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Has any unpledged super delegate publicly signed on w/ Clinton's pledged delegates close enough meme

For What It's Worth, Re- Primary Results in TX:

Hillary was in Florida before the Primary. Was that breaking the rules?

So did Edwards finally endorse someone?

What do you make of this Obama criticism?

Are people here so terribly frightened by McCain that they would rather suppress the voters?

If Obama wins EVERY primary 60/40 from now till the convention

Live from New York...Vote Hillary!

Iowa County Conventions are on March 15th...What will happen with John Edwards' 744 State Delegates

"the videos Hillary doesn't want you to see"

+++McCain... KNOCK NOCK... It is the FEC

Hillary will be in Mississippi tomorrow night!

Obama Campaign: Texas O 100 Delegates C 93 total for Tuesday HRC +4


Hillary has gotten so much Lee-way from the press

MATH has a well-known Obama BIAS

Rush Limbaugh LOVES Hillary now.

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: You may end up with a different math but you are entitled to your math


HRC the choice of the mathematically challenged

Obama the front runner for November

A History lesson: "It's too early to talk about Hillary's withdrawal."

party seems split down the middle, and thats just the way it is...

Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) confirms Obama has 50 New Superdelegates

The 3AM ad was a grand slam in Texas, Hillary lost early voting by 3, won primary day by 9

OBAMA 1279 - CLINTON 1304 Delegates

I had a dream

Krugman: Obama's electability going down, Hillary's going up

Rezko old friend and financial backer of Barack Obama.

The View From Canada On NAFTA

Gays, blacks, transsexuals, women, lesbians, transgendered people and bisexuals.

"A New Hope" - Rolling Stone endorses Barack Obama

"A New Hope" - Rolling Stone endorses Barack Obama

Ohio 2008 Vote ... must see thread .... S.W. Ohio loves Democrats?

Bush dances a jig while waiting for McCain

originally a reply to flame bait. deep breath and reflection hopefully won over

Hillary 2008 supporters remind me of Bush supporters in 2000

Hillary Puffing Her Foreign Policy Experience

Here is the sad truth: If Obama doesn't win, we'll NEVER elect a black president.

Obama should 'change' message

Obama lying about Rezko press talks.


Should the candidate with the most pledged delegates going into the convention be our party nominee?

I am getting bored of the democratic primary.

Question for Obama supporters from an Obama supporter

Did Rezko find jobs for Obama staffers--campaign says "it's possible"

I call on Clinton, Obama and Dean to get your act together NOW!

The Math...

I will vote for the Democratic nominee whether it's Clinton or Obama

I'm looking for a new way of doing the same old thing

OT-Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer

Obama-Clinton situations mirrors the Randal-Rebecca flap on Apprentice 4

What does clinton have to hide, can she be trusted? running on experience can be a bitch huh?


What a Race.

What's not to like about this American election?

Clinton Campaign's Big State Strategy a big blunder

IS the key to this race Edwards and his 26 delegates?

Supreme court justice poll

Let 'em duke it out

It's time for the General Election to begin.

Hillary Clinton Was "Working the Refs"

ABC General Election Poll: (C) Vs. (Mc) = (C) +3, (O) Vs. (Mc) = (O) +11

Media bias my.... why don't they talk about that.

Obama will win WY, MS, and with 6 weeks to work, close the 5% gap in PA.

Edwards supporters, who are you supporting now?

The Clinton camp is DODGING the question about 2006 and earlier tax returns.

How would a Clinton-Obama ticket do against McCain?

If Obama fights dirty, his whole message will blow up

Obama will have all the advantages at the Denver convention

This in-party fighting and the attacks have to stop.

Does Edwards still have delegates?

Call Senator Klobuchar (MN). Urge her to stand by her state's support of Obama.

Would Clinton and Obama agree... ,

How should superdelegates cast their vote?

Mississippi will wipe out Clinton's gains on Tuesday: African-Americans account for 56% of the vote

Problem! Nedra Picklers biased AP reporting will be a thorn in both our candidates in the GE

*******NYT- Clinton Wins Alter Race. Dean Says FL & MI may be seated*******

Susan Rice admits that BO is not ready for the 3 am phone call

If Clinton Wins 60% of Every Contest Left (and 64% of Pennsylvania), She Still Loses

As a Canadian, it's nice to see my country messing in another's internal affairs

There are two main rules in the world of KKKarl Rove political theater

Could there be a McCain/Clinton ticket???

Democrats fear an ugly end to race: Odds rise that outcome will anger large blocs of voters

PM Harper did NOT say it didn't happen....

Rush's "Dream Team"

Colbert, the Democrats are destroying themselves

How should a winner be determined?

"Why Clinton isn't dead"

Obama edges out Clinton in Butte County, CA in primary election-more dems voted in Red county!

LULAC, Clinton Campaign Thinking of Suing TDP Over Caucus

This is fun but we MUST keep our eye on the prize

KO, please stop giving BO the preferable treatment

Rolling Stone Endorses Barack Obama

"Morning Joe" doing it's best to regurgitate Whitewater/Travel Office Firings

WP, pg1: Results Refocus Dem Campaign; Clinton advisers' scenario to overcome Obama delegate lead

BO opens office in Jackson, WY, new voter registration goes up:

I wanted to see Obama win the nomination but now...

More Clinton Hypocrisy; slammed senate opponent over Tax Returns!

So You Wanna Fight Dirty?

Ten things I just gotta say.

Hillary supporters: Do you live in one of those insignificant fly-over states that Obma won?

New Clinton talking point: Obama = Ken Star

Bill's speaking fees will be way way worse than any campaign finance scandal

The Rude Pundit: Advice to Barack Obama ...

Clinton's "Big State" Myth does not hold up to scrutiny and she mobilizes Republicans

Caption this famous Hillary picture

Obama is a Muslim! ?? Why haven't I EVER heard this reply?

Could Hillary's campaign pay for a FL/MI do-over without creating conflict of interest?

Who will be the last to die for her mistake?

What precisely in the Tuesday results showed Obama to be the most electable?

Anyone else have pub Senators in Trouble....?

Hey DU, we have to correct CNN. Web site says Clinton Won TX Caucuses, NOT Obama - (Must-see!)

Dean urges do-over voting in Fla., Mich.

Why Harper (Canada) is pinning his hopes on Clinton...

Race in the Ohio Race

Race in the Ohio Race

BREAKING NOW! REZKO TRIAL: "So far though Barack Obama's name has not come up!"

Hey Hillbots. 13 percent of conservatives voting for Hill in Texas thought Obama was more electable

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hillaleezza Ricedham Clinton

Clinton is full of shit on NAFTA too: CBC news

The Obama NAFTA flap, per

Wow, there's a WW1 vet on CNN right now. *oops sorry wrong forum.

Do we need two GD-P forums?

would somebody tell me why all the glee for obama lining up superdelegates,

Hillary Has Not Been Vetted Since Bill Left Office. If She Could Demand Lazio Release Tax Records

Latest poll shows Obama would be our strongest candidate against McCain


Bill Clinton's prediction: doesn't think Hillary can be the nominee

Discuss: Is America ready for an African American President?

"Automatic" delegates, eh?

Key West Virginia Support for Obama (Rep. Rahall) +1 superdelegate

Republicans need to keep their nose out of Democratic politics

How Obama Gets to 270 Electoral Votes

UPenn Dems for Obama

Excerpts of 2001 Hillary News Conf.: pardons, bribery (brother), her treasurer

Stop Whining Obama Supporters!! (Satire warning!!)

Clinton Cribs from the Bush Florida Stolen Election in 2000

Obama gets another Super Delegate - Connie Thurman (DNC member) from Indiana

CNN: National poll of likely Democratic primary voters' choice for nominee: Obama 50% HRC 40%

This Obama supporter says he should come out for MI, FL redo.

Barack lands more superdelegates!

Dem Race May Come Down To North Carolina

Did anyone catch that segment on Hartmann with Christie Harvey re: the intended takeover of Diebold?

Hey, waitaminnit. You guys are saying Hillary has been winning with dirty tricks?

West Virginia Rep (Superdelegate) endorses Obama

Renegotiating NAFTA could be bad for our access to Canadian Oil

The myth of Hillary's momentum...

Why would a voter punish a specific candidate for the mess that became of their primary

This Obama supporter wants to apologize for the over-the-top posts lately.


Has anyone seen a realistic scenario whereby Clinton can win?


Hillary can Xerox her 2006 tax returns

Question about the Florida "re-vote".

No you Can't

Let Michigan's ELECTED officials pay for new primary, not State or Voters

Over 2. 4 million Texans have spoken and they chose Hillary.

Rasmussen- Pennsylvania -The Hill 52% Obama 37%

Question: What is the current estimate of population in the USA?

Howard Dean urges Fla. and Mich. to do-over primaries

any links to the story that Clinton was MIA for afghanistan meetings?

How long is it going to take the Obama people to realize Rush used Reverse Psy

Why so glum? We are winning

RE: Fl and MI...Hillary only cares about them because she thinks she can win them...

Neither candidate is likely to win the nomination outright, so the real game is the super delegates

Superdelegate Teresa Benitez-Thompson (Nevada) Endorses Obama.

Clinton Won by Dealing from the Bottom of the Deck

The Clinton-Rezco Vetting has now begun...

Howard Dean coming up on Morning Joe

nice pic :)

Hillary Clinton= "Al Gore Invented The Internet" Except She Actually IS Exaggerating

Fun fact to know: current head of Walmart Legal Dept. worked for HRC at Rose Law Firm

Fun fact to know: current head of Walmart Legal Dept. worked for HRC at Rose Law Firm

The Gore rides in on a white horse to save the party, the country and

New Electoral GE maps to be released today

coming up on NPR - Possible Democratic 'Do-Overs'

Devastating Newsweek article re: Hillary's chances .... link

The obvious reluctance of Super Delegates to sign on with Hill, speaks volumes


Why are Iowa and New Hampshire ALWAYS first?

Obama raises over $55 million in FEBRUARY!! FIRM NUMBER

Can someone explain to me Obama's position on superdelegates?

Does anyone know how much a MI primary vs a MI caucus redo would cost? nt

Shutting down the "seat FL" meme or why Florida shouldnt count as is

Has anyone noticed that "Newt stopped HRC's healthcare reform" has become part of her mythology

DNC Rules Committee member says Michigan caucus planned

Did Rezko get state jobs for Obama staffers?

