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Who gave me a heart? Speak up that I may hug you.

Soft core porn for JVS - dial up, get the real internet

Any tips/suggestions/comments for a valentine's day sonnet

I got 20 hearts to give out. Tell me why you should get one!

Things from my youth you'd never see today...

And it's UNO!!

Looking for a large house together

Hmm. I wonder how many hearts I would get if I promised nekkid yoga pictures....

How much would you pay for Haruka's Towel?


"everybody likes you, we cant compete with big gay boobs" underpants


My school cancelled its semi-formal!

1969. trof takes nuptial vows. Postage stamp - $.06.

Guantanamo Comes to Main Street U.S.A.

Who gave me a heart?

THANK YOU new Secret Admirer!

I would like to welcome my "Ex," Mitznc, to DU

My puppy's feets smell like Fritos!

What Are You Going To Get Your Favorite Someone On Valentines Day?

Gratuitous Secret Admirer Appreciation Thread!

Reality electoral college math for Obama supporters

LostinVA, I have a very important favor to ask of you.

I got called in for Jury duty.

I Hate When It Snows And The Plows Thunder Through Every Ten Minutes.

Fun Rock & Roll trivia...

Check out the cute desk I got for my daughter's room!

My BF showed me this, and it pissed me off

Honest Question I'm Really Curious About:

It was tough to decide between the two, but I finally settled on one...

Intelligent Design.

What do you think about Guitar Hero?

I just made the best Chili I have ever eaten

Cruz & Johansson Set for Lesbian Love Scene

What item(s) found by distant future archeologists would most likely give a false idea of us now?


"Project Runway" the contestants showing at Fashion Week are.......

This IS a bodily function thread.

I've given up on my career, and

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy are you feeling tonight?

Found out my boss was suspended...pending termination

Redneck Love Poem

Happy 199th birthday to Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

Colorado DUers! Meet up Friday night at Olive Garden

I need to get rid of two hearts

My puppy's feet smell like shrimp in a nice wine sauce, and Greek salad with warm bread.

2 hearts and a star! I'm stunned...


A possible solution to recovering our country

"Meet My Evil Twin"...Madame Tussaud's Wax Susan Lucci! I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Shock horror for would-be copper thief

If Haruka's Towel were put on Ebay, would you bid on it?

Repost time: "I Am ---- Tonight"

I didn't wish my boss a happy birthday today.

Okay, who here hates there job?

Clinton Schminton Obama Pajama...Here's the news that REALLY rocks!

I just drove 100 miles in about 2 1/2 hours. Ask me anything.

The Writer's Strike is OVER!!!!

Let's hear about some great songs about cars!

Rule Two — No member of the faculty is to mal-treat the Abos in any way

I'm 40 yrs old and one class away from finishing my master's. Ask me anything


Baby held in locked room at airport (by Homeland Security!) dies

GLBT DUers: So how are y'all feeling right now? Check in.

I am drinking a ice cold Mexican coke.


Proof I am addicted to DU and the internet.

There will be NO nekkid pictures of me

Oh my, Gene Rayburn said a naughty!!

"You Can Not Petition The Lawd with Prayer!"- Jim Morrison

That's so cute, he's pretending to be like his sister

For PELOSI FANS!!! How did I miss this...she is HOT

I wouldn't want to be within throwing distance of Midlo tonight

OMG!!! OMG!!! Anderson Copper is now unbuttoning his top shirt button....

Ever notice a typo in one of your posts - the next day?

I was just talking to Congressman Braley's brother,

I am not promising nekkid pics if I get more hearts.

For everyone we miss tonight....


My son left 2.5 hours ago

Favorite Opening Riff

It's the oxymoron thread!!!

Ok, so I don't have a Valentine... but tonight

i can move beyond the third grade now.

People are beginning to lose it over in GD:P

Okay, the suspense is killing me! How did I get three hearts?

Being New to the Lounge Doesn't Mean I just hatched out of a rotten egg

I just ate my second sticky bun of the afternoon.

Because this is the season....

Hmm. I wonder how many hearts I would get if I promised nekkid Yoda pictures....

I'm planning to travel the Trans-Siberian RR this summer. Who here has done it,

Is our children learning?

My brief tenure as the temporary, fill in, interim, part time, only one left who can be the ...

All your hearts are belong to us

BB9 is ON right NOW

I just drove 62 miles in 5 1/2 hours. Ask me anything

WTH? How did my dry skin lotion give me a rash???

Do any of the loungers play pedal steel guitar?

Thanks to my secret admirer!

Klinger's Wedding To Radar

Web Radio

I'm one bad mother-shut-yo-mouth!

Geez, I didn't realize the Lounge was Nekkid Photo Underground tonight.

So I almost died

I'm cruisin', yeah I'm cruisin', don't even try to slow me down

Ya know, I could miss 30 minutes or even 30 days in

my son is pretending to be a cat.

Would everyone who has a thread going

Patty Hearst wins Best of Breed!

intelligent design

The promised nekkid photo of me!

Post some excellent concert footage

I promise to keep my clothes on if you give me hearts

Who here has NEVER fired a gun ??

This is the week Lionesspriyanka crushes all of our souls !

LynneSin, you still gonna be my valentine?

Which is the best logo?

It's snowing here and it's my favorite kind

Oh dear. Ice storm warning for us tonight

Wow... they cloned Bette Midler!

OUTRAGEOUS! FBI Deputizes businesses to spy on Americans---have permission to “shoot to kill”

Sexercise Good For Your Health

Is today a good day?

Post some excellent concierge footage

In case you are wondering what lake effect snow REALLY looks like:

Dedicated to Cal Peggy Love!

I have been in GD P all day and I still have all my hair on.

So I bought this collectible set...

So I bought this collectible set...

Olde tymey Duers...


Russian jets swoop over U.S aircraft carrier



So I finally got to sit down, watch "Xanadu".

"I don't have a relationship with a man, so I decided to have a relationship with my hair."

Who was the first black male first lady?


Dumb question

Hil appoints Aide -- If Clinton wants the Senate Majority Leader job, she had better pull a ROMNEY

Virginia Party of Ideas poll: McCain 48%, Huckabee 37%

Obama supporters who won't vote for Clinton should join W's party.

Hillary will be in Ohio on Thursday

Michelle Obama on Larry King

Republican Kool-Aid

Forget this business of primaries vs. caucuses.

Larry King repeat, Michelle on!!

Since the delegates are awarded proportionally, shouldn't Hillary TRY

Unity game

To win in november Obama has to step back....

To win in November Obama has to step back:

Valentine card from RNC (Wonkette humor)

Flu shots ... bah ... humbug

Tornaders! Thunderstorms and lightning balls!

Too crowded in heaven - A Joke

Do "successful campaigns" always reflect leadership by good candidate? Or do they reflect

Yeah, well, so what. So it took me until now to buy a Britta water filter pitcher.

Edwards advisor Mudcat Saunders "Will do everything he can to prevent Edwards from endorsing Hillary

Question to all people afriad of John McCain

"The [Clinton] campaign is already suggesting it will lose the Wisconsin primary on Feb. 19."

Subprime Obama...(from the Nation)

Politicians who only associate themselves with

Some Top Clinton Backers Worry Campaign Is "Slipping Away"

El Nuevo Día: Hillary Clinton aims Puerto Rico (Translation by Katz)

John Edwards' Dilemma

With Huckster's refusal to leave amidst winning contests, could we see Romney become VP nod for him?

Do you feel tolerant and generous toward those who spell lose with two o's?

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) Arranged Fed Funded Bailout for Former Aide = TPM

I think terrya must be lost...

Puerto Rican Primaries: The Facts

Michelle Obama on CNN

Barack Obama to Appear in Town Hall Meetings Across Wisconsin on Wednesday.

Why HASN'T HRC fired Mark Penn's useless ass already?

In honor of Lincoln's 199th birthday...a short history lesson

My Prediction for the primaries and beyond:

Just what I think: Mark Penn will be "let go" Wednesday or Thursday.

A POX on BOTH Your Houses: Shuster Isn't a MARTYR and He Isn't a DEVIL. He is a Journalist

GE - If 80% of HC supporters will vote for BO and 50% of BO supporters say they will vote for HC

Didn't get it right on day one

If Clinton fails to break 40% anywhere tomorrow, does she drop out?

I'm confused. Please help me by filling in the blanks . . . Thanks!

Stranger In A Strange Land


On the lighter side, who thought that Michelle Obama inadvertently outed Oprah on LK Live?

Making a mountain out of a mole-hill election process..

Now that it is either Obama or Clinton, we are in for a real battle in the General Election...

Isn't there about 60 delegates that have not yet been delegated? Lots from CO especially?

Now I'm a moron because I support Obama? Ugh. Why?

Super-Delegate, Super-Disaster

Seeking Unity, Obama Feels Pull of Racial Divide

My Prediction for Tomorrow's Potomac Primaries

If HRC wins I will not vote for her

Mark Penn needs a kick in the nuts.

Odds that Michelle Obama will be the first female President of the U.S.

8 Questions the Potomac Primary Could Answer

Superdelegates were invented to keep us from sailing off the cliff with the latest fad personality

Superdelegates ready to abondon ship


Obama vs. Hillary on Correcting Corruption in Washington, DC

I will say one thing about a natural disadvantage Hillary Clinton has...

Why are Hillbots in Full Desperation Tilt the night before her next big losses? n/t

Could We Please Get a do-over on "Yes We Can"?

Obama truly IS a cult of personality

Obama: I'm A Leader — Just Look At My Campaign

Parche forgot to call the posse

Good pic of Chelsea Clinton & an article about her visit to Wisconsin

Elleanor Holmes Norton endorses Obama just heard on Joe Madison show

I think I am going to start 30-40 anti Clinton/Obama threads because I know it will convert diehard

For Clinton, Bid Hinges on Texas and Ohio

On the matter of the Democrats Abroad

Which candidate will be better for my IRA and why?

What office is Pickles experienced and qualified to run for,

WSJ, pg1: Michelle Obama Solidifies Her Role in the Election

WA: Fixing error gives Obama sweep of all state's counties

McCain on Iraq

Mika is campaigning for Obama again on Morning Joe switching to CNN

Game on, or game over? Some observations from Virginia

over 100,000 votes of independents in LA not counted in California primary

What is BushCo NOT Telling Us THIS TIME?! Somethings Up

Sorry to interrupt - I have a site issue question

Mike Gravel hits Obama on special interest money. So Hillary isn't the only one Gravel goes after

Do cartoonists have special rules for drawing Clinton, Obama?

Report from Virginia..

If Hillary is such a "fighter", then why is this primary fight so hard for her to wrap up?

A breakout, a fair deal, or bedlam: Those are the Democrats' options

Video of Obama talking about McCain today

Barack Obama Rally in Madison, WI, Today

Don't buy the newest "Obama can't win" argument - it's a setup!

I get to vote today..and I'm excited to do so!

Penn: Clinton stronger because she loses so much?!?

How a candidate runs their campaign is a good first sign of how they'd run the country....

WP: Retooled Hillary Clinton visits Maryland transmission plant yesterday--channels Donald Rumsfeld

Sneed in the Sun-Times: Penn may follow Solis-Doyle

The candidate who wins the fundraising drive will win the G.E.


What is more important for candidates to know about Wisconsin?

Overheard at grocery store, yesterday

The Expat Factor-Everything you need to know about this year's Global Primary

Where Obama is winning and losing (Excellent statistical analysis of Obama's support)

C-span to carry the Obama rally in Madison, WI tonight!

does a *statement* or petition to the DNC exist?

Eleanor Holmes Norton endorses Barack Obama for president

Post your Primary turnout observations...

Political cartoon about Obama and Clinton

John Edwards reminds me of my college friend Whitney...

I just voted in Washington DC (Some observations)

The pervasive bigotry of Obama supporters

Who Here Believes in Open Government?

Is it arrogant & disrespectful of Clinton not to release her tax returns unless she gets nominated?

I'm going to go out to vote in a few minutes!!!

Every time I see Pat Boone on my TV, I want to shoot it.

I just voted in the Maryland Primary - forty minute wait. woo hoo!

Can you help cheeseheads vote?

What tough questions/issues have the press put to Barack Obama?

Net gain of 36 delegates projected for Obama today

So chris Matthews is supposed to vote today....Who do you think he wold vote for?

There is a problem with bashing candidates for their volunteers' taste in fashion.

Analysis : Obama's average vote share 16% higher.

To save time and space copy last week's "cult" threads and paste "electoral math" into them

Clinton AND Obama are BOTH perfectly good candidates.

No Clinton supporters she isn't guaranteed to win Blue states!!!

I just voted for Clinton in Virginia

This is like a high school election!

"This war has got to stop." That's a quote from my nephew,

Obama people, don't listen to the polls!!! Get out there and vote and if you have voted already

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton undresses Colbert with her eyes, I mean endorses Obama!

It's not over till its OVER, lets quit the gloating folks.

MSNBC: Irony Defined, thy name is Huckabee

A question about McCain's health: Anyone else notice...

If you really, really, REALLY, must gloat, take a look at what's

Has much has Hillary changed since 1992?

At this moment Barack is in a D.C. Dunkin' Donuts ! Where's the Hill Hidin' ???

Whoever the nominee is, in 2 reddish states we have help

Hillary's Policy Pages Ignore Open Government. Obama's Policies Stated Within:

"Oprah/Black Eyed Peas" is the new "I'd like to have a beer with him"

Wouldn't you call this Swiftboating, & indicator we need to bash Rep.Not Hillary and Obama

Can Clinton, Obama "conduct themselves in a way that does not undermine the party's ability to win"?

