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Spitzer was a Clinton superdelegate, if he resigns, would he be stripped?

Spitzer was a Clinton superdelegate, if he resigns, would he be stripped?

"The most important thing when you answer that phone call at 3 in the morning . .

How many people were at the Obama rally in Jackson, MS tonight? nt

Clinton Link in Brazil Ethanol Probe

Why Obama is the only healthy, positive choice for the party now.

Does anyone have American Samoa's voting? (AS - March 10 voting)

Hillary's Experience Against John McCain

Looking for work: Hooker

The only fair way to punish and resolve the MI and FL screw up!!

A question regarding do-overs: (Not meant to be inflammatory)

Son of a b****!

Typical fake thread title: "I am a Hillary supporter, and I (Insert praiseof Obama here)

And Lo! She Sent Us For 40 Days And 40 Nights Into The Desert

What happened to Spitzer isn't good for anyone

Maureen Dowd, too, once compared Hillary Clinton to a monster

Just curious: what is the idea behind making contributions like $20.01 instead of $20?

On buying revotes: Corzine and Rendell and donors. Who exactly will be paying for

On buying revotes: Corzine and Rendell and donors. Who exactly will be paying for

I think we can *AFFORD* to wait until after PA, but if Hillary loses PA

Florida election by mail has this risk.......

Sooner or later someone will choose to cut the baby in half

Have the remaining SDs lost faith in Clinton?

What if the election would bring about a strong Democratic Congrees?

Delegate Question- why is this not probable?

I guess Obama isn't strong enough to win the primaries so the nom goes to someone who can't beat him

Happy Mississippi Primary Day!

CNN Radio News Reports Spitzer Is Lawyering Up

The "Commander-in-Chief threshold"

"Sen. Clinton, as someone who has shared a painful circumstance your friend Silda is facing now...

"Sen. Clinton, as someone who has shared a painful circumstance your friend Silda is facing now...

Obama-lackey Sharpton plans to sue in order to disenfranchise Florida voters

Flashback! HRC once thought taxes should be open info

Hillary's Four Point Plan of Attack

Mississippi delegate math explained

Mississippi delegate math explained


I'm disappointed in Eliot Spitzer.

Shocker! MSM tries to spin this Spitzer thing right into Hillary and Obama..

Happy e-mail from my best friend, a former Clinton supporter...

Actually, the future of NYS looks fine...Assuming Spitzer resigns,

Actually, the future of NYS looks fine...Assuming Spitzer resigns,

What's the next goal post after Pennsylvania?

Why Hillary can't win.

Lord David Trimble vs. Hillary Clinton -- some background.

Spare me the outrage Clinton surrogates and party insiders

I really don't understand why we need caucuses?

Turnout Light in Rankin County, Mississippi So Far

Obama may have more Calif delegates

Only one of three things will happen now.

Gandhi Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Award Winner,Nobel laureate John Hume Disagrees

Florida will decide the election. Sound familiar?

The Big Difference Between D.U. and Freeperville?

The Big Difference Between D.U. and Freeperville?

LEADERSHIP IS OBAMA'S BEST QUALITY... (nice opinion piece)

I may have been wrong about Hillary's experience...

Hillary loses the big M

Has Hillary become the new candidate of HOPE?

Results in MS tonight will be:

John McCain schmoozes the press. We don't we?

I've got a question about race and gender politics in this primary season:

I've got a question about race and gender politics in this primary season:

Why are so many non-primary related posts showing up here?

Obama Memo: "No Support For Claim That Clinton Has Passed `Commander-In-Chief Test'"

Hilary Clinton (Demon Queen of Pork Belly Futures.)

On MSNBC: McSame is calling D.C. "The city of Satan."

McCain is not a "weak-minded coward who had escaped death by collaborating with the enemy."

Congratulations. DU is as bad as Craigslist

To all you partisan Hillary supporters:

Time to End the Mudslinging

We Need Unity In Our Party

We Need Unity In Our Party

I would certainly not question any decision by the Obama campaign

Obama camp again calls for Clinton to release tax returns, cites Bill's investment in troubling firm

Clinton using "NAFTAgate" in full-blown attack on Obama's credibility

Good article on the McCain-democrat problem

Rasmussen Markets: McCain vs Hillary or Obama

What's worse...private sex with a hooker, or public sex in a place children go?

"...Texas Democratic Party quit counting caucus delegates from last Tuesday's precincts..."

FACT NOT IN DISPUTE: Al Sharpton won less than 10% of people of color vote in 2004s Florida Primary

Hillary signed and broke the pledge

WIth all the uproar about Spitzer and about Hillary offering Obama the VP position (and then

Hillary Clintons padded resume would get her fired anywhere else....

Highly Dubious Rants! - Racism vs. Sexism

John McCain=World War Three

George Mitchel on Hillary's role in Northern Ireland

Gov. Cuomo analysis of Obama and the 08 elections

Hillary is not being honest about her part in the Northern Ireland peace talks

Steve King (R-IA) mouths off again: "Obama will certainly be viewed as a savior for terrorists"

Has Hillary Clinton

**Screw you if you don't like caucuses!!!**

How many politicians, speaking for Obama, have made total asses out of themselves?

Obama may have more Calif delegates

Obama may have more Calif delegates

A Note To Bill Nelson......FL


Could we please have some tax returns you can Xerox?

Do Not Let Clintons Near Whitehouse Red Phone

caption this pic of McCain

Does the non-firing of Geraldine Ferraro reflect on Hillary Clinton?

Wake me up when the Convention is OVER!

Photos: Barack Obama at a rally last night in Jackson, MS, and at Buck's this morning in Greenville

Just heard Geraldine Ferraro on Bill O'puke's radio show

Michelle Obama on hearing about Governor Spitzer's involvement in a prostitution ring...

Race and Winning the Race

While we're all fighting over Hillary and Barack, let's remember one of the things this election

Would you change your mind about Clinton if ....

WHY can't he be TRUTHFUL?

Praying to the Gods of Second Chances (Bill Clinton)

Prostitution is common!

Praying to the Gods of Second Chances (Bill Clinton)

Praying to the Gods of Second Chances (Bill Clinton)

Brilliance: the biggest Clinton myth.

Photo of Obama in Turbin Old News to Boca Tab

Local reports say low moderate Mississippi turnout, but my precinct looked busier that usual for Ds.

CBS: Which Democrat Has Bigger Coattails?

Just in time for Missisippi: Hillary being accused of racism again (in the NYT)

Just in time for Missisippi: Hillary being accused of racism again (in the NYT)

Just in time for Missisippi: Hillary being accused of racism again (in the NYT)

Just in time for Missisippi: Hillary being accused of racism again (in the NYT)

Spitzer wants to pull a "Bill Clinton" and "survive" the Sex Scandal

Buzzflash: The McCain/Clinton War Party Fusion Ticket

Rice (Susan not Condi) says Clinton should 'repudiate' Ferraro comment

Hilbots can dish it out but can't take it!

Great Veep choice for Obama?

Great Veep choice for Obama?

Do you ever watch Obama's 2004 convention speech?

Why do Hillary surrogates love to bring up the SEXIST card at every opportunity?

What if Obama picked HRC for the next SCOTUS seat ???

Does Obama need to exercise more control over his advisers? (John Brennan-Telecom Immunity)

At what stage is Hillary in: Ignoring Obama, Laughing at Obama, Fighting Obama or lost?

I have a feeling that there will some controversy...

Gary Hart - Breaking the Final Rule

This Mississippi turnout report looks good for Obama ...

Judging from the numerous yet ineffective attack posts, I'd say Obama is close now

I find it amazing how rapidly myths form, especially the vaunted 20% Texas Gap.

Hillary Clinton supporters continue backing her strongly, knowing she's the nominee

Clinton Leading Among Genuine Delegates

What is the best way for Obama supporters to get Clinton supporters to support

Florida's vote-by-mail plan gains few fans

I think that Spitzer and Ferraro's views on GLBT equality are behind the outrage by many...

Interesting Daily Kos post on the popular vote out of the primaries

everyone should check out this website.

What a ridiculous argument.

Wrong Forum...

My message to Hillary: WTF?

BARACK OBAMA (D) - Expenditures Details: Contrib Refunds - Total 1,048 !

SurveyUSA: Clinton headed to blowout win in Pennsylvania

Sinbad unloads on Hillary Clinton

Obama/Clinton '08

Spitzer Endorses Mike Gravel

WTF? Wasserman Schultz stays on sidelines as 3 Dems attempt to unseat her Republican Colleagues!

In conference call, Obama campaign decries Ferraro outrage-Racism becomes huge part of HRC's efforts

heh, heh, Josh Marshall spells it out about caucuses and caucus delegates

Edsall: "Who is best General Election candidate"

:LOUD WHISTLE: This is directed at both partisan sides

The media is playing into Hillary's hands-knowingly!

Why do Clinton surrogates love to bring up the race card at every opportunity?

I support Obama, but I think this race is 50/50 now ...

Do the Clintons still believe in a place called hope?

Do the Clintons still believe in a place called hope?

I refuse to vote for a certain Democrat in the November Presidential Election ...

I refuse to vote for a certain Democrat in the November Presidential Election ...

Hillary - Billary - schlock

Torvalds for President

"Machine" politics

Does Obama need to choose a female VP?

The Obama supporters that I know.

Hey Florida DUers. A question about a Re-Do.

ABC: Obama flip flops on Drudge photo

Axelrod Lies About Hillary's Response During 60 Minutes Interview

If you think Ferraro's comments hurt Clinton, you better think again.

HRCs Bosnia trip? "I think the only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place.'"

I got an idea for a brilliant campaign strategy for Obama & Hillary.

Which remark was worse

Which remark was worse

Is Nader still running?

Did Hillary ever volunteer to be Obama's VP?

Would Walter Mondale have picked Geraldine Ferraro if she was a man?

If it goes to the convention and your chosen candidate does not

Mississippi Primary... What's happening

Hillary proves she's a fast acting leader

An observation that makes the Ferraro flap fairly innocuous

New York Democrats! What is Going On With There? Is There a Hillary Curse?

Fatherless, biracial, Muslim middle name, last name rhymes with Osama

What time do the Mississippi polls close?

Spitzer Scandal Screws Clinton

If it was John McCain who said it instead of Geraldine Ferraro, would anyone here defend it?

John McCain is a weak and feeble old geezer who likes torturing people

John McCain is a weak and feeble old geezer who likes torturing people

**** OFFICIAL Super Delegate News and Information Thread ****

Without the "Clinton" name would Hillary be where she is in regards to running for President?

Will Hill give 103%? And a bit of math.....

Ferraro's WRONG: Brent Staples on how "lucky" it is to be a black man in American society:

Ferraro's WRONG: Brent Staples on how "lucky" it is to be a black man in American society:

Did Hillary's campaign have input into Ferraro's defiant response to charges about her statement?

Ferraro needs to apologize and resign. PERIOD.

Geraldine Ferraro's Mississippi Burning moment.

_^_^Why not seat only super delegates in _^_*

Clinton About To Lose Another Super Delegate

The Race Thus Far: Shattering the stereotypes attached to Obama & Clinton supporters

Geraldine A. Ferraro... I'm just sayin' ...

ABC: Women Scorned: Why stand there?...Loyal Wives, Public Shame

Fighting the Clinton PR spin: The election is NOT tied on any measure

Why Obama's TX win is important...


A Poll We Can ALL Agree On! Who Wants This?: ( Warning, GRAPHIC)

CinC-wannabe caught like a deer in the headlights

pros and cons of these possible Obama running mates

Geraldine Ferraro interview took place on 2/28--5 days before the Ohio, Texas primaries.

If Hillary was a man, she would not be in this position.

The Obama campaign responds:

One GOOD thing about this long primary season

New Statistic About Lucky African-American Men!

I'm starting to think the 2008 nomination is damaged goods for Obama

Hillary Clinton's 'new math' courtesy of Ma & Pa Kettle

O h i o

Obama may win by 20 points yet only gain 3-5 delegates because of gerry-mandering

WP op-ed, Governors Corzine and Rendell: The Case for a Revote in Florida and Michigan

A Snapshot from Mississippi today.

Hillary flips and flops to disenfranchise voters...

I never realized how privileged black people were in our country!

If this man were a white man, he would not be in this position.

If this man were a white man, he would not be in this position.

Ferraro: Obama campaign racist against white people.

What will Obama do if The Great Geraldine Ferraro doesn't raise money for him in the GE?

Hillary is Limbaugh's candidate

Rep. Geraldine Ferraro: "If Obama was a white man . . ."

Hillary Eats Babies, Barack is a slut.

The truth and stupidity of what Geraldine Ferraro said

Rush Limbaugh was fired from a job for making a comment similiar to Ferraro's.

Somewhere in Arkansas, Mike Huckabee is crying his eyes out...

My prediction for Florida: The credentials committee will seat 1/2 the delegates

For anyone who thinks Obama will win the GE in a landslide, look at this.

For anyone who thinks Obama will win the GE in a landslide, look at this.

fear of a black white house?

Is the Clinton Team Stark Raving Mad?

Barack Obama to be interviewed by Chris Mattews at 10pm

So yesterday Obama accused the Clinton camp of circulating the African garb photo

Is getting it wrong on Iraq considered a foreign policy accolade

we are the history of who are parents are and their parents before them ...

What did Obama say about Lou Dobbs?

**Clinton Link in Brazil Ethanol Probe**

Our neighbors 80 and 74 Just put up a Hillary For Pres yard sign.

Our neighbors 80 and 74 Just put up a Hillary For Pres yard sign.

Obama Strategist Raises Questions About Possible Vote-By-Mail In Florida And Michigan

Ferraro has lost her mind!! What is going to happen?

Who do you think won the Ferraro-Obama dust up?

Why is Color even an issue?

Early Exits: More Mississippi Voters Think Obama Is Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

A brief reminder: the goal is to WIN in November

Former State Department member talks about Clinton's "experience"

Anyone who doubts Obama's Leadership Experience should

I don't think this is a good idea Barack....

Obama camp could've chose to exploit Ferraro remark by firing back at her a few days before Miss.,

Early Exits: More Mississippi Voters Think Obama Is Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief

MSNBC: Obama Trounces Clinton

Spitzer revelation---True Rovian tactics

Obama / Chris Matthews 10:00 PM EST

MSNBC's Chuck Todd is claiming that Hillary wants the VP slot

A Couple Of Comments/Questions About A Re-Vote In Florida.......

I was a mighty defender of the Clintons throughout the 90s and into the 21st Century


13% of Dem primary voters had "strongly favorable" opinion of McCain, and 74% of them

Clinton-supporter Ferraro's race-baiting has reached critical mass; Hillary refuses to disavow

Six weeks until the next election!!!! How will I survive?!?! AAAAAA!

A Comment And A Couple Of Questions About A Re-Vote In Florida...

If only there was half as much outrage about McClurkin as

S K I N N E R ! !

RUSH FATBAUGH(hillary clinton) loses mississippi!!

Now we have a former VP candidate spew this racial bigotry --- from our own party!

Politico: Obama backer revives Clinton sex scandals

It must be driving these Eastern MSM types crazy having to cover Mississippi like this...

It must be driving these Eastern MSM types crazy having to cover Mississippi like this...

Geraldine Ferraro vs. Samantha Power - Whose comments are worse?

Based on MSNBC Exit Polls: Obama 58.5 - Clinton 40.5

My first post in GD-P: I still can't make up my mind Obama or Hillary?

From Bartcop:

Obama camp responds

Ann Coultergeist endorses the Monster

Ann Coultergeist endorses the Monster

Here goes "the dead one" Keith Obamaman, Leading with Geraldine Racism.

Okay, who is in charge of this here Democratic Primary?

Hillary got 77% of the puke vote, Obama won the Primary

Hey Hillary, Now that you have a break until the PA primary on April 22

MSNBC Calls MS for Obama!!! His 30th primary/caucus victory

Remember when KO did a show on the TIMING of the terror alerts? What about the timing of

1/21/09 – Hillary Clinton Refuses to Concede Nomination to President Obama

Keith will be doing a Special Comment On HRC tomorrow!

Greatings from the non-primary GD

Clinton's foreign experience is more limited than she says

Susan Rice is a liar

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***

KO to have Special Comment tomorrow

Obama will be live on MSNBC at 10pm show with Matthews

"What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***


Why does the hand count favor Obama and the machine vote goes to Hillary?

I couldn't make up my mind until now: Hillary or Obama?

Obama about to speak on CNN: Alert on my TV right now. 8:42 ET

Hey, Obama supporters...the world did not end on March 6th (NAFTA-gate analysis)

Matthews to question Obama LIVE on special edition of HardBall tonight -nt

Contact information for Hillary Clinton. I suggest we contact her about Ferraro's comments

Republicans rally for Clinton!

KO to have Special Comment tomorrow

I had a problem with Keith's worst persons tonight

Susan Rice is a liar

Affirmative Action

Wolfson's Latest on Ferraro contradicts Maggie: "We Have Made Clear That We Reject Her Remarks"

Analyst on MSNBC: Clinton Campaign Defending Ferraro

My neighbors keep posting on the internet about what I'm doing with my yard signs.

Why do Obama surrogates love to bring up the race card at every opportunity?

I hate this pundit talk that Hillary has more Dem votes. FYI, in Nov. it's not just Dems voting!

Obama has MOMENTUM; Hillary has INERTIA

Clinton rejects calls from the Obama campaign to remove Ferraro

My apologies: Ferrarro's racism apparently cannot be blamed on anything but...her racism.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/11/08 - Obama up 2 (48), Clinton down 3 (41)

Oh boy. Someone call the hypocrisy police....I wonder

(Title)*brief witty maxim*(/Title)

The sharing o' the green!

Southern States Are Not Going to Go Democratic in the Election

A revote in Michigan and Florida would be a nightmare

truth cannot be spoken anymore in this country.

Where are you John Lennon?

March Primary Results 4 to 2 in favor of Obama

Really nice pic of Obama from yahoo

Oh shit, Hillary is going to be Special Comment'd on Countdown tomorrow night

Geraldine? I sure was confused when I saw that .

Dear Geraldine Ferrarro:

It's not race, it's not gender, what they fear is... age,

OH SNAP!!! KO Says he is Doing a Special Comment on The Clinton Campaign Tomorrow Night

Could Hillary's lead in PA be Obama's key to the winning the nomination?

The CNN delegate count included supers

Obama's lead continues to grow

Questions about Obama's anti-Israel, pro-Muslim close associates

Obama would be NOTHING if he weren't black, but he'd sure make a GREAT VP!

Ferraro is absolutely correct, Obama is getting a free ride because he's black

Sinbad Unloads On Hillary Clinton

Can Keith Olbermann rise above the fray and say:

I will vote for the Democratic nominee in November. That said, I wish i liked Clinton.

Obama should be the nominee - I give

What the hell is the matter with you people?

Obama is the ONLY candidate to use ANY racist language!!

E. Spitzer once told me that Dean was "unelectable" cause he opposed the Iraq war

If Obama wasn't black and Hillary wasn't a woman

Obama Victory interview on CNN: I'll support HRC if she's the nominee

Howard Fineman and Olbermann just said HRC wouldn't be where she is if she wasn't a woman

Will the person posting crappy racist posts at least defend yourself in your crappy, racist post??

CNN site shows 4% of the vote in and Hillary at 53% and Barack 45% ... how can they claim a winner?

More important than Spitzer's diddling and H&O's cage match combined

Revote in Michigan! This Obama supporter says bring it on!

Another example of Ferraro's racial spew. On scumbag John Gibson's radio show, two weeks ago. (Kos)

Talk issues or STFU

Geraldine Ferraro's defense of her bigotry is more outlandish then her original statement!!!

Obama's lead continues to grow

Racism, sexism, prostitution, DEMOCRATS

O'Bama on MSNBC now!

Thank you Geraldine Ferraro....

**Clinton Link in Brazil Ethanol Probe**

Where is BOSS HOGG in this Mississippi process????


Interesting pattern on DU..Racism is a no-no but sexism is okay?

Matthews Compares Hillary's Campaign to the North Koreans Digging Tunnels

Keith to have a Special Comment about Hillary's campaign Wednesday

MyBC: "10 out of 10 Primary Fanatics will let Bush & Co get away with crimes"

Why isn't Andrea Mitchell in charge of the Federal Reserve? Her husband did a good job with it.

I support Obama, and I'm no youngster

Hillary's failsafe: Racists

What I heard on Randi Rhodes today re Obama supporters trying to pressure Superdelegates

What I heard on Randi Rhodes today re Obama supporters trying to pressure Superdelegates

Key Exit Poll number Obama Gets 57% of the Female vote

MSNBC says "Six in 10 Obama supporters said he should pick Clinton for the VP ???"


Presidental Candidate Barack Obama speaks

Why is it....

CNN exits: Hillary wins the Pro-McCain vote

obama supporter endorses hillary

The "logic" on DU is amazing ... truly Through the Looking Glasss.

TX Dem Party stops running public tally caucus results--no more #'s til March 29th

3rd Post: Mississippi Prediction

Read Ferraro's Wikipedia page

Read Ferraro's Wikipedia page

How much WORSE will the campaign get?

Repugs Heart Hillary - She wins them 3:1 over Obama (Mississippi EXIT POLL)

A candidate that has race baiting surrogates is by extension racist.

OBAMA no longer on MSNBC, you missed it sorry

Obama in Mississippi--opponent leaks photo & I'll twist her words

Obama is already winning by over 50,000 votes in Miss.

