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Archives: December 21, 2008

Skinner perfect as Wake downs Navy in EagleBank Bowl (TSN)

Joyous Solstice To All - my Twelve Songs of Christmas

How many folk can I insult with this Christmas joke?

Man dies in manure lagoon.


Photographers: Is film dying?

I now know where I want to be on 1/20/09

Ok, try this.. :)

More suggestions to replace the hateful bigot ... WOMEN'S EDITION

Overwhelmed with out of towner homeless, SF considers residence requirement for aid

Activist Toolbox - For Future Reference

Possible Solution to Obama's choice of Rick Warren

Cerberus offers to give up stake in Chrysler

I got Democratic Hands, I Got Democratic Arms...

There is a post that everyone needs to read and rec.

Toronto Star: A Keynes insight into free markets

Bailed out banks are refusing to say if our $$ is going for bonuses

Forum Editorial: An inspired choice for invocation

Iraq economy 'on track' says IMF - Unemployment across Iraq at between 30 and 60 percent

Czech lawmakers do not extend Afghanistan mission

My next job will be the lowest pay I've had in years...

Former CIO sues Diskeeper claims he was fired for not participating in Scientology training

We May Never Know

Independent UK: Top banker found hanged in hotel room

'Pakistan Will Respond in Case of Attack'

Nice to see the Warrengasm starting to subside,

Remember that 401(k) match we promised you when we axed the pension plan? ........

Rule Of Law - Washington D.C. Style

Israel Threatens Major Offensive Against Gaza

Ambush raises unsettling questions in Afghanistan

Should physicians be able to drug screen without your specific consent?

Tentacles of Madoff scandal reach far and wide

Mike Connell's crash mentioned in Akron paper

Biden to chair middle-class task force

The bastard's legacy: Iraq conflict has killed a million Iraqis

Do Evangelicals PRAY for RECESSIONS?

For those who hate seeing tax increases...

Toon on propositions.....

Where is the countdown Clock???

AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs

Biden: Cheney's Policies Have Created More Terrorists

Dear Admins,

Media Matters: Matthews for Senate (?)

Up to 30,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer

Foreign Auto Makers Won Billions in Government Subsidies

Shoe Hurled at Bush Flies Off Turkish Maker’s Shelves (300,000 orders)

Had my doubts on C.K., but since G.F. is against it

The liberal case for Warren

What does over $150,000 in campaign contributions to Democrats by Madoff mean?

Japan's Auto Makers Get Subsidy Via Weak Yen

A cash and carry economy as part of President Obama's plan?

bu$h* E-Mails May Be Secret a Bit Longer......glitches my ass

Question about 'winter solstice'

a grinning david gregory qoutes charles krauthammer on caroline kennedy...mtp

Some sex offenders OK'd to work as paramedics

Government Subsidies to Foreign Car Companies

Ahhhnuld Terminates Jobs and paydays in Cal-eeh-four-nyah

They should be using CONSPIRACY to force Blagojevich down

Germany rediscovers its Roman roots

Condi is on MTP continuing the revisionist

Cheney Echoes Nixon: If The President Does It During Wartime, It Is Legal

This video rock. Jimmy Carter says YES!

Tribune Reports: No Drew Peterson Engagement (Way weird story)

The suspicious, disturbing death of election rigger Michael Connell

Rick Warren, Government Sponsored Religion and Anti-Gay

Anti-Gay Pastor to give Mr. Obama's Inaugural Invocation

DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS POSTED BY KaraS. Her link goes to child porn.

How the GOP, Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr Betrayed, Pillaged, then Sold the U.S.

Metrics for Compromises

Co-workers donated 1,550 personal hours to woman who lied about breast cancer

The Coingate saga just got crazier. Tom's in state custody, but look what Bernadette is up to.

Did former Toyota executive James Press rat out his old company?

Robert Fisk speaks of Afghanistan in 2002 and 2008. Wonders why we think we can win there?

Congress To Force Remaining Bailout Money Be Used To Aid Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Any recommendations on a good Obama photo book about the election?

It's cold and scary under this bus.

Schwarzenegger orders mass layoffs, unpaid furloughs

What is the most politically astute strategy for dealing with fundie right wing bigots?

Cheney Echoes Nixon: If The President Does It During Wartime, It Is Legal»

French Utility to Acquire Part of U.S. Nuclear Giant

My take on gay marriage:

AP study finds 1.6B of the bail out went to bank executives

I'd just like to say if Rahm Emanuel uses "colorful" language,

Now get this straight, tinfoilers. Karl Rove is not a conspirator.

29 days to go before sh*t head is out of office

as a reminder of the sheer volume of work ahead

How much could internal combustion efficiency be improved by eliminating pollution controls?

Madoff scandal could lead to tax losses nationwide - 17 billion!

CHEENEE looks like he's got a flight plan on a small plane & Chris WALLACE like a clown-whore

condi thinks that the united states is very well respected worldwide...we're a humble nation

Gov. Paterson lands in Baghdad for surprise visit (with 4 congressmen)

New administration's prosecution of past administration crimes should start with Foggo in January!

The same FDA that said getting cheaper drugs from Canada is bad now says mercury in food is OK!

Madoff probe uncovers fresh scams

The Sarcasm Smiley FAQ

Caroline Kennedy supports gay marriage, Roe v. Wade

If you got a ton of snow and you have your own gas meter

EXPOSÉ A Private War - Moyer's Journal

I gave a dinner party last night and two gay friends ~~ a long time couple ~~ were there.

THE BUSH LEGACY By David Horsey (spot on)

Obama/Blago investigation report about Emanuel contacts a big fat nothing burger

The IWW Against Starbucks

Where was Spitzer on Madoff. Surely he heard rumblings and accusations

Rally to protest Wal-Mart worker's stampede death (today)

LA Times: A Beverly Hills investor's ties to Madoff sink many

Whistleblower in Ted Stevens case accuses fed. employees of misconduct

Pastor Rick Warren Likens Gays To Pizza - Ann Curry was "startled"!

Craig Crawford is writing a book with Helen Thomas

Obama’s Cabinet: A Diverse Center-Left Team, Picked Quickly

Sasha's Peace Sign

AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs

SEC In "Complete Panic" Over Madoff

Obama adopts sober style as he gets ready

Mayors' infrastructure request full of pork, critic says

Well alright now: Festivus is coming!

Here comes the revolution

The Buzzwords of 2008

Help: Fact or Rumor....


Iraq shoe thrower to sue for damages: lawyer

Pastor Rick Warren defends invite to inauguration (is he feeling the heat?)

Creating a nation of zombies

Despite being bailed out on OUR dime, Wall Street executives still flying high on corporate jets

Obama starts morning with gym workout

Despite being bailed out on OUR dime, Wall Street executives still flying high on corporate jets

In case you didn't know it the Washington Consensus is dead: IMF urges government spending

St. Louis police spend thousands on gold-filled badges

Who do you trust more?

cheney Mocks Biden In Faux News Interview

Warren must withdraw his name from the inaugural. Its getting too ugly.

If the Obama Administration wants to really help the economy..

Highest moment the last eight years?

Saudi court rejects divorce plea from EIGHT-year-old girl married to 58-year-old man

Charlie Cook: More Losses For Senate Republicans?

Tin Foil Hat: Was this economic recession engineered to permanently lower our standard of living?

for a mere $4 to Rick Warren's church you can learn what to say to a gay friend

Viewpoint: Employers put legal obstacles in path of workers’ union efforts

Where to post? I want to write something about immigration

Where to post? I want to write something about immigration

Scarlett Johansson 's SNOT on e-bay for now $ 4050 **For USA Hunger** Anything she can do

Mayor Defends Nativity Scene

Wright is to Obama as Warren is to Bush/McCain

Union-busting NCLB turns nation's public schools into 'no-think zones'

Wesley Clark: "Democrats and military can get along. Here's how."

LOL! Shoe throwing demonstrations in Montreal, Canada.

If Warren is allowed to speak at Obama's inaugural will his prayer reflect his true beliefs?

HELP!! I have a question...

Things that are still going on - right this minute - please add to the list

Detroit labor activists meet Republic’s workers (the sit in union)

Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one.

At DU, what are you: A critical thinker or an emotional responder?

"An Ode to Rev. Rick Warren .. Bunkshooter," by Carl Sandburg

Do you expect of others?

Giving Back to Rick Warren

Is Walmart's "Made in China" the modern version of slavery?

I have changed my tagline, it is now: Ich bin ein homosexueller

Web exclusive: Cops shop to rescue Christmas

-6 below with the wind chill here in West Michigan, blizzard conditions.

Non-Profit Demands Full Federal Investigation - Michael Connell

Minn. Islamic group wants investigation into fast-food toys

Remember that 401(k) match we promised you when we axed the pension plan? .....HA HA HA HA

MarketWatch: Sticking to Your Vows......On the Poorer Part

Obama's Basketball-Playing Cabinet Has Everyone Wanting In On The Game

Isn't a massive protest march on D.C. re. Wall St./neoliberal policies/K-Street long overdue?

Thomas Jefferson... some quotes to think about...

RIAA Agrees to Stop Suing Individuals & Work With ISPs

SEC In "Complete Panic" Over Madoff

Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'

Disillusionment hurts.

07/24/2008: Ohio Attorneys Seek Protection for Mike Connell against Alleged Threats from Karl Rove

Bumble Bee crabmeat comes from China

Scam of the Century now starting on CNBC, starring Madoff

Five Authors. One Warning.

Moisture rules (for DUers who shiver in the north part of the country)

Talk about a scary picture!

"What the UAW Made"...


FBI Agents Shifted From Terror Work to Madoff, Subprime Probes

Any Duers in Greece, or who know about the ongoing unrest there?

I am both a tolerant and an intolerant person. That is precisely what makes me a progressive!

It's Always been legal

Please spare a thought today for the Homeless who have died. .

To the government of Iran, religion is about novels, not people!

It's colder than Lynn Cheney's heart in southeast Michigan right now.....A temp of 1 degree.....

New gun law goes into effect

caption (Fred Thompson, NYT)

To ALL DU posters...........

Freepers vs: Darwin Theory

Happy Hanukkah (first night is tonight) to my fellow Jewish DUers.

Sen Bob Corker..Tennessee

Sen Bob Corker..Tennessee


Rice says Obama likely to follow Bush on foreign policy (Is she trippin'?)

The reason for the season... MACY's

"No, I thought (Leahy) merited (my telling him to go fuck himself) at the time," Cheney responded

Guardian UK: 95-year-old philanthropist loses $550m in Madoff fraud

Alaskan Republican says thanks, but no thanks to Palin's Budget to Nowhere

A VERY interesting post about the media and its lack of integrity...

DailyKos brilliance - Sure, if you'll also tie CEO pay to that in Europe and Japan

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, bread jumps to $800 million a loaf

2.6 Degrees in Ohio ... hints as on how to keep warm by Robert Service

Speed Camera "Pimping" Game

Holder Responds to the Citizens Petition For a Special Prosecutor

For anyone who disagrees with Rick Warren...

As economy falters, more people giving up pets

What was your favorite decade?

Here's a great online film about the 2004 election in Ohio

Did anyone catch the 60 Minutes segment about TSA?

Toymakers Assail Costs of New Law

whoa! micheal connell said he was worried his plane was being tampered with!

Child support fee under fire (thank you Clinton and Gillibrand)

There are now more slaves on the planet than at any time in human history

Have you applied for a TV converter Box coupon?

Here is a moment of joy - caught on tape.

For the past week sales have picked up signifigantly

There is a difference between "being polite" and "sleeping with the enemy."

Hans Blix Would Testify Against Bush-Cheney War Crimes

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a Dickipedia page for Rick Warren.

Joseph Stiglitz in January Vanity Fair: Capitalist Fools.

Budget cuts in NY, California....

This Appointment Looks Promising

Generous European Welfare State? Maybe not so much...& "the left" is doing the dirty work...

So what s more important?

There's a lot here...EVEN for the most ardent DU Skeptics..

GLOBALL MORANS AWARD week ending 12/20/08

Scroll down to "'Swimming to the Other Side' -- 2001." It's worth a listen.

Obama and Smoking

It's comin' on Christmas...

Video Game Maker EA to Cut 1,000 Jobs

Does it seem like the movie Mama Mia is being advertised everywhere on the TeeVee?

Decisions Today To Build New Nuclear Bomb Plants

How many DUers are snowed in

Don't Be Scammed by Madoff Investor Sob Stories

Happy New Year to all DU Pagans!!!!

Happy Hanukkah, DU.

Tapes just released show LBJ accusing Nixon of treason

FDA Stuns Scientists, Declares Mercury in Fish to be Safe for Infants, Children, Expectant Mothers!

Michigan city bans being annoying in public

After a great deal of research, here is my list of preachers who are godly instead of dollarly

After a great deal of research, here is my list of preachers who are godly instead of dollarly

Giants vs. Panthers?

Yes, we elected Obama.


Pay Raises for Lawmakers Anger Watchdog Groups

Kids Learn that 'Killing Is Fun' at the Army's Lethal New Theme Park

Tom Delay's Wife Subpoenaed (Popcorn, Anyone?)

Connell's ill-fated flight originated from airport only 50 vetted people can use

does anybody have the Bu$h shoe parody of him behind the chicken wire at a bar, its from the scene

The Limits of My Bleeding Heart

If Warren at the Inauguration Could Feed a Starving Child, Would You Let Him Speak?

There's still time to help!

How lucky do you feel?

Are you part of the 'army of one' folks who support GLBT rights, including marriage?

Word for today- sanctuary

How many DUers are being watched?

Does it just feel like a WAR on us little peons?

More Offended By Warren's Invocation Than Obama's Adoption Of Previous Administrations' Officials?

"Is Gay Marriage the Wrong Issue?"

Why doesn't the UAW do a better job of representing workers?

Bullets don’t have ‘adviser’ stenciled on some and ‘combat unit’ on another

The Bill Nobody Noticed: National DNA Databank

On The Occupation of Denmark, Rick Warren and Pink Triangles

Who's song is this? No title, no author, no singer

It's interesting to hear the music choices for this Dallas Cowboys stadium retirement

Doctors in the house...what's wrong with me?

A poem on the spot- Sympathies Needed, I still write poetry.

Credit card companies lowering limits based on WHERE you shop

My Christmas Gift to the Lounge

This house smells like hot garbage pizza.

The Jizzard of Oz is on TNT, started at 9 PM central.

Wow! It got REALLY windy here all of a sudden!

So much for MY appetite.

Make sure you add this MUST HAVE to your Xmas list

I hate John Lennon

Former agent Coleen Rowley seeking FBI data on RNC policing

I wanna sex you up!

Me meeting Santa Claus

It took me a whole SIX YEARS to get here, but I just made my 4991th post!

A history of Dr. Who in pics with best bets on the next Dr.

Why don't scientists use today's technology to try to find out what happened to them?

Breakfast in My Morning Jacket

Arghh! Flight cancelled due to this crappy weather!

PSA: Back up your important computer stuff.

Correctly Political: I'm for Caroline! and Other Stentorial Ruminations

Most stoopid Mythbusters ever!

BYU lost to Arizona tonight.

Director Robert Mulligan (To Kill a Mockingbird, Fear Strikes Out) Dead at 83

Whistle-blower adds twist to Stevens case (accuses government of misconduct.)

dammit, if she shows up at 1 more event, I'm going to have to start carpooling with Condi Rice!

"The Stranger"..short essay, sent by a friend.

Rat Terrier Problem-Need Advice

Man finds mouse parts baked into hot dog buns

fighting back against the damn snow

Fake gadgets (gift boxes) put the 'Gotcha!' in giving

Why is Santa so depressed this year?

My husband plays this strange game with me where he pretends to be asleep in the morning...

Well, I'm officially giving up on eHarmony.

Good news. I just got this email

I'm asking for a little help for some homeless dogs...

What stings the most is that he hasn't even been sworn in yet, and ALREADY it's Republican Lite

WooHoo!!!!!! It's warmed all the way up to -6

Today Show about to do segment on Boxed-Wines: Midlo Interviewed As The 'Expert'

Percy Faith - Theme From A Summer Place:

Anyone ever seen this show? Screenwipe?

Admins, its time to allow another opportunity to change login IDs. I want to

I don't give a damn about my bad reputation

ya know what i like best about xmas?


I played piano in worship this morning, and lived to tell the tale!

Happy Hanukkah

PSA For MEN ONLY on the upcoming holiday. This is an Important cautionary video.

OK, I'll admit it, I am a HOMOPHONE!11!!!!11

You see, us Floridians always seem to get a bad rap from this board. But give us some credit.

your current temp in Kelvin

Help me, I just quoted Jay-Z lyrics in GD:P

The Purloined Constitution

Warrant is tearing DU apart.

Peach Gobbler Can Rock My World

Ok, then ...failed test please ignore

ROFL "It' s a forklift kinda day!"

Happy Birthday FRANK ZAPPA (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993)

Okay, we're leaving NW Indiana

Who did the Cowboys do against the Ravens?

Pink snow?

I just stepped outside to put out some food for the ferals, and it is nasty out there!!

Is there any polite way to refuse to have sex with someone?

Honda crushing fail.

I ordered an iPhone 3G 8 GB online this morning from AT&T...

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is a video of our Antique Santa Claus Collection!

I'd like to thank Turtlensue for her Christmas present to me this year...

Larisa Alexandrovna: This Is An Interesting Development...

Not to be outdone by Pete Schweddy, Shamwow! guy proclaims-'You're going to love my nuts"

The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With the Lamb

You know, I still don't trust people who hide their profiles.

I ATE old Horses!

Who was the first Rock 'n Roll star?

My Christmas CD's...

"Mayors' stomach infrastructure full of pork" -- Muslim critic

OktoberKid's "I Am" Poem

REMEMBERING BILLEY JOE - Billey Joe Johnson Jr Laid to Rest - Questions Remain

15 yards for a freakin' Snow Angel????

Body of Evidence

I'm waiting until the temperature rises to 0 degrees before

Not a big movie watcher probably watched 2 entire movies in 10 years. The Dark Knight was 1 of them

Warren was HOT when he was younger!

So - If we are heading for a depression, what do we do???

OK - Finally saw "Casino Royale" (Daniel Craig version)

Delphi, New UAW hires make less (inflation-adjusted) than before the 30's Detroit sit-down strikes

About 2 Feet of Snow out there

The Warren issue is a perfect example of why separation of church and state is so important

The damn sun is shining here and the wind has laid!!

Celtic Woman Great Songs.

Brother/Sister, Can You Spare A Star?

219 inches of snow in two days, 90 mph winds expected tonight.

Discussions on DU regarding Warren - my take

Hijack this thread

Will India Strike Pakistan Within the Next Couple of Months?

my shit was all fucked up

I'm in Florida!

Farewell DUers, due to the incoming blizzard here, I've been called into work

NOBODY desecrates the Terrible Towel and gets away with it!

Just taking a break to wish everyone a very happy Yule for today is the 21st.

i think i am smitten with a bromance with this guy at work

i can't wait for the next movie that has a mischievous housepet

MSNBC producer goes on a profanity outrage...LOL!

Rick Warren and Prop 8

Goodbye Bush, hello Obama party

What is DU listening to this morning?

I'm beginning to think my mother in law only knows how to make roast beef.

At the bar last night, this lady, who was PLASTERED, kept asking me if I was Stephen King.

Congratulations, Detroit Lions!!

OK Fox, the NE-Arizona game is 41-0, can we switch to another game please?

Sequel to nude Sarah Palin painting: Nude Blagoyavich painting

Okay party people in the house...

Why don't you give me a play

Why we love cats

If you live near I-81, could I get a weather report?

So, Yay Dolphins!!!!

Denver game not televised!!!

i'm so crazy

satellite tv is out...can't figure it out!

Anybody know the approximate frequency range of tape hiss? nt

Anybody know the approximate frequency range of tape hiss? nt

temperature differences in rooms

My first LOL Dog!

That's it. I've officially had enough of football.

so i bought my sociopathic best friend a xmas tree

can i stay at your house tonight?

I mix so fast

I'm off to negotiations in Dubai. Will post as soon as I am able. n/t

Has Obama ever written or spoken about how he feels about Hawaii?

I dropped out of ski school.

Buffalo Bills defeat Denver 30-23.

If you are in a jet traveling just under the speed of sound and you throw a tennis ball

There are 12 18yo's in my house for a nookie exchange.

people talk a lot of shit about texas

CD Baby makes me want to BUY music again.

I'd bet on the Jets to lose

There are 12 Bolsheviks in my house seeking workers for the revolution

If I could run over ONE pedestrian and get away with it to prove a point, I would

In 21 minutes my doorbell will ring.

There Are 12 Cookies In My House to Go With an 18 Year-Old Scotch

Does science recognize insects?

There are 12 Bohemians in my house seeking a Lounge like atmosphere...

What do you think is the most important example of change

There are 12 Chechens in my house seeking a Russian lieutenant

I sent some Christmas cards. None of the recipients sent any back.

I just discovered something hilarious!

I'm savvy and hip and cool because I talk on my cell phone while driving.

There are 12 Hobbesians in my house trying to get me to sign a contract

O's and Ripken fans, game 2130 is on now on MASN

Christmas Tips for the staff for Manhattan High Rise Renters

I'm skating in a Christmas show tomorrow...

"F-you Pally" vs "F-you Buddy" is there a difference?

Your current temp

What did you guys do to GDP while i was gone???

kitten picture of the day for sunday december 21

There are 12 18yo's in my house for a porno exchange.

Anybody else stranded or travel plans foiled by weather?

Guest_461938 is kicking my ass in online pool

I think we should ban ALL legal marriage!

So I bought Tabula Rasa, they're closing it down

Ok, maybe this Flu thingie wasn't so bad - I'm already 10lbs lighter

ok I now have FIVE dogs curled together on the couch

Throw shoes at Bush!

Kahlua & Coffee at the ready


Hey, I'm having trouble locating my car. Can you help me find it?

So I just finished watching "Who Killed The Electric Car"

Wiil I die if I eat the entire 9x13 inch pan of lemon squares?

Asking for thoughts on this Christmas stuff with my family

How important is it to have a poker-face while playing poker?

What are your favorite Christmas songs/tunes?

"Anymore bacon, Daise?"

I hope it is true that bad things happen in threes.

I just finished watching "Who Killed the Electric Car."

Last night I had five dogs trying for a spot on my lap.

Windchill Advisory: single digit temps and 40-50 mph winds will bring a windchill of -15F overnight.

cats are evil

This Is How I Feel

Why do people sit in their cars with the engine running and BS for 20 minutes in someone's driveway?

It Was All That I Could Do To Keep From Cryin'

This picture makes me feel good because my ass is not that fat!!

Where Bikers Stare at Cowboys Who Are Laughing At The Hippies Who Are Praying They'll Get Out Of

Should they ever make a musical from assorted Smiths songs?

Rick Warren, Council on Foreign Relations: His African AIDS "ministry"

I just made 150 Christmas cookies - ask me anything!

chicken train...running all day

My mother wants a gift certificate to Olive Garden or Red Lobster for Christmas...

Babylon 5 fans. I just found some awesome on youtube

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/21/2008)

Hey...St. Louis hip-hop act The FuFops...have y'all heard of 'em?

How long do dirty dishes remain dirty in your house?

That was an awesome game. Southern Miss beats Troy in OT

Damn, It's nice to be back in Arizona!

CNN just said people were pissed they have had to go 8 days w/o power and

It seems like things just don't want to go right, lately.

More pics of my tiny sweet new kitten!

WOOHOO!!! Four episodes of Sgt. Bilko on Retro Night!

Redneck Mother!!!!! PAGING NICOLE!!!!!

**What we know about the Michael Connell crash itself (Research Thread - feel free to contribute)**

What will happen to the US economy in 2009?

The country is moving to accepting gay marriage - Newsweek has a pro-gay marriage cover story

'Die Hard' - best Christmas movie ever?

today we are all canadians

I HATE old houses!

My balcony door is frozen shut

ever had a dog that LOVES cold?

See this. And listen to it.

Some People Are Just Stupid.

Ever accidentally found yourself on youtube? I just did...

Cat Yoga

I, like many Vancouverites, have been reminded I live in Canada today

My friend's sister died last night.

Warren: My Shit's Fucked Up

My take on GD:P

When you really think about it...

I saw this on Olbermann's show, a 25 pound potato!

Should there be a maximum wealth?

What is the past tense of ding?

Cheney Admits All This Evil Is To Deflect A Childhood Fear Of Satire

Is the phrase 'shrugged his shoulders' redundant?

What's the most quotable movie of all time?

DUer Symarip creates new sit-com for NBC.

My marriage is over. Thank you all for the prayers, vibes, and love you sent me

Exhibit #2,439 why the British have better taste in music than us (Hint: Hallelujah):

I feel so sorry for the dog in this video

My take on Gay Marriage.

How would you respond to the MOST obnoxious christmas card ever?

Your LEAST FAVORITE school cafeteria food

Warren Zevon - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Why the hell do things go wrong around the holidays?

There are 18 12yo's in my house for a cookie exchange.

Outdoor smoking ban under consideration in San Luis Obispo

family/labor question

There are 18 12yo's in my house for a cookie exchange.

There's an icicle hanging from my roof

Change we could believe in?

Florida county rounds up all 15 of the escaped Patas monkeys, one found dead.

where is graywarrior when you need her?

I quit.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

Tonight I polished off (most of) my xmas wrapping

It's official - it's never going to stop snowing

Turtlensuzy and I are ENEMIES today. GO EAGLES!!!!!

The Suspicious, Disturbing Death of Election Rigger Michael Connell (Fitrakis and Wasserman)

My Ten Xmas wishes

My Step-father is significantly older than my mother...

A Christmas story...That never happened.

Who's ready to see the Panthers kick the crap out of the Giants?

Where is this quarter from?

Jesus Dress Up Christmas Edition

Movies with a terrific ensemble cast:

Idea for a New Iranian Sitcom: Six's Company

Question 12: Finish this sentence: I'm Rick James, _____!

God Damn! It's COLD in here! Can I put my feet in your armpits?

Cat eats tree!

I'm heading out on Christmas Day, with my RV, to Oregon.

Last night I had a dream I got shitfaced on O'Douls with Stephen King.

Clam Chowder

Strange Christmas lawn 'decoration' in my neighborhood.

i got a castle in brooklyn

My german shepherd


The list of Best Band Names 2008 almost made me lose dinner laughing

Silent-kicking is the lamest, cheesiest messageboard gimmick ever

That Toyota Tundra commercial voice guy needs punching

An Update On My Cat...

City trying to deny Church right to shelter homeless, on Homeless Mem. Day!

I love you Omaha Steve!

Post a picture from the Star Trek episode that best resembles GDP.


I failed cheerleading school.

Gays and Lesbians should leave DU and not come back?

Reminder: Biden on "This Week" tomorrow 12/21

Starting this morning I started believing this one thing that the Unabomber said in his manifesto.

I'm so happy - Remember the feelings 4 years ago to the day?

Truth be told, not one of us has civil rights currently. * and Cheney spent 8 years gutting

Anyone remember the controversy in the 1990s when Trent Lott and Bob Barr...

Bill Cunningham Revives “Muslim” Smear Against Obama

Optimism, Hopes High for Obama White House in new poll numbers

The RNC is trying to find their very own "Howard Dean"

Sunday talk show lineup for December 21 (Darth Cheney Buh-Bye Interview Alert!)

Jill Biden plans on continuing to teach, probably somewhere in the DC area

Obama Press Release: White House Task Force on Working Families

Wolfson, other top Dems in mix for spokesperson roles

It is wrong to call DUers bigots...

What do you make of Biden's comments re: Warren

Wonder what the political landscape would look like if political parties

Cheney says Biden hasn't asked for any VP advice.....thankfully

Let's Just Impeach Him.


If you supported or voted for Obama - then you are a homophobe!

ABC Exclusive: Obama's Blago Report: Only One Rahm Call to Governor

I just want to say I love you all

Warren was HOT when he was younger!

Hillary Clinton marched in gay pride parades

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Biden on "This Week")

Biden to oversee efforts aimed at middle class

Why DADT will be repealed within a few months

Fifteen Minutes a Week: An Appeal for Help

Sorry, there's one position on the Rick Warren controversy I find hard to respect

Protest flares up on Facebook over breast-feeding photos

I've begun saving change for the Obama 2012 Campaign.

If we are supposed to focus on the good parts of Warren's message we owe the same courtesy to. . .

I still like and support Obama.

Well that's it, I'm throwing away all my Melissa Etheridge CDs and books

everyone: change avatars to show solidarity with our gay sisters and brothers

Obama Needs Two Years to Close Guantanamo?

Since the election, are you more happy with Obama, less happy, or about the same?

Corrigan Brothers' - "There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama?" invited to Inauguration per ABC

Corrigan Brothers' - "There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama?" invited to Inauguration per ABC

C'mon gays, women, and atheists, pony up!

What should be our raging response to Mellisa Etheridge?

You're Free to Think that Gay Sex is Disgusting.

The Fickle Finger of Fate Award Goes To:

Of course she's qualified to be a senator. After all, she's a president's daughter

Cheney says Biden hasn't asked for any VP advice

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part One

Just because every now and then we all need one


People wanting civil rights and r angry right now are not the people you need to protect Barack from

I so look forward to Jan. 20

For All The Psychic DU'ers

I'm torn on which camp on GDP is more over the top:

I'm worried about the economy.

White House Accuses NY Times Of 'Gross Negligence'

Obama’s Choice of Pastor Warren a ‘Mistake,’ Barney Frank Says (Bloomberg)

Why would anyone listen to anything Condi Rice has to say?

Thank you Mods!!!

Stop fucking LYING

Kerry Kennedy prayed for Sirhan Sirhan

John Gibson on Fox just said the gas prices increased over the summer to elect Obama.

Do not click on any link KaraS posts -- it is child porn

I'm not a one issue voter either, to be completely honest about it...

Bush History - Disgraced Lobbyist Abramoff's Bush Ties, & Soldiers Lost in Iraq are an "investment"?

Warren: Syrian Dictator is a "Moderate," Treats Jews Real Nice!

First Barack Obama and now Melissa Etheridge?

I'm disappointed that a very outspoken handful of Democrats fight to get others to shut up

NYT: Obama tries out his salute

NYT: Obama tries out his salute

A timely parable for DU

It's MS. KENNEDY, not Mrs. Kennedy!

What's illuminating is how this episode has caused the masks to slip on so many here

Michelle and Barack's Two Gorgeous Helpers..Yvonne and Valerie....

What is the deal with Melissa Etheridge?


Any photos from the protest at Warren's 'church' today??



When I see and hear Rick and Obama

I think the fact that the Warren outrage isn't going away is a good thing, even a very good thing

Would anybody like to know

Why was Obama against Prop 8?

Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead prayer dismays Hollywood liberals

Priorities, Schmiorities: The Wrong Outrage on Pastor Rick Warren, Syria's Best Bud

For all those worried about President-Elect Obama losing support on here

There is nothing like losing money to get Republicans' attention.

I guess on the bright side, President-elect Obama is standing his ground on the Warren deal....

Rick Warren has said that only FIVE issues are non-negotiable:

The Official DU Transition Team Blago Press Release Watch Pool Thread Thingy

Warren Hate. Here's the elephant in room:

Has any president-elect been more scrutinized in history than Obama??


Nice to know that Bill Kristol loves the Warren pick (and has time to bash gay activists)

WSJ: Obama Sets Fast Pace for Transition

Are you for Gay Marriage?

Giving Warren more attention than he deserves HELPS Warren get free press

Juan Cole's take on Rick Warren after appearing with him at MPAC council

Lets all come together on one thing. Warren is a slimy piece of shit!


Rev. Welton Gaddy, State of Belief, warns against using religion as a political tool.

I haven't commented on the Warren debacle yet.....

so, does all this mean no du inauguration parties? or

Cheney's Out of Angles and Biden's Full of Them


ENOUGH of this insanity! DO YOU, or DO YOU NOT support President Obama?

Well, here's MY meta-comment about the Rick Warren controversy


Check in here with your favorite memory of working to get Obama elected.

I hate to say this but I think it's time to bring it back up again:

While it may seem quiet in Washington, the Bush administration has been busy attacking

Asked To Name Highest Moment In Office, Cheney Comes Up With '9/11'

Should religion in any form be a part of politics, even in Presidential inaugurations?

Does Obama have an openly gay person on his cabinet?

Sad news from up north...

If you believe "Obama shouldn't be criticized" or "Obama sold us all out" you're both wrong

Government needs to get out of the business of marriage period.

My thoughts on Gay Marriage. We out smart them.

A view of what the Invocation selection means from the Other Side....


Let's just get down to the basics - according to Maslow.


Is congress getting another raise?

Rick Warren and Melissa Etheridge both appeared at the Muslim Public Affairs Council ...

Who would be a better pastor to deliver the invocation?

Rick Warren has been on the defensive ever since the invitation was extended.

I've had a change of heart

As a member of the gay and lesbian community please allow me to apologize...

Obama, through the lens of good music and Texas women.

Hate to piss in the pool here...

FDR Didn't Govern from 'the Center' -- Neither Should Obama

To the gay guys & gals at DU: I've changed my mind.

Warren pick and defense guarantee one term for Obama

At the risk of "Talking about Fight Club," this Warren business hasn't been about Obama for days

I'm not afraid to call out a few DUers so here goes:

Security Clearances for politicians

To those who are "surprised" at Obama's cabinet picks and actions since the election...

What's illuminating is how this episode has caused the masks to slip on so many here

The Elections are over folks. It's time for Politics.

So just what does an Inaugural Invocation look like?

Rice says Obama likely to follow Bush on foreign policy


Chavez says mall to be expropriated in Venezuela

'Drill, baby, drill' process has begun

Israeli blockade 'forces Palestinians to search rubbish dumps for food'

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders

Continental airliner runs off runway (in Denver), 38 injured

US to replace British forces in southern Iraq

Obama forms task force on working families

Prop 8 proponents seek to nullify same-sex marriages

Bush E-Mails May Be Secret a Bit Longer

China offers $19bln to Taiwan firms: report

Exclusive: Obama's Blago Report: Only One Rahm Call to Governor

Obama starts morning with gym workout

Obama To Release Blago Report This Week

Labor activists demonstrate at Wal-Mart (where a worker was killed on Black Friday by the crowd)

Labor activists demonstrate at Wal-Mart (where a worker was killed on Black Friday by the crowd)

One killed in massive I94 crash.

Irish govt poised for $7 bln bank bailout

Bush E-Mails May Be Secret A Bit Longer

2 alleged U.S. spies killed in Pakistan's tribal region

Japan Exports Plunge Record 27% as Recession Deepens (Update1)

Russia's Putin warns business on excessive job cuts

Cheney says Congress failed struggling automakers

EPA veils hazardous substances

Medicaid applicants grow as recession widens

What Obama promised Biden

Biden Not Ruling Out Prosecuting Bush Officials For Prisoner Abuse

Violence continues in Greece as rioters firebomb buildings

Obama signals major shift in US trade policy

Obama signals major shift in US trade policy

(New Hampshire Supreme) Court rejects GOP voter list claim against Dems

Cheney Defends His Tenure, Adminstration's Actions

Obamas begin isle vacation

AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs

Squeezed on All Sides, Parents Forgo Day Care - Education, Safety Sacrificed in Fiscal Crunch

AP IMPACT: Wall Street still flying corporate jets

John Holdren is science's new champion

Rick Warren Defends His Invitation to the White House

Russia starts missile delivery to Iran: Iranian MP

Saudi court rejects divorce plea from EIGHT-year-old girl married to 58-year-old man

Recession in U.S. is bringing job cuts, unrest to China

Franken team expects a win of 35-50 votes

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item

50% chance of depression in US

Lawmaker (Barney Frank) says 'no' to Rev. Warren at inauguration

Gaza militants launch more rockets into Israel

Israel Threatens Major Offensive Against Gaza

Military clash in Gaza unavoidable: Israeli defence official

Livni: I will topple Hamas regime in Gaza if elected PM

Israel, Arab states at odds over first UN gay rights declaration

Egypt Red Crescent to deliver aid to Gaza

White House philosophy stoked mortgage bonfire

LA Times: They're living with cancer and little else

Dick Polman: The American Debate: He leaves with a record of contempt, secrecy, lies

One Leg Raised on the Bush–Cheney Legacy: Deconstructing the Spin and Propaganda

Independent UK: Madoff: The man who sold the world

One Leg Raised on the Bush–Cheney Legacy: Deconstructing the Spin and Propaganda by Walter Brasch

Ford’s Legacy

Dollars & Sense: The End of Pensions?

More Than 100 Latin America Experts Question Human Rights Watch's Venezuela Report

A Call for Whistleblowers: Cyclops in the Closet

How to Trick Candidates Into Giving Themselves a Religious Test

German court provides legal stamp for hard labour

Country Without Mercy

The Fed and the Treasury Need to Come Clean About Where The Money Is Going

Hunger mounts in the US

'Lethal Warriors' in Iraq, linked to string of crimes back home

Bill O’Reilly Accuses Caroline Kennedy of 'Elitist Pandering' in Meeting with Al Sharpton

A Tame Regulator for the SEC

Pastor Rick Warren Defends Invite to Inauguration

Compelling Journalism Persists Despite Media's Business Struggle

Downturn Will Test Obama’s Vision for an Energy-Efficient Auto Industry

Hong Kong's Richest 1% Party On During Recession!

Greed, The American Way

Bush administration insider 'knocked off'?

How Greed Has Changed One Life

Marjorie Cohn: Why Was Cheney So Quick to Admit He's a War Criminal?

Blagojevich Appoints His Own Sperm to Illinois Senate Seat

Shopping in New York, where some terrorists wear suits and red braces

Who Wants to Kick a Millionaire? by Frank Rich

The Formerly Wealthy Meet the Newly Unemployed

The last of the affluent, the carefree and the innocent

FBI Agents Shifted From Terror Work to Madoff, Subprime Probes

The Anti-Greenspan

Juan Cole on Rick Warren/Melissa Etheridge

AP Study Finds $1.6B Went to Bailed-Out Bank Execs

"No one wanted to stop that bubble. It would have conflicted with the president's own policies."

John Pilger's blog on Z_net: Wishful Thinking for 2009.

Katrina's Hidden Race War

Don Siegelman as told to Paul Alexander: Karl Rove Destroyed My Life

The Christmas Pig

Billionaires’ Ski Club in Montana Stiffs Florists, Blacksmiths

Anti-Capitalist Uprising Imminent?

Looking at Greed as an Addictive Dysfunction

Time Mag Columnist: Obama Is "Very Rational-Sounding Sort Of Bigot"

Jesus Was a Jew, But Didn’t Eat Chinese for Xmas

America Now is the Time! - Lena Horne's message for us from the past resonates well!

My response to Bill O'rielly

Mike Connell: Victim of Republican Foul Play?

The DU shooting itself in the foot.

The Week In Cartoons 12/20/08

Young Turks: Who Names Their Child Adolf Hitler? This Guy!!

Michael Connell DEAD! Key Witness (against Karl Rove)

Sarah Palin On Her Daughter's Baby's Father's Mother Being Arrested

Young Turks: Mika Brzezinski Gets Mugged in the Right Neighborhood

TYT: Shocking Statistics Show Bush is a Failure on Terrorism

White vigilantes shot 11 blacks in New Orleans

Mark Crispin Miller on Spoonamore Testimony and Mike Connell who Died in the Plane Crash..

Has Bush; after destroying our economy; screwed our chances for a trip to Mars?

Sea Shepherd engages the Japanese Whaling Fleet

An hour with Robert Fisk from Berkeley..Conversations with History

After Six-month Trial, Army Pulls the Plug On Electric Vehicles In Europe

Gen. Casey Says Ending Stop Loss Is Priority

Baumholder Troops Honor Medic Who Died

Yokota Security Airmen Back From Iraq

Some Troops In Iraq Get OK For Beer During Super Bowl

Fort Huachuca Soldiers Restricted From Mexico

Outnumbered, But Not Outgunned

Military: Let Nature Deal With F-16 Jet Fuel

Mullen: 30K More Troops Could Go To Afghanistan

Publishers Balk at Laura Memoirs

PA State concerned about waste water from new gas wells(Marcellus Shales)

Nicaragua's (first) $95 Million (40 MW) Wind Farm to Start in January

Japan's Kaneka plans $1.1 bln solar captital expansion (new 200 MW/year plant)

Vinalhaven overwhelmingly supports (island's) revisions to wind power rules (Maine)

Brazilian Govt. - Amount Of Rainforest Razed In 2008 Up 67% YOY Over Aug 06 - July 07 - Mongabay

Lake Hartwell, Chunk Of NE Georgia, Western Carolinas Still Stuck In Drought

Plug-In Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Has 6 Minute Recharge Time (Burbank, CA)

NASA Scientists Hurl Plastic Ducks Into Greenland Moulin In Attempt To Trace Course Of Meltwater

Amazon Oil Pollution Case Could Cost Chevron Billions

Texas can take lessons from Finland's nuclear power plant delays

U.S.$2.6 Billion Investment for Bong Mines (Liberia)

Deep-water wind farm plans inspire hopes, outcries (Maine)

Russia said starting missile delivery to Iran

New Light Source Lasts 15 Years Without a Recharge

Iran set to build 5 new nuclear reactors

New Jersey's Only Solar Manufacturing Plant Shuts For Christmas Season, Lays Off Workers.

Scientists Find Previously Unknown Cambodian Frog - Has Blue Bones, Green Blood - Mongabay

Georgia’s almost perfect for solar

EEStor Granted Patent, information released.

From teh Longue: "Al Gore is full of shit"


In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match

Blinder in NYT: Missing the Target With $700 Billion

BAPCPA Gag Rule Found Constitutional by Fifth Circuit

"Central bankers are more powerful than governments"


The last of the affluent, the carefree and the innocent

The Hardest Lesson

Guess who created the collapse of Argentina 10years ago?

Problems emerge in Dubai financing LOL

Is there anything lower than the advertising industry? McDonald's NEW commercial!

Six banks with $540 billion in bailout money still flying 27 corporate jets

Unionbusting Confidential

Auto Bailout (hostage value)

MLK Day March

Car Makers Face Urgent Problems, Even With Government Bailout (blue collars to get hit again?)

Laid-off Granite City steelworkers hang on to hope

Bush Auto Plan Will Test Obama's Union Loyalties

NYT: To Strike or Not to Strike: What Would Tom Hanks Do?

Why the Union Won at Smithfield

Caroline Kennedy seeks support for Senate bid from labor leaders

West Virginia AFL-CIO, others launch campaign to protect jobs

US: United Farm Workers denounce Bush Administration change to H2A agricultural guest worker program

Unions pose difficult political test for Obama

CWA Broadband Policy Called Key Element to Economic Stimulus

Goldman Sachs Sued Over MBS Deals (a pension fund administered by NECA-IBEW)

Author Kim Bobo: Wage Theft Is Widespread In U.S. - Workers' Centers Fighting It

Today in labor history Dec 21 Supreme Court rules that picketing is unconstitutional

NYT: More Firms Cut Labor Costs Without Layoffs


Napolitano signs order that's a victory for union

Toyota Republicans should cut their own pay

i didn't know what to say

Jerry Brown's reverse on gay-marriage ban: Is it a game-changer?

Caroline Bucks Barack, Hillary On Gay Nups

Dialup Warning - Really crappy "Light Up the Night" photos.

So how does it feel to be a part of a "personal interest group?"

Queer hater to blast fags at Inauguration. World affairs on hold.


Read this post

Some days I think we should have a DU Group instead...

Is this a nice thing to say to somebody?

KaraS has left the building. Thank you, mods.


Want a good laugh?

C'mon Gay Hawaiians

If the post is ok for DU, then what's wrong with a thread about it?

It's Time to Stop Alerting on Bigoted Posts!

OK. Equality is not the top issue right now. It's the economy. Right?

Loony religidiots battled for the passage of Prop 8

Some of you may know this, but my husband is a born-again Christian.

"Let those who persecute be ashamed!"

Here is a fantastic post that needs more love

I think I give up.

Will the pro-GLBT or anti-GLBT side be classified as “HOMEGROWN TERRORISM”, H.R. 1955 & S. 1959

Opponents file suit to annul gay marriages in California

Does DU need a "week without gay"?

Folks, we are now being called "Obama crucifiers."

Schadenfreude...on January 19, 2009, a middle-aged male prostitute

What will be the excuse when they can't pass ENDA or any other gay rights legislation?

The Warren pick is not equivalent to Obama inviting David Duke to speak.

Obama defends his choice of Rick Warren (video)

Thoughts and prayers to all

Another look at the Warren mess from a Texas schoolteacher

A new perspective: My neighbor's friend's daughter's lover's nephew

Some deep thoughts about homosexuality

I give up,'s not simply fighting homophobia, it's battling their religion...


"Must suck to be be used like that, but reality sucks"

A tiny bit of good news in all the Warren furor....

So I see the anti-GLBT contingent's latest tactic is to point to Melissa Etheridge

Who will be the next GLBT celebrity trotted out by the Warren justifiers?

How much dismisiveness of GLBT people on DU is due to an idea that we are privileged

"Fun" Facts about Saddleback Church.

I have stayed of this fight for most part...

this Warren thing has me so bummed out, I can't feel "Christmas-y." I feel

Saddleback Protest photos - Dialup Warning

Now that Skinner has openly sided with the intolerant I'm taking a break

An Analysis: What The Juan Cole, Etheridge, Warren Story Means to Gays.

Let's make ourselves feel good: Name a favorite DU "straight ally"

Happy Channukah to our GLBTQ Community and Friends!

What were some of the most stupid responses you got to the Warren incident?

It's official. I just gave up.

A new perspective: Melissa Etheridge's wife writes about Rick Warren on her blog.

Feel free to use. I made them. (avatars)

Bolivia declares literacy success

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: (December 21): Topa runs away with Nanjing

Thank you Seattle Seahawks!

wind chill values will continue to hover in the 15 to 20 below zero range.

I think we all know where I'm going with this.

Hey, Texas Stadium...

Science Daily: "Novel Basis Identified for Tamoxifen Failure" (ie, tamoxifen can worsen cancer)

Happy Yule!

What a long night

I beg your pardon!

“Outnumbered, but not outgunned” what Obama needs more of in Afghanistan if he is to win.

An unexpected cameo..

Baby it's cold outside!

Concealed Carry Permit Comes in Handy

Snow in Vegas

more Asheville fireworks

Y'all have inspired me!

Christmas goodies........Texas-style

Maestro, Back at Ya

Happy Solstice, everyone!

OK folks, Bad News

notes on pie

Christians: What is the definition of "grace"?

Paul Pantone

Your Cell phone is the next medical tricorder for poor nations

Pope Marks Galileo Anniversary, Praises Astronomy

Hubble Deep Field: The Single Most Important Image Ever Taken by Man

Stainless Measuring Spoons

Religious Lamp with Fluid Flow patent#: US 7118242

A tribute to some former educators...

Just wondering what the opinions were here on Lampson and Bell

The Other Vampire Movie Right Now

Buy-to-let fraud hits thousands

Met chief accuses Tories over probe