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Will the search in to who was looking at Obama's passport file be

And "we are going to get our ass kicked in November if this continues"-gate continues

John Edwards on Leno NOW

Maura Harty owes the best job of her life to Bill Clinton!

Is it possible that Maura Harty is the one who leaked this incident?

Geraldine Ferraro is pissed .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Bill Clinton: "Dear Reverend Wright, please forgive me for I have seeeeyund!"

Mitt Ron Popeil Romney says he would be 'honored' to be McCains VP

Hillary's super delegate lead is growing.... does anyone know who's thrown their support to her?

Hillary's super delegate lead is growing.... does anyone know who's thrown their support to her?

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A Vagina vs. Sepia-Tone Skin

TPM - Made a good point: HRC's silence over McCain's Iraq blunders..

GD:P Anthem?

Anything less than an Obama Campaign Lawsuit Against State Dept. is Pansy

Interesting Fox poll (don't shoot me): 57% o people don't believe Obama shares Wright's views

I saw both Edwards and Barack tonight...


New idea treat News outlets nice. Send them all our positive stories about Barack

Clinton Appointee LINKED to Passport Breach

When will the media turn its attention to Clinton and her close friendship with the late Harry Lee?

More Obama Hypocrisy-> He Told Republicans to "fire" Trent Lott

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost, Hillary

New Gallop poll: Clinton leads Obama by 7 points nationally

New Gallop poll: Clinton leads Obama by 7 points nationally

Geraldine Ferraro is pissed .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Geraldine Ferraro is pissed .... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Obama can talk about typical whites. Obama can talk about typical blacks

The purpose of the release of the Clinton/Wright photo was not to indict the Clintons but to show. .

New Mexico Governer Richardson Endorses Obama.

Washington Post: Obama's Speech: A Brilliant Fraud

As an Obama supporter, I don't like the innuendo directed at Clinton re: Passport Breach

Having trouble understanding this

Two Recent Items In Hillary's Favor, And One That Disproves Obama

A little Fark Hillary humor (Photoshop equal time for Hillary)

Is Clinton Case Building to Litigate for the Nomination?

Was Obama's passport file being investigated for . . . ?

Important piece

Obama does better in GE poll of Hillary's NY State

Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud?

Richardson's Endorsement Letter of Obama

Hillary has never served in the situation room or on the National Security Council

Passportgate: Maura Harty Reviewed 9/11 Terrorists Visa Applications

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate

There's a reason I haven't openly supported either candidate.

To Obama Campaign: diGenova is not a model

John Edwards?

NM Gov/former Presidential candidiate Bill Richardson endorsing Obman

The nominating rules aren't hard to understand

Wright's Presidential Commendations

why would Edwards endorse Hillary now? I just don't get it and I'm not buying it.

In light of the passport breach, this looks very shady.

Richardson Too Little To Late!

The Wright matter is largely settled, but ...

McCain is the man

Richardson endorses Obama

Is "White" America really that bad?

National Review: Somebody Was Snooping in Obama's Passport File? (Clinton link?)

The question Richardson will face today

CUI BONO and who benefits? It is not the democrats, any of the democrats

Rasmussen polls today - Obama 46% Clinton 43%

where are the records? we are still waiting

When we get an arch-conservative supreme court for 20 years

Thank you Vice President Bill Richardson!

On HIllary's attending prayer groups sponsored by The Fellowship: Another point of view

On HIllary's attending prayer groups sponsored by The Fellowship: Another point of view

MSNBC Breaking: Sec. of State Rice says she called Obama to apologize for passport file breach

Did Rev. Wright compromise Obama's passport records after

Why is Bama afraid of re-votes in Florida and Michigan?

Does anyone know of a place I can download

Delete, it's elad's fault.

Heads up PA people

How many thousands of times have we read this sentiment at DU?

O is a liar and will still seek out his Pastors feelings:

Need link ... When did Jeremiah Wright announce his candidacy?

Richardson's Obama Endorsement E-Mail

Richardson's Obama Endorsement E-Mail

Newest propaganda picture put out by the Obama campaign

what Richardsons endorsement means

Some truths about Jeremiah Wright . . .

The Thing That Troubles Me About This Passport Breach...

Passport records contain Social Security

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence regarding Clinton & Passportgate

Why did Hillary not complain about FL and MI after the decision to strip the delegates was made

*Ahem* A Milestone Has Been Reached (I've been waiting a long time for this)

Brand new MN rasmussen poll: Obama leads McCain by 4, Hillary trails by 1

MP3: Dance tune "Resistance Is Futile"

Just got up. Have Clinton, KO, or Wright been executed yet?

Obama Eclipses Clinton Even w/ MI & FL & w/o Uncommitted Votes

Who do you think is the culprit and what are the motivations behind PassportGate?

Richardson Doing More than Endorsing, Joining Obama on Campaign Trail!

DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee received 2 challanges on Mar 17th from Florida Dem Party

Why do people keep citing FOX News? (a call to supporters of both candidates)

National Review: Hillary Camp seemed awfully certain Obama had never been to one of those countries

Please delete, the poll didn´t work.

WOW! Lieberman calls out the IRS for investigating Obama's church

Obama spokesman: New photo shows the "hypocrisy" we've all come to expect from the Clinton campaign.

Hagee / McCain blockbuster! Coming to the NYT this Sunday!

Lieberman is to McCain as Edgar Bergen is to ... Charlie McCarthy.

All of America is atwitter about Passportgate

Why Richardson waited..

Should Democratic primaries be limited to Democratic voters?

Tell us about your use of DU's "Ignore Function"

With all respect, can we please stop the "Draft Gore", "Draft Edwards", etc. posts.

im so disillusuoned

We should assume Clinton had nothing to do with Obama Passport Breach

BREAKING: Clinton's Passport also breached in 2007

Simple Explanation for Why Passportgate is More Stupidity than Conspiracy

Clintonistas and Obamamaniacs UNITE! Lets whip some GOP ASS over PASSPORTGATE!!!

Obama goes on offensive - "Clinton Misleading Voters"

Obama Is In Town

People still obsessing about Rev.Wright have a hair up their butt

Clinton campaign finished February in the red

Hey Hillary Staffers, is the Grandma thing today's talking points?

***BREAKING: My passport file was breached last year!!***

Obama fans - tired of arguing? Stop by the Obama group

The State Department says the perpetrators wanted to look at the passports of famous........

Why (or why not) is Florida and Michigan howard Dean's fault?

Is it now o.k. to call Clinton supporters trolls on DU?

Ok, let's have a Michigan and Florida Re-vote! :) But only if you are a DU'er from MI or FLA!

Isn't it odd that the Bush Administration let the Passport Breach info out?

Yet Another Reason to Support Obama.......

Obama to give delegates to Gore??!! *WARNING* link to wing-nut website

More high profile endorsements for Obama?

It's California all over again...

Obama's VP? Who Helps His Ticket Most? Barbara Boxer or Hillary Clinton?

What is in your passport record? More than you'd think:

Obama outdoes Clinton in finance game

Twists and Turns

A Trinity Church Blog First Posted the Clinton/Wright Photo Six Hours Before the NYT Did

Obama: Fire Imus (2007)

Obama to give delegates to Gore??!! *WARNING* link to wing-nut website

Ok, Obama, Clinton, McLame...What's your take on passport-gate?

Regardless of who you support, good liberals don't refer to the following for validation:

Edwards...electing a Dem ...Senate and House

O Supporters! A beautiful article

Can anyone name the first female or minority Vice President?

Oh Crap, now McCain's passport too (along with Clinton and Obama)

How big of a blow is Richardson's endorsement to Hillary?

According to MSNBC McCain's passport file also breached

MSNBC: Same person who breached BO's file looked at McCain's too

Bill Richardson for VP!!!!!

Folks: All these breaches happened on Condi Rice's watch.

Could Richardson turn NM blue if he is the VP?

CBS Basketball analysts are all wearing GIANT flag pins

Obama is Speaking Right now in Portland

BREAKING: H. Clinton's passport records breached in '07. Per C. Rice.

Obama's speech on race helped with Richardson Endorsement

Obama closing the GAP in Gallup

This swiftboating has gone on unchecked because our greatest attack dog, Dean, is tied up

Civil Obama and Hillary discussions outside of DU

Schedule: In 2012, should we have the last presidential primary earlier?

Ridiculous... 1 in 5 Dems to swtich McCain if their candidate loses primary?

Wow - Obama has nearly converted Charles Murray!!!

UNDER THE BUS GATE...the GOOPers, through their man Bush/and wannabe-s

Live streaming vids of 03/21/08 Obama events in Oregon

Painful things Hillary Clinton knows or should know

Hillary Clinton's passport file was breached in 2007

Richardson Endorses Obama!

The Next Racial Problem Coming Down the Pike

Obama coming back in National Polls 47%Hilland Bill/ 45 Obama

New article on Politico: The Clinton Myth

Hil site TalkLeft thought passport breach was "no big deal" last night! What will they say now?

Part of Clinton's Unpaid Debts include Healthcare for her Employees

I don't doubt that there is a concerted effort at Fox News to push "Pastorgate" as far as it can go

How Much Of A Risk Is It For Richardson To Endorse Obama?

I am tired of the false declaration that Hillary's and Obama's positions are nearly identiical.

Wait. The Washington Times broke the passport story???????

self- delete dupe - did not see other post sorry! but thanks for rec!

Clinton passport breech NOT the same as Obama's

AlterNet: Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud?

Anyone who endorses someone at this late point is just looking for future favors

I hope if I end up having to vote for Obama, Richardson

Race baiting

When will spell check acknowledge Obama as a correctly spelled word? nt

A Thinking Man's Speech - Peggy Noonan WSJ

LA Times: Obama hopes to roll out a series of endorsements

Hillary's Faulty Foreign Policy Memories (or Now who did I go to Africa with?)

I really don't like the implications of this.

