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The Time Is Now.

Hillary: The New Queen of Mean?

People have been criticizing Obama for

How Did You Feel About Democrats Five Years Ago?

Separate the Issues regarding the Obama candidacy

What could have been.............

Even as a Hillarite, I have to admit that Obama did well with his words yesterday...

Straw poll: Progressives favor Obama

It might be working!...NYT: Various Groups Responding to Obama’s Call for Discussion About Race

Anderson Cooper can lick my ass

Buried in Eloquence Obama Contradictions About Pastor

How Far Have We Fallen?

Why is the Media playing this Hate Speech over and over to Our Children

Really Hillary? You're Breaking Our Party's Balls

Rush Limbaugh Took Credit Today For Creating Chaos

Drinkocrats vs. Beveragicans: The Non-Issue of Electability

The MSM is and will continue to divide us on color..over and over

It's Really Not Right How Bill and Hillary

GOP strategists. Slurping cocktails long into the evening --


Two questions for Obama

Both Obama and Hill are coming to Montana on 4/5/08 for a joint appearence at our state party's

Outstanding Barack Obama clip...

President McCain or how I learned to put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

I wasted my vote in the primary.

Obama is Related to Bush and Cheney, Seriously...

Instead of focusing on Obama's oratory skill, let's acknowledge that he is one of our great THINKERS

Why Obama's Speech was Such a Political Home Run

Sam Nunn is utterly unacceptable as VP

Obama Is A Mirror

When major news outlets givet racist commentators air time,,,

In Speech on Race, Obama Rebuts His Pastor’s View on Israel

Not even 7AM yet, but the Hillary Hatefest here on DU is in full effect

The Crow Bar and the Thread: Obama's Moment of History

Obama's historic speech on race is the beginning of what could become a majority coalition

Bill Clinton never committed Sexual Harassment

Pat Buchanon looks smaller and older than usual

Can we please declare a moratorium on "thrown under the bus"?

NYT Op-Ed - Obama and Race - concise and totally on point

Good Grief. Are there gonna be any Red CDs left in the the Northeast? Tom Reynolds retiring

How many Extra-Marital Affairs did Clinton have in the Whitehouse? Just Monica, or More?

Looking for quotes by preachers

Obama's Speech, In All Its Glory (High-Res), Play It Full Screen, Because We Can !!!

Hillary's Not Listening Again!

IF Obama was to beat Clinton soundly in PA

Christopher Hitchens: How did I get Iraq wrong? I didn't

NYT-Clinton needs three breaks to beat Obama

Huckaby defends Obama/Wright.

Huckaby defends Obama/Wright.

Obama's plan to visit other states during this time is genius!

Mods please delete

Shame on you!

Despite MSNBC negative Obama spin, Obama leads McCain (48/43) in CBS poll

Less than a week after suggesting his own parents "are crazy," Scarborough criticized Obama for

Sen. Clinton wants troops in Iraq for at least 10 years

Folks, It's time to give up your security blankets


It's gotta be said: Anderson Cooper is a fucking idiot.

I have my own questions for Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis.

Obama's major speech needs to be SERIOUSLY discussed: some commentary

President McPain: Thanks to Media, Hillary, Wright, AND Obama !

Hillary (finally) Takes Significant Lead Over Obama

Hillary: Blaming the victim. Contemptible


does anyone have a live stream link

Why are people saying Indiana is a Clinton state?

'Everybody in politics lies. But they do it with such ease, it's troubling

Is A Color Blind Society Possible? Is It Still Our Goal?

Hillary's Boasts Not Backed Up By Records

PAN-RACIAL Economic Justice should be Democratic message

"This Time"

How many DUers would post the same material on this board if it were not anonymous?

A Hannity video you'll like

Any word on live-streaming for Obama's speech today?

*** Obama's Speech: Iraq & Economy Discussion Thread ***

Even after Wright controversy, Hillary more unelectable than Obama.

Penn: Now that Obama is being vetted, the polls count

Tell me

I can't turn on the corporate media because I will throw up

What Do You Think Should Be Done About MI & FLA?

Is there an edited video of The Speech anywhere?

Clinton Facing Narrower Path To Nomination

Los Angeles Times: Clinton Donors Offer to Fund Michigan Do-Over

Clinton Camp responds to NAFTA meetings revelations: Hillary was personally opposed to NAFTA

Clinton to round up everyone who has not voted for her, suspend habeas corpus

If Obama had the "lead" in the MI and FL "primaries" we wouldn't hear DICK from HRC about them...

A Nation of Victims

I Am Fully Convinced...This Site Has Been Awashed With Freepers In Hillary Supporter Disguise.

Why All Democrats Should Push For a Re-vote in Both FL and MI

No More Sanctuary: America on Campaign to Ban Black Churches

'The whole Democratic party is a bunch of liberal crazy people...

If Obama didn't drive a stake in the heart of racism with his speech

Hillary Clinton is completely correct about this:

I got a feeling Edwards is going to get back in the race

***********CNN - Clinton News Network - ************

The alliance is being formed...Hillary, McCain, Republican party vs. Barack Obama

Obama Ratings HIT!!! Schedule stays Packed

Clinton camp argues Obama is falling

remember how, after 9/11 everyone fell in love with Blair because of

remember how, after 9/11 everyone fell in love with Blair because of

mccain, hillary's friend, cruises to huge lead while we fight

60 Minutes, Feb. 11, 2007: "Is America Ready? Obama believes his race is not an issue"

Did Zbigniew Brzezinski rip Clinton today about her experience

Itt's not just us: "Families feud over Clinton, Obama"

Polls are meaningless this week

Today's Gallup poll: HRC still leads, but the tide is turning

John Ridley (sp?) was just on Morning Joe and gave Joe something to think about

Hillary Clinton: "It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything"

Make or Break Time for the Democratic Party.

Is there any way to see if Obama received a big money boost after "The Speech"?

Clinton crushes McCain in Massachusetts, Obama leads McCain by only 7 in bluest state

Meet Mr Barack Obama

The 3rd outstanding speech from OBAMA - COST OF IRAQ WAR

Hillary on Commander In Chief: "I watched my husband do it"

Speeches don't matter anymore

Don't fret, Obama supporters

Someone 14.5 years old who lives in Montana can risk life but can't donate $25 to Obama's campaign?

Don't think I can hack it much longer...

This poll is good news for Clinton

The energy in this forum is SO UGLY.

Fact Check tries to cover for Hillary's SCHIP lie

Obama's NCAA final four picks

Obama Speaks Out On The Economy!!

Bill Clinton Praises McCain. AGAIN.

I am beginning to realize that there are so many campaign people on here that rational discussion is

Judge Allows Questioning Over Clinton Records

Update::Obama yanked Black Panther subdomain ! Less than 24 hrs..told you.

Did the media finally find their Obama "Dean Scream" moment?

HHHmmm...Mathews or Obama?

Wow... new SurveyUSA GE polls.

Chick out this interview

Where are the threads talking about

Add your vote to the AOL Bush Popularity Poll:

Who is running for McCain's Senate seat in AZ - Dems and Reps???

Will Hillary attempt to rehabilitate Obama sufficiently

(O+ post) Does the Wright issue change the possibility of a split ticket?

Would Senator Obama put anyone on ignore?

ABC News (Raddatz) asks US troops who they were supporting for President after Cheney's speech

Key Lawmakers Say Michigan Dem Do-Over Is Dead

National polls on Obama vs Clinton are meaningless...

McCain Aide Suspended for Circulating Obama-Wright

Simple and straightforward question for Hillary fans

13,000 Obama tickets given out in Portland Oregon. (Sold Out)

Obama's position on MI and FL delegates

Should all members of TUCC be condemned?

McCain fires an aid over the posting of the

McCain aide circulates Obama/Wright video, is suspended

Republicans only wish they could have the kinds of problems we Democrats have right now...

I'm an Obama supporter but I don't like these posts about where Hillary was when Bill was cheating

A serious question as to what would happen if McCain became ill

Hillary really shouldn't grovel, it's unseemly.

'Bill Clinton is a rapist'

I'm a black man who'll vote for whomever the Dem nominee is....Get over it!

The polls aren't least not in March

Obama links cost of war to economic hardships

Another wonderful opportunity...

I've been disenfranchised in every primary in my life!!!!!

Direct Link to Hillary Clinton's First Lady Schedules >

Rev. Wright has no 'right' to be so angry.

Why Obama Doesn't Want Michigan and Florida Seated or Re-voted

My letter to NBC Today Show

Voter registration site down in PA

Mike Huckabee defends Obama and Wright

The smears aren't going to matter about Obama - they can literally tear him apart on the news shows

SPEECH BOUNCE: Obama beats McCain 3% BETTER than Clinton. Leads Clinton in head-to-head by 3% in...

My husband & I have decided to donate our rebate check to the Obama campaign

Ras Poll: Clinton 55%, Obama 27% in West Virginia

Here is proof the Clinton camp has been playing

ABC: Huckabee Defends Obama … and the Rev. Wright

cutthroat, fraudulent politics that lie at the foundation of Obama's supposedly uplifting campaign

NBC Today played Wright clip WITH audio "G-D America"... MSM trying to take down Obama

NBC Today played Wright clip WITH audio "G-D America"... MSM trying to take down Obama

If this swiftboating of Obama works - Will race relations suffer in the US?

The Power of this moment...

Hillary's rich friends offer to pay for second Michigan primary.

FYI John Edwards to be on Leno tonight. N/T

You know what Obama's speech on Tueday made me realize?

Gallup Daily: Clinton Holds Significant Lead Over Obama

CNN Now Has Black Pundits on TV Trashing Obama While They Run Wright Footage

I am 100% emotionally invested in this election

Why doesn't Hillary aggressively defend Obama on the racial smears?

So MSM plays the same clip hundreds of times and is surprised about the fallout?

In 1860, a lawyer from Illinois was the Republican presidential candidate.

So Hillary secretly opposed NAFTA, but agreed to support it because she was a tool. Is that right?

Why is Hillary attacking the Wright issue now?

I propose a Hillary Clinton loyalist support group forum

Obama supporters- Do you really believe that Bill was a rapist?

I didn't know that Matt Cooper's wife is working for HRC's campaign!

Where Can I Watch Obama Town Hall From West Virginia? Starts Now.

There Will Be No Peace On Earth

If your friend jumps off a bridge.....

Question: Why did MI and FL violate the rules? (Serious question)

***Need some YouTube video ideas.......***

Serious question - Is Barak losing ground?

