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Moyers, on this Boxing Day 2008

Does Google News take its orders from FOX News? (anti-Caroline Kennedy article on front page)

Lets play "Kick the Thread"...

A bright pink Hippo.Literally. Not a joke!

Troubled children centers closing

What do the Bushies and the Khmer Rouge share?

Strongest endorsement yet for universal health care

LAT: Ticket Replay: How Illinois' machine survives corruption: One voter's story

Our last, best hope.

Robert Scheer: Cheney’s Legacy of Deception

Contrary to popular opinion, sex doesn't sell. It just overwhelms the brain.

WJ discussing the Presidential pardon

Armondo's Secrets to Flipping Houses for Millions...

At least 155 killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

Canadians back bailout for carmakers

5 of mine and yours Famous Christmas Songs Written by Jewish Songwriters

Cash-strapped states cut juvenile justice programs

CNN Poll: Will you miss President Bush

The great Harold Pinter died on Christmas Eve.

About a week ago in the Detroit area, the windchill was -20 with 9 inches of snow on the ground....

MarketWatch: Banking crisis in Dublin threatens a trophy tower in Chicago

Bush's EPA hides toxics from the public

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: The truth about Christmas

Dangerous Bush-Cheney Myths

Bush and Cheney guilty

Coal at work - a billion + gallons of sludge

News Flash--White House in Foreclosure

150,000 Pakistanis mark Bhutto's death anniversary

A rundown of the states likely to gain or lose seats because of population change.

Pat Buchanan speaking up for the Palestinians on MSNBC

U.S. draws India into the Afghan war

Republican's Gift Held Racial Parody of Obama

Prominent MIT, Harvard benefactor to close; May be largest charity claimed by scandal

Freakish crazy weather in Chicago.

Freakish crazy weather in Chicago.

Is there really life after death? Or nothing after death?

What was the favorite part of your Christmas

What was the favorite part of your Christmas

Who is that bimbette on MSNBC? She is dumber than a box of rocks.

United Nations Peacekeeping forces . . . ????

Great call on WJ about Rick Warren

50% off at Petsmart

Florida Man Hopes Invention Will Help Find Cancer Cure

Spencerport man sentenced for attack on gay man

Traitorous pig Karl Rove's WSJ fluff piece, "A glimpse of what the president has been reading"

Judith Miller at the Daily Beast - contact

five changing the face of the internet

Update on the Crash - Chris Floyd Empire Burlesque

if at all possible don't give birth to your baby in the city of L.A.

Union-Made Lattes (IWW)

At This Casino, Only the Slots Light Up

I might be gone soon, tornado could be comming to kill us all.

They deserved it. (Warning very graphic images)

Report: Unions Are Good for State Economies

Why is it that suppressed never try to "get even" ...

Liberals love America. They're just not IN love with America.

62 degrees and a Tornado Watch in Kansas

Another Visit to Burt's Tavern

What was your favorite activity on Christmas Eve/Day

CQ Profile: Cantor is Rising Star in GOP Ranks


Simple reason why Blago keeps on going....two words...

Senior Love

Senior Love

The news networks should be congratulating the North American people and joyful over the lack of

Libel Tourism and the British Courts' support of Terrorism

International Witnesses speak out from Gaza

New Years Predictions

WTF? Is this us?

Emergency Alert: Take Action to End Israeli Attacks on Gaza

How did Mack Brown handle the Obama Slur? OU fans a must read

Will you miss President Bush? CNN poll! 80% NO

Ex-FEMA chief Allbaugh loses Austin-area home to Christmas Eve fire

China dairies to compensate victims (CNN)

CIA warns of nuclear war in subcontinent

Hey have we FINALLY reached a point where we can go days at a time without Mooseburger on the TV?

Four Washington D.C. cops caught stealing from Toys for Tots on Christmas eve

Is the Republican Party really this stupid?

Watching The West Wing, and the dam broke, I can't stop crying.

Bush Nixes Pardon to N.Y. Developer (AP/ABC News)

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song (CNN)

Quick Question - What do those red boxes mean on weather maps?

Palin takes a poke at PETA

"Hoax included imaginary baby" - NOT about Bristol Palin

India Explains Moving Troops to Border

A RWer With A Sense Of Humor?????

a year after bhutto, pakistani women left in lurch

New Prosecutor To Take Fresh Look At JonBenet Ramsey Case

Mass Murderer was also a TAX CHEAT!

Tornadoes in December

What happened to "Food Bank Friday!?"

Tennessee coal disaster could be three times larger than originally estimated.

Tennessee coal disaster could be three times larger than originally estimated.

Holdout Against Developers Left a House and a Legacy

Photo surfaces of President Bush with father of housing scammer Isaac Toussie

They hit the Palestinian police stations and 2 gradutation ceremonies.

Just out of curiosity, is this any kind of religious holiday in Palestine?

GM sues bankrupt supplier Cadence over parts, Parts interruption would delay launch of Camaro

Tariff On Oil Imports

For those of you who know the adventures of Asterix and Obelix:

Bush's last-minute rule change could allow doctors to reject gay patients

American Silence

Breaking: Hezbollah threatens revenge against Israel

Bloodiest one-day death toll for Palestinians since the foundation of Israel!

The Geneva Convention deals with those people

Benazair Bhutto was murdered a year ago today

What Robert Ingersoll wanted for Christmas

What Robert Ingersoll wanted for Christmas

After all this cold and ugly weather. Its nice out today here in So-Cal

Bob Corker’s “Screw the Seniors” Plan

Too many crooks in Palin’s kitchen? (never thought of it this way)

U.S. will give free weapons to Afghan civilians

Peter Yarrow, Obama contributor and co-writer of "Puff the Magic Dragon," reacts to RNC racism


The frequent US bombing of civilian Iraqi cities that are already under US military occupation

Photo surfaces of Bush with the father of pardoned housing scam artist Isaac Toussie

How Bush Failed Somalia

Glenn Greenwald: Politico reviews the year in American "political journalism"

Hope springs eternal in the human breast, as Alexander Pope said. The question is, what kind?

Baghdad bombing suggests that security gains are fragile

What is the deal with the Marines in HI being "cool" when PE Obama

I guess it's just a different way of thinking from myself. For those with chronic pain

anyone driving I-94 by Gary Indiana , be careful

How is it "meeting in the middle" when only one side has to give

6 combs made in China $1.49, 1 (ACE) made in USA same company $2.49

6 combs made in China $1.49, 1 (ACE) made in USA same company $2.49

cnn poll: Will you miss President bu$h?

Take a break. Relax, enjoy!

Kid just busted me here. :)

Hey did Bristol have "her" kid yet?

Caroline: She's a Kennedy, But She's a Lot Like Us

surge update - Car Bomb Near Baghdad Shrine Kills at Least 24

Only 25 more days but...

Blagojevich Panel Declines to Subpoena 2 Obama Aides

happy holidaze (graphic pic)


Gaza Blowup Highlights Bush's Broken Peace Promise

Sad and tragic and nasty. Hideous and dark. Repulsive, apocalyptic and totally negligent.


48 hours tonight (12/27) The Lord's Boot


Dallas County's Democratic DA: Texan of the Year (DNA exonerations)

"Watergate doesn't bother me, does your 'conscious' bother you? Sweet Home Alabama!

Boo hoo, Millionairs get bailout of 500,000 EACH

Desperate: States Consider Selling Roads, Lotteries, Parks To Raise Cash

Maddezmom, if you don't understand what SILENCE = DEATH means, you have no right locking my thread.

IN THE MAIL: Pro-union law would strengthen middle class

Viagra helps counter-terrorism officials obtain hard-to-get (teehee) information.....

Interesting list of Madoff investors.

The two regimes our troops are fighting and dying for enjoy high-level relationships with Iran

Sen. Reid Hits the Ground Running in Uphill Re-Election Bid

An Apology to LizzieGrace and whom ever I offended....

8 of 10 worst projected housing markets located in California

Calif. family finds $10,000 in box of crackers

They Could Do The Whole Damn Thing Over Again

Reminder: The gays are the source of every problem in America

Online protest grows of Facebook ban on breast-feeding photos

Could someone please explain to me how the things that

1st you starve them, then you bomb them. Israel bombs Gaza civilians

Sunday News Shows

Saudi King calls Bush, tells him major countries must take action to halt Israel attacks on Gaza

Eartha Kitt was one feisty lady. Spoke out against the Vietnam war at a White House reception.

NBC is running the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony right now.

This afternoon I discovered that the love of my life died two years ago.

Israelis rain death on Gaza

Game: Throw the shoe at you know who!

A 26 year old soldier went home for the holidays and died.

'You May Be Right'!

Interesting Article By Wes Clark On Democrats And The Military

Lest we forget... War.

I am disgusted..

Which of the following will be the next President who is not a white man?

So, is any discussion of the Gaza Raids allowed in GD????

Elitist Liberals Visit The Creation Museum

Monday it was 8 degrees, toinight we are having a tornado warning

Let's just pretend it doesn't exist or matter... shall we?

Um, I'm on another forum where a 17 year old just threatened to go Columbine at his school

Remembering Benazir Bhutto on the anniversary of her death

Please help take this to the front page.

Mail was delivered on Sundays until 1912.

I watched "Milk" this morning. Sean Penn is BRILLIANT in this role.

Toxic coal sludge: the best kept coal industry secret!

The continuing saga of Snowzilla

Warning Graphic Picture of Chip "Barack the Magic Negro" Saltsman

Get some anger out

Does anyone else here have local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

What is the secret to this ESP puzzle?

Question Authority is not a slogan.

Health Care Reform Needs a Public Option

Iraq Body Count (is this legit?)

Robert Fisk’s World: How can anyone believe there is 'progress' in the Middle East?

Officer accused of swiping motorist's laptop

Man shoots talker at movies, police say

It's about time. Senator Boxer Calls for Hearings on the Use of Torture

Munchhausen disease

How much can a lame duck fuck things up...? (tin foil alert)

Shasta Bans 86-Year-Old's Fruitcake Sales....

Here's something every should be pissed about

Student loans turn into crushing burden for unwary borrowers

Well, this explains a LOT about our financial situation ... {'TOON}

We "lost" New Orleans, we're close to losing Detroit, then there's CA & OH...

You can't take pictures here.

Who writes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of psychiatric disorders?

Are you man enough to take a walk in my shoes?

Here's something I have never understood, about organ donation...

You’re Likable Enough, Gay People-By FRANK RICH

eye witness to the crime scene in Tenn.

DOJ might be planning to release probe into Siegelman prosecution before Obama takes office

Central Falls RI immigrants disappearing. Families find them in high security detention center.

Labor unions built this country

25% of Retailers May Go Bankrupt Within Two Years

JUST when you think Palin can't make herself look like more of an idiot

Responding to report of three white prostitutes, cops beat and arrest a

Did Bristol have that baby?

Franken on Bush

LAT: Inglewood police repeatedly resorting to deadly force

Glenn Beck Story Pulled Because of his Mormon Faith?

Economic history v. textbook history: deja vu

Judge: Adoptive dads belong on birth certificate

A child soldier or just a child?

Re-Financing May be Good for Some DUers

Karl Rove Destroyed My Life

Yes We Can UnPardon War Criminals

Did you know about Country of Origin Labeling going into effect?

Cash-strapped states weigh selling roads, parks

From the "It seemed like a good idea at the time" files:

Venture Brothers- Featuring Iggy Pop, Klaus Nomi, and David Bowie.

I want to create a thread that dies very, very quickly.

Biblical comment (prompted by another thread):

My Holiday Vacation

Musical Advice

Random Family picture

I got a new LCD HDTV for XMAS.

Holiday Greetings and Salutations . . . . . .

And His light shone upon them

Random Trout picture

It's 2am and i just finished my portfolio to send to universities


Fudge. I got caught with chocolate

I, as a progressive, absolutely love my wife!


I have this fortune cookie, see? Should I open it or not open it?


Random Kilgore Trout pictures:

Find me in this Youtube video with Sky Saxon of the Seeds!

SON OF A $%@#&!!!!!!!

Morningwood "Nth Degree"

This is a hoot!

So ask me: Writer, what are you doing in DC?

Random Whale picture

A question for users of Pandora

A Great Big THANK YOU to the Mods!

Random Cat picture


I think this website is a joke.

Are YOU qualified for this job?

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!

Have you ever felt anything spectacular and feared it would all

Suck, suck, SUCK!!!

DS1 Thread: DS1 Reviews PC Game: Far Cry 2

Wot's uh...the deal?


Anyone know how gas pumps work (payment wise?)

I had a date at Burger King on Christmas

Jesus sighting in puppy's butt

Post a band or artist and the name and year of his/her/its first hit

How I saved a TON of money on books and movies.

*phew* That was a close one!

Think YOUR post deserves a DUzy? Put your link here!

Re: that Dr Pepper I bought...

Its 63 degrees outside.

CDs and DVDs being sold in paper cases

People are defending the fucking Taliban in GD

I had the best thrift store haul in ages today. Everything was half off and I found tons of books.


WTF did I just watch on the Sundance Channel???!!1

Hangovers suck

sweet Pueblo Indian prayer my aunt sent me.."Hold On"

Post your cell phone number and win a prize!

So my SIL gets wasted last night and my frigging mom just

Folks, you're SLACKING OFF! I don't see many Rick Warren posts on DU now!

CQ Profile: Henry Waxman, Savvy Operator with New Power Base

Sweet, Louis Theroux reminded me of this great ole' tune today!

Christmas Kitteh

Got a new job - ironing tuxedos

I Can't Get The Smell Of Clementine Off My Fingers

Did I fall asleep and wake up in May?............

Random Bigfoot/Sasquatch picture

Does your grocer carry 2 liter bottles of "Diet Dr Pepper cherry/vanilla flavor"?

It's December 27th, in Boston, and it's raining

60 degrees in Chicagoland. Think I'll put on my boots, go out back, and...

Shit stirrer!

For those who like to do science stuff with their kids--here's a cool at-home activity

I think Tyler Perry is a talentless, attention-seeking loser

I think Rick Astley is a talentless, attention-seeking loser

I think Rick Astley is a talentless, attention-seeking loser

Should an Old Fragrance Be Forgot

404: Sorry, File Not Found

A moral dilemma

pic: "You gave my money to WHO????"

Is It 2009 Yet?

Who else hated biology class?

"Hoax included imaginary baby" - NOT about Bristol Palin

Wow. I had no idea Mitch Miller is still alive.

What to get my 24-yr-old nephew for his birthday?

Let us now praise Lung Leg

I think Rick Perry is a talentless, attention-seeking loser

Anyone else love Cherry Mash?

I don't need no doctor

The First Dance, or the Last

My new apartment building allows me an aural window into one dog's madness's quite the production to get from denver to richmond and back for a decent price

How NOT to be attacked by a bear in the woods:

I played a Wii for the first time ever on Christmas

Even the animals have to steal under Bush's economy...

Red-hot molten mag-ma...

Joni Mitchell "A Case Of You"

Tawiah - Broken Heart

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/27/2008)

For MccTatas

Sweetest way I have been awakened in years.

Well, we broke our record!

Blockbuster or Netflix? Which is best?

VIDEO: The trailer for Cinematic Titanic's (former MST3K) "Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks"

Diagnose me! Or, Do I have migraines?

After a grand total of ONE, Mum is returning the cappuccino machine....

Bach B-Minor Mass is playing here tonight

The sink at KFC was in use

This guy came to my door earlier and tried to get me to buy a puppy.

CBS Lawman's $70m news suit likely to deal * legacy a new blow

apples -- the eating kind not the computing kind

Hey, should this youtube clip be discussed in the Religion room?

The Lord's Boot Camp is on "48 Hours" tonight

Wow. I had no idea Dennis Miller is still alive.

Your musical world is about to change drastically...

I'm heating my house with Freedom!

DU artistic types. I need a logo and could probably pay too

The FCC should ban those Ped Egg commercials

Scientific illiteracy all the rage among the glitterati

My radio show starts at 6PM ET, unless you think that you're too cool to listen to me

So, Dolphins vs. Jets tomorrow....

"Hoax included imaginary baby" - NOT about Bristol Palin

So I Had A Bloody Mary

Trees making the news, but not in the usual way

Marley And Me

I'm back! And in once piece!

I'm the last person who would criticize anyone's taste in music

DO NOT TALK AT THE MOVIES!!! Man shot for making

DO NOT TALK AT THE MOVIES!!! Man shot for making

Wow, I found the best thing EVER while browsing at work

Holiday Pics: Post 'em if you've got 'em (dial up warning)

For any SRV fans out there, here's a little late night love...

Something for everyone at this festive time of year

Chicks with dicks

Just dumped my leftover White Russian into my hot chocolate..

"Use a condom or become a Republican!"

I still stand by my diagnosis of lycanthropy

so.. i find out that my parents are "those people"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/27/08

Dr Horrible appreciation thread!! (Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris)

What are the people in my sig line looking at?

Cat Stevens is great music on a dreary, rainy, cold afternoon...

I need a ride to San Francisco from the East Coast.

**The Mist** (SPOILER ALERT)

Pale blue eyes

The Power Glove...

Anybody watching "Band of Brothers" on the History Channel?

How many channels is Morgan Freeman on right now?

The Ove Glove...

OMG! This is Hugh!!!111!

Cutest kitten ever........

Anyone need any pissin' off tonight?

Any other Christophobes here?

Do you know who this woman is?

Just dumped my leftover White Russian into the Hudson River.


Donnie & Marie. A little bit country? A little bit rock & roll? Discuss.

"Saving Ryan's Privates" tops list as best stag movie ever

Remember Them Well

Right now I wish I had a cigar.

Who would win in a nominally fair fight?

Happy Birthday, DuStrange!

Who would win in a normally fair fight?

Best song from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Adopted a dog for Christmas. Need food advice!

Why our merciful lord Jehovah God must damn Bernie Taupin for eternity

**The Shawshank Redemption**

Happy Birthday DuStrange!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

Nobody better hijack this thread. I'm serious.

It's time for the DU December LYRIC CHALLENGE!!

The Stadium Pal: When you gotta go, but you wanna stay

being an adult is weird; part 2

I dont watch much tv, so I was just now a victim of the shamwow commercial.

Songs About Cars...Post them HERE

Quote a great book.

Been blue since the car wreck

Kitten picture of the day for Sunday December 28

"Saving Private Ryan" tops list as best war movie ever

I Talked With CaliforniaPeggy Last Night

OMG!!! I'm on the front page of "Once Upon a Win"!!!!

OMG!!! I'm on the front page of "Once Upon a Win"!!!!

I can't believe we're still typing. What ever happened to voice recognition software?

I'm eating a cream puff that looks like a very impressive penis with a chocolate string around it

The Monkees: "Head"

Old internet sites you remember

Who is better, East or West Coast loungers?

I'm high on OTC cold meds. Ask me anything!

hello from the only state to vote solid red in 08.

My beloved Tommycat is fading...

The opening chord of "A Hard Day's Night"


House Democrats recruited 12 anti-choice candidates to run in 2008.

Disney Pulls Out of Next 'Narnia' Movie

Taking the presidential retreat from Crawford to Honolulu is change anyone can believe in

I'm not angry. Happy holidays to all, and I'm looking forward to

Official notice to George Bush:

What are bratboy, darth, and rove doing under the radar since the election?

Larry Summers article on the Obama stimulus plan

Nice article trashing Teddy Roosevelt... really...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

How Many Wars Will Obama Inherit on January 20th ?

Achieving the Impossible: Expectations of an Obama Presidency

Broder: LaHood appointment is highly significant and proposes a dilemma for the GOP

How to Watch the Inaugural via the WSJ...Show Up Early !

Let the shit stirrers stink!

If you thought Warren was fun on DU, just watch this Israel/Palestine stuff.

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song

Pls. add a sentence to this book about Shrub.

Mass hypocrisy here on DU; defending Israeli war crimes

Why do we condemn Bush, but give Israel a pass?

The Real Bailout Needed is a Consumer Bailout

A Call for Unity

I wish we were as sensitive towards gay rights as we are towards Israel

Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that Israel is some all-evil power of darkness.

Bye Bye Bye, 24 Days left!

'Go Back to Bed America,' or how the One Party Money Party rules us all

The anti-Obama threads on FR remind me of a great New Yorker cartoon I saw once.

Apollo 8 Astronauts Mark 40th Anniversary of Moon Mission

RNC chairman condemns controversial Obama song

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be in reality TV show....

Pakistan moves 20,000 troops to Indian Border...

Sunday show Lineup

CCMA! (Clean Coal My Ass!!) TN Sludge Spill Grows to 1 BILLION GALLONS.

Eight Years Ago... I Seem To Remember Bill Clinton...

Barack Obama's golf swing reveals he's an athlete, a duffer and fun to play with

How normal will life be for Obama's famous tweens?

Republican chair 'appalled' by Obama parody

Obama has asked me to serve. What are you doing?

Official New Most Liberal Democrat in the Senate Thread...

AP: Obama: Full-on geek or just 'nerd-adjacent?' Some experts contend PE too cool, too athletic, too

Oahu and Obama stuck in Hawaiin blackout...

The man republicans tagged as the most "liberal" member of the United States Senate

"Bloodiest Day in Palestinian History" as Israel Attacks Hamas. What Will Obama Do?

I'm still waiting for our signal to hand over America to the Muslims

Will you miss President Bush? DU this poll..

Didn't Israel get the ass's almost waxed the last time they had it out with Hamas

The United States was the only country in the UN to vote against ...

Bush History - Polar Bears in Danger, yet Bush Admin Won't Say Why(Hint: it's Warming!) - 12/27

Oh noes!!!! All the controversy!!!

rick warren

Why do people think that Obama was aware of Warren's Prop 8 support?

BREAKING:Ric Warren eats Obama's tuna sandwich during blackout, prays for miracle at TN sludge site.

Sun rises in east - sets in west, earth is round and orbits the sun

CBS newsman's $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow

Why haven't the mods set up a Rick Warren topic forum similar to the Israel/Palestine forum?

What's the latest on gw's drinking, or the state of his marriage post presidency? Anything juicy?

I'm terrified Obama will be blamed for the recession/depression. Are you?

An Absurdly Early Look at the 2012 House Races in Iowa

Barack and Sasha demonstrate the President-elect's Leadership Philosophy

Daddy O brings parenting into politics

Obama and daughters cause stir on Hawaii outing

Ohio centenarian to celebrate 105th birthday at inauguration

Soooo....anyone ever find that "whitey" tape?

What do inauguration tickets get you?

Bottom Line on the Warren Selection: Morally Wrong and Politically Stupid

obama on chicago public radio "wait wait don't tell me"

What are they thinking?

First dog.. CNN rpts Obama's may be leaning towards a "Westie"

Name some movies that made you laugh.

The Top 10 Political Train Wrecks Of 2008

You used to be able to come here to DU

Simple rules about political discussion on the series of tubes

Check in if you went to an Obama health care house party.

What The F*CK Is Going On?

I am raged out...

Can someone simply explain to me why Warren was chosen?

Rod Blagojevich is innocent....

Obama orders tuna melt!

This is a moment that will be remembered in history.

The Warren discussions on TV changed my mother's mind about gay marriage

If members if the RNC are truly offended re: Barack the Magic Negro. . .

Sioen Roux: President-elect Obama, you need to FIX THIS

How many anti-Warren threads will we see on DU a week after the Inauguration?

U.N.'s Ban sees Bhutto inquiry in near future

Young Kashmiris step away from militancy

News Flash--White House in Foreclosure

Peru Christmas baby named Jesus

California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car

Israel opens Gaza crossings, easing tensions

Could saber-rattling lead to war between India and Pakistan?

Suicide bomber kills five in Afghanistan

Woman lied about missing baby, arrested

Cantor to keep Toussie money (thank you very much)

Israel defends itself by kiling over 200 in Gaza

A child soldier or just a child?

Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters

Whaling ship rammed in Antarctic

Car bomb kills 22, wounds 54 in Baghdad

Media Release: International witnesses speak out from Gaza on Israeli atrocities

Service workers express outrage over alleged misuse of SEIU funds

Bush Data Threatens to Overload Archives

In Hawaii, Obama Monitoring Gaza Conflict

Honolulu Suffers Major Power Outage as Obama Visits

Guinea coup leader says unions can help choose PM

Israeli air strikes target Gaza

Suffering Ohio begs for federal lifeline

RNC candidates split on song about Barack

'Little Rock Nine' prepare to celebrate day of victory

We're saving $1 billion a day on gasoline

Volunteers spend a week on horse rescue in Canada

"Clash of Civilizations" author Samuel Huntington dies

Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says

Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service

Cops accused of Toys for Tots thefts ‘tarnished’ police’s image, official says

Taleban 'will kill school girls'

Stalin's new status in Russia

States consider selling off roads, parks

Woolworths store closures begin

CBS newsman's $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow

Pakistan cancels military leave

History Buffs Rise Against Wal-Mart

Report: Iran preps humanitarian aid ship to Gaza Strip

Israeli far right gains ground as Gaza rockets fuel tension

One Israeli killed, four injured by Palestinian rocket in west Negev

Delete double post.

Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign

In photos: 'Israel Attacks Gaza'

Christmas 2008: Hell in the Holy Land

Egypt slams Israeli 'murder' in Gaza, summons ambassador

Egypt slams Israeli 'murder' in Gaza, summons ambassador

Stench of Death Hangs Over Gaza (LINK to PICS)

Israeli Arabs protest IDF operations in Gaza Strip

Media Release: International witnesses speak out from Gaza on Israeli atrocities

Breaking: Hezbollah threatens revenge against Israel

One Israeli Killed as Hamas Begins Retaliation

Genocide in Gaza, Arab world silent.

lets make sure I have this right

Bomb Gifts from Israeli Children to Arab children

Powers call for end to Gaza bloodshed

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Strip Imperil Obama's Peace Chances

The world is sick of this stupidity.

happy holidaze (graphic pic)

Israelis rain death on Gaza

Emergency Alert: Take Action to End Israeli Attacks on Gaza

"Analysis: Shock, awe... and deception." (Jerusalem Post)

I have two questions, for real

1st you starve them, then you bomb them. Israel bombs Gaza civilians

Why can we not rec threads in IP forum, but can in other Topic Forums?

Gaza massacres must spur us to action

Hamas's Meshaal urges new intifada against Israel

Israeli Air Strikes: 205 Dead, at Least 700 Injured; Olmert May Call For Ground Offensive

Bloodiest one-day death toll for Palestinians since the foundation of Israel!

Demonstrations erupt across West Bank; clashes in East Jerusalem as Palestinians protest Gaza

Haaretz: Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign

They hit the Palestinian police stations and 2 gradutation ceremonies.

Saudi King calls Bush, tells him major countries must take action to halt Israel attacks on Gaza

Israel Pounds Gaza for Second Day

U.S. Blames Hamas for Violence

The worst anti-Israel charges you'll hear in wartime

Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that Israel is some all-evil power of darkness.

Report: At least 120 dead in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Analysis: Israel's Gaza assault

Will Obama be a typical politician and defend Israel's bombing of Gaza?

Speak Out For A Special Prosecutor For Bush/Cheney At The Obama Change Site


U.S. Uses Viagra in New Afghan 'Dickplomacy'

Support The Nadler Initiative Against The Planned Bush Blanket Pardons

The Dilemma That Is Gaza

An article by tax reformer, Lord Jacobs, in the (UK) Daily Mail, of all papers:

The top 10 political train wrecks of 2008

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Winks at Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza, While Obama and Clinton Are Silent

The Explosion of The New Gilded Age

The GOP Goes South

The Gas Tax

The Last Stop: The American Collapse That We Don’t Wish for…

Lawrence Summers: Obama's Down Payment; A Stimulus Must Aim for Long-Term Results

Obama Can Restore Constitutional Democracy in Two Easy Steps

Sea Shepherd Gives the Whalers a Gift that Keeps on Stinking

Bob Herbert:Stop Being Stupid

Sen. Bernie Sanders : Where Do We Go from Here?

Barack Be Good By PAUL KRUGMAN

Mr. Obama, Come Try Some “Wooder” Ice

The Noose Tightens: Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face legal jeopardy.

CBS newsman's $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow

Thom Hartmann - The Republic Windows & Doors Sitdown Strike

Survival Sam Part Five: Entering The Urban Environment For Supplies.

Torturing Democracy (the first 8 minutes - PBS will finally air this 01/21/2009)

A Paean to Barack Obama. The Twelve Days of Choosing Obama's Top Team

Letterman - Top 10 things overheard at the Bush family Christmas - 12-16-2008

WPXI News: New coke hits streets of America ... Crack (1985)

Barack the magic negro (song the RNC was spreading!)

John Kerry Speaks Against Torture on the Senate Floor

We Can Stop Wal-Mart at the Wilderness

Young Turks: Christmas Miracle - Bush Stands Up for Gay Rights

An American Soldier Exposes: KILL EVERYONE

WPXI News: Pittsburgh trys to save Clark Candy

CBS News: Tightrope walk across World Trade Center (1974)

Sea Shepherd finds Japanese whale spotter ship Kaiko Maru

TYT: Why Rachel Maddow Is So Much Better Than Conservative Talk Show Hosts

Rove: History is going to be kind to Bush

WWII Vet Shares Story of Being a Gunner

For Guardsmen, Deployment Upends Christmas (repost)

Acupuncture To Be Used On Bases, Battlefield

As violence lessens, more Iraqi factories are reopening

Japan putting $689M toward realignment of U.S. forces

Reporter's Notebook: Election signs rare in Sadr City district

U.S. forces kill 11 suspected Taliban in raid

172nd Infantry takes over in Iraqi area

Pakistan Seeks to Reduce Tensions

Iraqi Forces Discover Smuggled Treasure

China Warships Combat Piracy

RIVGRU 1 Tests new Command Boat

Obama Meets Marines on Christmas

3-Year AGR Recruiting Tours Available

Gasoline Prices

Whaling thread in LBN

Guardian UK: British wildlife may not survive third wet summer, warns National Trust

(US) Wind industry cites year filled with accomplishments

Michigan's Silicon Valley is a hard-won dream come true

With aid from the state, Californians warm to rooftop solar power

Sonoma County plans fuel cell power plant (Calif.)

Study to examine viability of a statewide solar power project (Wisconsin)

Outlook sunny for homeowners who want to tap solar energy (Fed & state tax credits, Virginia)

Regulators spot another blunder at nuclear plant (San Onofre, CA)

Florida Gulf Coast University (2 MW) solar field awaits approval

Alamosa solar plant's success helps prove resource's viability on large scale (CO)

Russian Regulators Warn Nuclear Safety Undercut by Economic Crisis

Once world's smoggiest, Mexico City cuts pollution

Food needs 'fundamental rethink'

The electric car that can break the speed limit signals a new road order (87 mph, 100 mile range)

Toyota Electric Vehicle, Plus New Prius for Detroit Show

Whaling ship rammed in Antarctic

Solar power bill introduced (Calif.)

A life without plastics?


U.S. Housing Market Forecast 2009

OK Suppose your home is worth LESS than your current mortgage,,,

Today in labor history Dec 27 resident Roosevelt seizes the railroads to avert a nationwide strike

2008 in Review: Remember January, With a Jobless Rate of 5 Percent? (Jan-Feb)

Human Livestock. Free range serfdom.

Cal/OSHA Cites Los Angeles Carwash Businesses for Unsafe Practices

Fatal fall from bridge draws OSHA fine: Agency blames worker death on safety violations ($70,000)

OSHA Cites Diving Company Following Worker Drowning

OSHA investigating accident, other worker in critical condition ( 1 death)

Book review: Labor, Empire and Globalization: An Extended Review of Solidarity Divided

Unions, industry spar over vote rules

Labor and the Law: What is the FLSA?

Day laborer jobs dry up in wilting economy

Faced with Economic Crunch and Management Squeeze, Unions Fight Back

W Post: In Togo, a 10-Year-Old's Muted Cry: 'I Couldn't Take Any More'

What comes after factory workers' victory for labor? (Republic Windows and Doors)

Maybe the UAW needs to rethink its own financial house!

Former TWA flight attendants remain hopeful

Lovely How Another Thread Got Locked

Mods, this is the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Forum.

So who is ruining DU, really ??

Simple, uncontroversial question (I hope) that has probably already been addressed somewhere...

Oh Noes!

"Warren," It"s all Oprah's fault! "On Transition Website, Obama Promises More to Gay Community"

Gay Activists Boycott Backers of Prop 8

Post in GD:P worthy of your attention.

Of these movies: which one should i see tonight?

Ooh, I've achieved the rare TRIPLE move.

Apparently only threads that don't support gay causes are allowed in GD

I just called out a Moderator on her ignorance.

I'm confused. How is posting links to other threads "calling out" another person?

I Think We Gays Already Know Something About Outreach

I finally had a DU-inspired nightmare

DEMS Duck DADT for Another 2 Years.

Was Kay Warren a porn actress?

Any good peanut butter cookie recipes?

The Incredible Hypocrisy of Ted Haggard

Traditional Marriage? Which Tradition?

Anybody here researching Warren. Interesting Freudian slip.

Kay Warren: "Only the Church can stop AIDS"

The moderators say they want us to alert on abusive posts.


You’re Likable Enough, Gay People


Commercial: That's So Gay - Wanda Sykes

Did You Get Your Program Yet?

Are you man enough to take a walk in my shoes?

Turnips in stew?

Cuba: Free Dissidents Now, Government Marks Human Rights Day with Repression

Book Review: Belching out the Devil

Once world's smoggiest, Mexico City cuts pollution

Ecuador president plans foreign debt buyback

Venezuela Prepares Measures to Cope With Oil Price

Will the Celtics even get back to the finals?

Two interesting entries in this week's NFL injury report

Will Pat White be a Lion next year?

2008 was a total letdown for these five NFL teams?

FDA Approves Eyelash Growth Drug - We are Saved!!!

Can anybody recommend a good annual horoscope book?

Wickfordbard's Capricorn New Moon report for Dec. 27th

I had a dream about a tower collapsing...

Why's all this gun shit

The Myth Of The NRA Voter...

The Bad Guys Always Win... Not.

Santa brought me an AR-15

Dowsing anyone?


A few Christmas visitors to our backyard

more lines, but these I understand


Christmas fantasy present realized

PBS Documentary How We Got The Bible (Worthwhile Watching)

Is there really life after death? Or nothing after death?

CD-ROM doesn't work.

Press Panic Sweeps the Nation

Why In The Hell Were The Badgers In A Bowl Game This Year???