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Archives: December 15, 2008

What happens in Vegas

AP review of ballots puts Franken Ahead


Good news for the RNC 8

Tom Daschle on Book TV now - topic is healthcare reform

Reuters news from New Zealand website explains shoe anger properly.

Just saw Preznit Fuckstick's pathetic, cowardly face....

A month to go, and Bush finally does something right!

Those "impressed" with Bush's reaction time: Imagine how many dishes & shoes Laura has thrown at him

Iraq TV demands release of Bush shoe attacker

Bush waved off his lead SS agent from extracting him from the room

Condo Calamity

AFP: Iraq's reconstruction a 100-billion failure: report

I'd like to see President Obama be the 21st-Century Trust-Buster

I'd like to see President Obama be the 21st-Century Trust-Buster

That shoes thing is all over YouTube...

We must end our anti-Islam Crusade

Days Of Decision - Phil Ochs

Iraq Did Have WMD As Shoe Barely Misses President Bush (Satire)

Iraq war was needed for world peace: Bush

Wyeth’s Use of Medical Ghostwriters Questioned..(estrogen replacement)

Biblical billboards cropping up all over Kalamazoo MI

Nat Hentoff: What Does Letting Our Own War Criminals Go Free Tell Us About Ourselves?

AlterNet: Let the Banks Fail: Why a Few of the Financial Giants Should Crash

U.S.: India Prepared For Strike on Pakistan

Heisman Trophy ceremony,who was the jerk that kept yelling something?

Chicago Tribune Forced Fitz's Hand on Timing of Blago Bust

Where is the shoe thrower now?

Pakistan Haulers Refuse to Take Supplies to Afghanistan

Bush: Maybe he wanted to get on TV; I don't know what his beef is. GMA just now.

BofA layoffs hit longtime execs

hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again...

The hunting of the president resumes

You wanna see one of the most generous things I've ever seen on DU?

T’was the Night Before Inauguration

WTF is wrong is Washington Journal

"News" source according to Google

I hope this chap is gone for good: "He's a drugstore truckdrivin' man

WP page A01: Smirk put a loophole in the $700 bn bailout allowing CEO bonuses

Saddam Lawyer to Defend Bush Shoe Attacker


Executive pay limits may prove toothless----there's a bu$h* loophole

The more things change the more they stay the same. 10cc plays "The Wall Street Shuffle", 1974

let me throw that f#cking shoe!

Economic Meltdown: CDOs explained

Something else Barack Obama must deal with and work on

* pushed bailout loophole on executive pay

Final Days Fire Sale - Lame Duck watch !!!

Primer repost for non-econ people on this big money hole Bush dug.

When Obama begins immediate withdrawel of troops from Iraq

Yankees Sign Iraqi Hurler

What is the FUNDAMENTAL thing that separates the thinking of the ULTRA-weathy

A Million shoes to the White House


Americans rich and poor pawn more to pay bills

Years later, Gulf ills linger

Bush says he got a look at the journalist's soul

Blagojevich or Palin??

I would never call my dog "Bush"

Biden picked a German Shepherd!

Holy Cow! "Bush Shoes" now on eBay - current bid $11,235.58

A complete 180 on current energy and environmental policy

I'm pleased to see the international press knows the difference between culture and religion.

Yahoo's "Most Emailed" photos

Wow, Freepers are so f*ing dumb

At today's Press Conference I Sincerely Hope Every Reporter Tosses A Shoe At Dana

The shoes Bush deserves to have thrown at him.........

Everyone has shoes at Bush events!

Iraqis are in the streets today shouting Bush's name!

Two BBC Stories 5 Years Apart: Leaders and Shoes

The Shoefly with appropriate background music:

a prediction: new rule for Bush press conferences

If a pie won't do, then hurl a shoe or two, if you haven't got a shoe, then God bless you

Iraqi media: Journalist questioned by Maliki’s guards and is being tested for alcohol and drugs

For those who are lauding and heralding Two Shoes....

Check out this dog!

You can't duck your lame bushitler! You lame motherfucker!

Are banks not lending because they're already out of compliance?

If you inherited a million dollars tomorrow what would you do?

Repeal the Filibuster, for the Sake of the Nation (excellent read from "The Nation")

How long until a shoe throwing browser game?

How long until a shoe throwing browser game?

‘Bush, Bush, listen well: Two shoes on your head,’

Lawrence Lessig: The made-up dramas of the Wall Street Journal

Pres. elect Barack Obama planning to travel by train to Washington ahead of inaugural, like Lincoln

Ok, it's official.....

Report: India readied to attack Pakistan

HEADS UP! Illinois Electoral College vote LIVE on C-Span now ....

Joe Scarborough: 'This clown...'

OK kids - Is it tIme to snail mail your old shoes to the White House?

Shew fly SHOE!

how myth's hurt us

Seriously, the RW caller wanted Stephanie Miller

Hang a shoe on your front door January 19

"special election not in the budget"

uranium in Connecticut wells - HAZMAT - includes a hospital

This Shoe Says "GO OUT USA!"

I think I'm going to mail my old shoes to the White House for Christmas.

Would you like to be Wealthy?

Have All The Numbered Persons In The Blago Seat Selling Scandal Been Identified......

UPDATE: authorities have determined source of weapon used by shoeter

What will DU do when bush is out of office?

How much damage can Bush do in 36 more days??

David Shuster, a Washington correspondent, will succeed David Gregory at 6pm.

David Shuster, a Washington correspondent, will succeed David Gregory at 6pm.

cluster bombs, Obama, Putin, head of China, Israel, India, Pakistan


Shoethrower has finally showed all, how much the world despises Bush.

In All Seriousness, What Charges Does Show-Thrower Face?

A Christmas Gift For Dubya! Send your smelly old shoes to the White House mailroom!

Where do you get the majority of your news?

ILLINOIS, -The Land of Larceny-

Brother Explains Shoe-Tossing Iraqi Journalist’s Anger

"I'm not like anyone else," murderer says. (Or is he...?)

Across Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist

Spam is booming

Should Governors be allowed to appoint Senators?

The Rude Pundit: Because We Won't Have Him to Kick Around Much Longer, Part 2

OPEC To Cut Production... Gas Prices On Way Back Up...

Yankees Sign Iraqi Hurler

Just preparing myself. The topic today is shoes. repeat, shoes.

3 NATO Fighter Planes Violate Pakistani Airspace

Leading lawyer calls for Rumsfeld prosecution

Why can't Blago or Pat Quinn appoint Carol Moseley Braun or Adali Stevenson

Did you notice that Obama has no southerners in his cabinet?

Maddow changes her tune, blames mainstream media as well as conservatives for overhyping Blago-gate

While US Taxpayers Were Bailing-Out CITI Bank, They Were Bailing Out Dubai

Earliest holiday memories?

Earliest holiday memories?

I feel just like Alan Greenspan . . .

I have a question for some people here...

Connecticut Democrats backing off Lieberman censure resolution.

USNews: Bush has been telling friends he expected a public-relations lift from conditions in Iraq

New Tax Rules: The Hidden Corporate Bailout - Time magazine (could be worth billions, this year.)

What if the shoe throwing had happened in the U.S.?

-9 Frikin degrees after factoring in the wind chill

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Blagojevich referred to his Paul Mitchell hairbrush as "the football"

Nutjob on with Hartmann

Supreme Court Revives Gitmo Torture Case

Pelosi speaking on CSpan 1 now

U.S. troops' new mission: America's 'special events' - look out!

Sarcasm useful for detecting dementia

To show solidarity with the shoe thrower I'm changing my avatar for a day or two.

Muntadar being tested for alcohol and drugs.

Muntadar being tested for alcohol and drugs.

The economic crunch hits the Queen of England - SHE WILL WEAR PREVIOUSLY WORN OUTFITS

WAR STORIES: Inside Campaign 08-Harvard panel w/ Gwen Ifill, Axelrod, Plouffe, Davis, McInturff(vid)

McCain: I can't promise to support Palin for president

Shoe-throwing reporter becomes the talk of Iraq

Merry Christmas President Bush

I work a non-union job, and I thank the deity for Unions!

Laura Bush: "George told everyone goodnight ... and we kissed goodbye and he snuck out."

Military Entangled in 'Extreme Missionary' Christian Reality TV Show

Azzaman (Iraq daily newspaper): Bush is stupid, dumb and ignorant

Health Insurance gripe of the day.

Bowing to pressure from the GOP and Sen.Specter, the Senate Judiciary Committee

Was the reporter Random Task from Austin Powers???

A victory for irony as Elton John loses Guardian libel case

Question about looming auto company bankruptcies

Ann Telnaes

Advertisement for Tweety's program today

Does home foreclosure in other nations occur as often as they do here?

Bush:"I wish we had brought Osama bin Laden to justice, sure. But he's not leading a lot of parades"

For years, we Americans have had the threat of "shoe bombs" made clear

Bush re: Saddam: "I doubt in his worst nightmares...that we'd be standing in one of his palaces."

Why are the RW assbuckets talking about W's 'amazing' shoe-ducking reflexes?

Rice: Bush approach best to achieve Mideast peace

Madoff Was Huge Dem Donor

Symbolman and family.

Symbolman and family.

Madonna gives Guy £50m in divorce

How scarcity crime overpopulation tribalism disease are rapidly destroying social fabric of planet

Right wingers prove they are delusional as they react to the shoe thrower

He Missed

The Daily Show - Best John McCain Moments

A GMAC failure could doom GM dealers

Leahy Buckles, Will Push Back Holder Hearings

Are the Democrats cutting their own throat in Illinois?

Democrats must hate Christmas and Christians (PZ Myers)

20 dead in Iraq attacks

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico

Self-reporting fraud rule for govt contractors takes effect

These boots are made for chuckin', & that's just what they'll do...

All-in-one reply to a few posts

Has Shrub "grown" in appreciation of freedom of expression?!1 (The shoe throwing)

Has Shrub "grown" in appreciation of freedom of expression?!1 (The shoe throwing)

Franken Camp's Optimism Grows

"Don't kick him in the head" was overheard as shoe thrower was beaten next door


Why The Shoe Was Thrown

Report: Ousted United Way CEO engineered ($2.1M) pension

Are the Top 10 Conservative Idiots on hiatus?

A Liar Loves To Lie

A testament to GWB....Loony

Does anyone know - the shoe thrower, what crime was he charged with?

Chookie from DU quoted on BBC news site

Hope is the thing with feathers

Finally, A Journalist We Can Look Up To! The Shoe Thrower Muntadar al-Zaidi

Rove Protege/Vote Suppressor/Former US Atty Tim Griffin Mulls Senate Bid

McCain Looking Elsewhere

Economy decimates dealerships

A most timely Xmas tune:

Detroit Outsider wishes he were sophisticated enough to say this more eloquently, but…what the fuck?

TOON: Bush Shoe-Throwing Incident ====>

Happy Bill of Rights Day - Use them - Don't lose them

IRAQ: Looking After Pockets, Not Patients

Are lotteries ever used to DISTRIBUTE rather than raise charity funds?

Scanning the Internets for you

Al-Zaidi charged for throwing shoes in presence of Maliki, not for aiming at Bush.»

I'm Hungry- toon

What if it had been a grenade instead of a shoe?

Bush on the invasion of Iraq leading to al Qaeda presence: 'Yeah, that's right. So what?'

A thread of Bush/Shoe gifs gone awry.

I'm pretty good at ducking, as most of you will know --

How is that investigation coming along into identifying the Wal Mart tramplers?

The Republican Noise Machine - by David Brock

Tweety discussing Iraqi responses to the shoes n/t


LOL's "Tweety" can't understand why Arab would throw shoe at Bush...

there is a thread on the 'greatest' page which i will not link to...

The Shoe Not Intended to Injure, It Was Intended to Insult, and It Succeeded.

My fight in the war against Christmas

Conservapedia: Discriminating between Liberal Satire and Real articles- I'm not kidding

And yet ANOTHER scientific finding that explains plenty

Budget analyst: Recent funding approach masks true costs of war

Look I am willing to say that I am proud of W -he is 62 years old

3300 miles...

Anyone here know how to program a Flash computer game?

Have a laugh on that jerk...Robert Novak...

* too damn dumb to realize how bad he was insulted.

1998 Long Term Capital Management Bailout needs a second look in todays light

Free choice would level the playing field

DU a poll?

"Muntadar al-Zaidi Did What We Journalists Should Have Done Long Ago"

How Did The Boys Down At The Local Garage Take The Shoe Tossin' Incident?

I was curious.........

Did Bush Intentionally want to trash the planet?

Rep. Hoekstra Won’t Seek Re-Election in 2010

Neff: The sins of the Pope

Secret Service and the second shoe

A World Language

Saudi man offers $10 million for the "Shoes"

Fear triggers gold shortage, drives US treasury yields below zero

Fear triggers gold shortage, drives US treasury yields below zero

GOP: Don't blame us, blame the UAW

Glenn Greenwald: Senate report links Bush to detainee homicides; media yawns

The flying shoes weren't about 'freedom' as Bush and Condi claim

Were shoes thrown at Bush or at the President? I remember something from long ago:

Conservative launches crusade against Wikipedia

Cheney: ‘Guantanamo Has Been Well Run’

9 is not 11 - Arundhati Roy's scathing analysis of Mumbai

How Bernie Madoff Made Smart Folks Look Dumb

Which is worse? Throwing a shoe at mrbush or beating/torturing someone who does that?

Plug in Hybrid goes on sale, $22,000

How to insult George Bush, wherever you are in the world

Madoff’s Country Clubbers Smiled $50 Billion Ago

with all these Senate qualification questions........

God Damn Doctors. People who don't live in pain don't know what it is like

I Regret That I Have But Two Shoes to Give For My Country

How many deaths does Bush have to be responsible for

How many deaths does Bush have to be responsible for

Clinton Supporters Insist: No Organized Anti-Caroline Movement

Is this a threat? Been visiting Freeperville...came across this

Is Caroline Kennedy more or less qualified than Liddy Dole?

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico

Public transit is good for your waistline

Essay: U.S. sinks or swims with Michigan

Whistleblower Thomas Tamm is on Rachel

There is some truth there.

Irrelevant Institution Alert: Vatican Condemns All Embryonic Stem Cell Research, In-Vitro......

Democrats versus Republicans in the office

Help: employer exclusion and health insurance approvals for surgery

Some Liberals agree with the BushCons

George Will: Bush to defend Miers and other ‘insufficiently appreciated’ decisions in his memoirs.»

Posts on destitute retirees makes me wonder--are non-AL co-ops for seniors possible?

GO OUT U.S.A.---Looks like the Iraqis found something to unite about

President Bush, Please Publicly Forgive Muntadhar al-Zeidi

The hero of the Iraqi people

Bush's Iraqi thugs threaten to spark wave of violent protest with arrest and torture of shoe thrower

24/7 WallStreet: $2 Trillion In Home Value Gone In A Year

Glenn Beck is dumber than a crate of hollow marbles.....

A priceless reaction to the shoe throwing clip

CROSSPOST: IRAQI TV claims shoe-throwing reporter being tortured at US-run prison.

Pop music lovers should fear for the future as the industry turns into glorified advertising

Look for Shelby to come under attack this week

The week of December 22nd...

Do you want to see Rumsfeld pardoned?

Why didn't the SEC investigate Madoff even when there

China begins building world's longest bridge

Do you know why the UAW wanted a Jobs Bank program?

Follow the breadbrumbs.. Our "troubles" lead back to the media.

So DUers, now that we've had a few foreclosures happen, can we talk about it?

Howard Fineman on KO made some brilliant comments

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

On paper, this guy looks like a much stronger candidate than Caroline Kennedy,

Blagojevich Attorney Says He's Not Guilty, Not Resigning

Why is there still a "credit freeze"??

CODE PINK and the Shoes

Sign of the times? Baby Jesus stolen on Independence Hall grounds.

How in the world can a judge be allowed to bailout Madoff investors?

Bicyclist-assaulting cop indicted

Getting Sen. Salazar out of the Senate is OK with me

Caroline Kennedy for Sec of State--let Hillary keep her seat!

All of a sudden I'm getting a tinfoil feeling about yesterday's incident....

Dave's hot tonight with the shoe throwing.

Cheney does not consider waterboarding to be torture

Rachel Maddow just interviewed Thomas Tamm, the FISA whistleblower. He spoke

Cheney admits to authorizing detainee's torture

John Kerry named chairman of committee he testified before in 1971

No One Knew of this "Shoe Insult Culture?"..Ya kidding me? We been there for 6 years and NO ONE KNEW

No One Knew of this "Shoe Insult Culture?"..Ya kidding me? We been there for 6 years and NO ONE KNEW

Damn. Jon Stewart is a repeat tonight. I really wanted to get his take on

Update: Shoe-Thrower had been Traumatized by US Aerial Bombings

The Secret Service is willing to protect Bush, but they aren't ready to take a shoe for him!

As fuel prices plunge, car supply surges

Hey dems, repugs dont fuck around with impeachment do they?

Two Considerations for anybody Laughing over the Madoff Scandal

Vanishing 401Ks and IRAs - actual dollars from real peoples' wages

Here come the toons

Wis. lawmaker arrest on alcohol, marijuana charges

An eye-opening and disappointing story NYT article regarding Schumer's ties to finance industry

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on His Battle With the Banks: "They NEVER Had The $$$ They Said They Had"

Soldier recalls cries from boy brought onto base-Chaplain says senior officer aware of rape

Is anyone else annoyed that CNN is doing "Memo to the President"

WH pool reporters yuck it up on Air Force One: "I bet they’ll be serving us 'shoe-fly pie'"

Cheney's remarks challenge Pres. Obama to either adopt or abolish Bush's assumed powers

Wow, how things are changing!

Do you realize that the Shoe Toss is the only real visible sign of resistance Bush as seen in offfic

Scary (economic) predictions for 2009

ABC TRANSCRIPT: Cheney's Confession-On Torture-"I Supported It"

45% Suspect Obama Team Involved in Blagojevich Scandal

Why Caroline Kennedy is more qualified for office than many Democrats

There Is Nothing Wrong With This System. That a complete overhaul won’t fix.

Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk?

Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk?


In 2019, Chimp will lose his SS protection.....

I'm probably alone in this, but I find the shoe-throwing neither amusing nor laudable

Did 'SNL' go too far with its Gov David Paterson skit?

Food as a weapon

Poll Question: Should your credit rating be used to determine your employability?

Poll Question: Should your credit rating be used to determine your employability?

And Bank of America is supposed to be the most "stable" of the megabanks?

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Reprise and ??? "Please Help Send a Request to the Obama Transition Team"

Bush Comparison Seen As Unfair to Dogs

"you can't have integrity if you don't believe in god"


What does "Washington insider" mean to you?

Why Obama is in no trouble ... at all

Some thoughts on improving schools from the the president of AFT:

Last week's news.

Support DU and other Liberal Blogs: Take the 2008 Political Blog Reader Survey

Mich. man starts campaign to boycott Alabama products

When you think of Caroline Kennedy running for Senator, imagine how you'd feel

Another suburban ghost town

Another suburban ghost town

Even Nate Silver agrees - Harry Reid has mathematically been a disaster as Majority Leader.

Anti-gay violence feared rising

Shoe gifs

Dubai makes me want to puke.

Petition to release the shoe thrower

Shoe Thrower's Hand Broken In Iraqi Jail-Reports & Rumors-He Is Being Subject To Torture

Laid Off, Broke, and Now the Dog is Sick

Bloomberg's List of Investors Madoff Swindled! More to Come... An illuminating, informative insight into our financial mess

My husband just got asked to provide birth certificates & marriage licenses

"We blew up their entire country and we expect to be greeted with open arms?"

Please sit with me a while and weep.

Toyota halts U.S. Prius project

Depression, a view from the inside and what can be done about it

To the president of the US:

If you don't believe in an animal's ability to be cognative, here's a WTF moment for you.

Thank you all...

I saw an interview with a retired couple who lost a million bucks ..... and I felt bad for them.

Alright, please smack down this Reich Wing bullshit

The rich are eating themselves.

Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son

MoJo blog: The Obama admin will be defense of Miers and Bolton Jan. 20...perhaps Rove as well.

I want to point something out about wealthy people

Is being rich & connected a good reason to get a free Senate seat?

The Next Generation of Abortion Providers

Oops Toyota suspends construction of $300M plant

Condi re: shoe incident: "is a kind of sign of the freedom that people feel in Iraq"

Secret fund behind £33bn Madoff scam is uncovered

Generic anti-Bush sarcastic comment

How the shoe is viewed here in Freep central.

I'm Disappointed in Biden

I'm Disappointed in Biden

Say you had 1 billion dollars in cash

Should pre-employment drug testing be legal?

So....should all of us mail an old shoe to Bush before he leaves the Whitehouse??? :o)

Primary care doctors struggling to survive - SHOCKING STORY

'Prophet': Obama won't make it to the White House

Florida Republicans distance from new committeeman, Stormfront, son of former grand wizard

so...was that the other shoe dropping?

Christian Mob Protest Atheist Sign

net neutrality: Google Quietly Tries Brokering Deals With ISPs To Get Priority Access

Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team hold "Blagojevich night".. will skate in prison jerseys.. LOL

any chance bush is going to holland soon?

Dubai Mall

You just gotta love NYC

The shoe guy in Iraq deserves further thanks! Joe Scar is frustrated no accolades for Bush

I Got A Scion!!!!!

Does Morning Joe think NYC Christmas crowds represent the entire country?

Joe Scar Squeezes His Sour Grapes Into Whine

HDTV question:

Is your favorite Carol on this list?

What if they had all joined in?

Roads, Trains can't handle January 20th Droves (Inauguration)

The Next Great Hope For Rightwingnuts

I want a bumper sticker like this or similar:

Why are you batter?

Please register your preference. You may only select one.

i'm a professional cynic but my hearts not in it

Today Is The Day...Electoral College Elects Barack Hussein Obama

Bush On Al Qaeda Not Existing In Iraq Before Invasion: ‘So What?’

Politico- On a self appointed mission to try and bring down Obama

Bush History-Retired US Military Officers to Bush: No Torture! 12/15

Considering how many died on Bush's watch, the warm and fuzzy Bush PR invokes nausea....

I'm an idiot, my final portfolio's due Tuesday, not Monday.

the whole shoe thing is laced with irony.


weather report: "wind chills will improve to 10 to 20 below zero"

So what do you think Obama's reaction was when he saw the

More parents need to name their sons Barry because it's a good name

Bush has decided to remain indoors in a secured room for the remainder of his term(35 days)


Across Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist

President Al Bundy finally jumps the shark

President Al Bundy finally jumps the shark

Will Obama Make Colin Powell the Middle East Envoy?

Well, this is kinda scary... ABC This Week w/McCain

Freepers are calling Blago to offer support, urging him NOT to resign

One of my favorite Christmas songs ever

Obama Birth Certificate: Supreme Court Turns Down Another Challenge

Okay, who knew about Obama's bizarre birth defect?

BlagoGate - Cartoon


Obama begins Inaugural Events in Philadelphia!!

BARF!!!! Did you watch that Barney WH RedWhiteBlue Christmas thing on MSNBC? How insulting

Any thoughts on the AFC wildcard race?

My date went well

I'm Not Special


Will the Obama certification be on tv?

Investigators asking about bond advisers' donations to Richardson's PACs

"Scrooge in Rouge"

PSSSSTTTT, Ocelot took the day off from work, so NO talking about her today...

landlord called.... power is finally back on

Evan Bayh Forming Conservative "Blue Dog" Caucus In Senate

Van Halen's Legendary M&M's Rider

I found this poll in one of my local newspapers today

OK, which one of you beat me to

Leningrad Cowboys Go America!

I'd like to dedicate a song to the *idiot son

Why is Jeremiah Johnson only a 3-star movie?

I love the local news. It keeps one well informed.

What to do if someone in your life alternately loves and hates you

This is one of the ways I'm staying sane until vacation next month:

Shocco just let out the worst sound and then he

Obama team: review shows no inappropriate contact

David Katzenberg, Nikki Hilton, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden model their new Coveroos.

Another One Bites The Dust - Wrotnowski v Bysiewicz

Could someone here please explain this gif to me?

LOL: "This holiday season Barack Obama has been our Tickle Me Elmo."

Does anyone have a Slankie? Or a Snuggie?

Today's PSA: Peanut Butter Jars in the Microwave


Will Obama only make "secret" visits to Iraq?

I see the future - I see January 20, 2009 -

Monday Balloting Begins Electoral Vote Ritual to Certify Obama’s Win

goodnight all . . . .

BREAKING-Obama transition team: Review of contacts with Blagojevich complete.

tomorrow is my birthday! yay for me!

I saw The Dark Knight this weekend. I was neither blown away nor grossly disappointed.

Free cookies.

And yet, in spite of everything...

Dumping the old dog or cat and replacing them with a younger pet...or even a sofa??

That is it!!!! I'm making sloppy joes tonite.


This defines Obama's position and no amount of bloviating by the media and RW can change it

Election Aftermath Realities; "Bush-hating" GOP friends who still voted for McCain

Anybody ever listen to "Revolution # 9" played backwards in digital format?

Do you think this ad is for selling pot?

Since turtlensue has gone AWOL, I've been forced to make a bet with madinmaryland...

A pic of my windows completely covered in ice...

The Twelve Days of Bushmas

BREAKING: Barack Obama (Officially) Elected President!

Earliest holiday memories?


Bush agrees to sit in "dunking booth" at Baghdad carnival.

The soda machine is speaking a foreign language

What's the most important aspect of the "Shoe Throwing Incident"?

AP analysis gives Franken recount lead

You know what's really not funny?

Post a picture of a underrated city

Internet or sex, which would you choose?

I cannot begin to describe how wrong this is

Life Magazine photos of women in the 1960s

Fey, Palin, McCain dominate list of top 10 quotes for '08

I have decided to stay at home today

I am listening to hardcore techno to celebrate Obama winning in the Electoral College today


Proposed Constitutional Amendment to be introduced:

Conservatives worry Obama isn't ingnorant enough...

Daddy's Limping. (no, not a new country song)

Congrats Dallas fans


What kind of gift says "I'm sorry I insinuated that you are a baby

I got a PRIAPUS!!!

You know that song? By that guy and that girl that goes woo-hoo and the video is all black?

If there were no negative consequences, what would you do?

Blagojevich defense strategy unveiled:

Is this professional?

The Seven Deadly Deficits . . . by Joseph E. Stiglitz . . . Mother Jones

You got a problem with that????

To the wingnut who stole my Obama/Biden magnet and left a note …

Where is pancakes house?

The teakettle causes great panic among the Cat Corps.

You know that thing? You know, that thing in that place where those people did that stuff?

I am officially interested in becoming the next Senator from New York

It is Raining here... Yes here! (Picture Dial up warning!!!) Post weather PICs here!

American Idol to get even more lametarded

woot my daughters scoliosis is gone woot woot woot

woot my daughters scoliosis is gone woot woot woot

Barack Obama Earns More Votes Than Tickle Me Elmo

*SAD* no Daily Show or Colbert to watch pre-run tomorrow

For HEyHEY, in honor of his move to Beijing!

I tried to toast some shoes

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/15/2008)

Wholly Freakin Shit - it's hailing!

I am sneezing my ass off!

Anyone know where I can get 2,015 candles for Baby Jesus's birthday cake?

KUDZU!! It really is going places. Kudzunol...

I am tweezing my ass off!

I am fucking PISSED at my DR

Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) leading contender for Interior Secretary...?

Come cry with me

I am sleazing my ass off!

Anyone else tired of seeing and hearing Sally Field doing the "Boniva" commercial every 5 minutes

Any ideas why Blago isn't resigning?

Cheney: Obama Will "Appreciate" Our Expansion Of Power

Bush Administration plans to sell 160,000 acres of Utah wilderness to gas and oil interests

Hi everyone...I am back from Western MA

Anyone else tired of seeing and hearing Sally Field doing the "Boniva" commercial every 5 minutes

Sometimes the Light's all Shining on Me!

My Wife starts her new JOB today!

Tweety wants to know why the Iraqi people are dancing in the

Thoughts on Blago and Demanding his Resignation

You've just realized that there's a man eating monster in your basement...

Is this unprofessional?

To all the haters of the move "the Dark Knight"

For one week the world stood still

IT'S OFFICIAL - BARACK OBAMA IS PRESIDENT (Washington State put us over 270)

Is it stupid to go to the ER for something non-life-threatening?

The Crew Cuts big hit takes on new meaning.

Poll: Blago Mess Not Touching Obama

Ever know a guy who smiles real fast & then returns to the their usual sour expression


I think I'm in love with a toaster

BREAKING: ABC/CNN interview w/ Dick Cheney - Cheney confirms waterboarding was used!

Great, it's going to warm up so it can snow some more

Schuster accuses Obama of using Fitzgerald as a shield to hide behind. WTF?

Caroline Kennedy haters -- answer this

Allmans/Mule/Dead guitarist Warren Haynes' Christmas Jam featured John Paul Jones on "Going To Cali"

Crash Space At My Home For Inaugural

TXU sucks.

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Apparently my nephew is having problems at home with his father not being home

Shitload of math due Monday

Random Question about New Jersey. Does Plainfield, NJ still exist or not. I Grew Up There....


Scope of Obama's Secret Service protection proves daunting

There had to have been a second shoer.

Iraqi throwing shoe, cursing Bush on farewell tour of Iraq will be iconic image of his "legacy"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/15/08

How to break up a cat fight

If you want to throw a shoe to such an evil fuck,at least do it right:

Camera question - 6.1 megapixels vs 10.2

Madonna gives Guy £50m in divorce

Phrase of the day: "With a shoe". Change any Lounge thread to use "With a shoe".

Given the meaning of the word "spiral", which of the following is correct?

Republicans' Obama/Blagojevich Guilt-by-Association Push: Will it blow up in their faces?

Its a re-run, but thats a Scuderia...


If I could PUNCH the weather, I would do it.

Anybody got a bomb shelter?

Wait...a twin-turbo V-10 STATION WAGON?!

NBC is showing video of Biden's dog....

Zoo Animals On Wheels!!

Name that Goon!

Have you seen

You know what I hate about Java?

Christmas Carol w/ George C Scott starting now on AMC

UPS will not deliver wine to an intoxicated person?!

Mick is trying to figure out how to hump Beag

TOON: President Bush & The Shoe Thrower

Please check out my new DU poll question (link inside) ...

Holy crap! Secret Service set to announce new protective procedures for all press events.

David Lynch on product placement in movies.

Wow. Did anyone just see the Governor on Tweety talking unions?

Please don't be impressed with Bush's ability to duck shoes

Anyone ever had rooibus (red tea)?

Saw this leftover election bumper sticker today, had WTF moment

Marines Co-Managing 'Sobriety Checkpoints' in San Bernardino County

From the Cafferty File: Watching a lame duck duck really quacked me up!

What might have been if JFK Jr. had lived?

My new baby kitten

Get your kids addicted to cephalopods!

"billionaires using public funds to construct a private playground for the rich and powerful."

E. J. Dionne: Worried on the Left?

Ah, geez. Sarah McLachlin has a NEW ASPCA commercial.

Monday, December 15th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

BWAHAHAHAHA - Web Parodies of Chimpy ducking the shoe

Salazar to Interior could be a good trade

Better late than never: Some pics of my Election Day experience.

Ugh. 8 below zero is our forecast low tonight.

Kennedy's first endorsement - Louise Slaughter

Post a non cartrucksuv picture - A pic of another mode of transportation

Harold Saxon for PM

Wanna have a fight?

Thomas Tamm on with Rachel

If you are a citizen of the state and fit the other criterion/statute set forth for state office

How much would Repugs have charged for Alaska?

12 minutes to complete a survey??

Why is there such a preference for blind singers in India?

Darth Vader: Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas this year.


Sweet Caroline!

Unless you live in New York

Will Blago do something or Bush get another shoe thrown or name Chelsea to the cabinet

Freepers are catching a break - the "media" finally picks up their cause.

I am niceing my ass off!

As a non-New Yorker; I only have 2 criteria I think are important for Hillary's seat.

Church offers free "Leftover meals"

Post the name of your favorite pet ever (if you can narrow it down)


I hate to admit this but I kind of like the Big Bang theory...

Don't you want to be clean shaven, young man?

Because of the Electorial College, North Carolina officially became

oh-oh Rachel just introduced Harry Shearer as Nigel Tuffnel

Obama's calls to lawmakers 'unheard of'

My New LOL Cat For the day

How cool is this? "Obama to take train to Inaugural" He is going to pick up Joe too!

Throwing stuff at politicians. A cream pie, for instance.

Just to be kind to the freepers, another Sarah Palin' picture for their pleasure.

So Sarah Palin is good enough to be our President, but not John McCain's President.

Dealing with Pakistan--few good choices for Obama

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live To Announce Cabinet Members****

Regarding gravity and its untoward effects on the body:

Here's a plumber(From Arizona) who wasn't for McCain

The movie Delgo records worst opening in history. Averaging $55 per theater

I'm moving to Beijing!

good riddance Salazar; another dino out of the us senate

CO-Sen: Salazar to Interior

Worst product placement in a movie.

What are you listening to?

What part of "F*ck him" does the Media NOT Understand? Clarifying the Obvious.

Help! Has anyone ever had squatters take over your empty house before?

anyone here use(d) rosetta stone?


I bought David Sedaris's new book on cd, "When You Are Engulfed In Flames"

Why The Dark Knight deserves an Oscar nod for Best Picture.

I keep reading "dial-up" warning on threads heavy with pictures.

Funny cat video. "hey...hey...hey...hey....BAM"

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BREAKING NEWS: Caroline Kennedy throws Bush's shoes at Gov. Blagojevich at a Barack Obama news conf.

If you could choose one thing to change about winter...

Caroline Kennedy

Transition Delaying Release Of Blago Review At Fitzgerald's Request

Can the mods give us a "shoe throwing" smilie?

The Obama movement: is it real and persistent? What will it do, and how?

What do you think you'll mostly be doing during the Obama presidency?

Artery-hardening VIDEO: Paula Deen's bacon-wrapped deep fried macaroni & cheese

My in-laws new puppy. *PICS*

Do the Amish really make

Gay Musicians From Bay Area To Play Inauguration Parade

Mark Halperin is sure gonna hold Obama's Feet over the fire! Where was he during Bush's Reign?

Somebody PLEASE make me stop looking at Petfinder

So whaddya think of Rasputina?

AP Analysis Franken ahead by 8+ votes/// Both camps slash ballot challenges to speed count end

Second Camera Angle on Zaidi - punched while being removed from press conference

Ice storm pix

Kerry urges Pakistan to control spy agency

Coleman Asks Court To Stop Absentee Ballot Count

I never thought I would say this: I'm Impressed with Bush

I'm very concerned about Obama's Cabinet picks.

We will be greeted with flowers at our feet not shoes at our heads

CAROLINE is Obama's Choice...

Sex as a Weapon

I've died and gone to heaven: Obama administration will value "science" and "facts"

With my apologies to Mr Moore "the night before christmas 2008"

With my apologies to Mr Moore "the night before christmas 2008"

Feliz Navidad ....Feliz Navidad .....Feliz Navidad Prospero Ano y Felicidad.

"Friends with benefits"... can that really work?

STOP Framing the argument as Caroline Haters or Hillary Haters..

Yes, I miss it, too

I'm offended Caroline Kennedy has the audacity to want to serve the state of New York.

Explain the whole Kennedy phenomenon to a 23-year-old North Carolinian

Feeling Groovy - Simon & Garfunkel

Obama is not center right.

So, when did dogs become a disposable item like empty beer cans? (I didn't get the memo)

ANYONE who watched the assasination of her Father and Uncle

A never-before-seen picture of the Daughter of Frankenstein! In all her big-giant-headed glory!

Waiting for my Child to Come Home

Complete the phrase: David Lynch is to Ron Howard as ____ is to Kenny G

GOP playing games with labor laws in California

Be the Shoe! Play the Game!


What are your top 3 Barack Obama speeches.

Compromise Idea: Is There Any Way We Can Give Caroline... Chuck Schumer's Senate Seat ???

Compromise Idea: Is There Any Way We Can Give Caroline... Chuck Schumer's Senate Seat ???

Jay Carney - leaving TIME Magazine to work for VP Biden as Director of Communications.

I am freezing my ass offf!

Would you support a 3 cent retail tax on gasoline to help fund Medicare?

Instead of another Kennedy in Washington how about another African American in the Senate?

Caroline Kennedy supports Blagojevich's Chicago-style of Shoe-throwing Bailouts and a new puppy!

The Worst Television Show

Obama is 1.3289023 FEET left of center

Name all of the airports you've flown into or out.

Do You Support Caroline Kennedy's Bid To Replace Senator Clinton?

I'd trade you my Diane Feinstein for your Caroline Kennedy in a hot New York Minute!

What the HELL is wrong with the state of New York?

Did Biden just refer to "President Gore"?

A highlight reel of the best spankings administered in media

Kerry formally named today as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committe

I've got someone on another board saying that people are planning to throw mini nooses...

29 (D) state senators in New York.... none of 'em are Caroline Kennedy.

I'm VERY disappointed that RFK Jr. wasn't named to the EPA position. VERY disappointed.

I just snuggled a puppy. Are you jealous?

The shoe thrower ruined everything for Bush and he did it in the bottom of the 9th inning

When Daniel E. Teodoru posted this at the DNC blog in 2005, he said he was old and dying.

Any chance to continue the John F Kennedy legacy I will welcome with open arms

I hope Caroline Kennedy gets the seat

Our Caroline made the first of many smart moves today.

Do you recall any now-closed amusement parks from childhood?

My wife now refuses to wear her "Palins."

This EPA pick kinda sucks

What is the best way to break up w/ someone?

I like being gay.

MSNBC's First Read: "Caroline vs. the Clintons?"

Obama's Education Pick Set To Drop Tomorrow: Arne Duncan

I'm offended that Caroline Kennedy seems to think she can demand the Senate seat

Cheney's torture admission shows what worms he and W are.

Economic Recovery: Congress Should Invest in Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Give Caroline Kennedy an ambassadorship

"first day of winter and the longest night of the year"

"first day of winter and the longest night of the year"

Satisfied With Obama's Efforts So Far?

Update on the baby girl who was in cardiac arrest.

i'm bored.. let's have a picture thread

Things that people say when they're trying to be funny... but they're not.

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Cuba: Before and After the 1959 Revolution

All of you celebrating the shoe thrower should be ashamed of yourselves.

All of you celebrating the shoe thrower should be ashamed of yourselves.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday December 16

'The Big Bang Theory' is much funnier than 'Friends'

i just got electrocuted by the toaster

Musical Lounge Lizards! Can ANYONE identify this song or artist?

Blago-yevich is holding out for the movie deal.

Coulter: Minnesota Senate race 'being openly stolen' (god forbid we count all the votes!)

NGOs demand justice for Peru massacre victims

Mumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police

In this global crisis, the U.S. has opportunity

In Utah, the Parowan Prophet predicts disaster will prevent Obama from taking office

Evan Bayh Forming Conservative "Blue Dog" Caucus In Senate

Bush Administration created executive pay loophole

Russian warships in Cuban visit

U.S. soldiers’ behavior forced Muntadher to throw his shoes at Bush - al-Zaydi’s family

Bush on the invasion of Iraq leading to al-Qaeda presence: 'So what?'

Gunmen kill seven from Iraqi family

Iraq group sues Rumsfeld, US security firms for torture

Suspect arrested in Oregon bank bombing

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Supreme Court Grants Review Gitmo Torture Damages Case

(AP) Exclusive: Questions of KGB ties for (South Ossestia) activist

Dead US soldier IDed in Germany

Iraqi who threw shoes at President Bush hates both US, Iranian role in Iraq

Toyota delays Mississippi assembly plant

Obama Camp: We Did Nothing Wrong -- and We'll Prove it Next Week

Fannie Mae gives renters a break

Attorney Says Case Against Blago 'Significantly Exaggerated'

Blagojevich tapes have potential witnesses speaking out

Drivers halt Afghan supply route

At Fitzgerald's Request, Obama Team Delays Release Of Blago Review

Dreier Held In ‘Inhuman’ Solitary Confinement, Lawyer Says

Free Internet In Limbo As FCC Chairman Cancels Vote

U.S. anti-kidnap expert kidnapped in Mexico

States’ Funds for Jobless Are Drying Up

David Shuster to Host MSNBC Political Program "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"

US Senate banking chief (Dodd) confident on auto bailout

Iraq TV demands release of Bush shoe attacker

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 15

Obama names energy secretary, environmental team

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico

Supreme Court Allows Suits Over "Light" Cigarette Marketing

Riot squads surround protesters at police headquarters

US Senator Kerry warns Pakistan govt over spy agency

Iran's Khatami Mulls Run for Presidency

Supreme Court won't review Obama's eligibility to serve (again)

Family: Shoe Thrower Hates Both U.S., Iran Role

Effects of toxic smoke worry troops returning from Iraq

WTO top court largely upholds ruling on Chinese auto parts

NYC cop indicted, knocked down cyclist on YouTube

Chavez: Venezuela Could Renew Anti-Drug Operations With US

Review shows no contact with Blago

Grand Jury Investigation into Richardson Donor Heats Up

World court inquiry sought in Afghan rapes

Politico and Reuters Forge a News Distribution Alliance

Anti-Kidnap Consultant Kidnapped in Mexico

US costs of Iraq, Afghan wars top $900 bln -report

Poll: U.S. Public Generally Backs Obama on Iraq, Afghanistan

South Carolina governor to Bush: Auto aid ‘great mistake’

Iraq rally for Bush shoe attacker

Former US Attorney Tim Griffin (Karl Rove protege) Mulls Senate Bid

Banks hit worldwide by US 'fraud'

BREAKING: Rachel Maddow: Blagojevich is going to fight impeachment

Cheney: Obama 'not likely to cede authority' (will “appreciate” the expansions of executive power)

Presidential Electors Confirm Obama as Next President

Death rates for heart disease and stroke drop significantly; "remarkable achievement"

Obama to arrive in Washington by train

More science manipulation by Fish and Wildlife official revealed

Turkish intellectuals issue apology to Armenians

NY Governor Paterson's office says "Saturday Night Live" went too far

Chrysler's plan to beat the Chevy Volt

Caroline Kennedy to Seek Clinton’s Senate Seat

Illinois house OKs impeachment inquiry on governor

Guantanamo should stay open, waterboarding OK: Cheney

Madoff ‘Tragedy’ Said to Have Escaped Scrutiny by SEC

Chrysler Loses Second Top Executive In 4 Days

Secret Service faces questions after Bush shoe incident

Bush created executive-pay loophole (in the $700 BILLION bail-out)

DOJ Lawyer Dropped Dime On Bush Wiretaps

Sources: Salazar accepts Interior spot

Vatican to be sued over sex abuse claims

Toyota suspends completion of Mississippi Prius plant

Saudi offers $10m for Iraqi reporter’s ‘farewell gift’ to President Bush

BREAKING: IRAQI TV claims shoe-throwing reporter being tortured at US-run prison.

Accelerant poured around Palin's church

Students to be taught there's no God

Syria, EU initial cooperation agreement

Former US President Carter meets Hamas leader

Israel, Hamas up rhetoric as truce nears expiry

The Region: What they say isn't what you hear

Egypt lashes out at Iran for Gaza support

Nasrallah organizing mass rallies against Gaza siege

Settler charged with kidnapping Palestinian

Israel frees 224 Palestinians to bolster moderates

VIEWPOINT: Israel's merry band of Klansmen, the extreme right

Iran's Khatami Mulls Run for Presidency

Israel expels UN rights envoy who compared Israelis to Nazis

Wall Street Journal: The (Alleged) Real Story Behind the Rushed Blagojevich Bust

Guardian UK: Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama

Official History Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders

Our Disinformed Electorate

Latest smears prove Obama foes getting desperate

Ignore Your New Flat Screen. Put Down Your Wii. Use The Week After Christmas To Volunteer

Blagojevich: 2 sides of troubled Illinois governor, sinking deeper

"Reagan, Gorbachev and Bush at Governor's Island" National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book

Police thwart Moscow rally, seize 90-130 people

al-Zaidi the Shoe Thrower Gets Endorsement Deal With Nike

The misguided war on Christmas

Hendrik Hertzberg: Appointments

Abolish The Dept. Of Homeland Security-Six years on, it's still a catastrophe.

Change You Won't Believe (James Kunster)

What part of "F*ck him" does the Media NOT Understand?

NY Yankees Sign 'Iraqi Shoe Thrower' to Free Agent Deal

Bush Advised to Limit Future Visits to Barefoot Nations

Arundhati Roy: 9 Is Not 11 (And November Isn’t September)

Red-State Army?

Arundhati Roy: 9 Is Not 11 (And November Isn’t September)

A socialist policy for auto workers

Commentary: Southeastern Michigan braces for safety net to break

Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk?

Racial Extremists Are Infiltrating the Military for the Chance to 'Kill a Brown'

PALAST: Why is Obama considering GOP scammer for Secretary of Education?

It's Time to Junk the Electoral College

"Torture trail seen starting with Bush" by Jason Leopold (12-15-08 OnlineJournal)

Judge Signs Order to Protect Madoff Investors

Theory of 'Second Shoe Thrower' Raised by Abdullah al-Stone

Nazi Echo (A Consortium Archive)

What have we learned about the Madoff "scam"?

Microsoft to empower 50,000 Nigerians with IT, outsourcing skills

"Here's your Goodbye Bush!!"

Under Pressure

1 minute tease of Barney Frank on 60 Minutes last night (Full Video included)

Funny version of shoes flying at Bush

BUSH CLUELESS Re: Shoe Thrower - 'The Guy Wanted To Be On TV'

Loophole Takes Teeth Out of Bailout Bill

Bush Reacts To Shoe Thrower

Bush Dodges Shoe - The Matrix Version

The Great Depression

Frank Donaghue on the Dasht-e-Leili Mass Grave in Afghanistan

TYT: The 2008 Presidential Election (Posted Dec. 2006)

TPM Golden Duke Public Corruption Contest Categories Announced!

Bush On Al Qaeda Not Existing In Iraq Before Invasion: ‘So What?

Arne Duncan, Obama's Education Secretary

Bush Shoe Attack Remix

Bush's lack of ego

And Now Another Shoe Throwing Video!

Young Turks: Obama Gets Denied On Secret White House Memos

A Very Barney Christmas!

Bush Dismisses Zaidi's Shoe Insult-"I don't know what his beef is"

Olbermann: The Bush Shoe-Throwing Incident - 12/15

Funny take on Bush being hit by shoe.


Rachel Maddow: MUST-VIEW Interview w/ Thomas Tamm, FISA Whistleblower Revealed

Young Turks: Ann Coulter - Obama Wants To Be Known As Hussein

Jesse Ventura: CIA Embedded in Every State Government

Remember this shit?

George W. Bush's Nightmare Before Christmas

TYT: Huge 50's Singer Compares Gays To Jihadists (Adds That Gays Are 'Selfish')

Dire sunrise at Wanat

Some U.S. troops to stay in Iraq cities

Former Ranger on cross-country trek for Tillman

Report: Tricare vulnerable to overseas fraud

Bush in Iraq: War not over, more work ahead

Ex-congressman to deploy with reserve unit

Former Lewis Ranger sentenced in bank robbery

Task Force becomes part of AfriCom

Plan would take pirate fight into Somalia

New Orleans on track to deploy, InSurv shows

West Point cadet apparently takes own life

Indian navy captures 23 pirates in Gulf of Aden

New nuclear sub christened in Newport News

NSF officials favor modern icebreakers

Putting MRAPs in good hands

Program allows troops to build language skills

Hornet CO punished over video

Crash unnerves San Diego neighborhood

Boom time for contractors?

Grafenwöhr may get UAV facility

Groups want Gunsan air show canceled

U.S., Iraqi forces strive to maintain gains in key Jamilla marketplace

Yokosuka security personnel want residents to be good neighbors and ‘help

VA Glitches Rob Vet Widows of Benefits

Corps' $27b EFV at Crossroads

Bush's Iraq-Afghan Tour Hit by Dissent

(Military times) Op-Ed: If Wishes Were Horses. . .

Some Convoys May Be Paying Off Taliban

(Air Force Times) Editorial: F-22 Raptor debate is a disservice to taxpayers and troops

US-Israeli Citizen Fights Deployment

Smoking makes a comeback

Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb (Two new books by three atomic insiders)

World dignitaries launch anti-nuclear plan

Monbiot on the IEA: At Last, A Date

Bye-bye birdy : Global warming suspected as reason for a declining blackbird population in Arkansas.

Climate change no fairy tale, says Sore (Solomon Islands)

Good Thing They Didn't Throw Shoes - Oz Prime Minister Climate Hecklers Wrestled To Ground -

Illegal Amazon Logging Gets High-Tech Assist - Hackers Infiltrate State Computer Systems - BBC

WHO - Zimbabwe's Cholera Epidemic Definitely Not Under Control - 792 Reported Deaths To Date - AFP

Obama left with little time to curb global warming

Subsiding Hopes: Southeast Louisiana is sinking under its own weight, even as sea levels rise …

Ohio State Study - Greenland Ice Loss In 2008 Up 300% From 2007 - Increased Snow Not Compensating

Hemlock Joint Ventures to Invest up to $3 Billion to Expand Polysilicon Production

Hawaii Announces 10-MW Ocean Thermal Energy Partnership

Congressman: Delay Cape Wind; Says hearings are possible

Nanotechnology solutions to climate change

New form of hydropower to be used in Hastings (MN)

Boulder County solar project to offset 6 percent of traditional power (CO)

Climate Specialists Warn Forest Service Staff On Potential For Wholesale Ecosystem Shift - D. Post

Toyota suspends completion of Mississippi Prius plant

Lucrative Palm Oil Crop Putting Red Apes in Danger

Canada Surpasses 2000 MW of Wind Energy Capacity Installed

Busting a network of anti-environment, energy lobbyist front groups

Simmons and Hirsch discuss the imminence of Peak Oil

Scientists urge caution in ocean-CO2 capture schemes

The REAL Maverick: Present Economy worse than Depression

New Tax Rules: The Hidden Corporate Bailout - Time magazine

Why is Madoff's Ponzi scheme illegal, when the current meltdown


U.S. homes lose $2 trillion in value in '08

Great Read on What Happened in September w/ Economic Collapse

Big 3 Aid or Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown?

One thing I've noticed about RWers and the insult to the American Workers

A Second Mortgage Disaster On The Horizon? Alt-A and Option-ARM mortgages - from 60 Minutes


A Second Mortgage Disaster On The Horizon?

Following the ‘Green Jobs’ Road from Bali to Poznan

Solidarity with Republic workers, UE Local 1110

Fed mulls cut to key interest rate as economy sinks

Labor wins at Smithfield

Healing the Rift Between Labor Unions and Environmentalists

Today in labor history Dec 15 labor-backed Age Discrimination in Employment act passed

Occupation of Chicago factory ends, but raises larger questions

The Window and Door Factory

A Global New Deal

Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

Bailouts: The Ultimate Double Standard

U.S. Economy: Industrial Production Falls on Autos

Look who’s defending small schools

Senators, Fishing, Handouts and Hypocrites (Senator Shelby, obtained $160 million for the fishing)


There is power in a union

Dresser-Rand accused of discrimination

Good OSHA Rule on Personal Protective Equipment, take effect on January 12, 2009

Does this Mean that Republican Senators Will Be in Favor of a Bridge Loan?

Kongsberg Automotive Screws Van Wert Ohio, Again (105 jobs to Mexico)

740 Research Assistants Join CWA

Nude models brave Paris cold to protest low pay

NYC Unemployment Could Hit Nine Percent By Year’s End

Child Labor Violations at 11 Chattanooga Malls $100,000 in penalties

Smithfield Workers Eager to Get Their First Contract Done

Danbury, Conn., contractor faces nearly $145,000 in OSHA fines

Shame on the addicts of Wall Street

More than 130 Hollywood stars oppose strike vote

Don't Let Job Insecurity Halt Vacation Plans

Support US Labour? You must be a racist!

"Scrooge in Rouge"

This shit makes me so fucking mad!

Birth certificates to reflect NY gay-marriage move

Hungary court overturns domestic partner law (because it diminishes marriage)

Bronx pol: Gay groups threatening me

This is progress, I GUESS....


Ugh. Just found out one of my co-workers is a bit of a homophobe.

Need some help on Christianity and homosexuality (cross post)

I saw Milk last night

Cuba and Venezuela Working on Optic Fiber Communication Cable

Chavez: Venezuela Could Renew Anti-Drug Operations With US

Por Qué Me Quité del Vicio

An interesting site about the School of the Americas

Kick ass Mika thread in GD.

HELL YEA Carl Peterson resigns....YEA YEA

'Skins Carlos Rogers found out he wasn't starting in the tunnel-when his name wasn't announced

One of the best moments yesterday in the NFL....

Does anyone know how the SF Forty-niner's did against the Dallas Cowboys this year??

Opening round of a I-A playoff

15 days ago I quit smoking.

That "gratitude" thing happened again.

Virtual Circles of the Heart ...

Midlodemocrat's update on the baby girl who was in cardiac arrest...

I guess he /was/ an angry old man!

Need some input on Canon lens upgrades

a minute of your time

Guns on campus, massive crossfire deaths.

Sunrise Over The Homer Spit - Alaska

Above the clouds, an inspiring sunset.

Apple Nirvana!!

I acquired some wonderful cookbooks this past week...

fancy pan question

Where gators hang out.


Vatican to be sued over sex abuse claims

Need some help on Christianity and homosexuality

"I just can't believe this is all there is"

Why does Pope Paul's coffin

Former ISI chief on 9/11

Imagine a surprise test for teachers...

"Breast Cancer Society" phone solicitations are a fraud--hang up and report them

Check out my Texas State Rep's stupid ass facebook page.

USB wifi dongles for eMacs?

Oh Crap.... shell hijacked. Anyone have the number for Trend micro support?

Et tu, Google?

Need help NO Youtube anymore!

Absurd Blagojevich VP Claim

Diary written by Bobby Muller, Vietnam Veterans of America: A Guide to Help Our Troops Survive

Beatty owes manager large amount of money

Boston Globe article on lots of MA people working for Obama - many ex- Kerry people

DailyKos diary to rec & comment

YES! JK is Chair of SFRC!

Well, we are coping with the Great Ice Storm of 2008

'Be vigilant' over vomiting bug

Madoff's $50bn scam may be the first of many

George Osborne's brother, the £150 hooker & drugs