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Bush adopts Obama economic plan


Bill Maher: Gillette it Go [Photos]

Phillip Butler; Vietnam War POW who will not be voting for McCain

McCain thinks Purim is the Jewish Halloween.

Interesting letter to NYT, written one year ago by Rev. Wright, regarding Barack Obama.

Fast Eddie at it again

Latest e-mails circulating thru eastern NC.....

So is the press going to go after McNuts the same way it went after Obama and his pastor or am I

Somebody forgot to tell Hillary Clinton the Democratic primary race is over

1, 2, 3 - You're Out. Let's Hope They All Use Up Their Posts That

Listening to Obama and seeing pics of him just cheer me up.

A tale of love and compassion vs anti american rants

Texas delegates math. Obama wins regardless of how you slice it.

Why Hillary keeps going. Something about which to feel good.

Crosspost from "Alabama:" Is there the slightest chance in hell of Alabama going "blue" this year?

The media proves Bill Clinton right.

Looks like most Edwards DUers are leaning towards Obama

McCain launches his first ad in New Mexico, how does god damn america hold up to #624787?

The jews are bad people, and I agree with Obama's pastor

Which Anti-Jew Obama Pastor newsletter did you get?

I am smarter than every Obama supporter combined, so where is my 1.6 million

Clinton v. Obama like Adams v. Jefferson

Anyone who thinks 9/11 was some random event because of crazy Muslims is only kidding themselves

Remember: Clinton supporters vote on Tuesday, Obama supporters vote on Wednesday.

Obama Works

Who here is a Neighborhood Leader?

If it's a right wing, unsubstanitated smear against either of our candidates: Let it sink

I am a member of an off-DU Hillary Supporters Forum.

I am a member of an off-DU Obama Supporters Forum

Let's take Skinner out to breakfast!

Reminder: Texas Dems provided inaccurate lists to both campaigns

Media Matters::Bill Clinton Right!!!


Some things can't be said too many times.

Access only for those 18 years old and up!!!!!!!! No minors allowed!!!!

Bill Clinton offers high praise for McCain -- March 28th

Who's got her back?

it probably went like this

Texas: Clinton Campaign Looks To Locals To Challenge Obama Delegates - AP

Hillary gets encouragement from man that always has Dems and America's best interests at heart

9,000 Party-switchers to the Democratic Party in Ky. lose right to vote....

Ras: Obama 48 (+2), Clinton 42 (-2)...Clinton is Tanking.

For those who missed it - Obama's interview on "The View"

I've watched my first choice in the primaries drop out before the


The problem with Hillary staying in

I am hoping that both of our candidates GET IT now (edited)

It's not just uneducated people who think Obama's a Muslim...disturbing conversation

Obama has MORE "experience" than Hillary.

Does Bill and Hillary praising McCain put stink on him with right wing?

I think Hillary should stay in the race and use the media attention to tag-team McCain

Gallup: Obama 50 (+/-0), Clinton 43 (+1): Obama sustains Lead.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/29/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 2 (42)

I am deeply offended by some shenanigans in Today's Texas Conventons

Damn this is PATHETIC and WEAK!

michael stipe (r.e.m.) wears his obama shirt proud

Bill Press thinks Pat Leahy and Chris Dodd sound Sexist.

Hillary's team crosses the line

Hillary's team crosses the line

Texas County Conventions Primer: 88,000 delegates to meet -- 67 pledged delegates at stake

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Saturday March-29-2008

Casey on Obama: “I believe in this guy like I’ve never believed in a candidate in my life.” (NYT)

How Dems can win the electoral college without OH and FL


Does this resume meet the Commander 'n Chief Threshold?

IS Hillary on crank??

1 day, 7 stops, the same message

Reconciliation thread.

I don't want Hillary to drop out, I just want her to cut the crap......


Right Wing Newsmax Takes Note that Bill Clinton is Campaigning for John McCain Again

Which of these videos can you tolerate the longest?

Obama likens his foreign policy to that of Bush Sr., JFK, Reagan

Reading Bob Casey's Obama Endorsement and the future of the Democratic Party By Rob Kall

Liberal bloggers declare war in Philly over media, McCain

TX: Clinton spokeswoman: "We mistakenly called Obama delegates" (blames Party for bad info)

Co-chair of Hillary's MI campaign, Jim Blanchard, rips the DNC to shreds.

Rev. Wright gets standing ovation at Maya Angelou's bday celebration

Newsweek: Interesting story about generational arguments in Pennsylvania families (HRC v. BHO)

In a strange turn of events, President Bush has called on...

Slate: "The Hillary Deathwatch", a new "Clintometer" measuring her

Remember, Hillary is Nader's candidate

***Photos: Obama visited today the Johnstown Wire Technology factory in Johnstown, Pennsylvania***

Accused Saddam Agent Says He Met With Hillary at White House

Streaming video of Obama's town hall in PA

The red phone rings at 3 a.m. President Clinton fumbles for the bedside lamp:

Is it arrogant for Obama to come out and say 'I'm the nominee'?

Does Bill and Hillary praising McCain put stink on him with right wing?


The Clinton Campaign Embraces the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Launch Attacks on Obama

Tracking the TX caucus results

An atheist weighs in on Rev Wright and the UCC

If it was down to Obama and Edwards right now, who would you be supporting?

LAT: Next week, as Clinton and Obama gouge each other's eyes out, Mccain will be winning the GE

Clinton Walks Tightrope Of Strength And Emotion

Hillary Clinton for NY Governor (2010)

Deleting: Too much tequila and late nights make Melinda stoopid.

Deleting: Too much tequila and late nights make Melinda stoopid.

Just curious: Saul Alinsky has been associated with Obama and Clinton.

Elizabeth Drew in NYRB on Clinton vs. Obama: Molehill Politics

JUST FYI, Now MSNBC analysts saying if Hillary wins popular vote, she deserves nomination

Gallup: Second straight 'statistically significant' lead for Obama

Obama supporters don't believe in Democracy.

Time to quit abusing the Clintons/Obama and make up with their supporters

A bucket of ice water on the debate

A bucket of ice water on the debate

I don't understand, what are they doing in Texas?

My Vision: 1000 MIni Obamas working across the nation

Obama said his parents met during Selma march -- 4 years after he was born !!!

Obama said his parents met during Selma march -- 4 years after he was born !!!

Hillary and Bill won't endorse Obama when he wins the nomination

The Fear Factor

Today in the store

Hillary’s List of Lies

Edwards praises both Clinton, Obama

tell me why i should go to highschool tonight. not feeling well. i dont get what tx is doing

The Young Turks: On Clinton


Carville column bashes everyone, defends his Judas remark, will be on CNN tomorrow

Some shrill old bag was just whining about stopping abortion at the Obama rally

a jewish perspective on "pastorgate"

Mario Cuomo on "How to avoid a Democratic disaster" - - An Obama / Clinton Ticket

Hillary under pressure v Obama under pressure

Live (almost) posting from Texas State Senate 15 Convention

The surge is working? mmm, seem to be different views here...

Thank you John Edwards for stepping aside when the party asked it of you

Real Time Texas Results....Clinton leads by slim margin

Feingold tells Obama fans to 'cool it'

Rasmussen Wisconsin - McLame: 50, Clinton: 39 ; McInsane: 48, Obama: 46

Clinton's 'Narrow Path' to Nomination Hinges on Pa.

Heeeeere's Billary--

Rasmussen: Hillary Clinton's Unfavorable Rating Today up 3% to 56% with 42% Favorable

I feel ashamed and hypocritical for suggesting in two prior threads that Clinton should drop out.

Obama has 20+ Superdelegates he's holding in his back pocket ! ?

What George is up to while you guys are over here slugging it out

Does Hillary Clinton Care About You Or Democracy?

Alice Walker Endorses Obama: "We Must Build Alliances Not On Ethnicity Or Gender, But On Truth.

Senator Harry Reid's assertion that we need to relax and cool it a little bit

Obama and His Subprime Supporters

So, I checked out the mainstream TV media, i.e. cable news/talk shows:

a very cool online demographic map....

Clinton says China holdings threaten U.S. security

Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of seven Indiana mayors today

Hillary Clinton for NY Governor as "consolation prize"? Newsweek is asking this...

Why Is Hillary Clinton Lying?

This is when I knew McCain was Bush III....

Obama makes DEFINITIVE COMMENT on Hillary staying in the primaries.....

Hillary must drop out: My Blue Town will turn Red, if she steals the nomination

Just had time to read James Carvelle's full piece on Richardson, the Judas,

Latest Burnt Orange Update: Obama 55% Hillary 45% w/31% of delegates reported

Latest Gallup shows Obama maintaining big lead

Kind of odd that a guy who sleeps with the enemy calls Richardson 'Judas'

Texas caucus results thus far: Obama 56% Hillary 44% Texas

Rasmussen: Obama's Biggest Lead Since FORMER Pastor Became News (48-42)

Opinion of this image

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

I just made another Contribution to Obama's Campaign!

Philly Mayor Would Quit Obama Church

im confused. what are the statewide totals for texas today?

Clinton campaign manager was director for failed subprime lender, the kind Clinton seeks to elminate

Nice thought:)

Bronx students say "Yes we can"--a really great video at

The Democratic Party's best case scenario:

What to do with your economic stimulous check: Donate to Obama

What can the Obama kids do for America?

Primary voting suggestions-let's make it easier

Have I been that busy today?

Obama BUYING Super-delegates.. Is he trying to "buy" the Nomination? WOW!

Why does Obama have TX striped (not solid) like NV? Didn't he win the delegates in both?

What constitutes disruption?

Some HUGE Obama areas yet to report in Texas ...

LOL, "Are There Any Women Here Today ???"

How is it that Obama could lose the Texas primary and beat Clinton at the State Convention?

Can someone please explain? Why TX caucus today?

Can someone please explain? Why TX caucus today?

With PA. coming up, quick look back at the 2004 GE there

White student portraying Obama in blackface riles campus

White student portraying Obama in blackface riles campus

John McCain is running for George Bush's third term

fear and loathing on the campaign trail '72

Clinton's Campaign Manager and Sub Prime Lenders?

Hello, Anyone there?

Clinton's Campaign Manager and Sub Prime Lenders?

Here I Am Baby...

Here I Am Baby...

Game plan: Beginning Monday Senators supporting HRC begin


GDP Challenge: Why "My" Candidate Should be President



President Barack Hussein Obama.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Hey eveyone! Just back in

Even though I'm severly disappoined w/HRC & her campaign, I don't agree w/those telling her to quit

Hillary vows not to stop, but if enough SuperD's come out for Obama - can't they force an ending?

I am enjoying all the threads about the Texas caucuses

Are your lights on?

I don't understand the racial divide between Hispanics and Blacks

Obama Campaign Claims Victory in Texas Caucuses

Attack Dog Carville Is Trying to Intimidate Superdelegates Afraid of Clinton Revenge

Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter: I Would Have Left Rev. Wright’s Church

Real Clear Polls: Obama beats Clinton by 4.2%: Mcain over C by 1.2%: O over M by .9%

Is it me? Or do all the Hillary supporter posts sound like whines, sour grapes, or paranoia?

Sunday News Show Lineup-3/30/08

If you support Obama, you are part of the problem.

Thamks Hillary supporters: this is another thread you picked a fight on for no good reason.

When did you realize going into Iraq was a mistake?


Just for political fun: Cute photo of Obama and Casey at endorsement ...

The Whole Truth about Hillary's involvement in North Ireland Peace Process

A comment about anti-Clinton posts from an Obama supporter

The Casey Endorsement: One inexperienced Senator endorsing another inexperienced Senator

Here's some truthiness

OK seriously. Can we clean up a little? Company's coming.

Anyone know about Saban / Fox Family Worldwide? (letter to Pelosi)

Team Clinton "Dirty Tricks" in Texas!

UCLA is tipping off against Xaxier

Let's talk about the art of persuasion, shall we?

Obama's Impasse

I am proud of Hillary Clinton

NY Book Review: Complete Analysis of the Dem Primaries to date-Elizabeth Drew

Barack Obama: Hillary "Can Run As Long As She Wants."

Hillary Hearts Hoosiers

Here's to Senator Leahy, in the face of vicious attacks and smears by the hillyfans

HEH?-OBAMA Likens His Foreign Policy To That of George Bush Sr., JFK, RONNIE REAGAN!!??

Insane in the membrane Plenty insane Got no brain! Insane in the membrane John McCain is insane

Don't Drop Out, Hillary!

Having a Beer With Obama

Obama to Clinton: Keep on Running

A word we will soon hear a lot of: Patriotism

Once again, I will remind folks that we (Texas Dems) are

I WONDER if these are TACTICS used throughout TEXAS for OBAMA

Who’ll Stop the Pain?

A bigger crowd than he imagined

Clinton and Obama Are Almost Identical On Contributions/Records


Siegelman (Arrives) Home After Nine Months in Prison

If a substantial number of superdelegates were to endorse Obama, they would NOT be anointing him

The Field projects Barack Obama as winner of Texas Primaries.

Hillary - If Obama was behind you would be screaming for him to quit!!!

Awesome new Obama ad in PA!!!

It's not the candidates who split the party

Listen people, I was at the rally yesterday where Obama talked about his foreign policy.

I saw President Bill Clinton in Asheville, NC Last Night.

