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New Poll .... shows a very big trend for the future.

Happy April, GDP Fools!

I would like to propose the following name for McCain in the GE...McBUSH!

I would like to propose the following name for McCain in the GE...McBUSH!

NYT: "Carrying primary scars into the general election"

That's it! I'm definitely voting for John McCain, and NOBODY BETTER STOP ME!

I supported Dean for a year, and I never got to vote for him

Breaking!!!! CNN Reports Hillary to drop out of race, announcement at 11am today

Swedish Bestiality Group endorses McCain!

With the race dragging on, do you now believe that Obama should forgo public financing?

I have a huge announcement to make. Read on.

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

I think I am going to avoid DU for 24 hours.

I'm Getting A Little Vaklempt. Here's A Topic:

More Shady Obama Ties:

So, say Hillary and Barack get together and agree

So, say Hillary and Barack get together and agree

Chelsea Clinton criticizes Bush in N.C.

Chelsea Clinton criticizes Bush in N.C.

ABC News: Hope Against Hope, Clinton Knows Comebacks, but Do Threats Hold Promise?


A History Lesson or No "Race baiting" is NOT code for "uppity".

Hillary Has Won The Nomination!

Did you switch your support after reading DU forums?

THIS MODERN WORLD: Hillary's 6 point campaign plan

Hillary, "Tis Only A Scratch!"


More fun with hypotheticals

Obama just gets cooler and cooler

Interesting stat: Clinton leads Obama 1672 - 1457

I bet they thought being a superdelagate was going to be easy.

Hillary will have hell to pay if McCain is the next President.

Both candidates will lift up the downtrodden and restore justice to the world

WARNING: Obama/Clinton Feud is hurting us!!!

A Federal Reserve system, evil as it sounds, could lead us to Single Payer Health Care.

If you're gonna keep backing HRC, fine, but could you quit just repeating the OFFICIAL PHRASES?

Your candidate SUCKS and WILL LOSE!

C'mon Dean, Where's Your Scream ???

Barack Obama has gotten past affirmative action. Have we? ( article)


Pics from Collin County, TX convention (Sunday). Pic heavy


Hillary's Secret Weapon For Rural America

Mad Lib: I asked Hillary Clinton if she thought she would become president and she said __________ .

SCAREBURROUGH ALERT. Ed Rendell, Fox News lover, on next.

I can already see that General Disscussion: Primaries will be

Barack Obama endorsed by Dickies work clothes guy, Scarborough, Buchanan now reassured

Confabulator, Fantasist, Liar, Con Artist, or Confused.... which?

AP: Pelosi Says Democratic Race Should Go On

unnammed sources unaligned with either campaing provided this graph

unnammed sources unaligned with either campaing provided this graph

Obama campaign's message to the 1.75 million Floridians who voted in their Dem primary on Jan 29th

Rasmussen Daily Clinton 45 +2 Obama 46 unchanged.

Polls Trending Up To Quickly In Pennsylvania Might Work Against Obama

Why is it fine for Obama to draw superdelegates from inside HRC territory --

If Hillary loses the PA primary, should she drop out?

Just wondering: How much do you hate the 'other' candidate?

Okay, Obama is not "my" choice but I just got a RW e-mail that is pure garbage..

Obama supporters: Hillary is not our opponent, McCain is. Focus on him, ignore her...

Where the Super Delegates Stand

****Breaking News, Hillary planning to drop out!!!******

TPM: What is this thing called the credentials committee?

As a long-time Obama Supporter, I'm switching to Clinton

Clinton Backer Says "I will be stunned if he's [Obama] not the next President..."

Asked my cat if he thought that Barack Obama would become President, and here is what he said:

A correction to some nonsense posted here on DU Maya’s poem for Hillary:

So.. who "came back"?

Clinton Backer/Superdelegate: "I'd Say Barack Obama is Going to Be the Next President"

It's Just Words........

The Last Straw

"You're a liar!"..."No, you're a liar!"...

Why would someone who's thinking of voting for McCain now be convinced to vote for Hillary?

As an Obama Supporter, I WANT Clinton to Stay in the Race until all Primaries are Over

Clinton likens herself to Andrew Golota

They should make a "Democratic Primary 2008: With Bunnies" production

They should make a "Democratic Primary 2008: With Bunnies" production

They should make a "Democratic Primary 2008: With Bunnies" production

They should make a "Democratic Primary 2008: With Bunnies" production

They should make a "Democratic Primary 2008: With Bunnies" production

After much self-analysis, I've decided that I am now supporting Hillary Clinton after all

After much self-analysis, I've decided that I am now supporting Hillary Clinton after all

If Barack loses the PA primary, should he drop out?

E.J. Dionne: The Clinton Backlash: Negativity has hurt the once-mighty Clinton brand.

So I Just Made My 1st Donation To Obama

****Heads Up: Obama Town Hall Event Now Live On CNN****

Are the Clintons caught up in their Last Hurrah? The scenarios

What's with Nancy Pelosi? Did she finally wake up to reality?

Bill Clinton won't be welcome at First Ladies Library

I love this photo!

My friends, the time has come for unity in this community.

Colbert's call to donate to public schools through his Donors Choose page

TX: Collin County Democrats' convention violated TX law (state delegation could be at risk)

Clintons uninterested in securing Dem votes from 2000-2007 when BushInc was stealing them

Hillary can stay up as late as she wants. She's an adult.

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Clinton 47% Obama 42% (Obama only down 5 points!)

I seriously want to see the "bowl off"

Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, Clinton 45%

Hillary's Bosnia vacation

Clinton likens herself to 'Rocky'

Obama is winning the support of the top politicians in Puerto Rico

Obama caught Lying!

What do you think of this picture

Is this really how she wants to win (not that she can)? From Raw Story:

I can't wait until Obama is the nominee because then

Hillary Clinton and Rocky Balboa do have a lot in common...

Hillary Clinton and Rocky Balboa do have a lot in common...

Clinton challenges Obama to a "bowl-off"

Is it possible for Obama to lose the popular vote in PA but win more delegates?

Bill Clinton Won't Be Welcome At Ohio's First Ladies Library

Hillary, we aren't bowling. We're playing basketball.

Hillary Hearts the Conservative Media

Clinton blasts Treasury plan, hits McCain

Obama All Charm at Allentown Plant

Gallup: Dems not too hot on Obama/Clinton Unity Ticket

Contest Vlog to Cover the DNC! Need DU help...

Why race won't be an issue with Obama

BREAKING: Edwards to endorse Gravel!!!

How will Hillary be received by her fellow senators when she goes back to her senate seat?.

Are you supporting The Proven Liar (TM) or are you supporting our next President, Barack Obama? n/t

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, Clinton backer, predicts Obama win

Which of the remaining two candidates do you support?

An interesting op ed on Tuzla

Am I missing something?

Obama casts race between him, McCain

Since the "Speech" has there been any good news for the HIllary Camp?

RCP: The Casey Fly in the Clinton Ointment

OMG, Did anybody See Andrea Mitchell team up with the Wash Times to Smear Trinity, Obama and Wright?

Scenario: Hillary narrowly wins all the remaining contests. Obama still ahead in delegates.

Let's try to keep more positive for Barack.He's ahead so let's savor that for now.

Thank you Emanuel Cleaver, for proving the "Super-Delegate disaster" scenario WRONG.

The truly amazing thing with the Obama vs. Clinton race

The truly amazing thing with the Obama vs. Clinton race

PA POLL: Hillary 47 (-2), Obama 42 (+3)

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

Is GD:P too hard on new DU members?

April Fool's Joke Or Not? New PA Poll on Drudge Report

Obama is moving to down-to-earth oratory for working people

Clinton Backer: Obama will Win

Hillary thinks America won't elect a black man for President

Rethug 'Operation Chaos' Participants Going to Jail???

Before anybody else suggests Chuck Hagel for the Dem ticket....

Bush Cancels 2008 Presidential Election

If Obama stays close in PA and wins in NC - Give MI and FLA to Hillary

The Florida Half-count and the Michigan Compromise

Hillary supporters: please tell us how this is going to work out for

Hillary in Philly and Rocky Balboa

Joe Lieberman will be VP on BOTH Clinton and McCain 2008 tickets

4/1/08: HILLARY where are your TAX RETURNS?--21 days left to release them

Hamas Puppet show, Stabbing W to Death.

DELETE - Sorry - wrong forum.

Obama finally admits he can't win. Concession speech set for tomorrow at noon at Illinois capitol

Hahaha - Hillary challenges Obama to a bowl-off in PA.

Clinton blasts Treasury plan, hits McCain

Nancy Pelosi Urges End To Democratic Race

It's all bad.

Obama was the first to play the race card (piece in PA's largest newspaper)

"Minority report"?

"Minority report"?

Senate Majority Leader Reid Endorses July 1st Ultimatum For Super-Delegates

Barak Obama cannot win!

