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Does anyone remember Billie Carr

Clinton didn't lie just once about Bosnia -- She lied 4 or 5 times

In retrospect

Obama will make his own decision about a VP

Deep down we all have a crush on Obama

Let's consider the Wright story (Wright's words) Vs. (Hillary's words) Bosnia LIE, 9/11 LIE, etc..

Obama share prices at highest level since March 4th at INTRADE....

Who remembers the last time Drudge attacked Barack Obama?

Bernard Goldberg on Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "We can see that he is a black man, but..."

He sits at the end of the bar-I've seen him before....

Pat Buchanan on Chris Matthews....Secret Service Comment!

Nevermind....DELETE PLEASE

Who funds and runs the Politico?

I like people who write OMG OMG OMG clearly not meaning OMG

Michelle caught on video calling Americans ignorant and stereotyped.

The Bosnia thingy DID happen according to WaPo...LOL

What happened on fox news tonight?


Did I just hear Obama is giving a major speech in the morning in NYC

Another question about these damned polls....

Reuters: Clinton Takes Hit In New Poll On White House Race

How much money have you given to Democratic Underground? Just a rough estimate.

Hillary at 45% favorable, 52% CA! Only ahead by 3%, Obama ahead by 9%.

Pennsylvania's Superdelegates Measure Clinton, Obama Coattails

Seems that ever since that group of Clinton supporters went on "strike", the freeper invasion has ..

Has McCain gone completely insane?


The Probablies, The Wannabes, and the Probably Nots

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Is Bloomberg going to endorse Obama today?

‘Scary’ Obama comment lands teacher in hot water

How many hours do you spend on DU:P every day??

NBC-WSJ poll: New Clinton lows

Hillary Supporters Do Not Bite the Attorney Client Story: It's a Trap to Get Impeachment in News

Does anyone know at what time Obama speaks today in NY?

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed

Has anyone checked the

I wonder if people are starting to connect the dots.

BREAKING: Hillary Plagiarized From Snowe's Bosnia Trip - WP: Well, It Did Happen to Somebody

VIDEO: Jamie Rubin beats Andrea Mitchell with her own stupidity

Are you f-ing kidding me Hillary?

The Latest Clinton Canard

Finding Political News Online, the Young Pass It On

Clinton ultimatum to Pelosi?

Seem to me the Democratic Doom & Gloom scenerios don't make any sense

PPI Poll: Obama Stronger in California Against McCain

Obama runs stronger in Conn.

I dedicate this song to you HILLARY!

So it turns out that delegates are free to change their minds right up until the Convention

NY Mayor Bloomberg to appear with Obama at economy speech

Endorsement speculation mounts before Bloomberg-Obama appearance in NYC

The News Media v. Obama III: John McCain Is a Two Faced Lying Dirty Trickster

A word to journalists and fellow Democrats who think Hillary's husband's cock is a valid topic...

The Goal

Campaign flaps hurting Hillary, not Obama

Listening to "On Point" w/Tom Ashbrook on NPR this morning...

No apparent ‘Wright effect’ - Hillary Down - Obama Up!

Watching Obama's economic speech

Obama, not Clinton Pushing for FL delegate solution

Puerto Rico gov charged in campaign probe (had endorsed Obama)

Poll: Obama beats McCain by wide margin in Conn. matchup

Hillary, we are tired of the negative old school politics, damn it. We want to be for something

Worst Liar Ever or Just Living in the Past?

The Accepted Misogyny against Hillary Clinton

The Accepted Misogyny against Hillary Clinton

Question for Obama Supporters: If Hillary Clinton Becomes the Dem Nominee

The Meida's Dumbing Down of American Political Discourse

At least 30% of Hillary donors who threatened Pelosi slept in the Lincoln Bedroom

*** Official Obama Economic Speech (Bloomberg) ***

Did I hear correctly during one of McCain's speeches, that the surge is working...

If Hillary got nomination then presidency, will affair with right wing media last?

on and on and on (three more months)

From the "Irony is lost on Elton" file

Here is something I hope you will consider before you make a

Joe Klein advocates giving the ticket to Gore/Obama

Did you ever do a fact-check on how your parents met?

Top Clinton Backers Threaten Pelosi

Sorry Hillfans

Sorry Hillfans

Question for Clinton supporters: If Barack Obama becomes the Dem nominee

Obama cannot win without Clinton supporters

'Of course we're not doomed. We're never doomed in America.'

PHOTOS: Barack Obama spoke today on the economy in the Great Hall at Cooper Union in NY

So Hillary believes all votes should be counted but also that the pledge vote winner doesn't matter?

Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Are Both Tied Against McCain -They Both Lose 51% -41%

I do not like Hillary talking about outsourcing

I think it is time we investigate all politicians and their relationships

"Should'nt be judged by 5 or 6 sermons?"

Are Sen. Clinton and Elton John breaking U.S. laws

Given Hillary's Bosnia Experience

Matt Littman: Now, Team Hillary Goes After Speaker Pelosi

Hillary Clinton Pardon Scandal

Polls: Connecticut and California - Obama strongest against McCain

Gavin Newsome Spills the Beans on Clinton Strategy

Mauro foresees no "massive challenge" over caucuses by Clinton campaign

What is your definition of a gutter attack?

Anyone watching Hillary's speech

Hillary encourages unsafe driving

Some Hillary Supporters have their head in the sand

MSNBC's awesome analysis of Sen Clinton's speech..

Obama stronger than Clinton in California, top-prize

Clinton Leads Obama

Awesome Spread Sheet To Project All Sorts of Different Popular Vote Scenario Between Hil and Obama

I scoured the internets and Right wing Blogosphere and found trash on both candidates

The final word about Elton John Hosting a concert for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton continues to lead Obama nationally........

Gore is not going to be our candidate

The Rude Pundit: Hillary Clinton, Make It Stop

Clinton: Sleeping with the Enemy To Mess Up Obama's Bed?

Pollster: We Did Not Oversample African Americans In Asking About Wright

Leave the two alone, they are covering states as never before

Democrats who will vote for McCain instead of our nominee deserve to be...

Obama, Clinton ­ and Echoes of Nader? NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Feminists: Do you approve of Hillary's intimidation of Pelosi?

If you consider yourselves Democrats...

Can Hillary and Obama camps join together to Blast the Media?

Obama Puts Crazy Uncle In The Closet- Reverend Who?

MSNBC is about to do a story on how people think about Wright

I Am Not Voting For Obama, He Is A Closet Muslim

Will Hillary Clinton endorse Obama ?

Tom Toles: Hillary was correct about the sniper fire.

Is it all talk or will they really do it? vote for McCain if Hill gets it.

Braking Newz, VOTE NOW ... it´s Al Gore vs. Bill Clinton

The Mainstream MEDIA is Conning you! Do your Homework!

Dear DNC, DCCC, DSCC (Superdelegates)

MSNBC/WSJ poll oversampled African-Americans to get numbers

MSNBC/WSJ poll oversampled African-Americans to get numbers

FEC Spokesman Confirms There Was Nothing Unlawful About Elton John Performance for HRC campaign

Today's Headlines - Wright not anywhere in them

Gravel Explains His Party Switch to Libertarian

Oh, the outrage!

Fuck the Media and Fuck the way elections are run here

MSNBC: Obama-Bloomberg ticket has potential (from huffingtonpost)

Clinton Camp accuses Obama of appropriating Clinton’s own remedies for the economy

John McCain's Pastors And Hillary Clinton’s Troubling Religious Cell

Obama camp reaction to Clinton backers Pelosi threats...

Obama camp reaction to Clinton backers Pelosi threats...

What a surprise!

Is there something new in the Wright story?

2 Americans Killed in Green Zone- oh, forget it! here's the latest Rev. Wright comment!

Obama Closing In PA!!

Obama Closing In PA!!

Obama an effective mediator in Illinois Senate

YAY! Our candidates are attacking the real enemy!

Why does John McCain get a pass from racist statements.

Barrack's got the coattails for local dems in the South & West. Hillary doesn't. It's that simple..

Gallup Daily: Obama Now at 48% to Clinton 44%

AP BREAKING: 3rd Obama Super Del bites the Dust!

Question For My Fellow Clinton Supporters

SPEECH BOUNCE PART II: Obama RISING, Clinton FALLING nationally and state-by-state

Obama leads McCain in Ore while Clinton trails

Rasmussen Daily Tracking: McCain now leads Clinton and Obama 51-41

Is Obama now running against both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore?


Why Hillary's staying in (my husband's theory)

Hillary mocking Obama - from February

25 Indiana State Legislators endorse Obama



Twenty Five members of Indiana's House and Senate endorse Obama

Does anyone know how many Super Delegates have pledged in the last week?

What is the more accurate summary of Hillary's Bosnia statement?

Bill Clinton called out on DOMA....FINALLY

I have a feeling....

JOHN McCAIN - He's more like Bush than you had imagined!

Obama was on top of the foreclosure crisis in America a full year ago.

"Put your pads on." vs. "Shame on you!"

The Hatred for Hillary Clinton and in general is turning me off as a Democrat

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday March-27-2008

New Pew Poll: Obama strong as ever vs. McCain and Hillary

REPUBLICANS will Keep the White House

Obama TV: He'll Be On All 3 Nightly News Networks Tonight, CNBC's "Closing Bell" & The View (Fri.)

Obama has done the unthinkable!

If you think this campaign is damaging our party...

Obama's speech just before his fundraiser

Mar 27 New InsiderAdvantage Poll for NC: Obama 49/Hillary 34

Thousands of Kentuckians won't be able to vote in the Democratic primary.

The GOP and Hillary blew their load (re: Wright)... Obama is now Teflon II...

Heads up...Obama interview on CNBC shortly n/t

Sinking = censorship and fear and blind ignorance

Top Clinton Backers Threaten Pelosi -- top dems call it "brazen", "stunning"

What is the Pelosi number for Obama as of 4:00pm ET 3/27/08?

The problem with the Electoral Vote argument

"talking to people where they are, not where we would like them to be"

New comments from someone associated with the Reverend...

At Least 8 Of Those Who Threatened Nancy With Non-Contributions Haven't Made A Donation

Where Do Obama And Clinton Stand On China?

22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw

Progressives for Obama

New Polls Obama beats McCain by 9 in CA; HRC wins by 3; O wins Oregon; C loses Oregon to McC

MSNBC is cracking me up!

