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Archives: December 6, 2008

I'm a winner!! I fought Customer Service at my phone company and I won! This is funny!

Christian Man Uses Cell Phones to Evangelize

December's job loss expected to exceed November's 533,000 total

So there were gun and bomb threats at school today

Obama mulls what to do with 30M surplus

Laos--the most bombed country ever

Biggest Lesson From the Bank and Auto Industry Bailouts

If The Repubs Block A Bailout For "The Big 3" And They Go Under, It'll Piss Off Their NASCAR Base

Want to see people even MORE stupid than Freepers?

Jesus and 12 step meetings were brought up in GD and all hell broke loose.

Randi Read This Today: "Is Senator Shelby a Threat to American Economy?"

Human Rights Campaign responds to full-page NYT ad painting Mormon church as "victim"

Human Rights Campaign responds to full-page NYT ad painting Mormon church as "victim"

My autoworker brother has turned into a C-SPAN aficionado

Stupid question: What channel is Rachel Maddow on?

60 or Not, Dems Have Edge They Need

Only 44 days to go

You should see what's going on here in Philly...

WJ this morning: How has your job been affected by the Economy

In the time of The Cholera, or, Conservative's Dream for America

Is the Blues gonna come back into vogue since we are entering a Depression?

So the new Congress is sworn in on Jan 5, ? And they will have many things ready for Obama to sign

In memoriam, to those who were tased to death

High Court to Rule Again on Bush Detention Policies

Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrate Guatemala

Feds (finally) approve Metrorail extension to Washington-Dulles Airport

Downturn 'puts strain on couples'

Obama Pledges Massive Public Works Project

Jerome Corsi Appears on White Supremacist Radio

Bush Crazy and Evil Time Line?

If you owned a medium large sized company, what would you do to keep

Make your predicitons here: How soon until Big Oil is asking for money?

Bush Radio: "I'm looking forward to a great day of college football," then another military photo op

Bush Finally Admits It

gelukkig sinterklaasdaag, allemaal

Can someone explain why the stock market went up yesterday?

And They Want Pot Illegal When Alcohol Does This?

Fundies: Is new WH visitor ctr. historically accurate? (Read: Is it white-male supremacist enough?)

Return to $1 gas? Energy prices evaporate

Official: Lost Ballots Could Be Restored In Final Count, Giving Boost To Franken

I know its too late and I know the actual dollars were not that big a deal, but about Marine One

Teacher sorry for binding girls in slavery lesson

If I'm a Straight Guy in Spandex, Can I Mary a Straight Girl in Bib Overalls -- in LA???

NBC has huge ethical problems, and they are being exposed..

Mumbai Attacks: Police Admit There Were More Than Ten Attackers

Do you go to the "Black friday sales"? I admit, I don't! I'm not willing

Happy F***ing Birthday, Rude Pundit!

New US military report on global warming raises worry - Calls theories on the cause 'contradictory'

Bush History-Bush Sabotage of Civil Rights Board Stops Ohio '04 Vote query-12/6

Jim Hightower: Army Recruiters Open War 'Experience' Arcade to Attract Youngsters

Jim Hightower: Army Recruiters Open War 'Experience' Arcade to Attract Youngsters

Palin $2857.14 per day on clothes (hair & make up extra)

Citing “Midnight Rules” to Erode Health and Safety, Nurses Unveil New Website to Send Bush Packing

Must see: Tariq Ali on PBS: Our Pakistan Problem. (+ Video Link)

In this world, we all have things that are important to each of us...

Feds taped Blagojevich

Perfect Christmas gift for the fundie child

Playing for Change: Peace through Music -- producer with Bill Moyers this evening.

Justice Dept. Says Pentagon Must Comply With EPA Cleanup Orders

"Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force"

When a sports figure or coach praises Jesus for the big "WIN"

Ken Blackwell Officially Joins Race For RNC Chair

Feds OK rule allowing loaded weapons in national parks

Would U.S. Use Mumbai Attacks to Escalate War in Pakistan?

Model Bettie Page hospitalized after heart attack

Editor of the Detroit Free Press coming up next on CNN

Coleman's lead is 192 before challenged ballots are resolved

some unpleasant news from a Texas. hosp.

I just figured out how to set up a journal!

Dejected in Detroit

Internet Cafe protocol question

Earliest Sunset Day is almost here

Question re

Why can't the Obama administration shake down the oil companies?

Too bad for Big Three Jon Stewart isn't in Congress - Ron Dzwonkowski, DFP columnist

Obama: Ratify the Women's Convention Soon

Pakistan 'feared Indian attack'

Hey Dog Lovers!..... Need a musical awwww...... and giggle break?

Sock Puppet's Bailout Request

Why is congress so mad at the big three?

An interesting comment in a long article in today's Wall Street Journal:

Arianna Huffington: Americans Are Crazy Workaholics -- It's Time For Balance to Our Lives

Finance ministry: China's foreign exchange investment bases on profitability, liquidity, security

Laid-off workers won't leave until they get their money

Blackwater contractors charged with killing 17 Iraqis have been identified

How bad will it get? Post your recollections of past bad economic times

Moscow temperature hits record for December

Joke overheard while Walmart employee lay dying

Deep in the land of the Taliban

India sets sights on Pakistani camps

How many DUers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

"When considering the bank bailout $$$, the Big 3's $34 billion loan looks like a rounding error."

In need, Big 3 still give: Risks to vital volunteer efforts worry nonprofits

Is there something I missed weeks ago? I mean, what's with the has been Palin shit?

Sadly, Kay didn't get the message.- Is there something I missed weeks ago? I mean, what's with

Obama's "residual force" left in Iraq, could number as many as 55,000 troops

Studly Orangutan Impregnates Rest of Zoo

Big Three Bailout. What about just buying a lot of cars?

Douglas Feith (WSJ) opinion piece on India

Charged Blackwater guards ID'd: All decorated vets

JFK's Assasination and the "Disappearing Witnesses" by Penn Jones, Jr.

Top 10 Bushisms of 2008

This guy is pimping WH officials for "six-figure donations".

bush just showed up at the Army-Navy game

random picture I found

For all the nerds in the crowd... (part II)

Suckers, After all that killing, U.S. oil majors skip Iraq Energy Expo

Bush Wants History to See Him as a Liberator of Millions from Life

'Hoax' Call Theatening Pakistani President During Mumbai Attacks, Claiming to Be From India's FM

Anyone want to screw with these fools?

Judicial Watch Announces Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State

Record companies? He doesn't need no stinkin' record companies.

It just occurred to me that when gas prices go down people buy cars

Man Dies at Home After Paramedics Diagnose Acid Reflux

Texas Midnight resignation by another GOP

Meanwhile, as Rome burns, the Emperor is at the Army-Navy football game...

Two Ideas - Trial programs, and Dual Systems.

Sunny von Bulow, Heiress at Center of Attempted Murder Trials, Has Died

Did Chris Wallace really give Ron Howard grief for comparing Bush to Nixon?

Politics Break!! Carolina Chocolate Drops

For the newer members of DU, a list of Groups and Forums!

I invented a new word.

george bu$h* is leaving the White House with lowest approval ratings in history

George W Bush Secures Six-Figure Book Deal for Memoirs

A Big 3 bailout would be okay under the following conditions....

Now on CNN - a fascinating program I saw part of last week.

Start a flamewar.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Either way, we're all going to pay

Government by Contractor Is a Disgrace

And so it begins

Fire Hank Paulson

Sci-fi's grand old man, Forrest J Ackerman, dies

"Welcome to my hanging," Bush said (yes he said that)

A Bud Light and a Shag

Rezko, the Illinois Governor and Obama's Senate Replacement

RFK Jr. Says Caroline Kennedy is "Interested" in Senate Seat

The economy: "The Future Has Always Been Crazier Than We Thought" (Taleb)

What -gate scandals will the right wingers create under an Obama administration?

Secretary of the Interior. Who will Obama pick?

GM laid off 34,000 workers from 06-08. Toyota: 0.

U.S. Steel to lay off 3,500 employees

Fox News is reporting their source said that Emil Jones will replace Obama in Senate


Why is it always a "strawman," but there are no "strawwomen"??

The Giant Pissing Contest over the Auto Bridge

One of Two Men Arrested in Mumbai is Undercover Officer

The right wing has spent years putting up front groups to dis-inform. How do you filter for that?

Enter the "Valley of the Shadow"....pick your Identifying Figure and Participate!

Top 1 Bushism of 2009

Since the Democrats were complicit in Bush's "surge", 400 American families lost a son/daughter

PML-Q Member Blames India for Peshawar Blast That Killed Over 25

Fixing the "Main Street" housing crisis could have been easy.

Some schools stop giving F's

Fundies: The 'Unfairness' Doctrine an "open invitation for political abuse"

So who's gonna step up and deny global warming now?

GM board stands fully behind Chairman Rick Wagoner

Playing for Change

Are college towns by nature more economically stable...?

Undercover Indian Police Officer Arrested in Mumbai Bombings

It's time to come clean, DU

Boston Herald furthers false claim that United Auto Workers members have "$78-per-hour jobs"

Secret Santas hand out $100 bills

HERO to ZERO HALL OF SHAME:::Bush heads the List...

Rapture Ready: Spouse/child abuse not an excuse for divorce, but God provides adultery as an "out"

AP: Early Focus of Obama's Pentagon May Not Change Dramatically From George W. Bush's

Potter: Most ‘horrific’ McCain stories never ran

Juan Cole- Arguing with Bush One last Time

Obama portrait by Alex Grey

Afghanistan: (British) Army starts negotiations in Helmand - Guardian UK

How the Sourhern Plains became the dust bowl

U.S. troops from Iraq to defend Kabul instead of wage Obama's al-Qaeda fight

Sad news. Civil Rights pioneer Odetta has passed on.

Bush must navigate a treacherous post-presidency-CNN 12/6/08

So I just noticed something about this * picture

McCain has told Pakistan that India could go in with airstrikes....(??!!??)

Here's an idea for all the dead-ender red states....

Why not buy every tax payer a car?

Caption this McCain Pic!

The other day someone posted 10 things you have to to believe

Somethng I haven't heard discussed about the Big 3 bailout

Malaysian man killed for hogging karaoke microphone

The New Yorker Profiles Naomi Klein: “This is a progressive moment: it’s ours to lose.”

Would it be cheaper to nationalize or do bailouts?

And a Savior was born.................LOL

World leaders gather in bid to impose a ban on nuclear weapons

Morning Joe expands to radio (Mika too)

video: Obama explains pick in exclusive NBC interview ( Shinseki as VA secretary)

It took 90 minutes for Daily News to 'steal' the Empire State Building

US telco calls on Cleric Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal to convert to AT&T long-distance service or die.

Have degree - and pink slip: Record number of unemployed college grads

Obama picked Shinseki for Sec of Veteran's Affairs

Here is how foreign companies dump their cars into our market to kill our auto companies

Dixie Chicks Singer Sued For Defamation

look what the protesting workers did in June 2008

It's turning into one big conspiracy to keep Obama's REAL birth certificate under wraps

CNN crawl: Kerri Walsh and husband Casey Jennings say their expecting a child

Barney Frank Zinger...

OJ rejected plea deal...wanted public apology

For those of you who missed "Recount" when it was shown on HBO

The Winter solstice is calculated to within a second and is more important

Could the U.S. government simply use eminent domain to take over car manufacturers?

"In Jefferson’s Bible, Jesus was crucified, but did not rise."

Caption the Idiot In Chief

Mitt's wife, Ann Romney, faces cancer

Caption this * pic

Creepy to see DU using adverts of retinal/fingerprint scan ID's

Action Alert: ABC's Overpaid Autoworkers

Mom Scratched B-Word Onto Son's Forehead, Police Say

what is the mission in afghanistan? get osama? promote democracy? avenge 911?

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

So, do I have to sign up for Medicare Part D again? Or am I still covered if I have it?

Condi Rice on Rendition and Torture

I just watched "who killed the electric car?" I have a question

Gonzo's Lawyer Quits Civil Case. Another Sign That Prosecutor Is Circling?

Laid-off Workers Occupy Factory In Chicago, Demand Severance Pay!

North Carolina Town Votes to Support Same Sex Marriage Rights

Military contractors have become islands of growth in a national job market that is underwater

We won't be fueled again.

Obama May Tap a Strong Progressive to Manage Our Wilderness

Idled workers occupy Chicago factory

* at the Army-Navy football game - pics

Anyone here ever read "Tools for Conviviality"?

Worst "Customer Service" Stories - Here's mine

Lawyers of Indicted Blackwater Guards Slam Government

Threatening Call Was Not Hoax: Sherry(Pakistan's Minister for Information)

Depression you say? CHEER UP! Try a 'mimosa' cocktail.

Don't Blame the Fox if the Farmer Leaves the Henhouse Door Open.

I'm wanting to be in DC on the 20th to watch Marine 1 take off with * in it for the last time.

Frank Rich: The Brightest Are Not Always the Best

Thank You John McCain!

Where on Earth would you like to go on a vacation?

Michelle Duggar Will Give Birth On TV

Michelle Duggar Will Give Birth On TV

Is it true that foreigners finance US debt?

Remember this? "GM drops health coverage for ex-workers 65 & over"

Rival religious displays crowd Washington State capitol

Unlimited Pardon Power and Five Other Impossible Things Before Breakfast


So, I was grocery shopping at a chain store today, and all of the beef and pork

Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, has done wonders for them-- Heres his record

Name a Republican you LIKE

In whites-only neighborhood, residents worried Bush will make it a 'target'

Some on the right are just figuring out what hit them and how he did it.

3 stylists for Palin earned $165,000...MORE purchases also revealed

My son, an Iraq Vet, calld me today and was hinting he needed food.

State Universities versus State Prisons; And Marijuana Legalization as a Solution

Wearing 'almost homeless' sign, ex-executive seeks work

"Climate Change" is a better phrase than "Global warming".

100% American made computers?

7 myths about Detroit automakers

I gotta ask - what if it's ALL bullshit?

So you want to be a hero and save people?

Creating a DU Job Board

More Mayhem & Death At Wal-Mart

Here is a Great Article on Afghanistan- "Afghanistan: Another Untold Story"

SPLC: Far Right planning on making movie based off of "Camp of the Saints," a racist book

Kids ask for necessities instead of toys

Kids ask for necessities instead of toys

“Right Wing Christian Group Upset Over Jack Black’s “Rotund” Jesus

Daschle asks Americans for health care stories

Don't Bailout General Motors!!!

Don't Bailout General Motors!!!

There is no debate as to Bush's legacy. It is cemented for all time:

and more unreported information, from Chicago factory workers

Russian analyst predicts the collapse and breakup of the United States.

How many here do raw food for their pets?


Smirk: "Welcome to my hanging" (photos)

Smirk: "Welcome to my hanging" (photos)

Biden To Be Barred From Democratic Caucus Meetings

Great Op Ed by BIll Ayers

It would be in Michigan's economic interest to secede from the Union & join Canada

Which retail chains will not survive into April or so of next year?

The Country Needs Ten Thousand More Like Barry Cooper (Kop Busters)

7 myths about Detroit automakers (Detroit Free Press)

John Pilger: No tears, no remorse for the fallen of Iraq

President-elect Obama is about to make his first major mistake.

Workers’ Revolution in America: Approaching Zero Hour

Horrible News!


Can the cat in Dystopian's sig line ever solve the rubik cube?

Funny and very clever -Mensa invitational word plays

5.5 Near Barstow

Anyone ever tried z-coil shoes

Simon Amstell is so very hot!

I think my son is trying to kill me.

I recently heard that an old friend of a friend is in ICU due to a heart attack...

When was the last time you beat the crap out of someone and you were vindicated?

Have you ever felt that 99% of the people you know just don't

Okay, so who's going to take


Check out a typical 24 hours for me. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up this pace.

I haven't slept thru the night in 31 years... help me!!

New Do.....

200th Inside the Actor's Studio, hosted by Chappelle, starts now (10 am Sat)

Did I see that right? Buffalo actually WON a football game?

Help! I Love Love, Hate Hate, but I'm not sure how I feel about Indecision???

Is anyone making holiday gifts?

Can I ask you all for some Lounge Vibes?

Revitalized Perspective

Best cocoa?

Five burning questions. You decide:

Yo, NH/Mass Loungers!


Delete. Dupe. n/t. EOM. brb. LOL. IBTL.

Why has my avatar changed? - "White Knort"?! WTF is that!!!!!!

I haven't slept in two days

Is it normal for everything to have a yellowish tint?

If I'm a Straight Guy in Spandex, Can I Mary a Straight Girl in Bib Overalls -- in LA???

Hey Dog Lovers!..... Need a musical awwww...... and giggle break?

And the plot thickens (dun dun dunnnn)

8th Amendment Violated on YouTube (Holiday Edition)

"This lightbulb has been unscrewed."

I will pervade your dreams for all eternity!

The difference between The Lounge and GDP


A: Because they prefer to use condoms to make balloon doggies and others think they're weird...

Best cuckoo?

Shocking news to report from Chez Midlo.

Well, one reason Circuit City is in bankruptcy - Charging $69.99 for delivery

To all kitten lovers. Here's your Christmas present.

Ambivalent religious sign.

Sunny von Bulow dead after 28 years in coma

Army/Navy game... Oh, really

Studly Orangutan Impregnates Rest of Zoo

Sarah Palin as Prez in 2012, scary stuff.

Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie,but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy mother

You passed away today, would anyone find your body before your pets ate you?

Q: Why are many Phosphors Celibate...

Where In The World Is Alfredo Garcia?

Iraq War to become more handicap accessible.

Iraq War to become more handicap accessible.


Q: Why are many Philosophers Celibate...

Are men wearing Utility kilts in un-holy numbers in your town?

Why is the 5 y.o. boy obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog?

Name a sequel that was better than the original

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/6/08

If they had a pill or shot that could extend life 25%

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/6/2008)

When watching movies by segment on youtube, I realize how lucky some people are not to be in the...

R.I.P. Forrest J. Ackerman

I just found one of Philboy's balls

My thread in GD got locked.

Bring Me The Head Of Carmen Sandiego!

*sigh* Who else feels like a caged gerbil today?

Which is more annoying?

Mannheim Steamroller makes me want to puncture my own eardrums. Discuss.

Are there any html gurus around?

THE SEC Championship game is on...ah such fond memories

When's the last time you heckled the items the person in front of you was buying,

Either I'm stupid or clueless.

DerZau: I'm too sexy for my hair...I'm not a model, you know what I mean...

So is Walt Disney spinning in his grave? Or wanking posthumously?

I think I did a pretty damn good show and I want you to listen to it


Do you ever come across a situation and wonder, "What would Bruce Greenwood do?"

I just rolled a big fat one!!1!!

Tree Decorating: Assorted Ornmts of all types, or a theme, or a color scheme?

Politics Break!! Carolina Chocolate Drops

Poll question

OMFG! My daughter is speaking out for moms!

rascal flats cover...what you think?

Do you love one/some of your kids more than others?

I love liebfraumilch. Funny name. Great wine. nt


A young guy won $2,000,000 from the MI Lotto at last night's Piston game. Is his life ruined?

Spin you round (like my avatar)

It's snowing!

PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF that it was NOT an airliner that hit the Pentagon!

Saw this in a catalog and thought of you-all here in the Lounge!

check in here if your life sucks right now

the spaghetti sauce is simmering

I haven't slept with anyone in three years - and before that, four years

Karaoke is serious business.

This should be easy...

We're putting up the tree and BabyMidlo

Belle and Sebastian - BBC Sessions - what did you think?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday December 6

Would you eat the last slice of pie, if it were your second slice?

This is why I hate winter.

Hey Dog Lovers!..... Need a musical awwww...... and giggle break?

Watch iPod videos *anywhere* -this is amazing and a bit alarming

If my buddy, Jon doesn't get better coffee, I'm gonna stop passing out on his chesterfield

Oscar Predictions, Top Eight Catagories

Have you ever had to bite the person you love?

If you think you've had influenza, but you missed two days of work (or fewer)

Oops! Looks like I missed the symphony concert! Damn the luck! nt


Can you just walk into a bank and ask for a particular year of coin?

I failed kindergarten because

You know what I don't understand?

I went to Target, KMart and Costco last night to shop

Not only is my baby precious, but I also have a cool ass dog.

I went to Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, and a Tom Cruise movie marathon last night.

Guitar Hero- is it a kind of newfangled "follow the bouncing ball" video game?

The Valley... a beautiful song

I got a flu shot today

Teenage Mutant Ninja POODLE

Free to a good home

Do you have Blu-Ray yet?

How do you feel about homemade gifts?

The SEC is overrated

And for my 10,000th post....

now I just feel like an idiot....... but, wait!

Best pair of cops in Law and Order history

Ketchup Potato Chips Are Back!!!

I'm tired of kitty pics. How obout a doggy pic thread? I'll start

I love you all

I usually post a 1974 version, so here is a 1972 version of one of my favorites.

Today's College Football Thread -- Conference Championship Edition

Going to Toys R Us, wish me luck...

Coldplay: ripoff artists?

I love you all this season...

I keep it cool.

And he goes down!

When did Neil Diamond nuke the fridge?

Oh, shit it's locked!

Haruka left two hours ago to pick up the puppy at her Mom's

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine

i just cried until i gave myself a headache.. over a football game.. yes, a football game

Real-time daylight map of the Earth

Well, out of all my "Non-finest" moments that was almost the non-finest

Surf's up in Yakutat.

Ah, the Chicopee summer of 1978

Well, it's -2º out

I am sorry, but I have to do it. I am proud what can I say...

Is Norton Utilites the worst fucking program

white chocolate blueberry === OMG!

Well, I tried to sleep, but I had that dream again...

I have a blog.

Woot, apparently I am useless because I can't fix this lady's DVD drive.

What's annoyed you today?

ccharles000 appreciation thread

I saw "Stepbrothers" last night - OMG I haven't laughed that hard in years

Also made Heron - looky look

Is it true that if you're not successful by the age of (X), you never will be?

I know four people with cancer right now.

Please don't fuck up my streak

For Teh Lounge! Beatles Christmas Albums 1963-69 to download!

For Teh Lounge! Beatles Christmas Albums 1963-69 to download!

Every fucking stupid person in the world shopped at my store tonight.

When was the last time you were homeless?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday December 7

I was just informed that DU has a forum for skeptics

Pic thread for the DU *2D/3D digital artists*. Show your works! (Dial-up warning)

Does Revolution really protect cats from worms?

well, I have a lot to do and breakfast is eaten and coffee has been consumed

Mick, all 40lbs of him, just dragged a 10' tree branch out of the woods for me to throw

NYT:Pregnant laid-off worker "rushed to the hospital, took a medication to induce labor so insurance

A Christmas Treat for all Loungers and Cat Lovers.

What are you listening to right now?

The puppy cam is gone

People who have disowned me because I'm moving=2.

Forget all the Fancy Stuff! You only have two choices!

Guns N' Roses: "Use Your Illusion I + II" sold 685,000 + 770,000 copies. Chinese Democracy: 261,000.

RabrrrrrrKid updated his letter to Santa today, using a fountain pen and Amalfi stationery

Picture thread - post the most unusual place you've ever seen

Adrian Belew

I was invited to a symphony concert tonight. I hate symphony concerts and will now rant about them.

Two male cats in the house (twin brothers) who fight. What to do? (if anything)

OK - Your opinion of the three greatest beers known to man

Me being mauled by a horrific monster. (pic)

Update on the baby girl who is in cardiac arrest.

Quiet Soothing Music...Classical or otherwise..suggestions.

How many and which corporate brands are on your body right now?

The "highway of death" 1991....views of a reporter, General McCaffrey, and other military figures.

End of a ranch icon, part 2

I think it's time we stopped, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down

Post the single best photograph you've ever taken. (of anyone, or anything)

SCOTUS daily orders: Watch out for exploding freeper heads! hehe

Photo Op after Mr. Obama is sworn in.

A chance for everyone to voice their ideas and feedback to Team Obama.

the questions is, Who is the REAL Obama?

The University of Obama........ website

The Bush legacy:

Obama election and the Global Consciousness Project

President-elect Obama "asks Americans to brainstorm and share ideas" on how to fix healthcare...

CNN Looks to New Face for Sunday Morning - John King

My idea for fixxing Healthcare

Obama, Aides Consider Appointing Energy 'Czar'

A Gay Marriage Surge - Public support grows, according to the new NEWSWEEK Poll.

Can anyone open this?

Russ Feingold on Bill Moyer's Journal to discuss Obama's Progressive/centrist bonafides.

Russ Feingold on Bill Moyer's Journal to discuss Obama's Progressive/centrist bonafides.

HELP! I need loads of anti-repuke details on every issue...

Iraq War to become more handicap accessible.

Biden Shows He Will Be Labor's Advocate in Obama Administration

Transparency policy

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor - The Real Bill Ayers By William Ayers

Caroline Kennedy should be appointed Senator from NY

Obama Offers Highlights of His Economic Stimulus Plan

Suggest legal,nonviolent yet creative ways to drive out the Bushies with Civil Service protection.

St. Louis' large Delmar Blvd to be renamed "Barack Obama Blvd" to help bridge the racial divide!

"the breakthrough came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bowed to a demand by President Bush"

LA-04: Predictions Thread

"gropegate" is almost as ridiculous as "tipgate" was

Sebelius removes name from Cabinet consideration

Obama invites Americans to take a "Seat at the Table"

Quote of the Day!

PHOTOS Sporty Prez

Would progressive or even "far-left" ideas really be bad for America?

I swear I see more Obama bumper stickers now than before the election??

Did anyone else hear on CNN that Obama has appointed Shinseki

" we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers."

New Obama New Yorker Cover

For the Love of Mercy: In this Bad Econ Times: Ya think Bush would Offer Obama something to stem the

People need to go to jail over this economic crisis

PHOTO QUIZ - The Silhouettes: Name this man. (Warning: It's a toughie)

Jon Favreau is going to be just fine. Here's why:

My opinion on the groping thing.

MTP Transcript: Obama comments on Veterans plight "Breaking his Heart"

Point and click game featuring Bush's last days in office.

President Elect Barack Obama on MTP tomorrow -

Anytime you're feeling down, there is a sure remedy ONE CLICK AWAY ~~~

Obama To Reveal Groups He Meets With

Wore my President Obama shirt at the eye doc today.

Which former Democratic candidate seems the most likely to also be in Obama's White House?

Heads up-SNL tonight will have a skit with (the fake) Bill and Hillary Clinton

Do you think a nation led by Barack Obama will be less prone to fear mongering?

Biden to limit role of vice president

Retired Army Gen. Eric K. Shinseki to head VA

Did we HAVE to do the auto loan while Lil' Dubbikins and the lame duck Congress were STILL there?

Shinseki's Farewell Address: WOW

Breaking: Obama unveils 21st Century New Deal

PHOTOS The many faces of Barack Obama

Will Laura Bush run for the Senate from Texas?

Do you wanna feel good?

I absolutely LOVE the Shinseki pick for VA Chair

Bush Unveils His Presidential Portrait: "Welcome To My Hanging"

hahaha, I love how so many anti-Clinton people are inadvertantly paying Bill the biggest compliment

This Is Where President-Elect Obama Needs To Go .... Right Now!

I understand the romantic attraction toward Caroline Kennedy

I seem to remember that Caroline Kennedy

Change.Gov: A Seat at the Table Transparency Policy

PHOTOS Hanging on the Telephone

NYT editorial: The Deluder in Chief

MY opinion on "Gropegate"

What do you think of Michelle's dress options?

Reply from an Elector [on the natural born citizen brouhaha]

Things to do in Southern Florida?

Help please..Standing on Mall for Inauguration...Backpacks allowed there?

Supreme Court mum on Obama-birth case (until Monday)

Pentagon to recruit aliens on visas

60 or Not, Dems Have Edge They Need

Lawyer’s Arrest in Canada Has His Firm in Chaos

Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski Begin Radio Show Monday

Florida GOP chairman billed party for personal expenses

Justice tells Pentagon to obey EPA

Statement by Ambassador Wolff on Libyan Vessel's Activities

Bill Clinton Speech in Malaysia Irks Investors

3M to cut 1,800 more jobs, postpone merit pay -- report

Obama Pledges Massive Public Works Project

Bush declares Tulelake relocation center part of national monument

Sources: Blackwater guards to surrender Monday

CNN: Shinseki for Sec of Veterans Affairs

Sunny von Bulow dead after 28 years in coma

WHO sets limitations on use of melamine (toxin is okay in food, in small amounts)

(former Democratic Governor Lawton) Chiles family may sue if state raids endowment fund

Defections in Thai Parliament allow Thai Democrat Party to form new government

Montana judge: man has right to assisted suicide

SHOCKER: Sebelius removes name from Cabinet consideration

Egyptian Imam Calls on Persident Elect Obama to Convert to Islam or Else...

Berkeley to weigh war crime charges against 'torture memo' author Yoo

Student-Run Sex Magazines Surface Across U.S.

Pearl Harbor commemoration to focus on US response

Obama to air interest-group talks ( i.e., No secret closed door energy task force meetings)

Biden to limit role of vice president

Bush: war in Iraq on its way to being won

Billionaire Forbes labels UK's 45% tax rate "brain dead"

Gang-rapists of girl, 14, are named

Might Hoax Call Have Triggered A War?

Amsterdam to clamp down on sex shops, brothels, dope cafes

All Irish pork recalled in dioxin scare

William Jefferson (D-New Orleans) Defeated (AP Calls it - no link yet)

SHOCKER: Sebelius removes name from Cabinet consideration

Obama's possible interior secretary might push to shut down some offshore drilling

Mass Executions - U.S. Involved - South Korea - Classified Documents Reveal

Angry Laid-off workers occupy Factory in Chicago.

Report: Obama Taps Gen. Shinseki For Vet Secretary

McClatchy's Miami Herald for sale: report

It's Official: Men really are the weaker sex

Why the numbers don't match (MN recount)

Kafka Has a Rival-The UK Foreign Office Lectures Us on Human Rights

Another Failed Candidate for RNC Chair, Advocates Surge

On the persistence of bigotry, Western-style

H.M., Famous Amnesiac, Dies: Coroners Forget Where They Placed Body

AlterNet: It's All God -- Amen, Om, Whatever

FedEx, drivers settle for $14.5 million

Egyptian group slams Arab world's poor human rights record

O.J. Simpson to Serve Time in All-NFL Prison

GM, Ford - Won't Pledge to Buy American

I'm Really Gonna Miss Systematically Destroying This Place

Enter the "Valley of the Shadow"....pick your Identifying Figure and Participate!

Women and International Solidarity: An Interview with Marcia Campos

CIA ‘lied’ over fatal attack on missionary plane

When a Job Disappears, So Does the Health Care

Debt Watchdogs: Tamed or Caught Napping?

Thieves Winning Online War, Maybe in Your PC

Gun Nuts Charged with Boyslaughter

Robert Fisk: Just look how we’ve forgotten the CIA’s secret prisons in Afghanistan

The Real Bill Ayers (NYT, by Ayers)

Obama's campaign rhetoric and his Iraq plan were always at odds.

Egypt police seize explosives near Gaza border

Hebron settlers take their fight into Israel

The dumbest generation: The kids are alright, but their parents ... (WaPo)

Qassam rocket fired from Gaza hits Ashkelon

Exploiting Mumbai's tragedy

Israel presses Obama against Iran

ANALYSIS / Hebron settler riots were out and out pogroms

Obama, the new Presidential Slumlord for America’s Rich

Today in History for December 6th - AP

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

GITMO Military Prosecutor Breaks His Silence

Climate Denial Argument of the Month

Sarah Palin's Song: Doin' What the Lord Tells Me

One on One - Naomi Klein

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World

Laid-Off Chicago Workers Occupy Plant

Bush's Gourd, As in Being Out of Your Gourd

ABC News: 'Is It High Noon in Detroit:???: US Auto Industry in Trouble' (1980)

The End Times, the New World order....God TV

Rush Limbaugh's Dreams and Nightmares

MSNBC Producer Loses Temper .... OOOPS

Young Republican chickenhawk gets destroyed by C-span caller

A Tribute to Eliseo Medina

Howard Zinn: What Now? (Part 1)

Beatles - Rain

Blessed: The Story Of KC's Secret Santa

We Can, Yes We Can (Obama Done Told Us)

Pallin' around with terrorists: Bush gives Santa Claus a fist-bump

Huckabee: GOP Should Move Away From the Squishy Middle

Melamine in the US

This is Not America (video)

George Bush's 'Deer in Headlights' Portrait Unveiled

Sean Penn: The Truth About Chavez and Castro

President-elect Barack Obama lays out key parts of Economic Recovery Plan

Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys

Detroit could have given America the Air Car

TYT: Why Does a Saudi Girl Rock Band Rock?

TYT: Dumbest Invention Ever(!) - Outdoor Treadmill (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Coca-Cola's Latest Environmental Scam

Calif Regulators Approve Edison Deal For 245-MW Solar Plant

Solar plan for San Diego

Solar-energy firm is solar-powered (AZ)

General Motors VP Bob Lutz green pose is a "total crock of shit"

Massive solar installation completed in SoCal

Defects stop turbines at Iron Range wind farm

Biggest Installation of Silent Urban-Styled Wind Turbines

Will solar power ever be as cheap as coal? (5 years)

Innovative Thinking from Detroit

Krugman: Terrible employment numbers

Graphs Detailing The Employment Situation

Another week of bad RV industry news.

Low Rates, Big Problems

Lord knows, I've tried to gain some understanding of basic economics...

As Part of the Bailout, the Big Banks should re-hire US workers

Under what conditions would you support bailouts?

Kicking Our Addiction to Debt

seriously, what happens when millions upon millions of Americans

Laid-off Workers Occupy Factory In Chicago, Demand Severance Pay!

More on the Chicago Factory Occupation - Union blames Bank of America

Today in labor history Dec 5 The "union of unions" was established

Today in labor history Dec 6, 361 coal miners die at Monongah, W.V. nation’s worst mining disaster

Kinda proud of my small town:

Newsweek: A Gay Marriage Surge


In Mexico, beyond gay and straight

A Quick Review of Equal Protection Clause and It's Application to Gay Rights.

Press Release from Stop CAFTA Coalition - Rpt. on 3 Years of Failed Trade Deals

Eva Golinger: Foreign Intervention Won the Venezuelan Elections


"Missouri worries about OU's abiwity to go up the miwel."

Tim Tebow and his fundie family

The Florida Gator's will annihilate the Alabama Crimson Tide in today's SEC Championship!

Acupuncture could solve headache pain, Duke researchers say


Follow-up study clears cancer vaccine (Gardasil)

Why so many divorces lately?

Friday: Sun conjoins Mars and other Exciters of the Sky

Your experiences with crystals?

Reading Shallah’s thread on healing the inner child inspired me to share

Hey, baby. What's your sign? Part Deux (original is archived)

Cozumel critters.......

NDE Update: Thank you Dover, Scard, Cleita, Crikket, and Conscious Evolution!

Photo sharing sites which is best?

Cozumel Sunsets

Surf's Up in Yakutat.

Prescribed guns to be covered by Medicare?

U.S. Rangers, Park Police Sustain Record Levels of Violence

Pressure Cooker Disaster

Source of edible rice paper in SoCal or mail order

So, what did I do wrong with the bread?

I accidentally bought a spaghetti squash.

What is your favorite candy to make?

An honest theological question

How dare you question my beliefs!

At What Point Does A Progressive Movement Hit The Immovable Object Called Religion?

Thera volcano catastrophe dated to 1613 BCE

Oldest Marijuana Stash Found

Romania removes theory of evolution from school curriculum

Thirteen things we should tell our children about life, gods, and our origins

Atheists do not believe in anything!

Bad faith

9/11 news video archives appear to have been disappeared.

JFK's Assasination and the "Disappearing Witnesses" by Penn Jones, Jr.

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector will step down

Forrest J Ackerman, writer-editor who coined 'sci-fi,' dies at 92

Harper is a gutless coward

So I had CTV news on in the background


Will Harper pull a sneak move, calling back Parliament when opposition is away?

Toronto Rally

Will Barack Obama Stop The Chemtrail Program?

O picks Shinseki to head Vet Affairs

Chief Justice Derek Schofield to be removed from office