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DU's treatment of discusson about the I/P conflict is shameful....

Kennedy takes pragmatic view of Senate job (Buffalo News 12/28)

Where has Obama been?

Would it not be more ethical to simply shoot down rockets and mortars?

Pictures from "shoe throwing contest" in Iran

Yikes, eight feared dead in avalanche in BC

I am stunned.

Error: This functionality is for donors only.

Even the "experts" can't tell shit from shinola any more.

Foreclosures give Skateboarders a Plethora of Empty Pools

Today's "Non-Sequitur" pretty much some up talking to the GOP

My wife fell, and since she's pregnant, we called the OB/GYN

Is the Wall Street bailout actually hurting America?

Meth an Accepted Aid in Loan Processing at WaMu

"Fifty Herbert Hoovers " By Paul Krugman

I just want to thank the Admins for the GLBT and Israeli/Palestine topic forums....

I just want to thank the Admins for the GLBT and Israeli/Palestine topic forums....

Bush and Condi's Excellent Gaza Adventure

Focus on the Family website yanks Glenn Beck interview

Thank you DU for having the good sense to have the I/P forum and 9/11 forum

Enough war mentality! We sure could use a Dept of Peace!

We Must Stop the Bloodshed in Gaza

This Week in God: Pat Robertson Turns on Bush, NYT Lies About Church Numbers, and More

Eartha Kitt: The patriot who was right all along

Sorry Pat, but I don't believe in YOUR God...

NYT: The Labor Agenda

Suicide Bombs Kill 20 in Afghanistan; Day After Bombing Kills 16

Gaza Morgue Overwhelmed...

TV News Winds Down Operations on Iraq War (Guess I'll have to see Al Jazeera)

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Pinter in Memoriam

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Pinter in Memoriam

repubs falling all over themselves to defend the worst president ever

Did I just hear a caller on WJ refer to

HULU has "The Times of Harvey Milk" now

mourning joe with their daily caroline kennedy slagging

Tell Obama to help end the genocide in Darfur.

Will the NeoCons Exploit Gaza to Keep the US in Iraq Forever?

Top Ten Quotes of 2008 compiled by the editor of the Yale Book of Quotations:

The Presidential Family

“God bless Greenspan...patron saint of pool skatin’.” Skateboarders in foreclosed swimming pools

Touching Holocaust love story a hoax

Bush's legacy by the numbers

C-SPAN - American Muslim Task Force LIVE news conf 10 am (now). Releasing letter to Obama.

Street-Level View of Israeli Bomb Drop on Civilians

Nir Rosen: "Terrorism Has Proved A Rhetorical Smokescreen...The Strong Crush The Weak"

John Lennon - The Luck Of The Irish

Salt Lake City Mayor Becker leads with gentler style

Sometimes maybe revenge is not as sweet as advertised

Child Neglect Cases Multiply As Economic Woes Spread

Lehman bankruptcy filing wiped out billions: report

Bookmark this post: Feel free to repost my stuff in any forum, group, or place

Bush vs Clinton - The Final Exit

Robert Fisk: Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons of history are ignored

"George W Bush presidency not a failure", says wife Laura ., like Nixon's "I am not a crook"

Part-Time Government Employees Earn $160,000 a Year

Serious Questions For Skinner And The Mods

My Niece's Husband Just Spent His First Christmas In Afghanistan

Serial Killers vs Bush

Car financing and usury

Unemployment compensation (running out)

The United States Of America declared war on Iraq 5 years ago

Rude Pundit:Because We Won't Have Him to Kick Around Much Longer, Part 3 (Middle East Blood Edition)

Wow. Big protest in London right now on CNN in front of an Embassy.

The Iraq occupation - out of sight, out of mind

Freepers aren't conservatives, they're Gribbleites

New idiot of 2008 poll

RNC members call unprecedented special meeting

Sen. Craig restroom tanking as tourist destination

Dick Cheney: "How Come Nobody Luvs Me?"

Pakistan/India conflict will cap the Iraq/Afghanistan pullout....

The US financial aid to Israel and its cost to US taxpayers

Santa Claus bailout hearings

Q for DU IT folks....enterprise anti-virus

Violence and Lies: What, Exactly, is Israel's Mission?

Chinese drywall causes problems on the Treasure Coast

Man spends days unnoticed in Pa. family's attic

If you wanna vote, you gotta make a choice. No equivocating. Protectionism or not?

The Independent (UK): It's war to the end, Israel tells Hamas.

Respecting Israel's Right To Defend Themselves-But RECOGNIZING-There Is NO Military Solution.

Lawrence Wilkerson: Cheney's team would spy on the the National Security Council staff

Caroline Kennedy receiving criticism for not being articulate. 54 "you knows" in short interview

CNN broadcasting from "anti-Gaza-invasion" rally in London...

Are You "Done" with Meet The Press?


Who's the college student in Crawford running the Presser?

Why aren't the citizens of California recalling

4 million Iraqi refugees?

Nice headline CNN morons

Newsweek: Rumsfeld, Ashcroft Could Soon Face Legal Jeopardy

T minus 22 days, and Chris Rock still has the best quote about Bush.

December 29th

The Israeli massacre - funded by US aid

Covina 'Santa Claus' Rampage leaves 13 kids ophaned. 2 others lose 1 parent.

The year 2008, in Pictures.

Ed Gillespie sets the record straight.

Condi: "Generations are going to start to thank this president for what he's done"

Either you benefit from or you rage against the corporations


1,000,000,000 gallons of sludge shames agency

Delaney Bramlett dies in L.A.

Richard Clarke: "from the first weeks of the administration they were talking about Iraq"

Egyptians open fire on Palestinians


I wrote my representatives today: NOT ANOTHER DIME FOR ISRAEL!

