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Obama The Texan

Apparently John McCain approves of other 'enhanced techniques' like,

Apparently John McCain approves of other 'enhanced techniques' like,

McCain DeWine 2008 ?

Have ALL the muck-raking, crapweasel Hilbots and Obamacans

I was just listening to Larry King Live

Breaking: Obama uses toilet...

the Devil came for John McCain

4 States- How are Obama and Clinton covering them?

I am so proud of the Democratic Party

From Dean to Obama.

Superdelegates flocking Obama

Co-Chair of McCain's campaign in his home state is indicted on 35 counts

Poll: Obama 57% - Hillary 43% in Texas

Obama did disclose his earmarks.... D'oh

"Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide", and you can read it now

Right wingers may not like it, but Obama's Army anecdote checks out

Story: Richardson still being pursued by both campaigns

Funniest Line Of The Night...

Obama ..... fine- tuning

The subtle difference between Hillary and Obama for me.

Obama takes heat for skipping State of the Black Union

Obama takes heat for skipping State of the Black Union

Houston Texas early turnout breaks records

Should Clinton take the VP spot? I don't think so.

Red State Update: McCain's Alleged Affair

I don't think McCain will be their candidate

My republican friend from Texas just told me he will be voting for Obama

Rasmussen poll: both dems have more core opposition than McPain

Rep. Charlie Rangel criticizes Clinton on Xerox slam

Democrats Deadlocked In Texas, Close In Ohio: Poll - WaPo

Clinton Soldiers on Despite Setbacks, Pessimism in Clinton Camp

i've got a hunch

All of the Puke Saboteurs Voting for Dems Stories Stink

Hillary Clinton: Addressing the Needs of Families In Today’s Economy

Is Obama wearing a bullet-proof vest?

For those interested Obama proposed a comprehensive plan to rebuild the Gulf Coast including NO, LA

Why are you so opposed to the opposite candidate?

McCain's Scandal

Does Taylor Marsh have her own program?

Dear HILLARY Supporters; promoting politics of Fear against Obama will not work!

You Have To Wonder If Gore Is Sitting At Home Watching...

An Inconvenient Ticket: Hypothetical Independent Run....

Hillary at the close of the last debate

Hillary at the close of the last debate

Open question to the Hillary supporters

"Polarizing" Bill Clinton left office with a 65% approval rating, higher than anyone post-FDR

Will either one of them kill NAFTA?

Isn't the use of the word "xerox" instead of photocopy a copyright infringement

Edwards' delegates at local County Convention throwing their weight toward Obama

I would rather President Obama attend Tavis's event in 2009, rather than as Sen. Obama in 2008!!!

The smear campaign is out against Obama

Barack is for all Americans, any other way and he loses the GE. Just the way it is.

Lest we forget: Republicans 4 Hillary

Oh, for pity's sake.

Blah blah blah blah blah


Sadly, I now have to turn to MSM to escape the lies and hate spewed here at DU..

Time Magazine reports New York Times blockbusters coming on Sunday

Why doesn't negative campaigning work like it used to?

Republickers will question Obama's patriotism.

How exactly is Hillary better able to face the Republican attacks?

How exactly is Hillary better able to face the Republican attacks?

Both Clinton and Obama coming up live (1:30 est) from Ohio on

Obama Fever Is Breaking On the Web

What should Obama do about MI and FL when he gets the nomination?

Obama Fever Is Breaking On the Web: Rash of New Sites Throws Some Cold Water On the Hot Candidate

Barack Obama song (not from the campaign!)

Above politics of the past??? OBAMA in the mud, Hillary calls him on it.......

League Of Conservation Voters Rates McCain Zero On Environment

Have you been to a rally? How was the security there?

The hatred is mutual.

TX College students close 7 miles of highway to vote...

Question about campaign finance law: If a campaign incurs a debt and doesn't pay it off

Obama's taking questions at a roundtable in Columbus, OH

Perversion Of Government: The Pentagon Vs. Barack Obama

FACT: Republicans are scared shit-less by THE CULT

FACT: Republicans are scared shit-less by THE CULT

Latest polls. Many results. New post debate Texas poll

Michael Moore Disses Hillary's Healthcare Plan

Todays Talking Points

Hillart Supporters should be proud

Early TX voting patterns spell trouble for Hillary ... link

At this point, Clinton is hoping for a major Obama gaffe, scandal, or outing of some kind

Are all Republicans evil?


Did the massive influx of "Reagan Democrats" in 1980 turn the GOP to the left?

What about Republicans for Kerry 2004?

*** SUPER DELEGATE UPDATE *** (Campaign neutral)Sat 2/23

*** WHY I think Obama is not ready yet --- Yes it's Kennedy Related ***

Top McCain Adviser Says He Does Much Of His Lobbying From Aboard Straight Talk Express!

Why Russ Feingold shoul be the VP choice of 2008

Hillary made a bad move today. Here is a link regarding her mailers on Obama that caused outrage...

Hillary plays 9-11 card again

MSM rarely (ever?) shows McCain's full face anymore.

Discussion threads you don't need to read

Obama is being fucked by the msm. Another Presidential election of attacks from the Republicans.

Obama is being fucked by the msm. Another Presidential election of attacks from the Republicans.

Anyone else think this is a cool pic?

More Right-wing Crap about Michelle O's comment

Obama again shows GOOD JUDGEMENT to "Skip" State of the Black Union

Should Social Security Be Made Voluntary?

Famous "Final" moments in campaigns....

Uninsured Duers, check in here. Is Obama right?

"You're all a bunch of slobbering, pants-wetting peabrains!

MSNBC Reporting....Dems Are Writting Off Hillary...

Hillary may have shot herself in the foot again. Opening the conversation up about NAFTA and

Obama holding rally at Nutter Center on Monday

When does Hillary start calling Obama a communist?

she has no more $$$ to send out her own mailers

If the best they got is a photo sans lapel pin, and the misconstrued comment of his wife, then I say

the Devil came to John McCain...

Which one of the four factions at DU are you a part of?

Excellent short recap of 2 Dem healthcare plan - From Reuters

For Hillary

Hillary Clinton's Support of NAFTA Has Been Well Documented

Why Hillary Clinton’s Iraq Vote Does Matter

Just heard on CNN that Obama is going to be having a press availability

Change as transmutation...

Every time Hillary has had a real human moment people think shes going to turn the campaign around.

Just on CNN... Hillary just raised 700K "that can buy a lot of Dunkan Donuts"

Outrageous smear attacks tend to vaccinate candidates against other attacks

To the so called "Clinton-Cultists", WHY?

Let's get one thing straight about the Right Wing. They will ALWAYS go after the frontrunner.

For all DUers who are feeling a bit raw

Have Repug Media Pedestaled Obama to Knock him down?

Have Repug Media Pedestaled Obama to Knock him down?

Have Repug Media Pedestaled Obama to Knock him down?

Obama floods Ohio mail boxes with false, misleading flyers

"Some supporters said they had discussed how to raise with Clinton the subject of withdrawing..."

Hillary "lashed out at rival Barack Obama today for using strategy out of Karl Rove’s playbook"

Remember Hillary's Flyers Suggesting Obama Would Pick

Obama More Liberal Than Clinton


anyone checked out the Clinton attack laundry list in a while

Water under the bridge....NOT

Yahoo News front page: "Clinton's White House campaign teeters "

Hillary supporters: if she loses in TX or OH, are you willing to concede it's over?

Thank you Hillary...

Are Obama supporters "delusional" ?

Obama may face grilling on patriotism

Mailers??!?! Now she's crying about MAILERS??

Actual GD:P quote: "President McCain won't be so bad."

OMFG! What the hell is wrong with you nutcases?

Obama to address reporters live (On CNN) within the hour

I guess the $$$ Hillary spent on an acting coach has FINALLY paid off...

I guess the $$$ Hillary spent on an acting coach has FINALLY paid off...

Some hopeful news from DeLay land

Clinton: "Enough with the speeches and the big rallies..."

I'll tell you who will get shafted by mandatory health insurance: Childless people

Obama vs Clinton "Rahm Emanuel's great loyalty test"

"I Hope Castro Dies!" It's only a matter of time before McCain shoots himself in the foot.

Posted in GD: P today.."I suspect quite a few of the anti-Obama posters are not actual Democrats."

If Mark Penn is a Noxious Weed, what Noxious Weed is he?

Why BOTH Democratic candidates should attend the NOLA State of the Black Union.

Hillary: Obama "using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook"; like this, Hillary?

Obama supporters, please read this!

Clinton campaign is in complete and pathetic melt-down mode right now TRUE/FALSE

Hillary Clinton On The 2008 Democratic Ticket

Hillary supporters: Honestly?

Now watch Good Hillary show up at SOTBU

Obama take out your note pad. Hillary is showing you how to fight your way out of a hole.

Hillary has earned the right to a last stand in OH and TX.

Another day, another desperate Clinton attack

LEAVE HILLARY ALONE! - when is the youtube clip going up?

LEAVE HILLARY ALONE! - when is the youtube clip going up?

All of these bogus charges of sexism & racism

If Michigan gets a revote, my support is up for grabs.

If ALL super delegates must follow the will of the people than by all means

Dick Gregory is speaking at the State of the Black Union in New Orleans!! CSPAN now!!

OK! Here's my take on Hillary and Barack...

Bill Richardson is growing a beard & he looks great.

Good for you Hillary!! Ripped him a new one!

CNN has run Hillary's rant five times

"Shame on you Obama" comments by Hillary

If Obama Went 0-for-10 . . .

Honestly, why do you think Republicans are crossing over?

Sheila Jackson Lee up now--link

After her outburst today, expect to see a dirty Hillary in the debate on Tuesday

"Enough with the Big Rallies and Speeches!"

No wonder we kicked GD:P out of teh Lounge!!!1!!

Regarding Negative HRC Mailers in OH....

Did Hillary's Attack Today Help Her?

So is Obama "Not tough enough to fight the Repugs" or "Fights To Hard To Be A Democrat"?

Give that woman an Oscar

I pray that they don't boo Sen. Clinton today at the SOTBU event

Obama Fans Gloating = Running Up The Score In Sports?

For those who speak nicely of Hillary Clinton ONLY when she seems to act like a gracious loser

Sooo looking forward to the REAL debate, -Tuesday. n/t

Dick Gregory..ON DR. PEPPER...LOL

What CHANGE does Obama really want to make?

Small Vendors Feel Pinch of Clinton’s Money Troubles

Hillary Accuses Obama of Chewing Gum in Class

Interesting mischief-Republicans campaigning for Obama to defeat Clinton

Sunday NYT: Clinton Soldiers On, but Somber as Horizon Darkens

Does anyone have the flyers that Clinton and Obama are fighting about?

How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?

How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?

Smiley/family getting threats via email?

Sunday NY Times: Age Likely a Factor in McCain’s VP Pick

****Official Why Barack Obama Cant Win thread****

A question about donating to Obama -

Hillary Clinton, the fight promoter.


Memo to Ohio - Hillary's tax credits are for the rich

Senator Clinton's Supporters--TAVIS SMILEY's FORUM is on CSPAN-

At this point, I start wondering if Hillary is trying to help Obama by intentionally looking bad.

Voted today in my TX repuke red county...

Obama LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE from Columbus - CNN Now

My admiration and thanks to the numerous Obama supporters here

So, shame on you Hillary Clinton. It is time you ran a campaign..

Obama Republican Smear E-mail

HRC's multitude of negative and untrue Obama mailers. Why isn't the media referencing these?

Do you know What is Rovian Tactics? Hillary Playing the Politics of Fear.

Enough with the speeches and big rallies?

I'm sad to say that Tavis' round table is not helping the cause at this

Are there any online clips of Hillary talking about the mailers?

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/23/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton up 2 (43)

Today's Obama Campaign Release

Hillary, 4 BIG unions this week obviously don't agree with your Obama health care outrage today

Clinton: Obama mailings are deceptive

Obama said ‘I believe I showed the judgment of a commander in chief’

"On The Campaign Trail With Barack Obama"

Obama is a cyborg and has no emotions

hillary made it a point to say (much as dentifrice smile campbell brown tried to shut her down) that


Hillary Losing Ohio? "Strickland Worried About Holding Ohio for Clinton"

Why does Hillary maintain a lead in Ohio?

Is appealing to the one third that decides elections a bad thing to do?

Edwards supporters: Obama mailer/campaign tactics flashback

Pictures of OBAMA's mailers... Proof Clinton is right.

THE most important resolution that every Democratic Precinct Caucus must ratify in 2008

What each candidate inspires in me

Hillary Clinton Spent $11.5 Million on Consultants in January >>>

McCain's Denials Start to Unravel (regarding lobbyist)

Help pick Hillary's next campaign slogan


intimidation seems to be the name of the game hillary.

Small Vendors Feel Pinch of Clinton’s Money Troubles

Hillary Clinton PRETENDS She Never Praised NAFTA

Can you imagine how Unhinged Hillary might handle a military crisis, in office?

Anyone want to see a disgusting video? (warning: GRAPHIC!)

Do you notice the passive aggressive attack style?

OH SHIT! Sharpton wants Hillary to explain her campaign's race baiting. . .

Republicans for Obama is a real group that actually likes Barack Obama

HRC campaign and interest groups attack Obama in Ohio

Bad news for the Obama campaign and some good news too

Here's a thought.

Here's a thought.

Go Hillary! Stand up to Obama's distortions

Edwards pushes debate moment in new ad

Serious Poll, Because I'm Curious About My Fellow DU'ers States Of Mind:

"My husband apologized for Slavery"

The ugly american politics

Hillary had a vicous robocall hit on Edwards before SC, now she accuses others of Rovian tactics

"Ready To Pitch An Hysterical Wifey Fit On The First Day."


"This" is unhinged

A Chain Reaction

Obama’s Money Cartel: How he’s fronted for the most vicious firms on Wall Street

Looks like the democratic party is going to be deeply divided in fall campaign against Mclame

For Hillary's sake, I hope she never plans to use this line again:

Anyone else excited to see who will portray Obama on SNL tonight?

Clinton in Cincinnati: Obama untested, just like Bush was

CNN - how many times are they going to play

Cincinnati Enquirer: "Ohio Republicans pulling for Clinton to win."

Texas Boogie for Barack

Apparently Obama gave a press conference today

So just after Hillary gets done with her onslaught, McCain launches an attack.

For all of you who so arrogantly mock Hillary, or even McCain, because of their age

On The Discovery Channel Now - When Hillary Goes Bad

Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Stephanie Miller and me.

The shrill He-man woman haters club...oh and the gays too.

Just got back from Obama's Headquarters

Gay Texan Not Impressed With “Old Fart” Chelsea

I predict the Ohio debate is going to be a disaster for Hillary...

2 Questions about Ohio

They just played the angry Hillary segment on the local news, with Obama's response

A Week of Petty Though Typical Attacks on Obama Produced Nothing


Texas Students March to Vote

Whose health care plan do you prefer?

AUGUST 26, 1920

Pogo "We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us". Thanks to the Internet and DU, I have never seen such

"The week the Obama backlash started" - From the Guardian (UK)

Obama supporter: If Hillary leads in pledged delegates after PA, I'll switch

NEW SURVEY USA POLLS show major Obama weakness in OHIO and MASSACHUSETTS against McCain

By going negative, Hillary is helping only one person: McPain

Read it and weep: "Hillary: unhinged on vouchers"

Just an observation - am curious about this question..

Clinton Gets Emotional Over Mailers: 'Shame On You, Barack Obama'


How many names can the twitfilter hold?

I just got a phone call from an Apolitical Freind... He's on his way to see Obama

Barack Obama 2008 *IS* Bill Clinton 1992.... without the bimbo eruptions....

Barack Obama 2008 *IS* Bill Clinton 1992.... without the bimbo eruptions....

Clinton's debate closing...not what it seemed.

For Hillary to blast Obama for his mailings after distortions and lies re: the plagarism claims...

"Enough about the speeches & the big rallies"- Hillary sounds jealous, desperate

Utah's Superdelegates Having Second Thoughts In Light Of Obama Victories

Has Hillary's comments today given the mods here a headache?

Clinton's Money Troubles Could Jack Small Vendors

Hillary kicks it up a notch: compares Obama to Bush. (no kidding)

Fellow Obama supporters: can we PLEASE refrain from gender-based insults when referring to Clinton?

Unhinged - today's right-wing word

Hillary today probably turned off exactly the people she needs to win

Hillary: Enough with the speeches and the big rallies...

"Superdelegates follow voters ... to Obama"

Hillary's little outburst hurts her on InTrade

What is up with all of this "shrill" business?

Latest People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas polls - Debate Watchers

Want to help the Clinton campaign pay thier PAST DUE bills? Don't give them the $$ pay these vendors

Proof or Republican Cross Over Voting In Texas

Why Should Obama be allowed to Use State of the Art Swift-Boating Tactics on Hillary?

I'm going to be so pissed if Nader jumps in the race.

Hillary's Gaffe

HRC and NAFTA - can't have it both ways

How can Hillary claim that she is prepared to face the Republican attacks

How do we know that Obama won't be like Colin Powell or Condi Rice?

Perhaps a logical reason for Clinton's "Shame on you" presser.

Obama On Target To Raise $50 Million In February

Hillary supporters, do you think we may be getting

We're Out'o Doughnuts! Make a Donation to Hillary Today! on Obama's mailer

Did Hillary become "unhinged" over the flyer issue?


I'm a cynic

FDR and JFK on political infighting:

Hillary's meltdown gave Obama a 3% bump on Intrade

Wow I'm amazed at the behavior of some people here.

ANIMATION: the McCain sex scandal we should REALLY be talking about

CBS News....Flyers Have Been Out For Months...Clinton Outrage

Is McCain the new Miss Teen South Carolina?

ACORN Endorses Barack Obama

Obama Supporters! - Video Collection!

How do we know that Obama won't be like George Clinton or Flavor Flav?

Stop the Madness.

From our friends at Alternatives for "unhinged"

To all women voting Obama: Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.

Obama responds to Hillary's tirade - says it may be a tactical move (VIDEO)

Ethnic Cleansing DU style

for the last time, people

Longtime friends: "She rarely uses phrases like “when I’m president” anymore."

Are you so mad at the opposing side in this presidential primary

New poll has Obama up in both TX and OH (TX by 14%)

Hillary Clinton Packs Dayton Ohio

"Since when do Democrats attack one another on universal health care?'"

Can you rename this forum Hillary vs. Obama?????????????

Question: Why are "internal" polls considered so accurate compared to "regular" polls?

So Obama skipped State of the Black Union conference in NOLA


I'd like to ask a serious question, for once:

Obama vs. Clinton on trade (their policies and records, not flyers and doughnuts)

Sunday NYT story: "Soldiering On, but Somber as the Horizon Darkens" (regrets and recriminations)

Standing the heck up for Sen. Clinton!!

I think both Senators looked bad today

Tavis Frustrated with Panel and Audience at State of Black Union

"Newsday" says Obama flyers against Hillary are misleading

I can't wait until we're all Democrats again.

CNN is all over Obama for rejecting State of Black Union invitation.

It is so strange.

Hillary Supporters...please do the party and DU a favor and "go gentle into that good night."

Obama and NAFTA

Which 'REAL' is it?

My Friends, I wanna tell.....welcome my Friends

Not fainting for Obama

I read this again, and it seemed insulting for no reason.

This has gotten ridiculous...

Has Mrs. Clinton released her tax documents or the library donor lists yet?

Tavis Smiley, Hillary Clinton and WalMart, sitting in a tree.......

Television ad disparity.

If you think the denizens GD Primaries are bad, check this out....

Health Care Reform with Options can succeed......Mandates will fail.

Stick a fork in me .........I'm done.

Hillary plagarized her universal health insurance scheme from Nixon.

Just in case you don't understand why GLBT issues are important in this campaign

I think that Obama might have agreed through the DNC not to send

Diff between O and Hillary - 69 delegates. Both need 700+ more to win. Why the hell should she quit?

The pot is coming to a boil...

Paul Volker endorses Obama!

Obama supporters

Great SNL Opening - the Dem debate skit. Obamabots on parade!

A Challenge to all Obama Supporters

I can't wait to see if Obama wins the nomination....

The white male test

My Reasons for Supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton

Obama to N.O Thanks For The Votes Now Piss Off

Obama responds, and hits Clinton's experience

Fact Check: A direct-mail piece sent to voters by Clinton, twists Obama’s words and gives a false

Dancing boys: Gender bias in this election?

Shame on You Barack Obama Music Video

That was not Presidential, in the least.

By the way, the Clinton campaign is doing exactly what they have to do - there's no need to smear

I saved my last post of the day for the Hillary Supporters (I dare ya)



If Hillary is running such a bad campaign, why is it so close?

Obamatons freaking out yet again all over GD-P

OMG! On CNN..just saw Hillary...she's unhinged!

"OK.... We'll call it a draw"

"OK.... We'll call it a draw"

2nd phase of Nevada caucus all mucked up.

2nd phase of Nevada caucus all mucked up.

"O" supporters here have shown what his Hallmark words really mean - nothing - they are empty...

Hillary Is Flailing Around In Complete Desperation Today. What A Mess

Obama accuses McCain aides of running lobbying businesses on campaign bus

Obama: "I'd get different treatment if I lost as much...I'm the insurgent — she's, she's the champ"

"Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?"

Did Kerry's healthcare plan in 2004 include mandates?

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/24/08

What the ignore function has taught me.

Save us Al Gore ... John Edwards ....

Hillary fired a shot across the bow today to the entire party

How many debates do you think there will be this year?

Hillary coming up on CSPAN at the State of the Black Union.

Clinton Supporters Check-in Thread

What I wish I had known before we held our caucus in Hawaii.

If Obama and Hillary are so good, then why

I'm Hillary Clinton. Do I drop out? If so, when?

"This campaign has taken all of us into uncharted territory as a party, as a nation, as individuals"

Trippi? "Nastiest, most deceptive paid media: the mailer with the Harry and Louise lookalikes"

SNL - Obama played by

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" .

Clinton Compares Obama To Bush

So I had about 20 Church ladies in my house today

Are Repugs Gaming Texas because they have Dirt on Obama?

Today, I converted a Republican

No gaming the system in TX??? Here it the Repug email ....

I love you all!!! This is how I picture most of you...

Speaking of misleading flyers.

As a woman

As a woman

Even though Obama isn't a card carrying member, he's got DLC written all over him

Straw Poll II: Obama v. Clinton

Security and safety for Obama scares me. Is Secret Service management doing enough?

Is anyone else totally past Hillary but we just deal with it - to be nice?

Hillary's just bitter cuz she can't get enough people together for a real rally

Obama may face grilling on patriotism

She is pathetic...on CNN now.

Okay I have a question, re: Hillary and women's voting?

I was in Tyler, Texas today

MSNBC: "Hillary sounds unusually philosophical these days, rarely says "when I'm president" anymore"

Hillary Thinks Obama displayed Some of the Worst Kind Of Tactics..Rovian Perhaps. I Beg to Differ.

MSNBC: "Hillary sounds unusually philosophical these days, rarely says "when I'm president" anymore"

Why I support Obama: my own inner struggle

'Shame on you, Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public"

The one thing I will not do is donate to Hillary.

Obama's misleading NAFTA mailers doesn't match his record

I'd quit if I'd lost like Clinton (title of news item)

Do you give a flying eff about the differences in the candidates' health-care programs?

No wonder why Hillary was pissed - look at this:

Oops... Bad Day At Hanging Rock - ABC News

Cleaver stands by Clinton, says there's something 'almost unearthly' about Obama phenomenon

Who REALLY watched Bill Maher last night?

Did Hillary say "I think on balance NAFTA has been good for New York and America?"

Attention. Is this mic on? *Tap* *Tap* - Good Evening. Could all the racists check in for a moment?

Al Sharpton comes out swinging!

Al Sharpton comes out swinging!

Hillary's Great Service

My (crappy) pics from last night's Austin Obama rally

Here's why Hillary flipped out today...

The Audacity of Hopelessness

She's not unhinged--She tried a calculated, underhanded attack on Obama.

Oh dear.

Obama responds on mailers, and hits Clinton's experience

Hillary Texas Backer: It's Obama's race to lose

How will Hillary explain her support for garnishing wages to a general election audience?

As an Ohioan, I'm sickened to see Ted Strickland standing behind Hillary in Cincinnati...

My response to Hillary's criticism of Obama's mailings...

Hillary Appears To Have Gone Over the Edge

Did Hillary Clinton Really Support NAFTA? I wonder.....Obama sure thinks so

NYT article is practically a Clinton Obit

She Was A Bad Egg.

You are witnessing the worst run campaign in modern history in its death throes in slow motion

Race baiting. Rezko. Handshake. Plagiarism. Mailers.

Here's the Beef: Obama's 65-page BLUEPRINT 4 CHANGE (Pt.3) - Obama supporters K&R, Print 4 Undecided

Here's the Beef: Obama's 65-page BLUEPRINT 4 CHANGE (Pt.2) - Obama supporters K&R, Print 4 Undecided

Here's the Beef: Obama's 65-page BLUEPRINT 4 CHANGE (Pt.1) - Obama supporters K&R, Print 4 Undecided

Here's the Beef: Obama's 65-page BLUEPRINT 4 CHANGE (Pt.1) - Obama supporters K&R, Print 4 Undecided

Saying Hillary became unhinged is disingenuous

Remember how Hillary Clinton told the media that her staff want NOT working without pay

Obama supporters check in please.


As an Obama supporter who has never liked Hillary, I think DU today is excessive

YOU ARE A SEXIST!! (You might be a sexist if......)

View from the other side of the pond

The History of Hillary's Campaign in Emoticons

Absoluetely best- and I mean the best- scenario Clinton can be in past 3/4

Dancing on the graves of 45% of democrats is not helpful or productive

To those who are criticizing Obama for not attending Tavis Smiley's event today

GMAFB HILLARY!!! "Since when do Democrats attack each other?"

why Hillary is Right to go after Obama

Is sexism the last form of bigotry that's acceptable? At DU??

Is sexism the last form of bigotry that's acceptable? At DU??

The Myth of Barack Obama -- The Talkie Do!

I think I have discovered a pattern.

Just a Little Reminder: Obama Has Never Faced a Republican Opponent

Wow! Hillary is rocking it today. Calling out Obama on his lies and Republican like tactics

To all of Hillary's female supporters

Suggestion for Hillary supporters who attack Obama for "being DLC": STOP!!

I have responded at least 20 times to the Obama is empty rheotric, no one knows specifics, claims

The Audacity of Hopelessness (Frank Rich)

DC Politicians and Pundits

Now Hillary too blasts outsourcing (WTF??)

Outsourcers for Hillary! >>>

What the terms "Universal Health Plan" and "covered" imply....

Received Mailers From Obama and HRC Today.....

As soon as Hillary starts to regain my respect

Gradations of Hillary Campaign Meltdown

Raging inflation in China could spread to Asia Pacific

20 year old from my community has been killed in Iraq

So did you see Dan Froomkin on Olbermann Friday night?

Did any DUers watch Amnesia with Dennis Miller?

Something thoroughly disgusting that I saw today...a W '08 bumper sticker.

The absurdity of religious conservatism

Who novelists are contributing to -- Dean Koontz likes Mittens and Fred Thompson!

Bush told in advance of Turkish Iraq incursion (Come On In)

What is the best way to fight against the political power of the right wing Christian extremists?

Is "bribery" OK if it prevents war and violence?

Hillary has one hell of a nerve talking about Democrats attacking Democrats. Just ask John Kerry.

Gas prices jump to highest level since June

Ashes of Margaret Truman Daniel to be interred Saturday at parents' burial plot

UK mulling a national DNA base

Beyond Net neutrality

Abraham Lincoln (Republican) robs bank in Bridgewater, Mass.

Obervation/question re Fundrace 2008 at HuffPo

Up late?...Try the "Wayback Machine"

C-span David Jackson about Iraq War Profiteering - dupe/delete

Was a Colonel's Death in Iraq Something More Sinister Than Suicide?

Chicago Trib author of Iraq War Profiteeting article on WJ now

Bushco Claims Telcos Are REFUSING To Cooperate With His Lawbreaking

Rockets or mortars hit Green Zone (breaking)

Duplicate ... shit

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire: Iseman Client Contradicts McCain Campaign On Meetings

The new invasion of Iraq

Election Fraud 21st century still a big problem

Rolling Stone: The Myth of the Surge

What Is Working Families Vote 2008?

One should not just lie. One should lie aggressively and tactically (Scott Horton)

World has very strong case to act against Iran, says Rice

The State of the Black Union

A rare picture of the one man who made "the surge" work

Bush Radio 2/23/08: "Congress left on a 10-day recess, left our Nation vulnerable to attack"

Question about Roger Clemens

Diebold voting machine key copied


Ominous Signs Remain in City Run by Iraqis: If Basra is model, future is dark (and murderous)

Constitution v. Cowardice

I suggest we start brainstorming Cabinet members that are outside of Congress

The New Invasion of Iraq

37 months jail for stealing $7.3 million?

Iraq's Latest Psychological Operation: Comic Books (Updated)

Patriotic, soul-stirring, butt-clenching PHOTO: Junior and Pickles give a big thumbs-up to Monrovia

price of bread up in Afghanistan too, whose people are way poorer then us

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board consigns Republicans to minority now and "for years to come"

KO does MST 3K

FOX News = Parade of Propaganda and Festival of Ignorance (Great video)

DU in a nutshell

KTLK (Randi Rhodes, Tom Hartmann) Hires Virulent Racist

Are any of you watching Brian Latell on Book TV (C-Span 2, Book-TV)

Big Coal Tries To Bribe Kansas Legislature To Approve New Coal Plants

When Is Bill Reilly Going To Be Fired & Taken To Task For His Lynching Remark Againat Michelle Obama

My vote poster, tarteting young voters

Sudanese official tells Condi to lick her elbow

Some Progress to Report for Saudi Women

mmmmmm Hungry! When we gona eat!

hey everyone! the rich kid-popular kid clique is having a popularity contest!

Yes the New York Times DOES Have More

Pushed to the Altar: The Right Wing Roots of Marriage Promotion

"Parade of Propaganda" and a "Festival of Ignorance"

US: Banning smoking in one state and easing gun ban in another?

Afghanistan - General McNeill (head of the "NATO" forces there) says it will take 400,000 troops

In 2 years as a Senator, Obama authored 152 bills - Hillary: 20 in 6 years

The Japanese Whalers are On the Run Again - Target Lock

be carefull if you go to Saint Kitts or Nevis - sick fish

McCain's "Inappropriate Intervention" - Buy Vicki Iseman and you get McCain

McCain newest entry on

What? Shady Shadegg unresigns? Is he related to Larry Widestance?

So, did they drop the dime on themselves? McCain's NYT haters pour $$ his way.

Jack Kingston On Real Time Last Night

Like Pat Buchanan, Limbaugh won’t disappear. He’ll just become a bad joke.

GOP Operative: Rove Sought To Smear Dem w/Video

Seriously there must be something wrong with Bill Simons of

Healthcare Industry Stifles Healthcare

It will be just more of the same with McDrain...

Anyone else notice that Chertoff no longer uses

FREE GIF - bush-mccain help yourself to it

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest 19 yo rape/murder victim Brianna Denison's Funeral

FL Senator Bill Nelson vouches for McCain's integrity


CPAN Now! State of Black America Forum

Poor Hillary, bless her heart,

Heads up Obama presser coming up soon

The Earmark Police Is Hillary or Obama talking about it?

Has CNN Headline News Hired Caption Writers From Fox?

Pls. Delete. nt

Judge Throws Out Subpoena for Unaired CBS Footage in Haditha Case

South Africans in mini-skirts on the run from macho thugs

Since the administration already has predicted $3.40 a gallon for gas by spring,

Sheriffs protest fed drug-war fund cuts

United States of the Telecoms becoming a reality

Crusade of surge and siege: Part one of three

Unemployment Hits Katrina-Level High

Simple Explanation for the Current State of the Economy

McCain’s Favors for Iseman Involved Helping Far Right-Wing Families .... = emptywheel

I won't salute the flag, either.

Father Coughlin -- The Catholic priest who invented hate radio.

Bill Moyers on this week’s JOURNAL Sarah Chayes Afghanistan Failures! Tragic!

Bill Moyers on this week’s JOURNAL Sarah Chayes Afghanistan Failures! Tragic!

House committee may subpoena Ashcroft

Question Time

The three trillion dollar war by Joseph Stiglitz

Nora O'Donnell is having another baby

More reasons to be glad we don't live in Saudi Arabia: 57 men arrested for flirting.

'Virtual fence' on border wins final federal approval

Canceled Cancer Patient Awarded $9 Million

Dahr Jamail - Iragis: 'Surge' Is A Catastrophe

March on Washington August 28, 1963

Sen. Clinton coming up momentarily on the SOTBU...

Is our children learning? Nope: Albuquerque Journal prints unedited middle-school letters

Need help locating petition against Saudi Arabia for death sentence of woman accused of witchcraft

These Democrats crossed party lines in favor of immunity

Glenn Greenwald: McConnell/Mukasey: Eavesdropping outside of FISA is "illegal"

Waxman Looking Into Col. Westhusing's Death?

I think of Republicans as brain munching zombies.

Legislation bans use of evidence tied to torture (Canada)

Using fear...., BushCo has subverted American mythology and our national character.

Why didn't we wait a bit before condemning McCain?

Obama; A Canadian perspective

Governors Oppose Bush's New Medicaid Rules

John McCain’s denials start to unravel in tale of the blonde lobbyist

Why Would An American Lobbyist Represent A Canadian Telcom?

Did Clinton do anything for Gays?

"Mr. Heath Goes to Washington".......Bill Moyers.....A Must Watch!

When I look at John McCain...

Stick a big-ass fork in McCain.

Stick a big-ass fork in McCain.

We have soliders fighting on Prozac and going insane. Sen. Warner investigate that.

Blogswarm The Anniversary Of The Iraq War - March 19

Joke Causes Toledo Mayor To Disconnect Phone Number

Behind the John McCain Lobbying Scandal: A Look at How McCain Urged FCC ... (

Whiff of scandal envelops McCain's campaign, The GOP frontrunner faces fresh allegations over l

The Bush Presidency is far from amusing; it is terrifying (Great LTTE in the Independent UK)

Like my grandfather before me, I am a Democrat

Everyone, Can we please stop tearing each other apart! We should be fighting

Ghost towns created by housing meltdown

5 Years Too Many - Anniversary Of War March 19 Mass Nonviolent Direct Action In D.C.

Court Upholds Dismissal Of Agent-Orange Suits

THE most important resolution that every Democratic Precinct Caucus must ratify in 2008

Tyrannosaurus Debt

Is anyone else watching "A Glory From the God" on CBS? Helped purchase the freedom of 10K slaves !

Serbian Protesters From Moon? (Image may not be work-safe, depending on where you work)

'Forrest Gump" on ABC right now... est.

Springsteen, Young, Pearl Jam make anti-war soundtrack

self deleted

Starbucks Slashes 600 Jobs

Scientists' row over G spot nears a climax

Major General Eugene Carmen Renzi buried February 21, 2008 Rick indicted February 22,2008

5-month-old baby dead after 8 days of neglect

FR: Beating Up/Ridiculing Gay Boys "Cured" Them in "Good Old Days"

I am smarter than the President of the United States, and I post on DU!

I'm putting myself on "ignore"

Do our schools even teach civics classes anymore?

McConnell/Mukasey - ADMIT - Eavesdropping outside of FISA is "illegal"

Amazon tags for Jonah Goldberg's new book "Liberal Fascism" :-)

Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in Iraq

McCain’s ‘Free Ride’ - new book coming out about McCain's cozy relationship with the press

McCain’s ‘Free Ride’ - new book coming out about McCain's cozy relationship with the press

Why do Repubs worship the biggest....

Inculcate your children into the new Amerika

They call themselves Democrats...they should be ashamed!

World Water Day - March 22

Illegal Immigration

Anyone catch the Fox&Friends guest ripping on Faux this morning?

Anyone catch the Fox&Friends guest ripping on Faux this morning?

Smear Job - Horton, Simpson, 60 Minutes - Round Two

Does anyone have a copy of the cover with Bobby and JFK together again in the clouds from 1968?

Is Google giving out your home address complete with a map??

Speaking of Pogo "We Have Met The Enemy"

Should waste water from beef plants be used to water corn?

Awww.. Pervez is sulking..

I hope this isn't true about Al Franken

Washington Post: GAO report on outsourcing projects at the US Forest Service

Weekend 'Toons-McCain edition

Civil, workers rights communities give Rev. Orange final tribute

Getting the Strait Story

Why do Americans seldom admit that the US backed and supported Saddam Hussein for years?

Juicy gem from '06 ..accuses McCain of "dragging his feet" on lobbying reform

How do we 'win' a war in Iraq that has no clearly defined long term objective?

How do we 'win' a war in Iraq that has no clearly defined long term objective?

Microsoft warns on Vista update (BBC) {some programs *may not work*! really!}

First photo of McCain & Iseman together

Just saying

Coffee Klatch Roasting Anti-Starbucks Promotion Sparks Nationwide Free Indie Coffee Uprising

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution by Sara Robinson

In hindsight, the Supreme Court choosing Bush as President...?

Just Think Only 10 More Days Of Clinton!!!!!

Feds to hike fines for hiring illegal immigrants. Penalties increased by 25 percent, may include at


Foreclose on the White House

Does anyone know if a fund has been set up for the fallen Motor cycle officer? Thanks. n/t

Romania Base Suspected CIA Prisoner Site (AP)

Republicans are having kittens because they've lost their Mittens, now wherever will they go?

Would you attend a Clinton event if you were supporting Obama?

I'm shocked SHOCKED that Frank Rich and Bob Herbert have articles critical of HRC. Where's Dowd's?

yesterday it was an online adding machine today it is a parts diagram - help, please?

McCain, Alcalde & Fay, and Cruises to Nowhere

Guess Which Pres Candidate Will Be On SNL Tonight

“Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0%” Vista forever loop cure

Why doesn't the media & even our own Democrats tell the truth about these obscene gas prices?

I am calling for an immediate and total purge...

Appreciation to the Moderators and Administrators of DU.

The Mad, Mad Middle Class

Scott Horton, AL Blog Respond To Misleading 60 Mins./Siegelman Hit Pieces (Mont Indep, Amer Spec)

Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman speaks! You Tube

Gitmo defense lawyers: defending a man driven insane

What is the future of the DLC ?

10 year old raped by Mom's boyfriend; has baby

Why has there been so little love from Democrats for Cynthia McKinney?

White House says phone wiretaps back on "for now"

A question to any Britons- Why did Tony Blair allow himself and Britian to be used by GW Bush?

The BUSHES-Father & Sons - Are & Have Been World Terrorists

Hillary is nice.

A US soldier in Afghanistan: "He killed so many people. He’s checked out."

Want to choke on your own rage for a bit? Here ya go...War profiteers, get 'em while they're hot...

NY mall tries cash handouts to stave off recession

BASELESS RUMOR ?? McCain may keep Cheney as VP ?

Helen Thomas on Sun Myung Moon. Also, Jon Stewart on Moon

Does anyone like/listen to this Lionel person on Air America?

After seeing Clinton speak, I am even more convinced that Obama made the right choice

I had an Epiphany about our government and life/DU tonight....does it make any sense to you?

McCain part of group that created Project for the New American Century

Prison clock says

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

If anyone has an interest in reviving a DU book club please check in

A lesson in history: Hillary's ATTACK mailers!!! and robocalls.

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Mission Darn Near Accomplished!"

Obama lied about serving out his term in the Senate. What else is he lying about?

Ok this has to do with the knuckle draggers that keep saying the earth is only 6,000 years

Super-speed Internet satellite blasts off in Japan

"Recognizing the Real Enemy Here at Home"; Just a reminder of the type of thinking...

Nothing wrong with convincing Republican voters to leave their party

I believe in and practice censorship here at DU

Attack on Scott Horton up on Montgomery Independent Web Site

Jack Abramoff: John McCain’s other Lobbyist problem...

My thanks to DU Baby Boomers and a few recollections of my own to share

Here We Go Again... Batten Down The Hatches California !!!

FDA ties pneumonia deaths to infant vaccine ~ MSNBC

Foreclosures exceed sales (in California for the first time ever)

Here we go... email from Rep. Mike Hubbard ALGOP Chairman (Siegleman/Simpson related)

My globalism rant. What is globalism?

County by County results in previous general elections?

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Smear Job - Round Three - Alabama GOP Mass Meltdown...

Not sure who this guy is, but this is a priceless smackdown on Faux News, live on Faux News

Million Fag March

Siegelman, lala_rawraw supporters: I started a thread at

Proposed West Virginia bill would require "Fetus Registry"

Yes, The NY Times Does Have More... On Senator mcCain and Ms Iseman

How Could Anyone Accuse DU or its Admins or Mods of censoring anyone or anything?

"The Proper Criticism of Some Decent People"

So what were YOU doing in the eighties?

Broken Nation

Howard. Dean. Destroys. McCain...AGAIN.

Health care: 22 million reasons to support Hillary

Emmaline,oh my Emma.Emmaline

Lightning crashes

Holding back the tears - Simply Red

Radiohead - Street spirit

Daniel Lanois - The Messenger

Band of Horses.

More censorship here at DU?

Honesty.. that's the "real" issue.

Everlast - What it's like

Once so long ago.....

My dad passed away 6 years ago this month.

Bono Presents Frank Sinatra with Grammy Legend Award 04:48

I am sooooo sick...

He ain't heavy,he's my brother.

Oh Well...

I shall sell these for millions!

Bald kitty

Light show

Oh God, NO! (Perry Bible Fellowship is ending)

Sawing logs

I'll just stay in here, thank you

Dupe - self delete

Starry starry night...........

Carina Nebula

Knock Knock....

If you had a choice on changing someone else's DU name, what would it be and ...

GD in a nutshell

Whatever happened to the "Mods please delete this" post that had like 23952352325235 replies?

Any ambien add.. err takers?

I can't take it any more

My sincere apology to any and all I may have offended here...

Snow delayed the Friday night /\ gathering - now open

Uh...Is he a cable guy or a health inspector?

Fascinating owl pic

I suppose if I get outside and get the shovelling done

Worth posting again: The coolest thing ever!

pointless signs

caption this

Don't Let It Show - The Alan Parsons Project

Something is wrong about this picture

I did not win the Mega-MIllions. That is all.

Freedom and Confidence

Just watched "The Sin of Madelon Claudet"

Semi-sweet Dark Chocolate! Holiday-inspired Peppermint. Creamy lowfat milk...


It's on - just got the acceleration of mortgage loan notice

Good Morning Lounge.

Can you guys do me a favor? How long does this page here take you to load?

For those who have been "Rick Rolled..."

Another poem to share

Anyone going to the fight at Madison Square Garden tonight?

Yeast = bread Viagra.


Well... isn't that special... I just misspelled "their" 1,323 times in public!

Gm's Bob Lutz calls global warming "total crock of shit"; same co cutting entire US hourly workforce


Lynn Johnston to end, then begin again "For Better or For Worse"







Enzyte Company Owner Guilty Of Fraud

What is your favorite college mascot?

What are you listening to right now?

Have you ever had a car in which something died?


Now Barn, I don't want this getting back to Ope or Goob, but someone said Fuck you in the lounge





Lounge Challenge!

"A for effort" or "E for effort" - which is correct?

I've walked twelve miles since Monday

Quick, somebody hose me down with Lysol.

I Just Hate to be told to Wake Up. What do you hate?

Let's rename this "The Champagne Room"

Meanwhile, over in GD-P...


Now THIS takes talent!


Selling cars to women.

Uh-oh!!! I've stirring up the shit in GD:P again!

funny, or in poor taste?

There is trouble in GD! Skinner is being ignored!

Describe your worst "pointy haired" boss

The 2008 Razzies have been announced! (Hint: It's a big year for Lindsey Lohan).

No Country For Old Men - Yay or Nay?

You guys!! Vote this up!!!!

Is anyone here going to do an Oscar prediction poll/contest?

Wire Fans

The Worn Out and the Regressive: a soap opera



Fudge recipe

Florida House Speaker may consider bill to protect teachers who criticize evolution.

"Brazillion Joke" sighting in GD-P

The Wonderlic Exam at The NFL Combine (Sample Test)

Everyone who posted in madinmaryland's GD:P thread, listen up!!!

Maxim magazine gives Black Crowes CD 2-1/2 star review without listening to it ("an educated guess")

So. I meet my new Nephew today. Gift Ideas?

Helping my Sister with a report for her business ethics class...

Contest: Name the Acronym

*SoCal (Orange County) Meetup Pics!*



I just got a myspace message from my bff in 5th grade

My friend got a puppy, pics of Duke.

'65 Chevy commercial. Recognize anyone?

What the hell is with the bathtubs in the middle of fields in TV ads?

UH-oh. GD:P is claiming that Obama is trying to be like the Patriots and run-up

Chevy Tahoe hybrid sips gas

my newest painting

It's my Birthday........ask me anything......


Boingo! (as in Oingo Boingo!)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/23/08



Anybody remember Liberals Like Christ?

It's that time of the month, and I have 2 questions:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/23/2008)

Retirement countdown

OK, I gotta lighten up! I need a GOOD joke!

When I was a kid, she scared me shitless.

Another race thread.

Thinking about career change, anyone in the doula field?

Shrill, hysterical wifey fit, unhinged, bitch, witch......

I Miss Bill

Excercise and the Immune System?

Is there anyone here on dial-up?

79 Years Of "Best Picture" winners in posters.

So, I finally plunged onto a cactus pear today... and I totally bought it

Saturday errands. What do you have to do?

My ongoing cat saga: here's a PICTURE!

Okay, Hubby and I just reviewed the nominations at the Oscar site....

* * * * If I put a bunch of astrices here, does that make this thread official? * * * *

I redid the garden bed, and left it idle for about a month. The volunteers are urging me on.

So, I finally took the plunge - I bought a cactus pear today.

I need opinions and comments from guitar players, please

I miss Bill.. (the Cat, that is..)

For those who may buy and sell on eBay - a heads up.

Facebook vs. Myspace.. which do you prefer?

Are there days when you've felt like this?

Parent Question

Is anyone else afraid to open Youtube links for fear of being RickRolled to death?

Why do people clap at the end of movies?

I just spent the day at NIU, so the campus minister could have the day off.

I miss Bill (reprise)

Ever had a night like this?

I rented a movie tonight called "Death at a Funeral"

'Forrest Gump" on ABC right now... est.

You're all I need...

time out !

OK! OK! Jesus Christ! Let go of me! No more bodily function threads, I promise!


A tad stoned, but this is cool

A very cool video from some guy named Serj

I bet the DU mods woke up to the news of the Hillary offense and thought....


New Democratic bumber stickers....

Shine, skygazer — you guys okay?

It's like Spring here today.

DU smilies promote drinking, and we should be ashamed of that...


I scare myself

ugh. My parents.

I touch myself

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.

How come nobody raves about Vaginal Davis any more?

First new episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE tonight since the writer's strike ended

They are putting crap in our water down here

Skeleton closets

I am the RB tonight, so I think, before I say something that I will regret

Department of Things You Didn't Know Until Now

Curvelinear crackers.

My hands are stained and calloused

The most amazing things happen right out of the blue....

Damn, early voting was busy today.

It's official! Saturday Night Live can blow me. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU, Lorne Michaels. YOU.

SNL parodying!

Any Alcoholics here?

The Bats, most underrated band ever?

Tommy Emmanuel...... Initiation(amazing) & Those Who Wait(beautiful song)

Help Me Detox From GD:P

I am babysitting my Aunt's little dog Pomeranian/Poodle mix

People suck: 'Teen gang rape on YouTube'

There's a "Make shit up about Skinner" thread going in GD

SNL thread

In 1938, Orson Welles made a film called "Too Much Johnson."

Holy Mary Mother of God!

Q: What's the difference between a conductor and a sack of fertilizer?

Is anyone else NOT excited about the Oscars this year?

GD:P Too many stupid posts, and only one "ALERT" button!

It's the little things

Man fired over Dilbert cartoon

Caller ID

Youtube: Dog Bite, Is it wrong that I've laughed until I'm in pain?

What is rick rolling? And, what is volume 11?

"Here's a picture of me when I was younger." "All pictures of you are from when you were younger".

Married ( or coupled) DUers, How often do you call your SO?

I'm a self important village idiot obsessed with that Delaware toll booth thingie!

It's Saturday Night, what do you think Midlo is drinking?

What are your vacation plans this year?

We caught the elusive Mom Cat today - HUZZAH!

Why do some of my concert audio DLs play out of sequence?

John Sherrfius Wins the Herblock Award! (great 'toons)

We just got off the phone with NSMA. Ask me anything.

Jeremy Scahill on Kosovo/Serbia: Empire is bipartisan...

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: 5 Years Too Many

Donald Sutherland is such an amazing actor.

I saw a car covered with Clay Aiken stuff today. Seriously. (Pics inside.)

Why do rappers get away with homophobia so easily?

Around the world, in Rock music.

Damn Lucy-fer, she is a difficult dog.

Name a song that you like by a band or performer you normally DO NOT like.

Nascar Schedules, anyone?

voter registration - the youth vote

Is there such a thing as abusing the Ignore feature?

Oscar Prediction Thread

*** Taylor Marsh Appreciation Thread ***

What's a relationship breaker for you?

What do you look for in a relationship

I just love it when the husband makes dinner, instead of me, for a change

100 greatest Guitar Solos!

The Oscars Should Operate Like The Baseball Hall of Fame

**** PIC THREAD ***** Post a picture of yourself at work! Or if you don't work, wherever!

pic thread!

OK, well I can laugh now....

"We're no strangers to luuuuurrrv...."

Most over-rated Oscar winner, and the person who should have won?

It's Saturday night...what are you drinking?

OK shoe designers, who the heck do you think wants to wear

Republican Strategists Working Toward a Win in November

Hey, We're Ordering Pizza! What Do You Want on Yours?

Need some outside perspective. Having a hard time with this.

Hillary's desperate moment, with video

Hillary's desperate moment, with video

Hilllary's campaign, Larry Johnson, Taylor Marsh and their despicable hypocrisy

Keine Angst! ... It´s just a message about a "Germany Forum"

Building the Progressive List-

I found a picture of my late cat

damn. i hate these threads, but i am gonna anyway. loosing a dog.

LOL Church Signs

A Powerful Union May Be Hedging Its Bets in Albany

Iraq: rockets or mortars hit Green Zone

Ex-Guantanamo Prosecutor to Testify for Suspect: Lawyer

Kosovo Serb protesters attack UN police

US will back new Iran sanctions

Iraq: rockets or mortars hit Green Zone

Argentine, Brazil presidents pledge to pursue peaceful nuclear energy cooperation

Iraq warns Turkey over incursion

Turks launch invasion against Kurdish rebels

China seeks three-way talks with U.S. and Japan: report

Australia, U.S. affirm alliance

Serbs resume protests in northern Kosovo

Stealth bomber crashes; pilots safe

Early Vote Patterns in Harris County (TX) Spell Trouble for Clinton Campaign

Yahoo sued for spurning Microsoft

North Korea detains Russian ship

Nuclear Agency Says Iran Has Used New Technology

Spy Law's Lapse Doesn't Hurt National Security, Conyers Says(radio address)

Opposition anger at Mugabe party

Russia warns it will use force to back Serbia

Class action suit against Microsoft gets greenlight

U.S., Allies Should 'Apologize' For Sanctions On Iran: Ahmadinejad

Head of Iraqi journalists' union shot, seriously wounded

2 held for running US visa racket (India)

Bush Says Companies Need the Protection of the Wiretapping Law

Former Paxson Exec Denies McCain Meeting

(Lack of) Connecting credit dots prolongs crisis

Head of Iraq Journalist Union Wounded in Gun Attack

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Governors Oppose New Medicaid Rules

Ag official's priority: avoiding jail (Undersec. Mark Rey)

White House says phone wiretaps back on "for now"

'Wrong,' Clinton says of Obama's campaign mailings

Siegelman Lawyers Say Judge Made Errors (New Motion Filed)

Homeowners losing equity lines

US has more trust in Obama than Clinton, McCain: Survey

Yemeni-American sought by FBI appears in Yemen for a court trial, walks free

Obama May Face Grilling on Patriotism

Springsteen, Young, Pearl Jam join anti-war soundtrack: Benefits Iraq Vets Against the War

Saudi men arrested for 'flirting'

Gay teen shot dead while dressed as woman in Fort Lauderdale

Sheriffs protest fed drug-war fund cuts

U.S. considers easing ban on guns in national parks

'Vista Capable' lawsuit against Microsoft now a class action

Once Immune, Utah Is Feeling Economic Dip

Freed dissidents expose Castro's brutal regime

McCain blasts Obama's offer to meet Cuban leader

Serb minister blames U.S. for anti-embassy riots

Fannie and Freddie Losses

Hooking Left: Cuba Tees Up Golf's Revival

Fifty Years After the 'Peace Sign,' Designers Agree on the 'War Sign'

'E&P' Editor Unveils His New Book on Iraq and the Media

Bush Legacy Already Established by Helen Thomas

Gail Collins: A Bad Year to Be a Mallard

Beyond Net neutrality

Jeremy Scahill: Belgrade Riots at U.S. Embassy Prove Our Empire Is a Bipartisan Project

Governors rip feds in annual policy speeches

WSJ: Renzi and Republicans

Ominous Signs Remain in City Run by Iraqis

Bush Administration Authorizes Break-in at Wikileaks' Psychiatrist's Office

NYT editorial: Before Another Bridge Falls

Inside the world of war profiteers--Chicago Tribune

Bob Herbert: Hillary on the High Road?

Snake Oil Sellers of the Christian Right?

McCain Concedes He Lobbied FDA For Early Approval of Viagra

Open-Armed Policy by Cindy Sheehan

If Kosovo, why not Palestine?

More McCain Trouble: Petitioned FCC to Get His Cable Company to Show Up on Time

Ameriquest Owner to Quit Post as Ambassador to the Netherlands

Conservative Cannibalism

Bush's Insane Solution for a Falling Satellite

Campaign for America's Future Now Talking Violent Revolution; Still Won't Say the Horrible I Word

Duke shows it's clueless

Paul Krugman Says He Was "Censored" By New York Times!

JFK lost the Cuban Missile Crisis

County Clerks are going berserk in Colorado

Fidel Castro retired last week (Tom Shields / Sunday Herald)

FARC set to release more hostages to Venezuela

Egalité! Liberté! Sexualité!: Paris, May 1968

Hillary's Other Foreign Policy Judgment Call

The 44th president's $4 trillion headache (

A Future to Wince At (Cubans)

The next slum?

I'm tough on Rookies; My Apologies.

NYT: "Battle Company Is Out There"

Laboratory for a Fortressed World! Naomi Klein on Gaza

Turkish onslaught paves way for major assault on Iraq Kurds

Outsourcing Will Ultimately Lead to Fascism in America by Richard Backus

Apology that flies in face of integrity (Ian Bell on extraordinary rendition)

Election Madness By Howard Zinn

Has Bush Been Spying, Blackmailing Congressional Democrats? By Paul Craig Roberts

New Generation Obama vs. status quo/seniors McCain & DLC Hillary

When Christianity Is UnAmerican

Top psychiatrist concludes liberals clinically nuts

Wall Street Bank Run By David Ignatius

Barack supports social security (no privatisation)

Ann Coulter Walks Off Set

Barack speaks out on his patriotism, the spin and old politics

Bill's got his writers back!

Rare Philip K Dick interview

Greenland Is Melting Away

Dan Abrams - It's Not How Many States Obama Has Won

"Objective Observers" Give Their Take On McCain Scandal

Music Video-America's Hope-Obama 08 (featuring JFK)

New Rules - 2/22/08

Telecom Terror TV

Hillary Clinton Flip Flops on NAFTA Meet The Press

House Judicary Hearing w/ Alberto Gonzales: Rep. Artur Davis Questioning

Time To Say Goodbye

House Judiciary Hearing on Selective Prosecution: Rep. Scott Opening

House Judiciary Hearing on Selective Prosecution: Richard Thornburgh Opening

Obama - How we bring about the change we seek.

Obama Boogie in Texas!

5 Years Too Many

Congo Lisa Must See Video

Hillary: Activity Grrl.

Charlie Rose - Samantha Power, Foreign Policy Advisor to Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton does nothing for Unions while on WalMart Board

Judging Judicial Nominees

Al Gore Rhythm

Shame on You Barack Obama Hillary Attack MUSIC VIDEO

"There are going to be other wars"

Hillary Clinton loses her mind (Full version)

Shame on Hillary!!!

Obama Song Spanish Reggaeton

I'm On The Table 2, Shirley Golub runnig against Pelosi to put Impeachment on the table!

Check Out What Karl Rove Did To Don Siegelman = TheYoungTurks 2008.02.22

Clinton to Obama "Shame on you"

Karl Rove made plans to BLACKMAIL Alabama Governor

The Billion Dollar Home

Rant on Bill Maher Guest Jack Kingston

Special coating improves solar cell performance

Adding alternative fuel to the fire (wood pellets, Maine)

Promoting cycling - UK

Climate neutral forum

World fisheries face collapse

Carl Pope: League of Conservation Voters give John McCain a score of ZERO in 2007

Idaho Utility Companies, Wind Developers Come to Agreement

Solar Power Units Providing Clean Drinking Water and Electricity (in Iraq)

Renewables shift is big business

Canada's nuclear fallout

Move Over, Oil, There’s Money in Texas Wind

Arizona to become 'Persian Gulf' of solar energy (AP/CNN)

Aust(ralia) to be hit hard by climate change

Huge investments coming up in photovoltaic wafers (India)

Worldwide shortage of rice shoots prices soaring

The Next Price to Watch for After $100 Oil

A Five-Point (Energy) Plan for Just About Any Home (WP)

UK lags behind on eco energy

Scotland to get its first carbon neutral eco-town

Britain's year zero: UK to leap from 'laggard to leader' on carbon dioxide emissions

Eco-friendly French to ship their wine (to UK) under sail

Traces of unapproved GMO trait found in U.S. corn - Reuters

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean (BBC) {MFTE}

Solar Energy and Polysilicon Shortages to End in 2008

Natural Gas Market Heats Up

Energy storage nears its day in the sun

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 at Sub-$18,000

Time to Get Serious About Climate Change: The Truffle Crisis.

4,460 to advance

HRC pushes for e-filing evals by April 1

B-2 crashes on Guam; both pilots safe

Three Fort Campbell soldiers killed in Iraq

CIA families face burdens like the military

Many troops in assaults also have TBI

Testing breakthrough for mild TBI

Accusations prompt day of reflection in Japan

Electronic databases consolidated

NCO off the hook in missing Hood soldier case

Soldier dies from non-combat-related illness

Gates eyes troop reduction despite July pause

150 N.M. guardsmen return from Iraq

Lake Erie CO describes anti-satellite shot

Sources: CMC did not get honorable discharge

Nuclear sub North Carolina delivered to Navy

Dolphin dies during Navy sonar exercises

Judge rejects subpoena for Hadithah interview

Recruiters armed with drug-test kits

Call from missing Marine vet gives family hope

Backtalk: Bloated budget

Satellite shootdown puts focus on security

Pilot killed in F-15 collision identified

F-22s deploy with active-duty, reserve airmen

B-52 makes emergency landing at Minot

Upgraded sniper targeting pod unveiled

Colonel to testify for bin Laden driver

McGuire team ready to chase satellite pieces

UAV pilots can now attend Weapons School

USFJ community pauses for ethics training

Desert dog to be waiting when devil dog returns

U.S. troops setting down roots in Mosul

$7,000 stolen from chapel at Mildenhall

New panel will focus on rural health issues

Marine investigated in counterfeiting scam

Prosecutor: Accused Marine is ‘cooperative’

Fewer helos, same workload keep aviation brigade busy

2nd ID bids farewell to third soldier since December

Despite crash, most F-15s at Kadena still cleared for flight

Six Month Cease-Fire Broken?

Defense Tech: Osprey Gets Its Gun

UK Troops Accused of Executing Iraqis

Army Launches Reset Pilot

Software Facility Project Underway

Troops at Okinawa, Japan bases react to restrictions

Troops Must Follow Rules for Political Activities

First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor

AFL-CIO, U.K. Unions Join Forces Against Union-Busters

Bankrupt Interstate Bakeries’ bonus plan sparks objections ($6 million in bonuses to management)

Today in labor history February 23 (William Randolph Hearst, Woody Guthrie)

NWA-Delta merger deal ready for airlines to sign

Indiana GE plant workers await options (another plant closing 900 people)

Win Hunting or Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

Kids sweatshirt (union bug) UNION made in the USA


This is an example of a union bug

AP: Legal Move Pushes GM Retiree Plan Ahead

Clinton's labor loss

American Airlines meets with union leaders to discusses potential merger

Family-owned firms butt heads with factories

Debate over Indiana's proposed illegal immigration bill ends in walkout

Directors defend Olympics films after Spielberg walkout

Elliott Co., unions reach deal

Weyerhaeuser eliminates 300 jobs in Saskatchewan: Steelworkers slam province for lack of action

2 more state superdelegates pledge support for Obama

Organising young workers: it can be done!

Starbucks settles suit over overtime pay with 350+ assistant managers

UFCW union lobbied on workers' rights

University of Minnesota will pay $1.5 million to non-union workers

UPS Freight Workers in N.Y., California Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

Captive Audience Bill: Unlawful Interference With Free Speech

This year, the AFL-CIO endorsement actually what should they ask for?

Why You Need a Union

Congress Pushing Overhaul Of Union Organizing Law



National Intelligence Director: Venezuela to intervene in Salvadoran elections

COMRADE FIDEL: "Who Wants to be in the Garbage Dump?"

RIGHTS-PERU: Survivors Come Face-to Face with Massacre Leader

RIGHTS-PERU: Survivors Come Face-to Face with Massacre Leader

Colombian trade pact condemned

Changing Social Attitudes About Debt

N. American Union, beef and the dollar

Credit Card Reform Is Coming

Commercial property values in for steep drop, says loan liquidator

Turbulent Wall St. erodes state pension funds

Things That "Can't" Happen

Juan Manuel Serrat, then and now

Ramon calls for evacuation of settlers east of security fence

Egypt security officials warn Hamas against future border violations

Why the Arabs were defeated

If Kosovo, why not Palestine?

Hamas: Palestinian Authority worse than Israel

Boy’s Killing, Labeled a Hate Crime, Stuns a Town

Transphobia in this week's "Entertainment Weekly".

Re-Post Round-up: Past DU Threads on the issue of Born Gay vs Choice, Natural vs Un-Natural

Another senseless death.

Meet New People & Help Raise $25,000 for SLDN

Parents talk about transgender child's transition

Heterosexual tests law on gay discrimination

Articles Of Faith: Ridiculing gay men is hateful way to preach

Sorry, I just don't get Gay/bi Republicans!

If anybody wants to record This Week with George Stephanopoulos tomorrow

Omg - I was just cleaning up my DVR - going thru programs I taped and erasing ones I didn't want to

Avoda Aravit' - breaking TV barriers

Links for many neat places

warning in dream fragment

My Husband's Second Career as a Middle-Aged Crooner! (and other stories)

Hi all, I am new to this group - my name is The Straight Story

Champ Car & IRL agree to merger

The team to beat.

Ten years ago, we lost Harry Caray

My brother got hit with a technical in his first game as a pro head coach...

10-week interactive webinar with Eckhart Tolle & Oprah discussing "A New Earth" (starts Monday, 3/3)

I just watched the director's cut of 'The Natural'

Clemens’ lawyer told photo places pitcher at Canseco’s house

U.S. flu season worsens as new vaccines ordered

Urinary tract infections may come from pets

Alabama Wins $215m Landmark Medicaid Case Against Drug Company

Ever heard of FDA preemption??

Magnesium intake may cut risk of gallstones

re: quitting smoking and ear seeds- A Traditional Therapy Finds Modern Uses

Health Net ordered to pay $9 million to cancer patient

Ginseng May Relieve Cancer Fatigue

Aloe Vera Gel effective in Oral Lichen Planus

Computers 'spot Alzheimer's fast' (BBC)

Antifatigue effects of coenzyme Q10 during physical fatigue.

Am I the only one sick of reading people personally insult each other on this board?

look at this cake recipe (cross posted from lounge)

i put some beans on to soak last night, but now we're going out to dinner

The Whole Foods website has some great recipes!

Belgian chocolate liquor processed with alkali?

What's for dinner tonight?

Rye Bread Recipe

Edgar the Egret

Some more shots of Osgoode Hall.

Downtown Asheville

Church manager admits stealing

Anti-Gay Fundie Teens prepare for cultural war.

Top ten pictures of our universe as picked by astronauts. Youtube video.

Dick Cheney's Radical Idea about Shooting His Friends...... Including the Bush Administration

Senate unanimously OKs ‘Castle Doctrine’ bill

LTTE “Obama and civil liberties”, what lies ahead if BO is our candidate



Feds to Open Parks to Guns

More Democrats Line Up for Sensible Firearms Legislation

Interviews with P.D. Scott and Dan Hamburg about Martial Law, COG and 9/11

Exploiting 9/11 to push for pointless war & the radical conservative agenda was the true conspiracy

While the Olsen thread slugfest continues... a question.

Kucinich is about to loose his election because....................

How the 9/11 Commission Got it Wrong

He's o-o-o-o-o-o-ou-t! Bob Ney Out For "Good" Behavior

Five Things to Keep an Eye on in Ohio

Election Reform and Related News, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008

Help me in GD Primaries please :)

Just Stupid Enough to Be True- chicago's magic pen & republican judge.

Sylvia Cartoons Feature Our "Favorite" Topic...

EAC may allow states to use remaining HAVA funds to replace DREs

Interesting Presidential comment from Al Giordano at "The Field"

why JK's combat experience mattered in 2004, and still matters

Kerry again gets high league of conservation voters ratings

Will Kucinich "put" investigation lead to Egyptian rogue financier Anthony Elgindy?

The Austin Chronicle Endorses Sam Houston and Justice Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court!

My (crappy) pics from last night's Austin Obama rally

Texas Vote Edwards in Your Primary - force the DNC to put his populist platform into dem platform

My in-laws are voting for Obama!

EXCELLENT rules clarification from TDP - MUST READ

What a time to be sick! :-(

Theater recommendation: The Syringa Tree at Jungle Theater

Jason Lewis does not want Pawlenty on the Republican ticket

NYT, pg1: No Longer in Race, Bill Richardson Is a Man Pursued

In South Texas, Obama Focuses On Hispanic Voters

Confirmed by Matt Lewis of Townhall: Hillary Clinton would be much

Cool's Hot-and-Cold Constituency: Obama inspires a story on style

Candidates divide black community

Clinton Soldiers On Despite Setbacks: But an anonymous adviser speaks about her future

Clinton loses pro-abortion leader's endorsement to Obama

Obama backers file formal complaint to FEC to shut down 527

The right, Obama's patriotism, Bill Maher

Veep pool swimming with governors


Need to extend a USB device

Windows Vista "Forever Loop" Fix.

McClatchy: Why doesn't negative campaigning work like it used to?

A lot of anti-Obama threads being posted this morning.

Anyone from Dayton, Ohio here? A question..

AP right wing smear on Barack Obama

Just went to the Carrboro volunteer meeting.

Si Se Puede Cambiar

Yeah, right...

Very good debunk site on the anti Obama Israel smears

Um, YUCK!! Did you guys see Hillary?

Shout out to Montrealers

Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Stephanie Miller and me.

Just got back from Obama rally downtown

37 months jail for stealing $7.3 million?

X post from Lounge- Church sign generator

Saw that one coming...(the usual movie rant)...

What do you make of Michael Savage? Another right wing closet case? Just an act? Just another bigot?