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Archives: January 18, 2008

Ray Charles fucking rocks

Whose autobiography would you like to have written?

My affair with Starbucks Anarchrist is Officially Back On!

anyone want to make a new logo

I sense that Lee Mercer, Jr. has peaked too early

Quick: what are the next 10 songs up on your iPod?

I just had a very strange experience...

Anyone here watch Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV. ethical situation is on my hands....

anyone want to help these perplexed folks in GDP ?

Just back from GD, therefore: Viking Kittens!!

The worst comment I've seen in GDP all day

Holy shit, I just bought a 28" monitor!

I'm a quick thinker & slow typist...

Holy farging snit!!!

So my plan to get Elizabeth Kucinich to go out with me fell through


Accusations of "FLIP FLOOPING" going on in GD-P. OMFG! This is HUGH! I'm SERIES!

Whose autobiography would you have liked to read?

For some reason, I'm in the mood for Campari this morning.

I can't get over it. I just bought a 28" monitor for $499 at

There's a "chef's table" this morning at the cafeteria

My dog has taken to pooping on the hot tub

Why do people suck so much?

We have deceided on our weekend plans.

I'm taping a Johnny Depp film...

I just REALLY zinged a good friend of mine, but good!

Tidbit of news from my morning e-mail...

Did you know Ligers are twice as big as lions or tigers?

Inmate angry he didn't see nude pictures

Anybody else having Earthlink problems this morning?

AMAZING what happens when you figure out a problem to your own problems...

Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe or Bob Villa's Morning Wood?

Good Morning DU.....

I'm sleep deprived and posting in GDP

Vegas Gives Patriots 1,000-Point Spread Over Chargers

Post a great biography/autobiography

Oh My cute

Vegas Gives Packers 900,000,000-Point Spread Over Whoever

Godsmack vs. Led Zeppelin

Question about my wireless internet home connection, please?

Need caffeine but the stuff is harsh on your stomach/body - try Mate

Convicted bank robber can keep $1 million dollar lottery ticket.

People who select OTHER in your polls and then never tell you what OTHER is

Weekend plans?-smoke dope drink vodka and taunt man killing beast?

Homeowners, how long did it take to break your house?

Former Steeler Ernie Holmes dies at 59.


whoops - mods, delete this - dupe

Lee Mercer has given us so much, and what have we given him?

Kitten question for cat people.

Recommend a video camera for me

Chargers - Who can beat 'em?

Anyone want to talk to A. Harriman?

You know what we need right now? I'll tell you:

Happy Birthday (Tomorrow 19Janree) Edith Bunker

This IS Why Country Music SUX

I just about cut my finger off last night

Loungers, I applaude your sense of humor

It's Friday


w00t! 3 day weekend!

I've read the spoiler for "Cloverfield"!

Who Wants To Join Cruisentology

Possible jobs when I graduate?

Don't reply to this post

HELP!!! My partner, the Captain, and I are stuck inside WillBowden's head

Is the bar open?

Stop me before I vomit again

Kid owners: What is the longest amount of time it took to housebreak your kid?

Can anyone recommend some classical music?

So Why Do They Do It?

40th Birthday Ideas?

Do you know what happens when you drink the Kool-Aid?

What's in your media player right.... NOW?

Mercernaries! I found our running mate!

Milwaukee area DUers


Posted in GD for any that are interested.

I just scored a $900 Burberry purse at Costco for the grand total of

Reagan sucks.

Not to cast asparagus on any posters

So how much is Bush giving us, exactly?

Songs with the word "Empire" in the lyrics?

Does anybody know a good, free FTP host or web host with FTP?

PEOPLE!!! This is HUGH!!! Wonkette is covering Lee Mercer, Jr!!!

Favorite movies that do not have a happy ending

Put what you do for work in terms

I can't believe what a waste the thread below this one is

I have f*cking goosebumps all over me right now

Why are some posts/responses monochrome?

Does this make me a horrible person??

What is the least likely thing you are about to say?

I can't remember the last time I got this much work done in one day

Bobby Fischer Dead at 64 in Iceland

st. ronnie the rayguns cost me the best piece of *** I ever had

I have a GREAT idea for a DU fundraiser!!!

Cloverfield spoiler!

I have fucking geese all over me right now

So the Gov. of Montana has his own DU Group, but

Trailer for New Star Trek Movie...

Can I park here while I smoke a doob?

Matthew Broderick, unable to transport himself from place to place, enlists aid of Jerry Seinfeld

WOOHOO I'm breaking out the champagne - let's celebrate!!

I'm listening to Barry Manilow right now and I'm loving it

Are there any books about or even by, "The Misfits"?

Um...what am I missing here?

Mercernaries: DU THIS POLL!!!

I have fucking goosebumps all over me right now

We need to decide where to have the Lee Mercer victory celebration on election night.

anyone ever have deviated septum surgery??

Anyone watching Coverdale this weekend?

The Bar IS OPEN..... Butt

New Trek Movie Teaser Trailer

Favorite movies that do have a happy ending

We should write Keith and ask him why he isn't covering MERCER!

Skinner's over in GDP putting the smackdown

It is even POSSIBLE to have a meltdown on the Internet?

My goosebumps aren't fucking, but I have them...

Please rec an insurance co OTHER than GIECO.

Paglia says it takes a "real man" to prove America is America

Dr. Phil being investigated by the State of California for his Britney visit

Breaking News: Lee Mercer Tasered While Eating At Olive Garden

Teacher gets prison for sex with 7th-grader

So, how does one join the Pagan Idolatry religion?

I just worked up my 2007 Income Taxes and we're

My Econometrics textbook scares me...

I want to know: Is Lee Mercer a replicant?

Lately the grow operations they've been busting have some strange looking bud

So I went and got my mammogram...

A bomb went off in my room!

Mercer is announcing a $7 fundraising event for next Friday

NPR about to do candidate word association.. tune on in and let's have a listen...

I have a theory about Bill Cosby impressions...


What are YOU eating for lunch?

Lee Mercer Loves Led Zeppelin And Collects Toll Booth Tokens

Hey, Parche! Do you have that $733 you owe me? I want to send it to Mercer.

Mercer Told Reporters he Had A Big Caucus In Nevada

Do you guys think that Mercer is more popular than Oasis?

Mercer says he would have voted for it before he voted against it

How many Mercer posts/threads will get DUzy's tonight?

Abe Vigoda Endorses Mercer

Yahoo Headline: Obama Uses Humor to Target Clinton in Nevada

Do you believe in coincidences?

Juicehead Stallone defends HGH use, & for coupe de grace (he's outrageous) calls Lauer "buff"

This just in: Bill Clinton called Lee Mercers campaign a Fairy Tale

dammit dammit dammit dammit

I just noticed something about the ad

Fourteen Year Old Who Beat Up Bulgular With Baseball Bat

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/18/2008)

who am I supposed to root for this weekend?

Intelligent Design? I Don't THINK so.

This is very Series, I Mean HUGH!!!!1111 you know

Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence ( All Three ) Business and Commerce Intelligence National

Do you use a page like Facebook, MySpace, etc.? Which one?

14 year old beat up bugler with baseball bat

Hey - who here has a cool screensaver that they wanna share with us?

GREATEST love song: Barry Manilow's Mandy or Iggy & The Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog

Insert the meme "(ALL THREE)" into a movie or song or book title! IN honor of MERCER paid for you!

What should Lee Mercer's campaign song be?

Is there a forum for how to use DU


I heard Lee Mercer eats salamanders!!!

Here's to Lee Mercer..

Barry Manilow, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Or Rick Astley?

Anyone watching Cloverfield this weekend?

I see your Lee Mercer, and I hit you with RANDY CROW

Why must I feel like that?

Funk at five :)

I see your Lee Mercer, and I hit you with CROW T. ROBOT!

Holy Cow!

I'm eating vegan food for lunch. Ask me anything.

I see your Lee Mercer, and I hit you with RANDY MOSS!


Any good dream interpreters?

I'm Thinking The Eye Spy Military Community (all three) Is Going To Kick Our Asses!

Have I landed in a parallel time/universe?

Has anybody here seen this?

One of my cats just had 5 CUPS of fluid removed. (Yes, there's a picture of her inside.)


My Econometrics (All Three) textbook scares me...

Lee Mercer's family crest is a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong.

I've posted a pic of RetroLounge's cowboy pajamas in GD.

Who's for Dinner?

What do you want your tombstone to say?

I've posted a pic of myself naked in GD

Lee Meriwether beat up a 44 year old flasher with The Beatles.

Lee Mercer is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life

I've posted a pic of Hillary Clinton naked in GD

What's for dinner?

Poll question: Repetition is an adequate substitution for wit

Quick! Remove your hot-wire!

Is it just me, or is Daxflame on YouTube the most fucking annoying person on Earth?

Inspired by Bicoastal here is Scarface in a minute and a half

I serve with Lee Mercer; I know Lee Mercer. Lee Mercer is a friend of mine.

Mercernaries, it's time to think big. It's blimp time.

This Post For Southpawkicker

Why are you guys mocking one of my favorite childhood authors?!

I hate you.

TIVO/VCR alert!! On TCM at 2:00am Sat morning....Barbarella!

Macbook Air: Because Apple is your God!

So it turns out that Hillary is a Reagan lover.

Calling all lovers of classic movies, old and new...

Television, circa 2006

"There's a lesson here. It's not a good idea to drink, be high, and taunt a man-eating tiger."

Hitler rants about the Cowboys

I bought a ticket in a pool on this this week, just wanted to see how DU handicaps it

Triangle DUers: Meetup next Sat. 1/26

Holy cRAP..It's Friday night and I have the house to myself..WHat should I do?

Will someone PLEASE come over and take out the trash?


We come from the land of the ice and snow,

Are all the men in this town so wooden?

Tonight I bought the two Dead Like Me dvds sets along with two new hooded sweat shirt jackets.

Alrighty then! Which one of you wise asses

Rock rock rock for the craziness of the people of America!

We are now officially the geekiest house in Colorado.

Words I have trouble with

Oh my..."Star Wars Holiday Special" DVD with original commercials and optional Rifftrax commentary!

[fill in the blank] _______ (All Three)

Replace a word in a movie title with "Lee Mercer"

I'm embarking upon an adventure I may not survive.

So have the Vermont Teddy Bear commercials started yet?

My new favorite site!!!

Any Guitar Hero (any version) fans here?

I'm HOT!

Yet another universal truth revealed.

Excuse me as I strut pompously through the Lounge

Elephant Talk: Anyone know this tune? What group?

It's the Big Lebowski/Election 2008 thread!!

It's, like, super awesome when the DPW decides to do work

My daughter's best friend is cooking dinner for all of us tonight.

Repetition is an adequate substitution for wit

You think you like Ikea, this guy lived there for a week

I overdid it today. Kinda Long, so if you don't wanna open it, I won't be insulted.

Good evening. My name is Gennifer Writer.

I had surgery today...

Revelation: Mother Earth. Ozzy live in 1982.

Remind me never to go to the annual company banquet ever again.

Strange places your fur-friends like to sleep?

For math geeks

What makes us so cool? Explain why the previous poster is so cool

What are your favorite foods when you are drunk ( or stoned )?

The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs In the World.

I'm old. Can I commit to my last dog? Fifteen years?!1

Where the hell is matcom!?

Being honest means...

How much drinking (to pass-out stage) is normal per week?

Do/did your children have imaginary siblings or friends?

Wow...Tom Cruise has LOST IT... take a break from bickering and watch

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Lost Coast Hop Juice Imperial IPA


hey I was wondering......

My leap of faith: Taking control of my fate or diving off cliff


Anybody ever been to the Bahamas before...

Mercer needs Swiftboating.....He must be stopped!!! Walken is our only hope!

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Credit card debt help needed.

Name a song you haven't heard in forever that you'd like to hear again!

Reagan Reagan Reagan!

*maybe*, the first ever…blond GUY joke...

Try this, it's a hoot. I didn't do very well.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/18/08

Hasn't there ever been a DU disruptor who disrupted well?

So, which of the following is the greatest embarrassment to the Star Wars franchise?

Hitler was a great agent of change in the 1930s

A Big Little Favor.

What is your favorite foreign film?

Captain and Tennille are stuck in my head...

Lee L. Mercer Jr Fun Facts from

I have inadvertently started something in GD

Post a caption of Onyx, my kitten


How miserable can dentistry get? I just have to rant... this is contemplation under painkillers

1-18-08 wOrd AsSoCiaTioN playtime

CLOVERFIELD: Official Review by Me: Lives up to the Hype

Has anyone else gotten this Lee Mercer email?

Lee Mercer beat up a 14 year old with The Buggles.

Mercer announces that there will be no Corporate Loungers in his Administration

If you google for Lee Mercer, Democratic Underground threads are near the top

What's your favorite junk food?

Scores of Votes Mistallied for Every Democratic Manchester, NH Ward 5

Will Anyone Pay for the Iraq War? By Robert Parry

World Bank closes offices after bomb threat

Lawrence O'Donnell calls culinary workers "not all that sharp" on Countdown.

Unbelievable: Muslim athlete disqualified over uniform

I found something we can all agree about!

So AT&T wants to filter the internet and Microsoft wants to 'monitor'

Light Vehicle Lanes: A small proposal by PC Kelly to help America achieve energy independence.

Still Pissed? Yeah, me too.

British Airways Boeing 777 crash-lands in London, 19 hurt

Holy shit, I just bought a 28" monitor!

Tasered man was "uncooperative". He's cooperating now...

ERA Stops Blogger, Blogging about McDonalds

Analysis: Raygun's one greatest (indirect) contribution to the world

Feds new rate your boss program

US Troops to stay in Iraq for ten Years

Norway Aims to go Carbon Neutral by 2030!

"What Happens Here Stays Here"

Matthews: I wronged Clinton with remark

Former GOP-Repub Party Chairman-Contracted to Deliver*DIEBOLD*E-Voting Machines in Maryland (WIRED)

If you taunt a tiger at the zoo, should it be able to get out of its pen and eat you?

Cheney's Secret Service: Detailed Look at ’06 Turmoil (Cover-up)

The chickens have come home to roost in Dallas

How nice of Mrs Fatima Abacha to bestow her fortune unto me in the name of Allah

Gay tiger attacks Huckabee

U.S. diplomat Nicholas Burns to step down - official (personal reasons)

Just how many different kinds of tapes were destroyed? Rep. Reyes

Three words the msn REFUSE to say

I hate to interrupt our anger ... but,

Obama's revised stump speech in Vegas

Quick poll: What concerns you more, the economy or the war(s)?

C'Mon Edwards Supporters - Dig Deep and Send the Brother Some Financial Love!

Georgia tax plan for schools

With the speed of the advances with this can someone tell me why banning reproductive cloning is

What personality traits are the hallmarks of a less-than-genuine Centrist/Independent?

Upper reaches of the Executive Branch. Inside the White House, in fact.

473 days of White House E-Mails 'Missing'

Edwards is A Loser ... NOT!!

Corporate Lackeys Calling for Edwards to Drop out.

Bush tax rebate: economic stimulus or vote buying for repubs?

How stupid is Wall Street?

anyone know what time the warmonger speaks on his failed economy?

PETA founder held in India over bullfight protest

For the "ABC" Crowd: - Obama and Edwards must stay til Denver

PCIntern Dental Office: Round 3,874:

The Cheney Intelligence Agency has replaced the Central Intelligence Agency

Dearest China & Saudi Arabia, Could you please, PLEASE stimulate our economy?

SMIRK-BOY to offer stimulus ideas... (same old crap that didn't work too well the last time)

Condi and Resigning Nick Burns on C-Span...Under Poppy they had "the World by the Tail!"

Bomb threat closes World Bank buildings in Washington, DC

A plug for the Colbert Report coming up now -Lou Dobbs interview

Just when I thought DU was the weirdest place on the internet(s)

Today's outragous manipulation from General Electric Media;

Online Apparel Retailer Settles FTC Charges

WOW! Bush has a *idea* just like the one he was FORCED to accept 6 years ago

Never mind

Did some of the IRA relocate to South America? nt

Oh joy. The yearly promise that Iraqis will control all of Iraq by the end of the year.

Stimulus = selling out the future, to make the present look good

No Candidate is Perfect

Pelosi on CSpin - answering impeachment

Did Tweety Matthews get fired?

Heres an economic stimulus plan that would work

14 ways to start bringing the Iraq War to a close

Republicans: "The Party of Ideas."

Name ONE good thing Ronald Reagan did.

The Official "Tell Dick Morris What to do with Himself" Thread

MSNBC: * lying to us about the economy now, 10:32amCT. nt

One Night in Vegas: Alas, poor Bobby, we hardly knew ye!

NV paper Exposed..Taylor Marsh. PAID OPERATIVE FOR CLINTON

Creaky, old neocon racist, still doesn't get it. "Black House -- is that bad?"

Self Delete

Scheherazade in the White House (Le Monde article)

Reagan Re-defined

cspan1 is taking calls about Bush speech--LIVE

Why would so many in the Congress & Senate follow such a moron?

Happy Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, everyone!

Does the proposed tax rebate check ($300- $800) really help anyone out?

Pass Emergency Bill for Secure Elections in 2008

So when bus says unless they make the tax cuts permanent, the economic downturn will be their fault

FInancial world responds to Bush and Bernanke on economy

bush is implying that it is because the tax cuts are not permanent, the uncertainty

Hey, Democratic Leadership, do you really want to stimulate the economy?

Exclusive photo of Bush on his way to the press conference.

OOoh Wee! Bush's ecomomy is collapsing! Halp me Congress! Halp!


From the "George W. Bush" Countdown Calender...

Stocks fall after Bush announces economic plan

What do the Freepers think of Bush's "admission" that we're in (or about to be in) a recession?

The dollar's a joke...deficits extend to beyond the horizon...Bush: Cut Taxes....

BREAKING: Giuliani has extra finger grafted on hand

How is it tax relief, if you were already getting a refund on your taxes?

Dick's Back ---pix--->>>

We Forget What It Was Really Like Under the Clintons

caption dick (morris)

surge update -11 Die in Attack on a Shiite Mosque in Iraq

I've reached the half million views on my You Tube videos

We need a political dictionary

Adopt An Edwards Activist

Minnesota Man Tasered to Death for Non-Compliance

Any takers on how long it will take the cabal to dump our Social Security escrows into the market?

Brad Blog is on the scene and has lots on NH voting machines

Feuds & derailed democracy

Tom Delay's wannabe successor could be a headless zombie freak!

Why republicans hate the 60's.


1.82 ounces of gold per couple...

SFPD: Zoo Attack Victim Admits Taunting Tiger

North Pole news

Condi's right-hand man stepping down for personal reasons

Huckabee sympathizes with those who want to fly the confed flag.

For MLK birthday: Martin, Abraham, & John mp3

You know, let's hear it for airline pilots.....

L.A. cops cracking down on Paparazzi

Please explain how a "brokered" convention works.

Anyone is Vegas have a feeling what is REALLY going on


Calling Xultar, it seems the golf community is still playing with lynching, the cover of "Golfweek"

have we reached the point where it has become, instead, "crapitalism?"

I like Huffington Post, but this Obama piece is ridiculous

"Nixon was an honest man" -Edwards

You can donate to John Edwards by shopping at his store

Let There Be No Mistake: The Republican Wars Have Put America in Its Dire Economic Situation

Do you think that there is a correlation between the complicity of Congress

Set the Bush admin back to May 2002, Headline: U.S. WITHDRAWS FROM INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES COURT

Dow started dropping as soon as Bush announced his "plan."

Frontrunner Dennis Kucinich Victim of Media Election Fraud

If you want to hear the chilling emergency warning sounds

New Entry for 2008 Dictionary

Shouldn't America be America's "Most favoured nation"

Who could have seen this coming? Uh...well, my DU journal says me, for one...

The Rude Pundit ...

This is just chilling.... Deaths of 8 Men in Fla. Ruled Homicides

Somebody on Flanders today got it right today:

drop dead fred

Clinton's punishment (can any Las Vegas DUers confirm this?)

African Americans to Experience Greatest Loss of Wealth in Modern U.S. History

Name three idiots who don't have a clue....pic

Can you document claims that Bush told the TRUTH?

New Hampshire ballot boxes had holes cut in them

This tax rebate scheme sounds like giving a free hit to a junkie

Joint Chiefs to Present Their Own View on Further Troop Cuts in Iraq

Individual campaign contribution rules?

Caption Willard and his press secretary after the "Staples" incident.

How accurate do you think Vegas "odds makers" are on Presidential elections?

To stimulate the economy by putting money in the pockets of consumers, I propose:

LOL. I followed a troll back to his internet cave, hilarity is ensuing

Anybody ever had a check denied by Certegy Check Services?

Obama pledges support for Animal Rights

Where can we see the totals for the donations to Edwards today?

Someone needs to fuck with Huckabee's mind.

You really want to stimulate the economy, legalize marijuana

Emergency! Act quickly! There's a Chimp on the loose!

McCain, Hiccupbee 'neck and neck' in S.C. poll

Stewart--Colbert--Shouldn't we be angry they crossed the line?

Why are liberals so full of hate?

What is the primary goal of the health care system in the US?

Paraplegic man dumped in LA gutter sues hospital

Willard romney, Corporate Raider.

Do you care?

What's next? Is Obama going to ask Lieberman to campaign for him? OBAMA/LIEBERMAN '08! YEA!

Looking for opinions re: ADD/ADHD diagnosis for my 11 year old son. Please.

"Free market" and "de-regulation" can now be refuted with simple phrases

Has anyone seen my 401K?

Chess Genius Bobby Fischer Has Died

Following Podhoretz’s Lead, Right Wing Continues Push For ‘Bombing Campaign’ Against Iran ‘Now’

On and on and on...

Bobby Fischer has died

Does Goldberg's "book" cover look familiar?

Q&A: Feingold charts course (hoping to make progress on...)

Great Matt Taibbi piece: Merchants of Trivia

Dontcha Just Love Conservative Economics

Random thought of the week

I want to personalize fast food gift cards to give to homeless with O'liely's face on them

George Clooney named U.N. messenger of peace

Revolutionary air car runs on compressed air

PBS To Expand YouTube Channel Offerings

Silvestre Reyes - on CSPIN, explaining why impeachment is off the table.

Reagan Advisers See A Bit Of Their Former Boss In Obama

"MedFICO" -Get ready for medical credit scores

Another day, another taser death. Did the police check this man for injuries


What's your take on Michael Bloomberg?

I swear, its just like the last days of Rome, they just gave out trinkets to quiet the people

"A" Daily Show not THE Daily Show

John Edwards has a great new video slamming the media

Bill Fleckenstein, MSN: "How Greenspan's policies hurt you"

"Big" Fred Thompson

Union calls Carlyle-Booz Allen deal national security threat

Skull for sale

'Darkest ever' material created

Presidential milkshakes

Do you ever feel like a grain of sand on the beach ?

Fuck Mercer! I'm endorsing Walken in 2008. let me tell ya why...

I'm voting Nixon in '08, 40 years later he's still the best choice!

At this point the Giuliani Campaign should be nominated for 'worst presidential campaign ever'..

My mom used to get our house "maid-worthy," and it got me to thinking re: Pelosi's "Housecleaning."

Any good dream interpreters?

Things are not going swimmingly in Iraq

I want a pResident that I can sit and have a beer with.

Economic Help: Price of Gas

Report from the ground in Nevada

During Bush*'s first recession he gave Americans $300. tax breaks

Important thread by McCamy Taylor over here ->

Anyone know if O'Leilly is being called on the carpet about the homeless vets lies?

Bush Releases Billions More for Vets

Bush's economic stimulus plan

Whose on Bill Maher tonight?

Which Freeper with a shotgun was arrested

Cheney sighting...


911 Operator Guilty of Blowing Off Call

My TVs been out. Just saw the Stewart/ Goldberg interview

And now for my 1000th post;

Edwards is ON NOW WITH Blitzer in the Situation Room

$20,000 dollars per hour for the last 2,000 years

Impeachment Resolution Introduced to University of Arkansas

Return of the tax families

please proofread and comment on my 121th ltte on the economy

Goddamit!! Where's my spear and nose bone when I need them????

Megalomaniac Bigdog LIES about Obama again

The problem with Warshington

On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency

"Reagan did a lot of great things..." Then I ask them to name ONE...

Being an early boomer , Obamas statements are very upsetting

Throughout America, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard/Street/Avenues

What a SAD day at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

My conversation at Publix today:

“Women, Race & Class” The Most Important Book You Can Read This Election Season

Camp Photo Kiddy Porn Conviction Overturned by NH Supreme Court

Gay Tiger Attacks Huckabee

About the proposed tax rebate: The more you need it, the less you get

People Magazine's 'Most eligible bachelor' / former prosecutor acquitted in attempted rape case

Good Luck, John Edwards.

I know now, that she's the only one that can save the economy!!!!

What beliefs do not fit within the Democratic Party?


Where was the media outrage at the swiftboating of Kerry? that McCain is getting

I'm actually really enjoying this Reagan hatefest..

I just gave $25.01 to John Edwards' Campaign!!! Wow..I feel terrific.

Being honest means...

$1600 to help stimulate the economy if you are married

Mark Shields is leary of the sudden full cooperation by the WH-even david

Dismal Holiday Season Leads Retailers To Shutter Stores

Red states are key to winning in 08', and Dem leaders know it.

Alcoa Names Former Merrill Chief Stan O'Neal to Board - Nice Little Club The Big Boys Have

Could someone please tell me what KO is talking about here?

Secret Service Agent: We Broke Law in Cheney Incident

Reagan = Saving And Loan Disaster

And yet another troop reported killed today!!:

US ranks in the tank internationally - Societies Under Surveillance

If There Was A God, He'd Strike Mike Huckabee With Lightning in South Carolina

White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone(Waxman releases info after Fratto's statement)

Lawrence O'Donnell -by Keith Olbermann

Those Flyers about McCain, why has no one said the name "Ted Sampley"?

What's really behind Bush's stimulus package.

Launder your money before it's too late.

WGA STRIKE UPDATE: Comedy Central Writers Head to Washington

Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals; Scare-Sensors, 'Contagious' Stress in the Works?

Look at this weather forecast for East-Central Alabama. Up to 4" of snow!

Rudy using actual footage from 9/11 in new ad

Caption this photo

About Josh Marshall at "TPM" saying: "KUCINICH PREYING ON SIMPLE MINDS"

Intell Officials Question Qaeda Role in Bhutto Killing (Scotland Yard Not Investigating Assassin)

The Shock Doctrine: Right here right now........

Perhaps someone can explain this to me

Sorry if I sound cynical, but if this wasn't a presidential election year:

Right To Life Group Sends Plastic Fetus In Mail

ODD: Bush presidency ending like it started, with Bush off the radar

Nasa investigates virtual space

Had to share.

Talk about a sad story . . . woman kills her twin's kids in murder/suicide :(

Hey! Here is a novel idea for stimulating the economy:

Here's what playing the race card looks like

Hey, that George Bush. Wadda great guy!

Economic Stimulus Proposals Divide Democrats

Judicial nominee withdraws amid Democratic criticism

Talk Left is DLC Central today

Demand Bill O'Reilly apologize to the "non-existent" homeless vets

Stalone Speaks Truth!

McCain: “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.

Secret Pastors’ Briefings Seem To Have Partisan Purpose (Huckabee)

Michael Bloomberg met with Ross Perot's campaign manager

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

Sponsors running away from Savage!

weare is not in the recount these numbers are not correct. mods please delete.

Holy shit!! Tom "duct tape for terra" Ridge admits that waterboarding is torture?!?

So, the press conference of the day was Treasury Sec'y Paulson, the Brownie of economics.

Bin Laden Son Wants to Be Peace Activist

So Obama likes Reagan, Clinton likes Lieberman. Why am I not surprised?

Golfweek replaces editor over noose

So essentially, the CWU gets to decide the nominee from NV

Did we all miss this event on Phucker's show yesterday?

MSNBC Gregory: Edwards & Obama in TIGHT RACE in S. C.

Up is down. Left is right... Countrywide boosts execs' bonuses

So, is right wing ideology just normality now?

WTF? Insurance company denies claim, saying it was "pre-existing"...

Bush Administration Documents on Secrecy Policy...

IQ of Bush and the US average

Wow...Tom Cruise has LOST IT... take a break from bickering and watch

Think Lawrence O'Donnell will appear on Olbermann again?

What Google trends says about consumer confidence in 2007.

Auschwitz , Mr Bush, and SICKO

Smoking could someday save yo @zzzzzzzz? (I'm Series!1!1!1!!)

Associated Press working on Britney Spears' obituary.

When you hear Edwards speak ... think about how he would match up with the Repub Candidate

Another caption thread.

Friday Night Caption Thread!

Hillary making slimey robo-calls in NV

BREAKING: Britney Spears eaten by wolves at the age of 26, she was gristly.

Bush administration renounces Reaganesque "Supply side economics"

Police: Heavily Armed Suspect Stopped Before He Got To Supreme Court

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Harrison subs for Mike

Doesn't DU SCREEN its advertisers - is a right wing front group!!!!

THE CHALLENGE - (Attention Edwards Supporters)

Donate to John Edwards today & WIN A PRIZE!!!

If Chimpy gets indicted on Federal charges which Democrat would pardon him first?

Strange analysis of presidential debates

Will Hillary run as an independent?

Has anyone else run across this little quirk with the DU software?

Depends to sponsor Democratic Underground

Keith Olberman on DailyKos: Will address Edwards, Obama, and Reagan on Tonight's Show

MORE KATRINA FALLOUT: FEMA Flip-Flops Again on Trailers

Clinton supporters in NH admit Clinton LIED and want to make up with Obama

Reagan, Reagan, Reagan. All hail the fascist king.

Snow in upstate SC on GOP primary day (tomorrow).

Shia woman returns to the home in Baghdad she had fled a year earlier

Skinner--Request please

Eugene Robinson: 'Primaries forcing us to figure out not just who the candidates are, but who we are


"Theater of the absurd": DA to dismiss charges against Texas Supreme Court justice Sends One Across the Bow

'Ground Zero: On the Front Lines of a War Crime' by Chris Floyd

Canada puts U.S. and Israel on Torture Watchlist

The raids are conducted with intelligence from the United States

Edwards Money Bomb doesn't look like any record.

The message we are sending to the M$M is going to be huge

What They Call 'Progress' in Iraq

Time Warner to test usage-based Internet access rates: the new, improved rate structure arrives...

Tiger taunting down sharply in zoos across the nation!

Tommy Franks paid $100,000 to endorse vets charity that ripped off vets

Farmers fear governments' mark of the beast


Nevada SEIU member at Edwards rally. "A lot of us are going to caucus for John. Everyone knows

OMFG! Medical credit scores? No better proof that it's all about money!

(obama agrees) FUCK RONALD REAGAN!!! =)

The war in Iraq is going well, The war in Iraq is going well,

Noam Chomsky on Reagan’s Legacy: Bush Has Resurrected “The Most Extremist, Arrogant, Violent, ..etc"

Economists back Edwards for prez

The Shock Doctrine: SHOCK THE MONKEY

Why the Soviet Union really collapsed - long as this is a topic

So Bush sends you a check for $800 if you're single or $1600 if you're married

Sibel Edmonds Case: Nukes for sale (Pt 2)

Which do you think best describes Chimpy's PRIMARY reason...

Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones cooked a turkey in Harvard Hearth, and other Ivy Imponderables

While watching FOX (aka, W-STANS*), I heard another Halliburton/Edwards/Clinton meme.

State Street Corp. announces investor webcast on Tsunami Tuesday: or, "Bad News Dump Tactics, 101"

Which posting strategy will most likely get you to recommend my post for the Greatest page?

Dear Right Wing, this is a LEFT WING SITE that supports LEFT WING, not RIGHT WING POLITICIANS.

Shuddup about "Change". I want "Restoration"!

White House Losing Email Destruction Battle

*** John Edwards January 18, 2008 Donation Check-In ***

National Intelligence Director Wants To Monitor All Net Communications

Drunk dialing Dick Morris? How Hillary Clinton's top advisor got Dick behind him.

Who's getting abortions? Not who you'd think / Half of the women are 25 or older

I don't understand why some Obama supporters are so

John Edwards on Bush's remarks on the economy

Police: Victim Drunk During Tiger Attack

To be fair, Bush inherited this poor economy from Bill Clinton

Lawrence O'Donnell is out to lunch on John Edwards' candidacy..

The New Mod Squad!

*** Friday TOONs: Economic Stimulus ***

"…the ballots shall not be counted in secret." EDEARDS & the SC Constitution Scoop/autorank

so just when do we get this "windfall" ???

Who the hell is the RW tool on Maher between D.L. Hugley and Trace Adkins?

Crucial Differences on the Iraq Occupation between Edwards and the Two Frontrunners

THE RE-NEW DEAL: Four simple programs to save the economy now!

On Reagan, cooperation, and the hijacking of the Republican party by neo-cons.

Hillary supports Joe LIEberman .......NO SURPRISE

I miss the day when George was the target. Can we have a George-bashing thread, please?

Can you document claims that Bush lied?

The implications of what happened at MacWorld earlier this week.

Mexicans ruining this country

Can someone point out to me where Obama said something positive about Reagan?

Face it: "Republicans Were The Party Of Ideas...Over Last 10-15 Yrs..Challanging Conventional Wisdom

Wonkette: We Hate To Bring Up the Nazis, But They Fled To South America, Too

Why not $8000 and $16,000 for everyone?

Prove to me that Ronald Reagan ended the Soviet Union

Howard Dean not welcome in Florida says Orlando's Democratic Mayor Buddy Dyer .

Lantos supports Saudi arms sale

Bill Moyer's Journal: David Cay Johnston, Craig Unger

Why praising Reagan touches a nerve in all of us (over 18, who lived here)

Is J. W. Booth and the conspirators really in the Lincoln 2nd Inaugural Photo?

Final Exit Polls: Adjusted to Match the Recorded Vote ( TIA ) x

Repeal the Upperclass Tax Cuts NOW!

Edwards: "the mainstream media has been telling America ...they only have two choices in this race"

who said this...the need for a spiritual renewal in our country

Bill Clinton didn't wash his hands after using the restroom!!!

Need some vibes and prayers for my mom

Don't worry your pretty little head, the economy will be's why:

62% Think American Society is Fair and Decent

Analysis of tiger taunting: Not uncommon at U.S. zoos

Today’s Headlines

What It Was Really Like Under the Clinton/Gore administration.

Politization of the US Military by the Bush Junta. Generals as political tools?

"Reagan was a positive force for change"="Mussolini made the trains run on time."

Book TV Schedule: January 19th - 21st

A Brief (But Timely) Guide to Misogyny

Jailed drug dealer gets a chance with the Supreme Court

Mitt Romney meets medical marijuana patient

Billions for Bankers--Debts for the People

Why aren’t DEMs speaking out about “Imploding Economy?”

== Guess which drug is illegal? = By Mark Morford

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 18, 2008***

I think the $7 mil for Edwards Fundraising IS GOING TO SURPRISE A LOT OF PEOPLE....

How did this recession come on so damned quickly?

WTF? Congress Dismisses NIE, Declares Iran a Nuclear Threat

Bill Maher tonight, and I don't have a clue who the guests are. Does anyone? nt

So how do people feel about the homeless problem?

Democrats toughen up: Leading candidates crib from the Republican playbook

Newsweek explores the "Chuck Norris" factor

WSJ: McCain Coy on Lieberman VP Speculation ("He'd be a great partner in any endeavor")

60,000 Culinary Workers is inaccurate, many are not citizens and can't vote

Check in here if you do not know the name of every company you are invested in

Huckabee Embraces Confederate Flag To Woo White Evangelicals

Have You Always Been A Registered Democrat?

Campaign spending ; a modest proposal.

Politico: Culinary gives Obama Nevada advantage (1/10/07)

What happens after the primary?

Explanation of Postings re: Reagan Comment?

If there's anything this campaign has taught us it is that predictions are useless.

Obama - reagan alert

Current Status of the Primary Polls, Wk3.

RGJ Obama Endorsement

For Clinton and Obama, the Burden of Identity: "Not black enough....not woman enough," offering hope

Florida Will Not Save Giuliani- Losing to McCain in Latest Poll- Plus Dem #'s (Sentinel-Times Union)

Reno Gazette Journal Endorses Obama

Reagan Advisers See A Bit Of Their Former Boss In Obama


OK political junkies, here's what to look out for on Friday.

ADL's Foxman: Obama may have "an obligation to leave" church

I made a contribution to John Edwards today and SO SHOULD YOU :)

NYT blog: Obama Skewers Critics in Nevada

Freepology Today: Freepers shocked -- shocked I say! -- that Huckabee is using push-polling

Are you prepared for the'polls' getting it wrong...a-g-a-i-n?

FDR was a great president, an agent of change. Has any rethug candidate invoked him?

I know we are hating reality here today but...

Reagan's electoral success is a fact. It is, however, intextricably tied to his methods and goals

Los Vegas Sun Newspaper calling out Taylor Marsh

If She Wins, Will She Make Us Call Her "President Hillary"?

Obama, Romney endorsed by Reno newspaper

I'm not asking for much.

Obama or Hillary ? I choose Hillary,

Obama comes to bury Reagan, not to praise him

Chelsea's out talking up Mom

Obama on Bush- Including the content replaced by .... or simply left out.

It's ok when Obama does it - Groups playing nasty ads for Obama in Nevada

The Moral Test of Our Generation

self-delete with explanation

John McCain's economic plan to get us out of the recession: Reduce corporate taxes

A Question About Hillary's Electoral Math

Obama = A Resurrected Ronald Reagan With A Tan

Poor Mitt!

Is he still running the McCain campaign??

Insider Advantage FL poll: Clinton 42, Obama 34, Edwards 9

Mason-Dixon Nevada Poll: Clinton 41, Obama 32, Edwards 14.

Which "anti" posters are the most vicious?

Edwards’ N.D. supporters promote caucus prospects

BTW - here's a lovely picture of Ronald Reagan's foreign policy

Dennis Haysbert Claims To Have Paved The Way For Barack Obama

What did I miss about Obama and Reagan?

Ode to Rudy

DLC mouthpiece calls Obama the Reagan lover: "an extraordinary man"



How NBC changed "the facts" to block Dennis Kucinich from the Nevada debate

White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone

Edwards Calls On Senator Obama To Denounce UNITE HERE Radio Ads

wow, three threads begging for donations to Edwards

Obama Camp Hits Back At Hillary's Reagan Criticism

Nevada caucuses explained in a nutshell

Reagan rocks!

I Missed a Day: Why Is Obama The Second Coming of Reagan?

John Kerry Kicks Off Canvass in North Las Vegas

Is it fair to say that Republicans were the party of ideas...

Bobby Fischer is dead

Worthless fatassed traitorous scumbag who lost '06 elections offers unsolicited insights for 2008

Army: Some troops suffer brain injuries and don't know it

Heres another reason to love Ronald Reagan.

Obama doesn't fit into the established political categories

Elephant Talk

Unite Here Nevada ads are NOT 527 ads - Clinton and Edwards are misleading

Would Bill Clinton have complained about the CWU's members' votes having "5 times as much influence

Peace Movement's Options in 2008

Want to know why Congress voted to dismiss the NIE and go with Bush?

Repost of why I endorse Edwards for those who wonder "why?"

Before the 2012 election, some serious changes need to be made to this process.

MSNBC: "Bush to lay out position on economic stimulus package Friday, without going into specifics."

Hillary win will because of strong support in Northern Nevada, Clark County isn't enough for Obama

"To say that men and women should not inject their "personal morality" into public policy...

Manchester Ward 5

Friday morning recount numbers: Clinton. Edwards and Obama each down 12 votes: Kucinich down 7

Brian Greespun, Las Vegas Sun owner, switching from 40 years GOP to Democrat

Las Vegas Sun endorses Clinton, Reno Gazette endorses Obama

Southern Blacks Are Split on Clinton vs. Obama

How much responsibility does Hillary bear for the deaths of half a million Iraqi children?

The Associated Press -- Chris Matthews apologizes for comment about Sen. Clinton

Reuters/C-Span/Zogby Nevada Poll: Clinton 42, Obama 37, Edwards 12

Will Hillary Have to Defend Every One of Bill Clinton's Positions In the Campaign?

"Boots on the Ground" in New Jersey & Pa. (could be Doc Martens LOL)

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/18/08 - Clinton and Obama up 1, Edwards unchanged

He may be the candidate I support, but

I promised myself I wouldn't do this but...

A barn-burner of a good smackdown on W.

The deadly politics of fear

Lighten up, grow a thicker skin, give it a rest, cut the faux outrage, you're a hypocrite.

Life Is Good... So Stop Complaining, Damn It!

What about the voters?

Six unenlightening minutes: fun excerpts from Dana Perino's "Press Gaggle"

Alabama Is Hopeless- Look At How Clinton (And) Obama Get Crushed There

possible rebate checks

Cook County Democratic Party Endorses Obama

Russ Feingold: Edwards is Running on my Record

Open Records Question For All

Yahoo Headline

I find it stunning that Obama and Clinton are pounding each other so much....

Krugman speaks the truth on why Reagan won. It wasn't "optimism", "clarity", or Dem "excesses"

Taibbi/Rolling Stone: "America tried to give us a real race, and we turned it into a bag of shit."

Quick ?

This just solidified my support for Obama:

i don't know if it's du, or the people posting but

Ack! Chimpy ranting on tv live now.

While you're bashing each others heads in, Huckabee is wrapping the cross in the confederate flag!


Local news covers Obama HQ opening, but only provides HRC contact info

Obama Volunteers Transform San Fran Bong Shop To New HQ

Can someone explain to me...

Las Vegas Sun: Kerry Comes Out Swinging for Obama in Vegas

Nevada Union Launches Obama Ground War

Statement from Senator Clinton on President Bush’s Economic Stimulus Plan

"Obama embodies party’s vision"

historical observation about Reagan and Clinton (not a candidate post)

Who makes for a better inundation, Ronald W. Reagan or Lee L. Mercer?

Obama Rally Point. against weasel words. Please kick and recommend)

kos diary: Hillary praised Barry Goldwater last year (UPDATE)

They Own You!


Overshadowed by Leahy: VT's lone (and progressive Rep) endorses Obama as well

Clinton caps day in Southland at UCSB

Obama wins the Kos poll for the 1st time, Edwards still strong, Clinton bounce

Barack Obama, in S.F., takes on the Clintons

Might the Bush bunch actually do something right?

democratic underground

Collect the Whole Set!

in times of great blessings like the ones we’re living through—you go back and read the Bible

John Edwards/R. Greenwald Coming Up Soon On Ed Schultz To Discuss Homeless Vets!

Politics of fear, or telling people the truth?

Just WHO are the Pubs who back BushCo?? They clearly show they cannot be TRUSTED

Obama Labor Ally Spending Nearly $14,000 On New TV (Attack?) Ad In Nevada

Clinton Channeling Bush?

Obama targets Nevada Republicans, independents

Dilemma: Should I vote in the CA primary?

Barack Obama on the New Deal, continued.

Here's the one thing I'm missing, perhaps, about the Reagan/Obama thing--

Open Letter to Leno, Maher & G.E.

From Obama campaign "Senator Clinton attacks"

Obama Campaign: "It’s hard to take Hillary Clinton’s latest attack seriously..."

Candidate rankings: No longer a race for states -- now a fight for delegates

If Hillary uses her "personal anguish" about her marraige to gain votes

This is NOT a situation where all sides are guilty. One campaign is clearly down in the mud. Obama talking about juniors 7-ish years or the 8 years under Clinton

Barney Frank is just doing his job

I just need enlightenment

Edwards on Situation Room now. Talking economy nt

In Vegas, Obama debuts "biting political standup routine": "You know what I'm saying is true."


Anyone living in Nevada here? Who do you think will win? n/t

SNARKY headline: "Obama debuts New Act in Vegas"

Here's a poll about Chimpy's recent trip to the Middle East...

Martin Luther King Jr. — Visionary and Trade Unionist

MSNBC shit heads drinking the Clinton koolaid AGAIN

If a Democrat voted for Reagan, should they be allowed to vote Democratic?

John Edwards will be on Ed Schultz shortly. nt

I saw part of Chris Matthews last night.

Company Connected to GOP and Romney Delivers Diebold Machines to Maryland Polls

Barack Obama on the New Deal, conclusion.

Counterpunch engages in revisionism of Ralph Nader history in its typical fandango of lies.

It's Over For Hillary In Nevada (Sic) John Zomby Predicts She Will Win

Nevada top political pundit in WAPO interview about tomorrow's caucus

New Rudy ("9/11 9/11 9/11") Giuliani ad shows Trade Center ruins

I am pretty much ignoring most of the postings slamming Democratic candidates nt

McCain: Federal spending out of control

Donated to Kucinich and Feingold today, they stood up when it

U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Does the fact that Reagan is one of Hillary's favorite presidents make you like her more or less?

Edwards has profited from the war in Iraq.

I hate the fact that political campaigns have discovered the Internet

It would appear that some people on hear are hypocrites blasting Obama for his statement on Reagan

Bill Clinton would never praise Reagan or the Republicans

Which pair of running-mates would you prefer to see win The General Election?

Kerry campaigning for Obama in Las Vegas (pics included)

The wrong answers to give to the question... "What is your biggest weakness?"

Andrew Young: Obama not black enough. Bill Clinton is as Black as Obama

Am I the only one annoyed by David Shuster's enunciation?

Bill Clinton: Unprecedented bad behavior for a former president!

Sanchez Sisters Choose, Loretta goes for Clinton, Linda for Obama

We voted today - one Obama, one Edwards

"Rapid 'income tax' relief? " What about those who don't make enough, but pay payroll taxes?

Hillary says it was good we got rid of Saddam, right?

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Video: Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

Las Vegas Sun endorses Hillary

Have You Guys Seen This - Mitt Romney Visits Gilligan's Island?

Edwards Supporters - help spread the word about today's fundraising effort!

Clinton camp confused over at-large caucus sites

I'm an Obama supporter defending the Big Dawg

anybody besides me outraged at lawrence o'donnell's comments on KO last night?

Why did Obama call Hillary's MLK comments "unfortunate" and "ill-advised"?

The Box Under Bill & Hillary's Bed... Funny!

Dear Politicians, please keep endorsing candidates if you want them to lose in the primaries.

I Can Understand Not Supporting Obama If His Oppenents Were Gore or Feingold

How is Obama's tax relief package any different fron Bush's?

My Own Fake Outrage, and shout out to the Best Supporters of the Best Candidate: Barack Obama

Here's the bulletin I posted to myspace for Edwards donation drive today...feel free to copy

Forget policy. St. Ronnie the Asshat abused the power of the office of the president.

Why are liberals so full of hate?

Which positions of the DLC do you disagree with?

Must-see TV

Whoever wins Saturday’s Nev. caucus, Sen. Harry Reid could take the jackpot

nh primary errors found

Where's Rove these days? Working for Huckabee?

Another Clinton hack apologizes to Obama? For comments? I have had enough Clintons/Bushes Circus!

I would have responded

Here's an Obama and Clinton LEADERSHIP test.

Hillary Wins On Economic Issues Because... Why?

Now I Understand how the Iraqis feel.

Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

If Hillary had mentioned Reagan like Obama did she would

Bill Clinton Stumping and Simmering: Some want to rein in, others say draws attention as no one can

From "The Politics of Hope" to the "Politics of Convenience"

Clinton campaign expands Illinois effort

Good grief verification of legal immigrant status in NV at-large caucus sites ...

Reagan, Obama, and Agents of Change

Bush's Economic Stimulus Package: The Death of Supply Side

Obama people--I have a nagging feeling that the better person is going to lose...

"He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it..."

Since Clark Isn't Running, It's Kucinich or Edwards For Me

John Edwards On C-Span ! NOW!! n/t

A Newly Confident Clinton Focuses More on Economy Than on Obama

"I Got a Crush...On Hillary" (take that obama girl!)


Obama's HAS to win Nevada

What time do the caucuses start? Put the numbers in Pacific Time

'Harvard Crimson' Endorses Obama

Ad War

If HUCKABEE were elected would he get the un-FAIR TAX passed?

Obama kool-aid drinkers: why were 527 union ads against Obama bad in Iowa but 527 ads are OK in NV?

I will say one good thing about Reagan

Clinton, Edwards campaigns blast radio ads backing Obama

Lowery was hardly race-bating,,,those who accuse him are just stupid stupd stupid

"Change" is generic corporate marketing B.S.

Obama does have three things in common with Reagan

A word to the Unwise on Obama-- Stop pretending to know What Obama is about when haven't got a Clue

Would you support Dennis Kucinich if he looked and talked like Robert Redford?

Everyone who can PLEASE DONATE TO EDWARDS and heres a good reason why!

Obama: Fuck Reagan, lets talk Bush

On Andy Young, Bararck Obama and more on why Lowery said what he did


Thinking the Unthinkable

Florida, Michigan, Nevada....any comparisons? Or not?

What Is Your Favorite Example of Faux Outrage on DU?

Obama is funny! Candidates Weakness Answers from the NV debate

The Big Economic Lie

Will the legal mess in Mississippi reach all the way to DC?

David Bonoir-Edwards Spokesman- "Ronald Reagan Was No Friend To The Working Man"

Over 1,500 Rally for Barack and Michelle Obama in Reno today

Clintons play 'good cop/bad cop' on campaign trail

Question About Delegates

Clinton seems poised for convincing Nevada win-how does this affect the race?

Marc Ambinder: Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Endorses Obama

Open Letter To Senator Edwards On Unconstitutional Nature of SC Voting System

Culinary Workers Union Clinton Supporters - Go caucus yourself

Funny Obama clip coming up on CNN

Paypal is your friend, donate to John Edwards there if you

Bill Clinton, Stumping and Simmering - advisers say the campaign is trying to rein him in

"'s a lot easier to change the Constitution..than to change the word of the living God"

Holy Christ!

I've had enough: DUer's suggesting Clinton talked about Monica to create emotion?

Keep John's "What about John Edwards?" video showing as "now playing" on youtube! Here's how!

As his MSNBC bosses pressured for apology, Chris Matthews "dug in his heels"

Obama Volunteers Transform San Fran Bong Shop To New HQ

Barack Obama

Without Hillary Clinton, Bill never would have won the nomination, that is a FACT

You know it is no fun having to deal with Hooligans and taggers here on DU

Why praising Reagan touches a nerve in all of us (over 18, who lived here)

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Do I smell hypocrisy on the part of Barack Obama?

Help me out here...Please....Where is the outrage?

Now we know where Huckabee keeps the flagpole.

Photos: Barack Obama today at the University of Nevada-Reno in Reno

Is Kucinich campaigning in Nevada?

Department of NATIONAL Security (not HOMELAND)

Morning HUBdate: Command of the Issues

A gentle reminder: TODAY IS THE DAY

FOX ATTACKS! "Non-Existent" Veterans (Keith Olbermann Would want to see this one!)

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Endorses Barack Obama

Did Hillary look "presidential" talking about infidelity with Tyra?

I don't care if they had Rayguns love child!

Which President does This Quote Describe?

If I put on Ignore, everyone who posts an OP that Hillary, Obama, or Edwards

Does the revelation that Obama wants to be just like Reagan change your opinion of him either way?

Obama and health care in Illinois

Sibel Edmonds Case: Nukes for sale (Pt 2)

FORTUNE: Clinton floated what is perhaps the dumbest solution to the current mortgage mess

Did Barack Obama say THIS?

The real problem with Obama's Reagan remark...

Oh Dear God: I Just Realized I Love Rush Limbaugh.

Barack Obama mean-spiritedness shows as he jokes about Edwards' and Clinton's'

Who is more likely to win red states...Obama or Hillary?

Olbermann Admits Mistake - Will Appoligize tonight

Hillary Clinton hearts George H. W. Bush?

Is this Obama's main electability pitch in a nutshell, and is it true?

Vote or Die! Youth Politics

Bill Clinton makes supporters jump to their feet in Nevada

I get Obama's comments on Reagan. He needs GOP voters in Dem primaries.

Delegate Norton: Clinton Must `Watch Out' on Race Comments, Blacks "super-sensitive"

House Intelligence Chairman Silvestre Reyes Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

DU is so funny sometimes. NV caucus will have about 30-50K attendees tomorrow, noone knows who

"Obama's a 'rock star' because his message resonates with people!"

The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day, or…. a poll in a NV beer pub!

Nevada! Nevada! NEVADA!!

Will tomororrow be Surprise Saturday?

Nevada State Democratic Party Caucus Day rules - first ever!

You're a good liberal when...

The f'ed up thing is Hillary leads in Nevada polls but her win would an upset?

Can someone explain Super-Delegates to me please? nt

Hillary calls on Obama to denounce "shameless and offensive" radio ad

Holy crap, is McCain's blog ever sleepy. They haven't posted in 6 days!

I thought SC primaries were tomorrow but the Dem Primary is 01/26.

Post recent NV and SC polls... Here is one:

It's Almost TIME! Let's See How KeithOlbermann Explains His Way Out of Last Nights Debacle

So what did we learn today about fake outrage?

Does the revelation that Reagan was one of Hillary's favorite Presidents change your opinion of her?

What Bush Should Do For Economic Stimulus In This Country......

Will Obama's lavish praise for Reagan help him in the General Election w/Repukes if he gets the nod?

Which is worse: saying Reagan changed the trajectory of politics or listing him as a favorite POTUS?

Who will win the nomination?

TODAY is donation Friday - Help Edwards fight the media blockout of his message with campaign cash!

OK, let's see who the real Dems are: Say something nice about the other candidates.

I almost feel sorry for those who almost feel sorry for some candidate's supporters

AP/IPSOS National Poll: Clinton 40% (-5), Obama 33% (+10), Edwards 13% (+1)

Hillary Clinton's website lists Reagan and Bush 41 among her favorite Presidents

Comparing Obama to Hitler, or any dem, is NOT ACCEPTABLE...

NOW on pbs, now--Can the Moderate Dems pull back a Challenge from Progressives? just

Hitler was a great agent of change in the 1930s

Howard Dean on Tavis Smiley Show

10 Reasons why Reagan should be on EVERYONE's list of favorite presidents.

Is Hillary 'the Nader of 2008'?

Hillary worked for Goldwater....Obama never worked for Reagan

Has GD-P lost its mind over Reagan?

RADIO AD IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Magic Johnson implies that Barack Obama is "hyped" and a "rookie"

"the often overlooked candidate (Edwards)" per Andra Mittchell just now! No mention

Nauseating - other candidates using the 'CHANGE ' theme

Iron your shirt?

Ways to avoid controversy over a general Reagan comment

By Staying In The Campaign, Edwards Helps Obama

BEFORE ELECTIONS .COM wants you to voice your opinion for the world to see!!!

oooh, the gloves are coming off

For cryin' out loud--isn't ANYONE sick of the "guilt by association" game yet?

Where is John Edwards?

When is the proof that Reagan is Hillary's favorite president going to disappear down a hole

Can Hillary ever recover here....?

If any of the Democratic candidates start to bash FDR and praise Herbert Hoover

I just talked to someone in Nevada.

Obama camp's response to Clinton camp. Be sure to read WHAT OBAMA ACTUALLY SAID!

Obama fields questions with SF Chronicle's editorial board (VIDEO)

Heads up-Obama rally live on C-Span now!

Did the 'cigar thingy' really happen?

Will the fact that George HW Bush and Reagan are Hillarys favorite presidents help her in red states

LOL: Posted: 1/18/2008 8:55:40 PM Genius! Which one of you runs this site.

All of you Obama and Clinton's folks - GO TO BED!

Nevada (D&R) and South Carolina (R) prediction thread!

How the Nevada Caucuses work

Official DU Alex P. Keaton Fan Club

Front Page Daily Kos - Kos points out how Bill Clinton and JE are distorting Obama's statement.

I think that the Edwards supporters have some kind of big-up machine going on another web site.

Nader on Reagan, or GD-P chemistry: what happens when you combine acids and bases?

Oddsmakers favor Clinton to win Nevada.

Has Obama Lost His Mind Over Reagan?

Mother Jones: 5 Questions On Israel For The Next Debate

Obama has every NV advantage after disenfranchising teachers. What will he blame his FAILURE on?

Obama: Helping old ladies across the street

Honestly is anyone going to open up Yucca Mountian? A: No so all stfu.

The reason I'm nervous about Nevada as a Hillary "bot"

Politicians have every right to share their thoughts on religion ....

****Democratic Presidential Poll (four remaining)****

Is Holding a Caucus in a Work Environment Really Best Practice?

Reminder for Edwards Supporters: DO NOT DONATE THROUGH ACT BLUE

"When I read the Bible, I do so with the belief that it is not a static text but the Living Word....

Paulson presser on now.


Fired Up! Ready to Go! Obama on C-Span

LV Sun: The inevitable Penn poll memo: If we lose, Culinary cheated us

Defining the present wave of change as set by Reagan, means the Republicans can't run on change

HEADS UP: Hillary on C-SPAN now.

"Many Democrats voted for Reagan TWICE!"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution endorses Barack Obama

Ideological Placement of the Candidates

Even Magic Johnson cant win

Anyone watching Larry King discussing UFO's?

Is Obama a Republican or Democrat

Perhaps we need a little "reality check" here....

Why many Voters DON'T have a problem VOTING for a BLACK President

The Internet Is For Scorn

Over the last week, has your opinion of Obama changed?

I Expect Al Gore to Endorse Barack Obama Just Prior to the California Primary.

TPM: New Rudy Ad in FL: He Was Stronger Than The Rest of the World on 9/11

After reading the Reagan comment I realize there is one best choice for our Nominee - John Edwards

Hello from Reno Nv!!!

Edwards Repeatedly Used Reagan As An Example Of Change

Edwards spoke at the SEIU in L.A. today

MSNBC _ YAY Andrea Mitchell bringing up John Edwards -

$$$$$ - 1/18/08 - DONATE TO JOHN EDWARDS TODAY - $$$$$

The Reagan Presidency Versus The Clinton Presidency

Ronald Reagan And Barack Obama Without Tears

"Invoking Reagan as if he were God Almighty, using his name as code as Republicans do"

What do you think Hillary admires most about Reagan?

"she asked that her name not be used for fear of reprisal"

Damage Control: Clarification of the Clinton campaign release citing admiration for Reagan

Fact Check: Hillary Clinton Attacks Obama on Yucca, but...

Here's the deal with the McClurkin issue

Top recipients

Hillary Clinton reveals personal anguish over Lewinsky saga

NEVADA TURNS UGLY: Clinton Campaign Alleges Voter Intimidation by “Obama Organizers”

MSNBC: On caucus eve, Clinton maintains 5 point lead in poll (can Obama pull the upset?)

Correction on the Hillary loves Reagan and Bush story here?


Did playing the race card work? CNN poll shows Obama making gains among black voters.

OK, Hillary's campaign is starting to make me sick. (fake-ass Reagan damage control)

While Wal Mart was squeezing out the "Mom and Pop" shops...

My humble opinion on the Reagan thing

More truth about Edwards' record (re: trade)

I don't like or trust any of the major candidates

Oh look: Unfortunately, the audio was damaged...

Hillary might have Reagan on some insignificant list, but she doesn't kiss Reagan's ass to get votes


Sadly, I've resigned myself to a Clinton win in Nevada.

Why is it that when 90+% of black voters supported Clinton, Gore, and Kerry, it meant that they

I almost feel sorry for the Hillary defenders.

This country needs Obama... and toned down rhetoric. :)

Huckabee gave speech to white supremacists

Good for Clinton for being a "Goldwater Girl"

The Highest Common Denominator

I smell Tony Blair vibe wafting off Obama. I do.

Dennis Kucinich does not admire Reagan. He will not put republicans in his Cabinet.

Why Did Hillary Clinton Throw Transgender People Under the Bus?

"Obama is likely to be remembered as the first authentic 21st century presidential candidate."

UPDATE: Today's John Edwards DU donations at $20,233.57!!

Bill Clinton trashes Obama, but here's a perfect example of Bill's bad ideas

"blacks who doubt Obama's ability to compete are guilty of "a slave mentality." "

Obama receives BIG money from Yucca Nuclear Power Lobby for Presidential Bid..

Worthless predictions post for NV caucuses

Here is the thing that is most grating to this Obama supporter about the Reagan issue

Barney Frank "stupefied" by Obama's inane comments on Reagan

Poll: Obama makes big gains among black voters

35 Years of Experience? Doing What Hillary?

New Ghouliani ad - with actual WTC collapse footage!

1000 people come to see Hillary in Elko, NV and leave early. 1,700 see Obama in Elko.

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Please Check This Out!

Edwards Lashes out at Obama...Defends Hillary!

After the NV Caucus Defeat what excuse do you think Clinton

Bad Oppo Alert! Hillary Did Not List Ronald Reagan As Favorite President

Yes She Can! My endorsement of HRC

Do you really think Iranian terrorists would have taken Americans hostage...

John Edwards UP 5% in National Poll

What the hell is going on here already?

Salmon Press Newspapers,"She [Hill]did not say Reagan was her favorite President."

Estimate of today's John Edwards DU donations: $19,783.01!

Interesting take on Reagan comment: Obama came not to praise Ronald Reagan but to bury the Clintons

According to VoteSmart.Org, Ronald Reagan is Lee L. Mercer Jr.'s guardian

Serious question: What does your candidate intend to do about the homeless?

The "excesses of the '60s and '70s."

How Did We Get Here?

Ok I've had it with you Guys slamming Clintons Presidency

Has Obama Ever Told A Flat-Out Lie?

Barack Obama and technology

"Don't call me a homophobe, when I love everybody...

Shitload of Supporters at Rally For Edwards in LA... and Nbody Hears About It! MSM Exclusion!

Hillary identifies Reagan as one of her favorite presidents.

The official "I miss Bill Clinton" thread

Handy Guide to Obama being consistently against the Iraq War invasion

John Edwards speech in Oklahoma City

Edwards: I’m the champion of working people and the middle class

Taylor Marsh's despicable dishonesty in smearing Obama

Lying Clinton hack, Taylor Marsh, exposed by Las Vegas Sun

AP: Obama's paise of Reagan could effect union vote

To Those Who Would Refuse To Vote for Hillary in the GE

Let's move on from the Clinton presidency and not look back

Senate leader's ticklish test in Nevada (Sen. Harry Reid)

11 Die in Attack on a Shiite Mosque in Iraq

US blitz on Al-Qaeda targets outside Baghdad

Thousands flee volcanic eruption in Colombia

Dead soldier's doctor is fired, Psychiatrist treated veteran at Fort Knox

ACLU files suit to block switch to paper ballots in Cuyahoga County

Chess champion Bobby Fisher died

White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone(Waxman releases info after Fratto's statement)

La.'s Jefferson testifies in bribe case

Iran slams US sanctions drive, China backs dialogue

Massey Energy fine sets record ($20M)

(Citizenship) Application Logjam May Take Years To Unblock

After years of secrecy, al-Qaida member to appear in NYC courtroom for sentencing

Ohio to seek cabinet-level department for veterans

CIA links al Qaeda, allies to Bhutto attack: paper

U.S.: Iraq Forces Far From Self-Sufficient (unable to defend its borders until at least 2018)

Power cuts plague Iraq, hurt oil production

States try to pull plug on 'robo-calls'

Iraq forces could control all provinces this year-US

Democrats toughen up: Leading candidates crib from the Republican playbook

Russia Delivers Third Fuel Shipment To Iran's Nuclear Plant

Police battle for hours with gunmen at Tijuana house

Putin warns Kosovo against independence declaration, West against recognition

Iraq's al-Sadr warns that he may not extend cease-fire

Jobs lost at Sallie Mae, J.C. Penney

Military: 75% of Baghdad areas now secure

Paper Jam May Curb Latino Vote

Controversial chess champion Bobby Fischer dies in city of his greatest triumph

Bond-insurer woes may trigger more write-downs

Iraqi Refugees Suffer Long-Term Effects of Torture

Blair unfit to run EU, say French political veterans

Two Belgian tourists shot dead in Yemen

A Deadly Turf War Over Cuban Illegals

Maryland to abandon touch-screen voting

Chess legend Bobby Fischer dies at 64

Police clash with cult gunmen in southern Iraq (Soldiers of Heaven)

Online Retailer Settles Charges That It Left Consumer Data Open To Hackers

Sub-prime heat hits India; IndyMac cuts jobs

Ambac Financial Group Downgraded; Analysts Say Cities, Banks Could Be At Financial Risk

Texas Supreme Court Justice (R) Is Embroiled in an Arson Case

US fears links between Latin America, militants

About 60 rebel targets destroyed in Turkish air strike in Iraq

Saddam Prosecutor Says Demoted for Whistle-Blowing (on Financial & Ethical Corruption)

Beaufort Sea Ice Pack Fracture (Arctic Sea Ice Breaking Up In January)

Man With Gun Arrested At U.S. Capitol

Americans: Recession near - or already here

George Clooney named U.N. messenger of peace

Clashes kill nearly 50 in southern Iraq

Judge removes himself from Massey case

Bush calls for $145 billion dollars in tax relief

World Bank Washington Buildings Closed Today After Bomb Threat

Edwards message: Louder this time (vows not to be overshadowed in Nevada)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 18

Obama and Clinton Trade Attacks on Eve of Caucuses


Edwards criticizes Clinton and Obama

Company Connected to GOP and Romney Delivers Diebold Machines to Maryland Polls

No hats, no hoods, no sunglasses or no service at banks

Ambac Downgraded, Cities Seen at Risk

Leader of anti-gang group was selling guns

Chinese Firm To Explore Oil In Costa Rica

Bloodletting Continues As Sprint Cuts 4,000 Jobs

Nicholas Burns, US undersecretary on Iran resigned suddenly today

Golfweek Editor Fired for Noose Cover

FEMA Flip-Flops Again on Trailers

Fortune Poll Shows 48 Percent of Americans Spending Less Than 12 Months Ago

Stocks fall after Bush announces plan

Stocks fall after Bush announces plan

Former Bush official: Waterboarding is torture

10 years on, Hillary Clinton reveals anguish over Lewinsky saga

Clinton disses Bush stimulus plan

Paul campaign: NV GOP caucus in chaos

China has penetrated key U.S. databases: SANS director

Bloomberg meets with ballot expert

Bush considering $800 tax rebate to boost US economy: report

Obama criticized for Reagan reference

Data Lost on 650,000 Credit Card Holders

Supreme Court denies Kucinich ballot bid (Texas)

Progressive Leader Feingold Split Over Clinton, Obama

Mortgage Company Exec Jumps to Death

Confederate Flag Takes Center Stage Once Again

CIA Admits Cyberattacks Blacked Out Cities

Report: Troops to war despite broken leg, torn rotator cuffs

MP charged with soliciting teen boy online

Lawmakers: Vets charity must be accountable

Study: Some troops unaware of concussions

Neb. unit heading for second tour in Iraq

VA gets $3.7 billion to hire more caseworkers

Army updates rules for civilian raters

Wife knew of Lauterbach’s death

Gates: Iraq troop withdrawals remain on track

77 Ariz. guardsmen return from Afghanistan

21-year-old form key to GI Bill bennies for E-7

Fundraiser to honor slain NYPD reservist

Tinker, Sill units band together for training

Official: Navy role unclear if mine hits U.S.

Texas Sea Dragon crash kills 3 crew; 1 hurt

CG team submits first Calif. oil spill report

Corps creates intel cells at rifle-company level

First 4 ‘green’ Raptor pilots named

Nimitz, strike group to deploy to Japan

Scientists, cadets try to harness wave power

U.S. to buy 4 more F-22s

14 recruiters honored in Operation Blue Suit

80,000 pounds of food, water airdropped

New USAFE commander ceremoniously takes over

Gates clarifies comment

Fort Campbell, Ky.-based brigade loses 3 more soldiers in fighting in Iraq

1st AD soldier convicted of larceny, fraud

Inouye first senator on soldier registry

Filling IA billets a top priority for the Navy

Red Cloud soldier sentenced in stolen bank card case

Gen.: Iraq 10 years from defending its border

Bell plans to ease curfew restrictions for some soldiers

Officials: Arrests of 8 soldiers never actually happened

Mom testifies to mental state of son in rape case

Deliberations begin in case of sailor accused of killing his daughter

Military Update: Congress debates early retirement for reservists

F-15 inspection delays alter combat exercise plans

Airmen, Marines shipping out to Thailand

Value of 31st MEU's training is noted

Marines to order 870 IRR members to duty downrange in the fall

DN: Reports on Mitt's ability to revalitize American business. Sure?

Who Will Take the Fall for the CIA Torture Tape Scandal?

Chris Matthews Apologizes, Then 'Does It' Again

Dell laptops might give you some electric shocks

Project Hope, Project Nope

NATO hears 'noise before defeat'

Clinton camp confused over at-large caucus sites (STILL)

Ari Emanuel: The Curious Math of Hillary's "35 Years of Experience"

The significance of France's military base in the Gulf

Feingold: Edwards is running on my record

Near Collision Rattles Newark Liberty

Krugman: Don’t Cry for Me, America

"One Big Union"...Matthew Grimm and Red Smear doing ads for Blue America candidates

Jeb's parting gift to Florida: slash taxes on the rich, privatize key government functions

XH-150 Extreme Hybrid - Track Tests & Interviews

Is Jeff Gannon Johnny Gosch?

Pentagon strafes America's allies

Frontier Insurgency Spills Into Peshawar

Olbermann: Mitt Romney, Caught in Falsehood, Loses Temper

Greenpeace and Australia not Stopping Japanese Whalers

Huck, Fred & Metamucil RED STATE UPDATE

Book Review: Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

The Low Spark of Well-Heeled Trolls

Giuliani Returns to 9/11 Imagery in New Ad

New SPLC Report: Nation's Most Prominent Anti-Immigration Group has History of Hate, Extremism

Black Hats on Campus ..... Student Hate Group Roils Michigan State

Homeless Vets to March … on Bill O’Reilly’s Home!

Caucus a target for Vegas cliches

Reviving an ancient practice, churches are exposing sinners and shunning those who won't repent.

Prominent TV Conservative Says FDR Was An Evil SOB And More

War On Change!

The doctor will see your credit now

6:43 of Jonah Goldberg embarassing himself on The Daily Show

2007 - As described by members

Rudy, Mitt, Mike: Leaders of the free world? (latest from Moveon)

Tom Cruise On Scientology


TPMtv: Friday Video Clip Extravaganza: Episode #1

Sacrifice? I don't THINK so!!!!!!

John Edwards lays out Climate Initiative March 19, 2007

Barack Obama Challenges Washington Experience

Best of Mike Gravel

Obama does Comedy

Woodstock '69 - Joni Mitchell / Crosby Stills Nash Young

Keith Olbermann on Homeless Vets w/Paul Reickoff

Helplessly Hoping (Crosby Stils Nash and Young)


Hillary Clinton's Sleaze Parade

Olbermann: WH Missing E-Mails (w/ John Dean)

Open letter: Nancy Pelosi, You Must Impeach!

Olbermann: Giuliani Uses 9/11 in Florida Ads

Olbermann: Worst Persons 1/11 - BillO' at his Stupidest?

Fox Attacks Homeless Veterans & Veterans Speak Out!

Stagflation Returning to the US Economy after 30 years

Olbermann: Change for the Better (Bush Petrocoins - Hilarious & Disturbing)

Update: Dell assures users that laptops' electric jolts are harmless

George Galloway vs. NeoCon David Frum on BBC Newsnight.

John Edwards: I Will Never Use Ronald Reagan As An Example of Change

Bravenewfilms: Robert Greenwald Speaks w/ Maria Bartiromo on 'The War on Greed'

The George Bush Action Playset - A Toy for a Republican's kid

Lawsuit alleges that Duke Energy paid for rate increase support (crosspost)

Scientists, cadets try to harness wave power (xpost from Veterans)

Huge Hydro Plant Planned for Amazon

Expansion of PPL Hydroelectric Plant Takes Major Step Forward (PA)

How do "conservatives" in Montana deal with climate change?

Goldman Sachs - "Not At All Convinced" Carbon Cap & Trade Will Cut Net Emissions - Reuters

Yangtze River Hits Lowest Water Level Since Record-Keeping Began In 1866 - Reuters

Amazon Forest Destruction Surges In Late 2007 - 2,300 Sq. Miles Gone In Four Months - Independent

Retailers go green to cut costs

Cree MOSFETs claim solar power record (98.5% efficient inverters)

Plug in hybrids at the Detroit auto show include Prius and Ford Escape

Pipeline Cements Russia’s Hold on Europe’s Gas Supply

Wind, solar power components may fuel Michigan's economy

New Housing Development Features Shared Renewable Energy

'World's greenest city' plans revealed

Climate Change Event - North Pole - January 17, 2008

Sea Shepherd: Lack of Cooperation May Kill the Whales

Masses Of Mauve Stinger Jellyfish Spotted In Irish Sea - Beach Towns, Fish Farms Brace For Fallout

The variance of a sum of random variables

Glenn Beck: Warning signs missed on economy

Topic subject Without Hillary Clinton, Bill never would have won the nomination, that is a FACT

Criticizing maintenance got airman ousted: IG

I've had enough: DUer's suggesting Clinton talked about Monica to create emotion?

Agence France Presse: 10 years on, Hillary Clinton reveals anguish over Lewinsky saga

UK press: Bill Clinton makes supporters jump to their feet in Nevada

House Intelligence Chairman Silvestre Reyes Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Salmon Press Newspapers,"She [Hill]did not say Reagan was her favorite President."

Today in labor history January 18-“Take This Job and Shove It,”

‘Give Deirdre Her Job Back’

How many Wal-Mart haters on DU are aware of the Global Gag Order

Correction on the Hillary loves Reagan and Bush story here?



Qassam salvo hits western Negev

Hamas policy: Escalation to force Israel into truce

Neturei Karta: IDF Conducting Ethnic Cleansing In Gaza

Lantos supports Saudi arms sale

One killed, 30 hurt as IAF destroys Gaza's former Interior Ministry building

Abbas says Hamas trying to 'destroy dream of statehood'

Panic - and more rockets - strike Sderot

Livni: PR must focus on talks

Haaretz's Gideon Levy wins prize for cultural dialogue

Barrages prove Hamas able to stockpile missiles

Israel closes Gaza border crossings

Commerical Real Estate Default Troubles

Sub-prime heat hits India; IndyMac cuts jobs

Is there any dearly held "Conservative" repuke economic policy that is not a disaster?

Bubble Mkt Inv. Tracking blog: Less House, Less Bimmers?

WTF! Bush's solution to the recession is a $145 Bil tax cut!

Choosing a bank.

Where will our economy be in one year?

Enron-driven reforms are unraveling

National Review: ''Gay Soldier Uses Media to Mock the Military''

But I could be wrong....

Check out this Biden site -

Tucker Carlson had a short segment today on the candidates that have dropped out and what they have

Coffee anyone?

You guys - you have GOT to check out the DUzy award to Bleeding Heart Patriot -

These days i am terse and short tempered.

Sigh--another vivid life-change dream last night

I have just been reminded

Dana Stubblefield charged in BALCO case

Randy Moss's lawyer releases his take on the allegations

Andy, Andy, Andy (Aussie Open spoiler)

Turns out Hitler was a Cowboy fan

Rams owner Georgia Frontiere dies in LA

Herschel Walker reveals multiple personalities

Which is worse? Punching out your wife or not turning off your cell phone in a press conference.

Bobby Fischer is dead

Ex Steeler Ernie Holmes dies at 59

Edwards cares!

Businesses fight plans to ensure health care

Cloning Said to Yield Human Embryos

U.S. medical tourists to Mexico with prostate cancer increasing

Asking the candidates a question about the Global Gag Order

We are hurting here

Hopkins Stops Using Latex Gloves

The Final Exit Polls: Adjusted to Match the Recorded Vote ( TIA )

Video of Possible Voter Fraud in New Hampshire: Ron Paul’s Numbers Off? Diebold Hacking!

Former GOP-Repub Party Chairman-Contracted to Deliver*DIEBOLD*E-Voting Machines in Maryland (WIRED)

Debunking Clean Election "CT" Spin one Troll at a Time...

ACLU Challenges Ohio’s Unequal Voting Technology in Federal Court

About this recount

weare is not in the recount these numbers are not correct. mods please delete.

San Diego County Registrar Seiler v CA SOS Bowen tentative decision

Manchester Ward 5

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 1/18/2008

World's earliest observatory discovered in China, 4100 years old.

Long Bets

Friday Night Eye Candy-Mercury and more (Dialup warning)

Britain's own underwater "Atlantis" could be revealed for first time.

I made a pumpkin torte!!!

Mmmmmm.... I smell fresh bread baking....

skinless vegan haggis

I kind of like this...

what can be done to walnuts to stop mouth pain?

NH Recount - Hillsborough County (except Weare) summary within

looks like this could hurt the photographers trade

I wish the weather was better. . . I just got a new 10-20 lens

Holy Place

With this week's brutal edition of the DUzy Awards done... some new pix

Aside from chain of custody problems, Kathy Dopp notes that ...

A tomato substitute on a sandwich ....... and so much more

New Hampshire ballot boxes had holes cut in them

Have you seen any reports on the recount in the MSM?

New Holt Bill Introduced -- Advocates Paper Ballots and Audits (including 100% hand-counted)

DC Thwarted? Or did John Adams REALLY lose the right to arms?

September 11th Advocates Statement In Support Of Sibel Edmonds

Criticism of 9/11 theorists vs. government officials' accounts

Primary Election Integrity Estimate: Florida

Rare footage of Flight 93's crash site.

After reading the paragraph below...

NOSED OUT - proof of TV fakery (from Sept Clues)

OT: I didn't know Marvin was CANADIAN!

Another good show love thread

House Special Election Contender Ponders Kerry Challenge

Kerry in Nevada -- nice article!

Ouch! Neva Caucus intimdation story blogger slammed on DKos

For the record

Have a laugh at the Republicans

Job posting, IT Project Manager, Eagan, $90K. Start immediately.

Lost one MN DFL Voter; re-recruited another.

Local television news love-fest....

Sent to me by one of the 'young 'uns' at work

Ad Aware question

I can't view wmv files.

Obama on Ethics

Great stuff in this Obama interview with the San Fran Chronicle!

LV Sun confronts Taylor Marsh

When is the next time Obama is coming to San Francisco?

John Kerry sent this email to the Nevada veterans on his list today

John Kerry sent this email from Barack Obama to his Nevada list today

John Kerry sent this email to his Nevada list yesterday

Question about the rest of the primaries

Latest Clinton Smears on Obama

"Hey There Obama" by Chaz

Kos on the twisting of Obama's words about Reagan:

Optimism Thread

Okay, so my question is: "How can I help make Obama the next POTUS?"

Hilarious Limerick about Obama and Clinton:

A compelling diary of why to support Obama for President

Obama on the New Deal

Hey, check it out! KO on O'Donnell:

Check This Out!

Have you seen the MSNBC Monster Tuesday ad for Super Tuesday?

KOEB 1-18-2008 - You say Nevada, I say Nevada edition

Oh Rev. Have you seen

Drive by blog for Rev Cheese

Keith gets more feature play in a comic strip

Let’s Rethink The Model of Standardized Testing

Did anyone here see "Atonement"? POTENTIAL SPOILERS

What makes the Packers special

Anybody (Besides Me) Going To THE Game On Sunday?

Advice needed: giving a kitten medicine

Need some guesses on the breed mix of this pooch