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Archives: December 5, 2008

Bumper Sticker Observation...

What will you do with your Obama tax cut?

When did the Congress give the White House the entire $700 billion ???

Wyomingite paints White House Christmas card image (see image, it is nice)

Sarah Palin, All. Year. Long. -- THE MUDFLATS

Whiny Congress asks Obama to please hold their hand.

Based on the MN SOS' math, Franken is the winner! 59 - 41. Time to needle Snowe and Collins

Effective Progressive Advertising

Effective Progressive Advertising

Image inspired by the Canadian coalition government-in-waiting.

Elliot Spitzer's views on the banking bailouts: Mother Jones

Must Read on U.S. plans for Afghanistan: The Nation:

don't cabinet officials "serve at the pleasure of the president?"

For all those who said that it was a tinfoil conspiracy theory that the neocons

Global Gag Order

Salvation Army leader will be fired for marrying outside the "Army"

Bush History-Innocent German Thrown into Afghan 'Salt Pit', Courtesy of CIA 12/5

Barney Goes Jurassic On Creationists' *sses

President-elect Obama:

I've Been In India for the Last Month and a Half....Anything New Happen?

How about some help on a local poll?

Bush's new House in Dallas

Bush's new House in Dallas

Mich. medical pot law now in effect amid questions

Baby doing extreme sports

Iraqi religious person declares,"America is now the enemy of God."

I have a better idea. Lets let the Republicans go bankrupt


Bush said at his last Christmas tree lighting...

WJ this morning - should government aid be given to mortgage

Florida Steps in Early, and Troubled Teenagers Respond

People draw unemployment benefits at 26-year high

My Stupid Big 3 Bailout Proposal

Sam Brownback opposes moving Gitmo detainees to Kansas !?

Boy George guilty of imprisonment

Republicans actually think that WE caused this mess...

U.S. companies slash 533,000 jobs in Nov.

Trampled Walmart Worker's Family File Wrongful Death Suit

Ok, since we had this discussion here a while ago about wether a man in drag can use the female ...

MarketWatch: A liquidity trap reminiscent of the 1930s

Mon dieu! Employers cut more than half a million jobs in November.....

Why don't the Big Three ask for a bridge loan to the end of January?

Did anyone see the CNN report on men being held captive by KBR?

Unemployment rate rises to 6.7%

Those other elections - Sirota

MN SOS results would hint at Franken win by 200 vtes

Hugging The Old Paradigm & Bailing Out On A Reality Check

Forrest Gump explanation for our financial mess

Katrina Vanden Heuvel is on WJ right now

Katrina Vanden Heuvel is on WJ right now

Is there someone who can make me a big button to wear while out

Dems Give White House Ultimatum on Auto Bailout

Nobody, but NOBODY, makes me want to reach into the TV and strangle them like Tucker Carlson.

U.S. mortgage foreclosures, delinquencies hit record high

The lighter side of massive job losses ......

Personally, if someone brought up Jesus at my 12 step meeting...

E-Mail To Alabama State Bar-WHY They Should Investigate Unethical Conduct Related To Siegelman Case

Canada Economy Sheds 70,600 Jobs, Most Since 1982, on Manufacturing Slump

Neighborhoods Propose Printing Their Own Currency To Encourage Local Shopping

Pentagon ignores presidential transition and presses ahead with 'missile defense' testing

The MSM has already started its campaign against health care reform.....

Dallas, TX: 1.13 acres, 8501 sq. ft.: Not another pig farm, but pigs will inhabit it

Is there ANYONE on DU that can offer a glimmer of hope

Consumers Eat Less Meat In Recession

O.J. Simpson faces 6 years to life at sentencing

A question about job cuts, and how a "job cut" is counted...

Haffa million jobs gone last month ..... fuck 'em ..... right?

Rio Rancho (New Mexico) asks teachers to take immediate leave

What worries you the most about our healthcare system? (discussion at it out)

I'll have a Bud Light and a shag, please.....

Does George Bush know how to swim? I know he's afraid of horses.

Did I hear about a huge police raid on some Wall Street offices? About perp walks .........

So there was an AOL web service called "Hometown", and it was apparently

With rapid decline of print news, how long before online news sites

Bar graph of 2008 job losses (1.9 million)

A New Attorney Scandal? Bush-Appointed U.S. Attorney Won't Vacate Office Under Obama

Dear Members of Congress - Invest in America

What 20,000 Jobs Lost A Day Means

Why did congress pass bailout of financial institutions without much debate but are hesitant about..

Why did congress pass bailout of financial institutions without much debate but are hesitant about..

Two things I got from yesterday's hearings: Chyrsler should fail, Ford doesn't need $$

"Love Actually" starts on USA channel at 10am EST (Is anyone else a sucker for this movie?)

Should the Department of Homeland Security be abolished...

MIT boffins crack fusion plasma snag

Can someone tell me how the Republicans managed to hide a recession for a year?

KS court sanctions former state AG - (rw nutjob) Phill Kline

George, stay off the teevee and just phone it in.

I wonder how republicans would feel if they were stripped of their union membership & all the benefi


With all the important issues related to the auto bailout, Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama,.....

Nicolas Sarkozy, champion of the working class or master bullsh*t artist?

Pfeffernuesse (authentic German recipe)

I found this yesterday

Should governmental agencies especially National Security Agencies be allowed to Unionize?

MSNBC reporting 1.9 million jobs lost this year. Most in one year since Reagan was president

Dr. Obama as restorative dentist ..

Dr. Obama as restorative dentist ..

Dollars & Sense: Harvard's Endowment Taking Big Hit

Dollars & Sense: What Now?

Heh. Wing nuts outraged about doll that supposedly says "Islam is the Light"

Too Big Not To Fail - Eliot Spitzer (His First Slate Column)

The Rude Pundit: Tubby the Preacher Talks About God and Murder

Mods, pls delete, there was some kind of quirk posting error

How Much Have Bush’s Tax Cuts Cost YOU?

Who gets unemployment?

Who gets unemployment?

Can capitalism and democracy coexist?

Is it possible for one man to do so much damage??

Happiness is contagious, new study finds

Is there a time in the near future where people will no longer afford to pay their rent?

Patriotism Requires Economic Nationalism

Bar Hours Worry D.C. Police Union; Labor Chief Fears Extension for Inauguration Will Overtax Force

‘It’s Well Past Time’ for Mugabe to Leave, Rice Says

Video of Napolitano talking about Rendell's comment

Barney Frank brings down the house...

RW message on church near us

dupe delete

Mexico sends Cubans home under new accord

Conservative talk show host Neil Boortz calls for OJ Simpson's murder in prison

Obama's grandfather was tortured in the British version of Guantanamo

First light for US 'laser jumbo'

If you want to write to O. J. Simpson,

What will Bush screw up next?

Robbers in drag get millions in Paris jewel theft. .

ECONOMY IS NOT BAD!!! * just got a 123% loan-to-value mortgage!!!

Shit from Shinola

We cut our Christmas gift buying by 100%

Does a person's belief system indicate their willingness to help others?

CommonDreams: Our Biggest Problem Is Bigness

MBA: Almost 10% of Homeowners with Mortgages Delinquent or in Foreclosure Process

Birth Certificate "Vigil" is Weak Sister

Short on cash, some put a price on themselves

"New" orders issued to U.S. troops after Iraq pact approval sound exactly like the old order.

It's all about energy...

Police Tie Indian(Home Grown) Suspect to Mumbai Attack

Play The George Bush Moving Day Game

Treasury Dept. Hosting Holiday Party In "Cash Room"

"Thou shalt not steal."

Sarkozy -- Is he turning just a wee bit left?

Inside the Supreme Court Chambers This Afternoon...

Bush after being asked about new Dallas home: "Why do you care? You live in Washington, DC."

Maybe This Helps Explain Why My Credit Card Cut Me Down $10,000 In Available Credit?

On top of the $180,000 for clothes, add $110,00 for hair and makeup

Families of 9/11 victims seek answers at Gitmo

Greenwald: Feinstein and Wyden - torture walk-back, updated #3.

I got 39 MPG in 1986. What's the deal with the new cars???

msnbc - OJ about to be sentenced

Berg(Obama birth Truther)is also a 9-11 Truther

Message from Joe Biden: Help cancel Hillary's Campaign Debt...

EXCELLENT appointment for Biden: Jared Bernstein

Mukasey Tries To Thwart Probes Into Torture, Domestic Surveillance

Lost Votes on Diebold System Discovered by New 'Transparency Project' in CA

How far we've come - thanks Bill Moyers

Caption please - is he drunk AGAIN?

Why is LIHOP considered crazy talk here?

Homeland Security regional director arrested for hiring illegal immigrants

Lest we forget: the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles

Caroline Kennedy may be running for Hillary's

Fascist country looting tax-payers, prez says let manufacturing fail

Leave the Gun...take the canoli...

Booooooooooooooooooooooosh is on TV

Bush-Appointed U.S. Attorney Won’t Vacate Office Under Obama»

Bush worried 35 billion can't be paid back... why now

Fourteen years....

Definition of a Natural-Born Citizen

Stuart Taylor: Obama Should Conduct Illegal Surveillance

McClatchy Newspapers departing Iraq correspondent is asked: "Are we winning or aren't we?"

JUST talked to Reggie Love....

Hillary faces more abuse

The Disassembling of the Potemkin Ranch...

The financial fear is palpable today.

Which is more reprehensible?

More Links to Pakistan in Mumbai Attacks

Jack Daniels Maker Doing Awesome In This Economy

Kay "Big Hair" vs. Ricky "Good Hair" deep in the heart of Texas?

Michigan - 1936

Air Force Preps Gadget-Zapping Microwave Missiles

Yesterday it was Dodd and Frank, who else will have their loyalty questioned?

Why did no one in Congress raise the issue of health care in light of the car company crisis?

Thom Hartmann is dissing atheists, saying it's a "belief" and a "religion"

Adoptions advertised on a billboard.

Bombs greet efforts to promote women's rights

What Happens To The Shadow Government bush Set Up After 9/11?

Model for Palin's hair..........

Hey OJ--- Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

India: Gays are perverse

OJ Minimum of 6 years in county/state prison

Boy George guilty of imprisoning male escort

OJ looks scared as hell

from the archives: FR poster sends threat letters, white powder to Pelosi

Tiny crowd prays Supreme Court will invalidate Obama presidency

If I am slime, I must do time. That's right, Juice ...

If socialism is so bad, then why don't Cheney and McCain stop taking OUR money for THEIR treatments?

Cops in California Taser Drowning Man's Distraught Sons

Headline -"Worst ____Since 19__"

LBJ Called Nixon a Traitor for Meddling in Vietnam Peace Talks

S.F. toasts the repeal of Prohibition again

Big3 Bailout? Who're they gonna sell cars to? My friend lost his job yesterday.

I want a Wahmbulance....(Caption please)

The fun folks at have sifted through Free Republic, so you don't have to...

Now that the adults are pretty much back in charge, will agent

Dog frozen to sidewalk; fat helped it survive.

A new guy will be moving into my neighborhood in mid-January. He might be a child molester.

Are you as eager to see Robert Blake behind bars?

The Wayback Machine: archives back to 2001

Barack Obama on Meet the Press in his first Sunday morning television interview

"Unfortunately, that overstates the numbers of presidents we have"

The black friday violence continues today

Feds: Homeland Security Boss Employed Illegals, Charged

Cheney Personally Thanked Chris Wallace For Defending Bush; Promises Him ‘Special Exit Interview’ As

I just got a call from Stephen Harper's PR machine

Could This Woman Be Vladimir Putin's Real Mother?

NeuroMarketing: 95% Of Consumer Decision-Making Occurs Subconsciously

Yahoo mail is down?

Ideal candidate for Ambassador to St. Helena

If you had a way to eliminate the bulk of all companies' legacy costs and part of their HR costs ...

I Smell a Book Deal....

Hey, Sen. Kennedy thread

Police Officers Are Being Turned Into Shock Troops

On Chris Matthews and the Senate

On Chris Matthews and the Senate

Worker says 'Joe the Plumber' cover-up was forced upon her

Where the Food bank thread is ...

Most important news story of the week (ending December 5, 2008)

CBS Evening News: Did anyone else see it tonight?

Whaaaa? DR. Rice back in Washington DC? I thought she was "helping" in India?

"Let's build a patriot car within five years"

Should Obama Assume Helm of Sinking USS Uncle Sam?

CBS News is shilling for the GOP

Zimbabwe inflation now estimated at 1,600,000,000,000,000,000,000%

Police Chief is Charged in Boy's Death at Gun Fair

California health agency ignored law helping impoverished HIV patients

Californian Volkswagen

Barney Frank coming up on Rachel with breaking news

You may wanna watch Maddow's show. They're breaking nooz about the car companies - Barney Frank on.

Here's one way to help save the American car market.

Rapture Alert: Robotic bugs have been developed to record Christians in their homes

Senate Leaders in Congress Agree to a Short Term Bailout for the big three

Definition of a Natural-Born Citizen

A Xmas gift suggestion for the man in your life

What I heard on Keith Olbermann.........

Milwaukee neighborhoods could print own money

Oil Prices Drop 72% in less than five months.... $1.00 a Gallon Possible?

The American Family Association +Cross+ (for sale) as seen on The Daily Show

Floods destroyed huge areas of Southern Brazil. 80,000 displaced. Please donate.

Teacher Under Fire For Misguided Slavery Lesson

An electric plane that cruises silently at 70 mph and costs just 70 cents to charge

KBR Sued Again, Featuring Dogs Running Around With Human Arms In Their Mouths

Friday Night Toons, Part 1: our Sorry Economy

Sparks in Florida: Lawton Chiles's son will sue if they raid fund.

Creation Museum and Zoo Deal Quashed

Great Empires fall the American Empire is on the slippery slope.

Who says Bush didn't sacrifice for the Iraq War effort?: He and Laura gave up "entertaining"

Is Norm Coleman the next Repug perp?

K&R if you think GM should keep Saturn and Pontiac

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski to Write Advice Book

Russ Feingold is on Bill Moyers journal

PayPal has cut a deal with Wal-Mart on-line. Desperate times mean desperate measures.

American Family Association's "The Offensive Project"

I usually defend the Canadian justice system, but this is disgusting

Rachel is kicking it out of the park tonight

Atheist Sign Stolen in Washington State ... and ...

Freepers discuss the Supreme court, Palin's shopping spree, Dubya and other wackiness

Packin' heat at the National Park

What are you looking forward to in the next presidential inauguration?

What does Obama's victory mean for public financing?

If Caroline Kennedy goes to the Senate, I will stand and cheer.

With Bush, "people are expecting some kind of repair work," professor says

Chancellor denounces activist violence (UCLA)

I just got polled for 'research' from the Wall St Journal and one other company.

Comedy gold! The typical republican moran posting comments on CNN.....

Standing Room Only on the Boston T's Red Line

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! It's a Best of Mike night!

The inimitable Meg Stapleton, of the "Palin Truth Squad" has this to say about the clothes...

Lawyer: Justice Department could drop Siegelman conviction

"Universal Single Payer Healthcare" is a real mouthful. What else can it be called?

Dems, White House move toward auto deal

ODETTA../ Garrison Institute/"Glory Hallelujia" / her Final Loud, Resounding Plea for Environment!

Bush says Saddam was not connected to 9/11 - and then connects Iraq war to.... 9/11

All I know for sure is we'd be royally screwn if mcPalin were the ones putting together a cabinet

Las Vegas shelter for abused women & children now houses their PETS too!

Have YOU done your part to help out "the Big Three" this year?

The Bush years......were they everything you imagined they would be?

GM, Ford - Won't Pledge to Buy American

The way some DUers talk about union labor

4 Million Sing National Anthem at Inauguration

Official Chevy Volt Electric Car Website:

Dick Cheney doesn't want scientists to investigate global warming.

After spending those years crafting a diabolical

No shite, Sherlock!: Rick Wagoner says not having $103B in health care costs would help GM immensely

Mother’s Act promotes pregnancy as lucrative market for Big Pharma

Does anyone else here feel depressed?

SCOTUS To Hear if Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe ... Qualify to be President

Washington's loss is Ohio's gain..Kenworth (Renton, WA is moving to Ohio)

Shall We Call it a Depression Now?- ROBERT REICH

For all the nerds in the crowd...

At age 90 years and 2 months, my mother-in-law has passed away

Supreme Court mum on Obama-birth case (until Monday)

Guardian UK: There's no hope for Bush

We had a great thread on Frugal living earlier - how about one on where to get help?

OK time for some Automaker unemployment math:

Exposition Hall severely damaged by large blast (PIC)

CNN says Bush is "more likely to" be a humanitarian like Jimmy Carter after leaving office

Kennedy Steps Down From Judiciary Panel

A modern miracle for all to see...great of President Carter

Please is the economy affecting your area?

Being employed PART-TIME is the new norm

Proposal for United for Peace and Justice

Tiny crowd prays Supreme Court will invalidate Obama presidency

This may be worth some DU input - Amer Assoc of State Highway & Transportation Officials are

Richard Shelby and his ties to foreign auto manufacturers

Richard Shelby and his ties to foreign auto manufacturers

how about the electric scooter - 55 miles on a charge and suitable for commuting

Lawyer’s Arrest in Canada Has His Firm in Chaos

Nearly half of AARP's income is from kickbacks from insurance companies

Detroit Free Press has great cartoon regarding Congress and auto bailout.

Your country or your family?

What Happened to GM's EV1? Will Anyone in Congress Ask About it Before Bailout?

If you had the money, who would you rather buy a car from ?

Beaten dog improves; suspect remains jailed

Second foot found in BC identified

Second foot found in BC identified

$110 thousand dollars on hair and make-up for Palin

They are not going to get the money. Bankruptcy protection is the best option for resturcturing...

The newest despicable act from employer health care provider!

Behind the Scenes on MSNBC.... The audio was on during a breaking story

A Prayer for George Bush...

Palin Stomps Out of Room and Slams Door - Won't Empty Pockets (THE MUDFLATS)

For all you follks who trash Texas- Bet you wish you were here now

Evidence that Al Franken now believes!

Secret Sanatas in three states spread cheer with $100.00 bills

Canadian soldier death toll in Afghanistan pushed past one hundred

USAToday says it's "fun for political junkies" to pick the 2012 GOP nominee! (Palin leads!)

Isn't now the exact right time to institute the "liberal agenda"?

I favor the Big 3 loan, but man-oh-man, their CEOs are fucking slime balls

Today we have photo proof: Sarah Palin lied about her pregnancy (Atlantic magazine)

i was watching the Rachel Maddow repeat. During her interview with Rep

I have never liked OJ Simpson

Could the Answer be to Devalue the Dollar?

What happens to my Warranty if a company goes bankrupt?

Do you believe Plaxico Burress is an idiot?

Ken Blackwell (R-Ohio-Corrupt) announces bid for Chair of RNC

If the MN senate seat goes to the US Senate, will the dems all support Franken?

Sweet Jesus! Tahnk You Barney Frank!!!!!!! Ties the car crisis to ..... HEALTH CARE!!!!!!!!!

My poll question about your car - did you buy it new or used, or are you leasing?

300 flying foxes are rescued in storms

Auto Execs Forced To Be Valets For Wall Street Execs

I drove by a homophobic billboard today

10141 Daria Place, Dallas, TX


Palin's 'traveling makeup artist' paid $32,000 a month

Test your editorial skills. Post a picture that, without a caption, you would still .......

Does anyone know what the financial implications of OJ's conviction are?

Raise your hands. How many here want to see Osama bin Laden....

I Missed This: Nov. 26, Pet Food Recall

(REPOST) Food Bank Friday! December 5, 2008!

Say Goodbye To O'Reilly's Audience

Can you drive an SUV and have environmental values?

Honda Pulls Out of Formula One Racing

Obama Staffer Caught Groping "Clinton"

A home that might survive California's fires, a home that definitely

MTB: Sustainable Shopping---Going Nuts For The Holidays? What Should We Be Doing Instead?

Who the F*ck hires a babysitter for a 2 y.o girl from craigslist??!!

Who the F*ck hires a babysitter for a 2 y.o girl from craigslist??!!

And I thought Canada was a free country.

I'll hate this rotten bastard as long as I live. I'll teach my kids and grandkids to do the same

7 Reasons Why I’ll Be Very Disappointed If Obama Doesn’t Reverse the Bush Tax Cuts on the Wealthy

Here's an idea for a bailout: Universal health care.

This is my "Athiests Who Don't Want To Ruin Religous People's Holidays" Thread.

Randi Rhodes seems to want to see Al Franken lose in Minnesota

Be honest - what kind of car do you drive.

Obama Does Not Plan to End the US Occupation of Iraq

DUzy Awards will be posted Sunday, December 7

People Like SUV's Because Detroit Advertisers Mindfuck Them Into Wanting Them

Frontpage of today's Detroit Free Press ... WOW!

Frontpage of today's Detroit Free Press ... WOW!

Frontpage of today's Detroit Free Press ... WOW!

Best musician named for the fact that he smoked tons of dope?

Update on Me, for a change....

I'm a coach for this sucker: 'Don't bite it, for God's sake!'


I am a sucker for this coach

My son loves this horrible show...

Keep that shit in the Lounge.

Single People: How soon do you start telling the person

Best prequel? (Please read the criteria)

Rocco the Shih Tzu is tripping me out!

Hogwash is

Prescription WHAT??!!??

Wow, Rachel Maddow looks like death warmed over tonight...whats the deal?

I am a sucker for Coach ...alas I can't see it any more

OMFG. A flame war erupting because Rachel Maddow is sick with a cold.

Perfect Christmas card for Grateful Dead fans

So, You've Decided to be Evil

My printer just tried to kill me!

Funny Products and Signs

No Christmas Bonus this year.

Former Kanabec County sheriff is apparently on the lam

Check out this thread in the science forum

If you are suffering with any pain this morning...

Used to work with this guy...

My keyboard just tried to kill me...

Do banks give loans to people who need tattoos and piercings?

Tackiest Christmas decoration ever

What does "tighten up" mean? As in the song by Archie Bell and

I'm a cork on the ocean

Some idiot in a minivan nearly killed me (You guys almost got lucky)

Good morning Lounge

The Animators Poetry moment

The Animators Poetry moment

It might be racist, but

Viva la Vida's melody stolen from If I Could Fly?

Take 'er Easy and World Takes 'er Easy with You

Take 'er Easy and World Takes 'er Easy with You

Can someone explain to me how Caroline Kennedy is more qualifed for NY Senate

Have you ever had to fight for your right to party?

Boy George guilty of imprisonment

Another reason for geeks to get the shit kicked out them

Who can tell me what Disney movie features exposed nipples.

Strangers May Cheer You Up, Study Says

Man allegedly assaults girlfriend with Burgermeister Meisterburger

Caption Please???...

Just took the first of four final tests. NAILED IT! Technical Skills. One down, three to go.

"Yikies in my crike hole"

Best Sequel: The Poll

Cheap stuff for frugal living ( add yours )

Personally, if someone brought up Jesus at my 12 step meeting...

Movin' on up (or RIP Paul Benedict)

Are yours real or fake

woot! 4th row seats to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's performance of The Messiah tonight!!

Shave first

What the fuck, Tina?

Its seven degrees outside, wind chill zero.

Must vent....GE "Fun""Nancing

Picture fro Arches Nat'l. Monument

War on Christmas at the Olive Garden

CONFESS!!!!! Who put the bomp in the bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp?

CONFESS!!!!! Who wrote, who wrote the book of love???

CONFESS!!!!! Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near?

CONFESS!!!!! Who writes the songs that make the world go round?

CONFESS!!!!! Why do fools fall in love???

Parche #18 to be born on TV.....

What's the closest real-life equivilent to "soylent green"?

Question about the movie 'Milk'.

DC Metro (buses/trains) should give free ridership on Inauguration Day.

"You need to watch your mouth, asshole!"

YAY!!! I'm going to see Barry!!!

Let's write a DU story: Once upon a time on a rainy afternoon in the DU Lounge

But but but.... I'm a nice guy!

For fans of the movie "Roadhouse"...Wolfgang's Vault just posted a 1987 Cruzados concert

Mmmm Winepod (no more toilet wine for ME!)

21 years

The Spanking Thread

I'm going to DE tonight. Coming back on Sunday

THE Christmas gift for the Giants fans in your life...

WOOHOO - Bars open until 5am for the Inauguration

Paul Benedict, actor in "Spinal Tap," "Guffman," and "The Jeffersons" (Mr. Bentley) dies at 70

If anyone see's Ava around... ask her to reply to be on facebook.

"Because we’re movin on up and Weezie Park just didn’t sound as good."

Does anyone have a copy of Alton Brown's "I'm just here for the food" on hand?

OJ gets 15 years. Eligible for parole after 7.5.

Please raise your glasses in a toast to The Blaine Act.

I'm going to get ED tonight. Coming back on Sunday

I desperately need to go dancing tonight.

Confess. Do you have a Christmas tree? I got a white one this year and decorated it in red, white,

75 yrs ago today Prohibition ended. Yo Parche open the Bar!

75 yrs ago today Prohibition ended. Yo Parche open the Bar!

a report that might make people think less of me, but

SophieMN won a patriotic poster contest.

One of my computers just went BANG!!!

Ladies of the Lounge: Get your razors ready

I'm going to DIE tonight. Coming back on Sunday

You know what looks like crap? (And frankly it won't surprise you)

Almost as important as the invention of the bottle,December 5th,1933 Prohibition repealed.

Judging from this photo, Jesus would have been great on a skateboard

I'm going to DIE tonight. Coming back on Sunday

Denverite's!! I need help!!!

I desperately need to go prancing tonight.


Stupid question, I don't mean to offend...

Who's up for some frakking art?

BCS declares Germany winner of World War II

If you own the CD of COMFORT EAGLE by Cake...

Pick thread?

"Crikie hole" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "crikie hole".

CONFESS!!!!! Who are you? Who who, who who?

Only 93 Days !!!!!!!!

Would anyone like to play a game of Global Thermonuclear War?

One of my parishioners just asked me what will happen if Obama isn't a citizen.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Dammit. The rec fairy has struck again!

Dude next to me is pumping gas

Judging from this photo, Lenin would have been great at basketball.

what do I do now?

For you Friday Fuckers! Cyndi Lauper

Would you ever PM someone to tell them off and let them

Ha! I just noticed that someone stole the

Where is Parche tonight? I'm thirsty and the bar is not open!

Yackity sax makes everything better!

Hey, sniffa! I think, your doc is trying to gouge you.

Does anyone else hate washing TV?

Does anyone else hate washing Pee Wee?

Former President George W. Bush and Puppet Show or Puppet Show and Former President George W. Bush ?

A puzzle for the mathletes

zOMG my daughter is going to see the Titté Brothers!

Now this is an awesome sunset picture

Cat vs printer - who will win???

I met a crazy preacher today who was looking for guns.

My asshole of a father is coming home for christmas.

Weird dreams on the nic. patch?

This skit is not funny, but I'm always impressed with how good MAD TV's impression are

In two hours I will be 41 years old.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/5/2008)

Damn. Panic attack. Bad.

Do you have a 'Holidays Drink'?

Friday Sunset Pic...

Little MB made a gift for Santa.

I am a lazy, crabby bitch...right now!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/5/08

I got 200 extra dollars last week for working Thanksgiving and gave it all away

BREAKING: O.J. sentenced to 2 years with Detroit Lions

I'm a winner!! I fought Customer Service at my phone company and I won! This is funny!

I'm considering signing up for a PayPal debit card.

I love movie muscials

Who else is thankful that today is Friday?

On the record player tonight, the sweet sounds of Allison Kraus and Union Station Live

I am watching every "X-Files" episode in order, from beginning to end. The films, too.

As John Stewart said, "See if you can guess who went off-script"

Baby #18 to be born on TV.....

Theory: Pablo Francisco is the Chuggo of comedy

Music question...

I can think of two films in which Marlon Brando says 'grocery clerks.' Identify the films.

That's What Friends Are For... Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross & Whitney Houston

Wow! It's a whopping 21 degrees outside, with a wind chill of only 8.

20 minutes until my alma mater, Buffalo, plays for the MAC championship

I am sick and tired (and tired, and sick) of Turkey

stupid fracking cold

Where is a good place to find a unusual Crystal Ball Stand?

I'm worried about my friend...

My request for Christmas vacation time was denied.

I Hereby Renounce My Co-Dependency!

I've been getting very offended lately...

Wha are the odds that these twoguys were related to each other?

Damn you Ghirardelli Chocolates...

I intend to woo LynneSin Lloyd Dobler-style. Select the music I shall blast, for maximum woo!

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket because you were driving to a fast song?

Try to come up with a topic that hasn't been covered on DU.

****Please join me in wishing!****

Bettie Page is in a coma. (via LBN)

It's FRIDAY, ya bastids!

Do you remember the last time you had the flu? How did you feel?

I hate motorcycle cops.

What's the best puppy toy ever?

Please caption this photo. Thank you.

I honor of "Repeal Day" I drank 2 Manhattens.........

Where are my vivid dreams???

Has anyone seen this?

You know you are getting old when _____________.

Ovation TV: Battle of the Nutcrackers Grudge Match!

*** A cboy4 Barry Bonds Appreciation Thread ***

I am speechless..

I think I got a lead on that gun I've ben looking for today!

Why do people put "NT" in the body of a post? Really, if you've said everything in the subject line

CFL light bulb problem. It's smoking and smells bad. It burnt at the

Any one agree with me that Bobby Darrin was the baddest dude ever??

Friday Questions...

Friday Questions...

I'm having an MRI of my brain this morning....

my studio sale is this weekend. this is my last ditch avoidance post.

i need good vibes for tomorrow!

How the hell does a person get so attached to puppies on a web cam?

If you're under 35, have you ever seen the movie/read the book

Have you ever had to fight for the person you love?

More Pics By Request (Fashion & Kolkata)

What is your porn-star name?

I have a massive crush on someone I've never met in real life.

Finally, a stocking stuffer for your man who seeks true warmth

Ok, Midlo. Who are the Naked Brothers. Daughter MiM is going

"Love Actually" starts on USA channel at 10am EST (Is anyone else a sucker for this movie?)

Cat People, help!

I bought Vampyre Vodka today.

Food Bank Friday! December 5, 2008!

Joe Satriani sues Coldplay for "copying substantial original portions" from one of his songs

Biz ordered to stop selling Bratz

Woman swept to sea during marriage proposal

Yikes! This woman really hates telemarketers...

Happy Friday?

new cats for the lounge

Ok, I'm taking a vacation and need some help.

The greatest debate in human history? Coffee or milk.

What's your favorite pot munchies?

Does anyone else hate watching TV?

Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow?

Oil Change

Write an "I Am" poem, and post it.

Support Thread for unemployed, jobseekers, entrepreneurs... post here for support & to share.

Picture Threat... Oops. Thread. :P

After John Lennon was murdered, it was about 10 years before I got over

I made Cat, come look...

What is the best cat toy ever?

post a photo of something you remember from elementary school

what kind of guns should I steal, er, buy?

Man vs. Wild or Survivorman?

Skinner - can we take down the Obama thermometer yet?

I don't understand this talk about the Goddess of Peas.

The Challenge of the Taliban: Mother Jones

Do they post October money raised for Obama? When?

Mobilize to ensure Obama's Iran Policy Succeeds?

Mobilize to ensure Obama's Iran Policy Succeeds?

Barack Obama campaign raised nearly $1 billion, shattering records

So how many of Lil' Dubbikins' last-minute executive orders can be reversed after Jan 20th?

"People saw bread lines again and said I’m votin’ for the brotha’"

Union officials don't want Miami mayor in Obama Cabinet

When the Supremes drop the Birth Certificate bullshit, can we?

AP Wire has another list of filled and not-yet filled Cabinet positions

We should not be satisfied until Obama presents some placenta.

Just looking at some election results - Obama even won couple counties in Utah

Obama: This Crisis Gives Us Big Opportunity

Barack Obama, "Most Fascinating Person"

Obama and his message of "change" is a FRAUD!!!

RNC Update Released: Palin's Shop-a-palooza now $180k

God Help Us.....Bush is oging to make a statement about the economy

Uh, If Barack's Mother Is American, Isn't He American Anyway?

saw the coolest thing on the road today

The announced unemployment numbers released today,

Bush short statement,,,no questions..."I am very concerned" "We are working on ways to solve

My eyes! My eyes! Get yer Sarah Palin 2009 calendar right here!

Friend of mine who is devoted to the DWF platform-

Just Curious - If The Windfall Profits Tax Is Off The Table & We Won't Roll Back The Bush Tax Cuts..

Peggy, you ignorant slut

Obama; comparison with FDR and the reporter

Biden taps progressive economist Jared Bernstein as top adviser.

Holy Cow! Canadian Parliament Suspended.... LINK

Ted Rall is a Malcontent.


More Freep nonsense re: Obama citizenship. It is a Hillary plot.

Berg Case is not on Cert granted list

Barack Obama breaks first campaign promise by dropping oil tax

FRANKEN UP BY 4 VOTES after hand count, camp says:

Would you have voted for Obama if you knew in October...

Bill O'Reilly cancelling his bloviated radio show

Anybody donating to Hillary's debt?

New Attorney Scandal? Bush-Appointed U.S. Attorney Won’t Vacate Office Under Obama

How big a D do you need to know Obama is democratic enough?

Super Obama World

The Note, 12/05/08: Another Senator Kennedy?

Will We See 99 Cents A Gallon For Regular Gasoline By Easter?

Cardboard groper is why we don't let people bring cameras into

It does not matter if any parent is not a citizen, if that baby is born in the USA it IS a citizen

What Obama Nominee to the SCOTUS Would Drive Freepers Over The Edge? ...

LOL FreepTurds are having a Live Scotus Watch

New Foreign Affairs Article by Bob Gates: Reprogramming the Pentagon for a New Age

Not only can you put lipstick on a pig, you can apparently spend $55K arranging its bristles.

D.C. Bars, Nightclubs to Be Open 24-hours A Day for Inauguration Week

Should Cardboard-Groping Speechwriter Guy have a job in the Obama administration?

Last Gasp of a Miserable Failure: Bush Approval Map

Did We Discuss Alex Witt's Comments About Why Would There Be Mumbai Attacks If Obama Elected?

A couple Obama 44 freebie graphics to use...

Appropriate punishment for "cardboard" guy is a Secret Service nick:

Oh Lord, I'm not a prayin' man, but if you're up there...

Donofrio: Not only isn't Obama eligible for the presidency, CHESTER A. ARTHUR ISN'T EITHER!!1!

44 Presidents - See how They Morph

Huckabee, Palin top GOP poll for 2012!

One President At A Time: Obama works behind scenes on auto crisis, Bush buyin' mansions, Stretch

The George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation needs YOUR donations...

As bad as all these last minute executive orders from the Shrub are, why do they matter?

Exclusive: Caroline Kennedy Considering Senate Appointment

Employers cut 533K jobs in Nov., most in 34 years

Is even Fox News bothering with the Obama birth certificate nonsense?

Why do the stupid (or insane)....(Freeptard sig line)

Will a tax cut for the middle class hurt wages ?

Obama: Ratify the Women's Convention Soon

Would you support or oppose Caroline Kennedy taking over Sen. Clinton's senate seat?

Oh noooess the Supreme Court has been replaced by replicants...

I thought SCOTUS was suppose to rule on whether to consider the Donofrio Obama citizen case today?

MN-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

What to do with the extra 30 Million? Please take my poll!!

Obama is making clearer than ever that tens of thousands of troops will be left behind in Iraq

Irrelevant Peggy Noonan: "At Least Bush Kept Us Safe"

Friday Night Toons and animations, Part 2 Bushes and pols


I Have A Solution To The "One President At A Time" Conundrum !!!

BREAKING: Barak Obama born by Cesarean section

B Frank "Saying we have 1 prez at a time overstates how many presidents we have"

Barack Obama has Fought for the Disadvantaged His Whole Life...Why would he Stop Now?

Obama is a master of tacit ambiguity

"Leave the Gun...Take the Cannoli"..

The Hill: Caroline Kennedy Interested in Clinton's Seat

Will Bush pardon OJ??? That is the question of the day...

Kennedy steps down from Judiciary panel (to focus on health care)

December 1 - They are lost beyond this date!

Come on, own up: how many of you own a lifesize Obama cardboard cut-out?

Role for Barack Obama's volunteer network still in flux

Anyone on DU who posts even one negative comment about Obama is a COMPLETE IDIOT

Obama to Buy First Tuxedo in 15 Years For Inaguration

What do you think is the real deal between Obama and Bill Clinton?

Treasury Dept Officials Air Possibility of More Rescue Money to Obama's Team

Any way he says it, Obama's picks please Miller

Oh No! What will the FreepTurds do now?? Obama's "birth certificate" issue DEAD at Supreme Court

The Inauguration: I can't bring a camera bag, a Leatherman multi-tool thingie or an animal. Jeez.

Palin's secret? Victoria's Secret is on her latest list of shops

Franken Camp's Claim: The Hand Count Is Over -- And We're Up By Four Votes!

I love when freepers protest - they draw such super big crowds.... (re BC issue)

Howard Coble to run against Kay Hagan in 2014?

Supreme Court says case has no standing!!!! haha

Per CNN Money - General Clark is one of those being considered for Energy Secretary

The House of Reps moves to a five day workweek. You like or you no like?

Shit. Bush acknowledged we are in a recession. Whare then are we REALLY?

Biden picks economic advisor that is against free trade and is for worker's rights.

Biden picks economic advisor that is against free trade and is for worker's rights.

Obama campaign mulls what to do with $30M surplus

Poll To DU!!!

I'm sorry. My money is not going to Mark Penn

Obama better get moving, he's got a lot to live up to.

CNN, Campbell Brown on now, being an idiot about Obama not taking leadership, he is not prez yet

"We'll All Pay For Obama Getting Elected" (Need A Chuckle?)

Ann Romney has lumpectomy

Columnist wishes Obama would carry on illegal wiretaps and "kick" the Left "in the teeth"

The constitution says

Wow, This is a fascinating email from Plouffe regarding the "future of the movement"

The true origins of our current economic crisis and the fundamental fixes needed to resolve it:

Does anyone noit think that if JFK Jr. were alive he would get his uncle'sseat.

Ten Democrats who should go away

Why I support Caroline Kennedy in the Senate

Anderson tries to fan GropeGate flames on CNN and gets laughed out of the room

Only 10 days and counting to the real election. Will there be any live coverage?

Only 10 days and counting to the real election. Will there be any live coverage?

Stimulus package must be huge. Let's build wind farms from coast to coast.

Heh. Freepers pinning hopes on an elector revolt against Obama. They truly are deranged.

Caroline Kennedy for Senate:

Anyone catch Tucker Carlson on Morning Joe??

What will freepers do on inauguration day?...

Obama uses Zune. Will iPod fans demand apology?

Face it. Obama is f*cked with the 2010 elections. He will need our back more than ever

New Freeperism alert: "baited breath" for "bated breath"

Jarrett emphasizes the grassroots

How do you feel about your rep?

Caroline Kennedy should not be appointed Senator from NY

My doctor really tried to push a flu shot on me

Bush: I Was Right To Use Non-Existent Link Between Saddam-9/11 To Push For War

Enough of this Obama citizenship nonsense. I want to know who Trig's mom is. New photo.

Could you look Hillary in the eye after posting this pic?

Tiny crowd prays Supreme Court will invalidate Obama presidency

Top Obama speechwriter under fire for "groping" Hillary cutout

Top Obama speechwriter under fire for "groping" Hillary cutout

The New Team: Jonathan Favreau

How did Bible Spice get herself elected Senator from Georgia?

For the ones who said that Hillary would have never made it to the Senate

You're all just a bunch of self-obsessed, thin-skinned, pitiful whiners.

Massive Crowds Turn Out To Protest Obama’s Falsified American Citizenship

Union officials don't want Miami mayor in Obama Cabinet

Boy George guilty of imprisonment

Aleksy II, Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Dies at 79

Laid-off Circuit City workers could lose pay (unsecured creditors ask court)

AP IMPACT: Some bailout holdings down $9 billion

(Iraq) Raid detects al-Qaeda child recruitment

Europe Court Nixes U.K. DNA Database

Former WorldCom CEO asks Bush to shorten sentence

White House altered, deleted documents on Iraq war

Obama team plans grassroots meetings for next weekend (December 13 and 14)

Obama statement on jobs report: Urgent response needed

Hill leader says jobs report argues for car rescue

GM to lay off 2,000 more workers at 3 factories

3 soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan push Canada's toll past 100

Biz ordered to stop selling Bratz

Warehoused Asian workers in Iraq to be sent home

National Mall to be open for Obama Inauguration

GM to lay off about 2,000 more workers: report

Obama's gamble to opt out of public funds pays off; raised nearly $750 million

City acknowledges missing ballots (Franken vs. Coleman)

Palin's 'traveling makeup artist' paid $32,000 a month

Short on cash, some put a price on themselves

Chrysler Hires Law Firm Jones Day as Bankruptcy Counsel

U.S. Supreme Court to hear al-Marri's case

'Subtle shift' to US role in Iraq

Families of 9/11 victims seek answers at Gitmo

ICAP Hires JPMorgan’s Daemon Bear to Head ‘Dark Pool’

Blackwater Guards Could Get 30 Years

533,000 Jobs Lost in November 2008

O.J. sentenced to as many as 33 years for robbery

The Note, 12/05/08: Another Senator Kennedy?

Beaten dog improves; suspect remains jailed

2 Dominicans spent weeks at sea; 49 thought dead

Miamian, embargo foe, sues author for 'spy' claims

Atheist sign disappears from Washington state Capitol

Payrolls plunge by stunning 533,000 in November

Justices Take Case on President’s Power to Detain

Brown-Forman (maker of Jack Daniel's) reports rise in 2Q earnings

Caroline Kennedy interested in NY Senate seat

Yahoo mail is down?

Two bomb blasts kill 27 in northwest Pakistan

Breaking on MSNBC (Rachel) Democrats agree on auto bailout.

West Hartford Credit Union Closes

Pin-up Queen Bettie Page has Heart Attack

Horrifying parasitic illness reaches all-time low

Bush: Iraq war longer, more costly than expected

Kennedy steps down from Judiciary panel

15 bil an dat's all you git, now git out

First Georgia Community Bank closed -- 23rd failure in '08

Diamond thieves pull off 100-million-dollar Paris heist

Ann Romney Has Lumpectomy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Julius Baer CEO dies unexpectedly

AP Exclusive: Pentagon to recruit aliens on visas

Rice dodges questions on CIA flights in Denmark

Stevens asks for new trial in Alaska

Colombians debate third term for president

Governor's office: Troopergate is over and Palin testimony won't be released to public

Report Links State Gun Laws To Rates of Slayings, Trafficking

"Koobface" Virus Turns Up on Facebook

Bush Acknowledges Recession For First Time

Five Blackwater Guards To Face Massacre Charges Next Week

Leaders in Congress Agree on Auto Bailout Plan

OJ Simpson has been jailed for kidnap and armed robbery.

Bill O'Reilly to end syndicated radio show

White House documents found to be altered

Interior Dept. Changes Rule to Remove Congress Veto: "power play" in Bush's waning days

Daschle Launches Push for Health-Care Overhaul

Pin-up queen Bettie Page in hospital after heart attack

Feds: Boston Homeland Security honcho harbored illegal alien

$100 Million Dollar Paris Diamond Heist

Mexico greets Richardson, doubts NAFTA reopening

In Tapes, (Lyndon B.) Johnson Accused Nixon’s Associates of Treason

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 5

Rice urges 'robust' Pakistani response to Mumbai attacks

Cuba says blogger ran afoul of the law

Congressmen demand Mukasey explanation on torture, pardons

Franken up by 4 votes after hand count, campaign says

US justices to rule on terror suspect's detention (can an "enemy combatant" be held indefinitely?)

Intelligent 'have better sperm'

New rules ease ban on guns in national parks

Caroline Kennedy interested in NY Senate seat

Fidel Castro says Cuba can talk with Obama

Republican Pundits Gone Wild, Michael Medved Edition

Mayor's wife irks Kansas City

Are cheap smokes pro-life?

Philip Maddocks: To cut costs, automakers plan to outsource 40 years of bad ideas

Bush Admits to Charlie Gibson He Was Unprepared for 'Law'

Rochelle Riley on the car talk between Brian Williams and Jay Leno last night

Eugene Robinson: Regret-Me-Not; Bush tries to rewrite history

Unlike Most Presidential Couples, the Obamas Actually Listen to Each Other

1/2 of World's Jailed Journalists come from Web

Gates' Plan To Fix the Pentagon

Friday Talking Points (57) -- End Of Prohibition 75th Anniversary Edition

Alive in Baghdad: Still no electricity surge - 12.01.2008 (video)

Cost of Putting Lipstick on a Pit Bull?

We Need a Law Like Godwin for Nixon Comparisons

In the Shadow of an Apocalypse

Judicial Watch: Clinton Ineligible to serve as Secretary of State

Hillary Nutcracker - mysogynist symbol or feminist icon?

Obama's Mighty Economic Challenge

Wall St financiers party like there's no tomorrow

How the Facts Came to Hate America

Action, not words

Is worst yet to come?

Weekend Economists--The Bah, Humbug! Edition December 5-7, 2008

New alternative to AIPAC?

Detroit: A Riposte to the Bashers

Israeli Troops Evict Settlers in the West Bank

Palestinians join UN agencies in denouncing honour killings and gender abuse

It's only one house

Qurei: Settler attacks signal Israel's rejection of peace

Bush Henchmen May Have to Testify in Attorneygate Probe

Canadian Parliament shut as PM clings to power

Tony Benn | People Before Profit | the Budget | Nov 24 2008

Sea Shepherd - Enough is enough, Japanese Killing Whales

AP: Guards in Blackwater Shooting May Face 30 Years

Jane Hamsher appearance on Cavuto - 12_03_08

TYT: PB Out Of New York - Does He Deserve the Punishment?

Michael Mukasey, OJ Simpson, and the law

Olbermann: 'Prop 8 - The Musical' Stars Jack Black, John C. Reilly - 12/5

Rachel's Prop 8 essay - 12_04_08 - finds better correlations than w/ race

The Harper Dictatorship- ( the old Hitler in the bunker thing but Canadian)

Bjorn Borg's Timely "Love for All" Gay Marriage Ad

Gingrich Says Israel Should Set A Deadline For Attack On Iran

Perino Dismisses Pre-War Downing Street Memo: ‘It’s Been Debunked By Me’

ELECTION NIGHT 2008 quad split Obama Victory

Olbermann: Bush Polishing His Legacy 'Tremendous Mass of Human Suffering...'

Support the workers(the Simpson's)

Did Killing Electric Car Kill GM? Worth Watching Now

YouTube Is Dead

Martinez found not guilty in fragging trial

Man gets 18 years for crash that killed soldier

Accused men showed doubt in Dix recording

U.S. mulls using 1988 drug law on Blackwater

OPM drafts new hiring rules for spouses

JFCOM releases study on future threats

Voting chief need not be a fed, group says

Report: Mild TBI linked to multiple ailments

Award increased for info on pfc.’s death

Soldier: I smashed a Guinness World Record

Informant under scrutiny in Fort Dix trial

No charges yet for man accused of desertion

Motion on lesbian maj.’s lawsuit denied

Dead Holloman baby may have had rare sickness

Russian navy ship to cross Panama Canal

Lost in translation

Agent: No physical evidence in Iraqis’ deaths

Italy to host AFRICOM headquarters

Report: AWOL soldier seeks help of city in N.Y.

Housing project at Grafenwöhr loses financing

AAFES gas prices lowest in nearly 4 years

Lack of ‘toggle switch’ created billing mess at Yokota’s hospital

On-base fuel leak causes farmers concern

Brain Injured Vets and Long-Term Risks

Improving Nuke Enterprise Top Priority

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Dragging a General Through the Mud

Sen. opposes moving Gitmo detainees to Kansas

A Quick Fix for Fouling M4s

E-8C's New Engine Program Takes Off

Call made for China to battle pirates

Global Change Widget (bet Hatrack has it on their desktop!)

Peak Oil Notes - Dec 4

Suntech and a+f Complete Two Spanish Solar Power Plants (8.5 and 7.4 MW)

Greengate Gets Municipal Approval for 550-MW Wind Project (Alberta, CA)

DOE, TVA Partner in Energy Efficiency Project (TN)

FPL Breaks Ground on First Hybrid Solar Plant (75 MW, FL)

Energy Goals a Moving Target for States

Nigerian Government Confirms 50 Deaths To Date From Contaminated Teething Formula

Electric Mini 'with 150 mile range'

Bush’s environmental legacy on GMOs is irreversible

Cool Earth Is Scaling Up Solar Energy Generation (solar balloons)

Protests Flood In On BLM Energy Leases On Book Cliffs, White River, Labyrinth Canyon - SLT

Jakarta Post - Deforestation Main Driver Behind Recurring Aceh Floods

Another Antarctic Tourist Ship in Trouble (run aground)

South Africa Abandons Planned Nuclear Power Plant - Too Expensive - SF Chronicle

The Global Warming Deniers Are Restless

Crude oil nears $40 per barrel

Crosspost from Economy: Thinking about a thousand year depression

Scientist: Lake Mead could dry up by 2021 amid Western water shortages

Japan sells Icelandic whale meat

Krugman on Hardball... video and transcript

Check out this photo of a Kimball Hill(bankrupt & now shut down homebuilder) ad back in January 2008

Isn't it funny? In 2007-2008, Repukes were blaming the Dems taking over Congress

Safe havens face crackdown

U6 Unemployment rate hits 12.5%

Why GM is More Bailout-Worthy Than Citigroup

Automakers form Suicide Pact

Obama Team Agrees to Aid Treasury in Push for Rescue Funds

Thinking about a thousand-year depression

Could money be pumped into the health care "infrastructure" be

capitalism 2.0

Economy lost another 533,000 jobs in Nov.

U.S. job losses worst since 1974 - and getting worse

Best interpretation of "Sixteen Tons"?

An idea for a video.

Motion on lesbian maj.’s lawsuit denied (xpost from Veterans)

Catholic leader sought Mormon help on Prop 8

Two Asylum Verdicts Nixed

You gotta love the Talibangelicals' priorities

Iraqi Journalist Jailed Over Homosexuality Story


RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: Where Homophobia Totes a Gun

Fidel Castro says Cuba can talk with Obama

Bolivia to distribute land to indigenous Indians

Human Rights Watch Confirms Colombia Not Ready for Trade Deal with U.S.

Belize takes over as President of Central American Parliament

2 Dominicans spent weeks at sea; 49 thought dead

Cuba says blogger ran afoul of the law

half of world's jailed journalists come from web

Colombians debate third term for president

Nicaragua asks U.S. for war reparations in aid row

Miamian, embargo foe, sues author for 'spy' claims

now if the williams could just stay gone for four weeks......

So, what do you all think of USC's decsion to wear red and give up two time-outs?

The Cash For Cancer Testing Controversy

Many Children Lack Stability Long After Storm

Study says happiness transfers from person to person

Intelligent Men 'have better sperm'

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/5/08

The Inaugural Chart 2009

Need a hug, guys.

Question about the 12th house

Happiness is catching!

Weekly Healing Project #15 | Dec 7-13 | Clearing the way for your Highest Light

First pic with a new toy

Pro-RKBA Holiday Carol!

Nine Senators

Try to figure out this newspaper's gun advertising policy...

I'm posting this thread about impeachment for another DUer who doesn't

Psychic Consortium Thread IV

Reflections on Denny's

Packing now Legal in National Parks!!!

So, I went to Tuesday Morning today.

Looking for a Potato Cake/Pancake Recipe....

What if Christmas were just a white holiday?

Christian Man Uses Cell Phones to Evangelize

Thom Hartmann is dissing atheists, saying it's a "belief" and a "religion"

Duck eggs.

Atheist sign disappears from Washington state Capitol

Back to Reality (undoing Bushco's damage to science)

Unique Extrasolar Planet Orbits Fast-rotating Hot Star

What prayer REALLY is...

Will Jupiter's Gravity Throw the Solar System Into Chaos?

H. M., an Unforgettable Amnesiac, Dies at 82

Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest

Rick Warren Endorses ''Taking Out'' Iranian President Ahmadinejad

SBOE Member's Anti PublicEd Writings

Tiny Texas town head to Vegas for vacation

Good old Governor Goodhair

Can someone help me find an old screen shot?

DU smilies won't move in Internet Explorer

Meet Springsteen's Rosalita and Rock Muses Rikki and Sharona, Too (The Real Women Behind The Songs)

My letter to a Canwest paper, canceling my subscripting

It's Official: Harper To Dismantle Healthcare


No wonder Canwest's stock is at 52 cents Canadians regionally split on political storm

Really nice article about Kerry's town hall meeting at Fitchburg State College last night

I think this is an example of how JK will reach out as SFRC Chair

John Kerry answers what his favorite political book was this year

When a lie is accepted as conventional wisdom.

Speaker's position untenable after police contradict Damian Green arrest details