Bolton: ‘In 100 years people aren’t going to remember Guantánamo or Abu Ghraib.’

Taliban Overruns Picturesque Pakistani Valley; Militants Behead Opponents, Burn Schools

Ask Obama Part 2

Duchess of Carnegie, 96, refuses to leave home

The freedom of choice act screaming by the right in the Catholic church is total bullshit

United Mountain Defense Promises Independent Testing at Spill Site - High Levels of Arsenic Found

An Interesting Article - "Sustaining Moore's Law - 10 Years of the CPU"

Iowa City considers ban on happy hour

Here's why you can't compare today's economy with the 1930's:

Did anyone else see Pat Buchanen say Sarah Palin debated Walter Mondale?

Visiting family warps your brain, study says

Anderson Cooper on Rachel Maddow

Obama Can Do No Wrong (plus more headlines) 12/29/08

Bernie (Madoff) Stashed His Cash Offshore

Does anyone Irish or Irish decent want to puke watching Londoners protest

Another person goes overboard on cruise ship.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell obstructs Obama's stimulus package

WTF???? Father Gives Daughter Bikini Waxes, Rides To Work At A Brothel

So where do you want to go?

new years' resolution: bailouts are for the NEW economy, not the OLD economy

Surgeon Uses Human Fat As Alternative Fuel To Run His Car

The oddness of the sale at old navy..

"Holiday Sales Drop to Force Bankruptcies, Closings"

Israel says Gaza assault 'war to the bitter end'

John Bolton objects to "blaming every consequence of the overthrow of Saddam on the United States"

Klobuchar suggests temporary senator be sworn in

Kulongoski to pursue mileage tax

I have a legitimate question about the conflict in Gaza

So.. Hamas can fire all the missiles it wants at Israel, but when they say enough is enough..

Bush's presidency has not been a failure

When do you think Bush will issue the pardons? guess is Wenesday,, or

gas prices here went up 12 cents overnight, anyone else?

Things you should know:

I have no idea what you're talking about. So here's a picture of Condoleezza with a shoe on her head

Uproar In Australia Over Plan To Block Web Sites (AP)

Tweety's Documentary - the Decider

California Dems Taking Reins Of U.S. Environmental Policy

I've got this great idea for a new kind of financial instrument--the Parking Ticket Derivative.

I sincerely wish this was not so but 10 Years from now you will be making $100,000 a year

Confiscate now

A word about the "Single Issue Mosh Pit" system...

Daily Kos: Nothing's Too Good for the Working Class

mika doesn't like caroline kennedy near as much as she likes palin

Kerry to Hold Hearings on Chasing Pirates

Mika Mouse .........

CNBC Madman Jim Cramer's Dec 2007 top ten predictions for 2008

JH Kunstler: Predictions for 2009

Similarities and Differences. The Irony.

Moderator, whomever deleted the post I was begging you to delete, thank

RWingnuts take 'ludicrous' to whole 'nother level.

Can you believe how high the price of Beluga Caviar is going?

Parents' response key to health of gay youth

What is the role of the media?

Mexico suspends buys from 30 US meat plants (Reuters) {fight over COOL?}

Mexican president finds drugs now corrupting military, too

So is this Israel trying to set the world on fire before their RW lunatic friends leave office?

Stalin voted third-best Russian (BBC)

The Panic of '08... a look back

You are either with us or against us.

I read a thread here today about a child slave laborer. It was a link to

What is the state of the unemployment office Department of Econmic Security in your state? In AZ

Freeper Irony

21 1/2 days til bush leaves office

Did you know Saab was a GM product ??

An aspect of gender-neutral marriage you might not have thought about...

How come I attract the most idiotic, uneducated, uncouth people in my threads?

Parents' response key to health of gay youth

So...Some of you are watching Matthews "Chimp" Redux?

Regarding "Barack the Magic Negro."

Only now, in the waning hours of the bush administration, does the media discover that .......

Search for missing woman off cruise ship stopped...this is truly fishy (no pun intended) this

Parents' response key to health of gay youth

News-Press of Fort Myers, Florida: Florida high court to rule on same-sex adoption ban

Why does Obama have to give up his Blackberry?

Breastfeeding Moms Protest Facebook

Senator Webb Eyes Prison Reform

Which group is more nuts?

How I wish the white supremacist republicans would just die off.

Economic Recovery Solution: Legalize it and tax it.

20% Say Dick Cheney Worst Vice President Ever

Track, Trig, and now Tripp??????

I just sent this to James Dobson

If Barack Obama is relected in 2012, he will join the ranks of the greatest presidents in ..........

Changing minds to say killing's not only okay but divine.

Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam? (Joshua Holland, AlterNet)

Rachel on Condi and Laura's legacy project

Fascist, war-mongering, gay-hating U.S. fully supports Israel's right to murder

I just had an immature moment at the post office

Wouldn't it be great if we could have cars designed to last 30 or 20 years?

Elaine Chao defends her Labor legacy

Understanding TARP

Bristol Palin has her baby...names him "TRIP."

Homicides among black males spike

Obama adviser aligns with White House in criticism of rocket attacks on Israel

Thing is - I don't think anyone should have to die

96 yr old resisting Carnegie Hall eviction from upstairs apartments.

Top GOP aide: "Let's face it....George W. Bush was a Sarah Palin-like president"

Baby Presents Piling Up for Palin

Bush Opts Not To Interrupt Final Vacation As Middle East Crisis Escalates. Presidentin' is HARD!

Ex-Bush aides say he never recovered from Katrina

FDR valued all work and all workers

U.S. Retailers Face Store Closings, Bankruptcies as Holiday Sales Slump

Dear Dubya, on your retirement...

Civil War enthusiasts: The Wilderness under siege by Walmart!!

Kansas man lights 50 sparklers at once, loses fingers

MSNBC Host: It wouldn’t be ‘funny’ if someone called me ‘Tamron Hall the Magic Negro Anchor Lady.’»

Should the U.S. recognize "freedom from want" as a human right?

A picture that the world needs to see (Graphic)

The Palins need to read my recent blog entry.

Authorities haven't released details of civilian casualties. Unclear if they were even being tallied

Friend of mine calls me an asshole for telling him we aren't going to spend the night in Atlanta

It's time to end poverty permanently.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Puts the Brakes on Stimulus Plan

Larry Elder is a first rate asshole

Asia Times: Waking from Lever-Lever Land

Baby Jesus's re-emerging all over America.....

We are Democrats. We are the FUN party! That's the way it is, so

Asia Times: Madoff and the folly of blind faith

In honor of our outgoing Secretary of State, quick, list all of Condi's many accomplishments:

Breaking on CNN: New rounds of bombing underway in Gaza

Cynthia McKinney is on her way to Gaza

Mukasey: Cheney Interview (Plame) Protected by Executive Privilege

Fuck our kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. OUR MONEY IS TANKING!!!

I saw the Duggars today, up close and personal.

Israel to allow 100 truck-loads of aid into Gaza

Republicans working with Hadron people on time machine.'s Most Peculiar stories of 2008

Recent news on women and girls of Afganistan

Palin's daughter gives birth to son named Tripp (you cannot make this stuff up)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Bristol Palin is a wonderful role model for today's youth

It's almost 2009, and *I* have something to say to you DU

David Gregory shows why he's the perfect replacement for Tim Russert

U.S. seeks 147-year sentence in torture case

Virginity Pledges Ineffective....a story at MSNBC.

I'm glad I watched KO tonight.

At Plant in Coal Ash Spill, Toxic Deposits by the Ton..they lied .....where's bob corker?

At Plant in Coal Ash Spill, Toxic Deposits by the Ton..they lied .....where's bob corker?

Trip Palin born

Anonymous posters are cruel and childish!

Tainted Chinese Imports Common

bristol cream palin just gave birth. there goes my theory. nt

Wall St. Bailout proves Orwell right: financial elite, you are OBSOLETE!

When robbing a bank, use a sticky note to demand the cash, not your paystub.......

It's a Boy :)

Is there a doctor in the house? Or, why are my elderly relatives told to go the the EMERGENCY room?

GM And Chrysler To Shut Hundreds Of Dealerships

A book review- What we now think of as the picture of American masculinity ...

Monday TOON roundup

Why does Bush know Spanish?

Did RFK have a chance of winning the nomination in 1968?

What would YOU have done? I thought it was obvious...

Okay I figured out who this Chip Saltsman mofo is. He's a jowlier version of George Macaca Allen.

Because we can all use a smile! Post a photo of your furry or feathered friends!

Inventor's 2020 vision: to help 1bn of the world's poorest see better

I'm thinking of getting some chickens for my New York City backyard. Anyone else?

Request: I need a cartoon that would be the most offensive to conservatives.

Windows 7: Some Minor Improvements, No Game Changer (

A talking point we should use when the GOP filibusters

Jesus Camp.

Unbelievable AT&T telemarketing call.

If you want to be able to discuss Israel and Palestine outside the confines of I/P

Why hasn't Kucinich run for Senator or Governor yet?

AlterNet: The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency

Smoking ban proves difficult to enforce

We will run out of time before Obama takes office on the 20th in 22 more days?

We will run out of time before Obama takes office on the 20th in 22 more days?

The Passive Voice President

It's almost 2009, and I have something to say to you DU

No Furnaces but Heat Aplenty in ‘Passive Houses’

New $120k Mercedes sitting in a repo lot (photo at link)

Hope Fades for PS3 as a Comeback Player

Woe to them that are both gay and Palestinian...

Price of gas is quite low, why aren't the Oil Comps screaming about

Is the palin girl 'living in sin' because she STILL hasn't married?

Willow Palin pregnant?

Listening To MSNBC This A.M. - Somebody Is Really Afraid Of Caroline Kennedy Getting The NY Senate .

He Kept Us Safe*

Coleman refuses to count hundreds of legitimate absentee ballots

Coleman refuses to count hundreds of legitimate absentee ballots

Former Aides Say Katrina Was 'Tipping Point' for Bush's Reputation

I want to buy a house

Three important points when discussing health care

Why do too many dealers cost the carmakers money?

Bush never recovered from Katrina?

No one has a right to kill

What is the worst element of the bush legacy?

I recommend the death penalty for anyone operating a motor vehicle while talking on a cell phone

Sean Hannity: Media Matters' 2008 Misinformer of the Year

does this not bother anyone?

Kucinich criticizes Israel; wants U.N. probe - The Hill

Kucinich criticizes Israel; wants U.N. probe - The Hill

When the Obama girls are attacked by freepers, if you

HOW COME those two Alaskan nitwits ain't married? Republican values? I think not

what are your New Year's Eve plans?

The banking industry/wall st. has collapsed. The housing industry has collapsed...The auto

Kucinich criticizes Israel; wants U.N. probe

Just Nailed A National Furniture Store Big Time

Just Nailed A National Furniture Store Big Time

Thank you, Dennis Kucinich.

Wine, Tea, and Chocolate are brain food.

Bush Refuses To Interrupt His Final Vacation As Middle East Crisis Escalates»

Jesus Camp On Biography Channel. Scary Shit

Remember last month when a bunch of DUers argued FOR the Wall Street "bailout"?

Remember last month when a bunch of DUers argued FOR the Wall Street "bailout"?

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, really. Now if you can come up with a better

The situation in Israel will awaken Bin Laden from his slumber

Please. I would like a non-emotional analysis of a I/P topic. No flames in this thread please.

They were deceived into believing if they worked HARD everything would be alright

Today I went to purchase three items at the Lowe's home improvememt store

Chinese drywall causes problems on the Treasure Coast

Men's Health Magazine Reminds us of how stupid Freepers are

Is the NY Times a legitimate news source?

What's a progressive Israel supporter to do?

Jena 6 defendant Mychal Bell charged with shoplifting, resisting arrest

Dining on a dollar a day

'Stop criticizing Obama. You'll ruin everything!'

Negro? Fucking NEGRO? Are you fucking kidding me?

Chemical weapons testing in US through the years. It's startling they would do that.

PETA has put out a new pronouncement...

"I said SHUT THE F**K UP!"


Have you seen this video?

Madonna directed a film? And it's actually pretty good? Weird.

What was the subject of the stupid thread that wouldn't go away?

Interesting spam e-mail I received

It was three days late, but my Christmas wish was fulfilled.

I have 3 cats and a border collie in bed with me

Apparently it's a STFU night for all the Redskins lovers

Words cannot begin to tell you how I feel - only this will.....


When is the best time to plan a trip to the Northeast?

I asked Mrs. V. if we could get a Wii. You know what she said?

Nanny sues Paul McCartney's ex, claiming unreasonable hours and naked spray-tans

My husband is on-line trying to register for the warranty on a Christmas gift,

Post here to send madinmaryland a hug

Finally, back on the air

Finally, back on the air

How Many Psychiatrists Does It Take To Screw In A Light bulb?


A song for the Lounge.

Another song for the lounge

Good morning Lounge

Back from DC...

Apparently it's a STFU night for all the Dallas Cowboys haters night.

Like a ship that's tossed out

can anyone decipher these two words?

1650 mgs. of augmentin per day times 10 days-ugh

Weird happenings in Florida during the last year. Tasered emus, frozen iguanas...more.

Beware the Deadly Land-Whale

Beware the Deadly Land-Whale

Do you ever "Google" hypothetical lovers?

Favre says MRI will affect decision to play next season

Do you ever "Google" hypothetical covers?

Question from my 4 year old: Who's faster? Hotwheels or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Women: How Long Have You Gone Without Flashing Your Breasts

You know what the Lounge needs? Another PHILADELPHIA EAGLES THREAD!!!!

Need a cleaning tip

Do you ever "Google" farmer lovers?

Jets fire Mangini after missing playoffs

So I dreamt last night that I got into a major fist fight with Keith Olbermann

Wow. I just visited a DU Forum that makes GD:P and The Dungeon look civilized and reasonable

Cleaning in preperation for the new year.

Paper or plastic?

I have Bob Dylan on the brain

Plans for New Years Eve?

Are we doomed to hear this song every 10 years?????

In memory of Delaney


Going To Starbucks With My $10 Gift Card

So I dreamt last night that I got into a major fist fight with LynneSin

Is it really that hard to time traffic lights to match the speed limit?

Are you going to set a new year's resolution?

A Poem to Condoleezza Rice

I'm bored... I'm bored... I'm bored... I'm bored...

Anyone know how long it takes for your body to re-plenish blood?

What's a good brainless movie out now?

To Know Jesus....

Parche told me that they are changing the Delaware forum in order to save bandwidth

A rescue dog we all probably have needed......

Is it ever too late to copycat a thread?

What does "cleansing of the soul" mean to you in non-religious terms?

Gah. This is what happens when you wait to sign up for classes.

Need your puter screen cleaned? Here's the Doglick screen cleaner

Need your puter screen cleaned? Here's the Doglick screen cleaner

The World Pastry Team Championship is on Food network now

Tarzan: "I'm going out for some smokes."

Why do people write fake autobiographies? You could just as easily

Best Birthday Present!! Billyskank called me!

One more reason to not believe what you see on TV

So what the hell are travel agenst typing anyway?

Goodie, a breastfeeding thread over in GD!


More youtube clips regarding cats!


My Monday started with four cases of Champagne sliding off a shelf that collapsed

My Monday started with four cases of Champagne sliding off a shelf that collapsed

Post a picture of you wearing a bra.

I just cleaned my refrigerator

My daughter got an allen wrench for me for Christmas. In a very large box.

Why do sports arenas and movie theaters have to be so loud?

Anyone use a system for doing housework? I've been using the

My rabrrrrrr-level high quality solution to the Israel- Palestine conflict

What did nuts do before the internets?

PSA - Do not say words containing the letter "L" when you have a needle in your mouth

Russian to English translator needed --

Because when you're hip and trendy, it's important to be dumb enough to do what people tell you to.

Tripp. His name is Tripp.

Fluent French speaker needed for a translation

Ok, I 'm getting confused...Tarp, Tripp, and whatever else is starting with a T..

eHarmony - the free report, their gift to me for failing their personality profiling test

The Hong Kong flu - a poll

What sick bastard invented those supersize "racecar" shopping carts?

A parishioner was in a car accident. A rant.

Are we there yet?

Because you can never have too many cat pics...

Happy birthday Bi-Baby!

Anyone here heard of Kyle Vincent?

Funny Gene Simmons story today.....

PSA: NO PSA* in Dubai

maybe this will go over better in the lounge

DU has kinda gone insane again, hasn't it.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/29/2008)

I just bought two original art pieces, what do you think?

I'm going to discover a new species then name it after myself.

