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Hey, um, didn't John "I still love the Vietnam War" McCain tell...

The Field Projects Obama Winner of Texas Conventions


Seriously, our side (democratic/liberal?) will win but....

Seriously, our side (democratic/liberal?) will win but....

When do the campaigns have to announce the March donations?

Hillary Clinton's Iraq Lies... ...So how did becoming a foreign policy warhawk to fuel

If You Don't Like Jeremiah Wright, Then Don't Vote for Him

I am very confused about what is going on in Texas

The benefits of having Hillary in the race

I would like to beat this horse one last time just to make sure it is dead (MI redo)

Hillary buying superdelegates off with PAC contributions

Dear Mr. Russert:

a new way at the convention?

These "Divisions" I keep hearing about.

These "Divisions" I keep hearing about.

Samantha Power (prior to "m" word gate). On foreign policy not like senior's, link...

Watch this video of a speach Al Gore gave

Carvilles are bugging out of D.C. Guess the writing is on the wall! Bye Bye.

Obama Claims Texas Caucus (and Overall Delegate) Win

Back in the Real World . . . .

It's the anxiety of the unknown.

Barack Bowl

It's the Deregulation, Stupid

Barack Bowl

Austin Statesman: Obama campaign says he won Texas

How to challenge McCain on his 'Senior Moments'...

This is controversial but I think we should b NICE about Scaife.

Obama buying superdelegates off with PAC contributions

Obama's unique ground camaign in PA

TPM: Clinton: All the Way to Denver ("It's about FL and MI. Period.")

When can we expect more TX caucus results? Anyone??

Do you intend to gloat for a week on DU if your candidate wins the nomination?

200 posts im 1/5 of the way to credibility

Nominee by C-Section or natural birthing?

March Contest Results 4 to 2 in favor of Obama

Obama: Hillary "Can Run As Long As She Wants" - "She is a fierce and formidable opponent"

Does John McCain suffer from Senile Dementia?

New Rass Head to Head matchups: McCain 47%, Obama 44%; McCain 50%, Hillary 40%

Does anyone know the current delegate numbers for Obama and Clinton?

This is not good economics. (Hillary's finances)

Al Gore's Message To Climate Skeptics

So, you want to abandon state conventions and the Electoral College?

Someone upstairs is smiling down on the future President, President Obama

I think Hillary should stay in the race, BUT

Hillary really was under fire in Bosnia...

I have been gone all morning...Did the pundits discuss the results from last night? nt

Hillary really was under fire in Bosnia...

Today's news indicates that Obama is decisively winning the delegate count in Texas.

McCain's Mother Is Long Lived, But How Old Was His Father When He Passed On

John Edwards and Hillary views coincide

I'm think it's time to revert back to a monarchical system.

I guess the "new" line of attack will be ... patriotism

Forget "The Math" - it's all about "The Cash"

Help openly gay candidate Jim Neal defeat hate-mongering bigot Elizabeth Dole for U.S. Senate!

Bill Bennett on CNN was just saying that

LOL! Did you see this Curtis 'toon from the other day?

a question for each side ...and i am, for sure ,serious

Not making any major purchases until the election? Fair or Not?

President Obama...

A party this divided always loses....always!

Why not just toss a coin? nt

Obama's wife started the mud slinging


Clinton42 a guest at the CDP convention this weekend

Has Hillary accepted the debate in NC yet? If not, what's the excuse for not doing so?

Historians on Wilentz

Hillary's "secret" strategy is to win the popular vote.

3 Cheers for Grandma: holding down the Obama Fort

It appears to me Hillary has slain one of her fiercest dragons. Congratulations dear Hillary!

STREAMING NOW ON CNN.COM: Obama live at Penn State. 1:37 pm est, hasn't started yet.

Grow up people!!! This is appalling.We are supposed to be grown -ups!

They say you can tell how a candidate would run their administration by the way they run

Time to think about Gore again.

What views do you project on Obama? • How disappointed will you be?

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound?

NYT: McCain doesn't know if condoms prevent STD's @ Q & A

The real enemy is the media, and they see themselves as the only superdelegates.

Gallup Daily: Obama Now at 52% to Clinton’s 42%

Hmmmm.........does Danny Donkey sound like anyone we know?

Obama advisor admires Israel

I'm headed to Wal-mart to buy some jeans

Hillary "lies" but Obama simply "errs...."

Stop now!

One Question

Sean Hannity says "Judge Not Lest You Be Judged" COME ONE, COME ALL

can you Obama supporters accept a Hillary victory ?

It's been 2 months now. Why hasn't John Edwards endorsed Obama?

Re an Edwards endorsement: Did Obama blow it?

Up is down, Black is white, bad is good as Hillary courts R.M. Scaife

Obama says Clinton should stay in race 'as long as she wants'

Where is the music from on the Hillary in Tuzla video? (Not the

It is time to dump the bucket and start over. Please join in.

Barack's Mother-In-Law holding down the Obama family fort

Words, phrases and other things I want to BAN from this campaign. Yes ban.

Bill Bennett on CNN was just saying that

If Saddam had invaded Saudi Arabia what would have happened?

There he goes again - Obama playing the race card just by being black

Transformational leaders are not always better, effectiveness and ethics can suffer -Joseph Nye

Superdelegates acting like typical Democrats

Not going to vote for the nominee? You're missing out on history.

I heard a rumor.

She's Going The Distance

Clinton in Indiana - to the roar of the packed crowd

Why Is Hillary Still In The Race?

Rasmussen- Obama maintains lead, trails McCain by only 3 while Hillary loses by 10.

Obama: Hot ticket (Pics)

Who's Favored In The Ten Remaining Primaries & Caucuses

Allowing MI and FLA to determine the outcome of the election is wrong

I will vote republican if candidate X doesn't get the democratic nomination!

Obama now leading Texas vote 56-44 with about 86% in

"The real enemy is the media, and they see themselves as the only superdelegates." - Eschacon

Obama losing Virginia by 11 points to McCain

Matcom Speaks To 117,986 People Every Damned Day

"I'm voting for McCain because I don't want the Dems getting blamed for not cleaning up this mess"

If you were an Edwards supporter who's now supporting Hillary

The only scenario for nominating Gore that works for the Party

Eric Margolis: Clinton-Obama spat benefits McCain

I heard my preacher say in a Southern Baptist Church in Texas

Cnn does a 180 on Wright portrays him in good light

I visualize the moment on January 20, 2009 as Barack Obama takes the oath of office

Has Barack got the midus touch to fix the conomy?

I'm taking some Hillary supporters OFF my ignore list.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/30/08 - Obama down 1 (47), Clinton unchanged (42)

She wants to take it to the Convention? Fine. Give her that poison pill

Any Prairie Home Companion fans here? Write a sonnet and win!!!


Clinton all over the TV giving praise to "Moderate McCain" and giving him more creds for the GE.

If I had to sum up the neediness of the Clinton campaign into a single sentence, it'd be this:

Historians: Obama "rare politician who can stretch the meaning of democracy"

To those of you that are upset with Hillary's campaign debts ----

Did anyone watch the ABC interview with Lieberman today?

Edwards's endorsement would be interesting if it happens, but I'm not holding my breath...

Tucker Carlson doesn't understand anything about race.

Hypothetical: Gore vs Obama -- who would you vote for?

I heard my preacher say in a Southern Baptist Church in Texas

I'm headed to Target to buy stuff

Black people and white people love Barack Obama

Salon: Michelle Obama on "ignorant" America

i think hill should go ahead and fight on.

Sen. Barack Obama tours the dairy complex and barns of Penn State University - pics

The Dem Primary to McCain is what the Feds are to Bear-Stearn; A Financial Bail Out.

Tax Returns, Library/Foundation Donor Lists, Earmarks.

What do you think of Bill Clinton's argument that he was in third place

delete duplicate post

Hillary's New Video Game -- 3:00 a.m. call to duty (Bill Maher)

BREAKING NEWS: Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin's remains found in Iraq.

I was ambushed by James Carville on the way to Wal-Mart

An 08 Democratic Primary solution.

Juan Williams is an idiot!

Possible Repub dirty trick on CNN web site . . .

CNN says Obama is "just barely ahead" of Clinton in pledged delegates

Winning over white, blue-collar men is key to Pennsylvania's Democratic primary

Gallup Daily: Obama Now at 52% to Clinton's 42%

Clinton liked Bush I's Desert Storm?

Two videos of an eloquent Obama supporter -- they've been around for a bit

Poll: Do you think using Scaife's paper as a platform to attack a fellow Dem is appropriate?

Breaking: Tennessee Governor Joins Other Governors At Big Sky Resort, Promotes Superdelegate Primary

Goal Posts in Iraq Keep Moving, Goal Posts in Hillary's campaign keep moving...

Both Obama and Clinton now losing the EV to McCain (latest polls)

This just in on CNN!!!!!

How Clinton can win the popular vote

At Last, a Caucus Result (of Sorts) From Texas

Co-Presidency Anyone?

I trust the Super Delegates

Check in here if you love the Obama videos

My wife: Clinton Me: Obama

If they can we!

omg!!!!11!!! obama said something!!!11!! this is hugh!!!11!!

self delete

What are Hillary's chances to win the Dem nomination?

Senator Obama’s Theoretical Impasse

Taking the fight to the convention? Sound familiar. Same talking point that another candidate used..


Edwards endorsement is now meaningless.

Pelosi: Dem nominee will be chosen in June! (ABC)

Familiarity with Obama's writings

Major money problems in the Clinton camp may soon become a coroner knocking on her campaign door

Obama attacks Hillary on at least 166 different occasions

The Florida Primary; A Different (and never reported on) Viewpoint

What did Gore say about the Presidential campaign?

'Barry' learned to like Punahou

Popular vote totals according to real clear politics

Looking for informed insight, re Obama, economics, Colombia

How are Hillary supporters dealing with her repeated lie about her Bosnia trip?

Question: What's the implication in asking how Obama lived on a small salary as a Chicago activist?

A chance to make up

Kuchnich (just a bit on CNN)

The last, best option for Florida and MIchigan. Strip the Syperdelegate empower the voters,

Jackson Lee at odds with her constituents

Obama To Blame If The Dem Contest Goes To The Convention

Don't push me...

Hillary will say anything and change nothing

Obama more than any candidate past or present is who we need in 2008. Here's why:

30,000 flood Girardville for Bill Clinton’s visit

Olberman is on NBC right now! He showed a clip of Obama

Bill Clinton ... It is over

Party fears tight Obama-Clinton finish

About the youth turnout in the primaries....

Please explain exactly what is going to happen to make her the nominee.

The Texas outcome is proof that republicans were up to dirty tricks

Pfleger welcomes Wright at roman catholic church video

Has there ever been a situation in the past where neither candidate

Edwards declines to endorse Obama, Clinton.

Latest results from Texas County Conventions

Prediction: Clinton Backers Will Get Over It

How Many Nations Does The United States Have Troops In?

Why can't HRC defenders ever give a straight answer about their candidate?

I'm Gonna Make a Bold Prediction: The Race will be over on April 22nd When Obama wins PA.

New Backing for Obama As Party Seeks Unity

A letter to the Clinton supporters, explaining why people support Obama

Why calling out misogyny matters

Obama Says He'll Throwback to Bush 41, Reagan . .

What a Difference a Week Makes

The audacity of hate

Robert Parry: Telling Truth Early

A Tale of Two Sources

The Only Obama Supporters I Know Are the Ones on DU

The Only Obama Supporters I Know Are the Ones on DU

Hillary says the surge is working

Al Gore eschews any "Boss Tweed" role for himself

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana FIRED UP

For Obama supporters who say that Obama is 'antiwar'.

Let’s put the Obama/Wright flap in context (Bill Allen / Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Kate Walsh Visits Bryn Mawr

You know that book that Newsweek always publishes after the Presidential Election...

This is very interesting - Obama's debt is less than a million, Hillary's more than 5 million

New Backing for Obama ----- As Party Seeks Unity

After reading through all of the Hillary debt

Should The United States Increase Its Armed Forces By Over 90,000 Troops

Klobuchar To Endorse Obama

Obama is our nominee, McCain is the enemy, and Clinton is just noisy

Wall Street Journal: Obama picks up 7 superdelegates!!!

The Snipergate lie was a LIE. How can anyone defend it?

Lieberman blasts Obama, while giving credit to Clinton for her stance on his Iran bill

Why John Edwards' endorsement = DU's Great Pumpkin

Why John Edwards' endorsement = DU's Great Pumpkin

New Hill vid

CBC News' "Misplays of the Week" are Hillary's Bosnian sniper and Obama's birth ...

FLASHBACK - No sitting Senator has won Presidency since JFK

Gonna play with some more numbers... I think Obama can hit 2024 pretty easily

If I were a Hillary suppporter, .....

Obama's tutu a Hawaii banking female pioneer

Minimum wage in 1985 was 3.35/hr x 40 hours wk = $134.00 x 52 weeks = $6968.00 before taxes, ok? n/t

I bought "The Audacity of Hope" today. And so far, it's been absolutely wonderful.

Obama's Statement on the Countrywide Payouts

The best thing happened after Clinton's gaffe on Bosnia:

If Edwards will endorse Hillary, it'll be after Pennsylvania

Ok, so I'm driving my bus today.

"The Texas jokes end today, folks" (from DKos)

Can you envision Hillary running on a third party if she loses nomination?

A Cautionary observation: Who is more important, the clintons or the party?

Kudos to the People of Texas from a Fellow Texan

Obama Was First to Use Race Card

Ground Game Notes Obama Campaign from Chester Co. PA!

Perception of Electability At Stake For Obama In Coming Primaries

Clinton Debts By Vender

I respect Elizabeth Edwards and her right to her opinion she is a strong woman.

The Biggest Indicators of Long-Term momentum

Are you willing to sacrifice your principles to win in Nov?

Where DOES Edwards stand?

If Hillary's Campaign Were Playing Football, They'd Insist Only Touchdowns Count Towards A Win

WaPo: Don't Stop Campaigning

Is Karl Rove on Hillary Clinton’s Payroll?

HillHaters circulating pro-Obama lies about BO's voting record

Sexism, the Women’s Vote and Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy

Cash-strapped Clinton fails to pay bills

It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!

Rendell vs. Kerry

Obama liked Bush I's Desert Storm?

Sheila Jackson Lee's district went 90% for Obama, was boo'd y'day's convention for voting Hillary

Sheila Jackson Lee's district went 90% for Obama, was boo'd y'day's convention for voting Hillary

Hillary goes into the lion's den and comes out with a lion's skin: Richard Mellon Scaife's

An Argument in Favor of the Caucus Portion of the Texas Primaries

Obama bowled a 37 last night in Altoona

Obama and Dean have changed the game and the Pubbies and DLC are pissed

Kerry targets McCain and 'Republican disaster' -candidates should focus on McCain.

Kerry targets McCain and 'Republican disaster' -candidates should focus on McCain.

Hillary's new friend Scaife's paper on Al Gore today: "less credibility than a cartoon character."

The Clintons Court the R/W Because They are Better at Knee-Capping Fellow Dems

Why I think Hillary could be dangerous as President

Obama's PA Bus Tour--Video!

And...! We will kill some Iraqis tomorrow. Our tax dollars at work...

John Q. Adams speaks from the past about our future

The Michigan and Florida situations are resolved

Photos of the improperly-run Webb County Convention

The same Hillary supporters who said ...

PHOTOS: Barack Obama today at Penn State, and Edward's Bar & Grill watching Kansas, Davidson game

National Center for Science Education: Antievolution legislation in Louisiana

All Seven NC Dem House Members to Endorse Obama!!!

Iraq fighting death toll nears 300

Thank GOD for Kos, Firedog, Hullabaloo, BartCop, Crooks and Liars

Hillary's Foreign Policy Agenda "Would Center on Patriarchal Notions of Militarism and Conquest"

how would you answer a kids statement " I think I'm a democrat"

Another Bullshit Attack on Obama that Offends Me Personally.

Zimbabwe opposition claims election win on early results

The Game’s Not Over, Clinton Backers Agree

Churches experiencing thefts -- who knew?

Obama Overstates Kennedys' Role in Helping His Father

Taleban didn't bring Bin Laden to Afghanistan, says former aid worker

Truthdig: The Decriminalization of Corporate Crime

Pep talks at Obama's church - - "Let your enemies in your fight bring out the best in you."

Air Force pushing conversion to fleet powered by liquefied coal

Baghdad under curfew for third straight day - Imagine living like that

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,007 for some WMD that never really were there

GORE on 60 MInutes now!!

Will Cheney Ever Sleep on a Concrete Bed?

Main players in Iraq's Basra


Stop the profiting from war in Iraq

Can a state governor simply withdraw National Guard forces from Iraq?

The US Economy: A Russian Perspective

"Blowing out my candle won't make yours any brighter"

(To me) The most disturbing of the Clinton Campaign Debts....

Anything about Siegelman's release on MSM?

I hope Obama has enough protection.

Trinity United Church With Obama`s New Pastor Otis Moss III Now Live

Michael Ware on HBO: "America broke this country... for better or worse

We need to agree on a nickname for McCain Poll.

BREAKING: Sources allege that John Edwards to get a haircut on Monday

The Top Ten Craziest Things John McCain Has Said While You Weren't Watching

I wonder why Senator Obama did not attend the game last night

Mahdi Army Now Cruising around in American-Issued Humvees

I am tired of the Floridian whining

Today's Gallup Poll (3/30)-Obama 52%-Hillary 42%!!!

Earth hour pix

Idiot blogger Roger L. Simon gets his asshat handed to him.

why does the head of the CIA wear a military uniform?

British army says it has joined in Iraq fighting by firing artillery into Basra

Hayden (CIA Director) on MTP re: Domestic Syping: "All Calls Intercepted Were International."

I was heart broken In '72 I thought McGovern would ekk out a victory against Nixon,

Richardson: "I think loyalty to the nation, loyalty to the party is a lot more important

I wonder if this soldier realizes he is describing Shock and Awe?

It should be obvious that Al Sadr is the real reason behind the surge's "success"

Scuffle Outside Olympic Flame Stadium

Safety Fears Shut Another Murray Energy Mine In Utah

Hillary Clinton Turning the Bluegrass State Blue

Hillary Clinton Turning the Bluegrass State Blue

WalMart forces brain-damaged woman to pay court settlement. (How you can help her.)

A Hillary loss will NOT set the women's rights movement back 50 years.

Obama Wins Texas!!!!!

Good lord, could Michael Hayden get more boring!

Hillary Clinton's Iraq Lies

Iraqis short of food, water as fighting rages

Seymour Hersh: "Don't Trust Washington On Iraq"

Self-Delete and post in correct forum!! Sorry...EOM

check in here if you turned off your lights tonight

The Audacity of Government - This American Life on the Bush administration

Former Congressman Mickey Edwards: Done with defending Dick Cheney

Every purchase we make kills more Iraqis. Maybe that is why Bush

Russian Intelligence Sees U.S. Military Buildup on Iran Border

Russia and Japan form nuclear alliance

How did your Earth Hour go?

Brown plaid suit and purple polka dot tie? wtf Tucker? MSNBC /Tim Russert

Watching MTP: I want my Director of CIA to wear a suit not a uniform.

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

What's Best For the Iraqis?

Any news on AFRICOM's new base?

All it would take would be a few Republicans to say enough of this and stand with the Dems

Dems say Iraq security must precede pullout

Wow, Lieberman on This Week. He can't see his own insanity.

Have You Matched Obama's Net Worth against the Net Worth of his Opponents, Dem and Rep alike?

Food supply hit by battle

Vet turns against the war after time in Iraq

Germany Puts the Brakes on US Expansion Plans

U.S., Iraq forces find 14 bodies in mass grave - Wonder who put them there?

Women push back in support of Clinton

A Different Kind of Slavery

Hillary Owes $300,000 in Unpaid Health Insurance Bills

Nipple ring search procedures faulty, TSA admits

Refugees beaten to a pulp on their return to Iraq from Britain

A Human Sacrifice Of One Young Person Per Day

US warplanes carried out air strikes in the city on Friday and Saturday

Wikileaks... Church of Scientology docs....

Do the national polls take increased DEM registration into account? Any DU'ers know

Iran: Russia, China Unlikely To Welcome Tehran Into SCO

Which one of these is not like the others?

One of the most prolific serial killers in American history took and passed a polygraph test

North Korea warns South of 'pre-emptive strike'

[harpsealcampaign] US Web-News Coverage of the Canadian seal hunt

The Opium Brides of Afghanistan: farmers forced to sell daughters to pay loans (Newsweek)

Bill Maher repeat on HBO now n/t

Lieberman on with George S. praising McCain and Bush.

George Will trying to argue with Paul Krugman and Robert Reich.....

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of March 30th 2008 - Washington DC, Wyoming, and more.

We need to come together and agree on a nickname for McCain.

Conspiracy or coincidence? Flight 93 memorial attacked over crescent shape

Why would/ who would donate to the Hillary campaign now?

How Low Can We Sink? Someone Just Called Elizabeth Edwards "Unstable"

In Defense of the Character of Hillary Clinton

"An open mind...

A motivational poster of *

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation might well have

Day of Infamy: The March 20, 2008 US Declaration of War on Iran

Remember when you'd read a report and if it said "the body showed signs of torture" ...

Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

'Killing Fields' Survivor Dith Pran Dies

At Real Estate Auction In Ft. Lauderdale, 67 Of 99 Properties Receive No Bids Of Any Kind

Ishmael Reed LIVE for the hour on Bob McChesney's "Media Matters" - listening link

Multiple Studies on cell phones and cancer inconclusive

The economy and working people (video) 4 mins

Civilians Killed In Air Strike, say Iraqi Police

Sacha Baron Cohen sparks outrage in Kansas filming his latest movie, "Bruno"


States fight as REAL ID deadline nears

Hottest Ticket in in Allentown

Hottest Ticket in in Allentown

This Modern World: Hillary Clinton's Six-Point Strategy

POS Lieberman Falsely Claims McCain Doesn’t Support Privatization Of Social Security

Hey All. Please check out this clip I made and give it a kick if you like it

Houston Chronicle/AP: Engineers society accused of disaster probe cover-ups

Another Clinton lie, Being "briefed" on the N.I.E.

Another Clinton lie, Being "briefed" on the N.I.E.

CNN has finally bottomed out...

Sexist And Racist?

Heard a quote about Charles Manson and it applies to *

Gitmo and the G.O.P. Election Effort -BY Scott Horton

Mark Crispin Miller: A Phone Call From Don Siegelman

Al Jaffee's Fold-Ins for Mad Magazine, from the 1960s to the present, in interactive form.

Caption needed

Caption needed

A news report on TV today talked about students going

In these hard times, some words to live by

Top Ten Barriers to Sustainable,Local& Organic Food Access for Low-Income Individuals

The Commander-in-Chief Threshold Test - by Keith Olbermann

Ulster drivers face ban on smoking at the wheel (even without kids)

Iraq Fighting Underscores Surge Failure

Over a thousand walk out at Rutgers to end the war!!!

Why do I think McCain is a ringer???

Fear! Terror! CIA director Hayden: "Clear and present danger" from al-Qaida! FEAR! TERROR! FEAR!

Has TSA ever caught a single suspected hijacker?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What's Congress Doing for the Middle Class?

Some time ago, I posted some information that contained

Why are Clinton supporters Democrats?

Rockets spread fear in Baghdad's Green Zone

Wal-Mart Cancels 45 Superstore Projects

Republican Jewish Coalition, see image inside

Deep Conspiracy: Hitler Was a British Agent

According to Austrian newspapers, the mercenaries had been held by corrupt Iraqi police officials

It’s The Deregulation, Stupid

The "Wii shortage" & the "food shortage"

The Painful Truth

The "Working Dog! Please ignore" signs I see on signs for dogs of the disabled

The "Working Dog! Please ignore" signs I see on signs for dogs of the disabled

The "Working Dog! Please ignore" signs I see on signs for dogs of the disabled

The "Working Dog! Please ignore" signs I see on signs for dogs of the disabled

The "Working Dog! Please ignore" signs I see on signs for dogs of the disabled

Al Gore's Message To Climate Skeptics

85 minutes of violence in Iraq

Blind pedestrians may not hear hybrid cars

It's all gone now isn't it.....

Page 667 'A Peoples History of the USA' -Howard Zinn (graf pic)

"Waist deep in the Big Muddy"

Al Gore's Message To Climate Skeptics

What should Larry King have done?

The Golden Thirteen

Katrina vanden Heuvel: McCain to Homeowners: Drop Dead

Siegelman Question.....inform one who knows little about this case..

KO posts on DKos...The Commander-in-Chief Threshold Test

N.D.: Oil Rigs Drill on Big Lake

Ah. Found (remembered) the perfect (difficult) homage to the (best of) USA

Ah. Found (remembered) the perfect (difficult) homage to the (best of) USA

Question: How did Obama live on $12,000 a year for 3 years as Chicago Activist?

Illegal Wiretapping-Program Started W/O Legal Authorization-NOT EVEN YOO Approved!

An Oilman Entices, and Investors Cry Foul

Liberal evangelicals hope to link faith, social justice

Bush takes his stench to the Washington Nationals' new stadium tonight...

60 Minutes Doing Innocent Detainee Story (Also, Al Gore)


Who Is Running Iraq?

Joe "Zell" Lieberman "pained" by "the protectionist, isolationist, hyperpartisan" Democratic Party

McCain to Homeowners: Drop Dead

When they come for YOU in Forclosure, first they Impound your Pets and then

How high in rank can a solider be and successfully use the Nuremberg defense?

Just watched that seal hunt footage. What kind of savage can club a seal and sleep at night?

Another one of "those" emails. Anyone seen this one?

Olbermann on NOW, primetime, baby. NBC. nt

Al Gore is still Da Man! Putting his own money into global warming commercials....

The Age of American Unreason CSPAN2 8pm est.

MSNBC / AP's mind-numbing, slobbering portrait of "road warrior" Dick Cheney

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Al Gore!

VIDEO & STORY: Al Gore Appearance On '60 Minutes' Tonight

Farewell 43

If it's Obama/WhoKnowsWho vs. McCain/Rice, what will the racists do?

Received fundraising letter from Donna Brazile - somebody tell me -

How should I gently explain to a friend the difference between the two parties?

Wiretapping program sparked legal concerns within hours of its adoption.»

Squatters Leave Meth Cleanup Bill Of $100K-Sacramento, CA

"I voted for him twice, and I'd vote for him again, if I could."

Bush was booed at the Nationals game just now!

Western "Free World Leaders" Lecture China On Non-Violence In Tibet

TYT: Democratic Political Strategy for the Iraq War (& Much More)

TYT: Democratic Political Strategy for the Iraq War (& Much More)

ESPN: Bush will be on with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan at the Nationals game...

Basra Assault Exposes Fraud of “National Reconciliation” in Iraq

CNN Mortgage Poll

TX voters: They now hate Hillary "with the fire of a thousand suns"

If we bomb Iran's nuke reactors won't our troops in Iraq

Well Then... Someday, We'll Let It Be...

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

Just a reminder, DU

Just a reminder, DU

Is anyone else watching Bush on with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller on ESPN?

Heads up for those who have been watching John Adams on HBO..starting now 9PM EDT!

McCain Fundraising Lags; Fails to Recruit Big-Money Supporters of Bush-Cheney

HRC campaign and credit card fraud, illegal charges on VISA cards

Chris Floyd: Operation Permanent Presence: The Civil War "Surge" in Iraq

Historian Sean Wilentz: "Obama was the first to play the race card."

Over The Top- Pentagon To Orchestrate War Crimes Prosecutions for 2008 Elections?

Hillary Clinton portrays calls to quit as chauvinism

Telegraph UK: Senior Democrats Mull Al Gore's Nomination

Happy (early) Six-Oh Al Gore

US Army recruits Tijuana residents for the military

In case you missed it, here's Bush getting booed at the Washington Nationals opener tonight:

Mystery Around Kyrgyzstan President

Sadly, Over the Hill ...

Thomas Jefferson speaks!

ASre high fuel prices being used to fund a predatory 'alternative fuel' industry?

Openly carrying gun not a crime

The Drug War documentary is on HBO now

Mark Crispin Miller Notes DU Support For Gov. Siegelman

Vets defend Winter Solider conferences

Your view of politics and campaigns: Are you a High Roader or a Low Roader

Damn...After Seeing Al Gore on 60 Minutes, I have tears in my eyes that this....

Sadr's first public appearance since May via video from an undisclosed location. Must be with Cheney

Payrolls May Have Slumped for Third Month: U.S. Economy Preview

Help! Need book suggestions!!

Lindsey Graham: We Must Defeat Militias ‘Backed By Iran’ By Siding With Militia Backed By Iran

Efraim Diversoli... why not mentioned in the media he's Jewish?

Is Condoleezza All Front?

News to terrify right-wing freaks: Muslims more numerous than Catholics

American Refugees are flooding into Canada: Tens of thousands of Americans are now economic refugees

MSNBC: Another jobs loss may sink stocks again ("it's very, very hard not to have a recession")

RECOUNT - new movie on HBO in May

Wiretapping: Throwing cold water on the First Amendment.

Barack Obama speaks to 22,000 people at Penn State (pics)

I'm a little freaked out. Tell me I'm not losing my mind.

Two fellow TNR writers denounce Sean Wilentz's "Race Card" smear

Do you have a sense that Clinton supporters are burying their head in the sand from reality?

Wiretapping program sparked legal concerns within hours of its adoption.»

Handy Guide to Why The Clintons Are The Last Thing The Democratic Party Needs Now

Handy Guide to Why The Clintons Are The Last Thing The Democratic Party Needs Now

Indian marksmen fed up with shooting blanks

How does Star Parker qualify to have articles in the newspaper?

Muslims more numerous than Catholics

Canada's Globe And Mail: "George W. Bush: The Bygone American" ('Forgotten,' 'Ignored')

CNN: Brain-damaged woman at center of Wal-Mart suit

Al Gore On Sixty Minutes

Those Who Control Oil and Water Will Control The World

Richard Mellon Scaife: My impression of Hillary Clinton is very favorable indeed/may endorse her

Do You Remember Where You Were When You Heard About Nixon’s ENEMIES LIST?

Do You Remember Where You Were When You Heard About Nixon’s ENEMIES LIST?

Why did Rove get involved in the case against Don Siegelman?

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis says Wright race controversy good for dialogue

United Church of Christ denomination supports Obama's church

Lieberman says McCain is JFK

Should NCAA Basketball Tournament games be played in football stadiums?

What's your opinon on Parental "Escort" policies for minors?

Tonight on TCM 9p.m. GRASS - amazing movie of Persian Herdsmen in 1925 moving

BREAKING and Updated X2: Sources allege that John Edwards to endorse Hillary Clinton Monday

She seems to really believe we gave Iraqis "the gift of freedom."

Mugabe apparently faces major defeat in Zimbabwe

It So Depresses Me to Fight with My Friends Here.

Building a New World

Terrified here, guys. News says Al Qaeda is recruiting more WESTERN-LOOKING fighters

"Sometimes I feel like this whole political cycle is some kind of weird set up."

Hillary...the 3 am calls are bill collectors (pic)

How much longer can the American lifestyle sustain itself?

Has anyone else avoided getting their taxes done?

Looks like DU did it--Neal Boortz was SUSPENDED last week!

Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Op-Ed

A story of real bravery

LOL! Bush is getting BOOOOOED at the Nationals game.....!

Bush is getting pounded on YouTube.

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2007 - Project Censored- with links

PBS on Iraq: A Compilation of Deceit

An Illustrated Guide To Capitalism

If Hillary Clinton pursues the Tonya Harding strategy now, will she be electable in 2012?

Doesn't the popular vote disenfranchise caucus states?

This is a no-brainer...I would not vote for someone who did not pay their bills.

Hillary’s Hail Mary Pass That Will Never Happen! (3/30/2008)

Hillary Plan To Stay In Race 100 Years!!!! (Comic Relief by Andy Borowitz)

Clinton hurting Obama (and the Party) over a 5 percent chance

Hillary Can't Pay Her Bills. Why Is She Still Running? Is It Too Impolite F/Democrats To Mention?

Obama breaking record: 22,000 in Happy Valley, PA

Continent sized-garbage patch accumulates in Pacific.

Politico article: Clinton has virtually no chance of winning

Hillary campaign now begging for attention from reporters and media

I love Al Gore.

Myths that must die: Karl Rove is intelligent

Prominent pro-Clinton blogger: Jeremiah Wright is a 'nigga'

One reason why I love the young: A Tale

STOP LOSS... we went to see the movie today

Thank you

No "Professor" Obama

McCain guru linked to Subprime Crisis.

Vendors resent Clinton's unpaid bills (Politico)

RETROSPECTIVE - 2008 by Michael Ruppert.

View from the Texas Caucus Trenches: Young Lady Proclaims

Calling the Obama Camp's Bullsh*t

Dianne Feinstein: my house is off-limits to my guards

From today's Los Angeles Times: Prison Rape isn't a punch line...

Hillary's Minister Problem (Joshua Green;

Say Hillary, What About The Religious "Family" You Have Chosen To Be Part Of? (by Steve Brant)

Somehow, this was inevitable:

Students of Virginity

So, I'm at Wendy's, ordering tea and a baked potato,

You might be a redneck mechanic if...

I'm back after a week's vacation. And have sermon work to do

Here is a great site with graphic art.

Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

This really is "stinking" drunk

I just realized I've posted more in GD: P in the past 24 hours than I have in the last 2 years

Question for DU who know a lot about the Navy...

We have an ad-bot?

Midlo would be proud of me....

Baby Pictures anyone?

do i have a sign on my back? have i gotten taller? has something changed that i'm unaware of?

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls...

Frying Dutchman

Recent letter to the editor by a middleclass person

i have the wedding today and i look awful

Financial Aid Question, re: loans

Please DU this. BUSH video = BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Another pic of Spring in the Pacific Northwest... *sigh*

Another pic of Spring in the Pacific Northwest... *sigh*

Hey Massholes: Remember The Broadside?

proposition for Canadian or European DU-ers

Uses for fresh basil?

My teeth called to tell me my dog ate my neighbor

My neighbor called to tell me her dog ate her teeth.

The Party of Death - A Primer for Democrats

Was Chris Sarandon in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie?

KEITH OLBERMANN 5th anniversary special tonight on nbc @ 7pm est.

man, Tucker needs a stylist bad...

My neighbor called to tell me her teeth ate her dog.

I found my theme song.

Who the hell is Billy Mays and why the hell can't he stop yelling at me???


The Spork of the Gods

Going nowhere question

A 'very big cat' is on the loose in North Chicago, authorities say - May be a cougar?

Anyone listen to Pritzker Military Library podcasts? (link) I'm listening to lecture on Adm. Dupont

Someone needs to teach my cats about "right of way" and "yield"

Question on linking to DU page.

WAAAHHHH - I'm craving Thin Mints and don't have any

OMG!!! Davidson stuns Kansas and ousts them from NCAA Tourney

I'm Easy

WOW a whole bunch of names on my ignore list have granite cookiess

Dith Pran succumbs to cancer

Your Sunday lolcats

The George W Bush Presidential Library

What is your theme song?

I hate it when I don't even get a chance to snark a troll.

The ATM at the garden center is working again.

Honest opinion of these shoes

Teh internets

Fuck...Can I get some good vibes, asap?


Get my other eye done Monday morning

Post a full frontal nude photo of yourself. I'll start....

Cat purrsons - does your cat lie like this?

Six Feet Under. Greatest show ever?

What are the most memorable moments in FICTIONAL TV history?

Fetch! Okay who has a turtle who fetches?

Rising sea eats away at Florida coastline...erosion picking up speed.

Remember that Ohio guy that used to post the word of the day threads???

My wife rented a Net Flix DVD called: "The Puppetry of the Penis"

God damn it. Sacramento losing it's only progressive talk show to gospel crap

The love that dare not speak its name: My cat LOVES dogs. LOVES them.

If you have pets, this might be a good site for bookmarking: Pet Vet

I knew I should not have started this major project on a Sunday....

Whom do you suppose Skinner has on Ignore?

Anyone here have experience installing bamboo flooring? Any advice?

Orange tatas and a huge hole

Buy American!

I understand now, the popularity of the kitteh in the Lounge

Funniest TV ad I saw today!

Could this really work?

Tonight is my last night of Spring Break. What should I do?

"King Kong" Vogue cover? What's your take?

Need some honest opinions about this dress... please?

Cat owners: Do you have cats that bring in the things they catch?

Name a song that has the word "brocellosis" in the lyrics

Let me welcome Piri and Pyrz, two pacific parrotlets, to my family!

How to spend my $600 "stimulus" check?

ok, baseball's back.

Canadian Idol is better than our version

Antarctic Idol is better than our version

What should happen to the 14 year old boy who killed the gay boy in his classroom?

Is this real?

Name your three favorite GEICO Celebrity commercials

Seriously who buys stuff from SPAM emails like this?

Doh. I forgot to put the wall clock forward.

Classic movies from the 80's

COMFORT OBAMA: We are building a Religion!

name a song that has SAD in it

Fetch! Okay who has a cat who fetches?

Tell me if this sounds like the car battery

I am so tired of the Primaries I think I'll Leave the County

Okay, I finally saw X last night

Anyone here ever have thyroid issues?

** vocal expression of generalized frustration **

Zornhau's off to Switzerland for 10 days...

Anyone watching the ballgame on ESPN?

We all want something beautiful...

Under the bridge downtown

I'm 65 today and I'm glad to be

I just got invited to a Mona Vie party.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese? Not so much.....

My thread is languishing in GD...

Will some *please* explain dogs?

JEEZUS, I hate that VW ad with the damn honking!!!!!

stoopid myspace

Need help identifying these yucchy things I found walking on the beach... kinda gross

Let's say you're working on a group research paper, and

200 posts im 1/5 of the way to credibility

Anybody remember Jim Stafford? Swamp Witch

GAG ME! Bush on ESPN's Braves-Nationals game.

Did anyone else's "Message" font change?

MOCK the LOLcat????

Tears on my pillow

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/30/2008)

Anyone else watching Kansas/Davidson?

Do pimps have conventions?

X posted, just because: It So Depresses Me to Fight with My Friends Here.

Goblin. Prog Rock. Alcohol. Discuss

Get Over It.

Is Sponge Bob Some Sort Of A Plot

Don't push me...

What are you eating ??

Just in case you needed something to make you laugh tonight...

sshhhhhhhh... temeah's back stop talking about him now!!

Ok Lounge I'm About To Watch

Senate hearings on "Iraq After the Surge" 4/1-4/8

I wish I could catch a break.

How Do You Want It?

Quick Help!! Need to identify these cartoon characters!!

Thank you, Ric Flair - for 35 years of dedication to the business.

Study Shows the Upside of Anger

Frito-Lay Wins PETA Praise For First-Ever 100% Vegan Doritos

Anybody here have a problem with Barbie jets?

I expect we'll see this young man in London in 2012

Now i has the giggles

I'm at 74.29%

To all my fellow BSG fans, I would just like to say...

Today I Went To A Pre-Colombian Market


How do you deal with an extreme stress level?

Mine - Lame, I know.

I'm baaaack! Admit it! You totally

Spending our "stimulus check" on a cruise June 2009

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

"Leaf blowers." Tool of Satan, or only a Nightmare of Torture?

A good thing about Orange County CA - there are no Cracker Barrels

I now present, the newest selection from Vine de Midlo: Vendange

Why would a Turkish Nationalist group want to hack a pop music message board?

A word to the wise

I can't believe I never left the house this weekend.

How does one express an exponent on a computer keyboard?

Rush Appreciation Thread...

I just foiled Apple's software update

*** Picture Thread. For all you night owls ***

College basketball: commercials interrupted by minutes of basketball

Police Arrest 80 Yr Old Protester In Wheelchair At Mall - For Wearing "Dead" & "Enough" T-Shirt

Is there a time you "usually" go to bed???

My cat has been an indoor cat his entire life, so far, and I suddenly feel terrible

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/30/08

UFO skeptics.

Stoned Cop Calls 911: A Drama

I love Clinton.

OK Lounge...I am about to watch Blade Runner.....on......

Can I get a fuckin' A?

Anybody here have a problem with jumbo jets?

Live from Montreal: We made it!!!!

Murder By Cell Phone: More will DIE from Cell Phones Than From Smoking or Asbestos, Children Worst!

Being Strong and Facing the Pain of a loved one.

I'm free!

Stranger in my house

Did you guys see Chimpy booed at the Nationals?

I'm neutral , convince me :why should I love or hate Rush (the band)

David Schwimmer appreciation thread.

What chore do you hate most?

Make your own Westboro Baptist Church protest sign!

Should I pass this knowledge along to my grandson?

OK here are some sunset pictures from my FL trip

Would you ever live in Israel?

My Bush loving friend wants to cook the burgers for our DU picnic in Delaware

AMAZING photograph

True love

Listen to "Funplex" yet? What's your review on it?

David Schwimmer annoys the HELL out of me

The Boys are Back! Opening Day 2008! Show us some love for your team...


My father lapsed into a coma 11 years ago this very time and date and died March 31

My father lapsed into a coma 11 years ago this very time and date and died March 31

My kid is awesome...caught her listening to Fleetwood Mac hehe

Is there a singer or band that your parents listened to that you actually like

More pics of Piri and Pyrz

Has anyone noticed that the Keith Olbermann theme is from Beethoven's 9th?

I have high blood pressure.

I am sad right father died 11 years ago tomorrow

Pictures of our Cruise...Freedom of the Seas March 2008

I guess I won't be kissing these ladies

How well do you follow directions?

Awesome Star Trek First Contact clip on youtube

Its true until its untrue.

Does your cat do this?

BREAKING NEWS: Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin's remains found

I'z in San Fran! what!? heeeeyyyyyy!?

Creative Writing

CIA chief: I personally believe Iran is seeking nukes

Anyone have advice for my Spanish friends about visiting Yellowstone?

Tomorrows my 19th birthday!

WOW that 60 Minutes report on Gore was horrific

WOW that 60 Minutes report on Gore was horrific

Hillary's new friend (updated):

U.S. Has Little Influence, Few Options in Iraq's Volatile South

SEC: Countrywide execs to get millions in stock

Texas caucus conventions get going with crowds, some confusion

British forces set up checkpoint near Basra

Staff Alleges Abuses by Top Iraq Auditor

Treasury unveils plans for regulatory shake-up

Shiite Militias Cling to Swaths of Basra and Stage Raids

Engineers society accused of disaster probe cover-ups (9/11 and Katrina)

French jet on standby for Betancourt release

US military build-up on Iran border: Russian Intelligence

GOP May Find Comfort in Soft Money

(Canadian) Seal hunt turns tragic (4 Deaths switch the focus from saving seals to hunter safety )

Al-Sadr calls off fighting amid airstrikes, crackdown

Lehman Alleges Japan Investment Fraud

Obama, Clinton Should Stay in Race Until June, Supporters Say

Strike-bound American Axle asks laid-off workers to come back

Under siege in Baghdad's Mahdi army stronghold

Cash-strapped Clinton fails to pay bills

Two SoCal freeway shootings, one fatal, investigated

The Foreclosure Machine

In Boston, Residents Seek Face-to-Face Advice to Avoid Foreclosure

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,007

Election machines voted out: 78 Iowa counties must adjust systems - again

Taliban welcomes offer of talks

U.S. shifting funds away from Miami anti-Castro groups

More work part time out of economic necessity

Al-Sadr Offers Peace in Iraq

Government to lift Baghdad curfew

McCain Guru linked to subprime crisis

Democrat plan to tempt Gore

1 killed, 4 injured in Richmond church shooting (Homeless Outreach)

California senator wants to drop Cold War communist laws

Obama's Penn State rally draws 20,000

Stonyfield Announces Voluntary Recall of Select Blueberry Cups

Zimbabwe opposition claims huge poll win

US military deaths in Iraq at 4,010

Siegelman Appeal Could Take a Year or More to Be Decided

Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

Merkel says she will not attend opening of Beijing Olympics

Sealers 'breaking humane law' (+video)

Nevada governor discusses $800 million-plus budget shortfall

Iranians help reach Iraq cease-fire

HUD Chief Is Expected To Announce Resignation

Dith Pran, 'Killing Fields" Photographer, Dies at 65

Muslims more numerous than Catholics: Vatican

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Sea Shepherd Ship at Seal Hunt

Union, grocery chains reach tentative agreement, avert strike (25,000 members)

Breaking: SGT Keith Matt Maupin's Remains Found in Iraq

RCMP probe Coast Guard's actions

AP: Obama gets most of the Texas caucus delegates

Ex-Terror Detainee Says U.S. Tortured Him

Al Qaeda training 'Western-looking' fighters: CIA

Conservationists Renew Call To Stop Seal Hunt (Seven sealers abandon ship in new incident)

Bush booed loudly while throwing out first pitch in Nationals home opener

To Protest Fuel Costs, Truckers Plan (Nationwide) Idle Day (on April 1)

Max Mosley faces calls to quit as Formula One chief after ‘Nazi’ orgy

Secret film will show slaughter to the world: Covert operation exposes Taiji's annual dolphin horror

Senior Democrats Mull Al Gore's Nomination

Aloha Airlines To Shut Down Passenger Operations

Canada vs. America ... Which Kitty Is More Cute?

My "Yes, We Can!" Remix

Pittsburgh Rally Attendees - 3/28/08

Bob Casey - Who Recently Endorsed Obama - On Larry King Live

Bill in Frankfort KY, Chelsea in IN

Coming To America

Obama at a sports bar in Latrobe, PA

Seal Slaughter Canada 2008 - International Fund for Animal Welfare

I Am Canadian

When Union Busters Attack!

U1TV - Which Side Are You On? (the sequel)

Barack Obama spends time bowling in Altoona, Pennsylvania

McCain's Corporate Welfare

Do You Want To Change The World?


Obama's sponges and porcupines

PBS on Iraq: A Compilation of Deceit

On Iraq, Cheney grunts his indifference

Facing intimidation, still they queued all day long (3 pix warning for dial-up)

Was Sheila Jackson-Lee Always this Nasty?

John Edwards Stays Neutral in Election for Mill Foreman

Tom Engelhardt: The Little Administration That Couldn't

Katrina victims may have to repay money

Engineers society accused of disaster probe cover-ups (9/11 and Katrina)

A Foolish Immigration Purge

Human Rights & Media Manipulation - From Pinochet to ‘Human Rights’ in China

Police Arrest Anti-War Protester, 80, At Mall

Ray McGovern and Cynthia McKinney, the Power of Conversation

The sieges of Basra and Sadr City: another US war crime in Iraq

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Sad, Sadr, Saddest' - Soldier Body Found

Matthew Rothschild: Disgusting Profits by Armament Companies

McCain Confuses Shia with Chia Pets

Indecency By Jayne Lyn Stahl

Donna Brazile explains the math of the credentials committee

Contrasting Quotes: GWBush and AHitler

Those Who Control Oil and Water Will Control The World

TYT: Sean Hannity's Pastor - Jesse Lee Peterson

TYT Break Down Bush's Ridiculous Comments On Iraqi Violence

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Presidential Study Guide' w/ Lewis Black

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Worst Persons' - Wal-Mart, DICK Morris

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'Bushed!' - Nexus of Politics & Terror-Gate

Olbermann 5 Year Special: Clinton - 'No Intention of Stopping'

I'm just missayin'

The Chop Shop Economy

The Sunday Funnies

Who is smarter, George Bush or an elephant? I vote for the elephant

Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

Clinton Fever in Hopkins Co. KY

Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

Will Cheney Ever Sleep on a Concrete Bed? Justice and the Monsters of War

Obama on The View

Republicans and “Free Market” Zealots Bring Death to America

{Progressive Senator) Colombian drawing fire for efforts to free hostages

Joe Lieberman's conversion to the dark side is complete

Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

Otis L. Sanford: Setting the record straight, 40 years later

Bill Clinton in KY

[Real Time 03-28] "Rev. Wright stands in tradition Martin Luther King."

[Real Time 03-28] Should Hillary drop out? And why has McCain a chance of winning?

Obama vs McCain - The Art of Speech (FUNNY)

The Christian Right invades the UK!

Olbermann 5 Year Special: 'A Delegate Matter' (Texas Caucus)

Does John McCain suffer from Senile Dementia?

[Real Time 03-28] The Patriot Act: A device used by Republicans to catch Democratic governors.

In Boston, Residents Seek Face-to-Face Advice to Avoid Foreclosure

When Did the Movies Stop Talking?

War Date Set? Murdering Iranians / Lew Rockwell

What the Hell is Conservatism?

Sheila Jackson Lee booed at delegate convention

Obama is The Rock

Bush booed at 2008 Nationals home opener

Colombian Troops Kill Farmers, Pass Off Bodies as Rebels’

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 331

"Get you cash up front when dealing with her"

6 year old Iraqi girls forced into prostitution

GOP May Find Comfort in Soft Money

Fake Canadian Terror Plot Exposed

SA Government Warns - Jail Time For Dentists Using Chinese-Made Crowns Or Dentures

Wet winter raises water levels, but drought persists

Celebrating 50 Years Of The Keeling Curve This Month - Chicago Tribune

54 Dead, 43,000 Cases In Rio Dengue Outbreak - Total From Q1 2008 = Total Cases From All Of 2007

John Gray - Those Who Control Oil And Water Will Control The World - Observer

The Sea Sends A Simple Message In The Sundarban Islands - Time's Up - Guardian

Sierra Nevada Warming Moving Faster Than At Any Point In Past 500K Years - Sequoia's Future In Doubt

Those who think outside the box will not have to deal with those

Question about peak oil

Upgrades could double H-53 availability

Lab readies corpsmen for combat

COLA to rise for troops in nations that use the euro

Major given six months, dismissed in drug case

$10 billion deal made for 167 Ospreys

Some History of Biomass Fueled Devices In Hollywood.

Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate

Canadian Coast Guard Rams Farley Mowat

Phoenix Mayor Blasts Sheriff Arpaio At Luncheon Honoring Cesar Chavez

Today in labor history March 29 Walmart

Today in labor history March 30

Coming this week: My dad was a scab at the age of 11 (1931) by Omaha Steve

What the US Labor Dept. won't tell you next month in it's quarterly report! (McCain video added)

Today's working family cartoon: Locked

Hollywood unions rift derails unified labor talks

NFL to discuss labor issues

U.S. Labor Department sues UC nursing home for unpaid wages

Free Trade, Free Labor, Free Growth

Packers ready to labor over CBA at NFL meetings

United Auto Workers say rehiring retirees not good for Saginaw County

Union Lockout at America’s Center Escalates

On Friday, the 40th anniversary of the slaying of Martin Luther King Jr

Vegas: Amid pressure to finish massive projects, 9 men have died in 16 months (feature story & video

Only two municipal employee union chapters in the nation to endorse Obama over Clinton

American Axle strike tipping the nation closer to a recession

The Denver Post: Union set to flex its muscle

NJ Jewish Standard: Union dispute fuels kashrut debate

Casino Workers on the Picket Line (+ video)

Cool Tools Highlights ‘Workingman’s Death’

Editorials from 1968 reflected attitudes of the era

Four decades later, men recall King’s last campaign

83 year old Mother grieves son's (16 at the time) death, overshadowed by King slaying

Supplier moves to hire as union workers picket (more going on at American Axle)

Chicago Tribune: In fight for blue-collar voters, Clinton talks the talk

Hillary Clinton Returning To Pittsburgh

South Korean pension fund shuns U.S. debt

Chinese exporters shun flagging dollar

The $1.1 Trillion HELOC Problem

Confession and WTF?

A cross post in GD about Larry King

Gay scientists isolate the Christian gene

What do you identify as?

Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

Crisis de EU arrodilla a México pero no hiere a Sudamérica

Added URL :The Devil's Workshop: "A Continental Rightwing Orgy is Taking Place in Argentina"

Hellish voyage ended in despair, deportation for Haitians

No Empire Lasts Forever - Letter from wounded Mexican student

Colombian drawing fire for efforts to free hostages (story on Senator Piedad Cordoba)

U.S. shifting funds away from Miami anti-Castro groups

Colombian Troops Kill Farmers, Dress Bodies in Rebels' Uniforms

Don't criticize Qassam fire, Mashaal tells Arab leaders

Israel: A Negative Model

Arab League: Support for Saudi peace plan depends on Israel

Israeli's war novel foretells personal tragedy

Abbas declares desire to end Fatah-Hamas rift

Her ongoing silence

New Yorkers protest Leviev’s Israeli settlements, commemorating Palestinian “Land Day”

A Freeway in Israel Provokes a Cringe: Apartheid

U.S.: Israel to lift 50 West Bank roadblocks

Busy Biden - more Iraq hearings this week and next

Shameless request - If you enjoyed reading about JRB and family

Congratulations Memphis Tigers!

Congrats to Davidson

DU Sweet 16 Pool Standings

Did you hear those boos?

Washington Nationals new ballpark: Traffic Flows Smoothly, But Trains Are Packed

Is is wrong to hope Davidson lays an egg today ???

Repost from GD "Wolf"

VERY strange dream I had the other night

seems I'm on a roll tonight, here's another one for you all

Nightmares unbound lately

The Stars This Week: "Act On Your Desires" - March 31 - April 6, 2008

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

Help! Sauce this for me. I have baby bok choy, baby leeks, mushrooms, a red pepper,

Carbonnade a la Flamande

Trout Grenobloise

Wheat bread.

Ah.... Spring in the Pacific Northwest.

Flu shots leave heart failure patients at risk

A half-dozen late winter souvenirs

Hereditary Heart Disease, Dr. Sinatra MD, cardiologist.

Dogs on a couch

I went to a local rookery recently in downtown Dallas no less.

" It's Hard Work."

Two questions about the Koran

Wikileaks... Church of Scientology docs....

Will Bob Casey's (D-PA) Obama endorsement help him with 2A supporters?

Another, It took a gun to stop this guy thread.

penn and teller on gun control

Openly carrying gun not a crime

Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events?

Diary on McCain & being a POW. How do you guys feel about this?

Well, well, well. Let's take a trip in the wayback machine of dkos during the SBVT attack

Hearings this week. 4 in SFRC on Iraq

Truce - for a minute :) Wanting to share some pics.

Election Protection and CLINTON?

President McCain wants internal passports

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jeff Hayden is the Endorsed Candidate for MN 61B

My LTTE is appearing in the Monday Strib!

So, here it is, March 30 - a winter storm watch has been posted for the area

Nose through followed by immediate fade to black...

A picture perfect convention. Harris County SD 11

TEXAS, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

My Southern Baptist pastor in Wichita Falls preached that

Resolutions passed at Senatorial Conventions? Post 'em here!

Olbermann - A Delegate Matter (TX Caucus)

Travis County has largest convention in the state!

Any experience with

Montgomery County delegate convention

Can anyone recommend a good wireless key board. Something with RANGE.

Intel Q6600 - would you overclock it to 3.6GHz (9x400MHz fsb)?

Introducing Obama Organizing Fellows (students)

Obama up 10% in the new Gallup poll!

When a "Job Market" Isn't One

higher degrees online - whaddy'all think?

Anyone Else See Persepolis?

Tex Ass EDVs get the job done!

Keith posted in his KOS diary...

Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver's special.

A little help in GD:P

KOEB Meeting 3/30/08 YEEEAA! Happy Fifth Anniversary!!!! Edition

election on Tuesday--You know I will be taking attendance!!!!

I s'pose it never hurts to hope, eh?

Clinton, Obama supporters wrangle over delegates: Acrimony, accusations of underhandedness in Texas

The case for keeping the Democratic contest going — and its flaws