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Gay Dads to Celebrate Father's Day at Saddleback Church ~ June 2008

I love Paul Krugman, but I'm calling him out.

The Cost of Doing Nothing on Health Care--$200 billion, minimum

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but I feel that the choices of

I saw this bumpersticker today.

Episcopal Cafe: Would Rick Warren like to recriminalize homosexuality?

Obama said repeatedly that this is the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". So why is he inviting a man

MODS: Please ban me. I can't find the un-register option

I wonder what would happen if we got put on the California ballot

A replacement for "Rev" Warren!

Finding leads scientists to suspect there was once life in Mars

Bob Hope's Christmas 1944 Broadcast to the U.S. Merchant Marine

Economic Warfare and Revolution - Celente and Fitts On Coast to Coast with Art Bell

well , Hollywood is angry too.

Why is Obama's evil in Rick Warren's pulpit? 2006

What's the big fucking deal?

Seattle PI " Horsey Cartoon"....must see!

We know he heard us. Did he listen?

Senate Dems Move to Force Blago to Resign

Oooh, it's time for Christmas Bonuses at the TARP companies!!!1

****Safavian convicted again in Abramoff scandal****

No more "Letters to Santa"...

Johnston's arrest was oxycontin-related (Levi's Mother)

River pilot's jealousy linked to massive oil spill

Why have all the racist bigots turned down their invitations to speak at the inaugural?

Why have all the racist bigots turned down their invitations to speak at the inaugural?

A hillybilly succubus or simply a magnet for corruption?

Penny web auctions under scrutiny

Were there white supremacist death squads in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

Carol Chomsky, wife of Prof. Noam Chomsky, passes away at 78

Obama needs to learn a lesson from Michael Dukakis

Rick Warren

Obama to ride train to inauguration. But instead of the little train that said "I think I can...

U.S. to send 3,000 more troops to AfghanistaN

Today's college football thread

Upside of Warren fiasco: Rachel Maddows' intelligent and popular show

Has anybody got an invitation to the AIG Christmas party yet?

A Christmas Prayer

After eight years, I'm beginning to understand why Republicans have less sex.

Moveon Goals

Report: CIA never approved of Bush Admin using Yellowcake Forgeries as evidence that Iraq had WMD

I need a moderator

India May Consider ‘Precision’ Strikes in Pakistan

Obama Is Working His Magic?

Who does this remind you of?

Remember when Palin dominated this board? Warren is no different.

Just feeling numb and disconnected. Anyone else?

Warren's not bad at all! He's a great guy...

Could those Toyota Republican Senators who quietly let their pay raise go through,

AMERICABLOG: Where does Rick Warren stand on criminalizing homosexuality?

WVKO Sold - Progressive Radio Gone Again From Columbus, OH

Just heard a comedian suggest that Bristol Palin name her baby be "Cyrstal".

Dana Perino: The Sundance Kid is a Play-ah Hater

AlterNet: More 10th-Graders Are Smoking Marijuana Than Cigarettes

Obama's science picks signal global warming policy changes

STOP thinking of Bush as some hapless blunderer and pass the verdict of felon on him and his legacy.

Words that make steam come out of my collar ........

Bambi's Mein Kampf & 30 days, six hours, twelve minutes & counting...

A Wounded Stray Inspires Hope in Anxious Mumbai

Iraqi Shoe-Thrower: I Would Do It Again

What is the connection between Obama and Organized Crime?

If we must have an officiating priest, surely we can do better than this vulgar huckster.

WSJ: Bill Clinton's Complicated World

No. 1 Priority: Porta-Potties on Mall

Homeless with cancer stricken daughter

The Bush Legacy in one Toon

My Family Started A New Christmas Tradition - The George W. Bush Christmas........

NYT: Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Across Borders

Firedoglake: Ben Nelson (D-Ne) Thinks Rick Berman is an Idiot. Welcome to the Club

Blagojevich under water on his home loan

The Madoff fraud is destroying a big chunk of philanthropic foundations

maybe Warren will bust out rapp'n the Invocation in tongues >link

Buses hang over highway - Seattle


PETITION: President-elect Obama: Commit to HRC's Blueprint for Positive Change

The Kennedy Admin made me feel proud to be American. The Johnson Admin .......

If you really oppose Rick Warren sign this

Plan crash kills man connected to Rove/White House email scandal

Sitting down and talking is a dialogue for finding common ground

Is it possible for any Truth to be Relatively ABSOLUTE?

The Bush Administration's, "Midnight Regulations"

This guy commits the biggest Ponzi fraud in HISTORY and he not only

Prop. 8 sponsors seek to nullify 18K gay marriages

Warren needs to humbly pass...not that he will...but its the right thing to do...

Submarine internet cables all messed up

Straight DU Guys: Do You - Like Rev Warren - Want To Have Sex With Every Beautiful Woman You See?

Men like Rick Warren are direct contributors to the high suicide rate among gays.

Meanwhile, Over In Ohio... 'LGBT Community Wins Domestic Partner Rule'

Warren's friends just asked the CA Sup. Ct. to nullify the marriages of 18,000 gay couples

DU'er digging out of ice or snow this weekend-eat an apple, garlic, and/or onion

DU'er digging out of ice or snow this weekend-eat an apple, garlic, and/or onion

Rice Lied in Stating She Was Never Warned About Dubious Niger Intel

God, Santa and Rush

Time to update the list. Hatfield, Baxter, Carnahan, Wellstone, JFK Jr...

Bush Administration Launches Final Attack on Women’s Health

Well DU has finally beaten Free Republic

kid brings 4 oz. of mercury to school, spills some

Andrew Sullivan on Warren

Dog owner is given jail in ‘vicious’ June attack (victims can't afford medical bills out of pocket)

Youth pastor accused of sexual relationship with teen

Is this all LGBT issues all the time now on DU? All members are pro gay rights but there are so

The Real Losers in the Obama-Warren Controversy 2006

just got to say it: I find the notion that the right kills off people who get in their way

From The There *Are* Good Companies Out There Dept....

Iraqi parliament rejects law on non-US troops

Weekend toons, Part 2- Shoes still flying and economy still falling

The Story of Stuff...

Send Bush a retirement card! (Human Rights Campaign)

LGBT Activities at the Inauguration

It sickening that such a historic, glorious and joyous event will be ruined by Warren's inclusion.

They're baaack! The bookburners. This time, the target is “The Bookseller of Kabul" by Asne Seiersta

ken star is back in the headlines

Why I am not all upset about Prop 8 and Warren.

"I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance.."

Cheney claims power to decide his own case

Just exactly do you expect from the “Straights”

Up to 30,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer - Yahoo News

Rove caused Vesuvius to erupt because people in Pompeii knew too much

Here is the current Franken/Coleman math (from

Middle school kids sell booze on school bus

Seasons of Change - Yet another Warren Post

A few of the Michael Connell plane crash details

The Sound of a Door Closing

so much negativity...i feel like telling a STORY...

Crossing the aisle to meet the GOP is one aisle we should not cross

Bush official portrait that was NOT revealed

Paris Hilton.

Out of the last 7 biennial federal elections, how many did you vote in?

By supporting Prop Hate, Rick Warren favors rescinding rights.

OK, Time for you all to fess up.

The "Liberal Media" will be blamed for Bristol not getting married to Levi.

RIAA to halt lawsuits, cozy up to ISPs instead

Polarizing phrases we could all live without

The guy who created the Obama poster Time is using for its POTY cover is not happy about Warren

Upside for me of the Rick Warren pick

Marjorie Cohn: Why Was Cheney So Quick to Admit He's a War Criminal?

Let me get this straight... We're F**cking the Unions for no good reason

Has anyone seen this RickRoll?? Unbelievable..

Unconventional Warfare in the 21st Century: U.S. Surrogates, Terrorists and Narcotraffickers

OK DUers who are the Bush and Cheney spies

Can someone explain to me why the "ex post facto" dictum doesn't negate Ken Starr's request to

'Nothing undermines a good party quite like disappointment and hurt'

It wasn't my choice to make, but here is who I would have picked:

Get your Photoshop on: Official Bush Portrait Revealed

Kenneth Starr, destroyer of marriages:

Love is love

Pop Quiz! Name the last five persons to give the inaugural invocation

8 years on the dark side

Well, if we're gonna reach out to bigots, why not get the best? I propose Rev. Fred Phelps

Noam Chomsky's wife Carol has died.

Let's think back to Kindergarten for a moment...

It is hard to believe in...

Rick Warren passes GO, collects 200 pieces of silver, washes hands of bush depression

Do you priorities your identities?

Are prejudice people able to draw boundaries?

***BREAKING: Calif. AG urges court to void gay marriage ban***

Ponzi Scheme Leads to Demise of Major Sustainable-Food Foundations

So, I guess the USA hasn't changed.

Anyone Have an Updated List of Untimely Deaths of Persons Inconvient to the Bush Admin, etc.?

A Rather Twisted Letter to Santa, even though I know NOBODY here likes sick humor!


George Carlin It's bad for Ya coming up on HBO522

For Our Jewish DU Members!

bush's biggest regret; he got the intelligence wrong in Iraq.

Let's Settle This Once And For All

Notes from this bigoted homophobe...

All roads lead out of Afghanistan

California Attorney General Jerry Brown urges court to overturn Proposition 8

When Will We See Marriage Equality in America?

Rec. If you wonder where is DailyKos,Huffingtonpost, TPM, and THINKPROGRESS on the Mike Connel story

Ted Haggard Pitching Film To HBO About His Fall From Power


Caroline Kennedy and Ellen Alderman, "In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action" - BOOKTV Now!

Here! Take this chair back:

Here! Take this chair back:

Excellent analysis on Obama's foreign policy - BBC radio - link below.

Today's Activist Recommendation

Ok, so we fire him in four years

Obama declares end to Dark Ages: “It’s time we once again put science at the top of our agenda”

Rick Warren: Just Say No, Thanks

if you believe we have the luxury of waiting on civil rights for gays (or anything else),

Did Bristol Palin pop yet?

Remember this: Obama would not not be our president-elect if bigots had their way!

WooHoo! Biden's going to adopt!!!!!

When Sasha and Malia Obama are unjustly attacked I'm going to laugh at you fuckers in your outrage..

What is your city doing to prepare for peak oil?

Urge Obama to announce he will sign the UN condemnation of anti-gay laws at once

"Playing with the Enemy" - Mandela & the White Nationalist Springboks

A little suggestion for Republicans - Stay Out Of Small Planes!!!

Appoint Secretary of Peace - Vote for it on

Mainstream columnist Ruth Marcus: Lawbreaking Bush officials should not be prosecuted

WTF of the day: "Artificial Virginity Hymen"

Does anyone else keep getting logged out?

Homeless Vigil in Denver

Weenie Roast: "Palestinians burn pictures of U.S. President Bush"

Hunger mounts in the US

Horrors of Prop 8 begin to reveal themselves -- Hate Rape

Does it Matter Caroline Kennedy Doesn't Vote?

The Cost of Conservatism, in Trillions

Republican I.T. man killed in a small plane crash was just subpoenaed

Divide and Conquer is American Business’s Number 1 Strategy to Keep Your Wages Low

why do you think the Obama selected Rick Warren?

How sad - a market truck swerved off the road in Portland

Unanswered question about the anthrax case. Why has the FBI refused to release this letter?

Carol Chomsky, Wife Of Noam Chomsky, Passes Away.

In Iraq, Maliki's arrest (and release) of political rivals resembles Musharaff's tyranny in Pakistan

Fuck you Dick Cheney. Nobody gives a fuck what you think!!!!!!!

never mind... not really funny, I guess

Are there any fans of "Keeping up Appearances" here?

SKINNER has said all DU'ers expected to support gay rights, including gay marriage ...

Increased shoplifting is another sign of bad times

These are the days of Justin Elmore

"It's Kristallnacht Two!" An Ethnic Cleansing in America

an incredibly touching letter to Obama. re: Warren pick

Can we demand respect for our own differentness without according respect for ALL differences? nt

Wanted: Foolish Economists

Robert Redford: Stopping Bush's Destruction of Our Environment

I DON'T support the troops.

Palin soap opera: Drug in Levi's mom's case is oxycontin

Media Matters: Let's Not Pretend Time Didn't Fawn Over Bush/Cheney

So .... we went to the liquor store and a political rally broke out.

Rove's tech guru dead in small plane crash -- here's who he was.

From what I've read today

Obama names 4 scientists to top administration posts

Should Obama Publicly Support Jerry Brown's Efforts To Overturn Prop 8?

I believe marriage is between 1 man, 1 woman, her friend Helen from law school, & his new camcorder

The DU Officially Sanctioned 'What do you think of Obama now?' Poll

From the "Assholes We'd Hoped Never to Hear from Again" files: Ken Starr rails against gay marriage

Do people who are bigoted ever change?

I've been trying to Monitor our Liberal Blogs about Rove's "IT Manager" dying in his Private Plane..

Take a break from recriminations! Celebrate the Winter Solstice!!

Dollars & Sense: Closures & Layoffs (Dec. 14-20)

This isn't about marriage. This is about the President honoring a sect that calls us pedophiles.

Bush Radio: "The actions I'm taking represent a step that we all wish were not necessary."

Ferraro: "Caroline Kennedy is not Ready for the Senate"

How is your outrage meter?

Dollars & Sense: The End of Pensions?

Weekend toons, Part 1, Bushco is still here, unfortunately

Velvet Revolution On Michael Connell Plane Crash - Non-Profit Demands Full Federal Investigation

Hacked CellPhone detects disease....

More evidence the era of Oil is coming to an end

Pictures of Mike Connell Plane Crash

Jerry brown, Great attorney general or greatest attorney general?

NATO Fuel Tanker Crew Killed in Pakistan

Anyone have news on the Denver plane crash

Anyone have news on the Denver plane crash

Guess Bristol Palin's baby's name

India May Attack Certain Targets In Pakistan, Military On High Alert

I checked at the "Rapture Ready" site just to see what they were up to.

Proof Positive that Socialism is the Wave of the Future

Iraqi Lawmakers Reject Draft Bill Extending Stay(Past 12/31) of Non-U.S. Troops

Why you should be upset about Warren and prop 8

American Lawyers Defend the Constitution-Call On House Judiciary To Investigate President & VP

An Aerial Tour of the Homes of Bernie Madoff and the Bailed-Out Bankers

All money donated to the DNC and Democratic candidate by Madoff, should be donated to charity.

Well Done: Geoff Kors Declines Inauguration Invitation

Plane Crash Kills Rove IT Guy, Testified in OH Voter Fraud Case, Key in White House Email Scandal

Inaugural Security: Leave Chairs, Strollers Home

We'll need action from Pres. Obama on War Resisters

***Donate lots of Campbell's Soups to your local food pantry***

The U.S. Goes Global With Its Anti-Gayness

Since the Volt is still vaporware how about the Ford Fusion Hybrid

Top Reasons to Move to France

Wow, Canada, when you do the math, is paying more than double per capita for the auto bailout

The Way We Were, 1968 (dial uppers: 343 KB graphic)

DUers GEM$MNC has the Connell crash

The Basic Issue At Hand About Warren Being Selected For The Invocation

Rather than just wringing our hands over Rick Warren, what can we do?

1,000th Post - WHATTA RIDE!

Bread and Roses--a bit of history for today:

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Federal

So here it is.. messy Xmas

Access to Bush E-Mails Delayed

Riots in America!!!

Two jobs in a household does not equal a wealthy lifestyle....

How the Grinches Stole Christmas by Mark Nease

The Rev. Fred Plumer

Michael Connell appears to be another victim of the Bush crime family.

For those of you defending the anti gay preacher

Unions, Labor and the State of the American Economy

Re: Auto bailout...this poll could use some DU love

it sure feels good to beat a ticket in court.

Just a simple poll

Squeezed on All Sides, Parents Forego Day Care

Going down to 10 below, tonight.

Fantastic fun idea for NEXT Christmas, if you have a large annual gathering

If it were Blacks who were not welcome to join Warren's Church - Would the outrage be different?

Comments regarding DU/Warren . . . I hope people read and think about this


Civil unions are a red herring

Pictures from Space...the most amazing shots I have ever seen...

In these hard economic times, please remember...

Released Detroit inmates promptly re-offend to head back to heat, health care, three meals a day.

The George W Bush Presidential Library is now accepting donations. Give til it hurts!

Warren: Gays are promiscuous, lack maturity (It's NOT just a two-minute prayer!)

It's worked in the past, image heavy

I work with low income families, and this is the hardest holiday I can remember..

Marcia Pappas of NY NOW: Caroline hasn't "paid her dues"

One of my sources died in a plane crash last night...Larisa Alexandrovna

The Noose Tightens-Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face legal jeopardy.

I'd like to wish every Pagan or just lovers of the frosty season a Happy Yule/Solstice weekend.

Please help Tavvi and Connor...

Sarah Palin is Time's runner up for Person of the Year

Bristolians Camping on Raytheon's roof

During the 60's progressives were able to fight multiple battles, not *just* civil rights

I wonder what Percentage of UAW workers vote Republican?

Over 100 US and Foreign Scholars Slam Human Rights Watch re Venezuela

No one who works actively to limit anyone's human/civil rights should be part of the Obama team.

Obama Down Time

Do Japanese Workers Have a Socialized Healthcare System?

Rick Warren believes that the Flinstones represents reality and man once ruled over dinosaurs.

Dharasana Satyagraha

The Warren invocation isn't really an issue about which "reasonable people can disagree"

Cringley's last column

Investigation reveals racist remarks at Florida Department of Children and Families

Can I just say THANK YOU to our DU Admins and Moderators?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Background on Mike Connell Case, Republican IT Who Died In Plane Crash

While we argue about Obama's cabinet picks, they have Wellstoned another one

Republicans almost had me feeling guilty about having a 30 years and out retirement program

NY Times: Bush Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire

Stephanie's Most Excellent PNAC Thread ...

Sea Shepherd has Japanese Whaling Fleet Is On the Run

Freeper talking points on the DU Economics Board.

We don't like where you shop so we're lowering your credit line, mmmkay?

I came across your recent statement calling my present activities "unwise and untimely".

Rick Warren: Not just a bigot.... A fucking IDIOT

Unimportant Topic: White Vigilante Groups Blockaded New Orleans Town, Killing Black Folks.

I told a coworker that you can tell alot about someone by how they:

We have quite the blizzard going up here in Iowa

Why don't the Japanese, Germans, and Koreans raise their worker's wages to meet UAW wages?

I want to apologize - I will deliver no more snark on the Warren subject

LBN: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Multiplies Loaves, Fishes

How many years until full, equal marriage rights are the law of the land in the United States?

The non-religious make up 15% of the population, where is the openly non religious speaker?

Utah Activist Disrupts Sale of Leases for Drilling - Hosed 'Em

Genetic modifications - which would be worse?

How many are like me, and waited till the LAST minute to do Christmas cards?

Who remaindered the book of love?

Photoshop mavens: Official Bush Portrait Revealed!

Anyone else like Iron Maiden?

It will make you laugh every time. Never gets old.

It will make you laugh every time. Never gets old.


Good night everyone

St Ides Malt Liquor with 2pac and Snoop Dogg

OK...just got done watching a Prodigy video on YouTube

19 News Cleveland says a Connell friend warned him that someone may

Can a person be a habitual cocaine user?

You know what's really smart to do on a blizzard-like night?

Here's my Christmas Song to All my friends at DU

Desktop Weather just told me a bald faced lie.

Pentagon Might Send 30,000 New Troops To Afghanistan Says Top Military Officer!

This weekend may destroy a lot of retail businesses.

White House email, elections lynchpin witness, GOP tech guru is dead

My mom likes Rick Warren.

For the first time in ages, I'm taking a trip and not bringing my laptop.

Someone please come over and help me packing

Are calendar stores common?

Why can't we just take out Prop 8 in the next election?

Here's what I did about Skinner's thread to help the Hungry. Kicking it up here as well, I hope.

Ok which one of you folks gave me the cooties - cause I have the fricking flu

Another 70 degree day in Texas, and that means....

Pagans, What are your solstice plans/rituals?

Midnight Mary

TracFone Trouble.

most people who really know me

Isn't it nice that that we relative few, from many different places can gather here in the Lounge

son of sanford and son

"We have more important issues to deal with"

Lesbian Gang-Raped in East Bay

On the light side ...

there's been a load of compromisin'

Plane accident at Denver Internation Airport...

Plane accident at Denver Internation Airport...

My pets in danger - the evil green eyed cat is the neighbor's !

I'm starting to think many progressives who claim to support human rights, don't. Not really.

Beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue

I'm taking a break from DU for a few weeks. Everyone have a Happy whatever you celebrate!

a bunch of cats (and some dogs) singing "White Christmas"

van halen's 1982 tour rider is not interesting for the "no brown m&m" stipulation

How would I go about making raspberry juice into liquor?

Folks, I am really liking the Chu pick.

The perfect Christmas gift for MrScorpio, if you're wont to give...

I don't know what an 'isz' is.

The Letter

Post a song that reminds you of the one you're still not over.

Are you guys keeping tabs of the philanthropical foundations that are closing because of Madoff?

Who should play Blagojevich in the movie?

Hot Smoke & Sasafrass by Bubble Puppy

POLL: If your given name were Ronald Clyde Crosby, would you change it to

Has the sheer repetition of Rick Warren's name affected you psychologically over the past few days?

Dennis Leary remembers Dennis Leary movies

Which is the BEST online Shoe-Throwing game?

Forgive me, DU, for I have sinned against thee. I have not posted anything about Rick Warren.

I'm naming my first born child Rick Warren (girl or boy).

"Pennsylvania is like Nazi Germany"...

Okay, a very, very important topic: The mystery of Icicle lights...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/20/2008)

Post a song that is never over

I think I may remain skeletal: Other skeletons please weigh in.

How sweet. Madoff gets to post his own security guards for house arrest.

My open letter to Skinner: Of DU, gay marriage and civil unions

Kids Today Don't Know How Good They Have It!

I think I may remain simple : Other simpletons please weigh in.

GD and GD:P--exemplifying the rhetorical concept of "hyperbole."

Cougar 101 with Hunter Parrish

anyone want to hear my tales of whining about women screwing with my brain?

I'm listening to the Theme From Shaft. Ask me anything


My kitteh is having a hard time going potty.

I've reprogramed it to only destroy the word Warren and I'm throwing it into GD. Who's with me?

I love how management turns the heat down on weekends

Is it wrong that

Obama names mystery science theater team

Today's word of the day is "Warren's penis". Substitute any word from any subject line to include

I don't know what a "wii wii" is.

Anyone else watching UConn Gonzaga?

VA, NC, and GA DU'ers. What are gas prices like these days.

Gift ideas for guys

The Strangest 'Snow Announcement' of All Time

Do you gawk and choke during .... intimate moments?

I did a naughty

I'm going to go outside and write my name in the snow. Anyone wanna see?

*REMINDER*--8PM--National Anthem---VEGAS!!!

Okay, I lived in Austin from 1983-1985

I don't know what a 'wii' is.

And now for something completely different: The 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar!

Bush Administration member you'd LEAST LIKE TO SEE as the 5th member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

It's minus FUCKING ten here.... MINUS ten (about 17 dgs to you people)

OMFG, have you seen this post?

I was just over in GDP and they're all talking about Rick Astley singing at the Inauguration!

I know it's not clover

A Classic post in GD. Thanks to DuStrange...

Need Help Finding Quote

Further proof that Emos can't handle the outdoors

I hate the St. Lawrence Seaway

On DVD, The Dark Knight's Chances For an Oscar Go Down, IMO

Anybody got a spare $180,000 laying around?

Reason 1396 Why I Rarely Enter GD anymore

Check in if you're going to spend the next 30 days in the lounge.

Challenge: combine the subject lines of three lounge threads. For example...

You have GOT to see this post!

Watching a Flintstones Christmas...

Video: Crash Will be Worse than Great Depression

Small Plane CRASH! Mike Connell, Karl Rove's Computer IT Expert About To Talk Is DEAD... LINK

Young Melons

Pink and blood on a steak? No freaking way...

"Caddyshack" marathon Sat. & Sunday (7 showings) on The Golf Channel

Here's what I'm obsessing about tonight. I like to keep you updated.

Pain while writing?

Pecan logs = crack

Joyous Solstice To All - my Twelve Songs of Christmas

"As a Christian, I believe marriage is between one man and one woman." Is this argument even...

Yes, even Devo can jump the shark

"You mean he's some kind of ChickenMan? You mean he's

Anyone seen my husband today?

Another reason to dislike Rick Warren: He Blames the Economy on the People

"Everything's gonna be all right... make or break, take some some... remember to take:"

I searched for "torture never stops" on Netflix and the first result was "The Neverending Story."


CONGRATS Penn State Women's Volleyball *UNDEFEATED* National Champions

Are there any fans of "Keeping up Appearances" here?

Some Good News Regarding the Burglary.....

In the last day on Freecycle, I've seen the following outrageous requests:

Somebody rub my tootsies! I walked and walked

My customer just asked me if I'm into older women.

My cousin's husband fell off a ladder, and was killed! Weeks ago!

Has anyone seen this video clip of Rick Warren?? Unbelievable..

I Just Saw a Man Collapse.

Real-life Mowgli kept alive by cats

Earwig Alert!!!! Beware

All of my brothers need to quit bleeding.

Young jalepenos

'No matter what you search for on google image, women in bikinis come up'

Best Songs

Have you ever seen Keith Morrison on Dateline? He seems entertained by human misery.

Have you ever jizzed during a grudge fuck?

Grudge Fuck

How can you get a "second season" in Northern California?

When is MXC on?

Remember 'fizzies'?

I am getting some ice tea, anybody want a glass.

How many folk can I insult with this Christmas joke?

West Side Story is on PBS - Natalie Wood is SMOKING

What are your deal-breakers?

Real-life Mugwumps kept alive by smack.

fuquit la bimbos

The Wizard of Oz is on TNT, started at 9 PM central.

It's been snowing for 33.5 hours now...

Holocaust survivor & Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel lives to see foundation wiped out by Madoff scandal

"The Handmaid's Tale" - Is it coming to Fruition??

Figure Study Part III - In 3-D


Could someone update me on the Baltimore/Dallas score?

Touchdown Arizona!

My dad's funeral was yesterday.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday December 20

Fall Out Boy Folie a Dull...

I think I may remain single : Other singletons please weigh in.

I started using the ignore function today after a few hours in GD

Is "jizz" a bad word?

update on my husband told me he wanted a divorce on the cell phone

Freedom of choice is what you've got. Freedom from choice is what you want.

Look to the northern sky

Yo, how much snow has dumped into your back yard today?

Can I get some vibes for my mom's missing kitteh?

Do you talk and joke during .... intimate moments?

What did you have for Dinner?

Happy Solstice / Yule... "Here Comes the Sun"

I'll say it: VISTA has been swiftboated

Best star Trek (Kirk era) movie?

Al Gore is full of shit!

Thoughts on a "Teach Yourself Guitar" book/video/etc. set?

Would you tolerate your spouse/partner/s.o./concubine to say "You dumb***" or "shut the f*** up"?

If you could have anything you wanted - just for yourself - for Christmas, what would it be?

My phone tech guy just asked me if I'm into younger men.

To Mr. Obama From Your Newly Gay Constituents

Does Science recognize Instinct?

All of my brothers need to quit breeding.

Just arrived home from Italy!


Peach Cobbler Can Rock My World


Skeet Skeet Skeet

So the but tutcher has picked up some new sayings from somewhere

Update on Mali, the abandoned kitty we rescued from freezing to death

How long till Rick Warren is on TV crying over some sex tryst?

Merlin is missing (not in the house) and my heart is broken...

To YOU, who think being gay is a "choice", and should be resisted for moral and responsible reasons.

20 years ago Today (12/21/88) Pam Am Flt 103 Bombing over Lockerbie

Name that baby! Bristol's baby due today!

Next Christmas season, I am so putting this major award on my lawn

I hate Lawrence Welk.

It took me a whole SIX YEARS to get here, but I just made my 5,000th post!

Should US demilitarize?


DUers watercolor of Obama in Time Magazine!

Show us your reptiles

I Have Ambivalent Feelings about the Argument on DU over Obama’s Selection of Rick Warren

Photographers: Is film dying?

DUers who know me know I regularly ridicule & dismiss the tinfoilers. Till today

Anyone having computer problems since last Firefox update?

If you had to choose true love vs. comfort and security forever...

Then he smiled at me pa rum pa pum pum, me and my drum

Erich Fromm on what love is and what it isn't

Dr Who just reproduced.

We just watched a documentary about an unsolved murder

I think GDP should be renamed GDRW

are all calico cats nuts?

are all calico cats nuts?

Alternative to a bigot delivering a prayer at a state function.

Post a song that describes how you're feeling right now.

do you think I probably abetted a drug deal?

Looking out my back door

My neighbors gave an outdoor holiday party...Pics!

Crap, I think my cat's dying...

Product of the day: Potty Mouth

Feral cat update

A few words about Obama's selection of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inaguration.

Muppets-style Chanukah spoof - rabbi has run-ins with Homeland Security.

A Dangerous Imbalance For The GOP (writing off the Midwest re opposing Auto bailout is suicidal)

Kick if you want to kick someone/something.

SUPERCOOL Giant Map Thingy of DC (for the Inauguration)

The Rick Warren issue, as relates to DU.

Dammit! We won! Isn't it time we let them know it!?

What Obama has inadvertently (?) done is inflame the DIALOG about GLBT rights in

Mr. Obama Disagrees

Obama, in a ‘slap in the face,’ invites right-wing evangelist to the inauguration

30 Days kids ........

Obama picks Daniel Tarullo to fill open seat on Federal Reserve Board

What's this I hear about Barack Obama inviting Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration?

The vitriol level of the Rick Warren issue, as relates to DU.

A fond farewell from Jackeens_for_Obama!

Pulse of DU: Is it fair to say that President-Elect Obama no longer has your support? (LoZo-matic™)

"You don't gotta go home but you can't sleep here!"

is it fair to say any critique of barack makes

Should I post a Rick Warren thread, or an Oasis thread?

Rick Warren.. what his inner self might look like...

A perspective: "Here's what I think's happening here."

The three warmongering amigos finally calling for withdrawal from Iraq... sort of.

President-Elect Obama will name science team during Saturday's address

My Letter to President-elect Barack Obama

Is it possible the Democratic leadership (inc. Obama) are willing to sacrifice the gay vote...

Why I'm mad right now

The people most responsible for the inappropriate level of vitriol on DU at the moment.

Bush History - Bush Explains Why He Calls Natural Gas "Hemispheric" - 12/20

Franken is Winning, and Coleman Knows It

Rick Warren

CO-Sen: Hickenlooper Stronger Than John Salazar in New Poll

First transgender hired on Capitol Hill

lol... oh, geez! ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

WHEW!!!! I have finally figured out a solution to this whole Rick Warren fiasco

Rick Warren: Americans are suffering because America has turned away from God

Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival.

Gay community adopting republican stance.

pawlenty Thinks he Can Appoint A "Temporary" U.S. Senator???

So how long will calling Obama a "bigot" for the Warren invocation debate last?

sarah palin and her in-law's manufacturing substances and engagement dinner

Obama's New Sec of Transportation: What You Need to Know About Ray LaHood

"How long? Not long, Because "no lie can live forever."

You're making a staw herring argument, just a deus ex hominem attack, a sine qua quid quo

Obama appoints "leading experts on climate change who have advocated forceful government response"

Netroots Nation Inauguration Party!!!

Maybe "The God Warrior" should give the invocation

The Bush Legacy

Obama names two senior advisors in his weekly address

Obama names two senior advisors in his weekly address

As an agnostic I could be offended at every invocation

Didn't Clinton start out right away with a gay rights issue that backfired?

Rick Warren Violates Cone of Silence, Give McCain Advance Copy of Inaugural Prayer.

Why can't Obama just add THIS GUY to the roster right before Warren

What will happen when warren addresses the obama crowd

The Democratic Party of today is more in line with the following Pre-Clinton president:

a silent protest

That little voice that says "What? and Oh NO"

In Cabinet, Obama goes for experience, pragmatism

it is easier for a pig to pass through the eye of a needle, than for rick warren to enter heaven.

Why this Obama skeptic is mildly optimistic

Rick Warren praised Anglican bishop implicated in massacre of 600 Muslims

Should a President who believes that life begins at conception...

Poll: Do You Have Regrets Over Your Primary Choice?

Has the sheer repetition of Rick Warren's name affected you psychologically over the past few days?

A Silver Lining To The Warren Blunder

I'm naming my first born child Rick Warren (girl or boy).

Douchebag versus shit sandwich.

The thought of watching Rick Warren for 2 minutes on inauguration

Southerners are the missing group in Obama's Cabinet

Will make a donation to a DU'er w/out a star if DU-P can go 15 minutes w/out bitching.

Two days after giving Bush a 'peace award', Warren called for the assassination of Iran's President

Environmentalists Fuming Over Ken Salazar's New Post (Obama's pick for Interior)

If Rick Warren supported a proposition in CA to ban interracial marriage

Kennedy comes out for gay marriage - Politico

Do we want a **Dominionist** at the podium at the Inauguration??

Do we want a **Dominionist** at the podium at the Inauguration??

No need to revisit the primaries. Hillary would have done just as much good/bad.

LAT: Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead prayer dismays Hollywood


Why is there an invocation (prayer) at a presidential innaguration?

Re politicians

Real change.

I am going to offer a definition of a word that I think is appropriate here, and you will hate me.

A question..

Gates Backs Obama's Promise to Close Guantanamo: "It Will be a 'High Priorirty'."

1st Presidential Executive Order. Repeal DOMA.

If YOU were President, how would you go about dealing with

Today's word of the day is "Warren's penis". Substitute any word from any subject line to include

General Chang: "You do prefer it this way, don't you, as it was meant to be? No peace in our time."

Poet Elizabeth Alexander to read at inauguration

Can't find a ride to Washington for Jan. 20? Book a boat

The top issue in the USA today is NOT keeping Right Wing Religious Nuts Happy!

To reach out to your enemies, you have to stay close to your friends

This confirms that the fundy line about hate the sin, love

I'm not gay, but I think it's time...

Here's a compromise on Rick Warren.

As a woman and a feminist and a mother

Kick and Rec this if you want me to ....

Separate and Not Equal (NY Times)

Pick One -- Corrupt Republicans, or Incompetent Democrats

Crooks & Liars: Some other 'bridge-building' invitees to Obama's inauguration

I Had Dinner Last Night With A Fundamentalist Baptist Minister

I have an extra Inauguration ticket

Please help my secular option to Warren poll (link inside) ...

Hey GDP, take a 2:45 break with the immortal Slim Gaillard.

Progressive Leaders/Presidents NEVER sit down w/ bigots or give them a platform!!! O RLY? pic heavy

ONE month left! Time for 76 Trombones..a song that is the very definition of excitement.

I have a dream ...

O is the most "gay friendly" president this country has ever had who vocally supports gay rights

EVERYBODY Gets a seat at the table

Rick Warren

A statement on the state of DU

The mods on this board are good and fair

An apology of sorts....and hopefully an olive branch.

Can we watch Rachel Maddow anymore?

I think a lot of people here didn't understand Obama when he

Dear President (elect) Obama

Obama's grades at Columbia

Rick Warren is an evil man

I Can See Only One Way For Obama To Make Up For Warren

WP: Optimism High About Obama Policies, Poll Finds (Nearly seven in 10, 76% approve Transition)

Hey neighbors! • We're trying to turn around a full-steam-ahead aircraft carrier ...

prop 8 supporters want retroactive nullification of gay marriages

What Obama showed me, throughout the elections.....

He didn't choose Donnie McClurkin for the invocation

Obama names science and technology team

Pissed about Rick Warren? Poll time: Did you vote for Obama after knowing about the McClurkin issue?

What would you like to see happen in the first 100 days of an Obama administration/Dem Congress?

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what about Bill "It's a choice" Richardson?

Can I just say thank you to the Mods

prominent Republican political consultant killed in small plane crash

K&R if you think the Mods should add a space for keywords for each post

Rick Warren = Anti-Gay, Anti-Evolution, Anti-Social Justice: The Nation

Since Loving vs. Virginia was mentioned here, let's here some words from Mildred Loving...

Some good news. Please read! Obama's NOAA Appointment May Have a Profound (positive) Impact

Maybe I'm Just Easy ...

Biden on This Week Dec 21

People please. GPP's acting as if Warren was appointed Secretary of State or something!

Some issues are absolute

this is why it's wrong:

this is why it's wrong:

Obama's Science Team: 4 Top Members Named

Learning to talk to each other

All modern Republicans claim they would have supported the 1960s Civil Rights Acts

If someone threw a shoe at Warren at the inauguration...

I do not want the next FDR. I want the first Obama.

Where's the baby?

Things to do when Warren is on TV- (PICS)

As An Atheist

Rev. Eric Lee taking a stand against Bigotry & Inviting R. Warren to a Real Debate (action alert)

Progressives are NEVER against finding common ground or expecting fellow men to evolve.

I Now Realize Why The Chinese Consider The Saying, "May You Live In Interesting Times"...

If we want to be really honest, Obama showed us that he was against gay equal rights from the start.

So let me get this straight: We worked for eight years for this inauguration...

WaPo editorial: The Clinton Conflict

When you have a hammer, sometimes everything looks like nails.

In the interest of inclusion, I believe we should give creation scientists a seat at the table

A Thread I Think Worth calling Some Attention To Here, My Friends

Gene Robinson: Warren Invitation "a Slap in the Face"

I'm not gay, and I am disgusted and appalled with the choice of Warren

Any chance we could get a pro-Obama forum on DU?

Obama goes vacationing in Hawaii while Ken Starr tries to invalidate existing gay marriages

Obama chooses his poet

Rev. Joseph Lowery on the position of Gays! And this is the "Liberal" !

The top issue in the USA today is NOT gay marriage

OK. That's going too far. Joseph Lowery is a hero and seeing him

Ladies and Gentlemen one month from today the bastard will be GONE

Fuck Kenneth Star

just so i'm clear, who's on the 'eat shit and go away' list of our new and improved uniter?

gay rights and the civil rights struggle of the 1960's HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON

why did anyone support Obama at all?

Let's be clear about what Obama's position on gay marriage is

NYT: Downturn Will Test Obama’s Vision for an Energy-Efficient Auto Industry

Perhaps Obama's selection of a bigot was intended to highlight their bigotry

Regarding DU and the reaction to Warren...too much outrage, not enough outrage, or just right?

He's A Muslim

Telling Obama who he can/can't associate with religiously is itself intolerance

enough about the Warren selection. It's just a bloody prayer, folks.

Both sides isolating themselves from each other will accomplish nothing. (Warren)

My husband of three months went to the doctor yesterday

Obama appears to have made up his mind on Warren, now what?

How do you respectfully disagree with hatred?

Caroline Kennedy: I'm a 'Clinton Democrat' (among others)

"Highly inflammatory or divisive attacks that echo the tone or substance of our political...

Today - NY Times "...President-elect Barack Obama has found himself enmeshed in a new controversy "

Joel Olsteen a better pick to reach out to the evangelical "right"?

"Chicken in a Biskit" crackers from Australia contain no chicken, but here they do contain some.

"Chicken in a Biskit" crackers from Australia contain no chicken, but here they do contain some.

Rec this if you can abhor the Warren choice, but still support and be thrilled Obama is Pres Elect!

Bishop Chane: Obama "is courting the powerful at the expense of the marginalized."

Dear Pastor Warren

Iraq politicians reject pact allowing Brits to stay

Iraq MPs block non-US troop bill

Secret nuclear sell-off storm

Iraqi Judge Orders Baath Party Plot Suspects Freed

Youth pastor accused of sexual relationship with teen

Career Army officer sues Rumsfeld, Cheney, saying no evacuation order given on 9/11

Girl Handing Out Cough Drops Accused Of Selling Drugs At School

Canada offers $3.29 billion in loans Detroit Three

The Noose Tightens-Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face legal jeopardy.

Obama Reshapes White House for Domestic Focus; "shift away from Bush priorities"

UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender

Music industry drops effort to sue song swappers

Cerberus offers stake to unions

Judge blocks 8th-grade algebra testing in Calif.

Inaugural Security: Leave Chairs, Strollers Home

"Drill, baby, drill' process has begun

Last S Korean troops leave Iraq

Iraqi shoe-thrower: I would do it again

Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions

Plane Crash Kills Rove IT Guy, Testified in OH Voter Fraud Case, Key in White House Email Scandal

Obama names 4 top members of science team

Anti-war protesters target U.S. consulate in symbolic shoe-toss

Iraqi Shoe-Hurling Journalist Said to Ask for Pardon

Obama Expands Stimulus Goals

Hunger Mounts in US (Feeding America Finds 30 Percent Increase in Emergency Food Assistance)

Colombian Indians push anti-government protests

Fortisgate scandal topples Belgian Government

Scientists Hack Cellphone to Analyze Blood, Detect Disease, Help Developing Nations

Goldman Execs Lose Bonuses, State Loses Millions

Chicago Sit-in workers Get Checks (VICTORY)

Up to 30,000 new U.S. troops in Afghanistan by summer

Bush E-Mails Secret a Bit Longer,Legal Battles,Technical Difficulties Delay Reqrd Trnsfr to Archives

Feds won't appeal ruling in gas drilling

China blocks access to New York Times Web site

Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time's runner-up

Carol Chomsky, 78, Linguist and Educator

Motor City's woes extend beyond auto industry

Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid

Oil Plunge Heightens Tensions in Iran

U.S. Military Mobilizes Troops for Inauguration

Obama ups jobs goal to 3 million on bad economic news

In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match

Airliner goes off runway at Denver airport

Senate-for-sale case threatens new chief of staff

UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender

Calif. Supreme Court Ruling May Deter Good Samaritans

(Prominent Republican)Pilot killed as plane crashes in Lake Twp. ("Rove's IT consultant")

Madoff probe uncovers fresh scams

(Caroline) Kennedy comes out for gay marriage

Johnston's arrest was oxycontin-related

Gaza militants fire 13 Qassams, 23 mortar shells into Israel on Sat.

Israeli Troops Kidnap Two Lebanese Citizens

Mr. Obama Disagrees

Obama, in a ‘slap in the face,’ invites right-wing evangelist to the inauguration

Bernard Madoff Ethnic Cleansed America

Bernard Madoff $50 billion Ponzi scheme ignites outpouring of anti-Semitism online

Taking Command By Wesley K. Clark

Mary Mitchell: Warren pick insults struggle for justice

Helen Thomas: There are good reasons to bail out Detroit

'Angel' of foreclosure defense bedevils lenders

We Call on You Lord: Leaked Rick Warren Invocation

UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender

Sarah Chayes on Negotiating with the Taliban

Historians See Eerie Parallels Between JFK and Bush Attacks

Bob Herbert, Hope Amid the Gloom: "A radically different environment for the nation’s workers?"

"Deep Throat" Mark Felt: Lawman's Unwavering Compass Led Him to White House Showdown

APPRECIATION: In Dark Times, You Need a Mark Felt in the Shadows

LAT editorial: "Darth Vader" Cheney's delusions

WP, pg1: For Obama Cabinet, A Team of Moderates; In Picks, Few Hints About Policy Plans

Cheney-8 years on the dark side

Separate and Not Equal (NY Times)

Taking Yes For An Answer

The Biggest Knock on Caroline's Candidacy

Obama's revolution on climate change

Frank Rich:Who Wants to Kick a Millionaire?

Thanks, NYTimes - 5 Torturous Years Too Late

Greece and the Insurrections to Come

Mark Helprin in WSJ: Bush Has Made Us Vulnerable

Could GE Collapse?

Harvard International Review: Can Obama Restore the US Image in the Middle East?

Obama Reshapes White House for Domestic Focus; "shift away from Bush priorities"

"Pay close attention to Greece... it might eerily presage disturbances elsewhere in 2009"

A World Enslaved-"There are now more slaves on the planet than at any time in human history"

Why Rick Warren's acceptance of Obama is more important than Obama's picking of Warren.

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Federal

A Progressive Case for Rick Warren

Open Letter to Mainstream Media (poetry sarcasm)

Countdown: Bushed! 12/19 - Gay-Gate, Corrupt E.P.A. Head

Wall Street Crash of 2008

Messages to Obama from Iran

Break it Down

Forgotten Years

Countdown: Difference Between Hockey Mom & Pit Bull? Meth?

phil ochs love me I'm a liberal

Madoff: "I'm very close with the regulators."

Not Bankers

Young Turks: Bernard Madoff -- $50 Billion Thief -- Disgraced on Camera

12/20/08 President-elect Obama's Weekly Address

Don't Blame Unions For Detroit's Ills

Jonathan Turley: Obama needs to prosecute Bush/Cheney!

Maron v Seder: Bush Pardons Gay Ignorace over Rick Warren's Involvement In Obama Inaguration.

John Dean: Obama needs to prosecute Bush/Cheney!

Robert Parry discusses the evidence of Nixon's treasonous legacy and the media's choice to ignore it

TYT: O'Reilly Wants Us to Vote on Christmas

TYT: Rush Limbaugh's Totally Un-Funny Story & Fox News

George Carlin: Swearing on the Bible & Imaginary Rights

Young Turks: Why Do Politicians Rip Us Off?

Rachel Maddow: Bush in One Word

In Defense of Iran

Syriana's Stephen Gaghan talks about being 'Wellstoned'.

The Twelve Days of Choosing (Obama's Top Team)

Obama - The making of a President

New Dirt on Pastor Warren via Rachel Maddow

I DIDN'T DO IT! Alberto Gonzales First Interview Since Leaving Dept of Justice

Santa Claus Bailout Hearings

Solider rings bell for a different Army

'Poster boy' of deserters not on U.S. wanted list

Kehler: NSI Failures Part of Solution

Airman Facing Bribery Charges Waits In Guam

Special Ops ‘Surge’ Sparks Debate

Gates Approves CAB Deployment to Afghanistan

Reserve Policy Board To Be Overhauled

Russian Diplomat Criticizes U.S. Arms Control

Soldier Returns From Iraq, Surprises Children

Marines Take On Obstacle Course in Pensacola

IRR Marines Can Stay Deployed

Thunderbirds Announce Their 2009 Schedule

Former SEAL Shot In Bizarre Murder

Okinawa Addresses Pollution At U.S. Bases

Russia Unveils Anti-APS RPG

5th Fleet boss: Navy To Go After Pirates

Nigeria to Supply 25% of US Oil by 2015

Group: TVA estimate for nuclear plans is low; Documents say cost would near $22 billion

The military's idea of 'Greening the battlefield'

Joe Romm elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

AlterNet: Disney Exhibit Gives Visitors a Warped Idea of Waste and Consumption

Arctic Temperatures Fall 2007 At 9F Above Averages - All Time Record Warmth

Growth in US oil consumption to slow significantly

Final Cape Wind review held until '09 (Mass.)

Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions

Solar Power Rebate Program Is a ‘Victim’ of Its Own Success (Conn.)

(Integrated) Wind-Hydro Could Be Boon To State's Economy (South Dakota)

Swiss Government Study - 10 KM3 Of Swiss Glaciers Melted In Past 9 Years

Igor Semilitov (UA Fairbanks) - Release Of 1% Of East Siberian Methane Hydrates = Runaway Warming

Arctic melt 20 years ahead of climate models

Panasonic + Sanyo Could Create Solar and Battery Giant

Fiddling with words as the world melts

Swiss glaciers 'in full retreat': Swiss glaciers are melting away at an accelerating rate …

Met Office warn of 'catastrophic' rise in temperature: … more than 5°C in the next 90 years …

Conscience clause and relaxed environmental regs among Bush's lame-duck rulings

Climate change: 'We need to unleash the power of the masses' - We need to engage everyone, …

Study Shows Wind Power Much Better than Ethanol

Dishwasher question....

Hydrogen plan will fill in when wind turbines stop (Scotland)

Now China is growing slower, can it grow cleaner?

Green Jobs Champion Hilda Solis Gets Secretary of Labor

Dairy growth has Idaho thinking cow-pie power

What do you all know about bio-defense labs?

Wind Energy will be an early test of Obama's White House Staff

Obama taps accomplished marine scientist and conservationist Jane Lubchenco to head NOAA

EU Fisheries Commission Will Allow 30% INCREASE In N. Sea Cod - Decision "Farce", Says Greenpeace

Wind Energy More Economically Sound Than Mountaintop Removal Mining

Obama Science Advisor John Holdren: proliferation proliferation proliferation

RWE says to build German offshore wind farm ($4b, 960 MW)

Polywell fusion final report double-checked by peer-review panel

Obama picks Daniel Tarullo to fill open seat on Federal Reserve Board

Have too much money? Help is available.

Hunger mounts in the US

Obama: Labor pick is blazing new trails "As secretary of labor, I will work to strengthen our unions

Today in labor history Dec 20 The first American cotton mill began operation

UAW: Thanks for Your Efforts!

NYT: In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match

Union workers in auto bailout crossfire

DNA (Denver Newspaper Agency) demands wage concessions by Jan. 16

This racist scum is about to go to sleep. Good night you guys

Warren's publisher = Zondervan...Zondervan owned by...wait for it...HarperCollins/News Corp

Rick Warren is, and will continue to be, the narrative until January 20

How much money have we given this site over the years?

UN declaration for the universal decriminalization of homosexuality signed by 66 countries

Obama said repeatedly that this is the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". So why is he inviting a man

Coming out at christmas - London gay men's choir

If the locking of particular threads upsets you

What's this I keep hearing about a bareback church?

Gay is the new nigger

Can I get second opinion on the lyrics to this song? Please?

Mr. Obama Disagrees

Gay People - They Never Learn!

Away from the current topic du jour, is this a good thing for Prop 8, or is this just one guy

Obama, in a ‘slap in the face,’ invites right-wing evangelist to the inauguration

Brown urges court to overturn Proposition 8

A moment to give a heart felt THANK YOU to our non-GLBT friends who support us with enthusiasm!

The long-suppressed 'gay episode' of Star Trek has just been posted online

How do you respectfully disagree with hatred?

I see "Let it sink" may be the next plan for Warren threads

I cherish the DU and admire Skinner, but I will not come to the DU on Inauguration Day.

A Thread I Think Worth Calling Some Attention To Here, My Friends

Please help my new poll.

Phase 1. " People to Remove Rick Warren from the Inauguration"

Lone Justice - Shelter

Just donated my 4 Obama t-shirts to Goodwill this morning

I went to bed early and Haruka just filled me in on last night

Marriage Equality Now blog

With the reality that some want to revoke "18K" CA gay marriages

*Jama's lips quiver...

To those of you needing a break from DU:

I'm envious of this community. You are awesome, wonderful people..

I'm freaked.

My GLBT Friends, Go and Voice Sign this on Change.Org then vote for it.

So, is this the kind of condescension this community has to put up with?

Episcopal Bishop of D.C. Condemns Warren Invitation

OK, the anger for me has devolved into a slow burn... I think it's time to move on

Obama goes vacationing in Hawaii while Ken Starr tries to invalidate existing gay marriages

Good luck getting DADT repealed with this bozo as the Armed Services chair.....

Does anyone know what Obama's actual record is on gay rights?

When you're GLBT, your life is your activism, your life is your protest

Argentina suspends Astiz release

Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions

WaPo editorial hitpiece on Chavez today:

Skinner perfect as Wake downs Navy in EagleBank Bowl (TSN)

I feel dirty saying this but.... GO COWBOYS!

Holyfield vs Valuev

Wow - This Is Like Tthe Worst Night Ever For BYU!

Doc Ellis of the Pirates just died.

kid brings 4 oz. of mercury to school, spills some

University requiring Measles Immunization - for On-line course

I got my electronic cigarettes today.

New Year, Younger You: 20 Anti-aging Herbs and Spices You Must Add to Your Diet Now

Following one's strengths to a new life and career. Love what you do.

More vibes for RetroLounge's mom (cancer dx).

Astrological Perspectives on Bernard Madoff

Watch the Solstice Sunrise at Newgrange in Ireland via webcast

Hi, folks. Anyone interested in Kryon?

Consider Imagining & visualizing a peace summit.

Just a heads up notice - MichaelHarris has a stunning photo thread up in GD

Look - I took a picture of a rainbow lying on the ground.

8 years of W and this is all that's left...

Is This Really Necessary?

What do you think when you see......

So if Prop 8 hatemongers....

need a cook's cookbook/reference man/ encyclopedia

Help me pick a menu for Tuesday's important dinner

Rick Warren - The New National Preacher

On Faith: Queen Noor: The End of WMDs

Just got the best christmas present - mom's chestnut recipe!

The Jesus Christ hypothesis for the evolution of flight

Journal requires peer-reviewed Wikipedia entry to publish

Banned From the Bible on Now - History Channel

Mars Orbiter Indicates Mars Was Habitable

DU Zoology geeks: Do animal populations react differently right before extinction?

History Channel to air special on 'sex in space'

Researchers probe scat for clues to orca decline

US investigation into gravity weapons 'nonsense'

Why Does War Breed More Boys?

How can people say all Atheists are alike?

Tale of the coelacanth

WTF is 'Holy Barking'?

Want to thank everyone who gave me advice about youtube

More on supporting children of our troops

Seeing India/Pakistan through a glass, darkly

Happy Birthday Democrafty

UW they even have a chance???