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Archives: December 14, 2008

Will the Obama Administration Defend Karl Rove?

I just laughed hysterically at SNL doing Gov. Patterson....

'Center-Right'? Not Quite...

EDIT: mistaken, Center for American progress lists joe bident was Y/Tarp but Absent/auto

Are we at the beginning of the end or are we at the end of the beginning??

21st Century America and the Republican Party

Does anybody have any info about getting credit scores for free...

FYI Check out a real life example of a NY Mann Act prosecution.

Would some asshole dare to pull a cruel joke by placing a small skeleton in the vicinity

Wandering in the Wilderness - great little video of the rut of

Flagstar Bank: Give Me My Money, My Roof Has A Hole

Fitzgerald is good!

Absolute Consequence Of Reaganomics Is Failure!!

Everybody read! This is Obama Elf fun

So the lorrie will miss her maids and servants and didn't get a trip to Burma.

If I could give them eyes to see...

Congress Must Ensure that the Big Three Bailout is Made-in-America

I really have a problem with what Lisa Madigan is trying to do, and hope the Ill Supreme Court

David Corn is on WJ right now

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Trudeau Won't Let Up

Typical and dispicable: The MSM insinuates that "teh gays" are responsible for burning Palin's

What are the chances that Bush will ever apologize as Nixon did in the Frost/Nixon interviews?

NY Times: A Champion of Wall St. Reaps the Benefits (Good 'ole Chuck Schumer)

UAW solidarity avatar, countdown clock at top of page, remove donation thermometer...

LA Times: Where Schwarzenegger goes, money follows (except, apparently, to the state treasury)

Thirty seven more fucking days.

Disgraced Illinois governor weighs legal options

MTP: Non-stop Blagojovich/Obama discussion

So, Arlen Specter likes Polish Jokes, eh?

From D.C. to S.C. and elsewhere, talk is of stimulus plan

Bush touts successes in fight against drugs

Pentagon Quibbling Over Pay for Combat-Related Injuries

One more big Dick

Rumsfeld on Iraq: ‘If you think we’re going to spend’ $1 billion in Iraq, ‘you’re sadly mistaken.’»

Essential Tips for Visiting Washington, D.C. on Obama's Inauguration Day

How Iran WON The U.S./IRAQ War - (West Point "Combating Terrorism Center")

Why the cheenee!1 is Mc5PLANEs guesting with This Weak?!1

Obama's handling of the Blagojevich scandal? Believable or Not Believable?

Hey, Mittens

Tens of Thousands Mass in Gaza for Hamas Anniversary

'lingering questions for the president-elect'....fuck you david gregory

Iraq Report Reveals Pentagon's Massive Fraud And Waste-$100B Failure

Political Corruption Smackdown. Which State Is Most Crooked- Illinois or Louisiana?

Need a good gift idea?

New York immigrant dead in apparent hate crime (gay latino beaten to death)

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains will be on Starz

150,000 U.S. troops remain in Iraq, more than 4,209 killed, and Bush is taking a victory lap

Can somebody PLEASE explain to me how Bush's writing laws and

NFL player from losing team is considering running for office as a republican

'Residual' forces in Iraq expected to train 'Oil Police'

The Illinois Attorney General is kinda hot

Details, Details

Final Days Fire Sale: In the Southwest, "a plunderfest that produced a gangster culture"

Suicide Bomber, 13, Kills Three British Troops in Iraq(Afghanistan)

Kerry in India with Obama's Mumbai message

Looks like Palin doesn't shop at her consignment shop anymore!

What Exactly Does "I Talked to The White House This Morning" Mean?

Year's-end pieces will begin to appear in the nation's newspapers

Chief: Palin's home church damaged by arson

GOP's demands a first in labor relations

McCain Campaign Sells Blackberries Filled With Confidential Files

Rare Out Take ****Shawshank Redemption**** Morgan Freeman

$100 billion wasted: Official U.S. History of Iraq Invasion: NY Times:

Another possible Obama appointment that I like: Ron Kirk for US trade representative

Colin Powell on CNN now

McCain scolds GOP for whacking Obama

Please keep this in mind about the Dear Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama

What Scumbag Would Call The Humane Society “Terrorists”? Rick Berman

Sen. Charles Schumer: Champion of Wall Street Bailout: NY Times:

Is there a Ponzi Scheme involving Citigroup that is being suppressed by the press?

Why is everyone convinced Bush will come through with TARP?

Helen P let's loose again: And while I am on the subject of not being Christian...

FOUR lucky DUers will each win a "MILF" movie prize pack! From the old movie starring Dustin.Hoffman

"Common Sense" from Fox News (LOL)

Evan Bayh To Form "Blue Dog" Caucus in Senate

Indian Fighter Planes Violate Pakistani Airspace(on Two Fronts)

Ted Rall toons. This guy is radical.

"The war is not over."

2008 Christmas Specials TV Schedule

The value of living within our means

We all needed a little comic relief, even at the cost of Pretzel Head Booshe

Foreign-based carmakers fear backlash collapse of Detroit's auto industry would have on supply chain

Stuff We're Not Supposed to Talk About re: Unions from MI

The Lie We Love

You know what Bert the Turtle always said...

Burglar: I Was Held Captive By Ghost For 3 Days

Will bankers be prosecuted?

The New Bush Library in Dallas

On being wished a happy Eid el-Adha, it is explained that Muslims are atheists throwing a curse...

Free: Bush Legacy Wallpaper, with an inspiring message from GW Bush

Fareed Zakaria GPS is the best Sunday news show. Screw MTP and others

A City Looks to Its Moral Compass in Lean Times (hires an ethicist)

Fuzzy math: Freeps spin the shoe-trowing incident into proof that Bush brought freedom to Iraq

Make your farewell sentiments known to the outgoing (p)Resident

The new Bush theme song

Do NOT bring a spare shoe to Washington DC if you're going to say bye to Bush

Pentagon Pro-Troop Group Misspent Millions, Report Says

89,878 DEAD Iraqis, most of them INNOCENT. If they don't have a Right to Life, then, do you?

Maliki/Bush sign long-term strategic pact today. Video up now.

Republicans Oppose Bailout Of Santa Claus

Big 3's biggest failure is in the performance of their DC lobbyists - Mark Phelan, DFP auto columnis

Socks the cat near death

Chimpy is an idiot. He just stared at the shoe-thrower.

Picture Booshe's limo buried under shoes on January 20 as it rides down Pennsylvania Avenue

Obama Christmas song in the Tucson 'Arizona Daily Star'

Presidential protection not so good - shoe tosser could have gotten 4 shoes off before they reacted

The ultimate in bittersweet...

