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Obama: NAFTA and trade deals are GOOD for the U.S.

Hillary on 60 Minutes tonight

All I can say right now is I am glad I am too busy with my life to...

Am I the only one who appreciates a hard fought primary?

Suffolk University Poll (3/1-3/2): Clinton (52) Obama (40)

you know how I know someone's 24 hr posting limit is up?

Here's the very next line of Hillary's 60 minutes interview

Zogby poll for Reuters/C-SPAN/Houston Chronicle in Ohio: Obama 47% - Clinton 45% (w/ original graph)

This TWO WEEKS has been killing me....Who will win?

Sorry, But Steinem and Clark need to Layoff the McCain CinC Argument now

Is Hillary a man-hating b*tch who eats childen for brakfast?

Who won't end the war in Iraq?

Betcha By Golly Wow - Know that the MSM will be shilling for Hillary BigTime Tomorrow, ALL Day!

OOPS She did it again

Media bias, in pictures

Huffpo: I Can't Believe I'm Standing Up for Obama... But I Am

Clinton LEADS in Tues primary states

Clinton LEADS in Tues primary states

VT,TX for Obama - OH, RI for Hillary = END GAME for Hillary.

Just waiting for tomorrow!

Bitch and Snake Fit Hillary to a "T"

How Texas’ fuzzy math, and Bush, help Obama

Why IS This STILL Here?

Obama was wrong.

The Dean legacy (The Nation article)

The Dean legacy (The Nation article)

What happened to the new Survey USA polls for Texas and Ohio?

Reuters/Cspan/Zogby Shocker: Obama pulls ahead in Ohio

Who will beat John McCain

I think I know now how voters I hate feel...

"Bitch" "Fucking Bitch"

"Bitch" "Fucking Bitch"

Monday Polls, New Polls New Polls!!!


As far as I'm aware, Clinton did not order the murder of Vince Foster

For some mixed-race couples, Obama is a symbol of acceptance

Even Eleanor Clift Voted for Obama --->>>

Even Eleanor Clift Voted for Obama --->>>

Obama supporters, be careful about being too cocky.

Obama connected to fugitive Mr. Alsammarae and Rezko

MSNBC--Morning Joe

The candidate with character... why I support Barack Obama.

Does anyone know. . .

"No. There is no basis for believing that the Moon is made of cheese - as far as I know."

The Rise and Fall of Brand Hillary

Friend to trumad: "Is DU made up of a bunch of Pinko, Faggot, Communists anti-Americans"?

Woohoo: Obama surging to the lead in Ohio and Texas (Zogby)

ABC: Private Worries as Team Clinton Looks for Best Case Scenarios

My prediction...Obama wins Tuesday...

is it my imagination, or are there a bunch of newbies posting pro Hillary threads

Barack Obama keeps emailing me to vote early

Why Does Obama Feel A Need To Speak Like Limbaugh?

Obama Dances in Austin with Asleep At the Wheel

Obama Dances in Austin with Asleep At the Wheel

Tracking Poll: TX Still All Tied Up - Turnout levels among blacks, hispanics key - Tunout models

It’s a ground game in Ohio for Clinton, Obama -

HuffPo: Clinton Campaign Cuts Back Wooing of Superdelegates

How did Rove not think of a "3am Call" type video?

Obama denies Egyptian Ties

Hillary Clinton puts out Oscar tribute to Jack Nicholson.

Hillary Clinton puts out Oscar tribute to Jack Nicholson.

Some states will stay blue regardless if it's Clinton or Obama

Campaign Blues

ARRGGG... How would YOU respond to this question? To be a Democrat:

Edwards supporters: Would John take the lead on United Tech-Diebold deal?

A thread honoring the mods.

WP, pg1: For Black Superdelegates, Pressure to Back Obama

WP, pg1: For Black Superdelegates, Pressure to Back Obama

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Clearing up another empty shot at Obama

The Swiftboating style attacks on Obama will fail in my view.

can anyone provide link to site that aggregates the polls?

The White Lie.

Final Quinnipiac Poll of Ohio: Clinton up by four (on 2/14 HRC ahead by 21-points in their poll)

Remember this Stephanie "Hussein" Miller thread?

New video on, follow up to "Yes We Can"

Has Hillary's campaign tactics made you stop supporting her?

Now Hillary may get a crack at Florida again: Crist favors re-vote and will pay for it

"Presumptive Day" picnic. Who's bringing what? Oh and easy on the pies.

My apologies to the Gay community for something I posted this morning.

Re post: Texas Delegate Selection & how the process works

Obama Daily Volunteer Thread: Monday, March 3.

Ohio Labor Leaders Want Obama to Come Clean on NAFTA and end his Washington double-speak

As far as I know, Hillary doesn't

Tuesday night might be Barack Obama's last chance to knock Hillary Clinton out

And this is going to help our environment HOW?

U of Cinn Ohio Poll Predicts Clinton & McCain as winners

is Hillary:"Godess of Peace" still working on releasing her IncomeTax records?

Will Obama Or Clinton Hold Bush & Cheney Accountable?

If Hillary Decides To "Keep Fighting" After Tuesday...

I'm going to take Hillary's word for it that she has no idea how her law firm billing records

My predictions for tomorrow

"On my biggest job I drove the company out of business. But hire me for my experience."

THE NAFTA MEMO. (It's exactly what I was expecting)

Obama's 2 min ads tonight... anybody know what the ads are going to be?

Can anybody help me with Old Testament Quotes

Obama-mania and cult of self-esteem

Unintended consequences of bad judgment on Iraqi invasion.

(just a photo I know but...) Gotta give Bill props on this one

(just a photo I know but...) Gotta give Bill props on this one

My predictions for tomorrow

Maybe it's time to come down to earth.

Zogby's personal agenda: no credibility

Bill Richardson; "Whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday..."

Bill Richardson; "Whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday..."

Democrats should restore protectionism. The root is PROTECT

The transparency of the CTV smear

I wonder how much the weather will affect the Primary turnout in Texas tomorrow?

Reality Check

Obama losing among Dems? Wins white Dems in New Mexico and Illinois

The New York Times to Hillary: I’m Gonna Keep On Loving You

How much of the 'Gen-Y' (or Z?) twenty-something slacker vote that doesn't show up in the polling

Who's getting the SHAFTA? Canadian Conservatives Accused of Hampering Obama Bid


Insane campaign, what’s she doing now?

Can anyone link me to the fox news ratings for 2008?

"Fear-mongering"..."Scaring up votes"....

"Fear-mongering"..."Scaring up votes"....

"Fear-mongering"..."Scaring up votes"....

Clinton: The 3am ad is working

Obama: Witness for the Defense? He may have to testify in REZKO trial

Wednesdays Headlines (most likely): Clinton Comeback? Too Little, Too Late

Anyone else feeling a little Hillary momentum?

Has Obama said whether or not he would pardon Resko?

ABC picks up the "as far as I know" in reference to the Vince Foster hypothetical...

Hillary has more experience then Obama as a ...

Sen Clinton and the IWR

Reality Check

"Rethug votes don't count"

Clinton Obama tied in Final TX Survey USA Poll

What Is Momentum?

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

A hypothetical question about the role of super-delegates

The Iraq War will become a Republican plus?

Edwards Adviser Endorses Obama

Politico: pro-Clinton 527 spends $500k in Texas today

"Soft" Press Sharpens Its Focus on Obama: "Will Teflon coating now be scratched?"

Rumble in the jungle

Rumble in the jungle

Can someone straighten me out on Obama's stand on the Patriot Act?

Any other Barack backers expecting a sweep?

Obama Supporters: Even if Obama doesn't close deal tomorrow--look what's coming up in the next week

LA Times: How did the Clinton campaign get here? Rival Fiefdoms

Anyone else struck by the timing of the U.S. missile strikes in Somalia?

Once again, Barack Obama wants it both ways

MORE PROOF: Hillary pulls ahead of Obama....

Desperate times call for desperate math

Complete this phrase without getting the thread locked:

An old Political friend just introduced Michelle Obama

Hillary Was Not Behind 9/11, As Far As I Know

How does the poll works?

How does the poll works?

I got an email today with the headline "Do you want this to be the next picture of the first family"

I really don't like primaries

Rezko Trial: Jury Selection Begins Today

rush fatbag, john mccpuke big winners tomorrow?

What if it's Wednesday morning, 3 AM?

OK, I'm ready to predict: TX for Obama

Someone with a Clinton bumper sticker cut me off today!

Fuelling the Right Wing. With friends like these....

Anyone else know pledged delegates to the convention that are considering changing?

Harper meddling in U.S. primaries, Democrats say

Pre-marital JITTERS........aka Pre-Election Syndrome

obama's plans for iraq

NAFTA memo might have legs. Will Obama fire adviser? At least address memo?

The 2008 Veepstakes

A Campaign Mystery Solved: Hillaryis44

In Ohio, some of smeared Obama's strongest words yet: "I pray to Jesus every night."

Bush inherited Clinton era inefficiencies and aggravated it many times to create the total eco mess

I'm torn...

Is Hillary a muslim? Do we have any basis for that?

Vote For Hillary Online (**pretty interesting**)

A serious question for Hillary supporters.

From an Obama supporter: Can someone explain what Hillary really meant when she told Kroft, "I take

Race baiting, Rezko, plagiarism, flyers, fear mongering, NAFTA lies....

My prediction for Tuesday...

Final polls before Tuesday's primaries:

Final polls before Tuesday's primaries:

One last thing... ( From Barack Obama )

Hillary will keep going! Hillary will win!!!!!!! Here’s how --- video.

Attention, Fellow O-supporters: How to Read these late polls

Are we going to be called racists when we question Obama's policies...

4pm EST, JoAnn Wypijewski from The Nation discusses "Postcards From Ohio."at

Polls- Last I checked they do not poll people that only have cell phones

Obama in San Antonio: “We Will Not Leave Any of Our Veterans Behind”

How accurate is POLLING voters by phone? Seems not too accurate...

Sure, Obama's name is easy to smear now, but

Why Obama needs to win tomorrow!

Obama WILL win more delegates tomorrow. I'm absolutely positive:

Hillary has every right to stay in the race for however long

Zogby Poll: Obama overtakes Clinton in Ohio

Campaign Blues (James Kunstler)

Is there anything HRC could do that would make her supporters take the blinders off?

The canadian story has no legs Hillary

I just heard Senator Leahy say that the next President will appoint up to 3 SCOTUS members.

