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Holloway case: full confession on television


A Beautiful America!

Corporate media selling O like W, but it killed Gore and Kerry...

CNN Poll of Polls released 30 minutes ago: Clinton ahead

Hillary "Push Poll" story debunked

How will the California vote go?

Are any of the Dem primaries Tuesday winner take all?

Obama has record of gun control but tells voters “I have no intention of taking away folks' guns."

To the cynics:

Alright, Hillary supporters: Come in here and give Obama a NICE compliment.

It's funny how Bill Clinton is evil for his personal indiscretions.

"False hope"

Obama campaign telling their volunteers to post here?

How is it that Obama is so far ahead in Kansas and Hillary is so far ahead in Oklahoma?


Strangest oft repeated meme I see on this board

Ok Obama Supporters Say Something Nice About HRC

Stand aside, Shriver! Borat endorses Hillary!

ACTUAL News on A Possible Gore Endorsement of Obama

100 New York Feminists oppose Hillary and endorse Obama

How will California react to Hillary's HealthCare mandate

HR 676 is far better than Clinton's, Obama's or Edwards' plan, and you know it!

Ignore this.

Hillary Cinton Supporters...Let them have GD:P. If I were you I'd leave

CNN Poll: Obama Leads Hillary Nationally By Three Points

Voting for Obama tomorrow and bringing 5 with me

Here's A Link To Some New State Polls- Too Many To Cut And Paste*

HRC has not had one rally in the Hudson Valley... gObama had three

SUSA - NY Clinton 56% Obama 38% NJ C - 52% O - 41%

Would Margaret Thatcher cry before every big primary?

Obama just said that John Edwards was bragging on himself

CALIFORNIA ELECTION INTEGRITY ASSESSMENT: tools for analysis of Feb 5 results

Quinnipiac NJ Poll: Obama Closing in - Clinton 48 (-1), Obama 43 (+11)

Tribute for John Edwards supporters

Honest question: Will tomorrow's NY parade for the Giants hurt voter turnout?

I really like both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton. Do you?

DU has hit a new Low with attacking Hillary for natural tears.

I just saw a John McCain and and he stole Hillary's line

If my family and friends are any indication, Obama will do OK tomorrow.

Obama Supporters, Let's Not Gloat. Let's Keep it Positive.

One day after an Obama nomination, there will be a certain video on the Sludge Report

Mike Gravel

Obama Schedule: Meadowlands NJ at noon; Seaport Boston at 8 pm.. any live telecasts?

David Rees of 'Get Your War On:' Clinton, Obama and Cluster Bombs

I didn't see Proud2BAmurkin posting the new Rasmussen poll, so here it is: Obama surging.

Barack Obama is a MAN - he nevers cries!! Who wants an old crying woman when you can have a MAN!!

Robert DeNiro being introduced at Obama rally in NJ now on MSNBC. nt

Republicans voting for Obama! Must See:

Ton Morrison expresses best why I'm an Obama supporter:

Drudge and Hillary co-ordinate their efforts

Toward Unity. As an Obama supporter, here is a thread of positive comments about Clinton

PHOTO: Here's a little kit for those who are drooling on their keyboards at Hillary crying.

Feminist Leaders Oppose Hillary, Endorse Obama

Obama-mentum is for real

Obama's "Imagine" moment (Lennon reference, obviously)

Are strong women "plotting" and "calculating" when they show emotion?

Obama closes the gap to 5 in NJ.

CNN.COM has the Obama Video for NJ..He's taking the stage

Super Tuesday Weather Forecast and Turn-out

Is it wrong to show emotion or cry? No, but.....

Breaking: Obama leads Clinton by 2 in latest Massachusetts poll


EVERYBODY: Post your fantasy celebrity endorsement's questionable hook here.

"One year from today, George Bush will not be president of the United States"

Obama supporters, get off of DU and do some work!

ROBERT DENIRO speaking at Barack event in NJ

My Stumps: Barack Obama speech turned into music video by

DEANIAC Obama supporters HEADS UP! Obama's Comm. Director was behind vile Dean morphs into Osama ad!

New McCain stump speech released.

I don't think one candidates supporters are better than any other on DU

Should Barack Obama Pick Hillary to Be His Vice President on His Ticket?

Breaking New: Misogyny gaining momentum

So the next time Drudge posts anything resembling a Hillary criticism of Barack

From a Feminist Pioneer: Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan

Please- will someone produce a parody song based on a BUSH speech

Breaking on CNN: Obama takes the lead nationally.

Breaking: Hillary Clinton Sneezes

The Powers That Be in Obama's "anti-establishment" campaign

Which candidate do you think would give the best (non-sexual) massage?

A carnival float @ the Rose Monday parade in Duesseldorf

Who will Republicans SO love to go up against in the General Election?

There are two minority governors (Don't blame Obama's southern poll results on racism)

Did anyone see Romney's ad?

If candidates knew how many perspective voters are

Barney Frank endorsing Hillary video? Where is it?

If Mussolini were to design a national HEALTH CARE plan . . . what would it look like?

The 5 Stages of Grief for Hillary and her campaign

DeLauro To Endorse Obama (sweeps Connecticut's Dem Reps short one who will not endorse)


Raising Obama (Vanity Fair)

Who is your favorite Clinton?

i've only one thing to say

Edwards' departure resonates with Iowans

Will McCain be a harder opponent than Obama's Senate opposition?

"the fierce urgency of now"

Clinton campaign downplays a large part of her career

Obama expands lead on Clinton in California

Author Garrison Keillor, former NARAL pro-choice America president endorse Obama

The five stages of grief for Obamaniacs and their campaign

When was the Obama Superbowl ad? (At what point in the game?)

"Yes She Can" is exactly the problem

Would Obama have run for the Presidency had Hillary not run?

Anyone know the name of the song that was the background music for Obama's 'Join' Super Bowl day Ad

what is Obama's stance toward Israel?

AP: Clinton Revels in Giant Win (Superbowl)

Obama erases Clinton's lead in AZ poll

This is a battle between GOOD and BETTER.

Polls are over the place, except that...

Clinton, Obama, Insurance

I have been out today can anyone give an update on Clinton/Richardson

Are there no moderators here tonight?

Super Tuesday party!

One thing people have to consider while looking at the latest polling...

Anybody ready to sing Kumbaya just to heal some wounds?

I just had another (24th) email read on CNN (about the primaries)

Obama Sets Record With January Donations; Online Donations 88% Of Total

So who IS the most electable?

President Clinton...

Bill Moyers illuminating interview about Obama

Edwards' Delegates "Will Have To Decide Who To Support In The Convention

I just heard Robert Kennedy Jr endorse John Edwards

****after the bashing and flaming - let's turn our attention to McCain*** (long)

Obama: "My button seems to be sticking!" (Chic. Trib.: "Present" votes emerging from the past"

*SIGH* I'd just like to leave all Clinton & Obama supporters with this tonight:

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller Endorses Hillary Clinton

Washington Square News Endorses: Barack Obama

"Just because I don't like your candidate DOESN'T mean I don't like you."

A Poem For Obama By 69 Year Old GrandMother

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Obama erases Hillary's lead! Clinton-45%, Obama 44%

Here is that judgment question again: why would she say she will garnish wages 24 hours before ST?

Hillypoo betta win! LAWL! She nut gurd womanz.

THE tuesday surge is working!! i am ecstatic!!

Just to be clear- if Sen. Clinton DOESN'T win the nomination, the DLC is finished.

Paul Krugman: Obama's health care plan far more superior!!!

A theory on polls: Poll/Information lag


General Discussion: Primates


Thank goodness

An Open Letter to the Media

And Shadow's New York Super Tuesday Vote Goes To.....

keep your powder dry....don't rush into any decisions

How to restore civility and polite discourse to GD:P

Zogby: Tied in NJ. Obama ahead in GA (+17), MO (+5) and CA (+6)

Serious question about electoral politics.

If candidates were dogs: BALTIMORE SUN

I keep wondering

C'mon. Under all the bravado, in your heart of hearts

Read this..and tell me who is palying the race card..

Hillary's tears seal the deal: I will not vote for her in November

I was going to vote for Hillary, but the SHEER VENOM to Obama makes me realize why we need

mark penn - lying thru teeth on MSNBC now


Hillarys healthcare scam will bankrupt millions


Paul Krugman: partisan Clinton advocate

What Atrios said

Undecided '08: Should I vote for Clinton or Obama? (Salon)

Poll: Obama Gains in NY

Fired up & ready in NJ

Super Tuesday's lead-up and aftermath: A poll.

Well, they're awake.

Obamatons, I know you are (faux) "outraged" at Hillary's health care plan

MA students newspaper The Tufts Daily endorses Obama

Anyone else annoyed by Bill Press who says he's not endorsing anyone but clearly shills for Hill?

INTRADE market update: Obama up to 48, Clinton 53, more accurate than any poll

Obama's short list.

What if? : Gary Hart doesn't monkey business, there is no Clintons, and beyond!

If McCain is so hated by Repukes, why is he way ahead in most of the polls and scoring big wins?

Obama will raise taxes by a trillion dollars

If Clinton wins and Obama concedes

First GAY president, or first atheist president, which will come first?

Zogby's Sunday sample had Obama opening up 17 point lead in California

Early General Election Practice Thread

McCain is in Boston (on CNN) and he's got three pals with him

20,000 attend Obama rally in Delaware

The video was good....

Hey, none of our candidates have shit on Romney:

Clinton, Obama, Insurance

By all polls, Obama is still surging...will it hold for Tuesday or will this be NH Redux?

CA & early voting?

A (kinda dumb) technical question about the primary results

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Ahead of Super Tuesday, Obama Enjoys a Super Sunday

"The scary side of Obama"

CNN Poll Latest Matchups: Obama beats McCain 52% to 44%! Obama beats Romney 59% to 36%!

We have a better grip of where the New Jersey race stands this morning

I'm starting to get embarrassed about the childish behavior on here.

Health Mandates: Why Paul Krugman's Wrong

New Ohio poll-Primary in one month - Hillary 42, Obama 19, undecided 39

Kucinich Folks, please check in.

ABC News: Clinton ahead of Obama nationally

Dean believes, "Yes We Can!"

Why does DU get worked up because of fake controversies?

SUSA IL: Obama 66, Clinton 30. NY: Clinton 56, Obama 38. NJ: Clinton 52, Obama 41.

Hollywood is going to lose this one for you Obamists.

Reducing healthcare costs by $2500 is NOT enough when the cost goes up by 30% every year

Obama supporters, don't get cocky. We still have early voting to worry about

The Democratic Party risks becoming Kenya...

CNN - Poll: Obama erases Clinton lead

McClatchey: Hillary Clinton's '35 Year of Change' Omits Most of Her Career

Clinton supporters in full time bash mode today! They are calling into all talk shows and spamming

WP Poll: Obama Beats McCain, Hillary Loses to McCain

In Democratic Families, Politics Makes for Estranged Bedfellows

If Hillary is elected, will her health insurance plan pass Congress?

Transcript of Ann Coulter's endorsement of Hillary (for those who want to spare their eyes)

New Quinnipiac poll: NJ. Clinton edges out Obama 48 to 43

100% certainty Clinton will win in California

We're in trouble: Hillary splits the nation-Barack splits the party...

Check out the discussion of candidates at

I won't vote for Obama even if wins the nomination

Obama Supporters: Please please leave this place today and Phone Bank or GOTV !

Tsunami Tuesday preview from TruthOut -- full snapshot of various predictions

Photos: Barack Obama arrives in New Jersey, greets Caroline and Ted Kennedy at Newark airport

Obama supporters only, please, for the poll part on this one


Robert Gibbs, of Dean/Osama infamy, is the man behind Obama's message

"Yes we can!" Oh really?....HOW?

Patrick Fitzgerald Prosecotor - "Big Loans Get Rezko Jailed" Chicago Sun Times

Explain to me why Obama's celebrity support is considered by some DUers to be a liability when. . .

Obama 'Surge' Heightens Super Tuesday Drama: CBS News

Current delegate count: Clinton 259; Obama 180. We're still in the lead. Keep it up Hillary!!!!!

Justin Elliott: Obama's Israel Shuffle

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama gaining ground on Hillary in New York

Clinton California Campaign Manager: tightening polls a "mirage"

Obama, Cultivating California Spirit, Eases Clinton’s Grip on State

What do you all think of this image?

Clinton Obama health care plans - you really want to know the difference? I really doubt it......

Minnesota and Massachusetts - two very important states we don't have enough recent poll data on

BREAKING!!!!!!!! Sellitman endorses:

Gov.Blagojevic endorses Obama and ties him to Rezko corruption...


Dont forget ! A National Town Hall Tonight!!!