Clinton: "I’ve apprenticed, and I’ve learned how to do it, I’ve watched it being done for 8 years"

take a look

New Tuzla video verifies part of Hillary's story......

Clinton Camp: "encouraging that independents and Republicans are switching to the Democratic Party"

TPM Interview with Hillary advisor Harold Ickes

Obama the Muslim and his Christian Preacher

Hitchens on Hillary's terrifying Bosnia experience (another article)

Question: How many troops have to die in a day before it's news?

Question: How many troops have to die in a day before it's news?

I just got flamed big time, about Hillary!

Question -- when does Texas move to the O column?

Hillary likens herself to 'Rocky'?

Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve "Democrat"

Hillary says Obama is trying to prevent North Carolina from voting

So we got the anti-baby vote and the I suck at bowling vote

Howard Dean is kicking John McCain's ass on CNN w/John King! Not letting up!

Just a thanks ...

Special commemorative 'Barocky' pic....

If you want the whole anti gay minister thing to go away

C'mon people, put the" apprentice quote" in context

Gore is not gonna step in and be the nominee

wow... my dad WV born, lifelongrepublican, commy hatin, retired marine in FL is gonna vote Obama..

Obama shouldn't tap Clinton, most Democrats say (but if Clinton is nominee most favor O for VP)

Breaking New - We're Gonna Be OK. Wall Street Says So...

McCain Gets Iraq Facts Wrong Again: Says Sadr — Not Maliki — ‘Asked’ For Ceasefire»

McCain Gets Iraq Facts Wrong Again: Says Sadr — Not Maliki — ‘Asked’ For Ceasefire»


Obama bowls like a girl, whats he trying to prove?

DEATH WATCH: When will the Clinton campaign end - YOU DECIDE

Will Meeks-gate, Baby-gate and Bowl-gate have a serious impact on the PA primary?

Clinton SD Emanuel Cleaver--predicts Obama will be the nominee..he'd be surprised if he wasn't

Clinton Says Obama Wants to Stop the Votes

Is McCain too old to be President?

Breaking: Clinton Camp: "Obama Oil Ad a Crude Lie"

I asked my transgender kitty (long story) if Hillary would win the election,

Obama missed another great opportunity today!!

Crap. Once this gets out, it'll be over for Obama.

I think Bowling-gate is bigger than most people think

Skinner, can we have a day soon devoted to McCain bashing (no Obama/Clinton allowed)

Anybody else getting tired of worrying about offending feminists?

Clinton Slipping on Trust: Hillary approval rating lowest since April 2006

So you support Hillary and say you want a brokered convention

I no longer support Hillary and give my full and unequivocal support to Barack Obama

Unlike Obama, Hillary wants every state to matter!

So about these GE polls.

For anyone thinking about voting McCain or writing in if your candidate doesn't win:

For anyone thinking about voting McCain or writing in if your candidate doesn't win:

What about John McCain?

Harold Ickes Confirms That Wright Is Key Topic In Discussions

Tweety just wrote a 527C Ad Against Hillary. She lands in Bosnia with Sniper Fire Reigning Down

McNasty ...McLame's own school gave him that nickname

I owe a few DUers an apology

Question -- when does Texas move to the O column?

Interesting quote from Ickes regarding the popular vote

Hillary "misremembers" NAFTA

Clinton's convention strategy in doubt - She won't have support of the Credentials committee

Should John Edwards visit Hillary and explain to her why he dropped out of the race?

Obama Thugs Harrass Black Philly Mayor For Endorsing Hillary

Help DU pay it's legal bill!!!

Dean says no to idea of a 'super delegate' pre-convention

It would be easier to back HRC if she actually WAS a feminist. But she's not.

RNC unveils flying superhero donkey

Hillary: "We gotta have Homegrown Oil"

Bowlers do not belong in the White House!!!

Well did I miss the John Edwards endorsement?

MSNBC: Contessa Brewer just now said...March Fundraising Numbers

If Obama or Clinton or any of us could just induce a spectacular mental breakdown in McCain...

More on Scaife

Hillary with a 12 point spread over Obama

Prove it....

Did JRE supporters ever defend his meeting with Mellencamp?

Another grand day. Saw Clinton and Rendell in King's College, Wilkes-Barre,

"Senior MSNBC Political Correspondent Tucker Carlson" WTF?

Holy Crap! New SUSA Poll Shows Obama up two points in PA. BALL GAME OVER

EDIT: OMG this "apprentice comment " is going to be hard to live down

EDIT: OMG this "apprentice comment " is going to be hard to live down

Gotta say it. Hil's campaign has gone way corny and cheesey.*

Rasmussen Reports Pennsylvania: Clinton 47% Obama 42%

Must Read from Huffpo: Not Until the Fat Lady Sings

Pennsylvania - Clinton's lead eroded down to +5

Soccer Moms for McCain/Romney ticket could hurt Obama

PHOTOS: Day Five of Barack Obama's Pennsylvania Bus Tour

Oil over troubled waters?

Remember when the media told it is was going to be Clinton vs Giuliani?

"I saw my father march with Martin Luther King"

April Fool.

Obama's Jewish Problem?

Why it doesn't matter if Clinton stays in the race.

Hannity falsely claimed Obama was "talking about the issue of abortion"

Did HRC supporters ever defend her meeting with Melon Scaife?

Obama Supporters Why Hillary staying in the race is good right now

Obama should challenge Hillary to accept the debate in NC & to release her tax returns-NO JOKE.

Richard Mellon Scaife - A Progressive Who Loves The LGBT Community

Memo to Chris Matthews - African Americans are regular people, too (and we go to college, to boot!)

Damage to the Clinton Brand. E.J. Dionne.

Did Lou Dobbs fuck up, or was his "slip" a signal the MSM will attempt to de-PC race?

200,000 of 230,000 newly registered Penn. voters... R 4 Obama

SUSA PA Poll: Clinton 53 (-2), Obama 41 (+5)

Harold Ickes Confirms That Wright Is Key Topic In Discussions With Super-Delegates

ACTION ALERT: Obama supporters help Richardson finish paying off his debt.

A beginners guide to understanding Obama supporters.

Obama's bowling adventure & Hill's April Fools joke



MSNBC is NOT airing "free 60-minute Obama campaign commercial"

OH SHIT 2.0 !!!!!!

Gallup: Most Democrats - Obama better against McCain and longer campaign hurts party

Hillary: Here is why popular vote should not matter to the super delegates! (4/1/2008)

I'm losing my good old DU sense of humor. Things are bad.

Obama's Appalachia Predicament

Clinton: will "try to be, you know, very careful not to leave words out in what I say"

This week she's Rocky, last week she was apparently Rambo,

DU has become a kindergarten

Obama the Reconciler: A View from Iraq


It's the Math

Lissa & Melanne's account of Hillary in Bosnia

lot of these feminists and women ... think they're owed" a Clinton win

Why I am no longer sweating the Hillary campaign's small stuff

question for Hillary supporters

Let's Shout !!!

Wow, all these old threads bashing Obama are being kicked to the top of the board

TYT: How Would Hillary Handle the Next Cuban Missile Crisis?

Of all the days for heavy handed moderation... April Fools Day??

Holy crap: Lou Dobbs foaming at the mouth nearly refers to Rice and Obama as "cotton-pickers"

republican joey clotis murdered

WTF!! Third-graders plotted to attack teacher (MSNBC)

Nice videos on pro-labor Hillary and her years of fighting for the 'little guy':

Senator McCain is going to be in my hometown tomorrow

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/1/08 - Obama unchanged (46), Clinton up 2 (45)

Tuesday Primary TOON Updates

Tired of Hillary being a pain in the butt?

There is one insurmountable reason why Hillary should NOT be considered for VP

To All the Brilliant DU Strategists:

Kevin Phillips NAILS what should be the Big Issue -- Destruction by Big Finance

I want to understand Hillary's healthcare plan.

Stupid Question, but who's voting for Hillary?

Clinton's Suit Against Texas

Hil is right, She and Rocky are alike

PHOTOS: Day Four of Barack Obama's Pennsylvania Bus Tour

From the mouths of babes...

Friends, Have you ever looked up to, or admired, someone who held different views than you?

CNN: Government negligent in Utah mine collapse

I might take a rare (for me) 24 hour break from DU.

BREAKING: Condoleeza Rice Stuns With Resignation

I don't think I'll be able to take it today with all of the April Fools joke posts here

O.K., Here Goes Nothing. . .

Need your insight please

Analyst Predicts Corn Rationing in 2008

Is this bullshit or what?

If its a "misspeak", why does Chelsea repeat it?

Sadr City to Develop NYC Roosevelt Island

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Viagra. Here's Some Wood!

Book: Hillary so Calculating, She Got Bill to NOT Intervene in Bosnia 4 HillaryCare! So 250,000 Died

Navy SEAL killed in Iraq to get Medal of Honor

Maybe its wrong but... would a Federal Reserve system work for Universal Health Care?

The Straight Dope

What does Forkboy hate April Fools Day?

Obama Wins Backing of 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton

I've been training my dog to compete with Barney

FACT CHECK: Debunking a bogus claim about Clinton's legislative record.

FACT CHECK: Debunking a bogus claim about Clinton's legislative record.

What exactly is it that Hillary will know how to do on "day one" that Obama won't?

North American Union & VCHIP Truth

I Will NOT Vote For Hillary If She's Nominated.

'Record 75 Million Americans Now Pretending They Own Their Own Homes'

I Will NOT Vote For Hillary If She's Nominated.

Haven't seen much commenting on Cuba lately...

Helen Thomas is not dead to me.

Today is my 20th anniversary...

Clinton Steps Down for the Good of the Party!

CNN Poll - April Fool's Pranks


What in the world is the blivet doing in Ukraine?

Obama Sure Doesn't Know A Lot Of Things

BREAKING!! Something you'd like to see happen, but didn't!!!11!

Obama supporters: Get a clue

In the next 21 hours and 25 minutes...

Iraqi casualties at highest level since August

Holy Crap! New SUSA Poll Shows Obama up two points in PA. BALL GAME OVER

Flintstone '08

Rocky Balboa Comments & Challenge Barack To A Bowl-Off...........

Since we only get three threads per day in GDP, I want to help you save your threads.

I would like to hereby announce my Candidacy

The Worst of the Logobama Generator (dial up warning)

It's April 1st. and I'm turning off my Internet connection

Benedict XVI to become Southern Baptist...

BREAKING: President Bush to announce lifting of Cuban Embargo. Press confrence scheduled for 10 am

The Feds are suing WALMART


Can An Apostrophe Substitute For an Entire Word or Partial Phrase?

Knight-Ridder still has its facts wrong: The '76 PA primary was not the last time it counted.

MoDo: The Hillary Waltz

"When it comes to finishing the fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never get

The woman is a pathological liar. She. Just. Never. Stops. Lying.

Indiana Clinton 52 Obama 43

Indiana Clinton 52 Obama 43

Iranian who brokered Iraqi peace is on U.S. terrorist watch list

Why Clinton Should Stand Her Ground

Obama Speech Fails to Assuage White Indiana Voters

Boeing Throws In The Towel On 787

Government Auditors Issue Scathing Review Of Pentagon's Weapons Budget-Overruns Hit $295B

Obama should drop out

Paulson's Fig Leaf

Hillary's Bosnia vacation


Working People of Pennsylvania: Do The Right Thing...Vote For Obama!

Working People of Pennsylvania: Do The Right Thing...Vote For Obama!

Truckers' strike

*******Breaking News AP: Obama wins Texas********

Let's settle this once and for all. Some DUers say

I hope Clinton stays in the race as long as she can.

In the spirit of Maya Angelou, the recasting of "Candles in the Wind" for Hillary.

As an April Fools joke, Clinton challenges Obama to a bowl-off

Bush declares himslef Emperor, abolishes elections

Muqtada al-Sadr

Protesters in Ukraine burn Bush in effigy

I have had it, I'm through.

Hillary suppporters: Explain to me how the final numbers can work ...

Bush and the Israeli-Palestine Issue

Delegate Calculator: If Obama wins 50% of remaining pledged delegates, he only needs 30% ... ( TIA )

April Fools! ...Pfc Jessica Lynch was "saved" April 1, 2003

Ralph Reed, novelist.....

USA 2008: The Great Depression (The Independent)



Hillary behind the scenes: Trying to make the case that Obama is unelectable because he's black

An Olive Branch.... Just don't shoot the Dove please...

Hillary and Bill = Evita and Juan Perón

Sorry to dissapoint Obamabots but Hillary's weakness in polling after Bosnia was a temporary thing

AAR stream still not working

Are The Competing FISA Bills Going To Conference This Week?

Have you noticed that Hillary mostly talks about Obama and he

Have you noticed that Hillary mostly talks about Obama and he

John McCain's 20 most Spicy quotes... This has been posted before...

Clinton owes $110,000 in IA: UNI, NCC among those owed (Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier)

Have any of you who....

Have any of you who....

British Human Rights Watchdog Questions 42-day Terror Law

Pelosi: President Should Consider Boycotting Olympics' Opening

Lewinski's dress remains in Democratic race's taboo closet

The Nation: War is Hell

Pelosi says that President Insane...

Managing Pennsylvania Expectations: A Tale of Four States

Before the 15th amendment went into effect,

An Obama supporter suggested that I learn how to "add and subtract," and then it dawned upon me...

John F Kennedy was killed by government agents

Well, I guess Chelsea is fair game now too....

The Today Show just interviewed Phil Donohue and Tomas Young re Body Of War

Trying to Shove Hillary Aside (commentary by Marie Cocco)

Pentagon balked on gay partner travel

Was it a mild winter where you live?? .. it's always

Can't vote for a Presidential candidate who rolls a 37 in an Altoona bowling alley...

Iraqi death toll climbs sharply BBC

Pentagon balked on gay partner travel; Pelosi intervenes

Hillary voters: What attracts you to her? What is so great about Hillary Clinton?

A long time ago....


Richardson's response

Obama answers a 2nd grader: "How to Become President"

The "new" Regis and Kelly of Morning Talk television...

Is our world changing for the better? A White Miss. police chief says race is why

So how come, with all the push for deregulation, no one from either party EVER

Stock Market not really 12,200...

First Poll shows Hillary ahead 2:1 in KY

Who do y'all like as Barack Obama's VEEP?

Dean Baker: H1-B Workers and Gains From Trade

Bush Admin's Secret Iraq Intel Source "Curveball" Revealed

Dr. Maya Angelou....

Who do y'all like as Hillary Clinton's VEEP?

Bush Administration Manipulates DNI McConnell As Top Intelligence Lobbyist»

Remember Paul O'Neill? Or, "What happens to competent people in the * Admin"

For the Last Time: MAYA ANGELOU Wrote THIS Poem 4 Hillary & Supports Hillary

Republican Economic Strategy/Campaign Strategy for 2008

I busted AAR site

How will * be remembered? Poll in AZ Republic newspaper.

This Is Another Useless April Fools Post

Want to help us in PA

The White House Press Pass (Tom Toles)

The Nation: YouTube for Smart People

David Russels World Clock... good one link>>

if you have a vasectomy we will give you a gun

Vietnam Vets Against McCain

WH Official: "American blood is going to have to buy off the British failure in Basra."

"Can Obama Attract the REAL Voters.. the Ones Who Know How to Bowl?"

Why I'm switching my support to Hillary Clinton

Lighten up people - it is April Fools, and Hillary was having a little fun with Obama

Al Gore To Run As An Independent!.... Sources Tell Grist

The Nation: Lesson of Basra..

Can anyone here read Russian?

Stormy days for Commercial Aviation

Holy crap! Armstrong Williams is making sense about Obama's 'baby' comment!

Hillary: "He should take his campaign out of the gutter"

Why Clinton is right to stay in

VA Senate Race: Warner 55, Gilmore 39

Analyst Predicts Corn Rationing in 2008

Damage to the Clinton Brand. E.J. Dionne.

Comedy Central Endorses Alan Keyes for President for April Fools Day

Funny story: Obama supporter detained after verbally harassing students.

Our tax dollars at work in Iraq...After April 15th, we will have more money to purge Iraq.

Have you looked at Act Blue today?

Fed eyes Nordic-style nationalisation of US banks

Bush Administration Manipulates DNI McConnell As Top Intelligence Lobbyist

Gore will announce candidacy as Independent!

Who In The World Is Rachel Maddow?

Tax Rebate Question

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'.

Since individuals can incorporate, does that mean they count twice as much as the rest of us?

Trapped In Their Homes, Families Fall Victim To Sickness and Hunger

Will Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis Be A Financial Katrina?

Dallas County votes to continue funding DNA evidence review team

A fool for Fool’s Day--Our Prez - Today’s Headlines 4/1/08

A caller on Thom Hartmann just said that truckers are striking today

It's a Scandal, All Right - By: Mary Mapes

Anyone listen to the Al Sharpton show?

Hillary's Bowling Remarks Just Shown on MSNBC...

The Destructive Rise of Big Finance

Air America listen live isn't working. Do you have to be premium member to listen?

NAFTA Will Prevail Regardless Of U.S. Election: Wilkins (U.S. ambassador to Canada)

A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Hunger

Mugabe ready to step down: sources

Those GOP Scandals Just Keep Coming

In honor of the true April Fool, W., can anyone be a worse president than George W. Bush?

New Orleans red light cameras go live today

The Taxpayer Bailout Of Banks And Brokers Has Begun...

White House may drop insistence on telecom immunity.»

Bank news, economic data boosts stocks

Apparently Bush is the Best President

Why do most of the radio and tv commercials have a blaring guitar in the background? What....

