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atheist top ten

American nun murdered in Brazil to recieve UN Human Rights Award

Obama's holding the strings to Paulson's purse

A cradle of invention

Bail-out refusal knocks billionaire (Man asked Germany for a bailout for stock gambling losses)

Elected not selected (or cheated).....

Mainstream journalist admits the MSM wants drama

Canadian Secret Inelligence Service Spies On Mohawk Communities

According to sec of state...Al Franken 11,000 votes ahead..

17 year old escapes chains in Tracy CA

My sister has a Beagle that is over 17 years old.

You can (should) listen to a few songs by Phil Ochs at this link ...

98.67% in according to the MN SOS. . .Franken leads by almost 1300 votes.

J.K. Rowling releases Thursday “The Tales of Beedle the Bard,” a follow-up to Harry Potter

11 minute out-patient surgery = $2,798.58

Baptist Board Alert! They still are in Love with Bush please read..thanks

It only took me a year to realize that DU had a facebook group

Dear Barack; Hello and Congratulations but please... "Don't Let Me Down"

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

TOON: Rall - It's a ruse

Zimbabwe Declares Cholera Emergency

Progressive bloggers complain about New York Times' piece

Progressive bloggers complain about New York Times' piece

Indian/Pakistan Situation: What does this mean for the U.S.?

I'd like to personally pass joe scarborough, and the rest of the Morning Joe

Survey: Texas voters increasingly unhappy with GOP

TOON: Asay - "Bush stepped in with his NCLB program"

All You Need Is Love ~ All You Need Is Love ~ All You Need Is Love

Update to the Atlanta dog-beating story.

Best custom magnetic bumper sticker site you've found?

Unionization Substantially Improves the Pay and Benefits of Women Workers

Making the Iraq War more Handicap Accessable

Is Donald Trump's Comb over To Big To Fail?

Would this be a good way of restarting relations with Iran?

Day Without a Gay (Prop 8) Asks Supporters to Volunteer (Dec 10)

The future of the Rethug party:

Indian Opposition Demand Action Against Pakistan

What is a "centrist" anyway?

Council rules bar to close in sex case

Concessions--And now What?

2 issues never mentioned about Iraq

Condoleezza Rice: Nothing To See Here - Keep On Moving

A point to ponder about the state of healthcare

Jimmy Carter Writes New Book On Middle East

WAR ON CHRISTMAS CASUALTY REPORT:Angry Children Attack Santa Claus Outside Local Mall!

Is anyone else listening to Carlos Gutierrez and the callers on CSPAN WJ now?

Here is a very cool Obama song, by "Matt the Electrician:

Repug Congresswoman Hangs Up On Obama - Twice

Merry Corporatemas!

Oh Happy Day!

NYDN: Palin and Clinton are both women, so let's compare them!

Jack Welsh pushing for bankruptcy for auto industry. . (MSNBC)

Virginia Man Buys Million Dollar Inaugural Package At Marriott- For The Disadvantaged

AlterNet: Untold Story of Election 2008: The Death of the NRA

So how come GEM$NBC et al can give us live

C-SPAN Alert: Automakers back in front of Senate Banking Committee n/t

OK, I know the auto execs hearing on Capitol Hill is important to us here in the Motor City, but....

How Kids Learn to Love Capitalism

Thank you for letting us spy on you: AT&T cutting 12,000 jobs/4% of work force

Va. man spends $1 million on inaugural package for disadvantaged

Bush admin final days scorched earth policy.

NYT: With Saturn, G.M. Failed a Makeover

Bush History-The World Pleads: If US is "not willing to lead ... Please get out of the way" 12/4

What would you pick as Bush's portrait in the White House?

Study: No such thing as an abortion-depression link

Do we want the Federal Reserve to loan the Big 3 bailout money

The real Power in the Obama Mo Rocca

Fundy Baptist Board Alert Please Read ...Should I Report them??

Bush Admin - Set to Eliminate Water Regulations for NEUROTOXIN

Economic times turn desperate for some metro Atlantans

Sea Shepherd Crew Heading South to Defend the Whales

"Black Friday" turned into "Where the f**k did the shoppers go?" Saturday.....

Coleman to Withdraw Ballot Challenges

MarketWatch: Not much for retailers to hope for this holiday season

Don't be suckered by supposed deals:

I hate ATT

Stupid Freeper letter of the day. Brought to you by the Old Dominion.

Does Anyone Else Find This Cartoon Offensive?

The Chinese investors we rely on to prop up our debt are balking

Fox's House Liberal quits Hannity and Colmes

Harper gets his way. GG prorogues Canadian parliament...

I'm Really Gonna Miss Systematically Destroying This Place - By George W. Bush

Isikoff: Rove may testify in prosecutor's Attorneygate probe

The Threat of Realism

Panicky (Kashmir)Border Residents Reconstruct Underground Bunkers

List of things we wouldn't have without unions?

Were the Attacks in Mumbai Part of the 'Global War on Terror'?

U.S. not among nations to sign cluster-bomb ban (xpost from Veterans)

The biggest challenge for Obama is to not be bold enough?

The Rude Pundit: Al Franken's Requiem for Florida 2000 ...

Somali piracy and the enchanting water circus

its Dec. and Russia is having a record breaking heat wave

It is ON!!! Colbert vs. the New York Times Science editor

Senate banking Committee hearing : Govt Assistance to Auto Industry - thread 1

Corporate Personhood: how far?

Auto Bailout - Why Is It All Or Nothing? Can't We Save One Or Two, But Not Three?

Its not enough that we've been stolen from, kicked down and our jobs thrown away

Green Christmas mailing tips -- Re-Use, Reduce and $ave some $$s

"Not in my neighborhood": my weekly column

Have you purchase a semi-automatic firearm since Obama was elected?

How about GM spinning off brands for cash?

Huckabee Downplays Violence Against Gays: Christians Are Having Their Crosses Taken From Them Too

How realistic is it that the 'stimulus' plans Obama has proposed will create enough jobs

I almost fell off my chair. ElisaTwit apologized for uncalled for remarks about Deepak Chopra

the Pirates known as Blackwater are off to wage war on other Pirates, oh yes

Would it be feasible for some Freight Trains to add on a few passenger cars in the right situation?

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XXVIII: The Cluster-Bombs Cluster-F**k

The Stink of the Citizenry: Congress Celebrates the Opening of the Visitors Center

Which state's US Senate pair is the most vile on Capitol Hill?

Religious groups' fury at Osama bin Lego toy

Well, lookie here. A report from The Texas Int'l Historical Coalition of the Shockingly Obvious

Now that we're all unemployed,

Mormon Homophobia: Up Close and Personal

Thom and a caller just reduced one o' them libertarian wingnuts to jello!

UN Security Council passes resolution allowing entry into Somalian waters to fight piracy

SUVs and tax breaks

Wow, maximum unemployment benefit in Tennessee? 275.00

THE ONION: "Bush Dragged Behind Presidential Motorcade For 26 Blocks"

Istanbul: Fake cops drag woman out of restaurant by hair

Green Christmas mailing tips -- Re-Use, Reduce and $ave some $$s

Hi! I'm having problems here with the size of my fonts in DU. Is this happening to anyone else?

The term "Right to Work" has become a detested phrase

The term "Right to Work" has become a detested phrase

Thom, please stop interviewing the Ayn Rand's, libertarians, and other idiots

ONE MONTH Ago Today - Obama Wins!

RE: Big 3 in Congress, can anyone verify this?

Matthews advised to quit MSNBC

IMPORTANT Inaugural security info re. banned items (It might be difficult to bring kids.)

Obama puts premium on competence: "point by point refutation of Bush's handling of the White House"

For Indian Jews, sense of security is shattered

Truckers: Proposed air regulations unaffordable

Does it seem like the Republicans are blaming their failed economy on "greedy" union workers?