I call it for Obama! 61-39

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."

Hillary - This is where the party ends.

"I am big!"

They're coming to take me away ha ha hee hee ho ho


If Obama wins Mississippi 65-35, will HRC bow out?

Hillary - This is where the party ends.

Another reason to vote Obama

A couple of other candidates that had an unfair advantage because they were black.

The stat from MS that makes me want to vomit.

The stat from MS that makes me want to vomit.

I refuse to vote for John McCain because he's......OMG.....Irish!

Scorched Earth: Obama Already Has Black Vote, So Clinton Racializes Contest With Ferraro

According to CNN, Exit polls show big racial divide

PA primary coming - who will Obama accuse of racism next?

Obama wins racially polarized Mississippi primary

Hillary gains 2%!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to call out the bigots

And then there was that OTHER Ferraro interview....

Why no speeches tonight?

How is Obama race baiting?

Check out this jackass

Obama might pick up a couple a couple of delegates in Ohio

No Thanks, We're Fine, CA Don't Need No Revote...

Aussie feminist Germaine Greer brands Hillary 'cold, bossy'

PA is not a "must win" for Obama

This Tribune article explains some of my concern about the Obama "movement"

This Tribune article explains some of my concern about the Obama "movement"

Lift every voice and sing

Spitzer pays $83.00 a minute to be with this whore.... and where is the feminist outrage?

There's no way to avoid or rationalize it at this point.

Ferraro, again: "Attacking me because I'm white"

Clinton's racisim disqualifies her for the job of president.

Geraldine Ferraro quote: (1984)

whats the point of having all these last primaries so far apart?

Racist overtone in Clinton's entire campaign

THE MATH - Tuesday, March 11 - Before Mississippi

CNN projects Obama wins TX Caucus!!!

A question I would like to see Obama answer

Are a lot of voter bigots in more way than one?

Would Hillary really return to the Republican Party and join McCain?

None of my neighbors have any yard signs.

As a CITIZEN who believes in open, accountable government, do you feel INVISIBLE

look at the patterns on this map. Interesting voting trends!

look at the patterns on this map. Interesting voting trends!

Obama never said Ferraro's comments were racist.

Bill Clinton, "Like a Wet Blanket"

They Might Be Giants say it best.

My Conservative Friend at Bath and Body Works. GREAT NEWS!!

I'm surprised O'bama isn't doing better with the Irish vote.

Does anyone else wish they were black?

Positives/negatives of candidates: for longer-term DUers

"If Hillary Clinton had not been the president's wife, she wouldn't be in the race."

More and more, I am becoming increasingly frightened....


MSNBC project Obama wins Mississippi!

Oh, if only I were Black so I could have Obama's advantages!

Where's the vomitarium?

BLOWOUT #30 (Tonite at bat: Mississippi): Why does Hillary like getting blown out so much?

How important is Pennsylvania?

How important is Pennsylvania?

Obama can only win Caucus states.

Rush Limbaugh: "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well."

Miss. Dem. Racial Divide

Lets be real

Lets be real

Since FL and MI are apparently going to have a revote, any popular vote count that includes....

13% of Dem primary voters had "strongly favorable" opinion of McCain, and 74% of them

Do you agree with Geraldine Ferraro's comments?

Obama supporters please think before posting.

Under what circumstance would you totally freak?

CNN: Obama wins Texas Caucus!!!

CNN Calls Mississippi for Barack Obama!

Missed flight thanks Steve Jobs

How About a Limo Tour of Foreclosed Homes?

Keith to have a Special Comment about Hillary's campaign Wednesday

Iraq war costing $12 billion a month

Bst pro-union song I know!

QAT still has a web site

We need a new forum - for those DUers who choose to endorse GOP talking points

I can not figure out why MSNBC can't give us an our own 1hr show

March Contest Results 4 to 2 in favor of Obama

How dare he be black, the lucky bastard!

Ok who did meat out Monday besides me and Elliot?

EWWWWW a Special Comment tomorrow! EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

The cumulative effect of the Hillary campaign's racial comments is extremely disturbing.

An open letter to Governor Spitzer.

Obama needs to let the Ferraro mess go and just let the story fade away

Sadly, I have gone from extreme optimism to extreme pessimism about the general election.

Love. Maybe you don't get it. A rant.

George Mitchell: Hillary was "very much involved" in Northern Ireland peace process

Spitzer is helping Hillary by not resigning until next week.

Wild elephants hold up Sri Lanka vote

Do you support a do-over in Florida and/or Michigan?


Is Geraldine Ferraro representative of remaining Clinton supporters?

"Created jobs" since 2001

How come all this info from the feds on Spitzer comes tumbling out , but not a vowel...

AP: Water makes US troops in Iraq sick

AP: Water makes US troops in Iraq sick

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. military says three more soldiers killed Monday in Iraq

Mothmen are running amok in rural USA

She stoops to conquer

This may have been asked before, but can the repukes really claim Abraham Lincoln as one of theirs?

Spitzer Will Resign Today

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Obama at 58% in MS, with 71% Reporting.

Here's a little thought experiment for all the male DUers out there

Take the 'Senator Hothead' quiz.

Searchers find missing 3-year-old girl

"Walk Away Plan"! A customized plan to let you walk away from your home & not owe a cent!

Hillary getting CRUSHED tonight; Hillary cannot win the South

Obama will dominate the remaining MS counties ... 92% reporting

Fear and Loathing in America (aka All Hillary Has)

Making light of treason-scorched earth approach a la *

Presidential Poll 3/11/2008

Wes Clark demanded Limbaugh be fired for making Ferraro-like comments in 2003

Wes Clark demanded Limbaugh be fired for making Ferraro-like comments in 2003

Daily Kos: It's now expected that HRC should win PA by 19...anything less...

Friends in Low Places: Karl Rove's Press Gang

CNN Radio News Reports Spitzer Is Lawyering Up

When Nancy Pelosi, of all people, is displeased with Clinton...

FL Dem leaders have dinner with Charlie..Crist, that is. Discuss do-over.

WJ this morning: Spittzer n/t

Winter Soldier Hearings

ABC News (Tapper): "my opponent" receives many "boos" @ Clinton event

401(k)s tapped to save homes

Tin foil hat prediction for tonight......

Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida (McClatchy)

Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida (McClatchy)



we, as a party, are fucked. and i hate the packers.



What Would JFK, RFK, MLK, LBJ, and Many Others Say?

Directions for GD:P

McCain Advisers Lobbied For Airbus

Foreplay has a destination, it leads to something

Ray McGovern: Nadler Disses Voters on Impeachment

Iraqis search for signs of change in U.S. election

China vows to curb smog for Olympics as athletes drop out

What a cult looks like

Would I be racist if I said this...

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday March-11-2008

The visible people of all colors, religions, sexes: We are Obama

We need to keep the New York governorship in Democratic hands

Thanks to republican voters oil has now topped $108.00 a barrel.

House Dems Readying Proposal To REJECT Telecom Immunity

DOJ Announces New Guidelines AHEAD of Ashcroft Testimony

This just in from the Spitzer camp...

Congress turning food to biofuel increases food costs

Why do they keep saying "prostitution ring"?

Would your parents who raised you in the 50's vote for Barak

Stock market celebrates bust of Spitzer

FLA Democrats say NO to re-vote? Seems like they did!

Sadly I now must admit Republicans have better values then Democrats

Would someone with a DSL connection check if this video is still up on You Tube?

Obama Campaign's Memo On Clinton's National Security "Experience"

Spitzer is a victim and maybe even a cause worth fighting for?

How This Economy Is Going To Play Out, Revisited

Hot Damn. WEEKS of stupidity about "Large States" put to rest on Colbert tonight!

He broke my little bottle of...Love Potion #9.

A plastic surgeon could clean up here

A plastic surgeon could clean up here

Forner spyware company now advertising tracker ...

Alabama murderer was "changed" by his service in Iraq war

Sordid Details on 'Black Site' on Diego Garcia Island Come to Light

Is it only politicians that like to further humiliate their wives....

Money Loving Evangelicals

Congratulations to Obama & his followers on a great win in Mississippi!

Pelosi's comments today said it all about Hill's chances

60% of MS voters think that Hillary has attacked her opponent unfairly

Dallas political analyst final column (found dead w/ wife): No HRC/BO "Dream Ticket"

After Ferraro makes race a issue as part of the Monster's campaign...

Is it me? or has the tone here at GD-P gotten nicer

Those of you who are OUTRAGED by Ferraro's comments

New sins announced by Vatican

Hurray for David Paterson

Polling Point calls it the Democrat Party

Last minute surge in Mississippi polls bodes well for Clinton (just like New Hampshire?)

Eliot Spitzer should resign...

If Spitzer is a "victim" of Bush's domestic spying operation?

Question for OTR Drivers, you guys with your CDL

Censored Artist To Get Showing At Media Sanctuary; Rethugs To Protest

Censored Artist To Get Showing At Media Sanctuary; Rethugs To Protest

But who would believe us now?

But who would believe us now?

Arkansas Sen. Pryor Now Safe, as GOP Fails to Field Challenger

The reason to elect a woman president...

I agree with Ferraro's most recent response. When you challenge Obama, you are branded a racist.

Roll Call: Bush appointed judge to hear House Dems lawsuit to force Bush aides' testimony

Pentagon Report: Cheney's KBR/Halliburton-DID Provide DIRTY Water To U.S. Troops In Iraq

Highlights of Early Mississippi Exit Polls

So, how long before FOX News identifies Eliot Sptizer as a "Republican?"

NSA quietly expands domestic spying program, even as Congress balks

Obama is running for President of the World ?


Why don't our leaders call out bank bailouts as socialist bullshit?

Through it all, some things shall never change ......

Paging Andrew "Don't Tase Me Bro" Meyer! Your first mission,

Spitzer and Sex. do we really want to go back to the clinton years?

Is permanent war – one Iraq after another – to be our future?

Whistling past the graveyard....

'Crazy Eddie' Exec Alleges Fraud at

Fly Through Airport Security

when does larry craig go to trial?

Gov. Spitzer should resign, just like David Vitter and Larry Craig should resign.

Bush Senior arrives in South Korea on private visit

BREAKING NEWS: NY GOP to impeach (try) Spitzer in 48 hours if no resignation

More on delegate "sifting" (it's not stealing because it's within the rules)

Mississippi votes in tense White House race

I'm becoming very upset with the Clinton campaign

Keith Olbermann is the new Rush Limbaugh??

Look at the Vote Totals for Mississippi

Mission of Matthew Shepard's mother: Stop hate crime

**Breaking*-Senator Obama surges in national polls

**Breaking*-Senator Obama surges in national polls

CSpan 3 - Iraq Fraud, Waste, Corruption hearing

Does Mrs. Greenspan know a backstory on Spitzer?

Interesting exit poll numbers from Illinois Senate race 2004

The Ferraro incident displays how Clinton is damaged goods (she now can't win the black vote)

On CNBC: "Wall Street Cheers Spitzer's Fall." Why? So that Wall Street

WTF KO was right.. Hillary and her Bots are REALLY trying to make caucus delegates 2nd class...

Has Anybody Seen Or Heard About GWB Singing At Some Dinner?......

I suppose if Spitzer was a republican they would be hosting a party to celebrate him

Does any one else wish the choice was Obama or Edwards???

Who is that holding young Barack Obama?

Scenario: Your at a company banquet, and your boss.....

Thank God for Caucuses!

Spitzer Has Not Been Charged With Anything

GOP to impeach Spitzer .....

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, the only anti-war choice left in Minn for US Senate...

On this day in GD:P history

Maybe with Spitzer the real story, ultimately, will be about blackmail and not about money or hooker

Using the WTO are the Europeans trying to steal our jobs?

Using the WTO are the Europeans trying to steal our jobs?

Hey Hey Hey President McCain....

My 80 year=old crazy neighbor stole my Obama yard sign


Pelosi refers not to Hillary Clinton but to the "Clinton administration" LOL!

*Breaking* MSNBC: Spitzer aides say Spitzer plans to resign

Hey, What time does the ass kicking start tonight?

Do you react strongly to right-wingers, bushbots, when they say ridiculous,

Oil crosses $109 a barrel - $38 a barrel when the stooge took office

If We At The DU Don't Call For Spitzer Resignation..

Edit: Poll broken

Man buys bottle of ketchup. Headline reads "Man linked to Heinz corporation."

Spitzer wiped off Clinton website

Frozen remains of WWII airman identified (CNN)

News from the 13th century...

Have your barf-bags handy for this one..

Waste & Abuse in Iraq - David Walker Comptroller of the GAO testifies - 10:30 AM - C-Span 3

For The Sake Of The Party, Bill Clinton & Gray Davis Should Have Resigned.

Alberto Gonzales was involved in the Spitzer investigation

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I What 's your prediction for tonight

Israeli at center of Spitzer scandal

After seeing Don Siegelman why would Eliot Spitzer tempt fate?

White House says concerned about high oil price - We're all going to have to work through it!

Hillary's campaign commits cc fraud against volunteer: "Tinderbox waiting to happen"

Hillary's campaign commits cc fraud against volunteer: "Tinderbox waiting to happen"

Soldiers Join War Protest

Obama Wins Mississippi, But Don't Look for a Fall Repeat

Jeff Koopersmith: "Client 9" Cuff-linked to Girlie Circle

Spitzer: Clever sting?

"We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman" ~ Elizabeth Edwards

NYT: Aides Say They Expect Spitzer to Resign

NPR: Iraq Violence Surges Again

The PA "T" is similar to OH, but it is mostly republican. IMO, in the closed primary

I'm liking Andrea Mitchell in her time slot..

Why repukes kick our butts.

Croats in Hague war crimes trial (BBC)

You Tell Me

Air Force's stealth fighters making final flights (AP/CNN)

Catholic Barons fighting over Gloria

I agree with Ferraro

WP: "Sinbad Unloads on Hillary Clinton"-a brutal, hilarious mocking since he was with her in Bosnia

Geraldine Ferraro goes on FOX and Fires Back at Obama: Advises Obama not to Antagonize Her.

Guess I was wrong

Did sexism and race do Hill in today? Obama won the "gender is important" vote 66-32

So, how have the last 8-14 years changed you?

FL revote update: A Party-run mail-in primary, private accounting firm and direct-mail vendor

Dershowitz just asked my question regarding Elliot Spitzer

I think Spitzer should resign and I think GOP leaders should put pressure on Vitter to resign too

Question about spouses coming to the podium while husbands apologize

I have anecdotal evidence that if you don't do exactly as I say,

The Difference Between Clinton Repubs and Obama Repubs.

Why did this not get the same treatment...

Foreclosure crisis has ripple effect

CNN is saying Spitzer and Patterson are discussing transition.

And you think you have a bleak outlook for the future.....

The Ghost of DU Past vs the Ghost of DU Present

To those of you who consider yourselves a socialist(in any degree)

Sen. Kennedy Introduces State Secrets Bill - Sibel Edmonds May Be Debated In Congress!

"I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the Whitehouse..."

Just a Reminder Sam Will be Covering for Thom Hartman Today.

The Rude Pundit: A Few Lessons and Observations Related To Eliot Spitzer

Seeking to impeach if he doesn't quit within 48 hrs on MSNBC

If I see anyone in here spewing or defending Nazi bullshit, I will call you on it

A new Search site is up that gives money to your favorite non-profit.

Your reaction to the Spitzer scandal.


Hillary pounding Obama by 19 in PA now (link)

Oklahoma State Rep Sally Kern compares homosexuality to cancer all! ..Can't "GD Politics" be RESTRICTED like you do "Breaking News Forum?"

Carville spin: MS doesn't matter because because it was expected.

At least it wasn't a dead hooker.

At least it wasn't a dead hooker.

Question on the economy...

Feminism does not mean getting to the top by any means necessary.

Iraq: One Day = $720 Million (vid link)

Clinton Says She'd Support McCain as V.P.! Can there be any doubt she's really a Republican?

I have one question about Indians who come here on H1-B visas:

Egypt trying to plan for rising waters killing cropland (food supply)

pharma in drinking water and TVs Survivor

there is already music about Spitzer

The Albany Project reporting Spitzer Is Resigning

Please help me refute the points in this global warming LTTE!

Obama: Ferraro's comments "Patently Absurd"

Fox News covers it "Dressed for Scandal"

Spitzer, good riddence. Don't let the screen door hit your war-lovin' butt on the way out.

Asskroft another GOP pig at the trough

Think how beautiful the children will be.

The Presidential Assassination Attempt that Didn’t Bark

Harkin (D-Ia) opens bid with vow to fight gridlock

Drugs in water? nothing new.

Did Eliot Spitzer get "caught" by the Patriot Act?

It's time to put a few things to rest about Hillary.....

NYT: Looks as if the House if going to give Bush a FU with the FISA bill

Jawbone of an Ass: Bush's Utter Failure with OPEC

A great interview "Founding Faith: Providence, Politics, and the Birth of

Bush on Oil, June of 2000 (NY Times) (rat bastard)

I'm kind of excited about the possibility of a Gov. Paterson (NY)

Thorne had to resign today -Obama Advisor GLBT leadership council: Another Yalie Embarrasses Obam

How dare the FBI bug Paul Castellano in 1984?

Let's talk about (prostitition (media)

Why the double standard with Cheney and Spitzer? Other than party, what is the difference?

Huckabee on Hillary's "experience"...

Spitzer Lawyers Up - With His Old Firm

Re: Spitzer.

Rasmussen Daily: Barack Hussein Obama 48 , Hillary Clinton 41

Astronauts were paid to drink TANG

Damn! De Rosa scientist for CDC the dude who broke the

Clinton's supporters are abandoning her in droves

U.S. Comptroller: "The Iraqis have a budget surplus...We have a huge budget deficit"

NYT Details of the Spitzer Inquiry (Not flattering to Spitzer or comforting to conspiracy theorists)

Gov. Spitzer-Linked Madame Also Provided Web Design Services

for every 1 repub being investigated by the DOJ, there are 5 democrats? WTF?

In tough $$$ times right now? If any of my fellow DU'ers are in



Hillary never rejected or denounced the "gang bang" statement either

Say hello to the hot demographic of 2008: "McCain Democrats"

It's 3 AM, Hillary gets a call to respond to racist comments, refuses to answer the phone (update 2)

Joseph Bruno (Spitzer's arch-enemy) BINGO! the new Democratic position that all wiretaps are bad now?

WHY can't he be TRUTHFUL?

Is the Only Reason Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket in '84 because she was a woman?

It is called learned helplessness. Most liberal netgeeks don't comprehend the extent of criminality

Who here is using the Ignore feature on DU?

This Poll is Just For Politically Active People

Wall streets reaction to Spitzer

Privacy? Confidentiality? Secrets? Fahgetaboutit.

Let's put this into perspective regarding sex. Who is more reprehensible, Spitzer or McCain.


I'm disgusted over how many DUers are using Republican talking points to defend Ferraro's comments.

Any politician who does things he/she can be blackmailed for is a fool

The MSM pushes a new drug onto the American public: Is Salvia the Next Marijuana?

Would Obama be where he is if he were not half white?

Dave Lindorff: Spitzer Bust Provides a Warning Regarding NSA Spying

This picture begs for a caption

Welcome to Craig Underground

It's Pretty Clear: Clinton is Being Supported By Bigots

I do have to wonder how "invisible" women my age and younger feel...

Chicken and Brisket, Catfish Tenders, Hushpuppies, and Obama

Boortz continues mocking learning disabled boy--he wants publicity at any cost (let him have it...)

2003 The Weekly Standard: Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein had an operational relationship

Is solicitation of a prostitute a federal crime?

Heads up to unscheduled briefing by Gates just announced CNN

Anyone watching the Dorgan Hearing?

Caption the singing faux cowboy >>

Protesters Confront Pelosi: Call for Bush impeachment

Pentagon IG has just ONE Arabic-speaking auditor

Spitzer used the same tools / techniques to catch low level drug dealers

Nutter: Just Cause I’m Black Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Support a White Lady

NY'ers Pete Seeger and Eliot Spitzer were both targeted by the feds

Why are white voters presumed to be making decisions based on issues

Governor Spitz and Kristen

Remember Vitter's Hooker?

Our neighbors 81 and 80, took down their Hillary yard sign.

Today: State Dept. releases its annual report on human rights

I forget, was Jesus the Prince of Peace, or was he the Prince of the Military Industrial Complex?

Mississippi Voting

Interesting exit poll results from MS primary, 1524 Respondents.

I NEVER thought I'd see anti-Muslim bigotry on DU, but we've apparently hit a new low.

It's OUR MONEY dammit!

My Dad, Hillary, Obama, and the "n" word:


Impeachment Proceeding? No, Not Bush for War--Spitzer for Sex

Is the NSA Spy Progam Really to Protect Us?

Bush: "I wish I didn't have to talk about war"

Spitzer shoudl not be going to jail but needs to leave office

I remember when people here called Admiral Fallon a Bush tool.

LIMBOsevic sez he knows NOTHING'bout prostitution, how it works, NUTHIN'!1


I suppose I AM a bit sexist, as well as a bit racist. AND a bit ageist.

If Hillary's 2012 gambit works

Chemical Exposure Cited in Gulf War Vets’ Ailments

Chicago to host DLC convention

36% Indian-American Scientists at NASA - an internet hoax

AFL-CIO to launch anti-McCain push

I had hopes of voting for "Client 9" for President someday.

Bill Foster being sworn in RIGHT NOW!

I hope Admiral Fallon has the biggest fucking retirement ceremony ever

Sample the beer before you buy it

Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway just said $600 million in aid had to be diverted


Anybody else catch the Charlie Rose tribute to William F. Buckley?

People who strill drive around with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers...

Cafferty has NO questions today about Spitzer. But he does have one about Cheney!

Statement RE: King

Is Eliot Spitzer Being Targetted to Scare Congress into Giving Telecoms IMMUNITY?

At this point, for the good of the Democratic party, Hillary should call it quits

1994-The red phone rang and rang and rang again.....and no one answered.

Sharpton: Treat black and white teens equally in rape cases

Mrs. Greenspan's warning re: Spitzer (transcript)

We're Going To Find Out Spitzer Is Innocent And He.......

WingNut Daily simply can't stop LYING about a home-schooling case...

tweety showing the tabloid covers...boy this shit is out of hand

McCain advisers lobbied for Airbus over Boeing

Resignation by Spitzer Not Likely Today; State in Limbo (30 mins ago)

Alan Dershowitz dismisses the claims

"Bank" reported Spitzer to the IRS? Hmmmm.

Patriot Act Allows Govt. to investigate money transactions

Gay student 'faces death' after Iran return

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: Alabama Democrats Are Under Attack

NYT book review: "The Age of American Unreason" by Susan Jacoby


My fellow Hillary Supporters, its time for us to join Team Obama.

Can HRC win the general with ZERO Black Vote?

Ferrarro 1988: "If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race"

Spitzer MUST stay in office to call Repubs' bluff. Get impeachment talk in the open

What is the procedure for impeachment of a NY Governor?

Josh Marshall: Big Picture on Fallon

Anybody Else Notice How This Spitzer Thing

Aaah, fergeddabouddit.

Anyone here ever changed the belt on a Technics Turn-table before, and how's it done?

Is this the prelude to war in Iran?



AP: Clinton disagrees with Ferraro on Obama

So Peter King says "no one will stand with Spitzer" You first have to stand up in order to see who

Anybody Else Notice How This Spitzer Thing...

caption this * and pickles pic...

Damn, Tweety and his schizophrenic self can be ok sometimes...

Space Shuttle launch at 2:28am EDT!!!

So it looks like BushCo wasn't too pleased about Adm. Fallon's Esquire interview

Before you go all Illegal Wiretaps, Poor Spitzer...

KBR forces its towels on U.S. troops at triple-quadruple the cost

KBR forces its towels on U.S. troops at triple-quadruple the cost was the Clintons that Moved the Party to the Right

What will you do if Bush & Co. attack Iran? I believe I will be ready to

all these sanctamonious republicans---give me a fucking break

How about MILLIONS of us move to Iran and stand around in the streets until

Heidi Fleiss gives a “pro’s opinion on Spitzer.


Clinton doesn't seem to realize she's in a contest for numbers, NOT a contest for headlines.

Tonight was the final straw. I'm done with the Clintons.

Well, the stock market is either very happy with their $200 billion gift or that we're going to

One absolute truth about the human male.

Why DO the big states go for Clinton?

Why DO the big states go for Clinton?

Admin Officials Criticize Dem Surveillance Bill, Dems Criticize Back

The Invisible Women: We Are the Majority, We Are Hillary


Hillary Is Not Trying To Win The Nomination. She's Trying To Ruin Obama's GE Chances.

I have a question: If Spitzer is being threatened with impeachment...

Daily Howler: " Journalistic Committee for a Government of National Unity."

Colombia: French Negotiators Were to Meet Slain Rebel on Day He Was Killed

Waxman Threatens Second Subpoena against EPA

Obama supporters, what's wrong with Obama-Kerry?

Clinton:"Feb good for Obama, March good for HRC" ****Obama wins March***

Spitzer -- a lesson for all you guys out there.

Howard Kurtz wife and the Republican Party

Contessa Brewer is one highly repressed (fill in the blank)

Larisa Alexandrovna: "The Brown Shirts Arrive" - Alabama Democrats are Under Attack

Dungeon Master: The Life and Legacy of Gary Gygax

I'm Off To My First-Ever Democratic Party Precinct Meeting

Glen Greenwald...Targeting bad Democrats...FISA

Bush saw Bout only as a dependable contractor who was flying American troops and equipment

"Bounty On Every Americans Head???"

Ferraro's comments were racist and if you're defending them, you're saying racist comments are OK.

surge update - 8 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 2 Iraq Attacks

A funnier story about sex and politicians

Fallon 'may lose job over Iran war'

Plasma that digests just about "anything". This is a year or two


I don't know how to caption these, uh, unusual pics of *. Help!

Quick test. Which of the following were acts of terrorism:

This very funny lol

Ummmm...Tucker's got Hookers on his show From the Bunny Ranch

Hillary playing for 2012 makes little sense

This forum called DU Discussions: Primary, has become an insane asylum.

House Democrats refuse to delete pending spy lawsuits

Good time to donate to Clinton or Obama.

FL House delegation is "opposed to a mail-in campaign or any redo of any kind."

The Spitzer story -- Something doesn't add up

Rightard humor - it so funny: Agenda for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

10 Hookers working for KBR were killed in Iraq today while spying on people in America

AOL's Platform A Prez tossed

Oh great Bush talked today

we haven't come a long way, baby

I recall this conversation about 'hookers' from CNN...

THE quote from the Spitzer scandal.

Thank You Tweety! I Applaud you

Merry Spitzmas!

Today will be a very bad day for the Hillary camp: the Ferraro story is breaking

Today will be a very bad day for the Hillary camp: the Ferraro story is breaking

Please offer your thoughts on my global warming LTTE!

Despite sex scandals, wives often stand by their men

Take a look at the closing of the Esquire article on Adm. Fallon. How prophetic!

NSA spying & politicized DOJ ---->target Spitzer

Welcome to Spitzer Underground

This is so sick and disturbing... Warning: I bear no responsibilty for your wretching after reading

Should Clients 1-8 and 10-100 (Albany and Washington power elite) resign?

Another Milestone on the Road to Serfdom

Has anyone seen David Schuster lately?

DNC : Bush must resign or face impeachment

Der Spiegel: Speculators holding up to 45% of all oil contracts.

AP: Spitzer spent up to $80K on high priced hookers


Give Peace a Chance............

Is there really a race card, or is there just the accusation of playing it?

Petty theft results in petty punishment. Grand theft results in grand punishment. How about sex?

Special Election Tonight: IN-7

HDNet - Dan Rather Reports

NY State Senate Majority Leader Bruno Linked to Fed Investigation on Spitzer?

Prepare yourself for a treat.

The contempt the people of CNBC have for anyone who dares question

Protesters arrested in waters off Diego Garcia

I just watched Taxi to the Dark Side


The things you own end up owning you.

This election is not about Race nor Gender, It is about US and our FUTURE!

An open letter to Skinner regarding lock downs.

The REAL difference between Dems and Pukes: Spitzer -VS- Craig

Infants at risk

GOP House Leader Boehner Says He Will Try To Shut The House Down

Hillary Clinton is clearly the presumptive nominee... When will the admin call it?

We all should be very afraid. Three articles you should read

I find the "O'bama" thing racist and in very poor taste.

I find the "O'bama" thing racist and in very poor taste.

So I'm watching 'this parallel universe' (thanks Rep. Silvestre Reyes)

To Correct the Record: Wall Street Didn't "Hate" Eliot Spitzer

CentCom Chief Fallon: Petraeus Is ‘An Ass-Kissing, Little Chickensh*t,’ ‘I Hate People Like That’

The outrage over Spitzer's "impeachment" is hilarious

Your Evening Orwell, for Tuesday the 11th

Last line of "Green, green grass of home" is for bushco:

Rush Limpballs Was Withdrawing $9900 At a Time to Buy Drugs

The blatant Obama campaign and media sexism against HRC

US drops China from list of top human rights abusers AND blasts China for alleged torture

Have we achieved equality between men and women?

Lemme tell you what I admire about Repubics .......

Gas Prices in Your Area?


Why did Kucinich not vote to overturn Bush's veto?

Why did Kucinich not vote to overturn Bush's veto?

Bush will take us in to Iran before departure

That disgusting video was at an event where the audience was the MEDIA??????

NJ: Court choice gets third degree from GOP they fear nominee is faking GOP affiliation

Keith Will Have A Special Comment On Clinton Campaign Tactics

What are the five fundamental tenets of "conservatism"

What are the five fundamental tenets of "conservatism"

'Torture-tainted evidence' mars US legal image: rights group

Spitzer Resignation Expected Wednesday

CNN just ran an ad slanging Speaker Pelosi

Al-Qaeda in Iraq may try for spectacular attacks: general

new york governor spitzer involved in prosecution ring!!!

"Mom!!! King John=Bush!"

Pelosi: Split Ticket is “Impossible”

Calling lawyers and paralegals: Question about litigation software

How can anyone defend Hillary at this point?

From the department of NO FUCKING SHIT: "Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaida."

The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970

Anyone watching CSPAN????


Confusion, ..Illusion....Delusion..Thats the Republican Party and they it bring here

ADM Fallon stepping down as CO of CENTCOM, Breaking, MSNBC. nt

Abandoned briefcase causes a scare at federal building

"DLC: New Dem of the Week: Eliot Spitzer"


Ok, One Last Time For THE SLOW PEOPLE On DU, RE: Spitzer

How does the Mann Act work in the District of Columbia?

So, am I the only one who thinks both candidates are qualified to be President?

So, am I the only one who thinks both candidates are qualified to be President?

Is it possible for Spitzer to turn over power for a period of time

Spitzer Escort: Governor Was a Nice Guy, Good Tipper

My three cents on the people still in the race

Bush will take us to Iran before his departure you can

Who's the bigger dumb fuck?

grover norquist on TDS/jon stewart

So...what do you think $5500/hour buys you?

Breaking: House fails in override of waterboarding veto

Help! List of Bush Admin "High Crimes"?

Is Lisa Bloom the queen of all women?

interesting trends in the voting...GDP is too bogged down in trashing each other

Bacteria that digest radioactive compounds?

I got the "Military Losses" bullshit email today...

Clinton Buddy R. Altman's National Enquirer: "Obama's secrets...His close friendship with terrorist"

The Right Wing sure knows how to distract everyone

found a political site I haven't used before

What can we do now?

Here's All We Need To Know About The Spitzer Sting

8 soldiers died, our top commander in the wars quit, 1in 4 teenagers have STD, economy in icu

Romney open to VP invitation

NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data

Why no comparisons of Gov. Spitzer to Sen. Vitter in MSM? Besides the fact that

the next psychological oil barrier - $125 a barrel.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

If you could ask a more intelligent species one question, what would it be?

Poorism? What Is Inequality Coming To?

New crime because of gas prices... Someone syphoned my tank

"As a sex scandal stuns the nation..."

Greenwald: Targeting Bad Democrats

Iranian Intelligence Ministry Video

Remember the War Czar?

Question about teevee show "Jericho" - I've never watched it but some DUer said the other day

People Turn More Liberal With Age

the price of gas is killing me! tell me your latest

Bush will soon see his brown brown ass in Hell!

I typed out the lyrics the chimp was singing on the video...

Let's see, Fallon resigns....

Was Spitzer Set Up: A Must Read from Harpers: IT LOOKS LIKE IT

Is prostitution still illegal?

Lewis Black on the Spitzer thing: Why not a Six Pack of Hookers?!?

Sex, lies and Spitzer

# 9 ... # 9 .... # 9 .... # 9 ... # 9

I'm disappointed in Eliot Spitzer.

At the risk of p*ss*ng some people off (re:Spitzer)

PHOTOS: "What? What? $4.00 a gallon gas? Haven't heard anything about it."

Do you still shop for the cheapest gas?

Has Alan Dershowitz finally jumped the shark: Re: prostitution

The Federal Reserve Is Trying To Stave Off A Democratic Landslide In November

Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes

Black TV Crew Attacked While Filming

Great News .... My good friend's son is coming home from Iraq.

Court decision on March 17 could determine who Democratic nominee is.

OH! So Spitzer Was Specifically Targeted by the Feds --->

America. I can't find you any more.

The criminal activity on Wall Street can resume

Spitzer met with call girls over several years

The Dow Goes Up 400+ Points, The Day After Spitzer Revelation, Coincidence?

The Fed pumped 200 billion into the market today

Distraction: Spitzer

My wine glasses are shattered, my dog is howling, cracks are

watching bu$h* sing about his crimes on KO right now...

I didn't click on it, but, as a newcomer I find it startling that the 'Greatest' post

"I understand the speaker of the house is trying to push through a new tax law

Incident involving woman referee results in likely policy change

Larisa Alexandrovna: Spitzer's Selective Prosecution?

Scott Horton (Harper's): The Spitzer Sex Sting: A Few More Questions

Fallon's gone, the Iranian war can proceed. Wait for the new moon.

Woman faces fine for dyeing poddle pink

Condi Rice's remarks on Human Rights Practices for the 2007 report

Karl Rove...speculated about a permanent political realignment in favor of the GOP

wrong forum

An argument in support of Lynching

Dr. Laura blames Spitzer’s wife for scandal

Skinner, The DU Needs a Special Cemetery of Tombstoned American Reactionaries. Tucker Comes to Mind.

Does anybody know how to write a DU conversion program

Strong circumstantial evidence that Bush administration Spitzer takedown was politically motivated

Great Op-Ed: Reagan "won" by cutting & running from Beirut

"175 pounds of ambition"

"175 pounds of ambition"

Women if you had $5500 you had to spend, how would you spend it?

Eliot Spitzer needs to be arrested, booked, and prosecuted.

2 year old boy with rare chest condition is kept alive by daily doses of Viagra

They aren't making any more oil. Don't be priced out forever. It's different in oil.

Maybe the DNC can cancel HRC's hotel room reservation, also

This double standard shit is BEYOND acceptable!

Question: what happens if the nominated Republican is ill or passes away before election day?

United States of Amnesia: What about Cheney's DC Madam Problem

You want a prostitution ring? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....

Code Pink and Jon Stewart.

Bush Tied to Prostitution Ring - Resignation or Impeachment Expected!

heartfelt thanks to Chris Matthews

What about Client 10? 11? 12? 13? Will they be prosecuted too?

"So, who is this Governor Paterson?" (The Official Thread)

Google "fun" and anti-Semitism

Selective prosecution is not justice. It's a crime.

Adm. William J. Fallon for V.P.?

Time to Legalize Prostitution

'Gilligan's' Mary Ann Caught With Dope


How much are you like your avatar?

How much are you like your avatar?

if spitzer resigns, here's his successor-david paterson

ALF-CIO comes to the rescue to define John W. McCain

pro-life, pro-choice, shhh...

For Fucks Sake People SPITZER Can Be Both GUILTY AND SET UP By Bushco. DOJ

Five Reasons Why HRC Will Win the Democratic Nomination

Jeff Gannon Time: Let's have a real investigation

So how many believe the Feds' move today saved the Stock Market from crashing?

The Official "Hillary should bow out right now" thread!

Hey, um...

UK top cop who led CIA probe found dead

Keith Olbermann announces he will have a Special Comment tomorrow night.

To all Democrats

*******Push Us Around at Your Peril*******

OMG! Tweety skools Scarborough on patriotism...

TEDTalk Tuesday: On the Verge of Creating Synthetic Life

Obama in Senate: A newbie still getting lost in the corridors while running for President.

Obama in Senate: A newbie still getting lost in the corridors while running for President.

Winter Soldier: Can the Mainstream Media Handle the Truth?

From: "Michael Parenti" = Subject: Forced toxic spraying of urban Northern California

It is now possible that a variant of the Brazilian joke could sweep GD:P

Keep antagonizing the women vote Obama

So...anyone else feeling fucking miserable tonight?

My computer is broken

I dare you to caption this picture.

Thanks Harris County voters, I worked 88.8 hours of over time at $12 during early voting.

Do you want some crystal?

Spelling Bee..

When I have no one to talk to, I hit send.

I like taking pics in bars

Is the world going batshit insane or is it just me?

Three minutes to night time shuttle launch.

Wow! Night-time shuttle launches are the BEST!

Mothmen are running amok in rural USA

Tell me what I need to know

Wanna keep snakes away? Get a bunny.

who is the one keeps repeating that Brazlian joke over and over at every opportunity?

I think my co-boss is trying to get rig of me!

Van Halen scraps more shows amid mystery ailment

Only 8:30 and I want this day to be OVER!!!

Client #9?

Messin' with GD

What dog breed is pissing in your pool?

Has anyone bought concert tickets off of ebay?

If we "Legalized Hookers" wouldn't our Political System be the Better for It?

Wife and kids are out-of-town this weekend. 3 days home alone!

House of the Rising you've never heard it before

Bass trombonists! Here's your dream come true!

Time Expired (or: a gravesite to be enjoyed)

How will impending economic collapse affect 'American Idol'?

Where No Fantasy Novel Has Gone Before

Is it wrong to be glad someone looks as if they were dead?

My temeah fan fiction is being published!

I've been bitten by the purple Smurfs in GD-P...GNAP!!

Anyone here know anything about Charlie Rose?

Internet?? An Addiction? A Hobby? An Information Tool? A Store? All Of Them?

i am total and completely over client nine right now.

How many women are in this? Pretty cool the way this is done...

First I went into GD:P, then the "movie scenes you can't stomach thread"

I have a Firefox question

"*gives irony the finger*"

This is your brain on jazz

Where the hell is my pev posse??????????

New word: 'gastroporn'

Golf anyone?

I have been watching the movie Waterworld for the first time, time how long does this movie last.

I wonder what the 'specific products' were?

Heath Ledger didn't update his will

Frisbee Golf, Anyone ?

Any fans of the group "Scala"?

Who has waterboarded in their basement? I need advice

You're tearing me apart!!!!!!!

Yea, I have a new cable company remote control for the box.

Well, I slipped on a patch of ice on my way to work

Midlo -- I found a way to get around your lenten sacrifice

So.... If you get tombstoned,

Inchworm showering

Client 9's next job...

Lone Ranger story. Good for a chuckle

FBI Arrests Oregon Doctor Death

This just came across the scanner - Inchworm pulled over for PUI

I just spent 15000 dollars!!

Goodbye DU

A new Simon's cat video!

Please Read. This Is An Historic Night, and I think we should all just pause for a moment.

"What about robots?"

Well, there's a certain girl I've been in love with

"Pre-planning" -- a word I can't stand.

Bag of beers closes down Richmond (Va.) grocery store

Mary Ann from 'Gilligan's Island' arrested

The day I did something mean in GD: Politics

Wash. boy dies after being buried in sandbox by friends

N.Y. GOP to Spitzer: Quit or we impeach

I'm totally digging "Radio nowhere" by Bruce

Political Pokemon

Check out this image - too funny!

I'm seeing Holly Cole this Friday!

Jeez, I guess one of my Profs really likes me...

Wow, I had a *really* good day!

The rubber duck is OKAY!

Punchline from really bad jokes."Because they deserve them."

I'm going to bat my eyelashes all the way to the top

No WMD, no Saddam-Al Qaida link? Oops! - Today’s Headlines 3/11/08

The legalized "crack" has arrived

We had our taxes done yesterday and we were talking to our accountant after...

It seems to be human nature to look for somebody to blame for anything bad happening.

Just finished eating 4 gallons of Chili

i am totally and completely on cloud sixty nine right now

I've never been fired before

Help! My QuickTime Viewer, PictureViewer and iTunes have all stopped working.

baseball predictions - American League East

Do You Spitzer Or Swallow?

On this day in GD:P history

Men's and Women's clothing sizes

Don't ask me anything, gotta run, I'm a new member of The Emperors VIP Club...

It is 67 degrees outside right now, SW wind at 10 MPH gusting to 22, with sunny skies...

193 Days and Counting!

Mr. President? It's time...

So, my job depends on the Town Meeting vote tonight.

Who stole my shitbunny costume?

Anybody got a real kick ass Parche recipe?

Garfield minus Garfield

Where can I get an MP3 of this song?

Anyone here ever changed the belt on a Technics Turn-table before, and how's it done?

I was just out back swinging my idiot stick.

Pics from the March 8, 2008 GA DU meetup in East Atlanta at The Graveyard! !!!ELEVENS!!!

Are you afraid of the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?

Start my new job today!


I was at a gas station this afternoon, and these two women,

With Baseball season soon upon us, time again for us to predict "When will my team be eliminated"

All non-representational art is stupid.

how much would moving my 92 honda civic from Florida to California cost?


Attention Cook County IL residents!

Telemarketer's call invokes old hit song

Just great. Hey Kitchenwitch, I think I got your cold

So exactly how wide is Larry Craig's stance?

Ants on a muthafuckin' plane.

to add another angle to the perennial dilemma "Mary Ann or Ginger?"

OK..Call me Extravagant. I just bought a 24 room Mansion. Hey..When you got..!


Saw a Great Bumper Sticker: "I'm already against the next war!"

Are they still arguing about what people said in GD:P?

Cat advice needed, possible lost cat or feral?

BTW...congrats to the new moderators

How many letters are there in the alphabet?

Some good articles on Gary Gygax's passing (the creator of Dungeons & Dragons) - warning geek alert

Dozens blinded in India looking for Virgin Mary

OK. Tucker is talking about getting "freaky"

JGD's thread got me wondering: If you knew a man had "paid for it"

Well, doesn't this just scream "high fashion" ...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/11/2008)

I have my first epidural steroid injection tomorrow - will it hurt?

Need Good Vibes

have you read Leadership and Self-deception-gettining out of the box?

For Prisoner_Number_Six: A Photo Caption Contest!

60-year-old Billy Crystal to don Yankees pinstripes

Garcia, Weir, Fogarty, Randy Jackson (American Idol!)

Matcom Visits Oregon

i need a free online tutorial for dreamweaver, flash, photoshop.....

14 Days

i posted my "I Care" video response

Love. Maybe you don't get it. A rant.

Sigh. I am wanting to look for a new job again.

"And the Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull". Any Earth fans?

Is it better that Spitzer cheated with a hooker?

I need to brighten my life with an iTunes download....Any suggestions?

Cash Cab fans! Play the Cash Cab game!

Fighting inflation at the groery store..

My feet hurt. My knees hurt. My back hurts. I have nerve damage

'Mary Anne'`s mugshot-off the island and ONTO the drugs

Knee Surgery: How bad is it, and how long until recovery?

DU Parents: When did you give your kids "the talk" (sex)?

The Good news; Leonard Cohen annouces first tour dates in 15 years

The Good news; Leonard Cohen annouces first tour dates in 15 years

A series question for teh men.

This last guy on Idol just rick-rolled me

Warning: This thread might contain a sax murderer.

I went to Sunflower Grocery today for the first time since they opened

Warning: This thread might contain an axe murderer

I just put someone on ignore. What is happening to me?

Some dogs.........

Two sets of ads: Which do you like (if either one)?

Hey Benneyboy, did you see this?

Beatle fan DU'ers: Would you visit Macca if you could?

Self Deleted. NT

Abused Iraqi dog headed to the US

Well I had planned to wait a month for this

Uh-Oh! Keith Olbermann is going to have a special comment on Hillary Clinton's campaign tommorrow

Your Experience, if any, with Biofeedback?

temeah appreciation thread!

‘So’ what? (A contest)

"Come see me eat nipples, eat nipples"

It is amazing how fatigued one can get using only a 1 pound weight.

Maniac at the car wash today. *A Rant*

Its a fire...

Idiot at the car wash today. *A Rant*

Did everyone but me go to Kindergarten?

I wonder how much plastic surgery Andrea Mitchell has had?

Tim sold another car!

$198 for THIS???!!! I make these things and for alot less

Go away from my window, Leave at your own chosen speed

Congratulations! You have won a prize in a contest a friend and or relative entered you in.

Additional things you'd take off the table if you could be Speaker Pelosi for 24 hours

My goddam ear is all plugged up again...

Just finished making 4 gallons of chili.

Little Kitty Wanna Bite.. ""The Mean Kitty Song"

My Mom died 42 years ago today

My tire exploded today

Weirdest thing happened- I thought I had killed Chairman Meow (one of my cats).

lionesspriyanka was at the gas station i just stopped at

Cheap Wine: Thunderbird or Maddog?? I can't decide.


I have run-ins with the oddest people...

this is my 1000th post.

Kitty Lovers... At About 2:57 Into This Vid...

You're in front of the snack vending machine...

Here it is, lads! Where’s temeah? temeah get up here!

I know I'm not the only Dennis Quaid fan here -- check this out!

Math: Geometry or Algebra?

What's for Dinner DU??

Somebody push the Infinite Improbability Drive button...

One in Five Americans Believes Sun Revolves Around Earth

Are you still out there?

Hold on to your seats, everyone - I'm gonna fold space.

Non-Muslim DU'ers: Would you visit Mecca if you could?

I want to design a house.

Poll for Lounge Ladies:

Autism settlement raises worry about vaccines; some parents opt to not give their kids shots

Tucky Carlson out at MSNBC, David Gregory in!

GNOME terrorises Argentinian town

It's easy for us men to say "legalize prostitution." What do you women think about this issue?

1 in 4 Teen Girls Has Sexual Disease

Please tell me what you think of "The ides of March"

You need a video. It will improve your life. Fred and Sarah will make one for you. Great idea!

Just one new photo scan tonite, but it's a good one.

For those who smoke(d) pot, a question....

Obama Logo Generator! LogoBama '08!

Admiral William "Fox" Fallon: The Man Between War and Peace

Anybody got a real kick ass Paella recipe?

How many hours straight can you work before you crash?

Ben Stein's money to fund documentary to challenge Florida's new evolution standards.

Love, Trust, Privacy and Betrayal?

It is SOOOOO nice in the Minneapple today...

LAX meetup! CaliforniaPeggy and spouse with av8rdave!

LAX meetup! CaliforniaPeggy and spouse with av8rdave!

What would be your current job if it was the one you picked when you were in Kindergarten


Carl Bernstein: The CIA & the Media

The Pike Committee

Panel Asks Judge to Rule in Contempt Case

U.N. reports sharp rise in Afghanistan attacks

Bush links U.S. aid, missile defense deal


Roadside bomb kills three U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Richard Biegenwald, ‘Thrill Killer’ of Five People, Dies at 67

Space shuttle Endeavour launches with Japanese lab

401(k)s tapped to save homes

Roadside bomb hits bus, kills 16 in S.Iraq -police

Two blasts in Iraq kill eight U.S. troops

EU Clears Google Bid for DoubleClick

Senate Judiciary Panel’s Bill Would Set Limits for State Secrets Privilege

McCain Advisers Lobbied for Airbus

China's trade surplus 63% down

Applause for Cheney cranks up slower than before

Bomb hits Iraqi bus; at least 16 killed

Alabama Democrats are Under Attack

NY Republicans threaten to impeach Spitzer

20 bodies found in mass grave (Iraq)

Ex-US President Bush arrives in South Korea; media speculate on possible trip to NKorea

New Guidelines Ahead of Ashcroft Testimony

Ashcroft: no conflict on monitoring deal

Senate Judiciary Panel's Bill Would Set Limits for State Secrets Privilege (Sibel Edmonds)

Pakistan blasts kill 20, wound over 150

McCain advisers lobbied for European plane maker

Economy weak but not enough for recession: report

1 in 4 teen girls has sexually transmitted disease

Aides Say They Expect Spitzer to Resign

State in Limbo Awaiting Word on Spitzer (Lt Gov waiting to hear)

Saudi women make video protest

8 from accused in Ohio-Virginia ID-for-immigrants ring

Auditors: Iraq faces budget surplus

Rep. King defends comments about Obama (will be viewed as a savior for terrorists)

Fallon resigns as Mideast military chief

Judge weighs Cheney probe today

(New York) Dems: Spitzer scandal won't derail us

House to Try Override of Intelligence Authorization Veto

Official: Cash triggered Spitzer probe

State Police Internal Investigation: How Did Gov. Spitzer Slip Security Leash?

Fed Easing Liquidity in Funding Markets

Workers from India sue, charging 'modern-day slavery'

Gates assured McCain on tanker competition: letter

Qld's 'Dr Death' arrested in US by FBI

Alabama Dem Party Questions Subpoena Deliveries, Public Displays by U.S. Marshals (GOP Intimidation)

Justice Department to monitor voting in three Mississippi counties

GOP moves to force immigration vote

White House worried time running out on Colombia deal

Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes

Six months after the first rate cut

Ex-lawmaker who resigned over fondling allegation seeks office

" Woman forgotten in cell over weekend"

Al Gore's Generation Fund to Close After Attracting $5 Billion

US drops China from list of top human rights abusers

Presidental Candidate Barack Obama speaks

Bush Says 2008 Politics No Factor in War

House Democrats refuse to delete pending spy lawsuits

Lieberman could snag cabinet post if McCain elected

UK might not meet troop cut promise

At least 46 killed in Iraq violence

People Become More Liberal With Age

Capital One CEO pay $17.1 mln, realizes ($54.84 million in) options

Aide: Spitzer May Defy Calls To Step Down

Gov. Spitzer in transition talks; not likely to resign today

Sources: Spitzer's Resignation Expected Wednesday

New York Republicans will seek to impeach Spitzer unless he quits in 48 hours

Black TV Crew Attacked While Filming (in S.C.)

Appeals court blocks fines for reporter

White House 'very concerned' about record oil price

TN: Bill boosting Guard AWOL penalties in trouble

U.S. Slowdown to Be Deeper, Rebound Weaker, Says Poll

Stocks in U.S. Rise Most in 5 Years on Federal Reserve's Liquidity Plans

U.N. torture envoy says U.S. deny access to Iraq jails

Obama fury over Clinton backer Ferraro's race remark

Not in Our Name National Project Comes to an End

Hayden: Don't ban tough methods

Sources: Spitzer Resignation Expected Wednesday

Foreclosure crisis has ripple effect

U.N. torture envoy says U.S. deny access to Iraq jails

US Blocks Musicians from Playing in Cuba

US report shows increase in Iraq violence since Jan.

Islamic body seeks new role to fight "Islamophobia"

Iraq refugee crisis 'getting worse:' experts

Gillibrand (NY-20): Spitzer should resign if allegations are true

Democrats seek alternative on phone immunity

Cost Of Buying, Flying Military's New Jet Fighter To Reach $1 Trillion, Audit Says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 11

Obama projected winner in Mississippi

Actress from 'Gilligan's Island' serving probation under plea

Japan criticized over child porn loopholes

"All Clear" issued after UNI campus placed on alert

Ferraro: "They're attacking me because I'm white"

House Fails To Override Bush's Veto On CIA Waterboarding Bill

Fragrance Free School Policy??

HUD E-Mails Refer to Retaliation

Breaking: Fallon resigns as Mideast military chief

Navratilova takes Czech nationality after shame over America

Kansas funeral picketing law struck down

Carson (D) wins seat in (Indiana) 7th District race

1 in 4 teen girls has sexually transmitted disease

UK top cop who led CIA probe found dead

Spitzer's alleged call girl tab could hit $80,000

Iraqis still ask if U.S. invasion was worth it

Eugene Robinson: So Much for the Surge

THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter / Little Shop of Horrors, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Hillary Tabs Eliot Spitzer for VP: Claims He Has the 'Life Experiences' to be Commander and Chief

THE DEVIL IN NEW YORK by Cotton Marshall

Lesson of the 10th Congressional District: The Internets change everything

Senator describes black market in H-1B visas

Excellent! "Why McCain should worry women"

Peace May Be Possible In the Post-Bush Middle East

Norman Solomon: Warfare and Healthcare

How the press failed on Iraq

Radio Fear America

Sharing the Pain - Bob Herbert

Larry Craig Demands Equal Treatment Under 'The Mann Act'

Iran's Rise Owes Much To Bush's Iraq and Afghan Wars

Kucinich prevails after Republicans pull out all the stops

WP, Eugene Robinson: Iraq's Surging Violence

Chris Kelly: Eliot Spitzer Disappoints Wife / Commits Federal Offense

Who Says Hillary Doesn’t Have 'Far-In' Policy Experience

Politics, and Scandal, as Usual: "Why does it go on repeatedly when ramifications can be so dire?"

Lets fight over a made for TV election

Eighteen things you've already forgotten about the media's flawed coverage of Iraq.

Spitzer Bust Provides a Warning Regarding NSA Spying By Dave Lindorff

Bush Administration Pressured On H-1B Visa Reform

Scoring the "Surge" and What Lies Beyond

Rove: ‘I Fully Expect To Be Indicted By The End Of The Year’

The Red Phone in Black and White

United States of Amnesia: What about Cheney's DC Madam Problem? By Gustav Wynn

4th grader brings gun to school!

Geraldine Ferraro: 'Mondale Given Top Spot on '84 Ticket Only Because He Was Norwegian'

The Bad News at the Pump

Hillary's Crocodile Tears in Connecticut

Sun will swallow Earth: Official

There’s a Hole in the World

Real REAL Bad Stuff Going On in Iraq

My Encounter with William F. Buckley, Jr. And Some Reflections on His Legacy

Gov. Mario Cuomo on Obama & the 2008 Election

Yes, We Can - Barackapella!

Steve "Adolph" King Dancing in the Streets w/ Obama

Florida Voting Machine - (old but still good)

Don't Mess With Texas

The Dick Cheney Duck Hunt Game

Countdown: Clinton's delegate games

Olbermann on Clinton's actual foreign policy experience

Olbermann on SNL's hilarious Clinton/Obama phone call sketch

FLA & MI Re-vote Petition

Obama's 3 am ad

KO Bushed 3/10, including Doug Feith's crazy new book

Mark Penn's Links to Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Diebold

KO worst persons 3/10: Notes irony of "Stephen King" harshing on Obama's name

Bill O'Reilly vs. Godwin's Law

Clinton: Caucuses aren't elections...but please vote for me!

Olbermann looks at Clinton's ridiculous VP hint for Obama

Helping U.S. War Veterans -Fighting For A New GI Bill

What we are

Olbermann discusses the Spitzer situation

Not A Vice President?

TYT: Cenk And Ana Weigh In On Gov. Eliot Spitzer (Ana is NOT happy)

How Not To Apologize For A Sex Scandal

News Report From Chicago Where They Know Barack Obama & Tony Rezko Best


Barack Obama Wins in Mississippi

University of Iowa students make sure Rove earns every penny.

Baby Got Barack

Barack Obama on CNN Following Mississippi Primary

Pelosi nixes Clinton/Obama 'dream ticket'

Josh Marshall discusses how Spitzer likely came to be investigated

"The guys from the Politico brought my mom flowers"

Iraq Veterans Against the War march for Winter Soldier

Geraldine Ferraro stands by her attack: "Give Me A Break"

Ferraro to Obama: Don't Antagonize Me

Adm. Fallon Resigns Over Differences w/ Bush

I Care. Do You?

Besides Hagee, who else endorsed McCain? That Patriot Pastor, Rod Parsley.

Countdown - Making Light of Failure and Ferraro's Comments

Obama ignores Steve King's remarks.. lambasts Ferraro!


The KBR -HalliburtonTowel (01:04)

"I brought the fork, Hillary. You're done."

Hendrix: The Clinton Experience

Critique immediately following Obama's '04 Convention speech.

Enough Facts Here Linking Obama to Rezko & Other Very, Scary People -- Decide For Yourselves:

Clinton headquarters apologizes for invoking Obama's blackness

Coco Tea - Barak Obama

NY Mag: Obama: Debunking the Latte-Liberal Myth

Bird Extinctions Likely to Rise with Climate Change

Price triples for Progress Energy's proposed nuclear plant in Levy

New crop of chemicals is found in birds' eggs

Pollution Is Called a Byproduct of a ‘Clean’ Fuel

ZAP Launches Sale of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Car, Tests Show up to 120 Miles per Gallon

Climate Change Will Have a Significant Impact on Transportation Infrastructure and Operations; ...

Progress Energy Seeks OK For New Nuclear Power Plant

CalCars Weighs In on GM Series/Toyota Parallel PHEV Debate

AP Water Probe Prompts Senate Hearings

Indians Gather to Save the Planet

crosspost - Gulf War syndrome firmly linked to chemical exposure

3/11/08 - WTI Oil Futures Close At Record $108.75, Brent Closes At Record $105.25 - Bloomberg

"The EPA is fast losing the few shreds of credibility it has left"

RENEWED ENERGY: Big Oil Looks To Renewables For Future Profit

Wind power with staying power

Clean Edge Releases Annual Clean Energy Trends Report

Dem Convention Green Program

Colourful idea sparks renewable electricity from paint

Polysilicon Bonanza: Rising Supplies, Sinking Prices

Wind farm hearing stirs intense debate

Please help me refute the points in this global warming LTTE!

Mass transit use hits 50-year high on pump prices

In search of the perfect battery.......A Case history

Trees fall in wild weather

One child policy 'pays off'

A Light Bulb Went Off: Print the Lights

Pepsi installs 2nd-largest solar power plant in Northwest

Is anyone doing cheap-and-dirty electric vehicle conversions?

Presidential Candidates Clueless on Energy

Floating wind farm proposed south of Martha's Vineyard

World warned on food price spiral

Beef industry reeling from rising feed costs

Rhode Island considers wind power ban

What is a nimby?

Gulf War syndrome firmly linked to chemical exposure 2 hours, 54 minutes ago

Navy veteran, 74, uses medical marijuana to relieve pain

help please

Exposed: Wal-Mart’s Not-So-Independent Product Safety Testing Lab

American Axle Defers Bonus Decision During Strike

Working Class Hero

Ohio job losses worst in seven decades


Can You Beat the Market? It’s a $100 Billion Question

Treasuries Decline as Fed to Accept Agency Debt as Collateral

Rhetoric matters. Ideas for catchphrase analogous to "Hoover Hog"?

Derivatives the new 'ticking bomb'

Federal Reserve said it plans to pump $200 billion into the financial markets

So how's the alpaca farmers doing in this recession?

Plunge Protection Team in action

LOL. Ben Stein ($R) busts Repub tax cut myths (NY Times):

Gas Bush responsible?

Chávez promised money and weapons to the FARC, former rebel says

US Blocks Musicians from Playing in Cuba

President Cristina de Kirchner advocates agreements with Venezuela

Venezuela arrests drugs and arms smuggler

Colombia: French Negotiators Were to Meet Slain Rebel on Day He Was Killed

Venezuela Solidarity Conf. - April 18-20 - WASH, DC

US wants to add VEN to Terror List - Was FARC attack mainly to set-up Chavez?.

BoRev: FARC Computers, Genocide, Can't We All Get Along? - All That's Needed for a Ven Soap Opera

Tales from the Laptop

Gay Couple Sues U. Hawaii Over Married Student Housing

My prof agreed to sponsor my thesis, which will be a experiment on gay related bias

One for the "Journal."

I am who I am

Oh. My. Dear. Gawd.

Is there a different GLBT response to the Spitzer scandal?

RS Endorses Obama

Big bang or chaos: What's Israel up to?

Senior security official confirms lull agreement with Hamas

Jewish tolerance limited

Hamas-Israel deal would put Abbas' men at Gaza crossings

The Iran hawks' latest surge

Under fire

Did anyone say freeze?

The world as it is

Gaza forced to pump more raw sewage into sea

Rocket on Ashkelon ends four-day lull in violence

MKs asked to 'stop apartheid on kosher bus lines'

We believe in miracles

What's with the Left's lovefest for Hezbollah

Senior security official confirms lull agreement with Hamas

Report: Yeshiva graduates plan revenge attack against Arab figure

The Journey Home

What Matters Most

Mavs locker room blogger-free these days, except for Cuban

I feel close to quitting my job.

Will this flu ever go away?

I know March Madness is upon us.

I finally had to do it - put my first person on ignore.

Its Spring,

Psychotherapy for All: An Experiment

Many Doctors, Many Tests, No Rhyme or Reason

NV: (Gov) Gibbons may support criminal charges

NV: Police and FBI raid 6 clinics

Chocolate/Green Tea cake w/ Ginger chocolate frosting and raspberries.

Did anybody see last night's No Reservations?

hit me with your favorite Salad Dressing recipe please

7 minute Salmon YUMM!!

Gay Bishop Out of Anglican Summit

Ohio Baptist Minister Charged With Raping 15-Year-Old At Church

Wired online has a self portrait contest happening now.

Cosmic 'treasure trove' revealed (BBC) {more from WMAP}

Rabid mountain lion shot north of Phoenix after attacking boy

Is anyone here following story of Watson and Japanese ?

Veteran CIA officer doubts Bin Laden involvement in 911...

911 Questioned in European Parliament

Actilon Alert: Stop: Voter Caging Before 08 Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 03/11/08

HCPB study. ER brilliant analysts, please analyze.

from last year , Kerry in nantucket , pic and video

CAUGHT: Republican Staffer Illegally Uses State Computers For Campaign & More

Austin showing of "Body of War" Thursday March 13, 4p.m.

Texas presidential caucus winner? Check back in 18 days

Anyone else in the state of Texas meeting a lot of Libertarians?

Dallasites: Tomorrow's Observer has a must-read story!

Obama campaign memo hits Hillary hard on her "experience" claims

Please vote on lou dobbs web-site about his reactionary nativism and Obama's calling him out

Surrogates M.I.A.?

I think I get Hillary's 'new math' courtesy of Ma and Pa Kettle

Anyone from DC/MD/NoVA going to PA to help w/Obama's campaign?

Where can I get a copy of the Obama memo on election projections?

Obama has won Jan, Feb and Mar

Letter to Clinton

US Middle East commander quits

CP: Tories don't deny report of $1-billion Afghan budget blowout

CP: Gomery readies new blast at Tories for sponsorship response

Not sure what this is

Liberals threaten election over budget

Title I cut in my school

Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK)

Looking for quotations

Only rich kids go to college - another Republican ideal

Happy Thread ... My friend's son is home from Iraq

Dead to Me Thread

Oh, Keith, are crazy like a fox.

KOEB Meeting: 03/11/08 -- Mississippi Counting Edition

KOEB panic room strategy.

Justice Department to monitor voting in three Miss. counties

Confirmed: Obama Did Gain Delegates From California Vote Count

And now for something completely different

Mississippi Projections

Madonna? It ain't rock'n roll. So what's with the R & R Museum?

American Idol - Rigged Like A Bush Election? Like The WWE? Like...

The day after Camilla's security head shoots himself: "Top UK police chief is found dead "

Kratz to announce congressional candidacy (WI-6)

Kreuser: Assy Republican leaders oppose hearing aids for deaf children

Hey look! GRASS!