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Somebody please alert Damian Karras - GDP is possessed by Captain Howdy

Can someone who is a donor please post a poll on Age, and who the voter supports?

What will the children say?

Democrats trying to tap independents, GOP for votes(PA Primary)

NAFTA-gate Clinton team demands Yes or No? (A video to see)

the wolves are out enforce tonight having a piece of hillary which satisfies their

Bang the drum slowly: Ron Paul hints at ending presidential run (AP/CNN)

Four More Years!

Why is HRC basing this race on National Security?

We need an agreement from both candidates: from now on, ONLY attack McCain!

Obama blames the media, in part, for Tuesday losses

Okay so there is a brokered convention...

Disgraced Norman Hsu raised big money for Clinton and her supporters

Hillary's Hawkish, Pro-Bush-McCain Defense Stands Prove she is a Proud Member of the Power Elite.

Breaking: Puerto Rico ditch their June 7 caucus and replace it with a June 1 Primary

Imagine The Presidential Debate Between Hillary and John McCain

Obama/Olbermann ticket?

New dream ticket: Clinton/McCain

Olbermann fights hard and he fights dirty. I like that.

Updated delegate (not SD) count for California - net change for Obama +8

My guess is we have a "unity ticket" by a few weeks after the PA primary

The smartest thing our party can do right now

"With Michigan and Florida, Obama Will Win Nomination by May 20th"

Headline: Supreme Court Assumes Authority to Determine Democratic Presidential Candidate

Headline: Supreme Court Assumes Authority to Determine Democratic Presidential Candidate

Backup Plan: Is Hillary Campaigning to be the Republican VP too?

Barack supporters say something nice about Randi Rhodes

Hillary Thatcher Cllinton

Supposedly Countdown will be on Primetime NBC on March 30th at 7pm?!

I wonder what John Edwards thinks about HRC warm words about Sen. McCain

Obama is weak in key general election states

Please help with Hillary refusing to release tax records info.

Passing around sign up sheet for Hillary's wake up call

Clinton's consultants are just padding their bills now.

Obama said that Ronald Reagan offered voters "clarity .. optimism .. dynamism".

Memo to Party Leaders - Support a Dem, Support Barack

Obama would not be Obama after 8 years as VP

Let's face it: the FL / MI situation is an absolute fiasco

Special election in IL on Sat. Could Add Another Superdelegate

If it is not Hillary

21 days - 2 Hillary cartoons

Hillary: Make me VP or I'll run with McCain and screw you all!

Barack Obama picks up 2 new endorsements

Obama is an out-and-out LIAR!

Plan for Peace

Since nostalgia appears to be in season

as CIC, Hillary prefers the man that called her daughter an ugly monkey

Which Is Worse

Which Is Worse

James Dean, from beyond the grave, weighs in on Clinton v Obama

Near Majority Of Californians Say Gays Should Be Allowed To Marry

Interesting conversation with republican coworker

Someone Ask Clinton Crony, Jim Blanchard, If He Knows Who Called Canadian Embassy Re:NAFTA

VP Question For Hillary And Obama Supporters

If it's Clinton v McCain, will Bloomberg run?

How can we win without unity?

Bwaaaahh great bunch of cartoons at MSNBC today

Bill Richardson, where are you???

for my 1,000th post I announce my support of an Obama/Clinton - Clinton/Obama ticket

Clinton knows perfectly well that she's no more ready than Obama.

Texas Caucus Update: 41% Counted; Obama 56% - Clinton 44%

Please help with Obama/Rezko information

The Nation: Will Democracy Win?

Does anyone know....

Make Obama and Clinton Pay for 'Redo'

It's time for the soooooper-delegates to shit or get off the pot.

US: Obama, collective bargaining and the right to strike

Kudos Daily Show.

Why is it that losers of elections always use popular vote as a fallback?

It's really a very serious issue ..think protests and demonstrations..

With Race Unfinished, Attention Turns to Wyoming

Why do conservatives really find the Obama campaign "scary"?

My rant after witnessing a dem endorse a repug today: Does Anyone Want This Nut Answering The Phone?

The last Pres candidate pre-qualified to be CinC was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

NOTHING should be off-limits in the fight against the pukes.

Keith Obamaman?

Hillary's the enemy of my enemy is my friend campaign

"The problem here ain't pussy. It's monkey"

Rasmussen polls for FL and MI in case of a revote

I call for the immediate resignation of Howard Wolfson for that ugly ass sweater..and..

I call for the immediate resignation of Howard Wolfson for that ugly ass sweater..and..

Has there been any further word on the lack of Obama votes in Harlem?

So Governor Crist is on the short list to be McCain's running mate?

I just sent Obama an email asking him not to use my donations for a redo in FL and MI.

FOCUS - I need Your Help Part Deux! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ready for War on Day 1 !

So far this week Obama adds 193 delegates** Magic No drops from 655 to 462 **SD UPDATE

What will Hillary's excuse be after all of the states primaries/caucuses?

New Poll-Obama leads by 24 in Tuesday Mississipi contest and tied at 41 in Michigan

Hillary is no small d democrat if she opposes a Michigan do-over.

my proposal to solve Michigan and Florida:

Obama/McCaskill.... Obama/Clark. Either would unite the party and easily defeat McCain

Michigan likely to caucus: DNC

Who do you want answering the phone at 3:00 in the morning?

Obama: DON'T YOU DARE fire Samantha Power

Would Hillary choose war over diplomacy just to prove she's tough?

WP, Eugene Robinson: What Obama Needs: A Keystone Address

Samantha Power resigned

Why is a Democrat letting the Repukes set the agenda for the GE? In her

Stop it Now!

I'm Standing By Samantha Power!

Why doesn't OBAMA just forget Hillary is even in the race, declare victory and start fighting McCain

My main concern: Large turn out in Nov. by R's because of their intense

A big hurrah for Samatha Powers.

Clinton's Charity not listed on Senate Disclosure Forms

Message to Governor Charlie Crist........FUCK YOU!

hillary supporter: at least Hillary doesn't raise herself up like some god

Is it an accident that Hillary and McCain's campaigns seem to support one another?

Hillary's winning strategy


Democratic turnout EXCEPTIONALLY higher than Republican in all states except MI and FL...

self delete. oops

OMG Powers resigned !!111!!!

Did Powers resign?

Is it necessary for Obama to tell jokes about Chelsea being ugly in order for Hillary to be civil?

Howard Wolfson should be fired for calling Obama Ken Star

News Flash: Hillary Clinton wins in electoral college match up

Where can I get the actual voter totals for Obama and Clinton?

Favorite fallacies of the Clinton wins the "important states" argument.

KPOJ on AirAmerica here in Portland just named Hillary Clinton Weasel of the Week

BUZZFLASH: Clinton Cribs from the Bush Florida Stolen Election in 2000

Truth and facts don't matter to some around here

Are there any indications the Republicans will try and steal the election AGAIN?

Clinton should beg forgiveness, not demand enthronement.

Obama needs to get his groove back.

This Samantha Power idiot must not appeal to many bigot voters...

Barack Supporters say our compliments for Samantha Power

A Hillary supporter thinks the Powers incident is overblown

Should we, could we, sue?

You know what's up with the Samantha Power thing? It's called Hardball.

Clinton won Ohio? 12,000 registered dems produce 28,000 dem votes.

Is Obama supposed to pick up more SD today?

Full Gavel - to - Gavel Coverage of the Rezko Trial Here

Ms. Power resigns, now Hillary, you FIRE your staffer who sent the pic to Drudge

Breaking on MSNBC: Samantha Power resigns. nt

Latest poll numbers show McCain beating Obama, but not Hillary!

Obama's Dilemma: Playing By Clinton Rules.

sad, clinton supports could not be satisfied with an apology from a good woman, fellow democrat

sad, clinton supports could not be satisfied with an apology from a good woman, fellow democrat

sad, clinton supports could not be satisfied with an apology from a good woman, fellow democrat

Doesn't this race have a scary resemblance to the 2nd to last season of West Wing...

I was starting to warm up to Obama, in large part because of Samantha Power

The "politics of hope" does NOT mean "let your opponent win"

Hillary speaking live at a town meeting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Biographies on the candidates for your information

Well it looks like the Obama campaign is in it's darkest hour as media has 24/7 coverage of Powers

Let's play pretend: Obama praises McCain as honorable

Samantha Power -- Obama Iraq withdrawal plan is "best case scenario"

** Us against them **…I just want to beat McCain !!!

What's the latest: Is Hillary still adamantly against a re-do in FL?

An epiphany that I can't believe.

What kind of person ditches their family name for political expediency?

Comedian on Tom Joyner Radio show this AM

Clinton and Obama - The Daily Howler

Hillary is simply pointing out McCain will use his vast experience

Obama Supporters - Go to the site & tell Wyoming why they should vote for Obama!

DU, the progressive community, & the democratic party must call an end to this NOW

Don't worry Obama supporters; Samantha Powers will be back

*****There seems to be allot of Obama bashing going on*****

Hillary Clinton endorses Genghis Khan.

Cluster-Bombs: No joke. A real reason not to vote for Hillary. [GRAPHIC]

So, Is Olberman a Freeper Too? + Hillary's Other Plans?

I think their call for resignation will backfire

In the past 2 weeks, over 80% of SD endorsements have gone to Obama

Will Obama's events in WY be livestreamed, does anyone know? (n/t)

Good bye Democratic Underground.

With Cheney's lack in interest in being Prez, we were certain we could put Bush behind us. NOT!

The respected reason to oppose Hillary

When is Howard Wolfson going to apologize and resign from the Clinton

The worst part of Hillary's actions is not what she is doing to the party...

When you say somebody uses Karl Rove tactics...I think that's worse than Calling them a Monster

Obama's Coattails

Team Hillary, I'm afraid to tell you but it isn't 2004 anymore

Obama has Texas lit up on his website!

Jesus Frickin' Christ, this place is more like a psychosis-strewn school playground than ever before

Powers about to give a press conference

What's Your Opinion of Wyoming?

What's Your Opinion of Wyoming?

What's Your Opinion of Wyoming?

"Here ruining people is considered sport." Does this describe Hillary's campaign?


OK no flames please, but does anyone have the numbers how the FL and MI delegates

MSNBC: Monster monster monster monster

Hillary Celebrates Women's History Month

If she talks like a Republican...

Since widdle Chelsea refuses to grant interviews to the press, they should stop covering her

How Obama should us the McClinton idea

Did Obama win his State or US Senate seats fairly?Or did he cheat

On Samantha Power...

The problem isn't that Olbermann is negative towards HRC. It's that he ONLY attacks HRC.

Obama Camp seeks to change rules after the game has begun, by altering the role of Superdelegates.