The smartest and most effective way free up money for these financial 'rescues' is to exit Iraq

You Mean We Can Talk Back? "Sometimes, the change is enough to make your head spin."

If 90+% of new car sales require some kind of loan, why aren't the bailed-out banks in the hot seat?

In Maine, Women Rule

Yiiikes! Teens 'sexually abused elderly patients'

Too Little, Too Late: The Health Insurance Industry Unveils a New Plan to Reform Health Care

Just released and censored news/rumor? Mossad behind Turkish Ergenekon plot...

Nice lil' victory for some immigrant workers in Canada

They keep calling it a loan, not a bail out.

Unemployment Benefits Claimed by 4.09 Million Americans, Most in 26 Years

Closed two credit card accounts and couldn't get a lower rate.

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Will We Be Honest in Our Healthcare Reform Effort?

"The Third Jihad"--could someone, preferably someone Muslim

Conspiracy theory ??

Uncensored Interview re: Muslims & terrorism in the world by Deepak Chopra (WELL WORTH READING IMHO)

Crowd Control In Action- Inauguration Organizers Working To Keep Kids Out

Crowd Control In Action- Inauguration Organizers Working To Keep Kids Out

why didn't congress grill the bankers and aig live on c-span and msnbc?

why didn't congress grill the bankers and aig live on c-span and msnbc?

One man feeds 500 - Another heart warming story

After the Victory: Engaging Obama Volunteers



"Shameless Britney Spears is endangering your child"

Have a job and no union? Employers will be real nice to you in the new year

Hey, you dumb fuck. AIG didn't have to submit some bullshit plan for YOU to approve

"The people who worry about being remembered are guys like Reagan, Bush..."

Outside of the loan arguments. Anyone resent all the auto industry people testifying basically act

I have this weird feeling that this Nursing Home story could be a fraud...

Eric was foreclosed on.He tried to buy his home from the mortgage co. for more than the mortgage.

Learning from a Terrible Past

Reach across the aisle to Bob Corker and pick a scab...

27, 37, 300, 22, 10, ahead, behind.....?

Universal health care and the "nuclear option."

Universal health care and the "nuclear option."

Colors of the white house: Red, White and IMPEACH

Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled: This Won't End Well

A million jobs here ..... a million jobs there. Pretty soon, your talking about a real ......

Inspiration from India

My simple-minded question about the auto companies.

Actor Paul Benedict has died at 70 (Mr Bentley on The Jeffersons)...

Health Insurance with "Preexisting Conditions". Please advise.

So the senators from TN & other states with "foreign" auto makers are trying to sink the American

Needed: A working-person's business channel to combat CNBC/FOX News Business propaganda

Washington's gain (Bush moving out of the White House) is Preston Hollow's pain (Bush is moving in)

Washington's gain (Bush moving out of the White House) is Preston Hollow's pain (Bush is moving in)

Honestly--I don't get the Franken/Coleman recount numbers...

Senate Auto Hearings ...GM Say they could be gone....

The Californian reduces work force by 10 percent (1 reason, ads from car dealers down)

Barbara Walters 10 Most "Fascinating" people (tonight at 10PM)

War criminal found in phone book

Hagel thanking Nebraskans for 12 years in Senate

Campaign Promises on Ending the War in Iraq Now Muted by Reality

Snapshots from our "Strong" Economy

Bush & UN standby as 100,000's perish

you wanna have a fucking hearing? I gotta hearing I wanna hear ......

Cool Obama Poster

Countdown & Rachel Maddow Show still beating Billo & H&c

Gov. Jindal's (former doctor) state - the unhealthiest in US

Dear noozmediamorons ......just a hint: I would bet NO one cares a fat shit about .....

Chip companies set to drive hybrid vehicle opportunities

Man answers Craigslist baby-sitter ad, uses child for porn video

I'm for bailing out the auto industry, but...

Rumor has it

Automakers pitch Congress anew on rescue

I did not watch the Gibson Bush interview

Record number of Americans using food stamps: report

Report: Samsung among top patent holders in solar

Nike turns a blind eye

I don't know who I'm more pissed with: COMCAST or the History Channel

FYI: Good Fresh Air today. David Kaplan on the terrorist/organized crime nexus.

FYI: Good Fresh Air today. David Kaplan on the terrorist/organized crime nexus.

Autoworkers and the Anti-Union Agenda

I'm so pissed--my sister just got laid off.

Why one never hears about Saudi Arabia. American businesses go extra mile in permitting bad policies

Jobs, an endangered species.....

Oooga Booga Smooga Wooga! - Into the Darkness

Lawmakers Dodd, Frank Warn Paulson May Not Get Second Half of TARP Money

Republicans are really quite good ..........

NC community supports gay marriage

Calls for $1 Trillion Stimulus Package Grow as Economy Tumbles

Oh you cute little Christians with your naivety scenes.

Electric cars put Hawaii on the road to independence

Does the Declaration of Independence give us the right to access to health care?

My Father In Law Has Cancer - Could Use Some Vibes

Here is a cheap gift for your bushitler friends for twismas

Pakistan Daily: 5 Points That Destroy India's Latest Mumbai Fairytale

Obit: A World War II Marine, the former state commissioner of labor and industry

Why shouldn't we give the big 3 a blank check? Here's why:

Friday: the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition

KBR, Halliburton sued for sickening U.S. troops

An hourly wage is NOT the same as an hour of cost.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Recession Blues

7 ways you can afford to protect your health, even if you are uninsured

Dog saves another dog hit on freeway.

210,000 Christmas lights. Computer animated and synchronized to music in Pittsburgh Pa


Man allegedly assaults girlfriend with burger

Interesting post from the the Chrysler Topix Forum

End of the Road: Is the Auto Industry Dead?

300,000 Zimbabweans Threatened by Cholera: Oxfam

300,000 Zimbabweans Threatened by Cholera: Oxfam

Give the Greenest Gift of All -- A Rainforest Tree

Marsha Blackburn with a (small) dick

Yahoo tells a very stupid lie.........

MSNBC - Ford Is Not In As Dire Straits As GM and Chrystler - Just Let GM Fail?

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Congress grills big-3 - worried about protecting taxpayers money - yeah -

2 teen girls charged in nursing resident abuse - UMMM WTF???

Shouldn't more car parts be interchangeable?

I'm sorry but the best the Oakland Raiders can do for that poor boy

Good sites for socially responsible charitable giving?

Stocks Follow a Pattern, Dropping in Last Hour

Obama responds to 8-year-old's letter

Ooops - RNC says it was more than $150,000 on those

"Government Grants For Republicans"

Canadians! Explain to me what Harper is up to now

The narrative of the Wall Street vs. Detroit bailout proves that Class Warfare is an American Value

Illinois workers in trouble for looking up Obama info

Dad Busted with Gun, Kids in Car

Business Group Urges Japanese to Boink more often, for the sake of the economy

BOOKS-US: Cloak-and-Dagger, Inc.

If we put all sorts of Green conditions on bailing out the auto biz,

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah the only state Bush hasn't visted in

For you video makers

The $8.5 trillion dollar breakdown of the Rescue Funds: San Francisco Gate

So, what's the alternative?

Al Franken now has the lead in the contested race.

I love the passion of the mayor of Lansing, Mi who's on with Ed Schultz now -

"Next time, we will survey it better."

Transportation strategy: The whole picture, complete with gaps

Barbara Walters just spent the last few mintues sucking on Oreilly's cock

This is why zombie lies never die.

Prosecuting Yoo?

Rachel's going to cover the Canadian political confusion

Yes We Can! (Get Rid of Bob Rubin)

o'reilly To End Radio Show

Oh wow. Keith just played "Prop 8: The Musical" in its entirety

Oh wow. Keith just played "Prop 8: The Musical" in its entirety


Rachel: Could the Big 3's problems really be the fault of the banking system?

Half of Americans want health care as is?

Could this work?

The New Chrysler?

Abortion not seen linked with depression

Gulf CEO: $1 Gallon Gas in 2009

Survey: Texas voters increasingly unhappy with GOP

Remember When "Laid Off" Didn't Mean "Permanently Fired?"

The Chrysler Bail-Out Bust

Here’s Why We Need Employee Free Choice

'He was a charming man, someone who was only ever nice to me, a great boss to work for.

The disparity of responses to the Wall Street and Woodward Avenue is .......

Government owned pool of small electric commuter cars.

WOW, thank for the numbers Rachel on who voted for Prop 8

Lets face it,

$25 a Barrel for Oil Predicted

MarketWatch: Giving season struggles to earn its name

A Christmas Card, appropriate for the times.

Does anyone have an update on Atomic Kitten's condition? eom

surge update - Blasts hit Iraqi city of least 15 dead

It's time for that great holiday special, Sam Seder wages the War on Christmas

Teddy bear toss in Calgary a few nights ago

"The boys in Tehran might not like it"....

Ikea accused of animal cruelty for selling reindeer meat

Publishing biz has its "Black Wednesday," job losses at film studios

Did anyone see video of * at the Christmas tree lighting today?....I'm not one to gossip, but.....

To all of DU...

One teenager killed on Britain's streets every five days

1 in 5 young Americans has personality disorder

POLL: Who Benefits From the Mumbai Attacks?

In Rush Hour Labor, Ticket Issued

Do you sense a shift in Obama's philosophy since the election?

'God said she needed to be taken off road' (Drive like a Christian....OR ELSE!!!)

KBR Under Fire--Again (and Again)

When (OH, WHEN) will our beloved...

MarketWatch: Grim Outlook for the Job Market (video)

What ever Happened To Gary Condit?

Scream Bloody Murder

Great video -- "Prop 8 - The Musical" starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more...


Mods, pls delete, there was some kind of quirk posting error

"It's all going to be very Darwinian," Beth Buccini

4.5 % mortgages for "new" buyers for 30yr fixed..not a panacea

Knowing what you know now, do you believe that Taliban could have given us bin Laden?

How will history treat Bush immediately following President Obama's January 20th Inauguration?

Blood pressure low? This video thanking God for prop 8 should

If Keynesian spending of WWII ended Depression, why haven't Bush's wars helped us?

What part of my federal tax dollar returns to Michigan? How about Shelby's Alabama?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush's base are the most unhealthy people in America

Wow. Rachel looks tired tonight

Officer Galliuco, worst person in the world! I love you Keith

Any word on Palin's daughter tying the knot with the redneck?

Facebook? "Koobface Virus Spreading Fast on Facebook"

Send Happy Holiday Cards to Rep. Chris Butters!

Man, Rachel's building quite a stable of regular guests that no one else seems to have discovered

Stand up and be counted...Yea or Nay for the UAW?

Would you like a little necrotic corpse in your Coke?

Did AIG and Lehman Brothers Grilling Before Congress Go Well?

You know how everyone was afraid that Bush would not let go of power? It just HAPPENED in Canada

Can we measure our economic preparedness?

Bushes confirm purchase of Dallas home in Preston Hollow (8,501 sq ft, $2 million)

Pardon Whom?

Franken camp says they're ahead 22 votes-Dem demands recount extension after ballots lost

Could you survive on a 40% income reduction while having to live with fixed costs reflective .......

Is your car really a necessary symbol of your identity? PLEASE!

Anyone else watching Maddow tonight? She looks like CRAP! Why?

Woman going into labor during rush hour given ticket

I don't have anything to say today...sometimes I just like being here with no agenda.

My dad got laid off today

The Jehovah's witnesses were just around....why the fuck were they driving a hummer?

A lat-te trouble for Starbucks.....

It cuts both ways.

It cuts both ways.

Which credit card companies are the most EVIL, and why?

If the only way to save the Big 3 is to slash wages, what have we saved?

I, being one of the "shareholders" in America, have an idea.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- Bailouts, Wal marts and the rest

What a missed opportunity for one or all of the Big Three CEO's.

What I want to know about General Motors.........

Police chief, two others indicted for letting 8-year-old play with Uzi -- the boy killed himself

DU Kiva members...update...


Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz Even Worse Than A Corporate-Leaning "New Democrat?"

The Filibuster Excuse Lives

Smoking Gun has photo of Dubya's New Dallas Digs

Michael Moore's Plan to Save the Big 3 (Petition)

Two neighborhoods in Milwaukee are considering printing their own currency.

So ... the UPS guy shows up at my door and drops off this huge package .............

Echoing Gates, Strategic Command Chief warns of danger if we don't build new generation nukes

Echoing Gates, Strategic Command Chief warns of danger if we don't build new generation nukes

Obama fires ALL Bush-appointed ambassadors!

WTF? Good Grief!

Hummers the new status symol amongst wealthy Iraqis

Are Southern Rethugs more obnoxious than other Rethugs?

Monsanto Beets Down Opposition

44 presidents in 4 minutes. A cool morphing video of all presidents. And very well done.

Bankruptcy Allows Big 3 to Slash Pensions? That's Their Solution? What Am I Missing Here?

Got job security?

I have decided to give Mr. Obama a chance

Minnesota Secretary of State Office . Senate Race. 99.37% of Precincts Counted

How you and DU can prevent elder abuse

Land Shark's post in GD-P is the headliner at BuzzFlash right now (linked to DU).

Bush to move to $2 million Dallas home

Indian interrogators to torture "baby-faced gunman" for information

Were the Mumbai Terrorists Fueled by Coke?

This is why we come to DU...

One extra Christmas/Holiday card

Jon Stewart on Bush exit interview: "Why do we have to talk to this jackass like he's 4?"

Why Loan them $34 Billion if you can BUY them for $11?

Divorce Question

2007 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Built a House....

GM needs bailout, workers need to sacrifice? Read their annual report.

George W. Bush ALWAYS Planned To Invade Iraq

Jon Stewart has a great way of laying out the truth in such a way that it is

What about those worthless, greedy military retirees in our country

Chris Matthews for US Senate


Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XXIX: I'm the Debunker

U.S. Supreme Court: State Medical Marijuana Laws Not Preempted by Federal Law

KBR gave troops ice tainted with ‘traces of body fluids and putrefied remains.’

Florida's new Supreme Court justice....led Clinton impeachment, led anti-abortion legislation.

When photographers get bored, (pic heavy)

Obama's Holdovers in Pentagon Leadership Still Pushing Hard for New Generation of Nuclear Weapons

Suggestion to admins: please give us format buttons

Is it okay to use the N word and the F word (faggot) if it's done in a playful/non-hateful manner?

I'm Really Gonna Miss Systematically Destroying This Place

Would You Buy A Car From A Bankrupt Automaker, Foreign or Domestic?

This is completely insane. I am not hearing this, am I? In an economy that is sinking like a .......

More evidence Michigan's hurting.

Are you prepared for the economic trouble ahead?




I always heard that the price of food goes up when gas prices go up

Obama's equivocation on the Iraq war has shattered the last of my faith...

Well, time for bed...

i made this. you play this. we are enemies.

Merlin never climbed on the table before Kittimus Prime came along.

To anyone who is friends with me on Facebook!

Miles Obrien leaves CNN?

I feel great !! - No 'FLU', no 'STD's", no 'UnKnown Quantity or Element'...

Workers Given Loans To Purchase And Run Bankrupt Companies In Venezuela!

Have 3 sons, all wore T-Shirts with Logo's and NEVER was told to have them change them

My son in Pre-K was told today to change his shirt because it had this message on it:

So, I ordered a salad today

***AUTO MAKERS Survey***

Nothing like Brownie Scout day to take more energy out of me

Blackwater guards could face mandatory 30-year prison sentences

I Feel Fine

Excuse me Mr President, did you make a boom boom in the middle east?

Nickelback is like the only good rock band!

Feels like the flu is coming on....

AARRGGHH!!! WAR SUCKS!!! ~ ' All Along The Watchtower'

Damn, I wish I could afford the Sundance Film Channel.

A dog has lost his bone

All You Need Is Love ~ All You Need Is Love ~ All You Need Is Love

I went in for some medical tests -- and I am baffled

I went in for some medical tests -- and I am baffled

Happy "call in sick, smoke as much dope as you can, and post all day on DU" day.

My son wanted to take a bazooka to school today.

"The Impossible Dream"- Lee Ving (Fear)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday December 4

Yes, I went to see "Twilight" for the second time last night...

Beloved Bush & McCain campaign veteran Nicolle Wallace or Pulp Fiction's Marsellus Wallace?

My son wanted to take a puppy to school today for show and tell.

20 days until my birthday!

I'm taking GeezerM to a talking picture show tonight

You are all too numerous to mention. n/t

Jesus was brought up at my 12 step meeting and all hell broke loose

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

DS1 is insinuating, no, flat out stating that I am old.

Why isn't the Hershey bar with almonds in the candy bar variety pack but they have a Mr. Goodbar?

It is that time of year again, time for the Charlie Brown Xmas special...

I don't feel so well.

lawrdy lawrdy... mdmc now on facebook


****New Car Depreciation Thread*****

What's your ringtone?

Chuggo would ______ (what?) What would Chuggo do?

In rush-hour labor, ticket delivered

What would you like to say to your hairdresser?

Good morning Lounge

An observation of modern "slang" grammar

OMG!!! I meant to bid $20 for something on Ebay and instead bid $200!!!!

Who is your favorite swinger?

Cat-what's wrong with him?

I just ordered LynneSin's Christmas present


I Just Bid $200 On Ebay For A Thomas Kinkade Nutcracker

I don't get it. Many years ago when I took an introduction to the law course

What's your current earworm?

The DTTB thread shows up exactly 19 days before Festivus.

I just ordered DS1's Christmas present.

Instead of giving Brenda the Goddess of Housekeeping a


I just ordered LynneSin's Christmas present

Some evil person bid $200 on my Ebay auction and then retracted their bid!!

I took BabyM to the store last night.

It is that time of year again, time for the Xmas special from Soviet Russia...

Rachael, I didn't need to hear about the various aspects of inspecting a baby hole.

Anyone ever heard of the Steel Drivers? Just heard/saw them

Favorite grammar/spelling mistakes

I just made clam chowder with baby whale hams.

Well, a bowl of muligatawny would hit the spot. n/t

Clearly I spend too much time here, I just appeared in another Du'ers weird kinky dream

I just made clam chowder with baby whole clams.

Caesar Salad!!

yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

I am listening to this horrible music right now. Some dazed, confused crap?


Can we agree that Google Maps with satellites and street view

21 days till...

Ghost kicker is back as well. Run, people. Save yourselves.

Last Battle

Last Battle

I love you, Charlie Brown - I understand

I wore this on the front of my T-shirt, and my yoga instructor made me turn it inside out.

anyone know computers?...

This is the motely36 appreciation thread!!!!!

Post here what you're getting Midlodemocrat for adjusting your package.

Which thread, having jumped the shark, thereafter fell the farthest?

I've been hanging around the house waiting for the gas co. guy ALL DAY.

Thank goodness for good neighbors!

Holy Crap My Boss Is On A Rampage

I've been adjusting my package around the house waiting for the gas co. guy ALL DAY

I've been adjusting my package around the house waiting for the gas co. guy ALL DAY

My song for the day. Post yours.

any legal advice would be appreciated.

Cell Phones and calling 911 - any experience?

Pics of the Prophetess in her new ensemble

sinatra has been hanging out on the piano today

Look into the eyes of pure evil.

So, did anybody burn their house down while adjusting their package?

What do you have to complain about?

So I've been trying to send a fax all damn day.

Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him

Man Flu (it's a bit from a comedy show thing)

I just realized I haven't smoked any pot in almost forty-eight years

Anybody here use a cooling pad for your lap top.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/4/2008)

To the serial rec'er...

I just realized I haven't smoked any pot in almost two years

Goodbye Bratz Dolls

Did anyone get their copy of The Tales of Beetle the Bard?

My roomie is making me crazy, AGAIN!

44 presidents in 4 minutes

Unfortunately for you people, I am between projects.

The Guilty Dog Thread

we're finally getting our first snow of the year

Anybody here use a cooling pad for your laptop.

I'm itching for an argument...

Some random dude is getting a new one ripped on flickr.

Wolf Blitzer and Jack Caferty are so awkward when they interact

Ham 'N Beenz!

Giant amoebas found rolling on sea floor

Jones Big Ass Truck Rental And (you must see the commercial)

Anyone ever see "The Shape of Things"?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NewJeffCT!!!!!!! Two days late, but hey, I didn't know.

Do you often often open lounge threads and think

Please tell me this is a photoshop. (Disturbing image.)

My razor just died and I only shaved half of my face!

The MILF film looks big time

The MILK film looks big time

If you could create a career that would give you guaranteed income, what would it be?

Tom Cruise's real like historical character in Valkerie got wacked.

"Adjusting your package" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "adjusting your

Which Christmas film release are you most looking forward to seeing?

Is it good that only assholes like me stick around?

How do I get my dogs to stop peeing on my replica Michael Vick jersey?

Thursday afternoon Smack-O-Rama. Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

Pets The 4 Craziest Right Wing Fears About Obama

I'm sticking to my guns! Gattuso---> HAIRPIECE!

I can't believe MrsG is a vampire-lusting Cougar

It's a Christmas miracle!

Have you ever known anyone who overcomplicates the simplest thing?

Post here what you're getting Midlodemocrat for Xmas

I think it's time we stopped, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down

That fucker DS1 stood me up for the movies!!! He is DTM.

My Father In Law Has Cancer - Could Use Some Vibes

The story of the congresswoman hanging up on Barack reminded me of TAP

I swear my cats are just like little children sometimes.

Which one is best... your favorite Cullen

Simple question... Angel or Spike?

Anybody have seen Elshiva since Tuesday ?

I'm calling out Dawgmom!

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

OMG!!!!! LeftyMom and flvegan are having a baby!!!!!

I think my pevvyness showed its head at a gathering tonight

so, they are remaking ARTHUR and Romancing the Stone

What department store had the best Christmas window display when you were a kid?

New puppy! How to teach him his name?

Let Me Have It

I am super lucky that my husband mops our floor BUT

remember this thread from last week...

I want

Sunday.... GIANTS vs EAGLES

Worst part about living in an apartment?

Bless my heart.

California Peggy is at it again!!!

Chunks of happy clusters

Excepting childhood, what is the longest that you have been completely sober? No booze, dope,

What kind of hair gel do you use?

Have you ever totaled a cat?

Sign in front of local fire station

Children & Proverbs

I had a peer.

I had a leer.

Man - where did Facebook find all my OLD friends...

Any Mac Experts? Please HELP!!!

Orenthal sentencing pool. Winner gets:

Watched last night's Pushing Daisies online tonight

K&R this thread if you think the Bangles were HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

Has anyone here done any online advertising? I have questions

Does someone want to borrow my arthritis for today.

So , who is old and bitter ?

So, I applied for a job in China

I am a sucker for Coach purses...alas I can't afford them

Does anyone else have weird tradition or thinking?

WWII Spoiler

teh PUPPEHS are freaking out

Hey, let's do another SIX DEGREES OF MRSCORPIO!

It's cornbread when I'm hungry...

Hey, Graywarrior, only 47 days until the duck is free!!

losing your ass , is a big pain in the wallet

'Nothing but a Heartache' - classic song from May, 1969

Ever since they've been showing the new Mickey Death's McNuggets commercials

Does lolcat talk annoy you?

Nothing But Heartaches

Coal tar shampoo....

I like Little Richard's early music. I just heard a song

A little help? The kitten walked across the keyboard and hit

I had a beer.

Midlo's trying to give us teh baby vibes. Midlo=DTM.

Did you know that baby colic is caused by cold air?

Why Can't Lounge Threads Make It to The Greatest Page?

Quiet Night

So I've been working near the Big Dig Tunnels

How many of you Play Second Life?

I can now confirm that Cheeto Puffs are better than regular ole Cheeto's

Oh cool! I got to see Mrs Slocombe's pussy for only $31.49!!

Anyone know FOR SURE how to conjugate(?) Ancient Greek/Macedonian patronymics?

I am on this major "Pet Shop Boys/Moody Blues" kick...

BREAKING: Archduke Franz Ferdinand ASSASSINATED!

Officiating is EXTREMELY poor tonight in the DEN/SAS game..

A long long time ago... Is this really the meaning to this song?

Are there any good songs out there about morphine?

Yo, Brits on DU, would you help out a yank of Scotish descent?

Clearly I spend too much time here, I just had a weird kinky dream about another DUer

I'm so excited LeftyMom and Flvegan are having a baby!

I hope I didn't fuck up. My computer is quieter now. That's good. Right?

Women of the Lounge: Please explain the pulling panties out of buttcrack thing

I want to get my younger brother a gift - a book on philosophy, suggestions would be appreciated

A buddy of mine got a Grammy nomination (Engineer, Non-Classical)

Does someone kick the "Don't tutch the but" thread up every week or so?

Another day, another sunset....

Dog saves other dog injured on highway -- if you speak Spanish, please

Does anyone have any non-X-mas themed Christmas movie traditions?

Kwaanza: Ghetto Slang for Murder!

Favorite Moments From DU This Year

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/4/08

Bodywash is

Should I stay or should I go?

My Abi is getting a new home today!

Just another "I was fired from my job today" rant

Man allegedly assaults girlfriend with burp

15 years ago today, Frank Zappa departed from this world.

Who woke her up??????

Listening to ANY song by Winger versus enduring searing abdominal cramps

Good news...Son's girlfriend is ok...

Losing your wallet is a big pain in the ass

If you had to live in a red state which one would it be?

Pfeffernuesse (authentic German recipe)

What would you do in my situation?

Who is your favorite ginger?

Who is your favorite ginger?

Man allegedly assaults girlfriend with burger

Thanks CaliforniaPeggy

Have you ever totaled a car?

Cinderella joke (this is great!)

Tom Cruise's Hitler movie - possible spoiler

Please rejoice with me. The deadline for our buyers backing out of the sale

K&R if you think LynneSin is the bestest out there ever!!!!

Does anyone here play the flute?

i'm freaking exhausted

Best song about smoking dope?

Who's up for some fractal art? (Dial up warning)

*Holiday Music Thread!*

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday December 5

What's the worst thing that could happen?

So tomorrow (December 5th) is my birthday.

Favorite Vampire (who do you want to have bite your neck?)

Flvegan and Leftymom are having twins! Name the babies contest!

Unbelievable!! My son opened his Christmas present from his grandparents TODAY!

My dear friends! Please do me a favor...

Dog risks his life to drag friend to safety- Video.

What do you want for Christmas?

Men of the Lounge: Please explain the adjusting your package thing to me

Song about Obama with great lyrics:

Bread, Bombs, and the Big Stimulus: The Nation

RW re-writing history = bush was innocent (poor george), Nixon was a simple, peace loving Quaker...

Who's Deleted Sub-Thread?

Draft Alan Grayson for FL U.S. Senate for 2010 to replace Mel Martinez

Did anyone take screenshots of all the news websites on Election night?

I'll be delighted with Obama's Cabinet if he doesn't choose people....

We must think big... REALLY BIG

Top Reid challenger indicted

Who Are The Swing Senators?

Barack isn't going to waste his chance to be a great president

133 ballots have gone missing in Minnesota Senate race

Oprah will tape Inauguration Week shows in D.C.

DU This Poll Please

DU This Poll Please

DU This Poll Please

Flashback: Anybody remember this Obama speech from 2006?

Ros-Lehtinen hangs up on Obama and Rahm Emanuel

Food for thought...I wonder who the CEO's of GM, Ford, and Chrysler voted for in the election?

Republican congresswoman hangs up on Obama. Twice!

Obama on the leader of the UK's Conservative Party, "What a lightweight"

George W. bUsh...STOP THE LYING already!!! Stupid MFer!

WP: Obama seems to be assembling his senior staff with an eye toward gender and ethnic diversity

Someone help me understand this Star Tribune results vs. Minn State re: Franken

Who Is "Name Removed"...

Obama Gives Political Ambassadors Their Pink Slips

Rasmussen PA Senate: Specter 46% Matthews 43%

This man needs money....

MN resident is notified by Franken Camp that his absentee ballot was rejected due to unknown reasons

WA Post: "Va. Man Spends $1 Million on Inaugural Package for Disadvantaged"

Upon annabanna's suggestion ... An observation and a few Analogies

Baghdad Scuttlebutt: Pssst! Obama's a Shi'ite

No Linda Tripps in the Obama White House.

RNC to dislose TRUE Palin Clothes bills TODAY....

"Alito ribs Biden for plagiarism"...thanks Bush for such a lovely legacy at the Supreme Court

Obama not picking enough "progressives" and "liberals?" Here's an idea!

Maybe we all should check into Underdogs Anonymous to cope with DLS

Queen Sara needs to

AG Says Obama May Not Get Sensitive Legal Opinions Till January

Who would beat Jeb Bush for the 2010 Senate seat?

Ted Rall on Obama Picks:The Rest and the Rightest

"I'm reminded every day that I am not a perfect man. And I will not be a perfect President."

DU is an embarrassment.

TPM: Obama Spokesperson Reaffirms Commitment To Rolling Back Oil Company Subsidies

Obama proves that he does not go for "yes" men around him

Matthews advised to quit MSNBC - serious about run for Senate seat

For fun, Which Presidential child is most likely to become President?

Travel Industry Praises Richardson Pick

National Mall will be open for Obama inauguration

SecDef Gates outlines Pentagon Reforms; Sounds very reasonable


Sarah Palin

Do we know how much Obama raised in September?(nt)

Stafford Foundation Announces 'People's Inaugural Project' at Washington's Historic JW Marriott

A Few Good Women - Obama ushers in a feminist revolution in foreign policy and national security.

Found a cool Obama LOL

KBR, Halliburton sued for sickening U.S. troops

Foodies Make a Pitch to Obama

Study: Depression not linked to abortion

"Dems impatient with Obama's refusal to inject himself in the major economic crises of the country"

I want an Obama thimble. I don't actually sew - does that make me odd?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2-Presidents, past and future

Will Obama make more history and appoint Mary Beth Maxwell as Labor Secretary?

Karl Rove , Burr

Nuttiest wing-nut email I've ever seen:

Why is Eric Holder taking all of the heat for the Rich pardon when this was done by the Clintons?

TX-Gov: Hutchison Forms Exploratory Committee

You have no right or expectation not to be flamed, when you post inflammatory shit.

The Benefactor of the Ball - Va. Man Spends $1 Million on Inaugural Package for Disadvantaged

From Slavery to the White House (about Michelle Obama's family)

AFAIC, the Big 3 automakers dug their own grave & don't deserve squat

Obama may speak from an Islamic capital

How does the left get Obama over his ideological hang-ups on health care?

UK "Arrogant and joyless: Obama's take on Britain?"

Coleman Campaign Withdraws 650 Ballot Challenges

U.S. surge in Afghanistan could lead to more violence: ISAF

NBC holding off on announcing Gregory as host of MTP - furious about leaks - Chuckles Todd to blame?

Obama being pressured by Democrats to be more hands-on

New leadership planned to fight WMD terrorism

Please take my DU survey on Auto Makers (link inside)

MI-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

election night trivia question ( MSNBC)

Obama Spokesperson Reaffirms Commitment To Rolling Back Oil Company Subsidies

Lynn Sweet: Obama raised $104 million 10-16/11-24. FEC topline just released

Lynn Sweet: Obama raised $104 million 10-16/11-24. FEC topline just released

According to Roger Simon

Obama Invites Shakira to Sing at Inauguration

AT&T to lay off 12000 workers

Remember those obnoxious "W: The President" stickers after Bush was appointed to The White House?

PHOTOS I wanna hold your hand(s)

World AIDS Day letter from William Jefferson Clinton..

Obama considering making a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital

Obama considering making a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital

Obama considering making a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital

Stop telling me NC is not blue.

One Month Ago....

Dear Barney Reference to those Committee Hearings today,

Greta Van Sustern: Pimping Palin and Trying to Stick Sexism on Democratic Males

POLL Should Barack Obama visit Ireland in his first year in office?

Goddam it Barack, get this: I'm going to lay out what you need to do, once and for all.

Oprah: Sarah Palin Snubbed Me

Obama thanks Illinois donors personally at reception - "This is not the end. This is the beginning."

From a personal viewpoint only, in what order of significance do you put these 3 issues?

Obama- Highspeed Rail = Helps with Jobs, Infrastructure, energy independence, global warming....

Body Politics: The Obama-Clinton Relationship

GET C-SPAN2 NOW: Realizing the Promise (an event I'm involved with) IS ON

Okay -- we all guessed it

Obama citizenship question--

Here's what will happen tomorrow at the SCOTUS RE Obama

Did anyone see "Morning Schmo" this morning?

Bill Richardson

John Kerry: The Road Ahead

John Kerry: The Road Ahead

Lisa Jackson to be named EPA Administrator

Poll: Americans back Obama troop redeployment plan

"He's going to have to be more assertive than he's been," Barney Frank re:Obama

Post Election Blues? Anyone?

I wouldn't wanna to be ya!

delete (dupe)

Va. man spends $1 million on inaugural package for disadvantaged

Why the uproar over the Goddess of Peace becoming SOS? Tis the season to be jolly.

Hmm. The recommend fairy is back and I don't see kentauros.

NYTimes: Obama To Speak in Islamic Capital in First 100 Day

Who is the most UNDERRATED Democratic president we've ever had?

The Clintons were the target of a coordinated right wing hit job for 8 years.

Obama's Kettle of War Hawks

The BIG story of the day: "Obama Can't Grow Facial Hair". Jesus.

Isn't it ironic that by methodically killing the UAW, the "big" 3 have cut their own throats?

I'm surprised that some progressives display a discouraging amount of black and white thinking.

How does anyone know that Kerry wasn't offered the SOS position early on?

Thomas Breaks Custom: Forces Supreme Court To Look At Obama Citizen Case

America's ready for a black president , aren't we ready for a black news talk show host?

Do you agree with this statement ? ....

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to defend Clarence Thomas

Those unhappy with Obama's picks: tell us who you would choose instead...

Winning the Direct Attack on Democracy & Obama (Sup Ct Bush v Gore Pt. II decision due Friday 12-5)

The more you try to drum up anger against Obama -- before he even takes office --

The Hidden Trap Within The Birth Certificate Cult

The Hidden Trap Within The Birth Certificate Cult

Beatings and abuse made Barack Obama’s grandfather loathe the British

Clinton's Confirmation May Spark Constitutional Battle (Fox News not giving up)

Senate Democrats will pack plenty of muscle

Ressam sentence reinstated; judge decides government had role in terrorist's lack of cooperation

Bail-out refusal knocks billionaire (Man asked Germany for a bailout for stock gambling losses)

Homebuilders shrink American dream, spark wrath

Capital One To Buy Chevy Chase Bank

FL-Sen: Jeb Bush seriously considering run for open seat

Palin files late disclosure for free 2007 trips

Chicago approves privatization of city parking meters

Wal-Mart Worker’s Death Seen As Reason to Embrace the Union Agenda

Man-made noise in world's seas threatens wildlife

Two US soldiers killed by car bomb in Iraq

Isikoff: Rove may testify in prosecutor's Attorneygate probe

European court rules DNA database breaches human rights

Bush To Ease "Mountaintop Mining" Rule

Democratic governors elect Montana's Schweitzer as chairman

Were the Mumbai Terrorists Fueled by Coke?

Suicide strike destroys Iraqi school; at least 15 killed, including students

Franken camp says they're ahead 22 votes-Dem demands recount extension after ballots lost

Mumbai police to use truth serum on 'baby-faced' terrorist Azam Amir Kasab

45 years for collar bomb planner

British soldier found shot in Iraq

Poll: Calif. gay marriage ban driven by religion

Shooting breaks out at New Delhi airport, BBC reports

Canada suspends parliament (to prevent vote on Harper)

Moscow's mayor links gays to spread of AIDS

Father defends teen charged in nursing home abuse case

GM, Chrysler May Accept Bankruptcy to Receive Bailout

Iraqi army finds 80 bodies in four mass graves

India Tightens Security at Major Airports (Intel officials noted possible New Delhi airport attack)

UPDATE 2-Starbucks to cut more costs in tough economy

Rocky Mountain News for sale

No relief in sight as radio ad revenue declines

(Senator Kay Bailey) Hutchison Confirms Governor Bid

India names Pakistani masterminds, date plot to 07

Police Chief indicted in death of 8 year old at gun show

Palin Got $30K More in Clothes

ArcelorMittal to lay off 340 Cleveland steelworkers

Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm

Lincoln Electric cuts staff in anticipation of long recession

Bush rule limits US Congress on drilling, mining

Alito jabs at Biden over long-ago plagiarism

AT&T cutting 12,000 jobs, books $600 mln severance costs

U.S. Economy: Jobless Rolls Climb to 26-Year High

Breaking: Six gunmen shot at Dehli airport

Prince William seeing effects of immigrant crackdown

Eliot Spitzer debuts as columnist for Slate

Obama Aide: Green-Jobs Proposal Ties Economic Stimulus to Energy Plan

Suit contesting Barack Obama's citizenship heads to U.S. Supreme Court Friday

Iraq OKs Security Pact; Attacks Kill 17

Businessman donates million dlrs for hardluck inaugural bash

Chemical in furniture blamed for 3 deaths (France & England

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 4

CPJ 2008 Prison Census: More Internet Journalists Jailed Worldwide than Those in Any Other Medium

Obama responds to 8-year-old's letter

Gulf Oil CEO says gas could hit $1 next year

S.F. archbishop defends role in Prop. 8 passage

General Motors May Fail This Month Without Aid, UAW Chief Says

Bill O'Reilly to give up radio show, one of the nation's most listened to

Oil falls sharply on big job cuts

NY Soldier Acquitted of Murder in Officers' Deaths

37 Down, 215 to go: Franken edges to victory in recount

Democrats: Obama Needs Hands-On Economic Approach

Justice Department Re-Opens (Siegelman) Juror Misconduct Investigation

Justice Department Re-Opens (Siegelman) Juror Misconduct Investigation

Suit claims Halliburton, KBR sickened base

Canada PM set to ask for Parliament's suspension

From Poland with love: Warsaw missiles end up in militants' hands (Chechnya)

FBI: Girls told agent evangelist Alamo abused them

National City deal probably irreversible, Reps. Steve LaTourette and Dennis Kucinich say