I just heard Senator Leahy say that the next President will appoint up to 3 SCOTUS members.

If you are going to call on Clinton to drop out - regardless of tomorrow's outcome - don't

Obama advisor now claiming Canadian official misinterpreted his statements

Hillary is the Beach Boys... Barack is the Beatles.... it's 1964.

With all the negative stuff being said about both candidates...

With all the negative stuff being said about both candidates...

"They keep moving the goal posts, but at some point you run out of field,"

"They keep moving the goal posts, but at some point you run out of field,"

Which candidate will ban tasers?

So Hillary 'stole' Walter Mondale's Red phone ad?

Michelle Obama about to speak in TX:

More Good Polls for Clinton: IA (TX) C 49; O 44; U 7

Mud at Obama today! Shades of George W. et al. I expected better

The RePub Gods...they gave us the 1st Dude...and now, they want to give us McCain too?

These idiots who believe Obama is a stealth terrorist agent.

CNN weather:DANGEROUS ICE EVENT in Northern Ohio tomorrow

Can't we just flip a coin and get Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama?

Obama did not vote against the war.His entire campaign is built

Hillary's new campaign ads: True (Texas) and Partner (Ohio)

Just heard Hillary say she and MCCAIN have experience

McCain would vote Obama

Ohio Weather Forecast for Tues: HORRID...

Wow, Cnn really at it today for clinton...

Where the hell is Obama today in cable TV news?

You guys rooting for the Rezko story to sink Obama, realize how STUPID, PETTY & PATHETIC you look?

Lets be honest about tomorrow

If Obama was behind and the Rezco scandle was associated with the Clintons

What do you want more: A Democratic President or a Democratic presidential nominee?

Gallup Daily Poll: Obama 48%, Clinton 43%

WOW! Was MSNBC anchorbabe wild for McCain!

Show me where Charlie Crist offered to "pay" for a new Democratic primary?

Obama People Sound Like Clintonites on New Hampshire Eve

This Gives Her Away >>> There is nothing to base that on. *As far as I know.*

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Hillary gets a "re-vote" in florida.. maybe we should just restart the whole election for her.

Sad Smear Campaign

NAACP Scorecard-- Clinton Better Than Obama

Ben Stein fears an Obama victory.

So how's everyone doing in their particular pissing contests today?

Opiate for the Mrs. (Cindy McCain - from Sept. 1994 Phoenix New Times)

Heres Obamas official response on the silly nafta accusations

It's been a good day for Clinton

Cleveland resident claims a Clinton campaign caller referred to Obama as Osama bin Laden

Notice how McCain is not getting any negative press at all?

What is Hillary's middle name?

CNN announced a new web site

Enjoy the polls Hillary fans because...

Some Important Issues about Hillary Clinton for Tomorrow's Voters to Consider

3am phone call ad response from Obama?

I am a democrat and I support Barack Obama

Rush Limbaugh led off his show with a "vote Hillary" appeal ...

Rush Limbaugh led off his show with a "vote Hillary" appeal ...

Your completely confusing guide to tomorrow's voting...

Obama supporters: Don't despair. Hillary will win TX/OH tommorrow BUT

Don't vote unless you're motivated by hate!

cool CNN delegate count game (non-partisan post)

If Hillary gets the nomination because of her smear campaign against Obama...

Isn't TX an open primary? And don't the polls only reflect DEM. voters?

Obama camp bracing for losses tomorrow in newly released memo....

In Defense of Zogby and Talking of SUSA

YouTube Battle of the Candidates!

I love Gloria Steinem, but this was bad.

If Sen. Obama is our candidate, I will crawl through broken glass and shit to vote for him.

Richardson Criticizes "3 AM" Ad, Praises Obama's Judgement

Richardson Criticizes "3 AM" Ad, Praises Obama's Judgement

After reading the tenor of the posts here yet again tonight ...

Is it such a crime for people to say they won't be supporting

A Quick Summary Of Dem Pre-Primary Polling


WaPo: Two Pinnochios for Obama on the Canada/NAFTA story

WOW, all my doubts about Obama are resolved! He prays to Jebus every night.

Women will just have to wait - again.......

Does Stephanie Tubbs Jones work FOR or AGAINST Hillary? Hard to tell n/t

I am traveling to Ohio tomorrow for work

Pledged Delegate Gain Predictions!!!

Tumid with hyperbole: Some reflections from a returning DUer on the state of GD:P

Today on the Presidential Campaign Trail - AP

What Kind of Plan Matters?

Fear Mongering.. (looks at watch) ...right on time.

LA Times: Obama's stance on NAFTA is disingenuous, Clinton indicates

So McCane has never been president, and SHE WAS? Tsk, tsk, Hillary,

Signing off for now

Obama campaign claims advisor not acting as part of campaign

Obama campaign claims advisor not acting as part of campaign

PPP Texas: Clinton 50 - Obama 44 - Clinton up 6

Daily Kos: Clinton Campaign Paying Black Sign Holders in Texas?

Just remember for tomorrow - Texas has early voting, and it was trending 5:1 Democratic

Relax Obama supporters. Most people don't spend 14 hours a day in an echo chamber called DU.

Relax Obama supporters. Most people don't spend 14 hours a day in an echo chamber called DU.

News from the Embassy of Canada: Official Statement

CNN: Florida voters, FDP, Crist angry that votes don't count

Does anyone doubt that re:Canada, Obama campaign set up

John Aravosis: What will Republicans throw at Hillary in the fall?

JW: Uncovers New Photos from Clinton Presidential Library Linking Hillary Clinton to Pardons


Austin, TX is excited about tomorrow

Clinton just took the lead in the Texas Real Clear Politics average

How did you find Democratic Underground? Be honest.

Thinking the unthinkable

Please stop the trashing of the people of Appalachia!

There are still over 300 Super Delegates to be counted?

Texas expects record turnout from African American voters

Just sayin'

Rhode Island Poll HDRC 45% BHO 37% ---22% UNDECIDED!

Rhode Island Poll HDRC 45% BHO 37% ---22% UNDECIDED!

Mary Matalin, Meet The Press, "This is why we call them the 'democrat party'...

NAFTA Story Slaps Back— [at Obama Camp]

Momentum for...Mike Gravel????????????????????????

Can the candidates just pay for a new FLA primary?

Why I Won't Vote For Barack Hussein Obama Tomorrow

In all honesty, does anyone really expect NAFTA to be substantially re-worked over the next 4 years? The Facts About 'NAFTA-Gate'

The Night Before the Big Night.

For those who insist that gender discrimination has NOT been a FACTOR

I am in so much physical pain that I hope McCain wins in 2008

So, you don't think Obama has run a negative campaign?

Is Hillary Clinton good for business? Despite her populist rhetoric, she's no enemy of Corporate Ame

A Texas-Sized Town Hall Official Thread!

The MSM Is In Full Spin Mode On THe Dem Candidates To Create a Feud

Photos: Obama campaigning today in San Antonio, Texas, with a bonus baby photo from March 1st.

If tomorrow doesn't end the nomination process, & the race goes to the convention...

The Clintons Did It!!

I never thought I would praise CBS Nightly News

What scenario would YOU be satisfied with tomorrow?

No, I suck

delete dupe

Mark Penn torpedoes Hillary...Why are you all surprised?

Remember this moment between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton?

How Richardson's beard speaks volumes. . .

SurveyUSA: Obama, Clinton Tied in Texas (O-49, C-48)

A plea to my fellow Obama supporters, from a Deaniac who remembers the pain

Joe Klein sees media bias against Clinton - Names names

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste

Polls Show Mike Gravel Leading Hillary And Obama In Ohio And Texas

I voted Nader over Gore and Will over Hillary

CNN's Andrea Mitchell live from Hillary stumping in OH, called it "sparsley attended".

Is Hillary having some sort of question and answer session tonight?

Obama needs to FIRE his chief Econ_*&^%$$#

Talk to the hand, Hillary.

Latest odds – HRC is doing well.

Hillary calling out Obama on NAFTA memo

Hillary Supporters: This is an election not a riot

My Precious DU Friends, Please Be Nice: We Have to Face Each Other The Morning After.

WAHWAH WAH If candidate X isn't elected, I'm voting for NADER!!WAAAH!

what I think is tearing this party apart.


Seven More Weeks? Hillary Opens Offices in WY, MT and Puerto Rico

I just saw the video of Hillary Clinton embracing John McCain...

Hillary really wouldn't support McCain over Obama

Is Canada really the problem with NAFTA?

I'll be glad when this is over.

So When WILL They Release Details About The New Clinton Sex Scandal(s)?

It's Monday! Where are my Rezko headlines?

Canada defends Obama over NAFTA flap

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Yeah, I'm worried about Hillary doing well tomorrow. Negative works.

Do you think there is a danger of Obama being "Dukakised"?

Blame Canada!

Hillary goes on crazy rant - says McCain better for president than Obama!

Obama is the most dangerous man in the history of the world!

Best. Obama. Ad. Ever. LOL!!!

The most selfish voters of all.

The RNC can look in here for recruits for the general election.

Its all cool remember all Barack's early turnout last week

Obama walks off stage at a press conference he called. Many

It's a McCain/Clinton ticket

Right Wing Govt in Canada Meddling in US Primaries

Hillary's HUGE negatives. They WILL come out. And sooner rather than later

Obama Supporters Unite! Don't Allow Cheap Shots and Rudeness to Go Unanswered!

Canadian Embassy verifies Obama story on NAFTA

I just want to say, to both camps, GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!

I Care. Do You?

Holy Moly.....Excerpts from the Canadian memo:

Texas Dispatch: Anticipating Caucus Troubles

It's the delegates, stupid.

Hillary has lost, and it's over. Give it up

Senators are some of the most powerful people in our system

Clinton suggests she'll stay in race after Tuesday

Decision Analyst: TX: O:53 C: 47; OH: O: 51 C: 49

Decision Analyst: TX: O:53 C: 47; OH: O: 51 C: 49

Obama supporters, be aware

A thought on the eve of the Texas primary

A thought on the eve of the Texas primary

Turnout Already High in Texas, Ohio

Texas town hall starting now (Hillary)

A good response Hillary could've given to the Muslim question

Hillary's "Children" Ad, only partly a smear on Obama's "inexperience"... the other part, easy guess

The 3:00 a.m. ad that should have been run

DUDE! What Up!

