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Archives: January 16, 2008

Anyone remember Galaxy Rangers?

Protester(s) got into the Tonight Show (NOW)

Ask not what your dom can do for you, ask what you can do for your dom.

Brad Renfro Found Dead In LAX

Is There Any DU't Still Awake?

Any fans of classical guitar playing?

Only Time Will Tell

So I'm taking this writing class, and it has occurred to me how much I suck.


The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (01/16/2008)

Gorecki Symphony No. 3 - Lento e Largo


My yearly Girl Scout Cookie Thread

This can't be real, can it?

"The Gong Show"- The Family (Carol Burnett Show)

Warning: Cute Overload

Is There Any DU't Still Awake?

Today and tomorrow I am babysitting my nephew...

Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous application

Does anybody else have the Kazakhstan national anthem stuck in their head?

Good Morning DU.....

I'm scared

Well, I made it to my 1000+ post

I've had weird spam emails but this one takes the cake

This is actually a good idea...

Man who killed hotel duck pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Yo La Tengo's First Number One Video

I appear to have laryngitis

Girl booed in Indy will be on field in Foxboro

My dog stole a bulb of garlic

"To Know Him is to Love Him" is stuck in my head today. I shouldn't

My name is LynneSin, ask me anything


Are you a dark or a light person?

Just leaked image of the Cloverfield monster!

I finally got a cell phone

While unpacking some books I found that I own some crazy stuff

Question for web designers

MS Excel Help!

Today is pick on flvegan day - we need to toughen him up

Any fans of classical guilt playing?

Will Skinner allow to change usernames?

((( Tapes a "Kick Me" Sign to the back of DUStrange )))

Best Star Trek Episode Of All Time

British Study finds hospital clowns "too scary."

Another wrinkle on the Nigerian e-mail scam.

Would the phrase "Fuck You" be considered an oxymoron?

Fake testicles give dogs their pride back (what will they think of next?)

I think Wednesdays should be "LynneSin vs flvegan in a Cage match day" in the Lounge.

Are you a Bark or a Fight person?

I swear--this teak tastes EXACTLY like the one I ate last week

I am now at home and NOT at work. This is good.

My name is NOT LynneSin, ask me anything

All natural , corn free dog food - NEVER AGAIN!

Newbie Here

I don't understand my most recent spam

24 April 1976

How many texts do your kids make a month?

Please help me procrastinate for the next hour or so: ask me anything

C-SPAN to change its name to C-BaldSpot or conveniently C-BS.

God dammit!!! Why can't I find a normal toothbrush?

Who was the first stoned DUer that you can remember?

A winter storm warning has been posted for tomorrow for the area where I live.

Swiss face sausage shortage

I DONT Live In Delaware.. Ask me anything

Auto insurance question? Can I drop full coverage B4 payoff?

Jane and Arlene

i was eating a pizza while watching the Biggest Loser last night

Ever order or produce a $$$ custom made item? Need advice

10 PUPPIES IN ALL!!! Mother doing fine.

I swear -- This Soylent People tastes like the greens I had last week

Whats For Lunch DU

You People have GOT to see this Woman's Eyes. Absolutely Beautiful. (Multi-Colored)

Gardeners, need some advice ...

Can someone explain this from Fox News?

Things That Are Not In the U.S. Constitution

"There is no doubt in my mind when history was written, the final page will say:"

Every time I've tried an "ask me anything" thread, it's failed. Tell me anything.

AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! Giant killer rat!!!!!!


My Bush Countdown clock went blank

I swear--this liver tastes EXACTLY like the one I ate last week

If Deckard is a replicant, explain Wilbur Mercer?

Veggies Fight Back!

I heard a rumor...Billyskank likes it hot and wet...

What would billyskank do for a cup of tea right now?

Please come over and rub my head

Bullwinkle925 is meeting Gormy Cuss for coffee today and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Today was the first day of classes...

Will GD:P sink to bashing a 4 year old?

Are Parche and LynneSin the same person?

"See Effete Mac People Use Macs"

Married DUers: Do you wear your ring?

Guys (& one girl) you may not wish to date.

I have got bread but I am out of tea!!!

Favorite Star Trek episode from ANY series....

There's only one person REALLY working for change on this whole damn website.

Dumb or Dumbest?

What is the all-time funniest Lounge thread?

This will change your mind about Tom Cruise and Scientology

Must-read thread in E/E


Cat Proximity

What is the all-time funniest General Discussion thread?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What to do, what to do! Sluts want to be my MySpace friend.

Companion thread to Bertha's: What things do you still OWN that an under-25 person

Match Game Story: "Ed was so effluvial, even his HazMat team ____ their noses."

The Greatest Moment in Televised History


Thank you Du'ers


geek bangs. yes or no?

Forum you would MOST LIKE your thread to be moved to after the Mods yank it out of LBN

Bollocks to it. I'm going to bed.

For balance: What commercials do you love?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/16/2008)

Van rips off Mick, Mick rips off Van, the circle is complete: The Rolling Stones' "Winter"

I turn 28 tomorrow.

Keith Olbermann hates hippies!

Broken tooth, extraction tomorrow, dental phobia...shit!

Jackson and Perkins roses are a bunch of republicans

My Job Has Become A Bad "B" Movie


God does, indeed, have mercy on us.

i'm so bad. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!

Store employee says "I was blown away. Britney's private parts were right in front of me!"

The neighbor boy just invited my son to check out

Just and old country dinner tonight - with Keith

Do we really need another lunatic from Texas in the White House?

Ok they call it on the commercial the New ALL Jeep Liberty, why?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/16/08

What's scary about Lee Mercer is that he's registered with the FEC

German dogs don't say "Woof woof"

YouTube: Chris Squire "Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side"

What if Hitler had not died in his bunker but had lapsed into a brain dead coma,

Just received a fund raising letter from Lee Mercer

Mr. Writer bought a Mac Mini.

Does anyone else here have TOO MUCH WORK to do AT WORK?

Name something you would clone if you could

Days like these you need some feel good music in the afternoon

Anyone who calls Pat Mercer "Lee" is not a friend of his--

It must be a real bitch being married to Eddie Murphy

A split-faced color photo of Hillary and Bill in a man's suit

Mercer Mania is running through DU (all three)

Please cast your vote in my informal poll. I am very curious:

Man robs convenience store, shoots off own balls. No kidding.

All time great under-rated glands!

If you can write a nice website, you're not fit to be president!

Hoping Giants Beat Green Bay Thread

I'm pretty sure that this is a movie that really shouldn't have been made.

A special little gift to anyone who thinks Tom Cruise isn't BATSHIT CRAZY...

After twenty years of braces...

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt anyone"

Dr. Phil investigated by psychology board (Psychologist filed complaint as result of Britney mess)

WHAT? I thought the SC primary was TODAY!

Don't send in the clowns : Clowns universally disliked by children

What should I have for dinner?

wisdom tooth extraction advice, please

Who the fuck is Skinny Jack?

The Tom Cruise $cientology indoctrination video...

So I got one thread locked and one totally nuked in GD:P

Phone call for Meoff!! Looking for a Meoff - phone call for Mr. Meoff,

I recently decided to cruise the iTunes Podcasts and made a great

Weather for Sunday's Giants-Packers Game: High 4, Low 1, Flurries

The Most Horrible Moment In TV History

Any property managers out there? Please Kick this and PM me!

I ate lunch at the Olive Garden just now!

Mercer nominates Dr Bronner as running mate

Who's going to win the Area 51 vote on Saturday?

Lounge: Lee Mercer needs you.

TV Writers, Please for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster....

How come nobody raves about Porky Prime Cuts any more?

Did anyone happen to watch "Half man, half tree" on the discovery channel tonight?

Today's Fake News

I have two important questions!

The Phrenological Import of Bad Hair Transplants.

if i get below a 30 on the ACT my life is over and i'm going to live in a van down by the river

Randy Moss accused of battery? Say it isn't so ! Go Pats!

If you're so inclined, I sure would appreciate a few good vibes..

ANY reason why one has to scrape one's teeth on a fork when eating?

The time has come

Sleep apnea and CPAP: Need recs on a really good, portable CPAP.

If Science Can Get Vegetables To Reproduce Sexually , Would My Son Eat Them?

Male DUers: Do you wear clothes while composting?

Quake rumour rattles Gisborne residents


Ebay Question: AM I being conned?

Male DUers: Do you wear clothes while posting?

The Phenomenological Import of Bad Hair Transplants.

How many polymathic geniuses have you known?

Hoping They Might Be Giants Beat Green Day Thread

15,000 posts on DU and not a single one of them

I'm crazy about this woman, Wendy MALICK, and... what else?!1

I got a ball winder, finally.

I had to take a meal etiquette course for my MBA

First name of your first love in Grammar School...

Male DUers: Do you wear women's clothes while composing?

Robber Accidentally Shoots Self In Testicle - Crime really doesn't pay

Found in my inbox:

In what year was your oldest grandparent born?

Rock Bands that perform in movies not about rock or rock bands

Leon Russell is cool

What ride should ThomCat get?

Ladies: What does it mean to wear your diamond on your middle finger?

Why is Daddy a (insert noun here)...

Post your favorite Seinfeld moments.

How many polyamorous geniuses have you known?

What is your food obsession?

Why do we only have debates for candidates? I say quiz 'em about science, math, and language.

Has anyone ever done an INTERNAL CLEANSING PROGRAM?

DU Mods hate Lee Mercer! THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE IllUMINATI!!!111~!1

It is wicked windy out tonight and I caught the hint of smoke in the air

More one-hit wonders! These make me wanna dance...

PLEASE! Check out my latest film reviews at (They are using a counter to see if any hits.)

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Dogfish Head Brews


Pink Upholstered Vagina Couch - $600 - Could be yours!

Got any nonpharmaceutical remedies for insomnia?

Question for the day: When's the first time you realized that people older than you...

In what year can you trace back your earliest ancestor being born

Air America AM 1090 is running an anti-abortion ad and it's pissing me off.

Erbarme dich, mein Gott

Name that Scooter: The finalists!

Ciao for the foreseeable future old friends & colleagues !

Can someone make the crock pot crock faster?

Who the hell is Lee Mercer Jr., anyway?

Funnies for those of you who attend church or fellowship - or anyone really

Annoying DU behaviors and patterns: What bugs you?

Things You Remember that Someone 25 yrs old or Younger Doesn't.

All time great under-rated bands!

Of all the threads that are the thread this is THE THREAD

Cloned Meat Coming to a Grocery Store Near You?

Howard dean gets involved in Nevada...GO HOWARD

Here is something we can all agree on:

3 states, 3 Different Repub Winners --- Will they ever Decide on a Nominee???

Someone just start screaming at Maher on Leno

Sen Dodd facing heat from his own Caucus on FISA

Anybody see Bolton on "A Daily Show" tonite....

"Yes, We Can!" (Can what?)

On the Hillary/Barack truce and the punditry reaction....

Chuck Todd on MSNBC: "Is the Republican nomination worth having"


US: How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story

IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE, you shouldn't be worried.

I'll tell you who won the debate tonight...The American People Won!

Now I am worried... Chuck Todd said "Edwards did very well tonight..."

Job Interview 101 - Organization = Important Skill / Strength

U.S. Seeks to Force Suspect to Reveal Password to Computer Files

I just threw up in my mouth for a minute.

Judah Folkman / Groundbreaking cancer researcher dies

Russian assets frozen in France

Larry King: "Wolf, what if Huckabee wins South Carolina?"

Mike Huckabee would like to remind you that his religion is the most important part of your marriage

Michigan GOP said McCain won...

The problem I see with the Nevada caucuses...

Asian stocks lower on talk US Fed holding emergency meeting

"The Gong Show"- The Family (Carol Burnett Show)

"Don't blame me, I voted for Chuckabee"

Police Shoot Suspect Outside Casino

Protests Precede Bush's Visit to Egypt

National Impeachment Call In Day: Wednesday, Jan 16

Opinion - What's the Difference Between a Politician & a Stetesman?...

Early morning post for the international crew!

Court Puts Ad Limits on ‘Hillary: The Movie’

'mc cain ready to be commander in chief from day one'...yeah, right.

huck: We Need To Amend The Constitution, Bring It In Line With God


Which candidate do you think will do the most about drug reform?

Give the Candidates the MLK Test

question? what was the lapel pin Edwards had on in the debate?

"Don't bail on the team"....

Nancy Pelosi, You Must Impeach! The Truth About the Wars Will Guarantee the Votes

LOL, Washington Journal today

If Michigan doesn't count, WHY is CNN putting it for Clinton then?

Supreme Court Limits Lawsuits by Shareholders

Want to know what fido saying?

Whoa... Hold On To Your Hats... Asian & European Markets Goin Deep Red !!!

So Which way is The DWJ Going to go Today...

If Mittens gets to be Prez ...

That picture of Tweety on the front of the 'Discuss' page is making me nauseated...

"Nobody's afraid of Obama (in DC) he's kind of a shape shifter, "

Kucinich sees conspiracy

"Cindy McCain looks like a husky." Katie Couric

Five degrees,

Failure Now An Option

Is there an official term for the phenomenon of the commercial media excluding/ignoring a candidate?

A conservative's case for impeachment

Student Architects Envision "Brave New Washington" 100 Years In The Future.

Was Yucca Mountain the Real Reason Kucinich Was Silenced by GE?

John Nirenberg meets with Paul Taylor and Rep. Wexler

I think Rove is working for Clinton's campaign

Well, the "sorry, but you're royally screwed" express ran out of gas I see..


What country do you think is at the forefront of stem cell research?

surge update - Female Suicide Bomber Kills 8 In Iraq

I'm so sick of this shit...

Some folks are more afraid of Obama's perceived religion than his race.

back to the war in iraq......what is done in OUR name

Calling all HOPELESS, DEFEATIST people !!!

R U PO'D at the M$M now? Ready to fight back.... yet? Now?

Can we as Taxpayers with hold Bush's

Today’s Headlines

Anybody see Romney's "Yay me!" speech start right after McCain's?

Caption this

Documentary on e-voting fraud makes Bay Area debut

Petition seeks Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger

Losing faith in politics ... or ... Losing faith in your fellow citizens

Neo-Nazi Leader pleads Guilty to possessing Child Porn


The Democratic message for the Iraqi people.

Why those torture tapes were really destroyed...

Virginia Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Replica Testicles on Trailer Hitches

"I'm sure people view me as a warmonger and I view myself as peacemaker," Bush said

We're So Not Sorry Dennis Kucinich - MSNBC - General Electric

"John Edwards: Too Soon for Political Obituary" ....LINK (Good Analysis)

When Huckabee used the phrase "the Others" what is he talking about?

Huckabee Wants to Rewrite Constitution, Says It's Easier to Change Than "Word of Living God"

Veterans Day in Court

How to defeat the Republican talking points

Star Wars Guide to the Candidates

US soldier may have been killed by "friendly fire" - told grandmother "he has enemy in the group"

State Suspends Allstate From Writing New Auto Policies

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

New Zogby: Poll Released: Obama, Clinton tied Nationally

John King is an asshole.

Any news from NH?

Did Abraham Lincoln have a 'machine' when he debated Douglas?

Is this a photoshoip job or is it real?

Democracy Now! Re-Hosts NBC Las Vegas Debate to Include Kucinich

Hillary, in Michigan, without campaigning, received 70,630 more votes than McCain.

Robert Scheer: Those Ungrateful Saudis

White House ‘reused e-mail tapes.’

David Bonior with Edwards Campaign on MSNBC now

"inflation up by the largest amount in 17 years" No shit, Sherlock.

If McCain is nominated don't you think that Lieberman will be his VP?

Pink balloons mark funeral for slain Ohio girl (Baby Grace)

another BS email and my response, suggestions welcome

After Edwards Second Place in Iowa (before NH): Media coverage - Clinton 37%, Obama 32%, Edwards 7%

Get rid of caucus primaries

Scientists develop computer that can 'translate' a dog's bark

JRE - "Mainstream Media Man of Mystery - intrigues me more and more the less they show of him.

Another Megachurch hit by sex scandal. Bad one too...

Dupe/pls. delete. nt

Kenyan police shoot protesters (CNN, BBC)

Lawyer: Rove Didn't Mean to Delete Email

How could we make the race even MORE trivial and idiotic? (Slowpoke 'TOON)

so I flip the channel over to MSNBC last night and my partner does one of these....

Fake testicles give dogs their pride back (what will they think of next?)

If Dubya had a Greg Stillson moment, how do you think the MSM would react?

Does the Corporate media have a right to lie to us and control our elections?

Canadians, Australians, Brits, are there as many batshit crazy religious nuts

Nixon resignation and pardon shows impeachment catch-22

I tell ya, that late night Colon Blow slimy headed infomertial character

Martin Luther King Jr. got it

FBI suspects Cpl. Cesar Laurean has fled to Mexico.

Can we remove the "no calling out freepers with low threadcounts" rule?

The Coddled "Terrorists" of South Florida

USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market

Violent Deaths in Iraq Overestimated by Scholars, New Study Suggests

Listening to Peter Galbraith on VPR re Bhutto

U.S. Helicopters Blamed For Fire In A Major Oil Refinery In Iraq

DOJ claims Blackwater will be difficult if not impossible to prosecute

Ahhh - Fox news. Top story, Spiderman getting a divorce from Mary Jane

Okay Nevada, Time to make it happen!

now .... this is almost as silly as a Republican debate!

Wounded Vets Trade One Hell for Another

Bush’s Energy Policy: Begging for More Oil

Hillary on CNBC right now!

* Exempts Navy From Environmental Law - Sonar That Harms Whales, Dolphins A-OK

recently Bloomberg and Obama had breakfast in a window

Bush in 2000: "I would work with our friends in OPEC to convince them to open up the spigot"

"Female Suicide Bomber Kills 9 in Iraq"

Chertoff Permanently Installs Hand-Picked DHS Staffers, ‘Overextending His Influence’ After 2008

Dem Rep Vic Snyder doesn't think smirk/snake-Cheney are making money off Iraq

Chris Matthews- a complete fool

Recount cost could climb to $125,000 - And they want the money up front

The "War in Iraq" is big loser in these primaries.

Taxi to the Dark Side: this could be a very important movie

Oh, boy, ain't this the truth! (Cartoon)

A 72 year old, recurrent malignant cancer survivor

Man Shoots Self During Robbery

Station Chief Made Appeal To Destroy CIA Tapes

Deadly Staph Infection MRSA Strikes Gay Community

No Democratic Candidate is Viable if they do not fight election fraud.


What ever happened to that WAR CZAR?

"The three of us are here in large measure because his dreams have been realized:"

Coming To A Street Corner Near You: Cheney Impeachment

Cohen's "dangerous Afruhkan church" smear spreads

3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq - January KIA almost matching December's total

How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story

9 Students Suspended For YouTube Videos (made fun of teachers and students)

President Lincoln's summer retreat will open to public

Carlyle Group , Blackwater among companies in line for narco-terror contracts

Oops: Michigan GOP praises McCain's 'win' is expiring

John Nichols: Michigan's Ominous Message for Hillary Clinton

Scarborough: 'Disgusting' Swift Boat attack on McCain could help him

MESSENGER spacecraft swings past pictures

MI exit poll: 73% of the African-American vote went for Obama vs 22% for Clinton

The RW corporate-machine count on the peoples' limited realm of perception.

2 pts to Ponder -- Edwards appeals to Indies/Unaffiliated Voters & He beats all Repub candidates...

Found, last night, after 31 years. Or, saved by the bell at the debate.

Katrina `rescued Embryo' Baby Turns 1

Former GOP Congressman Charged in Conspiracy Involving Terror Fundraising Ring

Who would ...

Guess who CNN had on as a political analyst last night?

Robert Wexler - Talking about Impeaching Darth Cheney

Add the Bush Countdown widget to your site.

Maybe, the "evangelicals" are getting BORN, AGAIN!

A whistleblower: This guy needs help.

Ed Helms & McLovin' teach us about voting

Canada restricts cross-media ownership, seeks to ensure diverse editorial voices

Why the M$M wants an Edwards win in Nevada.

Congressional Intell Committee-Involved In COVER-UP Of Bush's Torture Policy

"Is An Edwards Surprise Looming In Nevada?".... LINK

CIA leak case — have been taped over and are gone forever.

Looking for DLC info.

Mittens is on TV in a Member's Only jacket! This is his Dukakis in a tank moment.

What will become of the 156 Michigan delegates?

What happens to your delegates if you drop out of the race?

George Bush's resume for when he is unemployed on 1-20-2009

Why does the NY City Council want to stop independent chemical, biological and radiological testing?

Thank you Du’ers for coming together for Thomcat

From The Future

Blood Price For The US Support To Turkey's PKK Operation: A Military Base Against Iran

Mark Deli Siljander, RRRepublican charged with funding al Qaeda--is his company a paramilitary outfi

Citigroup's Layoffs Could Reach 24,000 This Year

OK State Police Testing new Siren......The Rumbler

Brian Williams re: talking about race...'our sponsors expected it'

Dennis Kucinich Live On Randi's Show

OMG! Oil is under $90/bbl The crash is comming! Doom! Gloom!

JUST HEARD: Democracy NOW will give Kucinich a chance to answer debate questions.

More images from Mercury coming through...

Caption Pickles

Rabbit Amnesty

Insane McCain Swiftboat Launched? But, you got to love the graphic.

Mittens uses "optimism" every sentence because he thinks it reminds people of Reagan

does united states spend more money on the military than it does on social programs ?

Democrats Pass Mine Safety Bill Despite GOP Objections and Threatened Veto

Huckabee states that he drinks a helluva lot of Koolaid when it comes to religion!

Did everyone hear Thom Hartmann tell his story about the bigger the cigar ...

Democracy Now: Breaking the Sound Barrier with Dennis Kuicnich.

They're BUYING EVERYTHING: Carlyle in talks to buy Booz Allen Hamilton's government unit

Pro-Huckabee Push Polling Starts in SC

Sunday, January 20th, marks beginning of the one year countdown until dimson is GONE!

*******caption junior & pals *******

BULLSHIT: White House Tape Recycling May Have Erased Controversial Emails

Wouldn't it be great if we were shapeshifters? Then we could vote based on policy stances first.

Like to get involved? Make phone calls for Obama!

Dailykos straw poll up, vote

Stewart mocks Bush's Middle East 'Bucket List'

"Casey has spent every penny on medical bills and is still substantially in debt."

Want To Show Chris Dodd Some Thanks For Standing Up?


We need to become innovative in every possible, imaginative way

Republicans in Hell

Rudy's Florida 'strategery' is going right down the crapper.

Liberal Fascism Isn't about Fascism

Is Obama a Terrorist?

The Hill: Rove previews strategies against Clinton, Obama

House passes new defense bill (Caved again) - AP

Do you think this cycle could see a brokered convention (on either side)?

The latest Con Meme-the 10th amendment

Armed and dangerous freeper trial date set for Feb. 27

Concerning all the attack the candidates that takes place here...

OK This shows Microsoft is 'Big Brother's Handservant'... Outrageous! LINK

Former R. Congressman indicted for terrorist fundraising.

We Liberals are so Totalitarian

Still think that the FDA are the good guys,

Well just go on with your life then is what she said to me.

Ike Turner died of cocaine overdose

Wait, Wait.,Wait! WTF!!!

And another one gone and another one gone and another one bites the dust!

Many of my Progressive Patients are coming in to my

New Hampshire Recount Starts Tomorrow 9:30

House passes defense bill

We can talk responsibly about the race and gender of the candidates. They should be able to as well.

Can you imagine the MSM if John Edwards wins? Just imagine! VISUALIZE IT. SEE IT!

When is the next NBC republican debate? Why, because they shouldn't

I'd like to get involved in Anti-Obama fundraising. Any links?

Just Put It on My 401(k) Debit Card

Per Blitzer,;Romney's big campaign deal in MI since the economy was the hot topic

== The woman vs. the black guy = By Mark Morford

Homeland Security claims its Real ID could help shut down meth labs

Boy the long faces on Fox news this morning

Rudy or Fred--which former GOP "frontrunner" is the most pathetic?

How the Pentagon planted a false story

Pro-Obama Coworker just called Edwards the Patron Saint of Lost Causes

I just saw the Tyra/Hillary Clinton promo

I'm Confused. Huckabee said God Put HIM Ahead in all the polls

Shit to Shinola: Huckabee can DO it!


Of course the big winner in Michigan is the Democratic Party

A job tailor-maid for Old Fred.. (in case Law & Order says "no".)

Afghan province bans male tailors from measuring women

Speaker Pelosi Won't Help Foley Investigators

How long before FOX News identifies Mark Deli Siljander as a "Democrat?"

Rove Chides Clinton For ‘Hiding’ Documents While He Refuses To Turn Over Documents To Congress

A proposal for all "Christian" candidates

Sheehan Tries To Deliver Nancy Pelosi Letters from 8,000 People Asking for Impeachment

It's snowing in Atlanta

Thoughts on Mega Tuesday primaries (2/5) can't see how nominee will be chosen

Domestic Violence Database Proposed - Background Check Your Date

MOOTNESS LEVEL of the Republican Party at all time DEPTH They have become Passe, OLD, and Exposed

Ex-Lawmaker Mark Deli Siljander(R) Charged in Terror Conspiracy

Why is Chevy advertising Hydrogen fuel cell cars years before they can produce them?

OMG! It's SNOWING in the ATLANTA Metro! And I need groceries! Panic!?!

MSNBC is now looking to ESPN for political commentary?

Vicious eBay bidding war, signed pic of Chimp & Pickles finally over! Whew...

ne VAH duh ....... nuh VAA duh ...... was there a memo sent out?

Ore. high school bans class motto derived from Bible verse

Bush's mideast trip leaves 'political observers mystified as to the purpose of the visit'

TYT & BraveNewFilms Set To Launch New Progressive Web Network (3pm EST)


Regarding CBS's Primary Questions Segment

What do you say, want to talk politics?

Treasonous Mark Siljander, Republican, Funded Al-Qaeda-------> Pic------>

Pentagon Planted Bogus Iran Speedboat Story

King Abdullah tells bu$h* 'touch my monkey'

It's times like these that are why I will not even consider a candidate who...

NH recount started three minutes ago....

Okay, here's the deal with the recount...

Huckabee Fixes the Constitution: Bill of Smites

why did tweety make a big deal of Edwards saying personal 7 times but did not mention 35 years

Clinton Loses on This Gamble - Katrina Vanden Heuvel (I Mean ... er, The Nation)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

tweety also fawned all over trent lott

Voting Republican - Straw Poll from


Last night's debate. Did anyone else think that Edward's microphone was on louder than

The snow has reached Greenville, SC.

Best line of the night by Mark Shields on PBS - "Guiliani is running for sheriff of Florida"!

9/11’s second round of slaughter

How long will it take Faux to turn Mark Siljander into a Democrat?

On The Lighter Side... In A Really Dark Toast Way...

With everything Louisiana needs what does Jindal want to start with?


Congressional food fight

Maybe....the "rest of us" will just go away.....

Don't send in the clowns : Clowns universally disliked by children

On MSNBC Keith just said we can't get a good count of the uncommitted

Remember when Dean said we should go after Confederate flag voters?

Big contrast last night between Edwards and the Senate Dems Clinton & Obama

Why is "Elizabeth HAZLEDORF" important to be interviewed by Larry KING/1? n/t

Olbermann says the MSNBC'er who claimed he "runs MSNBC" was fired after saying it.

Head "Concerned Woman" Matt Barber spreads gay panic over MRSA staph infection

I've changed my mind. I'm going to change my registration to Democratic, at least

Sleep apnea and CPAP: Need recs on a really good, portable CPAP.

Information about Ex-Congressman who just got indicted on laundering money to terrorist

The Thought Police "Protect" the Constitution

For those that think Dennis is a kook and a fake (re: iraq)

Bush exempts Navy from environmental law protecting SoCal whales from sonar

Megalomaniac bigdog had to be held back from reporter

What Constitution?


Dick Cheney...

Gary Michael Hilton linked to murders in my old stomping grounds.

Of what use are opinion polls? Interesting info from MSNBC

John Edwards needs a win or a close second in Nevada and

Former executive: Ads for male enhancement pill mostly bogus (Enzyte)

Woman who strangled hit man to get police commendation


Your list of the greatest Democratic presidents ever

I have some basic questions about the NH recount...

Mideast skepticism lingers as Bush ends tour of region

Some good news for Hillary: rightwinger/Ron Paul fan would vote for her over Rudy.

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

At last night's debate someone in the audience was shouting .

bush* Questions Saudi Ability to Raise Oil Supply

Son-in-law boarded airliner with NO photo ID.

GOP candidates falling short in funding

If Science Can Create Meat In A Lab Without Killing An Animal - Would Vegetarians Eat It?

Former GOP Congressman Charged With Aiding Terrorsts

MSNBC last night: "Hillary IS the inevitable candidate..."

Smithsonian Hangs Colbert

Chimperor Returns After Diplomatic Triumph ---pix--->>>

NY Times: Even at Home, Backers Worry About Giuliani

Priiceless Colbert suggestion

"WHile Obama admits he can't manage himself out of a paper bag as President of US..." ---Fineman

Giuliani Marches in Parade with His Many Florida Supporters ----pix--->>>

Tweety coming up on Leno...

jonah goldberg on "a daily show w/jon stewart" tonight

John Q was just on

Question about the Dem Candidates and health insurance

Sara Whitman: Gay Sex Equals Death! Again! Always!

An important "if" question that really bugs.

Two weeks ago I checked in at Jim Robinson's (almost insolvent)....

Bush rules that national security trumps concerns for whales

Don't forget about media consolidation.....

Can a candidate give his/her delegates to another candidate at any point?

11 o'clock news said "snow to cause change to life as we know it"!

NBC's David Gregory Jamming to Mary J. Blige!

Who is this asshat on Stewart? n/t

Michael Moore is a nutjob and is far left, but the Club for Growth is A-okay?

NH Recount First Day: Disparities Found, Memory Cards Unaccounted For [BradBlog]

Am I the only one who thinks Huckabee looks a little like Nixon?

Boycott NBC

What is your model for the "perfect vote counting system"?

Please: I have a question about Economics/Housing Market bailout

How computer spy in the office will monitor everything you do

Has AT&T Lost Its Mind? A baffling proposal to filter the Internet.

60 People A Day Die Because They Can't Afford Health Insurance

Limbaugh calls Obama a "Spade" and Hillary a "Hoe"

America tried to give us a real race, and we turned it into a bag of shit, just in the nick of time

They thought that he would be fun to have a beer with.

Just received an email - The Republican Recount is OFF

LOL !!! - Gotta LOVE The HuffPo !!!

ON YAHOO! NEWSL "Still Voting For John Edwards"

GTMO listed as torture, abuse concern in Foreign Affairs manual

Donnie McClurkin, a Mexican border wall, Bush's energy bill, no universal health care, war funding

Will George of Arabia Will Be Wearing His New Arab Fur Coat Around the WH? ---pix--->>>

Huckabee is bat guano crazy.

Flashback: Kucinich Wins Debate Poll, ABC Covers Up Results

John Edwards' "Underdog" Ad is POWERFUL.... He is hitting the right notes! LINK

Slot machine are far more secure than America's voting machines. I know.

Iraq's healthcare in disarray with doctors and nurses fleeing abroad and child death rates soaring

Uncle Sam Wants to Read Your Email and Control the Climate in Your Home

Repuke Bachmann: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’ And ‘Longer Hours’

Anyone care to defend Edwards (or Hillary) on the bankruptcy bill?

In Child Porn Case, a Digital Dilemma

Why don't we circulate emails like the Repubs do?

Man: NY Hospital Forced Rectal Exam

Down the Judicial Rabbithole: How Kucinich Was Railroaded Out Of His Rights

CommonDreams: Big Business Is Even More Unpopular Than You Think

Bankruptcy Bill -- Are they really DOUBLING minimum payments on Credit Cards??

BREAKING CNN: Prosecutors say a former *GOP* congressman and U.N. delegate sent $$$ to Al Qaeda!!

Ptech ** Islamic Charities and the IRS

Are Tim Russert and Brian Williams the Worst Debate Moderators Ever?

So what happens after the election?

Middle Class Job Protection Act? Sounds more like the Trickle Down Act!

Blue-Collar Jobs Disappear, Taking Families’ Way of Life Along

BREAKING: ES&S (voting machine vendor) laid off 30% today...

NBC News endorses Clinton

NEW: VIDEO Wexler on the House Floor = Formally calls for impeachment hearings

WTF is kalaydiscopic? Tweety's word of the week?

Let me be the one to say this. Some Texans are unbelievably stupid!

What did Joe Scarborough mean when he pointed out that torture had in fact "worked" on McCain?

Obama's detestable dirty tricks!

For those that don't understand why its bad kucinich was kicked

Caption the Chimp. He's sportin' some snazzy duds!

Why I Support John Edwards: (He gives me HOPE)

Ronald Reagan sold arms to Iran to finance rogue wars

Should the GOP get rid of their candidates and nominate an eggplant instead?

The basic lie in the theory that the president can't make the economy better by himself

Man falls off xray table and is now paralyzed

Latest Phone Update From BradBlog:

"Oldsters" advice to the young ones.

Dear ones, please help my thread.

So this is what we get? The M$M just has its way with our candidates.


Reviews Are In: Edwards Hits The Jackpot

Can someone explain how a bank "writes off" debts owed to it?

please DU this poll .....

How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story

This is interesting...(buff those tinfoil hats)


You call this an election?

FINALLY! I've made up my mind what to do in November.

Sex in restroom stalls is private, ACLU says

I'm fed-up with the duplicity and the empty rhetoric-we voted for real change in 2006

Hillary played the fear card in the debate. She bears some blame for the state we're in though

Iraqi Children Pay Heavy Price of War

I was just threatened because I have a bumper sticker...

The only truly progressive FDR type candidate is Dennis Kucinich.

US insists cluster bombs not bad if used in a compassionate way

Why Is The Climate Crisis A DEAD ISSUE In This Campaign?

THANK GOD for Ad Aware, and GODDAMN malware!!!!!

Too many questions not answered. Too little time left to fix the party.

Happy National Religious Freedom Day, W! What an interesting day in history.

Which will end up having shorter reign: soviet style communism or Friedman's free market extremism?

"I lost everything I worked for all my life." This is THE issue, who will help?

Obama pledges support for animal rights

Rachel Maddow - If you want Party, vote Hillary,.. Power, vote Edwards...Personality vote Obama....

1865 Lincoln 2nd Inauguration Photos Newly Discovered

I'm trying to figure out society's fascination with the male member

Official Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2008 Thread

Where's Frank Luntz and his fungus group?

Howard Fineman: based on tonights performance, "Edwards is probably going to win Nevada"

Howard Fineman on MSNBC

Potentially troubling news for Clinton in Michigan 'win' - less than quarter of support from blacks

Youtube of the debate?

Paul Beats Giuliani (Again)

Uncommitted's concession speech now live on MSNBC

In defense of campaign grind of the primaries

Michigan turnout rates for Dems?

An interesting fact about Obama's campaign

3% of uncommitted would vote for Hillary

Thank you Rachel Maddow, A Breath of Fresh Air

How you know you've had too much politics...

Hillary defended BET Founder Johnson at the debate?

Terrorism in the US?

Exit poll: Hillary "would have won handily had Obama and Edwards been on the ballot".

ClintonNewsNetwork: Hillary Clinton Wins Michigan Primary! All

Why the fuss over an exit poll when nobody showed up to begin with?

No wonder Romney won in Michigan. He was born there

Something is wrong: Matthews is not trashing Hillary

Statement from Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle on Michigan Primary

Big News out of Michigan. Hillary does not break 50% unopposed in Detroit

What did y'all think of Hillary's self admitted weakness?

Ghouliani dead last in Michigan -- HA!!

Florida: Hillary 56% Obama 23% Edwards 14%

About Edwards answer to: English as the national language thing

CNN calls Edwards a communist

Am I just being An Obama Partisan? I thought he did so well, and the media is knocking him down

Were DUers surprised that all three support the tie to allow ROTC

If we are leaving Iraq, why do we need an even bigger military?

For Edwards supporters, he's getting lots of kudos tonight. Fineman

Time Magazine's Candidate Grades for the Debate: B's across the board

ARG not that bad predicting the Michigan results

No one except Hillary knew about the $$$ Merchants, Merril Lynch, CitiBank into Dubai

During the Debate some person in the crowd caused a disruption? What was that?

Bush might be a lot of things, but he sure got a lot of what he wanted

You know, watching John Edwards in these debates ...

The repukes shamble toward NV and SC

Prediction! Romney and McCain will not talk about spending billions

What is it that makes Hillary so more "ready" on National Security Issues?

Nevada's Largest Newspaper To Endorse Obama Today

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Obama best choice for Democrats

Here is link to debate transcript in case you couldn't watch

Where can I find video of the entire NV debate?

The MSNBC moderators played a dirty trick on Edwards and I'm calling them on it.

I voted for Kucinich in MI primary

I had to remind them again....

Edwards and Nuclear Energy

Would it be OK for Obama surrogates to constantly bring

Scarborough & Russert find it despicable McCain is being swift boated

Deep thoughts by Newt Gingrich.

To be clear about who isn't who:

CA labor leader Durazo: "There is no person who could get more people to get the vote out."

I'm glad Barack got the Las Vegas Reveiw Journal endorsement but I'm not digging their rationale

MSNBC "hates substance"?

Did anyone notice that 'debate' was almost

I wasn't going to do this this evening but screw it!

Winning a debate does not mean you win votes

Day two: Perky Held Hostage waiting for a well-reasoned response

Scheiber: Why Obama's the Dem Debate's Real Winner

Joe Trippi's career should be over after mismanaging Edwards' campaign

Obama does not deny South Carolina memo came from his campaign; will not stand by such in the future

OK. I haven't watched it yet. Did anyone hit a home run?

I'm glad that Hillary Clinton did not dis~enfranchise the Michigan voters...

Fineman saying Edwards did very well and prolly should win Nevada !!!!

Chuck Todd thinks there's more republican candidates on the way.

Is Supreme Court ready to decide election again?

What Religion's Blind Stranglehold on America Is Doing to Our Democracy

Some Musings On A Wed. Morning

self-delete. I goofed up on what day it is.

Now that SC seems to be a lock, will Obama surrogate McClurkin be making any more appearances...

2008 Primary Elections/Democratic Primaries By State Roll over the state for schedule and results

MSNBC Kuciniches Edwards

A couple of interesting items about my Arizona early voter primary ballot

Obama stirs fight with Florida memo

If Clinton continues to get 63% of the white vote, she will be tough to beat

LAT: Obama wins major labor endorsement (in California)

"W.’s peace train quickly gave way to the warpath, however,.."

The Las Vegas Sun Endorsement Of Barack Obama

Mark Morford: The Woman Vs. The Black Guy

Should Hillary Clinton have kept her name on the Michigan ballot?

Survey USA Tracking Polls show MCCain besting Clinton

Excellent Video - Bill Kristol: Proof of The Failure Of Conservatism

And now Little Georgie

How About If FSTV Held A Debate?

USA Today: Bill Clinton Paints Obama as the 'Establishment' Candidate (Disses CWU in process)

Phony Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsement - not fooling locals

Reuters: Obama, Clinton tied in 2008 Democratic Race

My Thoughts on Last Night's Debate

What are the chances that at least 2 of the 3 leading candidates will be on the Dem ticket?

Republican candidates abandoning small-government ideology; Rove "sensed a shift"

So to help the economy Obama would

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/16/08 - Clinton unchanged, Obama down 1, Edwards up 1

Jewish Leaders Denounce Anti-Obama E-Mails

A letter sent to DNC Chair, Howard Dean on behalf of Gravel and Kucinich

VP selectons for the candidates? An opinion.

Vicious South Carolina Flyer Attacks McCain's Vietnam Service

Did Romney gain an underwhelming victory in Michigan?

12/6/07 Cramer just publicly called the Fannie May/Freddie Mac/Citi bankruptcy

Rasmusssen-Clinton 37% Obama 29% Edwards 16%

For those who seem to think Obama can win a landslide victory and Clinton can't...

Iraq interviews on Fresh Air on NPR - when and how to get out

Hillary almost lost to "Please God no!" yesterday

Reuters Poll; Clinton/Obama in National DEAD HEAT

"Breaking: DNC Joins Culinary Union to Stop Disenfranchisement in NV "

"But there was a distinct dearth of wives and dissidents."

So, should the Obama camp have just ignored all the hints and insinuations coming out of the

Romney: We might have to change the retirement age on social security

Brace yourselves, Edwards Supporters; The Media is now pushing Edwards

Video of Hillary calling Bush pathetic in debate

How to beat Romney in the General

Delete thread.

Seeking Predictions: When do Giuliani, Thompson, and Hunter drop out?

Serious question: Why should Kucinich be taken more seriously than Gravel?

Observations on the debate

White candidates aren't expected to "transcend race".

An Attack Ad Waiting to Happen

Ned Lamont Has a Messy Desk!!!

Time to stick it to the OTHER guys--TOONS

Courting Latinos

NICE! Wexler, you know the one calling for impeachment, is Obama's Florida chair!

Looking for DU's advice on Huckabee's odds.

Right wing nut job radio host beating the shit out of Papa McCain

Hypocrisy noted: The Clintons and Billy Graham

February 12th is the 9 year anniversary where a Republican controlled Senate said...

GD:P looks beautiful today.

Establishment attacks Obama for being "establishment candidate"-LOL!!!

And you call yourself a Democrat. All Democrats should stand up for Christina Billings.

McCAIN WON MICHIGAN!!! -Mich. GOP congratulates wrong candidate

Clinton 8% ahead of Obama in rasmussen daily numbers (nationally)

2008 is looking like "an extended, delegate-by-delegate slog"

I Noticed a big Change in delegates with many going towards Obama without a Primary

I MIGHT get to go to the California debate!

Not seeing a "problem" with the United Church of Christ that Obama belongs to. Can someone help?

Obama gets major labor endorsement (Los Angeles County Federation of Labor)

AP fact check sides with Bush over Hillary

I regret to inform you that the truce has been broken.

Latest Nevada Poll: Clinton 35% / Obama 32%/ Edwards 25%

Is Hillary Clinton breaking her pledge not to campaign in Florida?

If Kucinich & Co. were serious about winning, they would have changed our primary/caucus system

So, who will the Re-thugs nominate?

RUSSERT: Were his comments out of bounds? CLINTON: Yes, they were. And he has said that. (not true)

yes, yes, yes!

In the Spirit of Unity & Healing: I'd like to announce I'm returning to Vietnam

It's not anything to be excited about

Swift Boat Vet "Appalled" by McCain Smear

NY POST: Republican Rivals All Losers

And the winner for best actress is...

Most in US back mandatory health coverage-study

Clinton wins on short ballot

What Clinton Lost In The Debate

Obama, Clinton tied in 2008 Democratic race

The love of a good woman-

Wow, this whole MI primary debacle really screwed Edwards

1/15/07 Las Vegas Debate, Full Transcript

Who's your SECOND choice in the Dem primary?

Bill Clinton wows UCD

Former rethug Congressman indicted for helping in terrorist scheme

Emily's List launches protest against Chris Matthews; demands apology (link to form included)

MSNBC; Left Wing Faux Noise!? Kucinich Debacle (small rant)

SurveyUSA: Obama surges to lead in North Carolina.

SUSA NC poll: Obama 36, Clinton 32, Edwards 21

Former Republican Congressman Mark Deli Siljander Charged in Terror Conspiracy (With Link)

Rasmussen national poll: last 4 days - Clinton (-3) Obama (-7) Edwards (+4)

Remember This? Governor Bush in 2000: Jawbone OPEC

USA: Bloomberg Consistently Finishes Distant 3rd As a 3rd-Party Candidate

I just voted

If I Were President, I'd..... by Ted Rall

self delete

Jack Carter, son of Jimmy Carter, endorses Barack Obama


MSNBC violated election law

Fox pushing John Edwards....Luntz focus group.....

One Giant Leap for America

My daughter came out for Hillary Clinton last night

Photos: Barack Obama today at a town hall meeting in Henderson, Nevada

what if the repub convention is deadlocked

Having it both ways

National Anthem? "Home of the scared shitless" might be more appropriate

Hysterical! Would a Ron Paul upset in NV further

Is Chris Dodd feeling Senate heat because of his fight against retroacive immunity?

Still Voting For John Edwards

Are ALL the Republicans participating in the GOP debate? If so, why?

Can we have some sort of NGO that conducts and funds recounts?

New slogan for Obama supporters on DU "Bush was right!"

Hillary closing in on Obama in SC!

Are you voting for Mike Huckabee out of atheist guilt?

Hillary's MI win leaves me concerned for our circumstances

Rasmussen poll: In last 3 days, Clinton -3, Obama -7, Edwards +4

Are Tim Russert and Brian Williams the Worst Debate Moderators Ever?

Will the Mark D. Siljander story

I ask the person responsible for starting Obama/Clinton feud: Was it worth it?

F*ck the Ron Paul Revolution

Hotline/FD National Poll: Clinton 38%, Obama 35%, Edwards 13%. Obama beats all Reps HRC/JE lose to..

Did Barack Obama say something about having a messy desk?

Snow Shrugs Off Post-War Failures: ‘Everybody Gets It Wrong At The Beginning Of A War’

Quit feeding them, gang

Obama, the New Gary Hart?

Rove previews strategies against Clinton, Obama

Dennis Kucinich: which of his issues don't you agree with, and why.

Are you voting for Obama out of White Guilt?

King's son says Clinton erred- - But adds that controversy is overblown

Mitt Romney looks like the front-runner to me. Well, kind of.

What platform planks should be the subject of free votes at Denver?

Yesterday in the States

Obama erases Clinton's lead in Democratic presidential race

The only candidate poll that matters

Are you voting for Lee Mercer Jr. out of sanity guilt?

Hey now, what about Saint Michael Jesus (the) Archangel for president?

Former Congressman/Reagan appointee indicted for aiding al-Qaida

McCain Stands by Rebel Flag Stance

The Rude Pundit: Evidence That Jesus Doesn't Give a Sandy Shit About Gay Marriage

Clinton, demanding transparency fails to disclose chief campaign strategists tie to UAE wealth funds

Diebold Is A Fine... Outstanding Company...... RANT!

Breaking new poll #'s Walken 48,Mercer 40,Mohamed 12

A great picture for all three Major candidate supporters.

Pew National: Hillary 46%, Obama 31%, Edwards 13%...

Which candidate most admires Reagan and holds 60's civil rights activists (boomers) in contempt?

Tucker is "concerned" that Democrats won't nominate Obama

In SC look for the Huckster to strap on an AK47, wave a cross in his right hand a Confederate flag

Hillary's new attack mailer in Nevada with more lies about Obama..

A lot of things bother me about Clinton but one thing that stands out

Dennis Kucinich on DemocracyNow with Amy Goodman

Obama's Church and the Double Standard

Obama leading on DailyKos straw poll first time ever...

Will Siljander be disappeared for aiding terrorists?

A Note From "Give 'em Hell Harry"...

Just Keeping A Record Of Some Of The Strange Happenings During Dem Nominee Process.......

Clarkies (only) - Who do you support now?

I really am Excited! No, I mean.....really, really Reagan

Fun Facts About Lee Mercer Jr:

I can no longer in good faith support Barack Obama.

Clinton praises Reagan and Obama on approach to Medicare...

Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Obama camp played Race Card

At long last I have chosen a candidate

A split-faced color photo of Hillary and Bill in a man's suit

D.N.- splices in Kucinich: The Debate NBC did not want you to hear from Vegas.


Interesting NJ straw poll

Lee Mercer Jr. has made politics fun again.

To supporters of the "big three" - if your candidate wins by drawing significant support

Why Republicans Should Support Fred Thompson

anybody have the transcript of the green party debate on sunday?

Obama Picks Reagan Over Bill Clinton

Hillary DID campaign in MI!


Remember, the Clintons and their machine never criticize Democrats

Study: John Edwards Doesn't Exist

Why did Senator X who has a perfect Senate record do all of this?

Survey USA--North Carolina Obama 36, Clinton 32, Edwards 21

If Lee Mercer fails to win the Democratic nomination, should he run as an Independent?

John Kerry on Nevada lawsuit...Let the People Vote....

HuffPost: Hillary's Politics of Fear

Which is MOST important to you?

Clinton Shines In Vegas

Praising Regan is actually very insensitive to the GLBT community.

Clinton attacks Obama's management style, but her own led to the failure

Bush Admin. admits to destroying e-mails from start of Iraq War, Leak of Valerie Wilson's name and

Someone needs to tell Mr. Huckabee..

Crooks & Liars' critique of the Boy King's Most Excellent Saudi Ranch Jagoff Adventure

In one year when dumbfuck leaves office

The media is still not covering Lee Mercer Jr

Michigan's Ominous Message for Hillary Clinton

Hillary: where does she stand on corporate donations?

11,000 attend Bill Clinton rally at UC Davis

Where was Laura on George's big trip

'Draft Lou Dobbs' effort launched by 'Legal Immigration PAC'

Hillary's baloney on bankruptcy

General election tactics from Clinton and Obama?? (I hope.)

McCain Declares Victory In Iraq: De-Baathification Law Means ‘We’re Succeeding Politically’

I live in Michigan. I went to a Lieberman/McCain rally. I voted in our primary.

Obama Lies to Nevada Debate Audience (can't be Trusted to be Truthful w/public)

Tell Congress: No NAFTA Trucks on Our Highways

I have created a Mercer avatar that doesn't stretch his face all out with disease.

Poll: Do you vote in "______ supporters only" polls if you don't really support _____?

DNC files motion in Nevada workplace caucus lawsuit

For Obama and Clinton supporters - how will they encourage anti-trust prosecutions?

Obama stirs fight with Florida memo

The Founding Fathers were, by modern standards, non-believers

What happened in those 35 years, and why 35 years?

Is Mark Penn's association with an AbuDhabi fund that Sen. Clinton decried last night

What I want to see at the convention ...

Should we refer to our candidates as "Mrs. Bill Clinton" and "Barack Hussein Obama"?

Clinton plays flight attendant in campaign plane spoof

I'm givin' some thought to referring to John Edwards as Houn' Dawg...

Obama's honesty was on full display during the Nevada debate.

Tell Us Your Health Care Story

Photos: Obama in the Van Nuys section of LA today holding a roundtable discussion on the economy

So when there is an Obama controversy, can we always expect Mercer threads to pop up now?

Reagan on Clinton:

What do Obama's poll #'s show regarding registered democrats?

Mercer is being kept off the front page by an anti-Mercer media blackout!

I can't laugh at the Lee Mercer, Jr. posts until I know who made the page and why

I will give $1000 to Mercer for every Rec this gets!!!!

Court case could alter Nev. outcome

I think it's time to put the Mercer threads in SOME kind of dungeon forum. Geez.

Hillary slams Obama in Bloomberg TV interview

Republican Lawmaker Indicted in Inquiry of Islamic Charity

Mercer must have started some sort of craze because I cannot find a 1972 Neon anywhere.

Early Voting Starts a Few Days - Edwards for Me

I can't laugh at Lee Mercer at ALL. Psychosis isn't funny to me.

Clinton is clear winner

Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again

Clinton on Reagan

What a start by Keith tonight!

Rachel Maddow: What CHANGE means for Clinton, Edwards & Obama

Will Hillary rename the USA?

Bill Clinton: Only men can vote!

Diary of a Mad Law Professor --race and gender

Will Gore endorse?

Any Edwards people want to comment on his 2001 bankruptcy bill vote?

Huck & Konopacki Cartoons: Stop Racism

Time for Bill Clinton to shut the fuck up! Stay out of the primaries

Will Obama's Church make him unelectable?

In case some of you missed this. David Gregory shaking his bootey!

Kucitizens, you don't need to take this junk from the corporate whore media! Shout for democracy!

Orcinus: The clearing view of Ron Paul

Is it easier to enforce union discipline when people caucus where they work?

Dirty Tactics Continue: Hillary knocks Obama plan in mailer.....a plan she would consider herself

I'm just wondering: How did Chris Matthews get the name "Tweety"

Photos: Obama Rally Las Vegas Debate Jan 15

Pit bull owners and lovers, who do you support?

If Hillary can't get Independent support, how is she going to win a General Election?

May he or she who has exhibited the greatest honesty and strength of character prevail

How Kerry, Feingold and Obama blocked Bush's chief vote suppressor from the FEC

If Obama's church affirms same-sex marriage, why is he "reaching out" to anti-gay Christians?

List of toxic imports keeps growing

What is Obama's beef with the Clinton era?

Hillary's Victory

Obama's Varied Record (Excellent article)

Wexler formally calls for Chaney impeachment hearings - Video

THANKS TWEETY!! Just Doing A Report On Last Night's Debate AND

Oh fuck. Obama's minister has really gone over the line now.

Dear President Gore: I'm sorry, but it is your patriotic duty as an American to

Could we have a BBC moderated debate that gets beamed to us secretly?

Wouldn't It Have Been Nice If One Of The Anointed Three

Nevada's largest newspaper, that endorsed Obama, criticizes him during endorsement

A pleasing scenario

please delete, someone helped me in another thread. : )

Former GOP Congressman Charged With Conspiracy; Aiding Terrorists!!!

Hillary's "Experience" Lie

Great post. Mr. AC and I also think these things would change elections too

Just a reminder: 48 states have yet to vote

This Reagan adulation from Obama will hurt his standing among core democrats

hmmm I wonder what Obama's fans had said if Hillary had praised Reagan

Hey Folks, Dennis WAS included in the Debate

Bush stumbles over his lines. Once America had an idiot President who knew his lines.

God-fearing Americans have gathered to lift up the man whom God has placed in the office of the Pres

Possible scenario: Your candidate just dropped out of the Dem presidential race.

My guess is Hillary will pivot and start attacking Edwards more after Nevada

If Hillary hailed Reagan as one of the greatest presidents, how would you react?


Delete, Screwed it up

Well, Billy-boy..Keith has issued you a challenge...

Rove previews strategies against Clinton, Obama

Why Obama praised Reagan (See Michigan exit polls)

Obama wins Nevada with 00

Latest SC Poll: Obama 41 (+1), Clinton 31 (-2), Edwards 13 (-2)

This must be Erica Jong's endorsement of Hillary

Well the shit just hit the fan, Drudge has picked up the "Obama hails Reagan" story

Real changes are polarizing

Do you thiink Reagan tapped into people's desire for

Reagan haters are ticking me off

So, Hillary speaking truth about Johnson's role in civil rights legislation passage

Watching Jonah Goldberg talk about "Liberal Fascism" led me to think...

Take 2: Do you have an issue with Hitler being labeled Time's Person of the year?

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Co-Hosting Fundraiser For Barack Obama

Preview of Hillary Presidency

Hillary eats a Taco.

A post I made at the Richard Dawkins website. RE: O vs. HRC

Shortage of Dentists in British single payer system

Edwards seizes an opening

The fight is not over says Wexler----no time for inaction--Please Forward

Says Joe Lowery: Obama’s black doubters have a ‘slave mentality’

Edwards twice voted in favor of Yucca Mountain - now he says he is the only one against Nuclear

OBAMA In-Depth Interview -Immigration, Environment, Oil, the Pentagon, Veep, Economic policies

John Edwards Statement In Honor Of Martin Luther King's Birthday

Iraq Forgotten: Congress Leaves War Off '08 Schedule

A great picture for Hillary fans.

Obama is the best candidate

Zogby National Poll: Obama, Clinton tied in 2008 Democratic race

Democratic Ballot Recount Under Way In N.H.

Some truth about Edwards' Senate record

Lets see how the brits are reporting on us Yanks.

Remember when Reagan broke the PATCO and fired 10,000 air traffic controllers?

AP: Clinton Knocks Obama Plan She'd Consider

"Obama more electable...-and it's not even close." - TPM on Hotline/Diageo polll

Two new Obama ads running in Nevada

Video: Nevada caucus goers reaction to John Edwards at the Nevada debate

Who's going to win the Area 51 vote on Saturday?

In retrspect this Reagan Obama thing realy is not so bad..

Your opinion about Obama's opinion of the Reagan years

TPM has a link to a Huckabee push poll

I somehow missed that Obama voted for the "leave no nuclear plant developer behind" bill.

Update: Kerry heading to Nevada

Which candidate here considers themself a "Goldwater Girl" and was once a republican?

Bill Clinton paints Obama as 'establishment' candidate

NV: Dispute over worker who says union reps told her she can't caucus if she isn't supporting Obama

There was an organized CAMPAIGN to get people to vote "Uncommitted" against Hillary in Michigan

Here a Wal-Mart there a Wal-Mart everywhere a Wal-

Edwards Dropped The "A-Bomb" Last Night

Hillary's "Experience" Lie

Obama Vs. Clinton on Energy/Environment: Who Is Better?

Clinton's Position on Outsourcing Draws Political Uproar from Super Tuesday Democrats

I am so over the top repulsed by the tactics of the Clinton fans on this Reagan Obama linkage

Rachel Maddow rocks! Get a clip of the MSNBC tape, live, now!

Why in God's name is Hillary going On Tyra and discussing

January 17 is 10-year anniversary of the explosive Monica Lewinsky scandal

John Kerry: Let the People Vote

'Swiftboating' John McCain in S.C. Via Local Newspapers; NY man also involved in Kerry Swiftboat

Nader is threatening to run simply because he can. It's like a grudge thing.

Hotline/Diego Poll: Dem Race Close, McCain Leads GOP, Obama Polls Best Against R's-not even close!

I am seriously thinking about referring to her as Mrs. Bill Clinton from this moment forward.

Hillary's claim that raising the cap on social security taxes

Are you for or against building more Nuclear Power plants?

Does Edwards have the most die hard followers?

Civil Rights legend John Lewis slams Obama:"I knew Martin Luther King, He is no Martin Luther King"


With all this Reagan talk, I am reminded of a Star Trek episode...

And you call yourself a Democrat. All Democrats should stand up for Dennis Kucinich.

Help Elect John Edwards President, (And get a t-Shirt, or a lawn sign, or even a bumper sticker…)

PLEASE stop the blanket condemnation of "lobbyists" in this campaign!

Obama admires Reagan....WTF

McCain stands by rebel flag stance

Edwards pics by Annie Leibovitz plus more

Is Hillary's sudden dependence on Michigan and Florida a Sign of things to come?

Obama's vision of the Presidency is whack

What will you regret the most when Prez. Huckabee's new Bible based Constitution is ratified?

Ronald Reagan murdered more than twenty people I loved

If Dennis Kucinich is silenced, who will tell America.....

Some thoughts comparing Obama and Edwards on Health Care:

Canada puts U.S. on torture watch list

San Francisco Bay Guardian endorses Barack Obama

TPM: Obama: Reagan Changed Direction Of Country In Way Bill Clinton Didn't

“Obama is a Black Muslim” joins “Hillary is a Bitch” and “Edwards is a Phony”: More Media Lies

Presidential Poll: 1-16-2008

Exit Polls: Obama would have received 73% of African American vote in Michigan.

Does anyone have a quote showing me where Obama agrees with what Reagan did?

The Swiftboating Of Hillary Clinton

Obama supporters! The Ronald Reagan Appreciation Thread!

Pew Research Poll -Clinton 46% Obama 31% Edwards-13%

Handy Guides to all major Democratic Candidates

Obama drew a contrast between Clinton and Reagan; Clinton praised Reagan

Forget Lee Mercer, Jr. - Sal Mohamed is my candidate for President

Why must MSNBC's decision be necessarily political?

John Edwards: $7 Million Dollars In One Day - Make It Happen FRIDAY!

Obama gets major labor endorsement

In Michigan, Hillary lost the INDEPENDENT vote to "uncommitted"

Potentially troubling news for Clinton in Michigan 'win'

I guess it's time I made it offical....I voted today

Two New Obama Ads: President and Would

"Latinos had no problem voting for me In Illinois".....

Clinton's latest attack on Obama

More Than 1,500 Supporters Greet John Edwards At Reno, Nevada Event

Hillary 3, Obama 1

Obama childhood pics

The Knives Come Out (Mary Lyon)

Clinton, Obama vow to bury race debate

U.S. legislators visiting Colombia willing to meet rebels (McGovern, Miller, Delahunt)

FBI wants instant access to British identity data

FBI wants instant access to British identity data

"Nobody's afraid of Obama (in DC) he's kind of a shape shifter, "

Female suicide bomber kills eight in Iraq - police

Timing may sink lawsuit aimed at Strip voting (NV caucus)

Top House Democrats want special counsel in CIA tape case

Inflation rate is worst in 17 years

US court orders Libya to pay $6bn

Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software

Curfew on Baghdad and 10 provinces for Ashura: report

Faction pulls out of Israel government

In Child Porn Case, a Digital Dilemma


Mubarak backs Mideast pact in 2008

How computer spy in the office will monitor everything you do

How the Pentagon planted a false story

New U.S. audit questions efficacy of Iran sanctions

USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market

Bush, ending Mideast tour, promises to return to advance peace talks

Militants overrun Pakistan fort

Inflation Rate Is Worst in 17 Years

Supreme Court Limits Lawsuits by Shareholders

Inflation worst in 17 years

Admiral: Pakistan OKs bigger U.S. role

US economic stimulus could pass quickly-Rep. Hoyer

Government says Inflation in the U.S. Rose 4.1 Percent in 2007, the Highest Increase in 17 Years

Ex-lawmaker charged in terror conspiracy

Iraqi Air Force Could Have Fighters by 2011

Station Chief Made Appeal To Destroy CIA Tapes

U.S. Coast Guard searches for migrants after boat capsizes near Puerto Rico

Mortars hit green zone (Second day in a row)

Don't send in the clowns : Clowns universally disliked by children

Tata Consultancy Q3 net rises 20.5 pct, beats f'cast

House to pass defense bill that includes troop pay raise, drops foreign lawsuits provision

Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law

Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds split ALREADY after two weeks being married

Senate GOPers meeting to form message strategy

'Doctors saw entry and exit bullet wounds on Bhutto's head'

Boeing Postpones 787 Launch

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq: military

Bush heads to Egypt on last stop of Mideast trip

Militants Overrun Pakistan Army Base (As Many As 25 Troops Missing)

Seattle seafood company sorry for sliming eagles in Kodiak (20 dead)

Bush exempts Navy from environmental law

Plea Deal in US Body Parts Case

Gates faults NATO allies in southern Afghanistan

Congress reaches deal on new defense bill after Bush veto [ bush wins]

UK: Climate Change Impacts Coasts: British government report

Rudd calls for calm in whaling standoff ("this is commercial whaling")

World Bank anti-corruption chief resigns (Wolfowitz appointment)

FBI retools Most Wanted list

DNC Opposition Lawsuit Filings (for NV at-large precinct suit)

South Florida's inflation rate highest in nation

Christie's Says London Auction Sales Could Jump 67% in February

Iraq healthcare in disarray, report says (doctors fleeing, child mortality soaring)

Huckabee: Halt Immigration from Terror States

Activists must be freed: Gillard

Recount, albeit limited, goes ahead

Edwards rallies supporters at Grand Sierra (Reno, NV)

Marine's Truck Driven To North Carolina Hotel On Monday

Gulf allies turn their backs on Bush

CBS: Failing the Disabled "System-wide culture to deny claims" -- no, not an insurance co.

Schools locked down as police hunt cop-killers (2 Atlanta cops ambushed)

Ex-Lawmaker Charged in Terror Conspiracy

Mortgage bankers urged to oppose Dodd bill

U.S. interrogations successful, lawful: spy chief

Chelsea discusses environment, FEMA

Bush oil price 'begging' is 'pathetic' : Clinton

State troopers (in MN) used Taser on driver who later died

Monkey Brains In U.S. Make Robot Walk In Japan

British anti-whaling protester held hostage on Japanese harpoon ship offered whale meat for dinner

British anti-whaling protester held hostage on Japanese harpoon ship offered whale meat for dinner

British anti-whaling protester held hostage on Japanese harpoon ship offered whale meat for dinner

British anti-whaling protester held hostage on Japanese harpoon ship offered whale meat for dinner

British anti-whaling protester held hostage on Japanese harpoon ship offered whale meat for dinner

Netherlands calls in US ambassador after criticism from Gates

Netherlands calls in US ambassador after criticism from Gates

Colombia hostage letters relay suffering

Kucinich decries GE-media conspiracy

U.S. forces Texas city to give up land for border fence

Petraeus says Iran still training Iraq militants

ACLU argues in Craig case that airport restroom sex is private

Speaker Pelosi Won't Help Foley Investigators

Levee report shocks city (Sacramento/Natomas)

Kenya police shoot three as opposition protests grow

White House reused e-mail tapes(backup computer tapes, including those in the CIA leak case)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 16

Tapes Destroyed Over CIA's Objections (according to Hoekstra after meeting with Rizzo)

Castro: I'm too ill for public life

Mexico: U.S. Vows Tougher Controls on Guns

Army: Deserter hurt in nightclub shooting

Friendly fire may have killed 3 from 101st

Corps defends actions in pregnant Marine case

100 re-enlist for 100th anniversary of Reserve

Bliss gets 10,000 tickets for football game

Long volunteer stints a heavy burden for wives

Rice: Surge helped root lasting Iraq ties

Full bonuses for wounded troops win support

Guard’s 285th Aviation Regiment to return

MP unit in Abu Ghraib case is not moving

Report: Chinese ships confronted Kitty Hawk

CNO calls for larger fleet at SNA conference

Multiskill ratings may be needed for LCS

Payments to Afghans detailed at MarSOC inquiry

Marine dies in non-hostile incident in Iraq

24th MEU singled out for Afghan duty

Keating calls for more transparency from China

You can wear current parkas with new ABUs

Autopsy: Carbon monoxide killed Travis couple

More C-5s to get infrared countermeasures

Iraqi Air Force could have fighters by 2011

Plan to limit base purchasing powers delayed

D.C. Guard helps protect Louisiana skies

Nasal spray could energize sleepy servicemembers

Admiral says expeditionary warfare should be made a career path

Combined Joint Task Force commander reflects on progress in Horn of Africa

Expert witness backs ‘shaken baby’ theory at Yokosuka court-martial

Baqouba community leader dies in car accident

Dec. 23 Army message on leaves, passes was meant to clarify existing policy

Bush approves extra Marines for Afghanistan

Group offering scholarships worth $5,000 to war veterans

Declining won leads to COLA dip in South Korea

Air Force captain’s son admits guilt in Okinawa rape case

Self-defense plea dropped; soldier gets jail for fight near Camp Casey

Eight Camp Casey soldiers arrested in pot sting

Ramstein airman to be tried in gang-related beating death of soldier

Navy SEALs to Get Smoother Riding Boats

Taliban Promises More Kabul Attacks

Attack on U.S. Car in Beirut Kills 4

Marine dad, Iraq vet to vie for House seat

Closing Enemy Windows of Opportunity

Iraqi defense minister says U.S. forces needed for 10 more years

Autopsy: Lauterbach Died From Head Trauma

Europe briefs: Court hears soldier filed false medical claims

More than half of H-1B visas go to India nationals

Worsening Economy Gives Obama and Hillary a Chance to Copy Edwards' Populist Ideas

The Story Behind CIA Tapes' Destruction

Failure Now An Option

On This Date In BushWorld History....BushCo and Enron, Lest We Forget

Charlie Wilson's flaw

India’s outsourcing hit hard as US economy falls apart

India’s outsourcing hit hard as US economy falls apart

Romney can never deliver what he promised Michigan – should politicians promise unrealistic heavens?

Iraqi Children Pay Heavy Price of War

A Supreme Court Reversal: Abandoning the Rights of Voters

Destroyed Torture Tapes Inquiry: Once Again, It's All About the Cover Up, Not the Crime

What Religion's Blind Stranglehold on America Is Doing to Our Democracy

Dishonest Abe

Almost 30% of energy use and 35% of CO2-emissions in China comes from the production of export goods

NYT editorial: A Quick Fix for Electronic Voting -- Rep. Rush Holt's bill

Robert Scheer: Those Ungrateful Saudis

Iraq, Anyone?

Garrison Keillor:...Start slinging that mud!

Blue-Collar Jobs Disappear, Taking Families’ Way of Life Along

Michigan's ability to vote was sacrificed so that the local party bosses could prove a point

Dean 2.0 - What Barack Obama owes to people-powered Howard

Stance on dress code stains Ahmadinejad

Military cohesion, social discord

Chez le Roi Punch et sa judy.

Single Women Flex Dem Muscle

Matt Taibbi: How Trivial Can the Media Make the Presidential Race?

Greenspan Signs On With Mortgage Profiteer

Worldwide, Liberty Declined In 2007, Freedom House Survey Finds

The Comeback Cry: Hillary Reconnects With Her “Feminine Side”

Outsourcing: India is not for everyone

Outsourcing a creeping threat to journalism

Conyers and 18 democrats request special prosecutor in missing CIA tapes case

Rep Bachmann: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’

Robert Fisk: Bloody reality bears no relation to the delusions of this President

Sen. Reid, head’s up on a new editor in town

How the Pentagon planted a false story

Imperial hubris: lessons for America

NYT Editorial: "A Quick Fix for Electronic Voting "

Pantomime time with Burrell! Hilarious.

John Kerry Deplores Nevada Lawsuit

The Cold War at the Bottom of the Planet to Save the Whales

Race and Gender in 2008 election

Tender Moment Brought To You By Mitt Romney

MSNBC Dem Debate Heckler - 15 Jan. 2008

Wexler Will Rock You

The Eloquence of Bill Clinton

Glenn Beck Accuses John Edwards Of Communism

Native American Revenge?

Hillary's Moratorium on Home Mortgages

Hillary flings poo regarding Obama and that C.O.O. President stuff

Bill'O:Talk Radio Interviews Ed Schultz

Bye Bye Clinton

Election Results (Monty Python)

Rachel Maddow lays out the differences in the three top Democratic candidates

Hearing on Utah Mine Tragedy - Families' Statements

Rep Bachmann: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’

Amending The Constitution For God

Wexler urges impeachment of Cheney (w/ Portuguese subtitles)

According To Time, Romney Found His Voice In MI---Is He Bush Part II?

Good cop Bad cop Provo-cop

California for Obama: Latino Leaders Endorse Sentor Obama

Mitt Romney Defends Himself Against Allegations Of Tolerance

John Edwards - Nevada Debate Reaction from NV focus group - 3/30 before to 15/30 after

Young voters energize election for Obama

MSNBC Democratic Debate in Las Vegas - 1/15/08

Kucinich demands Bush stop beating drums of war on Iran

What to Expect When You’re Free Trading

Can You Guess Which Lobby Is The Most Powerful In Washington D.C. ?

CNN's Cafferty Calls Kucinich 'A Feisty Little Dude'

Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda

Joe Bageant: Getting Out the Bling Vote; Dispatches from Kirby's Cool Spot in Belize

Support & Donate to John Edwards on FRIDAY JANUARY 18TH

Take that Obama girl

Leno, Maher interrupted by protesters (2-Kucinich and impeachment)

Queen warned Diana's butler of mysterious 'powers at work'

Obama Picks Reagan Over Bill Clinton

Full Context of Obama's Remarks on Reagan

Deal on Dams on Klamath Advances

Coal war in GD

Australia bans India uranium sale (crosspost)

Refrigerator and Freezer Decommissioning - Big Foot - Big Energy Savings!

Petition seeks Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger . . . (cross-post) . . .

Secret nuclear talks held at No 10

GE Global Research Demonstrates Scalable Low Cost, Nano-based Solar Cell ...

Barnes County wind project (200 MW) would be ND's largest

State of the World 2008: Innovations for a Sustainable Economy

John Edwards on Nuclear Power, Alternative Power, Coal Power

North American Bird Breeding Ranges Moving Quickly Northward - Conservation Biology Article

University Of Sheffield Study - Greenland's Rapid Melting Tied To Broad Climate Warming

"Plumbing" Issues May Explain Sudden Lurches Forward In Alaskan, Greenland Glaciers - AFP

In GD and LBN: Bush exempts Navy from environmental law

Simple carbon emissions math problem:

Brazil's Government Pleads For 10 Years To Stop Ag. Sector Deforestation - Reuters

Lush Green Lawns, Blooming Cowslips And Emerging Mushrooms - January w/o Winter In Sweden - AFP

Will the World's Oceans Be Our Next Drinking Tap?

(San Jose) Mayor: 'Green Tech' Can Save City, World

Klamath River Deal Reached, But Tribe, Some Environmentalists Denounce It As Agribusiness "Sellout"

UK Environment Agency Issues 181 Flood Watches, 63 Flood Warnings In South & Wales - Independent

State's Largest Private Solar Array (75.6 kW) Goes Live on NCSU Campus

Southern China Edging a Power Crisis

Total guilty of French oil spill (BBC) {in 1999}

As We Drain Mediterrenean Of Fish, Livelihoods & Catches Collapse, But No Cuts In Capacity - CSM

Dozens Of Pissed-Off Scientists Swarm Capitol To Talk About Bush Interference In Policy, Science

The Failure of Climate Change Economics

EPA Recognizes Clean Energy Initiatives for Turning Landfills into Community Assets and Cutting Gree

United Natural Foods Installs New England's Largest (550 kW) Solar Electric System

China to be biggest wind turbine manufacturer by 2009 (10 GW/year)

A surge for energy research at MIT

Xcel looking to expand solar rebate program (CO)

Bu$h Exempts Navy from Environmental Law

questions re: indoor gray-water systems

Japan demands ship safety, before protesters freed - Reuters

Wind briefly provides 25 pct of Spain's energy

Eating less meat would save emissions, like driving a Prius

Rabbit Amnesty

OPEC: Weak Dollar, US Refineries, Geopolitics, Evil Speculators, NOT Supply & Demand Behind Prices

Montana State University researcher finds renewed interest in turning algae into fuel

Saudi Schools Close, Pipes Freeze As Temps Hit Record Lows Of 21F - Novosti

Bush OKs Navy Use of Sonar to Kill Whales, Other Mammals

Remember Peak Helium? Without Supplies Of Key Gas, No MRIs, No Brain Scans

China Produced Less Coal Than Consumed In 2007; Shortages To Continue Into 2010 - Age

Will the Wolf survive?

ANALYSIS-Solar industry faces more supply, falling prices

In 2005, California produced less solar electricity than it did in 1990.

Topic subject Bush oil price 'begging' is 'pathetic' : Clinton

and Conyers was on the bandwagon!!

Democrats face off in high-stakes debate

King's son says Clinton erred- - But adds that controversy is overblown

John Nichols: Michigan's Ominous Message for Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Moratorium on Home Mortgages

Rasmusssen-Clinton 37% Obama 29% Edwards 16%

A great picture for Hillary fans.

men. women. black. white

Krugman critiques Obama's plan for SS

but seems like obama has some affection for reagan. What's up

Lewis and Rangel

Hillary on being a solutions-oriented leader-video

Today in labor history January 16

Proud of the Steelworkers and Coalminers

CWU workers win union representation

UNITE HERE Testimony at Congressional Hearing on Workplace Safety

Citigroup faces proxy pressure from union group

House Passes Mine Safety Bill Bush Plans to Veto + video family of miners killed at the Crandall

Presidential Emergency Board Backs Workers in Amtrak Contract Dispute

AFT Says Clinton Primary Win In Michigan Will Help Her Get Nomination, delegates will be seated

Nurses' union efforts die, 5 years and ballots not counted

Non-union members covered by our MOU

Construction Worker Deaths Spike

State of the union-bashers

Mine-safety bill sent to Pa. Senate

Resurgent unions and the global economy

Stronger OSHA, unions promote safer workplace

Nevada Teacher’s Union Says Suit Is About Fairness For All Workers (disenfranchise workers)

NYT: A Campaign With Echoes From 1968

Short on Fund-Raising, Red Cross Will Cut Jobs

Edwards looks for help in Nevada (Clinton's early lead in Nevada polls has evaporated)

270,000 Mexican miners, steelworkers plan walkout

Breaking-JACKSONVILLE Symphony Lockout is Over

McCain's office will be full of union activists (today 1-16-08)

AG's office finds child labor violations at 31 mall stores

Court Case Could Alter Nev. Outcome

Dana, Delphi cases highlight union relations

Management Mag Shows How Employers Fear Employee Free Choice Act


George Oilwellian

Qassam salvo hits western Negev

The End of the Road for George W. Bush (Chris Hedges)

Faction pulls out of Israel government

Mubarak to Bush: Palestinian issue is core of Mideast conflict

Karma Kosher Conscripts in New-Age Diaspora Seek Refuge in Goa

Study: Most Sderot kids exhibit post-traumatic stress symptoms

Israeli Airstrike On Gaza Misses Target, Kills 12-Year-Old Boy, Father, Uncle

Settlers burn Palestinian home while army uproots trees in Hebron

Abbas: Israeli raid 'a massacre'

Israel evacuates two W. Bank outposts

Fidel Castro's Reflections: "An Epiphany Gift"

FARC takes yet more hostages

More on Miami terrorists from Cuba State Newspaper - GRANMA

Buddy, Can You Spare a Billion?

NewPage to shut down some operations, eliminate about 660 jobs

We've run out of bubbles

Inflation rate worst in 17 years... no shit sherlock

Consumers strained by price surge last year

US Supreme Court decision shields criminal corporations from lawsuits.

Insurance friendly Fla. suspends Allstate's business license

7-year plan aligns U.S. with Europe's economy

And the "Captain Obvious" Award goes to.... - opponents of Mont county MD transgender bill

Funny or stupid? Gay Comic

Brokeback Mountain was not the first gay western!

Just unsubscribed from Obama's e-mail list. Here's my reason to him:

Prominent gay activist tries to drum up support for Obama - Jerry Cade

This is interesting

Lee L. Mercer posts

More info on Jill Biden's accident

Democrats face off in high-stakes debate: Obama, Clinton blame aides, surrogates for controversy

Clinton coasts to Democratic victory in Michigan, but 'uncommitted' gets 39 percent of tally

Kucinich staff forced to call Homeland Security on stalker/opponent

The Good The Bad The Funny (mind alchemy)

Starchild Earthlog Coping with the Big Stretch...and more Water Magic

A possibly useful alternative healing post:

The Intenders of the Highest Good

The difference between Spirituality and Religion


Did New England let Parcells shop for the groceries?

Did Palmeiro take steroids before his 300th hit?

Tony Sparano - Miami Dolphins new Head Coach

Hot Damn, I'm Going To The NFC Championship Game On Sunday!

Gridiron Theater: great NYT story on Giants-Packers

Colts Fans Boo Kid

How long have you beat your wife?

Does Greg Williams get the Redskins' job?


The 2008 Presidential Candidates’ Health Reform Proposals

whey protein -- pros and cons

Still think that the FDA are the good guys,

Mama MorningGlow wants to brag for a moment if you'll indulge me

Q: How could chelation get worse?

Anyone who STILL thinks our current Health Care System is the best...

NJ Post Election Audit Signed Into Law...But Corzine's Signing Statement Questions Sampling Method

Top hospitals put unorthodox therapies into practice

Hillary's Votes Higher From Diebold Machines Even Controlling for Demographics

Sen Kerry: Let the People Vote (RE: Culinary Workers Union)

New York Times OpEd on Rush Holt's Emergency Bill

What would you like on your HR811

What is the estimated timeframe for the recount in New Hampshire? Does anyone know?

New -ARS Technica's Analysis: Clinton, Obama and New Hampshire by the numbers

Vote counting strategy: announce that we'll randomly spot check 30 districts, don't say which ones

I just got an email saying the Recount is OFF

Pew Center-Awards $2.5 Million to Improve US Elections-Election Reform-Fraud & Related News 1/16/08

GOP to privately meet on Democrat's voting proposal - Cuyahoga Cty, Ohio

Experts Discuss NH Primary on Radio: Listen to this!

PBS Newshour (1/16/08) devotes significant time to voting machines!!!

Here are the NH municipalities which use the "ACCUVOTE" machines:

Election Count back on $55,600 white knight check given

GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland

Recount is NOT OFF

Ocean rocket returns to business (BBC)

Would it be theoretically possible to create a person using some bear genes

1-ton rodent was size of small car (CNN)

Self-destructing palm tree discovered in Madagascar


IMO: Dreams are the root of belief in soul, spirituality and religion.

Erbarme dich, mein Gott

Huckabee in SC on MSNBC talking about Kool Aid and

How about adding an "anti-blasphemy" amendment to the Constitution?

Had an amazing Turkish meal tonight!

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

Could someone help me understand the implications of this problem?

The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

A recommended clarification of contest rules...

The Buddha of the Snow

Fun with long exposures and laser pointers

Wish I could take photos like these!:

Pan Cubano - I'm going to try making some

NBC Wants Hillary in WH, Isnt it Obvious?

What to expect from a NH Recount and Why

Inquisition at JPL

'Darkest ever' material created

How to Take Action on Holt and Fix Our Elections

Guardsman guilty of illegally transferring 'machine gun' after firearm malfunctions

“Bush administration backs gun regulation”. * joins forces with gun-grabbing Dem Senators.

Able Danger....

Teardrop in the Rain - A song I wrote - Please listen

NIST: Our First Official WTC-7 Analysis Might Be Completed Before the 7th Anniversary of 9/11!

Pentagon Planted Bogus Iran Speedboat Story?

Richard Gage Response to Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Keep Austin Blue: Thursday, January 17

Kerry's MA tour - continued

So the "Vietnam Veterans against Kerry" group has now set up "Vietnam Veterans against McCain"

JK to stump for Obama in NV

deleted - Tay beat me to it

Oh, this is nice: great diary on Kos to rec right now!!

Waaaay OT: John McCain on Global Warming Consequences

Sen Kerry weighs in on Nevada voting lawsuit on TPM

JK at Harvard Today

Bach-Mental at it again: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’ And ‘Longer Hours’

1/25 *Support the troops who refuse to fight!*

How much do guns mean to you in this upcoming election?

Very Informal meet up for the Minneapolis Area DUers...

Another wrinkle on the Nigerian e-mail scam.

I got that stupid email today

TPM: John Kerry: Let the People Vote (Nevada lawsuit)

Video about Bob Johnson I found (warning: a few nude shots)

Reno Gazette-Journal Interview

DailyKos presidential straw poll to vote in:

Conservatives sign $1.4-billion cargo plane contract

via rodeodance: Netherlands calls in US ambassador after criticism from Gates

Nuclear safety watchdog head fired for 'lack of leadership': minister

Dion accuses cabinet minister of security breach, calls for resignation

KOEB Meeting: 01/16/ 08 -- I'm Bringin' Sexy Back Edition

My question for the day: Is it "triangulation" if...

Roll call? Who reads the Barack Obama Group

Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds split ALREADY after two weeks being married

Dixie Chicks - Here's my song

Kucinich or Edwards-please explain best strategy

Tom Cruise

Joke from Humanist News

X-post from GD:P, RE: O vs. HRC.

I'm Goin' To The NFC Championship Game This Sunday!

So why am I not terrified of cloned foods?