$25 donor to have dinner with White House hopeful (Obama)

It just occurs to me:

"If FDR can meet with Stalin

"If FDR can meet with Stalin

Hillary Clinton's credibility

Romney Campaigns With McCain in Utah

The true character of the Democratic nominees will be reflected by who loses the nomination


Washington Post fact-checker accidentally exposes his own newspaper's Bosnia lie

Please don't be offended by this, I'd like to share, however.

Fox News Video, Hillary interview with Greta Part 2

Hillary Please put the phone down - Larry David recycled

Does anyone else still tear up when they read this passage?

Whos words are showing a greater hate on average: Wright or the average poster in here? n/t

Understanding how conservatives are very alienated by McCain

If you were Hillary's most trusted adviser, what would you tell her to do?

It is my vote, and I will vote how I please

It is my vote, and I will vote how I please

The Primary Timeframe

Garlic-nose, slant-eye, watermelon-eater, Jew me down, a Gyp...sorry, no room for any of them

Garlic-nose, slant-eye, watermelon-eater, Jew me down, a Gyp...sorry, no room for any of them

Email from Hillary to Obama Delegates in Texas

Just got this e-mail from my harassing, neocon, -sorta- friend - 'Michele Obama's

Obama needs to start ignoring Hillary, and so does everyone else

NYT analysis: McCain's "100 years in Iraq" comment being misrepresented

Pew Poll: Obama 49%, Clinton 39%

Insider Advantage: Obama Up 15 In North Carolina

Even up the SD's. Remove the thumb from the scale.

Wyoming Gov Freudenthal says "...decide before convention."

Poll Results: Looks like McCain may have it wrapped up, if DU'ers had their way:

Obama supporters: If Hillary says I'll quit tomorrow in exchange for VP, what say you?

Making a list, checking it twice.

Did Bill Clinton question Ralph Nader's patriotism in 2004?!

Did Bill Clinton question Ralph Nader's patriotism in 2004?!

Why Did I Bother Defending Senator Clinton?

Obama folks, could we try to limit the number of threads calling for Clinton to drop out?

Obama folks, could we try to limit the number of threads calling for Clinton to drop out?

Another phenomenal speech.

On Lies and Lying, Balancing the Unbalancable...

Hillary could go on national TV and endorse McCain for POTUS and her bots would still back her

Will John Edwards be given the nomination at the Gathering of Elders??

I wonder if any of the candidates will answer this kid's question regarding LNCB.

You wanted the Dems to grow a spine and stand up for themselves yet

You wanted the Dems to grow a spine and stand up for themselves yet

REALITY: Obama could say he hates USA on nat. TV and his core would still support him.....

Obama coming up on CNBC next

Gallup Daily: Obama Now at 48% to Clinton 44%

SuperDelegate Question

Letter writers to Pelosi have given Democrats nearly $24 million since 1999

Miss Poke beats Miss Peak! 1,244 to 233!

Chris Wallace Regrets Speaking Out On Obama Bashing: "I'm Not Sure I'd Do It Again"

What the hell is up with this Joe Scarbourgh

What the hell is up with this Joe Scarbourgh

Hillary supporters: Florida and Michigan.

I cannot believe Democrats here are smearing Hillary with the same crap the rw used to smear Kerry.

James Carville looks absolutely nuts on CNN right now!

Should I bother to see Bill Clinton tomorrow?

Are the polls true: You won't support the other Dem candidate if yours loses?

Al Gore concedes presidential election of 2000

"Something" I've noticed from some of the Obama-dislikers

Is a clear distinction between Obama and Hillary developing over their

Is Al Gore the Answer?

Picture the first minute, hour, day, week, month, year after Hillary gets the nomination...

On The View, "Sexy" Obama discusses Rev. Wright (VIDEO)

WTF????? Picture and link fixed now

^$(#&4&* ROBO-CALLS

EARTH HOUR questions for folks who know something about electricity

Obama Tells Harry Smith Hillary Should Drop Out...

AP: Obama, Clinton offer economic plans

Letter writers to Pelosi have given Democrats nearly $24 million since 1999

Hillary supporters: Please remove this off your head..

What is the America Votes Coalition?

Hillary has not jumped the shark!

How relevant are polls regarding the General Election match-ups right now?

Jeff Fleischer: The Real Comeback Kid

The Coming War on Venezuelan - New Book Bush v. Chavez by Eva Golinger

Keith Oberman's Legacy as a Journalist

Time to give Hillary a break from Kos.

Rev. Wright's Church Newsletter Includes Commentary Critical Of Israel

Who wants to put a wager on this primary? (oops, is it legal?)

TOON: Dodging sniper fire

Senator calls for sweeping election overhaul

Run Al, Run! Is Al Gore the Answer?

So-Wright's church reprints something from the L.A. TIMES and it's a problem for OBAMA?

If the Democratic Party panders to Republican Lite and counts on their votes

Siegelman Top Story on "Verdict with Dan Abrams" . On nowwwww!

I see dead people.

I Am Not Voting For Hillary, She Is Bill Clinton In Drag

Do You Think the Clinton's Would Endorse Obama Right Away?

Senator Obama, how did you spend your spring vacation?

Survey USA favorability ratings

amarillo texas. library. upperclass older lady all put together

I am an Obama supporter, and I don't owe Hillary Clinton my vote

Joe Wilson throws Richardson and Kerry under the Bus

The "Destruction" of Hillary Clinton

Obama Offers Plan for Economic Woes

Independent UK: When Clinton tells such obvious mistruths, she exposes herself as a fantasist

What Obama should do RIGHT NOW: go overseas

"Voters Fall in Love in the Primaries. In the General Election, They Fall in Line." -Bill Clinton

Wanna have some fun.....?

Who could go to Hillary to tell her to either cool it or get out? Like Goldwater to Nixon.

Andrea Mitchell suddenly "finds" more Wright material online...

McCain wants to continue to spend $5000 a second in Iraq!

Email link to tell NBC News to cut the Wright crap. Enough of this nonsense already !

Chicago's Dumbest Thief

Who WAS Your Candidate Before The Choices Got Narrowed Down to Two

Mugabe opponents 'forced to eat posters'

Submissions are Open! Obama in 30 Seconds

I blame Hillary' advisors. Like Cindy Sheehan when she started veering off course

Yes, Senator McCain, you are truly fit to inherit the Bush mantle!

Just Who Do These Rich Clinton Donors Think They Are?

"Hope" and "Change" not working out in Massachussetts

Hillary claims sleep deprivation caused Bosnia mishap.

OBAMA on the Economy on CNBC today. Full text from POLITICO, Ben Smith

Blue Collar, Bare Cupboards

We just had an earthquake

Comparing foreclosure to a pre-nuptial?

Rev. Wright - Its A Wonderful (Italian-American) Life!

A real good discussion about racism in a Cleveland Plain Dealer Column

Superdelegates is a media word

If all the Hillbots are on vacation

Superdelegates are speaking out about Clinton campaign tactics.

Barack Get Off the Stage and Go Home!


Military tells Bush of troop strains

Barack Obama gave 240,000 to Charity in 2007.

Are Edwards & Gore afraid to endorse Obama?

Hillary Clinton has been too programmed by her consultants, It's why she is losing

Latest Pew Research national poll - Obama up by 10 points.


As much as it doesn't seem to relate to this year's Primary,

Holy Shit I Made It!

Repukes seem to have reached a new depth of delusion/denial

Hillary Clinton is making me lose respect for one democrat I've always respected and adored

Hillary Clinton is making me lose respect for one democrat I've always respected and adored

Bush to meet Putin for missile talks

How will creationist freaks explain this...

Analysis of Hillary voters most likely to defect to McCain, Obama loses 38% conservative democrats

May I say something about McCain?

what things do you do in your daily life to ensure the hegemony of the "speculative" class?

Where is the Outrage

"The Tide is Turning"! - Barack Obama

WJ this morning: Iraq responses to MSSameasBush's speech

Hillary Get Off the Stage and Go Home!

Quotes from DU

Obama, Lincoln, and Cooper Union

Tucker Carlson (MSNBC): Hillary Clinton in "full Kamikaze mode"

The band " War" and lyrics to this tune called "War"...

Radical idea to solve the Democratic problem

Idea for Michigan and Florida Primaries: Do-Over Primary by Lottery

Presidential Politics & Jack-Booted Thugs - Thoughts on an AL Repub Fear Campaign: Legal Schnauzer


UhOh McSameasBush has some explaining

Ha, I've the perfect response to if McCain tries to use Hilllary's words against Obama in the Fall

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Barbara Lee's War on Poverty

The "Swiftboat Phrase" that the right has for Obama

Oregon: Obama 12% better than HC v McCain, CA Obama 6% better, Connecticut Obama 14% better!!!

Is this what this primary campaign has come to? Brawling grannies!

There Are Only 8 States Left, Only Eight

I am getting the feeling Hillary is starting to crack

I found a creative ad on you tube today...

"People's Front of Judea? We're the Judean People's Front! *ptui*"

Is it possible that Wright is the best they've got?

Has anyone else noticed that most of HRC's most vocal spokespeople are Beltway types?

Guys, Dick Morris is a liar. Don't believe anything he says unless you have a quote and a link.

105 killed, pipeline blown up

Obama supporter meeting in Texas tonight

I'm a Obama and I don't owe shit to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

10-year-old girl tried to rob a gas station.

Joe Wilson: "Smears and Tears: How Obama's National Security Week Turned Into the Mendacity of Hype"

HBO Miniseries about Iraq: Generation Kill

It was not Hillary who originally started all of these "gutter" attacks

It was not Hillary who originally started all of these "gutter" attacks

I think the Clintons are BLUFFING about taking it to the convention.

After the last week that I have had...I offer two words

Something funny about the Clinton Camp hinted at 180 turn...

Clinton Donor Shakedown Officially Backfires! This May Prove Fatal To Hillary, It Was THAT Stupid

The Clintons go "Gangsta"

Would you sleep with John McCain answering the red phone?

Should the candidate with the most pledged delegates be the nominee?

Dickhead Cooper: "We're going to look at the economic policies of Sens. Clinton, Obama and Wright."

So....what does everyone think about the Obama/Bloomberg

Hillary Announces "A Credentials Fight" In Denver - Every Republicans Dream

We've got a Tag Team.

