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Here's an amusing scenario...


Pennsylvania and Nationwide Analysis on the Democratic Candidates Internet Efforts

Ok, assume we win in November. Regardless of who it is...

Pollster: If election were today, either Dem would best McCain in Electoral College

I miss JE ...

McCain has a new economic advisor


Good god. What a complete tool



Kos and Rush Team Up : Ok, so there's an allegation on the

Top Ten Obama Slip-ups

The People's Will.

Mississippi: Obama 46, Hillary 40. Both lead 4:1 with their color, lose their gender

I just want to say that those making fun of Cindy McCain's facial expressions

I'm Probably Going to Lose, So Don't Be Surprised n Shit

Clinton supporters help - need nice photo of her

Clinton supporters help - need nice photo of her

McCain camp: "Please keep running those 3:00 A.M. ads"

I always get great help on here, have at this

Ever get the feeling Republicans may not want to win?

North Carolina Rules! -- skroo Florida and Michigan

Gore for President, Obama for VP, HRC for first Supreme Court Appointment...

I will be suing Hillary Rodham Clinton now since she will be the one

From LBN "If Hillary ends up as the Democratic nominee

Tiem for lolcats pls? kthx

If the war in Iraq had been a cakewalk, Obama's candidacy would be untenable

I don't see what's so bad about being called a monster

I don't see what's so bad about being called a monster

Statements From Clinton And Lieberman Endorsing McCain Over Obama

The remaining schedule...

Jay Leno just made a Hillary/lesbian joke, without saying the L word.

Obama's next move

Obama's next move

Obama must now fire Michelle!

The sudden momentum of Hillary Clinton

Clinton, Obama backers disagree over who won gay vote

The Mods Are In the House


Maybe, just maybe don't you think that if the so called Democratic party had advanced real


Election Fraud Against Obama In Ohio: More Comes Out

All Things Being Equal, I'm Going With the Chick

Code Red Weather Alert in NE Ohio

While you were all bitching and moaning, another soldier was killed and 65+ Iraqi's....

Please educate me about the timing of primaries.......

NEW NAME for superdelegates:

If FL and MI were just stripped of half of their delegates

Kicking it for Obama...time to donate $$$$

The TWO biggest reasons NOT to support Hillary.

GD:P has become totally useless for me.

Clinton vs Obama on other Forum needs clarification

Would You Walk Out In A Snowstorm, or Rainstorm To Vote For The Dem Nominee In November?

Should Senator Barack "HUSSEIN" Obama defend himself, or

Is he a latte sipping wimp or is he a machiavellian Ken Starr?

Florida --- Florida --- Florida -- Florida

WASPMs To the Rescue: Why Women and Blacks Can't be President

Should Clinton be stripped of the Texas delegates she won?

Neither candidate wins the pledged candidate race

Its 3 am, my phone is ringing, where is SHE ?

What Star Trek can teach us about politics.

Clinton Library-Pardons

Why another Florida and Michigan Primary will Never Happen

one thing I can't understand

Angry Boeing supporters target McCain

So Sheryl Crow & Sinbad Crossed The Commander In Chief Threshold- But Obama Hasn't

9 out 10 threads are Hillary Bashings

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's "silly" Irish peace claims

It sure takes CHUTZPAH for Hillary to suggest Obama as VP--

60 Democratic Seats in the Senate? -maybe-

Thought you all could use these today...

Why isn't Mark Penn connection with John McCain pointed out by the media?

So, Hillary Supporters

Ok DUers, time to put some MISINFORMATION to REST:


Canadian PM says Officials only got briefing from Obama Campaign- Not Clinton! HUH?

Saturday Poll: who's your pick for Democratic nominee?

I'd like to thank Canada for screwing up our Democratic primary.

Admiral William "Fox" Fallon for Vice President, “The Man Between War and Peace”

Bitterly Disappointed in Virginia

Clinton's politics of fear

Dream Team: Obama & Gore (possibly along with Powell & Bloomberg)

Six months of internecine warfare = President McCain

Another Debate In Philly The Week Before The Primary?

3 A.M. Phone Call...

HRC, Rwanda, Samantha Powers and Monster Bullshit...

Has Anyone Here Switched Support For Your Candidate Because Of Something You Read Here?

Has John McCain Met the Commander-in-Chief Threshold? (Matt Stoller, OpenLeft)

I Wish The Press Would Get It Right - It Was 12 Straight Wins......

Confronting the Kitchen Sink (NY Times Op-ED)

Florida 2nd Primary Poll - Rasmussen: Hillary 55 - Obama 39

Samantha Powers

Hillary supporters- why are you pushing for MI?

Where do I go to get brainwashed?

Hillary Clinton hasn't offered assurances on NAFTA, Canada says

Wyoming polls?

Just wondering. Who if any exists, can say that Obama does not have the experience, and not be sent

Who do you support for President (by income)?

Axelrod's similarity to Kenneth Starr: My opinion

the swiftboating begins - rep. steve king (R-Fuckhead)

I'm sure you guys have "discussed" this photo

NYT, pg1: Obama Camp Sees Fine Line in Hitting Back: "That’s why people want something different."

Kerry seeks McCain for VP ,would fit bill as running mate...June 2004

Which is worse, calling Hillary a monster or calling Obama Ken Starr?

It's been 2154 days, almost 6 years since we've seen...

Why do they call a Clinton/Obama ticket 'the dream team'?

Mayor Bloomberg just gave 500k to the NY Senate GOP, Obama should cut him from his potential VP list

Obama Advisers Gone Wild!

'negative''s everything i fucking hate in politics

Clinton's newest attack raises questions she might not want answered

Clinton's newest attack raises questions she might not want answered

Clinton's newest attack raises questions she might not want answered

Clinton's newest attack raises questions she might not want answered

Clinton's newest attack raises questions she might not want answered

How Obama should counter the 3 am ad

Superdelegate quandry

HRC supporters here is the response by Barack...

" like Sopranos raising money for Obama" Unbelievable!

"I take him at his word"

Based on FL and MI arguments...I want WA to also get delegates.

If Fl and MI primary votes had benefited Barrack

Special election in Illinois today

Is there an official Wyoming caucus thread?

Hillary Clinton Working Wyoming

Sorry For Going Off Topic But Please Help Starving People By Signing This Petition!

How much coverage is Wyoming goign to get today and tonight?

What do folks think about Bill Clinton's advice to vote for hope and thought?

Bush to Hillary Clinton: I'm Truman, You're Ike

I'd like to set aside

Hillary's "Strategery"

Hillary's "Strategery"

Obama will gain about 14 delegates from Unpledged add-on superdelegates

Did HRC hope quietly to net ***121*** tainted delegates from Florida and Michigan?

The Wyoming caucuses

Obama still up in delegates and popular vote even with FL considered! he's winning people despite

Obama's colorization

Incredible idea for a new Obama commercial...

How Hillary would handle a crisis - from Bill Maher last night..

How do you feel about Hillary after her McCain comment?


(R) Congressman: If Obama elected Al Qaida will dance in the streets.

Magic Number's: BO-462 HC-601

Obama takes early lead in Wyoming

That's it!!! I'm an NOT voting for THIS candidate in the General Election under ANY circumstances

Which polls do you trust -- and why?

Saturday morning UPDATE: FL revote debate

We deserve more than 8 years of Hillarisms

a Lunch Break to Vote??

(insert eye-catching title here)

Obama up by 14 with 39% in

Clinton supporters - will her endorsement of McCain change your GE vote?

McCain receives two coveted endorsements this week - Bush and Hillary

Clintons' offshore accounts?

With 35% of the Wyoming caucuses reporting, Obama leads 56-42.

New HRC Bumper Sticker: "The Woman from Don't-Get -Your-Hopes-Up"

When will the WY results be coming in?

Obama winning overwhelmingly African American State of WYOMING

Bowers has a Wyoming Caucus result thread

Bowers has a Wyoming Caucus result thread

The Primaries are like the magic number in baseball

How can we change the news cycle for Obama?

How can we change the news cycle for Obama?

Congrats to Obama and his supporters

Clinton & The Media: "Media People are Living in Fear.. It's Affecting News Coverage."

Racist GOP fuck Steve King: "Al-Qaida Will Be Dancing In The Streets If "Hussein" Obama Wins"

As regards to HILLARY, it’s the TRUST thing stupid!!!

.please delete

OK: I have been anti-HRC, now it’s time to shift gears and tell you ‘why’ I like Obama.

Interesting: Bill Clinton says Clinton/Obama ticket would be an unstoppable force

Top 10 reasons Clinton/Obama ticket would never work

Important Press Release regarding Samantha Power's hurtful words..

Hey Obama supporters: If the only way you can win is by slamming Hillary, that's really sad.

