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Archives: January 5, 2008

Obama win shakes up organized labor

DNA: Orphan Is Colombian Hostage's Son

Two slain U.S. soldiers were killed by Iraqi soldier

Oregon pollster denies running illegal poll in NH (Repubs)

U.S. Curtailing Bids to Expand Medicaid Rolls

War? What war? Economy trumps Iraq in election -entrance poll

Hedge Fund Lobby Courting Rep. Baker (GOP)

(Chinese) Hackers force Pa. to shut down sites

Women and gay men are 'worst drivers'

Teen Charged in Bizarre Missing Dog Case

Hedging Their Way to Billions

Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry

Clinton, McCain leads shrink in New Hampshire: poll

Kenyan police accused of killings, arson in ethnic violence sparked by elections dispute

Rally to kick off 4-day bus tour for peace

Tourists shun crime-hit Mexico beaches

Winter storm hits area hard: Falling trees, lost power left in wake of Friday storm (Chico, CA)

Administration Considering Tax Cuts

Nevada Levee Breaks; 4,000 Being Rescued

Iraqi soldier accused of killing US GIs

2 election workers get 18 months for rigging presidential recount

600 AT&T Customer Service Reps Form Union in Dover, N.H.

Race, Gender Compete In Democratic Race

Judge Imposes Stricter Rules on Navy to Protect Marine Life

Bhutto's Husband Calls for UN Probe

Dean: Large turnout good for Democrats (radio address)

Attendance soars after deadly tiger attack at San Francisco Zoo

Former Argentine governor ordered detained on human rights charges

Fraction of U.S. Aid Goes to Democracy

Rasmussen poll: Obama soars to a 10-point lead. NH Primary

Musharraf: Bhutto is responsible for own death

Obama, Clinton to clash in New Hampshire debates (Edwards invisible)

Man charged in missing hiker case

Sun-Times newsroom staff faces 35 layoffs

Clinton Defends Vote on Iran Resolution

Nurses Launch National 'CheneyCare' Campaign

Huckabee’s son treated after car crash

Clinton builds her crowd, ad-libs and welcomes Bill O'Reilly

Two strong quakes strike off Canada's west coast (both Mw 6.5)

State GOP withdraws as FOX debate partner

Bill O'Reilly Roughs Up Obama Aide, Forced Back by Secret Service at New Hampshire Event

Romney wins Wyoming Republican caucuses

Constant fatigue/tiredness, muscle weakness, confusion, sleeping, yellowing eyes.

Help! I just missed a few minutes of Ghost Whisperer. What happened?

Stop me, I am so naughty.

I just saw "I still know what you did last summer" at a friend's house

People's cats are soiled too much

Freemason post locked in GDP

So I'm Listening to Radiohead, minding my own (This story includes puke in a bed)

Thinking of selling the house and buying a sailboat then chartering myself out

*SIGH* All it takes is one.

Squeeee!! My daughter and son-in-law just got a puppy!

Ok who broke the DU ? Or was it just me ?

Dorothy Hamill...

Okay DU Loungers, I have sinned and it's been a blast!

going off to weigh in. see you folks later! nt

I love Harmony, but I want family. (Do you have both?)

Nico Di Mattia - Speed Painting

Why they are called "scabs" during a strike.

The Bible says that eating shrimp and is an abomination in the eyes of God (Leviticus 11:9-12)

anyone else working overtime today?

Best Car Talk credit of the day:

How low can they go? "The Today Show" asks "Are you a sex-starved woman? E-mail us your concerns!"

Billboard's top 10 songs from the week ending Jan. 9, 1988

Any Sailboat people here tonight? Looking for advice to buy

Post Your Favorite Euphemisms for Vomiting! (my fave thread revisited)

Today is a good day for FREE CREEPY BABY BACK RIBS!

Today is a good day for BLACK SABBATH!

Not being able to express how much you love someone sucks ... I need to vent.

How can I find out

Just because it's today: The Polyphonic Spree

Song of the day...

Glenn Beck is living proof that one shouldn't fuck with Karma

Forget a Black Prez, Give props to THE BLACK POPE!

GAAAAH Pain med hangover!

teenage wildlife

Wireless audiophiles... can I send music wirelessly from my laptop to my stereo which

My daily dose of LOVE for the Lounge...

I have no heat...

Personal Tasers

My dogs seem to like a caucus more than a primary.

OMFG! my Liberal friend just told me that Obama was a muslin!

Verizon-they never stop working for YOU*



OK, this is kind of fun, in a silly, superficial way: "Celebrity Maths"

Today is a good day for FREE CREEPY BACKRUBS!

This is a song for lizziegrace. Please add your own.

Please caption this pic

"It was simply a man who wet his pants with orange juice inadvertently and was changing them"

I have met Big Brother, and it is..

is there an improvement in range in a wireless g router...

oh my goodness . . .

Seattle vs. Washington

Wilford Brimley vs Chuck Norris...

I need a shot of hot glycol (MD-80 at Tulsa a few days ago)!

There's apparently a restaurant called "Moran's"

sonny chiba kills a bull

Surfing the Golden Gate Bridge

Just got a letter from my ex-mil

Pretty Macaque? Monkeys pay for sex! (Just like all human men!)

A Barack Obama ett ma Behbee

Best use of Steve Winwood...

At least know I know why I've been feeling so crappy

I am placing a moratorium on posts containing "Nice X, X."

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Lagunitas Lumpy Gravy

who's your favorite or least favorite tv/professional CLOWN?


OMG this is the worst video ever!

Let's Get Lost!

Remember my neighbor with the flag on the 25-foot pole that he never takes down

Should I take my 14 yr old daughter to see Sleezy Todd?

Should I take my 14-year-old daughter to see Sweeney Todd?

Could somebody PUHLEEZ tell the cat she's not qualified to work on the computer

Ah, geez. That damn Ron Paul blimp is going to be in Tampa tomorrow.


I'm an Ohio State alumnus twice over...

I love this Kitty Video

Black Sabbath

First the NYT declared me "color of the year," and then a hot guy hit on me in a coffee shop,

Tell me again why Condi Rice is our Secretary of State. What were the reasons?

He's going to be here in 10 minutes - what do I do???!?!?!!!!11111

My daily dose of PRAIRIE SQUID for the Lounge...

Quick! We have just 1/2 hour to figure out scheduling! Can you help?

my shit's all retarded

Ugh. I have to go back to school on monday.

The DUzy Awards are a near-perfect example of American democracy in action

Folks, the election is over. McCain has won. Why? He has WILFRED BRIMLEY in his camp

From a friend in the UK, a geography lesson

what's the most ridiculous thing you've posted that got lotsa folks' knickers in a twist?

Good night lounge......

i didn't make a post in GD

Okay, the drugs are working in strange ways, so it must be...

Canada spotted in UFO.

Anyone read Empire by Orson Scott Card? NO Spoilers!

I used to be on a grass cutting crew with these guys.

Why does the wind blow in America?

Silly and small rant about dirty glasses in restaurants.

Rick Astley and Rick Astley alone is responsible for Global Warming

I still can't believe she died in 2005.

...and having just Rickrolled GDP

What are your views on Murphy's Law?

This is ridiculous

Now hiring for Mr. Scorpio's Perverse Circumcision

i liked david bowie better when he had bad teeth

Classic Match Game time!! "Did you know Ronald McDonald appeared in Playgirl magazine?

poor kitty

How 'bout a little love for Ringo?

Georgia defuns wrasslin

Charlie Wilson's War (possible spoilers)

autistic kids rock!

I did not know that I was a whore for the MSM

I made organic vanilla muffins, and I'd like to share them.

Todays' daily observation: Cream depilatories work better

We went to Traitor Dicks tonight, and fully HALF the customers were Republicans

Any Rumpole Of The Bailey fans here?

The cops put out a call to look for the green, new model car that hit Maverick.

i have to walk half a block to the thai place


Who finds "House" annoying?

We've got a live one in GDP

Please Delete: Dupe

Lost-In-NJ, please PM me if you feel like it.

Barack Obama's team came to my house, stole everything and replaced it with exact replicas.

Al Michaels annoys me...he does not pronounce the first H in huge.

We went to Trader Vic's tonight, and fully HALF the customers were thesbians

Did you ever read something in GD/GDP that made you feel like this?

Anybody remember Commander Data from "Star Trek Generations"?

I need good vibes for my dog Maverick in a hurry!!!(Life and Death)

I have spent the rainy day ripping music from my CDs and rearranging

anyone wanna play in GD with me?

The kids who did this deserves fucking medals!


I want one of these

The Prisoner's Saturday Night YouTube Rock Concert

Breaking News: Pope donates his sperm to bank for Catholic women who have infertile husbands.

How the hell did I miss out on Depeche Mode in high school?

What is a "good wage" these days?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/5/08

Cow pic thread...(inspired by TorchesAndPitchforks)

Now hiring for MrScorpio's Circus Of Perversion

Mr. Next Door "Your dog has barked three times in a year and a half, so I had to turn you in"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/5/2008)

Something that everyone should watch with their kids: "I Spy"

Do you have marmalade soul?

I'm at a coffee shop with lizziegrace

OH's raining AGAIN!

Lost In NJ, we love you.

Getting rid of an old sofa--Any ideas?

A DU'er was killed in Iraq

Ptah's desert tour. Telescopes, gun fight, dancing girls and cactus (dial up warning -10 pics)

Today is a good day for FREE HUGS!

My wife, a talented Graphic Designer, Losses job, health insurance

Dr. Phil. Worthless scumbag opportunitst or just the savior Britney needs?

Rant - Why do the both shrinkwrap and put those damned stickers on new CDs

Random photobucket picture thread

Are you ever too old to have a "crush"?

DISNEY restaurant bans children

So, my son is in a cast

blue yodel no. 1 (T for texas)

Weight loss update

is the US becoming a third world shopping mecca for europeans?

If you knew for sure that there was no life after death, would you live your life differently?

Have you guys seen this? Other Uses for Breast Milk...

Am i the only one having problems with DU?

Need help with a technical journalism assignment.

We went to Trader Joe's tonight, and fully HALF the customers were lesbians

A couple weeks ago, I miscarried my baby

would someone pleeze come over to give me a massage, a bowl of . . .


The passing of "free speech" zones...

Look at this crap!

The Independent frontpage on Iowa: The White House?

Top Obama advisor: "Americans are tired of the politics of division and partisanship"

The People of Iowa can't be all THAT political savvy or even ....

Since it has been so long since this has been done - My candidate is actually God and yours is Satan

remember superdelegates? Clinton 77; Obama 31; Edwards 16

Frankenstein's Government

Oh, Dammit!

MAHER just told Conan HRC was(?) his first choice, feels bad for her n/t

Edwards, last night, delivered a REAL speech. Without teleprompters. Link inside.

If you support the Writers Guild Strike, why would you download music and movies for free

Did anyone see Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball ??

So the FBI is still pushing paper on the D.B. Cooper case from 1971

"That Reagans message found such a receptive audience, spoke not only to his skills...

DEATH FOR ALL!!!! The Death penalty in Modern America.

If your candidate suggested relinquishing lands to aboriginals, would you still support him/her?

Subprime' Is Linguists' Word of Year

“The Founders recognized that there were seeds of anarchy in the idea of individual freedom...

(Huckabee) KNOW YOUR FUNDY BUZZWORDS: Vertical Vs Horizontal Thinking

What are freepers thinking these days?

"...the conservative revolution that Reagan helped usher in gained traction because...

Just to clear up some speculation/confusion -- I plan

A Darker Shade Of Green Zone-In Baghdad, Low Expectations Have Supplanted High Ideals

Charlie Rose tonight: All IOWA - Edwards not mentioned at all. Not even once.

"You can't live as long as I have without being awfully lucky". Who said it?

Iowa is NOT insignificant. For about a year we have been hearing from the MSM

that giant sucking sound?

You don't choose your ancestors, but you should choose your attitude towards a religion.

Who do we want to run against?

Any Sailboat people here tonight? Looking for advice to buy

Obama's 'Big Tent' Message in NH Borrows from Edwards and McCain Alike

The most underexposed story of the past week.

Pennsylvania to Ban Hormone-Free Milk Labeling

Barack Obama signs a birthday card [PICS]

CNN: BillO Shows Up At A Hillary Rally

M$M has Learned How to Effectively Used Cspan to Spotlight Their Selected Candidate

Why is Edwards being "kucinich-ed" by the MSM?

Any politician who doesn't promise to hold Jr accountability --

DU this poll! SJR: "If the prez race came down to Obama v Huckabee, who would you vote for?"

Why the United States needs CheneyCare

MSNBC: OMG: Obama is a winner because there is a traffic jam outside his speech.

The internet is bringing out the "best" in our society

Huckabee Gets Phone Call From God - Seriously

A real car that actually runs on air

All Edwards Supporters and anyone else who wants do something about the Corporate Media.

I read an article that said the Republican Governor of Alaska has a 94% approval rating

Why am I scared more of Obama than Clinton?

Edwards supporters go here and express you concern over his lack of coverage.

Ask Corporate Media--Who will be Obama's Rumsfeld

I Already Know More Than The President - pic

Edwards v. Obama would frame issues for DEMS in a way the MSM has tried to avoid for years...

OMG: Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC) in a promo just said Sen. Obama can't be criticized.

Obama's spport is about to go viral in a major way.

"Bush-Clinton Duopoly Loses in Iowa" Robert Parry

Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending by 75%

Tough living in New Hampshire this week.....

Trying again on VOTESCAM --- election theft --- since mid-1960's --- !!!

Two slain U.S. soldiers were killed by Iraqi soldier

US: Iraqi Soldier Kills 2 US Troops

OFFICIAL Chuck Norris Thread - Chuck Norris FACTS!!!

Which of the three leading Democratic candidates is the most Partisan?

Lott and Breaux Open Bipartisan Lobbying Firm (WP)

Would Edwards accept VP again? Should he?

McNewspapers and the AP

I'd be with Obama if this were the 2000 election. But not now.

New Hampshire don't mean shit.....

God has told Pat Robertson who will win the ’08 election

Binary "Bigger Problem" poll

New electricity generating solar cell

Another Mysterious Death In Iraq?

One more choose your candidate sitte

I Need A Short Translation Into Spanish

Haven't been here in a while. Reckon I won't be back.

ok, ok --If Obama wins the nom, I want Edwards to be his Cheneyveep.

Ed Rollins opens his mouth

Just a friendly reminder: Huckabee could be our next president.

Chuck Todd on MSNBC talking about Obama's "insurgency."

Why has that cipher, Tucker, not been fired yet?

The Bible says that eating shrimp and is an abomination in the eyes of God (Leviticus 11:9-12)

Can someone REPOST the campaign finance graph?

Here's how Fox Business Network can get viewers

The Surge and American Military Triumphalism

WINTER OF DISCONTENT - come to New Orleans - Your help is still needed.

I have decided that my vote will go to:

Obama is more electable than John Kerry was.(and about as progressive).

All the Hoopla about winning in Iowa-- Romeny wins

Worried about electronic voting?

St McCain on C-SPAN

I have to admit , I am lost .

Obama on his status as a front runner...

Ok, about the whole teaching creationism/evolution thing....

New POll Obama beats DLC by 10%

State agency backs disability waiver for terminally ill

We're going to try something different here...

If You Thought The "Christmas Resolution" Was Bad

If there is a God, She/He/It was a total incompetent

IF HRC finishes 3rd in N.H., Nev, and S.C., Is She Done??

Here's your chance, DU! -- Bush Library Design Contest

Hillary under-estimated voters hunger for change?

This November, we will rout them.

Will there be a republican New Hampshire debate ?

McCain sound like he drugged up

Jackpine's Second Law:

Clinton warns of "False Hope."

First Primary is today---for the Pukes.

Edwards has not been mentioned once on Russert

Obama seems to pass the media's all important "you'd want to have a beer with him" test

The really good news for Democrats

4% in Iowa does not worry Giuliani - 9/11? - That worries him

Your Prediction: Democratic Margin In The 2008 Presidential Election

You vote for McCain and you vote for him often!

What's behind the sudden surge of "concern" about Obama's racial makeup?

Watching Olbermann and Matthews on MSNBC is like watching Huntley and Brinkley!

Why are people who are not doctors/nurses/medical assistants talking about healthcare?

Edwards supporters: Edwards did get a bump out of Iowa according to new NH poll!

Making sense - with style: Olbermann offers mix of political, sports, pop culture knowledge

Fred, the one- time "if he gets in the race he's the biggest threat"

Oy vey. Mitt Romney doing an "ask Mitt anything" meeting.

2008 in a nutshell

District allows boy in girls' restrooms

Gays In Iowa, N.H. Split Going Into Voting

I don't get the taking the spouse to work thing?

Could someone point me to some links about Romney's dog-torturing vacay? Thanx.

Drug companies spend nearly double on marketing compared with research: study

Stand for something, or stand for anything

PHOTO: Mayor Nine Eleveniani campaigns at the Elks Club, New Hampshire

Tourists shun crime-hit Mexico beaches

If Obama is nominated, will Ralph Nader sit down and shut up and not run?

Weekend TOON Roundup

ARG SHOCKER: Obama up 12% in NH over Clinton, 16 % Post-Iowa bounce, Big O has Big MO, 38-26, JRE 20

This man says God told him of nuke attacks, worldwide violence, deep recession in 2008

Kosher claim may result in landmark ruling

One of the saddest aspects of this country now

Can we cut the definition of marriage crap? You don't find historical meaning in a desk dictionary.


Why ONE caucus win for Barack Obama did NOT alter my support for John Edwards.

Did Obama's Team Ever Comment about Their Role in the Jeri Ryan Child Custody Records Release?

I'm confused how did hillary get 169 delegates and leads the pack?

Cloned Livestock to get FDA Clearance this week

Obama Will Roll Out Oprah for Stadium Tours of California and Blow the State Wide Open

They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons by Jacob Heilbrunn

Note concerning the Frost interview with Bhutto.

Print media insanity!!

Pretty interesting candidate match from The Netherlands.

Uh Oh... Trouble With Labor, Re: Clinton\Obama

self delete... wrong forum.

Did Obama's Team Ever OFFICIALLY Deny Their "Possible" Role In Provoking That Tiger In San Diego?

What's all this bushwah about racists preventing an Obama victory?

A warning

The debate tonight is going to be very interesting.

Barack Obama's team came to my house, stole everything and replaced it with exact replicas.

'Rocky Mountain News' Army Blogger Killed In Iraq

On Obama's Being Black And His Possible Nomination

A really nifty tool to check your stance on issues compared to the candidates


So I'm Standing Here With My Guy Out Of The Race

Kooch live on C-span now!

Let us not forget that Iowa will be very important in November

Republicans Have Created Their Own Monster of Bigotry, Greed and Fanaticism

Someone should speak up about Kucinich's ban from the debate tonight...

Romney says he's a candidate of change

king * with one of his subjects

Breaking MSNBC: John Edwards does not exist!

The path to Universal Single Payer Health Care is .............

Voters react to only two causes politically. 1. Personal effectors. 2. Issues from 3rd parties

Is it over after NH if Obama wins it? That depends.

Obama cannot win because he is black. Period. Hillary will win.

I like this photo

The Bush Library. A large room filled with indifference.

Man... There Sure Is A Lot Of FOPTSWS These Past Couple Of Days, LOL !!!

A Tale of Two Parties

Hillary's speech at the 100 Club Dinner CSPAN rebroadcast at 4:00 est

My mission

Scientists find new cause of Colorado's Chinook winds.

My candidate can beat up your candidate...

Here's a list of superdelegates that have officially announced who they plan to nominate.

Change? How much change do you want????

Ron Paul-ites where out in force today

Anybody notice the Flat Tax ad over there on the left?

My advice for Bush

CNN sure knows about second place finishes....if you are a republican.

Fuck experience: in this election, it largely equals betrayal

I hope this Edwards "coverage" isn't a prelude of things to come

Enough with the racist concern-trolling, already.

Radio Lady: Will you be watching ABC's NH debate tonight (Saturday, 7 PM ET)?

Babies love Barack. [PICS]

Time: Hillary Booed Last Night at NH Dinner

Huckabee did a number on Faux' Carl Cameron:

Typical Anachist Profile ... Dressed in Black .....

MSNBC is airing "Death in the Hamptons"! (About a 2001 murder)

a positive revelation from Iowa

"I voted for Obama" = "Some of my best friends are black"?

Who's going to win the Republic Party caucus in Wyoming today?

A leap of Faith!!

Kucinich Sues Dems to Get on TX Ballot

"Rockefeller Not Endorsing Any Presidential Aspirant Yet"

There's no such thing as the perfect candidate.

Hillary's Pitch To Young Voters Falls Flat - HuffPo

PROOF that single-payer, nationalized healthcare WORKS.

Bill-O just walked into Hillary's speech

Health Economics 101 and Paul Krugman's Praise of John Edwards' Universal Health Care Plan

In ambulance, survivors of S.F. tiger attack made pact of silence: "don't tell 'em what we did"

Edwards goes on KO after Iowa and says: "The two change candidates won."

Hillary's New Hampshire problem is independents will make up 40% to 50% of the vote

Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11- The Onion

Billo "gently removed" the staffer in question,,,

Does anyone know : IOWA....could just anyone caucus?

When you talk to Republicans about trial lawyers . . .

On Faux imminently the Loofah King's dust-up...n/t

Need Good Vibes

If the race came down to Clinton vs. Huckabee, who would the Republican media machine smear?

Alright, who has actually ever been converted by a shrill supporter of a candidate?

New NH post-Iowa NH poll: Obama 37%, Clinton 27%, Edwards 19%

Edwards: 2nd in Iowa, 4th in NH, 3rd in Nevada... xpost from GD:P

I'm going to go out on a limb here. I agree with Conspirator.

"my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman." - Obama

Rate the Bitterness/Divisiveness Quotient on DU in Primaries 08 vs. Primaries 04

OK, so as an Obama supporter...

It is all just a game.

Edwards on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Tomorrow


Fully public financing and an end to television ads are the only way to save Democracy in America

To those who want change in 2008.

FYI: Hillary is NOT White.

Edwards actually only tied with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus.

Official NH Debate Thread #1

If it's Obama vs. McCain...

aren't most, if not all, of these (35 of the top 50 when I entered GD) candidate threads

How the US Supreme Court forbids me from filing petitions with the court

Where is the best place to watch tonight's debate?

I've started an AIM chat room called nhdebate for anyone wanting to discuss real-time tonight.

One thing Iowa shows is that a large voter turnout favors the Democrats

Robertson: ‘I’m Not Sure I Heard From The Lord,’ ‘If I Did, I Hope I Heard Wrong’

Link for live video streaming of debate:

Official NH Debate Thread #2

Dear Freepers, October 2008

If Obama makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you need to know this.

Elizabeth Edwards To Chris Matthews And Rest Of Media: Ahem -- John And I Are Still Here

Rudy on health care in this debate

Wasn't that the biggest softball question ever asked at a debate or what?

Experienced caucus-goers; please describe the experience and strategy

Wow... Now THAT Is A Photoshop !!!

"don't take me to emergency room - insurance won't cover it"

Official NH Debate Thread #3

anyone else quit smoking for new years?

Letter to Consider -- From a soldier recently killed in Iraq.

As Long As Both Sides Were Having A Debate Tonight Why Didn't They Combine?

Rudy makes a campaign stop in NH - pics

O'Reilly just can't resist BEING the news story instead of doing any actual reporting...

Repubs do not have a clue when it comes to insuring all Americans...

Is This Front-Loading Of The Primaries Creating A Bandwagon Effect ???

FBI Whistleblower's Court Award Tops $1.3 Million

An observation about the lazy slug candidate - Phred Thompson

It took until 7:30pm for Rudy to say "9/11"

Official NH Debate Thread #4

I'm putting everyone on ignore and will listen only to myself.

For the Love of Hannah, Seth MacFarlane, Offer Uncle Fred a Job...

Watching the Debate.......

When Republicans discuss healthcare, it can be called Dance of the Dumb Fucks

Official NH Debate Thread #5

Who lost the republican dirtbag debate?

Who Really Benefits from the Narrative the Media is Setting for 2008's Presidential Election?

Having watched the Republican debate, who's your pick?

Official NH Debate Thread #6

NH phone jammer says GOP "not only threw me under the bus but then blamed me for getting run over."

Beware of the candidates the Corporate Media cheers

Thank God its over!

How do we see the debates tonight?

Used car/snake oil salesman mittens flipflop willard...i hunts varmints Romney lost THAT debate

2 election workers get 18 months for rigging presidential recount

Stinky Sez: Mittens is Toast

Romney: healthcare doesn't work because 47 million people....

This Repug meets Dem on stage is like being forced to kiss my grandpa without his teeth

Is there a national news source providing an internet feed of the debate?

So, now that Obama's in the lead, it's time to bash the hell out of him?

Who won the republican dirtbag debate?

Republicans Suck Ass.

Parade magazine has an article about Bhutto, no mention of assassintation

Damn, we've got the best field of candidates!

Is Anyone Else Pissed at How the Elite Corrupt Our Democratic Process? sweet! All the big shots are huggin' and kissin'


Sparks fly tonight...clinton needs to hit obama and so will edwards

Cuff Him!-O'Reilly reportedly shoves Obama staffer at New Hampshire rally-Secret Service steps in

Now THAT was a debate!

Live Video Link To DEmocratic Debate!

SwampRat! She's Wearing Your Color! n/t

Official NH Debate Thread #7

I think tonight's Democratic Debate is going to be 'rough and tumble' ....

What I learned from GD and GDP re: democratic candidates

What happened to Huncan Dunter? Did he drop out or is the media putting him at the kiddie table ....

Official NH Debate Thread #8 - Dems Up

Etheridge: “I think that this ABC debate is nothing but an infomercial now.”

Here comes "Christmas Resolution II" ... or, why the House has no time for impeachment

OMG! The Dems are taking the stage and hugging the Pukes!

R D FOX NH report:: Jan. 4th, Rudy & Mitt in New Hampshire

Language: "Pakistan can become a failed nation state with nuclear weapons"

Official NH Debate Thread #9 - Dems Up

So WEIRD to watch Dana Bash and John King


Official NH Debate Thread #10 - Dems Up

How would people feel about an Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards ticket?

Change change change - Can somebody up and say it's change FROM SHRUB & CHEENEE &

"Hi, my name is Charles Gibson"

Surprise! Mittens wins Wyoming

Damn...that C--Span Thing with Hillary Live in New Hampshire is just about to Turn Me!

Official NH Debate Thread #11 - Dems Up

I'm no longer undecided ...

Does that Osmond loving, greasy haired, holy diaper wearing, dog abusing

"The Democrats are so much cooler than the republicans"

A chance.

Two things just convinced me to vote for Hillary in the general

If Obama Wants My Vote

Official NH Debate Thread #12 - Dems Up

Official NH Debate Thread #14 - Dems Up

I'm seeing a two man race here now

It's true what Edward's just said......

I thought Ron Paul was NOT going to be in the debates tonite. HE'S ON NOW!

Democrats should have been on first...

Edwards will win the Armenian vote in California

Edwards on entrenched moneyed interests in Washington: "You can't nice these people to death."

I know it's against protocol for a past President to discuss a current President's conduct.

WTF? Hillary just totally stole Edwards time! After rattling through a boring laundry list.

Bill Richardson is SO ANNOYING

Is it just me or is Richardson monopolizing this debate? I mean

I Almost - ***Almost*** - Feel Sorry for Mark Penn...

Poor Bill Richardson spinning in his chair.

Attendance soars after deadly tiger attack at San Francisco Zoo


Edwards brings up another very important point....

Official NH Debate Thread #15 - Dems Up

Obligatory: Who won the debate Poll

just gotta gotta say ...

Who lost the Democratic Debate?

Edwards is winning the debate...hell of a good show!

Edwards brings up another very important point....

Despite what the MSM will say tonight. Edwards cleaned house.

I hope none of our candidates injure themselves

AND the post-debate is all about HILLARY and OBAMA (Steph and Sawyer).

Edwards is winning the debate...hell of a good show!

Steph calling it for Edwards

George S. at ABC just said Edwards did well tonight... (can't believe he choked that out)

I really like Edwards' message.

I'm going to donate to the Edwards campaign right now.....

Heh.... too bad they just cut off Kucinich just when he was bringing up impeaching

John Edwards facial expression on the split screen during Hillary's "Change" Outburst is priceless

The Republican debate was Night Of The Living Dead

It was really nice to watch the debate as an "uncommitted"

UK's Standard of Living Overtakes The US For The First Time Since the 19th Century

I liked Edwards tonight


Democrats Far Surpass Republicans

ABC coverage over...anybody else covering it?

I'll Chip in Some Bucks for Trippi to Send Penn Some Pansies...

I always feel filthy after listening to these network slobs

How come Kucinich wasn't on stage in New Hampshire tonight? n/t

My remote is balancing in my hands!

Obama is not as eloquent when there is no prepared speech

A word about Hilliary. I am not a supporter BUT....

C'mon objectively now...Edwards won this debate by a mile...

"We don't need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delivered."

YouPolls: Who won this debate?

This is how you bring about change over 35 years

Radio Lady: No matter what happens, the die will be cast on Tuesday, February 5th.

The real loser of tonight's debate: Charles Gibson

Am I the only one around who doesn't like anyone running for President?

I have a question for Obama supporters.

McCain Will Win NH -- 39% in ARG, 35% in Research 2000 Poll

Online poll: Which candidate did the very best in the New Hampshire debates Saturday night?

Can we all agree that we need Dennis in the race?

DU this poll, please...

FINALLY! Someone explains how you can make change over 35 years!

Mittens: Stop picking on me!!!

Official NH Debate Thread #13 - Dems Up

Obama drinking game sends students to the hospital

So what does one do with billions/millions of dollars?

100 percent of people carry at least 1 type of pesticide

It doesn't matter who won the debate tonight. What matters is

Oh Wheeeeeeeeeeee Hillary shuts the boys down.

Latest ARG Poll >>> Obama 38; Clinton 26; Edwards 20 ....

What I learned from the Great Depression

Change, change, change.......Americans don't want CHANGE just for the sake of CHANGE....

Watched one of those awful MSNBC programs and have realised how terrible those criminals are!

What state statistically "most like America"?

What is Racism?

So if Hillary wasn't Bill's wife, would she be running for president?

OBAMA / EDWARDS 08???????

John Edwards shoots some baskets in NH - pics

apparently huckabee is 'christian left'

Edwards keeps humming while others change tune

Employers grab accident victims' cash

Tobacco. As addicting as heroin. But legal.

New Hampshire GOP Pulls Out Of Fox News Debate - TPM

HA! They laughed at the dumbass moderator!

This Republican debate is REALLY AMAZING!

And now the "Divisive Dennis" show

Corporate Media trying to make Hillary look weak?

Edwards doesn't even exist on Washington Journal today

Jane Smiley: Bill Kristol in the NY Times Means I'm Done with the Paper

My MRI (knee) cost me $644 – MRI machine made by “GE”

OxyMorons vs. OxiClean

So, in news beyond the primaries: what. the. fuck. is being planned for Afghanistan?

Remember When Glenn Beck Said This?

If you dig Mythsaje posts as much as I do, this would be the thread for you.

The Main Topic Of Discussion In NH Should Be: Who Is GOING TO END THIS GDED WAR

Obama will fade.


Caption McCain

Don’t Go There: Top 20 Taboo Topics for Presidential Candidates

"We can't nominate Barack Obama because he's --gasp--a BLACK guy!"

The BOriley incident at Obama's event highlights the most troubling aspect of his candidacy


"I've gone head to head with the North Koreans"

Top 10 Reasons Why Huckabee is a Nutjob

Good Lord what a bitter nasty troll Lynn Samuels (Sirius Left) is, talking about Obama.

I received an invitation today

Why is John Edwards invited to the debate!? I thought it was for serious contenders only!

NH: Edwards Packs in an Overflow Crowd . . .


Was just anyone allowed to caucus?


Okay i really want Kucinich now

LOL !!! - Only In California !!!

Ah life in Bush's America

Andrew Olmstead's Last Post

Question regarding Edwards and federal matching funds

WSCE sends this out to tnlefty!! Freshly Ground Greenwood :)

And There Was the SCREAM!

Live debate stream for us non-tv havin' folks.

The corporate media blackout of John Edwards gets worse

Barron's, of All Places, Mentions Edwards

Hillary's "Moment" already on YouTube

Obama is your candidate? OK then, welcome to 4 years of President Huckabee

Boy, am I glad I'm a registered Independent. I am utterly astonished to see the

Wish him the best but Glenn Beck had a bad holiday season

Obama named SmogMaker of 2007 (prize honors those who delay action on global warming)

Chris Hanson on MSNBC's Catch a Predator comes clean tonight...

Here's the NYT article on voting machines.

30 Days of the Condor playing on TCM now . . .

John Edwards CO-SPONSORED Lieberman's 2002 Iraq War Resolution!

Wow. This passage written by Obama in 2004 just blows me away.

CREW: Dennis Hastert failed to disclose legal payments from Foley scandal

I Just Can't Believe It (My First DU Rant)

That's it. I quit.

A Nearly Perfect Domestic Model For National Health Care

I'm tempted to install myself in Edward's Camp, film and stream it ALL over the Web, Fuck the MSM!

Bush Orders WH Lawyers To Draw Up Documents To Prevent Investigation Into Torture Tape Destruction

The Tyranny of Super-Delegates

Edwards and Obama Have Cut a Deal...

Know your BFEE: War and Oil are just two longtime Main Lines of Business

C-SPAN re-airing the 100 Club speeches now.

When Should we see the first Post-Iowa NH Poll?

(A Leader for a) Change: Obama Recycles Carter 1976

Clinton, Obama offer study in contrast

Michael Moore leans strongly towards John Edwards

Video ad from Calif.NursesAssoc. Obama's health plan needs work too.

Iowa is old news now....

A Clinton supporter on Obama voters: "They grabbed their muskets and came out of their caves."

Obama's Youth Vote Triumph

You have to read this to believe it.....LOL.

Clinton out of it, Edwards suggests

self delete

Is David Axelrod a strategic genius?

A Campaign Retools to Seek Second Clinton Comeback

Why America needs Obama, by Deval Patrick

239,000 folks caucused in Iowa (almost twice the number as in 2004). Here is one story.

Post-Iowa Blame Game Begins in Clinton Camp

A look at the Obama trends in New Hampshire polls!!!

If Hillary comes in second in NH, is her campaign dumb enough...

The date is September 11, 2008

We need to factor in the unemployment rate and the DJIA at start of the our convention on Aug 25

Question for Edwards supporters...

Obama: "We will close Guantanamo, and restore habeas corpus."

Here is another ....Clinton 36 - Obama 29 - Edwards 13

Richardson's remarks on Iraq at the 2003 DNC Convention

Edwards: Second in IA, Fourth in NH, Third in Nevada,

Clinton, McCain leads shrink in New Hampshire: poll

Why Obama??

Photos: Barack Obama at the just ended rally in Nashau, NH, and at the 100 Club dinner in Milford

MSNBC: What on earth is Andrea Mitchell wearing!?!??

Do any of you think that all your squabbling here is helping your candidate?

Wondering...if there is going to be a positive "bump" for Obama

The format of tonights debate may be a big improvement

From the Houston Chronicle?!!

Self Delete.

NYT: Daring to Believe, Blacks Savor Obama Victory

Everyone is watching as Obama and Clinton battle it out. It's like Edwards doesn't exist

Voters admire, doubt Edwards' anti-corporate stance

The Obamas and Oprah ... here's my issue

"I don't think real America is Iowa." - Lynne Hunter (Duncan Hunter's wife)

Deval Patrick's Opinion Piece in today's Boston Globe

People standing up with comments on this article "The Peoples Candidate"

Obama leading in Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll (NH)

Intrade: Obama now bidding ahead of Clinton for 2008 Democratic nomination

Deleted by Poster as Duplicate:

I might be wrong but I think one of the reasons Edwards is at a disadvantage this time is because

If Obama Wins New Hampshire, Is It Over?

heads up: more wacko fundies to get arrested - this time at Clinton NH campaign office

Edwards didn't get a bump from Iowa

I just passed a Ron Paul rally here in So Florida

John McCain on C-SPAN, God help us...

Mitt rides Obama message

I LOVE being a New Hampshire voter!

With 3 strong candidates, no single candidate will get majority of delegates before Convention.

O'Reilly is stalking all the Dems and to her credit Hillary picked on him

War? What war? Economy trumps Iraq in election -entrance poll

Will tonight's debate be broadcasted over the internet?

Some annoying lady tried to question McCain and then screamed he lost her vote. . .LIVE ON CSPAN

This IS "Corporatist Nation"

Edwards Supporter: Proud to Be a Democrat, Witness to History

ABC News "Dishes Dirt" on Hillary and Edwards online in advance of New Hampshire

NH Poll, Dems Agree W/ John Edwards on The Issues!

willard Romney on CSPAN 1 from last night

O'Reilly acting like a TOTAL ass during a Obama rally

Comparing Edwards and Obama's LGBT platform underscores the issues of Obama's lack of specificity:

Richardson recieves NH newspaper endorsement

Clinton Defends Vote on Iran Resolution

"Rethinking Edwards in Iowa"

Edwards rally coming up LIVE on CNN

If Virginia could elect a black man governor in 1989, the country can elect

I lost (and need a CAPTION) by THIIIIIIIIIS MUCH

"Because federal judges receive lifetime appointments...

Aide for Obama: Wisconsin Governor Dolye to Endorse Obama

More evidence that America is sick of Re-pube-lickins

Time's The Page: Obama Out with Two New NH Ads

New Hampshire GOP Pulls Out As Co-sponsor Of Fox News Debate

Another NYT frontpage for Obama supporters

Jesse Ventura for President

Ah, now Romney's desire to keep Cheney on forever makes sense.

Obama: "religious traditions" behind opposition to gay marriage.

Obama Live in NH: "I Will Bring the Troops Home in 16 Months."

WSJ on Iowa: Get ready for a Demoractic Presidency

Campaigns Plumbing the Independent Mind: Obama, McCain compete for NH Independents

Should Dennis Kucinich Be Included In Tonight's Debate

Obama Says That His First Action as President Would be to Bring U.S. Troops Home from Iraq

The Clinton SLIME machine begins: Fat boy Penn is claiming Obama has two out of wedlock kids

Check out my new SIGNATURE!

Presidential candidates on gay civil rights

Bill Clinton on enacting DOMA

Anyone in New Hampshire?

"To say that men and women should not inject their "personal morality" into public policy...

what time is tonight's debate?

Is this an official Barack Obama page?

68% of NH independents will vote in the Democratic Primary

ATTENTION...ATTENTION... Clinton Came In Third People!!

National March On Local Television Stations On Monday Morning or Wednesday Morning

Glib-Free or Die

[WIS] Assembly split will narrow as GOP lawmaker is sent to Iraq

Native American Network Registers Voters On Nevada's 24 Indian Reservations For Jan 19th Caucus

Art Bell: "Fox News sucks" - awesome

Durbin hails Obama's "historic victory", says negative attacks on him could backfire

Under Obama's health plan, could healthy people opt...

remember super delegates? hrc 77 -obama 31 edwards 16, and

Oh-ba-ma Fires It Up (NYT blog)

Clinton's Embarrassing Iowa Flop Exposes Key Democratic Leadership Myth

in 2006, Obama ranked 10th most liberal senator; Clinton 23rd. Feingold 15th

Monkey females are prostitutes

Should I abandon my brother and vote for Obama?

At Dems Dinner, Clinton's Performance is Lackluster while Obama Remains Strong

CNN/WMUR Daily Poll to be out @ 5pm today ... on CNN. eom

Does Romney's Ad Against McCain Contain A Subliminal Message?

Don't look to Obama or Hillary or JE to bring 'change'

Obama Or Edwards

Make the popcorn --> Saturday debates on ABC

Feingold favors Obama!

Clinton Aides Attacks Obama For Opposing Mandatory Minimum Sentences

MA Gov, Deval Patrick - "Why America needs Obama"

Arianna: "Everyone has a reason to celebrate..."

Obama has 269,543 youtube hits on victory speech VS. Clinton 1,786 speech

Obama supporters learn the truth about their great and powerful Obama

Hillary's aides point to Obama's extremely progressive record

WP,pg1: Barack Obama: The Conventional Wisdom Defied

Has anybody heard 'hide nor hair' from the Clinton loyalists Carville or Begala since the Iowa

Obama is too corporate AND too liberal???

I don't think the Clintons grasp that they're not running in the 1990s

Is anyone else enjoying Taylor marsh's meltdown

DU a poll: Obama and Mike Huckabee If they become the presidential nominees, who would you vote for?

Oh-ba-ma Fires It Up

Huckabee and McCain explore a temporary alliance

I think Hillary will be a fabulous candidate in 2016

Hillary is attacking Obama for being to progressive is she SERIOUS!!!

Change Yes, Ron Paul No

In Iowa, Somebody Was Right** - DMR Poll Vindicated, Hillary and Edwards spinners proven wrong

Question for Edwards supporters: do any polls show him ahead in any state?

Ron Paul interview Friday - Bill Moyers, PBS

Why Did Edwards Speak First Thursday Night?

Notes from Iowa primary Edwards owes the fire fighters, Dodd, and Biden

Clinton's Supporters Question Her Strategy

hey, why aren't there any post Iowa polls out?

Zogby latest tracking poll JUST OUT this morning

Suffolk County University- New Hampshire Tracking Poll- Clinton 36% Obama 29% Edwards 13%

Unfortunately, Edwards is in a tough spot.

David Brooks on Iowa's Transcendent messages.

CLINTON/BLOOMBERG as an INDEPENDENT ticket? what would you do?

Seems like the Iowa caucuses are nothing more than horse trading.

All Edwards Supporters and anyone else who wants do something about the Corporate Media.

Speaking of polls -- how are the general election hypotheticals looking??

Where is the debate and what time.

Bill: Hillary Will Go Negative, And It's The Media's Fault

CNN....People calling CSPAN giving CNN hell over little coverage for Edwards

Anybody else get 'The Daily Brew'?

Guiliani is toast.

Does anyone think we could get to Denver WITHOUT a clear winner?

Now that Obama's the frontrunner, will the corporate media vet him?

Phenomenal Obama Speech at the 100 Club Dinner about to Re-air on C-Span!

Huff Po: Does Romney's Ad against McCain Contain a Subliminal Message? (RAT)

Funny how the top three candidates literally embody the

Inspiration is a potent force.

Obama Alert - Barack Obama to appear on C-Span very shortly at a NH Event.

Bush Radio 01-05-08: "I'm looking forward to my visit to the Middle East..."

What do you expect on tonight's Dem debate?

Maybe , Edwards should just stand up and tell how little coverage the Corporate media has given him

Who will win the Republican caucus tomorrow?

New Hampshire is not going to decide very much IMO

GOP Already at Work to Keep Obama Voters From the Polls

Possible Kennedy Endorsement Coming?


What the Democratic White House will look like (2009)

If John Edwards is not the nominee - he would be a great VP or attorney general

I hate to say it, but we Have to root for a Scumbag

The canvassers and pollsters are out in full force. I feel like I'm under assault.

Reuters has the pictures of the O'Reilly Obama confrontation, here you go! UPDATE w/CBS report!

Write in Al Gore. Huckabee is going to win otherwise.

Madeleine Stowe Thinks John Edwards is in the Driver's Seat

The Big O has the Big MO! Rasmussen NH: Obama 37, Clinton 27, Edwards 19!

New Obama ad in NH....

Hilarious article by John Dickerson - he watched (and yelled at) O'Reilly at the Obama rally

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle endorses Obama.

AFSCME tells Hillary Campaign to chill out

The Obama Phenomenon, Bob Herbert - - "Shake hands with tomorrow. It’s here."

Bloomberg as Obama VP? Here's Some Arguments For It

New Edwards FOEA TV Ad FOR Edwards GREAT +other links. JRE First GREEN President!

Democratic Strategist-Peter Fenn -"Expect Edwards To Go After Obama Hard Tonight"

New Hampshire prediction time.

O'Reilly: I had to Gently remove him from in front of the camera

Romney Wins Wyoming

4 years ago

Delete thread

Huckabee on CNN: You're no John Edwards, Huckabee

Will the O'Reilly incidents unite the DU?

Reality Check. Can Edwards hold the middle long enough?

Hillary booed at NH Democratic dinner!

Hillary on now, CSPAN, 4PM Eastern - Bill O'Reilly There

New ARG Poll Out

Is it true that New Hampshirans called O'Fascist "falaffel man"?

Bill O'Reilly attended Hillary's speech today. Eavesdropper!

Is Obama lying or naïve?

The chances of republicans holding the WH Put a fork in them there DONE!!!!


These are HILARIOUS!

There something funny about comparing records between Sen. Edwards AND Sen. Obama...

MSNBC Breaking News: AP reports Mitt Romney has won the Republican caucuses in Wyoming

ARG: Obama Leads Hillary By 12 Points In NH


OBAMA endorsed by the 2 most Liberal NH Reps - Hodes and Shea-Porter

Hillary says Obama supporters are fat, happy and just looking to feel good

Is There Anyway to Watch or Listen to Debate Online?

I have been a Democrat

Concord Monitor post Iowa poll Obama 34, Clinton 33, Edwards 23

Now what? I supported Biden, and now I've got to choose

Closer Post-Iowa Polls Don't Seem To Account for Record Independent Turnout

Washington Post: N.H. Is Already Flooded With Attack Ads

Should Iowa keep its position?

Did any debate start yet?

Disgraced Clinton donor sentenced to three years

Can you say big bounce for Obama and a nice one for Edwards too?

Anybody have a link to CNN's Poll?

By sexual orientation: Of the frontrunners, who do you support?

19th Congressional Republican Mulls Retirement

HEADLINE: Huckabee tones down Christian rhetoric in New Hampshire

Be wary of late New Hampshire polls

Hillary - CSPAN1, Penacock NH meeting now.

Obama's Victory in Never-Never Land: Der Spiegel

Rasmussen Markets.....

Everybody understands what's at stake here, right?

how is MItt Romney doing among African Americans?

Prominent Dodd and Biden Supporters in NH endorse OBAMA


Anyone have TOTALS of money spent by candidates in Iowa?

Cutting Children’s Health Funding in One Program Isn’t Enough for Bush


Cassandra Dee explains why we must not elect Hillary Clinton

I'm listening to Hillary on C-Span

I'm very concerned about the possibility of nominating Barack Obama

Ron Paul = Marshall Applewhite?

I love NH!! Some at Obama Rally yell Falafel to O'Reilly who Caused a Disruption

Bravo Network's "Top Candidate"

Obama's campaign song should be.......

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby New Hampshire Poll: Clinton leads Obama

WaPo Editorial For Those Who Think Obama Will Send The Party Down The Drain

It looks like if Clinton's 3rd place showing in Iowa was a blessing in disguise, Edwards still in it

Does Obama's Win Show U.S. Is Colorblind?

How Close is EDWARDS to Second Place in New Hampshire?

Question about NH Primary

I like Huckabee more than I like Hillary

Where the hell is the debate?

What about Florida and Michigan delegate count?

Clinton talks and talks in New Hampshire

The Elephant in the Room

ABC DEBATE promises to be much more lively and nothing like we've seen before

Rasmussen poll: Paul running 3rd among Repubs. Doesn't bode well

New CNN Post-Iowa NH Poll: 33% Obama Clinton 33% Edwards 20%


Are independents retarded?

Obama rose 13 points in "electability" - Clinton dropped 9 in NH poll (tied)

Has Biden Formally Endorsed Any of the Top Three?

"So Democratic audiences are often surprised when I tell them I don't consider George Bush...

what network is showing the debate tonight...thanks

Obama leads or ties Clinton in every post-Iowa poll.

Clinton trying to manufacture momentum?

Delete: wrong forum

Playing Catch-Up May Be Harder: Short Calendar Means Candidates With Momentum Could Keep Rolling

Ohhh BINGO Rudy 911

Lamestream Media to John Edwards...

did Rudy just call * "our great president"?

One word says it all: BACKBONE.

Clinton Criticizes Obama in NH Mailer

Obama will get another record turnout of young people and first time voters

dupe - sorry

John Edwards CO-SPONSORED Lieberman's 2002 Iraq War Resolution!

Just in from Nashua

I get the feeling ABC worked out their poll so it would look like a tie between Obama and Clinton

Clinton Criticizes Obama in NH Mailer: On abortion rights

Iowa speeches- Word IRAQ Mentioned: Obama-2/Edwards-0 -- GOD Mentioned: Obama-0/Edwards 1

The Huck is doing better than Romney so far.

Romney is so finished, he's coming across like a buffoon in the debate

McCain: 'We don't agree often, Romney, but I agree that you are the candidate of CHANGE"

Well isn't this some bullshit (Republican Debate V Obama)

Romney won today's Republican caucus in Wyoming

Hillary compares Obama to Bush

Guilliana is trying to murder his own chances of being President

Dodd & Biden NH Chairs Endorse Obama

On Intrade today: Obama +7.6; Clinton -10.1. Obama favored to win nomination.

LIstening to the Repukes debating is a very scary affair.

Today's NATIONAL Rasmussen numbers, an Edward's record?

OMG, the repukes are allowed to take a question on Obama & now they're all pasting Obama. WTF??

Obama, Clinton and Edwards - what are their positions on gun control and the death penalty?

Another new edwards sig, test it for me?


Why we will rally around the nominee ...

Puke alert. The Democrats are on stage hugging the Republicans


Was Romney popular in MA as Gov? How the hell did he get elected there? nt

Republican Debate Being Run Like "The View" Talk Show

TOO much foreign policy

Ron Paul is eating their lunch

Only the most Passive and Destitute Dems need apply to run for Office. Then we can claim the moral

This is a fantastic and in-depth debate.

CNN/WMUR No Bounce

The first inspiring moment of the Debates tonight

ABC is Really Pushing War

Rudy actually made sense a minute ago! - (the republican debate)

Seems like Edwards & Obama are getting along....

Richardson: "Stay positive, plenty of time to get negative -with the Republicans - later.

1st foreign policy exchange Hillary and Obama tie, Edwards did not do so well.

Just off the phone with a *very* Republican girl that I know

I think Edwards and Obama have a gentleman's agreement

Isn't "Hillary seeks power" just another codex euphemism for

Obama just said he would raise payroll taxes on the rich...the rich do not get payroll checks!

Edwards is working on staking out his positions and showing how dramatically different he is as

Hillary is rolling her eyes

Miss Hillary is serving the children fiercely!

Ist question: Obama says the Bush doctrine is his policy too.

BEST thing so far....Obama gave up his suthrin preacher accnt tonight!

Compare: trade issues.

As a plaintiff attorney John Edwards fought against corporate malfeasance

Why Are the Rethugs so Damn Rude?

Obama gets stupid on Iraq, sorry that is the only accurate description...

Hold the phone!! The Tyranny of Super-Delegates

Candidate's actions render said candidate unelectable.

Richardson is pathetic he so desperately wants to be VP. Why is he there

Richardson just got scewrred on energy policy...

"This is Lexington and Concord..."

Somebody challenged me to say something 'bad' about Clinton...wellll

shrill, catty, can we stop with the sexist crap?

Edwards "to be affective, it has to be personal, other wise you will just get up and walk away"


Hope he lets Edwards and Clinton respond about companies with HQ off-shore

Could Rove himself be a worse "debate" moderator than Charlie Gibson?

Edwards has just made his best and took Obama to task on the special intersts

Obama is making a good case on economic needs for 'growth'...

There is a right way and a wrong way to promote your candidate

Hillary is kicking ass tonight. Showing passion for once.,

on delay in Seattle??


Okay. Hillary just won me over

Most Blatantly Biased Debate I've Seen Thus Far

I thought that was the best debate format of them all.

Obama is coming across as very presidential tonight

Line item veto? MORE Presidential power?

"I find the President and those who surround him to be pretty much like everybody else,

Edwards now sticking up for Obama, nailing "status quo" Hillary.

Best Mill answer ever!

The half ass third rate bar-rail bullshit session about "Islam" going

Charlie Gibson lied to your faces

yes dennis gets a private interview!! nt

It's lucky lobbyist can feed Hillary standing up

Was it just me or was Richardson at an entirely different debate?

What's wrong with Clinton tonight?


Clinton instills the most foreign policy confidence BY FAR (both knowledge and judgment)

As I see it, Hillary got a slow start, but clearly won on substance and stranger yet, passion!

George S.: McCain Helped Obama

Why is Bill Richardson still in the race?

Miserable- looking bunch

Obama's football line was great.

Where'd all the Hillary people go? Everybody check in, and say hello.

And my debate rankings for the night.

They're giving some time to Kucinich ... why couldn't they

"Allowing the use of school property for meetings by voluntary student prayer groups...

Chuck Todd: Obama passed with flying colors

"The recession we are sliding toward..." (possible paraphrase)

Who can I trust: I'm Exhausted: You Advise Me Who To Vote For.

I am proud to be a Democrat right now.

Who won the debate?

Please! Any link to the Dem Debate in full? n/t

Anyone else wish Biden was in this debate?

My Local ABC Station is Lying on Air about what happened on the debate! Unbelievable!

Ron Paul is like one of those crazy people in the movies, where

Wish to thank all those who read and commented on my debate commentary threads...

Edwards rebukes Clinton in Democratic debate (Reuters)

So ABC has Repukes on. Did I miss the Dems?

I'm going to pay HRC a compliment. See inside.

Hillary's debate moment

Can Edwards really be a VP candidate two elections in a row?

My take on the Debate

This Republican Debate is the Romney Show

All the Obama supporters quoting Mark Halparen and Frank Luntz? Must be college students

So, who do you think will endorse who?

ABC haS given Kucinich his time, he is on right now

Something we seem to be missing about Hillary's "moment"

Post Iowa NH Rasmussen Poll: Obama 37%- Hillary-27%- Edwards-19%

IRAQ/NCLB Policy, With Liberty and Justice for the Priveleged Few

MSNBC shows Hillary with 2nd highest delegate count. UGH BIAS!

Okay So how will they finish in New Hampshire?

NH Undecideds rail against Clinton

Hillary's "Dean Scream" moment.

The Fix: Democratic Debate: Edwards Backs Up Obama

INTRADE: Obama surging, Hillary falling.

I think Edwards has a better chance than Hillary of winning the nomination now.

TRANSCRIPT: Dem debates in NH 1/5/08

Josh Marshall: My Take

As an Obama supporter...I must say to Edwards....

Frank Luntz crowd in NH talking about the debate must see video

List of Foreign Policy Advisors For Top 3 Democratic Candidates

NYT:At Debate, Two Rivals Go After Defiant Clinton

I hope...

Did it seem like the Republican segment went a little better?

Everyone accusing Hillary of getting out of control during the "change" thing is really sexist.

GODDAM! The WORST Dem in the group is better than the best of this lot of bloodsuckers

Obama failed to break out of his "lightweight" image tonight. Scary.

Goodbye cruel world

Clinton just redeemed herself from any earlier slips....

Edwards and Hillary are making Obama look like an empty suit

Didn't Edwards sound shrill tonight?

Remember Hillary's Senate Debate?

Obama: Race Matters

College professors make over $100K a year?

How the heck is Hillary going to standup against Putin or that crazy nut in Iran

George Steph: Obama did no mistakes, Edwards showed the passion.

Hillary's Debate Moment - bickering and angry (VIDEO)

And the winner is...

Did Edwards fall asleep?

Watching the Repub Debate made me even more certain that Hillary must be our candidate.

Why aren't the polls reflecting what it seems most DUers think?

Richardson - "Have I mentioned my resume?"

The one problem with Obama is he has no substance, no specific proposals.

If Fred Thompson were green

Who won tonight's debate?

Hillary's shrill, crazy lady routine, has just lost her any chance of recovering in this Election

The Democratic debate has not started here in California.

Newsweek: COVER STORY - Inside Obama’s Dream Machine

Does Richardson wear a rug?

VIDEO: Tweety to Elizabeth Edwards: Trial lawyers to blame for lack of bartenders in Pennsylvania

Tonight's Debate Winner!

They really really hated Mitt Romney

Edwards won hands down tonight

How come as soon as Hillary starts to falter, like she's done tonight, her supporters start

Hands- down winner in tonights Dem debate

kucinich UFO explained, or at least a best guess.

Well Democrats we all should stand and applaud George(worthless) Bush tonight...

Mark Halperin debate grades: Obama A-, Edwards B+, Clinton B, Richardson B-

Please DU this poll:

Did anyone else notice an alliance forming on stage tonight

Hillary's supporters are working so hard tonight, trying to spin this into a win for Hillary

2 Million Commercial Cooks Could Be Exposed to Deadly ‘Popcorn Lung’

Boo Obama and Boo Hillary

It takes 2025 DELEGATES to become the nominee. Just think.....

Could be a brokered Democratic Convention.

The M$M is the pimp and those of you who carry their propaganda are their willing whores.

How do you feel about the economic stimulus that Obama proposed?

An Iowan's Caucus

If Hillary were to win the Dem. Nomination - would you vote for her?

Hillary's electability message.

Touche' Obama's campaign head is a lobbyist for the pharmacuetical interests

Edwards just spanked Hillary.

A Biden supporter - my next choice after Iowa

John Edwards is making me so proud to be his supporter tonight!

did obama really vote for patriot act after saying he wouldn't?

Hillary has her home run tonight. Nails it. "Can we have a reality break?"

Clinton: Obama's Too Liberal

Florida ACLU for Impeachment

Hillary's Oxymoron: "I've Been Making Change for 35 Years."

So, who won?

Edwards pretty clearly won the debate.

Clinton is calling Obama to soft on putting people in prison WHAT!!!!!

Universal Single Payer Healthcare - who supports it? Any candidate besides DK?

Why would anyone on DU hate any of the Democratic candidates???

Facebook poll- Obama wins the debate (46%), Clinton 2nd (25%)

While you people fight over your candidates, CNN says there is no difference between them

ABC Poll post Iowa -pre debate: HRC 33 Obama 33

Iowa's 2 million voting age population and now New Hampshire's 900,000

I have NOT contributed to anyone...I will be making a deposit at the Obama camp tonight!

Richardson: 'I will negotiate a nuclear treaty with the *Soviet Union*'

I have to say this - that when Edwards talks about that girl that died waiting fo liver transplant -

Sweet: Fox's Bill O'Reilly in confrontation with Obama staffer at rally. Developing.

Read the "comments" section of this Fox News article on Barack

As an RN this is one area I hope Edwards challenges Hillary on,

I may be in the minority, but I think all of our candidates are kicking butt tonight.

Michigan’s Jan. 15 Primary Draws Full Smackdown from DNC

Obama Fan here: Edwards won the debate

Edwards talking about 200,000 veterans sleeping outside under bridges, etc

Richardson is coming off as completely outclassed by the other three. on all issues

Obama just said the four of them were there because they were better than the four who were not ther

CNN/WMUR poll Clinton 33, Obama 33, Edwards 20

Obama won the debate by staying out of the fray and on message

Why is Edwards running a distant 3rd in SC, when he won it in 2004 with 45% of the vote?

If Obama Is So Anti-Gay

All the hate I'm hearing about Hillary tonight

Hillary's campaign song should be

Facebook ? "Do you think a Democratic President could keep America safe from foreign threats?" WTH?

YouTube - Buzzflash correspondent interviews Obama's barber.

So Edwards' only accomplishment in the 6 years he spent

NH Voters: Iowa Results Won't Affect Choice

HRC: "New Hampshire has a lot of voters who don't think they need a president right now"

Hillary Campaign Won't Air Ads Attacking Obama

POPCORN: My swan song

There Are 22 Names on the NH Dem Ballot, Why Isn't Kucinich Lobbying to Have Them All Included?


Who WON'T be watching the debates?

Obama just revealed his naivete about how Washington works

Hillary seems to be understanding of the complexities of getting our troops out

So, what if a candidate said, "vote for me and I'll have all the troops home

Jonathan Kozol letter to Senator Kennedy on No Child Left Behind

Edwards won the debate, but does he still have a chance?

Major Garret of Fox says HRC ads will flow against Obama starting

Hillary's "woman" problem

Kucinich whines about not being included in the debates again.

...just watched the Obama Iowa speech and I'm stunned...

Please Explain: Why is Edwards corrupt because he invested in Hedge Funds?

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) comment on plans of Obama, Clinton and Edwards

"Obama repeatedly poaching John Edward's themes, language, and even jokes"

A host of Army firsts in ’07

Group lobbies for boost in GI payments

Drum O-3 admits stealing, taking bribes in Iraq

2 Mo. soldiers charged in statutory rape

Museum eyed for Fort Monroe after closure

GI Bill pay for on-job training drops by $100

S.C. guardsman killed in Afghanistan

Filmmaker Marine fights Hollywood stereotype

Appeal likely in murder case against soldier

3rd sailor involved with 2 dead in Ghana

Some evidence in terror case not admissible

Seabee arrested in threat to family

2 sites, 2 visions

On deck for’08

Nuke handlers not ready for inspection

F-15 groundings likely to last through January

Prince William to start RAF flying lessons

Arsenal destroys 10,000th nerve gas rocket

Man in fake MoH case: Law restricts speech

There's a good mailbag today at Air Force Times

Iraqi Air Force now has air operations center

The Return of Juba

Air Force Fights Feathered Foes

Swift Deploys to Join Africa Partnership

Air Traffic Runs Skies of Iraq

Women Carry Out Suicide Bombings

S. Korea scraps plan to buy UAVs due to weapons treaty

Bush Considers Tax Cut

New bunker-buster fitted aboard stealth B-2 bomber

Emissions decals expected soon for vehicles in Germany

Lawyer wants U.S. plane fuel emissions studied

For now, Humphreys pays steep price at pumps

Wiesbaden's Building Boom

Sailor missing after 30-hour sea search

120 sailors received expired Anthrax vaccine

U.S. forces build school in Ethiopia

Top Military Blogger Dies In Iraq; Read His Final Post

Awards Rant, Part I

Interesting article by Christobal O'Hitchens in todays' Daily Mirror (UK):

Media glare

The answer is torture. You should have guessed it.

Invading Hordes Descend on New Hampshire: Iowa Voters!

Reviving Camelot?

A Way Out of the Catch-22? By George Washington

Bush may claim privilege in CIA case

Purple Promises: There's virtually nothing in Mr. Obama's platform that diverges from the standard,

Tourists shun crime-hit Mexico beaches

Good news in Bad Times ( Article about Obama religious beliefs and influence)

GOP Establishment Claims Huckabee Not Supported By Jesus, But Judas

Stone: my part in hostage baby saga

The winds of change are set to blow away the American right

New Hampshire Primary - Democrats agree with John Edwards on the Issues

Obama: JFK revisited,

The Politics of Negativity

January 4th New Hampshire Primary Coverage ~ Obama Huckabee Supreme

Paul Supporters Fight Back-- Dump Fox News Stock Intent on Sending it Tumbling

Obama supporters in Maryland celebrate word of Obama's Iowa victory.

Civilization is a function of creative individuals -- not rules, "holy books", politics, or laws.

Explaining Iowa: The God Strategy at Work By David Domke and Kevin Coe

Things Most People Would Rather not Know By Timothy V. Gatto

Elizabeth Edwards: On John Edwards' Electability

Mukasey & The CIA Torture Tapes

Inside Iraq - Shia peace pact - 04 Jan 07 - Part 1

Inside Iraq - Shia peace pact - 04 Jan 07 - Part 2

How American Democracy Relies on Fascism By Ted Rall

Hillary Clinton speaks to the NH Democratic Party 1-04-08

Obama: I'll be on your show, O'Reilly, after the primary (what about the boycott???)

US troops in Pakistan? I miss Joe!

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Clinton: 'Words are Not Action'

Melting Arctic Forces Alaskan Village To Move

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Taking On Entrenched Special Interests

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on 'What's at Stake'

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Iraq

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Nuclear Proliferation

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards on Change

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Dems and Repubs on Stage Together

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Obama on Change

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Edwards: 'Enough is Enough'

Republican Blood Bath on the Campaign Trail

Obama: Race Matters

Olbermann's Worst Persons: Giuliani, O'Reilly, Fox "Going Out of Business" Channel

Kucinich on Moyers' Journal!

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich in-depth interview on PolicyWatch

Who is Dennis Kucinich?

John Edwards - Fighting powerful interests (N.H. Debate)

NH Debate 5 JAN '08 - Clinton: 'Well That Hurts My Feelings'

John Edwards' new NH ad: Your time is now.

Attention Democrats: Who'll Stand Up for Working Americans?

"A picture is worth a thousand words"....OH REALLY?

Minister declares natural disaster in flooded NSW towns

Judge Imposes Stricter Rules on Navy to Protect Marine Life

Would you be willing to help promote an environmental candidate on DU with a logo in your posts?

U.K. Government Nuclear-Power Inquiry `Failed,' Academics Say

DOE reconsiders use of nuclear recycling

This time, solar industry here to stay (AZ)

More stricken Cold War-era nuclear workers qualify for aid

Same Cook | A Change Is Gonna Come (some graphic content)

Time to stop the Greenwashing

Gazprom plans Africa gas grab

Celebs driven to red carpet events in a Toyota Prius

Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2

30 Years ago today.....

Home wind turbines dealt a blow

New community owned wind power development being planned (in Fargo ND)

Excessive suburban fees unwisely discourage solar investors

Skinner Steam Engine Electricity Generator

Question about medication disposal...

Flow battery maker gets $15 million


Race, Gender Compete In Democratic Race

O'Reilly is stalking all the Dems and to her credit Hillary picked on him

Damn...that C--Span Thing with Hillary Live in New Hampshire is just about to Turn Me!

This is how you bring about change over 35 years

Watching the Repub Debate made me even more certain that Hillary must be our candidate.

Hillary's closing comments

Union Member Win Shifts Minnesota Legislature to Working Families

Is Jay Leno subverting his union?

Union Tells Transportation Secretary U.S. Faces An Air Traffic Safety Crisis

Today in labor history January 04

Today in labor history January 05

'Miles of Smiles' chronicles story of Sleeping Car Porters union

‘Card Check’ Takes a Hit

Carpenters can turn apprentice training into a college degree

California Nurse-Patient Ratio Law Completes Phase-In

MISSOURI: Area Developer Who Employed Undocumented Workers, Pays More Than $980,000

Unions React To Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus Vote, Obama's Victory

Economic Report: Is Manufacturing Producing A U.S. Recession For '08?

600 AT&T Customer Service Reps Form Union in Dover, N.H.

Union forums noticed by hundreds of DU members, hell freezes over

Unrepentant Fenian

Poll: 81 percent of Israelis back increasing IDF targeted killings

Pakistian, Palestine and Israel

Financial bubbles and the 'greater fool' theory

When You Send the Mfg and IT Jobs Overseas, You Destroy Your Economy

One last gift before he goes-the Bush Recession-December facts are in

The Manufacturing Base and Tariffs

Crosspost from GD, and why in my view the dems will win unless the election is stolen

In the debate tonight....

Hedging Their Way to Billions

Good post -

An interesting article on the caucus from the London Telegraph

Does Anyone Know...


Bill Moyer's Journal guest: Kathleen Hall Jamieson re: Biden dropping out

My note to Joe

Joe Biden's blog is closed

PIRHAHA - You won TWO DUzy's This Week - Congrats!

Rep. Jim Ryan Statement on Joe Biden Withdrawal from Presidential Race

Delarare reacts;

A great article from an Iowa Biden supporter

Last chance to say goodbye at the Biden blog

I thought it would be fun, and therapeutic to post your favorite Biden moment from the last year.

Did you guys see this?

Experience & Change

Video for Biden...

A final hello from Iowa

Paging Shari in PA-

Is anyone going to watch the debates tomorrow?

Has anyone else done it yet?

Joe quit too early

I Can't Stand This...

How cute is this?!?

I'm watching - and wondering if Biden is too.

Biden Has Supporters

Bidenites - you need to watch this video.

Guys, I'm thinking of starting a new group, about media,

i am listening to Hillary on C-Span right now

Media Coverage

You guys, check out this post

What If.....There is a close tie with the top three going into the

All of you should watch this.

Edwards -vs- Obama on LGBT Issues

Am I good enough to be first?

Growing Number Of Israeli Cities Recognize Gay Couples

Student told again not to wear anti-gay T-shirt

damn I have gay fingers

GLBT DU'rs Poll

Will Your Vote Count?

NYT: Can You Count On These Machines?

Election Reform, Fraud & News SAT-1/5/08, GOP Already at Work to Keep Obama Voters From the Polls

Not ONE of the Colts starters (22 of them) have ever played for another team

Pats' Wilfork fined for finger-poking incident

Hey Redskins fans...

Coach Bob Knight Brings His 2 Year Grandson to the Post Game Press Conference

Befriend Your Fears: Shine the light of compassion on all that frightens you to find healing and fre

Brady MVP: 49 of 50 votes

Wow. The Jags look unstoppable.

Hey SEC Football fans

The decider is limiting states on Medicaid coverage

My Wife has Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.

Freely downloadable Physics Textbook

Religion/Democracy-Mutually Exclusive

If there is a God, She/He/It was a total incompetent

What was your first camera?

newbie to this group - question

How conservatives are like god

Just Yankin' Your Chain

New Jersey's Post-Election Audit Bill and Its Importance to Our Nation

What DUzy came up with diagonals anyway?

*** SUBMISSION THREAD #3 - Photo of the Year (Exhibition) ***

This diagonals thing is a pain in the ass

Winter Trees

A lovely pot of soup!


A government report on ".50-caliber terror"

"With more people carrying guns, self-defense killings on increase" Memphis, TN

List of Morons Who Slipped Up And Practically Admitted 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Bazant's WTC Work Is Badly Flawed, and Likely a Deliberate Cover-Up for Demolition

The NIST Report on the World Trade Center Collapse one year later: Still Dead on Arrival

Remember Marvin? Looks like Bill O'Really was trying to shove him around.

Some advice, ideas, or suggestions?

Cross-post from LBN re Celis

Houston Republicans seem to be disorganized and confused

Ottawa Citizen: Be blue at your school

CanWest: Lobbying rules leave loopholes, critics say

CBC: Ottawa failing to support soldiers' families: military ombudsman

Canadian juniors capture 4th straight gold

Would you guys help me promote Nancy with this logo?

X-Post: Reuters has the pictures of the O'Reilly/Obama confrontation

Link to Jonathan Kozol letter

What Should Be Done About Standardized Tests?

I was taught...

Jonathan Kozol letter to Senator Kennedy on No Child Left Behind

Radiohead - Scotch Mist (52 minutes session)

I'm looking for Obama supporters

Assembly split will narrow as GOP lawmaker is sent to Iraq

Fox's new business network launched as rival to CNBC has few viewers: averages weekday 6,300

Alessandra Stanley and Tweety, Sittin' in a Tree...

New laws to govern alternative medicine

Infrared doggy doors

Monty is dramatically better

Best Friends Sanctuary National Geographic Series

Need help with birds flying into my windows.