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I will have to hold my nose to vote if our candidate is

'No Country for Old Men' -- What in fuck's name did I just watch??

1br 1 ba Royal Feline Suite [dialup warning]

Obama's lead stretches to over 20% in La.

Sunday TV news shows

General election polls are meaningless

There is no evidence Hillary is favorite in Maine

I'm reading that Obama won by 90% in US Virgin Islands

Catholic vote is harbinger of success for Clinton

Obama wins Louisiana Washington Nebraska Virgin Islands

Is this old fart stuck on STUPID!!!

The Huckster wins Louisiana

So. I didn't see, read or hear who won the most delegates today

McCain now up a bit (26%-24%) over Huck in Washington

Do we all still think Hillary is going to win Maine tomorrow?

When John McCain is the front runner, that's when the rug usually comes out

Need Some Help from Those Who Have Attended Big Obama Arena Rallies

One picture to describe John McCain's relationship with his party -

Obama likely to win Maine by 20-30% (it's a caucus)

ROFLMAO! This is "Our Country"

It's a Sweep!

We do NOT need a limit on how many threads one can post, We need To Cut Down on the DUers that Spam.

Congrats Obama!

Is Hillary Feeling Victimized ? Where is Obama's Attack Timeline ?

Hillary Supporters, make phone calls to help Hillary!!!

The nomination is still Hillary's to lose!

I can't tell by reading

CNN finally calls LA for Huckabee

What time do the caucuses open and close tommorow?

100,000+ new donors and 10 million raised since super tuesday

OK, let's say Gravel gets the nomination and then loses to McCain in a landslide

Make your prediction for Maine

The low black turnout in LA is a wakeup call to the Obama campaign

How many Clinton and Undecided people heard Obama's speech tonight for the first time?

The conventional wisdom is Clinton will win PA

How much of an effect will Obama's sweep tonight have on upcoming contests?

Lurking Freepers: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

A serious question about Gravel

A snip of Obama's Stump Speech in Omaha: "They want to boil the hope outta me"..

Anyone watch the GOP in WA...OMG

Hillary/Barack, yadda fucking yadda. We have a common enemy

Hillary gets more votes than John & Huck combined in LA

I would consider leaving the party if the superdelegates overturn the will of the people

Serious question: How much of Hillary's supposed "base" are folks just not ready for a black man?

NOT Off With His Head! Queen Hillary Grants Pardon!

"The country is ready for a black president, only it's Colin Powell"

I will vote for our DEM matter who.But, the Pubs stole 2 elections, can they do it 3X?

One could make the argument that the Smoke Filled rooms of yore...

Obama followers as cultists - Stage IV of Clinton's losing defense matrix

It's really about the Supreme Court of the United States..

What's in a name?

Obama bows to the youth

Democrats' favorite news personality: It's not Keith Olbermann. His name is...

I missed everything cause I waz busy drinking beer with DU'ers... What happened?

Hillary and Obama neck and neck in Newsweek national poll. Obama with 58% chance of winning

Let's see how it REALLY is here. (Warning! If you're overly sensitive, don't even bother)

Is Hillary's new "Ohio/Texas strategy" the same as Rudy's "Florida" strategy?

Obama's Virginia speech today sounds like he's looking beyond the primary.

Check in here if you think slamming another candidate is useful!

I've gone to 4 different sites and I've seen 4 different delegate counts

DU has really become really racist...

RCP: Clinton delegate lead down to 16 (including SDs)

It was funny when Obama recognized McCain's "half a century of service to our country"

Uh, Oh... Neck and Neck, Democrats Woo Superdelegates - NYT

For Obama Supporters...what has been his best Victory speech thus far?

In response to those who claim Obama is less progressive than Clinton ...

I'm butt nekkid

If there's a deadlocked convention I think they should just flip a coin

Now, This Could Be Completely Understandable...

My favorite graphic on the Obama website...

According to the New York Times website, Hillary has only beaten Obama by 20+ points

Caucus States - Population vs Participation

As much as I like Al Gore...

Hillary concession speech? Didn't think so.

Pre Saturday Primaries VA Poll: Obama 53 Clinton 37

Obama up7% Over McCain in Latest "Times" Poll, on heels of 2/9/08 Sweep

Why McCain /repub's won't win

The real reason why Republicans have kicked our asses for years....

I've seen a lot of kool aid references on this board, learn about jim jones and jonestown

Carol Moseley Braun: Perspectives on race and gender in a presidential contest

Liberal hippies, release my son!

Sexist coverage of Hillary brings women to her corner

I don't see how Hillary can keep surviving double-digit losses the rest of February

Remeber? "By October, Obama will fizzle."

AAuggh! There she goes again...

Ok. How is Obama going to counter when the conservatives bring THIS up?

My WA caucus had 6x the turnout of 2004! Some groups had to meet outside in the wind/rain!

I am a firm believer in that all things happen for very good reasons

I am a 65 year old woman. I do not plan to vote for Hillary, does


We NEED to Tighten Our Borders and Keep these Damn Illegal Aliens out!

50 State Primary or what's Howard Dean's plan?

Free McCain't button for your usage

The "Candidates" And Nuclear Proliferation/Nuclear Energy

Check the candidates out for yourself

This Edwards supporter has decided

having Edwards icons etc.

Right wing anti-McCain sentiment is a RUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard on the radio, Obama is only up 908 pledged delegates over Hillary's 877

Politico: Virginia Rep. Moran to Endorse Obama

US Election polltracker....Ck it out

Just got this from the Obama camp

"democrat primary" "democrat party"-Bush on FOX Sunday today

How about this as a deadlock solution:

Ne Caucusgoers let voices be heard (coverage of several areas)

Gathering storm clouds unnoticed: The nascent democracy movement

Justin, If you identified yourself, I would like to give you a virtual Standing Ovation

SNL rerun from this past October -- Halloween Party at the Clintons.

You know whats funny. Rush and the Republican base hate McCain but they are terrified of Huckenstein

One question for people not willing to support whoever the nominee

Hillary sweeps the corner of 1st and State streets in Boyle Heights, Calif.

Delete - double

Barack Obama coming to Madison, WI on Tuesday, February 12!

I voted against the DLC & the corporate machine yesterday.

Barack probably wins 110 delagates yesterday.

Hillary Clinton to speak at Wisconsin Democratic gathering (Milwaukee)

Dear Skinner, how mean of you. how could you snatch our chew toy

Could John Edwards Decide the Democratic Nominee for President?

Did Jim Webb endorse Clinton? Is he going to? Anyone know? n/t

Dear RepublicanDad

Did Hillary sit out yesterday's primaries/caucuses waiting for larger states?

Will it take an independent or different party to change Washington?

Obama endorsed by Cincinnati Councilman D.Crowley and Hamilton County Commissioner T.Portune

How would Michigan's delegates be divided?

Generational Divide

What's the source? An Obama supporter forwarded this to me.

Maryland Newspaper Baltimore Sun endorses Obama

I Will Happily Vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama This Autumn

CNN: GWB defends Bill Clinton, attacks Obama

Hillary on MI Primary "this not going to count for anything"

The Obama hate is merely projection from older Boomers

Maine caucus info?

Sometimes I wonder if the fix is already in...and I hate thinking that way!

I still think McCain will get the Puke nomination, but I also think the Huckster will close the gap

SOME of Clinton hate is projection from SOME misinformed college kids

Where does Obama stand on slave reparations?

SOME of Obama hate is projection from SOME older Boomers

Something to think about...

DailyKos: Didn't believe me that Obama would win Maine? (w/ pics)

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/10/08

Huckabee on "The antithesis of everything Republicans stand for...Miracles are still happening"

A Message To Clinton Supporters

Precinct 702, Washington

Obama will lose Maine by 5%. I'm telling you guys.

Obama folks: Don't waste your time arguing here.

Perspective: Obama has won MORE Primaries and at least as much

As we know ...

Michigan election didn't count for ANYTHING.

There is one situation in which I will have difficulty voting for the Dem in November.

Why Obama could never be Hillary's VP.

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War (NYT - Frank Rich)

Ron Paul Dropping Out?

What time is the Maine caucus today

"What I wanted to say to Chris Matthews" by Kate Michelman of NARAL

DeGette [Denver] could be caught in cross-hairs of superdelegate scenario

Analysis: "Will long Clinton-Obama race benefit GOP or Democrats?"

I just bought one of these!

How many DUers supported the Iraq war initially? The results are IN!

Dean Can't; Their Corporate Handlers will broker this election

***Radical Fringe Toon *** have a chuckle..Sunday Feb 10, 2008

Barack Obama speaks about Religion...

OABAMITES: Stop Your Smear Tactics

Since we're being trivial... why can't Hillary pronounce the word "a"?

So what has Mr. Change changed in the past 10 years?

Obama's Super Saturday

Superdelegates, Back Off

Sunday morning, same shit, different day

Obama, Clinton kick off Virginia campaign

You want to know what's FUCKED UP? 37k people went to the Kansas caucus,1.2 million voted in Mass

Was Obama Bribed to Dilute His Nuclear Safety Bill?

What's going on with counting the GOP vote in WA?

So I was invited to an event with Bill Clinton

Obama Opens Offices in Houston, Texas

Clinton raises $10 million since Super Tuesday

IDEA: let's nominate someone who can't win over 60's, Hispanics,working class or women!

This photo might just made GD:P explode

Delegate Estimates as of this Morning

Obama Supporters: To the phones!!!!

If Obama wins TX, is that just another non-Dem state?

What's in a name?

The fact that Obama is raising money at triple the rate of Hillary shows his voters are more

CNN DELEGATE COUNT: Clinton 1,108 Obama 1,049

If you want to Help Hillary and John Edwards in this election, go to FaceBook

Rove says Obama is awfully thin on experience and issues on Face the Nation

What odds would you give for winning the nomination?

Very "liberal"loses general-Obama Red states Dems very liberal, Caucuses favor wealthy or students

Is McCain stealing votes from Huckabee?

What the Nominee will be up against come November:

Most of my reasons for supporting Obama. Written by somebody else.

Anyone listening to cspan...