Obama pastor backs gay rights

Even if Obama does somehow lose the nom./GE, after his speech, I will always be proud to support him

Something to remember while pausing to reload

Another AOL Poll on 3rd Party

Help please! Is it true that Hillary has released her 2000-06 tax returns? Supporter says YES!!

Shrub Cartoon

PHOTOS: Barack Obama today in Charleston, West Virginia, where he tied economy to Iraq War.

Most voters are fickle morons.

Clinton takes lead over Obama in Gallup poll

Obama eyes active role in oil markets

All it will take for HRC to be forced out of the race is ...

The media, once again, is failing us with its coverage of Wright and the Trinity Church

Clinton: "I don't understand why Senator Obama seems to be afraid of" a re-vote in MI

Obama wows WIP sports jocks (Philly)

What the US media won't tell you. Watch these CBC exposes online. Awesome.

Obama racial issues may extend to Penn. (Man on the street reaction)

Heads up!! Obama's speech today on CSpan at 5:14 pm et

Why is it assumed that Obama supporters hate Hillary Clinton?

STOP with the poll results!

Say Goodbye to the Glowbama Mystique (the Speech)

Obama supporters: angry about MSM "swiftboating" Obama, playing Wright clips 24/7?

Obama unequivocally denounced Wright's statements

McCain aide suspended for pushing Wright video

The Media has completely failed on the Wright issue

"Disarm the Negroes"

If people are going to criticize Barack Obama's speech could we ask them to use

This Should Make Everybody Happy

President Obama would be a warmonger

The media is carrying the water for the Republican attack machine.

Bill Clinton headgear choice signals campaign's next phase

A Speech That Fell Short

Bill Clinton during '92 primaries, when the Gennifer Flower Scandal broke, what did Bill & Hil do?

I Told People this Wright Story Would Last to the End of the Week

Handy Guide to how Hillary Clinton agreed that Michigan and Florida primaries wouldn't count

Charlotte Observer A Section

Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race?

“To equate what I said with what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable,”

We are five years along in this war. Some Dems still spin, some do not and never did. Some quotes.

None of this Clinton/Obama squabbling well matter after the convention.

McCain Aide Suspended For Pushing Racially-Charged Wright/Obama Video Questioning Obama's Patriotism

Coincidence? Or, the Clinton's strange relationships with Right Wing media.

New SUSA state polls spell disaster for Obama

Splitting the MI/FL Delegates 50-50 Gaining Support?

Michigan and Florida Democratic voters lets face it.

The vast right wing conspiracy against the clintons...

The biggest untold story in politics

Good Lord....they are replaying reruns of Chris Matthews on Ellen as much as....

Where's the outrage over this remark by Sen. Claire McCaskill?


M$M Hillary's questionable Pastorate?

For those interested, here is Barack Obama's March Madness NCAA Bracket

Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race? Just ask Rush and Laura Ingraham

Joe Scarborough, and Bill Clinton piss me off


Thursday Campaign Comparison

McCain's Lead Growing?? Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

For HIllary supporter only - a convenient compendium of news sources

Is Democratic Underground Now A Haven for Racist Trolls?

David Sirota: Papers Expose Lies of Clinton, Emanuel & Gergen On NAFTA

So Yesterday I Asked and today we know WHERE the Pastor videos came from

We need a NEW primaries forum--the "dungeon" for race discussions

How the media attacked Democrats in the past...

TPM: Gallup: Obama's Big Race Speech Potentially Fixing Wright Situation

A Challenge To Everyone

My quasi-father-in-law is a racist.

It's disgusting to watch the Obama camp piggyback on the right-wing Judicial Watch's witch hunt

Survey about Wright's Church

Heads Up: Obama town hall in Beckley, WV now Live on CNN

the Wright controversy

Memo: Senator Clinton's distortion on NAFTA, part of a disturbing pattern

Operation Chaos: Repubnuts voting for Hillary to help Mcain

Clinton Takes Significant Lead Over Obama: REUTERS

Lanny Davis (Clinton surrogate): McCain–Clinton '08?

Jay Rockefeller endorsed Obama

Obama up to +3 in National RCP Average.

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thursday March-20-2008

What kind of man calls his grandmother a racist to save his own ass?

one of these statements is true:

Another House Republican Opts for Retirement (Bwahaha)

This wanna be Empresses has no clothes

MTV's Choose or Lose today, Obama and Hillary talk with Iraq veterans

RAS Daily Tracking poll: Obama up 46-43 over Hillary (Hill has a 55% unfav rating)

WARNING: is STILL infected. Apparently the web designer isn't doing his job.

The REAL reason Rev Wright hit the big time.

Barack Discusses the War with Iraq Veterans on MTV Tonight

Hillary's experience in foreign relations

Will Americans' BETTER ANGELS respond to Obama's message??

Please take a pledge to stop name calling

They Should Start A Doll Line For This! First It Was ANGRY BLACK Obama....

J. Rockefeller: "You don't get elected president if people don't like's not rocket science"

Hey -- Obama and Hillary supporters -- I don't CARE about your non-issue threads

GET A GRIP it's not about gender or race it's about the future

Understanding Context - The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Understanding Context - The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

BREAKING: GE AA Support for Clinton collapses/GE White support for Obama collapses

Good news, Obama supporters!

There is a fair solution to both Florida and MIchigan

Callout in reverse for a few Clinton supporters.

Obama ticket frenzy on Craigslist


If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck... It could be an Elephant.

BO workers out to sign up “Democrat for the Day” in PA: “got quite a few Repugs”

The Media Needs to Fess Up...: Time for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Take a Look

If Any Bone in His Body were Smart Politically, Obama MUST Bring His Grandmother to Counter Ferraro

Important Hypothetical situation for Obama supporters.

Obama's speech could seal the deal

Rasmussen Daily Presidential poll: Obama only attracts 36 % of white voters in match-up with McCain

The Race-Baiting of the Mainstream Media

Many have said Mr Obama screwed up not throwing Mr Wright away....

I bet the STINKING media won't show this side of Rev. Wright

Give Me One Reason To Vote Against...

So the polls are beginning to say that McCain is winning...



Di Genova on Abrams is trying to push blame on "big government bureauocracy"

I know why some on DU think passport is no big deal

Is sexual harassment an important issue?

Oh no! Call the Existential Detectives! Obama's file was breached.

Obama openly used past unfair attacks on Hillary to advocate for himself

Obama openly used past unfair attacks on Hillary to advocate for himself

Give Me One Reason To Vote For...

This Obama/passport breach reminds me of an incident in the past decade... something about FBI files

The First Day of Spring and the First Day of Crotch Sniffer Season

The First Day of Spring and the First Day of Crotch Sniffer Season

FOX News Poll: More Than Half Believe Obama Doesn't Share Views of Pastor Wright

The First Day of Spring and the First Day of Crotch Sniffer Season

How rude is it to call John McCain a doddering old fool?

How rude is it to call John McCain a doddering old fool?

Clinton Doesn’t Deny Campaign is Pushing Wright Story to Superdelegates

The Clinton camp follows the lead of FOX NEWS, Hannity and Limbaugh in making Wright an issue. . .

The Clinton camp follows the lead of FOX NEWS, Hannity and Limbaugh in making Wright an issue. . .

The Clinton camp follows the lead of FOX NEWS, Hannity and Limbaugh in making Wright an issue. . .

Obama sounds very presidential on Larry King

Obama's passport...a flashback. Interesting.

Breaking on KO: Senator Obama's passport data breached...

Obama on CNN now (Larry King's show, for those of you not on est)

Geraldine Ferraro comments on Obama's Tuesday speech; gives 2nd interview to The Daily Breeze.

Geraldine Ferraro comments on Obama's Tuesday speech; gives 2nd interview to The Daily Breeze.

Seriously...have we come this far?

McCain Can't Quit Hagee: Hagee on the "Issues"

seriousness of passportgate

All of Washington is atwitter with Passportgate

Thursday Night Primary TOONS All opinions represented

Fox News and the Rev. Wright

Fox News and the Rev. Wright

Hey, guys, the kids are going to save us! After days of the pundits yapping

Ahh, Laddie, this passport breach is as welcome as spring rain in Raloo

One thing I've learned about this whole Wright thing....



Hypocritical Double Standard of Preachers

The Nightmare Scenario

Hypocritical Double Standard of Preachers

Can we all agree on this?

Reminder: Senator Obama on Larry King Live tonight on CNN

How about a change in the paradigm?

"Barack has done all he can to ask for white America's trust and understanding..."

"Barack has done all he can to ask for white America's trust and understanding..."

John Sydney McCain

ABC: Mark Penn's polling memo - The Shift to Hillary - is not "airworthy"

John Nichols: Clinton Lie (NAFTA) Kills Her Credibility on Trade Policy

John Nichols: Clinton Lie (NAFTA) Kills Her Credibility on Trade Policy

Seriously, Barack. Clean Coal?

Breaking: Hillary at the White House With Jeremiah Wright.

Your Dem choice for President is irrelevant,Diebold will steal the election for McSame. Get over it!

Your Dem choice for President is irrelevant,Diebold will steal the election for McSame. Get over it!

Your Dem choice for President is irrelevant,Diebold will steal the election for McSame. Get over it!

Obama to Florida and Michigan: We don't want your vote

Obama pastor backs gay rights

One good thing about this Wright situation.

One good thing about this Wright situation.

Barack is half white!

Hillary supports please answer this question ( serious post )

Hillary supports please answer this question ( serious post )

Isnt it Time For All of Us to Denounce these Appalling, anti-American Religious Remarks?

Once in a generation

Once in a generation

What specific changes would Obama make or endorse to reduce discrimination

Obama Hits McCain Again: We Can't Afford Bush-McCain War Any Longer

Where is Wright?

Ben Sergeant's latest (Obama's speech)

I see that Pastor James David Manning is pulling his videos off the internet

I see that Pastor James David Manning is pulling his videos off the internet

In 1992, the Bush Sr. State Department tried to dig up dirt on Bill Clinton's mother


The current fracas about Wright and Obama is like Katrina

As a typical white person who had my fears bred into me, why does Obama go to a creationist church?

As a typical white person who had my fears bred into me, why does Obama go to a creationist church?

MP3 of Obama's speech on Race here:

Time Magazine: 500,000 Texas Republicans Crossed Over to Vote Dem - Most (57%) for Obama

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/20/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton up 1 (43)

Lou Dobbs is being too PC.