Could the Justice Dept. be covering their hinnies? I think they know

A gentle question, dear DUers... gently...

NEW POLL NUMBERS: Clinton takes absolutely HUGE lead in W. Virginia! Clinton 55% Obama 27%



Obama is wearing a lapel pin

Why doesn't the M$M cover the activities and parish members of Obama's CHURCH?

Now YOU can be Karl Rove !

Interesting thing about McCain's "suspended" anti-Obama ad.

We're all racist, so can we please move past this?

As a DLC Democrat, I hope Richardson gets whatever he sold out for today

Richardson endorsing Obama now if you want to watch

Is there a long version of the "US of KKK A" quote of Rev. Wright?

A word on Presidential Campaigns

Hillary's funding....

Passportgate show only thing...Condo-liar Rice needs to get her sorry butt fired.

Passportgate show only thing...Condo-liar Rice needs to get her sorry butt fired.

Pres. Clinton to Richardson: " What, isn’t two cabinet posts enough?”

With all of the intrusion of privacy it's obvious.......

Alright, I am making some declarations...

Mark Penn: Bill Richardson is OB-SO-LETE!

Does Richardson have insight into the backroom super delegate murmur?

Mark Penn: Richardson doesn't count

When will Obama release his passport records?

Her statement is, to be precise, a lie


Hey Ho! !

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/21/08 - Obama down 1 (45), Clinton up 1 (44)

"Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning"

It's blamegate is what it is....


Passportgate:There were three types of breaches-What made the 1/9, 2/21 Obama breaches more serious?

Hillary Camp really needt to take the long weekend to assess their viability

The M$M must belly-up and do an objective segment on Obama's Church.

Are warrantless wire taps now acceptable as well as passport breaches?

Clinton Campaign's $16 million fib.

Obama used...


Another article that supports the speculation

The head of Obama's denomination speaks on the Wright controversy

Operation rescue leader: Obama & "black liberation theology" not Christian!!!111

Time to play "Identify the Racist!!!!!!!!"

Mark Penn is at it again.

Chris Wallace walks off Fox & Friends over Obama bashing

try not to go too hard on Bill....

D U has turned into a Nit Picking the thread headlines...all I see is

"Este es un Hombre - Que nos Entiende y Que nos Va a Respetar!!!!"

GALLUP: Clinton -1, Obama +2

MSNBC Anchor - does it have legs?

How's the weather where you are? Second day of Spring in WI and a blizzard

So much for the idiotic rumor that Edwards would endorse Clinton on the 'Tonight Show'

174,000 Google Hits for "Typical White Person" T Shirt

Jeremiah Wright Versus Sun Myung Moon

Why the Media-Fabricated Controversy Over WrightGate Needs to Be Exposed

He did NOT throw his grandmother under the bus.....

Think Big Picture

For the sake of Democratic Unity, if not for Humanity, let's *look within?*

Wow even Fox news people are getting tired of Obama bashing

Portland Obama Rally!

PassportGate - Is My Tinfoil Hat Too Tight - But My Thought Is This ......

1 in 5 Dems will vote for McCain if Their Candidate Loses Nomination

Goodness I was gone for the morning and come back to Obama's challenge

What no outrage that all 3 candidates

God DAMN America.

Clinton Lie Kills Her Credibility on Trade Policy

What are the political realities of a Richardson VP nod from Obama?

Hillary Has ZERO Chances For Victory. So Why Does Her Campaign Continue?

According to CNN Hillary's passport file was breached in 2007.

Hillary has virtually no chance of winning

How much will Bill Richardson's endorsement help Obama with the Latino vote?

How much will Bill Richardson's endorsement help Obama with the Latino vote?


The Clinton myth: Important Clinton adviser gives Hillary 10% chance of winning

A Completely Benign Subject Line; An Opportunity for Polite Discourse

What are you trying to prove? Who do you think you are converting?

Hillary Supporters: Stop Lying About Flordia

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a "typical white person" or "typical black person"...

Jay Leno to John Edwards

I don't understand the virulent malicious, posts from

"Other stuff that intrudes on politics"

Regardless of the nominee...I think beating McCain is simple. now shows Obama vs. McCain electoral map!

Is Rush Limbaugh going to get prosecuted again?

NOT Hillary Clinton For President.

How do you feel about Obama/Richardson?

Breaking: Excellent News for Hillary!

Strange things happen on Good Friday. Like Wallace and Kilmeade of Faux News doing the right thing.

Question for DUers who frequent this forum, Your neighborhood, integrated or segregated?

DU`s wienerdoggie orchestrated a giant power surge here today.

The Media will decide the GE election....

Keith Olbermann to do a 60 minute feature tonight on Clinton's Passport Records being snooped!

Nearly 300 years of slavery and Jim Crow, and I'm hearing Democrats--

The Bradley effect?

First Gore, now Richardson...What is it with Democratic candidates growing beards after they lose?

Rabid Obama supporter here! Bill Clinton's NC comments were nothing at all!

BREAKING: More shocking video of preacher talking about black genocide from American government!

Senator Barack Obama and Professional Golfer Tiger Woods

Flashback: Obama supporters try to link Rezko and Hillary through picture (and nobody cared)

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

Can DU take the high road like John Edwards?

Hillary's campaign is broke, Obama has $31.6 million and $7.3 million set aside for the general.

Excuse me, but Hillary is the one responsible "for all this other stuff"

If the bleeding gets much worse for the dems., it's Mr. Gore to the rescue.

What will keep Obama from throwing Democrats under the bus just like he did to Granny?

CBS News Poll: 7/10 Say Race Issue Had No Impact on Their Vote (6/10 Agree w/Obama)

Talking about his last couple weeks..Obama says "when I am president

The most elegant solution to the Florida and Michigan delegate dilemma:

Hey, any Obama/Metal fans out there?

Write your uncommitted superdelegates and ask for endorsement now!

Let's see: Do I want a smart, mean, dirty-fighting President, or do I want

My 1000th Post: A Toast!

Don't bother me with passportgate..I'm too busy watching Obama's Attorney General on Leno right now.

Quick Poll

ABC News: Keystone Democrats Set to Defect

HRC supporters - If Fox is done with Wright and "typical white" you should be too

You don't know that Obama will lose in Nov; you want that to be true

Richardson,you had me at "Patriots of many races." This man can stump. nt!

Richardson,you had me at "Patriots of many races." This man can stump. nt!

For those that want a TRUE understanding of Rev Wright

A Contrast in Character - Why it counts

Anyone else watching MSNBC right now?

Anyone else watching MSNBC right now?

Obama will make room in his administration for George Bush Sr.

How convenient!! On the Friday newsdump edition of Hardball, they finally

Hillary's Wright bounce is fading...

*** Here's how to shut up Fox News over the Rev. Wright nonsense ***

Do these polls demonstrate un-Americanism? Should Dem candidates denounce & reject the host website?

About that Clinton appearance in NC. Word is that folks were pissed he kept vets waiting

We all need to reassess George W. Bush-he is a REALLY good man who should be praised not criticized!

Clinton Needs To Drop out and Focus on Keeping Her Seat in the Senate.

Clinton operatives admit that she has less then a 10% chance of winning the nomination

I think there are a few lingering questions regarding Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama.

A true coalition of progressives and liberals is forming to retake the Democratic Party

Enough about why we think either Barack or HIllary is unelectable. Is John McCain electable?

Hillary, Bill is killing your campaign!

ALL Non-Catholics will burn in agony in the flames of HELL for eternity

Chris Matthews has invited anti-feminist leader to his show 19 times this year

Passport Scandal leads to Virginia Contractor


Hillary keeps saying "all the votes should count"

Am I the only one who catches the faint whiff of troll odor here, emanating from

"I've spoken to others who have had that same conversation and they say at the end, it’s not all...

My Take: Richardson signaling Superdelegate moves...

Martin Luther King said God would make US pay for Vietnam war

Is there a way out of this Family Feud?

An alternative to the "dream ticket:" Obama and someone from Clinton's camp, but not Clinton

I finally found a YouTube that describes how I feel when I stumble into GD:P through

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday March-21-2008

If Clinton supporters hated the media bias before, oh, just wait.

MoveOn Petition - Tell media: Stop parroting FOX

Richardson sent a clear message to Clinton today - "drop out now"

Obama Family: Countdown looks like it's gonna be a good one!

When Did Lieberman Become McSame's Nanny (Caregiver) ?

Joe Scarborough is now infilitrating every NBC show and LYING about Obama, lets complain

"A typical white person"-Barrack assumes we are better than we are...

Hispanic DUers, does the Richardson endoresement make a difference?

With B and H's unfavorables climbing... and McBush supporting unpopular policies...

"Obama Blew It"

Where were all the whiners when in 2004, the following states had trivial primaries?

KO open thread. Man he just TRASHED FOX on Worst Persons.

What the Wright issue is really about: "Black privilege"

When I saw the photo of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright....

the documents make clear that at moments of major crisis, Clinton was often busy with her own agenda

Why didn't Obama release his passport records? What's he hiding?!

I have lost hope..

The Clinton's=A Bad Episode Of Dynasty

Our local Conservative radio host just said Clinton has no chance



Portland, OR Obama Rally recap (I'm not too good at recaps)

Obama's Continental Divide

Can Clinton Win The Popular Vote?

Hagee Acknowledges McCain Sought His Endorsement

If anyone else had made Obama' s "typical white woman" comment, they'd be toast

ABC NEWS: Civil War: Split Decision Divides Democrats

If the party turns to Al Gore at the convention ...

Check out how they Fuck over Rev Wright when he quotes Ambassador Peck

KO needs a time out

Can someone PLEEZE get Hillary and her stooge off my TV???

"Typical White Person" T-Shirts now available, thanks to Obama

David Shuster: Obama Campaign Didn't Push Story That Hillary Was Behind Passport Files Breach

DU just got slammed on Stephanie Miller for trying to paint her

Dozens of Jewish Super-Delegates May Hold Key to Democratic Race

Obama "did a much better job paying his bills." Debt: $625K vs. Hillary's $13.7 million (w/loan)

NY Daily News: Sharpton supporting Obama, but wants to keep it on the down-low

HRC:If the most important someone who did not cast that (Iraq) vote...

