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Young superdelegates stay cool toward Obama

****Official Founder's Day Gala on CSPAN Thread #2****

Call me an idealist or naive, but ...

Hillary adver, better tomorrow, link...

Democrats are Truly Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

For criticizing Obama: "They are harassing my momma, harassing my brother. It's getting to be crazy"

Obama strategy of not writing off caucus states has been brilliant

"Obama's brochures to voters sound like they've been written by the health insurance industry

Thank you Mods.......

Republicans are HOPING and PRAYING we go with Hillary.

I was in Tyler today. Clinton did NOT bash Obama

If heaven forbid.......we Dems lose the GE.......what are your plans...

That was a great "I Have A Dream" speech

Clinton Wants Universal Health INSURANCE. She Should Stop Lying And Admit That

Newsflash: McCain live on CNN, talking about those bears in Montana again.

Newsflash: McCain live on CNN, talking about those bears in Montana again.

My head is spinning over this comment I found...

My head is spinning over this comment I found...

Senior Clinton adviser Harold Ickes: "Hillary’s going to nail down this nomination" in June

9 to 5? REALLY?

Is this real or some kind of misquoted hit piece??

I dream a dream of days gone by

Campaign stirs echoes of 2004

Ralph Nader was on this cruise hosted by /The Nation/ and people didn't like him there.

Superdelegates - Don't be swayed by the will of the people, Support the person you think is best

Let me get this straight. When Hillary leaves WI, she "knows she's going to lose" and "doesn't care

Let me get this straight. When Hillary leaves WI, she "knows she's going to lose" and "doesn't care

I'll use one of my posts in here tonight for a comment.

Hillary and Obama about to speak in WI at a Dem. Dinner on C-Span

Teaching our kids about history

Clinton renews call for debate with Obama

I am a biker, an ironworker and a tour guide.

Is that Huge Edwards endorsement coming Today? hmmmmm

For Clinton supporters, a warm and (very) fuzzy pic.

"Overwhelming grassroots turnout" for Obama at Austin headquarters

Hillary CANCELS Wisconsin events

I love David Axelrod.

has anyone put this pic up for captioning yet?

According to CSPAN just now Obama is going to Hawaii tomorrow.

Clinton adviser: The race will be over in June

Hillary vows to fight for workers at Lordstown

The sky is falling and its YOUR fault.

****Official Founder's Day Gala on CSPAN Thread****

Tell me and all here in GD:P why do you like your candidate. (read the rules first)

Up soon on C-Span:, Hillary and Obama...

I haven't been happier in a long, long time, thanks to H. Clinton and B. Obama

How are vacuous buzzwords like "change" and "hope" to be implemented?

So what happened to Edwards' big endorsement today?

FIRED UP !!!!! and falling down

Let's take a look at JOHN MCCAIN'S positions and proposals.

Let's take a look at JOHN MCCAIN'S positions and proposals.

C-Span -> Wisconsin Democratic Party Dinner in Milwaukee

Ohio: Clinton 51% Obama 37%

I need some serious help here. Black like Obama?

My experience w/HRC as senator

what is race baiting? why is any remark about Obama race baiting?

Will Oprah campaign for Hillary if she is the nominee?

Lesbian Notions - Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

If a D is on the Ticket in November, that D will Win. Period.

Parents of black children should be for Obama

Oh how I wish there were a liberal running for the Democratic nomination

If Clinton were to Lose Ohio or Texas, do you think she will drop out?

We need a new candidate to bring the party together.

Time to unify the Democrats to back Obama - now, even if it is early.

Time to unify the Democrats to back Obama - now, even if it is early.

Some of you people are really remarkable.

Razzle Dazzle 'em! (last post)

"Judy Collison dreamt of the day she would vote for a woman for president" but...

Nominating contests should be paid for by the government

It's Going To Be Tough For The Daily Show and SNL If Obama Becomes President

My Oped confronting local slime attacks on Obama

Is Florida trying to pull a fast one?

The bright side of a continuing competitive nomination race

Comedian George Lopez officially announces Barack endorsement in Houston

Barack Obama is a jew.

Why are young women fainting all the time at Obama rallies? Story posted by Sludge Report

National GALLOP POLL: Obama 49% Hillary 42%

Wow, Kosovo is independent

Bill Richardson: Superdelegates Should Reflect the Will of the People

When Americans Vote For "Change," What They're Really Saying Is: "Get Us Out Of Here!"

Keshia Knight Pulliam... The Cosby Show's "Rudy"... says "Barack Obama, you have my vote"

Why doesn't Huckabee just come out and say it?

Why doesn't Huckabee just come out and say it?

Obama Campaign gets ready for Wisconsin

Just asking...

Parents of daughters should be for Hillary

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Suggested title for Mark Penn's/DLC's Clinton post-mortem: "Turning a Coronation into a Beheading"

The only Clinton left with a truly common touch? Roger. And he ain't surrogating.

If DEMs do NOT back Howard Dean on MI & FL, the 2012 Nomination Process will be Anarchy...

How is it that "Tombstoned DU'ers" still are coming out of the Grave on DU?

MI and FL are spoiled results and they can't be treated like any other primaries

Neither Superdelegates nor Sanctioned Delegates(FL,MI) will change the outcome.

Ickes: Obama's wins "Irrelevant"

I haven't heard that either the Clintons or Obama are standing up for Paper Ballots

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/16/08 - Clinton up 3 (43), Obama down 1 (47)

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/16/08 - Clinton up 3 (43), Obama down 1 (47)

Just Goes to Show Obama the FLIP-FLOPPER

For a minute there I thought I'd stumbled into Free Republic

SHOULD the LBN story about Bandar and Tony Blair influence Dem primary?

Republican Gerrymandering Favors Obama In Texas

Hillary: "Well, I want to have universal health care coverage by the end of my second term."

Trippy Obama Video

Hillary, just keep on pushing for those Florida delegates. Obama will benefit if you do.

Obama may get some more delegates from New York...

Bill just said if you want someone who can reach out to the other side and get things done,

Reminder: The Clinton's Are NOT The Democratic Party

VOTE: Is this, or is this not, Obama talking?

What is the Obama ground operation like in Hawaii?

Scary shit here: Harold Ickes says Clinton would control a majority of the credentials committee...

Two misconceptions

Did anyone read the NYT piece on the NYC primaries and Obama not having votes show up in places he

Did anyone read the NYT piece on the NYC primaries and Obama not having votes show up in places he

OMG - This isn't Monica, Is it???

Economist cover article: "But Could He Deliver?" President v. Phenomenon Obama

Clinton scales back campaign schedule in Wisconsin.

Clinton scales back campaign schedule in Wisconsin.

When someone tells you they are uninsured

If Obama's so anti-war why'd he campaign for pro-war LIEBERMAN

Have you seen the video about McCain's speeches vs. Obama's video?:

WTF! CNN airhead just gave delegate counts of 1262-1213. "These are all pledged delegates."

Sorry but I have a dumb question about the popular vote..

The irony about the FL and MI mess

Here's a question--what does polling in Michigan and Florida look like NOW?

Parents of white boys should be for Gravel!

Hillary for VP, unrealistic. Hillary as SoS? What do you think?

It doesn't get much more brutal than this piece in the Washington Post.

Eight reasons to vote for Obama over McCain

Sen. Obama talks with his staff ---pix--->>>

MSM Media coverage is GARBAGE for ALL candidates -- Not only Hillary

Obama has won eight straight races by big margins, but his overall lead is very slim.

This board should be renamed to DUKos.

I'm voting for Obama because he's black

Heard from one of the Faux News blondes the other night (this is a verbatim quote):

If We Get Hillary Back, We Also Get Some Other Things From The 90s Back As Well

Humor Break: John McCain Stump Speech LOLBear Special

Forced to choose between two groups

My March 4th RI predictions

I am so loving all this discourse! Why do some want it stopped?

Explain something to me about this campaign season, Obama, Kerry, Hillary, and the IWR.

Weather Report for The Wisconsin Primary:Good News for the Primary, but bad News for Hillary

McLame is on CNN, guess I can skip the sleep meds tonight

how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Obama Campaign Finance Chair Involved In Superior Bank S&L Scandal?

Obama: TITHE even if bankrupt

Rigged in NY? Times: Unofficial Tallies in City Understated Obama Vote

Democratic party elders on edge of freak out

Democratic party elders on edge of freak out

Democratic party elders on edge of freak out

Democratic party elders on edge of freak out

Democratic party elders on edge of freak out

Hillary pledges to get universal health care in her first term.

Is Michelle Obama sending a message talking about VALUES

Clinton top aide Harold Ickes voted for FL/MI rules, now blurs them for Clinton

Are Clinton and Obama adopting versions of Nixon's 1971 health care plan?

Even Animals love Obama!

Florida, Michigan Delegates Shouldn't Decide Race, Pelosi Says

Service Employees Back Obama

We should be having FUN during this Primary Season

MrScorpio's OFFICIAL GD:P Chillout Thread

Are the polls underestimating Obama's support among African Americans?

Hillary Clinton: Losing Dirty to Keep Her Options Open

Tv Funhouse, fun with real audio John McCain

Embattled Middle East Hand Strikes Back At Political Critics

The Electorate WILL NOT accept a strong woman leader.

This election thing ain't rocket science.

Snatching the reins (or torch or whatever) from the Boomers

A Legitimate Role for Super Delegates?


Wisconsonians, Wisconsonites (or whatever ye may be called) sound off !

For those decrying sexism

Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) endorsed Obama

Texans LIKE this power of electing the candidate

If Obama wins the nomination, under no circumstances should Obama restrict himself to public funding

So what are the latest polls from Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania?

I knew it all along...Edwards, along with Gore, will ENDORSE--

Houston Chronicle and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel endorse Obama.

Houston Chronicle and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel endorse Obama.

Obama response ad to latest Clinton attack ad: "Desperate"

What are Clinton & Obama's stance on domestic issues-1/3 videos

Texans LIKE this power of electing the candidate

New Obama WI Ad Counters Hillary's Negative Attacks: "Desperate...the Same Old Politics"

Undecided needs help understanding military policies

True Confessions of a Former DLCer...

Sorry I have not posted recently, I had an accident after the last time here.

Sorry I have not posted recently, I had an accident after the last time here.

Sorry I have not posted recently, I had an accident after the last time here.

Zogby asks, "Who would you cast to star in a movie about Hillary, Obama, McCain?"

Joel Pett on Barak Obama and Republican nostalgia.

The Case Obama should be making now... (Clinton's incompetence)

It is time we have a Woman in the Executive.

Clinton or Obama Help me decide

Longtime Clinton pal rides to troubled campaign's rescue

Hillary interviewed by NYMag about the media bias during the primaries

Bill Clinton in Tyler (pictures)

Lower the retirement age.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Barack Obama!

Will we all just get along?

Houston Chronicle For Obama

More Sexist Crap

James Moore: Mark McKinnon, who "makes Rove appear to be principled," turns eyes toward Obama

Your Vote For Hillary Won't Count....

Has either candidate made a statement about the "unitary executive" theory

Is John McCain Wooing Clinton Supporters?

Hillary supporters make 1 million phone calls in 24 hours

The funny thing about federal financing during this election cycle

Why hope matters.

My Plan For Universal Wealth

Obama Rocks to the tune of Drew Carey's Cleveland Rocks

I have a question about the GE strategy, in the event that we come to

The ticket, Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton


Important Question about the Primary Vote in New York

One promise I want from Obama. That he will never give a

So, we all agree Obama's state Senate 'leadership' was nil?

Obama supporters are the real cynics

Obama supporters are the real cynics

Why does the Clinton Campaign Care so Much About Texas

the truth about the Clinton's "popularity"

Rules are rules and the superdelegates can do whatever they want...

Rasmussen: Obama Ahead Nationally



The new Hillbot tactic

"Speeches alone don't do anything. But you know what, neither do negative attacks."

My vote for Obama

Hillbot, Obamaloser, seriously - this is how you point / counter-point?

All Obama would have to do to garuntee super delegates followed the will of the voters....

My God Folks! Can't you take a break for even a few minutes.

Video of McCaim and Obama in WI yesterday

R.I. sees surge in new-voter registration

You can't change the rules AFTER the game

I thought red state victories didn't count. So why are Hillary supporters so excited about Texas?

REKHA BASU: Missed moment? good read

Lighten up, eyes on the prize: McCain response to "Yes We Can" video

Oops-double post--sorry! :(

Interesting analysis shows that even if Hillary wins in TX; Obama might end up with more delegates

After 5 weeks of a constant trend, something is finally changing...

What I percieve as Hillary's Texas strategy... and also its weaknesses

If 2004 is any guide, Superdeligates will migrate to front-runner

Upper Deck pulls 'Hillary-Morganna' card

Are you able to take some reasonable analysis?

Interesting scenario

Damn.... one thread left and I don't know what to do with it!

Saw my first Houston Hillary ad -- Pretty weak

So, how many post offices ARE there in America and

Rhode Island primary - can anyone help me/us out?

Barack Obama will bring a long needed sense of family back to the the Whitehouse

Hillary Clinton says Thank You

Mystery: NY Results Say Obama Got Zero Votes In 80 Districts

siblings of siblings should be for hillarack

Is Hillary questioning Barack's experience and knowledge on the issues because he is Black?

Is Hillary questioning Barack's experience and knowledge on the issues because he is Black?

Ok, who left the door unlocked?

"I vote Obama over McCain and McCain over Hillary"

A cheer for the beset Mods!

Obama "if you want health care you can get it under my plan, any other statement is false"

Critical thinking.... something that I think that we should all "think about"

Don't tell me what is "Cheap" Mrs. Clinton

Obama's Ties Might Fuel Republican Attack Machine

What experience does Hillary have?

Obama store always out of stock on the cool stuff..

Obama store always out of stock on the cool stuff..

Are you ready to defend what you believe in?

I have a question.

OBAMA: We don't need somebody who can play the game better, we need somebody who can put an end. . .

Caught on Tape II: Hillary Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

Will the hatred of your primary opponants carry on after the nomination?

Penn's latest comment, let's discuss how much of an idiot this man is

Obama is "The Great Adapter"

Obama's Cousin is Raila Odinga of the ODM ???

"Talk is cheap"

Obama is giving one hell of a good speech in Wisconsin. He's laying ...

Obama is giving one hell of a good speech in Wisconsin. He's laying ...

" Republican Gerrymandering Favors Obama In Texas "

" Republican Gerrymandering Favors Obama In Texas "

Handy Guide to Debunking Hillary Lies in Snail Mail Hit Piece on Foreclosures

Handy Guide to Debunking Hillary Lies in Snail Mail Hit Piece on Foreclosures

If Hillary cares so much about disenfrachisement, why does she dismiss middle America?

What do we do if we lose this year?

Is Obama going to take Public funding in the GE?

It feels really great to be excited about a candidate again!

cousins of cousins should be for obaminton

Obama and the Confederate Flag: what's his stance?

Hillary did NOT learn from her first healthcare screw up

Hey all you Obama Folks wanting to contest NY

Chelsea: But until jeering men insulted her mother in NH & the msm made light of it, “I confess I

Look! Here's proof that the whole "random girl faints during his speech" thing is STAGED!

Talk-sick Radio Hosts Limbaugh, Luntz call for right-wing crossover vote for Obama, to stop Hillary

Rum and Coke make this site much more bearable,

Caught on Tape: "Hillary Clinton Pushes For More H1B Visas and OutSourcing"

Seating FL And MI Will Open The Floodgates

If McCain (who is old) suddenly had to abandon the race due to health issues, what would happen?

I declare this Group to be under the benevolent guidance of the Lounge

My issues with Hillary Clinton are:

If Clinton Takes the Nomination, We'll Lose in 2008....

I would like to make some observations

Concerted effort among Hillary supporters to spam this group with anti-Obama posts

Worst. Campaign. Ad. Ever. Hillary leaves the band.

Easy Answers Elude Mich., Fla. Delegates - WaPo

Easy Answers Elude Mich., Fla. Delegates - WaPo

What happens when a Democrat reaches their hand across the aisle to a Republican?

Senator Barack Obama surges into 7 point national lead in Gallup Daily tracking-49% to 42%

So, what is Obama telling us about the votes he received in Florida?

Relevant? I believe so

zOMG! Obama wants Wisconsinites to die in the snow trying to vote for him'1

Hillary Clinton: Strengthening Our Middle Class

Obama Vows To 'Do What's Right' (FLIP/FLOP) (FLIP/FLOP)

Obama Vows To 'Do What's Right' (FLIP/FLOP) (FLIP/FLOP)

The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama, by Frank Rich

Obama's 10-point Master Plan on how to unite the country & heal our ailing economy:

IS pumped to pursue Al again for 2nd ballot talk?

Who here agrees with Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen that Chairman Dean has been "weak"?

The solution for MI and FL is easy and just

Clinton Recalls Hunting With Her Father As A Youth - Reuters

Sebelius to Clinton: Stop Discounting the Votes of Red State Democrats

Chelsea shows how not to win the student vote

Chelsea shows how not to win the student vote

Barack outlines plan to strengthen America's community colleges

I will be glad when this is over.

Harold Ickes voted to strip delegates from FL and MI

"Don't tell me words don't matter"

"Senator Obama has, in fact, never had a serious Republican challenger."

HillHaters speading yet another anti-Clinton smear email

What is this Obama "Change" we are promised?

Democrats Look for Way to Avoid Convention Rift - Gore could be key broker (NYT)

If you don't vote for the Dem in November, get out of here

Hillary cancels Monday WI appearance. Is she giving up?



one question. for both the obama and clinton camps.

Is it really about Democracy....?

ACK! On his website. Obama ringtones for your cellphone! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fact Checker: Clinton Earns Two Pinnochios for Launching Spurious Charges against Obama.

The Texas Democratic Party expects its Clinton-Obama cliffhanger to shatter its modern-day record

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/17/08

Republicans plan Obama attacks for fall-RezKo and more

ASK THE CANDIDATES About These Impt. ISSUES Not Addressed on Their Websites

Obama Wears Iraqi Soldier's Bracelet

ARTICLE: Barbara Ehrenreich on "Unstoppable Obama"

Don't insult my intelligence: Re: posts comparing Hillary and Obama's legislative work

Hype about Obama breaking through with Hillary's firewalls in Virginia seems to be inaccurate

Right Wing Rag Milwaukee Journal endorses Obama

Rethugs believe they can "trounce" Obama. Hillary defined but rethugs can "teach" folks about Obama

I knew I'd seen Obama somewhere before

I am a woman, daughter and mother

Ohhhh, she doesn't just want to give us hope; she wants progress.

It's OK To Lose

As much as it makes me grind my teeth to suggest this, is this a possible MI/FL solution?

FDR was a "divisive" and "polarizing" figure

Obama claims Dems have been "hollering at republicans and engaging in petty partisan politics?"

There will be HELL to PAY if FL is not represented at the Convention!

Across the Universe

Clinton rally overflows at Brush High School

Who would you rather your daughter grow up to be like, if you were running for President?

DNC Elects Standing Committee Leadership for 2008 Democratic National Convention

IF HRC loses the nom., which cabinet position do you think is right for her?

Hillary Clinton’s voice filled with emotion today . . .

Hillary supporters - where are you tonite?

Barack's realistic policy on Iraq.

I am a daughter, a woman and a mother

I saw HRC today - I was, frankly, shocked by how gorgeous she is in person.

Harold Ickes: FL and MI should be seated. Suggests name change for superdelegates.

Why so many of us are embracing Barack Obama.

Why so many of us are embracing Barack Obama.

Where did all you Hillary supporters come from?

It's Time for the Clintons to Begin Planning Their Exit and to Endorse Barack Obama.

Watching Hillary try to morph herself into an inspirational speaker is painful

If Obama takes the nomination, we'll lose in 2008

Vote for the Democratic Vice Presidental nominee of your choice

More misogyny? Was Obama dogwhistling about Hillary "periodically" feeling down?

New Sport at DU: Shoot the Democratic Party in the Foot Before the General Election:"Democrat's War"

Murdoch Eyes Yahoo! in Plan to Thwart Microsoft

1973 . . . . "Save the Tiger" . . . .

*SIGH* I hate to post something so COMPLETELY obvious in GD...

Gay community offended by Rehberg (R-Mont.) joke

18% of all home sales in Nevada last year were FORECLOSURES.

Sorry, but this particular Democrat Congressman is a dick

The School Shooter Dilemma..

Barak & Hillary - You are both on notice! The American people will NOT tolerate more of the same...

DNC Blog

Impeach Bush

Delay in armored trucks blamed for U.S. deaths

(Caveat - I'm for Obama) Why okay for Obama to bring up HRC's "emotion"...

MSNBC hosts Obama-bashing hatemonger Ann Coulter

We know it is going to happen, so in a pre-emptive strike - Swiftboat Obama..

"A day in the life of a DUer" ... short animation.

LMAO at Troubletown taking on the GD:P Crowd!

"Liberal is a perjorative term"

Encounter Between Oil Prospectors & Isolated Tribe

Nominating DU heros of the week.

Nokia Introduces a concept for a RECYCLED Cell Phone. It's about time!

Milpitas (CA) teacher screens anti-abortion clips in 8th-grade class

Peru's Potato Passion

the devil came to John McCain

Are the stockholders of AT&T accomplices to a crime?

Are the stockholders of AT&T accomplices to a crime?

I think we are seeing a record being broken

When the Congress returns from recess...?

Oh Brother! TV Land GAVE IN to the AFA RE "Ohmigod!"?

Wags and biscuits to Delaware County, PA, for giving a cat's ass about pooches...

Have you ever voted for Republicans . . .

Poetic justice: Limbaugh tries to tear GOP apart by Eric Boehlert

Poetic justice: Limbaugh tries to tear GOP apart by Eric Boehlert

get real

NY governor warns of 'financial tsunami'

"The marriage of free speech absolutism and profit making under a corporate state system"

Lenders hunting for delinquent homeowners are resorting to aggressive new methods

Housing Bubble Fun with Craigslist: "God blessed us with this home - it could be yours!"

Housing Bubble Fun with Craigslist: "God blessed us with this home - it could be yours!"

Housing Bubble Fun with Craigslist: "God blessed us with this home - it could be yours!"

Listening The The School Voucher Debate On Washington Journal

Post #1000!

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" ever see it?

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" ever see it?

The biggest practical problem with unaccountable spying

Per The US DOJ: We Do Not Torture Like The Spanish Inquisition... It's More Like the Khmer Rouge

Soldier with PTSD waits for Army transfer from Miami jail

Wow! Someone gave me a heart. Thanks!

Was Wondering - Is Home Arson on the rise?

Soldier charged in Iraqi slayings wants case in military court

Ignoring his costly policies on taxes and Iraq, AP called McCain a "deficit hawk"

Fidel Castro speech at Abyssinian Baptist church, 1995. On CSPAN3 (now over)

Boston Rocker Tells Huckabee to layoff

remember when I used to call the neo cons the bushmilhousegang?

Bush ACTUALLY flew to Africa? despite his fear-laden threats?

Agency draws fire for 2 hired drivers (sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl & drunk driving one)

CSPAN - Tom LANTOS MEMORIAL. his grandkid just sang,

Lost in Translation - John McCain on torture and Guantanamo

I guess Harry Reid's e-mail regarding torture was just one too much for me.

Judge Marries Couple After Sentencing Groom

Pakistani Official Taped Saying Vote Will Be Rigged

Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security . . .

Torches! Pitchforks! Peaches!

OK, someone explain this to me...

Independent UK: Iraq: -They Call This Stability?

In A Few Years, We'll All Laugh About This Shitty New Health Insurance Plan

DU a poll

Could it be we are witnesses to the fall of the bush/cheney regime

Blogger "p.m. carpenter" on Limbaugh v. McCain (great references to FDR)

A sign for GD-P

This image is, well, scary.....

"Bush beats the democracy drum in Africa" - and other articles

Rush Limbaugh Is Trying to Tear the GOP Apart

Bush Won’t Expess Opinions On Genocide Olympics: ‘I View The Olympics As A Sporting Event’

improv break . . . "Frozen Grand Central" . . .

Did Congress hold hearings after the 1919 Black Sox Scandal?

If the infrastructure was perfect, how often would you use a bicycle?

Isn't It Pleasing This Beautiful Weekend To Finally See Bush On The Run?

Thank you for my heart!

DUPLICATE THREAD. Ignore-Deputy charged with felony in wheelchair-dumping incident

Senator Jim Webb sad movement back to the wrong side of history.

Belated Thank you!

Terrorism fear is increasing heart disease & other ailments

Pilot wrongfully accused of 9/11 ties can seek damages from Britain

Prosecutors Seek 25 Years for Duke Cunningham Briber, "War Profiteer"

THANK YOU, secret admirers, for my wonderful hearts. you have truly made my day

The little Dictator flies off to Africa in a huff...

I just wanted to thank whoever gave me...

Blast from the (recent) Past: "Bernanke: There's No Housing Bubble to Go Bust"

My questions regarding FISA and Telecom immunity...

another oil pipeline blows up in US - Texas

Debunking right wing talking point, one by one.

A Blast From The Past - The TDS show about Cheney shooting Whittington

Deputy who dumped man from wheelchair booked into jail.

Poll for a good friend who thinks pelosi and harry are great at their job.

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught ....

Threats from Saudi Prince "Bandar Bush"

Seat the FL and MI delegations, 50% Obama, 50% Clinton.

TPM: Lieberman: Waterboarding is OK by Me

Two cousins from 'suicide town' hang themselves within hours as death toll rises

More US Troops Seen in Iraq by Summer

Horse racing fans

Do Limbaugh and his fellow psychos really want McCain to lose?

Do Limbaugh and his fellow psychos really want McCain to lose?

Petition seeks to name North Freeway for Martin Luther King Jr. (nobody cares in poll)

True or False?

poll for a friend V2

Cuba demands US gives back Guantanamo Bay

Excellent Editor & Publisher Article: "Counting Iraqi Casualties - And A Media Controversy"

Yet more psycho cops - woman forcibly strip-searched.

Picture it: Jan. 19, 2009, Washington D.C. The world's largest choir,

States and Water Pacts in the news

Once Upon A Time ...

Thank you for my second heart!

Chris Dodd's campaign debt

Will a Democratic President embrace "Signing Statements"?

Thank you for my heart, Secret Admirer.

Cool Vanity Plate!

I just got a heart. Heartfelt thanks to my secret admirer.

For those struggling to understand the subprime..

Dick Cheney even lies about his dog's health.

To the "Special DU'er" who gave me a heart....

Thanks DU for so much it boggles the mind

NYTimes: Black Votes for Obama Went Uncounted in NY Primary

Could Ron Paul go Third Party?

Thank you secret admirer for the heart! BTW - I donate by

GM Crop Trial Locations May Be Hidden From Public

If you have given me a DU heart for Valentine's Day, thank you...

Unofficial Maryland results updated based on oustanding county results that are now in

Deal with India to ensure "nuclear safeguards"? Anyone heard of this?

Dear General Pace, you derelict suck-up motherfucker. You like the look of that blood on your hands?

Japan can't hide from brutal reality - whale slaughter

Another one: Clinton superdelegate in Iowa switches support to Barack Obama

Well, here it is--America has NEVER had an election between two SITTING Senators before.

Why Are You So Upset?

Best Troll Post Ever ----- Freep Speak?

"Tyrannical Megalomania" Tyrant's Desire To Make Us Quaking Bowls Of Jello & Happy To Cede Power

Social Networking: Risks vs. Rewards - Interesting insight

Commentary: ACLU will fight for school board member

I'm watching a "Mega World" special on the Netherlands (spec. Rotterdam) . . .

79 YR-OLD (former life-long "R") wants to protest before he dies.

Detroit News: Millionaire leaders stiff working class

Cuba demands US gives back Guantanamo Bay

Bush proposes hiking Medicare drug premiums

ABC News' website picks up story of Obama's misogynistic attacks.

The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero, 7 World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan

Britain powerless in face of Saudi threats, court told | World news | The Guardian

* and Mc* to campaign n matching flight suits

The military is in trouble

Ward Connerly

Suicide Bombs Kill at Least 50 in Pakistan

How to Get a Ticket to the CNN Debate in Austin

Is Amy Poehler a misogynist?

124,000 member Physicians Group urges easing of marijuana ban ---

So, 3 generations of women in a hotel lobby all in different geo-graphic regions:

Dems see beginnings of deal on surveillance bill

As much as I despise Putin, I just heard that he

Remembering Tom Lantos (read this!)

U.S president wants to slug rich for Medicare

Medical insurers Aetna, Cigna agree to pay for online doctor visits

Happy Birthday Debi!!

Thank You Secret Admirers, From the Bottom of My Hearts!

Iraq: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares

*9PM* CSPAN2 - "Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West" by Benazir Bhutto

I dream a dream of days gone by

Conscription with a CHOICE: non-violent or armed service. Acceptable?

Weekly Standard: McCain's a loose cannon on economics, too.

More U.S. Troops Seen In Iraq By Summer

Bush Administration Kills the (Economic) Messenger

Should governors gain authority over all U.S. military forces in their states?

Banks To Ask Government To Take Bad Loan Risk: Report

Study: Delayed delivery of trucks led to Marine deaths

Christian Reicht

What is up with 12 yr olds needing cell phones? Are they really that

running for office is sort of like being waterboarded

Judge To FBI-Persecuted Professor In 9/11 Hysteria Case: I Gave "Most Lenient Sentence I Could Give"

Secret draft of Iraq war dossier to be revealed

Memo to newbies. When your posts don't get responses, don't despair.

Anybody besides me all excited for midnight to arrive so that

"Yea, Though I Walk Thru The Valley Of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil..."

Militia in 2nd Iraqi province ends cooperation with U.S.

Barack Obama's Appalling Position On IRAQ

I finally got the chance to watch Sophie Sholl The Final Days

Cunningham: the scandal that keeps on giving!

Wheat Soars to Record as U.S. Stockpiles Head for 60-Year Low

Storybook about penguins banned in metro DC school system

Is the Republican Party really as sick as it looks?

How to indict Karl Rove

How to indict Karl Rove

MSN: Why you might never own a home

To whoever gave me the hearts

Teddy row teacher heads to China

Wow - I got a heart! WOW!

I did post this in the "Official" thank-you-for-the-heart thread

Bush Radio: "My administration will minimize damage caused by the House's irresponsible behavior"

Only 1 in 1,000 Americans can name all five First Amendment freedoms.

Quick--who's the last Prez to go straight from the Senate into the White House? 'Cuz this year...

Self-Extinguishing Cigarettes? I Feel So Much Safer Now That I'm Surrounded By Them In Illinois

Obama Feb 12 Rally Kicks Out Proterters – Thread from Madison Site

Reichkoff kicked ass on Bill Maher tonight.

This bully should not be a cop.

So great to see a true journalist and Patriot - Daniel Schorr, on CSPAN2 -

Are Americans too medicated to take back their country?

Krugman: "...the wheels are coming off this economy"

Man charged with assault in dispute over beer

So, where are we with the asinine (oops, my opinion is showing) rebate/"stimulus" package?

'Toon: Water-boarding Scalia (Toles)

E-Mail From John Conyers: "A Good Day For The Constitution"

Easy way out: Florida State Board May Label Evolution Standards As 'Theory'

Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?

Does anyone know anything about setting up "donation " threads?

Zoe Lofgren, Closet Impeacher

I have just watched "Letters From Iwo" on AMC, and while I am

Is There a Pro-Clinton Site That Provides the Equivalent to This?

I just can't believe someone sent me this email! I am SO mad right now

Credit Card Late Fee Now $39.00. Don't Forget!

EWW! Check Out Shumer's Buds ...

Small Business Chairman Kerry: Minority entrepeneurs light the way

House ‘Walkout’ Spurs GOP to Highest Ratings Ever


Kerry and Biden off to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey. Safe travel, patriots.

AP: Will McCain's Temper Be A Liability?

Man Makes "Late" Endorsement of Obama in His Obituary.

What do you think of Republicans, in general?

Miep Gies, who hid Anne Frank, just turned 99 years old

PANIC IN THE STREETS: US wakes up without Protect America Act!!!!

"Obama scares me. I don't trust him; he's a Muslim."

Thought for the day:

Anyone Else See This?


Deputy arrested in wheelchair dump video

Why universal(nationalized) health care should be a libertarian/conservative issue.

Hearts or DU funds raised RU a freeper if U don't have many hearts?

why does the United States even need an army?

Why is it not illegal for politicians to lie?

Have you suffered a "home invasion"?

Utah Legislature Bill Would Seal Police Misconduct Records

Since misogyny has become quite the topic...

KTLA (poll) Should Congress renew the government eavesdropping law?

I Detest My Baby-Boomer, RW, Rapture-Happy, Militant Parents.

Ocean ‘dead zones’ may be permanent

DU Addiction - The Warning Signs

" Street-race crash kills 8 in crowd"

Three cheers for Charles Barkley!

The Baby Boomer Karma Dream.

Is there enough support here for a Pro-Second Amendment/Gun Owners group?

Africa in 2040: The Darkened Continent

Rumors Swirl About Two Republican Retirements In Arizona


You know, I was just reading over existing US Law on torture.

Moody's, S & P demand US eventually privatize Social Security & Medicare to keep bond rating

On Zogby, Helen Thomas is shown with her DU roses and talks about impeachment!

The truth about Tom Lantos isn't too pretty.....

"gender neutral blues"

Glenn Greenwald: The Leader isn't protecting us and keeping us safe

We're now importing third world products that used to be produced here - Mahindra Tractors

Another DU Rant: Conservative-Republican Hypocrisy/Republican Sexcapades

Charles Barkley: Conservatives are 'fake Christians' - w/video

Kazmierczak spent a year in a psych facility in the 90s.

Rolling Stone compares Britney Spears meltdown to George Bush

Four dollar milk.

“Don’t be fooled by this talk about speeches versus solutions,”

The Zombefication of Puerco-bellies continues..

Guess what ladies.

Can I get a hell yeah

Should I post this in GD: P?

Reasons why your steak is so much better than the others!

Cocaine suspect has nothing to go on...

Favorite Weezer album?

I need a break from GD: P.

Hey Everyone. It's just not for breakfast anymore!!1!!

A goodnight dream sweet dreams song for all

The Winner Takes It All

Lovage - Stroker Ace

Lovage "Book of the Month" (full video)

I've Been Thinking by Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Cat Power

Party planning

For anyone...

YO! LOUNGE to the rescue! Coming in from GD: P to cease fire with Hillary fans!

what do the rest of you think of that bartender?

I looked at DU on a Mac at the Best Buy today

GDP Chill-out thread...

I won a DUzy!!1!! (and not for being nekked!)

Ladies & gents...a question...

APNewsNow: Lawsuit seeks compensation for Super Bowl loss (money and Patriots legacy)

Any recommendations for all inclusive vacation spots?

never mind

Howard the Duck creator Gerber dies

Need a ruling: Is using someone else's custom avatar considered rude?

I think I'm going to film some desert snow this morning....

OK! Who the fuck is posting nekkid, besides me!

"War Pigs"- The Flaming Lips /Cat Power

Okay, so this just caps off the suckiest couple of weeks I've had in a while.

Need to vent about something that happened in my Master's program

The font on some of the web pages I view is so small, how do I correct this?

What am I, a mirage?

WOW!!! Strong, dark chocolate and a love poem, all in one!

Coming up on AMC in about 20 minutes....Magic

Liam Gallagher tips his hat to the Beatles during an interview on French television.

why is heavily edited stock footage about industrial and manufacturing processes considered

funny names i ran across this week

Oh dear God no, this was in my cereal

Kitten + Superball = pretty damn amusing. But don't tell anyone I said that;

Knicked my ear shaving

How many tuxedos do you own?

I don't know the first thing about fixing a hole

Don't know the first thing about holing a fix

One last post for turtlensue

Interactive Puzzles - kind of fun

Is it safe to go into GD-P yet?

What decorator thought THIS was a good idea?

I've stopped polluting myself! Have you?


I've stopped waxing my taint! Have you?

I've stopped waxing my taint! Have you?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/16/2008)

Where's the pipe tobacco?

Well, color me a looser moran :banghead:

Just got back from GDP

RARE PHOTO: Male lounger displays patented technique for "picking up chicks"

I had a dream last night that there was a DS8 on DU.

Oscar De La Hoya Caught In Scandalous Photos (Pics Included)


Roswell, NM--It finally makes sense!


got a question about divorce and e-mail.

If you imagegoogle 'Conrad Birdie'

Horse racing fans

"I'm a federal Judge and I'm OK"

What is the worst excuse you have ever heard?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/16/08

Do we have an ethical right to brutalize mimes and clowns?

*Road Trip*

my son has a girlfriend! and my daughter's bf has apologized!

Ideas from sci-fi you'd like to see implemented?

Why politics and music should never mix.

question about medicaments

I Saw 'Good Luck Chuck' In HD Last Night

Belated Valentine's day poem/present is done...

Andy Dick's sole mission in life is to give AIDS back to the monkeys!

Sunday Morning music alter Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

I don't know the first thing about fixing a leaky toilet

This One's Dedicated To

Did you know that if you "right click" on a heart 2148 times it shows who sent it?

The Pantry.

My cell phone bill

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" ever see it?

Marriage proposal gone bad. On TV!

A Borg Heart Cube on Patrol!

A Borg Heart Cube on Patrol!

Criminals are so freakin' STUPID!

Some mad lady told me to come over here, from maryland?

I Think I'm In Trouble

Should I watch The Breakfast Club? or The African Queen?

You're in trouble

"Do you make WHOOPEE when you are bored?"

Do I need to post a number in my subject line

Migraine Day. @#$%&!

I got three hearts this Valentine's Day

Cooking up a big ol batch of pasta sauce...

Space Settlement Art

Let me show you my Batter Blaster

MAD tv on a Saturday night.... I n Living Color come join me

I lost my virginity last night (NOT a sex thread, series!!!1!!11!)

My cellphone sucks, what should I replace it with?

Thank you.

Why would anybody PUI?

So thinking I was buying a "knock off" of Silly Putty

It's the fictional Democratic Primary, who do you support?

Thank you for the heart whoever you are

What I learned in GDP today

WTF was I watching before HDTV?

I encourage anyone who wants to help DU out, make a raid into GDP and dilute the stupidity

The End of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat

so its Mel Gibson Rah Rah day here in the LINJ house

Thanks so kindly for the beautiful heart, whoever you are!

~~~ February Photo Contest Final Round Now Up in GD ~~~

I love Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

Anyone order any pharmaceuticals over the net?

My computer keeps rebooting about once an hour.

Is This Mike On?


I have the best wife ever - BDay party at DFH pub

Thirty-somethings, I have a question. My four-year old

.... If you could have one meal start to end what would it be?

The subject is Solitaire and other games

The Official Saturday Night Posting In The Lounge While Nekkid Thread!

The REAL Cloverfield Monster Exposed (Warning Graphic Photo)

what is so difficult

How long

I have a real problem. I can't whistle.

I don't know how long the hearts thing is going to last here

Eragon is a cheap copy of which movies?

Can men ever really UNDERSTAND women? I mean, REALLY understand them.

I am SO PROUD of my 14 year old tonight!

If Clark Kent put on Iron Man's armor, would he be STRONGER, or would it just be overkill?


Ben Folds - Still Fighting It


Great non-network TV shows you love!

I just got back from the eye doctor

got a question about divorce and e-mail.

So when does matcom come back and discover we went through his house like Sherman through Georgia?

more JET! yes, I am an now officially an obnoxious, doting pet owner


Oh no, Utah Phillips is dying?

My "yew" key is fcked p.

the eventful life of a little dog named 'Jet'.

THE BEST drummer to ever live...period

I fucking hate my father.


Why politics and music should mix

Cloverfield monster.... SPOILER in link....

CNN : HRC making major changes in Campaign Tactics - no longer hosting large rallies

So I heard Midlo was so Pissed today she sucked down an entire box of wine in 5 seconds

Is this the cutest picture ever posted on DU?

"near clean sweep of major Texas newspapers endorsing Obama" ... today the Houston Chronicle!

"Yes, We Will...Yes, We Will." What derivative and desperate drivel. Hillary is a FRAUD.

WP: Since Feb. 5, Obama has gained 13 superdelegates while Clinton has lost 3

I am finally going to go get bifocals

Clinton Can't Manage Her Staff or Her Money, How Can She Run the WH?

Are you the Center Of The Universe?

anybody else hooked on "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" blog

If actions are stronger than words, why is the pen mightier than the sword?

will * & Mc* wear matching flight suits on the campaign trail?

Is DU Closed? Or Is Everyone Just In Bed This Early On A Friday Night?

What is the worst cover of a song you've heard?

No, Chelsea. Clairvoyance had nothing to do with it.

Why must John Barleycorn Die? Is it because He's a Stranger to Himself?

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain...

/+\ The Weekend Magic Tent Fort /+\ (No ScaredCrows Allowed!)

Torture, torture, torture ... We Do Not Torture Like The Spanish Inquisition ...

State your reasons why you are so much better than the others!

something just don't look right with that Bush fella

Name someone that really should have their ass kicked....

Name a "Classic" novel you just couldn't get through, no matter how hard you tried.

Punishment Of Luxury - The Message


OMG! I cannot believe I am posting this. I mean, me? ME?!

The 18 hour migraine has finally eased

Please consider signing this online petition - GLBT marraige

Greetings from sunny Cancun, Mexico!

Chicken Run ! ! !

Seven strikes against Hillary and the campaign killer strike: "Ickes' Law"

My Seven Reasons for Turning Away From Obama

Straw Poll: Obama vs. Clinton

The So-Called “Liberal Elite”

Favorite original Star Trek episode?

I'm xerophobic - stories like this on Yahoo!'s main page keep me up at night

Instead of "Nice post, Hilter", Why Not, "Nice post, President al-Bashir"

Islamic Jihad Activist, Family Killed

NKorea wants aid before nuclear report

Encounter Between Oil Prospectors & Isolated Tribe

Howard the Duck creator Gerber dies

U.S. Forces Accused of Killing Relatives of Iraqi Ally

(Sen) Whitehouse to go after Bush on the radio today

Boston Rocker Tells Huckabee to layoff

More US troops seen in Iraq by summer than pre-surge

McCain Got Loan by Pledging to Seek Federal Funds

Spain to send torture suspect to Argentina

(Calif.) State GOP split as convention nears

U.S. Secretly Met Iran Banking Officials

Is it Getting Too Warm for Penguins?

Two cousins from 'suicide town' hang themselves within hours as death toll rises

Iraq anti-Qaeda group quits after members killed

Obama Gets Big Wisconsin Endorsement

Obama flip flops on public funding for his campaign

Karzai under foreigners' influence: Afgha(gov't run) paper

Venezuela requests help from U.S. senator

McCain's Sharp Tongue: An Achilles heel?

UN refugee agency boosts presence in Iraq

German government paid to get tax dodge secrets

Pakistan election office blast kills 27

Iran shrugs off secret US meeting

House passes domestic partnership expansion bill (WA)

Bush: US is engaged in African conflicts

F.B.I. Received Unauthorized E-Mail Access

Same gun dealer sold to 2 campus killers

Up soon on C-Span:, Hillary and Obama...

US asked to cut off military aid if Pakistan vote unfair (Biden)

Iraq needs US troops for deterrence: minister

US seeks to reassure nations on plan to shoot down satellite

Anti-Qaeda members in Iraq quit after members killed (by US helicopter)

City (Boulder) Considers Bush Impeachment Vote

In Reno, a Body Is Found and Fear Rises

Feds Nip State Efforts to Slash Mercury

Nazi 'beast' extradited to Italy for a life in prison

Suspect arrested in therapist attack

Deputy arrested in wheelchair dump video

Two Ghanaians executed in Libya

Howard The Duck Creater Steve Gerber Dies

Obama Takes National Lead

Impeachment Protestors Give Democrats An Earful

Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

2 SoCal men charged with abusing cattle

Bangladesh bank offers loans to US poor

Unofficial Tallies in (New York) City Understated Obama Vote

7 killed as car hits Md. drag-race crowd

Murdered 8th Grader Taken Off Life Support, Shooter, 14, To Be Tried As An Adult For Anti-Gay Hate

U.S. won't be able to dodge draft

'Dodgy dossier' was 'wrong', its author says

Ickes argues for seating delegates

Iraqi Officials Say Attacks in Baghdad Have Fallen 80 Percent

Company: Gunman, Virginia Tech shooter used same Web dealer

McCain Names Mitt as His 'Hedge' Manager

NY Mag: The Meme Prisoner

Analysts say FISA will suffice

Is it Getting Too Warm for Penguins?

Mama wanted to be a part of 'Obamarama'

Hillary Learns Lesson From ‘Harry and Louise’: Attacks Barack with 'Thelma and Louise' Commercial

Four challengers battle Kucinich for 10th Congressional district spot

The Road to Denver -- A Firewall for Hillary, A Firetrap for Obama

Excellent analysis! Obama: The Next President Of The United States

Congress's Betrayal of the American Worker

Obama Gets Big Wisconsin Endorsement

Bernanke's State of the Economy Speech: "You are all Dead Ducks"

'I'd Like to See a Lot of People in the Administration Indicted' (Errol Morris interview)

Secret draft of Iraq war dossier to be revealed

Politics without transcendence is the world.

Ed Rendell: telling it like it is

Exxon Is Demanding Ten Times its Investment, Says Venezuelan Oil Minister

These catch-all terror laws are killing off British justice

With Expiration of Spying Act, Bush Reminds Nation of 'Midnite Ravings Time'

Patrick Cockburn: Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad?

Insight: The next crisis will be over food- Financial Times

What’s wrong with Elaine Chao?

So the War Isn't Gonna Be an Issue, eh?

John Nichols: Harlem Mystery: Did Rangel’s District Go for Barack Obama?

"Good News," Iraq and Beyond -By Noam Chomsky

Hillary's Unappealing Path (Most emailed column, Washington Post)

Senator Chris Dodd's FISA Floor Speech = Dec. 2007

Young Turks Week In Review

Go Obama - Politics of Hope Mix

I love Lucy-Man Smart, Woman Smarter

New Rules - 2/15/08

Obama Beer

Jonathan Turley on Bush's warrantless wiretapping program: Impeachable

Viva Obama!

John McCain and Miss Teen USA South Carolina on economic issues

Maya Soetoro - Ng (Obamas Sister) Interview

Obama Baby!!

"Maverick" John McCain Isn't Being Honest According To The Washington Post...

Bring Him Home

Citizen Power


McCain Would Love To Have Bush Campaign For Him (And So Should We)!

Obama, Japan supports Barack Obama

Monsanto's efforts to destroy the small farmer and monopolize agriculture with dangerous GM crops

Hillary pushes for more H1B visas that give American high tech jobs to imported cheap labor

Barack Obama Potomac Primary Victory Speech Mashup

Mike Gravel and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Scalia's Supreme Torture

Rep. Steve Cohen on Miers & Bolton Contempt of Congress Vote = 2008.02.14

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 3 (with pic of DU flowers!)

Bill Maher 2/15 Pt. 2: Interview w/ Sen. Clair McCaskill

Charles Barkley: Republicans/Conservatives = Fake Christians

By Brave New Films: NO, YOU CAN'T -- NO SE PUEDE.

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 2

Bush League Justice = Steven Bradbury on Torture: "may not constitute severe physical suffering"

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 4

Michelle Obama in Columbus, Ohio

Henry Ford's 'plastic hemp car' from 1941

Bill Foster (D) IL 14th District (replacing Hastert hopefully)

Helen Thomas Drills Scott McClellan on Bush's Illegal Surveillance.

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 1

Sen. Sanders Bill: End Americans fired to make room for H1B visa cheap labor

Thank you Dennis Kucinich

Bill Maher 2/15 Pt. 1: Undead McCain; Gay Valentines (Watch for the Condi Joke!)

Rahm Emanuel for Vice President?

UK failing on renewables

Olympic pollution levels

A-Z of eco fashion

Snags seen for nuclear power

Bottled water indefensible

Should carbon footprint calculations

Sweeney: Unions, Investors Must Push for Clean Environment, Green Jobs

New solar sprayed on, absorbs infrared energy, works in dark:

Six steps to getting the global ecological crisis

Delicate balance between development and ecology

Dead zones off Oregon and Washington likely tied to global warming

America's 50 Greenest Cities (Popular Science)

Influential books

Jeopardy: used coffee grounds, peanut shells, etc...

Los Alamos can Produce Gasoline from CO2 in Air at $4.60/gal

Call for 90% reduction in carbon emissions

Africa in 2040: the Darkened Continent

Sens.: Shame may spur better care for wounded

Waivers make for good soldiers, Army says

New law will help small-business owners

Army official slams disability system project

Army: 3 ODs, 4 suicides in unit for wounded

Police kill stop-loss vet who stabbed stepdad

Ohio sub a new twist on underwater warfare

The story behind ‘Task Force Violence’

Bonus program for Marines extended

Army closing recruit center open 8 months

Future still unknown for 158 grounded F-15s

Guard commander departure was not punitive

A1C wanted on kidnapping charge nabbed in Ga.

Air Force: Gen. misrepresented service stance

All 47 C-5s to be modernized, senator says

Whiteman B-2 unit preps to return from Guam

War stories: An al-Qaida financier goes down fighting

Despite attacks, PTT makes gains

Military leaders promising progress on disability claims

AAFES still working to fix gas-pricing error

State urges caution for American citizens traveling to Philippines

Neighbors are shocked by rape accusation on Okinawa

Agent testifies airman possessed child porn

Groundbreaking held for Air Defense Command

Haditha Marine to Testify Against Superior

Marines’ attorneys allege woman fabricated gang-rape story

AF Gen. Gets Slap-Down from the Big Boss

US: Satellite Shoot-Down Not Offensive

Navy orders new destroyers

Navy twins form Trinidad become American citizens

Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan

Officials mull options if Iraq drawdown halts

Study: MRAP refusal led to Marine deaths

review my 126th ltte-re our treatment of troops-all critique welcomed

Without more money, B-2 could be grounded

LONG ISLAND BRIEFS: OSHA investigating site of fatal plunge

OSHA investigating Braselton fatality

OSHA proposes $328,500 in fines for Tucaloosa contractor

OSHA Cites Saipan-based Company for Willful Scaffold, Fall Hazards

Focus on Safety: Local students take OSHA class

OSHA investigating Milwaukee Valve after recent accidents

OSHA proposes $173,000 in fines against West Haven, Conn., roofing contractor

As Workplace Inspections Decrease, Workplace Danger Increases

Today in labor history February 16

University of Maryland Graduate Student Employees Fighting for a Union

Alaska ‘Union Boss’ Driving That Dented ‘99 Tahoe

17,000 Child Care Providers in New York State Join AFSCME (96 percent voting in favor of the union)

AP in the WP: Union Backing in the Presidential Race (link added)

Valentine's Day action focuses on stopping toxic trade with "GIFTS" to 11 US Senators

Disney Workers Picket At Hotels & photos

North Carolina who was recently sued by Mexico for labor rights violations is at it again, coercing

New avatar no questions now: Obama & Labor

Arizona (right to work for less state) sees increase in union membership

Lawyers want ex-soldier tried by military

Palestinians: Ailing woman dies after IDF denies her ambulance

W. Bank rabbi, Hamas supporter draft Hamas-Israel truce deal

Muni Regulators Seek Disclosure on Auction-Rate Bonds (Update5)

A somewhat profane but apt description...

Reverse mortgages a growing concern

Report: Olmert may declare Regev, Goldwasser dead

Buy Less but Pay Lots More, and Get a Misleading Rise in Sales

S&P downgrades ACA Financial to non-investment grade "CCC" rating

Bolivia's Morales says his supporters call him seeking arms to defend his reforms

Fed Eunuchs Reveal True Selves in Technicolor

Rights group: 15 Indians shot to death in Ecuadorean jungle

Gaza Palestinians march against Danish Muhammad cartoons

Up in smoke

Obama again and again and again

Warren Buffett on why the dollar will sink

Can someone summarize for me the relative risks/benefits of investing in gold?

Islamic Jihad Activist, Family Killed

Life under military rule

Smearing Rob Malley

Canadian loses battle for 'Jerusalem, Israel' passport

Hate Crime Teen Victim Taken Off Life Support

Local Cincinnati churches push for gay clergy rights

Anglican Gay Feud Widens

MCC leads protests at Jamaican consulates in four cities

Please take a moment and sign this petition-gay marriage

Had a very upsetting argument with my best friend last night

Canadian Anglican Leader Warns Conservatives

Presbyterian court rules gays can't be ordained

other DU post on Biden/Kerry/Hagel in Pakistan; cut off $$ if unfair election

This is up front/home.

You have a small medium at large.

Mother-in-law (Rant)

Mike Bibby Traded To Atlanta Hawks

Notre Dame-Baylor @New Orleans Superdome 2012

Strokes cause brain damage in three minutes, report scientists

need advice: occupational exposure to toxic chemicals, Vietnam era

Tonight's dinner

question about half and half

Do you use a pressure cooker?

Really cute bird w/kitty pics, consider yourself warned they're really cute

~~~ February Contest Final Round Now Up in GD ~~~

Series of bird of prey pics

over time

A morning visitor.

Spring peeking through!


Should churches be allowed to endorse candidates or parties without risking their tax-exempt status?

Food cures?

The 613 Commandments

O'Neal Expresses Concern Over Solar Stability.

Any Richard Dawkins fans here?

What we know about the Illinois shooting

Improbable collapse...

Thanks secret admirer(s)

"Saudi security was actively following the movements of most of the terrorists with precision,"

It just falls to fast while it keeps it's shape to not be a CD imho.

Poll: Real Planes or Video Fakery?

Kaptur touts joint bus tour of Toledo, other Ohio cities for candidates

Howard Dean On Super-Delegates: "Their role is to exercise their best judgment"

NYT: Unofficial Tallies in New York City Understated Obama Vote

David Axelrod: The man behind Obama's message

An Election Integrity Q & A Conference Call 2/16

ASK THE CANDIDATES About Election Reform

GOP candidate Albert Howard files recount appeal with NH Ballot Law Commission - "We are thankful to

Election Reform and Related News: Sat. Feb. 16, 2008

RIGGED? NY Times: Unofficial Tallies in City Understated Obama Vote

* * Tarrant County Precinct Chair and Delegate Training February 23 **

Sources say Obama to Appear at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock on Feb 28th

Obama Endorsed by the Dallas Morning News/Obama to be in the DFW area on Wednesday

The San Antonio Express-News endorses Sam Houston and Linda Yanez!

Texas Democrats expect to shatter turnout record

What are you guys doing to GOTV?

Departed Texans whose input I would love to have

Nice Op-Ed by Senator Kerry

There are more out there that appreciate the hard work (Long!)

Please someone write a letter to Cornyn requesting his military records

My laptop won't shut down.

Question about Windows Mail on Vista.

I Blog A Lot Here, Don't Email Much Anymore... But I Have One Stupid Question.

second negative ad from Hillary playing in Wisconsin

FYI List of CA superdelegates

Clinton campaign should focus on winning, not changing the rules

Clinton and Sexism--Female Comments Requested

Use this the next time someone starts pushing the "present" crap:

Obama buttons?

Best. Speech. Ever.

Obama now faces the terror test

XPost: Monsanto U: Agribusiness's Takeover of Public Schools

Link found between high-stakes testing and dropout rates

Obama will be at Kaukauna High School on Sunday Feb 17th

Hillary in Wausau Sunday at 5:15

Who does this resonate with? (Repost from a reply on another thread)

If you think fatwahs were only from Islamofacist..think again.

Ben Stein Wins Intelligent Design Money

"Lighthouses are more helpful than churches"-Ben Franklin

ASK THE CANDIDATES about Media Reform

Sources: Top Hillary Advisers Have Repeatedly Complained To MSNBC About Chris Matthews