Alice Walker endorses Obama - must read Dkos diary includes her words

Most memorable quotes from election 08?

Hillary Clinton's musical supporter video

Granny, 73: My life with HIV

Hello Mods, and thanks for doing a great job!

OKAY, GD-P. Time for a TIME OUT to ***** Welcome Home Gov. Don Siegelman *****

Meet another Neoconservative DLC Blueprint contributor, Tod Lindberg…

Could you possibly discuss Bush's War in Iraq for 4 and a ˝ hours without ever once mentioning oil?

This is why this MUST end soon: John McCain!

MoDo: Surrender Already, Dorothy

Of the last ten Presidential elections, nine were won

Us and Them...... we are just ordinary men

Hillary Cozying Up to Drudge??

Who in the Democratic Party is currently "Dead to you," "Thrown under the bus," etc...

Obama's Pennsylvania tour makes stop at Altoona bowling alley (pics)


Why are we still in Iraq?

James Carville used to be one of those guys, like Bob Woodward, that I looked up to.

Obama LOSING in just about every H2H Matchup against McCain:

Opponents See End to Mugabe Era

So we have the cash to bail out the Investment Banks, But not Mortage Holders

Police presence huge on Earth Hour

Sen Tom Dacshle Anthrax Attack Revisited

Being involved in the Obama Campaign

The Top Ten Craziest Things John McCain Has Said While You Weren't Watching

Joseph Galloway: Shame On Bush & Cheney For Endless War, And Shame On Us

Code Pink Meets the Brown Shirts

TOON: "Play the Corporate Casino!"

1 million dollar bond set for man in theft of $21.64

Why is the Obama camp running scared with premature calls for Clinton to quit?

Need help with this e-mail.......


Markey (D-Mass) Wants to Subpoena EPA for Climate-Change Documents

Delete...moved to proper forum

Maliki is threatening the "success" of the surge?

To My Good Friends at DU (Xpost from GDP)

Iraq is Vietnam w/ sand

Why we must fight for a Democratic Majority - STOP LOSS

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Iraqi troops surrender in Baghdad: Sadr group

On Charlie Rose... "The Americans in Iraq are like a virus, a disease"

With what has been going on in GD and GDP you would think

Iraqis told to hand over weapons or face "severe penalties".

Why Edwards didn't endorse...

Language Debate: Perhaps those who obsess that English should be the "official" language of the U.S.

Doomsday fears spark lawsuit

I'm Listening To a McLame Speech From Wednesday on C-Span

Slate launches "Hillary Deathwatch" ....

it`s a grand day in the hometown of ronald reagan!

Wall street demands massive bailout or else

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Is This a Watershed Moment?

Canada Places Sea Shepherd ship Under Surveillance - 12 hours from the seal hunt

Photoshop: The popular editing tool goes free on the Web

Haditha -Third Marine Is Cleared of Charges, Given Immunity

Man Shooting Hole Through Wall Kills Wife

Saturday morning horse racing

Hateful anti-gay bigot Sally Kern now cries that she's the victim of hate.....

Opposition research on McCain by way of Dickipedia.

What Curfew in Iraq Means to Iraqis

NATO in tug of war

If you missed Bush on Iraq, a repeat is starting on

If you missed Bush on Iraq, a repeat is starting on

Basra Clips because our media sucks.

How the United States conducts business in the world

"I am thinking like a Republican but voting like a Democrat"

Reminder: Turn off the lights!»

If someone were pregnant between now and the next three weeks

Neocons in the Democratic Party

Neocons in the Democratic Party

GOP Congressional Candidate Will Demand Cheney's Impeachment

Keeping The Workplace Real....CONFLICT

PB&J - Gateway Food

Where are the Republican LTTE Generators?

The Torture Team = Symposium “Preventing Torture,”

As long as we're making changes, do we need to reform

First W screwed McCain, then the US, then McCain again

Snow, more at link: Dialup warning

911 Truth - is it a good thing?

TSA: Nipple-Ring Wearers May Now Fly Again

So is there even a chance that rove will go to jail because of the Siegelman case?

Gore to Appear on '60 Minutes' (Stahl Asks Uncommitted Superdelegate Who He Supports)

10 days That Changed Capitalism

Back home.

Why Don't Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Support Gay Marriage?

Maya Angelou stands by Hillary Clinton

Obama Holds LGBT Fund-raiser In New York City

Obama Holds LGBT Fund-raiser In New York City

Obama Holds LGBT Fund-raiser In New York City

AP: "Bush begins long farewell on world stage" (Faster, please.)

Please stop lying Hillary.

It's Rove and the Republican's fault Hillary is losing the Dem primary!

Pentagon agency confuses Iran with Iraq in official history

Head off that next bogus freeper email at the pass! Keep these references from Snopes handy!

Turns out this is somewhat dated, but it sure is funny...

Strangers help world's tallest man

Tomorrow...We will hear that Obama won Texas...

Would you continue to support Senator Clinton if you knew for a fact

Would you continue to support Senator Clinton if you knew for a fact

Would you continue to support Senator Clinton if you knew for a fact

Anti War Protest Now! Pitt campus. Peaceful and respectful.

Message from Al Gore

Noam Chomsky: Why Don't We Ask What's Best For the Iraqis? (VIDEO)

Poll: McSame & his "100 year" Iraq war - How's he gonna do it w/ a depleted army?

NAA Reveals Biggest Ad Revenue Plunge in More Than 50 Years

Unbearable zoo mystery turns into potboiler (Berlin zoo animals used for feed, Chinese remedies)

Bidding for Biohazards: The Madness of Bushenomics

Just Saw a Promo for HBO's "Recount"

Follow the money...out of America

Basra: The battle against the "criminals" isn't going as planned....

Maliki's Basra crackdown poses risk for U.S. (Reuters)

XM Radio's "POTUS '08" Coverage is a Refreshing Break from Cable/Intenet News..

Shiite Militias Cling to Basra and Stage Raids

2 US troops die in rising Iraq violence

Me? Just a lima-bean powered perpetual motion machine.

Buchanan vs Rev Wright (Maher was right)

Reuters photo caption: "Attorney…and her client…pose with a mannequin and nipple..." What?

Test Your Knowledge of History By Taking This Pop Quiz:

What if one puts their money in a Canadian bank?

Just up on LBN... Brent Wilkes is now FREE on bail AFTER he's been convicted awaiting his appeal!..

Controversial push-button suicide machine to be rented to people

Last night on BIll Maher an excellent point was made. Wright was trashed by the media

Just shoot 'em

'Standing up' Iraq army looks open-ended

Hillary has gained critical support from women, Jews, Latinos, military,gays, Asians

'George Bush is like crusty potato' (actual BBC headline)

it's not too late to sign up for tonite's earth hour!