I'm a Hillary and I don't owe shit to Barry H. Obama.

What's with all the trolls

Progressive bloggers will come to Austin in July

U.S. Steps Up Unilateral Strikes in Pakistan

U.S. Marshal Law

Have fun with the McCain Magic 8 Ball

Clinton, Banking Deregulation & Repeal Of Glass Steagall. Hillary, Do You Agree W/Bill On This?

10 Top Reasons McCain Will Never Be Elected President

10 Top Reasons McCain Will Never Be Elected President

Would you sleep well with John McCain answering the red phone?

Would you sleep well with John McCain answering the red phone?

"I'd Like To Do A Song Of Great Social And Political Import!" - JJ

Wow, the more you think about it the weirder the Bosnia story is!!!

Please DU this AOL Negative Poll Factor = We need to get McCain's numbers down

STOP IT!!!!!!!! ATTACK mccain, NOT EACH OTHER!!!!!!! /nt

Clinton - Health Care

am i irrelevant?

Analysis: Fox News has Peaked

Question that haunts me

Sadr Followers Push "Downfall" of Maliki

Clinton, Obama predict eventual unity

General Dynamics, Harris, L-3 Gain Most From Iraq War - No recession for war profiteers

wow. 69 kids from one woman? A 5 yr old giving birth?

Clinton tax return reminder!

How Will Clinton Win With a 37% Positive Rating?

The Lies that Led to War

The Hillary I know.

Remember Joe Lieberman?

Does anybody here speak French?

Turn on Hannity - defending Obama

Oil prices surge past 107 dollars on Iraq pipeline attack

"We are in real trouble (in Iraq)," said Hersh.

Is this The Lounge?

Frontline's Timid Iraq Retrospective

Why do they hate America and say things like this.

I have changed my avatar

FRONTLINE didn't mention most the people who watched the Saddam statue come down were media

"Senator Obama said no. He basically turned his back..."

Breaking: Governor Acevedo Vila charged with corruption

Which one is the cult again?

Countdown To The End Of The Dynasty

If Iraq takes a real bad turn in Baghdad and even the southern

Who will win Indiana?

Dodd: Prolonged Democratic race 'devastating'

Bush speaking now about the success in Iraq

A soldier's mother urges an end to Iraq war

I'm that young(ish) White man who helps pay for your social security.

Military tells Bush of troop strains

My sister called me a "Traitor" the other day because I voted for Hillary Clinton

What the heck is with Fox News lending so much to the Democratic candidates...

If we could build a room large enough

Obama almost to 2 MILLION campaign donors.

HillFans INCONSISTENCY regarding Obama/Wright and Hill standing by Bill.

Sean Hannity's friends threating to kill Oama is serious.

Why hasn't Hillary denounced and rejected the letter to Pelosi???

There's a monkey screeching on my teevee! MSNBC, 10:23EST

False "Hope and Change" on an epic scale (Fl and MI)

James Carville, Mary Matalin Leave Washington

What will it take to end the Wright controversy ?

what is wrong with these Obams folks,

I thought, in the interests of inclusiveness among at least DU members that I would...

I thought, in the interests of inclusiveness among at least DU members that I would...

Anyone else sick of Joe Scarborough playing Republican psy-op games with the Democratic race?

Breaking: Fed Court rules Mumia Abu-Jamal can not be executed without a new penalty hearing

So let me get this straight.....

Ed Schultz said

The naivety of DU really makes me laugh sometimes

Bush: Saddam regulated gasoline to torture his people. (Gas was 10 cents then, now almost 4 dollars)

I hear him on a teevee in another room. He sounds very creepy .... like Hitler ...... or .......

Patriot Act used in drug case; lawyer riled

If you have 5 minutes, PLEASE watch this video and then tell me how you feel about Obama...

Updated-BREAKING: MSNBC anchors call on Obama to give another major speech on Race/Wright

If Hillary can win PA, NC, IN, WV etc. and pull ahead in the popular vote

Bush: Iraq violence is a 'positive moment'

Bill Clinton says we have a perfect right to pound Hillary into the ground

BREAKING: 1 in 10 DEMOCRATS thinks Obama is muslim...

"Global Terrorist Movement"

Bush: Iraq violence a 'very positive moment,' decisions won't be made by "those who scream loudest"

"Thank you for letting me park Air Force One here"

Iraq the last 24 hours

Judge blesses "Wal-Qaeda," "Walocaust" anti-Wal-Mart web-sites

Iraq implodes as Shia fights Shia

More from the drunk whore house (Bush Administration): 22-year old loser and a masseuse get $300 mil

Hardball: Clinton unhinged on FOX news explains plan to destroy party

Going fishing? Pack your passport

Sen. Hagel: "All of our Arab allies told us" Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction

Lindsey Graham: ‘Joe Lieberman is a national treasure.’»

If you're considering getting a mortgage who would you rather have....

Miami cops to use drones - spy in the sky drones

When Will the Race Be Over?--A Poll For ALL DUers!

Is Senator Clinton putting her own ambitions before the party and the country?

Rev. Wright in a different light

surge update - Crucial Iraqi Oil Pipeline Blown Up

surge update - Crucial Iraqi Oil Pipeline Blown Up

-=-= The REAL Magic Number for Obama =-=-

Reich: if taxpayers take the risk on Bear Stearns, they deserve some profits

Anyone else finding it curious that Iraq starts to implode the day after Cheney leaves the country?

Do you

Banks Fail to Give Homeowners Lower Rates as Bernanke Cuts Borrowing Costs

Banks Fail to Give Homeowners Lower Rates as Bernanke Cuts Borrowing Costs

McCain, Romney to Campaign Together

MSNBC Interrupts Very Relevant and Important Speech

Delightful video clip of Hillary mocking Obama's unrealistic rainbows and puppy dogs rhetoric!

A sheikha, a queen and a first lady

WTF? -"President Bush: Iraq violence is a 'positive moment'"

True faces of the money men behind the curtain are showing now...threats to Dean and Pelosi.

A Great Article: Overview of how Deregulation created the current Economic Meltdown

Gallup: Obama gets his BIGGEST lead in weeks!!

Floridians Forgo Beer, Take $200 Vacations as Home Prices Fall

President Asshat's Alternate Universe: It's a 'very positive moment' in Iraq

Canadian hospitals fighting deadly superbug

Dear Ms. Clinton, Regarding the Disenfranchisement of voters.....STOP IT!!!

Rod Serling's Story Of Emitt Till Will Finally Get An Airing 50 Years Later..

I just had a thought about Obama

DU has lost its purpose, only a trading ground for negative links on Obama/Clinton

the Alpha & Omega: the military bookends of the Clintons

"reports are circulating that the Iraqi army has committed mass executions in Basra and Kut"

FDA Investigating Possible Singulair, Suicide Link

Dodd Calls on Party Leaders to Bring Nomination Battle to an End

Now Taliban regrets cellphone disruptions

CREDIT CRUNCH FALLOUT: Germans Fear Meltdown of Financial System

Revisiting the bullies of Fayetteville High

Legal Schnauzer: Tell Us Again - Why Is Don Siegelman Still in Prison?

Same person shot for second time at Vito’s in Johnson City

"I'm sorry to tell you..., there's going to be other wars"- Who said it?

If Obama wins the nomination, should he choose a female running mate?

Feingold tells Obama fans to 'cool it'

Seattle Battles the Homeless

Norman Solomon: NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?

While Hillary whines to Greta, Obama reaches out to talk about ways to give FL a voice at convention

What is really happening in Iraq?

Does your Senator make the grade with higher ed funding? (Surprise: Repugs suck)

McCain doesn’t know a Shiite from a Sunni. So? - Today’s Headlines 3/27/08

Tainted meat? Industry tells USDA that reporting it may be bad for business

Hands off of PBS!

Penn State: Michael Stewart is a Stud

" religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust ..."

Everything considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia

Why didn't Frontline talk about Cheney's long denied meetings with oil executives to make policy?

GOP: Bush is a fundraising liability for ‘08 election.»

how bad is it?


Kerry shouldn't have conceded, but Hillary should?

“A few reasons for violence against women.”

Mercenary: If Iraqi police would have detained me ... I would have shot them and continued

How do we make english the national language when Pickles pronounces America as Murka?

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/27/08 - Obama down 1 (44), Clinton up 1 (46)

I think the phrase "President Obama" has a nice ring to it. Stay with me here, because

Holy crap! It's class warfare - and it's not the republicans!!

Obama's Kitchen Sink. He originated the Tonya Harding/Hillary Clinton comparison.

Krazy Glue Moments - NYTimes, Bai

Serious business: Bush hosts Bassmaster champs at WH

Bush Says Offensive in Basra Is Evidence of Iraq's Progress

Iraq: US air strike kills more than 60 outside Baghdad

Inflation-adjusted, the min. wage peaked in '68. Today's cheap labor comes at a high cost to society

Do Unions Still Shape the Healthcare Debate?

Joe Scarborough's SMACKDOWN on Newsweek elitist

BREAKING -- One American killed in mortar attack on Green Zone

Thursday March 27, 2008

I just listened to this woman Lucas on Hartmann's program...

Who really pays for health care? (Compares Walmart to Safeway stores)

Analysis Iraq could meltdown into a Beruit Lebanon on steroids.

Equity Loans as Next Round in Credit Crisis

So what could cause a glass to spontaneously explode?

Voting is a lot like driving a car...

Robert Reich: Moral Hazard (The Fed's bailout of Wall Street)

Hal Turner Offers To Sell Audio Tapes of He & Sean Hannity

We have a sick, drunk MoFo at the helm, mates .. but you know that. "Iraq violence positive .."

CNN is just about having an on air orgasm over their exclusive access to Saddams stinky jail cell

What if the 2008 presidential election is nullified?

Hillary starting to say the right things?

Hillary starting to say the right things?

Taking a bath on water tax

The Nation: The missing-emails saga continues to unspool.

Fighting spreads to Basra & Kut, Iraq; Bush calls violence "positive"

Bush extremely hungover speaking before the USAF.

(listening to Thom Hartman) US gov't paying Sunni millitia to prove "surge" is working?

Military warns Bush over mounting Iraq strain

Which candidate has the best plan for the economy???