Stayed up to watch John Edwards on Leno

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s God Damn America sermon

It's time to grow up.

Franklin-Marshall PA Poll... adios General Election

At least part of "Pastorgate" exposed as BS! Wright's comments taken out of context

Clinton and Obama are both confronted with damaging situations so ...

Fox News's Tom Sullivan: "Blacks will riot if Obama loses"

Pastor trashes Obama!

Obama camp: Clinton would be 'deeply flawed' nominee

I'm becoming convinced both candidates are unviable, A Grand Compromise is needed

I just contacted Media Matters regarding Pastorgate

Rasmussen: Even after his worst week, Hillary still unable to take lead

What is your opinion on the Fairness Doctrine? This whole Pastorgate thing is making me lean towards

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon

Obama in Portland

Your current approval rating of Bill Clinton

Is This The Ticket?

Fox News Anchor Walks Off Set When Co-Hosts Act Like Bad Clinton Supporters

Question about the polls showing candidates v. MCCain

Clinton. Bad? Obama. Bad?

The Little Girl In 3 A.M. Ad Speaks Out Against Hillary!

I agree with Richardson - It is now time for Hillary to step aside.

The Clintons suck/ The Obama's suck----Check it out, it isn't what you think

Hillary vows tonight she is taking it to the convention no matter what happens

Anyone afraid that we're already screwed?

Cindy McCain loves to watch Navy Seals running on the beach

I have a question about these polls:

My point being.....

Wright was pastor at TUCC for a long time...

People need to get a freaking grip here.

What did the appeals court in Georgia say to the Florida Democratic Party on March17th?

POLITICO: Story Behind the Story: The Clinton Myth (HRC HAS NO CHANCE TO WIN)

No wonder the polls haven't changed at all concerning Wright.....

A 'Once in a Lifetime' Opportunity for Barack Obama in Portland, Oregon

Clinton, Obama Are Wall Street Darlings

Supporting a candidate doesn't mean you have to be an a-hole

Well now, Hillary supports McCain, Bill has come out today in support of McCain, just wondering how

Isn't this apparently false "sniper fire" story a pretty big deal?

*CAN* Obama get to 2025 by the convention? Is it mathematically possible?

Did anyone catch the Clinton spokesperson on O'REILLY ragging on Kos?

cross post .... please listen and watch with an open mind....

Hillary's best and only shot at President...

Slight detour (pardon me) but where did the phrase "throwing them under the bus" come from?

Ezra Klein: After the Fact: I keep trying to figure out Clinton's path to the nomination, but can't.

Here's The Only Polling Data You Need

Pat Buchanon: "It ghettoizes him...." speaking of Obama and the Wright situation

is there a site that lists current reg. voter totals for each state

Barack Obama's Week that Was in pictures

a McCain/Clinton Unity Ticket?

Breaking!Obama camp lies and claims that HRC didn’t deserve credit for Family and Medical Leave Act

Richardson calls out Clinton adviser

Compare & Contrast: Attacks on Clinton vs. Attacks on Obama

To the uninformed and slow learners: Rasmussen is a RWer who skews the polls! Stop citing them!!

Obama and race

Clintons are the devil (again)

McCain DEFENDS Obama. It's official. We have slipped into

Bill Maher tonite = best race discussion so far.

Surprise ? More lies from Obama camp - Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

Thoughts about money

I'm a voter.

Clinton's Chance of Winning Popular Vote: Over 700,000 Extra in 10 Small Contests

The media is doing whatever they can to knock Obama down

The media is doing whatever they can to knock Obama down

The Last Time We Truly Got Together... 38 1\2 Years Ago... With Bonus Helicopter Footage, LOL !!!

Be prepared for Obama to begin campaigning for the GE.

Latest Poles showing 2 very different but equal sides

Be prepared for Obama to begin campaigning for the GE.

You all are being played like fiddles

PREDICTION: Another Major National Dem Figure Will Endorse Obama A Week Before 4/22

Richardson on Situation Room: Resents that Clinton Camp downplays his endorsement (VIDEO)

Okay, the shit has come to this, in a three way race, with Obama

AC360 - Reporting on Fuller Context Wright Sermons - TONIGHT

Clinton Supporters - should she drop out if she loses Pennsylvania Primary?

Lies about Clinton's NAFTA view debunked by someone who was there

So, If Bill and Hillary Clinton lose their fight for the 2008 democratic nomination.....

Who is the leader of the democratic party?

CNN: 60 % Say Obama Does Not Have The Right Experience To Be President

Thanks Brian Kilmeade

Why doesn't the Obama campaign push for new elections in MI and FL?

John McCain tells ordinary citizens to "Get A Life"


Obama smoked in Salem and Portland today

Didn't Richardson endorse Obama a few weeks ago?

Hillary "Huckabee" Clinton: needs miracles, not math

Mar 21st CBS Poll: Good Reviews For Obama Speech

Why do Clinton supporters cite polls attacking Obama...

Whenever Democrats use Republican frames, they lose votes

Bill and Hilliary suck

MEMO: Obama Campaign: Just Words

Anybody watch Keith's last segment?

MSNBC Morning Joe w/ Mika Good Friday Morning!

Time To Correct the Record Regarding Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Just watched the interview; Obama knocked it out of the park on Larry King tonight

Bill Richardson's not-so-subtle message to his friend Hillary: It's time

Rasmussen: Obama's Unfavorable Rating Reaches 50%

Richardson's Endorsement (Video) - What a speech!

Obama adviser heads one of the exposed passport snooping companies

In a way, I'm glad the Rev. Wright story has come out now

WOW: Fox News accepts Obama's challenge!!

CAN Clinton drop out?

PassportGate Proved This: That Obamamaniacs will blame Hillary for ANYTHING

Maybe Hillary's a brilliant stragegist intent on destroying the GOP

Why Do I Have To Love America?

Why Do I Have To Love America?

Is Hillary pro-Mountaintop Removal, Because the Clinton Fund Got $131 Mil and More From Mining??

Bill Clinton in 2004 said most politicians "are good people who love their country desperately."

Billary asking McCain if they can join his ticket ????

Icing on the cake: Richardson's endorsement puts Obama ahead in every possible delegate scenario

Hillary's "3 A.M. Ad" Girl Doesn't Approve That Message *Video*

Where in the world is Hillary?

BREAKING CNN: Gov. Bill Richardson to Endorse Obama (Updated!)

Ms Clinton can not drop out its about the money and she is stuck being Baghdad Bob just to.......

Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

Obama Campaign Character Attacks Not Supported By Facts

Is this Rev. Wright sitting next to Hillary at Bill's "I have sinned" prayer breakfast?

Handy Guide to the Last 10 Democratic Primary Races in 2008

Hillary should drop out!!!!! As soon as someone else hits the magic 2,024 number!

Democratic Plan to Disenfranchise Voters!!!

MY Mea Culpa about Bill Clinton's Statement Today in NC.

Are these the Contractors in the Passportgate Controversy?

A funny thing happened in New York this week - Is the Clinton campaign facing problems in NY?

Are these the Contractors in the Passportgate Controversy?

Are these the Contractors in the Passportgate Controversy?

Are these the Contractors in the Passportgate Controversy?

Are these the Contractors in the Passportgate Controversy?

For Hillary, the sky is about to open, a light will shine down, and celestial choirs will start

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

A moment of reflection for Obama supporters:

Special MSM Rules for Obama. Rev. Hagee - Republican ties exposed on 12/04/07

Looks like today's "Pretend this is a big deal and get hysterically outraged!" O-mail went out.

If you haven't watched the Richardson Endorsement Speech - It's a MUST SEE

LA Times: Obama to roll out a series of endorsements during this next month

Obama just went through a HIGH TECH LYNCHING !

Obama aide (retired Air Force General McPeak): "Bill Clinton like McCarthy"

A republican recently told me

Media Boycott/Protest of Morning Joe Sponsors - Should Include All Shows with Buchanan

I Registered Two Lifelong Repubs InTheir 80's For Obama Today...

So Edwards is unlikely to ENDORSE? I thought HRC had that one locked up? Oy Vey!

Obama campaign praises (Chris) Wallace, says Fox has been "deeply irresponsible"

Bill Clinton: Obama hates America

The video the DNC had when FL pleaded before them. Very damning.

BUNKO ALERT: I'm an Obama Fan and in I'm Defending Hillary! SHE DID NOT LIE on the Feb. FUNDING!

HRC supporters short term memory problems.

A Major Difference between Obama and me: Anger

Please, I implore Hillary Clinton to drop out for the sake of the party

JOE WILSON: Obama's Shallow Credentials on National Security Are Dangerous for the Country

Should Passportgate get a gate?

Mccain is beating Obama in all National Polls

Let's find out where DU stands

Poll shows Obama fading; Speech didn't help.

Ugh! On KO, the Big Dog is suggesting Obama is unpatriotic, with his

***NEWS MEDIA DESPERATE: When will they get a FUCKING Clue?***

I Wish I Had The Transcript, But... "It's Not Just About The Campaigns, It's About The Party...

Reality Check: Obama Crushing McCain in Money, Turnout, Enthusiasm

Oops! HRC's own brazen "Commander-in-Chief Test" for Obama provides a possible Passportgate2

Appeals court in Atlanta dismisses lawsuit against DNC.

A challenge for those in a tizzy over the Grandmother comment.

BREAKING: Appeals court tosses suit over Florida's Democratic primary

Obama's Passport dates back to the Sixties

Obama's Passport dates back to the Sixties

One reason that could have motivated Passport-gate against Obama?

Clinton Supporters: Should we leave DU? Because of the lack of intellectual awareness

Question to the supporters of Obama and Hillary who

ok, so here are the repub attack points for each candidate... now dumb yourself down and think

ne vous allez pas ou media...don't go to the media.

