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If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen..

BREAKING: The truth FINALLY revealed!!

If everything goes as planned perhaps Zell Miller can be the Dem keynote speaker

Bob Kincaid called it right on Nader


Hey, GDP--On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you feeling about the GE right now?

Did Ralph Nader have a stroke in the last four years?

Brokered Republican Convention

Move over Oprah

Obama approves new trade accord with Peru


Philly being staffed. The primaries will go on...


Which Would You Prefer?

Obama's name likely to come up at Rezko trial

Good to see John Edwards threads at the top of the greatest page

Group's Ads Lauding Clinton Stir Discord Over Rules

Here's the rub: The GOP knows Obama is the nominee, but Democrats don't

The Perfect Candidate for November. Why I won't vote for... Reality and the hard fact of politics

Well, that does it I absolutely cannot vote for Obama now....

To waste one of my three threads... (pic intensive)

Nader is always right.,

A vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for John McCain. Spare me

"The Black Genius Camp" - Eugene Robinson

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

OBAMA will win Presidency as part of a rehab campaign for America

AP: Barack Obama prefers cooperation abroad

The thread where I imitate an opposing snark and then ridicule you for "not getting it"

FYI: who the Right wants to run against.

Matthews, Carney: Obama's HealthCare Plan GOP Leaning

I am so DONE with DONE threads!

Hillary Clinton and Ohio State Football

Anyone know if MSNBC carries a streaming feed of the debate?

John Decker, NBC reporter???"...she needs to stop the shrillness"

Obama Rally Items - Dallas Fort Worth

Is Clinton doing a "Heil, Hitler" gesture? Look at the video...

Obama's Veep? Vote Here:

Forget it.

Tubbs-Jones,: "I have no problem with Barack Obama putting on the clothes of his native country."

Sen. Christopher Dodd to endorse Obama

Mike Huckabee to Tyra: “It’s Not Like I’m Some Homophobe!”

The Billion Dollar Question!

The level of discourse in GD-P

I had a big problem because I wore my Obama T-shirt on a trip to Switzerland

The Rovian media has done a great job in building HRC up so they

Dodd endorses Obama

Obama Seen as Better Democrat to Face McCain, NYT/CBS Poll Says

CNN: Jennifer Flowers, to sell tapes, suggests someone in an opposing Clinton camp involved

CNN: Jennifer Flowers, to sell tapes, suggests someone in an opposing Clinton camp involved

[Obama Hopes to Win Over Jewish Voters]

Early voters swarm in Texas; voting numbers on record pace

Front Page Picture

"The 1980 convention was one of the nastiest on record"

5 Point attack?


WSJ:Clinton Strategy Quandary: Underdog or Aggressor?

WP, pg1: Finding Political Strength in Power of Words; Oratory drives Obama's career, and questions

Telling people who they "must" vote for in the GE is un-democratic

Email from Dodd with his endorsement:

Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle-Political Cartoon, 2/26/08

Obama's Ohio Grassroots Advantage

Bush said he's confident Repubs will win the WH & Senate & "we need to make sure" that

TIME's MARK HALPERIN: McCain should consider racist attacks on Obama

Poll Not Working: IGNORE THIS Kerry, Petraeus, Webb, Zinni, Hagel


Will the MSNBC debate be on also?

McCain/Pawlenty vs. Obama/Biden

On CNN last Thursday, Paul Begala advocated repeat "firehouse caucuses" for FL/MI

(Fox News) Ickes says it DEFINITELY, or maybe not, will come down the March 4th

Obama/McCain guys: Voting the Man-Crush

Harris County (Houston) Early Voting - The Beat Goes On

Hillary and Mark Penn discuss tonight's debate strategy....

Obama's grassroots campaign chipping at Clinton's party establishment base in Ohio

MSNBC-Clinton Feud Continues: Tucker Goes Off

Chris Dodd endorses Obama!


NYT/CBS: Obama + 16% over Hillary Nationally, Beats McCain Handily.

Which presidential candidate most closely resembles John Edwards?

In Another Forum I Post On...

Obama and the national press (Obama supporters give me your opinions)

Photo: Looking 'cool with a camel' in Wajir-- from Obama's 2006 trip to northeastern Kenya.

There is a talkshow host who says that...

Team Clinton: Down, and Out of Touch (Dana Milbank)

How is Obama going to s tack up against Romney

Obama Decries Farrakhan Statements

I Support Bullying!

I Support Bullying!

It's late in the 3rd period, Team Hillary is down by several goals:

Hillary, better to have reconciliation then fireworks tonight

Obama is a native Somalian? Stephanie Tubbs-Jones seems to think so.

Supporters, I don't believe you. You're totally full of it.

If the Obama campaign is reading this .


I'm afraid Hillary won't...

I'm a bit concerned for Ralph Nadar. He seems stuck, in a timeless vortice...

Does Hillary have the "Gore 2000 syndrome"?

What would happen to the Women's vote if...

Edwards should sign up for a Senate race

No wonder Obama wasnt sure if he was running against Hill or Bill...

Fellow Democrats:

One of the things I most admire about Obama...

Oh HELL no! Not another debate! Will Crazy Hillary start a fist fight?

Ellen drops in on Hillary's rally (glitter and strength issues)

What's up with McCain's Illuminati symbolism lately?

I'm jaded

Throwing Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Never mind flag pins; THIS is offensive

A gift for Obama supporters... Animated Desktop Background! Enjoy!

Are candidates owed our votes, or do they have to earn them?

Survey USA: Hillary Still leads in Ohio

"Obama Distinguishes Between ‘pro-Israel’ and pro-Likud"

Hillary gets major endorsement - it is too late to help?

Hillary's attacks are actually very good for Obama

Odin for Obama

Folks, it's time for a psychology lesson on how to convince people to vote for your candidate

Obama Rising In Latest Ohio Poll!

The histrionics here a bit much... remember Public Enemy No 1:

Recent General Election Polls

What Turned You Off Obama?

Prove we sent photo, Clinton campaign manager tells press

Obama: "we're both trying out for quarterback, but we're on the same team"

Which Hillary Clinton is coming to the debate tonight?

Barack Star: Today's Kentucky/Cincinnati Enquirer

Weeks ago I posted that...Farrakhan

Weeks ago I posted that...Farrakhan

How Hillary shot herself in the foot, or feet.

The real Bill Clinton

Many young Austin voters choose Barack Obama!

Oden for Obama

Home of Impeachment Movement Paper Endorses Obama

The Positive Campaign of Barack Obama, and how that pic is worth a thousand words.

Hillary Video: Uses Her Soft Voice to call Obama Candidacy "Dangerous Oversimplification" CBN Today

Texas swings to Obama -- SUSA

2003 Larry King interview w/ Bill Clinton (war stance- must read!)

If these are the choices, who will you vote for?

Someone (on another board) wants to see an Obama/Huckabee ticket

Uh Oh. New poll shows Obama losing to McCain by a wide margin

What does Obama need to do tonight...

What does Obama need to do tonight...

McCain apologizes profusely for 'Hussein Obama' comments by radio host introducing him @ event

McCain apologizes profusely for 'Hussein Obama' comments by radio host introducing him @ event

McCain apologizes profusely for 'Hussein Obama' comments by radio host introducing him @ event

How low will Hillary's camp go?

UWash journalism prof praises Obama, slams Clinton

Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners to vote for Hillary to keep the party in chaos

What media bias? CNN's John King: "An Obama victory would be a more revolutionary development."

Hmmm, let's see how many "cowards" we have here today......

Could Obama pick Howard Dean as his VP?

If McCain/GOP want to go after Michelle Obama, here's my response.....

A question for Dodd supporters....

I am a liberal and I am voting for

Dayton to Hillary (I just sent Hillary a letter)

"If Obama comes to town, can we go to the concert?"

Obama campaign 3:00 pm release on debate night

Obama vs. Clinton: Two different polls

Greg Oden endorses Barack Obama

I'm very excited: One of my fave Dems Sen. Chris Dodd is endorsing Obama

Predictions On Tonight's Debate

Very interesting take from USA Today

In Democratic primary, expect a GOP turnout . (A coc* block to Clinton)

Are you going to blame Hillary for this, too?

Are you going to blame Hillary for this, too?

McCain Disavows Comments About Obama - AP

Reminder: There has not been a single day in which Clinton won more pledged delegates than Obama

Since Ellen asked Hillary if she being given a harder time because she is a woman, I must ask. . .

To Clinton Supporters Blaming the Media...

I overheard some people talking today...

Only One Has Led In Pledged Delegates The Entire Primary Season

Obama's nomadic garb - no religious significance. May relate to council for Peace & Development

Former Texas Gov. Mark White to endorse Obama

OK, DUers. Who would you rather see on this board?

Ed Schultz says a RW station in Kucinich's district is asking GOPers to vote in the Dem Primary.

One Week To Go!

In Ellen interview, Hillary corrects herself: 'We already won Michigan'

BuzzFlash Dredges up proof: Clinton feeding Drudge anti-Obama Hype

Blame the media - isn't it right wingers who usually say this shit?

RW radio host responds to McCain:"I’ve had it with McCain. I’m going to throw my support to Hillary"

So the American Flag Pin was made in Communist China

Remind me again, when will the nominee finally be decided?

Isn't a shame that McCain actually condemns his supporters who get out line but Hillary doesn't

Isn't a shame that McCain actually condemns his supporters who get out line but Hillary doesn't

Democrats are getting played by Drudge.

Finger-pointing, frustration in Clinton camp

Could Obama use the "unites the opposition" against a man?

(SNL) Video - nail on the head - MSM suckup to Obama and dismissal of Hillary.

Obamatarian checking in

Where does Hillary fall on NAFTA?

Team Of Rivals?

Was listining to NPR today and Nader was on...

Oh joy! Williams and Russert to moderate tonight

An interesting WSJ article on Obama from a rw perspective

Should Carville be worried?

I saw Michelle Obama last night.

Is Nader gonna stink up every state ballot in November?