Unity or defeat - Let it end now

Toronto Globe and Mail: "someone from Ms. Clinton's campaign called"

obama;s plans for iraq

Recent Super Delegate History is very troubling for Clinton Camp

So the media is back on its game again

Sorry ... wrong number. (Tom Toles)

"As goes Ohio" Hillary Clinton and Truth Are Not Close Friends

Can someone define Hillary's "experience"?

Can someone please explain what Obama is supposed or suspected of having done wrong w/ Rezko?

Can someone please explain what Obama is supposed or suspected of having done wrong w/ Rezko?

My take...Hilary wanted a do-over in FL and Michigan from the start...

I'm going to say this...And I don't think i'm the only one.

Both Clinton and Obama reassured Canada on NAFTA

Clinton camp targets Obama adviser saying neither candidate ready for 3 a.m. call

Have I completely lost my mind? Didn't Gov. Christ say he was

REALITY CHECK: Which is more batshit-crazy worrisome? Obama-Rezko or Clinton-Libby?

Republican crossover voters apparently helped win the Democratic primary in Texas for Hillary

Media Tougher On Obama After SNL Skit, Study Finds

All those "red" signs at Obama's rallies annoy me to no end.

Who was that nasty freeper on Fox harrassing Stephanie Miller this afternoon?

There was an Obama commercial run here in Ohio that I found disingenuous

Joe Biden is very perceptive and very stop the hand-wringing

Obama Raised 55 Million In FEb

All he has is his credibility.

Wouldn't Obama Be Favored To Win A Michigan Redo?

Will somebody explain to me WHY FL and MI thought it was SO important to have early primaries

Mark Penn sucks-Even in Victory, Clinton Team Is Battling Itself (Wapo)

So this is amazing.

Fellow Obama supporters: please get the facts right on NAFTA

The Machiavellian Thing For the Clinton Camp to do is Push For No New FL MI Primary/Caucus

(true thoughts of olde women) Day 1...

It's 3:00 a.m. The red phone's ringing. There's a crisis. What will Hillary say?

Anti-McCain website up today..

If Obama Really Has 50 Supers In The Wings, Won't He Hit 2025 Before Puerto Rico?

About that 3 am red phone ringing thing. I'm confused.

I swear this fight feels EXACTLY like my divorce

For those who ask "what has Obama done?"

Delaware or California plan

Anyone notice how Clinton's extra SD pledges are propping up her number?

Two more Super Delegates today (3/6) for Obama!

Hold everything!!!! Obama actually wins Texas!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have the vid of Obama talking to the press on the plane

If Hillary does not win WY and Miss, will she say Dems are having buyers remorse?

Dems and Pubs Battleground

Has Hillary's numbers ever gone UP after extensive campaigning?

Ten-second NAFTA! ...OR what the HELL is Hillary trying to pull!!

Clinton campaign finally responds to Toronto Globe and Mail story

Hillary's 150 Super Delegate Lead Has Evaporated To <40. Funny How Mediawhores Ignore This

Did John Edwards make a horrible mistake? (I guess maybe he was forced?)

Is the 3 am red phone question relevant?

Dumb question: If a brokered convention occurs, could John Edwards re-enter the race?

Here's some of why Obama's Rezko Problem is So Serious

Texas Caucuses were unruly, undemocratic Joke!

Bashing McCain on security: the Dubai Ports deal

Bashing McCain on security: the Dubai Ports deal

Obama on the radio in mississippi!

how to make the 'other' candidate palatable for yourself in November...

Globe and Mail: It was Clinton's campaign that called to reassure Canada on NAFTA posturing

BREAKING: Obama Gains 2 SDs

Obama/Clinton ticket is suddenly in the air...

Obama/Clinton ticket is suddenly in the air...

Question for the Hillary supporters (IL-14)

Latest poll shows Hillary would be our strongest candidate against McCain

So now that Hillary is working on McCain's election campaign....

"As first lady, she didn't even have a security clearance"

Hillary Clinton.

I'm Confused...Is Barack Obama Ken Starr, Karl Rove, or George W. Bush.

Could the power of the presidency prevented the Clintons from being convicted in Whitewater?

Geraldine Ferraro's Place in History Will Overshadow Hillary's Soon.

Happy International Women's Day, Women DUers!

"Desperate Clinton crosses 'the Joe Lieberman threshold'"

A New Low...I'm Projectile Vomiting...

Turns out "grain of salt" comment to Canada was made by a Clintonian

Potentially risky, and perhaps reckless comment by HRC ...

Ann Lewis memo...Clinton

GERALDINE FERRARO on Leher News HR—Clinton advocate: [&other news]

What did the Clintons do from 1992 to 2005 to fix this apparently flawed process?

Obama Camp Presents Clinton As McCain-Lite

If you think Florida's delegates shouldn't be seated, what about the Democrats Abroad delegates?

Putting the recent primary battle in perspective by analogy

Why won't either of the candidates volunteer half the cost of a Florida primary?

Mark Penn: "NAFTAgate" memo was a big factor in Clinton's victory in the Ohio primary

A messy desk makes Obama unfit for greatness! Case in point...

A messy desk makes Obama unfit for greatness! Case in point...

The only fair solution for FL/MI is a redo

Obama supporters: have you called your superdelegates today?

Clinton Should Agree to Primaries (not Caucuses) in FL and MI

Reported by right-wing media: Republicans Helped Hillary Win...

Obama Statement on Jerusalem Seminary Attack

U of Penn Dems support Obama

Is Obama a Dino?

New 50-state matchups from Survey USA

GREAT youtube of Hillary's broken promises

Clinton Camp Denies NAFTA "Grain of Salt" to Canadians

Anyone know about Money Matters? Interesting Obama story.

I want to make nice ,but its our duty to vet before the GE

Jim Cramer (Mad Money) is doing "Defense Stocks" tonight...

Dean wants re-vote but only if states pay,MAKE THE CANDIDATES PAY

Have Shillary supporters given us anything BUT BS?

To Redo or Not to Redo? That is the Question.

To Redo or Not to Redo? That is the Question.

On Tweety, Charlie Crist seems to strain so hard to understand questions--hilarous! Crist keeps

I support Hillary

LA Times on fishy fundraising by Herself

** Wait till you see what WYOMING Does!! **

Oh No, Hillary, Don't Throw Me Into The Briar Patch (aka, a re-vote in Florida and Michigan)

Hillary's people reassured Canada! NAFTA-Gate..Oh, what a surprise...

Clinton/Obama may be the only viable option

If Hillary looses the nomination she can still run

If Hillary looses the nomination she can still run

Somebody's Darkening Howard Dean's Face on the Video

Hillarious Mike Malloy skit on our bickering

A Few Degrees of Separation From Hillary Clinton's Top Adviser

** Breaking ** Michigan compromise in the works?

I love Susan Rice.

The Progressive: Beware Hillary’s Tactics

Mississippi and Wyomig Don't Count - Pennsylvania Does

Dean says paying for primaries not the DNC's problem...they need money for the election.

All the votes should count...

I Have a Dumb Question

Rolling Stone Magazine joins the ranks of Obama Cultists

Super-Delegates -- Is There A Credible Source...

I offer a solution to the Michigan/Florida delegate problem.

My Dad made a good point about this Obama/Clinton/Nafta thing and it's this....

A Beer With Steve Novick (No really!)

More detailed SUSA GE polls results.

Hillary had the Perception Game for Two Days, Barack is Taking it Back.

Bill predicted HRC would lose the TX caucus

Obama fields questions about Rezko/Responds to Ann Lewis comments in ABC7 (Chicago) EXCLUSIVE

So this Rezko raised 3.5 million to Bush and theres no media coverage of this or on DU

Tom Hayden offers advice to Obama

I want to change the pace a little bit

What kitchen sink is Barack (ok..David Axelrod) going to through at Hillary

AP: Brokered convention

The dangers for Obama going negative

Google "Individual H" - go ahead, I dare you. Rezko is NOT only Obama's contributor but also HRC's

Google "Individual H" - go ahead, I dare you. Rezko is NOT only Obama's contributor but also HRC's

Lawyers for Gitmo detainees endorse Obama

14 Superdelegate endorsements for Obama over last 7 days.

Why did Monika Lewinsky vote for Obama in the primary?

2025 Does Not Include MI & FL.

Hillary would do well as veep...

Best Analogy Yet: Delegate Math is like a Grade Point Average

does Obama have concern for those working class stiffs who are less well off?

What will you do if the Super-delegates pick Hillary at the convention?

Who has contributed in March to 1 of the candidates.

Oklahoma has decided to have our Presidential Election in August

Hillary speaks with Karl Rove's voice--per Arinna Huffington

Why isn't Warren Buffett paying the damn costs of the primary, he's a democrat and supports both

Fact-check in advance: The UAW is neutral in this primary season

Clintons:Monsanto: Mark Penn: Pennsylvania farmers getting screwed over

WHY DON'T WE KNOW the TX CAUCUS delegates, yet? Here's why.

self delete - dupe

delete - dupe.

Hillary Clinton's campaign told Canada she IS FOR NAFTA

It is mainly a facade initiated so Americans forget

Margaret Carlson: Clinton's praise of McCain the "garbage disposal" of the kitchen sink

Author of "Change you can Xerox" line identified

What is with the media's complete turnaround?

Clinton's Mississippi comment blasted

Obama Campaign Steps Up Mockery of Clinton's Crisis-Management Experience

Hillary supporters: Are you OKAY with all of this?

Does The Total Number of Delegates A Candidate Needs Go Up If They Reseat Fl & Mi?.....


About the NAFTA debacle..I said this in another post, but think it needs to be repeated

Obama won Texas?

If FLA and MI have re-do's --- who do you think has the advantage in each state?

Obama's key foreign policy aide says campaign fucked up in Ohio, calls Hillary a monster

Wonder how long it took the verminous Clinton Campaign to alter Obama's face...

If Obama supporters are told in the GE that their votes won't count,

Appeals to "less educated" whites and older hispanics; black vote suppression -- SOUNDS FAMILIAR??

Do you fear for Hillary Clinton's mental health if she does not win the nomination?

Obama’s free-trade credentials top Clinton’s

Obama winning in TX

Another Veep poll

Obama Admits Mistakes

If Hillary wins the nomination due to dirty tricks, I'll vote McCain

"I for one do not believe that imitating Ken Starr is the way to win the Democratic primary"

My heart may not be in it, but I could never live with myself if I didn't vote Democratic

So... who actually won Texas?

He who shall not be named called Hillary for what she is long ago...

Obama needs an SNL appearance...soon.


I still love the idea of a real brokered convention

Ohhh 3 post per 24 hour period is over...I get to post again....

Why is the Convention a month later this year?

3 Cleveland area mayors switch to Dem Party

Maybe it's a good thing .. they are calling it a defeat

Obama's General Election Problem

So exactly how many military officers does Obama have supporting him as Commander in Chief?

It's the Delegate Count Stupid - Wall Street Journal Article

Does this bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

If Hillary keeps it up, she will cause a permanent schism in the Party

Hillary nomination = widespread Democratic losses in Congress, gubernatorial races

The one thing I find totally unfathomable and distasteful about Ms. Clinton.

Pelosi calls on McCain to reject endorsement from anti-Catholic Hagee


With less than 1% between the candidates. Super Delegates will Decide

NAFTA-gate: The Anatomy of a Smear

The Audacity of Data?

Obama Raises Record-Setting $55 Million in February vs Hillary's $35 million

Should Hillary Clinton be kicked out of the Democratic Party?

Obama volunteers allege fraud; precinct chairwoman flees, seeks police protection

Tweety's choice of Rolling Stone covers...I'm NOT trying to pick

Obama Aide Says He's Not Ready

"A little bit retarded" Pat Buchanan on Dan Abrams

The Clinton - Lieberman Connection

What the hell happened to the vote count in Texas? Did anybody notice this?

Mississippi Democratic Primary Selection Plan

How would you react to a Clinton/Obama unity agreement?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Many left caucuses before being counted"

Former Dallas City Council member accused of frauding caucus results (HRC supporter)

Obama beats McCain by 22% among Texas Hispanics ... link

All this dream team ticket talk forget it with these two campaigns it isn't going to happen

Now I know why Ann Coulter supports Hillary

Cleaning up DU

Clinton knows she cant win, wants McCain to win so she can swoop in in 4 years.

Woo Hoo It WORKED. CanadaGate.....on MSNBC

Can One Judge A Candidate By His/Her Supporters?

You all are F'n Nuts!!!!

Tough week, but Hillary's pro-McCain rally is falling short, and Obama is comin' out swingin'

If the nomination becomes deadlocked -- would you consider supporting Al Gore as a compromise?

McCain is really a great guy.....

Still True... Still Relevant...


Hillary Clinton: Independent Democrat

Let me take a moment to say "Fuck Charlie Crist!"

Rezko raising 3.5 million to Bushes campaign...also good pals with Obama.

Whoa...WHOA guys. Look, I'm just as mad at Hillary Clinton as a lot of you guys are...

We will probably know the nominee by 5 PM tomorrow

Obama is a Lieberman supporter -

Uncommitted Super Delegates Back Off Plan to Endorse Obama

What Florida has done:

OK Hillary fans. Let's talk "experience" to be a good President.

Special election in Illinois on Saturday could add another superdelegate

Special election in Illinois on Saturday could add another superdelegate

The real power lies outside the US Gov't and nothing O/H or the Congress do

Clinton's Mississippi comment blasted by former employee

I'm sure someone here has Hillary Clinton's phone number,

Keith O: Is Hillary a Lieberman Democrat?

I saw Obama kissing Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!

Both Obama and Hillary are in Dickipedia now.

I Was Married to One - So I Can Be One

Who's watching KO? He's got Hillary's number -

Wrong Senator Clinton! Nobody who advocates being in Iraq 100 years is qualified...

The reasons why our msm won't cover the breaking revelations about HRC and NAFTA-GATE.

Can someone clear up the Obama - Lieberman mentor and endorsement thing for me?

RNC raising more than the DNC

Our own candidate, HRC, has endorsed John McCain. If she wins I have to vote most qualified.

KO just said it was actually clinton's party that contacted the canadian govt: NYTimes link

I heart "ignore."



Jon Stewart: 2008 election "may come down to a lawsuit in Florida"

Gore?...Paging Mr. Al Gore...

A very real reality check, how deep the HRC hole goes...

So, if Congress decides to hold a "practice election" in October...

Michigan Florida Flap

Ruh, Roh !!! - Report: NAFTA-Gate Leaker Said Hillary's People Were Reassuring Canada, Too - TPM

Jon Stewart is on nt

Fellow Obamaniacs help: Obama is starting to annoy me!

Who's afraid of Obama being a black man?

Poor Hillary, everyone is against her!!

The impotent fight - H vs O ... aka neither can help us now

It would be great if McCain chose Hillary as his running mate!

The house is burning down, and we are arguing

Clinton's "baggage."

Another W.Va. 'superdelegate' endorses Obama

Larry David's take on Hillary's Red Phone ad


Hillary's latest smear advertisement

Has Obama fired Samatha Powers yet?

Would Hillary drop out in order to avoid revealing her financials?

Clinton on Air Burkle

The Democratic Party is Collateral Damage in Clinton Campaign's War

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/5/08 - Obama unchanged (43), Clinton unchanged (48)


Nafta-gate is about one thing only--Obama lied...

Hillary = Dishonest Person

If everybody feel so strong about getting FL ^ MI new primaries,

TNR: Michigan to Announce Caucus Within Days

Texas Caucusses ... any update? -nt

the best case for Hillary..the electoral votes

Who keeps telling her to go with that narrative?

Hillary and Obama walk into a bar . . .

You know what? I was wrong. Hillary should be the candidate.

Stupid question about the delegates in FL and MI

There's reason Clinton is unpopular.

NAFTAgate not over yet! Guess Who Is In Trouble Now? Just GUESS!

And the winner is>>> the Bugs Bunny Candidate!

Tom Daschle SD just said he was for O on Jon Stewart nt

Hillary has Sold her Soul


Just another reminder that the Primaries are all but over and Hillary can't mathmatically win

Hillary Clinton coming out against a do-over in Florida is going to play very badly for her...

Clinton's "Big State" Myth: Why Barack Obama Remains the Most Electable Democrat This Fall

So Hillary wins the nomination

Hillary Clinton's Real World Experience

Reality check: Between O and H, there is little difference ...

According to SUSA, Obama would win more EC votes than Clinton in GE

Wolfson v. Wolfson

It's been 2 days since Hillary's "wins".. why hasn't a SINGLE SD come out for her in the interim?


HILLARY WANTS TO BE ON TOP! ++++ Funny Article! ++++++++++++++++++++++++

How different would things be now... IF

"Desperate Clinton crosses 'the Joe Lieberman threshold' "

Another effective facet of the 3:00 am ad that's been undiscussed: it hints at who's in the bedroom

Governor Crist: Florida primary was 'fair to Obama'

ABC News: Dems Fear Clinton's Increasingly Aggressive Attacks Give McCain More Ammo

Why I am even *more* convinced that Obama and Clinton will be running mates.

Yoda on Hillarys Fear Based Campaign. "Fear is the path to the dark side."


You know Ray Mabus? The one defending Barack in Mississippi?

Hillary's right. Mississippi is the worst state for women in numerous studies.

Time to Bow Out, Hillary - Stand Aside for the Good of the Country

LOOK! Up in the sky! It's...LIEBERWOMAN !!!

Thank GOD for Countdown

Tweety: Black support of Obama is ghettoization

The ticket will be Clinton-Obama, get used to it, Hillary is going to destroy the hope peddler

SEAT the Florida Delegates in FLORIDA AS IS and NEW PRIMARY in MI

Hillary's lead in Texas is disappearing. She did NOT win Texas

Obama launches negative radio ad in Mississippi

Obama launches negative radio ad in Mississippi

Clinton validates McCain as passing commander and chief threshold.

What does Hillary hope to gain by staying in the race?

BITCH Mag: Hillary should take back the work BITCH

Clinton now leads PA by 15 after dead heat prior to March 4

Caucus Drives Latest Ruckus: Clinton Campaign Says System Is Undemocratic

Hillary Clinton or Ralph Nader? Which Quixotic Campaign Hurts the Party the Most?

How is wanting moderate dissafected rethugs to vote for Obama

Ten Reasons Why Obama Slipped

"Does anyone want this nut answering the phone?"


Putting many smaller states in play for the GE is better than just a couple big ones

We're looking for experienced moderators to help out for the remainder of the primary season

Is Hillary auditioning for the VP position....on McCain's team?

My preferred candidate, Obama, has many shortcomings

Clinton more electable, wins FL, PA, and OH. Obama loses Fl, PA, NJ, still defeats McCain, though

I'm locking Hillary Clinton's campaign

MSM pumping new meme: Clinton's wins STOP SD bleed to Obama

WTF? Barbara Boxer for Clinton - but says she'll remain neutral?

Fact Check Responds to Being Debunked. I respond back.

If one or the other candidate went beyond the convention

Excuse me, but where was HRC's "concern" for Florida voters in 2000?

Houston Chronicle - Neither Clinton nor Obama can win enough delegates before the convention

Bill Nelson of Fl. calls for new primary-wants DNC to pay.

The condition for a re-vote in FL and MI should be the resignation of the state party leaders.

It is very, very good when Republicans vote for Obama but very, very bad when they vote for Clinton.

Why Obama Won the Caucuses, From My POV:

Sign of the Times at a Texas Caucus

To be clear - Hillary is not an actual real-life monster...

The Great Clinton vs. Obama debate.. err fight.. err bloodbath - observation from a first time voter

I kinda believe that the party will split when one of our Candidates

Hillary just had a press briefing and they started asking her about things she won't answer.

Thanks, Hillary!

Thanks, Hillary!

LAT's Rosa Brooks: It's your call, Hillary (A Must Read)

While we've been sleeping, California has been creeping

Is Pennsylvania Proud to be a Hillary State? and what does that mean exactly?

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thursday March-06-2008

'I believe that I’ve done that. Sen. McCain has done that and you’ll have to ask Sen. Obama'

Obama needs to make a big point of illuminating Hillary's fearmongering.

Where did folks get the idea that the Obama campaign is some kind of cult?

Where did folks get the idea that the Obama campaign is some kind of cult?

Crazy friend thinks that this is all a PLAY. Clinton/Obama was decided months ago ...

High Ranking Republicans who Turned Democratic?????

Guardian UK: Clinton braces for release of White House records

BREAKING: MI Caucus Likely, Says DNC Rules Committee

Meet the Democratic White House Staff(s)

Clinton Campaign May Challenge TX Caucus Results

Unlike Sen. Obama, Hillary Campaign Never Contacted Canadian Government About NAFTA

Bill Nelson and everyone else involved in the illegal

Does Hillary Clinton hate Obama supporters?

All we are saying, is give HOPE a chance!

Clintons so called "experience" is the biggest paper tiger of them all...

NAFTA Smear: A calculated duping of the MSM to steal OHIO and TX???

Help Vett Hillary


I am not an Obamaite or an Obamaton I am a Fucking Democrat

5:00. Time to turn off Randi Rhodes.

Stay golden Barrack, stay golden

Clinton's Wins Halt Move of Superdelegates to Obama

Clinton's Health-Care Focus Gives First Aid to Bid

"Guess What? Obama Is Winning Texas" ConsortiumNews Lisa Pease

The Dream Ticket vs. The Media: Republicans be Very Very Afraid

Who has longer Coattails?

Is Hillary a DINO?

Oops: Obama and his Rezko avoidance affliction did not get help from Rezko's lawyer today, dang it.

Theory: Why Obama Will Continue to Win The Superdelegate Race From Here On...

Hillary Clinton to Chart Centrist Democratic Agenda

I'm Sorry, Obama Zealots...

Political Shock Therapy -- Is Hillary thinking of opening it up for 2012 as her back-up plan?

Is Keith Olbermann on the payroll of the Obama campaign?

Marc Ash: Time to Bow Out

...and then there is HOPE !

Till the sun rises!

The Obama I Know

What is wrong with everyone on here?

Can we at least all agree that the word BITCH is out of bounds?

CLINTON challenges OBAMA to run POSITIVE campaign???

A purple Nebraska? Yes it is possible.

How EXTREMELY unrepresentative of Democrats DU appears to be

Does America want a Whiner in the White House?

HRC: 'I don't think there should be any do-over...Florida should be seated'

In this thread, try to defend Hillary's comments about McCain.

Floridians: Redirect your's not the DNC's fault

Clinton raises 4 million in 24 hours after big primary victories

I just don't get it.

Dem Party - disenfranchised voters in FA & MI + Super Delegates = run the Country?

After 4 years at DU, I don't think I've ever posted in GD:P before...but, I've gotta ask:

HRC's IWR vote based on 8 yrs experience on the other side of Pennsylvania Ave

My Problem w/MI and FL: If I lived there, I wouldn't have voted.

Kick Hillary Out of the Party

Kick Hillary Out of the Party

Kick Hillary Out of the Party



"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.” - Hillary's New BFF


Sirota: The Blindness of Candidate (Hillary) Worship -- (OUCH!)

Disgusting Hate All Over This Board

Obama supporters threaten violence in Denver

What's the name of the Clinton staffer who talked to the Canadians about NAFTA?

When Lieberman Paraded on Stage with McCain, It was a HUGE slap to us all.

2008, 1968 ???


"She just wouldn't lose"

Newsflash: Most Democrats like Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton's RESUME - Objective: Answering the 3:00 a.m. RED Phone

Pennsylvania: Far from a treasure trove of delegates for Hillary

Obama #1 in Donations from Military Members

So now Hillary supporters are against Keith Olbermann?

FYI: Things That Determine the Democratic Nominee



Keith Obermann Tells The Truth and Hillary Thinks It's Hell

In light of the wireless spying whistle-blower

RLOL John Stewart's crack team of political reports

MRE makeover: Army unveils a new menu for soldiers (AP/CNN)

Terra Terra Terra?

Yellow teeth... Dr SpeckleFace & balloon pants

‘ On a wing and a prayer’

McCain Attacked Bush in 2000 Over Anti-Catholic Endorsement

Wisconsin gun dealer paints guns to look like children's toys.

U.S. troops buy own gear for safety, style in battle

Police, feds OK'd to check on mail-99.5% approval in '06 to note names, more

Prison Closings Trouble Upstate New York

U.S. Missiles Strike Southern Somali Town

How Republicans created executive branch hegemony

CNN: MLK's driver remembers 'chasing the dream' (link added)

Magick Hard Drives.....

House passes Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007

"-tard"... Do we really need this?

Big industries try to block limits on pollution

The U.S. Military's Assassination Problem

Attys: Iraq Rape Case Belongs in Court (former KBR employee)

Officials: Planes narrowly averted mid-air crash near Pittsburgh

Vegas clinic may have sickened thousands

NYT: Filings for Bankruptcy Up 18% in February

She's Florida's first girlfriend

Do you ever feel like the news will drive you mad?

FDA: Heparin produced in China had possible counterfeit ingredient

Cyber-Rebels in Cuba Defy State’s Limits

Crooks & Liars Video: Olbermann to Tweety: "Let’s distance ourselves — especially YOU."

MN Rep. John Kline tries to remove Paul Wellstone's name from his legacy mental health parity bill

On American Strength

How about another sports analogy?

What the primary season has turned into. (Funny)

NEVER FORGET: John McCain's disastrous visit to Iraq that got many innocent Iraqis killed

Thankfully it's not $60M of tax dollars

AlterNet: 'Frankenfoods' Giant Monsanto Plays Bully Over Consumer Labeling

Time out from the OB - HC Rat Race folks......It was benign.

Has anyone seen this contest?

This is why Heather Wilson's "Vote Buying" Campaign needs a 'thorough internal cleansing'...LINK

Voting FOR and voting AGAINST

Can I Get an AMEN for Keith Olbermann?

self deleted

SurveyUSA: Dem Candidate Ahead In Special Election For Hastert's Seat

National Dragnet Is a Click Away-Authorities to Gain Fast and Expansive Access to Records

"New York City is back and open for business" - Bloomberg

5th anniversary of the day the press failed

Hollywood private eye on trial for mass wiretapping

Nat'l rethug Campaign Committee Faked Audits Since 2003, $$ Stolen

Does Sen John McCains Wife Have An "Adams Apple?”

McCain's payoff for staying the course - Today’s Headlines 3/6/08

'Frankenfoods' Giant Monsanto Plays Bully Over Consumer Labeling (rBGH In Milk)

Bank Drops Wikileaks Case

Why do we have to eat our own instead of just supporting our candidate?

When horror movies collide:Night of the Living Dead and The Grapes of Wrath...

Being a senator not a ‘high priority’ for McCain

Oil Price Hit $105.00 a Barrel

Top Iraq contractor KBR skirts US taxes offshore

Southwest flying "not air worthy" airplanes....

So... GD:P...

Does anyone have a link....

3 hour hail storm destroys crops - food shortage emergency

ABC News Runs Defense For Puppy Killer

The High Road leads over the edge of a cliff

33 Women Arrested In Tehran At PEACEFUL Demonstration–What You Can Do To Help

John Mc Queeg

Did postwar Europe, or an 'edict from God' say Jews have exclusive rights to Israel?

I have a question

VA official: More than 60,000 Iraq, Afghanistan vets diagnosed with PTSD

VA official: More than 60,000 Iraq, Afghanistan vets diagnosed with PTSD

Superdelegates: What Happens If..........

Bush's 'Faith based Initiative' programs (i.e Fundamentalist Christian programs)

Problem! Nedra Picklers biased AP reporting will be a thorn in both our candidates in the GE

JFK Assassination Missing Film...What becaome of this man and his film?

Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer

Get your John McCain action figure now!

Pat Paulsen

Homeowners' debt on their houses exceeds their equity for the first time since 1945.

The oldest living WWI Doughboy was just honored on CNN.

Oh crap.. The AP is starting with the halos for McGrumpypants

Rewind on the Columbia/Venezuela situation

Journalist Perspectives on Five Years in Iraq - on NPR now

Brave John McCain condemns Times Square attack

Subject: Calls Incoming On A Disconnected Phone

Four more years

If he were taken into custody tonight...

40 years ago

McCain Voters in Texas -Pictures

What election?? MSNBC's got themselves an IED Bicycle Bomber

Obama: What Blacks and Progressives Have Bought Into ...

How Nader Has Made Himself Irrelevant

De Ja Vu, Breaking news from

De Ja Vu, Breaking news from

De Ja Vu, Breaking news from

De Ja Vu, Breaking news from

Caption Mc*

Caption Mc*

Caption Mc*

Caption Mc*

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

At this moment Republicans are trying to attach a wire tap bill to AmeriCorps funding

52 months how's that Iraq stabilization program working for you Condi?

So did McLame blow up a bicycle at 3am in Times Square?

Hillary Clinton should concede:

AQH Al-Qaeda Homeland Claims Responsibility For Recruiting Station Bombing

If you're interested the DOW is currently down another 150 points. Ho hum.

This is very strange.

Funding shock for New Hope for Women

Eat Your Heart Out, John Travolta!

6 dead in Israel..nonstop news .yet over 100 Palestinians killed last week

HELP! Any info on Big Oil supporting McCain

I just saw the vid of Asshole-in-chief TAP DANCING while waiting for McCane

Longshore Workers Will Walk Off Jobs May 1st To Protest Iraq War

Scalia on Torture: "Not Everything That Is Bad Is Unconstitutional"

What do you think about the recruiting office bombing in NYC

The Society of the Owned: The Rage of a Middle Class

There are times that I am ashamed to be a liberal

It's disgusting to see media bosses squandering limited resources on free PR for John McCain

Paging Dr. Dean.. Pick up the Blue Phone

CA State GOP fires worker facing immigration problems

Two young ladies, both Georgia natives, murdered this week

They are trying to get the Senate FISA Bill reconsidered on a point of order

INTERESTING... just went over my ignore list

women's art-women's vision: national women's history month honorees

F.B.I. Investigates Missing G.O.P. Money. HAHAHA!

Ruh Roh.

Former Republican Governor Says New Mexico State Officials Investigating Rep. Wilson (R)

Former Republican Governor Says New Mexico State Officials Investigating Rep. Wilson (R)


Al Franken getting a dose of dirty politics from Coleman

Republicans are STILL going on about Protect America Act

Like we didn't know this: 5 years on, DHS strains as goals go unmet

i have to wonder how much my neighbor's way of thinking permeates the electorate...

A thread a day or two ago about the poor quality of popular music

Government is too complicated. So are primaries, laws, fears, religion

U.S. plans to begin operating parts of 'virtual fence' along Mexican border

"Bill Clinton is a rapist, murderer and a traitor and she is married to him."

Freedom is on the march! Business Booming at Baghdad Brothels!

Eric Massa is again running for Congress against Randy (very un)Kuhl in NY29

Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated

If Obama is slimed out of getting the nomination, can I vote McCain?

16 years. Can Democrats think strategically and unite?

McCain supporters/LolCaption:

Justice Scalia's Two-Front War

surge update - Blasts Kill at Least 54 in Baghdad

Is the discussion of Israel a forbidden topic on the DU message board?

Please Listen to Iraqi Women: "If I was president -1st thing I would do is ask Americans to leave"

Mom Sentenced For Taking Nearly-Naked Photos Of Daughter As Punishment

Mom Sentenced For Taking Nearly-Naked Photos Of Daughter As Punishment

I often wonder if what is going on today in America is not by design.

