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Happy Birthday Chelsea Clinton!

Barack Obama won over a new voting bloc tonight....

Our two candidates were right in the way they treated the Middle East topic.

Our two candidates were right in the way they treated the Middle East topic.

I see Dead To Me People.

When was the last time we were on level three?


Just wanted to say to the Hillary Camp

You know what? The Hillary-Hate and the Barack-Hate has to stop!

It's over - Prepare yourself for some polls that will blow you away

Will the tone of Hillary's stump speeches change after this debate?

Will the tone of Hillary's stump speeches change after this debate?

Our primary turnout has been much higher than the GOP's. (So what?)

I don't give a shit anymore

Thanks to Chris Dodd for a truly moving speech.

Hillary 08: Because a Deaf God Ignores Our Pleas

Obama's religious dilemma

Hillary's appeal to woman in debate,make change,way things are done,who gets to do them...the rules

Who was the big winner tonight? It’s not who you think.

Serious question about racism and xenophobia, and Obama.

Why do so many Democrats want to shoot their party in the foot?

Words DO Matter...Barack Obama was being totally honest. He doesn't...Huffington Post

Is there ANYTHING about this certain forum

Uh sorry, the Media jumped on the Obama-Train late.. After the voters pushed him up.

I think the R's brokered a deal with Romney and McCain

What will Bush get, (that he wants so badly) to finish off his republican fascist dictatorship?

Hillary AGAIN "plagiarizes" Edwards in tonight's debate.

NOW interview of founding editor of Ms. and her daughter re. HRC/Obama

"I would certainly as president not have taken us to war in Iraq"

The Rude Pundit: Bullshit Games from the Political Establishment

Obama: Endorsed By Lincoln, FDR, And Eisenhower?

Barack's tie ROCKED!!

When I grow up, I want to be a professional "undecided" voter

Chicago Tribune: Debate puts Hillary Clinton's frustrations on display

We need a debate that lasts a grueling 9 hours and leaves one of the debaters unconscious

South Dakota Rep. Sandlin Backs Obama

There will be a PENN. debate.....

Is Asking A Question Of A Candidate First A Sign Of Disrespect

Obama Blows his 'Sister Soujah' Moment -- Huffington Post

Polls From Ohioans From Seperate News Sources....

Maybe the RW will try painting Barack as

Barack Hussein the name [Juan Cole, from Informed Comment]

So who won the debate? I haven't watched it yet.

If Obama is the nominee

At 30 minutes into the debate, Clinton looked utterly "defeated."

Obama breaks 1,000,000!

Did Hillary try to score points for voting for the Bankruptcy Bill???

John Nichols: Dodd to Clinton: Hint. Hint. Hint!

It was only a matter of time: Vandals Hit Obama Campaign Headquarters in Texas

Here is an example of the type of crap we can expect in the months to come

Radio caller said it right

"He isn't out of money, didn't have to fire anybody...".

Summary of 7 Local Texas Papers: Obama surge continues

It is my great hope that McCain wins the election.

***SUPERDELEGATE UPDATE 2 - (Campaign Neutral)***

***SUPERDELEGATE UPDATE 2 - (Campaign Neutral)***

The Obama/Clinton vs. McCain polls are irreleveant...

If you write in another candidate during the GE, you are voting for McCain.

Marshall Applewhite endorses Obama.

NYT: Now on the Campaign Trail, a Reined-In Bill Clinton

Huffpo's Tom Edsall: Hillary Camp Presses Superdelegates Not to Take Sides

After saying she found her “voice” in New Hampshire, she has turned into Sybil.

My Thought For The Day

Clinton failed early, didn't recover soon enough

Debate fashion review

When percentage of Hillary v. Obama threads are worthless crap?


OMG! Since I got up this morning Obama has over a thousand new donors

Watch Fox News Undecideds in Ohio

The Final Firewall is Breaking:PA Q-Poll: Clinton 49 (-3), Obama 43 (+7)

I'm am Obama supporter, but if I were in his shoes..

Been thinking - Clinton or Obama - I win either way...

HRC's attack on Obama for not conducting hearings on Afghanistan is a cheap shot



How did the political ads compare in your state? I'm seeing more for Obama in N. Texas

If Hillary is prez., will she still consult Mark Penn about every decision she has to make?

Brent Larkin's analysis: Clinton failed early, didn't recover soon enough

What does Cunningham have against King Hussein of Jordan? :) I'm just saying.

It's about damn time a Native American gets elected president

The Great Ohio Debate: Russert doing AIPAC's bidding

You know it's over when all the Hillary people have left

Labeling: When Hillary complains about the press/media it's "whinning."

Sounds Like Last Nights Debate was Interesting


Obama Supporters Only

Congressional hopefuls ride the Obama wave


Hillary had the best line of the debate

I've went from "never vote for Hillary" to considering an Obama/Clinton ticket might be good..

Apparently Obama doesn't even care to get votes

At this point, do you think more debates would show you anything...

Why McCain Wins if Hillary Stays In

Why didn't Russert quote Farrakhan's "endorsement" of Obama?

Best line of the debate:

Wooing the Youth Vote (1972)

Memo to candidates: Say it Loud! I'm Liberal and Proud!" ....(please?)

Laura Flanders is subbing for Thom Hartmann right now and talking about sexism in the race

Just a couple of weeks and the end, We definately need to be thinking about a Dem House and Senate

Been kinda out of it. Is this an election year? Whose running?

I wanted to mention the ads on TV and radio here in Texas

Who did Tweety say won the debate last night? What about

Hey Democrats, please remove heads from asses!!!

Why do you think RW media nuts like Limbaugh & Cunningham are having meltdowns?

Something strange about campaign ads

You know you won when Maddow whines: this debate was the death of enthusiasm, grim"

How Do We Defeat Tim Russert? (from the "what Digby said" files)

So, let's see - calling someone a "hack" gets an apology, but not "bitch"..?

So, let's see - calling someone a "hack" gets an apology, but not "bitch"..?

So, let's see - calling someone a "hack" gets an apology, but not "bitch"..?

So did the debate answer any questions for you?

Americans should know that re-negotiating NAFTA with Canada won't save jobs.

This is an important issue to me, Bush is vetoing the foreclosure bill

Best speech for a conservative

Most Improved Debater-In what may be the final debate, Obama shows how he's grown

Texas Two-Step Vote Could Trip Up Clinton

BREAKING: Marvin endorses Hillary Clinton

I would not be surprised to see SNL mock Hillary for making them part of the story this week. . .

A funny-- Which endorsement would you like your opponent to secure?

IS there bias against HRC?

We are not the majority.

What will Hillary do after the Primaries? I hear the Public Schools are looking for good Bus Drivers

Will Clinton need to hold a White House Press conference every time SNL does a negative skit?

If Hillary won...

Obama clearly won- He was cool and concise, whereas Clinton was smarmy and evasive

I know what Lanny Davis says is inconsequential but on GOP Joe

It seems clear some Clinton supporters feel the Farrakhan thing is they're last best hope.

Lost in the Farrakhan flap were some powerful words of reconciliation from Obama

TIME's Joe Klein: "We're nearing the end of this incredible race."

I'm watching the Democratic debate from MSNBC, and they look like they're going to kill each other.

My Third Of Third Posts Re:John McCain

Dean Thinks Obama Will Win

QUIZ: Pick your ideal 2008 Presidential Candidate!

Let's Talk about Obama raising the cap on FICA and SS

Senator Barack Obama opens up meaningful lead in gallup daily tracking for first time in a week

After the Cleveland Debate, Not Even Clinton's Spinners Could Claim Victory for Her

So who won the debate last night? What's the DU consensus?

Why mandates for health insurance are a nightmare

Dorgan on Big Ed's Show ... (was a short intv.)

William F. Buckley Jr is dead at 82

Clinton leading Obama in OH by 8 points

Russert Amplifies "Anti-Israel" Smear Campaign Against Obama

Sen. Dorgan of ND endorses Obama

John Nichols: Clinton's Cringe-Worthy Moment

Yes, We Can! Over one million donors for Obama!

Always remember Ralph Nader prefers James Dobson to the Democrats

I didn't get my wish, so now i am faced with my choice.

Anyone but me notice this PECULIAR moment in the debate?

Don't you sometimes wish Al Gore was running? I sure do /nt

Radio talk-show host Bill Cunningham: "John McCain threw me under the Straight Talk Express,"

The problem with taking polls at their face value

Luntzing the vote.

Obama Campaign Office Vandalized

Maureen Dowd: Begrudging His Bedazzling

This Board Is Beyond Redemption

Obama refuses to answer the "Boxers or briefs?" question

Oden endorses Obama

According to the LOS ANGELES TIMES....BOTH Democrats are losing to McCain

How Government works

Interesting party breakdowns on Obama and Clinton match-ups with McCain

Obama should pick Dennis Kucinich as VP

What the F...?

GOP congressman slams Obama on missing flag pin

If McCain had won vs Bush this country would have been

Q:Why do Kucinich and Clinton both poll at 55% in his district?

A compromise between HC and BO on health ins. No mandates, no one left out.

After watching the debate last night...

Is Hillary Helping McCain's Chances By Staying in the Race?

Hey Obama Supporters! Check out the SA Express News Website:

Gov. Rendell: "I don't believe in endorsements...even my own..."

It's the Media... & It's not fair !

Isn't a Clinton/Obama Ticket Almost Inevitable?

Is Clinton a member of an anti-gay Church?

After last night, I'm switching from Obama to Hillary!

Net delegate take for O on Tuesday.

The Media's Election

Hillary's whining last night about being asked the questions first is NOT very presidential!

Bill Clinton has been "muzzled" according to the NYT. No more finger ..

I don't know about you, but my old tax returns are sitting in a file cabinet

Obama stiffs, stifles national press: Candidate who keeps most distance from national media

Media Matters: Clown Russert, Limbaugh's good buddy

What I've learned from GD primaries over the last few months....

Is Hillary that desparate for money?

