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Archives: January 19, 2008

Slackers! the comic book if you haven't already

Breaking: Huckabee reveals flagpole fantasy

I am liking Dead Like Me, what a great show.

KSW: What does it stand for?

Sigmund Freud

Sweet dreams, DU...

GAAAH it is batshit crazy in there.

How much of a nerd am I?

"Hours? Days? Weeks? Genius is mysterious..."

Mardi Gras begins on my Birthday! I got beads...

This year is my 30th class reunion.

This year is my 30th class reunion.

The part of your hair

My wife who is a talented graphic designer lost job but has new web site

Evolution and Metamorphosis of an old joke : Exhibit A

I fucking can't sleep!

Need a little help from a computer geek or two...

I googled Lee Mercer

Sweet Christ I would love to spend an evening with Dianne Keaton

And now... Aass Beer!

Anyone here in an area that's colder?

All you folks with the 'John Edwards — Go for the Gold' sig thingie

Which Democratic candidate hates America the most?

Butterflies and Dragonflies...

Remember the discussion we had the other day about closing/not closing schools based on a forecast?

This IS What Its All About...

Don't tase me BRO!!!!

Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma chameleon..

Snakes on a Mutha Fuckin' Plane

Good Morning DU.....

Brits are ought to crazy shit too: Anti-Gingerism

Sam the Butcher has died - Allan Melvin dead at 85...

look at this bumper sticker

No wiki Lee Mercer Jr?

Wow, there really is such a thing as "road scholar"

Todays recipe experiment

It's (bleep)-ing COLD now!

You might as well be walking on the sun.

So mayyyybe....

Is that Lee Mercer

A parishioner gave me chocolate-covered pecans.

Happy Birthday Jean Stapleton, Dolly Parton & Tippi Hedren!

Post a caption of Ruby

Renaissance (the movie) thread uh, reborn

Bad baby-sitter

Has "Sine-Off" been banned?

Oi! Fresh hot redheds here!!

For you Packer Backers

Nevada DU'ers - Who's caucusing for Lee Mercer Jr today?

When did politicians start hiring speech writers?

Friday night word game: What words are the same in both singular and plural?

If I see that black cap conure, should I buy 'im for real?

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

GO MIDGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Fuck it! MY bar is open....

Candidate's photo puts his head on skinnier body

'The Five Most Dangerous Things in the US Navy'

I'm here to help, because I can (What I've Learned From Tom Cruise)

I'm listening to "Best of Nova Records" jazz CD

Heads up, loungers...

Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Buddy Holly...Oh-Oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore...

"legislation to ban rubber testicles from being fitted on Democrats"

Katherine Harris acquitted of child molestation charges.

Ex Steeler great Ernie Holmes dies in car wreck.

Thread for DU nonredheads to pro-actively unite against any DU nonredheads who might unite against

Ahhh a nice balmy 65 degrees here in Orlando.

I'm going to post this in the lounge.

I am SO done with winter

Should I make a fried rice to add to my dinner menu?

Ann Curry for dinner tonight!

Carl Karcher, founder of the Carl's Jr., goes to the Big Drive Thru in the Sky

My wife must love me...

My tonight song

What happened to the Freeper-English dictionary?


When I watered my spider plant tonight I found

I feel stupid

I learned a lesson the hard way today

The best guitar lesson video ever....

2 1/2 weeks.....8 lbs lost

Ever notice how a nightmare can fuck up your whole day?

Tim Curry for dinner tonight!

Do we have an official lounge song? If we don't shouldn't we?

Gooooo JETS!!!!

Wow, y'all, remember when trolls actually tried?

Okay, Glengarry Glen Ross.

The man who rocked Alice's world, Sam the Butcher, has died (Brady Bunch)

What's for Dinner?

TV shows that switched networks

A good day all the way around, its nice when these happen.

A Trip To The Lock And Dam....and post haircut pic

If you have a photo sitting around on your hard drive in "jpeg" form...

A 15 sec. laugh from nature

GDP is going to reach violence of legendary proportions this week.

Anyone listening to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me?

WTF are these little bug things in my books / bookcases?

I need a tetanus shot and a beer.

Snow!!! In Alabama!!! (pics)

Escapin' through the lily fields, I came across an empty space...

Banks may be closed on Monday...

Green Curry for dinner tonight!

How many here would vote for a Borat Clinton ticket?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/19/08

Eek! A mouse in my house!

New chicks are hatching out in the coop! Heard the peeping of a couple and the tap-tap-tap of

my stepmother is putting the video of my father's funeral on YouTube

How about a thread for those who have been described at different times as redheads or brownettes?

Red heads are EVIL! Evil I say! Evil! Evil! Evil!

How Does Lee Mercer Jr. Feel About Hair Color?

WTF??!!! Why design a car that, if the timing chain breaks, the whole engine is ruined?

Blatant Whoring for one more Rec. for my BookTV Thread (20 min. countdown!)

Salma Hayek's back! (and her front too!)

I am such a freak

I won't let hubby sign up for DU

This year is my 30th class reunion.

"Enjoy every sandwich" indeed. Better advice was never given.

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

"General Discussion !!!"

It's time for some Shirley Bassey!

I've got nothing.

Shhhhh.... Quick, follow me.

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHH!!!! I cannot believe what I just heard on MS-DLC!!

New family Pictures! (Picture thread?)

Dang, Eric Clapton has gone downhill...

There Are Only Two Kinds of People...

There are only two kinds of people

Anyone else addicted to nicotine gum? I swear I think I'm ruining my teeth

I scanned and restored some new family pics today

Chess experts: how did Bobby Fischer change the game?

This will settle the question "Is Stephan Pastis a sick individual?" once and for all

620 multiplied by 8

It's time for some Napalm Death.

I has chickens.

I Love This Song

I gave my dinner away and now I'm hungry.

VivaMom just sent me this video... It's the funniest thing you've ever seen!

Earworm! Earworm!

Michael Stipe just came onstage with Coldplay....

Juicer recipes?

And here it is, your moment of zen.

A fantastic lost gem by the Doobie Brothers

Hysterical - Star Trek Meets Monty Python


Which of the following are true?

Lizard and 'mander experts, identify this visitor please?

Went to saturday evening mass...

Star Trek Trailer hits web on YouTube, at top of most viewed videos:

John Lennon Imagine

I just REALLY LOVE kitties!

Bruce Springsteen-My Hometown

Worst Earworm Evah! (despite some good competition)

Buncha squirrel haters here....

New sig line explained

My sister met Bono and The Edge tonight.

OMFG -- Rachael Rayjust called herself "Cinderrachael"

I want to grow up to be a debaser.

I know drinking alters one's state of awareness, but...

I just wanna stop.

Could the Swiss insatiable thirst for world domination be any more transparent?

I've removed the Barack Obama '08 website link from my Favorites list.

you 'hair color chicks' are ALL inferior!


What random avant garde crap are you digging lately? Music, films, books, whatever.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/19/2008)

Saturday pic thread!! Post your newest.

I lost a dear, old fur-friend yesterday. Isis

I suck.

Enough with redheads. If you're a baldette, check in here!

I has crabs.

I met my Dutch hubby online.

atheist symbol? like a circle w/ a plus sign through it?

Everybody's broke, Bobby's got a buck

Red heads are much more sensitive to stimuli...

I won $100.00

Is there a superhero whose ass the Boy Wonder Robin could kick?

Sailor Moon was about Anime lesbians, wasn't it?

I Has Chitterlings

CNN BREAKING: Oscar Mayer declared weiner in South Carolina

There are only 10 kinds of people...

Is there something you once REALLY WANTED, that doesn't excite you now?

Clutter problems anyone? How about old stuff? piles? junk? papers? .I save almost everything. .

My dog is back from his week at the spa.

*AHEM* Where are my blondes?

*ROFL* Animal lovers -- here's a mystery for you!

The absolute worst of the worst earworm thread.

my kitty knows when I am sick he stayed by my side the whole time. Check it out

The more egregious post hoc meddler?

Thread Killer Thread Bombs

why do you want to legislate against my rubber testicles?

I saw a homeless woman today here in squeaky clean Irvine.

Hey! When I move back to MA/NH in May, can we have a huge DU meet up?

How Clean is your house? Filthiest Apartment EVER! (video)

Ok enough with the red heads.... BRUNETTES ROCK!!! If your a brunette, check in here!!

Why do guys hate David Spade?

I wondered why he licked and nibbled on my hand in times of

"legislation to ban rubber testicles from being fitted to the back of trucks.

Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will be Blood, based on Upton Sinclair's, Oil...

I played for a woman's 98th birthday party today...

Name Five People, Still Around, Who You Would Like To Meet Before You Die.

Car question - checking the oil

You people are aware that the sun is expanding, right?

DU REDHEADS Unite against the "anti-redheads"! (Photo thread)

Logic Puzzle, Anyone?

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown.

What's the game plan for reporting primary results on Super Tuesday here on DU?

Be honest. How many do you know willing to sacrifice on behalf of the many rather than themselves?

CREW, WH, E-mail: Today's Must Read by Paul Kiel

Worrisome trend in Nevada?

CNN sure has a lot of new toys this election year

Uhm...Maybe the American PEOPLE are ALSO at fault....

Caucus Math

TORTURE Tape Gate: "The Official Story Unfolds" by Scott Horton

From the DailyKos..Widespread Cheating & Vote Suppression by Clinton Campaign in Clark County, NV

Mother loses custody of son due to service in National Guard

Blackwater and the Administration of Justice = Republican and Religious Right Politics

Do you ever feel slimey about something you did?

I gotta say, Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann on the same panel...

Contemplating Democratic control of both houses of Congress and the White House .......

We can pretty safely call SC for McCain.

I believe Chelsea Clinton has turned out to be an extremely effective campaigner for her mom

Leading Democrats To Bill Clinton: Pipe Down - Newsweek question

Sunday TV news shows

Brian Williams is concerned about Bill Clinton's "BRAND." WTF is wrong with these people

Where can I buy IV bags?

SC called for McCain.

WTF !!! - Bill Clinton As Poll Watcher ???

If McCain is the Repub national nominee...

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

BREAKING NEWS - McCain Wins South Carolina - AP calls it!

Banks Urged To Disallow Caps, Glasses

Tomorrow is 1-20-08


NBC NEWS Decision 2008 Update = McCain wins in South Carolina, late call

I have a serious question I just have to ask,

Olberman and Matthews

Is Tweety well?

Looks like the new tact will be to attack Bill Clinton - Russert thinks he can drag up the old muck

Safeway Trucks Going Green

John McCain is a loathsome, disgusting human being

Today finished off ..........

Parties' rules committee question: when must candidate cede delegates (e.g., indictment)?

Seems it was just yesterday: "The Official I miss Bill Clinton thread" - on top

Is Craig Crawford's voice on purpose?

"Hunter ends long-shot Republican White House bid" Another one bites the dust..

"Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?"

A **BIG EMBRACE** of congratulations to McCain for winning So. Carolina

Maya Angelou's poem in praise of Hillary

What a way to mark T-minus 1 year: Welcome to the House of Aquarius!

There is something bad wrong

What possesses Freepers? (punctuation)

And now, for something completely different................

