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A Most Dangerous Man?

Remember the "handshake" brouhaha? Now that was huge. All the papers were talking about it. Yawn.

If your candidate doesn't get the nomination...

Should what your pastor preaches make you guilty by proxy and in full agreement?

Seem familiar?

After 8 years of the highest foreign policy experience

Wright predicted Obama would never be president because he's black

Is Hillary capable of admitting mistakes?

Shut up about Marc Rich already .Rich was a Mossad agent and was lobbied for

Huffington Post Article : The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge

Obama Silent on Earmarks As Ill. Senator...AP story 2 hrs ago

Obama or Clinton please take one for the team


What this party needs is unity....

Freshman Congressman Jason Altmire(PA) pops tough ? for Hillary

I congratulate all the Hillary backers for finally having something to be excited about!!

TPM: "Penn polling differences in General statistically Minor"

How can anyone think the Michigan vote is fair? Elections are about determining the people's WILL


A call for civility.

Thank you DU ers

Quick note for both Barack and Hillary supporters

Did the U.S. Government create AIDS to kill black people?

It's just disgusting. No one can seriously think Obama hates whitey. Its last gasp politics.

Okay in honor of our racial divide, I present "Stuff White People Like"

*** BREAKING***** Obamas Mailman cheated on his Taxes!1!!1!

BREAKING - Obama peed in his diaper as a baby

Campaigns court Edwards' Iowa delegates

Hillary is willing to make Baby Jesus cry to hurt Barack Obama.

The ball is in your court Obama

My take on the whole Pastor Wright thing...

This is the kind of thing that Superdelegates were meant for.

My "fair" solution for MI and FL

Prediction: Obama & the Wright controversy - He will show what true leadership is all about.

God Damn My Mercedes! Anyone know how much Wright is worth?

Every time you start a negative thread God kills a kitten

Next Item to be pushed by Clinton Campaign: "Obama's Barber is a Communist"

Clinton role in health program disputed

Obama's Calculus to Victory

If Obama ran in the 60s, would we ask him to denounce Martin Luther King Jr?

President McCain.

Wright is a "teachable moment"

Obama Cuts into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

A piece of advice to celebrity supporters of Clinton and Obama who believe they are "helping":

Seperation of Church and State. Freedom of Religion.

Bloomberg: Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

What has to top your candidate's "must do" list for you to be satisfied you voted for them?

John McCain supports amnesty for illegal immigrants

That's called stealing an election: No to Obama's Proposal of 50-50 in Michigan

Anyone else think these are the worst two candidates we had?

America, and the world, are beneficiaries of a truly amazing trailblazer for women

GOOSE/GANDER political strategy

Clinton campaign: Obama 'can't win the general election'

Chris Matthews just said that Obama & Hillary need to convince voters that they love America

BREAKING: No video link to SNL's "Lifer Follies" exists

"To say that men and women should not inject their "personal morality" into public policy...


I'm an Obama supporter, but suddenly is it gone?

Obama says on NPR he will abide by DNC decisions on FL and MI

Are Hillary and Rush tag teaming to "McNabb" Obama in Pennsylvania?

Lynda Obst: Women of My Generation have Clearly Lost Their Minds

Folks, this is what primaries are *for*.

"35 Years Experience" but No Security Clearance?

Obama and Kerry going after KBR (Halliburton)

My advice to Obama and his supporters on the Wright thing.

George Bush um NO....SOME DEMS DO NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE If they are running for President

Imagine it is the General Election, and we're watching a McCain-Obama debate;

#1: This election will be about the economy...unless it isn't

Clinton role in health program disputed

Took the Hillary bumper sticker off my car today, BUT...

Who else is for a rule that won't allow new users to start an OP until they have 300 posts?

Foster wins Hastert's conservative district WITHOUT WEARING A FLAG LAPEL PIN


McCain hugged Bush---He must approve of torture.

The Page: Wisconsin Superdelegate Endorses Barack Obama for President

Why is it that Wright's remarks are being called "inflammatory" by the MSM

I would rather see millions of innocent people die

Wouldn't Federal matching funds be enough to redo Fla and Mich?

Rubio: Revote "horrible precedent"; Wasserman Schultz starts petition to seat delegates for Clinton

Obama releases earmarks, calls on Clinton to do so

The Kitchen Sink Strategy continues. "There are new questions today about Barack's Pastor..."

United we stand, divided we fall!!!!!!

20 Years of Associating with Human Beings - Obama's problems with Homo Sapiens

So talk about a dumb ass post....

WRIGHT SEEMS THOUGHTFUL, compared with the kind of kooky prejudicial rhetoric of RW preachers !!

Let's See What Obama Thinks About Wright, Quote Here, And Video!

Why do Americans have an aversion...

It reeks of Hillbot desperation in here tonight...

"The Obama I know"-- By Cass R. Sunstein

Anybody Here De-Sensitized To GDP "Nastiness"?

Here's a question that should be asked of all Presidential candidates:

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

As an Obama supporter : Can you guys please stop using the word : "Hillbot"

Obama is My Cool Art Teacher and Clinton is My Mean Science Teacher

Reporting: Clinton's Role In Creating The State Children's Health Insurance Program: Minimal

My kind of earmarks:

Again, *********I AGREE WITH Pastor Wright ****************

Bush is suppose to be answering questions...

Obama Picks Up Another Endorsement.

I have to ask, is it legal for a pastor to endorse a political candidate, in a church?

Gingrich: "Ferraro';s remark was silly, childish; and true

*Claims of experience

Chris Matthews--Tweety--was actually defending Obama this morning...WTF?

Mich & Fla - What about the superdelegates?

Hillary, How will you defend the constitution?


It's Clear To Me That McCain Is Campaiging Against Obama Because....

Can someone please help me understand MI and FL?

Wright comes of as a REAL racist

Clinton Campaign Combs Through Wright's Sermons, Releases Findings to Divert Attention...

Ok, not so GDP, but keeps it all in perspective....

Clinton's BUSHIAN justification for counting MI and FL elections doesn't pass the laugh test....

Video: Meet Obama's Next Pastor, Reverend Otis Moss, Trinity United Church of Crist

So now which one will the right wing use..

Rest assure: Barack loves the Jews:

YouTube clip of Obama's NEXT pastor, Rev. Otis Moss

On Eve of '76 election Carter had his own church problem (he handled it well, as will Obama)


Does anyone find it obscenely hypocritical that...

"Iraq War Vote Was Commander-In-Chief Test"

SuperDelegate endorses Obama

When Will Hillary, Penn & Carville Smear Obama with a Bimbo Eruption?

Do you think we are seeing the end-game of identity politics?

Remember this guy? You know this crazy nut? Look him in the eyes

Just rename this forum "Obama for President"

This poll on Olbermann needs your lovin'

Letters from the Front -- WOW -- must read

An $8 million Military Defense Contractor Earmark's Ties to Obama Top Money Man

Does anyone find it obscenely hypocritical that...

Hillary brings up Jeremiah Wright, I'll bring up Mark Penn!

Difference of Opinion

Gay voters give Clinton small edge *Cool data!*

How about split the delegates in MI 50/50 and split the delegates in FL 55%/45% for Hillary?

BOGO: Buy One Get One Free: The BCCI Report fiasco/Race and Geraldine Ferraro

If Wright had no association with the Obama campaign, his video would be widely praised here

Why is it Barack Obama's pastor is being singled out

The Irrelevance of Obama's Minister

Political Distraction by way of Personal Destruction - How the Left was Won

Political Distraction by way of Personal Destruction - How the Left was Won

VIDEO of Jeremiah Wright saying the government lied about creating HIV to kill black people

Calm Down Everyone About Reverend Wright!

Calm Down Everyone About Reverend Wright!

Abramoff GOP Lobbying Firm Indicted, Major HRC Donor

My fascinating interaction in class yesterday: Race, The Campaigns, and The Youth Vote

OBAMA ON WRIGHT: "There are times when people say things that are just wrong."

Hello, Lemmings...

Democratic Rivals Agree to Play Nicer (AP)

"Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come...

Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

I'll tell you what the real problem is that people have with Jeremiah Wright....

Can we stop the surrogate wars???

Question: If the website "Sarcasm Society" has an Obama ad on it's site...

Question: If the website "Sarcasm Society" has an Obama ad on it's site...

I'm Beginning to Think Obama Will Need a Woman as His VP

excuse my stupidity

Nelson caves on FL revote

OK, what does "riding dirty" mean?

If anyone has a tat...

Who would be eligible to vote in a MI, FL do over?

Clinton role in health program disputed

Obama Wanted Earmarks For Wife's Hospital, Fundraiser's Firm

While the Rethugs are building a precinct by precinct ground game in each swing state

Did you all see McQueeg's latest lunatic rantings?

Looks like Michigan may revote

How Does DU Handle the 1st Swiftboating Attempt of Obama...We Give the Fuck In to It!!!!!

Gotta love the Clinton/McCain strategy for beating Obama...

Recommended Response to Email Smears on Obama - weeks of work on this by many people

Joint Ticket or Cooked Goose

Jeremiah Wright channels Chomsky

Can someone tell me why when Howard Zinn writes about America's evils

The Religious Wright: A Curse or a Blessing?

Can someone tell me why when Howard Zinn writes about America's evils

Can someone tell me why when Howard Zinn writes about America's evils

WATCH VIDEO: John Hagee Says Adolf Hitler and Catholic Church Conspired During Holocaust

Is this Wright thing a joke?

Anybody ELSE think there's a possibility that the Obama camp put the Wright tapes out there now?

Fill In The Blank:

If you don't believe there's a double standard

Hillary and the Media, with their condemnation of his more innocuous statements, are proving Wright.

Meet Obama's New Pastor

Obama's Gay Leadership Council Member Resigns In Disgrace!

Why McCain Might Win

If McCain becomes the next president, here are the stakes

80% of Pledged Delegates Elected; Clock Running Out on Clinton

Petition to both Clinton & Obama

RE: Rev. Wright:--Jesus commanded people to hate their families:

I mostly agree with the Rev. Wright.

Obama was responsible for the conquest of England in 1066.

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

I will vote for the nominee IF:

Joe Conason, Salon: Take another look at Geraldine Ferraro's record in Congress


What will next weeks dire circumstance be?

Great article on Obama's mother in the NYT today

Reality Check!

I don't give a damn about Hillary or Obama's religious choices

Two days ago I admired Obama. Today I'm having a hard time respecting him.

Funny thing yesterday, the inbred, right-wing radio hacks

My spiritual mentors turned out to be a possible pediphile and and extortionist who was kicked out

So about this creepy fascist religious cabal "The Fellowship" that Hillary's in:

Pastor Wright for VP in 2008 or President in 2016....

