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09:12 AM, Wednesday March 19th

My major issue, THE WAR and my candidate:OBAMA

Just think, if Kucinich was in Obama's shoes today

Obama to be on Good Morning America & Nightline Wed

I'm not a fan of either candidate, BUT I will vote for the nominee

I haven't been in GDP in awhile, how's the Mercer campaign going?

That speech might help neutralize this year's wedge issue - illegal immigration

Hey Obama Super Delegates, why not get off your ass and endorse him already?

I'm down with Obama and he didn't "get me at hello"....

I'd like to personally thank folks for posting from Kos & Politico...

Barack Obama baked me a pie!

Obama is despicable.Democrats uphold Affirmative Action not belittle it.

Obama's race speech, its message to the MSM and the forces of polarization...

What was the greatest speech in American history?

I fully support Obama and I can't stand Hillary at all .....................BUT....

A Moment of Clarity

I'm the king of ignore; there is none higher.

Today on a Tuesday at 11:00 in the morning "Obama spoke to Americans as if they were adults"

Self Delete

Are there enough voters dumb or gullible enough to let "Preachergate" change their vote to cost

Got a serious problem here with a RW harrasser - I dearly love his

All Americans Should Be Forced To Listen To A Side By Side

POLL: Are we done with "Race" as an issue in this Primary?

Slate's Mickey Kaus: The trouble with Obama's speech

If Edwards promotes Hillary on Leno then

Hillary picked up two superdelegates today

Best part of Mr Obama's speech. "This time"

NY Times editorial: "Mr. Obama's Profile in Courage"

Obama?s speech moved beyond mere politics

Obama has just as much experience as Edwards, so why was Edwards never called inexperienced?

Elton John's Big Fundraiser

Why Does Rasmussen Always Have Polls That Underestimate Progressives?

"Hey!!! He had a hat!"

Obama's latest scandal - He's not Hillary!

Obama's latest scandal - He's not Hillary!

Just wait until they start to attack O on his pastors political leanings.

Obama Confronts Racial Division

Sen. Feingold weighs in on Clinton, Obama, McCain

Obama, and America, won bigtime today.

Florida is not going to count

I Do Not Trust David Axelrod after what he did yesterday...

All men are created equal...

The Lie: Every Sunday Wright gave an offensive sermon.

Obama Tells the Best Political Team on Television: You Guys Have a Choice...

Obama's lead over Clinton narrows: Reuters poll

Has fox been confirmed as the chosen pool control for the Dem Convention.??....

32 years ago, Barbara Jordan gave this speech at the Dem Convention

Is this a hateful church?

Miami Herald: Poll shows 89% of those polled want their votesCount our votes, Florida Democrats say

What time does Obama give his Iraq speech today? Anyone know?

I believe Senator Clinton wanted to have her name

Obama Supporters Check In Here

Obama's lead over Clinton narrows: Reuters poll

I heard that Rush is going to have

Has a politician EVER spoken about race the way Obama did?

Whoa on paltalk voice chat there is 8 people in Republicans for Obama.YES WE CAN.

Whoa on paltalk voice chat there is 8 people in Republicans for Obama.YES WE CAN.

Congratulations to Senator Obama

Campaign reps at the United Jewish Communities debate

Dick Morris on Obama

New polls..thru 3-17

Hillary Expands Lead in PA to 26 points PPP / Obama Speech Raises More Questions Than Answers

Whoa on paltalk voice chat there is 8 people in Republicans for Obama.YES WE CAN.

From MSNBC "Obama chooses reconciliation over rancor"

Mr. Obama DID explain why he didn't walk out...

"Mission Accomplished" with Obama's Immediate Audience - The Superdelegates.

Barack lied to us

If we are ever to heal our lingering wounds of racism, we must abrade the flesh like a burn victim.

So what is Up With Michigan and Florida?

It's time to attack Hillary

Obama's Iraq Speech: On Air?

yesterday, Obama showed he could do two things most Democratic candidates can't:

Who Calls This "Unity"?

Should GOP voters decide Democratic Primary?

Joe Scar continues his bashfest.

Joe Scar continues his bashfest.

Obama speech today.

Obama "spoke to Americans as adults" Gergen, et al. But only those who listen like adults will hear.

If Obama is the nominee...

What does it take to be a great president??

Why my fourth choice was Hillary - an Obama-supporters-friendly explanation

What Time Is Obama's Iraq Foreign Policy Speech Tomorrow?

Michigan & Florida: A Compromise

Is God Damning America Already ??

Bush's speech was a thing of beauty.

What if somebody started a flamebait war...

"BO" ok I got it. How fucking juvenile can you idiots be?

OMG He is running for president

I was polled this afternoon...

Wolf is saying that Obama's handlers didn't want him to give the "race speech"

HUFFINGTON POST-U.S. Soldier In Iraq--killed herself

Quinnipiac poll out today shows Hillary Clinton has expanded her lead over Obama in Pennsylvania

Perceived Honesty Gap for Clinton Versus Obama, McCain

Crazy Muslim or crazy Christian?

Obama on CNN now!! (on TV)

CNN cut the livestreaming of Obama's speech

The Dangerous Memory

Obama did address and explain why he stayed in Wright's church for 20 years. Here's a summary.

Obama did address and explain why he stayed in Wright's church for 20 years. Here's a summary.

Newspapers Weigh in on Obama's Speech

Obama: Is Russ Feingold Getting Close to an Obama Endorsement?

Clinton's Michigan Co-Chair: Revote Probably Wouldn't Affect the Race that Much

Bill Clinton Rejects Criticism Over Race

Obama Never Had the Working Class Vote to Begin With

Aw shoot...

I knew Robert Kennedy, and Barack Obama is no Robert Kennedy.

Who has the right ?

Hillary's 1999 Schedule

OMG He is running for president

69% of respondents say Obama resolved the Race Issue with his Speech

From A Central PA Newspaper: Hillary: Back to the future?

People who have attended an Obama Rally: How early do you suggest getting there before Doors open?

Iron My Shirt! vs. Shine My Shoes!

Offering a MI & FL solution:

Offering a MI & FL solution:

Why the hell are they repeating Bush's speech, Hillary's speech, and very little of Obama's?

Who has the right ?

Obama coming to Oregon

Next Clinton campaign strategy revealed:

Next Clinton campaign strategy revealed:

Daily Show - Rev Wright - Obama Speech

Clinton within one in North Carolina

Is there any policy about posting/advocating the viewpoint of right-wing ideologues on DU?

Is Obama white enough?

Does the public know that John McCain voted against a holiday for MLK?

Does the public know that John McCain voted against a holiday for MLK?

Is there another Obama speech planned for today? I heard he was giving

U.S. Consumers Find Obama More Appealing, Trustworthy Than Clinton, McCain

To My Daughter, on the Fifth Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq

"When America leads with principle and pragmatism, hope can triumph over fear..."

"When America leads with principle and pragmatism, hope can triumph over fear..."

Wright's Rantings Won't Sink Obama:By Dick Morris

DNC: Michigan Legislative Proposal Abides By Rules

The Choice before You: DIVIDE and fight each other or UNITE as AMERICANS and FIGHT

If Hillary becomes president... ...afterwards is she going to throw Bill under the bus?

Ms Clintons MI ploy, she knows MI can do nothing for two weeks while blaming Mr Obama for delay.....

Video of Clinton campaign blogger throwing liberals under the bus on O'Reilly is on Fox Site

Video of Clinton campaign blogger throwing liberals under the bus on O'Reilly is on Fox Site

LA Times: Obama's Lincoln moment

rush fatbag destroying us. where are our leaders?

Listening to Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough, I finally realize

Yes, Obama gave a great speech BUT

This sentence really pisses me off..

I haven't seen very many politicians, in my life time, grab the bull by the horns, like Obama did.

The Iraq War was over long ago. What has been going on for the

Unlike yestarday, there is absolutely nothing on Drudge Report on Obama's Iraq speech

I guess Obama didn't really give a speech on Iraq today...

Who voted for the IWR and got us in this mess - CLINTON / OBAMA

Hill-Raisers. At least one of them is a flat-out criminal.

Please don't mess up destiny

Rasmussen: Obama negative climbs to near 50%

So WHY do people think Obama will end the war?

an open letter from members of the Out of Iraq Caucus

Levin and Dingell attack NH and DNC again.. Intend to take the fight to convention.

We have our McCain... and we have our Huckabee, when will the media acknowledge the race is done?

Can someone explain the importance of Clinton's Itineraries?

Video: Mike Huckabee Defends Reverend Wright

God help me, a poll from Ras. : O 47 H 42

Susan Estrich (Clinton supporter), on Obama's speech (link)

I just watched Senator Obama's race speech for the first time. That's what a President looks like.

Substance over style.

Obama's Speech: Frontal Cortex Politics

Anyone have video or text of some of Wright's other speeches? The good ones?

George Soros declines Clinton request for $ for New Michigan Primary - no more delays

REUTERS: Both Democrats trail Republican John McCain ( M 47 O 40) (M 48 C 40)

do people really think Wright gave 30 years of steady hate speech?

If any of you village idiots plans to not vote for the Democratic Party's nominee

They just showed Tweety dancing on the "Ellen" show on MSNBC.

Rasmussen poll of CO: McCain and Obama tied, McCain leads Hillary by 14 points

Rasmussen poll of CO: McCain and Obama tied, McCain leads Hillary by 14 points

Jesus! Obama is dismantling Bush/McCain like a chemistry experiment!

The Obama swiftboat youtube video every Obama supporter must see

McCain taking lead in national polls. Either Clinton or Obama must get out.

I missed Obama's speech today, does anyone know where I can see the video?

Imagine you're a super delegate. What is your reaction if Hillary Clinton

Hillary to stop talking down to West Virginians

huge reception to Obama's speech

I tell you what... I have to stop publicly supporting candidates...

Check out this Ant-Obama Pro-Clinton Preacher

Between throwing individuals, groups and entire states under the bus,

Is the Democratic Party in Deep Trouble?

New Poll: Colorado Obama and McCain tied; Hillary loses badly to McCain/ Obama runs better in NH

I just heard Obama's speech. Hillary, get out of the way. You are not the anointed one anymore.

Obama's speech today moved this Repub....

With our world on the line, how are we now stuck with our TWO most UN- ELECTABLE CANDIDATES? ? ? ?

My worst nightmare

Ed Rendell re: Michigan vote. Has he lost his mind??

Is it my imagination or is Raw Story firmly in the Hillary camp?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is shouting on the "view" --talking about Obama's speech...

Here's the thing...we need to quit talking to (and at) eachother...

so, i'm getting some of that "hope"

As a former Hillary supporter I never thought that I would be saying this...

HRC's Scorched Earth Policy. I fear it and love it at the same time.