Los Angeles Times Editorial Board Supports Howard Dean Regarding Florida & Michigan.

Time zero Pennsylvania primary poll

(Coming Soon) The Press vs. Hillary Clinton

My beef with Hillary is the same one I have with Lieberman

Obama vies to push back, stay positive (It's going to be a LONG 7 weeks for the clintons)

Ted Rall channels the real Obama...

Hillary Accuses TWO STATES Of Being Sexist Now!!!!

Breaking the Final Rule (Gary Hart)

Best Friends Forever (image-heavy).

Extended Democratic primaries: Who benefits?

Oh. I Get It, Now.

my mistake. delete

Anybody want to watch a video with Hillary pimpin Wal-Mart?

Clinton backers whine some more - demand Power's resignation

Obama's Plan of attack

The ball is in your court now Hillary...

2008 Democratic Nomination Acceptance Speech

2008 Democratic Nomination Acceptance Speech

"Un DEMOCRAT!!!" | Interesting pro-Dem exchange today here in southern Switzerland

Is there a final delegate count for the TX caucus?

It's Time For Edwards and Gore To Endorse Obama

Hillary on Wolfson likening Obama to Ken Starr: "Oh, I'm not going to respond to that."

Back in the 70's I used to be a rabid NY Rangers hockey fanatic.

MSN doin' the Monster Mash!

BREAKING: Hillary calls for further Samantha Power punishment


Obama doesn't need to go on the attack he has Olbermann to do it for him

In 2004, when John Kerry asked McCain to be his running mate, did you try to kick him out of the Dem


Powers resigns!

HIllary fights hard and she fights dirty. I like that.

HIllary fights hard and she fights dirty. I like that.

Archivists block release of Clinton papers

Clinton wins elections, Obama wins caucuses. The GE is an election.


Seat the Florida and Michigan delegates now, and lets move on!

I picked up my kid at the airport last night for Spring Break. We talked politics for the first time

Samantha Power resigned: Breaking News Msnbc

Do you think Obama's campaign should be sued for defamation of character?

Betcha that on the next press call Obama campaign claims Texas win!!!

MSNBC's Samantha Power make up call. "monster" vs. "pimping out"

TNR: "Go Already! Hillary Clinton, fratricidal maniac."

Archivists block release of Clinton papers - what are they hiding?

Is Hillary TOUGH enough to be president? (WAAAAH... the bad lady called me a "monster"!)

Texas DNC Denise Johnson Switch from Clinton to Obama:

If our candidates weren't so riveted on each other, they could jump on this

Jackson Free Press: Vote Barack Obama on March 11

Why can't Hillary close the deal?

New Republic: Hillary's Kamikaze Mission

Obama supporters only: Do any of you believe that it will be that much different...

Wolfson: "I did not refer, I did not say, that Sen. Obama was like Ken Starr"

Hillary, define for us your "Commander-in-Chief experience", not your "Lifetime experience".

Hillary Clinton Courts Voters in Obama Territory

I wish Powers had said "Rwanda" instead of "monster"

Any word on the attendance at Barack's townhall in Casper at 2:00MST?

Intrade still has Obama at 72.5% to win the nomination ...

Stop playing the victim game Hillary

msnbc is calling Hillary's campaign on the DOUBLE STANDARD


Plagiarizing Obama


Hillary's Campaign Is In the "James Baker" Phase. Controlling The Media To Steal An Election

Obama's greatest ally is the desire among many SDs for this to be over

Turn on CSpan! NAFTA-gate report from CBC

Barack Obama forced to decry adviser's 'monster' remarks of Hillary Clinton

Is it true that Clinton voted in favor of Cluster bombs?

Why wasn't Hillary so concerned about Florida and Michigan until AFTER they voted?

This is what it comes down to.

Personally, I am so disappointed in the HRC campaign...

Did Bill Clinton have foreign policy experience prior to his run?

If Hillary wants a 'Dream Ticket', she can run with her experienced pal, McCain

Watch Hillary endorse McCain TWICE over Obama.

If they both REALLY care about America as much as we do, they need to cut a deal. NOW.

Why the Texas caucuses are a farce.

I don't see what the big fucking deal is. It's not as though "monster" is a sexist slur.

In 1992, a man with ZERO Foreign Policy experience was elected president.

Obama's Canadian enemies

Go YOUTUBE Samantha Power - impressive woman

Florida Rep. and Hillary supporter says chances of a re-vote are "slim to none" ... link

Why is Hillary having such a tough time getting the nomination?

i wonder how Howard Dean is feeling

Samantha Power will be back

HILLARYS MOMENTUM? give me a freaking break!

Being "LIKE" McCain is NOT a good thing!

Being "LIKE" McCain is NOT a good thing!

Being "LIKE" McCain is NOT a good thing!

What's the point of even voting?

I have crush on Samantha Power

Reaping the Whirl Wind

Neighbors in DC know of Obama's "two mistresses"

The NAFTA thing is going to blow up in Hillary's face.

Simple solution to FL & MI delegate mess that will never happen.

I begin to think that many DUers are really fake... spies... Republicans... agents,... neosheep....

MSNBC is really running with the "Monster" stuff today

Hillary Dream Ticket: McCain/Clinton

Explain it to me again, Obama supporters. Why is it okay

3 sec ANIMATION: the monkey on McCain's back

Let me be bad, real bad: Obama has one speech, but at least it's his own.

Hillary Once Again Hints at Running with Obama - Just Say NO To Hillary

Bill Clinton profits from company tied to felon, China

Has anyone changed or made up their mind recently?

Olberman if you are out there get Samantha Power on the show she can let rip now.

BREAKING: MSM Finally Admits Obama Won Texas

Obama still wins big states in GE against McCain - and more than Clinton

They were way off calling Hillary a monster

More ridiculousness from pro Obama media

Wolfson dresses as Uncle Sam to demand tax returns be released:

Special Report: Rough going here in Philly on Walnut Street...

voting to drop cluster bombs on children. Monsterous or not ? - you decide.

Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone Magazine points out they're still counting the caucus votes in TX

Is Mike Gravel Counting on the both the rising tide of Racism and Sexism to win?

What Tuesday's results actually told us.

Karl Rove is a monster and Hillary is using his tactics so...

Samantha Powers will be interviewed by the Paxman tonight on BBC's newsnight, available on BBC Ameri

Neighbors in NY know of Bill Clinton's "two mistresses"

How can we not question Clinton's judgment if she think's McBombIran is qualified to be C-in-C?

It's the only way out of this mess.

Insider Advantage Poll

So, crossovers to Clinton are a fraud...but crossovers to Obama are, ah - inspiration...?

Party makes special arrangements for Obama

I don't know which of you Obama Supporters is advising Obama

Hillary Bemis

Who am I?

listening to Randi today

The "Monster" resignation.

I Am Taking A Hiatus From DU

I think Hillary is getting away with her rovian tactics because her base doesn't use the Internet

Texas Hill Country- your post on Hillary bashing is TRIPE

I can't tell the True Believers from the Useful Idiots anymore.

Is Obama counting on the rising tide of sexism to win?

Live: Obama Town Hall

I can't believe its come to this

Mississippi is a real test for Obama.

What happens to Clinton "momentum" MSM narrative after Wyoming caucus & Miss. Primary?

Seating the Florida and Michigan Delegates Is UNFAIR To Edwards

After reading the afternoon updates in all the major newsoutlets..

What's so bad about monsters?

Obama has big lead in MS O-58% C-34%

Something that disturbs me about Clinton's camapign (NOT a hate Hillary thread, so don't start)

Hillary calls out Obama advisors for talking to foreign countries

Top Obama advisor goes berserk

Has Hillary Apologized For this Comment Yet? This Comment which is the Most Awful comment so far?

At least the Nightmare Ticket can be dismissed now

Obama ad I want to see

Clinton Tries To Backpedal From Comments Disparaging Mississippi On Women's Progress

So, I wanna know... for real, How can Hillary win? Honestly.

Race Man - How Barack Obama played the race card and blame Hillary Clinton

Painting that creates wedges for the GE

Painting that creates wedges for the GE

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday March-07-2008

For anyone interested in contacting The Scotsman newspaper -

Obama Muslim Smear E-mail Sent Out By Clinton Campaign

What should happen to Florida and Michigan?

What should happen to Florida and Michigan?

Clinton, Genocide and a Campaign Gaffe

It is 3 a.m., the phone is ringing, the biggest crisis in your presidency awaits

What are the realistic costs of a new primary or caucus?

As quiet as it's kept, they are still counting votes in NY.

MI caucus? Where is the outrage Hillary?

Here's the math, after Texas and Ohio

Deal clsoe for second Florida primary.

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton

When asked if he thought HRC was a monster, Obama should've said

Twice now Obama has praised Ronald Reagan and dissed Bill Clinton

This "monster" thing...

Hillary Clinton endorses John McCain if she doesn't win the nomination...

Gary Hart is right - Hillary broke the final rule in her endorsement of McCain!

Obama’s Iraqi Oil for Food connection and “Three weeks later"...

Is Wolf Serious? Ugly Slur?

The Battle Hymn of the RepublicS

Have any elected officials responded to HRC's comments

To hint at sharing the ticket w/Obama while savagely attacking him is psycho behavior.

Was BO unfairly disadvantaged in FLA becasue FLA voters were told that their votes wouldn't count?

REMEMBER: The Monster picked McCain over Obama.

Hillary Clinton is a traitor.

Wait a sec- did Wolf Blitzer just advance the Obama-NAFTA thing, even though it's untrue?

In defense of Keith's Hillary slant

The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

The War in Iraq as a metaphor for the Clinton campaign.

Wonder if RFK,Jr. stands behind Hillary's endorsement of McCain?

Is Obama counting on black voters to put him over the edge?

McCain is on MSNBC, showing off his notorious temper to reporters.

CNN fact checks Hillary's Foreign Policy claims, Guess what?


Stop Paying Attention to the Delegate Math - It's Meaningless

We interrupt your regularly scheduled argument to bring you this...

McCain Loses Cool With NYT Reporter

Holy Cow! Did anyone see HRC's presser about Monstergate

MS: Obama's lead Arg +22, IA +6

An honest answer from HRC supporters on the McCain comments please?

Anyone know how many delegates since tuesday is Obama up on Clinton

Pardon me...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from GOP campaign arm

Who the fuck does Hillary think she is, saying she "won't accept" FL & MI re-votes?


Monster from

Tell me why I need to vote

Obama's Campaign and the high road

McClatchy: Obama's foreign policy likely to be pragmatic, inclusive

McClatchy: Obama's foreign policy likely to be pragmatic, inclusive

Giving The Monster the nomination this time may be the best thing

Giving The Monster the nomination this time may be the best thing

So when does Obama propose getting out of Iraq?