John Dean On Barack Obama's Smart Speech “A More Perfect Union”...

When do you think Obama can/must return to Fox News?

Maria from Voto Latino said something very interesting on Hardball right now...

Where's The Evidence That Obama's Such A Great Uniter?

Obama: Great Speech, Won't Matter

GERRY ADAMS: "Senator Clinton played an important role in the peace process."

Glowing O Remarks from a life long Republican!!!

About this Clinton has lost/Obama has won thing...

Bless Caroline Kennedy and her Kids!!!

Clinton Campaign Actually 2 Million In Debt RIGHT NOW!!

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

what right-wing moron predicted race riots is Obama doesn't win the presidency?

Bill Clinton on GE race- Hill v McCain: "It would be one between two people who loved this country

This is why ALL Clinton supporters should back Barack Obama.

...oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please...

Black men were treated like guinea pigs for 40 YEARS with Syphilis - until 1972!

May I Gush? I Never Expected to Be So Stoked About a Candidate & America's Future. Obama Is the One.

What do 15 Senators and 12 Govenors, NY Gov Patterson and Barbara Boxer know that we do not?

Obama in Over the Hedge

I've reached a decision today.

CBS/NYTimes National Poll: 70% Approved of Obama's Speech

Bill Richardson calls out Clinton advisor Mark Penn!!

Sweet Jesus, for the sake of my sanity...

Clinton Spent $6M on Mark Penn in February, and for What?

A Clinton connection to PassportGate, apart from Hillary's file being "looked at?"

The fat lady clears her throat.

Why I am very happy that the Clinton campaign does not know what we talk about.

TYT: After Giving It More Thought, Why Was Obama's Speech So Great?

Ohhhhhh......I got a good one.....


BREAKING: AP: NM Gov. Bill Richardson Endorsing Obama

Hillary's Harrowing Trip to Bosnia

I had no idea Hillary was such a monster .

Delegate Math Calculator Shows Hillary is DONE

The line that Hillary Clinton 'hurts' Obama by fighting for the remaining votes makes him look weak

Why would anyone steal Barack Obama's identity?

"Typical White Person" phrase ENTIRELY misunderstood.

Clinton Comment on Passportgate

Obama CALLS Out Clinton On Pattern Of Lying To Voters!!!!

Obama as Civil Rights Leader

CNN: 62% americans say they will be PROUD to have Obama as president.

Cronyism and What is "Owed"

Dang... Pavarotti endorses Obama

Hoosiers Heart Hillary

Why is it that Obama is the one that is taking on McCain and calling him out, while Hillary sucks up

Let's Get Real: What does "God Damn America" mean for us in a GE?

Out of Curiousity... have any polls been done in the states that Obama has already won to see...

The Aztecs had it all wrong. Here's how to prevent the end of the world...

What all is in a passport file (medical/financial info,arrest warrants, court orders and lots MORE)

"Seven Blunders of the World"

Cheney: NATO must do more for Afghanistan

Hillary Watched Wright's Character Assassination, Did Nothing Publicly And Secretly Pushed It

I'm listening to BBC talking about Pelosi and the Dalai Lama...

Anti war pics from hollywood

Interesting. Joe Lieberman is complaining about the IRS investigating of the UCC.

FOX NEEDS TO BE SUED Re:Jeremiah Wright The real story

Woman Slain While Calling 911 For Home Break-In

Israeli Immigrant Solves Elusive 38-Year-Old Math Puzzle

Local news is all a-twitter about Obama visiting here tonight...

Busted::Hillary lying sack of poo on sniper fire on Tuzla Trip....WHy is no one defending her?

Our Budget At A Glance

Monica Benderman: The Cost of Freedom

John McCain is the whitest person I have ever seen...

This Post Is Full Of Naughty Words

Anyone here for unity?

From what I see I HOPE DU has a small number of members/posters

I watched Both Edwards & Barack tonight... I need feedback.

The passport security breach was prime time news last night;

Richardson Endorses Obama

Never the SOLUTIONS always the M&M.....the MOOT & The MINUTIAE

A NON-HILLARY Person needs To Know: Obama PRAISES GHW BUSH?!- Obama supporters what's up with this?!

Money buys happiness -- if you spend on someone else

Ray McGovern: Cheney Impeachment Not Off the Table

Obama's Avalanche of LIES

Jim Hightower

The Obama Strategy: Victory By Voter Suppression

California Leads U.S. in Defaults, Home-Price Decline

First he throws his grandmother under the bus, then he runs over her several times.

Seal Defense Campaign - Sea Shepherd heads to Canada March 24

Democrats want contract fraud documents


Democratic ranks gain over GOP ranks in 2008

Obermann Watch: Why is this Right Wing crap site staining the front page of DU?

Barack Obama and George W. Bush - Brothers in Voter Disenfranchisement

LIVE - from the Fux News Company picnic

David Sirota: New Housing Crisis, Old Isms

New media spin: Blaming Obama passport breach on Clintonite

"Choose or Lose" NYT oped.... Thoughts from DU

Amy Goodman seems really happy today

Cook Political Report Upgrades MORE Senate/House Races...

GOP Lock on Cuban Exile Vote Challenged

Could someone explain to me the attributes of the typical black person?

France to Reduce Nuclear Warheads

White House Press Secretary Perino: Americans' say in Iraq war ended in 2004

Clearly, Mrs. Clinton has lost the nomination.

Cheney to discuss rising oil prices with king of Saudi Arabia

Inflation Hits the Poor Hardest...Staples Are Rising Fastest

Hillary's lack of CHARACTER is the reason she lost this race and my support.

More Democrats Now Say They Want Clinton Not Obama - Hutchinson

Bush Consolidates the National Security State

Salon: Did Southwest put its passengers in danger when it recently ran afoul of the FAA?

"Tell Pelosi to impeach her own tyrants first"

Gov. Richardson: it is time for democrats to stop fighting against each other

Traders betting on a win for Democrats.

GOP dealt blows in congressional races

Rice to speak to reporters in thirty seconds

Canadian Supreme Court may rule on legality of Gitmo...

Exclusive: Blackwater 'Blood Money' Angers Iraqis

Dumb (And Not-So-Dumb) Things You Should Read Today

Photos from Biden, Kerry, Hagel trip to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Passport Gate: George Bush Senior did the same thing!

Pelosi Urges World To Denounce Chinese Rule Over Tibet; Meets With Dalai Lama

War advocates...demand that you forget the past

Heads up, Disabled Vets - about to get SCREWN by Shrub-CHEENEE again!1

Lieberman Will Have The Distinction of Having Run For VP On Both Sides

The Rude Pundit: A Reasonable Explanation:

BL Statistics -- Mass Layoffs Highest Since Hurricane Katrina

"You, me...we are the same."

Pennsylvania voters switching to Dems in droves, despite online glitch

Obama's Passportgate: Historical Echo

Faces of the fallen: U.S. deaths in Iraq near 4,000

Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Irwin Eco-Friendly Fashion

Nano-breakthrough: Dramatic Increase In Thermoelectric Efficiency Heralds

Ok since we're discussing race

Richardson: 'For the good of the party it's OK for longtime Hill supporters to back Barack.'

FBI sting to catch bank robbers described as entrapment

State Dept briefing now available on CNN video feed...

== Note to China: Please Implode = By Mark Morford

State Department press briefing at 12:10pm edt

Ya know what I think about this passport story?

Maura Hardy worked for Reagan and Bush Snr.: Stop Lying Shuster

Are there people here with a problem with user names that have 'girl' or 'chick' in them?

THREE candidates' files breached, so Contessa sez, "TIES to the CLINTON campaign?"!1

My 5000th Post (Warning: Graphic)

The Peak Oil Theory: Will Oil Reserves run Dry? (Interview with Matthew Simmons, author)

The reason State Dept came out so quickly for full investigation...

Breaking: Murray and Dodd call for Jackson to resign from HUD

Voting question

I don't get it. The State Dept says that when a file is breached,

Even..Fox Opinion poll has Bush approval at new low...

So if I were going to IILEGALY access a presidential candidates passport file, Express yourself courtesy of Norman Lear

Red light cameras too good for their own good?

Todays Poll to DU

Md. House Passes Speed Camera Bill

I knew yesterday (Thursday) that Slagathor was a troll.

Breaking on M$NBC - Hillary Clinton's passport documents

Do you have confidence in the US banking system?

update on Spitzer


McCain: The Jewish holiday Purim is "their version of Halloween here."

Glenn Greenwald: War advocates like Anne-Marie Slaughter demand that you forget the past

Answers not given in today's State Dept. press conference

Subway Miracle: Hero Beats Long Odds To Make Save

Police file new charges in Middleborough child abuse case

Get Down With Bush

Chris Matthews, "the greatest speech on race in America ever"

Give More!! Minor alterations in spending can lead to nontrivial gains in happiness

Yeee...ha! Pennsylvania gains over 100,000 Democrats, Republicans lost over 13,000

This man is a real hero

After 38 years, Israeli solves math code

A coverup of major proportions, I now feel the RNC has targeted Obama

It's Maura Harty *Let's get to know Maura*

Dumbya Joke

Floridians, this is an emergency action call to preserve our Constitution.

Just hypothetical of course

A short little story , not political or depressing

AP: 3 Candidates' Passport Files Breached

Hmmm So Hillary KNEW when and where Obama traveled....HOW

A thought for Easter

Florida is disenfranchised—AGAIN! - Today’s Headlines 3/21/08

Senator Barack Obama and Professional Golfer Tiger Woods

Cui Bono and the United states of Paranoia

Judge stops effort to block text messages

70s radical-turned-housewife out of prison

CNN Trivializes Iraq and Hits a New Low

Rights of Protesters Violated, Judge Rules

Politicians are great at one thing .

Headed for Olympics? Beware of Big Brother

Wha? Now all 3 remaining candidates have been spied on?

Doolittle Raid survivor dies in Oregon at 95

US lawmaker demands Tibet inquiry

Merci, John McCain, for French-Frying American Jobs

Is anyone else asking themselves, "Were the Clintons always like this?"

Progressive Talking Points of the Day ..... from

FL state repook shenanigans - tax payer funded of course.

AlterNet: Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud?

Sequoia Voting Systems Website Hacked "Fed Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has revived confidence in U.S. financial firms"

Gore's Plan Goes Beyond Anything Congress Envisions

Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You?

Passport-gate. I am anticpating...

Ellen Deconstructs Tweety's Groping Her

State Won't Release Names of Contractors... Just Cuz

Daylight Savings Time Savings Disputed

MN Senate: Slimy Norm Coleman in dead heat in new poll with Al Franken

Radley Balko: Senseless Overkill

The Nation: The Only Fitting Tribute (to the New Deal)

Upcoming Democracy Interactive Interiew with Drew Westen

NY Times: Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines

Heavy Rains in Midwest could cause flooding in New Orleans approx April 9th

Heavy Rains in Midwest could cause flooding in New Orleans approx April 9th

Low Cost Ways To Conserve Water

It's 3 AM the red phone rings...a hand fumbles for it in the dark...

So was Emperor Constantine responsible for the Easter bunny?

Question about passports and passport data

Are there note from the American Embassy personnel in Obama's Records?

I was fucking right....(Randi connects the dots between breach and Blackwater)

My Dream Ticket: Gore/Edwards

Permit lottery has protesters livid

Kilmeade storms off Fox and Friends set over co-hosts’ Obama-bashing

'the human misery involved in getting (your) car washed"

Hey you Nebraskans. . .and others. . :-). How did I miss Scott Kleeb's announcement for Senate?

It's just amazing to me...

Why would anyone break into a hotel room?

A revolution at the Federal Reserve

And now for something completely different.. take a sad song

Obama passport snoopers worked for Virginia firm "Stanley Inc." -- Info on Stanley here:

Dave Lindorff: Five Years of a Disastrous War and the Bills are Coming Due

Senator Barack Obama and Professional Golfer Tiger Woods

Researchers: High Gas Prices Save Lives

American Axle Strike...Jobless Claims rise 6%...

Obama Supporters... See enclosed thread....

Passport files of candidates breached

New Mexico counts, but their governor doesn't

Howard Dean's Gay Headache

Buzzy Krongard of Passport Breach - what was his role in the 911 put options

Hey Chicago, keep that snow out there, will ya?

The Nation: Not Your Father's FCC

* sez - "Sometimes money trumps life"

Hillary's "I remember landing under sniper fire" Kosovo story, fact checked as bogus...

If one were to post on DU that "its night time" ........

An email from Al Gore

US used tough tactics on Spitzer

'We live in a nightmare. Death and carnage is everywhere'

Homeland Security drops border-fence suit against UT-Brownsville

Bribing new recruits with alcohol

So wait Hagee said McSameasBush asked him for his endorsement

Cheney Impeachment Not Off the Table By Ray McGovern

PassportGate: Anyone else find this weird?

Email from Al Gore

Stanley Incorporated is the State Department Contractor

LaLa_RawRaw: Vladimir Bukovsky Asks For Your Help...

On the Ground in the Philadelphia Suburbs: Day 1

May I Have Your Attention:

I was not going to watch their crap before this, now if it accidentally gets itself onto my TV, the

Robert Parry: Obama's Passportgate: Historical Echo

Former McCain Presidential campaign co-chair indicted on federal fraud charges

The Nation: A tax rebate won't save U.S. homeowners.

Hey, George W. Bush, Fuck you! (Just because I haven't seen

How can people be this FUCKING stupid??!!

Caption Condi

GINGRICH: "I expect my government to protect the secrecy of documents that I give them. "

Stanley Inc. Please continue here

Obama's record on Israel repudiates critics

The U.S. Is Poised to Hit a New Oil Gusher

Russian FM Warns Military Action On Iran 'Disastrous'

Mortgage relief proposals gain momentum

How Precioussssss... Joementum the wormtongue (dialup warning 8MB)

Here is how Hillary lost my support........

President Pinocchio is at it again.....

Newshounds catches Hannity in ANOTHER lie

Today is the first full moon of spring as yesterday was the vernal equinox!

Falafel Boy will "vote for any presidential candidate" who can deport "swine" at Media Matters

Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You?

A Question about Commodities, and a Kind Word to so-called "Goldbugs"

Bush Falsely Claims Iran "Declared" It Wants Nukes "to Destroy People"

Bush Falsely Claims Iran "Declared" It Wants Nukes "to Destroy People"

Affliation with rethug party down substantially according to new Pew poll

Another Fundie busted for sex with 15 year old

Interesting comparison pic

Will We All get Purple Fingers When We All Vote In November?

The Bush Administration and a Culture of Lawlessness.

Soldier Electrocutions Probed in Iraq-KBR Faulty Wiring

Soldier Electrocutions Probed in Iraq-KBR Faulty Wiring

Looking for specifics on how to file an FOIA request to get my own passport records.

A cartoon about Iraq

Report Shows FBI’S Terror Watch List Not Updated Properly

Question From BBC World News Tonight


TX councilman: Immigrant detention center is a ‘holding pen for wetbacks.’

Pelosi on China & Tibet: What do you think, DU?

Politics, protest mark anniversary of Iraq invasion (Haunting photo from Politico)

Vermont Vets Put Themselves on the Line for the Sake

The Surge is working, my freinds.

Republican Sexcapades: Cliff Schecter Of BraveNewFilms Joins TYT To Talk Spitzer Vs Vitter & More

Another Taser death, this time a teenage cashier.

Las Vegas Sun OpEd: Bush a fear-mongering liar.

Hastily disbanding Iraq army was key error (Trudy Rubin article)

These kids don't even have facial hair.

Should Iraq Be Our 51st State, Since We Paid Trillions For It Anyway

Man sends email threatening to kill MD governor

Howard Zinn: Beyond the New Deal

Corporate Hall of Shame

Best Parody Ever!

Bank customers queue round the block as cash machine pays out DOUBLE their money

RFID tech turned into spy chips for clandestine surveillance

Atheists gather in Minneapolis for national convention (this weekend)

This has to be the best blues music show I've heard in a long time! - I found the LINK!!

"I want sex. One or two times. That’s all. You get your green card."

WIll Bill Maher be back tonight? 5 certifiably insane politicans people still vote for:

My gal Hillary is going to lose a super delegate...NY Gov Paterson

My Wish for Every Right Winger/Troll, That May Be Lurking Here:

AC360 - Reporting on Fuller Context Wright Sermons - TONIGHT

State Dept. privacy practices seen as 'satisfactory' in OMB report to Congress (March 1, 2008)

Michael Ware on Bill Maher? What do you think? nt

Disaster Preparation Video from the FED.

Pete O'TOOLE, "retired Christian" on THIS pope, "I call him Pope Hermann"

Wow....I'm getting chills just from watching the excerpts from "Body of War"....

Damn those bastards in the U.S. Congress and their "...move Daylight Savings Time a month" BS!

Bill Moyers on PBS tonight.

Salmonella in Colorado Municipal Water System - serving a town of 8,000

ABC News: What Did Clinton Cat Socks Know and When Did He Know It?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Giant Marine Life Found in Antarctica

A message from the Philippine government: This Easter season, crucify responsibly

Girl Whose Disembowelment Led To Pool Legislation Dies

What is contained in and who would have authority to look in a passport file? Here is a clue

Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes Fox And Friends ‘To Task’ For ‘Two Hours Of Obama Bashing’»

So .... is McSame paying Joementum to keep his ass out of hot water or what?

a newly elected Dem president needs to have a NEW 9/11 investigation free of

Dems Want HUD Secretary to Quit -- (WooHoo!!)

Five Years of Iraq Lies (Professor Juan Cole)

Attention Obama supporters:

Passport-Gate... a gift?

Nevada coroner rules Taser death a homicide: family wants answers

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Gave $8 Mil to Charity (they disclose their income taxes)

Minnesotans, what is up with this Michele Bachmann? .....

Breaking news from Iraq:

2 True Americans win The 2008 JFK Profile In Courage Award!

Rove: A ‘Win’ After More Years In Iraq ‘Will Rally The Muslim World To Us’

Caption these Mc* pics

My most petty and catty post ever

Bill Maher' guests have been total CRAP

I'm home

British Writer denied entry into US on grounds of "moral turpitude"

Olbermann Today, HOLY COW!!!

McCain Girls: It's raining McCain (The video that will make you vote McCain)

Shuster's On MSRNC: Let's See If He's Hungry (For Crow)

Local Homeless Shelter Won't Let My Daughter Serve Food Because of Sex Predators

SUNY-B Protesters to File Complaint

Urban Design: Why are sidewalks Flat in places where there can be snow, freezing rain, or ice?

For Those Who Think The Obama Passport Story Is Being Overblown... This STINKS

New trolls here speaks to the influence of DU

Holy week my grandmother always reminded us to remember the patriots who died for freedom from evil

NOW and MOYERS tonight's line-up: Iraq Conflict in Numbers .... more

Southern California Woman Shot Dead While on Phone With 911 Dispatcher

LA TIMES: USA Threatened Corruption Prosecutors to Stay Silent = RE: public corruption unit

Bumpersticker seen in Marin County

"Inside the Politico"Jim Vandehei his wife Autumn ( a former Tom DeLay Staffer) & Allbritton Family

Uh Oh! China bans live Tiananmen video during Olympics.

Frank Schaeffer: This Good Friday Let Us Not Crucify Barack Obama

Re: Wright Controversy--This LTTE from my hometown rag is perfect:

Florida House gives CSX immunity from liability, puts burden on the state.

NBC News: Passport Scandal Leads To Virginia Contractor

Jewish DUers: (others Welcome): McCain compares Purim to Halloween!!!!