"Time to put Rezko to rest."

Poll: Obama's lead over Clinton all but evaporated

Obama's Speech Was a Window Into Next-Generation Politics

Obama - Live in Fayetteville - - starting now

Fox News to be the pool cameras at Our convention?

TiVo ALERT! CNN's Anderson Cooper devotes entire hour to Obama tonight

Obama speech on now

Obama's Iraq Argument — the Fundamental Issue

It's still a question of Wright and wrong -- Boston Globe

Latest Polls: Obama better than Clinton vs. McCain in CO, NH, and nationwide according to Rueters &

are there any reliable

Obama Speaks Out Against Iraq War!

What does your family look like?

About Wright: Barack Obama's latest dilemma

Al Gore will save the planet but Barack Obama will save this country.

Watch the entire speech from Barack Obama about the war in Iraq

What did Randi Rhodes Have to Say about 'The Speech?'

Lanny Davis didn't get the memo...plays the Wright card like a tool

Does anyone have the Nader "I iz on ur ballotz spoilin ur elections" picture?

Does anyone have the Nader "I iz on ur ballotz spoilin ur elections" picture?

A little help... Where the hell does the "Obama wants to talk to terrorists" meme come from?

If posting poll results, please indicate the margin of error estimate and the undecided

CNN and MSNBC in the past 1/2 hour: Obama BLASTS McCain in Iraq speech today

TEXT of Sen. Barack Obama's speech on Iraq War, March 19, 2008

Politics is about leverage. FL and MI have it.

Iraqis quality of life worse than before US invasion. Clinton: Not our problem.

Both Clinton and Obama are equally strong


If you know anything about military strategy, you know the importance

Video of Obama's speech today here:

According to polls Clinton winning/Obama winning;...Clinton sunk/Obama sunk

Question - Comparison between Robertson and Wright...

The Speech: Obama cannot be denied courage, fortitude and vision (Scott Horton)

It was impossible for Jon Stewart and Colbert to hide their choice yesterday

Obama regains clear lead in Rasmussen tracking poll, leads by 5

So Hillary Has 5 Days Missing

You're taught in Drivers Ed that speeding is against the law,

Zogby Poll. McCain beats both Dems. Obama still leads Clinton

Daily Kos: Obama Takes It To McCain Today in Iraq Speech

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/19/08 - Obama up 2 (47), Clinton down 2 (42)

Obama on Larry King Live March 20.

Kos diary: Michelle, seated in front row, was moved to tears


Rude Pundit's eloquent analysis of Obama's historic speech

Breaking!::registered team member and blogger on Obama's MyObama campaign website.New Black Panther

Clinton doublespeak: Lawsuit forced me to release schedule = most transparent candidate.

Hey yo. In advance.... Edwards is the reason Obama is winning right now.

Yesterday Tweety said Bill Maher will be

Yesterday Tweety said Bill Maher will be

Is anyone else simply dying for an Obama/Muckain debate?

MSNBC is slick!

I have never seen a campaign as negative as Hillary's. Prayin' for Obama to fall.

I found this about Mr Meeks.


Clinton Team to Lay Off Wright (Memo)

Cenk Uygur: The White Preacher Double Standard: Hagee, Parsley and the Rest Get Away w/ Everything


Newsweek: The Deep Blue Divide

DNC Gives Blessing To Michigan Re-vote

Derrick Ashong: Courageous Obama poses challenge to America

Again, Hillary, I implore you: Don't ABANDON the dems in Michigan the way

Our Ethics: I'd Never Fight For FL & MI's Illegitimate Primaries For My Candidate. Never.

Question for all: Why didn't Florida and Michigan DNC leaders protest the states GOP congress moves?

Michael O'Hanlon on MSNBC says he favors McCain, as he would not be pulling out 1-2 brigades a month

Where DID Those Pastor Videos Come From?

Obama's speech was a campaign speech, not a civil rights speech

Obama's speech was a campaign speech, not a civil rights speech

Setting Herself Up as the Fall Guy

Is this an accurate statement regarding the Clinton view on Israel?

This is why Republicans win elections!

Now Imagine The Speech Obama Will Give to Push Health Care Reform


The Board Suffers From Too Much Hyperbole And Too Little Nuance

Astounding MSM Bias

Hillarys Schedule : She helped with NAFTA

Colbert said he was going to play the clip of Wright every day until the election.

Overstated Claims of Experience? Maybe according to a NYT Article on Hillarys WH records

Overstated Claims of Experience? Maybe according to a NYT Article on Hillarys WH records

Great Speech but was it Great Politics?

Everyone Go To This Anti-Obama Pro-War Freeper Video At YouTube & Vote It Down

Could it be that the reason that some who are giving Obama a hard time..

'Rev rave'

Not This Time...

Obama just gave one of the greatest speeches in American history ...

WANTED: links to video of Obama's Iraq War speech today.

Obama is still #1 despite Rev. Wright

Obama played basketball in high-school. McCain did not...

OBAMA IS ON THE MOVE!! Don't be confused

Pretty much every media response to Obama's speech:

How big are Obama's crowds in Pennsylvania????

The Chimpanzee Test.

Obama town hall-----two vets introducing Obama now

Why did Michigan and Florida flip off every other state? Why did they continue to flip them off?

Why do you think Obama supporters out number Hillary supporters on sites like KOS and DU?

Wow! Obama is coming to Portland, OR on Friday. It was evidently

Barack Obama to open democratic convention in North Dakota next month

Obama campaign materials

Senator Clinton, we don't want your afternoon tea schedule - we want your TAX RETURN.

Why McCain Won't Matter - Jobs vs. War

Ron Paul - "McCain hasn't reached out to me"

Didn't almost all of us, Obama's age and up, hear our grandparents

Few voters outside Obama's existing support care about "The Speech"

Rhetorical Impact: How it *feels* to be the object of a slur, and how to move from there....

Water Cooler Talk at Work: Obama Rocked People With His Speech

Meanwhile, McCain is LEADING - that is right, Mr. Bomb Iran is in the LEAD

"Joe Lunchbucket", from Podunk, Pa

I Listen To All The Self-Rightous Talk About How Bad Rev. Wrights Words Are......

Can we just hold Gore down and tickle him until he yells uncle

Gallup Daily: Clinton Moves Into Lead Over Obama (49% vs 42%)

5th Anniversary of Iraq Mr Obama Fights to end it, Ms Clinton fights with a mic stand......

WHY is Obama Blocking a REVOTE in michigan?

delete - wrong fourm

Obama campaign refuses to take down Sean Hannity's endorsement on their website.

The BETTER way

I am a white female Atheist Democrat

Rep. John Conyers: A Refreshing Moment of Truth

Hey Wright critics

93 NAFTA Attendee: For her to repudiate that now seems pretty phony

Clinton's White House Records Show She Supported NAFTA

MP3: A song about the Iraq War to add to this tragic 5 year anniversary

The View From The Fence

Heather Mills seeks to restore image with old Hillary Clinton tribute (Seriously! LOL)

DU can we agree on 1 thing? FOX NEWS, Hannity and Limbaugh are all homophobic, sexist and racist...

With Florida and Michigan re-votes effectively dead

Obama says he has been "shaken up" by Wright scandal ... link

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Wednesday March-19-2008

Mark my words... the next "tempest in a teapot" will be William Ayers of the Weather Underground....

I'm going to tell you what I tell my 7 year old son: FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

Hillary Docs: Many Overseas Trips Just Standard First Lady Tourist Fare

Big Hillary Money-People Ready To Throw Weight Behind Michigan Primary

Obama Supporters:::::ACTION THREAD

16 Minutes

NEW POLL : Democrat destroys Republican in Presidential Race

John McCain has only defeated lightweight Democrats in his career

MSM Coverage shows that Lieberman Leads McCain around on a Leash

A little Obama humor - from (Title: Photoshop Obama before he was drawing the big crowds)

Race Baiting

The repugs are shifting focus - even with the major speech...

if 7 years on DU has taught me anything, it's this:

Check out Obama's speech in Philadelphia at link below.

Josh Marshall has a BLOCKBUSTER COMMENT on McCain..."Unfit to Serve!"

Insane McCain

FL and MI are in the hands of the credentials committee now.

Obama Speech Reaches Most-Viewed Status on YouTube!

For a Smart Man, Obama Sure Doesn't Know a Lot of Things

Straw Poll: Progressives Favor Obama by Wide Margin (Take Back America Conference)

ABC: Buried in Eloquence, Obama Contradictions About Pastor

Hillary's Plan To Elect McCain And A Right Wing Supreme Court

Interesting column: Black pastors are indeed outspoken

Obama's connections to Jay-Z will prove his undoing.

If Gravel isn't the nominee over Obama and Hillary it's OVER.

Support Obama's plan for Iraq...

Go ahead and have a Mighigan revote now, Hillary

I'm not liking Senator Obama's current campaign strategy

Hillary Was in White House on 'Stained Blue Dress' Day - "Private meetings" around pardon time

superdelegate primary? heard this on NPR...

Does anyone have a link to the full video of Obama's Iraq speech from today?

Everyone, stop in to this thread and say "Thanks Hillary".....

If Obama could somehow aquire female genitalia between now and Nov he'd be a sure win.

I heard something on MSNBC the other night about down the ticket realities....

This primary has brought out the WORST in some candidates and DUers

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate- Book About Hillary's Fascist Power Cult Out In May

Clinton Document Dump a Dud

MEMO to our leaders! take the party back from rush fatbag

Obama's ability to see problems as interlocking SYSTEMS really impresses me--


Please show how a revote will help in November.

Perplexed...........just plain and simply perplexed

Michigan and Florida will be seated.

Have You Heard? I'm a Mole!

In CNN interview, Obama doubts his own electability

I farted within earshot of Barack Obama. I also belched while occupying the same room as Hillary.


Mcain is now leading, playtime is over, its time to unite the party behind Obama

Is there a link to a video of Obama's excellent Iraq speech

Barack looks totally stressed...

Fox News Hatred of Obama Knows No Bounds

Obama in North Carolina today

for those of you who insist that there is no sexism in our society, look at obama's speech and, each

It's hard not to be ashamed.

Joe Madison tore up Pat Buchanan on Tweety today

most important speech on race since MLK

Jesse Jackson agrees with Obama's grandmother (black people scare him, whites relieve him)

I have been trying to come up with a post for the last hour or two

Obama cares less about winning....

"I'm here because of Ashley."

I made up my mind: I am voting for Clinton in the PA primaries, because of electability issues

Chuck Todd: "there is no way Obama will not be leader in delegates and in popular vote"

McCain should reject AND denounce Falwell's Winky the Teletubby comments!

I just donated to Obama again

There’s nothing that energizes Sean Hannity more than defending a white guy accused of racism.

