-Colombia Connection

Clinton: 'Estoy a favor'

Now she's shot ducks. .ergo. . .she is as good as the VP.

Behind scenes, campaign aides wage harsh battle

OMG, Obama eats Hamburgers with a Fork and Knife!

Hate to break it to you, but your candidate Obama is an insufferable snob.

I'm from small-town PA. I'm elitist. And I'm bitter.

I'm from small-town PA. I'm elitist. And I'm bitter.

Anyone else got the sense that

Ex-Clinton advisor: Bill and Co. have said the same things as Obama

Someone needs to have a talk with Sen Clinton again.

In a nation where SOME have turned to gun crime to vet their anger he wasn't lying. That has to stop

Bitter in Pennsylvania


The Danger of Accepting the Norm... In support of CHANGE!

The Danger of Accepting the Norm... In support of CHANGE!

Prediction: Obama Puts This to Bed During CNN's Compassion Forum Tomorrow

Just Words:

BREAKING! "Hope" Candidate Supporter In Pennsylvania Calls Hillary "Pollyanna"

End Game.

Stay scared, don't rise up against the government

What did Obama say that was offensive?

Sorry to ask this here, However is there a schedule for state conventions posted?

Do you feel angry bitter resentment and fustration towards the government in Washington?

Embrace your bitterness! Don't deny it!

The 'Goldwater Girl' is back,

Don't people have a right to be bitter?

Begging the question. When will the candidates debate the state of the economy?

Help me understand

Better Butter

Bitters? DU's got bitters, and I HAVE RECIPES!

Indiana plant worker calls Obama's remarks condescending, yet true. Bayh says Obama not "elitist."

can a black power supremacist be an elitist?

Separating Religion and Government?

Clinton still wins Clark County, but Obama gains a bit in do-over

Morning Call of Allentown, PA Endorses Obama : "Obama's vision is reason to nominate him"

Uber-Elitist Clinton claims Obama an Elitist for speaking of Populism.

Obama only needs 33% of remaining Superdelegates to reach 2, 024 needed..

"Obama's Vision is Reason to Nominate Him", The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

Huxley and the Obama phenomenon

Mission Accomplished, Hillary! Bill's "sniper-gate" revival all gone from tee-vee news!

What if Obama were on the front page of HuffPo swilling whiskey

War-weary Pa. voters wonder about exit.

Obama favorable ratings fall below 50%

"Snob-ama is not just out of touch. He's from another planet."

CNN Thinks Obama's Words Are More Important Than Bush's Torturing

HIllary Clinton and Dr Phil -

Congressional Republicans, Afraid of Obama, Throw Hail Mary Pass to Try to Keep Him From Nomination

Today's shiny objects: "elitist" and "bitter". All those threads are now hidden.

Huxley and the Obama phenomenon

GD:P's cartoon for the day

When is Barack Obama going back to Pennsylvania?

Hillary at Debate denied owning a gun with VIDEO

Hillary Clinton Sets Goal Of Cutting Murder Rate In Half

Hillary Clinton Sets Goal Of Cutting Murder Rate In Half

Hillary Clinton thinks everything is A-OK with Bush Policies and their End Result

Elvis comes out for Obama!

I would like Obama to list in full, who is making money off the occupation

Snob-ama slight a big-time error (New York Daily News columnist)

BREAKING: Bitter people who think they aren't bitter are bitter about Barack calling them bitter.

Hillary Clinton's Beautiful Mind

Some of these pundits who call themselves dems sound like rethugs as of late

When did "elitist" Obamas pay off their student loans?


If you tear down either Hillary or Obama YOU contribute to McBush

Rasmussen: Clinton 46%, Obama 45%

Children v Adults

What Hillary wishes she could say.

Joe LIEberman on Wolfie right now ~~ whoring for McCain

Tip for Obama supporters if Obama becomes the nominee...

Obama HIllary Bush and currnet economic conditions

I live in PA

I live in PA

Jimmy Carter up on This Week with Snuffy

Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation

So, these insanely wealthy candidates and ultimate D.C. insiders are calling Obama an 'elitist snob'

Standing by His Woman - NYT Mo Dowd

PCIntern Poll calls for Obama win here in PA

New Voters Flood Upcoming Primaries

Politics sucks.

When the tweedle beetles have bitter battle...

Latest Clinton conflict of interest certain to be greeted by more MSM and pro-HRC yawns

Putting the Controversy Aside, Obama was Right

What if "bitter" DOES implode Obama? What if Bosnia DOES implode Clinton?

Another superdelegate endorses - good news for a Sunday

Clinton Story from my Hometown Paper

Clinton calls Obama an "elitist"- does she really mean "uppity"?

Did the Clinton campaign willingly gamble when they chose to run with the "bitter" strategy?

In regards to throwing mud

So with what elite fatcats did Hillary go duckhunting?

Hillary's a drama queen and so

Authenticity, Thy Name is NOT Hillary Clinton



Obama / Clarke

Does this sound like an elitist? (Context of what Obama said in SF) (edited)

Clinton vs. Obama: The Political Wind in Southern California

Clinton's healthcare anecdote grounded in errors: Almost everything wrong

Clinton Campaign Hopes “Bitter” Comments Stick - CBS

Carl Bernstein’s View: A Hillary Clinton presidency

Carl Bernstein’s View: A Hillary Clinton presidency

An Open Letter to Senator Obama.....

Clinton offers steps to help defense industry

Americans have been bitter for the last 8 years.

Clinton's support slips among white women

anybody know about this PA paper the Morning Call

BREAKING~~~Gallup Poll Shows Obama extending lead to 50-41

The manufactored "bitter" controversy could end up hurting Hillary

If you think Hillary is going to win this nomination, then you're dumber than a post.

What Clinton wishes she could say...

You may have heard: Gore and Carter planning to save the party, endorse Obama

Sound Byte Wars: Why "Bittergate" Will End Up Helping Obama...

Obama and Clinton would not be ignorant about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA) if they had

There Hillary Clinton goes again...

From TPM - On Being "Bitter": Race and Class Warfare in America

The real media conspiracy

Why McCain is tied with Hillary and Obama in the polls ??

Hillary has lost Pennsylvania.

Did anyone watch the morning shows today? Can I stand it?

Every dollar Hillary spends now goes to helping Republicans.

Why Is Obama Backpedeling on the Bitterness remark?

Eureka Moment - old politics vs new pollitics

how NOT to capitalism on an opponent's gaffe

If The People In This Country Are So F'ing

What Obama is not Rocket Science . ...And it is lying to dispute his intent.

DNC to take McCain campaign finance complaint to court

How will Hillary be able to endorse Obama?

Hillary for President - Don't Worry, Be Happy

White women begin to turn away from Clinton (PA)

Hillary's Neocon Dog Whistle

Whisky-swilling Hill a not-so-straight shooter

So now we're weak on the homeless?

Wingnut Crap of the Week (via Firedoglake)

THEORY: "Concerned Journalist" - Am I nuts?

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/13/08 - Obama down 1 (45), Clinton up 2 (46)

One more SD for Obama (Nancy Larson - Minnesota )

Wow, I just found out that I am a multi-millionaire latte drinker with an Ivy League education!

Will Hillary Clinton listen to me, the bitter home owner?

Crown Royal in Crown Point for Queen Clinton

So let me make sure I'm clear on this. No one is bitter and you better not say they are.

The fact that bothers me most about Bittergate.

Bitter? No. More like nuclear fucking outrage!

Was Obama's "Bitter" statement a gaffe?

do you know what's condescending and elitist?

Bitterness: Spread it around!

So I joined this email group called 'Democrats for Actual Change'

Hillary is really a simple and miserable excuse for a human being

Spincheck: Obama never contradicted previous comments by saying he attended those Sermons of Wrights

Who recorded Obama's comments at a PRIVATE event and gave them to Huffington?

Obama: Elitist or insightful?

DU hunters, do we have a Duckgate here?

Are you ready to Party? Are you ready to let loose? Are you ready for HILL'S GONE WILD?!?!?!?

Pennsylvania's "The Morning Call," Endorsed Barack Obama Today

Conan O'Brien's comment

Is Barack Obama Angry? Is there a storm brewing in Barack Obama?

Is Barack Obama Angry? Is there a storm brewing in Barack Obama?

Hillary & Bill's Chinese Connection

Hah! Scranton Paper Described Obama's Words As A Bitter Pill...Then Endorsed Him

"Listen, the guy's going to be the next President, no offense!"

I don't understand...

Who is Bob Rumsfeld now...

It's Deja Vu all over again

Why the debate? Honestly??

I am a delegate to the State Convention


Who's bitter and for Obama? Let's see those great bumper sticker style photos........