If only Obama had shunned McClurkin the way he

I just watched the MSNBC debate, and I think Senator Obama won it. Here's why:

Help Me, HRC Supporters.

Let's DU the Austin American Statesman (especially Texans!) - Need Help!

Regardless of nominee, let's say the Dems win the general election....

Hillary Clinton Legacy: War mongering, Race baiting, Jew baiting.

Quinnipiac: Obama Surges in Pennsylvania

Are the Dems being setup for a fall by winning this year?

I don't know what's worse, the national media or the Obamites who think he even has a chance in Ohio

Hillary again attempts to morph into John Edwards.

Classic GOP Know-nothingism on flagrant display in anti-Obama press release

Bush's Top Donors Signing On With McCain: ‘Bush Rangers’ rallying behind McCain.

Is Senator Obama Morpheus?

Richardson Moves Toward An Endorsement, Likes Obama

Zippy the Pinhead's 4-Party Political Spectrum

FactCheck: First Questions (debates)

WOW! I just got my first anti-republican chain email

Is the Clinton Texas campaign falling apart -- or was it never there to begin with?

was there any Richardson news on Tuesday?

Why the hell doesn't McCain need to explain support from right-wing radio hacks?

Texas Update

There once was a man named McCain

Hillary regrets the IWR vote

Congressman John Lewis officially switches to Obama!!!

Will Obama's plan and stimulus package for the economy stop the looming depression?


Can someone explain the word "Insurance" to Hillary?

so, today I see clinton supporters playing the race card, the sexism card, the anti-semitic card

There is nothing wrong with Obama's middle name!

I DOUBLE-DOG DARE you to watch the Tweety rerun tonight

Hillary Supporters, PLEASE CHECK IN!!

Remember when we used to be Democrats before the Clintons took over the Party,

Google Trends, Barack vs. Hillary

How do you feel about Hillary's decision to question Baracks's denouncement of anti-Semitism?


Obama Dog talks about Hillary Schmillary

LOL! Another one bit the dust!

Bill Richardson is Obama's best VP choice ...

Obama Stands On His Principles: Does Not Co-Sponsor Faulty Feingold Withdrawal Bill

Begala does crack me up sometimes.

Did Hillary actually reject the endorsement of the independence party?

Civil Rights Leader Switches to Obama

Ezra Klein: Obama's Benjamins

"The world is run by those who show up."

Who got the first question at the debates? Answers here!

Obama Dog talks about Hillary Schmillary

McCain: "I'm proud to have Pastor (Battle of Armageddon) Hagee's support"

A question concerning the VP candidate and Cabinet

Thanks mods!

Dear Senators Clinton and Obama...

Hillary Clinton did not vote for the IWR in hopes war might be averted by UN inspections.

Put yourself in Republican shoes for a moment...

Bill Cunningham just endorsed Hillary on NPR

On Obama's Failure To RENOUNCE Farrakhan. LOL!

So now we see the sexism card come back out to play.

Why I Think Obama Can Take Ohio

Last Night's Debate: I was Proud of Both Candidates

Last Night's Debate: I was Proud of Both Candidates

Clinton may have a point about always getting the first question

I think I know why Obama got a pass.....

"Straight talker" McCain says it doesn't matter if "Rep Renzi is Still Part of My Campaign"

Obama gets 'offensive' on outsourcing

Great Obama Video

Obama = Communist is the new RW meme

Dallas Republican says she'll vote Dem and urges others to do so.

In Democratic Primary, Expect a GOP Turnout

Don't you think Barack is the next president?

Are There Any Post Debate(last night) Polls To Report.......

The Endorsement of Clinton by Right Wing Talk show Hosts MUST be a Scam

Who wood 'a thunk?

Another one....Maine superdelegate backs Barack Obama

It's so funny to hear Clinton surrogates attacking Obama for not being explicit enough

I don't care if it's against the rules; I've got to call this bastard out!

Official: John Lewis has moved his endorsement to Obama

FYI, Lou Dobbs will have a segment on Obama

How to Beat Obama (Maybe).....

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/27/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton unchanged (43)

On KO, TX Sec. Of State said that 600,000 people have voted early.

Tolerance and Freedom of Speech by damned.

Has Bill Been a help or hindrance to HRC in this campaign?

Underestimation of John McCain is one of the worst things we as democrats can do

Since 2/20, Obama has gained 19 Super Delegates and Clinton has lost one: Guess why?

Texas Early Voting- Obama vs. Clinton and a NEW poll from yesterday only

its unfair to charge clinton with giving attack ideas to McCain

Fake DC Senators Endorse Obama, In Spirit

Bush aides: Clintons holding up records

Is Hillary Clinton going for the nuclear option?

Hillary has the Al Gore problem

Texas poll: Clinton 46% Obama 43%

Texas Peeps, Help Me Out

A big reason why Clinton is losing - and why Obama should fight like hell

TPM: Obama's Silence on Kaddafi

Obama Fires Back at McCain

Starting the 29th Zogby will be polling TX and Ohio on both sides

Obama and Hillary have the same policy toward NAFTA

CNN: polling indicates INDs go to Obama in matchup v. McCain

ROFLMAO Hannity Trying to Help His Listeners Figure Out Who to Vote For in Primaries

Obama has to really challenge McCain on why his party hasn't found Bin Laden

Interesting Numbers: Obama has Never trailed in Delegates

Hillary dropping out Friday??

I Think Hillary & Obama BOTH Won The Debate For Not Slapping The Shit Out Of Russert's Face

Rasmussen Markets: Obama takes lead in Ohio

Listening to the election chatter yesterday

Ok my take on the Primaries

If not Hillary, will I vote for McCain? NO! Of course not. However

quick question re 3/4 primaries

"The voters aren't ready for a black president" is not an acceptable arguement this year.

The MSM will push Obama in the GE too -- here's why...

IF Hillary doesn't get the nom, what would you like to see her do?

OMISSIONS From BOTH Candidates- These Things Bothered Me In Last Night's Debate

Mark Penn: "being human is overrated"

Sen. Byron Dorgan's endorsement of Obama is a Big Deal...especially for Progressives.

Ready To Lead On Day One

HIllary Supporters: Do You Want Hillary To Stay In And Fight

What's next for Grandpa MadDog? "Bomb, bomb, bomb bomb-bomb Obama."?

Why isn't more being said about Hillary playing the gender card?

Proof that the media had pro-Obama bias since early 2007, when he entered the race

RW tactics--an inside view to their strategy

What Will The Clintons Do After Hill Is Down For The Count?

It's Not Black And White Any Longer

Texas Primary: Four Trends, All to Obama's Advantage

Obama's communications director associated with 2004 bin Laden/Dean ad that criticized Dean's

UCC being investigated by the IRS

So, What are the chances that Al Gore might get into the race?

Happy Birthday Ralph Nader!

I think this is bad news for McCain (maybe)

Tennessee GOP issues press release claiming Obama is anti-Israel and supported by anti-Semites

AP: Bloomberg Not Running

Breaking: Bloomberg says he IS NOT running for President

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) for VP?

The repugs are going to attack Obama's patriotism, using the flag lapel

So: How do like that 5 point of attack/five fingers of death

Obama's Church May See IRS Investigation

For perspective: primaries in other worlds - Tom Tomorrow

Can anyone from TX give me an unbiased idea of what the polls really look like out there?

Rep. John Lewis will support Obama as a superdelegate!

Prediction on Tuesday, Obama will win 188 delegates, Clinton 180.

Obama Is a Muslim Like McCain Was Brainwashed and Has Illegitimate Black Child


24 senators, mostly democrats, vote not to move the Feingold bill on Iraq to the floor.

Here's how Hillary should have referenced SNL

Don't shoot the messenger. If this video is true, Obama is in deep trouble.

#2 Equal Opportunity Running Mate / VP Poll

Who is your dream Veep?

"My friends..."

Obama outspending HRC in Texas and Ohio on advertising

Obama closes to within 6 points in Pennsylvania (Quinnipiac University Poll)

Last night I thought Hillary said she would release her tax returns pronto

L.A. County Registrar Prepares to NOT Count Thousands of 'Double Bubble' Democratic Ballots

Why no outrage over Hillary blaming Gore for her failure

Can I just say how great it is that Obama's responding immediately,

A poem for Hillary

What will a Democrat in the White House mean for your community?

Dick Gregory apologizes to ex President clinton on behalf of the black community

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue

Kathleen Parker comes very close...

How DO you choose WHICH words to PUT in caps????!!!

Mukasey instructing states to purge voter rolls

Judging by his face, McCain is the most left leaning of candidates (slight sag too)

Can you smell what Barack is cookin?


Let's be honest about both Clinton and Obama's health care plans.

#1: Tim Russert is a Chauvinistic Jerk. #2: Hillary & Barack Are Both Qualified to be POTUS.

A message from an Obama supporter to all the Clinton supporters

"Clinton: Saw Texas shootout with Obama coming"

Toledo Blade Endorses Barack Obama


Is Hillary Rejecting Hope?

Clinton Campaign Hurting Democrats Chances In November

Hillary rated 0% by Christian Coalition.

"Barack Hussein Obama" Are you kidding me?

BREAKING: Clinton Camp Gathering to Conduct "Frank Discussions"

Without flames, can we have a thread of March 4th Predictions?

John Lewis Officially Switches To Obama

All you other SEXISTS and RACISTS, check in here!

I love all of you!

Do you think that Hillary knows she's trailing because she has alienated progressives?

Hillary didn't reject the Independence Party line:

Futures markets say Hillary to quit THIS friday?

Any citations or quotes regarding Obama rescinding unitary executive authority?

OBAMA should FORGET OHIO after 24/7 MSM orgie about "Hussein" "black racism" and "hack politics"

Xpost Texas polling data

You can call it whatever you want but it's a fact.

Smack me in the forehead but guess what I just figured out...Ohio voting issue

Hillary People: Post Something Positive About Barack Obama

How bitter are you?