Pope blows off Condi

A New Kind of Ignore Function

Guardian UK: A funny kind of Christian (George W. Bush)

Ladies and gentlemen, Helen Thomas.

128-mpg Kubota Diesel-Powered Sports Car

White House: Hard drives tossed

Better than complaing is to email all our positive sotries

Stephanie Miller appreciation thread!!!!

Stephanie Miller appreciation thread!!!!

Take a trip through Afghanistan. Afghanistan before Brzezinski, Kissinger and the other ghouls

Good Friday! Happy Purim, Eid, etc..

USAToday: Waxman asks Rice to identify the contractors by Monday

The Vietnam Syndrome (graphic) - NEVER forget

It's just the tip of the iceberg and you know it.

Get to know Computer Sciences Corporation

The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib.****HE CALLED IT THE CREMATORIUM****

CURRENT DIEBOLD PROBLEM: When will these unreviewable, problematic voting machines tilt elections?

Just a reminder....

I. Lewis "Scooter" LIBBY, Cheney's former chief of staff DISBARRED.

There was a time when Bill Clinton's patriotism was challenged

Non-trivial Reasons Why Obama is Unacceptable to Me

Kansas Republicans once again refuse to raise minimum wage above $2.65

"Progressive" Peddler of Overpriced Java "Starbucks"-Stealing from the Poor, Giving to the Richer

Is Condi falling apart? Just saw her on Olbermann

Rape in the USA

Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You?

Kerry Wants Obama To Give Power To Islam

Stop The Foreclosures & Evictions Demonstration: April 16 Washington, D.C.

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 21, 2008.***

Anyone here a socialist of any stripe?


This Is a Kind of Political Demographics Sort of Question: How Old Is the Oldest Poster on DU?

Article about Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK - may he be defeated in November!)

Kathleen Soliah aka Sara Jane Olson ..... thoughts?

FYI, Tonight on Bill Moyers Journal and Real Time w/Bill Maher:

Aw Nuts: CBS Pulls Plug On Jericho

Anyone know where I can sign up for a free voicemail number?

Some really lovely (beatless) electronic music

Australian man puts ENTIRE life up for auction...

"Shake Hands with the Devil" a Documentary on the Rawandan genocide is starting...

Have you ever walked the streets of Laredo?

Do you like maps?

The Dalai Lama is in my heart, thoughts and dreams lately

I think I saw Stephen Colbert Jr. yesterday!

There's an all Hispanic landscape crew working today on a property near mine ......

Psyedelic Furs

Help! My husband is watching 'Chained Heat'! What do I do?


Please come to Boston in the springtime

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (03/21/08)

I can't keep with what's been going on..........

Best TV News EVER.

Time bomb by Lake

Evanesence - Going Under

What is this song about? .. it haunts me

really to late we for

G'night-- Cavett and Joplin

Rape: now women can bite back - damn!

I'm abusing my kid by sending her to the prom...

Obama remark stereotyping "typical white person" seen as racist by some

New Expose Shreds Credibility of 9/11 Commission Report

New Expose Shreds Credibility of 9/11 Commission Report

Found out about you - Gin Blossums

I can't sleep...anyone here?

big log

Yeah! Friday!

Greenspan to blame for current economic woes?

The Ultimate Rejection Letter

Hey Xema. Spring migration brings birds to Freezout

The OTHER NCAA tournament going on--Wrestling Championships

What's the scoldest you've ever been?

What's the foldest you've ever been?

What's the holdest you've ever been?

My family may go hungry this weekend.

What's the toldest you've ever been?

What's the oldest you've ever been? nt

What's the colonest you've even been?

What's the goldest you've ever been?

What's the moldiest you've ever been?

What's the boldest you've ever been?

Since insane & totally useless polls are yet to be banned, here goes

Anybody besides me quit going to GD-P?

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Two Princes!

Avatars and voices in your head

LIVE - from the Fux News Company picnic

Could it be you're the one?

And now, Valentina Hasan sings "Ken Lee" (Tulibu dibu douchoo) Hilarious YouTube vid

Print Free Grocery Coupons! - Do you have a better place to get free coupons?

Colon Cleansing

Insane flameout in progress.

Who drugged Sock Puppet? C'mon own up already.

We're now getting our 7" of snow.

Serious question: Why are whites afraid to hear black anger about racism?

Serious question: Why are whites afraid to hear black anger about racism?

I got a cat scan yesterday and it's good news.

What Republican Right Wing Phrase Do You Despise The Most

Finally! A good book on early Estonian nationalism...

Who else here loved Lamb Chop(the puppet) when they were little?

My mother-in-law microwaved a can of dollar-store salmon this AM

I translate this tenth Chinese, then is translated that to return English. You may know?

Privatization and the Tragedy of Growing Economic Inequality

From the Bad Ideas File:

Weehoo! I just got a scammer. What body part should I scam first?


Spring! 12°F (-11°C) with wind chill and the heat in the office is on the fritz!

Venn ist das nurnstuck git und slotermeyer? Ya! Beigerhund das oder die flipperwaldt gersput!

Save me from people who make political decisions based on Today Show and Good Morning America.

Do You Like Bunco Or Boxed Wine Posts?

Whomever slammed the door on Midlodemocrat's face at 7:15 am this morning - I'm out to get you!!

For your listening displeasure - The Westboro Baptist Church sings "God Hates The World"

Just a small pet peeve

Are We All Just Pawns In The Galaxy Game Of Chess?

I made an OP in GDP....hold me....

Lawsuit Settled Over Beach Boys Name ("undisclosed settlement" between Mike Love and Al Jardine)

Tomorrow is 'National Corndog Day'.

Should Midlo be beaten for creating a panic in the Lounge and making me hug her

note to self: budget priorities - people

My Mama Is Here Today.

Please do me a favor

I almost got into a bar fight last night at my college's bar for calling some guy a "Hippy"

Is it ever ok to knock on a neighbor's door at 7:15 AM in a non-emergency situation?

Obama Is Here Today

Your mama is here today.

HIllary is THERE today.

If the Borg are so damn intellegent after assimilating so many

Hillary is NOT There Today

Do you like floppy cat threads?

I hate people who bark in fancypants places!

Ever been to Wyoming?

I just had Cream of Wheat

Easter pic thread, anyone?

MOO-MOO! I just got a spammer. What Du'er should I spam first?

Just post a random picture of Lionesspriyanka if you want thread

Has anyone ever driven up the Alaskan Highway???

Ok. My neighbor said it wasn't an emergency this morning at 7:15, but it truly was!!!

I have a funny joke for you.

So i have been coughing like an INSANE MANIAC the last week

My llama is here today

Just a small pet peeps

Tomorrow is 'National Horndog Day'.


I smoke CHEAP cigarillos and cigars every now and again. Ask me anything.

Holly strips off for shower photoshoot- but it's all for a good cause

25th Overall In NCAA Tournament

I'm bored. Entertain me.


340 foot long Oyster Po-Boy

NCAA hype gone too far: David vs. Goliath. WTF?

Things That Are Difficult To Say When You're Drunk

Is Starbucks is open today?

Have you ever used a loaf of Italian bread for stuffing?

I am completely addicted to this commercial

Not to be a downer or anything, but have you noticed the US economic system is about to collapse?

Do you like Cool Cat Threads?

Some Hafiz Poems

Most disgusting dandy - what's your prick?

So it's 7:15 am this morning and my crazy ass neighbors are going at it!!

Post your snowstorm pics!

Why is my cat licking my bare feet?

So I just booked my mini vacation

Well I've been tweaking and getting vertigo all week.

Do you (or does anyone in your family) start on a new box or bottle of something before

Just another case of Ralph Nader being marginalized. Grossly Unfair!

Jill Scott cast as Mma Ramotswe for BBC's adaptation of The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency books

Here is the situation

British comedy fans--have you seen "Love on a Branch Line"?

DOT Creates New Lane For Reckless Drivers

Photoshop's best kept secret: The hidden swiss army knife tool

do you think you are funny?

do you think you are funny?

Yesterday was the vernal equinox

The knuckle-draggers are out in force on the Topix message boards today.

We Need A Good Vibes Smilie


Just in time for Easter - recipes for your Peeps!!

WOOHOO - I'm 29th place (19 of you suck more than I do)

Oh shit, I'm a butter head.

Kurt Cobain smoked oregano with his mum

I can't make it to LynneSin's Party because someone slashed my fucking tires

I've got a taste for something tart, spice and greasy... I need suggestions

Am I the only one HOT on vacation for the next week?

Has anyone had their teeth whitened?

Joke: For those who remember "Who's on First".

Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power?

What an ultraviolent day, droogs! First we slashed some tires,

I Just Had A Symphony

You're ALL talking about ME right now, aren't you? Well, just STOP it!

UConn losing this one?!!11

$1200+ in car repairs and get sideswpied

Kate Beckinsdale discusses her preferred alternative to sushi



DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Metric Alphabet

should I change my avatar?? isn't he the cutest??

I just had an Tiffany

I just had an epiphany

questions about deadbeat dad laws

Is the yeast in craft beer good for you?

What's the LAMEST POST you ever posted?

Anyone tried heroin ?

A suicide. I need some insight on this.


Who Has A P*nis Shaped Like A Straw?

Yo loungers - my boss is a jerk, what would you do....

Odd calls

I just spent 2 hours making taffy- ask me anything!

Heather's at it again: Moaning Mills in new GMTV rant... while Paul looks relaxed

Miz t. is doing the stations of the cross this evening.

Question for those who have seen "In the Valley of Elah". (MAJOR SPOILER WITHIN)

It's Happy Hour! Are you happy? - Happy Holiday weekend everyone!

A question on music longevity

I Just Want To Get Peace In My Heart

May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true,

Jamie Lee Curtis: "Growing older means paring down to an essential version of yourself"

MFers broke out another window

What nominated movies should I rent from 2007?

I'm gonna have a Fright Night movie night tonight.