It's becoming INCREASINGLY apparent that the media is trying to destroy Obama as a nominee

It's becoming INCREASINGLY apparent that the media is trying to destroy Obama as a nominee

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

My god, media bias against Senator Obama is the worst I've ever seen

Y/N POLL: Will John Edwards make an endorsement on Leno tonight??

Obama's response to Biden's race comments

Obama campaign confirms passport data breached

Obama and the cable media storm - its ONLY the cable "NEWS" variety shows overplay

Judge allows questioning in Clinton suit

Just got this wonderful hate filled EMail that claims Obama is a Muslim Extremist...

"we know that one thing that she was hiding was the truth"

"we know that one thing that she was hiding was the truth"

Thought, insight, sincerity

Thought, insight, sincerity

Politico: Dem Friendly, Or repuke Friendly?

Does Obama's half-whiteness mitigate his typical white person remark?

After a week of Wright videos and arguments between the two camps...

Obama doesn't talk to Americans like they are morons....

Barack Obama: Made to cringe by "an average white person."

Barack Obama: Made to cringe by "an average white person."

Barack Obama: Made to cringe by "an average white person."

A personal story about how I know Obama's speech worked VERY well....

Post your favorite proven-to-be-bogus rumors concocted during this campaign

BO in Portland

Whoever we nominate should remember Langston Hughes!

New CBS News poll: Obama leads HRC 46-43 and beats McCain by 5-points (48-43)

Why doesn't Sen. Clinton want a caucuses in MI and FL

For my sake, won't you put your knuckles down, boys? (and girls)

I've got it. I've figured out how Gore and Obama will be on the same ticket.

McCain endorsed Obama!

Associated Press: Poll: Clinton Leads in Tracking Poll

"We shouldn't nominate Obama: this country isn't ready for a black president"

"I Hate The Gooks"

Why are they so enraged?

Reverend Wright = Gennifer Flowers? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

"Obama releases names of Rezko-linked donors"

Reverend Wright = Gennifer Flowers? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

If I don't win no one can ... That's her motto ... The Girl has no Shame

Joe Scarborough..has been on Obama...trying to portray Rev. Wright Destroying Obama's Campaign.

Sure and by-golly the Wright story has had its legs amputated

Which Presidential candidate will be FIRST to demand an investigation ...

I need something to read. Like Obama's schedule for the last 15 years..

No Edwards Endorsement on Leno

No Edwards Endorsement on Leno

It seems that the Bush administration just indicated which Democratic candidate they fear more...

Eric Alterman: The Ritual Sacrifice of Samantha Power

The media must be stopped.

The Gore scenario may be real

So, what will John Edwards say on Leno tonight?

Dang it! If we only had a YouTube video of sexy state dept. snoopers snorting coke on a passport!

One big problem in this discussion: white people aren't used to being called "white people"

Bill Clinton proclaimed "I have repented" at WH breakfast with Reverend Wright

Journals. The ANTI-Ignore-Button.

Scarboruough said something intersting on David Gregory's show

Scarboruough said something intersting on David Gregory's show

(Lets play what if)I found an old transcript from the first ever Version of DU

(Lets play what if)I found an old transcript from the first ever Version of DU

Only my scandal matters!!!111!!!

Obama's Passport file breached

If you could start a war with a lie.

Jesse Jackson feels relief when it is a white person behind him on the street

I would assume that anyone who had access to passport

The passportgate culprits will end up being:

Antiwar Activists: Be Careful What You Wish For

A Feminist Hero To Be Admired

Clintons Using Wright Controversy Behind The Scenes, The Media Starts Noticing She's Losing

Clintons Using Wright Controversy Behind The Scenes, The Media Starts Noticing She's Losing

Question for the Hillary supporters: Would an HRC administration be just like WJC's administration

Obama statement on Passport issue

Hillary Clinton supporters, please reassure me.

I wonder how many days it will take the media to learn the names of the sub contractors at State?

Obama & Michigan & Florida & the New Politics: Anything to win

Why were "low level" employees allowed to access his files? There is some

Manifesto by Hamas printed in Wrights Church Letter, July 22nd 2007

No Endorsement From Edwards On Tonight Show

Words and Images Can Have Serious Consequences!

McCain keeps making gaffes. How on earth would ANYBODY vote for him?

Is there any place on the Internet where I can find out more about Obama's family?

Wright was a guest of the Clintons at the White House in 1998

Just got back from my first Obama rally in Beckley, W.Va.

Bernstein on CNN said after speaking to many in Hillary's campaign:

The Official Timeline Of The Breaches?

I've been here a long time and I am going to say this!!!

Do you find that when Obama is interviewed

Hillary Clinton's Released White House Records show she Lied about Opposing NAFTA

Where can I go to find out how many donors each candidate has?

Are you looking for a good investment for your money until primary season is over?

sandy berger all over again?

Barack Obama supported John Kerry in 2004

'The whole Democratic Party is a bunch of liberal crazy people

Our Jeremiah: Why Obama's pastor matters.

Jeremiah Wright tied to Hamas?

So now the obamamites are in full warrior mode to attack Edwards

Lewinsky Releases White House Schedule

Does anyone else think McCain might pick Lieberman as running mate? calls DU'ers "drama queens" for claiming to have cried during Obama's speech

Do you think the discussion on race will lead to discussion on other kind of prejudices?

RASMUSSEN: McCain leading Clinton by double digits and Obama by 7.

Toon From Pat Oliphant

Red Alert Red Alert !!!

Videos show the REAL Trinity United Church of Christ, not 90 seconds of clips


Obama supporters, are you guys freaking out?

Historical African American Vote

Dammit to Hell!!! Let's just forget this election and let GW stay anotehr four years!

MSNBC: 10 Dem's Offer to Pay for New MI Primary

National Polls Show Obama in LEAD

Drudge's Crazy Light Is On

"This country doesn't need another building. It needs hope."

I can't believe Obama disenfranchises voters.

"Clinton faces an Uphill Struggle"

Where were the Clintons when Kerry was running?

This is what real hate looks like. How easy we forget. ***warning--graphic pictures***

What's your opinion about why people were checking Obama's passport file?

And Now Hillary Supporters Endorse Bush's State Dept. Spying Over A Fellow Democrat

And Now Hillary Supporters Endorse Bush's State Dept. Spying Over A Fellow Democrat

If someone asked Sen. Obama this question....

It was Mrs. White, in the Library, with the Rope.

Poll: Would you support Al Gore on the second ballot?

Is history repeating? Bush I's 1992 Passportgate smear campaign against Bill Clinton

What specific steps would Obama take to reduce racial discrimination

What specific steps would Obama take to reduce racial discrimination

Lieberman corrects McCain on Sunni and Shia and then goofs

Obama makes RACIST comment about "typical white person"

John Edwards On Leno tonight, it is over now (EST)

Obama racial issues may extend to Pa.

Just in case "some" are trying to link a statement that Hillary made about Obama's Travels

I'm Black and For Hillary. Get Over It.

I went to General Discussion: Primaries! OMG, y'all, it's insane!!!!!!

Bill and Hillary's church embrace Rev. Wright

The IG WILL look into this? WTF?

Pathetic Obama camp get it wrong again - Organizer of NAFTA Meeting Said Hillary Was A NAFTA Critic

As a "typical white person" who does not share Obama's grandmother's reaction to black people....

Democrats - Did you see the HYPOCRITE in the Mirror this morning?

Tribute Song: A More Perfect Union...AWESOME!

So I caved and saw the "A More Perfect Union" speech...

Great... we had a front-runner with a clear path to the presidency, but race fucked it up

What Passportgate really means: MSM not sophisticated enough to handle the Wright story.

Wow...the Obama supporters are HAPPY his passport was accessed

Weasel words from Clinton campaign on Obama passport snooping

Attended the opening of the Obama office in Greensburg, PA..

EXCUSE ME! But am I the only one offended by a person

could this be the turning point for our party

What If the Bush Administration Is Spying On Obama?

This is what George HW Bush did to Bill Clinton in Passportgate

Hill converts

Who stands to benefit the most from digging into Obama's private information?

Clinton Has Lost. The DNC should tell her to stand aside. She's destroying the party.

Documents Show That Hillary IMMEDIATELY Fought HARD For Health Care Reform

This IS big news

This IS big news

Fox News poll: McCain leads Obama by 1%, trails Clinton by 3%

Damn, I swore I wasn't going to do this again.

If Hillary's campaign is behind Obama's passport breach

For those who are still attacking Obama for "not walking out of that church" . . .

For those who are still attacking Obama for "not walking out of that church" . . .

I have an idea!

The Tide is Turning: Passportgate, Wright-Clinton photo, HRC's NAFTA lies

So, can someone clue me in on how I get to Denver as a volunteer?

To illustrate how utterly ridiculous it's getting in here...

Obama's hyped speech did even less for him than Romney's hyped bust of a speech did for him

Rev. Wright = Dean Scream by November

I'm a white woman for Obama. Get over it.

They Found Out About It From A Reporter?

Clinton aide: Obama pushing Wright photo "pathetic"

Calling Out The Freepers

Ohio caller on Gregory's show just thanked Hillary for making it possible for the Rs to win.

Anderson's acting upset that his Rev. Wright toy has been taken away for one night

Anderson's acting upset that his Rev. Wright toy has been taken away for one night

Anderson's acting upset that his Rev. Wright toy has been taken away for one night

Anderson's acting upset that his Rev. Wright toy has been taken away for one night

OBAMA: "Moving Beyond Transactions, Finding Our National Purpose"

OBAMA, Himself said: "We Need to Move On!"

Face it .....Obama screwed up big time......get over it.

My comments on the Rev. Wright affair.

Hillary Clinton Traveling with Bayh Across the Crossroads of America

Senator John McCain is not a racist

Hillary's Right Wing Bible Group

Breaking: Obama's Passport Info. Hacked!!

Breaking: Obama's Passport Info. Hacked!!

Breaking: Obama's Passport Info. Hacked!!

Obama Plays To Packed Crowd In Charlotte

AFP: Worsening polls reveal Obama's pastor problem

Clinton campaign working Wright with superdelegates

OBAMA needs to make limbaugh commercials. BE AGGRESSIVE

Kerry claims Obama can bridge divide with Muslims because he's black?! So, a white woman couldn't?

Time Magazine: 500,000 Texas Republicans Crossed Over to Vote for Obama..MORE TROUBLE

Careful Mr. O...My grandmother is a "typical white person"

Washington Post: "Hillary Clinton Pays Paula Jones $375,000 " Is this the Experience she mentioned??

The Clintons would have you believe OH, PA, and other states are filled with white racists.

