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Obama ENFP.....Clinton INTJ.....Idealist over Pragmatism?? Thin difference but Obama has a better

Obama ENFP.....Clinton INTJ.....Idealist over Pragmatism?? Thin difference but Obama has a better on next Ellen on next Ellen

concert for Obama

Is the national sports obsession affecting the Democratic race? Woods, Jeter...Obama?

Jack Nicholson's endorsement video


When will the race end?

Please, no more threads about chicken.

Please, no more threads about chicken.

Please, no more threads about chicken.

Maybe Hill's disappearing act was to attend a meeting to discuss bowing out after the 4th?

What did Barack Obama do as a community organizer? NT

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken ok?

97% of Obama's votes sided with the Democratic Party line. Does that sound post-partisan to you?

Latest Polls in OH, TX, RI and VT: Conclusive RESULT --

Hillary on CSPAN now!

Have I bitched about the boar tittiness of NC's primary vote today?

Breaking Reuters/Cspan/HC/Zogby poll: Obama leads in TX by 4/Clinton leads in Ohio by 1

Hillary Supporter, what's with the shame

Great ad 4 Obama: Clinton's Political Law of voting for Hope over Fear, thanks Bill

Obama supporter, what's with the anger?

What is WRONG with you people? Bush will be GONE and all you do is WHINE... don't you know,

What is WRONG with you people? Bush will be GONE and all you do is WHINE... don't you know,

Obama campaign drops 40 delegate hopefuls -- Tuscaloosa News

SNL: Hillary's Best Line Of The Debate

Bye Till Tuesday: It's Been Fun Fighting with Everyone

Hillary in Texas: "We have to win on Tuesday" speaking on March 1


10,000 turn out at a campaign rally for Sen. Barack Obama in Warwick (RI)

Nothing in the Clinton campaign demonstrates she can take on mccain adequately

Texas caucus hardball: The Dallas Morning News gets hold of Clinton caucus "training materials,"

If Hillary wins OH/TX/PA, when does this END???

A shady land deal or 4,000 dead soldiers

Homing in on security as Obama's weakness: "Hillary shows who should answer the 3 a.m. call"

Ya'll wanna have some cold popeyes for breakfest with me?

Ya'll wanna have some cold popeyes for breakfest with me?

How folks in here are looking like:

Yes, I'm worried about Hillary beating Obama in OH and TX but

Here is an idea that could work

Ohio's State of confusion - record turnout and paper ballots could delay results and deepen mistrust

Now I know why there was no impeachment

Sex Discrimination?

A bit of delegate math - Obama will emerge from Tuesday very strong

Hillary's promise to nuke Iran: Nov/Dec 2007 "Foreign Affairs"

Not "just a speech"

Sweet baby Jesus, they saved our bacon. We're back in the game."

Clinton sponsors bill to outlaw private contractors in Iraq...Why does Obama not support this?

On Tues Evening: Obama in TX, Hillary in OH.

On Tues Evening: Obama in TX, Hillary in OH.

The Politics of Hope vs Fear

OK, giving this its own thread: name a crisis either candidate has confronted.

Obama absent at Afghanistan hearings since joining SFRC

Obama supporters: Let's help Obama win Tuesday. Ways to get active:

Reuters/Zogby Tracking Poll in TX: Obama UP by 4.

((()))REZKO and OBAMA((())) Trial begins tomorrow!!! Obama recommended for state jobs.

Has anyone who has been on Saturday Night Live ever occupied the office of President?

We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get? (Washington Post)

3 of 4 foxnews sunday group said Clinton still in race in 1 week

Kucinich - Forsaking Foreclosures - NY Times

Bill Richardson on Face the Nation this morning?

Bill Richardson on Face the Nation this morning?

When it Comes to Wal-Mart, Hillary Clinton is Queen

Why did Obama lie during the last debate and claim he was running for the US Senate in 2002?

Look who is stumping for Obama in TX today

Read quick! DU moderator "Maddezmom" has gone mad! she's locking anti-Obama threads

Read quick! DU moderator "Maddezmom" has gone mad! she's locking anti-Obama threads

Candidates reaching out to evangelical Democrats in Texas

Clinton's so-called surge in the Zogby poll Friday was incorrect.

Networks call a GE before the West coast has voted, when the math is in

What I wish Obama's ad had said

Listen up! We have got to get over our FEAR of Republicans.

WTF is with SNL? Kissing Hillary's ass, Robert Smigel's racist cartoon...

Courier-Journal: Superdelegates face decision - Hillary nor Obama is expected to get 2,025 delegates

Bat boy discovered in cave in baluchistan - says he supports OBAMA!

Bat boy discovered in cave in baluchistan - says he supports OBAMA!

Bat boy discovered in cave in baluchistan - says he supports OBAMA!

Bat boy discovered in cave in baluchistan - says he supports OBAMA!

Obama's past ... Will it hurt him in the election?

Hillary rally backers at training sess. SNL, Nicholson & Obama makes only stop in RI, slams rival

"Kerry precedent." And challenge to other candidates.

Clinton trails in Texas, deadlocked in Ohio

Why Would You Feel Confident With A General Election Campaign Being Run By Hillary Clinton?

"If he’s the nominee, I’ll be sitting my queer ass at home on election day."

Hillary: ready to blow up children on day 1

I had a weird discussion with a Republican co-worker about Obama

LOL!!!....Internet Thugs!

LOL!!!....Internet Thugs!

"What You Feed Grows" or Why Barack Obama Will Be The Dem Nominee

"What You Feed Grows" or Why Barack Obama Will Be The Dem Nominee

"What You Feed Grows" or Why Barack Obama Will Be The Dem Nominee

Samuel L. Jackson should be the next President

Oh No....Harrison Ford for McCain? Bummah.

Rumor control: Harrison Ford is NOT supporting John McCain

The completely gay unification theory on our candidates.

Anyone else hope Ron Paul runs as an indy?

Rezko damage or fallout would be self-inflicted

GDP should take lessons from Howard Dean

Over a dozen generals and admirals for Hillary media conference call

Clinton campaign's new "Wolves" ad -the politics of fear

Clinton campaign's new "Wolves" ad -the politics of fear

Obama passes 1,000,000 Calls for the week, still no events planned....

Hillary has time for late night sketch comedy

Obama did about 5 hours of work for Rezko... really there is more

A message for Triangle (NC) Obama supporters:

Inquiring (Ohio Union) Minds Want to Know


Who Gives a Flying Leap?

If working with repubs is so fascinating name some things that you are proud that they did.

The Nation: Purple Obama

Why Barack Obama Got My Vote by Naomi Wolf

Superdelegates are elitist--why do Democrats use them more than Republicans?

Will it be Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton on the Democratic ticket?

How lovely. Blacks who support Hillary Clinton are now called "Uncle Toms"

Can we set the chin bar in advance of Tuesday?

Who will work most closely with Republicans, and will they be Fundie Repubs or Decent Repubs?

Where are the candidates today?

Republicans hope Democrats try to put Barack Obama phenomenon back in the bottle

One for the It's a Small World files: Judge in Rezko case worked with Ken Starr on Whitewater

New Gallup tracking, Obama hits 50, Clinton 42

Let's be clear here. Even FDR's embalmed nose could defeat McCain in the General Election.

Hillary needs to rent "My Best Friend's Wedding"

It's a gorgeous, warm and sunny day in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Vermont and Rhode Island polling?

Chess and Checkers toon

Attn. Lee Mercer Supporters: You should know this

NJ Ras Poll : McCain 45%, Obama 43%. Let me tell you why I kinda like it.

I think the republicans hope Hillary stays in the race until the convention

will mcpuke be elected president tuesday?

Getting worried about Dems dividing....

Conspiracy theory- Obama: A militant Muslim operative intent on destroying America.

Fear drives hate

Obama "shamrock" logo

"The 3:00 Am phone call" .... disconnect

I have to say this again..