Is there a Gone with the Wind: Part 2?

Oh yeah....the moon is full!!

Why isn't today called Bad Friday?

My height is 9 feet. What's yours?

Minister claims to hold Cheeto that looks like Jesus praying

Got a photobucket/etc account? post your album

Has anyone seen Rendition, should I watch it?

Who Is The Biggest 'Irritant' In The Lounge?

Were you ever laid during a Dem administration?

OK, quit paying for your $7 to go lunch with a credit card!

I just tried to use the ignore function, but it is not working properly

Interesting Christian movie night

Wannabe mom declares "Straw-shaped penises aren't fun."

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/21/2008)

Dumb questions



The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/21/08

For those of you with elderly and/or sick parents

Spring! earlier tonight

So, here's what I bought tonight.

I'm calling out DarkTirade

Did the bar close early...?

K, I'm off and leaving too. See you all tomorrow *hugs*

I discovered some fun things today

Jeremy Paxman vs Richard (Prince of darkness) Perle coming up soon

H & R Block


I bit the head off a bat with John Lithgow...

cross posted to gd:p

Twenty minutes in, and I realize that I'm watching "Hoot" and not "Heat."

NCAA Tournament Thread (spoilers)

It's official...Tampa sucks. Upset city.

I won a DUZY!!!! so why

For DU's cat lovers: "Simon's Cat-'cat-man-do'" and "Let me in"! (videos)

Good night lounge

Borders may put itself up for sale....

I had a bit of a chat with John Lithgow...

Photos and graphics in the public domain POST 'EM HERE!

Bwahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What I found on Craigslist

Were you ever laid off during a Dem administration?

Today I officially proved that I have NO self control.

Oh speak ole toothless wonder! A fart by any other name is......

So I am off...

If you have nothing of interest to say - come and sit by me!

Hmmmph... and I thought progressives were supposed to taste better.

First ever size 16 girl reaches Miss England final

Ever take someone off 'ignore'?

My IQ is .24, what's yours?



Am I the only one around here who is not a basketball fan?

Friday pic thread?

Corrupt Press Has Been Feeding Us "A Diet Of Poison" By Gore Vidal

I thought progressives were tolerant, but I haven't seen much of that

Southern Culture On The Skids fans: please help me identify this song!

My IQ is 149, whats yours ?

Let us debate the Prime Directive.

Do you think my layoff was handled correctly?

All up in my house with Breast Feeding - Kitteh Pics included

Web Article title of the day....

Meh, I'm Screwn

Wow... I lost two of my Sweet Sixteen picks today...

Who's posting nekkid right now?

What is your favorite part of the day?

Honk if you love Blind Melon.

Little MB may have meningitis....I think we are headed to the ER

"Most of our clients are closed for the holiday" WTF?

Pics of Good Friday in West Virgina, courtesy of my best friend Jenn.

So who here would date the preachers daughter/son?

Post something that explains a lot about you.

What's Your Favorite Poem

Mom declares "Penis shaped straws aren't fun"

How Many People Do You Have On Ignore?

Holy crap!! Duke barely survives BELMONT!! 71-70!!

Where Is redqueen?

House Pushes for Quick Handling of MIERS, BOLTON Contempt Suit

I have a kitteh kat asleep on my lap and you don't.

Best Pink Floyd Song

Begging for Vibes. Haven't done this in... at least a month...

Do You Like CopyCat Threads?


What is your ethnic background?

Most disgusting candy - what's your pick?

one of the most beautiful pieces of music

Salman Rushdie might soon be changing his name...

It's been 48 hours since I've had a cigarette.

I can play the guitar like a mother f*ckin riot!

10 years can take a lot out of someone. Pic thread on the passing of time.

Need help! The songs on my iPod are all up in my house with disease (all three)!1!!

Oscar the mixed animal has an entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica

Finally, an update on my cancer.

Name a film in which Samuel Jackson does not appear.

Sorry lady, you can't jog here.

Change: The parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and Obama's candidacy

Weird stuff your pets do. I'll go first and confess

Post music you like that nobody else has heard of:

Grammar Geek poll...The serial comma -- Yay or Nay?

My favorite thread has been zapped from DU!

Am I the only one NOT on vacation for the next week?

Its the post a picture in your photobucket account you rarely have the opportunity to post thread!

Relax and enjoy the world with other people in "generous ways."

Soldier electrocutions probed in Iraq

Blast kills soldier from NATO force in Afghanistan

State Dept Fires Two Contractors For Accessing Obama's Passport File

Judge: Bush protesters unfairly blocked

GOP dealt blows in congressional races

U.S. Defends Tough Tactics On Spitzer

Pelosi denounces China's Tibet crackdown

Bush Administration Trying to Stop Fraud Reporting by War Contractors Abroad

Indiana Acid Gas Explosion Injures 26

E-voting vendor's Web site hacked (Sequoia)

Fresh violence frays militia truce in Iraq (Mehdi Army attacking police patrols)

Iraqi Says Final Battle For Basra Near

Judge could rule on contempt charges in June

Mexican film puts human face on immigration

7.2 eartquake in NW China

Chuck Todd: Bill Clinton's statements today very troubling

Passport Security Breach on McCain, Clinton & Obama

Opposition Says Zimbabwe Election Conditions Favor Mugabe

Rice to Obama: Sorry for Passport Breach

Story behind the story: The Clinton myth

Court Dismisses Florida Primary Lawsuit

Obama wants Congress in passport probe(McCain and Clinton's files also breached)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday March 21 (closed for Good Friday)

Obama ties economic woes to Iraq war

Democrat Wants Answers on Obama Passport Breach (Waxman wants answers)

Passport Files of 3 Candidates Breached, Officials Say

Gregoire approves Gold Star license plates for war dead parents

Iran a Nuclear Threat, Bush Insists, Experts Say President Is Wrong and Is Escalating Tensions

Ferraro: I am no Jeremiah Wright

Cheney, Saudi king to hold oil talks

Democratic senators urge ouster of housing chief

Access to passport files has gotten easier

Not So Good Friday For Goldman and Lehman

Hillary Clinton's passport file was breached in 2007, Secretary of State Rice told Clinton

U.S. contractor under fire for Katrina jobs

United grounds some 747s with uncertain maintenance

Extrajudicial slayings on rise in Colombia (U.S.-funded war)

All Three Candidates' Passport Files Breached

2 fired in passport case with Va. firm

Former SLA member Sarah Jane Olson released from prison

Justice, State Looking Into Obama Passport Breach, Rice 'Sorry' About Incident, Pledges Investigatio

Revived SDS joins anti-war protest

Unintended Consequences: Spitzer got snagged by the fine print of the Patriot Act

Feds to Appeal Ruling in AIPAC Case

Us ad bashes McCain as 'hero of France'

Girl Injured In Pool Drain Accident Dies

Paterson pays back campaign for hotel tryst, but other bills raise eyebrows

Starbucks must pay $100m in tips

Boffins stretch Wi-Fi signals to 100km (60 miles)

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Endorsing Obama for President

Gruesome crucifixions mark annual Philippines Easter ritual

Teenager Dies After Police In Charlotte Use Taser

No Admission for Evolutionary Biologist at Creationist Film

Dozens of children in U.S. face life in prison

ECUADOR: Manta Air Base Tied to Colombian Raid on FARC Camp (U.S. use base)

"Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth" by Michael Parenti

McCain's claims to be descendant of Robert the Bruce? Baloney

Same war. Same platoon. Two paths since leaving Iraq.

Eric Alterman: The Ritual Sacrifice of Samantha Power

Senior department officials said they learned of the incidents only when a reporter made an inquiry

Soldier found himself fighting Army

Maura Harty: State Department Official In Charge During Two Of The Breaches An Ambassador Under Clin

Krauthammer, Tucker Carlson, Rev Wright & Other Racial Paranoids

Bill Richardson’s ‘Texas Two-Steps Late’: Endorses Obama on Eve of ‘Hispanic-Free’ Primaries

McCain’s ‘Passport Breach’ Reveals Strange Travel Requests

Bush's Iraq Strategery: Blame The Troops

NYT editorial: Socialized Compensation

Blackwater's World Of Warcraft

Iraq Celebrates 5th Anniversary by Re-Gifting Democracy

Food, Fuel And Fascism: Their Election Or Your Life? (Carolyn Baker)

Pastor's rhetoric is just as bitter as U.S. race history

Happy Anniversary, America! How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?

New Leaks About BUSH/CHENEY Passports: Both Took a Secret Trip to Hell!

EJ Dionne: Another Angry Black Preacher

On Iraq: The People Have Spoken

The Ants of Gaia (Joe Bageant)

Howard Zinn: Beyond the New Deal

The full story behind Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon

self delete

Reverend Wright Weighs in on Passportgate

Bill Clinton Just Can’t Take a Pass on ‘Passportgate’

Chris Floyd: No Country for Old Men: The Reality of Iran in the Shadow of War

IT industry faces recession on US woes

Patrick Cockburn: This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie

Annus Horribilis (depleted uranium exposure, compliments of the U.S. Gov't)

The full story behind Wright’s “God Damn America” sermon

Michael Parenti - Tibet: Friendly Fuedalism?

TYT: John McCain Promises Another Five Years of War in Iraq

The Tonight Show Leno Barack Obama John Edwards

Five Years In Iraq (GuardianFilms 3 part series) All 3 parts!

80,000 Angry Men. Is the US Surge collapsing?