Obama: Don't Be Confused, I'm Serious About Ending War

Obama Supports States’ OK of Same-Sex Marriage

I Don't Tell People About DU Anymore.

The Canadian Memo. Read It For Yourself

20 years of Bush Clintons is enough

Samantha Power is smarter, more talented and more capable than either Clinton or Obama

Newsflash for Progressives: Hillary doesn't give a rats ass if you like her tactics or not...

Hillary Clinton. Monster?

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/7/08 - Obama unchanged (43), Clinton up 1 (49)

Hillary STILL trying to put out the idea of Obama being her VP (in Mississippi today)

PA Obama Office Needs Bulk Leftover Obama Signs, Etc

Reminder: As bad as you think Hill or Barack is, they are far better than McBush

Here's something fun: Why my candidate should continue until the convention.

Daschle was on The Daily Show Last night, in his capacity

Newsweek: "Deal close for second FL primary"

You know you're a good progressive parent when...

Obama's national campaign arrives here next week!!!!

Tom Daschle on the Daily Show talks about superdelegates

A letter to Grandfather-

The truth hurts sometimes, but Hillary really is a monster....

GOP registers domain names in advance of election

I believe Samantha Power's remarks were approved at the highest levels of the Obama campaign

Who owns your candidate?

Should Obama pick Hillary as VP if it ends the race sooner?

Commander in Chief

Hillary = Monster?

Job Losses Worst in 5 years

Link to Video of K Olbermann Ripping into Clinton

I am tired of the Clinton bashing, so lets clear some things up...

Hillary "off with their heads" Clinton must be gloating today. It's a shame to see such a bright

Is Clinton counting on white supremacy to win?

John McCain makes a total ass of himself today, shows how much he lacks any temperment

Wow! Tucker just ripped that Scottish reporter

Let them sleep together...

I'd be more insulted if you called me Ken Starr than a monster

A Not-So-Simple Twist of Fate: Could Hillary Bequeath Us Our Long-Awaited Third Party?

Hillary Clinton: Please don't ABANDON the Dems in Michigan like Barack Obama did.

Florida Democratic revote may be by mail

How Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

To settle the MI/FLA debacle, how about just splitting them 50/50

Hillary's Unreleased Tax Returns Now Make Her Riskiest Candidate for November

These Ohio Supers, who are trying to Hijack the Primary..

MY GOODNESS!!!!! how can anyone support this woman looking at this video

Go Already! Hillary Clinton, fratricidal maniac

Official Clinton website laying groundwork to contest delegates everywhere

Canada should pay for full page ads in every American paper

North Carolina Poll: Barack 47 Hillary 43 (from March 3rd)

Clinton Prediction 4/15: We've been so busy w/ the primary we had to file an income tax extension

Such an in-teresting monster, my stars!

The Florida and Michigan Bull**it...

Two and a half wars going on, economy in the dumpster

Rational clarification needed (NAFTA): We now know that the Clinton told Canada not to worry.

The irony of the monster thing . . .

Scotsman Reporter Peev should be shunned. Powers clearly told her it was off the record.

Update please: Are they voting in Florida and Michigan?

If Obama can be pushed around by Hillary Clinton.

I just heard this and maybe it is old, PR has switch to a primary

The “Soft Bigotry” Hillary Clinton

I saw an article in Salon about it being good that Obama and Hillary are duking it out to the last

Hillary's experience.

A pox on both your Houses! I won't support either candidate!

Hillary to Mississippi: I'm for you

New Yorkers - knowing Hillary now than before...

Iowa Delegates: Think You Know Where They Go? Think Again.

Hillary supporters in reference to Tuesday.

"A fighter with a lifetime of experience."

Obama Adviser: I ‘Strongly’ Believe Telecoms ‘Should Be Granted Immunity’

Clinton didn't brief Canadian officials on NAFTA stand: PMO

Can ANYTHING stop this impending catastrophe for our party in Denver?

I cannot believe Samatha Power called Hillary a monster. That

Clinton sucks! Obama sucks! Clinton lies! Obama lies!

Hillary has stolen Obama's momentum, will win 55% of remaining delegates

Pennsylvania and the DLC Spin Machine

1.1 million voters attended Texas caucuses

If There Was One Thing I Could Add to the Banned Words List, It Would Be This: STFU

Whoops! Texas students who signed the list verified that the candidates weren't who they voted for.

Obama is Weak in Key Gen. Election States

I just caught a little bit of Keith and have a question.

barak obama - coco tea youtube

Hello Democratic Underground

The Top Ten Hillary Clinton Monster Movies- if she was a monster.

Rush on Faux News Wednesday Afternoon

People! let us let REM brings us back together ....with a song

ARG Poll (Mississippi) Obama 58% Hillary 34%

Why we shouldn't vote based on who is polling the best against McCain

I have a solution for FL and MI that should satisfy both parties

Aren't some things just a given if someone is going to be the Democratic nominee for President?

Breaking: Clinton-papers release blocked

Obama and the Iraq withdrawal bamboozle

Foeign Policy Experience


For Canadians on the GD:P only. Do you believe Sandra Buckler's statement on NAFTA

Reminder: Real Time with Bill Maher on at 11 PM EST

GD-P is now just mental masturbation

If the kitchen sink strategy fails, will Hillary get booed in Denver?

Delete - cannot confirm this rumor.

I wonder if any of the regulars from DU:P have applied

I don't think Clinton's negative campaign had much impact Tuesday

Clinton supporter Debbie Wasserman Shultz disgraces herself on The Stephanie Miller show

I'm Sorry Hucklary Supporters- Advice, please?

OK so....Obama and Clinton aren't going to win on the 1st ballot, then what?

Two sides of the coin -- "Experience" vs. "Freshness" -- and the McCain "endorsement"

Achieving the Right Kind of Nasty

amoral--having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent

I think people are going to be surprised how well Hillary does in Mississippi

An interesting exercise with electoral votes.

Your Candidate Is Not a Deity!

Absolutely Mind-Boggling

Anyone who could possibly think a Michigan primary ballot with missing names is valid

What's So Bad About being Called a Monster?

Team Hillary's Greatest Hits

Clinton momentum gathers even more steam.....leads Obama a whopping 15 percentage points in PA

There's Nothing Wrong With Hillary Making Pro-NAFTA Speeches as FIRST LADY, IMO

The Obama/Clinton continuing drama: good for the party, bad for McCain

How the last few states may vote and what that means

video: Olbermann tonight -- McTemperment

Steppenwolf: America, where are you now? We can fight along against the monster.

Hillary... "A Wartime Election" (Video) - We've Been Here Before...

Some Threads Here Are Beyond Tasteless, And Appear To THREATEN Hillary Clinton

Democratic: What it means to me

The Clinton Rules

Anyone remember when a Bush staffer said of Hillary...

If Howard Dean resigned as DNC Chairman, how long would it take to setup a campaign committee

Best Friends Forever (PIC HEAVY)

"Clark is a Hillary Ho"

Charlize Theron as the "Monster"?

Save us JE and/ or AG ... we are in deep doo-doo and our party is

"Senator Obama: I Have A Dream Too!"

Hillary and the Invaders From Mars

Hillary a diplomat? For real?

Can we narrow this Hillary thing down a little? (straw poll)

Does America Want Another LYING LIAR in the WH?

After Hillary loses the primary

The biggest thing that scares me is the media's role

How many Clintonites does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The primaries have divided us.

I want to know if Someone Can Help me on Health Care. Please!

Honest question for supporters of Hillary Clinton about the FL/MI debacle.

The Limbaugh Effect on Clinton’s Texas Win

If Obama loses the national popular vote will he concede?

An honest question for Hillary supporters.

If the Democratic Party had winner take all primaries....

I don't mean to be a smart-ass, but why would any Democrat pick Hillary?

I don't mean to be a smart-ass, but why would any Democrat pick Hillary?

The Power statement: the "monster" insult not as insulting as the rest of it.

The Power statement: the "monster" insult not as insulting as the rest of it.

Obama's Integrity is Shown in His Firing of Samatha Powers

Joe Scarborough is a tool. Watch Real Time.

BACK OF THE BUS???????????????????

Absolutely deplorable behavior by so many.

Please be careful with terminology: it's Hillbots vs. Obamaniacs

Just Now: NPR on Wyoming Primary: "Supporting gun rights is key..."

So in 1960 did HHH say "Nixon qualified to be CinC"?

So in 1960 did HHH say "Nixon qualified to be CinC"?

Hillary Clinton cares only about her own power, not about women

Power's RESIGNATION is too little too late. CLINTON should make Obama EAT the word, "MONSTER"!

The Truth about the NAFTA lie

The Truth about the NAFTA lie

Florida Democratic revote may be by mail

Why the fuck aren't you village idiots over in the Wyoming Forum.

Some comics for the day (NOTE: Hillary supporters may want to skip these)

Hilary IS a monster...she's also a piece of shit...a fucking idiot...

Personally, I Think Obama Supporters Have Been Too Gracious Not Mentioning Monica Lewinsky

Ya gotta love Michigan and Florida...NOT!

If Clinton won't "accept caucuses" then logically...

Pshhhhhhhhh..what is that sound?

They must go for Hillary Clinton

Your personal prefence for POTUS please ... Clinton or Obama

Hillary Clinton Receives Surprisingly Warm Reception In Mississippi

Creepy Cindy McCain on CNN special. NIghtmares!!!

Obama's Foreign Policy Follies and Back to the Minors, Rookie.

Cleaver: Time for party elders to sort this baby out

Is Obama a "Closet Repug?" Are you comfortable if he puts Repug/Reagonites in his Administration?

Has any Democratic President ever been elected without huge support from black voters?

Twice now Hillary has compared John McCain favorably to

Enthusiasm Tilts Toward Obama in Pa...

With such a bad temper could McCAIN be trusted to answer the phone at 3am?

The Ghost of Benedict Arnold endorses Hillary Clinton

Clinton: "MI doesn't count for anything" and why she was right to say it.

Hillary McClinton

Seasons of Love ?

I'm Voting For Hillary!

Have any Obama supporters voiced their concern to the DNC?

'Monster' Slip: Obama's Iraq Plan Just Words

Wyoming- lets talk some about it.

We still win 40 states in the GE, regardless of who the nominee is

We still win 40 states in the GE, regardless of who the nominee is

Is Bill Clinton Still Running Around with Billionaire Playboy Ron Burkle?

Obama's website has added Texas as a win on his website!

CNN Fact Check On Hillary's Foreign Policy Experience: They Conclude, It's Minimal.

TeamClinton constantly mentions the SHARED ticket because they KNOW that's ALL they can hope for.