Protest Votes

what I think is tearing this party apart...

I have never despised a Dem. leader this much before, not even Lieberman.

Mark Penn PLaying Down His Role In The Campaign: Just An Outside Message Advisor

Mark Penn PLaying Down His Role In The Campaign: Just An Outside Message Advisor

Hillary's Experience As A First Lady MATTERS

Hillary's Experience As A First Lady MATTERS

I won't vote for anybody who attacks Hugo Chavez!

The 3:00 a.m. ad that should have been run

Hillary Clinton Orders Draft

For the undecided: Why you should NOT vote McCain (debunking his talking points)

BBC......Obama is under pressure....

desperate HRC supporters in Waco !

Media Bias in Favor of Obama And Against Hillary Clinton:Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Is Hillary going to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

Clinton up by 10 in Final Survey USA poll

will we throw away november tomorrow?

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Maddows response to Hills endorsement of McCain "Thats what you say when you want to be McCains VP"

Tomorrow : Remember no matter who wins, a Democrat is always better than a Republican

Am I alone....

OH, TX , RI, VT primary voters: Election protection information here

What are the chances for the Dems to self destruct?

Actual un-doctored 60 MINUTES Transcription from CBS (offered without comment)

Auchi + Rezko + Goolsbee = NOBAMA

Rush Limbaugh wants Hillary to stay in.

A questions about polling:

To all the media asshats demanding Clinton drop out .......

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

It's 3AM Your children are sleeping safely in their beds.... :: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies!!! :: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies!!! :: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies!!!

28 Years

Wesley Clark "Women Can Fight"

I hope.

THIS Is Why HRC Had a Moral Obligation to UNEQUIVOCALLY DENOUNCE the Falsehoods--->>>

Shocking new photo sends Clinton campaign into chaos!

This is what to expect from President Hillary Clinton

2008 Democratic Popular Vote

No matter what just remember Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to bring to the White House

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/3/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton up 1 (45)

Can you say something that bothers you about the candidate you support?

Can you say something that bothers you about the candidate you support?

If you are worried that someone is trying to hijack your party,

One of the greedmongers responsible for today's oil prices is an Obama supporter

Obama supporters please note ... this is hurting your candidate

The last two days have raised expectations for Hillary... this helps Obama now....

Obama denies Assuring Canada on NAFTA

Well I'll be darned - CNN is reporting on the Rezko / Obama ties.

Obama's NAFTA SHAFTA... CTV story is TRUE after all.

New poll of RI shows large undecided vote: C: 42% O: 37% U: 21%

A Reporter AGREES With Me That Barack Talks In A Pretentious Tone

Reality check: Rezko accused. McDougals found guilty in a court of law.

"Is Hillary a lesbian?" "No, not as far as I know."

This kid 'gets' the Message--Nice photo

Can someone explain to me why FOX NEWS is CHEERLEADING!!! for Clinton

Should Hillary Clinton be Symbolically Tombstoned on DU for endorsing McCain over Obama?

This is it. Hillary is now like Lie-berman to me.

Hollow Judgment

I wonder if people are fully aware of the 7 more weeks issue & its potential impact

John Hagee Said.

Some thoughts from an Ohio voter.

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Just as much as his hypocritical NAFTA stance, it's his LYING that is a problem for BHO.

Hillary supporters - I have another question for you.. this is a simple poll question

Thats it I had with HRC

Barack Obama: Backstabbing Traitor

HIllary Clinton Speech immediately preceding Iraq War! MUST WATCH(transcript too!)

Remember, there are millions more like her

Newsflash: Hillary's not quiting.

My first post. Go Hillary.

The fact Obama attracts rethugs and Indies only suggests just how great a Democrat he is!

Three Texas Republicans have told me they're going to vote for Clinton tomorrow

Hillary Likes Fries, Obama Likes Onion Rings - OMG the horror

Obama supporters - tell me something to cheer me up

"I Can't Believe I'm Standing Up for Obama... But I Am" ... confessions of a Hillary voter

New Poll results! Hillary %54, Obama %45...

Are you planning on posting tomorrow or staying the hell away from DU?

Clinton leads TX early voting by12%, backed up by clinton internal polls, independent hard counts

When the going gets tough........the 'tough guy' walks out...



Second poll shows Clinton with 9-point lead over Obama

Word of caution on Texas polls

Ok,Barack supporters are we fired up , are we ready to go?

Question about the Texas primary/caucuses.

Let me get this straight Obama walked out after answering the last question?

Let me get this straight Obama walked out after answering the last question?

Anyone else experiencing combat in their homes over this primary?

Canada to Hillary!

OBAMA is PRO NAFTA!!!! I knew he was lying about something....

Obama is a great candidate for president. I am very happy and hopeful...

A message from OBAMA to his Supporters

if these two just slime each other into oblivion

John McCain will bring the draft if he is elected President

Final KHOU Texas BELO tracking poll Clinton 46, Obama 45

Final KHOU Texas BELO tracking poll Clinton 46, Obama 45

WHAT THE HELL?? clinton kisses up to mccain? rips obama?

Is there a Obama - Nadhmi Auchi ,Iraqi billionaire story?

TEXAS on primary eve: 2/3 of expected voters have already voted.

If Obama wins big tomorrow, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth

Breaking: You DO NOT need to bring your raccoon to your Texas convention/caucus

Hillary : How can you sleep at night?

I think this is best Barack supporters



Any news on Day one of the Rezko trial?

Sen. Clinton's Texas Townhall meeting being streamed now on her website


The sexism has been obvious to anyone who can see (MSNBC and C.U.N.T.)


Aw Fuuuck... I Guess I'll Go And Answer It, "What Would Be Wrong If Hillary WAS Gay ??? ... NOTHING

FYI ... Clinton is coming up on the Daily Show in a few.

Do all you candidate bashers realize you’re going to need the people you’re alienating?

Have you ever compared Clinton's and Obama's websites?


How to Spot a GOPer: "Attacks Against a Democrat Hurt the Party in the Fall"

When DUer's start stooping to making bigoted smears it means that theyre cadnidate is

Okay, time to make your predix for tomorrow.

Obama: an oratorically upgraded version of Mike Bloomberg

HIllary Clinton will become the nominee. I relaized today that she

Obama lied when he said Bob Graham voted against the IWR because he read the NIE, flat out lied.

"That's what you say when you want to be John McCain's vice presidential choice"


HA -Obama in stump speech says if Hillary read the NIE she would have voted against the

If Obama lost 11states in a row the media would be saying this race is OVER

I reject and denounce Clinton and McCain's experience

Fake outrage level raised to Defcon infinity. Twisting words and writhing.

Court case makes life difficult for Barack Obama

If Hillary wins tomorrow, that means this race is going all the way to the Convention

I've gotta admit that Obama is attracting a number of new devotees to our Party

Will Obama make the U.S. DU's perfect vision of a Glorious Liberal Paradise?

For babylonsister!! WSCE sings it and shakes it!!*

Code Pink gives HC a pink slip for Iraq, Hillary: "I will never put my people's security at risk"

No, Obama sucks

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

So, what about this: Reformer: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies

Poll Closing Times for Tomorrow

Scarborough was practically salivating over HRC staying in.

I am very very sad

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday March 03, 2008

Mark Penn: "I have no direct authority in the campaign."

Obama Has the Best Attributes of Ronald Reagan...without the worst

Has Dr. Phil endorsed anyone?

Hillary's Chances Of Winning Texas Has Just Grown Exponentially- Click

Hillary supporters this is a nice link please watch...

Hillary Roven Clinton. Yes, she's earned it!

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Hillary sucks

Clinton beats McCain by 11 in New Jersey, Obama loses by 2

Can Hillary be trusted?

Can Hillary be trusted?

Here's My Prediction - Win, Lose or Draw, Hillary Will Declare Victory

Robert Reich: Hillary did not oppose NAFTA in 1993, but opposed its timing

Obama tangles with the press----answers "curtly" and walks out as press erupts...

The good news: It's snowing in Texas tonight and not tomorrow


Can a Sen. Clinton supporter debunk this?

A dose of realism for the Hillary supporters

Clinton launches Ohio campaign marathon; Obama slams Clinton on homestrech

Obama Campaign Lied About Canadian Embassy NAFTA meeting

Does Hillary Clinton's campaign death throes make anyone else sad?

Mark Penn: "no direct authority in the campaign"

LOVE IT> Tweety is Smacking the Shit out of Clinton's 60 Minute comments on Obama being Muslim

Hillary's 60 Min. "Obama/Muslim" remark is desperate, divisive, despicable & unforgivable. Instead

Clinton: Obama gave the "the old wink-wink" to Canadian officials regarding NAFTA

New SUSA Texas - Clinton on the comeback trail

Here's why Obama will be the presumptive nominee in 10 days ...

Here's why Obama will be the presumptive nominee in 10 days ...

Group hug?

3/2/08 Hillary +16 in Ohio, Columbus Dispatch

Obama leads early voting in Texas by 12%.

Question please:How can Obama be questioned about competence?

Obama is LOSING among Democrats.

Hillary Clinton's Tactics in Ohio and Texas Show Why She is Karl Rove's Favorite Democrat

Why are the Obama supporters clamoring for Hillary to get out

Canada's NDP sends letters to Clinton/Obama regarding NAFTA

Obama supporters: Switch to Clinton!

Is the spell really broken?

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Clinton Camp: Richardson amazingly hypocritical!

She could still win....

28 Hours, 55 Minutes, 27 Seconds...

To say Obama was lying on NAFTA is either the height of dishonesty or the complete loss of reason.

Obama supporters spend weeks telling a minority to shut up and stop whining about bigotry....

In October 2002 Bob Graham begged fellow senators to read the "entire" NIE on WMDs.

Vermont Woman Newspaper Endorses Hillary for President

MSNBC just now played a clip from the Canadian Parliament--Hillary is a LIAR!!

MSNBC just now played a clip from the Canadian Parliament--Hillary is a LIAR!!

Why did Obama buy the property from Rezko's wife, instead of Tony?

Obama and The NAFTA SHAFTA...The CTV story is TRUE!

Dan Abrams shows the McCorporate Media is PUSHING HILLARY OUT!

NEITHER candidate will opt out of NAFTA

Expect high traffic on DU this Tuesday, March 4. Make sure you don't get blocked out!

Clinton-Obama photo galleries

SHAME ON YOU, Steve Kroft, for asking Hillary about Obama's religion!

New Hillary Ads Hit Obama's "Judgment"

Since Senator Obama will most likely become the nominee this week…

The reason why the NAFTA flap resonates is because Goolsbee

I Was Wrong & Admit It: Hillary Would Probably Be a Poor VP Choice for Barack Obama.

Exactly what were Clinton's National Security duties...

Mark Penn, Charles Black, and FISA lobbying for AT&T

Hillary being called a "Bitch": Makes me want to get on the next wave of feminism

I don't learn anything here anymore.

An amazing phone call of 18 former admirals, generals and defense officials supporting Sen. Clinton

Obama's Closing ad for Texas and Ohio:

The MSM allowing Hillary to use her "wink-wink" smoke screen to hide her own NAFTA lie

So, back in April 07 Obama literally ran away from the press over

Hillary Clinton gets it sincerely wrong

Thank you, Rachel Maddow: "That's what you say when you want to be McCain's VP"

CNN has Obama with 153 delegate lead in pledged delegates - predict tomorrow's effect on that

Depending on "magical thinking", threatening lawsuits, and ignoring party rules.

Obama is no Progressive: Obama doesn't want to blame Bush and the rethugs

Obama Supporters, heres to believing in HOPE

I had to unregister from the John Kerry website

Call it (put your prognostical skills to the test)

Bartcop nails it.

If Clinton gets the nomination, How will you supporters feel knowing...

Detailed predictions of tomorrow's races

A Former Clintonite Concludes: The Clintons Don't Care About Anyone but Themselves.

Haven't posted on DU in a couple of years, but...

The Field: Hillary's "3 AM ad" BOMBED BIG TIME in Texas

My sister, a Conservative, whom I thought would never vote for a Democrat

Inside Delegate Math: The Numbers or Can Clinton Catch Up?

Inside Delegate Math: The Numbers or Can Clinton Catch Up?

CNN Interactive delegate counter

I Heard Cuyahoga County Will Be Hand Counting Votes

RuralVotes predicts these delegate allocations for tomorrow: VT (O+5), RI (H+5), OH (H+7), TX (O+27)

When does being first lady give you experience to be president?

Breaking: Voter Suppression Charges In Ohio

The more I hear about the campaign, the more dissatisfied I am with Hillary.

Rachel Maddow: Hillary jockeying to be McCain's VP!

If Hillary does not win more delegates than Obama tomorrow, should she drop out of the race?

The most liberal congressman being attacked by corporatists and needs our help...NOW!

Hillary says she "wont ever drop out of the race. no matter what happens"


Handy Guide for Hillary Clinton Supporters Dealing With Her Inevitable Withdrawal Speech

Obama Supporters: Keep the Faith!

"You better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope.'' Bill Clinton, 2004

Why Hasn't Obama Been Asked & Called to Answer The Following:

Now I'm pissed. Hillary in Austin, Live on CSpan, faking a Texas accent.

I'm trying. I really am trying. But I **just** cannot warm up to Obama

Why didn't Obama change his name to the people who raised him?


Jack Nicholson uses movie clips to boost Clinton

How United Technologies and McCain Could Steal Our (Already Stolen) Vote or Junta 2

How United Technologies and McCain Could Steal Our (Already Stolen) Vote or Junta 2

Obama with the MIGHTY MO

There are some bad eggs on here lately. The days of it being A-okay to trash

WOW!!! Could this be a sign things are shifting back to Hillary???

Why do so many people think Hillary is a one-time-only chance to have a female president?

Youth is the future

Obama Cites Sermon on the Mount in Defense of Pro-Gay Stance

Fear Mongering Ads, Embracing John McCain, Ambivalence over Obama's religion...What's H.C. Thinking?

Hillary Clinton is no better than the GOP.

Uh Oh While everyone was getting their underwear in a twist about OH/TX

GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!1!!111 GO BARACK!!!!!!!!!111111

Not a snark-Breaking News: Hillary Clinton endorses John Mccain!!

BREAKING: Rachel Maddow on Countdown: "Hillary angling to be John McCain's VP"

As an OHIO voter, This is what set me STRONGLY AGAINST Hillary Clinton:

To say Clinton endorsed McCain is either the height of dishonesty or the complete loss of reason.

Plouffe: It's still over

KO's Rachel Maddow Nails Hillary Clinton's Campaign....

You're now advising Obama. What role does Hillary play after he wins..

National Weather Service issues "Major Shitstorm" warning for TX, OH, RI and VT (Tue 3/4/08)

Clinton's comments are indefensible here.

Queer for Hillary

A note to Obama Zealots about respect.

A note to Obama Zealots about respect.

A note to Obama Zealots about respect.

A note to Obama Zealots about respect.

For All The Hillary Supporters: Can Ya Feel It?

Hillary's scumiest attack ad yet: False election news update.

My Predictions for tomorrow.

Video of Clinton's endorsement of John McCain over Barack Obama

Daily Kos: Hillary Disloyal Democrat...

Hillary's Joe Lieberman moment, or, why I will not support her in November

To My Fellow Obama Supporters: A Note From Ohio

Was Bush/Rove a secret Neo-Nazi Party member like his father/grandfather reputed to be?

The Selling Out of John Kerry Nov 2004 by Clinton Operatives or

This primary should go all the way to the bitter end.

Why are we all of a sudden hearing from Obama supporters that they will not support HRC in the GE?

The more Hillary's trashed here, the more she has my respect.


This Modern World: Scary Scary Scary!

When liberals start thinking like republicans. (It's happening now.)

One more dot to connect with the unsolicited buyout of Diebold....

"If the linens are too dirty, you will lose your deposit."

Five years in Iraq.

Apparently "brainpower" means learning how to hunt humans.

Iran blames US for Iraq 'terror'

This is the answer folks

FISA and the Protect America Act have shown us one thing

Precision Buzz Marketing..on psych wards..

Auction Supply `Tsunami' Foreshadows Deeper Municipal Losses

True Crime Author Details His Own True Crime Past

Going to Jail for Being a Democrat: How Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Got Roved

Talk about the government having nothing better to do

Wow -- this is no way to treat troubled kids!

surge update -Baghdad Bombs Kill 23, Police Say

I thought the surge was working?? Iraq violence jumps in February

Corporatism and cancer

5th anniversary of Iraq invasion in 12 days.

5th anniversary of Iraq invasion in 12 days.

Take It From an Outed Source: Why We Need a Reporter Shield Law-by Jesselyn Radack

what does "running" for a national delegate spot involve?

My prediction...Obama wins Tuesday...

In Search Of Bush (Interesting )

Space bar! Can anyone find the space bar on their computer?

BTW, that cute new toy your pet plays with might have lead, tests show

How Will You Act If Immunity Is Granted To The Telecoms?

US Military study finds that War is good for Iraqi teens self esteen

Gonzo and Harriet instruct on achieving success in Shrub flunkydom

Why does the foreclosure problem seem to stop at state lines?

I heard on NPR this morning: Outsourcing has doubled

Vets Break Silence-Plan To "Testify About War Crimes They Committed Or Personally Witnessed"

A few quick observations from my first experience in a serious political campaign

THIS is the lead story on this morning?

Code Pink Walter Reed Protest

The Ultimate Stupidity Of Bush's Economic Policies

IWD in Iraq: There Will Be No Civil Society Without Liberated Women

Military Industrial Contractor, United Technology, wants to buy Diebold

The waterboarding debate: Which works best - Khmer Rouge or Inquisition style?

Snort. Chronicle readers design Bush library

tomorrow, the mailbag at Asia Times OnLine should be interesting

CNN's little peak into the economic things to come. Not purdy.

Today’s Headlines 3/3/08

Battle lines being drawn!

Have any Democratic Officials Said anything about Siegelman?

Telecoms have indemnification agreements: why not worried about immunity.

Bush Resigns Because Of Plagiarism-Actual CBS headline

McCain can run, but he can't hide, from Hagee's endorsement

IAEA unveils allegations of Iranian arms work

Well, Praise the lord!

Right-wing cowards distribute anonymous flier against local business...

Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish

something to make you go hhhmmmm

a disturbing irony

Should Congress pass telecom immunity in the FISA bill?

Police: Tourist Robbed For Gas Money

Vatican downplays the Spanish Inquisition with new Museum

surge update - 3 Bombs in Baghdad Kill 17

Simple question for March 3, 2008: ........... How old are you?

The Bush* Doctrine of "Pre-emptive Attack" ~ Good policy or not?

Rove: "If we were to give up Iraq with the third largest oil reserves in the world"

I just called Congressman Sylvester Reyes' (D-TX) office

We've got a lot of really dry powder. It's time to use some of it.

Eavesdropping on the Straight Talk (great Slowpoke 'TOON)

Pa. Senator Hospitalized By Heart Attack

Noose Left In Family's Front Yard Tree; Boy Arrested

Support Democrat Andrew Rice run against asshole Senator Inhofe

Make Your Semi-Super Tuesday Prediction!

Rockefeller re FISA: he can help House Democrats understand how far the White House is willing to go

The Proxy War — SCHIP and the Government's Role in Health Care Reform

Bush has spent 452 days at his pig ranch in Crawford as President

Mexico Abruptly Restricts Used and New Car Imports from US

Ahhhhh, so nice to read the following phrase (bolded below)

Dean Baker: The Bubble Boys and the Recession

WOW!-CCIA: "(Trade Group That Represents Telecoms) Says NO TO IMMUNITY"

Blue Cross spends big to promote legislation

Tom Toles: It's the economy, stupid.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Impeach Dick Cheney

anyone listening to Randi Rhodes?

Crawford Pig Farm Action Photo: "And Ahmad-y, yer doin' a heck of a job...of exportin' TERRA"

This story has legs:

Manufacturing shrinks at fastest pace in 5 years; Construction falls most since 1994

The Gaza Bombshell, Vanity Fair - Elliott Abrams redux

Eerie juxtaposition of evocative images: Shooting victims and gun show billboard

Warren Buffett says USA is indeed in a recession -- today on CNBC.

"Politically Incorrect" Right Wing has demanded that America apologize to Bush since 2004

George W. Bush is the worst

John McCain just not white enough for Conservatives

McCain Courted Hagee for at Least a Year

Pentagon's new Ray Gun

Notre Dame Honors Activist-Actor Martin Sheen

"Lizard Man" Look at this guy's van.

breaking: U.N. sanctions Iran anew over nuclear program

Randi Rhodes is back.



Defense of Democracies running ad in MO

Iran calls on US to quit Iraq

The Clintons Did It!!

Who has been hit across the face with the AT WILL CLAUSE !

No Mr. Bush, I Agree, We Aren't in a Recession

A question about DU's setup -

Abramoff/Siegelman - "Amazing Coincidence" (Scott Horton)

TRADER JOES RECALL: Alfalfa Sprouts.

Tomorrow, Citizens of Brattleboro, VT will vote whether to arrest Bush & Cheney

Expect high traffic on DU this Tuesday, March 4. Make sure you don't get blocked out!

democratic Prometheus

(TOON) Steve Bell on the cost of war in Iraq

Arrgggg...How to respond to this coment: To be a Democrat...

Deal Close on Wiretap Law, a Top Democrat Tells CNN

Deal Close on Wiretap Law, a Top Democrat Tells CNN

The rw is soooo worried about gay marriage - this snippet makes me laugh...(or cry).

Bush strikes again!

What the well dressed man or woman will be wearing

Right Wingers Try to Blame the Media for Economic Insecurity

any tax experts/accountants in the building?

White House guts Intelligence Oversight Board

Tweety's not doing well....

Some great advice from UFPJ on how to end the war

Man Butchers 15-Month-Old Nephew in Jeddah Supermarket

Women's History Month Woman of the Day: Emma Goldman

FIRE in Seattle area

and now for something completely different

Now that them Banks gonna lose billions in bad loans cause the borrowers

Bernanke: Banks Will Fail. FDIC Rehires Retired Bank Examiners

Four years from now

A Message to the World:

Leaders of Pro-War group are pathological liars

I'm At The 3-Post Limit In GDP. I Have A Proposal. Can We Nominate The GDP Peace-Poster

El Baradei Statement on Iran...3 March 2008 | Vienna, Austria

Warren Buffet: We are in a Recession. What will Bush say now?

Computer experts point to White House failures in e-mail controversy

Let's play the "In Chief" game ........

Saw a great bumper sticker today.

VCS Lawsuit against VA started today in SF-will last all week-court filed documents are online

Watch Bob Herbert's excellent lecture this month

For the General Election: Nothing has to be smoothed out or united

Hells Angels planned to kill Mick Jagger

You Tell Me What This Bumper Sticker Meant

So the Taliban banned dog fighting: This is sickening

It's a McCain/Clinton ticket

Crime rates are lower than people actually realize?

Obama is the most dangerous man in the history of the world!

Is 'Soylent Green' our future?


Enemy Of The State

Chavez: Colombia Has Become The Israel Of Latin America

Another shooting: Wendy's in West Palm Beach...

Crooks & Liars: Pastor John Hagee defends himself

Need a laugh? Iron Butterfly Meets Line Dancing Video

Q: Which newly-elected chief executive is a recently-converted fanatical fan of the Apple iPhone?

John Lennon: Love (Please Watch!)

Have You Called Your Congressional Representative Over Immunity

KO about to give Mclame the famous Hagee

Kinda funny how the "liberal media" has all but forgotten...

Take your mind off tomorrow for a moment. In the past I've

Did you see 60 Minutes last night about health care? To have this happen

Non Sequitur

UAW American Axle Strikers Says They're Fighting To Preserve Good-Paying Jobs

To the Kind Soul Who Bought Me a Heart...

Divine TRUTH revealed - What the "H" in Jesus H. Christ stands for!!

Worst Nursing Homes in US

Gift Cards Can Become Worthless When Retailers File For Bankruptcy Protection

Fox News Promotes Global Warming Deniers, Says US Should Fear "Cooling"

BIDEN Statement on the Russian Elections

Attention Southern New Hampshire folk!

Just saw a REALLY DISGUSTING Teevee commercial:


The Empire Strikes - "US Launches Air Strikes in Somalia"

Don't forget that it is meat-out Monday.

State Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage

We are there NOW, and it doesn't matter how we got there

Anyone here Twitter?

On a hill overlooking a highway in San Diego

How much are you spending on gas?

You are now the Armageddon candidate! A letter to John McCain.

Melanie Morgan (Move America Forward) may have lost her talk show

OK, my cell phone doesn't change the TV channels and when the text signal goes off it

Ducks Unlimited

Reprentative Tim Ryan (D-OH) Explains, on the phone, why Government Earmarks are Crucial to all

One very important argument against the "Fair Tax"

Call up Rahm Emmanuel and Nancy Pelosi n tell them

Caption *

Saint Ronnie.....even he KNEW!

It's primary election eve night, but let's not forget FISA -- Bush & Telecomm's

Follow the Oil Money for US Congress

Bwahahah - must read

After bankruptcies, gift cards can be worthless (Sharper Image "suspends acceptance")

The "final solution" to American gun ownership.

Here we go with the MSNBC lockup bullshit! AGAIN. One would think


Attn all in the area of W Cen MO tomorrow-protest Scalia

Any mods around?

Wiretap Compromise in Works

Just filled out MSRNC survey & said SCARBORUGH SUCKS!1

History Channel Now: History Rocks. The 70s with Meatloaf!

West Frankfort Business Owner Holds 'Smoke-in'

Price of Crude Oil Measured in Gold Vs. Dollars - Graph view!

Anybody see the movie "Fracture" ? *hoping for a spoiler*

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Great spay neuter promo with John McEnroe. Please put on front page

Faux Noise "We like to be females we dont wear pants"

I want Dan Abrams to start doing campaign blunders etc on McCain instead of Clinton Obama every nite

Independent UK: Europe vs the super-rich (EU declares war on tax havens)

I had no idea that Rev. Hagee was such a lowlife, useless, lump of putrid flesh

The Economy: Heads or Tails

CDC:Toxic trailers made in Indiana/Katrina victims

My home assessment dropped $9K, Earth shifts on its axis, Film at 11.

Anyone here Glitter?

ACLU Watch List Counter

The Daily Show is on

Bush Says He Lets Red Phone Go Straight to Voicemail

By golly, it's snowing in N Texas! So much

Geraldo Won't Shake "Shameful" "Hate-Monger" Lou Dobbs' Hand

If they give the telecom immunity, why are we fighting so hard for dems

If You Can't Access DU Tomorrow...

The "3 AM Ad Hillary Should Have Made" will leave EVERYONE cheering.

Cindy Mccain

Jackass on youtube at a game farm talking about killing some cows an

Grace Slick at Monterey Pop Festival 1967

Blind Guitarist Jeff Healey Dies at 41

Cash-Strapped Consumers Buying Groceries On Credit Represent A Disturbing Trend

"Are apologies to Bush in order?" - Today's INSANE LTTE

WTF is the Dem leadership strategy on FISA?

James Lovelock (the scientist behind Gaia), says some alarming things

Make Your Semi-Super Tuesday Prediction!

Clinton Campaign Confident

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

I'm so excitied! My shipment of Fail just arrived!!!

Beating Obama became more important to them than beating John McCain

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

Finally, Obama faces tough questions from the press. Reacts with paranoia, walks out.

Soldier's suicide: 'This young man should not have gone back to Iraq'

America must DEFEAT HILLARY and then DEFEAT McCain!!

WV County Commissioner stands-up to ES&S Voting Machines, becomes target of smear campaign

As an Obama Supporter I have to Admit the Canadian NAFTA Story Troubles Me!!

Major severe weather outbreak today (Monday)

Crap! Now they drained $1,500 from my partner's card!

OK, so there's a deli bag of ham in the fridge

Saudi Arabia to cease growing own wheat by 2016, due to scarce water; will start "importing"

Holy crap, I got somebody really helpful on the line at Comcast.

A fellow Lounger flunks history

When are they going to make a movie about Tito Broz starring Joe Pesci

I don't mean to cross-post

Pick the winner in this semi-official and semi-legal Iditarod 2008 bookie thread

It's 60 degrees outside.

"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

what is with the new spam that is getting through to yahoo?

Smart Car.

Robert Plant says NO to Led Zeppelin!

Any Golden State Warriors fans out there?

Will there be Martial Law?

As you can see, your mom has been quite a few places.

When it comes to technology, my in-laws are like monkeys with dynamite...

Did you meet any Storm Troopers yesterday? BECAUSE I DID. (pic!)

GREAT! My new place smells like Snead! The guy in the other side of the duplex throws like it's1968

GREAT! My new place smells like Creed! The guy in the other side of the duplex throws like it's1998

Newbie Appreciation Thread

Today is Casimir Pulaski day

KFSO Bush-cans hate radio hostess Melanie Morgan

OK, the Santa Ana Winds can go to hell.

Check out PETA'S public service announcement - importance of spay neuter

Cool NEW use for that silly George W. Bush Action Figure®

GREAT! My new place smells like Greed! The guy in the other side of the duplex acts like it's 1985!

GREAT! My new place smells like Sneed! The guy in the other side of the duplex golfs like the 70's!

Good puppy training books?

GREAT! My new place smells like Reed! The guy in the other side of the duplex keeps house like 1960


My place smells like stale beer and cigarettes

say what you really want to say

Do you know of fund raising sites?

I swear to god, this just came to my email, sent to this office globally:

yesterday it was 80 and I picked fresh asparagus

Today is National Cold Cut Day

GREAT! My new place sounds like Creed! The guy on the other side of the duplex sings like it's 1990s

Damned cube rat - STFU!!!111!!1


GREAT! My new place smells like Greed! The guy on the other side of the duplex trades like it's 1987

GREAT! My new place smells like steed! The guy in the other side of the duplex rides like it's1860's

GREAT! My new place smells like a Thneed!

GREAT! My new place smells like bread! The guy in the other side of the duplex bakes like its 1770s

GREAT! My new place smells like led! The guy in the other side of the duplex sounds like the 70's

GREAT! My new place smells inbred! The guy in the other side of the duplex is from West Virgina

Found a weird resource for vegan recipes...

I quit smoking cold ham.

GREAT! My new place smells like weed! And I don't live in a duplex.

GEAT! I just rented out one side of my duplex to a narc!

GREAT! I think you irritated DS1...

If I described my lunch as "A big hairy oily one"

Temeah is a replicant

Thanks to you Loungies... and an update about my daughter.

Working two weeks of early voting dealing with really stupid voters has driven me crazy.

what is your favorite tuber?

today will be a bad onion day

One question about smoking ham...

GREAT! The lady in the other side of the duplex doesn't like that I smoke weed like it's 1960's

GREAT! My new place smells like mead! The guy in the other side of the duplex brews like it's 660's

GREAT! My new place smells like feed! The guy in the other side of the duplex farms like it's 1860's

Why is my cat Wimsey trying to kill me?

Prince Harry is my new secret boyfriend

Judge orders XtraJet to pay attorney Mark Geragos & associate $2.25 million for secretly taping them

GREAT! My new place smells like mead! The guy in the other side of the duplex drinks like it's960's

Great site, or the greatest site?

A friend of mine renamed me Gansta P.I.M.Pri

So, Peter Griffin now works for the Mass. tourism board.

LOUDEST purr I've ever heard...

Theo Jansen, kinetic sculptor and his wind-powered art

Billboard's Top 100 from the Summer of Love, 1967

GREAT! My new place smells like tweed! The guy in the other side of the duplex sews like it's1960's

Do you ever feel like a pessimist in the real world, but a wild optimist here?

It's Lunchtime! Click here to read about Amy Winehouse's outbreak of impetigo.

Which DUer is this?

A simple name change to make it clear

Any other skydivers here?

Is Today A Typical Monday?

It's been posted in GD:P

I know several of my fellow DU youngster avoid GD and GD:P, so let me get your attention here!

Giant BSG interview with Ron Moore and David Eick. Kevin Smith has nothing to do with this.

Trouble in the RW Talk Radio World?

"Mr. Uly, is New Deal a city or a state?"

Bush denying access to “the dustbin of history”? Executive order 13233

One Last Big Push for Dennis

Keep Dennis Kucinich is CONGRESS - A light in the darkness - HE NEEDS US

why is god mad at you?

I'm home sick today

Whats With These Duplex Posts Today Do All Of These DU'rs Live In The Same One?

Question about nonprofit donations...


Acclaimed Jazz/Rock/Blues guitarist, Jeff Healey is dead

Today: 63 degrees Tommorrow: Raging ice-storm

He said, She said

Damn cop gave me a ticket. Ask me anything.

HI HO Neighbor DU

HI HO Neighbor DU

The surgery was successful!

Skinner just sent me a pm, asking me to stay the hell away, so

"anarchist-type textbook"

It always stops my heart when I get a PM from Skinner

Some of the Coolest Pictures I've ever seen. (Funny and Artistic Food)

Nixon, Cheney, and Le Deluge

Concerning what we talked about Saturday night...I'm feeling better.

Headsup!! GDP has declared war on the Lounge

Britney dumps paparazzi boyfriend after finding "sexy texts" on his iPhone

Skinner's on his way over for dinner with his lovely wife and baby and he asked me to tell you

Star Wars PSA

That was nice of Skinner, but wild horses couldn't get me into GDP tomorrow night.

Someone sent this to me. Viking Kittens. Have you seen it before?

Cat and dog lovers here! Prettiest of all the pets on DU!

Skinner. The man, himself, just PM'd me to make sure I get off tomorrow night.

It was 76 degrees yesterday, It was windy but it was warm, we even talked at one point about the A/C

Perfectionism is delusional

Most honest Freeper user name ever:

Picture thread!!!

Your Last Emergency Room Visit:, If you care to share


Parche!!! Is the bar open?????

What's your Top 10 List for the most Outrageously Violent Films of all time?

Skinner. The man, himself, just PM'd me to make sure I can get on tomorrow night.

This story has legs:

You Know Something, Things Always Work Out

73 degrees yesterday, freezing rain and winter storm warning today. Ask me anything!!

Any other Nazi Nazis out there?

This incident really toes the line:

Is there an alternative to the Randi Rhodes Show from 2-5 (Central)?

It was 20 years ago TODAY

Clickity on the DEMocratic Donkey

Is Anybody Here (Financially) Wealthy?

I have proof that I am a VIP

Hot One In GD:P

Dimensional Holophonic Sound: "The House of God"

I went off on a fellow customer at my bank today

Dennis Kucinich under media assault from the RW & 'Dems'...asking for your help ASAP!

can you here me now?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/3/2008)

Can they hear me now?

Frederick Fucking Chopin is having a free course that starts tonight. It is using this book

I've Been Sent As An Emissary Of GD-P To Deliver A Message

Heard a rumor my mean boss is quitting...

So how are you all celebrating Pulaski Day?

WTF is George Bush's head doing on Prince (sic) Harry's tank mounting?

So we just booked Pat Buchanan *groan*

60 Minutes ** FCC's Michael Copps (D) Requests Investigation of WHNT-TV Black Out

Mulholland Drive: Great film, or the greatest film?

Please help me get the songs from "Oliver!" out of my head!!!

I walked 47 miles of barbed wire. I got a cobra snake for a necktie. Now tell me...

Did Adam and Eve have Campaign Buttons?

Man I hate when people burn witches at work.

Kitchy! and other people with KitchenAid stand mixers- deals on matching goodies

Thoughts about Wegmans

What is the maximum file size for a MyspaceIM avatar?

Kansas grand jury shocker: Religionists strike out, get NO indictments against Planned Parenthood

Hooray! just signed up for my last two graduate courses...ever!

Ugh. For the first time in 12 years, I have to buy a new car.

MeatOut Monday! It's Chick'n Patty Time

Man I hate when people burn paper at work.

Oh crap. I just burned my popcorn in the office microwave ...

I want to thank you all for the positive feedback I have been getting on my mole rat pics.


My grandmother died seven years ago today...

This is your Captain...uh.. just relax ....we are going to make a second attempt at landing

Does the Internet make people insane, or just stupid?

YouTube: Chambers Brothers, "Time Has Come Today"...the LONG version, baby...

Finally - we are using less gas. And buying more fuel efficient autos.

Get A "Free Don Siegelman" T-Shirt And Button (not free)

Two things to ponder today:


In stores tomorrow: 2-CD "Deluxe Edition" of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors"

It's raining in Nashville

Eight questions about computer technology

I saw something I have never seen before nor ever will again

Interviews Today!!!!!

My sister in laws Breast cancer benefit

Mike Malloy on KPHX, Phoenix stream

I'm moving out of my mom's house in a couple weeks.

Jaguar is using 'Hush' now?

Ford To Cut Shifts, Lay Off Some 2,500 Workers

What do you do when you find out you're a topic of conversation?....

Dennis Kucinich’s Media Fight

Man I hate when people burn popcorn at work.

This is cool. I found MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Remember him?

Hey lounge... looking for some PK and a little cyber encouragement and courage

Just three years ago I could get eggs for eighty something cents for an 18 pack

Man I hate when people burn down the popcorn factory where I work

E-VOTING NEWS: United Tech. Proposes Acquisition Of Diebold For $3.0 Bln - Quick Facts

doncha hate it when

I wish I'd had my camera today when I was out.

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It’s Alyson Hannigan

Hey! They're bahing Lee Mercer in GDP! Let's get 'em!!11!!!!11!!

Hil on the Daily Show tonight.

Is there any better PMS food than french fries?

New R.E.M. and B-52s singles out this month and they sound great.

Who will win Project Runway?

I need to know this. Did Kid Rock actually get in a fight

Sea Shepherd handicaps Japanese Whalers with rancid butter

One-fifth of toys sold in Russia in 2007 failed to meet sanitary requirements

SO... getting ready for tomorrow on DU is like getting ready

Any KILLING JOKE fans out there?

It always catastrophically releases my bowels when I get a PM from Skinner

What's Your Catch Phrase?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

My husband's turning 40 in less than two weeks.

I don't think I've ever had a thread in the Lounge go Hot before.

Letter from a Louisiana Jail - From Don Siegelman


Saw an excellent concert last night! Flogging Molly in Richmond, VA.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/3/08

Time for DuStrange's Monday caption game.

Did Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons?

I just ate 7 Snickers and 5 MilkyWay bars

Cool. It's perfectly legal to own and drive a righthand drive vehicle.

Hypothetically: Severe Headache Lasting A Week or Longer

matcom!!! Check your fucking PM already. Douchebag.

Fine red Ferrari

FBI May Investigate High Ranking State Officials Alleged Drug Trafficking.

Computer rant: Dells are total pieces of SHIT

Who will watch the biggest loser tomorrow night?

So in a few days, no internet.

What would your occupation have been if you'd lived before the one you have now existed?

My cousin's 10 Y/O daughter almost died from FLU. She was MEDEVACED to SHANDS.

I alerted on two OP's today in GDP

First, and last, " take-your- cat- to -work- day"

I am concerned about the level of concern in GD-P.

Favorite Food Group?

Wilford Brimley's DIABETES DANCE MIX

He couldn't be a terrorist!


snowing in Texas in March

My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)

So, what do you all think of Thomas Szasz (summary below)

Anybody Here Like "Old School" Cartoons?

Post a song from your iPod.

Journalism or Propaganda??

I quit my piece-o-shit job today and my stomach pain vanished.

Spanking Messes Up Sex Lives, Author Says

Jeez! GDP has been taken over covert Republicans posing as Hillary or Obama supporters!

Skinner pm'd me and said to tell you all to stop name dropping him....

I had jury duty today.

Bunch of stinking show offs!

Proof Bushevik Rush Limbaugh Hates America: Election Tampering.

Bush incoherent

Thank you so much to the DUer who gave me a star!

GREAT! My new place smells like weed! The guy in the other side of the duplex smokes like it's1960's

Favorite silent film?

Join DU's folding@home team. Help us help find a cure.

I'm trying to find the Airport code for Wilmington, Delaware

Glenn Greenwald: House Democratic Leadership: Not Just Complicit but Also Self-Destructive

Glenn Greenwald: House Democratic Leadership: Not Just Complicit but Also Self-Destructive

Van Halen tour back on, resumes April 24th, Eddie "undergoing a battery of medical tests"

It was 80 degrees here today

I get to VOTE tomorrow!!!

Plane in Germany tries to land in 155mph winds

Where the fuck is LynneSin?

Hope everyone has a perrrrrrfect day!

Nice lounge. Cat friendly is always a good sign

Who's lobbying for FISA for AT&T?

Where the fuck is temeah?

Favorite Cookie:

*sigh* Spring is almost here.

Did you know that peace activists like to act like thugs

I need moral support from the ladies of DU who have been perimenopausal

Check in here to enlist in the war against GDP

Current campaigns aside, was NAFTA really that bad?

The fever has broken!!!!

Post something you think people should know

Do you allow your pet on the bed while you sleep?

