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Would Hillary say Barack was against it before he was for it?

Clinton Hails Senate Passage of Her Resolution to Boost 911 Education

If Clinton had said she was the world's #1 fighter against anti-semitism...

1st Quarter Deferred Compensation Statement Arrived Today - Guess what? I'm angry and bitter...

Obama solidifies demographic base.

Here's an idea for M$M's manufactured 'scandals'

Is it me, or is there something wrong with Presidential campaigns?

Obama actually gets it and the others really and truly

Obama actually gets it and the others really and truly

"Eat my shit" !!

Those who insist we "watch or listen to the INDIANA speech"

Oh man, I lost my job. Be right back, I'm going to buy a gun, and cling to it

prepare to be bitterly insulted!

Someone pointed out that we're mad as hell.

Is it just me or is tonight particularly hysterical with the Obama Bashing??

Damn, Barack Obama must be KICKING ASS in PA since the buzz

Pennsylvania IS NOT Ohio

SO tell me again how Hillary is going to parlay the $90 million she

John Mellencamp is a bitter fool who clings to religion!

Who you going to believe, HIll and Mc or your lying eyes?

I criticized Obama's joke about rural Iowans who ask about corn instead of foreign policy.

Why is it that every time Obama farts, Hillary and McCain are all over him. It sure seems like

I had hoped Obama would prove better than this...

The Audacity Of Truth

New voters flood upcoming primaries

OBAMA is our best chance, no matter what you've heard!

Hillary: Roll Up and Your Sleeves and Work Harder Pennsylvania....

I live in a small town and I'm not bitter.

Have the Clintons gone tone deaf?

He really doesn't get it...

Dear Hillary Supporters, Don't Be Bitter, Just Roll Up Your Sleeves & Work A Little Harder

I have just discovered the antidote for bitterness!

Telling the truth is not always good as we can see with the reactions concerning Obama's

Clinton calls for change on drug sentencing

Obama Comment Echoes Dean and Edwards

We ARE mad as hell, and we ARE NOT going to take it any more!

New PA GE Poll

Krugman rebukes Obama supporters (the hospital story)

Grover Norquist: Friend or Foe to the Democratic Party?

I wonder how many Obama supporters voted for Kerry in '04? The same Kerry who voted YES on the IWR?

McCain stalking Obama?

"Bitter" is the new "Hope".

Hillary & McCain Better Think Twice About Trying To Sink Obama With This.......

LA Times Revives Obama Smear

Why did Bill have to stoop to this level of bullshit? It's so sad and now Hillary will

Barack in Muncie Live on CNN

Hillary will be responsible for John Yoo on the Supreme Court

Obama's judgment

I hope Hillary doesn't replace Mark Penn with any of this candidate's advisers.

I am as bitter as hell and don't mind copping to that! And I don't mind being called on it!

Clinton gun shy in Pennsylvania crime address

Wow! Can I share an "I can't believe a rightwinger would vote for this Democrat" story?

Let's Just Flip a Coin

Hillary was never bitter - not even when Bill cheated on her over and over again.

The "ear" is a funny thing. It sits on the head, and is bound by the brain, and is fed by the eyes.

Oscar Wilde once called America "the Paradise for women"

So can we all at agree that Bill is officially a liability to HRC's campaign?

If you cannot think of a reason to oppose Hillary except sexism...

Treading bitterly toward the 3rd term of George W Bush...


Obama: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Streaming LIVE NOW 9:51am est--Obama in Muncie, Indiana on

McCain and Hillary claiming Obama an "elitist"

EXCLUSIVE! Bitter Typical White Person in Pennsylvania Confronts Obama Supporter!

Bittergate drivel

Begala: "Nothing But Contempt" For Penn, Compares Him To Rumsfeld

Begala: "Nothing But Contempt" For Penn, Compares Him To Rumsfeld

had he said "it's no surprise they're turning to drugs" they'd say he showed sympathy for drug use

Sniper Gaffe - 8 days later "I'm Human Is A Revelation To Some People"

I have talked to the people of Pennsylvania

You know the REAL problem with Obama's "bitterness" statement?

McCain is worth approx $36 million, Clinton is worth approx $30 million

Don't Be Fooled: Obama Is Actually Leading Hillary By 1-2 Million Votes

Hillary's Quixotic Campaign Gets Even More Absurd: Obama Picks Up More Pledged Delegates

North Carolina Poll: Obama and McCain tied; McCain beats Hillary by double digits

Obama widens lead on Clinton in state (Washington)

For the love of God, Hillary, SHUT UP. God I am sick of that woman.

Boston Globe: New voters flood upcoming primaries

To Hillary: "Working hard "while getting the slats knocked out from under you = Frustrated

Poll: Pa. women ditching Hillary

'God Damn America', 'Typical white person', 'Jobless people are bitter'

Why do some Clinton defenders here believe that Dems can only win...

You're damn right I am bitter!

I am really fucking bitter about all the fucking taxes I pay.

Obama's (at minimum) condescending remark didn't occur in a vacuum

Obama is clearly agnostic, at least, and probably atheist...

Bitter is as bitter does! Key being does! (dial-up warning)

The admiral's son and his beer heiress wife think you are an elitist, Mr. Obama!


North Carolina poll- Obama-47%- Mccain-47%-Montana- Obama-43%-Mccain-48%

Do xenophobes really exist?

What is bad about saying people are bitter???

Obama hypocrisy: "Rich Senator Clinton"

Double standards. One white, one black.

oh no! now republicans will be able to paint a democrat as an out-of-touch elitist!

Who does Obama remind me of today? Who is the gentle,

Hillary Clinton channels George Bush's optimism and positivity in PA

His Holiness The Dalai Lama at Key Arena, Seattle

Is the Bill Clinton I liked in the 90's back?

Clinton over-reached with her latest blast at Obama. This subject will be the first

Clinton over-reached with her latest blast at Obama. This subject will be the first

The 2nd****OFFICIAL*****I Will Vote For The Dem Nominee Thread

The criticism of Obama regarding "anger" reminds of the republican Michigan debates

She left us, we didn't leave her - Dylan Lyrics here

I'm a BITTER latte-drinking, BMW-driving, Liberal Elite!

Pelosi on Bill Clinton's Error-Riddled Excuse: a 'Late-Night Adult Moment'

Voting across party lines in the primaries.

Pennsylvanians are to Hillary as Iraqis are to Bush

Brilliant response to PA from Obama and Brilliant Support from Borger, Toobin and Cafferty on CNN

The Clinton's painting ANYONE as elitist is laughable to the point of absurdity.

Will Clinton be McCain's Vice President pick?

Clinton can't see the bitterness and anger of Americans because she's part of the problem.

You have to face the bitterness if you want to go for the sweet.

Clinton: CNN's Push Poll on Obama's Remarks


You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

"Hillary Camp Predicts 'MAD AS HELL' Speech ...

They were able to get chimp into office twice

This is why people should be bitter: Clinton’s job-creating promises ring hollow.

Clinton doesn't believe the peasants are bitter

Hillary coming up on Faux. Anchors are orgasming...will she continue to attack Obama for his

Even Evan Bayh (Clinton supporter) sees that Clinton is acting like a Republican.

Frustrated Clinton Supporters Cling to Sexism and Homophobia

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/12/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton unchanged (44)

Hillary's unimaginative responses to Pastor- and Bitter-Gates show why we needed Obama all along

Is it time for Obama to bring up the sniper/lying gaffe?