The republicans have hated Hillary for 16 years. Bill Clinton's

are there going to be any more debates?

are there going to be any more debates?

If a foreign power had succeeded in creating a Manchurian candidate

McClatchy/MSNBC/Mason Dixon: Texas Obama 46 Clinton 45 Ohio Clinton 47 Obama 43

McClatchy/MSNBC/Mason Dixon: Texas Obama 46 Clinton 45 Ohio Clinton 47 Obama 43

McClatchy/MSNBC/Mason Dixon: Texas Obama 46 Clinton 45 Ohio Clinton 47 Obama 43

Hillary and Obama can beat McCain with both hands tied.

Obama supporters - here's some candy for you!

The drumbeat to end the race is why states trip over each other to get early primaries

I guess Hillary is about to learn how William Seward felt.

LOL - Obama "I call myself a dancing bear," he jokes of his campaign life."

Yesterday, in Texas, another Republican told me she was voting for the O-Man

Tony Rezko may hold the presidency in his hands.

Last Hope Of Hillary Supporters here at DU

Hillary said McCain would make a "good president".

On "reaching across the aisle"

I had big plans for this afternoon and now I'm SICK:(

On a lighter note...

Hillary Supporters: Desperately Seeking Scandal

Clinton Is Urged to Drop Out if She Loses on Tuesday - NYT


I know who I'm voting for on Tuesday, finally!

Obama: A Thin Record For a Bridge Builder

Behold! The Five Horsemen ride...

Has Cindy Sheehan apologized to her son for sending him to his death?

Why did Axelrod claim on "This Week" that Jay Rockefeller opposed the war in Iraq?

Can we agree on this?

Hillary's inner Tracy Flick...(link added on edit...sorry)

If she has a significant loss on Tues., Hillary should suspend her campaign,

Crist Says He'd Support a Repeat of Florida Democratic Primary

Did the 50 mile human chain in Ohio take place?

Obama aftermath:

Words of wisdom from John McCain:

"Obama's Thugs Suppress Discussion on Daily Kos"

RE: Obama haters....

RE: Obama haters....

"You know when I tell you I'll do something for you, I'll move heaven and earth to get it done"

Some folks think Richardson is a good VP candidate, but I don't anymore

Obama supporters only: If you could have a 1 on 1 with Obama, what would you say/ask?

The damage to Clinton and Obama so far

Patrick Fitzgerald - remember him? He ALREADY investigated Obama in the Rezko affair

Tony Rezko did some fancy footwork to do that favor for Obama - NYT.

Obama 2003:When I was asked, 'Would I have voted for the $87 billion,' I said 'no,' unequivocally

Superdelegates' role: Only two in Nebraska remain on the fence

Who wins the all-important phone competition?

Funny Political Cartoons

If the Democratic primaries had been held in a different sequence, would things be different?

NY Times: Obama Backers Urge Clinton to Exit if She Loses

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/2/08 - Obama down 1 (44), Clinton up 1 (44)

Pre Super Tuesday II candidate poll....

Would this guy be qualified to be Secretary of Defense?

03/02/08 Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008: Obama 50(+1) Clinton 42(-1)

SHEEEE-IT, man, will I be happy when all this is done with, and we have a nominee

This election process stinks

More trouble ahead for Obama- One of his mentors was a CPUSA member

Reminder: Obama and Clinton on 60 Minutes tonight

Hillary Clinton's appearance on SNL last night

NYT: As Developer Rezko Heads to Trial, Questions Linger Over a Deal With Obama

Clinton will change our future for the better

Is Hillary plagiarizing Obama's ideas on jobs in Ohio?

Has Clinton apologized for helping enable the violent situation in which Casey was killed?

Has Clinton apologized to Cindy Sheehan for sending Casey to his death?

How Can I Trust Hillary? She Trusted George W. Bush

As An SNL Fan, I'll Explain To You Why SNL Appears To Support Hillary

Obama is the new Chuck Norris

I just got off the phone with Lee Mercer! Prepare for the bombshell!! He will take the lead!

Biased media? Hell, Hillary should be thankful they're even talking about her!

Vote for Bill to be a "Progressive Patriot

East Texas may hold key to Democratic primary

Mining the Gender Gap for Answers: Is it Hillary, or her gender?

Mining the Gender Gap for Answers: Is it Hillary, or her gender?

What a Difference an Election Makes ...

A hillarious muscial send up of ex gays

Maureen Down NY Times OpEd: Wake-Up Call for Hillary

Don't you wish we could have Dick "toe sucker" Morris back in the white house?

Clinton still ahead in Ohio

Howard Dean=the World Wide Wacko who couldn't be in charge of the military (by Maureen Dowd)

The Fear Bomb: A Concise Video History

New Obama goal: 1.5 million calls!

For The Record.....a concise summary of what HRC's been up to all these years.

Nicholson clip

Ohio Union Officials have Questions for Obama

So... When does the Bill Cunningham Show come on?

HRC supporters: Hillary says her yes vote for IWA was not a vote for the war.

Just got back from canvassing for Hillary in RI

January 2008 webhits - Obama at 2.2 m, Hillary at 1.1 m, Huckabee less than 1 m, Mccain at 637,000

I made up my mind

Should Hillary Clinton provide her phone number so we can all test what she would say at 3AM?

Sure is busy for a Sunday afternoon.

Please tell me Bob Shrum was not the Obama supporter on MTP today

"There are 10 reasons to love Hillary and 10 reasons to hate Hillary,

Cutting down on polls: Toward an America with fewer polls

You aren't supposed to whine about the media, remember? Shut up about SNL

oops, double click

The Night Before The Night Before...

The Night Before The Night Before...

The Night Before The Night Before...

The Night Before The Night Before...

And so it begins: Pressure mounts for Hillary to withdraw from the race



So I watched 60 Minutes tonight with both Dem candidates

Photos: Barack Obama today on the campaign trail in Ohio

Obama considering Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, possible VP

Press treatment becomes issue in campaign

Who else can't wait for Tuesday?

Obama seeks to reverse the question?

Texas: Clintons Face Unfamiliar Political Landscape

OK, so what use is a poll on 3/2 when so many voted already?

OK, so what use is a poll on 3/2 when so many voted already?

KKK Rove calls upon Clinton not to drop out.

Obama on IWR: The vote was a difficult test he didn't have to face.

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Sunday March-02-2008

Hillary has answered the phone at 3AM in the Whitehouse

Once-unstoppable Clinton struggles to overcome Obamania

3 words for those crabbing about Obama putting Republicans in his Cabinet--Harold L. Ickes.

3 words for those crabbing about Obama putting Republicans in his Cabinet--Harold L. Ickes.

Will Obama Outperform the Polls Again? (Kos Diary)

The questions nobody will ask Sen. Clinton *or* Sen. Obama

Obama: "I have enough experience to know that if you have a national intelligence estimate......

CNN Pushing Hillary big time.......SNL yesterday.......and WAPO with Hit piece on Obama today!

Question to ALL boots on the ground in TX and OH

Ability to hear . . .

Is saying that HRC rode WJC's coattails sexist?

Most recent tracking poll has Obama up in TX by 3.5%

Conservative bloggers lie debunked: "Barack Obama loves Che Guevara."

Hillary's 28 percenters

I want a leader, not a fighter

DU Obama supporters...please, make some phone calls.

Clinton on SNL (video included)

Daily Kos: Hillary on 60M: "I take him at his word" that Obama Not a Muslim

Obama and Clinton both better than McCain

The Firewall...

Why either Clinton or Obama will win the general election: NAFTA.

Watching 60 Minutes. One of the people being interviewed by Steve Croft

Carville: If Hil loses either TX or OH she should withdraw

Meet the Press, March 2

Obama, for change (Toledo Blade)

cutthroat, fraudulent politics that lie at the foundation of Obama's supposedly uplifting campaign

Matalin today on MTP: "Obama is popular because of liberal guilt." I say no.

