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Canadian DUers - Does this copy make any sense to you?

Have they named who will head the FAA yet?

Correction Ted Rogers died today founder of Rogers Cable

Amazon tribe using Google Earth to battle illegal loggers (interesting)

Mormon Homophobia: Up Close And Personal

9 Ways To Halt The Right Wing Culture Wars And Bring Sanity To Sexual Policy

TOON: The most effective corporate bailout

I know this is a day late but...

Todays Non-Sequitur hits it

Rice and Mullen Making the India/Pakistan Rounds, Will They Help or Hurt?

Bill Clinton Open To Role In Obama Administration

Former California Gubernatorial candidate pleads no contest in Utah court

Mugabe takes action to deal with cholera outbreak.

Oliphant TOON: Ah, Christmas!

The Obama Strand

Fundie loonies are out early this morning on WJ

My fundie aunt and uncle didn't vote for McCain

Just in time for the War on Christmas..How Jesus got his name..

I was hoping the Democratic Underground would have more Holden Caulfield types.

***Help Please!*** I washed my cell phone...Seems Dead...Any way to save info?..

Mortgage applications surge by record amount

Are Key Obama Advisors In Tune With Neocon Hawks Who Want War With Iran?

Fair Trade! It is what really works! Free trade suppress people.

The U.S. economy continues to hemorrhage jobs......

Free-Market Seminar on How to Apply for Wingnut Welfare for Laid Off Investment Bankers

Washington Journal watchers only

My Ga County voted 75% - 24% for Jim Martin!

Ethics complaint filed against Texas Speaker of the House

Karl Rove orchestrating the ‘Bush Legacy project.’

How Present Day USA is like the Antebellum South

Pope ask Banks to Help the Poor

9 Ways to Halt the Right Wing Culture Wars and Bring Sanity to Sexual Policy

Bush Gets Out the Shovel

Religion has always been just a tool for Shrub. Even his apologies are written by others.

From the "Darwin's Nightmare" files: Man arrested for lighting grill in apartment

Texas Gov. Rick Perry doesn't like state aid package, but he'll take it

Michael Bloomberg: What is going to happen to him? Who Will Run Against Him?

right of conscience and my health insurance and taxes

The gift that keeps on giving...

Inauguration: DC Bars To Stay Open All Night ("For four days in January, they'll be open 24 hours")

Atheists in Foxholes: Preventing Religious Discrimination in the Military under an Obama Admn.

Mumbai terror attack shows how US exempts itself from the rules it applies to others.

Saving The Big Three For You and Me: Michael Moore - (A Must Read)

So what's on your Christmas list this year?

Contessa Brewer airs tape of Nixon calling media "Dumb Bastards"

Prosecutors expand indictment of Bernard Kerik

Prosecutors expand indictment of Bernard Kerik

One big reason why Chambliss won in Georgia

Odetta, Voice of Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 77

Buzzy Krongard should just go away

Hands off the UAW : The Nation: don't let them bankrupt the Big Three to break the Union

GAO: Bail-out plan 'lacks oversight' (BBC)

Graham and Talent? were shilling their bk. on Wash. Journal

Auditors fault Treasury policing of bailout funds......

The Employee Choice Act, what exactly does it do?

New freeper quote

Why isn't Walmart unionized yet? How strong of an effort have been made?

meat Barons want 30,000 mustangs killed

Pulling The TARP Over Your Eyes

Obama names Richardson to head Commerce Department

I don't know if this guy is a freeper, but...

Activist vetted for Labor Secretary would be first openly gay Cabinet member

Liechtenstein Allure to Wealthy Will Dim After Signing of U.S. Tax Accord

Karl Rove orchestrating the ‘Bush Legacy project.’

Karl Rove orchestrating the ‘Bush Legacy project.’

Firm denies workers' comp in racial killing

Police arrest aunt in Calif. shackled teen case

Don't worry too much about Chambliss

Obama Talks About Tweaking Bailout Bill, Helping Homeowners

Miami's Cuban-Americans favor end to embargo (55% in new, historic polling trend)

Video of Kennedy's speech at Harvard on Obama victory, what liberalism means

Blast from the Past: Clinton Xmas Tree Decorated with Sex Toys and Drug Paraphernalia

Pakistan Not to Hand Over LeT Chief, 19 Others

Worst Markets Ever? 1931 and 2008.

Someone in the Senate Is Blocking The Nomination Of A Bailout Watchdog

Someone in the Senate Is Blocking The Nomination Of A Bailout Watchdog

Saving the Big 3 for You and Me ...a message from Michael Moore

Jean commericals are naughty! SQUAWK! You're all on ignore!

Cheney's papers are the Amazon rain forest of Bush administration records

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Our Destructive Love of Stuff

PM Stephen Harper will ask for a temporary suspension of Parliament?

Obama has a very difficult job ahead of him.

actual website of the guy who is suiing Obama for his birth certificate

Oropeza again seeks beach/state parks smoking ban

The 60 seat majority meme was always b.s.

Defaults on Junk Bonds May Exceed Those of Great Depression, Moody's Says

Test of 1500 toys for heavy metals and other chemicals; some will be illegal in Feb 09

I Know The Big Three Auto Execs Had To Come Up With A Plan For Congress.......

Could you live without your computer????

NOW Toronto: Take Canada back!

HuffPost: How I Know We're in for a Rough Economic Ride

The Center is the place you always say you are if you're President

Sears Losing Money, Will Close More Stores

How to Save the Auto Industry

Is the Prius Profitable?

At the food pantry today, I saw...........

Golf industry in trouble as economy worsens

Tax Cuts: The B.S. and the Facts

Bob Novak: To hell with Valerie Plame....I'M the victim here!!! Of the vicious Left.

What Is The Economic Definition Of A Depression?......

Randi Rhodes is on XM with a constant repeating loop of


Obama Nat. Security Pick Gen. Jones on Afghanistan: More Troops Alone Just Prolongs Problem

Florida university bans Christmas decor


"Prop 8 - The Musical." The participants include Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, (video) LOL

Vomit Alert--CONs betting on when Teddy will die of cancer.

I Don't Think the Attacks Were 'India's 9/11', But Rather the Prelude to 'India's Iraq Invasion'

Firm denies workers' comp in racial killing

Why gay isnt a choice matters to equality.

Watch me unbutton my Levis!!! Tell me it is not sexy....

Katie Couric's new look?

Leveling The Playing Field for the Big 3...A suggestion we Haven't Heard...

ILMAOL! Is It Me Or Is Rhandi Rhodes On A Constant 5 Second Loop.

Heavy Pakistan Army Movement Along Border: Intelligence

Pakistan Link to Mumbai Attack Questioned

hey guys, can someone point me in the right direction?

Disney accused by Catholic cleric of corrupting children's minds

2 Calif. groups file suit seeking voting records

GLAAD/Harris post-election survey: Americans favor adoption and partner rights for same-sex couples

Ky. atheists want God out of homeland security




DC Bars to serve alcohol until 5 AM around Inauguration Day under emergency legislation

Trivia question: What retailer created Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

Photos of Michelle

12am 01/03/2009 - Mass. question 2 is LAW!

Port Authority of New York unable to sell bonds.

How did this happen? (Walmart)

Samuel Jackson goes off on George Bush

What about General Wesley Clark?

Staffer for a Republican congressman on Marilyn Musgrave: "She's some piece of work."

Going to the Inauguration? Leave the baby stroller at home!

Please I need help from bright minds re: adjustable vs. 30-year fixed mortgage?

Merseyside (UK) plant to punch out Chevy Volt

Obama has duty to go after war criminals

Telecom immunity

Lilly Tomlin said "Save Billy" the elephant

The 2012 Democratic primaries shouldn't have a fight. Good time to move Florida, Arizona,

Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle at 100 mph

Caption: Rove says Bush is "hardly" the worst president ever

Poll: Majority support gay couple rights

Pakistani-Indian rivalry, is a true war of civilizations, pitting Muslims against Hindus

American Monarchy is Alive and Well

Joan Walsh is tearing Bush a new one

I don't have much use for ideologues

Is the White House Christmas tree ornament from Washington State in the "Christmas spirit"?

Franken Ahead 22 Votes Now, Campaign Says

Do environmental blogs that are managed by politicians reflect government policy?

$73/hour DEBUNKED

Personally, I think Obama is listening.

Fight inadequate coverage!

Obama 'deeply disappointed' Richardson shaved beard

why are they holding whiggers at Guantanamo Bay?

Recount ends with 20-vote victory (loss for Ne right to lifers)

so- if we have a "total economic collapse"- what comes out the other end...?

What Did We Tell You ? !!

Obama Teams Are Scrutinizing Federal Agencies

Conservative Minister Damian Green’s arrest highlights worsening threat to democratic right

Firm denies workers' comp in racial killing (Dollar Tree store)

OMG!1! The Jeff Farias Show has a guy on just attacking Canadian PM Harper!!

Clinton's Confirmation May Spark Constitutional Battle (Fox News not giving up)

Check in here if you are going to the Inauguration.

Walt Whitman's advice...

Anyone Else Having Trouble with

Hey hacks on GEM$NBC

More Starbucks Employees to Get the Candy Cane?

FL Republican congresswoman who-for fear of falling, Palin-style, for a prank-hung up on Obama.Twice

There are days I wish Krugman did not go into the nitty gritty

Rove continues the big lie..hoping many will believe...

The Anti-Choice Movement: We are encouraged by us getting trounced

Will Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Wyden stand by the limits in their own anti-torture bill?

My temperature began to rise as I listened to Huckabee talk about abortion.

FBI agents stage sting to snare corrupt Ill. cops

Crawford, TX - FOR SALE

State Budget May Cut Students' Free Lunches

WWD speculates on Michelle Obama's Inauguation Dress — with sketches from designers

Giant Moon Pie to bring in 2009

Electric car network coming to Hawaii next

so, the ultimate corporate irony: several layoffs, and today they announce wage freezes

Legislating "Merry Christmas" In Utah

At least we COMPETED in Georgia ! We need to keep competing EVERYWHERE ! Dean is GREAT !!

Ford Seeks $6 Billion for Volvo, Retains JPMorgan, People Say

Baghdad Scuttlebutt: Pssst! Obama's a Shi'ite

Best corporate bailout ever

And I hope they win. BIG.

I really wish I could hear what Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman thinks about the economy .......

"ideologue" = person with whose priorities you disagree.

Automaker aid bill doesn’t have needed votes

CBC live online video of George W. Harper's upcoming address

Former RBA Governor: huge executive bonuses broke the economy

The guys who take a shower before work get a bail out with no questions asked...

In my view, Saxby Chambliss rivals rotted pond scum for distastefulness

In my view, Saxby Chambliss rivals rotted pond scum for distastefulness

PHOTOS: Pickles unleashes the STAGGERINGLY ORIGINAL White House "Red White & Blue Christmas" theme

2-month-old girl dies sleeping in car

Why is Chrysler the only one of the 3 considering a merger?

Kansas City Star puts the Obama birth certificate crap on today's front page

Hopefully, Hillary do better in foreign policy than

So What's Wrong With Unions?

Bush History-Great Pick Bush:It's Brownie for FEMA! And Columbia Prof on WHY Bush is Worst Prez 12/3

Michael Moore is on Countdown rippin' the Detroit 3 a big one.

Michael Moore will be on Olbermann tonight

For those who may not have seen it:

They love me, they really love me!

This will sink.

Can someone explain the $600/$1200 Stimulas Check?

War on Christmas - British style: I saw mummy hitting Santa Claus

Doctor killed in mysterious elevator shaft fall (was missing for a week) )

Who builds the military vehicles?

I've been wondering about something..

NOW Toronto: Take Canada back!

Reading upside down

Vermont called healthiest state, Louisiana last

Toronto Star Q&A on Coalition Governments

The King is Dead. Long Die The King.

Canadian PM to address country tonight regarding political instability

Media turns to Yosemite Sam Bolton for criticism of Obama's UN picks.....

Did anyone give a sht when Levis outsourced all U.S. production?

More GOP Senators may retire!

FAIR: Action Alert: Media Still Letting Bush Lie on Iraq Inspectors

Holiday Harangue: Utah Lawmaker Wants To Mandate 'Merry Christmas'

Desperate times for Atlantans

If anyone is watching the 'Whale Wars' series on Animal Planet...

I have a real problem with having to pay Karen Hughs & Rove

I have a real problem with having to pay Karen Hughs & Rove

Designers draw Inaugural dresses for Michelle (lots of photos)

Krugman: Why deficit spending now will HELP not hurt future generations

Sean Hannity: If U don't watch Fox News, U R misundereducated

Do you think this is child abuse?

I'm so damn proud of my parents!

Will FUX NOOZ hire Dick when he is available?

That was a hell of an interview Keith, with Michael Moore

Why the Economy Grows Like Crazy Amid High Taxes

Hey you dumb rubes, you lost the election, deal with it (Cobb Cty, GA vandalism spree)

As if there were any doubts that Tina Fey is smokin' hot......

Saudi’s King Abdullah wins first Lech Walesa Prize for his charity and humanitarian work

You remember back to Clinton's lame duckiness ... when everybody was asking (in seriousness) .......

Senate Democrats will pack plenty of muscle

Interrogator: Torture Policy Led to Deaths of Thousands of American Soldiers

Who was the worst President ever to serve two full terms?

Beggars can be choosers (Pat Oliphant)

Hope this is not a duplication. Letter I found in my inbox from Michael Moore

United Health to insure the right to insurance (OMG, can you believe this?)

Jon Stewart is just shredding prez shit-for-brains on his interview with Charlie Gibson

Public support for auto bailout is low.

All Your Murdochs Am Belonging To Us: Author says Rupert "has come to like liberals"

edited thread title: "never mind"

Was Sarah Palin the reason that Saxby Chambliss won the special run-off election in GA?

Obama fires all Bush-appointed ambassadors

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

#2 Official in Nevada (R) and supposed Reid challenger INDICTED

Nature is a kick-ass artist! -Skeleton images-

Nature is a kick-ass artist! -Skeleton images-

W and Friends: recent news

Economists without a clue

Okay, what's the deal with Hawaii, Renault/Nissan, and electric fueling stations?

Who Are The Pirates? good quick read.

Obama legal team meets with anti-torture generals

Well, I'm officially at war with my property manager. I'd like your opinion on my first salvo.

RFK Jr. Out of the Running for EPA, NY Senate Seat

Palin files late disclosure for free 2007 trips

Palin files late disclosure for free 2007 trips

In my opinion, retaining Robert Gates is one of the most brilliant political moves of all time

The American Family Association needs you all to become soldiers in the War on Christmas

ideologues through history

Thank you, Rachel.

The Democratic Underground is not a juvenile chat is a forum..take some risks

Why lending the big three matters

NYT: The 10 Best Books of 2008 -- Have you read any of these?

"Hey! I gots a great idear! Let's associate the birth of Christ with Ameruka!"

Are there ANY progressive ONLINE radio shows besides Bill Press in the AM?

I thought this was funny: The Free Market Clapper by Mark Fiore

Wal-Mart Worker’s Death Seen As Reason to Embrace the Union Agenda

Supposedly your country is worried about Canada's politcal.... uh... donnybrook?

Roger Ebert Finally Reviews "Expelled"

Do you think J.E.B. has a ton of skeletons in his closet?

The birth certificate crap is just racist xenophobic bullshit.

Is The Automaker Bailout A Blue Collar vs. White Collar Thing?

Did anyone just see "Jaywalking Contest" on Jay Leno???

White House preparing health care bombshell

Can we argue about something important?

Patti Smith's renewed faith in people power

meet my ideology

Gonzo Contacted By Prosecutor On US Attorneys Firings

Dog beaten with hammer here in Atlanta left for dead, but survives.

FL-Sen: Jeb Bush seriously considering run for open seat

PHOTO: Karen Hughes has been hired to solve the problem of Bush's "legacy"

GOP congresswoman hangs up on Obama — twice

Florida Senator Jeb Bush? They just won't go away.

Florida Senator Jeb Bush? They just won't go away.

I didn't ask you if you *wanted* a blessed day, I merely wished that you would have one!

Only 8,000 folks have Voted for MEDIA DEREGULATION against BUSH ABUSES ...What's Wrong?

World's most exciting Capital?

Apple removes antivirus support page

Vatican attacked for opposing gay decriminalisation

Radical idea to save the auto industry

College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

Cute (formerly) little Knut, the Berlin Zoo's famous polar bear cub, about to be evicted?

Why Should GM, Ford and John Snow's Chrysler Receive Federal Funding?

Woman accused of leaving baby in Walmart parking lot while she chases $50

'Saving the Big 3 for You and Me'- Michael Moore

Food, Health, Money, Perspicacity

So Ma and Pa Eldritch, Republican Faux-News adherents, are over for Thanksgiving...

Single payer health care is a public-private partnership

What are some of the best things American car makers have come up with?

We need a new transcontinental railroad to put people back to work. A 300mph

It really frosts my ass when people think it is okay to punish ......

can we start a Democratic Underground forum?

Obama on political ideologues:

Best idea I've heard in a while....

What was the automaker's worst so-called "innovation" ?

Birmingham Mayor Arrested for Corruption

Free Press Action Alert! ** Take Poll to tell Obama your priorities for new FCC CHAIR**

Why the hell doesn't anybody on the m$m ever mention...

On history and our allergy to it

A tale of two Hillarys Gene Lyons

Yea, I'll say it - I HATE most Republicans

CNN - Girl From Iconic Dorothea Lange Great Depression Photo: 'We Were Ashamed'

CNN - Girl From Iconic Dorothea Lange Great Depression Photo: 'We Were Ashamed'

What happens when no one has money to pay their debt?

Eliot Spitzer: Too Big Not To Fail (Stop Rebuilding Gigantic Financial Institutions)

Interesting post at Open Left about the establishment's take on Howard Dean....

I'm so damn sick of hearing I made $80/hr

I'm so damn sick of hearing I made $80/hr

Fundies pushing zygote personhood

A Ladies-Only Gym? Not in California!

How many people do you know who are in prison or who are ex-convicts?

Consumers (as a group) are idiots. They are as bad as children.

Thoughts, prayers, good wishes & healing light for AtomicKitten?

Who's really responsible for Mumbai? Dick Cheney doesn't want you to know.

Florida halts foreclosures for 45 of highest rates in the country.

Please show your support for American Labor...

Rec if you think Jeb Bush should stay the hell away from the White House.

Do you support 'right to work' laws?

Important: Clean Your Screen To Reduce Eye Strain

"Prop 8 - The Musical" -

Do you have much 'scrap gold' around your house?

So is everyone taking SUPER BETA PROSTATE who should be?

Complete this quote "The outside is looking in, but....."

People are following me on Twitter but I don't know why.


The puppies are going crazy, playing with one of their hoomans!

I texted in Target today.

I have reached a new level of dorkiness...

Ok, fess up. Who ate my sandwich?

Cuteness overload (kitty massages)...

I have a ton of reading and writing to do...

Three nights in a row

Troubled People Thread (TPT)...

Just in time for the War on Christmas..How Jesus got his name..

What's grosser?

Thank you all for participating. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Whats my line? - featuring the great Eleanor Roosevelt

Aaah yes. Christmas Day and Hitler.

I wonder what Cicely, Alaska would think of Sarah Palin...

Better gift? the bullet proof polo shirt or the bullet proof handkerchief?

Good morning Lounge

***Help Please!*** I washed my cell phone...Seems Dead...Any way to save info?..

Dating question

Sick of remakes? Post your idea for a movie!

If you were guaranteed to live for 500 more years, what long term plans would you make?

With Mercy for the Greedy

What's the matter with people? I'm trying to unload some stuff on Craig's List...

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.....

So there's a pill a man can take to make himself larger.

The term "gunned down" makes me want to puke. Just say "murdered,"

Some asspipe clipped my car while pulling out of the library parking lot.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I guess I am going to have to be tested for dementia. I am sending myself e-mails on Gmail...

Excel/Open Office question for the experts

I'm starting my own make your own sex toy business. Our slogan . .

So, uhm, anybody here in love with Traitor Joe?

Does Turtleandsue Need Hugs?

What would you be doing if you were doing what you should be doing?

Any David Sedaris Fans?

Any David Sedaris Fans?

I don't care if it rains or freezes . . . . . mmmm chocolate!!

Kitten sandwich.

Hey Loungers--how do you pronounce "Boccaccio?"

What does Parche think your screenname is?

I'm feeling a little queasy.

Hey... I need to talk something out for a bit.

Never mind

sloppy seconds

So, these two cannibals were eating a clown

Apple's iPod: Now you can "think different" like everyone else.

I am tired of grouchy people

So when did you find out, and how did you find out?

The Whistles go WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a note to give a little praise and a thank you to my mail carrier!

Facebook: Do you know about Graham Chapman?

I went shopping today and bought

Major cuteness

Question about a friend's relationship (gay men especially welcome to respond)

Is Yahoo down for anyone else?

I will clean up my loft after I watch Clean Houe, and How Clean is Your House.

Speaking of jumping the shark, "Grey's Anatomy" is on its way.

What cabinet position do you want in the Obama administration? I dreamed I was the"Secretary of

What upcoming movie(s) are you most looking forward to?

I Love Little Girls.

The Hobbit as told by Leanard Nimoy in under 3 minutes

So when did you find out Satan was not real, and how did you find out?