The Dollar's Denial

Glenn Greenwald: Shocking new revelation: Unchecked government powers get abused

Law enforcement requests for postal info granted

State Dept: '02 War Vote Means We Can Stay in Iraq Forever

Reporters no longer interested in traveling with Rice

New "defense of democracies" ad. made by bastards.

My e-mail challenging Pelosi and my congressman on the FISA Bill

This is creepy, concerning sex offender

Scary or sensational? A machine that can look into the mind

Crackhead in Chief: "America is in the lead on climate change"

Dems and Pubs Battleground


U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures Rise as Owners `Give Up'

Fluorescent License Plates Proposed for Sex Offenders

Share your groups! I keep sane while reading DU by spending

The New Stalinism: Corporate Management of the Public Sphere


Whistle-Blower: Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier

Um, people are so desperate in Greensboro, they're stealing manhole covers

I'm confused about this Air Force tanker...

Did anyone hear Thom Hartmann's report on United Technologies,

Would someone please explain to me what

Tucker's jacket is hurting my eyes.

another gutted bu$h* agency---FAA--if you fly, read

Holy shit: I just pulled all these headlines from today's Reuters. Absolutely Mindbending

BREAKING --- She was also tortured. Emotionally. And by a U.S. President!

CIA chief admits to illegally spying on Americans

Family of vaccine injured child to appear on Larry King Live tonight.

Huntington News now reports on Sibel Edmonds' story... It's tricklin' out some more!

Pelosi Blasts McCain Over Anti-Catholic Pastor Hagee

Obama: The Ice Cream [UPDATED! A LOT!]

Net Worth of U.S. Households Declines for First Time Since 2002, Fed Says

Five Years Ago Tonight: That Fateful Press Conference

Syria, Iran Vow To Bolster Ties To Confront US And Israel

Time for Key Progressive Groups to ‘Get Together, Get It Together’

If only actors can smoke, everyone's a star-Minn Bar Patrons Get Around Law

Bush to McCain: ‘Four More Years!’

Here is a short quote from Orwell to help you understand FISA

wrong forum

Has anyone read 'Why Women Should Rule the World' by Dee Dee Myers?

British soldiers caught on tape beating up Iraqi children

Thank you, St. Patrick: "NYC pub owner bans `Danny Boy' "

AFL-CIO Executive Council: Trade Policies, Economic Downturn Go Hand in Hand

Cartoon:The Sub-prime Primer - A slideshow that Wall St firms are telling employees NOT to email

Obama's key foreign policy aide says campaign fucked up in Ohio, calls Hillary a monster

Does anyone know the call in number for Rachel Maddow's show?

The proverbial big S is about to hit the fan

Perino: "Don’t Know" If White House Will Seek Congress' OK for Permanent Iraq Occupation

AFA urges parents to keep their children home from school on "homosexual-sponsored" Day of Silence

AP: Outside Group Aims at McCain "McSame"

R.N.C. Snap Up Domain Names

Whatever happened to our War Czar?

KO about to discuss some Army General's

Bobby Kennedy Jr For Senate In NY 2012

'Lord of War' arms dealer Viktor Bout arrested in Thailand*** SAMs to FARC***

2008 Campaign Question .... Why the hell are we still in Iraq?

Commander Warns of al-Queda Threat to U.S. (AP) *Yawn*

Man Fatally Hurt Trying to Stop Thieves



Picture of Hillary: Notice the Background...

Cluster Bomb Clinton

U.S. lawmaker presses Colombia on judge's removal

For Sale: 51.1 Metric Tons of Carbon Credits!

Sen. Kerry Coming Up On Abrams To Discuss Siegelman Case

I like Margaret Carlson, but is it me or does anyone else think she looks like Marcy from "Peanuts"?

Murtha threatens Northrop-Grumman deal that includes jobs for Florida

The Nation: How the top U.S. contractor in Iraq skipped out on its taxes.

Hey, but at least the dollar is worth more than the Monopoly game board dollar....

Larisa Alexandrovna Has 2 Questions For Alabama Prosecutor Who Wants To Keep Gov. Siegelman In Jail

Larisa Alexandrovna Has 2 Questions For Alabama Prosecutor Who Wants To Keep Gov. Siegelman In Jail

Toon: Joel Pett on our over crowded prisons and the war on drugs.

BuzzFlash Readers... are you upset with what's going on there?

NYT: Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean?

Washington Post: A Foreign Air Raid?

Sen. Kerry on Abrams - Siegelman: "American People Have Right To Know Airwaves Not Being Censored"

Hey ya baby boomers! Want a laugh?

Abrams - more on Siegelman now n/t

Why is a school shooting in Israel a "Terrorist Act", but in the US it's a Mental Case?

HOLY HASTERT! Bill Foster is BEATING UberWus for the fat bastard's seat!

Chicago Tribune: 'Cheers' star approves message (wants to keep factories in the United States)

bush requested $7.7 million in cuts to Ryan White grant funding

Screw the MSM!

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Kennedy in support of mentally ill offender treatment and crime reduction legislation

Leahy, Specter Urge Senate Action On Media Shield Bill

Does New York Have a Serial Bomber?

Looking for your money? It's in Dubai!

Someone on DU is stalking me

{RAF} Airmen told 'no uniforms in city' (BBC) {anti-war sentiment}

Comic: The Derf TRUE STORY...

Question about ticket issued

Another consequence of a broken military - rampant gang activity

a little behind things here--will somebody please tell lme what the hell AQH is?

This video of two women punishing a little girl makes me want to give up on humanity.

Rockefeller calls for investigation into delays in getting wartime equipment to front lines

Rockefeller calls for investigation into delays in getting wartime equipment to front lines

The Sadness of Being John McCain

TSA Screeners

Asia Stocks Head for Biggest Weekly Drop This Year; Banks Fall

Need help to DU a coal poll

Keith Olbermann is just a horny sports-talk wannabe jock meathead living on Central Park South.

Disability by Denial: Need help:Blue Cross Rejects Critical Surgery for Orange County ICU Nurse

David Vitter Introduces Legislation to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

More On How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The US Military’s Human-Testing Program Returns

Wiley analyzes corporate America ... ('TOON)

Bloomberg: (Bushco Arms Dealer Company) Carlyle Fund Gets Default Notice After Margin Calls

"a crusty old politician" - actual caption (pic)

U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures Increase to All-Time High as Owners `Give Up'

I can't quite understand these cartoons

Charlie Crist wants the Dems to seat the delegates from Florida

John McCain just lost the election

BODY OF WAR opens in many cities this weekend - DON'T MISS IT!!


The Siegelman Case, a Political Prosecution Exposed

Teen who killed dad angry he couldn't use Internet

Not nearly enough Sen. Obama not nearly enough.

Not nearly enough Sen. Obama not nearly enough.

Not nearly enough Sen. Obama not nearly enough.

Baghdad Pups -- No Buddy Gets Left Behind (please help)

I Like Olbermann, but ....

Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority Not Seen in 30 Years: 60 Seats

Isn't this Treason?

Seen the Rolling Stone pro-Obama cover yet? Here's a little picture of it.

Florida Results are TAINTED; public was told no delegates would be seated

Maybe you want to rethink Obama before it's too late...

Scott Ritter: The losers' game

AP: Homeowner Equity Is Lowest Since 1945

Dow Jones: ECONOMIC REPORT - Fed reports household net worth down 3.6% in fourth quarter

They say excessive homophobia is a sign that someone's actually

21 dead dolphins found on Texas shore

'Frankenfoods' Giant Monsanto Plays Bully Over Consumer Labeling

Telecoms are now trying to censor text messages?!??!?

Chairman Reyes responds to DFA. DFA's answer: Prove it.

George W. Bush Library Design Contest

NCLB: Numbers You Don’t Hear About

Blue Dog Democrats May Give Bush Victory on Spying

Ethics proposal widely panned

Chicago's Snowiest Winter Since 1979 Depletes Budget

Canada Drops Testimony Given by Waterboarded Detainee

Pelosi: Surveillance Bill Focus Should Be on "Exclusivity"

21 Texan Counties w/o Republicans (3 w/o Democrats)

NRCC's treasurer, Christopher Ward, "had been faking the audits since 2003"

Dow 12,040.39 -214.60 -1.75%

A snapshot of the Greatest page: 233 GD-P threads, and only 122 non-GD-P threads...

Since I stopped reading GDP…

COMIC: Troubletown

Mississippi preview: Obama and Clinton demographic strongholds

Let’s build a courthouse at ground zero to try the Bush Admin., their allies and enablers.

Times Square Explosion

Kucinich impeachment resolution gets another co-sponsor -- Rep. Pete Stark

I'm going down there and kicking his ass out of MY house.

CA Station Sells Gas For $5 A Gallon

What keeps nagging at me about the "one speech" is this: Obama was right, Clinton was wrong.

Hey lurking freepers! Still deny the existence of global warming?

Bullshit is most important issue for 2008 voters...

Retired Military Generals Criticize President Bush For Preparing To Veto Anti-Torture Bill

Bush Uses Signing Statement to Legalize Warrantless Searches of US Citizens' Mail

I wish MSNBC would STOP using that igtard pat buchanan

Hey, all you blue state people, check this out.

The Manifesto of the Communist Party: 8 Minute Cartoon- BRILLIANT!

Mr Ortega "we are breaking off relations because of political terrorism" carried out by Colombia

Did JFK say "I am a Jelly donut?"

Bush Uses Signing Statement to Legalize Warrantless Searches of US Citizens' Mail

Former FBI Translator Makes Shocking Allegations

McCain earned his nomination by covering up Abramoff/Bush scandals

Bush, McCain dine on hot dogs in White House lunch


We're looking for experienced moderators to help out for the remainder of the primary season

Question. Can cell phones be used as bugs? I was wondering because

Obama will win Pennsylvania

Obama will win Pennsylvania

MSNBC Staffer Killed Leaving Work

About Teachers, Merit Pay and My learning experience.

Grand Canyon at least 17 million years old ---

REALITY CHECK: Obama +1 in delegates since Monday...

REALITY CHECK: Obama +1 in delegates since Monday...

sens. Cardin, Voinovich introduce resolution honoring Harriet Tubman

Today I planted 4 small trees in a public place.

SOUTHWEST = Southworst

"How Old Is Too Old?" Someone else who thinks McCain is too old to be President

Golf Pro Charged After Shooting Birdie

Al Gore entering the race late ala Hubert Humphrey...

What is a firehouse primary?

Election Madness By Howard Zinn

I propose that my fellow Obama supporters leave GD:P till we have a nominee.