Barack Obama on Larry King live part 1 (20-03-2008)

Rick Burnley Poem's "To Impeach or Not to Impeach"

Breaking the Nuremberg Code: The US Military's Human-Testing

Keeping The Politics Of Fear Alive

How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives: Gimmicks of the Pentagon

Bush's Easter Address

Ebony and Ivory

Tweety and Ellen's "odd moment": The Dance

Chris Wallace takes Fox & Friends to task over persistent Obama-bashing

Bill Richardson Endorses Obama

Obama TV Ad "Opportunity" Airing In Pennsylvania

TYT: Cenk and Wes Clark Jr On Obama, Wright And Race


I Want Barack... Music Video


Barack Obama differentiates his policies from Hillary Clinton's in Salem, OR

McBush Verses The Truth

I'm liking this Jeremiah Wright the more I listen to his sermons

KO's Worst Persons in the World for 3/21/08

Dennis Kucinich at the Winter Soldier Event

SwiftKids- The Pantsuit

TYT: Pat Buchanan Wants To Take Us Back To The 50's

Obama TV Ad "Toughest" Airing In Pennsylvania

Steph Miller 3-20-08 on Faux News

Al Sharpton Makes a Fool Out of Greta Van Susteren - Round 2

3 AM Girl Doesn't Approve Hillary's Message

Barack Obama's racist comment

Sam Harris on Barack Obama's speech Tuesday on race.

John Edwards on Jay Leno-3.20.08: Edwards Announces...

Barack Obama in Portland, OR

McCain Spiritual Guide Accused Gov't Of Enabling 'Black Genocide'

Morality is grounded in nature not institutionalized religion.

Chris Wallace has had enough of Faux News

John McCain owned by Russert on Meet the Press

Airline Security - EMD Safety Bracelet

Barack Obama - sistible. New song video for Obama.

Merci McCain

Recruitment Center in Seattle shut down! March -2008

Florida Senate Democrat Leader Steve Geller presents a sarcastic amendment

James Hansen is on Democracy Now! this morning.

Oil rigs start drilling beneath N.D.'s big lake

Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell Breaks Ground on Solar Power Project

Pakistan - Climate Change Threatens Food Security - Post

Norwegian Utility Companies Investigate Generating Power By Mixing Salt, Fresh Water - Reuters

Google Maps Hopes To Roll Out Hurricane Storm Surge Mapping By June 1st - Reuters

NSIDC Scientist - Arctic Sea Ice Recovery From Record Low "An Illusion" - ADN

Nature - As CO2-Rich Seawater Sinks, Ocean Floor To Become "Increasingly Acidic And Hostile" Place

BHP-Billiton Evacuates Neptune Platform In Gulf Of Mexico - "Anomalies" Discovered In Hull

McCain Talks Good Game On Warming, But Lifetime Environmental Voting Record Is 27 Per LCV - B'Berg

Alamosa, CO Declares Emergency - Rare Salmonella Outbreak In Drinking Water - RMN

Kansas Governor Rejects Two Coal-Fired Power Plants

Wal-Mart To Source All House Brand Milk From Non-BGH Dairies - ENN

E. Idaho scientists develop tiny antennas to capture energy

Independent UK: Water will be source of war unless world acts now, warns minister

Burkina Faso Meningitis Epidemic Death Toll Hits 519 - Over 5,000 Infected - AFP

Independent UK: Sea levels rising too fast for Thames Barrier

Important message from Al Gore

From wind to compressed air

At Least 12 Dead In Midwest Flooding - Meramec River To Crest 20 Feet Over Flood Stage - AP

Women’s Aviation Hall of Fame Inducts Air Force Pilot

Defense Department Honors Female ‘Firsts,’ Role Models

Super Soaker Inventor Invents New Thermoelectric Generator

Subaru shows off electric car

Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill to Revive 2 Coal-Fired Plants

Shining a light on hazards of fluorescent bulbs (Hg in CFLs)

Is today the day we've been waiting for?

What about the "family values party"...and their agenda?

Today in labor history March 21

Urinal Bags Don't Sit Well With Union


2 dual U.S.-Russian citizens accused of trying to undermine oil market

CIT Taps Credit Lines and Talks of Asset Sales

Federal Deficit Reduction Act - what a crock of shit! Look what kind

Will the USA remain the USA or become USSR?

World trade decelerates almost to standstill

Tax rebate question.

If you're still buying stock..

Aussie comedy duo explain subprime meltdown.......

The four ‘new sheriffs’ of Wall Street

Krugman asks a question and so do I.

From Cuba: Fidel Slew the Monroe Doctrine! From Wash.: Viva the Monroe Doctrine!

ECUADOR: Manta Air Base Tied to Colombian Raid on FARC Camp


Johnson Presents Credentials as Permanent Representative to OAS

Sealy: Cuba may be a threat

Latin America and the Teachings of Machiavelli

Study unlocks Latin American past

Archbishop Romero anniversary on Easter Monday (28)

Paramilitary Threats and Assassinations: Human Rights Takes a Beating in Colombia

CUBA:Transitions Without End (A great tribute to Cuba and scathing indictment of imperialism)

Obama pastor backs gay rights

Hi. I need help and Encouragement

Question the candidates with the National Stonewall Dems

When Tradition and Taunts Collide: Gay Hockey Fans Criticize Garden

gay chickens

Anti-gay Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern retains legal counsel

I watched a couple of good documentaries tonight.

Me? I'd rather vote for Subcomandante Marcos...

Anne Hathaway is a BEAUTIFUL Human Being!


Arab-Jewish youth soccer team to play in Spain peace tourney

Anti-Zionist event planned today in Kiryas Joel

5 Palestinian smugglers injured in tunnel collapse

Hey! Biden has a shiny new Senate website!!

Samantha on Obama, fyi

Go vote for Joe -- just like the old days! :-)

Biden comment on Obama passport security breach

Would you guys like to see Joe as SOS?

CBS showing the first round games on the Net? For free? woohoo!!!

Tennis! Did you know that until yesterday, James Blake had never lost

Somebody should hire Barry. He won't go to trial till next year.

UT Arlington was ahead 6 to 3. Thanks Buzz Click!

Brian McNamee's grand slam Queens smashup

The Jach Rabbit Chess Report (March 21): Yifan takes Istanbul; Aronian leads in Nice

So what about this once-in-a-millennium confluence of major spring religious celebrations?

Richard Williams comment on Tracey Austin and Chris Evert


Anyone else looking at a blood red full moon tonight?

Anyone care to give an impression?

Poster at DU has asked for prayers

Has anyone here ever heard of Elizabeth Baron?

Scorpio cannot be contained

Happy birthday to the Aries in the group!

It's my 1,000th post--about Ego and Essence

I thought we had a cancer forum here

Happy Ostara!

Oh my godlessness! Hilarious anecdote from PZ Myers on being expelled from Expelled!

help with identifying onions?

Anybody ever tried to make chocolate pasta desserts?

Stephan Pyles, you sadist!

Popular denominations and when the splitting occurred: Christianity versus Islam


Wait till next year...

Happy Good Friday from James of Hickory

Happy Easter. Science News = The Resurrection of Jesus Christ a big LIE? Drug fooled Romans!

Vitamin recommendations

Happy Good Friday!

If you still believe in god, you should get yourself a home in a bad neighborhood.

Atheism and morality

Giant sea creatures found in Antarctic search (CNN)

Star explodes halfway across universe (CNN)

Woah! Way Cool! 2 ft Starfish!

America's Shooting Gallery, 3-20-08

Gunshots bring abrupt end to frantic 911 call

Any predictions on the SC decision?

NBCs bullsh*t report on the Shroud of Turin.

courtesy of Pioneer Woman Cooks, a carrot cake for Easter

Gun paint company taunts Mayor Bloomberg with paints named after him

Bought a TEC-DC9 yesterday

Stupidity of short barrel laws

Buzzy Krongard of Passport Breach - what was his role in the 911 put options

Breakthroughs Towards Attaining A Complete Understanding of the Nuking of the WTC on 9/11

How did you come up with your DU username?

In case you did not see it - pictures!

Can we talk about earmarks?

I posted the lovely speech Kerry gave when Clinton's patriotism was challenged due to avoiding the

The SFRC has jurisdiction over this security breach of Obama's passport :) :)

Tell Gov. Corzine to veto paperless elections

Cross-Post to GD: Brunner and Bowen Receive JFK Profile In Courage Award

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 3/21/2008

Beautiful summary of Eyes Wide Open and Lourey's speech

Michele Bachmann sees the light--she's pro-choice!

Craddick ordered cash to go to Democrats, lawyer says

Convention Q re: at large delegates

New Expose Shreds Credibility of 9/11 Commission Report

Still haven't found the pics of HRC on senate floor holding up BUSH KNEW headline.

Bumper sticker for Barack Obama

Caroline & Kids in PA

I'm feeling good today!

Gov. Richardson to endorse OBAMA!

Is anyone out there MSM savvy? How can we get the MSM to play or at least acknowledge full Wright...

So Obama has $30 million in the bank and Hillary only $3 million.

So among former candidates Obama now has Richardson and Dodd!

OMG, Wright in context. This is freaking incredible

Health Canada : PediaCol Colic Drops WARNING *FYI*

A Memorable Harper Quote on Iraq Invasion

NBC will celebrate KO's "Countdown" Fifth Anniversary with a network Special

The mothership celebrates Countdown's 5 year anniversary...



BWAHAHAHA! Three OP's at once!

error...please delete

KOEB Meeting 3/21/08 -- Si Se Puede, Gov. Richardson!

The Return of Bob and David

Happy **90th** Birthday, Marian McPartland!

Who are these people and what are they doing stealing our

Meet Keith Olbermann's Girlfriend, New York's Newest TV Reporter

More Freakin' Snow!

Opinions on the "Frankenstein veto" bill?

City AM founder disappears in Latvia

Report: 32% of Prayers Deflected off Passing Satellites

Two holidays this week

Ruthless Attack Sets Atheism Back 7,000 Years....

Will Dean Cost the Dems Florida?

Obama blasts Hamas op-ed


Did anyone notice on President's Day only programs

After Midnight: Obama as Cinderella in What Could Have Been a Rough Week

McCain Blows Past Public Spending Cap-Illegal?


Hillary Campaign "In The Red"

Obama Spends $1.5 Million a Day; Outspends, Outraises Clinton, Ends Month With More Cash on Hand

Story behind the story: The Clinton myth; Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning