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Archives: December 16, 2008

Just incase you thought it was a lone gunman.....

Do they put Leno's Headline News on YouTube, or someplace?

The Media Are Coming to Get You.

When we gather on our Solemn National Holidays...

There are registered 133,883 on this forum. Can we work together as a team!

Meet Justin. The Plumber. An Arizonan who voted for Obama.

Charlie Rose. Mr. Miliband is on, and there is a lot riding on 2009,

I'd like to see Rocky Anderson on the radar

Daily Mail: Pop Stars Tell The U.S. Military To Stop Using Their Songs To 'Break' Terror Suspects

Why I'd Like Caroline Kennedy in Congress....

Send Bush Your Shoes!

AUTO BAILOUT - GOP to blame it on Bush?

George W Bush -Zeidi's beef is genocide

Barney's a cute dog, but I am SICK of the lame Barney Xmas video crap

Why not call "King's X", and start over?

Letter to Santa leads to molestation arrest

Obama is my president.

If Bush were a Democrat he would have been impeached already.....

Good Morning WJ fans - Carloline Kennedy for the Senate?

Can someone please talk to Dubya??

Looks like we're going to have an impeachment here in Illinois.

Fellow peons-Do you like going to the beach but find the hot sand a bother?

Security Video Tracks Man Molesting Child at California Book Store

How We Got the Worst Health Care System Mountains of Money Can Buy

Bribing a Congressman Gets You 30 Months

Bribing a Congressman Gets You 30 Months

More than 2 trillion tons of ice melted in artic since '03

Snow Day!!

Prudish NYT Columnist Condemns 'Hooking-Up'

Great moment in TV journalism last night on Fox

"Toyota Republicans"

SUV hit a pedestrian tonight in front of me and my grocery store.

What can realistically be done to "construct" a memorial to everyone...

Anyone have a good recipe for "shoe fly" pie?

Anyone have a good recipe for "shoe fly" pie?

Explosives Found at Paris Department Store; With Warning Letter

"Things are going to be awful for everyday people." (8 really, really scary predictions)

GE unit inks power deal worth nearly $3B with Iraq

International Federation of Journalists wants shoe-thrower released - Iraq to probe 'custody abuse'

Palin comments on Blagojevich-last night

Should Congress be on vacation?

A Defender of the Rule of Law Waits in Legal Jeopardy, While Abusers are Doing Well

What do Al-Qaeda/Muslim creeps think of Dubai?

This Modern World: 2008 year in review: Goodbye to all that!

All states should have emergency funds socked away for special elections.

Caroline Kennedy Should Not Get Hillary Clinton's Seat

Democrats Readying Legislation in Case Treasury Asks for More TARP Funds

Toyota to seek 30 pct cut in steel price

The state of our planet's Oceans

"There is no implication of any illegality ....but the questions do still exist"

Al Maliki is a dictator.

Still Another bush Joke!

'What Rich People Don't Want You to Know About Their Spending'

Norah O'Donnell:

Whitman-Walker, a Longtime Front in AIDS War, Moves Out

Dennis Quaid settles with Cedars-Sinai for $750K over infant medication error

BushCo is planning on "helping" GM by dismantling it softly and breaking the union

Mr. Bush - does NOT speak for me...

Blue Dogs push for fiscal commission in stimulus

Analysis of challenged ballots shows Coleman lead erased

Russian Warships to Dock in Havana

Tom Toles cartoon

Bush Got Off Easy With The Shoes - They Should Throw The Book At Him.....nt

Minnesota Recount Enters Crucial Phase Tuesday

The CSpan1 discussion on Hoover is excellent

Poll Finds Support for Obama's War Views-...70% Back Pullout

NBC:Iraqi reporters brother says sources told him al-Zeidi in hospital for head wound and broken arm

I feel safe - "Confirmed: Air Force Falls Short in Third Nuke Test"

WHISTLEBLOWER protection. Can Thomas Tamm be helped?

Caroline Stands on the Shoulders of Giants

Another republic politician to despise:

I say we make merit pay universal across all professions.

I am pretty sure this is a war crime

Isn't today when the MN canvassing board meets to start counting challenges?

Del. Man Charged In Bizarre Castration Plot

Coleman And His Wife Hire Lawyers -- One Each

President of Bush's presidential library: museum will not avoid divisive episodes, such as Katrina

2008, Year In Review ... Part One: Goodbye To All That

Bob Ney To Flee Ungrateful Country

Bush's Boot Camp, the shoe throwing incident becomes a video game..

"These Kids Syndrome"

Auto industry rescue on hold as Bush looks at the data

The Rude Pundit: Dick Cheney Emerges to Tell You He Regrets Nothing

Cheney re the financial meltdown:"It's a problem Obama administration is going to have to deal with"

That newsweek guy is on msnbc saying the press should get tougher w obama

STFU M$Greedia and GEM$NBC

What will happen when self-proclaimed defenders of traditional marriage remember that...

eeK! Bush: Jeb ‘would be an awesome U.S. senator.’»

Comparing safety records at American auto makers to foreign auto makers

Pellicano gets 15 years in wiretapping case


Sometimes people suck: Child Writes to Santa, Asks for Molestation to End

Sometimes people suck: Child Writes to Santa, Asks for Molestation to End

send your old shoes to the bush libary.....

Dana Perino: "I know that there are people in Iraq who are angry, angry at their situation"

Let me ask you all something. What exactly disqualifies Caroline Kennedy from being a Senator?

Thousands of Iraqis rally for Bush shoe attacker

Najaf Crowd Pelts US Troops with Shoes

Headline: "Obama names Chicago school chief as education secretary"

Alleged Fraudster Bernie Madoff's Tie To SEC

It's pretty obvious the MSM and the Repubs are after Rahm Emanuel.

Republicans subsidize foreign auto makers, but leave Detroit hanging

Bushies v. Clinton re: the economy (Dial-Up Warning)

Bush: "I don't know what his beef is."

I now have a (very) rough idea of what Katrina survivors went through

US helps General Electric win three billion dollar Iraqi power deal

If the Iraqis are throwing shoes at Bush now what do you think they will say about us when we leave?

Shoe hurler being tortured!!

Isn't it ironic?

RNC Attack Campaign Drawing Republican Critics

It's time for a SHOE AVATAR!

SHOES FOR BUSH at White House Wednesday 11 a.m.

Families of fallen soldiers travel to Disneyland

The USD is crashing:

Support the shoe thrower - post your shoes on Flickr at

Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour pissed away $200 million of state money on a cancelled Toyota plant

New York Post endorses Caroline Kennedy

Perino: We’re not occupiers in Iraq; we’re guests.»

Sung to Beverly Hillbillies theme.

5 years and $100 billion into the Iraq occupation we hadn't fixed what we destroyed while invading

"Madoff Was Cheating--That's Why I Invested With Him"

How much did Madoff wife know about his $50billion swindle?

Even officials in red states like the Obama stimulus plan

Cheney would still have invaded Iraq, no matter what - cites Saddam's 'capability'

Has there ever been a Sec of Education with public, grade school teaching experience?

Suspect to be named today in Walsh killing 27 years ago

Nazi hunters give trial docs to Holocaust Museum

Revealed: Magic Madoff’s family ‘piggy bank’ in the heart of Mayfair

Caroline For Senator and Jeb For Private Citizen

Making the sickness and selling the"treatments"

Criminal Congressman to Flee U.S.

Criminal Congressman to Flee U.S.

A real collection of fuckheads

I'm glad that there's recent findings in the area of breast cancer research, but...

PSA - Internet Explorer is not safe to use.

A nation of infants - Headlines 12/16/08

Anti-union ad sponsoring Thom Hartmann's radio show -- WTF?

I recently watched AMERICAN EXPERIENCE about Eisenhower, and he said some really good stuff.

President Elect Obama has one half sister from

House Votes 113-0 To Begin Impeachment Proceedings

House Votes 113-0 To Begin Impeachment Proceedings

World's first refrigerated beach!

BUSHCO: "hyper-masculinity fashioned in the conservative oil fields of Texas"

BUSHCO: "hyper-masculinity fashioned in the conservative oil fields of Texas"

dear andrea mitchell, the president-elect told you yesterday he can't talk about it

Economics question

Executives Could Profit Off Bailout Through Loophole...

The poor and less poor (a.k.a - middle class)

If This Guy Could Figure Out Madoff, Why Couldn't the SEC?

So how long before Faux labels Blagojevich (R-IL)?

Very cool vids of Christmas lights. Tons of them

SNL skit WAS guilty - of not being funny. Here's Ray Charles and Michael O'Donoghue doing it RIGHT

Wow Bush really *is* a uniter after all

Actor Cuts Throat on Stage in Knife Mix-Up (he's ok)

Bush re show thrower: "The journalist was looking for notoriety"

He'd rather pay a prostitute then pay an auto worker

Secret Service faces questions after Bush shoe incident

A local radio station is airing advertisements pushing offshore drilling.

Still stinging over Obama's pick of Salazar, who has been the most "progressive pick" so far?

Would you vacation at the Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden in January?

Executive Pay Packages: We Told You So, Part 4 (Sirota)

Cheney Takes Credit For Torture

EO: Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Friday, December 26

A Clear Policy Signal for Renewable Energy

The Bush Years: The Who could have known era - great read

If George W. Bush was any kind of a man,

U.S. Northeast Heating-Oil Delinquent Bills Top $100 Million

Muntazer al-Zaidi May Be Tried For Attempted Murder of a President

More questions for the President-elect from school kids today than reporters

Rom-coms 'spoil your love life'

Gingrich Rips RNC for Its Blogojevich Attacks

37% of Americans cannot find USA on map : Gallup poll

Banks and financial institutions affected by the Madoff business

Ho ho woes: Wrap rage results in lacerations and bad tempers

Upgrading from a cardboard box for the homeless

Bush must have a Nintendo Wii Fit

Why hasn't the shoe thrower been bailed out and interviewed yet in the new "free" Iraq?

Perino on bailout : "We will do it if we decide to do it."

Re: My thread on articles on breast cancer research and inappropriate pictures...

Rachel, Katie & Campbell Are In Vogue

To the wingnut who stole my Obama/Biden magnet and left a note - w4m

Swedish court: Canadian gay marriage not legal

US Costs of Iraq, Afghan Wars Top $900 Billion: Report

I can't wait til Chelsea Clinton wants to be appointed to a Senate Seat

Will Ferrell on Broadway as Dubya

I have now decided that it's bad luck to post anything on inappropriate pictures used for articles..

Missouri Considers Decriminalizing Margarine

Bush-New TX Home For 89,881–98,133 - Iraqi CIVILIAN Deaths-al-Zeidi Gets Torture-15 YRS For A Shoe

Fox News Radio just referred to "Gov. Barack Blogojevich"

CNN: Fed slashes key rate to near zero/Dollar falls after rate cut

U.S. Military Launches 'Afghanistan Social Outreach Program' - Sponsoring Afghan Militants

Blago...8th day of this.

For GOP To Start Winning Again, Bush Recommends Tax Cuts

GWB's worst nightmare..

Obama Reaches Out to Dying Socks

I have jury duty tomorrow. Someone from the court system just visited my website

Iraq reporter update: Rejects help from lawyer who defended Saddam - and invitation by Hugo Chavez

"Pellicano, Hollywood's 'Godfather', jailed for 15 years" by Ben Child (12-16-08 Guardian)

Playboy apologizes for cover in Mexico featuring nearly nude 'Mary'

What would the shoe thrower be charged with if it happened here?

Why we must prosecute Bush and his administration for war crimes

Bernard Madoff gave A LOT of money to Democrats. $100K to the DSCC!

Per MSNBC: Harry Reid is in favor of Caroline as NY Senator...

I'm watching Helen Thomas give Dana Perino another black eye...

Can someone intelligent please explain why the rate cut to below 0.25% doesn't=liquidity crisis?

March Of The Gay Penquins

I decided to forgive myself for all the mean things I said last month.

Just opened my Holiday greetings from loopy Loretta Sanchez:

Christmas gift choice: America or Homeland?

I'm Getting Sick Of Gretta on Washington Journal (C-Span)

Today In The Minnesota Recount: Franken Doing Well With Challenged Ballots

Was the Henry Burton character from "Primary Colors" based on Jesse Jackson Jr?

Was the Henry Burton character from "Primary Colors" based on Jesse Jackson Jr?

merit pay truly applied across fields.

The Bloodstained Path by Dennis Kucinich

Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field

Juan Williams: Iraqi Protesters Are 'Ingrate(s)' Who Should Appreciate U.S. Invasion

Microsoft issuing "critical" emergency browser fix for IE on Wednesday

Anyone work with a Office Cheapskate?

Obama Signals That Simple Fairness Will Rank Highest in His Decision-Making Process

Letter to Santa leads to Texas molestation charge

Waddya think? Over the top or proper response? Warning Graphic!

Illinois Republicans running ads for IL special election

Can you name anyone **more** clueless?

Consumer prices fall by largest amount in 61 years worth of records

As auto sales sink, Honda may cut earnings

A Band of Brothers With Camaraderie Forged on the Boards

Jackson, Jr. may have been working with feds to investigate gov.

GOP's War on Unions Already Underway

Wolf Blitzer talks with UAW President, Ron Gettelfinger about the auto bailout

The Best Defense Iran Could Have


Frank Gaffney is full of s**t that it is coming out of his ears.

Hollywood (FL) Police Identify Killer of Adam Walsh (son of John Walsh)...

Motor Trend: Ford F-150 is "Truck of The Year"

Bush tells CNN: "You've got to say I'm a little wiser. My knowledge of the world is more profound."

`We Are in a Panic': Desperation, Pain Show in E-Mails Over Madoff Scandal

KO: Bush never said the Taliban had been eliminated, even though he's on record saying it 4 times

Safavian defense rests without calling witnesses

You know what DUers - Cheney has just dared the world

Third of Hedge Funds Face `Wipe Out' After Returns Sink, IGS's Godden Says

Madoff’s Investors Needed a Blagojevich Moment

What is "lend america dot com" & why does Chris DODD allow them to use his name?

Whitaker: "We Can't Let Up" (questions related to Blagojevich)

Why are some of you blaming Alabama for the NO vote on the Bailout?

Speaker for your club: “Face to Face with the Women of Iraq” - southern states

Christmas Wars Episode I: The Fundie Menace

Cheney, on whether he has regrets: "I’ll have a chance to reflect on that after I get out of here"

OMFG - GOP probes Holder’s role in Elian Gonzales case (and Whitewater and Lewinsky)

wondering, are there ANY american reporters in iraq?

What changes have you made, b/c of the economy???

Finally...evidence of my Election Night celebration!

Death in the extended family

Cheney: I approved waterboarding

Unions Second to Auto Execs in Bailout Blame Game

MarketWatch: Apple says 2009 Macworld Expo will be its last

Keith: "See, here's the thing. The president is just full of crap."

Last night I watched Jacqueline Kennedy lead a tour of a renovated White House

StarTribune: 171 Vote Projected Franken Lead!

Had To Go To The Mall Today - Jesus! I had no idea it was that bad

If Republicans want to keep lowering "the wage" who will have any money

Shoes over the fence

"TPM:" ..... Madoff: 'I'm Very Close To Regulators -- In Fact, My Niece Just Married One'

See - here's the thing: The President is just full of crap !

Imagin if the Bush/Cheney argument had been that invading Iraq would cost over 4000 American lives

Not doing Dick

Nero ---> Fiddling. Bush----->

Delete please. Dupe. nt

a zinger on .NET Rocks

Do you grow more liberal or conservative as you grow older?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Miffed" At Prez Bush, Gets White House Apology

because half the people I was with believed that he was an Arab until I explained that he's Iranian

One Christmas present the GOP really wanted out of the bailout mess....

Cuts trickling down at my auto supplier employer, thanks Shelby & Co.

Is any wrongdoing by Blagojevich being exagerated by prosecutors and the media?

Documentary "Grass" w/Woody Harrelson on Sundance Channel now (9:40 PM EST). eol

Walton Family fortune... if distributed

You can't give him the dignity of the office if he didn't earn it legitimately. Period.

DU The 50,000 Signatures Campaign for Muntataha Zaidi petition

Hamas to Not Renew Israel Truce

The vice president of the United States has admitted to war crimes

Mexico drug gangs 'top US threat'

Anybody else think that the neocon, yuppie-scum weasel L. Paul Bremer...

What is the difference between Bush and Blagojevich

Petition circulating to call for vote on banning affirmative action in Missouri

Sarasota commissioners scrap law banning spitting

James Frey to write 'third book of the Bible'

One guy tries to blow a plane up with a shoe bomb... another tries to assault the president.......

Hi,DUers...Please DU my latest ltte

Pakistan, China to Boost Military Ties

Obama Cabinet Is Shy on Southerners, Republicans

Western Sahara: Controversy Over McDonald's Happy Meal Maps

Gordon Brown Ready to Defy Barack Obama Over Afghanistan Troop Surge

Henry "The Surge Is WORKING" Paulson: No more major financial institutions will fail during crisis

Ad for making $5,000 working from home.

stand up, be counted and throw shoes to power!

Where did the Madoff money go?

Kerry Admits Drone Strikes Are Counter-Productive

Rapture Ready finds it "interesting" that Barak = blessing in arabic & a dream & Hussein and hmmm

Any Honest estimates on Unemployment should the Big 3 go down

Brit HUME's last Faux anchor day is Tue 12-23 & will spend retirement "praying"

Firefox tops list of 12 most vulnerable apps

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%

Glide Memorial Methodist Church ran out of food this morning. First time in 22 years.

At least Nixon had the good grace to resign...

‘Remove Your Shoes to Hear (His Excellency)George Bush’(For Real)

"You're better off being a gay male penguin in China than a gay male human in Arkansas."

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

American Enterprise Institute - is there a worse think tank in America?

THIS is a guest. THIS is NOT a guest... Any questions?

Paterson next SNL skit - a proposal

Funny Matrix Shoe Gif

Someone should tell this idiot FReeper

This video will make your day...

Anyone else COLD?

Examiner's Crappy Gift Guide

Jesse Jackson Jr...Government Informant?

. . . in the deathless days before she died

What is with Andria Mitchell's hair?

Does Rahm Emanuel = DLC?

Human Misery in the Cause of Making Profits

Re: Madoff money, Ponzi schemes, and Wall Street collapse----

Can anyone who works for Fox News really be considered "attractive?"

Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son

ANSWER: Bush Shoe-Throw "Seasons Greetings" Card In Support Of 6th 'March On The Pentagon' Protest

Study: Leaner nations bike, walk, use mass transit

Helen Thomas asked a question that is clearly still unanswered ......

What kind of people would assault a fellow countryman for insulting a foreign dictator?

A toke a day keeps memory loss at bay

Economically, things don't seem to be too bad here in Louisiana

Doesn't anyone not see what the hell is going on here!?

Holder ... fight or wait to fight again?

Why is the GOP-controlled media obsessing over Caroline Kennedy?

"Will The Madoff Debacle Finally End The "Who Could Have Known?" Era?"

Does anyone know if Arne Duncan's kids attend public school in Chicago?

So, David Patterson, my illustrious, "progressive" governor

Patterson should appoint Al Sharpton to the Senate.

Rice: No ‘American Money’ In Iraq Was Lost To Corruption»

Jackson, Jr. an informant to Blago investigations

Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Miffed" At President Bush, Gets White House Apology

I paid $25 today

What kind of heat do you use?

US hands over last women detainees in Iraq - These women are as good as dead

Meet the competition and your future: Chinese who live in caves.

Who would you recommend for New York senator, if you had the gov's ear?

Should we create a global wealth tax?

My GWB Shoe Throw Game was on CNN!

Nationalism: what is it?

'You are a hate crime,' Fox News host tells Coulter

Dan Sweeney: Lou Reed for Senate

I am ambivalent about the Salvation Army

How is your weather? KC is a real mess. So cold and 5 inches of blowing snow.

Puppy Mills: What they are, why they're a problem and how to spot one

If you had to give up either sex or the Internet for two weeks, which would you choose?

Warrantless surveillance "Stellar Wind" data took down Eliot Spitzer.

Tweety's about to tear Cheney a new one

An old Calvin and Hobbes - Is this still funny in the waning days of 2008 ?

Andrew Sullivan Discovers Earlier Torture Timeline

I'll bet those who hate the shoe thrower, really hated this guy:

Danny Glover reads Langston Hughes "Ballad of Roosevelt"

Toyota scraps 2009 dealer meeting

Gimme everything ya got on PNAC, their agenda, and their crimes...

Why do people question Caroline Kennedy's qualifications and not Al Franken's?

There is only one thing I want President Obama to do about marijuana

Why do most U.S. Senators start out in lower political offices? (Warning: a Caroline thread)

Madoff Scandal vs. Labor Board Regs

Foreign Auto Plants Have Received $3.6 Billion in Subsidies, Mostly From Southern States

Obama fails marijuana question

REPOST Bring canned food to the inaugural

Live Votes on Coleman/Franken challenges LINK

Responsible Dog Breeders- How To Spot Them

if the government decides to FULLY reimburse Madoff's would you feel about it...?

why there is an angel at the top of the christmas tree

Waaah! Obama talks to people who disagree with him! WAAAH!

Hard time holiday sale? No Sweat. Or is that sweat?

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg would make an excellent U.S. Senator.

The horror, the horror....... - hit GeeDubya with a shoe! - 6171021 and counting . . .

War Talk, the Death of the Social, and Disappearing Children: A Lesson for Obama

So, California social services are on furlough from the 17th to the 2nd.

Internet Exporer security risk

Commuting home listening to NPR today and here is my RANT..

Am I the only one who applauds the shoe thrower for his act of courage?

Helen Thomas really pisses me off.

For Progressives: I know some of the picks aren't what we hoped for but, "McCain-Palin" Picks would

"But he wasn't a guest. It was occupied." We love you Helen!

LOL!! David Horowitz thinks he "absolutely changed the paradigm of campus politics in America!"

Free Muntather al-Zaidi From Jail--join Facebook group

"There was a tremendous feeling in Washington: just let it go. It’s old history."

Help Feed the Hungry. Donate to the 3rd Annual DU Charity Donation Drive! (Double your donation!)

Tweety is "excited" about discussing Jeb as our third Bush president

Bush Game - try your hand at shoe throwing

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

Caroline Kennedy Hires Joe Lieberman’s “Fixer,” Josh Isay

It pisses me off that bush just walks away with thousands of deaths on his hands

Muntadar al-Zeidi deserves a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

America, take note. People like this are your ENEMY.

Nissan workers who voted down UAW representation taking days off without pay to avoid layoffs

Six Reasons Why Obama Appointing Vilsack, for USDA Head is a Terrible Idea

Metric System. I know there are more pressing issues, but do you think Obama...

An open letter to President Elect Obama from Jello Biafra

Deflation... it is here... and I DO HOPE it does not stay here for long

Cripes. The Fed is heading for zero

How do I submit a letter to the Obama team and cabinet?

Raccoons making noises?

Nothing says it's the Christmas season like Antichrist movies

Napoli President: English Women Don't Wash

Please say a prayer/send good vibes to a little stray kitty

God, the humidity's 77% out.

If the world were going to end unless you watched one of these, which would it be?

Do you still have an ass?

Do you still have an ass?

let's start the complaining early this year -- who has to work the holidays?

He made me feel petty...

Any french horn players here?

A few nights ago, I was about to drift off to sleep and had intrusive memories of

Post your best chili recipe

How do you feel about those '' banner ads at the top of DU's frontpage?

It's really really hard. to use a computer with a two year old on you lap.

Obama Soda a refreshing hit among French teens

"The Big Sleep": Time Magazine's list of the all-time top ten comas

On Making Mitch McConnell Wet His Pants

is it time to give caroline kennedy her own forum?

Muted Praise for 'Valkyrie' From German Critics

Where is MissHoneyChurch?

Suggestion for anyone who like "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

On the Biography Channel

Attention, Attention all - I need a troll pick-up in aisle 8, troll pick-up in aisle 8, thank you!

hmmm the MissHoneyChurch thread got me to thinking of others that have been missing

My favorite parts from Obama's "The Audacity of Hope"

i have two $30 gift certificates at amazon but don't know what to get!! help!

Why did you?

Do I care if Caroline Kennedy Gets Hillary's seat?

The girl who took a dump in the Art Institute parking lot! - m4w

The facebook people you may know: do you know them or do you wonder who those fucking strangers are?

This is a rudimentary flash application of the shoe throwing incident that appeared on a Swedish

Of my games, which do you like best?

Here's a better shoe-throwing Flash game.

Need some of them patented Lounge vibes for oktoberkid

$400 later, my Lolly dog will be okay.

One of the best versions of the "12 days of christmas" I've ever heard

Check out the email I sent! :D

Does she have any qualifications other name her name ?

What qualifications she have other than name Kennedy?

Room for Rent -- Inauguration Day/ObamaCon 2009

Federal Law Gives Tribe Ruling in Baby Talon's Fate....

TOONS: Bush ducking shoe

Whomever gets the NY Senate seat is going to have to raise double the $$ for 2 elections

Putting expectations of Obama in perspective.

And I start out the morning with JCSS earworms....

Not troll.. it just seems to happen so often - so much disappointment.

I'm going out for Middle Eastern lunch, what can I get you?

For Her....

Snow Day!!

Any parents of 8 year olds here?

It's snowing. We are not amused.

I was hoping for Raul Grijalva for SOI, but it looks like it's going to be Salazar

Cat beats up on puppy

To the people from NY upset about the possibility of Caroline Kennedy

Will Corruption bring Obama down ?

Lieberman must have been doing some serious mea culpas

What are her qualifications other than name ?

Jordan Catalano is still a bastard

I concern corrupt qualifications?

Hallelujah Chorus with surtitles

"It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die."

Hallelujah Chorus with Sir Turtles.

Welcome to FCD! (FanClub for Democrats).

Zardoz, I think I love you

Delete -- wrong forum

The qualifications to be Senator from NY (as there seems to be confusion)

There's ice all over the roads this morning...

Remember, Caligula was the child of a great hero of his time!

Anyone here ever try making their own biscotti?

Xavier Becerra turned down the US Trade Post?

Suppose you own one hundred red plastic poker chips and fifty blue plastic poker chips.

Ruh Ro... Oh Noes! I have a new medical condition

Immortal Beloved - Moonlight Sonata

1 minute and 42 seconds of a LOST sneak peek- Jack and Ben

Delibes - Flower Duet

Why won't you frequent GD and GD-P more?

Ha! Worf is playing Obama on Heroes!

Has anyone tried those hair-removal pad things?

Police stop my car... police stop my car... the police made me stop, walk a straight line

I turned on MTV and started watching Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins

The Nutcracker March

Beethoven 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement

The Fifth

Donizetti - Il Dolce Suono

Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

Habanera - Carmen - Bizet

Puccini - Butterfly

Did Obama have to take Salazar from the Senate??

The US episodes of How Clean is Your House? kinda suck

MO considers decriminalizing margerine!

Hope you enjoyed all the classical music...

I think I figured out something this morning...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/16/08

If Salazar is selected Interior Secretary who would be a good replacement choice in the Senate from

NYT: Obama 'voracious' in studying national security issues

Alan Colmes to Ann Coulter: I THINK YOU ARE A HATE CRIME!!!

What Do You Do When You Feel Depressed Friends Is Still In Syndication?

Oscar De La Hoya or Oscar De La Renta?

Dammit. I fell for it.

We want CHANGE but. . . .NO SURPRISES. Well it doesn't work that way.

Ticket Scalpers Rejoice! Dave Matthews Announces Tour!

Sinus headache + dizziness + shitload of work to do =

Guys: Ever been in the doghouse?

An opinion-filled Dick: Cheney says Clinton just what Obama needs

Thanks for the good vibes, everyone. They work!

I am 100% neutral on whether or not Governor Patterson should appoint Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

its all about division

Will Obama be able to use the Web to counteract the destructive BIAS evident in the MSM?

Ooo! Check out the baby flamingoes on the new Africam!

If yall dont want Caroline Kennedy as Senator in NY.....

Bush on al-Qaeda not being in Iraq until we invaded: "Yeah, that's right. So what?"

Hef: "Within 2 weeks, a pair of twins arrived & turned out they were interested in being my GFs"

Mozart Confutatis/Lacrymosa

Generally I love lesbian films...but this is an exception.

A coded message for the Lounge

Why would I be sad if I'm almost done with it all?

"Feel the promise of a warm day."

I know it isn't supposed to be funny, but every time I see the shoe flying at * I laugh my ass off

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on His Battle With the Banks

What Do You Do When You Feel Depressed?

I had no idea that the studios fucked up "I am Legend" as badly as they did!

Clintonistas need to tone it down; you are not helping Hil in the long run. [UPDATE]

Christmas time at a law firm = bad for my waistline. But so, so yummy.

Fellahs out there with ladies to impress: Are you wise enough to know when a gift needs giving?

I was at Walgreen's yesterday, in line behind Santa--really--


If you take the SurveyMonkey survey Skinner sent us to, post your testimonials here

All right children, gather 'round. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

Isnt this a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act?

What's for Dinner, DU?

I admit it. I like to watch Mr. Bean in Spanish.

Like Cats & Dogs...sorta

The GD Mad-Lib: try it yourself!

I really have to adopt a Repug. Is this not the sweetest face you've ever seen?

How basic psychology and social mores may help tip us into depression

If not Caroline Kennedy, then who?

The liberal war on Xmas continues. Look who got the boot!

Gov. Patterson, Appoint Mario Cuomo as caretaker Senator for 2 years.

Have you seen Dana's makeover? Too bad it wasn't a pretzel

So who was Santa Claus?

OMG, what's wrong?

Congressman Jackson has been talking to the feds re: Blagojevich since the SUMMER

Congressman Jackson has been talking to the feds re: Blagojevich since the SUMMER

Now, I need a philboy fix. Or maybe it is a whiskey fix. I'm not sure.

Newt goes after the RNC for trying to link Obama and Blago

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied.

How a bar napkin sees the world (pics)

Huh. Just got kicked to the kerb again.


Explain to me how appointing anyone to the NY senate seat is an affront to democracy?

Lets dance!

Ok New York, here in Connecticut we'll trade Joe Lieberman for Caroline Kennedy, can we have her?

DU is worse than Philadelphia when it comes to Santa Claus.

Lil Smokies and beans. Is there a better lunch on a rainy day?

Rudolph, honey. If you are here, let me know and I will hide you.


Insomnia can go fuck itself. Seriously.

You are not going to get high achievement from every child on goals set by legislators.

Mozart - Eine kleine Nachtmusik

I got into the University of Waterloo!

Miller says he's not interested in Senate campaign

In addition to my already crummy day....

What should President-Elect Obama do with regard to the 93 US Attorneys?

Klonopin + Jägermeister = a good idea?

CHELSEA should get Hillary's seat.

The Bush shoe incident: What are your thoughts on it?

The Season and the Accumulation of Crap...

I LOVE live tv.

Skinner, Can We Get A Countdown Clock?

Bill Clinton’s Personal Secretary on Obama Transition Team

Let me tell you something about the Democratic Party in the State of New York:

Photo: RuPaul poses as Barack Obama...and Michelle

Bush History - President Bush Caught Breaking the Law 12/16

Turtlensue or mock turtlensue?

Okay, Time for ME to Weigh In About Caroline

I really have to adopt a Pug. Is this not the sweetest face you've ever seen?

I'm 40 years old and I just found out the truth about Santa Claus.

I'm 40 years old and I just found out the truth about Santa Claus.

Caption my nephew

"Emo" weasel-slash-"Mr. Ashlee Simpson" Pete Wentz proves he's one class act

DU tombstoned Santa Claus!

2006: Caroline Kennedy on the Daily Show

Proud Shoe Thrower Admits Throwing shoes at that "Dog"

I never realize how many people I know until I start doing Christmas cards

I Think This Fear of Caroline Is Coming From Republicans

Any New Yorkers who don't feel strongly one way or the other about Caroline Kennedy?

Anyone here a fan of Indian food? I need a cookbook suggestion for a gift. Ideas?

Just sent Chuck Todd a nasty e-mail

Give a DUer a .gif for Christmas

Give a DUer a .gif for Christmas

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/16/2008)

Sarah Palin Victorious

The dogs are so cute playing in the snow

I made a batch of chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies tonight.

Bush: ‘I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System’


If George Michael gave you his heart, what would you do?

960 hours of work for this vector illustration of a cruise ship. - NOT MY WORK!

Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks?

WHAT A WEEK! Can't find work, beloved kitty died, and a crooked cop lied!

Thunder on the mountain

A sweet story about a hockey team and a loss in the "family"

Oh, de doo-da day

Tuesday, December 16th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Obama protests too much

Quick update on my little stray kitty friend (thanks to all who responded w/'good thoughts' last

Peter Falk has Alzheimer's

Obama's Last E-mails found!!

The Saga of General Butt Naked. This guy broke the mold for 'batshit crazy naked Satanist warlords.'

Enquiring Minds Want to Know...

My favorite dirty word might be "boner". What is your favorite dirty word?

Does the media want PE Obama to say "F*** you!" to Fitzgerald and spill the beans?

Bolshoi Swan Lake - Pas de Quatre Small Swans

Define: "Miss Thang".

OH-Gov, OH-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

What happened to "Schlossberg"?

I am fucking SICK of this stupid Caroline Kennedy debate.

"'The Universe,' brought to you in part by Jared."

What could be better than one ondes martenot?

Fine DUers, what is the difference between GD-P and GD?

Everyone but redqueen has me on ignore today.

I like the smaller font.

Help out a fellow DUer ...

Colorado's Salazar To Head Interior, Creating Another Vacancy for Democrats

I have not posted one word in any thread about C. Kennedy.. till now,..

Classical music question - Mantovani

Twas the Midnight Before Regulations

Why Illinois really got screwed by this whole Senate thing

What would you like on your pizza?

Anyone work with a Office Cheapskate?

Anyone work with a Office Cheapskate?

While you were arguing over Caroline Kennedy another 20 Iraqis were murdered.

Have any of you managed to get past severe math phobia to get that one math

I hate this fucking greasy pig scumsucking dirtbag

Heeere's your 'Best basketball-playing Cabinet in historeee!'

Post here and I'll tell you why you're not qualified to be picked as the next senator for New York

Beccera Turns Down Job of US Trade Representative

Obama sets record for top Hispanics

Open Mic Poetry Thread

AP: Jesse Jackson Jr. Talking With Feds About Blagojevich Since Summer

Remember when Khruschev pounded his shoe in the UN General Assembly?

What will Obama do with the leftover campaign money ?

Define your music taste in 2 cases of beer, a Snap-On tool, a biscuit, and an ungulate

"Left", "Center Left", "Center Right", "Right" ?

Did Hillary resign her Senate seat yet? if not, why not?

Much damage has been done between the election and upcoming inauguration.

Worst birthday ever = #31.

e-mail to Shuster on their feeding frenzy to tear Emanuel and/or Obama when there is no problems

Kennedy’s Credentials Debated in Senate Bid (updated)

"Congress will be between a Barack and a hard place."

Twiiter: What the hell is it and are these messages by Hillary Clinton real?

Exactly how many people has Elrond Hubbard advocated murdering this week?

Most OKAY BUT NOT REALLY GREAT Christmas movie ever?

PHOTOS Put your hands together......

For those who oppose C. Kennedy for Senator-NY:

Good and bad ideas for Secret Santas

'Qualifications for a Senate seat? Professional Baseball Players for one!

"Please tell me you're joking"

Your Bollywood Song of the Week

Interesting Wikipedia page: Political positions of Caroline Kennedy

following tradition

GD: Presidential's new name....GD: Caroline Kennedy

Who would you like to see fill the two remaining cabinet positions

Rachel was just successfully "talked down" for the first time since her show began!

A simple math problem

BBC News: Shoe thrower 'beaten in custody' according to shoe thrower's brother

I don't really care whether they pick Caroline or not.

Inauguration Commemorative Transit Tickets

The NY Dems who want Hillary's seat should instead focus on SCHUMER'S seat

The primaries are over- The election is over- We have a great new President

guess who just kicked his final exams ass...

Isn't it frickin GREAT that we have someone who LOOKS presidential?

Beccera Turns Down Trade Rep Job.

Tomorrow is madinmaryland S.T.F.U. Day.

PHOTOS Pointing the way

another Caroline Kennedy question

Obama needs to appoint Harry Reid as the Secretary of the Interior Toilets.

What is the word on Sec. of Labor?


Disgusting Commercial

IA-Sen: Vilsack for Ag Sec'y

i think we've misjudged the whole shoe throwing incident

1/20/2009. 12:02 PM EST. President Obama signs a document.

Wait just a GOD DAMNED MINUTE Hillary was a CARPET BAGGER but Caroline has no right?

Harkin Hightly Recommended Vilsak to Obama for Ag Sec., and thought Obama wasn't listening

Caroline Kennedy speaks up ....

Sock and Awe!

Awe Gawd! KO just reported on Sun-Times columnist's rumbling of Blago/Rahm tape count!

You know what? Regardless of the way that this Senate recount in Minnesota turns out,

I wish Caroline Kennedy was my senator.

Some of the Freepers have gone waaaay beyond the birth certificate stuff....

Adam Walsh (1981 murder victim)

Reid Privately Pushing for Caroline Kennedy

what happened. CNN: Coleman up 188

Has Anyone Been at WAL-MART During One of Their Early Morning Pep Meetings?

I'm IMing Pawpicker. Ask me anything! Oh come on. Now he's on the phone

Not bad. RuPaul as Michelle and Barack Obama

JFK.......not the most "qualified" man to be President......indeed

Gung Hey Fat Choy - Photo of K in her cheongsam

Obama To 4th Graders: Biden 'Doesn't Know His Decimals!'

Make no mistake (re: Caroline Kennedy)...

Oh dammit

Can we have a moment of silence please...

Would you like to charge the entire amount to this card? YES NO

Define your music taste in 5 albums

Internet Explorer is Unsafe ... Still

PLEASE take the time to email the Minnesota Supreme Court TODAY


Quazy Quote Quiz: Who said the following?

Barack Obama to announce Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack as his agriculture secretary pick

I am praying for the sweet release of death.

Rahm on 21 tapped conversations by the FBI?

uh oh...Obama vs. Pelosi... this should be good

Caroline worked HARD for the American Ballet Theater - BREAKING MSNBC!

Crash Space At My Home For Inaugural

What TV shows did you like so much ...

Any bets on what Obama's Doonesbury icon will be?

PHOTOS Obama, Biden & Arne Duncan at the Dodge Renaissance Academy, Chicago (Dec 16)

Pics: Barack and Joe go to School

The angst over Caroline Kennedy - too close for comfort

Remember the show "Good Times?" It was on last night

Motivation: 11th Hour Grand Jury Investigation of Richardson

Have you been negatively affected by downturn in the economy?

What the media DIDN'T report about Decimal-gate

Everyone ready for the Blago comeback?

Joe Scar's hate, envy and repugnicanism is exploding today. I hope he chokes in his own vomit. nt

WORST Christmas movie ever?

Once again, Caroline Kennedy causing Commotion in Freeperland:

Once again...Name that 80's Tune!

Help with Obama Administration designees ...

Caroline's Consummate Qualifications

Hillary tells her supporters knock it off (re: Caroline)

kos: NY-Sen: Avoiding that pesky "democracy" thing

PHOTOS "You really don't shake kids' hands that much, you shake adult hands."

OMG!! Betty Currie answering phones at Obama headquarters!!

Cheney MUST be prosecuted (re: his admission of war crimes)

Is it possible for a 24-year-old female kitty to be the alpha to the boy kitties

Give a daughter of one of your greatest Presidents two years of your state's U S Senate...

Face it: If you wanted that Zinnist-Marxist Revolution it will not happen.

In Defense of Caroline Kennedy

Are Corp Media Reporters too Uneducated to cover Real Issues that Matter to Americans?

"Low Tide" for the Birth Certificate crowd...

"His (Obama's) Illinois liberalism won't line up with the people of Colorado's Western sensibility,"

Could someone help me with my Christmas photo?

What do the DUers who are teachers think about Arne Duncan?

Just So's You Remember ...

Huffpo: Caroline Kennedy Turning Tide Of Skeptics

Help Feed the Hungry. Donate to the 3rd Annual DU Charity Donation Drive! (Double your donation!)

5 Presidents Worse Than George W Bush

My LTTE got published.

we got a dog from the animal shelter today!

daft punk is playing at my house

Santa Claus died of natural causes

Troegs Mad Elf Ale

If capitalism keeps declining after January 20th, what do YOU think Obama should do in response?

OK, let's review the rules

Survey: Many would take Internet over sex

Who's got a chilly kick ass recipe?

Why is Adam Sandler singing Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" on my telly?

Wow. Just wow. $80 million just in legal fees.

Rule number 1,034: Don't take any picture that you don't want to end up on the internet

My new Prius ... Little Greenie!

Do you think he knows he sucks?

I'm on the worst conference call EVAR.

Obama appoints two more DLCers to his cabinet

Edward Scissorhands is a terrific Christmas movie.

Classic DU Flamefest


Has Surgeon General been Picked Yet???

Anyone Got The Google Phone? How Is It?

Essential reading for pet owners: MSNBC's "Avoid holiday hazards for your pet"

Help come up with a nickname for the Iraqi journalist

Cindy Sheehan: I Don't Know What His Beef Is

Top Republicans attempt to rebuild their party by

Elian Gonzalez is back???? A classic from Peggy Noonan as a bonus.

Help Feed the Hungry. Donate to the 3rd Annual DU Charity Donation Drive! (Double your donation!)

Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk?

Christian Mob Protest Atheist Sign

Backlash brews in wake of Big 3 bashing

Rate cut expected as Fed mulls emergency tools

Air-Conditioned Beaches In Dubai

National Lampoon CEO accused of stock fraud

Serious Fraud Office appeals for whistleblowers - UK

Looking under the hood and seeing an incubator

`Insensitive' govt continues to ignore Jewish deaths in Mumbai

US hands over last female detainees in Iraq

Amnesty warns of 'lethal' Tasers

Russian tour bus crashes in Israel killing 24

Analysis of challenged ballots shows Coleman lead erased

Zimbabwe commander wounded in shooting: report

10 Iraqi female prisoners handed over to Iraqis (from US prisons in Iraq)

More than 1,000 "new" species discovered in Mekong

Obama fails marijuana question

Ho ho woes: Wrap rage results in lacerations and bad tempers

Credit card crackdown coming soon

Police find dynamite at Paris department store

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk a finalist to be transportation secretary

Colemans tap top lawyers, as does friend named in suit

Iraqi (asylum seeker) sewed up mouth in failed bid to avoid deportation

Report: Bush masked cost of wars that could top $1.7 trillion

Saudi businessman offers $10 million for shoe thrown at Bush

(Congressional) Report: State Dept., Blackwater cooperated to neutralize (innocent Iraqis) killings

Goldman Sachs reports huge loss

Criminal Congressman to Flee U.S.

Cheney was key in clearing CIA interrogation tactics

Iraq to probe 'custody abuse' of Bush shoe assailant

Defense Contractor Gets 30 Months in Bribe Scandal

Fla. police close books on '81 Walsh killing

Report Finds Meddling in Interior Department Actions; "secret society" colluding within Department

Colemans tap top lawyers, as does friend named in suit

Naval patrols fail to deter pirates

It's official: Barack Obama elected 44th president

US rates slashed to nearly zero

Source: Ill. gov nixed job for Jackson Jr.'s wife

Blagojevich Impeachment Inquiry Stalls.

Chávez insists on integration mechanisms for Unasur

WH Wants to See Concessions Before a Bailout

Indian Businesses Push for Security

Union: Detroit Papers Plan Job Cuts, Less Delivery

Cell phones: text beats talk on Inauguration Day

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal

Three fallen soldiers return to a hero's welcome

Scientists find hole in Earth's magnetic field

Bush peppered Wilkins with queries on (Canadian) constitutional crisis

UN approves piracy land pursuit

Chrysler to follow GM's lead, partner with credit unions to offer loans

For the First Time in U.S., Extensive Face Transplant Is Performed

NASA: 2T(rillion) Tons Of Land Ice Melted Since '03

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 16

Serious security flaw found in IE

Consumer prices fall by record 1.7%

Roman battlefield discovered in northern Germany

U.S. sends three Guantanamo men home to Bosnia

Rice: U.S. Under Bush Embraced U.N. More Than Ever

Iraq shoe-thrower in court, admits "aggression" ("against a president")

Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Patch For IE

Downturn Hits Vacation Enclave of New York Elite ('Palpable Fear in Hamptons')

Detroit Free Press and News redirect staff, resources to digital delivery of news

Police: 1981 murder of Adam Walsh solved

Shoe thrower 'beaten in custody' (BBC)

Gondola tower collapses at Whistler resort trapping skiers

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino shows off 'shoe-venir'

After rate cuts: The Fed's new ball game (begun to print money to finance its liquidity programs)

Breaking News: Vilsack will be ag secretary

SEC Didn't Act on Madoff Tips

Welfare Rolls See First Climb in Years

Home buyers stirring in some markets

Arne Duncan, head of Chicago public schools, to be secretary of education

Salazar's confirmation hearings could turn into slugfest over oil shale

Budweiser loses right to Bud name

Jackson, Jr. may have been working with feds (for the past few years) to investigate gov. (Blago)

Bush stands by decision to invade Iraq (couldn't live with himself- if US withdrew)

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied (ShopRite says no-Walmart says yes)

Rep. Eshoo to push for Fairness Doctrine

Soldiers at roadblock kill husband of Colombian indigenous leader

Israeli high court restricts West Bank barrier

Agreement in Hamas: Cease-fire to end Friday

PCHR: Israeli Authorities Deny Entry of UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine

Rockets hit Israel as Gaza truce nears end date

Netherlands Threatens to Boycott World Conference Against Racism

Court sides with ACLU, strikes down Patriot Act gag provision

'Modesto Bee' Reporter Eyewitness To Shoes Tossed at Bush

Not to Worry -- Concerns About Pot Coffee Houses in Amsterdam Have Gone up in Smoke

The failed Muslim states to come

Elector casts first Nebraska Democratic vote in 44 years

Iraqi Justice System Is Faulted

Résumé long on Politics, but short on public office

Environmental groups, scientists cheer Obama appointments: "It's night and day."

Great Trauma As a Great Teacher: Peering Into the New Year

Obama's Education Nominee Arne Duncan Appeals to Reformers, Unions

Foreign Auto Plants Have Received $3.6 Billion in Subsidies, Mostly From Southern States

SEC failed to inspect Bernard Madoff fund

NYT editorial: Mr. Obama’s Internet Agenda

Obama Should Drop Plans To Escalate Afghan War; Send In Peace Corps Instead

Fed Cuts Benchmark Rate to Near Zero

Welcome to Our World

As Usual, NYT Ignores Iraqi Opinion-Anecdotes trump polls on withdrawal

Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy

Like Lincoln, Obama Will Ride the Rails To D.C

Mrs. O'Leary's cow, the barn, and the Big 3 -- Rochelle Riley, DFP columnist

What Obama Doesn't Know

Goldman-Sachs Sees "Good Times!"....Tax Rate Drops to 1%, or $14 Million

Bush administration plan to hunt Somali pirates met with skepticism

Cheney Does Express One Regret: 'We Should’ve Invaded Imelda Marcos'

Will Arne Duncan Shake Up America's Schools?

Why aren't we dancing in the streets? We just liberated ourselves from an American Dictatorship!

`Insensitive' govt continues to ignore Jewish deaths in Mumbai

Downturn Spurs 'Survival Panic' for Some in the US

India asks US for more work visas

Is George W Bush the worst ever US president?

USW President Takes on Anti-Union Media WITH THE TRUTH

Bush: Much Progress in Afghanistan Since '01

Shoes thrown at president Bush in Iraq -from another corner- 14.12.08

Countdown: Counting Down America's Corrupt Politicians (2 of 2)

Obama on his Education vision

Obama: Economic Ammunition Running Low

Puppy Mill Expose Part 1 (with hidden camera footage)

So What?

Obama: 'Running Out Of Traditional Ammo' To Fight Recession

bush on his botched job:

Perino: We're Not Occupiers In Iraq; We're Guests

Town Meeting Of The World: Reagan & RFK on Vietnam (1967)

TYT: Crazy Blago Stories (John Kerry & Famous Cartoon Character Involved)

Lou Dobbs uses Wingnut Front group to attack SEIU and Obama

37% of American Citizens Can't Locate US on Map

Best of Stephanie Miller as a Pundit in 2008

John Kerry in India

Harlan County Fishpond - the consequences of mountaintop mining.

Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Cheney Brags About Torture

Teacher Calls Student the N word

Michelle Obama: On Barack

George W. Bush Shoe Attack Barack Obama Thoughts

Anti War Carols

TYT: Cenk's Take On 'The Shoes'

Three Stooges Throw Pies at Bush

Republican Union Busting

Theory vs. Reality: Why Market Absolutism Fails

TYT: Editor Of Newsweek Defends the Shoe Thrower (On The Air)

Olbermann: "See, Here's the Thing. The President is Just Full of..."

Countdown: Cheney Admits 'Most Certainly Unambiguously a War Crime' (w/ Jonathan Turley)

Take a look at this version of the event-Shoe Throwing-Different Angle Of Pummeling & Smirking Bush

Alan Colmes to Ann Coulter: Ann, I think you ARE a hate crime

4,000 Americans Had To Die In Iraq - MSNBC

Countdown: Letterman on Shoe - 'Too Bad Bush Didn't React that Fast...'

TYT: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Finally Disagrees With George Bush?

Hasselbeck - The Rights Of Minorities Should Be Voted On

No, Bill O'Reilly, they're laughing at you-You're WRONG Bill!!! You're WRONG Bill!!!

So my brother went to his Agent Orange Screening...

BAH rates to rise by an average of 6.9%

Ala. bill would allow overseas voting online

Thurman for Fl Chair?

Lawyers for atheist soldier to amend lawsuit

Army sends ODIN to Afghanistan

Pakistan truckers refuse to haul U.S. supplies

Court revives case of former Gitmo detainees

(Army Times) Editorial: Failure at the top

LCS 1 arrives in Hampton Roads

All enlisted KIAs to get full Arlington honors

NavSea official: Consider fuel costs

Huey goes high tech

Marine pleads not guilty to killing detainee

C-130 helps damaged British jet land in Iraq

President gives troops vacation on Dec. 26

N.Y.C. mistake gives mail a 30-day delay

Another report faults Iraq blunders

COLA rates stay flat across most bases in Europe

Army IDs GI found dead on base as award-winning 1st AD sergeant

2 sailors accused of dumping ammo in Japan waters

Authorities probe alleged beating in Vilseck

Pacific Briefs: Three Marines held in alleged mugging

After Anaconda, Hero Faced New Enemy

Contractors Charged in Iraq Kidnapping

Abu Ghraib Judge to Direct Gitmo Cases

Soldier Dies After Off-duty March

Schwartz: Fly, Fight, Win

Iraqis Demand Release of Shoe Thrower

Russian Warships to Visit Cuba

Build It Solar

Soda-Bottle Solar Collector

Solar Fraud Could Eliminate Spanish Market

Radiation therapy cuts prostate cancer death: study

Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars - Fighting Apathy and Lies

Peak oil review - Dec 15

Heads of State Reach EU Climate Deal

Arctic melt passes the point of no return

Not Necessarily A Silver Lining - Global Downturn Unlikely To Substantially Cut Carbon Emissions

Scientists Place Humboldt Squid In Simulated 2100 AD Ocean Water - Metabolic Rate Drops By 1/3 - NS

WMO - 2008 Shaping Up As Coolest Year Globally Since 1997, But Still 10th-Hottest On Record

Met Office - Ten Of Ten Of Globally Warmest Years Occurred Since 1997 -

Rogue River Valley (OR) Facing Summer Temperature Increase Of Up To 15F By 2080

In Face Of Tiny GHG Cuts Under Rudd Plan, Scientists Call For "A Bit Of Scientific Honesty"

CSIRO - After Nearly Eight Years Of Near-Zero Growth, Global Methane Levels Resume Rise

Visibility In Kolkata (Calcutta) Today - 10 Meters - Particulate Matter 451 G/M3 - Times Of India

Losing Louisiana: new series from the Times-Picayune

Momentum builds for energy independence: Converging conditions could stoke sustained federal push …

State's global warming emissions plan unveiled (NJ)

Panel Cites 'Tipping Point' On Nuclear Proliferation

Pace of global warming slows

In breezy Britain, wind farm cooperatives take off

Science must evolve to tackle the challenges of warming, researchers say

Energy officials show "strong" belief in renewables

New Technologies Show Promise for High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Zimbabwe Cholera Deaths Just Under 1,000 - Up 25% In 3 Days - According To UN - BBC

Toyota delays Mississippi Prius assembly plant

Schindler's List

UK Minister Said 70 Cops Hurt In Climate Protest - Bee Stings, Diarrhea,Toothache Among "Injuries"

Salford team hails spluttering thin film solar breakthrough: … hopefully lower the cost of thin film

China Bans Lye, Boric Acid & Formaldehyde, Among Other Food Additives - AP

UK Fish Stocks Now 10% Of Levels From 100 Yrs Ago - Skate,Angelfish Already Extinct, Cod Going Fast

Oak Ridge Natnl Lab: Potential of Combined Heat and Power 60% reduction of projected CO2 increase

Drive for electric (cars) gathers speed

China to push alternative-energy vehicles

The Most Important Number on Earth

First Solar Reaches Grid-Parity Milestone, Says Report: … solar costs less than coal …

New insights on fusion power

Bernie Madoff's Victims: The List

Big-Bank Troubles, Small-Bank Opportunity

George Soros: Worst financial crisis in 60 years marks end of an era

Wall St. Fraud Leaves Charities Reeling

Record drop in Consumer prices more than expected (as always) - ( last record set in October).

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%

Oak Ridge Natnl Lab: Potential of Combined Heat and Power 60% reduction of projected CO2 increase

Federal Reserve - ZIRP press release Dec 16th 2008

Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here

Negative Yields on Some Money Market Funds

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/16/08

European Automakers Dispute Assumptions of 'Let GM/Chrysler Go Bankrupt" Case

Question about an IRA - cash out or hold on?

TPM week long discussion of Depression Economics

Best Buy Cites "Historic Slowdown", cuts Capital Spending Plans in Half

If this crisis, as Soros says, marks the end of an era,

Fed Readies for one of the boldest experiments in its 94-year history

Thar she blows!!!!!!!!!

Today in labor history Dec 16, 8 women in Willmar, Minnesota earned international attention

UN Shoes Fly at Uribe Government

3 Years and 3 Strikes for CAFTA

The Who Could Have Known Era!

The Madoff scandal

Of the UAW, SAG, and “interesting times” for labor columnists

STOP THIS before it gets started!

Average Autoworkers Aren’t the Problem

Some help may be needed over here

City defers move to slam gay marriage

James Frey to write 'third book of the Bible'

Swedish court: Canadian gay marriage not legal

El Coyote Boycott - A different perspective

To My GLBT Friends....You will love this...LOL

American gay rights advocate dies in Scotland

Cenk's Response After Homophobe Singer Compares Gays To Jihadists & Says They're "Selfish"

RuPaul as Barack and Michelle Obama

I was watching the repeat of "The Daily Show" with Mike Huckabee as a guest.

How did our oppressors become victims?

'Wicked' composer won't withhold work from LDS groups over Prop 8

Paraguay protesters take tractors to the streets

Colombia's interior minister under investigation

Argentina: mass graves excavated

Soldiers at roadblock kill husband of Colombian indigenous leader

This Is Going to Be Fun

Blackhawks -Red Wings to play New Year's Day at Wrigley Field

FYI. Marquette(23) is playing Tennessee(18) tonight.

Pro Bowl Rosters:

Steelers fans -- check this out

Colonoscopies Miss Many Cancers, Study Finds

Healthcare becoming increasingly stratified

2 weeks and 2 days of no smoking

Study changes thinking on how HIV spreads

This is uncanny.

Hi All,

"The 'Make Your Life Easier' Miracles" - Karen Bishop - December 16, 2008

Sending good vibes to the Iraqi shoe thrower

Landmark Forum

The Stars This Week: "Have A Plan-B in Place" - December 15 - December 21, 2008

My husband just got laid off

Ophiuchus! My whole self-image is shattered

Quite an unexpected view from across the pond?...

Check out these pictures from the Northeast Ice Storm

Posting from Cambria, CA, 12/16/08


Gosh darn, my husband's boss just gave us a beautiful 5 lb King Salmon filet

First time here on this Forum. Guess what my son told me..about bread baking.

Tips From the Potlatch, Where Giving Knows No Slump

Specializing in Problems That Only Seem Impossible to Solve

Soaring, Cryptography and Nuclear Weapons - by Martin Hellman

A Coat of Many Proteins May Be This Parasite’s Downfall

Why were rabies shots formerly given in the stomach? For people, I mean. nt

Are there laboratories that, like museums, sell memberships to the general public?

What is intelligence?

French teenagers win strike against the French government

It's Arne Duncan.

Ritalin Me This...

I can think of a million reasons to oppose merit pay

I'm looking for some information

I've been tarred a conspiracy theorist lowest of low which is Canadian way of shooting messenger


Montgomery (MD) Erasing Gifted Label

Texas GOP drops "Christmas" from their party!

State Senate District 17 runoff results

Oh, Gag!!! Only Craddick unites House Dems

Any Jon and Kate fans (or haters) here?

Actor Cuts Throat on Stage in Knife Mix-Up (he's ok)

A bilingual version of West Side Story gives the Sharks their due

ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence

Peter Falk has Alzheimer's Disease

He's got the title – give him the job

Uhm, way OT - what's the date?

Video of JK in India

Here is Kerry's October 1, 2008 words on the Senate floor on Senator Warner

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Wayback machine of Al Giordano's old blog Big Left Outside. Lots of great reading!