I'm so pissed!! Is this blatantly sexist, or what?!

Did you hear the one about McCain? (and other bizarre and funny stuff about Hillary's campaign)

It's AMAZING, How many Libertarians there are around here in Lubbock.

[WARNING EXPLICIT] Iraq video, after 5 years, the troops start to unhinge

What was the worst job you ever had?

All loungelizards who didn't get a line in the "88 lines" thread check in here.

In 27 days, I turn 60. Then I will then be, officially, an old man.

Views from the summit of Cascade Mt in the High Peaks area of the Adirondacks near Lake Placid, NY

Somebody tell me how to keep this Sunday from happening...

Has anyone dealt with a herniated disc?

You know what? Tough girls wear heels

Marine Throws Puppy Off A Cliff

Happy Birthday IntravenousDemilo!!!

Wow! New NIN album already available!

Well, it's not good news.

Does anyone remember who told John Lennon, 'I know what it's like to be dead.'?

Jailed Ex-Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski Misses His Dogs

Is John McCain the New Bob Dole?

FDL: Siegelman transcript is finally ready.

Where would you go for a romantic weekend getaway

Hello from Radio Lady and Audio Al... at the business center of the Hilton Hotel...

Colombia says FARC documents show Correa ties

U.S. Bombs Somalia

Police fire tear gas at Pakistan lawyers

Suicide bomb hits US base in Afghanistan

U.S. states and cities battle Wall Street over bond ratings

Teacher who showed abortion film to 8th-graders quits

FBI May Investigate High Ranking State Officials Alleged Drug Trafficking.

U.S. forces find mass grave in Iraq's Samarra

Strong Earthquake Shakes Philippines

Chopper carrying U.N. staff crashes in Nepal, 10 dead

LA Man Accused of Threatening Bush (guy's girlfriend called 911)

Four killed in British artillery strike in Basra

U.S. pursues Iraqis on charges of Saddam-era spying

At least 23 people killed, dozens injured in 2 Baghdad suicide bombings

TSA tries airport security lanes for families

Baghdad bombs kill 23, police say

US economists worried about mortgage losses, consumer debt

Tory MP plans civil partnership

Turkey may launch new incursion in Iraq

U.N. Sanctions Iran anew over nuclear program

Wal-Mart encourages employees to post blunt comments about products on blog

West Frankfort Business Owner Holds 'Smoke-in'

Filip Takes No. 2 Spot in Justice Dept.

Trial to Offer Look at World of Information Trading

Trial to Offer Look at World of Information Trading

Rice heads to Mideast to try to save peace plan

Man Butchers 15-Month-Old Nephew in Jeddah Supermarket

Authorities: LA man threatened Bush's life in phone call

No strike; Lockheed workers OK pact (would have idled 3,000 workers)

EPA Unions Slam Managers

Ricin investigation shifting to Utah, FBI says

Canadian musician Jeff Healey dies of cancer

Computer experts point to White House failures in e-mail controversy

Hells Angels planned to kill Mick Jagger

Fox & Friends promotes global warming deniers' conference

Canada says didn't misrepresent Obama over NAFTA

Obama adviser denies trade remarks(disputes part of memo obtained by AP)

Study Sees Prescription Drug abuse at Colleges.

Terrorism charges dropped against ex-Iraqi officials ("no witnesses to testify they were involved")

Violence Continues In and Around Gaza


Plane scrapes wing during landing in Germany

Judge calls hearing to ponder ordering VA to improve health care

Oil prices set new record ($103.95)

Marine base here investigating puppy abuse video

Clinton suggests she'll stay in race after Tuesday

Canada pulled into U.S. vote

Suspicious fires destroy 3 Street of Dreams homes, damage 2, in Snohomish County

Americans fire missiles into Somalia

9/11 protester arrested after yelling at Bill Clinton

ILWU Backs Obama for President

(Warren) Buffett: U.S. Essentially in Recession

Six dead in Memphis

In Ohio, tense Democratic race hinges on grass-roots

Credit Crisis May Make College Loans More Costly - Some Firms Stop Lending to Students

Windows Vista Hack Circulating

2 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire in Florida Wendy's

Iran's president: No one likes Americans

Feds cite hassles if ID law not followed

Early balloting portends huge turnout in Texas

Ahmadinejad: US should leave Iraq

In Ohio, it's really about the economy

Pentagon Says China Is Working Toward Ability To Limit Use Of Space By Adversaries

Monitors criticise Russian poll

Monitors criticise Russian poll

Attorney: No Indictment for Kansas Clinic [Planned Parenthood]

Lawmaker seeks earlier closing time for RI polls

Diebold Rejects UTC $2.63B Takeover Bid

Limbaugh urges listeners to vote for Clinton

Meijer recalls 2,184 pounds of frozen entrees

U.S. retail gasoline price nears record: government (diesel @ $3.66 gal)

No fix seen in Congress for locked-up debt markets

Ecuador Breaks Ties With Colombia

Somali elders say four civilians killed by US bombs

Limbaugh Caller Says Obama Reminds Daughter of Cartoon Monkey

Former Murkowski Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Bankruptcy makes gift cards worthless (Sharper Image won't honor gift cards)

App State on Lockdown After Reports of Masked Gunman

Explosives found inside torched 'Street of Dreams' homes

Colombia: Evidence suggests Chavez gave FARC $300M

Dead Colombian rebel was France's hostage contact

Peru's president: Colombia's incursion into Ecuador "unacceptable"

Outrage over 'puppy torture' video

Halperin Gets It Right On Frank Rich/Maureen Dowd Anti-Hillary Jihad

Huckabee, Desperate for Attention, Converts to Islam

Nixon's Ghostly -- and Ghastly -- Resurrection / THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter

Poisoning the Well (Pentagon PsyOps Press Releases) By Dan Fejes

Granting Immunity Rewards Lawlessness By Andrew P. Napolitano

Republican lobbyist jailed for fraud and tax evasion (NJ)

NYT editorial: The Senate Shills for Big Oil

Bush Misery Index -- By the Numbers...

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running

Now Obama’s Really 'Got Game': Snags NCAA Bid for March Madness

FBI May Investigate High Ranking State Officials Alleged Drug Trafficking.

The New Yorker: Michelle Obama and the politics of candor

The Senate Shills for Big Oil

It Does Happen in America; The Political Trial of Don Siegelman By Paul Craig Roberts

New York Times to Hillary: I'm gonna keep on loving you

Will Hillary be Singing 'Ohio'?

Obama Bests Clinton At Craft of Writing

Deliverance or Diversion? Krugman

Persistent Media Bias in Favor of Barack Obama And Against Hillary Clinton

Washington’s role in the current conflict between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

Venezuela: troop deployments are preventative

European Nonprofits Promote Elitist, Revisionist Vision of 2004 Haiti Coup Aftermath

Locking down open computing (BBC) {digital rights "management"}

Deliverance or Diversion? ...........Krugman

National Security Trumps Personal Privacy, Government IT Pros Say

Chris Matthews Worships St. John the Baathist

Obama Secretly Assures Canadians He Won’t Abolish Hockey

Tech Companies Outsource Just About Everything

Bill Clinton Weighs in on Obama’s Religion

*WIN* an iPod!! VOTE on Bush's Presidential Library design

Why Isn't Iraq in the 2008 Election? Noam Chomsky

When Did We Become the Enemy?

The Real Problem With McCain's Endorsement From Reverend Hagee

Dennis Kucinich's Media Fight

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: The Clinton bubble has burst, and not before time (The Independent)

Ricin Man Identified-- Home, Warehouse to be Searched By Rob Kall

The Crash is past. Comes now Inflation.

Redneck Liberation Theology (Joe Bageant)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 327

Obama - Hope

Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?

Noam Chomsky - Why Propaganda Works

No Time Like the Past 4/6. Great Twilight Zone antiwar speech

American consumers can't borrow against houses, piling up credit card debt

I Care. Do You?

McCain on tax cuts

Hillary Clinton: As Far I Know

TPMtv: McCain's Hagee Problem

McCain's Great Whore

Faux News' Chris Wallace compares Faux to Al Qaeda and other American enemies

An Obamacan from Columbus, Ohio

Hannity's political science professor from NYU calls him an idiot

Rove has to pretend that Obama's stand on Iraq will be unpopular with Americans

Howard Dean: John McCain is a Flawed Candidate

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds - Another Bush Administration Coverup

Sean InSannity has black on the brain

Glenn Beck pretends that their is a "history" of "liberal fascism"

Dean keeps the heat on McCain

Reyes: Democrats in House ready to cave on telecom immunity?

Ben Stein sounds like a Democrat

Barack Obama Reciting Pledge with Hand on Heart

Hillary Clinton Caught Lying Regarding Her Attacks On Obama`s Position On NAFTA

Three US Soldiers Torture Little Puppy in Iraq

The Young Turks watch Keith Olbermann

Bill Richardson wonders why we all can't get along

Canadian Parliament Fighting Over NAFTA Attack On Obama

Countdown: The World According to dubyah

U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda Target in Somalia (headlines, and a couple more)

Countdown: Thrust & Sorry


Clinton attack ad: Who you gonna call, America?

Democrats On Route To Buckling On FISA

It's 3AM redux part XIII

Hillary gets slammed for another one of her triangulating statements

One more post to get the puppy vid off the front page

The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

True...New Hillary ad

GRAPHIC: A US Soldier, a puppy and a cliff in Iraq: You can guess what happens.

Bass Motives

Debunking the false Obama smears for Hillary "as far as I know" Clinton

Obama's Texas Closing Ad: Leader

DU's EllisonZ -- Millionth Obama Donor News Video

Argentinean President to visit Venezuela

Disloyal Democrat: Hillary Clinton picks John McCain over Barack Obama

Ohio Voters Missing Something About Obama (What Does It Say About America?)

NAFTA-gate Update aka Obama's Big Lie


Countdown: Your More Fears

Hillary Clinton: Liar (Mashup)

Green sports car set for launch (BBC) {H2-fueled CONCEPT car}

Rhode Island and Minnesota Craft (renewable electricity) Feed-in Tariff Legislation

Protesters and whalers clash in Southern Ocean - Reuters

EPA's own study argues for California waiver

Pathbreaking Environmental Statistician May Be Forced Out Of Job By Government Cutbacks

Sunniest February On Record For England And Wales - Met Office - Reuters

Study - Higher Atmospheric CO2 May Limit Plants' Ability To Resist Frost Damage - Bioscience 3/08

1 In 10 Alaskan Workers Have Lead Levels In Blood Considered "Unhealthy" By CDC - ADN

Other Arctic Animals At Far Higher Risk Than Bears From Thinning Ice Pack - Times-Dispatch

Migratory & Resident Bird Species Balances Changing Rapidly In Northern Alabama

Senior EU Officials Shun Bush Climate Offer: "We Really No Longer Care What He Thinks" - BBC

10:34 EST - NYMEX - WTI 103.56; Brent 101.72; Gold 988.70; Silver 20.53

S. Korea Closes Schools As Sandstorm Season Begins - Dust From China Increasingly Toxic - ENN

Study - 99.9% Of "Green" Product Claims False, Misleading Or Unsubstantiated - CanWest News

Australia's Drought Finally Easing But Far From Over, Forecasters Say - AFP

CO2 + bacteria => miracle fuel?

Al Gore - Hardly Any Attention To Climate Issues In Presidential Race

Revealed: Volkswagen's 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid

University Of Arizona Study - Bt-Resistant Cotton Bollworms Emerging In Mississippi

Iran defiant over new UN nuke sanctions

Defenders of Wildlife plea for action -

New York Times Editors Write A Mean Nasty Rotten Cruel Editorial Criticizing Biofuels.

Informative quote of the day: "'It's very easy to outrun lava'" (AP/CNN)

1 if by land, 10 if by sea ... North Church goes high-tech with LED lights (CNN)

Another interesting reason not to drill in ANWR

Water Wells Beneath Sanaa Hit 1,000 Meters As Yemen Water Crisis Tightens - Reuters

South America on brink of war

My pellet stove was *finally* installed today - woo whoo!!

3/3/08 23:10 GMT - Seven of 11 World Oil Benchmarks Over $100 - Tapis Nearly $106

EU Energy Commissioner "Can't Rule Out" $200 Oil By 2011 - AFP

Robert Deniro jumps to the stump

Orwell Rolls In His Grave - (THIS is where to direct your anger and frustration)

Today in labor history March 03

Catholic Healthcare West and SEIU Begin Negotiations for 15,000 Hospital Workers


Chinese-language paper ordered to pay for labor violations (12-hour days without breaks or overtime)

Wilkes-Barre students to get detention for walkout (to support their teachers' effort to unionize)

New rules offer more protection to mine workers exposed to asbestos

Gordon meat plant rejects union report

Pass Employee Choice to Save the Economy

American Axle Offers Real-Life Look at How NAFTA Hurts Workers

AFL-CIO Executive Council to Set Big Plans to Turn Around America

Washington Post: In Ohio, Candidates Court Unions

W Times: (Ohio) Obama banks on unions' support (40 percent of the primary voters are from unions)

TIME: Behind Obama's Union Comeback

Spring Hill firefighters unionize

'Men,' 'Theory' are first shows to start filming after writers' strike

Apple Valley SMMC Workers Choose USW (450 hospital workers)

Does labor need more clout? PRO

Does labor need more clout? CON

Union Support of Dem Presidential Candidates By The Numbers -Big Numbers $8 + mill and growing

NYT editorial: A Verdict for Workers, for a Change (US Supreme Court)

GM supplier strike to lay off two-thirds of workers at Toledo Powertrain

I hate saying 'no' to peddlers, but here's why:




HSBC 'to unveil $16bn writedown' (BBC) {UK bank, US housing}

Asian markets fall on US worries (BBC) {new low vs ¥}

Warren Buffett withdraws bond re-insurance plan

Russia revolutionises its jet industry (BBC) {bad news for Boeing?}

Labour Party Screws AIA Share Holders Again (New Zealand)

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 02/29/2008

What bad banking news means to you

The Crash is past. Comes now Inflation.

UPDATE Col/Ecu/Ven: Ay Dios Mio - Laptops, Uranium, $, and Probably the Kitchen Sink

Bush' Justice/Anti-Cuban Terrorism: Long Succession of Scandals Ignored

Col/Ecu/Ven: 4 Videos in Spanish - Presidents Correa/Chavez/Injured FARC/Hostages' Press Conf

UPDATE FROM COLOMBIA: Army bombed first - Correa says "foreign power" aided Colombia

Advocates, opponents of trans rights bill to have their say on Beacon Hill

Republicans' Religious Campaigning

thanks for all the help with the movies

Are we in the last few days of the Obama debate?

Gay Marriage Attracting Skilled Workers To Mass.

Gay Marriage Attracting Skilled Workers To Mass

Poll: Iowa Supports Civil Unions But No Gay Marriage

I talked to the mother of one of my students a few days ago

Enemies of Equality Are Attacking Again! Contact Massachusetts Congress-critters TODAY!

URGENT Action! Any GLBT folks from West Virginia

Gay Website Driven Out of Neighborhood

I'm posting this HERE because I won't post it THERE.


My apologies to the Gay community for something I posted this morning.

"One Issue Voters"?

'Hamas using US weapons against IDF'

Abbas: I'm ready to negotiate a truce between Israel, Hamas

IDF operation in Gaza ends, soldiers leaving Strip

MI: 20 Grad-type missiles fired at Israel over course of Gaza op

I have never posted in this forum before...or even read any threads..

Shas calls for emergency gov't in face of escalating Gaza violence

Obama says US should not meet with Hamas

Israel pulls out of Gaza leaving 110 dead

The Gaza Bombshell

Confessions of a Biden supporter.

Bidenites.... I am so disgusted!

Biden statement on Russian elections

Planet X

To simply Be.

Astrology: Market Week

Light for my little Beagle please.....

I just cannot read another word about W. Is there some astrological reason

I just submitted my first children's novel

The Nation: Lame Duck Pitcher

Boston owner Henry takes playful jab at Yankees vice president

Pats resign Moss.

Jets On A Spending Spree and Trading Spree So Far

Paths of the heart and of the head

Goldstein's Comrade Part 2

Frog skin diabetes treatment hope (BBC)

How Many Decades Will It Take to Fix FDA?

M.S. Drug Linked to Liver Damage

Merck says thousands file for Vioxx payments

Low cal strawberry pretzel salad

Have you all seen these wonderful foodie pictures in the lounge?

Lucy Buffett's 'Crazy Sistah Cooking'. Great read and good recipes.

Speaking of pastrami

Great Vegetable Art from teh Lounge

anyone have a good baking powder biscuit recipe

a hand held HDR shot

I bought a ton of marked down yams today-any good recipes?

Accused witch survives lynch mob to give birth hanging from tree

What in heaven's name can we say about profanity?

Scientology PSA: Treating Mental Illness Like Blowing Your Brains Out

Unholy mess: Overzealous Dikshitar priests beat up policemen at Natarajar Temple of Chidambaram

Critique (or at least look at?) my NBA shots from last night

I love culinary irony

OK it's diet time, hit me with your best (lo cal) shot

Gun rights supporters who DON'T OWN GUNS check in here!

Texas and Ohio NRA endorsements

Gun incident near Bush's ranch

Bearing arms against a flood of troubles: Obama 1; Clinton 0

Airgun ban takes a step forward

murder rate calculation?

John McCain's Sweet Ride!

The Dentist, the 9/11 Hijackers and the FBI

E-VOTING NEWS: United Tech. Proposes Acquisition Of Diebold For $3.0 Bln - Quick Facts

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 03/03/08

Yes, I know you don't like to visit GDP but take a look at this post

Xpost: FDL: Siegelman transcript FINALLY ready!

Los Angeles: Friday, March 7th Hearing on the February Primary Vote

Kerry visits hoop shrine

Senator Kerry campaigning in RI today for Obama

Please rec another Jon Powers diary (Fighting Dem!)

Kerry in Providence, RI. I'm unimpressed with Hillary supporters who were RUDE.

In Texas, Clinton’s Veterans Test Obama’s Rookies

What do I do if my precinct chair doesn't show up?

Michelle Obama in Austin today 3/3

Election Protection Numbers

Amazing. Obama's people are canvassing rural Texas areas?!

Barack Obama Texas primary night plans - San Antonio 3/4

When I go caucus in Texas tomorrow, is it just for president?

Anybody wanta crash McCain's party tomorrow?

Why does Dallas get McCain AND Huckabee? Where's the GOOD party tomorrow?

Did Howard Dean cause this many headaches in '04?

Below is your official voting guide for tomorrow, March 4th

OK; I'm a precinct chair who isn't all fired up to be a delegate.

Need a little help with the democratic supreme court options...

Breaking: You DO NOT need to bring your raccoon to your Texas convention/caucus

Are kids knocking on your door, peddling the Star Tribune newspaper?

Sen. Rodney Ellis, Reps. Garnet Coleman & Ann Hernandez Endorse Great Slate of Democrats in Primary

Who is out of touch on this?

Can someone explain the caucus thing to me?


Damaged hard drive - help!

How do I lay music behind a powerpoint presentation?

WONDERFUL oped on women, HIllary, and Obama

Where the hell is Edwards?

Question regarding Mr. Obama's health care plan

I am feeling pretty uncomfortable with poll numbers in OH and TX. I hope they will be as

If Hillary wins TX and OH I think I'll stay out of GD-politics for a while

Norton 2008 no longer supports ad blocking. What to do?

Why didn't Dona Cadman mention her talk and "eye-gazing" with Harper

Harper to sue Liberal party

CP: Canada assures U.S. that $1-billion aid fund won't violate lumber pact

NDP Enables Harper in Ethics Scandal

Conrad Black checked in for his prison sentence about an hour ago, so...

Clinton, Obama Recast Their Message on Iraq

Obama Tends Toward Mainstream on Foreign Policy

Nafta Bashing Ends at Texas Line

Clinton Campaigns as if Momentum Is Hers

For some mixed-race couples, Barack Obama is a symbol of acceptance

Obama Looms as Giant-Killer in Ohio, Texas as Clinton Star Dims

"Saturday Night Live" Writer: From Mondale, to "strategery," to Clinton-Obama debate sketches

Drudge headline distorted Clinton comments to suggest she said Obama Not Muslim 'As Far As I Know'

McClatchy: Many Ohioans see real difference between Clinton, Obama

3/3/08 KOEB It is not true. Early Drive By Blog

True Crime Author Details His Own True Crime Past

Indiana Jones trailer has fans eager

Anyone from Oconto, Marinette, Menominee, or Florence county here?

Number of atheists & agnostics grows