Rev. Lowery: Lewis will back Obama

Tonight's debate will be tough to watch. Both Williams and Russert are complete

Kick this if you're tired of the sexism/racism intimidation.

The Clintons had Vince Foster killed - and other RW lies.

TIME: Obama's Ohio Grassroots Advantage

Just made my second campaign contribution to a candidate

Attention Obama Supporters!

Clinton Campaign Connection to Drudge Detailed by International Herald Tribune in October 2007

Who won the presidential debate in Ohio?

Speaking Of Bad Blood (2 Stories)...

I really hope that John McCain wins

Is there a way to catch the debate on the Internet?

Who has proof that Hillary's "camp" or Barack's "camp" is slinging mud?

Why are our candidates comfortable leaving Bush's policies in place?

Paul Jones rears her ugly head.

Obama Comedown Syndrome

Hillary's last minute desperation -- versus Al Gore's and John Kerry's

My fellow DU'ers! Which do you prefer?

Neocon & McCain Advisor Robert Kagan LIKES Barack Obama!!!

Politcians, pundits, and DU

Does your 'boytoy' ; 'sugar daddy' or 'booty call' agree on the same candidate?

"Barack Hussein Obama" sez insane John Hanoi McCain surrogate

BREAKING: NY Times clarifies McCain/Iseman article.

Hillary/Obama - Why Somalian Smears matter in Ohio

This is the rest of the story regarding that photo that's being circulated

Does it really hurt Obama to go with the public financing in the general election?

I challenge all Sen. Clinton supporters to honestly answer these two questions


Clinton is a terrible speaker, Obama is a great one

Pssst...hey...Obamaphiles. Over here

Today's Hillary: Empathy. "I got a little hot there the other day in Cincinnati...."

Double Nader Overdrive will continue in General Discussion.

Official NYC Primary Results after recounts are here

CNN is really trying to soften up Obama for Hillary tonight.

Whence cometh the "Angry Black Man"?

A few things we can all agree on.....

Clinton's New Charge - "He Dramatically Oversimplifies"

Clinton's New Charge - "He Dramatically Oversimplifies"

I think that Obama will be Mr. Cool-headed

Fifteen Hundred Feminists for Peace Endorse Barack Obama

heres a pic from my grassroots days - the first cult

Survey USA: New Ohio poll C: 50 O: 44

Here is why I will vote for whichever the Democrat gets the nomination

Experience. Exactly WHAT has Hillary Been ELECTED to before?

RAS Poll: Obama within five points of Clinton in Ohio

Chris Dodd left his name on the Michigan ballot.

I find this report quite disturbing!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think Hillary will quit if she loses Texas but not Ohio.

Who knows what evil lurks...

Howard Dean on MSNBC: The primary will not go until Denver

Ok I got one big enough that it will go around once. (DU REALLY NEEDS THIS)

Wolfie's in full McCain Mode...

Who is streaming the debate?

Just remember - when Hillary 'suspends' the campaign soon, then GD:P will (hopefully) go away

Does your spouse/significant other support your candidate?

Would You Vote For Rupert Murdoch's Candidate?

Did anyone hear exactly what Tucker just said about

Obama-Clinton Debate Tonight - WHERE DO I WATCH ONLINE ?

I've just had an epiphany: GW Bush got the WH on the backs of disenfranchised blacks

We're Going To Win

sounds like Richardson will endorse Obama.

***Official MSNBC before Debate thread***

Dodd to Endorse Obama today.

Senator Clinton, unless you win BIG in Texas and Ohio, I humbly

Obama supporters: What does he have to do tonight?

Hillary surrogate says Obama is "from" somalia?!?

Texas Doesn't Count

What's with this Congresswoman Tubbs Jones?

Pennsylvania Ground Game Update!!!

Can't get much more symbolic than this...

Sometimes Doonesbury just NAILS it


Dear Senator Obama

Obama's Ohio Grassroots Advantage (TIME)

Dear Hillary Supporters, When Hillary loses, please don't have a nervous breakdown.

This Obama supporter

When did you become pro-Obama? and why?


Why are you here? why are you voting? what is it good for if we forget this:

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/26/08 - Obama up 1 (46), Clinton up 1 (43)

Instead of just recommend, there should be an "un-recommend" option!

Texas zeitgeist and the fall of the House of Bush.

Did Bill Clinton really conflate Iraq and 9/11 today

Screw you, tweetie!!!

Good luck to both camps tonight in the debate.

It's the Coat Tails, Stupid

Senator Apologizes for Obama Comment (Inouye)

Which Hillary will show up to the debate?

When did the f four letter word become so popular, I don't think it has been around here that much

Rep Herseth Sandlin (D-SD-Superdelegate) Endorses Barack Obama

Can we all agree that there should not be restrictions on free expression at the convention?

in 2006 Obama supporter Hart's book said Obama not against school vouchers- and sees corporations as

in 2006 Obama supporter Hart's book said Obama not against school vouchers- and sees corporations as

JUST REALIZED, "Shame On You" clip... Hillary looks like she discovered nudie mags under BO's bed!

Why are we worried about the Dodd endorsement. He got less than 1% of the vote.

Outline a scenario where Clinton gets her groove back tonight

Watch Hillary interview on the 700 Club

Presidential Debate Clinton Cackle Prediction.......pick a time.

Unless Obama makes a completely monstrous gaffe tonight, nothing in this race will have changed.....

Is "conflate" the new anti-Hillary word of the day?

Hillary must tear into Obama at the debate

NBC/MSNBC's David Gregory joins Craig Crawford as most biased MSNBC HRC supporter

Why Does CNN Keep Pushing Hillary As the Front Runner?

When, and more importantly, why did Democrats begin to hate the Clintons

If Hillary wins Texas and Ohio, the whole race changes and Obama will be eviscerated in the media

Obama supporters: We're all signed up to volunteer in Rhode Island!!

I'm going to pop in a DVD and skip the debates. Who's with me?

ENOUGH with the 'Obama is just empty rhetoric' bullshit

I hope the GOP wins the White House in November

No state radio ever did a better job than NPR did, in their promotion of Obama

Why didn't Hillary run back in 2004?

Is there a talk clock for the debates tonight like this one?

But Hillary, what will be the coinsurance provision for emergency room visits?

Link to stream the debate? NT

The End Game is upon us. One by one, Neutral Party elders will endorse Obama. Dodd is the first.

*****Official MSNBC Debate Thread #1*****

Thanks for streaming the debate: links included here

Will Sen. Clinton admit IWR vote was a mistake....

Hillary is not out and Obama is not in.

Obama's Lot - a new musical

How John Edwards Isn't Out Of It Yet

***** Official MSNBC Debate Thread # 2 ****

i believe in Hillary's HEALTHY CARE PLAN

Obama and Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan - help me understand this before my primary

Why Hillary should stay in until the very end

****Official MSNBC Debate thread #2****

Mccain wasn't born in a U.S state

Haven't posted here in a long while... Going to vote this week in TX... Still on the fence...

Hillary just whined about being asked questions and then cited SNL

Anyone NOT watching tonight's debate?

Hillary's "Murphy Brown" moment.... referencing SNL.....

****Official MSNBC Debate thread #3****

Is tonight's so-called "debate" going to be another "sitting too close to actually debate" thing?

Ohhhh, she missed a meatball of a pitch on "will you say we are leaving nafta in 6 months?"

If Barack Obama walked off the stage the next time she starts a filibuster


Bill Clinton ran against....


Get Obama Girl, Barack needs another pillow...

She will have more "Tools" at her disposal?

stop posting **official MSN DEBATE TOPICS***


Monday Morning Quarterbacks

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD 4*************

SurveyUSA: Texas Reasonably Close in GE

"I will be the one".

Explain the logic here

People booing Senator Clinton again


Lead paint??

Television doesen't stop

Hillary Needs to Stop Trying to Cut Everyone Off and Dominate the Discussion

What this debate needs????

Hillary Clinton is at a town hall, listening to an elderly man vent about financial problems . . .

Obama riding Hillary's health care plan coat tails, keeps saying the

I don't trust Hillary in the White House because I doubt her mental stability

Is it me or is Obama cool and presidential.

I am relatively impartial watching this debate, but HRC looks terrible.

The last debate I thought Hillary had the edge. Tonight Obama is killing

Why did Mrs Rezcko buy the side yard to Obama's 2 million dollar mansion?

Tim Russert : Debate Moderator or Giant Floating Helium Head?

Obama supporters sleep well tonight Obama's going to renegotiate NAFTA too...

One of the things I like about Obama's points

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD 5*************

Halfway through: Clinton looks DESPERATE, Obama looks relaxed, Russert is an asshole

It's good to see Russert didn't let her worm out of NAFTA.

I'm not a Hillary fan, but it is starting to look like SNL

How Many Clinton Supporters Are Considering Switching or have Switched?

HRC jumps the shark!

9:53 As per earlier post. I was off by 10 minutes.


Let me summarize all Debate Threads...

Stop This Shit Now!

Wow, Obama is about 7500 people away from 1 million!

I didn't see it but Chimpy McSmirkers (hubby) did: he said Andrea

Obama’s Support Grows Broader, New Poll Finds

theres a difference between rejecting and denouncing???

I think MSNBC's Obama bias is best demonstrated by Timmah's repeated insinuations of antisemitism.

"And the world will be perfect!"

It is really is a shame....

I don't think the American people will be manipulated this time around.

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD 6*************

Little Timmey Ought to Answer a Few Questions, Since He Likes 'Gotchas' So Much...

Here we go with the how can you win with a "liberal" voting record BS

i'm disgusted with Russert on the Farakam questions...and i'm a Hillary supporter.

Excellent--Obama avoided a Clintonian word-trap and got in good with the audience.

A small flickering candle

Prima Donnas

Hillary just flat out looks desperate today!

Hillary Cites SNL????!!11

$$$$$$$$$$Official MSNBC debate thread #7$$$$$$$$$$

I wish our candidates would make it a point to bash Bush and the KKKons

I ~~HATE~~ tim russert. They should have had a woman commentator

To the feminists who support Hillary

WTF? Clinton trying to score points on Timmy's despicable question about rejecting

In Texas tonight,: 47% Hillary, .07% Obama,. 07% Richardson. 40%

Leon Panetta - They had no plan

Obama Dayton Rally Reaction



I don't think anyone WANTS McCain as President; People want REAL change

Reject and denounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all thing considered

I now love MSNBC

Obama got a standing ovation!

Obama's trying to stay above the fray, in my opinion.

WOW! Hillary is implying Obama is Anti-Semantic...and Obama smacks her down again with his wittiness

Obama Supporters: Nafta Question

I think she's getting owned by Obama, but Hill gets major kudos for shutting up Russert!

Link at TPM: Mark Penn not in it to win it?

well that's it. Buh bye Hillary

It's all over: Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee

The Democratic Party should organize its own debates

Tonight's Debate Results: A draw

Remember when Hillary said MSNBC was full of it and needed to fix their network?


Tim Russert: "This is not rocket science"

Russert and Williams equals buzz kill. I have the algebraic equation to prove it.


What was the mistake that was made with the video during the debate?

I miss Chris Dodd's talk clock.

ten fucking minutes on louis farrakhan

Wow, talk about bias against Clinton.



This is why I've always disliked Russert...

What are the odds that Timmeh will grill McCain?

Hillary Supporters, Do you Consider Obama Supporters to be Extremists?

What's the point about renegotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico?

Hey Obama Donators? You should listen to this Live Interview!

Closing Statements Now...but they've Both Been Great...Little Difference between them...

Clintonite STABS Obama supporter ...

MSNBC Fight Was Rigged: McCain Was the Winner (and He Didn't Even Have to Step in the Ring)

SO why is she playing nice now?

There are no do-overs as President.

Gegory say that Obama looked Kool.

IRS investigates Obama's denomination - Yet Bush-y churches are just peachy

She got questions first in the last debate because of a coin-toss, right?

Russert called him on his pastor and farrhakan connections!

I just put William Pitt on ignore. Well, I kept trying to hide that f'ing thread

Anyone who uses the phrase "Hanoi John" to describe Senator McCain is going to get a fight

The Not Really Official Ohio Presidential Debate Poster for Tuesday, Feb. 26

I am ANTI CLINTON, but MSNBC is throwing her under the bus

LIVE Cleveland Post-Debate Coverage

Olbermann showed a clip of Bill Clinton justifying Hillary's IWR vote by conflating it with 9/11

Obama is gonna kick McCain's ass

Hillary Handlers Flawed from the get-go


Instead of that stupid ass Farrakhan question time would have been better spent in oh I don't know

Here's a Question!

Check out this clip from one of Barack's advisors

MSNBC: Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois came under a full-out assault Tuesday night

Gregory says Obama looks cool.

Sorry I'm watching the debate on Tivo. But did HC just PLUG SNL ???

Check out the NY results for 2006 - HRC is the Independence candidate

Cash-rich Obama Buys Yahoo

Hillary is putting the whoop-ass on Obama

Rachel Maddow thinks McCain won the debate???

Yes, Hillary!!! That is what Ohio wanted to see!

She is lying.

FAA: a ‘Rogue Agency’ (threatens whistleblowers)

Moday Morning Quarterbacks

Tonights debate showed us clearly WHY we are in the situation we are, because of the MEDIA

Time's Mark Halperin: Obama B+, Clinton B-

Obama needs to come out strongly against sexism, now


Obama calls for a cool-down!

You should be proud of being called the "most liberal" Senator


Official TWEETY post^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

A note about why Hillary says these weird "inside baseball" things in debates

"Keep your kind words, keep your money, I don't want them."

The problem with the last 3 debates has been they have been sitting down


So I have had just about FUCKING ENOUGH.......

So I have had just about FUCKING ENOUGH.......

Russert and Williams equals buzz kill. I have the algebraic equation to prove it.

MSNBC: According to Chris Dodd...he and the Party PooBah's don't want Brokered Convention

Russert and Williams equals buzz kill. I have the algebraic equation to prove it.

Lefty at workplace says McCain will pick Patreaus as VP...

Lee Camps's anti-Fox News rant while on Fox News!! (This is great!)

Take a look at the blatant racism over at

I just voted 4 Hillary in Ohio!

While you debate who won, who lost, and who is bff with the media elite

Wow Hillary apologizes for her IWR vote and no one mentions it?

Wow Hillary apologizes for her IWR vote and no one mentions it?

Earth to Hillary. If there is another debate, leave the smart-ass comments at home vote: Who Won? Did you change your vote? Here's the link:

Obama supporter says that the Farrakhan point....

Obama has not tried to get the bus out of the ditch

Med...Med Medve-oh-whatever

Issue NAFTA: Hillary and Barak take same stand.


Williams: "Tell Us Why Clinton Sucks". Obama: "NO. Fuck off."

it's 9 pm and i feel wiped out like it's midnight

What I Despise

Fun site, all welcome!

When color finally doesn't matter

Reject vs. Denounce

Hillary tries to pin Obama on "Reject" vs. "Denounce". What about "Wrong" vs. "Sorry"?

Looks like both keep play nice because in my opinion they already have agreed it Obama/Clinton

Clinton's hail Mary pass: Finally taking back that Iraq vote

Have you ever in your life seen a Democratic campaign as dirty as Hillary Clinton's?

For Hillary, "Sorry" Seems to Be the Hardest Word

O B A M A !!!!!!

Clinton and Obama tied in Gallup Tracking Poll

From tonight, tale of the tape, and sis is kissing the sandman when you

Hillary did fine tonight, but she needed a homerun and not a double.

No knockout punch tonight - How does Hillary change the dynamics now?

This is not a debate - this is MSNBC gotcha at its worst

Presidential campaign issues: Trade- Clinton, McCain, Obama

Louis Farrakhan backs Obama for president at Nation of Islam convention in Chicago

I'll say it. I thought the questions from MSNBC were fair, for both candidates...

Hillary Clearly Won

Here is GW Bush & Reagan- who is the real monkey here?

On Tavis Smiley, Dee Dee Meyers, PBS. 12:30 PM, CT. nt

Hillary doesn't realize that SNL isn't NEARLY as popular as it used to be...

MSNBC text message poll: Obama WON!!!

Anyone want to discuss substance? What about Obama's healthcare plan? Good and bad?

Hillary said tonight that she will release her tax records "before the nomination"

"I'm confident we'll hold the White House in 2008," Bush

Marc Ambinder's (interestingly contrarian) Debate Analysis:

DU "Old Timers" - Please LAY OFF of new DU Members


Rachel Maddow is right: Tonight John McCain Wins

Say Good Night, Hillary --->>>

An excellent synopsis of Cuba's defiance of US imperialism..

Obama: U.S. Flag Lapel, No/Somali Garb, Yes

Obama won, no question- Most voters on MSNBC agree (65%-22%)

I just got home from voting!

What is wrong with everyone on DU??

Why Obama beating Clinton is a good thing for the Democratic Party

Is it just me, or nobody won this debate?

WJ this morning: Congress: Next Steps on Iraq?

Hillary (Thatcher) Clinton

How Hillary Clinton lost the democratic nomination the week before South Carolina

Senator Clinton on 700 Club today

If McCain were to be elected- would he expand the war into Iran?

The person who brought me here is "...taking a break..."


Andrew Tobias on why Ralph Nader is to blame

***Official*** They're all weasels anyway thread.

Good Morning DU General!

Hahahaha MSNBC "journalists" are defensive because she criticized their bias

Wayne Allard (R, Co) Explains His Vision For Immigrants From Mexico

Quick DU guide to understanding McCain's recent lies relating to his lobbyist pals

ACLU Sues Over Tennessee’s Felon Disenfranchisement Law

I hope the GOP wins the White House in November

My county convention/caucus is March 8th.

DHL delivery guy just came to my door and this is what he said about the Election......

DHL delivery guy just came to my door and this is what he said about the Election......

Barrack Obama is already winning us the GE, bringing whole new armies of voters

Clinton ties McCain in poll. Obama destroys him.

For Edwards fans: video of speech by Kurt Holzer of Idahoans for Edwards

More than one-quarter of American adults (28%) have left the faith in which they were raised.

Clinton doing far worse than Obama is multiple state matchups against McCain

With Heart & Head I Voted for…(long first post)

Female Experince In WH Ok.. Black Experince In WH Evil?

Alabama Democratic Party Calls for Special Prosecutor

there is a low tide and a high tide ... there is an ebb and flow of the tides ...

Bill O'Reilly is a Scum-sucking, Unethical, Disgusting Piece of Shit

Shirley Golub has made the top five at ActBlue! She is running against Nancy!

Bill: "...looks like she's going to win Ohio"

What’s John Ashcroft doing in Indiana? Making millions

US-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act -

Remember, Tonight Is Probably The Last Time You'll See Hillary In The National Spotlight

Create A U.S. Department of Peace - Join the Peace Alliance

BREAKING CNN: Richardson Endorsement could come 'within days'

Governor tells Pentagon to return Guard gear

Home Depot Profit Drops on U.S. Housing Slowdown

Dodd Talking To Clinton; "it wasn't a fun conversation to have"

I honestly don't know how anyone can make up their mind between these two candidates.

Yay.. The Iraq war is OVER.. Happy Days are HERE again!!

After Surge, 140,000 Troops to Remain in Iraq

Rove Holds Banner Calling for Siegelman’s Release (Scott Horton)

Rove Holds Banner Calling for Siegelman’s Release (Scott Horton)

If only the 'liberal media' would follow Keith Olbermann's example, and fight back against the right

Obama and the bigger picture.

Post erased.

If David Duke endorsed Hillary and her church's magazine gave him an award...

Obama 'Smear Photo' Story Is Attack on Hillary!

Wholesale Inflation Rate Soars

BUSHCO's-Account of Al Qaeda Using Two Down Syndrome Women as Bombers Debunked

WashPost: Homeowners Losing Equity Lines

just a FYI, Stacey Taylor is filling in this week

SO, NY Philharmonic plays in Pyongyang- Pakistan bans Youtube

Don Siegelman,

Samuelson: The Obama Delusion

Silly season in politics again. Tell me what the hell the difference is between denounce and reject

Bloomberg: Producer Prices in U.S. Increase More Than (Double!) Forecast

E. J. Dionne: McCain's Lobbyist Baggage

John McCain May Have Covered Up Abramoff Email to Protect GOP

Today’s Headlines 2/26/08

Reuters MarketWatch: 11 reasons Bernanke's recession lasts till 2011

Chris Dodd endorses Obama

"Greenspan is...largely to blame...asleep at the wheel...dismissing the housing bubble as 'froth'.''


Will Hillary be booed again tonight?

Lott on Bribery Probe: I'm A Witness, Not A Target

Why Hasn't Hillary Rejected Ann Coulter's Endorsement? She Must Not Want To Offend Coulter's Fans

Check it out and barf. Monica Goodling to marry Red-State blogger.

The Hillary "Smirk" is really getting on my nerves tonight....

Bloomberg: ***U.S. Home Foreclosures Jump 90% as Mortgages Reset***

MSNBC Vote: Who Won The Cleveland Democratic debate? Barack Obama won. 65%

Mark Penn Not In It To Win It?

Hillary will call it quits around the Ides of March

DU should start tombstoning anyone who says they're not supporting the Dem nominee in the fall.

Question: Did HRC paint herself into a corner for tonight's debate?

Oops! Bill, it's your WIFE who is running!!

White Nationalist distributes anti-Semitic & racist propaganda at County Republican meeting(AZ)

Indicted Arizona (U.S.) congressman says he won't resign (Rick Renzi-R)

Obama BLEW OPPORTUNITY to show grasp of key Foreign Policy issue

Are there commercials about supporting the Terrorist Surveilance Bill in your area?

On a scale of 1 through 10, how fresh is the Iraq invasion in your mind?

OMFG- Fair & Balanced Fox News Poll: "Who does Usama bin Laden want to be the next president? "

WHO IS LYING? Myth/Facts about Retroactive Immunity and Attorneys

Dave Lindorff: An Impeachment Raspberry to USA Today

Bullshit Reduction Act of 2008:

This could be the most amazing, most memorable and inspiring debate in history if:

Obama Supporters: The first official Obama campaign event in Pennsylvania!

I think Hillary was framed. If anyone leaked that photo to Drudge, it was probably Obama or MSNBC

Does Obama Get It?

"Obama camp needs to apologize to Clinton over Photo"

Home Prices Drop 8.9 Percent in 3 Months

"Confederate Pride" tag in Florida?

Organized Crime Control of Gay Bars

While We're Battling It Out Here For Either HRC or BO We've Taken Our Eye Off The Ball (Senate).....

Just Laughing Off Deliberate, Malicious Sexism Directed Toward Hillary Clinton

Setting the Record Straight on Speaker Pelosi and FISA (fun little factoid)

This Could Be A Summer of Fire

The Democrat Party or the Democratic Party?

Staff to EPA Administrator: California Decision Could Mean Your Job

CA Homeowners Sued For Builders' Debts-Bankrupt Builders Send Contractors After Homeowners For Costs

Interrogator: Torture Endangers America

Activists favoring Neal for Senate (NC senate race vs. Dole)

Gay man attacked outside popular Lauderdale eatery

Peru: five killed in trade protests due to Free Trade Agreement with the US

Under Obama's healthcare plan, what happens when somebody shows up

Where is John Edwards????

Very Funny Video

Obama defends himself and his wife. It is well and graciously done.

Please Ignore the Hillary and Obama hate threads.

Admins: Can we get a forum for folks who don't want to act like spoiled children having a tantrum?

Perino Attempts To Defend Wiretapping Spin, Eventually Admits ‘I’m Not A Lawyer’

A question about public financing

BUSH: "I'm confident we'll hold the White House in 2008"

Obama nearing a million donors.

Torture advocate William Haynes resigns

It was obvious Barack did not want to insult Farrakhans followers, that is why he did not reject the

Dear Skinner, Mods, et. al... One Week, And One Day...

Here's A Full Page NYT or WP Ad You'll Never See

Nielsen Looks Beyond TV, and Hits Roadblocks

Question for Hillary supporters (in all seriousness)

The only people to survive the RW Attack machine: Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Holy dogs are republicans :(

Okay DU I need all your mighty resources for this one...

Terry McAuliffe Says an Obama/Hillary Ticket "Sure Is" Possible

Hillary supporters only, please.

McCain is Meat, Part XXXXXXXXXVII

The President's letter of Resignation to the Secretary of State!

Times UK: Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise

DNC to release "daily fact" about John McCain. Also FEC letter proves McCain wrong...

Talk about hypocritical Repuke: Murkowski up on the Senate floor now

Why is "liberal" such a bad word?

The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors

Just saw the Hillary impersonation of Obama on the stump...

Mukasey wants police support to prevent prisoner releases

It's not women, its not race - the reason Obama is winning is one word: IRAQ

Obama Was Presidential Tonight.

U.S. producer prices soared in January - fastest pace in over 26 years

It would be easy for Hillary Clinton to back off, but she fights for EVERYTHING

Delusional Chimp tells GOP governers they will keep WH in 2008

Obama HAS to pick a military, foreign policy guy as VP

The Great Tennessee Valley Blackout by Scott Horton

My daughter is a senior in high school and she told me this morning at breakfast

Rethugs pushing new anti-global warming bullshit meme

Hillary has to be really hurt by what is going on in this primary.

O'Reilly on Romney as McCain's VP: "Good business guy, smart, honest, downside is the Mormon deal"

My reply when some idiot brings up Obama's "Hussein" middle name...

Inflation for dummies.

Scott Horton: Birmingham News (Unofficial Voice Of Alabama GOP) Dispense More Koolaid

Is the notion "innocent until proved guilty" just a quaint notion of yesteryear?

woot! Dem takes lead in March 3 Illinois race to replace Hastert!

Crooks & Liars: Huckabee "likeable, if you don’t have a clear sense of what he really stands for"

Drug Policy: Crack, Powder Cocaine Sentences - C-Span 3 at 2pm (ET)

"Heroes" (the American right's strange choice in martyrs)

Nobody watching this coverage can deny that the media are shills

WashTimes> "senior Pentagon official": an Obama win "will give the Arab street the final victory"

Here's what I think of tonight's debate

Property changed hands 3 times as son of owner sat dead inside

Has Hotmail Crashed?

Generation Y includes more than selfish slackers, say speakers

I'm Getting Tired Of These Claims Of Sexism By Clinton Supporters

The Rich Man's Michael Moore

Gen. Casey: No Reason to Doubt Obama Story of Ill-Equipped Troops

That Asshole Lieberman Is Speaking On The Senate Floor

Analyst warns of third Islamic terrorist wave, enabled by Internet

Get a load of the talking chowder heads off camera

Senate Floor vote on redeploying in Iraq now.

Watch Rove Hold FREE DON SIEGELMAN Banner:

Ass-Hole NAZI Bill Cunningham Attacks OBAMA , McLame apologize

Hillary Clinton. Driving the Bus into the Ditch.

Well, well, well

Sen. Larry Craig seeks Summer Interns...

Dean: DNC is filing an FEC complaint against McCain

Yesterday Sam Seder was under attack by right-wing nutjobs.....

"I did not have time for relations with that tax return information."

Americans Switching Faiths / Dropping Out

Americans Switching Faiths / Dropping Out

Help Feingold cut off funds for deployment of US troops - CALL TODAY!!

Turkey Point nuclear reactors had "turbine kickback" reactors went into "scram"

Jersey Girl Laurie Van Auken's Speech for the NYC Ballot Initialtive

Siegelman bribed fellow inmates to watch 60 Minutes

One date only for Bill Bennett and Janis Joplin-So says Bennett’s brother, Bob....

FL State House Speaker hires consultants to examine investment mess (And they are *friends* of Jeb)

Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise

Should a US President of any Party be able to declare an American citizen

KFC takes the wraps off a toasted sandwich offering

Turkey Point nuke plant (FL blackout) 2006: FBI investigated a HOLE drilled in a cooling pipe!

US Army Still Broken and Getting More Hollow By the Day

Chris Hedges: "The U.S. is arming, funding and equipping its own assassins. "

Genetically engineered corn recalled

FOX: "Fear of looting rises as nightfall approaches Miami!!!!11111"

Did John McCain really said a THOUSAND YEARS?

Bush's Top Donors ("Rangers") Signing On With McCain

WSJ: ***FDIC to Add Staff as Bank Failures Loom***

TEDTalk Tuesday: On a Cellular Level, We're All Really Quite Busy

Did Clinton criticize W's attack on Iraq at the time of or soon

Did Clinton criticize W's attack on Iraq at the time of or soon

Judiciary Subcommittee to Meet today w Resolution to Subpoena Ken Blackwell!

Massive power outages in Florida. I panicked and thought I forgot election day.

Look guys, just relax, Bush predicts GOP will hold White House

Pssst... we're leaving Iraq

REMINDER: Waxman hearing on WH missing email's: Today at 10 am.

The next president may drastically alter the Supreme Court

Dana Perino, unhinged.......

We are not blind to Obama's achievements which are numerous. Name an Obama accomplishment

Georgians, I'm watching Johnny Isakson speak on CSPAN2 now about FISA.....

You know, it's a sad state of affairs when just about everyone, and I do mean everyone,

John McCain is Breaking the Law

In many ways, my heart goes out to Hillary Clinton.

Witch, bitch, banshee...

caption Cheney

Neo-cons Fine-Tune Iran Angle

Oh yeah, Bush's generals are more important than the people we ELECTED...

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA1): Hypocrite or Unpatriotic?

So you say you want a revolution

Auburn nursing home toilets explode, setting off sprinklers

Tom Toles on Ralph Nader

FLORIDA "Massive Power Outage" - loses power in MIAMI, DADE & BROWARD COUNTIES

Up to 1,000 days of e-mails "missing" from White House servers, 1 million messages

Reminder: there are DU Groups for both Clinton and Obama supporters

Israeli official calls Iran "dangerous ticking bomb"

A rightwing coworker saw my journal today

Obama is looking a little stale

On your way home to watch the debate, stop in here (all you really need).

I've just been assaulted in my e-mail

Tuesday TOON updates!

The right wing asshole that introduced McCain at his rally

I wonder how many Summer Intern applications Larry Craig will receive from "Ben Dover"

The Emerging Third World US

Contractor Tied To Cunningham Bribery Scandal In Charge Of WH "Missing" E-Mails.

Inconvenient truths about Iraq are conveniently locked away inside of a Pentagon vault

Let's see: "KKK" is spray-painted on the wall of a mostly black church: Not a hate/bias crime

Bill Cunningham..."a guy you want on the radio ginning up support for you"?

Anybody else a little peeved at Dodd for his condescending tone?

MSNBC online for the debate tonight

I'm in a tele-conference with Thelma Drake. What should I ask her?

So basically Obama's problem is that he has too much charisma

'The Life and Times of a Good Loser' ~ DK

Long-Shot Senate Candidate Seeks 'Indictment' Against Bush - story & pics

Has anybody seen polling on how the electoral votes shape up...

if you wanna hear the sleeziest of politics: youtube...bill cunningham introducing john mccain...

I finally figured out how Sen. Jeff Sessions pronounces "United States"

LOL! AFA over bought buttons and magnets, and now give them away

Anyone know if McCain has corrected the record i.e his meeting with Paxon that his campaign denied?

So is Nader running on the Green Party ticket again?

So is Nader running on the Green Party ticket again?

Teevee political debates: do you think they mean anything to anyone besides us political junkies?

Does anybody here think this Cunningham (asshole)

Thomas Ricks: Iraq’s ‘best case scenario’ is basically a ‘quagmire.’

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stopping the New Arms Race

This Democrat is voting for Ralph Nader

SoCal Soldier Allegedly Stages Shooting to Avoid Return to Iraq

just a thought -- hillary for ... senate majority leader?

McCain will not tolerate this

First Seeds Placed in Arctic Global Seed Vault - Doomsday Vault

From Tom Dispatch: The Most Wanted List -- International Terrorism, By Noam Chomsky

Chris Matthews & Andrea Mitchell "Left Policy=Bad Policy. Every educated person supports free trade"

It's about the future of our republic, period! Nothing less, nothing more...

I can't find the debate link Help?

The List: Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies ( )

About that study claiming anti-depressants are no better than placebos...

Mods, please delete

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake hits England

Do robocalls actually work? Because I've been called about 10 times

An open letter to Ralph Nader

***SUPERDELEGATE UPDATE - (Campaign Neutral)***

"Automatic Delegates"="Protect America Act"

Obama is sounding good at the debate in case anyone is interested, tune in

Russert is F#%^ing stooge!

Help I need some George Bush quotes

The latest victim of the foreclosure crisis? It's a real Thriller......


Judge: $105M Lawsuit Over "Predator"-Inspired Suicide Can Proceed

Why can't the Media just do the reporting, and then let us decide?

Expert: White House Had "Primitive" Email Setup

Obama Now Likely to Win 10 out of remaining 16 Contests

DoD General Counsel ‘Leaned On’ Me To Rush Detainee’s (Hicks) Trial Ahead Of Australian Elections

Oil Trades near a Record $101.43 After U.S. Dollar Slumps to All-Time Low

Equal Opportunity Running Mate / VP Poll

Trade School Teaches Students To Grow Pot

no need to vote or fight anymore...Diebold reveals the winner of 2008 and its mclaim

It's fun to watch freepers' heads explode at the thought of a mccain presidency

Senator Byrd in hospital for observation

What was the WEAKEST point of the debate for each candidate tonight?

Don Siegelman can't appeal his conviction!

Keith is particularly snarky tonight

A view from across the pond

So, Timmy : Here's a question for you.

Terra! Starbucks lovers have to look elsewhere for caffeine fixes

Obama / Wesley Clark ticket

Coffee break: Starbucks closes for 3 hours Tuesday

Study Looks at Immigrants' Incarceration Rate-Less Likely to Commit Crimes than Native Californians

Senate Advances Legislation That Would Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War

“Opting Out” Undermines Core Democratic Values (GD-P Edition)

Favorite quote from Hillary: "I can't get it together by then."

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rate of immigrants who commit crimes less than average in California

Glenn Beck: 'Rick Santorum is a Winston Churchill'

Hillary must be very careful in tonight's debate.

The United States Current Account Balance

I don't like this format of DU... Will come back when it's what I like... Sorry, kinda sucks...n/t

To be a Republican you need to believe that: A BushBot responds

Democrats Want McCain Finances Probed


It's a NEW THE Daily Show w/Jon Stewart!!! (post Oscars!)

Gawd I Despise Rep Darrell Issa

White House to Veto Foreclosure Bill

A thread comparing the Clinton Campaign to a LYNCHING gets 25 recs?

Richard Clarke, Other Experts Contradict Administration Line on Wiretapping

What level are we? Defcon 5? n/t


Oh good God, they're looking for terrorist activities on online games now

DAMN Breaking: Government ordered to release minutes of Iraq discussions

With everyone hopin', prayin', changin', and experiencin'....


Anti-depressants 'of little use' -University of Hull

Man gets jail time for beating son who didn't get all A's

Hillary came across as a fighter, Obama barely had a pulse all night


Les Moonves - of *course* it's all about the money! (Using *your* airwaves....)


US Quietly Breaks UN Treaty

Imagine a Nader State of the Union Address.

Polling trends in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Florida DUers what's the real story with

(TOON) Steve Bell: The George W Bush Memorial Library

Well, I pi$$ed off a lot of people today and feel really good about it.

Taking Offense at Edwards: Corporate Media couldn’t forgive his anti-establishment rhetoric

'The Life and Times of a Good Loser ~ Kucinich Goes Down'

Taxi to the Dark Side director working on Abramoff film

I Agree With Eric Alterman on the word "Liberal"


Fifteen Hundred Feminists For Peace Endorse Barack Obama - CommonDreams

OK, that's it. That's JUST ABOUT FUCKING ENOUGH, thank you.

McCain's Voting Record - How He REALLY Supports the Troops

Former Clinton adviser David Gergen confirms Hillary's opposition to NAFTA on CNN.

Consumer confidence plunges, inflation rate soars

Evolution battle shifts to Texas....Florida's battle is ongoing.

Which Hillary Clinton will be at the debate tonight?

McCain Withheld Controversial Abramoff Email

Until mid-2005 "everyone" on the WH computer network had access to the central email files

Eisenhower republicans

File under D for DUH! " Army: Service must cut combat tours"

Did Hillary really just argue to vote for her because she's a woman?

Robert Parry: Why the War on Obama

NeoGore is the One

What is America? Why should I love it.

if you can lie to yourself then you accept lies too

Sex, Halliburton, and the State Department

Did you know Abortions are still tax-deductible?

Details of the Texas coup de grace and Clinton political malpractice

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Who Breaks In

Cougars And Double Standards

6-year-old barred from school over haircut

Faux outrage over flag lapel pins brought to you from the very same folks

Why Is There No Transcript To Don Siegelman's Trial Yet?

It's Time for Education Week to Cease Its Violation of Basic Journalistic Ethics

bwhaha...Diebold releases results of 2008 election....accidentally

Michael Hirsh Of Newsweek Joins TYT To Talk About Karl Rove/Siegelman and Pakistan Elections

Oil Hits a High; Some See $4 Gas by Spring

This early DU member wants to know what the fuck happened to DU????

A reminder: 15 years ago today, terrorists struck at America.

Exactly who is running Obama's campaign? Let's take a peek....

Can you imagine if Clinton had chaired a committee for a year but never held a hearing?

A Vote For Obama is A Vote For The Media

Man shoots teen who hit him with a snowball.

House's Hoyer: Democrats not waiting 'til next year

Obama is Somalian? Proof Hillary's campaign lacks credibility

How to make the US progressive again: Transactional vs. TRANSFORMATIONAL politics

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Karl Rove Holds 'Free Don Siegelman' Banner with BRAD BLOG Contributor

Senate passes the Indian Heath Improvement Act !

Noam Chomsky: Why is Iraq Missing From 2008 Presidential Race?

Bush: America will ‘thank God’ for Iraq in 50 years

Have you ever killed someone in self defense? (not during wartime)

How to deal with Social Security and Medicare

I am a Republican and voting for Obama on March 4th and in November

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

McCain: Cunningham = Obama:McClurkin. My observation

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early!

Is Bill O struggling to remain relevant? There is a lot of tough competition in the hate mongering

I just had a big glass of wine and I am drunk. I am ordering a pizza...

I am getting sick of this f----ing weather

“Opting Out” Undermines Core Democratic Values.

Any advice on how to stalk someone without advanced search greatly appreciated.

DNC's complaint to the FEC about McCain...was too complicated for Wolf Blitzer.

I completely missed trumpeting my !,000th post.

Is homelessness OK with you?

Anyone noticing that GDP has morphed into GDP:Lounge?

What was I thinking?

An honest peanut butter question

"What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?"

The Hillary Clinton Appreciation thread! (from a resident Obama voter)

The Hillary Clinton Appreciation thread! (from a resident Obama voter)

We Sure Are Going Out With A Whimper, Aren't We?

It's Tuesday...

Anyone know a reputable (i.e., not full of spy ware) place to download icons?

Have an early AM laugh..Breaking news

No Rick Rolling on Karachi-Pakistan bans Youtube

I hate my parents, but I love the Righteous Brothers.

So it turns out not to be Anxiety Disorder at all , stupid incompetent doctors

In the news: Hillary's campaign staff knocking off early for BOTTLES of wine

Our LE is so fucked up, they have to entrap horny teenage boys to arrest people.

bunny of the month!

food pyramids

Do you like harsh for breakfast?

These are the greatest threads of DU as of 9:06am EST on 2/26

For those interested...

Damn..I need to sleep, but my eye hurts soooo bad..

Well, it is going to snow all week.

I'm getting an EMG on my wrists today

LOST-two preview clips from this week

Another Winter Storm Warning...

So what do you think?

Nice MUSIC VIDEO: Take That - "Patience"

You May Be Right. I May Be Crazy

I haven't eaten an apple in forever...

Your Momma’s So Portly...and other fat labels

OMG! I'm Fucking Ben Affleck!

Do you like hash for breakfast?

Funny Shit! When you care enough to send....

Clinton Camp Moving the Goalposts to PA

Woohoo!!! New George Carlin special on Saturday!

What are YOU seeing the Wizard for?


I hate my penis, but I love the Blues Brothers.

What is the best way to respond to Republicans who deliberately call Obama 'Osama'?

A Tribute in Images to Annie Lennox

Where in the hell is Midlo?

Jock Rock BOOYA!

What if Kindergarten classes were taught via the Socratic Method?

Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In A Delaware Tollbooth?

I should be on Moment of Truth

Why are we at level 1 again?

I need cable. in my life this is the first time i havent had cable

Unintentional honesty

Which of you crackpots is serving dinner tonight?

That will teach him where not to go!

I'm going to have soup in a bread bowl for lunch. Ask me anything!

Have You Ever Gone Thru A Delaware Tollbooth?

Ever see a horse that could dance? YouTube video

I love my penis, but I hate the Blues Brothers.

What happens if you cut off one earphone?

Were you ever a Hodad?

How will you survive Starbuck's three hour closure...

Leaving snowy Michigan for sunny Miami in less than 48 hours

Do NOT seek the treasure!

I finally found a way to make Butter Beans edible.

I finally found a way to make Butter Beans edible.

Hill is DONE. Vote for SERIOUS OBAMA V.P OPTIONS to Neutralize McCain

To be a Republican you need to believe that:

Does SallyMander ever catch herself singing "We're off to see the lizard..."

Just got around to seeing "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

another day, another level something

What if we locked Orrex,LSK, and madinmaryland in a room...


Hey, West Virginians, are you feeling insulted today?

Dropped a bomb in GDP, please help it along.

Dropped a bomb in GDP, please help it along.

Howard Stern has jumped the shark.

And I Would've Gotten Away With it if it Weren't For Those Meddling Kids!

Thanks to all who sent good vibes

Kitties and Babies

Cleveland Corporate Media vs. Dennis Kucinich

BREAKING: Gore to be Obama's Running Mate!


What's with people? What ever happened to "common courtesy?"

This is an awesome ASL site

666, Mark of the Beast, Endtimes, the AntiChrist, they're here: "Cast of One Day At a Time Reunites"

"In the Motherhood" -for when you need to get in the mood to jab yourself in both eyes

So what's up with DefCon 1 anyway?

Has anyone ever delivered pizzas before?

Oscar Ratings Tanked (I'm So Not Surprised)

Anyone ever gotten a QDRO from a divorce...

Would you report someone at work if you knew they were doing something unethical?

Tonight is the Night of Nights

Robin Williams Needs To Host The Oscars Next Year

What Am I Doing 20th April 2008?

A story my then-septugenarian Aunt once told me (NOT THE BRAZILLION JOKE)

What movie should be my first iTunes movie rental for Apple TV?

DiCaprio Bringing Akira To Life

Name a yummy food with an unfortunate name.

Do you think this guy is sleeping on the couch tonight?


Okay. I can't post this in the forum that shall not be named, but I am concerned about something.

Yao (Houston Rockets) done for season with stress fracture in left foot

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/26/2008)

US Air To Charge For 2nd Piece Of Luggage

I was going to ask what was happening in GD:P but I see Pitt is f*cking chicadee's now

What are you doing right this minute?

Why do some Republicans get so worked up when people call America a democracy?

Why do some Republicans get so worked up when people call America a democracy?

You've seen Pancake Virgin Mary, now brace yourselves for Skateboarding Tree Trunk Jesus!

Caption this pic...

Hi Lounge! I've missed yooooou!

Oprah's interview of Shatner would have been so much better if someone other than Oprah did it.

Why is Rick Springfield still allowed in public? He's on Oprah now. Awful.

What's the strangest thing you ever lost down the toilet?

"Girl" at school was 39-year-old man

All Starbucks closing at 5:30 Tuesday

I had a scary thought!!! Stop me before I adopt again!!

have any of you tried FAGE yogurt? i highly recommend it

Are trampolines good for people with bad knees?


Sometimes I waver on how I feel about DU

I learned something interesting about myself last night

Dammit. I have a sore throat.

Been kinda out of it. Is this an election year? Whose running?

I'm blasting Ballad of Curtis Loew by Skynyrd

I love "Ninja Warrior" -- it's my new guilty pleasure

Need marinade recipes. Desperate.

So Did We All Miss lost-in-nj?

I am an asshole. Hear me fart!

If you never believed in God before, you will now...

I remember jamming to his first single, "Soft and Wet"

Screws fall out, sir.

What are the essential Pogues albums?

Maybe the lounge needs its own 'DONE' threads.

Tell Me Why..........

We need to find a new "obsession" for temeah and DuStrange

I photo shopped some mole rat teeth onto Parche's face...

Name an unfortunate food with a yummy name.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: quickest sellout ever?

If right wing vermin take offense at the 'Obama photo', what would they think of these Bush photos?

Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd is the greatest rock ballad ever

Pictures of Willy Pitt...

Semi-update on my poor too-skinny kitteh

Damn! Why am I so stupid???


Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: A blend! Double Bastard and Arrogant Bastard Oaked!

Frosty funeral


Florida Pastor issues a "30 Day Sex Challenge"

All these food threads are making me hungry.

A feral cat, and an owner's moral/financial dilemma

Operation "Birthday Spam" a success!

I guess nobody likes Kucinich anymore..


Right Wing Email Crap I Just Received

Skynyrd, Arrogant Bastard and the kids

what's for dinner DU??

OK...I found a solution for Southerners who want to Honor Southern Heritage

Michael Jackson faces forced (foreclosure) sale of Neverland

Will Pics....this is the hairy guy and my Dad who looks like he doesn't approve!

Nice "Post" smilie up there, y'all. WTF happened?

This is the one with his cousin Kate...he could never manage to keep his socks up!


Federal Court Denies Britney: $43K goes down the toilet as judge says "nyet"

It's a sad day

Dating advice


All of your threads are belong to Skinner.

How does one make pickled ginger?

Underneath each 100th X is a bit of treasure...

The look she gave me as I walked out the door....

Why are you in the Lounge?

*** Official MSNBC debate #3****

Anyone else here watching 'Last Restaurant Standing' on BBC?

I want to Marry Obama!!

My cat is so freaking smart

I Have The Answer..

That's it: I'm DONE with the time domain (fellow math/sci/eng people check in)

God's Own Baby-Killers: Abortions Soar Where Religious Zeal Abounds

In fact, it sounds uncannily like "Dnab Bulc Ylno S'rettur Tnaegres."

United Church of Christ under IRS investigation - rightwing/Republican churches left alone

Have They Found Nemo Yet?

"If you aren’t breaking the law you have nothing to worry about."

"If you had simply broken a law, then they wouldn't have had to frame you."

official i can't stand to watch debates this year thread...

grr... after four days, my new heating pad is busted

I can see GD-P

Post Pics of DU Hookups in the past!

Good night

Check in here if you thought that lionesspriyanka was asking about FACE yogurt.

Teh X's are scaring me

If you thought dog fighting was bad...

Have they found Nimoy yet?

I once got to try on a Super Bowl Ring.

I want Kirby back, and I want a road trip on the green Wellstone bus

Florida Monsoon Season has begun.

Tilda Swinton lets fans hold her Oscar.

My sides hurt

Dudes, we're using the Old Lobby

I can see, I can see.

Woo! Level 3!!!!

Someone in GDP doesn't know if we've had a black president yet.

OMG!!!!! 25 most baffling toys from around the world!

Pretty bird...

Clown Embalming


Shit! Now we are at Level 4 DefCon!!

Traffic tickets: the ultimate municipal revenue enhancer in time of declining revenues

I'm leaving DU.

Remember how one time after an election they let us charge whatever we wanted to Skinner's AmEx?

Generals to quit if US strikes Iran

What do you think of this idea?

So even my counselor said it was a good idea not to go into an education into a field

The problem with the 'Sexism' Label...

Looking for Hairstyles (again, heh)

Huge power outage hits FL. Now's our chance to make fun of flvegan.

Happy Birthday, Cannikin!

Tabloid News: turtlensue’s Steamy Affair

Some smart network should hire Gary Busey...

Well I have a diagnosis for my shoulder...

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

What Was/Is Your Favorite Little Debbie Cake?

Good night lounge...

Ever have The Friend Who Wouldn't Leave?

starting today I am the same age as one of my brothers for a month

Mathematical impossibility?

walk into a house full of stinky dog diarrhea! my life is delightful

Unfortunate Politicians With Yummy Names, #1: MANLOVE

What are you people doing on April 20th, 2008?

If the Lounge crashed on a mountainside, who should we eat first?

Do you keep some sort of weapon near your bed in case of a break in? (inspired by soleft)

Man impaled by tree.

Just had the wheelchair guy here and asked him about the most beat-up chair...

If you knew you didn't live up to a potential partners ideals

turtlensue mancrush thread....

HELLO DU: you wouldn't stand for RACIST threads about Obama, why cheer the SEXIST crap about HRC?

HELLO DU: you wouldn't stand for RACIST threads about Obama, why cheer the SEXIST crap about HRC?

Ok I'm home.... How many people can say that on their very first train ride

Any fans of "Everybody Loves Raymond?"