Obama Supporters: Tell AP Papers to Stop Smearing Obama’s Patriotism

I was just watching Bill Clinton on CNN and he was in Biloxi, campaigning for

List of Wyoming counties, delegate #'s and opening/closing times

Who would *I* want to answer the phone in the WH at 3 a.m.?

Wyoming: Obama 61-38 with 52% reporting. Oh my! nt

No more caucuses from here out

Those of you who are "proud" of your candidate,

Barack Obama's Statement on International Women's Day

Just Words

Caucuses are like human paper trails

" Big Mac to be counted for Hilary, Jr. Cheese burgers for Obama" Satire.


Will Hillary concede the nomination tonight

Another youtuber accusing Obama of an affair.

Fellow Obama supporters: Monster, Sybil, Queen Hillary...

More tales from the Clinton Funhouse: Bill unloads worthless stock for $700K to mystery buyer

HRC: Obama’s Iraq Plan: Just Words

CNN just accepts Clinton's spin as news

Obama Not Ready to be CiC/Cannot Win Big States = Clinton Strategy for Super Delegate Votes

CNN and Fox are trying soooo hard to minimize the

WYOMING would have been i big catch for Clinton for bragging

Obama should take gloves off -- Run as a Liberal/Progressive Fighter

You know what really cracks me up about the campaign Hillary has run?

YAY! I heard Hillary will have LOST a net of 3 delegates from her "big win" in TX!

Clinton Supporter to Obama Supporters: Congrats

I must be allergic to pandering

O.K. I admit it - This is Hillaryarious

NYT Krugman on Obama

****Official Wyoming Caucus Thread****

Girl in Red Phone advertisement supports OBAMA

Clinton loyalists resemble a cult

Obama wins Wyoming!!!

New sig line, I've finally taken down my Edwards one -

****WHAT the HELL is a COCKALORUM?!?!****

Why Do I Get The Feeling That When Obama Wins Wyoming And Mississippi.....

Michelle Obama and the politics of candor - Profile

What issues do you want to see in the party platform?

Hillary justifying loss in WY yesterday in a rally-before she lost.

Will Clinton supporters start listening to RUSH LIMBAUGH now??

Will Clinton supporters start listening to RUSH LIMBAUGH now??

My candidate is perfect and yours is a God damn asshole!

Admins/Mods. jlake wants to leave!

Kerry won 19 states. Either Dem candidate can do this.

I'm trying to picture Hillary gutting fish....

MSNBC on-air, Newsweek poll: "Clinton erases Obama's national lead"

Mr & Mrs Clinton: Is Obama ready to be president or not?



Breaking News: Barack Obama rejects VP idea

Who is our adversary?

Clinton Group Has 4812 Messages, Obama Group Has 3,349, Yet

Hillary had a job "sliming fish" in Alaska

Wyoming reality check: give Clinton her due from today's results

If we win the White House in November I think we should definitely reform the primary system

Why I don't give a damn about any 3AM phone calls to the White House.

"Final Rule" post tops all. Is this a turning point in the mood at DU ?

Memo to CNN: It's Saturday, You Morons.

Bamboozling the American electorate again part 3

And here we go again.

OMG- Bill Clinton called a Clinton/Obama ticket an "unstoppable force" today!

As a Mississippian, Wyoming is more important than my state for momentum ...

Has the Democratic Party missed the opportunity of a lifetime?

I hope that if this goes to convention, and there is no nominee on the first vote - GORE steps in

One county to go in Wy. Which remember it does not count. Since Hillary isn't winning.

Hillary Clinton's "My Lai" Strategy? She's Destroying the Party to Save It

reagan/BUSH... BUSH/quayle... CLINTON/gore... BUSH/cheney... CLINTON/?...

From the "What goes around ..." : "Girl In Clinton's '3am Phone Ad' Supports Obama"

Obama takes large lead in Wyoming. Oh what the heck it doesn't count anyway.

Wesley Clark from Wiki - verbal fluffs

Hllary: Though I really am sick of you, here's a little "sound" advice....

********* ATTENTION**** We must be very careful,,, If Hillary wins

****RED PHONE Test**** OBAMA versus HILLARY - Who's DONE What

A snapshot of todays threads, Hillary supporters in a huge minority.

Obama: Clinton's a Flip-Flopper On Torture

Just when is Hillary going to start winning delegates?

So now the Obamists spin is that because we have two people fighting

Obama: at least +2 delegates from Wyoming... Clinton: at best -3 delegates from Texas..... LOL


How are the last 10 states going to vote?

I am still waiting...

Tell Me Clinton Supporters: What Comes After Pennsylvania?

If Clinton doesn't like the smaller, non-Democratic states, she should forgo those delegates.

Bill is about to give Hillary's concession speech, again

The Indefatigable Senator Hillary Clinton

Question about Michigan's primary

Evidence #2 of a Monster: Hillary said she will launch a nuclear first strike!

Only Three Months Ago GD-P Was

Steven Weber: True Primary Colors

Obama has now won 13.5 of the last 16 contests

I just got back from my county convention/assembly. How much did Barack win Wyoming by?

Why could Hillary Supporters not make it out to the Wyoming Caucus today?

Does Wyoming 'Count'?

All those blacks and latte liberals in Wyoming weighed in

The Commander -in- Chief test...

My name is easy_b

Tough math on the democratic side - neither candidate has the # to secure nomination

OMG: The little girl in the red phone commercial is a hard core Obama supporter. She is 8 years

Mississippi is an Open Primary....

Is the Two Minute Hate supposed to last this long?

Local girl makes unexpected appearance in Hillary ad

Truth Time

I am at peace

Tweety's not getting the answers he wants from Smirkonish (sp?)

Obama's 3:00 AM girl just covered on NBC nightly news.

CNN/MSNBC Thinks we are STUPID! The pundits slice & dice & are Dumber than Dirt!

Santa Claus is DEAD to me now!

Owwwww.....he pulled my hair!!!!!! Ouch..Owwww!!!! Mommeeeee

Obama up at intrade

How does Hillary Clinton feel about Torture? and specifically Waterboarding...

What if Obama Choses Gen. Anthony Zinni as VP in April?

I drive a Volvo, not a Prius. I like Cappucino (double, skim), not lattes. I like topsiders, not

If nothing else, can we at least agree on this?

3AM girl says Obama should pick up.

Why the Caucus system has to go...

Here's why Hillary REALLY cannot win the nomination...

Health Care for Campaign Workers?

Leaving now for the caucus site...

Trade Controversy: Obama vs. Clinton on NAFTA...

Trade Controversy: Obama vs. Clinton on NAFTA...

Rep. Steve King ought to be shit-canned for his crazy anti-Obama rhetoric

How is the Clinton campaign going to spin this one

don your al-u-minium chapeau. a question about republican strategies

Clinton supporters. You want a dream ticket?

Clinton supporters. You want a dream ticket?

Media heaven

How do you like your Earth?

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/8/08 - Obama up 2 (45), Clinton down 3 (46)

Wyoming must be deprived of its convention delegates!

Obama needs to start talking about the cost of the war. Two Trillion

WP, pg1: Downside of Obama Strategy: Losses in Big States Spur General-Election Fears

Why are Lattes so terrible, anyway?

How many super delagates will base their support on the word of Wolf Blitzer, Keith Olberman, Tweety

Clinton's Kosovo Experience

CAN PRESS: Officials Only Got Briefing From Obama Campaign- KO, Randi, et al...BIASED 4 Obama

What Obama needs to come out and say right now is this:

WASHINGTON POST: Downside of Obama Strategy- Losses in Big States Spur GE Fears

POLL: How do you feel about the thought of Obama as VP?

Wyoming Update- record turnout, much larger than expected

Photos: Barack Obama campagning in Laramie, Wyoming. Wyoming caucuses are today, March 8th.

Is there any way that battling it through past Pennsylvania will help the eventual nominee?

MSNBC Callls Wyoming for Obama

I wasnt watching, has Hillary called to congratulate Obama on yet ANOTHER win?

To HRC's supporters: do the right thing and start slowly winding it down. Victory depends on you.

Offering the Vice Presidency to the candidate you are losing to

A simple compromise from King Solomon that Florida and Michigan can't refuse

Bamboozling the American electorate again part 2


I think Teton County might just put Obama @ 60%

One Reason Why Gore Wouldn't Take My Vote From Obama Anymore.

59,000 Registered Democrats in Wyoming

Goodbye DU! This place is just too toxic to Hillary supporters, and in no way represents

The State of the Union (as seen from the outside looking in)

This proportional delegate thing is awful.

Link to the DNC: Let them know how you feel

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Substantive Role (A response to NY Times)

Has Hillary fired the joker who said McCain is qualified, but not sure


Steven King: Al-Qaida will dance in the streets if Obama wins the White House

NYT: The Resume Factor

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama on Credit Card Reform

Question - how many Primary states has Obama won vs Caucus states and

Weekend TOONS: Part 1, Saturday night's alright for fighting

"Obama's Iraqi Oil for Food connection". We seem to learn more of Rezko every day

Iraq Contractors, Tax Evasion, Our Candidates, and the MSM - Please Read

Since 1972,when a party has let their primary go until the convention,they've lost 100% of the time

Follow the Money--the REAL reason Limbaugh wants Hillary to win the Democratic Nomination

Let's See Some PROOF, Hillary Bashers!

I decided

Current Vote Tallies: Obama has more votes, but only if you don't count Mich. & Fla.

Any guess on where students and others who supported Ron Paul will shift their support?

Was Pillary ever in B Movies?

Will Hillbots please stop endorsing McCain over Obama?

Final Results Show Obama Breaks 60%: 61-38 with 100% reporting

Hillary herself makes it WORSE by reinforcing comparison of Obama to Ken Starr

Changing the rules mid-game

Stopping the Obama vs Clinton AND Clinton vs Obama wars

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

IL-14 - Bill Foster Vs Jim Oberweis - .Foster WINSSSS !!! YeeeHaaa

I read here that Hillary Clinton was once a Rethug is this true

Why are we fighting so hard over this big pile of steaming horseshit of a mess?

Pennsylvania Delegate Selection Process - info with a map

To The Supposed Obama Faithful Who Continue To Hype Up Hillary's Comments As So Damaging,I Say This:

AP Calls IL 14th for Bill Foster....Obama very likely to gain Superdelegate as a result.

Clinton Voter Base : White People Who Cant Caucus

Obama fund-raiser in fraud trial

Democratic Presidential Primary 2008 Reality

Coattails in IL-14 (Hastert) - GO FOSTER GO!

Turn to CNN...Stephanie Elam is major HOTTIE!!!

Hillary Clinton: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

I think every single member of the Congress and senate

I think every single member of the Congress and senate

Is Clinton a Monster For Calling Obama a Drug-Dealing Radical Muslim to Win an Election?

From Obama supporters: THANK YOU WYOMING !!

Would Hillary be doing better if she lost some weight?

Why does PR get to vote in the Primary but not the GE?

Josh Marshall: Hillary Getting the Free Ride of All Free Rides on Foreign Policy Experience

Josh Marshall: Hillary Getting the Free Ride of All Free Rides on Foreign Policy Experience

Josh Marshall: Hillary Getting the Free Ride of All Free Rides on Foreign Policy Experience

"More insults from Camp Clinton"

Air America Phoenix 1480 KPHX Online

You gotta love the CNN bias for Clinton

YAY! I heard that BO will net 2 delegates from his great Wyoming win!

Birth of a Backlash

Clinton could have her Super Delegate Status Revoked.

Obama wins 61 percent!! Thank you Teton County!!!!!!!

It's a BFD when Hillary wins states she's projected to win

Call the DNC right fucking now!!! WAIT, WE'VE CHANGED OUR MINDS!

Call the DNC right fucking now!!! WAIT, WE'VE CHANGED OUR MINDS!

I don't want to hear y'all griping about YOUR Dem congressional candidates....

I can't believe that less than 10,000 voters are going to determine the delegate count in WY

Florida Re-Vote Unlikely

Hillary: Obama Not Ready For Red Phone, But Would Be Awesome Veep

Amazing, Absolutely Amazing.

2008 General Election Results Leaked Early

Clarkies who support Obama. How do you feel right about now?

In Cheyenne speech, Hill said something like "she met Karzai many times". Anyone have a transcript?

How come everytime Clinton criticizes Obama he looks like he's going to cry?

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

This is just such a great pic. What a good heart behind it =) ... :

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Congrats on Wyoming to Obama from a Hillary supporter.

Why Obama would be an Unwise Choice for the Dem Nominee

I have a question regarding the Wyoming Caucus.

Roland Martin

Can someone explain about this link to Barack Obama?

Can someone explain about this link to Barack Obama?

International Women's Day: A tribute to Hillary for her work to achieve equality for all women:

International Women's Day: A tribute to Hillary for her work to achieve equality for all women:

Obama wins Wyoming. Momentum? Nope. He's weak and he can't fight.

An Open Letter to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

What Does Heavy Voter Turnout All Year Say About Obama's Chances in The GE?

Hillary Clinton: Playing the victim for 16 years

this SNL crap is getting old

Hillary's supporters come out to greet her in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The Bill Foster Election: More Proof That Obama MUST Be The Nominee

Not trying to start a Gore rumor thread again, but can anyone explain

If caucuses are so bad, then Hillary should've said something before Iowa at least

hilarious thread on a site that shall remain nameless

hilarious thread on a site that shall remain nameless

If Red State Democrats are not to be trusted for voting for the right person,.....

Hillary's lowest point during this election?

On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma

John McCain flashes temper by repeatedly cutting off a reporter who asked him about Sen. Kerry

Obama wins WY...but Hillary still picks up Delegates? Obama 7/Clinton 5

Obama wins WY...but Hillary still picks up Delegates? Obama 7/Clinton 5

Obama says one thing, his advisors say something else


So, what is the reason Obama is slamming Clinton in WY, ID, ND?

20 Years and two families- Do we really want 4 more years?

Age will be a big factor in Obama's favor vs. McCain

This is different.....

Mods, can't y'all add Obama to spell check?

CBS News is corporate media CRAP !! Join me in complaining.

I support Obama: this race ain't over! And it shouldn't be.

I support Obama: this race ain't over! And it shouldn't be.

You really know how to spoil a victory don't you Obama suporters.

What are the major policy differences between Obama and Clinton?

Hillary staffer says states that voted for Obama "sip lattes" and only care about "feelings."

What are the major policy differences between Obama and Clinton?

Wes Clark is DEAD TO ME NOW!

I am man enough to admit I was wrong....

Bamboozling the American electorate again part 1

NEWSWEEK: Clinton's foreign policy record examined

Rasmussen Poll: Mississippi is Obama 53% Clinton 39%

Who's got Obama Wyoming pics?

I'm gonna 'waste' a post here...HEAR O DU!

Um.....Obama is beating Clinton 66-33% in Wyoming

Obama Statement on Bush Torture Bill Veto

Obama Statement on Bush Torture Bill Veto

Picture thread - I say HOWARD you say DEAN!

Hillary is "a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina."

Is Hillary Clinton a monster?

Obama Supporters Read !! Action!!

The Stickiness of FL and MI.

Obama NOT Electable!

Hillary’s Foreign Policy Experience Comes Down To… A Speech?

It is simply astounding to me that after winning just two out the last 16 tillts

The PRESS v. Hillary Clinton: Pt 2. Let's Get Political

Levin - ABC - Sunday (Michigan faux primary)

57% Say Candidate With Most Votes Should Get Nomination

Yoohoo Obama this and weep

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's 'silly' Irish peace claims

Nobel Peace Prize , Gandhi Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Award. The only winner of all three

Who Is FOR Retro-Active Immunity For The Telecoms?

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Saturday March-08-2008

Is it any wonder Obama can unite so many people....

If HRC does take the nomination, what POSITIVE appeal will she make to Obama supporters?

If HRC does take the nomination, what POSITIVE appeal will she make to Obama supporters?

What happened to the supposed intervention of senior officials who would tell Hilllary to drop out?

What is your "Dream Ticket" preference?

What is your "Dream Ticket" preference?

Hillary vs the Patriarchy by Erica Jong

HRC could win PA by 100%, and still not catch Obama's PD lead.

Must-Read Daily Howler

Other than the "Dream Ticket", who do you think the VP candidate should be?


Hillary has been to Iraq 3 times & found the scene "heartbreaking". How many times has Obama gone?

Little Girl in 3am Red Phone Ad Supports Obama

The Kids are Alright-

MSNBC tonight: Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and btw

OBAMA. why does he win caucuses in all white states?

I donated to Obama today!

Breaking! Photo Surfaces Of Hillary Crossing The Threshold For Commander In Chief

heh,heh -- is the Obama campaign listening to a DU'er? Accusing HRC of "George Bush secrecy"

Hey Hillary Supporters, CHECK OUT my new VID.....

Post Your Catches About Bill Clinton and Dubai Ports World Here!

The Ohio Valley Blizzard, four days after the primary

Truth makes no difference here anymore. Anything goes.

Even When Obama Loses, He Wins (California)

Let's say Obama was down 150 in the delegate count


Calling Hillary a Monster ‘Offensive,’ Monsters Say

Taylor Marsh posts Carville-Wilhelm discussion about Michigan/Florida. Excellent

You know who Michelle Obama reminds me of?

If Obama wins the nomination, how is he going to win over the Clinton supporters?

Ras. poll shows Obama beating McCain in CO, IA, MI, MN, NV, NH, OR, PA, and WI

**With Wyoming Obama's magic number drops to 453

What should Obama's PA strategy be?--Obama supporters only!

Ok, let's cut through the BS

THE MATH - March 8 - After Wyoming

THE MATH - March 8 - After Wyoming

Hillary supporters - I don't get it. Why is Hillary STILL in the race?

there are so many new people on this site. where have you heard of du

CNN Projects Barack Obama wins Wyoming! Barack has his MOJO BACK!!!!

Stockholm syndrome among Clinton supporters?

Who would be the better first lady: Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton?

Who are you to question Clark's opinion of Obama?

Who are you to question Clark's opinion of Obama?

OH is corrupt, NH is corrupt, NV is corrupt, TX is corrupt, CA is corrupt

Laura Bush: 14 Years of Experience! Ready on Day One!

2,100,000 people voted in the Ohio Dem Primary - 8000 voted in Wyoming Dem Caucus

Sorry, Rep. King - But That 'Terrorist' Dance Card is Already Full

I'll say it again, fellow Hillary Supporters: Dream ticket is pro Clinton!

From a Die Hard CLARKIE: Why What WES CLARK says about OBAMA doesn't make any sense!

Has anyone got a detailed list of Hillary's experience?

Clinton advisers think the superdelegates may pick Gore, neither candidate may win on first ballot

It is interesting to hear the Clintons and their supporters...

I'm CALLING OUT Hillary Supporters! Check In, Stand And Be Counted!

Some of you don't get it. Hillary HAD to SWEEP after Wisconsin...

If I was a lesbian, I'd have a crush on Rachel Maddow of MSNBC..

It's all so clear. Hillary's gotten her "high negatives" the hard way: she's earned them.

Why does Hillary want to copy John Kerry's losing 2004 electoral strategy?

Winning Ugly

Anyone remember this map?

Life is short, my DU brothers and sisters. Bad news about a friend puts it all in place

What would it take for Hillary to suspend her campaign before Pennsylvania?

folks, I think it's done been decided

The PRESS v. Hillary Clinton Part III Leaping Lesbians

Reminder to labor voters in Pennsylvania: HRC is backed by right wing union buster Ed Rendell

Should Obama be under investigation by the Ethics Committee?

Why Would Super Delegates From WY or MS or Any Other Red State Support Clinton At The Convention?

Why Would Super Delegates From WY or MS or Any Other Red State Support Clinton At The Convention?


Here is one of those young latte sippin' upscale Obama supporters in WY

Here is one of those young latte sippin' upscale Obama supporters in WY

I Can't Believe Clinton Lost Wyoming!

Dirty dealings in Pennsylvania

Obama in Senate: Star Power, Minor Role

Clinton Supporter's Rag, the National Enquirer, Calls Obama a Terrorist

Obama: "I take her at her word"

Hillary Clinton's Pre-Senate Advocacy Abroad (in pics)

Hillary Clinton's Pre-Senate Advocacy Abroad (in pics)

Newbie here

The truth about why this is a close race, and what it actually means to Hillary and the GE

For my 1,000th post, I'd like to say just three words:

I think Obama supporters are upset that their guy didn't think of the 3 AM phone call first

PLEASE-reply to this insanity

Queen not required to give inquest evidence

New biography of shadowy Iraq figure Chalabi recalls ties to McCain

The bomb in Times Square

Is this the face of a healthy person?

Nader is my guy if HRC becomes our Democratic Nominee

Austin City Limits: The Dixie Chicks

Bush to Veto Bill Banning Waterboarding

so-I'm drunk

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Eve Carson funeral

New York Times Magazine article about

Microsoft, Google don't deny participation in NSA program

If Obama wins the popular vote and pledged delegate vote - is that as a 100% lock on the nomination?

Our lovely Hillary and her Irish legacy

Editorial: Colossal costs of war in Iraq compound deceit

Everyone, Iraq Is Still A F*cking Mess & A Powderkeg - 'The Surge Worked' Mythology At Counterpunch


Does anyone think this man bullied jurors into voting for the death penalty?

CHALLENGE: Give us the list of thought-leaders who have defended the "he has a speech" remarks...

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3,974 - Pending Confirmation: 1 - Total 3,975

AlterNet: Mukasey's Racist Threats on Changing Crack Sentencing Fall on Deaf Ears

U.S. citizen claims he's victim of employer sanctions

Self Delete

So bu$h is going to make it official - The USA tortures!

Four Leadership Qualities that Should Be Avoided

OBAMA Says He Will "Review Every Executive Order Issued By Bush"

US fails to protect migrants' rights, U.N. expert says

They knew, but did nothing

Four U.S. executives charged over tainted toothpaste

This isn't going to end well, but...

McBush - Initial patron of Ahmed Chalabi

Iran Contra 2.0: How the Bush Admin Lied to Congress and Armed Fatah

There's a primary in Illinois today?

McCain Courts Secret Radical Religious Conservative Group

Five gay candidates for Congress battle ‘glass ceiling’

Iraqis protest deteriorating security situation

So bush's budget cuts 25.5 million for RIF, but the IRS is spending 42 mil to tell us the check is

Rachael Maddow kicking ass right now on the Today Show!!

Anyone else being attacked by tracking cookies?

Amnesty International:Congress needs finally to shoulder its responsibility

Stupid Fed tricks

Nissan Sets 2010 for U.S. Electric Car Launch

McCain lies about his letters to the FCC

All those who believe a word said by this government , say "AYE"

Please Go Recommend The 5YearsTooMany Post. This Time They Will All Be In Town (D.C. On A Wednesday)

Great quote from Gerry Spence about fascism:

Help Starving People By Signing This Petition!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Terror Round-up Saturday ("Is it me or...?")

More evangelicals reject the religious right and embrace a broader social gospel.

ROVE-Giving Money & Advice To McCain

So we have hooker horses and playskool security points. Don't forget this one:

Dean:George Bush and John McCain Lack the Courage To Ban Torture

Forget the Slutty Pony toys

McCain has the same position as Bush when it comes to condoning torture

Hey Mods, Could We Have A" Negative Rec" Option?

If Obama Is To Be Our Nominee, Then We Need To Keep Michelle Under Wraps.

Gadget's failure could triple cost of 2010 census

3 precincts' caucus votes won't count in TX (which is an example of why the caucuses need to go)

"If I Were You-I'd Just Go Quietly" - IGLESIAS Says Bush Protege Told Him Ouster Was Political

Pfizer, Exxon Find U.S. Justices as Shareholders May Cost Them

I don't know if I want to be a Virgin anymore.

The GOP has got to love the 'big state' strategy

I'm sure you guys have "discussed" this photo

We Don't Have to Worry About Anarchy Anymore - from the UK

Buchanan on MSNBC talking about "hot-headed" McCain. .

Contact With Your Representative or Senators

Is Hillary's 3rd comeback already dead in the water?

the island of Cyprus will import water rather then restrict usage???

for those who can't read buzzflash anymore

Sometimes you have to break the rules--even if they're your own.

Gallup tracking today Clinton 46 Obama 45 Looks likes Clinton's mo is over

Should clinton have her membership in the Democratic party revoked?

Bush Radio 3/8/08: "We have not suffered another attack on our soil since September the 11th, 2001"

Crisis Over Teheran's Alleged Nuclear Plans Nearing Climax

I don't know if I want to be a Democrat anymore.

why does the RW continue to hate the ACLU

Ah what a beautiful day... who wants to go waterboarding with me?

Does anyone think the FED won't start raising rates the second a Democrat becomes President?

Blackwater withdraws its application to build in Potrero (near San Diego)

Former DIA Director Responds To Bush’s Torture Ban Veto: ‘I’d Fire Mike McConnell’

CORRECTION to my post yesterday about my promotion

Someone closer to the case: Would Gov Siegelman get stamps if I mailed them to him?

The 2008 Primaries: Statistical Footprints of Election Fraud ( TIA )

Special election in Illinois tomorrow for Hastert's seat

Moody's economist: Take that rebate check and put it right back in your fuel tank.

***Another Lie Debunked*** Obama actually outperforms Clinton in the Big States***

Perkins, who has served under every president since Reagan, said he had doubts about the war in Iraq

McCain Caught LYING - about his letters to the FCC

Physicist vs. ice cream man in rare Saturday election

How we trained al-Qa’eda

Review of Aram Roston's new Chalabi biography:"One of his key backers has been John McCain"

Again we stand at this precipice

McCain To Speak At Secretive Conservative Society

Breaking News: This Economy Stinks

New biography of shadowy Iraq figure Chalabi recalls ties to McCain

Arizona Activists: McCain Is a Bush McClone on Retirement Security

Imus On WHY Hillary Got Elected To The Senate....sheesh he's an idiot

John McCain looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!

Results fromy Wy. Obama up so far.

Hillary Night Live Is On

Terry McCauliffe Last Night On Real Time

Take Back America Conference 3/17-3/19- in DC Anyone from DU attending?

It’s 3 PM and a phone in the White House is ringing…

Why is it that people are always so easily sucked in ?

'The Fellowship' & "How Hillary Clinton Turned Herself into the Consummate Washington Player"

My 5 year-old daughter's first post:

Has anyone seen "Taxi to the Dark Side" yet?

As Tip O'Neill told it - seen here often as "A Day in the life of Joe Taxpayer"

Comcast Stacks FCC Hearing Seats With Sleepy Shills

Media reports on Wyoming Caucus and cannot fathom why anybody would vote for Obama over Clinton

Media reports on Wyoming Caucus and cannot fathom why anybody would vote for Obama over Clinton

Putin Warns West His Successor To Be Just As Tough

BUSHCO & AT&T Rewrite Law To Protect Themselves

Changing Obama's skin color in the media

Imagine if Hillary were running against another woman: automatically, that would save

The Savage Weiner's court case against CAIR is looking like a loser for the Weiner.

RNC Snaps Up Domain Names

McCain's Black Baby Re-Emerges

Are the voters in Wyoming having buyers remorse with Hillary?

If I were a woman, I'd be angry as hell at Hillary Clinton.

"a peaceful end to the crisis"

If Obama wins the nomination, white working class voters will not vote for him and he will LOSE

How Can You Support Hillary after This

These people are sick, sick, sick, sick.......

Two year old left home alone and house catches on fire

Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

it appears that the term

A candidate for America's Dumbest Criminals?

* Vetoes Ban On Waterboarding

Top 10 reasons McCain/Romney ticket wouldn’t work

Confused FUX screen caption "...Lauren Bush's Killer..."

Right Now on LINKTV--Greg Palast "The Election Files-2008 is already stolen"

Sea Shepherd video link to Capt. Paul Watson's shooting.

44% think waterboarding is acceptable - per CNN online poll

Truckers really hafta be hurting right now.

Ohio Does Its Magic: Hillary’s 3% Exit Poll Margin Morphs to 10% in the Vote ( TIA ) - x

Man Cited For Feeding Dolphin

Kern's euthanization rates rising again - 18,669 animals in 2007

Greg Palast on AAR now


Today is the International Women's Day

CONGRATS to The Freeway Blogger

Reduce carbon emissions, taxes, and the trade deficit -- eliminate street and highway lighting

Reduce carbon emissions, taxes, and the trade deficit -- eliminate street and highway lighting

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Hillary!

Fact: 59000 registered dems in WY. 8753 actually voted. *59265* voted in the 2004 primary.

Should the U.S. continue to use waterboarding on suspected terrorists?

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money

Dana Perino, unhinged....... Pt. II

McCain joined Bush for a one on one hot dog lunch

Obama needs to do a new 3am ad: using Hillary & McCain

Obama needs to do a new 3am ad: using Hillary & McCain

Why are Bill and Hillary entitled to be in the White House for another 8 years?

Delay in Bush Administration Polar Bear Policy Stirs Probe

Delay in Bush Administration Polar Bear Policy Stirs Probe

How cd HRC POSSIBLY overcome Obama's 140+ lead? Simple: w net ***121*** tainted FL and MI

How cd HRC POSSIBLY overcome Obama's 140+ lead? Simple: w net ***121*** tainted FL and MI

U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa said Friday that terrorists would "be dancing in the streets" AP video

How to become a Republican

Bankrupt lenders toss customer records in the dumpster. (unshredded)

Hardball Special On Now! ..n/t

Bloated, corrupt, Hell-bound asshole Karl Rove flip-flops on McCain's "illegitimate black child"

To Revive Hunting, States Turn to the Classroom

British Poodle Alert: Blair to lecture Yale students on faith and globalisation

George W. Bush, The Torture President, gilds his legacy

ACLU Condemns Bush Veto Of Intelligence Bill Preventing Torture

Rep. Steven King of Iowa (R / Idiot) A win by Obama helps al Qaeda

Attacks on Civil Jury Trials Undermine Constitution, Democracy

Puppies get revenge on Marine

Admiral Fallon: A Man With Cojones....

To the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights: I salute you......

Video Indictment, Audio Impeachment

A universal truth: Almost 99% of everything is bullshit.

Mehlman, Rove boost McCain campaign


The price of gas is a pain in the ass.....

Trying to ban waterboarding. Dumb political move by Dems?

Hold Karl Rove in contempt of court...Please help me bring justice for Don Siegelman

Duers in MD, VA, or DC. Were you aware of a Pentagon air test on Thurs?

Anecdote: Are rank and file military overseas beginning to shift?

C-Span II Booknotes NOW!...Incredible Discussion...from our "New Democracy Foundation!"

Oil rally may be economy's undoing

Any DU'ers watching C-Span II with Michael Parenti interviewed by Brian Lamb from 2003?

Today in Black History – March 8, 2008

Tonight, 10 p.m., CSPAN2 Book TV......

Orwell Quote For The Day

Remember all that talk about letting the Repubs win so we don't get blamed for the economic meltdown

"President Bush's veto will be one of the most shameful acts of his presidency" -Ted Kennedy

69% of Democratic voters now support the DREAM TICKET News Week Poll

I miss Molly

Excellent Scott Horton: "Another Milestone On The Road To Serfdom"

Which one is Rachel and which is Ralph?

I want to make this perfectly clear: ALL ACTS OF TERROR IS AN ACT AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

Bees come down! Bees come down! (apologies to Larry Shue)

iPhoto HELP! I can't open iphoto...Starts to open then while loading Library it crashes..PLEASE HELP

Defense Official Says Recruitment Declining

bu$h*s Veto of Bill on C.I.A. Tactics Affirms His Legacy-NYTimes

Today in Women's History – March 8, 2008

Hello President Gore: Clinton adviser says neither Obama or Clinton may clinch nom on first ballot

Looks like we're picking up a congressional seat tonight, folks!

Are you seeing this? We're winning Hastert's seat!

The race for Tubby Hastert's seat is in a dead heat!

Progressive Caucus Legislation Aims to Stop BushCo "End Run" for Permanent Iraq Bases

Peace Action Demands Exxon Mobil Be Held Accountable for Missing Iraq Funds

Chicago '68. A short history primer

Diesel drivers: What's it cost you to fuel?

Stop the Racist Steve King, Rep. IA

The Hateful And Divisive Record Of Bigot Steve King

Foster over Oberweis 53-47% (so far) in race for Hastert's district

By Vetoing the torture ban BUSH just opened the door for our own soldiers to be treated horribly

Take a stand against hardcore religious fundamentalism in the military

"Dumped" - "Survivor" in the rubbish

Boeing: Briefing on tanker contract raises 'significant concerns

There's a cool space launch (Jules Verne) in about 25 minutes if you have NASA TV

Get to know Don Siegelman

I have a serious question for DUers

Iraq veteran says McCain policy is wrong

Failure to instill the fact that George W. Bush is good for Al Qaeda

Weird Bush photo I found on google images...

Causes and consequences of our foreign policy in the Middle East; What it means for Americans

Where is H2O Man???

It's Over!!! Foster won (IL-14)

I accidentally clicked on GD : Primaries, and my laptop's temperature went to 160 degrees

Affirative Action Ban Heads for Ballot in 5 States

The New Pledge of Allegiance

Two interesting things happened on Randi Rhodes this week . . .

Why Obama must be destroyed:

We are to be subjected to another round of

On Wednesday March 19, 2008 World Can't Wait will be having a protest

how far do I go to protect my daughter from derogatory words?

Sibel Edmonds - Hold Hearings Now!

DU Challenge - DU this CNN poll on waterboarding

Dem takes Hasterts house seat. - not a word

I don't want to hear y'all griping about YOUR Dem congressional candidates....

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Sign Anti-Torture Pledge from AFC! Obama Did, Clinton RESERVES EXCEPTION

One in Ten (Homeowners with zero equity)

"They knew, but did nothing"

Condoleezza Rice Was "Bombarded" with Warnings Before 9/11, Commission Biased Against Clarke

What's you political compass score? Another post reminded me of it, and I thought it

Everyone should read "Deer Hunting With Jesus" if you want to understand why

LOL!!!!! Freeper reactions to Blob's lost seat are HILARIOUS...

Half the discussions and Posts in GDP are this! Photo

Child in Hillary "3 am phone call" ad is Obama supporter

"In Dante's Inferno, the lowest circles of Hell are reserved for traitors..."

80 year old women slugs cop over ticket

If you like jokes, Garrison Keillor's annual joke show is now on from 6-8 EST.

CNN's "In The Money" has been quite pro-consumer lately. It's now titled "Your $$$$$"

'Impeach Bush, Cheney' highway blogger exonerated

it's official - the united states of Torture


A crack pipe, or a novelty?

Protester makes a point about Bush's waterboarding veto

Former DIA Director Responds To Bush’s Torture Ban Veto: ‘I’d Fire Mike McConnell’

How is the Clinton campaign going to spin this one

Bring Our Troops Home, NOW!

Weekend TOONS: Part 2- non primary toons


when's the last time bu$h* bought a gallon of gas?

The Complex Necropolis: Mass Graves in Iraq

Consensus is building FAST ---> Train Hillary has has jumped the tracks.

Glenn Greenwald: Tucker Carlson unintentionally reveals the role of the American press

Anyone believe the current unemployment statistics--- ???

IL 14 Election Watch...

Democrats being called/subpoened in Alabama

Obama won Wyoming!!! Vast majority of results are in now.

My 82-year old father and Navy veteran of WW II received a top notch military funeral yesterday

Oh... So THIS is how they do it...

Parts of Ohio, Tenn. get a foot of snow

Anyone else notice something different about R. Maddow?

If you want some fun...and like elves.......

Obama’s is on the Horns of a Dilemma: He must destroy Clinton to save his candidacy

Olberman is DEAD to me now!

Olberman is DEAD to me now!

Why would anyone donate to the GOP, they steal your campaign money

Why would anyone donate to the GOP, they steal your campaign money

Just got back from college visit for daughter. 11,000.00 a year for the next 4 years

Am I the only one who thinks CNN's Rick Sanchez is an idiot?


Puppy Killer Video Update.

Michigan 'firehouse primary' nixed by Obama camp

Invade Venezuela Now!

Tucker Carlson gets "Peeved" (and pwned!) by a real journo who won't play politics

Bush Vetoes Bill Banning Torture - CBS news

Race for Hastert's Seat Is Unexpectedly Close

Obama won the Idaho caucus 79-17, A 60-40 split is a big improvement for Hillary in Wyoming

Just watched "Eastern Promises"

5 Years in Iraq is to many!! ~~ March 19th in DC... Be there or near your home but DO something!

I am not sure that working all of the time is a good thing.

Optical illusion

I finally updated my profile, ask me anything.

It is looking a lot like Old Home Week here!

fresca was on sale today. 2 liters for $1


How many DU'ers here are like me, you don't own a bar?

Good Night Loungers!!! I leave you with some flowers...

Important question for kitchen sinks "unpleasant" odor.

Pizza anyone?

It's 3:33 and I am still awake...

Did you like the movie There Will Be Blood?

*Nighthawks #70 (dial-up warning)

Nominate the Elitest DUer

Cicciolina - Political Woman

I leave you all with the scent of a woman...

The person MOST qualified to act as a mediator between our contentious candidates

Everything my children have learned, they've learned from cartoons.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/8/08

Cat/Pet Lovers...This is just SO cute. Funny Pics (Cat and Rat)

It better not snow anymore today.

If Single DU'ers unite


Bill Clinton on Rush Limbaugh Show Day of Texas Primary

My cockatiel is giving me hickies......

Yay.. our car clock will be right again

I'm a pathetic cook

The WAKE book tour -- March Schedule

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/8/2008)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/8/2008)

My boyfriend is officially nuts

Saturday Morning Lyrics

You decide America -- which is the cutest kitten (Bartholomew or Mochi)...

GDP--attacking both candidates

I'm a pathetic crook

Alright New Yorkers...Here's your challenge

I have to post this fabulous ilustration!

An important message for all you Women....with few extra pounds

There was a busload of people from Midlothian yelling at the weatherman on the Today Show

Saw Nellie McKay last night

Well that's the longest it's ever taken to drive back from school...

I don't know if I want to be a Virgin anymore.

I saw Vantage Point last night.

Watched the movie "Keep The Faith" last night.

Flapper costume ideas

Wow - the Bridgestone 70-70/57 tire weighs 15,000 pounds, and takes 40 people 88 hours to make.

I have an overdue contract/inheritance fund! I'm gonna be rich!

Camera Catches "Ding Dong" Caper

lolcats + computer programming == LOLCODE

Christopher Reeve is Superman. No substitutes.

This sound too good to be true. What do you think?

What are my weather people talking about? What f**king 'storm"?

I made to the Greatest Dickheads you Pages

If you're going into GD-P, you'll need one of these.

A few quick snapshots of the winter storm that has hit here

I'm a slutty little pwny!

Adventures in driving with a special photo for LizzieGrace

Danny has broken a string, so while he puts it on...

I made it to the Greatest Page.

So, I had a Criminal Complaint filed against me this week...what

A good trucking song

I have solved every crime in America and the world for the last 15 years dating back to before

I still get calls on my cell while driving complimenting me on

Blogger is bloggered

I have to apologize to to everyone. The thread I started

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sick are you of the MONSTER threads?

Quitting Smoking AND Dieting At The Same Time Is Not Fun

Good choruses

Wondering about that last Cylon? Check out this new promo

Happy Birthday Micky Dolenz

Liquor in a sippy cup!

I no longer want my body

What Are You Listening To This Morning?

I no longer want your body

Remember to lose an hour tomorrow, or be damned as a forgetful twit!

The best part of the TV show never seems to be broadcast:

This is BULLSHIT!!!

"Oh fer cryin' out loud...

I hate that daylight savings time. That extra hour of daylight

OMG! New Paris Hilton action figure released!

Batman fights crime.

So i'm not drunk right now.

I think I have a GD:P problem

what do you do when a friend commits suicide?

Somebody gave a YouTube video of my son playing the organ ONE STAR!

French Women: The New Sexual Predators


Bands you loved THEN but just cannot listen to NOW

Anybody else LOVE Anna Deavere Smith?


My 10,000th Post!!! Finally!

Snowed in

I think I saw John McCain driving down the road today!

Puppiez is here!

My 31st birthday was yesterday

Animal Story with Happy Ending (How My Co-workers Helped Rescue a Coyote)

I have 39646 posts. When will I hit 40K?

Cartoon: Creepy Wolf and Young Androgynous Rabbit

Show me your nets...please

In Honor of GWB's impending DEPRESSION, I give you "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN"

Check Out the new Video from my friend's band...

If someone showed up to a dinner party at your house wearing THIS shirt, what would you do?

My grandmother's last sister has passed away.

Reminder for Top Chef Fans!!! New Season March 12th!!

Anyone with inflatable airbed experience?

To people who need my approval on DU:

I Think Its Time For Beverages

Funny, strange coincidence pic.

There's something I'd like to ask both candidates...

Celebrity Apprentice

There's a new AT&T commerical here.

I'm going to top some cheesecake with some ice cream

Why bother?

Last Night Was Amazing!

record 16 Inches of Snow In 24 Hours today

Has anybody here been to Turin or Bologna, Italy?


What's the best aloe vera solution I can get

Who loves/hates "What Not to Wear"?

Hide me!!! I Rick-Rolled GD-P!!!

George Clooney: "No, I'm gay, gay. The third gay - that was pushing it"

Dont taunt the Reaper: 26 tempting but inappropriate funeral songs

Sigh. I've lost the urge to be delightfully saucy.

The most revolting ringtone ever recorded

It's windy here...... I love wind.... but not like this,,,,

*Sob...Khashka won't talk to me*

Word of advice:

My wife just blew my mind.

Not fair!

Where in the hell is Matcom?

Just another reminder of life in general: in video form.

Saturday @ the Museum of Life & Science

Sometimes Bill Maher hits it out of the park!

Tonight we're having Hilda's Rissoles. What's at your house?

Just lost power. Need a time stamp

Most inessential ringtone

Anybody done body detoxification before?

Pro-lifers infiltrate "Horton Hears a Who" premiere, chant anti-abortion slogans

Saturday night humor

Just got back from college visit for daughter. 11,000.00 a year for the next 4

Anyone with inflatable sex partner experience?

Local paper quoted me as being in favor of gay marriage,

I finished my spring cleaning (pic)

It's a German beer night tonight. Strange that I'm having Pizza.

"Next week, your luck color will be green!"

I feel like I'm wasting my life away

I love the smell of Agrilime in the morning.

Wow. Compensating? Half of British Men Would Swap Sex for 50-Inch TV

My Olive Garden lunch did not work out today

Top 5 cartoon characters you knew had to be gay:

K. I am off to bed. Everyone have fun. Watch out for GD:P. If they bite you, the penicillin is

I'm getting some take-out Vietnamese food - anybody need anything?

How YOU doin'?

who should my next showering thread be about?

I need a frigging job--or job advice at least

What's for dinnah, DU?

What babe would you like to soap?

LOL re cartoon about * endorsement of McCain

My wife's new car..

Tiger and piglets. I was asked to post this

Hillary's "scorched earth" strategy gets her nowhere. Obama widens the margin

So I'm filling up my car with gas in Venice, CA today...

Drunk, onary and pissed of at my oppressors

Going to see Richard Dawkins at Berkeley today

i got fired yesterday

I'm gonna hate daylight savings this year.

When was the last time you could say "Last Night was Amazing"?????

I just watched lost in translation

A very nice photo of Victoria Beckham --

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/8/08 Bonus

I saw this one coming...(ALMOST a Darwin Award!)

I am so proud of my 7 yr old daughter...

Meet The Guy Who Will Play A Young Spock In the Next Star Trek Movie

Tell me what you think

About this 3 am business

For my snow-bound friends...a few spring pics...

What a fun wedding!

My continuing cat saga (pics!): my poor, poor stray has some troubles

Saturday afternoon activities pic thread!

I don't know who she was, but I love her. (Pic)

Weird goings on around here.....

Seeking link to "carrot". Help, anyone?

dont listen to frankie teardrop on acid

California to criminalize home schooling?

what is everyone listening to tonight?

It's real! It's revolting! It's CHEESEBURGER-IN-A-CAN!!

khashka is back. which mean, my position of resident DU lounge attention whore

My grandma was just rushed to the hospital.

Yup, going to see 10,000 BC tomorrow morning

I Love DU

** Pic Thread? **

Have a video camera or web camera and a political conscious?

Remember my dad's recent heart and hernia surgeries? Guess how much they cost.

I just about died at the liquor store.

I have some Percocets left over from my surgery

I figured out Tim Gunn's appeal...

52 pounds gone

Has anyone heard of Newton Faulkner?

WOOT! My buddy FINALLY struck a major motion picture deal for "Bone"!

Name 5 things you wish to do before you die.

Speak up Michelle Obama, but Hillary definitely needs to be kept under wraps

To produce or not produce?

Show me your pets...please

Top 5 cartoon characters you knew had to be Republican:

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

Precious, little, oh-so-prissy food.

What soap do you use to bathe?


If I hear "Apple Bottom Jeans" once more...

Elusive bird spotted near Papua New Guinea

Security Contractor Blackwater ends bid for Calif. training site

Oil rally may be economy's undoing

Iraqis protest in Basra over security

Chips are down as Las Vegas feels pinch

French woman robbed, stabbed in northern Iraq

Iraq veteran says McCain policy is wrong

US troops accused of abusing Baghdad embassy employees

Bush: Waterboarding Must Be Preserved To Prevent Attacks

More Nevada Surgery Clinics to Be Cited

About 100 bodies found in Iraq mass grave

Clinton library withheld clemency materials

Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney

Judge Holds Reporter In Contempt Of Court Over Sources For Anthrax Stories

1st Black Judge Sworn In Gwinnett County (Atlanta suburb)

Knights [of Malta] bury their leader in Rome

Mehlman, Rove boost McCain campaign

Chabot’s office apologizes for apparently breaking House rules in campaign e-mail

Mehlman, Rove boost McCain campaign

Iraq vows to block oil contracts signed by Kurds

Chavez's olive branch helps end South American crisis

Iraq Vet: U.S. Can't Afford McCain Victory

Boeing supporters target McCain

Iraq veteran says McCain policy is wrong (Dem radio address)

Iraq, Turkey vow to boost ties, act against Kurdish rebels

Bush Vetoes Bill Banning Torture

Serbia's prime minister dissolves government

Robbery suspect faces murder charges in Auburn killing

Sen. Nelson sees vote-by-mail as option to solve delegate mess

U.S. troops buy own gear for safety, style

'Secret plan' to let Japan resume whaling presented to IWC

Ford CEO paid $4.1 million in stock

S.F. mayor may run for governor

Australia gathers proof on Japan's whaling bribes

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of Iraq Oil Money

Man innocent in sting identical to Sen. Larry Craig

Chief federal judge investigated for alleged involvements with prostitutes

Bill Stumps For Hillary On Battered Coast

Barack Obama rejects VP idea

Honolulu Bloggers’ Strike Gets Management Back to Table

Hearing loss is silent epidemic in U.S. troops

Files on guilty plea won't be unsealed

Clinton lowers expectations in Wyoming

Dem. wins election to fill Hastert seat

More People Pushed Into Part-Time Work Force

Immigration officer gets 1 year for harboring woman

Sharp Drop in Jobs Adds to Grim Picture of U.S. Economy (Worse than Analysts Expected)

Illinois District Votes For Hastert's Successor

Dem. Wins Election to Fill Hastert Seat

US meat worker says he was following orders in slaughterhouse cattle abuse case

Obama wins Wyoming caucus

Countrywide reportedly under FBI investigation

Carlyle fund faces liquidation after missed margin calls

On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma

Minister authorized to sign oil deals with foreign majors

Federal Judge Will Have Final Say On $28 Million Plea (Cheney & Clinton connections)

Indian workers at US shipyard allege slave treatment

CSU East Bay teacher fired over loyalty oath gets her job back

Banks Face "Systemic Margin Call," $325 Billion Hit: JPM

Democrat Bill Foster wins special election to replace Dennis Hastert

Indian firms snag most H1-B visas

Con Edison blames flat-screen TVs record high winter electric bills

States weighing lower age to drink

Terror-Themed Game Suspended (Iraqi-Born Artist Asserts Censorship after Exhibit Shut Down)

Police Release Photos of Suspect in UNC Senior's Slaying

AlterNet: Literary Frauds Strike Again ... and Again

For FARC's Sake: Colombia's U.S.-Sponsored Aggression Destabilizing Andean Region

Landowners a challenge for border fence deadline

Jon Lovitz Weighs in on a Hillary-Obama Team

Kristen Breitweiser

The People's Ball

Limbaugh Sent GOP to Hillary in Texas, But She Won Anyway

A possible way to force Healthcare reform

Daschle Suggests Clinton Aide Should Resign For Starr Comparison

NYT, pg1: Seeing an End to the Good Times (Such as They Were)

Clinton's experience claim under scrutiny

Obama Replaces Samantha Power With Austin Powers

War is hell - and hellishly expensive. Asia Times Online

Genealogists Discover Hillary’s a Direct Descendant of Eddie Haskell

Gareth Porter: Fallon's "No Iran War" Line Angered White House

Wyoming Caucus Participants Face Unique Choice

True Primary Colors

When A Soldier Falls - The Last Letter Home

Colbert I. King: Another Failed 'Farrakhan Test'

Sen. Hillary Clinton's girlhood home (sort of) (Pennsylvania)

5 years on, Iraq war has changed lives

Hillary Clinton, Not So Good on Genocide, per Samantha Power

The Madness of John McCain- The American Conservative Magazine

Clarence Page: Clinton-Obama dream team? Oh, dream on!

Kristof: Obama and the Bigots

A deadly clash of emotions before Oxnard shooting (Gay Student Lawrence King)

Is social/psychological politics killing our natural human species?

Pull Up A Chair…

The Gaza Bombshell - (“Iran-Contra 2.0”)

Bob Herbert: Hillary opened the trap door beneath a fellow Democrat.

Chalmers Johnson: The 'Rape' Of Okinawa

Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama ticket would be 'unstoppable'

Dowd: The Monster Mash

Barack addresses NAFTA mailers

LIVE Stop-loss Congress (Tune in March 12th)

Hillary Clinton

CNN Your Money: John Williams from ; Talks of Great Depression Coming

Honolulu Advertiser union employees earn key support

Obama should not allow Hillary Clinton to claim the post of vice presidential nominee...

911/Bush knew but did nothing. Sydney Morning Herald

Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show (Pt. 2)

Bush Says "No" To Not Torturing

President Hillary Clinton will be there for us all...

What is Hillary Clinton Hiding?..... Release your Tax Returns Ms Clinton

Hillary Supporters Are Delusional

Stephen Colbert Covers Fascist Regime's AT&T Treason Again

Senator Obama visits University of Wyoming (entering arena)

A Wyoming Caucus: Barack Obama wins in Cheyenne

Sleeping child in Clinton attack video supports Barack

DNC ad about McCain...another Bush term.

GOP Rep. King spreads false Muslim smear about Barack Obama

Countdown: McAnger Management

Terry McAuliffe spews his weak-ass shit on Real Time

3am Phone Ad Girl is Obama Supporter

Randi Rhodes debunks HRC distoriton

Another Beautiful Day (A reminder of what we're really fighting against)

Hillary Clnton Mock Campaign Ad Endorsing John McCain Over Barack Obama

'Polished Like Gold' - at Hillary's TX Town Hall Meet

I'm Listening

Ten days to war

Australia calls for whaling calm after shots claim - Reuters

Green betrayal

OECD on Environmental Problems

Nissan Sets 2010 for U.S. Electric Car Launch

Nissan Goes Green in New US Headquarters

Stench Of Massive Lake Victoria Algae Bloom Driving Residents Away

Southern California Edison Starts Construction on the Nation's Largest Wind Transmission Project

USGS Study May Have Linked Intersexed Fish With Die-Offs In Shenandoah River

Deep In Drought And Overbuilt, Cyprus Will Import Water From Lebanon To Avoid Use Restrictions - AFP

Pigs replace pesticide in battle against beetles

As N. Sea Rapidly Warms, Invasive Farmed Pacific Oysters Experiencing Explosive Growth - Independent

Eco-building rising in Mohave County

Montana’s ‘Windustry’ Poised to Grow

Illegal Loggers Cut Into Core Of Mexico's Forest Preserves For Monarch Butterflies - NYT

"Bush versus the Environment" excerpts -- xpost

A win-win-win solution

Heard the One About the Farmer’s Ethanol?

Climate change: A guide for the perplexed

Environmental Film Festival - March 11-22 in Washington

Let Italy deal with its own nuclear waste, says Utah agency

Ornithologists Note Rapid Decline In Aerial Insectivores - Entire "Guild" Of Birds Shrinking In #s

Company says its battery will change future of cars

Earth’s secrets (to be) kept in lunar ark

Drawing down carbon - Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University talks Bio Char

Why are we Growing Food to Feed Cars Instead of People?

Peak Oil Passnotes: Knock-Through (economic hysteresis)

GM, Toyota Doubtful on Fuel Cells' Mass Use (Or are they!?)

"Axmen" - new reality show on History Channel.

Already we have riots, hoarding, panic: the sign of things to come?

can I just say-Veterans are getting FUCKED?

New Rules - 3/7/08

A History of CIA/FBI Disinformation in the United States

Today in labor history March 08

Machinists State Council (15,000) endorses Franken for Senate

House committee approves study of Iron Range miners' deaths

AFL-CIO proposes new trade agenda

International Women’s (today) Day: Women Still Trail Men in Pay After 100 Years (77 cents on the $)

63,000 Jobs Lost in February and Many Workers Giving Up Looking For Jobs

NYT: Ex-Labor Leader, Guilty of Racketeering, Recites a 45-Minute Catalog of Crimes

China's trade union official upholds labor contract law, denying cost rise

Gunite Lockout Could End (UAW)

Exploitation: 100 Indian workers walk out of US firm

Still no contract for Walker Methodist workers nearly five years since vote

Obama's Right on Crucial Issue of Replacement Workers


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Furnishes Housing & Help to Homeless - We need lots more of this!!!

Morgan Stanley, Lone Star Stick Taxpayers on Defaults

Pfizer, Exxon Find U.S. Justices as Shareholders May Cost Them


US Cuba "Democracy" Prog. Shifts from Miami to State Dept.

Colombia: Thousands Come Out for Anti-Paramilitary March (March 6)

Maryland lawmakers urged to avoid NJ civil union ‘disaster’

Five gay candidates for Congress battle ‘glass ceiling’

Do everyone else's GLBT themed posts outside of this forum sink

One Of The Most Disgusting anti Gay things a Politician has said

Has anyone recieved their copy of this month's agenda?

Hamas Rockets Hit Closer to Heart of Israel

His masters' ear

Jordan stops public mourning of gunman

Hamas countdown has begun

Saudi to fund Gaza reconstruction

U.N. Security Council's Inaction On Jerusalem Terrorist Attack "Shocking"

Egypt: Syria thwarting cease-fire talks

Purveyors of magic solutions

Palestinian sources say Hamas, Hezbollah helped in J'lem terror attack

San Francisco is Obama Country, I am Proud to say...

Intel chiefs to present cabinet with grim scenarios for 2008

'WE need Judaization'

US plot to overthrow elected Palestinian government exposed (Part One)

Can Israelis cook Chinese better than the Chinese?

Across divided Jerusalem, a day of grief

Twilight Zone / A great darkness has fallen

For my Florida Bidenites...Tribute to Robert Wexler

The Perfect Presidential Candidate!

Jews who fled Poland after '68 anti-Semitic purge may now reclaim citizenship

I'd like to invite you to read this.

A question for ASAH folks

took two steps toward forgiveness this week

Channelling from SaLuSa

Lord Maitreya’s 2008 Forecast

Why Test Cricket is the Greatest Game of All

What Do You Find To Be More Credible

Astrology and the Mississippi Primary

Roger Federer has mononucleosis...

Margaret and Ronnie made sure they got their pensions

Lilly Waited Too Long to Warn About Schizophrenia Drug, Doctor Testifies

Flesh-Eating Strep Bacteria May Be Defanged by Man-Made Protein

More Nevada Surgery Clinics to Be Cited

how do you know if a gel pill is water soluble?

Reducing Risk In Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

We're having Hilda's Rissoles tonight.

I now have 3 of the 5 foodie magazine subscriptions I want!!

Quick opinions needed. Thanks!

We Interrupt This Winter

Late winter (early spring??) swans

Ohio exit poll uncovers more evangelical Democrats

Video Slideshow of Burj Dubai (Tallest Building in the World)


~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the MARCH Photo Contest. Theme: "Main Street"~~~

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the MARCH Photo Contest. Theme: "Main Street"~~~

Map sheds light on hothouse world (BBC) {Cretaceous warming period}

Sluggish tuatara fastest in DNA evolution

I haven't bought ice cream in over a year now.

Natural, inherent, inalienable rights versus privileges granted by Government

Ex-Georgia Cop "Accidentally" Shoots Wife Dead

They knew, but did nothing

A quick question re "The Power of Nightmares"

Florida's got new audit legislation.

The 2008 Primaries: Statistical Footprints of Election Fraud ( TIA compendium ) - x

'REPUBLICAN' Flashes on Diebold Screens in Illinois Special Election to Replace Hastert

BradBlog - LA's 'Double Bubble' Hearing: Logan Runs, Conny Called on the Carpet, (and Kim gets it)

Election Reform and Related News: Sat., March 8, '08

Way OT: "Jubilate" A funnly diversion

Ohio Does Its Magic: Hillary’s 3% Exit Poll Margin Morphs to 10% in the Vote ( TIA ) - x

3 Republicans who overrode veto lose party endorsement

Steve King (R-IA) who made dubious remarks about Obama, is in a district bordering MN.

We had a small but fun gathering on Eat Street today (3/8/08)

Obama tried to fly in south texas support.

Why the TX caucuses need to go -- 3 precincts' caucus votes won't count

Anyone know about a free software that can determine if your photo is being used on the internet(s)?

Could someone give me their opinoin on downloading Jezzball game?

This is an AWESOME interview with Barack Obama AFTER the 2004 keynote

Enthusiasm Tilts Toward Obama in Pa.

Bob Herbert, and Confronting the Kitchen Sink

Buzzflash: Clinton Has Betrayed Progressive Values

Obama wins Wyoming!

Obama, Lugar Secure Funding for Implementation of Nonproliferation Law

Girl In Clinton's '3am Phone Ad' Supports Obama

couple of random comments

Now we're "boutique states" in the west???

CP: Harper urged to apologize to Senate which he now needs to kill tax benefits bill

Canwest: Nearly a third say PM lying: poll

Just read the DUzys, and if I'd seen this thread earlier, this week would have been easier to take.

A little more on Jennifer McNamara, and a way to memorialize her

Tell the Weather Channel guy to go inside!!!!

Found the answer to why a freakshow like Orrin Hatch has been re-elected

What the F is this from an article today in the WSJ!

Bill Maher slapping MacCulliffe

59% in WY for Obama - 40% Clinton with 78% in - Link for final tally

Sen. Webb - Please come forward to counter Gen. Clark! We need you - Sen. Webb for VP!!!!

Best. "Anti-Keith Post." Ever.

Berkeley Study on Daily Show, Colbert, Olbermann - Participate!

No NAFTA briefing from Clinton campaign

Surfrider Foundation Action on Coastal Commission

Just gotta say this - this is going to be a great FA Cup.

Carol Barnes RIP

The passing of a brave man

Baroness Thatcher stable - hospital

Has Feingold endorsed anyone yet?

gopbbelsman Ad Pulled In Green Bay

84 Wisconsinites dead in First 5 years of Bush's War for Oil