The Republicans have the advantage in the General Election

What has Obama said abotu HRC

Caucus to solve FL & MI problems? Both states are primary

If Kumar's for him, I'm for him: A Vey Special Endorsement for Obama

Hillary Personally Addresses Question Of Whether She Wants MSNBC's Shuster Fired

My Virginia Primary report

Party chair: ‘Michigan will likely not have caucus’

Why would mega-corporations, Wall Street investors, wealthy individuals,

Anyone have HRC's June2006 Senate speech AGAINST Iraq withdrawal timetable?

Two of my female friends have used the term "pimping out" in a non-sexual way in emails to me today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/12/2008)

Two of my female friends have used the term "pimping out" in a non-sexual way in emails to me today

dupe- technical difficulgies

dupe- technical difficulties


When Hillary was in favor of universal healthcare in the 90's what happened to it?

MSNBC: Obama/Edwards meeting called off because it was becoming a media event

Obama; mute on Impeachment

I hear that Ohio has early voting that started on Feb 4.-Implications?

A Humble Request for those voting today

If General Electric Had Thrown A $40,000 Fundraiser For Hillary

Everytime Obama wins another primary, Hillary wins more superdelegates..

A reminder...Florida introduced, sponsored, and voted for the primary 115 to 1.

Comparisons between Obama and Dukakis are false

SurveyUSA: Obama 60% - Clinton 38%

Among Hispanics in VA: Clinton 44%, Obama 56%

Level One before noon on a Tuesday?

Two of my female friends have used the term "pimping out" in a non-sexual way in emails to me today

Did anyone else hear Hilary Rosen (a Hillary Clinton supporter) on MSNBC just now say to Tucker that

Today, I vote for History; with a capital H.

New Clinton Campaign Manager in '99: HRC is Extremely Conservative

What's up with the "Obama isn't tough enough to take on the GOP but Hillary is"...

So my daughter called to say to check email, where she'd sent a pic of herself at the Obama rally.

Obama in Der Spiegel

Democrats' response to John McCain on the Iraq War?

Hillary On The Air In Wisconsin, Citing Paul ("Cult of Personality") Krugman

Clinton, Obama court Edwards endorement

Craig Crawford: In Clinton World, Whining Often Wins


Hot pepper geeks discuss Hillary

From RCP: Doesn't get any CLEARER than this for OBAMA! Very positive numbers!

VA Voters: If you don't like either candidate on our side, consider voting for Huckabee

Answers to Krugman: Krugman's seemingly visceral hostility to Barack Obama

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes endorsed Barack Obama for president

Why it's increasingly clear Obama will get Edwards' endorsement

Is the weather having any effect on the Potomac Primaries today?

Tom Hayden: ...Clinton Democrats Face the Obama Future

Powerful delegates watching, waiting

Plain Dealer Criticizes Obama Ad

Top 10 CPAC 'souvenirs':

Which candidate will do the most to fight global warming?

Comics legend Steve Gerber, creator of Howard the Duck, passes away

Hillary's Hawks -- How Obama's And Clinton's Advisors Mirror Their Stands On The War - Colombus FP

CNN Political Market: Obama stock $73 Clinton $26

So what was Obama's vote on Telco Immunity and what did it mean?

Reason Edwards-Obama meeting cancelled has been released.

Obama this morning.

State of the Black Union 2008 in New candidate has committed to attending.

Shallow rhetoric aside, American need radical change

Do I make you uncomfortable...?

Huckabee's bus ran out of gas TWICE on the same trip.

LOL !!! - Times Of India: Obama Wins Grammy And Whitest US State

Somebody Comfort me, tell me this wont End up Like New Hampshire

If NBCHad Thrown A $40,000 Fundraiser For Hillary

Potomac Poll by Congressional District O 93 C 62 too close to call 13

Why Obama is Closer to the Nomination Than You'd Think - from Kos

Why I am (still) undecided

LOL- Fire Sale at Rudy 2008 Gift Shop!

Saw a funny cartoon about the goofy RW fear that Obama is an Islamic "Manchurian Candidate"...

Which states are voting today?

If NBC Had Thrown A $40,000 Fundraiser For Hillary

Democratic turnout at my precinct is twice that of Republican turnout.

Since Impeachment is unlikely, which Candidate would "Prosecute the Criminals"?

How will you feel if either candidate...

Oh o! Bill, Hill, and Mark better start moving that FIREWALL! WI is Obama's country, look here:


CNN again hits Obama, doing what it can to tie him to Osama Bin Laden

What its like to be in a politically mixed marriage

On 12/13/07, Hillary quoted as saying that the race "is all going to be over by Feb 5th

Clinton: Higher Education Reconciliation Bill & H.R. 2572, The Nurse Loan Forgiveness Act of 2007

Analysis: Obama has advantage in weeks ahead

Attn Hillary supporters: Hillary campaign needs your help...

Reese just came up to me meowing....

Ok, I just got a pledge card in the mail from the Obama campaign for $200

Fellow DUers lets make a new start today!

Clinton winning western VA 57% to 39%. Obama winning northeast, southeast, and central.

Speaking of missing votes and electability, 7/26/07 "presents" may haunt nominee Obama

Obama campaign responds to the Houston office smear...

GALLUP TRACKING: Hillary 45, Obama 44

Is The Board Slow For Everybody Else?

I'd like to apologize for some of my antics the last few weeks.

please delete -- double post

Lincoln birthday fundraiser for Obama is getting lots of attention

Hillary: No new scandals

Interesting notes from a Virginia blog:

Sandra Tsing Loh, SoCal Public Radio: "I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter and really unhappy about it."

Newsweek Blog: Can the Muslim Smear Hurt Obama?*

The conventional wisdom says Clinton is doomed. Don't believe it.

If there is, in fact, a Republican effort to vote for Hillary in VA ....

So, are we supposed to nominate a white male for electability reasons?

Thank you, Mods....

CNN just said Hillary & Obama locked in this dead heat

Obama secretly bombs Cambodia

MSNBC: Clinton currently in TX campaigning; has she conceded today's trimary?

Only two out of 100 Senators did not show up to vote on FISA...

freerepublic freakout about obama

Is it realistic that Clinton can still win?

Goodbye everybody! Hope to see you all again very soon.

The difference between Hillary and Barack

Learnin' Curve....

Fellow Clinton supporters: is there any reason to think she won't lose by 10-20% today?

Which issue is YOUR issue this election

never mind

Obama Goes Up With Spanish-Language Radio Ad in Texas (AUDIO)

OBAMA SUPPORTERS! Don't forget MARGINS of victory crucial for delegates!

Demographic Poll: Male or Female?

Two of my female friends have used the term "pimping out" in a non-sexual way in emails to me today

About Super Delegates

Breaking Wisconsin Poll from Obama/Mccain lead by double digits

Come in and speculate about how the primary season might go ...

Pick a year.. Start there at your age NOW..and live out your life

Lobbyists donate to political campaigns to GAIN ACCESS to the candidate

What time do the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. polls close?

$.25 money bomb for Hillary--help feed the meter!

Any early word on how Hucky is doing in Virginia?

Strategy plays big role in Obama's caucus wins (great photo)


Our local polling place is having crappy weather, but we voted

Obama source: "Turnout is high where we need it to be"

Ruh, Roh... 'Last In, First Out' - La Prensa

Primary Pollster Success Rates - SurveyUSA and Gallup Tops

Yay! Christine Pelosi (a Super Delegate) says the American People should decide, not SDs

Obama projected winner in VA (by Not Larry Sabato)

Watch out for the weather at the polls today!

To all those I could not give hearts to...

What happened? Did I miss something?

Will choosing Patti as the scapegoat backfire re: Latino vote?

Post from Virginia blog (Raising Kaine) about what's happening today

Post your favorite Dolly Parton YouTubes here...

Watch out for the weather at the polls today!

For Hillary supporters, an online Photo Album: Notes and photos from the campaign

to win in november obama has to step back

I'm writing in and voting for Dennis Kucinich in the Wisconsin primary next week

Tiny Irish Village Is Latest Place to Claim Obama as Its Own

Clinton Superdelegates Wavering

Voting in southwestern Virginia

Don't Scarborough, Matthews, Buchanan and many others say worse than Schuster

Hillary's Views

On Red & Blue and Primaries and Superdelegates.....

The candidates should do town hall meetings all week

What have they done for us lately?

Anyone hear Andrea Mitchell's snotty remarks about Dean?

Anyone hear Andrea Mitchell's snotty remarks about Dean?

Anyone hear Andrea Mitchell's snotty remarks about Dean?

It's 3 o' you know where your exit polls are?

Thought I would mention that Democrats Abroad finish voting today also

Myths and Facts About Clinton's Health Care Reform Plan

CNN Interactive Map of Pledged Delegates: Two shades of blue

Hillary Clinton Confident

Alright - Who gave Name Removed a heart?

Clinton's support among lower income people being called racism:

THIS... Is Hilarious, Yet Sad !!! - 'Count The Delegates, If You Can' - SFGate


Watch out for the weather at the polls today!

Women 'falling for Obama'

Mason-Dixon Poll Obama 53% Hillary 37%

Look at how big mine is

Mason-Dixon Poll Obama 53% Hillary 37%

MSNBC reporting High Turnout in Areas of Montgomery County, MD..Good for Obama!

"Why I Voted for Obama": A Rethug Explains His Rationale

Has anyone ever had a sit down discussion with either candidate?

It took me 25 years but I finally bought Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Will there be disappointment after the election on "change"


I love it ! Ron Paul refuses to back McCain

It's 3 o' you know where your exit polls are?

Hillary needs to take wage garnishing off the table for universal healthcare.

I got 2 pieces of good news...

I live in Baltimore MD and i voted for Obama today...

Will Obamites get upset if..

“She has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out,”

So which is it, mandates or no mandates?

I'm So Sick of People who are Sick of Both Sides!!!!

So They're Using Carlson In Place Of Shuster

freerepublic freakout about obama

Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin Endorses Obama

The Rude Pundit: How Much for a Night with Chelsea?

Old-timer DUers check in - who had access to the 'invite-only' underground forum on DU

Pls allow me a hypothetical: If Gore was running instead of Hillary, who would you vote for?

Poll: Obama Up By 11 Points In Wisconsin Primary

Long day, and I came home to find I have another heart. Thank you.

Lies, lies and more lies. What is it about Hillary and the truth?

Does Clinton need to win BOTH Texas and Ohio to stay in this thing?

I voted early this morning in the Potomac (Virginia) Primary.


Hillary Clinton, A Bundle of Telecom Money....And A Strange Silence


Jonathan Alter: The Theater of Big Change

local coverage of Maryland primaries

Hillary Supporters responsible for 90 percent of smearing here!

Ed shultz is going after Keith Olbermann....

This household just contributed another $50 to HRC's campaign

Let's be clear on the problems with Obama not voting on bills

Fox News affiliate, MSNBC News, thinks Obama will sweep today's primaries

My dog relieved himself on some techie papers today.. what does it mean?

Voters get early start at polls today ("Potomac primary")

WP, E.J. Dionne: A Party Divided by Sensibility; "Things have gotten very personal."

The racist negativism coming from some of the Hillary supporters is really disheartening

Sweet Jesus...Limbaugh actually thinks he's pulling the strings on the 2008 Presidential Election.


Obama just voted with the repugs & dinos to give immunity to the telcoms -BRAK

If Paul Krugman Should Stick to Economics...


Even CNN sez it: Obama is now within *12* of beating Clinton's delegate count...

How is Hillary status quo and Obama change? Let's make a change checklist

Sen. Clinton - "Just stand there and look pretty!" to John Edwards on Senate Floor

Say something positive about your candidate or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!


CaliforniaPeggy Drops The F-Bomb

Any hints on Olberman's Show Tonight?

To whoever gave me all these hearts...

What do you predict to be the effect of racism in the General Election?

WHY should people vote for B.O.?

Why do CNN, MSNBC and RealClearPolitics all have different democratic delegate results?

OK, I quit.

Obama won Greece "by a comfortable margin"

Major Clinton Endorsement In Columbus Today!

Forget Clinton/Obama, Why Arent DUers and Owners of DU Taking the Lead in Opposing Telecom Immunity?

Video of Mark Penn's book promo event at the Strand --->>>

TX Pres Primary Poll 1/30-31 ...... Clinton 48% Obama 38%

Randi Rhodes said a few minutes ago that she'll vote for McCain if...

The jokes, they write themselves. Seen on"Limbaugh: I'm McCain's Biggest ASS

LOL !!! - Here's A RW Flip-Flop For Ya... Limbaugh: I'm McCain's 'Most Valuable Asset'

Rollingstone: There He Goes Again! Bill Clinton's Clockwork Bitchiness

"Obama is moving and gathering a bigger coalition, and Hillary's coalition is diminishing."

Okay, you all are ging to have to admit this is funny: Kerry saying how Obama will fight .........

The Edwards Endorsement is Clinton's and Obama's chance to prove they are the real deal.

The absotively, posilutely best candidate spokesperson on teevee ..........

I've noticed one of our strongest and most comical voices has left us.

Bill Clinton's Vanishing Act - LATimes

Here's a cute story: "Obama, Japan Roots For Its Accidental Namesake."

New SurveyUSA Ohio Poll - 56 Clinton, 39 Obama

flvegan has an immense arse

High turnout in NoVa, Richmond and Charlottesville bad news for HRC

Super Delegates Start Moving to Obama

OK Hillary folks—time for action

A video in memory of a recently-tombstoned DU'er....

Is all the media attention on super delegates a good thing?

Please tell Chuck, Tweetie, Timmeh, Leslie, and all MSM...etc. It is going to be over before too

Do you still percieve Obama as "the black" candidate

Sen Clinton "wonders which fights Sen Obama wouldn't fight" as president

Endorsing - John Edwards will do what he thinks is best for the country and not care how it looks.

Epic blowout in Virginia -- GOP crossing over to vote for Obama!

Why would Hillary turn to Reid and Pelosi to ask Obama to step down?


Part of Barack Obama's Campaign Fulfills King's Dream: Election of a Black Prez is THE MOUNTAINTOP

Some EXIT POLL findings (no candidate-specific numbers yet)

AP exit poll data

Has anyone seen Zogby?

FACT: Obama is 1500 years old.

We are fortunate to have two great candidates

Do you think Dennis Kucinich will continue to "not" endorse a candidate?

Anyone know when the voting ends in today's states?

Uh-Oh, Annapolis, MD is in grid lock

Why is Bush the most successful lame duck president in history?

There is no excuse for Hillary missing the vote on Telecom Immunity......NONE

Here in Virginia, on a snowy day

The Solution to Michigan & Florida's primary problem.

TPM: Could be a long night for te republicans (close race)

Super Delegates on the Morning Show on CBS

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Washington, D.C.

IMO, Super delegates deciding an election is no different than SCOTUS deciding one.

What if the party establishment

"Gilligan's Island" - so many mysterious inconsistencies.

Obama campaign has made 78,000 calls in two days

Does this make you uncomfortable...?

AP: Analysis - Facing Losses, Clinton Recasts

Casualties of the Primary `Wars

Clinton wants Wisconsin debate with Obama

Senate Votes to Give Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms-but OBAMA VOTED NOT TO.

Indisputable PROOF that Obama is in bed with the Carlyle Group

HUCKABOOM IN VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-New exit poll

Here in southeastern VA. We had a steady turnout where I vote. I even

The wages of triangulation is loss

Pat Buchanan ROCKIN' The Uber Comb-Over Tonight

Why I Voted for Obama

Pelosi says that she and other 'party elders' will step into the ring to end the contest if needed..

Check out the Chart of Superdelegates

For what's worth, Exit Poll suggests Obama will win VA 2 to 1, DC 3 to 1.

Weather may well impact the Potomac Primaries and cancel the final hours.

Everyone have a lovely Chesapeake Tuesday!

Gallup - 02/09-11/08

Obama winning Caucuses while Hillary's delegates come from Primaries - Does anyone think that's odd?

"Bush" may be a part of the word "Bushido"

CNN: Gore: No endorsement

Obama: Clintons divide America

The primaries in song: Fugue for the Tinhorns

Kerry, Kennedy, Obama , Biden, Dodd - YEA; Hillary: not voting

HEY - Smug Obamans - get in here!

****** Potomac Primary Nonresult Thread *******

MODS!!! PLease Remove This Thread! Bad Idea!

MSNBC calls VA. for Obama

Divide and Conquer

Apparently racism has ceased to exist.

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark:

Race baiting by some so called Obama "supporters".

I don't recall the outrage when KO used the term "pimping" to describe a republican

Okay... Okay... The Official "Slam McCain" Thread!

Bob Dole on MSNBC just used the word "cult" in reference to Obama

Obama Wins Virginia!

The *REAL* reason for Super Delegates (not the new one)

Hypothetical Question about the Convention's nomination process:


MSNBC EXIT POLL: Obama wins 48% of white votes in VA

Holy hell... My next door neighbor voted for Obama

Something to consider: Obama continuosly blows out Hillary, but Huckabee is giving McCain fits

Anybody know if our pals Young Turks/Brave New Films will be covering

Foxnews: VA victory for Obama is "lopsided".

What happens if Huckabee wins big tonight? Does the GOP leadership get nasty with him?

My Brother the Superdelegate (and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President), by Ari Emanuel

Tweety is asking some of the dumbest questions tonight and talking ....

Is VA the only state that has been called this far? Thanks.

ROFLMAO At Those Saying "Hillary DARE Not Use The 'Present Vote' Meme Anymore!" LOL!

There's a 'perfect storm' brewing. We won't be able to ride it out by hiding.

The Strategy Is Working

Can someone tell us where Hillary was the EXACT moment they voted in the Senate

Did y'all just want to spot us the red states?

WOW "substantial" win for Obama in VA!

Virginia exit polls show Huckabee MIGHT, MIGHT, pull an upset

Most telling thing about Tweety Matthews tonight is: "Middle America doesn't have Starbucks!"

"Basically, Everyone Voted For Obama." (analysis of Virginia)

POLL: Hillary 48 fav, 49 unfav (-1 NET). Obama 58 fav, 34 unfav (+24 NET).

Show Some Love!!! This should be fun! If you follow the rules!

Obama supporters...lets not get too cocky

Flashback: Hillary voted for SCHIP, Obama didn't show up

Obama needs Hillary to stay in the race in order to avoid the media

Rendell: You're vote is good enough for us, but you're not good enough for our vote

49,500 Independent Votes Won't Count in CA Primary -confusing ballot design

CNN: Obama wins Virginia

Bob Graham: Counting Florida's mostly Clinton delegates after the fact would be unfair.

The message of the Obama/HRC contest is this: The Day of the Beltway Dems is Over.

with less than 1% reporting should any network be calling Va. already?

Has anyone started to hear the N word used about Obama

link to VA results - anyone have MD or DC?

The one smear Repugs will NOT be able to use against Obama

I have 2 worries about Obama..

Maryland polls staying open longer.


Obama is winning in western VA as well, big lead with no City Obama stronghold vote in

Richmond has not reported yet

Exactly 4 years ago: February 12, 2004: John Kerry comfortably leads Bush 52%-43% (ABC/WP)

Oh, my.

extra 90 minutes to vote in MD

Congratulations to Obama on his win in Virginia!

Barack Rocks the Catholic Vote in VA. (Voting extended in MD to 9:30)

Senate OKs immunity for telecoms (Hillary missed the vote)

Virginia is a purple state

Since these states don't count. I am sending in another $100 to Obama so he can run the table.

No Gloating here....I honestly think it is over if Obama gets 60% in Virginia

Olbermann on MSNBC: Maryland Voting Extended Until 9:30 ET

Clinton's Base

Barack wins another state that Clinton doesn't have a chance in

FISA Fight: Final vote

Hillary: Virginia doesn't count.

Is PA more Red than VA? Which state do you think white men are more unlikely to go for Obama?

Another day, another load of garbage in GD-P

One thing to the Bigdog / Hilldog's credit, they always BEST the right wing

A little election perspective from West Texas, Y'all

What I don't get .... Obama converts

Virginia might be a big swing state this year. Who's the better candidate for it?

Huck holding strong with 11 percent reporting 49 to 43

Here is why, in a nutshell, I am voting for Mr. Obama...

My Lincoln's day tribute to Obama

According to exit polls, Obama won 59 % of the Democrats, and a majority of women

Another Major Clinton Surrogate Plays Race Card (Surely Another Loose Cannon)

VA update: 38% in: 64% Obama 35% Clinton

Virginia Called for Obama on FNC

In an effort to bring us all together

I applied for LEAP back in the first week of December

Clinton supporter here saying Congrats Ahead of time!!!!!!!!

"Cult" meme reaches German media. Does anyone care?

Imagine In My Head Of What I Think The 2008 General Election Will Look Like opinion on the primaries.....

Raising Kaine: Exit Polls

Are Obama's parents still alive?

MD Polls to stay open until 9.30

No exit polls in D.C.

How many Obama supporters voted for Clinton in 92 and 96?

NO EXIT POLLS for Washington DC...

DC: Obama projected winner!

Obama got 48% of the white vote. But he can't get the white vote, eh?

Sen. Hillary Clinton, so far, is the only confirmed candidate for Tavis Smiley's event in NOLA

Sorry, stupid question to follow: I thought there was no voting in DC

Here is a completely crazy idea: Offer Huckabee Secretary of Agriculture or Transportation

66% of Independents and 75% of Republicans voting in Dem Primary went for Obama

Joe Wilson's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Deserves a Hearing

These latest states aren't important

No votes in, no exit polls....yet MSNBC calls DC for Obama?

Anyone mind if I brag?

FOX News Channel Projects : Mike Gravel Wins Virginia

Well, I just want to announce, to anybody who cares

McPain seems to be pulling away from Huckster, first 3K ahead, now 6K 20 minutes later

Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager Resigns

No call for Maryland yet?

So what's the spin now on what Obama can win?

If Ohio And Texas Are Hillary's Firewall States...

Politico's Cilizza: HRC's deputy campaign director resigns

THE Question: Is America ready for a black president?

So much for the "Obama can only win caucuses" meme.

Now the NAACP's Julian Bond is turning the FL MI delegates into racial discrimination.

Dupt post: please delete

I am not inclined to pin Ed Rendell's statement on Hillary

Hillary's # 2 person is now out of her campaign?

Thank you so much for my heart!

for the Rs to nominate McCain is their optimal winningest strategy

Thread # 23 - Hillary's Deputy Campaign Mgr resigns

Should McCain give Sally Field Oscar speech. "You don't like me." "You really don't like me."

I have had it. I can’t take it anymore. NBC is too bias in all its forms.

33% in and Obama as more votes by himself then the entire GOP Field in Virginia

Charlottesville, VA - 5PM

Obama VA: liberal - 58%, very liberal - 62%, somewhat liberal - 56%, moderate - 65%

It's a joke the way these networks are trying to fit the results in Md. and Va. to other states

Obama wins voters over 60!

Waiting for the point spread in the Potomac Primary

Proud Huckabee voter here

Obama wins less than $50K income voters

CNN: Virginia exit polls show support for Obama ran wide, pulled support from virtually all sectors

It's simple: Obama's base is getting broader and larger

John Glenn endorses Sen. Hillary Clinton

I said this about a week ago: HILLARY IS FINISHED! Time to get ready for McCain...

Tim Russert just said polls staying open 1 1/2 hours late in MD can help Hillary

Obama wins female voters and Hispanics and Seniors


Rats!! Race turning against Huck in VA.

Slightly off-topic post... MSNBC... I STILL love David Gregory!

If you're sick of all the Obama / Clinton nonsense...

Republicans for Obama?

MSNBC calling VA for McCain.

32% in VA. 238,000 DEM Votes... 131,000 Repub Votes!!!

This race has taught me that racism is pretty well vanquished from the DC/NY elite chattering class

Speaking of Toupees...No one's hair is worse than...

Worst. Toupee. Ever. on MSNBC right now

Hillary has it all; Money, Establishment Support, Name Rec, Bill, and yet.....

Clinton's Deputy Campaign Manager Steps Aside

Predictions for tonight

Worst announcer ever? (funny video warning)

MSNBC reports that 30% of those voting in the VA Dem primary were either Independent or Republican!

MSNBC: Obama wins voters making under $50,000, 59-40.

Another Hip Momma for Obama, new sticker...

Why is Clinton abandoning Wisconsin and heading straight for Texas?

Obama votes > all Republican votes in VA (McCain, Huck, Paul) combined!

Breaking on MSNBC: Deputy Manager to Clinton campaign resigns.

To the person that gave me a star.....

Obama's a Mac, Clinton's a PC

Finally Obama is ahead in Delegates count on CNN

Hillary Didn't Speak Yet, Did She? Is She Waiting Until Just Before The Maryland Results Come In?

Is Clinton's Texas/Ohio strategy going to be the next Giuliani Florida?

CNN calls Obama frontrunner!

Obama's Management Skills are second to none.

If 8 yrs of W couldn't bring about the end of the world, I think we can take our chances with Obama

Hillary has proved she is unqualified to be president.

John McCain Wins's official

Are blue state Democrats any different than red state Democrats?

CNN enough already with that stupid Video showing Obama pointing to Osama

Are The Results In Yet From New Mexico?..........

Race, rethugs killed Hillary in Virginia. She lost blacks 88-12 and lost the GOP vote 71-25

The obviously, glaring flaw in the "not a blue state so it doesn't matter" horse shit.

With Obama's win in VA, does Tim Kaine become the frontrunner for VP?

Exit Polls: Independent voters break for Obama and against McCain

With Obama kicking ass, Bush starts talking about nooses.

I am trying really hard to feel confident with Obama being nominated

CLinton on MSNBC now

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/12/08 - Clinton down 2 (44), Obama up 1 (42)

Is Hillary not going to concede VA and DC? She's going negative in Texas right now

Most impressive Obama numbers: Won Latinos and won people who make < $50K!

Pelosi says she could back Obama

Chelsea in LaCrosse WI today, Bill on Thurs, Health care ads running statewide-GO HILLARY

Idiots , stupid childish idiots

Could Hillary at LEAST be the VP?

The same people that complain that Obama is winning red states are banking on winning Texas!? WTF!?

10 minutes to Maryland closing...

One hour later.....still waiting for any votes from DC

Here it comes.....Clap Clap Point Point, Clap Clap Point Point!!!

Obama wins Virginia, DC; Exit Polls Expect Big Maryland Win

Who is up on RNC rules? What happens to Romney's delegates?

Huckster's surprise comeback - what's the upside or downside for Dems?

Tonight Obama won latinos, seniors, women, and the working class: all of Hillary's "strongholds"

Hillary is speaking at 8:40pm

MSNBC pundit asked which would be the most effective for republicans in the GE:

It's you know where your DC votes are?

Hillary is campaigning tonight in a state she has no intention of campaigning in in the Fall (Texas)

Stop equating Independents with Republicans. Many are very liberal Dems.

It all a MOOT POINT ---- I say give it to McCain. Why shouldn't he clean up it up!!!!!!

Totally neutral ???: Does the MSM breaking down of voters by race & sex make race & sex issues?

Clinton is giving a very good speech at the moment.

The Obama campaign is really effecient... check this out!!!

Well, after careful thought, I've decided that win or lose, we need to nominate Obama.....

Obama doing very well with terriers...

Clinton as the fiery orator doesn't work for me

Just voted, no poll watchers, no party captains, no electioneers

* FLASH * Obama wins Maryland (per CNN)

CNN projects Obama will win Maryland

Obama has plenty of substance. he puts it on his website rather than his stump speech.

MSNBC CNN, Fox all call Maryland as big win for Obama

Wow, you hearing Begala on CNN?

Another Sweep by "signifigant margin" to quote Keith O

Obama wins Maryland!!! CNN

All those limousine and Starbucks liberals in Virginia weighed in..

Obama 8 Wins in Last 8 Contests!

damn same as VA (Obama takes 59% of women)

Honest question for both camps.

Prescient Picture of McCain

damn same as VA (Obama takes 59% of women)

Obama Speech/Rally coming up soon on MSNBC, CNN

If Obama continues winning 90% of blacks and 50% of whites, Hillary CANNOT win.

The Obama Campaign Runs on Dunkin Donuts ---pix--->>>

Barack wins another state we don't have a shot at.

"Obama's celebrity appeal sometimes overwhelms Mrs. Clinton's experience argument"

Breaking: Fox: Hannity and the other guy call Obama officially the frontrunner

I have empathy for Hillary

Obama splits the white votes and wins the Hispanic vote in MD

Obama wins white men in Maryland

Anyone know what's causing the hold up in DC votes?

OBAMA wins Maryland by a significant margin according to MSNBC

Obama wins support of 59% of Women in Maryland!

Which major event would you rather attend?!

WHAT IF, Hillary wins something tonight? What if Obama loses VA?

Obama win 51% of seniors in Maryland! nt

Obama carrying seniors. So much for the idea that Pennsylvania would save HRC.

Youtube is not anyone's friend - post unintentionally hilarious candidate gaffes here!

I can't read the math any other way: Obama won the nomination, and Clinton lost.

I must say. No matter who wins on our side. This has been a lot fun and exciting as hell.

Libertarian for Obama.

Now I know both sides are doing this but I think it's a bit ridiculous...

Clinton won her last primary on February 5th

"Obama's celebrity appeal sometimes overwhelms Mrs. Clinton's experience argument."

"A new chapter in American history!" -O

I feel sorry for David Shuster...

OH NOOOOO!!! Mike Henry resigned??? NOT HENRY!!!!

Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan...

Pat Buchanan just mentioned something about a Flag Pin on MSNBC?

Kweisi Mfume, on MSNBC, said "Oback Barama." And then, a minute later, referred to him as

Old-school Democratic Party politics makes a come-back

How much of tonights margin for Barack came from momentum?

I'm looking at the Maryland exit polls

Candidate who will "change the ways of Washington" winning 75% of the vote in DC

Obama sweeps every single demographic group in DC except one

Could Barbara Boxer ever run for president?

Well it looks like Obama won a BLUE, PRIMARY state

Check out the front page of CNN. It's got a HIDEOUS picture of McCain.

Pronunciation Station

FLASHBACK: Mike Henry (now resigned) authored leaked memo proposing Hillary skip Iowa

VA, Obama won the Latino vote 55% to 45%

Obama is a great speaker.

Fired up Obama supporters? Then you need to check in.

Can we finally put the "Bradley effect" to rest with Obama?

Call me a doofus, but how has CNN called MD for Obama...

CNN Website: Obama 33% in MD; Clinton 50% But yet they call MD for Obama????

Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager Out

My motto for Hillary: Hillary Clinton, she works for me! nt

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell...what an arrogant racist f**king a**hole. F**king SWINE.

Wow. MSNBC goes to McCains speech "in progress" waiting until Obama is done...

Shot game: How long would it take to get smashed everytime McCain says "My Friends"

Primary nightmare: In idle moments I sometimes think of Larry Flynt

Obama officially in the lead. More total delegates, more pledged delegates

Here comes Obama on MSNBC now

Oh my, listening to McCain speak is like taking a sedative...

John Nichols: Clinton Loses Virginia, Maryland, DC as February Slide Continues

I...Drink...Your...Milkshake ..... I Drink It Up!!!!

It looks and sounds like McCain is speaking to a group of twenty people

My Friends

Better Speaker? McCain or Dole?

Yes, We Can!

Obama just gave a really great speech. Also smacked McCain, while being nice about it.

I'm glad they switched to McCain's speech because I need to go to sleep

Here is the real deal on Super Delegates...

David Shuster ain't nuthin' but a worthless piece of Republican filth.

Obama on CNN and MSBC. Fox has McLame.

I noticed Hillary is not giving a concession speech

How many people are in the same room as McCain as he says his tired old speech?

Am I wrong: The Last time we were at Level 2 here, was during the Alito Confirmation....

Anyone see the wide angle view of Obama's speech?

It all a MOOT POINT ---- I say give it to McCain. Why shouldn't he clean up it up!!

Obama Supporters! Lets take this to DENVER! DON'T STOP NOW!

HEADS UP: Obama Rally in Madison, WI. LIVE NOW!

Texas and Ohio ain't gonna cut it for Hillary - she needs to drop out now.

JESUS TWEETY - Comb your hair!

Wow! Obama is on FIRE against McCain!

Obama gave an awesome speech in Madison WI tonight

Will they finish counting the NM votes prior to the convention?

Makes me feel like dancing.......... Gobama!

Hillary is going to concede

delete or lock

CNN keeps flashing Osama instead of Obama....

LOL. McLame boring the hell out of an audience after Obama sets the night on fire.

Things from my ass you'd never see today...

Obama Sweeps Potomac Primaries

SUSA: North Carolina poll--Obama up by ten--gained larger share of Edwards supporters

Hillary worries me because she seems to win in only very blue states

McCain: "I'm fired up and ready to go."

I'm more interested in watching the crowd AFTER Obama's speech...

Don't forget the May 6 North Carolina and Indiana primaries

Hillary Adviser Tells Surrogates To Refer To Super-Delegates As "Automatic Delegates"

"Watching John McCain, quite a contrast after watching Senator Obama" said Anderson Cooper.

Anyone notice the stark contrast between the Hillary and Obama speeches?

I hope the Mods ate their WHEATIES this morning

Obama: VA 63% (95% reporting) and DC 76% (89% reporting)

KO: The rule is, if you have to, always speak BEFORE Barack Obama

Obama is a great speaker.

"With 92% reporting in Virginia, Obama is now 102,000 votes ahead of all Republicans combined."

I predict that Wisconsin will be the state where he

Forget about electability, Kucinich could have beaten McCain

Dang that is a tight shot of McCain. WTF. Where is the crowd?

I was trapped in GDP

Hillary Clinton Can't Be Bothered From Campaigning to Vote To Strip Retroactive Immunity.


McCain thinks the president of Germany is Putin? Look at this....

Obama in Madison was AMAZING!!!

I found a major example of the cult of personality

In Maryland white Catholics, union members, and white males went for Obama

A feeling of HOPE is returning and you'll never guess who gave it to me...

Who here has ever had a Petro?

The happiest birthday boy EVER.. (you might need kleenex)

Somebody tell McCain I'm NOT his friend!

Bush thought Iraq would be a cakewalk, and Hillary forgot to "do" her Plans B and C and D

The new GD-P -- pretty good! Two thumbs up!

Will they finish counting the 17,000 NM votes left prior to the convention?

Hillary Bloodletting Continues: Two More Staffers Out

Olbermann: Rule, always speak BEFORE Barack Obama

Remember Obama people, Karma can hurt.

Comparing Policy, Clinton & Obama

MSNBC Obama 62, Clinton 37. McCain 49, Huck 44.

OH HELL NO! McCain just said he was "fired up and ready to go."

"IF you have to speak, do it before Barak Obama, not after him"

The Post-Potomic ''Is It Over?'' Poll

I am trying really hard to feel confident if Obama should win the nomination.

MD 4h Cong District Donna Edwards leads Al Wynn

Top wingnut explains why Republicans root for Obama

Edwards got over 4500 votes in Virginia !

If the delegates of Florida and Michigan are sat or the superdelegates change the vote...

"Mr. Obama, I am a long time watcher, first time listener..."

I Think Obama Won 9 of 11 Congressional Districts In Virginia Tonight

Let's keep this in perspective. Hillary is still very much within striking distance.

CBS Delegate Count: Obama 1223, Hillary 1161. Net gain of 50 for Obama tonight so far.

Obama net gain of 23+ delegates in VA

If we didn't "surrender" in Vietnam

Are white women sexist?

This is the moment when the campaign took a turn for many folks.

Hillary is making a colossal mistake skipping Wisconsin.

Sam Seder covered this on Sunday... McCain gives the rightwing an excuse for losing..


McCain is fired up and ready go. Meet at Denny's.

its not FAIR!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Obama won way big and their are 777 donations the second day of the DU drive.. This is exciting!

Obama: "Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom."

Keith Olbermann is like Tweety's Nanny.

"My Grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line"???

The candidates on DC voting rights (including one surprise)

I hate applied strategic planning.

Obama supporters: Now is NOT the time to get over-confident. Hillary's not done yet.

Thank you, Obama supporters

Have the results from Super Tuesday forward changed your view

Are the Wisconsin and Ohio primaries open to independents?

Obama expands base of voters...

Wisconsin: Keep an eye on the crossover vote

Not That It Matters Anymore; But If Edwards Could Have Beat McCain The Polls Wouldn't Tell Us Anyway

This is a former DC resident's rant about the DC GOP primary

I'm suddenly in the mood for wine. must be all of the

WP: Clinton supporters more receptive to Obama nomination than his to a Clinton win. DU opinion?

Is that Jamal Simmons on CNN?

Polls for upcoming states

NY Hispanics question Clinton aide exit

Obama sweeps Potomac primaries

CNN has pledged delegates as: Obama 1078/Clinton 969

Can we Dems beat this man in the General Election?

ATTN: Clinton supporters... I still love you...

Cleaning up my own mess. I apologize.

My fear is that Obama is our generation's JFK

Favorite Obama speech during primary season?

Do "successful lemmings" always reflect good self-preservation ? Or do they reflect

No Concession Speech from HRC?

Once again Obama and his team have me asking "HOW DE DO DAT?!"

For once, something Pat Buchanan said made me laugh...

Obama supporters who won't vote for Clinton should join W's party.

New Wisconsin Poll - Obama: 45, Clinton: 41

Is campaigning on DU really going to help your candidate?

PAUL KRASSNER: Tom Waits Meets Super-Joel

15 out of Obama's 24 wins have been by margins of 20-plus points

Well Gary Coleman is off the market (for now)

Obama-"Our dreams will not be deferred"

Has anyone ever polled states where the primaries are over...

Obama is bashing the hell out of McCain. He's talking like a nominee.

I wonder if Hillary is making the mistake that some Super Bowl teams make

Obama supporters. It ain't over!!! On to Wisconsin. Get to the phones!!!

SADLY, Losing Caucus States is a PORTENT OF G.E. DOOM for Hillary

Birds killed after flying across interstate near Sacramento

SF Chron: Zillow Shows Home Prices Steady in Affluent Areas, Dropping Elsewhere

Wisconsin, Texas, and Ohio folks.... seriously, what's the word on the street?

If Obama is progressive why is he using the rethug Harry and Louise ....

Anyone else get one of these in the mail today?

Whatever happened to New Mexico?

Fineman: Hillary can only win by using Super Delegates

Clinton hopes rest on "Giuliani strategy" as she concedes losses

I think Hillary Clinton was busy losing in MD, VA, and DC while she was speaking in Texas tonight..

Okay, let's see if we can get an Obama supporter to finally answer this....

Most Evangelical Leaders Still Support Iraq Genocide

I'm a heartless wench.....

visualize this

I think Hillary Clinton gave a powerful speech in Texas tonight

Comparing Policy, Clinton & Obama

Obama supporter in Clinton speech background..

Chuck Todd: Obama has the most popular votes (even if you include MI and FL)

Clinton wins and puts her economic recovery plan in place...

Maryland -- at last

Obama gave his best speech EVER tonight!

"Sharpton: Because I'm neutral, I will speak out and work against the seating of MI and FL delegates


Superdelegate Dilemma: Hillary wins OH, TX, PA by 10 pts or more and still is behind in delegates

McCain's plan to leave Iraq

SENATOR OBAMA vs warmonger mccain. huge win for democrats

King Solomon lives in Encino?

Is Michael Ware still alive?

Top Hillary Supporter: Some Whites in PA "Are Not Ready" To Support Black Candidate

Have you asked yourself why we need a mandate? (long)

What theHandpuppet said. WHAT ABOUT NEW MEXICO?

Hillary Behaves Like a Sore Loser for the Second Time in a Row

Morning Joe weather observation..

Virginia white men - Obama: 56, Hillary: 43; white women - Hillary: 54, Obama: 45

why does not list Hawai'i? did I miss something?

Obama supporters! Make a victory party donation!

Rasmussen: Obama 44%, McCain 40%, 16% undecided

Edwards will endorse Hillary or not endorse

Idiots , stupid childish idiots

I am also pleased with the two valentine hearts I have received .

Bush to sign stimulus package Wednesday

Navy intercepts Russian bombers

McAncient. or McSame? What do you think?

Obama supporters, let's not get too excited by Obama winning the women vote tonight

Dreams for everyone. Except equal rights for gays.

If The Worst That Comes Out Of This Primary

OK, this time I didn't do it. I have little boxes beside almost or

50 most loathsome Americans of 2007 (from the Guardian)

All Hillary has to do is win Texas and Ohio and she's back in the game with the big MO

Hillary on CSPAN, speaking in El Paso--NOW

El Paso is back woods military city that would fill the Sunbowl for a Blackoak Arkansas reunion

Chinese product ...truth in advertising,..finally

Obama: thank you John Edwards.

LOL- Mika B. just called Coulter a "political pornographer"

About the message of hope.... Just wondering...

Buchanan virtually crowning Obama victorious in Nov.

Rudy's campaign manager praises Hillary's wait for Ohio and Texas strategy ...

Noam Chomsky: Poorer Countries Find a Way to Escape U.S. Dominance

What's taking the D.C. Returns so Long?

Right Now - Clinton Rally - Little Hispanic Boy with Sombrero and Mariachi Outfit

I know this is trivial, but how much taller than McCain is Obama?

Judge OKs White House e-mail probe

Thanks for my heart someone!!! Made my day...

Electricity in the air here in Madison when Barack Obama will speak soon

Pig suspended for roughing up 14-year old

Chuck Todd: Obama already has 100+ pledged delegate lead

What cho talking about George?

Step right up..and get your Presidential cookies

Is Ohio the Nexus of GOP Corruption?

VA, DE, MD, the entire Bible Belt...Obama is motoring in OVERDRIVE!!

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

McCain announces new afiliations

Obama will win WI and HI on 2/19. With a sweep today the primary is over.

Brave New World

I just voted (Virginia)

hillary is on the ropes.

I think WEEE should call superdelegates

Yay. Tornado watch until 11pm.

Can anyone explain Bonus Delegates to me

McCain can't even wear a pair of headphones right

"War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for

Email from Conyers Considers Cheney Impeachment Hearings

"Over the edge" Joe Lieberman moves closer to attending Republican National Convention

Presidential candidate family albums..

Telecom immunity will pass this week, and it will be the fault

I have huge doubts about Obama

Is this a big story that people are missing...right in front of us?

Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting

The really psychotic Obama attackers are laying low tonite?

surge update - U.S. forces find 13 bodies in Iraq mass grave

Hillary has never won more pledged delegates on any single day of voting.

Charles Swift *Live* on CNN yesterday-transcript

Why does anyone think Clinton will kick GOP ass?

The economy is in good shape


Guantánamo six will have fair trials, insists Chertoff (Guardian)

Tweety: I got a fervor in my leg listening to Barack Obama's speech

McCain is the weakest rival the Democrats have ever faced. Obama will crush him

It's Nixon for me in '08.

John King: if either candidate wins 55/45 in every state the rest of the way no one will get to 2k

The mothership is coming for Walnuts

I think -- and I know this will be unpopular -- Obama won the nomination tonight.

What has Obama said abotu HRC

Thank you. No need for anyone to read this thread anymore.

SD Voice: Mortgage Distress Spreads Beyond Subprime

Thank you so much for the heart! Made me smile big.. :o) n/t

Something I have never seen:

Count me as another Edwardian for OBAMA...

Thanks to my secret Valentines!

Somebody Pinch Me

53% Of Suicides Since 2001 Come From National Guard and Reserve Troops

DU board speed is in the toilet this week, and this is still the fastest fundraiser I've ever seen

Thank you all for the support and the hearts

Has DU gone totally crazy, or do I have browser problems?


Miami Herald: U.S. housing woes buzz saw Canadian lumber towns

Why do so many people hate HIllary?

MSNBC's Fineman: Clinton aides admit it's nearly impossible to win via pledged delegates now

Iraq morgue chief says 13 bodies found in mass grave - Most show signs of torture

Is Obama the greatest orator who's ever held elective office?

I have an immense arsenal

To my secret admirer:

TIME Mag: Sixteen Underappreciated Obama Advantages

Did I shake hands with the next vice president of the US this morning?

looks like ma' bell is getting everything she payed for

"white men can jump"

Obama supporters, do you really want to see your man go up against the likes of John McCain???

For the rest of our lives the Bush regime will be synonymous with sick in the head torturers

Marin Independent: America's Creditor Nations Losing Faith in USA's Soundness

We need something to stop Obama momentum. When is the Rezko trial starting?

Obama Voted Against Giving The Telecoms Immunity

Dodd up now on Senate Floor RE: FISA, LIVE

"Dep't of Labor recorded 17,000 jobs lost nationwide in the month of January"

Has Raw Story Correspondent Been Frozen Out Of WH Press Briefings?

So Why Aren't Obama & Clinton Taking The Lead On Opposing Telecom Retroactive Immunity?

So if Hillary loses by only 30 votes or so, she can win by super-delagates?

Hillary is a terrible speaker

McCain’s ‘bellicose aura’ boon for peace, frightens other countries?

Today’s Headlines 2/12/08

Air America - Sacramento 1240am

Fact Check: Clinton Does Not Lead in the Popular Vote

For what they pay Heidi Collins, she should be required to pronounce place names correctly.

I am guessing based on Obama's speech in Madison that Wisconsin is not going to count

Introducing Maya Soetoro-Ng: Obama's Sister

So, these Conyers hearings are an end to themselves?

Do you feel tolerant and generous toward those who spell lose with two o's?

Jon Stewart Takes On The 'Uncensored' History Of The 9/11 Commission

Earthquake Insurance

Florida Beep, beep. I've already got that Wile E. Coyote feeling, and it's only February

Be honest. How many of you are merely choosing the lesser-known of two evils?

Project Lifeline - Hope Now - The Hope Now alliance

By their lack of deeds, Ye shall know them.

Postage Rates going to 42 cents on May 12

RW press (and MSM) will probably hammer the Berkeley-Marine story today

STOCKTON: Thieves taking advantage of abandoned rural homes

Henry Waxman, Sellout

What would DU have looked like in 1960, 1968, or 1972?

Florida and Michigan Primaries cannot be allowed to count at this point!

"here America is being seen as the wimps of the world,"

Fox News Channel Fires `News Watch' Host

Up for a revolution? Please read, and then help me finish the document:

A picture begging for a caption

Welp, looks like my sub-40% prediction is coming true for Hillary in the Potomac Primary

smirk's buddy Sheldon Adelson and 250 million - heads up

Cheney Could NOT Get Away With These "Brazen Acts Of Lawbreaking" Without Aide Of Reid/Rockefeller

Thanks for the heart.

Have we ever before fought an enemy from within?

Last year, GM lost almost as much money as ExxonMobil made.

Can someone help a n00b out? Why do we do primaries as we do?

If You Really Need To Hold Your Nose In Order To Vote For The Dem Nominee, Help Is Here !!!

How the spooks took over the news

Obama wins all age groups in Maryland

Where Is The Rage?

huckabee thinks every vote counts

jobs and oil

The New Crime of Thinking in the US

Isn't it amazing that after nearly 7 years...

"Confident if not cocky." (ABC World News Tonight description of Obama today)

LMAO! Real Estate Shill Mag Implies that Now is the Time to Buy a Home!

TPM Muck: Ney to be Released in August

Do I make you uncomfortable...?

We have already had 8 years of an inexperienced person in the Oval Office.The nation & world.....

David Corn: It Ain't Patty Solis's Fault; Blame Hillary Clinton--or Mark Penn

** VIRGINIA **results thread

Iraq Worse Than Ever

How Obama says he will deal with people who do NOT buy health insurance

Dupe -- delete please

Wisconsin is Hillary's Stalingrad nt

GM to get rid of unions once and for all?

Hillary needs to suspend her campaign

the future of transportation part 1

Soldier, After Bipolar Treatment and Suicide Attempts, Sent Back to War Zone

Conyers Newly Open To Cheney Impeachment After Mukasey Hearing

have a heart?

I owe someone a valentine's heart because I bet that Joe Biden would vote to confirm Mukasey

Why is winning big blue states more important than winning red states?

Yoo Hoo. . .Nobody's perfect

What do you get the gal/guy who has everything for Valentine's Day?

The Six Million Dollar Penn --->>>

good for France - banned modified corn

Charles Swift: Use Of Waterboarding Evidence In Court Unheard Of Since 'Spanish Inquisition'

Ditch Mitch McConnell, support Greg Fisher for US Senate!

MSNBC: Former Internet giant Yahoo may be reduced to bargaining with Microsoft for higher price

Blacks and Crabs in the Bucket Syndrome... Julian Bond and the NAACP

TPM's Democratic crossovers on FISA.....

Is it just me, or is Gary McCoy (cartoonist) a racist piece of shit?

Texas, here we come! Game on...

So is military service no longer a requirement?

Why were there no Exit Polls conducted in DC?

Top Hillary Supporter: Some Whites In Pennsylvania "Are Not Ready" To Support Black Candidate

Thanks for the heart

There appears to me to be some misleading posts on the

Honest question. if you're a Hillary supporter

Hypermiling - guy gets 180.91 mpg in a Honda Insight

Clinton Won Every County!!!

EITHER Clinton or Obama CAN and WILL win in the general election

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for my Valentine Heart!!!

"Company seeks tax exemption for bribes"

This is good... :"The War on 'The War on...'"

Dodd Telecom immunity amendment Roll Call

Can I Have My Change Back: Arab-Americans and Obama's False Hope

I just voted in the Potomac Primary!

Amazing video -- must-see for kitten and bird lovers :-)

DC results coming in at 49%

Dodd was just back on the Senate floor, Cantwell up now.

Feingold speaking now on FISA...

Bush Admin. Makes Case for Eliminating or Reducing 151 Programs

Did you see this video of tampa the officers wheel chair dump

Q: What (not who) should Edwards endorse? A: IMPEACHMENT

just forget about impeachment - Pelosi, Reid and Company win

It's slicker than snot here in DC.

I'm Going to Want to Post My Pictures Tonight from an Obama Rally, How do I go about doing that?

Thank you Secret admirer for my heart whoever you are

I have been hearing about a revolution if the elections are

Telecom immunity coverage in MSM

I sense a landslide for Obama in November and I hope and pray


Exit polls: Obama stealing Clinton's base

I think it is over and it is time for all of us to unite around our candidate.

Chris Dodd speaking now n/t


TEDTalk Tuesday: Ant Edition

Right Wing Succeeds In Campaign To Bring Down Progressive College President

Did you all see all the Democrats who voted today?

Hillary Clinton Can't Be Bothered From Campaigning to Vote To Strip Retroactive Immunity.

Anyone know any good "social reform" songs?

Meanwhile more tornadoes in the South

Alright! That's it!! I've had it!!

All things considered, this should suck harder than it does

Where is the filibuster we were promised?

By what authority can Congress bestow to a President the power to grant retroactive immunity?

Iraq Worse Than Ever

"I didn't make * look like a monkey. God made him look like a monkey"

Post Potomac Presidential Poll

Do video gamers tend to lean towards pacifism?

As a Clinton supporter, I like the overconfidence of the Obama camp

Thanks for the hearts!!! n/t

We need to contact our Super Delegates ASAP and get them to pledge loyalty to the people!

Bush: Don't say 'lynching' in jest

Wow. We're getting primary advertisements here in South Texas!

Obama is liked by the Japanese too :)

Obama supporters: you win! I'll STFU.

Why did Clinton leave her name on the MI ballot?

If Obama and his supporters have a problem with Super Delegates deciding the nominee then...

Dear "Justice" Scalia, is rape an approved "physical interrogation" technique?

I can't even bring myself to write Sen. Salazar anymore.

McCain: ‘Anyone Who Worries About How Long We’re In Iraq Does Not Understand The Military’

LOL - Huckabee asks for free water:

Are there web sites that track and grade our Congress members?

OK Hillary folks—time for action:

Conspiracy theorists, stand up and give your two cents

I am so sick and tired of Harry Reid

Eat Your Hearts Out .... How'd you like to be able to choose among all ***these*** choices?

'You touched my heart' - a Thank You from Senator Clinton

Public Struggles With Scale of Federal Budget

Part of Barack Obama's Campaign Fulfills King's Dream: Election of a Black Prez is THE MOUNTAINTOP

Bush Freudian Slip in Fox News Interview.

Rules to Blog By

One of the dumbest of the Legion Of Dumbfucks

FISA Update: Dodd Says It Is Up To The House

Love you too! Whoever you are, thank you for the hearts

"Our enemies are loudmouth leftists and shiftless deadbeats."

Medical Marijuana

Speaker of Iraq's Parliament threatens to disband it

Torture vote. Tell them no.

I just joined today - and already have a heart - Thank you.

Harry Reid must go!

Borrowed time: Number of area foreclosures soars

Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare, Part II: Debunking the Free Marketeers


Conservatism Sells.......But who's buying?

Is this ad "inappropriate" (i.e., obscene) for a "family" (i.e., ordinary) newspaper?

"Ohio is a state of regular people"

Help Me Decide-

Do video gamers tend to lean towards pacifism?

Rewarding (Conservative) Failure

The very act of granting immunity is an admission that

Thanks for my heart! I'm grinning! :o) n/t

Senators: Military Falling Short on Nuclear Weapons Safeguards

I Sick Of The Mediawhores Padding Clinton's Numbers By Including Superdelegates

AP Nails Clinton For Laundry List of Excuses For Losing

A short introduction to Euro-English, for all global players.

Please Email John Conyers to Start Impeachment of Bush/Cheney!

THANK YOU to whoever gave me a heart

Time out for Trivia....what's the longest a US state has gone "Red" in the GE?

How did Obama rise so far and so fast? Has anyone else in our history done the same?

"Professional" Law Enforcement Officer suspended for dumping quadraplegic on ground

CONYERS Letter To WH: Senate Amnesty Provision Is NOT Justified

Dodd: It's up to The House

Seems like an appropriate time to post this old Journal entry of mine

Reposted, last thread is now a pointless flame war: Corrupt cop dumps quadriplegic out of wheelchair

Here comes the Security and Prosperity Partnership, but—what security? whose prosperity?

i just heard the scumbag scalia defending torture on NPR

I have a silly question about missing Senate votes.

Name one animal that is as loathsome as out-of-control law enforcement officials?

Did you know that the Repubs. set the primary date in FL?

I WANT to be WRONG, but I also wonder what DU will be like next year if I'm not.

MoJo's David Corn: The John Edwards Endorsement: A Last Chance to Prove He's No Phony

If the Ron Paul People Can start a New TV Network, Why Can't We?

Three thousand, nine hundred sixty young American men and women have died in Iraq

Blue hair causes trouble for teen (couldn't have blue hair because it's gang-related)

Is Hillary going to concede VA and DC? Right now she's only going negative in Texas.

Pest extermination in progress in GDP

CNN just reported that Obama voted on FISA but Clinton didn't show up. n/t

Dammit, this is NOT funny! And you, get that smile off your face!

Thankies for the heart , from the bottom of mine....

Listening to Rachel? Where's the Iraqi Red Crescent link?

What happens to Ron Paul's money if he loses his congressional seat?

WIll I still have time to donate tomorrow?

SCALIA Sides With BUSHCO: "Some torture may not be "cruel and unusual punishment"

Film maker Spielberg boycotts China Olympics over Darfur

NAACP Head Wants Barred Delegates Seated

Kit Bond Steps up to thank our Quizling Democrats

Is somebody fixin' to narc on Tom DeLay? Sounds like it!

Watch the Attorney General Saw a Lady in Half

Poor Patti Solis. I Guess No One Ever Told Her About the Hidden Grave Yard of Clinton Loyalists.

Hillary's campaign needs to have some "frank discussions" this evening

Is 'Guys and Dolls' a political metaphor?

Hillary's Patti problem

Katrina vanden Vandel: Sherrod Brown on How to Win in Ohio

29 Republicans jumping ship from Congress this year (YEAH)

Clinton: Still no congratulations for Obama

Australia apology to Aborigines (BBC)

70 year old woman's heart attack leads to Iraq deployment

A plethora of info! Love the 911 stuff!


Could somebody give me a brief recap of today's FISA goings-on?


A Thank You to Senator Dodd

The Chicken Doves

Whom will John Edwards endorse?

Anyone have a good site for Hugo Chavez's formal education?

Endgame: here's the document

WTF?-Death penalty for 6 Guantánamo inmates sought - BECAUSE- of Geneva Convention

Obama/Edwards 2008?

Deep in the Political Heart of Texas

Link to see what western MD is doing ..... real time results Frostburg, MD

NYT: Gasp! Consumers being forced to...LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS!!!

I am hoping for an Obama / Kerry ticket!!!

Feingold: My Hope Is with The House

Christian law firm sponsors 'Day of Purity' event

The Likely Color Map Of How This 2008 Primary Went

Hillary yelling in El Paso MSNBC NOW

Dan Froomkin: Return of the 9/11 President

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon (targets kids)

The Maverick Myth (McCain)

DARPA continues military AI air-traffic project

Isn't the Telecom Immunity bill unconstitutional?

Current Events, people leaving DU

Wow, Huckabee kicking the crap outta McCain in VA... 64 - 30. n/t

I'm for a candidate who seeks to unite the american people (not parties) around their shared goals


Do you think that gas prices will go back to normal


FISA Dilemma

Anyone else wishing Edwards would get back in the race?

Feed the Pig....

During the FISA votes, Microphone accidentally picks up two Senators joking:

End of the World: 10 Disasters that could end it all at any given second.

Will the media show Obama's teleprompter?

Deputy Dumps Man out of Wheelchair to Check Disability

Is this true? Limbaugh attacking McCain?

Huckabee LEADING in VA Primary

We're just following orders.

Why is Edwards still holding back on endorsing HRC or Obama?

MI and FL

The Patterns of Dynamics

2000 was a coup

Caption part deux!

So, this little freak with Anderson Cooper has 13,000 times the voting power of me

Report: Retailer halts sales of 'Jesus' cosmetics

WOW.....a heart. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Bush is the symptom; conservatism is the disease

Japan PM calls Okinawa rape case "unforgivable"

Someone gave me a star! (Plus, DU musings)

OBALLARY! (Slowpoke 'TOON)

After today's latest cave in by the "Democrats," should this site just be "Underground?"

Check out the 'Petition to Stop Hillary from Seating MI and FL delegates'

I want to get this off my chest.

I'm way behind, but I finally found my heart!

Some Kind Person gave me Heart

DU needs a discussion group titled: "I Don't Know What the F*** I'm Talking About"...

Thank you to the DUers who gave me hearts.

I also want to say thank you.

Patty Hearst wins ribbon at Westminster Dog Show

The Show - Part I

CNN's map shows Fairfax County not reported yet

Apparently a lot of Dem Senators think voting for telco amnesty is a safe thing...

Thanks for the hearts!

They say that cops have a difficult job-

Thank you to the caring person who gave me a heart...

Take a look at the Republican COUNTY numbers for Virginia...

Update on tasering of nonviolent protesters.

Why does Obama only get good press?

Somebody gave me a heart! Whoever you are, thank you!

Just called Rep. John Conyer's office advocating IMPEACHMENT . . .and this time

Savage Weiner: Lantos used Holocaust as 'weapon' in his life.

If this turns out to be a complete fascist take-over, it will have the best documentation of any.

New York Fundraiser to Build New Home for Democracy Now!: Willie Nelson, Jackson Browne, Greg Palast

From CNN: Surprising 10 reasons you're not having sex

Russia forgives Iraq debt

Thank you for my two Valentines, my friends

Pelosi's focus

thank you to my 3 secret admirers, much love EOM


U.K pirates could have Internet access stopped

Feds charge 3 with firebombing of mosque in Tennessee.

Iran suggests formation of new Middle Eastern Parliament

I understand the fervor of getting behind a candidate...

BUSHCO: "Essentially wanted to CLEANSE the information so that it could be used in court"

New 2009 Iraq war request coming soon: Pentagon

Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan goes missing

As Sally Field said

Edwards will endorse to help keep his message out there-- period!

ok , question for people whose current spouse is not their first love..

"The Obama wave is unlike anything I have seen during my career"

Fresh embarrassment as Sarkozy's popularity plummets

Pro Impeachment DUers: Log your call to Mr. John Conyers here!

Senator Chris Dodd's complete 2 1/2 hour speech from last night

Video: Baltimore's Finest Takes Down A Skateboarder

This heart stuff is about like being groped in the dark or on a subway

wow! A big thanks for the hearts!

Thanks for the hearts secret admirer(s). nt

Article: "Obama and Progressive Change"

Laura Flanders on with Tavis Smiley tonight

What Was The Clinton's "Jump The Shark" Moment?

McCain FINALLY breaks 50% in Virginia...

Child malnutrition rates in Iraq have risen from 19% before the invasion in 2003, to 28% now

I can no longer remain silent.The time has come to piss everybody off.

A Republican primary in D.C.? ......

A few thoughts about hearts

lol! Newsmax is talking up Ron Paul (!)

Country's 1st Baby Boomer Receives 1st Social Security Payment

John McCain's Yes We Can Video

Just a quick weather report in Maryland

Navy intercepts Russian bombers

a "perfect storm" brewing...

Blue Cross Tells Doctors to Report Patients' Pre-Existing Conditions

OK, I quit.

My first post goes to....

Where's Waldo - Republican edition...

MoveOn Promoted to "Institution" by Washington Post

Independent UK: Exposed: The long, cruel road to the slaughterhouse

Blaming Hillary Clinton for her "divisiveness" is right-wing talk

Just when you thought the Freepers couldn't get any more delusional. . .

I am very upset with Obama, Clinton & Kerry today... from an Obama supporter

Obama Supports Charter Schools?


How is this asshole a Supreme Court Justice? Astonishing...

Are most of the liberal talking heads leaning toward Obama?

Discovery Channel discovers fascist censorship

FUCK PAYPAL -- They won't let me donate to DU

Do you remember the days of duct tape, plastic wrap, color-coded

Hearts! Thank you! I'm doin' the happy dance! :o) n/t

Ex-Marine Vanishes After Combat 'Flashback'

Trader Joe creates Chinese no-go zone

To whoever gave me the heart

White House: Corporations that helped in wiretapping are "patriotic"

*wiggle dance* Thanks for the hearts!

The Nation: Shame On Elaine Chao

More race-baiting from one of Hillary's surrogates: Ed Rendell

Now this is just comical - email from Harry Reid

Fellow Great Lakes-ians, had enough winter yet?

Evan Wolfson: Today is Freedom to Marry Day - Just Don't Say "Gay Marriage"!

Questions from an Obama Lemming or maybe cultist.

Can't we all just be outlaws

Incumbent WAYNE GILCHRIST (R-MD 1) is LOSING his primary...

Why do we need an army?

No, John McCain, I'm not your "friend"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bye Bye Constitution!! Grrr

Why does Girl In Contempt only have 4 hearts??

How did Kitchenwitch become an expert on what smells like ass?

A Pattern!

I hate when tools like this get on TDS

What are the "donation bar boxing gloves" for ?

How SMALL is the crowd ast the McCain Rally?

Sorry, been hit by the dupe bug.

my nephew has joined the Army

Michael Savage' Failed "Bid" For The 2008 Election

I have Firefox running from a...

Meanwhile, the Republican Nominee KEEPS LOSING STATE PRIMARIES

List of Democrats who apparently do not care about the Constitution.

Al Wynn is going down! MD-4

something is not right

McCain must be stopped -- Clinton should step down

Bottom Line - Can Hillary Still Win This?

I am beyond outrage!!!!!!

Ok, who gave the heart to Name Removed?

Too many Democrats simply don't have the values we imagine they do, and it lets them off the hook

I think Obama is a better Orator than MLK...

To my fellow Hillary supporters. Should we let them have it?

Rep. Lofgren Writes to Conyers About Impeachment

I just noticed someone gave me a heart :-)

Jane Hamsher on Today's FISA Fiasco:

DC: Obama 76% - Clinton 24%, 89% reporting!

Has the torch been passed? I am getting hopeful here..

Telco Immunity . . . Superdelegates picking nominees . . . Torture is OK . . . No Impeachment

Hey Clinton supporters...I'm an Obama supporter and all I have to say is.

Christian Right's Emerging Deadly Worldview: Kill Muslims to Purify the Earth

Sex-starved woman faces jail

Trying to imagine a scenario where the people of Florida and Michigan would be pleased....

THERE SHOULD BE BLOOD: Liberal Democrats Left Out in the Cold

The worst is over for Hillary, now it's time for the comeback!

Count me as another Edwardian for Hillary

There are some of us who can't afford to live on "hope"

Who would be good running mates for Obama and McCain?


Oh Happy Day: Aborigines open Canberra session

Australia officially apologizes to its Aboriginal community

High Schooler Spars With Rove Over Gay Marriage

I wasn't popular in school

BUSHCO Refuses To Sign New UN Treaty-Because-They Do NOT Want To Be Prosecuted For Torture!

How the spooks took over the news

Ok. I Think I Have An Admission To Make. I'm Pretty Sure I'm Starting To Get Excited About Obama.

I Thought Folks Would Want To See This RE:FISA

Senate votes to award telecom immunity for illegal wiretapping ordered by Bush

Senator Obama: "If Lovin You Is Wrooong, I Don't Wanna Be Right ... "

Our society can indeed change. It has and it will.

Read this article and tell me you don't believe this is a cult

I am happy to replace them one member at a time! Especially when we can do this!

As if Katrina did not get enough of my trees

Memo to John McCain: There is no "R" in "Washington"

Can someone tell me why Hillary didn't show up to vote against the FISA Bill?

A river of Garbage that flows to the Sea - dial up warning

For those who think Foreign Car makers have a better product...guess again.

Hillary's new viral video (must see) reaching out to young adults

Republicans talked about a Colin Powell or a Condoleezza for Prez, and didn't seem to worry...

For every article of clothing I get, I will remove one heart...

I'm changing my signature line so that it will never be turned off...




Obama is Our JFK. this is wonderful

We Will Go Down As The Weakest People In History


Thank you my 2 Valentine admirers

Arizona Seeing Signs of Flight by Immigrants

Well, the spam will be cut way down now....

Times Won't Run Vagina Ad

Some Obama supporters may think this has been a dirty Primary race

Anyone having trouble getting into Photobucket?

TPM: Kiss of Death? Rudy's campaign manager praises Hillary's wait for Ohio and Texas strategy ...

Dennis Kucinich is today's Al Gore.

Here we go! McCain got $100,000 from Abramoff firm

Who gave Name Removed a heart?

What's the political punchline of the Sibel Edmonds disclosures?

Barack Obama in Madison and My PHOTOS!!!! Take a Look!

Hillary Needs to take Barack down! Now!

Here is the end of Congressional power. Witness the BushCo stacked deck.

Misogyny lives on.

My wife just gave me a good illustration of how "great" our economy is doing

The Answer


Forbes: America's Most Miserable Cities

So does every donor get at least one heart by default?

March 4th includes Vermont and Rhode Island

Here is why Obama will not be allowed to win

FISA = Conyers to White House: We Need to Know More about Wiretapping

Can we all take a pledge?

They're still counting votes in New Mexico --

I begin removing clothing if someone tells me who gave me my heart

Officer Suspended for Conduct - Teen Puts him on Blast via You Tube

"Why's everybody always pickin' on me?!"

I'm doing an career exploration with a journalism student tomorrow

How long does it generally take for Pap smear results to come back?

Wow. There's a whole lotta love around here

How long does it generally take for Pabst beer to come back?

What Special Thing(s) are you saying, doing or going to

OK 'fess up. I didn't have a heart till this:

what is an article? I looked and found this gobbledygook

Nite, y'all

just forget about impeachment - Pelosi, Reid and Company win

Nicole Kidman will play Valerie Plame in upcoming Warner Brothers movie

For every heart I get, I will remove one article of clothing.

I wonder what will happen...

I was gonna make an off the wall post about happiness and peace

has anyone heard what happened with crim son lately

Have you hired a gun?

I wonder if some people on here just like to screw around with your head.

What the hell!

What's the most embarrassing music you ever bought in a store?

I admit it. I still fear a HRC presidency

I'm a Clique

Meg whatsername wants me


Nancy Pelosi is Obstructing Justice and Aiding War Criminals, For Political Gain.

Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers and Gives Immunity to Telecoms

I am here to defend the Pickle People

GOod Night Democratic Underground Lounge

Thanks to whomever sent me my heart

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/11/08)

High Fructose Corn Syrup, nectar of God.

Awww I got 6 hearts..I love you guys!

What is being learned tonight: Obama Is Not Seen As A Democrat

Should the Admin 's let us keep our hearts for an extra week?

I'm in a quandry


Someone gave me a heart!!!!!

Free Pancakes!

Hillary Clinton just ceded any moral claim she had to the presidency

I posted a positive thread in GDP....

I applied for LEAP back in the first week of December

Wow, some of you have like, a bazillion hearts.

thank you for my heart!

Question for the mathologically talented

One heart is enough, just look around us

Tell me why I shouldn't sleep

someone gave me a heart

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/12/08

The BlueIris Accidental Double Post, 2/12/08

Is Hillary a Yankee?

What kid wouldn't love to wear these Norwegian duds.. (especially the boys)


Question RE:The Beattle's Catalog and Michael Jackson


Question RE:The Beattle's Catalog and Michael Jackson

Thank you for the valentine, secret admirer!

Good Morning Lounge!

Good Morning Lounge!

A look ahead: Two new SUSA Polls (OH and NC)

Good Morning Lounge!

Good Morning Lounge!

dupe sorry

Good Morning Lounge!

dupe sorry

sorry froze....

I am sorry Hillary supporters. Someone needs to tell you the truth.

The greatest non-porn video to come from Japan...

Question RE:The Beattle's Catalog and Michael Jackson

The cat who went to bed..and got lost

I began removing clothing hours ago, in anticipation of receiving several hearts

Harold the Computer Geek...

I don't remember the last time I took a bath.

Aaaw..the sleepiest baby kitty

I just want to thank the person who gave me a valentine's heart.

Good flippin' morning, Flippin' Lounge!

Naked woman causes stir in Trinidad and Tobago.. "Her skin real smooth," one commented.

So Brian McNamee injected Roger Clemens wife with HGH too.

I couldn't aspire to anything higher...

Well, all of my clothing pretty much has to stay on, but

Now I have a 3rd Heart and owe more thanks...

Anyone read The Devil in the White City?

VIDEO: Ashlee Simpson tells club crowd she's "ready to ROCK,", that is...just watch.

The Stranger (Seattle weekly paper) endorsed Obama with this cover

Question about threads..

Good Morning Lounge!

how do you donate for clinton / obama?

HAHAHA - Jeff Gannon wrote a book - it's #1,519,512 in book sales on Amazon

Oh! Whoaaaa! Ehhh!! Oh!! Whoa!!! Ehhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Whoa!!!!!

I was shopping for Valentines Day cards yesterday and

From "14 Valentine's Day Gifts Guaranteed to Not Get You Laid"

Thank you secret admirer!

Can somebody tell me what this font might be?

we need another CHEW TOY in GD-P

Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman?

"Drink plenty of liquids"......what they dont tell you

Whats Whats With With All All The The Dupes Dupes??


Thank you for the heart

Doctor Dover

CONFESS!!!! Which one of you assholes broke DU?

Who had BIG fun passing out farts?

Did anyone else know that Pelosi has a Democratic opponent?

Pat Robertson's rants vindicated as lightning strikes Rio's Christ the Redeemer

Watching the dog show... reminds me of a story.

Telecom Immunity now up to Conyers: Petition at FireDogLake...

It took me 25 years, but I finally changed my underwear. It was thrilling!

drinks on me for all of my du compatriots!!

Y'know how people praise Jesus after a serious storm?

Is it time for a beer yet?

CHRIS FLOYD: The Meaning of Mitt Romney's Exit Speech: American Psycho

I just now noticed..

Happy 28th birthday, Christina Ricci!

Dogs and Cats

Sean Penn to Appear Sunday at Kucinich Fundraiser

I donated but didn't get any hearts to give away!

lost-in-nj Lands An Airliner

If you applied for a job, knowing upfront the schedule they want,

"He's a cute little guy"

I don't know about you - but I may be ready for a DU gathering in Delaware

Thank you to whoever gave me the heart

you know they're going to keep doing this, right?

Woah a heart. . .

Ya know, I just don't freaking care anymore

Who hasn't given me a heart yet?

Chris Deliso: Deep State Coup Averted in Turkey

Does Hillary smoke?

As The Election Spectacle Goes On The Nation Takes Another Turn Towards Fascism

"Big Brother," the most egregious evidence that writers have been on strike for more than 3 months

Breeding - anyone here do breeding?

A new Airline for Parche!

Realit TV stars meet on All-star Reality show, have daughter, will marry with Vanilla Ice as bestman

The returns from the polls are not due in for hours - why are we at defcon 1?

The islands that my powdered creamer makes in my coffee... I like to make dialog for the islanders.

Beading - anyone here do beading?

Get ready, guys. Feb. 29 is SADIE HAWKINS DAY!

Who had BIG fun passing out hearts?

Flu shots ... bah ... humbug!


Post exhumation in progress in GDP


Blue Cross to doctors: Please squeal on your patients. Thanks. Hugs and kisses, Blue Cross

What's with all the dupes today?

Why does canned cat food smell like ass

Worst announcer ever? (funny video warning)

argh! Why do I still listen to Randi Rhodes?

I need help please

Um, the um Sports um Illustrated um swimsuit issue is um well....

GM to buy out US workforce to hire lower paid employees.

Lake Mead Could Dry Up by 2021 (water for Vegas, L.A., San Diego...)

Dupe of Earl.

Yeesh. Tales of HR.


Officials have upheld a complaint from a man who said his inflatable doll had lost its moan

LostinVA is a damned liar!!

Screw this noise. I'm taking my clothes off whether I get hearts or not!

I think LynneSin broke DU

Thanks for the hearts..nice feeling to be remembered. z

disabled man dumped from wheelchair by deputy (she dumps him like a sack of potatoes)

Whoever thought up the valentine hearts idea two years ago is an evil genius.

Have a heart

The Tactical Genius that is Barack...or how Obama won the nomination

Jericho Fans, It is back on tonight at 9PM CST. (Spoilers alert.)

For the person who gave me a heart.

Obama is the first candidate of the New Republican-Democrat Party.

Conyers' Phone Rings Steadily for Two Days

Oh noes! The avatars are missing!

What is Your Middle Name?

(small rant) Sally and I are watching the local news...

I have no clue (as always) what's going on with all the TSing

4 out of 5 of my threads in the last 24 hours received 0 replies.

Whatchoo gon' do wit all dat ass?

Post your dog pics since Westminster is going on

Post your dog pics since Westminster is going on

Am I the only nerd reminded of Zelda?

Dean: "The voters have to speak first before people like me get involved "

Should I get over this?

Is this payola?

Is there a rationale for this prejudice against atheists?

A student spit in my face today...ask me anything

Antony and the Johnsons anyone? (Mellow music, I promise)

Am I the only one who did not like Gone with the Wind?

Online Dater Is Worst Person In World

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Are the super special bonus points for smashing instruments in Guitar Hero a scam?

Don't mean to laugh, but...Christ struck by lightning

Name a forgotten writer you think should be revived...

To be rich necessarily requires that you are able to consume more than you produc

sinner or bad

Since Justice Scalia believes the Constitution doesn't prohibit torture, some questions...


Back to Basics Questions (Since there are a lot of newbies now)

Durbin Requests Inspector General Investigate DoJ Authorization of Waterboarding

'Inconsistencies' Reported in Results from Snohomish County, WA's GOP Caucus

Sources: Gore won't endorse

Mortgage Crisis Spreads Past Subprime Loans

Climate change soon could kill thousands in UK, says report

Pakistan nuclear staff go missing

U.S. forces find 13 bodies in Iraq mass grave

Iraq's Sadr yet to decide on militia truce -aide

Magnitude 6.6 earthquake shakes southern and central Mexico

Russia, China propose treaty to ban weapons in space

Credit card settlement could put money in pockets

Mayor (NY) Compares Global Warming Threat to Terrorism ('Warming has Potential to Kill Everybody')

Russia in Ukraine missile threat

Doctors balk at request for data (From Blue Cross CA)

Gov't Acknowledges Discussing Lawsuits with Telecom Company

Green cards will go out, background check or not

Guard, Reserve make up majority of veteran suicides

Voters get early start at polls today ("Potomac primary")

Man admits he torched South Korea's most treasured landmark over land dispute

US diplomat summoned by Japanese over rape case: US

Danes nab suspects in cartoonist plot

Senate Votes Down Surveillance Oversight Amendment (35-63)

Builders halt campaign gifts on subprime worry (bribes no longer working?)

How tax rebates work in stimulus package

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 12

Twister victims to receive FEMA trailers

Bush To Put 30-Day Freeze On Foreclosures

Sadrists condemn journalists' kidnapping

East Timor in State of Emergency

US Judge Steps Into Torture Row

Arizona Seeing Signs of Flight by Immigrants

NBC News: Obama projected to beat Clinton in Virginia

Gang-Rape Victim Says She And Others Silenced by Halliburton

Pakistan unsure if missing envoy kidnapped

US, Iran to meet in days for Iraq security talks

Sean Penn to Appear Sunday at Kucinich Fundraiser

Iraqi Threatens to Disband Parliament

Md. polls to remain open until 9:30 p.m.

Peruvian torture victims to be paid

High-tech Social Security cards may join battle against ID theft

Lake Mead Could Dry Up by 2021 (water for Vegas, L.A., San Diego...)

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Extends Maryland Voting 90 Minutes to 9:30 p.m. ET Due to Bad Weather

Obama Wins D.C. Primary, NBC Projects


Ex-Fla. Official Facing Fed Porn Charges

Ney will be released early

Feds, lenders offer broader plan to help with foreclosures

McCain Projected as Winner in Virginia GOP Race

Group Asks City Council for Bush Impeachment Resolution (Boulder CO)

Clinton deputy campaign manager departs

Iraq parl't row sparks calls for dissolution

Man says he killed wife to end her suffering

(Iraqi) Journalist abducted on Sunday found dead

Rudd to make 'healing' apology (to Australia's Aborigines)

Striking writers vote to go back to work

Local Democratic leader Matuszak dies at 56

Guard, Reserves Hit Hardest By Vet Suicide

Striking writers vote to go back to work

Bolivia declares flood emergency

Military dependence on supplementals climbing

Senate Votes to Give Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms

FBI ‘Clean Team’ re-interrogated 9/11 suspects

US Compares 9/11 Trials to Nuremberg

Obama Sweeps in Maryland, Va., D.C.

Fraud crackdown comes with a loophole (overseas work exempt)

BREAKING: Police Suspended For Wheelchair Dumping

Scalia: Constitution Doesn't Outlaw Torture

Ireland debates switch to right-hand driving

Over half of tigers lost in 5 years: census

Colombia trade deal dead this year, US unions say

FEMA to Use Trailers After Tornadoes

US store chain cuts sales of food from China:Trader Joes

On Cusp of Senate Telecom Immunity Passage, White House Admits Phone Companies Spied

Exxon Mobil cut off from Venezuela's oil

NY Hispanics Question Clinton Aide Exit

Exxon seeks oil-project value talks with Venezuela

GM has biggest-ever automotive co. loss

Florida Police Dump Quadriplegic Man From His Wheelchair

Family of infant who died at Honolulu Airport filing suit

Rotting whale meat mountain (Japanese whalers going broke)

Bush: Noose displays 'deeply offensive'

Kucinich: "The Incident Did Not Happen"

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Who can win?

Family Ties: Obama Speechwriter And Fox News Exec Are Brothers

Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare part II

Iraq's broken pieces don't fit together

Arianna Huffington: Why Media and Independents Need to Break Up with McCain

PAKISTAN AT THE POLLS: A growing voice for militants

There’s Nothing Mainstream About the Corporate Media

Where's the Iraqi voice? BY NOAM CHOMSKY

A gated community in the evangelical world

Administration Seeks Trial of 9/11 Suspects Before Judge Judy

You Are What You Spend

Robert Parry: Stomping on Their Children's Dreams

Europeans see what America cannot.

The case for an inquiry is stronger than ever. Independent UK

Who Won the Writers Strike?

Dodd: We passed the largest invasion of privacy in history.

Amazing moment the world's biggest Christ was struck...

Robert Gates is increasingly finding himself between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare, Part II: Debunking the Free Marketeers

Ex-Florida prison boss: Drunken orgies tainted system

It IS too late...can you say it ?

Matthew Rothschild: Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business

Unanswered questions

The Shock Doctrine in Iraq!

The Clintons' Terror Pardons

Is violence on the rise again in Iraq?

Clinton shows off her note cards, not her personality

Stores Use Sonic Devices to Chase Kids

Cloned or Conventional, Meat is Unsafe

Hillary: 'Obama Has Built-in Advantage in States That Vote'

Exxon will Never Again Steal from Venezuela Says Chavez

New Weapon for Crowd Control

We bruise our daughters when we bash Hillary Clinton -- Connie Schultz

LAT: Oh, brother! | How George torpedoed Jeb's presidential hopes…

Let's Stifle the Happy Talk

William and Mary president, faced with ouster, resigns

We didn't stop that war, but may have stopped the next

Olbermann: Iraq - The Reality on the Ground 2/11/08

Olbermann: Worst Persons 2/11/08 - Karl Rove at Choate


McCain's Double-Talk Express

2008.02.06 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse FISA Debate

CNN Roundtable Calls Bush on his Lies about Barack Obama - 2/11/08

2008.02.06 Senator Jay Rockefeller FISA Debate

2008.02.06 Senator Feingold FISA Debate I

2008.02.06 Senator Feingold FISA Debate II

2008.02.05 Senator Feingold FISA Debate I

2008.02.05 Senator Feingold FISA Debate II

Neocon War Pigs


Keith Olbermann Countdown Comment: On FISA, Telecom Immunity

2008.02.04 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse FISA Debate

2008.02.04 Senator Harry Reid FISA Debate

2008.01.31 - Senator Harry Reid on the FISA Debate - Amendments to be Debated.

2008.02.04 Senate FISA Debate I = Bond, Rockefeller, Feingold

2008.02.04 Senate FISA Debate II = Bond, Rockefeller, Feingold

2008.02.04 Senate FISA Debate III = Bond, Rockefeller, Feingold

2008.02.06 Senator Specter FISA Debate

Senator Chris Dodd Likens Telecoms/Bush Immunity to Nazi Nuremberg Defense

Senator Chris Dodd Speaks Against Telecom Amnesty FISA Bill

Calls mount to apologize, after urban-patrol exercises on downtown streets were canceled by mayor

Olbermann: Bushed! - 9/11 Mastermind Trials Timed for 2008 Elections?

BraveNewFilms: Get this 'Iraq war' charge off my bill!

TPM TV: Potomac Primary Review - 2/12/08

Barack Obama Talks to Voters in D.C.

Senator Dodd quotes Glenn Greenwald on FISA

Barack Obama in Baltimore, MD (Skinny but Tough)

The Truth about John McCain: His anti-choice record in his own words

Bush Weighs In On Obama, Thinks He Would Attack Pakistan & More!

Torture Talk with John Stewart (10:05)

21 Y/O Super-Delegate has NEVER voted for President before!

Keith Olbermann Special Comment Regarding FISA

CNN Links Obama to Osama

Barack Obama 3 for 3 in 'Potomac Primary' - 2/12/08

New Clinton March 4 Ad: 'Lifetime'

TU-95 (NATO reporting name:Bear)

McCain: If You Want to Leave Iraq, You Don't Understand War

Independence Day Music Video Barack Obama

Why we must defeat the reptillian corporacratic Bush clone Mike Turner in Ohio's 3rd District

Clinton Speech 'Potomac Primary' Night - El Paso TX 2/12/08

Hillary will not give a straight answer about the Cleveland debate

Obama Victory Speech 'Potomac Primary' Night - Madison WI 2/12/08

Hillary Let Us Down Once Again

Bush's Earmarks

Olbermann Tears Bush Another New One, This Time On FISA!

WH Briefing 2/12 - Perino Evades Helen Thomas Query re Wiretapping BEFORE 9/11

Guantanamo Comes to Main Street U.S.A. (**GRAPHIC**)

Why is Obama Winning So Many States??

Obama in Baltimore...

I'm On The Table (Shirley Golub is Running Against Pelosi!)

Valerie Plame Wilson Describes Sibel Edmonds Disclosures as 'Stunning'

Russian bomber jets swoop over US Aircraft

Canada Eyes Record Year for Wind in 2008

ProVision Opens PV Array on Maui

Getting estimate for solar water heating this a.m.

Fractional flow curves II -- Electric boogaloo

Oops! IndianTiger Numbers Less Than Half Of Most Recent Census Estimate - AFP

ASEAN Analyst Projects Indonesia's Rice Imports Up 4X By 2010 - Climate Implicated In Falling Yields

Leaf-Eating Insects (i.e. Locusts, Etc.) Likely To Surge In Numbers As Atmospheric CO2 Increases

Study - Salmon Farms Have Cut Wild Salmon Populations By Up To 70% In Multiple Regions

UK Government Warns National Health Service - Expect Malaria, Deadly Heatwaves Within 5 Years

Xpost: GM has biggest-ever automotive co. loss

Alberta Premier Gets Into Shouting Match With Environmental Activist At Rollout Of Green "Plan"

Frostbite Falls breaks record, Moose and Squirrel not heard from

Trash-Based Biofuels: From Landfill to Full Tank of Gas

Cobos says green spending can save county money (El Paso)

Expanded tax credits for renewable energy clear (Oregon) House hurdle

Construction begins in spring on massive Ont. solar farm

REH deploys Ceto II wave energy prototype

Venice's 'war' on bottled water (BBC)

Energy islands could use power of tropics, says innovator

Climate Code Red: The case for a sustainability emergency

Airlines Look For Savings As Fuel Costs Rise

Dry Lake Mead? 50-50 chance by 2021 seen

Richard Branson & Daryl Hannah talk to the UN about Climate Change (Seriously)

Sandia, Stirling Energy Systems set new world record for solar-to-grid conversion efficiency

House Democrats Unveil Energy Tax Package

Science Daily - Improved Ice-Sheet Modeling Suggests Oceans' Rise From Greenland @ 2X Projections

Understanding the Global Warming Disinformation Campaign

£25 charge on SUV's in London

Say it with me, "It IS Too Late..."

Early Data Show Arctic Sea Ice On Track To Break 2007 Record For Sea Ice Loss - ADN

London to build super-cycleways

Arctic Research Station Reports Atmospheric CO2 At New Record High Of 394 PPM - Reuters

The Cold War Threat to the Navajo (Uranium Mining)

Mental health a top priority, vets group says

Six Sept. 11 suspects charged with murder

Hobbled al-Qaida hits back with major attacks

Army: Drum GI had no mental health record

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Iraq

N.M. Guard unit leaving today for Balikatan

Hawaii wants copter medevac service back

Helo squadron CO fired for ‘loss of confidence’

Gates: Drawdown needs period of evaluation

Physicist who helped design sub Nautilus dies

CG assists LNG tanker adrift off Cape Cod

Disabled O-4 gets 15 years for raping daughter

Coast Guard doesn’t expect UAV until 2014

U.S. warships fire on Somali pirates

Marine vet runs down, fights alleged burglar

Reporter’s Notebook: Life on a Navy-run base

Corps: End piecemeal transition teams

Kitty Hawk leads list of ships going away

Berkeley reconsidering anti-Marines stand

F/A-18s intercept Russian bombers near carrier

3,000-plus 2nd MLG troops returning this week

Airmen deliver humanitarian gear to China

Alleged rape by colonel detailed at Article 32

Former Reserve Capt. Roy Scheider dies at 75

Recruiters have mixed results in January

South Dakota Guardsmen prep for deployment

Air Force postpones decision on cyber command

Murder trial wrapping up for ex-Cannon airman

Guard pilots train at Tyndall against F-22s

Gates: Pause in troop reductions likely

Tip leads platoon to EFP, weapons caches

Marines planning overhaul of family services programs

Police arrest suspect in Seoul historic gate fire

Navy to monitor quality of air at Gricignano base

Civilian post allowance rates in Italy tied to survey results, not dollar’s decline

Commander says northern Iraq still dangerous, supports Gates’ strategy

Gates challenges NATO

9/11 Suspects to See Secret Evidence

DoD Analyst Busted in Chinese Spy Case

Report: Army buried critical publication

Landstuhl mayor shows city’s sights to wounded

Nimitz makes first visit to Sasebo

Marine accused of raping 14-year-old

New Designs Bring Return of the Airship

Mullah Omar: Taliban no Threat to US

Mayor Kicks Marines Out of Toledo

Bipolar GI taken from hospital, sent to Kuwait

War veteran fights $40K claim with VA-wins w/help of Michael Finney-7 on Your Side

Adjusting course: aligning costs with revenue (*sigh*)

Today in labor history February 12

largest labor union/professional organization still undecided between Obama, Clinton

I just spent ten hours collating 6 different local hospital contracts



Gaza could be his downfall

Israeli minister plans Arab city

Top reservists: Roadblocks in W. Bank do more harm than good

Aliyah is no longer main focus of Jewish Agency

Hamas issues glossy magazine in Gaza praising its military wing, rocket attacks on Israel

UN officer reported Israeli war crimes before deadly bombing: widow

Honduras to start buying oil from Venezuela

Olmert: Certain Iran secretly building nuclear arms

Hamas Must Stand Down

Israel plans new settlement homes

New Hitches In Markets

Buffett offers to back municipal bonds

Fed Auctions $30 Billion

EU regulator raids Intel offices (BBC)

High-Interest Lenders Tap Elderly, Disabled

The vicious circle that trapped America

Morales Puts Military on Alert after US Meddling

Soldier injured in stabbing attack near Jenin

Bush tax cut e-mail

High Schooler Spars With Karl Rove Over Gay Marriage

A great book dedication (this has been posted before)

Need help with lying initiative signature gathers in CA

Israel Approves Adoption for Gay Couples

Ariz. Mulls Gay Marriage Ban - Again

I voted today

Biden got 50 votes in VA! Go get 'em, Joe!!

Biden's statement on the passing of Tom Lantos

The Stars This Week: "Green Light!" - February 11 - February 17, 2008

I know many here were feeling something "wrong"

Are you getting those negative, inflammatory chain e-mails lately?

new energies abound

A tarot experiment

As we are opening to new light, are we also opening to new levels of darkness?

Clemens Vs. McNamee...brought to all of us by the US government

Howwwwll! Uno the Beagle is Best in Show!

Anyone remember when the NFL Champ played the college all stars.......

Miami has won a world series, an NBA championship and a National college football championship

Can a Drug That Helps Hearts Be Harmful to the Brain?

Baxter halts Heparin production after reports of allergic reactions

You Remind Me of Me - The Art of Persuasion

Speaking of apnea and CPAP

Vytoringate Redux: Congress Fires Off More Letters

Is a sleep apnea diagnosis bullshit, and are they running some kinda

Cure hope over diabetes therapy (BBC)

Neurologica: Medical Information on the Internet

Employers experiment with tough get-healthy regimes

Been experimenting with canned biscuit dough.

ice storm up close and personal

Maggie's eye

So, can dogs talk?

Thanks to whomever gave me a valentine! nt

I thought you all should know--Ruhlman has committed an act of (coffee) heresy.

Neighborhood - SF Focus Group

Winter visitor.

A strange coincidence


Hubble Telescope Spies Ancient Galaxy (AOL)

If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half...

Audio of Kucinich debating 10th district opponents

Super Delegate

Searching For Truth In Wayne

federal judge outlaws ohio voter registration restrictions

Principal Electrical Engineer for WTC: "Fuel and Planes Alone Did NOT Bring the Towers Down"

Ohio 2008, Still Not Ready For An Election!

Mr. Conyers' office says he has detailed a team to attend to vote suppression.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 02/12/08

Political Realism vs Negotiating with Our Hands

Bob Slagle endorses Hilary

Thanks to whomever gave me a valentine! nt

Melancon--running for Ralph Hall's seat--wins Dallas Morning News Endorsement

1 week to Early Voting

George Lakoff on the primary

Can I just say how much I'm enjoying this "Texas - Ohio - Pennsylvania is key!" stuff!

Just returned from a Texas Democratic Women candidate's forum in Dallas tonight...

OK this is very lazy of me, but can anyone tell me if Obama is coming to Houston?

Is the Valley going to go Obama?

Case about fair housing in Kyle goes to court

It's Lincoln's birthday--time to "money bomb" Obama!

Article about Mass. Vets Care program to prevent suicide. Kerry attends launch of program..

JK voted for (failed) Dodd amendment

JK on Situation Room NOW! n/t

John Kerry's SUV Hybrid For Sale.

It started with JK in 2004

DFL Selects a very special guest speaker

Is there a website where I can go to see if a gun is stolen?


Transferring songs from my Ipod to a second computer.

media player classic

You Techs will LOVE this ! (Compuserve idiots)

Has anyone seen this site? Interesting.

Poll at CNN site today

Quick question...does anyone have a link to the latest poll numbers for upcoming states?

I voted for Obama today

Oh Secret Admirerer(s) ...

Madison , WI rally will be carried live tonight on C-span!


It's a Potomac sweep!!!

Obama is liked by the Japanese too :)

Ohio Obama people -- what can your PA neighbors to the east do to help?

I feel so happy tonight!

"More evidence of Pre-9/11 Inside Trading: Follow the Money? God forbid.

Keith is already on with post-election coverage, FYI.

Ok, I'm watching Stretch on MSNBC right now,

KOEB 2/12/2008 Potomac Primary Watch

Bleever has more hearts than me

Great post? Or Greatest Post EVER???

Anybody watch Real Time this weekend?

Is Michael Moore a Sicko?

Is KSAC off the air?

initiative signature gather lying about anti-gay initiative - heads up

Obama town hall meetings in Wisconsin Wednesday

What the hell is wrong with Herb Kohl?!?

So what's everyone wearing to the DPW party Saturday night?

Yay! I'm employed again!

Show me your... links!!

Jason Rae

Anticipating Valentine's Day: Love and Chemicals

Richard Dawkins to retire

Have all of you been following the fun across the pond over the Archbishop of Canterbury's comments

UPI: Scientists consider Darwin's contribution

The latest wisdom from Mike Huckabee...

Man, I get so irritated lately...

How do you feel about agostics/agnosticism

Is KSAC in Sacramento dropping progressive radio?

Dear Winter: