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Why are none of the talking heads condemning Matt Drudge for putting troops in danger

"Best 3 of 5. OK, Best 4 of 7. No, Wait, Best 5 of 9..."

Was anyone at the rally where McClurkin spoke??

Clinton's experience on the world stage:

Rumor has it that the Clinton campaign circulated an anti-Obama email

I still have reverance for the name Clinton...

Rapid Response - One Clinton Lesson Obama Did Learn...

Will media slobber slow down Obama?

It will be three A.M. here soon and I decided to change my vote.

I just donated to Hillary Clinton

Anybody know how people being grouped in Texas polls as "hispanic" feel about NAFTA?

Gotta laugh at 02-29-08 Larry King...

Signs of the Hillpocalypse: Fran Drescher is apparently a Hillary Spokesperson


Clinton leads Ohio 46-38, within the margin of error in Texas (48-45 for Obama)

We need laws that will cut down on polling

Does Bill Clinton support Obama?


She says baby - It’s 3 am I must be lonely

Clinton internal poll of early voters in TX: 30% latino, 60% women, 66% over 50

Clinton internal poll of early voters in TX: 30% latino, 60% women, 66% over 50

Clinton Hypocrisy: Vote for Candidate of ‘Hope’ Not ‘Fear’

BREAKING CSPAN-Reuters/Houston Chronicle poll: Clinton surges in Texas/Obama surges in Ohio

From Daily; Kos Hillary Plagiarizes a McCain Ad.

A President Obama won't have to work with the Repukes in

My only problem with Clinton's "experience counts" strategy

Forgot about Rhode Island and Vermont -- We're States too.

I don't consider Hillary's experience inadequate, I consider it irrelevant....

Hillary's advantage over Obama is she can win the states in November -- Sun-Sentinel

Obama co-sponsors law that would protect McCain from citizenship loophole

Hillary's Lies About IWR in the Cal. Debate, and the Levin Amendment and ...

Ickes now says Obama must win "decisively" on Tuesday or fight goes on

The difference....(Toon)

Regarding that possible TX lawsuit, it's pretty clear who made the threat.

Obama's full- court press in R I

BWAAHAAHAA Hillary Claiming Obama Was MIA During Votes

Obama is not a Muslim, but here's a radical thought -

Clinton kitchen sink strategy drives her to 13% on intrade

How is Obama going to get the 2025 delegates needed to clinch the nomination?

I just have a sick feeling that the media will always take down our democratic candidates

"Obama's lack of Subcommittee oversight hearings" controversy debunked!!!

"Obama's lack of Subcommittee oversight hearings" controversy debunked!!!

Clinton camp now says Obama must win all four Tuesday primaries -- AP

Hillary's vote to give Bush the Iraq invasion go ahead

Today I start canvassing for Barack Obama in PA! Its the first official day in Pittsburgh!

Obama math, is this possible??? Feb fundraising at $70 mil?

If Obama wins, will he pull the GOP left or will the GOP pull him right?

If Hillary is doing so great

Texas Dems Irked By Threat Of Clinton Camp Lawsuit

Question during conference call: What crisis can Hillary point to that supports claim to 3AM call?

Obama's Advisors and Obamanomics


Have you ever noticed that when you get in a tangle with another poster at DU....

These pukes are scared shitless.

2025 - The Math is Wrong

The sexism in this country

"Experience" Clinton vs. Obama

Ohio Polls: Obama Tied With Clinton

Just donated to Obama's campaign. First political donation since 04

If Senator Clinton is elected, what will Bill Clinton be called?

Even if FL and MI were counted, Clinton would still be losing



Where was Obama???

Phone banking for Obama...

God I can not wait until Tuesday

Is it IWR only.... or is there a much larger pattern?

More Obama Substance - A Card Carrying Civil Libertarian

About Hillary's vote on land mines

Let's BEAT this guy-

Why Hillary's Wins Don't Count- Democratic Strongholds Lend Her Their Pre-Existing Party Machinery

Can Obama use this in a political ad

Many Clinton senior campaign advisers in Texas developed the rules for caucus

About the phone ad - what do you REALLY worry about?

Is backing Sen. Barack Obama 'liberal guilt'? Now I know

If this isn't an admission of a mistake....

The Clinton campaign is plagiarizing me

Where should Obama head next (or for anyone who knows, where?)

Did Bill Clinton endorse Obama?

Please try to remember: there are no Democrats in Idaho!

I'm skeptical of all polls, but I need your thoughts on these consistent results.

Obama echoes Bush propaganda on Afghanistan

Gallup Daily Poll: Obama 49%, Clinton 43%

Obama Executes Rope-A-Dope on Hillary Clinton, McCain, Huckabee and George W. Bush after attacks

The Nation: Obama's Mercenary Position (Frankly I agree)

Hillary on Jon Stewart on Monday.

Hillary on Jon Stewart on Monday.

Loyalty...or Blindness?

"The conciliating Barack Obama will roll over every time"

Alan Colmes interviews David Duke W.T.F?

Hillary Clinton tested in Texas, where it all began in '72

Obama's speech for delivery today at rally in Rhode Island

I dig Obama. For various reasons I dig him more than Hillary. Why is that so hard to understand?

So, let's say Obama was absolutely right about the Iraq war.

Bill and James have said Hillary MUST WIN both OH & TX on Tues or it's over - do you agree?

Rasmussen: McCain 46%, Obama 43%

MoveOn.Org hosting TX house parties for Obama (phonebanking 400,000 voters)

I saw something yesterday in Cincinnati that really showed me this is special

If Obama gets the nomination, what about Tammy Baldwin for Veep?

Always love Obama......

Hey Homeowners, Bush Blames You -- Not Iraq -- for Our Tanking Economy

Have you had dreams about Hillary or Barrack? Share them at

Joe Wineke (Superdelegate), Chairman of The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, endorses Barack Obama.


DUers sometimes need to be reminded that the present is not the past and is not the future

Like an angry wounded Bear, now is the time when Hillary is the most dangerous

Richardson apparently won't endorse until after Tuesday if he hasn't by now

Holy Moly: Tarrant County Friday, approximately 2,100 votes were being cast per hour

Jim Webb as Obama's VP

Help regarding Obama

I challenge anyone who thinks IWR was not a vote for war...

Why Barack Obama's Stand Against Going to War with Iraq Matters

Heads Up: Obama In Providence, Rhode Island Live Now On CNN

Another Hillary PLEDGE is Broken - This Time To Texas

Oopsie! My Apologies.

Clinton supporters - Do you approve of Clinton's vote to authorize Iraq War?

Cult of Obama News: Todays Big Learnings

Is There A Nice, Neat Place Where I Can EASILY Compare Clinton & Obama's Senate Voting Record?

If Hillary is running the "worst campaign ever", then how come

So, I guess to sum it up today....

Why don't you just call him the Antichrist and get it over with??

Probably nobody here cares but McCain has lost the Catholic vote..

I have a question about the Texas primary/caucus.

HRC supporters you'll love this one.

Obama's top Jewish surrogate: Ahmadenijad doesn't count, because he doesn't control Iran

After much soul searching I'm changing my vote to Hillary

NYT: ’72 McGovern Team Rallies for One of Its Own: Clinton

3 AM ad is fearmongering tactice that give aid to Republicans

McCain on his Iraq vote: "That's history, that's the past." WTF?!

Clinton: Texas TownHall - to be broadcast on FoxSports, across TX

Obama spends a day as a care worker

O supporters: Just got the kiss of death from Zogby

Obama has never agreed to an interview about Rezko with the reporters from the Chicago papers

After much soul searching, I'm changing my support to Obama.....

If Obama Wins, WIll This Be The End Of The DLC?...

The Three-Arm Baby .

I do not believe Obama will end the Iraq War

It's 3:02 am...

Obama wants to 'bring people together.' What a jerk.

Clinton leading Obama by double-digits in the Friday Texas Zogby survey.

You don't want to mess with Canadian "Media"

You don't want to mess with Canadian "Media"

Clinton will not be viable after March 4th, here's why:

Clinton keeps $170k from firm notorious for sexual harassment

Obama's Statement on Women's History Month

Dear Senator Clinton:

Just an alert to Obama supporters: I am calling out ABC News as blatantly pro Clinton

New Arizona poll shows Obama down only 11 to McCain, Clinton trails by 24.

Mike Gravel campaign marches on

Farm Bill Follies: My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)

Rent the movie "Redacted" if you want a reminder why a rethug President would be bad.

Rasmussen daily graph for 3/1/08 - Obama down 2 (45), Clinton up 1 (43)

Obama: "I'm better!" (and incredibly lucky in my short, sweet political career)

"Blind faith in Clinton Syndrome" ...

Hillary on The Daily Show Monday

One question about Hillary Clinton's IWR vote

One question about Hillary Clinton's IWR vote

Does it bother you that Hillary talks about reaching out to Republicans?

This picture of a Texas Obama rally is CRAZY with that many people

Why Hillary is only hurting herself with that lawsuit..

Embrace your inner Hussein

Report from a Pittsburgh Canvasser!

The Obama Movement added 720,000 donors in February

Where is Obama today?

New Rhode Island Poll: Hillary: 49, Obama: 40

Paging all Texans!!

I can no longer support Obama!!

McCain slammed by Vietnam veterans commercial in Texas

Lampasas, Texas: Where the Populist Movement was born.

Digg loves Obama but hates Hillary, Why?

And for my last thread of the day.... Media Expert Decries Campaign Coverage

Why is it so damn difficult

Article on Race Card in Campaign

I'm trying to find that quote from Nader saying that

Is she hanging on just to save face? Trying to figure a

I'll State It Here - Colin Powell Is Going To Be Obama's Vice President

In this thread, Dmesg gives mad props to his girlfriend

Which Candidate Is Favored In The Twelve Post-March 4th Contests??

How Pathetic Are You?

"on this earth, sexier, believe me Gentlemen, than a woman you have to salute

Obama's Ideal Veep Choice

Why Change? Reason not to change course...

Texas: Heavy Republican Turnout in Democratic Caucus

If they go as easy on Hillary tonight, SNL will have lost their "hip" quotient.

I am so tired would someone please have the decency to tell me where I am supposed to put this?

Apparently, HRC wants us to wait three days for TX caucus results?

So in Leap Years, April Fool's Day must get moved to March 1st or something.

CNN credits "Surge" with "third-lowest" month for U.S. Troop casualties (29)

If Hillary Wins the Nomination and Loses to McCain in November

Can you stand another "So I was talking to a Republican" thread?

In 50 words or more, WITHOUT USING THE LETTER E, tell me why your candidate should win.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Poll: Clinton leads Obama in Ohio - barely: 47% to 43%

Faux News Is Now Defending Hillary

Obama is about to hit the Millionth donor for 2008

NYT poll: 48% believe media has been harder on Hillary; 8% say harder to Obama; 43% say "the same"

Two New Obama Texas ads

Live from New York its......Hillary?

You know what the applause guy is saying right?

Barack Obama is the best candidate to make change happen.

Hillary Banks On Fear Mongering As Key To Tuesday Victories

This makes me sad. Such a short time to live...

150 Ohio Officials Endorse Obama

HRC calls Obama out on National Secuirty

Obama All Talk and No Walk video

Toledo Blade endorses Obama

It's simple: I would have supported Hillary if she voted against the IWR

It's simple: I would have supported Hillary if she voted against the IWR

It's simple: I would have supported Hillary if she voted against the IWR

Obama gains yet another delegate

The red phone and the power of nightmares. Required viewing!

I like Obama better in the town hall format

Hear this Obama video where a news anchor determines Obama is a LIAR!

Hillary Dearest

Obama launches his own 3 AM Ad....

Can Someone Explain To Me What Hillary's "Experience" Means?

Clintons vs. the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: What's the Score?

Big O is on Cspan!

Offical Edwards' Supporters Who are Sick of all the Infighting Thread

Oh, that straight talkin, straight shooting maverick John McCain

"Mrs. Obama would have been O.K. even without Jack’s magic beans"

Clinton leads Obama in Rhode Island, 49%-40%

Why is it that so many Obama Supporters wan't to give HIM a Pass but Hate Bush II?

Does Anyone Know How They Are Going To...

McCain calls himself a liberal while campaigning.

McCain calls himself a liberal while campaigning.

Obama Supporters: I'm heading out to my Leadership Training session in Philly...

My Republican father is making phone calls for Obama.

Hillary is Missing. Big Endorsement Coming?

New Zogby poll today has Obama even with Hillary in Ohio

New Zogby poll today has Obama even with Hillary in Ohio

So by his own standards, Obama admits he doesn't represent "real change."

top 5 reasons not to vote for obama

Has Hillary been the commander in chief before?

Will the HillaryHaters stay on DU if Barack Obama wins our nomination?

What foreign policy moment would you point to in Hillary's career where she's been tested by crisis?

I have had five calls from the Clinton campaign....

Quick comment about polls and DU

Hillary Clinton Exposed vid

Question Regarding Possible Lawsuit In Texas

Only 63% of Freepers plan to vote for McCain in the real election (in Nov.)

Obama: "Real change isn’t about changing your position to fit the politics of the moment."

Obama Has brain fart in Rhode Island; Clintonistas apoplectic....

Clinton accepts donations from troubled firm!

FWIW, I think both the Rezko and the "Weathermen" attacks on Obama are ridiculous

Online Election Spreadsheets - Projected Delegate Allocation Based on Current Poll Numbers

Kenyans tell Hill: pay us in cows for Obama insult

McLaughlin calls Obama a "liar".

Sorry Obama, independents don't count?

Sorry Obama, independents don't count?

Sorry Obama, independents don't count?

Sorry Obama, independents don't count?

Sorry Obama, independents don't count?

Sen Obama Rally on CSPAN

Obama gains support among white men

Primary Day Weather in OH. A factor?

Dems: What about the Military Budget?

I will be FIRED from my job Hillary!

I will be FIRED from my job Hillary!

My Final Harris County (Houston) Early Vote Thread

Clinton on SNL?

Mason Dixon Poll: Clinton leads Obama in Ohio-barely--47-43

This is something you need to hear.

Obama: A Thin Record For a Bridge Builder

Obama promises to dedicate presidency to homosexual activism

What will we do when Hillary steals the primary?

This One's For the Girls (even Michelle knows the same simple truth that all women know: ..)

Hillary Supporters Google Obama and DOMA

New Cleveland Plain Dealer Poll of Ohio: C-47, O-43

It's 3AM and the phone is ringing in the White House...who do you want

Clinton/Clark 08.

A Mexican Take on the Primary Race

A Mexican Take on the Primary Race

The difference between Krugman, and the twins Dowd and Rich: predictability

Gay Clinton Backers Defect to Obama, Eroding Her Base

The REAL Hillary stepped out from behind the curtain in debate.

The REAL Hillary stepped out from behind the curtain in debate.

"Festivus" or "Presumptive Candidate Day" which is your favorite?

My new auto-response to either O or H people who make obviously dishonest, troll posts:

Live from New York, it's Hillary Clinton? (On SNL Tonight?)

Is it just me? HRC is starting to look like Sharon Gless on Nip/Tuck.

If Hillary looses both Texas and Ohio by small margains will she drop out?

Guess Who's Performing On SNL Tonight...Wilco...Big Obama Backers

Obama Supporters

And Obama just got another Superdelegate!

Hillary surges in 4th consecutive Texas poll, ARG is now on the bandwagon with zogby, IA, bello

"Why do I always get the first question"

WP: Clinton's Flaw: A Failure to Connect

When that phone in the White House rings Hillary can answer

Obama absent at Afghanistan hearings -- The Hill

Reuters/CSpan/Zogby: Obama holds small lead in TX, ties Clinton in Ohio!

Will John Mcpuke be the winner tuesday in the democratic primaries?

It is with a heavy heart that I say this: I cannot post on GDP anymore...

For a comedic break from all the normal posts here, a few spitting image clips on youtube

Mccain winning the nomination because W has destroyed the republican party?

Hillary's mysterious dissappearing act: why all the secrecy?

Do the republicans want us to nominate Hillary, or Obama??

Obama WILL Be The Democratic Nominee For President

Barack Obama celebrates Women's History Month

Obama will win Texas because his supporters care

Day after day, Hillary dominates the news cycle-on SNL tonight-as Obama crashes in the polls

Is it a Movement? Or is it Marketing? And What Should We Be Doing?

A gift and a touchstone, perhaps, for those here in the GDP

Rolling Stone: O-BAM-A!


OK Hillary supporters, here's the challenge.

Wow... Looks like Obama is winning!

another cultish video bought to you by ... celeberties telling us to vote for "change"

another cultish video bought to you by ... celeberties telling us to vote for "change"

Obama's Pattern VERY disturbing in deed.'Damaging to the Party'

Shit. Hillary Lost My Grandma. And My Grandma Already Voted For Her.

It's 3 am and the phone is ringing in the White House...

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Obama

Hillary's vote in 2002 was actually to try and STOP the war from starting!!

I've looked over the last 12+ hrs of posts, & there's been a surge of OBAMA-BASHING threads

CNN just Reported that 2,000 people Showed up for Hillary Rally last week in RI, Obama has 6,000

An Obama supporter knocked on my door today.

Gee. I see the Hillary folks are spamming this forum again.

NYT: Obama Spends Heavily to Seek Knockout Blow

Why did Edwards drop out of the race when he did?

Ready to Chill from Day One TOON >>>>>>>>

Why haven't our Dem.Candidates, mentioned the fact that gas is being priced on the futures

My week as an Obama Volunteer in Ohio:

Republicans are running both Hillary's and McCain's campaigns.

Republicans for Obama !?!?!

AP: Florida goes ahead with delegate selection, despite sanctions

Hillary NEVER Voted for War.. she voted for UN INspections and Diplomacy

There is much more to Rezko. NYT reporting- which I believe reflects on judgement and ethics of

Obama campaign mum on NAFTA contact with Canada

Jack Nicholson video for Hillary supporters

Sunday News Show Lineup-3/2/08

Hillary's latest lie about Obama...

The Nevada Caucus Clinton shenanigans Round 2 in Texas!!!

Unreal! Hillary *herself* coached her precinct captains this morning ... link

Hillary Won't Return $170,000 in Contributions to Firm with Disturbing History of Sexual Harrassment

Hillary has metaphorically SOLD HER SOUL. Expect the worst in a FIGHT TO THE FINISH

Texas caucus attendees MUST be aware of this!

Barnstorming Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

Thank you ProSense. Great posts...All the time.

Can someone PLEASE tell me just why Obama should be nominated?

Before Team Hillary has a collective orgasm over the ARG polls, lets remember a few things..

Bob Herbert: A Nominee? Or a Debacle?

Why all the hate?

Clinton Planning For Life After the Alamo

ENOUGH of this "if my candidate doesn't win" SHIT

Why the Texas Hybrid Primary / Caucus System is the Fairest and Best System

Why the Texas Hybrid Primary / Caucus System is the Fairest and Best System

Converted another Republican today...

Clinton still beats BO in Ohio

2/28/08, Obama Favors Civil Unions. Pay close attention to link #3

*NEW* Clinton Cosponsors Legis to Ban Use of Priv. Sec. Contr. in Iraq & Afgh. Obama: NOT R/O

Obama's theme of reaching out to Republicans is disturbing, & it's starting to get very old already

Republicans for Obama will pull Democrats EVEN FURTHER TO THE RIGHT.

A week of Doonesbury- "English 129:The poetry of Barack Obama"

WHY isn't Obama in TX more?

"What I love about Obama is that he does the reverse: moving the middle to our values."

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today to an overflow crowd in Providence, Rhode Island

Just in case you thought the SNL overt endorsement of Hillary Clinton was misunderstood...

So I looked at a website that is called

Obama Does Not Have To Apologize For McClurkin.


What foreign policy moment would you point to in Hillary's career where she's been tested by crisis?

Dallas Morning News gets hold of Clinton caucus "training materials,"

GD:P - It is time to take a good hard look at ourselves.

If Hill wins Tex and Ohio, will Obama

I support Obama for president.

I hope Obama fans here are ready for the possibility that Hillary will pull it out in TX and OH

If Obama Lies...will his supporters still support Him?

In 50 words or less, tell me why I should vote for Clinton or Obama

Gays, Lesbians defecting to Obama, who is for FULL REPEAL of Defense of Marriage Act, Clinton is NOT

Gays, Lesbians defecting to Obama, who is for FULL REPEAL of Defense of Marriage Act, Clinton is NOT

Say nice things about Nancy Reagan

Handy Guide to Bill and Hillary Clinton's Outsourcing Industry links and contributions

Clinton has won 800k more Democratic votes than Obama, Obama has won white Dems in only 2 states

PLEASE... Someone tell me why Hillary should be nominated.

In Texas, Clinton Gets Girl Power

Hillary Clinton Staff: Don't Fight On In Vain

Electoral Math - Obama vs. Clinton

Tuesday March 4 prediction poll

A Tale of Two Edwards Supporters - Is this a common tale?

Hillary Will Dropout Wednesday

You know what makes this whole thing so fascinating to watch?

Wolfson Schools the Press Corps.... grill the Rezko thing like you did Hsu!

Regardless of who wins it, I hope one thing dies....

Obama, please answer this:

Ohio Preview: Polling and demographic graphs

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Saturday day March-01-2008

How Obama's Judgement of Hillary & the Iraq War Vote Changed With His Presidential Ambitions

Hillary's "35 Years Of Experience" Argument...

There is a reason Coulter, Limbaugh, etcetera are trying to get Hillary elected

Obama is one marshmallow, Clinton is two!

USA Today slams NAFTA haters (China, not Mexico and Canada, to blame for job losses)

psst, fellow Obama supporters, look here

I predict it will be World War III in here on Tuesday.

Name a Hillary Shenanigan

Buckeye State Blog: [Rumor] Obama Internals Have Him Leading In Ohio Above MoE

Its time I out myself, I was talking to a republican today who had flipped to Obama, he said.....

If you're supporting Hillary and opposed the war

If you're supporting Hillary and opposed the war

It was a vote for fucking war. Period.

It was a vote for fucking war. Period.

Politifact rules Slacker Senator charge against Committee Chair Obama TRUE


January 6, 1962, JFK said "There is no city in the United States in which

Lawsuit over Florida delegates will be appealed to Supreme Court if needed.

30 Local Newspaper Articles (both campaigns) TX/OH/VT/RI

Chasing Kerry in Texas

All this Obama-rama, , ..this POWER, it just is not right folks.

Is Unpleasentness a winning strategy? Maybe. Hillary's uptick may be an example

Is Unpleasentness a winning strategy? Maybe. Hillary's uptick may be an example

Obama Supporter Here: I have a few concerns about Obama right now.

Obama Supporter Here: I have a few concerns about Obama right now.

Obamy and Hillary live together in perfect harmony...

Clinton on SNL now SPOILER ALERT for all not on eastern time

Pennsylvania teen lauded by Bush admits theft

My Two Cents - Plain

It's 3 AM, and Hillary is exaggerating

Clinton Campaign: Let Rhode Island Decide

Retired General, Joint Chiefs Chair Hugh Shelton endorses Hillary Clinton.

How does Hillary win the nomination?

Health Care: "Prescription for Diaster"

The absurdity of the notion that the GOP supports soldiers

Economist estimates cost of Iraq war to exceed $3 trillion

No matter who our nominee is there's still cause for concern.

Matt Gonzalez for vice president

They STILL think that war is fucking glorious, some people.

The Bush Family's Slaveholding Past -- History News Network

Getting spanked did not make me a deviant!

The Sun Belt rules!

Rick Karr on Government Secrecy

And now, the most disappointing AP correction of all time.

More Americans turning to Web for news

We have nothing to sell but fear itself

Don't screw around at San Francisco Zoo any more

Where is Countdown? It is 11 pm cst and they have "Let'sGet Our Jollies Looking at Predators"

Best argument for turning veg (and cleaning house at the USDA/FDA)

Caught on tape: More deputies accused of brutally beating inmate

MSN: "The credit card party is officially over" (0% balance transfers, etc.)

Will the oil companies lower the prices on gas like they did before the 06 elections?

Far be it from me to only post Economic Gloom & Doom-Forbes: "4 Wrong Reasons for Pessimism"

Nell Irwin Painter: Populism then and now -MUST SEE

Pelosi to file a civil suit seeking enforcement of the contempt citations ( no Inherent contempt )

MODS-board won't load completely for me-Mac-Safari-stops at "Right Now on the DU Discussion Forums"

Stiglitz on WJ CSPan1 now - the cost of the Iraq War n/t

Latest Bagley toooooooon >>>>

Senator John Cornyn releases his military records!

CSPIN this mourning

McCain: "We are succeeding in Iraq. I'm not asking them to apologize because they were wrong."

Long Term Economic Failure....

It is 3:00 AM on D.U. and you see some flame bait being posted .....

Where can I find a transcript of the Black State of the Union 2008?

Congrats to PolitiFact! "Best Overall Newspaper Web Site"

FLASHBACK: McCain Repeatedly Lobbied FCC On Behalf Of Campaign Contributors

Some Questions Bush still Needs To Answer!

Bush uses Radio Address for more legacy building: "860,000 fewer young people using drugs today"

WIRED: Cowboys of the Deep Seas Attempt to Save a Boatload of Mazdas

It's just so hard to accept that these criminals can break the law...

Jason Leopold / Scoop: Mukasey Rebuffs Pelosi, Refuses to Prosecute Bush Aides for Contempt

how's that 'road map' mr bu$h*? -At Least 45 Killed in Israeli Strikes in Gaza

Are Americans Licensed to kill?

Gas prices, the same old game over and over again.

US Congress investigators head to Cayman tax haven (and not for vacation)

Breaking: Two Planes collide at Florida Air Park


Since RW'ers fear "radical Islamists" so much

Democrats Seeking Bush's Impeachment Settle for Contempt Citations

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned speech to Anti-War Rally

Mukasey: I Won't Prosecute Bush Aides

They would make the lessor case the greater and you will suffer for it.

Guns for Greys?

Condi is subject of Wheel of Fortune Puzzle

Where were you when we invaded Iraq?

AHHHHH! 2 Of 3 Tests Of New Ballot Scanners Fail

DiMaio v DNC Lawsuit Granted New Hearing...says it may determine next president.

Did you ever wonder what the H stands for?

Local repubs in trouble

"Human Rights Hypocrisy: Hidden In Plain Sight"

Woman addicted to hoax calls to the police

lets play "what might have been" 9/11 NEVER happened...what happened to shrub?

McCain Courted Hagee for at Least a Year

Man Blames Wife Beating On Gas Prices

White House ties troop levels to Iraqi elections - in other words - war without end

Troop deaths in Iraq drop in February (CNN); Iraq violence jumps in February (BBC)

Iraqi civilian casualties rose 36 percent in February

"The McModerate" (Or As I Prefer To Call Him: McIdiot)

It Italy, they used to call the $ "il superdollaro"

U.S. excluded bombs from Iraq murder toll - Figures don't lie but liars sure do figure


al Qaeda is in Iraq...

Michael Moore's Link of the Week

NCLB is a ticking bomb. By 2013, ALL American schoolchildren

NCLB is a ticking bomb. By 2013, ALL American schoolchildren

"Wars don't end, they are won or lost," -Lynne Cheney

Is anybody familiar with Shashi Tharoor?

Thanks to that asshole Drudge, Prince Harry is being sent home early! (no regrets from Drudge)

Relax style lamp.. Like tripping on the bottom of the sea! COOL!

9/11 rescue workers demand justice

Caption U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte

Do we have a media managed election process?

Here we go again with the fucking slow-ass blog ads

"Prince Harry" & story, "The Most Dangerous Game" about hunting humans

"Meet Tim Russert" - (Media Matters)

I wonder what made this kid explode. By all accounts, he loved his family.

help me make these photos top search results for ''bandar bush'' (they're serious)

What the hell is it with people posting in GDP with the stipulation,

A confederate flag license plate for Florida???

White House blocks inquiry into construction of $736m embassy in Iraq

Pension Battle

Conyers releases Simpson transcript.

Man hits woman on way to anger control class

Sunday Talking Heads Line-up: Richardson Announcement?

NeuroLogica Blog: Has the Government Conceded Vaccines Cause Autism?

General Discussion: Primaries - -

Federal Reading First Budget Cut by 60% in 2008

Bill Moyers Web Exclusive: Rick Karr on James Risen and Sibel Edmonds

Bush's " Legacy" will be the Economic downfall of the US

3973 Americans dead in Iraq and CNN's 2nd "Top Story" is "J. Lo's twins named Max and Emme"

Propaganda and Politics

There is at least $6,601,015,731 worth of US Army managed military equipment in Iraq...

'Nuff Said

Tax cuts and debt.

GOTV mailing to deceased pot bellied pig? Yeppers

Right to Vote

Remember that Window of Opportunity right after 9/11 When the World was with us?

Special Elections Draw Attention to Control of Congress

It is 3am, you are walking your dog, you need a flashlight you can TRUST! (video)

Spooky feeling last night

If You’re Not a Big Bank, Don’t Expect Bush to Help

"Leave the gun. Take the salsa."

Judge reverses order disabling Wikileaks

Judge reverses order disabling Wikileaks

Campaign is dead after 5 primaries -- nobody notices!!11

Take Back America: The Conference, The Goal

I propose we revive and push toward making ERA the law of the land.

Plan Nine From Outer Space ... Coded Massage Follows

Anybody Heard About This

Obama, Clinton offer plans to cut poverty, bolster economy

For Women's History Month - Women's History of Peace

Possible breakthrough in the fight against AIDS

Frank Luntz is making me vomit....

Crawford Pig Farm Photo Gallery: The War President warmly encourages you to kiss his fake Texan ass

if you get Link TV-"Stealing Democracy" coming on at 8PM CST

Now this is real activisim: Going after the housing loan shark in Cleveland

SF to publicize its status as sanctuary for illegal immigrants

To Hell With Good Intentions

'Enjoy life while you can'

Sunday TV news shows

Can March 15th be our last stand?

Health Care/Plans question.

In spite of the fascist-network, I believe OUR PEOPLE have 'grown UP', a LOT.

BBC interviewer ripping Nader a new one..

Urgent Action needed for Lt. Eric Shine

I Received This E-Mail This A.M. From A Friend - I Left It Intact Only XXXX'ed Out Names........

Real Diplomacy Works—Military Threats Don't (I missed the Omaha event)

Publicist claims Prince Harry's frontline stint a PR stunt

School Sends Blank Utility Bills To Help Students Vote

Why isn't Hal turner in custody?

Does anyone here work as an independent contractor?

They lied, so what are you going to do about it?

The Worst-Case Scenario for Housing

George W. bUsh declares himself a war criminal

Jindal promises to cut spending during the campaign now about a Billion more in spending

Freepers upset about not being able to call Obama 'Hussein' strike back!

Du'er TrueDelphi announces 10 Million dollar lawsuit against major National Bank

My Daughter Told Me She Likes Older Men...

Federal court rejects Bush stance over Navy sonar use

A conundrum I never tire of -

I don´t mind TROLLS, but I´m really bothered by PARTY-POOPERS

WFT: Hurricane Emma hits Europe

Hello I love you Wont you tell me your name?

Can someone explain to me the whole monarchy thing.

What is Neil Bush Doing in Paraguay?

Driving home tonight, a dog crossed the street in front of me...

Lala RawRaw kicks Clown Bootii on HuffPo.

Hello I love you Wont you tell me your name?

Let's just take a moment out of our busy day to laugh, shall we?

Bill Nelson teams with Ted Stevens to make things illegal that are already illegal.

You might be surprised...But Temeah likes culottes!

He,he! Ha,ha! Hoo, hoo! It's snowing !!

This song came over the "piped music" in a store today and I nearly wept.

New Book Exposes American Right's Alliance with Deranged Cult Leader

TRIPPY: 1,301 Florescent Bulbs Lit Solely by Magnetic Fields (from power lines)

Question for the science/engineering/accounting nerds

John McCain was born in Panama, not the USA

Just got back from a Spring exposition; and I'm thoroughly given PAUSE...

Man Blames Wife Beating On Gas Prices

We are mamals

It's 5am and I am awake. I wouldn't mind it except that I think the

I just got "Jews" from the library dvd collection...

George Carlin live on HBO tonight!

Building Our Own Media

is "Leap Year Day" an actual holiday now?

xanax+methocarbamol+vodka numb the pain

Happy March Day!

1 in 7 children in Iraq have at least one disability

A story of strength and hope.

I am sick, sick sick of the snow

GAO: Private Medicare Plans a Bad Deal for Seniors

A question of ethics.


Clipboard: Iraq

I made pancakes for breakfast, yum yum yum

I wrote a new verse to Starrfadu's "Let It Out". Tell me what you think.

Two jokes

Everyone talks about the Environment......BUT Nobody

Help needed re: mortgage

Could one get around Paris not being able to bypass the music aisle at the store?

I just made my first GD:P post!

Who else has seen "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"?

Imagine the Senate without Russ Feingold

Anybody know where I can watch an NBC affiliate streaming online?

Looking to open a ROTH IRA. Anyone recommend a particular one?

Battlestar Galactica: Catch up to season 4 in 8 minutes (FUNNY official video)

Do You Remember Being Carried as an Adult by a Child?

Did the DUzys get posted last night?

My new neice is a Leapling

Songs about Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

Last night, Bill Maher made comments about Prince Harry's paternity

I thought that something might be wrong this morning.

I dreamt my cancer was back

Holy FUCK. Too bad the American people can't get this upset over the war in Iraq...(VIDEO)

Vets Break Silence on War Crimes

Well, my little cheerleading team and I got snowed in and missed the big competition. But

Foreclosure/housing poll

More, Iz.

Most Egregious Clip Of The Week: w/ & TYT On O'Reilly's Baseless Smears

Most Egregious Clip Of The Week: w/ & TYT On O'Reilly's Baseless Smears

Was Olbermann aired last night 2/29/2008?

Foods and books to make you stupid

Inisde joke in this comic strip...

Geldof To Bush: Many People View Him "as a walking crime against humanity."

Would you purchase refurbished electronics?

Do You Remember Being Carried As a Child by an Adult?

Anyone here from Florida? anyone remember ShakeyDave?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/1/2008)

Southwest Airlines announces Olive Garden as new official caterer for in-flight meals

Time to take a break from the campaigns...

So I canceled my credit card today

So Hollywood now now is selling having babies? Has the anorexia fad passed?

True or false, this maxim:

The rumors are true, Omaha Steve no more (temp)

The rumors are true, Omaha Steve no more (temp)

Funniest blog entry I've seen in a while...


GD-P According to Gizoogle

GD:P Defined!

Because I LOVE Taco Supremes

Starting a copy cat thread...

Starting a 'fraidy cat thread.

Gosh he's a handsome devil ...

Gosh he's a handsome devil ...

Starting a copy cat thread ...

Little Britain

Lovely, lovely thin mints. I finally found them!

10,000 B.C.

Because I LOVE The Supremes


Relax style lamp.. Like tripping on the bottom of the sea! COOL!

The most important issue facing humanity is steroid use in baseball.

I'm a horrible person! A horperson, if you will

Cross posted...need input please!

Do y'all watch the Gnooze?

So... who wants to rename Southwest Airlines?

Kudzu & Apple Juice Pudding. It's going places.

The Story Behind the Song "My Wish"

Prince Harry

Why didn't I find out about this before yesterday? Now I have to go to Paris.

This has gotta be one of the finest gospel tunes I've ever heard...


More Orlando pictures.... room, view and one sunset... picture heavy

Could one get around Paris not being able to kiss french?? or stay at a Hilton??


Anyone see the Love Guru trailer yet?

Why is lunch so... dull...?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

neck spasm

I have the chills

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Rickroll thingie.

Saje's health update

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Huff Post: An Open Letter To Powerline & Others - For The Love Of Karl Rove?

McLame: Make tax cuts permanent and retrain unemployed workers.

Web site question - Need farly quick answers.

Howard Dean's speech at Georgetown for Black History Month...informative

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

The Long And Winding Road

The Long And Winding Road

Is ih8thegop a male?

Book TV Schedule: March 1st - 3rd

Will Lee Mercer run as an independent?

Anyone Seen U2 3D?

Utah Phillips fans


Sweep the Leg, Johnny

Before I order "Rendition" on PPV,,,,,,anybody seen it? and did you like it?

Another Saturday Night....

Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most.

Right at your Door... anyone see this?/

I just discovered true happiness

IPOD/Apple experts!!!! need help.... please

Bobby Flay? Screw that! It's Flobby Flay!!!

SIMPLE CHART: Saudi government connection to 9/11

Anybody here ride one of these?

I ate 7oz of pickled ginger for dinner. Washed it down with the brine I pickled it in.

I need to chill out


hey Men over 30, Sexy vs Sultry?

The CLASH is on PBS (WETA CH. 26) fyi

Deseret Wedding.

Milwaukee's PBS channel 10, has "Pioneers Of Television," game shows.

tater tots are like fries, just in particleboard form

I just saw THE stupidest Disney movie...

Dang it... I got sunburned today..

So do certain political leanings attract people to certain jobs?

The Snyder appreciation thread.

Does anyone else have a Creative Labs Zen MP3 player? I just got one and

Good Night Lounge (before any sleepers get on board)

Should I stay or should I go?

A short while ago I flounced out of here, never to return.

Why do I want to kill my Corgi????

"Diamonds are what I really need...

The worst movie in history is about to start on AMC...

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Nekkid Yoga thingie

Post Good Unknown Songs By People Or Groups

I can't let this day pass without wishing you all a Happy

Why do I want to kill The Korgis?

Hey, Skinner! Hey, Mods!

Another laptop question:

After learning more about how a caucus really works....

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Nekkid thingie.

US: Vets Break Silence on War Crimes

I know it's a perception thing, but...

Combine two random food names to make the best-sounding name

I Hate "Wide Screen"

I'm totally wasted - ask me anything

Just saw "Vantage Point"

any singers you have discovered lately???

I %#@!& HATE Home Depot!

Here's A Buzz-Word That Really Fries My Ass

I'm shameless. I like getting Rickrolled!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/1/08

Seton Hall students: It IS YOUR DUTY to ask Marc Grossman why he has committed treason this Monday!

A serious question. (I promise this time)

Dessert Wedding

I'm going to take a nap now.

Dumped via e-mail by two girlfriends in a row. I guess I'm on a roll!

It's March - and that means....

I hope you're all doing well in your lives.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Thoughts on posting at DU

He's 34 and drinkin' in a honky tonk, just kickin' hippies' asses and raisin' hell

My inbred neighbor's mooching relative gets kicked out of the house, freaked out, so I youtubed it!

HEY MATCOM! How was the Spaghetti dinner?

I got to meet Aaron Sorkin today!!

"Get 'em while they're HOT" -- NAKED Fireman

Worker dead at desk for 5 days! (I know this is old, but MY GOD!)

A Poem for Saturday Night...

Alan Rickman

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Nekkid Yoda thingie.

Hummers! (dial-up beware)

Desert wedding

As A Boomer, Activist, And Poor, I have Learned ...



Wedding dessert.

Is It Too Late to Drive Bush Out?

I'm totally naked - ask me anything

Mechanical or Sexual ?

Could one get around Paris not being able to speak french?

I'm a kitty Dad!

George Bush Is Engaged in an Epic Battle to Cover His Ass

Independent truckers see end of the road

**Saturday Night Pic Thread! Me and Billyskank!!**

What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart?

Why is it, when I look at THIS picture, I think of another one?

I am having a severely crappy day. Please post youtube clips of your fave comedians. And no

Watch these college kids shut down the street & WALK 7 mi. to polling place.

Can someone help me out here? ("There Will Be Blood" line)

Come on Obama people, man your Battle stations! Hillary DUers are winning the Headline Wars on GDP!

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Rumors circulate that Hillary's internals show her up in OH by large margin.

Grammar Nazi: I can't take this one anymore!!!!

Can somebody explain Westchester County in NY to me?


a question for the men (okay and women too)

Lisa has finally finished drawing out my tattoo. we are going to show it to the tattoo artist soon

Kitties! I need kitty pics! NOW!

Remember the fad book "The Secret"? - How's that working out for people?

Intelligent Attraction (new theory of universal gravitation)

Hillary's campaign raises Rezko as Bill leaves campaign trail for fund raiser with Frank Giustra

I would like to draw your attention to another post, if I may....

Do You Ever Wish You Could Go Back In Time?

***DUzy Awards for week ending February 29, 2008***


I'm seriously thinking about making my own biodiesel

"The two party system is really a one party system. You could call it the Demublican party

HORTON on McCain, Abramoff and the Riley Band of Choctaw Republicans

Starting a tabby cat thread...

Hey BOSTON DUers!!! Let's go out for a beer on Friday 3/21

"the Hate America crowd"

Who here feels not much will change after 01/20/2009 ?

Just got back from a car show; I'm totally disgusted

U.S. Air Force Selects Northrop Grumman to Provide the New KC-45A Aerial Refueling Tanker

Whose hand have you had the pleasure of shaking?

Lee Mercer, Jr, chooses his veep--DU mentioned!

Record turnout possible for Texas primary

Economist: War to cost $3.5 trillion

Court gags ex-SAS man who made torture claims

2 People Killed in Plane Collision in Florida

FAA Criticized In Report on Airplane Parts

FBI Interviews Iraqi Witnesses of Blackwater Shooting

Turkish army chief denies US pressure led to Iraq pull-out

Iraq casualties rise again after Qaeda bombs

U.S. "muscle flexing" won't work in Lebanon: Syria

2 of 3 Tests of New Ballot Scanners Fail (Cuyahoga County OH)

At new U.S. Embassy in Iraq, even kitchens are fire hazards

Obama courts Jewish voters, faces challenges

Federal judge lifts order against Wikileaks whistle-blower Web site

Florida Democrats select convention delegates today

India to spend $13 million to protect tigers

Livery Driver Arrested in Baby Case

UN rejects British denial on rendition

Iraqi court tosses American's conviction

McCain Tags Dems on Trade Treaty

PDVSA says Exxon's asset freeze based on fantasy

World's largest airport terminal opens

Attack Ads on the Way

No. 2 Colombian rebel killed, government says

Bush: No Promises On Troop Withdrawals

Nicholson Films Make Case for Clinton

Some Texas Voters Shut Out Of Primary

US: Vets Break Silence on War Crimes

Obama Spends Heavily to Seek Knockout Blow

Iran's Ahmadinejad To Make Landmark Trip To Iraq

Armenian president declares state of emergency

Guns, 'anarchist book' found in motel

Soaring food prices imperil U.S. emergency aid

Iraq war 'caused slowdown in the US'

Global Warming Growing More Lethal Than Before

Panama's president vetoes law declaring anniversary of US invasion a 'day of mourning'

As Developer Heads to Trial, Questions Linger Over a Deal With Obama

Mpls. judge wants JFK material in national archives, not Dallas...

More Americans (nearly 50%) turning to Web for news

Jamaican government considers legalizing pot

Independent truckers see end of the road

Plans to Raze NIU Shooting Site Debated

GOP frets over Democratic fundraising

McCain seeks distance from pastor

House Dems may move to split spy bill

Prolific Spammer's Conviction Upheld

Recall After Pills Found In Frozen Fish (Gorton's)

Activists bare teeth over foreclosures

Tennessee Republican pleads guilty to mail fraud

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Obama

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Obama

Troops Die While Bureaucrats Blunder: The Fight Against Red Tape


The true cost of war- Gaurdian UK interview with Joseph Stiglitz.

Middle Eastern Pol Struggles to Overcome Stigma of Middle Name: 'Smith'

Why Are Citizens Being Locked Up For “Un-American” Thoughts?

Human Rights Hypocrisy: Hidden In Plain Sight

Child Poverty and How to Stem America’s Prison Madness

Why Barack Obama Got My Vote by Naomi Wolf

Crunch Time on the Bread Line

The Political Trial of Don Siegelman

Obama Adopts New Campaign Song To Quell 'Muslim Rumors': 'Rock the Casbah'

No Arms! No Transfers! No Military Aid! It's Time To Demilitarize US Policy in Africa

The Real 'Natural Born' Problem Threatening McCain’s Candidacy

White House blocks inquiry into construction of $736m embassy in Iraq

The Texas Star: Obama Campaign Keeps Rising

TED 2008: How Good People Turn Evil, From Stanford to Abu Ghraib

Robert Parry: Is John McCain a Liar?

Billo Accuses Obama of Anti-Semitic Bias in Films

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Friendship in the Fourth Estate

Prominent British Figures Call on ExxonMobil to Respect Venezuelan Sovereignty

How did Hillary Clinton fall so far?

Frank Rich: McCain Channels His Inner Hillary

The Dean Legacy

Salon: Obama's got ground game

Obama's not nearly as progressive as many think he is.

Pastor Strangelove

It Really IS The Economy, Stupid

CSM - Barack Obama and the case for charisma

A Card Carrying Civil Libertarian (Obama) from NYT

U.S. Among Harshest for Sentencing Children

'The world' according to Washington-by Noam Chomsky

The Church of Obama

Obama, being called a Muslim is not a smear, by Naomi Klein

Dowd: A Wake-Up Call for Hillary

I wanna war !

George W Bush comedian or idiot?

Iraq Vets Against the War & Vets For Peace Lead Peace March

WAR by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Stop the Spying!

How to liven up a dying conversation!

3am: Hillary Clinton remixed

John Feal talks about Dennis Kucinich

New Rules 2/29/08

Barack Obama A better day

John McCain: I'm a proud conservative liberal Republican

"We're electing a president -- we're not electing someone whose goal is to unify the country"

Hillary's Message To Texas: Deliverabull

Representing for Barack

What's going on? A film about US veterans against Iraq war

Bill Moyers: Big Media is Ravenous.

TYT: Three Levels Of Al Qaida Groups Show How Iraq War Has Made Terrorism Worse

Norm Coleman's Letters To The Editor

Activists protest against privatization of Iraqi oil


Kal Penn (Kumar) Urges Ohioans to Vote Now

Chanting and Fainting?!?!?! Can Anybody say CULT?

Director's Cut- Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama: The Change Working Familes Need

This One's For Ann....Hillary TX ad


Barack Obama's Health Care Record Marches On

Jack Nicholson's Second Ad For Hillary

Hillary Talks to Jim Cramer about the Economy


Jack Nicholson for Hillary

Obama's Judgment of Rumsfeld

Ray Gun In Action (CBS- 60 minutes, Sun)

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama in Beaumont, TX - on education and parents parenting

Egregious Clip Of The Week (DU Mentioned!): /TYT On O'Reilly's Baseless Smears

How long does it take to name a crisis Hillary's handled?

Bill Clinton's New Obama Campaign Ad

Codex Alimentarius P1

The tragedy of suburbia

Hillary Clinton: For the Record

EBay sees growing risks to business in coming year

South Africa: agricultural losses from electricity crisis

Congestion charge 'boosts health' (BBC) {fewer cars-->better health}

What's the best way to dispose of /recycle VHS tapes?

PM warns stores over {plastic shopping} bags (BBC)

Plastic bag bans around the world (BBC)

PSC to vote on net metering policy (FL)

Warm your house with passive solar technology

Peter Garrett, Australia's Environment Minister, no lethal research on whales

Can words describe how bad corn ethanol is?

Oman's National Oil Company Projects Eighth Straight Year Of Production Decline - Gulf News

BMW bets on hydrogen

Slippery Slope: Inventor Wages War on Rock Salt

Norway's IPY Secretariat Head - If 2008 Matches 2007 Temps, Arctic Sea Ice May Go This Year - Xinhua

Dangerous Fossil Fueled Aircraft. America's Existing Bombers.

A kitteh thread for E/E


No impact from Energy Saving Day

Nuclear Powered Cars

Please dumb down a discussion of dangerous fossil fuel waste so I can feel better about my car.

Commodity/Food Prices Hitting Even "Recession-Proof" Foods - Pizza, Hot Dogs, Bagels - MSNBC

Nuclear powered aircraft - America's "hottest" bomber: The NX2

Reuters (“Ethanol boom may stifle U.S. gasoline demand,” 2.14.08).

James Lovelock: "Enjoy life while you can, because 80% of people will be wiped out by 2100"

Vice chief of staff Cody announces retirement

Court rejects second anthrax vaccine lawsuit

MOAA urges rejection of Tricare fee hikes

Petraeus wants withdrawal decision postponed

DoD budget barely adequate, House panel says

Army, BAE bringing Bradleys into digital age

Army may extend service life of land missile

Prince Harry being pulled out of Afghanistan

Troops in Djibouti fight terrorism with wells

Textron reveals upgraded M117

Turks withdrawing from Iraq

BAE, Navistar unveil JLTV prototype

Thach skipper fired for loss of confidence

Naval Surface Forces CO hands over command

Prosecution rests in sailor terror case

New units to assume Special Forces mission

Hadithah trial postponed over CBS subpoena

Members of 5/10 return to Lejeune Sunday

Senators shield whistleblower on MRAP flaws

Navy discounts Kitty Hawk scuttlebutt

Meningitis meddles in trial of former Marine

Ex-soldier sentenced over civilian income

B-2 crash: Accident board to convene soon

Ship named in honor of 9/11 to be christened

175 Mont. guardsmen leave for Iraq

Governor may pardon Marine burglar chaser

Repairing F-15s could cost $50 million

Covenant benefits kick in for Army programs

U.S. Navy closes base on Sardinia

C-130 crew cited for saving lawmakers

Crew chiefs stuck with scenery near Balad

Unit prepares for first deployment under new name

Report: Iraq spent millions on ‘phantom’ officers

Okinawa Marine faces counterfeiting charge

Americans on Okinawa report assaults, vandalism

Airbus, NGC Win Tanker Contract

Today's Debate Over Waterboarding

BRAC Prosperity Will Have a Price Tag

Marine arrested in alleged rape released; girl, 14, drops claim

Army Makes Use of New Manual

Active First Soldier Continues Custom

Spouses get a taste of combat on GI Jane Day

Lighter .50-cal machine gun sought

Ne state AFL-CIO political mailer on legislative bills

OSHA adds fines at site of fatal fall in Niagara Falls

Pembroke, N.H., contractor faces $76,500 in fines from OSHA for cave-in hazard at Hillsborough, N.H.

Roofing contractors share how they handled job-site fatalities

OSHA looking into DPW worker's death

OSHA proposes $192,000 in fines against Attleboro, Mass., manufacturer for 29 safety and health viol

OSHA Fines Wis. Company for Safety Violations after 4 Workers Die

Alabama manufacturing plant hit with $60K in OSHA fines

Bovis and Galt fined by OSHA nearly half a million dollars (killed two firefighters)

KC chemical company to pay two federal agencies that investigated blast, fire ($225,000 fine)

OSHA Cites Metal Forger After Follow-Up Inspection ($140,000 in fines)

OSHA cites Swampscott company for scaffolding collapse ($6,000)

OSHA proposes nearly $43,000 in fines against Stratford, Conn., manufacturer following chemical spil

OSHA fines OK plant $107K for continued violations

Navy Faces ISR Deficit After P-3 Groundings

Three more to speak on Islam at academy

Navy Sonar Restricted Off Hawaii Coast

Murphy Oil, OSHA Reach Settlement ($179,100 )

Judge OKs mandatory anthrax vaccine

Tanker contract decision announced

Plant cited by OHSA ($60,000)

Initial citations in state (MN) OSHA death cases (over $450,000)

OSHA imposes fines over sewer deaths (4 dead $4,200)

A. Philip Randolph’s Message of Justice Via Unions Still True Today (organized Porters in 1925)

Union-Busting, the Latest Ugly U.S. Export

Baseball union could OK valid HGH test

Lockheed, unions reach tentative agreement

USA: Union-busting in Minnesota Attorney General's Office E-action

Teachers, students protest for union

NYT: Union Grows, but Leader (Andy Stern) Faces Criticism

St. Rita’s employees to vote on union

No response from diocese prompts priest to write public letter to Martino

Listen, acknowledge, take action (Starbucks)

Today in labor history March 01

More unions back federal health care reform

Somebody asked for union made in the US girls undies (photos)

USDA suspended two of its workers at Chino slaughter plant, union leader says (beef recall)


NAFTA Seen Differently in Ohio, Texas

Thanks OSHA! Don't let this happen to you

Breaking.... Worker struck in head dies at construction site

FREE bumper sticker (no strings attached) "what part of union" T shirts 4 sale too!

alcibiades_mystery . . . . thread #2


Thought experiment: Let's say I win the $153 million dollar Powerball jackpot tonight.

A chart is worth a thousand words!!!

March Contrary Investor

Poole, Paulson, Bernanke on Bailouts and Bank Failures

Economist estimates...

Panama's president vetoes law declaring anniversary of US invasion a 'day of mourning'

White House extends Andean trade preferences, threatens Bolivia, Ecuador

PDVSA says Exxon's asset freeze based on fantasy

Italy’s Eni to invest $4bn in Venezuela

BANANAS: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World

Top FARC Commander Killed by Colombian Army in Ecuador

Has anyone here cashed out their 401K?

El Salvador to investigate alleged Venezuelan funding of dissenters

Are there more illegal immigrant non-management employees in Venezuela or America?

Tuesday is a big day for all of us as well

So on Thursday our faculty advisor came into the GLBT Pride Alliance

McCain Seeks Distance From Anti-Gay Pastor (I'm flabbergasted!)

Were you guys aware that we're all "fucking crazy people"?

2 IDF soldiers, 80 Palestinians dead

Looking for a new Palestinian partner

Horror and shame

Abbas: Gaza Attack A "Holocaust"

Israeli force in Gaza is 'excessive' -U.N.'s Ban

On Arab TV, the images from Gaza are of dead women and children

Hamas raises the strategic stakes, and an IDF invasion looms closer

Not about rockets

Two hurt in Ashkelon rocket strike; 36 rockets hit Negev

Gazans cower under fire, anger at Israel mounts

PA suspends peace talks with Israel over Gaza violence

Israel kills 52 Palestinians in Gaza

32 Palestinians killed, 5 IDF soldiers hurt in Gaza

5 hurt in Ashkelon as close to 50 rockets hit southern Israel

"Our" awesome Joe - look what he just proposed

Need input from you guys.

I got some really pretty tarot cards yesterday

A possibly useful alternative cancer treatment site:

A message from the Universe - sung by Phil Collins

Timewave 2013

Maybe you all could send a little light to my husband?

Emotion vs. Feeling

Make a dodecahedron calendar

Here we go again (The Secret):

Are we able to forgive?

Michigan coach rant!

Hank Steinbrenner denounces Red Sox Nation

Children with autism may learn from 'virtual peers'

Baxter International Expands Heparin Recall; Report Links Blood Thinner to More Deaths

Good news for war injured and aging with back problems

Chinese Medic Uses Ancient Techniques To Treat Sick Kids On 11-Hour Flight

Ditch your crutches (the cast skate)

Anthrax Ruling to Be Appealed

Honey A Better Option For Childhood Cough Than Over The Counter Medications

Rosemary and mushroom chicken

Celebrity TV Chef Robert Irvine Reportedly Fired Over Spiced-Up Resume

My camera won't work

Ice castle

edge detect

I flew into O'Hare on Thursday.....

winter hang out

Wild portraits

Watch Macro

Walnut Hull


If Jeffrey Dahmer had been able to recite the Koran etc. then would the media label him as a Muslim?

God's Spotlight...

Forgive me, but this picture cracks me up.

AFA's next show is "Silencing Christians"

Special delivery -- ESA



Question: Anyone have statistics for the number of criminals convicted of illegal possession of a

If you had to choose one option, you would choose tomorrow morning to be...

She's an Oscar winner, She's Hot and I have to believe her

High-Ranking Intelligence Officer Updates His Conclusions About 9/11

Stealing Democracy? Greg Palast on LinkTV tonight, 6pm~

Election Reform and Related News- Saturday, March 1, 2008

FYI: LinkTV is running a segment "Stealing Democracy" this weekend

I love sfexpat2000 and I also like civilized conversation among

Dated: Texas Rep. Lon Burnam submits bill for Hand Counted Paper Ballots in Texas!

Politico's Ben Smith: Chasing Kerry in Texas


"Kerry precedent."

Sunday talk shows March 2: JK and Dean on CNN!

Obama Block Party and Caucus Training at North Houston office! tomorrow!

Obama's got ground game

Early voter turnout in Texas primary shatters records

Important note about who gets to use facilities for precinct conventions.

What are y'all doing to celebrate Independence Day?

Early vote numbers for Tarrant county.

You know, it's really weird to see all these people that you know ...

Dallas county Tejano Democrats have endorsed -- Obama!

Anybody know where I can find precinct maps for Tarrant County? nt

Did everyone get the email sent out by the TDP? More rules clarification

How does one find out who (if anyone) will be running their precinct convention?

Wow. The Obama folks have done what looks like a STATEWIDE caucus location lookup

1:1 fsb:dram ratio -- real or myth?

AVG blocking workgroup

I'm planning to switch from cable to DSL & Satellite TV. Do you

Help Looking for a new web site for a dispossessed business web site.

Anyone use Kixtart Scripting?

I posted this in GD: P because I think it is a persuasive explanation of Obama's skills which will

Obama is in Rhode Island!

Kerry-loving Obama supporters will enjoy this - Chasing Kerry in Texas

Cross-Post: I am the One Millionth Obama Donor

"I don't know the details." Yeah, right.

Liberals float theory on Cadman compensation

Flaherty calls Ontario 'last place' to invest

MacKay distances himself from Cadman allegations

Education Falls Below Prisons In State Budget

'Dump Dennis?'An ad targeting Rep. Kucinich has some dubious claims.

Kick McCain off the Ohio ballot

Clinton faces Kenya cattle fine over Obama photo

delete please

Clinton Irks Texas Democrats

"Her inability to break through the scar tissue...may cost her the chance to be president."

Conspiracy Theories

Information on Dan Lungren?

Telegraph cartoon today

Are we about due for a Sacramento/ NorCal meetup?