Charlie Rose was supposed to be all Tiki Barber. It's really about the crashing economy.

In case anyone missed this on Countdown...

Beck quits whining about his sore ass long enough to say he knew a recession was coming.

Clinton Calls on President to Commit Needed Resources for Detection of Biological Attacks

Placing The Candidates: Pew Chart from The Atlantic Monthly

Stimulus: Pay bills? Get a flat-panel?

A Plan For A Better America...

I have been out of the loop for most of the day - How much cash are we gonna get


"The Era of Big Government is Over." Who Said That?

Newsweek: In 2002 Cheney was pushing for universal smallpox vaccine resulting in many casualties

Dear Grocery Chains ..... Kiss My Organic Ass (non campaign rant)

Was Fred in this just to be the spoiler for Huckabee in SC? Had Fred not run, Huck would have won SC

Just a small point of contention ...

Missile test / Launched from Palmachim, heard in Tehran

Robert Gates considers action in Pakistan

An artist's take on the coming "economic downturn"

Here's the most convincing anti-Clinton argument I can think of...

I feel like roaring!

A cigar from our own box

does the stimulus package mean you had to file taxes last year for 06? or can it be this year's?

Giuliani Gibberish

Is someone getting paid to post here?

Political Polls?

So... What Will Be "Off The Table" With A Hillary Clinton Presidency ???

I"M GOING TO BE BLUNT We can win the sex war but we can't win the race war

Take heart Obama -- Hillary loves Reagan too

Nevermind, it's over. nt

(TOON) Steve Bell on the further adventures of President Tony

Bush gives Iraqis $195 billion - and Americans $145 billion...

Want to see how our own Democratic party works against us ?

"Confederate Flag Ad Praises Huckabee"

Have you seen this video? This ENRAGES me.

Iceland donates money for fire station, cafe and church to North Dakota town

Minn. Health System Purges Drug Trinkets

Denying Dennis and Detainees

Is this what the 8th term of Reagan will look like?

So, Edwards chooses to talk about OUR concerns instead of himself and Obama mocks him

Everything there is to know

Just a small point of personal privilege: IMO, the Edwardses would make a superior First Couple.

Clinton-McCain matchup... bit of irony...

We're about to learn why the violence in Iraq has really fallen - Sadr's bunch rethinking ceasefire

So. Carolina DUer's....

Heating resources?

I am planning to make a John Edwards vid - need your help


The Green Bay Packers are communists!

"Why Hillary Will Win Nevada "

Canada pressured to remove the US from 'countries that torture' list

Former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge: Waterboarding is torture.

UK Times: Official Documents Prove FBI lied to protect US officials

The Agony of Decisions

Kucinich Should Refocus........

Is someone that is forced back to work a scab?

its -14 and windchill is -28 here in WI today. Glad it is not a causus day here.

Is a Regional Mid-East War Beginning?

It's snowing in Atlanta

The '08 Presidential Campaign through Google's eyes. (What are people searching for on Google?)

365 days from TODAY!

Afghan war just beginning; 2007 was year that Taliban seriously re-engaged.

Early view in Nevada from MyDD

Creeps me out when Mika is forced to sit close to SCARBOROUGH in a 2shot

I haven't seen any posts on the new currency based upon barrels of oil

in radio address bu$h* is 'touting' his economic relief plan

Is there a full clip of the Jon Stewart/jonah moldberg...

White House Missing CIA, Iraq E - Mails = what are the odds??

McClatchy: Deep problems plague U.S. economy, stimulus plans notwithstanding

Just in case anyone needs them Lowes has 13 watt cfl light bulbs for 98 cents this weekend

Quote of the week

I'm going to my Caucus in Nevada now!

Which S.C. candidate has the supporters most likely to turn out today? McCain or Hucklebee?

Let me tell you a bit about Boosh's legacy

Wiley's urban survival giude part II

Anybody Know When We'll Start Seeing Results From NV & SC Today ???

Well just a small update on dad and quite possibly book notes

AP failed to note McCain switched positions on Bush tax cuts - Against them before he was for them

John Edwards may not make it to Altanta today.

The new Dodge Ram truck gets "get-out-of-the-way" front end styling

What Has Hillary Clinton Said about Sibel Edmonds Case?

Bullshit the Neocons are done and toasted.

Rosie O'Donell on America

Serious question about Obama's future...

WA state Dem. Sen. Karen Keiser proposes comprehensive new health plan.

Glenn Beck: FDR Was "One Evil Son Of A B***h"

Is America Ready For A Black or Female President?

What would the dynamics on DU be if it comes to a Clinton/Obama ticket in the GE?

Wes Clark gave a great speech in support of Sen. Clinton last night in Nevada

does this mean that cnn's wolf blitzer rejected my e-mail, or does it mean that this is no longer

A Clinton Win In Nevada Ends On An Ugly Note - Slate

The 150 billion dollar Economic Stimulus Package could purchase the failing economy is a "new" discovery for Bush?

Another cynical depressing poem for ya'll "Insurgent"

Obama has 25 delegates; Sen. Hillary Clinton has 24; John Edwards has 18.

A Band-aid On A Cancer

Cheney still making dirty oil deals

I keep changing my mind about caucuses...

GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland

Regardless Of Who Wins The Presidency, Do You Think The U.S. Will Be In Iraq By 2010?

USA plunges into poverty

Frantic search to give folks a few dollars to stimulate economy? How about good jobs, good wages?

Well, I've got my Edwards yard sign, the trouble is it's 2 degrees

Them Thar Huckabee Boys sing "Papa Don't Preach" - Arkansas style!

"legislation to ban rubber testicles from being fitted to the back of trucks.

The Vanishing Bees movie trailer

Why go after lobbyists? Why not after lawmakers and government

Neat blog I just found: The Ron Paul Survival Report

surge update - see this thread

Caption this picture

CNN reporting Mittens won the Nevada Rethug caucus based on entrance polls

The little vet and her pink haired daughter that could - upset Mitch McConnell

More Must-See BBC...

Eighty Dead in Iraqi Bloodshed

ABC calls it for Romney in Nevada

trickled-on again...short term quick-fix that doesn't

*** Saturday TOONs: Economy & GOP Candidates ***

Ice rinks closed due to....Cold!

THE BUSH TRAGEDY-"Botched Search To Clarify World Affairs & A Dencent Into Messianism"

Denver civil rights lawyer David Lane intends to subpoena Dick Cheney

Happy LEE-JACKSON-KING weekend!!!

AP (via the Seattle Times) calls Nevada for Romney

bu$h* will correct his fucked up economic 'tax cut' policy with more tax cuts

Personally, I think that raising the interest rates would be in the economy's best interest.

Hillary Clinton's Sleaze Parade - Paul Loeb (HuffPo)

And here come the cackling hens of the Georgetown Cocktail Party crowd...

My 1000th post!

I have a solution to help the economy...

"Clinton got trashed, Obama Got the Endorsement, but Edwards Won this Round"--The Nation.

What logic is Bush* using to explain giving average Americans $800?

Trace Adkins is full of shit

White House missing CIA, Iraq e-mails

Will the Huffington Post implode when Hillary gets the nomination?

State Street Bank Files Prospectus for (Offshore?) Financing

South Carolina is a Red State so do you think Republicans will see a larger

I'm rooting for Ron Paul

EPA Invokes Executive Privilege In Denying Emissions Waiver In California

Edwards 42% on CNN LOL

if the noms are Hillary and Romney, Bloomberg will come in... DISCUSS

a One Thousandth Post

I suppose some would vote for Ahmed Chalabi if he were a Democrat.

Just saw idiot Mitt on Leno being a hypocrite

Powerful Iraq Testimony

Another caption needed: Bush pic at the BBC website

You’re Not Buying Gadgets Any More, You are Subscribing To Them

Caucus in 90 minutes, and I STILL don't know who to vote for

the questions that should be asked

I just voted (early) in IL's primary -- negative 15 degrees out, and it was PACKED!

Obama is a covert GOP

Scam alert!!

Katherine Harris acquitted of child molestation charges.

According to CNN, Obama has 100% of the vote in Humboldt county...


George Allen’s court nominee withdraws name

Tired, Sick, Disgusted

" FDR with a Southern Accent"

Washington Life: where Ds and Rs don't matter and you and I are invisible.

Bill Moyers: There was nothing in that quote about race. It was an historical fact, an affirmation

Jesus held hostage. Wiener poopie to blame.

CNN sez OBAMA 48/CLINTON 46 at 3%...this is shaping up to be a squeaker.

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign responds to questions about the Rezko court filing.

I won't vote for a Reagan worshipper!

No Guns Founder Pleads to Gun Charges

Obama Faces White Resistance In South, Polls Show - HuffPo

If the world were to end within the next 4 years and you had a last chance or "test" to save

I wonder who won the all-important Bunny Ranch vote...

Which is your favorite cable channel to watch live Decision 2008 and why?

Obama has it? He is winning big in Nevada. It's early,

AP calls for Hillary in Nevada

I wanted to watch a REAL president. Air Force One is on TNT

NBC calls Nevada for Clinton

51% precincts reporting 20000 votes GOP

Nevada Precincts Reporting: 60 Of 1797 - 3% - Democratic

Anyone know a microsoft customer email address?

Never mind...

WTF??!!! Why design a car that, if the timing chain breaks, the whole engine is ruined?

Old Nazis, the New Right and the Reagan Administration.

Will America EVER have fair elections again ?

Debate over GMOs rages on in Europe

US Abandons Jaguar Recovery Effort (New Mexico, Arizona)


Calling Nevada Seems A Tad Premature Don't You Think? 52-44 Is Kinda Close

White House spinning like a cyclone over missing emails

A question about Clark county

Why Does Johnny Come Marcing Homeless:

If I remember right, weren't the first Bush "rebates" just an advance....

Congratulations Nevada Democrats! As awkward as this primary system has become, it's good

TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE--Brilliant movie about Bush/Cheney torture.

Mike Huckabee's Great Seal of the State of Arkansas

Just for relief - Guiliani's love of single digits! 9...1...1....and, 4....7...

The Fraud Of Bushenomics: They're Looting The Country

Boxcar Willie Bennett on CNN telling me a lot of Democrats need to grow up

who's going to win SC?

Entire SC County Unable to Vote in Rep. Primary-- ES&S Machines Failed

Ironic that DU is forced to be a participant in corporate corruption

I keep trying to figure out why Terry McAuliffe irritates me

Safeway's trucking fleet shifts to biodiesel

just an observation, don't get mad or anything

Ahhh a nice balmy 65 degrees here in Orlando.

kucinch beats hilary and edwards in this poll - he should be allowed in debates

About Huckabee's flag quote ...


Is it true? No Repuke has won their party's Nomination without winning SC?

You Won't See This on TV (Kucinich protest in Nevada)

So, where are we in the Edwards Camp? What's the next step?

Where can I go to donate

Ron Paul still enjoying tiny lead for 2nd place in NV

How's the weather where you are?

I'm offended. Are you? (non candidate post)

Did anyone watch David Cay Johnson on Bill Moyer's Journal last night?

The stimulus - can we get it in Euros?

1-19-2008 DU GD straw poll

Romny has won the Nevada Caucus

Republican Dreams

I'm loving this GOP mess

Do you think that the repubs have had enough yet...

Live from Las Vegas!

US election pundits on the ropes

i love John Edwards, but

10,000 Dem voters in NV Primary????? Where is everybody? n/t

Caption Mr. & Mrs. McCain

OMG! Ratso's buddy is stumping for Rudy! Tell me it ain't so.

"The Clintons"

I have been abandoned by both political parties here in Florida!

Edwards supporters, listen up!

Is it my frigging imagination OR...

Paul and McCain duking it out for 2nd place-here: cnn

President Bush Arming Fellow Tyrants Globally

House candidate mum on doctored campaign photo

Rudy keeps coming in last in every primary but the media still covers him!

Is there a maximum number of people we can add to the ignore list?

WTF!!! Mystery of skulls in a Florida forest deepens

So....a quick survey. How many people do YOU have on Ignore?

Isn't it interesting how the media are still treating Giuliani like a contender...


Snow in Atlanta (Video)

d0Es N0t c0MpUte --- I don't know a single Hillary supporter

I'm confused. Isn't a democratic government supposed to protect its people from ALL oppression?

wow, now we're getting an Ann Romney speech on the cables

KO reports and MSNBC shows Mittens rolling up his sleeves just before he went on stage

If either of the other two Dems had won Nevada, would it be "inconsequential"?

September 12, 2001

So, who do you want for the Cabinet?

Lovely... Robocall Trashes "Barack Hussein Obama"

I can't watch this msm madness , not a big deal


South Carolina Repub results thread

Need help - how do I find the laws on crossing the border sans "documentation"?

Is it politically savvy for self-professed Democrats to rag on people's weight?

And on the flip side..hope sprung eternal

read a story recently that said that an anti-war religious group

Clinton, Romney Extend Delegate Leads = Clinton has 237 & Romney has 59 delegates

MSNBC just called NV for Clinton

SEC urged not to revive "terrorist" watch list

Question about superdelegates

Who thinks any probable Rethug candidate is looking forward to having Bill beat them about the head?

How many here would vote for a Borat Clinton ticket?

Did gun control sink Edwards in Nevada today?

Apaches Rise To Defend Homelands From Homeland Security


Looking for co-bloggers for a Feingold blog

"Take a Tranquilizer before Reading this One "

Here's the total delegate count

Let's face facts-the Christian fundamentalists are wussies

Just think....this exact time next year, somone will be at the Blair White....just hours away from

Frank Rich is on MSNBC with KO now n/t

Conyers "...just hasn't decided what to do about Impeachment!...Stops by Randi to say this...

A late caption for Terry Pratchett fans ...

Did anyone catch Near Dead Fred's 'speech'?

John Edwards should say: "I will restore backup tapes and real integrity as President."

Does anyone recall the vehicle Gore drove in An Inconvenient Truth?

WTH is going on in SC? No results yet??

Rachel Maddow now official MSNBC analyst..

*THEY* are watching DU. Or, as Nixon might've said, even paranoids have their enemies.

Sorry for this post, but did Barak actually get more delegates than Clinton?

we need a standard form of anti-rec

Are republicans the "party of ideas" as Barak Obama said in Nevada?

Hopi Prophesy

Is it politically savvy for Huckabee to keep his obese children off the stage and out of sight?

Why do Repubs(and some Dems) have such problems with public financing of abortions?

Just what we need: "Bloomberg Has Harsh Words for Washington"

For the funny

Never thought I'd see the day with a post on DU

Thoughts running through my head

Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?


Me, Myself and I

Bush, Democrats differ on stimulus

If Hillary wins the nomination, Bill better COOL IT on the good cop/bad cop routine...

Follow-up on the Earrings for Edwards:The winners are...

RADICAL FRINGE Toon Review.. bushonomics 101

Kucinich for Speaker of the House of Representatives?

If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, how many states South

The better President was:

Skeleton closet.

I just got off the phone with my Republican Dad.

Why do MP3 sellers insist on MS (or MAC) OS?

Warning: Sentiment Grows in Oil-Hungry U.S. for Extended Middle East Presence

LOL !!! - I Think You Have To Be From A Certain Era, To Appreciate This

Mystery crash at Heaththrow Both Engines failed

"Bluestate, Redstate" - It's a scam

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. WH's email gaps coincide with Plame Leak, Iraq War Investigations

Why It Seems The Difference Between Dems and Repubs Grows Smaller By The Day (My 2nd DU Rant)

So dispite who wins the next election

GAPs Coincide With Plame Investigation-Election Yr Probes & Congressional Inquiries

Why are Dems "bailing out" chimp in an election year?

Patrick Fitzgerald Ties Obama to Rezko Indictments

Hangin' in the Office With Nancy P. by David Swanson

If it's Hillary vs McCain in November, what are your thoughts?

I'm looking for the list of indicted Republicans.

WHY? WHY? WHY? In Nevada: "Uncommitted": 31 votes; Kucinich: 4 votes

George of Arabia: Better Kiss Your Abe ‘Goodbye’ by Greg Palast

Clintons sell secret library donor lists - ABCNews/Center for Responsive Politics

Mourning in America: The Reagan Years Were Enough to Make You Cry

"All U.S. Troops Are Required To Endure Waterboarding As Part of Their Training"

Sprint/Nextel lost 683,000 + customers last quarter. They don't appear to

You did it! - Comcast Under Investigation Thanks to You!!

Yes Indeed Obama, Reagan "put us on a fundamentally different path" All Right!!

Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses

Relax... Edwards will definitely get the Nomination!

Comments from Feingold on the Democratic Candidates

Ann Coulter Is Speaking At My School - Need Protest Ideas

Overheard tonight at FondueFest 08: "Ides, have you ever done work for XYZ Corp?" A Carlyle Co.

This, Too, Shall Pass (Please read)

Banned From Church

A hypothetical question for you..

Pollsters Drop Edwards From Head-to-Head Match-ups

Women are the most oppressed humans on the planet...

Why is John Edwards not doing better?

Texas GOP candidate alters photo in mailer - head attached to different body

Trailer for Hillary swift-boat movie

Computer Hackers Allege That Notorious Neo-Nazi Radio Host Is On FBI Payroll

We are going to see Edwards today

Hi! I'm a building that will have to be renamed in 3 years... and I'm ugly, too!

"How to Rig An Election" Phone Jammer with Jon Stewart last night = Daily Show

One in four zoo visitors taunts the animals. And Tatiana had a history

The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country

Marriage. Did it work for you and why, or why not?

Founder of "No Guns" anti-gun group pleads to gun charges

My thoughts on the economic stimulus package

"10 steps... to close down a democracy...we are seeing...these 10 steps taking hold in US today"

"Drink at least eight glasses of water a day." Really? Is there scientific evidence for "8 × 8"?

WTF, over?

Has the time come to restrict campaign-related posts to one of the two GD boards?

Dennis Kucinich's Fight To Bring Credibility To The Democratic Party (Chris Hedges, Phila Inquirer)

Dont fear the FReeper

Kucinich Locked out of Texas Primary - Collins: "Chain, chain, chain …" Scoop

The "Appeal" and Legacy of Ronald Reagan

I just got my Irish citizenship!

Mitt Romney on Leno re: how to restore jobs... TAX CUTS and fewer regulations

Is it wrong to say nice things about a bad man at his funeral?

IT"S TRUE ! Hillary helped prepare impeachment proceedings against Nixon!

ACLU Scorecards: Obama 82%, Clinton 75%

Crazy thought

Clinton and Edwards both stump in St. Louis on Saturday

Hillary Clinton's Dirty Robocalls in Nevada

are dems going to be as stupid about Reagan as the republicans are?

Obama Alert: Reagan’s “Dismal Legacy on Civil Rights”

Obama endorsed by the Atlanta Journal Cont.

Rudy is the 9% (-11) candidate.

Obama Alert: what about President Bill Clinton: you disparage

What's GD-P without some caucus-eve predictions?

I spot and read the threads in GD/P that I am attracted to by the people who post them,

Sandbagged again? Looks like the well-oiled Clinton machine

Is it Obama/Hillary or their supporters/the media

When attacked with lies, Obama now fighting back.

After Obama refused to condemn a clearly racist ad against Hillary, everything is on the table

HILLARY Doesn't list JFK as one of her favorite Presidents

OBAMA doesn't cite William Henry Harrison as an agent of change

Fact Check: Sen. Obama Followed Hillary's Lead On Stimulus

60s&70s Excesses - Vietnam, Watergate, 21% Int. Rate, gas lines, energy crisis, Iran Hostages, Drugs

California Newspaper Endorses Obama

No amount of experience can prepare person for presidency

SACRAMENTO BEE-Mentions '60s excesses in its endorsement of OBama

A Topic We Can All Agree On: Bush should be impeached for

SEIU Nevada Members Are Campaigning and Caucusing For Barack Obama

The worst part of primary season on DU is seeing posters you respect become creatures of a candidate

Hillary has the potential of being a good president (I say this as an Obama supporter)

Bill's outburst about the voting lawsuit was to exploit upstate-downstate NV voting tensions

Who is creating all this hideously cutesy plays on Hillary's name?

Edwards didn't run television ads in Nevada?

Seems to me that many people would like to see Kucinich as the nominee

Markos is an idiot. Obsessive image marketing for old corrupt policies does not an idea make

Obama in 2004 wanted to be like Senator Clinton

Why I Prefer Obama To Clinton: Ending the Causes of War

What was Obama thinking? The Democrats are the party of ideas. The GOP is the party of propaganda.

What time will we know the caucus results?

London Times article

CAN Edwards win in NV tomorrow?

Obama is neither Brilliant, nor a closet GOPer so stop saying that...

How many people are affected by the "cult of personality"?

I would just like to point this out

The only upset in Nevada would be an Edwards wins, an Obama or Hillary victory is expected

Reagan ran for POTUS before and LOST. Until he pandered to the dixiecrats.

Why I Chose To Support Barack Obama

Video of Obama: 1980 election helped the country get out of the excesses of the 60's and 70's

All U.S. Citizens To Be Issued The Economic Stimulus Money In A Government Gift Card.........

I actually do think it's over.

Why are so many people here quick to defend Regan but attack Bill Clinton?

Bill and Hillary's statement on Reagan

Nevada For Edwards... Why? Health Care From A Candidate with Backbone!

Supporters of the Big Three: What has your candidate said about the economy?

Barack and the "radical Muslim" nonsense

Hopefuls: It’s Elko or bust

Video of Edwards Denouncing Anti-Hillary Ad by UNITE HERE

The most truthful ad of the election cylce staring Robert Johnson

Nevada really is a lot different from Democrats’ first two states (great #s graphic)

Caucus-goers beware

Let's call a truce, let's not talk about reagan, mclurkin was so yesterday

KUCINICH is coming! KUCINICH is coming!

A Solution for the Peace Movement

Photo: Emperor Bush poses aboard his mighty chariot (a "Stander" lawn mower in a Maryland factory)

So, where is the report on JE's $7M fund-raising day? I've looked around. Not a word. What's up? n.t

Obama scares the bejesus out of Freepers.

Kucinich interview on Dave Rabbit

Ok, enough with Reagan. Dude is DEAD, and his presidency was over in 1989.

FISA Debate Comes Down to Reid and the Constitution (Sign this PETITION!)

Is Hillary a Republican or a Democrat? What about Edwards?

Obama campaign on the Union ad

Michelle Obama - "I know how to bounce back from my mistake"

I Really Like how the Obama People and Clinton People are Lowering Expecations

Hillary has Lieberman's back

Poll: Black voters favor Obama

Can Hillary pull upset in Nevada where Culinary Union endorsement gave Obama decisive advantage?

Nevada caucus results website.

Remember the debate in Nevada where Obama and Edwards were booed for going after Hillary?

Obama sharpens critique of Clinton in final hours before Nevada

Slap a dash of Aqua Velva on tonight, good people.

Repuke hypocrisy on illegal immigration and voting:

Nevada: what time zone?

The curious case of Maryland and Governor Glendenning

I didn't see any African-Americans

The Quote of the Day from Obama

Can Obama pull an upset and win NV even though Clinton leads in 99 of the last 100 polls?

where's that cool borg youtube video of clinton when we need it? :-)

You people are aware that the sun is expanding, right?

Salt Lake Tribune: Huckabee campaign "specialized in sanctimony layered on top of disingenuousness"

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/19/08 - Clinton unchanged, Obama up 1, Edwards down 1

self delete

Anybody know what the TV coverage of the Caucus will be?

Tom DeLay delusional video Is it comedy is it Tradgedy?

Laugh break - Seen this Bush dubbed video yet? (glumbert: I'm A Railroad):

Why is Hillary trying so hard to pretend she doesn't admire Reagan?

California: Clinton 38% Obama 33%

Obama Camp takes a hit from labor icon

Yes, John Edwards has been treated shabbily by the MSM, but

Wow. check out the Edwards debate bloggers on the MSNBC debate

totally frivolous poll idea shamelessly stolen from kos: sexiest dem candidate

Obama Alert: Reagan’s “Dismal Legacy on Civil Rights

Let's face it. Bill and Hillary only think Reagan is an ASSHOLE in election years

Edwards Says Hillary = Bush Planting Questions In Iowa

Get NV election results here tonight:

Clinton frets over possible union pressure in Nevada vote

Largest Counties in NV are Washoe (Reno) and Clark (Vegas)

Mind the Gender Gap

Anyone catch Bill Moyers Friday night?

What time does the NV caucus start?

Would Hillary govern more like a Man and Obama more like a Woman?

Bill Clinton has really dragged his good name into the mud. TRASHY!

Handy Guide to Clinton Supporters Retracting and Apologizing for stupid remarks about Obama

For Nevadans: resolutions on water, coal-fired power plants, women's issues, Iraq war, etc available

Whoo-hoo! Huckabee is leading in South Carolina in the latest ARG poll!

Two debates left to go! Both are on CNN

I Present, For Your Consideration, Two Options --

It's time!

perception vs. reality; interesting-Candidates Ideological Placement

Has the Culinary Union announced Obama as winner of the Casino Caucus yet?

GOP congressional candidate photoshops head onto other body to look thinner

Obama supportsers: Do not be discouraged if Clinton wins Nevada!

Which state is more important for Dems to win?

Do you think 11:30 A.M. (lunchtime) on a Saturday (Holiday Weekend) in Vegas is a good time?

Seven Unaffiliated Jewish U.S. Senators Release Letters Condeming Obama Muslim Smears

That John Edwards is doing as well as he is, well that's a small miracle in itself

Romney wins Nevada

Tweety: MSNBC declares Nevada for Romney

Mitt Romney has won Nevada Caucuses

my hubby just said he's a 'progressive conservative'

Bill Clinton fans can show their support this way

Why a strong second place finish in NV is good for Obama

NV Enterance poll: 1. Romney 2. Ron Paul

I'll be surprised if Hillary wins NV

If Obama gets the nomination ...

If Obama wins Nevada we will be where we were after Iowa

If we are the Obamanation, then they are the Clynclone.

Howard Dean has no foreign policy experience!

Results are coming in for the republicans: LINK

Offical Democratic caucus results thread

Campaign telephone marketing

If the GOP winds up in a brokered convention who wins?

All three (um, five) should stay, regardless of who wins NV and then SC

Matthews and Todd said no one will get 50% on the republican side

Caucuses: Yea or Nay?

I'm dreaming of a brokered convention, for OUR party...

voting in casinos VS voting in schools VS voting wherever lots of people work?

Perhaps DU needs a new forum: We could call it the "Serious Forum" or something

If Obama loses he'll have no excuse. It will prove he's a poor candidate.

Who seems to love Reagan the most?

An important email about the State of the Union and Groundhog's Day

The CLINTON 20 yr Political Machine was ALWAYS supposed to WIN NEVADA. But go ahead and spin.....

Polling sites out of paper ballots (South Carolina)

Obama has 23 years experience:

At some time, Edwards must win a primary.

On a cold friday night in Las Vegas

Obama has more experience than Clinton, and he's had more success implementing real change!

Chris Matthews, May 2003: "Women like a guy who's president. Women like this war."

Obama supporter warns Clinton over 'racism'

CNN Follows NBC in Uninviting Kucinich

Romney's beginning to look smart to me

Obama, then is not the heir apparent of Bill Clinton

kucinich with only 4%

Mike Huckabee the Theocrat (tracking the facts)

Who the heck are you people posting this crap about the candidates?

MSNBC Saying Ron Paul will finish second in Nevada

People who start "candidate A should drop out if they lose today" topics

You know the Klingons love to praise a worthy opponent...

Out of prison, Republican dirty trickster talks

1-19-2008 DU GD-P straw poll

Andrea Mitchell was just asked if Edwards was in it. Pop quiz: did she answer it?

Who will be in Washington DC next year....

Anybody see that glitch at 11:53?

The brokered convention fantasy

Freedom Rider: White America is Crazy for Obama

There is so little daylight between Obama & Clinton, I don't see why their supporters fight so much


Will it finally be time for some posters to drop out

MSNBC reporter, "Nevada DEMOCRAT Party"

MSNBC calling Nevada for Romney

Lanny Davis made Morning Joe eat humble pie just now. Lanny proved Bill wasn't fabricating anything

Why isn't CSPAN carrying live coverage of NV Caucus?

***** Results from yesterday's Edwards Donation Drive: $21,182.19 *****

Bill Clinton was the worse president ever!

Real Democrats HATE Reagan

The Empire Strikes the Culinary Union... oh, and Bill Clinton is lying again, surprised?

And The Front Runners Are................... Edwards and Obama? Not Hillary? YES!

How many lawsuits did Kucinich start when Mike Gravel was excluded from the debates?

AP: Romney wins Nevada caucuses

Nevada DUers: Any reports on the ground yet??

Should networks call one state while people are still voting in another?

MSNBC spinning hard for Hillary right now. Says OBama has advantage. WTF?

Who's going to take SC, Repubes?

Obama is brilliant

How Will New Hampshire Recount Shake Out?

Is there any on-line coverage of the Nevada caucus? (Sorry if I missed this.) Thanks. nt

Michell Obama: We're not doing this again

Should Candidate X drop out after losing in State Y on Zday?

Pro-Clinton union members handing out T-shirts as Strip workers gather to caucus

Pollsters Drop John Edwards from Head to Head Match-Ups

Obama 100%, Clinton & Edwards 0!!!

"If you work and play by the rules, you shouldn't be poor" - Bill Clinton, 1992

Live Las vegas news stream

E-Voting Train Wreck 2008: The Horry County, SC Disaster

0.11% reporting, Obama 100%!!!

Wynn Las Vegas (AT large Caucus) has yet to shut its doors.

Wow - McCain and Paul are nipping at each others' heels. Go Paul!! nt

Incredible! Unbelievable! How DARE they???

Hillary Clinton 1st, Edwards 2nd, Obama 5th


Triangulation: The Next Generation

Either Norah O'Donnell cannot read her telemprompter, or MSNBC is just lying about Obama's comment

Hillary's campaign on the Nevada caucus before and after the Culinary union endorsed Obama

I'll see all of you after the California Primary.

Only two Edwards People at Caesar's Palace

Black Support Shifts Toward Obama

85% Obama, 14% Hillary. 0.4% reporting.

If Clinton or Edwards win inside the Casinos...

Big Props To That One Gravel Supporter On CNN

50,000 People Turning Out in Nevada For Dem Caucus

Are Democrats becoming a bunch of whiny kids? First its blaming Republicans

Where would this country be, if the disaster of 9/11 had not happened during Bush's reign? has Nevada results too.

MSNBC: None of the entrance polls take into account the At Large precincts

Wolf Blitzer looks sad

Watching Harrison Ford, "Air Force One" today so it hit me...

CNN and Foxnews's coverage is terrible

Nevada Results, 32% In, Clinton 50% Obama 45% Edwards 5%

At Large Caucuses not reflected in Entrance Polls

MSNBC Results... Obama 48; Clinton 46; Edwards 5

Hillary had a 25% lead in polls in months past so if Obama comes

Huge racial divide evident in polling.

My Nevada results website is all cuckoo.

MSNBC Entrance polls show Hillary Clinton leads

Norah O'Donnell Is A Freakin' Idiot

Numbers from the Nevada Democratic Party

Official Democratic Caucus Results Thread #3

Suprise: Clinton carrying Paris Las Vegas, 2 to 1

Offical Democratic caucus results thread #2:

Dem Party Failure: what's wrong with the reporting site?

NV Dem site up 49-45 Clinton w 22% in

CNN Entrance Poll: Hillary 48% Obama 35% Edwards 12%

Clinton 48%, Obama 44%, Edwards 6%

How badly would a loss in Nevada hurt Obama's chances?

Caesar's Palace Caucus Live on CNN website: What a weird and chaotic process

Obama is truly amazing, I am watching the count in NV, I guess she is no longer inevitable!

Mark Penn thinks the at-large precints will give Obama

Of the 5 undecided/unviables in Ceasar's Palace...Hillary picked up only 1

God, all the networks are still at 3 percent! And the site is crashing!

Obama is losing the latino vote in Nevada 65% to 20%

Robocall trashes "Barack Hussein Obama"

This number says it all: 59%

Ambinder: Obama camp lowers expectations, Edwards supporters turned away?

Anyone hear a turnout number for the caucuses?

Bush: "I'm sure people view me as a warmonger and I view myself as peacemaker"

Were the casino caucuses supposed to be this close?

Hillary is taking some of these At Large Caucuses, she's going to take Nevada

Umm CNN entrance Polls are whacked....

Good Luck, Everyone

CNN is showing live pix inside caucus at Caesar's Palace Casino

Bill Clinton at MGM Grand

About 50% reporting, Hillary up 6%. When will the media call it?

Bill Clinton was in one of the Casino caucus sites?

Why is CNN and MSNBC so slow behind the online stats?

For those just learning about NV geography

The Decline and Fall of John Edwards

Obama and Clinton splitting Culinary Union territory votes

32% precincts in.......Hillary 50% Obama 45% Edwards 5%

I love that Obama co-sponsored a ban on discrimination

Hillary's experience: PRESIDENT, Young Republicans; INTERN, Gerald Ford

Obama wins Esmeralda, Eureka, and Pershing Co NV 100% in

CNN's graphics are very cool.

Clinton's lead in Clark County is the difference so far

WOW...Obama is doing AMAZING!!! I wasn't expecting this close of a battle!!!

Hillary Almost Screwed Herself by Trying to Suppress Caucus Votes on the Strip...

Reasons why I, a progressive liberal, am supporting John Edwards.

NBC - Hillary Clinton wins Nevada

The Culinary Workers Who Voted For Hillary Are Very Brave

65% in Clinton 50 Edwards 5 Obama 45 per

Good Job, Hillary (and supporters)

Hey Herman

Congrats to Clinton on her win in Nevada! :)

Congratulations for Hillary supporters.

NBC calls it for Hillary

Hillary's gonna win it....


Obama: I know alot of people won't want to acknowledge this....

What does it say about your support of organized labor when

I was expecting Hillary to win and Obama to lose in Nevada...

CNN Calls it for Hillary

Is there racism in the fact that Hillary carries latinos/whites or Obama carries blacks?

Do Obama supporters wish the teachers won their lawsuit now?

I guess I owe Zogby an apology....Sorry asswipe.

Looks like most of Edwards unviables went to Obama

I KNEW Chi-Chi wouldn't let us down!

Only 7.9% Black pop. in NV, 29.0% in SC. 12.8 national

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters.

Giuliani's spin on Mel's Diner... Blind to Our Economy!

Don't Be Smug

Who here wants to kick P2BA's ass?

HILLARY Doesn't list LBJ, Great revered signer of Civil Rights Act as one of her favorite Presidents

Obam is kicking ass in nearly all the other Nevada Counties

Is Zogby a dumb Pollster, or the dumbest Pollster? NV: Clinton 45, Obama 39, Edwards 6

Congrats to Hillary and her supporters...AS LONG

I am stunned about Edwards numbers in Nevada? 5%? What happened?

Sheesh I was right to begin with

Congratulations to Hillary supporters on DU

So Romney and Hillary are going to win two in a row.

Only 10,000 people caucused in NV today, for the Dems?

MSNBC has a full hour of 4 New Yorkers on discussing the US Elections

Is it Time for Obama to Change His Message?

How many delegates awarded to whom in NV?

Superdelegate from S.C. endorses Obama

A posthumous THANKS to Reagan for bringing the union voters back into the fold

Mrs Allen Greenspan AKA Andrea Mitchell Interview w/ David Bonior Was UnBelievable!

Republican Funnies: NV Caucus Edition

David Shuster seems incredibly depressed about Hillary's Nevada win

Chins up, Obama supporters! Be proud of our candidate

I prefer Edwards, but will happily support any of the democratic candidates...

The democratic party isn't ready for a black candidate thats my take as of now

I'm at a union hall in Atlanta. John Edwards is about to arrive.

Just thinking out loud... Obama came out in favor of drivers licenses for "undocumented workers"

Will It Be Time For Hillary To Drop Out?

Leading Dems to Bill.... STFU

Romney is starting to look comfortable.

My take on todays win

The integrity and grace of John Edwards......

If Obama doesn't HEAVILY carry the strip caucuses, he is a failure as a campaigner

The Key to this election

Even though I expect Obama to win SC...Diebold scares the shit out of me!!!

Will the candidates speak?

Edwards at 3.85% support, will his South Carolina support go to Hillary now?

Nevada must want business as usual - no change in DC for corporations

Clinton wins Hispanic vote almost 3 to 1 (MSNBC)

the GOP spin is always about religion Nevada it's the Mormon card

CBS Calls it for Hillary...

Romney just mispronounced "Nevada" in his victory speech

Where do the Candidates go from here

Do we have any idea what 's going on with the SC Rep voting?

What Cost Obama NV?

Hilary did not say Reagan was one of her favorites...only that she

I don't have much use for poor losers.

Wonder what Al Gore will do? Remain silent?

Democratic Delegate count: Obama 62 - Clinton 62

Zogby got NV right for the most part.

Edwards would have got a much higher % in a NV primary

Ron Paul 2nd in Nevada ?

cnn results

Here is a truth: both Clinton and Obama trounced Edwards

How Many People Actually Voted in the Nevada Democratic Caucus?

Veterans of DU during the '04 elections, check in here - do you remember

Nevada may prove whether or not Edwards supporters would by and large go to Obama

Newsweek's Alter: Leading Democrats To Bill Clinton: Pipe Down

If Clinton is the nominee, women will probably outvote men by at least 5%

It is a bit amazing how one county (Clark) can have such

Nevada must be pulled from lead state status.

Dr. King and LBJ

Hillary won the Latino and Jewish votes by huge margins

How did Lee Mercer, Jr. Do in the caucuses today (all three)?

with this Nevada win

CNN has the entrance polls up. It looks like Hillary will win.

Are the Usual Suspects in GDP competing for World's Worst DU'er or something?

This Edwards supporter...

Caucus turnout over 107,000!!!!

What ever happened to Oprah?

No Matter WHO wins today, we need to end the Caucus system.

Lets hope no accusations of cheating this time

Obama interview with S.F. Chronicle (Video)

Tweety on now with his "analysis"

Obama posterizes Magic Johnson

How did Huck do in Nevada? I would think he wouldn't want to win there because of Vegas and all.

Interesting.NH is considered questionable with a "close " race and yet it seems

If The Race Ends Up Being Clinton vs. Romney

David Bonoir, Mgr. of Edwards Campaign, Thanks Jan 18th Contributors!

I'm an Edwards supporter, but I'd love to see Hillary kick the ever-loving FUCK outta Romney.

Interesting SC numbers

HAHAHAH!! Edwards is TOTALLY kicking Lee Mercer's ass


Double post oops please delete

Congrats to Hillary and Obama and their supporters!!!

Robocall trashes "Barack Hussein Obama"

The Democratic Party is most definitely "ready" for a black candidate

Anyone know when the candidates will give their speeches?

I saw a video clip of Bill Clinton saying that Obama supporters votes count 5 times the HRC votes???

Freeper back handed Clinton compliments prove strength in general election

John Edwards is a Reagan fan.

It's obvious political and corporate ties win elections in this country

I think ANY of our candidates could beat Romney.

"You can see (Hillary) moving on winning this nomination now," Tweety

'The better angels' side with Obama

How will John Edwards reinvent himself for the next presidential campaign?

Will Hillary's wins in New Hampshire and Nevada effect the South Carolina primary?

American Res. Group 10/05 - 10/09, Hillary 51 Obama 11


Obama would have been better off if Culinary never endorsed him

Las Vegas Sun: Clinton carried six of the nine casino-hotel caucuses

A Huckabee win means a brokered convention

McCain looking for a judge to keep polls open

Reid got his way ...government employees won for Hillary - private sector

James Carville right in the middle of things.

Are we underestimating Mitt Romney?

Is the race now a two candidate race?

Economic Stimulus Idea

MSNBC just said "It's not looking like a very good night for Romney

I'll Say It Again-Clinton-Obama Or Obama-Clinton

It's time for John to suspend his campaign and take Elizabeth home.

Still only 89% reporting in Nevada& MSNBC says Clinton only has 1 delegate more than Obama

Once again, this is a caucus which I put absolutely no faith in.

Here's one for all you Kucinich bashers.....

PREDICTION TIME: Who WILL WIN the SC Primary tonight?

Something's not right with Edwards numbers.

Chris Matthews Looks Like He Just Got A Prostate Exam From A Doctor With Very Large Fingers

Super delegate count just changed for Democrats. NT

Hillary must have won Nevada today.

Bill Clinton says he witnessed voter suppression by Culinary Workers

The Ron Paul vs. John McCain race for 2nd in NV is a nail-biter!

SC Exit Polls numbers, Repug Primary (no horserace yet)

John Edwards better stay in the race until at least February 5th

I will NEVER, EVER pull a lever for Hillary this fall

I'm Not Posting Anymore Tonight

Obama made NV close and will win SC handily.

"All these things add up"

Remember Hillary and Bill will always fight till the last dog dies

Nevada Caucus question: what's the delegate to vote ratio?

Many white swing voters in SC waiting to vote in the Democratic Party Primary

NV Exit Polls: Obama won 83% of blacks, dominated among Independents and voters under 45 yrs old

Edwards is as viable now as Bill Clinton was in '92

More unprecedented turnout for Democrats

Ref: Obama's mention of Reagan and the GOP - nation of fools

Obama's 26-year-old speechwriter is inspired by JFK, RFK, King

As a demographic, who do African American women support?

Nevada Caucus Question

ABC's Nevada coverage... absurdly biased

Given what has transpired so far

Bill is going to go "door to door" at AA churches to win SC for Hillary

Why did Hillary only beat Obama by 6%?

Hillary Clinton's Sleaze Parade

3:1 and a "a fresh boost of momentum"--go Comeback Gal!!

A little perspective here on Nevada: (R)--41,000 (D)--10,500

Should Bill Clinton pay attention to his own legendary political instincts or his hater's attacks?

Why did Clinton win NV?

Congratulations to Senator Obama and his supporters

About half of Romney's voters in Nevada were Mormons.

A Post for Peace: Election Night Eats

I'm sorry, Sen. Edwards and supporters. I would have rather seen you finish 2nd.

Nevada Delegate Count: Clinton 13, Obama 12

Caucus turnout exceeds 100,000 (UPDATED) - now it is 114,000

Early polls from Massachusetts (1 household)

Attention: Ronald Reagan's corpse is not running for President.

Joe Trippi's latest Twitter: It's Always About The Money.

Mccain comfortably ahead in final round of S.C. exit polls

MSNBC says 58% of SC GOP primary voters ID'd themselves as evangelicals.

Interesting ...Clinton won LV/Clark County and Obama basically won the rest of the state

Caucuses are just as undemocratic as this whole delegate system.

David Axelrod: Bitter, party of one

What if the primary schedule had not been changed?

Nevada Caucus Report: Massive Turnout, looked like a new york city mayor's election

it's about delegate and its also about what people are voting for - Clinton

Hey to well intended Obama supporters.

I am looking at the deligate count here:

Let's Make A Deal. Have you ever seen an old game show

I'm Ok no matter who wins the dem nom...

Duncan Hunter drops out! CNN reports

Hillary is now leading in delegate count....updated 1 minute ago

Why did John Edwards lose so much support in NV?

Potentially troubling news in Clinton's Nevada win

Obama in Nevada: 80% of the Black Vote, 50% of the White Vote, & 25% of the Hisp. Vote, so . . .

Rezko scandal! Barrackwater !!!

Will Hillary do the classy thing and concede just because?

Over 50 vote + Hispanic vote + woman's vote + white vote = unbeatable

KO just said that NBC is saying Obama has the most delegates

Romney on TV live now: best example of Rudy's stupidity.

delete - already been posted.

MSNBC just said Obama got more delegates

Obama’s official statement

David Axelrod is a fucking liar

Wait, Obama Won More Delegates Today?

CNN has Obama and Clinton even on delegates (12 each)

When will Hillary concede

So now we have a candidates supporters

Dem's the rules: We have a tie

OK, well intentioned Clinton supporters, how about doing something about this guy?

Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC: Clinton won most delegates

Howie F is saying that Obama/Clinton race is going to "tear Dem party apart"

Wait until Obama declares that Florida Democrats "don't count" when Clinton beats him there. LOL

I seem to remember some former President saying some peoples votes would count more than others...

Texas and Ohio

MSNBC= Must Spew Nonstop Bullshit at Clinton

Obama has the most delegates


Congrats to the Hillary supporters

The new conventioanl wisdom

Will John Edwards risk the embarrassment of getting crushed at his birthplace SC?

Ron Paul came in second in Nevada??

Obama supporters: Are your FIRED UP? READY TO GO?

If I Were Clinton, I Wouldn't Even Campaign In South Carolina

Chris Matthews: A Rant

Which President do you detest the most....?"

Any way to figure out who was behind the Robocalls that targeted Obama?

Memo From Obama Campaign Manager Plouffe

The Clintons will be more successful reparing any racial divide than the people trying to create one


Reagan had no coat tails for Obama today

Elizabeth Kucinich travels through cali

There is some reason to hope, even if the Senate records of our candidates disappoint you

Bill Clinton Ignites Ruckus Inside Casino Caucus

Great Bush spin NBC

If The Race Ends Up Being Clinton vs. Romney

The problem that the Obama campaign is facing is that they are...

Breaking: Duncan Hunter Dropped Out

Claiming a 6% loss as a win because of delegates is really desperate

MSNBC: Clinton camp disputes Obama wins delegates, says she won the 13th delegate

MSNBC is now giving the extra delegate to Obama (13-12)

Now that Hillary has won Michigan, NH and NV, is SC a "must-win" for Obama?

War-loving assholes in South Carolina win

The Dem delegate count after Nevada..

Congrats to Senator Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MSNBC just stated they DO NOT KNOW who gets the delegates in NV

John Voight supports RUDY?!

AP calls delegates for Obama

fred thompson -- "maybe we're headed

I NEVER thought I would live to see it. NEVER

NBC:Delegates are an "extrapolation" and no question Clinton won Iowa. Obama wins with vapor voters.

Bill Clinton rallied caucus goers inside 5 Vegas precincts?

Bill Clinton Ignites Ruckus Inside Casino Caucus

Black voters 5-1 for Obama in NV - CNN exit polls

I believe Obama can beat McCain -- I don't think Hillary can. I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

The official "I don't miss Bill Clinton" thread

If McCain is the republican nominee,

Women turn on Oprah

Fred is painful to listen too

MSNBC said Obama left Nevada before the race was called?


Fred does not drop out

If Edwards doesn't stand up for Kucinich (the little guy), will he be next to be "Kucinich-ed"?

Giuliani Loses Lead In New York to McCain

Obama backers supporting one-man-five-vote schemes and "delegates." Are they really "Democrats"?

What was THAT? Why did Fred Thompson call a press conference to say NOTHING?

If you think about it both Obama and Hillary lost in Nevada

Bill reminds me of my old red nose uncle who's minds everyone elses' business but his own

Is anybody watching the live feed from McCain's HQ in SC on

Nice Board of Elections Official Results Site you got there, South Carolina.

Is a HRC presidency backed by the Executive Powers the Bush Cabal stole good, bad, or moot?

CNN said that Hillary won overall, but both got 14 pledge delegates

Which two states would you rather win ....

My I please have your attention y'all: Nevada democratic national delegates will not be chosen until gives Obama the extra delegate. Obama WINS!!!

Rep. Clyburn: Nevada was a 'split decision'

Elizabeth Edwards is in charge of her health and she is fine

Claiming a Delegate Win in Nevada is No Worse Than Claiming a Win in Michigan.

One delegate doesn't matter!

McCain might have some trouble.

Obama Camp: Nevada Caucuses "Discredited"

Hillary's record this cycle 0-2-1

Obama Edges Clinton in Delegate Count

Must MSNBC play their campaign theme muzak everytime they just show stats?

SO confused! Who the hell won?!!

Thank you Clinton Campaign!

SC 50 percent reporting: McCain up by 5

Unlike Iowa, Nevada's under age 30 participation poor

Warms the heart to see a former American president resume his role as a regular citizen

On MSNBC, the richerer upscale casinos went for Clintons and Caesar's Palace is not upscale

The story has now become about how Obama won more delegates. Hillary's mo thwarted?

Congratulations Obama on Your Third Consecutive Delegate Win!

Apparently more weirdness to come from NV caucus rules

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama swap poison

Look at those poor kids at the HUCK speech?

Mannequin Mitt is dropping like a rock

"This is a race for delegates…It is not a battle for individual states."

Are we heading for two brokered conventions?

Smart politics by the Obama camp: They are minimizing their NV loss

I'm really glad I don't have to make a second choice right now.

Washington Post: Clinton team responds to allegations Obama won more delegates, says incorrect

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Endorses Obama

The official Bill Clinton Whored Himself on the Vegas Strip Thread

I would like to thank Obama's supporters in Henderson...

Hucakbee Strongholds of Greenville and Spartanberg (spelling?) havent come in yet.

Ron Paul's second place is great in one way--it shows GOP voter solidarity is lost and diffuse

President McCain

Remember when some on the other side were saying: "Run, Fred Run!"

Here's what will happen if Obama tries to talk about "delegates" and "voting irregularities"

Russert just made a huge GAFFE on MSNBC, said South Africa instead of South Carolina

one man's opinion, this is a GREAT Hillary photo

No matter what you think of McCain if he wins SC thats pretty sweet for him after the '00 bad stuff

Fuck YOUUUUUUUUUUUU FRED!!! He should have to drop out now!

In NH Hillary and Obama each got 9 delegates, was it played in the media as a tie?

Where Does John Edwards Go From Here?

John McCain was won the SC Primary

AP delcared McCain as winner

MSNBC - McCain in SC

Do men win by running rougher nastier than usual campaigns against women?

Tim Russert said Bill Clinton was going to "South Africa" this week to campaign

CNN: McCain wins South Carolina

Good God -- I was so busy today, I forgota bout the caucus

Ron Paul came in second in Nevada

Thompson stayed in to help McCain graphic

MSNBC, 7 minutes ago: Two-thirds of S.C. precincts counted, McCain has 34%, Huckabee 29%

McCain's lead appears to be holding in SC

I just wonder if Obama can take defeat as graciously as he should?

AOL news is playing Nevada as "split" between Obama and Clinton

How many oncologists do we have posting here tonight?

I couldn't imagine two weaker people capitalizing on 9/11......

Indpendents couldn't vote in Nevada

Oh my: Obama campaign alleges last-minute negative robo-calls in Nevada (w/audio)

Knowing What We Know Now: Electability in the GE

McCain won. Now we'll have either Clinton vs McCain or Obama vs McCain

I'm a Hillary supporter and this is a thread for Hillary supporters only!

My local newspaper the Sacramento Bee has endorsed McCain and Obama.

Why Are Older Voters Afraid Of Change?

McCain isn't going to talk about anything but national security. Clinton is the only D who can win.

Will the Big Dawg campaign in South Carolina.

Visualize McCain next to Clinton, Obama or Edwards. McCain loses.

ave "Latte Liberals" managed to shut out Working Class Democrats Again?

AP Calls Obama Delegate winner in Nevada

Nevada Democratic Party President is confused about Obama's spin about delegates

The new conventional wisdom


David Bonoir, Mgr. of Edwards Campaign Thanks Jan 18th Contributors

for the undecided regarding clinton v obama

Hillary won 7 of 9 casino caucuses. According to Bill, she had a 5 point lead going into this.

Hillary, Inc.

"But you know DU - they're a bunch of looney tunes."

NEVADA: Let's cut to the truth about the delegates and caucus process. Q&A

The Campaign in Black and White

Obama Gives Away 'Questionable' Funds

Ari Melber: How Did Clinton and Obama Win the Nevada Caucus?

Russert and Tweety saying Bill Clinton called the studio head of MGM...

We all want our nominee to fight tooth and nail against the Rethug in November.

Obama leading by 1 delegate doesn't change the fact he lost latinos 64%-26% with the Culinary

Could OBAMA Supporter's PLEASE Stop Trying to Antagonize JOHN EDWARDS SUPPORTERS??!!?

Congratulations to Obama supporters! (Obama supporters only please)

Are Clinton and Obama courting the Reagan Democrats in California

Evidence that Edwards dropping out would rescue Obama?

HILLARY CLINTON WINS NEVADA will be the headline in every Sunday paper tomorrow


AP: "Obama edged her out for national convention delegates at stake, taking 13 to her 12."

"Frustrated to a Fault" On Strength and Weakness.

There's A Video Up About The Black/Hispanic Split In Nevada

Does his poor showing in Nevada spell doom for Lee Mercer?

teleprompter mccain - gimme a break dude

Florida voters

The Clintons will run circles around RePUKES when the stimulus package goes through

BTW - GM is laying off half its hourly workers.....

ORWELLIAN DOUBLESPEAK becomes the official language of DU

Huckabee has "no regrets" over S.C., heads to Texas for Chuck Norris BBQ

Heheh.... imagine if Clinton lost by 6% ...

MSNBC: Bill Clinton expected to go door-to-door

Elizabeth Edwards has incurable, terminal cancer.

Clinton supporters .... Call the Nevada HQ and THANK THEM!

Interesting breakdown of the divisions of the Republican party

How about this for a bi-partisan ticket

Watching the way things are playing out in the Media. Nevada is a draw

Kansas City Star Endorses Hillary for President

It's possible Hillary could run the table on 2/5, and we'll still have a brokered convention

Photo: Is that McCain or Popeye? All that's missing is the pipe and the friggin' can of SPINACH.

2008 is the year women, 35 and up, take back their country

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Endorses Obama

Looks like Hillary's pledged delegate count lead stands at 210 Hillary to 115 Obama to 46 Edwards

The Nation: Clinton and Obama Win Nevada

Hope they run that fossil McCain. He'll run on the "the jobs aren't coming back" theme

Judicial Watch Releases Records Re: Hillary’s Health Care Reform Plan

Should I even BOTHER to vote in Florida?

Tomorrow's headline: PUSH

Once again the big story is Democratic voter turnout

Which Famous Politician Said This?

did you know that the San Francisco Bay Guardian endorsed OBAMA?

Speaking of delegates, CNN says McCain gets 13 and Huckabee gets 3

John King: Edwards camp says it will continue even if it loses South Carolina

Are People Being Fair to Hillary?

Sorry to Bother You, But I Just Turned In and Still Can't Tell What Really Happened.

The Best News of the Night!

It's been in the back of my head for two years that a natural disaster

Hillary Clinton won, Barack Obama lost, its that simple.

Obama camp full of shit, Party says not so fast on delegate claim

Poll: Who would win more Independent voters between John McCain and Hillary Clinton?

Reid particularly and then Pelosi are extremely disliked...

Now that Edwards is no longer viable

We are all terminal

For those WONDERING how the Edwards Fund Drive went:

A little information and background on HRC's *racist* hero, Barry Goldwater.

Meanwhile in Chicago Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

Anyone loathe Peggy Noonan as much as I do?

Is it time for Obama to give it up after losing Nevada today?

The First Woman President Or a Third Term for Bill? Is this supposed to liberate women?

Why did Clinton win the same voters Obama claimed she tried to "suppress"?

So who do you think is the most sensible....?

Do you think Obama the divisive is a gift to the republican party?

WINGNUT HUMOR BREAK: Malkin says Obama winning SC with 22% of precincts reporting!

Your second

Ron Paul beat Giulliani in both races today.

Hey, anyone interested in South Carolina?

What do you think of Obama declaring victory in Nevada?

Will DU implode if we go to a brokered convention

Throw up with me here, about how we feel about Nev. choosing the corporate-war candidate

Change - Agents of Change

Obama came back from 25 pts down in NV to win the majority of delegates

NYT and the Hillary camp are full of shit

All I know is that this shit between Edwards and Obama about who's going

Obama Faces White Resistance In South, Polls Show

Why is CNN ALWAYS the LAST news source to project a winner?

NEW INTERVIEW, re. OBAMA - This time, listen to the whole thing, will Ya?

The Nevada caucus reminds me of the 2000 election.

Obama: NEVER a Young Republican; NEVER a WalMart client; NEVER worked for Gerald Ford

The Goliath Clinton Machine vs. Obama as David. He wasn't even supposed to come close!

Obama Manager Accuses Clintons of Widespread Dirty Politics

I don't understand the delegates allocation in SC for the Republicans

Can Obama or Clinton win the GE?

DKos and kid oakland:some thoughts about Bill Clinton and Nevada

NY TIMES: Clinton Defeats Obama in Nevada Vote [Times disputes Obama's delegate claim]

Sore losers


Freepers disappointed in McCain win

Caucuses are total bullshit.

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

Democrats Divided 2008 (Those darn aggressive progressives!)

3 for Hillary, 1 for Obama and she takes the Casino's

Obama's Win in NV of Delegates WIll Be the Topic of Conversation Tomorrow and All Week!

Obama got the delegates based on the process, but it may or may not remain that way until the end.

I think Clinton and Obama supporters in the board should make peace

Hillary Clintons Delegate Problem

Edwards has left the building

A Clinton win in Nevada ends on an ugly note.

Breaking: Obama WON Nevada. For Real.

An old favorite video: I Hate Republicans. and some good Dean quotes

Fantastic Diary on John Edwards! Please Read!

When is Hillary going to do the classy thing and concede Nevada?

Mike Huckabee can officially go f*** himself

Whoa - overflow crowd for Hillary (and Bill) in St. Louis

"Leading Democrats (Kennedy) To Bill Clinton: Pipe Down (on Obama)"

RePost. Nominating the Clintons is a bad idea!!!

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown

Do You Think "Hillary the Hated" Is a GIFT TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

Could Bloomberg win the election as a third party candidate?

If McCain wins in South Carolina...Can he be stopped in the fight for the nomination?

This is what I will always remember about Bill Clinton

While Hillary is condemning the Bush administration, Obama runs around praising Reagan. Figure that!

This, my friends, is a very, very desperate Man.

Just got back from our Caucus in Henderson Nevada...what a cluster fuck...

Post Nevada Presidential Preference Poll

As I recall, the "Reagan Democrats" included a lot of blue collar, union types.

From KOS Edwards Supporters Bullied in Nevada.A First Hand Account!

markos says what any political historian knows

"If you work in this country you should not be poor"

Edwards Campaign Statement on Nevada Caucus results

Now... what about John Edwards?

Anybody else have this song from the musical "'Lil Abner" running thru...

Republican Ideas challenging conventional wisdom: Vouchers, Privatization, Outsourcing, Pre-emptive

Thinking ahead to SUPER TUESDAY: Delegate estimates

If this is true, we have a big problem

New Delegate Count for Dems: BO-37 HC-37 JE-18

How do I say this? Oh, yeah: STFU about John Edwards

I do not understand why John Edwards isn't #1 or #2.

I object to Obama's view that Reagan

Sacramento Bee endorses Barack Obama

A big, warm hug to Edwards supporters from your Biden pals.

Edwards Should not Drop Out

Hillary And Obama Battle Over Legacy Of ... Magic Johnson

I'm for Edwards and as of yet, neither Obama nor Hillary have given me any policy reason to change

Delegate Math: Who Won Nevada?

Edwards to Stay IN!

How Fair are Caucuses???

I for one cannot wait for Bill to get back in the White House

One Step Closer to "The First Man" William Jefferson Clinton

I like Hillary but...

Edwards's Message

Cloned Beef -- Soul or No Soul?

. . . and THIS Edwards supporter is ANGRY . . .

I'm very disappointed and pissed off tonight, so please forgive this, but.....

The Democratic Party is Teetering on Irreparable Divisions.

A memo to William Jefferson Clinton, from those of us with a memory

In 10 years, when John Edwards is still working his heart out to end poverty

Edwards on change

A John Edwards thread, by a John Edwards supporter, for John Edwards supporters.

Sound Familiar?

Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals; Scare-Sensors, 'Contagious' Stress in the Works?

Who's getting abortions? Not who you'd think / Half of the women are 25 or older

Obama Alert: Reagan’s “Dismal Legacy on Civil Rights

W.Va. Justice Removes Himself From Case

Peru Cabinet chief testifies on attack (assassination attempt on Peru's former President)

CIA Admits Cyberattacks Blacked Out Cities

Ambac downgraded, cities seen at risk

Hopefuls: It’s Elko or bust

Israel Tests Long-range Missile Capable of "Unconventional Payload"

Nevada really is a lot different from Democrats’ first two states (great #s graphic)

Relatives of rebel-held hostages discuss Colombia with Venezuela's Chavez

Diplomat's Exodus Muddles Nuclear Deal (Nukes for Mangoes)

Huckabee gave speech to white supremacists

National Intelligence Director Wants To Monitor All Net Communications

The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country

(Invoking Executive Privilege) EPA turns over limited documents (regarding CA's greenhouse gas reg)

Ex-Incline couple in $1.5m fraud case (eBay related)

Romney wins in Nevada caucuses

Intell Officials Question Qaeda Role in Bhutto Killing (Scotland Yard Not Investigating Assassin)

David Bonoir, Mgr. of Edwards Campaign Thanks Jan 18th Contributors

McCain looking to extend South Carolina poll hours

Border Cop Dies, Struck by Fleeing Truck

South Carolina primary plagued by bad voting machines, snow

Sun-Times Exclusive: Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

Duncan Hunter Drops Out

Iranian cyclists denied US visas

Torture awareness manual "wrongly" lists Canadian allies, to be rewritten; Bernier

Armed Man Arrested Near U.S. Capitol

Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Turtle Skins

Borat wins etiquette teacher lawsuit

Clinton claims union intimidation by Obama backers

Russia warns of nuclear defence

Clinton, Romney Win Nevada Caucuses

Clinton, Romney Extend Delegate Leads

McCain wins South Carolina primary

Foreigners Buy Stakes in the U.S. at a Record Pace

Denver Lawyer Seeks to Depose Cheney in Assault Case

FBI 'covers up' file exposing nuclear secrets theft(Sibel Edmonds)

Russia Could Use Nuclear Weapons as Preventive Measure to Thwart Major Threat, Official Says

CNN sets debate criteria 1% above Kucinich's latest poll results, campaign files complaint with FCC

CNN sets debate criteria 1% above Kucinich's latest poll results, campaign files complaint with FCC

Pelosi greeted with “Impeach” Bush and Cheney buttons

Gates names new ISAF commander

Fargo VA serves more vets in outreach clinics

Joint Chiefs to assess troop cuts in Iraq

Troops getting MRAPs ASAP, Gates says

Dix suspects plead not guilty to new counts

Rule change widens access to space-A travel

12-month Iraq tours by summer?

Woman given medals for dad she never knew

Editorial: Fund efforts to grow communications capacity

A complement to FCS

Army short on physician assistants

Memorial tree planted after 2-year dispute

Charity draws fire for paying generals

Judge lifts parts of Navy sonar restrictions

No standoff between carrier, China, DoD says

Navy doctor settles abuse suit with diocese

Navy explosive goes missing off San Diego

Whidbey squadron returns from Afghanistan

Zumwalt contracts possible by end of month

Military: 75% of Baghdad areas now secure

Editorial: Fix custody rules

Editorial: Restraint shows strength

Aircraft repair centers offer quick fix

Members of 3rd MAW to deploy to Iraq Saturday

Report: Bad weather, pilot error caused Italy F-16 crash

Afghan air force opens $22 million hangar

Oklahoma reserve unit leaves for Iraq

Editorial: TSAT money crucial

U.S. military preps for Muslim new year celebrations

Air Force report: Wide range of factors caused F-16CG crash in Italy

U.S. program to refurbish, transfer Humvees to Iraq

Commander to seek advice from those ‘who do the job’

Army study focuses on brain injury treatment

Sailor convicted in death of baby daughter

Bell: Extend South Korea tours

Hovey sergeant acquitted in rape

Teachers union files breach of contract

U.S. to Deploy Mine-Resistant Vehicles

Tom Ridge: Waterboarding Is Torture

Leaders' Course Welcomes Iraqi NCOs

Joint Combat Pistol Search Plods Along

World's Most Powerful Rail Gun Delivered to Navy

Watching the watchdogs:

Swift Boaters in S.C. Charge McCain Fought For The Union in the Civil War

One Year Until Freedom! (If all goes well)

Housing Report from DailyReckoning.Com

Monsters of our own making By Rosa Brooks

Satellite navigation in the 18th century

Are We There Yet? (Recession) By Patricia L Johnson

Former JAG lawyer: Only America 'parses' torture

‘Fools Gold’ in Nevada Caucuses: No Delegates Awarded, Just ‘Chips’

Venezuela grants belligerent status to Colombian Rebels

Venezuela Strengthens Ties with Central America

Why the Claim that Progressive Secular Values and Policies Are Bad For Societies is a Great Big Lie

Diplomat's Exodus Muddles Nuclear Deal (Nukes for Mangoes)

George of Arabia: Better Kiss Your Abe ‘Goodbye’ by Greg Palast

Americans Need to Look Beyond the Media on Venezuela

Sibel Edmonds Case: Nukes for sale (Pt 2) By Luke Ryland

“Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You wit

Hey, music makers! How about a tune for: "Scum on the Run."?

Job Data Passes Threshold Where Recessions Dwell

Kucinich Labels Bush's Economic Stimulus Plan ''Another Tax Break for the Rich''

Numb and Numbers: Bush Vacation Days Equals Number of E-Mails Shredded

Family Seeks $1.14 Billion from Lehman

Pentagon and Contractors One Happy Family?

Inequality and Growth: Challenges to the Old Orthodoxy by Erwan Quintin and Jason L. Saving

Stop Thinking about Tomorrow: the DGA and NYT agree that the Internet isn't Important

Profit – A Greater and More Destructive Addiction than Heroin

Obama on Native America

The Environmental Crisis As An Economic Opportunity, And John Edwards As An Angry Populist

How the CIA Created a Ruling, Corporate Overclass in America By Len Hart

Dear Frog (YES, YOU!) By George Washington

US Precision Bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Killing Civilians, Carefully.

Obama Concedes That Bill Clinton’s ‘Trajectory’ DID Change America

No Tax Rebate's Going to Fix This Mess By Dave Lindorff

Good Jobs Are Where the Money Is (NYT)

Why does Johnny come marching homeless?

Just one more year! Good riddance to George W Bush

John McCain and Dick Cheney, suck on this Stevie Wonder video

India now denies their prior admission that they abuse H-1b by paying way below market wages

"Westernizing" Women's Risks? Breast Cancer in Lower-Income Countries (New Eng Jour Med)

America Is A Bully. OK. There, I Said It!

Contrary to the Headlines: There Will Be No Retreat From the Anti-War Movement on Iraq

Dream versus Nightmare: Pick One - An Open Letter to Barack Obama by The Other Katherine Harris

Sonoran officials slam sanctions law in Tucson visit

What Do Democrats Stand For? Defining the Democrats' Vision

Close contest could make Edwards kingmaker (1/18/08)

Obama, Edwards, Clinton - let's come together.

Let's Get Together

Privatizing America By Jay Farr

Quote for the Week (Heads Up, George!)

Give the Candidates the MLK Test, by Glen Ford

An exquisite irony is that the insanities and excesses of the Bush/neocons are destroying the elites

MLK on Class, Conscience, and Corporate Buyouts

Uncle Jay Explains the News - September 3, 2007

The coming economic meltdown BY JOEL GEIER

Olbermann: Michelle Obama Mispronounces Nevada (Funny)

Who Owns You Americans

Part 1 Discussion with John Conyers and CIA Veteran Ray Mc

Leaving Longbeach

Jim Cramer: Dow Could Drop 2000 points

Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic

Part 2 Discussion with John Conyers and CIA Veteran Ray Mc

Depeche Mode - John the Revelator (Bush Apocolypse Video)

Real Time Overtime Jan. 18, 2008

Kucinich allowed to participate in Nevada debate

Destroying The Evidence

George Carlin - Voting

Noam Chomsky Interview Part 1

Noam Chomsky Interview Part 2

Pizza Hut Airs First Presidential Get-Out-The-Vote Ad 2

The Debt Crisis

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

George Carlin comments on 9/11 Truth and the NWO

Jihadi Batallions to attack Internet

The Modern Man-- George Carlin

Real Time: Flags and Fags

Why The Chris Matthews Apology Is Good For The Democratic Party

Ballot Box Bunny

FRAGILE - STING **warning graphic**

Oemig Introduces Washington State Impeachment Resolution - 17 Jan. '08

Monty Python: Argument Clinic

Moyers on LBJ and MLK

Moody Blues The Balance

Real Time: It's the Economy Stupid

You Won't See This on TV, Kucinich protest in Nevada

Chaos erupts at Vegas caucus site

A reminder why the Big Three and their enablers don't want Dennis on stage!

Cards Cut to Determine NV Precinct Winner

Bush of Arabia - Dances With Swords

What the CIA Had to Destroy By Nat Hentoff

John Edwards - Oklahoma City Rally

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part1)

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part3)

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part2)

AF General Welcomes Saudi JDAM Sale

Real Time: Religion in Politics

Policy Changes for Airmen in AOR

Bush Wants Tax Aid to Boost Economy

White House Missing CIA, Iraq E-Mails

Chaplains Training to Become Warriors

Uncle Sam wants you, for the Narmy!

Franks on the Take

Army to advance more than 5,300 senior NCOs

World War II vet set for posthumous honors after court martial overturned

Why does Johnny come marching homeless?

Warning on rising Mediterranean Sea levels - BBC

Wave energy firm makes pitch to (Oregon International) port

Tide turns on turbine timing - Environmental review should be completed before ...

(Fort Carson) Solar Array Generates More Than Power

U.S. Lawmaker Pleads for Energy Savings (astonishing Iraq war energy use statistics)

Transition Towns

Fusion scientist disagrees with fission (argues in favor of wind)

Dingell: Climate legislation 'impossible' this year

The other oil shock: Vegetable oil prices soar

Tide is the future: UP TO 10% of the island’s electricity could be produced by tidal power by 2014.

An Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories

Congress Declares Iran a Nuclear Threat: 369-46 vote

Kite-pulled ship on its way to Venezuela

Europe's Philosophy of Failure--more BS from Newsweek

Hey There Obama

Teachers union files breach of contract (xpost from Veterans)

AFL-CIO Proposes 5-Point Economic Stimulus Plan

America needs economy that works for all people

Amtrak, union deal averts Penn Station shutdown

Smithfield Workers Have Won Recognition For King Day

AFL-CIO Joins Conference On Labor And Civil Rights In Memphis

Hospital union protests firings

Labor Makes Big Comeback In '08 Races

Some historical examples of Hill's early work experiences

Wes and Hil in NV - pics

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

Vogue editor Anna Wintour on Hillary Clinton: MANNISH!

Clinton, Romney Win Nevada Caucuses

MSNBC: Bill Clinton expected to go door-to-door (in S.C)

Why did Clinton win the same voters Obama claimed she tried to "suppress"?

Whoa - overflow crowd for Hillary (and Bill) in St. Louis



National Initiative calls for end to negotiations with Israel after Gaza massacre

UN urges Israel to end Gaza closure

UN rights official slams 'cowardly Israeli war crime' in Gaza

Canada takes US, Israel off torture watch list

Hamas says it foiled Fatah plot to assassinate Ismail Haniyeh

Nasrallah tells Beirut crowd Hezbollah has the body parts of IDF soldiers

Anti-Muslim slurs scrolled on letters to Arabs

Colombia trade fight could cripple U.S. fast track

Argentine police seize ton of cocaine destined for Spain

What's really behind Bush's stimulus.

Largest losses for Merill Lynch & Citigroup since their founding

Doctor Housing Bubble 01/19/08

Bond Insurer downgrade may hit municipals (cities, counties)

From Red Hot To Deep-Space Cold In Florida

From Red Hot To Deep-Space Cold In Florida

WaMu accused of appraisal fraud (lawsuit filed by honest appraiser)

Volcker blames Fed for 'bubbles,' says it isn't in control

from Solidarity web site: "Devastating Crisis Unfolds"

Invest in jobs, not in money giveaway

New Bush Coins To Replace US Currency

The cruelty of youths

Kite-pulled ship on its way to Venezuela

Bush's Voodoo Stimulus Package - White House In Full Panic Mode!

Question about whether to still invest money in the stock market

Same sex couples have healthier relationships

I am on cloud 9.

NEW Bidenista!?

You may -- or may not! -- choose to express your sympathy.

Bisexuality among women isn't just a phase

Anyone else somewhat depressed? re: Nevada

'The better angels' side with Obama Comment from Historian J. Ellis


The face of power: One NH woman is makeup artist to candidates of both parties

Hmm. Poster in GD mentioned waking up from a dream Edwards won NV!

Is anyone here familiar with "Stars over Washngton" blog?

What do you have as a background on your computer screen?

A question for my fellow females and sensitives

Churches in Crisis

Mike McCarthy gets a 5 year contract at 4 million a year/How Ted built the Pack

The Cowboys' season in 8 seconds

Mike Carey to become Super Bowl's first black referee

Great tennis match - Hewitt vs Baghdadis, It's almost 4am in Melbourne

UNC upset by Maryland, no longer undefeated

The Wash Caps have really turned their season around.

HAHA, Ron Artest sure got the last laugh! :)

Why does the Democratic party support H-1b visas?

Beautiful day expected in Green Bay for game!

Many pub. Medical studies & claims here are invalid-so important to understand scientific method

USDA Calls For Re-Examination OF Cell Phone Health Risks

US FDA clears new Johnson & Johnson HIV drug

MN: Healthcare system purges drug company trinkets

Obesity worries show signs of backfiring

FYI: GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland

Finding Planets While They're Hot

Sitting at Daddy King's table

Euless Santeria priest loses battle to sacrifice goats in home

Banned From Church (WSJ)

SC issues Amparo for priest (Robert Reyes / Philippines)

Being realistic is what got us into this mess, Earth Pilgrim warns

J.C. got hungry and stopped at The Chicken Ranch in Pahrump

Christian Songwriter proud her music used in pro-gay, pro-immigrant movie

Exemption allows lesbian pastor's ordination

I am a Marxist monk: Dalai Lama

Independent Catholic parish to ordain woman

SC- .."electronic voting machines are not working and paper ballots are not available"..

A crosspost of interest about the price of cooking oils going up

Anybody here ever try Tofurkey Beer Brats?

Banned From Church

Senate probe shines light on televangelists’ ‘prosperity gospel’

OH Secretary of State, Sue Voting Machine Vendors for Product Liability (PETITION)

Anybody seen what's happening to the Olympous DSLR pricing?

*** January Finals are up in GD ***

Open Thread! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Saturday 01/19/08

Fence segregates dead in Ovilla cemetery

Have school lunches always been this appalling?

Juicer recipes?

South Carolina primary plagued by bad voting machines, snow

I got one thing to say to South Carolina

Dennis Kucinich, Broadcast Media NBC Stacking/Rigging Presidential Elections!!!

Here are just a few of the irregularities from the Clinton campaign

MCMiller: Fringe element of Repub Party is dismantling democracy.

Voting machines malfunction in South Carolina Republican primary

Anyone see the ridiculous show on History Channel yesterday?

In what officially Muslim countries is it both technically legal and also actually safe...

Bradblog refuted by Prof. Mebane, U of Mich - - NH vote subset study results below

“Tough questions for executive” from Taser International

San Diego DA clarifies position on DC gun ban case now before Supreme Court

Jan 2008 Fetzer interview of Ace Baker; 911-audio-only analysis

Um, this succinct LTTE was published in The Guardian on Saturday

Heard on MSNBC today...Texas might actually come into play as a primary state

JK gets Nevada "Fired up and ready to go!"

I condemn all Swiftboating attempts against Democrats.

Get this t-shirt !!!!!

Three generations saw Al Franken today

So much for the NAS device,,,

Nice NYT article on Obama's head speechwriter

More on JK and Michelle in Nevada

"If you work in this country you should not be poor"

More Posts Defending Obama From Smears

Obama Wins in Nevada Delegate Count

Obama reflects views of the founding fathers on partisanship

Does Hillary Cheat?

disappointed in McCain win, but Obama could beat him

What does Obama need to do?

CBC: Torture watchlist 'wrongly' names Canadian allies: Bernier

The mystery over who said "Keith runs MSNBC"...

KOEB 1/19/08 Nevada Caucus and South Carolina Primary Edition


Actor Allan Melvin (Sam the Butcher from the Brady Bunch) dies at 84

One Care Now 2008 action on single payer health care

Charlie Wilson's War

Thought you guys might like to see this little gem from a thread in LBN

LETTER: Constitution doesn't protect atheists

Warm weather reading adventure for a frozen weekend:

I'm on fire!

Basham and Cornell Progressive Talk KLAV Las Vegas

This is Hell, this week se 1/19/08

Thank God for modern medicine.

Kitten Captions in the Lounge!

Pet-loving DUer challenge: post a pic of your pet in the Lounge to be captioned

Psychic Archeology!