March 24, 2008 - News of the week.

The thing about Rev. Wright...

Obama: "I Profoundly Disagree" With Pastor's Comments

What is Important to you in this election??

The Rev. Wright attack ad by GOP allies

UMC church attended by Clintons to hold same-sex union ceremonies

Steven Leser : Hillary presses Obama on former Pastor, Communist Barber and Closet Nazi Pool Boy

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright reminds me of Malcolm X

Linda Obst on Huffington Post: Women of my generation have clearly lost their minds

I know Obama's response has been weak and muddled. I know he's tied to Wright...

Why did Obama vote "yes" for Condi?

ALL the pastor said is how black people suffer in America should they say thank you.Women suffer too

Progressive? Then what's the big deal with Wright?

What's Obama waiting for? He needs to make a televised speech aggressively rejecting Wright.

Rush Limbaugh's topic today: pastor Wright. DU's topic today : Pastor Wright

Snubgate, Part II - the not-so-incendiary sequel

The media talk of a divided party but do you feel divded.

Keith Olbermann is an arrogant ego maniac....

“The Obama camp. couldn't immediately say whether he'd [Wright] remain on the committee.”

Obama: I think it's important to judge me on what I've said in the past and what I believe.

McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip U.S. election

Are the people who are talking against Obama saying..

Obama's wild college years

Video proof that Hillary is part of a nutty right wing religious cult: The Fellowship

Obama Disagrees With Pastor's 'God Damn America' Sermon

I will never allow an attachment to a politician to cloud what I know to be true and honest

Each time a candidate succesfully fends off an attack, it builds confidence in them ...

DUers rooting for and falling for Wrightgate, John McCain and NEWSMAX thank you. . .

Uh oh, I caught Hillary in a ....mistruth.

Do you spend your weekends listening to some crazy pastor you disagree with?

Once Hilary drops out, will we still be swamped with threads slamming Obama?

Obama needs to denounce, reject and dump Wright immediately to make white folks happy!

Obama needs to denounce, reject and dump Wright immediately to make white folks happy!

Matt Bai in NYT Magazine: "What’s the Real Racial Divide?"

Matt Bai in NYT Magazine: "What’s the Real Racial Divide?"

(pro Obama thread)Barack speaks his message of unity at his church...

Barack speaks his message of unity at his church...

Obama: "Words matter" so please tell us which words

As a Catholic, I've had to listen for years as certain jackasses in collars

WOW...I did not know we had so many racist DEMS

John Kerry belongs to the same religion as William Donohue of the Catholic League

Why Wright doesn't matter: It's the economy stupid

IMO, Pat Oliphant nailed it:

Republicans are inciting racial tension to divide us

New Rasmussen poll: Obama up +2 (50), Clinton up +1 (42).

Attacks on Obama lack substance.

Reverends Gone Wild

"Iggy"= "Talk to the Hand" = Fingers in ears, "la la la la la la"

Senator Obama is seriously wounded by remarks of Rev Wright.

Rasmussen: McLame beats both Hillary and Obama 46-40 in Ohio

I bet there are a host of predominently black churches with angry congregations and leaders

Obama To Address Rev. Wright Story on Hannity and Colmes

Obama To Address Rev. Wright Story on Hannity and Colmes

It looks like Barack on MSNBC at 8:00 FOX at 9:00 and CNN at 10:00

I just realized that the Krazy Klinton Kampaign is really....

I hope I'm never held accountable for my pastor's political remarks

John McCain is fairer and less rightwing than Hillary supporters here.

This is not a good sign for Obama....or the Democratic Party...

Anybody know where to get an Obama t-shirt (ladies) where the proceeds go to BO?

Is America always right?

Pass It On To Any Repub Friends & Family: McCain Of 2000 Vs McCain Of 2008

What Guardian, UK is saying about Obama's pastor

Clinton Role in S-Chip Disputed (more exaggerations)

Hillary presses Obama on former Pastor, Communist Barber and Closet Nazi Pool Boy

Rasmussen poll findings: Does Rev Wright's anger offer a tricky opportunity for Democrats?

"My nation is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today" A quote by Rev. Wright?

Can anybody find an actual instance where Obama HIMSELF has ever uttered something un-American?

69% of Americans Don't Know Who The VP Is

Breaking: Obama Denounces Wrights Statements!!! Blog on Huffpo!

Anybody confident that these are the only tapes available

Clinton comprehensively beating Obama in PA. She even wins young voters. O at 17% in some regions

"God Damn America"

Clinton comprehensively beating Obama in PA. She even wins young voters. O at 17% in some regions

I see the Wright issue as a potential opportunity for Obama

Rev. Eugene Rivers on Hardball...

Obama's Minister of Hate

Idea - Let's Genetically Engineer our Presidents.

So if and when Obama finally wins the nomination, will DU put his name in the spell check?

Hillary Hates Free Speech

I'm noticing lots more people using the terms "Clinton supporters" and "Obama supporters"

Im losing my "Hope" over this Jeremiah Wright stuff

Michigan Democrats agreed Friday to push a do-over primary in early June

Obama on Countdown, Hannity and Colmes, AC360 tonight

The preachers and the media's double standard

Please consider my proposal for the creation of DiscussPrimariesExtreme or a stop to the infighting

I guess I'll never be able to run for public office.

Round 2 for Iowa delegates could shift race

Worst I've Ever Seen It.

It all comes down to electability - Barack took a major hit today

Obama campaign won't ask Wright to step down ... link

After listening to Rev. Wright, he is, well, right.

My father is a mininster at the United Church of Christ

Whats going on with Tucker and the show

Obama to appear on Hannity and Colmes to discuss Wright (that is brave!)

Self Delete "Dupe"

Shawn Hannity and Big fat slob Rush are the main ones pushing the Wright story


Obama Lists His Earmarks, Asking Clinton For Hers

Obama has a "Pastor Problem" according to tweety

What a wonderful lesson this manufactured preacher non-event has taught

Developing: Obama's sits down with Chicago papers to quell lingering Rezco questions

Dick Morris implies that Fox News isn't Fair and Balanced.

Only Favorable States Left for Clinton after Pennsylvania are West Virginia and Kentucky

"Obama Elaborates on Rezko Relationship"

Obama's pastor's comments being played on Olbermann

Rasmussen: 'Is America generally fair?' Yes--> McCain vote, No--> Democratic vote

Glenn Beck: Too bad, Michigan and Florida

This Wright story is about the stupidest thing ever.

Why were not Rev. Wrights sermons under scrutiny before now?

The problem with Obama is that he does not even seem like a U.S politican

Gallup Poll: Obama ahead 6 points - hits 50% first time

Mr Obama's simple focuses and base principles.....

Just sent Obama another $250.00, I'm still committed and refuse to buckle under the BS...

What is Obama's Appeal? Folks so Desperate after Bush/Cheney / Clinton II , they want Reagan II?

Bill's Ex-Counsel: Hillary Is "Misleading The American Public"

"I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen."

Wright will be the biggest test Barack Obama has yet to face.

Isn't it about time Hillary Clinton acts like a leader instead of a victim?

I think we all are missing the primaries a bit too much

OMG! Some CNN guest duoofus, sorry, guest host is trying to coin a new word, "Sub-burblicans"?!?

*** Wright leaves African American Religious Leadership Committee ****

The Wright story will soon die

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/14/08 - Obama up 2 (50), Clinton up 1 (42)

20 YEARS OF POOR JUDGEMENT: Obama's problem in Pastorgate

If Pastor-gate doesn't blow over soon it will stick with him forever (like herpes)

California Home School Ruling: Will this affect the GE this year?

Is it possible for a candidate to step down and give his delegates to someone else?

Will Pastorgate be behind us after Obama's media blitz tonight?

Obama will be on with Keith O. tonight

Clinton at the Gas Station in Pittsburgh (Bloomfield)

Obama to be on Olbermann now

I refuse to cower to the Right-Wing smear machine

Did Obama pledge allegiance to the TUCC's "Black Value System"?

Hillary is starting to look like Nader in 2000

The Religous Catch 22

I think it's time to play W.O.R.M. again

You know what? Never fucken mind.

The Daily Howler Calls Out Josh Marshall / TPM

The Daily Howler Calls Out Josh Marshall / TPM

After listening to Rev. Wright, he is, well, right.

THE MATH - Friday, March 14 - CONDENSED VERSION (Still, Holy Crap!)

THE MATH - Friday, March 14 - CONDENSED VERSION (Still, Holy Crap!)

Let's stick to the issues.

FactCheck.Org: Hillary's Foreign Policy Experience.

Tickets gone for Obama event Saturday in Plainfield

COLUMN: Clinton Should Follow Romney, Edwards Out Of The Race

I'm gonna waste my second post on this.

When Ferraro and Spitzer were in the news all I saw was how this would bring her down.

(some)Clinton supporters are FUNNY...

What does Obama's Rejection Of His Mentor, Friend, Preacher and Advisor of 20+ years...

Wasn't Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim last week?

Let's nominate a republican.

Obama is going to be on Fox (Hannity Show) tonight.

LOL at the H. Clinton supporter desperate feeding frenzies.

This Kucinich fan thinks Hillary should stay in the race

Obama has a "Pastor Problem" according to tweety

Obama: "I did not inhale!"

The Obama scandal from Heaven

Knock it off with this "Hillbots" crap

MI/FL Delegate Options Laid Out - Not Looking Good for Clinton

Hillary supporters are hypocrites

Wasn't it just yesterday Obama was a Muslim?

Hillary Lies saying she was instrumental in establishing S-Chip

Rev. Wright is downright crazy....

New 7th Inning Stretch Song for Obamicans --

New 7th Inning Stretch Song for Obamicans --

As a progressive white man, I have to say that I am terrified of the scary black man.

Obama has little choice with this "Rev" crap ......

Looks like another one to go to the Republicans.

i love this desperate hate emanating from the hill camp. they are terrified of the scary black man

official ****Countdown **** official thread...

Design the ad that will counter the inevitable RW smear based on Rev Wright

Put on your gas mask and watch Hannity and Colmbes -- Obama and Wright on

There is nothing LESS AUDACIOUS than HOPE*

Two days ago I admired Obama. Today I'm having a hard time respecting him.

'All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn.

Robert Parry: Suddenly, a Dangerous Turn

I guess we can count out the Muslim swiftboat on Obama

Bob Graham: Iraq War was Commander in Chief Test

If the Rev. Wright thing brings down Obama, it means one thing.

Obama worst enemies are his voters

Damn that Fox News! Barack Obama looks GREEN!

Get the Rolodex, It's time for a purge

I just saw Rod Parsley (McCains spiritual advisor), Obama has nothing to be concerned about in GE

Will the NCAA basketball tourn. distract most Americans from this stuff?