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Interesting comment on O'Reilly. MSNBC came in 27th in ratings Foxnews 3rd

Politicians like Dodd, who endorse at this point in time, are nothing but balless bandwagon jumpers

This is hopefully the end of the Clintons' monopoly on the Democratic Party

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, it will NOT be because of sexism.

SNL Writer Surprised By Clinton Remark, Ordered To Write More

Now that Obama has revealed the same position as Hillary on NAFTA, will the haters vote for Nader?

Where is Obama's ...passion?

Props to John McCain

I knew it. As soon as it looked like Obama would win, his ratings would sink like a lead balloon

I knew it. As soon as it looked like Obama would win, his ratings would sink like a lead balloon

Can someone explain the word "Universal" to Obama?

"We should continue to strike Al Qaeda targets" sounds warlike..

Mark Penn complains angrily

If HRC wins Texas and Ohio by a squeaker....

Obama isn't afraid of the Republicans

Debate 101/Obama: "Yeah, what she said."


Have you ever given up?

All this talk of debates got me thinking back to the Presidential Debates of 2004...

Why does Obama promise to cut corporate tax rates an additional 5% after Bush

Good News for Obama supporters!

Obama denounces NAFTA. Hillary *rejects* NAFTA.

100 Reasons To Support Hillary:

Do we want a "fighter" who does most of her "fighting" attacking a fellow Dem...

Obama's excuse for neglecting to hold ANY hearings on NATO or Afghanistan in committee he chairs

So who do we have the big eye on the hardest? Banks or Generals?

So who do we have the big eye on the hardest? Banks or Generals?

TX early voting stats: Dems: 511,809, Repukes: 172,858

For the 2nd quarter - let's GIVE enough $$ for a 2nd static server

CNN's 360 Keeps Em Honest, answering the question "Are the Dems or McCain right on the surge?"

Maybe Spin, Maybe Not, Axelrod lowers expectations, Clinton leading in internal TX and OH polls

Obama is a light bulb, Clinton is a lampshade

Barack Hussein Obama - what's in a name?

Post Here Why Hillary Does Not Want to Release Her Tax Returns - Gathering Research

Russia's Medvedev faces anti-Semitic attacks

Bush rebuffs governors' requests for infrastructure funds

Its all about how bad of shape our country is in . . .

OH , the Humanity!!. Neverland's being foreclosed on..

What are chances Russert/newsmedia would ask any GOP about RevMoon?

Is Whining about the order of questions presidential?

Anyone notice how Timmy tried to gotcha Hillary with Putins Successor?

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? (2008) Trailer

GOP Halts Effort to Retrieve White House E-Mails

FOUND: Picture of Hillary Clinton in traditional Muslim dress.

what's stronger,racism or patriarchy?

Clinton Claims She's Been Thinking about Texas for a Year......Sure you were Hillary.

Banks and Thrifts Earned $105.5 Billion in 2007-Lowest in 16 Years

Banks and Thrifts Earned $105.5 Billion in 2007-Lowest in 16 Years

I never thought I'd post this, but General Discussion is the sanest forum for me right now.

CTV News: Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric

CTV News: Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric

I really like Jack Caffetry....

Gates calls for quick end to Turkey's Iraq operation

Obama would have voted "present" on Iraq....

Polygamist Leader Faces Ariz. Charges

"Heroes" (the American right's strange choice in martyrs)

AlterNet: National Mall Redesign Could Seriously Restrict Free Speech

Is "BO" an accepted way of saying Obama? (ed to add: Intent matters)

Morning Joe is a failure

A simple question about Iraq

"If you look for rights, you will find death."

If the right goes uber racist in the GE as they seem prepared to do.

Damn I love British protesters

Oops, wrong forum. nt

== How creepy do you want it? = By Mark Morford

Attention fellow Barack supporters: a note to the sexists among us...

McCain & Clinton double teaming on Obama - Hillary encourages media to attack Obama, but not McCain!

Remember, before BO, when we used to be democrats

VIDEOS: 911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care

A song for HRC

kucinich person here...just watched the debate.... HRC came across whiny and unprofessional

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

There should be no doubt that Obama is the strongest person to run against McCain

Obama Reaches Out to the LGBT Community in TX and OH

Larry Craig is Seeking Interns

Obama admits distorting Clinton's positions in flyers

RNC: Missing E-Mails Dealing With WH Business-Including Rove-"Will NEVER Be Recovered"

My **theory** : HRC's slide is the result of WJC's greatest success ......

Liberal Dems seek secret FISA session

I'm going to work. When I come home, I expect to see better

Don't Think This Housing Bailout Is To Protect Borrowers


Just a Reminder for All of Us.

Who should Obama choose as running mate?

Best response to "Barack Hussein Obama"

Now for a Bit of Levity: Tour the GWB 43 Presidential Library

thought you deserved an explanation...

Clinton Refuses To Renounce Or Reject Racist Supporter

My Car is a chick magnet

So when will Ted Kennedy change his vote to Clinton?

"Man With a Gun" shuts down campus,,do we need to know? Why?

I just watched an old Linda Ellerbee special on Nick

I'm tempted to change my vote next Tuesday to Clinton. Seriously

Photos: Barack Obama today at rally at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

Police off to troubling start getting consent for DNA

A Link To Thank WHNT-TV For Creating National Press Coverage

NY Times: Gas Prices Soar, Posing a Threat to Family Budget

Cunningham's biting back at McCain is getting AIR, folks!

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Oh by the way- 15 years ago YESTERDAY

Marine regiment heads back for 5th Iraq tour

Senator Jim Bunning and President George Bush Lie The Same Way

Indiana constitutional ban on gay marriage won't be on the ballot until 2012 at the earliest.

I really hope someone posts about 911 workers needing medical care

'A Message to LGBT Americans: “I Want to be Your President”

I can't believe the paper from the city where I went to college published this LTTE.

Ok, I've Just Gotta Say It: After Last Night, I Believe Obama Would've Voted For The IWR.

Straight Talk Distress

Marines halt study critical of MRAP program

My name is.... insert name here...., and I support Hillary Clinton...

AP--Clinton campaign invokes the name of Ann Richards, gets slammed by Richards' sons.

HRC: Say TaTa to Your Jobs! (She Boasts About Bringing an Outsourcing Firm to Buffalo, NY)

This picture breaks your heart

Bankruptcy Law Change a Few Years Ago

NYTimes editorial covers 60 minutes Siegelman 'blackout'

Fannie Mae Posts $3.55 Billion Fourth-Quarter Loss After Home Foreclosures Soar

Even after McCain retracts Iraq war statement, Blitzer calls it "straight talk"

Guess what? You already know someone who WAS homeless.

The latest GOP swift-boating e-mail circulating...

ACLU warns of terror-watch list inflation

Can you imagine Barack Obama talking this way about Al Gore?

Supreme Court to Hear Exxon Valdez Case

FL Democrat wins House seat vacated by sex solicitation offender Republican Bob Allen

Does anyone watch Ovation TV? Great documentary last night.

As a child of the 60's, I remember very well the way my grandparents regarded Hoover,

What current injustices are women fighting against in America today?

Obama: "That's the news John McCain!"

For the first time, Obama now ahead of Clinton in Ohio election markets....

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest

Who Does Your Brain Want To Vote For?

Exceptionally good commentary on my local NPR this morning

Climate protesters scale Houses of Parliament

Sen. Dorgan endorses Obama!!!

It will be the somber duty of the next president

Imagine the joy in the African American community if Obama wins.

Holes in the Wall: Texas Border Wall Bypassing Wealthy Residents with Bush Admin Ties

Uh, the Problem Here, John ...

I missed this one yesterday"KBR profit up on tax benefits, gas projects and work in Iraq"

Should America be allowed to assassinate people in other countries?

Al Gore as Obama's VEEP? You can't make this stuff up.

I could really use a little bit of help regarding employment statistics.

Obama Got Financial Help From Overseas (British-Iraqi Billionaire)

La Bamba! Woot!

please delete

Progressive talking point of the day, courtesy of (State budget crises)

Food prices continue to rise worldwide

Cheney to visit Michigan next week; Democrats are delighted.

"a 16-minute discussion on health care" and a video: NAFTA

One In Five Dollars To Go To Health Care

DU is advertising for repulicans?

Can someone fill me in? What is happening with the contempt charges?

Today’s Headlines 2/27/08

German High Court limits internet surveillance

In case you missed it yesterday, here's a link to Noam Chomsky's speech from Democracy Now!

Sen Judd Gregg (asshat, wherever) thinks that we have no right to hand off the problems

ThinK Progress: Perino To Reporters: ‘From Where I Stand And The Questions I Get,’ You Are Clueless

Obama clearly states that he would have voted NAY on the IRW in a 2002 Video interview

What are the chances that history will vindicate BushCo?

Russert & Williams know who to ask the hard questions to

Before Republicans wax nostalgic about Bill Buckley

Scandal-Ridden, Homophobic DA in Lawrence v. Texas Case Forced to Resign

Cleveland Ranks No. 2 As Stressed City (Wonder Why?)

Prominent Liberal Blogger Takes on the AP. Pls. Read Action Alert

Larry Craig is looking for interns (not a joke)

Jesus General's anti-porn initiative for zygotes

Sigh. . . . You were right. . Cunningham was set up.

We are Rome, Aztec Mexico

The other day I saw McCain claim that people should not send money to Washington

Robert Scheer: What the Times DIDN'T Tell About McCain

WTF is NPR doing a weeklong series with CONSERVATIVES?

Does this explain why Congress hasn't reined in Chimpy?

GOP Halts Effort to Retrieve White House E-Mails

George Lakoff on my local NPR station this hour

Is "heritage" a code word?

Obama People: Post Something Positive about Hillary Clinton

ACLU, Elec. Frontier Foundation Jump into Wikileaks Case

There once was a man named McCain

CNN just now had four truckers on talking about gas prices

Percentage of Male Teachers Hits 40-Year Low

Very Important! DailyKos lipris diary: New York State GOP died last night!