Hillary the LIAR [Audio Clip - NH Radio, Oct 11-2007] - She couldn't care less about MI voters

Kerry: Obama Can Bridge Divide With Islam "Because He's A Black Man"

Pastor Wright said the same things Ron Paul did

Who Was Primarily Responsible for the Divisiveness of the 1990s?

Maura Harty was appointed by the George W. Bush government

Dates on passport breaches really suspicious.

Photograph of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright Surfaces (NY Times)


Pastor Wright should apologize to Bill

Well in my mind it's done. Neither candidate will beat McCain & the DNC WILL screw up this GE! plus

The rulers behind the scenes truly fear Obama.

ABC News: Clinton Doesn’t Deny Campaign is Pushing Wright Story to Superdelegates

1st Major Poll since Speech: Majority Doesn't Believe Obama Shares Wright's Views

Whose speech is more hateful - Rev. Wright or Michael Savage?

Stupid Democrats

Book On Hillary's Power Cult Due Out In May- Here's Blurb From Book Jacket

Book On Hillary's Power Cult Due Out In May- Here's Blurb From Book Jacket

Democratic Registration Brisk in PA

Dare I say it? Do we have, as of tonight, the makings of both...

Hillary today-"Dem. nominee may not be legitimate without FL and MI."

Aren't we the party that wants all the votes counted? we'll lose our moral authority over FL and MI

Obama Supporters:::CALL TO ARMS

Who's Maura Hardy (Harty?)? According to MSNBC, she might be involved in Passportgate.

The real reason why the Clinton campaign is having trouble getting her "re-vote" in FLA and MI

The real reason why the Clinton campaign is having trouble getting her "re-vote" in FLA and MI

Watergate Redux: What Did They Do & When Did They Do It & So Forth


POLL: Have you ever had a racist thought?

Why would Edwards or any of his supporters endorse Obama after knowing he voted for this?

"Obama Blew It".....Michael Meyers assistant national director of the NAACP

Even if HRC did do the impossible and beat McCain

Shame on Keith Olbermann


Obama equates Clinton to Bush and McCain--where is the DU outrage at the betrayal?

Clinton Supporters: What do you EXPECT of Hillary RE the Passport Breach?

The Great State of Michigan thinks Campaign Obama owes us some amends.

Curious race for Steve Cohen in TN....two Harold Ford's brother

Lifelong Republican Mayor of Camp Hill, PA Switches Parties to Vote Obama

I trust Keith Olbermann

Has a 900-number re-vote been suggested?

Has a 900-number re-vote been suggested?

Who is looking forward to Phil Parlock 2008?

So, I have a few new thoughts.

What happened to MonkeyFunk?

I learned on DU that a senator could never be a prez. What happened?

On the Fifth Anniversary:

China's Main Stock Index Down More Than 6 Percent

My thoughts on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War...

A message to the media

Phil Donaue was on John Elliott's program tonight. I really miss him

Old Pricks...(Rall rocks)

Handy Guide to John McCain's enthusiastic support from John Hagee's endorsement

5th Anniversary tribute to Karen Kwiatkowski

Wondering how to spend your "rebate" check? Sick of the war?

To Richard

Since Gore, Edwards, and Richardson haven't endorsed Obama yet...

Robin Cook - March 18th 2003 - I resign because

Typical White Person? Dang Right.

So Wright was Invited to the White House in the 90s?

Obama ties economic woes to Iraq war

Vermont Argues Iraq War is ‘Mission Expired’

Fiore Flashtoon: The Torturer in Chief

All We Are Sayin' (Give Peace a Chance)

Dick and Bush plan and they could careless what anyone thinks

Hillary: Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis

How vicious nastiness can change a person's views about Obama


Citigroup to Cut More Than 5% of Securities Employees

With the plethora of accusatory charges of both sexism and racism

War, What Is It Good For? Not the Economy

gop plans for obama

Ferraro: I am no Jeremiah Wright

To the "post-feminists" -- do you get it yet?

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin & Gael Murphy taking calls on CSPAN WJ now (8:30am)

McCain holds talks in Britain (British public opinion matters)

McCain: 100 years. Hillary: 50 years. Obama: Start Now, End in 2 years.

Rev. Wright, Obama's grandma, and your racist family members

Can you afford to feed your family?

Who was the first person/entity to twist Rev Wrights' words and get it in the media?

God, Olberman is having a breakdown because of BO's

Cheney Speech at Balad AB Anaconda

Republican Ohio supreme court for sale, anyone wanna buy ?

Am I a "typical white person?"

Another Republican to retire to "spend time with the family" Tom Reynolds (NY26)

Germany Suspends Aid Talks with China Over Tibet Violence

Iraq Invasion/Occupation


Clinton attack memo offered detailed information on Obama's travels

How Obama-Demographic Yuppies Perpetuate Racism

Terri Irwin honors Capt Paul Watson as Wildlife Warrior

What is the sickest you have ever been and what did you have?

more media madness

Has anyone ever used "Ask Your Lawmaker" and been blocked?

Study: What Immigrant Crime Wave?

Was anyone here doing a protest near downtown Orlando yesterday?

Pig Intestines, Downer Cows

Op-Ed: Throw The Bums Out Of D.C.

No War - No Warming - Blocking Traffic at American Petroleum Institute

BBC: The crunch bites deeper in the US

Why McCain is toast

Left was right: Peace activists and their grass roots

The John McCain/Bob Riley two step

OMG Clinton person linked to Obama file breach. Per KO

Important information. Gays NOW need Green Cards

CNN's Kyra Philips helps spread McCain's Iraq-Al-Qaeda meme

What's in a passport file? Just distraction from a campaign meltdown or something more?

Screw gold, after what I've read on DU for the last few months I've invested in

"And it's my fault that I said to Senator McCain that this is the Israeli version of Halloween...."

Rosen: Obama's speech went right over the pointy heads of the Best Political Team on Television

Reid would rather avoid issue of guns in U.S. parks

VIDEO-Colbert's The Gospel of John (05:53)

Is there anything more pathetic than attacks on Keith Olbermann?

Sorry "Mr. Pro-Life", you're just another Marvin Richardson on the ballot

Dying 10 Year Old Wants Dad Out of Prison - Contact Reps Needed

WJ this morning: War - should public opinion matter?

Former Cheney Aide Libby Disbarred

The Rude Pundit: Being Dick Cheney Means Never Having to Say, "I'm Wrong"

When our candidate wins and begins removing troops from Iraq

Dave Lindorff: Five Years of a Disastrous War and the Bills are Coming Due

Moscow proposes Middle East talks

Does Hillary Have a Chance to Win the Primary?

NBC's Chuck Todd: If Obama or Clinton had made McCain's Al Qaeda-Iran gaffe...

Conyers: Impeachment If Bush Invades Iran

AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to 'control' information

Arlen Spector last night

Another One Bites The Dust: Reynolds Of NY To Retire

Egypt, Russia Draft Deal For Nuclear Power Tender

Feds squeeze poachers' pal out of sausage business

National Polls, even state by state, are currently meaningless for BOTH candidates. Here's why:

The reason that the Florida primaries were moved up is...

"IOKIFYBO" ? WHat does this mean?

Former Cheney Aide Libby Disbarred

Joe Scarborough makes me sick

Toronto commute is 'For the Cows'

Index suggests economy weakening

Hillary really shouldn't grovel, it's unseemly.

KY state basketball tournament desegregated--1958

My New Project: Seering the Bush McCain Connection into America's Thick Head

DU Mods, lock happy. Do they wait for a comlaint? Or just lock if they don't like?

Guess Kerry can get away with this, Ferrero sure can't.

Perino Falsely Claims Bush Never Warned That Al Qaeda Could Gain ‘Access To Iraq’s Oil Resources’»

FIASCO Leave it to Florida Democrats to foul up another election

Most honks yesterday ever! HONK TO IMPEACH BUSH!

What Do Illinois, New Mexico and New York Have in Common? Death by Taser

On Hardball: Republicans For Obama See Past Rev. Wright Issue

Does Sean Hannity Have a GED?

Man Pleads Guilty After Verdict Tossed

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of Glenn Beck.

WAR CRIMES warning graphic at link

Obama pastor backs gay rights

Recession vs Depression help

Post No. 1000 (and Scooter)

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), Implicated In Foley Scandal, Retiring From House

What's wrong with this picture?

Privatizing the Commons is Inviting Corruption

Tell your Conservative Friends: John McCain won't pander to you

A new FIRST PRIORITY for the new President:

If you want a break from politics, you can watch March Madness free online.

C-SPAN3 -House debate on Iraq War Resolution -2002

Bush: "I'm a crier, at times. I'm not afraid to hug a mom or hug a wife or hug a husband and cry."

Diesel Fuel Prices Remind Me Of An Algebra Problem

Protest Photos - San Francisco


Need a pithy / truthy response: What exactly was / is Ron Paul's appeal?

Extra-whiny American Family Association attacks U of Virginia newspaper for anti-Christian bigotry

This about says it all...

The Despicable Hillary Clinton

Israel, US Stage 4-Day Military Training Exercise

World's best-known protest symbol turns 50 (peace sign)

Why the replay from Thom Hartmann?

lots of newly poor today in Ohio and surrounding states

The award for the most bizarre reason for current gas prices goes to...

Were Super-Delegates created to keep any Anti-Establishment nominee OUT?

Ann Coulter liveblogs Gettysburg Address

Canadian Anti-Terror Plans Found in Garbage Pile

I'd like to give a medal to the brave protestors that did this!

Boston Financier Steps In to Bail Out Illegal Immigrants

One of the low points of Democratic party history on C-SPAN now

Key Dem Urged NYT Reporter against Running Warrantless Wiretapping Story

Dear DUers - Please help my thread...

HISTORY RE-WRITE: WTF with the conned-servative pundits taking ownership of MLK?

9 school girls sickened by methadone

Are you emotionally involved in this election process?

Want to see what your congressman pays for healthcare?

Long Island parent long on vicious threats, hate, anger - short on respect for law

Israel Deplores Swiss Natural Gas Deal With Iran

Why is Air America's SF Station so poorly operated?

Arrogance in its purest form: Dick Cheney´s "... So...?"



Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

Explosion at Hamas training base kills 2 militants

House: Expedite Our Contempt Suit Against Miers, Bolten

US/Israeli joint drills for events in near future: Haaretz

"SO.............NO" - I Do NOT Care What The American People Think (Cheney)

We Need the Christian Right to Re-Evaluate

I'm a white male for Christopher Dodd. Get over it!