He Said/She Said... His Supporter Said/Her Supporter Said... - - Anyone remember Voltaire?

So who said electing the first African-American president was going to be easy? Anyone here?

So how was the AC360 interview tonight?

Do you care about 'how' your candidate wins?

Religion is a cancer on humanity

Obama had a second cousin, twice removed, that once said America sucks.

Obama vehemently condemns Wrights words - pains and angers him

Rendell: Obama Would Beat McCain in Pennsylvania

Rendell: Obama Would Beat McCain in Pennsylvania

Rendell: Obama Would Beat McCain in Pennsylvania

Rendell: Obama Would Beat McCain in Pennsylvania

Will Barack Obama pass his unconstitutional right-wing religious test for public office??

Anyone else suprised by how much race and gender has been an issue? Maybe I was naive but

Do you have an "old uncle who says things that you don't always agree with"?

The chickens coming home to roost:

Calling all HillBots - Take you little red wagon and go home. Come back when you have grown up.

McCain giving the commencement at Falwell's Liberty Univ. is FAR worse than Obama/Wright assoc

Ask McCain why he supported this crazy preacher!

Is religion the root of all evil?

This post is dedicated to ridding America of the cancer of racism

Differences on tax reform between Clinton and Obama

Why has the media not shown Jeremiah Wright criticizing black society?

Its Convenient for Freepers to pose as DU Hillary supporters. that way they can pursue thier racism

Obama supporters - he's coming up on Fox any minute.

Iowa's 14 Edwards delegates are up for grabs this Saturday --->>>

I forgot how much I hate Ari Fleisher

Interesting strategy-Obama blames Wright and Ferraro on the 60s

Would you be happy if you were judged by the company you kept?

No WMD in Iraq. No connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

I don't agree with everything Rev. Wright said, but I understand why he feels that way

Saying that Obama is tainted by his relationship with Wright is like saying...

An important quality in a president

Barack Needs to give a speech addressing the issues in Rev Wrights sermons

Obama DENOUNCES pastor's 9/11 comments

Hillary, I'm so confused! Is Obama a Muslim, or a follower of Reverend Wright?

Robert Parry: Suddenly, a Dangerous Turn

"If I heard him repeat these things I would have quit"

Stupid question: Buuuuuuuuut, is there any chance these videos got circulated by BHO?

A silver lining in Preacher Flap?

CAUTION: Reading/Posting in DU:Primaries can lower your IQ

CAUTION: Reading/Posting in DU:Primaries can lower your IQ

Pro-Choice Catholics: How Do You Feel About Obama's Relationship to His Pastor?

I think John Lennon had it right,

Media ignore McCain's finances after obsessing over Dems'

ABC News: Clinton Woos Superdelegates at Private Dinner

Imagine If We'd Voted For The Real Qualified People

Obama supporters....Don't collapse under pressure....

OK, I'm ready to talk about issues now.

Clinton Hopes to Overturn the Election Through Superdelegates

Wright is leaving the campaign.

Obama leads McCain in California by twice as much as Hillary does

What's happening on Hannity?

The Weird Political Symmetry In Ferraro and Wright's Angry Rhetoric

I don't mind saying, I told you so.

Obama and Mandela


OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday March-14-2008

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday March-14-2008

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday March-14-2008

Senator Obama's campaign in crisis and near collapse?

My first GDP post - Obama handled himself VERY well on Fox.

I'm glad Wright's views are getting an airing

I can see Wright's appeal

Only Weapon Left Is Divide and Conquer

Headline: Obama blames 1960's for his pastor's comments

Gergen: Press should investigate Obama. What about Clinton's tax returns?

Republicans are Terrified of Barack Obama

I feel better, now

Jeremy Scahill said: "Don't drink the kool-aid of Obama or Clinton"

Obama goes to a predominately black church!!!!!!!!!!!

Here Is The Lesson To Be Learned From "Pastor-Gate"

Obama & "Pastorgate" What are we missing?

Where is Olbermann's piece on Reverend Wright??

All the hurt and outrage from the media about Wright but not a single peep about Rod Parsley

So Obama's mother was pure white and his grandparents are white but yet he's a RACIST

Do you know me?

Heads-up: Obama's doing interviews on CNN (360), MSNBC (Countdown), and FOX (Hannity) tonight.

This week has been pretty damned amusing around here. spreading Obama=Muslim smears ...

Obama Supporters: Clinton Easy Reference

We are going to kick some fucking republican ASS in November people

McCain is not going to want to fight Obama on Wright. He has his own Religious Nut Problem

Why Obama's claim about not knowing is believable - an "inside the beltway" perspective

anyone reconsidering Obama/Clinton Clinton/Obama

NYT: Big Donors Leaning on DNC Over FLA and MI Delegates

Hillary's weird religion. Tied to death squad members, former NAZI's and

The Rezko Dilemma (MEMO!!!)

God himself condoned slavery.

Senator Obama JUST said on Anderson360 (CNN) "When I WAS running for President!"

A Few Good Analogies of the Wright Issue

Africentric church: A visit to Chicago's Trinity UCC

Don't make me post more home videos of my infant son.

Accounting scandal hits House GOP campaign committee

Curing what ails us, as a society

Still waiting for the tax records, earmark records, White House records, Hillary.

The best thing I have ever seen on u tube

Petraeus: Iraqi Leaders Not Making 'Sufficient Progress'

Most FCC investigations go nowhere: report

Obama has answered the questions about Rev. Wright. What else can be asked or said?

Obama supporters are dropping like flies

Der Popenfuhrer Continues His War on Science. Ratso issues new list of "Modern Sins"

Schwartzeneger is at it again: Governor Gathers Signatures To Qualify Redistricting Measure

The Black Minister Damns an America that was ending....

If your Priest or Pastor is caught molesting children, should you be held responsible for this?

Need a chuckle?

Just a few words of wisdom...

Obama's hypocrisy hurts him as much as Wright's words

OMG ! - The once "inevitable" nominee -- CONCEDED -- !!!

Hey GD-P, Look in the Mirror.

zOMG!! This is HUGH !!!11!! Obama Just Refused to Sing "God Bless America" on AC 360..

Why do white people scare so easily?

Did you hear the latest on Obama?

Obama has Black children!!!!

Store Owner Demands Spanish-Speaking Customers Show Social Security Cards

Constitution Article VI: No Religious Test Shall Ever Be Required As a Qualification To Any Office

Obama told us tonight....

A Dream Deffered

Here is Barack Obama answering questions Involving Jeremiah Wright to a PA Paper

Notes from a former conservative turned Democrat - don't lose sight of the big picture, ok?

I am not attacking Obama.....

Does anyone know how long Wright has been at

As a Hillary supporter

Exposing the Hypocrisy of America

It Looks Like your Four Day "Whine and Spitzer" binge has about Petered Out. Hungover?


OMG! Did you Hear What This Preacher Said?

Catholic Bishop kidnapped in Iraq found dead

"No Viet Cong ever called me Nigger" - Muhammad Ali, Nation of Islam Minister, 1966

Well, Randi is All Over Obama's Pastor, Too


We need Congressional hearings on McCain's Northrop deal NOW

Fur flies, so Iowa town ends bounty on feral cats

Well, Randi is All Over Obama's Pastor, Too

Well, Randi is All Over Obama's Pastor, Too

== How not to die, every single day = By Mark Morford

If You are Going to Talk about Jeremiah Wright, At least Have a Black man there to talk about it too

I'm a Lutheran...

After Hillary Drops Out, What Will Be Your Source Of Faux Outrage?

Anyone watching CNN 360?

Anyone watching CNN 360?

Do overs. Michigan and Florida remind me of two year olds.

Something positive to come out of this Wright mess

You know, I like Hillary but her supporters are way too brutal

How are we feeling now, fellow Obama supporters?

My problem with Rev. Wright is how antithetical he is to Obama's own message.

Hospitals won't get to bill for errors

An honest question for Sen. Clinton's supporters

While Pastorgate consumes the US news and political commentary:

WJ this morning: Obama under attack

Oh, my head. Check out "iFrist".

Jeremiah Wright lauded by UCC leadership


Bush - Paraguay Land Holdings Of Approx. 100,000 Acres - Why?......

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Oprah's Pastor Too

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Oprah's Pastor Too

I found one place where people don't care if a man's named Hussein

Rev. Wright is right.

A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama’s Path-His Mom

Skinner - I beg of you - please close DU's registration temporarily

Defining “White Privilege”

Oprah to be named as Obama's running mate

New primary in Michigan on June 3? Here's THE MATH

Republican fundraisers' ex-auditor under scrutiny

Issues? What's an 'issue'?

When will this website be named "ObamaUnderground?"

A new twist on an old story..

So in March, Wright said

America the brainwashed......

Do you believe OBAMA when...............

Huge day for Obama campaign (Pastor). He needs to DENOUNCE

Obama will be on Anderson Cooper as well.

All of this wouldn't be an issue if we had an atheist nominee.

Bush "Envious" Of Soldiers Serving "Romantic" Mission In Afghanistan

Did Hannity really say that Obama should drop out of the race and resign from the Senate?

Is this an RNC memo or a news story?


Oh For God's Sake Enough Of This Hillbot Troll Name Calling Bullshit Already. Wright Is Bad News.

Did Hannity really say that Obama should drop out of the race and resign from the Senate?

Faux nudes... I mean fox news is taking John Gibson's show off the air

Does anyone know where Hillary Clinton goes to church?

U.S. drug companies defrauded Medicare with price fixing scheme, rules judge

Ed Rendell, who is Hillary's PA ally, invited Farrakhan to Philadelphia to calm racial tensions...

Ed Rendell, who is Hillary's PA ally, invited Farrakhan to Philadelphia to calm racial tensions...

Donna Brazile, Obama, Michelle and, hey, let's throw in Oprah

Photo from Cassini

When you post an original thread on DU

C-Span Caller with great insight on the FISA ILLEGAL WIRETAPPING

Dean Baker: Happy Talk on the Bailout

I'm a delegate in Iowa. Just returned from registering...

Just remember this DU folks - The Wright controversy is a MANUFACTURED

Another Face of Hate

The Loneliest Disease

Obama is running on his "good judgement".

David Patterson is Black and Blind!!!

From the surge to the splurge: The unending war in Iraq

Bush Ordered EPA to Weaken Environmental Rules

SO - how long before Little Lord Fauntleroy Invades Iran now that Fallon's gone?

Cat Killer Frist wants YOU to choose "President Bush’s greatest achievement" in his VOLPAC poll

IVAW Winter Soldier Hearings...

For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these:

have been out of touch this week--what is this thing about wright?

Obama leapfrogged someone far better qualified...and Joe Biden supporters will never forgive him...

Here's to Obama for kickin' some FOX butt tonight!

If someone blew up your house would you want them to stay and fix it?

I think the Clintonites are right. Jeremiah Wright is a dangerous man

Chicago Tribune reports that Rezko raised $250,000 for Obama

We now know what Obama is about and he needs to drop out now

In every FL, MI scenario, Obama maintains pledge delegate lead

American Voters use Religion as a Symbolic Marker of Values and Identity

American Voters use Religion as a Symbolic Marker of Values and Identity

American Voters use Religion as a Symbolic Marker of Values and Identity

Barack Obama Isn't Being Tested. White Americans Are Being Tested.

A reality check and a little perspective for everyone.

A reality check and a little perspective for everyone.

The Racial Divide vs The Gender Divide

The Racial Divide vs The Gender Divide

Obama Shares Genetic Material With Dick Cheney

We start year 6 in Iraq on 3/19/08.

Obama Fans...

Ironically, this may be Barack's "Sista Souljah" moment

'You don't really want to own anything with a ticker symbol these days'

Best Quote Of The Day

Keep Iraqi Veteran's Winter Soldier on the top of DU

"War costs and costs and costs" (Joseph Stiglitz)

The Mortgage Mess: Should we be mad about big paydays for CEOs who fail — or big paydays period?

I'm backing Hillary but I am bugged by this Obama attack

Future Cooperation By The Telecoms - FISA

RIP Former Democratic U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum

I've decided - any of you associated with anyone with an opinion I dislike, I'm writing you off.

BUSHCO Weakens Espionage Oversight-Executive Order Frees Bush To IGNORE Law

I'm gonna waste my first post on this...

Police: Man Forced 7 y/o Daughter to Kill Pet Cat -- WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

The House Will Debate The FISA Bill Today

Bush Strips Watergate-Era Espionage Oversight Board of Power

Do any Hillary supporters feel that this story has gotten A BIT out of control??

Just another step. Boston Globe today:

What is REALLY wrong with Obama?

I got no dog in this fight, but it seems that Rev Wright Spoke the truth,

Hey Wall Street....

What exactly has Rev. Wright said that you disagree with???

Please! Contact Your Representative Today on FISA

Your Orwell Quote A Little Bit Early Today

Interesting question: Where are all the ADS?

Ron Kovic In Support Of Code Pink


What are the odds that Spitzer was blackmailed?

A Sickening Truth At Guantanamo

Abramoff lobbying firm indicted is major Hillary donor

Tragedy in Senator Mary Landrieu's Family

Something intriguing about the Drudge Report and “Pastorgate”

So Senator Stevens just entered a bill that demands ANWR be opened when

FISA debate on CSpan 1now

Youtube video of Dick Cheney on Iraq in 1994...

Any predictions for ChimpStain's economic address up now?

When king george speaks......

Take the Republican Quiz

Day Three: No Straight Talk from McCain on Parsley's Call for Destroying Islam

Faux's John Gibson’s big story: he’s been cancelled

Thirty Seconds Into Georges Speech

Could the missing National Republican Congressional Committee's funds have been given to SBVT ads

Pastorgate is exactly the reason that super delegates exist - and the reason they

A journalistic reality about Obama's campaign going forward

A journalistic reality about Obama's campaign going forward

HOUSE debate FISA 3773 "authorizing certain acquisitions of foreign intelligence," PHONE CSPAN NOW

"God Damn America"

Relax. The Bush admin is opening more markets for US small biz..

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

I am blown away by this election. Its a complete joke.

Gee, General, does this mean the "surge" was a dismal failure?

Millions of listeners heard Rush say this for hours yesterday and today about Barack Obama

Has Barack Apologized For The Race-Baiting From His Former Pastor?

Bill Foster gets a boost of sorts. (New Dem pick-up in Ill)

I think the Iraqis have figured out Moqtada al-Sadr who hasn't been seen in 9 months is in custody

Bernanke speaking on Housing Market at 1330 ET

Bush speaking on the economy now.oh boy.

Emperors Club VIP was a front for (you won't believe)

Emperors Club VIP was a front for (you won't believe)

Is Anybody Listening To * Babble On At The Economic Club Of NY.......

CSPAN: Official debate on the FISA bill begins with Conyers speaking

Prior To Iraq War, McCain Political Adviser Charlie Black Helped Chalabi Push WMD Claims

ok, so the latest House FISA bill

John McCain is for continuation of endless war - Today’s Headlines 3/14/08

Obama wrote that he's looked to Wright for spiritual advice, not political guidance....but he writes

W. is an alternative energy guy and the cost of feeding hogs.

House FISA Bill Picks Up Some Backers

Bush: "New Yorkers soon to be driving cars on batteries".

Prezinent McShame will mean troops keep on deploying..already some are going for the 5th time

Obama trying to out-Jesus everybody else tonight...

link to white house press corp dinner

Whether You're For Obama Or Clinton - It Doesn't Matter

OK, enough. In all seriousness, can't we get anybody in the Senate or House to see Bush is insane?


Monkey Boy screen cap...

The Spitzer expose is so like the movie BANK JOB....many parallels

US Reps File Venezuela Terrorism Sponsor Resolution

the asshole on teevee is defensive and arrogant

The First Sixth Anniversary of the Iraq War Article

Your iPod may come with a free extra: A virus

Bush issues executive order saying that congressional earmarks can be ignored

a CAPTION for our times


Does what this president says make much difference?

Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

Famed War Reporter Joseph L. Galloway Hits Media On Iraq Coverage

American soldier killed by German police: PTSD?

Vietnam’s "Phoenix" rises in Iraq

Dang. We're not just outsourcing jobs to India. We're exporting nuclear secrets.

British Teachers Told What To Teach About Iraq

Lewis Black took on Oprah and the Catholic Church

Dictator Bush issues order to "ignore" Congress? WTF?

Dear Hillary Supporters: Church Going Is About More Than Hearing A Pastor Deliver A Sermon

Bush: "Bernanke doin' a heckofa job".

Removed to post on correct forum. EOM.

What About the Humanitarian Situation in Iraq?

Will those of us who are really poor

Blacks and gays have a lot in common in how they experience America


Censored Iraq-Al Qaeda Report Revealed - Chimpy's grubby little fingers all over this one

Have the ruling elites promoted racism in order to keep the working class divided?

I just had fun listening to the guys on CNBC explain why the Bear-Stearns bailout isn't

FBI Tried to Cover Patriot Act Abuses With Flawed, Retroactive Subpoenas, Audit Finds

Bush: "I inherited a recession, and then there were the attacks of September 11th"

NRCC Says Ex-Treasurer Diverted Up to $1 Million

Pennsylvania will end up like Ohio for Clinton then the race will be over. Obma wins.

Inflation under control really???

Relationship most dangerous to our nation - Pastor Wright or Jackson Stephens?

Why does this NOT surprise me?

Bush Speaks...Dow Down Nearly 200 Points

Who are Clients 1 through 8, and what is the prosecutor saying to them?

For all those who believe Obama "didn't know" How do you explain this??????:

USNews: White House blames media for low Bush approval

why you might not want to move to Nebraska

Peter Schiff - what do you all know about this? How does one invest in non-usa dollars

This Wright thing is way overblown

Dow - 238.0

My e-ltr to O'LOOFAH regarding his segments on the SPITZER matter

Here's how uneasy I am about this economy- I was actually ROOTING for Bush just now.

Marines sent on their FIFTH deployment to Iraq.

Abramoff, His Firm and Guam Official Indicted on Nine Felony Counts

Sen. Ensign paints a grim picture for GOP in November

Barbara Ehrenreich: World’s Designated Shoppers Drop (Fall of the American Consumer)

Over a million dead Iraqis and McCain says an early US pull-out from Iraq will cause 'genocide'

Dana Perino says there are COUNTLESS websites dedicated to Ari F,

Incredible history of modern warfare - as portrayed by food.

Does anyone believe that this is the first Obama has heard of these series of remarks by Wright?

"They don't speak good English"

Isn't this a great example for our young women?...

Beware The Ides of Mad March Hares!

Winter Soldier: Hundreds of Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Gather to Testify

He is a fool's fool.

On Last Night's House Secret Session On Surveillance

Documentary claims to show media-bias in Iraq war coverage

Impeachment Push NOW!: "Nixon Flooding Plan"

Condi's inside man

So whats with Obama and Hillary both voting for the Bush tax cuts yesterday?

So whats with Obama and Hillary both voting for the Bush tax cuts yesterday?

So whats with Obama and Hillary both voting for the Bush tax cuts yesterday?

Iraq’s Mehdi army attacks US base near Kut

Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history

Christ do you remember when Bush had battalions of innocent Iraqi conscripts turned into pink mist?

PHOTOSHOP: this is who will fight McCain's 100 YEAR WAR

Article: PLEASE read this article to understand why some of feel so strongly about Hillary

A look at the shadowy group known as al-Qaida in Iraq (Raw Story)

Can anyone help me? I'm confused

Corporate Chief Financial Officers are really bummed out

Kyra P. CNN interviews Iraqi soldiers and they want Dems!

"Jeremiah Wright is like an uncle for me" - Barack Obama on H&C

were we in a recession when Bush was elected?

Bernanke speaks

Rev Wright eats the still beating hearts of newborn babies

FISA - A gut feeling (or fact?)

"The GOP Hypocrite of the Week"

Tampa televangelists draw Senate scrutiny

The House FISA bill allows a Judge to review top secret information

I thank all White People for all that they have done for me and mine!

"... two different princes. One with balls, and one without."

To the citizens of the United States of America: (J Cleese)

To the citizens of the United States of America: (J Cleese)

Can White people legitimately rail against centuries of institutionalized racism

Chimp @ Economic Club: "I Am Going To Dodge The Rest Of Your Question"

AL Gov. Siegelman case - GOP Gov.'s son made $ in related civil suit settled for $445 Million

As a white person who occasionally attended Wright's church

Lest anyone should forget:: The Tightening Credit Market: A Chronology of Warnings Ignored

Why Wright Matters In The GE... A Lot.

U.S. Not Planning To Attack Iran, Says U.S. Iran War Czar

McCain supporter gives him a Hillary Clinton doll ? - pic

What is worse: Hiring a prostitute or breaking someones heart?

Keith Olbermann: Hillary is guilty by association, Obama is an angel from heaven.

The Right Wing Media v. Obama: Death of 1000 Cuts or Softening Him Up for the General Election

Ha ha! John Gibson is let go from Faux

The Right Wing Media v. Obama: Death of 1000 Cuts or Softening Him Up for the General Election

What do you think about these comments?

MD guv wants to tax millionaires, not IT techs

Breaking: Pentagon says it has sent a terra-ist to

Health care debate comes to Dover {DE} (Wilmington News-Journal)

Bush to address the nation at 11:15 a.m. EDT

The Fed is delaying the day of reckoning

The BEST paying job in the country

Look down south, to Mexico and the legal reforms

Time to do away with tax exempt status for Churches, All Churches

A witch hunt?: "U.S. prosecutors examining Spitzer's campaign funds"

US dollar is worth less than C$

Sapphire Blue's excellent Post : Walking In The Footsteps of Others

Bush plays his Good Times Fiddle while America BURNs...literally..many homes torched

Don't Stop Believing

Want to see the destruction of the Democratic Party?

Yemeni describes CIA secret jails (BBC)

“Our economy obviously is going through a tough time...

Weak dollar costs U.S. economy its No. 1 spot (Reuters)


India holds Tibetans for 14 days (BBC)

Global "Oil Shock" Rattles World Stock markets

McCain Wants to Blame Attacks in Iraq on al-Qaeda Trying to "Tip the November Election Against Him"

Nepal agrees to China Everest ban (BBC) {BLOCKS protestors!}

A Confession - I'm addicted to Celebrity/Gossip Sites.

The Gov and the Jersey Princess...

ACLU - "House Leadership Stands Up To Bush on Spying"

He Said - She Said .... His Supporter Said - Her Supporter Said.... Anyone remember Voltaire?

The Press v. Barack Obama: Fear and Loathing in ‘08

The Press v. Barack Obama: Fear and Loathing in ‘08

Fucked up health care system

In unusual move, US Mint releases 60-cent piece (photo)

Fiscal conservative here: Which candidate

Republican Super Delegates

The Society of the Owned, Pt. 6: Just Drop Off the Key

Jeremy Scahill speaking at Winter Soldier right now (1520 hrs Eastern)

Rev. Wright is right about one thing - we brought 9/11 on ourselves

ward churchill lost tenure for, amoung other things, a piece titled

As a Catholic, I know what it's like to have a Preacher do something insane

At this moment they are announcing the capture of a High Level Terrorist

FYI Stock down by 280+ points

Guardian UK: This (financial) crisis has a life of its own

Is Wright Right?

A CSPAN caller just said shes "so sick of civil liberties rights"

Twelve House Dem's Vote No On FISA As Amended

House narrowly passes immunity-free surveillance bill

Guardian UK: Empty malls send dollar tumbling

Conn. Student Sues After Being Awakened

Kwame Kilpatrick, Stripper Party at the Mayor's Mansion?



Shame On You!

Are there any "spitting on Viet Nam veteran" pics or film?

Do sports fans tend to be right-wingers?

I'm really disappointed in you Obama-dislikers.

Peace at last. The crack dealer above my apartment just got busted. Ask me anything.

A Reflection on the Fairness Doctrine

In case you missed W this morning CSPan 1 is repeating

Anyone else sick of seeing hos and pimps all over TV since the Spitzer story broke?

Obama's plan to strenghthen the Middle Class

FISA/Telecom Immunity - Are there enough votes to override a VETO?

Were Wright's Comments Racist?

THE MATH – Friday, March 14 – Superdelegate Statistics (HOLY CRAP!)

Feds try to bailout Bear Stearns with JP Morgan's help

This is what all these issues remind me of

Peeping Tom in Sugar Land, Texas Caught!

I read the Communist Manifesto by Marx in 1966

Stock Up On Food Now... Major Strike In The Works.

Is There A Difference Between McCain And Obama WRT Questionable Religious Figures?

What do you think? OPINIONS NEEDED (and help from photoshoppers):

Longshoremen Strike May 1 to End Iraq and Arghan War - West Coast

What a screwed up country this truely is .

A view of the Spitzer scandal from a few ladies "in the business."

Richard "Dickie" Scruggs (Lott's b-i-l) Pleads Guilty to Bribery

What's worse, Sexism or Racism?

Feministing: Slut-shaming 'Kristen' in the media

We start year 6 in Iraq on 3/19/08 ...... The lies & the costs

The Right Wing warns that if we leave Iraq, there will be genocide. But, has it already happened?

National Republican Congressional Committee Ex-Treasurer Diverted Up to $1 Million

House Passes Surveillance Bill----no immunity - thank you reps

Is anyone watching Tweety

Could Someone Explain To Me Why I Should Be Pissed About Telecom Immunity

Amazing picture of thousands of dead starfish washed up on Kent beach

Is it weird that I'm excited about this?

Safe deposit box or Home safe?

I am so angry right now

If multi millionaire Spitzer can spend 80k on hookers,

Argentina faces 'disappeared' legacy

TGIF - tucker's last show

Harvard's Feldstein Says US Economy in a Recession that May Be Worst Since WWII

Iraq war protest in Santa Barbara, CA this Sat 10:30 AM till Sun afternoon 3-15-08 to 3-16-08

So if Bush and his gang of thugs attack Iran, what do we do about it?

Is it time for reregulation?

ACLU comments on House FISA Bill

I am so sick of being disgusted

Christ Candidacy a No-Go

Media Finds Increased Support for Iraq Occupation Since Reporting on it Stopped

Obama’s campaign today unveiled its African American Religious Leadership Committee

Iraq War 5-year event in Nashua, NH on Saturday

So why doesn't the Fed just cut interest rates to ZERO?

It's Fryday Alweddy! So who's on Bill Maher?

Lannie Davis just told the Carlson boy that MSNBC screwed up by firing him

Why I had to explain to my 5 year old Black daughter the concept of prejudice in America

Fox must use Peeps to help its audience undersand the primaries.

Where can I find podcasts for Randi Rhodes...

Now is the time to stand up to Big Oil

Why is the Dem. leadership against suspending earmarks for 1 year?

Anyone buy a mattress from Sleepy's???

Iraq Vets Giving 'Rules Of Engagement' Winter Soldier Testimony Now - Watch/Listen Here:

Sean Hannity's Pedophile Mentor

Saturday Night Live and Hillary Clinton from the Daily Howler

"My God is an awesome God and call with your credit card to pay $9.99 for total redemption.

Jon Stewart to Dana Perino last night

Jon Stewart to Dana Perino last night

Well, at least the race was exciting for a while. See ya, Barack.

Interesting EMAIL I just got

Eliot’s Mess - Greg Palast's View

Nat'l Guard drops dummy bomb on apt.

12 Year Olds Know Government Better Than Adults

Something is wrong with people! Man attacks mom, reads Bible to her as she dies

Let's see Hannity intimadate Obama

ACLU Appeals Dismissal Of Extraordinary Rendition Lawsuit Against Boeing Subsidiary

Buh-bye Tucker. Don't let the screen door hit you in the ass, on your way out.

OMFG - Did anyone else see the last 3 minutes of the last Tucker

White House: Confusion Over Long-Term Agreement With Iraq Resulted From A Sloppy Arabic Translation

Bush took a veiled shot at Democratic

Can ANY Of You Obama Zealots Deny The Following Facts?

I'm confused . . .

McCain Was Against Torture Before He Was For It...

The Democratic Party has a tendency to self-destruct.

I filled up for a bargain $3.24 per gallon in suburban Detroit today......

'Home or Food': Welcome to Tent City USA

I'm tired of being stereotyped.

Why does Congress have a 19% approval rating?

We need an "Ultimate Bush/Cheney Administration List of Collasal Fuck-ups"

Reporting from the trenches: Portland, OR - Home remodel permits down 70%

Pls. delete. Wrong forum. nt

Barbara Ehrenreich: World’s Designated Shoppers Drop (Fall of the American Consumer)

What to expect when the campaign is over (and what we forget, every time)

GOP Gags Witnesses On Credit Card Woe

James E Cayne, CEO of Bear Stearns made $38.31 million last year, $155.26 million over the past 5

Investors: Is the silver train worth jumping on?

Cliff Schecter Joins TYT for Republican Sexcapades...(a little Democratic Sexcapades, too)

So where is Tucker! going now? I saw his last show...boring as hell, just like him.

Don't back down in 08

Caption this * pic

Let's kick the repugs around. Pig pile!

Donate to Hubler (only candidate against King in CB, Ia. terrorists would celebrate a Obama Nov. win

HEY, Peggy Noonan... NEWSFLASH

McCain Leaves Campaign Trail to Vote for Tax Breaks for the Rich


Just a minute

US Govt Doctored Evidence to Implicate Child Detainee: Lawyer

Winter Soldier conference live link here.

How big a bonus will be awarded to the CEO of Bear Sterns?

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Closer to Bombing Iran

Tibet in uproar as soldiers kill demonstrators

On USA being human rights guardian for the world: "it’s like asking Dracula to guard the blood bank"

Almost Half Of All 'Natural' Personal Care Products Contain Known Carcinogen

Venezuelans shift to euro for oil contracts

Howard M. Metzenbaum: Former U.S. senator leaves legacy of liberal activism

Get your Bush stickers - right here on DU!

On NPR Hillary sets rules for FL and MI primaries. Says no other way is fair.

(TOON) Steve Bell: "It will forever be the right decision" (Shrub)

KOs guest tonight

in costa rica they call a USB flash drive a "llave maya" which means "Mayan key".....

Bill Moyers tonight: A years-worth of hearings held by the House Committee on Oversight

Programmer with Apple laptop considered dangerous terrorist with dangerous device

A bit of good news: Faux Noise nitwit and albino woodchuck John Gibson has been cancelled!

US F-16 bombs Tulsa, OK apartment complex!

Temperature do YOU feel after this morning's Bush press conference?

The RateMyCop Saga

Feds pull Spitzer's security clearance

Next week will be named holy fuck week on Wall Street.

DCCC, 2008 Congressional Races - interactive map tool:

Jeremy Scahill at Winter Soldier: "Don't drink the kool-aid of Barack Obama or...

Sick in America? You’re on Your Own (Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director CNA)

SF Chronicle: Is Suburbia Turning Into Slumburbia?

Dad Accused of Forcing Girl to Kill Pet Cat

John Conyers: Thank You For Helping To Fix FISA

Heads up...Bill Moyer on with Waxman

Has anyone heard the allegation that Obama's church has Marxist ties & foundation?

Question for those of you who prepared for this financial crisis long ago.

is it just my imagination? repuke women who "stand by their man"

How are you going to prepare for the Depression?

Women need to be hugged, but nobody has made a profession of it ...

Man, I am bushed.

Atlanta DUers.....Is everyone OK?


McCain and the Torture Veto--maybe he's consistent?

Question: The Republic of Lakotah manages to succeed in their goal

Sen. Schumer Just Compared Bush To Herbert Hoover

What do you spend, per person of those you shop for, on Groceries per week?

Carter's Recession vs. Bush's Recession

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

This one is begging a caption (photo)

The Monstrous Monsanto Universe

A third of U.S. military women say they've been sexually harassed

Has Jack Kevorkian set up a "Jack Kevorkian for Congress" website yet?

Should preachstitution be legal?

Atlanta's been hit hard....I think...

How did Kristen finger Spitzer? I just had to post this article.

Bad news: The DU petty cash fund was invested in Bear Stearns Stock.

House Passes FISA Bill With NO Telecom Immunity

What kind of dessert do you celebrate with on Pi Day?

So. Is "paying for it" OK when women do it?

Mr. Spitzer had $80,000 to blow on hookers while I'm struggling to

Feinstein/Boxer: Harsher punishments sought for slaughterhouses

What have you sent the GOP (or any other org you don't like) in the prepaid envelope?

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Why we won't get health care -- NO MATTER WHO WINS!

Reuters: FBI disregarded secret court on private records

Reuters: FBI disregarded secret court on private records

Whats the difference between Obama and Wright and McCain and Hagee?

Let me just say I was one of those who said Obama should let this blow over. However...

IMF Warns of Financial Meltdown.

The Myth of the Surge (Rolling Stone) & Five Years Later (Foreign Policy In Focus)

What we need is a good old fashioned *uck George Bush thread...

"Don't blame me... I voted for Edwards"

To all the Vets and those that testified today at Winter Soldier.... *hugs*

Deputies: Middle Schoolers Plotted To Kill Classmates, Themselves

My weird question: Can a U.S. bank take a deposit in Euros?

Horton Hears a Who - Is this brand new movie political?

Great Dr. Seuss Cartoon About Military Build-Up

Pentagon - Al-Qaeda and Saddam were not linked

WHY are Republicans so worked up over giving immunity to the telecoms?

Holy Crap!! Tornado hits Georgia Dome during SEC basketball tournament game.

After Bear Stearns, Who May Be Next?

HRC's connection to "The Fellowship" is a hell of a lot more dangerous than Obama's

McCain warns Al Qaeda might try and tilt US election

Hillary, "The Fellowship" and NEW WORLD ORDER: (Links to Mother Jones & Harpers)

I Can't Believe This Didn't Get A DUzy!

THIS Is the Eliot Spitzer I'm Going to Remember, No Matter What

Florida Democrats invade Georgia

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: Government Waste, Abuse, Secrecy

just discovered another use for hemp - jewelry making

I saw Rev. Jeremiah Wright's controversial comments on 9/11 on Fox

Union (ILWU) to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I made the Huffington Post again!!!

Get elected to Congress and get rich: study


The Fortunate 400 and Challenging the Second Gilded Age

Down Goes Telcom Immunity

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's America - Home of the Brave, Land of the Free

How Much (or Little) do you need minimum to live on each Month? Me...$1500

It's like the 60's, man

Can we please leave the young woman alone?

Chief Oncologist to My Dad Re: Pain: Learn to Live with It.

Here's a useless piece of garbage: Dad accused of forcing girl to kill pet cat

McCain: Al Qaeda might attack in order to make me lose

McCain = Endless War

Wow I'm really impressed at how upset white people get!


***** OFFICIAL thread = House FISA amendment DEBATE = HR 3773 ******

Two NEW Sherriff Joe updates!!!!!

Government bails out Bear Stearns - guess the $200 billion didn't last long...

Screen capture from New Zealand TV

Will Adm. Fallon endorse a Democrat?

British Teachers Told to Rewrite History of Iraq War

Friday TOON Roundup: Spitzering out the water

German Buys 3 Pages of NY Times to Explain War to Americans

Apparently Gandalf the Grey is heading a secret gay lobby to destroy Christianity in Britain

United Church Of Christ - Rev Graylan Hagler & We Will Not Be Silenced

I, too, am a pastor in the United Church of Christ

Get Well Keith Olbermann

I know why the National Republican Congressional Committee's funds disappeared....

Know your BFEE: GW Bush Covers Up His Lying America Into War

Rant on SS debit cards for seniors!

How bad is it going to get?


What can't we be better friends to America like the Republicans are?

Winter Soldier Jason Washburn: "She was bringing us groceries. We blew her to pieces for it."

Readers Tell McCain's Daughter to Lose Weight

Sorry Hillbots, I was wrong.

Fuck You Lou!!

Brownback, Lieberman propose May 3-4 as Ten Commandments Weekend

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 14, 2008.***

Book TV Schedule: March 15th - 17th

Please help with this Poll.

Is a collapsed economy enough of a reason to declare Martial Law?


I got a pee!....

Does anyone else watch that "cheesey" Taco Bell...

Jaysus - a house just practically landed on our helicopter

He's bluffing

Rachel Ray haters good news!

So I found the Gecko that I forgot I had in the cabinet

And it ain't exactly prison , but you'll be forgiven , for whatever you've done with the keys

Anyone here buy (or play) Super Smash Brothers Brawl, yet?

Very very bad accident I just saw on I-70/I-225 exchange

night night lounge

So I got laid off today

Stupid stupid stupid.

Everything happened , everything done , and all that is left to do is to die

7 days and a wake up and then I'M THE KING!!!

'Cat confession' man not guilty: puss failed to testify!

OK, I'll 'fess up. I was in GDP. I need a shower.

I just checked my buddy list...

Should DU have a forum on Love and Relationships?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Bear convicted for theft of honey

I cannot stop staring at my co-worker's beautiful ass.

Dumb question about W-2 form ...

Today is our 32nd anniversary!

Songs to NOT play when you're hoping for a 'romantic' evening

Sweet! Get to the office and somebody brought dognuts.

28th Anniversary Tomorrow

I have a 5 hour drive today and I got 3 hours sleep last night

"Your search for p;lghhhhhhhl/ near Irving, TX did not match any locations."

Windows users: best not install any "codecs" from the web, if prompted

Some nerds are starting a quest in my garage

Hillary Clinton, The Queen of Earmarks (She LOVES The War Machine)

The parrot with no feet joke.

Obama receives critical Flaming Lips endorsement

What are you swearing on St. Patrick's Day?

Since I used up my three threads iin GDP, I thought I'd say that Obama and his

Why aren't Lounge threads allowed on the Greatest Page?

Here is the scariest pic ever...

This is company logo perverted?

No drugs? ever? .. REALLY?

Ever had someone say something to you that was so nice it made you tear up?

Is ist illegal to not vent a GDP DUer to the outside?


Does anybody read Chinese? I need

Dolphin saves stranded whale and calf.

That red "NEW! Google search DU or the Web" in the corner of my eye always

Awesome shuttle pic!

self delete

Am I wrong in thinking this delivery company sucketh? And do I owe her an apology?

Has anybody here ever had their child moved up in a rave?


ARRGGGHHH This female in my office always plays 'Edie Brickell' Music

Call me egotistical, but I think y'all need to start calling me Dr. Turtlensue

Eddie Van Halen, eat your heart out: Genesis "Nursery Cryme"

Oh babe, what would you say?

I've just learned that Turtlensue is an unethical money grubbing nazi experimenter.

I defy you to post a scarier picture than this one.....

Derry or Londonderry?

A statement just made to me in my office

Best Roman Emperor?

How's life in the Lounge?

Boobies that you've never seen all the way through but only bits and pieces

Movies that you've never seen all the way through but only bits and pieces

Alright, who here is celebrating Steak and BJ day tonight?

Tori Spelling

The BEST paying job in the country

Maui driver unhappy after paying $97.20 for 24.5 gallons of gas to fill his Chevy Avalanche

I am not sure why, but I have this sudden desire to call a prostitute

Sheryl Crow to Join FLEETWOOD MAC?

I love reading reviews of bad movies - check out this one for "Never Back Down".


Ahhhhh.... Joan Jett

How do you delete stuff from Classic Ipod?

Matcom? What have you been doing to your poor dog?

Seriously - Who is Al Hedges

Sheryl Crow to Join Fleetwood Mac

It's not egotistical. It's just proper and right. Y'all need to call me Lord God Rabrrrrrr

innovation or stupidity?

17 Month Old Girl READS...

If only I can live like a saint

New York Yankees Release Billy Crystal

I am torturing pigeons right now (yes, animal lover that I am)

remember echo, the dog from the pedigree commercial?

A horse is a horse of course. Unless the horse thinks it's a dog...

F O U N D (Spoilers)

Taverner Name Generator

I will NOT copycat MissMillie. I will NOT copycat MissMillie. I will NOT copycat MissMillie.

Just got some good news.

Can anyone imagine 'Murka issuing a coin like this? !

Happy Pi Day! Here are some facts and crap.

It's # 10,000! In honor of this happy occasion, I shall do absolutely nothing of import!

Sit, Ubu, sit.

Orrex does not deserve lounge posting privileges

Are you a dumbass American - take the German quiz

I WILL copycat temeah, I WILL..I'm on it like a mullet on Jefro!

This is such a sad story

2PM Tomorrow (Saturday) March Against Iraq Illegal Invasion Here In Portland

I have too much time on my hands: a LOLtiel

Does Parche ever open the Bar on Fridays?

I am not sure why, but I have this sudden desire to sit prostate

Are you a dumbass American - take the US Capital Quiz

Stocks will fall to below 10,000 by the time 1/20/09 arrives

Reminder: Portishead Fans. Mark this date

Do you think you could train a cat to be a "homing cat"?

If only I can live like a Saint

I think I'm going to have to dumb-down my resume

Hey, I think my husband is cheating on me...

Some girl just walked by and gave me a flower.

How many of you are there?

All praise be given unto Our Lord, Who will never giveth us up:

My boss is taking me to the hockey game tonight

I had my lab's back today.

I'm listening, at volume 11, "You Might Recall" by Genesis - what are you listening to right now?

Jaysus - a helicopter just practically landed on our house

This is a picture of me wearing a tea cosy on my head

I am the Master of Non-Sequiturs, ask me anything!

I am so damn glad that its Friday.

Do you think you could train a cat to be a "homey" cat?

What's that you say? You want some Desmond Dekker? Here you go!

Well...looks like there might be a stage musical of "Tales of the City"

I made a cartoon.

Can anyone tell me what these vulture-like birds are on Africam?

Where's the Dress???????

Ok , my worst fear did NOT happen today....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/14/08

If you can't rebuild New Orleans correctly, don't try to live in the White House

BAD kittehs!!!

The best cartoon I that depicted Howard Metzenbaum

Funnay Kitteh Movie!

Great 80's Tune

Tavern Name Generator

If you had to choose ONE English-speaking nation to emigrate to, where would it be?