Obama Concedes Remarks Were Ill Chosen

It occurs to me that Hillary is NOT really destroying the Democratic party

WTF Happened to DU While I Was Gone

ATTN: Everybody... the media ain't buying it. No faux scandal this time.

You're right, Hillary. We don't want a president who looks down on us.

Money men and voter databanks and other ways to undermine your party.

Once again, in responding to critic's attacks, Obama shows why HE is ready for day one, HE is ready

Electoral-Vote is showing Obama will place some big states in play - Great Graph!

How can you be bitter if you have hope?

You know what's REALLY Condescending and Out of Touch?

Obama had a speech in 2002 that Hillary would cut off her left arm to have given

Definition of Elitist:

Guns, Religion and Racism

An important facet of "bittergate" that seems to have been overlooked.

The Obama Test -- Are Americans Scared of the Truth?

Bitterness set to music - an awesome video

Baracky: the real Rocky

How DARE He Drink Orange Juice!

OMG.. CNN: Clinton News Network rips Hillary over her bitter statement..

I am bitter and I live in California

I hate to say this, but the GOP nominee is being more civil and more kind to Obama than Hillary.

PA Victory for Obama thanks to statement....

So Obama Points Out How Republicans Use Wedge Issues And Hillary Thinks That's Elitist?

Hillary Clinton & John McCain jointly insult and look down upon people who have a brain

The clarity of Hillary Clinton's duplicity on religion

62% Expect Obama to Win Democratic Nomination

I know from where Obama speaks.....

People Are Fed Up.

Pleas from an Obama Republican

As a Obama supporter I'd like to see him tell the voters in Pennsylvania

Anyone Wondering What Obama's Pro Choice Stance Really Is? THE TRUTH

The Sky is Falling

All this fighting is useless- barring a catastrophe.

Demeaning? The path from General Motors to Wal-Mart is demeaning!

The Cintons Aren't Quitters. They'll Finish The Job.

Thanks, Jane Smiley! I couldn't have said it any better!

Bill Clinton, campaign arsonist

Richardson says Clinton camp "really ticked me off"

Clinton knows no shame. Her campaign passes out I'm not bitter stickers and tries to claim it

Bitterness and Superdelegates

Obama supporters, say sorry to Larry Johnson

My hometown is hittin' the big time!

Pennsylvania is going to be thrilling....Check it out...

CNN saying BO apologized -- said deeply regrets if he offended anyone...

Obama Letter Seeks Jewish Support

Hillary proves she's all Republican

I never believed the Clinton News Network thing but......

Obama supporters only! Please click but I warn you, you may not think it's funny

Just the term "working class" is elitist

Everyone take a bath!!!!

I think that this primary season is bringing out the sexism in our culture.

Chelsea clinton way to go

You think Hillary and Barack will go back to being freinds after this, like Barack said?

Yes, I am bitter and frustrated as hell, and I'm from MA.

Here's what Obama needs to do in order to neutralize his "bitter" speech in PA

OK Dems, let's try to focus on something of mutual interest

Why is there always double standards when it comes to whose an "elitist"

Clinton is the true elitist.

Forget VP choices, who would each candidate pick as their...

Is anyone selling "Bitter" buttons yet? I'd buy and wear one. n/t




How quickly can one get bumper stickers printed?

Hillary says People in PA are optimistic and positive.

Flashback: Axelrod and Obama: Edwards is too angry (December, 2007)

Obama needs to apologize for the descriptive words he used

Give me one coherant reason why average folks shouldn't be bitter.

Come to think of it, one of the things I like most about Obama is his healthy ego.

I have been neutral for what feels like a lifetime



Ok. Now that I know that the Hillary supporters are not bitter because their sticker tells me so...

Politifact Truth-o-meter: Only Clinton and McCain receive "PANTS ON FIRE" ruling - not Obama

Unlike Obama, Hillary has bent over backwards to try and endear us to Rural America

No Democrats are closer to the B*sh family than the Clintons (200KB photo)

Timing of current dialogue on Obama's side.

Clinton: Americans are the "hardest working people in the world"

**Gaffe Alert** Senator Clinton accuses middleclass progressives of clinging to bitter

Is there any doubt that Hillary would be the triangulator that her husband was?

Bittergate ain't about really about guns, gods, and illegals...

TOP Campaign moments so far

The Gambit that will end all Gambits

Obama: small donors and big donors have equal access to my campaign (CJR calls it "falsehood")

FOXNEWS, MSNBC, and CNN barely show any of Obama's response from last night

The elite will not stand for this, I tell you! Obama must be punished!

They really do think we're all stupid

Who's a more bitter person?

Hell yeah, I'm bitter....

Anyone else pumped for the debate next week? I hope Obama comes out swinging on NAFTA.

Great Moments in "Conventional Wisdom About the Presidential Election"

regarding Obama's visit to Terre Haute, Indiana....

Hillary Promises India "Outsourcing Will Continue"!!

WalMart board member = Friend of the working class. Community organizer = Elitist.

WalMart board member = Friend of the working class. Community organizer = Elitist.

North Carolina(Rasmussen): McCain 47% Obama 47%

A Welcome Litterer....

McCain/Clinton '08.. Bringing War Sex and Lies to the White House..

"Bittergate" isn't sticking: there is no video of it, no usable audio, and it's a boring quote.

"Bitter issue" doesn't seem to be sticking

Mayhil Flowers is "an ardent Obama supporter", Daily Kos reports

What Clinton SHOULD have said: (from an Obama supporter)

Let's look at the alternatives to Obama

Are you bitter?

Blog post from someone who was at the SF Fundraiser talking about Mayhill Fowler agenda

The "L" Curve. If you teach your children nothing else, they should learn this.

Woman for President on CSPAN2 now

Barack is being "Punished for the Truth" (excellent column)

Family rumor has it that my one-issue-voter brother in law is leaning Obama

There is reason to be bitter but I'm optimistic that Obama is the man for the new century

Family rumor has it that my one-issue-voter brother in law is leaning Obama

This is one of today's pieces of propaganda from a RW friend:

the DLC makes me sick

the DLC makes me sick

Smear alert: NY Times writer falsely states that Clinton said she was "pro-gun"

How about this for a message of unity?

When Dumb and Dumber go on the attack

Are you more bitter than hopeful or more hopeful than bitter?

JFK RFK MLK dream video

He's the antichrist

Are you bitter?

There's nothing the matter with Kansas

Are you bitter?

I think Obama should stay on the offensive about voters being "bitter" at Washington

Hillary never had to change a tire, never had a reason to be bitter

Conservative CBN Commentator: People Making Too Much Of Obama's Supposedly-Controversial Comments

AP on Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama past Nafta statements

The real "context" of Obama's "bitter" comment

Why is John Edwards so angry?

I read that Obama exposed the right's "Southern strategy" and pol.discourse of the late 20th Century

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Saturday April 12-2008

My first encounter with the complexity of racial issues: A personal story.

The Cost of Letting This Go On...and On

Hillary confirmed what we already knew, she is the status quo and she doesn't stand for change

*Spoiler Alert* McCain is a Cylon

So ....what is Obama's solution to the problem that other Presidents haven't fixed

ARMED & DANGEROUS: The Desperation Of Rural America

Hillary Clinton and the Epidemic Rise in Institutional Drugging of Toddlers and Children

Should Obama supporters plan a (lame) protest against CNN

Should Obama supporters plan a (lame) protest against CNN

Live blogging from KS 3rd district convention; selecting delegates for Denver

Obama can Make this Story go Away on Wednesday

Well...I didn't think it could ever happen, ....but it has!!

This is the shit that needs to stop!