Aha...Dean says FL and MI would not negotiate with the DNC...took it public instead.

court rules: parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool

For our dear California Peggy

There's only 10 kinds of people in the world

standard disclaimer

There's Not Much Steam Left In This Engine Tonight

Should all babies have genetic testing for mitochondrial disorder

"A Cottage For Sale"- Judy Garland

Okay, I promise this time,

Oh Hell No!!!

I Just Saw Martian Child. Ask Me Anything

Someone should post nekkid pictures of Alan Rickman

What is the whole Wesley Clark and Hatian Man-boobs thing that lots of people talk about.

"Alert. Nothing To Worry About"

Check out what a cool song I found on youtube

I will be picking up my 8 boxes of Girl Scout thin mint cookies tonight.

A question for feminists

It is Thursday, March 6, 2008...

I had to walk to work today

At early voting I had a Republican crossovvoter really get angry when I stamped his card Democrat.

Exercise for DUers

Nooooo! I am sick again!

If Pushed To The Left is our nominee, I'll...

Coffee helps my back pain

'Middle-class millionaires' (net worth $1 million to $10 million) now 10% of the U.S. population

Send a medical student to Cuba! I may have opened a door to a fine young woman....

The phallic symbol pic thread has displeased the Jenis

I'm confused...and YOU might be able to unconfuse me!

I salute matcom for his keen political observations

How hard is it to say "Good Morning"?

I salute matcom for his kinky political observations

YooHoo!!!! DS1!!!! I have a new video for you!!!!

HELP with identifying trumpet piece at the end of this video, please??!

Interviewing for a promotion

2 and a half months....

Embellish a news item to make it sound like it's the end of the world.


NO Shouting In The Lounge Today

anyone have Vonage

Today's "Humor": Funny or pathetic?

Patrick Swayze Christmas (Mystery Science Theater song)

Say it isn't so... I can't slam Bud Selig for being a republican

Robert Reich: Will HRC Spoil the Party?

I am jealous : Sarahbelle is worth more than me in bed.

How come there's no cheese flavored breakfast cereal?

The best band produced by Vince Clark.

I've never managed to watch Roadhouse all the way through

Hey! WTF did my summer go?

Computer help requested

So is LOLCatSpeak just I.R. Baboon talk?

License plate I saw today

Real Housewives of NY is despicable and disgusting

BoyMidlo just blew up the microwave.

I officially hate the Girl Scouts

Complaint Letter To Proctor And Gamble

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I stayed home from school today

Someone Wake Me Up

EarlG is begging for moderators in do you like his chances?

For the second time I bought bananas that did not ripen. WTF?

What door do you use most often?

Sorry. *This* is the gayest video! Chains of Love live by Erasure.

OT-Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer


I just got a telemarketing call...from an artist?

Newton Faulkner. What an incredible musician!

They're building a new Hardees practically around the corner from my house

I am so bummed.. My eye surgery I had today..failed

is this hell?

My Little Slutty Pony

HELP with identifying trumpet piece at the beginning of this video, please??!

Joe Jackson: Night & Day, or Night & Day II?

Eat Your Heart Out, John Travolta!

I would like to start a movement to change the spelling of "the" to "teh"

What is the "Southern Tier"?

which one of you is this?

I give Juno extra points for using a Buddy Holly tune

Ever notice how when somebody says, "I hate to say it, but I told you so,"

Has anyone heard from madinmaryland ?????

Sad today.

Make Yourself Useful On A Desert Island - What Job Do You Do And Why Would It Help The Tribe?

Today in 1857 - The Dred Scott case was ruled on.


People who read/frequent TWOP...interesting news...

Has DU ever made you go Code Brown in your pants?

You're tired, you need something to wake you up

Say No to McCain - call for contributors

When the workers in your office decides to order Chinese food for lunch

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey

We're looking for experienced moderators to help out for the remainder of the primary season

I don't usually post this kind of stuff, but...

Marines *Free Puppies (give this video a chance)

I need some help...(serious addiction problem)

OMG, is fulla starz!!!

Battling it out on the white board at work..... GDP style. :-)

When I was in high school, I proposed that we make cars out of uranium.

A scenario: What would you do "8 Upcoming Movie Adaptations That Must Be Stopped" (#1: Sex And The City)

"Its over Hillary, I have the Higher Ground"

Watchman fans... news stills!! (primary characters in costume)

what kind of incentive would I have to offer

Chicken Breast or Leg

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: "The fakest fake fakers on the fucking fake coast of Fake-islavia"

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: "The fakest fake fakers on the fucking fake coast of Fake-islavia"

St. Patrick's Day soon

not sure what to say about this....

Isn't 'gayest' a no-no?

If They Dont Get Enough Volunteer Moderators....Would They Draft Us?

What does it take to understand technology?

Some guy just called me a cityslicker!

Enough poltiics for a minute! Let's play a game called "If ya catch my drift".

Favorite scene from The Money Pit

Do you pronounce "to" and "too" differently?

What happened between 1986 and 1995 in Joe Theisman's life?

The call of Cthursday

Fred Phelps killed in railroad accident!

A Poll for the ladies:

The Onion News Network

I'm so broke....

Court Orders Britney to Cut Dad a Check for $2,500 a Week as her Conservator

In honor of Patrick Swayze - post your favorite Roadhouse quotes here

Would you knowingly allow yourself to be infected with malaria for $4000?

For Longhorn!!!!

My daughter got a ride in the Hillary Hummer yesterday.

My Son, The Corey Hart wannabe. (Toddler video link within!)

I'm gonna sue coffee companies.

Is it wrong to go out to eat when you are sick with a cold?

Hey, fellas, FYI: Men Who Do Housework May Get More Sex

If Life were like Three's Company, who would you be?

Favorite Patrick Swayze movie?

Texans: Just 'cause it's snowing it does NOT mean the roads are icy!

Hillary's not a DINO, she's just a bitch.

Should I, or should I not go to my 20 year HS Reunion?

Madinmaryland is in Delaware somewhere

If I only think I'm having fun, am I not having fun?



Anyone heard of a white fish called 'sway'?

There's some beautiful jazz coming through my headphones right now!

Anyone heard of a fish called "wanda"?

There's nothing grosser than a man with a hairy ass.

If Life were like Gilligans Island, who would I be?

Clinton/Obama Secks Thread

What quiche do you hate?

If life were like My Mother the Car, who would you be?

Are there any Progressive radio stations in Delaware.

Clinton/Obama Sex Thread

Breaking News: Delete

Who is Going To LynneSin's Delaware Delight Barbecue In April?

Clinton/Obama Sects Thread

Mad mad mad

Clinton/Obama Socks Thread

If Life were like Hogan's Heroes, who would you be?

Hey cats have something to tell you...

If Life were like Tovah Feldshuh's one woman show about Golda Meir, who would you be?

Screw Hawaii - we're going to MEXICO!

Screw Afghanistan - we're going to IRAQ!

Amy Winehouse Puts Cigarette Out On Her Own Cheek (ouch)

Posted in LBN....

If life was like The Twilight Zone, who would you be?

Hello fellow Beer-People

Keith Olbermann...


I was in Delaware today. Ask me any-fucking-thing!

I happened to get a picture of the largest dam in Delaware today...

Dam dam dam

What cliche do you hate?

And the 50 Motown and Marvin Gaye'st songs are....

So, I have a big interview today;

It's time to kill GD primaries!

If life were like Scooby-Doo, who would you be?

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three...

There's a lesson here....

Just watch a thing on Al Bundy - I didn't know he was THAT fucked up

SURVIVOR **Possible Spoiler**

hey temeah....

Great bands who inexplicably always have terrible videos?

My son teaching Rick Wakeman a thing or two (yet another toddler video link inside)

The things you learn on Wikipedia...


My WTF moment for the day.

Say what you want about BOTOX fans.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/6/2008)

I liked Gary Hart

If life were like the A-Team, who would you be?

heard these on Idol tonight... love them both

On the Issues.. a compendium of quotes & resources

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Should I shave my ass?

Pat Paulsen

I got bonuses from two clients today.

What character from English literature are you most like?

Perpetual War-This is how we play the time of war card forever to elect Republicans

My son's graduation gift - 4 wisdom tooth extractions

I am such a fool....

Irish Soda bread

Irish Soda bread

Wow. Kids make you feel OLD.

So, who is Lee Mercer going to pick for his VP?


Wow, back-to-back teevee shows with kids catching the 'rents in flagrante delicto

I picked up my GS Thin Mint cookies tonight at the Civic Club meeting, now I have 14 boxes.

What's everyone having/had for dinner?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/6/08

Crap, financial disaster has struck!

I Love Joan Rivers! "The only beard that looks good these days...

ok... not for nothing

Jericho fans......


Ground Control..... come in ground control

Say what you want about BOSOX fans. This video rocks.

hide me! quick!

I'm sitting here in the CCU.

Day Before Friday's fun fact:

How much reality do you introduce your children to, and at which age?

Need good vibes/wishes for my big brother

Have you had your cuteness quota today? Youtube.

I tried to start a thread in GD: P asking for sanity and it made things WORSE.

debunking the ''alpha'' dog myth --

I wanted to sleep, but my cat wanted to play fetch

Hey guys! I had a great night away from DU!!

any matchbox20 fans?

Flags of Our Fathers & Letters from Iwo Jima

They're burning bras on the Tyra show today.

Damn damn damn

Check out my new sig line!

And the 50 straightest songs of all time are....

Excuse me, but THIS is what they need in GDP

Shows that premiered this season that you've already completely forgotten?

Hi Lounge... it's snowing, the lights are flickering, and...

I tried to put Frontline on my cat but I am not sure I got it where it was supposed to go

OK, before I go to bed, I needto know

24 Hours with Braces. Here are some initial thoughts...

Is there an industry that motivates its employees in a positive way rather than by fear and guilt?

OMFG..... Look what i got in my email....

How come nobody raves about 13.13 any more?

Did anybody watch the new George Carlin special on HBO yet?

are you addicted to DU?

Photobucket clearing house... Pick your fav before I clean up my photobucket account

Songs with the word dream in the lyrics?



You know what REALLY REALLY irritates me?


It's not supposed to be snowing in TX!

Paging CaliforniaPeggy-EarlG needs mods for GDP

*******Breaking: Senator Clinton not Obama told Canada not to worry about NAFTA*********

What's the best way to get bumper stickers off the painted portion of a car?

If life was like M*A*S*H, who would you be?

How did you learn to cook?