LAST WORD ON NEAL "Shoot those leftist bastards dead" BOORTZ ABUSING A DISABLED 9-YEAR-OLD

If you can't pronounce New Orleans correctly, don't try to sing House of the Rising Sun

Take the Quiz: Which Simpson Charactor are you?

Bookstores are my financial downfall....oy vey

21 posts to 10,000 - help me get there by the good old "ask me anything!"

How do you pronounce the French word for owl - chouette?

Can we have some bouncing? It is Friday!

Are you a dumbass American - take the worlds oceans and continents quiz

How do you pronounce the French word for bowel - entrailles?

"The Other Woman" and marriage

"Flying saucer" house in Chattanooga TN for sale $100K (cheap)

A dumb YouTube question.

The Ultimate Peepshow!

No, I am not a heretic - but I think that the David Tennant Dr. Who is the best ever.

OK, so my curiosity got the best of me and I pad $2.00 to download...

ThomCat, how is Gray?

SO! I need to know...

Fashion-gasm.I friggin' love Wet Seal.

I just donated again

Have you ever heard of "Taco Bueno"

!LOVING this: "Life In A Northern Town" perf. by Sugarland, Little Big Town & Jake Owens.

Inspired by chimpsrsmarter - Let's play Guess the Baby Celeb!

Is it too much to ask?

For my 6000th post, I give you... MATH PORN!

So Since I Called My Son's Doc

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Favorite Gus Van Sant Movie

Would-be millionaires leave large Lottery jackpots unclaimed

If the internet tubes were also pneumatic what would you send and who would receive it?

*rawr* want brains *rawr*

Question for homeowners or siding installers...

S & R


Any Jane's Addiction fans out there.....

Why are these different??????

Since I'm gonna win Powerball tomorrow, should I ask for the winnings...

Athletic Injuries, Depression, and lack of Hope

Someone dumped 8 puppies right in front of one of my coworkers last night.

My dad is at the golf dome hitting balls.

Is CaliforniaPeggy really a CaliforniaMargaret??????

CONFESS!!! What areyou plans for the week

Possible Tornado hits downtown Atlanta

I'm in love with a Japanese painter

Little GTO

Happy Pi Day everyone! It is March 14 or 3:14... Did you hug your Pi today?


Just one wrong thing happens, and I lose control

BTW - Did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month?

Question: How Do You Focus Images On Google Earth?

I'm a delegate tomorrow - give me advice!

I am afraid I have drained all my resources.

Okay need some opinions here...

I just found the perfect picture to describe GD:P

Aaaaa OOOOO gah! What's YOUR Tex Avery method of showing unbridled lust?

If my sweetie was Client No. 9, he's ask for this

My ball game starts in about an hour and a half

Yes, I *am* drinking Chartreuse tonight. Sod off.

Play a song from your past

Low Cost or Free Spay - Neuter, Programs in the United States

Ah. Fuck uh. crap DU -.

Will somebody LOLCAT this picture?

So what *I* want to know is: Front to Back, Back to Front, Do You Remain Seated or Have To Stand Up?

Damn, I'm out of another job!

What additional ingredient would ruin a PB&J for you?

I had a mojito and a screwdriver tonight

I'm sorry...

Please congratulate fellow DUer, 48percenter, for passing the test!

an Excellent history report - totally!

I now understand why kids fear clowns!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/14/2008)

Some birds are building a nest in my garage

Good (PROGRESSIVE) novels for children. Need recommendations please!

$12000 engagement ring floats away in balloon

DU, I've been lost

The India Pale Ale: A Primer

The hits just keep on coming

Post a picture that shows how you feel when you leave GD-P

The dog broke his ankle.

I'm sorry I have neglected you DU. Guitar Hero III has CONSUMED me

20 biggest screwups in recording history...

If you absolutely refuse to participate in this kind of thread, then post here to let me know.

Pic thread! My new hair cut....

Post your favorite music video from the time of the Black Plague

Which drug does GD-P need right now?

CONFESS!!! What areyou plans for the weekend

Someone was very kind, I have no idea who

My taste in music grows more bizarre by the day

I just ate an entire pound of stir-fried tofu for lunch!

Has anybody here ever had their child moved up in a grade?

Should I Be Worried Our Owner/Boss Wants To Meet With All Of Us

I was a contributing editor for U.S. News and World Report today

Looking for sneakers with flexible soles...

Meet Hillary's Religious Leader, Rightwingnut Doug Coe >>>

Opportunity knocking! Paris Hilton to select new BFF on reality show

Well, I just found out I didn't get that job I applied for...

anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Have you seen the Dancing Walrus?

I've never asked for some good vibes before. I could use a few.

Is ist illegal to not vent a dryer to the outside?

Is ist illegal to not vent a dryer to the outside?

I get so sad when sweet kitties die.

wORd ASSsocIation thReaD

Are you a dumbass Merkin? Take the U.S. cities quiz!

What's your favorite Easter candy?

I'm listening, at volume 11, "Slow Ride" by Foghat - what are you listening to right now?

If you are a lurker and rarely if ever post..Say hello in this thread.

B-A-C-O-N! Yay Bacon!!

FInally Had A Girl's Night Out Last Night (Sort Of):

Still looking for DU members to join the NCAA Mens Tournament brackets game

Just thought I'd share something that happened to me today.

Poco -... Buffalo Springfield-- The Byrds

What's your favorite series of books?

I am twice as old as Spitzer's consort.

Wright and the racist and hypocritical MSM: Fox and CNN

Wright and the racist and hypocritical MSM: Fox and CNN

The ultimate peep show (with picture!)

So its Friday afternoon, my office mate left early...

You ever wonder about the origins of "copycat"?

Hey LynneSin...

Has anyone seen Hypnotoad?

Boeing and Continental Airlines will test a plane that runs on biofuel

Robert Fisk: The cult of the suicide bomber

Manacled, starved, beaten: a rendition victim's story

Besieged immigration agency chief resigns

Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda not linked, Pentagon says

Clinton Role in Health Program Disputed

FBI Found to Misuse Security Letters

Kosovo Serbs take over U.N. court in flashpoint town

Iraqi leaders short on progress, US general says: report

Incoming NY Governor Inspires Disabled

SARS Memories Haunt Hong Kong as Flu Outbreak Closes Schools

Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history

Spike in violence follows troop withdrawal

U.S. Michigan Consumer Confidence Index Fell in March (16-year low)

President weakens espionage oversight (Board created by Ford loses most of its power)

Kissinger Says U.S. Should Engage Iran Directly in Negotiations

Rice worried about Latam terrorism

House Expected To Vote On Dem Surveillance Bill This Afternoon

Credit Card or Bank Transaction: Somebody Watches

Condi's inside man

Scruggs Pleads Guilty

Scruggs Pleads Guilty

Maui drivers watch gas prices reach $4 (and California)

Monks Injured at Tibet Protest in Nepal

China beats US in Net penetration

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

Alaska senators make another push for oil drilling in ANWR

City can't test potential librarian for drugs, appeals court rules

Grand Canyon Flood Created New Sandbars

Reports: GOP Campaign Treasurer Embezzled Up to $1 Million (Swift-Boater)

Argentina faces 'disappeared' legacy

Bush concedes economy troubled

Resolution Opposing Media-Ownership Changes Introduced in House

Dad Accused of Forcing Girl to Kill Pet Cat

US commanders: Al-Qaida in Iraq to stay

June 3 Is Target for Mich. Do-Over Vote

Homeowners still waiting for Katrina checks Meanwhile, company assigned to distribute money reaping

Verizon Lobbied on Patent, Wiretap Bills

U.S. faces severe recession: NBER's Feldstein

US Commanders: al-Qaida in Iraq to Stay

Guantanamo Detainee Gets Reprieve

Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force

President Bush intervened to settle dispute over smog rule

US Faces Severe Recession, Feldstein Says

Nearing a Deal in Michigan

Insurer Losses From Subprime Approach Katrina Claims

Alaska Lt. Gov. announces primary run against (Don) Young

White House Offers Plan to Ward Off Credit Crises

Protests meet Condoleezza Rice in Brazil

Pensions Paid To Guilty Officials

King (R-Ia) may have stirred up a real fight (terrorists would celebrate a Barack Obama presidency)

Mukasey: Don't execute 9/11 accused (to avoid makin martyrs of them)

Mary Landrieu: Cousin's murder-suicide was mercy killing

Angry listener crashes into KXL radio building

House Doors Closed For Security Sweep Before Private Session To Debate Surveillance Bill

US detains 'top al-Qaeda figure'

US heating oil dealers seek help amid cash crunch

Byrd back on the Senate floor

Protests turn violent in Tibetan capital

Yemeni describes CIA secret jails

House narrowly passes Democratic surveillance bill (no Telecom immunity)

Controversial minister leaves Obama campaign

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,987

Bush to speak on Iraq anniversary

JPMorgan Chase, with Federal Reserve Bank of NY, to provide funding to Bear Stearns


Former southern Senators (Breaux and Lott) drawn into tanker flap

McCain names eBay's former chief to co-chair his campaign

'Muscle' Silences Credit Card Adversaries

House seeks debt limit increase to $10.2 trillion

U.S. says Iran election results are "cooked"

NRCC Says Ex-Treasurer Diverted Up to $1 Million

Doctors cleared in death of actor John Ritter

Possible tornado in downtown Atlanta

Chavez says US can 'shove' terror list

3 U.S. citizens ordered expelled from Chile for allegedly working illegally

Ozone Rules Weakened at Bush's Behest

Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud

Weak Dollar Costs U.S. Economy Its World No. 1 Spot

(David) Kelly ‘thought that there was 15% chance’ of WMDs’

Ala. Building Can't Shake Swastika Shape (Picture-WOW)

Obama says Rezko played a bigger fundraising role

Rep. Wexler Introduces Resolution Recognizing 5 Year Anniversary of War, Calling for Withdrawal

McCain: Al Qaeda May Try To Tip Election Against Him

Al-Qaida Sets Deadline for Held Tourists

Obama: I "Profoundly Disagree" With Pastor Over "God Damn America" Comments

(Air National Guard) Jet mistakenly drops dummy bomb in Okla.

Man in month-old Vegas ricin case wakes

Oklahoma may allow college students to carry guns

Wright leaves Obama campaign

Ecuador president tells Bush to send troops or 'shut your mouth'

Michigan Dems agree on June 3 do-over

Charles Taylor told fighters to eat their enemies, court hears

Dershowitz: The Entrapment of Eliot

The Fear Fundamentalists: The future is calling on that 3 a.m. phone

"Hey, with wisdom like this, you could have been a Founding Father!"

Mark Penn Finally Discovers a MACRO-Trend!

Manacled, starved, beaten: a rendition victim's story

Our three-decade recession: quality of life has been going downhill since 1975. By Robert Costanza

Spitzer’s Shame Is Wall Street’s Gain

Incoming NY Governor Inspires Disabled

(Iraq) War costs and costs and costs

Helping Elect Other Dems Has Never Been Clinton Strong Suit

Robert Fisk: The cult of the suicide bomber

A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama’s Path

Immanuel Kant in 1784 - Enlightenment vs. fascism.

Hari: What wouldn't Clinton do to secure power? (Seattle P-I)

Florida and Michigan hope to save year by counting pre-game lay ups

Immigration Matters: Progressives Fight Back on Immigration

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges...

President Weakens Espionage Oversight

Alaska Senators Make Another Push For Oil Drilling in ANWR

Going Nowhere Fast

Barack Obama: On My Faith & My Church

Spitzer versus Schwarzman

US: Workers Sue Gulf Coast Company That Imported Them

The rise of the superclass

Recruiting Spies in the Peace Corps

To Distance Himself from Jeremiah Wright, Obama Becomes a Muslim

What They’re Saying: The International Community on the U.S.

'The War on Democracy'

Top Blair aide: we must talk to al-Qaida

Hillary Snags the Latino Base

Why Men Do Stupid Things: The Psychological Appeal of Prostitutes

Israel and the Media: the Real Anti-Semites!

Sorry, Hillary: You've crossed the line

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

Bush: People Will ‘Look Back’ At ‘This Moment In Economic History’ And Say ‘Tax Cuts Work’

$5 Gas By Labor Day?

A&E Biography - Barack Obama 1 of 9

Fact Check: Reverend Otis Moss on Obama's Faith

Depleted Uranium in Afghanistan

Attack on SNL. Wah. Wah. Wah.

9/11 Widows and Sonlesses Demanding Justice Impeach Criminal

Maxine's Women for Hillary

Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge And Iowa House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Of Des Moines Endorses Obama

[Dutch tv satire (in English)] Tony Blair stands by his man, George Bush

Barack Obama Early Life and Dreams -- One Voice

Meet Obama's New Pastor

Pennsylvania Loves Hillary

Obama theTruth

Jeremiah Wright on Fox

The Road to Victory: Economic Worries in Texas. Senatoral seats up for grabs.

Stop Loss Congress

Even Obama's stronghold, personal "Fox" MSNBC is covering Obama's racist pastor/mentor now

Conversations With History: Professor Peter Dale Scott

Ann Coulter "Dates" Robert Novak

TYT: Admiral Fallon Abruptly Resigns -- War with Iran?

**John McCain's Spiritual Guide ** Rod Parsley on Hate Crimes Law

Rod Parsley: McCain's Anti-Gay "Spiritual Guide"

FOX News: Geraldo Pins Times Square Bomb on 9/11 Skeptics

TYT: Obama's Pastors Comments Will Be Used Against Him

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Countdown: Defiant Decider, re: FISA and Fallon

Anarchism 101 with Noam Chomsky

Vichy Democrats: Pelosi and the Politics of Collaboration

Rep. Michael Arcuri - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Rep. Rush Holt - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Speaker Nancy Pelosi - FISA Amendments Act - HR 3773 - 2008.03.14

Audacity to Hope Part 1 Jeremiah Wright

Watching the Dollar Die By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Compare Obama's "unity" rhetoric to him choosing to go to a racist church for two decades

Obama & Wright - Just words

Obama talks to Keith Olbermann about Rev. Wright

Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime by Former NY Gov Eliot Spitzer

Fox Attacks Obama! Part 2

Contra Coup - Cover up (from

RISE UP! - Music Video Barack Obama

Xcel Energy Announces First Smart Grid City

Green Works (from Apollo Alliance)

Australia's food bowl lies empty (BBC)

3/14/08 - 13:10 GMT - Tapis Approaching $113, WTI $109.83, Bonny Light $112.28, LA Sweet $111.51

U.S. may protect (Canada) oilsands

DOE Idea: Going Private With Nuke Waste

Clinton backs (Bush)-India nuclear pact

Oregon city ranked Best Green Place in U.S.

Solar tower of power coming to Spain, Abu Dhabi

Final Cape Wind hearing held in Boston

Iceland whaling go-ahead 'likely' - BBC

EU sets deadline for climate change package: draft

(New Hampshire) PUC creates new energy efficiency office

Hawaii may mandate solar water heaters

SAS may greenlight solar farm in Cary (potentially largest in NC)

India: The great coal run, steelmakers feel the pinch

South Africa: Eskom’s demands creating a boom for coal producers and problems for local industry use

EDITORIAL: OPEC killing the golden goose

The unleashing of Transition Forest Row

Dog and Cat Overpopulation in Galapagos - Sea Shepherd report

Europe gives US airlines 'go green' ultimatum - Guardian

Grow your own wheat (World warned on food price spiral -BBC)

soybean based Bio Diesel is very polluting

Water in Dams, Reservoirs Preventing Sea-Level Rise

Property plan's 'low carbon' goal (BBC)

GM to road test Volt battery packs in July

US told to go green on carbon emissions or lose EU flights

GM to road test Volt battery packs in July

Would there be anyway to make exhaust "heavier"

Charlie Rose - BARACK OBAMA

Winter Soldier: Iraq War Veterans speak out

UFW files complaint over guest worker violations E action


Laborers Rejoin AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Dept.

1,000 New Jersey Adult Day Care Providers Join CWA

Machinists file for union vote at Toyota Canada

Tell Seneca College to Take Responsibility for Violence at Markham Campus E-action

Greedy Troglodytes Attack Teachers





Thurman:" Crist Is A Dem"

Gross, SEC Fail to Break Auction-Rate Bond Paralysis

Too big to fail?

Feb budget gap balloons to record $175.56 bln

When bribery pays

Paulson admits deregulation has failed us all

OMG Bush talking to the NY Economic Club now

GA AG Prosecuting Most Complex Mortgage Fraud Scheme in State's History

Today's economic events reminded me of a "Chinese Fire Drill".

Weak dollar costs U.S. economy its No. 1 spot

Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force

Spitzer was a trouble maker

Chile calls for equal treatment for Palestinian refugees

LATIN AMERICA: Blogging the Bicentennial

Will Guyana ever truly be free?

Bush, Colombia and Narco-Politics

Chavez Dares US to Put Ven on Terror List, Plus Nationalization of Slaughter Houses

Senator Kerry & Mr. Ogonowski on LGBT Issues

Sally Kern used to have a son, until he was indoctrinated.

Norway Moves To Legalize Gay Marriage

Pink Pistols: Can Guns Protect Gays?

Anti-Gay Bigot Nazi Whore Geraldine Creedon (DINO-MA) May Have Opposition in November!

Explosive Interview With Oregon State Senator Gary "Gay-Hater" George

We have a Gay candidate for 80th AD

This May Be A Really Off The Wall Topic For The GLBT Area

Seattle native drops a bombshell on 'Top Chef'

"Kill a Hundred Turks and Rest" by Uri Avnery

Prof. Aumann: 2 states between sea and Jordan River

Report: Attack aimed at killing senior rabbi

Israelis, Palestinians not doing enough - Rice

'Ma'aleh Adumim, Palestine'

Outrage over new Israel settlements

This I believe: Photos of the sea

net worth info on Congress members

Hey, good news on a couple of Biden's bills

Hope you enjoy these

The honeymoon is over

Chuck Todd

Champions League Quarterfinals draw

How come BOSSHOG ain't in here gloating?

Has anyone read Carolyn Pori

Pets: Silent Victims of Foreclosure

Peak Oil imaginings, just for fun

Will they use it wisely?

Pratchett funds Alzheimer's study (BBC) {great quote!}

The Uses of Empathy: A Medical Student’s Perspective

How do you sharpen a bread knife? I can't use mine any more

Help please - need advice about fish for Sushi and Sashimi

Some questions about The Golden Compass

Rev. Wright is downright crazy....

Two things I learned yesterday.

Pope expected to shame Catholic Colleges into Rome's line

Just curious

Jonah and the Whale ice sculpture

Is religion the root of all evil?

'Pre-Inca' temple found in Peru

Europe develops Moon rover plan (BBC)

NOAA: Coolest Winter Since 2001 for U.S., Globe

Japan marvels at its Moon movies (BBC)

Native Americans may trace origins back to 6 women


Philly council goes to court for right to adopt local gun laws (PA)

David Olofson getting positive press coverage finally.

Bush on allaged OBL confession tape: Do you agree with his statements?

What really happened in the Closed Door Session?

911 group family group challenges Jessie Jackson on his CFR

The 28th Amendment - New Election Thriller by Neal Rechtman

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 3/14/2008

NH Recount Election Reality TV , (Video at link)

This may cause some minor flames

OMG!! Rec this diary by Vote Vets' Brandon Friedman! He has Kerry's back and smashes chickenhawk!

I will just be quiet now

I think we're in for some fireworks: JK v.s the guest host on Ed

Finally, finally, the truth comes out on schip. Unfortunately, no Kerry mention (sigh).

Once upon a time, Minnesota used to be progressive

Sen. Coleman is standing up for our children. Well -- not so much.

Randy Kelly to Replace Molnau?

"I survived the 2008 caucus"

So is anyone here going to try for National?

Unresolvable flight trajectory conflict...

Precinct Convention Report - a positive view

Where did the Wright videos come from?

Hillary can kiss the African-American vote goodbye if she's the nominee

On My Faith and My Church: Barack Obama (Huffington Post)

Mr Obama's simple focuses and base principles.....

Hillary's Prayer Cell-Part Of "The Fellowship" Headed By Doug Coe. This Shows Bad Judgement

Obama supporters must be staying out of GD-politics

CanWest: U.S. firm hires lobbyist to push sale of Canadian space firm

Georgia students ponder future as schools court disaster

KOEB Meeting: 03/14/08 -- Damn Wright, It's Friday! Edition

I am even more impressed with Keith now.

So many questions, so much time.

Dems fret over warring words

Nat'l rethug Sen. Cmte: Republican Senate Victory "A Very Long Stretch"

Obama Tries to Allay Jewish Concerns

Obama releases earmarks, calls on Clinton to do so

A Message For Democrats

Here's a good ole blue dog Democrat

Which States Will Flip in 2008?

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Superdelegate Lead

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck team up for Obama


So Who Really Won Texas?

NYT, pg1: A Mother's Influence; A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama's Path

Missing girl Shannon found alive

Girls Night Out Last Night

Feingold- backed amendments to fund crime-fighting programs pass Senate

Schaber to run against Wieckert (Appleton area)

Senator Kohl on Don Siegelman

Examining the Origins of America's 'Founding Faith'

You'll love these religious pamphlets.

Obama, Clinton to Debate in Philadelphia