Barack Obama and The Audacity of Deception: The Manufacture of Progressive Illusion

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's "silly" Irish peace claims - A "cheerleader" not a principle player

Anybody have numbers as to who voted Democratic vs. Republican?

TIME: Clinton's Collateral Damage

I am DISGUSTED with Hillary Clinton at this point

Question for Obama supporters... for all the support of the high road

Hillary 'won' the Texas primary!

On Floors and Ceilings (for the few of you who are ambivalent about who the nominee should be)

Randi Rhodes IS PISSED

Randi Rhodes IS PISSED

It's sickening

I'm still trying to figure out what in Clinton's "lifetime of experience" makes her more qualified!

Breaking: Olberman suspended from duties.

Did Rezko find jobs for Obama staffers?

I live in Florida, should my vote not count??

What should Dems nickname for McCain be?

I'll probably be banned here for good, but, here goes"

I won't name names, but some of you Obamacans

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton in a GE

Plouffe: "You have to wonder whether she'll be open and honest with the American people"

Obama supporters please take action!!

A little nice news for Hillary from Wyoming

Thank you, Samantha Power. You vocalized what everyone was thinking and took one for the Team.

Howard Dean appreciation thread.

Know why Republican numbers for voter turnout have been so low?

In this "Time of War" here on DU...some Humor from "Current TV"

Forgive her Democrats, for she knows not what she has done

Screwed from Day One: We didn't pick the right fronrunners.

I am not a Hillary supporter anymore.

Malloy talking about HIllary's tactics.

Roseanne Barr: Bow to the Woman

Wyoming Preview: Demographic Analysis, Obama and Clinton Strongholds, and County Maps

Clinton AGAIN raises running with Obama!

Pelosi asks Clinton, Obama to quit bickering

Is KO going to list himself as WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD tonite????

Congratulations Shrillary-bots. You cost a woman her job because she called your Princess a name.

Sen. Clinton is no longer an asset to our party

Oops, Obama!

Why Obamanauts Fear the Dream Ticket:

Barack Obama--Walk through the door Hillary opened...

Notice how Clinton supporters now HATE; Dean, Olberman, MoveOn...will they hate Al Gore?

Clinton Campaign UNDERCOUNTS delegates by 11-14%. Nationwide "Florida" anyone?

Obama smacks down Clinton over Iraq war in Wyoming

McCainocrats vs. Obamacans?

16 percent of repubs would vote for Obama, McCain 14 percent democrats

It's time to kill GD primaries!

I Hate The Media, Chapter 97,992,174,002

Obama flip-flops on troop withdrawal. as per Obama adviser Samantha Power.

Framing: Possible upside of primary fight

Framing: Possible upside of primary fight

To all the Obama Folks trying to cast despair on Hilly Supporters:

Steve Soto: "I’ve had enough .... and I’m done with her"

The Tap Project

Why the heck did Obama take his name off the MI Ballot???????

NYC Charter School offers 5th to 8th Grade Teachers $125K + potential schoolwide performance bonus

Fla: No win set up for Obama

Wesley Clark is campaigning for Hillary Clinton. FYI

The US Military’s Human-Testing Program Returns

Bradley on Hill's tax returns:We deserve to know [these things] before a nominee is selected because

Breaking: Colorado Restaurant owner who served Bush under investigation for drug trafficking

The comprehensive campaign evolution poll!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

Need some info!

The cost of war

Samantha Power has more class in her little finger than Hillary does in her whole campaign

Israeli forces cross into southern Lebanon

Has everyone here forgotten that JOHN KERRY asked McCain to be his running mate in 2004?

The Daily Show was great tonight

Obama: "You Won't See Me as a VP Candidate"

Care for aging family member


So Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Mahr, Rhodes, Hartmann, Lopez,

I’ve Come to Hope that Obama Wraps up the Nomination as Quickly as Possible

The PRESS v. Hillary Clinton: Part. 1 The Media Fatwa Begins

Nobody who knows Obama believes for a second that he is anything but a staunch free trader

65 killed in Baghdad attacks

The police have failed to ask the most important question in trying to apprehend the NYC Bomber

2 Trillion Dollar Nightmare

Grand Opening at the DU Cineplex: The McCain Mutiny

Clinton, Genocide and a Campaign gaffe

Why did Obama get pounded in rural OH & TX?

National Dragnet Is a Click Away

OPEC lets down US president

Jim Hightower: Swim Against the Current: Ordinary Americans Can Make Change Happen

The Politics of Fear: 75 Years After FDR

French village bans death

Hillary Is Tainted By Money From Northern Marianas Islands Sweatshops (where women are enslaved)

The FCC & Censorship: Legendary Media Activist Everett Parker

McCain Withheld Controversial Abramoff Email

Blue Dog Democrats May Give Bush Victory on Spying

In memory of 15-year-old Lawrence E. King of Oxnard ...

Jeffrey Kaye: Why Torture Made Me Leave the APA

Please help compile a list: Anti-gay Repugs and/or RW Evangelists who are repressed/closet gay/bi

Cyber-Rebels in Cuba Defy State’s Limits

Who are the individuals bashing Wesley Clark?

Did John Kerry endorse McCain?

Why Hillary won't release Tax Forms: Bill Clinton profits from company tied to felon, China

Why Hillary won't release Tax Forms: Bill Clinton profits from company tied to felon, China

Anti-War letters NOT linked to bombing of military recruiting station

Commander warns of al-Qaida threat to US

Which website has ANY mention of W's sort of endorsement of McCain?

Congress to Question Wall Street Executives on Pay (Update1)

We've got our most inspirational and charismatic leader since JFK. Are we REALLY going to say ...

Ron Paul Out.

Anybody else hate the new design?

Globe and Mail: 'Life after the oil crash'

I need the help of any labor knowledgeable persons here at DU

Jobs in U.S. Unexpectedly Drop, Bolstering View Economy is in a Recession

Should Hillary Clinton's access to classified information while First Lady be investigated?

The TRUTH about Hillary's so-called "Foriegn Policy Experience"

I Am Not Asking For Donatioins, Just Stating A Fact

The Republican Revolution

Congress considering apology to Native Americans again.

Gas spike to 3:39 a gallon here in West Michigan up 20 cents this morning.

Where do you people go for British, Australian, Kiwi (english language).....

Hillary Clinton is not a monster

"Millionaire"--I think people are still bewitched by the word, even though it

CSPAN: Waxman hearing on CEO Executive pay

It's Just a "Best Case Scanario"

Morgan Stanley, Lone Star Stick Taxpayers With Costs of Home Foreclosure

Employers Slash Jobs by Most in 5 Years

Will overzealous Obama supporters succeed in alienating the Clinton supporters?

Will overzealous Obama supporters succeed in alienating the Clinton supporters?

You can have lunch with mccain today for $2,300 bucks

How did Hillary do it to win Texas, RI and Ohio..

Using terrorist threats to get John McCain elected... - Today’s Headlines 3/7/08

How did Hillary do it to win Texas, RI and Ohio..

How did Hillary do it to win Texas, RI and Ohio..

The "monster" story just proof the BO campaign is infused with irrational hatred

The Rude Pundit: The Fear Card Never Goes Away

The "monster" story just proof the BO campaign is infused with irrational hatred

Samantha Power's Resignation Statement

** House Oversight Hearing - Waxman, CEO Pay and the Mortgage Crisis

re: FISA---Reply from Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

Glenn Greenwald: The banality of the surveillance state

Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus to leave Iraq before a new administration comes in

I donated another $100 to the Obama campaign...

Heard on the street in Florida

Manufacturer shuts doors with no notice to workers (or customers)

**********This Blog is MONSTEROUSLY embarrassing************

Are we being more vicious to fellow Democrats than to the Republican nominee?

Stop using DEMOCRACY with the Democratic Primary !

I call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Howard Dean as DNC chairman!

Are we being more vicious to fellow Democrats than to the Republican nominee?

Guns back in the headlines here again

Need help finding a thread on political contributions by zip code

Supply, Demand, Speculation, & Gouging: Oil, Metals, Food

== Read this column before you die = By Mark Morford

9/11 TRUTH Issues EXPLODE onto CBS National Radio Yesterday !!

Chris Floyd: Crushing the Ants: The Admiral and the Empire

Waxman Hearings: CEO pay on CSpan1

Openly Gay Black Politicians Take On Anti-Gay Black Clergy

Ready Day1 ? How about ready Day 235? and the days before that?

Is Al Gore a threat, why the hit pieces?

WH: "Recession is a technical term...we are clearly in a period of a slowdown"

How much did gas cost in your area when Chimpy took office?

Whats that again?

ACLU: Texas School Board Agrees To Stop Teaching Unconstitutional Bible Class In Public Schools

President Blair Prospect Prompts Europe to Say Anyone But Him as EU Leader

Boneheaded deal haunts house Obama built.

Ohio Does Its Magic: Hillary’s 3% Exit Poll Margin Morphs to 10% in the Vote ( TIA )

2004 Bush State of the Union (Remix) - Still both funny and sad!

John McCain: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Social Security?

China threatens to crack down on protesters before the Olympics

MSNBC Poll: U.S. economy is in a recession?

See? The pain of airport security DOES work!

A "benefit" of quitting Olbermann -

A testimony to Obama's greater appeal.

Caught in possession of a hamster In Vietnam? That'll be $1,900/30 million Dong

And still the berating and hostility marches on...

Canada: February job growth much stronger than expected

Cynthia Papermaster Did Something

Good bye Democratic Underground.

Daschle: America’s Health Care System in Critical Condition

I want to know: When did Bill Clinton become everyone's asshole?

Ha Haa He Hee , it's all a damn JOKE !

POLL results: Over Half Of Americans Say They Do Not Trust The Press

Last reminder: Atlanta Area DUers - we're gettin' together tomorrow!


30 years from now you can tell your Grandchildren how you fought to the bitter end

David Sirota: Hope In the Time of NAFTA

Victor Bout - Wanted in Africa, Needed in Iraq - Arrested in Thailand*** SAMs to FARC***

D.A. clears deputies in Chass killing...teen shot seven times after struggling with two depu

Six and a half years have passed...

Corporate (executive) greed is getting beyond disgusting

Protect our Get the lead out shirts for sale

Ed Schultz re: poor economic news today - "Lets work to change inflation"

CNN website fails basic grammar: e.g. improper use of "whom" instead of "who"

A reason to save our anger for the Republicans

Its Nancy Pelosi's Fault

the idiot in chief was just on the tube. all will be well as soon as you get your check

Those of you who aren't excited by both Clinton and Obama check in here. No supporters of either,

Fired U.S. attorney says colleague told him politics was behind his ouster

ACLU Lawsuit Charges Grossly Inadequate Medical Care At State Prison In Nevada

Caption *

Florida, Michigan and the Jackasses That Overreached

Clinton, Obama, and Gravel

US Stocks Fall to Lowest Since 2006 as Jobs Data Spur Slowdown Concern

Yet another stooopid email: "The Clintons" (aka the mafioso)

Breaking on AP: President Bush's top economic adviser says economic growth may be negative

Another revealing peek behind the MSM curtain...

Algeria, Iran, Qatar, Russia negotiating creation of OPEC-like...

Rebate Letters to Cost $42 Million

What the heck was that look as Bush went back into the WH?

Bush: 'Economy has slowed

Lou Dobbs and his American flag lapel pin.

Hair-trigger McCain at it again.

Pastor John Hagee's Blogger Groupies--Hilarious Video

Why is it that a bin Laden tape (or an Army recruiting office bombing by a "shadowy" figure).....

God I hate these fucking clowns.Jackson and Sharpton

'Get serious,' the admiral says. 'These guys are ants. When the time comes, you crush them

President Bush Discusses Economy (asshole in chief)


NY Times: Unemployed, and Skewing the Picture

Could I post what she said?

Will the economy make it until 2009?

Raise the minimum wage - make that a central issue this year

AP poll: More voters are calling themselves Democrats

Consumer debt hits $2.52 trillion

What is it with the Gun / Cig grabbers here on DU? (RANT)

They got their Total Information network you know. We didn't kill it.

You know I very rarely use bad language in case younger Dems are reading the DU, but.....


Mayor (Santa Cruz, CA) Declares March 2008 to be a "Lou Dobbs Free Month"

Clinton vs. Obama on the Cluster Bomb Vote

Breaking on President Bush says "it's clear our economy has slowed."

Nora O'DOODLE flubbing lines, can dish the heat to our candidates but is tired!1

James Oberstar on FAA collusion re airline safety on CSpan1

Uh-oh - looks like John McCain didn't get his nap today and boy

Am I hearing this right another rate cut??

The value of a Yale education just went down

4 min. ago=> "Econonmy Lost 63,000 Jobs in February" New York Times - F'ing Nightmare News

Fox’s Oliver North Blames Times Square Bombings On Pelosi And House Democrats

Fired U.S. attorney says colleague told him politics was behind his ouster

yet another coal poll

I propose we double the theshold of "Recommends" that a GD:P thread needs to reach Greatest Page.

House panel to investigate plan to exempt overseas contracts from fraud crackdown

Ya know what REALLY sucks about the primary bullshit? H2O Man is gone...

March 15, Ides of March: "Et tu, Congress?" Protest in Rome

In my experience, the best person to be my understudy is someone who lacks experience to do the job.

I love all the in-fighting here

Some say lasagna; they're wrong. (about gay marriage) Jon Carroll

Ron Paul has written a manifesto!

Dow 11,893.69 -146.70 -1.22%

Hillary Clinton is despicable.

Samantha Powers' book is a must read!

Teacher Charged Students $5 For Cup Of Beer At House Keg Party

US Troops Losing Hearing

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - Hagee and McSameasBush

Minnesota bars beat smoking ban

Ahem - I have an announcement (if anyone cares) - Making the switch

GAO on report of the financial condition of the government

New Mexico Republican Vote-Buying Scandal to be Covered Tonight on Peter B. Collins Show

Thornburg Mortgage Can't Meet Margin Calls, Survival in Doubt

Rupert Murdoch leaves mother up tax creek

Rupert Murdoch leaves mother up tax creek

Here's the deal -

Bush, McCain dine on hot dogs in White House lunch

George W. Bush is clueless. Absolutely, totally clueless.

Who is on Bill Maher tonight?

3am Call? WTF? How About That 9am Call On 9/11?

bush: "I know the economy is bad, but I want the 'murkin' people

Glenn Beck on dumb progressives

Is It Me, Or Is mika Taking Over morning joe?

Is Hillary a pathological liar?

So...1 barrel of oil makes 19 to 20 gallons of $100/bbl that's $5/gal....

BBQ-smoker-turned-'Robocop' chases off drug dealers

Heavy Snow Warning for NORTH MISSISSIPPI tonight!!

Karl Rove on John McCain's ""Black Love Child"

Military Training - GAO report on environmental exceptions given, and more asked for

NJ: Casino Mogul Funded Anti-Dem Surveillance Ads

I just got a letter from Don Siegelman

If you feel nauseous, or have ingested poison, then look at this:

mr bu$h*- is our economy still robust?

US Consumer Debt Expanded by $6.9 billion in January on Credit-Card Purchases

Paul watson got shot

amber alert in

An Observation On The Show: "How Its Made"

Bush touched off Gaza civil war?

Could someone share this with Rachel Maddow? About Hagee?

"Why Torture Made Me Leave The American Psychological Association" (Letter Of Resignation)

CIA Director's Statement on Lawful Interrogation (waterboarding)

IL-14: Republicans Using Congressional Resources to Try to Hold Hastert's Seat

Major child ring busted - And 20 Children Rescued Worldwide (FYI - some tough reading)

Skinner, can you PLEASE develop an "Unreccommend" function for posts here?

2 Recessions in 7 years? Only Bush can do this shit and call himslef a winner

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

YES! Blackwater gives up on building California facility!!!

Hard to tell which is "slower"...the economy, or the Boy King half-heartedly discussing its slowness

Is this weird? - can someone explain this please?

My aunt keeps sending me anti-Bush books. I'm tired of him already.

How long will the angry zealots stay at DU after the election?

Oh my goodness, Dennis Miller has a game show on NBC right f*ing now

Top 25 Search Phrases at CIA FOI web site

Big ol' typo/error in The Economist's "The World in 2008" special edition!!

There is something orchestrated about the current Hillary hate. Everyone

There is something orchestrated about the current Hillary hate. Everyone

Some mortgage companies tossing customers’ personal data in the trash

Brazilian boy, 8, passes law school entrance exam

Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows

Judge signals she'll dump Michael Savage suit against pro-Muslim group

Pelosi is wrong on the tanker deal.

Folks, it's just the internet

Bush to veto CIA waterboarding ban bill: aide (tomorrow)

Pro golfer Tripp Isenhour apologizes for killing hawk

Fred Phelps has got what? 50 or 60 supporters?

Obama AND Hillary's Position On Iraq

CommonDreams: Oregonians Exercising Democracy Through ‘Voter Owned Elections’

Dean Baker: Would Citigroup Be Bankrupt Without Money from the Fed?

The Clinton camp is about to PAY and PAY in a big way, Obama wouldn't let POWERS go . . .

The Clinton camp is about to PAY and PAY in a big way, Obama wouldn't let POWERS go . . .

Check out this BULLSHIT on the front page of

Seriously, other than the fear of looking weak on "terrorism"..

listening to Palast on AAR and by the way the next latin american war

Bank Mistakenly Starts Foreclosure Process On Wrong House In Kissimmee

update on "Dancing Dubya" -- turns out Bush can't even be original about that!

Nazi triggerman dodges jail, ages in peace

Tom Harkin: "Bending primary rules for 2 states would be disastrous"

Return of US Attorney Firings: Bush Crony Linked to Scandal

Mark Benjamin on KO: Some military leaders find McSameasBush's temper worrisome

Once Upon A Time...

Memory trick breaks PC encryption (BBC) {'volatile' RAM retains data!}

It's 8:33 pm on a Friday night.

Nebraska Democrat wants superdelegates tied to primary May 13

Nebraska Democrat wants superdelegates tied to primary May 13

St. Paul denies protest group's appeal

Leave Hillary Alone!

On LinkTV NOW: "Stealing Democracy" -- election fraud

Young Democrats Esch and Carter believe regime change starts in Nebraska (great reading)

Once again, the terra-rists have come across the NORTHERN, not the SOUTHERN, border

Its gotten awfully difficult....

Handy Monster Guide to Why The Clintons Are Hiding Their Tax Records from the American People

Yeah, baby! $125,000 Starting Salary for Teachers

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: Controversial Endorsement

California Teachers Brace For Pink Slips, Bigger Classes

A John McCain Supporter comes out and says torture is OK only needs a band-aid.

Homeschoolers Protest Court Ruling (Gov. Schwarzenegger supports parents)

New Mexico meetup March 16th

For Soldiers' Loved Ones, Violence Can Change Everything ("I Had Tears Of Blood")

Exxon Valdex: 19 years of lies

Michael Moore: AWOL Soldier Returns, Claims Commanders Ridiculed His Doctor's Medical Findings

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!


McCain Camp Likes Hillary's Phone Ad

The Economy-How bad it is on the business side....

Is this the face of a healthy person?

Europeans are now my only eBay customers.

People Smoking Outside Bars Warned by Police

Does anyone remember the 1968 Republican primaries?

Can I Get a Clothespin Here?

Political strategists on Larry King: is anyone watching? nt

Dumbest Republican quotes yet

They said it would be Al Gore who caused it ........... because he "wanted" it .......

They said it would be Al Gore who caused it ........... because he "wanted" it .......

"OK You were right". A freep type said that to me today.

help for my next letter-what legislation passed since 2000 has hurt our economy?

help for my next letter-what legislation passed since 2000 has hurt our economy?

Immigrants don't do crime....

Tonight's 'Real Time with Bill Maher' is good, check it out.

Greg Palast: Why are Dems blaming Ecuador for Colombia's crime?

i swear i'll never go back there

What else can explain this not launching impeachment?

PHOTOS: Still glad you "wanted to have a beer" with Bush instead of Gore, America?

PHOTOS: Still glad you "wanted to have a beer" with Bush instead of Gore, America?

Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding

ACLU: International Human Rights Experts Denounce U.S. Record On Racial And Ethnic Discrimination

On KO just now, talking about the generals who are backing Democratic candidates

Spineless or Evil?

FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Bills

Am I the only one that thinks an Agent Provocateur was behind the Times Square bombing?

Wihin this economic meltdown, a touch of schadenfreude...

Michelle Obama: "I want to rip his [Bill Clinton's] eyes out!"


AP: McCain denounces backer's anti-Catholic remarks

McRamblings on NewsHour. Community Colleges can produce drivers. Punt, John, punt!

I got fired on 2-22-07, a year later I'm getting promoted

Campaign Director The Prometheus Radio Project (fwd)

Time for the "gentle sex" to fight back

We got a scary reverse 911 call at 6:30 this morning: home invasion in the neighborhood.

Ok, let's start it....McCain is a cyborg because...

Here's a realitiy show idea: SWITCH CLASSES FOR THIRTY DAYS.

Where's the current economic turbulence leading us? ........

Forbes Magazine on jobs

TIVO: Bill Moyers Journal = Earmarks, McCain, Hagee, CUFI *** NOW = Democrats Still Divided


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Missile Defense: "Longest Running Scam" Exposed

Tim Lahay - Mike Malloy talking about this evangelist

Hillary momentum is going backward. Since Tuesday, the delegate count went from Hillary plus 10

My 50 year-old uncle has been backdoor drafted.

Caption *

I'm normally just a lurking DUer but......

Any alabama protests happening on the anniversary of the war?

Sexism vs Racism

Wow! What a difference! I just blocked GD:P from the latest page and DU looks

In your opinion- Is "Ace McCain" off limits?

Is Clinton really winning "Core Democrats"?

Zelikow ‘Made It Clear’To 9/11 Commission That Richard Clarke ‘Should Not Be Believed’

McSame can barely cross the Cro-Magnon threshold, let alone the CiC threshold.

Tom Clay..What The World Needs Now (Abraham,Martin and John) now a video

Does GW Bush or any of his fellow Republican filth have ANY plan to save the plummeting dollar?

Does GW Bush or any of his fellow Republican filth have ANY plan to save the plummeting dollar?

LaLa_RawRaw On Siegelman Case: The Right-Wing Attack Machine Churns (Eddie Curran Sends Out Letter)

A note to those sending Siegelman letters. Please include a stamped envelope for him to use

Mississippi Poll: Barack 46 Hillary 40 (from March 6th)

W00t. I now own ""

Family may lose 'ABC Extreme Makeover' home

Bradley: Bill Clinton's Financial Backers Could Pose Big Problem

Rasmussen: 42% Want McCain to Answer 3:00 a.m. Phone Call (Obama and Hillary both at 25% ea)

George W Bush is officially an admitted war criminal, terrorist & human rights violator...

Bill Nelson threatens Dean that Floridians may not support the nominee.

Electoral Compass

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Changing Our National Priorities

George McGovern is right.

Eyewitness account of the bloody "Ford Hunger March" of March 7, 1932

Obama to Clinton: "You Do Not Have Standing to Question My Position on This Issue." Video/Text

Larisa Alexandrovna: We Have A F-- Constitutional Crisis ("void filled w/ bodies greed & treachery")

The rationalizations of gun owners and cigarette smokers are so much alike.

The rationalizations of gun owners and cigarette smokers are so much alike.

When all the smoke clears...... Gore?

I just kicked Neal Boortz's ass on his own show!!! Now THAT felt good.

Writers of "The Wire" weigh in on Drug War (must read!)

151.73% Effective Annual Percentage Rate on my credit card.

Black Hawk low and slow over your 'hood. Lands at local school...

I just saw the most irritating Navy commercial

Rep. Pete Stark Signs On To Measure To Impeach Cheney



Its Friday and pay day and am I the only one broke

Wesley Clark: Obama Not Prepared To Be Commander-in-Cheif

John McCain Calls Our Beloved Capitol "The City of Satan."

John McCain Calls Our Beloved Capitol "The City of Satan."

Guns don't kill people----- yeah....whatever!

Homeless Study Looks at 'Housing First'

Book TV Schedule: March 8th - 10th

The growing brown/black conflict in Los Angeles: unimaginable violence and bloodshed

Phelps scumbags to demonstrate at funerals for two murdered college coeds.

Appreciation of Judi Lynn's social justice posts.

What's happened to people ?

Help Me Get NEAL BOORTZ f-i-r-e-d...he ridiculed a 9-year-old learning disabled boy this morning!!!

LATEST on NAFTAGate from Canada-**No briefing from Clinton campaign!

Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

TO ALL THE GORE NAYSAYERS: read carefully....

Susan Rice: C'mon, Senators Clinton and McCain (and more)

MSNBC: Chmpy served hotdogs to McCain at their WH lunch the other day!

Anyone else think "The Simpsons" has gotten much, much better recently?

Does anyone know of a recorded cover version of "The Ocean" done in jazz funk style?

mazel, mazel, babyt

Northern Mississippi is supposed to get 1-3" of snow tomorrow night...

I just had dinner at the Olive Garden. Ask me anything.


Gary Hart: Breaking the Final Rule

Gary Hart: Breaking the Final Rule

Gary Hart: Breaking the Final Rule

Sigh, GD-P finally made me start using my ignore function

Huffington Post's "Fake Memoir-O-Tron" ("Write" your own fake-ass "memoir" with their online tool)


I need a break...

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 7, 2008***

Do you COME ON when Ricky Martin commands you to COME ON in Livin' La Vida Loca?

Night Gallery: "Big Surprise"


Feline Anemia Symptoms

I just figured out LOST. (Major spoiler)

What's better? Sex, drugs or Rock & Roll?

The Big One is here!

I am so sore!

How talented are you?

Thats it!! I am putting baby bunnypants in a bubble!!!

If you could trade places with one person , for one day,

If only actors can smoke, everyone's a star - Bar customers thwart Minnesota law with costumes, etc.

Should I go to this concert?

Video: Will Ferrell's new boy band, "The Backside Boys" (from his "Funny or Die" Web Site)

The Anonymous Abject Moron Complaint Box

A Man’s 6-Pack Can Serve as His Castle

follow-up - getting from Penn Station or Grand Central to Secaucus

We got the listing for the concerts at Tanglewood this summer

Today, I am un-fucking-believably GREATFUL for what I have.

We move the clocks forward this weekend.

Time Out of Mind

I cough up more gross shit by nine am than most other sick people do all day

Satellite --

Do you believe in Ed Viesturs?

Everyone in my family is headed down to FL to see my brother today

If you don't like the way your stylist did your hair, for god's sake don't tell her!

Why was the fat X-Wing pilot in Star Wars named "Porkins?"

What's the worst thing you've smelled today?

Caught in possession of a hamster In Vietnam? That'll be $1,900/30 million Dong

John Mayer's blog post to his ex-lover. Inspirational, Motivational, or just Effing Pathetic?

Single DU'rs Undress!!

Attack of the Obese Welfare Women and their Brand New SUVs!

My goal is to eat vegetarians 3-4 days in a week.

An icanhascheezburger question...

House made of 50,000 beer cans becomes a shrine

What Pleistocene Megafauna would you like to see?


Dyslexic Man Acts as Papa Bear to Cubs

I quit smoking three years ago

I am too lazy to google the brazilian joke right now

My goal is to have 3-4 vegetarian days in a week.

How does one go about acquiring their college transcripts?

Witness a GENUINE Kumbaya moment: GD-P DUers set aside their differences and extend an olive garden

new art

Alice Cooper vs. the Muppets

Coldplay vs. the Muppets

I just went to GD: P for a few minutes

I am THIS close to moving into a friggin plastic bubble!

Sign up sheet to call Hillary at 3:00 AM:

Evidence #1 of a Monster: Hillary voted against banning cluster bombs

MY goal is to have 3-4 vegetarians a week.

To end the toilet seat up or down wars,a local dj suggests urinals in the bathroom.

I just discovered a ton of money in my house!

What's the best thing you've smelled today?

Witness a GENUINE Kumbaya moment: GD-P DUers set aside their differences and extend an olive branch

Youthere has declared me Master of the Rickroll

Lolcat of Ruby's kittens

It's 12:56 Mountain Time, do you know where your parents are?

I'm so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh and sing a song

Cool story of the day: White Killer Whale Spotted off Alaska

How do you know if someone on your ignore list gets tombstoned?


First flake of snow I see, I'm OUTTA HERE!!

Who Else Is Glad Its Friday

Seriously, is there some way I can put the entire GD:P forum on ignore?

New updates to my sig line.

Do you believe in Hillary?

I would write my memoir, but no one would believe that it's true...

Saw this bumpersticker the other day

Caption George "tWinkle toes" Bush

Call me cruel, but we're gonna give a sea lion chemo?

My dog and cat are sleeping together

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

I'm drinking 100 Dr Peppers tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Patrick Swayze Battling Pancreatic Cancer

I have not posted in GDP since Wednesday, March 5, 4:43 PM

MY goal is to have Soylent Green 3-4 times a weeks!

Happy Birthday, JerseyGirlDem!!

Licence to lie for Italian women

I've seen the promos for that new movie, "10,000 B.C"

Project Runway Season 4: Tim Gunn's scoop on VictorYa

Blzzard Warning...


James Blunt...the "You're Beautiful" being sued by Linda "4 Non Blondes" Perry

2-for-1: Spell Check FAILURE and blatant disregard for what goes in GD-P versus GD. SHOCKING!

I'm drinking 100 beers tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Gah!!! I need to be hosed off! I ventured into GD.

Playmobil security check point

I have a question about the movie "Martian Child"

No one takes a fake punch like George Clooney-'Leatherheads' trailer

I just learned a new English word

I can't hold this in, I have to share it before I burst.

Ah, it's a blizzard outside, I'm sitting next to my heater,

Payback is a bitch

Anyone like ice fencing?

A New Shirt...

Am I the only one who has a kitty who does this?

Now this is a gate!

Name three "guilty pleasure" television shows you DONTwatch

Very nice picture of the ISS

Seperated at Birth


For my 10,000th post .. a pic thread - post a pic of you and a critter

I have resisted American Idol since it started...



Oil Can Harry

Mary Lawson and her assistant Irina Petersen spoke in unison, "Olive Garden!"

I no longer have heat!

Did anbody see The Wind and the Lion on TMC

Barking spiders

Who's Eli? Who cares if he's coming?

I officially declare March Madness has begun!!!

FCC relaxing its obscenity standards

So I just left GDP ( didn't post ) and I feel like I'm covered in smegma

Sins of a Solar Empire

I am in the store today with my teenaged daughter and this woman

Most spectacular Darwin Award candidate I've seen so far...

lost's evil, evil earworm....

Are DUzys coming tonight?

Get Over It.

To the Women of DU:

Encomium to Democratic Underground

A postcard arrived today...

Beer lovers...Vote for your faves.

Is it my turn to call both Hillary and Obama at 3 AM tomorrow?

How old are you, and who do you support more?

Kids say the darnedest things...

Buy your plane tickets now!

bloody DUzy awards for the bloody week are finally bloody up in bloody GD

DUzy's?? or did I miss the post from Jeff????

Meet here if members of any clique pass you over......

All in all is all we are...

There is just nothing like a Martin guitar!

Some inspiration for a Friday afternoon. (pic heavy)

I'm calling out ZombieNixon!

Bad film freaks alert! Two on TCM by the great Ray Dennis Steckler!

ACK! Don't click this link if you value your current state of mind...

Am I wrong to be having fun in GD:P?

The Top Ten Hillary Clinton Monster Movies- if she was a monster.