So now that we know we will face McCain....who should fair better in terms of Electoral math?

Obama supporters to attempt 50-mile human chain on Sunday [in Ohio]

10.1.2004 - Democratic Keynote Speaker Barack Obama Calls for Missile Strikes on Iran

Texas polling Trendlines.

Texas polling Trendlines.

Columbus Dispatch OH Poll: Hillary 56 Obama 40

Perception game. Hillary has not lost '11 straight contests'

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Richardson, Durbin Call for Clinton to quit after Tuesday

Can I please ask for a moratorium on the word "Rovian"?

i did not hear BO tell Steve Croft that he is not a muslim. i just heard him ask Croft,

Grace Lee Boggs on Obama, Independents are not the only ones impressed by him

Who thinks Obama is TOO CLOSE TO THE GOP in ideals, techniques and/or message???

John Kerry points out the Lies Implied in the HRC 3am Red Phone Call Commercial

A little insight into the Obama "fainting" phenomenon...

John Kerry points out the Lies Implied in the HRC 3am Red Phone Call Commercial

It's 3 AM and Hillary has just dropped out of the race.

Obama Camp Hits The Ground Running In Philly

Do we understand that when the media attacks a Democratic candidate that it's

Weekend Primary TOONS! Something for everybody

Democrats Bloodied, does McCain have it easy? Is this getting TOO ugly?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the General Election

Obama Gains With Superdelegates

I'll be appearing again tonight on Progressive Blend Radio to give The Ohio Update

Is it Tuesday yet?

Obama and Rockefeller Campaign Across Ohio

Hey, fellow armchair shrinks!

I take Hillary at her word when she says she didn't kill Vince Foster.

I'm not going to vote!

Has SNL become a mouthpiece for the Clinton campaign?

Amazingly stupid, sexist column in WaPo today!! ("How Dumb Can We Get?")

What a piece of work you are Hillary,

Race or Gender? Neither Rises to the Level of the Real Question Which is All About Iraq.

From Newsmeat. The donations of Tony Rezko. He didn't give as much to the Republicans but he did

Obama is not a Muslim. He's a Satanist! (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Barnstorming Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

CNN...showed a long clip of Hillary on "Health Care and Outsourcing of Jobs"...

Why Democratic Superdelegates should ignor the popular vote.

fellow Obama supporters, psst come here

fellow Obama supporters, psst come here

Clinton has tons of experience making bad decisions. she didnt read the NIE???

Need statistics of Republican vs Democratic Voters so far in Primaries

Addressing the misconceptions that it was easy for Obama to oppose the Iraq War

If Hillary wins on tuesday, it will be the first day she has won more delegates than Obama

Some Repug on C-Span...

I've always loved Jack Nicholson

Somebody is out of touch...

Somebody is out of touch...

Just had an Obama man knock on my door here in Ohio.

Health Insurance is #1 Priority for HRC.


Keep your Coins...I want Change

If Obama wins on Tuesday.

Pre Super Tuesday II candidate poll

Republicans Voted To Go To War - Democrats Voted To Cover Their Asses

Why Didn't Hillary Read the NIE Report in 2002?

Article: Like Dukakis, Obama shrugged

Is Hillary Just Trying to Outlast Huckabee?

Inspired by Kristen Breitweiser and FlyingTiger: "This One's For the Blacks"

Obama plans to pick Lugar and Hagel?

Here's dinner for all the Hillary supporters

How the sausage gets made (Inside the Obama campaign)

How the sausage gets made (Inside the Obama campaign)

Clinton says Obama would be MIA in a crisis

Obama scorches Clinton as Democratic “D Day’ looms hypocrite of the week: Barack Obama

How badly would it divide the party...

Obama Daily Volunteer Thread: Sunday, March 2.

The more that I see Hillary being Hillary

The more that I see Hillary being Hillary

Ring, Ring...Hillary don't pick up that phone

GLBTetcs: What is your #1 issue you are voting on this election?

Belo Texas Tracking Poll: Obama 46 (+1), Clinton 46 (unchanged)

If the Clintons are afraid to honestly present their healthcare plan to a Dem audience, why should

"My husband didn't wrap it up until June" Is there a basis for this parallel argument?

Who do you REALLY think would be a better president?

Who do you REALLY think would be a better president?

Daily Kos: Hillary on 60M: "I take him at his word" that Obama Not a Muslim

I Dont Think Hillary is a Racist, Warmonger who smells like Curry

Rhode Island Preview

When was the last time you heard n-word used by someone who wasn't black or a bounty hunter?

It's all over but the crying for Hillary

Ya Know, I Just Totally Had A DU Revelation, In A Sense.

"GOP is caught looking as the Rezko trial begins"

I posted I don't believe in Obama. My patriotism and devotion was questioned.

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Latest polls in TX and OH...

The "red phone" ad, 24 hours later

This post will sink like a rock

Rezco now starting to get press

As a Sen. Clinton supporter, a request.

Veep! Veep! The McCain Possibilities

Veep! Veep! The McCain Possibilities

I really envy Canada.

Obama needs to explain his close ties to serial killer Richard Speck NOW

Obama's parenting tips: "Can I get an amen here?"

Fascinating: Martin Frost says the Clintons don't understand TX

Jeremy Scahill on DemocracyNow: Obama has been at forefront on Blackwater issue in the Congress

Why does Hillary give speeches about how Obama's speeches are nothing more than words?

I have a serious question for the Obama supporters on this board.

I see all these posts saying Clinton supporters are in denial

What in the fuck is wrong with DU?

Belo: Obama leads by 12% among early voters ...

Hillary supporter Gloria Steinem stumping in Austin, Texas -

Huffington Post: "Obama Mocks Clinton Mocking Obama"...anyone else fed up with this bullshit?

Bill Richardson: Time soon to call Democratic race

I am hopeful HIllary will win Ohio and Texas.

Bill Cohen - Bill Clinton's Secretary of Defense - was a Republican

It's funny how DU used to rail against the MSM - but now that they are annointing Obama

Beautiful: He is plaining on appointing Repukes, PRECISELY the reason he is the wrong choice

Is Hillary a hero?

The Moral Failure of Hillary Clinton and Her Campaign

Barack Obama: Candidate of the Past

What in the world happened to Clinton in texas and Ohio?

Anyone opposed shutting down this forum?

For the rational minority on DU who want to understand crazed Obamaniacs,

Why Is Obama's Policy On Expanding Military and Terrorism So Similar To Current Policy?

I think Howard Dean would make a great VP candidate for Obama

You know, Hillary said nothing wrong

I am going to throw up.

Poll: Vote for a nickname for Clinton's team of 3 advisers

As Far As I Know, Hillary Clinton isn't a Republican. I take her for her word on that.

As Far As I Know, Hillary Clinton isn't a Republican. I take her for her word on that.

On MTP today, I heard M.Matalin say Obama has been caught in so many LIES

Obama slams Clinton on homestrech

Not "Hearsay." Blacks pressure black superdelegates to "get on the right side"

DUers hoping Rezko takes Obama out are f'ing PATHETIC

This One's For The Men.

Sending out some good vibes to all Hillary peeps...

This place has to clean up. I've got to bow out. This is a slimy place to come to these days.

Quotes of the day highlight differences in mindset-and snarkiness

Pickles has been First Lady for almost as long as HRC does that make her a foreign policy expert?

Predictions for Tuesday here.

That's it. I'm done defending Barack Obama

Hmmm... This Has A Familiar Ring To It, No ???

Eleanor Clift explains her vote against Hillary

Eleanor Clift explains her vote against Hillary

Hillary : Older people and Younger people.

I just got back from the Obama Townhall in Westerville OH!!!

Obama and his Media Campaign = FUCKING Brilliant!