Bush: "the enemy will try to fill the TV screens with violence"

Rick Astley Understands the "Irony" behind The "Rickroll"

California May Pull Plug On Electric Cars

Entrepreneurs labor over health-care costs

Krauthammer: McCain Has ‘Hidden Agenda’ To ‘Kill The United Nations’

Substitute teacher charged with unlawful sexual relations with students

U.S. airstrike kills Iraqi judge - police - Bush is just bombing the hell out of these people

Under Chief Justice Roberts, Supreme Court has toed the corporate line

Is Hillary Clinton Delusional? ---- Great article!!! Vote What You think here! VOTE

FYI... LeBron James as the "mad brute" ape; Giselle as Lady Liberty

MSNBC - 3 minutes ago - Two killed in Iraq green zone

Profile of the Superdonors Who Tried To Intimidate Pelosi

It's pretty much official....

We Have Indulged the Clintons Long Enough

Dr David Suzuki has a message for all of us (a must read)

A great article on Scarborough and Buchanan!

I am overjoyed that Obama is running.

Is the miracle tax rebate just another advance against

Olbermann Counting Up...Happy At Last

Move-On's Petition Regarding Those Who Threatened Pelosi

Police Say Girl, 10, Tried To Rob Store

Ultimate Fights expand to include kids as young as 6

Bush should be congratulated on winning the War Against Civilization.

Lee Hamiltion, the Republican's favourite investigator!

Foundation criticized over spending, hiring ASU president's wife

Remember Bush's Ownership Society?

I've looked, can anyone give me a number on how many Pentagon resignations

Congratulations must go to the War Criminals in the White House

Bill Scher: Conservatives Targeting Medicare

buzzflash jumped off the cliff today

For the first time in god knows how long, I want to say, "Thank you Senator Clinton"

TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings

Foreclosures, $3.40 pg gas? Forget about it....Prez. Asshat says those $600 checks will save economy

Piano? Soccer? Nope - Ultimate Fights Expand to Include Kids

A woman born in 1928 would be 80 this year.

The Nation: Imagine the Bush Administration Without War

Rancher Arrested for Selling Snake Vodka

Why do they call it 'being pinched?'.....

Welcome to Mooresville, Ala

Why do they call it 'being pinched?'.....

Obama has won me over completely with the economic speech he gave today.

Only a fool or a fraud sentimentalizes the merciless reality of war.

Choose your favorite Obama presidential ticket here.

McCain’s Foreign Affairs Speech Plagiarizes 1996 Address By Adm. Timothy Ziemer

Who here is in favor of immediate and complete withdrawl from all Middle-Eastern countries?

Hillary threat against Pelosi and DCCC backfiring on the Hill (ABC)

Any teachers in the group? I'm wondering, what are my options?

The Nation: Is This the Big One? (Economic Depression)

The GOP is losing the blog war.

Increased knowledge about global warming leads to apathy, study shows

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

Breaking on GEM$NBC - State Department has ordered all

Looks like FiOS is on its way to being an expensive failure in the Tampa Bay area.

Remember the lady who was stuck to the toilet? Now her bf is in trouble.

US court overturns death sentence

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Obama is NOT responsible for every single thing released by someone from Wright's church!

Another reason to support whichever Dem gets the nom

surge update - Green Zone attack kills American

I'll be darned! Someone on Faux News spoke the absolute truth.

Subject: Young Frankenstein: Marty Feldman : "Abi Normal..the name is

Bill Clinton: Caucuses 'Killing Us'

Is Cheney betting on Economic Collapse? (Information Clearing House 7/4/06)

CBS News: All non-essential movement of personnel within the Green Zone has been restricted

Rep. DeFazio Asks Dem Candidates To Fire on McCain

Wild caught Salmon could reach $30 lb.

Bush: 'America Continues to Be Inspired by the Courage, Dedication & Sacrifice of Christian Soldier'

Uproarious Onion Reporting: Andorra, Not in Africa.

Please sign petition below regarding big money donors letter to Nancy Pelosi.

Interstate sniper on I-64 outside Charlottesville, Virginia


Economic experts: Indexing the minimum wage to Inflation?

Booshie got another Pooty call, and he answered!

Women knowing thier places...

Parents Pick Prayer Over Docs; Girl Dies


Siegelman Release -Thank you Dem leadership

New superdelegate for Obama - DNC Don Williams (CT)

After much soul-searching, I am sorry to report that I can no longer vote for

Al Gore will hold TransAtlantic Climate Conference on the Faroe Islands

Where did your local paper put the collapsing ice shelf story?

Where did your local paper put the collapsing ice shelf story?

Parents Pick Prayer Over Medical Care; Girl Dies

Is Edwards a super-delegate?

Narcotics cop made illegal search look like a break-in

Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison

Gore compares climate change skeptics to moon-landing conspirators and flat-earthers (VIDEO)

What "oversampling" means in a poll

Some inspiration for DU - Take a breather - Remember why we are all here

October Surprise anyone?

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

The surge is working! The surge is working!

Bill Nelson (D-FL) calls for banning Electoral College

...and Tweety talks about taking responsiblity?????

Pennsylvania judge sentences trio to learn English

Stop. Seriously.

Hillary is not only tearing Dems apart, she's also shooting herself in the foot (no pun intended)

Larisa Alexandrovna Gov. Siegelman Article To Be In June Issue Of Hustler

Suggestion for those like me who are tired of all this mess in GDP

When asked about the families of the 4,000 KIA in Iraq Dana Perino said ....

The Dangerous Theism of Chris Hedges

If you could travel back in time

Breaking: Don Siegelman will be released for House testimony

People in general have a well known bias in favor of the more popular person

Kamen on Colbert. We need more innovators like Kamen

Sitting here listening to McCain saying that it's not the business

EXCLUSIVE: McCain’s Foreign Affairs Speech Plagiarizes 1996 Address By Adm. Timothy Ziemer

Obama's superdelegate indicted- One Degree of Seperation

Obama On Economy: McCain Is 'Third Bush Term'

If there was an hour a day on the "left wing" devoted to bashing Obama like KO's show

Condi Rice as McCain VP?

Officials: Deputy Shocks Girl, 11, With Taser At Elementary School

When the general election comes, I really don't think I can work with the Obama supporters here

"Green Zone Locked Down" and "Bush Defends Iraq Progress" side-by-side on MSNBC home page

She Urges Americans to Support Canadian Seafood Boycott and Asks Wal-Mart to Join it

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,004

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Bush Says Congressional Critics Have Bullied Iraq's Leaders, Ignored Political Progress

Chris Floyd: Darkness at Noon: Fatal Ignorance Puts Iraq on the Cross

Chris Floyd: Darkness at Noon: Fatal Ignorance Puts Iraq on the Cross

Regarding Carville: Buddha said, "Enemies become Friends and Friends become Enemies..."

NY Times: Bush accuses Iran of "arming, training and financing" Iraq fighters.

I am done..

Andrea Mitchell said Condi Rice is a consideration as a running mate for McCain

Russia To Continue Arctic Shelf Research To Bolster Country's Claim To Large Swathe Of Seabed

I am done..

OMG!!! Rev. Wright slurs......

EARTH HOUR questions for folks who know something about electricity

Radical Tucson environmentalist gets 1 year, 1 day for speech

God Bless America.

FDA probing suicide risks from asthma drug

Mass graves have been turning up with increasing frequency in Iraq

Let's hear some more good news!

Do you believe Clinton is trustworthy - YES / NO

Iraq assembly holds emergency session amid curfew

Bear Stearns CEO Sells His Holdings For $61.3 Million

Dallas club where girl, 12, stripped will keep license (NO age limit in Dallas on strippers)

Bush is not concerned with his legacy. He is trying to stay out of supermax

REALITY: Hillary could lie on national TV and her core would still support her.....

Recommend a book about the workplace or business or management.

Will Pitt's "Hell to Pay" brought me to DU, what brought you here?

Are women, in part, to blame for sexism?

Torture's Scars Run Deep

I support Hillary and respect Senator Obama

McCain’s Gaffe in the Middle East

Siegelman to be Released Pending Appeal

will be in DC/NY April 24-30 with 8th graders...What is typical weather? any cool happenings?

DELETE - DUPE (I wasn't a good citizen - I didn't check.)

Philadelphia’s largest gay political group endorses Hillary:

Do you get this bumper-sticker?

Democrat Davis confirms he'll run again for Congress (NY-26)

Dan Abrams on Siegelman's freedom now n/t

Hillary on the economy: I've heard that it is like driving a car, to move forward

The Dangers of US Destabilization Programs and Media Collusion

Oklahoma Lawmakers Say Student Guns Can Stop Violence

Bush's Latest Nuclear Catastrophe

The troublesome "get-attachment.aspx.jpg" that you receive

NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?

Oh for fugg sake Keith

Is there anything more fun than riding a bicycle past a Hummer Dealership?

PBS's Frontline: Too Timid, Too Little, Too Late on Iraq

Just a note: Nora O'Donnell is monstrously annoying

Hillary Clinton, the Economy, and North Carolina

They are talking on Impeachment on Clout right now with Fein

the best group photo of all the candidates together >>Link:>>

AT&T CEO says hard to find skilled U.S. workers

The Americans learned one lesson from Vietnam: don't count the civilian dead

U.S. firm investigated for selling Chinese munitions

Hypothetically Obama: "I would have _____________ if _____________"

Hypothetically Obama: "I would have _____________ if _____________"

So long ago....

200,000 Demand Networks Stop Parroting FOX

Finally! "Breaching of fiduciary duty" - CEOs enriching selves at expense of company

I'm going to bed, and will dream sweet dreams knowing that

Donna Edwards: 4000 Reasons to Take Responsibility

Hillary and the Cherry Tree

Okay, I'm new here but I don't get how so many here support the Republican Brady "gun ban" people.

McCain Plan Would Offer Foreclosure Victims Free Housing In Iraq

Bush Politcal DOJ Announces Another Dem Governor Prosecution Months Before Election: Puerto Rico

A wonderful story about Ben Affleck

Bedtime wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

Suggestion to Admins: Making the Career forum free??

Help finding a certain political news site from years ago

Just came acros this fact & resource-laden website:

Washington Post: Democrats Knock McCain's Economic Views

Is there any more news on the passport security breaches?

I need some help with anti-war slogans.

KO is wrong on the Wal-Mart case

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush Official: Doctor's Right to Withold Info Greater Than Patient's Right to Receive It

Who's your daddy? Answer's at the drugstore

Saddams' torture methods go on display in Iraq. I wonder if someday US torture will go on display.

