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Discussion about taking Guantanamo prisoners

'Twas the Hate Before Christmas...

'Lord, Where's My Disaster?'

'Lord, Where's My Disaster?'


I just found out I have a relative named Duncan Hunter.

Tomorrow May Be The Most Emotional Day of My Life - HELP!

Are the tenets of Christianity abusive to children, and adults? Discuss.

Are we going to get enough change to turn things around enough for the 21st century?

States Cut Medicaid Coverage Further

Prayers and tears as Asia marks tsunami anniversary


Gunmen Kill Government Official in Pakistan

What's your favorite 'Bush is a nightmare' video?

Zimbabwe Has 'No Intention' of Releasing Activists

Which unelected group has too much power in our government?

Sodomy Laws Are Rooted In British Colonialism

The new burger king scent cologne

Most ER Personnel Say Cops Use Excessive Force

Which SCOTUS judges may step down in the next few years? How will it change the tilt of the Court?

Taliban Ban to Keep 40,000 Girls From Schools in Swat, Pakistan

Potential Franken Victory Sends GOP into Paranoid Fits


Where All the Money Goes -- Two Sets of Books

handed security of Anbar to the Iraqi government in September, but US Marines are still still there

Firms downsize holiday events; some donate cash instead

Bidens name new puppy

Just Married: Funeral Services Pending...

'Glorious' Obama coin no more than a trinket

Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Speech Raises Ruckus

Herr Hannity: Misinformer of the Year

Herr Hannity: Misinformer of the Year

Attention Rick Warren: GOD MADE ADAM & STEVE ! Deal with THAT.

Peace on Earth: Once a Year? (picture heavy)

Ahmedinejad's Christmas Message on UK's Channel4 TV

OK, So, WTF Is The Dilio W/ This Pardon Revokation????

Kangaroo burgers a way to cut global warming/climate change?

Best Christmas gift wasn't under tree: Omaha girl celebrates at home after heart transplant

Indians Warned to Avoid Pakistan

I predict that Rick Warren

Firedoglake: America’s Real Patriot Act: The Employee Free Choice Act

Shrinking average height of black women in the US (Nutrition? Poverty?)

So, say you know someone who opposes gay marriage

Are the Dem and Con parties playing BadCop/Worse Cop? And for how long have they been doing this?

Damn! All the old people are out shoplifting!

Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan

Serious question because maybe I missed it. Has Obama said anything publicly about Warren yet?

Our local news was promoting today as a big shopping day

About conspiracy theories

Not to be a complete downer but my trashcan is sickening

Economist Ravi Batra coming up on Thom Hartmann's show

IF Michael Connell had really received threats from Rove

Calendar offers chance to spend 2009 with Sarah Palin

U.S. Unemployment Lines Longest in 26 Years

American Public Transportation Assn: Now is the Time for a Transportation Policy with a New Vision

Economy takes its toll on pets in Washtenaw County

From 'Ho-Ho' To 'Uh-Oh' To 'Oh-No'...

and so DU broke out in a civil war of racism vs. homophobia ....

Smile you're under arrest. Nazi gets realty TV show.

Rethug on GEM$NBC says the Bush

Rent = $1.23 per year and prayer for the souls of bankers.

Cats and Cops...

Letters to the NY Times

Greg Mitchell: First Anniversary of Bill Kristol at the New York Times: Will He Get Axed Next Week?

To LGBT DUers: Just something to consider and I would like to know your opinion after reading it.

Poll: Obama most admired man. Bush second most admired. Huh?

(Pakistan) President Vows to Defend Country Till 'Last Drop of Blood'

I'm passing out lollipops to anybody who wants them!!!

Is "Conservatism" Dead ?

Possible Bright Side To Poor Retail/Xmas Sales??

Retail Sales Fall as Analysts See a Soft Post-Holiday Rush

The Top Ten Media Blunders of 2008

Missing baby story was fabricated to hide miscarriage from ex-boyfriend

The Founding of the Church of Gay

Truman Capote reads "A Christmas Memory" (our family favorite)


msnbc still walking on eggs

What next for Howard Dean?

NYDN: Lack of donations to city, state Dems may hurt Caroline Kennedy's bid for Senate

Tom Edsall Retracts and Apologizes.

OK smarty pants DUers. WTF is an I-Pod? And why is it making me look like an idiot?

Since the downturn, and in light of global climate issues, I do not drive around

Did Bush Sr Kill Kennedy and Frame Nixon?

Gak! Jeb Bush poised for Florida Senate run

Ohio's Blind Marching Band - I LOVE this story! :)

Pakistan Cancels Army Leave Over Tension With India: Official(Moves Troops to Indian Border)

Eartha Kitt: An Anti-War Patriot

The Ongoing Cost of War

A-ha! it was all a trick! It was the "Warren Christmas" not the "War ON Christmas"

How does George W Bush's so called Christianity

We hate you George W Bush - just go

Indian Nuclear Command Authority Discusses All Available Options; PM Meets At War Table

Friday TOON Roundup II- Holiday and economy

Press Conference on the Christmas Eve Massacre coming

Pelosi's choice..Impeachment vs Improvement , improve chances of winning

Evangelical Pastor Says Church-State Separation Benefits Religion

7-year-old beaten severely in Phoenix park dies

Friday TOON Roundup- Politics


Can an Empty Suit Take a Stand? - Headlines 12/26/08

Say goodbye to the last eight years

Say goodbye to the last eight years

NASA Wants Its Rubber Duckies Back

Norquist wades into RNC race

Veiled Charges Of Racism Fly In Race For ... Republican National Committee Chair?

Florida Woman Murdered 8-Year-Old Son on Christmas

The Year's Most Laughable Political Antics

The CIA has never helped us with the mess in Pakistan-maybe the CAI can

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song, he sent out as xmas gift

Is there any way to hide my browsing history from the network administrator?

Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes-by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

What is "news"?

Poll: Obama is America's most admired man

Rochelle Riley's excellent Christmas turducken adventure

Justice Department Classified Cheney's CIA Leak Testimony

Suzanne Malveaux get a life

Lists Naughtiest and Nicest C.E.O.’s of 2008

Poinsettias, Christmas suicides, wearing hats in the cold, and post-coital (Coca-Cola) spritzing

CNN's Ruben Navarrette: "Palin is my people. She's small-town folk who wound up in the big leagues."

Two people who should have had a high profile in the new administration


Does Obama get to pick a White House Physician? Can he clean out the CIA?

What is it with the Bush family and tangles with canines???

Huffington Post: The Big Box Paradox: Should We Shop At Wal-Mart?

Boy-killing Egypt teacher jailed

Bristolmeth Palin put the "F" in "baby"!

David Sirota: Viva Las Vegas?

Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service

Those HD Converter Boxes - TOTAL Joke

Don't you just love watching a bowl game sponsored by people who were just on their hands and knees

RNC candidate distributes controversial Obama song-“Barack the Magic Negro"

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXXI: I beg your pardon........

Justice For Mr. Madoff?-- "All Right, But Just This Once."

CIA Handing Out VIAGRA In Effort To "Win Over" Afghan "Warlords"

ACLU Urges Tennessee Appeals Court To Protect Rights Of Lesbian Mom

Home for the holidays: Local man gives another home to Habitat for Humanity

Song dedications for our outgoing veep, the Dark Overlord himself.....

If you are going to judge

Another "wow" from Mr. Fish....

Time for a self review--How did our "War on Christmas" fail *again* this year?

Strings on auto loans risky for retirees - Stocks would be used for half of health-care trust

Neo-Cons Still Busy on Iran

Neo-Cons Still Busy on Iran

The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and We Simply Never Talk About It

Ignoring thread by subject - figured out how in a roundabout way

A Parting Shot at Women’s Rights

Fla. woman claims 'Merry Christmas' got her fired

A whole thread of overt racism by freakrepublickers. It's bad. They're unhinged.

"Santa" gunman planned to flee to Canada until his suit melted to his body

I've got one question about this Bruce Pardo Santa Massacre guy

Another Republican Thrown Into''Ankle-Bracelet Prison''

What the hell is "homosexual behavior"?

How can it be 30 degrees out w/ice and be lightening and thundering!? nt

Does this story seem kinda odd to you?

Red States Gaining Ground, but Migration Slowing Down

Bush Legacy Project Faces Resistance

Shh! Don't talk at the movies or you might get shot (it happened).

Dead Santas everywhere we looked .........

Conservative of the Year? Its Sarah!

Just a little factoid about the economy and the urging that you and I

Most important news story of the week (ending December 26, 2008)

8,300 Tell President-Elect, Single Payer Is The Answer

Some U.S. Meat Plants Lose Right to Export to Mexico

Men should always be the ones to say "I love you" first in relationship, writer says

OMG!!1!! Our drunkee neighbor says Obama's coming to confiscate our guns!

Health care is a public good

What Did They Expect - Corporate Greed Caused This Economic Downturn......

The Story of the 3 Sisters.

US police could get 'pain beam' weapons

DU this poll question: Will you miss President Bush?

So we're watching the Boxing Day test match

Obama Quotes - from RS Commemorative Edition

Holiday Sales Tumble as U.S. Consumers Scale Back on Jewelry, Electronics

Lack of good wages, not unions, to blame for crisis

A Friend, Painkillers, Rheumatoid Arthritis and a Hip Replacement

Let's help design a new economic model for the U.S.

TOON: A Wall Street bailout Christmas

first drug to promote long lashes approved by FDA

Rove: I 'defeated' Bush in book-reading contest

Texas: Naked man dies after four taser shots

what American do you admire most for the year 2008?

At Xmas, my mother-in-law said, "economy is political, caused by democrats"

ONLY $99.99!!! -- Just how stupid are we?

Jerry Nadler Should Get Hillary's Senate Seat

Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity loses nearly everything in Madoff scheme

Who here has signed their organ donor card?

How Many Billions?

Thom Hartmann: Can anyone figure out what Dinesh D'Souza's point is?

RE: Santa gunman "If the woman hadn't gotten uppity and got a divorce and instead submitted

Rep. Nadler (D-NY) Calls for an Investigation of Bush Administration Officials

Hey Tennessee Rethugs

Caroline Kennedy voted for DEMOCRAT Freddy Ferrer, not Bloomberg, in 2005

As a nurse,I am 100% behind Universal health about dental?


all right -- i get that you don't fuckin get it --

Protectionist dominoes are beginning to tumble across the world

National Anti-War March on the Pentagon! March 21, 2009

Dog shoplifts in Utah for Christmas

Senator McCaskill calls a relatively wealthy couple 'middle class'

Why do you hate Tom Cruise ??

Let's play "6 Degrees of Seperation" from Barack Obama. I'll go first!

"A practical example of how to survive rather elegantly in the modern world."

Historians rate Bush "worst president" again...

Training Iraqis to fight other Iraqis; training Afghans to fight other Afghans - Is that our legacy?

Seymour Hersh: "After 9/11 We Became a Different Country"

Obama Selects “Free Trader” and NAFTA Booster Ron Kirk as U.S. Trade Rep

US Military to conduct civil reconnaissance in 5 eastern North Carolina counties, Jan 2009

*** DUzy Awards for week ending December 26, 2008 ***

Free Holiday Leftover Meal For Homeless Who Sign Contract and Confess Christ

Do It Yourself DNA: Amateurs Trying Genetic Engineering At Home

The only gay marriage I oppose is one to an unsuspecting straight person.

Hubby's (Chimpy McSmirkers) step-dad is in the hospital after suffering a

This is the most famous radio ever made

I'm in heaven. I scored Season 1 Vol. 1 of the "Fugitive"

Is there a way to rotate a video in Photobucket?

What to do when kittens hang around your christmas tree.

Happy Boxing Day Everyone

Roll call! Who's up!


Tomorrow May Be The Most Emotional Day of My Life - HELP!

We went without a tree so we could buy the cats shrimp for Christmas....

CBS early show had an interesting article

The new burger king scent cologne

Another sign that I'm in a civilized country: sane banks

Weren't the Grateful Dead against bourgeois capitalism and all that?

Saw Marley and Me yesterday and enjoyed it

Old School Toys That Got Badass Makeovers

Can't.... breathe.... Jack.....Russell....... terrier..... st-standing..... on.... chest

Andrew Bird

Thanks Lounge folks!

Frankly, I find this a bit disturbing

New Jesus sighting!

Vids of LK: Some sideways, some really dark, all pretty cute.

***** Whoever it was that game me a donor Star *****

Today's Awwwwwwwwwww

"Hey, wait for me!" Fake kid voice in LOUD 'N CLEAR television ad - WTF?

Movies that Should Never Be Done in 3D

What's that movie where...

Poll: What did you do yesterday?

Pearls Before Swine pays tribute to Kubrick today!

If Christians eat turkey/ham and Jews eat Chinese

I think the daughter has a crush on Bob the Builder

You people are checking your PM's aren't you?

What did Satan bring you?

My "u" key keeps coming off.

A Nazi movie that actually looks good this year.

Who's posting full of "Christmas Cheer" tonight?

Anyone else go HDTV for Christmas this year?

A Day in the Life of my Family: September 11, 2001

Dang. "Complete" sets of Sanford & Son, Good Times, etc, for $50 each

What's the difference between a "coverlet" and a bedspread...

Mein Baum hat geschrumpft

my brother 'disowned' me for Christmas

Michelle Duggar delivered Bristol Palin's baby

One of the best Christmas songs. Boney M. - Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord (1978)

Ate Christmas Buffet With Former Pakistani President Nawaz Sharif


What I got for X-mas!!!

Know anything about USB turntables? Should I keep or return?

Just got back from bailing my brother out of jail....

Well, it was an interesting Christmas, our ambient music was "Thriller"

Happy "Fuck the poor on what used to be a day for them" day!

Today's Free Advice Thread

21 Excellent Web Apps For College Students

Sweet newborn baby Jesus, does someone have a MS Word answer for me here?

We missed the third anniversary!

What are your favorite Boxing Day carols?

Today's Seattle Snowpocalypse update.

I forgot to give a gift I bought.

Okay, who sent me this?!

Which movie shall I bore myself with tonight?

What cool iPhone apps do you guys

Death by cute

Looking at my Photobucket and had this one on here. BWTBM rocked

OMG, I can't believe it.

I cannot frickin' believe it's 80 degrees outside right now.

Santa Claus bailout hearings Video.

It Has Been A 'Memorable' Christmas Here....

HBO's Rome to the big screen?

Our mailman is a really nice guy.

Nutritionists and Dietitians: What is the deal with Starches?

You know what this place needs? More Power Pop

Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned?"

Has anyone noticed google searches doing whacky things lately?

A note to all who spent Christmas in an airport this year.

Is there any way to hide my browsing history from the network administrator?

Weeee! My brother just bought a Wii!!!

Can George Lucas STOP cashing in on Star Wars?

!!!PLANETARY SERVICE ALERT!!! ( Important notice)

Ladies don't be hatin' because of what I got my wife

Anyone have an electric wok? Are they worth it?

This flu shit...I thought the Flu was a 24 hour thing. I was deathly sick Sat/Sun and still feeling

The only thing I'm hoping for from this down economy

I want to create a thread that kills graywarrior's thread

STOP SNOWING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last.... MY DOGS!

No metronome, No metronome, No metronome...

At long last....MY FROGS!

If we were married, we would be sipping some delicious organic wine right now...

i've managed to give myself a wii related injury

i've managed to give myself a wii related injury

Help me come up with a New Year's Resolution

I've posted this before . . . I can't stop thinking about my upcoming vacation.

What, me worry?

If you think "Sanford and Son" was funny, please vote!

Happy Holidays everyone...

Top 10 Improbable McDonald's Items from Around the World (Poland has the "McKielbasa")

I just drank 14oz of organic wine, and do I feel organic!! Ask me anything!

Fuck...I got caught with Kudzu

Happy Boxing Eve - You do know this is a special day, right?

Here's a cool game to play with cashiers! See, it will improve their mental acuity and response time

I made it through Christmas, amazingly. (And no, this is NOT an anti-Christmas post).

I wish someone would explain Christmas to "the Christmas station" people.

My nose is bigger than yours

Did anyone go shopping today?

'If Alcohol labels were more realistic'

I tried to catch a baby lizard in my house just now and got freaked out a bit.

That time of year again: SF Giants sign old player who used to be good

Hey, everyone, say "hi" to my ex--who apparently lurks on DU!

Got my FiRST iPod for Christmas! What do I need to know before reading instructions?

I just saw "Valkyrie" and, brace yourselves, I liked it. Although...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/26/2008)

I still have one more Christmas to do.

I think I might actually OD tonight

Day 8

"I don't think I know any gay people"

OK, forget Rick Warren. Who should give the prayer?

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday December 27

Somebody get that picture off the front page!

It occurs to me I was fairly good looking in my youth.

TM had her wisdom teeth out this morning. I learned a great deal on the ride home.

What did Santa bring you?

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" (share my earworm!)

just saw VALKYRIE...

I think I might have a date - or something at least a little like that

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/26/08

I edited this because

I hate Denny's , but are there any alternatives at 3:00 am ?

Lawrence of Arabia starting now on TCM

Oldest bat in captivity to mark birthday today

Who else here leaves the tree up til after Jan 1?

Peru Christmas baby named Jesus

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car

Generation X: Are we still young, or are we old now? NT.

ok so the Palin "grandchild" was due on the 20th...

To DU'ers working in retail and in service industry...

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" was outstanding.

This is what bothers me about the Duggars

say what you will about Tom Cruise - but he absolutely RULED in "Tropic Thunder"

Things that are just wrong

Biblical question (prompted by another thread):

Thousands injured trying to open plastic clamshell packaging

My tree is down, my house is back together . I love Christmas but I am GLAD when it is over

I've only heard one Steely Dan song that I know of. So...

Looking at the world through green colored glasses

Smokie the cat is COVERED in catnip

The younger generation has absolutely no idea.....

Hey! Mexican DU'ers!

Do you type exactly as you were taught?

A treat for your eyes and ears

Katha Pollitt: "Choice for invocation is a slap in the face to Obama's base"

I think Katy Perry is a talentless attention seeking loser. Discuss.

Post a picture of you wearing a hat

Rev Whitlock on Rick Warren and progress toward diversity

Closure: Campaign Edition

Closure: Campaign Edition

Theme of the Inaugural Address, "We're In This Together"

Oopsie. Sorry mods. 26 more days!

The American Family Outing

25 Days

mmmBop! 25 Days Left!

Reposting these photos because there is a lot of hypocrisy on the Warren issue

My reply to a freeper on facebook who was upset that he got booted from Progressive Push..

President Obama--we need 761 military bases around the world because why?

Feelings. Nothing more than Feelings

Is the point of the birth certificate crap

Bush Signs Law Protecting Retirement Savings for Gay Couples

Obama won Hawaii by 45%, yet he lost the island of Niihau

Locals bear gifts for Obama

GLBT Christians: Did you find the Warren choice particularly insulting?

"Banana Sunday"

Obama's New Year's Message To The Troops Should Be ....

Obama's pick of Rick Warren has united DU.

The revolution...

Now who can guess what Nothalfbigoteds favourite Xmas movie is?

I ran across the Facebook Page on Obama

Barack Be Good

Blago atty. wants aides subpoenaed

T'was the Night before Inauguration

Bush History - Bush Fires Ally for Doing a Good Job, & Pres Ford Talks of Bush's Bad Job - 12/26

"Let us dare to read, think, speak and write" - John Adams...

Poll: 75% glad Bush is done

Deep in my heart, I do believe....

My thoughts on the 2012 Electoral Reapportionment: Good news for Democrats

Some Senate votes dispell DLC talking point that progressives are ''lunatic fringe''

A Time for Renewal

Forget Warren. Who should give the prayer?

Has Obama apologized and announced his new invocation choice yet???

With all the talk about social issues here I wondered...

Norm Kent, Publisher of National Gay News: "Obama is being divisive. He is 'swift boating' us"

Blago: Not guilty

The Huffington Post should fix that headline

Whether you are straight or gay

Rec this if you haven't lost sight of the real meaning of Inauguration Day

Pakistan/India,, a nightmare getting ready to boil over

"House Gay" and "Uncle Tom" are not ok

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song

The Obama 'resistance': Wingnuttery never sleeps

If anyone knows a good Secret Service Agent...The Freeps are losing control

Here's what I don't understand about the whole Obama and gay marriage issue.

Congratulations Obama and Hillary: Most admired man and woman in the country

SERVICE ALERT TO THE PLANET ! (Important notice)

Jindal in 2012?

I'm sick to death of people here not giving a shit about the homeless veteran population

We can never overcome hate with hate.

Rec this thread if you are tired of people asking you to rec their threads...

The 2008 followed the analogy of the1980 election. 2012 will follow the 1984 analogy.

So, I am visiting Chicago this week -- talk about Obamamania

Why can't politicians support gay marriage?

They hid Levi Johnsons Mom's drug problem until after the election


Sen. Boxer's letter asking Sen. Kerry to hold a hearing on the use of torture

On Transition Website, Obama Promises More to Gay Community

Obama-Biden Plan to Strengthen Civil Rights

We're Queer!

Rec. and kick if you are still THRILLED that Obama got elected

Saying that all bigotry is wrong isn't equating the struggles of one group with another

I think that IL Governor Rod Blagoivich signalled his intent to try to destroy Obama today

I hate to change the subject around here - but - Obama/Biden are working on healthcare reform.

Anger blinds you

Do you ever feel like you are in the movie "Groundhog Day" when you come here to DU?

Here's what I don't get:

We would have had a black president years ago if African-Americans had been less pushy

The anger in the GLBT community is a legitimate and righteous anger.

Let the shit stirrers sink!

Gonna ask this again, since nobody's given me a good answer yet:

My gay friends

The stumbling block for many is gay love, that it is somehow "unnatural."

Proud Shit Stirrer for Civil Rights.

Proud Shit Stirrer for Civil Rights.

Why are people so afraid to call our next president...BIRACIAL.

Uh oh - "Obama Ditches Press Pool To Take Daughters To Amusement Park"

You can give a bigot a podium AFTER he converts, not before

Thousands evacuated after quakes hit SW China

Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Speech Raises Ruckus

Va. natural gas company being sold to Shell arm

Feds may mine blogs for terrorism clues

Factory output in Japan sees biggest monthly fall (since records were started in 1953)

MYANMAR: WFP to launch food-for-work programme

China: Nearly 5,000 officials punished for corruption

Nepalis face 16-hour daily power cuts by February

Russia to supply missiles to Syria

States Cut Medicaid Coverage Further

Obama Gets High Marks on Transition

Iranians hold shoe-throwing contest in capital's university

Spanish premier says no more dialogue with ETA

Lawyer of the Year: Justice Department's inspector general receives a well-deserved honor

Tennessee Ash Flood Larger Than Initial Estimate

Pardoned gaming executive made donations to Bush campaign

Bush's $1 Trillion War on Terror: Even Costlier Than Expected

"Grave hunters help to preserve history of state." (cross-posted from Arkansas group)

Hoosiers file (new) suit challenging Obama's birth status

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song

Obama greets military troops, families on Christmas

Black women in the U.S. appear to be shrinking

Retail Sales Plummet

Coal Ash Spill Is Much Larger Than Initially Estimated

Deutsche Bank rejects church charge touts 'best ever' holiday shopping season

Poll: 75% glad Bush is done; "Good riddance."

Pakistan moves troops toward Indian border

Brazil police detain rancher linked to US nun's death for allegedly falsifying land titles

Russia braced for unrest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 26

Imagine: Lennon in TV ad 28 years after his death

Eyelash-growth drug wins FDA approval

Gaza Braces for Israeli Offensive

Palestinian rocket causes Gaza casualties: medics

Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza girls

Words of Christmas past

Winning Hearts and (Dirty) Minds in Afghanistan

Krugman: New New Deal needs to be squeaky clean, pork-free

Bush's $1 Trillion War on Terror: Even Costlier Than Expected

Here’s Your 2008 Comedy Stimulus Package

Bush a catalyst in America's declining influence

Holiday Blockbuster Breaks Box Office Records: 'The Curious Case of George W. Bush'

"Clergy blame banks for crisis" - (UK) Daily Mail

Forget Homosexuality - Rick Warren Admits to a 'Porpoise-Driven Life'

Press reports document criminality of US financial elite

Broadband Stimulus Plan Creates Lobbyist Feeding Frenzy

Scrooged by the Democrats: Will the Rich Ever Pay Their Fair Share?

When Will the Last Nutcase File Suit?

Barack, the Magic Negro is Above All That


Could saber-rattling lead to war between India and Pakistan?

Bush, Rove, and Books: Who Knew W. Had So Much Time to Read?

Juan Cole: Top Ten Myths about Iraq, 2008

NYT: "Welfare as we knew it" more children go hungry...

"No offense to Crawford, but taking the presidential retreat to Honolulu is change to believe in."

Ellen Goodman: Don’t Be Fooled by Bush’s Farewell Tour

Will Obama be the beginning of the end of our government of elite dem/pug puppets?

My 2008 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 2)

Weekend Economists: The Resurrection Edition December 26-28, 2008

The Story of Festivus

Common's Tribute to Obama ("Changes" from Universal Mind Control

CNN-Lou Dobbs- Obama Backing North American Union Agenda

Tito The Builder, we hardly knew ye...


Full spectrum dominance

Walmart Greed Song - #20 from Design Minstrel

Greek Riots 2008 - Resistance - Merry Crisis And A Happy New Fear!

Twas the night before our eviction (Refugees of the Economy)

The Best of the Worst - GoLeft TV Bloopers

"Walking In The Air." (The original version from "The Snowman" with Peter Auty)

Time to Say Goodbye to George W. Bush (live) - Katie Goodman

The Late Show Last Great moments in Presidential Speeches of '08 12/23/08 [HQ]

TYT: Pat Robertson Gives George Bush A 'C-'. What About Obama?

Price of Silence

You know what I'm sick of?


JOHN LENNON / Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

John Lennon promotes 'One Laptop per Child' project (approved by Yoko)

Greed blamed for worlds woes

Young Turks: Study Says Romantic Comedies Destroy Relationships

Marine role in halting pirates still murky

Competition will tighten overmanned ratings

Guilty verdict for sailor in murder case

Coast Guardsman gets Christmas call from Bush

(Navy Times) Opinion: Fix this insurance mess

Toys for Tots finds less giving, more in need

Christmas spirit at the ‘Dusty Spoon’

Christmas ‘like any other day’ for U.S. troops downrange

Navy-led Christmas Eve service could be ending

Emphasis on ‘main effort’

Military Update: Tricare deputy gives system ‘C+ or B-’

Military: Keep safety in mind during the holidays

Camp Greaves site at center of controversy

Marines closer to choosing new rifle

Gas prices to rise in Germany, fall in other nations

GIs Get Turkey, Juice and Calls Home

Al-Qaeda Chiefs in Deadly Jailbreak

Germans Save Ship Attacked by Pirates

Hacking US is Big Business in Russia

DHS Forecasts 5-year Terror Threats

E-9s no longer eligible for degree vouchers

Sailors, chiefs, officers eligible to leave early

Winter Cold Puts a Chill on Green Energy

Wind steps out of the wings: Country Garden’s turbine said to be first of commercial scale on Cape

Renewable energy's future takes root in N.C. companies: State cultivates industry, promotes use …

Russian Regulators Warn Nuclear Safety Undercut by Economic Crisis

Going with climate's flow: Environmentalists shift approach, planning to adapt to nature's changes

Sierra Warming: Later snow, earlier melt: High anxiety

Disasters warning for Asia-Pacific

New version of Oregon bottle bill ready to go into effect

Exxon Could Benefit from Emissions Work: Technology for Capturing and Storing Greenhouse Gas …

Himalayan villagers on global warming frontline

Top 10 Places Already Affected by Climate Change

LA Times: Asia's appetite for turtles threatens U.S. species

Arizona Solar Power Project, Calculations

Budget deficit forces trim in climate plans

Gazprom Gives Warning on European Gas Supply.

Burning Coal at Home Is Making a Comeback

2 trillion tons of ice gone since 2003

Clean Coal - It's HERE NOW!

Houses With No Furnace but Plenty of Heat

U.S. Edges Out Germany as World Wind Power Leader

Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters

George Bush's friends at Cerebus get more TARP money!

Cute little video about CNBC!

Tear down that mall

Inflation Deflation Switch Turns Entire Investment World Upside Down for 2009

Today in labor history Dec 26 The largest public mass execution ever in the United States

The Labor Ghosts Of Christmas Past Inspire Us As We Look To The New Year

Workers Eager For Change Looking To Government For Help

NYT: Getting Immigration Right & other point of view (Union Got To Be Kidding Me)

A response to critics of my MSNBC Hardball appearance (Buchanan’s economic plan too)

UAW files another complaint against bus company

Service Employees Union awaiting NLRB decision regarding when election will be conducted at nursing



Starbucks found guilty of violating federal law (trial next month in Grand Rapids, Mi)

United Steelworkers request help under Trade Assistance

I posted, "We're here! We're queer.........."

Operation "shut down the queers" seems to be backfiring on DU.

Not just LGBTs, but all men and women, are enslaved by religion

Rick Warren's West Hollywood stunt fails

The Duzys are out of the oven

The stumbling block for many is gay love, that it is somehow "unnatural."

Wow. A whole page without any locked threads.

A question that has haunted me for more than twenty years: Saying Goodbye to a Teacher

Posted from (self-imposed) Exile

I saw Religulous last night

This is the M-effing point....

I received a mindblowing email today from a friend

"The fierce urgency of tomorrow"

To LGBT DUers: Just something to consider and I would like to know your opinion after reading it.

Colombia must pay US$215 thousand for death human rights worker

Any English Premier League fans here?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/26/08

Street scene.

An invitation to: Portraits of Love


2008 retrospective

My year in review

Well, since I got a new baking book... I had to get a new mixer today too

So, I am going to make fruitcake tomorrow.

Cooks prezzies for me!

Standing Rib Roast (aka: Prime Rib) newbie

The Rise of Homemade Lifeforms

Regenerate Your Brain? -The Science Says It's Possible

Happy Birthday Earthrise

Cosmic crash reveals new clues into dark matter 'scaffolding' that holds universe together

Do it yourself genetics: Rise of the home biohackers

Where did Venus’s water go?

Are the tenets of Christianity abusive to children, and adults? Discuss.

Not just LGBTs, but all men and women, are enslaved by religion

Did Bush Sr Kill Kennedy and Frame Nixon?

DMN says Dallas (Democratic) DA Craig Watkins is Texan of the year.

Did Anyone Else have the December Microsoft Windows Automatic Update cause bootup problems?

I got a new notebook for Christmas!!

Filmmakers Log 12/26/08

"Valkyrie" was better than I thought it'd be....

Afghanistan updates in the news