Too much fun today DU

Holy cat's new video is up

My seven year old was singing 'Ol 55 around the house today.

why do i keep getting nasty looks everywhere i go?

How's the weather outside?

I'm cycling 100 miles in the Solvang Century tomorrow. Please wish me luck!

We're getting hammered by snow in Ohio and I'm in a dilemma

I'm watching American Masters on PBS right now...

I'm watching American Masters on PBS right now...

Where the heck is DuStrange?

Rick Astley would never...

Damn, I have a cold and the remote control for the cable box is broken.

Multiple stab wounds may be harmful to health

When will the first human to live to 1000 years old be born?

OMFG!!1!! Tanya won the chess championship!!1!!

What is the best thing about being in Chicago right now posting on DU?

To the Men of DU:

Coins on the ground - what denominations do you pick up

DU males... how many of you call your SO's

My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

What makes you smile?

Why the fuck aren't you village idiots over in the Wyoming Forum.

To all shambling evil things of DU:

What are you doing right now?

Whats your favorite cheese with Shiraz-Cabernet?

Are horrible drivers ignorant about their selfishness

My daughter's first softball game is tomorrow morning.

Hello, Loungers!

Ok, I'm back (for what it's worth)

do you favor frogs or cookies?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/7/2008)

Does anyone recall a TV movie about several southern sheriffs?

What is the best thing about the Bush presidency?

Do you have any scars,tattoos or birthmarks?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/7/08

DUzy's are HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any other West Coast Floridians shitting your pants right now?

I have a huge crush on Jo Frost (Supernanny)

Some good news!

An important message for all you Women....with an "unpleasant" odor.

I have tickets for Steve Earl tomorrow night

i'm off to see Alejandro Escovedo, and you're not! neener-neener!

i'm off to see Alejandro Escovedo, and you're not! neener-neener!

I didn't know this is how Midlo celebrated her 21st birthday

Jimmy Buffett & Harrah's to open Biloxi casino.

Name three "guilty pleasure" television shows you watch

I am haunted


I posted the following in GD:P... what will happen to me?

Post a picture of someone who would NOT be an excellent GDP moderator

Neal Boortz ridiculed a learning-disabled nine-year-old boy today--help the child get some justice

Things you think Tony Soprano might be doing since eating those onion rings in the last episode

Going to see Nellie Mackay tonight!


Into the Wild

The funniest damn post about life in GD P

Steve Carrell is ..... Maxwell Smart

More google fun

From Recipe for "The Ultimate Corned Beef and Cabbage"

this is a great snack food

Feeling a little bit depressed...

I am in the store today, and i look over at this young teenager and give her a smile and a nod

The Daily Show: The Great Oil Crisis of the Nineties

"Spring forward, Fall behind". Dont forget to set you clocks an hour ahead this weekend.

What is your favorite style of Music?

Ladies, Nancy Drew had a huge impact on me.

Which body part is currently letting you down?

MrsG's being mean to me on the phone, and I'm not even the one talking to her

Do you overwithhold on your taxes to get a refund each year? Why?

This pic reminds me of my nephew and my parents cat


Looking for a freeware MP3/WAV to MIDI converter

Hey Lounge, what kind of car do you drive? I'm just curious.

$250 for dinner in NYC.

"asdf" does that mean anything to you? nt

Hey Deadheads! (and other live music lovers!)

How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?

Pet owners...Help my friend's partner by taking a short survey

How many DU'ers here are like me, you don't own a car?

Hillary's shame: embracing McCain

Clinton's Republican run campaign ....

Clinton's Republican run campaign ....

Is Clinton the only Unity candidate?

temeah.... oh you will LOVE this

Golfer Faces Charges in Hawk Killing

'We Did It' Letters Eyed in NY Bombing

Crisis overshadows LatAm summit

Senate Votes For Safer Products

'False light' cases get day in court

Panel to Review Payouts Given by Troubled Firms (led by Henry A. Waxman D-Ca.)

Fired U.S. attorney says colleague told him politics was behind his ouster

Court Order Sought in (WH) E-Mail Controversy

U.S. payrolls fall by 63,000 in February (worst in 5 years)

GAO Seeks Review of Spy Agencies

Subprime CEOs to Face Congressional Heat Over Pay

Rebate letters to cost $42 million

Home debt greater than equity for first time since '45

Fed Boosts Emergency Lending to Banks, Seeking to Offset Liquidity Crisis

U.S. Consumer Borrowing Rose, Led by Credit Cards (Update1)

Employers slash jobs by most in 5 years

Vista And XP Users May Need Daylight-Saving Time Patch

UN rights chief to step down

Ron Paul admits "conventional" defeat

AP Poll: More say they're Democrats

Goldman Sachs CEO gets $100 mln in pay, stock

Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding

Experts say Uribe threat to take Chavez to international court is likely grandstanding

Abkhazia Appeals for World Recognition

Exclusive capitulation report: House Democratic leadership circulates FISA bill

NASA Wary of Relying on Russia (Moscow soon to be lone carrier/space stn.)

RPI (university) suspends 'Virtual Jihadi'

Biggest stumbling block to do-over elections may be money

Goldman Sachs raises possibility of $200 a barrel oil

Blair to teach in the US on faith

True Cost of War -- Staggering Number of Wounded Vets: "The Pentagon keeps two sets of books."

In Response to Sanctions, Belarus Seeks to Expel U.S. Envoy

McCain channels Churchill in latest ad

Radio host Michael Savage's suit against Islamic group in court

Canadian PM's Office: Hillary Camp Made No Secret Assurances on NAFTA

Party Donations Show G.O.P. Edge

Archivists block release of Clinton papers

Bankrupt lenders throwing away your privacy

AWOL Soldier Claims Mistreatment By Commanders, Wants Inquiry

Latinos Seek Citizenship in Time for Voting: Bush admin. stalls hundreds of thousands of petitions

Latinos Seek Citizenship in Time for Voting: Bush admin. stalls hundreds of thousands of petitions


Clinton's experience claim under scrutiny


Dear Taxpayer: This letter cost you $42 million

Is anyone else watching Bill Maher on HBO? Terry McAuliffe just left the building.

Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia agree to end dispute

Officials Lean Toward Keeping Next Iraq Assessment Secret

Harkin (D-Ia.) to kick off campaign for fifth term in U.S. Senate

At least 10 tornadoes rip through Florida and Georgia

Church sex abuse costs skyrocket

Landlord Being Prosecuted for Renting Apartments to Unauthorized Immigrants

Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding

Bush to veto bill banning waterboarding

Bush to Veto Waterboarding Bill

Women bear brunt of Iraq bloodshed

Pilots complain of "laser" attacks

PMO: Officials only got briefing from Obama campaign

Second senior Farc rebel killed

McCain rejects anti-Catholic views

Senate Candidate Asks Board to Indict Bush, Cheney (Kennebunkport ME)

Caucus Chair Uncovers Discrepancies In Texas Votes

Bill Clinton profits from company tied to felon, China

Obama Adviser Resigns After Comment

Anti-Whaling Activist Says He Was Shot by Japanese Coast Guard

Libya blocks U.N. condemnation of Jerusalem seminary attack

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc.

Lawmaker: Terrorists to Cheer Obama Win

Leaders say Colombia crisis over

Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's "silly" Irish Peace Claims

**YES** Blackwater drops their application for the use of the Potrero site in San Diego

Chinese hackers: No site is safe

Scientists expose whale 'research' (cross-breeding whales with cows)

McCain flashes temper at reporter

Prisident Bush: "Our economy has slowed".

Ecuador: Colombia used U.S. weapons in attack on FARC camp

Huff Post: Larry David on Hillary!

Supply, Demand, Speculation, & Gouging: Oil, Metals, Food

Don’t Blame The Inmates Of The Lunatic Asylum By Alan Hart

Who leaked the details of a CIA-Mossad plot against Iran? By Yossi Melman

Vanity Fair: The Gaza Bombshell

Burning down The Can (Democratic Convention in Denver)

`India to have 1 mn new jobs in 2008`

India: Cash Rich, Product Poor

Rick Perlstein Some Apocalyptic Observations on the Democratic Nomination Fight from Here on Out

Robert Dreyfuss: Hothead McCain

Daily Reckoning on Wm. F. Buckley and American Conservatism

Did Clinton Win Ohio on a Lie? By Paul Rogat Loeb

The 'Great Satan' Strike Out By Robert Scheer

War is hell - and hellishly expensive

India likely to be 90 pc of US economy by 2050: Report

Florida and Michigan are crazy if they don’t “re”-vote

If only the Fed could print trust instead of money

Why are Hillary and John McCain refusing to release their tax returns?

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Election

Let history decide if what we did was bad.

Howard Wolfson Compares Obama to Ringo Starr

Obama Questions Hillary’s 'Lifetime Experiences'

Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority Not Seen in 30 Years: 60 Seats

Why Obama Will Win.....Simple Kos

The Iran Hawks' Latest Surge

Larry David Nails It Here On The 3AM Ad

Race Man - How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton

U.S. worried that high H-1B demand may tempt some to 'game' visa lottery

Don’t Look Now, But It Ain’t Just Hillary Who’s 'Warming Up'

Eric Alterman: (Some) Jews Against Obama

Obama Power: This Has Got To STOP!

Clinton, Genocide and a Campaign Gaffe


DoD Sweats Webb GI Bill

Upper-Middle Class Goo Goos for Obama? (David Brooks)

As Fifth Anniversary of Invasion Approaches, Iraqis Ask, ‘Where Is The Happiness?’

Great Scot! Loch Ness Monster Takes Offense at Clinton Comparison

Obama Comments on the 'Monster' Remark

The War News, A Circus of Despair

10 Questions for Hillary Supporters

Won't Back Down

Hillary Clinton, Fratricidal Maniac

Does Hillary Clinton Want John McCain Elected President? (Brent Budowsky)

Larry David: On the Red Phone

Breaking the Final Rule

Andrew Sullivan: The Clinton Rules

All Roads Lead to Rove

The Midas Formula

McGovern: Freedom Means Responsibility

Dan Abrams: Superdelegate Super Scam 3/06

Sen. Kerry on Dan Abrams 3/06 - Excellent Siegelman Case Overview

Olbermann: Bushed! 3/06 - 'Your Tough-Guy Crap... Idiots'

Olbermann: 'Raising McCain' 3/06 - Clinton's References

Olbermann: Bush's Dance Dance Revolution 3/06

TPMtv: Bush -n- McCain, Clinton momentum and delegates

Clark Ruppert on Employee Free Choice Act

Lee Mercer is no longer the nuttiest presidential candidate (All Three)

Charlie Rose - Thomas DeFrank & David Sanger / Richard Clarke

The Angry John McCain Song

War profiteering by big Oil

Hillary supporter demands DNC pay for Florida re-vote

Hillary McClinton - A Lifetime of Experience

Sen. Barack Obama on his even temper

Rachel Maddow vs. pro-war liberal hawk Peter Beinart

Hillary and Barack...take a Break

A Word From the President re: Wiretaps

Did you stop to read the writing at the wall?