What a world

Let's Play: How Many Senate Seats Will The Democrats Win This Year?


Good news: Bloomberg will not run and may endorse and independent thinking candidate.

Justice Dept. Is Asked to Investigate Roger Clemens

It's not BLACK vs WHITE anymore it has become MALE vs FEMALE and I'm SICK OF THE SEXISM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Obama handled Garb-Gate all wrong

The Edwards Store comes I received

FYI: The new Russian President

Dems Jump Ship from "Bi-Partisan" Group Targeting Dems

On McCain mocking Obama

* reacts to 'Change' - pics

I watched 2 people convert tonight.

Any Mods on duty here? May I direct your attention to this---

American Axle Strikewatch...signs of prolonged strike with talks breaking down

Anyone have a good response to the "Can a Muslim be a good American?" POS forward?

Obama to McCain on bin Laden and Iraq War - DEVASTATING

We are the hollow men.

Since the economy is about to tank, I've decided to look for a roomate.

Robert Byrd in Hospital after a fall

NYT: William F. Buckley has died at the age of 82. MSNBC reporting. nt

How do your Representatives see the home loan financial crisis?

Senate's Reid to defy Bush veto on foreclosure bill

Conyers to Subpoena Blackwell

Lawyers: Just what IS "predatory lending"?

Jury back on Cutts murder trial -sentencing phase! NOW!

Who's the absolute DUMBEST of the right-wing TV neandrathal asshats?

Happy 28th Birthday Chelsea Clinton

Did Freepers vandalize Obama Texas HQ? (Racits!)

The Next Bubble - Remembering Enron

Media advance myth of McCain as lobbyist foe

Clinton is a Benedict Arnold on Offshoring Jobs! TATA, Photo in Native Dress!

Laura Bush: "as historians look at his presidency, there are so many, many accomplishments"

How is it that Team Hillary doesn't understand the racial implications of the African garb photo?

60 Minutes Search....Everyone Hit this link. Send it around

Will Newsweek fire Rove over Siegelman scandal?

Can anyone recommend a bank?

Congress asks Justice Dept. to probe Clemens

The RIGHT is attacking OBAMA now, in HOPES that TU-TU Dems will give them what they want instead!

Let's unite and DU the FCC about WHNT

More trouble for Exxon in Alaska

Appears William F Buckley is dead

Bush wedding bells: 'The son George never had'

McCain/Muqtada 2008

Just finished donating to Kucinich's Congressional campaign -- c'mon, NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!! nt

Jeez.. Is anyone running against Hoekstra in Michigan 4th this year?

hiding again?

About Obama's "Louis Farrakhan response" in Ohio (the opinion of one Jew)


The Society of the Owned: Deeper In Debt

I saw a W04 sticker on my way to work

A Nightmare World of Torture and Prison Guard Suicides At Gitmo

Bigotry. . . what is it good for. . .?

The Texas Two Step Nightmare

Never Forget

Broder finally repudiates Bush ‘comeback’ column.

Idiot Reporter Asks David Duke to Weigh In on Concept of a Black President

A Caller on with Laura Flanders Made a Good Point

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why Jonah Goldberg Ought to Be Forced to Bathe His Mother

The Buckley legacy:

Gates demands to Turkey: Get your troops out of Iraq. Or what? Sounds more like Rumsfeld every day

The vast, VAST majority of America is neither racist nor sexist

Poor Exxon...Valdez damage awards "too high"; Rotten Supreme Court ready to agree

William F Buckley, Jr. dies

*** Hillary Supporters Check in Here *** She's in it to win it - for all of us!

Average Bank robbery makes national news..

I love DU. I learn something new here every single day.

Curiosity post: where did this photo come from?

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency will suspend all new student loans

The SammYCam is in effect.

I'll Never Make Fun of Luddites Again

Lindsay Graham stupid statement

Obama's "judgment": run for president instead of hold hearings on NATO and Europe

Reminder: John McCain is on the wrong side of virtually every issue.

GOP Engages In ‘Political Extortion,’ Draws Up Hit List Of Democratic Lawmakers

US Air Force makes a deal with foreign supplier

Who is al Qaeda in Iraq?

"Missing E-Mails" - FOUND Day AFTER - Libby's Lawyers Learned "NEWS" That Fitzgerald Was On To Them

New meme - John McCain shares name with Lincoln's assassin!

can we get a kucinich group going for his congressional run?

The Last Pic of John Gotti

I suggest a New Name for GD-P:

Pulling out of Iraq Disaster

9/11 Redux (ABC): 'Thousands of Aliens' in U.S. Flight Schools Illegally

anybody see Michael Ware report abt situation in Iraq on AC 360 last night?

Can we just go ahead and label the GOP as a hate group?

I'm Not Your F**CKING Friend, You Decayed Old Man!

TWEETY's singing Buckley's vomity excess..

Conyers to Subpoena Blackwell

GOP Engages in 'Political Extortion', Draws Up Hit List of Dem Lawmakers

McCain - Cunningham incident. Was it actually Pro-McCain propaganda?

McCain Rated As America’s Worst Senator For Children

Major new media mogul blames lousy economy on...Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Automated Killer Robots ‘Threat to Humanity’: Expert

NY Times: New Worries on Inflation and Homes

FYI:Fresh Air from WHYY, February 27, 2008 · "the Chicago 8"

Better never than late

Dem Anchorage Mayor Plans Run Against Sen. Stevens (R-Crook)

US Republicans agree to anti-war vote

Does anyone have links to hi-res Obama campaign logos?

John Podesta, Ray Takeyh and Lawrence J. Korb: A War We Must End

PHOTOS: John McCain, Presidential candidate...a BUSH Republican

How convenient. Cheney's emails missing from key week in CIA leak probe.

Health care policies to rise with age of baby-boomers

I didn't see last nights debate but I just saw Obama's reply about bombing Pakistan

Byrd Hospitalized After Fall

William F. Buckley Jr. Dies at 82

Find Me Guilty

Calling all Maine Folk (Please read, missing teen)

Back Assward, Pisplaced Mriorities

My Monday with Obama

Impacting hard: NYT-John Mccain perhaps not eligible to run for president

Impacting hard: NYT-John Mccain perhaps not eligible to run for president

George W. Bush – rancher – brush cutter – cowboy

Drug Giants Warned: Tell The Truth on Medicines

24 senators, mostly democrats, vote not to move the Feingold bill on Iraq to the floor

Dave Lindorff: Campaign 2008: The Things They Won't Discuss

Military Doctors Withholding Treatment from Soldiers with Mental Health Problems

why are admins running ads that PROMOTE REPUBLICANS?? nt

The surge is working?

The most spied upon people.......

Cell Phone Tele-Marketer

Chris Floyd: Fortunes of War: Death and Chaos No Problem for Profit-Seekers in Iraq

My Own Private Hillary (Mary Lyon)

Wearing Orange at the Oscars

1934 German manuscript "Scientologie" uncovered, bears "striking resemblance" to Hubbard's 1950 book

From CREW: "Members do use their jobs to financially benefit their families."

Three Events that changed the World

Scott Horton: The Alternate Reality of the ‘Birmingham News’

White House Email Users Could Have Erased Records

The Tortura De Bush and the Administration’s Taste for Khmer-Style Waterboarding (Jonathan Turley)

US Mint rejects quarter featuring voting rights message

Military Doctors Withholding Treatment from Soldiers with Mental Health Problems

To Impeach or Not To Impeach

Just for fun: which MSM pundits will be McCain surrogates in the GE?

IRS Investigation Of United Church Of Christ Will Be Closely Watched, Says Americans United

Who's Primary IS THIS?

KO Countdown beat Billo & Debate 2nd only to American Idol

More sure than ever, I know why I support Hillary..

Iran loses Russian support

PBS NOW.!.".Dan Rather Tribute to Johnny Cash!".....8:00 est!

OH NO muslium killers missive nucular strike On the United States

Ross Tuttle Of The Nation Joins TYT To Talk The Bush Admin's Plan To Conduct Rigged Trials At Gitmo

How I would reform our election system.

I need some info on shrub's "economic relief package"

Tweety's crying over Buckley's death.....

Barack Obama taught me something important last night.

Quote of the Day

The Proxy War — SCHIP and the Government's Role in Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has suspended Honduran adventure


Have we Democrats overturned a Bush veto yet?

Customer backlash against bad service

How come nobody is making fun of Bill Cuntingham's off the rack Walmart suit the way Hillary's

McConnell: Karzai controls only 30 percent of Afghanistan

Americans Plan to Save, Not Spend, Tax-Rebate Checks, Poll Says

Republican Party Cries Foul For Oil Industry Treatment - Don't Hurt Those Good People!

Eweee Keith! He's curs'n tonight.

A call out to Trof...

Wish me luck, today I present the case of Dr. ML King Jr. to labor

These academy awards , what crap , my opinion

GOP Engages in 'Political Extortion', Draws Up Hit List of Dem Lawmakers

Senator Mc lame you're today's

McCain Rated As America’s Worst Senator For Children

Engaged: Monica Goodling

FINALLY Sheriff Joe's (AZ's toughest panzy in Merika) ass is boiling!

{UN} Agencies target female mutilation (BBC)

LOL..LTTE entitled "Unite the GOP" appears in obituary section

The Smear Job - Round Four - Birmingham News is the latest attack dog... (Siegelman)

If torture can break a war hero like McCain what are confessions from people Bush tortured worth?

Don Siegelman's daughter is going to be on with Dan Abrams

1,000,000 people.

Bill Cunningham says McCain campaign told him to trash Obama

Does anyone here "get" Buckley or Limbaugh? I don't think so. (DU Rush fans, are you out there?)

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early (VIDEO)

My 5 year old is funny...

Election fraud this year?

Wouldn't it make things clearer if our candidate just said Medicare for everybody?

BREAKING NEWS: N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he won't run for president

The Nation: The 60 Minutes Blackout

Catholic Church says science exhibit is inapproproate

The closest I came to being a Hero....