When did you reach your breaking point

Legislature Voting Fraud

E Guinea seeks Thatcher's arrest

Film critical of Islam dropped from Web site

Time for us to unleash a new meme for McCain:

Let's give Clinton and Obama an incentive for Democrats to win the General Election

An Iraqi's Story: "My Brother Is Dead...and I Helped Kill Him"

I think we should update "Let it Sink" to "Alert and Ignore"...

“It’s going to be my quest to encourage Congress to ensure that Rove testifies" Siegelman

Dana Perino, bobblehead, partisan hack, or just plain dumb ass

Environmental activists who thwarted Japan whale hunt to target annual seal cull - UK article

Tiger attack victim arrested as theft suspect

Number of young adults without health insurance is rising

Victim of car crash shoots Good Samaritan

Frank Rich: SniperFib reveals HRC's guilt over Iraq and her campaign's cluelessness about the Web


Student Activists Launch National Week of Action to Close Guantanamo

What's the etiquette when debating politics with friends' parents?

Misspeak ? I could not find it in the dictionary.

Presidential contenders expected back for Petraeus

Treasury Department Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power

If you are turning out the lights tonight. . .a consideration. . .

Get tested annually, gays urged as HIV rates rise

Law-breaking liquid defies the rules (from 2004, but still kinda cool....)

I don't say God Bless America I say God Damn America

Saudi Newspaper warns: 'Prepare for radioactive fallout from US nuclear attack on Iran'

"Why I stay out of GDP" Exhibit J:

My lastest Youtube for Hillary! O Supporters might get a chuckle too!

Damn I hate it when I prepare a lengthy rebuttal to a post and then find out it's locked!

Stop the War Protest Marches 2007/2008 London UK


Republican Sexcapades: Cliff Schecter Of BraveNewFilms Joins TYT To Talk Kilpatrick, Crist And More

3/28 SUPERDELEGATE UPDATE**** with Pelosi Club SDs Clinton 245 Obama 220

Whoohoo! FOUR Postings on Greatest Page Today!

Let's all stop squabbling for one Earth Hour tonight at 8:00 P.M. your local time.

Let's all stop squabbling for one Earth Hour tonight at 8:00 P.M. your local time.

U Of Chicago debunks Clinton claim, affirms Professor of Law Barack Obama

U Of Chicago debunks Clinton claim, affirms Professor of Law Barack Obama

“This campaign is not going to be between the Democrats and the Republicans,”

Eschacon live-blogged (w/blurry photo of the Rude Pundit, even)

Eugenics: Deadly medicine

The Nation: Unlawful Influence at Gitmo

Police: Outlaw masked hoodies

Go to Google today

Edwards didn't endorse Obama because he got into a fight with Elizabeth, was aloof, arrogant, glib

The Brass Cojones of the Brazilian President....

Please Help Sink "Fitna"

Guerrilla gardeners: When push comes to shovel

How long before al-Sadr goes after our lines of communication?

KGO Leukemia CURE-a-THON about to go into its last three hours.

I just had to defend the dems, Obama, Clinton, and unions all in the same

Union or working family households please read

Some fun news: teen throws party with drinking games but no booze

Who else believes that Moqtada al-Sadr has decided that any new Democrat President

Education: Losing Ground in Global Competitiveness

Liberal bloggers declare war in Philly over media, McCain (Eschaton}

Is there a greater Right/Left litmus test than this? ....

Omaha World Herald article on increased lack of health insurance

The PA Primary

Worst President Ever

Obama Campaign has claimed victory in TX

A sweet talkin' guy

Rallying for Rights

Apparently, Bush doesn't know how many numbers are required to dial a toll-free number

To Paraphrase Mohandas Gandhi

The Surge, my freinds, is working.

The Surge, my freinds, is working.

Aid groups fear worsening of humanitarian crisis in Iraq after recent military operations

Hillary vows to take her fight to the Convention, including her FL and MI "delegates"

Income grows as consumers do little spending in Feb.

Siegelman Speaks!

The Irish are doing "Earth Hour"

Chris Floyd: Update on the Civil War Surge in Iraq

Sleeping in reinforced bunkers and armored vehicles needed when traveling inside the Green Zone

A Chevy With an Engine From China

Guess who's McCain's senior foreign policy advisor? None other than PNAC/CLI's Randy Scheunemann!

I thought Bill Maher was strange

Translation? - Administration pushes regulatory changes

Matthew Rothschild: Disgusting Profits by Armament Companies

This is great: Is anyone watching this?

Round-the-clock curfew in the capital (Baghdad) until further notice

George Armstrong Custer Bush

BUSH: "Have I really been so bad?"

BUSH: "Have I really been so bad?"

Yes, I'd say "George Bush is a great president" to get people to send in money

Yes, I'd say "George Bush is a great president" to get people to send in money

Search for missing paster ends in strip club

Brainstorming please > How do we counter McCain's meme?

Iraqi Police In Basra Shed Their Uniforms, Kept Their Rifles And Switched Sides

Gas now costs more than Starbucks

The Statue of Liberty.


Cuyahoga County To Use Fingerprints To Identify Job-Seekers

If you're going to throw a big hissy fit about Starbucks...

If China invaded us would the new American army they trained kill their fellow Americans?

If the war is going so well, how is it that after 5 YEARS our planes are still bombing Iraq?

Have A Sip Of Propaganda- NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?

We killed more Iraqis today.

from an email titled Huh?

from an email titled Huh?

Michael Moore prevails in suit brought by veteran

War Mongers on tour

Obama to Rendell " Don't HURT ME Bro" "I'm gonna be the Nominee"

Bumper Sticker 4 sale! When Bush Took Office Gas Was $1.46

Gitmo and the G.O.P. Election Effort

Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

Baggage handling seriously bollocksed up at London Heathrow's new terminal....

Kadhafi warns US allies could suffer Saddam's fate

KKKarl: My ‘tail and horns are retractable.’

European Leaders To Boycott Olympic Opening

Earth Hour hits Google

Image - I'm With Stupid

REMINDER . . . 8PM -- EARTH HOUR --- LIGHTS OUT --- !!!!

RNC deputy chairman demands apology from Dean

The economy: the big fix

The War Criminal President

Yikes - Look at these pics of what 9 months of hell did to Siegelman!

"Unpopular abroad, as he is at home, Bush is beginning his farewell tour"

Vista Laptop Was Won: Final Day In Hacking Contest

Richardson visits Colombia, US hostages

NPR reports al-Maliki forced t o evacuate his battle HQ in Basra

Sorry if this is a dupe,but noteworthy.

WH Seeks NEW Power To Use Collapsing Economy To Make It Easier To Loot

THE REALIST ARCHIVE PROJECT: all issues of Paul Krassner's The Realist Magazine

I feel like tearing my hair out!!

4500 faces

Guy gets the kid his wallet, jacket, and takes him to dinner

Where are you planning on retiring

Those who control oil and water will control the world

Dave Marash leaves "Al-Jazeera English"

I think religion should be taught in the schools (by atheists).



Making sure this never happens again

Welcome to the WALOCAUST...Coming soon to your occupation

Buchanan vs Rev Wright (Maher was right)

Seymour Hersh says, "Media outlets spread 'fake' news"

George F. Will: Compassionate conservatives

Police say pizza deliveryman who shot robber had gun permit

Police: Man Had Sex With Picnic Table

Does anybody have a good clever comeback for all these

Sascha Baron Cohen takes a stab at Gays and Germans

The King of America Rev Moon movie

NATO calls on Russia to rejoin treaty

Cops bust teen (root) beer keg party

Al Gore could still run for president

In Wal-Mart We Trust

How many times have you been audited by the IRS?

To My Good Friends at DU

Hmmm... Interesting Stuff Here...

A very brief biography of Donald Eugene Siegelman

Has anyone been watching the John Adams series on HBO? Is it historically accurate?

Hagel on Obama

Hagel on Obama

World Toilet Day

McCain "Stumped" on contraceptive question...

Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

What they are saying about Earth Hour at Free Republic

Wow! Did anyone catch Bill Moyers Journal tonight?

Can't sleep tonight because I'm haunted by this image...

Just saw "Stop-Loss"--and cried.

The Most Important Point Al Gore Made At His Recent MTSU Speech

It makes no difference which party is in power- the war in Iraq will go on.

Lights out on the West Coast!!

San Quentin I hate every inch of you!!!!!!!!!!

How many DUers use MySpace? I thought it was for kids, but...

Commissioner Proposes Using Tasers On Stray Cats

Republicans plan double whammy

Hagel's comments about McCain on Charlie Rose last night. Great interview.

You're Two

When it is time to give up a dream and exit, some do it more graciously than others.

Don’t Believe Wall Street Hype About Social Security

President Barack H. Obama.

Students of Virginity

Students of Virginity

"War Criminals" – Robert Parry Tags Bush Cheney plus Press Lap Dogs!!!

As progressives: What should we say when somebody tells us “Obama is a Muslim”?

Bush "presidency" demonstrates the complete failure of our founders' system

Casey: "I believe in this guy like I've never believed in a candidate in my life, except my father"

(Indiana) State lawmakers endorse Obama

10 Amazing Days for Obama (3/29/2007)

Wisconsin poll Obama: 44 McCain: 43; McCain 50 Clinton 38

Hugo's Star Wars!

Damn! Now he has his college friend over & he's (19) and they're playing ... "games" !

My son is in his room with his 17 girlfriends. Should I start an IV?

DU NCAA Tourney standings

Old Dewars check in for a Welcome!!

i'm like a good luck charm for other women

Obama's winning ticket!

Woo -hoo I made the greatest page in GDP!

Vicar offers stress relief in grave

Let's get the party started . . . .

Judge Orders Whites Out Of Atlanta Court

Underwater hotel Dubai

Happy 60th Birthday, Bud Cort!

UAW membership drops below 500,000

Obama's appeal to a new generation in Pennsylvania


I found a new gig for Heather Mills. Does anyone know how to contact her?

TSA now allows Weapons of Mass Distraction

I couldn't help myself.

I've Helped Pay for the Party...Do I Owe More?

What should be done about the mortgage crisis?

Things to think about...

Programming Lanuage Inventor or Serial Killer

ThinkBlue1966 ran into a fellow WVU DU'er today

Night of the Living Dead starts so innocently...

Serenity, peace is here in my backyard... except I could do without

The wonder that is our modern technology.


Serenity, Peace, ..How do you find it for yourself... in this insane world??

Obama vs. Hillary on supporting the Democratic Party

My mom and me: genetics gone awry.

VIDEO: Hysterically laughing baby


For you tool freaks out there....


Okay: The Lounge Ghost is back kicking old AND new threads

Why I am up early: a two point kitty attack

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Coleco thing

My cat doesn't know it yet....

DUers in Massachusetts

For those who missed the latest GDP drama...

Computer (Internet) Problem - Need Help

I hate to do this to you guys again, but I need help posting a picture.

These two little boys are adorable.

Does anyone else HATE NPR fundraising?

Financial question

she forgot about the handcuffs on the bed...

Big Mountain "US orchestrated so-called Navajo Hopi Land Dispute"

w00t! Elephant Soccer!

what love means to Laszlo Colfax

Can anyone tell me if there are any legit work-at-home schemes?

You just can't make this shit up,,,,,

i hate han solo

A cat is trying to adopt me

Did somebody say, "wish"?

Today, I witnessed a duck commit blasphemy and sodomy all at once

An epic struggle between man and beast (Indulgent true story warning)

The complete list of top ten lists

Can someone esplain goddamn jumbo fucking?

Old DU'ers check in for a Welcome!

The scavengers are running wild during "Spring Clean-Up" in Silicon Valley

I hate gym slobs.

Can someone help me understand how to navigate DaillyKos?

So It Goes

It was a beautiful early spring day here in Ohio

Xposted from GD in case anyone is interest: Cancer Cure-a-Thon, online.`

Mega-huge dimension for you!

How long will sun dried tomatoes in oil keep?

Five random sports questions

Bye people!

I'm having one of those highly motivated days where I want to change things.

The smartest financial move I've made in the past decade

The do not call list for the rickroll prank dialer.

All You Wal Mart Haters

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching a Kevin Smith movie.

I'm listening to Paul's Boutique!

what love means to young children

Lets Groove Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Bites

Cool! My Dad Is Moving From Up In The Mountains To Down Below Them

I dunno, I just liked it

Man In The Box

Heaven Beside You

OK now that someone has explained the planes (and I personally

Are you the Good, are you the Bad, or are you the Ugly?


U! (clap clap clap) C! (clap clap clap) L! (clap clap clap) A! (clap clap clap)

And now, a song about caterwauling - in Spanish

"The penis incident"

Number 7

Does this bug anyone else?

Night DU!

Travel rant: Doesn't anybody do straight flights anymore?

I like sun dried tomatoes

I like sun dried heineken

Okay, 'fess up. Who else is a total Vera Bradley addict?

damn near broke my heart


I'll start a pic thread. (Post your pics please)

MacBook Air Hacked In Two Minutes

Into the Wild

They lied to me.

A Perfect Circle "The Fiddle and the Drum". Very moving anti-war song/video.

I like boring ambient techno music.

The race thread redux.

Twenty-four degrees in my rose garden.

Linear gardening.

This Must Be Love I Am Feeling

Any bakers in here? Can I substitute milk for water in a boxed cake mix?

Stupid question: How do I post videos?

Five Random Questions for a Saturday afternoon:

Whats Your Favorite Song?


I'm feeling bullish. I'm thinking of going places.

HP lovecraft writings online:

I'm taking the night off from homework...Overwhelmed

On boyfriends and girlfriends and what is normal?

Similar experiences?

I'm watching "Little Miss Sunshine"

1983 (a Merman I should turn to be.)

I like caped crusaders.

Denver is a very green city.

Anyone familiar with Southeast Asia-- how much does it cost to vacation there?

Damn you, daylight savings time!

It's 8 o'clock and the lights are off at the KC2 home...and...well...

In honor of UCLA making it to their THIRD consecutive Final Four...their best playoff moment ever!

Flying Dutchman

Dig my new Geezermobile...

The latest "Finnfan starts a thread about an obscure British song that he likes

YO Lounge Lizards ***** Welcome Home Gov. Don Siegelman *****

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/29/2008)

Cool! Optical Illusions and strange other!

Am I on ignore? Have I failed DU 101?

LOL, "Are There Any Women Here Today ???"

Should I be concerned about my weight loss?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/29/08

I need a hug . . .

When am I going to have the courage to tell my mother...

My Ex is so wonderful

Another pic to post for no reason, other than it is interesting...

Rage Against The Machine-Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium

I'm making waffles for dinner!

I've noticed something recently...

Do You Believe Things Happen For A Reason?

I need a stiffer hose.

I love the speed and responsiveness of a newly installed XP system.

UK DUers: I will be living in Britain for six months!

I like capers.

woot.. i finished up my short film

embarassed to admit it, but i have a question regarding a DU feature

***** Welcome Home Gov. Don Siegelman ***** Official SHOUT OUT Support Thread *****

I went to Providence one time.

Need advice on walking marathons

So, now name a song you love that has "Smile" in it - A Smile Like Yours is my pick

So I Am Working At Wendys, And This Lady Drives Thru, And Only Orders Tea And Baked Potato

Is DU going to shut down for Earth Hour?

Well, I'm NOT sitting in the dark for any Earth Hour. So shoot me.

What d'you call any carbonated, sugary beverage?

what happens to you when someone tells you "welcome to ignore"

The wasp came back the very next day

regretably, my fellow DUers, I find that I must outsource my participation at DU

I'm finally going to Vegas! Any "insider" tips?

I just hit 45,000 posts (this is 45,001)! w00t!

Do you know the time of day you were born?

five philosophical questions

Fellow Writers: What is the longest you have gone between writing projects?

baby dolls for little boys?

My Cat Keeps Walking Right Across My Laptop Keyboard!

Songs that have "eyes" in the title (or are about "eyes")

HORTON: Mukasey and Public Integrity - DoJ = "single most politically corrupt institution"

What was the last movie you saw?

"Godfather" marathon on AMC right now!

Who Would You Cast In A Live Action Simpsons Movie?

Grey wolf hunts planned after wolves removed from "endangered" list

Hepatitis Sidelines Allman; Concerts Cancelled

I wish we had Iraqi citizen DUers

Soylent Green

Pic of people you love

Clinton Bashes Rev. Wright, Worships With Nazis? (

I've always suspected that we weren't the only intelligent species on this planet...

Going to Italy question

Bring on the Particle Collisions!

North Carolina County Projections based on Demographic Characteristics

the new plan would give major new powers to the Federal Reserve

Ran 14 miles in 2:23. I'm going places!


The worst thing about being an American, the betrayal.

Places to stay in Key West, any recommendations

Time for Big Cats picture thread

What du'ers have you not heard from in awhile that you miss?

If I could most humbling ask for the famous Lounge Vibes..

Boeing challenges refueling contract to Airbus = McCain, Trent Lott, and $35 BILLION $$$$

Siegelman (Arrives) Home After Nine Months in Prison

Chinese Regime Implicated in Staging Violence in Lhasa

Warlord vs. Warlord - What are they fighting about in Basra?

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin urges pulling troops out of Iraq within 'reasonable timeline'

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin urges pulling troops out of Iraq within 'reasonable timeline'

U.K. admits rights breaches in Iraq

Gay California student's slaying sparks outcry

MacBook Air Hacked In Two Minutes

Gore to Appear on '60 Minutes' (Stahl Asks Uncommitted Superdelegate Who He Supports)

(Aussie) Rudd strong on Iraq troop withdrawal

Iraqi Prime Minister Softens Ultimatum as Militias Stand Ground in Basra

Analysis: Iraqis' Basra fight not going well

Bush says Rudd's plan to withdraw from Iraq mirrors his own

Get tested annually, gays urged as HIV rates rise

Venezuela bombs drug runways near Colombia border

Paper: Skit featured student playing Obama in blackface

Unbearable zoo mystery turns into potboiler (Berlin zoo animals used for feed, Chinese remedies)

E Guinea seeks Thatcher's arrest

Bush says Iraq faces 'defining moment' in violence

Gates Orders Inventory of US Nukes

Missing NY Rev. Found at Ohio Strip Club

Bush administration proposes sweeping overhaul of financial regulation

Kadhafi warns US allies could suffer Saddam's fate

Baghdad curfew extended as fighting rages on

Al-Sadr Says He Remains in Control of Mahdi Army, Criticizes Government, Americans

Iraq government envoy rebuffed by Sadr

Venezuela says all Chalmette oil sent to China

Case Against U.S. Marine Is Dismissed

British forces join Basra fighting

Maliki says Sadrist foes "worse than al Qaeda"

Lawyer: Gitmo trials pegged to '08 campaign

Wilkes ordered released on bail during appeal

Gray wolf hunts planned after de-listing

Police refuse to support Iraqi PM's attacks on Mehdi Army

U.S. seeks enhanced financial authority for Fed

U.S., British Widen Role in Iraqi Government's Offensive in Basra

42 Democrats Vow a Drawdown in Iraq If They Win Seats

Bush gives out wrong mortgage relief hotline number — again

Clinton rejects calls to quit Democratic race (Obama said Clinton should remain in race)

World cities to go dark as part of efforts to fight climate change

Wall Street's crisis hitting small business

Emerging Market of Carbon Credit Commerce Sees a Boom with Broad Political Support

Al Gore Stays Clear of Democrat Spat (No Plans to Make an Endorsement)

Asian rice crisis starts to bite

Spitzer May Have Lied, Prosecutor Says

Iraq: New restrictions on US Embassy ("No one is to sleep in their trailer")

Divers recover bodies after sealing boat capsizes (3 killed on first day of seal slaughter)

Venezuela says all Chalmette oil sent to China

Free Tibet, March 14, 2008, United Nations

Global Warming PSA

The Last Resort - Eagles

American black-out 8

Fmr Sec. of Army Togo West confirms Clinton Bosnia account

Bremner, Bird, and Fortune: George Parr (Iraq oil)

John McCain has led us into Osama bin Laden's trap

How to steal an election whithout really trying

New Rules - 3/28/08

Hillary Clinton's 3AM Call Of Duty

GLOBAL WARMING ... Animated Editorial Cartoon

Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke: testimony to U.S. House

McCain the Mimic: Arizona senator's backing of Bush's war is indefensible (SLTrib)

Witnesses to War

Wright's sermons fueled by complex mix of culture, religion

A great leap backward (Ramadani/Guardian)

David Michael Green on George Will, Arthur Brooks, and Conservative Compassion

Is Pentagon using Guantanamo trials to influence election?

Why are we still there? (Guardian)

War running up costs in blood, money (Tant / OnlineAthens)

For the Press, No Iraq Introspection (Mitchell / MoJo)

Five years too long: Michiana point of view (South Bend Tribune)

Bush's mess grows in Iraq (Seattle PI)

Poem for Obama: Painter, Poet, Politician

Iraq: No light at the end of the tunnel (Hiaasen / Miami Herald)

The Big Idea --Noam Chomsky part 3

The Big Idea --Noam Chomsky part 2

A turning point in the U.S.? (Globe and Mail)

The Big Idea --Noam Chomsky part 1 BBC

The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

McCain Outlines His Theory of 'Supply-Side War-a-nomics'

Retour en Irak (VO)

I am Kenya and I am Kansas

Barack Obama: Poetic Politics

Hillary Seeks Cheney’s Counsel for Response to Patrick Leahy

K23 @ Mystic Hot Springs --definition of Patriotism

Prosecutors DO allege Rezko secretly funneled $$$ to Obama campaign!!

Jeremiah Wright and Maya Angelou at Saint Sabina Church

Deconstructing the IAPA War on Venezuela

President Barack Obama . Say it. It's easy

MSNBC’s Countdown 3/27/08

Look Out Juan Mccain!!!Here Comes the Swift Boat!!

Deadly Brew - The Human Toll of Ethanol (Clinton Investments)

Edwin Starr - War - 70` original

A Change Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Song for Obama)

Trading Spouses - Crazy Lady - Bushes base -

Edwin Starr - Stop The War Now

Analysis: Iraqis' Basra fight not going well

Bush's Simplistic Iraq Vision

Siegelman released

John Cusack On Real Time With Bill Maher

McCain Forecloses Early

Canadian Government Irresponsibility Kills Four Sealers

Gail Collins: McCain Forecloses Early

Hillary Clinton; fibber in chief

Matt Taibbi: The Wright Controversy Revealed America's Deeply Insecure Side

The Hidden Iraq 1-6 parts A jaw dropping video...... click on the links

Fear Gets in the Way By Tim Copeland

CNN/YouTube Debate: Global Warming

Military agreement ignored by media

TYT: Media Bias Against Jon Stewart?

Elect George W. Bush in 2008

War, Inc - Movie Trailer

"A Message from John Cleese - British comedian:"

Quotes for the Week--Topic: Justice

Barack’s PA Blue Collar ‘Obamedy’ Tour

Exerpts from Episode One of "John Adams": "God Save The American States"

NYT movie review, "Stop-Loss": Back From Iraq, on a Road Going Nowhere

A picture is worth a thousand words - Obama

Obama : "WE NEED CHANGE"!..

Where Are The Iraqis in The Iraq War?

Neil Bush, the Rev. Moon, Paraguay and the U.S. Dept. of Education By Bill Berkowitz

ABRAMS: Siegelman Freed From Prison = Scott Horton and Artur Davis

Pakistan Beware, They Are Cornering China By Ahmed Quraishi

The Swiftboating of Barack Obama / Regressive Antidote / David Michael Green


2nd Amendment: Boston and D.C. Gun Grabbing Schemes Fizzle

U.S. Has Little Influence, Few Options in Iraq's Volatile South

Bill Clinton Praises McCain Again

Rove speech interrupted by 'War Criminal' banner-Rove heckled at George Washington University

Charlie the Unicorn Question for CNN Republican Debate

NY Book Review - Elizabeth Drew's full analysis of the Dem Primaries to date.

Are most Americans now progressive or borderline progressive?

When a Great Power Goes Mad By Robert Parry

Wal-mart should be on everyone's list not just KO's

The Headzup/ "Week In Cartoons"

Frank Rich: Hillary’s St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

Is Dick Cheney your God?

Should there be a age limitation on the presidency?

Bush's Iraq Oil War (Black Star News Editorial)

Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline

Rev. Wright: "God is not a God of Hate. God is a God of Love."

NBC News : Ann Dunham

John McCain...Electable?

Want To See Bush And Cheney Get Impeached? Now You Can!

The manufacture of uncertainty in the minds of the public, as a ploy on

Five Things You Need to Know To Understand The Latest Violence in Iraq

McKinney Grills Rumsfeld

Barack Obama - Something In The Air

Dowd: Surrender Already, Dorothy

The Foreclosure Machine

Saudi Newspaper: Prepare for radioactive fallout from US nuclear attack on Iran By Richard Clark

From the Gipper to BushCo: Social Contract and the New American Depression By Charles Degelman

Molly Ivins in Dildo Diaries

Colombia Casts a Wide Net In Its Fight With Guerrillas


Theme song and opening credits from the HBO miniseries "John Adams"

Great show about one towns approach to energy conservation.

NKorea Blasts US Delays in Nuke Dispute

Major energy savings and CO2 reductions possible in commercial refrigeration services

Biomass for business at the UK's largest biomass CHP plant- Model for economic development?

Marx's Ecology, John Bellamy Foster

Global offshore wind energy looks to scale

still time to sign up for tonight's Earth Hour!

Microbial Fuel Cells & BioDiesel expanding

Cost of nuclear waste could kill off plans for a new fleet

Fish and the Future - Innovation and unlikely alliances to save Central Coast (CA) fishing?

Sea Shepherd: Canadian Government Irresponsibility Kills Four Sealers

Company has process for reclaiming plastics and materials from trashed electronics

Solar PV Growth: which will win out? multicrystaline vs thin-film

FPL says cost of new reactors at Turkey Point could top $24 Billion

Hundreds of Minnesota National Guard members prepare for Iraq deployment

Jobs open for presidential inauguration

Sgt. gets life for killing troop’s wife

Guards to Iraq’s vice president killed

North St. Paul soldier killed in Iraq

U.S. airstrike kills 4 in Iraq

Navy has role in 3 probes of Suez incident

Charges dropped for Marine in Hadithah case

Kaneohe Marine accused of ID theft

Marine’s account of killings played in court

Lost ballistic fuses spark investigations

Soldiers hunt their brothers’ killers

At home, but not at peace: A soldier's struggle with PTSD

Afghan training force short 3,500

Algae Biodiesel Plant Goes Online Next Week

Snowmelt to raise Lake Powell by 50 feet, open shortcuts

Air Force Developing New ABU

Destroyed Tapes Come Back to Vex CIA

MRAP Kits Completed in Record Time

Reservists May Face Limit on Tours

Italy to see increase in gas coupon prices

“Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial” It’s time for DUers to join others and create a memorial for

Pentagon Upgrading Radio Systems

US joins Iraqi offensive in Basra

Basra Assault Threatens Trade Unionists (NAFTANA / MR)

Saw this yesterday "woven in USA assembled in El Salvador"

Denim Jacket (Eagle Embossed on Back) MADE IN USA

Socialist realism comes to light at WTO after 30 year cover-up

Long-Range Public Investment: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal

Act Now to Stop Slave Labor in Florida’s Tomato Fields

I am a sex worker , Regional sex workers speak up

Daytona plant blast spurs call for safety task force

State seeks to better match employers, jobseekers

Working families are focus of labor gathering

Opposition to Aramark’s bid for food contract heating up

Grocers' contract unsure (23,000 to strike?)

BUSINESS BEAT: A good job outlook costs Labor Department

Strike Still a Go at W.Va. Casino

W Post: Grocery Union Makes Push for Public Support (Contract Expires Tonight)

Airport union, management seek accord

With the DHL tentative agreement in hand, the Teamsters are setting sights on a bigger integrator

Steelworkers' program aims at immediate change in BC's forest industry

Colgan Air Inc. Reaches Tentative Agreement With Flight Attendants

LETTERS: Fears about new labor rules

Labor unrest hovers over NFL meetings

Joke in poor taste: Job Market 2009

Truckers plan convoy to state Capitol (Independents to Park Rigs Tuesday?)

Minnesota Attorney General's office under investigation (update & video)

Proxy access drive drops JPMorgan, Bear as targets

Obama tour gets rolling (Gerald McEntee, president of AFSCME was stunned by Sen. Casey's move)

POLL: Have you ever crossed a picket line?


Fed May Rethink Greenspan's Hands-Off Approach Towards Bubbles


FDIC failed banks - what happened to the list?

Can someone here with knowledge talk to me about the Roth IRA?

Bush administration proposes sweeping overhaul of financial regulation

Couple lose home in Countrywide dispute, but may yet win

An Important Part of a Solution to World Economic Problems?

Any Reaper fans out there

Colombia Casts a Wide Net In Its Fight With Guerrillas

The missing children of El Salvador

Mexico to U.S.: Respect ruling in death case

Professor Piero Gleijeses, of John Hopkins University: "Cuba Is A Pearl In The History Of Africa"

Cuba and the Battle of Cuito Cuanevale on the 20th Anniverary

Former Haitian rebel sought by US for drug trafficking says he will run for Senate

Richardson Visits Colombia, US Hostages

AP Article Gives Correa the Full "Chavez" Treatment

Morales joins Bolivian soccer team

NYT: File s Released by Colombia Point to Venezuelan Bid to Arm Rebels

Russia to set up missile shield in Venezuela

Media Advisory - Independent Jewish Canadians meet to form alternative to Canadian Jewish Congress;

ISRAEL: Let there be dark!

Palestinian symbol, made in China

Palestinian homes demolished without warning

A Shout Out for Governor Siegelman -- He's been sent the link,

Tough day for Louisville... both boys and girls lost...

Today's NCAA Bracket Standings - Longhorn still on top!

I'm trying to figure out why Memphis has to play Texas in Houston.

a Poem written on 9/12/2001

Seven Questions

If ever there was a time to send love and light for the greater good

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (March 29): Aronian runs away in Nice; Five tie for first in Foxwoods

Staffing cuts weighed for nursing homes

Small Hospitals Push to Do Heart Work

Pancreatic Cancer and Resveratrol

It is officially spring on my road...

Pied Billed Grebes and a shoveler from White Rock Lake, Dallas

Happy Halibut Day

Spice and herb thingy I've been doing.

Photoshop: The popular editing tool goes free on the Web

Meditation Can Wish You Well, Study Says

Rev. Wright gives to the poor and himself

I'm looking for quotes from Jesus to support a progressive as well as "transcendent"...

The question of the historicity of the Egyptian exile

Controversial Billboard: All Religions Are Fairy Tales

Democrats Obama, Clinton tred softly on gun control

Kansas House Approves Machine Gun Bill

Miller presses Ottawa to ban handguns

Nagin's Proposals Include Ban On Assault Weapons

America's Shooting Gallery March 29, 2008

Reactions mixed to painted gun ban

Have to think outside proverbial box to find a laugh or see alternative to what offical story is

man who tried to save himself but valiantly told the truth and paid for it with his life.

Zeitgeist Part 1 Debunking at Facebook

JK gets civil rights recognition

DKos diary on Alice Walker's endorsement of Obama - it tops Kerry's

Did You Elect Your Voting Machine?

PDA selling copies of Uncounted

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, March 29, 2008

What does Don Siegelman and Al Gore have in Common?

Just got back from Senate District 15 (St. Cloud) and Dist 14 update

Hey, let's do a joint liveblog thread in GDP

I was just asked to do a west coast radio interview tonight on KGO talk radio!

Need some help regarding a computer error message

"The View" videos

Can someone put this link in the Obama News

Obama people need to see this DKos Diary on Alice Walker's endorsement of Obama

Does anyone have a Obama store coupon code? If so...

Report from my Galveston County Convention

We had our first big volunteer organizational meeting this morning...

Great Senator Obama townhall appearance in PA. A must see.

My suggestion for the Obama Campaign

I need postcards to mail to PA

Hardy har har, John Les!

Third Clayton school board member makes exit

Just saw Maria Mellito, the American Idol Princess at the Red Dot Art Fair in

I am ashamed to confess that Ohio finally has beat Florida on something weird.

Vote for your favorite Countdown moment...

This guy thinks Countdown has become too predictable. Agree or disagree?

Milwaukee Public Schools status called 'moral issue'

Supreme Debate Fri 3/28 Views

Landlords chase dead girl’s family for rent

Richard Dawkins - Beware the Believers

I just sat through almost 2hrs. of Jesus music...

Presidential hopefuls spend big money on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Would Lincoln be a Republican today?

self delete

Further complicating Texas' convention process (today): Delegates can switch sides

WP, pg1: In Pennsylvania, Hillary's Got a Friend In Murtha

WP, pg1: Clinton Resists Calls To Drop Out

Email from Bill on Hillary Quitting