Obama Policymakers Turn to Campaign Tools: Network of Supporters Tapped on Health-Care Issues

'Don't ask, don't tell' suffers a blow in S.F. federal court

(Mary Beth) Buchanan doesn't plan to step down as U.S. attorney

Israel said to be studying Iran attack

(Rev. Jesse) Jackson: 'It's not the Big Three. It's 4 million jobs'

Matthews inches closer to Senate run; picks out Philly house, discusses quitting MSNBC

US mulls unusual tactic as Blackwater charges loom

'Several Cities' Could Have No Daily Paper As Soon As 2010, Credit Rater Says

Gas Prices Hit ONE DOLLAR a Gallon

Former Treasury chief O'Neill issues warning of potential economic disaster

New York Democrats to gain control of state senate (first time since 1965)

Looking for the Ideal Spot: Obama considers major foreign policy address in an Islamic capital

Cops: Crowd confrontation sparked Black Friday stampede

Bolivian unrest ruled 'massacre'

Bolivian unrest ruled 'massacre'

(Texas) Couple Bit Child More Than 20 Times in Fatal Exorcism

Police chief, gun club indicted in boy’s Uzi death

Parliament shut down till Jan. 26 (Canada)

UC professor (Yoo) under fire for White House memo

More Palin ‘Accessories’ Spending Revealed

Business urges Obama to loosen Cuba embargo

Women Say That Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Received Unfair Treatment in their Political Campaign

Tricky Dicky: Nixon recordings confirm popular view

War on Christmas in Philly?

The spirit of the season, for some (David Horsey cartoon)

There’s Barack the Nice Guy, Then There’s GOP Creepiness

WND in Mail to the Supreme Court!

Evo Morales: "Save the planet from capitalism"

The news from 2015: Senate recount is settled at last (whimsy from the Star-Tribune)

"Health Care Reform is Good for Our Economy"

Thomas Frank: Health-Care Reform Could Kill the GOP

NYT editorial: Gloom, but Not Doom

Record number of Americans using food stamps

WORLD NEWS TRUST: New York Times Misleads on Taliban Role in Opium Trade (Jeremy R. Hammond)

In These Times: Illinois Schools On Uneven Field

Perils of public passion - Garrison Keillor

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Woody Guthrie: A little recession music, please (Mickey Z.)

Colombia Confirms It Cannot Meet Necessary Prerequisites for FTA consideration

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Mumbai Attacks: More Than Meets the Eye (Jeremy R. Hammond)

UAW grants concessions, exec warns of depression

Bush's Pity Party

Afghanistan, Another Untold Story by Michael Parenti

Forget the Auto Execs' Trip To D.C., It’s the Planned TRIP BACK That's Shocking

HArvard Law students take on Jack Goldsmith’s protection of US torturers

Bush Buys Home In Dallas

Gulf Oil CEO says gas could hit $1 next year


WORLD NEWS TRUST: George W. Bush Belongs in Prison (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Court to weigh question about Obama citizenship

Do your part to prevent further climate change - eat less meat.

An Open Letter to We The People Foundation...and the Cult of the Certificate of Live Birth

Texas Catfight: Perry v Kay-Bailey R on R

GOP to Start Affirmative Action for Racists?

Bush Signs Executive Order Barring Union Rights

Obama Should Make a Clean Break With the Past on Latin America

Hebron evacuation completed within hour

Israel reopens Gaza border to journalists, aid workers

Palestinians’ Rift Prevents Gazans From Traveling to Mecca

"We are slowly dying"

"Time For the New Whine" Philip Slater

Egyptian MP: We won't tolerate 'Islamist emirate' in Gaza

UN Security Council Rejects Libyan Attempt to Reach Gaza

'Our family has died'

Standing up to Jewish terrorism

The Onion Bashes Bush (Literally)

Gay Harry Potter

I Don't Sell Drugs

Rachel Maddow Show: Latest on US AG Firings. Dare we hope Rove will be frog-marched?

NBC News: The Oil Bust ... How cheap oil cripples Texas' economy (1986)

NBC News: Rise of France's National Front (1986)

NBC News: Insurgency in the Philippines (1986)

Schiff: “The Boom Is The Problem, The Bust Is The Solution”

TYT: Automakers Come With A Plan For Bailout

Tweety has decided it's OK to dump on Bush and (sort of) tell the truth about Iraq

Rachel Maddow on the Bush Legacy Project: Re-Writing History Before Your Eyes!

KBR Subcontractor Holding Workers Prisoner

CNN - KBR's worker Prison Camp In Iraq

44 Presidents In 4 Minutes

A "Perfect Storm" of Bad PR for Mormon Church

Neil Cavuto paraphrases FDR's 'fear itself' quote as: Get over your self-pity!!

Rachel Maddow: Subpoenas in Fired Attornies Probe

CNN Censors Peter Schiff Federal Reserve Rant?

Impeachment for Xmas, Prosecution for New Year's

Paul Krugman: Automakers Should Be Rescued

US Prices, Housing Starts Plunge

Olbermann: Gen. Paul Eaton on Torture Meeting w/ Obama

Henry Rollins Riffs on Bush and the Media

The Three Detroit Stooges

Richard Nixon On The Time Machine Phone.

Dave Letterman: Top 10 signs President Bush doesn't care anymore

Oh goody, Bill 'the gambler' Bennett has written another book about how GREAT America is!

Jed Bartlet's Handy Guide to Dealing with Homophobic Bigots.

Olbermann: The Obama Citizenship 'Controversy' (w/ Jonathan Turley)

olbermann on prop 8 the musical (includes full musical)

Pope Benedict And The Crime Of Being Gay

Clean Coal: This Is Reality

Tweety pits his big giant brain (and mouth) against Nobel winner Krugman, barely lets him speak

Seal Covers 'A Change Is Gonna Come' on His New Album

O' Reilly Says Ramadan Out, Aetheists Out - Jesus In - Constitution Anyone?

Pickles: I think that's where we'll spend our Christmas money.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Suit claims Halliburton, KBR sickened base

Combat deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan fall sharply

Ind. guardsmen sue KBR over chemical exposure

Artifacts stolen by helo pilot return to Egypt

U.S. not among nations to sign cluster-bomb ban

Sgt. faces Article 32 in 2007 deaths of Iraqis

Jury gets fragging case

Navy: Call girl actually retired at O-3

SecNav names next 4 T-AKEs

2/7 to complete return from Afghanistan

Group: Marine accused of desertion has PTSD

First UAV set to patrol border with Canada

Detainee killings were for revenge, witnesses testify

Storm dumps snow on Germany

Italian base employees’ protest has slight effect on Capodichino

Okinawa Assembly pins hopes on Obama

Soldier in South Korea denies stealing phone in rape case

Equipment lets prime-time U.S. shows air in evenings on Yokota

Obama team meets with anti-torture generals

Old missile sites hold Cold War mystique

Obama Reps, Retired Generals Talk Torture

Pak Taliban Pledge to Fight India

Navy Humanitarian Missions on the Rise

'Robo-docs' May Soon Help War Wounded

GI's Death Ruled Negligent Homicide

Guard Eligible for Child Care Subsidy

AF Doctor Tackles Movement Disorders

Two Nations, One Goal

UN Strips Pirates of Somali Haven

Air Force plans to create fourth B-52 squadron at Minot by 2010

US Plans Spur Russian Missile Upgrades

CV-22s Complete 1st Operational Deployment

Marine deserter told to leave Canada

Why is the Chabad Center Torture Not Being Reported?

ESA Satellites Capture Latest Images Of Wilkins Ice Shelf's Rapid Distintegration

Solar Power System to be Built in Prince George’s County (MD)

Get free (hydrogen) fuel-cell car - & a place to fill up (NY)

US Renewable Energy Production Increases 7.4%

Taking Evolution Seriously

Decision near on Black Mesa coal mine permit

Eden Project

US GHG Emissions Up 1.4% In 2007, Up 16.7% Since 1990; Global Output Up 3% 2006 - 2007

Russia Pushes Back Plan To Cut Gas Flaring To 5% Another 3 Years, To 2014 - Flares $13 Billion/Year

The Next Disaster - As Drug Gangs Battle Gov., Oil Output, Income Plummet In Mexico

BLM Pulls Lease Tracts Located Along Green River In Desolation, 9-Mile Canyons - MSNBC

WHO Estimates 500 Dead From Cholera In Zimbabwe; Anthrax Epidemic Has Claimed 3 Lives To Date

Feds Set to Eliminate Water Regulations for Neurotoxin (perchlorate)

TVA seeks 2,000 megawatts of clean energy

Shipping container homes in the Lounge

As More Eat Meat, a Bid to Cut Emissions

BOA stops funding mountaintop removal mining

Agencies Revise Guidance to Protect Wetlands and Streams

Vital Signs for the Planet: A widget for your computer from NASA-Free

Al Gore leads new ‘Reality’ Coalition to debunk ‘clean coal’ myth

Von Hippel to Iranian talks

Do low oil prices+Recession = No market for electric cars?

Bush's Worst Midnight Regulation Yet

WP - Silver Line To Dulles Airport Finally Approved By Federal Regulators

Less grass means less gas, cattle researcher says (Canada dot com)

Melbourne Age - Victoria Residents May Drink Recycled Sewage If Water Policy Doesn't Change Soon

GRL Article/James Hansen - Arctic Sea Ice "Beyond Point Of No Return" - Der Spiegel

Victory! Bank of America moves away from Mountaintop Removal! (Rainforest Action Network) updated

Barack Obama, the rest of the Federal Government, and the FED are there to ensure a long recession

Wal-Mart Shrugs at Employee Death; Releases Sales Number

I don't want to be a troll, just want to see what helps the economy

Man’s Testicle Reveals Image of Automaker

GM, Chrysler May Accept Bankruptcy to Receive Bailout

Alternative investments tank

Credit Slips Roundup!

In bid for loans, Detroit auto makers outline plans for drastic downsizing

Economic Populist Posts

Roubini: Worst Recession in 50 Years ... video from today


Roubini: Bail Out the Automakers, But Only on These Conditions...

Toyota (-34%), Honda (-32%) Sales Fall as Recession Tops Incentives

It’s Like A Big Bomb Went Off In Florida

Federal expenditures versus receipts for Michigan, Alabama and Tennessee

Cathereine Austion Fitts on the G20 & Life in the New World Order

Krugman: "I’ve been ruminating over economic prospects for next year, and I’m getting scared."

Class warfare, what can we do about it?

If China devalues...

AIG May Double Some Salaries With Retention Payments

Today in labor history Dec 4 Cesar Chavez jailed for 20 days for refusing to end UFW grape boycott

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

DuPont to cut 2,500 jobs, trim 4,000 contractors

CTA (Chicago) using unsafe buses: union

Huffington Post: Wal-Mart's Failure to Protect Its Workers: An Unfortunate Symbol

Chlorine plant tries to head off fines (public was at risk total penalties of $48,650)

OSHA Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Cranes and Derricks

NFL players union seeks to block suspensions

WalMart promise... (to prevent any more tragedies)

Worker safety eroded during the Bush years

More than 300 Trane employees lose their jobs

Momentive cutting salaries, laying off workers

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire to cut 158 jobs

Daily Kos: Let's Lower Our Expectations; or Who Cares About Workers?

Valmont lays off workers at McCook plant

ArecelorMittal to lay off 340 steelworkers in Cleveland

Labor Dept. sues Maryland Sound & Image over 401(k) plan

Street turns cautious ahead of employment report (expect report that the jobless rate rose to 6.8%)

New Documentary Released on UFW and SEIU Leader Eliseo Medina (video on line must see)

Celebrities mock Prop. 8 proponents in musical

Daniel Kliman Zichrono Livracha

Episcopal Split as Conservatives Form New Group

Moscow's mayor prohibits gays and lesbians from "promoting their way of life"

NC community supports gay marriage

LTTE Fire Mission for my GLBT friends - San Diego Union-Tribune Op-Ed by Roy Dixon

I just got called a faggot

Conservative Christian university official busted in gay sex sting

Obama Should Make a Clean Break With the Past on Latin America

Business urges Obama to loosen Cuba embargo

Colombia Confirms It Cannot Meet Necessary Prerequisites for FTA consideration

Bolivian unrest ruled 'massacre'

"Mormon is the New Black"...

Boxing: Oscar vs Manny, etc

Federal prosecutors drop 4 counts against Bonds

Surveying the Brain for Origins of the Senior Moment

New Products Bring Side Effect: Nanophobia

Medicine for the Job Market

Magic kids alert! Magic kids alert!

Aspects, etal - week of Dec 4

Ascend today at low, low prices

psychic Wednesday

Thanks very much for posting, Dover. This subject haunts me

(sticking my head in the door) . . .Just asking,

After the storm

Backyard Harvest.



St Louis representative urges resident to obtain guns for self-protection

Have you purchase a semi-automatic firearm since Obama was elected?

Free Plaxico Burress - New York City's gun law is unconstitutional

I want to make a Christmas cake with white fondant frosting

We're talkin Cake Balls

Foodies Make a Pitch to Obama

"Bless me father for I have sinned. This is my first confession. I stole a dime and two nickels...

The Priest of Pará (BBC)

Man’s Testicle Reveals Image of Virgin Mary

How far can we get as a species if we can't even agree on what reality is?

Oh you cute little Christians with your naivety scenes.

My thoughts on Christianity?

An attempt to define Christianity.

Christians Pull Ahead With Insurmountable Schism Lead

The Life of an Antarctic Archipelago

Ancient supernova mystery solved

CNN eliminating Science reporting unit

Dogs Chase Efficiently, But Cats Skulk Counterintuitively

Is there something like vapor pressure for dust?

LA church has sheltered immigrants for 20 years

"Threat of Punishment Works, Study Suggests"

Strong Leonids Meteor Shower next year

Brookings Science ‘Expert’ Doesn’t Understand Basic Science

Atheists Sue Kentucky Homeland Security Agency

I babysit my 2 year old great grandson and he is talking but often

Vermont Town Turns to College in Bid to Guide Change

Will Barack Obama open the X-Files (UFO investigations) to the public?

I suppose ya'll saw that Senator Bighair is going to run against Governor Goodhair.

Ugh! Dallas's former village idiot to return.

Opinions regarding showing emails on websites?

Firefox-only malware found

$100 "Midget" PC by March

Anyone familiar with Sophos anti-rootkit software?

Having a weird problem with emailed pics.

Zappadan: Dec. 4 - Dec. 21

Here's a quote I heard from some bimbo interviewed on the

Toronto Star: Canadians fail democratic literacy test

"Lets not forget this letter Stevie wrote!"

Harper Index: Lies and name-calling blow up on Conservatives

One governor-general to another: Don't aid in evading Parliament's will

So what's the coalition response going to be?

Seriously, what was up with Dion's video response?!?

What's to stop Harper from proroguing again in January?

Who Paid For The Videos?

Dion should go before the cameras and say he is stepping down IMMEDIATELY.

I find it hilarious that whenever Canada acts weird, it starts to get worldwide attention.

Unbelievable! What a horrible precedent the Governor-General has set...

Some You Tube excerpts of Sen. Kerry's town hall meeting.

As far away as Jerusalem, Kerry's wise words still resonate

Kerry - The Road Ahead (Huffington Post), and other news.

Nice little article in Politico about Marvin who is going to be Pres. Obama's Trip Director

Can somebody let me know when the ugliness stops?

Heathrow runway decision delayed until 2009