Oh snap! I think Obama's speech ties our troubled economy to Bill Clinton's policies:

I finally figured it out. If we leave Iraq, Iran gets the oil! Watching CNN talking about

Ultimate fights expand to include kids

Live (almost) blogging here from our state senate credentials committee meeting

A Quote- "Fascism is Capitalism in decline"

Who in Their Right Mind Will Go See Oliver Stone's GWB Movie?

But at least the dollar is still worth more than the Monopoly game board dollar.....

Republicans are the REAL Terrorists

Who Remembers "A Kinder, Gentler Nation" & "Compassionate Conservatism"? What Will McCain's B.S. Be?

Anyone know anything about barter dollars? My b-i-l has been

DU Portrayed As Up And Coming Political News Source In Press Release

Where can we find no-spin information on the economy?

Wait til the Healthcare bubble bursts....and there is one, and it will...

BREAKING - AP: Obama would have LEFT if Wright stayed

Jim Cramer believes bear market has ended ! !

Overheard conversation today

Blackwater's World of Warcraft

Pelosi to Hillary: NO.

promised to lower their mortgage payments by $100 a month. Instead, the couple's mortgage doubled

Bush Authorized Spitzergate

Wimauma mission grows painfully thin (desperate because donations have plummeted)

Ten Days That Changed Capitalism

PETA To Aretha: We'll Stop Your Foreclosure If You Quit Fur

Obama supporters, what exactly is it that Hillary is doing that you feel needs to be stopped?

Meet the mysterious Roger Von Bergendorff

I'm that old White woman that helped you get your Civil Rights by

I'm that old White woman that helped you get your Civil Rights by

Name A Bush Scandal or Screw Up That's Been Forgotten

Faux News Special Investigation: Reverend Jeremiah Wright getting $1.6 mil home from Trinity church

We have a winner!! "back-of-the-envelope" Bush Library design contest

Comcast to stop blocking Internet traffic

Need Obama-friendly blogs to link to

Abrams discussing Seigelman

ok, say we privatize k-12 education tomorrow.

Hillary will be defeated in Texas on Saturday

It's Springtime In Your Nation's Capital!

Breaking: For you Siegelman fans. House judiciary committee wants him in Washington to testify

Is It Possible That Party Infighting Is GOOD For Our Democratic Party?

Lanny Davis: I support McCain-Clinton Ticket

McCain or My Dead Dog

Defeated democrat opts for early out from Congress - Al Wynn

Numerous Hillary supporters oppose interracial dating and think civil rights have gone too far!!

Your opinions on a bit of research I did.

If it were true that the Obama campaign intentionally is trying to kill FL and MI revotes

12 year old stripper

BREAKING: Clinton's Elton John fundraiser may be illegal.

An Election Without Meaning

Appeals Court to Rehear Home-Schooling Ruling

Sean Penn: ‘End Is Near’ for Fox Pundits

The Need for Democratic Unity


Man wins $2.7 million lottery, quits Mcdonalds job, then returns to job after 18 months.

TYT: Cenk and Michael Klare of the Nation discuss his article about the Architects of War(s).

HuffPo: Oliver Willis - Just Who Do These Rich Clinton Donors Think They Are?

Hillary's $9M in debt, yet wastes $ sending out "We're Going All the Way" solicitations to folks

Pakistan’s New Leaders Tell US: We Are No Longer Your Killing Field

Woman forced to remove body piercings before boarding a plane....

Waxman Scheds Hearing for Twenty-Something Arms Contractor

Bear Stearns Chairman Cayne sells $61.3 mln in stock

BIG NEWS: The Carvilles are leaving Washington..

BIG NEWS: The Carvilles are leaving Washington..

Amy Goodman: Body of War

Our candidate for Representative, District #2 (Colorado), just sent me a letter about Iraq

Bush is saying that all the new violence is PROOF that the surge worked!

The Puerto Rican Wild Card - Hillary could net 1 million + popular votes

Holy Helll: The bottom has dropped out for Hillary... Pew: Obama 49 % Hillary 39%

Egg McMuffin inventor Herb Peterson dies

Hillary Clinton and Wal-Mart: What About Debbie Shank?

Did you hear the report tying Singulair to suicide, and if so , what did you think?

If Obama is such a great "Uniter" why is the party divided?

Siegelman: Read this quote about the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling today.

Daily Show's Jon Stewart 'Quietly Visiting' Ailing Iraq Soldiers

The Neocon Agenda: "Was polonium-210 being smuggled for a dirty bomb?" (Paul Craig Roberts)

McCain Says Terrorists May Try to Influence Election

TPM Muckraker: 22yo gets $300 million Defense Contract

OMG !!! - It Is Actually Posted On YouTube !!! - Academy Award For Best Documentary 1974 !!!

All in the Family

Joe Klein of Time: "Is Al Gore the Answer?"

Bill Clinton reportedly terrified that Hillary is about to officially lose Texas

Bill Clinton reportedly terrified that Hillary is about to officially lose Texas

A Secret that the President told everyone....(not too smart of

US moves towards engaging Iran (A lot of information in this article; Asia Times Online)

SIEGELMAN -RELEASED PENDING APPEAL (likely ensures he never sees the inside of a prison cell again.)

WHAT A PRICK: Mukasey was going to fight Siegelman's release!!

AP: Anon Pentagon officials claim rockets used on Green Zone have 2007 Iranian manufacture dates

Truth is Beauty: When Is It Lying and When Is It Art?

Obama campaign: Supporting Our Party

Chuck Hagel: Dick Cheney has a "credibility" problem.....

Do you think that English should be the official language of the United States?

My short synopsis: "GD: Primaries; Monkey Shit Fight"

35 weapons seized from home

Economic Report: California Home Prices Drop $3000 A Week In February

To Hillary's Supporters at the DU:

Rev. Wright Slurs Italians In 2007 Eulogy

PLEASE READ: "Asa Hilliard A Child Of God" Eulogy written by Reverend Wright

PLEASE READ: "Asa Hilliard A Child Of God" Eulogy written by Reverend Wright

Pentagon: Inventory ordered of all U.S. nukes = WTF ???

Traveler says she was forced to remove nipple ring


"The Circle of Healing"

I don't give a fuck who wins the nomination.

Siegelman Speaks - My 2004 interview tell all about Rove and the 2002 election

What's Bush going to do when he retires?

Al Gore On 60 Minutes This Sunday To Discuss Climate Change/Alliance For Climate Protection/Election


Prosecutor: Man was justified in shooting at Grand Rapids gas station

The Natural

Obama- Bloomberg ticket? Discuss.

U.S.A. is No. 1 (my latest LTTE, which has already provoked a hate call):

are you sick of "high priced" teachers? try this on???

Jeffrey Milyo: (FCC and "Voter Fraud") Academic for Sale

Walmart you suck and so does your money grubbing insurance company!

I've never seen ONE McCain bumper sticker, yard sign, NUTHIN'

Why does the right jump to "socialism" so quickly when we talk about fixing health care?

Attention old people....

The importance of Code.... and why we have to decipher it

AlterNet: Five Things You Need to Know to Understand the Latest Violence in Iraq

Secret Military Memo Confirms "UNBELIEVABLE" Fallujah Gulag

22 year-old awarded $300 million contracts by Pentagon for guns for Afghanistan & Iraq!

Loss of Civil Liberties Since 9/11 - Timeline

Early retirement selfish, unpatriotic

Early retirement selfish, unpatriotic

Unbelievable?? Principal allegedly threatens to kill teachers...

How is Capitalism Killing the Kids?

Last night....JESUS called me on the phone!


Do you think the law should mandate the teaching of foreign languages in elementary schools...

*A Birthday Poem for Parche*

I think I may have broken my foot.

Those Frigging Keebler Elves

My greatest first line of a story EVER

Now THIS is a currency I can back with confidence!!!

WHY can't I go to sleep?!?!?!

Where's newyawker. Is all well, does anyone know? nt

Showgirls...yeah, I watched it earlier tonight...

I would like to have an interesting conversation regarding LOST.

The banana test

I spent six hunnert bucks on my car today.

What is a latte liberal?

Ruff Week?(Thursday)

Does anybody here speak French?

Have you signed up for Earth Hour?

Rick Roll your friends!!!

This really is a stunning visual aid about where our money goes.

I hate this little diddy from this commerical

i got a custom hood emblem for my car

This day in history-Happy "Birthday" US Navy and Viagra!!!




Two people (shot) dead at a hospital in Georgia. Two CHILDREN (shot) dead in Kentucky.

WOW I Just Won $4,000 Lottery Keno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is calling someone a "poopie pants" an effective rhetorical gambit?

KitchenWitch made me see a penis!

Favorite Bon Jovi Song


For all who think DU is bad in terms of cliquey-ness...

Jack Nicholson calls Black Jack Pizza

"So onto the ignore list you go!"

weird-assed comic

Here is a picture of a fawn with horses. Apparently her mom came and got her later.

Hottest woman reporter/talking head on MSM is...

My family's dirty little secret.....

It's a big day for me as a first-year teacher: My first school bomb threat!

Meet Amy: 'the UK's largest rabbit'

You think you have it rough?


Someone jumped me at the ATM and drained my account of $4,000

GDP and the Primaries have stressed me out so much, I've started Zen Meditation

There's a certain lounge poster on the loose in a certain other forum

Is it too late to get a note from Epstein's mother?

"I'd be really curious to know what this woman had in her nipples," Baird said.

Hey LostinVA - I would have thought Haruka would show up in this Tee-Shirt

Hey LostinVA - This is the Tee-shirt LynneSin plans on wearing...

"Dr. Jiffy Lube" (Priscilla Presley's "doctor") arrested, faces deportation

WTF are those noises?

Dr Pepper issues challenge to Guns 'N Roses

LynneSin-- Haruka bought this to wear to your party

Okay, normally all the heavy political stuff goes to GD:P, but it's time for the Lounge to decide

In order to reinforce my reputation as a BSG dork

Worst clothing style ever?

Paul's Boutique is brilliant

Herb Peterson, the man who invented the Egg McMuffin, R.I.P.

why did most television and film villains in the 1970s have the surname "Devereaux?"

NCAA tournament returns tonight!

Was there anything good about the movie "Love Liza"?

Moose on the Loose

My department has been laying people off left and right...

Suggestion for those like me who are tired of all this mess

Suggestion for those like me who are tired of all this mess in GDP

Keith Olbermann is...

Anyone here have bebo?

Earthquake - 3.1 Epicenter 2 miles NE of Newport Beach

Breathe in, Breathe out

I just cleared my "ignore" list...

The Surreal Ticket: Gravel/Paul 2008?

Fresh Cheetos do not belong in the gene pool...ever

My first photo thread --- post 'em if you got 'em!!

I'm in a pissah mood. Don't cross me, look at me funny, talk to me,

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/27/2008)

LOST -is a repeat

Mesh Speedos do not belong in the gym pool...ever

The peace sign turns 50


*sigh* I suppose everyone has one client like this one.

While walking, do you move to let people pass, or do you make people move to pass by you?


Food poll

Need help with my "So?" bumper-sticker

I just had a blank email sent to me. Is this some kind of cyber insult?

Ordering Pizza if the GOP prevails

Good News for David Lynch Fans: LOST HIGHWAY!

Post a picture of your favorite food.

there ain't NOBODY more romantic than MOI!

A poem I'm working on.

Good News for Kelly Lynch Fans: ROADHOUSE!

my sister and I went crazy at the store

I always enjoy reading through Phishing scam-mail.

Can you watch Eraserhead without feeling TOTALLY creeped out?

This is for my Ex -- NYC hotel recommendations?

Paul Slocum is brilliant

A Face in the Crowd

Since we have been discussing murder, just how

The new Doctor Who season trailer is out


Curious: Any Gymnasts Here?



OK I'm catching up on 'Top Chef' so I don't know if this has been said, but....

Go Heels, beeeotchs!

am taking a group of 8th graders to DC/NY April 24th..what is typical weather? fun happenings?

New advances in anal probing...

His Noodliness has shown itself again in the heavens!

Which one of you assholes rickrolled my phone?

Helter Skelter Update: Lindsay Lohan stars as Manson Family member Nancy Pitman in "Manson Girls"

"Ghost Hunters" in Gettysburg

Why are we here?

It must be Spring

Holy shit!! I got rickroll'd on my cell phone!

Yet another shout out to

For all of our Celebrity Gossip peeps, a sweet story:

McCain Picks His VP

Grammar Police have a red, white & blue shit fit in GD-P

How to get back at flvegan for rickrolling me

do you love animals?

Tonight's lullaby

Hugh G. Rection, the man who invented the Egg McPriapism, R.I.P.

Bizarre Soundscape to alter your day

Beer snobs!! this is for you!!! LOL

Permission to ROCK...has been approved

Now I really want the weather to break. I've been itching to get back into the

I FINALLY got my 2 teeth pulled.....

I can say anything I want!

It's really not that bad of a song, I mean there are much worse songs out there.....

If I remodel my bathroom

Play like Jerry...The Zen Tricksters...and a weird story.

What was the best of the 70s?

Popeye's Chicken. Fast-food restaurant chain or prison slang?

Post a picture of who was President when your great great great.....

I have a "man cold".

How much sleep do you require at night to be productive the next day?

Hey, DU lovers of lost music: Help needed!!

I am SO happy. I have to share.

I want a goliath frog

If you see the police...

Guys: As a kid did you swim nekkid at the Y?

Post a picture of yourself during the presidential term preceding your birth.

Your Drivers Licence on the Internet

Funniest movies, toons, books, TV shows, ...Let's get our minds off GD and GDP

I've been MIA for a bit . . .

OMG, I just cleaned my whole house. I'm f'n EXHAUSTED.

Philboy says goodnight...

Good news- I don't think my foot is broken after all.

If I lay here

If I may.. March 27th **HAPPY BIRTHDAY** to 3 DU'ers

My cousin Bernie died this morning.

I dunno, I am floating in a most peculiar way...

Time for a memorable book openings thread

Time for a memorable book openings thread

I haven't posted in GDP for almost 24 hours, I think...and,

Take a SOLEMN OATH HERE to never RickRoll anyone in the lounge!

Had kind of the day from hell today.

I've been wanting to ask these questions about the Lounge for awhile....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/27/08

I love this song...Post your faves

Your favorite podcasts?

We Will Now Become A Spreadsheet

The Jedi Mind trick - how do you fare?

"Sex in the City" starring Bea Arthur - hilarious!

Dosen't anyone want to play with me?

My pregnant daughter was called a socialist by her father in law .

The BIG BIG Lie - Clinton was against disenfranchising Florida and Michigan

Things Ricky Astley would never do to you

"I want to drink your bath water."

Essential Jazz Fusion/ 60s and 70s Rock recommendations? home of tons of free streaming TV shows and movies

Keith Olbermann is still the best damned tv newsman there is today

Post a picture of who was President when you were born

Lightening Crashes

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Seriously - who is going to the Democratic Convention in Colorado

From $70K to food bank (in 2 months), one family's struggle

Yesterday at the animal shelter, I saw the CUTEST pit and pendulum.

I know you read them so fess up!! Favorite Jaqueline Susann book

THE BAR IS FINALLY OPEN butt...................

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. We're #1.

We might host a minor-league ballplayer for the season. Thoughts?

Need some advice..

KNOCK,KNOCK Inchworm you there???

GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT!!!!!!! Star Trek geeks in this thread

Nerds & Geeks - another upate on my D&D campaign (warning, long!)

so all those experienced with Divorce...tell me how

so all those experienced with Divorce...tell me how

Who wants to see a three-week old kitty?

Musicians: How Long Have you had to lay off your instrument and how

I just tried to google "Earthquake" but ended up typing in "Earthquack"

Some kid on a car forum gets owned BADLY, FUNNY!!!

My baby sister was accepted to law school!

Post a picture of who was President when your parents were born

What dog sex have you owned that you'd never own again?

ATTENTION Female DUers!!

I thought this season's Project Runway was a bit of a bust but Top Chef looks real good this year

If you knew a lot of dirt on a prominent Republican, but

I am in need of a 12 step program to deal with incessent watching of reality shows

If you could run around nakked all day

What dog breed have you owned that you'd never own again?

Any DU musicians want to offer up music for a short(2 min) video?

Yesterday at the animal shelter, I saw the CUTEST pit bull.

I'm eating some 86% coca content dark chocolate.

When Hillary pushes seating the MI delegates, she loses respect among intellectually honest people.

Need some lounge vibes for my daughter please...

Surya Bonaly short program at the 1994 Olympics

Any dog lovers here from Indiana or surrounding states??

My novel hit the NYT Bestseller list! OMG!

Post a picture of who will be President when your grandchildren are born

Trekkies and Trekkers, I need guidance.

Pauls Scrotum is brilliant

NYC Du'ers.. i'm coming to NYC, anyone want to do a meet-up for dinner?

What is the worst song ever?

Wow...Sniffa is woefully uneducated in all things Duran Duran!!!

Will it Go 'Round in Circles?

Bird popularity contest, part 2: Ducks vs. Geese vs. Swans

The Official Ralph Wiggum Appreciation Thread!

ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Analysis of Obama's economic speech, point by point

New DU'ers, check in for a welcome!

In praise of simple, maybe elegant inventions.

Happy Birthday matcom and underpants and JMach1!!!!

Things that make you go hmmm?

puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh

Gov. Don Siegelman, the Roughly $3.6 Billion, ExxonMobil, and Pissing Off BIG OIL.

China and Tibet: The Spin Campaign


Staying Out of US-Inspired FTAA Is a Good Thing, Says Brazil

U.Va. council condemns gossip site

Foreign Wealth Funds Defend U.S. Investments

Spokesman for Baghdad security plan abducted

British TV crew 'spread deadly flu to remote Peruvian tribe'

British TV crew 'spread deadly flu to remote Peruvian tribe'

Iraqi spokesman kidnapped in Baghdad

Florida Legislature Apologizes for State’s History of Slavery

Sadr City braces for fresh street battles

Iraq implodes as Shia fights Shia

Going fishing? Pack your passport

AP: Economy sputters with 0.6 percent growth (4th quarter '07)

NRA's Guns-At-Work Bill Takes Aim At Property Rights

McCain, Romney to Campaign Together

Mini-spy helicopters help US police fight crime

Taiwan says did not dismantle U.S. (nuclear) missile parts

Puerto Rican governor faces 18 counts

Army suspends munitions contractor (AEY Inc. under criminal investigation)

Bush confident Iraqi govt will defeat Shiite militias ("normalcy is returning to Iraq")

FT: S Korea pension fund (world's fifth-largest pension fund) shuns US debt

Grassley Asks Whether Paulson Pushed Fed Into Bear Stearns Deal

Civilian spokesman for Baghdad security plan kidnapped

Experts: Sirhan Sirhan Did Not Kill RFK

Check-in suspended at £4.3bn T5

Pakistan's new leaders tell US: We are no longer your killing field

US envoy: Some militants irreconcilable (Negroponte in Pakistan)

Florida tax reform commission thrusts state-church issues onto voters in November

Britain Admits Its Troops Abused Iraqi Prisoners

Democratic Race Over? Clinton Doesn't Think So

Libya proposes settlement for terrorist victim claims: US

One Killed, 14 Wounded In Baghdad Green Zone Attack - AFP

Court Sets May 23 Filing Deadline in (AL Gov.) Siegelman, Scrushy Appeal

Pipeline blast cuts Iraq's southern oil exports

Iraq Puts Baghdad Under Weekend Curfew

(Former AL Gov.) Siegelman to be released on appeal

Maryland's Rep. Wynn resigns for law job

Iraq implodes as Shia fights Shia

Citigroup sued over auction rate securities (risky securites pitched as "safe")

Iraqi prime minister says no retreat

Rev. Wright's Church Newsletter Includes Commentary Critical Of Israel

Rev. Wright Slurs Italians In 2007 Eulogy

Lhasa monks accuse China of lying over unrest

ABC:Two Guns Used in RFK Assassination, Experts Say

Officials: Deputy Shocks Girl, 11, With Taser At Elementary School

Kuwait police disperse protesters

Ten Days That Changed Capitalism

FARC acquired uranium, says Colombia

UN peacekeeping missions in danger (Darfur, Sudan, Eritrea, Chad, etc)

Philadelphia: Man Holding Woman and Baby Hostage On Walt Whitman Bridge

State Dept. warns diplomats in Baghdad (personnel should "not sleep in their trailers")

3 Makah whale hunters plead guilty

Tibet monks disrupt tour by journalists

Diplomats Told to Take Cover in Baghdad

Basra fight widens rift among Shiite factions

L.A. Times Apologizes for Rapper Story

President Bush: Iraq violence is a 'positive moment'

NAFTA-gate probe to be made public

Green Zone Hit for Fourth Day This Week

FBI gets remains of 3 more U.S. contractors in Iraq

Court: (Michael) Moore did not defame Iraq veteran

Bear Stearns Chairman Sells $61.3 Million Of Stock

School Districts That Got Recalled Beef Are Listed

42 Democrats Put Focus on Getting Troops Out of Iraq

Diplomats told to take cover in Baghdad

Republican Party Responds to Siegelman Release

Areas of Baghdad fall to militias as Iraqi Army falters in Basra

Chase mortgage memo pushes 'Cheats & Tricks'

U.S. Armor Forces Join Offensive In Baghdad Against Sadr Militia

Developer sues to recover 9/11 costs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 27

Supplier Under Scrutiny on Aging Arms for Afghans (40 year old ammunition by obscure company)

House Panel to Examine Afghan Arms Contract

Mukasey vows corruption crackdown

Former Alabama Governor Siegelman Sought for Capitol Hill Testimony

Father Released From Prison To Visit Dying Daughter

Bush: Iraq is returning to normal

Shooter Targets Drivers On I-64 (Charlottesville Va. area)

Gore: Cheney and global warming doubters are almost like those who thought earth was flat

REGION: Feds may seek tougher sentence for Cunningham figure

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Fraud Complaint Against Voting Machine Company Unsealed

Parents Pick Prayer Over Docs; Girl Dies

Gun was being stowed, pilot tells police-Handgun went off inside cockpit of US Airways jet in flight

Siegelman to be released from prison

Colombia 'seizes Farc uranium'

American Axle chief: Jobs can be moved out of U.S.


Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church if Wright kept preaching

Dutch MP posts Islam film on web

Gates orders full inventory of nuclear weapons

Court: Mumia Deserves New Hearing

Treasury Warns Of Deception By Iran

Fed Auctions Billions in Securities (Interest rate of 0.33%)

Luzerne judge sentences 3 men to learn English or go to jail

Clinton tells Democrats: Don't vote for McCain

Sen. Nelson: End Electoral College System

IFAW disputes seal hunt changes will make annual killing more humane

Man dies after an attack in subway (Philadelphia)

Feds target Miami Beach arms merchant (22- year-old)

Obama Speaks On Issues In Greensboro NC Part 1 - 26 March, 2008

Obama: Predatory Lending Crack Down!

Freddie Goes To Hollywood

Bill Hicks on your candidate of choice

Just a reminder about our Commander in Chief

Did Obama mispeak or mislead..

*EXPLICIT* Bill Hicks: The truth about the War in Iraq

McCain plagiarizes himself: Olbermann and Maddow

Recession - The Movie


Clinton busted lying AGAIN about Bosnia!


NY Times Magazine: A Case of the (Republican) Blues

December 2007 - Faces of the Fallen

The Lies in Your Head, More Powerful than All Facts

Iraqi Shia forces clash in Basra - 26 Mar 08

McBush on Iraq: the Same Old Thing

Bosnian Leader Recalls Having to Duck and Run On His Visit to The Clinton White House

Bush and Bin Laden's virtual war

Nixon’s Heir

Iraq Town Halls Discussed on Air America's Clout

Darcy Burner Asks For Advice

Pissed Catholic Mom and her atheist son

TYT: Find Out How Hillary Clinton Blew Her Campaign

Wassup with the 33 degree parallel in Politics?

Many Potential Leaders of Tomorrow Reject the Role

Wanted: Funders for a new "There You Go Again" Brigade

Obama Camp Trying To Work Out Fl Delegate Mess

GOP Lock on Cuban Exile Vote Challenged

Soldier Asks Himself: "Am I a Torturer?"

Obama an effective mediator in Illinois Senate (McClatchy Newspapers)

NRA's Guns-At-Work Bill Takes Aim At Property Rights

E&P: Where Was Media When Sub-Prime Disaster Unfolded?

Turn Around America-Laura-3-26-08 Union Members Highlight Sen. Coleman’s Anti-Worker Votes

Hillary Clinton: "We are going to make sure the votes get counted one way or another"

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann : "I Love Global Warming, It's My Friend"

Schoolhouse Rock Sums It All Up in 3:44

NYPD uses violence against Free Tibet protestors at UN

The Tide is Turning

Five Years Later-Neocons discuss their regrets (Tom Tomorrow)

How was it possible for a 22-year-old to sell the US Army R2,4-billion in decades-old munitions?

Barack Obama 'Eye to Eye' on CBS

60 Minutes This Sunday: Gore on Global Warming Naysayers

Obama Leads Pledge - With Hand Over Heart Even !!!!!!1!!1!

Full Speech - Barack Obama at Cooper Union

Steven Weber: Reverend Wright: Raw and Un-Cut

Guilt By Association - Sean Hannity & Hal Turner

McCain recites neocon talking points in his...ah...speech.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Ten Days That Changed Capitalism (AWAY from unregulated orgy)

Obama campaign picks up on Krugman’s good advice

Hillary Clinton/Bosnia trainwreck in review

Obama & Co. Stop Taking the Bait

NAFTA-Gate Probe To Be Made Public

The Fallen: Brothers in Arms

Analysis: Al-Sadr in trouble, Iraq headed for meltdown

Hillary; Caught In Yet Another Lie by TDK

We'll Never Know: The Unprecedented Secrecy of the Bush Administration

Joseph L. Galloway: Shame on Them and Shame on Us

TYT: McCain's Response To Obama's Economic Plan

Letter from Venezuela's Communications Minister to the Washington Post

Crazy U.S. Thinking: Rampant Sexually Spread Diseases and No Talk About Sex!

KO's Worst Person In The World - WalMart

Million Acres of Guyanese Rainforest To Be Saved In Groundbreaking Deal

Body of War by Amy Goodman

Will Kosovo be turned over to the Pentagon?

New Venezuelan Oil Tax to Fund Public Health Care Programs

Five Years of Accelerating U.S. Decline

THE ROBOT RULE -- By Susan Estrich (about so-called "pledged" delegates)

Getting a Grip John McCain's Pastors

Bush Administration Approves This Massage (Therapist) … For 'Arms'

Ex-Alabama governor may testify in prosecution probe of Bush Administration

Why Pat Buchanan or Anyone Else Has No Business Telling Black People "Be Grateful"

Germany: Germans sour on capitalism amid corporate scandals

7 Easy Ways Dems Could Lose (what one RW rag is telling voters)

Thirty Two Years Later, Argentines Still Seeking Disappeared

The Education of a 9/11 Reporter-The inside drama behind the Times' warrantless wiretapping story

The Guardian: US gave $300m arms contract to 22-year-old with criminal record

John Prine : Some Humans Ain't Human

September 11 was a third-rate operation

Independent UK: Is it so terrible that marriage is in decline?

Clinton 2.0

What is fasciam,? a couple of statements

BREAKING: Don Siegelman Ordered Released from Prison on Appeal

Chris Dodd; This Race Must End!!

AT&T CEO says hard to find skilled U.S. workers


NRG starts on new (122 MW) Texas wind farm

Cuba Fosters Wind-Energy Prospecting

Weather Engineering in China

As Total Bird Numbers Slump In UK, Finches Defy Trend - Reuters

29,000 Canadian Hospital Patients Infected By MRSA In One-Year Period - Contributed To 2,300 Deaths

Total Motor Vehicles In Beijing To Hit 3.35 Million By Start Of Olympics - Xinhua

Outbreak Of Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Killing Millions Of Farmed Chilean Fish - NYT

Met Office - Average Winter Days In Canada, Siberia 4C Warmer Than In 1950s - Sault Star

Iberdrola Renovables applies to develop 6 wind projects (50MW each) off Spain's coast

2 big projects will amp up solar power in Southland (500 MW, California)

ProLogis Partners with SoCal Utility to Install Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings

Ohio halts grants for green-energy projects at home

Oil jumps as an attack on an Iraqi pipeline slows exports - USA Today

US lawmakers tell Kadhafi of interest in gas, oil

Washington Post -- Efforts to Block Junk Mail Slowed by the Postal Service

Amy Goodman: What the Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Global Warming

Mother of tot found wandering is Iraq widow

Iron Brigade gets sendoff before 3rd tour

Sendoff for 500 Lewis soldiers today

Future SecDefs could get government quarters

Force raids suspected IED maker in Tikrit

$20K bonus offered to medical, dental students

Miss. vets arrested over Purple Heart claims

Va. man faces 35 years for faking Army career

Stewart brigade returns from 3rd tour in Iraq

2 soldiers killed by small-arms fire in Iraq

Green Zone shelled for third time this week

Ex-Army gen. urges U.K. to offer troop surge

MSC ship recovers crashed AF F-15C fighters

Sailor tells court he stabbed 2 women, denies intent to kill

Navy pledges $200M for cleanup of Vieques

Lance corporal dies in Djibouti

Southern Calif Edison plans 250 MW Solar installation on more than 100 buildings in LA area.

New rules allow more body fat with age

Geothermal plant wins land-use approval in Southern Oregon

Two Girls Born For Every Boy In Canadian First Nations Tribe - Health Canada Seeks Pollution Clues

Million Acres of Guyanese Rainforest To Be Saved In Groundbreaking Deal

Many promotions to senior airman delayed

Copy of a letter I sent to a cfl mfg.

Gore's Message To Climate Change Skeptics (on 60 Minutes Sunday "You're talking about Dick Cheney")

Doomsday fears spark lawsuit

Bush hears military worries on war strains

Sailor fingerprints given to Japanese police

Details emerging on how fuses got to Taiwan

Kansas Guard retires 12 older KC-135 tankers

Clashes continue in areas surrounding Sadr City

Army aid recipients up 40 percent from 2005

Marine, paralyzed by sniper, returns home

U.S. starts breakdown of outposts in Ramadi

German law makes some knives illegal to carry

34 working on base believed to be illegal

JCS Tells Bush War Straining Military

Shiite Enclave Back on Edge

Firm Sent Cold War Ammo to Afghanistan

Turbine in Your Tank: Wind-Powered Cars

My new Danish energy idea about how to make wind power more useful.

Report predicts fewer next-gen bombers

Survey: Vets have hard time finding jobs

My new neighbor just took out two acres of old growth pine trees

'War, Inc.' (2:08) Cusack(s),Tomei, Duff, Kingsley-looks AWESOME

Kia opens doors in west Georgia training center

Foxwoods Appeals ALJ'S Decision

More Employers Scanning Workers' Hands

Weak Dollar Making US a Business Bargain

LAT: At L.A. carwashes, taking a stand

Delta Flight Attendants To Begin Union Vote April 23rd

Chinese Workers Upset As Kraft Relocates Jobs

NLRB Hobbles Along As Seats Remain Unfilled

Workers who protect Tacoma port terminal want to join longshore union

Feds Investigate Crane Accident Cause 2 Dead, 4 Injured In Crane Accident + video

OSHA proposes $60,000 in penalties against Citation Corp.'s Brewton, Ala., plant for safety , expose

OSHA cites lockout, bin issues in $158K fine of grainery

Cerberus Misled Union on Chrysler Aims, Hargrove Says (Update2)

CWA to investigate union leader who dated Governor Corzine

NLRB: Newspaper owner legally withdrew union recognition

Starbucks tips case gives hope to Vegas dealers

Union-Made Checks manufactured by the only Union Bank Check Printer in the USA.

US Labor in Trouble and Transition: A Book Review

U.S. Jobless Claims Average Jumps to 2 1/2-Year High

University of Michigan settles with striking grad assistants

Author of ‘Going Down Jericho Road’ at AFL-CIO on March 31

The Hill: Colombian Military Murders More and More Unionists

ConAgra Profit Soars, Sells Trading Unit

Nurses union on new ground Private sector efforts would form first of its kind in the state

Today in labor history March 27

Hawaii union organization bill heads to Gov. Linda Lingle (Free Choice Act)

Mayoría de trabajadores en EEUU está inconforme con el sistema de salud

Labor talks for Los Angeles ports draw attention amid bitter lockout memories

Eric Lee: Urgent appeals from Russia, Iran and Canada

Union Members Highlight Sen. Coleman’s Anti-Worker Votes + video

Time to CLEAN Up the Car Wash Industry

City Employees Begin Unionization Process

Judge: Mason Schools violated employment laws; district has opportunity to respond

Supervisor criticizes county for hiring law firm for union contract negotiations

Minn. House panel backs unpaid leave for samesex partners...

‘Nothing done,’ library, union will head to hearing

Casino union prepares for potential strike

Supermarket Workers Nationwide Mobilize for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care

Los trabajadores piden renovar sistema de salud

American Axle’s Demand To Slash Workers’ Wages Could Cut 40,000 Jobs From U.S Payrolls in March

Houston nurses' vote on unionizing may touch Dallas

MADem . . . . thread #2

Too Big to Fail

Was Bear Stearns Punished?

Pretty soon we won't have an immigrant problem in the U.S. - Workers will be moving to Mexico

Jim Rogers on CNBC: Abolish the Fed; No bailouts for Maserati diving Investment Bankers.

AIG Sues Greenberg Over $20 Billion in Company Stock (Update5)

Banks Fail to Lower Mortgage Rates as Bernanke Cuts (Update1)

MUST READ! Dear Citigroup customer...

Time to honour America’s debt to the retired

Spring brings sunnier view for solar stocks

Bolivia: Government, Opposition Clash in Cooking Oil War

Mexican economy to surpass Canada's in 16 years: report

Peruvian Tribe Takes on Oil Giant

British TV crew 'spread deadly flu to remote Peruvian tribe'

Lugo Ahead of Ovelar and Oviedo in Paraguay

Chávez reaffirms he has given no resources to FARC

Castro champions gay rights in Cuba

CUBA: Women Talk to Women about HIV/AIDS Prevention

Venezuela: Bank of the ALBA venue in Cuba to be opened in April

Cuba Fosters Wind-Energy Prospecting

Thousands of Panamanians Benefit from Cuban Eye Surgery Program

Thirty Two Years Later, Argentines Still Seeking Disappeared

Creating a School Environment Free of Prejudice, Homophobia and Bullying

Un-Equal Rights for GLBT People Now

Gays lead the way in relationships and parenting

I posted a poem about my gay male soul-mate who died of AIDS in GD

Kern Meets With PFLAG Group

Minn. House panel backs unpaid leave for samesex partners...

Ecuador Mother Says Son Killed by Colombian Soldiers

The "Gay Community:" is not a monolithic group

Colombia Says Uranium Find Points to FARC's Dangerous Ambition plus best quote of the day

Lesbian Barbie upsets Mattel

Two stories which should sober us up

Cuba Considers Sweeping Gay Rights Bill

Castro champions gay rights in Cuba

Dear leader's jackboot thugs step up population surveillance seeking customers to fill the gulags.

State comptroller to review government's efforts in Pollard case

Israel: :Hezbollah increases rocket range

A liberal Israel lobby

Army allows gay Palestinian to reunite with Israeli lover

Daniel Barenboim shuns Israel's 60th anniversary

Arab FMs re-endorse 2002 Saudi peace initiative

Rice will discuss final-status talks during Mideast visit

Jordan MPs Want End to Peace Treaty With Tel Aviv

Gaza and the failure of deterrence

Lieberman stripped of attorney-client privilege in bribery probe

West Bank faces toxic waste crisis

Palestinians rally in Gaza and Hebron calling for national reconcilliation

27 March 2008: Grave suspicion of extra-judicial execution in Bethlehem killings

Anti-Arab racism and incitement in Israel

Palestinian Authority Granted New Trial in Terrorism Damages Suit

Israel Turned Down An Offer By Jimmy Carter And Kofi Annan To Mediate A Cease-Fire With Hamas

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Reject Truce With Israel

anyone know what's up with Joe's campaign debt?

If you're so inclined..

Ladies -- and those who love ladies...

We're not hearing from Joe but here's a cartoon in my head

Mr.Delaney is sick

Auction-Rate Crisis Hits Stadiums for NY Giants, Colts, Saints

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. KU rules.

The Great Unlearning

We're starting a wild herb class here at Future Visions

Hello, some sorta morbid talk and Thanks!

A Unity Ticket? We can make it so!

This is a must-read.

My 1000th post is here....Namaste, I salute the divine in all of you.

Author Offers Complimentary PDF Copy Of Book To Increase Awareness Of Childhood Disorders.

Thousands of Panamanians Benefit from Cuban Eye Surgery Program

CUBA: Women Talk to Women about HIV/AIDS Prevention

Angioplasty's golden era may be fading

Yes, Running Can Make You High

Important thread about Inflammatory Breast Cancer

vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

FDA looks into Singulair, risks of suicidal thoughts

Moose on the loose

How much are bananas where you are?

Hey, where is DS1? Are we going to suggest topics to April contest?

‘Christians Should Take Poverty and Justice Seriously’ (Interview with Leonardo Boff)

LONG ISLAND: Court rules for diocese, wider church in property case

True or False: In Heaven, there is no beer.

Jesus: Identity Theft Victim

I making fresh goat cheese this weekend.

Meditation Can Wish You Well, Study Says

New crocodile fossil found

British TV crew 'spread deadly flu to remote Peruvian tribe'

Scientific American: The Economist Has No Clothes

Women in Science and...(an illuminating conjunction)!

It took a gun to stop these guys

Firearms activist loses landmark battle

Chicago battles rise in teen murders (20 students killed since September)

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

Concealment wasn't the priority?

Iraq. It is not looking very good there now.

can you believe this

Whistleblower: Voting Machine Company Lied to Election Officials About Reliability of Machines

What should be our top priorities between now and November?

Any Minnesotans currently online (10:15AM, March 27)

Timmy the Tool is speaking at my work today.

Michele Bachmann : "I Love Global Watming, It's My Friend"

Twin Cities bars may be open until 4am during GOP Convention

What backup software do you use/recommend?

Web Hosting recommendations?

how about another pic thread?

I had hoped it was over...but nope.

Just sent my donation - played the "I'm from your grandparents' hometown" card

What's up with C-span?

Funny Jay Leno - Obama Clinton town hall

Harper Index: Majority government would move faster and farther (survey)

Edmonton Journal: Inconsistent foreign policy hurts credibility

Ottawa-Ontario trade fresh attacks

Front-line Taliban deeply ignorant about the world

Dion calls for party discipline in face of Quebec criticism

A picture for HeyHEy

CBC shuts down radio Orchestra

Higher Ed funding and the U.S. Senate: Failing grades for Repugs

International Baccalaureate for the elementary years Update

Unbelievable?? Principal allegedly threatens to kill teachers...

David Wild: I'm Britney's Neighbor, Bitch

Anyone here for the 10 p.m. show?

Stephie is talking about her appearance on Abrams show

KOEB - 3/27/08 - What, no intro edition?

$3.39/gallon in my neighborhood

Gableman vs Butler-I think Butler will win.

Feingold tells Obama fans to 'cool it'

(TOON) Steve Bell on Sarkozy's visit to the UK

Tory Councillor suspended for suggesting euthanasia of vulnerable children

Gordo the groper....

Gordo the groper....

Check-in suspended at £4.3bn T5

My sister, the christian, and my atheism...

(Bad Religion Singer and UCLA Professor) Greg Graffin to Receive Harvard Honor for Humanism

Obama: Beware 'you're on your own' society

Bill Clinton: 'Let's just saddle up and have an argument'

WSJ/NBC Poll shows little change after Pastor controversy; Dems tied, Clinton negatives up

Clinton WSJ interview on economic issues: Fears Japan-Style Malaise; Plan to Buy Troubled Mortgages

Pelosi responds to fundraisers' letter: Overturning Will Of Voters "Would Do Great Harm" To Party

NYT, pg1: Finding Political News Online, the Young Pass It On

NYT, pg1: Early Dazzle, Then Tough Path for Massachusetts Governor Patrick

TX Two-Step-Second Part Starts Saturday -County Conventions

Obama’s Speech on the Economy: "Renewing the American Economy" (text)

Sniper Story Causing Doubts Among Super Delegates

Bosnia story fuels perception of dishonesty of Clinton

The Max Factor Factor: Why Hillary Is at a Disadvantage

Bill: Praising McCain-again