Scientology gets Rick Roll'd

Do NOT go to Office Max!

Are you meaner on DU than you are other places on line or in real life?

I am so ECSTATIC!!!!

Are you nicer on DU than you are other places on line or in real life?

A Modest Proposal: "Hang on just one second."

Trivia question: In what movie was the line "light me, Sidney"

Catholic Church of Arkansas bans assoc. with Komen Foundation

It's American Idol but I love this chick!

Remember how one time after an election they let us change handles if we wanted?

Has anyone here used the Rosetta Stone software to learn a language?

Has anyone here used the Rosetta Stone software to learn a language?

My idea of how the Oscar ceremony should be aired

I have a question.

What's in your crockpot for dinner tonight?

Post pics of a place you'd like to visit

Okay, so now I've been diagnosed with osteopenia.

From now on, we are to call LostinVA Fred.

The Girl Next Door ~ Have you seen it?

Pretty pictures from the nano world

Question to 20 somethings (or younger) re: blue collar jobs

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates

Fans of some sci-fi show that's been cancelled, check in!

SCI-FI shows that were cancelled...due to their suckage.

Post Pics of DU Meetups in the past!

American Axle Workers Strike

Pentagon Releases Projections for Forces

First Latin-American Nuclear Submarine to Be Built by Brazil and Argentina

U.S. Producer Prices Up More Than Forecast in January

Iran Dismisses Nuke Documents As Fakes

Fresh records for price of wheat

Bosnian Serbs try to attack U.S. consulate

Gunmen seize 21 men at fake Iraq checkpoint-police

Obama hopes to Win Over Jewish Voters

S&P: US home prices down sharply (Home prices post steepest decline in 20 years)

Iraq Demands Turkish Troop Withdrawal

Clintonite Stabs Obama Supporter

Key home price index shows record decline

(Mega Industrial )Farms May Be Exempted From Emission Rules

Ferrum College (Near Rocky Mount, VA) Under Lockdown

Fed Auctions (another) $30 Billion

Colombia's leftist insurgents free four hostages

Olney teen dead in snowball incident

Nuclear Power Shutdown Causes Massive Power Outages in FL

Architect of Bush's Detainee Policies to Step Down

US says Turkey acting 'responsibly' in Iraq

Big surge in US producer prices

Tim Russert: Ohio guy seems to have turned into a Beltway candy-ass

India launches first nuclear-capable underwater missile

Indicted Arizona congressman says he won't resign

Court Considers Protecting Drug Makers From Lawsuits

KFC takes the wraps off a toasted sandwich offering

Democrats Spar Over NAFTA In Ohio

KBR profit up on tax benefits, gas projects and work in Iraq

Google slips amid signs of ad slowdown

Canned fish swings TV vote in favor (Siegelman)

Bill Clinton: "If You Elect Me" (I'm Speaking as Her)

Young Americans for Freedom leader at MSU bows out

Prove we sent photo, Clinton campaign manager tells press

NY Philharmonic Plays Concert in NKorea

North Korea invites Eric Clapton to Rock Pyongyang

Iraq 'hostage Briton' video aired

Soldier gets shot to escape his duty

Cheney tells Texas troops that surge was successful

Herseth Sandlin to endorse Obama

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Karl Rove Holds 'Free Don Siegelman' Banner with BRAD BLOG Contributor

Michael Jackson faces forced (foreclosure) sale of Neverland

Traders bet Hillary will win Ohio, lose nomination

Still No Upgrade for White House E-Mail

Yahoo Shareholders Sue Board for Golden Parachutes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 26

W.House threatens veto of Senate foreclosure bill

Judge’s landmark ruling could slow foreclosures (Subprime loans presumptively unfair)

EPA staff had advised OK of California's stricter emissions rule, probe finds: Political pressure?

Consumer Confidence Lowest In 14 Years

Teens Accused of Beating Disabled Woman

Democrats Have Heated Debate In Snowy Ohio

Army: Service Must Cut Combat Tours

Santa Clara (Calif.) County officials oppose ban on blood donations from gay men

Polygamist 'prophet' in Arizona to face charges {Warren Jeffs}

Global Warming Melts New Sea Lanes for Norilsk, ConocoPhillips

Alabama Republicans Respond to 60 Minutes Report

Foreclosure Aid Rising Locally, as Is Dissent

Sen. John Warner Hospitalized For Heart Ailment

McCain disavows comments about Obama

(CA) Governor tells Pentagon to return Guard gear

Lawmakers stage walkout in Britain's House of Commons

Surgeon Accused in Death of Patient to Get Organs

NY State Sen: Democrat (Aubertine) Upsets Republican In Key Upstate Race

U.S. border agent murder trial begins

Power outage turns South Florida dark

Casey: Obama's shortages claim plausible

Army of therapists to push aside pills for depression

Dodd to Endorse Obama

Right-wing radio host rips Democrats, McCain apologizes for the spectacle

U.S. Home Foreclosures Jump 90% as Mortgages Reset

Bush: US in 'slowdown' not recession

Flowers Putting Clinton Phone Conversations Up For Bid

Hunt continues for Nazi treasure

Study finds immigrants commit less California crime

Park Rangers oppose bid to ease ban on guns in national parks

FDIC Girds For Bank Failures

Bookstore chair gives $20M to N.O.

GOP Halts Effort to Retrieve White House E-Mails

Dollar Falls to Record Low of $1.50 Per Euro

Earth tremor felt across England (4.7 magnitude quake)

(Sen.) Byrd Hospitalized After Fall

(Sen.) Byrd Hospitalized After Fall

Escalating Health-Care Costs Hit Churches

Not so fast, Democrats tell Nader

Legislator battles for Confederate license plate

Former Argentine president De la Rua charged in bribery scandal

Guatemala to Declassify Military Papers

McCain would beat Obama and Clinton, LAT/Bloomberg poll says

Top Bolivian official plans Washington visit to complain of U.S. interference

Consortium News: When The Terrorists Were 'Our Guys'


Create A U.S. Department of Peace - Join the Peace Alliance

I Had A Dream Last Night

Specter Of The Tapes : NFL 7 - CIA 0

County Auditor pleads guilty to lying and fraud. Guess which party!

U.S. must disengage from oil policies

Short Bench-Why the Dems lack Supreme Court nominees

Indicted Republican was "God's James Bond".

Open Letter to Geraldine Ferraro and So-Called Party Leaders

Yazoo Pumps, R.I.P.? Pork at work...

Are We Having Fun Yet? The infantilization of corporate America

The Audacity of Data by Noam Scheiber

A WAR WE (a Democratic President) MUST END

Governor tells Pentagon to return Guard gear

Fortunes of War: Death and Chaos No Problem for Profit-Seekers in Iraq

Hillary Makes a Comeback Among WOMEN: Sybil!

Duck and cover, you have-nots. Duck and cover.

Right-Wingers Provide Conclusive Proof of Obama's Secret 'Cult'

Cimperman Is Doing Corporate Work

Preparing for the Showdown

9/11 responders demand health care funding

Brent Budowsky: Which Hillary Will Debate Tonight?

The Debate: Hillary Starts Pillow Fight, Smacks Herself in Head

GOP Halts Effort to Retrieve White House E-Mails

The Bush/bin Laden Siamese Twins.

NYT editorial: Bush's politicized U.S. Attorneys help GOP win elections -- AND enrich friends

Military fears 'unknown quantity'

McCain to Replace Bill Cunningham, with Richie Cunningham

9/11 Responders Rally in DC

On Behalf of Barack

Obama must beware of turning into a cult

The 2008 Veepstakes

Dollar Falls to Record Low of $1.50 per Euro

Barackula Hillary Clintones

Larry Sinclair Spoof

Barack Obama's Dress Flap

What Hillary Needs to Save Her Campaign!

Former FBI agent says ticking time bomb scenario is bogus

Former Army captain William J. Rausch of Marengo, Ohio talks about his support of Senator Obama

Hillary supporter Tubbs Jones: Barack Obama and the "Clothing of His Country"

Countdown - Questioning Obama's Patriotism

TPMtv: John McCain Lobbyin' Blues

Clinton Campaign Train Wreck Mashup

Dana Jill Simpson Responds to Karl Rove

Hillary reacts to SNL Sketches -- Fun fun fun fun fun

John McCain's Oscar Speech

Dean on CNN today attacks McCain on public financing.

Michael Hirsh Of Newsweek On TYT: Should Karl Rove Be Fired From Newsweek?

Celebrating the life of Paul Robeson

Baptist preacher's sermon voting advice for Super Tuesday

The worst kind of plagiarism

Anti-depressants don't work - In The Papers - France24

Myth: Hillary Clinton gave us NAFTA. Truth: DU's biggest saint and Bill did

How SMART people conduct interviews with terrorists

John McCain apologized for remarks that Bill Cunningham made about Barack Obama at McCain's rally

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -Clinton's Experience

Ellen's video visit to Hillary's fundraiser

Clinton Obama Cleveland debate -Obama's Experience

Post Debate - Clinton's Iraq Vote -Obama's National Security

Hillary Seeks Cheap Points on Anti-Semitism Question

North American Union Army signed in Texas

David Gergen on Hillary and NAFTA

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -A Worthy Nominee?

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -Take Back A Vote?

Clinton Obama Cleveland Ohio Debate -Health Care Battle

Chris Dodd Endorses Obama "Be careful this week"

I'm not worried about Obama or Clinton, but am worried about voter purging.

Karl Rove Holding A 'Free Don Siegelman' Banner

Obama on NAFTA in Toledo, Ohio

Christopher Dodd Endorses Barack Obama

Clinton Obama Cleveland debate -Is NAFTA Good Or Bad?

CNN on the media's lovefest for Barack Obama

F**k the rebel flag

Dick Gregory on Bill Clinton

Man Goes To Jail For Getting Free Money : What Would You Have Done?

"The Mind Control Debate is Over. What Next?" by Cheryl Welsh, director Mind Justice (Feb. 2008)

Bush League Justice: Don Siegelman (Abrams followup)

Solve Global Warming with Slave Trade Economics?

China: Staring At Grain Imports

Albania to Invest in Kosovo's Power (coal to replace failing hydro)

Mines under pressure amid energy crisis

Human Shadows on the Seas

Are tornadoes getting stronger and more frequent?

Australia Reports Carbon Emissions To Keep On Growing - Reuters

Renewable Tax Bill Up for Vote This Week

Fruit Trees Blossom In Britain - 2/14 Plant Count Shows Flowering Up 76 - 203% Over 2007

Sierra Club Endorses Congressman Dennis Kucinich for Congress

AquaCell Sells and Installs First Solar Powered Air Conditioners in India

Nationalization Bug Prepares to Bite in Ecuador

MEXICO: PEMEX in Death Throes Amid Political Squabbling

China Confronts Possibility Of Steadily Increasing Grain Imports


Scientists Discover Surprisingly High Levels Of Mercury In Arctic Ice & Snow

Expert says Florida could export solar power

Noah's ark for crop seeds opens in Arctic Norway (Reuters)

DEP sheds light on (CFL) bulb (mercury) dangers (Maine)

Garbage in, garbage out: Survey of 'experts' on genetic food tampering leaves out farmers

Question on climate change

Coconut powered jumbo jet

EU project calls for swift introduction of hydrogen energy into transport sector

Major corporations seek green image on climate policy but fund coal lobby front group

NRC: 2 Reactors Shut Down At FPL's Turkey Point -Report (FL blackout update)

The cold truth about climate change

One brazillion solar plants shut down in California - No one notices.

4 hurt in training rollover at Carson

Post-drawdown troop levels will still be high

Japan curfew to run at least through March 3

Senate panel asks for changes in VA budget

DoD: Hot line calls rise 40 percent every year

Editorial: An outdated standard

Backtalk: What lies beneath

Trial on terror charges starts for ex-sailor

Navy sat-killer returns to Pearl Harbor

France takes command of allied task force

Editorial: Presence with a purpose

China to open records relating to U.S. MIAs

IG asked to examine MRAP delay allegations

No word yet on Afghan shooting inquiry

Marine suspected of trespassing freed

Editorial: What were they thinking?

Editorial: Protect grunts’ hearing

AWOL tech. sgt. arrested in death of fellow airman

Adult, 2 children found dead at Tinker

B-2 flights suspended following crash

Nuclear safety slipped for years before Minot

N.Y. Air Guardsmen deploy to Iraq

Editorial: When ‘no’ means ‘no’

Backtalk: George Marshalls wanted

Official: 140,000 troops will be in Iraq after ‘surge’ ends

Iraqi children stay on the offensive

Restrictions taking a toll on Okinawa businesses

VIP helo crews ready at a moment’s notice

15 months to map the future

Dagger brigade soldiers begin move into Grafenwöhr

Army’s delay of move leaves many homes unsold in town

Life consultant program gains popularity

Kunsan major will not face additional charges for skipping sentencing

Wright turns over reins of USFJ to Rice

Biden: More Aid Needed for Afghanistan

Schwarzenegger warns of Guard equipment strain

Citizenship Fast Track Now a Slow Lane

Reserve Seeks to Partner with Business

Navy Continues Training in Mayumba

Not Made In Japan

Today in labor history Bethlehem Steel workers strike for union recognition, Bethlehem, Penn. - 1941

Fwd: Temp Job Posting AFL-CIO

I'll be back Saturday


Joe Bacon

Honduran addresses mining issues

Death jolts Argentine baby trial

Colombian rebels find haven in Venezuela

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 02/22/2008

Small and midsize banks also face subprime fallout

America looks to limit states’ influence

Big surge in US producer prices

Dropping Gulf dollar peg would ease inflation: Greenspan

Tax "Havens"

Nazism and racism outlawed in Israel

Israel's Mossad, Out of the Shadows

Obama's position on Israel discussed at Fairmont Temple(with Wexler)

Jewish Advocates of Pre-Emptive War with Iran Come Under Increasing Criticism

'Financing secured to hook Gaza to Egypt's electricity grid'

Officials: Israel let Egypt boost Gaza border troops

Sderot’s war children

Fateh accuses Hamas security forces of attacking a female university student in Gaza

Costa Rica Recognizes Palestinian State

Supreme Court Sidesteps Anti-Gay Church Motion

Worldwide Boycott of Provincetown, MA Picks Up Steam

Calif. Supreme Court Hears Gay Marriage Case Next Week

California Supreme Court Ready for Marriage Case on March 4

McInsane apologized for Cunningham - we're STILL WAITING for obama to apologize for donnie mcglurkin

Kosovo and the question of Palestine

Input needed for article on infighting on blogs and message boards

Palestinian Construction and Demolition Stats-- Peace Now

GLBT Forum Check-In

Abbas government accused of torture

Military Advocate General: No one culpable for 2006 Beit Hanun shelling

Is al-Qaeda preparing for Palestine?

UN expert: Palestinian terror 'inevitable' result of occupation

Chris Dodd is backing Obama

Biden in Politico: 2008 VEEPSTAKES

Dream question

Has anyone taken an Edgar Cayce higher soul seminar?

How to Blow Millions by Jesse Ryder

Oscar de la Hoya to buy the Dynamo

Thank you PERSON who wrote the ionizer thread last week - It might have saved my life!!!

Healthcare caused Economic Crisis Looming

A Twice-Told Tale of Addiction: By Father, by Son

Turmeric ingredient could help with heart failure

For the Very Old, a Dose of ‘Slow Medicine’

Need help concerning a phone call from SecureHorizons....

Hormone Therapy Compromised Breast Cancer Diagnosis Via Mammogram And Biopsy

New test suggests source of statin side effects

Drug resistant TB 'at new high' (BBC)

New Case of Mad Cow Reported in Canada

Study doubts effectiveness of antidepressant drugs

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?

I've Got An Onion That's Sprouting

I've got some Brats that are looking a bit freezer burned. think I can save them

Some more from the Fur Rondy

How do you plan on dealing with the wheat shortages?

A girl and her beagle....

Is anyone familiar with Waechtersbach bakeware?

slide show about color.

Baptist Pastor charged with raping and impregnating 13 year-old girl

Land Dispute Enters Holy Ground As Sacked Bishop Seizes Cathedral

Reverend speaks in favor of abortion rights at gala

Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts


Dreamfields pasta. Anybody else tried it?

First look at vast 'book of life' (BBC) {now on the Web!}

Researchers sequence genome of corn

US team wins asteroid competition (BBC) {Earth-grazer or Earth-killer?}

CBS's amazingly stupid report on growing exorcisms.

Hell Freezes Over?

Storms, shifting sands give Oregon new look at history (AP/CNN)

HCI 5 year memo, is it real?

Picked up a new 870

Here are the rules of survival in a gun fight

The Lone Gunmen

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early!

House Dismisses Challenge to Outcome of Florida Race

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 02/26/08

long late please...Thanks!

Judiciary Subcommittee to Meet today w Resolution to Subpoena Ken Blackwell!

"Irrefutable evidence" of election fraud in Ohio

Well, well, look who crawled out of the woodwork - good ol' R. Doug....

About Scorpius

Kerry NOW on CSPAN radio.

Fighting Dem Jon Powers has a diary up. Please rec!

If you're in or near Massachusetts, we could use your help...

OT: "Our" French president - isn't that nice? Just like Bush...

Video of Kerry Biden Hagel Press Conf from today on C-SPAN TONIGHT!

The conference call with JK yesterday

If you have any Obama news or announcements, could you

TX Republican Primay Ballot Initiatives

Former Gov. Mark White to endorse Barack!

Austin Area endorsements?

If you want to attend the precinct convention (caucus) but have to work...

Lastest People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas Poll - Seniors

Barack Obama in Duncanville, TX Wednesday

I voted today!

Texas Blues - Early Birds: D's outvoting R's More Than 3 to 1

Who's going to the SD 60 convention on Saturday?

6 MN House Republicans loose leadership positions over veto override

Official NYC Primary Results after recounts

I need some help, I just got a new computer on Sunday and

Need help with digital portfolio CD -cross platform?

HP DVD 1040 i

I would like to "Send" a page that is on the Web

I'm tired of Obama supporters getting all the blame for the trash posted in GD:P.

If you're in or near Massachusetts, we could use your help...

Why the hell did Barack agree to another debate?

One unnerving thing about the upcoming primaries

Just in case you did not see it - Dodd

Must Read Article

Barack and the Genocide in Darfur: HBO Documentary

Anybody sick of elected officials who promise one thing then once in office they have carte blanche

Obama Photo Swaddled in Mystery of Its Intent

Cleveland Limbaugh station urges Republicans to register as Democrats to defeat Dennis Kucinich

McClatchy: Clinton joins McCain in criticism of Obama on Cuba

Mulroney rejects request to testify again

Campaign Contributions Nearly Double Old Record

Panetta's Lament: They Had No Plan

Poll is reality check on Latino vote

The name game and Obama: For second day, attention called to distinctive elements of his background

Good luck to the candidates tonight! Both of them. I, however, can't bear to watch..

Cleveland Limbaugh station drags out old Republican quarterback to endorse DINO Cimperman

I just loooove how MSNBC is characterizing my hometown this morning.

Although she's no longer a candidate,

Sending DU vibes out to Patsy...


***Official KOEB Klubhouse Debate Thread***

***2nd Official KOEB Klubhouse Debate Thread***

KOEB 2/26/08 Cleveland Baracks (And Hillarys) Edition

Pamela Anderson has issues.......

Question regarding Michael Clayton (spoilers)

Will Punk music rise again?

Talking With Children About Sex and AIDS: At What Age to Start?

An Earthquake!

Did you know that our DNC members will be elected at the June convention?

Kathleen Dunn is back

We need help: Wisconsin ties to GOP audit scandal

This could be some good news.

Thank god! Sioux City Council won't pray out loud.