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In Support of Clinton AND Obama

Why Hillary Still Matters

C-SPAN right Now! Michelle Obama speech is about to start!

Why are the plagarism accusations being made against Obama?

New ARG Wisc. poll tonight. Obama 52, Clinton 42

You know that half of you will have to eat your words or stay home on election day in November

I am going to post links to every possible online item I can find that makes points I agree with...

I don't trust that Obama actually won the Louisiana primary

A personal miracle I want to share with Clinton Supporters....

45 minutes

Tale Of Two Mailers

The Truth About Barack Obama's Iraq War Record

Obama & Rezco

Are DUers growing weary of the negative campaigning?

Obama spent $1.3 million in Florida

"Let's play the race card"

Obama and Clinton (separately) on Tavis tonight

Bamboozling the American electorate again

Hillary's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and "Health Care Plan"


An interlude.

The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama-NYT

Obama wave still rising in the state

Superdelegates ::: let's call it BRIBES

Early Perceptions of Obama, Clinton, McCain Show Obama Winning Best Reviews


New campaign playlist suggestions for John McCain

Obama Wave Stuns Clinton's Black Supporters

...bubbles always burst

Just words?

Hillary Clinton shot a duck once launches and so it begins

In normally "blue" New York State..McCain is running about even..

AP - Wisconsin will test Clinton's support

What are Clinton's major legislative accomplishments?

Regardless of whose candidate wins, chime in to promise: I Shall Not Gloat.

I miss the old DU, the comraderie. The amount of vitriol now is scary (and disgusting).

Will either of the Democratic candidates seize the opportunity re: Castro leaving?

ARG New WI Poll (17-18) OBAMA NOW LEADS -- Are they playing games with us (ala Zogby)

I guess now we know why Obama is afraid to debate

Did BO steal

Di d Anybody Here Make It To The Barack Appearance In Beloit, Wisconsin Last Night?......

Florida lawmaker proposes Mail-In Primary mulligan

It's time to face the ugly truth and, as a communtiy, take a good look in the mirror

It's time to face the ugly truth and, as a communtiy, take a good look in the mirror

The money guy behind is J. Patrick Rooney - REPUBLICAN

Plagiarism: "Everything that's ever going to be said has been said before...

Will the candidates mention Fidel Castro?

Question from an Edwards supporter to Edwards supporters.

Clinton touts health care plan in Madison speech ~~YES WE WILL~~

Two simple reminders why we need to have a Democrat as our next president.

When the message and the same words are repeated exactly by Republicans it is called "talking points

If any objective DUers want to see why DU has turned into a human meat grinder...

I'll be at Obama's Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio today.

Let's All Take a Deep Breath

Has CNN or MSNBC.....

The Rude Pundit writes about the fighting at DU (sort of)

my chicago alderman campaigns in millwaukee

So this Sun/Mon news cycles, Clinton pull BS stunt. What will they do Mar 2nd and 3rd...???

More Survey USA

Did Hillary HONESTLY think she would get the African-American vote???

Houston Chronicle: Clinton backers may find an alternative named McCain

Breaking Florida Rasmussen poll: McCain leads Obama by 16% (not a typo, 16%)

Excellent skewering of Obamites posted by BuffyTheFundieSlayer

I apologize for any mean comments I have made here in recent months

Get a thicker skin.

Survey USA Texas Poll 2/16-18, Clinton: 50 Obama: 45

Obama is up slightly, Hillary is down slightly ... in election markets...

Deval Patrick Told Obama To Use His Language, but Clinton Blatantly Stole and Plagiarized her Speech

"Democratic" is Just One Little Word (Ezra Klein)

If she "steals" the nomination . Would you back an independent Democratic Bid By Obama

Republicans in Texas are crossing over and voting for Obama

The Rude Pundit: A Word on the Obama/Clinton Divide

The Rude Pundit: A Word on the Obama/Clinton Divide

My Republican, childhood friends comments about Hillary and Obama

Keeping our eye on the ball

The Vindicator

Jimi Hendrix stole some licks from Muddy Waters and I can prove it.

Jimi Hendrix stole some licks from Muddy Waters and I can prove it.

Patrick: Plagiarism Accusation Against Obama 'Extravagant'

IMPORTANT: "Madison WI poll locations incorrectly reported" PLEASE REC

White men hold key to Democratic win?!

Who has the best ground game in Wisconsin?

How soon some forget...

What am I see here, if Obama looses, you want to take your ball and go home

Hartford Courant: Finding Obama's Meaning

Electoral strategies for our two candidates

Good Read on Pledged Delegate Issue: Politico Misses The Point On Pledged Delegates

Polls for TX, OH, WI, PA -- visual representation of the trends.

Clinton Supporters....answer this please (please no answers from Obama supporters)

Robert Parry: Explaining Our View on Clinton-Obama

Political speech is derivative.

Stop fighting! We should be united against the common enemy!

I'd like to see Patrick Fitzgerald as the next AG

Cult of Obama Will Turn Off Independents

Our time has come. Our time has come - Jesse Jackson Our time has come. Our time has come - Obama

Some of Bill Clinton's "Cheap" Words

You fuckers are idiots...

Voted in WI for Obama! -2 (-16 with windchill) but clear

It's only going to get worse till March 4th...

2 days in a row that OBAMA has stole the news cycle

The Official Obamacon Thread

Larry Johnson, Right-Wing Hit Man

Deval Patrick: Just Words Speech 10/15/06

I am afraid that if Hillary loses in WI

Its a sad sign of our times

I am afraid that if Hillary loses in WI

Obama is full of promises..Hillary is full of

Has this "plagiarism" thing gone too far?

Wisconsin Update thread: C'mon in for hot cocoa

How many delegates will the candidates NET today

How many delegates will the candidates NET today


Here's the first dialectic battle; all races of heterosexual men vs women & gays

I voted!!! OBAMA

Insubstantial Obama

KiKi McGrin...

Wisconsin news resources - primary

Hillary Clinton Campaign Position On Pledged Delegates

New Clinton Economic Message has Echoes of Edwards.

File under "Been done before" too

File under "Been done before" too

If Obama wins the Dem nomination... what is Paul Krugman going to do?

I voted for Obama today.

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama on Poverty Issues

Obama Wave Stuns Clinton's Black Supporters

Heavy turnout in Wisconsin

Vote Saxon!

Vote Saxon!

McCain is "fired up" and "ready to lead on Day One"--hey, Wolfson,

The "OMG TEH CLINTONS ARE GOING AFTER PLEDGED DELEGATES!!!" story has now been torpedoed

Spoke to the chair of our Dem district

My favorite thing about GD:P...

Do You Hate Hillary?

Breaking: Gallup tracking poll reveals Obama poll numbers plunging in wake of plagarism scandal

Wisconsin has an open primary, meaning the voter does not have to declare party affiliation to vote

Were did Hillary Get $5 Million for her Campaign?

What Has Hillary Accomplished in 35 Years?

Deval Patrick's Timeline Doesn't Mesh with Reality

Are there any recent polls from Washington State?

Hillary going after PLEDGED delegates...

Could Wisconsin Be a Bellwether for Ohio?

WTF? Clinton Campaign Fails to Submit an Entire Delegate Slate in PA

Madison Is Littered With OBAMA!

is Hillary trying to get PLEDGED delegates to switch?

In Support of Clinton AND Obama

More "borrowed" rhetoric: "We are the ones we have been waiting for"

Barack has the momentum in Texas ... Obama only 5% behind Clinton in Survey USA

Democrats may regret emphasizing the "creepy" memes about Obama

WaPo: Obama Wave Stuns Clinton's Black Supporters

Obama Gaining Among Middle-Aged, Women, Hispanics

Hillary's spokesperson, Wolfson, says the plagiarism attack is working.

People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas Polls - Obama up 7

James Fallows on plagiarism and the latest tempest in a teapot that is shaking Clintons supporters

Jim Lux's Column on Obama's Health Care

I demand that Obama write EVERY speech he gives in response

In the 2000 presidential primaries, I voted for John McCain

Rumble in the Jungle

What time can we expect results today?

Obama: I Should Have Credited Lines

The Ballad of the Badger Ballot; or, The Audacity of Hype

I feel I need to weigh in on the Plagiarism

Want to know why Hillary's losing? Because she is trying to succeed the worst presidency in history

Hillary's campaign fails to file a full slate of PA convention delegate candidates

Why does Hillary seem so sleepy?

ABC news: Michelle Obama: "For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I'm Really Proud of My Country"

Is NBC pro-Obama?

Another PA Superdelegate for Obama; Carol Ann Campbell Endorses Obama

Brian Williams; "What Happens If Someone Tries To Win This Dirty?"

The Cleveland Ledger running the Sinclair accusations story.

Should Obama include citations and footnotes in his speeches?

Bill Clinton is coming tomorrow and this is what the locals had to say:

Barack seems strangely energized. Why?

The good news is we get rid of the Clintons once and for all with this election

Going to vote in Wisconsin the hard way

Obama's speech in youngstown, OH (2/18/08)

My decision....

My decision....

Obama Accuser Agrees to Lie Detector Test 2/26 in New York City

Deval Patrick's Timeline Doesn't Mesh with Reality

Texas will be Hillary's Stalingrad nt

Is Barack Hussein Obama circumcised?

SUSA - Obama pulls within 9 in Ohio

I Could Never Support A Candidate Who Didn't Believe In Hopes and Dreams


Krugman (DLC &/or RW tool according to O-nation): Poverty is Poison

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

I suggest a new rule. I'll call it the "Rove Card"

Well. I did it. I voted in the WI primary.

WHY is it a BAD thing that Repubs. want to vote for Obama?

When do the WI polls close?

John Baer: How Pa. extension benefited Clinton

MSNBC advertised yesterday for OBAMA bio tomorrow night. Now they say HILLARY'S bio will be aired.

Plagiarism; The Clinton Camp Was Hoping For A "Macaca Moment"

Obama's rhetoric recycling

Are Democrats having trouble seeing their beautiful forest for the trees?

Dick Morris: Democrats will win White House in 2008

So you want a President McCain.

So you want a President McCain.

So you want a President McCain.

Calculated Stupidity: How to Lose an Election Campaign

Stop with the gotcha headlines!

Why TF is Tweety in such a good mood tonight?

Preliminary exit poll data for Wisconsin today?

If Hillary Fought For Us As Hard As She Fights For Herself, I'd Dump Obama And SIgn Up With Her

Who is Obama's ghostwriter?

The Obama Mystery.. A MUST READ

MSNBC Hosts Founder Of Anti-Hillary Group "C.U.N.T."

Clinton may try to POISON pledged delegates!!!

Randi is saying that the "talk out there" is that

I know what hope means and what change is

Spike Lee Is Backing Barack Obama

I enjoyed the peace and prosperity of the Clinton years (1993-2000), but I still support Obama

Straw Poll: Which Candidate Do You Support?

Are We All going To "Forgive & Forget" For Flaming Each Others' Candidates After The Primaries?

Obama lead goes from 7 down to 1 in Gallup national poll

Wow! FOUR calls in the last 24 hours from Barack Obama! Hillary=0!


Does Obama know enough..

'Attack opponents on their strengths.' ------Karl Rove

'Attack opponents on their strengths.' ------Karl Rove

It just dawned on me.

I caught right wingers posting false quotes from Michelle Obama

It crossed my mind that no matter what, come January 2009,

It crossed my mind that no matter what, come January 2009,

It crossed my mind that no matter what, come January 2009,

"Pledged delegates are not really pledged at all"

CBS just did the stories about the campaign borrowing and wife

You can't vote for your candidate on DU without getting berated for it.

CIA Operation Similar To Tactic Obama Advocated, Bush Criticized

Proof Obama is opposed to real health care reform

first hint from Politico (to take with grain of salt): Big Night for Obama?

Obama: US "should pursue deals such as NAFTA". Obama went to the right of Keyes on NAFTA in 04'

Obama Did Not Plagiarize Anyone

National Review Online hearing of a 60-40 Obama WI victory-updated with much more complete exits

Clinton and Obama: Both better than GOP, neither the "end of the road"

The only way to truly repudiate Bush is by voting for Hillary

The only way to truly repudiate Bush is by voting for Hillary

I will support the NOMINEE

Over the next few months, let's see just how chickenshit we...

National Review Online Early Exit Poll Results (warning...if accurate it shows a clear winner)

AP Exit poll info for Wisc.

Should rational DUers go through the list of OP names in GD: P and MASS IGNORE LIST THEM?

What time should we be expecting to hear Hawaii caucus results?

Barack Obama for President

Clinton deciding to go Ultra-Negative only helps Mccain. Figures she would sell us out.

Texas Democrats: Early Voting Starts TODAY

MSNBC is out of control. They are still going with the story about Hillary

I'm kind of sorry of wasting one of my 3 threads to say this, but here I go


Open Letter to Super Delegates

How many here are really "anti Hillary" as opposed to "supporting Obama"

Is anyone talking about the upside of having a president whose middle name is 'Hussein'?

Obama echoes Patrick again

Isn't it premuture to be calling Michell Obama hating her country

GE matchups in Iowa & Virigina

What happened to the "Dream Ticket"?

What happened to the "Dream Ticket"?

Exit Poll: Obama Winning Women!

Please, if you don't mind, would you help me refute these two scurrilous claims against Saint Obama?


Adult question:

How you can tell the "powers that be" want Hillary out in the primaries.

Winning in November??


"Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!'

Turnout mixed so far in Wisconsin. Low in Dane County but good in Milwaukee

Rumor: Clinton campaign expects race to be called at 9 PM EST

Here is a level-headed analysis (not by me):

politically incorrect primary joke of the day:

newsflash Matthews

Never mind the copying, there's NOTHING WORSE than a COATTAILER

Watchin' "Spitball" and pukecannon is calling Michele Obama's statement

Clinton: "The real issue is if you’re entire candidacy is about words, they should be your own word"

Clinton: "The real issue is if you’re entire candidacy is about words, they should be your own word"

Hillary Supporters Who Continually Post Rezko Crap Are Fucked Up. Obama Supporters Don't Do Same

Hillary actually DID work in a fish processing factory - don't know which shift, though

Daily Kos Diary: Why I Voted For Edwards This Morning (TX)

Sort posts by OP author/poster

hope we've seen the last of the "b" word tonight

Notes from WI: Election News Blogs and Links Thread

Bill Clinton called!

Insiders see huge Obama blowout

Let's talk exit polls and how reliable they've been this year

Once you've made your 3 GDP OPs for the day, here's a mental health exercise you can do...

God I hope Obama destroys Clinton in WI tonight

God I hope Obama destroys Clinton in WI tonight

Please stop claiming results are in before the polls close

Please stop claiming results are in before the polls close

I was listening to a christian station yesterday and...

Define Paul Krugman

What Paul Krugman doesn't want you to know about Hillary and health care

"The power to label is the power to manipulate"

The truth of it is that if Clinton does not win Ohio and Texas she probably just runs out of gas

will it be the Jasmine Effect in Hawai'i tonight?

I'm not even sure I'll hit "POST" at the end of this.

Hillary was up in WI by as much as 22% months ago...

Anyone else watching MSNBC tonight - and the progressive chopping down

Anyone else watching MSNBC tonight - and the progressive chopping down

Attention Clinton Supporters! (From an Obama brainwashed Hopemonger)

I would be mad if I were a Clinton supporter too (XM Satellite Radio POTUS)

It's Not Fair, It's Not Fair, It's Not Fair !!!

So, I Was Listening...

OBAMA LIVE!: Town Hall in San Antonio

Is Hillary really giving her speech any minute

Which states apportion delegates and which are all-or-nothing?

Any on-line coverage of primary results? Thanks. nt

American Pride

Obama's Letters for Rezko

Use up your three posts? Need me to proxy up a pro-Hillary or anti-Barack thread for you?


Lots and lots of voter stories from Wisconsin

Do you think people here will ever learn to spell "plagiarism" or

Democratic Coattails

CNN goes out on a limb, projects McCain winner in WI

New Details from Obama on Rezko? Weeks after saying he'd answered all questions . . .

Link to Wisconsin Results .... real time feed

Wisconsin about to secede?

McCain Sold Out to Bush

Some months back (when Edwards was my candidate of choice), I posted an OP

Some months back (when Edwards was my candidate of choice), I posted an OP

"When the Magic Fades"-- New York Times, 12/19

The ground game is on in Texas i just got a t..m. from a school board member

CNN Panel spinning that this is over if Obama wins big...

Mike Huckabee's solution for "boosting enthusiasm for the party?" MORE Mike Huckabee!

Total tally of Repuke crossover votes from all the states.

MSNBC: Obama leads in Wisconsin per exit polls.

Oliver Willis has a succinct way with words: Howard Dean Is Working

Statement from Hillary Clinton on Fidel Castro

McCain getting ready to speak.

NBS called WI for Obama

Right Wingers, enjoy your candidate and mind the huge enthusiasm gap!

Must I stay up all the way 'til 1 AM to see if Obama wins Hawaii?

McCain saying Obama provides "false hopes"...LOL...slow learner...

WI EXIT POLL Motherload.

Who cares about the RW scream machine, Michelle Obama spoke her mind, and her truth

Obama is called winner of Wisconsin

What a great story on sticking up for voting rights:

Man is that a gender gap. Obama wins men by 34 points. Hillary women by 3.

Wisconsin: First Numbers on the Board

MSNBC: Obama wins. Only 1000 votes in; they were just trying to keep us watching through

Did you notice the very weak response McCain got when...

Obama rally in Houston, TX coming up on

Die Hard Biden Supporters: Who have you moved towards supporting now?

Clinton won Female vote......May be closer.

It makes no sense for Edwards to endorse Clinton

KO talking about Hillary trying to poach delegates.

MSNBC: Obama projected winner by substantial margin

Okay... I just lost whatever little guilt I'd feel if this campaign kills the old man.

Tweety poll concerning tonight's events

MSNBC: Obama Wins!

Hey superdelegates: WHY should your vote count more than mine?

McCain is right about one thing, he is the most experience.

McCain proud crap, should tick all of us off.

So Hillary supporters: Why doesn't Wisconsin count?

MSNBC projects Obama winner in WI.

here comes mr my friends.. my friends... my friends.. my friends..

Despite our differences, I think we can all agree

MSNBC: Obama wins WI

Obama Wins Wisconsin!!!!

Why does McCain hate America?

Thanks Wisconsin for your Edwards votes

CNN predicts Obama wins WI.

Wow. McCain is bashing Obama hardcore. Not even mentioning Clinton.

Looks like Obama Won in WI

I think the primaries are now over. It will be Obama vs McCrazy in the Fall.

Mccain overuses "My Friends" in his speeches

Clinton caught lying about Obama attack!!!

Is it just me or does McCain look like a cranky old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn?

Exit polls: Obama holds onto his base, makes inroads in Clinton's

Hillary plagerizing Bush: Be Afraid be very afraid and more afraid

Preemptive strike by Lady Hindenburg: "Hawaii doesn't count, either!" :) n/t

Hillary sounds like sh*t...

About the plagarism thing: Well played!

Are any Obama supporters as paranoid as I am?

Looks like the negative ads didn't hurt Obama! Will WI "count" or not?

Call to action re MSNBC Matthews using Fox tactics

Yes We Can in Ohio!!!

Hawaii poll if anyone cares...

Hillary speaking in Youngstown, OH

Will Sen. Clinton make a concession statement tonight?

my friends

Obama being introduced at his Texas rally:

Wisconsin - You Officially Do Not Matter

Obama and Hillary's position on the IWR.... video

Yes We Can in Ohio!!!

Obama speaking now

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Onward Hillary,, The O Partee is ova!!!

MSNBC 56 v 43% Obama over Clinton in Wisconsin


So Hillary supporters: Why doesn't Wisconsin count?


Toyota Center vs A High School Gym. Question: Who's speaking where?

WAHHHHH!!!! Obama started his speech during the Queen's!!

She deserves to be interupted!

Is Hillary begging for money?

Live from the Toyota Center: "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!"

Should Hillary drop out of the race?

Life is but a dream.....

Is this a real picture?

It's time to pack it in, although I am *WILLING* to wait until 3/5 for Clinton

Who Books Hillary's Speaking Venues? .....

Hillary/Obama Speech

Cindy McCain: "The only person my husband can trust is me."

Guys, look at all the counties Obama is winning in:

...that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train comin your way...

Hillary's white base absolutely deteriorating

I donno, let's just rejoice that we have candidates that can inspire

Krugman: Obama surrogate undermined Clinton's health care plan in 1993-4

I think Obama needs a new sound board operator

Why do the parties let people who know so little about politics become party ground runners?

Let's be good winners, Obama supporters

Making head and tails during the Obama virus outbreak

Hillary speech blasted Obama yet!

Did Hillary congratulate Obama?

I hope Barack doesn't reach "across the friggin' aisle" tonight in his speech.

Obama Up NOW (live from Houston, TX)

Congratulations on the Wisconsin win, Obama supporters.

I'm disappointed that Senator Obama is interrupting Senator Clinton

Hillary continues her "we need more than words" strategy in Ohio

McCain and Clinton both go after Obama in their speeches... Will Obama return the favor tonight?

I can't believe Obama didn't keep his 20,000 supporters waiting for Hillary to finish her speech!!


Obama telling republicans many things that I would have like to tell them

Congratulations to Barack Obama for getting his message across...

McCain uses Michelle's comments and says (implies) Obama is unpatriotic

Obama supporters give DU 150 Gobamas and winks!!!!

How Hillary can still win (Ben Smith of Politico)

John Bush McCain. Bush's John MCain.

He's knocking it out of the park! A Change is Gonna' Come!

Obama and Hillary should stay in through Pennsylvania...

Clinton is betting pretty heavily on Wisconsin, it seems.

I believe Hillary cut into Obama's margin tonight

CNN: They are going back to Hillary's speech soon..

Democratic turn-out so far this cycle is huge. Won't be enough McCain

Democratic turn-out so far this cycle is huge. Won't be enough McCain

I'm still on the fence but damn he sounds good tonight.

My one and only thread tonight, CONGRATS OBAMA!! Thank you CHEESEHEADS!

I have never been really proud of my country.

Obama Press Secretary Bill Burton gives a hint of Wisconsin results...

Obama... is making me cry...... He moves me.

"Uninstructed"? Shouldn't that be uncommitted?


Number of voters choosing dem candidates almost THREE TIMES the number

Sen. Obama seems to be the candidate du jour on MSNBC, non?

Obama has one chance... (your thoughts please)

Once again, Dem candidate votes coming in at 2:1 over Repub candidate votes (in WI)

I am an Obama supporter, and am glad he won, but what is it with all the meanness?

SO are they going negative again?

"Well now the fun part starts, ...

Hillary get a H.S. auditorium, Obama get an arena

MSNBC "Live Vote" - Should Hillary Call it Quits?

Obama campaign song suggestions, anybody?

Congratulations to both candidates: this is the closest Democratic contest in over 48 years

Congratulations to both candidates: this is the closest Democratic contest in over 48 years

Obama is winning Brown County, home of Green Bay

OK this is serious more clinton bashing!

Who are the most likely running mates for Obama and Clinton?

Heard Hillary - thought - hey! tonight you're a real Democrat!

A question for Clinton supporters.

Looks like the plagiarism attack didn't work

Who's flying to Texas to help recruit voters??!! I'm STOKED!

Man I wanted to see a real contest by the time it came here to Denver.

I've always congratulated Obama and his supporters when he won

MSNBC asks: "Eugene, is it over", Eugene: "Well-" Pat says: "She's gonna need..."

MSNBC asks: "Eugene, is it over", Eugene: "Well-" Pat says: "She's gonna need..."

I'll bet anything that Feingold endorses Obama

It's over and I am kinda sad about it

Well... I Hope We Can All At Least Agree On This...

PPP Wisconsin Poll: Obama 53, Clinton 40

AP: "...his ninth straight triumph over a fading Hillary Rodham Clinton..."

Congratulations Obama! Well done. Let's go Hillary.

Thank You Hillary Clinton and her Supporters.

I've never teared up during a speech, but when Obama brought up Ryan, I did.

Tweety should ask about HRC's legislative accomplishments

Anyone know of a website where I can see the ENTIRE Obama speech?

I heard it again tonight about Obama is only a good speaker, what would he know about running the US

Has there ever been a candidate during the primary season who fills arenas?

Plagerizer! Michelle hates America! Obama suporters are a cult! Obama is a coward - wont debate!

Exit Polls Suggest Obama BLOWOUT in Wisconsin

Obama Just Choked Himself Up While Speaking About The Soldier Killed In Iraq

Do not waste one of your three posts a day insulting people with curse words.

53% think Hillary is unfair. 33% think Obama is ... Just on MSNBC

I first came to america during the civil rights movement of the 1960s

Why do Obama's surrogates not know his legislative accomplishments?

The Fat Lady Is Singing

Tweety trying to be hard on Obama...right now...

McCain just plagiarized Janet Napolitano in his speech!!!

Tweety is railing on TX state senator who is supporting Obama, demanding

Tweety is railing on TX state senator who is supporting Obama, demanding

Thank you CSPAN guy for correcting idiot caller re: Obama's religion.

One Of Hillary's Acomplishments.....

Wisconsin is yet another example of why MI and FL's elections should remain null and void

To Wisconsin folks, you at least deserve to be acknowledged

So what time are caucuses over in Hawaii?

Win or lose, this time, I'll always love Hillary Clinton.

Win or lose, this time, I'll always love Hillary Clinton.

Lets beat the rethugs to the punch of being down to ONE!

Sometimes being an Obama supporter is like rooting for the Red Sox...

Obama sweeping nearly all demographics in Wisconsin

Whether you're for Obama or for Hillary...remember this...

"Yes we can? Give me a break," .. I'm supposed to be civil about Hillary? Fuck it.

Look at THOSE totals for the DEMS in WI, 600K+, CONS 200K

So, was Wisconsin a PRIMARY or a CAUCUS?

Wisconsin is yet another example of why MI and FL's elections should remain null and void

Goddamnit who is this asshole they have on MSNBC for Obama?

Goddamnit who is this asshole they have on MSNBC for Obama?

Some cheap advice for Hillary: DO NOT QUIT, DO NOT GIVE UP!

What the heck is up with McCain's awkward smiling??

Looking Forward ...

Is it possible the Republicans took over the country in 2000?

Going to be a landslide in November ...........YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Looking forward to 2012, when the Dems will have

Some posters on both sides of the aisle need a little reminder

Obama not letting Hillary finish her speech

Unlike many who do NOT like Hillary Clinton, I like her, but I think this should be the swan song

Hillary the Party's Over

Why are so many people at Hillary's blog talking about preferring McCain to Obama?

The news outlets were right to cut to Obama when he started his speech.

This long campaign is exactly what Obama needed to prove himself

Change even we can believe in: GOP should vote for Obama

I have an entirely different theory about the crossover Republican vote.

No college degree - Obama 54, Hillary: 45

There are the FACTS about the Wisconsin results

That Obama supporter on MSNBC could have turned it around on Tweety

Hillary could pull out a "win" after all

Whoa... Is anyone watching Tweety demand answers about Obama's accomplishments

Clinton campaign adamantly denying pledged delegate strategy

WA Primaries?

What time will Hawaii 's votes begin to come in?

Just finished watching Obama's speech in Texas!

What is the general profile of DU Obama supporters? I'm curious about who would kick a

When are they going to discuss the Hawaii results? nt

Found on Free Republic

I'm sooooo glad Obama is refusing to be "Bidened"

CNN: Obama projected winner, 56-43, with 3% reporting

"We" versus "I"

"Eloquent but empty call for change"

Hillary plagerizing Bush: Be Afraid be very afraid and more afraid

Exit poll: Among Democrats it was 51-48 but Obama won rethugs 70-30

I don't think pasty old white man Buchanan understands anything

The Choice Has Never Been More Obvious to Me. I Know America Sees It, Too.

“All the rules will be going out the window.”: The Moral Equivalent of Election Theft


Hillary loses by less in Wisconsin, therefore the negative attacks worked.

Clinton will target Obama in speech tonight (??)

Clinton Fingerprints on Plagiarism Flap

Just voted in TX for the next President of the United States!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/19/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton down 1 (42)

Obama campaign: Response to Clinton's negative attacks tonight

Get with it, Obama voted FOR NAFTA!

Ben & Jerry & Obama

Hey Guys, Guys... check this out. It's time to take McCain apart... But the Freepers have started

Hey Guys, Guys... check this out. It's time to take McCain apart... But the Freepers have started

Hillary giving speech--abc now--

It isn't the plagiarism. It's the exposing of "hope and change" as a fraud

MSNBC's Chuck Todd just painted a very grim picture for Hillary.

"War! What the hell's it good for?"

FACT CHECK: Hillary timed her stump speech to pre-empt Obama

Hillary Clinton may be down, but she's not out...

McCain Rips 'Eloquent But Empty' Obama

Why has the Obama campaign scrubbed his pro-globalization positions from his website?

Tabulated: The total nubmer of votes cast for each candidate thus far

They cut Hillary's speech on CSPAN because Obama couldn't wait. What Fucks.

Obama supporter, slightly different take on the negative tactics

If Wisconsin is close, watch Waukesha County.

Finally...Wisconsin labeled landslide

The Truth Shall Out - Obama , PNAC ,Cheney

To all those olive branches being handed out tonight...

OMG, she's staying in!?!

WI raw vote: Obama 58% - Clinton 41%, 85% reporting.

It Is Time For Obama Supporters To Act More Gracious

THANK YOU, WISCONSIN! You have my respect

Chris Matthews is handing Clinton a present with a huge bow on it

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, in one way it will almost be a relief for me

Shit, maybe we are a cult. This man can control an audience like I haven't seen

MIchelle Obama said both "proud" and "really proud"

******** Check in if you like both Hillary and Barack*********

******** Check in if you like both Hillary and Barack*********

Top Ten Reasons for my new Avatar...

I'm hearing LOTS OF SPECIFICS in Obama's Victory Speech Tonight.

Oh No... he didnt! Not cool Obama.....not this primary season.

Question for Hillary Supporters?

Hillary Just Doesnt........Hate to Break it To You

Has the torch been passed? I am getting hopeful here..

Republican cross-over in Wisconsin today

He said Hooston, you bastard!

Hillary's a great person. I hope she finishes her run gracefully...

If nothing else, tonight gives me an even deeper appreciation for the admins.

CHECK IT OUT!! The number of Dem votes versus Republican is crazy!!

Take your negative shit and go home Hillary

No Traction - Richard Wolffe (Newsweek)

No Traction - Richard Wolffe (Newsweek)

Obama better win in Nov

ABC leads story alluding to Obama "subverting party rules"

ABC leads story alluding to Obama "subverting party rules"

Barack Obama's Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio *PICS*

I'm FOR Obama, but is some damage control now needed?

Hillary should drop out and take the VP slot

We'll Soon Know If Obama Can Put This Behind Him For Good.... LINK

Iraq? (John Hodgman on TDS)

Businesses Advised To Walk Away

Jim Cooper Was Demonized By Hillary Clinton As Was Anyone With Alternative Health Care Proposals

An endorsement for Hillary that really touched me - Berry Brazelton, pediatrician

Clinton Surrogates: "We're Not Counting Votes, We're Looking for Delegates"

Saudi Arabia advises citizens not to visit Lebanon

LBN: Fidel Castro resigns

Family of missing woman finds her dead body in Impounded minivan

"If the teachers had a guns too, there couldn't be any school shootings."

Barclays Second-Half Profit Falls 21% on Writedowns (

John Kerry is on BBC -Mushie's party has been beaten

There is right-wing crookedness afoot regarding the Michelle Obama "proud" comment

So ya think EDWARDS will jump the Obama bandwagon now?

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub and Kosovo's independence

Obama supporters: Please don’t give up.

Jane Van De Bogart, Woodstock NY Activist, 1941-2008

Fidel Castro retires

Brilliant take on what McCain has become.

Funniest Spoof Video of Larry Sinclair on Barack OBAMA

Musharraf's Party Roundly Defeated-Juan Cole

Damn Hillary, she goaded Obama into putting more policy into his speeches & made them longer

Corporate Lobbyists Have Turned Human Rights into a Tradeable Commodity

Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya

Pot meet Kettle -- Bush quotes regarding Castro

What Do We Stand For? By Paul Craig Roberts

Your choice for president? (sarcasm)

"Ten Years Ago, People Power Stopped Clinton in Iraq" (article)

Nora O'Donnell just spilled the beans on tonight's WI primary !!!

In election 2008, don’t forget Angry White Man

In election 2008, don’t forget Angry White Man

Question for Clinton supporters?

"The Republican Party - the Terrorist Wing of the KKK"

Dozens of firms (terrorist entities) vie to develop (steal) Iraqi peoples oil reserves

Why Hillary is pissing me off

CHINA: "Nobody here wants the lowly American dollar anymore"

Why Do Republicans Always Steal Music to Push Their Hateful Ideology?

Big Oil, Big Pharma--and now--BIG SCIENCE-- (brought to you by Ben Stein--yeah, THAT Ben Stein)

Wow, the Cuban nutjobs in Miami must be creaming their jeans.

Nine in 10 officers said the war had stretched the ­military “dangerously thin”

DUers (all of us)

Joe Scarborough's Hideous Sweater...

Dodi Fayed being Howard Dean'ed?

Statement from Barack Obama on Fidel Castro

It's a crying shame

Looking for help responding to this email:

The Clinton rules apply, still, again, and forever

Hillary Campaign Forgot to Put 10% of their Delegates on PA Ballot

Five killed in rocket barrage on US base in Iraq

WOW do you feel the difference???

Hold up! Hold the f*#k up! Cindy McCain is going after Michelle Obama? Now that is f'ing comedy!

C-SPAN: House Pro-Forma Session

I am an Obama suppOrter -- these awful anti-Hill threads have gOt tO stOp!

wow - GDP is full of faux dems. this a.m. all dumping on Hill

What Democrats 2008 on the DU's front page should look like.

Reposting for general education:Japanese study clears mobiles of brain cancer risk

FDA Says It Approved The Wrong Drug Plant, Causing Spike In Serious Problems, 4 Die

"I was against torture before I was for torture"

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis

How Do You Feel About The Nomination Process?

Bush pressuring Iraqi Oil Minister to circumvent Parliament in approving an oil law

So, let's start counting the HillBot sour grapes threads starting now (9:45 EST).

you can't say we didn't warn the Canadians

If, as we are told, The Rich Are The Ones Paying All the Taxes, Then Nobody Should Mind If I Don't

Do we REALLY want a Dem in the White House on 1/20/2009? If so...

Bush upset by elections "rigged" by "the Castro brothers"

State Department Briefing right now

More legacy-building activities for Bush after he returns home from Africa

dear mr bu$h*, pakistan just had a democratic election and ousted your pal, any comments?

So once we have a clear candidate selected

If Hillary loses bigtime tonight

I take it that * would have no problem with US states declaring independence

I am prouder of America now

Who the HELL came up with the bright idea of allowing this maggot to preside over pro forma session?

Not surprised.

How many posts do you Alert a day?

Warning: Neil Boortz to be on Thom Hartmann's show at 1P est.

Important question re:Cuba and the US embargo.

Minister Baptizes Self; Rescuers Respond

BUSH: No "Staged" Elections - "and I mean free, and I mean fair"

Candidates to Cuba: Release prisoners

It'll take a lot more than Obama, the media, the Right Wing, & a small army to make Hillary quit

BushCo's new meme: 50 years from now people will say "Thank God" Bush attacked Iraq

My lord Hartmnan is having fun with boortz like a cat playing

Breaking .... Hillary to Quit 2/19/08

Castro stepped down because we bombed and invaded Iraq....

Absence of 45 minute claim from draft of Iraq Dossier is further evidence that David Kelly

Is catching/killing Osama Bin Laden Bush's plan for winning the election?

State Department drops ban on HIV-positive diplomats

Technical glitch gave FBI e-mail copies

Can't this administration do ANYTHING right? Sheesh.....


IF the TV was a Real Person in your Life - Toon

So according to the "simians" where I work, HSUS and PETA are "Terrorist Organizations."

Victim's Mom Pushes For Emergency Contacts Bill

FDNY Spies

OBAMA Round table in San Antonio - LIVE!

Attacks on Presidents: A History

Cell Phone Use Linked To Increased Cancer Risk

It looks like another heartbreaking Frontline tonight: "Rules of Engagement"

Wisconsin has an open primary, meaning the voter does not have to declare party affiliation to vote

Wisconsin has an open primary, meaning the voter does not have to declare party affiliation to vote

Reporter tries to railroad Obama supporter. Picked wrong one

Hillary ....a major disappointment..

kucinich debate happening NOW.

What happens to the Democrats if Hillary completely refuses to drop out?

Thousands of Protesters Greet US War Games in Philippines

WHO CARES whether Obama followers are cultists?

"For the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be an American."

ANIMATION: The REAL reason Bush went to Africa

Should hidden mental health issues be exposed?

Dallas PD computers hacked by "Anti-American" this happening elsewhere?

Bush remarks on Castro:

Doctors: Prozac, violence rarely linked

German Arms Firm Says Nein To Blackwater After TV Report

Has Obama's aura of invincibility been damaged today?

Steal This Book - for 21st Century

Is there such a thing as "new politics" or is politics always the same?

Here this morning! Gone this morning!

Lawmaker wants ‘gay-talk' banned from classroom (get the repugs out of office!)

Is there a poll on the Kucinich race?

Who STEALS a 4 ton railway bridge??????

patriotism in politics

BREAKING: Gunman Spotted on Santa Fe Campus Gainesville,FL

Voting on faith

FEMA DISASTER OPERATIONS MEMO for the State of Massachusetts: Satellite Re-entry

I don't even know how to title this one...(No rocking on new school chairs)

In a first, Polk award goes to blogger, Josh Marshall of TPM for legal reporting.

Why Hillary should run for Senate Majority Leader?

Why do people target Michelle Obama?

Meet a hero - 12 yr old boy dies saving his friend

HORTON: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the National Surveillance State

Rasmussen Minnesota Poll: Coleman Trails Franken

Church Challenges Members: Have Sex Every Day

Uh-oh Michelle Obama my just have cost us the Fox News viewer vote

Wilkes Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Bribing Cunningham

Oil jumps above $100 a barrel between the lines

Ever wonder about President Insane's feelings about African-Americans?

bush on Castro stepping down.........

Michael Scheuer, Former CIA, Best Selling Author Of Imperial Hubris & Marching Toward Hell On TYT

This is the NRA on steroids.

Question For DU All Members

Did Clinton Campaign Plagiarize Rove?

Fox News has something called a "briefing book"

Fox News has something called a "briefing book"

caption this * pic.....

We're at Defcon 1. Hide thread is gone.

Could there be a rule that GDP threads can't be on the greatest page?

They're not really happy that he's resigning; they've been waiting for him to die

I just became a Scientologist. Dang it. I got curious about Dianetics and got hooked.

omg - TOO funny - Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

I think Fidel is dead

Video: Turkmen v. Ashcroft

First African-American LGBT state legislator

Gov Don Siegelman's Birthday is the 24th.

Are Any Of You Watching C-Span Now (5:24 pm tuesday)

Yay! RECORD HIGH OIL PRICES! We're number one!!!111

Keith Olbermann ecstatic that Obama wins!

HILLARY's "Plagiarism" Problem

Should Willie Nelson take over for Fidel Castro?

I'm in Texas and I am voting for Hillary Clinton. Here is why.

Judges threaten flight if pensions are cut

Democrats fear special session on FISA, will guard Congress during break

How long before Pelosi caves on the "Protect America Act"?

I am outraged that Time Magazine would use a child's death to minimize violence against LGBT kids.

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Top Five Obama accomplishments/reasons for voting?

Casey: Army tours in Iraq likely to shorten.

Stephanie Miller collides with parked car

Martha Stewart has bought Emeril Lagasse...

Some Books to Help Inspire Veganism.

Richard Clarke has a new book coming out - "Your Government Failed You"

Infragard is frightening and true WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Other words, other worlds

GM(crops) 'failing to keep promises'

BREAKING CNN: It is cold in Wisconsin

Latest email I received: "White House Internships - Urgent"

OH, RI, TX and VT media contacts

DU Economists: Have the U.S. Markets neared their Bottoms?

"A bunch of white guys ready to tee off at a restricted country club."

US Military paying Lincoln Group millions to produce pro Iraqi forces comic books

Oil Jumps Above $100

Cindy McCain: "Well, I'm VERY proud of my country, I don't know about you!"

FCC Coming to Boston: Make Your Voice Heard! Public Hearing February 25, 2008

'Toon: DU's GDP?

Huffington Post: Newt Gingrich's Advice

If George Bush Gave the Equivalent of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Why the hell do we have "open primaries"????

WP: Divided Labor Loyalties

Everything You Need to Know About Water Privatization

Does it bother you ?

DAMN! We missed a chance to nail Marc Grossman again!

Tonight, I hate everything and everybody.

How much does momentum affect the race?

Is there ANYTHING our government does that's more pointless than the Cuba Embargo?

to be armed, or not to be armed.


If You’re An Obama Supporter… / If You’re A Clinton Supporter… Part 1

Need a laugh? Alberto Gonzales on ‘truth.’

Study on "immigration fence" between the U.S. and Mexico ... shows a flaw

From TPM: "OBAMA ADMITS.."I toured my Home with Tony"

Random and Impuslive, but Tonight I'm Missing Hunter S. Thompson...

Thousands march in Prairie View for voting rights (7 miles to nearest voting booth)

Whistleblowing Website Vows to Defy Court Gag (wikileaks)

Youngsters, pull up a chair, I've a story to tell you

Randi Rhodes just threw ed schultz under the bus saying..

Randi Rhodes just threw ed schultz under the bus saying..

The death throes of the Clinton campaign

US Senate election hopes?

Students charged in murder-for-hire plot

Are Starbucks' 'skinny' drinks offensive?

Lemon wedges in/on drinks/glass....Bad...

GOP: We Heart Poverty

Bush-appointed judge, arrested for DUI, had "a difficult time locating his license in his purse"

bush, good on aids crisis in africa?.... i havent been following news, what is up with this

kalashnikitty is a reality now

Americans Getting Dumber?

Taking this moment to thank Howard Dean

If Clinton does not convincingly win Ohio and Texas, she needs to drop out

FR poster defends murder of "feminine" boy

Haven't seen anyone mention this aspect of the Castro news.....

Anyone else feel earth tremors just now here in Socal?

The only man with any right to take pride in his race.

AP Photo: "Bush reacts while making a statement to reporters, Feb. 19, 2008"

Sad, but a really neat story;

Here's an interesting what-if/ethical/legal question...

Your Experience With War

DNC to MI dems. drop dead/ while McCain works MI for Nov. vote.

Um, is it time to run to the bank yet?

Fidel's letter to the Cuban People

If Democrats think the American public would reject single-payer health care...

I'm home, I'm cranky and pissed off. People here are out of

Big trouble in Little Baghdad - Sweden has generous policy welcoming refugee

Health Insurance Mandates


Why did Thom prostate himself to Neil Boortz?

While Obama Wins - According To Jim Has A Larry Craig Bathroom......

How to minimize DU bullshit. Think before you post.

My boss believes we should change the 14th Amendment

Mike Gravel appreciation thread.

Maybe It's Time For A Little Smack Of Reality As It Relates To Obama's False Superiority.

**Official Happy Victory Thread** Do Not Come In If You Cannot Handle It.

What Obama people and the DNC do NOT realize is that the democratic party ground runners are..

What I'd Like To Do: A mudbath and sing-along with Hillary, Michelle and Elizabeth

Flipping & Floppin' Old Man McCain Should Keep His Mouth Shut

GD:P Crescendo

Hey, care to guess who I am?

The making of "them"

Don't know about bringing these collaborators here to America

F*CK the "Angry White Man".

"Health care is a basic need of all societies"...

Well.. Now That We Know Wisconsin Doesn't Count...

Obama's kicking a$$ re the constitution

Karl Rove is KO's worst person in the world today. Reason?

Obama the first Black president?

Hillary Clinton's words reveal that she is a shameless liar...

Just finished watching Obama's speech in Texas!

Al Gore Praises Wine Industry, Mentions Sequel To An Inconvenient Truth

Tonight's FRONTLINE covers the 2005 Haditha massacre by US Marines

Obama "Bigfooted" Hillary

POLL: After tonight, will Hillary or Obama be the democratic nominee?

please....get john mccain off my fucking television

Thanx to all the Hillary People who have shown kindness tonight

Justice, Junta-Style: Court Decision Denies Extraordinary Rendition Victims Their Day In Court

School District Attempting Gender Separation

The embargo worked! Fidel caved under the pressure!

CNN projects McCain wins Washington Primary

Texan Democrat Wants to Eat Worms For You - Wicked Funny!

I'd like to thank Many of the Hillary Supporters

Good Fugging grief Keith Olbermann

Lurking conservatives..Want to REALLY piss off some DUers? VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN NOVEMBER!

just saw a CNN headline that Bush "pushes for intelligence law"

TEDTalk Tuesday Soothing Evening Edition: The Untouchable Music

Can the Republicans get McCain some physical therapy or something?

Dave: "Castro to be succeeded by brother OR his IDIOT son Fidel DUBYA Castro!1"

Norah O'Donnell: Annoying Laugh, or Most Annoying Laugh?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 2008

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! WI & Hawaii Primary/Caucuses

VIDEO: As Obese Population Rises, More Candidates Courting The Fat Vote

Kentucky residents! Please call your state legislators in support of HB 70

Another 'humane', 'less than lethal' weapon on its way to a cop and TSA agent near you

Steve Scully, C-Span moderator, corrects RW caller on Obama's religion

Need DU Help: Tax Email Attack

US & UK Housing Markets already in freefall, AUS & NZ Softening - Canada Next Bubble to Burst?

How not to commit suicide.

Joe Louis' sister dies outside Southfield (Michigan) apartment complex

Anybody watching Frontline "Rules of Engagement"?

NBC HRC must win 65% to stay in the race

Nine LANDSLIDES: HRC 0 out of 9 in One on One Elections


Vallejo Poised to be First CA City to Declare Bankruptcy

CBC News views the Afghan War. Continuing Canadian participation is uncertain. -- Video

I forgive KO EVERYTHING for his takedown of Tweety just now

Judge to Hold Reporter in Contempt if She Won't Disclose Sources in Anthrax Case

Survey USA Ohio Poll: All Tied Up!!! Clinton 4.9, Obama 4.8.

Please Help Stop Amazon from Selling Dog Fighting Publications

Obama holding rally at Reunion Arena in Dallas (free vs. HRC's Dallas "reception" minimum $250 )

There was a vigil for Lawrence King today in Oxnard

So if Hillary loses 10 in a row by double digits, how does she come back?

Clinton FREELY Used Canadian Investment Banker's Plane (Giustra's), Opened Doors for Mineral Deals

A topic of no importance

New Hampshire Rep To Initiate Impeachment

The Society of the Owned

OWWW! Olbermann Just RIPPED Tweety A New One!

Latest Poll: McCain Beats Hillary, Obama Beats McCain

TPM: Poll: Hillary's Support Dropping Among Hispanics

Obama CLOSING on Hillary in Ohio and Texas because of Clinton NEGATIVE ATTACKS......

If drug companies didn't spend so much money on advertising, I suspect we'd hear even more about...

Hillary "Take Back America" - taken from Pat Buchanan "Take Back America"

If She Loses, Will Hillary Rejoin the Band?

THe Independent frontpage: Adios, Castro

The Clintons are just making me angrier and angrier

Report: Poor Hillary Performance In Wisconsin Will Raise "Big Questions" About Her Candidacy

"If the teachers had a guns too, there couldn't be any school shootings."

Obama: NAFTA didn't put food on the table.

Imagine 4 years of Howard Wolfson as press secretary

Yet again, Hillary will IGNORE the primaries she's LOST on the night...

SurveyUSA: Obama Beats McCain in Virginia, Clinton loses (O-51% M-45% / M-48%-C-45%)

Clinton needs to win +/- 65% of the remaining states delegates

Children Are Forty Percent of Cluster Bomb Casualties

My 126th ltte published today-please rate up at the site and comment

Will the Clinton TX/OH Firewall Campaign Strategy Work?

what happened? hillary collapsed in wisconsin. obama blowout in hawaii

I am really sick of this shit from MSNBC that HRC campaign has been negative.

Put a fork in it, Hillary. You're done.

WAAAAAAAGERS!!!!!!! W / castro!

Andrea Mitchell reporting that Clinton campaign going to target Obama w/ Commander-in-Chief argument

How did Hillary ever allow this to become a referendum on Hope vs Pragmatism?

Wishing Obama and his supporters the best of luck in the GE, if they get the nom ...

Lady Hindenburg crashed and burned tonight...

Jericho on CBS. . .!

If nothing else, I hope this puts an end to the Mark Penn era

Clinton deserved better than Wolfson and Penn. And Bill.

Real 'Work'? Clinton Swipes at Chelsea's Profession

Obama campaign's brilliant rope-a-dope.....

Democratic Leadership Council's 'The Third Way' Exposed

SibelGate: US officials secretly meeting Turkey now (Mukasey)

GREAT NEWS! Obama WINNING over McCain in both IOWA AND VIRGINA...Hillary losing both

InfraGard ?FBI Deputizes Private Contractors With Extraordinary Powers...

Leopold leaving TruthOut, Starting new site

Now that Castro's gone, it's time to repeal the most absurd drug ban ever

Poll: Hillary's Support Dropping Among Hispanics

New Clinton Ohio Ad: "She's worked the night shift, too"

She voted for war, so show her the door

Fuck you, Pat Buchanan, for your sexist attack on Michelle Obama

The GOP code words have already begun to emerge

Wow, McCain's head looks like Quagmire's

Our GD-P "Fair Angels": An Honor Role

The Dumbing Of America

For the good of the party, Hillary must drop out

Maybe Cuba/Castro are or were not perfect, but consider for a moment this:

Wow! What a bunch of Right Wing Tripe!

Cindy McCain's eyes are spooky

Interesting goings on in DC

BBC Presents an Excellent Interactive Graphical Overview of the Subprime Crisis

This really makes me want to vomit (WARNING: graphic photo!)

An Ungrateful Nation Forgets

Today’s Headlines 2/19/08

ACLU to Testify in Geneva on Racial Injustice in U.S.

Probably the most important story today: Banks 'quietly' borrowing bilions from Federal Reserve

me and Steven Colbert, picture

BREAKING: Wilkes Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Bribing Cunningham

If you were running down-ticket, whose speeches would you rather riff off of?


Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself..

"I'm hoping that Nader enters the race".

Clinton's struggle vexes feminists. To some, her skills losing out to style

Former Stripper Named in Folsom Fraud Probe

Bush wants Democracy in CUBA! Okay, give back GITMO! Hypocrite!

Now that the stinky cigarettes are gone all that is left is stinky customers

Making head and tails during the Obama virus outbreak

Caption *

Clinton Plans to Target Obama's Pledged Delegates...(outrageous!)

Clinton Plans to Target Obama's Pledged Delegates...(outrageous!)

End the Cuba Embargo now

Please enable us to hide the GD-P threads on the "greatest" page.

Economic theory: What would happen if ...?

U.S. strikes within Pakistan — without notice or permission

MSNBC and Operation Brokered Democratic Convention: Or No, Michelle Did Not REALLY Say That, Tweety

New link to Wikileak - Whistle Blower Site

Rounding up beggars, homeless and mentally disabled people from the streets of Baghdad


Florida "placates" the religious right by adding the word "theory" on the final evolution vote.

Mark Crispin Miller: Why In The World Would Suicides Be Up In The U.S. Under Bush/Cheney?

BREAKING: Jason Leopold No Longer Employed By Truthout

Saying doctors can refuse to treat individuals they don't like can open the door to ethnic cleansing

Texans Voting for Barack: CHECK IN

American Exceptionalism

Man gets 4 years for possesion of .003 grams of pot at Dubai airport

I am very afraid Clinton will only go down sinking the dem party along the way

Anti-Globalization books ... can you recommend any????

Perhaps the most deluded post from the most delusional, insane Freeper ever....

If an entity declares itself a gun free zone are they liable for damages if they don't enforce it?


How many HIllary supporters still come here?

Border Fence to Divide Three Native American Nations

Blu ray???

He doesn't appear to be pro-woman.

Homeland Security Won't Explain Why the Mexican Border Wall Bypasses the Rich and Connected

Border Fence To Bypass Property Of Wealthy Oilman Who Donated $35 Million To Bush Library

CIA behind production of films "1984", and "Animal Farm"

grateful shout out to the DU admins....

Dick Morris urges Republicans in Texas to throw the election and vote for Obama

Go Al, Go!

Blair's press advisers had the 45-minute claim added to the British dossier of prewar intel on Iraq

Obama is a sexist, racist, homophobic, flip flopping, drug addicted, plagarizing, DINO...

Can Someone Answer These Legal Questions

Do you ever think of where we would be had Al Gore not invented the internets?

X-Rated Iraq: A Tortured Story

How the Bush Regime allowed more Mercury into our air.

IF a person leaves the US

FT: America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Boy, Castro Must Be About Ready To Croak - You'd Think He'd Want To Wait It Out Another Year

Boulder Colorado joins over 90 cities asking for Impeachment.

Two Questions:

Political Glossary (The Onion)----> Add your favorite political "definition" !

The Constitution of the Homeland of America: Revised Abridged Addition

Krugman: Poverty in Early Childhood Poisons the Brain (literally)

Labor Law Question - MA, vacation pay

I "oppose Obama".

I "oppose Obama".

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I suspect that there is a chance...

Need help on immigration jingo.

I won't make many friends with this rant of mine (yeah, another TSS GD Rant) :)

"It Is What It Is."

I was in two different Doctor offices today

Hey, I never thought I'd be saying this but...

Finally finished the BritLit paper that i was procrastinating on... ask me anything!

Castro has officially resigned as President of Cuba..

To my friend Tom

Wanna hear something really dumb?

I've noticed a lot of long-time DUers popping up on threads lately...and

Remove the "REC" function from the GD-P page.

Our lifespan explained....

What is for lunch? ..Cruelty , I'm going back to being a vegetarian.

Early birds check in! Who else just woke up this morning?

Many Moore is scared to be alone

Let's get drunk and take our clothes off!

Yeah, that sounds good, but if you’re desperate for a job,

Hey lookit! I did something girly and creative and it came out okay!

I just posted in GD

Did you know we had our own Darfur.. right here in the USA?

You know what you SHOULD be doing...

I admit plagiarism ...

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court rejects ACLU domestic spying lawsuit

Has anyone seen this ad?

HAHAHA - best post secret ever

Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night. Feb. 20, 2008

Yay! Just accepted a great summer internship

Well that was really inspiring (not)


A major indication that it's time to consider getting a new job

Are these "hand painted" images actually painted on human flesh? Or is it computer work? (PHOTOS)

what is the name of the movie on FX [cable] now east coast.. looks like a Video game movie..??

My article got on the front page! YES!

Thanks to CatholicEdHead and quiet.american I'm wireless!!

The Bitch About Your Stupid Job Thread.

Bed 2, Gym 0

OMG! CNN closed captioning: Al Quada called Barak to congratulate him!!

Obama knows he needs a V.P. with NATIONAL SECURITY Credentials.

GDP: Someone mentioned "Olbrich Garden"

Cute Video: Charlie Bit My Finger

V-HD Day!

Can't we all unite in our ability to hate stupid people?

I'm frigging toast

I dare any of you to go into GD:P and make a post....

Feingold Sets Up Republicans to Win 2 More Filibusters

Would you like some of my big, plump,.....

Need help cleaning your monitor? Here's some help...

The tinnitus is terrible, so maybe I didn't hear Andrea Mitchell correctly

Favorite Republican nick-name?

Would you like some of my big, plump, juicy.....

Does Political Plagiarism Matter to you?

To be gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely

Can you get high from a Vitamin B complex supplement?

Can you get a complex from a Vitamin B supplement?

I just picked up some to go Olive Garden!!!! Flame Away!

Reuniting with estranged father after 25 Plus Years......ask me anything

Signs You've Been A Member Of DU For Too Long...

Pity that copycats are frowned upon in GD

For those times when you can't agree on light on or light off (nsfw! sexytime!)

Well I got stuck overthere are the Rapture forum. Here is a sample.

Returning to your TV... STEVE GUTTENBERG!!!!

Did you perform in school? Plays, sing, dance etc?

OK, name the composer and the work

Question about Lights

Clearly, the worst endorsement deal Adidas ever made

The (insert 'odd' title name here) Game

If you wrote a romance novel about your “Immortal Beloved” and it was to be published…

I don't understand why people steal famous works of art

If your job had a theme song what would it be?

I feel like one of Cannikins borgs right now

Do you remember your 999th DU posting?

Breaking News from the Rapture forum: Obama snorted coke and had gay sex with Minnesota man

kinda cute story

I want to break my computer and smash things!!!

LynneSin is the biggest geek on DU

So what can I do with my 999th posting?

Bush vets material for his Presidential Library

What Is The Best Job You Have Ever Had

Television actors and actresses who also had careers in film.

Funniest mod lock message of the day

Which level is it that we lose the iggy list?

DU IS AT Defcon One

Mods and everyone. I'm sorry about my post about Fred Phelps earlier.

Let's all listen to flowers and curse Neil Young and talk about a lot.

We're at Level 1, sig lines are gone, git yur wity smiley replacements here

I switched my sleeping hours earlier this month

I can prove, without a doubt, who the biggest geeks are in DU - what does this picture represent?

How was Castro any more of an evil despot than Batista?

My house smells like turkey!

My mom got hit by a car last weekend.

Favorite Darren Aronofsky Movie

I'm sorry but KitchenWitch is can never be a DU Dork

Anyone know what happened to

Remodeling Fun! (crosspost from photography group)

Today is the anniversary

I Know This Has Probably Been Asked Before, But How Come When Someone Gets Tombstoned...

Turkey Attacks Monkeyfunk From CrockPot

Someone please tell me why I am singing "Girl You Know its True" by Milli Vanilli

Md. driver in crash that killed 8 tried to stop, guardian says

Giant Sea Spiders.

I find I'm spending more and more time in the lounge now.

I have strange friends: this is a friendship prayer i received today

What are the worst movies you've seen recently?

ooo ooo good one in GDP, but hurry will not last

What song was I just thinking of that I wanted to listen to?

Ok, Facebook is really pissing me off these days...


38 ATP

Beginning of jet air travel. 1958.

I just don't care about any of the crap in GD or GDP

I don't understand the Ignore or the Hide functions here at DU.

Soup or Delegates

Ok I Have Seen Everything Now

What do you think John Steinbeck would have written about George W. Bush's America?

Crocodile Hunter's Son Bitten By Baby Boa

I feel new empathy for Q now. Merciful Heavens, there are some dolts on this planet!


I still have 3 posts left for today...

Where is that confounded bridge?

Phew... I hate GDP now..

The Mike stands for money and the D is for diamonds

"War is a Racket " by Major General Smedley D. Butler

Wow. I didn't know the Executive Branch was LITERALLY cockslapping Americans...

If repubs had been told this before the elections,

I'm watching an Elvis impersonator edition of the Weakest Link


In honor of yesterday's "worst restaurant service" threads...

Hey dorks! I got your junior high picture, right here:

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: A Twofer! Hair of the Dog Fred and Arroant Bastard Oaked

Deep fried Armadillo girdled lizard!! (awwwwwwww)

Now I only have only 19 posts to #999

I'm gonna out dork all of you - what is this?

I'm OK, but my car is toast... ask me anything, I'll answer in the morning...

I find it funny that Ted Stevens is smarter than you DU Dorks!!1!!

Arrghhh!! The earworm from hell!

OK DU Dorks, what is this a chart of....


I get to hear and see the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars perform tonite!!


It's 5:00 pm and it's STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE

So, are we Lounge Lizards going to go wreak havoc

KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread

Bad news from Tucson - 150 Dogs Seized, 3 Arrested In Raid

Who is the biggest DU Dork?


"Carter," huh? Yeah. Good name for a kid.

"Carter," huh? Yeah. Good name for a kid.


Ever play marbles?

Just thinking about Andy tonight....

Hell, the Texas Democrats came out in force today at early voting.

Is John McCain's cancer back?

Look! a Dork Fish!

Informal poll: Willie or Fidel?


Ok, time to find a new job for Fidel. I vote for relief pitcher for the N.Y. Yankees.

The Eagle Flies At Midnight

How could I pass up a dork-off challenge?

Stupid hominids!

What's the benefit of having snow tires on their own rims

What is the humane way to remove rodents?

Sick of it Day. General strike.

What motivates you?

hey philboy! i found something for you

Anybody seen LaraMN?

Stupid homophones

Would You Have A Beer With This?

Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning

OMD! I just saw the end of an ad for the Dish Network

Are you in the Angus 1/3# burger test market?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/19/2008)

Lemon wedges in/on drinks/glass....Bad...

More on that boondoggle known as "The Wall" (a tad long)

So Castro resigns as Pres.

Needed: "Are you sure?" warning pop-up prior to entering GDP.

Any William Gibson (cyberpunk) fans?

Somebody here got "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" lodged into my brain a few days ago....

I hate when Ignored gets out of the cornfield

Has anyone heard how Obama did in WI?

There are 634 earthquakes on this map

Does *anyone* here use Stata (software) that can answer my question?

Whoa now. I need a drink.

Hey temeah: Pic thread.:hot tub ,me, and various nekkid pictures

I've gone fucking insane...I just posted in GD:P

School cancelled due to extreme cold. Minus 30 actual temp. Windchills minus 50.

A real-life Orgasmatron! (There goes my wife and $12,000)

I don't care what anyone says, I like Carrot Top.

I don't know anything! Ask me anything!

The Carter-Reagan Election was Hacked and rigged-

One good thing about primary night television

Stupid homologs

Why are we at level 2???

Soooo... I'm watching the BEST NBA team this season

Why does my neediest client call me at the end of the day with a crisis?

For Some Reason Level 2 Has Given Me A New Avvie

Jason D

I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I offended any of my friends here.

*** Official Level 2 Appreciation Thread ***


I have 666 songs on my IPOD

Do you love the sound of your own voice?

Armadillo girdled lizard!! (awwwwwwww)

Pssstttt.... Check this out!

I'm calling out VenusRising!

self delete

What is up with McCain's wife's eyes?

When you gotta get "taken to school" by someone, it's good if it's a friend who does it.

I've Hidden My Profile

help! looking for a wrinkle/face cream with no smell?

2 questions

I think I will go on MSNBC and slap Matthews silly

Is there ANYONE who would vote for EITHER Dem candidate in the GE?

A couple of pics of me and the sisters in Vegas:

Update on Utah Phillips

stupid potato....

Tuesday Questions

Radio Lady: Call me at 503-293-1902. It's Oregon Public Broadcasting's telephone.

Are there ANY good airlines left?

How do you let go of your past, or forgive yourself for your mistakes?

Very cool Nova tonight on ape intelligence

Woo, Mo-Fucking Hooo!!!

My husband is angry at me for keeping the kids up too late. I wanted to see the Obama speech with

I need your happy thoughts and good vibes por favor World's most ridiculous sports team names

I think Lunesta might be a sham.

I think Lunesta might be a sham.

What's your favorite color?

I need a word coined right now!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/19/08

Have Fun In DisneyWorld lost-in-nj

Why can't I get along with bald-headed testosterone-pumped fucks in the bar?

With all the seriousness going on, maybe it's time for a Joke Thread. I'll go first.

So I have just started watching the first season of Jericho...

The soon-to-be (in)famous sex ed article!

I HAZ A DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Military contractor rewarded for shortchanging troops

Okay, we did the myspace friends thing on here before...

Good lord, is this Dork Day in the Lounge, or what?

Who is the biggest DU Dork?

Who is the biggest DU Dork?

Stupid homophobes.

I finally saw "Good Fellas" for the first time.

Rate your job satisfaction

AARGH!! Crappy customer service at a hotel!

Remember These

I just saw the fat lady making her way to the microphone. And she has her sheet music with her.

Lunar eclipse tomorrow night!

Asraa' Amir Mizyad was just 9 years old when the missile hit

After 6 years, I rejoined the NRA this past weekend.

Ok, this locking message made me laugh myself sick.

Need advice on airline to fly overseas.

My cat is a jewel thief.

I bought my son one of these little cuties today...

My mommie died today.

Thanks to my friends here. You have meant a whole lot to me; more than

I am under 200 lbs for the first time in fifteen years...

Why Do Some Stores Have Multiple Available Cash Registers But Only Staff 2 At A Time?

Men of DU: Would you take a birth control pill for men?

Is There A God?


Over the years, dog owners have convinced me that dogs are smarter than cats.

Probation For Anthrax Hoaxer Chad "The UnaFreeper" Castagana

School Fundraisers and why I hate them

Hey Los Angeles residents

Why isn't 60mph fast enough on a snow covered road?

Locking. This is not the image DU wishes to convey. OP warned.

So, my migraine headaches have started up again. A Rant.

GREAT TOON: Baby Bush presidential library


Oh, shit! ROFL! You gotta hear this!

Is McCain/Castro the unity ticket to watch?

"Clinton Lies About Plagiarism Attack," and "plagiarizes" John Kerry

Tardigrade (awwwwwwww)

"Just one more dead faggot"

Splenda Flavor Blends for Coffee...

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

Best (non-Live, Non-Greatest Hits) Double Album ever issued?

Cop Wiley Willis Beats Up Defenseless Handcuffed Woman

All Hail taterguy

The miracle of melancholia

Dog experts..

I picked up a 6 pack of cider at the store when I was coming home.

The Deeper Truth About Plastic Bags

The Deeper Truth About Plastic Bags

Deputy tasers high school student against direct orders

Songs that pretty much ended the singer's career?

Random Album Cover game

Fred Phelps is planning to protest at the NIU Memorial Service Sunday.

I come from the Lounge to warn that if you guys don't chill out . . .

I admit plagiarism of

The Cave of the Nymphs.

Iraq weapons dossier draft reveals role of 'spin doctor'

Dupe Delete

Wall Street banks expect billions more in write-downs

Musharraf's rivals win Pakistan election

Brazil and Argentina considering joint arms manufacturing

Police feared 'airport stand-off'

Medication Under a Microscope

Bush honors victims of Rwanda’s genocide

US pleased with Pakistan election

Supreme Court rejects wiretap suit

US Senator Kerry says Pakistan polls credible

Dallas unveils documents on Kennedy shooting

Barack Obama Supporter Robert Holeman on Confronting Former Pres. Clinton

Clinton Used Giustra's Plane, Opened Doors for Mineral Deals

Banks "quietly" borrow $50 billion from Fed: report

Trial of Iraqi officials delayed (prosecution witnesses failed to show up)

Russia’s Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American

Clinton, Obama Chipping Away at One Another's Base of Support

Dallas PD computers hacked by "anti-American" hacker

Clinton Used Giustra's Plane, Opened Doors for Mineral Deals

Judge: Reporter must reveal sources to cooperate with Hatfill lawsuit

Ailing Castro steps down as Cuba’s president

Toshiba Hands Blu-Ray Format War Victory (HD DVD = Betamax)

Fifteen Iraqi police killed defusing rockets

Machines Jam at 3 Milwaukee Polling Places

Bill Would Require Some to Pass Drug Test to Get Aid

How Pa. extension benefited Clinton (sorta)

Meteor seen across wide swath of Pacific Northwest

Schwarzenegger's lottery idea questioned

BREAKING: Jason Leopold No Longer Employed By Truthout

Report: Midwage jobs vanish in Silicon Valley

Musharraf under pressure to resign

Bob Geldof in Rwanda gives Bush his props

Weather freezes out South Side voter

More people are tapping their 401(k) for cash

Wilkes sentenced to 12 years in bribery scheme

Forced Out of FEMA Trailers

McCain to win Wisconsin, CNN projects (Dem Race Too Early to Call; Exit Polls Show Obama Ahead)

FEMA misspent money from trailer sales

Supreme Court rejects Katrina victims' flood insurance case

Administrator: Nifong too rich for bankruptcy

Obama wins Wis. for 9th straight triumph

African AIDS Crisis Outlives $15 Billion Bush Initiative

Iraqi Interior Ministry orders police to round up beggars, mentally disabled to foil al-Qaida

McCain to win Wisconsin, CNN projects

Baghdad Drowning In Sewage: Iraqi Official

U.S. military stretched dangerously thin by war: poll

Oil Surges To $99 As OPEC Stirs Supply Concerns

Top Court rejects ACLU domestic spying lawsuit

Turkey weighing land operation vs PKK in Iraq: TV

Sabateurs may have cut Mideast telecom cables

Turkey Plans To Invade Northern Iraq

Candidates to Cuba: Release prisoners

Ugandan Anglicans in ultimatum to US church over gay marriages

Scourge of Scientology dies in apparent suicide

Handwritten Ballots Mark Tight N.M. Vote

Judge Orders Wikileaks Web Site Shut

Sara Lee to raise bread prices again (fourth hike in 18 months)

MSNBC Projects Obama to win Wisconsin

ABC: Fired officer claims woman's 'fall' gave her black eyes, broken teeth

Oil Jumps Above $100 on Refinery Outage

Oil Jumps Above $100 on Refinery Outage

Many Americans Will Fall Short Of Current Standard Of Living After Retirement

CIA Strikes Inside Pakistan without Governent's Permission

Fort Hood Soldiers Breaking the Silence in war in Iraq

Clinton pals chair Dem credentials panel

US may shoot down satellite Wednesday

Pentagon to challenge interview of 9/11 suspect

Delta-Northwest deal could mean fewer cheap seats

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 19

Fidel Castro Resigns As President

Toshiba quits HD DVD business

Bombs rattle Kosovo's frontier with Serbia

US won't lift Cuba embargo

US won't lift Cuba embargo

Midlife Suicide Rises, Puzzling Researchers

More people tap 401(k) accounts for cash

Science Standards Will Call Evolution 'Scientific Theory'

Canada’s Secret War in Iraq By Richard Sanders

The Trials of Henry Kissinger The Making Of A War Criminal

The Jewel in the Crown

THE DECIDERS-White Men Hold Key for Democrats

Sen. Edward Kennedy: Forging a negotiated path to Iraq's future

RNC Donor Event Outlines Obama Attack Plan By Jeffrey Ressner

Homeland Security Won't Explain Why the Mexican Border Wall Bypasses the Rich and Connected

A Realist Called Obama

Conservatives Without Conscience

WHO CARES whether Obama followers are cultists?

Threats of Our Own Making to Fuel the Military Industrial Complex

Whores of Babylon

What Do We Stand For? (PC Roberts)

Tim Giago: Apology of no use for Native Americans

Learning From Tijuana: Hudson, N.Y., Considers Different Housing Model

Generalissimo Washington: How He Crushed the Spirit of Liberty By Murray N. Rothbard

Why I'm considering voting for Huckabee - No joke.

America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Texans Join Iraqi Oil Workers in International Oil Action

WINNING WITH SATIRE (An Open Letter to Hillary and Barack)

Obama Foes: Mad As Hell and They're Not Going to Take It Anymore

Whistle-blower site taken offline

Healthcare: Limited Supply vs. Unlimited Demand

Stimulus Plan Not Based on Sound Economics

U.S. Credit Markets Collapsing

Bush’s Dirty Secret: Bribing Iraq Insurgents Not to Fight By Paul Craig Roberts

Courts Endow Corporations with Unalienable Rights

Large Potential Albanian Oil & Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo’s Importance by Stephen Lendman

Sorry, George, I Need More! By Linda Seger

How the Spooks Took over the News

It's the 'Exit Polls at Home' That Really Show Obama's Strength

Obama's Loan Issues

America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

The Nation: Obama's Media Maven

Willie Nelson: Impeach Bush, 'Throw The Bastards Out'

Impeachment Critical to Set Standards for Future Administrations

Christian Right's Emerging Deadly Worldview: Kill Muslims to Purify the Earth

Mark Crispin Miller: Why in the World Would Suicides Be Up in the U.S. Under Bush-Cheney?

Beyond CheneyBush: A Realistic (Cynical?) View of Change

Red White and Blue, Flag-Waving, Patriotic Ignorance: Feeding the Mouth That Bites You

Crusade of Surge & Siege: Homeland Born & Bred By Manuel Valenzuela

Fidel Castro Quits Cuba, To Challenge McCain for the GOP Nomination

Social Security/Moyers

Time to Re-Assess How We Celebrate Presidents Day By Rob Kall

Give Dennis Kucinich His Due

Olbermann: Worst Persons 2/18/08 - George W. Bush, Glenn Beck

Hillary Clinton's speech in Milwaukee on Saturday (Feb 16th)

Keith Olbermann- 2008.02.14 Special Comment - Bush, Dems, and FISA


Yes we will, yes we will

Nancy Skinner on Fox News Discussing Obama's Campaign in Wisconsin

This is HYSTERICAL!!!!!

Vote for Gravel Today in Hawaii, Washington and Wisconsin

New Hillary Clinton Vermont Ad: 'Voices'

Soldiers Speak Out

Olbermann: Kidman to Play Plame - 2/18

Barack Obama on Iraq

Howard Zinn: The People Speak Trailer

Hillary worked the night shift?

Obama - Jokes, Comedy - Very Funny

Michelle Obama clip unedited by media .Clearly saying more proud not proud for 1st time.

The Shock!!! Democrats Actually Stand Up To Bush!!!

Ron Paul '08

American Hero at Guantanamo Naval Base Stands Up To Torture

"I love the Army, but I can't be quiet any more."

No Bees No Ice Cream

Barack Obama on Health Care

Al Gore Rhythm - final cut

the times they are a changin', aka happy president's day

Bill Clinton Campaigning For Change

Obama's Good Work as a Community Organizer

Rediscovering the forgotten crops (re-introducing diversity)

Green Jobs Conference

Al Gore: The Dangers of "Sub-Prime Carbon" (UN Summit on Climate Risk)

Congress Tries Again To Extend Solar Tax Credits

Finavera Gets Permit for Wave (Power) Project (Calif.)

Wind turbine plant to expand, add 287 jobs (Iowa)

With Oil Prices Rising, Wood Makes a Comeback

Tajikistan: UN Urges Food Aid, As Anger Mounts Over Energy Crisis

B.C. budget creates a carbon tax

Somemore earth shaking on the CA, AZ Mex border. Anyone else feel the quake?

Al Gore Praises Wine Industry, Mentions Sequel To An Inconvenient Truth

Making solar cells sustainable

Solar motors powering crops in Nigeria

Market driving solar tech breakthroughs: researcher

Solar Energy Company Starts Construction On The Largest Affordable Housing Project In Orange, NJ

Alberta sands project deadly

Australia 'on verge of being a solar nation'

Sen. Reid accuses coal industry of using “the old Hitler lie”

Recycling question.

I Want to go Solar, i am in the desert

Enlisted chiefs: More health, child care wanted

Patients in WTUs can make specialist early

Fil assumes command of Eighth Army

Reclassification targets 14R, 25F specialties

Protests greet U.S. troops in Philippines

Serviceman with grenades arrested at airport

Alabama avoids military drinking age debate

Nassau ESG ships deploying this week

New tech extends produce freshness at sea

IG: Families not told in friendly fire cases

2 Marines’ arrests anger Okinawans

Biden, Bond Seek Probe of Vehicle Delay

Firm settles helmet lawsuit, gets new contract

Academy closing inpatient hospital, ER

U.S. tries to bridge gap between Iraqi rivals

Few plan to splurge with rebate checks

Edelweiss bribe case sentencing set for April 18; Ex-employee admitted accepting $350,000

Permanent U.S. Army command taking shape in Kuwait

Deployments cause number of teen clinics to shrink

U.S., EU Powers Recognize Kosovo

Murder Trial to Start in Iraqi's Death

US, Iran Held Secret Meeting

Handy device helping U.S. troops overseas overcome language barrier in emergencies

Interrogator: CIA Gave Us Bum Rap

More Guns, No Butter

Air Force says budgets are billions short

PTSD victims no longer need to prove trauma

Exclusive housing program is a powerful tool for Navy leadership

Sons of Iraq

My 126th letter printed today-feel free to rate it up and comment at the site

Today in labor history February 19

Restoring the Freedom to Form Unions: A Long-Lasting Boost for a Faltering Economy

NYT: 17,000 Child Care Providers Joining Union

Woman breaks ground at Coke plant

2,300 Amtrak Conductors Win New Pact, and More Bargaining News

Recession fears invigorate debate over unemployment rate freeze

WP: Divided Labor Loyalties

Best U.S. factory jobs in rising jeopardy

Colombian President Uribe Confirms U.S. Unions' Fears

Jeans made in the USA on clearance

Corporations are taking benefits from workers by calling them "freelancers."




Bernanke's State of the US Economy Speech: "You are all Dead Ducks!"

Shoes Dropping

I think I remember the day Fidel Castro came into power.

For you Latin American history buffs, I found a fascinating letter

online savings banks - savingsSquare and FNBO direct - highest rates but how safe are they

Commodities Surge to Record as Inflation Concern Sparks Demand

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/19/08

Oil jumps above $100 on refinery outage

IMF Selling 400 Tonnes of Mexican and Brazilian Gold as its Own!

Great Latin American Thinkers

America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Pilgrimage and Retreat to El Salvador

Roubini: Millions of Americans set to abandon homes

President Fidel Castro's actual resignation statement.

Ecuador President Backs Wind-Energy Park

British Police feared airport standoff

The 'known unknowns' of the Mugniyah killing

IDF: Reinforcing private homes in Sderot is our last priority

Disengagement and the Frontiers of Zionism

Cross-border blog promotes Israel-Gaza peace

Terror police feared gun battle with Israeli general

German professors: No more preferential treatment for Israel

"Will and Grace Creators write new Will and Grace ripoff"

More, on plagiarism:

Assistance to correct Misstatement, please.

Interesting -- this is from a thread I started because I heard Randi saying the

Castro dream 1/9/08

The Individuation Process and the Journey Home

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo - Wednesday, February 20th at 10:26 pm EST

Happy birthday to the Pisces in the group!

2008: Stepping Into The Role Of Magician

wickfordbard's eclipse newsletter

I've noticed a lot more people posting here lately, and some old friends returning. I'd like to say.

Neptune and the Primary Season

Where is a good site to buy herbal remedies?

The Eclipse is conjunct my natal moon and ascendant.

Part II - February 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread

Champions League is Back!

Champions League, round of 16 Day 1. SPOILERS SPOILERS

Probiotics curb lung illnesses in athletes, study finds

Music speeds recovery from stroke

Does anyone know of some good sites to buy herbal remedies?

The Toxic Myth

Ugandan Anglicans in ultimatum to US church over gay marriages

Frost in Black and White


Hey, go check out this thread!

hey all you atheists and agnostics !!!

Another Mysterious Scientology-related Suicide: CoS Critic Shawn Lonsdale

Christian nation? Not US.

$4 million to study why mankind embraces God

Armstrong Redwoods...major dial-up warning...

Is there a health risk to using silverware daily?

Why I'm picking Hillary over Obama on the guns issue...

CNN with another gun story

the right to bear arms in modern times

126 women legislators and academics file a Supreme Court brief, tying gun rights to women's rights

gun forum?

How many shootings at school will it take?

Gun control enforcement UK style

Trailer for "The Pentagon Flyover: How They Pulled It Off"

CBS' The Early Show on the morning of 9-11 (Part 1)

What is the allure of full blown synthetic origination?

Hey, would it be possible to get some of these threads rated up?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 2/19/08

10th Congressional District (Kucinich) Candidates To Debate

Rasmussen: Al Franken Takes Small Lead Against Norm Coleman

Poll: Hillary's Support Dropping Among Hispanics

Philadelphia superdelegate endorses Obama

How Does Turnout Affect the Wisconsin Results?

Can The Process That Determines Outcome In Florida And Michigan Be Hijacked? Nope.

Makeshift Office at Heart of Obama Fund-Raising

Comments Bring Wives Michelle and Cindy Into Fray in Wisconsin

Obama Extends Streak With Ninth Victory Over Clinton

Obama Opens Two-Front Fight: Battles both Clinton and McCain

WP, Eugene Robinson: McCain's Losing Message

Words So Nice They Should Be Spoken Twice: Lifting lines from Patrick, Edwards and Bob the Builder

Obama crowds in Houston (started lining up at 9am)

SurveyUSA: Hillary's Ohio Primary Lead Shrinks To Nine Points

Any word on when/if we can expect to see either of the Clintons in the Houston/Beaumont area?

Dallas county tax assessor candidate has conflict of interest?

Bill Clinton Rally at UH!

Congressman Chet Edwards (Dino- Waco) endorsed Obama

What's the scoop on caucusing in Texas and details.

President Clinton To Be in Victoria Wednesday

Has anyone heard of an Obama stop in El Paso???? n/m

DFWers - is it totally a pipe dream to think I can head for Reunion Arena at 11am

Scott Ritter Austin appearances to benefit Fort Hood IVAW38

OK Obama fans -- Time to early vote so you can work on election day

Dallas peeps- what time are you going to get there tomorrow for Obama?

Do Senators really blog?

Pics of JK in Pakistan

I just unsubscribed from PDA's email list

Ok, did anyone get a much-coveted debate ticket?

Barack Obama in Corpus Christi on Friday, February 22

GOP legislators protecting the right to wear fur and display game

Does anybody else notice the scrubbing of stories on Comcast?

Wining and whoring with Norm in the Napa Valley--for $10,000

Some Republicans pushing Rod Grams to run against Norm Coleman

If Timmy is on the Republican ticket and they lose - as they should -

Bob Olson Will Beat Michele Bachmann At Her Own Game

U of M students just don't care

Help! My laptop curser is frozen in place.

Help needed transferring computer file to different PC

Obama releases list & video of Hillary using Obama's words

my chicago alderman campaigns in millwaukee

"Obama’s the Frontrunner, and Backers Need to Get Used to the Attacks"

This may be reallllllllly inappropriate....

Bill Clinton in Texas...

Well, Hillary and co succeeded in getting slime on the front page of MSNBC just in time 4 voting

Must See TV: Bill Clinton on Experience and Change 1991

The rising number of anti-Obama threads...IMO....

Anyone know what island in HI might go heavy or light for Obama?

Canadian military ignored warnings that lead to bombing

Schools cut secret deals with abusive teachers

KOEB 2/19/08 Cheeseheads' Choice Edition

KOEB 2/19/08 - Cheesehead primary edition thread #2

I just checked the Faux News schedule

Ray Davies, "Working Man's Cafe" just released

I watched "Muriel's Wedding" over the weekend

Ok, who else really enjoys the Sarah Connor Chronicles???

Just saw Atonement and while beautifully shot and well acted I can't let go of one plot element

The debate over "Investigations in Number, Data, and Space"

I Want to go Solar, i am in the desert

Pro-Denham editorial in the local shitbag

Report to DU any experiences at the polls, please

Bowling for votes in Wisconsin regarding today's WI primary

put up or..... who has voted today

The win has been called for Senator Obama!

Lets get nasty Steve Nass out of the Assembly next term

Am I still allowed

An Unusual Life - "Atheist Jew" to speak at Religious College

Whadda you mean "we"?

FCC Coming to Boston: Make Your Voice Heard! Public Hearing February 25, 2008