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

cspan3 today: Oil CEOs and Price Issues

Emanuel Cleaver is one of the most honorable men in Congress

Does John McCain have VD? (Vascular Dementia)

George Bush's mission

Under last-minute Florida bill, state inmates could do time elsewhere

I dunno...I smell a hoax in this "list of hoaxes"

Women kisses Beaver in Public .... Damn Liberals .... warning graphic pix

Eleanor Mondale's Brain Cancer Returns (reported this past Feb)

E-mail threat to governor leads to child porn conviction

Tuesday's Bizarro -- here's yet another Obama supporter

Stop being assholes

"The issue is not Iraq. The issue is dealing with the consequences of our failure in Iraq,"

Ex GOP Rep. Bob Barr To Seek Libertarian Nod, May Get Ron Paul O.K.

Rules to be waived for border fence

Well we DO know one thing, Obama Sucks at Bowling!!! He bowled a 37 for the T.V. Cameras!

OH SHIT!!!!!!!

Have race horses gotten faster over the decades?

Federal government to bypass over 30 laws to build border fence

Desai may be told: ‘Not so fast, Doc’

Key climate decision should wait for new US president: UN

Corrupt DINO Al Wynn, who was stomped by Donna Edwards in the primary, is stepping down early....

Seriously, John McCain?

After losing two homes to wildfires, San Diego couple plans to rebuild......underground!

Anchors for Progressives

IBM Barred from Doing Business with the US Government - Over a Contract It Didn't Win

Well this is disgusting for sure... Anybody see this.. I know the source is questionable...

Thank you DUers! My 1000th post

Maliki went to IRAN to meet with al-Sadr

Student calls McCain out for political motivations of school appearance.»

Nader Tells Gravel to Get Out of Race

Hunger strike for impeachment

Who said this?

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys something:

There's something deeply ironic about the wish for Gore to be chosen as

Coloradans, the Dark Lord is headed your way.....Make sure you extend him a warm greeting......

NPR's Talk of the Nation is supposed to be about black churches tomorrow if anyone is interested....

Calling All Floridians - especially around Tallahassee!

He's baaaaaaack...

Daily dose of wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

John Coryn up on senate floor now, cspan2

MSNBC to air free 60 minute Barack Obama infomercial tomorrow at 7PM.

The Gilligan Presidency....(Morin TOON)

Role Reversal: Sony/BMG Under Investigation for Software Piracy

Clinton 70 electoral votes better than 0bama, 0bama gets crushed 324-205

OK, I picked up "The Shock Doctrine" again after taking a mental-health break from reading it.....

OK, I picked up "The Shock Doctrine" again after taking a mental-health break from reading it.....

New name for Obama supporters..

New name for Obama supporters..

Occasionally I turn on Rush in the car for a couple minutes

pictures of Tehran

pictures of Tehran

BREAKING!!! Pelosi Puts Impeachment Back on the Table!!

Things you will never hear during election 08...

Ann Coulter to enter convent. Takes preliminary vows.

gest Kozakiewicza Boosh

At old high school, McCain addresses temper issue

What happened to the Yahoo Discussion Boards?

Clinton's campaign does not remind me of Rocky. It reminds me of Spinal Tap

Air freight company debuts new open door policy.

'Bastard Tongues' book review

TEDTalk Tuesday: Eighteen Minutes with an Agile Mind

Dems to Embed Bloggers at DNC Convention

A quintessential Fox News story: The 'Recession' Is a Media Myth

NYT: Inside the Black Budget (This is not an April Fools Day bad joke!)

ACLU: Newly Unredacted Docs Confirm Lack of Oversight of Military’s Domestic Surveillance Powers

DNI McConnell insults Feingold's intelligence

Desperation and high fuel costs prompting daring fuel thefts in Eugene, Oregon....

House Panel Launches Probe: Did FBI Ignore Threats To Jail Black Voters?

Flying Penguins Found By BBC Programme

Bill Frist Is Trying to Make a Nashville Crony from CCA Into Federal Judge

Man Arrested After Firing Gun To Honor Dead Friend

WHY? HOW? caught the line-up for c-span 2 this weekend--and that brain-dead moran

FRONTLINE tonight - Bad Voodoo's War

Bwaa Haa. Asshat Inhofe up on the Senate floor saying "Really good things hapenning in Iraq...

I think Obama/Hagel would be unbeatable

US wants 3,600 new troops in Darfur soon

Judge: $1M in Legal Fees for Boehner

Watching "Race for the White House with David Gregory"....

A moral dilemma.

Heads up on this Barack Obama supporters...

Shadowy Group Hearts Norm Coleman (R-MN)


After 7 years of my way or the highway Hagel now says we have to work together?

Caption this * pic...

Yale to World: Oops...

I'd hate to see HRC's talents go to waste, so what position in the Obama administration....

Myths and lies that disempower the people.

How could Chelsea misremember Bosnia the same way Hillary did?

Happy day today.

Pensito Review News Roundup for April 1, 2008

Huffington Post: The Top 10 Myths Keeping Hillary In The Race

I would support repealing the 22nd Amendment

I would support repealing the 22nd Amendment

How the Air Force One Hybrid Works

HELLS KITCHEN. season opener tonight

ANALYSIS-Iraqi crackdown backfires, strengthens Sadrists

Nader announces running mate, press conference at 3:00 DST

Iranian who brokered Iraqi peace is on U.S. terrorist watch list

Someone on MSNBC said that the "market" sets oil prices. Is that true? Isn't it OPEC, a cartel?

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the most creative or original ... so sue me ...

Gold futures tumble more than 3% as dollar rallies

The "Greifers and their Flying Phalluses" ....."Mutilated Furries"

Ugly April Fool's joke....I hate this shit.

Okay I'll admit it-I had no idea the oil co. execs were so diversified

Records of British Female Spy Revealed

How can you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

MUST READ!!!: Memo Leaked From the DNC about Denver Agenda

Baghdad's Sadr City mourns its dead and injured

Behavior detection agents? Didn't even know we had em at airports

BREAKING! - Clinton backs out of race!!!!!!

Help! Can't get Air America to feed -- anybody else? Thanks. nt

McClatchy Newspapers: Baghdad's Sadr City mourns its dead and injured

Food, fuel, and fascism.

Any news re the independent trucker strike?

This I believe: Good things / bad things

A brief chart to illustrate that gold is not the stable investment some claim:

Deal 'close' for Mugabe to leave

Are you curious about Hillary's alleged effort to prevent the CIA’s Howard Hunt from testifying?

CNN catches McCain making contradictory statements about Sadr.»

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Permanent Repub Majority PT. IV" How GOP Interests Sought To Topple Dems In MS

Hillary Supporters: Would You Vote For An Obama/Clinton Ticket? Would Bill Clinton Be A Co-V.P.?

Stiglitz: Paulson Is ‘Wrong,’ Current Economic Crisis ‘Is A Failure Of Regulation’

Try to guess the diagnostic characteristic....

Old Versus New: Coming This Fall To A Theatre Near You!

Cool Subprime/Alt-A Map-Database From The Fed....

Just another taser death...

Walmart sues for less..... heh. Go Keith, I'm sure they will turn

For you astrology nuts; What's your candidate's sign?

For you astrology nuts; What's your candidate's sign?

PIA ...poor in America

Former Brighton teacher in sex case violates probation, jailed

Governors daughter may have been "given" her MBA from University

On KO: It's baaaack: The case of Larry Craig as told via Dragnet.

Huffington Post: "The Untold Story About How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan

Fans of public transit, sustainable communities and the containment of sprawl....

Heather Mills 'may return to court for new Paul McCartney fight'

Men Are Taking Steps to Look Their Best

Puppet child ‘kills’ Bush on Gaza TV kids show

Intelligence Community Won't Release Iraq NIE Report

LaLa_RawRaw's "Alabama GOP Corruption - THE GRAPHIC"

laptop external ac adaptor - out of town and forgot mine - can this be bought at a local

Video discovered of Bush receiving his high school diploma.

CNN, MSNBC out pacing Fox in key demographic

'It Becomes Almost Impossible To Find A Purpose In What We Do.'

Need 8 DU'ers! On the verge of securing a spot in the Finals for DNC Vlog Trip

Your donation dollars at work.

I guess Hillary Clinton gets a free pass for her support and alliance with homophobes

25 "Billionaires for Dirty Energy" Blockade Citibank Headquarters; 2 Arrested

Some homes worth less than their copper pipes, literally thieves are gutting homes for the pipes

Lima Man Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges In Deadly SWAT Raid

Torture memo released by Pentagon

Rep. Cunningham: gay students painful to look at, doesn't understand why they don't hate themselves

Live, on Good Mourning TV!

Missouri Senate gives quick initial OK to bill on illegal immigration

Some U.S. homes worth less than their copper pipes

This still chokes me up. When I can watch this with a dry eye, I'll hang it up.

Look what Google's doing! It's so cool!

The Chris Green Rule: With a big shout out to Sen Feingold....

woman in YouTube 'rape' is arrested over underage sex allegations

MOre InFO on BIL going to IRAQ...coming home to Ks for a month in June

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton put a stop to the Hott 4 Hill video?

Federal scientist says CDC bosses ignored warnings about contamination in trailers

OPERATION CHAOS: Rush Limbaugh's Primary shenanigans could backfire

McCain Wants Russia Tossed From G8

April Fool's Day Political "News"

Bloggers will be welcome at Dems convention

May I ask a question about the Jena 6?

Why does Savage Weiner hate democracy? He wants to send ACLU members and lawyers to Gitmo.

Which state is cursed with the crappiest pair of Senators?

Yes, (World War II) Was a Good War

Amy Goodman on Tour!!!

Beyond Foolish to SUBLIME: Boy Vs. Sea Lion Dance Contest

Castro reforms: DVDs, farms for Cubans

Obama may pick Geraldine Ferraro

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy April Fools Day Ya'll

Question about the 2009 move to digital TV

2005 bankruptcy law screws consumers as Wall St. gets bailed out

Condi's workout reveals a fit diplomat (interview with Fitness magazine)

Tuesday TOONS: George Bush is the Bestest President evah!

If you walk into GD:P without full riot gear... then you may have a problem lol

Rise Hillary. Rise.

Dumpster Diving: not just for the homeless & anarchists anymore.

Loss of 200,000 jobs in banking industry possible in next 18 months

McCain on Letterman- Stiff and scary looking

Ted Turner

Are people under the impression that today - April 1st - is the 40th anniversary

Gas Tax to Fight Global Warming?

Obama is sending out a very passive aggressive message. I don't know how to fight, I'm too nice to b

The only way Obama will get to see the WH is when he holds the door open for Hillary to walk thru

Bill Scher: Privatizing Our Security, Wasting Our Money

Q1 2008 Ratings: MSNBC @ 7, 8 & 9

Deathwatch: My first day

On Countdown With KO: Richard Mellon Scaife endorses Hillary.

More Corruption at Mukasey’s Justice Department? - BY Scott Horton

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Be careful what you click on around here.

ABC obtains early script of Stones 'W': Depicts Bush's Hard-Partying Youth and Feuds With Sr.

Caption Bush

High school graduation rates less than 50% in inner cities

Will Tweety get a Tingle up his leg tomorrow when Obama is a guest?

Importing workers in the National Parks and Michael Parenti's concept of third-worldization of U.S.

Clinton pleads for time

Which Holiday is more annoying?

New York Times: Dems have mixed opinions about Dean

Alec Baldwin: A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote for the Death of the Dollar

McCain: Human Rights Violations: "a Skeleton in his closet: UNFIT to hold public office!"

Six people treated for rabies after exposure to rabbid cows near Charleston, WV

I swear this actually happened

Ebert: Surgery did not restore speech

New poll numbers show Clinton supporters defecting from Obama in big way

Rachel Maddow Schools Joe "The Interrupter" Scarborough... GO DEMS

Oil Company Welfare Queens on CSPAN-3 begging Congress not to cut off their benefits.....

Boy, 10, charged with rape

Walmart backs down, lets Shank family keep $$!

Chuck Hagel is scary

Food Price Hikes Changing U.S. Eating Habits


Fascism... On The March Police Arresting 80 Year Old Ladies In WheelChairs!

Hersh: children raped at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has videos.

Elizabeth Edwards Asks McCain: Why Are People Like Me Left Out of Your Health Care Proposal?

Feingold to Director of Intel McConnell: "you should issue an immediate correction and an apology"

Myths That Must Die: When The Stock Market Does Well, Everyone Does Well!

Boy, 5, Robbed At Birthday Party

Blowing holes in Hillary camp's electoral vote argument: Clinton or Obama vs. McCain

The top economic stories on as of 4PM Tuesday (I am NOT making this up).

Just saw Frontline - Bad Voodoo's War

1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . .

Listening to these arrogant oil aholes, it's time to nationalize the oil industry.

Police fear foul play in disappearance of 7-year-old South Salt Lake girl

TYT: We Tortured People So That George Bush Wouldn't be Embarrased

Why Edwards Didn't Endorse Obama

NYT: Colorado Proposes Tough Law on Executive Accountability

George W. Bush sewage plant

Obama's State Senate Tricks not appreciated in the US Senate

Wal-Mart Drops Injured Worker Claim (Olbermann - -> Deborah Shank)


Debunking more Hillary spin. Her co-chair stopped the revote, not Obama. Also truth about DNC ruling

Is the IRS a fraud being perpetrated on the American people?

You know they think we're fucking morons, right?

Rachel Maddow's Happy Birthday Appreciation Thread

People who post those stupid April Fool jokes in GD should have their fingers ripped off

OMG, I'm still fuming over what just happened to me this morning.

McBooted perv sues

Don't Boycott The Olympics! End The Hypocrisy!

Got a Job, Can’t Afford Health Coverage

Guardian UK: Bush-Putin row grows as pact pushes east

BREAKING NEWS: Wal-Mart backs off Shank family

"CONSTITUTION WAS NOT IN PLAY" - "Laws Didn't Apply" - Justice Dept Releases John Yoo Torture Memo

Fundraising poor: Clinton to keep March numbers secret

Anyone on a mac unable to stream AirAmerica's new site?

Look at what the FreeRepublic posted about McCain back in 2000...

Ha! They're afraid to identify themselves as Republicans,

Anybody here believe the US needs foreign workers for IT jobs?

What's sad is,I've seen Obama the young Wonkies: Bill Bradley, the wonky

Pennsylvania: Clinton 47% Obama 42% Rasmussen Reports

It's not that drop out rates are below 50% in "inner cities"; it's below 50% in cities period.

Mukasey hints US had attack warning before 9/11 = "...didn't do anything about it?"

San Diego Measles Outbreak Shows The Effect of Vaccine Exemptions

Last Man Standing or Punch Did Not Kill Judy, the Puppetmaster Did

At first, Pentagon defended its contractor AEY proposal represented best value to the goverment

Exposing NSA’s Warrantless Wiretapping Program and How the WH Pressured the NYT to Kill the Story

Latest numbers "very encouraging" for Hillary

Latest numbers "very encouraging" for Hillary

Glasses for CHEAP...My wife just got NEW glasses for $60 instead of the $420 Lenscrafters wanted...

Okay, ouch. I think I just strained something...

Well, my thesis has been turned in!!

Leading Pennsylvania Jews endorse Obama

My (Her) Cat Pees EVERYWHERE.

BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Simpson released from Cedars-Sinai after being treated for kidney infection

Here's to all the baby boys out there.

Proud to say I have 1776 posts!

Bill Would Require Parents To Volunteer At Schools (Cleveland)

Bessie Smith = Under-appreciated

A report on the Jenkem crisis


Yikes!! The beagle is howling and growling at the door, like she wants to attack someone/thing.

Is this an April fools joke?

The tiny, tiny violins are out...

It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm watching Black Adder.

Less than a month!

The band Nightwish is going green!

More Google innovation

3rd-Graders Accused Of Plot To Hurt Teacher

Forkboy hates lazy and weak grammas. Can anyone help him out here?

Breaking: Obama Oath to be Administered by Thomas

self delete

Casting sucks.

I just watched 300


For Hillary, the writing is on the wall. Just the facts:

is bartcop playing a joke?

Beginning tomorrow, I will boycott Air America Radio

Well, that's the last time I slide a "Rick Roll" into a GD-P thread!

How to sink your own thread

The Many Loves of George W

FAA Investigates Whether Go! Pilots Slept in Flight

HP announces new white calibration standard for digital cameras

Boeing Throws In The Towel On 787

80s music is the new oldies


Thread killing

Muslims' fury forces schools to shelve anti-homophobia storybooks for 5-year-olds (UK)

Do you have a grievance with me? Better take another look at the collective bargaining agreement

Fuck Jack Armstrong, and fuck the Vienna Woods.

I sent someone after a bucket of steam today for an April Fools joke..IT WORKED!

I sent someone after a bucket of steam today for an April Fools joke..IT WORKED!

My intern just got his next internship at The General Assembly!!! Virginia

stacey grove

Johnny Depp was in my town filming some movie about John Dillinger.

There are only two days in a year where we're excused to sound like freepers

My friend's April Fool's Joke

I was doing some yard work two weeks ago....mainly with my weed-eater.

Does evolution ever just AWE you?

Youtube is RickRolling everyone

What Is Your Best April Fools Joke?

My granddaughter's April Fool's prank

Beavers genetically modified to build levees--why doesn't the government investigate that?

Live! REM ...on.... the Today Show?

So babies come from THERE?

"Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches..."

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Skinner?

Do all men survive menopause?

...His name was Robert Paulson

alright, I admit it, I'm Skinner's sockpuppet

This just in!! Skinner cancels April Fools day on DU and....

That Du Adbot poster, is he/she/it a troll?

This just in! Skinner cancels April fools day on DU....

Life is not fair sometimes

Join Together...

Why does this guy get to keep the money?

"Illegal Alien" is a Republican buzzword and I refuse

Hi, I am a born again DU'r

Oh crap! when is recycling day?

My Real Name is Joe Louis Barrow III

Roger Ebert has lost ability to speak, will not rejoin show

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey

Forkboy hates lazy and weak grammar. Can anyone help him out here?

***BREAKING*** WORLD ENDS! Only the clueless don't realize it yet!

I'm thinking of buying Detroit

Gizmodo is hilarious today. Everything is about Mr. T

I just bumped into my cat and said "excuse me".

I just found out I am pregnant!

Gmail Custom Time

Hey NYC DUers. How gentrified is East Harlem?

Oh Oh... Randi is On

My boss said "you will never get into my office, I have the only key."

Just in case you don't REALLY know DNC rule 11A:

So . . .

Who Is Going To LynneCoulters Barbecue 19April? After Today

Why do cops, firefighters ALWAYS leave their engines running?

My old dog walked all the way around the woods today without help.

Hey Guys!!! Want to have some fun???

While I"m outting myself I'm outting some of YOU FOLKS too

Working on a sex farm

GMail releases new software. Never be late again

The first thing I want to do when I get into a hotel room....

Third graders plotted to murder teacher

If you were thinking about googling "Nazi orgy"

Sorry I havent been around much lately

Beware: AFLAC Scam


I just found out I am pregnant!

Gahh! I succumbed! Damnit...

To support DU, I bought thong panties from the DU store - Discuss.

Origin of April Fools Day-the Knights Templar killed a bunch of cows in a Chicago garage

Ah the lovely sounds of spring..not:(

I'm disappointed in DuStrange.

I'm disappointed in TurtleandSue because she is disappointed in DuStrange.

The April Fools Jump the Shark post a stupid gif thread

Delaware State Quarter

Uze you're bezt speling an punkchewashun too rezponnd too thiz thred

A-Rod makes more money than the entire Florida Marlins team.

In honor of April Fool's day, let's have a spicy, saucy, and downright dirty joke thread!

Delaware State Seal

Delaware State Flower

Holy Crap

Speaking of outting - he's my STREEEEEEATCH LIMOSINE!!!

Midlodemocrat lies - this is her in her vehicle that she drives everyday

Delaware swimming pool

You gotta admit, Google's being pretty creative this year.

Serious question about DVD recorders...

There's a very nervous beagle under my bed.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/1/08

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/1/2008)

If Obama is not electable, why is he winning??? Where's the mistake??

It's our eighth wedding anniversary today!

I want to own Baba Wawa.

Hi, I'm a newb.

I have to take the cat to the vet today for a check-up

What should I wear for a "Latin dance class"?

Yet another Picture Thread ( i apologize but i am very excited to present my niece)

The inspiration for my screen name

Men or Women, Long hair or short

My city is losing a beautiful landmark

My SO's dad just died.......

Read the whole ad!

If women go thru menopause, do men go thru womenopause?

I just found out where kittehs come from

Do you like dogs?

Canary in the Coal Mine

Am I the only one who hates April's Fools Day on DU?

I went to a 2:00 interview today. I had the time wrong: it was at 1:00.


Why are my group study sessions always such a source of hilarity?

HI need some 'puter help!!!

I just begged someone to put me on ignore.

Quaker Mini Delights

Ever notice how many cartoon characters are thinly veiled versions of Paul Lynde?

This was a crossover television episode I couldn't understand

Thank you to the DUer who gave me a star!


nirvana reuniting....with courtney love at the helm

I was at a funeral today.

I have an excellent view where I live ---

Am I getting screwed by the mechanic?

Nice doggie!

What the...?

Delaware State Bird


I'm losing my beloved dogwood tree! Tell me what I should replace it with!

FAUX Noise Never Seen Before Dick Cheney Hunting Footage

Political Speculation About Al Gore More Important to Media Than His Mission

Awesome practical joke for Mac users

It's 39 degrees in Duluth! Time for tube tops and shorts!

Is it just me or is GDP a little tamer today?

So listening to the song "Ultraviolet" on the new B-52s album...

My hands smell like Madonna and Cher.



I really can't stand the people I work with.

I really can't stand the people I work with.

Is Robb a dingbat?

Queenie the elephant just died

One mofo of a war protest song...

BoooSH BOOOOOOed Video Pulled From YouTube

I am guessing this is an April Fool's prank!

Remember: Check it out before you chuck it out!


One of my good co-workers just quit over a bad April Fools joke.

Oh dear. I'm afraid I rather "lost it" elsewhere on the forum.

Hmm. I need to find a "big whoop" smilie

JGD's BF told me that she's unavailable this afternoon for some reason

My hometown SUCKS

Verizon cell phone users


I just found out I am stagnant!

Ras: Obama about to overtake Hillary in PA

******Heads Up: Obama In Scranton, PA Now Live******

Anyone watching "Hell's Kitchen"?

14-year-old girl shoves hall monitor and gets 7 years in prison

14-year-old girl shoves hall monitor and gets 7 years in prison

My hands smell like Mandarin and Coriander.

Gerber Foods is revamping their menu - Awesome!

Official U.S. Army recipe for SOS

An Oldie But A Goody

Obama condemns homophobia in black community in historically black church.

Obama Found the GOLDEN TICKET!

$1200 receiver vs. Madrone

Did I do something stupid?

My Brother in law and his wife lost their dog Ava last night.

MD Anderson Update

tivo abuse.

Clinton Backer: Obama will WIN!

Is there a way to get rid of that annoying "boink" noise on Tivo?

How well do you think Obama will do in PA ?

getting old.....

Is there a way to get Sid to get rid of that annoying "boink" noise on Fido?

Do you ever wonder what completely clueless people who get RickRoll'd think?

Bureaucracy inaction--uh

New in Wolfgang's Vault: Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders, Winterland 10/2/73

What's for dinner?

HP Lovecraft fans - here it is....Whisperer in the Darkness coming to film

British found in Picasso bedroom.

"...I should be content with the abundance I have..."

Is there a Pita Pit in your town

Mike Gravel for Pres 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel ganged up on today.

I feel ganged up on today.

I worked 14 hours today.

I'm voting Nader.....

When You Awake


Well, dang. There's a woman in New Hampshire I almost got married to 35 years ago.

History of Yodeling...


Air America Born March 31, 2004

This is why I love Morrissey (the singer) - a man with principles

My faucet was broke. I fixed it --

OK, confession time

Has anyone ever seen the show "Operation Repo" on Tru TV?


Carolina played Washington in hockey tonight. the final score, as shown on teevee, was:

I have decided to change my party affiliaton to Republican.

So....I'm think I'm going to lurch.

a question

My friend just ended up with a rescue Pit Bull pup

Divorced parents -- have any of you ever shared a duplex with your ex?

Okay, fine: 161-1

AAR on WWRL update

I Saw Where Obama Is Dropping Out

Winfrey dedicates show to her late dog

Inspiration sometimes comes in strange packages.

Who needs a hug?

When will it happen?

I think I see a short cut

I'm better than a kitteh

So if you had a big serious announcement would you

The frickin' weatherman got me!

Anything else over the counter I can try to combat insomnia , other than Unisom, or Melatonin

Do you ever feel some people are just never going to be nice to you...?

I don't know my way around my own town. How embarrassing.

LynneSin is right. I don't drive a minivan. This is what I drive

Happy Birthday to the real D. Boon

Male DU'rs Would You Ever Have A Vasectomy?

Attention baseball fans! You heard it here first! The final standings for the 2008 season:

Penguins flying

Gravel Rock Video Re-edit

I have decided I hate cats.

Postcards for Pennsylvania-How I spent my day @ the Obama Office

Play a dystopian song.

Happy Birthday to my favorite April Fool, IzaSparrow!

WTF!! Third-graders plotted to attack teacher (MSNBC)

May I PLEASE have a BIG HUG.

Cherry Blossoms and a couple of bonus kitty pics (pic heavy)

Today is my Birthday!

Does anyone have any "office supply fetishes"?

Hilarious Muppets Blooper Reel

I heard a great thing from a co-worker today.

Best feeling: When your hiccups go away...

Just blistered some poblanos.

I saw Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods this weekend

Fish Wars Revisited

Here you pevs go: a topless chick.

What is your passion?

I don't get Rickroll - I'm deaf.. What's the joke about it?

Day of the Loof Lirpa

Its Pick On LynneSin Day

Silly words you've heard others say

KU football coach Mark Mangino explodes

Delaware's Largest Tourist Attraction

Pennsylvania's new Democrats could mean Obama Win

Posted --- Want Ads

My kitty cats.

WTF - Driver's Licenses on the Internet now?!

If Skinner eliminated the emoticons for a week, could you cope?

Primary math 101, minus spin

Counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike (WHOOO HOOOO)

Is adjunct professorshipat night a good way to start towards tenure?