First time I've ever heard of someone *trying* to put their shoe in dog shit...

If your name happened to be Bush, would you have it changed?

david gregory 'we have some GREAT news this morning, bu$h* has landed in iraq.'

It's just unsettling (at the least) to hear these architects and caretakers of the Iraq occupation

Rove Reportedly Will ‘Help Lead’ GOP’s Fight Against Eric Holder For Attorney General»

9/11 Forensic evidence to be reviewed on the History Channel, right now. nt

Maybe these were the kind of flowers the Iraqi's were going to throw

Who's having/had an Obama house party?

Nothing says, "Get the fuck out of here and good riddance!!!" like...

I have a question for you folks who are decrying corporations...

Does New York have a Lt. Governor?

How we know there won't be any freepers at the inaugural

i would have prefered an old-fashioned pie-in-the-face.

They will throw flowers us and greet us as liberators...

Girls Laugh in Background as Baltimore Man is Robbed and Shot

Returning To The Scene Of His Crime. Bush* Just Arrived In Iraq.

Yes We Can!

Obama Action dolls are selling like crazy...

It's currently 60 degrees in Iowa. . Going down to zero, tonight.

BREAKING: Iraqi shoe thrower trained by Russians! (photo)

Dana Perino gotta black eye in the shoe melee!

bush thinks he's just like clinton now.......

****BREAKING**** Nike missiles fired at U.S.......

What if all journalits are now requuired to remove their shoes prior to entering the White House

Yet another reason we need universal single payer health insurance....

Section 1, Article 2 of the Constitution...

Tossing Shoes: In The Arab World, A Gesture of Contempt

Maybe UAW members should agree to pay cuts

Merry Xmas: KB Toys Bankrupt!

Al-Maliki will train our secret service

MSNBC (About blizzard in North Dakota): "Visibility will be AT or BELOW ZERO!"

Dickipedia: David Gregory

Does the War Criminal in Chief seriously think he'll be able to go out

Does the War Criminal in Chief seriously think he'll be able to go out

A medal for the shoe thrower in Iraq!!

How many more pissed off Iraqis who lost family members like the shoe thrower are there you think?

Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama

Viedo on demand..Lectures from UCTV..Free and timely and plentiful

President-Elect Barack Obama's Publicly Worn Watches

Tell Us Which President's Hand You Have Shaken.

Federal Interest Rates Headed Towards Zero

Fed won't reveal names of recipients of $2 trillion

NGOs demand justice for Peru massacre victims

My, oh my. These Republican will do anything to make sure we don't get a black president.

Sunday 'Toons

Light at the end of the tunnel goes out

First RNC felony sentenced. Letter from his attorney.

no hakim! i said "shoo", not "shoe"!!

no hakim! i said "shoo", not "shoe"!!

no hakim! i said "shoo", not "shoe"!!

The TRUTH about UAW wages

Shoe Thrower:Muntadar al-Zeidi, a Correspondent for Al-Baghdadiya Television

Skinner we need a flying shoe avatar!

PHOTO: Does it LOOK like everything is "fabulous", "playing it down", joking it off"?

A case study in loss of American manufacturing... closing of Syracuse China

So, what is it that will recover the economy? 2009 right?

My Good Deed of the Day

Things that made you go "Hmmm" about what has happened.

Arrested RNC 8 National Call-In Days of Action: Tues 12/16 and 12/17

New Rules for Reporters

What do you like best about Christmas

"This is a gift from the Iraqis, this is the farewell kiss, you dog. "

So...should we send our shoes to Bush**?

Michelle Obama can avoid first-term mistakes of Bush, Clinton

MSNBC BREAKING: Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush, Bush ducked like he was hunting with Cheney!

*PIC* The other shoe "dropping" *ACTION PIC*

A freeper strikes back @ DU over the show toss .... ATTN English Teachers

Schuller's son resigns as Crystal Cathedral pastor

Three cheers for 2 good dems!

Hey, you senators: Thanks for nothing

Has PE Obama chosen a Press Spokesman?

Rumor: Rush Limpballs Engaged...

How about a "Shoe-In" for inauguration eve?

Why not hang old shoes from trees as signs of your "support" for the Decider-in-Chief?

5 Million Pairs of Shoes get flung at Commander AWOL as he passes sputtering torch...

Newsweek: The Fed Who Blew the Whistle-Is he a hero or a criminal?

Going away gifts for George Bush.

Has anyone here been around a shopping mall this weekend?

A Threat from MN's Ramsey County Office To Dave Mahoney, RNC arrestee

Is evolution an algorithm?

Muthathar al Zaidi shouted: "This Is A Goodbye Kiss, You Dog"...

Why is Harry Reid still Senate Majority Leader?

My first poll: What should I do with my dog's George Bush toy on inauguration day

NBC Nightly News just opened with the "Shoe Shot"

NJ Sen. Lautenberg among potential fraud victims

Photos from Marie's Christmas party 12-13-08 (move on for Obama)

I am totally appalled at what I just saw on cable TV. Is anyone...

Madoff is taking down European banks as well

God bless the shoe throwers! nt.

I never thought I'd say this, but I AGREE with CHENEY on something.

An Encounter With Hogs On The Road To Alabama»

Guardian UK: 6000+ building firms to fail by mid-2010 as falling house prices exacerbate crisis

I threw my shoes today, oh boy . . .

Guardian UK: Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama

Madoff Was Huge Dem Donor

Feel good Chicago story to take a blago break: A great Chicago hospital

They never got him out of the room, and they never put a body in front of him.

Democrats push voter turnout to 40-year high as 131 million cast ballots in presidential race

If you had been kidnapped and tortured by unknowns while covering the Iraq debacle...

"He'd rather pay a prostitute than pay auto workers."

Someone threw his shoes at Bush today.

It's the second inning

Mumbai attackers more tech savvy than the police

If you could throw your shoes at a political figure du jour of the past two weeks, who would it be?

Caption this .......

I regret that I have only one pair of pointy-toe asskickers to give for my country.


lieberman, McSame & bush go on a game show!

Wow, now this was f-ing quick..... (last graph)

Am I a bad man for wishing that Laura, Condi or Pearle was standing behind Bush this morning?

Am I a bad man for wishing that Laura, Condi or Pearle was standing behind Bush this morning?

This shoe throwing will be a skit on SNL, I guarantee it

where are the major announcements about Bristol's giving birth? Where is the GOP? nt/

Auto industry facts. Please help.

