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McCaingate - ABC, CBS, Faux, MSNBC web sites got it...not CNN!

Clintons “Pimped” Chelsea in 2000 To Get Peter Paul To Give Hillary Another $100k

Obama outspent Hillary 4 to 1 in ads in Wisconsin?

RW talking point underscores questionable past association

This is the Republican "Hey! Get off my damn lawn!" candidate...

Has anyone visited our friends the freaky Freeps to see what they're saying re: McCain?

Bill oreilly: "I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama **UNLESS** "

Clintons to face fraud trial (note the mogul is getting help from some repug grp)

What do you think they will come up with on Obama?

TX: Fire crews called to Clinton headquarters

Maybe Chris Matthews Should Run for Senate Now as a Betrayed Lover?

The negative attacks against Obama by Hillary & McCain will give

Obama inspires brand of beer in Kenya

where is the obama sticker template site

In the GE, should the Dems go after Mccain Re: Vicki Iseman?

Another Presidential Candidate Gay Sex Scandal.

Why is that fat bastard Craig Crawford on the MSNBC Obama Documentary?

Why is that fat bastard Craig Crawford on the MSNBC Obama Documentary?

Clinton Surrogate unnecessarily smears not just Obama but his supporters

"Hey There, Obama" . . . written in science class and detention worthy . . .

Does Hillary now sound like Huckabee? and can we call her Hillabee?

Debate Day, YEAH! n/t

Baltimore Sun: Democratic campaign nears tipping point

My husband is calling me Forrest Gump this morning.

McCain's mistress is good news for Amy Poehler

McCain said that the relationship was not romantic...

Mccain and his liason with a Telecom Lobbyist...

McCain, "Founding Member of the Keating Five"

Remember Gary Hart? And she wasn't a lobbyist!!

My friends, I do not do favors for blonde lobbyists for any amount of nookie

When was the last time we had an inspirational president?

Small Online Contributions Add Up to Huge Fund-Raising Edge for Obama


Rep.Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, Florida endorses Obama

Those of you who donated to Hillary...

A fact about remaining delegates that you may not know

Well Bill Clinton never had a "romantic relationship with that woman" either. Just sex!

Obama wins Democrats Abroad primary 65% to 35%

Are Clinton supporters more patriotic than Obama supporters?

Obama gives opponents plenty of ammunition

Do You Believe John McCain Played "Hide The Banana" With Vicki Iseman?

What McCain is NOT saying in his press conf. re the lobbyist scandal

Interesting new Survey Poll head to head

Senator and soon-to-be President Obama, please rethink this strategy...

Obama pulling in many more people in Texas rallies than Hillary....

killer line from NYT: "...McCain acknowledged behaving innapropriately and..."

If you were accused of doing something you didn't do

Tweedy Is A Lobbiest

If we must see some scandal after scandal involving sex,

McDeath really is a Maverick

Michelle Obama: "Jane Fonda Patriot of the Year Award" Recipient!

Coast to Coast AM predicts a McCain-Rice ticket.

Cindy McCain scares the bajeebus out of me

Has there been a Huckabee Comment Yet? Hmmmm.....

Can a black man with the middle name "Hussein" win in the GE?

Huckabee's wife stays at Hooters Las Vegas

Anatomy of Hillary's Defeat

Clinton camp splits on message - LAT (Penn and early campaign strategy)

Rasmussen Poll Obama 46, Clinton 41

By Feb 1, 2.3 million Calif votes had been mailed in


(Article) "A History of Hope" -- A response to the Anti-Hopesters

Pic of Bush with McCain's girlfriend!

** Obama wins another primary: Dems Abroad (11 delegates)

McCain has reacted badly to this story IMHO ....

Ras Poll: Michigan Obama leads McCain by 8; McCain and HRC dead heat

OBAMA-A new face for American diplomacy (Salon)

Obama's likable enough, I suppose,

Would a Colin Powell endorsement help Obama?

Wisconsin's 17 year-old unpledged delegate

Trippi Talks

The media is afraid...

Remember so many here saying McCain was hated by his party? Watch for the united front today.

Remember so many here saying McCain was hated by his party? Watch for the united front today.

Will Huckleberry Hound be the GOP nominee?

Hillary = glass half full; Obama = glass half empty

Over used words on DU!!!!

Obama Robbed In New York

PA Poll: Hillary 44 Obama 32 (Hillary losing steam)

Name the McCain scandal!

They'll be seated tonight at the debate according to this article.

If I'm not mistaken, Romney only "suspended" his campaign

Thanks to whoever just gave me a heart!

so who thinks the paid shills for Hillary have managed to

Zealotry is bad in most if not all situations

Hillary Needs More Than Wins, She Needs Money Too

George W. Bush: 19% Approval

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

But could he deliver? Time to evaluate the man and not the

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

Why McCain will win

BREAKING : EARTHQUAKE 6.3 Magnitude HITS NEVADA .... reported by MSNBC...n/t

The People’s Questions (for tonight's debate)

Why McCain will win

Members of the black Congressional caucus are pressing others to endorse Obama

Paul v Clinton: Civil Fraud Case Starts Today

Huckabee's wife takes a breather at a Vegas fight, rests at Hooters

Huckabee -vs- Obama


YIPPEEE! It's a sex scandal! Better yet it's GRANDPA!

OMG!! O'Reilly uses the word "lynching" re Michelle Obama!!!

OMG!! O'Reilly uses the word "lynching" re Michelle Obama!!!

So you think the McCain thing is the best thing since sliced bread?

McCain: "A victim of the liberal press."

I'm For Obama, but it's NOT over yet.

McCain will not tell a lie. But at he may not RECALL sex scanal events

Obama Folks: Michelle's Remark edited by FauxNews before viral posting

Pollster: Obama closes in on 50%....

Third rails in politics

A serious question i.e. experience

Change To Win Union Endorses Obama

keep things positive

who is Larry Sinclair? The right is hitting back after the hit piece

Pet Peeve: You Are NOT An Oracle.

By the bye... I have put together a pretty good spread sheet that tracks each primary, Exitt polls

About the counting. . .

I expect that there will be a question regarding Kosovo in tonight's Dem debate

Do you think the McCain lobbyist story will actually rally Repubs to his side?

Any update on Obama's vote count in NYC?

Very Red South Texas: newspaper says about 6,000 showed

Great Rebuttal to Clintonites on a Cincinnati Political blog:

By Friday the story is dead and McCain is more popular with the republicans then ever.

This indeed is a campaign of firsts. We could have the first Panamanian

Cindy McCain is all perky eyed and

Hillary's Goal for tonight!

Clinton Campaign Owes More than 2 Million to Mark Penn

Franklin & Marshall PA Poll: Clinton 44% (+4); Obama 32% (+12)

jeebus folks, this stuff is insane

How McCain dumped his first wife and met Charles Keating.

"It's a clusterfuck! Just a clusterfuck!" - Wheels Come Off Clinton Campaign in Victoria, TX

What will be Obama's most difficult issue / question tonight?

Did the Teamsters not endorse Hillary Clinton because she's a woman?

Wolf Blitzer: Don't Count Hillary Out

For my 3500th post I'd like to say this to GD-P...

Prediction: Obama will pick Edwards as his running mate.

Obama supporters, don't get cocky. Hillary supporters, don't despair.

I think that I just might keep the Kool-Aid Man avatar after the primary too.

Support Head on radio folks

MSNBC reports that McCain: Reports of ties to lobbyist are untrue

What will you be saying after tonight's debate?

How about a little Poot-N-Tange for some gov't deregulation of the communications industry?

Support Head on radio folks

Support Head on radio folks

Why didn't rethugs blow the lid on this McCain story earlier?

Rules before the election: No state can go before Feb5 states, Superdelegates can vote for whoever

CNN Poll - McCain and NYT

Jason Rae, 21 y/o SD from Wisconsin chooses Obama!

Should Al Gore & John Edwards Make A Late Run?


My thoughts on these General Election match-up polls: Ignore them!

A Brilliant Speech About Change

Does anyone have info on emergency landing of Helicopter carrying Sen. Kerry, Biden and Hagel?

"Plouffe in Raleigh" (Obama's campaign manager in Edwards home town)

Matt Bai: Playing by Party Rules

latest gallop poll

Could Obama win Kansas? New SUSA poll has him only six points behind McCain

For my 7000th post, I'll wade into GD:P.

Clinton team: Please don't neglect the MASSIVELY ORGANIZED ground support of the Obama volunteers

OBAMA WINS DemocratsAbroad Primary!!

Clinton Campaign Death Watch; When Will Hillary Call It Quits??

Issues, Plans. Who cares!

Clinton leads in Pennsyvlania 44-32. Clinton ties McCain in PA, Obama loses by 1

something humourous to share

RNC-- "Shameless Liberal Media"

Will Hillary garnish her own wages?

Breaking: Emergency Helicopter Landing in Afghanistan On board

I think that the best strategy is just address McCain on the issues...

An Open Letter to DU. Re: Primaries.

The McCain NYT Story: Smear or Huge Smear? Story at 11.

WSJ: Hillary is like Garfield, Obama like Nermal.

Is the real election following a "West Wing" script? Santos was modeled on Obama!

I think Hillary is a sweet and good person.

I am returning to my boycott of this place.

I am returning to my boycott of this place.

What 'Professionals' came up with that Plan? (Meyers)

DNC Should Dump Super Delegates After 2008

LCV - League of Conservation Voters 2007 Ratings just out - Clinton 73%, Obama 67%, McCain 0%

Hagel, Kerry, Biden, Helicopter Emergency Landing in Afghanistan

I don't think I'll be watching tonight's debate...

In for a penny in for...Holy Freaking Jeebus, $43.2 MILLION!


Jeesh! Not even occupying the Oval Office yet and McCain's already busy making denials!

Hands on my (our) ears, La La La La La La La

How Hillary will attempt to use the McCain story to her advantage tonight....

The Clinton Campaign I'd Like to Have Seen.

Obama Wins Global Primary

the wheels are in motion

Clinton perhaps regaining frontrunner mantle??-now leads Gallup tracking poll

Obama claims to be like Lincoln and JFK, but both were seasoned politicians, not novices like Obama

Who would you rather have as President?

Comparison of missed votes

Are you buying Hillary supporters "concern" over Michelle Obama's gaffe?

Prediction for tonight's debate

It's all about the horse race. A guide to the nomination.

If Hillary can't beat Obama how can she beat McCain?

If Hillary can't beat Obama how can she beat McCain?

Vaporous Obama Turns Off Many Centrists

Being issue-oriented by law, shouldn't 527 discussions be allowed in the General Discussion forum?

Feingold "highly inclined" to endorse Barack Obama (article inside)

Clinton's chances of winning the nomination are SLIM, not ZERO

Huckabbe's Miracle

Once you go Barack

Which is worse...Obama's choice of words or Clinton supporting NAFTA

John McCain's cock revealed!

Obama wins 11th straight - Democrats Abroad Primary in Landslide - BBC

"Tony Rezko was Obama's first significant political contributor"

New York General Election Poll: Obama 57%, McCain 36% - Clinton 52%, McCain 41%

So it turns out Obama's campaign manager did kind of imply that Hillary cannot win.

Should Al Gore and John Edwards do the right thing?

New Name for McCain?

The debate tonight will snap the big mo for Obama and put him on the defensive

I'll bet Hillary talks about BEING PROUD of her country tonight...

The McCain Story Isn't True Yet They Don't Want To Sue



Proof: How Obama is destroying the Democratic party!!!

Gloves are off in the fight to halt Obama

Did you know this? Elected vs unelected superdelegates

John McCain and the Straight Cock Express

Trouble in the Balkans. A Dead Body Found in a Burning U.S. Embassy. Where's Our Secretary of State?

Hispanics in Univision Forums tilting to Obama

Breaking: Rasmussen Texas - Hillary 47, Obama 44

2 More Superdelegates for Obama today (2-21)

Does anyone know. . .?

OBAMA DAILY NEWS THREAD - Thursday Feb-21-08

I think we are seeing the start of the Celine Dion Syndrome

TX Poll Shows a Dead Heat: Clinton 46 Obama 45/IVR Poll: Clinton 50 Obama 45

Open Letter to Obama, by Stephen Fleischman -- Radio Lady's Guest Authors Speak Out Loud!

"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."" Emerson

Obama campaign criticizes pro-Clinton 527 group

self delete - it's already been posted.

Poll: Do you agree that we should not being posting Necons' garbage to trash our candidates.

HELLOOOOOOOO... It's NOT over and she DOESN'T need 65%

"Hillary Clinton is a cancer on the democratic party."

McCain Loan Raises FEC Questions


Delete! this thing was OTT~!

Why Doesn't Obama Talk About The 50 State Strategy & Go After Clinton For Ignoring So Many States?

So what states that count has Obama won?

Good luck to both Clinton and Obama tonight.

What channel is the debate on tonight? And what time? Thanks. nt

I found the BEEF - Obama's Senate Record

Who thinks that, if Michelle Obama becomes the new First Lady,

OH and TX polls continue to tighten, per past primaries.

How do I address this Obama issue?

hillary, i know you have done things right when the gullible turn against you and start chanting,

Obama cuts Clinton Pa. lead in half

Obama cuts Clinton Pa. lead in half

Obama cuts Clinton Pa. lead in half

Obama cuts Clinton Pa. lead in half

Cleveland mayor endorses Obama

Consultant spending saps Clinton campaign

New Statesman: We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/21/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton up 1 (41)

Hillary Clinton wants to display a new image tonight

I hated the timbre of McCain's voice during his press conference

DEBATE: For those who don't have cable, it will be streamed on nt

Tonight's Debate: What time and what station??

The slime media whores EDITED Mrs. Obama's statement on purpose

what time is the debate (est)(nt)

I reserved the Obama table for the Madison Farmers Market starting this spring

ABC/WP POLL: Clinton Up in Ohio, Dead Heat in Texas

Photo montage of Obama Dallas Rally on You tube - I'm in this one!

Hillary Clinton: "You’re the foundation, the families, the communities and the country we love"

Obama on Kosovo

Clinton attacks Obama ahead of debate

Putting Words in Michelle's Mouth is Equally Wrong

Hooray For Snot!

Understand this...

Understand this...

Oh look, Republican hack Dan Senor's wife gets to moderate a Dem bebate

Michelle Obama and pride in America.

Hillary back to using the Politics of Fear

What presidential candidate had the most experience? ... You'll be very surprised.

Clinton Campaign Ends January $7.6 Million in Debt.

Clinton Campaign Ends January $7.6 Million in Debt.

Clinton Campaign Ends January $7.6 Million in Debt.

TPM: Obama Campaign: Pro-Hillary 527 Is Blatantly Illegal

please everyone file a complaint with the FCC re: oreilly's lynching

Michelle Obama spoke TRUTH.

Rush Limbaugh: 'We're Trying to Avoid a 50 State Landslide!'

McCainical Defects


My proposal: Seat Florida and Michigan's delegates BUT..


Kansas Poll: 50% McCain, 44% Obama - 59% McCain, 35% Clinton



Obama's probably should be a woman...

Obama's probably should be a woman...

22nd Amendment question-

Before she was proud. Now she's really proud. When Barack wins, she'll be really really proud.

22nd Amendment question-

22nd Amendment question-

1 Hour into this debate and not one question about Iraq

politics aside for a moment, hillary looks fabulous


Unity ticket.

At the break leader?

Note to Hillary supporters from an Obama supporter

Change you can Xerox!

I predict that Senator Obama will be our next President

Obama: No preconditions, (Pres. meeting with Raul Castro) except for preparation H?


Obama - the master of understatement.


Just a quick debate observation

A True Fable that might help DUers better understand the Michelle Obama comment"

Hillary: End the Bush War on Science - Yes!

Anyone wonder

Second break leader?

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

I think this has been the first debate where Senator Obama is very clearly winning


Two Pieces of Advice I'd Bet Obama's Consultants Gave Him During the Break

HRC: Pull that "Night-shift" commercial where you're wearing an $800 tailored suit

Yuck! I'm getting a little tired of this.

Teetering on the Border (empty seats for Hillary)

Hey, calling all DUers. I have a serious proposal for you

It's sickening to see Campbell Brown (Mrs. Dan Senor) as the Dem debate talking head.

why is Hillary answering first all the time?


I think she's gonna lose it - that smile looks so fake!

Who isn't not losing the debate?


Did Hillary just admit that the Iraq War was a mistake in a roundabout way?

They are both doing well. And I am so happy that it has not gone so negative..

Why do you support Obama or Clinton?

What's with all the one line OP's? nt, eom, etc.

NYT: Delegate count w/in 5

Campbell Brown is rather testy, eh

Here's my thought on Michelle's statement. Make it a slogan

Final Question: What was the moment that tested you the most?

Why doesn't Obama mention his foreign policy / foreign relation committees?

My experience at the Dallas Obama Rally - over 17,000 strong on a WEDNESDAY MORNING

Suggested Imbibing List for tonight's debate

Earmarks for America ... shame on us for wanting

Is there anyone here who thinks the candidate they DON'T support is winning this debate?

she blasted McCain for supporting a war that was wasteful?

Ruh Roh.... the debate is getting into the IWR vote.... Hillary squirming.....

Want to see the change Deval Patrick brought to Massachussetts

OK, Hillary just made up for the Xerox response. She knocked the last

She sounds, and looks, so desperate tonite...

She sounds, and looks, so desperate tonite...

Jesus Peeps...HELLO !!! - Police (Dallas) Concerned About Order To Stop Screening - Star Telegram

Hillary just sealed her loss with that Xerox statement

Obama outspent Hillary 4 to 1 in ads in Wisconsin?

WTF is he talking about, more army, more war WTF Scare Scare, no applause.

I can't believe Obama has picked up Bush's 'spreading Democracy' line.

What did Hillary say to close the debate?

No Matter Who Gets The Nomination, And Who They Choose For Their VP..

What Hillary needs to do in the Debate

Did Hillary write the line, "Change you can Xerox"?

Plagarism, Hillary? Really?

Obama makes the major slamdunks right before each break

I can see either one of them in the Oval Office.

To all of Sen. Clinton's supporters:

Clinton campaign launches new offensive on delegate counting

She's good, I'll give her that. Just not good enough.

Clinton is a skilled debater, but she didn't make the difference she needed tonight

BREAKING: NYT bombshell on Barack Obama

Did anyone notice Hillary Clinton mentioning John Edwards and seemed to court his support?

reality of tonight... Hillary lost her new theme, "lets get real" and "I am the best to be comm....

Fight score in boxing She got booed........the only one of the debate....Low blow

Nice Concession speech there at the end Mrs Clinton!

Xerox moment on Youtube! Watch it if you haven't!

Door left open for an emergency stop on the Straight Talk Express?

She got pwned.!!1!1

Xerox KO

Xerox KO

Silly Season's Greetings!

IMHO Fundamentally she did nothing to stop his momentum and trajectory

I give the debate to Clinton ...... but it won't make one bit of difference. Obama's got the Big Mo.


Hillary's new slogan GET REAL

Wow, CNN covered the debate like it was fucking American Idol

Why can't Clinton learn from her mistakes?

Is Sheila Jackson Lee's Role as Co-Chair for HRC a Conflict of Interest?

Obama's Weakest Point That Hillary Has Missed Taking a Shot At. Why? I Don't Know.

Well, the debate proved that the stereotypical views of both candidates are wrong.

Well, the debate proved that the stereotypical views of both candidates are wrong.

Obama did great... until the last question.

I wish Edwards and Kucinich could be questioners on the debates

Well, I never! How can PopeObamaOsamaAndHisMama and his BotArmy EVER inflict this on

Hillary Clinton "Plagiarizes" John Edwards In Her Closing Moment

He never looks her in the face

Hillary supporters: How do you think Obama performed in the debate?

For those that think having real Health Insurance is a Mandate

CNN: Obama plagiarizes=scandal Clinton plagiarizes=normal politics

Honestly... please, Obama supporters please be gracious

Clinton's wonderful final answer? Plagiarised?

A curious thought.....

SurveyUSA poll Re NY matchups.

Watching CNN's People Meter, Clinton certainly lost it on the Xerox comment.

Xerox Candy Bar...

It's really funny.

Rachel Maddow has marked new asymmetry in her face

Yahoo News: Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism in Debate

Hillary's statement on Delegates - From the transcript:

I really like Hillary.

What did HRC say about superdelegates?

Obama is the better candidate. Hillary would make the better President.

Hillary's an Obama-ite now?

Hillary? Plagiarize? Hmmmm.

Bush. Clinton. Bush. Obama. Obama. Obama. Obama.

Article about Rove and this election....tidbit: Obama writer's brother is FOX News VP...

How much more they can stretch Cindy McCain's face?

Don't think for a second that the prevailing candidate will pick the other...

Don't think for a second that the prevailing candidate will pick the other...

Why no questions about Belgrade?

I think that HRC is a nice woman.All I could think about when she referenced the wounded soldier

"Yes we will, yes we will"

What did you think about Hillary's non-answer to the delegate question?

If I was someone who stumbled across this page tonight, here is what I would learn

"Obama's New Vulnerability"

Alter thinks that Clinton might be hinting at concession with her final statement

Bush. Clinton. Bush. Obama. Clinton.

I should know better

Back in the day, we, at DU, would have been celebrating this debate..

"If you look at the Youtube"??? - LOL

Obama Xeroxes Patrick

Hillary plagiarized 2 lines at the end of the debate

How out of touch is Hillary? Xerox? When the fuck was the last time you xeroxed something?

Are they going to repeat the debate? If so, what time?

Wishing Hillary and her supporters the best of luck in the GE, if they get the nom ...

Does Anybody Really Think That The Choice (Clinton\Obama) Is Still Fluid ???

Obama rose. Clinton slid fast. Why?

Why not allow people to buy into Medicare as part of the plan?

My prediction. Tonight ends Hillary's campaign

Wow, Hillary's attempt at sliming Obama bombed

Watch Tweety come out spitting all over the place saying Clinton won

Why does ugh Obama ugh stutter and stammer ugh when he's ugh answering

As I predicted last night! MSNBC: Republicans are rallying around McCain like never before.

OK, now I'm calling people names: The most fucked-up, idiotic, asshole losers EVER, are:

Clinton's Texas Ground Game Plunges Into Chaos ("It's a clusterf#$k! Just a clusterf@*k!" )

Halperin - Time Says Obama Wins

Obama just lost it...He doesn't know enough about his own Health Plan

Recent primary in Wis - why such large turnout?

Recent primary in Wis - why such large turnout?

I m tired of hearing this lie about Hillary saying that Obama

Change you can Xerox!

For all those who "wish" that either Dem candidate would drop out, I have some advice.

Watch Michelle Obama's Speech Live On (Cleveland State University)

Could CNN possibly be any more biased?

Clinton using the Iraq war wounded to close was Ironic. She voted for them to go, didn't say sorry!

The important difference showed tonite in the debate

Clinton plagiarized Edwards tonight.... quotes included

The fact that Clinton gets that it isn't about them is one of the reasons why I voted for her.

Debate format Error: Barrack should have spoke last!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

Dear GD:P, could you flame each other in Freeper Talk for awhile?

What is the stupidest line used in a political debate?

Hillary will never accept her share in the War that Maimed and Burned those Soldiers

Just so I look in tune with reality, I think Obama is going to win. But Hillary's got a chance.

Directly after a debate, listen to the media on radio/tv to hear/see the bias

Hillary knocks it out of the park best debate moment makes up for "xerox" statement

Hillary knocks it out of the park best debate moment makes up for "xerox" statement

Hillary Clinton Borrows Edwards finishing line (video link here)

Now, I have to get to a focus group on music, I expect you guys to play nice...

I missed the debate. So, is Hillary quitting soon or what?

I See Ignored People!

A tool of the Military-Industrial complex

I now believe that a unity ticket is the best solution

Can Hillary Win a Debate On A Plagiarized "Close" ? Media Says It Was Her One Good Moment.

This debate was a draw, and that means Hillary lost

Official 'DU for Obama" check in thread!

"Change You Can Xerox"?????

Barf. Who else wishes their candidate was still in the race?

What's Up With that Spanish Guy?

I Xerox Copies Every Fucking Day

Wow do they dislike each other or what?

Obama Wins Democrats Abroad Primary ...

An important part of what Michelle Obama said is being ignored

Obama is the Nominee. Will Clinton Scorch the Earth or Be a Leader?

'Change you can xerox.': Did it help Clinton or hurt her?

That kid superdelegate pledges for Obama!

Obama supporters have been relatively civil today

I have something simple to say to all Hiillary supporters

Hillary finally met her match


Hillary didn't need a 9th inning base hit in a blowout to pad her stats

With the last bit of GOP threat vanishing, will the Dems reassert their progressive credentials?

**Edwards endorsing Obama!!!???**

Obama, Republicans, and the Big Lie


We said no more money ..

Hillary brought up the crap from Hardball

"It's a cluster#%@! Just a cluster#%@!" - Wheels Come Off Clinton Campaign in Victoria, TX

Bamboozling the American Electorate (again)

Fox/Opinion Dynamics Poll: 47% of the country would "never" vote for HRC

Was Hillary ever President? If not, isn't she going to need "on the job training," too?

Hillary Clinton is policy illiterate: Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs.

NYT: Spending by Clinton Campaign Worries Supporters

Thanks to Michelle, Obama's Campaign Got Bitten in the Ass - And I'm Gloating


Here's A Clue For Hillary Supporters On DU- When Your Candidate Bets BOOED, It's Bad

Obama should turn to Hillary and say: "You talk a lot of shit about me, but don't back it up!"

Obama rally in Dallas--my video on YouTube

A little bit of math

Hillary Clinton Supporters Check In!

Hey, I'm A Hillary Clinton Supporter That Likes Obama!

Oh, Xerox THIS.

Obama's little raised finger is getting a little annoying. He just looks so smug and "special"

Dick Cheney!

This Obama Supporter Says Hillary Closed With Power Tonight.

It doesn't look like Hilary is going past Texas

Obama is growing on me more and more

Why isn't McCain a flip-flopper?

Why do Clinton supporters save most of their venom for Obama's young voters?

Who won the debate? Vote at

Shocking News: Obama,Clinton top McCain on environment votes-report

Even PCIntern is surprised...

Fed up with Obama

Do You Matter?

The Hillary people will stop at NOTHING.

NO ONE WON & Hillary booed over "plagiarism" redux

Hmmm...John McCain, Iseman, and the nasty

Hillary knocked it out of the park on the health care issue.

Who won the debate?

Liberal media at its best.

But..but.. we don't LIKE him ..

That's a nice one of the two of them, isn't it

That's a nice one of the two of them, isn't it

FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen

Michelle Obama and the Reframing of American Pride

Contact Barbara Boxer if you want McCain investigated...

The money, the power, the status....

More Florida shenanigans and more insults to Dean from that state.

More Florida shenanigans and more insults to Dean from that state.

Mosque threatened, Muslim group says

JON STEWART on LARRY KING . . . NOW . . . !!

Now McCain is 'going to war' with the NYT.

Has any Presidential candidate won 11 straight primaries and LOST the nomination?

Will b*s* and his fellow (unimpeached) criminals leave the White House?

Joe Conason: No "Straight Talk" On Iraq Cost

**I'm 36, make $250,000 per year and I have $10,000,000 in the bank...should I be forced to buy...

**I'm 36, make $250,000 per year and I have $10,000,000 in the bank...should I be forced to buy...

Separated at birth? John's wife & his bestest bud

Human Odyssey - DNA studies

George W's African Adventure Scrapbook

Is the DUer who's with Raw Story still around?

Most states give green light to tamper-proof IDs

Cindy McCain sure picked a great time to end her silence yesterday to attack our candidates wife

Has anybody here ever read "Simple Framing" by George Lakoff?

Just heard on Scar. Mika has one brother who works for McCain and another who works for Obama

McCain Loan Raises FEC Questions

why DOES Cindy McCain stick her FINGER in John's ASS during his SPEECHES?

GOP lobbyist had no work permit - Republican loon Grover Norquist

Why should I care about who McCain may or may not have slept with?

How convenient that the Repubs have given us a candidate who's PRE-SMEARED!

Fort Worth Bans the Chaining of Dogs

Horses left to starve after Romania bans carts

Richest Man In India Builds $1 Billion House

Hillary the Hypocrite

Hillary the Hypocrite

Hillary's closing was a Grand Slam!

McCain's Sex Kitten Lobbied For The Telecoms - Can You Spell IMMUNITY?

To the Obama Supporters: If you truly feel he's got it "in the bag":

Rigged Trials at Gitmo

Question for Obama Supporters-What Change?

Did I miss the topic on getting OLielly off the air for his lynching comments??

With love to all the Hillary and Obama supporters

In Baltimore, the Democratic mayoral primary is effectively the general election.

I am hoping that Obama heard Limbaugh today...

States act to protect individual health insurance coverage

God this section of DU is a riot--- I've never seen a bunch of Morans in my life.

I Just Donated to Hillary's Campaign :)

Sheriff's deputies arrest 'New Times' owners - Published articles critical of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Navy missile hits failing spy satellite

Local Democrats....

Tucker Carlson says he instinctively jumps to the defense of politicians personal privacy

Government Coverup?

I believe the NYT has more on McCainiac

The NYT McCain article is a good summary of his political career.

NYC Bank Lets Wrong Man Withdraw $2M

McCain's face is on the mat and he is down for the count?

"Keep 'em talking about sex and they'll forget lobbyist/ethics."

How soon we forget.

Lobbying firm linked to McCain scrubs its web site

LOL - Change you can xerox!

I would say the odds are about 50/50 McWalnuts will lose it at his presser today

McCain to FEC (Campaign funding): You can't stop me.

TPM reports Hillary's closing was "borrowed" from Bill Clinton (1992)

Serious question ....... if the lobbyist indeed had sex with McCain in exchange for legislation ....

CBS news' morning show carries the McCain story

Echoes of Rodney King

ASEAN criticizes Myanmar draft

Scotus gives Bush another victory; no more lawsuits for those injured by "Medical Devices"

Here's some "change you can Xerox" if you want it:

McCain Loan Raises FEC Questions

Josh Marshall's TPM take on the McCain story.

Oh those poor poor Republican women

We love U ElsewheresDaughter - We love U BlackVelvet04 - We love U Jesus_of_suburbia

Is Obama's media affair ending?

McCain: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, but I could have with Viagra! Viva Viagra!

It probably should have been checked before being printed

Vicki Iseman goes farther up the food chain than McCain.

So when does Iseman's nasty friend show up with a blue dress?

Watching Hillary, I keep thinking of Angela Lansbury.

U.S. Investigates Whether Lott Had Role in Mississippi Judge Case

Willy Nelson is on DemoracyNow! with Amy Goodman today

They both did beautifully. Hillary and Barack both rock

Judge holds reporter in contempt in anthrax case

House Conservatives Attempt To Revive Iraq Study Group To Help McCain Campaign

Crusade of Surge and Siege: Homeland Born and Bred

What Is Going On With The Behind-the-scenes FISA "Negotiations"?

Bushco's Military Commissions Are An Embarrassing Stain Compared To Nuremberg (Scott Horton)

No Joke People, TX Poll: Obama 57 Clinton 43

Lights at Night Linked to Breast Cancer

the joy of simple pleasures . . . poor Indian children board a plane for the first time . . .

McCain’s Placement on Indiana Ballot Challenged

Any DU'ers know what happened to McCain's first wife?

McCain press conference on CNN on the hour. 9 EST.

So we are to believe everyone else is lying but not McCain?

McCain to answer NY Times charges at 9am (EST Th 2/21) press conference,

Now these are the Cindy McCains I remember

There's No Romance in Fucking

Bumper stickers

As An Obama Supporter - I Am Afraid Of Him Debating McCain

You Sent Them There, Hillary Clinton

May I be the first to coin the new name, McShame?

John McCain's Family Values

TYT...the young turks....BUSH Approval Ratings is in the TEENs

Do I dare watch Tweety trying to deal with McCain's betrayal?

AM760 listeners: Thom Hartmann's coming back!

How many sex acts were required (or promised) in order to get McCain to write those letters begging

McCain Campaign issues NEW slogan: Make Love, not 100-Year War

I did not have romance with that woman....reason that may sound familiar.

Is the New York Times being set up a la CBS and the TANG story?

So while we all obsess on mclames blow job and space duck hunting....

FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen. Bush Solicitor General LIED

Grandpa puts the PORK in "Pork Barrel"...

Dupe, pls. delete

Any voice/body language experts here? McCain's nervousness and little laughs

Any voice/body language experts here? McCain's nervousness and little laughs

I missed the xerox/boo part of the debate - what happened?

McLame Says Report on Lobbyist Not True; Has Robert Bennett for Scandal

Bamboozling the American electorate again

I am still pissed how the media blocked Edwards

I am still pissed how the media blocked Edwards

John McCain's First Marriage

Republican New Hampshire Legislator Wants Bush and Cheney Impeached and Prosecuted

Grrrrrrrrr. Old Man McCain 's gonna get ya!

Way to go, McCain - you fucking hypocrite!


Jeez....Can MSNBC Call In KO or Someone

I don't like Hillary's health plan. It became very clear to me

Does This All Mean That Ron Paul Is Back In The Running?

CBS 60 Minutes Siegelman Story to Air on Sunday

American waterboarding in times gone by--Philippines water cure of 1901

Isn't DU a helluva lot more fun when we're whumping on Republicans instead of eachother?

Is the NY Times story part of a Bush Family plot?

Huckabee supporters react to McCain affair rumors: Miracle?

Decontructing Neocon Propaganda - An example from the Headlines

Hillary's Chance

Hillary's Chance

More on the water wars in the Southeastern US.

Seven weeks after Iowa and the Clinton campaign still owes Iowans money

Hillary has pretty much handed Obama the nomination tonight.

Oil Equities Remain Undervalued

Rove defends Bush’s signing statements

My favorite part of the McCain story is the karma Cindy got for dissing Michelle

Why Wall Street rescues are failing

Inmate abuse claims spill out in Tampa. Two more charges of mistreatment.

Ganging up on the Grey Lady....

Caption this * pic

CIA confirms rendition flights to Brits

CIA Leaked files showing connection between Cindy McCain and the lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

If McStain's campaign goes flaccid who will rise up?


McCain in 1999: "All of us are tainted by this (lobbyist) system, myself included"

Does anyone else think Vicki Iseman was picked...

So, John Kerry "shot himself in the foot to get out of Vietnam"...

Oregon Republican Party Deep In Debt

neo cons messing with the flu virus as weapon

Bush shakes his groove thing in Africa

Why does MSNBC make it so hard to contact their shows/hosts via email?

The NY Times Under A Microscope


The Attorney and the Sex Club

Timing and Sourcing Suggest the GOP, Not Dems, Behind McCain "Smear Campaign"

Is there an advocacy organization that protects the rights of minority

Oh Hell... LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

interesting paragraph from a buzzflash mailbag letter

coldest weather in 30 yrs. in Saudi Arabia - giving out heaters, etc.

Vast right-wing media declares war on left-wing liberal media

Money quote from the NYT article; it's the monumentally bad judgment, not the sex.

This "Google/health records storage" scares the bejesus outta me. Fuck google.

Reward for Vermont Iraq Vets: Moose Hunting Licenses

caption *!

MSNBC in defend "Saint" McCain at all costs mode

Cindy McCain: "He's a man of great character and I'm very, very disappointed in The New York Times"

I think McCain got off easy on this one, the NYT held the story until it didn't matter to him.

Our gas shot up to $3.03 last nite - anyone else? I'm in KC, Mo

I love it when Republicans Deny Sex Scandals.

Today’s Headlines 2/21/08

Flying to Scotland for golf VS. Flying to Arizona for golf! = Abramoff VS. Iseman ??

John McCain's Long Career Of Sleazy Lies, Semi-Affairs & Total Corruption

So does the NY Times have more to go on with this McCain story?

LIMBOsevic perpetuating myth of Tweety's being a Lib & NOT wanting McNASTY to win

Attacks on health care organizations up 85 percent

So is McCain a closet democrat?

Somebody tell me what makes Hillary more ready to be President

End of Mahdi Army Cease-Fire May Expose Minimal Role Of Troop Surge DIGG

Blackwater Inquiry Turns to Baghdad

Look at crime data after the gun bans

Feds Are Investigating Trent Lott

Gergen's right: Hillary needs to argue she's a fighter.

Your stimulate the economy money

Pakistan could get downright interesting in the days to come.... Hope this hasn't been posted...

Names for McCain's SEX SCANDAL?

William Jefferson was arrested and McCain should be.

The Rude Pundit: The McCain Story Ain't About the Fucking

McCain News Conference At 9 AM EST...

Harpers: John Boehner Tees Off

Behind McCain's Counterattack

Trent Lott under Federal investigation...

When you are checking DU while at work, are your posts:

Jeb Bush closely tied to two top grossing Florida lobbyist firms

McCain Loan to his Campaign Raises Regulatory FEC Questions-Trouble?

"McCain... Lobbyist" say the papers & in 2006 what was THE top voter concern?

The America that doesn't exist: Politicians holding press conf's to deny ANY relations w/a lobbyist

Attack the messenger !

I'm now convinced that McCain had an affair...

Wooden supercar is faster than a Porsche

McCain story: Was it also a warning shot across the bow of other pols?

Plouffe in Raleigh

Man drives stolen car to police station

My partner wants to know: can we call her Cindy Cyborg?

I found this interesting site indicating which celebrities support various philanthropic causes.

Russert says verdict on McCain in the hands of talk radio

McCain's lobbyist eruption and where i hope the story goes-one womans wish.

McSame: "I never had romance with that woman"

Kurtz Carried McCain's Link to Lobbyist Rumor Last December

McCain lobbyist girlfriend

Theory: McCain debacle is now a rallying cry for conservatives to

Whoops! McCain fails to collect enough signatures for Indiana primary ballot

If Only We Were Nazis

Pathetic; or, "to the followers of the Pied Piper"

TAKE ACTION: March 19 ''SICK OF IT DAY'' call in sick to show we're sick of lies, war, and...

Breaking Cindy McLame Is........

Cliffs Notes for the NY Times' McCain Story

Researcher Hacks into Credit Card Magnetic Strips

An open letter to that likeable doormat, Mika Brzezinski

Okay, re: satellite shootdown. If I put on my tinfoil hat...

Watching the Bill Kristol interview rerun on the daily show, I can't help but wonder...

Iseman & Weaver or whoever Meeting in Union Station restaurant

Why isn't Breitbart perceived (yet) to one and all as a Reich Wing nooze site?

Mods, after the 60 Min expose airs, could we get a free Siegleman avatar?

Emptywheel: Did Vicki Iseman "Steal Honor" in Three Presidential Elections?"

Facing Public Pressure, Bush Administration Will Continue Site Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators


Is Bush going to lose his remaining 19% over Kosovo

In Final Year, Bush to Focus on Foreign Policy

This would be a pretty good picture

Did anyone besides Underpants READ that Times article...

Kerry Hagel Biden and Reid all o.k.

Did anyone get a screen grab of Barbara Starr in Fallujah?

Hillary Xeroxes Bill

Air America gets new owner

home pg. heading paragraph talks about Obama's lobby money

Tucker: ‘I Instinctively Jump To The Defense Of Anyone Whose Private Life Is Violated’

Think when I got to the "We was just good friends.", part my wife would've slapped me off the stage

If right wing hate radio is rallying around McCain..

Police arrest man suspected of having sex with a dog

China and Russia cry foul after over satellite

Obama: "We'll be happy to provide you with that information"

So We have Vickie Iseman to thank for the "Telecomunications Bill of 1992 & '96"

Bwaaaaaaaaaah Isn't it sweet when these GEM$NBC bimbos

McCain was supposed to have another press conflab but he just canceled it according to M$NBC

Show on Cinemax tonight..

Texas Observer: Holes in the Wall

Texas Observer: Holes in the Wall

Conservationists score McCain zero

Excerpt from McCain speech...

Anonymous Web Poster Had Goods on McCain, Times weeks ago

Just a thought on the whole McCain affair

Questions the media should be asking McCain.... and

Net Neutrality Is a Civil Rights Issue

Must Read: The Liberal Manifesto

McCain and the Lobbyist: Missing the Story of the Miss

Is anyone else having a problem today,

You Sent them There, Hillary Clinton

Why is Fuckabee discussing the integrity of McLame

Why is Fuckabee discussing the integrity of McLame

If a Democrat wins in November, will the celebrations be bigger than V-J Day?

About the riots in Belgrade

What is the latest on the earthquake in NV? Almost no news coverage. EIGHT YEAR OLD non-story... Boy, how the republicans move the boundary lines

Some of the funiest lines of the year appeared today

Reminder: Monica did not blow Bill in order to influence legislation.

Are you this DU'er?

Hillary ROCKS! Obama is SOOOOO Arrogant he makes Bush look humble.

The National Debate has been reduced to nit picking and Moot Minutiae

O'Reilly Producer Defends 'Lynching' Remark

mods, please delete

Defiant Don Young (R-AK) refuses to talk about legal bills...

The boinking is the icing on the cake

Kristol Walks The Tightrope: Tries To Defend Both McCain And The New York Times

What time is the debate tonight?

Here goes...

"Taxi To The Dark Side" and The Discovery Channel

More Jobs For Boeing Lion Air Orders 56 737-900ER

In all fairness to McCain, and this is why this scandal is bullshit...

Attention lurking freepers, dittoheads, and wingnuts...

WARNING: View this McCain pic at your own risk!

in bed with the lobbyists. In Bed With The Lobbyists. IN BED WITH THE LOBBYISTS!

was getting an oil change...TV on Faux noise

If McLame goes down, there's an even worse person behind him. Huckabee

MSNBC - the john mccain defense program - formerly known as hardball

Blair caught again: Extraordinary rendition

STFU, Tweety......asshole that you are!

New ACLU Ad Concerning FISA legislation. & sign the petition.

While we still follow the bread and circus here

Question to Dobbs supporters:

Federal Reserve faces new limits on ability to halt economic slide

Protesters Storm US Embassy

It's a shame Republicans aren't capable of understating irony.....

Huckabee's wife takes in Vegas prize fight, rests at Hooters

A possible reason why they're torching the Belgrade embassy.

I give the Amurkan people a 19% approval rating.

Farewell, Albuquerque Tribune

Food For Thought

Everything is going sooo well in Iraq...surge working "well"... 25 US KIA in February '08

Reagan's secret to being the teflon president


Obama denies romantic or improper relationship with......

Alaska's Stevens Files for Re-Election to Senate Despite Federal Corruption Probe

Interesting connection

George Bush, Space Cowboy: Shoot-down is "significant milestone in the militarization of space"


US Fears Backlash Over Terror Flights

"Economy slips, Yacht Sales Skyrocket" ... LINK (Kind of Says It All)

60 Min Teaser Up!!!

McCain and affairs

GOP Operative: Rove Sought To Smear Dem

Well.. Good ol' corpomedia is at it again... shooting the messenger.


Permanent U.S. Army command taking shape in Kuwait- Stars and Stripes

Maverick NH Republican: Bush/Cheney Should Be Tried as War-Criminals

I got a freeper email with just this in it...

Teee Heee!

I had to request help f/Hubby from Hospice today

How To Behave On An Internet Forum

The Story of An Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq

Tony Snow accepts job with O’Reilly.

More Stress for Households Deep in Debt

Dave Lindorff: McCain and the Lobbyist--Missing the Story of the Miss

Dave Lindorff: McCain and the Lobbyist--Missing the Story of the Miss

McCain Comments Distort FCC Matter

Is anyone going to live blog the debate?

Mrs. Obama said she hasn't been proud of the USA in 30 years.

why was it SO bad for Clinton to get a BJ but with McCain it is a smear Job???

The surprising correlation between payday lenders and conservative Christians.

I Just Exploded At My Local Gas Station

Ex-GOP official acquitted in phone-jam case

I've been living with a chronic knot in my stomach for a number of years .......

Violence against sex workers.

If you've been avoiding GD: P you might have missed this

Independent UK: Credit crisis turmoil claims new victims

Communism doesn't work for the same reason that Capitalism doesn't work:

Lou Dobbs as third party candidate?

The OTHER McCain scandal brewing...

"Cynicism is too common in American society", she said

Remembering James Orange: He Spent His Life Standing Up for Others

C.I.A. Confirms Rendition Report

See the War from a Soldier's Viewpoint

Bush Administration Kills the (Economic) Messenger (update)

Rep Shaddegg Reconsiders Is Running Again

TPM: Today's Must Read = John McCain's too-clever-by-half $4 million bank loan

The Great Guantánamo Puppet Theater = TORTURE and GITMO Trials

C-span RADIO has a live stream of the DEBATE.....

U.S. unions to work hard for Democrat-in-waiting

Maybe My Nephew In The Army Fixed This Helicopter For Them

* finally got his wish. He is now a dictator!

**** Debate reminder ***** LiveBlog in GD-P NOW

Independent UK: Calls for inquiry into alleged 'profiteering' of energy giants

It's begun. The right-wing election e-mailing has begun.

U.S. now unsure if Iraq bombers mentally handicapped

DLCer Will Marshall’s “Valuing Patriotism” (a lecture to Dems on putting the war on terror first)

'It Can't Happen Here' - Sinclair Lewis (1935)...

Limbaugh Spins NYT Story As Hate Radio Victory: McCain Should ‘Understand Who His Friends Are’

House-Swapping Trend Emerges

how do igtards like limpballs and insannity and oliely still have jobs

Congressman Roy Blunt (MO) married his lobbyist lover

McCain cancels Michigan press conference

Iseman and Maverick

CLG - Secret Service Order Stop to Screening Obama Crown in Dallas

Economic Report: Massachusetts Foreclosures Up By 128 Percent

"I did not have sex with that woman"

Watching the debates and the thought just hit me that they are sparing as to who of the two

"Election Madness" and what we miss when it's going on . . .

Well, the crazy conservatives have something to rally around now

Could I be any more excited?

HILARIOUS VIDEO of Bush dancing in Africa (Why do they love him??)

Olbermannism of the night, on Countdown a while ago:

"Amends California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid "

McCain's 'Never' Is a Long Time

If you hate Mitt Romney boycott Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robins ,Togo's Sandwiches and KB Toys

High Ranking U.S. Senators Forced To Make Emergency Landing In Afghanistan

100 years in Iraq= 12,000,000,000 x 12 x 100 = 1.44 x 10^13 just in money. But

All this talk of "night shift".. Who ARE these people?

Why is Michelle Obama's thesis restricted until Nov. 5th 2008?

NRCC replaces treasurer = FBI ... unfolding financial accounting scandal

BUSH: "Dust off Dick Cheney. We are going to need a candidate!"

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

McCain story proves incendiary among journalists, conservatives

Vietnam for Twenty-Four Hours.....

Hillary Just Answer The Guys Question


Vote Political Heretic for President of the United States!

Anyone else noticed how much McLame was blinking

I just saw a little clip of McCain addressing the brouhaha --

Debate... I thought that Campbell Brown did an awesome job tonight...

ROFLMAO of the day: McCain using Lobbyist Story as Fundraiser.

Is everybody ready? For Dennis Miller's new game show? No? Ah c'mon...

Independent UK: Power to the people: watchdog bows to pressure for energy inquiry (price gouging)

Dems: Republicans Refuse to Participate in Surveillance Bill Talks

McCain rated a zero out of 100 for his votes on environmental issues last year

Letter to FCC for Vicki's client--McCain: "Appropriate"; FCC Chair: "Highly Unusual"

Guardian UK: The war without end (Republican Party purge of anti-war moderates)

Race Matters Less in Politics of South

OMFG!!! Tweety just said "cooter hooters"

Time to buy Democracy Bonds!

Thanks Keith

Former USA Today reporter held in contempt (CNN) {Anthrax, Hatfill case}

"Aren't there any grants or anything?!"

Emerson Quote Now on T-shirt

Eric Alterman: Conservative Cannibalism

It's a great day in my city - a mini-Barrack Obama will run for mayor

Olberman is hitting it out of the park

I really wish Buchanan would LOSE HIS VOICE

Corporations complicit with administration crimes

Help me out here. Vicki Iseman has an education degree. And she's a senior partner in a law firm?

Hillary's last comments at debate PLAGIARIZE John Edwards speech! See video!

The Harm Initiative - Slate

Representative government: When you bend over, it's not too hard for someone to kick you in the ass.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

First Ladies and Pride

Republican scum bag Bob Ney

Look at Dan Abrams' dad

McClatchy: Fuel tank was shattered by missile, officials believe

Dave continues his nightly string of one-liners about old man McNASTY!1

Why does Hillary constantly say, "Ya know...ya know...ya know...

Uh Oh...Obama Scandal About To Break????

People seemed to be a "friendly crowd."

Change to Win Union Federation to endorse Barack Obama

Is this now the 'McCaine' mutiny against family values and American ethics?

If Hillary's and Obama's universal healthcare plans are so good, why FORCE us into them?

The Next Slum?

LOL! Senator "Wide Stance" Larry Craig files motion for enlarged brief

Hillary Clinton is America's best hope.....

Hillary Clinton is America's best hope.....

What one bumper sticker on a rental car in Europe might make me look non-American?

National Journal interviews Howard Dean on John McCain and Dem superdelegates.

Complete Unbiased Super Delegate Update * Updated Daily*

Delicious bumper sticker I saw yesterday

Does she remind you of anyone?

Modeling and anorexia

Times Has On-The-Record Confirmation That McCain Is Lying

Thank GOD!.. Someone's thinking of our wellbeing.. and it's only costing $179.3Million

Maverick NH Repub: "Not Only Should Bush/Cheney Be Impeached-They Should Be Tried As War Criminals"

I found DU when a 'friend' provoked me with jokes about how

Commerce Dept docs: Cheney and oil execs decided to take Iraq's oil in spring 2001

For all the snark, don't forget. At the heart of it is John McCain and his questionable .......

Have you noticed that all the Right wingers are telling us to stay away from the McCain story

Vote in this AZ newspaper poll about McCain

Without naming names ... Do you know anyone with a clean slate?

If McCain winds up going down over the lobbyist thing (or the FEC thing)...

Memory Jogger: The Keating Five Scandal

Vicki Iseman Gets Advice From Gennifer Flowers

I thought the Witch hunt for Bill's marital mistakes gross and overboard so...

I'm down with Telecom Immunity....

Sure, the NYT is a left-wing rag when it's not publishing Clinton Blowj*b stories

How Closed Captioning Works (lifted from a GD-P Thread, but this isn't about the primary)

Speaking of sex how did McCain vote when it came to impeachment for Bill getting a BJ?

Republican "call" girls link -- ooh, la la!

Very telling screen capture from

Profile on Obama now on MSNBC

The Nation: Apply The John McCain Standard To John McCain (McCain On Clinton Impeachment In 1999)

So I was getting a cup of "coffee" from McDonalds, and Fox News was on in the seating area.

John McCain's troubles aren't merely about a possible love affair with this 40-year-old lobbyist.

John McCain's troubles aren't merely about a possible love affair with this 40-year-old lobbyist.

John McCain's troubles aren't merely about a possible love affair with this 40-year-old lobbyist.

Obama on fighting poverty in urban and rural areas and around the globe; the right takes aim

A Couple of Good Resources re: Homelessness and Poverty

Can't y'all see through these heartwarming Iraqi DOGGIE stories?

Time For Bill O'Racist To Resign In Disgrace

New McCain bumper sticker

Most curious murder similarity

NINE more troops were killed in Iraq over the past few days

Nobel Peace Laureate Says US Trying to Stall Cluster Bomb Agreement

Who loves Concha Y Toro for a nightcap?

I just have to thank anonymous's for my hearts. I try. Luv to you, too. nt

John McCain got divorced from his first wife because of MULTIPLE AFFAIRS

These people need a hug.

eff ted nugent...yes, it's a youtube

I have discovered the very essence of what GD: P is:

More eclipse pics...

Now that Fidel has retired, is there ANY reason Dems shouldn't push for normalization with Cuba?

Did you know WWII made SF the gay mecca?

Bush Administration Strips Legal Protections for Northern Rockies Wolves;

Pevmuffin Jaderider??!!??


Kosovo's Nazi Past: The Untold Story

I got a little heart today. It made me smile.

Looks like it's going to be another long painful restless night.

Not an eclipse post

They LIED - the satelllite shoot down was a test, Gates now bragging about it

McCain may be screwn (and Huck may walk away w/ the nom):

What will happen one second later?

One man's opinion-lay off Cindy McCain

Goodnight Lounge, plus a graphic and a video for any Deadheads

The EvilMonkee Nightwatch Report sizes up its competition: Access Hollywood...

Help out someone who knows nothing about MP3 players. PLEASE.


Good morning Lounge

Legislator hears from women he called "sluts"

No sheep for you!

Are people really this stupid?

The GD-P topic for today is apparently John McCain making the beast with two backs

If you dug a tunnel from equator to equator, and sealed the sides

I just got a call from my Congressman's office (R)...

Chinese authorities put squeeze on SpongeBob SquarePants

Another Pulitzer-worthy GD-P thread...

It's official--19% of the US population is brain dead.

Anyone ever written up at work? Need advice.

Anybody else think this bloke is hot?

MUST HAVE this office 'chair'.

“I believe that it is torture, very exquisite torture.”

I feel like a hamster on a wheel

Any Teamsters in the lounge today?

NEWBIES!! Want to know why we say "Moran" instead of "Moron"?

For the record, my name is not "Hey You"...

"Put down the Hamster, and put your hands on your head!"

Are small aircraft allowed to fly in a circle in a downtown metropolitan area?

Teacher charged with sending racy photos to students

I'm not sure if the old Canadian flag trick works anymore

Have you ever been down & out, and then given a break that turned things around?

More on the meat recall

Disney's 101 Dalmatians. Would it have been a more powerful film with MORE or FEWER dalmatians?

I bet the makers of Cialis and Levitra wish they'd thought of Boniva first.

Anybody have any experience with a resume service?

Euphemisms for Old Age?

Blarg. I had to find my reading glasses. Haven't worn them since the 2006 mid-terms.

Anybody a Zotero user? (firefox academic research add on)

George Bush arrived in Suckafuckistan today. The prime minister invited him to "suck a fuck."

Kin Mummy and Dada cum home now plez?

I dreamt my cats were undead

American Idol....What gal was your fave?

When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution

I just ate Olive Garden lasagna.

Inspired by the logos thread...what did you carve into your desk in high school?

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie FINALLY arrives on DVD, May 6th

MTV Celebrity Deathmatch you'd like to see:

I just tried quinoa

The rash came back

Y'all seem to be the smartest people in this place and I have a serious question.

Does anybody know what a Euro equals in U.S. money?

I just "Damned" Dick Cheney

NBC Cancels 'Bionic Woman'

Um, you guys. Isn't this MrScorpio's aunt?

Me: "Hi (customer's first name)..I notice we didn't get your last name on your order...

'Son of JFK' says timing of new documents no coincidence

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

questions for minivan owners

I have been very waggish outside of the Lounge today-- pray for me.

Take action against Target-

What My Sister The Republican Sent Me Email

Wow, I actually hurt someone's feelings with a 'Nice post, Hitler'

Have any of you Loungees ever been on a Go Ahead tour?

OK, If i were a boss, and I saw one of my employees on Jaywalking

This whole McCain thing is causing me to...

Fucking Sears!!!!

Whatever happened to Vera Lynn?



Whatever happened to the Psychotic Turnbuckles?

The three-thread limit in GDP is making me itch.

Stupid bumpersticker I saw this morning

are the bible thumpers gonna have to start their own political party?

I didn't hit the Powerball last night, dammit!

Ever seen one of those little news stories and start to believe in the Illuminati?

vending machine just gave me 2 candy bars for the price of 1!

I smell pizza!

My little brother is officially the youngest head coach in pro basketball....

My first new family photo scan - My father.

Oh oh, I hope I didn't piss this guy off when I was younger

I just bought my niece one of these dolls and I want to keep it for myself!

Yesterday it was "Dork", today it is "Turnbuckle" Replace any word in a thread with "turnbuckle"

Mountain lion

Coming to you live from my new broomcloset, er office

Madinmaryland Loves To Fondle His Turnbuckle


Just Saw My First Smart Car - Gave it 10 for Cuteness!

Bald Is NOT Sexy

You f*cking village idiots need to apologize to the lounge

Well, well. Jeb Bush is also connected to Alcalde & Fay (Vicki Iseman's firm)

CNN Debate vs. LOST, again?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/21/2008)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/21/2008)

What Is A Dilimna?

Help - I have a concert dilimna - who should I see?

You fucking village idiots need to get over the turnbuckle thingie

Are you cool?

Post numero 1000!!!

The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived.

Any dream interpreters?

Arthur Figgis is an idiot — a village idiot

Has anyone actually clicked the link in my signature?

U.S. gross for Jessica Simpson's film "Blonde Ambition," $1,771...but in the Ukraine, $253,008

Am I Crazy - to support National Health Care?

501(c3), 501(c4), 527s and PACs - a quick primer before the General

For Boomers who are still kids at heart...

So an earthquake hits when I'm in the shower.

Britain to confirm territory used in rendition ( but....)

Have you ever, full of bravado, posted something flameworthy right before bed

I just had my picture taken with Keith Ellison, and all I can think of is. "

New Peanuts cartoon special: which one?

I would like to apologize for any post done by anyone, at any web site.

There's a NASCAR driver on Teevee's Craig Ferguson who's Scottish!

CNN Just ran an Excellent Story about the Dirty Crap Fuel Called Ethanol

What monsters did you fear as a kid?

I used to think the Brits were very polite and formal...

Woman Who Stalked Linkin Park’s Singer Gets Two Years

I'm going to type a famous quote with my fingers offset one button on the qwerty board

I'd like to apoligize for last night's postings

Noooooo! Jesse L. Martin is leaving Law & Order.

Report: Rove wanted dirt on Alabama governor. TPM

LOST- How Kate gets off the island ...TONIGHT!!

Balmy, warm, sunny Versoix, Switzerland (pics)

Secret staircase... of books?

LOST-in-NJ gets off...TONIGHT!!

Mrs_cpu watches "How Clean is Your House" on the BBC

Noooooo! Lee Marvin is Six Feet Under


Weeeee! Look what I'm getting tomorrow! (pic)

Who would win in a fight? Clinton or Obama? And why?

A must see movie! two thubs ub!

Just got a 'thank you' note from the ACLU.

If you grew up in Southeastern Mass in the 50's - 80's....

There's a penis in LBN

Level Two Immenent...

What lobsters did you fear as a kid?

Not a LOLcat, but still cute and funny kitten picture.

Women Praying, Holiness Church.

Job interview question.

Bush has 11 months left to accomplish his final agenda: Immunity for his crimes/Control of Iraqi oil

I don't have cable TV so I'm staging my own damned debate with sock puppets

On Tap at Tavernertavern: Pizza Port Hop 15

What monsters did you fear as a kid?

"On the Death of David Kelly--Suicide? or What?"

Holy Shit Chopper with Biden Kerry and Hagel makes Emerg. Landing

From Prostitutes to Super Bowl Tickets-Federal Probe REVEALS How Contractors In Iraq Cheated USA

Do you need a passport to fly domestically now?

You know you've been a lousy President when...

Match Game Story: "Joe's turnbuckle was utterly drenched in blood beacuse he __ repeatedly into it."

We come on the sloop John B

I believe in the power of thought and intention so the next time bush tries to

Philly Bus Riders - A rant


Loungers, we have reached Defcon 2. You know what this means.

Epicurus - 33 AD

Epicurus - 33 AD

Oh yeah, Big Ben Wallace is coming to Cleveland to dominate with Lebron James

I have to take a moment to brag about my kid...

Secret Service Halts Obama security in Dallas

Hold down the fort my Loungies...I gotta go to the PTA meeting.

Three day weekend! It's Rodeo Week.

AT&T Whistleblower, Mark Klein, Wins Pioneer Award "one person can truly make a difference"

OMG - ABC News just pronounced Placentia CA "placenteeah"

Can I be an absolutist about "there are no absolutes"?

What mobsters did you fear as a kid?

w00t w00t - SN0W Day T0mm0r0w

Lost thread(could contain spoilers)

Ann Coulter's Credit Card Rejected!

MATCOMNEWS: Alien Sex Offenders Being Deported from Va. (to Mexico)

McCain's corrupt shenanigans cost American taxpayers $3.4 billion dollars last time

God Damn Miley Cyrus didn't buckle up in her movie--- I'm pissed!

I have a 1936 Indian Head it valuable?

If you attended any weddings in the 70s, was "We've Only Just Begun" played at any of them?

Well, of COURSE The Lounge is a hot spot, but is it hot enough to boil a monkey's BUM?

So the middleclass has an uptick in sucicides...and those

My 12 year old brother just told me I'm going to hell.

Mr. and Mrs. Matcom at Home

Trivia - The daughter of Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn

Wisconsin DNR: Thrill killing of animals is on the rise.

Well, i give up. I messed up, I am getting punished for it - and yet bush is walking free

What muensters did you fear as a kid?

Redqueen Thinks Bald Is Sexy. Should I shave my head?

Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul

Everyone's going to parties, they're all laughing, having fun....

Welcome home

Where'd all my ignores go?

Someone help me out musically here?

Damn. The guy is annoyingly cute

What decor would a chair like this work in?

I just spent 30 minutes trolling about in GD:P...

I just got this joke in my email...

If you wanted to start a blog

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Break, 2/21/08


I am now on steroids and have been sent for physical therapy

Cat people. I need your help. Badly.

12 whole days without the kids!!

An announcement... no big deal except to me.

Look I know I am kind of new here

Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein!

A Tough Parenting Problem That Kind of Stumps Me.

This roommate/house mate shit is really getting on my nerves.

(Forget the Woman) McCain the Faux Reformer is in Bed with the TELECOMS!!!

Fuel... Bad Day- Hemmorhage... digging these

How do you go about "tracking" your threads?

So I googled realistic looking dolls and this site popped up.

What the HELL is Miss Vicki wearing under her dress??

Remember Jillian, Brian the dog's girlfriend on Family Guy?

Call me a bad Democrat, but the video of the spy sattelite blowing up is cool

Anyone, other than me, remember this one? Chevy Van

So does anyone think he's still erectable?

Heraldists want penis reinstated on military badge

What does the onset of a heart attack feel like?

Vampires Are Alive!!

OMG. "41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments"

I just have to say to DuStrange...

Bald is sexy.

Who's fucking village idiots now?

This is partial text from a memo I was forced to write today...

I just want to apologize to the lounge

Who wears a high school class ring or letterjacket after high school?

Writing in your candidates name if they are not the nominee is childish

Lines John McCain used to seduce Vicki Iseman?

Any beer drinkers here? I have a question!

Teen schween Aaron Carter busted in TAY-has with two O-ZEES. "I hope you like jammin' too."

What d'you call it when you take a page and make a replica of it with a machine?

I'm sensing a lot of bad feeling in here lately...

What is it about daddies and daughters?

I got released from work early because of the bad wx. Ask me anything!

I'm moving again - sometime in April

Frat's Motel Pledge Event Turns Berserk

Let's just say Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama start a band

One of my daughter's sisters is going to get married.

i am sick with high fever AGAIN

Does Hartz (the flea collar/pet product company) have a good reputation?

Sheesh. Medea's Family Reunion ALWAYS makes me cry. Dammit.

I miss PMs from the Secret Admirer(s)

lost-in-nj says "tell everyone hi" and...

I'm going to be an angsty teen and rant about my love life.

Stuff White People Like!

Actual headline from Reuters "Tokyo marathon runner solves mystery of sore nipples"

Another One Taken Way Before His Time... Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

One of my uncles died on Tuesday.

You fucking village idiots need to get over the eleven thingie

Shaved kitty

A salute to the Magistrate!

OMG! What happened to Dave?

No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to ________________

Smilies DU needs to add to the menu

Yesteday it was "Comfortably Numb", today - "Panic in Detroit" - what's your fav volume 11 song?

Will someone please beat this damn game

Ugh. I am such a medical phobic.

Dedicate a song to your vehicle


Songs about work, jail, trains and card games only in this thread!

We are College hunting for our daughter ; Where did you go to college?

In light of the recent firearm controversies, let's take a gun self-defense poll

HURRY!!! The Virgin Mary Pretzel auction is going on NOW on Ebay!

Your FAVORITE Verb Tense

The good, the bad, and the ugly list of bobthedrummer-A DU project

New US rape allegation in Okinawa (Yes another one)

Joe Louis' Sister, 92, Freezes to Death

Two Gift Retailers File for Bankruptcy

Ney moves to halfway house

Islamist opposition Web site editor held in Egypt

U.S. Jan. leading economic indicators index falls 0.1%

No FTA with India for now: US

Army Blocks Public's Access to Documents in Web-Based Library

Now U.S. Shoots Down Press Reports that Suicide Bombers in Iraq Had Down Syndrome

UK apology on US terror flights

Iraq police to round up street beggars

Huckabee Defends McCain

Four British soldiers injured in explosions: ministry

BOE Chairman Will Not Be Reappointed (OH)

Mass. foreclosures rise 128% in January

NIIT, China govt enter deal to set up IT training centres

Pakistan parties agree coalition

Impeachment resolution nixed (Boulder CO City Council)

Iraqi official says troop shortage delaying Mosul offensive

Algae-munching fish clean up Chinese lake: official media

Global warming causes massive ice loss in Greenland

Rioters break into Belgrade's US Embassy

Iraq's Sadr expected to extend truce-sources

Washington lobbying firm pulls bio of lobbyist accused in McCain scandal, then readds it

Iraqi police find bodies of 15 executed men

Make That 11 for Obama

Attacks against American targets up around Baghdad as al-Sadr cease-fire in doubt

Ohio job losses worst since WWII, report says

BUSH: Command Not About Power

Multi-National Division – Center Soldier attacked by IED Dead # 3968

Bhopal survivors march on New Delhi

Miliband Apologises over U.S Rendition Flights that Did Land on British Soil

Employment Gains Seen As Temporary

GOP lobbyist had no work permit

The Morning After (McCain to hold press conference at 9am EST)

Senators make emergency landing (Kerry, Biden and Hagel)

U.S. Investigates Whether Lott Had Role in Mississippi Judge Case

Senators' Copter Makes Emergency Landing(updated:due to weather all are safe)

Obama wins Democrats Abroad primary

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 21

Romney spent $42.3 million of own money on losing bid

Heraldists want penis reinstated on military badge

Harper unveils new Afghan motion with 2011 end date

Youngest Superdelegate Backs Obama after being Courted by Clinton Camp

Breaking: 6.3 Quake near Elko, Nevada

NYT Defends McCain Piece

CBS 60 Minutes to run Siegelman story on Sunday

California city (Vallejo) mulls filing for bankruptcy

Ohio Jobs Loss Is Biggest Seven-Year Decline Since 1939

End of Mahdi Army Cease-Fire May Expose Minimal Role Of Troop Surge

US cites CIA flight 'mistakes'

Peace sign turns 50

Indiana: Tensions flare in House over immigration (GOP walks out)

China asks US to provide data on shooting down of satellite

(Sen. Tom) Coburn Says Iraq War 'Probably A Mistake' ("How we got there is (the) past")

Colombian rebels to free hostage politicians within weeks, Chavez tells French minister

FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending

Plane missing in Venezuela with dozens aboard

Ariz. Congressman (Shaddeg-R): Retirement Can Wait

Starbucks to cut 600 jobs; divide its field organization into four divisions

Google to store patients' health records

(Police) Lieutenant Allegedly Uses Taser on Cow

Inside the world of war profiteers

McCain Loan Raises FEC Questions

How Labour used the law to keep criticism of Israel secret (WMD dodgy dossier)

Kucinich Says He Faces "Swiftboat" Attack

Bush: No Compromise On Phone Immunity In Spy Bill

Ohio no easy ride for Clinton

Iraqi Dog's Miracle Trek Reaches U.S. Soil

Next Mega-Credit Problem Looming?

Sanctions on Businessman Target Syria's Inner Sanctum

Protesters start fire at U.S. embassy in Belgrade

Online Photos Not as Private As District Mother Assumed

Ex-chief prosecutor at Guantanamo to testify that military trials flawed

Judge acquits ex-GOP official in phone-jamming

Wolves to Be Removed From Species List

McCain: Reports on lobbyist a 'smear'

Air America Is Changing Ownership

US missile hits spy Satellite

'Body Found' After US Embassy Riot

Pakistan parties to form coalition

Chavez rejects independence of Kosovo, blames US

(Dallas) Police concerned about (Secret Service) order to stop (weapons)screening (at Obama rally)

A postmodern declaration - Kosovo's sovereignty is a fiction

Is the spectrum just too complex for reporters?

Harming through Protection? (New Eng Jour Med)

We'll save the planet only if we're forced to - Johann Hari

Looking for places to run for help, when the streets are mean

Lies and Spies : Paul Craig Roberts

Clinton Aides Split on How to Take On Obama

Privacy group sounds alarms over personal health records systems

Gail Collins: Look, Up in the Sky!

We're Now Down to Just the Wretched Silliness of It All

The illusory success of the surge - Rageh Omaar (former BBC Iraq War Reporter)

Since WWII, again and again, Germany has been a shining exemplar,

African AIDS and US Bull.....

Jazz World Confronting Health Care Concerns

Broken Borders and Dover Sole: My Lunch With Lou Dobbs

Subprime Is Really SubCRIME: America's Deeper Financial Crisis

Proud of What? (Mary Lyon)

Watching the Dinosaurs Fall

Cages of Conquest - Hear No Evil, See No Evil By Manuel Valenzuela

Danation: A mammoth task

Holes in the Wall

Kosovo and the Rise of the Humanitarian Hawks

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right

The Rockets Red Glare

Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade With Turkey

David Sirota - Its ALSO the Congress, Stupid

Russian Energy Ties With Iran Send U.S. A Message

Wall Street Jrnl joins Fox as Fascist Propaganda

It's Time to Dump the Federal Reserve

Israel Expects “Disappointing” Iran Nuclear Report

Hillary’s 'Nice' Plagiarism at the Debate

Hillary’s 'Nice' Plagiarism at the Debate

McCain: Lobbyist Not My Lover, Just a 'Friend With Benefits'

Amy Goodman: Lessons of Internment

The U.S Financial System, the Debt Bubble & the Cancer of Excessive Deregulation

Retirement party: Republicans should consider a name change

A new face for American diplomacy

NY Times Holds Stories Because They're Afraid of Conservatives

No health care, no Freedom.

Kelly Tilghman and Bill O'Reilly "lynch" comments show difference between the golf world and the Fox

Howard Zinn - Election Madness

More IT jobs, but lesser pay now (India)

MSNBC’s Wisconsin Coverage 2/19/08 Part 1

MSNBC’s Wisconsin Coverage 2/19/08 Part 2

MSNBC’s Wisconsin Coverage 2/19/08 Part 3

MSNBC’s Wisconsin Coverage 2/19/08 Part 4

A Peaceful Solution : Willie Nelson Peace Project

John McCain Press Conference

PBS NOW: Alaskan Oil, Politics & the Corrupt Bastards Club

Mike Malloy's eloquent reading of the Declaration of Independance

Malloy on Republican walk out last week

Glenn Beck On Nancy Pelosi Endangering Americans

KO on O'Reilly's Racist Lynching Remark

Bush's Amazing New Approval Ratings. Incredible!

Video of a jail beating in Tampa. Same jail as the wheelchair dumping.

Let's Dance, The Huck Dance (Surreal Huckabee Campaign Video)

Lloyd Bensen Dan Quayle 1988

Future Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith Endorses Obama in Dallas

Misery in Belgrade today, what I saw

Malloy Rips O'Reilly A New One Over Obama Comments

John McCain Affair? Links To Female Lobbyist

Obama and specifics

Clinton's Heartfelt Answer at TX Debate - Only Standing Ovation of the Night

What You Need To Know About That New Border Fence

Satellite Takedown: Military Confirms Hit

Clinton Surrogate FREAKS OUT --- you need to watch this

A Kennedy in the environment's court

Former Russian atomic minister sentenced to 5 ½ years in Siberian penal colony

RW Think-Tank Bribes Congressional Reps to attend Climate Denier Conference

(California) CPUC Approves (Solar) Feed-in Tariffs (480 MW)

Sen. Reid Calls for RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) at REW Conference

Dynegy's Coal Plant Plans Attacked

Ethanol booms threatens West's water supply

Chinese Meteorological Authority Predicts More, Worse Sandstorms For N. China This Spring - Reuters

Call for new laws on stolen logs (BBC)

Hunting & Fishing Groups Call On Congress For Action On Climate - Arizona Republic

W. Up To 90% Of FL Keys Elkhorn, Staghorn Corals Collapsing, Gov. Considers Protection Plan

White Nose Syndrome Reaches MA Bat Populations- Mortality Rate As High As 97%

Lights at Night Linked to Breast Cancer

Preserve Rural Life With Turbines

AP Interview: UN's de Boer says investors tackling global warming while governments spar

U.S. Presidential candidates' staffs briefed on peak oil

Centrica mulls huge offshore windfarms investment

Four countries sign up to go carbon neutral

APS (Arizona Public Service Co.) Announces New Solar Power Plant, Among World's Largest


Solar-power upstart Ausra bags more dough

REpower and RWE Innogy agree on negotiations for framework agreements for up to 1,900 megawatts

Oilman Plans Huge Wind Project

BP: "Back to Petroleum!"

Red Green solves Peak Oil

Warming United States Ideal Habitat For Invasive Burmese Pythons - Gannett

Electric cars face battery of hurdles

A Tough Parenting Problem That Kind of Stumps Me.

Question RE ethynol blend and my computerized gas gauge

China sells its soul for liquid coal

I'm getting a solar water heating system.

New measures to curb cheating in correspondence courses

Jury convicts soldier in death of Iraqi

Peake: Rural health problems to be addressed

Soldier held in alleged sexual assault

1 soldier killed, 3 wounded in RPG attack

Attacks increase as Iraq cease-fire in doubt

Hood soldiers to get helmet sensors Friday

Carson sgt. gets probation in Internet luring

Repeated tours leave midlevel void, Casey says

New sex assault allegations in Japan

Senate: Pay reservists more for drill travel

3 killed by IED; Sadr may end cease-fire

ESG ships deploy for Marine-less mission

Haditha case plagued by legal problems

Judge asked to dismiss Hadithah charges

Tight restrictions put on Okinawa Marines

Japan receives first Boeing refueling tanker

Helicopter pilots told to use patience from above

Japanese officials pleased with 'period of reflection'

1st Sustainment Command: ‘If they need it, we move it

Military scales back Romania rotation plans

2nd Brigade, 1st AD families briefed on next tour

New digs for Rota’s class of ’11

K-town general set to leave command

Camp Lester sailor gets 5 years in molestation case

Navy Makes Sea-to-Space Satellite Kill

Leaders must OK exceptions (Okinawa)

Lakota: The New Army Helicopter

Robins airmen plead guilty to trafficking pot

New Iraqi police officers ready to get to work

Navy hits wayward satellite on first attempt

where to get info about chemical decontamination suits etc. for military?

Today in labor history February 21

"California Overtime: IBM Giveth and IBM Taketh Away"

Ohio Jobs Loss Is Biggest Seven-Year Decline Since 1939

Change To Win Endorses Obama, But United Farm Workers Stick With Clinton

Colombian President Uribe Confirms U.S. Unions’ Fears

Bush Administration Cries ‘Uncle’ on Gutting Workers’ Rights at Homeland Security

Women Add Union Sectors, Fueling Labor Revival

Workers Revved Up to Take Colorado Back in 2008

For the workers, caution with a dose of optimism

NYT: Restaurants Must Rehire Deliverymen, Judge Rules

City Employees Approve Union

Recent Explosion Reveals Fatal Double Standard for Workers

OSHA fines contractors $464K for safety hazards in WTC tower fire

How Many Workers are Injured on the Job? Don't Ask OSHA.

Plant Cited by OSHA Following Worker’s Death ($44,000)

Critics Rip OSHA's Construction Confined Space Standard

OSHA Proposes $195,200 in Fines against Pelham, Ala. Masonry Contractor

State fines company whose workers killed in St. Paul sewer flood

Plainfield man dies after industrial accident

NFLPA Accuses NFL Of Collusion For First Time Under Current CBA

Final Cost of WGA Strike Less than Estimated

OSHA begins investigating plant explosion (hospitalized 11 employees)

Huffington Post: American Labor Laws Fall Short of American Values

Taking On Target-

Chinese cars, the wonder of it all.

Pilot dies after two F-15s collide


Venezuelan health spending among highest in the Americas

Their man in Havana

AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS Statement on Fidel's Retirement

Cuba fund makes record leap after Castro resigns

Panama denies Venezuela's role in workers' protests

CUBA: Cuban-American’s React to Fidel’s Resignation

US military keeps wary eye on Cuba

Cuba votes as Fidel Castro steps down

Bolivian Military Withdraws From Controversial US Army Training School

MEXICO: Coverup of US Journalists's Murder Sets Stage for Privitization of Oil

Colombia: Peace community members return home three years after massacre

Iron Dome system helpless against Qassams

Russia offers to host, finance Israel 60 anniversary events in Moscow

Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, Shas MK says

Iran supreme leader advisor: Israel faces 'certain death'

Peace Now: Only Palestinians' houses demolished

Israel faces growing international pressure to change Gaza Strip policy

Freedom of occupation

The Attorney and the Sex Club

Gay Superdelegate schmoozed by Chelsea backs Obama

"Gay Superdelegates may hold key in Dem prez race"

Dad Seeks $4M After Daughter Sees Gay Porn

Israeli MP blames quakes on gays

Whoopi Goldberg: Children should not be scared by gay penguins

Tennessee: 'Homosexuality Teaching Ban Fails'

The Obama people don't need us, or the Clinton supporters, or ANYONE.

edit - Biden, Kerry, Hagel helicopter landing due to snowstorm in Afghan

I assume you guys have seen news about the Serbian embassy

here's a fun little web site with numberlogy etc based on your name and birthdate

"Last night's eclipse NAILED the Sun in McCain's horoscope." - Ronald Regan's Dead Astrologer

Starchild: Earthlog: A Totally Perfect Day in "Mu"....The New Earth Frequency

Kerry, Biden, Hagel

My impressions on the satellite shooting

How times ( or perceptions) change...

teleconference David Orme-Johnson, PhD tonight 6pm PST

Something's up

I think we need a giggle

More Americans Are Giving Up Golf

Cheaters winning again in NASCAR

More Neptune and the Candidates

Google to Store Patients' Health Records

I’m Ill, but Who Really Needs to Know?

Lights at Night Linked to Breast Cancer

Next year's flu vaccine may get total overhaul

Egalitarian Healthcare versus multiple tier healthcare systems

Do you have

New Poll Focuses on Evangelical Democrats

For Muslim Students, a Debate on Inclusion

St. Patrick's Day causing Catholic dilemma

OK I'm now the proud owner of a pasta machine

~~~ MARCH Contest Theme Poll ~~~

A Blatant Cat Photo

Kitty contest!

Parmesan cheese crackers

Clinton Should Not Be President Because She is a Female.

Gene studies confirm "out of Africa" theories

The theme for Mathematics Awareness Month 2008 is Math and Voting

Quotes on the nature of the universe.

Brief of 31 states supporting HELLER, in D.C. v. Heller.

The pesky meaning of "Well Regulated"

Assault weapons ban in nebraska

DC vs. HELLER Amici for Petitioner are running away from DC

Utah students hide guns, head to class

Commerce Dept docs: Cheney and oil execs decided to take Iraq's oil in spring 2001

Stop screening for weapons? In Dallas?

Real Plane or Video Fakery?

FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen. Bush Solicitor General LIED

New OH Directive: Polling Place Security & Voting Equipmt, Supplies &/or Chain of Custody Form

Wishing there were no need for this forum but VERY GLAD you are all still here!

Moritz College of Law: Administering the March 4 Primary in Ohio (5 Areas to Watch)

London-Based Reed Elsevier Buys ChoicePoint

Please explain what can be done to ensure fair elections

FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen

Data entry errors to blame for wrong NY Super Tuesday tallies

The Cleveland Plain Dealer feels need to endorse Kucinich opponent again

delete dupe! n/t

Not to worry, everyone is fine. That helicopter stop was due to bad weather.

Helicopter with Kerry, Biden and Hagel on board makes emergency landing in Afghanistan


TX Dems Turn Out In Large Numbers For Early Voting

Texas Dems Turn Out In Large Numbers For Early Voting

Early voting for Dallas county. R primary: 5,513. D primary: 18,368

Latest People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas Polls - Republican Voters

Dallas Observer: Why is Hillary Neglecting Delegate-Rich Dallas County?

Generational divide among Hispanic Democrats

A picture of the TDP prima-caucus system

Dallas Obama rally--my video on YouTube

Hillary Clinton in Dallas tomorrow?

I got to meet Senator Kennedy last night!

Obama in Edinburg Friday 2/22

WP, pg1: As Crucial Tests Loom, Clinton Hits Harder; Says Obama Isn't Ready to Be President

Battle for Texas Latino vote challenges conventional wisdom

Stakes Are Raised In Last Two Democratic Debates

Chelsea in Austin Friday

Obama Rally in Austin Friday 2/22

Bill Clinton invokes LBJ

anyone know of an anti-gun forum?

McClatchy: More blacks than Hispanics may vote in Texas Democratic primary

Clinton Aides Split on How to Take On Obama

A sad tale: Hillary, Teetering on the Border

Bachmann & Klink score goose eggs on the environment from LCV

Superdelegate schmoozed by Chelsea backs Obama

Calling all Delegates

About Podcasts/RSS feeds...

Best... Addon... Ever....

Clinton's Experience Debunked

Would someone post this TIME/Mark Halperin link showing Obama winning the debate?

In Our Lifetime--Barack Obama

I need answers quick! I am now very, very supportive of Barack and

I love that Obama thinks it's necessary for Americans to learn other languages!

Cdn UN observer reported Israeli war crimes before Israel bombed post

July, 2011 - that's the pull-out date for Afghanistan

Sam Sullivan is gonna be gone soon!!!

While you guys were having fun

Ya'll tell me when I should switch over to MSNBC for KO.

Yes, it's true

KOEB Meeting 2/21/08 Post-Debate Edition

KOEB Meeting: 02/21/08 -- What's With the Misplaced Commercials? Edition

A new piece of temporary art for Keith to hate...and it'll be right outside his window!!

ANTM tonight...grrr

So The TV show Nip/Tuck has officially Poll Vaulted over the Shark A million times over

Free song by Heather Nova: "Higher Ground"

Woo Hoo--Joyless Joy is interviewing Wineke this morning!

Obama winning over young voters.

Who here thinks Scott Walker should stay as Co. executive?

Mark Jensen found guilty

What If??