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Archives: January 11, 2008

EXCITING NEWS Nightline: Stem cell therapy for pets outpaces that for humans

U.S. Plans to BOMB IRAN move forward

GOP rivals back tax, spending cuts in SC

GOP Rivals Back Tax, Spending Cuts in SC (Republican Debate)

Bush ends first Israel, West Bank visit in footsteps of Jesus

Kenya opposition to resume nationwide protests

Brown pushes for food bank funding

Chertoff to Announce National ID Standards (REAL ID)

Campaigning here, Clinton goes over Culinary’s head

Bush ends peace mission without breakthroughs

Former consultant to (Republican) state senator arrested

Pat Robertson says his attorneys are looking into bid for The Virginian-Pilot

GAO: Coast Guard stretched too thin to protect oil, LNG tankers

Musharraf Warns U.S. Not To Trespass

ElBaradei, in Iran, urges faster nuclear cooperation

Putin Appoints Firebrand As Russia's NATO Envoy

Rolls-Royce plans global job cuts

Top Giuliani staffers to go without pay

Skating champion (Christopher) Bowman, 40, found dead

Bush: U.S. could "easily" be in Iraq for 10 years

Gold tops $900 an ounce

Yes, NYC new public toilet is a big deal

LAS VEGAS STOP: Clinton pitch hits home Democratic hopeful goes door to door

A first Snow falls in Baghdad

Most of $4.5B in Gulf Coast aid unspent

Bush: I would run as 'agent of change'

Poll: McCain Catches Rudy — In New York

Bank of America to buy Countrywide

Interpol's head 'to be charged'

U.S. appeals court dismisses Guantanamo torture suit

O.J. Simpson Held on Bail Violation

Correction: Congressman probe story (Rep. Jerry Lewis)

Judge says Dennis Kucinich can't be on Texas ballot

Kucinich asks for NH recount, but he'll have to pay for it

Weinstein Company Makes a Deal With Guild Writers

U.S. stocks sink on write-downs in financials

Major Circuit City shareholder sells nearly all its stock in company (10%)

Pollsters have a plan for Nevada: Skip it

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 11

US Consumer Confidence Sinks to Record Low

Pentagon releases video of naval clash

US's triple-A credit rating 'under threat'

Nine state parks in Bay Area picked for closure (CA)

Sri Lanka rejects Tiger offer to abide by truce

Security Council condemns attack on UN convoy in Darfur

MySpace suicide teen: neighbour could be charged

World Bank boss in row over Kibaki

Spitzer administration to close four prisons

Nepal's Constituent Assembly polls on April 10: Government

Democrats Looking At Tax Rebates, Benefit Boosts And Public Works To Stimulate Economy

Court overturns Iraq war protester's (Cindy Sheehan) conviction

HIV BREAKTHROUGH: 270 Proteins that Could Halt the Virus Detected

Bush: U.S. could "easily" be in Iraq for 10 years

Bush: I would run as 'agent of change'

Mysterious crowd suddenly stopped Bhutto's car, officer says

White House times arms sale, Bush trip (20 billion to Saudi)

NH to Recount Primary Votes

Tiffany’s Downturn Jolts Luxury Retailing

Bill Clinton: Obama No 'Fairy Tale'

Carl's Jr. Founder Carl Karcher Dies At Age 90

The governor's budget cuts nearly every state department (California)

Man in anti-smoking ads still smokes

PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect

Big Media Moguls Beginning To Exact Revenge On Pro-WGA Hollywooders

Voice from Iran incident may be regional pest

Bush Considers Tax Rebate for Low, Middle-Income Earners to Revive Growth

Snow falls on Baghdad - hailed as 'omen'

Banks Plead They Can’t Follow Rules

Lavish Payout, Perks for Failed Mortgage CEO(Countrywide)

Cleveland sues lenders over subprime

17 states stuck in license showdown

US winemakers seek to reduce alcohol content

Fed pledges to act to counter market turmoil

US Navy Fired Warning at Iranian Craft

New ID rules may complicate air travel

Zoo safety questioned again after near-escapes of snow leopard and polar bear

Clinton to propose $70 billion stimulus: report (first stim. plan to come from candidates)

Baghdad embassy's fire-fighting system is defective

Bush: US should have bombed Auschwitz

81 protesters arrested at Supreme Court

Marion Jones Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

Missing pregnant Marine was killed, sheriff says

US corporate elite fear Edwards

NBC un-plugs Kucinich from Presidential Debate

Toyota Prius sales pass Ford Explorer

Japan PM forces navy bill through

Is there reliable safe fast-acting products what will enhance my


Live one in GD

I can't help it.

My four year-old niece on the NH Primary....

I find it very hard to deal with people who try to "fix" me

Anyone else with NO tits?

Ready or not here it comes -- Fight Club, the Musical

Has your Facebook account been disabled without warning?

Hey, Oedi! Breaking out the Python show DVDs tonight

To my mom, before I sleep.

Nothing goes better with coffee then..

Here's one cover that's better than the original...

Make Me a Supermodel

My insanity lead to wonder

Well...I quit my job tonight.

I'm having some ice cream, anyone else want some?

>>>>> Grateful Dead appreciation thread

Hillary dies

Who Knew Tumeric Roots Were So Hard

LISTEN!!!1111 To what the flower people say

What the deuce?

Good morning DU....

Anyone else think Dr. Drew is 'the man' ?

Hillary dies

Wisconsin couple to have TV in church for the Packer game

7:00 am January 11th, Massachusetts ..... THUNDER STORM!

Happy Birthday Albert Hofmann, "inventor" of LSD.....102 Years Old Today

Okay, I can't hold it in anymore.

God/Goddess gave us cats to be our little friends. nt

Anyone else with NO cats?

My ego needed spanking, so I took a head shot. Oh. My. God.

Britney's oldest son bit his little brother during the standoff with K-Fed's bodyguards and the cops

Designer Vaginas Anyone?

Somebody better sit midlo down and break this news to her

If my call really is important to them, how come they don't hire enough people

%^*&%@^ (Godda&%#*Mothe&#$^() &$ing Forgot the &*%^%

nutrisystem egg update

%In-^*&%-a-^ (-Godda-&%#*-da-vida&#$^() &$honey! Dontcha know &*%^%

"We should have bombed it," Bush said

Du'ers who wear make-up: Did you notice any significant changes in your skin tone

Our little girl is gone for the weekend

CNBC anchor Erin Burnett -- HIGH fuckin' maintenance

Questions you always wanted to ask DUers but thought they were to silly to ask

I would be interested in your reactions to

In Your Face With A Fender Bass

given that i don't have a teenager or pre-teen in my house . . .

Wesley Snipes failed to pay taxes on $37.9 million, tried to get fraudulent refunds for $11 million

Cats Glide to Easy Win in Atta Boy (old article, but amusing)

Has this dude been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet?

Odd set of bumper stickers on one car: Goddess Bless You and Rudy 2008?

What the lounge needs is some R&B says me

How come nobody raves about Charlene Tilton any more?

I WANT YOU TO WANT ME (the Cheap Trick Appreciation thread)

Happy(?) Birthday, Howard Stern. Go get stoned, you big dope.

Anyone else with no brats?

Anyone Try Tongkat Ali?

The Millionaire Matchmaker

Heating oil $3.60 gallon

I got no cats, no brats, no tats.

I WANT YOU TO ______ ME (the Cheap Trix Appreciation thread)

Ahhh that's much much better

I'm in too good of a mood today to put up with any crap from _________

The DeposeTheBoyKing appreciation thread!

Self delete. Reposted in GD.

Please don't send this to the Lounge!

Check out this funny help wanted posting I found

PUN FRIDAY! Have Pun with it

Someone spelled my name wrong on a check

For "House" fans, "A Bit of Fry and Laurie"

I hate spam

How come nobody raves about Loren Toews any more?

How come nobody raves about Lorne's Toes any more?


Anyone having gmail problems today?

How come nobody raves about Sophia Loren's Toes anymore?

How Long Should You Indulge Crazy?

I have the worst back pain ever!

I need a wand

Post your favorite Roller Skating songs

How to Get out of a Car Without Getting Shocked by Static Electricity

I have been on hold for over an hour

And now, it's time for Democratic cat/Republican cat!

new_beawr with a possible week ending DUzy

I'm full

Time out... I need a f*****

That's it... I need a f*cking time out from _________

How come nobody raves anymore?

If I see locusts, 4 horseman or have an earthquake


How come nobody rants anymore?

i love reading The Good Book. Does this make me strange?

Looks like we Loungers aren't buying enough cars...

Who Else Is An Annoying Co-Worker?

they grow

I want a pet

Designer Pajamas Anyone?

Wow, the squeeky wheel is really greasy now

F'n downpour out there, thunder, lightning...

What's worse than Dr. Phil showing up by your gurney?

When's DAD comin' home?

Holy Crap

Most Annoying Songs Of 2007

"Please don't send this to the Lounge"

Designer Reginas Anyone?

Holy Carp


Dammit, I go to all the trouble of making a pithy 'motivational' sign

How about some Friday afternoon weird association...

Unknowing twins marry each other

Anyone else with NO tats?

Any Adobe GoLive experts here?

I cant open my email everyday without getting hounded with ads for a "bigger penis"

Anyone heard any good new music?

Well, I am now the Treasurer of our neighborhood civic club, the former one retired last night.

What movie quote has crossed your mind recently?

I have a somewhat serious question. Hypothetically if i were to collect donations

Anyone seen the movie "June Bug"?

You will explode

i love reading phonebooks. Does this make me strange?

Laughing Baby--this could cheer almost anyone up

i'm going to play the lottery today.

Suffering from MGO?

How can I capture a video from a tv news web site to keep? About my Dad

Anyone seen the movie "Bug"

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Tattoos that is...


BIG bottoms banned in Beijing: China prepares Olympic hostesses

When you are depressed , you just suck the energy out of people

Just So there is NO misunderstanding:

Unknowing Siamese twins marry each other

That's it... I need a fucking time out from GDP.

Howard Stern, full 3-segment long interview on Letterman from tonight (bashes scab Leno, Huckabee)

How about some Friday afternoon word association...

Psychics of DU - check in for your daily message and let me know how you feel about it

Just when i thought the Nutra system "I'ma a size twoooooo" ad was the worst, they've gone one worse

Iz making Chili for the Pats game tomorrow!

House cleaning can be emotionally therapeutic, yes?

LoZoccolo is kicking some butts in GD


Re: My Dad, thank you to everyone who posted in my first thread.

They day I posted something tacky in GD:P

Did you know you can get high on Nutmeg ?

Post the first two letters of you e-mail provider

How about some Friday night word association...

How come nobody farts like Robert Tilton anymore?

Life Gets Away

Who Else Has Annoying Co-Workers?

LAPD issues restraining / emergency protective order: Britney must stay at least 100 feet from K-Tel

Business Is Finally Boomin!!!

So it's 3:20pm, should I get out of my pjs?

Why did Facebook disable my legtimate account?

WhooHoo - Just got a job offer

PG-13 level Post

Guaranteed to make you smile

Any VW Beetle Experts in da house?

Don't elect "the woman or the muslim."

Is it possible to get "excited" when drunk?

You know you've been in GD:P too long, when...(complete)

Anyone have a cell phone that uses a sim card that they are not using

Buy One Get 10 Free At LYnneSins Bar, and the DJ Plays this..

OMG!!! (not what you think)

No More 99x In Atlanta

Fsck it, I'm off for dinner. Asian or Mexican?

Remember when I was complaining about that trainer at my gym

It's Friday night and i remembered to buy beer.

Twins separated at birth end up married to each other

Anyone ever have a partial knee replacement?

Me-LOW fuckin' maintenance

The Bar is OPEN... Butt

Hey, baby, qué pasó? It's the Doug Sahm Memorial Earworm Thread!

Webcams- which ones are easy to use, not too much $$$

On tap Tonight at Tavernertavern: AleSmith YuleSmith Holiday Ale


Pick a number from 1 to 10

Have you ever REPLIED ALL to one of those Forwarded Emails

Who Else Likes Annoying Co-Workers?

Years later.....

Wow! Ian Hunter looks surprisingly good

Superman's a fucking dick.

I'm sorry

The Bar is opened and fully stock - post your poison of choice for tonight

crappy cell phone photo: they tore down cabrini green and put in a community organic garden

R.I.P. ... I lost my gecko during the war on terrariums ...

Star Trek Motivational Posters!

*sigh* (cryptic post warning and dial-up warning)

Pet thread

Vista veterans - Any way to make everything Vista look like XP

For your listening pleasure...


Dog retrieves his best friend - a dead cat buried in the garden

So who got the cookie today?

Radio Lady Reviews: The Bucket List (Opens January 11, 2008 in wide release)

Kitteh was a projectile vomiting machine this morning!

Radio Lady Reviews: There Will Be Blood (Opens January 11, 2008 in wide release)

Geeks!: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/11/2008)

Is DU General Discussion essentially an echo-chamber?

Worst intra-forum DU rivalry?

An interesting night had I tonight - BTW, boycott "Womans' World" magazine...

Do I smell troll in here, or is it dirty socks?

Maybe the stupidest "marketing idea" EVER.

Anyone know how OPERATIONMINDCRIME is doing????

My girlfriend just got a Dyson

Movie - "Talk To Me" and Petey Green

No one deserves hurt or verbal abuse based on simple sex.

My 2nd oldest sister was rushed to the hospital 2 hours ago

No one deserves hurt or verbal abuse based on simple disagreement.

Oh my god!!!!

I'm in too good of a mood today to put up with any crap from GD/GDP

Why do people get body piercings?

Coming to a bottom near you: pantorexia

My youngest cat went outside today, she has before but was always afraid.

"Don't cover me up. I'm f***ing hot."

Something unholy just happened in GD


That's it!!! I'm getting a barking collar for this thing!

Visited Trader Joe's Today and I have a new candy obsession now

(PICS) I'm Posting Naked Too:

Screwby Doo, where are you?

my bil just emailed me, i got good news and bad news.

Sex: Who else is doing it?


Snag this little 90s gem used, if you can:

My girlfriend just got a Dyson Sphere

Bonzai Bonsai

PlayDog's January centerfold

I can't get my digital cable going. No Dig cable = no REAL TIME.

What happened to SouthlandShari?

Something beautiful: Morphing Muses

So who is multi-tasking tonight?

I went to the beach today

Online Banking: Who else is doing it?

My daughter's school Principal told my wife this is hilarious.

twist the speedometer cable off the end n/t

Thank you to all the MySpacers who added me last night and this morning.

Friday Night Post What Ever teh Fuck Picture You Want thread

Monks banjoist Dave Day has died

What does it take women forever to put on makeup

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/11/08 (warning: very graphic language)

Awwww...look how pretty my baby girl is!

The Official Monthly Spinal Tap Appreciation & Quotation Thread

Here's a word game, with some DUers. Hope you love it!

In light of some discussion on racism and sexism on GDP

Enter interesting coordinates for Google Earth

A couple of days ago I asked for good vibes for my sister...

Darwin Awards: Macho Men!

And they call it Puppy Love

Thomcat and I saw "The Whomping Willows."

How come nobody rents anymore?

Knock, Knock jokes -- I need some!!

Boston has a new resident and

Graduate school application nightmare (a bit of a rant.)

Musicals for people who hate Musicals

Freeze your credit!

What's the best way to reveal yourself as a DU noob?

Favorite Star Trek 'Monster' or Villain

How come nobody raves about Lauren Tewes any more?

Blazing Saddles...

The DUzys are delayed!

i love reading cookbooks. Does this make me strange?

My Siamese cat is really, really sick


Online Boinking: Who else is doing it?

I got a new kitten -- get your kitty cuteness fix here

I might as well draw first blood -- GO SEAHAWKS!

What's the next book you plan on reading

Oregon woman arrested for DUI has BAC of .72

I could not take my eyes off it - VH1's Celebrity Rehab

Show us YOUR interesting/funny youtube videos - made, shot or edited by you!!

real chili.....with beans or without beans

temeah's dirty little secret

Show a $250,000 Home for sale in your city

Why Do People Get Body Piercings?

Birds of Prey popularity contest: Eagles, hawks, falcons, ospreys, or owls?

Have you heard of " Red Fridays"?

Harry Chapin - Taxi. What are you listening to?

Ground cumin is a great spice!

Christopher Bowman, 2x American Figure Skating champ dead at 40

I'm gettin' Rudy's, goin' to have some BBQ

My brother may get treated with Interferon

Salt air...

Post one interesting thing about yourself

@@@@@@@@@@ CABCERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 @@@@@@@


Hillary is DEAD!!!!!!!

Comeback? I read Frud took his ginko biloba, stayed awake during the debate.

Test your knowledge of Guantanamo (join 1/11 rallies to close it)

I forgot that there was a Barack Hussein Obama SENIOR.

Will Hillary Get The Women's Sympathy Vote Because The Women On Celebrity Apprentice Are Losing?....

Tweety in Elementary School???

Damn, They's getting uppity now those darn N***ras,,,

Japan, like Canada, battles to clear commitments to wars

In this order: Huckabee, Romney, McCain, Thompson, Paul, Guiliani...

If we could read Jimmy Carter's mind....

Hmmm, on Nightline they just said NO Pub has ever won the presidency

Why the fraud red herring?

LOL... Howard Stern Pwnd David Letterman tonight! (still on)

"Peace" .For Our Own Safety. We need it now.

So which Puke bags Michigan?

I was informed that Huckabee is a Republicrat

Former Guantanamo Detainees Deliver Letter To 10 Downing Street

Hillary dies

Only one thing could persuade me to vote for Obama in the primaries:

Bill Clinton LOST Iowa AND New Hampshire in 1992!

It can be fun to google your screen name.

Kucinich did NOT ask for a recount.

Nightmare Scenario

"Coalition warship number 73, this is an Iranian patrol,"

I have finally figured out who Ron Paul reminds me has been bothering me for months!

The truth about the economy and Republican strategy

Iran: Bush's Tonkin Gulf Tale Unravels

France Best, U.S. Worst in Preventable Death Ranking

Since when is demanding democracy being a sore looser?

Mr. Rich family and Mr. Poor Family

NH Primary Results and Polls: Interview with Pew Research

Al-Qaeda media arm produces promotional mug

An O' Reilly moment from the past I wish I had on tape

Is Maureen Dowd doing more damage than Fox News?

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? Is Anybody Looking At Condi?

CSPAN - scripture quoting floridians now asking questions

Huge contracts awarded to former AG Ashcroft questioned by Judiciary committee

Can you all just stop for one second?..You are needed...

fox news is taking a beating on c-span wj

Tweety on with Joe Scab this morning..."The Democrats lied."

Most of $4.5B in Gulf Coast aid unspent

McClatchy: U.S. counterfeiting charges against N. Korea based on shaky evidence

Horses Spared in U.S. FaceDeath Across the Border

Stephanie Miller Will Be Talking To Dennis

Hillary Clinton is the guest for entire hour on Meet the Press

Non-government government. Crony government. What are we going to call it?

On MTP will Tim Russert;

Pollsters have a plan for Nevada: Skip it

Interesting numbers from NH

Probes at NASA plummet under its current IG accused of mismanagement

DU wits! Need your help in a birthday "roast" for my Republican brother in law!

Happy(?) Birthday, Rush Limbaugh. Go get stoned, you big dope.

Anti-tax Google ad keeps showing up

Shalom, Y'all!

Happy(?) Birthday, Howard Stern. Go get stoned, you big dope.

The Century of the Self

Kucinich calling for recount...

I heard a rumor that McCain and Thompson were both vying for a big endorsement..

Another Sad Bush Anniversary: Gitmo

Daily Show Correspondent Interview

Consumer Federation of America Report: Property insurers fleece public

Very strange, very loud thunder and lightening just north of Providence, RI this morning

The Surge in Delusions Is Working

The Quality of Terra: A Proposal

Baghdad: "Now the city is more Somalia than Sacramento"

FCC OKs Deal to Take Largest US Radio Broadcaster Private

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Deadbeat FBI

Figure skater Christopher Bowman found dead

Nice Trip yesterday

What good are Pundit Polls

Ezra Klein: Libertarians and racism.

Army clears officer court-martialed for Abu Ghraib - He will make someone a great neighbor

Snow in Bagdhad

So seriously - why isn't Obama asking for the recount?

Ruh-roh, MSNBC reporting some of Guiliani's campaign staff is now working for no pay

Tax question . . .

Chertoff just starting speaking on cspan1--Nat. ID project.

Islamabad turns white

My Letter to Chris Van Hollen

Hillary Clinton could have earned my vote and support with a single act of INTEGRITY.

ACLU Says FBI Can’t Manage Checkbook

Corporate tax (trickle down)

Who do you think appeals to "Independents" better, Obama or McCain?

Former Blackwater employees get probation for possession of stolen weapons

Bush determined to make tax cuts permanent

Jimmy Carter: I Got What America Needs Right Here

George Bush's war strategy

Space Invaders: Five Million Aliens for Hillary-by Greg Palast

Bush: I would run as 'agent of change'

Okay so last night my wife and I are off to the Tile store to get more

Why are so many political posts showing up here while there is a GD-Politics Forum just for them?

Waxman: TSA Website Exposed People to ID Theft

== How to get drunk at the airport = By Mark Morford

I'm voting republican in primaries

Oil Crisis As 308,000 Barrels of oil Go Missing, According to Audit

McCain wants to use "Reagan's Pen" to

Loser? Been Down So Long, It looks Like Up To Me.

A Gathering Of "Reasonable Conservatives"

The 2007 State of Privacy Map

"The surge is working" means primarily:

Sliming Obama - Newsweek debunks nasty emails going around

The missing marine is dead

Happy Birthday Gitmo

I watched part of that long sad news conference about the Marine who died

This speaks for itself

I don’t care about partisanship or parties. What matters to me is policies-by David Michael Green

Atlantic city reports first decline in casino gambling revenue since 1978

I'm VERY CONCERNED about Obama's

"IF THE U.S. leaves Iraq, the violent sectarianism between the Sunni and Shia will worsen"

A&N stores to close after 139 years in business (still family owned)

Flashback: Bush 'plotted to lure Saddam into war with fake UN plane'

Clara Rojas, Consuelo Gonzalez free at last

blip tv-bushTV/Link

Talk about "entitlement" ----why are WE paying for Shrub's "personal pilgrimages"?!1

Pentagon, Big Pharma: Drug Troops to Numb Them to Horrors of War

Just got home and found a bag with a t-shirt on my door from

The following is an actual quote from

dupe. please delete

Supply Side Economics Thoroughly Debunked

Where will Edwards finish in the SC primary?

U.S. ranks near bottom in 2007 International Privacy Ranking

Madre: Murders of Women in Iraq Cannot Be Explained by ‘Cultural’ Reasons

Typical American ... and the thought of a national ID ... (rant)

No Recount Please-By Nancy Tobi (X)

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

I Am A Edwards Supporter

9/11 cow has been milked dry!!!!!

When Barack and Hillary Share Our National Ticket, Some Over Zealous Posts Here Will Hurt Them.

US-Iranian naval clash: 'Filipino Monkey' strikes again

please make sure that your representative has signed on with the Protect America's Wildlife Act

Should Suspended Golf Channel Analyst Have to Explain Herself


Freeze your credit!

Since when does FoxNews have a sex advice column?

AFP: Separated-at-birth twins get married

Cleveland's baseball stadium renamed "Progressive Field" to honor Dennis Kucinich and all liberals

McCain and Lieberman wrong about Iraq yet again

Email from John Kerry

Something to look forward to....

Is there any reason why new plastic should ever have to be created again?

New moving coming out, "Stop-Loss" - anyone see the trailer?

FWIW: Bill Clinton will be on Al Sharpton's radio show @ 3 p.m. to discuss Clinton's

Could anything be worse than the health care disaster we have now?

Look at all the happy economic news on Bloomberg Financial's homepage:

What ever happened to the weather rating the air quality ?

Repress U: How to build a homeland security campus in seven easy steps.

More timeless wisdom from the great Howard Zinn: America’s Blinders

Ret. Army Gen.: Are we not actually setting Iraq up for a worse civil war?

Bush's Iran threat is being exposed as bogus and

Thunder and lightning in CT in January

Jefferson's Quote of the Day

Today's stark comparison: Hillary and Rudy

Snow in Baghdad for the first time in memory

Today's weirdness: electrical fault switches Philly radio station from Sinatra to the Rolling Stones

Maybe some of you don't mind the circle of friends in Washington

John Dean's prescription for fixing the primary process

Anyone have a New York Times link re: the faking of the Iran speedboat attack reporting?

Something is up with Giuliani's campaign... they are skipping several primaries to start in FL?

I found something really cool

Oh okay now it all makes $en$e-Why Blackwaer gassed US troops

Genarlow Wilson to attend Morehouse College

Official transcript of the Straits of Hormuz navy/speedboat incident

Recount rules from the SOS of NH

Merill Lynch is going to shake up Wall Street today - $15B write down!!

Caption *!

MSNBC: That missing pregnant Marine is dead, another

It's snowing in Baghdad!

Interesting ad from Pakistan International Airlines

Our taxes are audited, Companies get audited -- but audit an election???

NO ONE can stop the neo con's war. Ever. No sense even trying.

Oreo's Superdelegate list as of January 10, 2008

A Halliburton data-dump thread

Amid accusations of misogyny, Matthews slams 'View' hosts

Abu Ghraib Officer: Probe Was Incomplete

Police Arrest 71 Protesters in Guantanamo Protest at Supreme Court

Can we give some thought to who we don't want for VP . . . let me start ---

Bush's Deliberate and intended Policy. Escalate tensions with Iran.

Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel

If you like the entree, here comes the main course. Option ARMS fiasco.

math question.... does 2nd and 3rd beat 1st?

True or False: Yoko Ono & Linda McCartney were the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

random thoughts on the week

The many signs of Latent Republicanism

MSM grasping at straws to make huge hate fight between HC and Obama

McClatchy: Baghdad $740M embassy's fire-fighting system is defective (still)

O'Reilly: "I Should Be" On The Supreme Court

California Du'ers, have you seen the proposed budget cuts? And Arnold is trying to suspend prop 98

Suggestion for a DU upgrade

Market tanks AGAIN

Nader Endorsed Edwards? That's Nice...

Ann Coulter Kills at Her Father's Funeral

George W. Bush: "I ain't got it yet"

one way (out of many) tabulators can screw up with no intended fraud...actual news story

Nov. 5, 2004: Michael Moore's letter to supporters

From my Utah Mommy list:

Chris Matthews on Hillary: "I hate her. I hate her."


Give me your best Caption...

EXCITING NEWS Nightline: Stem cell therapy for pets outpaces that for humans

Roseanne blasts Oprah & Barack -

Suharto -Mass Murderer/Strong US ally, to die soon of natural causes.

NY Post column SHITS on John Edwards re Nataline Sarkisyan

The bigger ego belongs to

Are the PC defenders of minorities in reality this?...

Hand counts differ significantly from Diebold counts in NH

O’Reilly: ‘I should be’ on the Supreme Court.

I know of course he has only won

So where did that voice come from? (Iranian patrol boats and American warships )

The Republican debate choir.

I haven't asked this in a while...

Poison for both the Clinton and Obama campaigns

NH hand counts and optical counts are mirror images

"We're gonna change the tone in Warshington"

Kerry endorses Obama because of the 2004 STOLEN election!

US Chamber of Commerce Health Care Reform Plan for 2008

JUDGE OKs-Lawsuit Ordering-VA To Provide IMMEDIATE Medical/Psychological Help To Returning Troops

Supreme Court Will Review Millionaire's Amendment, Meant to Level Playing Field in Campaigns

A Woman Absolutely Can - and Did - Run This Country: Edith Wilson

Now here's a conspiracy theory for you regarding NH


We have officially been invaded

Hey, it's been almost 30 seconds since we've had an "Any Dem is better than any Repuke" post!

Is Fear Mongering over an Aging Population Really about SS Privatization?

Who wants a street full of walls anyway?

"So, whaddya wanna do tonight, Brain?"

Can anyone offer any proof that Edwards dropping out of the race would help Obama?

Yo, fellow undecideds, how much did the Kerry endorsement make a difference

As Much As I Hate The Man Anne Coulter ....

Judge Kent all smiles back at Galveston court - after suspension for sexual harrassment and...

Obama says he's been against war from the start

Bill bans swearing in bars. But if I go outside, I might offend the smokers!

Twins separated at birth met and married

Ed Shultz says...

John McCain: “All They Want to Trade is Burkas”


Legitimate question...How will Clinton and Obama supporters feel

Exactly what happens when the Olympic Committee "strips" someone of their medals?

A little levity.. new show on the horizon for Tucker Carlson & Chris Matthews

New Hampshire Secretary of State Contact Info...

So my husband has cancer; why am I getting a bill for $989?

What is wrong with "Kumbaya"? Nothing

Judy Woodruff

Bill Maher is back on tonight.

Mukasey purges more voting rights bamboozlers at DOJ.

From Bartcop...good advice, lets do it.

I'm shocked!

If you were a candidate and you saw a UFO, would you tell people that you saw it?

By the time all is said and done and we have the two canditates

JUDGE Rules: Defendants Including RUMMY-"Enjoyed Qualified Immunity" For Torture

Missing soldier in Iraq promoted to sergeant

Japan to return to US-led 'war on terror' - Had anyone noticed they left?

I'm cross posting this to get some views.

Complete this: "Instead of a 'big tent,' the Democratic party has a __________."

Attacks by Women Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Republican Sen. Craig Continues Minnesota Legal Appeal - Go Larry!

Can you DU this?

Richardson as Clinton's VP?

Air travelers stuck in political showdown over security

DAMN YOU, DU ...!!!

Michael Ratner: Hillary probably won't close Gitmo because Bill illegally detained people there too

Clinton looks for votes, gets marriage proposal

Independent UK: Emails reveal Starbucks spied on staff looking to establish union

Dennis Kucinich and Republican contender Albert Howard to pay for NH recount

Keith talking about those blasted voting machines (SC) that won't

What is with this sense of entitlement (re: job interviews)

Chimpy goes to The Mid-East

Where's Darth Dick?

Bush in Galilee: Caption needed here

How do we make the good stuff more marketable?

Obama: I'll bring Change. but will it be good change to better life of middle/lower class Americans?

My mom knocked me right out of my chair last night

Poor Old Man Thompson ---pix--->>>

I need some advice...

If I were Mittens Romney I don't think I would turn my back on Ron/Mo Paul ever again

Why the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Kerry's endorsement of Obama?

Iraq's Insurgents Are Ordinary People

'Imaginary hip black friend?'

Will Foreclosures Spark An Arson Boom?

Oh my god!!!!

Isn't it a violation of some health code to make waitstaff work with the stomach flu?

Hillary Marry Me Baby!

Here's an amusing and/or, appalling, thought. Dubya will soon be an "Elder Statesman".

Bill Maher is back tonite!

Whatever happend to DU's "Top 10 Republican Idiots" column?

Republican Party Found Dead on Airport Bathroom Floor

Okay, so I've given up on America and want to relocate...

Tweety just did an attack segment against Edwards

For those who followed the Genarlow Wilson case in GA -- He's going to Morehouse College

North American seeking asylum fails to not convince Portuguese authorities

We finally watched Sicko. We were left deeply moved, speechless,

Ne - vaaaaaaaaaa - duh

“This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party and its future,”

Just got back from Wisconsin

From the DLC!: “Joe Lieberman is a close friend of mine,” Mr. From said.

Happy Birthday Doctor Hoffman

Am I the only one here who is SICK of hearing the name Mondale?

Global Warming is a myth...

The Conservative Movement: Hate groups, Holocaust Denial, and Pseudoscience

Does Bush give any thought to his grandfather's role in the creation of the Nazi camps?

Two things that are annoying me about DU right now.

An Early Primary We Can Win: Taking Hastert's Vacated Seat In Illinois

MSNBC: Giuliani senior campaign staffers are "voluntarily" forgoing

Let's keep the Obama train rolling Barack supporters.

Tennessee unanimously passes resolution honoring Gore.

Rep. Clyburn, Most Influential Black in SC, Says Clintons "Insulting, Denigrate" Black Achievements"

Have any candidates spoken out against this Real I.D. bullshit?

Marion Jones gets 6 months in the can ..... the max .....

The Genuine Candidate of Change - Dennis Kucinich

I'd like to thank the good people...

DLC Leaders Down on Edwards

Tony Snow. WOW, what a douchebag. I hope Maher makes him look like

This Ashcroft thing just reeks: and it ain’t the Crisco

Congressman Wexler: Redoubling Cheney Impeachment Efforts

That's It! I'm Doing the "lame54 Buttscratch" (TM) for Good Mojo 'til Election Day!

US Immigration gave 56 deportees psychotropic drugs...

Supporters of Joe Biden, John Edwards, Obama and Bill Richardson are urged to vote "uncommitted"

The First Amendment Gone Wild: Big Pharma’s ‘Right’ to Find Out What Doctors Are Prescribing

It's a wonder they don't explode when sunlight hits them

Twelve More Months of Bush's Ecclesiastic Mideast Mission

The New Hampshire primary result was a victory!

Bill Moyers Journal anyone? nt

REID: Will NOT Attempt To Update FISA With Immunity -Instead Will Support 18 Month Extension

No Sale.

Back when Pelosi and the Democrats were feared...

How comfortable are you with our candidates going against John McCain in the general election?

Will the war against women ever end?

Bill Maher returns tonight FYI, with unnamed peerless panelists...

The return of the militias

Hugo Chavez ready to pose topless like Putin for Naomi Campbell

Classy: NBC disinvites Dennis Kucinich to 1/15 debate after publicly inviting him!

Pentagon: We "recorded the film and the sound separately, & then stitched them together" (Guardian)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

How about a Hillary Clinton/Harold Ford ticket? I bet he could win Tenn this time

Stop revisionist "Christian nation" House Resolution 888

Indonesian dictator Suharto suffers multiorgan failure, near death

H2O Man warned that this was a big mistake

WTF??? We are paying Iraqis not to shoot at us????

Hideous 6-headed creature washes up on South Carolina beach:

I’ve decided and I can’t be swayed. Who I’m voting for this year:

We Need to Eliminate Secret Vote Counting, Not a Recount (X)

New Jersey Passes Groundbreaking Election Reform Legislation

General Election votes and parenthood status poll

I agree with Roseanne Barr

U.S. Health Care Lottery: Things of Value at the Final Frontier

Pregnant Marine dead, sheriff says; authorities looking for grave

So, if corporations are considered individuals, why can't we, enjoy their

"We are in a gilded age!"

Helen Thomas recommends a film, and a day in the life of a political junkie

Who here has more posts than Skinner?

the DU, sexism, racism, bigotry all made it to TV...

After latest polls nationwide it's Obama08 to now O bummer! 08

DUzy Awards will be posted Saturday, Jan. 12, sevenish

The stage is being set to loot Social Security...

Clinton upstages Republicans with stimulus plan

Now That Housing Has Soured, Renters Are Glad They Didn't Buy

Is Obama another Clinton Administration PART II? Why is it they are SO CLOSE?

A random sampling of some of the anti-Dennis Kucinich comments

Did you google the dick tonight?

Does anyone else think the entire concept of Super Delegates is bullshit?

Funny how one dead pregnant Marine can capture a nation----


Court throws out Islam-based Gitmo claims-judge rules detainees 'not persons'

Big Brother tightens his grip...

How have the freepers taken to Romney avoiding the draft to do missionary work in France?

Please vote for and comment on my 120th LTTE

I'm Curious Why The CNN Front Page Says "Candidate" Demands Recount," But

Is it more difficult for a black man or a white woman to become President?

Holy Shit! I'm "far left"!

Warning - one method the insurance companies use to deny benefits - please read

Your Favorite Progressive / Whateveryouwannacallit Radio Show

Share your views with me on this

Justice in 2009?

Windows Vista, Office 2007 Expelled From British Schools

Credit Card Debt Grows, As Does Non-Payment

Want to find out if the Diebold machines are really at fault? ...

The DLC is "very happy" about their two candidates. Obama, Clinton. (Edwards SOL)

Larisa Alexandrovna: "What Does America Stand For?"

NASCAR car, signing bonuses recruiting Border Patrol - our Homeland Security at work

A poser's final words...Personally I wish none of this shit was going on.

What are the big Republican Message Boards?

Fratboy Tours the ME to Rally Nations Against Iran ---pix--->>>

Your choice of candidates: Pre-IOWA, Post-NH, CHECK IN THREAD!

Bush cartoon worth sharing

Primary viciousness - Bush's fault.

NBC bait & switch to exclude Dennis from debate.

Judge rules Kucinich can't be on Texas ballot

Breaking News: New Hampshire Primary Vote Will Be Recounted-Both Parties

Why don't you people trust the corporations?

Friday TOONapoloosa: Get Your War On!

Today’s Headlines

What Are Your Favorite Documentaries (And Best Movie Review Websites)?

A question for you "Bush Haters".

Did you guys read about the American ex-GI who burned his passport in Iraq?

Holy Shit. Do you think Chris Matthews HATES Hillary?

Meanwhile, Wall Street went down the toilet today..

“Filipino Monkey"-Navy Times: Prankster May Have Been Behind Radio Iranian Threats

I want to read a kickass thriller...

Drunkest Driver Ever?...Let's Hear it for the grrrrrrrrl..

Today was my last day in the US Army

For the record, Obama has NEVER been a member of the DLC.

U.S. Plans to BOMB IRAN move forward

Edwards supporters: The Huffington Post calls John Edwards a loser and a racist

Did Laura Bush scratch W's Face in fight over Booze?

Will you support the (D) nominee, IF ONLY for the judges and US Attorneys?

Lawrence O'Donnell: John Edwards Is A Loser (HuffPo--WTF?)

I'm About To Commit DU Heresy Here, But...


Why Haven't We Held a DUnion?

Chimpy seems to think his approvals will go up to 45% - let's list ways how

Mother Hillary

"Strong opposition of uniformed military" STOPS Iran War – Ray McGovern

The problem with fringe candidates asking for re-counts instead of front runners...

The Hate that Hate Produces

Today my 14 y/o daughter came home crying hysterically

California wants to control home thermostats

Obama, Rezco and the coming trial: Did Obama make a deal with the Devil?

With Tears In His Eyes, BUSH: "We Should Have Bombed AUSCHWITZ"

Dean: Don't expect clear front-runner even after Feb. 5

Book TV Schedule: January 12th - 14th

God damn it all to hell with the Clinton/Obama race thing.

U.S. corporate elite fear candidate Edwards - The Guardian (not US media, of course!)


$1,050 Fine to cyclist -slowed down traffic


Consumer Electronics Show: Blue-ray buries HD DVD

The end of Bush's reign has made the Democratic party safe for infighting

Anyone seen post NH polls?

Barack's support among white voters is inversely proportional to his support among black voters

new hampsire

Mods, thanks I did what I had to do, and you did what you had to do. . .

Apparently DK is asking for a recount in NH. So here's the question:

"there is a remarkable relationship between Obama and Clinton votes"

Mods, can we have a DU sitewide poll before Feb 5th?

Handy Guide: Mike Huckabee on the major issues

Senator Palpatine had TONS of experience too!

Help me out with this scenario and win a carrot: A twilight zone order of succession

I suppose Ned Lamont's endorsement of Obama

By 2016, President Edwards would most likely be remembered as

US Republican presidential hopefuls talk tough, argue over Reagan legacy

Hilarious video! Chris Matthews goes off on "Lawrence of Arabia" and Jon Stewart and Olbermann react

The Speech: John Kerry Returns to His Organizer Roots

What I think each member of the big 3 needs to do to win.

Obama leading in SC with white and black voters

Has Rupert Murdoch donated to any one of the Dems?

Clinton co-sponsored the Workplace Religious Freedom Act

Endorsements by Elected Officials before the Convention starts really suck.

Mike Huckabee: "No bridges fell in Arkansas".....

Mother Jones - Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

Bill Clinton LOST Iowa AND New Hampshire in 1992!

Change is coming to America : Recession

Martin Luther King 'would not be satisfied,' judge says

Gravel criticizes the top three

Kucinich v. Hillary -- should be interesting

Republican candidates turn to high risk tactics

Former Roger Ailes Confidant Dan Cooper is Ready to Spill Blood

The Detroit News: Fair Tax sounds like hocus-pocus

Kucinich treated like a rock star in Troy campaign stop

Houston Chronicle: Huckabee tax a bad idea (would make life unaffordable for millions of Americans)

Maryland Comptroller Endorses Obama

By 2016, President Obama would most likely be remembered as

Kucinich finally sets up Re-elect Congress website.

South Carolina- Obama 41 and Leading Hillary by 13, Edwards at 15

--- Nevada/diversity "accurate reflection of America" ---

Anybody want to talk about last night's Repub debate?

Chris Matthews Has Made Himself A Player Instead Of An Observer

Juan Gonzalez of NY Daily News, Democracy Now on Barak Obama

So, Is Roseanne The Opening Salvo In The Looming "Women Unite Against Obama" Storyline

The symbol of the GOP, a circus elephant

REPUBLICANS are our target

Hillary to lean on ad guru who helped Bill Clinton's Global Initiative.

"Quasi-nationalized" US banks in 18 months? 2008- will make 1929 look like a "walk in the park"? EEE

Anatomy of a Smear - Sorting Fact from Fiction in the 2008 Election Campaign

Will Tweety Decompose On National Television Before This Campaign Is Over

A friend sent me this. WTF???

State Senator Bob Coffin Endorses Clinton

[NV} The caucus process requires participants to show up at 11:30 on the appointed morning and

Please..PLEASE stop for just one second...You are needed...

What some people do not realize about endorsements

I donated to Barack Obama's campaign for the first time today

"There is considerable agitation in the current presidential race about the importance of experience

Napolitano is a Stupid, no nothing.....

Cuomo's 'shuck and jive' comment spurs controversy

We see what we want to see... (Kerry, Edwards, Obama)

How Good Is Your Fiction Filter?

The thing about bashing Democrats is that it's an

Caucuses, primaries, super-delegates, nominating conventions: How it all works

The Onion: A raunchy "Jimmy Carter" on the current mess! ROTFLMAO.

We can't afford to have the White House as a training ground for an inexperienced man

Day one: Waiting for someone to cite what rule Hillary broke from the DNC concerning Michigan.

Report: AZ Governor Janet Napolitano Endorsing Obama

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/11/08 - Clinton up 1, Obama and Edwards unchanged

"Health care didn't pass in 1994 if I recall."

Going-Door-To-Door in Las Vegas

Hillary to lean on ad guru who helped Wal-Mart

The racial divide in the Dem party threatens to become enormous

Don't count Rudy out completely

Will we be seeing Oprah on the campaign trail again?

Why is nobody afraid of HUCKABEE?

By 2016, President Clinton would most likely be remebered as

Mr. Rich family and Mr. Poor Family

Is Obama warming up to Fox News?

Indictment Of Obama Fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko (William Chirolas)

Chris Matthews is an asshole

Viva Lamont! Viva Kerry! Viva Johnson! Viva Napolitano! Viva CWU!


McCain Catches Giuliani in New York

American Samoa Governor Tulafono Endorses Clinton

Is snorting cocaine worse than smoking marijuana ?

Magazine article coming out on Keith Olbermann claiming that he runs MSNBC.

Israelis Root For Clinton; Palestinians Are Behind Obama

racist for obama

Pollsters have a plan for Nevada: Skip it

Hillary Clinton Statement on Small Business Administration Proposal Affecting Women-Owned Small Busi

Nevada's Jon Ralston interviews Kerry: "Health care didn't pass in 1994 if I recall."

The debate is sponsored by FOX "news"

Guiliani staffers going without paychecks. He's tied w/McCain in NY

Guiliani is having money trouble. :-)

Dispute over GOP panel petitions ends in shouting match, vulgarity (It came from Akron)

Update on New Hampshire Recount (With Links)

Repugs Huckabee and Thompson pull cheap-steak tough chest-beating to Iran

don't scream - I have to ask this question

Breakfast with Mike and Barack: Was there a deal?

Hillary to unveil $70 Billion Economic Stimul Plan

The NH Recount will not change the results. It's still a good idea.

In my eyes, Obama's "youth" and "lack of experience" are good things

Recount is going to happen... news convference at 1:30 pm

California Has Hugh Deficits Again...

Michigan Voter: sent me an email asking dems to vote for Mitt

Why Hillary and Obama supporters need Edwards to stay in...

Jimmy Carter endorses himself: "I Got What America Needs Right Here"

Obama picture that shows him with no hand over his heart

Okey Dokey. Huckabee just said that Fred Thomopson needs Metamucil.

Will John Edwards be at the Nevada debate??

Hillary disses the Nevada caucus process and plays the "lowering expectations" game

Jane Smiley: Shut Up, Larry

Why does MSNBC bring on a Clinton Supporter to discuss Napolitano?

What Would You Like Al Gore To Do?

Giuliani 9/11 out of cash 9/11 9/11 9/11!

But isn't tremendous HOPE required to believe Edwards has truly changed

Hillary's a republican, Obama's a racist, Edwards has dorky hair.

I'm going to vote for change!

Does anybody worry about sanity here in gdp?

Anyone Really Surprised That mAnn Coulter Has Daddy Issues?

Public Opinion Snapshot: A New Direction on the Economy

Obama = Change

The Experience Myth: What it takes to be President of the United States.

Another reason to back Edwards: Sitting Senators have a difficult time winning the General Election

If Hillary deserves criticism for staying on the MI ballot, should DK get a pass for campaigning?

In the delegate-rich state of NY, Hillary leads Obama by 27% (new poll)

Two primaries down, and I am already NAUSEATED by the racial and gender politics coming from Dems

Newest right-wing lie

When I hear the word CHANGE, I immediately think of the Republican candidates.

The Washington Hillbillies

Did anyone else see the picture of the SC sand sculptures and think...

A brokered convention: Al Gore the nominee?

Can anyone say anything without being called "racist" or "sexist"???

Question for anti-Obama posters: How is Obama inexperienced and Hillary isn't?

(self delete)

NV POLL (1/9 - 11): Obama 39%, Edwards 36%, Hillary 17%

Many members of Nevada Culinary Union ignore endorsement, support Hillary

MI Secy of State talks about primary [links]

A brokered convention: Edwards and Obama can get the nom by going in together on one ticket.

Why are Hispanic Value Voters assumed to NOT want to Vote for a Black Candidate?

Randi's going to say something nice about Edwards

Is there now any doubt that Pat Oliphant has it in for Hillary?

Shut Up Larry!

It will be a Billary presidency. Works for me.

But what will THEY say? Why we vote based on what WE think is right, not what THEY want

The million dollar question?

Rep. Clyburn of SC - "remarks by the Clintons that he saw as distorting civil rights history "

Michigan question

“torture is a foreseeable consequence of the military’s detention of suspected enemy combatants.”

Regarding Kerry's snub: Did Edwards notify Kerry in advance of his decision to run again?

Obama aides see race going well past Super Tuesday. South Carolina seen as crucial for Obama

U.S. corporate elite fear candidate Edwards

Quit Posting Obama smear emails on DU.

Hillary panders to gay voters in SF, compares issues to 'losing tickets to a Madonna concert.'

**** RACE WAR ***** RACE WAR ***** RACE WAR ****

The "Official Rove Strategy for Obama" ,,,

Dear DUers - I need your take on another email war I got into

Even Kerry knows Edwards is finished

Which recent Obama endorsement is the most impressive?

Bill Clinton is in the Arkansas African-American Hall of Fame

Nevada prepares for assimilation...

This deserves to be posted in GDP

Can/will Obama win California?

Musicals for people who hate Musicals

AJC Georgia poll: Obama-36, Clinton-33, Edwards-14

British Perspective: U.S. Corporate Elite Fear Candidate Edwards

Clinton endorsed by John Conyers

LOL my fundy father just called me to ask a political question.

Clinton's Ham handed Vegas Walking tour

Why Support Edwards?

whoa Hillary gettting full hour on MTP

McCain rockets up 21 points, now national GOP frontrunner.

Rep. Clyburn of SC reconsidering initial neutral stance in primary

The Mock Outrage Around Here Is Getting Me Mock Annoyed

Any Democratic candidate

Huckabee: Fair Tax "would be the best thing that ever happened to small business"

ABC POLL: 85% of African Americans view Clinton favorably (59% view Obama favorably)

Without Impeachment, The 2008 Election Will Crown A King, Not A President

Hillary Will Get the Nomination

How many people remember during 2k4 when Dean supporters called Rangel an Uncle Tom?

The ABC Poll posted by another DUer about African American support is from LAST YEAR

Pardon me but why should anyone care what Rosanne says???

Tom Hayden on Democratic Elections and Anti-War politics

The Last Stand of John Edwards (Brent Budowsky)

'Youthquake' shakes up electoral politics

NH Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan comments re: Kucinich recount request

The Last Stand of John Edwards (Brent Budowsky)

Are those white People I see there with obama? The nerve!

Obama: Election Protection Legislation in the US Senate

So who should have won the party nomination in 2004?

NH will do a recount.

Hillary has a large lead in that new CNN Poll. Guess she is inevitable again.

More Questions About Diebold Voting Machines: Did Hillary Really Win New Hampshire?

bush on women in kuwait...

I really like Obama, but must admit, I'm concerned about his church

I don't care WHAT Andrew Cuomo OR Jessie Jackson Jr. are saying! Do you?

Does anyone REALLY think the opinions presented here mirror the country's at large?

Mozilo could reap $115 million while stock dropped 80%

Alabama Poll: Obama 36%, Clinton 34%, Edwards 9%


Henry Cisneros and Edward Romero Endorse Hillary for President

The Speech McCain Should Give

Clinton is toxic on the ballot in certain districts, look for Blue Dog Dems to get behind Obama

Populism's Candidate

Clinton should NOT have left her name on the ballot in Michigan

Kucinich Loses In Federal Court on Texas Ballot Access

Has Obama's campaign been playing the race card lately?

Black Enterprise Endorses Obama for President

Maybe Sean Hannity Is Right

LAS VEGAS STOP: Clinton pitch hits home

Where the 2004 candidate bases ended up in the 2008 New Hampshire Primary

NYT Editorial: "No Immunity" for ex-CIA Jose Rodriguez (the guy who destroyed torture tapes)

After watching Tweety tonight my advice to HRC and BO

Hillary panders to Hispanic voters in NV, compares issues to 'guacamole and chips.'

Prediction: MSM will stoke the racism angle, Clinton will win new support from voters who see

Praise the Mods!

Calls Grow for Bloomberg to Make Up His Mind

Does anybody know who John Conyers' is supporting?

I Told You A Long, Drawn-Out Primary Was A Bad Idea

Big Dog tries to cover his tracks on Sharpton's Radio Show (AUDIO)

Hillary's new campaign ad for NV and S.C.

I am taking a break from GD/GDP

I'm glad the race for the nomination isn't over yet on either side.

My God! SC Republican Governor practically endorses Obama

It isn't over.

Has Clinton's campaign been race baiting lately?

The irony of Ron Paul getting shafted by Diebold and FOX News--DELICIOUS!

Full Time "First Lady" Hillary: Obama Was "Part Time" State Senator

Fairy Tales: "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King, Jr" -- Mitt Romeny

Who would have less trouble getting elected as President: Alan Keyes or Paris Hilton?

Your choice of candidates: Pre-IOWA, Post-NH, CHECK IN THREAD!

Is Obama another Clinton Administration PART II? Why is it they are SO CLOSE?

To those claiming Obama is the "darling of the RW": Rove slimes Obama w/ racist twist

We are coming apart at the seams

Caller to Black radio: He (Bill) nor any of his Black surrogates will be able to change my mind

Stephanie Tubbs Jones. ; Sheila Jackson Lee, comments


Racial tensions roil Democratic race

Republican Nomination has now turned into Last Comic Standing

Richard Wolffe: Rove op-ed on Obama "uncomfortably close to the edge of being plain-out racist"

Hillary advisor "If you want Obama to be your imaginary hip black friend"

Shut Up, Larry

John Edwards: Spoiler, Surrogate or Surprise?

Wouldn't it be much more productive for Dems candidates to talk about McCain's

Moved to Election Reform thread

For the Governor of Arizona, it wasn't about Hillary. It was about Obama.

The way you run your campaign is the way you Govern as President in my opinion

Excellent candidate quiz

South Carolina Primary Will Use Paperless E-voting

So now Hillary wants to go on Russert show

I haven't seen Obama's official campaign stoking the race card, only supporters

Clinton Upstages Republicans With Economic Stimulus Plan

For the ladies. You know who you are.

Why do some DU'ers let Matt Drudge guide the conversation of our national debate?

"I smell Barack Obama Baloney" re. ties to Exelon Nuclear & Wall St.

The "Keith Number": Margin of error, plus percentage of undecideds


Photos: Barack Obama rallying tonight with the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas,

One year ago this month, Hillary Clinton had an 85% favorability rating among African Americans

Just for Fun--fun? Yes, Barbara Boxer debating any of the republicans running for the nod.

I think I am going to start smoking again after reading DU today...

Dennis Kucinich email: Help defend the rights of American voters.

If the Clinton backlash is much ado about nothing, why is Bill doing damage control?

Still *way* undecided

All of this Clinton-Obama business today has made me really.......

Have Hillary and Obama Forgotten Iraq?

2008 can easily be the end of the Democratic Party.

Who Will Gore Endorse?

I received my California Primary ballot today.

McCain highlights adopted daughter in South Carolina: Was subject of dirty-trick rumors in 2000

I renounce my support for Edwards. Im' officially with Clinton

Obama Spokesperson Says There's A "Pattern" Behind Bill And Hillary's Race Comments

Because of absentee ballots, you have to take all polls with a grain of salt

If Obama gets the nomination then what..

MSNBC Premiers New Show Featuring Matthews and Tucker

NEW HILLARY AD starts airing in Nevada and South Carolina

Do I have it right? The Democratic Party is now divided along:

VIDEO of Jesse Jackson Jr. putting his foot in his mouth

POLL: Is "Obama's Iraq stance is a fairy tale" a racist statement?

Does anyone know who Charlie Rangel is supporting?

Kucinich: Recount Redux

Any DU imput on where the candidates stand on Native American issues??

Strange Phenomenon Among Democrats (Anyone seen this?)

Painters Union endorses Huckabee and Clinton

What Did Obama Know? When Did He Know It? ABC on Obama-Rezko

Dream ticket: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

"Keep my God out of your politics "


People! It's Friday night. Give this shit a rest.

I just got an email from Barak from John after I unsubscribed!

How can anybody TRUST Hillary?

The Clintons - 10 Reasons I won't be voting for Clinton, although she's likable enough

If you add up blacks, women and gay people (god, I sound like an old disco song)

Sexist Comments, Racists Comments, I'm Coming Around

Obama's plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Agree or disagree?

NYT thinks the NY primary is competitive (Even though Obama trails Clinton by 27%)

ALL this racial tension in the democratic party just proves the country isn't ready

Again I love it when white folk get all up @ arms about racism when it may involve OBAMA...

The central issues: the war and the economy

Where is "The Centre" in American politcs?

Gawd...Obama isn't a sexist, Hillary isn't a racist...

Bill Maher is back tonite!

BEN NELSON to endorse "candidate of change" Obama? BWAAAAA (Update)

Hillary is encouraging supporters in California to vote for her now

Re NH polling, Freakonomics has a chapter on this (the Weakest Link study)

Did Edwards t alk about his grandparents working in a mill last election? Or just his father...

Josh at TPM on the 'race' dust-up:

Donnie McClurkin singing Yes We Can, Can

Millions lose homes, Countrywide CEO gets $88 million

A-hole Occupancy Rate of GD-P

To add some relaxation, i present the candidate match game

Does the recent piling on of John Edwards appear "orchestrated" to anyone?

Mods done good!

Does anyone worry about Obama's safety?

Ok, now TELL ME the Repugs aren't gonna just LOVE this pic.

Tweety argues 'historic fact' that Bill's infidelity is the only reason Hillary's in Senate

Roger Clinton uses the "N-word" on a regular basis

Did Bill Clinton Mislead when he said that he had opposed Iraq from the Beginning, recently?

New South... (on edit) NORTH Carolina Poll: It's All Tied Up!

When Will The Clintons Apologize for Their Friendship With Their Beloved Homophobe, Billy Graham?

Race, DU and Campaign 2008

Obama must win South Carolina and probably will

California Lt. Governor Garamendi endorses Hillary

Why is it only Bill Clinton that has to go to the black community?

The race comments are part of a strategy

Hillary played major role in outsourcing jobs to India

Heres the thing about Hillary and her supporter's shrillness regarding the race card

2025 delegates needed to nominate. What deal did Obama cut with Bloomberg ?

So, Was Moving Up And Condensing The Primary Calendar A Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Oh Oh, POLITCO has got a 3 page report: Racial tensions roil Democratic race

A message from Joe Biden to his supporters, and a reminder to EVERYONE. nt

DU has become Hillary's Oppo Research Site against OBAMA, So I've decided to

Hillary Clinton and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee: A Disturbing Connection

What did Edwards do for Ohio voters (election fraud) post-2004?

D.L.C. Leaders Cut Edwards Out

Clyburn statement regarding SC pimary, released this evening

Clinton lies about Obama's words

Sen. Nelson To Endorse Obama Saturday Morning

That Kerry Endorsement

Is there a difference between Edwards and Hillary?

I am really looking forward to the next Dem debate

Will Obama supporters who have used the misreported Cuomo story now apologize to Cuomo and Clinton?

Bill Clinton: Obama No 'Fairy Tale'

Is anybody in a good mood here?

Coworker Said Recount Completed in NH?

I'm going to go with Obama at this point....

What if we can't agree on a candidate? Does the Democratic

Where did the "Yes, we can" and campaign about nothing come from?

Handy Guide: Dennis Kucinich on the major issues

Handy Guide: John Edwards on the major issues

Feingold could envision, Clinton, Obama, or McCain in the White House.

Hillary and Bill in the Briar Patch.

Cheers to "DeepModem Mom"....

Question about Obama

Hillary vs. Obama: criticism of change is not change

Here is SPECIFICALLY why Obama is the best choice now.

Kucinich is a joke x 3

IF Al Gore endorses Obama, will he get smeared here?

"Lobbyists, whether you like it not, represent real Americans...

The Speech I Gave Tonight in Support of JOHN EDWARDS

Bill Richardson's letter to supporters - read what he says about the other candidates, please.

An example of Obama's idea of "Unity"

Obama Vs. Clinton = Effective Framing of Issues Vs. Triangulation = Lakoff Vs. Dick Morris

Hillary to be on Meet the Press this Sunday

The Clintons are on the offense on the race bullshit. They have nothing to hide and they know it.

Hillary- "No Woman Is Illegal"

"No invisible Americans when I'm president" is brilliant

Any other Edwards supporters feeling split at the moment?

BIDEN, RICHARDSON, DODD supporters... Where are ya leaning?

Insulting our intelligence

SNEAK PEEK: 'Shuck & Jive'

Poor judgement of Bill and Hillary...

How do you feel about...

What has Kucinich have against Hillary?

If Obama becomes identified as the "black" choice for President , he's finished

My Reply to the "Obama is a Muslim" emails going around...

Roseanne calls out Oprah and Obama

A question for Sen Clinton/Obama supporters.

Ouch, Gravel on the top 3 ...

Damning with faint praise. Bill Clinton suggests only reason for Blacks to vote for Obama is..

Rolling Stone reporter on Bill Maher says Edwards is surging

Clinton looks for votes, gets marriage proposal: "Hillary, marry me, baby"

Bill Moyer’s quest was Shelby Steele who talked of “A bound man” (Obama)—his new book

Clinton holds crushing lead with nearly 50% support-New CNN Poll

Today is the worst day in the history of Democratic Underground.

NH outreach to lesbians & gays was quiet; Obama HQ refused statement on LGBT issues at all.

Today Thom Hartmann mentioned that we should refrain from talking about

Why Edwards must go ASAP, Hurry Hurry

Fate of Edwards' supporters could be key

Napolitano will endorse Obama

Will Obama unite us by playing the race card against Democrats while reaching out to Republicans?

**** Bill Clinton coming up on Michael Baisden Show! **** BLACK RADIO

Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group--BLATANTLY dissed Edwards by

BILL--The Original Man from Hope: MLK and JFK were his inspiration to aim high in life...

Lawrence O'Donnell: Edwards and his supporters are racists for standing in the way of Barack Obama

OBAMA Supporters only --May I have your attention, Please?

I attend an all white church

I was told this is "the best fucking graphic EVER!" So I'll share it......

THE OFFICIAL Why I support John Edwards WITHOUT BASHING Obama or Hillary thread.

Hillary Clinton tells ABC NEWS: racial accusations "baseless and divisive"

1-11-2008 DU GD-P straw poll

The deal is sealed.

It’s about ELECTABILITY, stupid!

Skeptical of some racist accusations @ Clintons, THIS quote DOES have racist tones.

Lawsuit claims 3 leaked name in anthrax case

Judge rules Kucinich can't be on Texas ballot

One year from now

Report reveals Vietnam War hoaxes, faked attacks

40,000 pounds of bombs pummel al-Qaida

Gen.: Iraqis will take over Anbar in March

Conviction of Abu Ghraib officer dismissed

Guard plan yields 500 recruits in 3 months

Conscientious objector status upheld for doc

Ex-Army civilian in murder case flown to U.S.

Fort Lee launches logistics branch

New EOD unit to be established at Little Creek

GAO: CG stretched too thin to protect oil, gas

Roommate of missing Marine to be questioned

Former Marine charged in theft from troops

Gen.: Corps helps Iraq take training wheels off

Sources: Missing Marine withdrew sex assault allegation

3-star tapped to monitor Mideast peace plan

Editorial: Don’t wait on M4 fixes

Air Force hits Dec. recruiting goal — almost

Air Force to pay more for N.J. forest fire

Experts skeptical of N.H. ballot-count conspiracy theory

191 F-15s grounded at least another month

Troop support group builds home for wounded soldier and his mom

Air Force releases details of F-15 crash

Grafenwöhr move has U.S. team abuzz with opinions

Future V Corps G3 operations chief killed during mission in Afghanistan

24 being tested after war-zone transfusions

39 of Kadena’s 55 F-15s deemed fit to fly

National Guard: New recruit contracts may be voided if bonuses fall through

Military Update: Protecting troops in ‘bonus limbo’

Trash dump protests alter base operations

Jury out after nine hours of rape trial deliberation

Neighbors upset that Hansen training site won’t open until 2009

AAFES gas prices set to rise again

CG Responds to Diesel Sheen

Will Army Aviation Break Out of its Rut?

Wright-Pat calls ‘Ghost Hunters’

Documents: Missing Marine Claimed Rape

Blackwater used gas to clear traffic at checkpoint in 2005

Defective Beam Cited in F-15 Crash

Coast Guard officer rebuts report faulting LNG security

Pentagon Backtracks On Naval Confrontation With Iran, Says Threat May Not Have Come From Iranians

Navy, Ghana police continue to investigate death of 2 sailors

Victory for Veterans - Judge Rules in Favor of VCS in Case Against VA

Your old Uniforms

Please vote for and comment on my 120th ltte

Time:Officer: Abu Ghraib Probe Incomplete

If there was election theft in NH, it doesn't neccessarily mean Hillary did it.

"Suitcase Scandal" is Another U.S. Foreign Policy Blunder

Brown frustrated by war in Iraq

Long hidden, a Nazi-interrogation unit gets its due

Older Men (and Women) Trying Not to Be Angry

Matt Stoller: Hillary Clinton's Lobbyist Driven Telecom Plans

John W. Dean: Fixing the Broken Presidential Nomination Process

Eric Alterman: The Lies of Quinn-Broderville

We need to eliminate secret vote counting, not a recount.

The Year Of The Bear: Reflections On The Daunting Realities of 2008 (Carla Royal)

'Tonight Show' tops in ratings race (writers or no writers)

Mathematician proposes another way of divvying up the US House

Das Coopital: A Chicken and Egg Story of the Economy

Report: Rush’s ‘Dittoheads’ Bussed In From Insane Asylum

If your money was in a bank which had the safe guards of a "voting machine", you would be dead broke

Change as a buzz word

"Suitcase Scandal" is Another U.S. Foreign Policy Blunder

Worldwide protests Mark Anniversary of Guantamano

Motorin’ to Michigan: Mitt and Mac ‘Massage’ Message to Arab-American Voters

Bush: A gaffe in Kuwait; giving liberty and reform a bad name in the Mideast

GUARDIAN: U.S. corporate elite fear candidate Edwards (& what they think of Clinton, Obama, & GOP)

Campaign of 'Mr. 9/11' Goes Into Chapter 11

Kucinich stepping into trap with recount?

Bush Visits Biblical Holy Sites

DC Voting Rights Resolution in New Hampshire

Karl Rove: Why Hillary Won

I smell Barack Obama baloney

NBC's Shuster mocked The View co-host Joy Behar for her criticism of Matthews' Clinton comments

Sen. Clinton (D-Punjab)

"French Anne Frank" Diary Enthralls France

Levite Be Gone: Releasing the Samaritan Within (Jason Miller)

Colombian Hostages Reunited With Their Families In Venezuela

D.L.C. Leaders Cut Edwards Out

Designer Vaginas, Anyone?

Eddie Izzard Accepts Critics Choice Best Doc Award for SiCKO

What We Think vs. Who We Are

(Iranian Government owned) PressTV: CNN Report

Dave Zirin: White Noise on the Golf Channel

Full Speech - John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama in 2008 Pt. 1

Congressman George Miller (D-CA) endorses Barack Obama

robert gates on iranian navy confrontation

Blackwater Gases U.S. Troops

Blair backs Bush peace bid

Attention Democrat Voters: CHANGE

Kucinich Asks For NH Primary Vote Recount; Obama Impact

The Crying Game

The Don't Bomb Iran tour begins...

No tears for Katrina?

Let's take a minute and enjoy the divided GOP

Ask Hillary

HAHAHA!!! Fox News uses same actor in 2 different focus groups

Mike Huckabee: Give Fred Thompson some metamucil

Cenk discusses Blackwater gassing our own troops

Look at what's happening in China

My Vote, My Voice - My ad for Edwards

More Reagasm: GOP corpse-humping at the SC debate

"What are we going to do for our children?" John Edwards

Mike Gravel rates the big three!

Full Speech - John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama in 2008 Pt. 2

This Is Very Disappointing: Obama Campaign's New Strategy?


Hillary Clinton - Listen

Joe Romm: Major advance in plug-in hybrid design - tune in to CBS evening news Saturday

Solar market thrives on venture capital and new technologies

Oerlikon solar unit to double capacity, lifts target

Yesterday's round of tornados

Fuel shortages in northern Iran sparks riots

If You Build It, They Won't Necessarily Come - Maldives' Newest Island Stands Largely Vacant

Drip, Drip, Drip - Rising Temps Put The Squeeze On Harbin, China's Famous Ice Festival - Reuters

Science Daily - Even Warming Climate Can Support Glacial Ice - It Has In The Past

Toxic Blue-Green Algae Bloom In Austrlaia's Lakes Alexandrina & Albert

Explosion In Invasive Tiger, Zebra Mussels In Thames Linked To Global Warming - BBC

Analyst calls oil at $100/barrel "pretty cheap"

Southern China Faces Power Shortages Again In 2008 - 6.5 MKwatt Shortfall Projected

Jefferson Bus Lines Plans To Cut Service To Parts Of N. Dakota, Minnesota In Half

Iditarod Starting Point Moved Permanently To The North - Not Enough Snow In Wasilla, AK

Encounters W. Venomous Snakes On The Rise In Victoria As Drought Drives Reptiles Into Towns - AFP

Enel completes 63 MW wind farm project in Texas with GE

Rights and responsibilities, hope and despair

World's cheapest car goes on show (BBC) {Tata of India}

Study finds strong winds off Lake Erie for turbine project

When pieces of national parks go on sale, U.S. can't pay

Capt Paul Watson, selected as one of the 50 People To Save the Planet by Guardian UK

Centia™ Biofuels Process Produces Bio-gasoline Similar to Traditional Unleaded Gasoline

AutoblogGreen Q&A: The latest on Volt batteries

Wind generation in BPA control area surpasses 1,000 MW for the first time

Hurricane-Resistant Solar Panels Power Broward County Building (largest solar panel roof in Florida)

World warming despite cool Pacific and Baghdad snow - Reuters

Gold Breaks $900 Mark: Corn, Wheat Hit Daily Limits Within Minutes Of Opening, Soybeans Above $13

Older Arctic sea ice replaced by young, thin ice, says CU-Boulder study

Fort Carson Signs Up For Biggest Solar Power Operation In Army (2MW)

Westar Signs Final Agreements to Build Three Wind Farms (300 MW in Kansas)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s rooftop wind turbines

Anyone have an opinion on the best AA rechargeable batteries on the market?

pH In Australian Lagoon Hits 1.8 As Drought Combines W. Sulphates In Soils To Acidify Murray River

On Baffin Island, Canada's Oldest Ice Formation Shrinking Nearly 10X Faster Than 25 Years Ago

Follow Germany on renewable energy: Clinton

Greenpeace: We found the whaling fleet

Report Warns Australian Outback To Prepare For The Worst As Climate Breakdown Gains Momentum

New Record Prices Ahead For Heating-Oil Users - Average Bill = $2,000 - US News & World

Topic subject Hillary- "No Woman Is Illegal"

Topic subject Prediction: MSM will stoke the racism angle, Clinton will win new support from voters

Bill clinton and fairy tales

Topic subject Stephanie Tubbs Jones. ; Sheila Jackson Lee, comments

Clinton looks for votes, gets marriage proposal: "Hillary, marry me, baby"

Rep. Clyburn, Most Influential Black in SC, Says Clintons "Insulting, Denigrate" Black Achievements"

Today in labor history January 10

Mine Safety Agency Mismanagement: No One Left to Write the Rules

Firms must meet with unions formed by illegal workers

Teamsters Say 'Don't Whitewash Border Crash Investigation'

FirstGroup Workers in New Jersey and Illinois Vote for Teamster Representation

Hey, streetprices actually listened to me...




Sharon, savior of the settler, killer of Palestine

Arab lecturer forbids student from wearing Star of David

Bush pledges to return to Israel in May

Bush meets Israeli minister banned from US over spy case

Hopeless in Gaza

At Yad Vashem, Bush says U.S. erred in not bombing Auschwitz

Bush in the Middle East: Iran Over Palestine, Israel Over All

Jewish Identity Can't Depend on Violence

Italy Seeks 139 Suspects From Dirty Wars (Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay)

"Suitcase Scandal" is Another U.S. Foreign Policy Blunder

"It's the economy, stupid!" -- great article!!!

Demand Side Economics Podcast

Foreign currencies being diluted with over-printing to keep up with dollar fall?

Holy Bullion Batman! Gold Poised to Hit $900 !


Great article about Biden

I posted Joe's message in GDP:


The one thing I wish Senator Biden would have talked more about on the campaign trail

Just got this from Joe...

Care to comment?

Wow. Check out the post by Ginchinchili. It says it all.

I may need some help here...

I feel like I had dessert first

2008 Best Places to Work for GLBT Equality

How Obama won Iowa

Barack Obama Speaking On GLBT Rights & Addressing Donnie McClurkin's Actions Directly

Just noted on news ... Bush visits Holocaust memorial, tears reported twice

Kucinich congressional campaign launches website

Looking For New Hampshire Exit Polls? 1/8/2008

If you believe in Election Integrity, Kucinich should be your candidate

The Woman Vote: Is Hillary the Right Choice?

Since when is demanding democracy being a sore looser?

DO I have this right ?

Obama should BOYCOTT all states that use machines - BEFORE they vote.

"there is a remarkable relationship between Obama and Clinton votes"

"Chain of Custody"? Where have these ballots been?

Serious question about the NH recount suggested by Dennis.

So seriously - why isn't Obama asking for the recount?

I'm thinking we're seeing the start of the divide

An attempt at humor (Almost)

Past life connection? Similar aura? Mistaken identity?

New Hampshire to Recount Ballots in Light of Controversy (

Visions of danger for * co. as he travels in the ME

Kim Zetter Credits Lori Price For Recount In Wired Blog

NH Chain of Custody: Section 660:5 Conduct of Recount.

Hand count versus machine count in NH.

Apparently DK is asking for a recount in NH. So here's the question:

"National Champion LSU Retires At The Top Of Its Game"

A predictions contest for 2008

Hand counts differ significantly from Diebold counts in NH

More Questions About Diebold Voting Machines: Did Hillary Really Win New Hampshire?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 1/11/2008

Surf ers and fans! Mavericks' kicks off at 8AM, PST on Saturday!

Somebody needs to say it...

31 family members voted for Ron Paul and NOTHING showed up

Seahawks roll!

Should Pro teams be named after the city in which they play or

University of CT Researchers Demonstrate New Vulnerabilities in Diebold AccuVote-OS Optical Scan...

No Recount Please-By Nancy Tobi

Update on New Hampshire Recount (With Links)

January 2008 Prayer, Light, and Healing Request Thread PART 2

Kucinich Asks for Help to Defend the Rights of Voters

Transcript: Live Analysis: New Hampshire Primary Returns (election blog starting @ 8PM 1-8-08)

Informational Post: NH Primary - Breakdown of Voting by County, Breakdown by Town

NH Activists: W Loss of Ballot Chain of Custody, a Recount Provides No Assurances

Kucinich asks for NH recount, but he'll have to pay for it

Now here's a conspiracy theory for you regarding NH

A Plea to All: Please do NOT Turn This Forum into GD-P

We must have PAPER BALLOTS, hand-counted in SC (shout-out to any SC DUers)

Hillary Clinton could have earned my vote and support with a single act of INTEGRITY.

DFNH weighs in on the recount: We need to eliminate secret vote counting, not a recount.

47% undecideds in NH ? NO, not at all, 3 polls and the real undecideds in NH

Prediction: The ballots that are recounted will nearly match the machine counts.

NH hand counts and optical counts are mirror images

Are you loosing your marbles because of a statin drug like Lipitor?

Statins for all diabetics urged (BBC)

Hey, Will green tea rot your teeth? I had a friend tell me that yesterday.

Score a victory for stem cell research

Thin galaxies harbour big secret

Think this administration isn't attacking basic science research? Think again...

Looking at Geometry & Relationships to understand science

Pure Energy Systems Network +

What would cause this?

Will this work out? Making "roast beef" sandwiches out of short ribs?

Pressure canners.

Private health care "outlawed" in Ontario?

seems I've finally broken the 'fish curse'

Arrrgh, why can't I have Ro-Tel?

this is just a test

Buncha photos from Wednesday (dial-up advisory)

I need help: Anybody have any thoughts on Gourmet 1500 Series Stainless Steel 10-pc. Cookset

Stopping By With A Snack

Snowed in

Some more for the snow bunnies....

I've been a lurker here for a while.

Sure you might end up with a photo published in the New York Times, but this is my take on it

Did you know.....that fundies

DU on a 24" monitor is quite a

Aldi Supermarkets: Anyone been to one? Happy? Not?

Theoretically, you could be both Atheist and Christian

Even the police support CCW

Brian Springer - Spin - A surreal expose of media-constructed reality.

Answering the lack of proof rebuke


John Who? Anyone want to respond

A long time friend wrote a Diary about JK's speech

In defense of Kerry's endorsement

OK, I am going to take a break at least until tonight.

In case you did not see it - NYT about the edorsment

poll that invites your input

How is reaction to the endorsement playing in the Real World?

Hey -- I just discovered this FABULOUS blog -- I can't believe I didn't find it earlier

The Kerry Phenomon

A gift from wljk to you

Okay, Kerrycrats, same question I asked in GD to the undecideds

I have come to a conclusion

For your reading pleasure (smile!)

Kerry's Obama endorsement coverage

There are people on Kerry's blog asking him to remove them from his list

Randi Rhodes adds her two cents to the Obama Endorsement

Kerry to appear on ABC This Week this Sunday

Kerry in Western Mass today... Media review from Springfield and Pittsfield.

DU JK, Primary Wars, the Democratic Apocalypse & Kittens.

Texas lags behind most of U.S. in youth voter turnout

"Screwballs and Nuts!"

Lon Burnam: Join the effort to rid our party of the Craddick D's

Come to mama.

Michele Bachmann & John Kline: "Heroes of the Month"

Can someone answer this question?

DRM now dead, as Amazon snags Sony

Hi all. I need to find a Search engine for my computer hard drive

i am not recognized as the administrator.. i cant access 'internet options' or change startup, i cant

What about Solaris operating system?

Browser/Gmail question. Help me before my head explodes.

Help me debunk...

PM's adviser recommends limiting Mulroney-Schreiber inquiry: reports

Toronto report on school violence and "culture of fear"

Please voice your support for Nancy Skinner at DFALink

Could I get a little love on this post in General Discussion

If you can't say anything nice .... just let the EDVs say it for you.

KOEB Meeting: 01/11/08 -- Let's Recount NH Edition

Exclusive: Christopher Walken to Play Ozzy Osbourne

In a bid to keep himself relevant-Ward Connerly endorses 9/11iani.

Partner and I just got our absentee ballots

SF Bay area surf fans. Mavericks' kicks off Saturday at 8AM!!

I'm voting "no" on 94 95 96 97

Introducing Myself: A Summary Of What I Believe

Great interview with Ian McEwan, one of my fav authors and atheists

Have you noticed that this group has been more active lately than R/T?


Hello Wisconsin. Connecticut DUer here and I need your help!

"Lifelong resident of the district" = important qualification?

Sam Greenfield is back on the air and available to everyone!

Woos are getting inventive in their desperation.

O'Lielly's lesson on the Constitution