Obama gaff guarantees the primary will not be over after PA

One thing is for sure - Obama's remarks are not going to help him with

McCain distancing himself from the GOP and people are buying it

New things that I'm surprised to find out are important to "liberals" every day

Obama's rhetorical frame: explaining Americans to Americans

Barak's bitterness statement is being blown way out of proportion!

Hillary better UP her expectations in PA wtih all her HAPPY TALK! Anything less than 20% win is sad.

Hillary better UP her expectations in PA wtih all her HAPPY TALK! Anything less than 20% win is sad.

The Evolution of Hillary Clinton

Read/post comments about Obama's "bitter" comment

Barack Obama: 'What strong countries and strong presidents do'

Hillary calling Barack an elitist would be like Dubya

"How I spent my Sunday with Obama and the Mayhill Fowler Agenda"

Obama He opposes concealed carry and the right to self-defense.

Question for Clinton Supporters if Obama is so out of touch,

After being porked without lube by George Bush for seven years, any American who ISN'T bitter is:

What's with all the bitter crap ?

here is what Obama is called:racist, bigot, elitist, snob, empty suit, republican,"liberal", sexist

Clinton attacks Obama again: says he was "kind of elitist."

Indiana audience angry at Obama's critics

12 reasons 'bitter' is bad for Obama

On Democrats and Democratic Presidents...


Breaking! Obama said "bitter!"

The REAL question that seems to have been missed in all the bitterness

Small town folk

Clinton implies that Obama isn't an American. See this video here:

IN undecided voter found Obama's words "condescending" - though "there are a lot of angry people."

"Bitter-gate" or Obama's rope a dope strategy?

Why do I have to be a donor to post a poll?

I wonder how many Obama supporters voted for Kerry in '04? The same Kerry who voted YES on the IWR?

Why I Support Barack Obama: Part II


Obama is showing a political tin ear

Worried that Obama's comments might hurt him? Read this CNN message board and cheer up!

CNN Video: Cafferty et al are DISGUSTED by Hillary and McSame for Distorting Obama's Comments on PA

Am I bitter?

Texan Hunters for Obama


Breaking: Obama news from West Virginia

An open letter to Pennsylvania Democrats:

Damn -- they are hitting this heavy. Robocall from one mayor, email from another

psst! Obama IS ELITE...then again, so is Hillary, by definition -

Exactly how was Obama "telling the truth" about small-town America's "anti-trade" sentiments?

Obama's the first candidate I've backed who I actually look forward to being backed into a corner

Obama has rejected rural voters: How does he plan to win the GE?

So Hillary fans: do y'all think the repugs are backing her

Mark Penn lunching with.....Karen Hughes

Hillary and her DLC buddies are for the never-ending expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex

Wrightgate, I've-Never-Been-Proud-Gate (AKA Obamarosagate) and Bittergate --

Civil Dems- Nonflamable content warning

It's TIME for Hillary supporters to resign from the DU

It's TIME for Hillary supporters to resign from the DU

A cheerful picker-upper -- for me anyway.... thought I'd share

Showdown: the state that may seal Hillary's fate

SNL's opening skit: Patreus hearings

I am an Obama supporter who has been trying to stay positive about HC,

The media keeps saying that...

Hillary speak with forked tongue. Is it duck hunting or animal rights?

Why Gov. Bill Richardson didn't endorse Clinton

BREAKING! Obama plans duck hunting trip in Scranton tomorrow after church with his grandma!

5 PA Mayors Response to Obama's characterization of their towns

I got somethin' to say about Obama's "gaffe"

I cannot wait for the Dem Debate this Wednesday

More Shameless Phony Pandering: Clinton Portrays Herself as a Pro-Gun Churchgoer (NYT)

How many will there be?

How many will there be?

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters backs Obama (thinks Hilary will start a war with Iran)

After tonight's SNL Obama kiss/ knife in the back of Hillary, SNL "bias" now won't be a DU concern

We're Not Gonna Take It!!!! Come Give A SHOUT OUT!

OK, I've really had it. I'm not voting for O, C, or McSleazebag!!

Hillary - suddenly the 'Annie Get Your Gun'

I tell you what a relief!

We've seen Obama the Uniter and Hope-Igniter. Now we will see Obama the REVOLUTIONARY

Tone-deaf Hillary (again)

Remember when *all* of us hated the use of wedge issues in elections?

What is an Elitist, Exactly?


How Obama Could Seize Pennsylvania (The Clintons and Their Sordid Colombia Advocacy)

Thank Goodness -- Hillary has joined us "little people" against that Big Bad Elitist Obama

Thank Goodness -- Hillary has joined us "little people" against that Big Bad Elitist Obama

Canvassing Report

The new Hillary lie..... ignore that goverment part of what Obama said...

Angry White Woman

I Just Got Home From Canvassing - And Another Obama Flyer Came Today (large pics)

As an Obama supporter, I am afraid the Hillary supporters will make McCain the next Prez.

Hillary to Dems: Your likely nominee "looks down on" "Pennsylvanians"

"You have all these economically insecure white people who are scared to death."

Bitter-Gate Helps Obama. Book it.

Where are the Obama campaign's sniper fire bumper stickers?

Hillary voted IN FAVOR of the bankruptcy bill in 2001.

Time Magazine reporting Hillary Clinton plans attack on Obama over small town comments

Here goes Hillary :" I was taken aback by the demeaning remarks Sen. Obama made about people in.."

Will Senator Clinton say and do anything to get elected?

Hillary elevates Grover Norquist. Norquist. What is wrong with her?

Is Obama's wife now doing the speech writing for her husband?

Clinton Slams Obama Again: Reminisces About Hunting as a Girl

Obama's remarks gives Clinton an opening

Hillary had to blow her Bombshell early due to Bill's Big Mouth

So poor folks are happy, merry and think life is perfect? Give me a fucking break! Obama nailed it.

Here is what I see. Obama is running against our government. Hillary

SNL Hammering Hillary!!!

What does "antipathy to people who are not like them" mean?

I Greatly Look Forward to a Long, Continued Debate Over Who is an Elitist.

If Hillary Doesn't Know What Wedge Issues Are & How GOP Uses Them, She's Not Fit To Be POTUS

Hillary Will Withdraw, And Her Stature Soars - Brent Budowsky

Snobama Bataan gaffe

There is a deep and disturbing message in the "bitter" flap.

Hey McWar! Release those medical records concerning your brain!

SNL slamming (McCain and) Hillary-she's claiming she was against the war from the beginning...

Arbeit Macht Frei

Tom Daschle sticking up for Obama right now on CNN!

Pardon me Hillary but we KNOW you have $109 million reasons NOT to be bitter...

Today I challenge DU to enter a new era of GD:P

Obama's remarks were true and showed empathy for those who were screwed by the govt.

****Must See Video: Obama Circa 2004 Connecting Economics, Bitterness, Guns, & Religion****


The McGovernization of Obama ! ! ! ! ! !

The Difference Between Worrying About Right-Wing Smears and Validating Them

Catherine Crier: Punished for the Truth

Hillary Connection to Buffalo NY Lost Jobs - Check this out & pass it around!!!!!

Clinton Portrays Herself as a Pro-Gun Churchgoer

Why I'm (and others are) SO angry: "Here We Go Again" by Jane Smiley

Who the 'eff' is Mayhill Fowler????? (Leaked Obama's 'bitter' clip)

No wonder they're bitter: "Clinton Firm's Deal Left Pennsylvania Churches in Shambles"

I hate what this forum has become

Really, after all the race bating by former President Clinton and Sen. Clinton

Announcing: Make It Rise!