Obama is fine. Most voters have short term memories.

Pennsylvania's Murtha endorses Clinton for President



This Primary Schedule is designed to make us lose the GE? or what? The Repubs are already running

Sean Hannity says electing Obama would be electing racist and anti-semite.

Hillary Clinton: "And in 2002, Barack Obama gave a speech. . . . . "

MSNBC on Teflon John McCain

New Obama scandal on Hannity, Obama controversial advisor Meeks says homosexuals have evil sickness

The Death of an American Cynic

HEADS UP! Obama will be interviewed by 360 tonight, and will be on Larry King Live Tomorrow

Obama Endorses McCain (Link)

How long are we going to put up with the Hillary's supporters love affair with Right Wing Assholes

Polls comparing Obama/Clinton to Mcain are worthless before the primary is settled

State polls show serious slippage in support for Obama

Obama ,and the Lost Art of Oratory

You noticed who corrected McCain on his flub in Iraq?

Is Hillary a "Beacon of Hope" for American Females who don't do "Girls Gone Wild?"

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Clinton moves into Lead

When Hannity calls Obama racist, just bring up his buddy, Hal Turner

Your comment on this scenario, please

RW radio: Truly EVIL stalks the land

Obama contradiction from yesterdays speech

I have a question

NAFTA-gate - the sequel!

Video of Obama's Iraq Speech - 3/19

Video of Obama's Iraq Speech - 3/19

Video of Obama's Iraq Speech - 3/19

CBS Poll: 64% of whites believe the U.S. is ready for a black POTUS

Hannity relationship with white supremacist Hal Turner

Ok this isn't fucking cute anymore superdelegates, Step the fuck in!

Why I think Obama won the WH today...

Has anybody seen this?

Is Cynthia McKinney really running for the Greens?

3 New SUSU Head to Head match ups in Missouri, Ohio.and Kentucky.

Things I don't care about

Things I don't care about

Karl Rove on FOX News defining Obama speech!

Pick your poison.CNN=Clinton, MSNBC=OBAMA, FAUX=McCain

Question for Data junkies.

Proof that half the posts here are Republican trolls...

Marriage of Heaven and Hell or A Plea For Democratic Unity

Why do we continue to lose the battle?

We are the Champions

Courage and Principle: Kucinich, Edwards, Obama and Hillary

Michigan and Florida

I honestly can't understand why some people don't like Obama

Since we are comparing injustices around here these days

Obama Needs To Learn His Place.

Benefits to Obama winning the nom and losing the GE than Hillary winning the nom and winning the GE?

Fuck Hannity

Some of Us Favor Obama for Reasons That Have Nothing to Do with Clinton.

The real difference between Obama and Hillary. It's very simple

"More of the Same McCain" Nickname

More polls that Clinton supporters would not post!

**Hillary's Papers - Obama's Speech**

March 19 (Bloomberg) -- The Democratic National Committee said a proposal for a privately financed

Obama's Philly Speech: Political success or political failure?

Obama is toast...

TYT: Different Standards for Black and White Preachers

The depth of Obama's "race" speech should be the template FOR ALL ISSUES

Seems like everyone is watching fox news!

Breaking: Clinton Document Dump reveals Hillary lied and did backed NAFTA!!!

I think people need to reexamine the MSM's role in Hillary's campaign

I heart Wolcott...

Obama sinking like a rock. If he loses North Carolina

Good night I am going to bed and...........

If McCain Camp Put Selective Wright Excerpts on Youtube, Why Aren't Dems going out to hammer Hagee?

Hey Hillary, next time you pander to Petraeus, remember what your husband said a few months ago.

Us versus them, or "Nature, Mr Alnutt, is what we were put on earth to rise above."

Tennessee Governor Wants Primary Decided JUST By Superdelegates and Hillary Agrees!

"Kerry was beating Bush at this point in 2004" - Many Clinton supporters, a few weeks ago

Is It Any Wonder McCain is Now Beating Both Clinton and Obama?


Information regarding the disagreement over the Michigan primary re-vote

Follow the Oil War Money: Clinton is #1 -- more than McCain!

"HRC will not have a role but will be seated in the front row."

Wright is right and Hillary is wrong!

The Real Risk Peregrin Took.

Obama's Rationale for Bid in Jeopardy Over Wright

AP/CBS: Bill Clinton Rejects Criticism Over Race

Were women lynched? Hosed? their churches bombed? Arrested daily based on appearance? Terrorized?

Our Joshua (Mary Lyon)

I think Hillary does not realize the damage she is doing to Democratic Party

Scarborough just doesn't get it

To SOME of the Obama supporters

Clinton adviser: President's role is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel

ABC News: "Buried in Eloquence, Obama Contradictions About Pastor"

I Thought I Was For Hillary Until Barak's Speech

Clinton Calls General Petraeus an "Extraordinary Leader"

Shelby Steele: The Obama Bargain

Dee Dee Meyers on MSNBC, CNN, and ComCen tonight. Why do

Please copy and e-mail to the DNC:

If Hillary's a fighter

When did David Gergen become such a reasonable and intelligent guy?

Well, less than 24 hours have passed since the "Speech" and I'm sorry O supporters

Gallup Daily: Clinton 49 Obama 42 - Clinton also better against McCain

While we're talking about Obama's bad judgment, let's also discuss...

Obama lied to us.

Obama blasts Hillary's MI/FL delegate issue LIES ! (Good !)

If Hillary had done the right thing and taken her name off the ballot in MIchigan.....

Why America Can’t Get Beyond Race

Do you know why McCain is leading in the polls? It's because of Hillary, actually.

When I consider that Pastor Wright has praised Louis Farrakhan, I find myself feeling very worried.

"Instead of distancing himself and moving past this moment, he sort of owns it now,"

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: I think it was a mistake for Barack to do Anderson Cooper

As an atheist, I'm encouraged by the public's newfound realization

NOT THIS TIME... it really sums it up perfect

Obama Campaign: Response to Fox News "story"

Obama's Speech On Race Has Gotten Over A Million Hits On You Tube...

Dumb ?... Why did Wright's church sell the video to Fox or whoever bought it?

Al Sharpton endorses Senator Obama privately-blasts Clinton

NYT - MoDo's take on Obama's speech

If Edwards endorses HRC, it means he's sold out the workers and the poor.

Unless absolutely necessary, I'm focusing on what Obama needs to do to defeat McCain

How many times did Hillary mislead the public today? (Most people call it lying, but I'm being nice)

Hillary Clinton Schedules Show Drop in Policy Role After Healthcare Failure.

Congratulations to Camp Obama. You just turned Michigan into a "Battleground State."

I think we should continue to Swift-boat Sen. Obama

A poll about age here in GDP.

Should Sean Hannity be called out on his remarks about Abner Louima?

Morning Joe: Scab-bro, continues to bash Obama

NPR: "Chicagoans: Reports Misrepresent Obama's Church"

Turns out that Obama's comments about being fine with a Michigan re-vote were just words

I'm donning my flame suit for this one, but, seriously, does anyone really want Bill back in the WH?

It Was Always Going to Be Something.

The Gullible Believe Obama Lacks Experience

I Still Think A Unity Ticket Is Our Only Way Out Of This Dilemma

Poll question: If Obama dropped out today.. Will you be voting in the GE for....

Do you feel sorry for Obama's poor old grandmother?

Sorry to keep the Wright thing going but

Breaking: Obama will win the nom, and lose the GE...and Obamabots


Forget Hillary. Forget Obama. This is simply about the cold, hard truth. (IWR)

Huckabee defends Wright

Clinton a long way from the White House at key foreign policy moments

Convince this Obama supporter that nominee/president Hillary will do more than her husband

Transcript: OBAMA IRAQ Speech-March 19th

So, the man who said in 2004 that there was no difference between him and Bush on the Iraq war

If Hillary dropped out today.. Will you be voting in the GE for....

Get your very own HRC supporter Crystal Ball!

Why Did Hillary Fail in Her Only Real Attempt at Policy Reform: Health Care?

from THE TWILIGHT ZONE: to serve Hillary (PHOTOSHOP)

Politico Poll: Amongst Progressives - (O) 72 (C) 16

Hillary trying to play CRAZY re-vote politics. PATHETIC !

GOP See Rev. Wright as Pathway to Victory

Why the hate?

Obama's speech was beautiful, brilliant & important. But I'm kind of pissed that he had to give it

Patience Obama Supporters - This Nomination will not be won based on todays polls, not even close!

Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania & NAFTA: Doth the Lady Protest Too Much?

Why didnt Obama give this speech to Wright 5 years ago?

Is Obama's racist granny still living?

ABC: Obama contradicts a year of denial

This Wright issue is entirely about race.

Congratulations Hillary, Your Cronies In Michigan & Florida Have Fucked Over Democrats

Slate Magazine: With revotes unlikely in Florida and Michigan, Hillary Clinton's hope is fading.

Newsweek: An uncluttered calendar. Clinton's schedules reveal curious deletions.

I'm Sorry... But You Would Have To Be Total Liar, A Total Buffoon...

Hillary Clinton is not single-handedly responsible for the Iraq War

BREAKING in this post: New poll numbers, Obama surprise TV appearance, AC 360 statements and more

McCain rises and Obama plunges in series of 9 catastrophic polls for Dems

NC now a dead heat; Clinton beats McCain in Ohio, Obama loses badly

Hillary is not pushing the Wright smear

A Positive Thread ! Say something NICE about the other candidate!

with all due respect to Sen McCain's age: Is he going senile? (not kidding)

Dennis Kucinich is better than Obama

Can we PLEASE, as progressives, stop using RIGHT WING sources to prop up our respective candidates?

Spoke with Joe Sixpack today

It's Time to Face Reality

Nearly 1.3 million views on YouTube in 22 hours. And still growing.

Isikoff: Clinton's Schedules Reveal Curious Deletions

Girls Line Up to Hear and See Woman Who Could Be President

Book vs. Speech

Is Obama already unelectable after taking only a few punches by mid-March?

Obama sponsors bill to get our troops out of Iraq by March 31st, 2008!!

Bill Clinton & The Telecommunications Act of 1996, Murdoch & HRC connection ....

BREAKING: Hillary's Schedule proves she Worked On NAFTA!!! (scammed Ohio voters)

This speech has completely convinced me

FL: Clinton in stat. dead heat (-4) with McCain. Obama loses badly getting only 60% of the DEM vote

GOP sees Rev. Wright as pathway to victory...Politco article

Cynthia McKinney (Green Party) speaks on race

Someone should really call Hannity out on his close relationship w.Neo-Nazi, Hal Turner

Bush to hail prospect of Iraq "strategic victory"

Golub - Running Against Pelosi On Impeachment - No. 2 In ActBlue Fundraising; To Take Out Ad

Hillary Clinton: I don’t believe our men and women should stay and fight Iraq's civil war.