You mom's on dickipedia

One Last Bash: Which of the current or former BushCo slugs do you despise the most?

Does this mean we can leave our shoes on at the airport x-rays now?

Iranian acid attacker facing same assault

Is it unpatriotic to laugh at our President almost getting hit in the face with a shoe?

The guy who threw the shoe

Why don't the Dems in Senate force the Republicans to filibuster the Big 3 Aid Bill?

'Modesto Bee' Reporter Eyewitness To Shoes Tossed at Bush

Aside from the joking-does it scare anyone that the Secret Service let the shoe throwing happen?

Why Rove Attacks Eric Holder: To Provide Cover for Bush's Pardons

I'm wondering if LittleMan will keep those shoes (like Saddam's pistol).

Why don't the economic geniuses recognize one basic fact -incomes did not keep pace

Southern GOP Senators Could Push Country into Depression

It takes 4 days to write the auto bailout? Smells like a repuke dirty trick.

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses, and so he showered Bush with Flowers...

Lindsey Graham tries again to ruin unit morale and cohesion in Aghanistan

I am a union member in the middle of a battle with my employer and working without a contract

With elections in February, Israel searching for its Obama

Barney Frank

Bruno Magli accused of manufacturing WMD's

Oh Mommy (Brewer & Shipley)

Barney Frank on 60 Minutes Now n/t

Larry, Curly and Smoe

Is it funny that someone threw a shoe at Der Chimpenfuhrer?

Could we organize "shoe drive" for the poor to express solidarity with Iraqis?

88 strong democratic family reunion today

Does anyone know a good recipe for shoe-fly-pie? (It seems apt for the season.)

Shoes Are No Threat - It Is Symbolic Disdain For God's Sake

N.J. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (and many Democrats) among potential fraud victims of Bernie Madoff

N.J. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (and many Democrats) among potential fraud victims of Bernie Madoff

What Colbert/Kenye West kerfuffle?

Crusader Bush. Not afraid of hijacked commercial airliners OR tossed shoes. Fearless. Mighty.

A sign of progress in Iraq?

Media spin: "Bush was cool under fire..prevented an even bigger incident ..waved off SS"

For women DUers only: How many sexual partners have you had?

Imelda Marcos and bush. Why does fate connect dictators and shoes?

Media Matters: Media picks up where they left off 8 years ago...

A reminder of the Benifits of Reaganomics and Anti-Unionism

DU-ers in Retail: What's the Report from the Field?

Charity a great coverup for fraud, "look how charitable I am"

Anyone wonder why that particular reporter threw his shoes?

Bill Clinton knew how to deal with Richard Shelby

Justy think if McCain had had to dodge those shoes

I'm so ashamed of you laughing at a war criminal getting assaulted, LOL

Bush Protected From Dangerous Shoe-Bomber in Iraq

I guess this had been answered already

We put up our shoe tree today.

My first and last compliment to Bush

Pinocchio Meets the Shoe Thrower. Produced by God. Loved by Humanity. nt

I don't support or condone the guy who threw his shoes at Chimpy

Throwing shoes as a Moslem insult

Rachel Maddow's handling of Blago-gate seen as weak, mainstream

Let it Shoe, let it shoe, let it shoe. nt.

BBC: Shoes Thrown At Bush On Iraq Trip (showing the soles of shoes to someone is a sign of contempt)

Wasting Enough Rice to Feed 184 Million Is Habit Only Rats Love (Outrage warning!)

Peter Werbe talking Big 3 LIVE from Detroit -- taking callers -- stream link

If all of these banks and lending 'institutions' are evicting people and foreclosing their homes

A slow dance in a dark room with Jackie Gleason.

Did you hear Dana Perieno got bruised by a microphone

War crimes, torture, civilian killing OK, throwing a shoe OH MY GOD!

I keep seeing that beautiful girl looking at me on my computer screen

I keep seeing that beautiful girl looking at me on my computer screen

Jill promised Joe that if he and Obama won he could have a puppy....

Holiday Parody (FORWARD TO A FRIEND)

Do you wish the shoe connected?

A letter to Michael Moore

New World Order replaced by New Balance. Today we are ALL shoe throwers.

DANG! Did anyone just see bush nearly get hit by some reporter's shoe in Iraq!?

Look who predicted the banking crisis--like 2 centuries ago!

Illinois GOP launches special election campaign

That Was No Small War in Georgia - It Was the End of the American Empire

Pepsi Suicide Ads

GLOBALL MORAN Awards - Week ending 12/14/08

GLOBALL MORAN Awards - Week ending 12/14/08

December 15

One part about the Shoe throw The S.S. did really act slow.

One part about the Shoe throw The S.S. did really act slow.


HEY FREEPERS, shoe this

Newspaper Front Pages

Hey, you senators: Thanks for nothing

If it could be done again, what would you rather have thrown at Booshe

Labor Unions - any good reference sources

Labor Unions - any good reference sources

Go to hell Joell Osteen...The Heroin of the Masses...

If the shoe thrower had a real weapon, you know what the outcome would have been.

Taking Advantage of the Bush/Maliki Security Agreement

Holder is going to be the flashpoint for the whole deal. It's KKKarl against US !1 n/t

Who is going to break it to the Republicans, Limbaugh, Rove, Bush, etc.

Caption Maliki...


Hey Sports Fans! It's Nazi Knucklehead time!

DoJ Blocks Obama From Torture & Wiretap Docs

Rolling Stone: Bush's Final F.U.

Troubling. Important. Message to the US at large from the United States Department of the Treasury

"Hey, you senators: Thanks for nothing" -- Detroit Free Press' Mitch Albom

Reporter who threw shoe reported from Sadr City & had a colleague who was kidnapped and tortured.

How will the headline read?

If you didn't see 60 minutes tonight, you missed a good one.

Against Unions?

Obama Will Not Prosecute Bush And Cheney

DU: End of Year Regrets and Misjudgements?

Antiabortion Organizations Stoop to Economic Lows

Auto Bailout Moves Risky For GOP Senators

NC Supreme Court rules for neighbors

Southern States Receive More Tax Dollars Than They Pay Out. Then...

Utility companies gouging customers--one LARGE reason why people are barely making it.

My take on why a lot of people may be biased against unions..

shoe tossing video up!

Have you ever put a member on ignore?

Send me your foreclosure horror stories! I'm pissed, and I'm going to do something about it!

Do you think BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, and other non North American headquartered auto companies

NY Times freezes wages of NON-UNION employees (lest there be any doubt about why we need unions)

From Greece - If we do not burn, How will darkness come to light?

Welcome to my favorite EX-president's next presser!

They've just posted a mug shot of the shoe thrower

Bush Receives Goodbye Gift from the Iraqi People ---pix--->

All the foreclosure stories reminds me a little of this parable:

Is it time to start to pony up for the shoe throwers expense?

Cenk On HuffPo: Give Someone a Compliment Today (And Share Your Story)

I could watch this for hours!!!

My kids can't believe the Internet wasn't around when I was a kid - I'm 39. They consider it the

My kids can't believe the Internet wasn't around when I was a kid - I'm 39. They consider it the

GM still paying Microsoft.... could consider open source software


Ladies and Gentelemen, I give you the SHOE THROWER!!

There once was a man with size tens.

It's like driving down the street and having people gesturing at you without all five fingers

Cuba's revolution at 50: gains fade, despair endures

A great ariticle on terrorism, bigotry, and poverty, by Arundhati Roy.

Man talks about succumbing to PTSD after working on death penalty tie-down team.

Hey, Senator, check out the 43 mpg Ford Fusion hybrid. And while you're at it, shove it up your ...

Send group hugs to the shoe thrower

Duck! (photo)

Orgasms During Childbirth?

Won't be watching the video...

If the former chairman of NASDAQ is a crook, who's to say what part of Wall Street isn't crooked?


Shoe throwing is an insult only in Muslim cultures

Was there a second shoeter?

Take a look at this picture: "Aw, you've hurt my FEELINGS!" (**WARNING, VERY GRAPHIC**)


That Iraqi "Throwing Shoe" was a Stunt...disgusting to whip up the Repug Base...

TX-Sen: White Planning to Run

I am surprised the repukes didn't do better this last election.

Senate appointments - just so you know, Joe Biden gave names for his replacement

Gallup Daily: Obama approval ratings soar to 69% with 73% personal favorability

Faltering world economy offers challenges and opportunities for US and PE Obama

Carly Fiona on MTP is clueless on business. No wonder she got fired.

FDR's New Deal Blueprint For Obama

Boy am I going to get creamed for this...

Governor Granholm doing her best to debunk autoworker's wages on MTP.

I see Chimpy has slithered his way into Iraq

"Biden to shrink VP role - big time"

Write your letters about the UAW

Gene Robinson criticizes Obama. Critic criticizes Gene Robinson, on Blagogate

Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close

It looks like there may in fact be a Kennedy appointed US Senator, not from but NY but from Illinois

Why is Rove so concerned about Holder being the Attorney General?

Through the looking glass narrative

Question: Have any ELECTED Republican officials been criticizing Obama over Blago?

The Bush Legacy.....Jim Morris

The kooks are still pestering the electors over Obama's citizenship

Five weeks!! I can't fuckin' wait five whole fuckin weeks for this poop flinging monkey to be gone.

Andrew Sullivan doing an excellent job on Tweety's NBC show

Andrew Sullivan doing an excellent job on Tweety's NBC show

Transcript of UAW Gettlefinger's Press Conference 12/11/2008

McCain Sticks Up for Obama on Blagojevich, on ABC's "This Week"

Obama Makes a Point of Speaking of the People, to the People

What am I not getting here? US Senator serves military duty in Afghanistan....for 5 days?

FAST FORWARD Jan 19th 2009...Bush still trying to remove 219 tons of old shoes

Judge temporarily lifts Stevens' law license

The Logos That Weren't -- Obama's Campaign Logos That Were Scrapped

Problem w/ the White House Web Page

The next person who crosses my path gets a shoe.

The Bush Legacy.

Forget about Obama taking your guns, outgoing President Bush will take your SHOES!

Woman married Berlin Wall

Christmas Rock n Roll!

Throw Your Virtual Shoe at Bush!

The question is why Fitzgerald didn't wait for an illegal offer to be made

Why is this funny to me?

Man Throws His Shoes At Bush In Iraq, Dragged Away By Security

Immunity boosting tips?

Bush History-Bush Insider Says Bush Rewarded Iraq Incompetents with Top Civilian Medal 12/14

Didn't elder Bush have a shoe thrown at him while in Iraq or the middle east.

No, no, no! Herpes is FREAKIN' HOT.

Sometimes it's like, "what are y'all doing" and sometimes it's like, "what are we doing"

Can someone translate this:

Does Obama's PE address studio look kinda Spartan here?

Best remake

The shoe incident seems to have taken blago off as the front story in the press

That was 2 SNLs where I thought the music guest was a comedy skit

Obama Team Woos GOP to Ease Way for Agenda

For community service, I was asked to coach Pee Wee football.

Kanye can't sing, hence the Auto-Tune. He sounds like a crappy Karaoke on SNL.

Bush has raised the terror color to a deep shade of burgundy after todays tragic events.


Romney on MTP, 'more tax cuts', 'more spending', 'salary cuts for workers'

Shoe Tossing - In the Arab World: A Gesture of Contempt

Heidi just made me laugh up my spleen

Holy Raptor Jesus I am DRUNK

Frankly, we need a hell of a lot more satisfaction and resolution then one thrown shoe!

AP: Obama's true colors: Black, white ... or neither?

AP: Obama's true colors: Black, white ... or neither?

Don't laugh at my mustache.

Can I interrupt you lounge lizards for a little help?

religious discrimination I don't object to

The G9 is GR8

WTF is "chicken fried chicken"?

Was awakened this morning by a blinding headache, slowly dissipating

Getting prepped for the big day

If you have old, unwanted guns, put them in an envelope and mail them

just want to talk

Question for all you ballistics experts out there

Sunday, walking alone across a cold bridge at dawn thread

When/IF THE President (elect) Obama issues a statement on this shoe incident.

While not condoning throwing things at the President of the United States

Question for all you Ballistix fans out there:

Really nice travel coffee mug: recommendations?

Moon in the park (pic)

So what kind of lame warped logic is Wolf Blitzer pushing when he suggests, by asking the question,

Shoe thrower reminds me of 2006 story when John Ellis "Jeb" got chased into a closet in Pittsburgh

The scene from my balcony this morning.

10 stitches for NBA rookie who cut himself on knife in own bed-was eating apples

Groucho the pound Kitty and his three Schnauzers

Attention Freeptards: THIS IS OUR OOL...

Crapplications on Facebook

Iraqi reporter to get shoe endorsement contract from Nike...

Obama to Hold Energy Presser Monday

Has anyone ever listened to R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet"

I gotta hand it to Bush, that boy sure can dodge a shoe

Antonio Vivaldi's Gloria in D Major

FOUR lucky DUers will each win a "MILF" movie prize pack! From the old movie starring Dustin.Hoffman

Heroes is broken. (spoilers)

I feel so EMPTY. Christ I need some music to fill me up and give me a semblance of a soul.

Another *gift idea* this time for GRANDMA!!!

I'm so depressed i don't know what to do...

I really fucked up tonight

Damn, this is like hot nasty sex for my ears...

Sensational new book re Hillery sex scandal - 'smear' concocted to derail Hillery presidency

Stephanopoulos: Dems Have Huge Ethics Problems, Not A Word About Coleman

It's GREAT when an era comes to an end, and we go back to what DID work!

The Obama logo designs that might have been (but thankfully weren't to be)

I'm such a dummy - does this ever happen to you?

What is the current setting on your EVIL SWITCH?

I had a dream.....


RIP Meet the Press. David Gregory is going to be a ratings disaster

Y'ever have a thought that broke your ass up, but it's so freakin' sick you're afraid to share it?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/14/2008)

Don't forget to take your pills

GOP yelling "Auto Bail-out won't work" are same ones who said Deregulation would work!

Is it wrong to enjoy watching someone be hungover?

Awwwww a snow angel

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday December 14

I don't care how much I despise the man, throwing shoes at him was uncalled for.

Canadians: know what I want for christmas...

Barack Obama did not support Blago in the 2002 Democratic Primaries


Marian Robinson for IL caretaker Senator until special election takes place.

Obama left with little time to curb global warming

I want to make a chicken and peach stew (persian).. lisa says its too weird

Other than JJJ being left off the list, are most here happy with Obama's list?

If the shoe fits.....wear it... Bush shoe size apparently a 10..

If the shoe fits.....wear it... Bush shoe size apparently a 10..

If the shoe fits.....wear it... Bush shoe size apparently a 10..

Bush's response to the shoes was great.

Today, I'm going barefooted.

Thinking I might hang shoes on my front door in lieu of the

Man, I am not taking much today.

DU has luckily only had to suffer through 19,892 of my posts!

McCain mum on supporting Palin in 2012

I've never thought about shoes, but I've often thought about pies!!

Michael Jackson out in LA shopping in zorro-mask:

"Sen. John McCain, D-Ariz" ...Not Fox This Time

Survivors of violent, personal crimes - when those memories return, how do you distract yourself?

Who needs Starbucks? I made my OWN egg nog latte.

Who needs Starbucks? I made my OWN egg nog latte.

It hurts when an era comes to an end, and we go back to what did not work.

Two BBC Stories 5 Years Apart: Leaders and Shoes

I need motivation.

I'd be perfectly happy if Bush didn't get any jailtime at all. On one condition.


I'm not a day over 58, but I will be tomorrow.

BarenakedBaby is 7 today.

Next primary all posting will be done barefoot.

Ok I didn't get the memo about "liberators" and "flowers"

If my christmas lights fall off the ceiling one more time I am going to get very cross.

Is there something strange or befuddling about the concept of a single queue for two things?

Time to make Santa Do Stuff! Go play Simon Sez Santa here!

Everybody shut the fuck up. I'm watching the Panthers game.

Your Jedi Mind Tricks Will Not Work On Me, Boy.

DU has officially suffered through 20,000 of my posts as well.

very long dog

I think the thermometer is wrong

So happy I'm all choked up.

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The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/14/08

I need help understanding the meaning of "Snarky" or "Snark"

At the risk of questioning Obama's infallibility, his PR crisis management has always sucked


WTF? My brain is swimming with show tune ear worms!

If you're going to give W a going away gift...

Post a pic of yourself when you were freaking out

Election day is tomorrow!

Americans should build a gargantuan shoe in front of the White House

Oh. your. God.

In Iraq, Shoes wear YOU!

Wow, do the Redskins suck.

Dolphins Win Yessss!!

I am drinking very strong eggnog and making out Christmas cards

Does the shoe-throwing incident mark a low point in Bush's popularity overseas?

PHOTOS How would Obama deal with an airborne object?

Anyone here been thru ...

Is one expected to send Christmas cards?

Media play meteorologists, baselessly forecast "clouds" for Obama because of Blagojevich scandal

I am listening to... ask me anything

Chargers Fans...

I had to bark at my assistant this morning. And yes, had to.

Jasonc is Freakin' Hot

My 'puter just turned itself off, and then right back on again.

I Broke My Wrist Yesterday Afternoon.

Get your Obama Elf right here , folks

Get your Obama Elf right here , folks

Wretched excess

OMG! I just spoke with my Mom and found out she met Nichelle Nichols (Uhura on Star Trek TOS)

Tragedy of geeky tragedies!

The temp is now 50 degrees F. It'll be 10 above by morning,

The. Kitchen. Is. Clean...WOOOHOOO!

Anyone ever call you a piece of shit....

Still no power at home... thank goodness for family

How did bush get so good at dodging flying objects??

Todd Solondz?

ice storms suck

There's a.....there's an uhhhh.... a spot on your monitor....

I am Nomad. Are you perfect?

It's time to get your son a MAN'S childrens' book

If you're drunk and/or stoned right now, check in

GAMERS! My son just said the shoe-throwing episode would make a GREAT video game.

Today's Question: Why was I petting a Tuxedo?

Yesterday I put my cut Christmas tree on the porch with the fresh cut end in a bucket

Read Frank Rich's latest at NYT online (skim past the Illinois gov.)

The Dallas Cowboys are about to play!

Open the pod bay doors, Hal. . . *Ahem* I *said* open the pod bay doors, Hal.

What type of housing do you prefer?

CSPAN's Week Long Series on the White House Begins Tonight! (12/14)

Ya know, if Arby's is running low on turkey....

First-person account of the shoe throwing at Richard Perle 2005

My old digital clock says the time is 1`:L7


Bush: "I don't know what his beef is." - Reporter(al-Zaidi) had been kidnapped in 2007



New mantra to support reregualting the proven failure of the unfettered capitalism approach...




Official shoe pun/joke thread....

McCain: I can't promise to support Palin for president


Frost Meets Nixon in General Release Christmas Day...


This is what the Shrub just effin said on ABC News about the shoe hurling


Hi there, I could use some help with a song I'm writing, which is not electonica:

DU has officially suffered through 20k of my posts.

Most vegatarian friendly NFL stadium food -OAKLAND!??!?



There is something old, with people who are older, that is really new to see.


Why is it that people approach you after you pass gas?

one thousand and ninety videos of the Shoe vs. Bush incident


Is there a legal defense fund set up for the shoe thrower

I finally was inspired to choose a new avatar.

Damn you to the bloody bowels of hell, J.P. Losman

Are you of the belief that...

Send a goodbye postcard to George Bush? It could say, "good riddance!!"

Following Obama, black Iraqis run for office





Barack Obama: The first Jewish president?

What is your gut feeling about how the Blagovedich prosecution will end up?

It's time for .... Post Your Favorite Bookmarked Thread

Cell phone text support Me---->.even though i have my alerts enabled

Have you all seen this?

Two animated gifs showing Zaidi, the shoe-throwing journalist.

Idiots in my neck of the woods...

Biographies of strange people you'd like to see?

Just words: when people ask, "is it a depression?"

At long last Election Day tomorrow. Will it be Obama or McCain? What time will

I'm stuck in the house with an insane joke

What's for dinner, DU?

Who loved the alternate Futurama theme?


AP report: Obama left with little time to curb global warming

Such a shame about Michael Jackson! His older music was THE SHIT!

Would anybody care to try an isosceles fish sandwich?

Eric Idle "Fuck Christmas"

I sell cookies. (A pointless yet depressing story)

Are We Still In Kansas????

Cowboys Win!!!!

On breaks, Obama will return home to city streets

It's snowing in Redding

help me pick my hairstyle

I've been eating chili all day.

Today's Question: Why was I wearing a Tuxedo?

I really can't say for sure what the heck this thing is

Enjoy, Y'all

WHO is the Shooter? (in the Auto Bailout situation)

NYT: As the Economy Falters, Obama’s Goodwill Grows


HI-Sen: Inouye to Seek Re-Election

I'm Having A Blessed Day...

Fashion question of earth shattering importance: Stockings with open toed shoes?

Da Secretary of FUNK

This one's for SPK! Hope it gives you a smile!

Where can I find an overcoat like the one presented here? (pic follows)

So Loungers... what are you drinking?

For his safety and everyone else's, George Bush should not be allowed in any foreign country, PERIOD


If you're sending out cards this year

Screen caps of the new 'classic' starship Enterprise (Pic heavy)

Wewt! Four episodes of 'Rocky & Bullwinkle' on Retro Night!

Mathews This Morn; Obama Wants To Set Up A Truth Commission

How many families will be destroyed because of these?

My new favorite gif.

I just spent 20 something dollars on a cat toy

Should an SS agent been close enough to block the second shoe throw?

A GAME--what would other politicians have done if a pair of shoes were thrown at them?

Is your favorite carol on this list?

Why are you butter?

Guess who just got back today

Have you ever decided it was time to cut off a friendship?

NH-Sen: Carol Shea-Porter to run for Senate?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday December 15

Baltimore Browns, I mean Ravens LOSE!

Anyone notice that while Bush ducked, the Iraqi Prez tried to catch the shoe??

Kevin Smith?

I'll give credit where it's due for George Bush - he is good at something

Cenk On HuffPo: Should Restoring The Rule of Law Should Be Obama's Top Priority?

For all of you Mac expert DUers I have to figure out WTF

DU computer geeks! I need your advice...

Obama being President Elect has made me view the showing throwing incident differently

Shoe tosser a journalist who had been kidnapped, beaten while reporting in Iraq.

Remember him like this.


It may be wrong but I thought the shoe thing was funny.

Teenaged celebrity crushes: Name them (and don't be afraid to share the weird ones)

Paging Parche... do you read

My trip to the mall.

Today I bought the complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe.

State of the DUnion: how ya feelin'?

Caption This Cat

Some people actually seem to think that Blago is innocent and being railroaded by evil Repubs.

XemaSab: XemaSab reviews "Australia"


Have any of you played the patriotism card on your RW acquaintances since the election?

How much RAM is your computer using right now?

Iraqi man throws size 10 shoe at President Bush

Bush: "The surge is one of the greatest successes in the history of the U.S. military,"

I am worried about my dog Lolly. My husband has just taken her to the vet.

-9 Frikin degrees after factoring in the wind chill

PHOTOS You Gotta Love Reggie

A life thrown into turmoil by $100 donation for Prop. 8


After a year in the wild will the lion eat or hug the men who raised him?

A Letter from Grandpa - New RW talking points chain letter going round and my reply..

It's that time of year again! You better Elf Yourself. ;)

Baseball Afficianados: So were Zaidi's "pitches" in the strike zone? How fast was the pitch?

child services has taken my 11 year old cousin today

To all those criticizing the Secret Service for this oh-so terrible shoe "attack"...

Check in if you live in a town with a sports team that's made losing a dynasty

OK... all DU agents... prepare to copy..

More photos of Joe's new doggy

I think taxpayer bailouts of big companies are bullshit, even for the car companies

San Antonio Obama Tree

RNC 8 Now Face Four Felony Charges in Amended Complaint

PHOTOS Running for the Presidency

PHOTOS Daddy's Girl.....Sasha

PHOTOS Daddy's Girl.....Malia

Got a pair of shoes you're not wearing? As a parting gift, send them to Bush!

Who's got a kick ass chili recipe?

Special elections

What is your favorite poem/short story by Poe?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

I thought little kids played "Tea Party" and not "Espresso Bar"...

Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm Mele Kalikimaka

Anyone else disturbed by the lack of urgency from Secret Service toward shoe thrower?

My kitty loves my new e-cigarettes

Maryland or North Carolina?

Beware Lounge! I'm Scanning Old Photos...

I've hit "refresh" so many times in the past 24 hours...

I got a PRIUS!!!

Is Rove scared of Holder?

The only reason I'd vote for Matthews over Specter

The Black Agenda Report on Obama

3 kids who bagged Indomie scholarships for rescuing others


Part of Taj hotel to reopen before Christmas

Indian PM wants normalized relations with Pakistan

Rolling paper giant sues over NYC firm's T-shirts

In Colombia, they call him Captain Nemo

Pakistan says Indian warplanes violated airspace

Wild-Horse Roundup Plans Anger Advocates

Fears of new ethnic conflict in Bosnia

Shift in Cuba policy anticipated under Obama

New cash limit sparks wave of price hikes (Zimbabwe)

DoJ Blocks Obama From Torture & Wiretap Docs

Contractor in scandal to learn fate soon

OPEC set to slash oil output as prices crumble

Bill Clinton broadens foundation's climate initiative

White House: No immediate deal on auto loans

Ex-Greenberg Traurig Partner Pleads Guilty in Tax Shelter Case

Bush on visit to Afghanistan - White House

Iraqi justice system falls short - report

Taiwan, China open direct transport, postal links - Update

Stimulus Package To First Pay for Routine Repairs

$27B Marine Corps vehicle program at crossroads

Bush makes surprise farewell visit to Iraq

Obama and the Girls Shop for Christmas Tree

Teenager completes UK coast walk

Help urged for UK motor industry

Airport nosedives

McCain scolds GOP for whacking Obama

Thousands show up for chance at 100 Rolls-Royce jobs

Pact targets Pakistan terror link

Battle heats up between UAW and Republicans

Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Churches

Bush 'Not Insulted' by Thrown Shoes

Citadel suspends redemptions from two hedge funds

New Study Firmly Ties Hormone Use to Breast Cancer

Palin Apologizes to Pastor for Fire at Her Church (Fox News)

Man throws shoes at Bush in Iraq

Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama

Uruguay left picks ex-guerrilla to run for president

World’s oldest portrait in peril

Time Running Out for Obama to Curb Global Warming (Fox News)

Banks and consumers brace for new credit card rules

McCain: I can't promise to support Palin for president

Chill out, you beautiful people, the Versace beach is refrigerated

Tens of thousands mass in Gaza for Hamas anniversary

Hamas parades mock Gilad Shalit before crowd of thousands in Gaza

In Gaza, tunnel vision staves off starvation

In Tribute to Bettie Page, Porn Stars Agree to Fly at 'Half-Mast'

Meet The GOP's Wrecking Crew

Hey, you senators: thanks for nothing

Cesar Chavez showed Obama path to White House


Agency that protects pension plans (PBGC) may be in jeopardy --Susan Tompor, DFP

What FDR Gave Us

The Fed Who Blew the Whistle- Is he a hero or a criminal?

Book Review By Rick Perlstein: That Girl: The Captivity and Restoration of Patty Hearst

GOP Takes 'Union Busting' to a Whole … 'Nother … Level

Revisionist history about the Iraq war

Green activists find new ally in US unions

Mitch Albom: Hey, you senators: Thanks for nothing

Lynn Sherr: Laura Bush's Human Rights Fiasco

Cheney Claims Shoes Thrown at Bush Were Really Sizes '9' and '11'

Jeune Afrique, France: Obama, for All Time!

A personal note to my friends (and otherwise) at DU

UAE: Bush Didn’t Tell the Truth

Roads, Trains Can't Handle Jan. 20 Droves

Pfizer In The Middle Of Visa Debate

5 Myths About Our Sputtering Economy

Brothers Mistaken For Gay Attacked, One Dies

In this global crisis, the U.S. has opportunity

The Cancer of Conservatism


Reaganomics won US Lost

New Rapid-Response Forces to Bolster Homeland Defense Mission

No Jobs, No Recovery

Guardian UK: We're not all middle class now

Huangyangtan - Mystery replica landscape in China - UFO crash site?

48 Liberal Lies About American History

SNL: Rod Blagojevich

Love My Way (acoustic)

Iraqi man throws shoe at Bush during press conference in Baghdad

TYT: Can Obama Pull a Reverse-Cheney?

John McCain's Going Out of Business Sale!

Anti-Flag Operation Iraqi Liberation

Descent Into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building (Ahmed Rashid)

The Week In Cartoons 12/13/08

Shoes that beat Saddam's picture [DUBAISESSION.COM]

Shoe Throw, New Video

Angry Iraqi throws shoes at President Bush in Baghdad

SNL: Good-Bye Amy Poehler

Granholm on why our domestic auto industry is so important on

Countdown: Thom Hartmann on the GOP Busting Unions

RNC: Questions Remain (Obama/Blago)

Republican Crap Circles

Uncl,e Sam is spying on you

Sarah Palin's Home Church Torched

Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by over 200 Salvage Black Friday Shoppers !

FDR's New Deal - Resettlement (Great relevant history and comments)

The VIDEO: Iraqi journalists throws shoes at Bush

[Updated] Bush Shoe Incident in Iraq {CNN}

Michigan Governor Granholm calls Republicans UN AMERICAN

TYT: How Do You Steal $50 Billion Dollars?

Powell on Fareed Zakaria - What's Wrong With Republicans

AP reports: Man Gets Raped With A Baton By 3 NYPD Officers In Subway

Invalid valor: Vet lied about his service

FDR's Fala Speech

Unit in Iraq ready for changes new security deal will bring

Air Force to drop tons of gifts on Pacific islands

Audit: Defense officials misused S&S for contracts

Air Force offers $10,000 reward on escaped convict

Troops to Stay in Iraqi Cities After June

Retired Col. Finds Father Through Personal Ad

Wyo. Missile Site Likely Contaminated Water

Hood Soldiers To Participate In Marathon (in Iraq)

Development Around Las Vegas Threatens Nellis

War veteran widows wrongly denied help

AFRICOM may mean overcrowded Stuttgart schools

"Bush will go down in history as possibly a person who has doomed the planet"

Independent UK: Elephants kept in zoos die younger than in the wild

Nuclear power company eyes decommissioning of 2 reactors due to stiffer quake standards (Japan)

Double trouble: Replacing tropical rainforests with oil palm plantations threatens biodiversity …

UK's Stern Toasts Bush Departure At Poznan Talks: "Goodbye, George" Elicits Shouts Of "Hear, Hear!"

Bush Endangered/Threatened Protection Rate - 8 Species/Year (Clinton: 65, Bush I: 58) - CBD

Australia Swears Mighty Oath To Cut GHG Emissions 5% By 2020 Using 2000 Baseline - AFP

Developing Nations Enraged By $80 Million (No Typo) "Adaptation Fund" Authorized At Climate Talks

Arctic Sea Ice Formation Delayed 2 Months In 2007 By Warmth - Maybe Six Years Before Ice-Free Summer

Thinning out: A new study suggests that these glaciers may be thinning, endangering water resources…

Gwynn Dyer: Four truths about climate change we can't ignore

With 20% Of Global Corals Already Dead, NAS Proceedings Suggests "Holocene" As Name For Latest ELE

Kempthorne Announces New "Special Rule" To Permanently Block Any Steps To Aid Polar Bears

IEA Chief Economist Projects Global Oil Peak In 2020 - Birol Worries About Lack Of Investment Today

Wall Street's Last Full Week Of '08 Is A Big One

Investor Psychology

Jim Rogers calls most big U.S. banks "bankrupt"

Greenspan admits he was wrong

Read and learn - Chaos underlying order?

Ponzi redux: Madoff explains how the market works VIDEO!

Ecuador defaults, says to fight "monster" creditors

Investors May Be Too Optimistic About Consumer Recovery

Link to THe Hill blog - in case you want to register your feelings about how the Senate sabotaged

IF government has decreed that corporations have the same (or more) rights as people,

First-time homebuyers can get financial help


Is the Fed Taking the First Steps to Selective Default and Devaluation?

This big money hole Bush dug- can some smart person here put into context the size of the problem?

Question about banks and default mortgages....

Seattle cement-plant worker rescued (buried up to his waist in powdered cement for an hour and a 1/2

Blagojevich and Union Have Longstanding Ties

STATE OF THE UNION: EFCA a fearful fix for some

Fox News: Tennessee Senator Has Rocky History With Auto Union

Denver Post owner Singleton seeks new labor deal

Archives: Toyota sweats U.S. labor costs

In the Office, Nice Girls Finish Last (3 page feature story)

NLRB: Dresser Rand Lockout Ruled Illegal

Labor Pioneer, Community Activist Ah Quon McElrath Dies (during major strikes of the 1940s and 1950)

Starbucks Responds to Union Action by Denying Anna Hurst Need Further Action

A Message for America's Ruling Class: We Told You So

LA Times: Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions

Hey, Southerners: Detroit 3 helped you to survive

The Nasty Class and Anti-Union Bias of Auto Bailout Opposition

Did the Republicans side with the Germans and the Japanese during World War Two?

Auto Union Official Slams Vitter: "He'd Rather Pay A Prostitute Than Pay Auto Workers"

Last Day for 10% off Union-Made Stuff

IT TAKES A FIGHT TO WIN…inside the Republic Windows & Doors sitdown strike

"Recession to end in 2009"...


Today in labor history Dec 14, 33,000 Workers ended a 69-day strike at the Boeing Co.

Todays Carol Simpson working family cartoon: Vacation

Labor cartoon for the week: Enjoy your vacation (Not the Carol Simpson vacation cartoon)

Labor quote for the week about the auto workers

Green activists find new ally in US unions

Labor union seeks bailout for UK automakers (this sounds familiar)

Union Pacific is named a military friendly employer for fifth time in 6 years (hire veterans)

Union women earning more, new study finds

Union Gal: Detroit Free Press Editorial on Southern Republican Senator's Asshated

A labor policy that fits the times (opportunity to develop the labor force of this century)

Huffington Post: Obama Opens the Door, Will Labor Go Through It?

Michael Kazin: The Sit-Down Strike Returns! Now What?

Teamsters: KeyBank Ethically Bankrupt

Tennessee GM autoworkers outraged that their senator torpedoed the auto industry bailout

KC teachers union to air radio ads to spur labor talks

Senator Dole: Auto union needed to make more concessions

Wives interfere with labor holiday (Contra Costa County sheriff protected them)

Collapse of Pension Funds: The End of Retirement?

Going through Labor pains (Pro-union bill the most significant since 1935)

Victory for Workers Who Waged Sit-In

Restaurateur Tom Colicchio, Craft Restaurants Violated Federal and State Labor Laws (tips overtime)

Joanne98 (THANK YOU)

After 6 die, OSHA finds (42 serious ) violations

The veiled legacy of President Bush: Special to the Jewish Times

Attack on American dream

OSHA behind on regulation, accountability

Worker killed when trash truck falls on him

Company cited in death of construction worker ($1,500)

MCA Drivers in Atlanta Vote for Teamster Representation

Union win at NC pork plant a rare victory

Wal-Mart in Weyburn certified as UFCW Canada unionized store

USW Condemns GOP U.S. Senate Leaders for Auto Loan Rejection

Panel settles pilots' issue: NWA union angered by seniority decision

SAG strike talk has actors nervous

Companies Refuse to Pay OSHA Fines including death ($222,065 from South Carolina companies alone)


King Cotton Bailout Welfare Queens to Meet in Texas on January 5th!

Anger Grips Auto Workers..Sen. Corker Faces Backlash at Home

Gay Musicians From Bay Area To Play Inauguration Parade

A life thrown into turmoil by $100 donation for Prop. 8


NGOs demand justice for Peru massacre victims

Shift in Cuba policy anticipated under Obama

"US, Peruvian Militaries Announce Massive Anti Jesus Trafficking Initiative"

Cuba's revolution at 50: gains fade, despair endures

I'm starting to dig these Steelers.

Bengals defeat Redskins 20-13

Wow, the Raiders are putting a fight today

Anyone with me on a BIG Packer win today??

The Mets and the Phillies REALLY HATE each other now.

The JR Chess Report (December 14): Nadya Kosintseva wins Russian ladies' title; Pearl Spring Begins

WOW! The Phins win today to go 9-5 and stay tied for first in the AFC East!

Besides the BCS title game, which bowl match-up seems most intriguing?

Will the Obama administration be the first to seriously regulate genetically modified food?

Could the diabetes epidemic be down to pollution?

GMO contamination in Mexico-s cradle of corn

Mammogram in AM

Richmond’s homicide rate on pace to reach 37-year low, without violating the 2nd Amendment.

Anti-violence and gun rights activists unite!

Now that WannaJumpMy Scooter has made me feel hamfisted about street photography

Canon 5D Mark II

Work as art

Death Valley and other stuff.

I baked a cheesecake for my husband's birthday!

Is Drost's baking cocoa imported from Holland Dutch processed?

Whole Wheat Waffles

Chicken of the Sea Tuna .......

Which one basic reference cookbook is the must-have?

Helen P let's loose again: And while I am on the subject of not being Christian...

ATL pastor undergoing 2 year 'restoration' for inappropriate sexual...

Helen P let's loose again: And while I am on the subject of not being Christian...

Church opposes considering homosexuality a crime, spokesman says

Has there been any word on that Unified Field Theory proposed by that surfer?

How many "New Atheists" are there?

Just because I am an Atheist doesn't mean I don't believe in Angels

Senator Reid is against a New Assault Weapon Ban!!!

9/11 Forensic evidence to be reviewed on the History Channel, right now. nt

Please take a look at this idea of mine

Report refutes ballots in dead Dallas County voters' names

John Coby's "T’was the Night Before Inauguration"

DSCC wins battle for White

faint music heard over phone line

Billy Joel's NewZealand's concert

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 - trailer, new webisodes

How about Supporting Our Troops' Children?


Failed landing system at IGI delays US senator’s plane

JK news from India

An example of how the misuse of language can generate pseudo-problems