When did you find out Meg Ryan's lips were not real?

"Sex toy" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex toy".

So when did you find out the Videodrome was real, and how?

So when did you find out that every other thread in the Lounge begins with

Anyone want to meet my dog-in-law? Pets pic thread!

So when did you find out something you werent supposed to find out

So when did you find out something you werent supposed to find out

So I've made good on my plan to listen to every #1 Billboard 100 song since the list began.


Who Else Is In A Evile Mood Today?

when did you find out that pro-wrestling was fake?

when did you find out that the WMDs were fake?

Do you Participate in Lounge Polls?

Anybody with earworms going on?

Van Jones is HOT

Please don't take this so badly...

Jesus Christ! Who is Texico Burgess already??? n/t

Growing up, did you ever think your dad was Superman

So when did you find out Santa was not real, and how did you find out?

105 years ago today some dudes on the Outer Banks gave Parche a reason to live

Smile....Just Think You Could Look Like LynneSin

Great Vacation Spot

Great G Spot

I took Pippi to the vet for her bruises

an Odetta thread

So I've made good on my plan to date every Playmate since Playboy began.

I need some help!

Computer Problem

I just found out my daughter's ringtone for me is...

So, the disciplinary committee finally dealt with the issue from over a year ago

The manger scene

Nations sign cluster bomb ban, except for Russia, China and (Guess Who?)

Write A Poem About Your Favorite DU'r

So when did you find out LynneSin was not real, and how did you find out?

Speaking of t-shirts....ANOTHER dude at work......

The cooking thermometer says the chicken is done, but the little pop-up thing hasn't popped up yet.

So who is watching the 'Whale Wars' series?

For all our Lovers, Lost Lovers and the Rest....Manhattans.."You are My Shining Star."

I NEVER listen to the radio, so I don't know any "newer" music, but today...

My mother is a smartass...

What's brown and rhymes with Snoop?

Amorphous Kitty - A Convenient vagueness

Your Favorite Non-Traditional Christmas Movie

Tacky T-Shirt slogans?

Question for men: do you ever wear your chest and pubic hair on the outside of your clothing?

Let 100 (O.K., 8) Bartending Philosophies Bloom

Scooby Scooby Doo...

Bi-Baby made me change my pants after work

A Christmas Story - funniest/most memorable moment?

Storm in a C-cup - 130,000 boobs lost at sea

They may go south only once a year...

NPR has ***OFFICIALLY*** jumped the shark.

Guitarist Gary Moore loses plagarism lawsuit over his "Still Got the Blues" solo

Hella fun simple web game for the cubicle-bound

The Faith Tones

Tanning salon worker arrested for sexually abusing customer

I just read this tonight at the Poetry Open Mic...graphic language!

If you could go back in time to remake any movie, which one would it be?

what was the last Bumble you reformed?

The calls are coming from inside the uterus!

Weird Eye Trick

Aren't porno movies really just "romantic comedies"?

Obama Says Richardson Will Be ‘Economic Diplomat’

I like things slow and groovy - I like things that last.

Argh! Bobby Flay is trying to make Red Velvet Cake

What subject are DU Loungers most touchy about?

What subject are DU Loungers most touchy about?

This is just SWEET !! ~ ooohhh...aaahhh... for all those that had a bad day today.

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's (airs TONIGHT 8PM)

Serious question about the way men and women view things

OMG...I'm Happy! And y'know why?? Because...

Anyone watching the Animal House Doc on Biography Channel?

Cheapest & speediest loading internet provider?

Is your Pagan Idolatry Tree up yet?

Help! My kitteh crashed my mac and now my monsters aren't working.

If you ever wanted Mrs Slocombe's pussy, she's got it available for a really low price!

So what, Buckettgirl!?1!1!

I realized something today: it's ok.

So I've decided to start a dating website: I'll Settle

Is it cheaper to buy boneless chicken breasts or the split-breast kind?

i'm a feminist peacenik liberal democrat with a southern accent, who hates country music and nascar

Mental note: waiting the night before works for most homework... unless...

I just watched "Secret Millionaire" on my local fox station

Words of wisdom from turtlensue's soon to be boyfriend:

A guy at work is in the National Guard.....

16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears had liposuction while pregnant

22 days till...

The greatest TV show of all time is on right now.

Is Zombie Holocaust season over yet?

Schweitzer to lead Democratic governors

LBN: Plan Is Said to Tie Energy Plan to Economic Stimulus

Hey, Scrooges, there is a Santa Claus.

Jon Stewart rips MSNBC as the new Fox

What Should I Do Tonight?

Obama Asked To Overturn Detention Policies

Tyler Perry titles you'd like to see

I just re-watched one of the most important movies ever made.

There is a funny smell coming off of me tonight...

"There is no evidence that anyone will buy energy efficient green cars"

Worst Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe song?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

"Oh crap, it's VD!"

i'm a chauvinist warmonger conservative with a northern accent, who hates rock music and bowling

What's your name, little boy? HO. HO. HO.

Did you know there is a Henchmen's Union?


So when did you realize that Star Trek was cooler than Lost in Space?

So if having a great love your country is patriotic, what is having a great love for your state?

Hooray, Fucking Freepers Happy In Georgia

What Kind Of Person Would Make You Fall Totally In Love With Them?

Have you ever had to deal with an STD? What did you do at first?

I have a little pet monkey named Augusto.

All I want for Christmas

Whoever Said Cats are Nocturnal Hasn't Met My Cats

Aussie Puppy Cam - Sausages with legs

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/3/2008)

Please hear me out...I know this is hard to believe, but I have some info on Parche

I just re-watched one of the most important movies ever made.

Do they ever move threads from the Lounge or only to it?

{{{sigh}}} You know that you're a grownup


So when did you find out Star Trek was not real, and how did you find out?

Which bloc should we blame for Jim Martin's loss?

Hey Lost fans! I've got a sneak preview for your stankin' asses!

Would anyone like to help me with some advice?

Grammar Policing Of The Day...

Charlie's Angels, Baywatch, or the McNeil Lehrer Report?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/3/08

And the award for Best Original Song goes to...

Alright, which one of you bastids first brought that EVIL

The aurora borealis - as seen from the ISS.

"Blogswarm"...3rd annual "Festival of Zappadan" honors the life and work of Frank Zappa

Favorite strange instrument.

Hey LostinVA There IS A SantaClaus

What's for dinner DU?

My son in middle school was told today to reverse his shirt because it had this logo.

What's wrong with this picture?

Hs otogydraobek ym htiw nrw gnihems'ereht ,ple

Question about what aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen do

I found out where everyone from GDP went

I think I'm going to move to California

*This show is long overdue for a DVD release!*

The elshiva appreciation thread.

The Truth About UAW Union Auto Workers And The Auto Industry

How do you change a tail light?

My semester has ended prematurely. It's for the best

Official XMAS Movie Thread...Name your favorite..

Three videos led me to buy 20-40 records

OMG... the DU Lounge has lost it's "YAK FEVER!" anyone remember the "Old Days?"

Don't you people know how to smile?

WEDNESDAY ART: Untitled goddesses

Who is the asshole who decided to remake "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Do You Have Curly Hair? I need some advice.

Men who tell women they don't know to 'smile' should be

I am now an AUNT! Yes! Ever Myrin was born Sunday at 4:25 p.m.


Pics from India (Wedding & Several Receptions)

Important DUers : Clean Your Screen to Reduce Eye Strain

What free internet music do you listen to?

Match Game Story: "Ivan screamed in terror as his mother _______ him and the mailman."

Have you ever been burned by "Repy to All"

Have you ever been burned by "Repy to All"

Was/is Van Halen really that great a rock band? I mean, these guys are responsible for "Jump".

Florida Congresswoman Hangs Up On Obama Twice

Which show, having jumped the shark, thereafter fell the farthest?

Four things the Dems in congress got terribly wrong, and "the left" got very right.

The U.S. Military as an Oil Acquisition Service

I can't stop listening to britney spears womanizer.

Who Is "Name Removed"...

My husband told me on the cell phone he wants a divorce

Yes, Virginia, even death may die.

I have another frikin sinus infection. Same symptoms, same side of my face

My sister has a Beagle that is over 17 years old.

Pics of Kolkata/Calcutta (not wedding related)

Who is your favorite singer?

I want a hardingfele!

Best sequel? (Please read the criteria)

Dog saves another dog hit on freeway.

Please praise this thread. Thank you.

WaPo: Obama Teams Are Scrutinizing Federal Agencies

Summit for DC volunteers to provide input on next steps

We will need Inauguration Day mobilizations to defend progressive policies.

To win elections, Democrats must deliver, and to deliver, they must win elections.

Obama drives oil prices down with threat of

Most Googled of 2008:

I can't wait until Friday: Freeper mega hate on toward the SCOTUS

UPDATE: Boyd, Bense eye Martinez's Senate seat

What's Wrong With Georgia?

Pic thread?

Mayor Bloomberg wants to send Plaxico Burress to jail for 3 years

Is this fair?

Bush denies responsibility on CNN for current economy..

Economy Continues To Campaign For Obama!

money for war, for greedy bankers - can we laugh at ourselves?

Just when you thought it was safe...More Bush

Slate: Obama in Your Heart-How the PE tapped into a powerful—and only recently studied—human emotion

Looking on the bright side: We may be able to finance needed dental work by selling existing crowns.

If they want to filibuster, I say, by all means, let them!

Hey, guys. If you would. Some good thoughts, prayers, vibes.

This Fear Of A Filibuster Is Just Idle Main Stream Media Chatter

I hope Sarah Palin doesn't go away.....

This first ran 2/4/2001

I'm kind of sad to see two strong south western governors leaving

Gov. Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary-designate

Senator Martinez decision not to seek re-election signifies problems for GOP

If North Carolina can go blue than Georgia can.

History repeats itself ...

“these guys built a hell of an empire.”

WSJ- Thomas Frank: Health-Care Reform Could Kill the GOP - Bill Kristol was right to panic.

We need to reframe gay marriage laws by eventually getting the Mutual Respect Act amendment

Healthcare Reform to Be Major Aspect of Obama's 1st Term

Democrats working on Hillary's "Saxbe Fix"

Food for though: If we might have a Senator Jeb Bush, Senator Bill Clinton, and Senator Sarah Palin

Rep. Xavier Becerra meeting with Obama today. Concerned about the US Trade Post

Looking ahead to 2010

I don't get it.

Media meme--Obama is "too liberal"

0-5 For Fox News

What a Creepy Saxby Pic

The Audacity of Moderation

Franken camp now says it's in the lead by 22 votes

LOL! Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman, just said, about the win of Chambliss, in the RED state of GA,

Marilyn Musgrave blames 'leftist special interests' for election loss

NPR this morning - Chambliss: Whole world was hoping for him to win

The great SarkObama Mystery... and a puppet! ... and some soda.

"We're deeply disappointed with the loss of the beard."

Obama's Press Conferences - Is He Actually Too Accessible?

other than Saxby winning a runoff in a redstate, what other highlights are there for the 2008 GOP??

The People's Agenda in Washington: Live Webcast Thurs, Dec 4 3pm EST

Obama's Grandfather Was Imprisoned, Tortured By British

ME-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Loretta Sanchez on MSNBC. WTH is wrong with Democrats?

Rendell apologizes for AZ GOV comment

Richardson Still Owes Obama a Favor

If no progressives at all are appointed to the Cabinet, can that cabinet DO anything progressive?

Revisiting the primaries, briefly and non-specifically.


Jeb Bush "considering" run for Senate seat to replace retiring Martinez

"progressives" want economic justice... in 2007, wealth of the U.S.' richest 1% was $16.8 trillion:

Obama was "deeply dissappointed" in Richardson.

Sarah Palin is all the reason anyone ever needs for Open Primaries,

PHOTOS Life through a Lens

Gates the only possible choice for SecDef

We're 100% correct on everything; they're 100% wrong on everything.

Xavier Becerra to be named Obama's US Trade Representative

Senate Recount: Pendulum Swings To Franken - Star Tribune

GD: Narcissism

Is it strange that a Kipling Poem reminds me of Obama?

Everything good that ever existed in this country came from Liberalism

Everything good that ever existed in this country came from Liberalism

The new White House Job to Prevent Terrorist From Getting WMDs is perfect for Wes Clark

Oh Holy Joe where art thou?

Why are Obama-Biden still fundraising?

Why are Obama-Biden still fundraising?

Palin, she shows up on the last day to campaign for an almost certain winner...

Eric Holder was to blame for 9/11 and will be the reason for the Next Terror Attack on the US....

GOP Flummoxed...cannot implement Bush Coup due to Obamas immense Popularity

Denver Post: Congressman John Salazar on the "short list" to become Secretary of Agriculture

ran across video Obama on election night

For all those who want to accuse me of being anti Bill and Hill or a disloyal Dem:

IS the Perfect Storm About To Hit Consumers? Hmmm.....

The supreme court will be looking at Obama birth certificate on Friday.. and it makes me so mad

Which bloc should we blame for Jim Martin's loss?

For everyone who insisted, repeatedly, that an Iran attack was imminent

On Making Progress

Obama Is Screwing Up Big Time!

Obama Is Screwing Up Big Time!

Susan Rice opposed the war

Cabinet question.

American Security Project Hails...Appointments of Board Members Dr. Susan Rice and Greg Craig

What a wonderful sight...

President Obama, please end religious bigotry. Pull pilot licenses for fundamentalist Christians!

Official XMAS Movie Thread...Name your favorite..

Ala. county passes Obama holiday !!!!!!!!!!!

AP out with a hit piece on Xavier Becerra before he even accepts the position

PHOTOS Obama on the cover of special issue of EBONY Magazine

Dupe - please delete

Holy f@#$ing GOD!!11!@!@!!!!

Predictions about Obama and Congressional Republicans

American People overwhelmingly approve of Obama's pick of Hillary as SoS

BREAKING! Senate Seat will go to "placeholder" until Chelsea Clinton is qualified to run in 2012!

New poll: 75 percent of Americans approve President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet choices.

So I'm confused...which Bill Richardson is the good twin and which is the bad one again?

New Executive Order:Exclusions from the Federal Labor-Management Relations Program

Parker Brothers indoctrinating kids into using credit cards...

Obama shelves oil company tax after price fall: aide

Obama was "deeply disappointed " with Richardson.

Obama Campaign Manager to Write Book

Who would you rather have as your next President

Most approve of Obama's Cabinet picks, poll shows

watching the msnbc replay of election night, Sen Burr of N.C.

"Where rich Republicans get nekkid in the woods" ...The Bohemian Club

"Where rich Republicans get nekkid in the woods" ...The Bohemian Club

Obama Gives Bush's Political Ambassadors Their Pink Slips

Should I be okay with Obama keeping Gates?

Anyone have a phone number for Obama's transition team?

I received a response from the FCC

I support the Rovian "Bush Legacy Project"

WP: Obama Policymakers Turn to Campaign Tools-Network of Supporters Tapped on Health-Care Issues

Sarah Palin a Superstar? What??

Matt Taibbi is a tool.

Brennan. What's the deal? Did DU cause him to withdraw?

This economic crisis is definitely going to end. It will probably end

Am I the only one who thinks even Jeb Bush stands no chance as president?

Prop 8: The Musical. Hilarious (short) video (Jack Black, Margaret Cho, Neil Patrick Harris)

Biden, Clinton, now Richardson. Where would Edwards have fit in?

And now for something totally NP: A Christmas Story is running on TNT tonight!

What those who want progressives to shut up now don't get is this.

Bill is on CNN right now saying that he isn't happy about

Bill Clinton: Hillary first heard she was being considered for SoS on TV and was quite surprised

I think we should let Russia and China have the strongest militaries in the world.

Remember the debate over the first day of the Twenty-first Century?

Al Franken is now 2535 votes ahead of Coleman in MN Recount w/95.3% counted!

Obama Team Restates Strong Support For Union Bill

Mayor Bloomberg wants to send Plaxico Burress to jail for 3 years

Obama quietly drops windfall tax proposal

The angry "progressives" are the mirror image of the angry conservatives...

A proposal: The UAW should OCCUPY the auto plants, then run them themselves

Progressive Conservative Centrist Socialist Capitalist Libertarian Quiz...

Nothing CRACKS ME UP more than Free Birth Certificate TinFoilHat Nuttery RepublicDotCom

hey, all you morons!

Who Has Standing In Determining Eligibility For the Presidency?

Clinton nomination sets off fundraising opportunities

Is this the worst Obama souvenir ever?

WOW, AIG gets $150 Billion with NO PLAN and the BIG THREE don't have the votes with a plan!!!

don't flame me, please, but Susan Rice supported the Iraq invasion:

don't flame me, please, but Susan Rice supported the Iraq invasion:

Obama's Windfall Taxes Shift: First Broken Promise?

Latest Pscho-Right fantasy - Obama is a moderate-Conservative . Not able to face the fact that the

It feels a bit like the primaries at DU, except that Obama's opponent is invisible.

Nixon or Bush?

Gallup: Black Democrats & Republicans think alike on many 'moral' issues

I know a lot of you are going to be really ticked at this idea...

Where's the Richardson celebratory thread?

Is Jim Shore the new Thomas Kinkade, or is that the biggest insult of insults?

Chained teen shows up at Calif. gym, 2 arrested

Bomb Strikes Minibus in Baghdad, Killing 1

Firm denies workers' comp in racial killing

Miami-Dade poll sees shift in opinion over Cuba embargo

Ky. atheists want God out of homeland security

Suicide car-bomber kills four in Pakistan

India to answer Mumbai attacks with talk not troops

Jeb Bush considering Senate run

Unions Angered as Bush Further Limits Eligibility

Corporate layoffs surge to nearly 7-year high

Service sector shrinks in November (Reading far below what Wall Street expected)

Poll: Obama earning high marks

Odetta, Voice of Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 77

United Auto Workers: Union Will Restart Contract Talks With Big 3 Car Manufacturers

Harvard's endowment takes $8 billion hit

Iraqi guards open fire as migrants riot about deportation

Gift Certificates for an Abortion?

Obama Gives Political Ambassadors Their Pink Slips

Ex-Generals to Urge Obama Action on Torture Issue ("Remove the Stain")

Alabama Black Belt county creates holiday in Barack Obama's honor

Idaho lawmaker wants to pay parents to teach kindergartners

Obama Teams Are Scrutinizing Federal Agencies

Giant Moon Pie to bring in 2009

Firm denies workers' comp in racial killing

Franken camp: 'We're winning'

Payrolls in U.S. Shrank 250,000 in November, More Than Forecast, ADP Says

Refill efforts begin for vanished Lake Delton

Save the date: Ala. county passes Obama holiday

Vatican attacked for opposing gay decriminalisation

Des Moines Evicts Homeless From Huts, Cites Safety

Miles O'Brien To Leave CNN; Network Shutters Science, Space and Tech Unit

(16) Ind. soldiers sue (KBR) over chemical exposure in Iraq

Afghanistan Says It Will Sign Cluster Bomb Treaty: Break with Bush administration

Egypt MP: We won't let Hamas form an Islamic emirate in Gaza

Federal Prosecutor Is Making Inquiries in the Investigation of the Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys

Rove: Bush hardly worst president

Fed: Economy Darkens Heading Into Holidays

Port Authority Gets No Bids for Taxable Bond Offering

GM, Chrysler Win Union Concessions to Bolster Aid Bid

Obama nominates Richardson for Cabinet

New star-studded Web video protests Proposition 8

US official (AG Michael Mukasey) opposes prosecutions for torture advice

Metal prices fall further than during Great Depression

Big powers refuse to sign cluster bomb treaty

Obama shelves oil company windfall profit tax after price fall

The Big Brother state – by stealth (Britain)

Judge in Haditha case told to review '60 Minutes' clips

Police Find Large, Unexploded Bomb at Mumbai Train Station; Remnant of Terror Attacks

Zimbabwe Cholera Crisis Escalates

Obama Gives Political Ambassadors Their Pink Slips

Ex-WorldCom chief Ebbers seeks clemency from Bush

Explosion in fortified Green Zone in Baghdad

Mukasey Says Obama May Have to Wait for Some Legal Opinions

(Canadian) Federal government orders U.S. war resister deported

Palin files late disclosure for free 2007 trips

Family of man trampled at Wal-Mart sues

Officials: Mumbai gunman promised cash for family

Iran calls for OPCW probe of Saddam’s chemical weapons program

RIP Odetta

US gives Mexico anti-drug funding

Poll: Public opposes aid to carmakers (61% to 36%)

First Lady confirms: Dallas is new home

Chrysler exec: Failure could spark depression

Study: One in three toys found to have toxic chemicals

Journalist jailed in Iraq over homosexuality story

Surgeon saves boy's life by text message

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 3

Ros-Lehtinen hangs up on Obama. Twice.

Conservatives Expected to Split Episcopal Church: Gay bishop, blessing gay unions precipitated split

Paulson considers plan to lower mortgage rates

Pakistan refuses to hand over terror suspects to India

Obama appoints Xavier Becerra US Trade Represntative

College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

Minneapolis discovery costs Franken 44 votes

Russia Sending Warship Through Panama Canal In Symbolic Move

Rendell called sexist for ‘no life’ remark

Ky. atheists want God out of homeland security

Woman's benefits withdrawn due to large breasts

Mean Girls Allegedly Spit At, Poked Patients

PHOTOS A Love Supreme? (VERY pic heavy!)

Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary white-skinned Cloud Peo

In Colombia, paramilitary groups still spreading terror (Bush's S. American ally)

An Uncommon Résumé in an Unusual Time

Back to Reality: Can Obama undue the damage from the Republican War on Science

Tomgram: Robert Dreyfuss, Is Iran Policy Still Up for Grabs?

Generals Take a Stand Against Torture

Middle class has been shrinking for decades

Auto Bailout May Wind Up on Obama's Plate; Obama staff in contact with auto execs since October

American folk music legend Odetta dies at 77

NYT, pg1: After Sharp Words on C.I.A., Obama Faces a Delicate Task

The Next Attorney General

Mormon Homophobia: Up Close and Personal

Obama in Your Heart

Newspaper Investigation Reveals Lax Enforcement of Child Labor Laws

"could mark the beginning of a frightening new phase in the economic downturn."

Welcome Secretary Clinton: Obama's Promises to Be Kept

Beatings and abuse made Barack Obama’s grandfather loathe the British

Spiegel Cover: The Bush Warriors

Foreign Intervention Won The Venezuelan Elections

The Stark Contrast: Repubs and Sane People on Terror

In Hong Kong, Bill Clinton speaks to CNN; "neither looking for nor closed to" role in administration

Conservatives Expected to Split Episcopal Church

Another Bush Faux Pas: Holiday Cards Sent to Muslims Contain Dreidels

Nouriel Roubini: How to avoid the horrors of ‘stag-deflation’

A tale of two Hillarys (Gene Lyons)

Auto Workers Give Up Notorious Featherbed

UnitedHealth to Insure the Right to Insurance

When is Enough, Enough?

Hey, America: It's a Loan

Canada’s “putsch”: Oppose Conservative power-grab!

Is GM Looking for $$$ To Finance Australia Plant ?

Florida 2010, The Return of the Bush!

India’s 9/11? Not Exactly

No Choice in UK: All Must Have ID Cards

Guardian UK: Republicans should stop embracing the anti-intellectualism of George Bush

The War on Mormons Has Begun!

Gift Certificates for an Abortion?

Egypt cleric slams hajj ban after Hamas blocks pilgrims

Qatar charity to send ship with humanitarian aid to Gaza

MK Zkoor launches new Arab party

Libya accuses Israel of piracy by blocking aid ship

Israel: Economic surge in W. Bank

Sydney, Australia: Anti-Semitic Incidents Double

Three Qassams hit west Negev, further unraveling Gaza truce

ODETTA SINGS BOB DYLAN (Blowin' in the wind)

Maron v Seder: Marc and Sam's Remedial Theater

Indian Muslims Mumbai attackers criminals - 03 Dec 08

So long prime minister Stephen Harper!

Obama's anti-war speech 2002

Countdown: White-washing the Bush Legacy on Iraq. Chris Hayes and KO try to decide evil or stupid

Palin's Appeal Wearing Thin?

Wal-Mart Sued for Black Friday Negligence

Riz Khan - India's 9/11: The aftermath

Bill-O Asks Rupert Murdoch About Rupert Hating Him

Rachel Maddow talks to United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard about the bailout

Obama To Fox: "We’re deeply disappointed with the loss of the beard."

Odetta at Philly Folk Fest 2005

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality: On Stage At World Cafe Live

Countdown: New Nixon Tapes Become Public

GOP Blames Unions for Detroit's Ills

TYT: Did Palin Actually Help Someone Win An Election?

Obama Wants Richardson's Beard Back!

Leo Gerard (USW) On Unions and Wall Street

CBS: Nixon's Condolence Call to Young Biden

The Atheism Song

Odetta Live in concert 2005,

Obama & Clinton, rivals or friends?

Prop 8: The Musical (hilarious! with Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Allison Janney

Columbia U students debate NROTC on Fox News

Flow (2008) Movie Trailer

Hannity: ‘If You Don’t Listen To Talk Radio, If You Don’t Watch Fox News,’ You’re Misinformed

John Kerry On High Speed Rail, Cambridge Town Hall

{Rachel Maddow} Ms. Information: FEMA - Ike Trail of Trash

Countdown: Michael Moore on the Auto Bailout - 'We're Gonna Own Your Ass'

Bush: I regret Iraq intelligence failure. Pickles: Americans thinks Bush kept them safe for 8 years

Judge stays soldier’s execution

More dwell time soon, but stop-loss continues

Deserter seeks asylum in Germany

U.S., Japanese officials meet on base hosting

Retired officers want detainee policy change

Jury gets fragging case

Divorce rates rises for soldiers, Marines

DepSecDef: ‘Time for me to leave’

Poor economy drives more troops to re-enlist

Tricare extends claims deadline for last time

Paratrooper dies from gunshot wound in N.C.

Security training expands at Army bio-labs

Iraq, Kuwait sign protocol on joint waterway

Petraeus meets Lebanese officials

Tough new rules for blue cammies released

Acquitted former Marine wants police job back

Airman with leukemia recruits help from senator

PacAF adviser: China exchanges to resume soon

An exercise in agility: Soldiers practice quick humanitarian response

Gates: ‘No way I could say no’ to Obama

Palestinians in Iraq now have access to new clinic

AAFES drops Internet subcontractor

U.S. soldiers charged with detainee abuse

COLA in S. Korea to drop

Venice has water in more than its streets

Marines Prevailed in a Day of Battle

Gates to Accelerate Iraq Pullout

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Interpreter Mask Ban Bogus

VA Ousts Managers for Claims Deception

Hurlburt airman arrested on child porn charges

Infant’s death at Holloman investigated

Orion squadron commander relieved

Russian ships wrap up exercises with Venezuela

Global Environmental Court Could Punish U.S. and Others

Natives And Environmentalists Win Another Battle Against Uranium Miners

Lots of energy efficiency cash – so who gets it? (cap-'n-trade $$$, Maine)

World’s Largest CIGS Thin Film Solar Array Goes Live (Tucson, AZ)

Coal Mining Debris Rule Is Approved

Group: solar energy's future bright (in Texas)

Ancient coral yields DNA that can unlock clues about global warming

Wind turbine maker proposes major expansion in Portland (OR)

EPA regulations threaten to strangle Texas business - Gov. Rick Perry (R. Goodhair)

Scientists: Longer allergy season may be linked to climate change

AEP eyeing ‘transmission superhighway’ for wind energy

North America's Largest Municipal Utility Proposes Solar Feed-in Tariff (Los Angeles)

Ireland could be energy independent in under a decade - expert

Ex-bad boy China praised at climate talks

TV weathermen say human-caused global warming is hogwash

Harbor Seal Numbers In Freefall - 10% Annual Decline In Orkneys, Slower Declines Elsewhere In UK

ahhh the old Shell game...

ESA Focusing Climate Satellites On Arctic Basin, Tasking Half Of Orbital Radar Capacity To Area

BLM Suddenly Removes Tracts Bordering Moab, Arches, Dinosaur From Energy Lease Sale - NYT

1 Knol = a unit of knowledge - How does the energy transition proceed

AEP: Cook Nuclear Unit May Not Return To Service Until 2010

Scientists Discover 21st Century Plague

US Department of Energy releases 2007 Greenhouse Gas Report

Nature: Car industry: Charging up the future

Finally a Victim!

Study - BC Salmon Runs On Edge Of Collapse, Thanks To Ministry Data Manipulation - G&M

Science Daily - US Companies, Cities, Govt. Agencies Doing Little To Address Likely Climate Shifts

Rat attack: Mosman ready for rodent invasion

CDC - Study Shows Soda Linked To Kidney Disease, Likely From High-Fructose Corn Syrup Content

Soil Not Oil: Why We Need to Kick Petroleum Out of Our Farms

White House rejects FCC proposal on cell towers (8 hour emergency back-up power)

Question - I've read enough about Peak Oil to grasp the economic

Methane bursts from frozen tundra (Nature News)

Nuclear cleanup to cost (taxpayers $10) billions (defunct spent fuel reprocessing plant, NY)

Invasive Ant Marching Across Europe - Forms Massive Supercolonies, No Known Parasites Or Disease

The Neo-Alchemy of the Federal Reserve

Buying Security With Billions of Bucks


Congress tells Toyota, Honda, BMW to make shittier vehicles

Martin Wolf Says Big Stimulus Programs by Big Debtor Countries Will End in Tears

Corporate Economists Tell Lies for a Living


Prepare For Depression Level Unemployment

It's Not A "Slow Down", Barack

Bull market starts this week - for sure

Homebuilders shrink American dream, spark wrath

Is The Deficit A Threat To A Future Recovery? ,,,,, James K. Galbraith and others give their views

Pilgrim's Pride in Chapter 11

Labour Start: Russia: Stop attacks on auto workers union & more

The Truth About UAW Union Auto Workers And The Auto Industry

Union wants state to rein in consultant hiring (NY state)

P@W Backs Candidacy of Mary Beth Maxwell for Secretary of Labor

YRC, (Teamsters) union reach tentative deal for 10 pct pay cut

Healthcare Workers Reach Tentative Agreement With Enloe Medical Center

Star Tribune seeks union cost cuts ($20M necessary, publisher warns)

Corporate layoffs surge to nearly 7-year high

Will Obama Fulfill Pledge and Walk Congress Hotel Picket Line? (video he did in 2007)

NLRB files vs. U.S. Foodservice

Fired Employees Bill Lawhorn and Russ Teegardin Will Be Met by Co-workers When They Return to Work

Bloomington-based Stark Excavating faces $247,000 in proposed OSHA fines

Philly Comcast Center Workers Seek $200 Million Class-Action Lawsuit

IBEW Hosts “Solar Industry Night” In Vermont To Grow Green Jobs

U.S. Steel Cutting 3500 Jobs As Jobs Hemorrhage Continues

Economic Report: U.S. Service Sector Posts Worst Slump Ever

Today in labor history Dec 3 Textile strikers win 10-hour day

We're wasting our time here

Kings Island fined for violating child labor laws

In Belfast, DUP MP Iris Robinson stirs up some familiar hatred...

The Days of Their Lives: Lesbians Star in Funny Pages

Proposition 8 - the Musical

The Absolutely True Adventures of Evil Tina

88% of anti-gay hate group's donations are used to pay Holocaust Revisionist Brian Camenker

Calif. lawmakers voice support for gay marriage

Attack on man outside gym-lounge may be hate crime

Anti-discrimination ordinance enacted in Kalamazoo, MI

"Semper Fi" Anybody watch this?

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir can kiss my married lesbian ass

Hate crime in Salt Lake City

It's a shame it took puting our minority human rights up for a

Poll: Majority support gay couple rights

Catholic Church Against Making Gay Death Penalty Illegal

Devastating Rolling Stone Feature Blames 'No on 8' Campaign For Prop. 8's Success

Opinion: Balliet: Are gays second-class citizens?

HRC Realizes After the Fact That They Maybe Should Have Endorsed Openly Gay Candidate

Excellent info. located by DU'er "BushKnew."

Obama & The Movement

In Colombia, paramilitary groups still spreading terror

Poll: 55% in Miami-Dade say Cuba embargo should end

Evo Morales: "Save the planet from capitalism"

The JFK assassination and Bush's refusal to extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela? All 3 in Dallas

Obama free to change US-Cuba policy

No emails found in that FARC laptop

Six Players Suspended in Diuretic Case

Bills prove even home has a price

Pats resign Rosie Colvin.

For Three Years, Every Bite Organic

British Balance Gain Against the Cost of the Latest Drugs - How much is a life worth?

CDC - Study Shows Soda Linked To Kidney Disease, Likely From High-Fructose Corn Syrup Content (XP)

Anyone have any experience with Post Concussion Syndrome?

Women's Health Care

Parsing the Cancer Statistics

Influenza and DUers

okay is this a sign?

Best books and sites for astrology newbies?

Goldstone and dream

"Wings....The First Posting" - Karen Bishop - December 3, 2008

21 Days into the Afterlife

For you "reflections" lovers

A potentially stupid question (wee!): why doesn't Canon make any of their macro lenses with IS?

Thanksgiving in Santa Fe.

80=200 f2.8 for 550?

Here is the cheesecake recipe I am going to use (is it ok)

The cheesecake is in the oven.

We just had the cheesecake.

I love Honey Baked Ham...


Why do only Christians die in traffic accidents?

Jews of Mumbai, a Tiny and Eclectic Group, Suddenly Reconsider Their Serene Existence

Rilke's, "for the sake of a single poem"

Driving Under The Influence Of Christianity

I just watched an (ex) friend justify staying in an abusive relationship because of religion...

atheist top ten

New Views of the Big Bang -A Holy Grail of Science

Spiritual and mathematical aspects of seeds

Roger Ebert finally gets around to reviewing Ben Stein's Expelled

'Just be good' ad sparks complaints

Every reasonable person with a brain can imagine a universe without a god.

Aurora borealis from the ISS

College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

Bill Richardson To Take Over Commerce, NIST

In case you missed it....Craddick's ethics complaint

Hispanic Caucus pushing Rick Noriega for Obama Cabinet

Need book & site suggestions on building Linux puter, for Christmas.

Need expert opinion on this computer - Would you buy it?

How do I install Windows XP on a Mac?

"If this software turned up at your door, you'd call the police."

Canadian DUers - Does this copy make any sense to you???

So long Harper!

Harper's attack on Bloc risks alienating Quebec

Are the Liberals-NDP currently sitting together in the house?

Harper making a televised address to the nation tonight at 7

Remember the Cadman bribery

Canadians split on removing Tories from power: poll

Bloc part of secret coalition plot in 2000 with Alliance Party

Harper's Address

Day denies report of 2000 coalition plot with Bloc

Let's assume things go sour for Harper

I wonder how the GG is feeling tonight?

As a future Canadian

New report out on nuclear and biological weapons control

Peter Beinart: Team of Hawks. Worth checking out re: Obama's national security team.

In case people don't know about this, I just found an archive of Kerry's presidential website

Hey, btw, we missed our own anniversary! 4 years for DU JK!

Audio of Sen. Kerry talking about Poznan and UN Climate Change conf

Council schools chief resigns after being exposed as IRA 'traitor' living on the run

So . . . the future of the Canadian parliament is in the hands of . . . the Queen's representative?