NASA satellite measures pollution from East Asia to North America

With the Obama speech and economy, what about the Iraq War?

Anti-War Grannies Arrested Trying to Enlist

Former Prosecutor: Disbanding LA USA Public Corruption Unit "Sends A Message"

CIA Expands Legal Insurance Coverage for Agency Employees

So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating

Looking for a bottom to the housing downturn?

Slate: The Rise of American Incompetence

WSJ: Volcker: Fed’s ‘Extreme’ Intervention ‘Raises Some Real Questions’

Is the Pentagon Policy Shop Funding Likudist Fronts?

How Pathetic

Anybody else worried about the GE like I am?

Arthur C. Clarke Dies at Age of 90

New York Times to America:Stay the course in Iraq

Spitzer hooker was in a Girls Gone Wild video

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Hilary in Detroit today pimping for Delegates.

5 years later: Think of the children.

Wanted: Presidential Counterterrorism Advisor

Dozens sun-blinded in India after Marian apparition rumor

Bush Consolidates the National Security State

Haven't heard a peep from that sac-o-crap Bob Woodward in a while..

Why Spitzer was Bushwhacked

McClatchy: Foreboding on Tibetan plateau as China gathers forces

Serious question: Did the US government introduce crack coke

Protests on 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

I read in one of the threads that fox was chosen as the pool control for the Dem Convention.??....

It's Another Crappy Iraq War Anniversary

Iraq War as War Crime (Part Two) Robert Parry

It's the WAR, Stupid.

Robert Scheer: Bush's Legacy of Failure

Religious right should seek bipartisan alliances

Cheney brokers U.S.-Iraq deal to outlast Bush and then goes fishing in waters between Oman/Iran

Get McCain now

WJ thismorning: The Iraq War

What The Iraqi People Want

It's Now Official: Bush Has Katrina-ized the US Economy.

DUers who's going to anti-war protests today

Robert Fisk: The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn

‘Power broker’ Cheney gets Iraqi pledge for long-term agreement.»

‘Power broker’ Cheney gets Iraqi pledge for long-term agreement.»

U.S. Spy Boss: Iraq WMD Intel Failure Just 'A Bad Hair Day'

No more money for Iraq this is why

Democratic Actions Concerning Voting Machines

WAR SUCKS!!! - It takes a twisted mind to see it as a "successful endeavor."

Russ Feingold: By Damaging Our Partnerships, We Damage Our Security

Excerpts of W's 5 yr. War anniversary speech (CNN)

Tiny Nauru battles obesity

Anti-War Funeral March to the federal building in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Watch it:

I'm Waiting For **** to start Speaking...

'Bush talks terrorism' CNN calls W's speech on the war

'Bush talks terrorism' CNN calls W's speech on the war

'Bush talks terrorism' CNN calls W's speech on the war

I'm waiting for someone to ask him "Why?"

Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) “failed to disclose tens of thousands of dollars

Bush: Iraq War Worth It

BUSHCO's "UniPolar World"-Empowered By A Stolen Election & "SuperCharged" By 9/11

stand by for bullshit - bush to speak at 10am edt about iraq

stand by for bullshit - bush to speak at 10am edt about iraq

Too early to take a drink when shrubeenie says "9/11"?

Drudge, Newsmax, Matthews

== Thou shalt not kid thyself = By Mark Morford

== Thou shalt not kid thyself = By Mark Morford

You can’t have a quagmire in sand! - Today’s Headlines 3/19/08

Laura Bush: heard her speak the other day

Basically, Bush is giddy over what he's done in Iraq... and why shouldn't he be?

Who's masochistic enough to watch Captain KooKoo Banana's Iraq speech?

Notice Bush doesn't mention the battalions of innocent Iraqi conscripts he had turned into pink mist

Part of the Obama/Wright issue NOT being discussed (and it should be)...

I am honest enough to admit that when I sat in churches for years I RARELY LISTENED

Pollack: 30 years from now, Iraq war will be ‘worth it.’

I refuse to listen to another Obama speech

In Speech, Obama Contradicted More Than a Year of Denials About His Knowledge of Rev.Wright's Sermon

Hannity is saying that James Meeks is another adviser to Obama

Hannity is saying that James Meeks is another adviser to Obama

Obama's mistake has become our own

“we find she [HRC] deserves ample credit for expanding children's health insurance."

Obama hits a homerun with speech (newspapers consensus).

Let's start a new internet meme


That funny looking guy on tv sure doesn't like tourists.

Hillary campaign memo: Lay off Wright

the idiot in chief is smirking and ready to lie to us

Why I now support Senator Barack Obama....

who would have guessed this problem could exist at Fox News?

So It Was About Oil.......

Did anyone else hear the spontaneous applause for Bush

From Sen. Reid's Office, straight from Huffington Post

Does anybody have a link to the transcript of bush's Iraq speech today?

"This Is The War That Started With LIES & Continues With LIE-After LIE-After LIE" (The Independent)

Bush has yet to explain why bankrupting this country to break another is such a good thing

FYI: Google News - SPITZER = 30,956 compared to SIEGELMAN = 283

Poll: 71 percent think Iraq spending hurts economy

The Iraq was IS a SUCCESS for the Bushites and neocons..

Supremes vote 7-2 to reverse the 9th and uphold WA blanket primary system

Some guy on the Bear Sterns message board is asking for a good way to commit suicide.

Bush Talks, Market Falls

Liberal/Progressive Groups Poised To Spend $350 Million On Election..

Hillary Clinton stirred a crowd at Millersville University in Pa. into a near-frenzy Tuesday night

Meanwhile, The Republican Candidate Is Free to Screw Up

DOT Caps Newark Flights, Plans Slot Auction

Key Players Fail to Attend Iraq Reconciliation Talks

Test your knowledge of political sex scandals

Great workshop on the economic crisis from Take Back America, featuring Naomi Klein, David Sirota...

Why Bush Watergated Eliot Spitzer

Does anyone else feel physically ill when watching or listening to President *?


My Gawd.... bush's speech is horrible, especially coming after Baracks

Transcript of the Liar's Anniversary speech, in case you want to get sick...

Canadian Seal Hunt to start in 6 days - HSUS says boycott Canadian Seafood

I've NEVER been so personally touched by a politician

Boston Red Sox players stand up for their manager

Who has the right ? I cross posted this because of flack

Now Boeing (with the 787) knows how Airbus (with the A380) feels....

87-year-old firebrand resolved to oust Bush

Quote for the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Front page BBC headlines about USA/Iraq, delusional bush

I'm swearing off the "Bush is an idiot" meme

Can you guess how Cheney is marking the war`s anniversary?

The Real Risk Obama Just Took

Iraq War as War Crime (Part Two)

What Happened to as They Stand up we Stand Down?

Cheney: Iran May Have Resumed Weapon Program

5th Anniversary: Stop Funding the War, Send a fax with just one click

a fishy HALLIBURTON deal you haven't heard about yet...

Josh Marshall: (McCain) Unfit For Duty

What time does "Countdown" repeat on Pacific Time?

Obama's war resolution: Good thing he couldn't get this one thru....

Bear Stearns chairman played cards amid crisis: WSJ

The sixth year of Bush's madness begins today.

Bush doesn't seem too happy with the response...

OK, now I think this is deliberate war mongering

Asked About Two Thirds of Americans' Opposition to War, Darth Cheney says, 'So?'

White House reporters lose interest in Bush

About 200 protesters now gathered at Franklin Park 14th & K..

About 200 protesters now gathered at Franklin Park 14th & K..

About 200 protesters now gathered at Franklin Park 14th & K..

About 200 protesters now gathered at Franklin Park 14th & K..

About 200 protesters now gathered at Franklin Park 14th & K..

As Bear Stearns Implodes, Spector Keeps $382 Million

As Bear Stearns Implodes, Spector Keeps $382 Million

As Bear Stearns Implodes, Spector Keeps $382 Million

As Bear Stearns Implodes, Spector Keeps $382 Million

I will be available in January 2009, am willing to relocate.

$81,500,000 unclaimed lottery prize in Illinois

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!...

i just had a conversation with my son (responses requested)

O'Reilly Claims he Broke The Obama Pastor Story

A Dark Truth in Huff's Typo?

What can we do to help the Tibetan protesters, and Tibetan people?

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: American Dead Worth The Cost Of War? By What Math?

Overpaid Teachers Ask For Help.

U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott: The Iraq War: What Might Have Been

Condi Rice Snubs Argentina

It's the WAR, stupid!

Cyborg insects 'born' in DARPA project

A word of appreciation for you all (well, most of you!)

Kyra Phillips=War Monger er

Yesterday, someone posted an IRS link...

I am black and I am frustrated!

Republican presidential candidate Sen John McCain stands with Major Gordon Hilbun in Haditha, Iraq

Saying no to the USS Kitty Hawk

Olympics crisis over squat loos

'We Can’t Turn This Thing Around Overnight ' --Perle

Republicans can change. I got an email the other day

"naive" Bear Stearns high-risk subsidiary Chair was...... Jim Gilmore (R-Va)

In honor of Bush and his crazy speech - gnarls barkley vs the avalanches - crazy psychiatrist mashup

If BUSH wasn't President, would he be committed for his delusions?

Dean Baker: The subprime crisis is passé.

PICS of the protest at the IRS building in DC (from yahoo)

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Fed bailout

There are reports of blockades all over DC

Yes it's the 5th Anniversary of YOUR Iraq war, Mrs Clinton!

Blues for Obama

Oh how cute! McCain pic >>>

Cheney Spends Iraq Anniversary Fishing Off Sultan Of Oman's Boat

so, what's going on with harriet miers and josh bolten

Pissing them off over there,and hoping they don't come here.

500 BILLION dollars.....

Question for President Insane....

Al Franken on Letterman & Obama on Nightline tonight.

I ~ C ~ I

Warning AR, TX, MO Du'ers: 4 Dead, 3 Missing in Central US Floods

Why Are Winter Soldiers Not News? (FAIR Action Alert)

McCain is Unfit for Duty from Josh at TPM

The "C" Word: A New Political Pejorative

How Many Child Prostitutes Is B*sh Responsible for?

Beleaguered shrubjects of the realm,

Bush's audience today (PICS)

Obama's Speech: Why I am switching my support.

The strange and lingering campaign of Hillary Clinton

Everyone Go To This Anti-Barack Pro-War YouTube Video & Rate It Down

If this picture doesn't make you angry, what does?

Tweety on the Ellen Show -- hope she has her B.S. Detector on!1

A poll to DU

A poll to DU

Bill Maher will be on with Tweety today

What kind of brain disease is it when you're running for President and mix up? countries supplying

Web Site Offers Amber Alerts For Dogs

I'm getting angrier and angrier at Senator Clinton

VIDEO from CNN of Today's D.C. 5th Anniversary War Protests

I wonder if the Republicans will stop happy-mouthing the US war effort after the Dems take over?