Such Anti-Gay Bias On American Idol *SPOILER*

Movies shot in Portland, Oregon

I never thought I'd wish death on someone.

Mysterious water leak problem

If Life were like Gilligans Island, who would you be?

Hi Lounge! Had To Come Here For My 20,000th Post! Ask Me Anything!

I would like to introduce myself to all of you lounge lizards

Which Liberal stereotype are you?

Nance has the greatest GDP post evah! WOOT!

Gen X'ers Check in

Know your BFEE: Bush and His Crooks with Badges Sent an Innocent Man to Jail

Did anyone's life here get better after 25?

Maxims you would give to a Freshman entering College

American Airlines Criticized For Flying Only 5 Passengers Transatlantic



4 Tires = $1,200

Post a picture of someone who would be an excellent GDP moderator

Hillary is going to win Mississippi! I can feel the momentum!

Isn't he a cutie pie?

Single DU'rs Unite!!

What's the sexiest song you've heard?

Post your odd food combinations.

Apologize to a Du'er for something you did NOT do.

Anyone like Ice dancing?

The MSM is gaming America about Hillary, just as they did with Bush

An email I just received from my congressman

Why I am awesome! A salute to myself.

Name a scene in a movie that you couldn't stomach

Name a scene in a movie that you couldn't stomach

FBI Chief Confirms Misuse of Subpoenas = "personal records of thousands of Americans"

Turkey Resumes Strikes in Iraq's North

Officials: Planes narrowly averted mid-air crash near Pittsburgh

Fidelity Fined in SEC Probe of Private Jets, Escorts, Ecstasy

Judge holds ex-Peruvian officer financially responsible for massacre (U.S.District Court)

Howard breaks silence on election loss, defends legacy

Simmering domestic issues face next president

Attys: Iraq Rape Case (Halliburton) Belongs in Court

UC Davis dorms evacuated; freshman arrested on explosives charges

Free Care for Life, If Money Holds Out

DHS Strains As Goals, Mandates Go Unmet

Manila 'bomb plotters' arrested

The World's Billionaires

Army mustering IRR members, reinvigorating force

Authorities to Gain Fast and Expansive Access to Records

NATIONAL Dragnet Is a Click Away

Hollywood private eye on trial for mass wiretapping

Dole: McCain has a temper, but it's not a problem

Clinton's '35 years of change' omits most of her career

'NAFTAgate' began with remark from Harper's chief of staff

Seized laptop shows Chavez's rebel ties

Home Foreclosures

Both Obama And Clinton Hold Edge Over McCain

Whaling protester scales embassy

Foster (IL-14) airs TV ad featuring Obama (Dem chances for seat upgraded)

Threats up against federal judges, lawyers

National Dragnet Is a Click Away

PM's top aide set off storm with Obama NAFTA leak

Scary or sensational? A machine that can look into the mind

When Cops Go Bad Does the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau Even Notice?

Spain: Ex-detainees too damaged for trial

Venezuela is starting to block billions of dollars in Colombian imports and investment

Colombia takes more heat from Latin America left

Hillary: “I Have Felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit”

Spain drops request to extradite former Guantánamo pair

NYC police probe explosion at Times Square

Exclusive: Former NM Gov. Says State Officials Investigation Republican Vote-Buying Charges

Woman found guilty of arson in 2001 University of Washington fire

Judge: Money for Baptist School Is Wrong

Suicides rise among soldiers at war

Colombia: Raid in Ecuador was justified

Bombs kill more than 50 in Baghdad

Plight of Iraqi women a 'national crisis'

F.B.I. Investigates Missing G.O.P. Money

Eve Carson, UNC Chapel Hill Student Body President, Shot To Death

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 6

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 6

(CA) State GOP fires worker facing immigration problems

Sources: (Randy) Kuhl's Running Again (NY-29)

Bloggers react to Super Tuesday (DU Mentioned)

Dems Can't Win Without Superdelegates

De-leveraging rolls across markets, hitting safer mortgages

National Dragnet Is a Click Away

Jerusalem seminary attacked, 7 dead

Household wealth dips for first time since 2002

We're looking for experienced moderators to help out for the remainder of the primary season

Does New York Have a Serial Bomber?

The Siegelman Case, a Political Prosecution Exposed

Crude closes above $105 for first time

Drug Tied to China Had Contaminant, F.D.A. Says

Dean Urges Do-Over Voting in Fla., Mich.

Breaking: Puerto Rico switches to a Primary, moves up to June 1

Photos of Targeted Military Recruiting Station Were Sent to Members of Congress

Top Iraq contractor skirts US taxes offshore

Both Clinton and Obama reassured Canada on trade: reports

Eight killed at Jerusalem school

Republican Quits Senate Race in New Jersey

Breaking: Crandall Canyon Mine Owner Showed ‘Callous Disregard for the Law’

RIF Works to Save its Budget (Congress to cut funds for "Reading is Fundamental")

Clinton aide compares Obama to Ken Starr

Census Bureau facing huge cost increase, possible delays in 2010 effort

NPR Leader Out After Board Clash

Argentine killing suspect has been living in Miami

AP Chief: Press Freedoms, Other Constitutional Safeguards Among Casualties of 9/11

Nicaragua cuts ties with Colombia

Army: Psychiatrists needed on warfronts

McCain now has challenge of staying in public eye

Homeowner Equity Is Lowest Since 1945

Obama Campaign Raises $55 Million In February

Russian arms dealer arrested in Thailand

Democrats Try to End Impasse Over Delegates

Grand Canyon much older than previously thought

Esso pumps running on empty in Western Canada

26-Year Secret Kept Innocent Man In Prison

Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority Not Seen in 30 Years: 60 Seats

U.S.: Al-Qaida may be planning attack on U.S.

UNC Student Body President Found Dead

Ecuador, Venezuela Demand Condemnation

BREAKING: MI Caucus Likely, Says DNC Rules Committee

Records: Southwest Airlines flew 'unsafe' planes

Carlyle Group fails to meet margin call

Ecuador, Mexico probe deaths of Mexicans in raid

Court limits home-schooling to credentialed teachers

Andean countries brush off UN recommendation to criminalize chewing of coca leaves

Patrick Swayze Diagnosed with Cancer

OAS supports Ecuador, Venezuela on "path of true peace"

As alliances shift, Iran wins. Again

"I fell in love with a female assassin" (Colombia) - The Independent

Larry Chin: "The two winners of the 2008 presidential election: fear and war" (3-6-2008)

Clinton cribs from the Bush Florida stolen election in 2000 - Buzzflash

There's only one winner from this Democratic battle - the Republicans (The Guardian, England)

On FISA and Telecom Immunity - EXCELLENT, MUST READ BuzzFlash Op-Ed by Elliot Cohen

The Politics of Fear — Again

When Cops Go Bad Does the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau Even Notice?

Washington Politicians Are Gutting America Like A Fish

WSJ predicts PA is Clinton Territory

Why were they fired...?

A Curious Dream

I'm Tired of Being Cool -- Understanding My Love Affair With Barack Obama

One nation, behind bars -- lead Detroit Free Press editorial

ANALYSIS-Ecuador's Correa boosts standing in Colombia crisis

Hillary Seeks to Seat Delegation from Venus

Elite power has never been so powerful

I'm Pro-Military So I Support Senator Obama...

McCain's Consistent Folly on Iraq

Is IKEA Giving Danes the Doormat Treatment?

Hillary’s LAFTA on NAFTA — AFTA Barack Got the SHAFTA

Breaking the Nuremberg Code: The US Military’s Human-Testing Program Returns

Attractions of a Clinton-Obama ticket (Commentary)

Close Down the Caucuses

WS Journal: The Limbaugh Effect on Clinton's Texas Win

Did Clinton Win Ohio on a Lie?

BAIT AND SWITCH By "Hoss" David P.

Why Obama is scared...The $50 million contract for Companion Security "turns up in Iraqi

The Good, The Bad and Bumping Uglys -- Some Thoughts on Masturbation and The Good Book: Part I

Bloggers react to Super Tuesday (DU Mentioned)

Guess Who's Getting the Most Work Visas?

Hugh Cort for President campaign ad

Hillary Nude Tribal Dancing

Barack Obama in Houston, TX

Bush's Endorsement Of McCain

In Honor of President Bush's Latest Press Conference...

Cornell West on Barack Obama

ONN: 'Bullshit' Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

Obama Aide Says He's Not Ready

TYT Breaks Down Bush Endorsing McCain

McCain Farts, Hillary Confused

Airbus 320 almost crashes

Abrams doesn't believe "Hillary can't win" situation, entire panel disagrees with him

State Department official won't agree administration consult Congress before deployment of troops

One Example of Why We MUST Stop the MOTHERS Act

Hillary: Have You No Sense of Decency?

The Road to Victory


Olbermann: 'War on Constitution' 3/06 - Iraq, Fear (w/ John Dean)

Family Room-MTV

Olbermann: 'Worst Persons' 3/06 - Brit Hume, Body Language

Dean says FL, MI delegates won't be seated without a new primary

Susan Rice on Tucker: What foreign policy experience?

Dean on ABC about FL and MI delgates today

A TYT Tribute to Fallen GOP Candidates

Dean on Today Show with David Gregory..

Hillary McClinton Strikes Again

Dean on American Morning today about FL and MI delegates

McCain and Hagee: TPMtv looks at this idiot and his religious and anti-Catholic idiocy

"Soldiers and Democracy: Know Your Rights!" by Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr. (3-5-2008)

Bush endorsement may be risky for McCain

Amy Goodman: War hits home in Vermont

Months before 9/11, TV show pilot has airliner crashing into WTC

Obama - Building a Religion

Turkmenistan's plan for baby boom (BBC) {WTF!!}

Power outage in Karachi over no bill payment (entire city of 15 million blacked out)

Minister admits nuclear fuel plant produces almost nothing

Is the Mass Exodus About to Begin - Maybe So

7:25 EDT - Nymex Crude Futures $105.74, Tapis spot price $109.09

Applied Materials stock up on $1.9 Billion solar power deal

New Jersey gets 3 wind farm proposals

Downward spiral (UK coal)

Bush - Backing Away From Ethanol No Answer To Food Price Hikes - Instead, Go Cellulosic!! - NYT

Lump sums (peak coal: Guardian UK)

Bush: ‘America Is In The Lead’ On Climate Change

Coal project stirs interstate spat (MN/SD)

Turning Glare Into Watts

Oil Analyst Says Renewables Get Competitive

Concerns rise over severe flooding risk (Maine)

How organic corn triumphed over chemical corn

Sports car that runs for a year on one tank of petrol

NRC extends comment for Italian waste (in Tennessee)

Nuke industry seeks storage sites

Roscoe Bartlett is up in the House (Cspan 1)

Radioactive dump could get OK despite proximity to groundwater

Comment period extended for foreign nuke waste import issue (in Utah)

Rare gray wolf found in Bay State (Mass.)

Plant seeds 'adapt to city life' (BBC)

Camera Spots Wolverine in Sierra Nevada

Nevada's 'Divine Srake' Revived? Nuclear - Nuclear - Surprise? Surprise?

Olympic Organizers, Sponsors Demand 3,000 Chauffeur-Driven Cars For "Green" Games - Times Of London

Cosco Busan Owner to Pay $2 million

Australia to lay out plans to end Japanese Whaling at International Whaling Commission meeting


Study: Solar Thermal Power Could Supply Over 90 percent of U.S. Grid Plus Auto Fleet

90% renewable energy target is achievable (New Zealand)

Bananas facing extinction? {one variety, anyway}

A GM fuel cell vehicle parked at Pep Boys?

Why Japan persists in hunting whales (BBC)

Group Asks S.C. to Halt Nuclear Plant

Olbermann: 'Before and NAFTA' 3/06 - Clinton Camp, Canada, Ken Starr, McCain

Today in Labor History 6 March

Eric Lee: One day - three challenges

Nebraska labor wins a BIG one


4,200+ Mercy hospitals workers to vote on unionizing

NYT: Food-Service Workers Rally to Press Demands With Operator of Cafeterias

NYT: Guides Say Museum Is Blocking Union Drive

Catholic Healthcare West and SEIU Begin Negotiations for 15,000 Hospital Workers

Union Voters Made Up One-Third of Ohio, Rhode Island Voters

United mechanics to vote on joining Teamsters (letter of support from Sen. Obama)

AFL-CIO Union Movement Embarks on Massive Drive for Employee Free Choice

Six NEA Local Associations Affiliate with AFL-CIO

Washington, D.C., May Become Second City with Paid Sick Leave

AFL-CIO Backs a Green Jobs Economy

Pennsylvania Union Movement Kicks off Political Grassroots Mobilization

Welcome to Four New AFL-CIO Executive Council Members

AP: AFL-CIO Gearing Up to Go After McCain

Time to Pay the (Patsy Cline’s estate etc) Musicians, Says AFL-CIO Executive Council

Union group urges withholding Whole Foods CEO vote

Cintas sues labor unions for racketeering




(Debt Collector Woes) What Debt Collectors Can't Do

Sign the petition to redo the $40 Billion contract given to AirBus at Sen. Patty Murray site - Link

Grand Old Protectionists

$75M in Gift Cards Could Become Worthless

Hate to say "I told ya so.......".

Some Borrowers Hit New Snag In Refinancing

Credit crunch hits Carlyle unit

I recently paid off all my creditors.

Beginner's Guide to OAS: The OAS, the Yankee Colonial Ministry, Born in Colombia/Survives in Wash.

Pres. Hillary will be Bush Lite?

When a Massacre isn’t Just a Massacre: Bush’s Hand Behind the Murder of Raul Reyes

ABOUT THOSE FARC COMPUTERS - direct from Colombia

The Independent: A life or death decision (gay Iranian student faces deportation & death)

A strong suggestion on the use of names.

Six Accused Of Attack On Gay Jewish Teen

Judge: Money For Anti-Gay Baptist School Wrong

GLAAD and gay high school form alliance to foster next generation of LGBT journalists

The Winter Party: Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, Sunday, March 9th Boston

Right wing magazine 'clears up confusion' on gays

Sex orientation bill goes to full House-West Virginia!

Hey LGBT old timers were any around SF for this?

Exclusive ticket offer for Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Tour

Report: Gaza crisis 'worst since 1967'

Qassam strikes Sderot house; no injuries

Four wounded as Qassam rocket hits Sderot home

Self delete - needs to be op ed or article. Ooops!

Egypt opens talks with Hamas and Jihad on truce with Israel

As alliances shift, Iran wins. Again

Poll: More Americans are pro-Israeli

The mega prison of Palestine

Report: 4 killed in Jerusalem terror attack

Gaza man assassinated and run over, baby shot in the head

The Best of DU...? LGBT edition: Part 2

Quiet US Support for Egypt's Gaza Effort

Ashkelon man builds homemade missile

Libya Blocks UN Council Condemnation Of Jerusalem Attack -AFP

Jerusalem seminary attacked, 7 dead

Soldier killed in strike on IDF jeep near Gaza border

Hamas exploitation of civilians as human shields: Photographic evidence

Gaza: Thousands celebrate Jerusalem attack

A quote from Jill Biden about Hillary has been popping into my head for a while

Is anyone, or does anyone want to go to Denver anyway? I'd really

Gateley says hi!

A good time to get together with old friends?

"Find ten people today who look like they could use a smile, and try to give them one."

Nourouz - Islamic New Year/Spring

Favre press conference @ 12:30pm EST, on ESPN

Golfer Faces Charges in Hawk Killing

Favre's retirement treated like when Reagan died

"A New Earth" - Week 1 webinar

Has there ever been a bigger disaster/destruction of a great name franchise than the Kincks?

Daily Cosmic Calendar

I am almost afraid to ask this... any Enbrel users? need info!!!

Bill Gates Encourages New Health Ideas

Government Concedes Vaccine Injury Case

Parents of first US Government acknowledged vaccine related autism case to appear on Larry King

RI: The new strategy of the antivaccination movement: Autism is a "misdiagnosis"...

Free Care for Life, If Money Holds Out

Damaged Care 2008: Blue Cross Blue Shield Gets Ready to Game Universal Healthcare

Funny food post from GD:P

Spring has sprung

YASP Yet another spring pic

Photos outside a shoe store

Lutheran Pastor charged in prostitution sting (Charlotte, NC)

Internet Child Sex Sting snares Conneautville Methodist minister

One reason this forum is such a pleasant place has to do simply with the nature of photography -

Priest on Leave Dies; Accused of Sexual Abuse

Skiing in Switzerland

A month or so back I asked if there was a noticeable reciprocity

Ecuadorian Prelates Ask Citizens to "Remain Calm"

Time lapse of San Francisco shot on February 8th 2008.

Choir director arrested, allegedly found performing sex act with man in alley

Puss, puss in the Bush

Bishop forbids group from spreading material it claims is divine

Venezuelan Bishops: Nothing Good Comes From War

Favorite books? (not recipe books)

Definitive Proof of Creationism Listen and Weep Eviloutionists!

tonight I went into GD-P (what was I thinkin')

Satellite shows Saturn moon might have rings (AP/CNN)

Jodrell Bank fears funding loss (BBC)

Giant telescope opens both eyes (BBC)

Armed man stops school shooting.

Anyone read the idiocy that is Perry Marshal?

Feds Cite Hassles if ID Law Not Followed

Debunking the 9/11 *Anti-No-Plane-Theory* Myths

A picture of me and the wife...

OSU Election Law's Foley: NO Enforcement of CROSS-OVER Requirement in OH Counties

Citing Vendor’s Pending Sales Contracts/Conflict of Interest, Groups want Independent Investigation

Ohio’s Primary and Election Reform – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Pressure on MA elected to give their opinion about Cape Wind

To counter or ignore?

NYT needs some LTEs. Usual dismissiveness of Obama.

The treasurer of Republican Congressional fundraising in 2004 also worked with the SBVT

JK coming up on MSNBC

Revisiting the Old Kerry Blog

John Kline tries to remove Paul Wellstone's name from his legacy bill on mental health parity

A streetcar named "SPAM"

Glen Maxey - this was a classy thing to do

Macias, enemy of public ed., is out?

Hey, guys, go k & r this

Texans: Would you prefer a pure primary system in 2012,

Does Rick Noriega Face A Run-Off?

***!!!TEXAS STATE FORUM GETS 50,000th POST!!!***

Gene Kelly beat Rick Noriega in Galveston, Brazoria, and Chambers Counties?!?!? WTF was going on in

D/FW DUers: Post-Caucus Party this Saturday!

Texas County check-in - Sound off

Thanks to DU, I've just sent a motivational email to my local Obama supporter network.

Bill Bradley rattles the Clinton skeletons

Should we be getting our Florida and Michigan machinery in place?

New York Times needs LTEs.

Good news for Obama supporters

Daily Kos Diary on the Cult Meme

Wow! My mother is voting for Barack Obama for President!!

MS has an open primary. The GOPers already have McCain.

It's like a shot in the arm that Obama has ended up winning more delegates out of TX than Hillary

Anyone see serious correction in media on Canada's Naftagate.

Just in case y'all miss me....

nice little interview on ABC tonight

Can we some way use Clinton's praise for McCain against her?

CFRA AM: Watchdog Drops Probe of Rosh Hashanah Cards

CBC: Harper aide accused of sparking NAFTA-gate

CFRA AM: Liberals to Propose Non-Confidence Motion (not what you think)

Are we opposed to beheadings?


Analysts warn of oil price bubble

National Post blog: Jack Layton finds his NAFTA groove — Harper approves

It is interesting CTV seems to be working very hard....

NCLB: Numbers You Don't Hear About

Home Schooling Found Unlawful by California Court of Appeal

Countdown Prime Time Edition NBC Sunday March 30th

Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box

Obama camp takes aim at Clinton for refusal to release tax returns

GD Love for Keith (For Once)

oops...wrong place again.

Bill's speaking fees will be way way worse than any campaign finance scandal

How to Read the Buckeye Vote: Does Obama have a serious problem with white working-class voters?

Even in Victory, Clinton Team Is Battling Itself: WP, pg1, major story on Clinton campaign

Foster (IL-14) airs TV ad featuring Obama (Dem chances for seat upgraded)

NYT, pg1: Lesson of Defeat: Obama Comes Out Punching

From Nyangoma-Kogelo, Kenya: The Obamas of the World

Clinton's Blueprint for Victory

Joe Klein: The Race Goes On; "SNL" changes the zeitgeist, Hillary defines herself as a public figure

KOEB Meeting: 03/06/08 -- I Hate the Primaries Edition

Women represented a staggering 59% & 57% of Democrat electorates in OH & TX, respectively

Ladies and gentlemen, an all-out attack on KO has been posted

Patrick Swayne dying of Cancer -

(TOON) Rowson on the referendum debacle

State House Crock! and The Peoples Legislature meets March 13th

Senate approves Great Lakes Compact

GB GOP Chair re-charged with child sex crimes

Atheist Soldier Says Army Punished Him

Self-study project: Barack Obama