John McCain waddles around like a baby at the beach.

GDP Roll Call: Hillary or Barack?


Happy days are here again (remember the last depression?)

So I was thinking to myself, "self, what is moron* going to do if and when he* leaves office?"

Is Political Vandalism Wrong?

Gov. Paterson says he may have used campaign cash for hotel hookup

S.F. protest a lesson on how to do it right

Search: Can you locate the poll threads on 9-11 report when asked MIHOP or LIHOP?

Dick Cheney channeling Marie Antoinette..

Please make my tips non-federal contributions (on Act Blue) What is this?

Sen. Jim Webb: McCain Refuses To Co-Sponsor GI Bill For Post-9/11 Veterans

Blacks, Superblacks and Black-Blacks.

Nomi Prins's Books

Any Indiana Iraq Vet's or curent soldiers with problems please let me know

Index suggests that economy is slipping into recession


ABC has hit a new low

RFID credit card hacked

All right! I found three things in my kitchen that were "Made in USA"

Australian woman to face firing squad

Clinton's honesty, why don't Hillary supporters post this poll

Financial crisis and isn't that simple...let's look at insider

Russian blood libel: Jews use children's blood for matzot

Caption this picture of Condi

These six things doth the LORD hate

Rapture Ready board: Is John McCain (aka 'Fatty McButterpants') the Anti-Christ?

One of the Michigan brain dead speaks on the economy......................

Just because.................

Soup!...The new entree. Don't Add Water....

The Secret Ingredient in "Kool-aid"

OSHA’s Four-Year Delay on Crane Safety Standard Highlighted in Wake of N.Y. Deaths

AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to 'control' information

Sen. Webb: McCain Refuses To Co-Sponsor GI Bill For Post-9/11 Veterans»

Arabs Attack Jew in NYC

File under "Are We Safe Yet?" : Counterfeiting ring used airport employees to steal $2M

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate - "The Family" er... "The Fellowship" (on edit)

New Video: McBush on the Economy - The Same Old Thing

LOL! Caption McCain looking super-manly in Iraq.

Does anyone have a really good article on the history of the subprime mortgage crisis?

Matthew Continetti tells NPR McCain didn't make al-qaeda gaffe

Lieberman - McCain's new spokesman?

Cue "Zarathustra".....

General question. Should Catholics candidates repudiate the views of their priests or the pope?

CNN: Slowdown could have been avoided

delete please

Did HRC give the go ahead to former aid Harty to breach Sate Dept. security? Hi-tech Watergate?

`Frontline' probes path of `Bush's War'

A lot of this Wright issue is about the matter of white guilt

Why did it only take one (poorly done) press conference for the MSM to drop the McCain Sex scandal

Australian Man Gunned Down in Driveway by Killer Robot

The Disadvantage of Privatizing Medicare

In remote China, Tibetans break silence

Good point on Randi before the break....


So that hack Todd Harris

Keith Olbermann needs to get a freaking grip!

Girl's Dying Wish Denied; Imprisoned Father Not Coming Home

'Green-card Marine' prepares for 3rd deployment (CNN)

the repuke Sec. of State and DLC-ish governor just gave Colorado to McCain



Pastor Wright's words will have what impact?

lincoln chaffee - "cheney's one of the most arrogant persons i've ever met."

Former Rove aide Sara Taylor becomes MSNBC pundit

Dana Perino, unhinged....... Pt. VI

Rev. Wright thing does not add up

Playing for Peace

Holy crap! Is anyone watching MSNBC?! Cops in SC chasing down people with

Passport-Gate: Access or Alter Information?

Wall Street as Black Hole

Obama: My Grannie's a typical white person. !!

Why Do Bigoted Non-Black Pastors Get a Free Pass from the Media?

29th Republican to retire from the House of Representatives this term

Why can't the Democrats bring up Rev. Moon's Anti-American Statements?

Caption this pic:


what is it with all the american flags always across the stage ?

Spitzer and Funny Business on Wall Street Connected

How about a civics test that rewards w/tax cuts

"This economy is forcing people to make some hard decisions."

Busting the Myth of the Welfare Queen!

Caption this Mc* pic

Filipinos warned on crucifixions (BBC)

Oops sorry wrong forum. n/t

Weird thing in footage of McCain by the Temple in Jordan. . .When

odd dupe....

Clinton support: Can you fill us in on her vast experience on foreign policy again?

Dancing With The Schmucks

Tweety actually proud of making an ass of himself on Ellen...

Purported bin Laden message: Iraq is 'perfect base' (Bush has GOTTA be WETTING himself over this)

Money can buy happiness — if you give it away

McCain will be the environmental champion? Let's look at his record

"Iran: Danger and Opportunity" 6 Signs the U.S. May Be Headed for War in Iran

A reminder, after watching Joe and his BFF John in London today...

Business where I live:

Okay, what's IBTL?

We must all applaud Lou Dobbs

Washington Post covers Howard Dean's deposition in the GLBT-firing lawsuit

Lewinsky Releases White House Schedule

With John & Joe you will get Jack

Who spoke these words?

Another Oregon homobigot lawmaker steps forward

Shining a light on hazards of fluorescent bulbs

Watching Mtv Choose or Lose with Obama (NOT campaign related!): Iraq and PTSD

My grandmother was kind, generous and she loved everyone

Swiftboating Obama

Inspector arrested in deadly NYC crane collapse (AP/CNN)

Barack just needs to get himself a new preacher...and I think I found the man....

1st Amendment for those of you that Forgot!!!

Key places and events in Tibet unrest (BBC)

Schwarzenegger replaces Eastwood, Shriver on parks commission

Women, blacks face poverty in retirement

DARPA's new toy

Who is guilty by association?

Hagee, in 'NYT' This Sunday, Says McCain Sought His Endorsement

When Doing Tequila Shooters and Out of Lime

Possible theory into the death of Perry Kucinich

Hillary's opponent collapsing in the polls. When will the super delegates intervene

Why would DU allow a conservative republican to advertise?

A nice photo of Vice President Dick Cheney

Not that anyone should care , I am taking a few days off before

John Adams: God Damn America

What would you do if it was you walking on a street?

So after the "McCain has experience" comment I threw

Year Six (Mary Lyon)

So...are the CONTENTS of Obama's file now going to hit the news?

I wonder if Cookie Krongard had any old friends at the State Department?

Eric Alterman: The Ritual Sacrifice of Samantha Power

Mexico’s oil levels in decline

KBR cited in probe of electrocutions in Iraq.

Imprudent Curiosity

I broke a long standing rule of mine tonite and

"Imprudent curiosity?" As Georgie himself once attempted to say, "Fool me twice, shame on me."

The Collapse of American Power (PC Roberts)

Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright recipient of three presidential commendations.

Not MID MARCH........LAST WEEK...Third Violation

Holy crap!! even Joe DiGenova is calling for an investigation

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.....

I wonder what company these private contractors who breached Obama's passport info.....

New Trinity Pastor couldn't have said it any better than this

Clinton misstates wife’s DOMA position

Watergate Redux?

It is over-Barack Obama will be our next President...

Hannity Denies Past Association With White Supremacist But Evidence Suggests Otherwise

OK, now I'm all in for Senator Obama....

NY Times says Obama campaign provided them with Clinton/Wright photo

Obama's speech makes YouTube history and is the MOST WATCHED video in the world today!!!

Do you think if Joe Lieberman knew something about John McCain,

Feb. 21 - Obama's passport breached for the second time....Four days later....

Sean Penn: Media Lap Dogs Backed Iraq Mess

I'll be offline for awhile after my last post later tonight

Has anyone seen that the Obama Camp is examining the Clinton records

Hagel: U.S. may need new political party

Will someone be spying on Bushwipe when he leaves office?

The only person who should feel safe with a McCain presidency

The amazing support the Clintons gave Kerry in ' on

BREAKING POLITICAL NEWS: Kids in the Hall are touring!!!

So we all know Obama's cool Kenyan paternal gram was a total terrorist.

Another Reason Some Americans Can't Accept the truth of the Iraq War or Pretend not to get it.

Kern's husband says marriage bolstered despite distractions

Independent UK: Claims of dirty tricks after security breach on Obama passport details

Dalai Lama's criminal past photos Leaked. China better back off or else!

Has anyone said who the contract company is?

My experience of potential breaches of government records in high profile cases.

New Challenges For Obama, The Democrats And The Left

AmericaBlog: McCain busts the FEC's spending cap

I don't think McCain is going to make it to November

Chafee on Cheney’s ‘So?’: He’s ‘a very very arrogant man.’

Didn't Sibel say that State is the most corrupt agency?

The Rice woman .......

Al Gore still to be considered

What Dana Perino will feel like tomorrow

John McCain is OLD

How many times have authorized people accessed Barack's files is the real question

Seriously, what's with the whole "Hillary's Opponent" thing?

Rachel has three questions for the discussion tomorrow

Special Edition of Countdown: Keith Olbermann Back On Live

Day Nine: No Straight Talk from McCain on Parsley's Call for Destroying Islam

Lol - Grand Theft Auto takes on Fox News

OMG Jon Stewart

"This is going to shine a spotlight on all things Chinese, Stretch..."

"This is going to shine a spotlight on all things Chinese, Stretch..."

CNN examines 'unusual' protests on fifth anniversary of war

State Department Inspector General

This story is really starting to smell.

It doesn't matter who you support this invasion of Sen Obama privacy is outrageous!

Awww...C'mon guys. Stop acting so shocked.

SF Mayor Newsom to restaurants: Drop bottled water and turn on the tap

American Axle strike...Day 24...

Freak accident of all freak accidents. Woman dies after Sting Ray leaps from water and strikes her

Borders about to sell itself... to Barnes & Noble?

A blast from Keith Olbermann's past

Israeli ex-security guard solves 38-year-old math problem

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush erroneously says Iran announced desire for nuclear weapons

Different Standards for Black and White Preachers

This must be big--DiGenova all over the place tonight

So, where IS the UN, or other authority ...?

Barack Obama and Colin Powell ticket?

News you probably didn't hear about, House votes overwhelmingly against Executive Order 13233

David Gregory's new show on MSNBC: Bitterly disappointing

How Did Clinton Know Obama Had NOT Traveled To Latin America?

I Call On Condi Rice To Resign

Big Surprise: Clueless Guys Can't Read Women

Is Washington Post offline?

Toon From Pat Oliphant.

Student walk-out against the war is going real strong through downtown Portland, OR

McCain's VP

Deficit spending is the original sin. There would be no Iraq War...

Happy First Day of Spring to my fellow DU'ers!

I got a Rep so mad about his own words!!!

"The scandal reached to the top levels of American government" save the date.

Competing To the Death - yet another bush failure.....

About the "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq"

Curiouser and Curiouser. Lawrence O'Donnell: "That March 14 Date Is Crucial"

Collection of Mohammed cartoons and why Muslims are offended by each. Funny!

Bush tries to be unpopular — not really!!! Dana P strikes again

So.. Three breaches, and three contractors..


Andrea Mitchell: Timing of the breaches just "doesn't add up" to there being no political motivation

So the passport spying is about spying, not the passport bit?

"Nobody could have envisioned Obama's passport file being hacked."

3 separate events!!! this shit is getting scary

Bartender's charges go up in smoke

$1,000 bench warrant was issued Tuesday for "Transformers" star (smoking fine)

Norman Lear's "Born-Again American" speech from the TBA conference

Strong Dollar Flattens Gold

Can I use my rebate check to pay my taxes?

My best mixed mileage yet in my Prius: 54.4 mpg!

David Schuster said the person responsible for one of the breaches....

Did I just feel a tectonic shift?

Does anyone know what happened to Alan Colmes blog?

Steven G. Brant: Senator Obama's Passport Records Broken Into: We Must Learn The Truth

These guys were "low level employees", too.

Eliot Spitzer Offered Big Money To Pose Nude In Playgirl

DUers have you seen the broken levees in Missouri

I would like to openly offer my genuine apologies to jlake.

Would People Please Stop Blaming the Rev. Wright For Obama's Mistake?

Would People Please Stop Blaming the Rev. Wright For Obama's Mistake?

RW email needs a response!

Over 200 Protesters Arrested

Tucker: Cheney 'kind of a hero' for ignoring Americans' opinions

Judge: Protesters Unfairly Excluded From Bush's 2005 Inaugural Parade Route

Bush says war is romantic - Today’s Headlines 3/20/08

Obama's passport file breached three times

Borders book stores may be sold

Easter Protests Planned By Church Group (Westboro again)

Hey Wall Street, It's Simple. Agree To Regulations Or Don't Get Bailed Out

Democratic Senators

Democratic Senators

Starbucks told to pay $100 million for giving baristas' tips to bosses

Thursday Night TOONS: Unhappy 5th

Do you "cut and save coupons" and use them when you shop?

Why Does MSNBC Have Kenneth Blackwell On As A Commentator?

Why Does MSNBC Have Kenneth Blackwell On As A Commentator?

Dana Perino: "Helen, the president went to war to remove Saddam Hussein"

I just went over to GD-Primaries.....It has reached extraordinary new depths.

Arlington, TX to home owner "we don't give a shit about your property rights"

Wolf just asked why European tourists are not flocking to US

Obama Passport Breach by "Contracting Company employees"...And the Contracting Company is:

Be wary of pushers of the commodities bubble.

ABC edits out Cheney's no in the transcripts

ABC edits out Cheney's no in the transcripts

"people should think for themselves, but think within a framework of Creationist belief"

Passport Breaches: "Just Low-Level Employees" "No Political Motivation" (Rove Worked For CREEP)

+236.58 / +1.96%.... Woweeeeeee!

Woman pleads guilty to false rape report

Steered Wrong: Drivers Trust GPS Even to a Fault


Are you planning on boycotting the Beijing Olympics because of the Tibet situation?

Suckling at the Government teat ... Liberal vs. freeper marriage

Affluent Homeowners, Too, Have Mortgage Problems

How the markets really work.

It's all about enthusiasm Obama supporters. WE CAN WE WILL

It's all about enthusiasm Obama supporters. WE CAN WE WILL

Do you all know that most cellphones have a GPS?

Lanny Davis: Two Questions for Senator Obama

Gas prices...always blame the democrats...

FBI posts fake hyperlinks to snare child porn suspects


How many people have you "denounced" and under what circumstances?

Gene Kelly's widow kicks MoDo in the teeth

FBI posts fake hyperlinks to snare child porn suspects

Sara Taylor, "Republican Strategist" - MSNBC (was just on)

Sara Taylor, "Republican Strategist" - MSNBC (was just on)

Bush Hands Out New Jobs...Overseas

Free Market Stalinism

The single most dire GDP pathology


Dalai Lama calls for dialogue with China-They need our help. Action links

AdBot fans post yer home addressess here

DCCC director defends Wasserman Schultz...says bloggers make "much ado about nothing."

Does anyone have a fake lawn - Astroturf??


They were contract employees. We fired 'em. Its okay. move along ......

#1 Reason to watch the final season of Battlestar Galactica

I like it straight up, dark, and sometimes even tasteless

I just got done watching "Super Nanny" and now I have that stupid earworm

Angel - Eurythmics

Speaking of slapstick...sort of...

I would like to dedicate this song to Darth Cheney

Self-delete. Smooches to all the good people here.

Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath

Yahoo!! I could be a millionair!!!...

California Leads U.S. in Defaults, Home-Price Decline

South Korean finds suspected rat's head in snack (shrimp crackers from China)

Self delete -- dupe

...another "stimulating" round of "Phoenitic Jeopardy"? (fun with celebrity names)...

I successfully cast my wedding rings tonight.

I filled up my gas tank this morning, $44.42 for 12 gallons of regular.

Any fans of the WB's Supernatural?

Lisa Lampanelli...

The song Ken Lee. "Tulibu dibu douchoo"

Rosa Brooks...Today's LATimes... On the War...

Who here is nano-managed?

I hate people who scream at me for parking in handicap spaces!!

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked (Palast)

Should the dead be left, well, dead? (possible spoiler alert)

LibertyorDeath is officially dead to me...

People who couldn't care less about NCAA basketball check in here

One of my coworkers pissed me off!!

Bad for you food lovers...

CanuckAmok would enjoy this

LOL Sarahbelle's sigline

Subject: Food

Wow, a gadget that I actually want.

I think I 'm getting to be too old for this.

How do I find my first post since search only goes back to 2005?

That's right, I'm buckin' for a DUZY....


My friend Chris in Sweden just said this about W:

Have a perfect Ten Commandments Weekend! Kiss Hank's Ass!

What is the stickiest you have ever been and what did you have?

Gawd, I'm in a pissy-assed mood.

Thank you whoever you are!

How much do you want to bet these two vote Republican?

Bored? Upload pics of ppl to this site and give them makeovers

The Easterbunny hates you

St. Peters (MO) clones beloved Burr Oak

Alert to LOST addicts

I need help with a movie title

The Barenakedlady Get Out Of Your Piss-A** Mood Thread

Waiters or Waitresses?

went to buy momotoddler stickers to help with potty training

F O U N D (spoilers)

Have you been late recently?

How would you most like to be 'employed'?

Hey Call Me Wesley ....bwahahahahahahahaha about that clap

Hey Call Me Wesley ....bwahahahahahahahaha about that clap

Favorite Mister Fletcher Christian

I rare glimpse into the life of Paul McCartney-impressive if you ask me

A funny thing happened at a funeral today

Aussie man builds robot to kill himself- it works

So this is what we're teaching the Iraqi police trainees?

Check it out: A new Carrot Top pic!

Ahoy Matey's! Do I go to LynneSin's party or Fells Point Privateers Day?

So, it would seem that Lipitor actually works....

So, it would seem that Lipitor actually works....

Heather Mills throws water over Paul McCartney lawyer over £24.3m divorce

Have you been late recently?

Fashion statements that just should be made - post em here...

I just got back from PT. ARGH

Quote of the day...

Why don't they make a chocolate Christ on a motorcycle?

Damn you DU! Now I'm addicted to Top Chef.

Think I'll drink now. Finally finished my job forms!

Was the mystery of the ghost kick solved?

Where the hell are my CDs?

Damn, that quart of V8 Juice put me right to sleep

dolo amber's favorite song is "My Music" by Kenny Loggins.


Thousands flock to see 'weeping' statue of the Virgin Mary

Is it possible to download ringtones onto a Blackberry Pearl?

During what movie (in a theater) did you fall asleep?

Have you been lame recently?

I'm going to get me my fair share of abuse on Sunday-Churchin'

Help! does anyone know---

Kitteh update :^(

Beijing 2008: scatology favorites!

4% Pantomime

So...who here knows anything about pain?

The Art of War (warning may contain reality)

Whoo boy is my co-worker pissed off

We're having a little meltdown at our house right now...

I need inspiration for Spring Cleaning my Bedroom.

Officiating mistakes from the NCAA Tourney that you're still bitter about

I hate people who park in handicap spaces!!

So, did this 1990 craze really take off?

I'm getting over it. Get over it!

Stuck Sneeze

I'm on vacation today and I'm gonna take a nap now

Bush is a puppet?

Damn, that gate - or portcullis - put me hight to Weep

I'm officially on Spring Break you guys

Does anyone else balance an egg on end for the Equinox?

I bought a 7 week old Girl in Chinchilla. She's so damn cute, I can't stand it.

So, that movie Atonement: any good?

So...who here knows anything about pianos?

What is the slickest you have ever been and what did you have to do?

Who has had Chickenpox?

Wow. So a couple broke into a church to have sex on the alter

National Democratic Anti-Iraq War Conference: Open To All Organizations & Activists!

Whoah, my thread is on the front page?

Tower Of Woo

99 on one midterm...w00t!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/20/08

Who do you got for the WOMEN'S Final Four?

Emeril Live tonight: TEQUILA!

What was the damage for Midlo's post Bunko night celebration?

Please vote in my poll in GD: P. Don't worry, it's not scary.

Re: the last few days and why I got upset...and a big Thank You

Academy Award-winning actor Paul Scofield dies.

Young person sings "Hey hey my my"...........

Brent Buckman Syndrome

Hey I'm reading up about the Rwanda genocide and the RTLM hate radio broadcast

I bought a 7 week old Girl Chinchilla. She's so damn cute, I can't stand it.

Decent Free Voicemail

WTG K-State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Doing Tequila Shooters and Out of Lime

No, no, no, no, no Belmont, Don't throw a wrench in my bracket...

How are your job's intangibles?

Damn, I could use some good news . . .

Is it just me, or is the hostility in GDP spreading?

We had some dramaz go down this morning

Homework rant - revisited

Have you ever been the victim of BAD sushi?

I found a back door way to get my digs in about the homework situation!

Anyone goint to Suwannee Springfest?

I miss my dog


A one bedroom, one bath, 740 square foot apt for $2400 a month. WTF?

It stinks in here

Why are you angry at God?