Resignation doesn't end trouble for Houston's top prosecutor

My 128th letter printed today-calling out a local fascist

WTF is this program on GEM$NBC about

Democratic Underground was just mentioned on Bill Oreilly/Fox

Here's what 19% looks like.

Jack Kingston (GA, Idiot) Coming up on Abrams

Jack Kingston (GA, Idiot) Coming up on Abrams

Does anyone have Gov. Siegleman's address?

As Rickey Ricardo would say, "Splain this to me."

Halliburton/ State Dept Rape Stories Get Worse

The Most Obvious Statement On the Economy Eva......

Ode to Bill O'Reilly

Customer backlash against bad service: Growing gap between promised and delivered experience

The Billion-Dollar Losers

Dana Siegelman coming up on Dan Abrams

rep kingston from ga criticized obama for not wearing lapel

Liberal Dems seek secret FISA session

Amy Goodman: Taxi to the Dark Side

Independent UK: The campaign that changed the eating habits of a nation

'Virtual Fence' Along Border To Be Delayed

Fannie Mae Reports $3.6 Billion 4th Quarter Loss - ( uh oh....)


Bloomberg not running for president

Pittsburgh lost a legend today

NY Times: WHNT’s Technical Glitches (Siegelman/60 Minutes)

Body of War - a MUST SEE film!! - pictures of the premiere in KC

You have to support the death penalty to be on a juror for death penalty cases in some states?

There is a SWINE who calls himself a teacher of ROTC with direct knowledge of the mistreatment ...

MSNBC running long infomercial on McCain - like campaign material - but with logo

Bush's policies are protecting us from terrorism

William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82

Is there a factory here in the US that manufactures flag lapel pins for folks like Jack Kingston?

Conservative radio hosts: Rush, Bill Cunningham?

Diebold accidentally releases results of 2008 elections

New Study Says Immigrants Make Neighborhoods Safer

surge update - Iraqi Leaders Veto Law on Elections

New childhood vaccine combo linked to convulsions.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

RNC Threatens Tenn GOP

Let's all do the "Yay, Calimary!!!" Dance!

Begich announces run against Sen. Stevens - We should support this guy!

Just cuz I cant help it........GOD I HATE

***HARPERS: "The next bubble: Priming the markets for tomorrow's big crash"*** (EXCELLENT PIECE)

Bush's $3 trillion war

Did Florida Go to the Radioactive Brink? (yesterday)

I seem to have poked a hornets' nest here.

So, I guess Sen. Hutchinson says dems want to put bullets in the hearts of soldiers...

On John Stewart, Lincoln's election was rigged, too?

A house fire in NC. A barn fire in KY. These are breaking news stories on MSNBC, this morning,

Leadership from the bottom up - Single payer Universal health

New Bill To Allow Police Misconduct Be Hidden From Public

Obit of Siegelman trial court reporter:

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton--Somali costume latest episode

Anybody Know How The Cable News Networks (MSNBC, CNN) Work?......

I was sent two email tests by Stephanie Miller

Here's how you can help Don Siegelman:

United Church of Christ being investigated by the IRS

Elections System Switches Could Cost Taxpayers $40M (Cleveland)

Myron Cope died today

Dr. Seuss's Horton embraced by abortion foes

If Barack is our candidate, how will we fight the the GOP racist attacks?

If Barack is our candidate, how will we fight the the GOP racist attacks?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how immoral is it to

Comcast plays dirty

(TOON) Steve Bell on the British government's Iraq minutes

President Carter: "The Bush administration has violated Americans' basic human rights"

Who would you rather have a beer with, Hillary, Obama or McCain?

Who would you rather have a beer with, Hillary, Obama or McCain?

I don't know how this gun victim gets on with her life. Read on....

McCain...'war hero'?

Poor John McCain, he's being attacked..

McCain has edge over Democrats

The guy who started me on my political journey died today.

McCain Rated As America’s WORST Senator For Children

Consumers fight rising use of hidden fees

Karl Rove is Above the Law…

Video Proof That Clinton Supports Foreign Workers Taking American Jobs - Defeat Her in Ohio!

DU Friends: Fighting Apathy. What is the Most Worthwhile Way you can think of to Devote your Lives:

Biden on HC and BO and JM foreign policy; whether he'd take VP or Sec of State

Bills to Allow ROTC to Carry Weapons on Campus (Alabama)

Cross-post from Pets Group: Ruby's having her kittens!!

Well, the crisis seems to have passed. I'm going to bed.

No prison can hold the Kool-Aid Man.

Just scanned thread titles in GD:P

I'm an underachiever. Just got an e-mail from my sister,

I have a moral dilemma

HELP!@!111!! My DU screen is all messed up!!!!

I want to be a macho macho man.

Stop squandering our national treasures

Well it's now official, we're all going to be thrown under the bus to save the markets and investors

(Expletive deleted) ICE!!!

My back hurts and I've been in GD:P for too long

I am wondering if I am strange...kind of long

We are going to a place with no Internet connection for 2 days. Should I be worried?

Whose turn is it to hose down GD-P?

I have an immoral dilemma.

I am wondering if I am long...kind of strange

So the Senate wants to debate Iraq.

Kos Got This Hilarious Piece of Winger Mail

Good news for videogamers that are hard of hearing

CBS bosses hiding truth - Dan Rather

Some funny Youtube videos...

Good Morning!

What DefCon 11 looks like:


Cake or Bed?

Even Republicans need a little tenderness

Quitting my job: is this a realistic scenario?


Bravo, Maestro Maazel and the NY Philharmonic! What a superb concert!

Patches again

A honey bun fresh out of the microwave + black coffee =

The Five Stages of Collapse

So I thought I might watch that "Quarterlife" show last night

View from my back door this morning *sob*....

You know you're getting older when...

CLASSY! Clemens and Conseco's wives compared breast implants at party

The making of a Republican

those were two smart crows this morning

Where do Republicans come from?

So I keep hearing about Dele-Gate ...

AFLAC Scam Alert................

Everything you wanted to know about Donkey Kong

fashion advice needed, please

Welcome mutley_r_us - She's one of us now!!! A Delawarean!!



zOMG - BREAKING NEWS - High Speed Freeway Chase in LA

Neverland is going up for auction. Will it be on Ebay?

Why do so many chefs smoke?

Frogs and how clumsy they are.... youtube

CNN Poll: Can You Afford a Full Tank of Gas?

CNN Poll: Can You Afford a Full Tank of Gas?

Grade students searched for missing $5

Are you a Dialectical or Historical Materialist?

I fucking love SouthofTheBorderPaul.

Useful advice for all you fellow Loungers... (Actually, it's just me bitching.)

Any on-duty Mods here? Please, your help is needed and thanks in advance:

I'm glad

"ready-to-wear" FASHION!!

This is scary. One the teachers who taught Lelapin in HS

my 2 1/2 yr old is going to get tubes in her ears

Thank you fer letnme be mice elf again

So I had the EMG yesterday

Is Jack Kingston insane or does he do what he does for the laughs he gets?

Since I had the flu, I have lost 10 pounds...

Jamie Lynn Spears Passes GD:P

DU buds, need your help with local poll... HELP !!!

Had to put our 13 year old Lab "Belle" to sleep today......In her honor I am starting a pet pic....

I just hot-boxed my own office.!

Artists' music in commercials,sell outs,or just doing business?

Nice web design

Did you know Carrot Top violates Photobucket' terms of service?

I am so EXQUISITE!!!


A twist on JVS's post: if you could change the handle of a fellow DU'er ..

If we're going to talk about TV shows canceled before their time, why not talk about Titus?


Help me help a four legged furry friend

"Everyone detected with AIDS should be tattooed in the upper forearm"... William F. Buckley, Jr

thought you deserve an explanation...

Vitter Amendment Bans Federal Funding of Native American Abortions


Mr. Bush... If one of your daughters had cancer... you might consider stem cell therapy...

Mr. Bush... If one of your daughters had cancer... you might consider stem cell therapy...

The only skunk in Ogle County

Cher's version of "It's In His Kiss" instills homicidal rage in me

I will never forget that William F. Buckley eulogized Allard Lowenstein in 1980

So I have a Newspaper sitting here next to me dated November 23, 1963

Alright, you rubes! Blow your noses and stay out of my restaurant!

Another big FUCK. I might of been exposed to TB

Somebody help me

Bush would be in prison if ........

Comcast Packs Hearing on Net Neutrality with "Seat fillers," so public can't get in!


Good vibes needed - possible herniated disc

There's an asshole on my door the size of a used Home Depot truck!


Some asshole stole my door and put it in a Home Depot truck!

Ben Bernacke sez: the economy will remain "sluggish" for some time......

I am so ELASTIC!!!

While fucking around in Home Depot, I got soiled and used near the door by a newt!!

Have you ever been onstage with Thom Yorke? I HAVE.

Ruby had her kittens last night!

Without Googling...

Well, holy cow.

My Patches, a/k/a "the blur"

Free monitor cleaning!!!!


Dear DU Lesbians and other Queer Women: Rigged outfitters is having a sale

How many loungers are in Europe, or will be in Europe sometime in 2008???

LynneSin Is Being Mean To Me

The Bar Will Be Open When i Get My $940 Lottery Check Next Week

So maybe we should get to know

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

I've decided to take some poor Spammer up on his offer. So should I...

Last night, a friend accused me of writing emails that were too long...

I want to start my own forum. Totally non-political, of course. Suggestions?

I am so ESOTERIC!!!!

I hear Boyd Coddington is dead

OK this has probably been posted before

My meds want to knock me out. My migraine is keeping me awake.

"The 48 Laws of Power" author on Angelina Jolie's "Machiavellian" relationship with Jennifer Aniston

Hey, Adrian Pasdar (Heroes's "Nathan Petrelli") was born on the same day as me!

I'm 50 years old and I was just involved in my first noshit

I think hell froze over

I just received an unsolicited e-mail ad for "Desperate Househusbands 2". Should I sue?

What online forums do you frequent other than DU?

i am SO exotic

Frogs face the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs

Words you Hate. Words that make you sad

OMG - Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I made the Huffington Post!!!

Takashi Murakami

Buckley's National Review: "“The central question… is whether the White community in the South is...

Kimmel is f*king Ben Affleck -- and gays everywhere.

I like Fig Newtons

Your Caption Here:

It's obvious now to even the dumbest of the lot that

Coffee is for closers

How many vegans are on Earth right now?

I wish the Superbowl would start like this

i am SO neurotic

Larry "wide stance" Craig Looks For Summer Interns

Greater Yellowstone Wolves Delisted - Protest Now!

Words you love. Words that make you happy.


Who made Who


"Orecchiette with Broccoli and Chickpeas"...MMMMM.

Brown Rice...Bleh.

So, the Mrs and I joined an OBGYN last weekend

Who Are The World's Worst Dictators For 2008? See The List, Listen To The TYT Interview & Decide

Who Are The World's Worst Dictators For 2008? See The List, Listen To The TYT Interview & Decide

Because of teh Lounge - I just spent 5 minutes reading about Ed Gein

Head to shoot for $1 million on TSN.

has anyone ever used 1+1 web hosting services?

Why such terrible casting choices?

I have really mixed feelings about this "John Ritter Wrongful Death" issue.


Anyone Else Feel Mean Tonight??

My cat just opened the door.

Anyone Else Feel Me Tonight??

HAHAHA - Jenna's fiance gets turned away from exclusive hotel lounge

On the Beach, 1959 movie about the aftermath of nuclear war,

How many vegans are on Earth right now?

Hey hippywife....

Here is my usual dinner thread.....

"Coffee's for closers only."

Obituary Pictures

Happy Birthday 'Goerge Jefferson'

PLEASE help DU this homophobic poll!

Newsflash! GD-P lacks humor.

Red, not the good one.

Project Runway marathon!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/27/08

I hid my viner!! n/t

Boy Racers and the New Zealand Community

On the Beach, 1959 movie about the aftermath of nuclear war,

Kos' Hilarious Winger Mail

Does anybody have an MP3 of The Jetsons' doorbell?

If You Had To Choose Between Two Nearly Perfect Men

Damn! I just saw a group of pugs on MSNBC dancing to Thriller

Old Cadillac in Washington- did I dream that?

On the Waterfront

Flu shots urged for all children

Bring that Big Ass over here!

The candidates have failed to answer what to me is the most critical issue of our time:

You think you can top my kidney stone story? I doubt it...

Rolling stones: I felt like killing myself.

I have a recipe that calls for blueberries, rasberries, strawberries

Sam Zell plans to piss all over Wrigley Field by selling the naming rights.

Harpers: The Pork Barrel World of Judge Fuller (GOV SIEGELMAN'S JUDGE)

What Am I Doing 19April 2008?

best Slipknot vid evah

It's bad news, good news time!

Artie Barnes has a youtube account.

My slut pussy is seeing the woman upstairs

Which Tv dad do you hate the most?

Official Lounge Internets Appreciation Thread.

You don't like PayPal? There *is* an alternative now!

Top 5 favorite rock groups?

Here's the Democratic Party's 2004 Platform . . .

Will Clinton drop out if Mercer wins Texas?

lake effect snow sucks.

Bob meets the Beatles

How about some Fleetwood Mac

Scientists study evolutionary marvel!!!

Oh, to make that kind of difference

Sugar High!!!!!!

Can anybody use a hug?

Darwin Head just won one million dollars!

Top 5 favorite sock groups?

"Project Runway" is on!

Random anecdote from rural PA. 1993, the week after I first saw "Jurassic Park".

The Movie "Once" and "Falling Slowly"

Time Bandits... It Will Happen To Us All...

Am I evil? I used Little Debbie Creme-Filled Strawberry Cupcakes

Obama must LOSE remaining states by at least -16% to WIN

Anyone feel like running away with me to the tropics?

i am SO toxic

How do you take a screenshot?

I'm 35 years old and I was just involved in my first moshpit

Skynned Alive.

I love my wife; she's a Republican, but not only does she know that Obama's a Christian,

Anybody have a Tempur-Pedic bed? Or slept on one?

so, i'm wondering what i have done...that i need to ask for


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/27/2008)

Is it just me, or has Southpawkicker not been around lately? nt

I posted in GD:P and so far

Advertisements [?]

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 4/27/85

Craving Sweets...

MASH (1970) is starting on FMC

My friend is making a mix CD for an almost 4-year-old...

Anyone just watch Project Runway? Re the third finalist? **WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!**

Advice would be appreciated from Physicians on keeping up with New Info

I simply cannot get through a single episode of "Family Guy" without turning it off.

Is 37 too old for braces?

Update on Paddyblueeyes

I have had a hard day at work!

Has anyone ever been an extra in a movie or television episode?

Anyone coming to Denver for the convention in August?


I just had a "duh!" moment

can anyone help me with banjos?


Can someone who is into the so-called "fashion" world explain this?


Jamie Lynn Spears Passes GED

"I'll have a bowl of whatever that is."

La Vie En Rose!

Why did you park in front of my carport? Why?

What do I have to do

Restaurant Names Made Fresh from Kitchen By-Products!

What should Skinner do with GD:P after the primaries are over?

i am SO erotic

Has anybody tried those "green bags" they advertise on TV?

History on Siegelman's Opponent Bob Riley from ALABAMA...

Jump in my kiln, you phony.

I'm tired of the house being cold

I wonder what it would cost to insure every American with a 10K deductable

Is it just me, or is Southpawkicker, like, everywhere lately?

Religious right seeks first majority on Texas Board of Education. About evolution in part.


Boyd Coddington dies at 63

Love Or Rage?

Follow-up on my NJ question from the other day

Say, have any of you heard about the "Dyatlov Pass Accident"?

Fucking Home Depot sold me a used door as new!!

Today's Morford: VERY creepy story.

AAAHHH Mid 60's here with a slight breeze and plenty of sunshine.

a PSA for all those photo threads: Think Before You Post

Someone drained $2,000 from my debit card account

Three guys see woman's photo in obit section. Decide she's hittable. Start digging her up for sex


Natalie Portman Showering...

How do I get people to stop using the words "folks" and "gals"?

So, the Mrs and I joined a gym last weekend

My Dad's Plane Crash. I love having cosmic questions go unanswered.

economic nachtmare approaching

Kerry bill extends protection for servicemembers from home foreclosure

My friend's husband is a creepy jerk.

I want more "Maude"!

My Car is a chick magnet

Someone needs to ask McCain about Don Siegelman.

Being with someone who has a terminal disease or is dying

Beware the Credit Industrial Complex - The Fees they are a -chargin'

What does S T stand for? I got home tonight and had an email from a friend referring to me as S.T.??

No Words of Praise for William F. Buckley Jr.

Who watched "Americal Idol"? *spoiler warning*

Am I the only one who despises “The Sound of Music?”

How many virgins are on Earth right now?

Flavors of pie.

Time Travel: 100% Possible, or the Fevered Dream of a Madman?

Which TV ad do you hate most?

What are you people doing on April 19th, 2008?

Computer went all wonky today.

These are a few of my favorite things...

The true ugly face of NCLB seen in Florida now....turn failing schools into..well, something else.

A shout out to Pacifist Patriot

Single-Payer Universal NON-PROFIT Health Care

Pete Seeger biography now on PBS.

Suppose W ends with a bang rather than whimper: invades and absorbs Canada...

Flavors of Ice Cream

Help me to help a good Dem get elected

Kidney stones: I felt like killing myself.


Baseball fans! Who's your team?

Requesting vibes/prayers/positive energy/meditations/etc.

Newswoman commits suicide during live broadcast (1975)

Words you made up.

Mapmaker's border error raises new water war front

PNAC is Back: Re-Branded Think Tank of Snakes and Liars

Pentagon OKs charges against Guantanamo prisoner

Sen. Byrd of West Virginia hospitalized

UCSC researcher targeted in attack - animal rights activists believed to be behind home invasion

2 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Study finds immigrants commit less California crime

Potential nutritional crisis to strike Central America: UNWFP (U.N. World Food Programme)

Venezuela May Begin FARC Hostage Rescue today

Uruguay government repeals military immunity measures

Jailhouse Lawyer Probed for Legal Help

France hands Algeria details of nuclear tests

Canada's Budget Surplus to Shrink to C$2.3 Billion

Musharraf's rivals vow to banish army from politics

Iraqi council rejects elections law

Gates to Turks: End Iraq incursion soon

Iran agents 'sabotaging' anti-Qaeda groups: Iraq intel chief

Shia leader calls for autonomous Shia region (Iraq)

Cheney cancels his visit to Turkey

Turkey: 77 Kurdish rebels killed in Iraq

(SCOTUS) Case-by-Case Ruling on Discrimination

Army general (George Casey): 'No reason to doubt' Obama's story

Turk envoy tells Iraq no timetable for troop pullout

Loans Could Paint McCain Into Corner

Egypt: High rates of trauma, sickness among Iraqi refugees

Brave Iraqi kid on survival mission

European commission fines Microsoft record £680m

Congress Will Ask Justice To Investigate Clemens

Record EU fine for Microsoft (EU fines Microsoft $1.3 billion)

(Germany) Computer Spying Unconstitutional

Imam From Va. Mosque Now Thought to Have Aided Al-Qaeda

Kenyan Town Plans Demonstration of Support for Obama over Somali Photo

Russia may support Iran sanctions

Fed Open to Rate Cuts, but Still Worried About Inflation

Cheney's subpoenaed e-mails missing. Vice President's e-mail lost for key week in CIA leak probe

US military says detained Afghan journalist is an enemy combatant

Clinton Camp Presses Super Delegates Not To Take Sides

Saudi tutor gets lashes for meeting student

Pentagon to probe delays of gear to Iraq

Richards' sons object to Clinton video

Lawmakers: Europe must do more in Iraq

Building sealed off over packages

Sick 9/11 workers rally in rainy D.C. for more help

Did Prosecutor Get All White House Mail?

Boehner tells GOP to get off 'dead asses'

Begich announces run against Sen. Stevens (AK)

Immigration: No Correlation With Crime

Marines halt study critical of MRAP program

Water Goodwill Gesture in Border Dispute Between TN and GA

Oil would be on table if NAFTA reopened: Emerson hints

New Orleans homeless pushed into barrack

Trout bearing chemicals are even in our national parks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 27

Murtha's Republican opponent tossed off ballot

Colombian rebels free 4 more hostages

Mo. reports 37 mass layoffs in January

North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan has endorsed Barack Obama.

Bets are off--casinos feel economic pinch

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue

Vandal spray-paints graffiti on local Obama headquarters

McCain mocks Obama's Iraq comments

Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run but Will Be Active

Evangelical leader helps McCain woo conservatives

U.S. Steps Up Deportation Of Immigrant Criminals

White House wants more oil; investment not seen

Bangalore hub of techie-terror network

China SFDA: Buyers Must Vet Drug Safety

WSB-TV EXCLUSIVE: John Lewis Switches Support To Obama

Divorced US Air Force computer expert kills his 2 young children, himself at base housing (Iraq vet)

Rice offers regret over alleged rape in Japan

Argentina 'dirty war' suspect dead

McCain apology angers conservative host

Missing Siegelman broadcast stirs flap

Exxon Valdez case goes before Supreme Court

USDA sued over 'downer' cow rules

Obama presses ahead with anti-outsourcing rhetoric (India)

Ohio Plant To Move Jobs To Japan

9/11 Redux: 'Thousands of Aliens' in U.S. Flight Schools Illegally

Amid report banks could crumble, LA Times owner says economy strong

Marines Call New Body Armor Heavy, Impractical

Sen. McCain says Bush should get more credit

Karzai only controls 1/3 of Afghanistan

Americans Plan to Save, Not Spend, Tax-Rebate Checks, Poll Says

Door Could Open To Class Actions

Bloomberg won’t run for president

Poet's Granddaughter Seeks Killing Probe

Nortel Loses $844 Million, Plans More Job Cuts

William F. Buckley has died.

Iraqi leaders veto law Bush administration hailed as political breakthrough

Bush: Hard for Republicans to win African-Americans’ votes

Clinton promotes freeze on foreclosures for homeowners

Pollution Turns Chinese River System Red

Most Muslims 'desire democracy'

Calif. Capitol chaplain says religious tolerance offends God

KeyCorp plans to outsource jobs

Consumers cut back on small pleasures

Kindergartener With Mohawk Suspended From School

New message by al-Qaida deputy chief

Nobel laureate suggests war costs will exceed $3 trillion

IRS Probes Church Over Obama Speech

Senate's Reid To Defy Bush Veto On Foreclosure Bill

Dollar probes new euro depths as rate chasm looms

(Director of Intel) McConnell: Wiretapping Not Just About Terrorists - It's About Iran

Kids forced to eat whale in school (10 tons of unsold meat for "traditional school lunch week")

Water's Urgent Message at the World Economic Forum -- Huffington Post

For readers of Katha Pollitt and*or MS magazine --

Hillary's Last Stand (The Independent - London, England)

Housing Woes Put Bush, Hill At Odds

Hillary Spokesperson Blasts Reporters For Using Drudge As Their "Assignment Editor"

Republican ex-official guilty of corporate fraud (Westport, CT)

WHNT’s Technical Glitches (Siegelman related)

Tom Shales: In the Democratic Debate, Cooler Heads Prevail

Scare Tactics And Our Surveillance Bill - Leahy, Rockefeller, Reyes and Conyers Editorial

Feds hit Rezko's ties to gov's office

Stop Loss: The Disposable Poor, Part II

My LTTE slamming Christian Theocracy

Stop Loss: The Disposable Poor, Part I

Micro Mark (Penn)

Pay cuts by IT cos forcing employees to reduce spending (India)

Obama's success tied to his eloquence (Leonard Pitts Jr.)

The Vibrating 'Cock Ring': A Buzzthrill or Buzzkill?

Clinton Squanders Support With Inept, Unseemly Campaign

Tales from the Debate: It's those damn Internets fault!

AlterNet: Is 'Cookbook Medicine' Crippling the U.S. Health System?

Still Pretending (James Kunstler)

Hillary’s Pillow Attack 'Barackfires': Obama Takes the Lead in 'Soft Pillow' Contributions

Jason Horowitz : Micro Mark (Penn)

NYT editorial, Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Nuclear-armed, wealthy, increasingly authoritarian

Crusade of Surge and Siege by Manuel Valenzuela (part 1 2 &3)

The Defining Moment: The Point Of No Return

The FundamentaList This week in the religious right

That dancin’ fool is still in the White House

Congress to decide on whether to refer Clemens

Rockefeller’s position on FISA scrutinized

Venezuela: the spectre of Big Oil

Legal outsourcing growing fast in India

For Sale: Passwords To Fortune 500's Servers

Kosovo envoy stands firm against partition

The Death of William F. Buckley was preceded by the Death of Neo-Conservitism

To Shore Up Jewish Vote, Obama Denounces (and Rejects) Ham Sandwiches

Bloviate This!: An Open Letter To Bill O'Reilly (Jason Miller)

Outsourcing Leaves Some Des Moines Register Employees Without Jobs

Immigrant soldiers merit fast citizenship

Jack Lessenberry: Talking with Obama

Clinton-Obama Debates Reminiscent of Lincoln-Douglas

'The world' according to Washington (By Noam Chomsky)

Looks a Lot Like Stagflation…

The Mother of All Dumb Ideas

Why they are looking at the skinny guy - by Garrison Keillor

From the "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" department.....

Why Health Insurance Doesn't Work

The World's Growing Food-Price Crisis

Race Man - How Obama Played the Race Card

Then & Now

Countdown: Military Intelligence

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -Foreign Policy

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -Controversies

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 2of6 Rep. Maloney

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 4of6 God Bless America

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 5of6 Rep. Nadler

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 6of6 Workers Speak

Hillary/Obama Debate: UNAIRED FOOTAGE

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 3of6 Rep. Kucinich

Clinton's Cleveland Ohio Debate "Pillow" Comment & Complaint

Cleveland Ohio Debate -Clinton Feels The Heat On NAFTA

TPMtv: Campaign Finance Deformed

Countdown: Worst Person Feb. 26, 2008

Obama Explains the Texas Two-Step

911 Rescue Workers Need Health Care - 1of6 Rep. Bishop

Karl Rove's Political Prosecution

Obama & John P Kee

The truth about Barack Obama and the Iraq war

McCain's "Bad Memory"

A Day In The Life of a Superdelegate

"Oportunidad" Obama TV Ad Airing In Texas

Emmitt Smith introduces Barack Obama in Dallas

"Plan" Obama TV Ad Airing In Ohio

TPMtv: When Russert Attacks

Charlie Rose - An hour with William F. Buckley, Jr.

Gallup: "Where Their Strengths Lie" HRC v. Obama

Hillary & Obama Debate in Cleveland, Ohio (MSNBC, Feb 26) - the whole thing!

SEIU Pro-Obama Spot Up in Ohio

"Leaderless State" The Katrina Anthem

Army Official: Waterboarding Breaks Law, Is "Inhumane" (oh, and Sessions is an ass)

Obama flashback: on being chairman of Senate subcommittee in 2004

What's Going On? by the MTV All Stars

Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)

John Lewis: Support Decision Was Tougher than Selma March

TSA Gangstaz (about Bush admin airport security)

Take Back the Mic: Open Mic - Politics/Week1

The amero is here

Hip Hop For Obama - Can't Forget About Katrina

TYT Asks: Does Huckabee Ultimately Want Masturbation To Equal Murder?

Debate Coverage - Maddow, Buchanan, and Robinson Commentary

Interfaith Alliance: Top Ten Moments in the Race for Pastor-in-Chief

Moving Windmills

Hillary Campaign Gets Criticized By Familiar Face (w/ R.J. Eskow On TYT)

Turkey refuses to leave Iraq

Michael Parenti -- What Progressives want?


The Obama Craze: Count Me Out


Obama's response to McCain's "news" of Al Qaeda being in Iraq

TYT: Immigration = Safer Neighborhoods

William Buckley Vs Gore Vidal

Staff warned U.S. EPA head on Calif CO2 waiver rule - Reuters

How to calculate avoided emissions from non fossil fuel energy sources

Hundreds protest native leader's jailing

William Kamkwamba's Malawi Windmill Blog

The five stages of collapse

'Doomsday' seed vault opens in Arctic

Troops sent to stem Amazon loss (BBC)

Pollution turns Chinese river red (BBC)

Hydrokinetic Permits Abound Despite Objections (Yukon River)

Olympics 'threat to water supply' (BBC) {China diverting water!}

New Roads in the Amazon May Deliver Disease (NPR)

Sierra Leone: Fish Shortage Rocks Freetown Markets

South African Inflation Unexpectedly Quickens to 8.8%

Eroding Alaska town sues oil, power companies

Toxic Rain Pelting National Parks

Great Lakes Study Suppressed

Consumers must stop forest destruction (BBC:Viewpoint/Green Room)

Press release: Hydrogen filling stations and vehicles in West Denmark summer 2008

BP seeks alternative energy payback

How do we really know humans are causing global warming?

An ad

Court Could Limit Exxon Valdez Damages - AP

House Votes To Repeal Oil Tax Breaks, Finance Renewables

New US climate offer 'too little' (BBC)

Globally, Incidence Of Drug-Resistant TB Far Higher Than Expected - BBC

In Remote Parts Of Olympic & Mt. Rainier National Parks, Trout Unsafe To Eat (Hg)

Three Gorges - Echoing The Legendary Stupidity Of Sanmenxia Dam On The Yellow - FT


Florida's blackout was triggered by a substation failure.

dumb question on ice cores

Crude oil prices set record high 102.08 dollars per barrel

Who’s to Blame for Global Warming? UR

Pollution turns Chinese river system red

North American Natural Gas Production and EROI Decline

'Panic' wheat buying across the US

Second BSE Case In Two Months Detected In Canadian Dairy Herd - MSNBC

The Chase Continues - Day Four: Whalers on the Run for 96 Hours

Lawmaker pushes 3.9% military raise in 2009

59-year-old returns from combat in Iraq

Soldier allegedly stages shooting to avoid Iraq

Army vet opposed to Murtha tossed off ballot

Pro-war vets running for Congress team up

No reason to doubt Obama story, Casey says

Senate advances bill to stop funding Iraq war

Casey: 12-month Iraq tours possible by summer

Chiarelli reported likely to succeed Petraeus

Soldier in Iraq dies of non-combat cause

Snyder: Child-care centers built, not staffed

C4ISR problems could delay cutter construction

Videos promoting jihad play in ex-sailor case

House panel presses for details on CG plus-up

Marines halt MRAP report

Twentynine Palms Marine killed in Iraq

Hawaii-based Marines come home today

Report: B-2 caught fire before crashing

ACC sets new date for inspection of Minot wing

Reservists leave for 14 months in Afghanistan

Cyber Command HQ decision still months away

‘You can’t win this war with bullets’

Commander: Attacks on Afghanistan, Pakistan border are down 40 percent

Army aims for combat tour cuts in July

Suicide bomber kills eight at checkpoint near Mosul

Corps says it is working to address procurement issues

Kyrgyzstan activists offer $200 in contest for best protest song egging U.S. air base

Aviano’s new staging area for airborne is ready for soldiers

Team Apache home, alive and well

Convicted Kunsan rapist may be punished for disappearance

Marines Ask for Probe into MRAP Delays

New High-Tech Cameras Are Watching You

Reserve Units Swap Planes

Soldier dies 6 months after being hurt in Iraq

The Agent Orange Court Decision

Question about "The Final Report: Battle for Fallujah" NGC Program

I've been busy-my 128th ltte-printed today-please rate and comment at site

my 129th ltte-to be printed Fri-or Sun-on another hypocrite Repub

Thoughts on Hypocrisy and the Antiwar Community

Today in labor history February 27

Voting Republican

Lockheed machinists union prepared to strike

Hoffa & Obama: The Labor-Latte Alliance

Hey, John McCain: Where’s the Plan to Save Our Homes?

Teamsters look to unionize UPS freight

Ohio Plant To Move Jobs To Japan

Corporations Will Ship 2.4 Million High-Tech and Professional Jobs Overseas by 2015

Factory China, what have we wrought

4 sources say “globally cooler” in the past 12 months

I posted a thread in GDP that may be of interest. It's about the primaries and the general election.

A few reminders about the Democratic presidential primaries, and the general election to come.


Chávez's medical diplomacy wins plaudits

Venezuela May Begin FARC Hostage Rescue today

Uruguay government repeals military immunity measures

Israel: Recognition of 'Palestine' state by Costa Rica sparks diplomatic row

What can we truly expect from either candidate?

Alan "Bubbles" Greenspan tells Gulf to drop dollar

Activist Fund Seeks Ban On 'Nuisance Shareholders'

No end in sight

"...spreads between the Treasury rates and lending rates are widening.."

Speculative Onslaught. Crisis of the World Financial System: The Financial Predators had a Ball

FDIC Girds For Bank Failures

Bloomberg video: Stiglitz interview

Variable Interest Entities???

Lugo Still Paraguay's Favorite Son

Good Numbers for Mrs. Kirchner in Argentina

Italian Foreign Minister to pay flash visit to Venezuela

Poet's Granddaughter Seeks Killing Probe

CUBA INTERVIEW (video): Interviewee Gets the Best of the Interviewer

Colombian rebels free 4 more hostages

Argentina 'dirty war' suspect dead

The Next Bubble - Remembering Enron

Posada Carriles: Newsy Update

Jay Bakker reflects on family and encourages gay believers

Do you any of you know of a immigration lawyer who knows about HIV/aids?

African LGBT Groups Call For End To Anti-Gay Laws

New Attempt To Weaken Salt Lake City Domestic Partner Law

LA Urged To Cut Ties With Boy Scouts Affiliate


Still no justice for October 2000 killings

Obama: I'm a 'stalwart friend' of Israel, its security is 'sacrosanct'

Israeli killed in massive Qassam barrage on Negev

Report: Top Iran cleric slams Ahmadinejad's 'coarse' attacks on Israel

Why lose Egypt?

Israeli attacks kill baby in Gaza

2 things on Biden helicopter adventure in my Google Alert today:

Cosmic DNA 1 and 2 Activation

Weird story of the day


Ooooh, spooky

I have a question about my mom.

So why don't I trust either Clinton or Obama?

Things are getting better for me.

My first post in this forum

Anyone heard anything about Rh negative people being a different species?

Committee asks Justice Department to investigate Clemens

Would you believe "Heileman Field at Wrigley"?

PLAY BALL!!!!!!!

anyone else on

Boxing fans... best fight since 1970

This ruined my whole day >>

Gene Wojciechowski: Clemens has given feds plenty to work with

Santana goes deep!!!

Anyone here remember the ABA (or have any ABA basketball card, like I do)?

Salisbury loses stake at ESPN

Where will Randy Moss play football next year?

Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope dies at 79

UFC 82: Pride of a Champion

More food, fewer nutrients

What do you know about Tamiflu?

4.5 years after treatment for cancer

Diabetic mice 'cured' with drugs (BBC)

What happens when you can't get your meds from the pharmacy?

BBC - Measles cases jump to record high

chicken stew in a crock pot

The Golden Clog Awards Have Been Announced

Kids at the Carnival

Whole Wheat Pita - I did it! I turned the heat up to 375 from

I just had my first cherimoya.

Pound Cake recipe

Goose on Ice

The IRS goes after the United Church of Christ over Obama

Beef Wellington Recipe?

Heat, the book

New Duck-Billed Sail-Headed Dinosaur Found in Mexico - Meet Velafrons

Sea reptile is biggest on record (BBC)

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

Earth's Final Sunset Predicted

a .22lr MP5!!!!!

Do you have a legal right to own a gun?

re: Upcoming Supreme Court session on legality of gun ownership....

Well, I held my nose and voted for Obama in Texas Primary...

Anti- types refuse to acknowledge a few simple truths about guns

Dems introduce microstamping ammo bills. Will Dem Party be accused of gun-grabbing?

Moussaoui appeals, calling plea invalid

Here is a good reason to get a flu vaccination.

9/11 Redux: 'Thousands of Aliens' in U.S. Flight Schools Illegally

All-paper-voting bill unveiled-Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wed-2/27/08


Lawmakers Question Election Board Members

L.A. County Registrar Prepares to NOT Count Thousands of 'Double Bubble' Democratic Ballots

Ohio: Election Integrity Estimate

Good Dairy up about Sen. Obama and SFRC hearings

TV appearance today on MSNBC

Nice thread on debates and missing Kerry....

Bill to prevent Veterans from home foreclosures filed by Sen. Kerry

5 arrested after dogfight involving pit bulls

So are we all ready to go?

Senate candidate releases military records

Hillary 47%, Obama and Richardson 7%, undecided 40% at our mock

Austin American-Statesman will not post precinct voting locations unless County pays for space..

Travis voting glitch prompts 'what-ifs'

Texas polling data

LOL. Fake website for Gene Kelly!

Senfronia is now for Obama

So are republics in Texas crossing over to vote in the democratic primary?

is the media talking about the caucus in your area?

House MN 61B - Supporter of Farheen Hakeem Changes His Mind

Michele Bachmann's solution to crime: More guns in public housing

Bachmann on O'Reilly tonight--she gets more mileage out of bashing immigrants than gays

Shouldn't the DFL have the state convention in March instead of June,

Congressman Tim Walz about TV ads flashing photos of him and UBL.

McCain's Lobbyist flew the Saudis out the country after 911- Paxon Communication

Update to "three questions" post. I'm lovin' iGoogle and gmail!

Can anyone recommend a decent, free tutorial for Flash MX 2004?

Three questions:

Weird mouse problem.

This weekend, I am upgrading to Vista x64 - ask me anything!

I have a question about enlarging a photograph

Well, we have the latest talking point. Farrakhan's endorsement.

We made it to a million!

A question for any Texans for Obama -

Debunking The Farrakhan Smears

Need help on a dkos diary

Obama looking for volunteers for Cleveland.

Guys, please kick and rec Obama's response to McCain's "news" that Al Qaeda is in Iraq video:

Obama Texas Mashup

Debate Summary

hello cincy

Rumor, Rumor at DailyKos

New Mini computer along the lines of the Mac Mini, the Everex Mini

More debt reduction. How fabulous is that?


CTV via CFRA radio: PM Receives Troop Assurances from Bush


Conservatives lose court battle over wheat board

"Artfully clever scheme achieves Tories' goal"

Ohio Debate: First Thoughts on the Showdown in Cleveland

Texas Two-Step Vote Could Trip Up Clinton

Breaking on MSNBC: Sen. Byron Dorgan to endorse Barack Obama! nt

Was that Bill Cunningham's audition for the RNC convention?

Obama's response to McCain on Iraq and Press Release

Ann Richards and the 2008 primary

Ethel and Max Kennedy visit Houston to back Obama

Ohio 10th District (Kucinich) Poll

McCain vs. Obama

KOEB 2-27-08 - Switching Superdelegate Edition

Anyone else see "Little Children"? (spoilers)

Courage Campaign: "We won!"

Help Save California's Schools

Who'll stop the gangs? (LAT)

Guilty until proven innocent...

More J-S Bullshit on Voting in Milwaukee County

Richard Dawkins on Wis. Public Radio