Ok, need dirt about dirty McDude, seems some bloggers in michigan

Port Townsend attorney to challenge Rep. Dicks for Democratic nomination

In U.S. Politics, Party Rule Flips Like Clockwork

Ending the war should be the MOST important issue in this election

Why should the US occupation of Iraq soon come to an end?

What most of us did not learn in school about African Americans

Activists rally against homophobic, anti-Muslim freakazoid Sally Kern

Reed Elsevier Group "acquiring" ChoicePoint. Your thoughts.

MUST reading on Greenhouse Effect -- Hansen's call to REDUCE atmospheric CO2 levels ...

Tweety on "Ellen"

While the country suffers soaring prices & foreclose, the president & advisors laugh their a**es off

Keeping us safe from terrorism.

Wow! Cafferty's got some real zingers in today's questions. Here's the list...

I am so sick and tired of talking head equating Al Quadi with Iran...

War Brings Supporters, Opponents to Tucson (AZ) Streets - PICS

Who In The Hell Is This Joe Watkins - MSNBC Analyst That's Been.....

"So easy even a Caveman/Cavewoman could do it"

Words on Iraq from Barack Obama, Bob Graham, and Hillary Clinton. Five years along now.

AP Fact check: Bush equates Iraqi militants with al Qaida, claims uprising against bin Laden

Any word leaking out about what was discussed during the closed door

Subtitled Version of Obama's 3/18 speech

Troubletown: The Bush years are like a greatest hits album of catastrophe

Rush Limbaugh makes calculated lie at 12:30 today

Good fugging grief that McSameasBush faux pas

How many people here live in a racially integrated neighborhood

If McCain is elected it will COMFIRM how morally and intellectually eroded America has become

VA - Jim Gilmore's Ties to Bear Sterns

And the $42 million "Your Check Is In The Mail" Notification just got more expensive.

WaMu: Skip customers; save the execs

Is anybody still unclear as to the level that National rePublican Radio

Former Minn. State Senator Marks 5th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

HHS Secretary: OB/GYNs w/ Objections To Abortion Should Not Have To Refer Patients To Other Doctors

Bush approval hits new low on 5th anniversary of Iraq War

KO and Chuck Todd Misrepresent Hillary's Statement About Michigan: Media Matters Where Are You?

Bush's selective Federal Aid infuriates me.

A Ghost Haunts The White House

A Ghost Haunts The White House

A Ghost Haunts The White House

GOP tactics harass witnesses scheduled for House panel on credit card

Hah! This is news in 2008?

If you missed the protest today, there's one in New York on Saturday!

Impeachment Imperative NOW

I know I'll be accused of oversimplication.....

This just in -- Watch Stephanie Miller today at 5 p.m.

Has Osama Bin Laden accomplished his goal?

Iraq Plus 5

Ranger held over gorilla killings

remember that fresh new governor down here in Florida?

Senate may call Fallon to testify.

Enlist Now Pay Later - pic

NYT article DEBUNKS Hillary's claims of experience!!!

PHOTO: SF Police Scatter Protesters Lying In Market Street

How Dare that Bastard Cry in Front of Men and Women Who Have a Real Reason to Cry!!

The real issue

Winter Soldier's Testimonies on Amy Goodman NOW! Link TV 375. These are horrible confessions

Exactly five years ago this minute,shock&awe was unleashed.

Oh the irony...

San Francisco.... More protest pictures....

Political candidate changes name to 'Pro-Life'

Military veterans to deliver citizen arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney

A call to Democrats - UPDATED

I got the impression Bill Maher wasn't too happy with being on Tweety's show.

War Protesters Arrested In Boston

The 3 big M$M are covering the protests and the anniversary!

Asshole Buddies

Dan Froomkin: Bush's Triumphalist Amnesia

Patrick Cockburn: This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie

Naff Blasts Dean (Warning: snark)

Gee, you think the media will bring Scott Ritter back for the 5-year anniversary of the war?

Exporting Imperfection: My take on imperialism

I just talked to a young soldier outside

Zogby has McCain leading both Democrats in the general election

The Abortion Truck

USS Franklin CV13 19March 1945

Feds to probe FPL's Feb. 26 blackout

Hey look what I got for my birthday!!!!!

"For the Bible Tells Me So."

Boston Financier Steps In to Bail Out Illegal Immigrants

Right on cue!! - "New bin Laden message to be issued soon," -Terrah! Terrah!

zomg! So I am home sick from work today

Oh, You Have To See This One...

How is it that there is all this talk about what we could have done

Anderson Cooper Has Skin Cancer Surgery

George Carlin's quote on Conservatives

A great toon from Signe Wilkinson

Liberal groups set $400M spending target

Protest Photos From Today Being Updated. Please Check Them Out...

IRAQ: Five years after "Shock and Awe" - Live interviews with protesters

Bush's Legacy of Failure by Robert Sheer


Is health care no longer a Dem issue?

How do you like my new "No McCain for President" symbol?

Attn: Architects, home designers and/or students of either...

oof. A panel of idiots on PBS

I am amazed at the sheer stupidity of Republican voters - Jim Lehrer News Hour panels

Fox Attacks Black America: Is FOX News Trying To Start A Race War?

"They are trying to vilify me. That is their tactics."

John McCain’s Melanoma in Perspective

John McCain’s Melanoma in Perspective

People who are not paying attention still think Lieberman is a Democrat.

Wtf -- Tina FEY trashes Jon and TDS!1

'All for some and none for some'


Fixing Our Health Care System Means Getting to 60 Senate Votes

Check it out ... Photobucket has new advanced editing features.

Just got back from a peace rally--Share your stories

Kick his ass Rachel

Thanks KO -expose that liar

Longshore Workers To Shut Down Ports To Protest War!

New Study Finds Lead Isn’t the Only Toxic Chemical in Popular Toys

Made in the USA

It was sixty months ago today

Caption John "The Horror" McCain

Dow 12,099.66 Down 293.00 (2.36%).... Wuh Happened?

Taking the Rick (Anonymous v Scientology)

Bush and Cheney = The needle and the spoon and conservatives are Junkies

Weather: What's going on in the South and South East

That moron in the white house can't even read a fucking speech without sounding like a ......

Disney steers clear of "Path to 9/11" DVD

Al Gore Launches The Climate Project-India

Five Bloody Years

Sorry "Mr. Pro-Life", you're just Marvin on the ballot.....

Uh, isn't O'LOOFAH supposed to apologize any day now?!1

South FL Sun-Sentinel: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz allegiance in question

How did Spitzer get so popular?

How does Alan Colmes live with himself?

Chris Matthews aka Tweety talking about "Mission not accomplished" in Iraq?

dear david gregory, why do you have joe scarborough on your otherwise intelligent show

Study: Diesel emissions put health of 3 million residents at risk (Oakland, CA)

Who started George W. Bush's War on Iraq?

What is the real death toll in Iraq?

Gore On Green: "business leaders are way ahead of political leaders"

Is anyone familiar with this organization?

since our candidates are telling us how competent

Live in luxury by pampering the rich (CNN)

The Man and the Monkeys: A Wall Street Fable

Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption

Dana Milbank (on the rerun of Countdown) just said there were only a couple hundred people.....

Keith Olbermann: Bear-Stearns and the other hedge fund messes are "going to make Enron....

Anyone watching CSPAN?

Even 20 seconds of Ari Fleischer is too damn much

Bin Laden threatens grave punishment over cartoons

OMG. Capton.

Governor (Arnie) Takes Clint Eastwood & Bobby Shriver Off Park Commission

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

You know that Campbell Brown on CNN...

Venezuela nationalises major slaughterhouse and milk company

Disconnected .......

Some please explain something

(Fran) Rich Fights For Gay Adoption (Florida!)

I love this guy! Well not exactly love... but an enemy of our enemy...

Independent UK: Five years after the invasion, the totality of our failure is clear

So, let's talk about MI and FL and what will really happen next.

Is anyone tracking network "news" viewership . . . ???

Is This President F*cking Crazy?! Or Is He Finally Being Truthful?

Northrop: battlefield rayguns to demo this year

Documentary examines possibility of U.S. dollar collapse

Now We Are Led By A "Coward Boy-King" Who Never Served In War-Larisa Alexandrovna

Ever read the book "The Trenton Pickle Ordinance, and Other Bonehead Legislation"?

The Democratic Party stands idly by as Obama takes a public whipping

Patricia Ward-Kelly's Letter: The President Is No Gene Kelly - we should send this lady some roses

The Democratic Party stands idly by as Obama takes a public whipping

The Democratic Party stands idly by as Obama takes a public whipping

Moving testimony by Miss Boucher (scientology victim) at D.C. protest.

The Left Was Right (but continues to be ignored)

An Impeachment Ad Congress Will Read (To Be In Roll Call)

Binghamton University Protest Leads to Arrests

Wingnut Music Proudly presents: Conservative Greatest Hits - Vol. 2!

Petition against giving Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge to Big Oil

why do CNN anchors quote Rush Limbaugh all the time?

check out the items available at this **bankruptcy auction**

Clinton Praises Petraeus

I took these pictures three years ago, at the Crawford TX Bush protest.

Please DU this poll about the war

Paul Krugman five years ago (on the eve of war)

Barack Obama Crosses the Swiftboat Threshold

How long has Dan Abrams been doing "Teflon John" features on McCain?

Cheney On Two-Thirds Of The American Public Opposing The Iraq War: ‘So?’

Detroit Mayor Charges Possible Next Week (AP)

How will the GOP rebuild post 2008 and beyond??

The way the U.S. just gave up & died after 9-11, was it WORTH IT?

How George W. Bush became the head of the new American Dominionist Church/State

I Apologize for, And Repudiate, A Post I Made Last Week.

DC Iraq War Protest on CSPAN now!

Cheney could give a rats ass what we think

People Can Be So Dumb

Off to the Greatest Page with You!

Boston Red Sox refuse to take field and are refusing to board plane

PHOTOS "March Of The Dead" D.C. Protests & Arrests - 19 March 2008

Lots of anti-war protests in DC today

THE MATH – Wednesday, March 19 – TURNOUT and Senator Clinton’s Best-Case Scenario for Popular Votes

THE MATH – Wednesday, March 19 – TURNOUT and Senator Clinton’s Best-Case Scenario for Popular Votes

+++ 3,992 +++

I like Megan McCain, she seems like a plucky young girl...

Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh. It's true and perverse.

It's not too late!

Long-Distance Wi-Fi

An interesting story about Fred Phelps, war protester.