Breaking poll: Obama ties McCain in North Carolina

Bokonon defines maturity

Calling John Edwards!! NOW's the time to weigh in on Obama's "Bitter-gate"

They're going ape sh&t over at Michelle(Taylor) Marsh. Nutty comment post.

200,000 views in less than 24 hours. If the MSM won't cover it, the internet will.

Bill Clinton: "You would have thought, you know, that she'd robbed a bank"

why bittergate won't hurt Obama: The "non-bitter" voters were hardly in play anyways

Barack Obama: "Another Layer of Skepticism" When 46-Year-Old Black Man Tells PA About Hope

Obama was silly to mock small-town PA for “clinging” to their “religion” during hard times

RANT: The only reaction I have left to how sickeningly LOW Hillary has gotten

No one should feel afraid to post a positive post about Hillary or Bill

Great List !!!- Hill Of Particulars, Or... PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU SUPPORT HILLARY? - OpEdNews

Clinton Supporters: Does It Bother You *At All* That Clinton's Message Is So Well Synched...

"My campaign drives people to drink," Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton the AMERICAN Candidate

Spending Saturday night on GD:P... what the hell

I've been a Hillary supporter since day one -I know it's time -

I'll tell you how bitter I am.

I want investigations into the crimes of the bush administration. I fear I will not be seeing that.

What a smear looks like backfiring: Hillary's "patronizing elitism"

Thank you Mayor John Fetterman of Braddock, PA

What Obama, DU, and the Democrats need to know about rural areas:

Neither Hillary or McCain are fit to lead this country, they both seek to polarize us and distort...

Very interesting: Obama/Clinton to discuss moral, religious, political beliefs. McCain has declined

Al Gore invented the Internet... John Kerry voted for it before he voted against it...

Countering bitterness

Who here grew up in small town PA?

Have the people of this country went completely insane? Jesus H Chirst

"Elitism" is the new "uppity"

"Elitism" is the new "uppity"

John Cleese backs Barack Obama!

John Cleese backs Barack Obama!

It is so rare to see this *lack* of condescension from a major politician

This "Bittergate" stuff is soooo going to resonate.

This "Bittergate" stuff is soooo going to resonate.

This "Bittergate" stuff is soooo going to resonate.

This "Bittergate" stuff is soooo going to resonate.

Obama's "They cling to religion"...indeed, so why has he run such a holy-moly campaign?

Obama is No Friend of the Working Class

Obama is No Friend of the Working Class

Obama is No Friend of the Working Class

HIllary and NAFTA, just for the record!

OFF the fence: HEY Hillary and McSame - Obama’s RIGHT - People are Bitter, and PISSED!

North Carolinians Decry Senator Obama's Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

North Carolinians Decry Senator Obama's Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

Obama said americans who enjoy firearms do so simply out of frustration...

Government butter and cheese and Obama

Photos from Obama's San Francisco Fundraiser

Real Men are for Hillary

For over 7 years, DU has been against Republican tactics

While reading an email about boycotting the China Olympics...

PA "bitter" robocalls have started

Tom Vilsack gets it, just like John Edwards did. Too bad the latte crowd behind Obama doesn't

Clinton Embarrasses Prime Minister Brown Re: Olympic Boycott.

Leak Inquiry Said to Focus on Calls With Times

Obama's condescending sneer of small town PA learned at Pastor Wright's knee.

It's Obama, stupid: Carter and Gore to end Clinton bid

Some of Hillary's DU supporters show their RACIST stripes by calling Michelle Obama Omarosa

So, for those of you who ridicule "conspiracy theories,"

Trip from Russia to USA may take one hour soon

Bitter Pill to swallow - can we face it?

Cocaine planes make a "Bogotá Connection"

This is Clinton hail mary pass and its not going to work


Where's the DU Hate Mail?

Buzzflash: Busheviks Start Beating Iran War Drums Again

Bill Moyers: "Our Mission: Uncover The News That Powerful People Would Prefer To Keep Hidden"

U.S. Fails to Move on Iraq Sexual Assault Complaints

***This Video Of Obama Could End "Bittergate": How Can I Get In Contact With The Obama Campaign?***

Arguing on DU for fun - an epiphany

Big Brother in the bathroom

9 Propositions on the U.S. Air War for Terror

Can anything get more Orwellian than this ??

amerika: Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

can we silence a "mega church" who spews lies about a political candidate

Finding mass graves has been growing more frequent as US-led operations continue

"Harsh Tactics"...wonder what Webster's says about that

Hernandez blamed oil companies that he said have profited immensely during the Iraq war

Bush on Iraq - The Illustrated Speech

Ashcroft Understatement "History will not look kindly on this(approving torture)" ...

Three cheers for MSNBC! Bravo!

April 12. Welcome to "The Nine Days"

Fewer Options Open to Pay for Costs of College

Russ Feingold is hiring for his Progressive Patriots Fund

Shi'ia and al-Qaeda

Chevron, Total Seek Oil Deal in Iraq - Say they want to help the Iraqis

If our government imposed a three week curfew here and your kids were starving what would you do?

The Next President's First Task-A Manifesto-By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

V to the Tenth: Thousands of Women Combat Violence Against Women

Politics in the DU is beginning to feel a bit like the sectarian hatred in Iraq.

US threat to 'protect troops' from Tehran

Here is the Dean who is protecting Yoo, Not YOU! Let's send him an Email!

Veterans Affairs refuses to provide voter registration for wounded vets

Intelligence: A Rare Cosmic Commodity

Candlelight Vigil No. 116 - "Absence of leadership creates chaos," said the Iraqi American man...

Wonder if the Government will bail out Oil Investors when the Petroleum Bubble bursts?

India trying to make drinking water plans in re: HEAT

Washington Post: Iran Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says

Investigator: Antiquities fund Iraqi extremists

Caption- Our Democratic Leadership In Action!

Is anyone listening to Air America? Did he just fart?!?

Cheney’s bogus oil argument

So I was reading some greatest threads

It Takes a Cyber Village to Catch an Auto Thief

German staging of Verdi's A Masked Ball on 9/11 with naked cast in Mickey Mouse masks

2004 debates W on harbor security "how are you going to pay for that?"

"Now, wave to the masses." "Yes, Master." nt

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex

Hillary Clinton Pandering

? The US Air Force Shot Down Flight 93 ?

Dangers of a giant national database -- article from 1967 was eerily prescient

Iran Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says

CHENEY: You Don't Have The Balls To Call Us Lying Sonuvabitches-So Get The Fuck Out Of The Way

Anyone else think American Airline's "Faulty Wiring" problems are a Cover for Financial problems?

1.5 million Chinese have been forced out of their homes

Costs soar for Mass. health care law

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y In shrub's Wars ...

Bush’s single-minded focus on Iraq shortchanges other national priorities

"IRAQ: From One Dictator to the Next"

Shhhh! DON'T Say it Out Loud ...

John Yoo: Spearhead or scapegoat? - Glenn Greenwald

From $730 to $196 a Month

Investigating Bush

Bush Radio: "15 months ago, Americans were worried about the prospect of failure in Iraq"


Not one word from PBS re:torture memos or presidents admission. Contact them here:

Clinton has NO shame. Her camp passes out I'm not bitter stickers, but claims it is "grassroots

How 'Smoke On The Water' Really Goes....

Has anyone noticed RW media piling on GE?

CA - "was so bad an average of one inmate each week was dying of neglect or malpractice"

Bush to Pope Benedict: Come to dinner! Pope to Bush: Thanks, but no thanks.

Military Intelligence Center Opens on Afghan Border

NYT, pg1: Questions raised over Harold Ickes's databank venture

hey.. i have a friend, didnt vote TX primary and she is told she cannot vote nov 2008. that is NOT

PC World: U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked

A modest proposal..

O'Reilly: "And you haven’t been, uh, held back because talk radio is dominated by idiots like me?"

$736 Million Baghdad Embassy Finally Ready

Why when Saddam cracked down it was called genocide but when the US does it its called liberating?

"deserving" homeowners... "qualified" borrowers

I'm really bitter that we even have to ask the question,

good grief! - "The Lord's Boot Camp" a new TV show tonight

Financial Industry Pours on Campaign Donations

Why does Bush want to attack Iran?

How do people afford . . . ?

I'm really bitter about this!

Digital Transition Could Raise Cable Bills

High gas prices hurt kids

My cable company only shows Olbermann once in the evening

I am unspeakably bitter

Mars-bound spacecraft fine turns course for landing

UN food agency: Millions worldwide vulnerable, Soaring food prices to persist

Asia Times: US edges closer to engaging Iran

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex

Um, I'd like to be concerned about Tibet - but I have this little problem.

If Obama becomes President, no forgiving and forgetting!

A 4 week road trip from DC to Oregon and back.

Should girl fights be banned from youtube

Politico's Martin asserts as "fact" Gore and Kerry "elitists out of touch with average Americans"

The propaganda has been brutal

'despite more than a year of talks between the bu$h* administration and Iran' wtf?

Everyone take a bath!!!! You'll feel better!

"Clinging to their guns and their religion," "a typical white woman."


Minister defends armed seizure of protest ship

Why can't we all get along??

Deleted repetition.

Bush's Brand of Morality

I am so sorry I ever gave that woman my vote in MA, it ain't even funny

New DU Group: Bitter Greens for Obama?

Food Shortages Herald "New Era Of Hunger"

British government reels from high court ruling

“'Tag' system for [UK] police officers” (BBC) (Bobbies to be tracked all the time)

Sea Shepherd vessel seized in Canadian waters

McClatchy: Safety problems in grounded jets known for years by FAA

I guess I missed something. What's Bittergate?

Pet food getting expensive too

Please help me understand this!

Live Webcast of Dalai Lama @ Safeco Field in Seattle - link:

Bill Moyers' Ridenhour Acceptance Speech: "Most Of Media Co-conspirators ... Still Prominent..."

Analysis of McCain's "100 Year War in Iraq"

Obama announces his DU supporters were wrong re: BitterGate.

Obama announces his DU supporters were wrong re: BitterGate.

Obama announces his DU supporters were wrong re: BitterGate.

Obama announces his DU supporters were wrong re: BitterGate.

Why do I have to love America?

Should Iraq be forced to take out loans from the occupying country to pay reparations to itself?

Cute story about my new car

Sen. Webb sees growing concern in nation-speaks with housing group, discusses economic inequalities

April 12, 1981

Another letter From Fr Bob Layne of Kansas Naming Jesus as a Democratic fellow traveler.

Signs of GOP collapse.

Heavy ice, costs keeping some Newfoundland, Labrador sealers ashore

"The children and their mothers did not know what to do with crayons."

Houghton Mifflin offers misleading defense for climate-denier high school textbook.

Your Legacy Mr. President - Chapter One: War Crimes-Larisa Alexandrovna

Read this Article

White supremacist's statue to stay put at S.C. House

Is the CIA behind the China-bashing Olympics protests?

Front Page Ad on DU....Find Single Arabs (Pic of a Arab Woman)...?????

Front Page Ad on DU....Find Single Arabs (Pic of a Arab Woman)...?????

8-year-old girl asks for divorce in court

FYI: Coming up on CNN: Route 2008, live from Pittsburgh. (9pmCT)

Sunday TV news shows

This is what life is like at our house, when Dr. D. is here. This is "it" and "it" is wonderful!


Resources on how McCain cheated on his wife and married a theif and opiate junkie

old for bettter or for worse comic

Mittens trying to get on the ticket, has Poppy and Rove behind him

Mittens trying to get on the ticket, has Poppy and Rove behind him

Frontier Air done in by credit card processor

The media, Hillary and McCain are full of crap. Small town America, opportunity and Iraq (Updated)


My head hurts...

I need Dr. Laura Schlessinger...should I contact Hannity?

This question is for Repukes...what makes McNasty wrong in 2000 but right in 2008?

The Dalai Lama and Moral Relativism- Iraq, Viet Nam, Afghanistan

Interesting. Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, on Sunday morning shows.

FL Supreme Court justice, grandson of former Cuban dictator Batista, to step down (Jeb-appointed)

TYT: "The View" Slams McCain, Who Is McCain's Mini-Me(?), & More From The Author Of The Real McCain

Looking for information on the crime spree that targeted Don Siegelman and others

Va. soldier slain while taking (pregnant) wife's place in Iraq -horribly sad

Does anyone know if SNL is new tonight?

Does anyone know if SNL is new tonight?

Are their DUzy's this week? nt

Do you think the DLC's days numbered?

"A broad pattern of media portraying prominent progressives as elitists"

"Elitist" is used by the party's power people to keep upstarts in their places.

Now for some good news: Alberto Gonzales can't get any firm to take him

Trust me...competence RULES. If you can do your job--no one sees your sex, color, age, or lifestyle!

Israel fears Iran may ship Hezbollah arms via Beirut port

Israel fears Iran may ship Hezbollah arms via Beirut port

Israel fears Iran may ship Hezbollah arms via Beirut port

More payday loan stores in Ohio than McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's combined.

ACLU Press Release: Bush Admits Knowledge Of Torture (ACLU Calls For Independent Prosecutor) attacked attacked

AAR Prediction: By Election Day, MSNBC will make Rachel Maddow an offer she can't refuse

Bomb kills several in southern Iran ...... WTF?

Anti-Don Siegelman site operates in Mountain Time Zone, why is that?

April 12, 1945 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dies in Warm Springs, GA...(dialup warning)

Death by Lack of Health Insurance: crunching numbers

How does a 21 year old baseball player just die

What should labor law say or labor practices be when the gov't expropriates a business?

If 20% of Americans who are currently employed as politicians had previously worked as farmers...

In all seriousness, why is it so difficult for Obama to

Barrick's plans to "relocate" three glaciers

The. Right's. Worst. Web! SITES!! EVAH!!!!!!

The people of the American Colonies were deathly opposed to having a standing army

April 12, 1961

Controversy Erupts Anew Over Investigation of Venezuelan Prosecutor’s 2004 Murder

Anyone going to first seder tonight?

OMG put on SNL now!!!

Military DUers: When did "Sir, yes, Sir" replace the simpler "Yes, Sir" in BT?

What king of shape are the roads in around where you live?

Elitist My Ass

For those who wanted the pig ad on the Latest page to go away...

3,184 people apply for 250-300 RETAIL jobs, 1700 applied for 15 management positions

SUV Not Big Enough for You? Try an XUV

Why I will not vote for John McCain

Bumperstickers I saw today.

Bush approval averages sinking, now at 28.3%

Barrick Gold blocks booklaunch: Noir Canada


Please explain this GOP'er "art" to me.

Up By Your Own Bootstraps

Trade Secrets You Were Never Supposed To See

It has been 63 years today since the death of Franklin D Roosevelt

I Love The Smell Of Fresh Schandenfreude In Springtime....

"I cannot believe how angry this makes me"

Book TV Schedule: March 12th - 14th

I'm a "BITTER VOTER" for Obama, let me tell you why I'm bitter. Who is with me?