Why Popeye's Chicken is not a race issue..

Youth Shall Be Served

A poll to help some DU members overcome their confusion on an issue.

As a Hillary Supporter, I Know it's Probably Over on 3/4/08!

Rezko vs Clinton's Donors - Who has a bigger problem? We report, you decide!

Rezko vs Clinton's Donors - Who has a bigger problem? We report, you decide!

Dallas Morning News: We Recommend Barack Obama

Obama and Clinton Should Double-Team McCain

Obama and Clinton Should Double-Team McCain

I just got off the phone with Barack Obama.

I just got off the phone with Barack Obama.

So what is the deal with Obama's Fundraising numbers for February

Hating Hillary, Loving Barack

Texas Caucus Hardball (Hillary trying to cheat????)

Help Hillary! What Should Her Slogan For Today Be?

Valley Forge

Fox News is doing street interviews

It should be clear by Tuesday who our nominee is, & lets not forget there is going to be a

New problem: Thuggish Obama posters make me not want to vote Dem any more

Get over yourself: Your bruised ego is not a good enough reason to influence your vote

I believe the Democratic Party is being seized by some unknown financial power source or some elite

“You don't believe that Senator Obama's a Muslim?” Kroft asked Sen. Clinton.

After Obama made that one small speech at one small rally - what did he do to stop the Iraq War?

If Obama's the nominee, should he pick Bloomberg as VP?

The 5 stages of grief for a candidate's supporters

Crocodile tears from Obama supporters

Hillary hiring AA's to hold signs for her in Texas.

Was it wrong that John Kerry got 88 percent of the black vote?

Get your Ohio Obama PDFs here, then go to Kinkos or...

What if there were WMDs? Hillary knew there was potential danger

Since Hillary takes Barack at his word

Seriously, have some "progressive" Dems around here lost their minds?

Obama is caught up in CHICAGO POLITICS...Like Clintons in ARKANSAS POLITICS!

Ok, who else kind of wishes Obama was a Muslim?

Hillary, telephone!

For once in his life, Bob Schrum made a pretty good analogy....

For once in his life, Bob Schrum made a pretty good analogy....

I Will No Longer Advocate Hillary for Obama's VP If She Continues This Nonsense After Tuesday.

“What Ever Works For You” The Cut and Past Campaign of Camp Clinton.

Hillary speaking to Code Pink on the eve of the invasion of Iraq. Please watch!

"I'll be handling your (Texas) precinct's caucus"

Women are stupid? Where is the outrage?

Misleading Attack: Sen. Obama Flubs in Ohio

On Ebay--"Choose new middle name for Barack HUSSEIN Obama"

What a treat getting to see Bob Shrum talk about the primaries on MTP!

Obama shouldn't be anywhere near the Oval Office:

Question For Chickenshits (Like Me): What Do You Do When You Want To Post In GDP, But Are Afraid?

Not only did Hillary not read the NIE, Condiliar Convinced Hil to vote YES on Iraq! The True Story!

As someone who grew up in a state that doesn't count

Hillary: Is Obama a Muslim, "No, of course not. I take him at his word"

I’m done defending Hillary Clinton.

Kristin Breitweiser "This One's For the Girls"

Joseph C. Wilson : Obama's hollow "judgment" and empty record

Krugman: Obama's right-wing talking points on health care and Social Security

Handy Guide to how the Clinton Machine is lying about the Rezko "Connection"

What Clinton's telling her own precinct captains - Doesn't pass the smell test

What Clinton's telling her own precinct captains - Doesn't pass the smell test

Obama and Hillary on 60 Minutes now!

Hillary's "I take him at his word" response to the question of whether she believes Obama is Muslim

Hillary's "I take him at his word" response to the question of whether she believes Obama is Muslim

"Are you experienced. . . Have you ever been experienced. . .? Well I have."

Deadheads For Obama entire concert here

For the LAST TIME, Clinton supporters. SHE HAS TO WIN BIG TO EVEN CATCH UP!

Reverse Bradley Effect? Barack Obama continues to out perform polls

Which States Will Clinton Win On Tuesday?

On CNN Dean made several things clear. Don't change rules in the middle of a primary.

Wes Clark and 15 other flag officers, generals, admirals expain why they support Hillary

Clinton will change our future for the better ...

I do not believe in Barack Obama.

For those keeping score

Who needs to focus on Iraq or global warming? We have baseball players to prosecute.

A little question about this picture

Ship Built With WTC Steel Christened

Suit says HUD chief tied funds to favor

The Sound of a 1962 Fender Jaguar !!!!!!!!!


Anyone watching Bush on CSpan1

How to deal a deathblow to homophobia - Give it a face

Genuine Question : How transparent is the DLC?

Scott Horton: "How Hollywood Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The (Ticking) Bomb"

USA Today: More Americans using credit cards to stay afloat

Iran leader in landmark Iraq trip

Crackers The Corporate Crime Fighting CHICKEN

McCain involvement in Boeing air tanker loss (American Jobs)

Contrary to claims, McCain never demanded Rumsfeld's head..

Sherriff Joe update.. CYA report to Board of Supervisors on the Honduran project.

Retired black police seek pension parity

Bush guts Advisory Board's oversight of illegal intelligence activities

Mobile Register: "CBS (60 Minutes) guilty of bad journalism."

US Vets to Testify About War Crimes They Committed or Witnessed

Do You Get The Impression That The "Immunity" Issue Has Been Yanked Out Of Nancy's Hands

What was this guy from Utah going to do with the ricin?

Bloomberg Steps In to Help G.O.P. in Albany Fight-$500,000

Early voting numbers from Tarrant County, Texas, a really red part of Texas.

Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean? "Lean all the time?"

Harry in Afghanistan

Defense Contractor buys his way out of jail for $28 million.

Bush aide resigns over plagiarism

Abbas Suspends All Israeli Relations

Rasmussen Party ID Poll: Dem 41.5%, GOP 31.8%

FBI Calls “Progressive’s” InfraGard Story “Patently False,” Author Responds

Clinton Campaign Paying people to hold up her Campaign signs, Is this common?

New Ariz. Law Pressures Migrants to Move

Cuba signs two Human Rights Treaties that Fidel wouldn't sign

Has dubya Watched The News Today? Mahmoud is in Iraq!

'9/11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner

Girl who seeks medical treatment in U.S. awaits decision on entry

Any Obama damage or fallout from Rezko will be self-inflicted

No matter how hard you liberal America-haters try to deny it,

All right, who made the header picture for the DUzy Awards? I want to know NOW!

Is the Missouri Catholic Conference Subsidizing Affirmative Action Ban?

Hiring May Have Cooled, Factories Slowed: U.S. Economy Preview

Former US Rep Mark Foley (R-FL) 'returns to Palm Beach society' at charity-gala

Mission Accomplished ... The President of Iran visits Iraq

Rove on Faux news: Getting out of Iraq would drive oil prices to $200

Is this a realist idea and if so should it become a Democratic Mandate?

Bush legacy: Farewell to the Monroe Doctrine?

How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Ticking) Bomb = TORTURE, "24"

Starbucks (SBUX) to be troubled by rising price of coffee (risen 22% since 1-1-08)

Ahmadinejad is having a LOVELY time in Iraq!

Ex-Henry Wade secretary angered over story about JFK film talks -- Dallas Morning News

Obama and the Jewish vote

The Christian Taliban was out in force picketing the Bi-Lo Arena last night: KID ROCK.

Hillary clip from SNL last night is up

Saudis urged to leave Lebanon

Interesting choice of a Buckley pic by Newsweek

Looks like Canada is being neoconned.

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS on Siegelman's 'Political trial'

POLITICS-US: Embattled Veterans Official Resigns Post

Ahmadinejad can make announced visits to Iraq while Bush has to sneak in like a thief in the night

Republican congresswoman calls Puerto Ricans "foreign citizens"; says they need to 'cool off'

The royals, a french actress, road rage - Stories that MATTER!!!!

"The 3:00 Am phone call" .... disconnect

What is with the " I myself " or starting a post with "so" ?

Reyes: Deal soon on eavesdropping law

More proof that republicans don't care about protecting kids

I got it! Relativity teaches me that Bush has a plan to end the war!

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Check Out The Current Status Of Bush's Imperial Centurion Helmet

The Assault On Reason: The Documentary?/ TED Talks Summary Of Al Gore's Appearance

When was the last time that a 2-term president's VP did not run for president?

Court Holds Navy to Rules Safeguarding Marine Mammals

Socks and more made with pride in the USA since 1905 by Wigwam

Dallas Morning News endorses Huckabee

Jackson and Sharpton

Stoughton, Massachusetts: "The Most Unpatriotic Town in the Country"

The President is greeted with flowers in Baghdad!

I'm Longing For Cool, Calm and Collected...

Is Huckabee's fair tax really fair?

Young Activist Finds Avenue for Protesting War

Democratic Compromise * A Must Read *

$31 Million Worth Of Lost Valuables On The TSA's Watch

Confusion about Bush's spying program

Concerning Rule 4, and deletion of ones Post

A Sunday Joke On GWB ---- Hits The Target!

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of March 2nd 2008 - Northern California

The Nation: Will McCain Receive The Farrakhan Treatment?

Howard Dean: Secretary of Health and Human Services

Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

Funny Google bomb re: Chuck Norris

Test Of New Ballot Scanners Fails (Ohio)

Bush administration revokes endangered species protection for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies

Writing legislation

How are Democratic party civil servants being treated

David Cay Johnston on CSPAN 2 now/again later tonight

Coming Up On 60 Minutes Tonight :

Foley refashioned as beau of the ball

California City Moves Closer to Bankruptcy Filing

Watch Senator Obama on 60 Minutes tonight

CNN...showed a long clip of Hillary on Health Care and Outsourcing of Jobs...

CNN...showed a long clip of Hillary on Health Care and Outsourcing of Jobs...

Day 8 - Sea Shepherd Hounding the Japanese Whale Ship in Antarctica

Howard Dean coming up on Blitzer

After Las Vegas Ricin Incident Didn't Pan Out, Bush Must Now Return To Viagra For Erections...

Is the printer-friendly version of a thread supposed to include replies by members on ignore?

It does happen in America: The political trial of Don Siegelman

Because you just cannot get ENOUGH of him, Lou Dobbs now has a radio show too

Is there a list of other Democrats who voted, along with Hillary,

Paul Krugman: Trade and Wages, Reconsidered

Weekend TOONS: The Economy is really tanking edition

CBS: All Eyes On Ohio

So when people are told not to buy from China,

Fifty-seven countries are not at peace in the Mid-East today

Why didn't any of the firebreathing anti-immigrant Rethug candidates become their nominee?

Do you like my new signature?

CNN Money: Williams Admits Great Depression Coming

CNN Money: Williams Admits Great Depression Coming

Homeowners who can afford their mortgages but walk away because mortgage greater than Home value.

BradBlog: PBS 'Bill Moyers' Journal Dares To Mention The Name Of Sibel Edmonds

While Prince Harry serves his country, Prince Willy plans another vacation with lazy girlfriend

If you liked Dennis Kucinich stand for Impeachment , help one of his supporters who is on the table

Just why now should the President of the United States

I posted my video 15 minutes ago, but it's still not on the homepage.

If you could only visit ONE DU FORUM from now till November...

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running - Bill Richardson (NY Times)

Howard Dean hits McCain's integrity: 'He doesn't seem to have any'

Trend in housing: McMansions vs Inner City living. Plus, bus tours to repo houses in DC 'burbs

John McCain gets flood of endorsements

Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running - Chris Dodd (NY Times)

When Debt Collectors Go Too Far

Disturbing book will stay in school library

A new take on "Mission Accomplished"

Presidential Run Done, Kucinich Is Fighting to Keep Seat in House

Tornado watches and warnings... DUERS PLEASE CHECK IN HERE!!!!!!

Bush Deficit Widens to Record as Treasuries Deter U.S. Pensions

CNN and McCain: you can't make it up!

Asia Stocks Drop on Growth, Credit Loss Concerns; US recession fears

Little Melissa

How to prevent Iraq violence: bribe them to go away!

To the DUer blowing your horn at me in the Collin Creek Mall parking lot, your horn blowing is none

The Making of the Cheney Regional Defense Strategy,1991-1992

Is there a list of Democratic senators who , along with Hillary, voted for

What do you think about this and who is it directed towards, or against?

Puppets. We must have started a new trend.

Legendary Patients Rights Advocate Barbara Seaman Died

Any WWII history buffs?

This may be a dupe: But did you see the 60 Minutes medical care piece????

We shall rise up. We shall overcome. The secret evil empire must fall.

MUST SEE TV: "Free Lunch..." Pulitzer winner David Cay Johnston on BOOK TV - 3am and Noon ET

Does the image of W instantly piss you off?

A Liberal Goes Undercover to Brave America's Premiere Right-Wing Gathering

C&L Video, Howard Dean on McCain: "I don’t think people want four more years of George Bush"

FYI from Raw Story

When the Democrats lose the General in November how will it feel to have...

Georgia's first black police officers couldn't arrest white suspects without a white officer present

The Dean Legacy (The Nation)

Thousands exposed to Military's Chemical and Biological Testing Unaccounted for

Elizabeth Edwards' father has passed away.

Somehow, I don't think the problem is 2008. It's 2012 and beyond.

how does one contribute

Staples Tries To Charge Senior Citizen $390 For Basic Computer Repair

I'm gonna beat this dead horse

Internet privacy done right-in GERMANY

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running - Dennis Kucinich (NY Times)

Some Republicans See it Coming in November

Chavez warns of war with Colombia; Sends Tanks, Troops to Border, Closes Embassy.

Women's History Month Woman of the Day: Maria Montessori

Going clubbing. Back later. (Assuming I can find parking that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.)

You add Elves to Elves and Ants to Ants...

Is it accurate to use "real values" of oil/barrel when comparing oil prices from year-to-year?

I love you?

For babylonsister!! WSCE sings it and shakes it!! :)

I demand the LAPD update us on the investigation into the murder of William Desmond Taylor!

North American Army created without OK by Congress

60 Minutes, why are they swapping "Iraq" and "protesters"?

Can you pass the test to become an American citizen?


Finally in local paper (Siegleman): Alabama in spotlight not always good

"Folsom Prison Blues"- The Cowsills

US Soldier throws puppy off a cliff?

FBI Requested To Investigate High Ranking State Official For Alleged Drug Trafficking.

TURN OFF YOUR TV!!- How Television Fuels The Class War

I'm seriously thinking about making my own vindiesel

Sea Shepherd Announces Seal Defense Campaign 2008!

ACLU Refutes President’s Claims on FISA


GDP eating fried chicken

Calling All Telecom and NSA Employees: Can a Whistleblower/Patriot Bring Us Enemies List II?

Good Night to you Loungers....

I @$#*%#((% HATE Home Depot customers!

Avatar picture help...

If you were a fiddle (violin)...

Check out this cock...

Get your late night laughter fix here - UPDATED LIVE LINK

Have you ever loved?

Tornado near downtown Oklahoma City

Answers Could Reveal That "Everybody In The Country" Has Been Spied On By Bushco (Wapo)


BURYING THE EVIDENCE-Telecom immunity is Bush immunity - the proof

How to launder money for fun and profit.

So is SNL any good tonight?

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The Sound of a 1962 Fender Jaguar !!!!!!!!!

GDP disgusting fried chicken

Please keep me awake for an hour and 15 more minutes...

a little late but thanks for the heart!

What the Ruling Class Fears- In a Word

‘James Bond: Quantum Of Solace’ Plot Revealed!

Politics is About POWER

The only bumper sticker you'll ever need

MacArthur park RULEZ!

Anyone here thinks FarenHYPE 9/11 is a piece of shit?

Two Sixty Minutes segments - one good, one bad

Whose butt have you had the pleasure of spanking?

The Pubs want the fight to continue so as to divide the Dems Bad, reason for supporting Clinton

What DEFCON level will DU hit after Texas and Ohio results are in?

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken ok?

Will Police of Brattleboro VT Arrest Bush and Cheney?

Best place of birth for a politician

LO freakin' L! Airpoo!

Should I Worry?

Question re: Cancer - Chemotherapy, and keeping household pets.

Please, no more threads about chicken.

I'm a "Hater" and I Don't Care Who Knows It.

OK, John King (CNN) just said "He (Obama) is raising a ton more money than her (Clinton)"

Would you undergo a colonoscopy without Anesthesia?

What percentage of your income would you give up, to be "worry-free"?

I guess they know I am whiny, in GD: P now!!

I guess they know I am whiny, in GD: P now!!

Sunday Morning FOOD FIGHT! Today's "Most Likely To Be Locked" Thread from a 12-post troll!

hey guys n' gals, look at these bear bottoms

Fuck man, Wilco rocks hard...

Happy Birthday, Mikhail Gorbachev..

And God put the spork of life into Adam and Eve.

Stop-Loss the Movie

Twenty dollar bill refused-I hope someone is paying attention.

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine!

What do you think about same sex classrooms? Are they good for boys? Good for girls?

Beautiful Paint


Should I get a Saluki Mix?

Shit - it's a broken kneecap. Need your good vibes!

Canned cat food question. My poor old skinny kitteh with the bad teeth seems to

British media cuts deal with Ministry of Defense to keep silent - thoughts?

When a Muslim elected official becomes an issue

How often do you use coupons?

Why worry about FISA? For $110 you can spy on anyone

I am writing a response paper on one chapter of the book AFFLUENZA

Whose palm have you had the pleasure of greasing?

Oh for the love of God, why do I do things like this?

A nice gentle post to calm us all on a peaceful Sunday morning...

Mario PaintRoll'd

Casting call seeks w. virginia "inbred look"

The ointment is not working.

I can't recall ever having this health problem before, and I'm miserable.

I am so tired but I can't fall asleep.

What the hell is an "alligator lizard" and do they fly?

I can connect myself with any celebrity w/in 7 degrees

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/2/2008)

Open it. I dare ya.

The IRS just HATES me, and so does Adobe

Great C-SPIN Call: Flag Pins Are Desecrating The Flag

Now is the new then!

Michigan State 59, Indiana 31 at the half.

Dean to McCain on CNN: "What about John Hagee? "

It's like the Bloods vs the Crypts over in GDP. Check this out.

I started a poetry thread in GD:p

Wow. Could Circuit City be any more clueless?

Whose wand have you had the pleasure of shaking?

I'm mad damn it!


GDP discussing fried chicken.

Listening to an album I haven't listened to in YEARS and enjoying it.

I have jury duty tomorrow. I am happy to do my civic duty but

Does anyone remember...

I smell a "Milestones In Moderating" DUzy coming this Friday

THE BUSH TRAGEDY-NYT-"The Most Diasastrous President In Our History"

Do we have any Spanish students in the Lounge. I'm wondering if anyone remembers the theme music...

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Just watching "The hunting party"

Matt Damon

the turkeys are back ...

I'm feeling...

Okay, English history geeks: watching "The Tudors" and NOT lovin it!

I have such a severe headache, I have to log off .

The Bad Seed .....

Peckerwood Paradise.

Ah a Sunday stroll through GDP - Mary Matlin is the messiah

My 13 Month Old Wants To Post Something


Great Pete Seeger "American Masters" feature on today (PBS).

Letter to Proctor and Gamble.....Read it ladies!!!! she is SPOT ON

Everyday miracles

A question for DUers of Armenian ethnicity:

I just woke up from a 4 hour nap - anything happen?

Wow, Simpsons is really good tonight! (no spoilers unless you're antsy!)

Verizon Vs T-Mobil?

Small rant/request for advice

Haven't said this for a while...

Best beer(s) you've ever had.

Best beer(s) you've ever had.

New Mexico DU meetup

On "60 Minutes" - what is happening to our country?

Breaking News: Young Chimpanzee Escapes from Zoo in Washington, DC....

So how are you going to feel when the House Ok's the Telco Immunity Bill?

I love you. You love me. We're a happy family; With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you...

Want to have some fun with signs?

Remember this from your childhood?

I've just emerged from under a pile of tax-related documents

Unfortunately worded Ad?

Almost electrocuted myself tonight.

Apparently, there will be another "True Colors" tour this summer!

Your Sunday lolcats

Fuck Ticketbastard.

I doubt I'll ever have a better picture of myself wasted than this...

Why do idiots do this?

I am so glad early voting is over, I am so tired.

Do you discuss politics at work?

I am having a Chron's Flare up weekend I need hugs

What's *your* PBS station showing right now?

Deadheads for Obama. Entire concert download free (not a political post, but free Dead-tunes)

Tornado Warning in OKC...

Happy Birthday Jennifer Jones!

Goodnight DU.... please be careful tonight in those tornadoes and storms whether rain or snow...

I RICK ROLLED GD:P!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish this was in YouTube format, but check it out anyway.

Medical procedure question (forgive me)

Last question. Who here has ever visited Olongapo City, Philippines?

In memoriam. Jeff Healey.

Official Hug Thread (2 seconds or less, please!)

Shopping Kartma

people who say "buh bye"

It's 55 degrees at 9:53 pm on March 2. I fear there's a helluva storm a brewin'.

What is your favorite radio station to stream?

Ah, for the good old days...

Okay, this was wierd. I think one of my parishioners is a DU'er.

Does anyone else get a head ache trying to explain tax loop holes for the rich

These people are fucking rocking out!

March 14 - why is a Dr Seuss book being molested for the theatres?!

OMG! This is HUGH!!11!! A photo proves that Obama IS Satan!!!11!!1!

Anybody know a "Misty?" I mean a real "Misty." A Sabre F-100 type "Misty."

I've never been rickrolled and only just now found out what it is

CRAP I posted in GD:P

Look what came from today...

I just had to step back into GDP..................

Ayn Rand, Student-Led Learning, and D.U.

Attention Loungers. A legendary figure of the lounge has been sighted in GD:P

Just because, I am MrScorpio... Let's play Six Degrees of MrScorpio

How do I deleta a previous post?

I hate it when I aggree with Pat Buchanan.

We just got back from the ER

My two year old nephew just muttered "What the fuck?'

Cute story... kind of gross.

temeah.... I borrowed your pole

I'm eating strawberries but don't have any whip cream ... what are you eating now???

In memory of Dusty Springfield on the 9th anniversary of her passing

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes

Gentle suggestion to people who never clean their bathrooms.

Man, GD-P is full of control freaks and the isms.

The Girl Scout cookies have arrived.

Why do I want to kill The Kurgan?

My youtube take on the great Gilbert, Arizona School Bus Fight

Twas the time of the primaries..

Ever wonder what's at the bottom of the gene pool?

I could use some support, if y'all don't mind.

Is Rick Rolled the new Brazillion? (I am soooooo behind the times)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/2/08

Lounge, I've come to inform you about Rezko

GOD I love my momma ... can't post this in GD-Puke

Has anyone ever participated in an intervention?

A rottweiler attacked my tortoise!

There's no longer any question

Should I move to Sacramento?

Jeff Healey died.

Her apology wasn't enough for enraged driver

Continuing cat saga: caught hilarious video of my cat!

Anyone watch Breaking Bad?

what are some of the most consistent traits you notice about people in general?

I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey. I Tried EVERYTHING else.

Van Halen tour canceled, Eddie rumored to be "having issues"

My cousin (in-law) shot himself in the head today...

Question for people over 40:

Hilarious Recent Clip of Betty White

I would like to share with you a favorite webpage of mine

Why we sued the phone company-By Studs Terkel

Space bar! Can anyone find the space bar on their computer?

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running - Joe Biden (NY Times)

How can Ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room NOT be linked to terrorism?

School Bans Hugs Over 2 Seconds

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?????

48 hours until the Obama supporters are shocked that President Hillary Clinton is reality!

My nightmare of 15 years ago is staring at me via the TVs

Would You Feel Sorry For Someone Who Got Injured While Cheating On Their Spouse?

Glenn Greenwald: The "liberal" position on the Surveillance State

Best beer you have ever had (mine was situational, and oh so good)?

88 Lines about 44 Loungers...

Lesson of the day - you cannot decorate yourself out of a failed marriage.

Worst beer you've ever had?

One Of The Most Important Political Statements Of The Past 50 Years...

Tampa op ed: "Arrogance Cost Florida Chance To Influence Election"

Jesus Was A Democrat (The GOP Hypocrisy Continues)

It’s Time To See Our Health Care System For What It Is:

In Search of Bush by ALAN BRINKLEY = REVIEW of “The Bush Tragedy”

What movies aren't on DVD yet but should be?

CREW: Report on missing White House email from House Committee

Minnesota Loungers: Check out the MN Forum for announcement of a gathering

Reminder: Next Saturday is the DC DU meetup

Who Killed JFK?

Just When IS A Democrat REALLY A Democrat In Florida When The "Repubs Are Clearly...

U.S. lawmaker criticizes dismissal of tough Colombian judge

Bombings hit southern Russian town

Court upholds whale protection in Navy exercises

Israel kills 52 Palestinians in Gaza

Tales of chaos, by our man in Basra

Ahmadinejad says Iraq visit opens new chapter in ties

East Texas may hold key to Democratic primary

Algerian officials visited Guantanamo

Doctor: 40 dead in Pakistan attack

No date for clearing al Qaeda from Mosul - US

Chavez Orders Embassy Closed in Colombia

White House calls for end to Gaza violence: spokesman

Media barron Conrad Black may start serving prison sentence in Sumter County on Monday

Chavez orders troops to Colombia border

Payday loan foes aim at car-title loans

Venezuela on war alert after killing

Confidence in the air for Obama

N Korea Fumes At US, S Korea Military Drill

Tapping Into Homes Can Be Pitfall for the Elderly

Russia elects Putin successor in tarnished poll

Gas and electricity bosses told 'give back profits'

New 'Surge' in Iraqi Deaths in February

(FL Gov. Charlie) Crist Says He'd Support a Repeat of Florida Democratic Primary

JAPAN: Food supplies 'threatened' by reliance on water abroad

In Russia, Medvedev Sweeps Presidential Election

Shorenstein Center Founder -- Clinton Backer -- Hits Press 'Bias' Against Her

Texas university honours Tony Blair with thousands of pounds and an honour reserved for war heroes

US to train Pakistan military officers

Stumping for Clinton, Steinem Says McCain's P.O.W. Cred Is Overrated

Reyes: Deal soon on eavesdropping law

Bush Deficit Widens to Record as Treasuries Deter U.S. Pensions

Hero's Welcome In Baghdad For Iran Leader `Ahmadinejad

Obama backers urge Clinton exit if she loses

Indictment Proposal (Bush/Cheney in VT) Gets Hearing (Sun. 3 p.m.)

Wes Clark: McCain Doesn't Have the Right Kind of Military Experience To Be Commander-in-Chief

Diebold Receives a Takeover Offer (United Technologies)

Ecuador orders expulsion of Colombian ambassador, mobilizes troops over raid on rebels

John Edwards father in law passes at 87...

The Pentagon to Broaden its scope with Africom

Flood of drugs, little oversight

Activists bombard whaling ship

Gun incident near President Bush's ranch

Chavez sends tanks to Colombia border in dispute

Chavez in Farc raid 'war' warning

3 AM ad is fearmongering tactice that give aid to Republicans

Arab-America’s Store-Wal-Mart stocks falafel, olives and Islamic greeting cards to attract Dearborn'

Obama forged path as Chicago community organizer

Disgraced Republican, now deputy sheriff, shoots attacker

On Arab TV, the images from Gaza are of dead women and children

Here’s Why We REALLY Need Those Talking Head Sunday Shows

More Than One in 100 Americans Now in Jail

In Tuesday's Contests, a Party Divided

The Unilateral Presidency

5 Reasons Why The Housing Market Will Continue to Decline Until 2010

Frank Rich: McCain Channels His Inner Hillary

Is John McCain a Liar? By Robert Parry

‘3 AM Red Phone’ Ad Boosts Hillary’s Presidential Prospects, for OnStar

Iran Nuke Laptop Data Came from Terror Group

The New Musical: My 'UnFair' McCain

Survival of the fittest is not the lesser of the political evils.

Microsoft dismissed enthusiasts in Vista marketing, company e-mails show

Conservatives, hungry for hope, may vote for Obama


Another Setback for Hillary: Celestial Choirs Going ‘Heavenly’ for Obama

Tales of chaos, by our man in Basra

NYT editorial: Horrifying and Unnecessary; Bush "unbound by the laws of civilization"

kos: The Dean legacy

Obama & Clinton: Who's More Likely to Confront Global Warming?

Ohio seeing heavy requests for Democratic primary ballots

Mortgage Crisis: The Remedy

The Obama Generation - He’s No Pied Piper

A battle for the soul of the Democratic Party.

Hello $4 gasoline!

SEIU's Andy Stern and Gov. Deval Patrick stump for Obama in Youngstown, OH

Standing up to the Boos on Universal Health Care

WSWS Interviews Striking American Axle Workers

The Politics of Hope vs Fear

Russell Means explains the need for Real Lakotah Sovereignty

Obama dancing to a Cumbia rhythm

You Have Been Brainwashed

Clinton's Proud of Wal-Mart

Come Along With Me (fan vid for Hillary)

Bill Clinton endorses Barack Obama in his own words

John Hagee

I wanna see your War Face.........NOW

Soviet-style punitive hospitalization returns to Russia

Let us pause a moment....take a break... and listen..... and remember why we ARE ALL here.


Sen. Hutchinson Defends McCain's Embrace of Pastor Hagee

3am part 2: Has Hillary ever gotten a 3:00AM phone call?

The Difference Between Obama and Bush On Foreign Policy

Be The Change That You Want To See

Faculty on Food Stamps

Hillary Clinton Stokes False Rumors about Obama's Faith

You Talk To Much

Maxed Out (Credit Card Documentary by James D. Scurlock)

Experts to consider coal-burning stoves for Mongolia

Court upholds whale protection in Navy exercises

The Chase Continues - Day Eight: Pouncing on the Japanese Slaughterhouse in the Frozen Southern Mist

The world has to get used to high oil prices

Green Works from Clorox

Biofuels could transform Cuba into a prosperous nation

Link to video of Senate hearing about the Bali Conference

Wallace: Waivers do not affect troop quality

3,000 Ind. Guardsmen set for Iraq deployment

Witnesses of Blackwater shooting questioned

Teacher gives lesson on duty in deployment

Bill to spotlight issues for female veterans

No money for program to help small businesses

VA, DoD urged to find chemical-exposed vets

Risky business

High-tech ear gear offers more protection

Abu Ghraib’s reality: Progress isn’t enough

Okinawans’ opinions vary on American restrictions

Iraqi inaction in Fallujah has stalled reconstruction of local businesses

Air-monitoring station for Naples still delayed

COLA to stay at current levels for most of Europe

Okinawa police arrest American civilian after drug raid

Law school debt hinders JAG recruitment

Court rejects efforts to stop Yokosuka dredging

Finding ways to see Europe on weak dollar

Army Stretching Budget to Limit

Battery B soldiers at Baumholder get reward for 1,000 days without DUI

Wiesbaden community sees building boom

Ahmadinejad Calls Iraq 'Brotherly'

