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Maureen Dowd Has Issues

Maureen Dowd Has Issues

You're an inexperienced, substance-lacking speech maker. PLEASE be my Vice President!

How do you send in a Check to the Obama Campaign ?

Question about unique donors...

Why Hillary will not accept VP and will eventually withdraw her candidacy

Explaining logic to HRC supporters is like playing poker with a 6 year old.

A plan for Barack Obama

Girl in 3 am ad is an Obama supporter, decries fear-mongering

Looking to beat McLame? Get the dirt here!

Who do you think is going to win the party's nomination?

The Democratic National Convention

You go Madam Speaker!!: Pelosi tells the 2 children in the sandbox to simmer down

"Whispering campaigns allege Obama is a secret Muslim planning to impose Islamic law on the country.

"Hillary Clinton isn't the candidate offering _______ so it's OK that your desires will get fucked."

The Democratic Party, both in the Congress and 2008 Campaign -

Funny damn cartoon... courtesy Crooks & Liars ...


Joe Walsh, OR-03, another peace Dem demanding impeachment be on the table

Can someone please Vet Obama?I noticed in the first day of the Rezco trial

My Fellow Hillary Supporters.. its time for us to Leave GD:P for good.

To my fellow Obama supporters

3AM Ad

+155, +120, +592K, +298K

The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge

The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge

The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge

Does The Alert Function Work Here Any More?

Fellow HIllary supporters! Why not just abandon this cesspool?

Pennsylvania: Can The Clintons Afford To Campaign In Lancaster Co. ?

Andrew Sullivan: The Clintons, a horror film that never ends

You know... I'm starting to know... if maybe Rove learned from the Clintons

Republican smear machine: McCain surrogate mocks Obama, ridicules Hillary


National Review/Chuck Todd Rumor - Hillary as VP?

American Small Business League and Barack Obama

Obama breast feed Rezko and use to tuck him in to bed

Mail fraud, or, Why Florida will be a battle between the voters and the Boad of Elections.

3 AM Girl To Make Response Ad For Obama ... link

We haven't even hit the bottom yet

how do the candidates' respective health care plans

Experience sure didn't help former president James Buchanan

Hillary and Castle Grande

Hillary's Killing in Futures Trades

Internal sniping tarnishes Clinton’s image.

Hillary will lose Illinois and the presidency !!!1111!!11

Anyone agree with this two-part assertion?

Has Cheney endorsed McCain yet? Until then I believe McCain is just a place holder

Clintons push Obama as a running mate

In case you missed it: Former Sen. Bill Bradley Slam-Dunks the Clinton campaign

I'm feeling some serious Biden nostalgia

In case we all forgot, there's a primary tomorrow.


Funny poll from Nov 8, 2007 Giuliani had almost caught HRC

Maybe Obama really does get it

I'VE had it w/. MSNBC

It was hers to lose, and she lost it

I'm just going to come right out and say it--

Michigan, Florida: Hush (Chicago Trib)

If HRC people don't understand the nuanced statement Obama made about Reagan,

List in order of voting preference

Andrew Sullivan - The Clinton Rules

Super delegates' choice may hinge on electability; Both would win, but by different paths

If MI and FL are not seated or counted, then why is the total delegates needed

Five US soldiers were killed in Iraq yesterday.

"Clinton home movie PA voters will be seeing a lot"

Chuck Todd - MI and FL supers will stick with Clinton because she stuck with their states

Obama's "bad" week

has anyone here made their own pro or anti candidate Youtube ad?

Screw The Hypocrite Hillary...

Obama should not be suckered into going negative.

So...Now Obama is the most liberal Senator

The Clinton's and torture

Unity/Dream Ticket getting a ton of Air Time. Clinton needs to offer second chair.

Why do Hillary supporters assume that FL and MI dems won't vote dem

Driving Miss Hillary

Driving Miss Hillary

Bill Clinton "cult" status confirmed: 21 year-old intern gives him a blow job

Did Hillary Clinton endorse John McCain over Barack Obama?

Bill Clinton supported George W Bush as Commander-in-Chief in 2004

Deleting as it really was a dumb post.

What happened with Obama's 1:00 meeting with "the brass"?? Anyone know?

What happened with Obama's 1:00 meeting with "the brass"?? Anyone know?

Help, Need link to commander in chief exam and scores of candidates and Bush

Clinton leads by 11 in PA. Obama only getting 27% female, 29% white support.

Wolfson: “Senator Obama has not passed the commander in chief test.”

It's the war, stupid. 12B @ month = solutions to social security, failing economy

To all the baby-eaters on DU disguising themselves as Hillary supporters:

The Democratic Messiah

The Democratic Messiah

Holy IRONY Batman, 3AM ad girl not just a supporter, she's an Obama DELEGATE!!!

Clinton or Obama: who's more corrupt?

New Obama Campaign Song?

"Commander In Chief" Obama To Appear With Military Brass (Former Clinton Brass, BTW)

Why Hillary has no Credibility on raising the Rezko Specter:

Obama: 'If I am not ready, why do you think I would be such a great vice president?'

Seriously, the protracted Dem Summer is great for the GE! Reasons:


New Obama Campaign Song?

If They Have A Mail In Re-Do In Florida - Will The Ballots Only Go To Dems?......

Hillary Consistent With Poor/Bad Judgment...

MSNBC discussing McCain's Health...

My Simplistic description of Dems vs Rep Leaders on the classes...

Pssst... Obama supporters, FYI:

Why would Hillary consider Obama as her VP if she already said he lacks the experience to be Pres?

NY Daily News headline: Hil's Chutzpah

Well, after all that blather about "crooked Chicago politics"...


1960 Primary race... Lyndon Johnson offers JFK the VP spot on his ticket....

Hillary: "elected delegates ARE NOT REQUIRED TO STAY with whomever they are pledged to." !!!!!

Am I a progressive Dem, a regressive dem or a republican?

Am I a progressive Dem, a regressive dem or a republican?

The final battle for the superdelegates vote is engaged

Some FL Legislators conniving to pass law to force seating delegates OR not be on ballot in Nov

The final battle for the superdelegates vote is engaged

Lackwanna County (PA) votes to scrap Diebold machines...

Does anyone have access to any more "McCain/Clinton 2008" bumper stickers?

Shirky compares Hillary to Oprah Winfrey: Voters will react against her by the millions, in public

Obama holding town hall now in MS. (He'll be taking questions.) You can watch it here:

Obama accepting Hillary's VP slot would be political suicide

Insider Advantage MS Poll: Obama 54 (+8), Clinton 37 (-3)

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

Daily Rasmussen Poll 3/10/08

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

16,000 Republicans in Cuyahoga Crossed Over and Voted...

Daily Rasmussen Poll 3/10/08

David Gregory To Anchor 6pm Show on MSNBC

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

Looks like a new position opened up for Hillary: Governor of New York

16,000 Republicans in Cuyahoga Crossed Over and Voted...

Breaking news in NY. Eliot Spitzer involved in Prostitution Ring...

Daily Rasmussen Poll 3/10/08

Et Tu New Yorker

For all you against the revote, because "FL dems broke the rules"

A Brief History of Superdelegates

Is there any substantial difference between Spitzer and Vitter?

Does the candidate's campaign = the candidate?

Hillary & Eliot ... BFF

Who will John Edwards support?

Michigan, Florida: Hush

Obama gaining again at RCP.

Meet a Democratic (Edwards) Delegate

Lawsuit Eyed by Sharpton over Florida

I'm Thinking Of Adding Barack Obama As My Running Mate

DU: Stop using Spitzer as your latest tool against Hillary Clinton

If Obama has a strong showing in Pennsylvania, any chance this madness will end?

I just found out that PA is a closed primary. No repig shenanigans for HRC, I guess.

Clinton team plans 11:30 am ET conference call on Obama’s Iraq plan w/ Gen. Wesley Clark and others

Bill Clinton involved in the prostitution ring too?!

RE: Spitzer/Clinton attacks on DU. Latest example of politics of hope?

Both Campaigns are talking UNITY. The Time For UNITY has come!

Corzine And Rendell To Raise 15MM For MI AND FL ReVotes

Should Ms. Spitzer run for U.S. Senator in New York?

Socks the Cat for President!

Since Andrew Sullivan is now DU's Golden Boy,

Since Andrew Sullivan is now DU's Golden Boy,

Dem party /Party Traditionalists/ Royals/ Elites vs popular activism - SHIA VS SUNNI??

Poll: Let's settle this. Will you vote for the Dem nominee?

Obama's ties to lobbyists....yet more DoubleSpeak

Hillary =/ Spitzer

For those who remember, Eliot Spitzer was going to save us all once

Spitzer Press Conference Link ...

Does Hillary's Intransigence Create the Perception that Women Won't Play Ball?

You people are fucking sick.

where are the final results of the Texas caucuses ?

Thanks Elliot, hillary supporter. just what we needed

Obama: 'If I am not ready, how is it that you think I should be such a great vice president?'

Hey Larry Flynt... time for a bombshell yet?

About that Hillary momentum -- can we talk?

Great Counter to the 3:00 AM Commercial

What just happened on the CNN delegate count?? Obama 1553, Clinton 1438

After the daily Rezko orgasms by HRC supporters its f'ing HYPOCRITICAL to get upset about Spitzer...

Credit where it isn't due

Are there any Republican tickets that scare you?

Do we have reason to believe the Clintons (see Bill) are involved with the prostitution ring?

As someone who has no particular fondness for either "front runner"...

Is Spitzer a superdelegate?

Obama To Appear With Former Top Military Officials

If Hillary becomes President - will she pardon Spitzer?

It's 3 a.m. The RED phone rings.

It's not against the rules for Hillary to drop out

This HRC = Spitzer thing is EXACTLY why I will not EVER vote Obama

Obama refuses the "dream ticket" --->>> rough transcript of his remarks

You should be ASHAMED of yourself!

I'm a Obama supporter but Spitzer's problems have as much to do with her as Blagojevich's do with BO

If the typical Obamabot visited a prostitute

If the typical Obamabot visited a prostitute

The Ultimate Endgame Momentum is now behind B. Obama. I can FEEL it, Cliebermantons!

The Ultimate Endgame Momentum is now behind B. Obama. I can FEEL it, Cliebermantons!

Rezko was broke and his wife made 37k. Where did the dough to buy a 625k vacant lot come from?

God. MSNBC's Contessa Brewer just going ON and ON about Spitzer

When Spitzer resigns - The 1st African American gov in NY and 1st blind gov ever.

Whether its a D or an R, the proper punishment for a political sex scandal is...

Political "Earthquake" in Hastert's Illinois District Boosts Case for Obama Nomination

Question to all the Hillary Clinton Supporters

Gawdalmighty. Looks like "unity" is a bad thing now.

Moderators - Can we move all the Spitzer related threads out of here?

possible upcoming anti clinton 527 ad

Could Hillary Bequeath Us Our Long-Awaited Third Party? -David Michael Green

"Obama Can't Milk The Iraq War Cow"

Governor William F. Winter Endorses Hillary Clinton.

Did Spitzer make his call at 3:00AM?

Did Spitzer make his call at 3:00AM?

Its 3:00 am. The phone rings. Hillary answers. Can she help Elliot Spitzer make bail?

HILLARY - for Governor!

Hillary Consistent With Poor/Bad Judgment...

Obamathugs attempts to smear Clinton via Spitzer is the last straw for me.

“Busting Myth, People Turn More Liberal With Age” LiveScience

Terry McAuliffe the Hypocrite

Terry McAuliffe the Hypocrite

Terry McAuliffe the Hypocrite

Funny pic!

If you won't vote if your candidate doesn't get the nomination, then fuck you.

Lost in the Spitzer hoopla, is a very serious question.

Why does Hillary think she can still get the superdelegates after she endorsed McCain?



Hillary's biting off more than she can chew...seriously

FL & MI Re-vote By Mail? Any Problem With That?

Should Spitzer impugn Clinton in anyway? Should it innoculate Obama a bit on Rezko?

Eliot Spitzer is going to say he was involved in a prostitution ring. Horrible!

Did you see this?

Taunting, "I'm going to teach Them a Lesson", "How Do YOU Like It" Threads are Foolish.

Let's give it up for the wives who have to stand there smiling at hubby's side

Stop it people, just stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mississippi Superdelegate Endorses Barack Obama

Update on Obama's "bad week"

from the horses mouth: Rethug mind set for voting for Obama in Texas....

Which candidate will prosecute the Bush Crime Administration?

In honor of Skinner: A "Simpsons" quote.

My Clinton v. Obama Boxing Analogy....*READ HERE*

GD:P...what the hell is wrong with you guys?

Has Obama made any statement on Spitzer?

Clinton mailer has possible subconscious poke at Obama's patriotism.

Obama "cult" status confirmed: 3 am ad girl shakes and cries when meeting Obama

Obama and: $650 million in Iraqi reconstruction funds REzko~and MORE!

Clinton Supporters Don't Really Remeber the 90s

Breaking -- HRC announcing some cabinet picks: First up --

If HRC's marriage qualifies her for the Presidency, what is Monica qualified for? VP, right?

Eliot Spitzer D-NY involved in a prostitution ring

Eliot Spitzer D-NY involved in a prostitution ring

Eliot Spitzer D-NY involved in a prostitution ring

What Do You Think?

Obama IS winning the Popular vote.... with links based on facts

When a game is called for rain after the 5th but before the 1024th inning.

Wolfson: Obama unqualified for VP (for now)

The party is about to split, say hello to President McCain

Obama IS the most electable. If Obama is the nominee, expect record turnouts (over 60%)

Superdelegate question - the ones that aren't in public office.

The difference between Hillary and Obama.

Obama gets his Mojo Back! He just showed that he's still a master of Poilitical Ju-Jitsu

Could Ed Muskie have beaten Nixon in 1972?

I gave up Sunday TV for Lent, looked back in today and remembered -

I greatly admire Skinner.....

Clinical psychologists studying Clinton supporters identify new malady: Hillzophrenia

Obama sent people in to help Bill Foster win IL-14

Hey all you George Bush non-supporters....

Spitzer, Clinton and an Ouch Moment

Hillary supporters- What about Rezko do you find more offensive than Jackson Stephens

Why I am putting myself on hiatus from GD P

Geraldine Ferraro defends Obama's level & type of experience

Just because this cesspool subforum exists, doesn't mean you have to act like fucking freepers

Breaking MSNBC: DNC Cancels Michigan's hotel rooms in Denver

TIME's Halperin Pictures Obama As Dirty Rat.

KUTV (Salt Lake City)'s exclusive interview with Obama.

How many of "me" are out there?

Whatever the final decision regarding FL and MI

Elad......YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED....!!!!!!!

Hillary says NO! (warning graphic)

Monday TOONS- The battle and more

In case any one has forgotten that Hillary is a liar, and not even a good one at that....

Obama just called Hillary on her dream ticket in Mississippi.

Where are the vidoes of Bill and Hillary discussing the need to "Win Big"

Hey all you Obama Supporters......

Mods - delete this thread. I acted like Mao. Sorry.

A question for Obama supporters

Does anyone in GDP need a new logo to reflect your support for Obama here?

Obama: Debunking the Latte-Liberal Myth

If a candidate drops out do to health reason how is the successor selected....

"Clinton is "lucky" she is a woman. If she were a man she wouldn't have gotten this far."

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/10/08 - Obama up 1 (46), Clinton down 3 (44)

North Carolina Superdelegate Endorses Obama

Hunter Thompson on Clintons - He would stab his friends in the back.

Can someone please Vet Obama?I noticed in the first day of the Rezco trial

I Found the problem with Hillary's Election Math from her own MySpace

POLLS: Obama Back on Top in Gallup (49-44) and Rasmussen (46-44) Tracking

I just offered Hillary Clinton a position on her own staff.

Sybil plays dumb on talk of a Clinton-Obama ticket

So the fuck what if Spitzer endorsed Clinton?

Large photo warning (250K): "On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone"

Obama slams Hillary on the VP offer


Hillary Clinton "...I never did well at math."

I do not want HILLARY to be our Democratic nominee.

Should Barack Obama call for Eliot Spitzer's resignation?

Holiday Inn Express: The Road to the Presidency!!


Ok, explain it to me...dummy style


Rendell getting trashed on local Pittsburgh radio this morning

The nasiest campaign I can recall in my entire lifetime

Hillary's folks now say that there are really 3 kinds of delegates

Not one thread in this forum talks about the issues. Not one.

After the last five American deaths in Iraq, they are approaching 4,000

Bill Maher vs. Terry McAuliffe

If it goes to the convention, I think Spitzer could be a compromise candidate

Question. If Spitzer was #9 who were #1 - #8?

Obama is being swiftboated as we speak

Why did Obama Girl darken his image? (debunking of racism claim against Hillary ad)

Tucker Carlson is GONE from MSNBC

Keith Olberbama is at it again?

Mike Cerisi is dropping out in Minnesota

Spitzer should not resign because...

What happened to H20 Man?

Hillary Supporters: Do you agree with her that McCain is better for Commander in Chief than Obama?

Clinton's problem with her base (posted in response to another OP)

NY Daily News headline: Hil's Chutzpah

Can OBAMA Switch to Independent ?

Obama's problem with his base

Obama's Promises Not Kept....aka....Talk is Cheap,

Hey all you Hillary Clinton supporters.....

You know, Spitzer's call girl incident doesn't bother me.

Should Hillary Clinton call for Eliot Spitzer's resignation?

.......Renzo or Spitzer......Which

Why Doesn't McCAIN Pick Hillary as His VP?

Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Give us Hope, Please

Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Give us Hope, Please

Herb Denenberg on Hillary Clinton (it ain't pretty, Hillary fans)

**Hillary supporters: Make phone calls in Mississippi Today** From your home*:

The Hindsight Plan: 50-50 Split of Delegates For MI and FL

I just wonder if the Democrats are going to go after the Republicans the

HP: Florida Mail-In Vote Gives Rise to Fraud Concerns ... link

Clinton campaign working the phones tonight in Mississippi!

Eliot Spitzer: Our FISA dollars, at work??

Obama should be ASHAMED of himself

Hillary tried to derail Nixon Impeachment


I like Clinton, but I like Obama more for the POTUS at this point in time. It's that simple....

Metathread, anyone?

Michigan's Democratic Party Chairman Sets the Record Straight

I would like to see Obama put a woman on the ticket

Time magazine Update: What have the superdelegates been up to?

Hillary's tactical blunder re: Florida and Michigan revote

Rasmussen poll today: Hillary 44 (down 3), Obama 46 (up 1)

Local PBS(Albany) reporting Lt Gov coming up from NYC and will become Gov tomorrow.

When the convention is over...

Give Sinbad some love!

"A Very Corporate Hillary Clinton"

"A Very Corporate Hillary Clinton"

Bear with me on this. Representative King is claiming that

So it has to be asked: Will Hillary denounce and reject Eliot Spitzer's endorsement?

Chuck Todd: Obama ahead of Clinton in delegates from JUST primary states...

Hillary couldn't make the right choice when she was awake!!!

Obama's Paradox: His "New" Politics depends on the Oldest Politics

Not good; not good at all

What is Obama's plan for with withdrawing the troops from Iraq?

Doh! What Malloy's talking about....Repubs voting in Ohio...

Clinton Obama & Edwards --- In Sparkling ROYGBIV

Obama Supporters: Get to the web site and call Mississippi now!

Were Caucuses Always Unfair and Undemocratic to All Parties in All Years, or just 2008?

Obama doesn't care about his grandmother

Why the sympathy for Spitzer? He brought it upon himself

Hillary is not involved in the prostitution ring

"Within an hour of Spitzer story, Clinton's campaign website removed news that Spitzer endorsed her"

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday March-10-2008

Apparently... Somebody Is Gonna Have Ta Sacrifice Their Soul...

Sweet Ladies:

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton.

How much NY experience did Hillary have

here's why hillary hasn't quit yet: because she can still win ... IF -- BIG IF ...

Gerri Ferraro's outlandishly ignorant remarks today .....

Bill Richardson for Vice President (under either of them)

Bill Richardson for Vice President (under either of them)

Hillary's role in Ireland. The real damn truth not obamabot truth

As A New Yorker, I'd LOVE To See Hillary Run For Governor

Look folks, it's best to let this play itself out by the rules

Am I A Hillary Supporter Or Obama Basher?

Sometimes Politically Correct Has Its Place, But Sometimes...

Am I an Obama supporter or a Clinton hater?

If Hillary is already this divisive to her own political affiliation how divisive do you think



I finally saw the clip of Obama renouncing the "DreamTicket"

Can Hillary Clinton still win?

Hillary doubletalks on Obama's experience.

I am sorry but this is a funny pic

Stephen Colbert's "Word" segment tonight...A must see for Obama supporters

What the hell has happened to us?

Spitzer must go, family values hypocrites Craig and Vitter get to stay

If Obama's grandmother needs a new house, how about this one?

Who Wants Unity? I Do. It's Easy to Achieve:

Do You Like Obama or Just Really, Really, Really Hate Clinton?

A hypothetical....

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

Why bother with primaries at all if party leaders will just pick who they want anyway?

I'd like to point out that Rep. Steve King is both a convicted serial killer and a pedophile...

baracka obama not only plagiarizes words , he now also plagiarizes images ...

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Thanks Mods...

To be redundant! Obama Rejecting Criticism On Work With Tony Rezko

Obama Just Brilliantly Responded to Clinton's "Offer" of VP

Mark Penn: Obama "is the most liberal Democratic senator".

Scarborough starting gradually to pump the *gasp* "Obama the most liberal" stuff from the Hillary

The Press v. Hillary Part 4: Friendly Fire

Obama took on the ridiculous offer by Hillary to be VP today

A great many Republicans who hate Bush look upon McCain as their saviour

This faux outrage by Clinton supporters has me rollin'.

All The Proof You Need That Caucuses Do Not Represent The Will Of The People: Texas.

Where is Rendell gonna get the money to buy Michigan? Corzine , Florida?

Ok, for the *last* time...It is D-E-V-A-L Patrick

How close is Hillary Clinton to turning herself into a joke?

Rolling Stone Magazine endorses Barack Obama.

Anyone else thinking Hillary definitely won't get the VP slot?

Where Will You Be The Day Our Democracy Dies?

Question for caucus attenders.

Hillary Clinton's Wink-Wink on NAFTA to Canada That She Blamed on Obama.

Trippi: Race won't be resolved before convention, Clinton-Obama ticket likely

self delete double post. n/t

Geraldine Ferraro insults people of color

Nominate Obama, and we'll at least pick up Utah

MSM covers lack of MSM 9/11 news coverage

These people going off the deep end about Spitzer will have no answers...

Spitzer got laid, O&H supporters/campaigns are duking it out ... and, meanwhile, batr,

Senator Obama hits the ball out of the park on Clinton VP musings-speech text here

The Men have found their captain. They will follow you into battle, even to death. You have given us

CHENEY's Crap Energy Bill: Clinton-NO, Obama-YES

THE MATH - Monday, March 10

An Obama-Rezko Primer

Which candidate has produced more change?

I Will Walk Away!

I Will Walk Away!

The Machinery of Hope - Rolling Stone Magazine

Any Obama supporter bashing Clinton over the Spitzer thing needs to grow the hell up.

The racial undertones of Hillary offering Obama VP is like the Harold Ford Ad

Obama not winning popular vote, so why does he claim he is?

One more reason to object to the death penalty, no matter what

OK, OK, you got us. Obama HATES his Grandma!

Personally for me.

Do you remember the K Street Project? When the GOP said no lobbyist money for Dems?

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

Disgusting sexism on O'Reilly

"Commander In Chief" Obama To Appear With Military Brass

Market index futures already down:

He doesn't look the type to be with a Prostitute!

A summary of Clinton's original campaign strategy

Conservative Southern Baptists going green....finally

Would you say Hillary is a fighter?

Ending the Debate on Clinton's Darkened Ad

Election Fraud Polling Analysis: The Urban Legend ( TIA ) - x

Hillary is playing the last card in the deck - Unity

When I have my Accountant's hat on and am busy doing tax returns...

3975 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hillary Clinton's Resume Padding re: The Family and Medical Leave Act

So any protests planned on March 20th?

Both Campaigns are talking UNITY. The Time For UNITY has come!

Both Campaigns are talking UNITY. The Time For UNITY has come!

If Spitzer resigns -- one less Superdelegate?

Obama: "If I'm not ready, how is it that you think I should be such a great vice president?"

Clinton got 55% of the vote in MI and 50% in Florida...


"Rapture ready" member cheers Lake Mead running dry: "Bye-Bye Sodom and Gomorrah!!

Clinton Supporters Favor Quick Creation of “Dream Ticket”

CNN TV: Repugs: If Spitzer does not resign in 48 hours we will impeach him, and we have the votes.

It's 3 o'clock ..and the phone is ringing in the WH..Something has happened

I honeslty has no idea I was dringing Piss!

THere will be a lot more federal indictments/prosecutions of Dems for the rest of 2008

Graffiti on memorial outrages vets (only memorial marker saluting airborne troops)

The DLC must be removed like a boil...the sooner, the better!

This has got to be said. The joy of someObama fans at the problems of Gov. Spitzer

Obama Supporters: Do you want a unity ticket?

Obama RECOMMENDED Rezko for a lucrative housing deal

Florida Mail In Primary Plan Gains Traction

Obama RECOMMENDED Rezko for a lucrative housing deal

The idea that Super Delegates will vote en masse is naive at best

Dear Wes Clark.... I gave you $1925 in 2004

WJ this morning: Web Companies Watch your clicks closely!!

Why not a Mail in Revote in FL and MI?

1 in 4 Clinton supporters will vote McCain vs. Obama. 1 in 10 Obama supporters would, vs. HRC

More fun than the DUzys (sorry JeffR).. (click view all & prepare to giggle)

right on DemoTex

Spitzer is going to resign.!

Spitzer is going to resign.!

Daylight Savings time being blamed for rise in gas price

Is there ANY good reason ever to abandon the 50 State Strategy

Propaganda: A critical look at the "mainstream" media/Goodman, Chomsky, Pilger

In better days at DU, I could have made this observation without getting flamed

primaries count noses, caucuses count boots.

Which Is More Important: Experience, or Success?

There will NOT be any significant help for homebuyers..any time soon..or later

I thought we were supposed to build a BRIDGE to the 21 st century!

Subprime Crisis illustrated

Somebody at the Whitehouse has a psychopathic sense of humor

Prostitution isn't "immoral"

Baby Items NOT made in China???

Hate Crimes Linked to Immigration Debate

Hate Crimes Linked to Immigration Debate

Hey Hillary! Want to Play “FRAG the FRONT-RUNNER”?

Spitzer Speaks (updated)

CSPIN - open lines. Some freepers are out in force

Obama leads Clinton in the Recorded Vote in Primary and Caucus states ( TIA )

KBR Dodges $500 Million In Social Security And Medicare Taxes In Cheney-Backed Scheme

5 soldiers killed in Iraq by suicide bomber...per MSNBC

An Ugly Moment for the Clinton Campaign

Trip Down Memory Lane... (great recap to read during a break)

Are we finally at the point where Americans realize that oversight and regulation is a GOOD thing?

"It's not a problem anymore."

House of Augustus opens to public

Observations while passing thru --Anonymous posting to be banned/NSA domestic spying expands...

Dems won't give up contempt fight even after bush/bushitler.

Carl Icahn was on 60 Minutes. I worked for him.

Is McCain lying about his age?

Obama Supporters: It Is Time To Channel Your Outrage

OBAMA: "I don't know how somebody who's in second place...

OK, I'm a hardcore Obama supporter but attacks on Hillary via Spitzer are ridiculous

10,000 Republican voters voted against Kucinich in Dem. Primary

Studies: Iraq Costs U.S. $12 Billion per Month

"I believe every life has a purpose"...Compassion has been "my drug of choice"

CNN: Obama R E J E C T S being Clintons V.P.

self delete

What Are YOU Going To Do When This Happens? Complete Economic Collapse World Wide Depression

LAT: Senate Pre-War Iraq Report Will Bore You (remember Phase II?)

The Naval Academy Almost Stood Up For the American Flag

Even the Pope gets things right once in a while

Spitzer Scandal Helps Obama


Power exposed Obama’s exit strategy as best case scenario ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Power exposed Obama’s exit strategy as best case scenario ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Power exposed Obama’s exit strategy as best case scenario ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Why are people comparing the Spitzer thing to Farrakhan and McClurkin?

hastert seat filled by dem in special election

My 130th ltte-please add comments,suggestions before I post

How many here support both candidates?

Tucker is getting the axe.

What a great idea: Obama going on international foreign policy trip.

While everyone has been fetting a Rock Star....

Tucker Canceled; Other Programming Changes Ahead

Kristol’s VP picks: Clarence Thomas, Joe Lieberman

WA Monthly: "No Torture. No Exceptions" issue.

New poll shows that voters trust President Hillary Clinton to fix the economy.

MSNBC: Tucker Carlson's show gets the axe....

NSA "Quietly" EXPANDS Domestic Spying

E-Mail From The Yes Men: Yes Men "Apologize" To BP

MSNBC: DNC cancels hotel rooms for Michigan Delegation...


surge update - Five American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

surge update - Five American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

Mystery foot belonged to bear, not human

From CREW: House Judiciary Committee files lawsuit to force testimony

House Files Contempt Lawsuit

Ruh Roh: VP Cheney to visit Middle East next week

some anthrax news


Ideal Constitution

New Site Aims to Hold Pundits Accountable

Dahr Jamail: Iraq Refugee Problem Still A Growing Crisis Despite Denials

Glorifying Obama Is One Of The Greatest Journalistic Failures In American History

McCain Supports Bush Veto of Bill Banning Torture

Fascinating Articles Found in the DU Election Reform Forum

The coming housing crisis

Hate speech.

Clinton: What's All This Clinton-Obama Ticket Talk?

Petroleum Feeds Patriarchy (new study released)

One of the scariest websites on the Internets

Take the Senator HotHead McCain quiz on the New Yorker

Dick Cheney at Republican Dinner in Atlanta TODAY

Ron Paul leaves open door to 3rd party bid, unlikely to support McCain.

DUers agreeing with and/or defending Geraldine Ferraro's comments. . .

Gore/Obama in '08? Can We Do It?

Eating horse as a source of meat

At least one person treated for anthrax exposure in Fort Worth

Why has the Bush Family's Carlyle Group bought up all the bullet manufacturers in the US?

Dammiit one of the few Corporate Policemen was diddling with prostitutes?

Dammiit one of the few Corporate Policemen was diddling with prostitutes?

Bush Reveals Tap Water as Prescription Drug Plan

I just turned on Dana Perino on CSPAN-

Another "goodbye DU" message

Can I ask for a GDP Challenge?

John Conyers & Patrick Leahy: Join Our Team To Fix FISA

Please answer me this:

Politicians who rail against (what ever is) always end getting caught doing (whatever it is)

Just curious - How many of us were at one time well know Clinton apologists

Needless to say tomorrow's New York post will be an instant classic. . .

Domestic Spying ... Would you really want to know?

Spitzer News Conf - live feed

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Savages

OK Here is a contrarian view of the Economic Collapse advice....

When Obama loses the General Election to McCain...

Hillary should DENOUNCE and REJECT Spitzer's mistreatment of women

Note to politiciains..... Don't hire prostitutes.

Just how big is the democratic landslide going to be this fall?

PETITION: "Super Delegates: Stop the Damage, Pledge for Obama" - Please Sign

Major Breaking news on MSNBC now-NY Governor Spitzer involved in a prostitution ring

Obama doubletalks on the Drudge "Somalia garb" photo

Obama doubletalks on the Drudge "Somalia garb" photo

five american human beings slaughtered in iraq - but the big story = spitzer diddled hookers

Hey repukes, yeah, you got us on Spitzer

Spitzer confesses to role in prostitution ring...Breaking on CNBC

Breaking: NY Governor Elliot Spitzer tells Staff he's Involved in a Prostitution Ring?

Anyone else smell a rat?

Spitzer - What I am hearing on Chicago radio


The police abuse outrage of the day: Fresno SWAT trashes a home

Has anyone heard that the killer of the coed on the Auburn campus was an Iraq War Vet?

So while they go after democrats in high places... and there is a method to this

Anyone else smell a rat?

Anyone else smell a rat?

Spitzer vs. Vitter: Why the Double-Standard?

BO supporters realize he can't win enough pledged delegates to win, right?

Look. Nobody is clean.

Spitzer did not resign. Sounds like he's going into rehab. Whew!

Mr Chris Matthews, "Hillarys negative attacks already hurting the party"

Was Spitzer using prostitutes or acting as a pimp?

Is this Eliot Spitzer thing the big story that Larry Flynt has been promising?

Spitzer is stepping down

Spitzer "Me so horny"

A boring but VERY important post: Rate up important political videos on the Youtube Site

If Spitzer Resigns - Here is the next Governor of NY - and he is AWESOME!

The caucus system disenfranchises too many voters!

Good citizens check for duplicates! The ten most recent General Discussion threads are:

Ferraro: Obama is lucky he's black

The rise and fall in politics is fascinating to behold

"Client 9". Spitzer?

'I think it would mean you would have a friend and real partner in the White House'

Police say they use Tasers on non-violent people

LA mayor, SF mayor NY governor -so much for dems & the moral high ground

My response to Ferraro: If Hillary Clinton was a Black male, they would have told her Black ass

Goodbye Tucker, hello David Gregory

Why are we on level 2 and what the heck was that multiple post glitch?

Keith Olbermann is kicking some serious ass tonight

Notice the hacks on GEM$NBC are talking about

Whys does a powerful guy like Spitzer have to pay for it?

I think my post office is no longer delivering mail on Mondays

Suggestion for new DU forum -- DU OMG!

Repug Governors' Assoc. is ON the Spitzer case.

How many people did Spitzer lock up when he prosecuted prostituion rings?

Is it terrible to wish Beijing be overrun with rats about 8/5?

Outrageous Anti-Pot Lies: Media Uses Disgraceful Cancer Scare Tactics

At what point will Clinton give up and/or her supporters realize it is over?

I just heard.........

Lil Prick Tucker sure doesnt mind

Lawbreaking is now a personal issue to New York's law enforcement guru?

Was this revelation about Spitzer prompted by NSA spying?

Since you didn't ask-The VP "offer" was racist

Since you didn't ask-The VP "offer" was racist

I, for one, will not post in GDP. Anyone else?

Where were the Rethug governors when Vitter

When is Larry Flynt going to release more of the black book?

Is anyone allowed to gain political power WITHOUT a skeleton in their closet?

Hey! folks look what I found

What Does Having A Near Perfect Score On The SAT Have Anything To Do.....

Folks, this is the definition of "Karma"

Sen. Obama Offers 5th Explanation of NAFTA SHAFTA-Gate today at a Mississippi Rally,

Dream Ticket. Yes I have a dream, Martin Luther King's dream made flesh

If you're going to break the law, don't travel across state lines to do it.

Very interesting Poll Analysis

"Boinking hookers is wicked evil..." - Sen. David Vitter (R)

Are you Optimistic in regards to America's future for the next 5 years?

I'm sad

Minn. Lawmaker Wants Scent-Free Schools

Folks, there has always been legal wiretapping

The Latest Media Circus

UGH... the Gov rendevouzed w/the hooker on VALENTINE'S Day...

I put Spitzer tight up there with Champion Repubic Hyocrites.

Clintons' China Scandal: Campaign $$=Missiles, the Sell Out of American Workers, (WTO, China Trade)

Mi Dem. party chief, Mark Brewer, talks about re-do in Michigan-video

Rove taunted during college speech: "can we have our $40K?" back.

Fuck any rightwing asshole who's jumping for joy over Spitzer's ordeal & that includes Olbermann

Huffpo: FUX reporting Spitzer will RESIGN AT 7pm...

More Math - What Hillary needs to win the popular vote

Explaining some basic logic to some HRC supporters.

Why could Rudy get away with boinking his mistress in the mayor's mansion

FUCK: The Bush White House had Jeff Gannon, The Gay Male Prostitute

The context of the Spitzer story. The NYT says he was informed on 3/07. On that day:

So for a while now Randi Rhodes has implied that she's sitting on information

What has upset me most...

This Modern World: Remember When They Told Us The War Would Pay For Itself?

Senators join in effort to reduce abortions tied to Down syndrome

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal

And hidden among the life-changing news of another politician dipping his wick

Update: Carlson confirms his show will be cancelled

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph..he mailed money to a hooker

what happened to spitzer?!

barack obama has a black love child!!!!

Anyone have the phone number for MSNBC?

Boeing lost because their fuel tank was smaller

MSNBC - New Schedule - Countdown Re-Airs 10PM and 2AM EDT

New Yorkers, weigh in here...

Spitzer's Downfall Is A Net Positive for NY Democrats. Say Hello to Andrew Cuomo

The word is 'STUNNED'. CNN is STUNNED!

Spitzer Caught on a Federal Wiretap!

Self delete

Diesel Prices Seem Chaotic

Cheney speech met with ‘polite’ applause

Friends in Low Places: Karl Rove's Press Gang

Word to the wise: Never call a hooker, bookie, or drug dealer

If we win the Presidency, will gas prices go down?

Politicians and sex

Should Spitzer Resign, An African American Will Become Governor Of NYS

Wahhh! Poor Poppy! Poor Prince Bandar! Poor UAE Royals: Carlyle Fund Seeks Halt to Liquidation

How about updating Hate Mailbag? It's been years and we could use some comic relief?

The market continues to tank while we are fixated on Spitzer: Dow at 11,750 now

A politician who has sex outside of marriage... Why is this news?

The irony: I saw the Spitzer story here before I left work

If I were in public office...

Do you give a crap who screws who (consensual, legal age)?

"Ahm Dan Weston for the Scooter Store"

Ad Watch: Democrat Durston 'shocked' by Lungren's torture views

Subpoena Power, here we come!

that was quick-My 130th ltte re:the economy printed

'Myth of Voter Fraud' Hearings to be Held This Week in Senate has picked up on the story about Neal Boortz mocking a disabled chid


The downtrend at the DOW continues

FBI Affidavit excerpt regarding Client 9


Lessons from 1984?

Who is the hottest member of Congress?

Vitter and Craig are still accepted by the right as legitimate politicians.

Hmm - are we going to need a

What is it with politicians and sex scandals?

Zelikow authored pivotal "preemtive war" National Security Strategy (NSS)

So has Governor Spizter introduced any "Pay to Play" resolutions.

Spitzer's Sex Life Is Weapon of Mass Distraction for Bunch of Bad News for Bush

This afternoon we could all use something positive: So

We saved 500 whales - Sea Shepherd Returning to Australia

* Library fundraising hampered by * ’s unpopularity

Listen up DU! What is the biggest threat to our democracy?

There is good news today. Tucker Carlson was canx'd by MSNBC

I've Met Two Politicians In My Life, And Both Have Disappointed Me So Much

GOP Moves to Force Immigration Vote

Since when does solicitation = "involvement in a prostitution ring"?

I have a serious question:

Hillary's campaign to belittle Obama, and why Ferraro should be fired!

Rove's visit in Iowa fraught with protesters

Banks Clamp Down Harder on Credit Card Borrowers

Our Daily Dose of Orwell

ACTUAL pictures of Emperors Club "spokesmodels" here:

Bush: "... Yeah, a Democrat is probably going to win the election."

Question re: Spitzer & NY Law - did he really commit a crime?

8 US soliders killed today, market drops another 150 pts., oil is near $108/barrel, ALL

Will `Ace' McCain Flame Out Again?

Bush sending Cheney to the Middle East

TODAY'S Headliner on Democracy Now! You Can't Make This Stuff Up- Re:Spitzer

**House Files Contempt Lawsuit Against White House**

"Can we have our $40,000 back?"

Rising gas, food prices leave charities going hungry

If Spitzer resigns: First black NY governor and legally blind

James Carville is wondering if there are political shenanigans with the spitzer story?

Yeah, that oughta work..."Bush: Cheney to Press for Mideast Peace"

Eliot Ness was asked what he would do if Prohibition were overturned.

Space Shuttle Endeavour to Launch Tonight

+++ 3,980 +++

Man arrested in same sex sting as Sen. Craig is acquitted

A thought on the Iraq War -- Kind of disturbing

Fiddling While the Economy Burns

Can Spitzer be the unfortunate "Example" for what the Powers That Be

Barrage of Iraqi attacks kills 19, including **8** U.S. troops

Barrage of Iraqi attacks kills 19, including **8** U.S. troops

Not Feeling A Whole Lot Of Joy About This Election

Helen Thomas at Gridiron

South Korea swaps first astronaut (BBC) {... for a woman}

Support drops for action on Iran (BBC)

Support drops for action on Iran (BBC)

What's worse: What Eliot Spitzer did or what David Vitter did?

Spitzer's actions explained

Black leader must rent to KKK shop in Laurens, S.C.

Wal-Mart to stop selling computers with Linux OS

Oh noes! Spritzer's got a case of the Bush mouth, and his wife sure looks like a GOP wife

Just heard on CNN - He was found through a FEDERAL WIRETAP

When God goes to the office (Lifewire/CNN)

Spitzer should NOT quit, SHOULD draw contrasts with Vitter

Lawmaker: Gays Are Worse Than Terrorists

How can anyone possibly defend this guy?

'Feith based initiatives' coming up on KO

Spitzers'upport of womens' rights re: abortion

Eight soldiers died today

I love this bumper sticker!

UK having a hell of a time with fierce storm, flooding, etc.

Anyone else smell a rat???

Why do so many refer to Sen Clinton by her first name, but all

Countrywide CEO Poised to Walk Away With $40M

Talk at the local PX

Does anyone know if Bradley has a health problem?

Calls for Spitzer to resign? Did I miss something? Did the prostitute die from something he did to

Just as there has been a limit on the number of threads a person can post...

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Christian Science Monitor: Job losses' ramifications far-reaching

NYT Editorial on Spitzer

DU Rule: If you make a post advocating for or against green ......

Ann Coulter attends DC event with Bob Novak as his date.

Spitzer Already Resigned?

This Modern World. "Three Trillion Dollar War"

It Wasn't the Sex; Suspicious $$ Transfers Led to Spitzer

The FBI affidavit in the Spitzer case is up at Smoking Gun

For my 18,000th post, I have a message for all DUers...

Tell me Wikipedia ain't on toppa shit ....... re: The Mann Act

Can you imagine if a known prostitute was spending the night at a dem white house?

If you read just the headlines, you'd think Spitzer was the freakin pimp!

After a lot of reading here on GDP I have decided whom I will support

"You only learn who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out---"

You really need to see this video

The Paradox of DU

Why the fuck is Wolf Blitzer buying prostitutes in DC?

Why the fuck is Wolf Blitzer buying prostitutes in DC?

CIA Human Experimentation on National Geographic Channel 10:25 p.m. EST

When public figures ,this time Spitzer goes down the drain

Spitzer's 5,500$ an hour call girl, expense report.

I'll take a water with a side of Plavix and a Viagra chaser ......

So How are the Rest of our First Term Governors doing?

Bush Sending Cheney to Mideast Forever

What's the deal with Montel's "Partnership for Prescription Assistance"?

David Paterson: New York's Next Governor?

Friday article about the busted prostitution ring

Bush yucking it up and singing with the Press Club

So where is the Catwoman??? I don't see her here.....jus askin...???

I can relate, on some level, to Spitzer

It's official!!! Bush and Cheney are going straight to hell

It's not like Spitzer started an illegal war....

If you are successful in politics and still have to pay to get laid, you are a fucking LOSER!

Spitzer returned $50,000 donation from a billionaire w/ a prostitution charge

You Know Which Democrat Benefits Most From This Spitzer Thing

That Martin Luther? He wasn’t so bad, says Pope

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Should Islam be blamed for 'barbaric' acts?

If Elliot Spitzer has to resign because he boinked a prostitute,

If Elliot Spitzer has to resign because he boinked a prostitute,

Prescription drugs found in drinking water across U.S.

You want to hear the scandalous thing my governor did?

NY Governor's race for 2010 is shaping up

George McGovern coming up on Colbert n/t

$3Million profit per couple- home sales last 10 years-NO cap gains tax Clinton era 1997 tax change

Spitzer is the last guy I would have thought would be caught pussyfooting around with pros

Inspiring pledge

"I don't know how someone who is in second place, can be offering...

We clinch retaining Arkansas senate seat as rethugs don't put up a candidate

CHEEZES! PEOPLE! How many Friggin threads on one subject do we really need?

Money advice:

Ann Coulter & Novakula. Not since Sid & Nancy has there BEEN a more PERFECT couple.

Breaking: picture released of hookers online

Shuttle Endeavor to launch in about 3 hours

House Panel Sues to Force Bush Aides to Table

Awesome quote from Spitzer:

"I would love any person who gave me money to buy a TV set"

Saying goodbye to my 78 yr old Republican girlfriend

Does MSNBC just give up on nights and weekends?

Join our team to fix FISA

Rep. wants law to make everyone online post real names

BushCo quashes Swiss probe into Int'l Nuclear Black Market; i.e. Plame & Brewster Jennings. hmmm.

Spitzer called the blackmailer's bluff.........

How to build a house for £4,000 / $8,000

Does anyone recall how much detail about Sen. Vitter 's(R-Pampers) xcapade

A small piece of Pennsylvania

???????????? Cross the Commander-in-Chief Threshold ????????????

The Case For Obama's Readiness

Oh goodie-brand new shiny sins in which to indulge !!!

NSA Sweeping Up Tons of Domestic Data

Since this is PC Central ......

Obama has turned The Political Establishment on its ear.

No Quarter

One Thing Democrat Sex Scandals Have Over Repub Ones

Eliot! You EEEEE-diot!

Is there a democracy in this country?

If convicted, Spitzer Must be sentenced to the full 5 year maximum...

Instead of Infighting Read "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72"

Instead of Infighting Read "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72"

Instead of Infighting Read "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72"

HA! What a dumbass, couldn't keep it in his pants!

Was the Spitzer scandal "reverse engineered" from a wiretap?

What Kind of Wiretap Was On Eliot Spitzer?

Why should Spitzer step down? Sen. Craig didn't step down with the bathroom fiasco.

I had Spitzer at the top of my list for presidential candidates

Can we decriminalize prostitution, please?

Some sensible thoughts from Castor and Kerry about Florida...and another lawsuit looms.

Anyone else have SUV buyer's remorse?


It's the Dishonesty, Hillary

It's the Dishonesty, Hillary

It's the Dishonesty, Hillary

McClatchy: "Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida"

Rove: ‘I Fully Expect To Be Indicted By The End Of The Year’

Winning their hearts and minds by bombing their cows - Today’s Headlines 3/10/08

Just talked to my Dad

Electron filmed for the first time

Obama Accuses Clinton of Using "Republican Tactics"

Michigan Dem chairman says Iowa is the "partner in crime" of the DNC... attacks early states.

Corpses For Obama! Register here!

I get it now. I understand. Hillary will not concede eventhough she can't win.

I get it now. I understand. Hillary will not concede eventhough she can't win.

I get it now. I understand. Hillary will not concede eventhough she can't win.

In a van down by the river

Good thing Wiretapping is still legal.

That's It - I'm DONE!!!

Is this kind of SEX/Elliot Spitzer style now a status symbol for men of power & money-???

Anyone here live near Mt. Shasta in California? I need a new pictures of it.

Spitzer swallow

Is Samantha Bee pregnant?


5 U.S soldiers killed in bombing in Iraq..vs Governor goes to prostitute...

If the U.S. were to attack another country with no provocation

Polarization and Different bases: A non-trivial problem that cannot be wished away

Is there such a thing as women's rights when it comes to my appendectomy?

The Clinton and Obama cabinets

Now even Pakistan's "Post" talks about Sibel Edmonds' allegations of WMD proliferation!

"I will take the President at his word"

"A resounding vote of support for the President as he moves to confront the threat we face in Iraq."


Tonight’s Bedtime Story… By Former US Attorney Edwin Meece

Crime pays for US prison companies.... CAN WE STOP IT?

Spitzer... stop doing that funny thing with your mouth

Where was the Obama Judgment in 2005

Skinner, you should be ashamed that you let the GD: Primaries section get like this.

OK, Spitzer tried to hire a prostitute and that's IT...get over it

Run, do not walk, to

Is The SPITZER Scandal The Result Of Another BUSHCO. DOJ HITJOB Like Gov. Siegelman?

Anyone notice how Tucker Carlson was allowed to comment ad nauseum on Spitzer and Prostitution...

Bye-Bye Tucker!

i have a guilty confession to make -- the spitzer thing?

Keith Olbermann Should Be Dead to You Too...Just Follow the Clues

Some very weird info from cached pages of Spitzer prostitution ring: Notes from a different world!

A Look At The Real Reasons For World War 2

Moqtada Sadr has not been seen in public since 25 May 2007 - Where do you think he is?

WANTED: MSNBC talk show host. REQUIREMENTS: Must have danced with Karl Rove. Apply within.

I miss John Edwards....

Things we can't afford anymore

Breaking: Massive Domestic Spying Uncovered-TPM: Here's The Way The Whole Thing Works

Breaking: Massive Domestic Spying Uncovered-TPM: Here's The Way The Whole Thing Works

Obama in Mississippi addresses Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Why do all these "Politicians" get the "Big Head" and Cheat on their Wives?

If Spitzer Resigns, There Would Be A Fascinating Person Taking His Place

Geraldine Ferraro: Sweatshop Landlord

Newsflash: A Lot of Men Hire Prostitutes for Sex

Mom who cared for comatose daughter for 38 years dies

If Spitzer resigns, does he

A Municipal Response to the Housing Crisis

" $4-a-gallon prices look likely "

A Theory about Why Passions are Running so High.

The UAW has walked out on American Axle talks...

Expert Can’t Believe Toddler Pulled Trigger

A short video I made is linked on Huffington Post

Be honest on this poll guys:

Is there such a thing as men's rights when it comes to abortion?

"In Defiance Of Injustice" - A Poem By Larisa Alexandrovna

This will comfort you or scare the shit out of you, depending on your take.

Spitzer speculation: Did * and his Wall Street buddies just get even

Off to Work, Soccer Mom

Should Spitzer resign?

MSNBC swings and misses

This is so SICKENING!!! secret video of Idiot singing about his crimes and getting plenty of laughs!

Irish Slavery?

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Re: Spitzer. I'm sick of seeing the wives standing by their husbands.

Alternate (and original) Ending for I AM LEGEND

TPM: Bank Records Mass Scanned...ABC: Bank turns in Spitzer....

My mother said this: Men think with their penises - especially powerful men.

My mother said this: Men think with their penises - especially powerful men.

My mother said this: Men think with their penises - especially powerful men.

A tribute to my all time favorite character in television history

I have to crow for a minute

Further Photoshop abuse: Heat vision

Spitzer question: Who ordered the wiretap? FISA smear? Siegelman 2.0?

Oh gods, am I turning into a latte liberal?

Brain Teaser

I just downloaded an everything fixer that I found on MSNBC. Anyone know if it's legit?

Miles Davis and John Coltrane--So What

Mountains - a couple of pix from Alaska

"Who's peekin' out from under a stairway"?

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Anybody going to the Infected Mushroom concert on Thursday?

The Big Give

Have some peanuts.


Didn't get the job; got the flu

Can someone please explain this...

Renato Carosone | Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano

So bye.

How Did I Not Know About the Hawaii Chair?

Impeach or face defeat in November presidential election

Dave Letterman chimes in on Elliot 'the love Gov' Spitzer

Message on I-78 sign an eye-opener

I've lost 22 pounds since Christmas!

I think these pics are tremendously well done

So someone donated in my

I made it to the Greatest page from GD:P. Hooray me!

"Potato Salad" Triplets Dance!

10,000 POSTS FOR ME!!!!!!111!!!!!!! Suck it NOOBS!

LOST- the Sawyer nickname generator

Anyone heard from OhioSmith??

Kathy Griffin

If my coworker says "pee in the pool" ONE MORE TIME...people will die.

Chuck Norris the only WMD in Iraq, say U.S. troops

"...And I'll tell you why."

What is it?

I found Air America radio in iTunes radio list...

Poll for married DU gentlemen over 50

Been gone since the 4th, had some days off for my birthday, has the blood letting ended?

What's for lunch?

zOMG! Check out how awesome my shirt came out! Pic!

LynneSin was sited in Washington DC on Saturday...

Holy shit. Somebody open the damn bar. NOW.

Any Curtis Eller fans here?

Post a picture of your favorite DSO

Attn: Mercernaries

MSNBC: Jessica Simpson's "Operation MySpace" concert for troops in Kuwait is "isn't a charity show"

Who likes vagina?

I just "lounged" GD

I'm watching a show on G4 TV, about those who go on web-cams...

Every time I hear The Band Played Waltzing Matilda...

That "Named Removed" Character is so dull and never adds to the threads....

How come "views" isn't showing up on the right side of the line? nt

Terri Gross will Interview Lorin Maazel this afternoon

Superman had come to town to see who he could rock

Totally unfair

Has anyone used

Spitzer gets caught in a sting, and DU goes to DEFCON #2.

Spitzer was known as "Client 9" is already a website. Amazing.

Seriously - what's the big deal when someone pees in the pool?

Addicted gambler files $20 million casino suit

I know this is Teh Longue, but... this is kinda big news

i've decided i'm going to become a nun

How hard would i get my butt kicked

Inside Beijing's shocking death camp for cats !

Spitzer couldn't use his hand? This is what the news is telling me.

Do we need a GD-Spitzer forum?

Advice for Spitzer: Check in if you use fool proof methods to hire prostitutes and not get caught!

Eating horse as a source of meat

Has anyone else noticed that the "active" smileys are slow?

Waaaah! My iron on cracked!

Inappropriate Spitzer Question

Since the spitzer news, this song has been stuck in my head: Why are all our heroes so imperfect

My fave music genre: Football Referee-Czech-Folk-Rock

The Sound of Silence

Do the Teaberry Shuffle.

Politicians and Prostitutes:

Star and Al are divorcing!!!1!

Wait - am I posting in GD? Like 10- Spitzer posts in this forum

Breaking news: Spitzer is why we SHOULDN'T vote for Obama

Hot Dog! Yummy!

anyone had trouble with AOL mail in the past week or so?

Low Sodium Diets: pretty fucking good.

Maria Callas was awesome.

NON Spitzer Post

The Ultimate Canon Rock

About $600 for a new electric cooktop, installed. Or...

Post an image that accurately portrays GD:P

Body Detox—Day 3

It just occurred to me

How long will AVA last in a nunnery?

Anyone else having trouble posting photos to their blog on blogspot?

Post your best experiences with $5,000 per hour prostitutes here --->

What's the difference between a $500 and a $5000 prostitute?

RANK the overall level of Schadenfreude on on DU today.

new dog, need advice....

TMZ: Photo of Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells, taken at a Hollywood event last Friday

I think I may need a few of those good DU lounge S.O. was just fired

Cat lovers: Ya gotta see this.

Dammit Elliot!

Your daily dose of cute

The only thing that would make this old Folgers commercial more sexist...

this is not a Spitzer post, but a Strummer post

Finally, it dawned on me.

Skybus Airlines Starts New Service To Wilmington DELAWARE

Friggen gray hair

OK, the fuckin' glass is HALF EMPTY, and this GD-P thread officially PROVES it, I's OVER.

OK, the fuckin' glass is HALF EMPTY, and this GD-P thread officially PROVES it, I's OVER.

Am I completely insane?

Oldtime DUers....Help me list the forums from DU v.1

I got stung by a wasp this morning.

Is there a better way to prepare noodles?

"Potatoes are just big chunky Noodles"

Who in the name of god came up with My Dad is Better Than Your Dad

Any other Stargate SG1 fans here?

Egads! It's time for bed again.

Which of these two educatational PBS songs rocks the hardest?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/10/2008)

for the best Pink Floyd cover, I present Les

Women of the DU who are over 40! Does anyone know anything about this website...?

Why can't politicians just find regular, horny women?

How come Hispanics often name male children Jesus, but people

VIDEO: Dude sitting in car rocks out to "Bohemian Rhapsody," sets off airbag, gets knocked out cold

And you thought I was just being a smartass...

The Red Headed Stranger from Blue Rock, Montana

Snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle...

self deleted

You know, ladies... There's nothing finer than a neatly trimmed bush

Does "They Might Be Giants" sing that new jingle

New: 3 dollar coin!

Flickr: The Song (and music video)

Well thats it, after 11 years of service it's being retired.

How could a blackbird end up in my basement - dead.

Er...American Economic History is *not* awesome...

Damn it, shoot me now

Waching the season 4 premiere of "All in the Family"

QWEST / NACCHIO ++ Chief federal judge investigated for alleged involvement with prostitutes

**Happy b'day, whoisalhedges**

Post Your Favorite 30 ROCK Quotes Here!

i seem to attract creeps

So I finally saw "The Queen" this weekend

My ex BIL died on Saturday.....

Dear UPS, Just once, could you deliver my package on the first try?

I love old British humor tunes, here's a real hoot!

Why does Windows Movie Maker SUCK so much?


Who's up for Body sushi?


Here it is..... GD :P's welcome page

I just got my tix to Eddie Izzard!

2012?? What are your thoughts?

Great clip of Eleanor Roosevelt on "What's My Line?"

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! my Crocuses are blooming!!!

Why the fuck is Wolf Blitzer buying prostitutes in DC?

Medication Time

WildBlue sucks! Now to get "service" they let you PAY another company - PEAK8

So who likes ice cream?

I'm sitting here in the CCU.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! my Crotches are blooming!!!

this rotten administration and its powerful and wealthy

I need Help..Info about Cruises

Oh crap! I've been busted in a prostitution ring!! What should I do? Will this affect my career?

Man, GDP (GoddangPrimaries) is NUCKIN' FUTZ right now

Show me your pits...please

I am amazed at the silence regarding the putrid water

Rant.......My Idiot son-in-law just got his 3rd DUI,

Beds are burning.

Site to help you find a non-corp coffeeshop, bookstore, theater near you:

With My New Multi Media Package For My Cell Phone I Can Take A Picture Of My

Further proof, as if you needed it, of the VISIONARY thinking that led to GD-P's 3-post daily limit


My daughter FINALLY got IRB approval for her Master's Thesis! Yea!!

Obama a Muslim!! Photographic evidence as far as I know!1!!

Who or what would you be willing to do for $5500 / hr?

One more picture of the softball festivities

Can someone take over for me and continue to bang my head against this wall?

Woman hit by falling Skippy jar at CUB and does not sue.

This is my 37,835th post.

I just posted an OP in GD:P

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/10/08

Harry Shearer was the original Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver?

If somebody phoned ME at 3:00am, I'd tell them to fuck off.

Driving: Who has the right of way in this situation...

For Pug lovers -- or dog people in general

If you're considering a vacation in "paradise", please read about the VOG here in Hawaii.

These are all up in my house with disease. HELP NEEDED!!

I got fired! Yay!

I have been grading for 9 hours straight!!!

An athletic person getting yet another injury

Macbeth - 1948

Technologically savvy people: Does something like this exist?

Sniffa's been over in the GD:P, pissin' in the pool again.

Who has waterproofed their basement? I need advice!

Today is one of the darker days for the human race...

My dad said no woman can make adequate decisions when she's on her period.

The Vatican has listed new sinful behaviors

I just found the cutest picture over at Reddit.

Top Ten reasons why Skinner should be ashamed of himself.

Rainbow Warriors

Famous Last Words

It's Monday. Come caption my pic. was your day? Good? was mine?

Oh. My. GOD!

Need help naming my new kitty.

My professor said he was excited to sponsor my thesis!!!

My professor said he was excited to sponsor my thesis!!!

i am totally and completely on cloud nine right now

Ahhhhhh!!!!! My Crotch is burning!!!

Recommend a Playstation 3 game

temeah was in Pennsylvania this weekend...

Google in 1960, and Google in 2084

What Dog Breed Are You online quiz

We are going on a cruise this next week. It will just be the two of us and ...may be a final test

Who here has ever bought something at a school uniform store

The L Word has been renewed for its 6th and final season

Does anybody else here NOT care about fashion or style?

Email: Thunderbird or Gmail?? I can't decide.

Ooo....costume pics from the Watchmen movie!

Stony Brook People

I seriously didn't want to see Elton John tonight - but now I'll have to

The Clinton Tax Returns: What's the Holdup?

Watching the Daily Show...I must say, Code Pink and Berkeley look incredibly idiotic

Post your favorite "groaner" joke

Positive thing I'm doing for myself:

The beginning of the photo scans from my family collection.

Scott Horton: Alice Martin’s War **** DoJ = "machine for the purpose of manipulating elections"

You know , the only subject , that after 11 years of school you still

ON THIS DAY in 1848, the USA stole half of Mexico for the price of a lot!

School me on Pirate's Bay torrent site and torrents in general

Sniping by Aides Hurt Clinton’s Image as Manager

Obama Accuses Clinton of Deception

Female Suicide Bomber in Iraq Kills 3

Israel defies freeze on illegal settlements

Prescription drugs found in drinking water across U.S.

Bush serenades journalists at his final Gridiron dinner

Senate panel critiques prewar claims by White House

Climate change may spark conflict with Russia, EU told

Courts Corrupt

Studies: Iraq Costs U.S. $12 Billion per Month

Tibetan refugees protest globally as Olympics near

MoD plans raid on landmine removal fund to keep Tornados flying in Iraq

Petroleum Feeds Patriarchy (new study released)

Judges to be reinstated as coalition lands its first blow on Musharraf

Dick Cheney at Republican Dinner in Atlanta TODAY

Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

White House says President Bush is sending Cheney to Mideast for talks with leaders

Prostitution Case Features Prosecutors of Corruption

Prostitution Case Features Prosecutors of Corruption

5 GIs Killed In Baghdad Attack

Courts warn about jury duty phone scam

House files lawsuit to force Bush administration officials to testify

"Commander In Chief" Obama To Appear With Military Brass

Conservation Groups Sue Over Polar Bears

30,000 People Flee Homes in West Kenya

FDIC reports second bank failure of 2008

Clinton aide Wolfson: Obama unqualified for VP

TIPS' Yields Show Fed Has Lost Control of Inflation

Spitzer Expected to Resign

Power exposed Obama’s exit strategy as best case scenario

Vatican Updates Its Thou-Shalt-Not List


Obama: If I'm Not Ready, Why Suggest Vice Presidency?

23 Marines hurt in Ala. bus crash

To Aim Ads, Web Is Keeping Closer Eye on You

Obama Pastors' Sermons May Violate Tax Laws

Spitzer Already Resigned?

Economic woes lead to retail retrenchment

Lawsuit Eyed by Sharpton Over Florida

Microsoft set to open training center in Wuxi

Top US drug suspect held in Venezuela

Venezuela restores Colombia relations, ties fragile

Hate Crimes Linked to Immigration Debate

Carlyle Capital says continues talks with major lenders UPDATE

Washington seeks power to ban air travellers - even if they are only flying OVER the U.S.

Waxman Calls for Blackwater Investigations

Food pantry use surges (More working people need help)

Buyout Industry Staggers Under Weight of Debt

Oil passes $107, setting another record

Obama consulted on health board appointees, trial told

Rove taunted at University of Iowa

Senator battles Transportation Dept. over Mexican trucks in US

U.S. Tech Companies Add Five Workers For Each H-1B Visa They Seek

36% of scientists at NASA are Indians: Govt survey

Gov. Spitzer apologizes to family, public

Bush Administration looks into Terror Listing For Venezuela

(Al) Franken's Rival Drops Out of (Minnesota) Senate Race

Carlyle Fund Seeks Halt to Liquidation

Clinton link in Brazil ethanol probe

Gulf War illness 'chemical link'

2 Clinton Backers Offer a Way to Stage New Primaries; Daschle says he would go along

US 'to modernise Polish military'

Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida

Boeing to challenge U.S. Air Force tanker decision

Five U.S. soldiers die in Baghdad bomb blast

Researchers Develop Efficient Nuclear Waste Cleanser

In Tanker Bid, It Was Boeing vs. Bold Ideas

(NY Gov. Eliot) Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

Central Intelligence Anxiety: How the Bush administration left the spooks to twist in the wind

Daniel Troy's Poison Pill by Stephanie Mencimer / Mother Jones

Hillary - See yourself as others see you

Bullying more harmful than sexual harassment on the job, say researchers

Democrats Confident After Taking Hastert’s Seat

Krugman: The Face-Slap Theory

Dems' 'Endless Summer' Expected to Break All-Time Records

Chewing on the Constitution

Joe Klein: The Race Goes On (TIME Magazine)

While We're 'Re-Doing' Florida, Why Not Also '2000'

Just Waterboarding Under the Bridge

Bill Nelson: Florida Deserves a Revote

3 a.m. call could be an economic crisis

The DNC Must Apply the Zell Miller Rules To Hillary Clinton By Laura Roslin

10,000 Republicans Switch Party to Vote in Hotly Contested Kucinich Congressional Democratic Primary

Need a laugh? William Kristol

Grousing Tiger, Sleeping Dragon


GOP Defends Spitzer’s Prostitution Activities, But Slams Him For Doing It With Undocumented Hookers

Politicians Bet the Farm

NAFTA, Immigrants and the discussion that's not happening.

How New York's attorney general became the most powerful man on Wall Street.

$300 Million from Venezuela to Colombian Rebels a Fake by Greg Palast

How to End the Subprime Crisis By Paul Craig Roberts

Barack Obama: Muslim? No.

Enabling a Madman: George Bush and American Amnesia

Anti-Uribe Protests in Colombia and the World

Why So Blue?

The U.S. Military Index (Foreign Policy Magazine)

Glenn Greenwald: War cheerleaders ask: "Is Obama man enough to be president?"

Spitzer's 'Biggest' Embarrassment: Prostitute Claims He's No 'Super Delegate'

Childhood Is Dying

A president's shameful legacy

Blacklisting Hits Home Sellers

Comcast Must Die / Mother Jones Blog

Do highly socialized species always commit suicide?

Dear Obamaniacs and Clintonistas

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No 328


McCain Supports Bush Veto of Bill Banning Torture

K.B.R. Not Paying T.A.X.

Your Insignificance Will Be Televised

Gary Hart: Experience & Judgement / Clinton's loyalty

Debbie Wasserman Schultz explains why Dems in FL lege voted for date change

PART 3 Randi Rhodes Lets go to work

Screech and Chong

*It's 3am* Clinton Ad Parody by VotersThink

Weathering the Storm: the economic recession

Can the regular media do as well as Jon Stewart vs. McCain?

Barack Obama in Columbus, MS ("I'm in first place right now...")

Obama: Hillary Trying To Bamboozle You With VP Talk

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Deep Doo-Doo-Over

Hillary Clinton admits her record on Iraq sucks

President Bush performs at Annual Gridiron Dinner

Obama Victory party in Moneygall, Ireland (old video)

Geraldine Ferraro: Obama's Winning Because He's Not White!

Cenk Uygar laughs out of his ass at Hillary

Obama: I am running for President of the United States

Secret Video - Bush Sings Farewell Song

Why Didn't Hillary Darken Obama in This Ad?

"I'll bring the pitchfork myself to the Democratic convention"

Thomas Jefferson 1800 (negative ad parody)

Taxi To The Dark Side * Complete *

Dennis Kucinich -- Thank You!

An Open Letter to John Lewis

Oceans at Risk

Wood MacKenzie - GOM Oil Discoveries In 2007 "Disappointing" - Lowest In Past Decade - FT

Peabody Exports More Coal In First Six Weeks Of 2008 Than In All Of 2007 - SLPD

Germany's CO2 Emissions Down In 2007, Thanks In Large Part To Warm Winter - ENN

Atlantic - Bangladesh Most Likely Candidate To Face First Catastrophic Impacts Of Climate Breakdown

Britain CCD-Free For Now, But Farming Minister Warns Of Threat, Notes No Research Funding Available

EU Told To Prepare For Flood Of Climate Change Migrants - Guardian

Rice Costs In Thailand Up $100/Ton At End Of February, Up $175 YOY - Asian Consumers Pinched - AFP

Explosion shuts down east metro Xcel plant

Tired Of Big Storms, Unpredictable Weather? Get Used To It, Canadian Scientists Advise

The Greening of the Middle East?

Cape Wind showdown slated for tonight (Mass.)

World Marathon Champion Announces He Will Not Run In Beijing Olympics Because Of Smog - BBC

After "Overwhelming Response" To 1,000 Subsidized Home Solar Kits, Queensland Hopes To Expand Plan

3/10/08 - NYMEX - Oil Futures Hit $107.44 - All-Time Record

Milford Haven Oil Terminals Close on Severe Weather

La Niña threatens copper mining in Chile

major study with implication for world agriculture and biofuels

EU Told To Prepare for Flood of Climate Change Migrants

Strange Days on the Salton Sea

Baptist group urges action on global warming - Reuters

NOAA Research Team Spots White Killer Whale Near Aleutians - AFP

The Tree Nation Project Is Growing

NJ Agriculture Department Offers $300 In Free Equipment, Lessons To Anyone Interested In Beekeeping

18:10 GMT - Louisiana Sweet Crude spot price over $110

Seven new deadly sins

US evangelical rift on global warming widens

San Jose's first "green certified" subdivision

Warming Climate May Cause Arctic Tundra To Burn

Anyone here live near Mt. Shasta in California? I need a new pictures of it.

Oil groups suffer Gulf of Mexico setback

Carbon Output Must Near Zero To Avert Danger

Loss of sons shaped outlook of Fort Carson CO

Slain Fort Lewis soldiers mourned

Unsafe water may have sickened troops in Iraq

Orthopedic research looks to war zone

Studies: Iraq war to cost $12B a month in 2008

Fort Sill soldiers deploying to Africa

Guardsmen volunteer to help wounded soldiers

Senator restarts stalled benefits bill

Editorial: It’s time to ensure parity of civilian, military wages

Nuclear-powered DDG? Lawmakers, Navy differ

Roosevelt sailor dies in accident at sea

Boost career, earn cash with these 15 hot jobs

Providers needed for mental health care

McCain win might stop sons from deploying

Gear failure forces cutter to end boat chase

Navy, Marine leaders support 2 more LPD 17s

Troops: Mental health care sparse in theater

Nassau carrying Ospreys to Iraq

Was Paul Watson shot by a Japanese sniper? (xpost from GD)

VA begins search for new benefits chief

Google Earth teams banned from military bases

4 Marines critically hurt in bus crash

Corporal gets 27 months in death of Marine

Backtalk: Undue burden

VMFA-242 gets new home in Japan

Air Force IDs airman killed on Sheppard

B-1 rolls into vehicles after landing

Marine to plead guilty in child-porn case

Backtalk: Airmen need no reminders of Guam’s location, significance

Wynne discusses next-gen bomber publicly

Money man keeps citizens’ groups going

Stronger yen prompts changes in spending

Engineers work all night, all day building outposts

There are fewer homeless vets, VA estimates

Gang-awareness conference later this week

Iraq War Costs Put at $12B Per Month

Defence Tech: AF Leaders vs. Bob Gates on F-22

Bombed Recruiting Office Back to Work

Vets group: DoD skews number of wounded

Cuts Make Raptor an Endangered Specie

Army Releases Fifth Mental Health Study

Heidelberg’s Acute Care Clinic cutting hours starting April 1

Cost-cutting drops chutes from KC-135s

2 midshipmen face charges of rape, child porn

18 states vie for Cyber Command headquarters

Cheney visits Great Lakes

Photo of Gitmo 'Child' Taliban Leaked

AWOL soldier claims mistreatment

Today in labor history March10

Chrysler to close Calif. design studio

Educators or Kingmakers?

EPI: US Sees Largest Payroll Drop in Five Years

US Oil Rig Company Faces Charges of Racketeering and Trafficking Abuse

AFL-CIO 2007 Congressional Voting Records Available

Union Mobilization Helps Elect Democrat to Hastert’s Former Seat

450 Service Workers Join USW and More Bargaining News


Union drive enlists foot soldiers

GM Assembly Lines grind to a hault

The Chávez Democrats




More People Pushed Into Part-Time Work Force

Are credit unions any safer than banks?

Hedge Funds Reel From Margin Calls Even on Treasuries

Credit Suisse sets up hedge fund clones

Anyone have any guesses as to which banks the FDIC is watching -

FDIC reports second bank failure of 2008

Tenants: Be aware of landlords facing foreclosure

Many homeowners still trapped in Ameriquest loans

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 03/07/2008

Picking through the Rubble of Post-Bubble America

Hello, I have a question about the economy.

Peru: Four Dead After Government Crackdown on Protests Against US Trade Deal

New docs detail Colombian rebel ties

Andean war talk gives way to pragmatism

The Plot Unfolds

Bush Spending U.S. Tax Dollars to Foment Unrest in Bolivia

Uribe's "Dodgy" Dossier IV: Crisis Averted, or Delayed?

Bolivia to defend coca leaf at UN

Normal DU'ers might find this interesting: Greg Palast on Ecuador, from February

Another Piece of the Puzzle: Panama Caught Up in FARC Crisis

OAS observers for Paraguayan election; former bishop leads

State Money Cannot Go To Church School, Judge Rules

I am worried about marriage equality in my home state now

Israel defies freeze on illegal settlements

Hamas and Israel in truce mediation

Israeli Settlement Plan 'Unhelpful,' US Says

Arab leader denies temple ever existed

Abbas: Israel has agreed to cease-fire with Hamas

With sex and Israeli connection, echoes of McGreevey in Spitzer controversy

Jerusalem plans 400 new homes for Jews in eastern part of capital

The Silent Violence of Gaza's Suffering That Candidates and Congress Ignore

Feiglin banned from entering UK

lemme put it this way

I think the universe is trying to send me a message, but I need help interpreting

Funny Promo for New Orleans Hornets Basketball games

For BOSSHOG: Aggies, Hogs renewing football rivalry at Cowboys Stadium

Talk about that Mars/Pluto opposition!

Someone please show me where I'm wrong.

Drugs Are Really Expensive (And Therefore Effective)

Florida medical records sold at Utah surplus store

Something about chicken has been bothering me...

My last secret is out...Share your secret Burger recipe

Spring in Palos Verdes, California, yesterday...

Spring in Interior Alaska

Vatican Lists Pollution As New Sin

Rowen Trees.

Church to step up climate fight

Vatican Updates Its Thou-Shalt-Not List

Atheist version of The Golden Rule

According to CNN, a lot of us are going to burn in Hell.

Probiotic hope for kidney stones

Camera 'looks' through clothing (BBC) {Terahertz rays; passive only}

Nearby star should harbor detectable, Earth-like planets (3/9/2008)

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

Disney steers clear of 'Path to 9/11'

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

Interview with Aaron Russo...

Alex Jones: "All the scientific studies show my IQ has been reduced by at least 20 points."

Please God - Not Again

Tokaji (OSU Election Law): Pay Attention to the Provisionals:

"Myth" of Voter Fraud Focus of Senate Hearing; Iglesias Set to Testify

Diebold filed with the SEC

Illegal Vote Counts in Riverside County now on Video - testimony before CA legislature

"Myth" of Voter Fraud Focus of Senate Hearing

Grand Lake Marquis: How to Prevent Unwanted Presidencies

Summit County Ohio, the GOP, the SOS, and a State Senator

Obama leads Clinton in the Recorded Vote in Primary and Caucus states ( TIA ) - x

Click this link and help Harry Stop torture veto

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 03/10/08

I love it! A wonderful sight...

Eliot Spitzer

Clinton's Biggest Margins Came in Rural Southern Ohio-81% of vote in Scioto, 80% in Jackson:

Election Fraud Polling Analysis: The Urban Legend ( TIA )

Clint Curtis could still use some help in his primary campaign

Explosion at Xcel plant

Ciresi drops out of senate race

Is Joe Trento considered credible?

Is Tinklenberg lying about Wetterling and Walz endorsements?

So, how will Boyd Ritchie vote as a superdelegate?

Having George Lakoff books and materials at our conventions

Senate District /County Convention Locations 3/29

I updated Java today and now Firefox

JK sent this email on behalf of Obama to his Mississippi list today

If You Support Obama

was there a military endorsement of Obama today?

Heads Up! Obama people - PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!

I'm really pissed over Geraldine Ferraro's comments.

Good news: Obama retakes lead in national tracking polls

Globe and Mail: Cadman planned to run again despite cancer: Conservatives

How Many Billionaires Does It Take to Fix a School System?

Harvard gym restriction stirs controversy

KOEB 3-10-08 - Spitzer's in big trouble edition

Just how big is the democratic landslide going to be this fall?

Stretch to take over Tucker's timeslot

Countdown Will Now Air 8PM, 10PM and 2AM EDT - Starting 3/17

Democrats Down the Ticket Worry About an Impasse

Obama Favored Over Clinton in Mississippi

NYT, pg1: Sniping by Aides Hurt Clinton’s Image as Manager

Obama Accuses Clinton of Deception: Campaigns Step Up Squabbles on Tactics

South Dakota Dems May Open Primary To Independents

Obama townhall starting on

Eliot Spitzer Involved in Prostitution Ring

How about a 80's punk song?

Mandelson, Straw and Archer: Simon Mann TV interview to implicate politicians

Camilla's security chief found dead after 'shooting himself' at home

New Labour suggest return to feudalism

Wi GOP official runs a 527

Invitation to a talk on corporations underpaying taxes in Wisconsin, March 13

Goddammit, Meet Me In Birnamwood On St. Patrick's Day!

Sacto Meetup: Does Sat. April 12 work for you?

Milwaukeans Vote Walker Out of Office April 1st

New Sins!