This shows why Obama is an "elitist"!

What Clinton Wishes she could say

President McCain ! Get used to the sound of it

to be honest, i had been misinterpreting bittergate. At first I thought people were just up in arms

WTH? I work all day researching my Misogyny post and find out the word dujour is BITTER!

If HRC can't garner the Democratic nomination for herself, she would rather McCain win the GE

If HRC can't garner the Democratic nomination for herself, she would rather McCain win the GE

Politics as usual being rejected; OBAMA will be our 44th President! Can I get a GOBAMA!?

Clinton's Reagan Strategy.

For Bob Dole, It Was Viagra... Hillary Would Be Perfect For These Guys !!!

Fight the lie with the truth...... that's all it takes. Let Hillary/McCain lie and distort

Clinton Knocks on Doors in Scranton, Pa.

What the lady was drinking..

Wondering about Hillary's campaign roots

What the lady was drinking..

Hillary was dumb to use "Bittergate" at this point...

If Obama had said people *weren't* bitter, Hillary would be attacking him for it now

Talkingpointsmemo Must Read: Clintons and Their Hypocrisy or "For It, Before She Was Against It"

Bill Clinton Said This When He Ran For President (taken from HuffPo)

Hey, If Hillary wants to stake her claim on the notion that everything is rosy

I have it on good authority that Obama is not only elitist,

Clinton Foundation Backed by Firm Aiding Chinese Crackdown

Voter Turnout

Hillary Clinton poses as victim of political correctness

Carter: Dem Leaders Should Follow People

Is Hillary now on the GOP payroll?

White women begin to turn away from Clinton

I know about small towns and the people who live in them because...

a suggestion for all future Democratic electoral campaigns:

I've noticed something about the Barack Obama campaign and the press

"Miserable excuse for a human being," "fuck her to hell,"


dont you DARE tell me how to run a campaign

Hillary was the inspiration for the song : My Sharona"

Whose "gaffes" will be more damaging against McCain?

How clever is Sen Clinton? I mean *really* clever?

Pundits predict Wes Clark as Obama VP?

Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation - Hillary Olympic boycott "just words?

I'm curious, how many who supported Dean in 2004 are supporting Clinton now?

I'm glad Hillary provided the kitchen sink for me to puke in

knock knock this thing on?

Obama's comment won't hurt him because those who support him

80% of the Super Delegates are the same people you depended on to impeach *, why do you believe

Moore, Perdue Endorsements of Obama Should Bring Votes, Risks

What's better:

Obama supporters: I hate to be the bearer of bad news but heres what's about to happen to your hopes

Obama just picked up another super-delegate

There is an amazing bumper sticker post. You gotta go see this.

Sexism in the Campaign: an editorial

Donna Brazille on ABC: "Democrats want to get back the Reagan "Values Democrats."

I see many DU Members have declared themselves 'bitter' in support of BO.

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Solid Democratic Lead (O:50% to C:41%.) (Graph Included)

I did a search at the DLC on "elitist"...I found this about DU from 2003. Ha Ha.

Am I The Only One Sick of These X-Gate Scandal Namings?


Obama's Great Mistake, The "San Francisco Democrat"

Obama said some stupid shit.

The audacious hypocrisy of the Clintons

Bill Clinton, 1991, addressing the issue of "Economically Insecure White People"

Sat. Night With Clinton: A Beer, a Slice, and a Charge Against Obama

Hillary's Pot Meet Kettle Moment In Graphics

Hillary's list of conflict of interest

McCain On Whether Condoms Help Prevent AIDS: "You've Stumped Me"

Hillary's list of conflict of interest

Is Pennsylvania bitter? Interesting man-on-the-streets interviews from,

Don't cling to false hope. And don't be bitter, either.

NYTimes picture of Obama, Clinton, and McCain (I'm thinking somebody there doesn't like McCain.)

Is it just me?

Hillary's campaign is like Wiley Coyote and Obama's is like the Roadrunner.

Remember it's puff, puff, pass. Puff, puff, pass.

This is hilarious........

Hillary fails to appreciate the anger in America at where we are. It's her Waterloo.

Democrats: McCain Financing Questionable (lawsuits and scandals, oh my)

NYTimes on Tweety: "The Aria of Chris Matthews." Has this already been discussed here??

Fear is a powerful emotion.

watched a lot of sunday morning pundit TV, and didn't see a whole lot of outrage about bitter-gate

The major difference between Clinton and Obama

I see that Hillary's campaign is now built on the following:

White women begin to turn away from Clinton

I've finally settled on an appropriate name for...

Hillary's denial about economic bitterness is eerily similar to Bush's denial about 9/11

*******Scary! Say No to this ticket. No No Please! *******

I wonder why the Hillary camp waited almost a WEEK to muster up their poutrage

HRC said it best when describing obama and his "bitterness"

Obama supporters: Let's get a grip

Every time Obama screws up, you blame Hillary

Young people in conservative Idaho town lean toward Obama


What the PA papers say

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama is right. People are angry.

Obama Gives Clinton Big Juicy Target - Advertising Age

I think Hillary has some nerve

Clinton Was For Characterization Of Working-Class Voters Before She Was Against It

Obama supporter defends Hillary

Obama's So-Called Mistake Was Perhaps A Boon For PA

Obama picks up new super delegate (from Mn) two PA Newspapers endorse him

Hillary's happy conversation with an unbitter American?

Hillary "WalMart" "Tyson Foods" "Outsource" Clinton Accuses Obama of Elitism??

Just So Clinton Supporters Know : Hillary lied about NaftaGate (Video and Articles for you)

Hpefully We Are Seeing The Last Week Of The Bitter Queen

PA Small Town and Rural Leaders Reject Clinton and McCain Attacks


I was camping all weekend and caught the tail end of MTP. What the HELL

Wait, wasn't it just a month ago Hillary was damning hope and suggesting things weren't good?

Far from tossing everything and the kitchen sink at Barack, the Clintons are holding back.

Hillary's Norman Hsu scandal problem.

Hillary's Norman Hsu scandal problem.

I May Burn In Hell For This (The Bitter Outreach Thread)

I want Obama to win this, on his terms, with his language and his thoughts. I do not want him

White women begin to turn away from Clinton

I am really looking forward to the debate this week

Chelsea Clinton fields questions in Eugene

Question: Did Barack Obama's Campaign attack Clinton on her Bosnian Sniper Lie?

Poor Huffington Post now trying to manufacture a Clinton scandal to 'balance" Obama's gaffe

Will this "elitist" support Obama?

Jake Tapper: Obama campaign focusing on "bitter" part, ignoring "religion" and "gun" comments

In the future, people will look at train wrecks and say "what a freakin Hillary campaign".

Despite Obama's juicy "bitter-gate" gaffe, Drudge opts for trashing the Clintons

The Clintons have tried and continue to try to squeeze blood from a turnip

Remember! Tonights "discussion" is brought to you by....

Reminder - Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama on CNN Tonight 8ET/7CST

Obama Campaign MEMO Turns Tables on Hillary: "Who was that that was out-of-touch again?

Clinton loyalists wouldn't look like idiots if they'd just be honest

"...the more she 'takes apart' Obama's message, the more she does the GOP's work for free."

Obama leads Clinton 'significantly'


Clinton: 'Not relevant' last time I went to church, fired gun

The Live Debate between Clinton and Obama is starting now.

*Obama Theme Song--Please Listen!*

Bill Clinton's Foreign Ties: A Headache for Hillary?

Hillary says GORE is out of touch with American People!

I think anyone who calls for any candidate to drop out of the race...

Next time, let's just skip on the primary process.



As a Pennsylvanian.........

I have no TV, is there something live going on right now

Heads up on Urband Legend" Procanik/Clinton (False)

Heads up on Urband Legend" Procanik/Clinton (False)

Heads up on Urband Legend" Procanik/Clinton (False)

How to tell John McGramps jokes


Hilliary has bound herself to the conservative agenda.

Hilliary has bound herself to the conservative agenda.

Hillary made a mistake in Bitter-gate.

Has the recent Clinton/Obama tete-a-tete made gun control a major issue in 2008?

Has the recent Clinton/Obama tete-a-tete made gun control a major issue in 2008?

Has the recent Clinton/Obama tete-a-tete made gun control a major issue in 2008?

What stupid things has Hillary said during this Compassion Forum?


Barack Obama Meeting and Munching in Muncie


When a politician uses a word like "cling to" to describe voters it is a mistake

What the bloody hell is a "Compassion Forum"? Sounds oxymoronish.

Who can forget that scene from "Fahrenheit 911" w/Bush at the dinner saying

I know this "forum" isn't technically a violation of the US Constitution

There is massive excitement surrounding a Dem candidate for the first time in YEARS

Sexism in the Primaries (Please don't harass this woman for expressing her opinion.)

Is it me or did Russert-Ho seem rather eager to go after this Bitterness story?

April 7th - Pew Research: Overall the polling found that Mr. Obama has a glowing image.

Seriously on Both sides

Obama: Al Gore won. Hillary: Al Gore is an elitist.

Obama: Al Gore won. Hillary: Al Gore is an elitist.

jim webb and bill clinton...elitists.

Too good not to post...

Too good not to post...

OMG Obama-Lover Campbell Brown

If it's OK for Democrats to attack Bill Clinton like a gang of Republicans would

If it's OK for Democrats to attack Bill Clinton like a gang of Republicans would

Hillary in PA Sunday: Obama portrays Dems as elitist and that loses elections

I understand we want to support Obama but....

Now I see the light - I see exactly how electable Clinton is. Apologies to all Clinton supporters...

Something we can all agree with Reverend Wright on: Sean Hannity "forever stuck on stupid"

I'm an Agnostic and I'm a good person. So sue me.

Wow. Candy Crowley: "The first thing I thought is how far the democrats have come."

Wow. Candy Crowley: "The first thing I thought is how far the democrats have come."


I would like to offer a formal apology to anyone I offended with my post

TPM: Comments from Theda Skocpol on the Clintons and bitterness

Obama is doing VERY WELL

Defining Barack Obama.........

Uhhhhhhhhh, annnnnnnnddddd, mmmm,,ahhhhhhh

Wtf does creationism have to do with compassion?

I'll spend a post on this: When is the next debate?

Who said Americans are bitter?

Who said Americans are bitter?

Who said Americans are bitter?

Necessary Religion

Thank you Barack Obama!

Blowback is Coming, Hillary

Blowback is Coming, Hillary

Blowback is Coming, Hillary

***Help End Bittergate: Pass This Video Around & Give It Youtube Hits. It Clears Obama Of Elitism***

Bogus issue politics and "bitterness".

John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Barack Obama

Explaining Lieberman’s Web Crash

New Website: Bitter Voters for Obama

Huffpo: NEVERMIND! WJC Flashback: "All These Economically Insecure White People Are Scared to Death"

Who Performed Better In The Compassion Forum?

It's not bitterness that makes me 'cling' to my ANTI-TRADE sentiment.

Do you Obama folks and his campaign really

Yes Virginia, the Media will tear you apart if you run for President (graphic)

Yes Virginia, the Media will tear you apart if you run for President (graphic)

Hillary said that Dubya is a good man!

Hillary: Americans aren't bitter!

Makes me wonder why we ever gave up "Let it sink"...

I think the Obama "bitter voter" thing is too complicated and could be taken in too many ways

VIDEO: Barak Obama On Charlie Rose On November 23, 2004

Rural America: The Invisible People

America: Land of Hope

The add-on superdelegates projection

Why would Hillary say that about Al Gore

Do we need to let ministers on CNN tell us how to vote?

Beyond the Silly Season into Garbage Time

Clinton: 'Not relevant' last time I went to church, fired gun (Not relevant! You brought it up!)

Obama's "Dick Move of the Week"

Does anyone else get the feeling that Obama is Ending it for Hillary?

Obama Speaks for me.

Richardson on loyalty & betrayal-what he promised the Clintons-why he fell in love with Obama

Richardson on loyalty & betrayal-what he promised the Clintons-why he fell in love with Obama


Some important information for Obama supporters

Which is "better".. Rich people telling poor people to "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

How do we compare the "Black Church Experience" to the "Southern Evangelical" Experience?

Handy Guide to how Omama's "bitter" comments point truth about the Clintons and Free Trade

The 19%-ers (theirs and ours) can we do it?

Clinton campaign responds to Obama video by releasing photo of Clinton holding rifle:

Dick Cheney: So?, Hillary Clinton: So?

"Americans don't want Bill Clinton roaming the halls of the White House with nothing to do."

"Americans don't want Bill Clinton roaming the halls of the White House with nothing to do."

How many think Hillary will run as McCain's VP

"Bitter Voters for Obama" Website Lauched - Bookmark It Now!

I didn't get to watch Hillary until now....(Being replayed on CNN)



Why do you think small town folks go to church and like to hunt?

Those Damn Elitist Latte Drinking Teamsters Endorsed Obama!!!

I've had it with Hilary.... it is now time to start using the 'B' word...

Obama had a reasonable answer about religion in politics.

Bringing the White Working Class Into the Progressive Majority

Bringing the White Working Class Into the Progressive Majority

BILL CLINTON says lack of job creation CAUSES anti-immigration and anti-trade sentiments

Listen up, Clarkies for Obama!

Caption this photo!

Why isn't "lunch bucket Democrats" considered as bad as "bitter?"

Romans 12:9: "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good."

"the kind of political issue that Karl Rove and the Republicans use to beat us over the head with"

"the kind of political issue that Karl Rove and the Republicans use to beat us over the head with"


Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of us common folks

Hilliary has damaged the progressive cause and the Democratic Party.

Holy F#^&ING HALLELUJAH!!! Ma Eldritch voting for OBAMA!!

Hillary asked when she last shot a gun or went to church...

Personally, I think there are some bright sides to HRC staying in the race.

I believe the debate on Wednesday is the time for Obama to "switch to southpaw".

Is it just me? Watching Hillary on the Compassion Forum...

Dental emergency yields interesting conversation here in PA:

Hilary thinks that 'small town' people are stupid....

Why are DU's Hillary supporters allowed to engage in Freeper-like tactics without consequence?

5 PA Mayors Response to Obama's comment: OBAMA’S BITTER TASTE OF HIS OWN WORDS

Why did Obama compare "Anti-Trade Sentiment" to Prejudice? I was in agreement up till that

I have resisted the urge to use the "ignore" fucnction for nearly a year.


I'm fighting the urge not to criticize Hillary ...

Lanny Davis.....Having second thoughts?

Barack may think you are bitter, but Hillary and McCain think you are stupid.

What's wrong with what Obama said?

Which candidate do you support in the upcoming Democratic presidential primary in Indiana?

Saturday night poll on WTAJ-TV (a station serving the State College,PA area mostly)

Will there be any more opporunities to be Doe-eyed and sincere for Mr. Obama when he screws up again

Meet the press tomorrow should be interesting if not annoying....

The argument is not about whether or not people are "bitter".

Liberal Elite Determined to Destroy Hillary Clinton

HuffPo: Clinton Headlines for today

HuffPo: Clinton Headlines for today

HuffPo: Clinton Headlines for today

Hillary didn't diss Gore or Kerry

Hillary didn't diss Gore or Kerry

Hillary Wins Nevada County Caucuses

Hillary shits on San Francisco and liberals in general

I'm still waiting to find out which one the Holy Ghost endorsed.

I'm still waiting to find out which one the Holy Ghost endorsed.

Thank you Hillary!!!

Clinton has 5 times more successful sponsored bills passed than Obama

Does anyone here support Hillary?

the 'elitism' term is what gets me. hillary earned $109M. mccain has 7 homes. the obamas just

How sad that Hillary's remaining campaign is based on HOPE-that Obama will "implode."

Is it just me or does the title "the compassion forum" make anyone else want to hork?

The Great Betrayal

Confused about what happens next? Great Q&A:

No-one sees the irony of a multi-millionaire calling a black man an "elitist"?

A recap of Hillary's appearance on CNN's Compassion Forum

Are you bitter?

Well, folks, just as I thought, the momentum has shifted once again clearly in favor of Hillary

the Bitter Truth..

Hillary Clinton; "Those Who Are The Least Among Us"

At some point, refusing to admit defeat stops becoming a virtue.

At some point, refusing to admit defeat stops becoming a virtue.

General's [Wes Clark] tour touts Clinton to Hoosiers

General's [Wes Clark] tour touts Clinton to Hoosiers

Obama PA Sportsmen Push Back, Call Clinton Campaign "Shameless"

Obama PA Sportsmen Push Back, Call Clinton Campaign "Shameless"

Obama PA Sportsmen Push Back, Call Clinton Campaign "Shameless"

On Civility: Trolls

VIDEO- Barack Obama in Steelton, PA: Responding to the bitter comment

Dem rural wizard who advised Edwards, Warner blasts Obama's stereotyping (Mudcat Saunders)

How Does anyone who's made over $100M in the last 7 years have the nerve

Remember the cheerleader mom who just couldn't take no for an answer?

Get Yer "I'm Bitter" Bumpersticker Right Here!

We're really talking past each other.

We're really talking past each other.

Like Clinton, Obama spoke about the segments of voters who didn't feel our party shared their values

It's the accumulted effect of Obama's faux pases and revelations that are sinking his candidacy.

It's the accumulted effect of Obama's faux pases and revelations that are sinking his candidacy.

PA Voters: Clinton Years Were Good for PA Economy


Obama is going to take a Hit Over this Comment


Bill Clinton Flashback: "All These Economically Insecure White People...Are Scared To Death"

Obama Delegate Reversal Shows He's A People-Powered Candidate

Let it sink

"We are tired of having Republicans or frankly our own Democrats give any ammunition to Republicans"

I am losing my job in Oregon and yes, I am bitter and going to donate to Obama

What Obama Should Say...

McCain/Hillary '08!

Faux Obama Supporter Mayhill Fowler Smears Obama

Faux Obama Supporter Mayhill Fowler Smears Obama

I have had it with the McCain/Clinton '08 BS threads

Am I the only one who thinks Obama's remarks may help him???

"Bitter" is an understatement. "Mad as hell" is closer to the truth.

What stupid things has Barack said during this Compassion Forum?


Clinton's "red herring" tactic.

Obama's poll numbers going down and people aren't even paying real attention yet...

Obama's poll numbers going down and people aren't even paying real attention yet...

OMFG! Hillary Clinton dissed San Francisco with her CNN retort about Obama's comment

Hillary slams Al Gore on CNN

What Clinton wishes she could say

Report from PA-Funny Story

How the mighty have fallen (HRC delegate switches to Obama)

“Here’s a guy who says he shouldn’t be stereotyped, but yet he stereotyped us.”

"Obama woos Pennsylvania gun owners". That will be tough for BO with his ban-handgun association.

Should HIllary Clinton Quit? Poll on News Site ___________ VOTE NOW

We're all forgetting what forced Clinton to play her "bitter" hand so early


It is so sad that the price of admission to politics is religious "belief"

"What Obama Really Meant"! It's the new game that's sweeping the nation!

It's all about the Clinton "brand", not the bitterness.

POLITICAL GOLDEN RULE - In today's SA Express-News, something for DU'ers

Clinton: 'Not relevant' last time I went to church, fired gun

(CHB) "On Bitter: Obama tells it like it is and Clinton may use it to elect McCain"

2 people are talking about their faith, 1 voted for a war where innocents were sure to die

The Great Awakening is something the Obama campaign can join !

Clinton will Soften the blow on the Middle Class and the Working Poor for the Changes needed

Is This What Everybody Is Going Apeshit Over?

Is This What Everybody Is Going Apeshit Over?

Hillary out of touch with vote supression, takes swipe at Gore and Kerry

Hillary out of touch with vote supression, takes swipe at Gore and Kerry

Obama Adviser Calls Naomi Klein a "Whackjob"

Hillary would have made more political hay if she had agreed with Obama

What Clinton wishes she could say


Obama -- "By the way, I think Al Gore won" that election

What Hillary really meant by her Gore comment...

Thats it there is no way in hell i'm voting for Clinton if shes the nominee

Obama on Clinton in Pa: "Shame on her. Shame on her."

Small Town People Are Speaking

Damn, she is on her game!

DAMNIT! I missed the debate. Who won?

DAMNIT! I missed the debate. Who won?

How is Obama's "bitter" comment any different or more insulting than Dean's "confederate flag decal"

Was there "reaching out" to supporters of other candidates by HRC supporters just a few months ago?

I'm mildly irked about this CNN "Compassion Forum"

Annie get your Guns Video

One major reason the Clinton 1992 playbook is not working in 2008

Obama turns tables on Clinton

Hillary: "I appreciated President Bush after Katrina..."

When I was a kid my neighbor called me over to help skin his deer.

When I was a kid my neighbor called me over to help skin his deer.

12 months later and the Clinton Campaign's Failure of Imagination has gained 4%

Hill vs. Bill: first Columbia, now Tibet, what next??

Obama just ended this primary. It's about damn time.

What Hillary wishes she could say (and more)

Lunch Bucket Democrats vs. Latte Sippers

Lunch Bucket Democrats vs. Latte Sippers

MSNBC: HRC campaign handing out "I'm Not Bitter" stickers in Pa.! - So, should Obama hand out

You know, Thomas Jefferson would have been upset at the whole idea of tonight's "Compassion Forum"..

PA Small Town and Rural Leaders Reject Clinton and McCain Attacks

Well, it looks like it's finally over for Hillary

Hillary campaigning in Valparaiso, IN..I watched

From what I have read, people don't seem to be offended about the bitter part,...

*** BREAKING: PA Newspaper ENDORSES Obama AFTER Hearing "Bitter" Comment ***

Clinton's Colombian Cackle-Gate: Is there a more important GATE than this!?

Bush misled the nation about the threat Iraq posed. But so did the Clinton administration.

Circle Jerk Straw Poll time!


Barack Obama and the Great Surge of Bitterness

CALIFORNIAN'S-tomorrorow is elect your primary caucus delegate day

Seal hunt protest vessel forced out of harbour by irate fishermen

I officially declare myself a "Hillary Hater." She may have just killed our chances in the GE.

I propose a new DU group: Bitter Elitist Misogynist Pigs for Obama.

The Art of War

War in Iraq Wrong for 62% of Americans (CBS-NYT 3/28 - 4/2)

Walter for president!!

Labor violence: Another sign of a depression.

Bush still might invade iran..

Thinking about January, 2009

Katrina: when a Bush and a Clinton team up, follow the money

Why raw material costs soared and what it means for the world: speculation & a weak dollar

Colonel Moammar al-Gaddafi, our good friend, dealing now in smaller WMDs

Pennsylvania Voters: PLEASE READ THIS

'Where In The Hell Are They' .....this is unreal

U.S. May Not Release Guantanamo Prisoners Even If Found Innocent of Charges Against Them

Crewmember of Farley Mowat describes tense situation as ship boarded, Canada

Serious Question

Berlusconi might slime his way back into office.

Iraq Tax Strike Back part 1- Karl Rove in Columbus Protest (from

Mercury & Poison Is Good For Us.

PigDog Grover Norquist on CSPIN-II

George Will isn't fit to tie Jimmy Carter's shoes

U.S. air strike in Iraq wounds troops, civilians

I missed SNL!

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

Gates: Sadr is not the enemy of the US

Is there any legal way to strip President Insane...

Actually, 'Meet Your Meat' is a Great Video

Inside Iraq (the movie)

I don't want a President with a "moral compass". Truly.

Easily Change the Country Overnight

Car Powered By Water A Reality

War at the Pentagon

Is our media controlled by big business

Hillary, the new joke is you....Weally weally

Where can I view the SNL skit from last night?

Iraq fires 1,300 soldiers and policemen for refusing to kill their fellow citizens

Connecticut Union Members Ask McCain: ‘What About the Middle Class?’

Why It Isn't Up To Me Now - or, why Superdelegates exist

Maybe there is some small amount of justice...Gonzales...

Caption this pic

Anyone know when they are going to fire off the Large Hadron Collider?

Refugees fight forced return to Iraq war zones

Why Glenn Beck Should Be Force Fed His Microphone Whole

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of April 13th 2008 - Germany & Switzerland

Cool bumper stickers from 2004 elections

Gore's house energy....

As a former Edwards supporter, I was willing to vote for either candidate but now, I cannot support

Hey do we have enough torturers in Afghanistan?

Anybody gotten the global cooling video?

Wal-Mart: Everyday Low Behavior

Make No Mistake, This is a ONE ISSUE Election!

Yahoo shot itself in the foot

Troopers Disciplined For Prank Involving Klan-Like Costume

Anyone watching Press the Meat?

Joseph Stiglitz (The Three Trillion Dollar War) on w/ Bob McChesney for the hour NOW. Streaming link

Joseph Stiglitz (The Three Trillion Dollar War) on w/ Bob McChesney for the hour NOW. Streaming link

What is Lockheed Martin doing with the CANADIAN Census??

Sea Shepherd Crew Update

Sea Shepherd Crew Update

Question about McCain's physical appearance - seriously

DNC to File Suit Over McCain Campaign Finance Shenanigans

Woman Shoots At, Terrifies Intruder

Mexico cracks down on illegal Central American immigrants

Am I a monster if I'm not shocked by the "Meet the Meat' Video on the left?

Pakistan may ease restrictions on renegade scientist

Moyers on Hunger and Farm Subsidies in case you missed it.

Can I post a link to a congressional candidate's fund raising video

I've often wondered how people going through tragedy feel when people tell them

Rising Food Prices Spark Deadly Unrest

what an F'd up Health Care System!

Gas is about 8,60 US dollars per gallon in Germany.

Alberto Gonzales gets TOP GIG @ MAJOR CORPORATION

Ugly black buzzards finding Texas buffet in young stock

Girl’s drink spiked with abortion pill (PA)

ben stein : "it was science that led my cousins into the gas chamber"

more war drums: Iraqi leaders turn wary of Iran, Petraeus says

"We'd go down to the river"

I'm going now to chair my first DTC meeting. Wish me luck, DUers!

Obama VP poll Round 4 Theme: Ex-Candidate Edition

"Dr. Phil" show bonds out girl jailed for teen's beating

If one is trying to cover up war crimes on Sunday morning, one should get a spokesperson who...

Carter: Dem leaders should follow people

Just a simple question, How long did it take for you to get a 1000 post?

Dr. William F. Pepper on Air America Radio - 4.11.2008

Bush Security Adviser Stephen Hadley constantly confuses Nepal with Tibet.

We should not move on, ever, until we force ourselves to look at the stain which will never come out

We should not move on, ever, until we force ourselves to look at the stain which will never come out

so, I'm getting Audited by the IRS, have no insurance & Failing health

Democrats stage brief walkout in protest, propose changes (Ok)

Gauge of consumer confidence falls to 26-year low

Sonics' owner's e-mail reveal true intentions for the team.

Bitter Obama Unhinged—I would not trust him near the red phone: temper!

Pope will not attend his own White House dinner

Anybody hear about Serbia's 80 mil weapon deal with Iraq

Who else is sick of seeing abuse ... such as pics from Abu Ghraib?

John Nichols: Cheney, Torture and the Chance to Restore the Rule of Law

Habit-Forming: Borrowers Keep Piling On Debt...

Senate Passes Kerry Housing Legislation to Protect Veterans from Foreclosure

Party's over for banks, says top supervisor

Johanns leads fundraising among Senate (Ne) candidates

The bitterness, elitism, and religiosity of Obamunism

Datline: Chris Hanson on scams against

Boycott China.

Great J.D. Crowe political cartoon: Siegelman calls out Rove

Human Waste Used On Poor Families Lawns

Livin' large in/off of Iraq:

Republicans - The Most Condescending Elitists The Country Has Ever Known

Soaring Import Prices Paints a Troubling Picture

If you Google "The C Word," The story about John McCain is hit #3.

Gawd! I love this place! So many opinions, so much juice!

Gawd! I love this place! So many opinions, so much juice!

I give you.....BOY GEORGE BUSH!!!

Investment idea:

If you don't side with Tom Feeney (R-FL), you are UNAMERICAN

Bush readies big welcome for pope

Former War Crimes Prosecutor Alleges Kosovan Army Harvested Organs From Serb Prisoners

The Hunger Site: Bookmark and click daily to give free food

If you walk away, Fannie Mae won't let you get a mort for 5 years and you have to put 10% down

1 EURO=1.5785 US Dollars

Sit-in ends with six students being arrested

World Bank to Meet as Rising Food Prices Spark Unrest

Democrat Blames Weak Economy on Iraq War

My friend got in an argument with McCain supporters today... they really are NUTS!

Alicia Keys: Gangsta Rap Was A Conspiracy

Alicia Keys: Gangsta Rap Was A Conspiracy

Reminder: Compassion forum, on now, CNN at 7:00 Clinton/Obama

An amusing quote I thought worth sharing

Would an atheist candidate be invited to the "Compassion forum"?

Landmark statement in opposition to Mountaintop Removal

So does one have to be a Christian to be compassionate?

For Mike Webb Fans

watched v for vendetta again last night after a year

An evening with Valerie Plame Wilson

TYT: Mark Leibovich Helps Us Figure Out Chris Matthews And Discusses His NY Times Piece (Included)

US Military Energy Consumption- Facts and Figures

Separation of Church and State. How this country has fallen in recent years

I've had it with Clinton and Obama.

"He went to take the place of his wife"

Do you think the average American has figured it out yet?

It's 10.00pm Sunday night

Miso soup for the liberal's soul......Sunday night edition

October 9, 1964: LBJ in New Orleans and his famous "N" word speech

WARNING to all Nations:

Put on your seat belts. It will be a bumpy ride as the next president covers up Bush's crimes

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Jobless claims show weakness in state economy

Everyone really should calm down about what Hillary is doing...

I see the Asian Markets are off to a rousing start today.

This AP photo of a mother and her two children as father leaves for Iraq the second time

Like many Americans, Alberto "Torture Now, Torture Forever" Gonzales having a hard time finding work

Like many Americans, Alberto "Torture Now, Torture Forever" Gonzales having a hard time finding work

The life of I.F. (Izzy) Stone being discussed now on BOOK-TV

Watch 60 Minutes tonight. They are talking about

Can we declare a moratorium on posts starting with

And the winner of the "Compassion Forum" is...

No, I'm sorry (NOT), but Dems do NOT need to reach out to Evangelicals!1

"Did God create the world in 6 days?" asked at the "Compassion Forum"

The Peter muses about his failure to destroy The Homosexual Agenda

Iraq War 'Blank Check' Balloons

Washington Post Pg. A02: Former Alabama Governor Turns Tables On Justice Department

Washington Post Pg. A02: Former Alabama Governor Turns Tables On Justice Department

You All Do Understand Why McCain, Clinton and MSM Project Elitism on Obama?

Is U.S. Torture Policy an Extension of the Bush Cabal's Psycho-Sexual Drama?

We've not had a Hate Mailbag update in YEARS - I'd like to hear some whining

Iacocca: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

bushitler up to something or just being a blowhard?

Phoenix Mayor,Phil Gordon, after Sheriff Joe tonight.

Troopers Demoted For Photo Showing KKK Costume

Manufactroversy: The Art of Creating Controversy Where None Existed [Spot on. A must read.]

Cheney, Torture and the Chance to Restore the Rule of Law

Britney Spears, angry that the MSM has given coverage to Bush torture memo, causes traffic accident.

Holy crap, what a great picture.

The best lefty talk radio show you've never heard is beginning now

McCain Just Lost Some Faith-based Voters Tonight. (Bowed out of the Compassion Forum on CNN)

Bitter? The people who wrote this were "bitter" too.

No need for a caption; this picture speaks volumes

Why Hillary's 'Bittergate' smear seems a little bit familiar. *hint* It's Rovian.

Financial Realities We Must Grasp

On the equivocation of morality and religion.

The Bitter Herbs

Guardian UK: 1929 once more?

A real pain in the gas......How much is the cost per gallon in your burg?

Clinton Unveils Plan to Find Cure for Breast Cancer

Clinton Unveils Plan to Find Cure for Breast Cancer

Dear Ashley and Joe: Your poor sweet mommy just got arrested in China...

One Heart, Two Husbands: Both Suicides? Husbands #'s 3 & 5

Doonesbury on the American flag...

Farrakhan: A wise voice? Maybe.

New report shows GM crops do not yield more - sometimes less

I May Burn In Hell For This

Archbishop Tutu Speaks up for Human Rights for LGBTI People

Dracula wants his coat back.

THIS makes me a little bitter

Church Plant - has anybody else been getting calls from them?

When our media says "Radical Militias" they are almost ALWAYS

Animal abusing sicko "artist" at it again.....

Animal abusing sicko "artist" at it again.....

Thank God and Greyhound she's gone (the "dream ticket")

WAPO: Siegelman "Turns Tables On Justice Department"

Help save your country step by step. Remove Yoo from Berkeley as a start.

Serious environmental question

Help Kucinich Impeach Cheney... PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND!

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex

How much do oil companies get in subsidies?

I get flat out turned off when I see politcal candidates pandering to the religiously insane

More GOP Family Values-Pennsylvania GOP Commissioner: Sex & Lots & Lots of Videotapes

What are the top 5 questions that need to be discussed this election cycle & are NOT - HELP

Polygamist Sect Gets Millions From U.S. Government

Medical Marijuana Win in....That's Right, Amarillo, Texas

12 reasons 'bitter' is bad for Obama - The "bitter end" of the Obama campaign?

Foot and mouth!? WTF??!

Foot and mouth!? WTF??!

The Compassion Forum will conclude with the candidates singing "I Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy...."

Democrats must "emphatically distance themselves from the left’s antics and excesses"

This Modern World: America - Land of Hope

Newspaper Carries Word of Another Mysterious U.S. Soldier Death in Iraq

CEOs bribing universities to teach Ayn Rand crap

About Hate...

Let me make it clear that I believe in God,

WHAT. THE. FUCK!!!!!!!!???

So is "compassioin" now a code word for "religion"?

Obama: An Elitist Snob From Another 'Planet' Who Was Called "Coon" and "N*****" As a Child

No Mercy Shown For Those Who Flee Mortgage Loans

Only criminal indictments can save this country

oh, lord, "expelled" has really sent your most fervent supporters over the edge...

Jeremiah Wright finally speaks and he CALLS OUT FOX NEWS!!!

Can Americans Stop Bush/Cheney From Attacking Iran? The Answer is Yes!

You are talking to a stranger wearing a cross. Is it OK to mention a documentary about biology?

Truth Wins Out Trumps Love Won Out.

I'd like to clear something up about Texas.

Repukes Get A Hung Jury, So They Send The FBI To ''Talk'' With Jurors


Stupid people tricks ... only in America.

Why on earth do otherwise sane Americans believe they are serving their country

So, not a peep about our Filthy Torturing "Leaders" among the Filthy Torturing Sunday Pundits

This Damned Forum Needs Another LOLCat Thread!

WHY the economy is WORSE THAN WE KNOW -- (honest inflation measures would mean 70% higher SS checks)

"Did God create woman from one of man's ribs"?

Dudes. What's new?

Fuck German ! , French sounds much cooler

How in the world does a person get a brain infection?

Cash Covers-

What if the goal of life is to conclude

What's that stupid thing Bush always says about the economy, "foundationally strong?"

Gulp down 2618.10 glasses of Chocolate Milk and you're history.

I Should Go To Bed

Chewbacca gets all the ladies....

Innie or outie?

Is This Life A Farce? Or What We Think Life Is?

Some badass hip hop: Goodie Mob, Dr Octagon, Witchdoctor...

Sorry I'm ignorant, but what does DH mean?

I'm drinking a Black Hole

One of my cats is being very strange again (pic)

Pre Bedtime Yoga to the Cocteau Twins...

My eyes hurt...

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Mmmmm.. Tasty sea mammals..

Finally captured on film! Secret lounge courtship ritual.

Communication Breakdown

I have a cat problem, and its pissing me off big time!

Hi!! Welcome to the DU lounge! Let me take your picture! I will put it in the picture thread!

Should I go hang out with some quakers?

Has Anyone Listened To Music With Subliminal Messages?

Whoever invents diet cake , will become an instant billionare

My cellphone is toast after one bloody day.

Morning Has Broken

Deeply disturbing songs to start the morning

I missed SNL!

Pic of Spring in Central New York State

How do you find out what kind of video card your computer has?

Question about video card compatibility

So, Who here eats Hamburgers with a knife and fork?

Where can I view the SNL skit from last night?

There is now a name in baseball stranger than Coco Crisp

Anybody know sumthin' about washing machines?

A family friend has Alzeimer's and my parents' dog needs an operation.

Death by Chocolate on SNL....


Research shows that Botox can enter the brain. Paris Hilton slightly twitches an eyebrow in terror.

Well you're all invited to my 32nd birthday party....

Kayaking with the kids in protected waters, picture heavy.

What the hell happened in here last night??

ah, the pet circus...

Your Sunday lolcats

Dead ringer is a horse

Wooo 2 posts deleted within minutes!

I can't believe I completely forgot all about this little screen "gem".

Daughter says Joe Cocker is cool and she wants to play her saxophone again

Dog show on Animal Planet.

PC question -- Will a sound card work if the onboard audio does not?

o.m.g.....rofl at this pic (may be offensive to some)

Why do geeks think all computers belong to THEM?

Gah! I've been gone so long, I lost my star!

oh crap - a discrepancy was found in my form!

Hey, Ptah.

I'm over 6,000 posts. Do I get a prize or something? I don't think so

The other kayaking thread inspired me to go out today.


Do you recognize the need for a DU Religion/Theology Food Fight?

I never knew how superstitious sports fans could be

The shrink who belongs to my church thinks I have an oral fixation

Very Strange Request: I would like to interview 2 hiv positive people

Any MyYahoo (or other personalized web portal) subscribers? Post your channels.

Number 8 (BURP) Number 8 (BURP) Number 8 (BURP)

I highly recommend the movie "Gone Baby Gone".

Why men don't write advice columns

Do people who drink coffee out of mugs make better lovers?

The upcoming Nas album

What, did I just fall off the turnip truck????

Oh Matcom, there's a Kelly Brook movie starting on Showtime right now!


Good will in GD... catch it while it lasts. :)

The children too obese to sleep safely

The children too obese to sleep safely

Did Temeah write today's Opus strip?

Somebody please....Motivate me!!!

80s flashback: Asia and Whitesnake to release new albums on April 15th

I want my own personal Carmork....

I want my own personal Carmindy....

I want some bitter!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, This Is Too Much For Me LOL

I went to the Dallas Farmer's Market this afternoon.

Okay...I can't take it anymore


If I wanted to buy a white jacket which looks like...

My cellphone wasn't toast after all.

Two garden pictures.

I just realized yesterday that taxes are due Tuesday.

*yawn* puh puh puh puh puh puh....Squeeeee!

An evening with Valerie Plame Wilson

Tiger is blowing some short putts.

Tiger Number 2 Masters

Parents of young children: do you ever make up alternate lyrics to children's TV show theme songs?

Oh yeah. My anniversary was yesterday. 39 years and counting.

April 4th, 1959: "Oh Boy!"

Number 7

I finally did my taxes ( why the hell did I wait so long?)

Anyone else watching the "Night of Too Many Stars" autism benefit on Conedy Central?

Too cute for words, and I'm not the least bit biased...

I'm coming off one of the best weeks ever - I was out in the real world...

A Public Service Announcement for People Who Sleep With Snorers (Help is on the way!)

If I see ONE MORE FUCKING bitter thread

WTF is with the lounge? All these smutty personal emails

Candy Crowley and Mark Penn .. separated at birth?

About self defeating thinking, inferior thinking, like we are no good.

This is what happens when you trip acid at a David Hasselhoff concert

Oh, God...

Need basic info on pirating PS2 games

Retro's in the shower

It is so freaking quiet

What did you think????

1 POUND of bacon, 1-1/2 cups heavy cream, 6 eggs, 1-1/2 cups swiss cheese..yes, it's Paula Deen time


I support the Tippi Hedren Collider

Iz cooking dinner for me...

Who Knew Alexander Hamilton Was The Dick Cheney Of His Day?

The Fifth Element is on

Can we get some new smilies here on DU?....

help, I am being sucked into GDP...

Can we get some new similes here on DU?....

The Grateful Dead's 10-CD $99.99 Winterland 1973 Complete Recordings Box Set

Self-O Delete-O

So I got a response to my email:

I have been living in SoCal for 1-1/2 years and I have finally bought a pair of flipflops

Stupid cholesterol test.

Do you recognize the need for a DU Religion/Theology/Food forum or are you an obfuscator?

My dog Reba died recently

Apparently Retrolounge has been in the shower since 11:27 this morning.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/13/08

Pics of Spring in N. Texas:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/13/2008)

At what age do you start feeding adults to your kittehs?

I support the Large Hadron Collider

I'm in a mischievous mood tonight...

OMG I LOVE MY NEW IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

What Is Teh Most Evil Agenda?

The Very Best Definition of What Constitutes A Sport

Does anyone remember that actor's name...

This has got to be the ULTIMATE Home Depot fuckup!

Check me out

I May Be Paranoid

In exactly 17 days Bill Clinton is speaking in our city.

Check out my latest LOLcat creation:


When the going gets tough, the tough get the salon

I saw a European Smart Car in Wisconsin today!

I saw a European Smart Car in Wisconsin today!

My sugar glider, Biscuit, died today.

I got me some boots!!

MIDDLE CLASS SPENDING: Not what you think!

Who is more twisted-Stewie or Eric Cartman?

OMG, you've got to see this...


I'm currently backing up my MST3K episode collection to DVD.

What should I do with this email?


Help, I think I'm going crazy or a *itch is haunting me.

The Girl Chewing Gum, a film by John Smith

Post your favorite bitter Songs!

My husband left me because he was feeling empty inside......I discovered this email and now know the

Need help eliminating black mold.

Take a BREAK: meet FLOCKE! Polar Bear videos from Germany!

Ice Ice Busted! Robert Van Winkle should have made a tinkle (instead)!

How much is gas by you?

Anyone want some Spam?


Let's talk like they do in GD:P!

The bitter beer thread

The puppy and kittens feel good thread (pic heavy)


I got me some boobs!!

Has anyone gotten up the gumption to watch the "Meet Your Meat" vid on the homepage?

MN Duers met up today at Pancho Villas, a Mexican restaurant in uptown Mpls

MONK's shrink died. what tv or movie shrink should replace him on show?

Medical alert system for elderly relative

At what age did/do you switch kittehs from kitten food to adult?

Describe a DUer by inferring their user name by a description.

It is after 8 PM and it is still over 85 degrees outside.

That's IT! I'm taking a night off from studying.

TOON: Bush Admits He Approved Torture ====>

Where did you grow up? See a photo of North Miami, Florida. Want to share yours with us?

What takes you straight back to childhood?

Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation

637,,, songs on my Ipod

Religion Poll

How do you cure a crush on a right winger?

Britain craven in the face of despotism

Chavez urges Colombia's FARC rebels to release all civilian hostages

Obama's remarks gives Clinton an opening

Abbas, Olmert to Meet Sunday

Did CIA back Chávez coup?A retired U.S. Coast Guard official alleges in a self-published book that

Clinton Portrays Herself as a Pro-Gun Churchgoer

A Fresh Look at the Apostle of Free Markets

Yahoo shot itself in the foot

No stopping till Sadr City secure, says Iraq

Clinton Becomes a Gun Lover

Clinton Becomes a Gun Lover

Israeli leaders shun Carter over planned Hamas meeting

Iraqi cabinet seeks to ban militias from elections

Despite sanctions, Iran seeking to join UN Security Council

U.S., Europe Warn of Further `Bad News;' Strengthen Regulation

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders

Paulson Says Developing Countries Should Avoid Price Controls

Britain offers to host Darfur peace summit

Labor killings in Colombia become issue in U.S. trade deal

Judge to rule quickly on $63M suit against (Alabama) governor

Iraq Dismisses 1,300 After Basra Offensive: "implicit admission of failures"

US banks Citigroup and Merrill Lynch reveal fresh $15bn loss

Russia's Biggest Party Seeks Vladimir Putin As Leader

Bill Clinton's China Connection

Italians Vote for New Government as Economy Stagnates (Update2)

US banks Citigroup and Merrill Lynch reveal fresh $15bn loss

Sludge fertilizer program spurs concerns

Cereal Link to Food Poisoning Is Probed

Obama Turns Table on Clinton

Exclusive: Mugabe prepares for war

Coalition helicopter drops weapons into Taliban hands, officials say

Iraqi Panel Orders U.S. To Release AP Photographer

Iraq and U.S. to pressure Iran with diplomacy, force

Sadr says US will always be enemy

Hadley: Iran a threat in Iraq

World Economic Leaders Act To Counter Financial, Food Crises

Saudi Executes 2 Nigerians

U.S. air strike in Iraq wounds troops and civilians

35 Company's Ok'd to Bid on Iraq Oil Deails

Policymakers join forces to repair battered markets

Dalai Lama reiterates resignation threat over Tibet

IMF Head Gives Food Price Warning

EXCLUSIVE-EU to propose ban on imports of seal products

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Solid Democratic Lead

Democrats: McCain Financing Questionable

US strike kills own soldiers in Baghdad

Stunned animal rights activists protest arrests

1,300 Iraqi troops, police dismissed

Rev. Wright: Fox's Hannity 'Stuck on Stupid'

Jimmy Carter defends meeting with Hamas

Karl Rove Interview - On Harvard Time Special Edition

The President's Analyst

Student Forum at the University of Pittsburgh

Obama on why some Americans don't vote for Democrats - 2004 w/ Charlie Rose

Poet Juan Felipe Herrera - 187 Reasons Why Mexicanos Cannot Cross the Border

Video montage: Obama, Clinton on bitterness-JedReport

CBC - The National At Issue panel on NAFTAgate

Young @ Heart sings Fix You by Coldplay


Juushiro´s kidsong Life's Gonna Suck When You Grow UP

TYT: Is Maliki Controlling Our Troops Out In Iraq?

Chris Matthews with Joe Biden April 9

TYT: The Bitter Movie Critic Reviews 'Stop Loss' (& Some Great Links)

Bill & Hillary's Money; Conflict of interest

Red State Update Sells Out

How to Handle a Conservative

Obama at Compassion Forum: "We have to be clear and unequivocal. We do not torture. Period."

Barack Obama at Compassion Forum - pt.1

Nancy Pelosi - Face The Nattion - April.13, 2008

PA Man Reacts to Obama's Comments

Red State Update: Obama Bashes Small Town America

Does Religious Belief Matter In Politics?

Bill Clinton & Plan Columbia

Barack Obama in Steelton, PA (Counterpunch tonight before the Compassion Forum)

Hypocrite Hillary Gets Challenged on Her Attack-Dog Talking Points - Ridicules Gore and Kerry

Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania on CNN

Iraq debate gets surreal

100 years in Iraq, and maybe more

Detainees tried in fast-track proceedings

The night I tap danced around Iraq

Former Ala. Governor Turns Tables on Justice Department (WaPo)

Bush fenced in by incompetence

THE MARTIAL LAW ACT OF 2008. By James Brovard

Take back your country: Don't count on the media or government

Our Forgotten Shame in the Green Zone - tvnl

Can you recognize the civil rights protestor here

Robert Fisk: Semantics can't mask Bush's chicanery

John McCain Concedes There’s 'KAOS' in Iraq

Hurtful words make us think, too

ERIC ALTERMAN: Who Are They Calling Elitist?

LAT : Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation

Letter to Hillary about Monsanto connections (02.03.08)

Hillary Clinton's Sad and Desperate Pounce

"Imaginary Friend"

Next in the polygamist sect raid, a legal marathon

Holy Christ! Jesus Backs Up Obama on 'Small Towns'

For Political Parody, SNL Returns to its Roots

Time Running Out On Conservative Group Freedom's Watch

Cheney Cold-Shouldered; anti-Iran rhetoric is driving Arab nations into the arms of Russia

Why the GOP lost its grip on Phila. suburbs (Smerconish in Phila. Inquirer)

Independent UK: This Govt. has lost touch with reality over foreign policy, terror and human rights

Obama's Controversial Former Pastor Criticizes Media at Funeral

Guardian UK: Bogey man

Rich vs Right by The Other Katherine Harris


Guardian UK: Government fiddles while the price of houses burns

Venezuela Remembers April 13

Women at risk of assault failed by new law, say judges (UK)

Co-Payments Go Way Up for Drugs With High Prices

“No, I’m in touch. I know exactly what’s going on."

Bush, staff should be investigated for use of torture (Tuscaloosa News)

Hysterical Hearn Hatefully Harasses Harp Seal Heroes - Sea Shepherd

Want to Save the Economy?

CEOs Pushing Ayn Rand Studies Use Money to Overcome Resistance

World Bank echoes food cost alarm (BBC)

Bitter: Email from an Attendee

Labor killings in Colombia become issue in U.S. trade deal

Carl Bernstein: What Will a Hillary Clinton Presidency Look Like?

Robert Reich: Obama, Bitterness, Meet the Press, and the Old Politics

Torture: Beyond the pale (Seattle PI Editorial)

More on Mayhill Fowler & the SF event from some attendees

Petraeus plan would ‘thin’ troops (rather than hand off security to Iraqi's)

U.S. May Not Release Guantanamo Prisoners Even If Found Innocent of Charges Against Them


How a N.J. medical team escaped Haiti

Finding Voters ‘Bitter and Frustrated,’ Obama is Sounding Like Nader

Did CIA back Chávez coup?A retired U.S. Coast Guard official alleges in a self-published book that

The First Days (a soldier's record of his unit's first days in Iraq)

Obama, small towns, and ‘molehill politics’

Earth & Sky: State of the World 2008

Defects found in nuclear reactor the French want to build in Britain

3 little numbers haunt big energy producer

An out-of-the Blue wind-power plan

'(This job) makes me feel like I'm part of something and I'm improving myself every day.'

Few deep sea fishermen remain; New rules force some to quit industry (NH)

Right whales feeding off Cape Cod

'GE' crop bill of huge import (organic farms, Maine)

3 Allergy Deaths From Heparin In 2006, 62 After Sudden Spike In Component Price - WP

Ciguatera, Marine Food Poisoning Native To Tropical Waters, Found Off Honshu - Yomiuri

Despite 15% Anticipated Natgas Shortfall By End 2009, Canadian LNG Plans Still Mostly Vapor

Conference Board Canada - Airlines "Flying Into Rosier Skies" - Energy Bulletin

Shell Closes Capline Pipeline From Gulf To Midwest After Discovering Leak - Bloomberg

Pilgrim relicensing hits new roadblock

Protests as French PM visits Japan nuclear plant

Plants outpollute cars, trucks

Ecology Law Currents: Myths of the Nuclear Renaissance

(Wisconsin) Towns: Plants should pay for storing nuclear waste

The Externalities of Nuclear Power: First, Assume We Have a Can Opener . . .

Popcorn-ball design doubles efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells

Developing countries call for scaled-up response to food crisis

Solar energy fans see cloud-free future in Massachusetts

‘Built Green’ movement is picking up energy

Volvo launches co-operation to develop plug-in hybrids

Solar and wind duking it out in high-powered battle (Texas)

Ethanol Sales Will Keep Outpacing Gasoline In Brazil

Guardian UK: Rich states failing to lead on emissions, says UN climate chief

Solar panels generating revenue, interest among schools (NJ)

The technology that will save humanity (Concentrated solar power)

Russian Town Of 70,000 So Polluted, Mayor's Solution Is To Close It Down And Move - Independent

Saudi Arabia Cuts Output From 9.2 to 9.0 MBD - "Reflects Demand From Our Customers"

Back By Popular Demand - And Because You LOVE It! The Whale-Oil Analogy!!!

What Are American Food Transport Vulnerabilities? Only 2 Railroads Transport Bulk Of Grains

‘We are going back to future’ (using heat pumps patented by Albert Einstein 80 years ago)

so I'm shopping sub compact cars on the web

Can't Eat Ethanol (Boston Globe)

CA Legislature Working On Quagga, Zebra Mussel Rules - 17 Reservoirs Already Contaminated

Barack Obama on Rural and Working Class America, Circa 2004


Sayreville factory accident kills man

Fairfax: OSHA Plans PSM Inspections for Chemical Plants

Gilchrist sawmill shut in wake of worker's death, town's economy takes hit

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George to Appear on the Very First Broadcast of 'On the Issue

Los Angeles: Lawsuit filed after 5 construction organizers brutally attacked

Today's working family color cartoon: reality TV

Today in labor history

LA Times: AFL-CIO protesters to follow McCain around

American Axle workers make do on strike pay in Three Rivers

Bill Would Extend Unemployment Insurance for Long-Term Jobless

Guest workers labor here to support families back home

Mercury union OKs strike action

Port Authority, union head for showdown

Colombia’s Invasion of the United States (Another top Clinton campaign aide paid a $40,000 per month

Firms whose workers died had been fined over safety

After 9 Strip building site deaths, some workers want more safety

MSNBC: Labor could hold the key to Democratic nomination

Jobs, Economy and Trade Focus of Teamsters' Convoy For Change

Hitachi model dominates market, injury reports: Powerful tool is implicated in more serious work acc

The cost of "free trade"...


BREAKING...American Axle Makes New Offer to UAW

Fox (TV) 25 employees vote yes to unionize

Fatal crane accident in Stowe leads to federal fine

Crane Drops Part Of 10th Story Roof In Lauderhill (another one)

Possible Strike Looms At Wyoming GM Plant

Labor killings in Colombia become issue in U.S. trade deal

Follow-up: GE Denies PMO's Labor Rights Violation Claims In China

Costly exodus: Hispanic firms hurt by HB 1804-related labor drain

Councilman stands firm in labor fight (right to work in Co)

Striking Romanian autoworkers rally, walkout in Bulgaria

Delta, Northwest Near Announcement (create the world's biggest airline)

Labor Notes Conference gets heated as CNA Executive Director cancels appearance "amid security conce

United's next hurdle: costly repairs

Union fight getting ‘dirty,' workers say

Breaking...CNN....American Axle: Sought Mediator In Strike Talks, UAW Rejected

I go back to work tomorrow on light duty

Crack in airline window....unbelievable!!!!! (photo from ground crew at whistle blower hearing)

Obama-Clinton Clash May Pale Beside Unions' Pennsylvania Battle

Jury award upheld against doctor in bullying case (male nurse)

This article says that trade (import/export) is now 50-100% of GDP

Struggles grow for retailers

IRS eases pressure on Big U.S. companies, study says

Save the US Economy and Rekindle Democracy by Giving the Workers a Raise

Corporate tax declines and U.S. inequality

Pulling apart 2008..A state-by-state analysis of income trends

Commercial Real Estate Imploding

Do you know anyone who could afford their house?

Where is the money for the "economic stimulus" payments coming from

Any good investment sites you'd recommend?

Very Strange Request: I would like to interview 2 hiv positive people

Sometimes Drag Just Isn't Funny: Video Inside

NJ Public Official Equated Being LGBT with Pedophilia

an interesting movie on LOGO called coffee date

I love Margaret Cho!

Chavez urges Colombia's FARC rebels to release all civilian hostages

Infighting in Paraguay poll court worries OAS

Lonely Planet writer says he made up part of books

Did CIA back Chávez coup?

Is starvation contagious?

HAITI: Aristide and the Removal of PM Alexis

The Chinese Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution

NEW Venezuela Blog - "Venezuela Rising"

The Booming Venezuelan Economy, and how it affects Monte Carmelo

Joe Garcia reaping hysteria he helped cultivate

Teens from Mideast to seek peace at retreat

Egypt already understands

Palestinians versus Tibetans - a double standard

Carter comes to Israel on peace mission, but finds himself shunned

Rights group: Shin Bet uses relatives to extract prisoners' confessions

David Horowitz is at it again. Jimmy carter is really torking him off and helping to raise funds

Anybody home?

Edwin Moses- A Profile In Excellence


America’s Most Miserable Sports Cities

Sonics' owner's e-mail reveal true intentions for the team.

Gerbe leads Boston College past Notre Dame for Eagles' third hockey title.

The Stars This Week: "Take It Easy" - April 14 - April 20, 2008

Predictions by Mary Bogart for the future.

Brandon Cano Predictions for the 2008 election.

What do we know about Ophiuchus?

I don't understand astrology talk, but I believe in the Age of Aquarius. Tonight,

With respect - are there any psychic predictions about Obama winning the election?

Predictions by Michelle Whitedove for the elections.

Are there any astrologers here that study Evoultionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green?

Hey, guys, I just scored a ton of applewood.


I'm probably gonna get castigated for this but

Mistake, with apologies to the late Francis Bacon

Sick Around the World -- fRONTLINE-PBS Program


Two shots from last October

This week's breakfast cake.

the Mystery Cut-- where the heck did this hunk of meat come from?

What's your favorite heritage food source?

Napa Valley Symphony, Beethoven's 9th, Carlo Ponti, Jr. ~ guest conductor...

Chicken roasted with a lemon in its tummy...

Regarding flour, water and oil

I have some couscous. It's horrible.

Theories, or better yet, an explanation, please?

Dalai Lama draws 65,000 in Seattle

* Readies Big Welcome for Pope

Should you offer pork to a woman who is wearing a hijab and reading a Koran?

What does Benedict’s Ground Zero prayer actually say?

Suppose Bill Gates writes a book about God and keeps it secret.

Forced to marry a 50-year-old with six wives when just 18

Whoa. Why haven't I heard about this? Nonbelievers kicked out?!

Does God talk to people?

Are agnostics atheists?

IBM research spints 'Racetrack' nano-magnetic memory

Conservative bias in textbook, "American Government" concerning Greehouse effect.

Plan To Spray Toxic Biological Chemicals Over San Francisco Announced

What does HDtv really mean, Is there a chance the government will spy on us using our own TV's??

Republican Operative Led Organized Crime Ring by Daniel Hopsicker

Oregon paper: Senate passes Smith-Kerry mortgage plan

BG: O'Reilly agreed to drop SBVT issue "after speaking with Kerry"

Obama and Kerry...Botched Joke , Take Two

Oh, wonderful. Hillary taking another shot at Kerry and Gore.

The baby's home! Yeah!!!

Saint Cloud Times: "Audio, video ban is troubling"

Join Welfare Rights at the Capitol THIS TUES: April 15 at 11am

KTLK Thug Radio host Chris Baker Also on Huffington Post

Good to see some of you all this afternoon! I posted a group pic here:

Wingnut columnist Craig Westover compares Michele Bachmann to Paul Wellstone

CA: Select Your Local Pledged Delegates SUN 13, 2008

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 04/13/08

Do Kane Votes Really Count With ESlate?

"The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation” -Why DID Cheney Go Thru So Much Trouble To LIE?

DFW DU'ers -- Musical Fieldtrip to see Aquarius in Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Gold Mining?

Rural America Speech?

Rushville woman says Obama lunch "surreal"

I'm new here. I'm among friends here, right? Can I say whatever I want now?

So Hillary hit the bar and that's OK with the world?

CP: Ottawa tries to halt military police commission probe of Afghan prisoners

Oh well, at least with a McCain presidency, Countdown will still be good

Tories' poll rating at 16-year high

Terror threat to UK 'is growing' - Jacqui Smith

Charles Clarke lines up southern 'stalking horses' to challenge Brown's leadership

Would you be so kind and do me a big favor?

I just got the oddest e-mail--re: Some of the Parts