I want to own a Wawa.

Why don't they have public restrooms just for pervs?

Colbert's call to donate to public schools through his Donors Choose page

It has hit me; I'm gonna be so screwed; small pity party for me.

I have disowned my ex-baby sister!

That's it - you guys all disgust me and I'm voting for John McCain. Ask me anything

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton's Bosnian Lie: The Faux Heroine of Tuzla

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton's Bosnian Lie: The Faux Heroine of Tuzla

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton's Bosnian Lie: The Faux Heroine of Tuzla

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton's Bosnian Lie: The Faux Heroine of Tuzla


Confession time! What is your dirty little television secret?

I refuse to click on a thread that may be a joke. If you hate April Fools day check in here!

North American Union & VCHIP Truth

'Stop Stop Stop' sealer screams to coast guard as boat capsizes and sinks

Joe Lieberman will be VP on BOTH Clinton and McCain 2008 tickets

Kremlin Orders 3,200 Mice. No One Knows Why

Kremlin Orders 3,200 Mice. No One Knows Why

Supreme Court backs Del. in river dispute, says state can block N.J. LNG pier

Some U.S. homes worth less than their copper pipes

Lula's administration most popular since 1990 in Brazil

'Ecuador incursion' into Colombia

Film Director Jules Dassin Dies

Lula hails role of Venezulan investments in fighting poverty (in Brazil)

Bill Clinton won't be welcome at First Ladies Library

Pentagon balked on gay partner travel

USA 2008: The Great Depression

A possible FISA compromise?

Fighting for Every Texas Delegate

British defense secretary to delay planned withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq

Stalled housing bill moves forward in Senate

Members of Russian cult slowly emerge

Speaker Pelosi calls on Bush to boycott Olympic opening ceremonies

Economist‘s Hog Price Forecast Not Good

As an April Fools joke, Clinton challenges Obama to a bowl-off

We are still with the dollar: Mohammed (Ruler of Dubai)

Hawaii Legislature Passes Employee Free Choice Measure

Congress has big questions for Big Oil

Cops: 3rd-graders Aimed To Hurt Teacher

NY City Council passes congestion toll plan

Colombia: Medical mission for hostages OK'd

Congress grills oil execs on record pump prices

IRS making sure your rebate gets spent

Britain Delays Cutting Troops in Iraq

GAO Blasts Weapons Budget

Iraq PM proclaims Basra assaults 'a success'

Border fence will skirt environmental laws (US-Mexico)

Lobbyists, Small Banks Attack Plan For Markets

'Vampire' hotel bomber from California dies after growing ill in Bolivian prison

Memo: Laws Didn't Apply to Interrogators

Mugabe said to be negotiating possible exit

Scientist: CDC Bosses Ignored Warning

American Airlines Union: No exec bonuses (19,000 members)

Colombia sitting on big oil reserves

UBS Will Write Down $19 Billion

Bush puppet 'stabbed to death' in Hamas TV show for kids

ACLU: Military skirting law to spy

Polls: McCain strong in key Dem states

3rd-Graders Accused Of Plot To Hurt Teacher

(Rev) Wright honored in Chicago

China Alleges Tibetan 'Suicide Squads'

Pipe bomb parts found in Florida airport bag: paper

Gallup Poll: Iran, Iraq, China top US enemies

Obama Wins Backing of 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton

Democrat Pelosi urges end to race

Iraqi Casualties at Highest Level since August

Cuyahoga County Won't Prosecute Voters Who Switched Parties (OH)

Strike hits Nike Vietnam factory

American Axle gives UAW new information

Minister: The US is blocking shipment of weapon parts to Venezuela

Stock Market Watch: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Justice interrogation memo: Constitution not in play

FAA issues landing gear alert: report

Heavy Troop Deployments Are Called Major Risk

Report: Army failed to perform tests on body armor

Feds to bypass laws to build border fence

Congress grills oil execs on high prices

Analysts see 200,000 banking industry layoffs

G.A.O. Report Points to Rise in Cost Overruns at Pentagon

Changes in Cuba are "cynical;" U.S. official

U.S. Alarmed as Some Exports Veer Off Course(United Arab Emirates)

Castro Reforms: DVDs, Farms for Cubans

Argentine masses cheer president in row with farmers

US Auto Sales Fall in March

No peace in Basra despite Sadr call

YouTube Partner's Guild on STRIKE!!

Spring Break Primary - Mo Rocca

Olbermann: Worst Persons 3/31 - Ed Rendell, Wal-Mart Day 3

Olbermann: Bushed! 3/31 - Iraq/911-Gate, Mukasey-Gate, Mortgage-Gate

Al Gore Interview '60 Minutes' 3/30 (w/ Lesley Stahl) PT. 1

Al Gore Interview '60 Minutes' 3/30 (w/ Lesley Stahl) PT. 2

BREAKING: Democrats Vote To Impeach Bush!!!!

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches I

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Encourages "Illegal Activity"

FLASHBACK: Obama for Congress 2000 Radio Ads

Barack Obama on community organizing

Col. Janis Karpinski describes Saddam's imprisonment

Josh Marshall's TPMtv blooper reel for April 1

Ukrainians protest Bush visit.

Ronald Reagan on What's My Line

A Prebuttal to Petraeus

32,000 American cosignatures on complaint against McCain delivered to FEC

Obama people calling Hillary Delegates in Texas

Olbermann: Sen. Hagel & Reality on Ground in Iraq - 3/31

Joan Fitz-Gerald, CO CD-2, on the Employee Free Choice Act

Bill says:

The Count Censored....Should Hillary be offended?

Mukasey Said WHAT?!


No One is Leading

Olbermann: Worst Persons 4/1 - Mocks Fox & Friends Morons

Corporate Crime

Mark Benjamin: McCain's Vietnam obsession

Bill Clinton’s 'Affirmative Action' Plan for Campaign: 'Amend It, Don't End It'

New John McStain ad. WTFBBQ

Rachel Maddow Schools Joe "The Interrupter" Scarborough

TYT: The United States Tortures Innocent People (Work-Safe Video)

Ring the Alarm: An Interview with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe

FBI Tracked Dr. Martin Luther King's Every Move

Olbermann: Wal-Mart Concedes to Shank Family - 4/1

Suicide is Good Business By erik mouse

Fed Debt Usury Plan; or FeD UP: By Mike Folkerth

Olbermann: AG Mukasey & New 9/11 Evidence (4/1 w/ Rachel Maddow)

Hillary's Challenge to Obama

TYT: 'We Don't Know What The Hell We're Doing In Iraq'

Spilling Over the Banks (my thoughts)

Howard Dean on CNN 4/1: John McCain is 4 More Years of Bush

Comment from Robert65 on Penn. blog.....

TYT: Very Sad Story Of Young Female Iraqi Refugees

Iraq offensive backfires, strengthening radical cleric - USA today

CPR just got easier...

Barack Obama on ending the War - watch how he praises, then dismisses, McCain

Cops Come Between Dick Cheney and Justice in Lexington, KY

The Daily Show Was Right: Iraq Really IS Like a Bar Mitzvah

In These Times: Secular Jews and the ‘Jewish State’

Cafferty: 28 million Americans on food stamps

Clinton claims Obama wants to prevent NC from voting (?)

Tricky Votes Loom For 3 Candidates: Lawmakers Aim to Make Campaign Trail Slippery

Flying Spaghetti Monster statue installed on courthouse lawn

Lou Dobbs says:

Another Wave of H-1Bs on the Way

Nora Ephron / Hooked on Hillary

USA 2008: The Great Depression

Trying to Shove Hillary Aside (commentary by Marie Cocco)

With the Internet Comes New Political 'Clickocracy': "'We the people' takes on a whole new meaning."

The Today Show: Barack Obama and Ann Curry

I'm F*cking Obama - Hillary Clinton feat. Sarah Silverman

Gravel Rock Video Re-edit

True Confessions of a Superdelegate

The ONE Prediction St. McCain DID Get Right

USA 2008: The Great Depression

Stocks Surge as Wall St. Hopes Financial Woes May Be Easing

The Bankrupting of America By Deb Della Piana

Privatization: The Key to the Coming Solar Age

NYT book review, The Bin Ladens: "Freudian family dynamics....bizarre connections"

US Treasury plan shields Wall Street speculators

Int. Herald Tribune: U.S. fails to halt Emirates' dangerous trade

Time Magazine: How Moqtada al-Sadr Won in Basra

Eugene Robinson: Consider Iraq Defined

Things That Go Bump in My Night

The Welfare King of the 21st Century by Dean Baker

Intelligence Director McConnell is cast as a lobbyist

Daddy Issues, War Lust in Oliver Stone's 'W'

Denouncing and Renouncing

Bill Hicks - American Politics

Cocaine, Colombia and the Cartels

Laptop, complete with Vista attack code, listed on eBay

Bashing Beijing: The Shame Game Olympics

The Assassination Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 1-8 Complete

The Rifle Prosecutors Say James Earl Ray Used To Kill MLK

Governor Bill Richardson: Loyalty to My Country

Pat Buchanan actually makes sense

The Beatification of Daniel Pearl

Regime Change: An American Addiction

Venezuelan Media Terrorism Conference Denounces Negative Role of Private Media

Hillary thanks us for another $3 million... and so much more!

Hillary Clinton's NAFTA Story Exposed

DoD plan would allow sabbaticals up to 3 years

Man admits killing Iraq war vet

Gates: Violence won’t change pullout plan

New VA benefits handbook available

Sailor killed in Iraq awarded Medal of Honor

Northrop gets LPD help from General Dynamics

Special operations increase possible for Iraq

End of ERGM spotlights other future guns

Supreme Court asked to review Navy sonar case

Sonar restrictions frustrate fleet

400 Navy customs inspectors deploy

Airman found dead in woods near Ramstein

Two named to top Air Force spots in AfriCom

Cyber Command HQ decision delayed again

Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Demands for crackdown on biofuels scam

How Conservatives Have Duped Us in the Global Warming Fight

Poor Countries Won't Sign Global Warming Pact

New Rule Lets Builders ‘Bank’ Efforts to Restore Wetlands

Argo scientist blasts deniers distortion of his work

New England startup seeks to tap the Mississippi for power

'Stop Stop Stop' sealer screams to coast guard as boat capsizes and sinks

Cover-Up Continues: DFO Restricting Journalists and Seal Hunt Observers Access to Today’s Seal Hunt

Keesler to replace cancer treatment center

Sunni residents of Saydiyah grateful U.S. presence helps keep lid on violence

2,000 26th MEU Marines training at Pickett

$1M in F-22A damage blamed on faulty guidance

Servicemembers to see COLA jump 6 points at most locations in Japan

Shootings shake neighborhood’s fragile peace

Deploying troops leave nearly 500 cars behind

Gitmo Prisoner Charged in ’98 Embassy Attack

Green Zone Comes Under Fresh Attacks

General Defends Gitmo Trial Process

Mullen Talks Iraq Tours at Bragg

Afghans Want Fewer NATO Troops

2 detained near Picatinny Arsenal over photos

Pentagon: Colleges must hand over names

Biofuels in perspective

Joseph Romm on Climate Change and Peak Oil


Today in labor history

Need opinions about working on Holiday....

Bienvenido a la edición en idioma español del sitio web de la UAW

Long-expected layoffs begin at W.Va. steel mill

Strike hits Nike Vietnam factory (20,000, one of the biggest private employers in Vietnam)

13,000 Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants Get Date to Vote on Union

Manufacturing, Construction Weaken

Union files five ballot initiatives (in response to an anti-union "right-to-work" initiative)

Tropicana security workers put off union vote (company has no official owner)

Pa. Last Big Dem Battleground for Unions (Clinton vs Obama)

Starbucks defends policy on tips

Construction Worker Deaths on the Strip

Crandall mine disaster: Labor audit confirms families' fears

Minnesota Nurses Join UAN

40 Years After King’s Death, Unions Still Best Route to Better Life for African Americans

The 2007 death map (died on the job) online

Working Families Do Better When More People Are in Unions

From Sierra Club: Sí Se Puede. It Can Be Done

March seeks higher wages

Working People Want Kitchen Table Time With McCain On The Economy

Exploring the United Farm Workers' History-Grape Boycott

American Airlines Pilot asks for more training is put on UNPAID LEAVE

Barack Obama calls for Cesar Chavez holiday

Laid-off workers join strikers at American Axle; GM idles another plant

It's time to rein in the Fed

If It's Not Dead on Arrival, Someone Should Shoot It Quick

{Swiss bank} UBS doubles sub-prime writedowns {$37Bn} (BBC)

Wagging The Dog

Economist‘s Hog Price Forecast Not Good

Unemployment Figures

Fed's rescue halted a derivatives Chernobyl

Today is my 20th anniversary...

North Carolina LGBT Voters, Bev Perdue or Richard Moore?

Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks, this O.P.

Anti-gays to converge on Oklahoma capitol in support of Rep. Sally Kern

It still mystifies me...

Does this guy have ANY non-homophobic Religious Supporters???

Gay Couple Attends Scottsboro, Alabama (Yes, I Said Alabama) High School Prom

Eminem takes on challenging role

'Education revolution' falls short in Mexico (the neo-cons educational fiasco)

The Ravaging Effects of Capitalism on My Hometowns

Lula's administration most popular since 1990 in Brazil

Lula hails role of Venezulan investments in fighting poverty

RIGHTS-PERU: Fujimori Rewarded Death Squad

'Ecuador incursion' into Colombia

Lula's administration most popular since 1990 in Brazil

Lula hails role of Venezulan investments in fighting poverty (in Brazil)

Colombia: Medical mission for hostages OK'd

US Firm Blocks Access from Europe to Progressive Web Sites


Paraguay: Campesino Leader Charged For Confronting Crop Spraying

Propagandizing human rights in Colombia

Prison shortage mars Palestinian security campaign

WHO: Israel turning away sick Gazans, who die in 'avoidable tragedies'

Poll: Israel Isn't Top Priority For US Voters, Including Jews

Israel Removes West Bank Checkpoint Following Rice Visit

In Gaza, Hamas’s Insults to Jews Complicate Peace

Meshal: Hamas backs state in '67 lines, right of return

Karen Thurman "Show Me The Money$!"

Make sure you check out Biden's website today.... he changed pics

I can't find the SFRC Iraq hearings on C-Span.

Roddick engaged to SI swimsuit model

"Now batting for the New York Yankees.....

Gagne...............Give back that win!!!!!

Elite XC Strikeforce video: Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le

A-Rod earns more money than Florida Marlins

About those sacred baseball "shrines"......

UFO skeptics

Cubs threaten to block view of games from rooftop clubs that don’t pay up

interesting dream that I pretty much don't remember

Rick DiClemente's April Starself Astrology Newsletter

(Official?) Democratic Presidential Candidate Predictions Thread

Started the wild plants class tonight-uses for healing

Neptune, Mars and June 1st

This makes me really sick. A-Rod makes more than the whole Marlins team.

Researchers report reversal of liver cirrhosis in rats

The things you learn as a translator...

Astragalus Root

Smoking ribs indoors


X-Post from GD: San Diego Measles Outbreak Shows The Effect of Vaccine Exemptions

<> I wasn't going to post a poll thread about contest themes, but...

Studio lighting workshop. With models!

It's a sickness, I swear! Billy Mays and the VIDALIA SLICE WIZARD!!!11!!

Politcal and Religious concepts, a comparison.

NY yeshiva sued over 'sexual abuse'

Prosecutor: Woman shot fellow Pa. church member out of jealousy

Abuse was common in Roman Catholic religous orders

An example of a prayer being answered.

Necklace is 'oldest in Americas'

QUB astronomers help find planets (BBC)

Scientists Want Your MacBook for Earthquake Detection

Amazing: Flying Penguins Captured by the BBC with video

Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller than MP3

The Bill Of Rights

House bill to track guns

AB 2062: Permit required to purchase handgun ammo in California coming

Another Cox anti-gun "take"...

D.C. v Heller is not just a bad dream

Bush to Science: "Let's be friends"

Bin Laden Took Part in 1986 Arms Deal

More evidence miliary hiring bloggers

Political Ponerology: A Science of Evil Applied for Political Purposes

Just for your reading pleasure. My thoughts on what the blogs should be talking about:

April Fools Day on

Sequoia and e-voting: The best government money can buy

No Clearance for von Spakovsky

The Creekside Declaration...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 04/01/08

Under-Reported: New Holt Bill Says Election Outcomes Could Be Confirmed With Hand Counts

Does anyone know where to find a list of election fraud lawsuits?

Ely being sold?

The American Dream is to have and run one's own business and work their asses off?

So what happned in Collin County that had the convention going til Monday morning??

Kensington Expert Mouse Pro Track ball mouse will not move

KBH is running for TX Gov. - 2010 (No joke)

Double-click issue

my computer is sounding an alarm bell ?

Tarrant county convention

My thoughts on the race at this moment:

So, how long does it take to receive Obama gear from his web-site store?

All work and no play...

You can really tell the Clinton supporter DU strike is over on GD-Politics

Marc Garneau on potential sale of MDA to the USA

Cadman Affair Redux?

France may send 'few hundred' troops to Afghanistan

Acceptance at Harvard tougher than ever

LOL! Rachel was just talking about her and Keith's "matching suits".

Keith is punishing the Rev and me.

Today is Rachel's birthday!

Keith BEAT Wal Mart....

KOEB 4-1-2008 - How about what the Repukes will do to Hillary edition?

kill kill kill die die die

Feel free to e-mail the governor, unless you've got child porn on that PC

KSAC, Talk City 1240 is toast!

Results Election Night April 1

Ok Children-time for attendance-Who voted????