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I just visited the Daughters of the American Revolution


Forgive me for I have sinned. I have posted the Borat/Barack pic here tonight.

McCains Free Ride: Newsweek (Obama supporters, lets huddle)

Did Golda Meier....

Imagine you want to change the world.

What has the media been saying today about Hillary's new strategy ?

Meet the New Mudslingers -- Mother Jones

Meet the New Mudslingers -- Mother Jones

They're Republican red, and true blue to Obama


A suggestion for new smilies given the attitude in GD:P these days

Obama's success tied to his eloquence

"Sen. Obama has been clear in his objections to Minister Farrakhan's past pronouncements and .....

If you were attacking a candidate, would you falsely claim he said a 12 year old wanted to be raped?

Obama Draws Big Toledo Crowd; 5,000 Turned Away

All you folks are losing it

Should Obama leave his church because of it's pro-Farrakhan stance?

Do you think Farrakhan's support is a plus or a minus for Obama?

Is it just me, or is DU being overrun by Hil-bots?

Isn't it a no no to WEAR the American Flag?

Obama takes money from nuclear polluter of groundwater and protects them, too

I'm an Obama supporter and I support Hillary's decision in the rape case

Post a dead horse that has been beaten to a pulp

Letter from a Besieged but Defiant Clinton Supporter!

Letter from a Besieged but Defiant Clinton Supporter!

A New Round of Anti-Obama Emails Spreads Virally Through the 'Net

Yes, there are evangelical Democrats out there

More Wingnut Anti-Obama Bullshit

REVISED Delegate Total DemsAbroad: Obama 6, Clinton 3

Decision Analyst: Barack Obama Up By Double Digits in Texas, Up 8% in Ohio over Hillary Clinton

Hillary Should Forget Texas, Devote Her Entire Energy On Winning Ohio, And Go Out On A High Note

Texas - I have a Draem er, Deram

Kristol, the creepy smarmy, warmongering neocon, nails Obama!

To all women who say they won't vote in the GE

Negative energy is bad for you in most if not all cases

Hillary looked like a total nut today

I think Obama is losing it?

Why Obama is such a rich target for the anti-patriotism charge

Obama Knocks Clinton, But Wouldn't Ax NAFTA

Video - How to Behave on an Internet Forum

Obama and the 'outfit'

Lenny Bruce had a bit about junkies that summed up DU pretty well...

So is Mark Halperin at TIME a repug?

Farrakhan Praises Obama as ‘Hope of Entire World’

Money and Time.

Hillary scarier than Javier Bardem: No Country for Decency

Spoon, not Fork!

This Is The One Hillary Pic That Pretty Much Said It All For Me:

This Is The One Barack Obama Pic That Pretty Much Said It All For Me:

The Utility Workers Union of America has announced their endorsement of Barack Obama

The Utility Workers Union of America has announced their endorsement of Barack Obama

Former Rock the Vote President Jehmu Greene Endorses Hillary Clinton!

Clinton Advisor's Shop Headed by McCain Top Advisor - synchronized sliming anyone?

What does THIS say about BUSH??

What kind of Hillary supporter are you?

What kind of Hillary supporter are you?

Why I'm REALLY hoping the Dem nomination will be wrapped up soon.

So I wonder what political fall-out Clinton's latest attack will have?

Obama says Clinton not attacking him but attacking his supporters

The case for mandates

Electoral College Certification needs reform

Burning one of my 3 threads about this.... but there has been a Freeper invasion today....

Because Touring American Pols NEVER Dress in the Garb of the Host Country ---pix--->>>

BREAKING: Clinton Camp Circulates Picture Of Obama Dressed As Muslim

CAGW/Clinton's Earmarks: more details needed

Calling all Obama supporters! Here's the message he wants you to put out ...

My governor's on

Separated at birth?

Wait, didn't Hillary wear traditional muslim clothes when visiting Middle East countries

"Kirbyjon Caldwell, Obama's Six Degrees of Homosexuality"

"Wouldn't We Be Seeing This On The Cover Of Every Magazine If It Were HRC"

People are missing the point about all this smear

Hillary Clinton is Like Pervez Musharraf

Clinton Staffers Circulate "Dressed Obama" photo. More damaging juvenile behavior!!

Hillary campaign issues non-denial of leaking photo ... link

Hillary campaign issues non-denial of leaking photo ... link

McCain must be laughing his ass off

General who traveled with Obama to Africa in response to Clinton smear attempt

AP: Clinton Lead Shrinking in Ohio

2004: Republicans fund Nader as Electoral Weapon

Why is there so much spectulation as to where the photo came from?

Who's winning the primaries - a worthy read!

Hillarys new tactic paints her as the candidate for "Racists" and "Bigots"

As long as Clinton supporters can blame Drudge the HRC camp will never be called on race baiting

Hillary can withstand attacks from the VRW, Obama already seems DESPERATE!

Hey, take a look at this BKSH& Associates lobbying report for AT&T -- FISA

Hillary's Lead In Ohio Down 10 Points. It's Now 51-40%. Was 55-34%. Quinnipiac Poll

HIllary has to tap older white women to win Ohio and Texas

(Delete please - double posted) Clinton's response to the day's Drudge (Obama photo in Somali garb)

Nader is trying to be a spoiler again

Obama camp blasts Clinton for 'Obama in Muslim garb'

Lets Imagine This.

This should ease you all alittle bit about how Obama will respond to swiftboating

My open letter to Obama (2-25-08 edition)

If you were defending a rapist, would you suggest that the 12 year old wanted to be raped

Is having standards a crime against the party?

Fuck you Ralph Nadar

Congratulations, Hillary. Your bizarre antics this weekend have ensured you will be forced out of

Why I won't support Hillary

I would not be suprised if Hillary's latest stunts

54.8% of Republicans in Illinois approve of Obama's job as senator

2008 Democratic Primaries at the Movies.

Hillary showed she is tough this weekend and I like it.

in addition to being a low political move, distributing that photo would be an offense to muslims

I like Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton and think they are both great Democrats.

To address the recent Drudge photo...

I wish I could watch Hillary's foreign policy speech.

On Signing Statements, McCain Says 'Never,' Obama and Clinton 'Sometimes'

I do want to seriously thank Hillary

I'm reminded of abortion protesters.

Even If The Photo Was Not From The Clinton People, Isn't It Still A Reason To Vote For Him?

The purveyors of the "dressed" photo are banking on American ignorance, prejudice, and fear

Hillary's Empty Charge and Unequivocal Support of NAFTA

Clinton's Campaign in the gutter. w/ links.

Have I missed who Al-Qaeda officially endorses as the democratic nominee?

This is the kind of stunt you'd see in a GE, not primary season

Hillary's campaign knows why the photo is damaging

Why is Hillary Presumed Guilty?

John McCain, Barry Bonds, Larry Craig and Roger Clemens are all innocent

OMG! Bush is a commie vietnamese supporter

Did the Secret Service set up Barack Obama for assassination?

Hillary up 11 in Ohio, I think Ohio is in the bag for her because of Strickland, Texas is a problem

It doesn't matter if Clinton's campagn is responsible for the photo; they're being blamed anyway.

Clinton campaign defends actions, says Obama should be ashamed if they find the picture divisive

Dick Cheney

The Nation's open letter to Nader: Ralph, Don't Run!

The Nation's open letter to Nader: Ralph, Don't Run!

Is Hillary playing by the Republican handbook- pandering bigots by circulating the Obama photo?


Edwards joins Obama supporters in new anti-war effort

Let's take a moment away from this photo story, to bash the Republicans for this:

Right now, Drudge is laughing his a** off

If Clinton were responsible, I'd stop supporting her. I haven't seen evidence to suggest she is.

Why the Drudge / photo thing matters.

I'm not going to look...

Okay, what's so bad about McCain?

Could this be what's going on? Article: GOP fears charges of racism, sexism

RETHUGS sent the Photo!

Man who claimed gay sex and crack-smoking with Obama fails TWO lie detector tests.

Only 1/3 in Alabama would vote for Barack Obama

OK, let me just say, I don't think politicians SHOULD go around dressing up

Hillary supporters who condemn the distribution of that ridiculous photograph, please check in.

McDaddy 47% Obama 43% /McDaddy 47% Clinton 44%

Hillary is reduced to this? How sad, like watching the Titanic sink.

Obama wore this on his head on national television and won by 17% in Wisconsin

Romney may re-enter race

Assume Hillary Wins Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, then what?

there is an article at Asia Times on Obama's women's secret

WHAT PHOTO??? I'm at work, on my lunch! WTF happened?

Witness the Psychological Defense Mechanism of DENIAL, as the HillBot try to excuse away the photo.

Let there be no mistake: Clinton campaign leaked this photo to try to prove Obama is a muslim

How Are We Going To Pay For Change?

Penn wins as long as Obama loses, even if McCain wins.

Today, I notice something very peculiar

FUX News:" Clinton Campaign off the record "cannot be sure" that they provided pic to Drudge

This is news: Obama caught wearing MC Hammers pants.

The Drudge Headline might well be intended to smear both Clinton and Obama

Clinton says Saturday Night Live makes her case of press bias

My, my, I go away for a couple of hours and people here are going nuts over a photograph.

Swift-Boated Veteran For Obama

2:10 pm Monday, NPR discussing Clinton vs Obama healthcare - n/t

Why Clinton is full of B.S. (and to a lesser extent Obama) - Health Care

mika b., willie wonka, joe scar ... the rest of the usual suspects

Clinton campaign staffers looking for more material for Drudge...

Oh Good Grief...Drudge sez Clinton staffers circulate pic of Obama in some weird turban costume.

I 'm glad Hillary came out and said what she said

I 'm glad Hillary came out and said what she said

My Father and Ralph Nader

Hahaha! Just checked SludgeReport. It's a SMEAR of Hillary.

If I've learned one thing from today's little dustup, it's that Democrats should NEVER wear hats.

Has the Clinton campaign been infiltrated by the Neocons?

mods, lock this thread.

March 4th can't come soon enough!

We as Democrats had better start focusing on why Nader is running

Obama assures Jewish leaders on religion, Israel stance

I have had it with disrupters, sock puppets, Partisans and other idiots.

I am starting to believe that Nader might be right.

Petition asking Hillary to stop her divisive campaign

Hillary Clinton: YOU ARE VILE.

Interesting find re: Photogate...

There's NO proof the Clinton campaign approved of the Drudge pic. So, he's a legitimate source now??

Now thats a response!!!! good for you Obama!

Critical thinking has gone completely out the window here....

Obama on NAFTA--now doing a 180

Hillary Clinton in her traditional garb

Absolutely NO PROOF anyone from Clinton camp connected in anyway to 'the photo'

Let's put the shoe on the other foot. If Obama staffers were circulating the picture of HRC in a

I've noticed lately Hillary name-drops Edwards like the Republicans use Reagan

When's the next debate?

Is Obama in Kenya in "the picture"?

Hillary's use of Islamophobia against Obama, will hurt our Democratic candidate for Congress

Rasmussen TX poll: Clinton 46 Obama 45

Hillary doesn't mind pictures of her in traditional clothing being published. Why is Obama so upset?

Hillary...the way it was...

Thank you Obama supporters for making Hillary stronger for November!!!

BREAKING ARG: Obama leads in Texas by 8, Clinton leads in Ohio by 10

"We didn't push that picture it was the vile RW, what's wrong with posting that picture?"

Think Obama people aren't rabid? Think again.

So let me get this straight....

differences between democratic and republican party

Be afraid of Barack Obama

"Why is Obama So Upset!"

A former coworker's husband claims to have grown up with Ralph Nader..

The Hillary haters are out in full force. Continuing to buy into RW propaganda as long

Obama needs to unleash a three prong Barackattack for this.

UFCW Sneak Preview Obama Ad

That's It! I'm Voting for Nader

How soon we forget - Clinton campaign/Drudge

*AWESOME New Website* ::: Hillary Speaks For

Wait a can't have it both ways....

Americans For Democratic Action- "Liberal Quotient"

Americans for Democratic Action- candidates (and others) voting records

But, but I thought Edwards was only pretending to oppose the war to become president!

But, but I thought Edwards was only pretending to oppose the war to become president!

Ras poll: 29% of those polled in TX and Obama "handily leads among this group"

THis Hillary Quote About Obama Sure is a Doozy.

This Photo is incredibly damaging. Why aren't Clinton supporters drawing any attention to it?

If the Obamas go nuts like this over a false Drudge story, could they ever survive if nominated?

Who gets more negative press coverage?

Polls weighted to reflect LIKELY (not past) turnout in TX and OH show Obama landslides.

Farrakhan hails Obama

got an e-mail all know the type...

A new Hillary campaign theme song (with apologies to Bread)

Is this the kind of "fighter" Hillary Clinton said she was going to be?

"Wouldn't we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were Obama?"

Tips on hiring women from the 1940s

I really do not want to give Drudge any hits

"I'm thinking of voting for McCain since he'll vote with the Democrats anyway"

Who exactly is Matt Drudge?

been out of touch for a tew days. can somebody explain what the HELL all the fuss is about

Who Can Unite The Country?

Sen. Clinton touches the third rail

Now that the Obama supporters have shown their soft underbelly,

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton Leads in Texas...

Obama Rising In Texas Poll!

I wish Hillary would attack Republicans....

FACTS about the Obama in Kenya photo, and inaccuracy on GD:P

blogs to endorse candidate

Why shouldn't Obama be outraged about this photo?

Hillary may only gain 9 delegates in Ohio, none in Texas ... link

Hillary: what a disappointment...

Hysteria in Camp Obama over "the photo" is interesting.

If Obama was a Greek god which one would he be?

In Defense of Obama's Robes

Are there any reports

The most important fact about the photo controversy:

WOW! One Photo and all this bellyaching. Obama PULL UP YOUR SKIRT!!!!!!!

Who will tell Hillary?

McCain says he'll lose if voters don't agree on Iraq, immediately says "I'd like to retract that"


Will Hillary's rants this weekend be her version of the Dean scream?

Did Hillary ever support NAFTA ?

More scary pictures of Obama in Africa

Forget the photo: Newsweek says Clinton should quit the race

Nation of Islam Minister praises Obama as the "hope of the entire world"

Wolfson Denies Clinton Campaign's Official Involvement

Maggie Williams. You are NOTHING BUT SCUM.

Latest Rasmussen Polls from the "Other" states

WHY should Obama meet Clinton for a debate this week???

I’ve had one question since the start of the Clinton campaign

McCain Says He Could Lose Over War Issue

Obama just picked up another Super D----the Mayor of Cincinnati

Reassure me, fellow DUers!

USA Today/Gallup poll shows Obama with 51% vs Hillary with 39%

Obama Rises in Voter Popularity ---- NYTimes/CBS Poll

Right now, I'm focusing on keeping John McCain out of the White House..

I Don't Get The Obama Photo

Why I will support the nominee NO MATTER WHAT.

Hillary needs to hire the Coen Brothers as campaign consultants.

The MSM hasn't given OBAMA a "Free" ride; they just want to you to think that they did.

Clinton-Obama In-Laws' Political Dispute Ends In Stabbing

USA Today/Gallup just announced on MSNBC: Obama leads by double digits nationally:51 to 39

What is the big deal about Obama photo?

Cui Bono? OBAMA!

Obama leads Clinton 51%-39% nationally

CNN TX Poll: Obama 50(+2) Clinton 46 (-4)

DU played for fools, by Drudge

Positives of the latest Primary Drama...

Positives of the latest Primary Drama...

Positives of the latest Primary Drama...

All the bickering result: Gallup-MCain now leads both Obama and Hillary nationally....

IMO, It is more likely that Nader passed along that photo to Drudge.

Hillary Clinton is reminding me of Daniel Plainview

Ha! Ford workers waiting for McCain to arrive at their plant.

Can we have some sanity here? Please?

Does Obama Muslim "smear" open the door for Hillary / Huma lesbian "smear"

self delete...

Rasmussen 02/24 Texas Clinton 46 Obama 45 Clinton +1.0

Politico: Obama slams smear photo

Maybe Clinton didn't leak the Obama photo. But I wouldn't be surprised if she did

Anybody Here Remember PT9-11 & The Clinton Mock Assassination Scene?

Clinton Links Obama & Bush Experience - would need a manual to understand the complexities


John McCain rides his "Straight Talk Express"

John McCain rides his "Straight Talk Express"

A YouTube Playlist: In Honor of the Silly Season

If a candidate refuses to deny an outrageous claim, does that mean they are guilty of the claim?

My Journey To Obama By Marianne Williamson (not the previous post by this author)

¡Obama es mi héroe! We love him!!!

What Are McCain's Options If He is Wedded to Matching Funds? Accept the Nomination Early? 527s?

Anyone lame enough to let that picture effect their decision wouldn't have voted for Obama anyway

Sneak preview: My song I wrote called "Hillary, Why?"

Republicans getting a free pass while democratic party implodes

The Republican Party

The New Firewall State

Rezko trial delayed one more week.

Mark Penn's lobbying shop is headed by John McCain's top adviser

Not that I see anything wrong with it hears a pic of Clinton wearing Muslim garb

Poll: Obama Cuts Clinton Ohio Lead In Half

Clinton's 'school marm' mode is not going to work

Clinton Supporter Stabs Obama Supporter

Farrakhan endorses Obama.

How deep does the fearmongering/intolerance go?

Omygod!! Panic panic panic! Terror! Torment!! AIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Nader won .03 percent of the vote last time around

Will Hillary have leverage if she is behind?

Why I think how people vote should be private

Check in if you're absolutely fucking DONE with Barack Obama!

Thom Hartmann today - Even IF the picture did come from the Hillary campaign - isn't it better

Drudge And Hannity Are Playing Your Azzs For Suckers

Oh My Gawd, What A Ticket

Appeal to the admins to restore the hide thread feature, lol.

Why the PPP poll showing Obama's surge in Ohio is BAD for Hillary

PPP Poll: Obama Surging in Ohio - Clinton's lead cut to four points (50%-46%)

Cincinnati Mayor / Superdelegate Mark Mallory Endorses Obama

Did Nader have a stroke or something?

Nader says he's no threat to Dems - - - 'Relax!'

Watching Nader on Tucker right now.

Hillary Clinton and menopause

New Obama Ad - From United Food Workers Union

David Corn: Hillary Clinton's Last-Minute Populism: A Hail-Mary Pass?

F*ck You, hillary!!!!

Barack Obama and erectile dysfunction:

Vote your hopes, not your fears.

Obama and male menopause. It's going to hit right in the middle of

'A Thank-You Note to George W. Bush'

Hillary suppporters: Clinton's recent negative campaigning hurts/solidifies your support?

Anyone know if the debate will be streamed tonight?

A staunch Republican business associate of mine thinks Obama

Ok. Can we lock this entire BOARD for a little time out?

Why no photo denial from the Clinton campaign?

SETTLE DOWN, people....jeez! gone a few days and THIS?

Hillary's caustic screaming will get her no where

Walk a mile in a man's shoes.

BOR: Texas: "Win or Lose State" or "Win and Lose State"?

The Clinton goes ON RECORD re: PHOTO SMEAR and DOES NOT DENY, just change subject

Get it Here! Hot off the Press!

If Hillary is the nominee, well you vote for Nader?

Hillary Clinton is reminding me of Daniel Plainview

I think Obama and Clinton will split the March 4 primaries

"Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrel." - Samuel Johnson

What type of Obama supporter are you?

CLINTON doing mccains dirty work

AP Poll: Obama 46, Clinton 43/Obama 51 McCain 41/Clinton 48 McCain 43/CBS: Obama 54 Clinton 38

Nedra Pickler Bashes Obama Again

Why is Obama's health insurance mandate ok but Hillary's is not?

When the repukes said things like this.

Why are the Teamsters accused of being sexist when they endorese Obama, but Farrakhan's...

Email Suggests McCain Protected GOP Friends From Abramoff Probe

Any other states have Measures being developed like this: "Oregonians for Immigration Reform"

Don't sweat Nader! Ron Lowhorn will take votes away from McCain!

Are there any HRC supporters present that will go on record against these tactics.?

Does John McCain Have Electile Dysfunction?

If you are going to blame someone....blame Obama.

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday Feb-25-08

Texas Early Voting trends: very high turnout in Hillary strongholds near the border

Generals and Admirals for Hillary

US Image Suffers Around the World... from NPR

Join the DU Primary Prognostication Pool!

All Obama has to do tomorrow night is ask Hillary is who he is going to be debating Jekyll or Hyde

Was Clinton sincere at the debate when she said it was an honor to be there with Obama?

Sending around a photo of Obama in a Turban in the current prejudice climate

NYT/CBS National poll Obama 54 Clinton 38

Clinton Fury Over Obama Photo Claims

I love that Edwards threads still get voted to the top of the greatest page with ease.

I'm kind of afraid to watch the debate tomorrow night.

The teevee is going berserk over the Obama photo. MSNBC, CNN, Fox "News"-

The teevee is going berserk over the Obama photo. MSNBC, CNN, Fox "News"-

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/25/08 - Obama down 1 (45), Clinton up 1 (42)

Ohio .........word on the street today

Questions Remain About Rove's CIA Leak Email

Obama/HRC Debate Tomorrow.....Cleveland

Just explain, how one can pledge with their

That's IT!! I am THROUGH with Swillary Clinton

My top concerns about Obama

How did Drudge get an email circulated by the Clinton campaign if they didn't give it to him?

8 more days....

Deedee Myers is Clinton's former press secretary and she

Hillary campaign touch: The Anti-Midas

Damn - there are some really messed up people here on GDP

Does anyone remember who sends stuff to Matt Drudge?

Who will you vote for in Obama vs. McCain vs. Nader

Maybe I'm slow but do you guys realize there are people posting

The mood at Clinton campaign offices

Why Obama is making a baseless accusation about Hilary and that african photo..

All Hillary Supporters, Here are my PICS from last night in Boston!

Obama Supporters, What Will You Do If Hillary Is The Nominee?

Hillary will STAY!

McCain lied AGAIN!

Concerns for Obama's Safety

Hillary finds friendly audience in ... DC ... George Washington University

Lou Dobbs on CNN is shilling for Hillary Clinton now

Okay everybody, let's all take a deep breath and relax.

What would everyone do if Skinner gave us a 24-hour time out for bad behavior?

The best counter attack to freepers is eveyr day post support for both candidates

NYTimes: Poll Shows Obama Is Seen as More Likely to Beat McCain

Roger Stone (GOP Cut Throat and Lifelong Asshole) has made me lean more sympathetically to Obama

Texas voters - I'm sorry, but you already don't count.

McCain Says He Could Lose Over War Issue

MRS CLINTON, please save your venom for mccain

Former Cleveland mayor Michael R. White switches from Clinton to Obama

I have to work in the morning. It sure would be nice though, if

I Could Never Vote for Hillary

Gennifer Flowers to auction off phone tapes and publish "explosive story"

Clinton Blasts Obama's Foreign Policy Readiness

Barack Obama and the "End" of Racism

Obama said he was not experienced enough to run?

Vitriol , Anger, Snark,Grrr!,Tina Yothers,I ain't voting!

I do not believe we will ever be able to heal the divide "As for Obama’s list of his accomplishments, he’s right on every count."

HRC politically tone deaf?

I would love to support Obama when he attacks those who try to swiftboat him.

So the BIG "What if?"

The Ohio Poll: Clinton 47,Obama 39,Edwards 9,other 2,undecided 4

Something for Obama supporters....from a neutral Democratic voter :)

Guess Who Asked: "Did Hillary Write Her Own Political Obituary?"

Which of them WANTS it more?

I will strongly support either HRC or Obama if they get the nomination

Obama has "Male Loss Syndrome" his father and mother both Abandoned Him!

Current Betting Odds Show Obama Win

Hillary is the new Edward Kennedy...shes a great senator...but will never be president...

Is CBS's Jim Axelrod kin to Barack Obama's David Axelrod? Tin Foil Hat Time

Barack on CSPAN ... NOW! Dayton rally

If Daily KOS would do as much research on Clinton's accomplishments as they do

Bob Beckel telling it like it is on Hannity and Colmes!

where was barack yesterday?

Obama really has a tight ground game!

Reports: Strickland - don't count on Ohio for Clinton

Clinton To Ellen DeGeneres: All That 'Glitters' Not Gold

Hillary is a Bitch. Its COOL says SNL!!!

Olbermann is Doing the Stages of Grief for Clinton Campaign and Maggie Williams Story

From a locked GD thread: Heeeeeere's Roger & Nikki STONE!1

Why do we keep enabling Matt Drudge?

So who's going to save the democrats in 2012 if Obama loses to McCain?

Tina Fey is my hero.

Democrats! Are you forgetful? Or just gullible?

New Survey USA Polls

It does not matter WHAT the GOP throws at Barack Obama from June - Nov.

Why has Team Hillary stopped talking about Texas?

Will Hillary pull a "Rick Lazio" at Tuesday night's debate?

I KNOW your Candidate will lose in november

"Vetted": Question about this Clinton argument

Photos are a flappin jewish ,muslim and all the parties are wearing one

Okay everyone, lets make this clear, Obama did not imply that Hillary said "a boon"

Of the 25% of respondents who have already voted, it’s Clinton 51%, Obama 46%.

Something old, something new

Hillary will STAY!

Two New Polls: Clinton Holds Strong Ohio Lead

Just when I thought I'd seen the low point in this campaign season...

A little fantasy.

Steve Novick: Why I'll Be Voting for Barack Obama

Quinnipiac University Poll Cuts Hillary's Lead In Ohio By Ten Points In Eleven Days

Jeepers creepers Peeps, Get control of yourselves. Story was in the EXAMINER ON FEB 4th.

Coming up next, Obama = Chairman Meow!

It really is over.

Janet Napolitano is a demagogue from the worst school of demagoguery

Clinton Campaign did NOT circulate those photos.

Where was Hillary's ANGER when we NEEDED it?

Hardball: HRC has an "Eat your peas" sort of message.

Thread for Obama supporter personal profiles.

Endorsement: Time to clean house

Tomorrow make the debate a real debate and watch Obama stutter.

Winona LaDuke, Nader's VP running mate in 1996 & 2000 endorses Obama!

PATHETIC Loyalty Oath Threads....

It looks like the Clinton strategy worked...

Newsweek's Alter: Hillary Should Get Out Now

Michelle "Comrade Obama" is creeping out Glenn Beck

Go on record for the fall

Wink: if your tired of the faux ignorance of the "muslim smear"...

What picture?

Alright Hillary, that's it!

I can't believe I've finally decided between Clinton and Obama.

Just Looking At Numbers, And Not Polls, I Can't See Why Hillary Would Or Should Drop Out

White House photo shows Hillary Clinton wearing Muslim dress

Obama dismisses Clinton, Addresses McCain

If I were running the Obama campaign, I would have leaked that photo.

Voting for McCain if Clinton doesn't win the nomination.

Obama should start circulating this picture

I watched the fighting about Obama's "dressed" picture here

I'd like to see both candidates pledge to stop tip-toeing around the Saudis and China.

It's Sort Of Funny, Not Ha Ha Funny, But...

What happened to Universal Health Care?

Marianne Williamson---"Why I support Obama."

Retired Major General Scott Gration responds to Clinton's attack on Obama

Let me ask everyone this simple but IMPORTANT question.

Clinton: "We can't get the press to cover this — what he says about his plan is not true"

Has the Obama campaign ever attacked Hillary's campaign...


Holy Shit! Early voting Numbers in Texas!

Would somebody please direct me to the emails that compare Hillary Clinton to a Muslim terrorist

Ralph Nader truly sickens me - I can't stand to see him on TV now...

HRC isn't "losing it", she's just losing

Couple words from an old lady hopemonger.

This photo is so cool.

Louis Farrakhan Calls Obama the "hope of the entire world"


Hillary mailers about Obama on free trade not accurate.

"Always remember that your hope that things might get better is utterly pointless." - KO

Remember when Hillary was one of the good guys?

Is there work to do in Ohio for Obama that doesn't involve canvassing?

Clintons are pretty pathetic these days TRUE / FALSE

Since the "Obama dressed" photo was circulated to 2,760,000 readers on February 4th

Obama would raise Soc Sec Income Cap--Rejects cutting benefits or boosting retirement age

Were there any liberal reforms or progressive accomplishments under Bill Clinton?

John McCain breaking the law

I had to take a peek at Free Republic to see how they responded to "THE PICTURE"

Clinton Aide (Ickes) Compares Obama to Jesse Jackson

"You Can Like Him And Still Not Vote For Him"

On the Obama photo - no need to fight it, embrace it!

IMO....Obama is a half-step to where Dems should be. Hillary is a step backward.

Those who believe Obama will be easily beaten by GOP

Obama's Yarmulke!

Nothing Wrong with the Photo Like There's Nothing Wrong with McCain Adopting a Dark-Skinned Child

Stop beating around the bush: It's wrong because it perpetuates the Muslim thing

Why I'm DONE.

Anyone here know the State Motto for Rhode Island?

STILL TRUE: "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Hillary campaign: Is Obama good for the Jews?

I think Hillary is going to lose Ohio because of Bill's support of NAFTA

Prediction: Timmy Russert et al will be extra tough on Obama tomorrow night

Will Hillary Clinton play the terra card before this is over?

If Senator Obama gets the nod, can he pull if off?

More top economists now forecast recession

A Case of Selective Justice? (about Siegelman)

AlterNet: Why So Many Films About Going It Alone?

N. Korea preps for N.Y. Philharmonic (AP/CNN)

Remember when Keith Olbermann was one of the good guys?

I finally saw the sarcastic "celestial choir" snippet.. y'know what came to mind immediately?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Parts of "60 Minutes" Broadcast Blocked in Alabama.....Soviet America

Obama dressed as a Muslim, Michelle Obama not being proud of the US

If the dems are so afraid of Nader running, why didn't they push for election reform?

As LGBT folk, I'm voting for Ralph Nader to be our first lesbian President!

NYT on TPM: Blogger, Sans Pajamas, Rakes Muck and a Prize (A Polk!)

OK I am Sorry For the Swillary Post "U.S. economic growth is expected to slow to a crawl in the first half of 2008"

Dean says McCain skirts election law with campaign loan (CNN)

Dean says McCain skirts election law with campaign loan (CNN)

Andy Borowitz (HuffPo): Nader Announces Plan to Wreck Election, "Lalalalalalalala I can't hear you"

Check in if you're absolutely fucking DONE with Hillary Clinton!

WJ this morning: Public Works Projects

Stiglitz on the real cost of the Iraq War

"Scare Tactics and Our Surveillance Bill"-By Rockefeller, Leahy, Reyes & Conyers (Wapo)

Uncovering the Racism of Population Politics

Siegelman prosecutor a real piece of work.

Ex-Microsoft worker leaves $65 mil to gay rights, AIDS groups

Are there any other Obama supporters who are willing to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt?

Geeze, what next? Will we make it until 1/20/2009?

Some personal insight/information on the federal prosecution mess

Calls rise at Pentagon help hotline by 40% every year since 2004

War Crimes TV

DUis now

DUis now

If you ran the Clinton campaign, how would you have handled the photo issue?

Any other networks covering the Rove led Siegelman

Questions Remain About Rove's CIA Leak Email

Here's what really offended me about Hillary's rants this weekend

Clinton camp's leaks to Druge - BuzzFlash Commentary

Access To Foreign Markets

The Scandal That Nearly Destroyed John McCain

Existing Home Sales in U.S. Fall to Nine-Year Low in Signs Slump Deepening

Why Bush Wants To Legalize The Nuke Trade With Turkey

Clinton on photo: 'Why is anybody concerned about this?"

Clinton on photo: 'Why is anybody concerned about this?"

McCain has already won

Auction-Rate Bond Failures Saddle States, Cities with 'Predatory' Yields

Apocalyptic Capitalism

An Al Gore's supporter's selection for Hillary and Obama

Why do people vilify multi-payer universal health care proposals?

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early! Must See Video (Send Link Far & Wide)

Paul Won't Rule Out Run as Independent,

When it Comes to Health Care the NYT Is Protectionist

60 Minutes Programming Note-Alabama Station Promises To Air "Siegelman Segment" Next Sunday

CNN Poll, Texas- Obama - 50%, Clinton - 46%

Brown University Ends Tuition for Lower-Income Students

Breaking CNN Texas poll: Obama 50, Clinton 46.

Pause in Iraq? Try Permanent Bases in the Region

TPM written up in the NYT - "Blogger, Sans Pajamas, Rakes Muck and a Prize"

Iraq Returns to the Stage in Congress

One thing I don't understand about Obama supporters...

Prosecutor in Craig case defends decision to arrest the senator in sex sting

Breaking: New SurveyUSA Texas Poll - Obama: 49, Hillary 45

BREAKING: MORE shocking photos!!!!

Ask Yourself This: When the political prisoners are powerful white men.

Election Madness by Howard Zinn

A Pro-Telecom-Immunity Commercial Keeps Running On Pittsburgh TV

Dean Baker: Is Bush to Blame for the Economy?

Space Wars - Coming to the Sky Near You?

After 60 minutes, maybe people will understand this...

New national Gallup poll: Obama leads Clinton 51-39.

When this is all over, the losing side will have some serious crow to eat.

Pissing and Moaning

Furious Wolfson Calls Out the Media

Hillary's "Bozo" moment

al-Sadr has disappeared from public view

Puke alert: Bush talking about FISA on CNN

"First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win." M. Gandhi

We need a president who understands there's a time for force, a time for diplomacy & a time for both

We need a president who understands there's a time for force, a time for diplomacy & a time for both

Baghdad Hospital ( A great documentary )

Obama blasts lobbyists on 'Straight Talk Express'

Obama blasts lobbyists on 'Straight Talk Express'

Funniest post by a mod - EVER

BREAKING: Obama may pick Don Siegelman for VP *** CBS VIDEO

$65 Million Left to Gay Groups Fighting for Equal Rights

Weather report for AmeriBastille: storms predicted.

I've changed my Obama avatar

Things you must believe to be a Republican

Anybody else sick of intergenerational warfare?

Ugh... Britney Spears buys parakeets

Hypothetically, Lets Say Bush Ran for 3rd Term

Support THOM HARTMANN's DARFUR Relief Effort!

One name tossed about at the Governors Convention for Republican VP

Alabama station drops broadcast of 60 Minutes expose

"The Photo" Scandal is Wonderful! It disses both campaigns! Great job!

Has There Ever Been As Dramatic And Public A Political Meltdown As The Clintons?

neo cons boast 27 countries have our military bases

Musings on Ralph Nader

After today, I want Hillary to stay in as long as possible

After reflecting on Nader’s great accomplishments of decades ago,

Obama has higher academic credentials than Hillary

So, the McCain NYT story was a "smear" but the Obama photo is "damning"?

The Nation: FISA and the GOP Fear-Circus

Thom Hartmann talking about Siegelman

Hillary is acting like a spoiled child

Now that the Obama supporters have shown their soft underbelly,

Did we ever get the scoop on what caused the last refinery explosion in Tejas?

Obama's a "cool customer" -- Is that part of his appeal?

Today’s Headlines 2/25/08

Obama will be easy to vote for

I received deceptive Hillary Clinton mailers in Wisconsin that were completely full of lies


Dirty Tricks

UK Guardian: Hillary Clinton woos man who nearly ruined her husband (DRUDGE)

Canada, U.S. agree to share troops in civil emergencies

Obama camp criticizes Clinton for photo

Ghandi's observation on Barack Obama's campaign

No Country for Old Men

Grim Legacy of Exxon Still Haunts Alaska

RNC Secretly Polls on Racism, Sexism

There's nothing wrong w/ Obama dressing as a Somali but why would a Clinton aide pass it to Drudge?

U.S. underreports Iraqi civilian deaths - While Press Gives Americans What They WANT To Hear.

Boehner ‘DEFIES ORDER to remove earmark site'

China losing cheapness claim

Media Blackout Update: Pakistan and Alabama?

White House lashes at criticism of 'scare tactics'

Indicting Bush in His Family's Home Town

Well, here's 2 more. The AL GOP is spinning like a top:

Scare Tactics and Our Surveillance Bill

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ralph: Don't Run!

Did anyone else get logged out?

For Katrina Evacuees, A Chance to Be Heard

Neil Cavuto Makes Me Sick

Please refer to the lunatic as Nade(R) in print ...

Saving the IMPORTANT things! (Slowpoke 'TOON)

Exclusive interview: ROVE - Trying To Smear Alabama Whistleblower -Larisa Alexandrovna

Siegelman of Alabama -- help needed

delete - dupe

It's Ok it's a non story. Let's just keep it positive for Barack.

Dup, pls. delete. nt

John & Elizabeth Edwards Join Anti Iraq War Groups to Launch Multimillion $$ Iraq/Recession Campaign

Scott Horton Of Harper's To Be On Randi Rhodes Show Today Discussing 60 Minutes Siegelman Story

Scott Horton On 60 Minutes Blackout: "Bridge In Brooklyn Noticed For Sale" (WHNT Rerun @10:20 p.m.)

Edwards joins Obama supporters in new anti-war effort

This is what it feels like to me right now...

Scott Horton will be on The Randi Rhodes Show today. targets McCain on Iraq

Caption this pic

How is it going with those heating bills...

Long March of the Protesters Who Tried to Save the World

Junior Abandons Iraq War Vets He Promised Citizenship

This photo is far more offensive to me >>

Anyone have an update on symbolman?

Jon Stewart's best Oscar night gags

The Republicans are WINNING right now! WINNING WINNING WINNING!!

McCain: will lose bid for WH if can't convince U.S. that Bush's policy in Iraq is succeeding

McCain Further Distances from '100 Year' Remark, Says 'War Will Be Over Soon'

A peace offering to the two camps..... ( It's music you'll all like!)

I Question your Patriotism

Yay for my co-worker, taking management for a spanking!

Bill Clinton's record: the 90's were a time of peace, prosperity, and progress for America

With his poll numbers sinking, is French President Nicolas Sarkozy losing his cool?

I think we may be looking at another Carter administration if we win

Protecting your freedom of speech on the internet.

For the aviation buffs, virtual tour of A380 cockpit

Heads Up: Scott Horton will be on with Sam Seder (filling in for Randi)......

CBS Poll: Obama Surges Ahead Nationally (54-38)

You Obama supporters are really sickening me...

Hillary looks like she was having a great time in this photo!

Vote Vets Ad - 1000 years McCain!

McCain briefly admits he'll lose General Election if Americans don't change opinion on Iraq.

ACLU: The Fear Factor: Playing politics with domestic surveillance bill

How does it look for the Dems in the congress and senate now?

I refer to him only as McBush

Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood

Can you just *feel* the excitement that is a Bush speech?

just saw a tv commercial on CNN bashing the House for not passing immunity bill

In exclusive interview, Alabama whistleblower says Rove trying to smear her

Is this a McKein supporter??

NYT: Photo flap part of Clinton's five-point "kitchen sink" strategy

Romney's Son Says Dad might re-enter the Race if McCain goes down.

Matalin On Global Warming: ‘A Largely Unscientific Hoax,’ A ‘Political Concoction’

Unable to stand up straight - * pics

Is election theft an issue this year?

"Downsized Past the Point of General Competency"

New evidence challenges official picture of Kennedy shooting (RFK)

So has anyone actually looked at who Robert M. Bass contributes to?

So has anyone actually looked at who Robert M. Bass contributes to?

On the one hand we have Edwards (a real man). On the other we have that piece of crap, Nader.

The Society of the Owned: Under the Bus

Any Matt Lauer fans????

All those who will NOT vote for the Dem nominee if it's not your guy/gal, check in here

Feeding frenzy in the banking sector

Chicago Tribune: We chow down on a diet salted with mystery

Who is this "John" dude giving Sam Seder a hard time today about

*** Breaking! Try reading the board before you post! Alrighty?***

The Future of the Internet: Open or Closed?

FISA Promo Ad. Any NY'ers out there?

Some great background on Rick Renzi by those who know him: Funny stuff!

Another Kind of Youth Movement

Group Launches Ads Pressuring Dems on Surveillance Bill

Judiciary Committee Member Keith Ellison Signs Wexler's Letter to Conyers Urging Impeachment Hearing

Let me get this straight....

My letter to Don Siegelman:

Romney Reconsiders McCain Endorsement, May Rejoin '08 Race

Corporate-sponsored economic think tank follies: the Reason Foundation

OT: The Dog, the Cat and the Rat

Why use *, or **, or ***, or ****, instead of the name?

Hey Charlie Crist

if the general election was between McCain and Ron Paul

Hillary Clinton and menopause


WH To "Fearmongering Dems" - It's The Immunity, Stupid

Castro's Cuba Was No Place For A Socialist Like Me

Important, please see reply #9, Siegelman/blackout story - I am begging people

Seder is apparently wearing an enormous flag lapel pin

Some Republicans are voting BLUE this them what you may. but they are voting blue

Obama Somali Elder dress photo.......

Perino Admits Spy Fight All About Telecoms

WTF did Hillary become Barack's frickin' mother???

Just listening to the right-wing callers to Sam Seder (in for Randi), the Siegelman story.....

Please read if you were unexpectedly logged out today

SMU Profs: Bush Library Will Be A ‘Censored Library’ And Will ‘Cheer-lead’ For The President

Easy To Read Breakdown Comparing Senate Records Of Obama & Hillary

Something is going on at the White House tonight

PHOTO: Bush feeds his bald fetish in Africa

138 years ago today

Alabama Democratic Party Calls for Special Prosecutor

Why I Weep For Our Soldiers and Have Endless Rage at Bush..

Obama says, "I pity the fool who messes with Texas!" ... New CNN Poll Obama 50% Clinton 46%

Please, Let's Don't Forget the Immunity Question

Why isn't immigration a campaign issue in Texas?

Who is Olga Mariana Franco? (driver who hit school bus in MN) Transcript, Huckabee's Feb 29th interview, Tyra Banks show re: Gay Rights

Oil giants are poised to move into Basra

ABC Set To Announce TiVo- Killer On-Demand Service

McCain Already Concedes?

A Bill Aims for Nursing Home Reform

Who are the children that say I'm Alerting

Any other states have Measures being developed like this: "Oregonians for Immigration Reform"

I can't hide threads

Helen Thomas guestions Dingbat Dana - (God I love Helen)

When Edwards decided to apply for matching funds, many wrote him off

Tweety looks terrible tonight...

Meme workshop: response to conservatives who say corporate tax hike will be passed on to consumers

Any theories as to the real reason why there is no military draft?

RawStory Exclusive: Sielelman Whistleblower, Dana Jill Simpson: doesn't "feel safe"

another bu$h* judicial nominee- no qualifications and questionable ties

Is there a term limit for DNC Chairman?

One Million Strong Against Ralph Nader

Sea Shepherd has chased Japanese Whalers out of Antarctic waters day 3

Sorry, but absolutely no Democrat gets my vote

Easy to talk to Republicans these days ...

Seems Clinton has taken "Always Wrong" Kristol's advise - use the politics of fear...

Writers' Political Contributions

McCain's Matching Funds Problem: More Than Just the Bank Loan

Questions About the United Nations (UN) In Terms of Darfur

Can’t Do Conservatism

Hillary. Drop out now.

Keith is going to talk about the Alabama/CBS Glitch!!!

AA continued flight to NY after passenger died due to their negligence

Clinton Supporter+Obama Supporter= Knife fight!

Monkey bottoms.. There may be something to this evolution thing after all

Trachtenberg II: The Academic Working Poor

10 worst states for job hunting. In other words, states the Dems

Today is the final straw. Clinton has destroyed her future in Democratic politics.

Do you have an ultra right wing Republican in your family? How do you deal with them?

Can you help me understand a bit about Don Siegelman please

Hitler, Frankenstein battle for votes in India

McCain already rationalizing his LOSS in November

I am totally blown Away

GM Exec Stands by Calling Global Warming a "total crock of shit,"

Americans Change Faiths at Rising Rate, Report Finds

Burning out like a meteorite

America's Relationship With Iran

The surge worked! Only 8,000 more troops in Iraq by July 08!!

Dean Baker: Taxes to Bail Out Robert Rubin

Okay ... that's just plain funny: "Bitch is the new Black"

Transcripts in court - is it required by law to have one?

Dana Simpson has on a wig.

Do you ever type a long and thoughtful comment, then think, "Fuckit, who cares", then cancel?

New evidence challenges official picture of Kennedy shooting


Huge apology..... I'm really not a total asshole

Karl Rove: "CBS Is Now Sort Of The National Enquirer Of Network News"

You know, I'm really getting sick of Keith devoting half his show to politics

The Barack O'Llama Campaign leads fund-raising efforts!

You think I'm kidding....

Interesting Rezko article by our friends across the pond

Republican Roger Stone launched Anti-Hillary group, Citizens United Not Timid (CUNT)

Dan Abrams stares at the screen and calls on Mukasey to check

A Movie that Paradoxically Brings Forth Light

Exclusive: Moonies trying to manipulate YouTube rankings

PROOF that the arguments against impeachment are so much bullshit

Who else is digging the freeper on with Sam Seder?

Pres. Bush warns us about the opposition...

I've had my avatar since 2004. what should I change it to?

5 year old girl shot while playing in her yard

What do you think the chances Mitt Ron Popeil Romney will jump back in the race?

Sounds LIke KO is gonna go After Jon Stewart Tonight (Barack Hussein Obama Joke)

Blackwell may face subpoena for election testimony.

Ahead of the curve...Check it out

Republican men, thinking of running for public office? A Patriotic primer.

Tony Blair has really bollocksed things up for the Left in Britain.....

I swear I'm going to bust a gut! Way too funny!!!! Logged into my on-line RoadRunner email...

A banquet of bullshit (with kudos to marmar for the phrase) - a TSS rant :)

Anyone have an image of the South Dakota wire hanger $.25 piece

Fans of BBC America, Newsnight premiers this friday night.

McCain covered up the Abramoff Scandal! (Must see)


Iran central bank to receive US punishment

There will be no doubt on what mccain will be running on, what he terms "the success in Iraq"


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fighting Back: How to defeat the corruption of Big Media, and those hiding behind it!

About 8,000 'surge' troops will remain in Iraq, Pentagon says

'Christian-based' contractor comes up short - A name you can trust

Siegelman, the Alabama Blackout and our Dem Leaders

My 10,000th post!

Cheney was in Dallas today for an "undisclosed reason"

Was it intentional? Oscar snub leaves Whoopi sad, choked up

A few thoughts on Alabama


For the research buffs

Flowers selling Clinton tapes to the highest bidder

The Future of the Internet: Open or Closed?

Which Movie is most Like the Obama Campaign? The Candidate? Blazing Saddles?

Malloy gives props to DU for Seigelman 60 Min. video

In Pravda Today: "Sibel Edmonds Vindicated? FBI Reveals Investigation Continues"

Nightline doing feature on Obama right now

Iran ordered to pay $33 million to killed Israeli diplomat's family

The media built him up, and they are going to take him down

Federal Government Should Block Earmarks For Religious Work

Are We Nuts? Didn't This Guy JUST Lose An Election?!?!?!?!?!?!

American Axle strike deadline looming

Kosovo independence, forget the high minded sentiments

Uh Oh -New details emerge in NRCC scandal

Has GD Primaries been invaded by FReepers?

"iegelman whistleblower on MSNBC! Siegelman political prisoner.

DSCC intervenes in Dem primary for Senate - eventual nominee to take on McConnell

NY Times: Low Morale in Clinton Campaign, Staffers Quitting at 9 PM to Finish Off Bottles of Wine

Dave Lindorff: The Welch Whitewash: We Still Don't Know What That Aug. 30 Nuclear Incident Was About

"Free Don Siegelman Thread" Let's keep this horrific story alive


Gibney's Oscar acceptance speech for "Taxi to the Dark Side"

Alabama Dem Party Calls for Special Prosecutor & says FCC Should Launch Blackout Inquiry

Why do some people feel the need to insult my generation at every turn? I'm SICK of it.

"The Quiet Revolution" yes the name should scare you

The connection between Iraq and the Recession - Please write a letter to the editor!

WHNT-TV (station Siegelman blackout) is owned by close Bush ally. Robert Bass...

McCain has a new spot on swollen part of his face

Army paying Disney $800,000 to help revamp attitudes at Walter Reed, required training

Would America be better off if Bill Clinton had not been elected President in 1992?

Here is what I feel is happening now with HRC™

Here is what I feel is happening now with HRC™

Here is what I feel is happening now with HRC™

All of you President McCain Enablers posting in this forum can kiss my ass & fuck off.

TPM: Renzi: I Will Stay and Fight!

Calling Out ErnestoG!

*WHY* is it a "smear photo"?

Barack: Fixer of Souls

Now -- Liberals Can Eat Well And Aid Global Hunger

Kerry Bicycling, Dukakis in the Tank, Obama in Uh ... That

If Afghanistan fails, Pakistan could follow: Biden

Did anyone get to listen to Obama's Senior Foreign Policy Adviser on DemocracyNow ?

Feels Good, Doesn't It DU?!? A GENTLE BREEZE is What this country NEEDS!

TYT Takes On Conservative Author Of "Help, There's A Liberal In The Corner Office" (& My Thoughts)

Rep Zoe Lofgren Not Sure Bush and Cheney Have Done Anything Wrong

Former CBS Producer for Dan Rather Talks With TYT About Right Wing Pressure On News Media


The Democrats Need to Pass a Mortgage/Foreclosure Bill NOW!

how would people feel about abolishing the corporate tax, but raising the capital gains tax?

Alabama Blogger: "Deconstructing Eddie Curran" (Counters Siegelman Hit Piece)

Governor Rendell's solution to the FL MI fiasco..."shoot Howard Dean."

Sen. Clinton's Foreign Policy Speech tonight from GW University!!!

I found a FUN toy!

Rose Nolen Nails It-

U.S. existing home sales lowest in 9 years

Karl Rove's Glass House Problem: Or How Governor W. Used the Texas Lottery To Pay Off Ben Barnes

So What Does This Picture Mean About Bushs's Patriotism?

Oscar winners, none US born

The nodding heads behind speaking politicians are payed whores

I'm more patriotic than you.

The primaries don't count, turnout is "notoriously low" and what rules?

Do you honestly believe that if Hillary won the nom

Oh God- Mr. Fish on Nader!

It's Time for Barack Obama to Call Out Jon Stewart. Who is with me!?!

Public Service Announcement: I think we need a sex ed 101 class at DU.

With Nader, Carbon Tax Is Back in the Debate -- Daily Green

Fun thread: Predict how many people will show up to my Texas precinct caucus!

Check in now if you're Absolutely fucking DONE with Barack Obama!

Bush and Cheney Should Be In HANDCUFFS, *Not* the Oval Office

CALCULATED: The TWO FACES of Hillary Clinton

New Study - Marijuana Inhibits Breast Cancer Growth

"what convinced her...was not... the merits of NAFTA, but... that it was a good political decision."

Let's take a look at the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals composition (Siegelman appeal)

My Grace & Restraint With Hillary's Moribund Campaign Ends When She Fails to Win Both Texas & Ohio.

I hate ALL of you!

Insured 50-year old man goes to the hospital with chest pains

My anti-Fox News rant while on Fox News by Lee Camp on CNN just said the BO campaign lied in both Ohio mailers

Polls show Clinton strategies not working: USA/TX/NC/OH

How to Win Support for YOUR Candidate ...

Clinton accuses Obama of inexperience abroad

Do you hate Hillary Clinton?

"Clinton’s decision to vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq...should disqualify her & McCain"

Bush predicts GOP will hold White House - no shit!

BREAKING: Larisa Alexandrovna - Alabama Dems Call For Special Prosecutor

Muslim Students In Australia Want Colleges To Reschedule Classes To Fit With Prayer Time

Anti-War Groups Seek To Make War Costs a Campaign Issue

Why Bother?

Bread is on its way to becoming a delicacy.

The Birds (a TSS rant)

Do you think Obama is an incarnation of Jah Ras Tefari?

It looks like a late night....

Hi everyone!

Who here wants to win Heidi Klum's used red dress....

Science Illustrated Magazine

He has imprisoned an official of the opposing party, and so threatens the very fabric of democracy.

Went to a fight last Thursday..and during the fight, a funeral broke out

Video - How to Behave on an Internet Forum

High Surf Warning So Cal Beaches Venice Beach Photos

The Hobo Song

The ultimate kitchen must-have: the tortoise-hibernating fridge...

Please 'Lounge' my DU poll

Two-face kitty...

To everyone on DU...and all the ships at sea...

Maxim reviews CD without hearing it - "educated guess"

Do you remember running from the waves?

I feel like going shopping. What should I buy?

New Age concepts


FR furious that troops announced Best Doc winner about GASP!

Did you lose your camera? This guy might have it! (great website!)

HIllary has to tap older white women to win Ohio and Texas

god please not monday god please not monday god please not monday god please not monday

Is it just me or was George Clooney all over the Oscar telecast last night?

90 seconds of a 3 year old explaining Star Wars Episode IV

Jon Stewart in his underwear VIDEO

When you are in deep shit, try to look like you know what your doing


German Police Dogs to Wear Shoes

Spring is in the air ****PIC HEAVY****

You know how your cat's tongue feels like sandpaper?

I love DU - Write the dialogue, make the screenplay,

Slogan for Ralph Nader: "Told ya Bush = Gore. Vote Nader '08."

(whispers) early Oscar buzz for next year ssshhhh!


Were half the Red Carpet outfits

I wonder if there is any of that Truffle Mac N Cheese left from the Governor's Ball

Which cartoon started the talking dog tradition.

Today is Meatless Monday for me and I'm too slack to actually cook

The thread so nice, they locked it twice

Funny commercial. JC Petite the new goalie..

Today is Carrot Top's birthday!

Those nutty folks in GD: Primaries are at it again this morning, as usual.

Oscars photos-Hellen Mirren pole dance, Sean Penn rebounds, and BUSEY!!!

Does anyone else find it creepy

Obama supporters: I have some excellent advice you should give to Obama concerning tomorrow's debate

My newest poem...


Hey, Admins! Can we please make thread recommends public?

I don't know about you - but Jon Stewart can host the Oscars every year

Fairly addictive video

Today I don't exist

Why is a "hobo bag" called a "hobo bag"?

Pretty funny joke

Pretty funny joke


JVS appreciation thread

Well, that was scary

So I have to avoid alchohol for two months

Life Imitating GD:P

Is there really a "DU AdBot" or am I going crazy?

9 Days and Counting...

a priest walks into a law office

*****Official Grover Thread******

Captain James T. Kirk

Message to Ralph Nader From Anonymous

Was anybody else "logged out"?

Why are we at DefCon 1??

Oh, LADIES!! I just read that there's a Gene Simmons (from Kiss) sex tape.

Do you think this works? because i am very tempted to buy it

Please read if you were unexpectedly logged out today

and in the other 95% of the world they are talking about --Arsenal player breaking his leg

worse punishment

The Brazillian joke is on youtube

Doggie yelp heeded

Roggie Relp Reeded...

Too Pretty To Fly

I think I found a picture that perfectly sums up the lounge

This might be a bit macabre but....

I must be crazy! I want one of these tea-cup pigs!

why are we at level whatever it is we are at???


Which fact about Mel Gibson bothers you most?

OHMYGOD..I borrowed my daughter's IPOD and I can't believe what I found..

Why Rabrrrrrr won't vote for Obama.

Do People Look At You Funny When You Tell Them That You're Childish?

Obama Supporter Chokes Hillary Supporter; Hillary Supporter Stabs Obama Supporter.

Midlodemocrat is a no

LostinVA is a yes

BREAKING! Rick Astley challenges Mel Gibson to a cage-match knife fight

I'm Fucking Ben Affleck

Would you vote for a candidate photographed wearing Zubaz?

I'm very emotional today, and I to talk about this. Can I turn to you for some help?

DU Deputy Dawg

****** Truly Tasteless Joke Thread ******

Who's up for a visit to GDP with me? I promise minor fun

Do people look at you funny when they tell you you're childish

I have no idea what this means

My foster puppy got adopted this weekend

Perennial, Perineal, or Annual

What exactly IS duck sauce?

Is it wrong to return a espresso machine?

Favorite Yogurt

Hey SallyMander!!!

Oregon blogger sees connection in Siegelman story and Klamath fish dieoff!

Doggie help needed

I'm never gonna be able to drink my favorite Pina Colada health drink again...

Kleeb thread in LBN!

How do you like my new sig lline?

Your second favorite Guns 'n' Roses cover?

Favortie Yorga?

****** Truly Tasteful Joke In A Parallel Universe Thread ******

Troll in LBN! Troll in LBN!

So Who Won The LynneSin Oscars Contest?

In other award news - Lindsey Lohan and Eddie Murphy kick butt at the Razzie awards

I thought I got banned

What exactly *IS* "Squid Sauce"?


Doggie style help needed

Suggesting better comeback lines for the candidates

****** Truly Tasteful Joke Thread ******

I need some advice, on a digital camera.

Some sad news regarding temeah...

Favorite animal video thread

Strange Fruit Campaign

What's so special about NCFOM?

How to say "Bird Flu" in French

The Cannibal Cafe

I am officially and for the forseable future going to stop opening philboy's threads

If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines

What exactly *IS* "Lobster Sauce"?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/25/2008)

An official apology to kitchenwitch and others for my silly posts. Today has been just a horrible..

How to say "seal" in French.

This is the greatest $3 invention EVER!!! Every household should have one

I just got some news...

Who exactly *IS* saucy?

Hey Jude

Pamplona's got nothing on us -- the Running of the Reindeer

Hide thread...

WOW. Everyone go click on GreePartyVoter's thread and tell me what you see.

Introducing The Spongebob Squarepants Musical Rectal Thermometer

Have You Ever Been Scolded By Someone?

Has There Ever Been A Better Actor Than Daniel Day Lewis?

A good GD:P lock

I can't believe no one replied to my copycat thread about duck sauce.

During the "Great Tombstone Glitch of '08" today my first thought was

Thank Heavens for NoScript!!!!

Statement of Dana Siegelman:

What exactly IS soy milk?

Dare Ya To Post In GDP

Dare Ya To Post In GDP

What exactly *IS* is?


Best repug trophy wife

Semen Boliver is the great liberator of South America

"I've got something serious to talk to you about."

FOOD FIGHT! Poster in GD-P uses "one of their daily three" to serve up some prime FLAMEBAIT!

What Is The First State In The Union?

Does Jessica Alba Have A 'Baby Bump'?

Who's seen the movie "No Reservations"?


Glad there's a GDP thread count. I almost posted something dumb.


Lotsa Snow Here In Wisconsin!

I promise this is not a Rick Roll - very funny Youtube

Pssssttttt...wanna buy a watch?

Q: What's long and hard and full of seamen?

I made the greatest page in GD:P

Is Don Siegelman the new kudzu?

What ever happened to the idea of a National DU meet up this summer?

What exactly is tapioca?

I read the news today oh, boy

Josh Radnor on "How I Met Your Mother" is really cute.

what's for dinner?

I just wrote the check to pay off my car

who made dessert?

Obama Supporter+Hillary supporter=Knife Fight!

Is it true Roy Schneider was left out of the Tribute at the Oscars?

For those of you waiting for the second coming of Dusty Springfield,

Hey, guys, I need an opinion. Read my first reply in this thread, please:

Who else is having Costco chicken for supper?

Here is proof that Hillary is completely disingenuous and the "shame on you" moment was more whining

am i missing something? why are we at level 1...or 2...or whatever it is?

am i missing something? why are we at level 1...or 2...or whatever it is?

Deadheads for Obama tshirts?

It's miller time!

There's a mob with pitchforks and burning torches chasing me

Favorite Star Trek Quotes

I knew it! And have been saying it for some time, mostly because I like sayin' the obvious...

Any ideas are appreciated:)

"Cowboy up" - what the hell does this mean?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/25/08

I'm Just Discussed- ed

It makes me sad that Brad Renfro was not included in the Oscar "Tribute"


OMG!!! Raul Castro was the governor of Arizona! SErieS!!11!

Are you lacking health care and PO'd about it?

Ratatouille wins best animated picture.

Is The Daily Show new or repeat tonight?

I put GD:P on ignore! Ask me anything!

Deleted post

Peep Show!!!

Gaah I am sick of waiting for my new glasses.

Michigan lawmaker wins $2 million lottery jackpot

Smiley on Mars

Hitler or Frankenstein?

Probably going car shopping soon...

What Is The Worst State In The Union?

My 2nd grade teacher made my life miserable, check out what her adopted son does for a living...

Does anyone here actually LIKE Larry the Cable Guy?

I just had an epiphany about the Gungeon

The Gross Clinic.

I'll be back when the hide thread feature works again. nt

Those songs from Enchanted sucked. What about Hairspray? Or Sweeney Todd?

Those songs from Enchanted sucked. What about Hairspray? Or Sweeney Todd?

Female DU'rs When You Were Pregnant Did You Have A 'Baby Bump'?

So, if Citi can "restate" billions of dollars in revenue with impunity

Does anybody here actually LOOK LIKE Larry the Cable Guy?

I learned something about one of my Grandfather's cousins today

The thing about Nader...

I Work In An All Female Office And Left The Seat Up

Bwargh. I hate pills.

temeah, tomato, let's call the whole thing off.

Taking a break from the DU for awhile

My son took a pic of me snuggling with my kitty this afternoon...

I think I'm about to get my heart broken, but I'm surprisingly calm.

Today is LizzieGrace's Birthday!

Would it be accurate to call Edith Piaf the Billie Holiday of France?

Smokers who live with non-smokers.....

OMG. Response to "I'm F*&#ing Matt Damon"....You GOTTA see this.

Anyone who posts another DUer's personal information

George Harrison would have been 65 today.

this post deserves its own homage

I have been warned!

Favorite Actress who never won an Oscar?

Drip drip drip ***SOME MORE PICTURES****

**************Truly Tasteless Food Thread****************

Who Is Your Favorite Actor That Has Never Won An Oscar?

Top Ten fake campaign slogans for 2008:

Synchronicity is an eerie thing.

Please, help me with a birthday prank on my husband!

your prayers, etc., requested for Mrs. Venation

Anyone here ever go to Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds?

In Honor Of temeah I am Having KFC Chicken Breast For Dinner Tomorrow

Caption this: Bush holding THE CAT IN THE HAT in Africa

What exactly *IS* "Miracle Whip"?

The $350, 134-pound beef, bacon and cheese burger: insert your own "50 pound buns" joke HERE.

How many English speaking people

Lounge Vibes For A Friend

Anyone seen Persepolis yet?

Then stop feeding them...see link

Then stop feeding them...see link

Have you ever derived pleasure from watching a sibling get in trouble?

Hey DU - what did you have/are you having for dinner tonight?

My bus keeps calling me names.

Has anybody seen these fear-mongering ads by "Defense of Democracies"?

My dad just walked out of the house.

i want a tattoo on my arm. i just am out of ideas.

I don't want this to get buried....

the man who saved my life has died.

Just bought a CD: "The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz"

Post a picture of your happy face

There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked, so I spent most of my time...

You bunch of pevs.

Can we stop using the words "Baby Bump" when referring to pregnant women's abdomens?

If you had $160million to leave only to non-profits which would you choose?

Send some Lounge vibes my way tonight, if you could please.

Worldwide Honeybee Deaths

Anthony Bourdain has jumped the shark.

Loungers who thought that Braveheart was crap

Anyone ever take the non-scientific IQ test?

What Do You Think About These 12 Issues?

Yep it was windy here today.

Get ready for...MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES!!!!

Photoshop Request: for anyone..

Who is Mark Penn and who is Charlie Black, Jr. and why are they gaming America's national election?

Last night's biggest surprise at the Oscars?

Why do some people speak of cultural intolerance as "racism"?

How Does A DU Meet Up For Everyone 20Jan 2009 In DC

Foppa is back with the Colorado Avs!

So, it's a struggle. I need to cut my hair. I think. Maybe.

Why does my wife need a new dress for a wedding?

Name a flamewar that would bring out the "lioness" in lionesspriyanka.

Price of gas causing truckers to start parking their rigs

Bipartisan Legislation Would Restore Voting Rights to Ex-Prisoners

Cell Phone tattoo runs on blood


Governors Fight For Medicaid

The Slow-Motion Implosion of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: It Took a Village

Know your BFEE: They Looted Your Nation’s S&Ls for Power and Profit

Know your BFEE: They Looted Your Nation’s S&Ls for Power and Profit

Know your BFEE: They Looted Your Nation’s S&Ls for Power and Profit

Roadside Blast Kills 3 Shiite Pilgrims (Suicide Death Toll Now at 56)

Greenpeace activists protest on plane

Biodiversity 'doomsday vault' comes to life in Arctic

5 Family Members Found Dead in Yorba Linda

Tsunami Warning Issued in Indonesia (Magnitude-7.3 Earthquake Off Coast of Sumatra Island)

Powerful Blast Rocks Afghanistan's Kandahar

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad-army

Pakistan bomb attack kills general

14 Iranians held in Iraq: US military

Rising Inflation Creates Unease in Middle East

Greenspan: Economy may be slow to rebound

Pentagon: Satellite shootdown worked as planned

Child abuse workers badgered to close cases

US Treasury to support IMF gold sales if linked to cost-cutting, reforms

Documentary 'Taxi To The Dark Side' (Wins Best Documentary Feature Oscar)

Qaeda given a week to surrender in Falluja

Wheelchair suicide bomber kills top Iraqi police chief

Louis Farrakhan Sings Obama's Praises

FISA isn’t the worst of it

White House urges short Turkish incursion to Iraq

Turkish jets pound Kurdish rebels in Iraq: security sources

Lawyers in 1975 AIM slaying spar over DNA evidence

’I feel that we will die’: Civilians fearful as Turks move into Iraq

Mitt Romney to rejoin GOP race?

Cleveland Families Challenge McCain’s Ties to Subprime Housing Corps.

Poll: Obama Cuts Clinton Ohio Lead In Half

Will Nader do anything positive for third party candidates because a major answer is obvious

Bush Lobbies Again for Surveillance Law

Another union opposes Delta merger

McCain says he must convince country Iraq policy is working

Top Economists See Signs of Recession

(Calif.) Governor's plan would cut Medi-Cal rolls

Arctic oil bonanza worries Alaska natives

U.S. military urges Canada to maintain combat role

(Canadian) Military warns soldiers not to post info on Facebook

Woman Dies On New York-Bound Flight

Poll respondents: Obama will be nominee

Poll Shows Obama Is Seen as More Likely to Beat McCain

Kleeb calls for new ideas in (US) Senate

Rove on CBS: "The National Enquirer of Network News"

Sarkozy's clash at farm show an Internet hit

Production of Porsche 911 halted

State officials use loophole to double-dip on salary, pension (Florida)

Trying Some Disney Attitude to Help Cure Walter Reed

LASIK failure toll can be high

House Dismisses Challenge of Outcome in Florida Race

Former Gen Re and AIG Executives Found Guilty on All Counts of Fraudulent Manipulation Scheme

American Express CEO awarded $50.1 mln in 2007

Clinton campaign starts 5-point attack on Obama

Ashcroft agrees to testify on monitors

McCain Camp Says He Can Avoid Money Caps

Obama Photo in Turban, Robe Causes Stir

P&G to cut 15% of management staff

Gold Plunges as U.S. Pledges Support for Some IMF Bullion Sales

Alabama Democratic Party Calls for Special Prosecutor (on Gov. Siegelman Case)

White House lashes at criticism of 'scare tactics'

Still something to explain: Obama assures Jewish leaders on religion, Israel stance

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 25

Greenspan tells Gulf to drop dollar

White House Voices Unwavering Support For Musharraf

WHNT to rebroadcast Siegelman segment on 6 p.m. newscast

Poll: It's all tied up for Dems in Texas

Bush predicts GOP will hold White House

Canada, U.S. quietly sign mutual military aid pact

Sea Shepherd activists 'bugged' whaling ships

Siegelman attorney calls for special prosecutor

Poll: Obama Rises in Voter Popularity

John and Elizabeth Edwards To Join Anti Iraq War Groups to Launch Multimillion Dollar Iraq/Recession

Campaign Billboard Depicts Fire Cloud Over Houston

Shoppers warned bigger bills on way

Thomas silent as Supreme Court talks on and on

U.S. expects 140,000 troops in Iraq after surge

Guantánamo guards suffer psychological trauma

Democratic House Divided: Pa. Man Stabs Brother-In-Law Over Election

Clinton spokesman says campaign knew nothing of Obama photo

Vice President Cheney Makes Mystery Visit to Dallas

Anti-depressants 'of little use'

Airline Disputes Cousin's Story of Death

Montanans insist on gun rights

The Idea of a Local Economy

Good for the Jews?

Got a Problem? Ask the Super (delegate) by GERALDINE FERRARO

They're Republican red, and true blue to Obama

Chris Hedges: The Calm Before the Conflagration

Thomas silent as Supreme Court talks on and on (CNN) {for 2 YEARS?!?}

The Underperformer

When credit cards put you in jeopardy (CNN) {record debt, defaults}

Russia threatens to use force over Kosovo

Repuglican Jack From Georgia Revealed to be Part of the 'Kingston Tree-o'

Hillary Is Trying to Drive Dems into a Dead End on Foreign Policy

Ohio Job Losses Worst Since Great Depression

What Hillary Should Have Done...

Tortured logic

Playing Games With Kosovo by Wes Clark

Washington v. Cuba After Castro by Stephen Lendman

Investments for Renewable Energy, Not Loopholes for Big Oil

Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in...

Welch Whitewash: We Still Don’t Know What That Aug. 30 Nuke Incident Was About

Hillary’s Own 'Traditional Dress' Problem: The Empress 'Got No Clothes'

London is a fairer, more tolerant and sustainable city with Ken Livingstone. He must be re-elected

Will American Empire End Before It Ends the World? By Paul Craig Roberts

Looking to London for News Now (since we can't seem to get it here)

Bill Clinton Comes to McCain's Defense


Hillary To Quit Race, to Audition For Local News Consumer Reporter

Independent UK: Antidepressant drugs don't work – official study

McCain’s Lobbyist 'Ties' Worse Than First Reported

The Three Trillion Dollar War....... by Joseph Stiglitz( former chief economist at the World Bank)

FISA isn’t the worst of it

Children 'damaged' by materialism (BBC) {UK survey}

The Subprime Hangover - Here Comes The $739 Billion Taxpayer Bailout

The Nation: What Exactly Will Go Into the Bush Presidential Library?

US Interventions 1798 through 2004

Bill Kristol Anthology

The Frank Factor- What the Hell Are Delegates?

Brooke Miller - Two Soldiers

Nader unloads on Obama, Clinton

(black/woman President X asteroids hitting the Statue of Liberty) + 'Gaydolf Titler' = FUNNY

Tina Fey for Hillary on SNL (Bitch is the New Black)

Jim Page song "Anna Mae Aquash"

A Story Of Hope And Pessimism

Bush's Border Fence

House Democrats Save America!

UFCW Sneak Preview Obama Ad

Peace Today Movie

Defense Of Democracies Ad - Terrorist Surveillance

Hillary Clinton -Negative Or Nice?

Will the Real Obama, Please STAND UP!

Scott Ritter: Defending Real American values

all politicians play dress up (not just Barack Obama)

Yes He Can - John McCain Music Video


Hillary Clinton's First Lady experience in question

VoteVets new ad - Wow.

Karl Rove says 60 Minutes story a lie.

SNL skit about the Texas debate

Video Proof! Obama Saying the Pledge of Allegiance WITH HIS HAND OVER HIS HEART - SHOW TO MORANS

Video Proof! Obama Saying the Pledge of Allegiance WITH HIS HAND OVER HIS HEART - SHOW TO MORANS

George's Fetish

Former CBS Producer For Dan Rather Talks About Right Wing Pressure On News Media & More

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 326

What Started in Texas Will End in Texas

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

The Academic Working Poor

N. Pacific Biological "Deserts" Now Surround Hawaii - Expansion Rate 10 - 25X Worst-Case Model

US to set 'binding' climate goals

Leadville Residents Prepare For Disaster (KMGH)

No country for young men

REpower & RWE Innogy Make 1.9-GW Deal (off/onshore wind, Netherlands)

The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water

Whalers move back into Australian waters


North Korea lifts nuclear veil (CNN/Amanpour)

Nuclear Industry Eyes a Smaller Renaissance

Hundreds Show Up At How-To Workshop On Beekeeping In Suburban St. Louis - SLPD

Photovoltaic Cells Are Still Very Green, Comparative Test Shows

Developers Make the Case for Solar Power

For NNadir

I got the power in my pants...

Sharp to make solar power storage batteries: Nikkei

Spanish solar firms flock to U.S.

Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age

The people of Iceland awaken to a stark choice

Global warming delayed to 3000? by 2020 weakest Schwabe Sun cycle begins - maybe

Geothermal energy, Power from the underground

Iraq, Afghanistan medals approach 500,000

Gen.: Attacks down sharply in E. Afghanistan

Is NATO’s reputation slipping?

GAO: Naval Academy leads in sexual assaults

Terror trial against ex-sailor starts today

Ice melt means spike in CG Arctic operations

SBA program helps vet open combat gear store

First crash of a B-2 investigated

Initial Flight Screening course harder to pass

They call him the Crusher

As prices of goods keep rising in Italy, U.S. personnel see dollar’s value drop

German candidates differ on U.S. influx reception

General: Army still facing Warrior Transition Unit challenges

USS George Washington families settle in overseas

As American as they come, soldier holds Pakistan’s politics close

Gaming skills incorporated into Crusher’s controls

U.S. Slowly Returns Anbar to Iraq

Petraeus Wins Support in Troop Cut Delay

Jessica Lynch: 'No Regrets' About Army

Center denies entry to Pearl Harbor vet after family complains

Air Force time capsule found in office ceiling

2 Arrested at Marine Recruiting Office

2 soldiers killed in separate Baghdad attacks

Vets Suffer as DD214 Errors Increase

GI Bill benefits denied!

Today in labor history February 25

What MSN Careerbuilder says about future jobs - embrace the trend

Crandall Canyon Owner Must Face Capitol Hill Lawmakers

Ratifying the value of labor relations

Clinton's edge among unions, women falters

What if Deadly Dust Explosions Were Airplane Crashes?

Pa area union to host forum on living wages

Workers Sign Up with AFSCME in California and South Dakota, and More Bargaining News

Good jobs green jobs March 13-14

Unions Wrestle With Airline Merger Issues

American Axle workers prepare to strike (3,600 UAW workers)

Do you have a story about losing a job or lack of good jobs?

48 Million U.S. Workers Are Missing Out On Good Middle Class Jobs

Is it usual during negotiating planning meetings spending the vast majority of the time

India: Tata, Ford, Jaguar-Land Rover labour union to ink deal

Former UAW President Doug Fraser Dies at 91

Jaguar, Land Rover sale announcement set for March 5 or 6 to Tata

Unions Under Assault By DAVID MACARAY

What type of bank is best to keep one's money in?

It’s Time to Dump the Fed

CW's macabre mortgage fraud

Still Pretending

High oil prices take a toll on the Gulf's middle class

Recession more likely this year - survey (AP/CNN) {DUHH!}

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 02/15/2008 (1 week delayed)

Credit Lines Dry Up, Homeowners In Withdrawal

Can the Democrats Think Big?

Obama: Don't equate 'pro-Israel' and 'pro-Likud'

Woman, two children hurt in Qassam strike on Sderot

Israel threatens deadly force to stop protesters

Toasting An Oscar Win "Freeheld," Hoping For Greater Rights

Poll: Vast Majority Of Officers Support Military Gay Ban

Gay Microsoft Employee Leaves Amazing $65 Million To Support LGBT Orgs

Scott Rudin, Freeheld, and other reasons the Oscars were gayer than expected

UU churches lead effort to block anti-gay-marriage drive in California - .

Liquidation sale - Gideon Levy

Biden's speeches (senate) here:

Biden speech to Council on Foreign Relations (today)

Where's youthere??? nt

Here's a Biden thread - but nobody seems to care.

We here at the JBSG have taken a collection and, generous as we are,

Thank you all, AGAIN!

The only place for me to go is "up".

February is the shortest month for good reason

It's that time of the month - Matthew time

Profoundly humbling and awe inspiring

Archangel Michael: The Infinity Breath Meditation

Why Wasn't beliCHEAT Fired?

Barry to add to home run totals!!??

Boxing : Feb 29 - March 1

What a dream college basketball season!!

When Worry Consumes You

Obesity more dangerous than terrorism: experts

Insurance Fears Lead Many to Shun DNA Tests

Chuao Chocolatier - reviews on eating chocolate

you know new england savory is green vs you didn't label

I've decided automatic Pasta Machines are just

Just another SHITTY day in paradise...

Swans and geese

Spring is in the air

Friend cat, RIP

What's happened to Emeril?

Vizcaya priest charged for kissing, biting person's lips in videoke bar while drunk


Words of praise for the photography group

Bishop Frederick Kelley convicted of molesting foster child

America's Unfaithful Faithful: Americans changing religions at a high rate, survey finds

The best name for the "this is a christian nation" chumps.

Fun slide show from the Running of the Reindeer

What the hell is Florida's problem?

US Religious Landscape In Flux

"Thrifty Fifty" shots.

U.S. is still overwhelmingly Christian, study finds

New evidence challenges official picture of Kennedy shooting

Hi-tech bird tracker breakthrough (BBC)

Airliners running on biofuels? Don't hold your breath ... (BBC)

Electron filmed in motion for the first time

is the Federal assault weapon ban dead and gone forever?

if you wonder why gun owners get so intense.

Criminals commit crimes

Narco News Investigation: Cocaine Planes Cross Paths with Corporate America’s Green Movement

Here's a new UFO video!

9/11: The Unraveling of the Official Story Continues By Mark H. Gaffney

Rep. Jack BROOKS (D-Texas) Investigated the INSLAW/Promis affair...

Our Friends Are Trying To Tell Us Something

Structural Engineer Sees Evidence of Extreme Temperatures in WTC Steel...

An Evening with Karl Rove

A Recurring Nightmare...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 02/25/08 - Blackwell may face subpoena

In case you are avoiding GD:P, I posted an election theft 2008 poll

OT: LCV Dirty Dozen Vote

Hmmm ... I am assuming the Kerry Small biz people are on this ...

Wa Po:Kerry hits trail for Obama

Kerry, Biden, Hagel to Hold Press Conference - 2/26 at 12:30 pm EST

Kudos for Kerry for his "presidential" behavior towards Ralph Nader.

If you're not afraid of going into GD P

President Bill Clinton in Austin Wednesday, February 27

Obama Daily News Monday Feb 25, 2008

Bill Clinton in Dallas Tuesday, Feb 26

OMG, Tweety just tossed out Helmet Hair as a possible VP choice

Caroline Kennedy in Austin today 1/25 - 2:00 p.m.

Is there a link to find out which counties are caucusing?

Hillary's Positive Attibutes, IMHO

Just voted in Collin county. The process was very simple.

Ok, here's my Precinct Convention Welcome statement for those who want to use it.

David van Os endorsements

Samuel L. Jackson says Obama is best choice (East TX tour)

Barack Obama: Details for Fort Worth RALLY

Congratulations to Minnesota House of Representatives

Can someone explain blu-ray to me?

Sync out of range during boot up

Barack's Basketball Photos? Anyone have a copy?

Obama opens campaign office in Jackson

Former Cleveland OH Mayor jumps from HRC to Obama

Optimistic Ickes Pans Penn's Pessimism

Knock, knock, can I come in?

The GOP to Hillary: Stay a Little Longer

General who traveled with Obama to Africa in response to new Clinton smear attempt...

My prediction for the November: A four party clusterphuck for the Whitehouse.

Obama To Hillary: You Can't Pick And Choose From Bill's Record

HRC and Wolfson are trying to stoke the media issue so that they use kid gloves with her tomorrow

Democrats Benefit From Shift in Muslim Voters’ Allegiance

CNN... Hillary called donors and told them to watch SNL...

Clinton's vicious and untrue mailer regarding Obama's pro choice stance. A reminder

Clinton tries to reassure anxious donors

House: Races to Watch

Texas Hispanics Face a Tough Choice in Primary

Tale of the polls, 10:20pm ET:

U.S. military urges Canada to maintain combat role

Judge Him by his Laws. Obama's Record of Accomplishments. (read HRC peeps..I dare you!)

NOW Texas Doesn't Count?

KOEB Meeting: 02/25/08 -- ENOUGH! Edition

Anyone know who that girl with Viggo Mortensen was tonight?

(TOON) Rowson on the Speaker's current troubles

Well, according to Squirrel Sex it's -8 more weeks until spring in SW WI

WI DU party animals

WI air pollution advisory yesterday and today