My son called me and told me that the tram at the Memphis Zoo

I poop a lot

Pull my finger...

Dammit all to hell!!!

Teh Lounge is like way too series, yanno?

Two more weeks. No more retail!

How come nobody raves about "Ray of Gob" any more?

Besides the ghost kicks, I just noticed something else...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/20/2008)

Since inane and un-funny posts are no longer allowed.. Here goes.

George Carlin is one cynical,funny profane genius.

The perfect cure for when you're feeling a bit down...

I need something to do, so how about a smiley thread?

I'm bored

i'm going on vacation tomorrow.

Ah, another lovely night in GD: P...

TV and the censorship thereof is so fucked up.

Skinner: please require Turtlensue to post more copycat threads!

TV and the censorship thereof is so f@#^$d up.

I found my anti - avatar!

The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly On The Plain...

If you find me comatose on the floor

Union: Workers told to use urine bags

It's 7:20pm AND ITS STILL light enough out you don't need headlights.....

I don't know the proper f&&^^%g symbols to use to censor a word. S##t.

Well, I have bad news...and good news...

Go Badgers

So I'm 7 for 7 in the NCAA pool so far!

Utah surf.

Meeting the Divine

I'm leaving DU.

NCAA Tournament Opening Day Thread (SPOILERS)

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

The place that delivers fried portobello ravioli is open to 2 am.

OMFG! J-Lo with her twins on the cover of People! J-Lo with her twins on the cover of People! OMFG!

Good Night DU

If I posted a video link of a guy skydiving with his cat strapped to him

Stephen King..... Duma Key

omg jellyfish, jellyfish omg

Who wants to come with me to $3 pitcher of beer night?

Yeah! It's Spring!

Women’s ass study

To make it through the coming Depression, I'm starting a commute

Wisconsin won ugly

Well maybe I can get a vote or two here: Do you love wildlife?

I has a stik - I'm afraid of GD : P

I'm a white male smoking cigarettes at Olive Garden. Get over it!

What is the sickest you have ever been and what did you have?

What is the sickest you have ever been and what did you have?

Spent time in GD-P. Time for some LOL cheezeburger cats and other giggles

Joe Pass!

I've been inspired by trolls and GD P to do an experiment...

Where could I take my 9 year old nephew, in north Jersey

I got a hovercraft at work today.

Easter candy addictions.....

What's your favorite drink and recipe using limes?

Good News!

I had a terrible, horrible no good very bad day.

It's late. This a good place for unburdening. I need to do that. Timeline:

Am I the only idjit who picked Baylor in this round?

I hate people who park in handicap spaces!!

Somebody want to get this t-shirt for me? I really want it.

Where have you gone, NewWaveChick1981?????

What do you like most about yourself?

Fashion statements that just should not be made - post em here...

Back from the doctors

What's the coldest you've ever been?

A Major Fractal Art Show for CaliforniaPeggy (Dialup warning)

a delemna about our son

Anyone who has ever worked at Starbucks, can you answer me this?

omg jellybeans, jellybeans omg

The Make Fun of LynneSin While She's Napping Thread

Magical Lounge Vibes needed... sick as hell here. *groan*

*** ALiberalSergio Turned 3 this weekend! Here's some pics from his party! ***

Im 18% smarter than the average person

My wife, the woman I married for better or worse had this to say about

is Church A Waste Of A Good Sunday?

Finally got the courage to watch "Hotel Rwanda"

Can anyone top the hilarious irony in the acronym "CREEP"


Just post a random picture if you want thread

GM: Not Making Hybrid a 'Mistake'

GM: Not Making Hybrid a 'Mistake'

Jerk Store: A Confession

Peep show

FL and MI are now being used as tools by the Clinton campaign.

FL and MI are now being used as tools by the Clinton campaign.

FL and MI are now being used as tools by the Clinton campaign.

What Are You Doing For Easter?

I typed in the names of all my cats as ".com"s to see if they have their own websites...

Pet Rabbits

City ponders 'Plan B' if justices void gun ban

Cuba Elected President of COCAL (Latin American Federation of Professional Congress Organizers)

Indian Workers Marching To Washington D.C. To Protest Their Exploitation

Parents sue Iraq contractor(KBR) in soldier's electrocution

Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race

There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy

Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race

McCain meets Gordon Brown in Downing St

Why Warren Buffett is buying railroads

Hagel: US may need new political party

White House Taps Tech Entrepreneur For Cyber Defense Post

US teeters on recession, eurozone could weather crisis : OECD

Microsoft and HP to set up Taiwan R&D centre

SC troopers used cars to ram suspects (on foot)

Attacks on Darfur villages were deliberate military strategy: UN

Karzai and US VP Cheney urge more from NATO in Afghanistan

Iraq to pay oil firms to boost its output

Soldier electrocutions probed in Iraq

Serb PM Kostunica Criticizes US Decision To Arm Kosovo - AFP

Former Cheney Aide Libby Disbarred-SCOOTER!!!

(Iraq PM) Maliki's guards abuse journalists during Babel festival

Cheney trip not aimed at preparing Iran strike

Pentagon divided on Iraq strategy

Iraq War Veterans Face Allergy Risks

Lawmakers (Waxman) Want Probe of Accidental Electrocutions in Iraq (KBR)

Iraq vigil doesn't draw a crowd

Oil and Gold Prices Continue to Plummet

Central American leaders plan to abolish immunity for legislators

Obama eyes active role in oil markets

OECD slashes US growth forecast

Reports Suggest Economy Weakening More

Rep. Thomas Reynolds won’t be seeking re-election to a sixth term in Congress

Clinton Doesn’t Deny Campaign is Pushing Wright Story to Superdelegates

Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race?

Eliot Spitzer Offered Big Money To Pose Nude In Playgirl

Obama ticket frenzy on Craigslist

Tucker: Cheney 'kind of a hero' for ignoring Americans' opinions

F.C.C.'s "Do-Over": Second public hearing on network neutrality after Comcast stacked first one

S.F. video cameras don't deter crime, study shows

Police 'shot at Tibet protesters'

Dell to buy $52 bln components from China

Gates considers US force levels for Iraq (expected pause in troop cuts for as much as 6 wks)

Breaking: Cheney’s former chief of staff disbarred from practicing law in U.S. capital

(FL) Two state senators float compromise to count Dems' primary votes

Judge allows questioning in Clinton suit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 20

Colorado considers recruiting farm workers from Mexico

Canadian court to hear Khadr complaint about U.S.

McCain shrugs off Obama attack over Iraq gaffe

China pours troops into Tibet

Blackwater 'Blood Money' Angers Iraqis

Reports: Murdoch Among Bidders For Newsday

U.S. interrogator gets immunity for possible prisoner abuse

Bush: Politics not a factor in Olympics

White House Is Clearing Up Cheney's Remarks

McCain Aide Suspended for Relaying (Obama) Video

U.S. Economy: Leading Indicators Drop, Manufacturing Weakens

City: Inspector faked crane site paperwork

Magnitude 7.2 - XINJIANG-XIZANG BORDER REGION (Tibetan Plateau)

Oil Deal for Alaska Wildlife Refuge on Fast Track

Electrocutions kill at least 12 soldiers, Marines in Iraq

Hagee, in 'NYT' This Sunday, Says McCain Sought His Endorsement

(Tom) Reynolds Out (R-NY 26)

Beijing admits Tibet violence has spread into China

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections begins investigation of (Ohio)primary crossover voters

Feds to NY: Hold off on Spitzer probe

Voice on Qaeda message is bin Laden -U.S. official

Libertarians seek Barr candidacy

U.S. jobless claims up more than expected

Clinton takes lead over Obama in Gallup poll

Developing: State Department officials reportedly fired after Barack Obama's passport file breached

Paul Scofield, British Actor, Dies at 86

Michigan Do-Over Dies

GM: Not Making Hybrid a 'Mistake'

63-year-old solves riddle from 1970

Democrats Want Contract Fraud Documents

Parents sue Iraq contractor in soldier's electrocution

Some 'Unsung Heroes' of Iraq War Coverage

The Audicity to Hope - the Rev. Wright Sermon that inspired the book

New Deal/New Economy

Global credit crunch, facts and figures (BBC)

5 Years Ago: Many Top Newspapers Opposed War

The One Redaction from Hillary’s Released Schedules We’ll Never See

Pentagon divided on Iraq strategy

Commanders expected to recommend Iraq pullout pause

At Rezko Trial, a Surprise Host: George W. Bush

Fantasies on Iraq

"Mustard and Relish" Sandwich girl an Obama organizer in Pittsburgh

Iraq's lost generation-Independent UK

'We live in a nightmare. Death and carnage is everywhere' Ali, Baghdad resident

McCain isn’t the only one confused about al Qaeda

Dave Lindorff: Five Years of a Disastrous War and the Bills are Coming Due

Iraq will not be a Qaedistan

The Media Needs to Fess Up...: Time for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Take a Look

Hagel: US may need new political party

Spitzer Scandal Spurs Call for Reform: Public Financing of Prostitutes

Global Warming Rushes Timing of Spring

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy

Sirota: White House Papers Expose Lies of Clinton, Emanuel & Gergen On NAFTA

How the blurring of the seasons is a harbinger of climate calamity

Global capitalism teeters on the brink

Consortiumnews: The Road to 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

The Golden Age of the Military-Entertainment Complex


Putting Out the Fire With Gasoline

Apocalypse Now? - The Economist

Where war meets peace: Winter Soldiers challenge America with the truth about Iraq

Can SuperDelegates Stop the Scorched Earth Campaigning?

Sunni militia strike could derail US strategy against al-Qaida

Barack Busted for FWR — Flying While Running (for President)

Top medical students now go into appearance-related fields: What about sick people?

Indians abroad sent $27 bn home in 2007

Can GOP Voters Spoil the Dem Race?

This is who Barack is.

Could Wal-Mart Revive the Labor Movement?

Outstanding Barack Obama clip

States’ Data Obscure How Few Finish High School: "Dropout epidemic"

In a crass, thoughtless act, Pentagon decides to delay screening troops for head injuries

Why Warren Buffett is buying railroads

Shutting Down American Petroleum Institute 1 of 3

Shutting Down American Petroleum Institute 2 of 3

Shutting Down American Petroleum Institute 3 of 3

Hillary Flashback: Michigan election not going to count

Olbermann on Iraq 5 Years Later 3/19 - Dick Cheney: 'So?'