Slimey bag

"Race To Nome" On The Weather Channel

I swear, my new co-worker pisses me off

Alamo bowl heading to overtime now

So I finally got around to seeing 'Kung Fu Panda'

Do you do a few things considered 'outside the law' or a 'little dangerous' or 'unacceptable'

Totally Selfish Rant

How do I explain to my dog that he's only in the kennel for a few nights?

I have a serious complaint about DU

Smooth-top or coil range???

What airline steward(ess(e))s have you flown?

The rumors of Rev_acts and I being a couple are greatly exaggerated.

interior design help needed

What are the best foods to take to a bereaved family?


What airlines have you flown?


Riddle of the day

Should I get a tattoo?

What are the most depressing books you have read?

Arrrrrrgh! My family drives me CRAZY!

Video: Dog eats Bean Burrito in 1 second

Bottled, Tap, or Filtered Tap Water

i'm so angry i want to start smashing shit

Why doesn't anyone rave about Judy Tenuda anymore?

Q for DU IT folks....enterprise anti-virus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/29/08

I swear my cat has mastered teleportation

I'm worried I'm losing my mind.

Luke Skywalker vs Aldo Nova

Anybody got any...

Wii Fit tells me I'm overweight.

mmm .....Bud Light with Clamato!!!! *with* "Certified Color*

1,000 People Hired to Eat McDonald's Quarter Pounders in Japan

I don't see Jesus!

My Favorite Albums of 2008 list changed slightly. Any others have final best-of lists?

Any opinions about online dating?

Do any of you have suggestions for shopping for an assisted living facility?

Today is the 118th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

I just looked at some BOOBIES!

The Newest Member of Mah Familia

I'm starting a new line of dishes, and I need names for the colors

Valkyrie and White Rose.

Name a band, song, movie, TV show, play, opera, book, poem or artwork that has a color in the title.

Do you ever "Google" former lovers?

Pay or Don't Pay?

Sunset in Florida (dial-up WARNING)

My daughter's first kiss was with....BLAGO

If you hate bagpipes, don't click on this thread

I tripped on a carpet in a shopping centre. I couldn't regain my balance. I fell flat on my face.

alright, pick your superbowl champions

Did I forget to mention how much I HATE job hunting?

Another rightwing dumbass bombs at the box-office: Frank Miller's "The Spirit' flops hard

Most depressing songs on the planet

i just caught the bag boy staring down my shirt at the piggly wiggly

First name of Channing: male or female?

A few parting words for the senators who squashed the auto rescue

Post a picture of something you've created

OK this is sooo wrong that I just had to share it with you: Scuba Diving Cat..

The Bacon Explosion!

Obama Tax Cuts Likely Soon

Obama and the Israeli/ Palestinian Problem

Bush History - Why Opinion of US Improved in World’s Largest Muslim Nation, 12/29

Ever Notice How Wrong It Is To Call Someone Racist Just Because They Said Something Racist

So, teh Gays are Now PUMAQ's?

Israel or Hamas, my support is with....

I have been accused in threads about telling people to be quiet re: Warren, I need to respond

Bush steps out of world picture in which U.S. is no longer the star

I need help, my outrage center is malfunctioning...

Liberal legal group comes to the fore

So the press is complaing that Obama doesn't like being followed. . .

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My oh my, 22 days left!

So am I still allowed to have a party in DC on January 19th?

An aspect of gender-neutral marriage you might not have thought about...

Our local dollar store is having a half-price sale

TPM's M. J. Rosenberg: The Media Blitz Justifying Gaza Attacks

Has Obama's office made any response to the outrage over Warren's role in the inauguration?

Oh oh: Prosecutors seek to release Blago's calls

How America Is Like NBA Point Guard Ron Harper

Your unethical twit of the day: NH AG Kelly Ayotte

The American Agenda - Experts give Barack Obama advice on crime, education, energy, health care etc.

Links to MSNBC and NYT photos on the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza...

So far, Obama's disappointing...


Anybody Watching Tweety's special?

I think I got it now. We have no release.

Predicting the Nature of Obama's Presidency

Day -22 of the Failed Obama Presidency...

William Kristol finally gets one right

Deleted. n/t

No leader in the history of this PLANET has ....

Parents' response key to health of gay youth

Anyone who's already damning Obama is being prejudiced.

Norah O'Donnell-"Has the NYT done this with MALE candidates and what about that criticism out there

Protecting Obama When the Lights Go Out (Honolulu had a Major Blackout)

Despite our differences, I assume that posters on DU generally support Obama for Prez

If we are going to use a solemn ceremony to create negative PR for bigots, let's invite the Pope!

Obama may set new policy on Cuba's aging revolution

If I were going to have the AG indict Bush on Jan 20th

DU Guide to Outrage

Possible Presidential Library and Museum locations

Herr Bush Enjoys Vacation As Gaza Burns

Has anyone gone to Obama's "Ask a question site?"

Bicycle Group to Offer Valet Service on Inauguration

Why should I care about Sarah Palin and her granddaughter?

No, Barack Obama is no "Magic Negro" fact, he's not even Magic!

I know this is a stupid question, but did Al Franken win?

Sarah Palin becomes grandmother. Bristol gives birth to son named Tripp

Study: Premarital abstinence pledges are ineffective

"Our news network is not a news network."

"Our news network is not a news network."

Heads Up: Rachel Maddow discussing the current situation

Larry Elders on CNN

The Nation's John Nichols : Obama Should Engage Now for Middle East Peace

How would you overall rate Obama's performance as President-elect?

How did the Obamas fly to Hawaii ... anyone know? My guess is NOT his

Palin Wishes She'd Talked to the Media More

So who's going to DC?

Obama Releases Latest Transparency Tool

Achieving Unity Takes Time And Courage (please read)

Quoting Obama in the Knesset

I just learned today that my cousin was a PUMA

PHOTOS Par for the course

We Should be Thankful for the PUMA Viewpoint

I submitted this question about Warren to - Only those with most votes will be answered

Why hasn't Obama fixed America yet, goddamnit!

***New Polls*** Obama +5 in Ohio, +6 in New Mexico, -2 in Indiana

Does Obama have MANA??? By all appearances, he has it...the ability to

RW talk radio will be the likeliest cause of death of the GOP.

Obama may set new policy on Cuba's aging revolution

Obama Wants a 'Surge' in Afghanistan?

Do you think terrorism is wrong, no matter the circumstances?

When you have been rejected by your own family because of how you were born, then you can tell me

Now that I think of it, the LGBT community should thank Obama for the Warren invocation

So, will there be an orchestrated effort to Boo over Warren

So far, Obama's disappointing

Meet Baby Tripp

Official DU unemployment thread! Help us Obama!

Two dead in Afghan car bombing, US soldiers hurt

Bangladeshis vote for 1st time in 7 years

We have no words left

On January 20, 2009, for the first time in my life ...

Trying to 'teach Hamas a lesson' is fundamentally wrong

Bradley Burston / The Madoff betrayal: Life imitates anti-Semitism

Obama's silence on Israeli airstrikes disappoints many

Venezuelan President Shocked by US Reaction to Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Cold War humanitarian program had covert side

Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam?

Ugandan army says rebels kill 45 people in Congo church

Man Is Freed In Swiss Probe Of Nuclear Ring

China drafts first law on social insurance

Thiamine 'reverses kidney damage'

Under Bush, OSHA Mired in Inaction

Shoes flung at Bush flying from shelves

(Senator) Rockefeller vows fight on Gulf War syndrome

Obama may set new policy on Cuba's aging revolution

Hospitals Hit Hard By Recession

TV News Winds Down Operations on Iraq War

As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

Lehman bankruptcy filing wiped out billions: report

US activists call for release, pardon of Iraq shoe-thrower

Suicide attack rocks southeast Iran

Former Police Commissioner To Be Arraigned (Bernie Kerik)

Study: Murders among black youths on the rise

Tick tock ... tick: Extra second added to 2008

U.N. Secretary General Condemns Both Israel and Hamas

Candidates for R.N.C. Chairman to Compete in Forums

Recession Opens U.S.-China Rift Paulson Talks Bridged

Fitzgerald wants to release Blagojevich wiretaps

HP mum on selling printers to Iran

US seeks 147-year sentence in torture case

Pro-Thaksin protesters ring Thai Parliament

Wipro scouts for more buys

Easy come, easy go after gold glitch

U.S. slow to meet needs, Iraq refugees say

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 29

Oldest man in the US dies in Sacramento at 112

Gazprom, Once Mighty, Is Reeling (Russian Natural Gas Monopoly)

Nicaragua Turns To Wind Power, Builds 19 Windmills

Vice president defends his record


At Plant in Coal Ash Spill, Toxic Deposits by the Ton

Somali president quits as fighting rages between rival Islamists

Even fashion giants Chanel and LVMH forced to economise

Jena Six Defendant Mychal Bell Hospitalized With Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Cititgroup pumps 800 million into S. Korea unit.

Palins grandson born. Mika just announced it

U.S. to buy huge stake in GMAC

Molotov cocktail thrown at Chicago synagogue

Australians angry over bid to ban topless sunbathing

When textile quotas end this week, will U.S. jobs go, too? - Project Postcard and other organized activities

Republicans Want Say in Economic Stimulus Plan

Scenic Pakistani valley falls to Taliban militants

Soldier alleges military pattern of Christian bias

Israeli Troops Mass Along Border; Arab Anger Rises

China faces new melamine scandal

Ex-aides say Bush never recovered from Katrina

Georgia, U.S. to sign strategic pact on Jan. 4

Macedonia archeologists uncover 4,000 year old writing

Researchers unlock secrets of 1918 flu pandemic

Unrest caused by bad economy may require military action, report says

Kucinich Calls for Independent United Nations Inquiry on Gaza

"Israel's last chance to assume automatic diplomatic support from Washington" from Gaurdian article

We have no words left

International community piles pressure on Israel

Israeli Assault Targets Symbols of Hamas Power

Arab media: Shalit wounded in bombing

We Must Stop the Bloodshed in Gaza

The Israelis decided (probably with Bush/Cheney) to launch strikes now, before 1/20

Are Israel's War Aims Achievable?

Gaza Morgue Overwhelmed...

Perspectives: Gaza and Israel

Israeli killed as barrage of Palestinian rockets pound west Negev

Will the NeoCons Exploit Gaza to Keep the US in Iraq Forever?

Street-Level View of Israeli Bomb Drop on Civilians

Soldier vs. Scum

Crude Oil Rises After Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East

perspectives: Gaza and Israel

Nir Rosen: "Terrorism Has Proved A Rhetorical Smokescreen...The Strong Crush The Weak"

Can somebody answer some questions for me because I'm confused here.

Report: Captive IDF soldier Shalit wounded in Gaza air strikes

The neighborhood bully strikes again

Violence and Lies: What, Exactly, is Israel's Mission?

Wars and rumors of wars.

Egypt's role in the current situation in Israel/Palestine should not be forgotten.

We have no words left

Fresh Israeli raids kill 7 kids in Gaza

Illegitimate "pro-Israel" arguments: a compendium

Should the U.S. Break Diplomatic Relations With The Israeli Apartheid Regime?

Palestinian Death Toll Rises to 325 as Israeli Strikes Continue

(The Guardian) Killing a two-state solution

Thank you moderators for combining as many threads as you have.

Five Palestinian sisters killed in Israeli raid on Jabalia

Conflict management - by Jeffrey Halper

Iranian Group Registers Volunteers to Fight Israel

UN demands immediate Gaza cease fire

Israel's Wanton Aggression On Gaza

New rounds of bombing underway in Gaza

Palestinian MK tossed out of Israeli Knesset session

BBC: US tacitly backs Israel offensive

The Israeli massacre - funded by US aid

Israel Reminds Foes That It Has Teeth

Obama's silence on Israeli airstrikes disappoints many

Many Israelis support ineffective violence against Palestinians

Abbas blames Hamas for bloodshed

So.. Hamas can fire all the missiles it wants at Israel, but when they say enough is enough..

55% of Israelis believe attacks motivated by political considerations.

Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan see anti-Israel rallies

Israelis got nothing on the USA

Washington bears guilt for Gaza war crimes

The true story behind this war is not the one Israel is telling

Tanks Deployed at Gaza Barrier; Barak: War to the Death

Johann Hari: The True Story Behind This War Is The One Israel Is Not Telling

Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets

The US financial aid to Israel and its cost to US taxpayers

Kucinich Calls for Independent United Nations Inquiry on Gaza

UN official says Israel attacked during lull

Israel to allow 100 truck-loads of aid into Gaza

Israelis look for knockout blow

Hamas Military Barely Dented By Israeli Attacks

Branson calls MRSA problem "horrific"

I wrote my representatives today: NOT ANOTHER DIME FOR ISRAEL!

Outrage in Gaza: No More Apologies by Rabbi Brant Rosen

Chris Floyd: Shock, Awe and Lies: The Truth Behind the Israeli Attack on Gaza

View From a Palestinian Leader: Palestine's Guernica and the Myths of Israeli Victimhood

Juan Cole Asks: What exactly is Israel's War Goal?

Robert Fisk: Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons of history are ignored

Two Israelis killed in attacks from Gaza

Activists sail to Gaza with medical aid from Cyprus

Has Israel Revived Hamas?


Israel Declares Border Areas With Gaza Closed Military Zone(Cutting Off Access to Journalists)

Study: Teenage 'virginity pledges' are ineffective

Israel Vows to Destroy Hamas Brick by Brick

Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets

Trying to 'teach Hamas a lesson' is fundamentally wrong

Cynthia McKinney is on her way to Gaza

Obama and the Future of the Conflict Management : The Mediative Leader and the Activist Mediator

Consumer advocates hope watchdog agencies get more bite; new era of protection expected from Obama

AlterNet: Madoff's Shocking Scheme Is Just a Microcosm of a Much Bigger Disaster

Perspectives: Gaza and Israel

Olmert's Final Failure

Laura Bush Dances a Little Sidestep

Veterans of ’90s Bailout Hope for Profit in New One

Amnesty report damns stun weapons

European Union “overregulated” says new EU President Mirek Topolanek

Reuters: ANALYSIS-Gaza offensive set to boost Israel's Livni

Obama bristles as the bubble closes in: "The glare on his family is shaping up to be unprecedented."

Public Enemy Number One: The Elites (aka, the "Have's")

Chávez: Capitalists Have Manipulated the Message of Christ to Exploit the Poor

Nuclear Armgeddon! Run Away!

America 101, Saving Democracy with Civic Literacy

The spy who turned his back on the C.I.A. - Philip Agee

Sad Irony for NPR reporter

Webb Sets His Sights On Prison Reform

Tim Pawlenty is This Year’s Katherine Harris?

The New Yorker: Whistle-blower

AlterNet: Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam?

Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam?


Why no balanced reporting on Gaza invasion in US?

With the World Racing to Armageddon, Maybe Obama Really is the Messiah

Guardian UK: The world gives Israel a free hand

Californians Shape Up as Force on Environmental Policy

George Bush Claims He "Kept Us Safe". Really? Did History Begin on January 20, 2001?

Legal outsourcing set to boom (India)

Explainer: Israel's attack on Gaza

Norman Solomon: A Hundred Eyes for an Eye

Four Decades After Milgram, We’re Still Willing to Inflict Pain

Hard Laughs - George Carlin

Chris Hedges: Why I Am a Socialist

Here's a list of all 41 Republican "parody" songs

For Kurdish Girls, a Painful Ancient Ritual

Is China Trying To Kill America From The Inside?

Deadly Chinese Imports

4 minutes of complete nonsense from Rick Warren ( Larry King 12/2/08) but he does 'have less STDs'

Sea Shepherd Documentary from 2005

Kondracke & Barnes yearn for Reaganomics, worry Obama stimulus package will hurt economy

Rick Warren's Homophobia VS. Christophobia

Media Pulling Out of Iraq

What Is The Common Good?

TYT: Young Turks Holiday Greeting (& Some Great Links)

Bush administration's epic fail in Afghanistan. Rove, Condi & Pickles wait for us to THANK him.

TYT RANT: Do Americans Spend Too Much Money?

2010 US Dissolution Predicts Russian Professor And Former KGB Analyst

MSNBC: It wouldn't be funny if someone called me 'Tamron Hall the magic negro anchor lady.' best of 2008 pictures Warning Picture heavy

As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

Divers searching for missing Bragg soldier

A wish before deploying to Iraq: citizenship

Benning soldier killed in motorcycle crash

Nimitz sailor charged with attempted murder

State lawmaker wants Mo. Guard leader examined

Corps moves to replace M249

Corps spending millions to up-armor Cougars

‘CSI: Baghdad’ it isn’t: High-tech gear not a lot of help in getting Iraqi warrants

U.S. hopes U.N. resolution ups cooperation in piracy fight

Patch Barracks officials look for ways to provide parking

Hib vaccine shortage at clinics to continue until mid-2009

Israel Launches Air Strikes on Gaza

Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Army signs agreement for Incheon hospital care

No Evangelizing At Recruiting Sites

Study: DoD May Act On US Civil Unrest

National Guard pulled from N.J. nuke plants

Wary feelings about Obama

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: At new year, Air Force has problems, promise

A Question For Veterans And Active-Duty Personnel:

Force recon back at Lejeune

Big bonuses aimed at specialized soldiers

From the 'be careful what you ask for' department...

(New England) Wind, wave power play - Boston Globe

Electric car startup downshifts for rough road

NASA/JPL Study Links High Tropical Cloud Formation To Overall Warming, More Intense Storms

2008 Temperature Summaries And Spin - RealClimate

Canadian Government Desperately Seeks to Avoid Seal Product Ban

EPA: Rivers high in arsenic, heavy metals after sludge spill Story Highlights (CNN)

Some good news

Free SUV Offered As Solar Investment Incentive

Californians Shape Up as Force on Environmental Policy

President Chimp Moves To Open Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt Coasts To Oil Drilling - Chronicle

Is Ontario on track to kick coal dependency in 2014?

Whalers claim Sea Shepherd is not stopping whale cull

its hail foaming in montana

Cold Case in Cold Waters - Sea Shepherd and the Japanese Whalers Antarctica

Funnel webs out and looking for love

Low-carbon lifestyle in China: fad or return to tradition?

Is Global Warming Creating New Climate Zones? Experts Say "Yes"

Inventors Find Inspiration in Natural Phenomena

No Furnaces but Heat Aplenty in ‘Passive Houses’

World photovoltaic production 1990-2007, by region

Tiny Beetle Chews Way Through Millions of Trees

German Scientist Warns Climate Change Accelerating: "… previous predictions … too … optimistic …"

Veterans of ’90s Bailout Hope for Profit in New One

Saying Yes, WaMu Built Empire on Shaky Loans

Great Depression 2009 Similarities to 1930's

There's No Pain-Free Cure for Recession

Payroll tax holiday -- would this work?

On line broker question

Cyber warfare could wipe out economies


President Obama, Please Stop the Exportation of Our Jobs

Anyone buying a foreclosure at auction? Tips?

What is safe in terms of saving for retirement?

myrichuncle has "paused" taking new applications

"Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"

The Road Ahead For Detroit 3 U.S. Auto Workers : More UAW Concessions. More Massive Auto Job Losses

The Road Ahead For Detroit 3 U.S. Auto Workers : More UAW Concessions. More Massive Auto Job Losses

Today in labor history Dec 29 U.S. Army troops massacred 150 men, women and children-Nixon OK'd OSHA

The Labor Agenda

Sad irony for NPR reporter

PRIDE It's important!

Folks, this cries out for response.

Can some people help me with this thread?

Research help: Looking for full text online article from "The Nation"

A tale of two threads

Parents' response key to health of gay youth

Linking an old post of mine - how issues connect

Equality California's 2008 legislative scorecard

Renewed efforts underway to divide our LGBT community....

Great quote by Gene Robinson

Donations urgently needed at blood center

Oy, Holy Night

You’re Likable Enough, Gay People

Similarities and Differences. The Irony.

Yardwork appreciation thread.

Caracas gunmen vanish from city payroll

U.S. election observers praise Venezuela's election system

Obama may set new policy on Cuba's aging revolution

Venezuela's anti-drug agency reports 54 tons of drugs seized in 2008

Ohio --cradle of coaches (also-first pro franchise and NFL HOF)

Browns fire Romeo Crennel and GM Savage. And Bill Cowher says...

We should be classy and allow madinmaryland to grieve alone.

Marinelli Out As Lions Coach

Tony Romo collapses in the shower

2010 Pro Bowl will be in Miami

Good Day for Ted Thompson

Now that the Cowboys are out, can we still continue to get hourly Tony Romo updates?

Pretty amazing how fast great QB's hit the wall....

Mangini out as NY Jets Coach

Who's Your Pick for the Super Bowl??

Payback is a bitch. But very enjoyable.

Don't look now Pats fans, but Tom Brady may not play NEXT season either.

Common Food Additive Found To Increase Risk And Speed Spread Of Lung Cancer

Anybody know anything about these people?

Job stuff !! Need some advice and energy info, please

Unemployment Commission bureaucracy blues

Seriously Stuck? Blast Those Thought Forms! by Donna Cunningham

Anyone in here from around western Mass?

Are you paying attention to your 12 Days of Christmas dreams?

Good video on Semi auto rifles

I've decided to be a Christian

So, I know people here will go far to get a good shot


Shelby Farms Today

two questions - side dishes for fried catfish and a good gumbo recipe

I've decided that I really like Farfalle!

It was either here or DIY ..... my Kitchenaid dishwasher ..... sucks

opinions on food processors?

Not half frickin' bad (pizza crust)

what's the best internal temp for a burger?

95,000 affected by twin quakes

Scientists Find that Size of Earth's Species Occurred in 2 Great Leaps

Scientists plan to ignite tiny man-made star

Question about college / grad school

The Parent-Teacher Talk Gains a New Participant

Happy DANCE on Craddick Bye Bye!!!!

Question How can a site be corrupted by one brouser, and not another?

The best program in the Universe just got better.

Jazz Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard Dies

Batman 3 possible Line up of Villians...!

WTF???? Father Gives Daughter Bikini Waxes, Rides To Work At A Brothel

Canwest: Harper stiff-arms talk of reopening abortion debate

Blackberry? iPhone? Windows SmartPhone? Palm? MotoQ?

SFRC hearings being planned on problems posed by intl piracy