If one candidate wins the popular vote, the other wins more total pledged delegates...

So, any news about the possible suppression of votes in Louisiana yesterday?

Is it wrong to like and root for Huckabee?

Did they ever give the final figures for NM? Thanks. nt

RCP: Clinton delegate count down 46 today to +15. Hillary has 1121 total delegates to Obama's 1106.

All right. That's enough. Let us speak no more of MI & FL Delegates.

Obama does well against McCain. So did Bush vs. Gore and Kerry vs. Bush. What happened?

Where The Hillary Campaign Is Now

Wow, look at where Pennsylvania is on the primary schedule. Voters there are going to overwhelmed!

I know 5 peolple in Maine.

National election reform coalition - link

I don't know how bad the weather is in Maine but


If you don't stop this bickering, I'm going to mess up your monitor!

Anybody know where we can get updates On the Maine Caucus?

Don't look now but Hillary looks to be re-establishing a comfortable national lead

Why can Puerto Ricans help elect the Dem. candidate, but can't vote in the GE?

Obama arrives for rally in Arlington, VA, where he'll be endorsed by Rep. James Moran.

The question 'Are we ready for a Black President' is in my opinion, a racist one...

Mason Dixon VA: Obama 53 Clinton 37.

Alright, how is this being explained by the Obama supporters

Obama won all but one county in Washington

Please help me out Obama supporters

Is it time for Democrats to have some winner take all primaries?

Dowd: Hillary is a dragon. Obama must slay the dragon. Hillary and Cheney have a dark vision

Large crowds in Maine delay caucus start for an hour

Did anyone see bush today ?

Chuck Todd: Clinton Could "Steal" Obama's Caucus Delegates

San Antonio Express-News Endorses Obama

It's Obama in Fairfield

So what is DU's opinion: What campaign will be dirtier-Bush/Rove's S.C. 2000 or the Clintons' Ohio?

MI and FL caucuses ?

My solution: one candidate agrees to 1 Term and the other candidate drops out.

If a candidate is leading in popular vote and pledged delegates going into the convention...

Mason Dixon MD Poll: Obama 53 Clinton 35

Anomaly? Mistake? ~ OTHER ~ wins the majority of (R) votes in the Washington primary!

Clinton raises $10 MILLION ONLINE and gains 100,000 DONORS since Super Tuesday

Now THIS is a CULT, Pt. 2: Lone Heaven's Gate Survivor Speaks

It's Obama in Fairfield

Huckabee questions (WA) state GOP caucus count

Renewing American Leadership Obama and PNAC agree

Be Honest O-folks. Hillary's problem is not that she's a bad candidate...

The cult that won the election of 2004.

Hillary Clinton in single digits among black voters in Virginia

okay one throw away thread for me......SC voter

Did MSM want Edwards out? Would a white male from the South with either

Will Bush stump for McCain .. will McCain want Bush to stump for him?

Hillary Clinton on Iraq

What happens to Edwards' delegates?

TPM: A Little Weird (Washington Republican Race)

Still need to decide...

Why Lorna (former NOW President) Switched from Clinton to Obama

Just a preview of what the Rethugs will have in store for us this Fall

What to expect after the cult smear fades


In a heavily republican county in WA: 15 republicans caucused and 160 Democrats caucused!

Barack Obama campaigns in Virginia now Live on CNN!

Hillary not fighting for the "goof" vote. Big mistake.

Obama Winning Popular Vote, Pledged Delegates, State by State, Against McCain

If our nominee does not win the GE in November, should the runner-up be handed the nomination

Chimpy on Obama, Obama hits back.

Interesting comments on Dem primaries from Shrub...

HEADS UP: Obama Rally in Alexandria, VA, Now at

Obama's Wins Suprising To Anyone? LA: 57%; NE: 68%; WA: 68%

OK, Obama supporters, I assume most of you voted for John Kerry,

How about NO MORE anti-Clinton supporters and anti-Obama supporters threads?

Question: How can I be convinced who Senator Clinton will represent?

One man one vote, a direct democracy.

About McCain's running mate.

Obama and Clinton on trade

Republicans for the most part are "Hillary" haters. They would

I suppose too that this is a lie...

Hm The Page reporting Edwards will endorse soon, talking with both Hillary and Obama.

Why is Hillary stealing Obama's "Yes we can" mantra??? Desperate?

Did John Kerry take lobbyist money in 2004?

Frank Rich: Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

Will Hillzilla crush Obambi?

So Florida and Michigan moved up their primaries to insure their votes would be significant

bill's VA Tech Speech was awesome


Need some Clinton and Obama links for townhall meetings

Obama Could Win 35 Out Of 53 Contested Races...and Still Lose

Here's one I think we can all rally around. It makes me puke!

Can we make sure that all accounts created now through the primaries get the same avatar?

Does Huck staying in the race help or hurt the Democrats??

You know, if this IS a cult, it's a pretty sweet deal.

i am amazed at how much obama can whine and complain about what he calls the clinton's unfairness

Rumford, Dixfield, Mexico, and Byron caucuses go for Clinton -Maine

Just attended an amazing exercise in real democracy in Washington!

OK, I just crunched the numbers on the Thread-limit proposal

El Paso Times Endorses Barack Obama

Don't blame Florida for the delegate problems....

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Bush over Gore. Endorses nobody in 2004

With all this "hate" talk just wanted to ask a simple question...

I am deeply troubled by the Obama attack on the Clinton health plan

A reminder of 2004 election, this is what the map looks like

Hillary Clinton's advisers 'in a state of panic'

duplicate thread

Criticism of the Superdelegate system?

Political expert: Hil is the easer candidate. Obama is bulletproof, tougher, and brings hope

Obama has put together an odd coalition of supporters

The Super Delegate Doomsday Scenario will not happen...Sorry MSM

Obama carries York, ME caucus

Please help me out Obama supporters

Obama cultism example thread

Exit polling showed that 67% of HRC supporters would not

Hillary Top Staff Being Reshuffled

Did anyone See Menendez this morning? And, was anyone else disturbed by his statement?

Web Links to Obama’s Legislative Accomplishments

Hillary has changed her stump speech from "I" to "we"....

MISSING: McCain's "straight talk" on Cheney's torture

Do you take Bush at his word?

The choice for candidate spouses: "stand in the back and smile, or get off the stage"

The VEEP, the VEEP . . .

What ever happened to Mike Gravel?

Question: Will Hillary "waiting until March 4th"...

I am starting to think there is something wrong with me.

Clinton supporters: Why do you look past her war vote?

Strib Op-Ed: Obama needs to move beyond the rhetoric

Political cartoonist Tony Auth's take on McCain's challenge...

Maine RESULTS: Obama 50%, Hillary 48%, with 11% in.

It's the dishonesty (and incivility) more than the volume

Joe Wilson: "Obama's vote was typically passive."

CNN has New Delegate Count Numbers: Clinton 1139 Obama 1106

1994 story about Maggie Williams:

If Republican Dad Comes back Again, Shouldnt we Let him stay for Our own Enjoyment?

Maine Google Map Showing Caucus Results With Pinpoints

A Note For Maine Caucus Watchers

Hillary Top Staff Being Reshuffled; Solis Doyle Replaced As Campaign Manager

Did Obama cross the line as a senator when he criticized the 'media', specifically, Imus?

Mark Penn fired (per LBN) n/t

Did any one see Tim Rusertt say that David Shuster was suspended INDEFINITE

Here are the numbers which show why Obama will be our nominee

Whoopie Switches from Obama to Hillary

CNN starting to show Maine results

'Obama will be assassinated'

Obama Voters: Would You Cross Over to McCain if Hillary Won?

I can`t zip my lips any longer.

Foxnews - 41% of precincts reporting - 57 Obama, 42 Clinton

I may not be CNN/Faux/MSRNC/etc.. but I'm calling Maine for Obama!

McCain now has a Bush accent?

How to check for dupes. It's really not that complicated.

Hill supporters - pep talk

Penn and McAuliffe's strategy backfires - a woman (Solis Doyle) is replaced.

Reports from Maine: Awesome news for Obama!!!!

Warning to Democratic Party regarding future Black Voters and Super Delegates, Florida and Michigan

CNN now showing Obama 57/Clinton 42 in Maine.

Everyone's aware that Obama won Idaho 80 to 17 percent, right?

Nader speaks at film festival in Carytown (Richmond, VA)

Polls were right, Obama winning the weekend.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...truly sorry.

Do you think that you're smarter/ more enlightened than the average Democratic voter?

Hillary Clinton in Manassas, VA today

shake up in Clinton campaign, just now on CNN.

Chuck Todd delegate update - Clinton: 1,207, Obama: 1,183

Shout out for Malcom X on TVOne: Black History Month

Obama leads in pledged delegates 931 to 882

Well It looks to me like Obama has it close to won

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/10/08 - Clinton up 1 (49), Obama down 1 (41)

Why are the posting Caucus results when not everyone in ME has caucused yet?

We need to let latin Americans know we have their back. From now on say..

So what is the Delegate score Between O and H?

Obama has come a long way. The most recent Maine poll I could find was from October

CNN: 44% in: Obama 57%, Clinton 42%

Amazing Maine caucus the room tilted Obama!

Obama or Clinton? Grammys go for Obama

For what it's I got past Clinton's stance on Iraq...

Maryland, Virginia, And DC Superdelegates Endorse Hillary

A serious question: who could actually win a few of the red states in November?

Obama won a grammy!

UK Telegraph: Clinton's campaign "in state of panic," will try to get Reid to force O out.

If a post limit is instituted here, I sure as hell won't waste any more posts reaching out

Caucuses don't matter.

With Hillary winning big states, Obama begins to backtrack on Superdelegate question

Is CNN sitting on Maine results in attempt to help Clinton?

Portland Maine report from Dailykos: looks good for Obama

You Obama Supporters need some humility..

Chicago Dem politcal machine hi-jacking Dem Party ?

Here's one of my issues with Obama: hypocrisy on lobbyists!

Are These Obama Maniacs on Crack Cocaine?

It's great that all these states that campaigns never pay attention have a say in the primaries

CNN Delegate Count: Hillary 1,139 and Barack 1,106

CONGRATULATIONS to the Obama camp and his supporters

Considering the replacements Hillary is making, is it too late for her to get a new

HRC's camp seems to be putting all her eggs into the TX Hispanic vote basket

"If we end up with the most states & the most pledged delegates from the most voters in the county"

To counter act the old inaccurate polls smart money is on

59% Reporting: Obama 57 Clinton 42

Iss CNN withholding additional caucas results to aid Obama?

Cults, Strategies, Predictions, Silly Logic, and Puppies...and Kittens

Grow up!

DELETE - Made my point

Where'd you go Edwards supporters?

Obama's stock is up

Why some might find Obama scary

It is worth pointing out one important thing about Maine--

Looks like Maine is in the bag

Hours after Saturday losses: Hillary Replaces Campaign Manager

Obama on 60 Minutes tonight

The word of the day is HYPOCRISY. Can you say it with me, boys and girls?

Obama campaign projected a loss in Maine ... link

McCain on TV talking about how happy he is to be getting advice from Karl Rove

What does Howard Dean do next ??

With 64% in, Obama still leads by 15.

Question: Where do they stand?

Is There Any Chance That Al Gore Will Rescue Us from Clobama?

Democratic Primary Maps, Year-By-Year

Breaking: Maggie Williams to take over as Clinton campaign manager

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See!

Did anyone hear a loud, horrid wail?

I give CNN credit for being consistent. Last to report Clinton winning NH,

Rep. Pete Gallego chairman of the TX Mexican American Legislative Caucus endorses Obama

What percentage of voters just wants to be on the winning side?

People from Maine are called Mainers, I think they should be called

MSNBC calls Maine for Obama

Why is being young relevant?

Nobody likes opportunistic, selfish politicians

is this a real picture of John McCain?

Hillary Clinton to be on 60 Minutes tonight.....

Why did Obama vote for this bill written for corporate interests?

MSNBC Projected Maine for Barack Obama!!

Will Obama win the next four contests?

Howard's real coup

I am so torn....

OK, which one of you hysterical Hillbots is on Sam Seder right now?

MSNBC: Barack Obama Wins Maine

Baltimore Sun "strongly endorses" Obama

Hillary needs to bring in Bob Shrum to run the campaign

I hate it when DU'ers from either side write off a US state as inessential to our party...

Looks like MSNBC found the one Black guy in Maine

Does Hillary go to Wisconsin on Tuesday or does she put all her eggs in the Ohio/Texas basket?

February 9 article: Blue-collar Maine looks good for Hillary ... link

Nine Easy Steps

Julie Banderas on Fox's Red Eye JUST called Obama a "Halfrican"

Unhinged Coulter Uses Hitler Analogy To Bash McCain

Why do so few Americans with a mix of German AND English extraction run for president?

I love the reaction of Obama when told Kennedy would have to vote for Clinton

ALERT: Obama and Clinton on tonight's 60 Minutes

Oh, forget it!

Just picture this...

*****Breaking CNN/Fox: Clinton campaign manager resigns

Obama approaching 60% in ME, Hillary approaching 30s.

Who is the most progressive on economic issues?

This is a historic race

Ohio's Largest Paper Endorses Obama

Hillary Clinton's town hall meeting in Roanoke, VA cancelled

Congrats Senator Obama-Since Feb 5 you have won in all corners of the nation

Not all Clinton supporters are the same, not all Obama supporters are the same

Clinton or Obama: who will fight for our votes? It's 11/05/08. Rethug chicanery

Dobule post-delete

Kinshasha 1974

Despite being down as much as 37 points in the polls, Barack Obama has won Maine!

Obama landslides could break deadlock

Obama supporters only, I wanted to save this for posterity

Everything indicates that Obama will win Maine by 20-30%, I'm telling you guys

So, has Ralph Nader decided to run or not?

Any good place to watch the Maine numbers come in?

Huckabee push-polling in Virginia!

Obama wins yet another state and Hillary predictably does something to steal the news cycle.

Ohio loves Hillary Clinton!

Does the status quo include offshoring?

Another Brokered Convention question (sorry)

To The Gracious And Classy Clinton\Edwards Supporters, Thank You For Your Kind Words...

Clinton seeks to cast herself as underdog vs Obama

kos Maine open thread and report

February 12: Barack Obama Rally in Madison, WI

CNN just called it: Obama wins Maine

All those blacks from Maine weighed in

Hillarious's house of cards falling down.

CNN: Edwards meeting with Clinton & Obama on endorsement.

Why are many Bread and Butter Dem Voters voting for Hillary Clinton?

TPM: "Greater Than 50% Chance" He'll Endorse (Edwards)

Pledge to donate your "economic stimulus check" to the Democratic candidates

Katie is making it sound like Bill will influence Hillary if she's elected.

Serious Posts ONLY, no flame-baiting!

How do you get health insurance today?

Alec Baldwin, HuffPo: "Gore seemed a likely choice, but Gore would have none of it"

Why Continual Losing Doesn't Help the Clinton Campaign

Hillary's Campaign Manager Quits

O Mario, Mario. Why didn't you get on that plane?

How many young and independent voters will skip the election if Obama...?

Did Clinton win her last state in this contest on February 5th?

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tiara.

WHERE are you seeing Hillary/Obama/McCain ads?

NYT, pg1: Neck and Neck, Democrats Woo Superdelegates; "Boiler rooms" pursue likely targets

Clinton Supporter here Congrats on a great couple of days Obama folks!

Gov Gregoire: "I share that vision of hope & congratulate Senator Obama on his victory"

Semi-Bold Prediction Time.

The next post that overgeneralizes about "Obama supporters" or vice versa like they are all the same

Obama supporters: don't complain about bad media coverage vs. McCain

REPORT: John Edwards in Pre-Endorsement Conversations with Hillary and Barack


McCain's VP: Haley Barbour

Online cajoling the new currency (campaigning)

Obama is doing extremely well on 60 Minutes.

Obama or Clinton? Grammys go for Obama

"Michigan Dems back in running"

Obama people - I have an honest question about his fundraising.

Once we take back the White House, can we still legitmately call ourselves an "Underground"???

Clinton replaces campaign manager, makes private visit to North Carolina to seek Edwards endorsement

Obama's site shuts down due to traffic!

Obama Campaign Memo: RE: Upset in Maine Caps Off Weekend Sweep

Maine: Obama gets 15 delegates and Hillary gets 9 delegates.

This Clinton supporter would like to give a heart to an Obama supporter.

Clinton Now and Then: "You know, for me, politics isn't a game." Vs. "Now the fun part begins"

OBAMA wins the most states, votes and elected delegates. BUT

Just In - Hillary Campaign leaks she will "Cry like a baby" on Monday

The Name Calling Needs To END! Let's Do Something About It.

NPR host thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

Hillary's campaign manager steps down?

Obama never mentions the right-wing attacks

HEADS UP: Obama rally in Virginia Beach. LIVE NOW, on

****Maine Caucus Results Thread*****

Do we HAVE to use childish names like "Hillbots" and "Obama cultists" ?

It looks like proportional representation will keep Hillary from falling too far behind.

Obama is showing real power

Obama Officially wins M A I N E - 59% - 41%

Obama wins Hope! Freedom! Paris! Sidney! Belfast! Naples! York, Bristol, and Manchester!

Skinner, time to place the limit AND ban newbies from GD:P

Why some may find Obama scary....

May I interrupt to say ....... "Fuck You" ....... "Fuck You" ...... Thank You

Poor Hill!

Looks like another Clinton make over is coming AGAIN

I admit it. I'm for Obama because he plays great music at his

Whats up with Gore why isn't he endorseing anyone at this point?

What is the tipping point for Obama supporters re: superdelegates?

Hillary on 60 minutes

With all of the crap being allowed, why should I contribute this fund drive?

Eyes on the Prize, people...

Have you donated $$$$ this election season?

I have a Serious and Wonky question

Why the Gore love?

Edwards In Secret Endorsement Talks With Obama And Clinton

CNN: Hillary still leads Obama in overall delegate count: 1,148 - 1,121

Hillary can't possibly win against the GOP! Go with Obama!

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

Here's why it would make no sense for Edwards to endorse Clinton...

CBS: Obama holds lead 1,134 delegates to 1,131 incl supers

Self-delete, one step ahead of the Mods, but...

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): "March 4 Decisions"

Has Larry Flynt found a chink in Obama's DU hardened armor?

Doesn't This Say it All about CNN?

Now the Obama signs come out?? leave it to cali to be stupid..

DLC - Eat it! It's no Hillary Coronation this year!

Why is CNN the only major news website to still not show that Obama won Maine???

Caucuses are undemocratic, and here's why

Congrats, Obama! Maine was NOT a given a week ago!

Republicans want Obama

The Common Enemy

I don't think it's fair you can't know who gave you a heart.

THAT is HILLARY hitting McCAIN down --WHOW (she has her boxer gloves on-fund drive

How many times did your candidate fart today?

Just for fun: who is Obama's base?

Let's repeat this, again. Obama wins caucuses and Southern primaries

Hillary is the best candidate and ,,,

Superdelegates will consider Democratic voter totals, primary vs caucus, and electability

Ya Know, This Whole Heart Thing Looks REALLLLLLLLY Strange In GDP.

Obama supporters. Don't get complacent!!! It ain't over by a long shot!

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Do not make this race about gender or race

Can obama supporters explain this...

Motivate Your Candidate

Hillary Obama math thread: pledged O=1000/C=922

State count (via kos)

Anyone have a link to Hillary's Maine concession speech?

So, any Clinton supporters thinking about switching to Obama?

Reminder to West Coasters -- Obama and HRC will be on 60 minutes tonight.

You Wanna Know why Obama wins the Youth Vote? Because he is Actively Courting our Votes

Obamistas! We must prepare the people of Maine for the GREAT CONVERSION!

Rezko Trial Delayed One Week

A Meeting With Edwards and a Canceled Event

"Despite confusion, Nebraska Democrats say caucuses a huge success"

I heard a new one tonight "The Change Express" - Obama Virginia rally on live CNN!

Oopsie Daisy...... My life as an FBI mole..... Uh oh!!!!!

My idea of the Clinton Machine:

Candidate with the most pledged delegates and/or the more popular votes should get the nominatio

"In 2004, a total of 17,000 showed up at the caucuses (Maine)

Hillary was the front runner in Maine. Spin that, Clinton campaign.

The republicans want to finish off what they started with the Clintons

Head count: how many of you have checked out and don't care about anything but electability now?

So...Why did Obama's last couple of wins not really count?

WaPo: In Virginia, A Longtime Republican Votes For Change

This Kucinich and Edwards supporter is now a proud delegate...

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War - Frank Rich

Obama Q&A at Alexandria VA.

CBS: Obama Takes Delegate Lead, Even Counting Uncommitted Supers Delegates

What This Primary Resembles

Republicans are in a funny position, regarding Obama

Bill Clinton called me today

A poll of two - my neighbor and I.

Some Info about a group voting for Obama yesterday in Nebraska..

Think I exaggerate about Florida's attitude? Here's a county chairperson's rant against Dean.

Did We the American People Vote to have Super Delegates in 1980

can Barack beat McCain? Why or Why not.

Check out my own personal Obama fundraising page!


Women intimidated by Obama supporters at caucuses

Colin Powell endorsement most valuable. Edwards, Gore, Giuliani next most valuable

I've noticed in recent stump speeches, Obama has started going

Doesn't McCain look young in this picture?

Shouldn't we be pulling together?

Obama won the Utah *primary* 57%-39% ...

In all seriousness if there's a brokered convention I say that we just flip a coin

Obama Rally on c-span

Can we talk about the percentage of the white vote Obama got in IA, KS, NE, ID, ND and Maine?

top 3 things about Obama, Hillary, and GD:P.

When did we surrender to the republicans on Whitewater?

Clinton falls below 40% in Maine Caucus results with 99% reporting

The Clinton campaign is in their last throes

We've been inflitrated!

This is what America is all about


Right about now - we should be arguing that Obama should have the lead..

Where is Obama meeting with Edwards tomorrow?

Skip the spin: Obama really is the front runner at this point...

Too much energy being wasted

Handy Guide of Barack Obama's support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Issues

My caucus experience

San Antonio Express News endorses Obama

Don't Blame Me...

Primary calendar and Scratch-pad fun

Joe Trippi, former Edwards advisor: "It's hard to see a win for Clinton into March ..."

Message from Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe...

Grammy******spoiler alert********* for west coast.

Barack supporters (and I am one): Be gracious...Gloating is...

How Will It All End? - Salon

Huckabee Says 'Weird Things' Going On as Party Stops Counting Votes at 87%

Obama On The Move


Reality check: Caucuses ARE undemocratic, but they benefit Clinton

RCP now has Obama +3 in delegates

Obama is now inevitable--unsinkable!

Someone break it to Momma, the country is going Obama !

I'm Going to See Chelsea Clinton Tomorrow. If I get to ask her a question, what should I ask?

Hillary Clinton's campaign plunged into crisis

Obama is a poem: lyrical and inspirational; Hillary is an essay: reasoned & informed

As an Edwardian I have to give Hillary supporters credit for their class on Edwards

Is the GOP making Obama supporters vote for him through some kind of mind control?

Seriously, does Hillary C have a death wish with her new campaign manager?

to people who have already participated in a caucus or primary...

Will Obama's grammy cause Al Gore to jealously endorse HRC?

Questions Over Clinton Family Wealth

I miss Edwards

Sorry Hillary, Loaning your campaign money doesn't show conviction

All Aboard the HRC Titanic

If Clinton loses Texas and Ohio, she should step aside for the sake of Party unity.

We don't want a movement - we need help - Marie Cocco

Who do you predict will be the next President

"I'm not talking about blind optimism here..."

For Clinton Supporters

Who's this Mario character people keep talking about?

Obama we have to be so hateful when we win???

Good analysis of Feb. 19 Wisconsin primary ... link

Belfast Maine Caucus: 2004: 170 2008:425

"Would you rather win FL, CA, MA, PA, OH or IA, ME, LA, SC, UT" get the idea

Wow. This place has lost its dad-gummed mind!

Hillary's campaign has hit an iceberg, and her surrogates are trying to keep it afloat

Hillary has the machine behind her in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania - she will win all 3

Thank you, Maine voters. Clinton going DOWN

Obama Camp Sends 'Urgent Request' to Louisiana SoS as Voters Find Party Registration Switched. Again

Rasmussen and Intrade prediction markets

Funding the war is much worse than voting for it

Here's the Time Magazine analysis of the race.

If John Edwards endorsed Hillary Clinton, how would it affect you?

Tuesday ain't going to be any prettier for Hillary

What is there for Democrats to think about? Why are they even having this conversation?


DU fund drive: do donations move a particular candidate's glove?

'Why Obama came to my stag do'

The Mind of an LDS Family - and Electibility

The male vote for Obama against McCain will be worse than Clinton against McCain

Billary is gonna get nasty!

I will remember how the Obama people are gloating.. tonight.

I am so tired of this mantra that Obama is not winning anywhere it counts.

I'm not gonna gloat, but Hillary supporters were unrelenting on DU for a whole year prior to Iowa

Many folks associate Obama with Dean's 50 state strategy. Why?

Barack Obama's Presidential To-Do List

Obama supporters, set the alarm clocks for tomorrow morning!

Josh Marshall says "WTF?" (Washington pug primary result was Fixed)

what is up with the boxing match? why did obama suddenly catch up?

My two cents on why Latino and Asian voters tend to support Hillary

My prediction for the upcoming weeks.

How many people do you have on your ignore list?

Please people, stop trying to extrapolate primary victories in solid red

Why does Hillary think she can win Ohio and Texas?

Calling all Obama/Clinton supporters. Follow your leaders lead!

Obama won 4 states and a grammy this weekend. Beat out Bill Clinton.

I’m tired of being afraid.

With Bush "endorsing" Hillary Clinton it makes we wonder if the two families have a deal worked out

My Obama fears.

Chicago Tribune: "By dancing with Rezko, Obama impeaches his own judgment, and raises questions"

Obama supporters, how many dashboard points have you earned?

Virginia is Obama Country!

The reason why the media is easier on Obama - from an Obama supporter

Help !!! - Anybody Have A Legitimate\Current Poll For Maine ???

Huckabee 'Not Ready to Concede', Challenging 'Dubious' WA State GOP Caucus; LA Primary Even Closer!

Old W.A.S.P.'s never die... and

People here who write that they would not vote for either Obama or HRC in November...

Of three hearts. . .

Governor Strickland to go all out for Hillary in Ohio

Do you want to beat the Republicans in November, or join with them?

Disenfranchising Hillary's Base: The Undemocratic Caucus

Obama doesn't have anything wrapped up with this (expected) string of wins

Why do so few Italian-Americans run for the presidency?

DU - please recap yesterdays results for me... please

Why Hillary's IWR vote counts. My uncle called last night.

Frankly, I'm sick of the crap Obama supporters throw at Hillary

Fired up...Pissed off, Ready to go.

Obama Ties Clinton to Past - "starts off with 47 percent of the country against her"

Hillary is a strong, intelligent, visionary ready to lead our country on day 1!!!

Asian Tribune: "Why is Obama the favorite of the rich and powerful Democrats?"

Skinner, please institute the thread limit ASAP. Please, we're begging you!

Prognosticating the Potomac Primary: Stick a Spork in Her, She's Done

**REMINDER**: Freedom House (Slave) Museum Opens in Alexandria, VA on Potomac Primary Day: Obamas...

Are HRC people EVER gonna stop saying that Obama's wins don't count?

Wow. A whole 3,800 people voted in Maine. Democracy at its best!

Is Hillary proposing to run the GE election and this country like she is running this campaign?

LOL! Obama wins Houlton, Maine.

This has been on Hillary Clinton's blog for over a week now...

A Black Howard Dean + black support vs. Bill Clinton - black support

Boldly brave Sir Robin!

No JE/No Gore = we're all screwed

Help Me, JEBUS! Candy Crowley is in Alexandria, VA: LIVE

Confessions of a Clinton Basher

Oh man, at the Obama rally in Virginia right now.

Give a Cheer to Hillary-“Clinton brought both camps to their feet when she blistered the Bush admin

I just donated to Obama for the first time and they make me agree to the following before doing so

MUST READ!!!!! - NPR's Juan Williams thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

Photos: Barack Obama today at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA

I just watched last weeks "real Time " and Bill Maher announced that Americans owe blacks a lot more

Why Clinton isn't a Leader

Clinton folks, when ChimpCo is taking your candidate's side in a primary season,

I suppose too that this is a lie... (Clinton vs Obama)

I'm going to ask my Magic 8-Ball about the election

This BS has got to stop: If the superdelegates go the other way, it is not "stolen"

Aaah... How romantic! A little pre-Valentine's Day (Clinton) treat

Rhetoric and talking shit contribute to this environment re: Obama supporters gloating

Dear Clinton supporters: Hang in there, keep fighting hard for your candidate.

Im still seeing cult posts by Obama supporters...Why

My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

Did Obama lose a congressional race two years ago in Illinois?

My CNN Saturday Election Coverage Diary: Or Why I Will Never Watch MSNBC (Except Countdown) Again

Why Barack Obama is the better candidate.

Breaking: First picture of Obama's cult leader conferring with the candidate.

Took me a while but I think I have a preference for one of the candidates - what do you think?

Why do young voters like Obama?

FDR's "cult of personality."

Johnny Chung and Maggie Williams a quick google.

Chicago Sun-Times: FBI "logged frequent visits to Rezko from... U.S. Sen. Barack Obama"

I'll say it again: if Hillary cannot break 40% in any contest on Tuesday, she NEEDS to step aside.

Herbie Hancock: "Yes we can!"

Did William Jefferson Clinton Participate in Caucuses? Did Al Gore? Did John Kerry?

It's A Crapshoot, But Expert Predicts Hillary Win:

Obama's $4000 student grant to college students. More BS

Pelosi is an idiot. She just agreed that Bush's surge is working, but only "in a military sense"

Has Barack Obama been hiding under a rock for the last 25 years?

Hillary will win in Maine by 5%.

Chairman Mex-Am Caucus Texas endorsed Obama

Reminder: Hillary's chief strategist is the CEO of the firm that protects Blackwater.


Could we please add a new emoticon ...

Thank you, Sen. Kennedy.

Has Anyone Else Noticed That Obama just keeps winning state after state after state after state?

Has Obama got labor endorsements to roll out for Pennsylvania and Ohio?

GORE/OBAMA Compromise, if primaries give Obama only slight edge???

Edwards endorsement meetings: Is 'who went first' telling?

To Hillary supporters - keep your eye on the prize

NPR host thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

We really don't count for much...

There is a reason why Obama does so well in Red States

A question about K. Olbermann and MSNBC

The most corrupt election in history

Sen. Clinton is a class act.

You want a fractured party? You want chaos?

why do so few women run for presidency?

Bush defends Bill Clinton, rips Barack Obama

Meet Maggie Williams, Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Manager

I miss Edwards.

Why Hillary Scares Me - Sen. Mike Gravel

HIllary to Sue Obama for Copyright Infringement


Here is what a conservative christian had to say about Obama

Florida trying a new angle now....make our superdelegates count.

Tomorrows talking points today!

The Obama candidacy basically amounts to a DLCectomy

Dog Check!

****BREAKING! CBS NEWS: Obama takes lead in overall delegate count, INCLUDING Supers*****

Superdelegates, Back Off (NYT-Tad Devine)

to all those women who think that I as a woman MUST vote for HRC....

He ain't a saint: A citizen's guide to Barack Obama

This Obama supporter wants to give a heart to a Clinton supporter

Who Conservatives fear most

Huckabee has a chance to sweep the night on the GOP side!

Huge apology

Can you believe the Repugs?

Anyone remember Freepers Doug from Upland and Kristinn Taylor?

U.S. Providing Funding For Nuclear Technology Going To Iran?

Fire destroys Tenn. mosque; arson suspected

Bush: "I worked to be a uniter. It didn't work."

Why Doesnt Bush Come Clean on FEMA CAMPS

McCain sidekick?

What do you think McCain will have to offer to the Baptisto-Mormonic conspiracy?

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT: November 19, 1863, The Gettysburg Address, Speech From the Burial Ground

Iran Launches Rocket, Opens Space Center

C-SPIN: Walter Pincus!

dammit job!!!!!!

Time to suck the romantic feeling out of this war

PTSD? No such thing in the Corps.

Why the GOP far-right hates McCain .. short and sweet (Tom Tomorrow's blog)

Please join me in writing a smear email about John McCain...

bu$h on McCain...

We 'the people' have few if any friends in congress

In its malaise, America’s right-wingers have emerged as an ancestor-worshiping cult.

Bush on OBL: "He will be a president."

Film: Torture chambers were sideshow for military brass

Is anyone watching Timmeh going after

Tom Effin DeLAy on Stephie? Bye bye, George.

How dangerous is Huckabee

If we're going to have a Congress, please let them be representative and not majoritarian.

About Tom DeLay on This Week.....

Is BUSH worried about his lackey McCain? I don't mean the Abramoff problem!

'a surrender to terror.......'

Tom DeLay on This Week? What the hell for? There are more interesting criminals.

"I was only following the advice of government lawyers"

My New Theory On The Spammers Here

From MAD Magazine ca. 1966

Hansen argues for CO2 level of 300 t0 350 ppm.

Guests on Meet the Press this week... guaranteed to make you

A *wonderful* quote from Mike Huckabee.

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of February 10th 2008 - Europe, the Middle East, and More

To the big bidness republicans only one issue matters

this morning i noticed that things here were pretty much back to normal. then i realized it was

US health officials apologize to gay community for MRSA scare

world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste car-free city

What makes BRAZILE a "superdelegate"? Plus, she will quit Dems if supers outweigh votes

neo cons wanted Fulbright scholar to spy for them in Bolivia

It's a CULT I tell you! BE CAREFUL

It's -9 degrees and with windchill it's -45

Smile: An Obama Valentine's Day Cartoon...

Our wonderful judicial system at work...

BA reprimanded

Religious Freedom under attack?

My looney bun is fine, Benny Lava!

The City is not the problem it is the solution

Is there a way to see when I last donated to DU?

Which do you feel would keep America Safer?

The only way Rove should Face the Nation....

Wind up music player

Please help me write an email telling the TRUTH about McCain

New Iraqi law requires waiting period to purchase suicide vests

Progressives Vow To Oppose Immunity in FISA Legislation

Many believe US is already in recession

Has Michael Hayden lied to Parade magazine?

Mississippi House Bill (don't feed the obese)


Ron Paul signs by the thousands, do you see any ?

FW: email saying Clinton killed more soldiers than Bush < anyone get this too?

Now THIS is a CULT, Pt. 2: Lone Heaven's Gate Survivor Speaks

cereal, bread, etc. costs going UP now - climate change

Hillary Clinton on Iraq

I used to believe that demeaning others in public for humor or politics was strictly a right wing ta

Is DU just a "Skinner Box?" Are we really being used in evil research?

Why It Was Called 'Water Torture'

I suppose too that this is a lie...

Will Independents vote for McCain with Huckabee on the ticket?

An update on this thread (the poll to heterosexual parents)

Julie Banderas on Fox's Red Eye JUST called Obama a "Halfrican"

House Republicans approach record departures


US Gold assets to be sold by IMF

Call Conyers on Monday and Tuesday for Impeachment

is the next president, if democratic, destined to be a one-termer like carter?

WSJ: CIA Likely Let Contractors Perform Waterboarding

c-span - coulter on - it's a hoot

the dog whisperer and today's campaign fights.

Are Bush and the Rs running from the word "Republican" now?

Building a homeland security campus and bringing the university to heel

Look what the conservatives are doing to John McCain!

Destruction of the GOP Imminent: McCain will be a rejected nominee

Europeans See What America Cannot (Eric Margolis on Afghanistan war)

What is up with MSNBC's "prison fetish"?

Serious question: Would you rather have a Democratic President

Ortega has former contras shaking in their blood soaked boots

Clinton AND Obama Supporters; Don't Let Them Do It To Us!!!

Is this good for the Democrats?

Former Dutch lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali to seek protection in France

Why can't I copy to my external HD from my iMac?

Rupert Cornwell: Out of America

Cross post from Texas 'cause this affects everybody.

surge update - Bombings, Gunmen Kill 42 in Iraq

No Pity for Polar Bears from Stone Hearted F James Sensenbrenner

Two Iraq roadside bombings kill 5 U.S. soldiers.....A Dem President will end this, right?

I'm getting a little tired of watching Mike Huckabee play the bass

I'm seeing more and more UNION YES avatars on the DU, but....

The Huckabee McCain war is on in earnest

No racial or gender breakdowns on GOP primary results

We can check-mate McCain in the next 5 days. Here's how...

"A Global Display of Terrorism and Other Suspicious Events"

Why It Was Called 'Water Torture'

Differences between caucuses and primaries.......

60 Minutes Tonight: Obama & Clinton & the U.S. Mint

"But we only waterboarded three times..."

WOW! MSNBC: "Price of gas dropped 3 cents in last two weeks"...HOW shall I spend my WINDFALL?

Question for those of you in Georgia

Yoo and Bradbury are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to subvert the law (Scott Horton)

Primary vs. Caucus

Mark Penn's book "Microtrends" is good

Has Tim Russert "Jumped The Shark?"

Brown-Waite Refuses To Apologize For Referring To Puerto Ricans And Guamanians As ‘Foreign Citizens’


it's the defense budget, stupid.

Bush: If Candidates Are ‘Talking About Me,’ Republicans ‘Have A Better Chance Of Winning’

Hillabaracky Clobintonama.

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh heart me

Lenders Pinch Borrowing On Lines Of Credit; Homeowners Told Crisis Leaves Them Little Or No Equity

Who could be the next woman president?

What ARE those things?

Thank you

British Olympic Athletes...mums the word on China's human rights record!

Gates arrives in Iraq after attacking Nato - 23 Iraqis killed minutes before his arrival

"she will leave the Democratic Party"

Canadian DUers: What's your opinion of this little video on your country's health care system?

Great article on John McCain ...

Apparently James Brown won the Maine caucus

Just donated to DU for the first time.

McCain Embraces Rove

New Bacterial Infection Linked to Military (important!)

Thank you so much for the valentines

Thank you to my Valentine

"The use of B1 bombers shows the terrible failure of the U.S. campaign in Iraq"

The Brits say something GOOD about us!

Pelosi & AIPAC to Kucinich: drop impeachment bid & you can keep your seat in Congress

Did anyone catch Ann 'filthy animal" Coulte on C-SPAN taking questions from zombie followers

The kind of guy you can have a beer with , jesus , idiots

Guardian UK: Bush orders clampdown on flights to US; EU officials call it "blackmail"

Wow.... Thanks

Bush: ‘The Experts Will Tell You We’re Not In A Recession’

Somebody Gave Me a Heart

Blackwater/ CIA a rose by any other name

We need a new word for evil.

Hitler's 'lost fleet' of U-boats found in the Black Sea

A great discussion going on over at Common Dreams re: Taibbi RS article

Ashcroft: Bush is ‘the most respectful’ ever of civil liberties.

Someone has made my day. I didn't expect to get a Valentine

Ne. Dems hope to build on momentum from caucus (we beat Kansas with fewer members)

The Differences in Gender -- Sealed With a Kiss

Should we have a special "Thank You for the Valentine Heart" Forum?

NO! NO! NO! To Zbigniew And War - or "what would karl do?"

The Nation: Does MSNBC Stand for "Most Sexist Nasty Boys Club"?

So here's my heart...

Good news from Richmond, VA!

Weehawken resident enlists at age 36, awaits return to duty

Just watched 60 minutes story on Hillary and it there was nothing new

G7 issues global economy warning (BBC)

What are you going to do with your Valentine hearts?

Tina TURNER *always* looks good - LIKE blm *and* CatWoman!1 n/t

Refugees flee from Darfur to Chad (BBC)

Santa Rosa: Trash-Truck Supervisor Bought Million-Dollar Home

Americans are fatter than Europeans because of CORN!

No DUzy's this week? nt

Six Degrees Could Change the World ---on now on National Geographic Channel

Starting a new group: Democratic Resistance!

Is DU really buggy right now, or just me? ON EDIT: FIXED!

Please give SPECIFICS on Obama's Current Position Regarding WITHDRAWAL of ALL US Troops from Iraq

Japan MPs moot halt to executions (BBC) {Japan has a death penalty?}

SONOMA: Borrowers routinely exaggerated their incomes to afford homes at peak of boom

Thank you secret admirer! I'm a heap of blush.

This Modern World: Vote For Ugg '08 - GOP Candidate Will Smash Enemies w/ Big Rocks!

Gotta brag about the wife and friday night - and how it relates to GD/GDP (a lesson learned)

Before you go to bed tonight

Sign posted at our local laundromat in Arkansas

As Lenders Tighten Standards, Wachovia Dives in Deeper with more Exotic Loans

What happened to the post about McCain being swiftboated?

Pelosi to Blitzer: "I don't know why the . . . Republican members of Congress have a tin ear...

Thanks for hearting me!

Former Navy Airman Describes 'Water Torture' In Washington Post

Durbin Calls for Inspector General Investigation of Torture Memos

My L-Dotter sister sez....

What is a "'solid' conservative"?

Barack Up To Pennsylvania Avenue! ===>

Court Declares Corporations Are People, Some Human Beings Are Not

THE GD-P UNITED-- gotta see this NOW before it's tombstoned

**Please Read This Letter By An Angry Soldier**

If I can donate to DU you can

Who do we bash after Bush?

Impeachment proceedings should now be brought against George Walker Bush.

The Canadian Dollar is on parity

More than $1 BILLION annually was funneled through Oral Roberts U, lawsuit claims

please stop posting Grammy spoilers =some of us on the west coast are just watching them now.

Waterboarding bait and switch - how come no one is asking...

Secret Admirer

********RADICAL FRINGE TOON******* Sunday 2/10/2008


The National Geographic special

Has anyone heard what is going on with the GOP count in WA?

California Gets Hit With Massive UFO Sighting

'Jaws' actor Scheider dies at 75

States Consider Plan To Choose President Through Popular Vote

Barack Obama is all an ILLUSION

Maine doesn't count.

Proposal in Texas for a Public-Private Toll Road System Raises an Outcry

Damn, I only have two hearts

"How do you get a bunch of ornery, irascible, opinionated..."

Do we have more or less members than FreeRepublic right now?

An open letter to the young would-be scientists of the USA

al Qaeda playing us for chumps

Richard Armitage: Pre-9/11 Powell pushed for Iraq sanctions - some in admin feared it would work

Posting Thread Limits

I was walking down the street, turned the corner, and saw

So I rented Across the Universe tonight.

Now this is a pickup line that won't get you very far!

Senator Tester fights for gun rights

The Tootsie Pop Owl was a selfish, self-centered str8ee.

So what's up with the boxing glove race at the top of the page?

Visions of Johanna is a phishing site too.

Understanding the Huckabee Zeitgeist


Check him out on Postsecret before he leaves tomorrow:

Here’s why conservatives are enemies of the human race.

John McCain and William Kristol

Seymour Hersch on Bush's legacy.........

Jeff Beck - Blue Wind

Zappa - Sweden 1973 1. Montana

Long shot I know, but does anyone here play Eve Online?

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Geo (Live)

David Porter - I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over

Just...back...from...GD primaries...the horror

Let's all at DU give Sibel Edmonds a DU valentine!

Ani Difranco - Joyful Girl (remix)

Prefab Sprout- Appetite

Astrud Gilberto - Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)

My Bilbo etches.

Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby

Indy grunge racket noise

Flora Purim - 'Nanã'

Ya' know...I posted this in GD:P...

Free trade. Why don’t we call a spade a spade?

I thought about it for some time

So I'm looking for airline tickets from Denver to Honolulu

Email from Wexler on Impeachment because of ignored subpoenas

How do you score in this quiz. I am not not what I thought I was.

i'll squeal said she...

Oh, lookie at this... FARK,com looks just like GD:P

One more fractal for tonight...

Okay, I finnaly checked out Amy Winehouse...

I'm so bored I don't even feel like looking at porn.

I just took a quick peek into the GD-P... honest, just for a second

Propylene glycol chemical structure

There's no use crying over spilt milk.

Portishead - Roads

Sunday Morning Radical Fringe toon... 2/10/08

Would you go out driving and hiking in -11 weather (windchill -35)?

ok.... Enemies with benefits

The image file I want to use is 18.9k - why does DU say it's more than 20k?

We've got a live one!

Marlena Shaw - Last Tango in Paris

Sitting on the balcony, watching the sun rise over Isla Mujeres

Is there a device that lets you use your cell phone/ sim card for your whole house?

Proud to be a liberal - John F. Kennedy said it best:

Sig pix

Extreme Winter Weather- Snow in Arabia

Old "Buddy" was really funky last night. (dog post)

Is there a way to see when I last donated to DU?

xbox 360 for $280 w/5 bundled games


Alison Moyet Society

Another DU flashback - One September morning

Have you seen the movie "Closer"? Was that depressing, or what?

My god, it's like walking on the surface of Pluto here. -36 wi/wind chill

Call Conyers Monday and Tuesday

Note to someone who does not post here, re: lower-case personal "i"

Any folks of Icelandic descent here?

Someone is monopolizing the entire laundry room.

I want to apologize again for not thinking

How is apathy spread? And how easily?

Back to work on Monday. Thank god for Insurance ...I did NOT claim it work comp

phone rings... "Hello" I say "mrs. Greenbriar this is XXX from DLC"

John McCain is Chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

It's my birthday!

Holy cow! I've been a member of this website for exactly four years!

Dried cookies - how does one make them moist again, if possible?

AWWW. Thank you whoever gave me the star

I can't help it. I just can't help it.

Dude! I didn't realize that "Freedom isn't Free" was a shitty Up With People song!

Mischief Managed! Let's Do "The Snape," Ms. Peggy!

Can we join hands together for a moment of peace on the DU? I need a favor

Damn. This is sad.

Hey, turtlensue! Jim Zorn! JIM ZORN????

Word's you're glad have disappeared from usage (or you wish would)

housing prices are still artificially high

Let's see how it REALLY is here. (Warning! If you're overly sensitive, don't even bother)

I have to go outside.

Catch Hawaii Waves

Credit Counselors...

Go to blogging sites? Get phished:

Earnhardt wins Budweiser Shootout

It's minus 42 outside, it's not my birthday, and I'm supposedly at my sexual peak....

My Dad

Oh, just some magic to share

Dead Moët's Society


Let it snow, let it snow, let it...(BLEEP) YOU!!!

*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... Ayeshahaqqiqa! ***

Holy crap it's windy outside!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Encouraging Siegelman Update... (60 Minutes Execs Screen Report)

For the cat lover

Can anyone watch Dick Morris for more than 30 seconds without doing that thing he does with his lip?

McMansion Era at an End? "Home builders size up the market and downsize"

In the midst of the campaigns, let's just remember Valentine's Day this week. Here's why.

Guys, Dont shave your butt hair!

How's this idea for a signature line?

Wasn't the Super Bowl last week?

I just watched MST3k's "The Castle of Fu Manchu"

Now, this is living!

Orange Juice: Pulp or no?

Best/worst 'The Price is Right' Contestant Ever

Question about an alternate history involving a celebrity now deceased.

Proof positive that a complete lack of talent won't prevent you from buying a $4.4 million mansion

Keith Richards' Advice For "The B***h" Amy Winehouse

Where's the typo?

Does anybody else remember ET Monitor with Bob Barry?

Holy crap it's windy outside!

In the running for the weirdest craigslist ad ever...

The incredibly credible...Karl Rove. Sunday morning talker extraordinaire.

Why are we punching on John McCain? He's so frail.

The youngins is a-votin' in Maine today!

Why do trees make cracking sounds in the winter?

My elbow itches.

LOL! Worst breakfast ever

It's a beautiful 72 degrees outside with abundant sunshine.

Mysteries of life -

How much money would it take for you to moderate GDP?

GOP melts down!

America respects its older people. My Britain does not.

Is DU just a "Skinner Box?" Are we really being used in evil research?

Who in the world is Lee Mercer , Jr. ? I need to know ....


Why do people say this?

Cat City ....

OK. Just try to watch this without laughing. I cannot.

oooo its hearts time :)

In honor of the DU hearts returning:

Wow, just wow

How do you respond when someone says I Love You?

Will someone tell me when a "What's for dinner?" thread starts?

I'm Number 2!

What is your favorite season and where do you live?

The 50 Hottest Women in Sports...

I've gone and done it now!

Is this what they mean by Rick Rolling?

I have a question about strippers in strip clubs. More importantly

All right, I give up--why TWO boxing gloves

All I Really Need To Know About GD-P During The Primaries I Learned From Jack Nicholson

Rumsfeld Can't Travel Abroad

HOLY SHIT!!! Look what I found!! Secret training video for GDP posters!


I want a heart.. or I'll go butt nekkid!

Thank You Secret Admirer For the Gift of Your Heart!

Thank you for the heart

Has the love died for Lee Mercer Jr...

ooooo...Love you, whoever you are!

*cough* *sputter* *hack* MMjr is sparkin' with a girl at the Piggly Wiggly.

muchas gracias to the wonderful person who hearted me!

Whichever one of you gave me a heart, thank you!

so I'm just finding out that 'super delegate' is NOT a laundry setting

Tonight's Simpsons ROCKS tonight.

Question about a labor / employment issue a friend is having...

The fuck.. I've gained two pounds?

Thanks for the hearts

Fooooood Fightttt! (for professionals only)

Once again I am going to miss my (self-imposed) deadline

Jason Bonham VS. Zak Starkey

who is this idiot flailing around on wires at the Grammys?

US warns of 'implosion' of Nato alliance in Afghanistan (Independent)

Who gave me a damn heart? I've been nothing but an ass lately?

The Grammy stage looks like Kate Bush threw up

Now THIS is a CULT: Scientology faces Day of Worldwide Protests 2.10.08

I want to join a cult. Does anyone know of a really good one?

I got hearts! Thank you!


Whoops--I hearted!

People with more hearts than me

Hey, Skinner and the guys done good with the duel boxing gloves!

Who held last year's most heart award?

My godson started a job in the Alberta tarsands. He clears $550 per day.

Did I get tombstoned?

They're right about exercise. I've felt really good today.

Why on earth would someone spend money to register the domain names

Can you feel the LOVE lounge?!

Anyone else watching the Grammy's?

How Elwood P. Dowd met Harvey, the 6 ft. Pooka.

Thank you for my hearts!


Who gave me a heart?

So I'm transferring some music to my new laptop and....

So Who's Gonna Knock McCain Out?

We just got back from picking up the kittehs.

I just gave out three hearts, and NO I'm NOT telling who to.

OK, what the fuck is up with me?!?!

Tina Turner will be 70 years old next November

Has The DU gotten really buggy for anyone else?



Damnit that's it!!! The Sky is Falling!


dang...Tina Turner looks good for her age

"If you want to walk with angels, be ready to get high."

I am picking up the kittehs this afternoon!

Extreme Makeover Home edition

Wow! Thanks secret admirer!

Troll alert.

Thanks for the valentine heart!

My secret admirerer is more country than me!

Someone gave me a don't know how much that means

Which one of you sons of bitches gave me a heart?

OMG i just used LOLcat language in the Gardening forum

My wife says that I shoudn't waterboard our 2 1/2 year old

Creepy as hell...

How soon would be too soon for my friend to ask her out?

"Perhaps we should exchange monosyllabic expressions of arrogance in person" -- Stewart G. Griffin

Whoever gave me the heart...

Anyone see "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" with Cate Blanchett?


Atonement Wins the BAFTA for Best Pic

donation graph count?

Anybody else think that....

Black=Catholic, Female=Hispanic, Elderly=Gay, Atheist=???

Since I have to fast for at least 12 hours......

The Bucket List (No SPoilers)

Boomer marketing: phones and MP3 players with larger TEXT

Giving names to assholes---Should you use human names or not?

This is a totally irrelevant, unnnecessary, and useless thread

Has DU ever done a closet-cleaning sale/swap?

I watched "Across the Universe" last night.

If you could really do this, would you?

Predict the November matchup!

I'm so bad at being without other adult company....

Cheese is about the best tasting thing on earth.

So I bought a pair of little 2 pound weights

Posted in GD

Nat King Cole fans? Wanted to share ...

M goint to hear TWO things NOW: 1) Brightman and 2) (I'll get back to you) n/t

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/10/2008)

Interesting graphic on how Americans spend money by 3 classes & who has what

To my secret valentine

Quick Cooking Advice Needed

Many thanks to my secret admirer!!

It's primary season on Democratic Underground, and you know what that means!!

Would you cheat on your spouse if you knew you would never get caught?

hugs and kisses to my secret admirer!!!

I been under stress due to family problems since Thursday, I sure could use some hugs.

Who is Molly Cyrus? Who Is Hanna Montana? And Why Should I Care?

In lieu of The Daily Earwig: The Life of Skinner, or The Gourds' Prayer

Is it wrong that I can't see Morris Day and the Time without

It's 2:30 on Feb 10. Do you know where your pitchers and catchers are?

Thank you Secret Admirer for my heart. I'm honestly touched.

My crush on the Jr Senator from WI, with photo-y goodness

Can I give XBoxWarrior some valentine hearts?

I just ate about 8 Anna's Cookies - ask me anything!

FYI Tomorrow is the 11th, which means it'll be time for the monthly Spinal Tap Quotation Day

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/10/08


Does tjdee still post here?

"Danny Boy"- The Larks

I'm so liberal.... *joke thread*

Fuck man, I'd need $1000 to buy hearts for the idiots I love here.

One for Ms. Peggy: "Tadpoles and Baseball"

Druid cookies - how does one make them moist again, if possible?

I just bought a blue Nintendo DS Lite...

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tiara.

Hey Supernova, How Windy Is it?

Oh crap

Oh, dammit, jeez, I'm flattered and all, I really am, but these "hearts" kind of drive me nuts

Is the multi-blade razor the biggest scam in history?

6 beautiful Kitties keeping me warm.

Giving names to animals---Should you use human names or not?

How in the hell do I remove page numbers in Word?

Is my laptop overheating or does it need a new motherboard?

Stick-thin women or curvy women: tell us what kind of male physically appeals to you?

I am impatient. My kittehs have taken up residence under the couch in the family room


Funniest game show moment....

Why is McCain bald?

what does K&R mean?

**OFFICIAL Is Amy Winehouse gonna make a fool out of herself Thread**

Stupid smoke detector on TV ad scared the CRAP out of our cats

Weird movies. Husband rented "The Ten"

Well, that was entertaining... First time I watched the Grammy's...

A Troubling Analogy: Why Do Some Support Nixon Dirty Tricksters Over Democrat Hillary Clinton?

So if you give someone your number and they don't call you

***The Official My Cup Runneth over with Hearts Thread***

I'm in a namesakey mood. Girding my loins and grabbing my slingshot. Off to GDP with a single stone*

OK men of DU

The paomnnehil pweor of the hmuan mnid.

What's the top speed your current car can do?

What are your favorite non-physical qualities you appreciate in the gender of your choice?


Other forms of bigotry still "acceptable" in our culture.

Alright, so we just get home from our gay bar after some 3 pitchers & 3 rounds of...

aw, Roy Scheider has died.

2 more fractals

Here's to the hard-working MODS --

Hearts! I love to give them, and I love to get them!

WOOHOO!!!!! Robert Plant (with Allison Kraus) win a Grammy

Know What? I Would Give Up Alllllllll Of My Hearts....

*GRAMMY THREAD" With Spoilers in here so left-coasters can avoid them.

Tina TURNER *always* looks good - LIKE blm *and* CatWoman!1 n/t

I love this article (W is crazy)

Wrongest. Photograph. EVAH.

HELP! Where do I find a blog archive?

My heart broke today

many thanks for the valentine heart


Well, my back is a lot better...guess I have to go to work tomorrow

Do you talk like your regional stereotype?

Why is dogfighting illegal but eating meat isn't?

Indigenous rights poll #2: Tribal sovereignty

I Want a Woman President But Am Voting for Obama

I am going to miss George W. Bush...

US Attorney's Office KNOWINGLY Proceeded With Evidence-Against Siegelman-Which Was COERCED & FALSE

I realize that lolcats have become an extremely tiresome internet fad, but some are just too cute.

Masterpiece: Pride And Prejudice starts tonight on PBS.

Why Old French Women Have Great Sex (WP)

Why does everyone hate teenagers?


Where were you/what were you doing when...

The Male Privilege Checklist

The White Privilege Checklist

Who's lived in an intentional community?


**UNOFFICIAL who wants a HEART thread**

Hillary: MI is not going to count for ANYTHING.

Hillary: MI is not going to count for ANYTHING.


Obama Sweeps 3 States, Virgin Islands

Chávez says 'first steps' taken to release Colombian hostages

Hillary Clinton's advisers 'in a state of panic'

House Republicans approach record departures

Proposal in Texas for a Public-Private Toll Road System Raises an Outcry

U.S. soldier found guilty of killing Iraqi citizen

Impatience threatens Iraq security gains

Tribes thankful to Venezuela for heating help

Huckabee wins Louisiana Republican presidential vote

BREAKING NEWS: Hollywood writers committee endorses tentative deal to end strike

Obama takes early lead in Maine

Gates says two-tiered NATO puts alliance at risk

Helicopters rescue workers from oil rig that issues security alert

Venezuela's Chavez denies plans to finance leftist party in El Salvador

Contractor deaths up 17 percent across Iraq in 2007

Beijing says snow storms destroy one tenth of China's forests

Veterans volunteer in search for missing Marine

Army sniper convicted of killing Iraqi civilian

In Baghdad, Gates Sees Signs of Progress

US says captured papers reveal Qaeda in Iraq weakened

Ramos-Horta shot

Look Out, Cleveland: 'Plain Dealer' Endorses Obama

Australia kept in the dark on Afghanistan plans: Fitzgibbon

2 arrested in 1972 Argentine massacre

Deceased soldier's dogs flown from Iraq to Mich.

US commerce secretary urges investment in Iraq

East Timor president shot at home

Clinton campaign manager is replaced

More than 50 Killed in Iraq

Mayor kicks Marines out of Toledo(Ohio)

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US

From Bush, Foe of Earmarks, Similar Items

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

Gasoline prices fall to $2.94 a gallon (it was $1.46 when * took office)

Obama easily wins Maine caucuses

CBS: Texas Gov. Perry Asks Huckabee To Drop Out

Huckabee Callenges Washington Caucus Results

Media barred from covering Rove speech at prep school

Poll: Bin Laden popularity fading in Pakistan

Clinton Campaign Not Looking for Shuster to Be Fired, After All

Roy Scheider, Actor in ‘Jaws,’ Dies at 75

Obama beats Clinton -- this time at the Grammys

Clinton has lead with party insiders

Huckabee: I don’t want to be vice president

McCain a 'true conservative,' Bush says

Cheney trying to block video taped depositions in the Denver/Secret Service case

Chavez Threatens US Oil Cutoff

U.S. Said to Seek Execution for 6 in Sept. 11 Case (Gitmo Inmates)

US Judge Blocks Saudi Prince Bandar From Moving Real Estate Sale Proceeds Out Of U.S.

Chavez warns Venezuela may seize Parmalat and Nestle plants

Right wing anti-McCain sentiment is a RUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venezuelan Minister: Oil Company Asset Freeze is “Judicial Terrorism”

Why the price of 'peak oil' is famine

McCain Supports Re-Direction of Surge, From Iraq to Huckabee

A 'Modest Proposal' to Solve the Telecom Immunity Dispute

Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeve? By Paul Craig Roberts

Delete - putting elsewhere

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

Bonjour Monsieur Rude... He's the new impolite Mr Man and, yes, he's French!

Waterboarding for God, With Decency and Compassion

All the Dirt that’s Fit to Print

AP: Bill Clinton: I Learned a Lesson

In private, Dems agree: Damage done in (Nevada) caucus will ripple

Out of America

Social Security Trustees' Reports: Crisis?

The 'Wild Card' in Democratic 'Identity Politics': VICTIMS of Identity Theft

Why It Was Called 'Water Torture' (Washington Post)

The Republican Reformation

Bill Clinton Dismisses His Grammy Loss to Obama

Toronto Sun: Europeans see what Americans cannot

Guardian UK: Richer but less happy, we are now a pill-popping people

Iraq is Ready

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

It’s Not Your Money

Are Young Evangelicals Skewing More Liberal?

The next president should open up the Bush Administration's record

Texas' arcane delegate system suddenly comes into play

George Will has a moment of honesty and lucidity

Lessons from a dog and a child

Frank Rich: Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

Peggy Noonan: Can Mrs. Clinton Lose?

Is Dennis Kucinich Being McKinney'd?

N.J. superdelegate for Clinton now undecided

Republicans losing grip on Miami Cuban vote?

There Is No “War on Terror”

Is Misogyny the Last Taboo?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 324

Make that change!

Barack christianity explained truthfully.

Cleveland LIUNA member Jim Goggin talks about Dennis Kucinich

Robert DeNiro at a Barack rally

Obama speaks to crowd outside Bangor, Maine Event

Why Support the Status Quo?

Bill Clinton - Lie of the week

Hillary Clinton: Day One

Billary Clinton Zombies!Whatever happen 2 freedom of speech

Barack Obama Wins a Grammy - 2/10/08

Larry Craig is completely heterosexual

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 1 - 2/9/08

American business pursues Euros as dollar grows worthless.

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 2 - 2/9/08

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 3 - 2/9/08

Not Enforcing The Law

CNN: Barack Obama Clean Sweep - 2/9/08

1964 Daisy Ad. (Bill Moyers was responsible for it.)

CNN: Marine In-City Training Ceased by Toledo Mayor

Al Gore Rhythm

Barack Obama at the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

James McMurtry -We Can't Make It Here Anymore

CNN: Tennessee Mosque Set on Fire - 2/9/08

Hillary Clinton Interview Preps (60 minutes interview shown on 2/10 )

Hillary Clinton's speech to JJ Dinner in Virginia - Feb 9th

"Trooper" Canadian election rock video

Barack Obama on 60 Minutes - 2/10/08

Solar Industry Has Plans for Job Growth if Tax Credits Are Extended

Oil crisis ahead? 'Peakniks' build for future

OH EPA Approves Modification for East Liverpool Toxic Incinerator (now handles Anthrax)

There's no place like a green demo home (in Greensburg)

Peak Oil $100,000 bet

Alternative energy resources step on the gas

Storing Energy Using Graphite

Hansen argues for CO2 level of 300 t0 350 ppm.

"Has atmospheric CO2 decreased? A different way to look at CO2 changes"

Popular Science: America's 50 Greenest Cities

NY Times Editorial: Clean Power or Dirty Coal?

Germany’s First “Solar-Powered City”

Clean-energy companies fueling a N. Colorado revival

Are fuel cells the future?

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

wtmusic's Electric Car Project / Chapter 4

Adviser: Surge not answer in Afghanistan

N.D. priest to return to Iraq as chaplain

Court-martial set for Hawaii-based soldier

Osprey lands safely after part falls off

Saudi aircraft join in Air Force exercise

Kaiserslautern mall construction moving forward despite delays

Into Iraq’s uncertain political landscape

Nintendo Wii used in rehab therapy

Bonuses offered to deployable Marine corporals, sergeants

Basic training includes lessons on snakes

Gaskin: Al-Qaida in Iraq’s brutality won’t be forgotten

Plans for Air Force special operations move still in the air

NATO leaders call for restructuring of alliance

Hütten military-housing plans staying on schedule, mayor says

Yongsan symposium puts focus on domestic abuse

Airman found guilty of indecent acts with child

Iraq vet, family survive deadly Tennessee tornadoes

Al Qaeda Diary Shows Lost Cause

US alters strategy, makes gains after botched raid

Gates seeks to calm tensions with Germany over Afghanistan

Toledo mayor pulls plug on Marine training

This is disturbing

GI Bill falling short of college tuition costs

Todays working family cartoon: War Veteran-Stress

I had people begging for the "UNION" stickers yesterday at the caucus


The Ghost


Israeli defense minister in Turkey Monday

Gaza's factions take their fight into the school playgrounds

Rare meeting between settlers, Palestinians held in Hebron

Bolivia's Irresistible Reserves:Wealthier Neighbors Need Nation's Gas for Economic Growth

Chávez says 'first steps' taken to release Colombian hostages

President of Mali Thanks Cuba for Medical Assistance

"Democratic" censorship in Globovisión (Venezuela)

Venezuela Responds to Bogus US Threat Assessment

Sheetrit: We should level Gaza neighborhoods

Got an idea for a Cuba project with a budget between $100,000 and $5 million?

Paulson:Banks need to raise capital quickly

A Psychological Bubble for Homeowners

The Rise of the Mortgage 'Walkers'

The End of National Currency

When collectors come after debt you didn't know you had

Love Affair with Credit Cards is on the Rocks

Today In LGBT History

Gay Marriage Foes Attempt To Force Amendment Vote-Maryland

House GOP Opposes AIDS Program Changes

Florida anti-gay amendment qualifies for ballot

Gay Mormons Seek Meeting With New Leader

Probable majority for gay marriage law in Norway

a gay mormon perspective

I know someone here knows this

Nigeria: World's Worst Anti-Gay Law May Pass Soon

born gay or choose to be gay

We really don't count for much...


I would like your thoughts...


Okay, my CURRENT fantasy:

Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times

Installing Love

Good rituals or visualizations to remove obstacles?

Post in GD...

Thanks for the heart...

Design help needed

there are some particularly kind and generous folk in this forum. thanks ;-)

And ANOTHER good post in GD! UFOs.

The Three Vinegar Tasters

Got some vibes to spare?

Much gratitude for the heart to my generous benefactor....

Crumpet Visited Me

I got a heart! I got a heart!


Fast-finger Louie/Louise

Series of dreams about * last night

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 10): Timofeev, Anna Muzychuk win Moscow Open

Beagle strives to become Numero Uno at Westminster

LSU to open season against Appalachian State

Where's The Pro Bowl Love At Here?

Richard Zednik (Florida Panthers) cut in neck by stable condition

Miami Has The Worst NFL, NBA, and Possibly MLB Team

Pat Riley as Coach

FDA evaluates suicide risk of medicines

USDA to Publicize Salmonella Poultry Plants

Why me and not you, or why some poo poo the idea of some

Cake baking question

molten toffee burns (sympathy post)

Dessert for my sweetie this week.


Some sweet someone gave me a heart!!!!


Pin the Crown on the Princess

-5 and a wind chill of -40. Time to get cozy with Chan-Chan..

Evolution Weekend Highlights Religion, Science Debate

A question for you healthy eating mavens ......

Got some free time tonight, went over to GDP. Predictably inane.

spring fling

please help me poll

Church of Scientology Protest: international day against religion

Is this a right-angled trapezium?

Has anyone ever made Malfatti? (Italian Spinach Dumplings)

February 20th's Eclipse of the Moon

Obama has edge in matchup against McCain

FOX-5 Reports 9/11/01: WTC-7 Collapsed Before Actual Event

You are invited to debunk this...

Tune In: Vote Rescue Radio - Sunday 2-4pm CT

Josh Marshall/TPM: A Little Weird (re: Washington GOP Race)

6:40 CST Diving Deep into FL's 100,000 missing votes -- investigation of 2006

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 02/10/08

Galveston County Obama meetup

Obama racking up Texas Newspaper Endorsments

Question for MA people here - What is the online magazine " wicked".

Maine caucuses and JK. . .

OT: My experience at A2 Dems

Using the computer as a land line telephone

Is my laptop overheating or does it need a new motherboard?

Totals anywhere % of absentee vote, voting problems listed

#'s in Virginia

Our Goal for Sunday: 10,000 Calls to Maine; 40,000 Overall Calls

Daily Kos Diary to Recommend

Bangor Obama Rally

Bangor News : "Thousands Cheer Obama in Bangor"

Rich - Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

Those of you who do RESEARCH threads so well - must see kos diary from

Updates from Maine

Please help me kick this thread about the Obama fundraising thread I posted in GD-P

Is Hillary on the ropes?

Obama Wins a Grammy for Audio Version of "The Audacity of Hope"

Hey're on teevee!

Obama's experience

Joe Trippi, former Edwards advisor: "It's hard to see a win for Clinton into March ..."

Robert Gates Blathers on About NATO Problems

Canadian election rock video, just to get you in the mood

The Only Canadian Columnist Who Knows Afghanistan

U.S. Universities an important export in education gold rush

Thanks to whoever just gave me a heart

the more things change...

Herbie Hancock rides on the 'River' (CNN) {AOY Grammy nom'n}

Will someone please explain Amy Winehouse to me?

Row erupts over Berkeley's anti-Marine stance

Obama rally: Kohl Center in Madison Tuesday Feb 12 doors open 6:15pm

Mark Green: Bush is Coming to See me....but.....

Republican Party of Milwaukee County opposing McCain?

A sad day for Wisconsin Democrats - Maryls passed away last night

Agnostic cat

State constitutions that still discriminate against atheists

The station that interfered with KPFK is changing frequencies today

Hillary writes NBC about Shuster's comment: "Chelsea's mother long before I ran for any office"