How many peoples opinion on DU has been changed by the media coverage?

McClatchy: Clinton's '35 Years of Change' Omits Most of Her Career

The mystery of Clinton's (and Kerry's) IWR vote

bonddad: Obama Gets HUGE Endorsement: Paul Volcker

What Happens When the People Lose the Power to Control Government and What You Can Do...

If Obama has a Strong Showing on Super Tuesday...

New Jersey finds itself an unlikely political battleground

So now Obama's got a halo, too.

Rasmussen will have it Clinton 46, Obama 40 today. Movement to Obama.

NEW New York Poll: Clinton - 53, Obama - 39

A legitimate question for Clinton Supporters Re: political ideology

Obama Campaigns for Delegates In Smaller States: Strategy Could Be Risky for National Contest

I predict Hillary will win California by 53% to 47%

Undecided Feb. 5th voter here: Obama supporters, make your pro-Obama case here

I hear tears in my eyes right now

Super Tuesday Voters Can Broadcast Choices

Obama's Krugman Problem

So how many states will Hillary and Obama win tomorrow?

Who's endorsing Obama and Hillary?

UAW Will Not Endorse Clinton or Obama for Presidency


Can you make yourself cry on demand?

Sign in if you now hate Paul Krugman & Joe Wilson for dissing your candidate.

In presidential elections the opposite of "anti-war" (Obama) is "patriotic"

Who will do better in their home states? HRC or Obama

Robert De Niro: "I would prefer Barack Obama's type of experience."

I believe we are going to have to get over our "revulsion" of working with Republicans

Wow. So an actual Gore endorsement of Obama may be in the works.

Jack Nicholson Backs Hillary Clinton

Somebody Tell Hillary to Grow a Pair

Maddow Mind Reads Motive

STOP THE GENDER BAITING! Are these "crying" threads PLANTED?

If I were registered, would I have gotten a sample ballot?

I would be so much more impressed by Barack Obama if he could beat Hillary

Anyone figured out why Hillary compared Bill to Cheney yet?

I often cry....

Beyond Super Tuesday: Rest of Feb primary and caucus calendar seems to favor Obama

In Health Debate, Clinton Remains Vague on Penalties

Breaking: Hillary picks up the endorsement of L. Ron Hubbard

Listen, I am an Obama supporter, but stop the crap about Hillary crying

Who would you rather have choose - Edwards or some superdelegates?

Obama Supporters: As Tuesday approaches, A Chorus of Cynics rises up and says No We Can't

"A critical mass of John Edwards' LGBT steering committee is going public with support for... Obama"

Read those polls with caution..

Obama supporters talking about crying: You are stupid.

Why I can not believe in Barack Obama

People on both sides are so pathetic..Making up childish names to

Did Hillary cry when Iraqi children were being killed by our bombs?

DeNiro is with Obama, Nicholson has gone to Clinton's camp...

I am still offended as a democrat. that Hillary does so poorly among independents

This is My Second Defense of Hillary's Crying. And Some Thoughts on Bill Clinton's Driving Abilities

Truthout: "compared to 10 million for Clinton."

Rob Riener and Spielberg endorse Hillary Clinton

Breaking: Obama farts!

There is no room for garnishing your wages and crying in politics!

To Hillary Supporters

Like the Giants Beating the Pats, Can Obama Topple Hillary?

Fantastic picture.

Napolitano, Sebelius and McCaskill: The Obama Opportunity

Obama's legislative record leaves Hillary's looking thin

flashback: Bill Clinton Seen Laughing, Then Crying At Ron Brown Funeral

Krugman: Progressive Obama supporters don't understand that he's actually undermining their cause

The 800 lb Gorrila is still here and going strong

Krugman is NOT a Clinton Shill. He's mostly a single issue voter with a valid opinion

Today's Zogby has Romney up by 8 in CA

Just want to even things up around here.

Why Should Al Gore Endorse Anyone?

McCain ad: "As a POW, I was inspired by Ronald Reagan..."

Why are Obama cynics spamming this board with baseless attacks on Obama?

Toward Unity. As a Clinton supporter, here is a thread of positive comments about Obama

OK, which one of you Hillbots was on Stephanie Miller just now?

If Obama was a crack dealer, he'd be unequivocally Black

Hillary co-sponsored Obama's nuclear bill after it was revised:

Ann Coulter Goes Nuts: Promises Hillary Clinton That She'll Campaign for Her

More phony outrage over criticism of Hillary's tears

Obama supporter here, feel like giving Hillary a hug! Seriously...

Kerry: Incredible Energy behind Barack Obama

New York Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama!

Obama Supporters Want to Kill Health Care Reform

Gore endorsement did NOT hurt shook the DC insiders and they targeted Dean.

HuffPo: Why This Former Right Winger Likes Barack Obama

God Help America if they try to steal this one in November

If JFK loved "Camelot", what show tune does Obama love?

If the Repukes drag out Obama's cocaine use in the GE

Who has a higher raw IQ (intelligence), Hillary or Obama? Hillary failed the BAR EXAM in DC

"Ask not what's good for the Nation, ask what's good for Us!" Michelle Obama

Cook Political Report out:

ATTN: Clinton has another conveniently timed 'emotional' moment!!!

**ARLERT** Hillary Clinton worked at the Children's Defense Fund for less than a year

Mississippi's primary might actually mean something this year

Hillary Clinton may unite Republicans, despite what the wingnuts say about McCain.

POLL: Obama 49 (+16), Hillary 46 (+4)

Hey, certain Hillary Clinton

I'm Still Voting for Edwards on Super Tuesday

Should the CANDIDATES make "electability" arguments? No but it didn't stop Obama

Why a protracted race to the convention is GOOD for Democrats....

Hillary's Op-Ed: Shared Prosperity - WSJ

How are Hillary's crowds? Are they overflowing like Obama's?

Wow. HRC, 1969, Commencement Speech & 1995, Remarks to the U.N. Conference on Women

KRUGMAN: Obama health care faulty, covers fewer, won't be passed...

Those of you voting for a candidate who is actually still running (not suspended), check in here!

I like Hillary Clinton and her supporters on this board for their passion.

The Case for Disunity - an interesting article.

Stop the spin about healthcare!!! Both sides, please. The truth is that

IN LOCKSTEP: Obama Supporters and Matt Drudge

So, no word from Richardson after watching the Super Bowl with Bill? nt

Hey Obama supporters! We're trying to bring in women

polarizing ain't about political positions

Siting the polls on CNN, whats her name just said Osama leading...

I'm wondering if Hillary's got something big planned tonight at the Townhall

Sort of semi-serious poll for LGBT community. Rated R. Adults only, please.


Philadelphia Weekly Endorses Obama

Undecided Feb. 5th voter here: Hillary supporters make your pro-Hillary case here

Edwards' LGBT VIPs switch to Obama

The Man from Tennessee (Al Gore future endorsement)

JVS plan to end world hunger.

For a great guide to Super Tuesday

Don't think the establishment is going to let Obama survive. Political assassination is coming.

Is there anything Hillary won't do to get the nomination?

Clinton on Letterman tonight

UH OH Clinton fans !!!The Clinton Auchi connection....Can't miss this!!!!!!

Giants' Super Bowl Victory May Hurt Hillary On Election Day

When Is Seeing Believing? (Obama Stadium Rallies Reach 20,000+)

Feminist leader chooses Obama over clinton...

Self Delete...

Todd Gitlin: Jumping the Fence to Barack Obama

Look, the petty attacks are coming from a select few Obama/Hillary supporters.

The unknow quantity tomorrow - Edwards supporters

Do you realize how badly it must suck to be Little Boots right now?

MA Poll: Barack Obama (46 percent) leads Hillary Clinton (44 percent)

If HC comes in way ahead after Tuesday my fears will be confirmed that we are being setup...

At this point are you actually trying to get people to vote for your candidate?

IF obama wins nomination: How Obama is like George W. Bush

Repub Party failed to defeat Hillary in New York Senate election

Don't blame all Obama supporters

I would have voted for Edwards; he's out. I'm leaning Obama. Try to change my mind.

POTUS EMOTUS ---pix--->>>

She didn't CRY

Though Polling is always suspect, can we trust numbers that Include Super Bowl Sunday?

Why is Obama still belittling Edwards in his standup routine?

Are you keeping track of whom you think the Gatekeepers you run into on DU

Edwards Supporters, upcoming primaries

BREAKING: Obama has secretly had a GIRLFRIEND on the campaign trail!

Well, it's the day before ST and no calls, no candiates, no nuttin! n/t

"yes we can"...what?

Poll: Voters picking McCain over Obama & Clinton - Houston we may have a problem!

It's So Damned Exciting

Dear fellow Duers..Both Clinton and Obama Supporters

TIME- Video of Obama Sunday Mocking John Edwards... Can We Tolerate This Behavior By The StrawMan?

Which is more important: the future of the USA, or no campaign phone calls two days before the vote?

Dream cabinet

Can we all agree there will be no major endorsements today?

Gallup -Clinton 47% Obama 43% /Super Tuesday States 49%-44%

Why is Hillary not allowed to show emotion?

Mom says:

Undecided voter here!

ABC POLL: Among Democrats, Clinton leads Obama by 8 points on handling Iraq

Hope Is Coming To A Boil

Fresh SUSA polls of NY, CT, IL, NJ

Empty suits at Hillary rallies

Uh oh, Obama fans: Tony Rezko's "Iraqi-born Billionaire" friend, Nadhmi Auchi.

Va. Lawmakers Back Obama

I wish I could sit down and share a cup of coffee or tea with you all for just an hour or so...

Obama supporters: What are YOU going to do to bring about change?

The Official "I will support the Democratic Nominee" Thread!

Clinton and Obama on Economic Policy

Most of you anti-Obama or anti-Hillary people will fall in line, in about, a month

"TalkLeft" misquotes question that Michelle Obama was asked! All the threads here are false.

I hope noone is believing these polls

Hillary/Obama Fans Kick the Worst of the Hillary/Obama-Bashing Threads. Smart/Nice Threads Die.

Ok I've changed my mind about Obama

"God protect me from your followers"-

Obama supporters - a neighbor sent me this article

Clinton Ponders Her Moves in 3-D Game of Electoral Chess

What I don't get is...we know that the Hillary supporters are hurting...

Todd Gitlin's interesting Obama endorsement

New Susa Oklahoma Clinton 54% Obama 27% Other candidate 15%

Bill Clinton has crossed the line

Hillary today----->"she was hit by a coughing jag that went on for several minutes".

The Hypocrisy of DUers: It's OK to NOT vote for Obama if he wins the Nomination, but ...

Obama camp downplaying expectations (what happened to the surge)?

This is near the craziest I have seen DU

Who Is On the Short Lists For Veep? Bobby Kennedy Jr. Anyone?

ABC: Michelle Obama says she will support the nominee.

Has the MSM picked up Crygate Part II yet?

New SUSA Mass Clinton 56% Obama 39%

Michelle Obama's exact words as to what was said in reference to Hillary. You be the judge.

Whoa new SUSA California Clinton 53% Obama 41%

Empty seats at Obama rallies

Two Senior California Democrats Endorse Obama

Why I Love Obama

New Susa Missouri Clinton 54% Obama 43%

Why John Lewis supports Hillary Clinton

Krugman Wrong on Obama and Mandates

Not that Tucker is a definite source....

Enough Misquoting; Michelle Obama Interview VIDEO

I gotta admit, as an election junkie I care more about the data than the end results.

Dear Obama Supporter: Nothing will happen on Super Tuesday unless YOU do something about it!

It's pretty amazing here. According to most of the forum polls, Obama has 60%+ support here, yet I..

Gore is thinking about Obama... from the American Spectator

To most here, this isn't about candidates or issues, it's simple evolutionary tribalism unfolding

New Susa Alabama Clinton 47% Obama 49%

Clinton beats Obama on national security 80% to 17%. Would be 99-1 if she didn't cry?

Big Ed the whiner

It's utter bullshit: The Democratic party is NOT on the verge of splitting

Did Obama cry when Rezko's tenants froze to death in his Senate district

Clinton, Obama, Insurance By PAUL KRUGMAN

New SUSA California poll Clinton 53 Obama 41

Jeff Koopersmith: Why Barack Obama Should Not Win on Super Tuesday

We shouldn't negotiate with Muslims.

Deadheads for Obama

Questioner Calls Bush 'The Bastard,' Hillary Clinton Smiles

Wes Clark is secretely a Repuke, Dean is a confederate supporting racist, Kerry is warmonger

Hey Fellow Obama Supporters... CHILL OUT already

Richardson won't endorse until after Super Tuesday.

Environmental Leaders Backing Obama for President

I pledge, in a heartbeat, to WORK for the eventual Democratic nominee

Is Obama's mo' enough? by kos

Tomorrow will be my first-ever primary vote

Why Do SUSA Polls Favor Clinton and Zogby and Rasmussen Favor Obama?

"Would you let the brain surgeon's wife operate on you?" The

I hope we have a candidate after tomorrow. It will nice to unite against the GOP

Obama made it "The Year of the Organizer" - That's leadership!

Krugman: "If Obama gets nomination, universal health care just won't happen"

Wes Clark will not be anybody's VP

Hillary Clinton cries in Connecticut

Prominent Civil Rights Leader & Obama Supporter presses Dean on delegates from MI & FL

I fear the tears!

It's The Cynicism, Stoopid!

I teared up at the NJ Obama rally today

For all those that say Hillary never attracts crowds, watch this video

Untrue, dumb DU News of the day: Hillary cried and Michele won't support Hillary

Fundraising in January: Obama's 32M to Hillary's 10M...that's a trend!!!

And I leave as quickly as I came.

Massachusetts-Clinton 56% Obama 39%

Obama supporters: Shout out for your favorite Hillary Supporter now.

Fellow Clinton supporters.....

Rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson ) Endorses Hillary Clinton

If McCain the R nominee, then Clark should be on the Democratic ticket

I just donated

McCain/Giuliani ?

NY Times: "Mrs. Clinton saved her sharpest criticism for Mr. Bush"

***Hugh news today going to change voters minds !1!! ***

I have to compliment Hillary on this brilliant strategy.

NY Feminist Leaders Oppose Hillary, Endorse Obama

My petty gripe with Obama - turns out more than me see it, but no one wants to talk about it ......

Cook/RT Poll: Obama leading Sen. Hillary Clinton, 43% to 37%

Everyone bashing and slamming candidates should be campaigning their candidate instead ! n/t

McClatchey: Clinton's 35 Years of Change Omits Most of Her Career

Clinton Supporters Only: How Hard Will You Work for Obama if He is the Nominee?

I'm still offended, as a Democrat, that Obama is 'appealing' to republicans

Virgin primary season on DU? Check in here!

Tears Aren't Enough: [to win an election] Or Are They for Hillary Clinton?

It isn't the crying that bothered me today, it's how they using it

We are the ones we have been waiting for - Maria Shrivers on Obama and all candidates

Even if Hillary did have a tear or two, who cares?

We need to finally clear this up: Obama is NOT a Muslim

GA POLL: Obama 53 (+2), Hillary 37 (-4). Obama wins 80% of black voters, 36% of white voters.

Obama Claims Paul Wellstone's Legacy


It’s Splitsville for Rupert and Hillary

"The White House Isn't A Time Share"

Enough! Your candidacy is not about YOUR catharsis. It's about OUR Nation. GRO up!

Obama's a smoker. Was HRC making fun of him w/ that "coughing 'fit' "?11!!!1

sheesh.. coughing, crying???

Back atcha' - Clinton supporters: Shout out for your favorite Obama Supporter now.

Michelle Obama wows partisan Utah crowd

Maria Shriver Schwartzenegger's Obama endorsement.

The Obama Opportunity

can somebody explain why hillary voted for Kyl-Lieberman amendment?

International Herald Tribune endorses Senator Hillary Clinton

Which is more disingenuous?

Democratic Primary rules require press release everytime a voter decides to vote for Obama

MSNBC's "perception primary"

Hillary, No More Tears!

Hate Hillary.Will not apologize for Iraq vote. why it's. Horseshit!

Hillary Live Tonight On the Hallmark Channel @ 9:00 pm

CNN: Nat'l Super Tuesday Poll shows dramatic Dem shift (Clinton loses "comfortable lead" over Obama)

Obama talking about who would get Hillary's supporters vs. his if either were to drop out (T.Russert

Chris Rock just called one of my coworkers for Obama.

Decent graphic from NYT

"The IWR was so 2002."

It's a campaign slogan. That's all.

I just saw an ad where Obama claims republicans will 'join him' on healthcare

Hillary fans: a couple of fun videos to watch

Bloomberg TV interviewing progressive European lawmakers: OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA

Hillary with 12% lead in California early voting, 34% of expected total vote is already in

New Tennesse poll: Hillary: 56, Obama: 34

Rory Kennedy: Two fine choices, one clear decision - Obama

Clinton and Obama even in Alabama.

Why I don't want the "Dream Ticket"...

AP: "Former Cherokee chief Mankiller endorses Hillary Clinton for president"

Another Member of California State Senate Leadership--Leland Yee--Endorses Obama for President

Shifting Loyalties: Obama Winning Big Edwards Backers

Correct URL to Hillary's website is

***************If you are thinking about voting for Edwards tomorrow, read this first***************

Virigina state lawmakers endorse Obama

Has Lieberman Become A Pariah For Both Dems & Repugs.....

Hillary or Obama?

The Ghost Of Howard Dean

Jack Nicholson Backing Sen Hillary Clinton in Primary..

Just saw a HIllary Ad here in stated in bold lettering that she intends to

Laura Bush is a smoker

O.M.G. COVERT VIDEO OF ALL 4 Leading Candidates (Obama, Clinton, McCain and Romney) MEETING

Outcome: "Substance Matters: Hillary Clinton for President"

Did you do early voting for Super Tuesday?

Romney is ATTACKING "liberals"? Sheesh. He must be another "crazy"!

Humorous - If Hillary can cry to motivate the women's vote, what can Obama do today

What's the bif deal about crying? I cry every time I watch this video.

GOTV Calls Are the Easiest

Who does Grovelbot support?

Why do I believe Obama will win? Look no farther then very red Idaho.

Mike Barnacle: There is huge resentment and animosity among D.C. Establishment against The Clintons

I`ll be voting for Ali.

Cindy Sheehan is a genius, stayed out of this mess.

Can't we show a little love for each other?

I Have NO Sympathy For Hillary Clinton's BS Crying Whatsoever!!

Guess What.??? acting like an Ass on an internet board doesn't help your candidate

Obama now up 46-40 Over Clinton in CA, Buh-bye Hillary!

Severe storms, tornadoes likely tomorrow

Obama says the republicans won't be able to hang Kyl Lieberman on him because he didn't support it.

Mary Matalin: "Thinking Democrats" know that 2008 election "is not about Bush...people are over it"

RE: OBAMA "All he did was give that one speech."

Our Super Bowl is Tomorrow. How will you be Spending Super Tuesday?

Howard Wolfson: This may go to the convention

The two most important issues of the year:

"The Garnisher". Voters are READY to be ASKED TO SACRIFICE by their leaders "Michelle Obama Cool to Helping a Would-Be Clinton Candidacy"

Overseas Democrats where you can vote today

DU a presidential poll in a red state

Anyone with an iota of sanity left please check in here:

McAuliffe thinks Obama would be a strong Vice Presidential candidate, has “excited so many people"

If FCC enforced Truth in Advertising, the Clinton Campaign Closing...

I agree w/ Kucinich's statement - which begs the question

Saving Edwards’ legacy

WOMEN!... ! According to NBC .... The Dem election boils down to us!!!

OK all My Pretty Partisans! Convince me. . .

Obama Web Site Seeks to Rally the Faithful...Edwards Flubbed Up..

Hillary opens 11% lead in Missouri - Hillary 54% Obama 43%

Connecticut Obama 48% Hillary 46%

The primaries will not determine the nominee

Hillary's reaction to being told Ann Coulter supporting her, its priceless, brilliant

The analyst on Morning Joe said the youth attracted to Obama are more willing to give in to Repubs

Are Edwards supporters breaking for Obama? Poll

Obama: "won’t be able to say I followed the Bush-Cheney doctrine of not talking to leaders..."

Empty seats at Obama rallies? Na...

Right now the talk is "Dem race wide open, but GOP race is overwith." That's about to switch.

Obama would "meet with" terrorist organizations who slaughter Americans?

Transcript from Michelles "non-support-gate"


In eight days I get to vote for Joe Biden

If Michelle cried..

BREAKING: Obama farts - first three rows pass out!

Look, Clinton authorized the war. I can almost forgive that. But she DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Obama speaking at Big Rally in Hartford with LINK

Could Clinton and Obama be a Republican divide and conquer strategy?

In light of all the crying talk, let's remember that Bush is a "crier"

Hillary Clinton Welcomes Ann Coulter's Support for Her Candidacy

What states will tell us whether it's a win, loss or draw?

Christopher Walken appeared in movie with adult film star!

Inquiring minds want to know. Will Hillary meet and greet NY Giants

Interesting Stat seen on Newshour tonight - 80% of Democrats like

FoxNoise has a heart on for Dumbya.

Vote Against Clinton

Cook/RT Poll: Obama Passes Clinton..... Obama also beats McCain in general ..Clinton trails McCain

Dean Tarred in "Osama" ad

Mass. Poll: Barack Obama (46 percent) leads Hillary Clinton (44 percent)

Obama stunned Hillary

Alabama Obama 49% Hillary 47%

What exactly does Bill Clinton like about Rove and Bush's "vision"

This campaign has been filled with scandal

I just love ALL the Democratic candidates

Caution: Obama supporters...remember New Hampshire...

If McCain wins the nomination, will it be the death of right wing radio?

"Food for Thought" for the Clinton Supporters on DU . . .

Broad brush painting of all DUers using the "You" moniker is juvenile.

Krugman On Universal Health Care: "If Mr. Obama gets the nomination, it just won't happen."

Melissa Etheridge endorses Obama!!

I have decided to vote for....

Is Hillary quietly taking advice from...GEORGE W BUSH? Apparently so!

We need to finally clear this up: Obama is NOT a Muslim

Why I GoPsUx voting for Obama

Intrade bets on Obama winning CA! Very slightly, but still winning!

Welcome to the 2008 Poll-a-Palooza!

What, no attack threads about Hillary "garnishing" wages today?

If you live in a Super Tuesday state, VOTE for the DEMOCRATS

Here's one of the reasons why I am voting for Edwards tomorrow:

Regarding tomorrow

Obama leads in new Massachusetts Poll

Wait- did Clinton cry AGAIN?

****Obama Momentum anyone? Check this out....****

To say survey USA sucks is to be ignorant

Monsoon Monday's "Swing State SCAVENGER HUNT (TM)"

Repubs ready to pounce on The Garnisher

Does anyone really know what is wrong with McCain? Physically, I mean...

McClatchy Newspapers: A look at Super Tuesday, state by state

Is Obama taking advice from Bush? Apparently so.

I have decided that I'm going McCain

All You Need Is Hate

Obama's okay with me; Clinton's okay with me. Who's with me on this?

Saw her crying AGAIN, will change my vote to her!!!

Which would you prefer in a Candidate?

Do you think repugs who say they like Obama (in regular conversation) are lying?

please tell me these two are not really democrats.

JJ/NJCU poll: Clinton over Obama by 10 points in Hudson

I don't trust any of these polls!

DeNiro endorses Obama...

The loneliness of the One-Issue Voter

Breaking: Obama expands lead on Clinton in California (Reuters). Leads by 6 now.

Things I wish Hillary would have cried about....

What are the candidates' positions for restoring America's economy?

Seriously Tweety, STFU.

I think everyone in Cali is screening their calls.

Enough ALREADY!!!!

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: "Obama leapfrogged over Clinton in Missouri"

BREAKING::::: Barny Fife Endorses Obama!!!

Gore Endorsement

LOL... going through my CA ballot measures

Barack and Hillary are fighters. Good luck to both of these classy candidates, and may the best

I am taking bets that Obama will be able to spend 4 or 5 days "campaiigning" in Hawaii

Did anyone else see the Obama ad on the Super Bowl?

Ok. I hear that Hillary cried again. What's the story and where is the video?

Would there be any value in boycotting ugly thread starters?

17,000 people and 0 empty seats greet Obama at XL Center in Connecticut

Hillary will probably get at least 1 million people watching her town hall tonight

Super Tuesday Online Straw Poll - Vote to See the Map & Results

Edwards was by a long shot the best Democratic candidate in the field

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama tied with Clinton in her back yard

3,000 people and 17,000 empty seats greet Obama at Meadowlands in Jersey

You stay classy, Michelle Obama

At this point, I'm not telling ANYBODY how I'm voting tomorrow!

Politico's Roger Simon: Obama "has won a lot of hearts in the press corps"

I smell a set-up

Feminist backlash could await if Obama surrogates even MENTION Hillary's new crying moment

Nothing is going to be decided tomorrow! Nothing at all, get ready to keep at it..For another month!


I've been doing a little "polling" of my own

Best and worst pollsters so far in the primaries

Prediction: Now the media will not put Hillary's tears in the front page

John Nichols: Bill Clinton Campaigns... Against Ted Kennedy

Is Obama really the right choice?

Clinton, McCain Likely to Face Off in November, UCSD Elections Expert Predicts

The polls are all over the map. Why? Because it's hard to pin down the voters.

For the non-Obama people

Please vote

Okay, I'm confused. It was a coughing jag?

Okay. Obama wins the nomination. Everybody's happy. How does he fight crap like this?. Pls tell me

Here is Hillary Clinton's running mate:

When did Richardson drop out?

I just polled myself and Hillary won. (Rasaflogby USA)

Gallup Daily: Hillary increases lead in final poll before Super Tuesday

Heaven help the next fool that calls my house and attempts a push poll

See you tomorrow night, DU!

Dr King's Lawyer & Speechwriter Endorses Obama

Hillary Supporters....Why isn't Obama Qualified or.....

OK, so Obama smokes and Bill Clinton does not smoke cigars anymore.

Hillary raised only $13.5 million last month...$18.5 millions less than Obama.

George Clooney Backs Obama at the Oscars Luncheon, Moore Mum on Hillary

Wow. So many new posts to read, I just got home from work. Does anyone here work for a living?

Let's hear it for Uppity Women and Black Men!

McCain's ad

I live in NY and have only seen ads by Obama. Has anyone else in the area seen ads by anyone else?

Obama ran for U.S. Congress in 2000. Am I the last to know? n/t

Listen to Hillary's "Voices Across America" on the radio (alternative to TV, internet)

Karl Rove joins FoxNews You Decide political team tommorow

the new McCain ad makes *no* sense

Is this a stupid question?

Associated Press Wire Photos of Hillary Clinton 'Crying'

wow! Michelle Malkin slams McCain as a sellout of the righties ->

New Mexico Poll: Obama 48, Clinton 42

Clinton folks please don't forget to watch Clinton's "town hall" infomercial at 9pm tonight!!!

Zogby has Obama up by 5% in MO, Survey USA has him down by 11%, which is right?

self-delete, duplicate

17,000 Greet Obama in Hartford at the XL Center (WE CANT WAIT!)

Pre-Clinton White House, who would have the power to deliver a kingmaker endorsement?

Alabama redneck for Hillary

I worry this campaign is taking its toll on Obama. No tears but he does look rather stressed.

Obama camps tries to turn issue of health care into a Character issue for Hillary!

It's silly I guess but I thought that Obama quit smoking last Feb

New Ohio Poll: Hillary: 42, Obama: 19

The Obama Opportunity (Govs Sebelius, Napolitano & Sen McCaskill)

As a mother of draft age sons and as a military vet, I am asking you to consider HRC's voting record

Michelle Obama: "The issues facing Black America are the same ones facing rural Idaho" What?!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/3/08 - Clinton down 3 (46), Obama up 2 (40)

"Obama erases Clinton's double-digit lead in national poll"

The Town Hall Meeting is on

Negative Romney Ad joins McCain with Hillary Clinton

Ever wonder who Monica Lewinsky might be voting for?

Every TV clip I saw today was Obama on stage with celebs and Clinton at tables with regular people


Should we have a DU poll on the eve of Super Tuesday?

More proof of Obama's consistent position on the war

Photos: Barack Obama today at a rally in Hartford, CT

Super Tuesday online Straw Poll - Vote to See the Map & Results

Obama: 'Let New Orleans become the example of what America can do...'

We have two inspiring candidates, but the media spin is that only Obama can inspire

Splain this to me...

OK ---- DU pundits - what % of delegates will go to Obama vs Clinton tomorrow?

I love Bill Richardson with the beard.

To Come of Age

Why would anyone want this Job?

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) endorses Barack Obama

is Obama ready for this kind of swiftboating and I'm sure much worse to come?

If Obama wins, Hillary people will support him. If Obama loses, a hissy fit that

RealPolitics latest polling info

*** UPDATE *** Obama overtakes Clinton in ST Pledged Delegates?

Obama must have learned to deliver speeches from Rev. Wright.

I have changed my mind.

Aww, how cute!

George Clooney backs Obama; Moore coy on Clinton

I submitted two questions for Sen. Clinton's townhall tonight

Respect, Empower, Include.

Okay I'm gonna call it - gotta do it sometime - why not on ST Eve?

Oprah didn't matter. Maria Shriver didn't matter. Ted Kennedy didn't matter.

FYI: Maher on Larry King tonight



"You don't have to be straight, to shoot straight." Barry Goldwater

What time is Obama's rally in Massachusetts?

This Modern World: In a secret laboratory ...

I got a $100 bill that says Hillary wins tomorrow

COUNTDOWN TO HILLARY'S TOWNHALL: prediction and information thread

Help me out would ya? Why Does RW Assbag Hannity hate McCain so much?

Who's going to watch Hillary's townhall on Hallmark Channel or at tonight?

MA: Obama on the Move in Bay State

Obama the beneficiary of Edwards dropping out

More Than 15,000 Show up to See Obama in Hartford Today, With New and Updated Photos

Is the Clinton townhall not live nationwide on Hallmark?

Obama Itching for a Fight Against John McCain

CAROL SIMPSON is hosting Hillary Clinton's national town hall meeting!!!

First Lady Maria Shriver Explains Why She Must Follow Her Own Truth

My 12-YO daughter likes Hillary

A Rock Concert Atmosphere at the Civic Center for Obama - 17,000 Show up to Hear Obama Speak

The Rude Pundit: Not an Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

self delete


Pulling in the Independent vote

Spouses never worked for a rival candidate...

Reminder to watch Hillarys town hall at 9 PM on Hallmark or!

Hillary says Bill's love never wavered despite Lewinsky affair

Clinton reunites with legal colleague

To those of you pushing Obama/Rezko relationship do you hope it sticks if he is the nominee

TPM: Obama camp lowering expectations for ST

Looks like it's going to be a long day tomorrow (Rasmussen Markets odds)...

President McCain. That's just so wrong. President Romney

Romney vs. Clinton: Clinton +5 spread. Romney vs. Obama: Obama +12 spread.

Lookie who has big MO?

Hey Obama Supporters read here please

Anyone watching the phony Hillary event?

Why isn't Romney using the Keating Five against McCain?

BREAKING! McCain and Romney battle over who is a lunatic.

Liberace's piano tuner endorses Obama!!!

Bill Clinton just called me, Obama called yesterday.

I expected things to get ugly around here before the primaries...

Kevin Drum on why he's voting Obama

Hillary Clinton sews socks that smell!

To those of you who get emotional on DU and go out and vote a certain way because of it

Clinton has run a terrible campaign

David Swanson / AfterDowningStreet.Org /Scoop: Your Vote Will Be Thoughtful, But Will It Be Counted?

WTF. What channel is the Obama Rally?

Hillary just said she was going to cut 500 private contractors from gov and end no bid contracts!

Hillary's Town-Hall is simply more canned questions but delivered by little girls

GOOD GOD. How many new "DUers" are here calling our candidates horrible names?

i'm voting for Obama who are voting for?

Do some at DU think electability is a defect? That we should disdain independent support?

SWMO for Progress Founder: Obama is our best choice

Schoolhouse Rock for town criers: In Concord/Lexington, how's the Whimper Heard 'round the World...

Wouldn't it be amazingly cool, if . . .

Any Hillary supporters happen to watch Dan Abrams just now?

Barack Says: Make A Call!

Jack Nicholson: Clinton Is 'Masterful'

Vote for Obama tomorrow!

Deadheads for Obama webcast tonight!

Take a nap. No, really. This works for Election Eves. Take a nap.

Obama rally live on CSPAN NOW!

Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan

My 100% guaranteed right prediction for tomorrow:

Is anyone else getting the republican spam?

The endorsement that moved me: 92-yr-old Grace Lee Boggs - "I've never had this much hope"

there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

super sunday super for obama

Reminder: Sen. Clinton on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight.

Soldiers Backing Anti-war Candidates (Ron Paul, Obama)

Hillary live: FEMA back to independant and ALL new competent personnel! its good!

Why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

Has the "democratic" primary been the political version of "Survivor"?

Tune in to - the webcast is continuing with Q's from the Internet!

Splitsville for Rupert and Hillary -- but it was no real romance to begin with.

Hillary Townhall still going online.

Who would Gene Rayburn endorse? I really liked the Match Game. n/t

I was always dismissive of the "hope" thing. No more.

My townhall broadcast just cut off at the 1 hour mark

Why I've decided not to pick a candidate in the primary...

Didn't Bill and Hillary fall short on the job of supporting Kerry in 2004?

Krugman: Hillary's health care plan better than Obama's

Gary Hart SLAMS Hillary

Interesting article about Obama from

I was going to vote for Obama, but the SHEER VENOM to Hillary makes me realize why we need a woman

I am voting for Obama in Battleground Missouri, convince me not to...

Just saw Michelle Obama in Tucson

Obama lied about the war.

High horses are for fools. Don't try to tell me that Hillary supporters haven't been flinging crap

I heard that Huckabee, if elected, wants to make Chuck Norris his Defense Secretary

The past several days have placed me in a strange position.

I'm leaning towards Obama... is that wrong

Are waaaahmbulence votes pathetic?

My Super Tuesday Analysis-Obama ahead in 11/Clinton in 5/Rest Too close to call

Gov. Deval Patrick is introducing Obama

Ugh, no more polls, thank God!

Brad DeLong: "I think Paul Krugman has got this one wrong"

This Special Is Not Going to Help Clinton

3 generations for Obama

Clinton - Obama supporters: What are the significant differences in platforms

Quite honestly, I believe Clinton will beat Obama in all the important states

NPR poll: McCain beats Clinton by 3%, Obama by 1%

No superstitiousness or wishful thinking--What's your gut feeling? Who will be happier Wed. morning?

I gotta vote a week after Super Tuesday and I can't choose ......

After tomorrow's vote is over, this is what's going to happen.

Hillary Clinton = presidential

Military Donors Back Ron Paul & Obama; Lobbyists back Hillary

can true believers please convince me? I was a Kucinich supporter.

*** Obama in Massachusetts THREAD*****

Tonight the DU has more freepers than the KKK has FBI infiltrators

You sure you Obama people will not need a Xanax salt lick if you lose?

The Clintons Are Out of Money and Not Allowed to Raise Any More Primary $$ from Maxed-Out Big Donors


Clinton's buy informed Democrats how she would perform in the presidential "town hall" debates

Is JFK image copyrighted?

WBZ Boston TV exposing one of Romney's top fund raisers as a tax evader

Kerry: Obama will not bring a transition but a transformation of American politics

Republicans have dominated the political landscape since the Civil Rights Bill

Clinton on Letterman at 11:30 EST

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, do you think she will try again in the future?

Which of these is the best November matchup for the Democrats?

Where is the Obama Massachusetts Rally Thread ? n/t


I found out today where the Obama office in Madison is going to be...

If you missed the Clinton town hall online live you can watch it now on the web!

Obama: "My faith in the American people has been vindicated'. Whu?

Dipping a toe where it shunt GO!1 If CLINTON wins it's MACHINE, if OBAMA it's charisma!1

A Super Tuesday Eve Baracku

The boy can't help it: Bill Clinton talking major bullshit again

*** Where are all the Obama Supporters? I Will Support Obama to the Very End. ***

Clinton, Obama & Permanent Bases in Iraq?

Harvard, Yale and presidential politics

How come Ted Kennedy never ran for president?

OK so who won the Town Hall?

Holy mother... Mike Huckabee and his wife... are they twins?? Tune into C-Span 1 now!

The Clintons' Shadiest Donors

Clinton Wins! She got the most lobbyist campaign money, nearly doubles second-place McCain

How much change can we really expect from Obama and Clinton?

Um.. David Shuster saying that Obama does better in caucuses, there are different

Are women's rights subservient in the Civil Rights movement? T or F?

AP: "Clinton appears on Letterman on Super Tuesday eve"

Is hanging out with Kennedy and Kerry building a "bridge to the past"?

Which candidate is breaking a promise to complete a full term as Senator representing a state?

want to break into the Hill/ Obama brawl to say - I am loving the way

Hillary on Letterman: "In my White House, we will know who wears the pantsuits"

First partial Super Tuesday official results are in

Is Super Tuesday a bad idea ? Too Many States

I support Hillary 100%

Rove and Newt are on DU:primary just smilin, smilin, smilin'.....

Was Clinton's townhall scripted?

Kerry and Kennedy rocked the house, now

The perfect solution to the "Woman First or African American First?" argument:

Teddy Kennedy Having a Lot of Fun!

My Super Tuesday Guide

I am the supposed rare male voter for Hillary.

Getting butterflies yet?

One way I'd support Obama over Clinton

Is anyone able to get the Grateful Dead for Barack streaming?

Insomnia sufferers, turn on Cspan right now if you want to be cured & get a great night's sleep


Obama supporters:Tomorrow remember NH. He has not won this thing yet and

The okie doke

Kerry: "I accept...responsibility"

Mediaweek: Hallmark Channel reaches 84 million US households

From the grave: Molly Ivins on Hillary Clinton

Empty seats at Obama rallies

Hillary. Obama. It's all good!

The Specter of a Hillary Adminstration: The more things change....

Don't believe Hillary surrogates' hype

Hillary sending negative mailers in Massachusetts

Warning! California Gets Its Own Butterfly Ballot

If Obama loses to Hillary, he can be president in 2012. If McCain beats Clinton, that is

I don't like to see infighting between Democrats.

Obama joking self-effacingly about how terrible it was finding out Cheney was his cousin.

Happy Primary Eve.....from an Edwards Democrat

At this point, can anybody here really say a damn thing to change your vote?

LAT: To many Asians, the U.S. electoral system is a mystery

Do you know what I mean about the okey doke Ted?

Obama just noted the irony of having a nation of new prisons and old schools

I cant believe you're all falling for it

Which candidate reminds you more of progressive Gro Harlem Brundtland?

Why can't we get along?

In case you missed it the Stevie Wonder endorsement...

Republican sponsored ads on radio and signs on streets against McCain in AZ.

*** FEB 4: McCain 47%, Clinton 39% ... McCain 44%, Obama 44%***

Is Huckabee about to get Edwarded?

Reminder! Hillary on Letterman now.

Obama with a large lead as polls open

What is Universal Health Care?

Why is it that women have to fight twice as hard, gain twice the experience before

Bay Times Election Endorsements: Barack Obama for President (SF Gay paper)


FYI-Breaking: Hannity Endorses Romney, Says Romney is the Only Candidate with Reagan-like Qualities


Affirmations: Listen to Barack Obama and feel good about yourself and America

For anyone who still thinks Lou Dobbs is on the side of the progressives...

If we had Universal Health Care what would you have fixed that you can't fix now?

Everyone Please Listen! European National Health Works Because It is UNIVERSAL

What Obama knows about foreign relations would fit in a

Fellow Rebels: after Leia pleaded, she GOT BUSY: "Help us Oba-man-Kenobi, you're our only HOPE!"

Why reaching out to moderate Republican voters is not the same as selling out.

A point of personal privilege: It's "I ***SHALL*** Not Be Moved"

Obama: "Yes, I'm reaching out to Republicans -because they want to switch teams!"

Melissa Etheridge: "Tuesday Morning" Lyrics* (GAY RUGBY PLAYER & HERO of FLIGHT 93, 9/11)

Why I Support Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you want the Bush mess cleaned up & HEALTH CARE Better Vote Hillary

Hillary is a genius.

Both my grandmas are supporting Obama!

Why Paul Krugman is wrong or when Krugman was against mandates

In 24 hours the big headline will be McCain secures GOP and . .

An Obama Sweep?

Barack Obama has "united" his supporters against President Clinton, Paul Krugman, and Joe Wilson

California voters: what are your opinions on Props 91 through 97?

Hillary went to 2 MLK rallies as a teenager and shook his hand and was inspired

Will you vote for the party nominee?

Why it was important to me to switch from Edwards to Obama of the interviewees for Commander-in-Chief cried (again) today?

Edwards voter request to Hillbots

I am not going to vote tomorrow!

Jane Hamsher on the Hillary haters:

Washington Post: Obama benefits from biased "blowout coverage"

Why does Obama talk like a republican?

"Obama Smokes" This is what we're resorting to? Are You Kidding me?

i just got a personal message from skinner - he has endorses...

HRC's Blackwater Connections

Ironically, my final primary choice hinged on an act of faith

Hillary's Iraq War Vote Problem Resolved

Hillary live: Notes we need to build a new electrical grid! first candidate to address that...

Who's with me?

EXCELLENT delegate breakdown of Super-Tuesday delegates...

What motivated the "Yes We Can" video

Newsday: "Intelligent, hard-working, tough, passionate" Hillary gets endorsement

Obama thinks Clinton is too mean to Republicans

FINALLY, looks like common sense is going to prevail, Obama will defeat her soundly!!!


Oh woe, oh woe! DUers are so mean to each other!

Clinton Appears to Blunt Late Obama Charge in California

OMG take a hard look at the primary calendar...DU may implode (42 days in Purgatory with the bots)

Oh You Look So Beautiful Tonight

LOL !!! - GD: Primaries... 3% Substance, 97% Neener, Neener !!!

***************If you are thinking about voting for Edwards tomorrow, read this first***************

Will we know for SURE who the REPUBLICAN nominee is after tomorrow?

For what it's worth tweety just gave his opinion

GenerationQ: Hillary Clinton "best choice for the LGBT community"

The Obama Opportunity

"I am going for Obama"

It makes me ANGRY that the youth vote will probably NOT show up to vote tomorrow no matter what!

Obama's record-breaking Jan. fund-raising ($32 million) more two times Hillary's ($13.5 million)

Handy Guide to Barak Obama's Foreign Policy Experience and Advisors

my prediction: it will be Clinton/Clark vs. McPain/Hickabee

Ok. Stop with the "Obama rally = Cult" BS already.

The contrast between these two events could not be any more stark.

Updated Fat Tuesday predictions (Obama close enough to win 20 contests)

Will the Giants parade affect Obama?

Animals endorse Hillary Clinton

Robert DeNiro - Hopemonger

Obama is a cigarette smoker

MSNBC has not mentioned the Shriver endorsement

Two more Edwards supporters for Obama

Things you need to know to analyze Calif election returns this week

Mandates in health care reform can be good or bad

Michele Obama: "We're not doing this again."

Fact check for Krugman and Hillary advisor Jonathan Gruber: Mandates Don't Lower Costs

That's it! I am furious and hurt, and now I'm going with Mike Gravel!

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.-"Hillary Clinton Is The Champion Of The Voiceless In Our Society"

Help me ou here. I have to vote tomorrow and I havent decided who to vote for.

Obama campaign in DE wonders where is Joe Biden?

****Obama Rally with the MASS ALL STARS - Kennedy/Kerry/Patrick Thread (C-SPAN 1) STARTING NOW*****

Kristol: "White women are a problem, that's, you know -- we all live with that"

Kerry, unlike Hillary, spoke out against Bush several times before Bush invaded,

Real Clear Politics, Polls, Delegates, and Excel - makes math easy! MAJOR SCANDAL INSIDE

Hillary Clinton has raised more money from lobbyists

This one is for RummyIsFrosted

Obama wants to “reach out,” but that strategy has already been tried.

HA! Hallmark Channel just Cut Hillary off saying: We will Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled...

Please vote for Hillary tomorrow

Obama's robot called me on Sunday. He's gone!

If anyone tells you Kyl-Lieberman authorized war with Iran, that person is a Liar

It is time to break the highest glass ceiling. (with post script)

I'm going to come clean: I don't hate Republicans

Question for Hillary supporters

***************** I will express my opinion*********************

Hillary's town forum had all the substance of a Hallmark greeting card.

I find Huckabee hard to dislike

Clinton Gets Most Lobbyist Money, McCain Most Help

Can I get a shout-out for this UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA SPEECH!!!!

Where was Hillary when Bill was "repeatedly" defending "Bush against the left on Iraq"?

In your hearts, you know its bullshit - scripted bullshit.

Hillary still has trouble explaining her position on Iraq

Shriver shows up at Obama event after an equestrian event

Fellow Edwards Supporters: Please don't vote for him tomorrow.

From the bottom of my heart...

I'm so SICK of the Gravelbots calling me a kool-aid drinkin' Obamaiteusthing!

I am disgusted. I am angry. I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Super Tuesday: The Best Place To Watch Election Coverage (Look At This Guest List)

Kerry is so full of shit

"If they are riggin' 'em. . . maybe we can fix 'em"

The guy Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to know about: Mark Penn


Shout! Tears for Fears and primary tension release ("those one-track minds")...

When I cry, I get called a wimp.

I am going to make this Comment as Positive as Possible ... Because It Is Important!

Clue, Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson work for the CIA.

Demonizing the uninsured

Oh, you sly, foxy Obama supporters! Let's go all the way...

JOE WILSON!!!!! "The Real Hillary I Know -- and the Unreal Obama" FANTASTIC article!!

Michelle Obama: " I Would Have To Think About Supporting Clinton If She Is The Nominee"

Links to Super Tuesday Official election results sites for each state

Why I hate Hillary Clinton

Deadheads for Obama streaming LIVE! at 7:30 PST (10:30 EST)

Should the new Dem president do a special WH cleaning to get rid of the horrific STENCH....

Slate editor calls Obama speech style 'fascistic'

Oprah said she supports Obama because he is brilliant

Students from every school in Britain to visit Auschwitz


My 1000th post!,,, and conversations with Big Foot

Anyone know the name of the song that was the background music for Obama's 'Join' Super Bowl day Ad

A new study has shown that DU affects human behavior

Anyone seen SLaD around? She's not answering pm's and haven't seen any posts

The Chorus Of Optimists

Meanwhile at the Rio Carnival

Every Domestic issue in this election comes down to wages.

You wanna know why the Repubs will win the '08 Presidency? Spend 5 minutes in GD/P.

Which one is more classless

Ships did not cause (Any of the Four) Internet cable damage

Corporate Crime by Nickel and Dime

Caught on a nanny-cam

The Large US Companies That May Disappear In 2008

Democracy Is a Beautiful Thing

March 21, 2004: Victims’ Relatives Demand That 9/11 Commission Executive Director Resign

House Resolution 888: A Beast of Apocalyptic Stature

Stepford Republicans: All Caught on Tape!

Question for Massachusetts folks

An announcement at school

BIG SCOOP! Wikileaks posts U.S. rules of engagement in Iraq!

Did you know that Larry Craig led an effort to expel Barney Frank from the house in the '90s?

John Mccains Mother and the car

Are we dependent, or independent of our government?

oops--please delete, thanks mods

Does Mitt Romney seem plastic to you?

Iraq threatens to blacklist companies connected to oil deals with Kurdish region in Iraq

Comic relief - Santorum questions McCain's temperament!!

Will * withhold documents from the next administration?

Iran oil bourse scheduled

Dont forget ! A National Town Hall Tonight!!!

The Obama supporters here are obnoxious.

How Bush Undermines Government Regulation

* behind closed doors "What the F*#K do I have to do to get them to try and impeach me"

All forms of public transportation should be heavily if not fully subsidized..

Sad Casualties of the Housing "Boom" - Fire in E. Palo Alto.

Hillary cries we go

Personally, I don't care whether you're a leftit or rightit, can't we all get along?

Obama Introduces "Iraq War De-Escalation Act" to BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!!!

Today’s Headlines 2/4/08

Why I am not voting ever again

Congrats New York Giants !

I haven't gone to GDP yet this morning. afraid of what I'll find

Classic Zinn: America's Blinders

Buy! Buy! Buy!

LMAO - US to Chadian rebels: "pretty please don't enter our embassy"

dubya's budget hitman on c-span now!

'nother caption

Are repukes THAT soulless....CSPAN on Katrina housing/trailers

We're witnessing the collapse of the USSA.

CREW asks for special counsel in EMAIL scandal

Anyone Else See Studs Terkel on BBC's Hardtalk?- What a Great American!

We must understand our enemy is sitting in this White House.

Republican to run as a Dem for US Senate

Reports suggest Persian Gulf monster is behind cable cuts.

drugs DOUBLE risk of SUICIDE/Suicidal thoughts-story buried in business section

Hillary campaign says DNC delegates rules are not the rules of her campaign.

Death photo of WWII reporter Ernie Pyle uncovered

A technical question about the budget

Rising Cost Of Iraq War May Reignite Public Debate

Si, se puede! Amazing.

New James McMurtry Bush Sucks Song: "Cheney's Toy" - Free Download Today! (Will Feature Fan Videos)

Why do Democrats and Republicans have different numbers of delegates?

Is this the strangest headline of the day, or what?

What "moral obligation" do we have to Iraq?

Terry Gross to interview NYT Journalist Philip Shenon today (Politics & 911 Commission)

Headline in my Sunday News: Teachers Behaving Badly

On US technology and undersea cables....

Is this for real? Take a look at this story from Iran involving the President

Self Deleted

Baghdad drowning in sewage: Iraqi official

Lieberman whining that he can't vote tomorrow....

Chantix increases suicide risk ; Drug to help smokers quit.

This really made me cry


Wendy's Quarterly Net Trails Estimates on Lower Sales

TERM LIMITS: clearing out entrenched corruption or speeding revolving door corruption?

If HC comes in way ahead after Tuesday my fears will be confirmed that we are being setup...

democratic response to dubya's budget on c-span now!

Did anyone else's local AAR switch from Thom Harmann to Ed Schultz today?

Yesterday, my buddy and I strapped on our hip waders

Goldberg's Liberal Fascism filed under 'Parodies' at Amazon

OK, I've had enough! How do you block GD-P from showing up?


While sitting on my ass today, I made more money than I could make as a temp in a week.

MMMMMMmonster Tuuuuuueeeeeesdaaaaaaaaaaay!

PBS: "Spying on the Home Front"

"The grimmer budget outlook will be inherited by the next president, who succeeds Bush in 2009"

The evolution of evil

It’s time to stop treating “Liberal” like a dirty word.

I've had enough!!!

Bizarre conversation in a bar last Friday night...

Gee, Senator Spectator....

Clear Airport Security Pass and the FBI building a biometrics database

John Bolton is on Tomm Harthman?!!11!1

Barf Alert: George W. Bush is SO like Abraham Lincoln

The George W. Bush Legacy in Black & White

FISA debate, CSPAN 2, Whitehouse introducing an amendment.

My old employer, a HUGE auto supplier, has declared bankruptcy.

Talk of Imminent War Against Iran Amid an Attack of 'Coincidences'

McCain : We dont want an economy like japans

Rice Was ‘Uninterested In Advising The President’ Before 9/11, Wanted To Be His ‘Closest Confidante’

Told my brother that apx 1,000,000 innocents have died in Iraq... he said BS

Here's how GWB is trying to cut costs in the budget

I Thought It Was Unsportsmanlike For The Coach Of The Patriots To Walk Off The Field......

Oops---U.S. 'accidently' kills 9 Iraqis. (I heard it was a million)

Have you checked your house insurance lately?

There's another repug email going about concerning the "evil latin hordes" coming in from Mexico...

U.S. admits killing (liberating) 9 Iraqi civilians

Hillary Live Tonight On the Hallmark Channel @ 9:00 pm

George Orwell's Perpetual War - are we there yet?

Bush's Cruel Budget (The Progress Report)

What a lovely tribute to Justice Leon Higginbotham Jr

McCain ineligible to run for POTUS due to citizenship status?

Is the repub party dead? Or does it just smell that way?

Was encounter with Cheney a touch, a slap or a shove?

What if clothing were banned?

I am more scared today than I was as a young kid during the Cuban Missile Crises of '61

Google Ad Placements


mc cain: 'I will reach across the aisle to work with the Democrats'

TV spot, "mc cain, ready to be commander in chief on day one"...God no god no

Does Anyone Know The Latest On...

How much do you pay for health insurance? Range is monthly per person

CREW asks AG Mukasey to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Disappearance

Quit wasting your money on these silly primaries and give some turkey to Atrios.

Talk With 1972 Presidential Nominee George McGovern Online Tonight

Where's the freedom? If corporations control our destiny, where is the "freedom"?

Husband: The devil killed my wife

Was Encounter With Cheney a Touch, a Slap or a Shove?

3.1 Trillion dollars/ 515 Billion for defense, and social programs

The Hypocrisy of safety vs air travel, common sense and FEAR

Right wing radio attacks on McCain are a GOOD thing..for US

FYI:NPR's FRESH AIR: Philip Shenon, Scrutinizing the 9/11 Investigation

What do you think Mr. Jefferson would have to say about..

If McCain gets elected these gizmo's will become all the rage for those with the money

Bush Budget Record Deficits

please comment on,and rate up-my 124th ltte-on SCHIP

What's with all the Chantix posts all of a sudden?

Blair Government police investigation for war crimes

Caution: There be snipers here!

Voinovich (R-OH): Yes I'm Running! :(

Arlen Specter to Stand Strong Against Illegal Spying -- In the NFL

September 11th Advocates Comment on the Impending Release of Philip Shenon's Book

Judgment against Phelps reduced to $5 million

If McCain were the president, who woudl you want as his veep?

Dole urges Limbaugh to go easy on McCain

Bush Opens Top-Secret Lab to Research Bio-Weapons

Medicare, Medicaid... older folks get theirs

"Disgusted" army wife speaks out on Army's response to soldier suicide surge

Limbaugh: McCain Out to Destroy GOP for 2000 S.C. Defeat

now THAT is why I'm a Boxerfan!! Bravo Barbara...GREAT SPEACH!!

HEALTH-ARGENTINA: Fighting Mental Illness with Companionship

Attention Skinner ie; David Allen,,I have had enough!!!! for awhile

Monday TOON Updates

America’s Health Care: Take Two Shots of Pepto Bismol and Hope You Don’t Die

FOX’s Heart On For Bush

Republicans get violent fanatics, we get conspiracy theorists.

Iran is NOT off the air.

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton saddened by racial abuse

Caption this

My belated response to the State of the Union.

on pbs/dw-tv now (this is a non-flammable smoking post)

NYT: Mad Magazine Uses Pulitzer Winners to Tweak Bush

Watching CSpan2. No wonder our country is so screwed up!

Putting the E. coli back into E. coli conservatism

As anyone watching Lou Dobbs and Pres. of La Raza

Can't we love our country without killing our soldiers?

Is it just me or does John McCain

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "Liberal Bias In The Media" Makes Me Seem Witchy

Ditto Limpballs....

what's up in italy

Huckabee just did the biggest suck up job in History

Sorry someone beat me to posting this, remove replies

Some real good news - Judge: Bush can't exempt Navy in sonar

relatives and neighbors, who described the Brownings as a "picture perfect" family

Driver's License photocopy, SSN, Address, Signature & Printed Name...

Challenging Torture (Scott Horton)

Could Virginia Deliver the Next President?

Article - Confessions of a Job Exporter

Good Lord! My mom mentioned a possible McCain/Huckabee

When we gain a greater majority in the Senate, one of the first things

*** A Few Monday TOONs ***

Beloved right wing

CSPAN2--Reid and McConnell Squabbling about economic package and FISA.

Did I get that right? Bush is passing out the new 3 trillion dollar budget on laptops??

Gerald McEntee at Huffington Post: McCain Is Not a Moderate

Limbaugh said WHAT?? about Lindsay Graham??

Seymour Hersh: A Shot in the Dark

The criminals in charge can count on DUers to act like scattered cats,...

States Scooping Up Assets From Millions of Americans

A $410B budget deficit is outrageous, whoever wins needs to cut about 2 trillion out of the budget

Feingold: "This is about the bulk sucking-up of information by the government."

Hate the sin, love the sinner

Got 2 minutes to spare for democracy? DU the comments re: Conyers vs. Blackwell

Iraq death toll 'OVER ONE MILLION'

Richard Clarke: Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering

Bill Maher on CNN RIGHT NOW

WTF did I just see on MSNBC?


Get over here DUers -Boxer's tearing them a new one

question about McCain and Reagan.....when Reagan first started in politics,I

Denying education to undocumented immigrants doesn't make sense

What do you think of churches telling their congregations to "vote their values?"

Amazingly it's not a joke, ABC is running a 90 minute special on a two year old murder

i think we are all watching a nasty divorce & an ugly custody battle


Savage thinks most Americans are bigots, like him.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

RIAA Moves to Lower Songwriter Royalties

Sorry, you’re too fat to eat here

I swatted 3 mosquitoes a few minutes that were trying to bite me!

A gun AND cops thread :)

Anyone else having trouble with the Toyota ads up top?

NOLA people!

Police: Oregon panhandlers raking in the green

Paging Jesus- Money changers in the Temple: Virtue Perfume (ROTFLMAO)

Indonesian tsunami detector 'was severed': official

Code Pink - Berkeley - Marine Recruiting Center

General Discussion: Prelates

Damn but I make some good popcorn!

John Conyers, 1974: Why Nixon should have been impeached

Mellencamp Asks McCain to Stop Using Tunes

Has anyone seen a mod lately?

They'll have to fucking shoot me first.

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/03/08)

Guys, guys, please. Let's stop feeding that THING. It thrives on the attention.

Anyone watching Anthony Bopurdain in New Orleans?

*Public Service Announcement*

Karl Rove posting on DU

I just hid the thread in question...

I enjoy a nice dose of schadenfreude as much as the next man, but come on...

US falls further behind: World's largest wind turbine is erected in Germany

Hey, Tiki! How does it taste.....

You know who's REALLY going to be pissed off tomorrow night?

Comment on today's top ten.. Good comebacks for hecklers in power.

Can women do the job of men?

OC Register: Belt-tightening among wealthy shoppers could choke other households

US anti-missile ship to dock in Haifa/Internet disruptions

Wow, whats with the 200 Mike Gravel video's over in DUs video section?

Happiness is being oblivious to worthless bullshit threads

HOLY CRAP!!! Ugliest Kid Ever!!!

What the fuck!?!?!?!? Why are you all fighting over a game none of you played in?

I'm not a football fan

TimesOnlineUK: "Afghanistan is a nasty war we can never win". US has no strategy.

This is one of the weirdest nights I have ever seen in the Lounge.

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...

Breaking news: Clinton wins x%, Obama y% in California!

Stop saying UHC will raise taxes!

it's been a beautiful night


The DU Lounge is the new GD:P

WTF? I come here to cool off and it's 3000 degrees in here.

I just tasted the grapes in my wine...

I will donate $25 to DU in your name if you can positively identify R9u1d1y's $50M delegate

Didn't watch the superbowl...

implicit and explicit (All Three)


Please Take A Break From The Lounge To Help This Guy.

A new study has shown that DU affects human behavior

I found the cure for a cold - spicy food

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

2nd most embarassing sports interview of all time

Best. Super. Bowl. Ever.

Best Superbowl in...awhile




Remember how I never met my oldest daughter till last Dec., here is her birthday present (corrected)

I'm sorry there's a TV/phone/internet outage in your area during the Super Bowl, but...

Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden: The Movie

What is Better Cable Modem vs. DSL ???

Has anybody seen Bi-Baby yet?

Is there a medical reason NyQuil liqui-caps are the size of horse tranqz?

Is this something the moderators should consider?

Mothers rule. That is all. n/t

I didn't watch the entire game but I did see the Pats coach congrats the winner

Did Punxatawny Phil see his shadow on Saturday?

And btw, when will they finally call them the New Jersey Giants?

So will Giselle keep her Super Bowl promise and run naked thru Midtown Manhatten?

Anybody used 5-FU for actinic keratoses?

The CATCH...

how many of you ran afoul of the NFL 55" rule last night?

If my calculations are correct...

On the one hand, a corncob pipe is biodegradable.

Erasure supplies the backbeat for this all-purpose "I LOVE to HATE you" thread.

You know, we could have a great Photoshop contest with this picture...

As a born-and-bred New Englander, right now I feel

Need Pot? Man tries selling it on Connecticut Craigslist

What was the hardest period after quitting smoking?

This is my 10,001 post

WHY do I have to deal with anxiety issues. WHY?


Yonk Dorne

I'm going to take a nap, but if you want to bother me with a question, do it now

Man, that Terminator really messed up the Robo-Football player!

I got a 99% on an appraisal...

I dont know why, but all of a sudden I am homesick for the India vs Pakistan cricket matches

$350 BILLION spent annually to collect medical debts

I stayed home from work today!

Factoid of the Week.

The odds of a Super Tuesday GD-P Kumbaya moment. CAN we, and WILL we, all just get along?

So what did Don Shula say/do?

I don't like talking to fish

Caption this * pic...

The Manning Brothers

Anyone remember "A hex on thee!"?


Grant Writing.

just for laughs I made CNN twice yesterday

I think we can safely say James Carville is completely and totally whipped:

Me Caveperson

With the defeat of the Patriots, nothing can prevent the Giants' conquest of New England.

I wish I'd thought of this...

I've hidden all of the Überbowl threads and all that's left is the Carville Pink Room thread.

I'm dreaming of bunnies and kittens.


Petty stupid but nonetheless annoying problem with fiance-advice?

Would you draft an elite wide receiver or an elite cornerback?

How much money do you think was lost on betting?

Turn on CNN NOW - BREAKING: Potential reason for Super Bowl loss

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/4/2008)

Potentially naive question re tribal conflicts like Kenya's

Wrong forum

My Thread got locked in GD without even another post OR even a locking comment

Popcorn time in GD. Another DUer has apparently "had enough."

Best super bowl ad: eTrade baby

Anyone taking Lipitor?

Kind of worried, they are going to fire a co-worker who REFUSES to take personal responsibility.

No offense against those very nice polite young LDS men....

Dutch site worthy of a peek

So, the 1972 Dolphins are still the greatest team ever!

I discovered this weekend that I am Mr. Miyagi

I'm not the biggest fan of Boston teams

Best Super Bowl Ad: FedEx's Pigeons of Doom

I am starting to understand what the sane gun collectors feel

House, M.D. was a bit much last night

I might be movin' to Montana soon

If Jack White and Jack Black made a record together, would the world come to an end?

I am excited to vote tomorrow. This is my first primary vote.

Level 42's "Guaranteed" - Today's Recommended Listening (and unknown album)

I've had enough!!!

DUers, I have a confession. I cried recently--and I'm a guy!

This Is NOT A Superbowl Thread

apparently I have cloned myself!

Another reason to stay out of GD/P: ADS - gasp - ADS in the posts!!

There Will Be Blood

How can you tell for sure if someone has multiple personalities?

Why o' why do the repubs hate mc cain? He's everything they ever wanted.

Rachel Maddow expanding to 3 hours, starting March 10th

OMG, I am dying laughing over here!

Appreciation thread of sorts...for all of you who have experienced a recent loss...

Anderson replaces Brady in Pro Bowl?

I require pants.

Does anyone out there have a pair gathering dust?

My husband needs to stop wiggling goodies in front of me.

I require plants

Michael Vick can keep $16.25M in bonuses from Falcons

Fourth Cable cut in the Middle East

"It's a terrible thing to lose your mind. So don't lose your mind"

Looks like the Lounge exploded last night!

Kucinich still needs our help

Music (particularly opera) lovers: Get a handle on Handel's "Rodelinda"

Why is the DEA helicopter circling my street?

After some of the shows Fox has had on, they rejected this ad???

This is not a gun thread but a social thread question.

Well, on March 4th I will be working at the Republican primary, directing the Democrats to the

Separated At Birth

Terry Bradshaw says F bomb during Super Bowl, maybe

my date went great

So I Am Working With The DEA Today ,And We Are Flying The Helicopter Around

I graduated from High School in 1981

Does anyone else here post in GD Primaries...

Puzzle for the math geeks

Vote on your favorite stooper* bowl ad

Natalie Holloway: Do you give a fuck?

I have never asked for vibes but I am having a little PTSD attack

You would not believe the feast we had for the game last night

There's too much turkey in my bacon wrap. Where do I turn in my testament?

McCain: "I will get Osama bin Laden and I will bring him to justice. I know how to do it."

I really know I'm sick

Smoking, Gambling, Drinking, Sex and Guns....

What do all the people who are classified as "Arabs" have in common?

a wonderful video

For some reason, this strikes me as funny...

My Dad is dying. I am so, so sad.

GOP Congressmen Swimming Fast from the Sinking Ship


Is DU broken?


Math geeks, what is the next number in the sequence...



Boston Has A Football Team?

Ah sonova... once again NU sent to 'consolation' game in Beanpot

Bush Takes Aim At Medicare, Medicaid

My tortoise came out for the first time in a week!

So We Have 'The Catch', 'The Immaculate Reception', 'The Drive', And Now We Forever Have 'The Play'.

I wish everyone would quit posting stuff.

Charlie isn't looking as scary these days huh?

I just got back from GDP. It was a hoot!

i haven't really cried yet

Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights

Bobby Knight hangs up his chair and quits

Ugh. I am, like, coughing up a lung right now.

Damn kids! Daughter's friend goes missing.

Victor Newman Rocks

One of my dogs is either a Republican, or she needs an exorcist (dial up)


Note to smokers

Daddy's gonna eat your fingers

What's in your sig line?

The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

There's too much bacon in my turkey wrap. Where do I turn in my testicles?

Ever wish you could get a do-over in real life?

Call 911, I've locked myself in JVS's bedroom but he has an ax and is try...

how do I size a photo in iphoto in my mac

OMG! This is HUGH!!!!1!!11!!!!112@@

I love my wife. She's very artistic, sophisticated, and mature

I drove behind a car with a DU bumper sticker today

Is graduate school in mathematics plausible for the cheerfully pedestrian student like me

A major endorsement for Lee Mercer, Jr. - SERIOUSLY!!

I know you're probably all tired of lol catz but this made me laugh

I just saw Hypnotoad and Gopsux over in GDP

Is It Me Or Does Rush Limbaugh Have a Fetish With Cigars?

Shell Kepler who played "Amy Vining" on GH has died.

Research can be pretty

I've got the motherfucker's address.

I've been chained to my desk since I got to work

I wish I could just stay in bed under the covers all night ...

Van der Sloot "didn't lose sleep" over dumping Holloway at sea "like an old rag"

I am overwhelmed by a vague feeling of helplessness...

Check in here if you did NOT watch the Super Bowl....

Mary sat at the window for hours.. wondering why no one visited

John C McGinley just had a baby girl

I'm smoking a peanut cigarette and eating a shellfish and bee sandwich.

LOL... I just got the funniest call

What in everlasting damnation was Gisele Bundchen doing at the game?!

Oi! I found Rush Limbaugh's lost-at-birth brother!!

9/4/01-Clarke PLEADED With Rice & WH-'Imagine A Tragedy Where 100s Of Americans Lay Dead'

Movie Actors/Actresses vs. Theatre Actresses/Actors

People are gross.

AngryAmish had a tot

I can't find my pasta strainer - can I use my Sierpinski Sieve?

My pain meds aren't ready

It should not be in the seventies at the beginning of February.

For ZombyWoof, wherever he may roam:

Any punk fans out there?

good night all

"Honor is a luxury men like us can't afford."


There was a roving Baptist at the door with pamphlets.

i am laughing so hard i'm actually crying.

my daughter is studying for a test on Japan, she's been at it for 2 1/2 hours

I REALLY want nachos.

Nice Post Hitler

So, HEyHEY is heading to Korea to meet a girl's parents and stuff.

Equal Balance.

Help! I need a stain remover that can take blood off a paint wall.

You're allowed to completely destroy one inanimate object at work, home, or your place of study...

Go ahead and spoil the crap out "Cloverfield" for me

It's cold and snowing, so naturally I went for a 13.48 mile walk.

OMG!!!! Anyone watching Stewart / Colbert right now?

Please! Please! This is supposed to be a *happy* occasion!

Yes, yes, yes...Bateman confirms talks for Arrested Development movie have started

Anyone watch the Terminator/Sarah Connor Chronicles?

I hate broccoli but I love cauliflower

Awright, who the HELL turned the gravity up today???

I hear (your favorite candidates') website is powered by whale oil.

Deadheads for Obama tonight to be webcast!

***The Official Radio Lady and Audio Al 35th Wedding Anniversary Thread***

Tom Petty's Super Bowl performance "phallic"?

A riddle for DuStrange: What do yoga, dirty dancing and grapefruits have in common?

Help! Whole chicken in a crockpot

Post a picture of someone or something you love

You bastards! You killed him!

I have been told that my disher-style ice cream scoop is "elitist."

Indiana Jones or Batman? Which summer movie are you looking forward to more?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/4/08

Why do you like Earth?

11 Days 16 Hours

A quote about blaming parents for your problems

Complete this rhyme: Secant, Tangent, Cosine, Sine...

For those who miss the “Greatest” page’s intended purpose (re: GD-P threads)

heads up folks... don't waste money on "bank checks" or money orders

What if they packaged & taxed marijuana like they do cigarettes?

An lolcat makeup ad.

I have a haunted photograph

If you have an intractable anxiety disorder, please don't give up on finding a solution

Hef's current S.O. reveals "I want like a house and a kid..."

Judge: Navy must follow sonar rules

I'm going to another movie tonight.

Consolidated HUG THREAD for kagehime, QMPMom, sicksicksick_N_tired, applegrove, Southpawkicker,

Geometry problem for the mathletes (not a joke this time)

College coaching legend Knight resigns from Texas Tech

I ABHOR shopping. Who else is with me??!11!

For all who feel superior because the Giants won, or feel lesser because Patriots lost...

I'm eating chili, drinking beer, and listening to Wagner's "Das Rheingold". Life is good.

Soap Opera fans check-in: All-Time favorite Soap Opera couple

Rice Was ‘Uninterested In Advising The President’ Before 9/11,

christ, Monday sucks this semester.

My Daddy died about an hour ago.

The five stages of Patriots grief... Now don't get mad at me Pats fans, just thought this was funny

Policy makers got it wrong on teen pregnancy and poverty

New bill lets you take your gun to church- Freepers Respond

An announcement at school

The war will continue, no matter who is elected...

Giraldi: Sibel Edmonds must be heard

U.S. Navy's new ''big gun'' to replace conventional weaponry

You wanna know why the Repubs will win the '08 Presidency? Spend 5 minutes in GD/P.

What can you tell me about North Carolina State U?

Sen. Sanders calls for taxes on big oil & limits on their power

This is a post to say what you REALLY want to say to any basterd

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs?

Kyle F. Hence (Press For Truth) & 911 Widows Open Letter To 911 Cmssrs. Re: Shenon Book

Speaking of anniversaries, Hubby and I celebrated 14 years today

I was at a luncheon Thursday featuring Al Gore....

Bad Stuff that Hollywood has made look attractive

If Hitler had called the people he murdered Al-Qaeda could he have gotten away with it?

Here's a picture of the new Power-chair!

Disappeared DU'ers

Have you ever wanted to chuck it all and just disappear?

ENVIRONMENT (read: global warming) #1 issue for Canadians. War is #2.

With Little Notice, Leahy Pushes Through Repeal of a Scary Bush Power Grab

February 5, 2004: "No one told us what to say or how to say it..."

Elizabeth Holtzman: BUSH+CHENEY-Already-"Pardoned Themselves & Got Immunity From The War Crimes Act"

Bill Clinton is contrite in visits to black churches

Cyber-savvy town gets rich on eBay frauds

Iraq death toll 'OVER ONE MILLION'

Colombia Says Rebels to Hand 3 More Hostages to Chávez

Cross-Border Chases From Iraq O.K., Document Says

U.S. Concern Over Economy Is Highest in Years

All eyes on Clinton as big vote nears

Iran fires rocket from space center

Clinton, Obama, Insurance

Briton accused over E Guinea coup 'kidnapped'

US: 9 Iraq civilians accidentally killed

HUD Chief Accused of Retaliation

Iraq veterans are denied help for combat trauma (UK)

CWRU researchers to announce breakthrough in anti-HIV gel for women

Police: Oregon panhandlers raking in the green

U.S. layoffs rise by 69 pct in Jan vs Dec-survey

Bush unveils $3 trillion spending plan

"Disgusted" army wife speaks out on Army's response to soldier suicide surge

Iran tests rocket and plans to launch satellite

Sheriff's appraisers cash in (Republican cronies rake in big bucks from foreclosures)

Yahoo may consider Google alliance, source says

Woman killed as suicide bomber strikes Dimona

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 4

Study links baby products to phthalates

U.S. military says kills 15 in Iraqi Qaeda raids

Obama catching up to Clinton in NY: poll

McCain backs long-term US presence in Iraq

Internal pressure grows on Iraq's Sadr to end truce

Chrysler shuts 4 plants on supplier dispute (Illinois, Delaware, Michigan and Ohio)

Obama wins first US Democratic Party voting abroad on 'Super Tuesday'

US anti-missile ship to dock in Haifa

CU Benson portrait defaced

Turkey Bombs Kurdish Area in Iraq

Limbaugh Defends Clinton and Obama on Iraq

Saudis beheads three foreigners

Judge halves amount of damages Westboro church must pay

The CIA operation that should have prevented the Iraq war

US abandons Chad embassy

Khadr secret document released by accident

4th Undersea Cable Break: Between Qatar and UAE

U.S. OK'd pursuit into Iran, Syria

Suicide Biker Kills 6 in Pakistan

Suicide Biker Kills 6 in Pakistan

Judge: Navy Not Exempt From Sonar Ruling

Ex-Civil Rights Commission head asks DNC to settle delegate fight

Washington scrambles for subprime answers

Vandals paint swastikas on Jewish graves in southern Hungary

Time Runs Out for an Afghan Held by the U.S.(Dies at Gitmo)

Bush budget would bring record deficits

Cops Called to Rowdy Political Forum (Impeachment - Framingham MA)

U.S. soldiers help war against rebels in Colombia

Colombia marches against rebels

Climate set for 'sudden shifts'

Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth: poll

FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping

US says no one too young for Guantanamo court

Teen faces WMD charge after plastic egg explodes

Children caught in middle during wars

Why Organize? By Barack Obama

Bankers Gone Bonkers: Global Financiers Should Make Insanity Plea

The Hoax of Eco-Friendly Nuclear Energy

Seymour M. Hersh : A Strike in the Dark ... What did Israel bomb in Syria?

Gee, You’re Stupid

Authoriatarians a free web book by the Prof that John Dean used in "Conservatives Without Conscience

Russia: victim of narco-aggression (The Hindu)

Some Advice for Obama: Pick Jim Webb for Veep — Now!

Cutting Cables, Lighting Fuses By peter chamberlin

When Male Politicians Cry

Clinton, Obama, Insurance

The Threat of Section 1222 By James Rothenberg

"Hillary to Bill: Put a cork in it, sweetie" (by Carl Hiaasen)

Testimony of a US ex-marine By Rosa Miriam Elizalde

The Reason for Conyers Dilemma By Dom Jermano


Surviving the Middle Class Crash - Part 2 By Barbara Peterson

Read this or George W. Bush Will Be President the Rest of Your Life

GOP operatives are calling up liberal talk shows for Hillary!

Research whaling constitutes a real test of Japanese democracy - Greenpeace

Obama Using McCain to Show Differences with Clinton

US political establishment lines up behind Barack Obama/Patrick Martin

Anybody else catch Hillary's lies last Thursday?

Patriot Fans Blame Super Bowl Loss on the Ghost of Bill Buckner

Dole scolds Limbaugh

The Observer Exclusive: Hugo Chavez is President of Venezuela

Stimulus plan may not lead to many new jobs (

India finally realizes what a blunder it committed by becoming a trading nation....

Obama, Clinton and the War

Huckabee Pulls Out of Super Tuesday, Enters Fat Tuesday

Clinton's '35 years of change' omits most of her career

Tragicomic Tale of the 9/11 Report

16 Ways of Looking at a Female Voter

Obama More Likely to Beat McCain

How risky are uninsured bank deposits?

IBM says it will invest more in India this year

Obama Neck and Neck With Hillary Clinton

Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism

The White House Mole

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 323

Extracts of Moyers- 9/11 Commission Report Pt 1

David Cay Johnston describes how the rich get welfare

David Cay Johnston: how the government subsidizes the rich

David Cay Johnston: Corporate welfare for the politically connected rich

David Cay Johnston: Sports as a tool to steal from taxpayers

TPMtv: clips from last Friday

Clinton-Obama: Ticket of Inevitability By Mike Germain

Bill Moyers on Iraq and Pentagon Waste, Fraud, and Criminal Contracts

A CHANGE is coming

Extracts of Moyers- 9/11 Commission Report Pt 2

Obama Rally @ UCLA w. Caroline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder, Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver

Bill Maher: Religious Test

Romney Reacts To Patriots Super Bowl Loss

Super Nintendo Presidential Primary Go-Kart Race!

Michelle Obama: "I'd have to think about" supporting nominee Clinton

Would Republicans Support Democrat Pres. During Time of War?

George Galloway talks to caller about War with Iran

THOUGHT CONTROL: Sell War Or Pay Consequences

Help Dennis Kucinich to keep his seat in Congress

Video showing code words used on TV to instill fear and hate toward immigrants. Shocking.

Emission Zones

"U.S. Global Warming Plan: Hell and High Water" projected onto the Washington Monument!

Banning inefficient cars

PSE (Puget Sound Energy) Invites Schools to Apply for (1-5 kW) Solar-Power Installation

Brazilian Research Groups - 20% Of Remaining Amazon Rainforest Will Be Destroyed By 2030 - AP

Report Slams Australian Government For Using Outdated Science For Climate Planning

California Chinook Salmon Collapse - 2-Year-Old Male Salmon Count 5% Of Historic Average

In Baltic Sea, Reproduction Confirmed In Same Invasive Jellyfish That Wrecked Black Sea Fisheries

UK Food Prices Up 12% In One Year - At New All-Time High - Daily Express

Florida Gulf Stream turbines might whirl out energy

NRG Energy to Partner with BP on West Texas Wind Farm

28 Year old article - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

ONGC eyes 2,000 mw wind energy (in India)

Ithaca NY area gets another "Eco-Village."

Australian Coal Hits New Record On Higher Demand - $115 (US) Per Ton - Up $23 In One Week

New Zealand Glaciers In Rapid Retreat - Average Ice Volume Down 25 - 30% During 20th Century

Climate set for 'sudden shifts' (BBC)

China's Wen says country can beat the snow

Solar powered beer

New Evidence Suggests Warming Is Altering Hibernation Patterns, Increasing Mortality Rates

Business Leaders Pressuring BC Premier Campbell Against Taking Action On Climate - Too Expensive . .

Cold Chinese Grow Angry Over Lack of Preparation

Someone is Slaughtering Florida's Key Deer

France, Japan, US cooperate on nuclear reactors

Stephen Roach - World To US: "Keep Buying Stuff You Don't Need So We Can Sell It To You"

Netherlands Imposes $28.000 (US) "Guzzle" Tax On Hummers, Other Dinosaurs - Reuters

North Pacific Garbage Gyre Now Twice The Size Of Continental United States

Your 2009 pay raise

Soldier victim in one scam, pawn in another

GAO: $70B budget not enough to grow the force

Soldier killed in RPG attack in Baghdad

NATO: Insurgency not spreading in Afghanistan

Marine found dead in barracks returned home

Air Force vet may run for Congress

Building Iraq runways yields ancient artifacts

US, Iraqis Vow to Avenge Bombings

Gold Rush: Knox community prepares for influx

Marines say they’re not leaving Berkeley

Worker Dies At Iowa Construction Site

GM, Ford, Chrysler buyout 'offers' signal new round of job cuts

Eric Lee: Three campaigns - three victories

Economic Report: More than 18 percent of unemployed for more than six months

Obama weighs in on Volvo strike

More than 300 Hotel Workers in Hawaii Join Longshore Workers & week in review

Actors unions break ranks

Thousands (and their union representatives) in Mexico Urge Government to Renegotiate NAFTA

UAW to spend 'a lot' to back a Dem nominee ('cannot live with John McCain.')

Hillary Clinton weighs in on Volvo strike

'Green collar' (environment) jobs seen as prosperous

OBITUARIES: Taylor got the word out for Labor Press


3 killed in suicide bombing in Dimona

Commission to probe Shehada assassination

Egyptian forces trade fire with Palestinians at border

Lebanese man 'killed by Israelis'

Security sources believe Dimona terrorists came from West Bank

Livni backs Egyptian request to double its forces on Gaza border

Woman killed as suicide bomber strikes Dimona

Egypt: Hamas, Fatah should control Gaza border together

Hamas claims Dimona attack, says bombers came from Hebron

ANALYSIS: Terror attack was matter of time after Gaza border breach

Total, Venezuela sign study agreement

March against the FARC in Colombia today

Movie can clarify vision of rebel Che Guevera

Biggs's Tips for Rich: Expect War, Study Blitz, Mind Markets

A technical question concerning the budget

Loan market in 'disarray' after Harrah's upset

Doctor Housing Bubble 02/03/08

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 02/01/2008

santorum and Romney

Yes We Can

Parents To Ask Supreme Court To Take Gay Book Case

Judge Slashes Damages Phleps Clan Must Pay

The grandparents are out

California Could Be First State With Gay Holiday

Civil union ruling puts federal judge in the spotlight

Chicago's new Episcopal bishop, national leader speak up for gay clergy

Anglican Anti-Gay Showdown Turns Violent In Zimbabwe

Best biography of the year!

48percenter -- did you see this?

Obama in Delaware

I am not voting for Joe tomorrow.

I have to share this

My friend has his 51st birthday on Feb 7-08. Thursday of this week.

A nice bank of videos

Ladies kindly give me a hand if you will

Healing for bats --- please help

Spiritual illness effecting the body, and vice versa

Best Super Bowl Commercial (with a sports theme)

Patriots Are The Only Team To Win 18 Games In A Season

If Indeed Cheaters Are Punished By The Gods

Hey Bin Laden did you enjoy the superbowl?

Oh no you d'int -- NY Post uses asterisk on front page

Fin-tastic News For Miami

Sports books take a beating

Why is the Giants Super Bowl Victory considered an upset?

my friends and I are having an arguement

The Game Comes to the Rescue, and Oh, What a Game It Was

4th and 13 and you don't go for the 49-yard FG.

Just a friendly reminder to the Pats fans...

Props to the Giants

Saints defensive end Charles Grant stabbed, woman shot to death in a "fracas"

So will any sports press call the Pat's coach on leaving the field before the game was over?

Booo just BOOOOOO

'72 Dolphins still alone at the top

Giants-Patriots most-watched Super Bowl

Patriots...going from potentially the greatest team ever...

I Thought It Was Unsportsmanlike For The Coach Of The Patriots To Walk Off The Field......


Next NY team to win it all= The Mets

The 2007 NFL season was a 5-month advertisement for the 1972 Miami Dolphins

billichick trashed unmercifully on New Orleans talk radiio


Randy Moss is ...

The Greatest Thing About The Patriots Losing

You're damn right I hoped the Pat's wouldn't go undefeated.

The Patriots will go down in history as one of the 3 or 4 best teams

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Tech men's basketball coach Bob Knight has resigned, school officials say

Study Warns of Chemicals in Baby Items

Docs Oppose Aetna Plan on Colonoscopies


Neurologica: Mercury Excretion in Infants

California Offers a Look Into Future of Politics

A sloppy joe kind of day

Hello all!! I'm back after surviving the equivalent of Captain Tripps..

Anyone here a jerky?

Cupcakes for Mardi Gras.

Conclusive physical proof of the existence of God

Here's a contest you might be interested in

Bridge Over Frozen Water

I should probably post this in the "For Sale" forum or whatever it's called, but . . .

A word to the wise...IMPORTANT!

~~~ Submissions for the February Contest will Open Feb 9 ~~~

Everyone Please Listen! European National Health Works Because It is UNIVERSAL

A question about Kosher diets

Chips pass two billion milestone

New Decontamination System Kills Anthrax Rapidly Without Lingering Effects

Have a happy day on Mars

Geology experts ... is recent quake linked to severed cables?

Why I can not believe in Barack Obama "Michelle Obama Cool to Helping a Would-Be Clinton Candidacy"

sample of obamababies vile comments related to Hillary sentimental issue:

JOE WILSON!!!!! "The Real Hillary I Know -- and the Unreal Obama" FANTASTIC article!!

“Stop and search saves lives” UK TimesOnLine

Respondent's Brief filed in District of Columbia v. Heller


Lee Hamilton

Bush White House had ignored repeated warnings about the threat posed by Osama bin Laden.


Open thread Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 02/04/08

Book: Sept 11 executive director had closer ties to White House than publicly disclosed

States Prepare for Tests of Voting- System Changes

Decent graphic and other links

Warning: California Gets Its Own Butterfly Ballot

To restore democracy, do we need to get rid of some Super Delegates ?

The Dungeon's Super Tuesday poll

Letter From Tomorrow (Fat Super Tuesday) - Fasten your seatbelts here we go again......

If you're content with your own reality....

A Texas Divided Will Be Broken In Two

Congress may throw wrench in Texas privatization plan

Some pictures and my account of the Hillstars march up Broadway yesterday

Voting begins on new Texas license plates

Latest Kerry email

DailyKos diary by John Kerry up right now!!

Ok. The good senator has got a banging, spanking Kos diary, and

The Boston rally is on C-Span right now! n/t

I am still confused. Can someone please, expalin, again senate

Obama camps tries to turn issue of health care into a Character issue for Hillary!

Not that I really needed the reminder, but I just got this email from Barack Obama

Obama's brillant campaign is based on Keirsey's temperament theory

Frank Rich compares JFK and Obama

My dream endorsement for today....

John Kerry sent out this email to each of his 22 Super Tuesday state lists today

Delete dupe.

Incredible Energy behind Barack Obama : by John Kerry

More anti-Obama push-polling in CA (dkos):

Canvasing for Obama

Hey Mass. folks: was this a pretty big gaffe by Hillary?

I'm going to phone bank this afternoon.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's personal lawyer, speechwriter endorses Obama

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) endorses Barack Obama

The Differences Betweee Obama and Clinton

The Mass. Obama rally is on C-Span right now! n/t

The whole Hillary Crying thing?

Endorsements for Obama thread

Flaherty acknowledges untendered contract broke rules

Chalk River reactor back up to safety standards

"Harper had best beware The Big Cod in military matters"

Endowments Widen a Higher Education Gap

KOEB 2/4/2008 It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

A CHANGE is coming

Since nobody has mentioned it: Vote Yes on 92!

what happens if I vote Kucinich or Edwards

WTC #5....

Is astronomy ethical? - looks like a great resource.

Your sceptics'/skeptics' Super Tuesday poll

Downward facing dog? That's so OLD yoga...

Do you leave your political disputes at the "door" when you come here?