Chavez: Hosting American economic refugees

So what are we doing now that we know the Bush administration PLANNED torture?

A A A A A A A R R R G G G H H H ! ! ! ! !

$3.99/gallon for regular unleaded at the Shell station on my corner today...

Awww... Alberto Gonzalez can't find work. Boo fucking hoo.

Adam Smith's recipe for a Socialist welfare state.

Adam Smith's recipe for a Socialist welfare state.

Who else is sick of seeing the abused pig on DU's front page?

Where does $10/hr rate economically?

Midsize Cars Show Improvement In Crash Tests

How should I go downstairs to retrieve the final beer?

A couple foks posted in a yurt.

OMFG!!1!! Wang slaps down the Sox tonight.

Battlestar Galactica: episode 2 season 4 (SPOILERS)


Tale the l

Jesus Christ this beer tastes funny!

RIP Layne Staley.

Mark Crispin Miller: How GOP Paid For Election Fraud (Abramoff, Strategists Transformed Elections)

RIP Kurt Kobain

u needz to watch this....

Meaningful quotes to me that won't mean Jack Shit to you.

It's Friday night, ask a dumb question!

I Think BullGooseLooney's thread About "Sexy" with

Tube Snake

Brothers in arms

Pigs Are Flying

When a law is predicated on the "prerogative" to torture

...clear skies, light breeze, 84* here the doors and windows open as we speak...


Pigs - Pink floyd

Visa just sent me a verification email!!

I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy, we fought ourselves and the enemy was in us

Romeo foxtrot...........shall we dance


Wow. Scott Horton is planning to hang it up. "Is There Life After Blogging?"

Question about a potential credit-card offer....

Jesus comments about our situation...

puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh

Is anybody listening to Air America? Did someone just fart on the Lionel Show?

Sweet dreams, DU!

Inappropriate use of smilies.

Somebody better fucking start talking, or I may have to pass out.


Someone go to Wegmans, get me a six pack of black and white cookies...

Noel Hillman, the Siegelman Case, the USA Firings, and Jack Abramoff

What does it actually mean when they say someone had a "nervous breakdown"?

Older woman driver

thank you a brazillian times over, billyskank

The pros and cons of hitchhiking

Favorite review on Cap Alert

Well, the mods are asleep, so here's a fucking obscene self photograph...

Happy birthday Tiny Tim........78 Years Young.

dailin' down the radio, trying find a song about you...

Happy Saturday!!

Incase there was any doubt about which is the real musician, and which is the hack...

You know what pisses me off? Republican people.

My dog rolled in something brown.

Prom Night 2008 is shit.

Who else is a fan of Steeleye Span?

hahahahahahaha - this from a friend of mine . . .

tonight is pajama night at work....

About Sam Seder

Rant about museum admission prices.

Good vibes requested . . .

Hrm...I have to write a statement for a Scholarship Application...

How do I use my memory card reader with my computer?

I suggest we all take over the 900 flights that have been canceled

I suggest we all take over the 900 flights that have been canceled

I'm playing hooky from my studying, and I've got an exam tomorrow.

What a beautiful day!

Lonely Planet's author fraud

Yet another P-b photo thread - Monterey and Big Sur pictures.

Tech support at my local ISP

Smoking Cessation Diary: Day 4

Incredible Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Which You Probably Don’t Know About

Beach Day Commences in 30 Minutes!!!

I don't know how to feel about this.

Does anybody ever listen to Freethought Radio on Air America?

Don't tase me, bro! I'm pitching tonight!

DU tech question

Evolution kills!

Dave Grohl is one talented MOFO

Dave Grohl is one talented MOFO

How NOT to make ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen:

At the conclusion of John Carpenter's "The Thing," who was the survivingThing?

Why does Orrex not have a career...

GREEN APPLE FESTIVAL! Free music next weekend all over the US!

I'm going to a "Day for Darfur" rally tomorrow!

On balance, is Jimmy Walker a good actor or a waste of space?

I Dream of Jeanie -- your thoughts on this 60s sitcom?

Soylent Green actually exists!

Caption this please

My wife went to look up Dicks Sporting Goods for bikeson the internets, and she made

Jesus Christ, who's calling me now?

I have neglected MySpace horribly.

About the Ghost Clown...

Deadliest Catch is back on Tuesday!!


hey come quick over to GDP

zOMG!!!!111!!! Somebody broke the Glossary!!!ones!!!!

I'm drinking from a warm box for the sake of it - what are you doing?

Using a conflux of popular culture references, time period immaterial, describe your persona:

Who here is involved in the adult entertainment industry?

Anyone else here a fan of NINJA WARRIOR and UNBEATABLE BANZUKE?

All right it's time to do what hypnotoad does every saturday evening

So, for $400, which is the better value?

Paragraph formatting question??

On balance, is Jeremy Irons a good actor or a waste of space?

I can't wait for Season 4 of BSG to be over, just so I never have to watch Laura Roslin

Back from the beach...Malibu pics!

Some GREAT Lolcats...

For Madinmaryland

For Madinmaryland

Bye bye Vista - nice knowing ya.


Anyone know what this weed is?

Lets Groove Tonight

Woohoo! Bullwinkle925 is en route and should arrive at DFW in 3 hours!!!

You know what pisses me off? Poor people.

Wow, it was 95 degrees at the beach today!

I'm trying to stay rational - but can anybody explain this to me?

So Bush admitted today that he lied to the country to "maintain morale"

I'm listening to polka music....on WTKM, the voice of the Kettle Moraine!

T-Bogg has a new puppy!

How do I install a driver?

I don't want to know

DuStrange Poll

Daughter just got invited to joe Cocker tonight for free...asked me "who is joe cocker

Silent Hill actually exists!

How I Feel

any butchers/beef experts out there?

For My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

Thats All

And All Of A Sudden Everything Is Empty

Parche got the blues?

So I bought myself a new recliner..........

A fly just dropped dead next to me

Number 8

Easy Mac ROCKS

Should I start a blog?

Should I Go To Dairy Queen?

Another PSA about traffic tickets at the DFW airport:

I went to the dealership to bring my son some shoelaces

After The Love Has Gone

Go Sox!!

Kitty WWE

I cooked a Kuala Lumpur/Bangkok hawker-stand dinner tonight!

Probably more suited to GD but whatever...I found myself watching Glen Beck's show last night...

Woo hoo! I now have a blog.

Live Music!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/12/2008)

Some questions for vegans and/or non meat eaters (edited)

LISTEN TO THIS! Widespread Panic on now!!!!

I'm way too addicted to bollywood

ear worm - Buddy Holly 'True love ways'

Papa Benedict vs. Dolly Lama

a mathematical parody of fergie's 'fergalicious'...i am in stitches

Really though, In Episode 7, who shot first?

Sweet! L O S T will have three-hour finale!

For the aviation nuts...

breaking news----people are being nice to each other in gd:p.......

Any advice on getting sleep in hotels would be appreciated

I'm watching The Empire Strikes Back AND The Godfather II

Who let Glenn Beck join DU?

Jesus, I just got in a wicked argument....

who else is sick tonight?

Is It Me or Are All CBS Dramas Exactly the Same?

A car buying question.....

Why is the Democratic party animal an ass?

If you're flying to New Zealand anytime soon, don't watch this video

There's is a certain Ohio DU'er on her way here now!

It is 95º Here and I am Smoking Pork Ribs - Picture This Thread

So for my birthday i saw the revival of 'Sunday in the Park With George' at Studio 54.


Must See: Randy Pausch: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

I can't help myself, I just want to rub his little belly and make him go....

I just renewed both my love for Beatles music and my hatred of war.

Micky Mantel Documentary on HBO

trashy art


I'm drinking warm sake from a box - what are you doing?

I turn 41 in an hour

&%#(%& headache!

All right it's time to do what sasquatch does every saturday evening

Hairy/Garlic breathed/Toilet paper stuck to heel...Sign in here!

We're watching Empire Strikes Back

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/12/08

Really though, in Episode 4, Why are the Stormtroopers such piss poor shots?

We're going out for dinner Willie Nelson's Texas Roadhouse!

GDP in a pic

This picture thread is dedicated to people who've had enough to drink

Why does Drew Barrymore have a career?

It was like the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan.

Short/petite and sexy, sign in here!

Something we haven't done in ages: Show me your desktop!

Someone please explain to me

I scared myself by almost watching Glenn Beck last night

Is anyone good at making avatars?

I have 3000+ MySpace Friends!

Anybody ever used an inversion table for a bad back?

Just got back from a memorial service

I "tricked out" my myspace page

"Sliders" - during what season did it jump the shark?

For someone making 80K going down to minimum wage is a shock

Play a Murder Death Kill song

Check out this artwork - all done with a single stroke of a pen

I need to share this. Please don't judge me until you hear the whole story...

Alone again on Saturday night.

The hummingbirds are here !

Ha! A cute little story about my nephew and video games...

Should I go hang out with some Quakers?

Should I go hang out with some Quakers?

If I wanted to buy a white jacket which looks like...

Send some prayers for Fireball.

Hee Haw

Car restoration nuts - I have a question and need advice!

Question for BSG fans (no spoliers)

Don’t Gut Family and Medical Leave Act

I am on DU in order to avoid writing the four article reviews that are due very soon

Computer Help? Please?

Am I the only one who thinks German sounds cool?

I had the "late for final exams" dream again

Fess up! Have you ever had Botox, Juvederm or Restylene?

Fess up! Have you ever had Botox, Juvederm or Restylene?

Why are short men and short women considered undesirable?

Have you settled down and become a Christian?

I'm watching Lawrence Welk.

Died hanging from wrists and gagged, with over 25 rib fractures

Captured Marine provoked curiosity in Mexico

Bush Unlikely to Boycott Olympics

OPEC: Gas Prices Will Stay High

Dozens injured in Bangladesh protest against planned women's rights policy

13 Killed as Fighting Rages in Baghdad

BAGHDAD - A U.S. soldier was killed by an improvised explosive device in northwest Baghdad on Saturd

Chevron, Total seek oil deal in Iraq

Chevron, Total seek oil deal in Iraq

Bush defends halt in troop withdrawals

Seal Defenders Attacked! The Farley Mowat Has Been Illegally Stormed and the Crew Assaulted

Historic China-Taiwan talks held

Iraq: Mass grave found south of Baghdad

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

Bomb explodes in Iranian mosque, 8 dead: report

Richardson says Clinton camp "really ticked me off"

Father of toddler beaten to death devastated

Great Expectations for a Conservative Group Seem All but Dashed (Freedom Watch)

US Troops Suffer Worst Week This Year

U.S. GIs in Iraq Suffer Worst Week of '08

Iran top nuclear official to meet ElBaradei - IRNA

Democrat blames Iraq for weak economy (radio address)

St. Xavier threats resonate after 2 campus shootings

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

World's largest Sept. 11 exhibit to open in France

Clinton's record shows trade support

Immigrants suing for citizenship, right to vote

Gitmo lawyers seek access to classified files

In Searching for New Job, Gonzales Sees No Takers

Haiti's government falls over food riots

Pilots Union Lashes Out at American

Impact of meat recall beginning to show

Conyers defends attack on Cockrel

Polygamist sect gets millions from U.S. government in loan, contracts

Report: Several killed in Iran bomb blast

Piece of artillery crashes into home in Jefferson Twp.

Nepal Maoists take shock lead in early vote count

Coast guard 'storms' anti-sealing vessel: group (Sea Shepherd)

Climate Change Brings Health Risks

NYC hospital worker charged with stealing and selling info on nearly 50,000 patients

In Searching for New Job, Gonzales Sees No Takers

'World peace' hitcher is murdered

ACLU Calls for Independent Counsel to Investigate Administration’s Approval of Torture and Abuse

Iran Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says

Calls against big CEO pay grow louder

Clinton proposes 100,000 new police officers on streets

No arrest after Tx. Rangers meet with FLDS abuse suspect

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

Video of (Vancouver airport) taser victim erased

Obama concedes remarks were ill chosen

It's Obama, stupid: Carter and Gore to end Clinton bid

Real Time: Richard Dawkins Interview April 11, 2008 The God Delusion

Hillary's New Campaign Ad - - "Morning in America"

Southland Tales -

Hannity race baiting with Obama

Colin Powell to Endorse Obama?

What Petraeus did'nt tell you......

The Meaning of Community Organizing

Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher - 4/11

The Headzup/ GoLeft TV Week In Cartoons 04-12

Bill Maher: 4/11 - Torture Approval, Putin/Bush Hallmark Special

NAFTA & The Clintons: Lies and Deception

Barack Obama in Muncie, Indiana, Today, 4/12

New Rules - 4/11/08

Hillary Responds to Obama's Comments on the People of PA - (with phony as hell panderfest)

Bill Clinton on Anti Trade, Anti-Immigration Politics

TYT: Will Someone In The Bush Administration Finally Be Held Accountable?

Bill Maher PT. 3: Richard Clarke on Rice 'Let's Have That All Come Out' - 4/11

Return of the FreewayBlogger ver 2.0

Countdown: Bush And His War Criminal Torture Team 4-10-08

Here's your CONTEXT: What Obama Really Said on April 6 in SF


Hillary Clinton: I'm More American Than He Is (Kitchen sink about empty?)

Elitism? Bill Maher destroyed that argument last year on New Rules

'Feel Good' Story of the Year: Olympic Torch Carriers and Protesters Join Forces for Greater Good

Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups

Administration Recruits 'Florida Beating Teens' for Detainee Interrogations

Zimbabwe Flu, transmitted from wallet to wallet.

Legal Immigrants, Until They Applied for Citizenship

The Swill from Bill

Bob Herbert: Losing Our Will (“How is the war in Iraq helping me?”)

Credit Default Swaps: Evolving Financial Meltdown & Derivative Disaster Du Jour

U.S. Native Americans Lead Opposition to Designation of Venezuela as Terrorist Nation

Obama Now Compelled to Give Another Speech on 'Race' — NASCAR

Hang in There Tavis Smiley, Don´t let the Black Obama Thought Police Run You Out

Federal Panel Fails To Prevent Vicious Animal Testing

Meth lab in the barn (Truth is not elitism)

Dick Cavett -Memo to Petraeus & Crocker: More Laughs, Please

Pope Won't Break Bread With Bush

Eleanor Clift: If Obama wins, Clinton's own legacy looks smaller by comparison

Refugees fight forced return to Iraq war zones

Hemisphere-wide Anti-FTA Conference Begins in Havana

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders

What Do Iranians Think of Their Own Government? (WorldPublicOpinion)

The New York Times urges Congress to ratify Colombia trade pact

Quote of the Month---With Retort

Depleted Uranium Contaminates the Body for Twenty Years

Free? Yes, we are free to take care of one another! By MichaelOhio

A Lack of Intelligence

The Fallen Standing of the US Middle Class

Britain craven in the face of despotism

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders

‘I’m in a world of hurt’

NYT, pg1: Great Expectations for a Conservative Group Seem All but Dashed

Kamikaze McClinton

Garcia blasts Diaz-Balart ties

Rich: The Petraeus-Crocker Show Gets the Hook

A Fresh Look at the Apostle of Free Markets

Unlikeliest diplomat: Street smarts & barbecue

The drug abuse of John F Kennedy

Hillary -- Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)


Texas Study: Benefits of Wind Transmission Outweigh Costs

Shetland Island Cod Farm Closes After Losing £40 Million In 3 Years - Guardian

Fraser Sockeye Run In Trouble - Maybe 50% Of Historic Average Will Return This Year - Closure Mulled

Strapped For Cash, Facing Higher Road Repair Costs, Some Cities Filling Only Worst Potholes

The swallows are back--way early

Owning A Car More Expensive Than Ever In 2008 - AAA Estimates $.55/Mile Costs

The Next President’s First Task [A Manifesto] by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. May 2008

W Post: Chemical Industry's Influence at EPA Probed

Chevron, Total Seek Oil Deal in Iraq - AP

Scientists Find New Cracks In Remains Of Arctic's Largest Ice Shelf - Globe & Mail

Tom Whipple - High Fuel Prices Not Enough For Americans - Action Will Only Come After Outages

Maine rail bill gets initial (state) Senate OK

Mother Jones Exclusive: Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups

Berkeley School of Law launches new online journal: Ecology Law Currents

John Doerr: Not nearly enough money going to green tech

As interest in renewables grows, worker demand is high

Can Savvy Students Save the Planet?

Hyderabad's Fab City bags $4 bn investment

Winds of change are blowing in the (Chicago) suburbs

The military-petroleum complex

Costs For Kuwait's Huge Al Zour Refinery Rise From $14 Billion To $19 Billion

Crushed on the road to oil armageddon: UK’s road haulage industry close to meltdown

Canada Seal Hunt: Live reports from US Humane Society now

Cashing in on your solar savings (Calif.)

TN (Tamil Nadu) will reduce country's (India's) power deficit by 50%: Minister

Boeing sues contractor over faulty F-22 parts

Warrior UAV likely to replace Predator

Saudi oil minister slams biofuels, favors solar energy

Australia helps China into solar energy scheme

Towns: Plants should pay for storing nuclear waste (Wisconsin)

Hitachi Finds Nuclear Software Fault; Undetected for 28 Years

The Sea IS what's the plan?

Global Union Movement Mourns Loss of ITUC Leader

USW Local President Ron Davis: Helping Lead Ohio in a Critical Election Year

W Post: Workers Worry About Health at Interior's Headquarters

Stirring the waters to rock political boats (more on Coors and right to work)

NJ Divided Senate approves bill allowing paid time off for family care

Today in labor history April 12

He gave his life so colleague could be saved

University Employees ‘Rally for Fairness’ in Philadelphia

Castulo Rodriguez: Death threats don't deter him

Photos: The Men Who Live in the Canyon


White Working Class

No Irish Need Apply (repost well worth reading)

Right-to-work backers (Coors) stay behind the curtains

Free Trade's working victims, Bangladesh's workers cannot afford rice, John McCain on free trade

Right to work states, a letter to the editor (from 1/13/08)

American Airlines, 911 bailouts, customer rights law overturn, outsourcing, Allied Pilots Associatio

Hundreds remember former UAW president (corrected)

California Labor Law: Get Your Last Check on Time

Union membership soars (3500 workers in Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut nationwide)

"U.S. Reconnaissance Satellites: Domestic Targets" 4-11-2008 The National Security Archive update

What Exactly Is The G7 plan?

Ban on downer cattle could cost dairy farmers

GE Blames Bear Stearns For Miss

Subprime Forces More Insurer CEO Pay Cuts Than Storms (Update1)

Foreign investors veto Fed rescue (Fed project dollar meltdown: mission accomplished!)

US Hopes for US-SKorea Trade Progress

Quelle Surprise! Unemployment Stats Don't Capture Joblessness

Labor law and the status quo of labor practices in Venezuela


The best of DU ...? LGBT edition thread 3

Haitian Senate poised to fire prime minister

Israeli nuclear dissident seeks asylum in Norway

Shooting and shuddering - Doron Rosenblum -

Back to square one

Construction of 30,000 affordable homes planned in new West Bank suburbs

Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama

Israel has no way for survival

Hamas threatens to kill Israeli ministers

Boxing: April 12

Clearing the aura

Uh-oh.....Are the New York Yankees about to be cursed?!

Does anyone have a bit of insight for this lady?

Stay focused. Whatever you do, do not give up.

Seeing the Divine in all, Nurturance and Gratitude

Connecting dots:

Pain bodies, represent!

Maybe let's consider just getting back to getting along.


Mirror Visualization for Psychic Protection

I'm bored with pot roast. any other suggestions for this massive Chuck Roast?

Has anybody heard of Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome?

Trans-fats linked to increased risk of breast cancer

A Dysfunctional Dystopia Poll

Ever made Spetzofai?

If you have donated to a food bank, then what do you think about their policies?

If the current Pope declares that Goldbach's conjecture is true, but provides no proof, then...

Some here might be interested in this from Fr Bob of KS about his "affronting" others.

Do normal young men seriously consider becoming Catholic priests?

I'm upset about how the Pope's visit is being covered.

More Catholic Schools Closing Across US

Dog Prays at Japanese Zen Temple (cute photos, if you like dogs)

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades

is this where the gunclingers hang out?

It’s ironic and downright laughable that DU has exiled the civil right RKBA topic to the Guns Forum

saw this on the CNN political ticker and made me chuckle a little

A gun dealer takes issue with city gun-control laws

Why has self-defense being considered not a legitmate reason to own a gun in most countries

So who's our friend between Clinton and Obama?

? The US Air Force Shot Down Flight 93 ?

Cocaine planes make a "Bogotá Connection"

A moment of grace:

Ashwin Madia is the MN-3 Congressional nominee.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Fighting for the Franchise

Anti-Democratic Backlash: Surge in Voter Registration Sparks New Wave of Voter Suppression

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, April 12, 2008

U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked

Mark Crispin Miller: How GOP Paid For Election Fraud (Abramoff, Strategists Transformed Elections)

Using my memory card reader with Windows 98.

I'm planning to switch my email account to Gmail. I am running VISTA

Problem that is strange...with Windows media player.

Anyone here use SeaMonkey....My Firefox has shut down "Send Link" and

Vetting Obama: Hill has Weather-tie, too (Clinton involved with terrorists)

Mayhill Fowler Secretly Taped PRIVATE/CLOSED Obama Fundraiser Where "Bitter" Happened (She's A Plant

Obama campaign to open Rapid City office

DEAN: "I am tired of coming to the South and fighting elections on guns, God and gays."

Remember: she will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win.

I need to vent...

Federal Tories and Grits Tied - Are NDP voters in Ontario strategically parking with the Grits? (Nan

More Catholic Schools Closing Across US

A personal story about what really matters:

I Watched "The Lives Of Others" Again Last Night

William H. Macy to play dead Bush-come-back-to-life in horror film?

Drinking Liberally returns to Milwaukee! Wenesday April 16 7-9PM @ Sugar Maple

Tory MP puts mistress on Commons payroll

Brownites feud as the Tories plan for power

Progressives against Ken

Council spy cases hit 1,000 a month

An encouraging if optomistic quote - from quote of the day

OK, I guess I'm NOT an atheist...