Man gets 178 years for rape of military men

AP IMPACT: Pentagon says divorce rate remained unchanged despite stresses on military couples

D.C. labor, environmentalists and antiwar activists say "Stop the Theft of Iraq’s Future – Iraqi Oil

AFSCME Empleado Público (in Spanish)

Today in labor history March 02

Labor cartoon for the week of March 2 Aspirin

Another labor cartoon: Race-to-Bottom

American Axle, the lies of Corporate Culture

Find Your State and Local Union Movements

AFL-CIO Organizing Institute

Tell Wall Street: Unionbusting Doesn't Pay

Union-Made Ship (the USS New York) Includes Steel from World Trade Center

Streaming Labor, Interviews of Striking American Axle Workers

WP: Justices Let Age Bias Lawsuit Move Ahead

Workers Memorial Materials Available Online Now (April 28)

Labor quote for the week of February 25, 2008

WP: Soc Security Disability Cases Pending, Pending . . . (up to 499 days)

Video: Not once, not twice, but…

Web Tip: César Chávez Resource Center

Outsourcing devastates Ohio town

Labor leader a 'role model' for women (co-founder of United Farm Workers)

AK after the lockout: Stock at all-time high, profits soar

1963 March on D.C. Civil Rights Demonstration, Black History is Teamster History (BIG photos)

Jobs remain primary issue for Ohioans (Trade deals among factors affecting presidential race)

Mark-to-market requirements turn into Doomsday machine

Brazil moves to top of emerging market index

Calpers approves big increase in commodity investments

Russia quietly starts to shift its oil trade into rubles

Russia quietly starts to shift its oil trade into rubles

RAM - Remote Area Medical (as featured on 60 Minutes)

Framing the Anti-Trust Debate

Japan Stocks Sink More Than 3 Pct (522pts) On Strong Yen, US Recession Worries

Are we ready for a Grameen bank in the USA?

Private equity turns to sovereign funds

Deadly fight for justice in Argentina

ECUADOR Rescues 3 FARC hurt in attack, plus 2 dead including Reyes

Omigod, are we about to start a new proxy war against Venezuela?

Bolivia Withdraws from the School of the Americas

Cuba: Open-Armed Policy by Cindy Sheehan

Democratic Socialism

A hillarious send up of ex gays

Two Sides of the Same Coin (Tiny Little Rant Warning)

Recent Tragedy - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

ANALYSIS: Gov't has mostly bad options in dealing with Gaza ........

'Restraint' is deceitful, and 'forbearance' is vain

UN chief deplores Gaza assault

ANALYSIS / Uncompromising Hamas is in trouble

Teenager killed as Palestinians protest Israel's Gaza blitz

'Restraint' is deceitful, and 'forbearance' is vain (Gideon Levy)

Israel defiant on Gaza onslaught amid international outcry

Gaza: Health System On Brink Of Collapse

Top Pro-Palestinian Lobbyist Ousted

Independent expert: IDF bullets didn't kill Mohammed al-Dura

Academic Freedom? Not for Arabs in Israel

EU condemns "disproportionate" use of force by Israel

Leftists: End Gaza war crimes

Good Morning, Hamas

So how, at just 23, did Rachel Corrie become a Palestinian martyr?

Joe writes for NYT:

The Stars This Week: "Enough Talk!" - March 3 - March 9, 2008

Need some help

Please join me Monday March 3rd for my new Internet show on Dreams!

My sister the RN....

Any monthly horoscope forecasting sites you recommend?

Roger Clemency: Pitcher could be remembered for leaning on a presidential pardon to avoid jail.

C. Vivian Stringer Gets 800th Win

Micheal Beasley, O. J. Mayo, and Other Big Named College Basketball Players

Is anyone else having exceedingly vivid memories of the past?

Report: Dolphins, Taylor to part ways

Clinic Accused of Reusing Syringes Sued

Vitamin C may reduce stroke risk dramatically

Study Creates Cholesterol Confusion

Look what I scored at Whole Foods today...

Pastrami - good for just sandwiches, or ...?

Time to revive a classic because we all need to laugh this week

Need a couple stock salad dressing recipes.

I spent the week end in Walla Walla and I ate something wonderful

Five Food Blog Notable Posts ( a roundup)

A couple of NYC 'urbans'

Help Me settle a disagreement here at home

Meet the new intern in my kitchen.

Here's a timeline that shows the progression of religion since the beginning of Christianity.

Accused witch gives birth while being hung from tree

At the core of snowflakes, bacteria

Japanese scientists eye new planet

On Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves

Operation Canned Goods

Hardfire: Fire Chief Arthur Scheurman on WTC 7

In Alabama, a Fight to Regain Voting Rights Some Felons Never Lost

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Sunday 03/02/08

Anyone in Texas, Ohio, RI or VT?

Hearings this week!

Do you think we'll get Machine guns back?

Ron Kirk on Obama -- Times of London

STOP THE TransTexas Corridor/Tollways Precinct Convention Resolutions

Obama Veteran supporters in San Antonio

Harris County has a grip on the caucuses

North Richland Hills, TX -- Hillary supporters here!

Barack and Michelle Obama at Stand for Change Rally in Houston tomorrow, 3/3

Was Hillary In Favor Of INVADING Iraq? Perhaps Not.

Sen. Royce West, Reps. Allen Vaught and Rafael Anchia Endorse a Great Slate of Primary Candidates

Mary Kiffmeyer running on the Racial Purity Party against Mark Olson

It will be the 2nd Saturday of March next week; How about another gathering?

Everyone ready to dance?

Texas State Board of Education Resolution - please consider submitting this on Tuesday

New SpywareBlaster 4.0 Released

I'm thinking this to be a simple fix but I can't seem to figure it out

Vista64 - initial impressions:

OK - this is hilarious - Huff Post: Found Poems On The Campaign Trail

Quality video of Barack Obama?

Deadheads for Obama. Entire concert here. free download

The Pocket Barack-itizer

How is Ohio going?

Chief of staff to PM Harper leaked Obama mis-information on NAFTA

CBC: Begin Mulroney-Schreiber inquiry immediately: ethics committee

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

Tape of author Tom Zytaruk's 2005 interview with Stephen Harper

Harper meddling in U.S. primaries, Democrats say

CBC: Canadian musician Jeff Healey dies of cancer

But I need this class to pay for chemo! Contingent Faculty and Health care

Early voter turnout in Texas primary shatters records

In Vermont and Rhode Island, big battles: Rival camps contend for every delegate

Live from New York, it's Hillary Clinton!

Obama in Us Weekly Magazine this week

Why is Hillary trailing? The answer is class.

NBC video: Hillary on "Saturday Night Live"

WP, pg1: Generational rift defines Democratic race among Rio Grande Valley Latinos

Lisa Ling: Phone-banking for/commenting on Obama: video

Senator Obama just called me, and they're working on their TX Two-Step!!

Clinton battles Obama's momentum: "Possibly the last weekend of her Presidential campaign"

Beware the cross-overs...

Drift away from Clinton frustrates many women: Some feel old wounds

Clinton Leads Obama in Ohio, Even in Texas, Poll Says (Update1) - -Bloomberg

Clinton supporter Cisneros rips Texas caucus system

some KOEB lurve for this post please?

Vote for Bill to be a "Progressive Patriot

Quackenbush, now a lawman, shoots man in arrest attempt

Are any other communities participating in the "Shout Out for Schools" tomorrow?

Time running out for Bush jokes.

Boston writer is seeking atheist stories.

'9/11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner