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Al Gore to the Rescue?

Joe Trippi curses at the media and Obama's hypocrisy, may be foreshadowing Edwards endorsement?

Hillary Clinton made a mistake by not devoting more resources to the red state caucuses.

Obama Has a 50% Chance of Winning the WH; McCain 34%; Clinton 17%

DNC not backing down on FL and MI delegates.

Obama was the first Candidate to say he would seat the Florida delegates if he was nominee!

Can someone explain to me why Clinton will win TX???

TIME's Joe Klein: "something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism"

TIME's Joe Klein: "something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism"

List of Superdelegates switching from Clinton.

List of Superdelegates switching from Clinton.

Obama: "One of the principles that John Edwards passionately advanced..."


Man, Obama’s giving an amazing speech right now…with SPECIFICS…lots of ‘em.

Hey Hillary, Who You Calling Chicken?

Hey Hillary, Who You Calling Chicken?

The Silence Was Deafening-From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

Obama is SMOKIN'! For First Time, Obama Leading Hillary In National Polling Average

If you were at an Obama rally please help me debunk this

Obama: let's pull troops out of Iraq and move them to Pakistan

Same time. Same city. Obama speaks to 6400; McCain to 700

ARG sucks - blah, blah blah (or a general rant on polling)

Let's Hear it For The Lady ~ YES SHE CAN~

2 high level Clinton supporters remain on message re racist phrase: "shuck and jive"

Did Obama promise to take only federal financing in the general election if he's the nominee?

What's the real role of a superdelegate?

Candidate quiz. post your results.

Clinton Now Battling The DNC To Seat Michigan And Florida Delegates

Matthews: Hillary needs to "get rid of the kneecapers that work for her," & offer a positive message

Since I've been gone

Since I've been gone

You know what I think?

The always unpopular reality check...

The RNC was smarter than the DNC re: rogue primiary states. We have a mess now. And Hillary is right

Update: Delegate Switching, Net Gain +8 for Obama

Clinton says she does NOT view Ohio as a MUST-WIN.

Clinton says she does NOT view Ohio as a MUST-WIN.

Hillary voters: Gone are blacks, men, young people and better-educated whites. In fact,

Has there been an upsurge of McClurkin Threads at DU since Obama's wins of Feb 9-12? If so why?

I saw both McCain and Obama today

Why even watch Bill Maher when all he is going to do is bash HIllary

Since the WI polls are so close

Call to action: Obama supporters check in here!!!

A message from Hillary Clinton

Words Are Cheap

Contest: Predict the next slogan from the Hillary campaign

ZOGBY: Obama solidifying National Lead Over McCain

How Should Superdelegates Vote?

Obama Leading Hillary In National Polling Average

Rep. Abercrombie (D-HI): Obama will break through gridlock

About labeling McClurkin an "ex-gay clown"

Turn the clock forward to September 2008

If and when Clinton loses Wisconsin or Hawaii on 2/19

WSJ: Obama-McCain race could redraw electoral map

The patriarchy against Hillary debunked

I'm sick of Hillary supporters crying sexism...

The Century of the they .Marketed Hope

solutions versus promises. . .?

Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Deval Patrick to switch endorsements from Obama to Clinton?

Recap: Obama refused to take photograph with Newsom after same sex marriage controversy

Should Barack Obama have to apologize for his gender?

The voters in MI and FL knew their votes would not count

Here They Come......

I just donated $100.00 to Obama, who's with me!!!!

Where the rubber hits the road on the McClurkin issue

Looks Like Tucker's Real Pissed About this Shuster Thing

The DNC has made a mess of our primary. They must seat delegates from FL and MI

The DNC has made a mess of our primary. They must seat delegates from FL and MI

The DNC has made a mess of our primary. They must seat delegates from FL and MI

Pelosi: Don't overrule the voters, no to seating MI and FL

Well...sorry to bore some people here, but a comment about the next President and GLBT issues.

Cool ad: Good Judgement makes all the difference

A guaranteed WIN.

Obama's Texas Test: Can he dent Clinton's advantage in the Hispanic community?

Obama the Politican

Clinton surrogates fight smear in Ohio. "if you can believe Roger Clemens, you can believe in Obama"

Rasmussen: Clinton Extends Lead in Texas (54-38)

Obama/McClurkin issue: What part of this don't you get?

Clyburn Dissents: Says Super-Dels Shouldn't Necessarily Follow Popular Vote

Reality Check: Quinnipac Poll Shows Hillary far ahead in swing states Ohio & Pennsylvania

This may sound like the dumbest suggestion ever...

So, If Obama edges Clinton on pledged delegates, but she wins in the total popular vote

NYTimes: "Clinton Goes All-Out Negative in New Ad"

New Poll from TX: OH-bama Takes the Lead ! Look at those Texas Men.

Did Hillary engage in voter supression tactics?

The Ohio Dispatch: Clinton maintaining 21 pt lead over Obama

Need a caption for this photo

Candidates tend to run the country like they ran their campaigns...

Obama campaigning in Wisconsin

Hillary responds to Obama attack ad

Hillary Rosen: Clinton apologist on Hardball

"MSNBC still doesn't "get it"" by Jamison Foser

If you want to donate to Obama, and to promote liberal values if he wins...

Pat Buchanan on David Wilhelm's endorsing of Obama....

Clinton LIES about Obama in a brand new WI ad:

Humor Break: Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle

Senator Clinton can NOT win the democratic nomination mathematically

Attack Ads ...ONLY should be used against the Republicans

"What Will Obama Do When There's No Hillary Firewall?" Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Seeking Superdelegates obama has paid $363,900 Clinton has paid 88,000

Where is there a good place to see Dem Vs. Repub Popular vote totals so far? State by State

I've decided to vote for Barack Obama on March 3rd!

I'll tell you this much.

What are these accomplishments that Hillary speaks of?


Retired Basketball Star Charles Barkley Endorses Obama on CNN

Interesting Article

#1 pose modern politicians should NOT be seen making. (Link/Picture)

Poll for Gore supporters. What candidate are you supporting now?

The McClurkin flap is not just a "gay" issue

Will party insiders overturn your vote? (a follow up)

Wisconsin - so my "Christian" outlaws are voting for....

Las Vegas Odds: Obama 6to5.. for presidency...

Question-Why did the republicans get to count there vote and seat there delegates but the democrats

It's over Obama is the winner


Bill Clinton: Obama 'Literally Not Part of Any of the Good Things' From the 1990s

NYT Graphic - dem. primary wins vs. states Bush won in 2004

So Obama tells FL the vote does not count then Obama supporters whine about turnout?

Obama Endorsed by Joe Duuuuuuumars!

Let us be clear: There was no election in Florida and Michigan, and no votes were cast.

The Meme Prisoner and the Media Darling

Charisma isn't the answer to everything.

Obamessives and Obamicans

Caucus Me ! Hillary or Obama !

The candidates must address Florida and Michigan NOW!

Race, gender and the election: on CNN NOW

Primary Sends Shivers Through Capitol Moderates WSJ

Repugs disrupt Lantos memorial service.

Larry Sinclair v. Barack Obama

Just Normal Everyday Folk...

Curiously common occurrence: 1-) woman faints 2-) Obama pauses speech to ask for help

Jewish Functionaries Stirring The Clinton-Obama Race

Exactly what makes GD:P, GD:P???

Evidently, it cost my NJ state $10 million to advance the primary --- !!!!

Personally, I don't think that Hillary OR Obama will do much for GLBT folk.

Obama on MI and FL - Even my 6 Year Old Understands it's not Fair

Obama has run a dirty, smearing, race baiting campaign

Just registered as a Democrat today....

"Florida Law, DNC Rules, Punishments, and Primaries" or "Wow this is really complicated"

Pssst....Obama supporters, come over here.

NPR this morning, interviews re: Obama

McClurkin only sang one song. McClurkin invited himself. Kirbyjon Caldwell & other answers...

Obama leads Hillary in the buying off of superdelegates by giving them money

I'll waste an OP on providing this link to everyone

In Cincinnati Ohio, Hillary Clinton Goes Back to her Roots

Superdelegate storm likely to be short-lived

It comes down to...."Do I want a DREAMER or a PRAGMATIST....

All he's done is talk

America's long regressive winter coming to a close

When Florida Legislators voted to move up their primary, they were also voting for a Paper Trail

Boston (the Band - not the City) asks Huckabee to lose that 'Feeling'

I was an Edwards supporter and was sending him donations up to the very day he withdrew,

Disenfranchised in FL and MI?? Can someone explain to me

Disenfranchised in FL and MI?? Can someone explain to me

Despite what many will think, this warning is not about any candidate.

Obama Wins Endorsement of Union He Once Slammed (for supporting Edwards)


Associated Press ; Obama not counting Clinton out



Why Obama is going to beat McCain.

SHAT! MOTHASUCKA! Obama's gonna lose

Obama Rips Off Clinton's Econ Plan and Claims It For His Own

Why everyone wanting to seat Florida and Michigan can kiss my ass

Hillary Clinton spam sighted in the wild

Barack Obama says he's done more than just talk

Changing the Democratic Primary season.

Pelosi: Don't let Michigan and Florida decide the election ...

Dead heat in Wisconsin. O 47, H 43

Can we agree that this is a piss-poor way to select a nominee?

Tucker Carlson, Peggy Noonan, Joe Scaraborough need to have their opinions posted

How Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton and all her DU followers would Respond to MLK

was this Campaigning in Florida?

The more I see, the more I think

I just saw Charles Barkley speak on CNN

What are McCain's strengths- How can they be turned against him? (See, Kerry/Swiftboating)

The more I see, the more I think...

Reuters: Some defense company officials see Clinton as a better ally for the industry

Thank you to whoever sent me the Valentines heart

Dunkin' Donuts Democrats vs. Latte Liberals: I THOUGHT the division was clear...

I'm rooting for Huckabee

The “circularity” of hope: The Nation endorses Barack Obama

Happy Birthday to Susan B. Anthony, & Hillary Clinton to be in Madison WI Sunday:

eBay: an indicator of political trends

John Lewis is NOT switching his vote to Obama

As the Clock Ticks Towards Final Certification, and the County's Registrar Makes Excuses, Hundreds

Should MA superdelegates support Hillary?

Buzzflash needs our help!

CNN "Some voters say sexism less offensive than racism"

David Shuster, back on February 22.

"I don't know why the McClurkin thing is so upsetting?". An explanation.

Unstoppable Obama

Dan Abrams Calls the Press Out on Clinton

The alleged Super Delegate problem

Swiftboating: Texas GOP Demands Rick Noriega's Military Records

Heeeeerrrre's NAFTA!!!

U.S. Rep. Brian Baird endorses Barack Obama

Austin Mayor Will Wynn endorses Barack Obama

Obama Hope Beating Clinton Help (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Word on the Street: The Avatar to Endorse Soon

Barack Obama - The Change Working Families Need

Obama supporters! The cover of this week's The Economist (UPDATED)

In response to who questioned Hillary's Achievments earlier

Which of our Primary candidates will be best for the US economy.

Obama supporter threatens primary challenges to those Superdelegates who fail to support Obama.

Polls are fun...but haven't we learned they aren't accurate anymore?

How would you behave if you were given 5 minutes to speak privately to the opposing candidate

reason #28

Cool site; You can see who has donated to whom throughout the country

My little plea to both campaigns -- Don't just put Bandaids on a tumor

My little plea to both campaigns -- Don't just put Bandaids on a tumor

We ate the bait, now here comes the switch!

Hillary Clinton spam sighted in the wild

****Poll Thread**** (Go ahead and post the latest poll results here)

I sent in my absentee vote for Ohio today

Let me tell you about hope...

Putin looked into Obama's soul, and saw

Should Hillary and Barack be forced to team up...

Wooohoooo....I've been waiting for this moment for weeks....

Big journos rarely examine press bias. Robinson helps us see why:

Clinton pays rent; money goes to Obama

you should be aware: When candidates quote the "New America Foundation" in their attack ads.

Is Randi a repeat today?

Obama's Supporters Prepare for Clinton Momentum, Eventual Win

Whoo-hoo! I got almost 900 votes as an Edwards delegate in the MD primary!

Is Obama a continuation of what began with Lamont and carried through the 2006 election?

Have you ever changed your vote because of negative posts on DU's GD:P forum?

An analogy for those who don't understand discrimination

Thanks for my Two pretty little hearts....Whoever gave them to me.

Understanding our candidates through the mirror of history

What are the two candidates views on gun laws?

Texas Credit Union poll: Clinton 49, Obama 41.

That's IT! I'm cutting you off until after the Convention.

Article: Clinton's campaign leaves no delegate behind

Why I find myself supporting Sen. Clinton.

Hillary Wins New Mexico - Go, Hillary, Go!!!

Boston asks Huckabee to lose that 'Feeling'

PUTIN RIPS HILLARY: 'At a minimum, a head of state should have a head'

The You're-In-Ators. New name for Super Delegates.

Let's all put our grownup pants on: ALL CANDIDATES SMEAR, LIE, CHEAT.

Montana Gov. Schweitzer speaks out on superdelegates

A very important (but relatively unknown) fact about Texas...

Obama in wide-ranging press conference: Says Clinton feeling down, engaged in gamesmanship

Celebrating Un-President's Day: Why I Will Not Vote For A President In 2008 (Carolyn Baker)

Super Delegate ? how are they chosen


Joshua Micah Marshall gets it just right re: Rep. Lewis

Bob Kerrey on Florida: "No new vote and no new caucuses, either"

Hillary, here is what you should say...

Has anyone been an Obama supporter for a few years?


So I Just Heard It On The Ed Schultz Show...."platitudes"

Things that don't count....

John Lewis says he has not decided to switch support to Obama (NYT story is false)

Sources: Top Hillary Advisers Have Repeatedly Complained To MSNBC About Chris Matthews

Edwards still silent on Endorsement? (link)

Quinnipiac in Florida: McCain 41%, Obama 39%, 12 undecided

We need to stick with the rules put in place

Hillary Clinton Speaks to Crowd 12,000 Strong in El Paso (Video AWSOME!)

ARG: Obama takes the lead in Texas (48-42)

Why Obama may win TX

A look demographically at Texas and why it is Prime Clinton real estate.

How a candidate runs for office

Since when is ARG reliable?

Gay marriage is about churches yes, so who does Barack have to convince...?

Could Obama's success in the red states, and polls vs. McCain

Newbie: Obama won HUGE with UNIONS today but can someone explain it to me...

Now that we have a 3 post limit in GD-P, there is a new diss in town...

Black Super-Delegates Who Back Hillary Could Face Primary Challenge

Two reasons why a Clinton /Obama or Obama/Clinton combo is NOT a dream Ticket:

Is Obama Gay Friendly or not?

I think it's starting to rain...

Top Ten Solutions

Putin further rips Hillary, says that she is guided by EMOTIONS. (Updated)

Its the economy, folks

This is why Hillary's "universal health care" isn't gonna work.

Do We Know If BILL Clinton Campaigned In Florida?

Will white males be the swing vote in this primary and in the general as well?

How Soviets operate: Did you know that Stalin threatened Lenin's widow?

New Texas (small fish) poll-Clinton-49%-Obama 41%

If Dems chose McCain, and Repubs chose Obama...did anyone vote in the right primary?

EARMARKS: Hillary in Top 10; Obama in bottom 25%; McCain rejected earmarks entirely

Inside the Clinton Shake-Up. Axed Article Resurrected In THE ATLANTIC

Don't Send A Fighter To Do A Lover's Job

A WARNING to the Democratic Party about letting "Super Delegates" Decide the Nomination

12 years later, Republicans are still laughing their asses off...

The Rude Pundit: Hillary Clinton's Rove Has Destroyed Her

Anybody See Lannie Davis School andrea mitchell This Morning On morning joe?

"Keep Hope Alive" - Martin Luther King

McAuliffe in '05 said ANY Dem should've won '04 by 10%. TeamClinton v TeamBush

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/15/08 - Clinton up 3 (40), Obama down 1 (48)

If Zogby says that Clinton is "slightly" trailing McCain and Obama...

You try so hard but you don't understand

What's the point of posting poll results?

NYT: Rush Limbaugh may endorse Obama

Rocker (Tom Scholz from Boston) tells Huckabee to lay off song

Something uncontroversial that the O's and the H's can chuckle to

"The Man behind Obama's Message" LATimes

Clinton's Supporters Prepare for More Obama Momentum, Eventual Win

Here We Go Boys and Girls: 4 Most Recent Texas Polls (They are all Over the board)

Democrats' Complex Delegate Rules Cloud Issue of Who Leads

ARG Poll is more accurate on TX - Rasmussen doesnt sample independents.

James Carville now trying to reframe Hillary as the comeback kid

Listen to this NPR story.

On Superdelegates, Michigan and Florida.

If Sen Clinton or Sen Obama lose the nomination and ask YOU the voter

Recent polls and delegate totals

Careful what you wish for

Obama's Global Poverty Act of 2007, passed out of committee just yesterday

About these debates..

You Know Her. You Love Her. Come Home to Hillary.

Good argument for convincing Ron Paul supporters to support Obama?

McCain-Obama Race Could Redraw Electoral Map: South in Play, New Math in West?

Evidence that Hillary is far behind, take a look at what Obama supporters are worrying about

Mike Malloy is pure genius!!

Obama and Clinton BOTH beat McCain amoung Christian Conservatives

The Obama Corollary to the Bush Doctrine?

Pakistan Times: Obama statement as “Sheer ignorance”

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but...?

If you agree on 90 percent of the issues, what is the point of a debate?

How Clinton's ceding the caucus states truly ended up as a disaster

"Obama As Osama" - Reuters Blames 'Spelling' Error-Pulls Article

Rasmussen Texas Poll: Hillary Clinton 54%, Barack Obama 38%, Not Sure 9%

Poppy Bush to endorse McCain

Zbigniew Brzezinski ... Mika's dad is one of Obama's foreign policy advisors ...

Superdelegate List of those who HAVE NOT endorsed

Lets forget the first Obama gay misstep...this one is interesting.

The Obama revolution is the Second Emancipation for African-Americans

The Obama revolution is the Second Emancipation for African-Americans

Obama as an INDEPENDENT candidate..would this work?

Everyone cool-out a moment. Who here will not support the "other" candidate in the General Election?

I have a real problem with Hillary's new attacks

Two sides of the primaries ... cartoon form.

Report: Obama Far Outpaced Hillary In Contributions To Super-Delegates

Regarding Violence

Did Hillary lose *5* Superdelegates Today? Also, Pelosi endorsement?

New people please check in... where do you come from?

I will never vote for a pro-life, anti-feminist candidate.

Not that polls are worth much, but did you guys see this?! I had missed it...

Romney, though gone, continues to flip-flop.

How come people see Obama as the 'liberal' candidate?

Obama the bigot and his little minions too.

Poll: Obama supporters and their religious beliefs.

Obama Leads McCain In Colorado!

Ben Sargent's Latest

This is a good sign: Limbaugh will not endorse McCain

Obama 99% Likely to Get SEIU Endorsement / Clinton Losing Black Super Delegates

Can Edwards come back at the convention?

Obama closing Superdelegate Gap by average of 2.6 per day

Why didn't the Clintons complain when they got 90% of the black vote?

NYT: Show Us the Money


Which is a bigger issue: Donnie McClurkin or DOMA?

Rafael Anchía: Obama is preaching the politics of hope - not division

If Obama is only up 50 or so delegates why must Clinton carry OH, TX and PA with 60% or more?

What Would You Do to Change The Democratic Primaries for Our Next Election in either 2012 or 2016

What Would You Do to Change The Democratic Primaries for Our Next Election in either 2012 or 2016

Iran’s Oil Bourse Set to Open Sunday

Obama speeches are too good for him to be president

Some Democrats especially in here sound like Republicans

Need help with understanding Texas - is it winner take all?

The Tortoise and the Hare.

Only in America...

Anti-Hillary does NOT = pro-Obama

Let me just say....

The best presidents are like magnets below a piece of paper. . .

Repeating a post of mine from after Super Tuesday

You're all missing a great thread in the Lounge.

Hillary's video puts the boogie in yer bootie!

Has Obama picked up the "Two Americas" thread from Edwards?

Barack Obama and the Great Surge of Hope

Bill Clinton: Obama 'Literally Not Part of Any of the Good Things' From the 1990s

Bill Clinton: Obama 'Literally Not Part of Any of the Good Things' From the 1990s

"A Woman in the White House" Jennifer Baumgardner

Reardon: Media slapping women back into their place. Democrats silent.

GLBTs: Did we let Kucinich down?

Wisconsin Research 2000 Poll: Obama 47% Hillary 42 %, Also: OH-PA-FL general polls

Clinton v Obama: The GE Bottom Line As Far As I Can Tell

DU therapy - Say something nice about your candidate's opponent

DU therapy - Say something nice about your candidate's opponent

Which candidate will be best for the environment?

Donna Brazile is the person responsible for disenfranchising FL voters

"Do You Want to Go Down in History as the One to Prevent a Black From Winning the White House?"

What can we, in Michigan and Florida, do

Dear Hillary Supporters, We Are Quite Aware The GOP & Mediawhores Will Attack Obama

Can John Edwards do for the working class what Gore has done for global warming?

Mark McKinnon, McCain Adviser Won't Fight Obama

New ARG Texas Poll Shows Obama Ahead (48% to 42%)

Police back spray can ban to people under 18 (New Zealand)

Children. You're Giving Me a Headache

Scott Horton: A Valentine From The Ministry Of Love

Hillary's "General" mistake...

27 Reasons I'm DivorcingThe Clintons Today

Newsweek: Al Gore to the Rescue?

WARNING! Check out this Freeper tax system in beer shit that's floating through the tubes...

CDC Wants Toxic FEMA Trailers Emptied By This Summer ( in New Orleans)

CDC Wants Toxic FEMA Trailers Emptied By This Summer ( in New Orleans)

Hillary in Madison on Sunday at Monona Terrace

Never before has the Justice Depart. sanctioned prolonged mind-altering brutality on a U.S. citizen

A brilliant Philadelphian has passed from the scene...

MarketWatch: Freddie Mac loosens PMI rules to aid mortgage insurers (taxpayers bailout RE con men)

Katrina victims being maimed by FEMA...again.

Private eye defends integrity of "honey trapping"

The Lunatic in Chief - that BBC interview with Bush - video and transcript

Holding Barack Obama Accountable

Greenspan: U.S. "on the edge" of recession, but businesses are "in extraordinarily good shape"

Wisconsin Govenor calls Hillary Clinton a Hypocrite

Wisconsin Govenor calls Hillary Clinton a Hypocrite

What to tell your GOPer friends

It's official.. Laura is no longer "Crazy Eyes"..

Everyone - please stop using the term "racist" to describe anyone who discusses race

Talk Ain't Cheap

Rethinking "Terrorism" - Who wields terror today? Think about it.

More evidence Fox News lies!

Robert Parry: U.S. Soldiers Kill Unarmed Iraqis and Afghanis

How about that "Spy" satellite. Maybe I just don't trust anyone

More of the same with John McCain

Bush prepared to delay trip to Africa to support FISA (elsewhere Africans Rejoice!)

Lieberman says some waterboarding OK

Steve Kagen (WI-8) Introduces bill to end discrimination in health insurance

Dems need to schedule about 10 more votes on torture for McCain to have to vote on

"Every child in school numbered for life" . . . Times Online (U.K.) , , ,

Superdelegate Defections...

NYT: Rush Limbaugh may endorse Obama!!1!!

The fact of the matter is---Obama or Hillary as Pres is good business for Limbaugh.

Hey George

Women and Hillary Clinton

Hilarious "Onion" satire about waiting period for suicide vests.

Retail therapy saves America, By Mark Morford

The Tipping Point

but seriously people, but the motown president.

Congress Catches Up With the Rest of America; Holds White House in Contempt

George, just go the fuck away and stop with the fear mongering

MSN: Housing mess too big for a quick fix

LAT: L.A. County may close most of its clinics

REICH: "normal remedies are not likely to work this time, because this isn’t a normal downturn"

We must not bailout the banks

Anyone listening to Cordesman on WJ this morning

Its a woot off!!!!

Cops ...... they can't just stick to their jobs, can they?

Hillary Clinton Pretends She Never Praised NAFTA

Why was Hillary's name still on the ballot in Michigan?

Questions for DU lawyers

If you had any remaining confidence in Treasury Secretary Paulson, this will erase it: ANIMATION

Anyone see Steny Hoyer defend the Dems on CSPAN1? (now over)

Room 641A- you need to know about this

It will be safe to talk on your phones for a while Fear Monger in Africa

Mike Malloy is pure genius!!

Putting Scalia to the test -- the water test. (Tom Toles)


Get The Whammmbulence: GOOPies Crying On The House Floor

Go Hucky! Go Hucky! Go Hucky!..

FORBES: Tuning Into The Recession Mindset

Will 'Star Wars' hit the rogue satellite?

Architect of Coming Depression, Greenspan endorses McCain, avoids blame for economic mess

This week's Bushism (a Rumsfeldian effort)

I Don't Think It Has Really Registered Yet What A Victory We Won Yesterday

Belated thanks for my 3 valentine hearts.

I found these Zogby survey questions humorous

Does anyone know who sold/purchased the Katrina trailers?

Wow! In Print! 'The simulated drowning technique widely classed as torture'

Wow! In Print! 'The simulated drowning technique widely classed as torture'

Clinton got a BJ. - Really funny (and sad) video and song, in case you haven't seen it.

Not to tip any sacred cows, but...

congressional steroid debate

"Get them to print you a t-shirt with 'FASCIST' on it"

The next time someone says Bush has kept us from the terrorists, just

Director of National Intel McConnell: Private Firms Need Liability Protection

9/11...Does anybody remember that AirForce I received a threatening call on secure lines...Any info?

Is there a way to hide threads based on subject/issue/keyword(s)?

Spying on Americans, OK -- Spying in NFL, Bad.

Ah, the rich, so fun to piss off.

White House: Congress Caving To ‘The Fantasies Of Left-Wing Bloggers’

Gore warns Wall Street of ‘subprime carbon’ industry

Today’s Headlines 2/15/08

George Bush doesn't care about people with autism

Canadian man insists he's JFK's love child with vigor

Lookin' GOOD there Rush. Pic + NYT article mentioning flop sweat !BONUS!

NIU shootings = MAJOR national media coverage | Lane Bryant shootings = no coverage

caption the House GOP

Support telecom immunity--- it's in the national interest

I went to NIU

Chairman Conyers: “I’m Staying Here to Work on FISA”

A beginner´s questions about wiretapping

The difference between "National" and "Homeland" security.

WWII vet sends armed burglar suspect to hospital

ASIA TIMES: Mr Paulson, tear down that Wall (Street)

simple question for Bush/GOP: What is wrong with the current FISA laws???

The trouble started there when he would not pray in the mess hall

Bush and Cheney: Predatory Lenders' Partners in Crime-By Eliot Spitzer

A Question ?

Russ Feingold and Jack Kemp: Restoring Democracy

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but...?

Ah another country 'bout to join the civilized world regarding tobacco

Mystery surrounds NIU Shooter: (Steven Kazmierczak)

Mystery surrounds NIU Shooter: (Steven Kazmierczak)

Last night on that 360 show w/Anderson Cooper, that kook Tony Perkins of

Obama vs Hillary on deaf issues



Will Bush compromise on the Protect America Act before...

Hillary courted the wingnut media and they set her up good

Iran oil bourse to open February 17

"Many Pakistanis worry that the United States is being taken over by religious extremists"

Spinning thoughts, or thoughts on spinning, and how politics has changed

Veteran groups push for overhaul of GI Bill

Self delete. (n/t)

I am listenting to TRU (used to be Court TV) about the Wiretap law...

Opening our hearts and shutting recruitment centers

I am tilting at windmills and I need your help!

'I'm just a simple president'

Dave Lindorff: Bush's Protect America Bill Bull

CNN is trolling shooting victims' Facebook pages

Sorry ronnie raygun and all your idiot minion

And now for something completely different: the Senate!

What if we DID build a wall?

Report: Suspects arrested in Mugniyah assassination

Washington-area school district bans book fairs, after parent complains about "Golden Compass"

I am humbled by the many hearts, DU'ers and

Citigroup Hedge Funds, Lehman, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs all telling customers their $ is FROZEN

looks like a possible McCain-Romney ticket,, that would make sense

a great big THANK YOU to my secret admirer for my heart. you have really brightened my day.

The Rot

GM's Bob Lutz: Global warming is a "total crock of shit"

Want to buy American made? Was closed in 2005 Look at this

"I-Worm / Nuwar.C" in public distribution of Cygwin.

Where does your first loyalty lie?

CREW files brief in Valerie (Plame) and Joe Wilson Case Appeal

Interesting contributions to Dems who voted for cloture on S 2248

Vacuum Method Phone Tapping - GOP Election Strategy

There is on word you really just can't say: the c-word!

There is on word you really just can't say: the c-word!

Rick Steves & ACLU Launch Marijuana Campaign

George W Bush's BBC interview

You made me smile and so unexpectedly...

What I have learned on DU... I have been most surprised.

Is there anything Republicans could feel shame over that isn't sexual?

the good news...bu$h* leaves tonight for africa...bad news...cheney's in charge

THANK YOU-- to my secret admirer.

Please Take The Time To Thank Speaker Pelosi

LEAHY-Demand a House-Senate conference to produce a fair FISA bill-WITHOUT Immunity!

Watch out....Al Sharpton will steal the Whitehouse blind

weather or knot. Sheesh. enough already.

Priest Accused of Molesting Kids Is HIV Positive (Texas Case)


junior was just on tv slapping the House about the FISA bill

The Dog, the Cat and the Rat

"when strains on military families turn deadly (the body count they DON"T count)

I am thrilled to receive two more hearts from some wonderful

Monsanto and at least one of the two Dem candidates

Philly newsman who wrote "Oswald Still Dead" hed dies at 63

Need another reason to love Leonard Nimoy?

Have you dated outside your 'race'?

The simple fact is that the Republicans do not want oversight..

Aren't these days the anniversay of Cheney shooting his friend in the face?

Disgraced Tom DeLay is now stumping for McCain

Another Republican politician bites the dust

Too hot to handle-Counting Iraqi Casualties -- and a Media Controversy

Why are war mongers considered to be conservative ?

AG Mukasey: Justice Department cannot now criminally charge WH officials for defying Congress

So Bush has shifted from we do not torture - to torture is OK - but only against the "bad guys"?

Bhutto's Party Vows to Remove Musharraf

Peace in Iraq...

A Public Service Announcement from der Feurher:

‘Not Like Putting Burning Coals On People’s Bodies’

Can Someone Explain To Me Why We Can Go After Businesses That Hire Illegal Immigrants

Reid: Bush Attempting to "Manufacture A Crisis"

I didn't do it sooner, but thanks to my "secret admirers"

Laughing that just a short time ago, DU had quite a few Lieberman defenders...

"FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE"--happy birthday, Susan B Anthony-

Protect America Act

Coulter explains why she is "trying to associate Obama with Saddam Hussein?".......

My Punditry:

Republicans demand accounability!

K.O. -- Has anyone else on TV publicly called Bush a fascist, a liar and a terrorist?

The Day After Tomorrow

Expanding Family & Medical Leave

anybody have the handy link to debunk this latest piece of garbage?

New Obama HQs

Caption cheney

I'm still frosted about Shuster being suspended

National Lawyers Guild Calls on SCALIA to Recuse Himself From Interrogation-Related Cases

Clockwork: WBC will picket their hypocritical funerals & memorials & "vigils."

Charles Barkley says he'll run for Governor of Alabama (as a D) in 2014

I just have to ask this....

please help me out here. Can't seem to disavow the status coming with a car.

Oxnard school shooting victim removed from life support - Hate Crime

Charles Barkley on CNN:

Penalties against companies that hire illegal immigrants - changed during Bush's terms?

22,000 died amid delayed Bayer drug recall: doctor

Bloomberg-->> US economy resembles THIRD WORLD COUNTRY

America's long regressive winter coming to a close

McCain will be "proud" to have * campaign for him

National Association of Realtors Head: Real Estate Crash is due to little more than Mass Hysteria

Chris Matthews - a dog with a bone

How much....

Do you realize we've all been embaressed

Vicious Wingnut Valentines And Other Right-Wing Eye Vomit

How can someone be guilty of simple murder for the mother and aggravated murder for the fetus?

Muslims In America?


U.S. Congressional watchdog Walker (filed suit on Cheney) to resign

Federal Budget 2009--How they plan to spend our money

Neo-Nazis arrested after trying to shoot law enforcement agent and another person

How did I miss this? Discovery Channel Drops Plans To Air ‘Taxi To The Dark Side’

CIA: Yes, We Torture - But It's NOT "Spanish Inquisition" Kind Of Torture

Wiretapping- The Great Silence On THE* Salient Point (Memory Hole)

FDL Petition: Tell House Members to Stand Firm Behind the RESTORE Act!

"Torchwood" - new season/LINK

Tom Allen´s (D-ME) wife diagnosed with breast cancer (running against Collins)

Monsanto U: Agribusiness's Takeover of Public Schools

Will Bush years affect our political psyche for decades way Great Depression did our grandparents?

Excellent review of Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason

My Kucinich congressional donation maybe did some good.

Just saw a protest blocking the streets in downtown DC

Entertainers Rally for Singer Opposed to Venezuela’s President

Sick of Pelosi? Don't want to support Cindy's campaign? Here's what you can do!

World's 'oldest' person in Israel (BBC) { ... and Bedouin Arab)

Hahaha...Boston rocker wants da Huckster to stop playin' his song

DNC Seeks Disclosure of RNC Emails

What I belive in... Points and Perspectives

Death of Hezbollah leader could mean threat to Jewish targets

Outbreak of Mysterious Pig Brain Disease at Slaughterhouse Mystifies Investigators

Traitors in the senate who voted to illegally spy on American citizens

aging goober fluffer of fascists Phyllis Schlafly wants Navy to nuke whales

Oh my goodness. The PERFECT cartoon to explain GD-P

Kenyans to review disputed poll (BBC)

What The Hell Was The "Medication" This Guy Stopped Taking That Might Have

Bushbaby Claims Congress Is Caving to "Left Wing Bloggers" by Opposing Torture

Obama Supports Individual Gun Rights. (LBN/Party Position)

News Corp 'in secret Yahoo talks' (BBC)

All I every wanted was to just have a chance to live a little life

Viggo Mortensen Explains Why We Must Demand Accountability

I just wanted to post a huge heartfelt thank you to my secret admirers.

The American Psychological Association approves of these psychologists?

Lets Throw Conyers Out of Office

Drudge is stroking himself at the thought of the..

BBC Asks Bush- Does Fact That You Torture Mean US Still Holds High Moral Ground?--BUSH: "Absolutely"

Where has H2Oman gone to???

A GOP civil war?...

Hey, the GOP has a female presidential candidate on the Texas ballot

Holding hands meant SOMETHIN', baby..."Bush continues tight Saudi relationship, holds talks"

China can bring peace to Darfur

Bomb goes off in Mexico City

Wonkette: Jenna Bush Wedding Set To Cripple Waco

Maher lineup: Paul Rieckoff, Nina Hachigian, Andrew Sullivan, Frank Luntz, and Claire McCaskill

CNBC: "Fast Money" segment... Campbell's Soup a BUY...because Babushka's in Russia

Pelosi: ‘The President is Misrepresenting the Facts on Our Nation’s Electronic Surveillance

Who's on Bill Maher tonight?

Google Censors Media Outlet Supportive of UN Whistleblowers

Show unity and sympathy with the Northern Illinois University

I Am Not Making This Up...

N.Y., China Investigating Black Market in Bodies

Lawdy! Hearts for everyone here. Take all you want

The Bush boy has left the country

If 110 DUers respond to a flamebait OP in GD:P, it means:

Martial law is coming it's been planned already.

Recession got you down? The 99-cent recession menu

The Dog, the Cat, and the Rat

Attempt to shoot down spy satellite to cost up to $60 million

Why are all TV's switching to digital and why is the gov't giving every American $40 to change?

Loan crisis goes to college (

Richard Branson's interview on CBC's 'The National'- Al Gore turned him around. He's going green ...

(David) Shuster to Return to MSNBC Prior to Democratic Debate in Ohio

Real Time w/Bill Maher coming up-guests are:

The spies who love you

RAMEN Noodles For All! Thanks Good Citizen!

We are not the first to sing, nor the only ones to give thanks.

People are talking about allowing CCW permit-holders to carry on campuses. I think it's a BAD IDEA.

Company: Gunman, Virginia Tech shooter used same Web dealer (CNN)

The Bush Has Got to Go and Preemptive King

I love it how Al Gore really is the biggest wheel in the party now.

McCain caved today - He voted AGAINST ban on torture

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

KO and Rachel tearing Bush a new one

Symptoms of an economic depression

NOW Week of 1.18.08 == Progressive Dem Beats Incumbent in Maryland

Tonight on Bill Moyer's journal - must see TV

I bought my wife a new Prius for Valentines Day.

On the Banks of the Perfume River, February 15, 1968

I found out today that I was approved for SSD, (Social Security Disability.)

Charles Barkley trashing conservatives on CNN today.

Pro-Iraq-War sex columnist Dan Savage has some fucking nerve

Why is congress on another break?

Deputy Seen Dumping Disabled Man Charged

Your government is shutting down its economic indicators website.

For a moment- forget the war ,primaries, mass shootings -and say happy 99th birthday to a hero:

Man Dumped From Wheelchair by Deputy.

What a bizarre image

Bush brother’s ex (Sharon Bush) defends JFK’s purported love child

Cops search houses for guns and tax rebates are now loans

Tasers, Torture and Terror Tactics: America Becomes a Police State

Disturbing AP Headline: " Bush family swinging behind McCain."

Feingold introduces bills to redeploy troops and focus on Al Quaeda

Charles Barkley calls out "fake Christians"

"The president bowed deeply before the portrait of his mother, saying: 'Matt, this is the shrine!'

Who should Obama's running mate be?

Why does Felipe Calderón speak far better English than George W. Bush?

We Are The United States Of America NOT 'Homeland'

Do you believe that there is any place for weapons in this world?

As the "respect for honestly held beliefs" MARCHES ON, not against GLBT's, but WOMEN.

A thread that bears repeating: Bush/Cheney can be IMPEACHED AFTER THEY LEAVE OFFICE!

Rep.Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) To Bush: ''I Will Not Back Down''

Let Me Scare You Just A Little

I'll Give McCain One Thing, He's Not a Chickenhawk.

Wanna Hurl? On Tweety:

Tinfoil prediction RE: FISA issue

Laura promised to help Afghan. women. now she is going to Africa to help those women

URGENT issue: Leading Scientist calls for GLOBAL NET NEGATIVE Greenhouse emissions!

Wal-Mart dumps HD DVDs to back Blu-ray

Rediscovering the forgotten crops (BBC)

Friday Night TOONS: Letting McCain have it....

Jesus take the wheel? Not on this crazy train...

The biggest news of the week

Experts Scoff at Satellite Shoot-Down Rationale

Seton Hall Law Students Uncover Proof That Guantanamo Interrogations Routinely Videotaped

Saudi Prince Bandar Bush threatens Britain with more terrorist attacks like 7/7

Why Texas will mean the end of the Clinton Campaign

Modern Love -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

FISA 101

Hmm, What's the REAL reason for shooting down spy satellite?

Have you heard about the new TV show?? "The Ratty Puke Show"

McCain's "unity" veep pick.. He's southern, he's well-known

Batten Down the Hatches, the Financial Hurricane's On Its Way

Is the US an overmedicated Prozac nation? Or are those who think so overopinionated?

124,000 Doctors ask Feds to ease up on Cannabis Laws


Obama basketball pics

I Will Bet A 6Pack Of Heineken If Fisa Doesnt Pass

keep this up for th PETITION.. woman attacked, calls 911, is arrested, striped by male officers, left

Great article on how and why kucinich is being railroaded outta here.

Wolf Blitzer is a LIAR

This brilliant post on RedState merited banning (FISA):

Maryland Delegate resigns amid FBI Probe

Foggo Bribery Case Moves to Virginia, Wilkes Charges Dropped

40,000 head of livestock dead due to winter storm

Are people who support gun ownership callous toward human suffering/death?

The NIU tragedy could have been so much worse.

Was the 2000 Election lost to fraud?

"The Homeland". I fucking hate that phrase!

WOW: NIU shooter brought 3 of his guns legally on the same day.

A LOUD thread for DUer's for which IMPEACHMENT and the rule of law are non-negotiable

Bush Family Chronicles: The Patriarchs

Man Files Federal Lawsuit Against Illinois Smoking Ban

There's a Hippie museum!

Human Capital - I hate that phrase!

This is What a Police State Looks Like

Behind Obama and Clinton (Foreign policy advisors)

Does Bush still plan on retiring in Paraguay?

***DUzy Awards for weeks ending February 8 & February 15, 2008***

TIME's Joe Klein: "Obama has proved himself the best executive by far."

Bill Kristol's lost materspiece recovered for posterity

I visited someone, and now I am missing the following:

Reese just jumped up on my lap, licked my hand and ran away

Anybody watch "Life After People" on the History channel?

Guns Suck!

Someone just visited me and I stole the following items from him


(all three)

Ergo... Vis a Vis.... Concordently

Thank you for the heart


Make your garden prettier.. (garden row sign generator)

Crucial Week for Impeachment

Playtime for night owls.. Make your own signs, awards etc..

Folks: It's time to concentrate our rhetorical fire on McCain

What's your favorite DEER?

Do we have an ethical right to Colorform Mars?

Any of yas into

Aw, I just realized I made my 10,000th post today

Yowza.. heating bills in Crested Butte muct be something else

Man Admits Making 30,000 Fake 911 Calls

Is there...(Oeditpus Rex inspired copycat!)

Bad Thoughts About Why the Senate Passed the FISA Immunity Bill

A Belated Valentine Story

How do I know if I had a nervous breakdown or meltdown?

Shouldn't the number of threads you can start be based on how many hearts you have?

Do you own a gun?

Probation For Anthrax Hoaxer

is anybody heartless? I have one left to give

Its a woot off!!!!

Star-crossed lions' love triangle at Bristol Zoo

'Easy, laddie. We're big enough to take a *few* insults.'

Frig-off boss man!!!!

Breakfast food paradox: Bacon vs Sausage

Is it time for a NYC meetup?

Good Morning Lounge!

Youtube cover song videos

Canadian man who claims to be JFK's love child, turns out to be

Mental health break.

Leave Disco Stu out of this!

Boston guitarist asks Huckabee to knock it off

Is it ok to tease old cats?

Switching channels, came across "Celebrity Rehab"

Hey slackers--I need advice on how to be as unproductive as possible today

I must be pipular. People are still giving me hearts.

On my second triple espresso of the morning...

"We are beautiful magnificent giants"

The only things set to expire tonight are telecom immunity and coercion to assist Bush's crimes.

23 Years Ago Today

I made some awesome etouffe last night

I'm glad the writers strike is over.

WWII vet sends armed burglar suspect to hospital

Is it ok to freeze cold cats?

Color me surprised: Another Repubican pervert gets busted .... kiddie porn

Last night my feline friend woke me at 3 am and wanted to play.

Bed 1, Gym 0

Why can't Broccoli taste as good as these girl scout cookies??

DU Lounge Oscar pick-em game

Is it ok to freeze cold cuts?

Thanks to whoever gave me this heart just now! (Another heart thank you thread.)

My sister is saying goodbye to her best friend today

allright, where is the DU marketplace?

Do YOU have a personal vendetta, battle, conflict....

Very wonderful story about my Uncle Andy and Aunt Eunice,

Awwwwww sure but I mean GET A ROOM!

I FIRMLY oppose the "Good Samaritan Law" and call "BULLSHIT" on the Republican FISA LIES!

The DVD Format Wars

BBC apologises for 'offensive' Gardeners' Question Time debate

Please pray to the FSM, LynneSin is listening to Rush.

Driver Balls?

TV's David Groh, "Rhoda's" ex-husband, dies

What sound does a frozen cat make when you chainsaw it in two?

Barack Obama Folded Me an Origami Crane!

Noah's Ark Today

Travel Mercies (Serious request for lounge opinion)

Why must people ruin my perfectly good Rush thread with pictures of that asshole

Alleged Serial 911 Caller Made More Than 27,000 Calls

What careers do you think would fare best in a recession?

No Heroes until the Fall...

Has anybody seen these HaHaHa America videos?

Best fast food freedom fries...


Why must people ruin my perfectly good Beatles thread with pictures of that group Oasis

The Official Oasis SUX Thread

Is it ok to freeze Cat Stevens?

White House Will FORCE Impeachment Inquiry - (Scott Horton)

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Rush thingie..

Damn! Chris Farley would have been 44 today.

ATHEISTS: WE need a new plan! we have to have primate1 back.

Win a 4-year scholarship to Liberty University by creating 2min vidoe for God Tube

Tell Me About Transcendental Meditation?

"They're here already! You're next! You're next, You're next...! "

I can just feel the love here!

You people disappoint me!! Why did you not turn me on to Mars Volta sooner??!!

Bush: "And these telephone companies…. Are afraid they’re going to be sued."

I ated me some that fish there.

Damn! Galileo Galilei would have been 444 today.

Best Amusement Park French Fries

I'm jamming to The Beatles , is there anything else better in this world

I have a hammock and I need to rent

Copter Action

I have a haddock and I want to slap...

Mid-century Vintage Fans: LOOKIE WHAT I FOUND!

Judge Marries Couple After Sentencing Groom

Did you ever stop and wonder

Al Gore on the second ballot-By Eleanor Clift

I have a banana hammock and I need to tent

Friday's hypothermic question

OMG!!1!! Parche has a date with LynneSin this weekend!!1!!

Free To A Good Home

Book TV Schedule: February 16th - 19th

The phrase "jumped the shark" has jumped the shark.

How can we stop these school shootings and what do we keep missing?

I swear, if I see "strawman argument" or "paint with a broadbrush"

I've given up on atheism

Remember: Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People

The phrase "jumped the shark" has jumped the shark.

I have a haddock and I need to rant

I have a headache and I need to rant

Post your best lolcat-type creation

All People Who Dont Like The Beatles Will Be Banished To Delaware Forever

Liquid Hot Magma!

Here's a salted peanut for the lounge...

PARCHE! I'm leaving town this weekend and I could use a drink for the road...(wink wink)

We need sleeping tubes in this country.

Jeebus, I picked a helluva week to stop drinking ...

what do you use more?

Friday's hypocritical question

Please sign the "Thank You Keith" list.

I can tell that I'm sick today because my posts keep trailing off

I must have some fried chicken soon in honor of a long unheard from friend

i think i may be in trouble - an aquaintance called - there's a min-pin out there that needs a home

Pop Tarts: 'Batman' to Blame for Heath Ledger's Decline?

The phrase "jumped the shark" has bought the farm.

Damn, I buy *the* most exciting books!!

I'm never loaning anyone any money again

Tell Me About Transcontinental Mediation?

Pizza tonight

I'm never loaning anyone any chapstick again!

Jeebus, I picked a helluva week to stop painting ...

I'm going to see SFA tonight!

I know I'm an annoying pain-in-the ass here at DU but...

The phrase "thrown under the bus" has jumped the shark.

The phrase "bought the farm." has jumped the shark.

Actress Bai Ling arrested at LAX Airport for stealing two magazines and a pack of batteries

This is for all of us Baby Boomers

If You Were 'Thrown Under The Bus' Would It Hurt?

Free To A Good Home

Tell Me About Transincontinent Meditation?

Think it's time to take down my tree?

Are you a Bandersnoot?


Is there...

Anyone Need A Smoke?

Fantastic Math Tricks

Bouncey Friday!

"You can bomb the world into pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace"

Hope in an old lady -- my 70 year old mom says she'll never vote republican again

OH YEAH SUUURE People buy this shirt because they hiked up a mountain...

Post a song that everytime you here it brings back painful memories

I AM where no man has gone before!


Okay — 'panTies' or 'pannies'?

Valentine Booty.

Is it ok to freeze Kit Kat's

Where in ther hell is Midlo?

GDP just threw the Declaration of Independance under the bus!

looking for a good air purifier

If money were no object, how would you decorate your cake?

Help me choose a new car.....

I'm jamming to Rush - is there anything else better in this world

Simon is just all OVER my ass.

Spiked 2007 GQ Story: Hillary's Campaign Mgr. Watched Soap Operas, Did Not Return Calls, Was FIRED!

I refuse to post any more until the management define a metope.

Tim sold a CAR!!!!!!!

The people who hang out in the lounge are way cooler

Anybody here ever been tombstoned?

Even the Salvation Army can be assholes

amazing kid guitarist

The phrase "at the end of the day" has jumped the shark

"Have you ever eaten alien meat?"

got a full refund, including s+ h from nutrisysytem

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Action on Homelessness and Poverty.

My ugly bitch-ass is in the way!

Radio Lady: led their entertainment page with my movie review this weekend!

My congresswoman rocks!

To whoever just gave me all the hearts....

Somebody's gotta explain 'The MTA Song' to redqueen

Please! Help me find this exact quote. "Those to whom much is given, much is expected in return."

My debit card was hijacked this morning.

Commit TV show heresy here!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/15/2008)

Am I the only one who just ain't a Beatles fan

If money were no object, how would you decorate your place?

I saved this for tonight, the famous exploding whale video.

Feeling Groovy Baby!!!1

Going to get "mommied" this weekend

Arkham Asylum has the worst security

Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning

Does anyone really like

TCM tonight at 8PM-Greatest movie ever made

I watched an entire, full length movie today in 96 minutes!

Post a song that everytime you here it brings back wonderful memories

I downloaded an entire, full length movie today in 5 minutes!

So we rented an SUV just to see what it was like....

I know I'm an anonymous pain in no one's ass here at DU, but

I am 39 years old and still worried about disappointing my parents.

My oldest son wants to know if anybody on the board knows who I am. Do you?

Can Money Buy You Love?

I have borrowed Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, are the movies worth watching.

I am making pork chops for dinner tonight...

I'm developing a new cocktail tonight. I shall report to you on the morrow.

I've had such a bad day that I'm about to go to sleep

The Newest Marine Corps Commerical

Daytona 500

Radio Ga Ga - Queen

I caught my 7 year old dancing and singing, was so cute.

Influenza widespread across USA. How's it going for DUers?

The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man, "Turn Turn Turn" , Eight Miles High & You aint going nowhere

Six people have been laid off from my work in the past couple of weeks. Today,

hey! meet my new bestest buddy, Jet!

Free hearts to the first five posters willing

I say we all hire baby sitters for all our kids and all hang out and get drunk tonight

is the bar open

I think that anyone who has, at this point, one or less than one...

Morning Final - Blue Oyster Cult

OK, WTH is the deal with Bandersnoot today?

I got a post-Valentine's Day heart!

I'm looking for advice on some good boxed wine?

Candles in the Rain

SAUDI ARABIA: Do What We Say - Or We Will "Make It Easier For Terrorists To Attack" (no shit!)

SAUDI ARABIA: Do What We Say - Or We Will "Make It Easier For Terrorists To Attack" (no shit!)

lyrics or music?


Bush is an un-American SOB, period.

Typical GDP poster

Friday's hypothetical question

Spread your good cheer here.

I saw Bush talkin' on da Teevee today and I couldn't decide

I have a confession to make to all my DU friends.

****** FYI: KO's special comment 2/14/08 link to transcript / video****

I wonder how many tombstones there are in boothill?

Who still needs a heart?

I'm eating chocolate. Anyone wanna try to take it away from me?

Friday afternoon Word Association Thread....

Hey all you little kiddies out there: study hard

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/15/08

I am out of hearts to give away ! How much longer

Best fast food french fries...

We had a close call this week, one of my sorry brothers tried to steal my fathers money.

I found out today that I was approved for SSD, (Social Security Disability.)

What are you OCD about here at DU?

How did you find DU for the very first time?

This is for Temeah...

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates...

Procol Harum

One of the BEST performances on Youtube...EVER...

Bob Dylan - Things have changed ..... & ...Knockin' on Heaven's Door (1976-Hard Rain)

TYRA her or not?

Most overrated band. Seriously, let's call this The Luckiest Effing Band In Show Business Thread.

Do "liberals" seem "uppidy" to working class?

Do you ever forget that your DU Journal is around?

Warning: Do NOT mess around with a Pittsburgh woman when she's drunk and/or pregnant!

I LOVE that Jane Fonda said the C-word on TV

My wife kicks ass, and here's why

What's your favourite topic for a song that you've heard?

If you love horses, know anything about riding, or have a basic understanding of physics...

Hey lost-in-nj.. Got A Light? Gorn

*************URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW!!! ******************

Goodbye to the so-called American dream. Many families face the choice: heat or eat.

Jeff Hunt: Motherfucker extraordinaire

Christian the Lion (video to give you the warm fuzzies)

I just found a "misheard lyrics" video on youtube I thought I'd share.

Reasons why your state is so much better than the others!

I had my last cigarette

Question: Are Kansas City Steaks topped with over-easy eggs considered "non-pc"...

New pic of Onyx--in my arms!

The Left hasnt "Turned off the War" so they are equally at fault.

I've just been royally screwed over by HR

What's your favorite annoying cliché?

Hetero Privilege #6969: the Short-Term Coma List doesn't require extra legal docs.

WP, E.J. Dionne: How 'Inevitable' Got Outmaneuvered


Monsanto and at least one of the Two Democratic Candidates

My own mother just called me "sickening".

What song is the best cover you've heard of a song? Here's one: I'll Be There

Obama walloped Clinton in Virginia's Seven Cities/Tidewater (military families; outsized margins)

DUzy awards for the past 2 weeks are up in GD

Dryer Balls?

Need book recommendations - fantasy type.

The leftover Valentine's Day candy is after me!

Here's somebody I want to interview. Check it out:

Follow the money

I've stopped coloring my hair! Have you?

Who Was the Illinois School Shooter?

New pitch for life of 'witch'

McNamee's Lawyer: Bush would Pardon Clemens

Black Leader, a Clinton Ally, Tilts to Obama

Filipino protesters call for president's ouster

Iraqi Shiite worshippers attacked, 3 die

US in new push to bolster Afghan police

(Computer photo frame) Virus from China the gift that keeps on giving

Soldiers Dying Of Accidental Overdoses

Candidates Donate to Superdelegates

Defence ministry slammed over soldier's death in Afghanistan

8 family members killed by U.S. copter fire southeast of Kirkuk

Bush says Congress putting US in danger

O.J. Simpson's Girlfriend Hospitalized With 'Severe Head Injury'

Judge Not Relenting On CIA Videotapes

White House appeals to top court on detainee data

NIU gunman stopped taking medication

China Exports Grow 26.7% Despite Weaker Demand, Storm

Attacks on the Homeless Rise, With Youths Mostly to Blame

John McCain and the pilots

Deal to Sell Clear Channel for $19 Billion Is Approved

Municipalities Feel Pinch as Another Debt Market Falters

Wisconsin firm tied to troubled blood drug

Hillary Clinton spam sighted in the wild

Illegals found to pay $400 million in taxes (in Virginia)

Tri-state water negotiations won't meet today's deadline

U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Drops to 16-Year Low

'£10 licence to smoke' proposed

London Bombs Justify 'Torture', Says Bush

Newspapers band together in ad effort

Christine Pelosi: Superdelegates Should Not Overturn Majority Dem. Vote

U.S.: Iran must confess to nuclear arms.

Waxman Regrets Hearing Was Held

Swiss create Bond-like underwater car

(Computer) Virus from China the gift that keeps on giving

Resigning judge says he was tired of drug and gun cases

McCain Criticizes Putin For Leading "Puppet Show"

Iran, Syria probe Mughniyeh killing

Bush family swinging behind McCain

Top US accountability officer quits over job constraints (Head of GAO)

Doctor says 22,000 died amid Bayer drug recall

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 15

FEMA Hurries Hurricane Survivors Out of Toxic Trailers

More U.S. Troops Seen In Iraq By Summer

A Texas Tiff Over the Dems Debate

Ex-cop found guilty of killing girlfriend, fetus

Bomb explodes in Mexico City near security ministry office

Oil Pipeline in South Texas Explodes

Thousands of Gitmo interrogations taped: report

Two new planets are discovered

Study: Lack of MRAPs cost Marine lives

McKee (R) to resign from Md. House; sheriff confirms lawmaker under investigation for child porn.

Pelosi: Don't overrule the voters

SEIU Members Endorse Sen. Barack Obama

OPEC to assess actions in Venezuela-Exxon dispute

Russia 'warns Georgia' on Kosovo

Democrats Look for Way to Avoid Convention Rift

U.S. antes up to fight drugs in Mexico, as it cuts funding for programs here

GWB to Welcome His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to WH

BAE: secret papers reveal threats from Saudi prince

Half of Baghdad without water

NBC11 Learns New, Disturbing Details About Bernie Ward Case

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits Israel

Obama supports individual gun rights

Love, By The Numbers--Fox couldn’t get enough of Obama

Clinton Camp Reminded that ‘Speed Kills’

Iran’s Oil Bourse Set to Open Sunday

For McCain, From Bad Dreams to Nightmares -- Courtesy Barack Obama

Obama on Eight Contest Win Streak, Looks to Make it Ten

bush's appointees: "talented individuals"?

The New Barbarians - Bloggers shake up the political landscape

McClatchy: Can Howard Dean defuse the Clinton-Obama delegate feud?

NYT: McCain and Clinton, Show Us The Money

Attacks on homeless (by youths) rise

E. Robinson suggests Dem's strategy to be confrontration or coalition buildiing.

The elephants in the room

Where the Real Action Is - all five nominees for best documentary are politically charged

IRAQ: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares

Obama’s Voice, Edwards’s Message

Delegates of Steel - A review of the history of superdelegates

Can Obama, Clinton or McCain Heal Our Healthcare System? V V

An Accountability Moment That Must Not End

Christine Pelosi: Superdelegates Should Not Overturn Majority Dem. Vote

Sign of a faltering economy? Feds to close economic indicator site

Ann Coulter Starts Early with Racist Slurs Against Obama

Green lawns could lead to brownouts

The Economic Reality Check Machine by The Other Katherine Harris

Saudi Arabia: Halt Woman’s Execution for ‘Witchcraft’

In the Spirit of Malcolm and Robeson, Indict the U.S. at the U.N.

Excellent interview with Dahr Jamail (video at link)

Hillary Clinton Pretends She Never Praised NAFTA

The Lost Kristol Tapes

House 'Walkout' Spurs GOP to Highest Ratings Ever

Children Starved of Childhood

How Republicans Have Proven Themselves to Be Bad For a Good Economy

John McCain and the pilots

A Calumny a Day To Keep Hillary Away

Paulson’s Wild Ride on the Hindenburg: The worst has just begun By Mike Whitney

Federal deficits soaring higher, menacing the future

THE ENTHUSIASM GAP-Voter engagement in the presidential race

Are We Really Going to Have Two Candidates That Voted for the Iraq War?

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime By Eliot Spitzer / WaPo

Shadegg-delic, Baby!

Burning Down the House (James Kunstler)

Ex-Coca-Cola Workers Shut Down Facilities of Former Employer in Venezuela

Bush gave an interview to Fox News on Sunday- a keeper

Declares Corporations Are People, Some Human Beings Are Not

E. J. Dionne: How 'Inevitable' Got Outmaneuvered

Pulling up the Stone: Patriots at Work


The Cracker Vote on FOX (where else)

Olbermann Rant on FISA, Telecom Immunity and Bush Crimes = You Sir, are "an idiot"

MSNBC’s Countdown 2/14/08

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 2/13/08 (Rachel Maddow)

AT&T Whistleblower Mark Klein Speaks Out Again

Did You Know 2.0


Businessmen can shoot to kill

Chaos In Congress: Will The Democrats Ever Be As Defiant As The Republicans?

Oldies But Goodies: Lives In The Balance

Obama Wisconsin ad: "Debate"

1982 DNC ads

'Deserves' (New HRC attack ad airing in Wisconsin)

Helmets For Our Troops

Good Judgement makes all the difference

Election Night 1996: CNN calls Ohio for Bill Clinton

Otter in Animal House = Repug John Boner and the Repug Walk Out

Countdown: A Valentine...

Obama Ad: "Our Moment Is Now"

Will (And Should) The Dem Nominee Make Iraq A Big Campaign Issue In The General Election?

Michelle Obama: Interview with Katie Couric

The Spies Who Love You

Extinction - Melting Ice and Halting of Ocean Currents

Hillary Clinton: Lobbyists Represent Real Americans

Support Our Youth!

Austin Says, 'No, Thanks,' to Investing in New Nukes

Colorado town fears avalanche of (polluted) water - AP

Swimmers' Sunscreen Killing Off Coral

Venture to Use Sea to Fight Warming Runs Out of Cash

Bush Administration Has Done It Again - Lies - Lies- Lies!

The crippling hours of load-shedding in Nepal start affecting the industrial production

Parts Of Oregon's Ocean Dead Zone Hit Zero Oxygen Content In 2006 - 2007 Marginally Better - PI

In Midst Of Palm-Oil Boom, Concerns Grow In Thailand About Food Shortages - AFP

Iowa State Senate President Pushing To Remove Ethanol Labeling On Gas Pumps - DMR

Bengal to have first grid-connected solar power (2 MW, India)

David Morris' response to Science magazine's studies on ethanol and GHG

BJP demands apology from PM on nuclear deal

Iran launches oil bourse

For the first time in 40 Million years: Antarctic Warming Creating Predator 'Smorgasbord'

No mangoes for lame duck

Ark. congressman (Mike Ross) introduces energy bill (40% nuclear?)

Will heavy snows bring spring floods? (Maine)

In Jamaica, Residents Check What Giant Freshwater Shrimp Remain For Signs Of Poison-Fishing - NYT

UK Guardian: GM crop trial locations may be hidden from public

European diesel arrives in America (BBC)

Beijing petrol stations to close (BBC)

Time is up for coal: environmental analyst - Reuters

convince me to go solar this year.

No. 2 general in Iraq transfers out of post

Polk soldier killed in training exercise

Pentagon to shoot down failing satellite

Recruiters try offering home down payments

10 Campbell soldiers killed in Jan. honored

Services seek $30B in additional funds

DoD vows to cut concurrent receipt backlog

Interactive Army video addresses suicide

Fort Drum commanders defend soldier treatment

SEAL killed in parachute training identified

Allen calls for bigger, nimbler Coast Guard

Activists: Alaska shelling would harm belugas

P-3 fixes, new amphib top Navy wish list

Soldier pleads not guilty in Mont. shooting

Worker who fell off Vinson found, identified

Prowler crash sailors released from hospital

Alleged deserter arrested by customs officers

U.S. wants cruiser to shoot down satellite

4 Marines charged in alleged October gang rape

Hadithah corporal ordered to testify

Examining the surge, a year later

Luke fighter squadron to deactivate next year

Air Force starts monthly golf tourneys in Iraq

Guard wing commander removed in Massachusetts

F-15 replacement debate intensifies

800 Nellis maintenance airmen out of a job

Turning insurgents into informants

Okinawa officials condemn alleged rape, outrage on island grows

Show airs tape of friendly-fire strike that killed 3 Brits

U.S. forces carefully evaluate motives for amnesty candidates

Military: No link between trash and health

March trial date set for woman accused of stabbing husband

AAFES gas prices are not released

Toledo mayor takes flak for refusing Marines

Veteran groups push for overhaul of GI Bill

Corps orders standdown after alleged rape

Education benefit transfers may wait until fall

DOD revising questions about mental health

Fort Hood-based soldier on the run after being charged with rape

Accuser testifies against four Iwakuni Marines accused of rape

Wright calls for special task force

Soldier booted for drug convictions

Pacific briefs:

Military Update: Military widows win right to sue for survivor pay

U.S. in New Afghan Security Push

Vilseck unit soon to start PTSD forums

Army, Corps: $7B Shortfall in Budget

'Doonesbury' Flies Home with Wounded

When Strains on Military Families Turn Deadly

XPost: Veterans decry treatment of soldier charged with desertion

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

Bill Bans Foreign-Made U.S. Flag Sales

Today in labor history February 15


“Solar Grand Plan.”


When Home Values Don't Mesh

When the Swiss Say Money’s Tight, The Depression's Gone Global

Natomas Area Commercial Real Estate Photolog

Paulson's Wild Ride on the Hindenburg: "The worst has just begun" (Mike Whitney)

US consumer confidence plummets (BBC)

Detroit 'has most repossessions' (BBC) {also CA, Las Vegas}

US annual trade deficit narrows (BBC)

History of the American Dollar

Bangladesh bank offers loans to US poor

Lawlessness and the Boomerang Effect in Oaxaca

Spain to extradite Argentine for "dirty war" crimes

Is there ANYTHING positive in the US economy?

Multinational Corporations' stranglehold on both parties and our nation

Gaza op already in works

Bye bye American Pie: students become the next victims of the credit crunch

Gunmen explode YMCA library in Gaza

Student Charged in Hate Crime Murder

RW Hate machine crap

Md. attorney general backs gay marriage bill

Many Thanks Indeed For Your Kindness......

Attention Lesbians, Bisexual Women, Transwomen, and Women who are Straight Allies!!!

Colorado School Accommodates 8-Year-old Transgender Student

Bank of America Froze our Equity Line Today

Excellent opportunity to praise Joe. And well-deserved, may I add. nt

Has anyone heard from Corona or VI?

Debt retirement reception

Deleted--double post

Sexual promiscuity and karma

anxiety dream or something more?

Found this in the Pet's Group

Seeking opinions on the book of revelation.

ESPN's Jerry Punch has delivered 198 babies.

Waxman regrets holding hearings

bush to pardon clemens??

Kevin Durant Over-hyped?

First Spygate lawsuit filed

So who wants C.C. Sabathia?

Fantasy Kentucky Derby Contest Time (free)

Military: No link between trash and health (xpost from Veterans)

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Cold Tolerance

Gene Therapy Protocol Activates Immune System In Patients With Leukemia, Study Shows

2 Reports At Odds On Biotech Crops

Use Of Air Filters Associated With Improved Cardiovascular Health In Elderly

NIH Radio, for your listening pleasure and educational benefit

OCD psychotherapy causes brain changes

Flu Season, and Vaccine, Looking Worse

Government Suppresses Major Public Health Report

Synthetic marijuana aids fibromyalgia pain


How long to roast asparagus?

Swiss Chard

AE Lock button question

Good news on lost pics

friday morning

Old Scans, 1998, Chan-Chan and Sammi-Sammie-Suzi...

I went to Tuesday Mornings for the first time.

Anglican Boycott Over Gay Bishop

Religious group puts on "Why do Atheists hate America?" billboards. I kid you not.

Question on Peak Oil

Here is a website with lots of astronomy photos.

Smaller Version of the Solar System Is Discovered

Drake Equation

The falling spy satellite is now naked-eye visible

Need a little technical help with a motor controller circuit. (PWM)

Emerging details on the shooter


Shooter used legitimately purchased guns to kill students

Radio interview -- Webster Tarpley

The Big Takeover

Fire can't melt steel!

Clinton Camp May Regret Largely Turning Its Back on Caucus States

Some black superdelegates reassess Clinton support

Obama camp cries foul over Clinton stance in Florida

Kucinich, Cimperman buy air time

SEIU Members Endorse Sen. Barack Obama

Ok, math time

Behind the Numbers: An education gap among white voters

Clinton's new campaign manager: Someone who can tell her what she doesn't want to hear

Open letter to Barack Obama: Start talking real politics

Bob Kerrey on FL/MI delegates: “You don’t change the rules in the middle of the game. Period”

Pulling up the Stone: Patriots at Work

Redwood ACLU Calls For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots (Yeah, Humboldt Again)

Ben Sargeant's latest

Credit Union poll shows Clinton leading in Texas

Far Right Forced to Back Down on Language Arts Curriculum Switch

City opts out of new nuke plant (Austin)

Texas Dem Debate Nearly Closed to General Public

Any word on PUBLIC Obama or Clinton appearances in the D/FW area?

Conviction Overturned on Appeal for Camp Casey Protestors

here at Clinton rally in Tyler waiting for Bill!

Bill Clinton coming to Amarillo: Saturday, Feb 16

Intel Chair (Reyes) to Bush on FISA: I will not back down to you

Texas GOP asks for Noriega's military records

Rosenthal resigns as district attorney amid e-mail scandal

DailyKos diary by John Kerry up: Working for Obama

Town Hall Meeting - Single Member Districts in Austin 2/26/08

Important new information about the 9/11 hijackers

Free MP4 movie editor?

How do I delete parts of a pic I want to post?

Aerosolized Powder Contrails? by Rick Nichols

Please review and bump my thread: "Why Obama may win Ohio and thus the nomination"

John Lewis just changed this election!

Obama has been endorsed by the Badger Herald - One of the two Wisconsin student papers

Saturday night in Milwaukee--Founder's Day Gala

see this online A&E biography of Obama

Gary Hart - Politics as Transcendence

DailyKos diary by John Kerry up: Working for Obama

Here is a great interview with Michelle Obama.

Email about Superdelegates from David Plouffe

Looking for articiles on Clinton strong arm tactics

Giannoulias, IL State Treasurer

Downloadable signs, stickers, fliers, & other Obama artwork

God Saves Delusional Dolt from River Death

Four school shootings in a week

Shuster to return to MSNBC on February 22nd.

Reviews from last night's Special Comment

Thank you, Botany.

KOEB Meeting: 02/15/08 -- Berry, Come Home! Edition

Sacramento Local Jewish Federation On High Alert

£10 government permit plan to deter smokers

Opt Out of Paying Labour - Plaid Cymru

'£10 licence to smoke' proposed

Why we need a referendum - Tony Benn

Hillary Clinton in Madison Sunday eve Feb 17- free event at Monona Terrace

Stand for Change Town Hall with Barack Obama: Kaukauna Sunday Feb 17

Hillary in De Pere Sunday!

A petition we can get behind.

Omaha council rejects street honoring atheist (MMOH)