Conyers "Gives His Word" That He Will Impeach Chimpy...After a Dem Wins the WH.

Anyone asking why Congress has no control over the Federal Reserve . . . ????

We remembered the 5th Anniversary in our city (PIX)

Watching Keith Olbermann, and whenever I see Rachel Maddow

League of Conservation Voters report came yesterday.

Earth-Size Planet to Be Found in Outer Solar System? (Planet X)

Why is the corporate media covering the Anti-war protests? Now?

Wasserman-Schultz says please help get the bloggers off my back.

Nazi Atrocities, Committed by Ordinary People

The New "Religious Left"

As voters, do we have a right to detailed information on McCain's health records?

We The People - pic

Gold and Oil plunge

2/3 of Americans opposed to Iraq. Darth Cheney: "SO?"

Key Dem (Harman) Urged NYT Reporter Against Running Warrantless Wiretapping Story

Give us your Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, etc. ACRONYMS

Nation's truckers considering work stoppage

Who said, "If {Obama} were white...he would simply be one of nine freshman Senators..." ?

As the Supreme Court debates the 2nd Amendment, Joe Horn remains free

FDA Identifies Heparin Contaminant (Cheap replacement, Chinese manufactured, imported by Baxter)

Subtle phrasing.

Osama bin Laden. Dead or Alive?

BIDEN: “Treading Water in Iraq Does Not Equal Progress” -- Biden Iraq "Anniversary" Statement

Obama in free fall: IT IS OVER.....

We Got Work To Do- Click Here

Middle class hanging by thread as rich get richer, poor get poorer

Listen up, Whitey SPEAKS!

Unfettered Republicanism ................

AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to 'control' information



The Real Risk Obama Took


Heather Mills Branded a Liar

Will McCain Have Lieberman Next To Him At 3AM?

Checking in before going under

Impeach these war criminals and destroyers of the US Constitution

FACT #1 - Lowering Taxes Provides INCREASED revenues, BUT

Punishment does not earn rewards or cooperation, study finds

"Jack-Booted Thugs:" Alabama Blogger's Home Threatened for Writing about Gov. Siegelman?

The House With the Flag

I have more respect for Obama than I do for the American voter

I have more respect for Obama than I do for the American voter

I have more respect for Obama than I do for the American voter

I have more respect for Obama than I do for the American voter

I have more respect for Obama than I do for the American voter

The most important speech on race in America *ever* was given by Lyndon Johnson in 1965.

Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan

ok you pevs, what have you been up to since I've been gone?

Post your funniest stuff...

I woke up, it was a chelsea morning

If you have me on ignore

sinnerman where you gunna run to

My LOLcat has a lot of Nair

Need help finding quotes PLEASE!

I'm going to streak through GDP!! Who's with me?

OK - how many people got me on ignore??

Gumbo ya ya recipe,splendid roux.

Gumbo ya ya recipe,splendid roux.

Post your furious stuff

anyone know about public transportation in NH-ME?

Need help finding goats PLEASE!

What's Up with GD:P?

Dana Perino, unhinged....... Pt. V

Here's a reason why you can't support a family on one person's income now.

Im in ur meedea

Fellow MSG enthusiasts KMA

Damn, I'm trying to think of more copycats just to piss off the righteous brothers


The Judge in the McCartney/Mills divorce pretty much sums up Mills as a Liar

How retirees amuse themselves...

Weehoo! I just got a spanner. What body part should I span first?

Today was a good day

dammit... there was a chef's table w/ huevos rancheros today

I just posted to GD:P, and I feel great

Anyone tried the Rwandan French Roast coffee at Costco?

Kool-aid drinkers. Ever try SoBe?

just a reminder!(2 religious holidays coming up)

just a reminder!(2 religious holidays coming up)

GGW Francis rescinds his $1mil off to Dupree when he finds he has naked footage of her on tape

That bitch won't bite.

Great "Closing Chords" In Rock Songs or Solos- 3 Examples...

Ughhh. Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser?

Ughhh. Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser?

2001: A Space Odyssey ~ Dawn Of Man

I just drank the pretzel dust out of the bottom of the bag.

Is it better to have a big or little ignore list?

Stunt man turned salon owner shoots robber.

LOLCATS, my Demon entry today

I'm posting a lot of dupes these days.

Anyone watch Jericho last night?

Spitzer call girl loses $1 million offer over videos

Who's Next to Get Thrown Under The Bus

In dedication to that nutjob, Bush and his crazy speech, The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

If I were a troll being paid to post here and sow dissent, which organization would I work for?

I was asked this question "How does anybody 14 know they're gay?"

Mock the IRS Thread:

I'm in a crappy mood

Please note:

Ye Gawds...latest Geico ad...

Runaway Bride Ex-Fiance a Groom.

I'm sitting here ya ya

Make sure the car is in 'Park'. Caution: Strong language

The HR director at my brother's work made him take down his Dem stickers.

Heather Mills' price for an interview, plus "intimate photos & tape recordings": $2 million

To my friends

Did you know if you look at the "printer friendly" version of a thread...

Ah, forget it


Radio Ga Ga, suckifying everything

Days away from my fiftith Birthday, I am marring and having a family.

I'm dancing a jig in Wisconsin this August: Need advice for inexpensive electric ass


Today, in Battlestar Galactica news ...

wow. I'm not quite sure what just happened

American Idol thread

Question for you Deadheads out there

How many miles from Lexington MA to Sanford ME?

Obama on Mountaintop Removal: "We're tearing up the Appalachian Mountains because of fossil fuels"

sirius help needed

Did you get my explosive space modulator?

*** Truck Driver and other driver Appreciation Thread ***

I live just outside of the wealthy section of town

Speaking of copycat posts Where the hell is Billyskank

I went in for a tonsillectomy and all I got was this new anus

NCAA bracket thread: who's in your Final Four, and who wins it all?

MonkeyFunk: Remove the nipple earworm!

I escaped two vehicular accidents in 15 minutes

"Real men don't vote Democratic."

New pictures of Dora and Piglet

Cookies in the breakroom!

Did you like the book CATCHER IN THE WRY?

Going to the mailbox is just no fun anymore

I just returned from the future

Can someone give me a lesson on Australian real estate?

OK folks! Here is your appropriate lounge thread for the day...

You're so vain.


What are some of your favorite sights?

UC Davis Professor: Working Women Cry More On Job Than Men

Dark chocolate peanut M&M's!!!

Well Folks, here is a truly HUGH inanely redundant thread, with no morel values!

Alright so..... what the heck does the buddy list actually do?

Anybody who doesn't like kittehs, copycats, LOLcats, and brazillions

X-POST Anyone here good with InDesign? Specifically text boxes?

The robots are close to taking over

I'm Lori...

Ugh. My nine-year-old decided to trim his own hair.

OMG! Freecreditreport guy? He's Canadian!

I'm Nori...

I'm Nori...

Just for fun, interesting too

An important question for our time!


Having computer trouble for the last ten days was a cruel twist of fate....


Dumbo yo yo, magnifying dumpling

Awwwwww......just awwwwww.

I'm sorry...

barenakedlady is so fucking beautiful

This is sort of reassuring...nice guys do finish first, apparently.

Forget Elvis...THIS is how Teddy Bear should have been done.

I've always wondered this: Am I part of the Cool Kids or Not?

Left? Or right?

I have $20 to spend at the grocery store tonight.

You're so vague.

Yesterday my husband's coworker received flowers from her husband "just because" and

You know that Free Credit Report commercial

Who Else Is Going To A Protest Tonight

Wow, my paper has the most fascinating article titles...a sampling:

I never post in the Lounge...

Madinmaryland Appreciation Thread

Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence

Looking for riding mower recommendations

My own little Iraq war anniversary

Ivan Dixon, Kinch from Hogan's Heroes, has died.

It's official: I can NOT choose decent paint colors.

Miz t.'s ditzy friend.

How many (eligible voter) liberals are in this country?

Any America's Best Dance Crew fans in here?

Anybody remember Brother Dave Gardner?

Woman goes for anus operation gets new leg instead......

Since I got a FREE dinner, I want to know what YOU'RE having!

Which of these jingles is more annoying?

PSA for the retired, disabled and combat veterans -- re: taxes

Less than a day to sign up for the DU NCAA tourney and get your brackets completed (with a smilie)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/19/08

WAR! (What is it good for? content inside) WAR!


Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

Yeah, we are definitely in a recession... no doubt about it

Something funny I realized about Superbad seeing it again *spoilers*

I leave you guys alone for a day

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/19/2008)

Every time I see this bathing suit, I cringe

is there Food in teh Lounge?

And now ... a random 'Zippy' - strangely apropos...

Here is my olive branch..I will now "class up"the lounge with some Shakespeare:

ok time to lighten things up!!!!!

How do you guys handle cookies?

Princess Bob Pics ***dial up warning***

is there a feud in teh lounge?

Lawyer's in Love

Do you like COKE IN THE RYE?

The best movie trailer ever

Attention hip-hop fans and Radiohead fans alike

Cats are good for you!!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring?????

Have you been plaid recently?

Your favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?

*** American Idol Results *** (warning: contains spoilers!)

kidney stones

The love you get is equal to the love that you're makin'...

Television, The Drug Of A Nation

8 of 11 Women in Small Office Win $276mil Powerball in WV... Link

Cool site: shows shortest path between any two cities

Top Chef, Episode 2 Starts NOW!!

I am not going to change how I operate, unless I get a mod warning

Mugshot Hall Of Fame

New husbands joke.

I think there's something about the hop, as a ethnobotanical

I think there's something about the hop, as a ethnobotanical

Down with hot pants,up with mini skirts!

Hey you! watch this new R.E.M. video now damnit

Awright, dammit — it's apparent that there are two kinds of people in Teh Longue:

Frank Zappa was a genius

I justed sneezed all over my monitor. Sorry if I got any on you.

I feel old.

On this sad day I just have to post this pic!

Top-ranked QB Pryor commits to Ohio State

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam

Have you been paid recently?

Come as you are - Nirvana unplugged

is there a Freud in teh lounge?

NEUROMANCER movie coming in 2009 (and why I've got a bad feeling about this...)

Daughter won't go down

Film of Spitzer call girl in question

Geico insurance

"Mr. Hughes hid in Dylan's shoes wearing his disguise." Discuss.

'We carry more Monty Python shirts than any other web site'

Sing with me to the tune of CAMPTOWN RACES!

I'm not gonna change the way I give people The Clap, unless I get a mod warning.

When did you first, it?

***********Join the Online Rally for Healthy Families !!*************

***********Join the Online Rally for Healthy Families !!*************

Post a pic of your favorite male body part!

WOOHOOO DS1 won the photography contest!

I know what to do!!!!

I have been sick for three months now

Been a while... Here ya go... Laughed till I plotzed !

So, I definitely have the flu...

Have you been laid off recently?

Have you been laid recently?

Post your furriest stuff...

Stream of consciousness vaguely related to Catcher in the Rye

A kitteh pic for the lounge

I have decided I should probably go get therapy of some sort.

Why do threads that haven't been replied to in a week keep popping up?

Towards a Unified Theory of The Three Stooges' Humor

Oh, hell. Oh, damnation. Oh, shit.

Have some Madeira, m'dear

Final update: She walked across the Rainbow Bridge today.

Have you been staid recently?

Awareness Test

Hey sasquatch! I won $10 last night at bunco.

So... What are lounge appropriate posts???

Freaky, concentrate on the 4 dots for 30 seconds close eyes tilt head back what do you see?

Who would you vote for in this primary: Juno vs. McLovin

Author Arthur C. Clarke dies

Why are boys/men much more likely to form rock groups than girls/women? nt

How Close (Geographically) Are You To A Fellow DUer, Right Now?

I'd just like to point out that Al Gore opposed the war from the very beginning

I hope you're as excited as I am!!! Another new Chick track - woohoo!!!!

Terrelle Pryor picks Ohio State to go play football

What are you doing with your stimulus check?

Anyone know what this animal is?

I call bullshit on IMDB's Bottom 100 movies of all time.

For the love of the Flying Spagheti Monster

Did you like the book CATCHER IN THE RYE?

Woohoo - a preview of my 4/19 party in Delaware in smilies

have you ever been hypnotized or had acupuncture?

I just booked a trip to northern Spain! Anybody here got some advice for me?

Bill Clinton's Penis: It's Not Just for Freepers Anymore

'Being voted unsexiest woman alive hurts so much',

any idea where (or what) this is?

Evil Empire you say? Yankees play VA Tech - a really nice story.

Hey BOSTON area DUers... whatcha doing Friday night?

The One who will bring balance to the Force

Why does TAPS hardly ever come up with anything?

I hate, HATE, employment applications!!

The Assault on Public Integrity Continues = Debra Yang, Ted Olson, the Millions $$, and Rep. Lewis

The Assault on Public Integrity Continues = Debra Yang, Ted Olson, the Millions $$, and Rep. Lewis

Nighthawks #71 (dial-up warning)

International human rights commission files 'dirty-war' complaint against Mexico

Bush endorsement may be risky for McCain

Bush says Iraq war was worth it

US raid kills 6 in Afghanistan

Woman suicide bomber kills four in Iraq - police

Wanted: Presidential Counterterrorism Advisor

US Blocks Venezuelan Purchase of Food

Arctic Losing Long-Term, Thicker Ice Coverage, Scientists Say

Papers Detail Complaints of Links to Treasury List

No US proposals given on missile defence: Russia

'Do-over is dead'

Kuwait emir 'to call fresh polls'

Pennsylvania pulls plug on voter site after data leak

Iraqi provincial elections law approved

Suspect in Argentine death squad killings of mid-70s extradited from Spain

Paraguayan General Elections in April

Library Releases Hillary Clinton's White House Schedules

Lawyers take Gitmo prosecutors to court

Political candidate changes name to 'Pro-Life'

China warns of "life and death struggle" over Tibet

U.N. Agency Says (Bush) NLRB Violates Workers’ Rights

US-Swedish carrier spat 'breaks' Net

Tibetans continue to defy China crackdown

UPS pays $254,000 to fired whistleblower

Fannie, Freddie Cleared To Pump $200 Billion Into Market

First lady records show Clinton promoted NAFTA

Employers Prohibited From Filing Multiple H-1B Visa Petitions For Same Worker

Dalai Lama urges Tibet dialogue

Top BofA Executives Get Scaled-Back Bonuses

Cheney says economy going through "rough patch"(& responds "So?" to 2/3 of Americans re: Iraq War)

Cuba, Venezuela Rap US in Terrorism Case

Hillary Was in White House on 'Stained Blue Dress' Day

Global Warming Rushes Timing of Spring

Schools embrace fingerprint scanning

Supreme Court Overturns La. Murder Case

Ranger Arrested in Killing of Gorillas

Democrats Leading McCain, But Gap Narrows(CBS/NYT)

Democrats Leading McCain, But Gap Narrows(CBS/NYT)

Dozens Arrested Outside IRS (War Protesters)

German court curbs data storage law in blow to govt

US troops error kills Iraq police

Clinton's First Lady Papers To Go Public

U.S. officer says he nearly ordered execution of Khadr in Afghanistan

Bush: We can't jeopardize gains in Iraq

24 retired police convicted of human rights violations in Chile

Obama: Trust Me To End The War (Iraq Speech)

GOP House bill could give Fed reign over SEC

McCain sounds Iran warning, backs J'lem as Israel's capital

Police raid BP offices in Russia

Beyond the Border of War (AWOL US soldiers in Canada)

CIA kidnapping trial resumes in Italy

HBOS: Malicious traders in the City try to topple the Halifax bank

Estimates of Iraq war cost were not close to ballpark

600 (Pakistani) medical students off to Cuba

Bush pushes Colombia trade deal

Clinton Facing Narrower Path to Nomination

Plan for new Michigan Democratic primary falters

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's

Poll: Most Americans Say War Not Worth It, 64% Say Results Of War Not Worth American Lives Lost

VP: Iran may have resumed weapon program (there it is)

(Hillary) Clinton's 1993 NAFTA Meeting

Poll: Bush's approval hits new low

College Students Stressed by War

Grannies, pro-war activists clash in Times Square

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 19

Obama: Wright flap has 'shaken me up'

U.S. Eases ‘No Child’ Law as Applied to Some States

In Massive Patch, Apple Mends Roughly 90 Security Vulnerabilities

Bin Laden to release new message: monitor

Ex-chief weapons inspector slams Iraq war as 'tragedy' (Hans Blix)

Toyota union vote cancelled, for now

Girl's Dying Wish Denied; Imprisoned Father Not Coming Home

'Hogan's Heroes' actor Ivan Dixon dies

Baghdad's killing fields-Gaurdian UK

Obama keeps his faith despite criticism of pastor

Politics Unusual: Obama Abandons Blame Game in Sophisticated Discussion of Race

Indian cos to face biggest fraud risks from IT, IPR

How Could So Many People Buy into Bush's "Patriotism Sweepstakes" War?

All he has is speeches.

What Hillary Has in Common With Obama’s White Grandmother

Why the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Iraq War has Been Cancelled

U.S. marched to Iraq with inaccurate intelligence

Iraq war shows limits of US power

Estimates of Iraq War Cost Were Not Close to Ballpark

Questionable Trading Practices May Have Led to Bear Stearns’ Collapse

Spencer Ackerman: Five Years Later

The New Magic Kingdom

New Meaning To Shock And Awe, Five Years Into Iraq War, Reporter Finds Success Is Being Redefined

5 YEARS of Taxi To the Darkside

Greg Mitchell, Getting It Right on Iraq/ viaTom Dispatch

Our legacy is a dark and forbidding place of militias/Independent UK from Basra

Independent UK leading article: the totality of our failure is clear

AlterNet Guest Editorial: The Bravery of the Tibetan People

Five years in Iraq; who pays price?--a GREAT article

Philly Inquirer: Sen. Obama's Speech on Race-Brilliant!

Middle East Times EDITORIAL: Déjà vu all over again on Iraq

Robert Fisk: The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn

We Need a President, Not Just a Commander-in-Chief

Dinner With Ahmed by Scott Ritter

Cheney again links Iraq invasion to 9/11 attacks as bombing victims are buried

Right-Wing Not Satisfied by Obama’s Speech; Demands He Switch from Uncle Jeremiah to Aunt Jemima

Iraq War as War Crime (Part Two)

Bush’s Legacy of Failure by Robert Scheer

The Left was Right

Obama’s Brilliant ‘Bus Compromise’

Fed Lowers Interest Rate, Due to Bush’s Lowered 'Interest Rate'

Here comes the worldwide currency debasement

The Street on Welfare By E. J. Dionne Jr. / WaPo

Dr. J.'s 'He Really Said That': Bush Explains the Real Reasons for Torture (No, Not Really)

The Rise of American Incompetence By Daniel Gross

Barack Obama and the Emotional Power of Reason / THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter

The world's lone superpower is on the wane-Independent UK

Hundreds of flags .... 3,982 Americans dead

Indian IT companies continue to take advantage of H1B visa loophole

Who Says We Can't 'Af-Ford' John McCain as President

Mark Benjamin: A closer look at Clinton's Bosnia schedule (all 9 hours of it)

The Nation reviews Bush's speech

Philip Jones Griffiths, Vietnam War photographer, has passed away ...

Thursday is World Water Day but over half the population of developing countries still has no access

New NY Governor Admits to ‘Blind Dates’

Joe Galloway Commentary: Iraq surge has failed in its main purpose

There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy

In Tibetan areas, parallel worlds now collide

Robert Fisk: The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn

AS BIG BANKS FALL: The Bear Has Fallen and the Bull is Gone By Danny Schecter

States Claiming Ownership of Newborn's DNA By Marti Oakley

Middle class hanging by thread as rich get richer, poor get poorer

Dead Man Shopping (Joe Bageant)

Venezuela nationalises major slaughterhouse and milk company

"Free" trade has a price, President Bush

All he ever does is LIE

John McCain: He's Old

The REAL Trinity Church of Obamas.......

Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary's Nasty Pastorate

Capt Paul Watson on Ending the Seal Slaughter Canada - response to Loyola Hearn

"A More Perfect Union" Part 1 of 5 (HI RES)

Going To The Market (in Iraq)

Supertrooper # 816 (State Trooper Goes Apeshit over Student Demonstration)

Kyra Phillips: Iraqi Soldiers Want a Democrat to Win

Five Years of War in Iraq (Nancy Pelosi)

Bush endorses Clinton, Hillary & McCain friends.

What is the Definition of Victory in Iraq?

Huckabee defends Obama on Wright issue.

Obama Discusses Iraq and McCain in Fayetville, NC

Admirals and Generals for Hillary

'Islamists Want To Destroy Everything The West Holds Dear'

Obama on Iraq: Just Words?

CNN - Obama blames Bush, Congress

Olbermann: Worst Persons 3/19 - Lynndie England, Sean Hannity

Young Turks: 5th Year Anniversary of the Iraq War

Street War Protest in SF - 3/19/08 (Arrests, Loud Freeper Idiot)

Ending the war. Rescuing our nation.

Countdown: Bushed! March 18, 2007

Anti-War Protest March 15th 2008 Los Angeles CA

Obama discusses former pastor with Anderson Cooper

Olbermann: The Right & The War 3/19 - With Rachel Maddow

Obama explains Iraq position with Anderson Cooper

Barack Obama Belittle and Stereotype Working Class Americans

Freeze at Union Station in DC 3-18-08

TYT: "McCain Doesn't Know His Ass From A Hole In The Ground"

TYT Dissect Obama's Speech In Philadelphia And...

11 o'clock on a Tuesday a prominent politician talked tothe American if they were adults

Imagine walking three hours for a glass of water

Bill Maher on Hardball 2/19 - 'McCain is Dumber on Iraq'

Wingnut Music Proudly Presents: Conservative Greatest Hits - VOLUME 2!

Mitsubishi Electric to Raise (Solar) Cell Capacity to 500 MW (per year) by 2012

Energy, water demands are on collision course

Beyond Propaganda: Oil giant BP greenwashes Alberta tar sands

How Reliable are Those USDA Ethanol Studies?

Vaquita - Mexico's Miniature Porpoise - On The Edge Of Extinction; Maybe 150 Survive - Reuters

Gordon Brown To Host Conference On Climate Impacts On Bangladesh - AFP

Despite Cold Winter, 2008 In The Running For Top Ten For Global Temperatures - ENN

2010 Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Deadline Will Likely Not Be Met - So Let's Draft A New Plan!!

Sandstorm Rakes Beijing, Prompting Level Five Air Pollution Alert - As In "Don't Go Outside"

PEMEX CEO - Proven Reserves Fell 5.1% In 2007, Replacement Rate 50% - Rigzone

Senior Manager At World Heritage Park Arrested In Deaths Of Eight Gorillas - AFP

Tesla Motors Fires Up Production Line For Electric Roadster - SJMN

Brand-New Sewer System Pumps Raw Waste Into Newfoundland River For A Week - CBC

To the Delayers/Deniers: We’re warming, not cooling

UAE Pumping Flat Out, But "Nothing Can Be Done" To Ease World Prices - Oil Minister

Royal Dutch Shell Announces Plans To Quintuple Tar Sands Production

GreenPrint ..... Saving money today, trees tomorrow

Petition to halt Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge handover to Big Oil.

Captain Watson Honoured with Steve Irwin Wildlife Warrior Award

Gasoline price spike has only just begun ($3.75 gas in coming weeks) - CNNMoney

I'm reading "60 Days and Counting"

Vietnam 'hub for illegal timber' (BBC)

Good Jobs, Green Jobs: Part 1

Goliad citizens can join in county's suit against uranium mining firm

Solar Produces 1000x More Energy Per Acre than Soy BioDiesel

Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell Breaks Ground in Bucks County for Nation's 4th Largest Solar Power Facilit

Extinct Monk Seal Data Point To Carribean Reefs Six Times Richer In Fish Than Today - AFP

Yellowstone - With Growing Season 20 Days Longer Than In Mid-1990s, Ecosystems Shifting Rapidly

Investors warm to water as shortages mount - Reuters

Dark cloud hangs over green bulbs

March 2008 Oilwatch Monthly Released - Global Crude Production Still Lags May 2005 Totals

Independent UK: How the blurring of the seasons is a harbinger of climate calamity

Warning of world phosphate shortage

Hansen must read: Get back to 350 ppm or risk an ice-free planet and sea levels 200 ft higher

Over 100,000 Eco-Farms in Cuba

Members Of The Earth Liberation Front Are Mad! Why Aren’t We? (Jason Miller)

NOAA/NASA/NSIDC: Arctic ice is alarmingly scarce and thin

Lockheed, Navy dispute JSF delay, cost overrun

Question for Iraq/Afghanistan vets

US Airways Pilots Fight Over Union

Today in labor history March 19

Showdown Looming On Colombian Free Trade Agreement

USW Powercast Episode 43 – March 19, 2008

SAG, AFTRA get OK from AFL-CIO (Unions can negotiate jointly with AMPTP)

W Post: Talks Are Slow With Giant, Safeway

St. Agnes nurses push for labor vote (Union says it has enough signatures to seek election)

Mourners forced to cross picket lines

Bear Stearns faces lawsuit over alleged breach of duty over employee share plan

Take Back America: Empowering Workers

Take Back America: Green Jobs for a Stronger Economy

AFL-CIO backing Lunsford, Labor supported foe in earlier race

National Day Of Protest Against Iraq War Includes Labor

Lunsford setting sights on McConnell even in the primary (Ky)

FedEx Requests NLRB Ruling Review

Immigrant NY Foodstuffs Workers Organize Industry-Wide IWW Campaign

OSHA cites Utah firm for worker's death

OSHA fines company after worker's electrocution death

Nurse Backing SEIU In Ohio Accuses CNA of Sabotaging Election But Expects It Will Be Rescheduled

Spending cuts take toll on local stores, eatery

Indian Workers Marching To Washington D.C. To Protest Their Exploitation

Union leader: U.S. late to take economic action

US High Court weighs anti-union fund fight

US High court rejects case of injured Wal-Mart employee (Shank to Wal-Mart: 'Be a human being')

Employers Prohibited From Filing Multiple H-1B Visa Petitions For Same Worker

Breeze54 . . . . thread #3


Globalization and Our Economy

Lattes aren't selling like they used to

what is the best thing that either Democratic candidate proposes to do

Credit Scorers Find New Ways To Judge You

Who'll come to the rescue (us)?

US Nobel economist calls financial crisis worst since Depression

The Great Unwind has begun, Citigroup warns

What went wrong (in the housing crisis

So the DOW went up 400 points yesterday

Paraguay Fears Lugo Attack

International human rights commission files 'dirty-war' complaint against Mexico

Argentine president meets freed Colombian rebel hostage

Cuba Elected President of COCAL (Latin American Federation of Professional Congress Organizers)

TARGET VENEZUELA: CIA/DOD drug running, Mayan Express, Op Pliers, NED - well, you get the idea

Cuba, Venezuela Rap US in Terrorism Case

U.S. embargo on Cuba benefits Europe, Canada firms

Paraguayan General Elections in April

Pennsylvania Considers Gay Marriage Ban

Coward Oklahoma State Rep. in hiding

On The Search for Gay Obituaries: Arthur C. Clarke (The Times Version)

Anti-gay Oregon Lawmaker: ''Violent Backlash Awaits Gays Asking For Civil Rights''

Is the Wright scandal the reason 0bama used McClurkin instead of his own minister?

Ruling Palestine I: Gaza Under Hamas

Words have failed us (Amira Hass)

In prison, who knows why

High Court closes off use of major highway to Palestinians

Poll Shows Most Palestinians Favor Violence Over Talks

Yesha rabbinical council chief: Don't rent houses to Arabs

Israeli soldiers given free reign

Study: Israeli Jews becoming increasingly racist toward Arabs

Biden statement on Iraq anniv.

Give it up for Pardon the Interruption......My favorite sports show, period.

Terrelle Pryor picks Ohio State

Is anyone watching exh. baseball on ESPN now? The Red Sox are staging some kind of protest...

Bobby Knight

Retiring Favre's number

Three cheers for the Boston Red Sox players for doing the right thing..

I need some good vibes : My car broke down on me and I am so stressed out.

Union to Examine Why Bonds Has No Offers

Good job ccpup on the astrology reading last week.

Jim Henson and Seth

a visit from someone who has passed on

I've been getting this dream lately


Wickfodbard's Spring Equinox and Libra Full Moon newsletter

Mom’s Heartburn Meds Carry Asthma Risk?

Sorting Through the Choices For Menopause Hormones

Contaminant found in heparin identified

Knights Templar wannabes: sign up right here for resurrected papal order

Report: 32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites

If you still believe in god, you should get yourself some kidney stones.

'Healthier hearts' for cat owners (BBC)

I want a personal relationship with Cthulhu.

"flagrantly overeggs the pudding"

All my threads are boulders in GD

New camera shots

There's a one page proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Things to throw at people who claim "fundamentalist atheism's just as bad as fundamentalist Xianity"

Handgun Violence, Public Health, and the Law ( New Eng Jour Med)

Ethical Jesus and Apocalyptic Jesus

Antarctic rainbow iceberg

Survival of the fittest?

The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World out of Balance

Links to Heller vs DC Audio and Transcript

Will 14A's equal protection clause cripple gun control efforts?

Higher stakes with Heller than we thought?

DC took several step backwards from where it started

Americas self defense shootings.

Show me a video of an AA 757 hitting the Pentagon

Kerry offers many reasons why government isn't working

Sen. Kerry's "Roadblock Republicans" is mentioned in WT.

Obama won't back Michigan-Election Reform-Fraud & Related News-Wed 3/19/08

Wall Street Buys Ohio Voters

Obama hurting his case in November?

Swim Against The Current - Jim Hightower tour schedule

Wow! Long official TDP memo to Credentials Committees

Texas Dem Chet Edwards Looks Safe, Just Four Years After Surviving Remap

Obama county convention trainings are here.

Any lawyers around? Q about statute of limitations on debt

Any hot races at the state convention this year? State chair? SDEC?

You might be interested in this thread I just started in GDP.

My Illinois sister in law sent me this Trib article

Consensus: Obama speech a homerun.

heads up: bad poll news coming our way but don't fret...

Clintons blocking release of pardon papers

Release of Hillary's Day Planner. Were the Clinton selling pardons?

I'm so pissed - if this Wright thing sinks Obama it's over for me.

Good news: New poll out today has Obama even with MCCAIN in CO, Hill loses badly

If you need cheering at any point -- say meow to the CATS FOR OBAMA!

Sarkozy hopes talks with Brown will cement Anglo-French alliance to steer EU policy

OPP to probe RCMP pension scandal

Is Ontario the patsy because of equalization?

CP: Canadian government says it will double number of Iraqi refugees in 2008

Recognizing Kosovo has no bearing on Quebec, Harper says

Have any of you met Keith or got an answer to mail from him?

Keith: "I was looking for a date..."

KOEB Meeting: 03/19/08 -- Old Man Yells at Cloud Edition

SharonRB is on her way home

Well my sister in law sent the wacked out, crazy, frothing at the mouth, Obama is .....

Roessler's (R) retirement leaves open Senate seat in Oshkosh

Order of the Knights Templar recruitment ad in Daily Telegraph

NYT editorial: Mr. Obama’s Profile in Courage

Obama campaign's top lawyer argues Michigan re-vote could encounter legal hurdles

Obama's racial problems transcend Wright

Suppose that we're heading into an era of inane polls AND I nearly NTS'ed,

It's frustrating to see our predictions about Obama coming true.

A history of 'words' on the Michigan primary

Great post from skepticscott by way of Commie Pinko Dirtbag

Obama's Lincoln moment

Clinton's schedules shed little light on work as first lady: Little to support experience assertion

WP editorial, Moment of Truth: Barack Obama squarely addresses the issue of race.