Iraq War vet Jon Powers for Congress (NY-26)

Jeremiah Wright and World Wide AIDS Day at TUCC

Full Speech Of Barack Obama - Iraq and National Security

Will Al Franken get the clown vote? (07:16)

"The man understands the core of America"

Obama on Race in America-Highlights From TPM

John McCain and George W Bush: Love Story

More Video From Obama's Former Pastor Wright! ~~~~~~~

Red State Update: Do-Over Votes In Florida & Michigan

Al Franken tells touching story about his 4th grade teacher (NCLB)

The Cost of War

Tucker AND John GIbson CANCELED!!!

Full Speech Of Barack Obama in Charleston, WV on March 20, 2008: The Cost of War

Countdown, McCain, Lieberman and "misspeaking"

War and the Masters

Hillary Clinton and NAFTA version 1

Olbermann: Passport Breach Coverage Cont'd - 3/20

"A More Perfect Union" Tribute Song - Barack Obama

Adam Kokesh Demands Impeachment

Tweety and Ellen dance; things go "terribly wrong"

Obama's Bra 54 Double "D"

NAFTA and Hillary Clinton's credibility problem

Obama blew it

Olbermann: Passport Breach; Two State Dep't Employees Fired - 3/20

Al Sharpton Makes a Fool Out of Greta Van Susteren

How Could Anyone Vote For McCain Or Clinton??

NOW this is the whole video they didn't show

Ruling: "Speak English" sign at cheesesteak shop not discriminatory


Olbermann: Passport Breach Coverage PART 3 - 3/20

TYT: Liberals Have Been On Right Side Of American History


Tell the Whole Story FOX! Jeremiah Wright's "God Damn America" comments in Full Context

Olbermann Watch

Countdown: World's Worst - Mar. 19, 2008 (Hannity!)

Geothermal project destroying town?

Coal unable to fill world's burning appetite

Checklist Toward Zero Carbon

Vietnam Becoming Major Hub For Illegally Logged SE Asian Timber - BBC

European Court Of Justice Blocks Use Of Driftnets By French Fishing Fleet - ENN

Human Pollution Of Arctic Dates Back At Least 138 Years, Study Reveals - Deseret News

FDA May Have Linked Contaminated Heparin, 19 Deaths To Altered Ingredient From Chinese Firms - NYT

Scientific American: Large Solar Arrays Could Supply 69% of US Electricity Use

The Greening Of America's Busiest Port ( The Progress Report )

Gas consumption drops 1 percent

How The Ethanol Bubble Popped - Sacramento Bee

Why Your Food Dollar Doesn’t Stretch As Far: higher oil prices and surging global demand

the *new* psychological barrier: "Countdown to €100 Oil"

March madness: How Bush and other bad guys juke the pollution stats

Colorado salmonella outbreak may be tied to water

Argument about coal in GDP

JOB: Media Director at Nat'l Wildlife Federation (based in D.C. and Reston, VA.)

Fish key to reef climate survival (BBC)

Der Spiegel - Is Carbon Capture From Coal Generation A False Hope?

Boston College, MIT researchers achieve dramatic increase in thermoelectric efficiency

MIT tests unique approach to fusion power

Tank vs. Hybrid—Is it possible that a Hummer's better for the environment than a Prius is?

GM prepared to take loss on Volt

Cartoon Of The Year!

S.F. moves (closer) to greenest building codes in U.S.

Guided munition may be canceled

Today in labor history March 20

24 hours left to vote and win (Vote for Elaine Chao's Dirtiest Deeds)

U.N. Agency Says NLRB Violates Workers’ Rights

McCain Puts Retirement at Risk

Union: Workers Told to Use Urine Bags (not to waste time leaving a job site)

Appeals court upholds Wal-Mart’s right to fire worker (sweatshop whistleblower)

Fresno, CA.. SEIU needs help to organize Hospital.

Union: Workers told to use urine bags

National City Bank sale could mean $60 million for top execs(after 43% stock drop)

Citigroup to Cut 2, 000 More Jobs: Report

CNN: Is the party over for commodities?

OECD slashes US growth forecast (BBC)

US bank profits more than halved (BBC)

Fictional Employment Theory

Cuban Doctors in Pakistan: Why Cuba Still Inspires

Mexican boy's search for mother pulls on heartstrings

Peru government slams independence moves by Puno province

Peru Fights High Prices With Local Crop

Women toil as scavengers at Bolivian mines

Venezuela has Seized More Than Seven Tons of Narcotics

Guatemalan president vetoes law that would reinstate death penalty

Guatemala mob offers to free kidnapped police officers in exchange for land talks

Guatemalan president names team to declassify military documents, shed light on abuses

Brazil May Create a Record 1.8 Million Formal Jobs This Year

US Used Manta Base in Ecuador to attack FARC Camp

Chronology of 4th Generation War Against Venezeuel - Eva Golinger

Full Rainbow List now available

Bill Would Ease Fla. Gay Adoption Ban

Commando Cosmos: Homo ambush strikes Faneuil Hall

Bad questions you shouldn't ask a transsexual.

DOMA Used to Deny Passport of Volunteer AIDS Educator Traveling to Africa

Saludos a Mexico!

In Speech on Race, Obama Rebuts His Pastor’s View on Israel

Hamas: Blast that killed 2 was accident

Bin Laden urges jihad for Palestinians

Egypt agrees to take over as Gaza power supplier

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian farmer in S Gaza

14-year-old boy hurt in terror attack near Hebron

African migrants risk all for better life in Israel

250,000 Palestinians sign petition demanding national reconcilliation

Erekat: PA might collapse if peace agreement is not reached in 2008

AAI leads delegation to protest restrictions in Americans in Occupied Territories

U.S. warns Palestinian Americans of delays in Israel

Hope you all enjoyed your respite -- I'm back.


Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

NIT Still Has 10 Open Slots If Anyone Wants To Play

Dave Zirin: Carrying a Torch for Tibet


SEC - first to two losses in NCAA's

Upset About CBS NCAA Schedule

Happy Birthday Bobby Orr!

Wake up those echoes!

Something funny my 11 year old son said

A solar wave!

We've lost another cat. Good vibes for the prevention of more lost cats.

Officially Spring

Impressions please?

"A New Earth" - Week 3

Folate 'may keep sperm healthy'

'Old blood' may be risky after surgery

ASAP With a new meaning and then a concern.

Did anyone catch President Bush talking at a religious meeting

I crumbed and seared the salmon

A Few Things I've learned since coming out...

Legal battle rages over whether ankles exist

Day at the zoo--dial up warning

Sebastian expresses his opinion of George W. Bush

oops. I bought beet seeds thinking they were radishes

I am absolutely having a brain spasm.

Mars is 'covered in table salt' (BBC)

Saturn moon may have hidden ocean (BBC) {Titan}

This might be the funniest thing that I've read at Pharyngula.

An expulsion from Expelled!

(Brady Campaign+VPC)+guns=(Operation Rescue+American Life League)+abortions

An interview with the only republican at TBA this year (hint: he has a big nose)

Okay, Massachusetts. You have a problem.

Sigh. Kerry attacked on Kos diary. Luckily, nobody has rec'd it.


Semi-OT: Reynolds (R-NY) retiring, and Capt. Jon Powers is running for his seat

From Steve Rosenfeld re his new book ahead of November:

After Threats, NJ Clerks Call For E-voting Investigation


George Mason Prof on how FL Voter Registration File is Skewed Against African Americans

Confidentiality flaw shuts PA voter registration site

COURT TV's Catherine Crier on Electoral Crisis: 'A Full Frontal Attack on Democracy'! (Rerun)

Activists chanted for voter confidence

Update: E-voting Vendor's Web Site Hacked

My letter to Tim and our School Board.

Veep Wannabe and Corporate Tool Tim Pawlenty defends corporate welfare

Dept of Education is promoting Norm Coleman with an event,

Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race

Quorum at convention?

TX-17: Another GOP failure (Daily Kos on Chet Edwards)

Another question about TDP rules

TX-32: Burnt Orange Report endorses Roberson

Arlington, homeowners clash over removal of racist graffiti from their garage

Turbo Cad Delux 15

What is a good free benchmark program for xp

The Audicity to Hope - the Sermon that inspired the book

Obama to speak in Oregon tomorrow

I just started listening to the Audiobook version of "Dreams from my father" today

Check it out----> Hillary says Troops in Iraq 50 YEARS!!!

Polman on speech today

So the record shows Hillary supported NAFTA as First Lady and later lied about it

I disagree with the CW. This is not Swiftboating, it is something older: racism

Nice analysis of Obama's ability to frame the argument.

I thought Stewart and Colbert were much better last night

Donate in Obama's name

Survey USA polls overall not as bad as I thought for Obama

Ed Schultz just said Obama will be on Larry King tonight.

Responses to the 'More Perfect Union' speech

Video assignment for the tech savvy - Clintons are pushing super delegates to fear

Can we get an Obama daily activities post here too?

Almost afraid to ask, but has Bill Cosby weighed in on Obama?

Would Jay Rockefeller be a good VP for Obama?

"Mustard and Relish" Sandwich girl an Obama organizer Pittsburgh

Let's organize - No more posting in GDP!

Woman jailed in Mexico doubts Canadian political efforts

States’ Data Obscure How Few Finish High School

A GD-Pee OP I did tonight on Obama.

Some help in GD: P please

KOEB Meeting: 03/20/08 -- What About the Passport? Edition

KOEB SECOND LIVE MEETING 3/20/08 No Pass on the Passport! Edition

Link to slideshow of my TBA photos

Help the SEIU in Fresno, CA. Harassment at Comm Hospital

Feingold Listening Sessions

If anyone you know is interested in fishing or the great outdoors

A question about child support

Hospitals 'turn away women in labour'

Formula One to return to BBC TV

Deported Ghanaian dies of cancer

Class size of 70 is "perfectly acceptable" - Schools Minister

Bringing new meaning to the "fireside chat"

WA state atheist on HuffPo--giver her some clicks!

GOP sees Rev. Wright as pathway to victory; Obama speech "written to mau mau the media"

Superdelegates Wait and See: Monitor Fallout from Pastor Controversy, Speech on Race

Obama works to preserve, expand bid: Surrounded by American flags, delivers serious speeches

Clinton Facing Narrower Path to Nomination

Democratic Party Registration Shoots Up in PA

Obama Eyes Active Role In Oil Markets

Obama's "security gap" phrase echoes a JFK line

The Origin of Obama's Pastor Problem

McCain says 100 years, HIllary says 50 YEARS IN IRAQ!!!!

Worsening polls reveal Obama's pastor problem