Obama Party in Obama, Japan

Hillary McLieberman

Any Other Day (beautiful Katrina fundraising song)

Hillary Endorses... McCain!?!?!?

Dancing with the Stars Future Cast 2 (came out BEFORE the Bush dance incident)

History of Colombian Civil War/Internal Conflict

The Sea Shepherd Chase Continues as Japanese Whalers Issue Denials about firing shots

'Monster' Slip: Obama's Iraq Plan Just Words

Rolling Stone Endorses Barack Obama

John McCain Loses Temper With NY Times Reporter

Olbermann: Bushed! 3/07 - Secretary of Homeland Security... 'Idiots'

Olbermann: Military Commanders Wary of McCain as Commander-In-Chief

Michael Moore: U.S. Troops Not Too Injured To Die

'Scotsman' Reporter of Powers 'Monster' Comment Interviewed

Michael Collins: Collins: Obama’s "Lost" NYC Votes No Surprise

HARDtalk Samantha Power (full BBC Interview)

Obama responds to Hillary in Wyoming today

Dumbfuckistan shrinks to a small but dangerous postage stamp

Olbermann: 'Worst Persons' 3/07 - Dumbass Oliver North, BillO

Book Review - "Expendable Elite" by Daniel Marvin

She Voted For The Damn War

EU warned of climate-induced polar security threat

Cellulosic ethanol: not likely to be viable

Just a reminder: Fed. Flood Insurance is cheap (~$300 per year) but requires a 30 day waiting period

Indonesian mud volcano still going strong

JOB: Exec. Director - Native Prairies Assoc. of Texas

Global warming poses deaf threat to tropical fish

The Globe and Mail: Life After the Oil Crash

3/7/08 19:20 GMT - Nine Of Eleven Global Oil Benchmarks Over $100/bbl

Are Renewables Approaching a Tipping Point? Highlights from the … Renewables 2007 … Status Report

My local newspaper ran this hideous filth in its guest column this week:

Outlook for Oceans Bleak as Sea 'Deserts' Grow

Gorilla rangers’ execution threat (BBC)

Sea Shepherd Crew Head South In Search Of Harpoons

Printing solar cells by inkjet

Plutonium Shortage May Thwart Future NASA Missions to Outer Planets

AP IMPACT: US troops losing hearing

Happy 95th Birthday Department of Labor

Recent Labor headlines you may have missed

Shop union made .org

Houston, union agree on city worker pay hike (the pact would be a first for a city in Texas)

Students said they sent text and MySpace messages to plan the walkout in support of their teachers

Benefits crux of dispute: Fire union, city at odds on health insurance, pensions (Omaha my employer)


Nurses fight terms for psychiatric unit jobs

AFSCME’s McEntee Urges AFL-CIO To Endorse Clinton

We Need to Put the Teeth Back into U.S. Labor Law

Liberian Rubber Workers To Receive Meany-Kirkland Award

Labor gets seat at city table

Fraser led an inspirational life (Union leader. Teacher. Scholar. Citizen. Activist.)

Group seeks to get more women into construction trades

Free for labor union members: Mortgage Assistance (save my home) Hotline

Rosie the Riveter long-sleeve T-shirt, red for sale MADE IN USA

WP: Vindicated McEntee Sounds Off (about Clinton endorsment)

Union leader enters race to unseat Fumo

Union Rallies for Fired Panera Worker

Iran: Urgent appeal to trade unions and human rights organizations around the world

Union Numbers Up in Pennsylvania for First Time Since 2001

Part-Time Professors: Little Pay, No Pensions, No Health Care, No Seniority, Now Organizing Unions.

Is Fighting for Justice at Smithfield Racketeering?


Fix America's Mines Before Disaster Strikes Again! E-action

Support Striking US Tea Workers! (on strike since November 1)

Union Members Jazzed in Crucial Special Congressional Elections

Today in labor history March 07

Will third strike be charm for Sutter RNs?

Clinton supports bill to ban use of State Department private security contractors

AP: Bill Clinton headed to Philly; Steelworkers' endorsement on hold

My sig file button got here today!!!!!

Israeli invention could pave way for hydrogen cars


Harvard University says the nation's priciest housing markets are not in danger of collapse

Hedge Funds Frozen Shut

Feldstein: How to Stop the Mortgage Crisis

US household wealth declines

The DOW is hovering around 12,000 this morning.

Thornburg says it can't meet $610 mln of margin calls

But we are not in a recession,,,

Austan Goolsbee

Supply, Demand, Speculation, & Gouging: Oil, Metals, Food


Colombians March for Peace Amid Deepening Crisis

Argentina, Venezuela sign energy accord

Cuba and Bolivia to Sign Economic Agreement

FYI: This morning Washington Journal hosted the ambassadors

Judi - You are a treasure trove of info

Bolivia on the Brink

AGREEMENT REACHED on Colombia at Rio Group Mtg in DR -- URIBE EATS CROW

Introduce yourself!

Crisis on Colombia's border began simply: with a payoff

Another shameless plug for The Point Foundation

Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, GWB, all heteros

International Gay Hotel Brand Launches

Poll: Wide Support For Civil Unions In Pennsylvania

High school hosts photo exhibit of families with gay members

Shocking! and With Photos! SOON! VERY SOON (Transgender rights bill before Mass. Legislature)

Gay Iranian Faces Deportation From Netherlands

Buffy Sleeps With A Slayer...Is she gay?

Daze of reckoning in Gaza

UNSC fails to condemn J'lem shooting

Middle East: ‘We’ll Have to Talk’

Palestinians attack Migdal Oz settlement

Responsibility for Jerusalem attack still ambiguous

To the Westerner who 'understands' the terrorist

Winter waiting game

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian lawmaker near Nablus

Carter, Annan to lead peace delegation to Middle East next month

Salt in the wounds

Gazans see attack on yeshiva as unusual achievement

Jabaliya buries its dead

Hamas flags hanged outside terrorist's home

Joe is BUSY - 3 press releases today!

North Carolina Poll: Barack 47 Hillary 43 (from March 3rd)

Terence McKenna

More astrology and the Primaries

Intersting Tidbit About The Mets New Stadium (mini Green Monsters)

Torre is leaving, Lasorda will manage the Dodgers

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (March 7): Vishy win Morelia; Fabiano shares lead in Reykjavik

Astrology Software for MAC

Vaccine settlement no landmark, officials say

A Nurse's Plea--PLEASE don't bring your infants to the hospital as visitors

Germany orders recall of blood-thinner heparin

Faster TB test results on the way (BBC)

Makers of Airborn offer refund for false advertising

Pigs' feet: the new superfood

Alcohol 'quickly' cuts heart risk (CNN)

Alternative Vaccination Schedule

I heard that there is software to find if your photo is being used by someone on the internet.

Leaving Miami

~~~ Submissions for the MARCH Contest will Open Mar 8 ~~~

Has anyone played with adding pictures to Google Earth?

German Monk Caught With 230 Porno Films: Report

Britain's blasphemy law no longer sacred

Actually, it's theists who believe in nothing, quite fervently

Missouri Skies

Salt Water Fuel From Radio Waves

Scientists spot white killer whale off Alaska (AP/CNN)

"Supporting gun rights is key" NPR on Wyoming presidential caucus...


D.C. v. Heller concludes Tuesday, March 18. Audiotape of case will be released.

And now, for something completely different: Playmobil's fascist toys!

9/11 TRUTH Issues EXPLODE onto CBS National Radio Yesterday !!

Support the Families' Call for a Real Investigation!

So...the wanted poster doesn't mention 9-11. What's up with that?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 3/07/2008

Hey ER team! I know it's TGIF and happy hour and all.. But get vickiss some recs!


Vets For Peace Chapter 56 Reiterates Call For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots

Dopp reports/comments on latest regarding TX vote discrepancies

John McCain is such a fucking liar.

JK on Face the Nation Sunday

New blog post up on from a DUer

How 2004 is influencing 2008

If only actors can smoke, everyone's a star - Bar customers thwart Minnesota law with costumes

Any more thoughts on the 3rd Congressional District?

Question for Texas Du'ers: Would Obama have taken Texas if it was a PURE primary?

Texas Caucus Update: 41% Counted; Obama 56% - Clinton 44%

Do the SD conventions need to be in football stadiums

Endorsements: Dallas Morning News losing influence

TX-32: How we'll kick Pete Sessions' butt in November

What did the Republicans do Tuesday night?

Lonestar Project sums up Tuesday's results

Website for up-to-date Texas caucus results

How would I go about finding a webpage which was "updated?"

house cleaning question - probably doesn't matter a bit

Help, my iPod is stuck syncing!

I'm having "Cookie" problems with Firefox and DU, any ideas are welcome.

New Republic to Hillary: Go Already !

Dem Leaders Hope for New 60 Seat Majority, But on Whose Coattails Can They Get It?

Obama Picks up Delegates from California, Wiping out Hillary's Net from OH/TX...

Latest campaign email from Terry McAwful

JK sent this email on behalf of Obama to his Wyoming list today

For fun: Anybody good with rhyming here?

...and then there is HOPE ! (basic analysis of irregular voting in Ohio primary)

ClassWarrior had a great suggestion today--

If I knew how to use Photoshop, I'd take that famous picture of McCain hugging and nuzzling Bush

Breaking the Final Rule

The media has backed Obama into a no-win situation.

Can we hope for a 2-1 split tomorrow?

Should Obama Play by Clinton's Rules? Article in NY Times.

What about the math?

Is Obama Girl taboo?

Some good news: Rasmussen poll has it all tied up in Michigan.

High Schools Add Classes Scripted by Corporations

U. of Nebraska targets assassin game

Catholic Blair to teach globalization at Yale (emm how to be a crook).

New Yorkers for REAL Voting!

Another Thread of Love for Keith!

Cute cartoon

CC, if you wanted to see images of water flowing, you should've been in Cleveland yesterday morning.

Puerto Rico's Dems move from June 7 caucus to June 1 primary

Democrats play hardball -- with risks

Clinton Strengths Aren't Lost on The Obama Team: After Defeats, Managed Expectations

Obama radio ad targets Clinton’s Mississippi comments

KOEB Meeting 3/7/08 Monster of a Show Edition


Obama adviser apologizes for 'monster' comment

Which CDP-endorsed candidates have lost primary races?

Two events today

The Root of Religion

Mailer’s strange God

I recently gave some atheist advice.